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Fall Edition 2012

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Relevant Radio Bulletin Board The Solemnity of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary

On August 15, 2012, thousands gathered at the Shrine of Our Lady of Good HelpTM in New Franken, WI, to honor the Solemnity of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary. The celebration began with a hymn to Our Blessed Mother and ended with a rosary procession. Mass was held by the Most Rev. David L. Ricken, the Bishop of Green Bay, and broadcast LIVE on Relevant Radio. To listen to Bishop Ricken’s homily and view a slideshow of the images from the service, visit, keyword: help.

Relevant Radio Retreats

On September 14-16, 2012, over 110 Texas listeners participated in a pair of spiritual retreats, featuring Franciscan Father Albert Haase of Spirit and LifeTM and Sean Herriott of Morning Air®. The events were organized by the Diocese of Austin’s Cedarbrake Retreat Center and taught participants how to find their true selves through all that Jesus taught and lived.

Relevant Radio Pep Rally

On September 21, 2012, Relevant Radio pitched an on-air Pep Rally to make up to make up for the financial shortfall from May and August pledge drives. Thanks to the great response and generosity of our listeners, we were able to reach our goal with a grand total of $202,265! It was truly a team effort and spirit-filled Pep Rally!

Austin Billboards

On October 1, 2012, Relevant Radio launched a two-month billboard campaign in Austin, Texas. The Relevant Radio marketing message will rotate across twenty billboards, placed on busy roadways across the Heart of Texas. Funds for the outdoor advertising were raised during Drew’s Giant Texas Bar-B-Q on April 21st, featuring Drew Marani and Father Francis “Rocky” Hoffman.

Relevant Radio, PO Box 10707, Green Bay, WI 54307-0707 Listener/Donor Line: 1.877.291.0123 Prayer Line: 1.888.577.5443 Sponsorship Advertising: 1.800.342.0306 EXT 7315 For more information about our daily shows or to find your local station, check us out at © 2012 Starboard Media Foundation, Inc.



2012 Election & Year of Faith Dear Relevant Radio Family,

The Election Novena began September 14th and it ends Election Day, November 6th. If you heard about With the National Election soon upon us and the this novena after September 14th, it’s not too late to future of our nation in the balance, we all have a great join! The last nine days will be prayed live on Morning responsibility to continue spreading God’s truth about Air at 7:30 AM CT. You can find out more by going to freedom, morality and the dignity of life. Our first our website,, and entering the President, George Washington, said: “The Hand of keyword “novena.” Your prayers are critical for our Providence has been so conspicuous in all this, that nation’s future! he must be worse than an infidel that lacks faith, and more than wicked, that has not gratitude enough to As we enter this historical Year of Faith, let us strive to fully embrace the teachings of Jesus Christ by making acknowledge his obligations.” the effort to learn something new every day about As Catholics, we have the obligation to educate our Catholic Faith. And then let’s put that Faith into ourselves on the issues and vote in accord with action as American citizens, especially as we head to Church teaching. As American citizens, we have the the polls on November 6th. obligation to make our Catholic voice heard through our vote. Most importantly, we all have the obligation to pray for our nation. There’s a lot at stake! With prayers and best wishes, Relevant Radio is committed to spreading the Truth and educating our listeners so that they can be wellinformed when it’s time to vote. Relevant Radio is also intent on emphasizing the need for prayer during these critical times. We Catholics have a “hidden weapon” on our side – Our Lady – and she says, “Pray the Rosary.” So that’s what we’re doing. Relevant Radio initiated a 54 Day Rosary Novena back in February for Rev. Francis J. Hoffman, JCD the HHS Mandate issue, and now we are doing it again Executive Director for the Election. During a time when mainstream media outlets seem to fall short informing the public on the issues that threaten religious freedom and the value of human life - Catholic Media has stepped up to communicate the Truth.

Donate today and help us continue our mission to provide relevant programming on the issues that matter most! Prayer Line: 1.888.577.5443 | Listener/Donor Line: 1.877.291.0123



ith his Apostolic Letter of October 11th, 2011, Porta Fidei, Pope Benedict called for a Year of Faith, inviting Catholics to devote time and attention to the teachings of the Church. The proclaimed Year of Faith begins October 11th, 2012 – the fiftieth anniversary of the opening of the Second Vatican Council and the twentieth anniversary of the publication of the Catechism of the Catholic Church – and ends on November 24th, 2013, the Solemnity of Our Lord Jesus Christ. According to the Note from the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, the Year of Faith “is intended to contribute to a renewed conversion to the Lord Jesus and to the rediscovery of faith, so that the members of the Church will be credible and joy-filled witnesses to the Risen Lord in the world of today – capable of leading those many people who are seeking it to the ‘door of faith.’” During this time, Catholics are encouraged to participate in activities that will strengthen their Faith. Pilgrimages to the Holy Land, visits to Marian shrines, and a study of the documents of Vatican II and the Catechism are all suggested activities for the Year of Faith. For more Year of Faith resources visit keyword: faith.

“The ‘door of faith’ (Acts 14:27) is always open for us, ushering us into the life of communion with God and offering entry into his Church.” Pope Benedict XVI Apostolic Letter Porta Fidei for the Indiction of the Year of Faith.

Pope Benedict’s Prayer in Preparation for the Year of Faith: Ten ways to prepare for the Year of Faith:

1. Participate in Mass. 2. Go to Confession. 3. Learn about the lives of

the saints.

4. Read the Bible daily 5. Read the documents of Vatican II. 6. Study the Catechism. 7. Volunteer in the parish. 8. Help those in need. 9. Invite a friend to Mass. 10. Incorporate the Beatitudes into daily life.

Spirit of Life, which in the beginning hovered over the abyss, Help humanity of our time to understand that the exclusion of God leads to being lost in the desert of the world. And that only where faith enters, do dignity and liberty flourish, And the whole society is built on justice. Spirit of Pentecost, which makes of the Church one Body, Restore in the baptized an authentic experience of communion; Render yourself a living sign of the presence of the Risen One in the world, Community of saints that lives in the service of charity. Holy Spirit, which trains to the mission, Make us recognize that, also in our time, So many persons are in search of the truth about their existence and the world. Make us collaborators of their joy with the proclamation of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, Grain of the wheat of God, which renders good the terrain of life and assures the abundance of the harvest. Amen.


With the 2012 Presidential Election hastily approaching, Relevant Radio has launched a 54 Day Rosary Novena, to pray that God in his providence will provide us with good leaders who will govern according to God’s Will. The Novena began on September 14th and will conclude on November 6th, Election Day. The last nine days (Oct. 29 - Nov. 6) will be prayed LIVE on Morning Air®at 7:30 AM CT.


By His Eminence Cardinal Raymond Leo Burke, Prefect of the Supreme Tribunal of the Apostolic Signatura

The Relevant Radio website has an entire webpage dedicated to the Election Novena. When visitors go to: keyword “novena” they will see a map of the United States, designed to indicate which states Relevant Radio listeners are participating from. Below that map is a “Count me in!” button for listeners to register a location online or call in at 1-877-291-0123.

(Above) Image of the 2012 Election Novena webpage. Join in the Novena and pray with us today!

Why an Election Novena? The purpose of the Election Novena is to pray for our nation during this critical time in its history and to accentuate the importance of prayer, specifically the Rosary and Eucharistic Adoration, to effect change. Another reason for the Novena is to give people hope that we are not helpless, nor completely at the mercy of whoever will become our elected leaders, but that we can and should bring God into

Anyone from coast to coast and around the world can participate in the Novena, even if they missed the start date. It is never too late to join in! Our Lady promised great blessings from God for those who pray the Rosary. Let us seek these blessings for our nation!

every aspect of our lives, including our duty to vote as citizens. Even if the election results don’t turn out the way we want, participants can be at peace, knowing they did what they could and the end result is ultimately up to God for the good of our nation.

O Lord Jesus Christ, You alone are the Way, the Truth, and the Life. In Your Church You show us the Way, You teach us the Truth, and You give us Your Life. Grant, we humbly beg You, that, always and in all things, we may be faithful to You in Your Holy Church, and to Your Vicar on Earth, the Supreme Pontiff, Pope Benedict XVI. Grant also, we beg You, that, in these times of decision, all who profess to be Catholic and who are entrusted with the sacred duty to participate in public life, may, by the strength of Your grace, unwaveringly follow Your Way and faithfully adhere to Your Truth, living in You with all their mind and heart, for Your greater glory, the salvation of souls, and the good of our nation. Amen.

Our Lady of Guadalupe, Mother of America, Pray for us. Saint Thomas More, Patron of Religious Freedom, Pray for us.

Join in today! Pray. Vote. Trust.


Relevant RadioÂŽ


On July 16th and 17th, 2012, Relevant Radio Associates traveled to the Holy Name Retreat House on Chambers Island in Door County, Wisconsin. Associates from across the country were brought together for time of prayer and fellowship. This was a chance for associates in different states to meet face-to-face those with whom they work and communicate on a daily basis. The afternoon was a time for the entire organization to reunite and get to know each other a little better and for departments to come together to share struggles, experiences, and ideas. All celebrated Mass together in the chapel with Fr. Richard Simon as the celebrant. Dinner was followed by more time for prayer, including Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament, the Holy Rosary, and reflections from Fr. Rocky. The next morning, several associates explored the island with a morning bike ride, swim, and 5K run on the trails. Everyone began the day together with the Holy Rosary, and after breakfast, Fr. Rocky discussed the mission and importance of the work of Relevant Radio, followed by celebration of the Holy Mass. The boat ride back to the mainland was a bit blustery, but provided for good memories. On the way back to Relevant Radio headquarters in Green Bay, Wisconsin, associates visited the Shrine of Our Lady of Good Help, the only approved Marian apparition site in the United States. After a tour

(Above) Relevant Radio associates smile for a group picure on retreat at Holy Name Retreat House on Chamber’s Island in Door County, WI.

This was the first time in six years that nearly all Relevant Radio associates were able to come together in prayer in order to advance the mission of Relevant Radio. Holy Name Retreat House

(Above) Father Rocky speaks to Relevant Radio associates regarding the heart of the mission.

of the shrine and learning the history of the apparition and miracles associated with the site, Relevant Radio associates were able to pray in the crypt where the Blessed Virgin Mary appeared to Adele Brise in 1859.

Holy Name Retreat House is a quiet place of rest and rejuvenation for mind, body and spirit for those who seek a deeper relationship with God. The Retreat House is owned by the Diocese of Green Bay, Wisconsin, and is a place to enjoy the beauty of nature and the peace of being away from the hectic, everyday life. Holy Name values silence as a time to not only talk to God, but to listen to his responses in your life. For more information on Holy Name Retreat House visit


Did Someone Say,

Saint? November 1st marks the solemnity of All Saints. In light of this feast day, we asked our show hosts to share with us their favorite Saints!

(Above) Madonna and Child with saints by Duccio, 14th century

Paul Sadek: Therese of Lisieux, whose actual religious name was “Therese of the Child Jesus and the Holy Face.” The first time that I read “Story of a Soul,” her autobiography, I felt like had found a “sister.” Therese led me to become a Carmelite Secular, and I have no qualms about calling her “my little sister in heaven”; after all, she told her religious sisters that they should call her “Little Therese.” Why is she my favorite? Because I love her, and she loves me! Sean Herriott: When I was preparing to come into the Church, I was captivated by St. Maximilian Kolbe’s story, and the quiet, matter-of-fact way he gave up his life to save another. He died as he had lived, simply doing the next thing God had asked of him. Father Rocky: “My favorite saint seems to change with the season and depends on the need of the moment. That said, I favor Mary and Joseph. I know that appears to be two saints, but for me, it’s hard to separate them. I am especially fond of the Blessed Mother because of all She has done for me personally throughout my life, and St. Joseph because he has really come through for Relevant Radio in the past couple of years.”

Chuck Neff: St. Francis de Sales – Patron Saint of Journalists. Working in the mission fields of Relevant Radio and the Catholic Church, I am consistently inspired and edified by his life, his challenging words and his single-minded focus on Our Lord Jesus. I talk with him a lot. Wendy Wiese: St. Margaret of Scotland. Our youngest was born on her Feast Day 11/16 and is named Margaret. Drew Mariani: It’s hard to choose any one Saint, I have so many I call upon. There is one however whose intercession is legendary. Numerous popes and saints have shown their love and devotion to this ancient martyr and because of her powerful intercession she has quickly become known (along with Saint Jude) as the “Saint of the impossible”, the “Great wonder-worker”. Her name is Saint Philomena and she was martyred by the emperor Diocletian around the year 304 defending her purity and commitment to Christ. The miraculous events surrounding her martyrdom are a powerful testimony of God’s special love for her. Do yourself a favor learn her story and if you are in need of any miracle, ask for her help. You will soon discover why she is so beloved.

Sheila Liaugminas : If I had to name two saints who I’ve so long identified with and relate to and honor and pray to and feel close to, it would be St. Paul and St. Teresa of Avila. St. Paul was the greatest evangelist of all time, fearless and noble and brave and courageous and above all faithful and devoted to Christ. I love St. Paul. He would do anything and go anywhere and endure hardship and reach people where they were, ‘being all things to all men’ so that he may reach some. He used every means available to him and today would be on the air waves and on social networking and blogging and publishing. I just love his zeal and total surrender to Christ. St. Teresa is a personal favorite for so many reasons, because of her human side with her headaches and pains and troubles handling difficulties, and yet her very spiritual side that sought Christ with such fervor she gained the revelations and insights revealed in ‘The Interior Castle.’ One of my favorite passages in the Bible turned out to be one of hers as well, the woman at the well telling the Lord ‘give me this water to drink.’ Teresa had a favorite painting of that scene in her convent, which I had the honor of visiting years ago. She also had a great devotion to St. Joseph, which I do as well, and it endeared her to me even more.

For more information on these saints and others visit

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