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april 2021

The Voice of the Shorthorn Breed.

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april 2021


april 2021 issue 4 • volume 48

The April cover photo was taken by Shelby Diehm at WHR Shorthorns, Van Alystne, Texas.

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Shorthorn Country

The Voice of the Shorthorn Breed.

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2021 Junior National Updates.......................................................... 19 Shorthorn Beef - Locally Raised...................................................... 26 Best of the Barns 2020....................................................................... 35 Builder of the Breed Nominations.................................................. 36

Show Results

San Angelo Stock Show & Rodeo - Junior Heifer Show............... 36

Sale Reports

Iowa Royal Online Shorthorn Sale.................................................. 38 Studer/Gilman “Don’t You Think It’s Time” Bull Sale.................. 39 Kentucky National Shorthorn Sale.................................................. 39 Loving Farms “Predictable Genetics, Proven Performance” Sale...... 40 Tennessee Agribition Shorthorn Show and Sale .......................... 40

Departments Update..................................................................................6 Association Outlook..........................................................8 Beef Business.....................................................................10 Check the Facts.................................................................14 In the Know.......................................................................16 Junior Corner....................................................................18 Tartan Plaid.......................................................................24 News & Notes....................................................................34 Sales Calendar...................................................................47 Ad Index............................................................................48 4

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WHR Breeders

Shorthorn Update

WHR Assessments for 2021 were sent in November. If you have not received yours, please contact the ASA office as soon as possible.

American Shorthorn Association 7607 NW Prairie View Rd. Kansas City, MO 64151-1544 816-599-7777 • FAX: 816-599-7782 www.shorthorn.org Montie D. Soules, asa executive secretary/CEO montie@shorthorn.org Matt Woolfolk, director of performance programs; performance data & commercial acceptance • matt@shorthorn.org Heather Lange, director of office operations; customer service, registrations & DNA • heather@shorthorn.org Shelby Diehm, director of youth activities, marketing & communications • shelby@shorthorn.org Cassie Reid, customer service specialist; co-director of shows, events, & member services • cassie@shorthorn.org Wade Minihan, customer service specialist; co-director of shows, events, & member services • wade@shorthorn.org Accounting • accountmgr@shorthorn.org

ASA Board of Directors Hugh Mooney, president 209-712-6692 Joe Bales, vice president 615-330-2342 Dave Greenhorn, executive director 937-470-6552 John Sonderman, 402-641-0936 Toby Jordan, 219-819-4603 Jerrell Crow, 580-585-2522 Lee Miller, 330-231-6834 John Russell, 832-588-8604 Mark Gordon, 217-737-7905 Shorthorn Foundation Bill Rasor, president American Junior Shorthorn Association Lexi Wetzel, president National Shorthorn Lassies Sommer Smith, president

ASA Dates of Note April April 2 ASA Office Closed - Good Friday April 10 AJSA Junior Board Candidate Application Deadline May May 1 AJSA Scholarship Deadline May 1 Junior National Cattle Ownership and Entry Deadline May 4 AJSA Junior National Online Fundraiser, amsonlinesales.com May 15 Junior National Late Entry Deadline May 31 ASA Office Closed - Memorial Day June June 1 All NJSS photography, graphic design & career development entries due via email to contests@shorthorn.org

June 21-26 National Junior Shorthorn Show and Youth Conference, Louisville, Kentucky June 22-25 BIF Annual Meeting & Research Symposium, Des Moines, Iowa

Attention Juniors!

Junior members 7 years of age are eligible to show at the Junior National. The Junior member has to be 7 on January 1 of the year the Junior National is taking place to be eligible to show at the Junior National. For example, if a child turned 7 on December 31, 2020 they are eligible to show at the 2021 National Junior Show in Louisville, Ky. If they turned 7 on January 10, 2021, they are not eligible to show at this year’s Junior National.

2021 NJSS Judges Owned Show: Dave Allan Ring 1: Chad Zehnder Ring 2: Will Coor Showmanship: Cary & Sarah Aubrey and Danny & Jill Harker

2021 Junior National Entry Information ONLINE ENTRY ONLY at juniorshorthorn.com Photography, Graphic Design & Career Development entries due via email to contests@shorthorn.org by June 1, 2021. 6

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1. WHR inventory assessments must be completed and paid in full prior to registering calves born in the current assessment period, (i.e. 2021 assessment on a dam must be completed and paid in order to register her calf born in 2021.) 2. Included with each assessment is the registration of a calf born to the dam in the year she was assessed (if calf is registered prior to one year of age) and a free transfer of said calf (if recorded within 60 days from the date of the sale.) (i.e. cost to register a calf born in 2021 to an assessed 2021 dam will be $0, if calf is registered within 12 months) 2021 ASSESSMENT FEE SCHEDULE: March 1 - December 31, 2021 $25 *Calves born in previous year(s) to unassessed dams will incur additional fees.

Shorthorn Beef Locally Raised Visit shorthornbeef.org to see the availability of Shorthorn meat from Shorthorn producers. Contact shelby@shorthorn.org to get on the map or for more information. View the current map and listings on page 24.




ESTD 1872

2021 ASA Annual Membership If you have not paid your 2021 ASA membership as of March 1, 2021, you are no longer a member in good standing. If you are a TOC Member and your membership was not paid by February 28, 2021, you will become a WHR Member when you renew your membership. How to renew your 2021 ASA membership: Log into your account on DigitalBeef. The $100 membership fee will automatically be charged and the membership end date will be advanced to 12.31.21. You can pay your bill online or mail a check.

Regular Office Hours Monday - Thursday 8:00 am to 4:30 pm Friday 8:00 am to 2:00 pm Central Time Zone

(ASA Staff Meeting Wednesday’s 10:00-11:00 AM)

2021 International Year Code: J

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Association Outlook

Montie D. asa executive Soules secretary/CEO

Manage for Success


his issue of the ‘Shorthorn Country’ focuses on AI sires and the use of AI in your herd, which can be very rewarding to those who prepare and plan for it. I personally believe that the use of AI gives breeders the ability to use the best of the breed, a tremendous asset to both herd improvement and breed improvement. The cost of semen may at times seem daunting, but in comparison, consider the cost of owning the bull and it becomes fairly reasonable for access to the genetics. Using AI provides options for finding the performance profile you may need to implement into your herd or use on specific animals. Your options are greater through the use of AI. It is important to remember the extra time and management that needs to be dedicated to have success using AI. There are a number of things to check off before you attempt this process. ✔ First is the commitment of time to heat detect. ✔ Time to get the animal up and bred at the appropriate time. ✔ Plan ahead to have the semen available when needed. These few items are essential for getting your cows bred AI. If you are not confident that you can commit to these without short-cuts, an AI program may not be for you. You can always consider sending your cows to someone who does it professionally. ✔ The process of selecting the right AI sires can also be time consuming. It is good practice to try to learn as much about the cow families behind the bull as possible. ✔ Totally investigate the performance data so you are comfortable that it fits your needs. ✔ Compare the EPDs and accuracies on the bulls. ✔ Look at the consistency of the pedigree 8

shorthorn country = april 2021

for the EPDs. ✔ Study the phenotype of the bull in comparison with your cow herd (or individual) you are planning to AI. I listed the phenotype of the animal after the performance traits or EPDs, because I believe this should be viewed as an equal to the data. Only you can make these decisions. Do not use a bull because your neighbor is using him. Make your own choices and decisions and dedicate plenty of time making them so you feel confident. You do not have to compromise the looks for the right options that fit your program and marketing plan. One area to carefully double check is that the bulls you select have met all of the requirements to be considered “AI Sire Qualified”. In the registry, on the detail page of the bull you select, the upper left-hand corner denotes if the bull is AI Sire Qualified with an icon. There is also a logo denoting if the AI sire requires an AI certificate released to you to register the resulting calf, or if the bull is a non-certificate bull. I would recommend looking this up on any AI sires you plan to use so you don’t run into a snag when it is time to register those AI sired calves. The use of AI can really make a difference in adding quality and value to your entire herd. It is important to note: A 100% conception rate on all of your cows bred AI is not normal. Different operations range from 40% to 70% conception on AI calves. This percentage is usually connected to the amount of time you have dedicated to the process. It is highly recommended, to have a

bull cover the cow herd after using AI. That process is equally important. If you get 50% conception AI, then half of the cows are going to bred to the pasture bull. These calves need to be as good as possible and have data that helps add value to them and their progeny in the herd down the road. You can use some of the same check list points when selecting your pasture bull. I encourage you to look at AI as a tool to improve your herd and the breed. Total herd improvement results in major breed improvement that the industry sees and acknowledges. These actions are what will position Shorthorn in its rightful place in the Beef Cattle Industry. =

Don’t Miss the Early Entry Deadline of of May 1 for the Best of the Barns award winning

“Most Enjoyable Junior National in 2020” voted on by the people of the livestock industy.

National Junior Shorthorn Show and Youth Conference Early Entry Deadline May 1 Price Increases for Late Entry Deadline May 15

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Beef Business

Matt director of Woolfolk performance programs

Following the Trail North Whether it’s cattle breeding, baseball, business, or life itself, change is inevitable. Things just don’t stay the same from day to day. The trail that our lives follow isn’t a straight shot where we can see everything ahead of us; there are always twists and turns. If we keep following that trail and moving forward, eventually we end up in a different place than where we started. I’ve been following the trail that I am on for the last four years, and I feel like I have continued to move forward. Now, I find myself in a new place different than where I started. This month, I will be spending my last day in the ASA office and saying “so long” to the 8:00 to 4:30 routine on Prairie View Road. It’s a big change for me, but it comes about because of the best reason that I could ever imagine. On May 1, I am marrying a wonderful woman and starting our lives together on her family farm in southwest Iowa. Erika and I are so excited to enter this phase and no longer having 200 miles between us more often than not. We get to fulfill both of our biggest dreams: go through life with the one we love, growing and improving our cow herd, and hopefully raising a family that loves this lifestyle just as much as we do. With all that excitement, unfortunately for me the move presents a drive to the ASA office that’s just a bit too far down the trail. I would be remiss if I didn’t use some space to simply say “thank you”. Thanks to the people of the Shorthorn breed who made my four plus years in the office enjoyable. Many of you I feel fortunate enough to count as friends because of my time at ASA. I’ve enjoyed meeting you, seeing your cattle, and learning more about the breed from those who love it most. Thank you to the coworkers I have shared this office with since I moved to Missouri in 2017. We worked hard, but we certainly made time to enjoy each other’s company. A 10

shorthorn country = april 2021

special thanks to the guy who offered me the chance to come to Kansas City and join this association, Montie Soules. I’ve learned so much working for him that I can apply to more than just being your Director of Performance Programs. In the last four years, I believe that Shorthorn cattle have made moves in the right direction. Commercial bull demand is strong, with bull sales in the breed growing and becoming more successful. Our genetic evaluation is a better tool thanks to IGS and the moves to single-step method, incorporating genomics, and weekly calculations. By taking advantage of programs like the National Sire Test, the Genomically Enhanced Female Project, and the Iowa State Heifer Project, you as breeders have gathered information to make your herds (and the breed) stronger. Our ASA Committees are active, and their input has influenced the direction of ASA. There are exciting opportunities on the horizon for Shorthorn cattle. My challenge to you as Shorthorn breeders is this: keep moving forward. There are breeders leading the way to make Shorthorns better and more widely accepted, and they are doing a lot of things right to accomplish this goal. Take an honest look at yourself and determine if you feel you are one of those breeders. If you don’t, now is the time to get on board the movement. I don’t know how many times I have said this before, but I’m going to say it again: the American Shorthorn Association is here to help and assist breeders where we can, but we can only do so much. You have to be willing to help yourself. The Association breeds zero Shorthorn cows a year, and we have zero calves to market. You have to make your own decisions to breed better cattle and find ways to be successful marketing them. We will do our best to provide tools and opportunities to help you, but you have to be willing to use them, even

if it means change or doing something differently. While moving to Iowa does mean a career shift is in order, it does not mean that I am completely walking away from the Shorthorn breed. While it won’t be my everyday job, I will still be involved with ASA. I will be transitioning to a consulting role to help with some of the same “bigger picture” projects and tasks that I work on now. While my ability to take care of “everyday” things won’t be the same, you’ll still have the same great customer service you’ve come to expect from the staff in the KC office. I hope to keep some space here in the Shorthorn Country as well. I will probably take a little break to move out of one house and into another, get married, and enjoy the early days of married life. Don’t be too surprised if I’m back to writing this summer. I look forward to continuing the relationships I have with a lot of you, even if they will be a little different now. As part of moving to Iowa, the opportunity will be there for me to work with seedstock producers on a more personal, herd-focused level. There’s nothing I enjoy more than helping seedstock producers move their herds forward, and I think I still have something to offer even though I am not behind the ASA desk every day. It’s been quite an experience for me to work for the American Shorthorn Association. Thank you to all of you for the opportunity. May none of us forget the amazing opportunity He has given us to be a part of agriculture, the beef cattle business, and the Shorthorn family. “He makes grass grow for the cattle, and plants for people to cultivatebringing forth food from the earth.” -Psalm 104:14 God Bless, Matt Woolfolk =

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shorthorn country = april 2021 13

Check the Facts

Cassie customer service specialist; Reid co-director of shows, events, & member services

Looking Toward the Future Change. Evolution. Progress. To me, these words all symbolize one thing: growth. In my previous career in the fair industry, my response to prospective ideas would usually emulate: “If we’re not improving, we’re failing.” This idea has not left me in my first month with ASA as I grow my understanding of the Shorthorn breed & association. If I have had the pleasure to assist you on the phone or via email, know that I appreciate each and every opportunity given to me to learn and expand my knowledge to be able to better serve the membership moving forward. I look forward to meeting breeders through upcoming events and shows, ultimately growing my abilities to assist our membership. As we move toward announcing our 2021-2022 show schedule, it is our goal as an association to see breeders in the show ring at as many shows as possible. With this goal, we recognize that many unknowns continue to stand between us and that reality. These unknowns create

challenges as we announce solid plans for the upcoming show year. Our current Show System consists of 15 total Regional and Super Regional Shows across our 5 regions, in addition to a national show in each region. We hope to continue this system, however, we do not know if each of our ‘normal’ shows will come to fruition, or how Cattlemen’s Congress will progress after a very successful first year. It is our duty to find ways to overcome the challenges the current state of our country presents in order to promote the Shorthorn breed through events, shows and activities. The Facts: 1. We want to see our show system continue in order to recognize excellence within the Shorthorn breed. 2. We do not know which shows will happen and which shows may be forced to cancel. 3. We will be diligent in announcing changes, or adjustments once we have answers. As these plans evolve, look for updates

in future issues of the Shorthorn Country. The ASA staff will work with the Board of Directors and Show Committee as the many unknowns unfold in the coming months. Patience and understanding through this process will be necessary as we all adjust to potential change. The day I can attend my first Shorthorn show as a staff member will be the highlight of my year and something I am counting the days until it happens. Seeing exhibitors walk into the ring, whether it be a Junior’s first time at Junior Nationals, or an experienced open exhibitor showcasing their many years of breed development at our largest National Show, my heart jumps for joy at the excitement any show brings. Until then, I personally look forward to growing my skills in all aspects of the association while serving you, our membership. It is my goal to make this time of change one of positive influence for all parties involved. =



If 2021 assessment is paid between these dates

Pay this amount per head

November 1, 2020 - January 9, 2021


January 10, 2021 - February 28, 2021


March 1, 2021 - December 31, 2021


shorthorn country = april 2021

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In the Know

Wade customer service specialist; Minihan co-director of shows, events, & member services

What’s to Come with Shows in the Near Future This past year was filled with so much uncertainty, but if I know one thing about the cattle industry, we always get through whatever is thrown our way. Many shows and events were cancelled this last year, but this industry persevered and made many events happen; Cattlemen’s Congress being one. With the highly praised success of this new show, and the uncertainty of this next year, there has been discussion of Cattlemen’s Congress becoming a national show. If this is to occur, and the Cattlemen’s Congress is to become a new national show, this will put two national shows in one region. The show point system currently in place will need to be redesigned due to this conflict. At this

time, the Shorthorn Show Committee and ASA Staff and Board of Directors are working on revamping the current show point system, in case this was to occur. We plan to have this new system posted as soon as possible. Due to the current situation happening in our world, there are still many concerns moving into this upcoming year dealing with Covid. Cassie and I are currently working on contacting the Regional and Super Regional shows and getting things lined out for this upcoming year. We hope any and all shows planned this next year happen and as soon as we can get things nailed down and approved, we will get the word out to the membership. There is always going to be change

and new things to come in life and in this industry. With this, we plan to inform you all in a timely manner and as fast as possible. Please look forward to future issues of the Shorthorn Country for any new and upcoming information. Watch for these updates in the ASA Insider and on the Shorthorn Facebook page as well. I am excited for this new opportunity to work with all the Shorthorn Breeders and serve to help improve and better this breed. I look forward to all the exciting things in the works for the upcoming year and plan to do my best to help execute anything thrown my way to the best of my abilities. =

Historical Photo Request In preparation for the upcoming 150th Anniversary we are in search of more historical photos featuring Shorthorn cattle and breeders! Please send photos with description to shelby@shorthorn.org or mailed to the ASA Office - Attn: Shelby Diehm, 7607 NW Prairie View Rd, Kansas City, MO 64151. All mailed photos will be returned. 16

shorthorn country = april 2021

shorthorn country = april 2021 17

Junior Corner

Korbin ajsa Collins public relations


Excited for the Future As the sun is starting to shine more and the days are getting warmer, I am getting more and more excited for the future. Kids are getting the opportunity to show again regularly, with spring jackpot shows starting to happen all over the country after this challenging year. As we enter April, it will have been over a year since COVID-19 changed everything. But, as we keep moving forward with our heads up and accepting these challenges, the future looks bright for the Shorthorn breed. As I look forward to this breed’s future, I couldn’t be more excited for Shorthorn cattle. This year the Shorthorn breed is making strides. The Shorthorn Beef locally raised program is a new opportunity created by the American Shorthorn Association to allow producers a new opportunity and a new market for their products. I know the junior board members and I were very excited for the Shorthorn breed when Montie Soules

and Nancy Grathwohl Heter presented this new program to us during our fall meeting. This will open the door for so many Shorthorn producers to sell their locally raised Shorthorn meat to different consumers. This will also allow them to work with various consumers in their area and build a relationship that could last a lifetime. Please feel free to reach out to any junior board members, Shelby Diehm, Montie Soules, or any senior board member if you have any questions. Every day, we are getting closer to the 2021 National Junior Shorthorn Show in Louisville, Kentucky, June 20 to 26. The junior board members are working hard to make it the best junior nationals yet. We are excited about some new contests we are created for this year for the exhibitors. But, of course, I can’t wait to see our Shorthorn family and make more memories that will last a lifetime. See you soon, Shorthorn members! =

Junior Board President :: Lexi Wetzel Vice President :: Gabriella Leone Secretary :: Allyssa Obrecht Public Relations :: Korbin Collins Director :: Kendall Nelson Director :: Tayler Bacon Director :: Faye Smith Director :: Miller Smith Director :: Colton Hulsey

Upcoming Junior Nationals 2021 • Louisville, KY June 20-26, 2021

2022 • Kansas City, MO 2023 • Des Moines, IA 2024 • TBA * Tentative Locations. Subject to Change *

April 10th

May 1st


Would you like to be leader of the AJSA?

Junior Board Applications are due April 10th to shelby@shorthorn.org. Visit juniorshorthorn.com/leadership/junior-board/ for the application and rules!

Did you know AJSA has scholarships?

Scholarship Applications are due May 1st to shelby@shorthorn.org. Visit juniorshorthorn.com/opportunities/scholarships/ for the application and rules!

shorthorn country = april 2021

Words of Advice

In these challenging times, you have to keep your head up and look towards the future because there are exciting things in store for the Shorthorn breed and its members.

Upcoming Deadlines

Take me to the safari Entry Costs Enter May 1: $40 per entry Bedding/Stalling: $45 per animal

Enter after May 1: $60 per entry Extra Shirts: $15

Exhibitor Fee: $50 Meal Packets: $30 (includes two tickets)

The Kentucky Expo Center requires parking passes. You can purchase these during entry for $10/vehicle.

**Please Note: If you plan to show an animal in multiple shows, you must pay an entry fee for each show they will be exhibited in. For example, showing in the bred &owned show and the owned show, you would pay $80 entry + $45 bedding. **

Things to Know • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Online entries will include entry fee (per show) and stalling/ bedding fee for each animal in the barns only, exhibitor fee, and additional options. Entries must be paid online at time of entry or they will not be processed. There will be NO refunds on entries. See General Rule #6. Entry fee is $40 per entry. If you are showing an animal in more than one show it must be entered for each show. There is a $45 stalling/bedding fee per head. Tie-out bedding is NOT included. You will tie to trailers for tieouts this year. You can bring your own bedding or purchase it on grounds. Exhibitors must pay the $50 exhibitor fee during online entry. Exhibitor fee includes: show shirt, contest fee and 2 meal tickets. Additional meal ticket packets can be purchased during online entry for $30 for two tickets. No show entries after final deadline of May 15, 2021. No entry substitutions allowed after May 15, 2021. All animals must be registered in the sole name of the junior member who will be showing. Ownership deadline is May 1, 2021. (No farm or family names allowed) Cattle will be allowed on the fairgrounds on Sunday, June 20, in tie outs ONLY. Cattle will be allowed in barns after 9:00 a.m. on Monday, June 21. All cattle must tie out in designated area. They may be tied to trailers for tieouts ONLY. You can not tie out to trailers during the day. Must bring registration papers and health papers to the show for check-in. We will not verify tattoos at check-in but animals tattoo must match the corresponding registration papers. Entries not

• • • • • • • • • • • • • •

matching will be disqualified from show. See general rule #9. ONLY steers will be weighed at check-in. Individual contests must be entered by going through contest registration, Monday, June 21, starting at 2 p.m. Group contests will be entered by state advisors. They will be provided the group sign-up sheets to return to the junior director and interns. Each exhibitor will be given colored-coded meal tickets at check-in. The color-codes will correspond to the meal. Electricity – People should come prepared with generators and extension cords. All generators must be housed outside. No generators or gas cans will be allowed inside the barn and must meet local fire codes for inspection by fire marshall. Exhibitors are reminded that portacools and butt fans are not allowed in the barns. Pets are allowed on the fairgrounds, but NOT in the coliseum/ show ring area for any reason or at any time. Alcoholic beverages are prohibited. In accordance with grounds policy and this youth event, consumption of alcoholic beverages is prohibited. If the junior member is unable to show their animal due to illness or health, follow the procedure in the show rules. See General Rules #4, #5, #13. Animals will NOT be allowed to enter the show ring after the judge has given the signal to walk. See general show rule #18. ALL photography, graphic design and career development entries must be submitted by June 1 to contests@shorthorn.org There have been some contest rule changes. Be sure to carefully read rules to know all the updates! Follow the AJSA Facebook for all updates and changes related to the NJSS.

Health Requirements

ALL animals being exhibited at the 2021 NJSS are required to have the following: • • •

USDA Official ID required (i.e. 840 series electronic tag, NUES tag, registration tattoo with papers) Certificate of Veterinary Inspection (CVI) issued by an accredited veterinarian within 30 days prior to entry Additional import requirements for MICHIGAN (see below)

MICHIGAN: • Import Permit shall be obtained and recorded on CVI by issuing veterinarian at 502-782-5901, plus • ALCONA/ALPENA/MONTMORENCY/OSCODA COUNTIES: Whole herd Tuberculosis (TB) test on all animals twelve (12) months of age and older within one (1) year of movement & incoming animal(s) two (2) months of age and older tested within sixty (60) days of entry, unless originating from an TB Accredited Herd.

** IMPORTANT NOTE: According to 302 KAR 20:065, Section 2 (3) (c) states that ‘Cattle or other bovine species infected with warts, ringworm, or any other communicable disease shall not be eligible for exhibition** For more information, visit https://www.kyagr.com/statevet/

shorthorn country = april 2021 19

NJSS SchedulE of Events Sunday, June 20 Cattle allowed in tie-outs only Monday, June 21 9:00 a.m. Cattle allowed in the barns 1:00 p.m. Junior board meeting 1:30 p.m. State advisor meeting 2:00 p.m. Cattle check-in begins 2:00 p.m. Contest check-in begins 7:00 p.m. ALL cattle & contests must be checked-in Tuesday, June 22 8:00 a.m. State Advisor Packets due to office 8:30 a.m. 9:30 a.m. 1:00 p.m. 1:30 p.m. 2:00 p.m. 4:30 p.m. 5:30 p.m. 7:00 p.m. 7:00 p.m.

(opening ceremony, state delegate and team contest information due)

Cattleman’s Written Test Team Salesmanship Youth Conference I Shorthorn SideKicks 1 Speech Contest Line up for state photos Opening Ceremonies Meal Served Sullivan’s Ultimate Warrior Boot Camp

Wednesday, June 23 8:00 a.m. Sullivan’s Showmanship Contest 1:00 p.m. Youth Conference II 1:30 p.m. Shorthorn Sidekicks 2 2:00 p.m. Beef Cook-Off Contest 3:00 p.m. Junior board interviews 4:30 p.m. Stock Show University 6:00 p.m. Top 10 Senior Showmanship Fitting and Showmanship Finals Thursday, June 24 8:00 a.m. Sullivan Supply Fitting Contest 10:00 a.m. Lassie Princess Hour 11:00 a.m. Youth Conference III – Voting Delegates Only 11:30 a.m. Lassie 101/Lassie Social 12:00 p.m. Quizbowl 3:00 p.m. Judging Contest 5:30 p.m. State Cook-Off Friday, June 25 8:00 a.m. Ring 1: Bred & Owned Female Show, Bred & Owned ShorthornPlus Female Show, Bred & Owned Bull Show Ring 2: ShorthornPlus Female Show, ShorthornPlus Prospect & Market Steer Show, Purebred Prospect & Market Steer Show 6:00 p.m. Awards Ceremony Saturday, June 26 8:00 a.m. National Junior Shorthorn Female Show 12:00 p.m. Release of all Arts Etc., Posters, Graphic Design, etc. ALL DATES AND TIMES ARE SUBJECT TO CHANGE 20

shorthorn country = april 2021

Upcoming Deadlines April 10 – AJSA Junior Board Applications Due May 1 - AJSA Scholarship Applications Due May 1 - Entry Deadline (enter at juniorshorthorn.com) May 1 - Ownership Deadline May 15 - Late Entry Deadline

2021 Accomodations HEADQUARTER HOTEL Crowne Plaza Louisville Airport | 830 Phillips Lane, Louisville, Kentucky Price: $129 | Cutoff Date: May 18, 2021 Call 502.367.2251 for reservations | Block Name: SHO Hilton Garden Inn | 2735 Crittenden Dr, Louisville, Kentucky Price: $134 | Cutoff Date: May 21, 2021 Call 502.637.2424 for reservations | Group Code: ASA2021 RV Reservations | Call 502.367.5380

2021 Show Judges Dave Allan :: Owned Show Chad Zehnder :: Ring 1 Will Coor :: Ring 2

Contest Age Divisions (as of Jan. 1, 2021) Prospector I: 5 to 9 years Prospector II: 10 to 12 years Intermediate: 13 to 16 years Senior: 17 to 21 years If any individual participates in a “team” contest with someone of a different age division, the team must participate in the oldest contestant’s age division unless the contest rules don’t allow competing in a different age division. For showmanship, the Prospector I age division matches show rules (must be 7).

Applications are Due Soon!


Rules for Election of AJSA Board Election of Board of Directors: All candidates MUST submit a written application that is available from the ASA Director of Youth Activities. Junior board applications will be collected in the ASA office by the designated deadline during the current election year. Candidates for election must be nominated from the floor at the Jr. National Youth Conference meeting. A maximum of two new Board of Directors from each state and/or Junior State Association are allowed to be elected at the same time or year. A. Open interviews with the state delegates will be conducted at Youth Conference. B. Junior Board candidates will be interviewed by three qualified Industry leaders, normally including but not limited to the ASA Executive and AJSA advisors. The individuals interviewing the candidates will rank them in the same matter that the delegates would. The interview process represents 30% of each candidate ranking toward their total score. Delegate Representation to Elect Board Members: Each state and or state association shall appoint two delegates to represent that state at the Junior National Youth Conference meeting normally held at the Junior National. A state may be represented by only one junior organization from each state. Those delegates would vote to elect the Board of Directors at Youth Conference meeting. Each delegate must be a member in good standing of the AJSA in order to serve as a delegate. Said delegates must be AJSA members that are 15 years of age or older. If the association does not have two members present fulfilling this age requirement, they may have younger delegates. All delegates must be junior members of the ASA (AJSA members) and be a member in good standing. The definition of a member in good standing is one that does not have over a 90-day balance on their account with the ASA. A. Vote Distribution: Election will be conducted at the Youth Conference in the following manner: The number of votes received by each State will be determined by the number of members of the American Junior Shorthorn Association within that Junior Association. (If two states officially become one junior association, i.e. Dakota Plains, they will vote as one association. The number of

Scholarships Due May 10

Applications Due April 10

members from each of the states represented will be added to determine the votes the Junior Association gets. So long as no other association is representing either state.) 1. If the State has 0-75 members in the AJSA the state receives 2 ballots representing 2 votes. 2. If the State has 76- 250 members in the AJSA the state receives 3 ballots representing 3 votes. 3. If the State has 251 or more members in the AJSA the state receives 4 ballots representing 4 votes. 4. The number of Junior Members will be determined at the time and date entries close for the Junior National Show and Youth Conference. 5. Each Current AJSA Board of Director will receive one ballot representing 1 vote each. B.

Scoring of Votes: During voting, ONLY delegates of the same junior association will be able to confer. Ballots from one state association do not have to have the same rankings. Each ballot will have all the candidates listed on it. The ballot will be filled out by ranking the candidates in order of preference starting with the first choice as 1 and the second choice as 2 and so on, continuing through the list until all candidates have a ranked number. The ballot must be fill out completely with a ranking for each candidate listed or the ballot will be disqualified. 1. Delegate and AJSA Board rankings will account for 70% of each candidate’s total score. 2. Interview process with three industry leaders with each candidate will be ranked in order of preference and will account for 30% of each candidate’s total score. 3. The total rankings will be added. The candidate with the lowest score will be the first to become a new Board member the candidate with the second lowest score will be the next new board member and so on until all open positions on the Board are filled.


Each year AJSA members are eligible to apply for several college scholarships. Applications can be found at www.juniorshorthorn.com and are due by May 1st, 2020. Scholarships will be awarded at the 2020 National Junior Shorthorn Show & Youth Conference. The completed scholarship application must be emailed to shelby@shorthorn.org. The application has been updated. You must only complete one application and send the additional information with the completed application. juniorshorthorn.com/opportunities/scholarships/ Please note that scholarship candidates may only apply up to three scholarships offered by The Shorthorn Foundation. Therefore, please complete the applications that apply to your qualifications the best. You cannot win the same scholarship more than once. • • • • • • • •

Mike Dugdale Memorial Scholarship :: The $1,500 Dugdale Scholarship is awarded to a collegiate upperclassman who is an active AJSA member with a sincere interest in bettering the beef cattle industry after college. John C. “Jack” Ragsdale Scholarship :: The $1,500 Jack Ragsdale Scholarship is awarded to a high school senior or college freshman who is an active AJSA member with a sincere interest in learning how to evaluate livestock and an appreciation for the purebred livestock industry. Don Longley Memorial Scholarships :: Each year four $1,500 Longley Memorial Scholarships are awarded. The scholarships are sponsored by The Shorthorn Foundation and awarded to high school seniors or college freshmen based upon Shorthorn involvement, grades, need, and participation in other activities. Lyle & Katharyn DeWitt Memorial Scholarship :: The $1,000 Lyle and Katharyn DeWitt Memorial Scholarship is sponsored by The Shorthorn Foundation and awarded to high school sen5ors or college freshmen based upon Shorthorn involvement, grades, need, and participation in other activities. Jesse M. & Jennie S. Duckett Memorial Scholarship :: The $1,500 Jesse M. & Jennie S. Duckett Memorial Scholarship is sponsored by The Shorthorn Foundation and awarded to high school seniors or college freshmen based upon the applicants’ involvement in Agriculture, educational background, ACT scores, and high school and/or college GPA. Charles B. “Chuck” Leemon Memorial Scholarship :: The $2,500 Charles B. “Chuck” Leemon Memorial Scholarship is sponsored by the family of Chuck Leemon in cooperation with The Shorthorn Foundation and awarded to a college student based upon the applicants’ involvement, future goals and career plans in Agriculture, college GPA, and character references. Jared & Justin Bedwell Memorial Scholarship :: The $1,500 Jared & Justin Bedwell Memorial Scholarship is sponsored by the family of Jared & Justin Bedwell in cooperation with The Shorthorn Foundation and awarded to a high school senior, college freshman or college sophomore based upon the applicants’ involvement, future goals and career plans in Agriculture, college GPA, and character references. John Miller Scholarship :: The $2,500 John Miller Scholarship is awarded to the collegiate upperclassman (including trade schools) who is an active AJSA member with an emphasis to be placed on the recipient having interest in making Shorthorns more viable in the commercial cattle industry.

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Logo on t-shirt at the NJSS

*every exhibitor at NJSS receives t-shirt and additional shirts are sold*

Trade Show Booth during the NJSS

*10x10 booth provided, upgrade for an additional discounted rate*

Full Page Advertisement in the Exhibitor Folder at the NJSS *every exhibitor at NJSS receives an exhibitor folder*

Banner Advertisements on Live Broadcast of NJSS

*Gold & Silver: 3 days, Bronze: discounted rate with purchase of exhibitor folder ad*

Webpage with sponsor logos by level on shorthorn.org *Logo can be linked to website or social media of your choice*

Facebook recognition of sponsorship

*Frequency of recognition will vary based on sponsorship level*

Banner advertisements on shorthorn.org

*Frequency of banners will vary based on sponsorship level*

Logo in the National Shorthorns Shows Show Program (inside front or back cover) to include NAILE & NWSS Sponsor Logo listing during ASA Annual Meeting & Educational Forum Logo in the NJSS Exhibitor Folder with sponsor level Logo on sponsor banner with all sponsors level displayed at shows and/or events

For Additional Information on Sponsorship Opportunities, Contact: Shelby Diehm • 816 -599-7777 • shelby@shorthorn.org


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Bronze $2,500

Silver $5,000

Sponsorship Benefits

Gold $10,000

sponsorship PACKAGES

Your sponsorship and support of the American Shorthorn Association and American Junior Shorthorn Association will increase recognition of your brand, business or product. This opportunity will help you build relationships with cattle breeders, junior members and other livestock professionals.

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E S T. 1 8 7 2



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ESTD 1872

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The American Shorthorn Association (ASA) recently launched an initiative to promote members who are offering beef products directly to consumers.

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It is called Shorthorn Beef — Locally Raised. The Shorthorn Beef program is an avenue for connecting the breed’s cattle producers with those interested in buying locally raised beef. The effort includes promotional opportunities through social media, the ASA website and other media platforms. View a list of producers below.







44 18




Contact the ASA office, 816.599.7777 (shelby@shorthorn.org) to be added to the list or visit shorthorn.org for more information.

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. 19. 20. 21. 22. 23. 24. 25. 26. 27. 28. 29. 30. 31. 32. 33. 34. 35. 36. 37. 38. 39. 40. 41. 42. 43. 44. 45. 46. 47. 48. 49. 50. 51. 52. 53.

Knutson Shorthorns :: Pine Island, Minnesota :: knutsonshorthorns@gmail.com :: 507.259.9804 :: knutsonshorthorns.com Kirsch Family Farms :: Fremont, Ohio :: kkirsch5@hotmail.com :: 419.707.9839 :: https://facebook.com/KirschFamilyFarms/ Wilfred Tate :: Chickasha, Oklahoma :: 405.320.1621 Zumbrunn Shorthorns :: Chapman, Kansas :: cazumbrunn@yahoo.com :: 785.761.3970 :: zumbrunnshorthorns.com Muddy Water Farm :: Madisonville, Tennessee :: lisalay99@yahoo.com :: 423.295.4483 https://www.facebook.com/beefandblossomstn DTR Cattle Company :: Raymond, Kansas :: ngrathwohl@me.com :: 785.587.7947 :: www.dtrcattlecompany.com Cannondale Farms :: Red Wing, Minnesota :: tombryan6380@gmail.com :: 651.301.9555 Dreamy 280 Farm Fresh Meats, LLC, :: Blue Mounds, Wisconsin :: Dreamy280@gmail.com :: 608.437.8074 :: www.Dreamy280.com Dale B. Spurlen :: Dublin, Texas :: spurlen@cctc.net :: 254.734.5429 Maples Shorthorns :: Copperas Cove, Texas :: maplessh@earthlink.net :: 254.289.3429 Barrett Family :: Randolph, Minnesota :: bsf_shorthorns@hotmail.com :: 507.302.9444 :: barrettstockfarm.blogspot.com Paint Valley Farms :: Millersburg, Ohio :: paintvalley81@yahoo.com :: 330.231.6834 :: paintvalleyfarms.com Brambleridge Farm :: Frankewing, Tennessee :: brambleridgefowl@gmail.com :: 931.732.5142 Bright Lights Show Cattle :: Beloit, Wisconsin :: mackenzie@brightlightsshowcattle.com :: 608.728.3238 :: brightlightsshowcattle.com Blazin A Shorthorns :: Indianola, Iowa :: cdamos@msn.com :: Craig cell- 515.238.9852 :: www.amosherefordfarm.com :: Francis Shorthorns :: Lyndon, Illinois :: lightning2956@gmail.com :: 815.590.2053 Robin Bonn :: Eugene, Oregon :: robinwbonn@gmail.com Ahlschwede Shorthorns, George Ahlschwede :: San Angelo, Texas :: 325.651.7533 :: ahlga@zipnet.us Beckler Shorthorns :: Wooster, Ohio :: gbeckler@wpdlad.com :: 330.201.5975 Country K Shorthorns :: Stitzer, Wisconsin :: countrykshorthorns@yahoo.com :: 608.943.8850 :: Facebook page - Country K Shorthorns Circle K Cattle Company :: Udell, Iowa :: mbkorthaus@gmail.com :: 641.895.4695 Leveldale :: Mason City, Illinois :: mathers@leveldale.com :: 309.678.4230 Meyer Family Shorthorns, Craig & Jamey Meyer :: Greensburg, Indiana :: craigandjameymeyer@gmail.com :: 812.374.2329 4 Spear Ranch :: Casper, Wyoming :: snlcattleco@gmail.com :: 307.439.3069 :: www.facebook.com/4spearranch GSKI Shorthorns :: Snyder, Colorado :: ej_baughman@hotmail.com :: 970.380.5458 :: FACEBOOK Ropp Farms :: Albany, Oregon :: contact@roppfamilyfarm.com :: 541.223.2870 :: roppfamilyfarm.com New Town Shorthorns, Dan Owen :: Taft, Tennessee :: 1danowne@gmail.com :: 931.607.9821 Davis Farms, Matt Davis :: Manhattan, Kansas :: rockyford24@hotmail.com :: 785.313.3993 Oakview Shorthorns, Lonny Flack Family :: Nevada, Iowa :: lonnyf@netins.net :: 641.377.2112 Bowman Superior Genetics :: Greens Fork, Indiana :: bsg.phillip.bowman@gmail.com :: 765.886.5777 :: breedforprofit.com Waukaru Farms :: Rensselaer, Indiana :: tojo@waukaru.net :: 219.819.4603 :: waukaru.net M&M Shorthorns :: Jeromesville, Ohio :: sloan.7@hotmail.com :: Mike Sloan – 419.685.0960, Matt Sloan 419.685.4777 Hidden Paradise Ranch, Devin Hadorn-Papke :: Eau Claire, Wisconsin :: devinhp22@gmail.com :: 715.271.5018 Elbee Farms, Lee Bigham :: Frankfort, Kansas :: elbeefarms@diodecom.net :: 785.556.0375 Yokeley Farms :: Winston Salem, North Carolina :: yokeleyfarms@gmail.com :: 336.345.7333 :: yokeleyfarms.com HAHN Family Shorthorns, LLC. :: Minonk, Illinois :: hahnfamilyshorthornsllc@gmail.com :: 309.645.4488 :: hahnshorthorns.com Peak View Ranch LLC :: Fowler, Colorado :: peakviewranch@hotmail.com :: 719.263.4321 Shinglepile Creek Farm :: Luverne, Alabama :: ashleyocatrett@gmail.com :: 334.508.0464 Green Gate Farm :: Rochester, Washington :: christykmk@hotmail.com :: 360.273.3882 Prairie View Farms :: Holland, Michigan :: brentpvf@att.net :: 616.510.9005 M Bar Shorthorns, Troy and Sommer Smith :: Walton, Kansas :: 620.386.4696 :: janesommersmith@gmail.com :: mbarshorthorns.net C Squared Shorthorns, Cole Strickland :: Nashville, North Carolina :: bigcstrickland22@gmail.com :: 252.908.2071 Sugar Grove Farms :: Hillsboro, Ohio :: sugargrovefarms@outlook.com :: 937.840.8482 :: https://sugargrovess.com JVT Livestock :: Opelika, Alabama :: hdm0004@auburn.edu :: 334.734.6841 La Quilla Shorthorns, Duane Lehman :: Rice, Washington :: dlehman456@yahoo.com :: 509.738.6595 Esselburn Grain and Cattle Farm LLC, Tom Esselburn :: Shreve, Ohio :: ohioag81@yahoo.com :: 330.201.1345 :: esselburnbeef.com JB Land & Livestock, Jason & Tasha Bunting :: Emington, IL :: Jrbunting76@gmail.com :: 815.252.5520 Jay Benham :: Troy, Ohio :: 937.335.1622 Bolinger Family Farm :: North Manchester, Indiana :: saletsinger@gmail.com :: 317.385.4911 Evolution Beef :: Millers Creek, North Carolina :: evolutionbeef@outlook.com :: 336.973.5207 shorthorn.org/shorthorn-beef Donnelly Shorthorns, Adam Donnelly :: Clear Lake, Wisconsin :: dfencecc@hotmail.com :: 651.470.4069 Allison Homeplace Farms :: Washington, Indiana :: bovine08@gmail.com :: 812.254.6185 JNK Farms :: Soldiers Grove, Wisconsin :: jesse.swenson4@gmail.com :: 608.632.0043 :: Find us on Facebook!


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The great improver. Enlist a Shorthorn bull to get the most out of your crossbreeding program. The breed is ideal for commercial producers because as a British outcross, it complements predominately Angus and Hereford cow herds. Shorthorns are also proven to enhance carcass quality — and their gentle nature means they won’t cause problems in the process.

shorthorn.org | 7607 NW Prairie View Rd, Kansas City, MO 64151 | 816.599.7777

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Tartan Plaid

Jacalyn National Shorthorn Meisner Lassie Board Director

The Never-ending Question of Involvement… Growing up it was no secret I liked to be kept busy bouncing between dance class, band/musical rehearsals, FFA events, 4-H meetings and activities, on top of showing cattle at the local, state, and national levels. I even spent time in the beautiful Lassie Queen tartan we all know and love, traveling and representing a breed that means so much to me personally. Being involved was never an issue as I found opportunities and ran with them as far as I could. As an Agriculture Teacher/FFA Advisor in a small, rural Illinois town, involvement is a word that likes to get thrown around. We often brainstorm how to get kids involved in sports, theater, band, FFA, and the list goes on. Not much has changed as I joined the National Shorthorn Lassie Board of Directors this past fall and we discuss the never-ending question of “How do we get more involvement from our states with the national level, and how can we be more involved with our states?” In an era where the world is literally at our fingertips with smartphones and the advancements in technology, how is it we feel so much disconnect? Oftentimes we aren’t entirely sure where to start, and my best recommendation is to start locally. Within your own state reach out to Shorthorn producers you know and ask about sales, shows, and events that you can attend. Wear our favorite tartan to county fairs, state shows, preview shows, any chance you find and don’t be afraid to walk around and strike up a conversation. In my experience, the

tartan will often start the conversation for you. Is there an event coming up that would be appropriate to don the tartan and represent maybe not just the Shorthorn breed but agriculture in general? Does your state Lassie Chapter meet, if not consider starting to have an annual meeting. In a COVID world, and even in a non-COVID world, meeting virtually is a possibility and can be fun. In Illinois we meet during the Illinois Beef Expo during our Annual Shorthorn Dinner which is a great way to catch up with our Lassies of all ages and host a fundraiser for our chapter. Do you have a state Facebook/Instagram/TikTok (you’d be surprised who’s on TikTok these days) that you promote shows/sales/events on? Don’t be afraid to post pictures and events from the places you attend. Share what you are doing and why you love the Shorthorn breed. Nationally, a great place to start is by simply attending one or more of the national shows. It provides a chance to meet other ladies representing their own states and make connections. The National Junior Shorthorn Show and Youth Conference has opportunities for Lassies to gather and meet, I’ve made some great friends and memories through participating in these events. If you know a queen lives close or is planning on attending a show with cattle, feel free to invite her to also assist in the ring. Invites to banquets, shows, sales, and events are always a great way to reach out, make those connections, and increase involvement. Are you following

the National Shorthorn Lassie Facebook Page? If not check it out as we are posting events and updates. We would love to hear from you too, so feel free to share what is going on in your own state! Do you love to write about your time in the tartan? Send it our way! We are always looking for items to post, whether it be in the Shorthorn Country or on Social Media. Anyone who knows me fears opening my computer and seeing the million tabs (currently 16 open thank you) and all of my bookmarks. One of my bookmarks includes the National Shorthorn Lassie page which can be found at https:// shorthorn.org/national-shorthorn-lassies/. Here it lists the updated Board of Directors with email links to reach out along with other information. Even with my own hectic schedule, I will always make time to connect with Lassies no matter where you are and I know my fellow directors would love to do the same. Feel free to share any ideas you have to help us all be more connected or questions you are looking to find the answer to. You will also find right underneath the Board of Directors a link titled “State Lassie Chapter Information” here you can find more information and other ways on getting involved. Check it out as it includes information on dues, deadlines, and just general information. “Involvement” can be the dreaded word of our existence, but together we can work to build connections and create opportunities for our ladies to represent the Shorthorn breed with pride. =



shorthorn country = april 2021

2021 May/June Issue With the May/June Shorthorn Country combined as one, please take note that the issue will be mailed later than normal; 5/15/2021.

shorthorn country = april 2021 31

Home of Studer’s Crunch Time 22C

Cagwin Farms Visitors Welcome . . . Stop by any time!

-Top 5% in the breed for WW, YW, TM, CW, and $F


Quality cattle for sale at all times. Located just a few miles south of Route 36/I-72.

629 Co. Rd. 350 North Albion, IL 62806 Wayne: 618-384-8250 Doug: 618-384-1932 4.

Visitors always welcome! Cattle usually for sale. Four miles north of I-64. Exit 130 on Illinois 130.

Farm located five miles east of Virginia on Route 125, 2. then one mile south of the elevator at Philadelphia, Illinois.

Route 2, Box 55 Beecher City, IL 62414 home: 618-487-5559 Trey: 618-367-0764 Steve: 618-267-3229


Farm: 10442 N Co Rd 2980 E • Mason City, IL 62664 Check our website for our current list of herd sires. SULL Roan Goose



Hugh: 618-729-4448 • Tom: 618-498-5848 Ron: 618-729-3258


Bulls, Females, Club Calves For Sale at all times. Full Irish calves available. 40 miles north of St. Louis.

Cattle always For Sale at the Farm.

Luke, Amanda, Madeline, Gavin, Callie, Alexa & Josie Turner 9.

2519 Cty Rd 200E • Mahomet, IL 61853 217-202-2484 mainstreetfenching@yahoo.com


Quality seedstock for sale at the farm Dale & Ryan Wernicke 12611 Fisher Rd • Lena, IL 61048-9754 Dale: 815-369-2857 Ryan: 815-739-7754 ryanwernicke@yahoo.com Watch For Our Annual October Online Sale

Chesnut Shorthorns Visitors Welcome

Bulls, heifers and steers for sale at all times.

Gary Chesnut Family 16145 N 100 East Road • Fithian, IL 61844 217-260-6144 11.




Dennis and Terri Jordan

545 E. 900 N. Road • Sibley, IL 61773 217-784-4854 • cell: 217-202-2865  email: jordan@prairieinet.net

Amanda, Layne, Ty and Ely Harden, 217-417-8335 Jason, Tasha and Isabella Bunting, 815-252-5520 Ashleigh, David, Dakota and Dalton Hall, 217-979-7531 13.


31056 Old Fidelity Road • Jerseyville, IL 62052

Shorthorns 10.

cell: 309-678-4230 • cattle@leveldale.com or Rob Bruce, Herdsman: cell: 217-737-0692

Hugh W. Moore, Jr. & Sons


WATAGA, IL 61488 contact: Dave Steck home: 309-342-0813 cell: 309-299-0335

contact: L.E. Mathers III

Trey & Hailey Wright Steve & Marsha Wright

Scott Horton, Owner



1963 Kelley Road • Caledonia, IL 61011 815-885-3679 cell: 815-494-5588 Come visit us any time. Heifers, bulls and steers for sale.

Wright Cattle Co. Leveldale Farms

Horton farms Shorthorns Horton cell: 630-965-1710 Wernicke cell: 815-739-7754 4N010 Town Hall Rd. • St. Charles, IL 60175 Office: 630-365-1444

Dale Muck

VI P.O. Box 77 • Virginia, Illinois 62691 RG IS INIA, ILLINO office: 217-452-3051 cell: 217-341-7552 Kerry Johnston cell: 217-370-6033 Cindy Cagwin-Johnston cell: 217-370-6034 cagwincattle@casscomm.com • cagwincattle.com

Sunnyland Farms Wayne Hinderliter Family


Don Cagwin

- Semen: $30/unit

Jason Smithers & Girls - 217-491-2140 jasonsmithers74@gmail.com Greg & Pam Smithers - 217-285-6280 36739 205th Avenue • Pittsfield, IL 62363


Bred females for sale at all times. Albert Larry Hill


shorthorn country = april 2021

7272 NCR 3350 E • Mason City, IL 62664 217-737-1023 •  217-482-3765




7 25 16.

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19 2


24 21 20

Bob and Mark Gordon


1 8

4 18.

1160 600th Ave. Middletown, IL 62666 Bob: 217-737-7159 Mark cell: 217-737-7905 Shelden Tibbs, Herdsman mark.gordon@plantpioneer.com


Get on the map! For details contact: Cindy Cagwin-Johnston, 217-370-6034 or Darryl Rahn, 217-473-1124 16

This ad runs six times a year. What better way to insure your customers can find you?

Rolling Hills Farm



Ten Mile Farm Shorthorns

Investing in top genetics for over 30 years. Visitors Welcome! The Birch Family Harold, Regina, Richard and Hope

Doug & Rhonda North 5544 Stone Road Clinton, IL 61727 217-622-4466

22698 E. Co. Rd. 920 N • Ashmore, IL 61912 217-232-8366 email: hbirch@agrisolutions.com

Driving directions from Ashmore: two miles west on Rt. 16 to Enon Baptist Church sign; then one mile south to farm 20. 21.






shorthorn country = april 2021 33

News & Notes Farewells Keith Henry Lauer ascended to his heavenly home on Thursday, March 4th at Abilene Memorial Hospital. He was born on July 15, 1936 to Clarence & Alma (Nagely) Lauer in Abilene. He attended Bell Valley, a one room school, in Holland, KS and Chapman High School graduating in the class of 1954. In high school his interests included FFA, playing trumpet in band and playing football. It was there a good friend, Dale, introduced Keith to his sister, Nadene. On August 5, 1956, Keith married his high school sweetheart, Nadene Correll, in McPherson, KS. His passion for agriculture started early in life. As a youth he was a member of the Holland Sunflowers 4-H Club. He participated in a variety of projects, but

key was the opportunity to expand his livestock interests which paved the way for his profession. Years of 4-H work earned him a trip to the National 4-H Congress in Washington D.C. Throughout his life he remained supportive of the 4-H program and the Central Kansas Free Fair. As a young farmer Keith received one of the Outstanding Young Farmer awards. He was recognized as Builder of the Breed by the Shorthorn Association. Keith & Nadene were a part of the Class of 1990 Kansas Master Farmer Homemakers. Keith and Nadene hosted multiple Shorthorn tour groups including the World Shorthorn Tour. In 2017 the National Western Stock Show dedicated the Shorthorn pen show to them. Keith received the Heritage Award from the American Shorthorn Association in 2019. Throughout his life Keith was an active member of the Mt. Pleasant Presbyterian Church where he served well on various boards and committees. He was called to be an Elder for many years. He served his

community by being a board member for the Coop, County Extension Council, and township treasurer for 35 years. He served on the USD # 473 school board both at Rural Center and Chapman district for 15 years. Keith had a special love for his family. He enjoyed going to all his grandsons activities &, later in life, enjoyed watching his greatgrandchildren growing up. His smile and gentle ways will always be remembered by his family and many friends. Everybody who came to the farm left as Keith’s friend for life. Keith will be missed by his loving wife, Nadene; daughter, Rita Yoder (Ellis) of McPherson; grandsons Bradley Yoder (Erin) of Sabetha, Kevin Yoder (Brittney) of McPherson, and Lane Yoder of Memphis, TN; great-grandchildren Frankie, Gibson, Watson and Brooklynn; sisters Joyce Taylor, Enterprise and Ila Beemer (Duane), Abilene; brother Stanley Lauer (Leslie), Salina. =

Robert Lee Dahl, 83, of Gruver, passed away at home on February 14, 2021. Robert was born on the family farm northwest of Gruver to Oscar and Esther Dahl on December 21, 1937. He attended Gruver Schools where he was active in FFA and sports. He was a member of the Gruver United Methodist Church. After high school, he entered the US Air Force where he trained and served as a radar operator. His duty was tracking all air traffic and weather as well as training officers for aircraft intercepts. He was stationed in Fordland, Missouri outside of Springfield. He was a member of the Fordland Base basketball teams. He married Suellen Hawkins June 9, 1957. After his discharge, Robert and Suellen returned home to Gruver where they raised their family on the family farm and

ranch. While farming and ranching, he was involved in the American Shorthorn Association where he received “Builder of the Breed” award in 1982. In 2013, Robert and Suellen travelled to Austin to accept a “Designated Texas Family Land Heritage Property” award for the farm in Gruver being in the family for over 100 years. In 2015, the Tri State Fair Shorthorn Show in Amarillo was dedicated to Robert. For over 20 years, he refereed local high school football and basketball games, and also drove bus for Gruver ISD for many years. He was very active in the community and church. Robert was preceded in death by his parents, Oscar and Esther Dahl and a sister, Louella Andrews. He is survived by his wife of 63 years, Suellen, of the home; son, Wade Dahl and wife Angie of Wimberley, Texas; daughter, Brenda Hopkins and husband Bud of Gruver, TX; son, Scot Dahl and wife Ginger of Talcott, WV; sister, Mavis Floyd of Gruver; and a brother Loren Dahl and wife Evelyn of Amarillo, TX.

Grandchildren include Jennifer (Dahl) Zinkgraf and husband Bill of Wimberley, Tx and their children Ava, Bella, and Rosie; Julie (Dahl) Arcos and husband John of Kingsbury, Tx and their children Easton and Ellie; Jantsen Dahl of Wimberley, Tx; Hunter Hopkins and wife Jacey of Wellington, Tx; Caleb Dahl; Tiffany York; and Sara, Hannah, Elisha, Gabriel, and Grace Evans. Pallbearers include Steve Bevill, Arnie Stork, Kevin Allaway, Marco Ayala, Hunter Hopkins, Randy Andrews, Kevin Hart, and JP TeBeest. Honorary pallbearers are Donnie TeBeest, Ronnie TeBeest, Gary Moen, Kenny Andrews, Russell Dahl, and Clyde Fischer and the many Shorthorn Breeder friends he had. The family would like to give a very special thanks for the care-giving that Patricia Gonzalez offered. She is an angel. God Bless Her! Thank you also to Home Healthcare, Open Heart Hospice (Angela), the doctors, and nurses. Gayla, you were GREAT! =


shorthorn country = april 2021

Show Results

San Angelo Stock Show & Rodeo - Junior Heifer Show February 11, 2021 • San Angelo, Texas Judge: Willie Weis, Stacyville, Iowa

Submitted by Mary Bass, Texas State Shorthorn Association Publicity Officer

63 Shorthorn heifers were shown in the Junior Shorthorn Heifer Show at the San Angelo Stock Show and Rodeo on Thursday, February 11, 2021. Grand Champion Shorthorn Heifer and Senior Champion Heifer honors went to TMF Demi 8G exhibited by Carter Meyer of Needville FFA. Reserve Grand Champion Shorthorn Heifer and Junior Champion Heifer, was awarded to CCR Robin 9953 ET exhibited by Emilee Munchrath of


shorthorn country = april 2021

Graford FFA. Other Division Winners: Champion Heifer Calf - Stella Grace, exhibited by Madison Haney, Hawkins FFA. Reserve Champion Heifer Calf - Made Mona Michelle 2410 ET, exhibited by Kole Mincher, Wolfe City FFA. Reserve Champion Junior Heifer - Fools Stella 40G, exhibited by Faith Korenek, El Campo FFA.

Reserve Champion Senior Heifer CATO Primo Foolish Girl 39, exhibited by Keeli Peters, Whitney FFA. Showmanship Winners: Champion Junior Showman - Piper Carr, Lamb Co. 4-H. Champion Senior Showman Emilee Munchrath, Graford FFA. =

Junior Sp li t w h Kanin Cleere aGE: 11

Madisonville, TX

What is your One Must- Have Item at a cattle Show? A huge rock. Yes, a rock. We always bring one stand fan that needs to be weighted down. That rock has traveled everywhere and we are kind of known for it.

What do you want to be when you grow up? I would like to be an engineer.

wHAT Is your favorite show product? Show sheen and lots of it!

shorthorn country = april 2021 37

Sale Reports Iowa Royal Shorthorn Sale Sale Summary

2 Purebred Bulls............$ 4,100...................$ 2,050 1 ShorthornPlus Bull....$ 3,025...................$ 3,025 1 Bred Heifer................$ 3,000...................$ 3,000 15 Purebred Heifers......$ 27,050.................$ 1,803 2 ShorthornPlus Heifers.. $ 4,500...................$ 2,250 27 Live Lots................ $ 41,675...............$ 1,985 2 Embryo Pkgs..............$ 2,710...................$ 1,355 2 Semen Pkgs................$ 745......................$ 373 Sale Gross $45,130 27 Junior Donation Lots $3,725

Monday, February 15, 2021 Iowa Beef Expo, Des Moines, Iowa Sale Hosted Online: SmartAuctions Online Sales Sale Management: Vaughn Farms by: Mat and Jalane Vaughn

The 2021 Iowa Royal took a hybrid form with live viewing at the Iowa Beef Expo where bidders and buyers gathered to evaluate the line up of cattle. Bidding took place on SmartAuctions in a standard online sale format, with a racehorse style close. In collaboration with the Iowa Junior Shorthorn Association 27 donation lots, including lots donated by breeders and banner sponsorship for the 2021


shorthorn country = april 2021

Iowa Shorthorn Field Day. The revenue generated from these lots will be utilized for junior activities including the Shorthorn Junior Nationals held in Des Moines, Iowa in 2023. $3,025 – Lot 4 – ShorthornPlus Bull – DRM Schmidty 007. An all black ¾ blood shorthorn plus bull, a March 2020 son of MAV Bellringer and out of DRM Sweet Beauty 703. This bull created a buzz with his added muscle, foot, and bone. Backed by incredible cow families within the Mitchell Family Shorthorns made this bull a crowd favorite. Bull offered by Mitchell Family Shorthorns and purchased by Larry Carstens of Osmond, Nebraska. $2,200 – Lot 1 – Purebred Shorthorn Bull – AF VF Limelight 051 ET. A stylish redneck roan, March 2020 son sired by JSF Marquis 127X and out of AF RJA Carrie Jane 804. A favorite around the barn, Limelight is above average in terms of structural integrity, hair, and look from the side. Voted by consignors as the breed representative for the Iowa Beef Expo Supreme Bull Show. Offered by Vaughn Farms and purchased

by Home Sweet Home Shorthorns of New Carlisle, Ohio. $3,150 – Lot 20 – Purebred Shorthorn Heifer – QK MayBe Hot Outside 2004. Big time show heifer prospect, a May 2020 daughter of Free K-Kim Hot Commodity and out of QK Elegant Diamond 1804. This young female is packed with future in the show ring and beyond. Selected by consignors to represent the shorthorn breed in the Iowa Beef Expo Supreme Heifer Show. Show families got excited about this females’ center dimension, length of front, and great hair. Offered by Quad K Shorthorns and purchased by Kason Appel of Ottumwa, Iowa. $2,500 – Lot 27 – ShorthornPlus Heifer – CMA Sharona XTX. Extra productive female, April 2020 daughter of BF Capitolist 701 and out of O-Dale Texas’s Pride 0345. This female combines the show ring appeal of her dam with an extra productive look from the side of her sire. This heifer reads to be an easy doing and versatile in her use as a cow. Offered CMA Cattle and purchased by Acorn Acres of Adair, Iowa. =

Don’t You Think It’s Time Bull Sale Sale Summary

32 Purebred Bulls..........$ 154,200...............$ 4,819 2 ShorthornPlus Bulls...$ 4,100...................$ 2,050 1 Simmental Bull..........$ 5,250...................$ 5,250 35 Bulls....................... $ 163,550.............$ 4,673 5 Semen Pkgs................$ 1,650...................$ 330 Sale Gross $165,200

Saturday, February 27, 2021 WCC Cow Palace Anita, Iowa Auctioneer: Mark Venteicher Sale Management: Studer Shorthorns by: Darryl Rahn

This was the inaugural live auction for this sale and what a first time it was. The Studer and Gilman firms offered an outstanding set of bulls ready to go out and become leading herd sires. The quality was very strong and the active bidding from the large crowd gathered was evidence that quality pays dividends. The fantastic Cow Palace facility was a great place to host this outstanding event. Congratulations to all involved in making this a super sale. $14,500 - Lot 26 - Gilman Clout 45H ET. A red, polled February 25, 2020 son of Crooked Post Stockman 4Z and out of JSF Ruby 46Y. This is just an outstanding bull. Big framed, high volume with a great muscle pattern and excellent bone

structure. His built in performance to go along with calving ease, make him a sure fire herd sire. Offered by Gilman Shorthorns and purchased by Jungels Shothorn Farms of Kathryn, North Dakota. $9,700 - Lot 25 - Gilman’s Statement 51H ET. A red, polled February 25, 2020 son of Crooked Post Stockman 4Z and out of JSF Ruby 46Y. A full ET brother to the Lot 25, this young sire is a super specimen in his own right. All the good things about this bull and his full brother make them sires to watch in the future. Offered by Gilman and purchased by Deerhorn Farms of Barnsville, Minnesota. $9,700 - Lot 17 - Gilman’s Hedge Fund 6H. A red, polled February 2, 2020 son of Leveldale Cowboy Up 820F and out of JDMC Lustre 73Y. This super young bull was at the top of many lists at the sale. He was a member of the Reserve Champion Pen of 3 at the OKC National Show. He is at the top of the breed for several trait indexes and has the overall style and balance to make a really good sire. Offered by Gilman and purchased by Heggvale Farms of Bruce, South Dakota. $9,000 - Lot 23 - Studer’s Home Grown 36H. A white, polled February 29, 2020 son of Studer’s Conference Call 52C and out of DSF Matchless 36Y. This was really a fancy young bull. His great structure and

design made him a favorite of many. He will sire the right kind of females or bulls. He will also sire those fancy show prospects that everyone likes. Offered by Studer Shorthorns and purchased by Leemon Stock Farms of Hoopeston, Illinois. $8,500 - Lot 18 - Gilman’s Big Bank 34H. A red, polled February 12, 2020 son of Leveldale Cowboy Up 820F and out of Gilman’s Penny 40D. The Cowboy Up progeny continue to impress with their dimension and overall design. This youngster’s dam is a past Performance Dam of the Year and you can really see it in this good bull. His EPD indexes are outstanding making him a great breeding piece. Offered by Gilman and purchased by Martindell Farms of Hardyville, Kentucky. $8,000 - Lot 31 - Studer’s Hard Rock 80H ET. A red, polled March 23, 2020 son of Studer’s Taylor Made 7Y and out of Waukaru Lassie 2024. This was a very popular bull. A son of the great breeding bull Taylor Made and out of one of the breeds top donor females. He is very sound of structure and stands on a great foundation of legs and feet. He just looks like a breeding bull. He will work in any herd. Offered by Studer and purchased by Scott Hansen of Noonan, North Dakota.


Kentucky National Shorthorn Sale Sale Summary

14 Open Heifers...........$ 27,900.................$ 1,933 2 Plus Open Heifers......$ 4,400...................$ 2,200 16 Breeding Lots........ $ 32,300 ..............$ 2,019 1 Embryo Package........$ 2,550...................$ 2,550 Sale Gross $34,850

Saturday, March 6, 2021 Kentucky Beef Expo Louisville, Kentucky Auctioneer: Jeff Stansberry Sale Management: Cagwin Cattle Services, LLC & Brent Elam by: Darryl Rahn

A good crowd gathered for the Kentucky National Sale in the Kentucky Expo. The quality of the show heifer prospects on offer was extremely high. The snappy sale saw active bidding throughout the sale. $4,000 - Lot 3 - Open Heifer - J-F Augusta Rocks 2017 HC ET. A roan, polled February 15, 2020 daughter of Free K-Kim Hot Commodity and out of CF Augusta Rocks 2142. This was the Champion Heifer in the pre-sale show and she is a good one. Super complete with the

show look everyone wants to see. Offered by Jester Farms and purchased by Leemon Stock Farms of Hoopeston, Illinois. $3,300 - Lot 5 - DFM Lucky Charm Fools ET. A rwm, polled April 1, 2020 daughter of Leveldale Boardwalk 530C and out of CF BLC Lucky Charm 5129 ET. This was a real flashy show prospect that has a great pedigree. Boardwalk, Solution and the Luck Charm line makes her already a winner. Offered by McCall Show Cattle and purchased by Lonny Flach of Nevada, Iowa. $3,000 - Lot 2 - Open Heifer - MDR Tina 001. A roan, polled February 7, 2020 daughter of JSF Standard 80C and out of HFS Tina’s Express 600. Another top show prospect. She has all the style and balance that you would want in a top show heifer. Offered by Reedy Shorthorns and purchased by Bo Shadden of Jonesbrough, Tennessee. $3,000 - Lot 17 - Shorthorn Plus Open Heifer - DMW Outside Fantasy B7H. A black, horned June 3, 2020 daughter of DJS The Outsider and out of DMW Midnight Fantasy. This was a really good

Plus show heifer that has a world of style and balance. She will be heard from in the show ring. Offered by Dav-Mar-Way Farms and purchased by Gracen Carroll of Nabb, Indiana. $2,400 - Lot 6 - Open Heifer - WRI Mattis 020 ET. A roan, horned April 2, 2020 daughter of CCS Equity’s Charmer and out of CCS RobJoy Mattis 31P. This is a super young heifer with a great pedigree. The 31P female had been one of the leading donors in the breed for many years. Offered by Wright Cattle Co and purchased by Kaitlyn Powers of Salem, Indiana. $2,400 - Lot 8 - Open Heifer - WRI Sue 020. A white, polled April 30, 2020 daughter of Avalon ET and out of WRI White Sue TD 6W07. This was a very attractive white heifer that will certainly show and then make a great brood cow. Offered by Wright Cattle Co and purchased by Steve Fields of Climax, North Carolina.


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Predictable Genetics, Proven Performance Sale Sale Summary

32 Fall Yearling Bulls.....$ 166,500...............$ 5,203 23 1/2 Spring Yrling Bulls..$ 113,250...............$ 4,819 55 1/2 Bulls................ $ 279,750.............$ 5,040 25 Open Heifers...........$ 58,600.................$ 2,344 80 1/2 Lots.................. $ 338,350.............$ 4,203

Saturday, March 6, 2021 Loving Farms Pawnee Rock, Kansas Auctioneer: Kyle Elwood Sale Management: Loving Farms by: Darryl Rahn

For any breeder that says there is no commercial market for their cattle, I would suggest you take a ride to Pawnee Rock Kansas the first Saturday in March and see commercial trade at it’s best. You almost have to be there to truly appreciate the commercial following this leading program has. A program built on decades of cultivating their commercial trade and it all happens in volume. This was just a truly outstanding sale. Bulls offered with unmatched performance records for all to study and appreciate. The sale was just outstanding. There were 28 bulls (half the bull offering) that sold at $5,000 and up. What an event. Congratulations to Marty, Scott and their families for the presentation of a great sale. $11,000 - Lot 33 - Ash Valley Answer 0260. A red, polled February 14, 2020 son of Ash Valley Answer 5720 and out of Ash Valley Queen 6826. A trait leader in 8 index categories and a leader in 3 feed

efficiency traits. This bull came to the top for his performance numbers and his overall look and design. Personally selected and purchased by Leachman Cattle of Colorado, Fort Collins, Colorado. $8,750 - Lot 19 - Ash Valley Optimus 9764. A red, polled September 30, 2019 son of Waukaru Optimus 4095 and Ash Valley Okie 3393. This was one of the favorites from the outstanding group of Fall Yearling bulls. He just looks the part of a herd sire. He has high ratios for marbling and feed efficiency. You can see it in his dimension and muscle pattern. Purchased by a commercial producer from Kansas. $8,500 - Lot 36 - Ash Valley Answer 0243. A red, polled February 8, 2020 son of Ash Valley Answer 5720 and out of Ash Valley Gandy 5596. This youngster was the favorite of many at the sale. He just has that look and style that all like to see. He is a leader in 9 index categories and a leader in all 4 feed efficiency traits. Purchased by Gilman Shorthorns of Stuart, Iowa. $7,500 - Lot 2 - Ash Valley Optimus 9745. A red, polled September 26, 2019 son of Waukaru Optimus 4095 and out of Ash Valley Okie 3586. This big, stout bull has a performance dam on his sire’s side and a performance dam and a pacesetter dam on his dam’s side. There is built in performance all over this one. His leading traits make him very attractive. Purchased by a Commercial Producer in Nebraska. $7,500 - Lot 10 - Ash Valley Optimus 9761. A red, polled September 30, 2019 son of Waukaru Optimus 4095 and out

of Ash Valley Lady 2754. Another very popular big, stout bull that has a Pacesetter sire on his dam’s side. His feed efficiency numbers are awesome. That will translate into high performing progeny. Purchased by a Commercial Producer in Oklahoma. $7,500 - Lot 13 - Ash Valley Proud Leader 9734. A red, polled September 19, 2019 son of KL Proud Leader 321 and out of Ash Valley Maize 7574. The progeny of the Keith Lauer bred Proud Leader bull in this sale were quite impressive. Their style and design made them popular with many breeders at the sale. Purchased by Rock Island Cattle Co of Esbon, Kansas. $7,500 - Lot 24 - Ash Valley Capitalist 9702. A black, polled son of Connealy Capitalist 028 and out of Ash Valley Leader 7506. This was the lead off bull in a truly powerful set of black Fall Yearlings. This one rose to the top of the group with performance you could easily see. He is a trait leader in 11 EPD categories. A truly awesome individual. Purchased by a Commercial Producer from Nebraska. Top Selling Open Heifer $4,250 - Lot 60 - Ash Valley Julie Rose 0312. A red, polled March 2, 2020 daughter of KL Preston 609 and out of KL Julie Rose. A top young heifer from Keith Laure breeding. This one has BEEF COW written all over her. She had as much natural muscle as any heifer in the sale and has the solid structure makes her one that will be a great brood cow. Purchased by John Sonderman of Columbus, Nebraska.


Tennessee Agribition Shorthorn Show and Sale Sale Summary

3 Bulls...........................$ 8,000...................$ 2,667 1 Plus Bull.....................$ 1,800...................$ 1,800 11 Open Heifers...........$ 24,300.................$ 2,209 10 Open Plus Heifers....$ 23,300.................$ 2,330 25 Breeding Lots........ $ 57,400 ..............$ 2,300 7 Semen Packages.........$ 635......................$ 91 1 Embryo Package........$ 1,125...................$ 1,125 Sale Gross $59,160

Saturday, March 13, 2021 James E. Ward Agricultural Center Lebanon, TN Auctioneer: William McIntosh Sale Management: Tennessee Shorthorn Association by: Darryl Rahn

A good crowd gathered on a damp day for the Agribition Shorthorn Sale. Top quality individuals in all categories were on offer from the consignors. The snappy sale saw very steady prices given for all the cattle presented. Congratulations to all the consignors for the presentation of a quality event. $4,600 - Lot 9 - Open Heifer - Sharben


shorthorn country = april 2021

AS Lily 1122 - A red, polled March 6, 2020 daughter of SULL All Sport 7695E ET and out of Sharben Lily Love 800. This was the Champion Heifer in the pre-sale show and was a really good one. Super complete with the dimension that will make her a great brood cow. Offered by Sharben Shorthorns and purchased by Double C Farms of Rickman, Tennessee. $4,500 - Lot 10 - Open Shorthorn Plus Heifer - PFC Candy B 012. A blue roan, polled November 2, 2020 daughter of BPF Mercedes Benz 131U and out of PFC Sugar Candy 830. Really fancy here. The youngest heifer in the sale and the Reserve Champion Plus heifer in the show. She has show heifer written all over her. She will be fun. Offered by Perkins Family Cattle and purchased by Tucker Mullinex of Jamestown, Tennessee. $4,000 - Lot 8 - Open Heifer - WL Augusta Pride 215. A roan, scurred April 21, 2020 daughter of CAIR Evolve and out of WL Augusta Pride 191 ET. The Reserve Champion Heifer in the show and a really attractive prospect. She exhibits the style and balance that will let her compete at any

level. Offered by Windy Lane Shorthorns and purchased by Tyler Huber of Caffeen, Illinois. $3,500 - Lot 14 - Open Shorthorn Plus Heifer - GCC Blue Lucy 76. A blue roan, polled August 11, 2020 daughter of 3 Aces Skyfall 9576 and out of SULL Crystal’s Lucy 8202F ET. Another really fancy youngster that has that show ring look. Her extention and design make her one to complete. Offered by Greenhorn Cattle Co and purchased by Knox Wilson of Crossville, Tennessee. $2,900 - Lot 21 - Bull - ICCS Hydro A20. A roan, scurred March 28, 2020 son of MM Antidote 3Z 149D ET and out of Whippoorwill Cassie. This was the Champion Bull in the sale show and is a good one. His overall dimension and depth are outstanding. His bone structure is above average and he will make a breeding bull. Offered by Indian Camp Creek Shorthorns and purchased by Farrar Farms of McMinnville, Tennessee. =

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Sales Calendar April 1 - 18th Annual “Who’s Your Daddy” Shorthorn Bull & Female Sale, Saskatoon, SK, Canada. April 3 - Paint Valley Farms and Byland Polled Shorthorns “The Bull Sale”, Millersburg, Ohio. April 6 - Sugarbird Shorthorns at Respite Farms “Roan for the Roses” Online Sale, Paris, Ky., dponlinesales.com. April 6 - Norman/Ripberger Online Show Heifer and Frozen Sale, amsonlinesales.com. April 10 - Lazy Bar F and Double G Shorthorns, “Red Dirt Treasures” Shorthorn Production Sale, Seminole, Okla. April 17-18 - Oklahoma Sooner Shorthorn Show & Sale, Duncan, Okla. May 4 - AJSA Junior National Fundraiser, amsonlinesales.com. 2021 FALL SALE DATES Sept. 4 - Cates Farms “Star Search” Production Sale, Modoc, Ind. Sept. 5 - Cornerstone Farms “Born to be Rockstars” Online Sale, Winchester, Ind., cwcattlesales.com. Sept. 5 & 6 - Turner Shorthorns “Somerset Sensations” Open House and Private Treaty Sale, Somerset, Ohio. Sept. 6 - Meyer Family Shorthorns “Elite Heifer and Steer” Online Sale, Greensburg, Ind., cwcattlesales.com. Sept. 8 - Highland Farms “Land of Lincoln” Show Steer & Heifer Online Sale, Pittsfield, Ill., cwcattlesales.com. Sept. 11 - Shadybrook Farms “Decades of Excellence” Production Sale, West Brome, Quebec, Canada. Sept. 13 - Smith Family Farms, “Cattlemen’s Cut” Online Sale, Pendleton, Ind., cwcattlesales.com. Sept. 19 - Ripberger/Norman “Eyes on the Midwest” Production Sale, Newman, Ill. Sept. 20 - Tadmore Farms Show Heifer, Bred Heifer and Genetic Online Sale, Caldwell, Texas, amsonlinesales.com. Sept. 21 - Berg Shorthorns Online Sale, Osage, Iowa, amsonlinesales.com. Sept. 25 - The Great Shorthorn Revival, Beaverton, Mich.

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Sept. 26 - Warner Ranch “Fall Harvest” Production Sale, Columbus, Neb. Sept. 29 - Shoufler Shorthorns “Multi Breed Show Heifer” Online Sale, Fortville, Ind. Sept. 30 - Meyer Farms Show Heifer Online Sale, Rushville, Ind., cwcattlesales. com. Oct. 2 - Greenhorn Cattle Co “Where Great Females Make A Difference”, Waynesville, Ohio. Oct. 6 - Mitchell Family Shorthorns Online Sale, Waverly, Iowa, cwcattlesales. com. Oct. 9 - Studer Family Shorthorns, “Family Legacies” Production Sale, Creston, Iowa. Oct. 9 - Schrag 605, “Family Event” Production Sale, Marion, S.D. Oct. 16 - “Heart of the Prairie” Production Sale, Rush Springs, Okla. Oct. 16 - “Keystone Autumn Klassic” Production Sale, Waynesburg, Pa. Oct. 17 - Bedwell Cattle Co & Lost Diamond B Ranch, “Lasting Impressions” Sale, Isabella, Okla. Oct. 30 - Leveldale Farms, “Investment Sale”, Mason City, Ill. Nov. 6 - Jungels Shorthorn Farm, “Durham Nation” Production Sale, Kathryn, N.D. Nov. 9 - Highland Farms Show Heifer & Bred Female Sale, Pittsfield, Ill., cwcattlesales.com. Nov. 14 - Greenhorn Cattle Co, “Where Future Generations Are Created”, Louisville, Ky. Nov. 22 - Bar N Shorthorns, “Holiday Classic” Online Bred Heifer Sale, Bellview, Minn., amsonlinesales.com Dec. 7 - Galbreath Farms Online Bred Heifer Sale, Enderlin, N.D., amsonlinesales. com Dec. 11 - Paint Valley Farms and Byland Polled Shorthorns “Maternal Event” Production Sale, Millersburg, Ohio. =

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March 31 - Bratcher Farms Genetics Sale, Elizabeth, IN, amsonlinesales.com April 3 - Paint Valley Farms and Byland Polled Shorthorns “The Bull Sale”, Millersburg, OH April 6 - Norman/Ripberger Online Show Heifer and Frozen Sale, amsonlinesales.com April 10 - Lazy Bar F and Double G Shorthorns “Red Dirt Treasures” Shorthorn Production Sale, Seminole, OK May 4 - AJSA Junior National Fundraiser, amsonlinesales.com 2021 FALL SALE DATES Sept. 4 - Cates Farms “Star Search” Production Sale, Modoc, IN Sept. 11 - Shadybrook Farms “Decades of Excellence” Production Sale, West Brome, Quebec, Canada Sept. 19 - Ripberger/Norman “Eyes on the Midwest” Production Sale, Newman, IL Sept. 20 - Tadmore Farms Show Heifer, Bred Heifer and Genetic Online Sale, Caldwell, TX, amsonlinesales.com Sept. 21 - Berg’s Shorthorns Online Sale, Osage, IA, amsonlinesales.com Sept. 25 - The Great Shorthorn Revival, Beaverton, MI Sept. 26 - Warner Ranch “Fall Harvest” Production Sale, Columbus, NE Oct. 2 - Greenhorn Cattle Co “Where Great Females Make A Difference”, Waynesville, OH Oct. 9 - Schrag 605, “Family Event” Production Sale, Marion, SD Oct. 16 - “Heart of the Prairie” Production Sale, Rush Springs, OK Oct. 17 - Bedwell Cattle Co & Lost Diamond B Ranch, “Lasting Impressions” Sale, Isabella, OK Oct. 30 - Leveldale Farms, “Investment Sale”, Mason City, IL Nov. 6 - Jungels Shorthorn Farm, “Durham Nation” Production Sale, Kathryn, ND Nov. 8 - KAW Red Angus “Maternal Magic” Sale, Seward, NE, amsonlinesales.com Nov. 14 - Greenhorn Cattle Co, “Where Future Generations Are Created”, Louisville, KY Nov. 21 - Norman/Ripberger “Breeders Alliance”Sale, Newman, IL Dec. 7 - Galbreath Farms Online Bred Heifer Sale, Enderlin, ND, amsonlinesales.com Dec. 11 - Paint Valley Farms and Byland Polled Shorthorns “Maternal Event” Production Sale, Millersburg, OH

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Ad Index AAA Shorthorns............................. 43 Aegerter Marketing Services, Inc.... 47 Bennett Land & Cattle................... 43 Berg Shorthorns............................. 43 Bigelow Farms................................ 43 Bowman Superior Genetics............ 43 Brooks, Bruce................................. 46 Bye Well Shorthorns....................... 43 Byland Polled Shorthorns............... 43 Cagwin Cattle Services LLC........... 46 Cagwin Farms............................ 5, 13 Cairns Shorthorns.......................... 43 Cates Farms.................................... 43 Cattle Visions.........................46, IBC Cornerstone Farms......................... 43 Crawfdown Farms.......................... 43 Dedmon Shorthorns...................... 43 DJS Shorthorns.............................. 43 Double C Shorthorns..................... 43 Dragstrem Farms............................ 15 Dreamy 280 Cattle Company........ 43 DTR Cattle Co.............................. 43 Duis Farms..................................... 43 Elanco...................................... 12, 25 Fickbohm Farms............................ 43 Fieser Family Shorthorns................ 44 First Class Cattle Marketing Ltd..... 46 Greenhorn Cattle Company........... 44


shorthorn country = april 2021

Harlan Cattle Co............................ 11 Haumont Shorthorns..................... 44 Hill Haven Shorthorns................. IFC Homeplace Farms..................... 37, 44 Hub Ranch Shorthorns.................. 44 Humble Stock Farm....................... 44 IL Breeders Unitd For Impact... 32-33 Inness Shorthorns........................... 44 James F. Bessler, Inc........................ 46 Jester Farms.................................... 44 Jungels Shorthorn Farm............ 27-30 Justamere....................................... 31 Kevin Wendt.................................. 46 Key Ridge Shorthorn Farm............ 44 Keystone Shorthorns...................... 44 KSS Keystone Shorthorns............... 44 KW Cattle Co................................ 44 Laban’s Roanoke Farm.................... 44 Legacy Ranch................................. 44 Leveldale Farms.......................... 3, 44 Little Cedar Cattle Co.................... 44 LSA Shorthorns................................ 9 McCall Show Cattle....................... 44 McKee Family Shorthorns.............. 44 Meyer Family Shorthorns............... 45 Meyer Farms.................................. 45 Nile Valley Farm/Hendrickson Trust.. 45 Norman Farms............................... 45

Oklahoma Sooner Shorthorn Sale.... 7 Oler Farm...................................... 45 Paint Valley Farms......................... BC Richardson Farms Shorthorns........ 45 Robjoy Shorthorns......................... 45 Rockin’ G Land & Cattle............... 45 Rocky Branch Shorthorns.............. 45 Schrag 605..................................... 45 Sears Marketing Services, LLC....... 46 SharBen Shorthorns....................... 45 Singing H Shorthorns.................... 45 Smith Family Farms....................... 45 Smoky Mountain Farm.................. 45 Stangl Shorthorns........................... 45 Stone Springs Shorthorns............... 45 Sullivan Farms................................ 45 Sullivan Supply.............................. 46 Sutherland Shorthorns................... 46 Turner Family Shorthorns.............. 46 Utterback Show Cattle................... 46 Vytelle............................................ 17 Warner Ranch................................ 46 Waukaru Shorthorns...................... 46 Wilson Livestock Agency................ 46