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Spring 2014 | Step Dad | 3

Joakim Poijo Ollie [p] Jon Wolf

Cover: Ricky Oyola [P] Michael Cirelli

Beer Drinker/Hellraiser/ Publisher: Mike Gustafson


Heidi Stover Mike Gustafson Nate Keegan Michael Cirelli Luke McKaye

Staff Photographers: CMART Sam McKenna Jimmy Collins Jon Wolf

Contributing Photographers: Liam Annis Ben Roach Giovanni Willett Ricky Aponte Shea Blair Liam Annis Jay Stover Luke McKaye Sheyla Grullon Matt Roy Wes Cunningham Michael Cirelli Nick Cattie Mike Greenwood Tim Snyder Matt Boron Randy Parker AJ Catholdi

Videography: Jimmy Collins Joe Radano

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4 | Step Dad | Spring 2014

Evan Mansolillo Bluntslide [p] Ben Roach

Spring 2014 | Step Dad | 5

My introduction to San Francisco goes something like this... It was around 2007 or so and MySpace was still a big thing. In Boston, we had just released “City People”. Jabari Pendleton, who at the time, I hadn’t met yet, left a comment about the video and said, “When you coming out to the Bay?”. A week or two later I said, “Screw it” and bought a one way flight out there. Tommy Wisdom told me, “Link up with Jabari and Ando and your straight”. I got Jabari’s number, and I seriously don’t think I even told him I was coming. I just texted him when I landed like, “Yo, it’s Nate. I’m at the airport.” He gave me the address to his crib in Hunters Point. I’m in the cab like, “Damn...this place is lookin pretty rugged and I’m going to meet a stranger”. Oh well, it’s always fun not knowing what you’re getting into. I get dropped off, he came out and was mad cool. Grabbed my bags and Mike York was in the back cooking hot dogs next to a mini ramp. He gave me a Busch Light and I was like, “Word. I’m sold”. The next day I went to FTC, met Ando and Ian Johnson - who has been one of my favorite artists and does the artwork for western edition. One of my all time favorite companies since it started. It’s 6 or 7 years later now. I’ve probably visited SF 20 times. I’m apart of what were always my favorite companies. FTC and Western Edition, and I’m friends with a lot of the people I looked up to. I’m very, very thankful for everything everyone in SF has done for me. It’s my second home and hopefully will be a permanent home in the near future. Huge thank you to FTC, Western Edition, Ando, Ian, Kent, Jabari and everyone else that has helped me out in the City. There’s way too many to name, you know who you are. Love you guys! - Nate

6 | Step Dad | Spring 2014

Ethan Edwards Front Smith [p] Tim Snyder

Jay Poirier 180 Nosegrind [p] AJ Catholdi

Spring 2014 | Step Dad | 7

DBG HATS for Cancer:

What we are about DBG is a trade name for local artist and skater, Jay Stover. He developed DBG to help fund his wife’s cancer treatments. Several years ago, Heidi Stover was diagnosed with a rare brain stem tumor that was determined cancerous. She has endured multiple surgeries, various treatments, bone marrow tests, and much more. Her health insurance deemed it “ineffective to allow coverage, as Heidi Stover is considered terminal”. However, with the multiple hours of her devoted husband, Jay has been able to cover her medical expenses and together with an elite team of doctors from Albany, NY, Boston, MA, and Dover, NH, they rocked the medical society by performing a risky operation that reduced the size of the brain tumor and inserted radiation pellets into the remaining tissue. That tumor has since been diagnosed as in-active. The sad news is, that this team has currently discovered more tumors in the soft tissue and muscle in a few parts of Heidi’s leg and shoulder. Again, Jay has spent and will continue to spend, hundreds of hours creating art and selling it in the form of hats, wall art, and more recently, shoes and skateboards. DBG items are on-of-a-kind and are hand drawn/painted using a variety of paints and ink. Jay is also accepting special requests if one

wants a particular design. Heidi is a strong dedicated woman, mother and wife. She keeps her spirits high, while she juggles, caring for her disabled son, Philip, tending to her husband, her elder parents, her furry best friend, Alice, herself and their home. She believes in staying mentally strong and carrying a lot of faith in her self, family and friends. You will vary rarely see her cry or get sad. However, she has disclosed that many nights are spent crying and praying. Any one who wishes to help by purchasing a hat or piece of art, can go to At Peace Body Arts, in East Rochester, NH. Ask for owner-Spooky Graves. He has been extremely supportive and displays multiple hats in his display case next to his exquisite collection of body jewelry. At Red Alert Skate shop, in Dover, NH, one can purchase hats, wall art, skateboards and shoes. Manager Ralph Murphy has been a wonderful friend to Jay and Heidi for years. If any one wishes to send cards or letters of encouragement – P.O. Box 232 York, ME 03909 For any questions contact Heidi or Jay at 207-647-1201

****************************************************************** DBG is excited to be invited to the NH Hemp Fest & Freedom Rally July 18-20, in Croydon. They’re just as excited to help out with being apart of the vending venue & raffles. 100% of proceeds from our sales are staying in our DBG fund. Thank you NH Hemp Fest & Freedom Rally. Currently, we are in need of donations for supplies and my latest round of treatment. Also, donations can be made at: mission fund. Thank you all, for your support and prayers. Without your help, I could not continue to fight the Good fight & look forward to kicking cancer’s ass!


8 | Step Dad | Spring 2014

Matt Seavy

Blunt Transfer [p] Jimmy Collins

10 | Step Dad | Spring 2014


Ollie [p] CMART

David Frassine Boneless [p] Jon Wolf

Spring 2014 | Step Dad | 11

Eric Abo

5050 [p] Ricky Aponte

Angel Fonseca Switch Crook [p] Sam McKenna

12 | Step Dad | Spring 2014

Front Blunt [p] Michael Cirelli

Michael Cirelli: Where are you from and what got you into skating? Derek Lemoine: Believe it or not, Ralph Murphy gave me my first board, with no griptape that fucking bastard, haha! I moved to Newton NH, right after that. But when we moved there was a skate park right behind my house. I went down every day to watch the older guys skate. Finally, in 2000, I got my first complete from good o’l Snowboard Jones, and that’s where it began. MC: Who do you like to skate with and what do you like to skate? DL: I love to skate with who ever is down to go out. My go-to phone calls to shred would be Cody V., Token and DT. Then we usually get a crew together. I will skate anything really! I prefer to skate more ledges and manny pads. I use to love to jump down gaps but I am getting too old for this shit, haha! MC: I know your a diehard street skater. Ever run into any crazy dudes? Like maybe that dude, “Uncle Buck”?

DL: Oh shit, haha! He is the fucking man! I’ve seen him jump a 50 foot gab on a bike completely wasted just for more beers. Ask Ralph Murphy about that one. When I was 13 years old he would bring me to Derry skate park at night and smoke crack in front of me on the way to the park. He has been homeless in Portland, Maine for years now. He is one cool dude. So if your ever skating in Portland and you see homeless people ask for “Uncle Buck”. He will definitely do something cool for a beer. He will tell you Tony Hawk sucks and I have no idea why. MC: You’ve got a ton of tats...any of them skate related and what made you get them? DL: Yeah, I have a few skate tats! I got one for Red Alert, the first shop I ever been sponsored by and the only one! It has been ten years I have been with them! MC: Who are some of your favorite all time skaters? Kalis has to be in there somewhere? DL: You know I am a big Kalis fan for sure. The dude is an OG and has the best skate shoe out. I also loved watching Kerry Getz

Spring 2014 | Step Dad | 13

Kickflip [p] Michael Cirelli

“When I was 13 years old he would bring me to Derry skate park at night and smoke crack in front of me on the way to the park. He has been homeless in Portland, Maine for years now. He is one cool dude.” when I was growing up. That’s where I learned how to double flip. He has an amazing bag of tricks.

heavy. I skated it until my birthday in August. The good thing about it is I could ollie real high once I got a new board!

MC: Tell me one of you best skate related stories?

MC: Any props you want to shout out?

DL: Best skate related story...when I was a kid I only got, like, one complete board a year on Christmas. Maybe a deck for my birthday which is in the Summer, so that’s a long time in-between. I was skating in my driveway when I turn around to grab a drink and my mom fly’s in and runs my board over. I was fucking pissed. Yelling and shit, because it was April, so that’s like four months before I could get a new one! Haha, so I screwed some 2x4’s to that bottom which made it so

DL: Yeah, I got a few people I would like to shout out to.... John Gallagher and Ralph Murphy at Red Alert skateboard shop and Creep Show skateboards. Mike Tallone for always keeping me laced in DC shoes! Flowers & forties, Michael Cirelli for filming and taking photos and being such a rad dude. All my homies I skate with, especially my Heath St. crew. Can’t forget about my two kids and my beautiful Fiancé! Also, whoever else that has hooked me up or helped me out over the years. You guys are awesome!

14 | Step Dad | Spring 2014

Switch 360 Flip [p] Luke McKaye

Luke McKaye: Alright, let’s just knock all the cliché questions out in one shot. Age, location, hometown, years skating, current sponsors, favorite and least favorite trick, blah blah blah. John Hill: 23, Long beach,CA as of 4 months ago. I’m originally from Columbia, SC. Bluetile Skateshop, Birdhouse, Lakai, Split clothing and Subliminal wheels. Fakie flips and fakie fs flips are the funnest, hardflips and back 3’s bum me out. I’m a virgin. LM: So what’s your deal, are you Asian or Mexican? JH: Half Asian, half American. LM: OK, half White, half Asian...I guess the ladies have about a 50/50 shot that your packing something decent? JH: Yes sir! They’re definitely gambling with me.

LM: So, when you’re not angy, you sound sort of like a Morman. It’s not uncommon to here you say things like “fudge” and “Schmidt” to replace their less clean counterparts but when you can land a trick, you sound like a roofer in August on their lunch break. JH: I feel like I lose control of my tongue. I think cursing still offends some people so I try to use it as little as possible. My skate buddies understand, even though getting mad about skating is silly. LM: Tell me about your partying. My understanding is that you’ve never done any drugs and that you on rare occasions drink one to three beers and then feel super guilty about it. When your time of the month comes around do you use pads or tampons? I’m guessing you’re a pad man. JH: I have mommy issues. I can see her

Spring 2014 | Step Dad | 15

Back smith [p] Luke McKaye

“...their’s a lot of bull dookie in the “industry” but is actual skateboarding not the best thing ever?” disapproving face every time I do something bad. I love you Mommy! ...tampons. LM: Let’s face it, you look a lot like Cairo Foster. Why not use it to get innocent to buy you lunch or the occasional behind the quarter pipe HJ from a ramp tramp? JH: Well, I don’t know. I’m used to Columbia, SC, where mentioning that you skateboard is kind of similar to admitting to having herpes. But I’m in Cali now! I’ll give it a trial run. LM: You recently left the East Coast and moved to Long Beach to pursue skateboarding full time? How does it feel to do something completely original and innovative like that?

JH: It’s not that big of a cliché cause I’m older than 16. All of the delusion with a 7 year handicap. LM: Do you have anyone you want thank or anything? JH: Well you, my bestest buddy, especially for getting interviews like this for me and putting up with hours upon hours of trial and error. Chris rogers on that filming game since day one. Birdhouse, Bluetile, Split, Lakai. Family for backing it and letting me dream big. The whole skateboarding world. Yeah, their’s a lot of bull dookie in the “industry” but is actual skateboarding not the best thing ever? I’m stoked to be out here in the middle of it.

16 | Step Dad | Spring 2014

Julio Gutierrez 360 Flip [p] Mike Greenwood

Spring 2014 | Step Dad | 17

Richie Dahland Gap 5-0 [p] Tim snyder

Tanner Hodges 5050 [p] Randy Parker

18 | Step Dad | Spring 2014

Brandon Cole Front Smith [p] Matt Boron

James Engle

Front 180 [p] Wes Cunningham

Spring Fall 2012 2014 | Step Dad | 19 21

20 | Step Dad | Spring 2014

George Milanes Backtail Big Flip [p] Sheyla Grullon

Lazaro Reyes Frontside Flip [p] Matt Roy

Spring 2014 | Step Dad | 21

Jared Lee

Front Smith [p] Luke McKaye

22 | Step Dad | Spring 2014

Shawn Macmillan 180 Nosegrind [p] Liam Annis

Jordan Pride 180 Nosegrind [p] Dave Labbe

Fabian Michel Crook [p] Jon Wolf

Spring 2014 | Step Dad | 23

PRODUCT REVIEWS Product photos by: Shea Blair

One of my buddies works for this company and he sent a couple boxes of this nutricious but still tasty snack. It’s candy but is healthy and still tastes likes candy. That’s pretty much the long and short of it right there. We didn’t have products like this back in the days when I got my car stuck on a hill in a small town church parking lot. My friend Geoff Bogle, also known as “Money Thighs” - for some reason in which I cannot remember. Maybe he had really nice thighs? I don’t know. Never saw them. Anyway, I digress. We had been cruising around in my Oldsmobile Cutlass Ciera, looking for new skate spots when we encountered this small hill that was located between two parking lots. Geoff, or “Money Thighs” dared me to drive my Cutlass Ciera down the hill from one

parking lot to the other. An easily accomplishable transfer I thought to my naive self. What we didn’t realize was that there was a gutter at the bottom of the hill that was perfectly sized to hold my front tires in place as the front lip of my car nestled tightly to the pavement of the parking lot below. The Cutlass was stuck. On a hill. In a church parking lot. In a small town. I thought we’d be arrested for our act of tomfoolery. No way was any small town sheriff going to allow such reckless acts. But alas, we escaped such a fate when “Money Thighs” jumped on the trunk of the car as I accelerated forward. If you ever find yourself in such a situation - stuck in the gutter of a small town church parking lot. Remember - apply pressure to the trunk of the car while accelerating forward. The car will pop right out.

Located in NYC, Corpse Corps main product is high-quality, custom shaped coffin decks. The board we received had an excellent shape. Steep nose and tail and proper concave. Despite the rather unorthodox shape of the board, it’s definitely not limited to the realm of being a cruiser. It’s a skatebable shape. This company also produces soft goods. The Sweatshirt hat and tee they sent us were all professional quality and did not have the feel of a product that will fall apart or fade in the wash. To check out more about this independently owned company visit www. Drew McKenzie corpsecorpsboards. Pole Jam Back 180 com [p] Jordan Walczak

24 | Step Dad | Spring 2014

Julian Lewis Front Smith [p] Ricky Aponte

Spring 2014 | Step Dad | 25

Josh Silva

Front 180 [p] Giovanni Willett


Ollie [p] CMART

26 | Step Dad | Spring 2014

Aidan Chenard Bluntslide [p] Liam Annis

Jon Rodgers Kickflip [p] Ben Roach

Step Dad Spring 2014  

Interviews with Derek Lemoine and John Hill. Product reviews, Uncle Keegs column and skate photography from our contributors.

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