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Step Dad Volume 1, Issue 1 Spring 2012

 | Step Dad | Spring 2012

Hojo found PBR Forties at a Wal-Mart in China.


Mitch Powers Geoff Bogle Andria Gemma Rossi Incognito Cassarino Nathan Keegan

Illustration Abraham Pieciak

Staff Photographers: Sam McKenna Jimmy Collins Leeroy Madden Dave Labbe

Contributing Photographers: Colby Hunter Mike Greenwood Nathan Keegan Danny Castle Natali Hudson Rocco Hojo

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4 | Step Dad | Spring 2012

Mike Gustafson Nollie FS Halfcab {p} Sam McKenna

UNCLE KEEGS Words & Photo’s by: Nathan Keegan


Living/Stabbings. Worcester is a wild place. I’ve been to a lot of different places, but to this day I have seen more crazy shit in Worcester, then anywhere. By FAR. Small cities that are cut off from the rest of the world tend to be the worst I think. Needless to say, growing up around that, you tend to get into some wild shit. These photos in particular have to do with my good friend Richie. I’ve known him for a cool 10 years. We were friends but then had a good 6 year long beef that probably stemmed from both of us being stubborn assholes - but he started it. Anyways, years later we kind of ended up hanging out at a mutual friends house, and got drunk and realized that neither of us had a real reason to hate each other.

“I ended up stabbing his foot with a steak knife.” We squashed it, and moved on. A couple of years after, I moved to Main South in Worcester and had a dope crib but in the worst area. It was my birthday and I had a barbeque with the homies. We were all fucked up and I was grilling. Richie kept fucking with me with his foot. I said, “Do it again and I’ll stick you!”. Like Richie, he did, and I was half joking, but I ended up stabbing his foot with a steak knife. Blood was everywhere. He just looked at me like, “Your a dick man, you just stabbed me! Not cool dude!”. Glasses took him to the ER and he got stitched up and a tetanus shot. I remember him saying after, “I deserved that for talking shit on you for years, but now we’re even. No more knives!”. We’ve been through car accidents, baseball battings, and stabbings. We’ve also had each others back through tough times, though, and have had many good times. efil 4 zaggin. You my boy blue!

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Dave Labbe

Switch Wallie [p] Sam McKenna

Spring 2012 | Step Dad | 7

Alex Winslow Heelflip [p] Sam McKenna

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Chris Linkovich Interview by: Mike G.

Step Dad: Hey Chris, thanks for taking the time to do this interview. I’ve seen you riding your motorcycle around the city. Can you do wheelies? Chris Linkovich: Not yet Mike, but soon. What’s the point in even having a motorcycle if I can’t do a wheelie?! I bunny hopped a Harley once though. SD: Your band tours a lot and I’m sure lots of crazy shit goes down. Can you tell us a fucked up tour story? CL: So many fucked up stories. We were in panama city panama in 09. Out drummer at the time decide to branch off from the group and to go be a sketchy

“...he got held up at gun point at an ATM by a teenager.” American some where. A local brought him to a real shitty part of town to be weird and he got held up at gun point at an ATM by a teenager. Our drummers inner retard kicked in suddenly! Instead of giving him the money he grabs the gun and it fires. They both look at each as if the gun firing was never part of the deal then they both turn and run shook as fuck! Moral of the story: not all places are

as shitty as the media makes it out to but still good to stick together. Be sketchy and weird together! SD: Have you ever accidently punched someone in the face when holding the mic out in the crowd for a sing-along? CL: Never accidentally punched anyone but I used to get my fingers caught in people’s mouths. Made things really awkward. I try to laugh it off. Only bit once out of the many times. SD: Have you ever autographed a woman’s breasts? CL: With a pen? SD: I know you are about to embark on a European tour which I’m pretty sure is not your first. Is mayonnaise a standard condiment with fries and is the soda really always warm in Europe? CL: Yeah dude mayo on everything! Shits crazy but I don’t mind it. Mayo on my fritz any day. Getting ice is fucking impossible sometimes. Talk about first world problems! Can I get some ice? Or a free refill of some kind? The soda is warm and flat; euro hell.

Spring 2012 | Step Dad | 9

SD: Is there any chance of Cruel Hand covering Ted Nugent’s “Stranglehold”? I think it would be pretty awesome since one of your guitar player’s uses a Gibson Explorer. CL: Our friends from Oxford hills, “Load Rag” used to cover that all the time! Awesome band, awesome name. They had songs about std’s, coke whores and abortions. If your’e a fan of any of these things then “Load Rag” is your band!

“They had songs about std’s, coke whores and abortions.” SD: Where can people go for updates on “Cruel Hand”? CL: People can go to cruelhand or to the tour tumblr which get a lot of video and photo updates from me SD: Do you have any other bands/ projects going on that you’d like to speak on? CL: Right now, I’m in the process of

getting a lo-fi/demo tape collective going called,”Dead Language Collective”. Basically, it’s no budget home recordings that my friends are doing. Expression by any means and with limited resources. They may see it as crap because of production or sound but thats the rawest form of expression and art. Things sounds too good in this age. The first release will be a mix tape and I’m stoked to be having your band, “Stage Fright” on the tape! Thanks for the interview Mike! Hopefully we can throw a “Cruel Hand”, “Stage Fright” trasher this summer. Keep your eye out for the “Dead Language Collective Mix Tape”! Peas!

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Tom Grande 5050 [p] Sam McKenna

Elijah Ackerly Pole Jam [p] Colby Hunter


Spring 2012 | Step Dad | 11

with a lesbian

1) Why do some lesbians date woman who look, dress and act like men? I believe lesbians have certain roles in their relationships that are either dominant or submissive and butch lesbians or women who look, dress, and act like men are for the most part dominant roles for which submissive lesbians are attracted to. Sometimes these roles can be just a facade and when it comes to bedtime, the butch lesbian is anything but dominant. 2) When engaging in sex, how is it decided who does what to who? I.E. - Draw straws, paper, rock, scissors, a game of high card, low card? When it comes to sex it all matters on a womans mood and what she’s willing and able to do. Lesbian sex is for sure creative and has an emotional factor because of the orientation of a woman. It’s always a mental stimulation that is involved in some way but the phsyical is very important too. Whoever takes on the aggressive role of the two is usually the one deciding on what to start and depending on acceptance, will allow her to follow through with that notion or not. It’s like a game of checkers, each piece takes a turn at going unless one hops over the other and moves all the way around the board! There’s an unwritten language in lesbian sex and there are no rules. So if you decide to go lez, remember there are many different avenues to go down!

3) Who would you rather sleep with - Lita Ford, Pat Benetar or Joan Jett and why? They are all super cool but probably Joan Jett just because I am more attracted to dark hair and eyes and would of been attracted to her even if she wasn’t famous. However, Pat Benatar siniging, “Love is a Battlefield” while dancing and shaking her boobs in my face would have won me over in a second! 4) Have you ever hooked up with someone you thought was a woman but in fact, turned out to be a really feminine looking dude? No, but I would be pissed! 5) How do you like your coffee? Like sex, prefer it in the morning, strong but sweet!

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Spring 2012 | Step Dad | 13

Chris Peterson 5050 {p} Colby Hunter

14 | Step Dad | Spring 2012

Tim Coolidge Front Feeble [p] Danny Castle

Geoff Bogle

Gap to Front Tail [p] Sam McKenna

Spring 2012 | Step Dad | 15

Cory Iles

Front Tail Kickflip [p] Leeroy Madden

16 | Step Dad | Spring 2012

Jay Brown

Halfcab Noseslide, Manual Revert [p] Dave Labbe

James Engle Nosegrind [p] Dave Labbe

Matt Seavy FS Lip [p] Dave Labbe

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[p] Mitch Powers

Spring 2012 | Step Dad | 19

Josh Riviere

BS 180 [p] Mike Greenwood

Keith Powers Front Blunt [p] Mike Greenwood

Gary Sabol Wallride [p] Rocco

20 | Step Dad | Spring 2012 Step Dad Senior Management

Labbe going for it.

Step Dad Faculty Meeting

Grimy Mattresses

Ben Skrzypek is down for the cause.

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Luke Clerkin Wallride [p] Sam McKenna

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Ben Cironi

Fakie Flip [p] Natali Hudson

KARMA with Incognito Cassarino

I was at Copley with my homie Durso one day when this cop rolls up on a bicycle and starts freakin at us. “Hey get the fuck out of here! I’ve seen all you here before!” So, I skate over to the other side of the fountain to grab my things when he looks at me and says, “Did you not fucking hear me?! Are you retarded!? I said get the FUCK out of here!” So, I picked up my board and walked the rest of the way to grab my shit. Not 5 minutes later, we were trying to figure out where to skate and the cop rides right by us and the front tire of his bike lodges in

“...dude launched over his handle bars and soared into the street.” between two bricks. The dude launched over his handle bars and soared into the street. He took one of the crudest falls I’ve ever seen. I think one of his reflectors broke, too, if I’m reminiscing right. I started cracking up, Durso’s pulling his hood over his face to cover how hard he was laughing. Needless to say, we booked it from the scene, not wanting to deal with the cops response. I can still think back to this and get a good fucking chuckle. What goes around, comes around. - ic Photography By: Jimmy Collins

Edwin Fakie Lip


Step Dad Spring 2012  

Interview with Chris Linkovich (Cruel Hand). Articles about accidental stabbings, karma and lesbians.