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Accelerating UAE into an entrepreneurial economy

Powered by Tamkeen and anchored at NYU Abu Dhabi, startAD is a new model for entrepreneurship education and innovation. startAD co-creates customized and impact-driven programs with stakeholders including governments, corporations, startups, investors, and innovation entities, furthering UAE’s transition into a knowledge-based economy.

124 startups accelerated 273 jobs created $72 million raised since 2017



Part of startAD’s NextGen Incubator Cohort 4

5mm aims to produce and lease unmanned, solar-powered, and transportable nurdle & microplastic collecting drones on beaches worldwide. There are currently no microplastic cleanup solutions that are unmanned and/or powered by clean energy

Traction (Highlights) • Meeting with Professor Panče Naumov and research team for potential partnership

Founding Team

• Instagram account with 161 followers • Contacted marine conservation organizations that are keen on supporting us, such as Sustainably Ethical Cleaning and Coacoara Foundation

Founded in 2021 Abu Dhabi, UAE Hyunbae Kim

Chisom Ezeifemeelu

Prospective Applied Mathematics major. Led tree planting projects. Crowdfunded for 2 refugee schools. Investor

Roadmap Roadmap Milesones Milestones

Economics Major. Content Creator for Remotepass, Social Media Manager for Rab3i, Event Planning and execution

Started the project May 2021 Created instagram account

May 2021

*Rough initial design*

Send out problem validation surveys May 2021

NextGen May 2021

Analysta Analysta is a web platform where users can immediately hire freelance analysts for time framed research tasks to: • Save money by avoiding fulltime employment and/or expensive and time exhausting contractual agreements with research firms. • Operate efficiently, through saving in-house talent’s working hours to other tasks that require greater amounts of firm/industry familiarity and brainpower.


Founded in 2020 Abu Dhabi, UAE

Roadmap Milestones

Part of startAD’s NextGen Incubator Cohort 4 Problem

Due to the COVID-19 outbreak and before, many companies had to lay off substantive parts of their research teams due to budget cuts and cash-flow issues.( Emaar, Uber, CITI)

• Companies are

operating with significant shortages in manpower.

• A lot of untapped

Adam Hassan

Youssef AbdelHamid ya1027@nyu.eedu

B.A Social Research and Public Policy, New York University Abu Dhabi

B.S Computer Science, New York University Abu Dhabi

human talent in the market, with fulltime salaries and benefits staying as an obstacle for employment.

• Outsourcing

research tasks to market research firms comes at a high cost and timeconsuming contractual agreements.

Concluding Surveys and Marketing Activities December 2021

Pitching The Idea June 2021 Pilot of Website September 2021

Full Website Launch

February 2022

GREENVISION ECO bricks tackle various issues currently faced by society such as climate change and poor waste management, by creating bricks primarily made out of sustainable materials such as recycled plastics which can be used for multiple purposes such as building homes. These bricks consist of a unique and innovative interlocking system that sets them apart from normal bricks. The aim of this project is to improve the significant issue of waste disposal by using plastic as the primary component of the bricks.

Part of startAD’s NextGen Incubator Cohort 4 Highlights • Safe working environments for the laborers

• Bricks do not cause further harm to

the environment

Founders Saman Malik Founded in 2021 Dubai, UAE

Danielle Louise Labrias Husna Begum

• Burning of plastic, which can cause

pollution problems

Ground Z

Part of startAD’s NextGen Incubator Cohort 4

Our digital platform aims to reduce educational inequality by facilitating learning opportunities for disadvantaged youth & empowering them for holistic excellence through our adaptive learning pathways & AI-driven innovation labs Founders Founders

Pooja Baburaj - CEO baburaj.pooja27@gmail .com

Roadmap Milestones

Namitha Thomas - CRO m

Incubator Graduation from E7 Banat Aug 2020

First Annual Ground Z Ideathon September 2021

Website Blueprint + Feedback Sessions Nov 2020

Website Launch November 2021


Part of startAD’s NextGen Incubator Cohort 4

LiveX is a comprehensive, student mental well-being solution for schools: a year-long curricular and service program along with our complementary digital platform.


Traction (Highlights) We have reached approximately 2,800 students, partnered with 14 organizations, and received 9 media & competitive recognitions. Additionally, we have run 5 campaigns and tested 2 pilots • Supported by EIT Climate KIC • 1st Place Harvard Innovation Challenge • 1st Place Abu Dhabi University Youth



Chief Executive Officer

Chief Operations Officer

MUN Impact Global Summit, TEDx, and EXPO 2020 Wor ld Majlis Speaker

Student Wellbeing researcher. 10 years in the education f ield. M. Ed. (Coaching & Mentoring) Candidate

Roadmap Milestones

Founded Aug 2020

ULUÇ KADIOGLU Chief Financial Officer Harvard '23 Neuroscience & Government Concentration, Secondary in Economics

Website September 2020

• • • •

Entrepreneurial Challenge Featured in Gulf News Featured in MUN Impact Global Summit Partnered with Harvard Global Education Movement Partnered with KHDA

LIVE X UN SDSN Project Nov 2020 1st Pilot Feb 2021

MedU MedU is a personalized, all-in-one platform for the patient's healthcare. Patients will be able to understand their medical records as well as receive personalized recommendations for healthcare services based on their medical history and demographics. We will be partnering with government organizations, hospitals, and insurance companies to operate our platform. Unlike other medical platforms, medU provides easy access to medical records and health related information with inexpensive pricing.

Founders Founded in 2021 Abu Dhabi, UAE

Sophia Yushchenko

Traction (Highlights) •

Introduction to Entrepreneurship in- class business pitch 1st place

SJ Park

New York University Abu Dhabi, Political Science & Business and Society

New York University Abu Dhabi, Legal Studies

Roadmap Milestones

Part of startAD’s NextGen Incubator Cohort 4

Started the ideation Jan, 2021 Weekly Idea Development Jan 2021-April 2021

Introduction to Entrepreneurship Final Pitch April, 2021

Mental Health AE

Part of startAD’s NextGen Incubator Cohort 4

Our platform provides services, information, and resources to create awareness and end the stigma surrounding mental health in the UAE. Our services are on three parallels: KNOWLEDGE: We use our website and Instagram page to provide information and resources. ENGAGEMENT: We work with universities in the country to provide support in Traction (Highlights) creating awareness. We hold monthly meetups & talks that are open to the public. We provide custom wellness packages for corporates. • Won Ma’an Social SUPPORT: Our mobile application will have therapists, counselors, psychiatrists, and Incubator pitch other wellness providers at a nominal cost (this application currently under competition, top 10 out development). of 250+ startups Founders Founded in 2019 • 77 Meetups Dubai, UAE • 6,700+ followers

on Instagram https://www.instagra e/

Roadmap Milestones

• 88,726 visits on

our website

Latifa Bin Haider

Ali Khawaja

BSBA degree, Cofounder of Mental Health AE, Founder & CEO of Baytuki

• 3 University

Events, and 4 Corporate events

• Organic followers

and great community impact

• Collaborations

with many companies for one goal (raise awareness on importance of mental health

Senior Instructor at American University of Sharjah & Start-up Mentor, Co-founder of Mental Health AE

Ideas and Concept July 2019 4.2K Instagram Followers June 2020

Developing user journeys Jan 2021 Develop App July 2021 platform

Part of startAD’s NextGen Incubator Cohort 4

We help high school and university students find their perfect career in the evolving job markets of tomorrow. With our digital career exploration platform powered by AI, we create virtual personalized journeys to enable students to make informed career decisions based on their interests, personality, and skills. We enable schools and universities to enhance their career counselling programs and allocating educational resources based on data-driven insights about their students. Founders

Traction (Highlights) • Runners up in ADEK

• Sponsored entry

• Participant in the

• AI, ML,

YouthTech at NYUAD 2020 Ericsson Together Apart Hackathon

• Small scale testing

Founded in 2020 Dubai, UAE

Roadmap Milestones

with 5 graduate students

Ayesh Towheed

MSc. Computer Engineering, Carnegie Mellon University

into the Founder Institute, Dubai

Cybersecurity, Electronic and Public Speaking modules ready for testing • Augmented reality initial prototype complete

Jayroop Ramesh

MSc. Computer Engineering, American University of Sharjah

Started the project March 2020 Runner Up in ADEK Youthtech– Sept, 2020

Built prototype with 5 modules Jan 2021 NextGen Incubator Jun, 2021

OTU WATER Otu Water was founded by two university students and a young entrepreneur to find the next step towards a solution for consuming water in an eco-friendly, clean, and efficient manner in the UAE. The company has been inspired by the idea of Tetra Pak packaging due to its composition of earth-friendlier materials and its accessibility. The company is based in the UAE, where a lot has been done to tackle plastic bottle usage. Otu's motivation comes from the goal to overcome the global dominance of plastic bottles. The world is in dire need of a change in the way water is consumed. Studies show that reusable bottles are not a global solution for the fight against plastic bottles. Tetra Pak packaged water bottles have the potential to be. In five years, 95% of an entire Tetra Pak bottle can be decomposed and degraded, unlike plastic, which takes up to 1,000 years to degrade.

Part of startAD’s NextGen Incubator Cohort 4 Traction (Highlights) • Registered company


in the UAE • Working with Tetra Pak to open a recycling facility in UAE

• Participated in

Think global entrepreneurship challenge

• Successfully

made prototype

Founded in 2018

Abu Dhabi, UAE

Roadmap Milestones

Basil Ayoub

Yassine Sbai

Abdulla Al Hosani

University Student

University Student

Started the project Nov 2018


Built Otu Water Prototype Oct, 2020 Registered Company (trade licence) July 2020


Part of startAD’s NextGen Incubator Cohort 4

Design x Sustainability x Innovation We believe in the power of design as a means to make a statement. As a sustainable design studio, we hand-craft high quality interior design products that reflect the tastes of a modern consumer. Made from SaporTM, a 100% recycled and a 100% recyclable plastic composite, our bespoke sheets ensure that every piece in itself is a statement and a conversation starter.

Founding Team Founded in 2020 Lahore, Pakistan Abu Dhabi, UAE

Roadmap Milestones

Hamza Haider Founding Partner

Mak Krstic Product Design

Mariam Raslan Partnerships

Abdur Rehman Finance

Traction (Highlights) National Incubation • Soft-Launch Center Lahore 17.06.21 Cohort 6 • SaporTM • Hult Prize Winners trademark NYUAD 2020 registration stage 3 • Re:mtr Changshu, China first bulk order • Circular + fulfilled (May 2021) Modular Coffee Table unveiled •

3x3 ft Sheet Prototype Ready HULT Prize Winners March 2021 December 2019 Full-time R&D commences First Order Fulfilled May 2021 August 2020


Part of startAD’s NextGen Incubator Cohort 4

Teco is an upcycling solution that repurposes and redesigns cabin wastes(mainly textiles) into sustainable toys served with meals for child passengers aged 3-12 years old which aims to create sustainable play through children's eyes and make them aware of the environmental concerns with wastes.

Founded in 2021 In UAE.

Traction (Highlights) • Participated in

future entrepreneur competition held by ADNEC


• Instagram account


• Participating in

NextGen Incubator Program

Khalid Jamal Alhosani Senior industrial and systems engineering student from Khalifa University

Roadmap Milestones

Contacted potential clients from Etihad and Emirates airlines

Insha Tazeen Marcellin Premila Jerome Senior chemical Business graduate engineering from Middlesex undergraduate at Abu University Dubai Dhabi University

Started the project Apr, 2021 Created Instagram account May, 2021

Conducted interviews with end customers Jun,2021 Partnership with Etihad & other airlines

Jul, 2021

YouCan YouCan is a mentorship platform that connects high school students to university students (mentors) studying abroad based on their background, academic aspirations, and personal interests.

Part of startAD’s NextGen Incubator Cohort 4 Traction (Highlights) Obtained over 1K high school students in the pipeline • Run a test launch with 10 mentors and 20 students • Incorporated in Kazakhstan •


Aidana Assylbekova NYUAD’19

Roadmap Milestones

Adel Bilalova

Minerva Schools at KGI'22

Saif Binamer HCT’18

Started the project Jan 2020 Test Launch June 2020

Incorporated April, 2021

Recorded 2 season of YouCan Podcast

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