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“The adventures of Robert Robby the robot”

eTwinning project “Be Digital” 2017-18

eTwinning project “Be Digital” Team 1 - Robot story

eTwinning project “Be Digital”

Partners Ineta Lielkalne(P) Stavroula Lada (GR). Mariana LULACHE(R),. Reneta Raicheva (B). Olga Keramida(GR), Figen Köksalan Sanchezpena(T) Erol YILDIRIM(T).

“The adventures of Robert Robby the robot”

Once upon a time there was a robot called Robert Robby. Robby was very clever. But he needed someone to write a code for him, so he can walk and say some words. He loved travelling. His first trip was in Greece, in Pylos.

There, he met the students of the 1st kindergarten but there were on the first steps of coding so they couldn’t help him.

They felt very sad about it. Although they told him to continue his trip and go in Chania in Greece.

In Chania in Greece, Robbert Robby met the students of the 2nd grade of DDMN Primary school in Greece. They took him to the Old Harbour and made a walk by the sea.

Robert Robby admired the beauty of the scenery and visited many other places, like Santorini, Rhodes

and of course, Thessaloniki in Makedonia and the capital city, Athens with the Parthenon temple.

Then the students wrote a code for Robby in Scratch. The code was When flag clicked move 20 steps Say hello for 5 secs

Robby was very happy because he could move and speak. So he left Greece and Chania and continued his journey to …Bulgaria & 36 Secondary School. The young learners & their teacher wrote a code for Robby & then he says ‘Здравей!’, which is ‘Hello!’ into Bulgarian. The code was: When flag clicked Move 10 steps Say ‘Здравей!’ for 5 secs https:/

After that Robby is going to visit Turkey. In Turkey the students of Teletaş Primary School welcomed Robby . Robby was so tired because the trip was too long. That’s why It was a little rested in the hotel. Then they visited historical places in Istanbul altogether: Glory of the Hagia Sophia, Historical Blue Mosque, Underground Basilica Cistern, Istanbul Archaeology Museum, Topkapı Palace : Home of the Sultans, Grand Bazaar, Galata Tower.

Robby loved İstanbul so much. Oh my god ! What’s that! A piece of Robby was broken. The students took him to the Maker Faire festival to repair it. The volunteers in that place have repaired it. Robby made them a show when it was repaired. He said “HELLO” in all languages he knows :) Even in Turkish... He danced with the moves he could.Robby has become very popular in Istanbul. Then he went to Adana to meet other children.

When Robby came to Adana, he welcomed with love by Yıldırım Bayazıt Primary School's students. After he had the famous kebabs of Adana,şalgam and bici bici with the students they started to visit historical and touristic places of Adana.They went to Yılankale ,Varda Bridge, Stone Bridge,Yağ Mosque,Büyük

Saat and Central Mosque.

After the trip Robby met Robot Rukky who was made by the students of 1-F class in Y覺ld覺r覺m Bayaz覺t Primary School and then he was so happy.He turned around himself for 10 seconds. And he thanked to the students during 5 seconds.

Robert Robby was really happy to have seen all these places and have met all these kind students!

He promised that he would visit them in the future again!

Code: https:/ Twinspace:

The adventures of Robert Robby the robot  

Collaborative story of Team 1, the eTwinning project "Be Digital" partners

The adventures of Robert Robby the robot  

Collaborative story of Team 1, the eTwinning project "Be Digital" partners