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CAN you believe we are already in autumn? I can’t, and I also can’t believe that I am now one of those people that marvels at how fast the year is going, but I think when you have kids it really hits home how quickly the year races by. Everyone is well and truly back at school, kinder and work now – I hope your kids settled in well, especially if they are starting prep or Year 7. My daughter started kinder for the first time, which was daunting enough for us and it is only one afternoon a week! But it has introduced me to a whole new world of packing lunchboxes, remembering drink bottles and hats, labelling everything, and receiving seemingly endless fliers about working bees and fundraisers and parent volunteers. If you are already sick of the lunchbox game and the kids are bored of ham and cheese sangas, let us introduce you George Georgievski dad-of-two and quite possibly Australia’s King of the Lunchbox. George has a huge instagram following where he posts his daughters’ (and sometimes his own) lunches daily. He shares his story and top lunchbox ideas on pages 8-9.

page 10-11, with strategies covering every stage from toddlers to teenagers embarking on their first job. If you have kids in long day care, family day care or out of school hours care, turn to page 18 to check out our breakdown of the new child care subsidy being introduced this year, and find out if you will have more money in your pocket. After the untimely death of 14-yearold Amy ’Dolly’ Everett shocked parents across the country, we spoke to Kids Help Line about what parents can do to help protect their children online. Kids Help Line is an amazing resource for kids - make sure every young person you know is aware they can contact Kids Help Line via phone or online at any time. Their qualified counsellors are available 24/7, 365 days a year, and it’s completely free. Their top tips for beating the bullies are on page 14. We also have a stack of real-life reads, local events, and the latest information from Casey and Cardinia’s top schools. Make sure you like us on facebook. com/CaseyCardiniaKids for the latest news and events as they happen. See you there!

Casey Cardinia Kids magazine is a Star News Group publication. Casey Cardinia Kids will be published quarterly prior to each of the school holidays. Casey Cardinia Kids Cnr Princes Hwy and Army Road, Pakenham, 3810 PO Box 9, Pakenham, Victoria 3810 Phone: 5945 0666 Fax: 5945 0777 Editorial Melissa Grant Jade Glen Phone: 5945 0666 Photography Stewart Chambers Rob Carew Gary Sissons Advertising Phone: 5945 0666

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fresh school lunches MAKING


make sense AUTUMN 2018



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Crafts Slime is just sublime Page 48

The skills they need to growPage 25

Not quite the plan – but a great result Page 35


Where everyone’s welcome Page 26

Lily’s time to shine Page 36

Autumn delights Page 49

Get cosy with new autumn fashion now instore at Billy Lidz Children's Boutique, Berwick.

Race in for Easter Eve fun Page 40

On top of the lunch-box challenge Pages 8-9

Learning under the Rainbow Page 12

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your life It’s

Oliver, Charlotte


IF you know a little Oliver or Charlotte born in 2017, they are in good company - they were the most popular names given to babies born in Victoria last year. More than 500 Oliver’s and 426 Charlotte’s were born in Victoria in 2017, well outranking the next most popular names of William (466) and Olivia (360).

came in to the world. New Year’s Day 2017 saw 145 babies born, while 148 babies arrived on Grand Final Day, 30 September. Boys made up 52 per cent of all births registered in 2017, with the number of births

peaking in March, with the arrival of 6,600 new babies - nine months after Victoria’s chilly winter. You can view Victoria’s most popular baby names since 1929 at the Victorian Registry of Births, Deaths and Marriages at www.

Figures released by the Victorian Registry of Births, Deaths and Marriages show that Oliver has been the most popular name for newborn boys in Victoria every year since 2014, while Charlotte and Olivia have been consistently vying for the top two spots in the same period. Jack, Thomas and James have also been stayers, having been in the top ten boys names since 1994. Lucas, Henry and Charlie are new entries in the top ten. The top ten girl’s names have not changed from 2016, but are completely different to the names favoured by parents 20 years ago. Jessica, Victoria’s top name for newborns born in 1997, has fallen to 100th place. There were more than 68,000 births in Victoria in 2017, with the most popular day for newborns being 13 April, when 279 new Victorians

Charlotte was pick of the girls names last year, while Oliver topped the boys list.


most popular names of 2017 BOYS Oliver William Jack Noah Thomas

James Lucas Henry Charlie Ethan

GIRLS Charlotte Olivia Amelia Ava Mia

Zoe Evie Grace Isla Ella


Beds Whether they’re little kids or big kids, we’ve got kids beds and bedroom ideas for every stage.

IT’S AMAZING WHAT A LITTLE SNOOZE CAN DO Snooze Pakenham, Tenacy 3, 825 Princes Highway, Pakenham | 5922 4903 12379736-LN12-18

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your life


makes history By Bonny Burrows WHEN Chloe Gaspardis went into labour on 18 January she had no idea she was about to make history. But little Andy Ernest, delivered by Dr Peter Yong at 10.19pm Thursday will forever hold a special place in St John of God Berwick Hospital’s history and its heart as the first baby to be born at the Kangan Drive facility. Chloe, with a due date of 13 January, wasn’t expecting to give birth at the new hospital. However, little Andy had other plans, and his mother didn’t go into labour until the afternoon of 18 January - just hours after the Kangan Drive hospital had opened its doors. Chloe, who gave birth to her twoyear-old son Toby at the healthcare provider’s former Gibb Street hospital, said it was “pretty special” to be a part of history.

But what was even more special, she said, was the bond Andy his big brother Toby had already formed. “It’s pretty adorable,” Chloe said. “Toby was staying at friends while I went into labour, and when Chris (her husband) went to pick him up he kept asking where Andy is. Chloe said both the new and old hospitals were “amazing” for their maternal health services. However, she said, the new hospital had a level of comfort which made her stay even better. “The staff and service has been amazing. Everyone has been working so hard (on the new hospital) and it really shows,” Chloe said. Chloe and baby Andy were discharged for home in Narre Warren on the morning of 22 January, and were farewelled by hospital staff with a special commemorative gift.

Chloe Gaspardis with Andy Pictures: STEWART CHAMBERS

Proud aunty Faye McCoubrie, mum Marita Sheean, baby Luke Sheean, and grandmother Judy Flynn celebrate after Luke's birth in 2010.

Five generations in

born Berwick


children were born in Berwick, witnessed by a nurse called Mrs Cadd. Ethel’s daughter Greta May Wright was born on 16 January 1916, delivered by the renowned Dr Percy Langmore.

By Jade Glen

and its predecessor, Berwick Bush Nursing Hospital.

THE Sheean family has strong connection to St John of God Hospital - five consecutive generations and at least 20 members of the family have come in to the world at St John of God

The long association dates back to 6 April 1881, when Ethel Wenn was born to Officer pioneers John and Jane Wenn.

Greta May married Alfred McCoubrie and their two children Judith and Robin were born at the hospital in 1944 and 1947, delivered by Dr Noel Stevenson.


A further 10 of the couple’s 15

Her grandson Andrew McCoubrie was born at the hospital on 16 January 1973. This was the first same birth date at the hospital.

Judith married Ronald Flynn and their two children were born at the Berwick Bush Nursing Hospital, as was one of Robin’s children. Judith’s daughter Marita followed in October 1975. She married Gareth Sheean and their third child Luke Thomas Sheean was born at St John of God Hospital on 10 October 2010. October 10 is an auspicious date in the Sheean family – Luke’s grandfather Kevin Sheean shares the same birthday.

New maternity unit now open Tour our new maternity unit: Tuesdays 8pm and Saturdays 1.30pm Obstetrician run open days are also held once a month. Check our website for dates. Come along, tour our maternity unit and see why everyone’s talking about our new hospital.

75 Kangan Drive Berwick 6 AUTUMN 2018


your life

On top of the By Angie Hilton AAAARRRGGHH school lunches! Sometimes I tear my hair out over them. I really do aim for the perfect blend of healthy food versus food they’ll actually eat. The thing that infuriates me is that quite regularly I’ll unpack the lunch boxes after school to find them still 80 per cent full. Sound familiar? In my search for a solution I hit social media. Love it or hate it, if you’re prepared to sift through the junk you can stumble upon some absolute gold ... as I did when I found School Lunch Box. Dad-of-two George Georgievski is the face behind the School Lunch Box Instagram and Facebook page with a reach of 45k followers. He has made an art form of the humble lunch box. His

lunch- box challenge

mission is simple: to inspire people worldwide to feed their children lunches packed with nutrients, love and a good dollop of fun. I was excited to meet George and uncover his secrets to having a lunch box that returned empty. What I discovered upon our meeting was a passionate family man with an exuberant love of life and a desire for change on a big scale. I thought I was there to learn about lunches, but I found myself wanting to know more about what makes this man tick. Let’s start at the beginning of your journey as a daddy. Were you front and centre at both births? Anela was born the day after our

wedding anniversary. It was the best moment of my life. My wife was taken into theatre, which totally freaked me out - so much so, I fainted! The nurses had to stop looking after her and attend to me. The moment I saw my wife look at Anela, I started bawling my eyes out. I’m such a sook - I even cried when Bobby died in Home and Away! Kiara’s birth was less dramatic; we had to plan for a caesar so it was smooth sailing. I remember making a music mix for both births and Kiara was born to the song Better Man by Pearl Jam. I certainly became a better man once my girls were born. Watching you with your girls is really something special. They absolutely adore you. Did you always have a plan

for how you wanted to be as a father? I always said that if I could be half the dad my dad was, I’d be happy. He was a true gentleman. He passed away over 20 years ago, which turned my world upside down. He taught me to play chess. As a kid I remember hating it, but I later found out he had a hidden agenda. In chess the queen is the most valuable piece, she can go in any direction whereas the king can only move one square at a time. The pawns are not really that important as they pretty much just make up the numbers. Thinking three to five moves ahead is important when playing chess too, trying to outsmart the opposition. Fast forward to the day before my dad died in hospital - I will never forget his words to me. He said, “When I taught you to


8 AUTUMN 2018

play chess I was teaching you life, always think ahead before you say something, think about the consequences of your actions. The pawns are like friends they come and go, but the queen is the woman in your life. She can do anything. She is your mum, sister, one day your wife and maybe even your daughter. Without a strong woman in your life, it won’t be easy playing the game of life.” I only wish he got to meet my little family. I can only imagine your dad would be incredibly proud of you, not only as the father you’ve become but also the husband you are. You and Marina look very much in love. What’s your secret? She is my rock. She inspires me daily. We’ve been married 16 years now and I feel like we’re closer than ever. Before kids, Marina was a real career woman with two degrees. The challenge for her was running a business from home while also caring for the girls. After five years of this, she knew she had to shake things up and get a sense of herself back. She decided to transform her body through Maxine’s Challenge. She completely changed her body shape and subsequently, her state of mind. She now has so much energy for the kids ... and myself! I feel like we’re a great team. There is a real mutual respect and appreciation. We both agree that there are no ‘mum duties’ or dad duties’, there are only ‘parent’s duties’. So in dividing up household chores, you put up your hand for lunch duties. Is that how School Lunch Box came about? Not quite. I used to start work early, but was home from work sick one day. I was pretty shocked by the morning chaos that my wife had to go

through. I knew I had to step in and help out, so I asked how I could help out and she suggested making the lunches. I started searching online for inspiration but what I found was either too hard, too complicated or way too expensive to create. So I stopped searching and I started creating, I simplified complicated recipes to create my own “simple dad version”. And that’s the beauty of your lunch ideas. I love your philosophy that lunch should take no longer than five to ten minutes. Yes, it should be easy and visually appealing. Kids eat with their eyes, so if you cut things into bite size pieces so it looks bright and colourful, they’re excited to gobble it up. I also suggest shopping with the kids and getting them to pick out the fruit and vegies they love. It gets them more engaged and they also learn the value of things. They will respect the food more, especially at the checkout when they see you have to pay for it. I notice you have a few unique creations in your lunch boxes that I’ve never heard of before. Yes, I encourage the girls to get creative with me, so we often experiment with the food and create new names for our inventions. We’ve created names like: the Spring-wich (an imitation of a spring roll). I cut off crusts, press the bread flat with a rolling pin, fill it which cheese, roast chicken and carrot and roll it up. I also have Rav-wich (ravioli), Cupwich (cup cakes), Sand-ling (chinese dumpling), the Lolly-wich - (looks like a lolly but healthy). I also made a special one called a Rose-wich.

The Rose-wich was inspired by a girl called Zara and I wanted to create a rose sandwich so we can all stop and smell the roses. Respect life and love it. You can check them all out and how to make them on Instagram. And the beauty of social media has meant you can reach places you’d never expect to. Have you been surprised by the following you’ve received? It blows my mind - it has literally gone global! For a whole year on Fridays I’d focus on a random country and I’d use food from that country - we called it ‘Heritage Friday’. It was my way of teaching my daughters about countries through food and culture. For example, did you know in Switzerland you can lease a cow to have your own fresh milk? Or, Macedonia was the first country in the world to be completely WIFI? Fun facts, focusing on the positives of countries was my way of making the world smaller for my girls to appreciate, respect and understand other cultures. When I’d post the lunch on social media I’d hashtag that country and then bang! The response was huge, people in Ethiopia were like, “Who’s this dad from Geelong showcasing our food and culture?” They immediately got curious and wanted to know more about me, so I did a heap of media all around the world. I’ve done interviews in China, Indonesia, UK, US, South Africa, Chile and Europe. Actually, that’s every continent. I’m totally blown away by it.

My Cross-Wich creation, wholemeal bread with turkey and cheese, pretzels (low salt), grapes, feta cheese, nectarines, melody tomatoes and carrots.

School Lunch Box guru George Georgievski with daughters Anela and Kiara. 175661 Pictures: LOUISA JONES

My girls favourite, the croissant filled with roast chicken and cheese, feta, brown rice crackers and nectarines, strawberries and blueberries and finally a lettuce cup of melody tomatoes and mini cucumbers.

My Pizza Pocket creation with a lettuce cup of melody tomatoes, carrots, passion fruit, cherries and strawberries.

Kids movies are screening each school holidays at the Cardinia Cultural Centre! For movie titles, session times & tickets, visit the Box Office or the website...

at the movies



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your life Start them on the

right track STARTING a regular savings account can be one of the greatest gifts you ever give your child. If you start putting away as little as $5 to $10 a week in a high interest savings account when your child is born, you could grow a significant chunk of cash to help them buy a car, pay for higher education or to boost their savings for a house deposit – all for the price of a take-away latte a week. Make sure you choose an account with no set-up or monthly fees, and choose one that rewards you with a better rate for making regular deposits and no withdrawals. To help your cash keep place with inflation, you can look at Term Deposits – with a minimum deposit of $1000, and flexible terms of one to sixty months, it can be a good place to park your child’s savings. Some banks also offer share trading accounts which will let you invest your money in shares. Whatever option you choose, time is the most important ingredient – so start today.

- Jade Glen

Making dollars By Jade Glen

how do you teach them about money?

A WHILE ago my three-year-old daughter, Lucy, decided that the day’s activities should include a plane ride to another country.

I don’t expect to start by explaining Superannuation or Investment Bonds. To be honest, I’m still waiting for someone to explain them to me. But discussions about money should start at an early age, says Laura Higgins, Senior Executive Leader at ASIC’s MoneySmart.

I explained that we didn’t really have the time or money to do that, on our average Thursday. While the lack of time was of no real concern to her, she had an easy solution to the lack of funds. Just go to the ATM and get some money out, mum - duh! (Well, the duh may have been ad-libbed by me, but she definitely gave me an incredulous look as if she couldn’t believe I hadn’t already thought of this) It got me thinking about how I could teach my kids about money, and how I could explain that the cash spat from teller machines and the plastic swiped at the supermarket checkout was not an infinite resource. You start teaching your child from the day they are born - how to use a spoon, a toilet, ride a bike, drive a car. But

“It’s never too early to talk to your children about money and about making choices around spending, saving, budgeting and goal setting,” she said. “Parents should take advantage of opportunities to have these conversations in everyday real life situations. For example, at the ATM you can talk about where money comes from. A visit to the supermarket presents a number of learning opportunities, for example, talking about how items are priced and how buying in bulk and selecting generic versus brand products may save money. Parents can also use this experience to discuss the influence of marketing and product placement on spending choices. “At home, parents can involve their kids in discussions on the family budget

to help them understand the costs of family life and how much money is spent on needs versus wants and how money might be allocated for holidays or special occasions such as birthdays.” Ms Higgins said young people were exposed to money and finances from a young age, from receiving pocket money to engaging with financial products like bank accounts and mobile phone contracts. “It’s important for them to develop the financial skills and knowledge to make informed choices about money throughout their life. “As adults they’ll be faced with decisions about complex financial products and services, including superannuation, home loans and insurance. Making a poor financial decision, for example, running up too much debt on a credit card or not insuring a car properly, can have a huge impact on a young person. Ensuring they understand financial concepts, such as budgeting, saving and managing debt will help them make informed decisions.”

Create your kids room with us! 12376918-CG12-18

Present this voucher at reception to claim your discount. Valid for new customers only.

Swimland? Why • Deep water survival • Heated water and air •

• Unlimited make up lessons • • Nationally accredited and extensively trained team •

9782 9444 | 149 Hall Road | Carrum Downs 8790 5540 | 101 Seebeck Drive | Narre Warren

Paintright Berwick 14 Adams Lane, Berwick 03 9707 1565


Check out Shopping on Clyde Roving Easter Bunny & Alice with Easter Egg Give-aways Thursday 29th March 11am to 2pm


one stop variety 12378947-FA12-18

10 AUTUMN 2018



Ms Higgins said pocket money was one way for kids to begin to understand money’s value and the concept of earning money. “Earning pocket money for jobs around the home, or outside the home, can help kids with making money decisions, including choosing to spend their money now or saving it for something more significant later,� she said. For teenagers, starting a part-time job is an important money milestone. Ms Higgins recommended parents sit down and help their children understand their payslip, to make sure they were being paid the correct amount and to discuss superannuation and tax. “Having a part-time job can be a great way for teenagers to develop new skills around money, including working out how to save, when to spend and how to budget. It’s possible with their first job they’ll turn to their parents for guidance around managing their money. This presents parents with an opportunity to explain the value of saving versus spending and may help

them set and achieve financial goals’, said Ms Higgins. “Establishing a savings plan is a great place to start. You can use ASIC’s MoneySmart savings goals calculator to work out the steps needed to put a plan into action and figure out the amount of money they might need to save for something specific. “It’s important they have an understanding of these concepts to help them make informed decisions. For example, being aware that having one super fund means you’ll avoid paying multiple fees and if you have more than one fund you should consider consolidating the funds.� Next time my daughter casually asks for an international jaunt, I will try and explain the cost in terms she can understand. Flights for our family of four will cost her roughly 2,181 kinder surprise eggs. For more money smart tips, and to access the savings goals calculator, budget planner and other free resources, visit

Help yOur

It's never too early to start talking about money.

When you open an Incentive Saver account for your child aged under 15, they’ll receive a penguin adoption for a year and a child’s Four Park Pass for Phillip Island Nature Parks.


Talk to us in branch to open an account today.

save money and




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your life



FREE PRE-MOVIE ENTERTAINMENT FROM 4PM | MOVIE STARTS 6.15PM Enjoy thE moviE in your car or Byo chair or rug nEXt to rED rooStEr

Little Learning School Cranbourne offers modern and interactive spaces for children.


UNDER the giant rainbow signage at Cranbourne Home Centre you will find Little Learning School Cranbourne, a unique and trusted Early Learning centre.


Little Learning School Cranbourne operates from 6.30am-6.30pm Monday to Friday and is part of the Little Learning School family - one of Australia’s leading child care operators with over 13 years experience in providing the highest quality of care to children.

398 South Gippsland Highway, Cranbourne | Phone 03 5991 4922

FIND OUT MORE: cranbournehome

Little Learning School is an industry leader in providing modern and interactive spaces for children, incorporating innovative design to encourage little ones to grow, learn and develop in a safe and fun environment. Little Learning School provides the perfect home away from home and focuses on delivering market-leading programs (e.g. foreign language classes, sports, music, yoga and their exclusive school readiness program ‘Ready to read’) for children aged 0-5 years Within the Cranbourne Home Centre, Little Learning School Cranbourne offers fabulous facilities for up to 100 children per day including an interactive kitchen area where children can interact with the cook and take part in ‘garden to plate’ food activities utilising produce grown in their own vegetable patches, along with a large dining room to encourage multi-age social interaction. The beautiful outdoor area boasts vegetable patches, ball walls, sensory paths and unique contoured sandpit edges with two distinguishing features concave and convex sections to support little one’s backs and to encourage children so pull themselves up and also provide a challenging surface to manoeuvre around the edges. The centre officially opened its doors on 15 January this year. Enrolments are

12 AUTUMN 2018

currently available and tours are occurring daily to share this wonderful space with prospective families Other features of this wonderful service include: Public holidays are always free! Menus are designed by a paediatric nutritionist. Meals are cooked daily onsite using fresh, seasonal ingredients. Enhancement programs to extend your child’s learning including foreign language classes and Hey Dee Ho Music classes. Access to your child’s development and interests through the use of the online app where you can view, comment and share their milestones, interactions and learning. Kinder program for 4-5 year olds Exclusive ’Ready to Read’ school readiness program. Centre Director, Kylie Mastroianni lives locally and has managed services and worked in the Casey area for the past twelve years. “Being the Centre Director of Little Learning School Cranbourne has given me the opportunity to manage a beautiful, purpose-built facility that offers something different in the area and recognises the value of early learning and the importance of the first five years of a child’s development,” she said. Kylie is excited to work with her experienced team of passionate Educators most of whom live in the local area as well. Kylie is particularly passionate about the strong relationships being built with the families who attend the service and the home-away-from-home environment that she and the team are creating. For further information on Little Learning School Cranbourne or to book a tour, call 1300 255 555 or visit





14 when she took her own life on 3


January after being tormented by social

■ Unexplained cuts or bruises or pencil marks on the skin.

■ Remind children it is NEVER their fault and provide the space for them to talk about what’s going on. Sometimes it’s good just to listen before acting.

THE suicide of Amy Everett, known as Dolly, sent shockwaves throughout Australia. The Northern Territory teen was just

media bullies.

■ Being quiet or withdrawn.

Dolly’s past modelling for Akubra -

■ Reporting vague headaches or stomach aches.

she was the face of the Australian company’s Christmas campaign when she was six-years-old - and her family’s public condemnation of her bullies meant her image was shared across

■ Ripped, stained or soiled school clothes. ■ ‘Losing’ lunch money or other things at school.

news outlets and social media platforms

■ Falling out with previously close friends.

with the #doitfordolly and

■ Being moody or easily distressed.

#stopbullyingnow hashtags.

■ Not wanting to leave the house or reluctance to go to popular places such as malls or parks (they may be trying to avoid the bully).

In light of the coverage, Kids Helpline has offered its anti-bullying tips for parents and carers. Kids Helpline is Australia’s only free, private and confidential 24/7 phone and online counselling service for children and young people aged 5 to 25 years. or free call 1800 55 1800.

■ Not wanting to go to school. ■ Experiencing difficulty in sleeping at night. ■ Becoming worried about a lot of things. ■ Showing sudden changes in eating behaviour.


■ Let the child know it is ok to talk about how the bullying is making them feel.

■ Help the child or young person understand the power dynamic involved in bullying. Discuss ways to stop giving the bully power, for example, walking or turning away from the bully. ■ Reassure them that you will help to stop the bullying from continuing. ■ Find out what, when and where it happened and if anyone was present. Contact the school or organisation where relevant and make sure they are aware of the problem and work out with them how to stop the bullying. ■ Talk to the experts - If you don’t know what to do or where to go consider calling trained counsellors at Kids Helpline or contact

Dolly Everett's death sent shockwaves around Australia.


14 AUTUMN 2018

Endeavour Hills Shopping Centre 9700 5821

Waverly Gardens Shopping Centre 9562 3909

Kim’s Confectionary Warehouse 9791 7998

Horse Torque & Lollies 9795 0719


Horse Torque & Lollies has more than 200 varieties of lollies and chocolates from here and overseas - so there’s sure to be something to satisfy your sweet tooth. The business also specialises in single coloured lollies and chocolates to help you build the perfect lolly buffet. Colourful hampers filled with hard-to-find sweets make the perfect gift, and the friendly staff are happy to help you customise your hamper. Helium balloons are also available to complete your special occasion. So why Horse Torque & Lollies? The business was named for the owner’s son, who was a vet, and was also selling horse supplements from the original Malvern shop. Around 1991 the last bucket of horse supplement powder left the shop and the business focused on its confectionery and grocery lines. With the wholesale business supplying many different retailers, the business expanded its retail arm with Kim’s Confectionery Warehouse, named after the second owners daughter. In 2008 LOL, Lots of Lollies shops start; the third generation of the business. Earlier this year, the original Malvern store served its last customer. Horse Torque & Lollies Noble Park is now the centre of everything, warehousing, wholesale trading and personalised chocolates and gifts. Kim’s confectionery warehouse is the roadside outlet, with everything from all kinds of lollies to dried fruit and nuts as well as some groceries and party goods even helium balloons - it is the best place to go for organising candy buffet! Both LOL stores (one in Endeavour Hills shopping centre one in Waverley Gardens shopping centre) are an ideal one stop shop for all your sweet treats and both offer helium balloons services as well. Exciting new sweet lines are coming soon, including vegan, sugar-free, and natural colours and flavours

There's always something happening at Bunjil Place.

Bunjil Place, THE PLACE TO BE UNLESS you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve probably heard about Bunjil Place by now. Located smackbang alongside Westfield Fountain Gate, the region’s new flagship entertainment precinct is bringing some much-needed sparkle to the south east. When it comes to experiences to keep the kids’ imagination thriving, Bunjil Place is your go-to. As you walk along Patrick Northeast Drive in Narre Warren, you’re welcomed by lush green parkland, a brand-new playground, big screen and amphitheatre. Every day you’ll find something different to explore whether it’s evening movies, water play, giant games, performances or art workshops. The best thing about it is that most of the activities outside are free, so you don’t have to part with a cent to be there.

exhibitions that always have an element for the kids, be it interactive artwork, workshops or space to create. So, all that’s left to do is drop into the library, grab a book to read, then sit back in the sun-drenched caf¨¦ over a (decent) latte and a toasted ruben. Meanwhile, the kids can lap up the freedom and excitement of all the things on offer and just a short hop down the road.


For more info about Bunjil Place sign up to their e-news at


OFF the back of its successful Kids Mornings, Westfield Fountain Gate will be launching Mums & Bubs mornings this March. The sessions will focus on connecting local mums and dads together socially, but also to learn more about things that may be on their mind.

If you want to step it up a notch, the two state-of-the-art theatres (one big, one small) have regular and affordable performances that cater to families of all ages. Alongside this, the gallery hosts

Topics will include health, home and wellbeing and involve experts

from stores at Westfield Fountain Gate, the City of Casey and special guest experts. The first of the series kicks off in mid-March and will tie in with Westfield Fountain Gate’s seasonal Fashion launch, to focus on looking your best when you don’t have time to spare. For more, visit fountaingate or like the Westfield Fountain Gate Facebook page.

Providing your professional, supportive environment for you and your family


South East Orthodontics is a specialist orthodontic practice offering treatment to patients of all ages for over 15 years. We offer all forms of orthodontic treatment, including metal braces, clear braces, lingual braces, Invisalign treatment and Suresmile (the latest technology with robotically shaped wires to assist with shortened treatment time). The practice also offers removable appliance and early intervention treatment. Patients should consider an initial consultation from about the age of 6-8 years old. Dr C.I. (Kip) Homewood and Dr Theresia R. Sudjalim and their colleague Dr Thomas W. G. Lo are members of the Australian Society of Orthodontics.


Pictured is Dr Kip Homewood, Dr Theresia Sudjalim, Dr Thomas Lo and their support staff including Therapists, Practice Managers, Treatment Coordinators, Receptionists and Dental Assistants.

PAKENHAM SHOP 3/206 Princes Highway NEXT TO DOMINO’S 16 AUTUMN 2018


Ph: 5940 1364

Opening Hours: Monday to Friday 8.30 am to 5.30 pm 2/31 Clyde Road Berwick 3806 (03) 9796 2794 •


Orthodontic treatment for children and adults. We offer flexible, interest free payment plans to make orthodontics accessible to everyone.


your life

Four children in just two pregnancies - Morgan doesn't do anything by halves. Morgan and Timothy with Bentley and Mackenzie (back) and Riley and Cody. Pictures: STEWART CHAMBERS

Twins at the double

By Jade Glen

before he was whisked away to the Special Care Nursery.

PAKENHAM’S Morgan Rackham and Timothy Morgan have rolled the dice twice and got two sets of fraternal twins - a statistical quirk that has roughly the same odds as winning third division with a single entry of Tattslotto.

It was another 42 minutes before Mackenzie arrived, weighing 4lb 9oz, after some manipulation by the obstetrician.

Their eldest twins, Bentley and Mackenzie, were born at Monash Hospital seven years ago, delivered naturally at 36 weeks gestation. Last year the couple enjoyed a week in Las Vegas and on their return discovered that Morgan was pregnant again. “It was a case of what happens in Vegas, doesn’t always stay in Vegas,” Morgan said. The couple did not think they would be having twins again, but an early dating scan proved otherwise. “The sonographer had a look and said there’s one - and there’s two. I was a lot more scared this time. To have one healthy twin pregnancy is one thing; but to pull it off again is another,” she said. Both of Morgan’s pregnancies were similar, with minor complications towards the end. But the births of both sets of twins were very different.

Morgan was discharged from hospital after 48 hours, while the twins were kept in special care at Monash and then Dandenong Hospital for 9 days.

Riley and Cod


“I was setting my alarm every three hours to express and travelling to see them every day,” Morgan said.

still breach and Cody was not engaged, and the growth of both babies had slowed significantly.

When Bentley and Mackenzie came home, Morgan found getting out and about relatively simple.

“We went in on the Monday and he said get organised, the caesarean is happening tomorrow.”

“They loved the pram and slept everywhere I went - I was out every day doing stuff.”

Riley was born weighing 5lb 5oz and Cody 4lb 13oz.

Because of their small size at birth, the twins had a few extra checks with the Child Health Nurse, but showed no ill effects. Mackenzie would hit all her milestones like first tooth and toilet training first, with Bentley always picking it up spot on one month later. They shared a cot for a time and still enjoy ‘sleeping over’ in each other’s rooms.

“They were pretty much in our room the whole time, which was really nice to help get our head around having babies again,” Morgan said. Timothy’s mum came to look after the eldest twins the first night, and Morgan’s mum came down from Bendigo to stay and take the kids to and from school.

Morgan was induced at 36 weeks with her first pregnancy as Bentley had stopped growing in utero.

The second-time around, Morgan and Timothy chose Dr Jorg Kemper as their obstetrician, and delivered at St John of God Hospital in Berwick - an experience they described as fantastic.

After five days, Morgan and Timothy and the twins left hospital. Life was back to normal, although they both sorely missed the hospital’s famous afternoon Happy Hour, when a trolley laden with cakes, pastries and soft cheeses made the rounds of the ward.

Bentley was delivered first, weighing 4lb 1oz, and Morgan saw him briefly

Plans for a natural delivery were scrapped when at 37 weeks, Riley was

Timothy went back to work at his personal training business, 4 U Body

Fitness, shortly after returning home. “Everything kind of went back to normal - we were doing the usual after school activities, swimming and dancing. It was an organised chaos,” Morgan said. The eldest twins adjusted to their new brothers after a brief period of rebellion and are very attentive. “They have been absolutely amazing. They have coped really well with the attention shift and instantly get up to help. Mackenzie especially is such a little mother,” Timothy said. Morgan, a beauty therapist, has started to see a few clients again at her home business, Beauty Couture by Morgan. The family knows plenty of others with one set of twins but no others nearby with two sets. While there’s one spare seat in the family car, they don’t plan to try for one more; they’ve decided the odds of having another pair are a tad too high.


AUTUMN 2018 17


your life


By Jade Glen THE Federal Government’s new Child Care Subsidy will be rolled out in a few weeks - and if you are a working parent, it is probably going to mean more dollars in your pocket. The single, means-tested Child Care Subsidy will replace both the Child Care Benefit (CCB) and Child Care Rebate (CCR) and is accompanied by a $3 billion funding injection from Canberra. Starting on 2 July 2018, the new subsidy will be paid directly to providers and aims to provide more assistance to low and middle income families. Families will make a ‘co-contribution’ and get billed the difference between the fees charged and the subsidy amount. To be eligible, children must be aged 13 or under, attend a Long Day Care Centre, Family Day Care or Out of School Hours Care, meet immunisation requirements and have a parent that is an Australian resident. The new subsidy will cover 85 per cent of Child Care fees for low income

families earning under $65,710 and 50 per cent of fees for families earning between $170,710 and $250,000.

Your hours of activity will determine how many hours of subsidised child care you are eligible for.

In good news for parents that have their children in care multiple days a week or full time, the old CCB cap of $7,500 will be abolished. Families earning less than $185,710 a year will not be subject to any subsidy limit, while those earning between $185,710 and $350,000 will have an annual cap of $10,000 per year, per child, which will increase with CPI.

Families on a combined income of $65,710 or less will have access to 24 hours of subsidised child care per fortnight without having to meet the activity test.

However as with everything, the devil is in the detail - and the activity test could prove a kicker for some families.

About 128,000 families will be worse-off under the overhaul, mainly because they will not meet the activity test.

Under the old CCB and CCR system, families can access 24 hours of subsidised child care regardless whether they work outside of the home. Under the new subsidy, this will be scrapped, and both parents must meet the basic activity test - you must be in paid work, working unpaid in the family business, volunteering, studying, actively looking for work, or on paid parental leave. Exemptions are granted if you have a disability, or are in prison.

Government modelling shows that around 816,000 families will be better-off under the new funding scheme, by an average of $1500.

To check your eligibility, go to

Right: Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has a big new plan for child care - but not everyone will be better off.

The one-stop shop for

kids bedrooms IF it’s time to update your child’s bedroom, Harvey Norman Fountain Gate is your one-stop shop. With everything from bedroom suites, mattresses, manchester, quilts, cushions, prints and décor – even chandeliers – you will be able to find all your bedroom needs in one handy location. Harvey Norman Fountain Gate has bedroom furniture and décor to suit toddlers, children and young adults. Speak to the team about finance options to get your child’s dream bedroom today.

Come meet the team at Harvey Norman Fountain Gate - they can help you pick everything you need to complete your child's bedroom, from the bed frame to the finishing touches.

r e t s a E unny B

Harvey Norman has a wide range of beds to choose from.



o is coming t ntral! Ce Pakenham

PLUS In Colour


to Win

Easter of two e n o re with Win s to sha k c a P t Gif mily! your fa

st March Saturday 31 m 11am – 2pm

er Bunny fro Meet the East

Jungle Adventure Workshop Wednesday 4th April to Friday 6th April 11am – 2pm

Wildlife Displays and Interaction Wednesday 11th to Friday 13th April 10am – 3pm

PLUS OVER 45 STORES! 50-54 John Street Pakenham



18 AUTUMN 2018

The staff at South East Orthodontics are here to help you achieve a straight smile.

SOUTH East Orthodontics is a specialist orthodontic practice that has been providing orthodontic care in the area since 1995 and is dedicated to providing high quality orthodontic care for its patients. Dr Kip Homewood, Dr Theresia Sudjalim and Dr Thomas Lo are all members of the Australian Society of Orthodontics, which means they have completed their Bachelor in dentistry

Calls for more

orthodontic care

plus further three years of full-time training to attain their specialist degree. The staff within the practice are specially trained and frequently attend conferences and training courses to learn and improve their skills. South East Orthodontics offer all forms of orthodontic treatment for children and adults including metal braces, clear braces, lingual braces, Invisalign

pre-natal testing

GENETIC experts are calling for pregnant women to be routinely scanned for three diseases with serious health consequences. New research by the Murdoch Children’s Research Institute (MCRI) has sown that the combined affected pregnancy rate of cystic fibrosis (CF), fragile X syndrome (FXS) and spinal muscular atrophy (SMA) is comparable to the population risk for Down syndrome. Testing for Down syndrome has been routinely offered for more than twenty years, yet tests for other serious inherited conditions are rarely offered by healthcare providers. Senior author Professor David Amor said that professional bodies recommend that all couples considering

or in early pregnancy be informed that testing for these conditions is available. The MCRI research found that 1 in 20 people that had been screened were carriers of at least one of the three conditions, and that 88 per cent of those carriers had no known family history of the condition. The test is simple and can be performed with a blood or saliva sample. It can be performed before pregnancy or in the first trimester of pregnancy. Cystic Fibrosis Community Care, the Fragile X Association of Australia and Spinal Muscular Atrophy Australia Inc. support offering carrier screening for CF, FXS and SMA and have endorsed this carrier screening program.

treatment and Suresmile treatment (robotically shaped wires to assist in shortened treatment time). Orthodontics treatment can help you achieve a great smile that makes you feel confident and increases self-esteem. Other than boosting self-confidence, having the correct bite and well aligned teeth assists in overall better oral health. It is much easier to keep straight teeth clean and the soft tissues of your mouth

healthy, reducing the risk of decay and gum disease. South East Orthodontics offers flexible, interest free payment plans to make orthodontics available to everyone. The practice is located on Clyde Road, Berwick and is open Monday to Friday from 8.30am to 5.30pm. Call 9796 2794 or visit for more information.

SUN PATROL SKIN CANCER CLINIC EARLY DETECTION AND TREATMENT OF SKIN CANCER IS THE KEY Our doctors are fully trained and experienced in the technique of dermoscopy and dermal imaging. If skin cancer is diagnosed our doctors can offer treatment at the clinic in over 90% of cases using surgery under local anesthetic or prescription anti-cancer creams. Our aim is to diagnose skin cancers early when they are least likely to cause a serious problem. Consultations are available immediately.


1300SUNPATROL (1300 786 728)




Sun Dental, a more gentle dental

We offer a full range of aesthetic dental treatments and emergency procedures. We are also happy to treat children eligible for the Medicare Child Dental Benefits Scheme. With interest free payment plans available for major dental treatment, we can help you afford a healthy smile. New patients are welcome, appointments essential. Please call early to avoid disappointment.


At Sun Dental Group our dentists are proud to be graduates of The University of Melbourne; offering the best in modern dental care. Our team is experienced in caring for phobic patients and young children.

PH (03) 5940 4988 E Monday to Saturday Lakeside Square Shopping Centre Level 2, 2/9, Village Way, Pakenham, VIC 3810

AUTUMN 2018 19

m a e t e h t t e e M AT BEACONSFIELD DENTAL

ELITE Orthodontics, in Narre Warren South, offers a full range of orthodontic services for both children and adults. In fact, Elite Orthodontics even offers a family discount - so if you need to book the kids in, why not make an appointment for yourself as well to see how you can achieve the smile you’ve always wanted. Traditional metal braces, clear/ invisible braces and Invisalign treatments are all available with no referral needed. Committed to providing patients with a high level of specialist care from the moment they walk in the door, the team also ensures that patients are provided with step by step oral hygiene instructions once braces are placed, to ensure the teeth and mouth stay healthy


DR MATTHEW CLARKE Matthew has enjoyed getting to know his patients since 2014 and working with them to get the best aesthetic and functional outcome from their teeth. During his lunch break you can see Matthew walking to his favourite coffee shop in Beaconsfield. He is also a long suffering, but ever hopeful, Melbourne Demons fan.

throughout the process. Elite Orthodontics has been practicing in the area for many years and has grown to enjoy its reputation as a trusted and reputable practice.

DR EVAN VLASSOPOULOS Evan is very friendly and always eager for a chat. He enjoys helping even the most anxious of patients with their dental concerns. Evan trains in martial arts, is a bit of a film buff and likes playing the piano and guitar. Children enjoy having a ride in Evan's dental chair.

Be greeted by the small and friendly team of the specialist orthodontist, practice manager, receptionist and two dental assistants providing exceptional care for clients using state-of-the-art technology. All x-rays are done on site and bulk billed through Medicare, and the practices’ flexible, no-fuss payment plans ensure everyone can afford a beautiful smile.

DR HAYLEY CHAN Hayley has two passions at work; helping nervous patients overcome their dental anxiety and treating children. Hayley loves playing tennis, swimming and spending time with her family and friends. Hayley married in December and is really excited to go to the Ed Sheeran concert.

Elite Orthodontics is located at 236 Ormond Road Narre Warren South, opposite Amberly Park Shopping Centre. Call 8790 6288 or email

Hannah is passionate in providing high quality treatment for all and long term preventive solutions especially for children. Hannah will be visiting kindergartens this year with Dr Rob for Dental Health week. Ask Hannah for a toothbrushing chart to complete at home. Hannah married her fiancé Michael last November and enjoyed honeymooning in Daylesford. DR ROBERT PANJKOV Dr Robert Panjkov is the founder of Beaconsfield Dental (the building with the big smile) in Cardinia Street, Berwick. Robert has made the clinic as family friendly as possible so your dental visit is a pleasant and enjoyable experience. For further information or to make an online booking, visit

At Officer Dental care we are passionate about creating beautiful healthy smiles. We offer highest standards of Dental Care in a beautiful setting using latest advances in Dentistry.



Dermatology Centre

A gentle Dental care for you and your family…

Laser Treatment at Specialist Dermatologist

■ Pigmentation/Melasma: A very common skin condition that is easily treatable, often using combination therapy of cream and laser treatment ■ Sun Damage: Rejuvenate your skin for a lighter and more youthful appearance ■ Age Spots: Those unsightly blemishes on the backs of your hands can be removed permanently ■ Vascular Marks: Blemishes in many sizes and shapes can be found all over the body and can be easily treated with instant cosmetic results achieved ■ Flushing: Redness can be treated with little or no side effects and minimal downtime ■ Rosacea: A common skin condition that causes red pimples, telangiectasia and flushing mainly of the cheeks and nose, often causing embarrassment. This irritating condition can be safely treated with our medical grade laser. ■ Hair removal: Laser hair reduction reduces the amount of unwanted hair, with any new hairs tending to grow through lighter and finer ■ Glycolic Peels: Glycolic peels are a specific technique for skin renewal that helps remove the damaged layer of surface skin cells revealing fresh skin for a healthier, smoother, plumper, firmer less oily and more even toned appearance

General dental Care Children’s dental Care Mouthguards Cosmeic Denistry

teeth whitening Orthodonics Invisalign dental Implants

• Medicare Bulk Billing for eligible children under Medicare CDBS scheme • Free Orthodonic consultaion • Interest free payment plans • Preferred provider for HCF



DR SEAN WERAGODA Sean has been practicing at Beaconsfield Dental for seven years and has recently become a dad to a beautiful baby boy. Sean will be looking forward to Daniel kicking a few goals in soccer once he learns to walk. Sean enjoys playing the Gran Turismo Car Racing game at work when he has finished with patients for the day. Sean, like all our dentists, can assist your children with mouth guards for sport.

DANDENONG Open MOnday tO Saturday

9791 3455 Unit 1/110 David Street, Dandenong 20 AUTUMN 2018


Dermatology Centre

Oicer Dental Care Suite 120 445 Princess Highway Oicer

5925 7850

Dr Inoka Medagoda BDS, FRACDS www.

Dr Dumi Medagoda BDS, FRACDS


care GETTING the family to the dentist can be like pulling teeth. Kids are afraid the check-up will be painful, and parents are worried it will hurt the wallet. But Casey Dental Group are committed to providing the highest standard of dental care at affordable prices, offering many specials to help everyone afford their dental treatment. The trusted group is one of the longest established dental practices in the City of Casey and have recently moved into a new state-of-the-art premise, offering families all their dental needs under one roof. A caring and professional team of 14 dentists and 22 nursing and support staff aim to provide the best ongoing dental care with services including digital X-rays, laser whitening, implants, ceramic crowns/veneers and all other aspects of general dentistry. The team includes four highly trained dentists with over 30 combined year of experience in braces, for children and adults. Offering orthodontics for only $5,700, with interest free payment plans which work out to be $62 per week, and family discounts.

You could be eligible for bulk billed appointments under the $1000 child dental benefits scheme - call to see if your child is eligible “Many of our dentists have a particular focus comprehensive orthodontic treatment for children and adults, and we offer family discounts and the options of clear (ceramic) braces,” Dr Jayson McNaughton said. “We offer flexible payment plans and family discounts as well as bulk billing for the new Child Dental Benefits Scheme. We have a special focus on children’s dentistry with our caring clinicians highly experienced in dealing with patients of all ages. We provide free check-ups and quotes for all of our dental services for non-insurance patients and have ongoing specials to help patients afford crown/bridgework, porcelain veneers and implants.” Casey Dental Group are preferred providers for all major health funds, bulk bill the Medicare Child Dental Benefits Scheme and accept the Community Health Emergency/General Vouchers. Casey Dental Group is at 236 Narre Warren-Cranbourne Road, Narre Warren South. Phone 9705 1755 or visit www.

OngOing specials Offered by casey dental grOup: Bulk billing for the Medicare Child Dental Benefits Scheme

Non-insurance patients: Free check up and quote.

Complimentary orthodontic consultations.

Take Home Whitening Kit $295. Insurance patients: We do not charge the gap on your health insurance claim for check ups, cleans, X-rays including OPG’s and sealants.

Half price crowns and porcelain veneers (after first full priced crown/veneer subsequent crowns prepared at the same visit charged at half price, participating dentists only).

Finance available interest free for 12 months. ceramic crowns/veneers and all other aspects of general dentistry.

Ask us about our implant special. 12361173-HM11-18


Its best you bring your children in from an early age for normal check-ups and our dentists who are trained on braces as assess what age is appropriate to start treatment, as sometimes early intervention may be needed to avoid more complex braces in future years

We’ll take life’s journey with you... Beaconsfield Dental Caring for the Community and the Environment

General and Cosmetic Dentistry, Orthodontics and Implants

Dr Robert Panjkov and Associates 1-3 Cardinia St Berwick

9707 3508

We Bulk Bill the Medicare Child Dental Benefits Scheme up to $1000 each child from 2 -17 years old for general dentistry like check ups, cleans and fillings. Call us to check if your child is eligible.

so your teeth always look their best



•฀Australian฀Orthodontic฀ Board฀Certiied •฀Invisalign฀® •฀Family฀Discounts฀Available •฀NO REFERRAL NEEDED

•฀“INVISIBLE” (Lingual)฀/฀Clear฀/฀ Metal฀braces •฀NO FUSS, FLEXIBLE฀payment plans •฀Before฀/฀After฀school฀appointments

Participating Providers and Dr Dr Dr Dr

Jayson McNaughton Alina Bratu Harjot Gill Robert Otken

Dr Dr Dr Dr

Sam Navidi Guy Turton Sepand Navidi Teresa Girniak

Dr Dr Dr Dr

Shannon Gune Dr Deon Nguyen Dr Matthew Rykiss Ruth Heredia Dr Stefano Burti Rik Kroone Andrew Polyachenko

236 Narre Warren-Cranbourne

Mon - Thurs - Fri 8am to 6pm, 1218443-LB12-16

Sat 8am–1pm, Tues - Wed 8am to 9pm


Phone: 9705 1755


Road, Narre Warren South



Narre W arren Cra n b o u r n e Rd d dR

For appointments: CALL 8790 6288 or email 236฀Ormond฀Road,฀Narre฀Warren฀Sth฀

•฀INSURANCE฀PATIENTS:฀We฀Do฀Not฀Charge฀the฀Gap฀on฀Your฀Health ฀ Insurance฀Claim฀for฀฀Check฀Ups,฀Cleans,฀X-Rays฀and฀Sealants* • Finance Available Interest Free for 12 Months!


*after first full priced crown/veneer prepared at the same visit.

Casey Dental Group is Here! Greaves R


AUTUMN 2018 21

small price to pay A

WITH the sports seasons coming up quite shortly, Pakenham Dental’s Dr Alan Zhang would like to remind everyone about mouthguards and the importance of protecting your teeth during games and matches. “The most heartbreaking thing that we at Pakenham Dental see on a regular basis is dental trauma and the subsequent effects of accidents. We know that some accidents cannot be avoided and kids will still be kids. However, many of the accidents that we see are easily avoided with just the use of a mouthguard. There have been too many occasions on a Monday morning where we get the call from a hysterical parent claiming that their child had had a knock on the field and have broken teeth or worse, lost them,“ Dr Zhang said. . “That often then results in prolonged treatments to save the teeth and rebuild the fractures. Not only is that financially taxing for the parents but also traumatic and less than pleasant for the kids involved. This inevitably leads onto a vicious cycle of fillings, root canals and

crowns depending on just how badly the teeth were fractured in the first place. “These cases are easily avoidable through the use of a dental mouthguard. The rubberized layer provides a cushion for the teeth to bite on and lessen the forces caused by knocks and tumbles thus protecting your precious children’s teeth. From our perspective, it’s a very small price to pay for peace of mind and knowing that your child’s teeth are protected as best as they can be. “We all know that on field accidents are not uncommon especially when your team is in front just by a whisker and the opposition start playing dirty. Lets all just make sure that the only thing being lost is the opposition and none of those precious pearly whites that should be beaming when they collect the trophy.“ For more information on custom mouthguards contact Pakenham Dental on 5941 1214 or visit www,

Wearing a mouthguard on the sportsfield could help prevent major dental work down the track - a small price to pay for your peace of mind.

Servicing the community for over 40 years.

Combined Dental Experience of over 70 years Between Dr. H Hocking Dr. N Pradolin Dr. A Zhang

Your Goals Are Our Goals

General & Family Dental Fillings Mouthguards $99 until 31st May 2018 Happy Gas Medicare CDBS accepted for those eligible

5941 1214 3/63 Main St., Pakenham 12379070-HM12-18

22 AUTUMN 2018

Orthodontist or dentist who should straighten my teeth ORTHODONTIC treatment is becoming more common as the years go on. With some types of braces now appearing more discrete on the teeth and treatment options such as invisalign becoming more readily available, you may have found yourself asking what the difference is between an orthodontist and a dentist and who will best meet your orthodontic treatment needs. You may have noticed many general dental practices are now providing forms of orthodontic treatment, however there are some differences between the two professions you may have not been made aware of. Dentists are your oral health professionals who can help with general concerns in regards to your teeth, gums


and the tissues around them. Orthodontists, on the other hand, are registered specialists who are carefully trained to focus on your teeth straightness, taking in consideration all the aspects that will lead you to achieve the perfect smile that would last long and function well. It takes three years of full time intensive training and a university doctorate degree on top of the dentistry degree to gain the mandatory registration with dental board to practice as an orthodontist. Whatever path you decide to take, orthodontist or dentist, be sure to consider all treatment options available and pick the one that best meets your orthodontic treatment needs.

Dr Ed Karim, one of the highly trained orthodontists offering expert care at Straight Smiles.


When You Imagine Their Future... ...Imagine a beautiful smile!

Call our office today for a FREE Orthodontic Consultation Bulk billed X-rays

Customised treatment plan with photos

call us today to book your consultation w:

1/63 Main Street, Pakenham 190 Foster Street East, Dandenong

1300 WE SMILE 1300 93 76453


Examination and Explanation

e: AUTUMN 2018 23


A passion for

Water Safety WATER is everywhere. It is in your home, at the beach, it is in our backyards and it surrounds the country that we live in. While it can look calm and inviting, it it can be unpredictable and dangerous if we don’t know the risks. You can ensure your family know the risks and can enjoy the water safely - choose to invest in learning life skills that can positively impact your and your children’s lives. Skills that will help you make informed decisions around water and will provide immeasurable lifelong opportunities. The YMCA believes that swimming and water safety are essential life skills.

Swimming lessons are fun - but more importantly, they teach a vital life skill.

The Victorian Government agrees, mandating compulsory swimming lessons for all primary aged school children. Sixty per cent of children are leaving primary school without the necessary skills to be safe in and around the water and the YMCA is committed to changing this. The YMCA is passionate about providing quality swimming lessons to

all Victorians no matter their age or ability. From teaching parents and infants how to enjoy the water and the fundamentals in water safety, to learning essential survival and rescue skills and becoming a competent, confident swimmer, the pathways to lifelong aquatic involvement are endless. If you make a choice to join the YMCA program, you have made a choice to join the YMCA in creating safer communities through respect for ourselves and respect for the water. Whether you, your child or a family member would like to participate in the YMCA programs, or you’d love to share your passion for Water Safety education by becoming a YMCA Swimming Teacher, it’s time to get in touch. YMCA Swimming Lessons - more than just a Swimming Lesson. For more information on swimming lessons please call Casey ARC on 9705 5000 or Casey RACE on 5990 8600

Sadly each year the Drowning Report shows us that competent stroke swimmers can still get into trouble in the water. We teach swimming but we also teach essential water safety, personal survival & open water techniques. Skills for life. For more information or to book, contact Casey ARC on 9705 5000 or Casey RACE on 5990 8600.



Casey ARC Casey RACE 9705 5000 5990 8600 24 AUTUMN 2018


skills they NEED TO grow


PAKENHAM’S Noah’s Ark is dedicated to helping local children develop the skills they need to grow.

behavioural things like dressing and eating and getting in the car,” said mum Andrea.

The team provides therapy and education for children up to eight years old with a disability or additional needs.

“Our key worker Ashleigh has come up with many strategies that we have tried over the last year to try and help Bridget with her communication and toilet training.

Noah’s Ark specialists, also known as Key Workers, visit you at home and can help build the skills and participation of your child.

Noah's Ark in Pakenham offers Key Workers which can visit your home and help your child achieve developmental goals.

“So often we have focussed more on problem-solving together and how we can adapt the things she already knows in a way that will be most beneficial for Bridget.”

“I really value Ashleigh and not only her care of Bridget but of our whole family,” she said, adding that she’s very grateful for the service from Noah’s Ark.

Key Worker Ashleigh recently helped out local parents Andrea and Nick with their four-year-old daughter Bridget.

“They have been the most important goals,” she said, adding that Ashleigh has also visited Bridget’s day care to see the four-year-old in a different environment.

Bridget has Cornelia de Lange syndrome (Mild phenotype with associated microcephaly).

The key worker has trialled different routines for Bridget to help her feel more in control of her environment.

She has expressive language delay, some saliva control issues, some conductive hearing loss and until recently had trouble toilet training.

“She (Ashleigh) really helps me to face the challenges that Bridget presents me with but she also helps me to keep organised and on top of all of the appointments we have.”

“We have also needed help with

knowledge and skills about raising children,” Ashleigh said.

The key worker also helps Andrea to minimise her stress, often reminding the mother of four to take care of herself as well.

She recalls trying many methods to toilet train Bridget.

“Bridget has made some amazing progress in the last 12 months and I don’t think I would have managed without Ashleigh’s help,” she said.

Then when her and Andrea decided maybe it was time to have a break from it, something just clicked for Bridget and she was fully day-time toilet trained very quickly.

“The next 12 months are going to be full of challenges and I’m glad that we will Ashleigh to support us.”

The Pakenham team work with families across Casey and Cardinia.

Ashleigh, reflecting on her role at Noah’s Ark, enjoys that she can witness the growth and development of children over time.

For more information, call 1800 819 140 or go to You can also visit their Pakenham office at 87 Treloar Lane, Pakenham VIC 3810

“As the mother of four children, Andrea already has plenty of

St Patrick’s Primary School 136 Princes Highway Pakenham We believe that education should centre on the individual, firstly as a member of a family, then a school and finally a parish community. Within this community (which includes students, parents, teachers, pastors and friends) each person has the right to dignity and respect, as well, of course, as the best educational experiences available.


Through the development of faith in themselves, in others and in a loving God, our school endeavours to build hope for the future in each young person. Each is expected to seek to fulfill his or her own potential – be it academic, creative, physical, social or religious – to the fullest possible extent. The participation and involvement of parents in defining, sharing and developing this vision and process, is a vital link in what might be termed the ‘educational chain’.

Wednesday 21st & 28th of March. Wednesday 18th of April. Wednesday 2nd, 23rd & 30th of May All commencing at 9:30am

Website: Email:


Please contact the school ofice on 5940 2888 to book a place.

AUTUMN 2018 25


Where CRANBOURNE West Primary School understands that starting a new school can be a daunting experience for children and their parents.

everyone's welcome

The school prides itself on offering a range of programs to ensure all students and their families feel welcome and supported, even before classes begin. A staged transition and orientation program gives children the opportunity to attend the school at various times in the year before they start Prep. The transition continues in Prep with students offered a modified program, different play times and older ‘buddies’ to look out for them. Some children begin their journey at Cranbourne West Primary at an even younger age by attending the school’s supported playgroup on Monday mornings. Others begin with the Transition to School program. By the time they begin Prep, most children have had many positive experiences at the school and feel well prepared and excited about the year ahead. Cranbourne West Primary School also cares about the many new students it welcomes throughout the year. All families are offered a personal tour of the school upon enrolment and each new pupil is allocated a ‘buddy’ to help them settle in. Cranbourne West Primary School believes it is important to provide each student with the best possible education experience to enable them to reach

Prep students are paired with senior buddies at Cranbourne West Primary School. Right: Cranbourne West Primary School cares about each student's learning journey. their full potential. It has numerous dedicated support staff and regularly holds events such as barbecues to allow parents and staff to meet.

To learn more about Cranbourne West Primary School visit or phone 5996 2878.

bestchance child family care.

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Over 120 years of caring for children and families Our฀Services:

583 Ferntree Gully Rd GLen Waverley Victoria 3150 p (03) 8562 5100 26 AUTUMN 2018

SU CC E S S T HROUGH effort + persistence AT St Paul’s Anglican Grammar School students are encouraged to do all that they do with a Growth Mindset. We aim to develop in every child the belief that learning success is the result of effort and persistence, not natural talent. Our classroom differentiation and out of class enrichment programs supplement this belief by providing opportunities for academic growth for all students. At the Junior Schools academic enrichment occurs in a variety of ways: during classroom lessons or via external competitions and lunchtime clubs. Some of the wide range of opportunities available to students include: Tournament of Minds, Maths Olympiads, Writing and Mathematics Competitions, Robotics, Vicspell, Premier’s Reading Challenge, ICAS Competitions, Year 2 Strings Program, Year 5 Brass and Woodwind Program,

and Art Enrichment classes. At our Secondary Schools enrichment programs in subjects such as Mathematics and English allow students to work with like-minded peers to explore core concepts in greater depth or to undertake interest-based projects. In a small-group setting, the facilitating teachers challenge students to stretch their thinking in different ways. Participation in a variety of competitions and special programs offered by local universities and organisations is also encouraged. By Year 10, a number of students begin their VCE studies and elect to complete a unit of work that is a year ahead of their class group. Years 7 and 8 students at the Warragul Campus are offered the opportunity to ‘choose their own adventure’ with elective subjects such as: Gamers - IT and Games Programming; Architecture and Design;

Musical Theatre; Robotics; Art in 3D; Making Stuff that Moves (Creatively imagining, designing and building products with moving parts); Drama Make a Scene!; Foodies Experimentation and creativity in the kitchen; Photos in Motion (Photography, studio art, media and animation); Music Performance; A Slice of Art; Textiles Designers in the Making; and Dance. The Elite Sports Performers (ESP) Program offered at St Paul’s from Years 7 to 12 currently assists over 60 students to achieve their sporting dreams while supporting them to achieve their best at school. The program provides these students with opportunities to develop their sporting abilities through the involvement of Elite Athlete guest speakers and now also gives students a link to the Australian Institute of Sport as the first school in Australia to offer each ESP student access to the myAISbasecamp program.

At St Paul’s learning is also more than just what takes place in the classroom. Students are offered the opportunity and encouragement to succeed as they engage in an extensive co-curricular program of sporting, music, performing arts, personal development, outdoor education, visual arts and cultural activities. In addition, secondary students have numerous opportunities to experience the world. Current programs include service tours to Rwanda and East Timor and exchange and cultural tours to Japan, France and China. Recognised as one of Australia’s leading regional schools St Paul’s has limited places in some year levels for 2018 and is taking enrolments for 2019 and beyond. Applications for Academic, Sport and Performing Arts Scholarships are now open for 2019. We welcome you to contact our Head of Admissions on 03 5623 5833 to arrange a personal tour.

The journey begins at St Paul’s OPEN DAY SATURDAY 5 MAY

10:00 am – 2:00 pm

Discover what sets St Paul’s apart from other schools including our exciting new STEM (Science, Technology, English, Mathematics) Discovery Centre at St Paul’s Junior School where skills such as robotics, electronics and coding are taught while promoting mathematical, scientiic and technological literacy development.

2019 SCHOLARSHIPS Academic, Sports and Performing Arts Scholarships for 2019 are now open.


150 BOWEN STREET, WARRAGUL | 03 5623 5833 For a personalised tour of either the St Paul’s Junior School or Secondary School we invite you to contact our Head of Admissions on AUTUMN 2018 27


bestchance expands to Pakenham BESTCHANCE Child Family Care has exciting new developments in the works for 2018, with the opening of new offices increasing the scope of support services by the not-for-profit. New head offices in Bayswater North will be followed by the unveiling of a brand-new Pakenham office, serving Cardinia and surrounding suburbs. Pakenham will host RTO bestchance Training, offering VET programs in Certificate III in Education Support, Certificate III in Early Childhood Education and Care, and Diploma of

bestchance will open a new Pakenham office this year.

Early Childhood Education and Care, as well as a host of complimentary programs and professional development opportunities. Programs such as Conversational English and the Homework Club will offer support to students throughout their learning. bestchance Training offers students work-placement opportunities through bestchance kindergartens and child care centres. As a Registered NDIS Provider, bestchance will be best positioned to support the families of children living with a disability. Families will have


access to a range of support services; working collaboratively to help build their child’s best future. In partnership with parents, bestchance provides information, confidence and resources, ensuring every child has equal opportunity to develop and grow. bestchance Pakenham offices will also host Family Day Care, Child Care and Kindergarten administration; with over 86 FDC educators, 81 kindergartens and 3 Child Care Centres across Victoria, qualified staff will help place children in the highest-quality, affordable early years education.

The Parent and Community Support Program will also be offered to families, providing initiatives including supported playgroups, and the wellbeing and health program Helping Hands, which is designed for women and their pre-school aged children who have been impacted by trauma. Finally, for those wishing to increase professional prospects, learn new skills, meet new people, all while giving back to their community, the Volunteer team can provide opportunities in a variety of work environments! Facebook: @berwicklodgeps 139-145 Mansfield St, Berwick VIC 3806

(03) 9707 1766 Principal: Henry Grossek


OPEN NIGHT Wednesday, 23rd May 2018











Cranbourne West Primary School - 110 Duff Street, Cranbourne West For a personalised tour or enrolment appointment please contact the school on (03) 5996 2878



world-class early education and care now open in narre warren south! Offering families a premium standard of early education for children 6 weeks to school age, Nido Early School provides: • World-class Reggio Emilia approach to learning, facilitated by degree-qualiied kindergarten teachers and industry-best educators • Wholesome, seasonal and delicious food made fresh every day in our Cucina • Architecturally designed creative spaces and beautiful nature inspired environments • An inclusive village-style approach, which engages child, parent and community

236-238 Cranbourne Rd, Narre Warren South | Ph: 8593 9435 | Enrol online! Visit 28 AUTUMN 2018



excellence CASEY Grammar School is a Prep to Year 12 School with a proven reputation for providing quality education. Principal Richard Baird said Casey Grammar encouraged students to succeed academically, personally, spiritually and socially on their journey towards excellence. “We value the ideals of respect, tolerance and integrity and take great pride in offering a warm, nurturing and natural environment to provide our students with an exceptional all-round education and love of learning and an informed awareness of the Christian faith,” Mr Baird said. “We believe that for young people to reach potential, we must value the total educational program and the holistic development of students. We provide learning opportunities within the

classroom, across the curriculum and beyond the school. “Our campus has modern facilities to enhance learning and meet the ever-changing needs of schooling while our highly trained teaching staff work with dedication and a true commitment to the growth of each and every student. “If you are new to the school or considering enrolling at Casey Grammar School, we encourage you to come and see our facilities and talk with us about how we can meet the needs of our students to become responsible young adults in a rapidly changing world.”

Casey Grammar Principal, Richard Baird.

Casey Grammar is located on New Holland Drive, Cranbourne East. Call 5995 2888 or visit www.caseygrammar. for more information.




Established in 1977, Berwick College is a vibrant learning community in the heart of the City of Casey ofering a broad and comprehensive curriculum to Year 7 - 12 students. We ofer students many career speciic pathways, course counselling and experiences with a strong focus on Excellence in Learning. Winners of a 2017 Victorian Educaion Excellence Award, our focus on improving the learning has seen some of the best VCE and VCAL results in the area. The College ofers elite programs such as the Basketball Academy, Dance Academy and High Achievers Program (Years 7—10) which ensures students’ engagement and academic acceleraion. Applicaions for the High Achievers Program 2019 are due by Monday 30th April. Our students thrive and grow.

At Casey Grammar School we believe learning, understanding and building friendships should be an adventure – every day. Our modern, co-educational campus in its spacious, natural setting is home to students from Prep to Year 12. Our learning environment has been designed to inspire and delight students at every stage of their education. With expanding curriculum accompanied by first class facilities, Casey Grammar School offers the very best in Private education at an affordable price.

As they complete their secondary schooling, each will become part of a rich history in the Berwick community with global connecions to alumni in an amazing variety of ields.

Parent Informaion Evening - Year 7 2019

Tuesday 24th April at 6:30pm High Achievers Program, Basketball Academy and Dance Academy Presentaions at 7:30pm

Book a tour and discover the difference today. For further information phone 5991 0800 or email

COLLEGE TOURS are available on WEDNESDAYS at 9:30am Please contact 8768 1000 to secure your place 

3 New Holland Drive, Cranbourne East Phone (03) 5991 0800 12379192-LN12-18

AUTUMN 2018 29


Bright minds TAKE ON WORLD STAGE By Brendan Rees STUDENTS at Hillcrest Christian College in Clyde North know more than a just a thing or two when it comes to the nuts and bolts of building robots. Having spent up to 25 hours a week of designing and building robots, Hillcrest’s team of four boys are off to America this year after taking out the VEX Robotics Australia National Championship on Saturday 9 December at Dandenong High School. The boys won the ‘Excellence Award’ and will now take on the world stage for the third consecutive year at the VEX Robotics World Championship at Kentucky, USA this April. Head of science and VEX mentor at Hillcrest Christian College, Simon Taylor, said he was proud of his students who achieved an amazing feat through their hard work and determination. “They felt that they had invested many hours into developing their robot and that winning was an acknowledgement of this hard work.” In the competition, called the ‘In the Zone,’ each robot had to navigate through an area filled with cones on a 12 foot by 12 foot field, Mr Taylor explained. “There are yellow cones set up on the field that the robots have to pick up and stack onto goals.” “One set of goals are higher and stationary and other set can be moved.

Hillcrest's Kaiden We stendorp, Connah Trotman, Za chary Peacock and Bradley Johnso n are heading to Kentucky, USA thi s April after winning the VEX Ro botics Australia National Championsh ips.

Moving the goals into zones on the field which is into one corner, scores extra points.” The Hillcrest boys’ winning team, named 7479A was made up of students Tom Austin, Connah Trotman, Zac Peacock and Elliot Lam.

Cross, Kaiden Westendorp also competed in the national semi-finals.

They also won the tournament challenge and Robot Skills Challenge – making them the envious all round winners at the championship.

“Students spent their lunch breaks, recesses each day during the school year (building robots). They also had two after school build sessions for an hour and a half per week and a Wednesday afternoon during their private study,” he said.

Mr Taylor said a second team from the college, named 7479B consisting of Bradley Johnson, Ross Shilliday, Tristan

“Leading up to competition they spent much of their spare periods and weekends building.”

He said the students’ expertise from competing in the last two world championships had helped developed the school’s STEM program (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics). “I am very proud of both teams. They have shown such dedication and determination.” “It is such a great learning experience for the students.”

2018 Unicorn Series What Makes a Good Teacher? What we know about excellent teaching and identifying quality learning.

Monday 5 March 2018, 6.30pm St Margaret’s School, Gloucester Avenue, Berwick ALL WELCOME - Register at


This is an opportunity for the community to hear about the latest research in education, the characteristics of exemplary practice, and explore some of the challenges faced by high performing schools.

Hillcrest Christian College 500 Soldiers Rd Clyde Nth 9702 2144 12378588-LN12-18

30 AUTUMN 2018


Empowered TO SUCCEED BERWICK College started in 1977 with the motto “Crescam - I shall grow” and today, through the strong focus on excellence in teaching and learning, students continue to demonstrate growth, are empowered to succeed, develop their leadership skills and make a difference to their community each day.

Berwick College is passionate about student learning.

Berwick College students are supported in Learning Teams and are motivated to assist charities that deliver social benefits such as Casey Relay for Life. Survey results show that students feel safe and happy at school. Specialised transition days and programs help build a sense of connection and promote wellbeing for new students as they adjust to the change to secondary schooling. Berwick College is passionate about improving student learning with some of the best VCE and VCAL results in the area. In 2017 the college was a Victorian Education Excellence Award winner for Outstanding Koorie Education and its Wellbeing Team were finalists in both 2016 and 2017 for Outstanding Education Support. Last year’s Dux achieved an outstanding ATAR of 98.8 and students were selected to receive an Australia Day Study Tour award, feature in Top Designs, Top Class Dance and the Bunjil VCE Exhibition. The College continues to invest in offering broad subject choices and pathways including elite programs such

as the High Achievers, Basketball Academy (2017 State and National Champions) and Dance Academy (achieving Gold, Silver and Bronze at the 2017 Nationals).

programs such as performing arts and instrumental music tuition, offered to nurture students’ talents and hobbies. Students also have the opportunity to extend their learning on a World Challenge trip to Vietnam, Cambodia or by travelling to Central Australia, Indonesia or Europe.

Numerous extra-curricular activities sit alongside the curricular and sports

Employer and educational partnerships with local primary schools and universities, together with careers counselling and pathways for accelerated learning, help students to develop to their full potential bringing greater opportunities for their future.

Discover the Difference Cranbourne Home shopping complex – 1280 Thompsons Road ✓ Language classes and a choice of music, yoga or sport class

✓ Exclusive ‘Ready to Read’ school readiness program provided free ✓ Healthy seasonal menus developed with a leading Paediatric Nutritionist ✓ Friendly, fun and experienced educators




✓ Spectacular playgrounds and amazing custom resources

✓ Dedicated spaces for active games, quiet time, meals, reading and sleep ✓ Open 6:30am - 6:30pm, Monday to Friday Visit our centre and meet Kylie, our fabulous Centre Director and her team

The advantage your child deserves

AUTUMN 2018 31


Learning together

Fordholm Road, Hampton Park Direct all enquiries to Janette Kalatzis, Transition Leader on 8795 9400 email:

AT HAMPTON PARK HAMPTON Park Secondary College this year celebrates 32 years of providing dedicated educational services to our local community. Hampton Park remains very much committed to providing the best possible educational opportunities, keeping students and their achievement at its core. The college’s connections in the local community are reflected by its core values of Respect, Learning and Working Together. These values ensure that the college’s curriculum offerings, classroom practice and educational and career pathways are second to none.

Our connections in the local community are reflected by our college core values of Respect, Learning and Working Together. It is these values that motivate us to ensure that our curriculum offerings, classroom practice and the educational and career pathways on offer to our students are second to none. We pride ourselves on being able to offer the broadest possible range of programs and experiences for our students, whether that be through sport, music, school productions, our broadly based VCE offerings, VCAL and our extensive VET programs. Our College seeks to nurture and support our future community leaders as they grow, encouraging them to take on increasing responsibility at the College and in the wider community. We invite you to join our community at Hampton Park Secondary College. 32 AUTUMN 2018


Over the course of the past 5 years, staff have worked on developing 21st Century curriculum, which provides ready access for every student, in every

TOURS OF SCHOOL FOR 2018 • FRIDAY 20TH APRIL 9am - 10am • MONDAY 23RD APRIL 11am - 12pm • TUESDAY 24TH APRIL 12.30pm - 1.30pm


Please contact to book in your tour of Hampton Park Secondary College.

Hampton Park Secondary College in 2018, celebrates 32 years of providing dedicated educational services to our local community.

Hampton Park Secondary College seeks to nurture and support our future community leaders as they grow, encouraging them to take on increasing responsibility at the College and in the wider community. Join the community at Hampton Park Secondary College - the Grade 6 Parent Information Evening will be held on Thursday 19 April at 7pm. Tours of the school for 2018 will be held on Friday 20 April from 9am-10am, Monday 23 April from 11am-12pm and Tuesday 24 April at 12.30-1.30pm. Please contact the school to book in your tour of Hampton Park Secondary College. Hampton Park Secondary College is located at Fordholm Road, Hampton Park. Direct all enquiries to Ayman Youssef, Assistant Principal on 8795 9400. Visit or email:

right school

HOW DO I KNOW? HENRY Grossek, Principal of Berwick Lodge Primary School, says this is a common question parents ask of themselves when selecting a school for their child. “For many years for many parents’ it was largely irrelevant, unless the choice centred on whether to send their child to a government or non-government school. Most parents simply sent their children to the local government school and the majority still do. Since the early 1990s however, parent choice in selecting a government school for their children has become increasingly popular. National tests in literacy and numeracy (NAPLAN) and the associated league tables of schools that have inevitably followed has to some extent accelerated this trend,“ Mr Grossek said.


We remain very much committed to ensuring that our community has the best educational opportunities the College is able to provide, ensuring our students and their achievement are the core business that drives the College.

Hampton Park prides itself on being able to offer the broadest possible range of programs and experiences for students, whether that be through sport, music, school productions, its broadly based VCE offerings, VCAL and extensive VET programs.

classroom and on every day, in a supportive, safe and inclusive classroom environment.

“Our school takes these tests seriously and on no account undervalue the importance of competency in the basic subjects. Nonetheless, there is much more to primary school education than the basic subjects – a comprehensive curriculum that enables children to explore their wider interests and

School Principal Henry Grossek with Deputy Principal Sandra McCrum. Picture: ROB CAREW talents is vital. Then there is student wellbeing and citizenship; crucial in anybody’s language. “We live in an increasingly globalised world and it should surprise no one that a primary school curriculum should be global in its breadth. “So, getting back to the matter of knowing which school best suits your child, my suggestion is to start with your child – their personality, their interests their strengths and their frailties. You know them best. Then put each school you visit to the test. In saying that, my invitation to put us to your test is on the table.“


Where small

details matter NIDO Early School has led the way in early childhood education and care in Perth - and now they have brought their new standard of child care to Melbourne, with the new Nido Early School in Narre Warren South. Nido Early School embraces the world-class educational approach of Reggio Emilia, emphasizing premium learning environments enriched with creative and sensory experiences that encourages children to thrive. The high quality ‘Nido’ has on offer can be felt by all who come through their doors; greeted with spacious rooms, natural tones and thoughtful textures that create a sense of warmth and calm throughout the centre.

Children at Nido Early School are encouraged to explore creative avenues, such as art and music, to support their development of identity, self-expression and communication. Boasting a large, natural outdoor play-space that needs to be seen to be believed, complete with adventure playground and a repurposed 1960 Austin Lancer to get imaginations racing! The service offers a range of extracurricular activities for children at no additional cost to families, including dancing, sporting activities and cooking classes, depending on children’s interests. While you may come to Nido Early

School for the stunning design, you will stay for the educators. A passionate and experienced team of highly qualified educators strive to build positive partnerships with families and their wider community in order to help achieve the best possible outcomes for every child. “It’s the small details we believe truly matter,” says Executive Centre Manager, Donna Stokes. “We aim to exceed the expectations of our families and ourselves to create an atmosphere where every child can flourish”. Integral to the Reggio Emilia approach is an understanding that

families are an active and essential part of every child’s learning journey. With this in mind, Nido Early School Narre Warren South welcomes families to participate in any and all aspects of their child’s day at the centre (come down for a fabulous and nutritious lunch made by their onsite chef!), making the centre feel like an extension of your own home. For more information head to or head to the centre for a tour anytime.

EXCELLENCE IN LEARNING ST Margaret’s and Berwick Grammar School is pleased to present to the community a series of informative sessions during 2018. The inaugural Unicorn Series commences on Monday 5 March from 6:30 to 7:30pm at St Margaret’s School, where a panel of experts will explore ‘What Makes a Good Teacher.’

community to hear about the latest research in education, the characteristics of exemplary practice, and explore some of the challenges faced by high performing schools. You are invited to come and hear educational experts discuss how the profession works to improve itself and how we use this to improve our work with young people. There will be opportunities for you to contribute, if you wish, to a panel discussion regarding excellence in teaching and learning.

Schools that are able to source and utilise research to identify and articulate what constitutes quality teaching and learning know this is the key to an excellent education. St Margaret’s and Berwick Grammar School demonstrates its commitment to outstanding education For more information on this event, through the launching of the Centre for including the list of panel members and Excellence in Learning and Teaching and the Unicorn Series. to register your attendance, please visit This is an opportunity for the

Exciting first steps KOOL Kidz is the brand-new, high quality childcare and kindergarten provider in Cranbourne West. Run by approved provider and owner Addy Singh and his team of experienced Kool Kidz educators, Kool Kidz Cranbourne West is a state of the art purpose-built facility with a specially designed dining room, full-time Kool Kidz chef, amazing E.A.R.T.H recreation room, spectacular playgrounds and lots more! All playrooms have a spacious play area, an abundance of educational resources and fun toys, art and craft supplies and colourful books. There are dedicated sleeping areas and easy access to baby change tables and toilet facilities throughout the premises. The service also has a well-equipped outdoor play area and a separate kitchen that allows staff to provide healthy meals and snacks while catering for special dietary needs.

Families can ensure their children have an exciting first step in their early learning journey. Kool Kidz implements a specially designed Kool Beginnings Curriculum based on the Early Years Framework focusing on areas including science, art, numeracy, literacy, health, music and the environment. Families looking for high-quality childcare and kindergarten are encouraged to visit Cranbourne West’s Kool Kidz to secure enrolment for 2018. Kool Kidz Cranbourne West is open from 6:30am to 6:30pm Monday to Friday and is located at 1/5 Whitfield Boulevard in Cranbourne West. For more information, phone 1800 566 554 or visit

AUTUMN 2018 33

reality bites

Barcenas as and Jess Alex Barcen Declan. d an ia M , with Alannah

Declan Barcenas surpised his family by arriving before schedule.

Baby Declan

a surprise package

THEY say third time’s a charm - and for the Barcenas family, the third addition certainly proved to be a surprise package. Baby Declan surprised his parents, Jess and Alex Barcenas of Cranbourne East, by arriving on his own terms at 36 weeks, well before his scheduled caesarean birth. He joins his sisters Mia and Alannah, both delivered by Caesarean Section. “With Mia I had a normal pregnancy, all was going well and I was booked in to have a normal delivery. I went in to labour naturally and laboured for over 24 hours, then pushed for two hours, and they said she’s stuck; we need to get this baby out. So it was an emergency caesarean,” Jess said. “It was definitely a shock, being our first baby and first pregnancy; you just kind of assume things will go to plan. We were hoping for a water birth and obviously that didn’t happen. I was in shock, and also really tired after a typically long first labour.”

When Mia was three-years-old, the couple fell pregnant again. Doctors gave Jess the option of scheduling an elective caesarean or attempting to deliver vaginally.

“I called the hospital and they said have a panadol and a hot shower and call back if your waters break or anything and I said no, I think I’m in real labour!”

“I think the idea of potentially going through labour then having another C-section was a fear in my mind. My husband and I spoke and said lets go with what we know.

The midwife checked Jess’s history and said she’d better come in for a check-up. Jess called Alex, who luckily was already on his way home from work, and her parents, who came to look after Mia and Alannah.

“We had a date booked for 39 weeks and my waters broke at 38 weeks - I was at woollies, I had a list of things to do before the date so was going about my business - so I went home and definitely knew what was happening. That was quite a shock, but we still did a caesarean, just a week to the day before her booked date.” When Alannah was 10-months-old, the couple discovered they were expecting again. “It was much sooner than we had thought and planned on having a third, but that’s OK,” Jess said. “At my first hospital appointment, they went through my medical history and basically said you’ll need to have a third caesarean, once you’ve had two the risks are much higher. So again I had my date and was working everything around this date.” On 20 June, at 36 weeks, Jess went in for a routine growth scan. “Everything was going to normally, the baby was looking good, a good size. I went home that day and then about an hour later I started having what I thought may be Braxton Hicks, sort of tightenings, but I wasn’t quite sure.

Declan Barcenas.

34 AUTUMN 2018

“I thought it was way too early for anything to be happening at 36 weeks and 3 days, but within an hour it got way too intense too quickly.

“The car rise was horrific - I was in lots of pain,” Jess said. “They checked me out and said you’re actually 10 centimetres dilated and the baby wants to come out now, he’s in a really good position, and how do you feel about having a vaginal birth. “I wasn’t mentally prepared but just had to go with what was happening.” Jess was allowed to push whenever she felt ready, and about an hour and a half later Declan was born, weighing 2.93kg. He was breathing on his own and feeding straight away, seemingly unaware of how unexpected his arrival was. “I was in shock - I just thought hang on, he’s not meant to be here yet! That was part of it, and obviously I was relieved that he was fine, and there were not any issues. I was also shocked that I ended up having a vaginal birth, but happy that I was able to birth a baby the way I always thought I was going to.” “I didn’t have a hospital bag or anything ready - typical third baby - so once he was born I sent Alex home with a list of the bare essentials,” she said. The unexpected delivery proved to be a blessing for the family, with Jess able to get straight back in to the swing of things.

Declan with his doting sisters, Mia and Alannah.

“I felt quite good within about 24 hours; I was happily walking around and getting up and down to change him. It was quite different to how I felt 12-24 hours after my caesareans. I was able to do so much more with my toddler, being and picking her up.” Jess said the girls loved having a baby brother, and that while her days were incredibly full, things had fallen in to a rhythm. “It’s busy from the time everyone wakes to the moment they are in bed at night. A lot of my day is just feeding people and changing nappies, and getting everyone in and out of the car is a mission - but we are getting in to a groove now.”

reality bites

Change of lifestyle FOR BUSY MUM By Lia Spencer

CATHY Baldwin was enjoying her career as a nurse, her bustling social life and wedding-planning when she discovered she was pregnant with her first son. Four years, and three sons later, and life has never been better. Cathy said she never dreamt of having children of her own, so when she and her partner discovered she was pregnant shortly before their wedding they were in shock. “I was never the maternal type and planning to have a family wasn’t really on the cards. I was in my element of succeeding well in my career, going out and enjoying life, and filling up my social calendar,” she said. “(My partner and I) were planning our wedding for March 2014 when we got a surprise and found out we were expecting our first kid. I was six months pregnant at our wedding.” After giving birth to Archer, Cathy suffered symptoms of post-natal depression in the first few months as she tried to adapt to her new role. So, when she discovered she was pregnant when Archer was only seven months old, she was worried about the road ahead. “With Archer, I felt I had lost my identity and everything was about keeping this little human alive which drained all my energy and I was mentally and physically exhausted. I felt lonely as I was restricted to what I was able to do. I was

Cathy with her kids Tanner, Archer and Caleb Pictures: STEWART CHAMBERS

very naive and had no idea what was motherhood was all about,” Cathy said. “When I found out I was pregnant again, I cried and even kept the news from my husband for a few days until I got my head around it all.” But after her second son Tanner was born, Cathy felt more relaxed and found herself enjoying her growing family. So much so, that she and her husband planned to have another child and fell pregnant when Tanner was only nine months old. Cathy was due on 23 May, but went

into labour on 18 May. “The third labour was the quickest and the scariest because it all happened so fast. It was only three hours from when the pain started,” she said. “My water broke at home moments before getting ready to go to the hospital and it was game on from there. We got to Casey Hospital only 20 minutes before Caleb was born.” Cathy is adapting to life with three sons, and loving it, but still faces everyday challenges. “Kids are so unpredictable. Just

getting them to put their shoes on and keep them on is painful and when your running late there is always one kid that needs a nappy change or change of clothes,” she said. “I’m still pushing through the night feeds and surviving day by day with three kids at the moment and when I do get out of the house, there is always someone who comments that I must have my hands full or asks if two of my kids are twins. Life as a family of five is hectic and busy but there is no regrets and I’m loving every moment.”


but a great result By Lia Spencer

stopped me from being able to move around,” Caitlin said.

CAITLIN Rizzo had a smooth, straightforward pregnancy with her second child, but the labour was anything but.

Contractions intensified quickly. After three and a half hours of pushing, the baby had turned posterior and was showing traces of an abnormal heart rate. The doctors decided to give Caitlin a spinal block in order to use forceps to turn and deliver the baby safely.

Both Caitlin and her partner Sean Dawson were thrilled when they found out they would be giving their young son Koby a sibling. “A second child was always the plan and we loved the idea of a two-year age gap between the children,” she said. “We couldn’t wait to extend our family and give Koby a little playmate.” Caitlin didn’t have any morning sickness or complications throughout her entire pregnancy and she was optimistic about the labour, despite the fact she endured a painful 38-labour with Koby and didn’t have any pain relief. Caitlin had hoped to go into labour naturally once again, be active during the labour, skip the pain relief and hold her baby as soon as it was born. But her entire plan went out the window when on 22 September, fourteen days after the due date, she had to be induced. “We arrived at Casey Hospital at 7am and at 12.30pm I had my waters broken and was put on a drip. This meant that I had to be hooked up to monitors the entire time which in turn

“Upon arrival to the surgery, and after having the spinal block, the doctors realised that baby was too high to pull out without damage and I was too exhausted to push him out if he was successfully turned, so I had to have an emergency Caesarean,” Caitlin said. At 6.28pm, Logan William Dawson was born, but Caitlin was unable to hold him straight away as he required a little bit of suction to remove mucus and assist with his first breath. “When I finally held Logan in my arms I was over the moon. I couldn’t stop smiling and crying happy tears,” she said. “I was happy that both of us were safe and healthy even if the birth didn’t go to plan.” It has taken Caitlin weeks to recover physically from the Caesarean and to adapt to life with two young sons, but she has nothing but love for her growing family. And while she didn’t have the labour she had hoped for, Caitlin said she was thankful to the staff at the hospital for their expertise

Caitlin, Sean, Koby and baby Logan. and support during the ordeal. “The midwifes and doctors at Casey Hospital were fantastic,” she said. “They were very professional, caring and involved my partner in the birth in every possible way. I had a very pleasant experience at the hospital and can’t thank the staff enough for all the

Picture: SUPPLIED help they gave me during and following the birth. “It was far from the ideal birth I had envisioned but Logan is happy and healthy and kicking goals and that’s all that matters to me. I now have a permanent love mark from my little baby boy.” AUTUMN 2018 35

reality bites

s ' y l i L


e n i to sh By Kyra Gillespie

shooting and editing techniques is what Lily thinks got her over the line this year.

A local young filmmaker has taken out first place in a national film-making competition after her third year as a finalist.

“It is quite technically advanced which seemed to impress the judges.”

Thirteen-year-old Lily Lunder the won the Live Action category for her film Losing Time in the prestigious Australia Centre for the Moving Image’s (ACMI) Screen It awards 2017.

As scriptwriter, director, editor and producer, the creative process took Lily months of focus and hard work. “It was a few months between the script being finished and the final edit of the film being exported.

The nation-wide competition had more than 800 entries from over 3000 primary and secondary students.

“It’s a long process because there are so many layers and steps to creating a film - but that’s what I love about filmmaking so much.

This was Lily’s third year as a finalist and she said she was feeling “honoured and excited” about her win.

“From when I first understood what a camera was and how it worked, I would always want to be behind it.

“It’s nice to be recognised for my efforts over the past few years and to know that I have improved each time,” she said.

“In many of my family videos you can hear me saying ‘can I see it?

“I think entering and creating a lot of films over the years have improved my skills a lot.” This year’s ACMI theme was ‘Time’ and the Narre Warren teenager decided to make a film about a rare condition Niemann-Pick disease - starring her younger brother, Elan. It highlights the impact of the disease on a young boy and how he struggles to deal with time loss. “I wanted to raise awareness about rare child diseases. “As the theme for this year was ‘Time’ I started wondering if there were any child diseases that were related to the loss of time and memories (such as dementia). “In researching, I found out about Niemann-Pick disease and wanted to shine a light on it and its effects. “It was good to have my brother in the film as he is always around and available to shoot. It’s not so difficult to organise things and refilm if I want to add anything because he’s right there.”

“When I was in Prep, we used to make little movies with my dolls and toys which I found fun. I had the idea of making a film in Grade 5 with my whole class and my teacher was very supportive. Then, I started entering Screen It and here I am now!” This latest achievement has further ignited Lily’s love for making movies. “I’d love to be a film-maker. Right now, I don’t know what aspect of it I enjoy the most because there are just so many - editing, screenwriting, directing, casting ... the list goes on. “I would like to get some experience or observe those working on set to get a better idea of what direction I’d go in and also just learn and become a better film-maker. “I plan to enter Screen It again. It’s a great opportunity every year and it gives you a deadline and theme which gives more direction to the film. “Next year I will be in the senior category which will have some tougher competition but I think it will be good motivation.

Local young filmmaker Lily Lunder took out first place in ACMI's prestigious Screen It awards. 175150_10 Pictures: GARY SISSONS

The film’s unique point-of-view 36 AUTUMN 2018

Fam i ly


AC FAMILY BISTRO Featuring scenic lakeside views, a modern Australian menu, and supported by table service; the Lakeview Bistro at Club Officer has quickly established itself as one of the top family dining experiences in the Cardinia Shire. The Lakeview Bistro has been designed to accommodate all guests from small intimate tables with sunset lake views or larger groups with views of the fully enclosed and air-conditioned playroom for families, all available in an open plan environment. There are six menus to choose from across the venue, including the full Bistro menu, specials, kids, seniors, snack and beverage versions. The popularity of Club Officer’s dining experience has seen a large influx of new Members joining to experience the dining and other entertainment the venue has to offer. Joining as a Member is FREE and provides discounts on meals and drinks, along with other special promotional events offered every week.






Castello’s Cardinia Hotel

The recently renovated Castello’s Pakenham Hotel has come a long way since its establishment in 1850. The $8M refurbishment has transformed this hotel into an exquisitely designed space that provides a unique experience to be enjoyed by everyone who enters.

AC Family Bistro offers a relaxed bistro dining experience open 7 days a week for lunch and dinner, showcasing our new chef and extensive new menu, all patrons are well catered for. Tuesday’s are Kids Eat Free night which includes kids live roving entertainer and complimentary showbag to entertain the kids.

While the renovation presents as modern in aesthetics, the hotel finds room to embrace its historic roots with traces of antiquity seen to be scattered throughout. The bistro offers an international buffet with an extensive range of cultural inspired cuisines and desserts.

Popular nights amongst our patrons, Wednesday Steak Night and Thursday Parma & Pot Night. Seniors are well catered for with a variety of classic home-style choices available Monday to Friday lunch. Enjoy a great night dining with family and friends accompanied by live entertainment in the bistro every Saturday night.

Regardless of where you hail from, you’ll be welcomed like a local at Cardinia Hotel. The hotel has all bases covered, from smart, casual dining, to ample on-site parking and prompt, friendly service. Al fresco areas are combined with a modern and spacious bistro and extensive bar to provide an overall experience of comfort, convenience and quality.

Your local casual dining sensation and roast dinner specialist offer comfortable dining, flexible take away options and catering to suit any event. Delightful food served with wonderful service. The basis of our menu is succulent roasted pork encased in golden crackling, juicy boned leg of lamb and tender roast beef. Homemade and wholesome beef lasagne and handcrumbed chicken breast schnitzel and parmagiana complete your flexible meal options. Our accompanying vegetables include fluffy oven roasted rosemary potatoes, seasoned and sweetened pumpkin roasted until caramelised, creamy scalloped potatoes with a hint of garlic, and perfectly steamed seasonal vegetables. Our exceptional gravy is blended to perfectly compliment our roast meats. Plus a choice of seasonal salads if desired. For the sweet tooth we have an array of delights including a 13 flavour ice cream bar, homemade cheesecakes, trifle, sticky date pudding and various cakes and slices.



Mondays has you buy a main meal and receive another to equal or lesser value for free. Wednesdays see you get 2 main meals and 2 children’s meals for $49 and includes a jug of soft drink. On Friday kids eat free with any main meal purchased and on Saturdays they provide 2 hours of kids entertainment with magicians, face painters and other entertainers so the parents can enjoy some uninterrupted conversation. Add to that fantastic parking facilities and easy access from princess highway and its not hard to see why family’s come back week after week.





The Vale Hotel is located in central Mulgrave and offers a fantastic place for parents to take their children and have a night off. The Hotel has offers across multiple nights that are aimed towards families and getting value for money!


Carv’n It Up

The hotel also offers a large play area for the kids as well as an impressive gaming room and sports bar for the adults.


For enquiries and bookings please phone the club on 97888 222

Features of our restaurant include a large family bistro area, large kids play area and a sports bar.


Please Note: Large booking policies apply. Please contact our venue direct for further details




OPEN: 9AM - 5PM 7 DAYS TELEPHONE: 5941 5111

TELEPHONE: 97888 222 12379024-HM12-18

Sports fans can enjoy the dedicated bar menu, TAB facilities and sporting action screened daily, along with pool comps and poker. The kids are well looked after too, with an expansive indoor/ outdoor play area, special kids’ menu and regular giveaways to keep them excited.

WEBSITE: 12371112-RC49-17


AUTUMN 2018 37

n u f y l i o h u m y n e d r racing’s free fa G


Last year’s series of Holiday Fun Days were well received by parents and children.

YOUR local Greyhound Racing Club could be your go-to entertainment for the kids these school holidays - and best of all, it won’t hurt the hip pocket.

“Activities like this are so good for families because it’s really hard to find things for kids to do during the school holidays,” said Teresa Carman.

Greyhound Racing Victoria’s Greyhound Holiday Fun Days program will see Greyhound Racing Clubs host special Holiday Fun Days this April.

Rides ga Holiday F lore at un Days.

“A lot of families are on a single wage and keeping kids entertained is quite expensive. The kids even received food vouchers, which they exchanged for chicken nuggets and chips, and there was an Easter egg hunt. To have an event where everything is free is very rare, and it’s pretty amazing to be honest.”

Attractions include free showbags and free kids meals, inflatable rides, kids’ karaoke, a big screen video game and the chance to meet Turbo the greyhound. Children may also get the chance to enjoy a close encounter with a real greyhound before its race and have a photo on the dais afterwards.

les are y cast he kids. c n u o Free b a hit with t s alway

Welcome to the family friendly Lone Pine Bistro

Kids LEGO comes alive

225 Thompson Avenue, Cowes Bookings essential: 5952 1004

Phillip Island RSL is excited to announce the return of the Bricks4Kids lego workshops on Friday 13 April. Children aged between 5 and 12 are invited to expand their creativity and building skills was a mash-up of their favourite characters and Carnival Rides. Our Technic Motorised Models come alive with plans designed just for us by architects and engineers. Then step into our Mosaic & 3D Zone and watch Steve, Darth, Spiderman, TNT and even Olaf rise from the base plates.

Bricks4Kids is $5 for Joey’s Kids Club members and $15 for non members. Two sessions: 11am and 1pm in the ANZAC Room. Book and pay by contacting Administration on 5952 1004 It’s free to become a Joey’s Kids Club member if you are a member of Phillip Island RSL. Download the Joey’s application form from www.

The Phillip Island RSL is a fantastic venue that features modern comfortable surrounds with a great range of food and beverage options. Perfect for any occasions such as birthdays, wedding, functions or just a great night out.

Gippsland beef


Book online

Little brothers and sisters will delight in the Duplo mat while you create.

San Remo seafood Phillip Island wines Gluten free and vegetarian options Kids and seniors menus

Join the fun at Phillip Island RSL this Friday 13 April.

Fully accessible Kids play room Military memorabilia and library


OPEN 7 DAYS - Lunch: noon to 2pm - Dinner: 5.30pm to 8.30pm

38 AUTUMN 2018

of each teacher’s documentation and planning. Learning experiences for all children must be engaging and meaningful and students need to be able to articulate clearly the intention of what it is they are learning and how they will know that they have achieved this.

Knowledge enlightened by ST Patrick’s is a Catholic School called to serve the local community, to teach the Catholic faith, to promote educational excellence and to nurture the growth and well-being of all students, families and staff. Principal Mick O’Brien said the Gospel values of Jesus Christ were reflected in the learning environment where knowledge was enlightened by faith. “These values will be reflected in the way we act. The Christian identity of our school will be alive, inspired and celebrated,” he said. “As Principal, my wish is that St. Patrick’s will provide an atmosphere

that gives each child a sense of selfworth and provides encouragement, in a secure and safe environment. I believe that children learn best when they are happy - when the learning is relevant to their lives and to their stage of development and readiness. They learn when there are good relationships among those involved in the learning process. This will obviously include parents as the primary educators of their children. “The education programme provided by teachers must take account of the individual needs of each child and build independent, empowered


learners who are risk takers and deep thinkers. Explicit teaching and support of each child must target specific needs for every individual.

for more details on the event at your local club

Greyhound Racing Club

SANDOWN Greyhound Racing Club

THE MEADOWS Greyhound Racing Club

BENDIGO Greyhound Racing Association

BALLARAT Greyhound Racing Club


SHEPPARTON Greyhound Racing Club

GEELONG Greyhound Racing Club





Greyhound Racing Club

Greyhound Racing Club

To learn more about St Patrick’s Primary School Pakenham, make sure you attend one of its upcoming open days. Open days will be held on Wednesday 21 March, Wednesday 28 March, Wednesday 18 April, Wednesday 2 May, Wednesday 23 May and Wednesday 30 May. Call 5940 2888 or visit www.

“Thus an explicit, coherent, sequential plan for curriculum delivery will be enabled, where teachers have an understanding of the continuum of learning and where each child sits on that continuum. Differentiation will be a requisite part

Head to


“We will address the teaching and learning of 100% of our students 100% of the time by ensuring a high level of student engagement and targeted explicit teaching leading to high student outcomes. We will work towards developing expert teachers who will ensure students achieve targeted outcomes. We will promote a curriculum that meets the particular learning needs of our school community and plan a curriculum which has entitlement for all.”



TRARALGON Greyhound Racing Club

CRANBOURNE Greyhound Racing Club





Greyhound Racing Association

Greyhound Racing Club



AUTUMN 2018 39

Entertainment Enjoy the atmosphere at Pakenham Racing Club this Easter Eve.

RACE IN FOR EASTER EVE FUN ARE you looking for a great way to start Easter by taking your family out and enjoying a night full of entertainment? Pakenham Racing Club has put together a wonderful event on Thursday 29 March with their Easter Eve Family Night Out. Featuring loads of free kids activities from Kelly Sports, live music and entertainment, a special Easter colouring competition and much more

- and of course Easter wouldn’t be complete without a visit from the Easter Bunny and his special chocolate treats courtesy of Fyna Foods. The club’s night racing events at the new Pakenham Racecourse have proven to be a real hit with local families, enjoying the relaxed country atmosphere while watching the races from the spacious front lawn areas. Entry on the night is free to all kids 17

and under, with gates opening from 4.30pm. A full card of eight races in scheduled for the evening, starting with race one at 6pm through to race 8 at 9.30pm. Free courtesy buses will run from Pakenham, Officer and Tynong throughout the evening. As a special offer the club is providing general admission for two adults, including a wonderful picnic

pack for $40. Standard adult admission is $15 per person. So place Thursday 29 March in your diary and make sure your family is trackside to celebrate the start of the Easter weekend. Check details for www. or calling the Club direct on (03) 5940 6600

Easter Eve

family night out thursday 29th march

easter holiday fun! free kids activities

Chocolate giveaways

Kelly Sports

easter colouring competition

Live music & entertainment

easter bunny


KIDS FREE ENTRY FOR gA & picnic pack for 2 adults



Includes - 2 Adult General Admission tickets, 1 CRV cooler basket, 1 CRV picnic rug, 2 bottles of water, 1 x box Carmens muesli bars, 1 box crackers, 2 CRV silicone glasses, 6 salami sticks, 1 mixed nuts, 1 bag of olives, 1 sun dried tomatoes & 1 multi tool.

Vist us! Park, 420 Nar Nar Goon- Longwarry Road, Tynong Email us! Call us! (03) 5940 6600 12379028-LN12-18

40 AUTUMN 2018

y o j e r u P



M ill Valley Ranch Experience the charm of the ranch, which is set up as an old western town.

MILL Valley Ranch, located just 15 minutes out of Pakenham in Tynong North, has been a local iconic Children and Youth camp for the past 50 years.

Adventure Camp, with both programs running from Sunday afternoon through to the Saturday morning, each week of the school holidays.

Thousands upon thousands of children, youth and adults have experienced the pure joy of Horse Riding and Adventure Activities the Ranch has on offer - all while enjoying the unique charm of the Ranch, set up as an old Western Town in the picturesque Tynong North valley.

A few spaces are still available for the next school holidays - jump on to the website and register quickly if you want to secure a spot for your child.

School holiday programs, called Roundups, cater for children and youth from age 10 to 17 years. Families can choose between Horse Camp or

For more information and to secure your child’s place, go to http://www. or call 5942 8356 12380216-DJ12-18

Mill Valley Ranch continues to go strong, with major renovations and a new Indoor Riding Arena currently being built thanks to the recent partnership with Baptist Camping Victoria.

The Pony Express weekends are perfect for younger children aged 8-10 years that want to experience horse riding at the Ranch. The Pony Express starts on a Saturday morning and finishes on Sunday afternoon - a great opportunity for younger children to have a fun-filled experience and learn about horsemanship.

Mill Valley Ranch offers School Holiday Camps! Both Horse Roundup Camps and Adventure Roundup Camps are available

Easter School Holidays Monday 2nd April to Friday 6th April - 10 to 14 year olds Sunday 8th April to Friday 13th April - 13 to 17 year olds *Other School Holiday Dates available for later in the year. *Pony Express Weekends also available for 8 to 10 year olds

Mill Valley Ranch is a 15 minute drive from Pakenham on Tynong North Rd, Tynong North. Phone - (03)59 428 356 MVR.ORG.AU



BEAT the autumn chill with fresh new styles from Billy Lidz Children's Boutique. Billy Lidz new loyalty program rewards customers with in-store vouchers - so head in to stock up on your child's key winter pieces and see your dollars go even further. A new brand has arrived instore, the popular rylee +cru, which offers high quality basics that are hard dyed, giving them a soft vintage feel right out of the box. Autumn and Winter lines from Miann and Co, Sudo and Munster are now available instore and online, with new ranges from Adam and Yve due to land this month. A new website,, will be launched soon - watch this space.


Shop the range of clothing, accessories and d¨¦cor for children aged 0-14 at Billy Lidz Children's Boutique in Blackburn Square, Berwick

AUTUMN 18 IN STORE NOW PLUS GREAT GIFT IDEAS OPEN Mon - Fri 9am-5pm, Sat 9am-3pm Shop 6, Blackburne Square, Berwick Phone: 9707 5593 42 AUTUMN 2018

AUTUMN 2018 43

44 AUTUMN 2018

Snooze has a great range of bedding for kids of all ages.


kid’s rooms AT SNOOZE

IF you want a fashionable kid’s bedroom, head to Snooze Pakenham.Snooze has affordable bedroom options for all kids, whether big or small. From that first toddler bed to the classic bunk beds to their first double - Snooze has you covered.

Makeover your children's bedroom with Snooze.

Snooze has a wide range of kids beds.

Snooze kids bedroom furniture is fun and functional.

Snooze boasts bunk bed options for kids.

AUTUMN 2018 45

Jay way TO BODY SAFETY Jessica, Isabelle and Rebekah – has been far from an easy experience.

By Kyra Gillespie

MACCLESFIELD mother-of-three Jayneen Sanders has had a busy year; among her many achievements she has released two new children’s books and the gifted publishing rights to World Vision India, where over 100,000 copies of My Body! What I Say Goes! will be distributed to schools across the country and translated into five Indian languages. Co-owning her own publishing company Educate 2 Empower with her husband Mark, Jayneen is the lead author of Engage Literacy published by Capstone Classroom, and has had over 100 stories for children published. Jay is also most importantly a mother of three girls, and has been on the school council at her local primary school for over seven years. As a parent and a primary school teacher, Jay was inspired to ask the question of her community: ‘What are we doing in schools to empower children and protect them from inappropriate touch?’ When she realised very little was actually being done, she decided to use her authoring and publishing skills to write resources to help parents, caregivers and teachers to broach the subject of self-protection and to encourage children to speak up. “It all started when I was on the council at the school where the children attended, and I saw a book called Keeping Children Safe, which taught kids about body autonomy and safety. “I thought it was great, and asked the school to implement their own body safety project, but they kept ignoring me. “So I decided to write my first book of the series called Some Secrets Should Never Be Kept, so I could show the school that it can be done.” The beautifully illustrated children’s picture book, established in a timeless fairytale setting, sensitively broaches the subject of keeping children safe from inappropriate touch. “I thought to myself: we teach water and road safety, but how do we teach body safety to young children in a way that is neither frightening nor confronting? “When kids that haven’t been abused read it, they have a lot of empathy for the little boy, and it’s just another story. If they have been abused, then they will understand this story and hopefully disclose.” Since then, Jay has gone on to release eight more children’s picture books, including two this year titled Let’s Talk About Body Boundaries, Consent and Respect and How Big Are Your Worries Little Bear? “Ever since, I have become more and more driven to empower children and give them a voice. “I’m not a survivor of childhood sexual abuse myself, but I feel it is very important that another generation of children never have to go through it again. “I can be a voice for them without people accusing me of bringing any personal baggage with me. I can say no, this didn’t happen to me, but I’m doing something about it. Why 46 AUTUMN 2018

Author Jayneen Sanders with a selection of her books.

“Being a mother, particularly of three girls, has been an extraordinary learning experience. “I see such gender stereotyping and sexualisation of girls going on in our society now; all you need to do is log into Instagram or walk through a department store to see it. “When Mark and I brought up the girls, we let them where whatever they wanted to; even today they still get around in overalls riding boots. “We let them have choices and a voice so they could have a say in what they wore and what activity they wanted to do, and I think they’re fairly empowered because of that.” Combining her passion and expertise in teaching and writing, Jay’s vision for the future is to have a teacher counsellor in every secondary school to teach students about topics like consent and respect in the same way they are taught literacy, maths or physical education. “There is a very big void for kids who are about 11-17 years old, and I think those children are in danger. “They are suddenly thrown into this world that has porn, sexualisation, peer pressure, alcohol and drugs, and no platform to make sense of it. “My vision is to have a teacher who unpacks things like gender inequality in the classroom, so if these kids feel concerned they have that teacher to go to. “Gender inequality is what drives domestic violence, and we have to teach our boys from a young age that no, all people are equal.

doesn’t everybody else?” Jay says writing the books in the words of a child is the crucial first step in prevention education. “There are a lot of grown-ups who find it difficult to talk about these subjects with children, and who are terrified that they are going to lose their innocence. “I try to use scenarios that are very typical to children so that they can relate, such as a little boy who pushes the little girl so he can go first on the slide, or the child who tries to take the bucket. “The books provide a vehicle and scaffolding to approach the conversation with the right words and illustrations.” Despite some initial pushback, she believes this generation of parents are very active in wanting to empower children and give them a voice. “I have noticed a big shift in the last seven years; where once I was basically pushed away, I now have people asking me to come and talk to them about teaching body safety and talking about consent with children. “It’s been a hard push, but it’s getting easier. “Sometimes, it’s hard to wear the hat of advocate and writer, because when you come from both it looks like you’re trying to sell books. But it isn’t like that, I have a message and this is

the way I know how to get it out. I need to write it. “Children need to be listened to and validated and understood.” Raising her three daughters –

“We have to teach girls to say: Hey, we are here. We matter. We are half the population. All we are asking is to be treated equally.” To find out more about Jayneen’s work, visit the Educate 2 Empower website

FRIENDS TAKE ON aliens WE all know that aliens don’t belong on earth, but the book of the same name does belong on your child’s bookshelf. Aliens Don’t Belong on Earth is the latest book by Narre Warren South author Wida Tausif and is illustrated by Andrew McIntosh. The book follows birthday boy James and his friend Alex as they are visited by aliens. The extraterrestrial visitors want to take over Earth, and have a job in mind for the boys. How will the boys keep their home safe? Aliens Don’t Belong on Earth is a story of friendship, respect, trust, mistakes and honesty. It can be purchased online from Booktopia, QBD and Angus and Robertson Online.

Games and gadgets Dev, Anirudh and Preety Sharma Pictures: STEWART CHAMBERS

Dev and Anirudh enjoy cricket.

muffins, cakes and banana bread together.

THE Sharma family love sport and enjoy spending time together in their kitchen and garden. Here, the Cranbourne East family shares a few of their favourite things.

■ Preety and Anirudh enjoy spending time in the garden, tending to their various succulents and herbs.

■ Anirudh likes chess as it is fun and it stimulates and exercises the mind.

■ Anirudh plays Clash of Clans, Clash Royale and Walking War Robots on his tablet.

■ The family loves to get together to watch major sport events and documentaries.

■ Anirudh’s favourite books are the Treehouse series by Andy Griffiths and Captain Underpants.

■ Coffee and cake - Dev and Preety love to visit cafes for a cuppa and cake!

■ Dev and Anirudh enjoy playing street cricket and Anirudh plays for Upper Beaconsfield Cricket Club.

■ Anirudh loves to ride his bike in the street and up to the ‘duck pond’.

■ Pokemon - Anirudh has been collecting Pokemon cards for four years.

■ Dev and Anirudh love to cook

Watching TV.

Family names are proudly displayed on the house. The sign was made in India. Books.



Preety and Anirudh in the garden.

Dev and Anirudh ready for some cooking.

Anirudh on the bike. AUTUMN 2018 47

AUSTRALIANS can’t get enough slime.

e m i l sub

t s u j is

How to make slime was one of our top searched phrases on google last year. It appears we love slime so much, that four versions of the same question hit our top 10 searched questions - how to make slime, how to make fluffy slime, how to make slime without borax and how to make slime without glue. Last year most of us were more interested in making slime than buying bitcoin.

■ Step On e: Dissolve on e teaspoon o f Borax in o ne cup of wa rm water.

This recipe is a traditional slime that uses both borax and glue, which can be found in your local supermarket although I’ve never bought borax before so had to hunt the laundry aisle. It makes a nice thick slime perfect for poking, squishing, squelching and rolling; the same consistency as I remember buying from the toy shop many years ago. After we had finished playing with it, the slime went in to a Tupperware container in the pantry, where it is still going strong. Mess factor: 3/5 Once it’s been formed in to one mass of slime it’s fairly mess-free, but if your child likes to pick bits off and flick them, as mine did, you could be finding strange little slime balls for a few days afterwards. - JADE GLEN ■ Step Three: We added colour by emptying a pink glitter glue pen in to the glue/ warm water mix. Mix well.

■ Step Four: Not pictured because it was hard to do and photograph at the same time! Pour your Borax and warm water bowl in to your Glue bowl - slowly. The mixture will thicken immediately. Stir it around until all combined. We didn't use all of the borax mixture in the end, as the solution got slimy very quickly.

48 AUTUMN 2018

■ Ste p Tw bottle o: Empty the en in to a tir bowl. Refill separate, la e glue th water from e bottle w rger ith wa th water rm to the e tap and add t bowl. he

■ After a bit of kneading to make sure everything is combined - voila! perfectly squishy squelchy slime.



4 Friday of each month h

Book now


Story time, craft activities, games & dancing – every month is diferent!




Cnr of Thompsons Road & South Gippsland Highway, Cranbourne North.




New Maternity Unit now open

bestchance child family care.


or visit Like our Facebook page or visit Concierge for updates and more kids events. *All activities run from 10am until 1pm, located Level 2, near Target, unless specified otherwise. Kids Morning events are correct at date of publication and are subject to change.


Over 120 years of caring for children and families Our Services: • bestchance Training • Early Childhood Intervention (NDIS) • Parent and Community Support • Family Day Care • Volunteering • Kindergarten & Childcare

561 337


* Parents must supervise children in their care at all times.


Visit for weekly maternity unit tours and monthly pregnancy information session dates

75 Kangan Drive, Berwick Gibb St, Berwick 3806

Ground loor, 48 John Street Pakenham Victoria 3810 E | 1300 224 644

Ph: 9709 1400 12379745-LN12-18

famil y night out thursday 29 march - 4.30pm th

Fordholm Road, Hampton Park



Easter Eve

Direct all enquiries to Janette Kalatzis, Transition Leader on 8795 9400 | email:

easter bunny

IT’S AMAZING WHAT A LITTLE SNOOZE CAN DO Snooze Pakenham, Tenacy 3, 825 Princes Highway, Pakenham 5922 4903

Hampton Park Secondary College in 2018, celebrates 32 years of providing dedicated educational services to our local community.


Servicing the community for over 40 years.

Contact our Head of Admissions on 5623 5833

• General and Family Dental • Mouthguards • Fillings and Happy Gas

150 Bowen Street Warragul, Victoria 3820


Live music & entertainment

Whether they’re little kids or big kids, we’ve got kids beds and bedroom ideas for every stage.

5941 1214



3/61-63 Main St., Pakenham



For more information or to book, contact Casey ARC on 9705 5000 or Casey RACE on 5990 8600. 1238850-PB36-16

190 Foster Street East, Dandenong P: 9792 2491

Roll down the road to Bunjil Place for the most unreal family entertainment in the south east! For bookings and more information, jump onto or phone 9709 9700 Information is correct at the time of printing. For current details please check our website.


Call our office today for a FREE Orthodontic Consultation 1/63 Main St, Pakenham P: 5941 5188


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‘Eton II’ Single Bed.

The timeless design and timber finishes of the ‘Eton II’ make it a versatile option for any bedroom.


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GRADE 6 PARENT INFORMATION EVENING THURSDAY 19TH APRIL 7PM TOURS OF SCHOOL FOR 2018 • FRIDAY 20TH APRIL 9am - 10am • MONDAY 23RD APRIL 11am - 12pm • TUESDAY 24TH APRIL 12.30pm - 1.30pm Please contact to book in your tour of Hampton Park Secondary College.


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Kids Club: 10am - 1pm m

Also available to order: King Single Bed ...... $699 Tallboy .................... $799 Bedside Table ......... $299ea

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AUTUMN 2018 49


delights March Pop Up Playgroup, Wednesday 7 March, 9.30am11.30am. The City of Casey is hosting free 'pop up and play' sessions in 2018. Come along and enjoy playgroup activities with your child; activities include block and imaginary play, music, art, reading and active play. Remember your hat and snacks. 52 Fairhaven Boulevard, Cranbourne West. Junior Code Club (screen free), Wednesday 7 March, 4pm-5pm. Train your brain to think like a computer! Join us for screen-free games, crafts, stories and challenges that help you develop your creativity, reasoning and logistical thinking skills. For ages 5-7.No cost, bookings essential. Book online or Ph. 9792 9497. Endeavour Hills Library, 10 Raymond McMahon Blvd, Endeavour Hills Lego Club Plus, Monday 12 March, 4pm - 5pm. For children in Prep to Grade 6 - meet every Monday for free Lego play or crafts - let your imagination run wild! Lego and other materials are supplied and there is no cost, although we welcome donations in Lego form. Runs during school terms at Doveton Library, 24 Autumn Pl, Doveton Code Club - Pakenham, Wednesday 14 March, 4pm-5pm. Discover amazing possibilities with the language that computers use at our weekly Code Clubs! Code Club will introduce you to basic coding skills using the 'Scratch' language. As your skills develop you will start to work at your own pace and get creative with coding! Book once for the entire term. Ages 8-12. No cost, bookings essential. Book online or Ph. 5940 6200. Pakenham Library, Cnr John St & Henry St, Pakenham. Parklea Pakenham Show, Saturday 17 March, 9am start. Lots to see and do, ride and play. Free entry. PB Ronald Reserve, corner Henry and John Streets, Pakenham Experience Casey, Saturday 17 March, 11am-3pm. Experience Casey is an annual one day event that provides the community with a variety of experiences including food tasting, performances and community stalls representing the culturally vibrant and diverse community of Casey. 2 Patrick Northeast Drive, Narre Warren

Casey Kids Carnival, Saturday 24 March, 11am-4pm. Free day of activities for children of all ages. The event will include live performers, rides, interactive games, roving entertainers, face painters, arts and crafts and live animals. Aimed at children aged 0-12 and their families, the Casey Kids Carnival will promote accessibility, showcase arts and craft activities, encourage physical activity, and creat community ties. Akoonah Park, Cardinia Street, Berwick. Bumblebee Baby and Children's Market, Sunday 25 March, 9am -12pm. High quality pre-loved, handmade and new baby and children's goods at reasonable prices. Berwick Fields Primary School, 35 Gwendoline Drive, Berwick. Entry $2. Pop Up Playgroup, Wednesday 28 March, 9.30am11.30am. The City of Casey is hosting free 'pop up and play' sessions in 2018. Come along and enjoy playgroup activities with your child; activities include block and imaginary play, music, art, reading and active play. Remember your hat and snacks. 52 Fairhaven Boulevard, Cranbourne West. Easter Eve Family Night Out, Thursday 29 March. Enjoy the atmosphere at Pakenham's Park, with free entry for kids and lots of family-friendly entertainment. 420 Nar Nar Goon - Longwarry Road, Tynong. Rockn Suzies Good Friday Appeal, Friday 30 March, 10am-10pm. Rockn Suzies Royal Children's Hospital Good Friday Appeal Car show and Rock 'n' Roll family day. Adults $15, Children under 15 Free. Berwick Leisure Centre, 79 Manuka Road, Berwick.

April Greyhound Holiday Fun Day, Saturday 7 April at Warragul Greyhound Racing Club, Warragul. Rides, entertainment and free kids meals.

Frog Information Night, Thursday 22 March, 6-8pm. Learn about frogs with Melbourne Water and then join a walk to discover local species. Hallam Scout Hal,l Gunns Road, Hallam.

Beauty and the Beast Presented by Victorian State Ballet, Saturday 7 April, 2pm and 7pm. The Victorian State Ballet returns to the Star Theatre in 2018 for two performances. This wonderful show is a full length classical ballet production of one of the world's most beloved traditional fairy-tale stories, Beauty and the Beast.Eye catching staging, engaging mime, superb classical ballet skills and exciting choreography combine to produce a magical work that will delight audiences of all ages.The Victorian State Ballet has assembled a cast of leading classical ballet dancers from across Australia and abroad. Don't miss seeing all your favourite characters, plus exhilarating solos and pas de deuxs. Plus, there's the very moving transformation, the grand waltz and the ultimate happily-ever-after final scene. This is classical ballet at its finest. Tickets: $30 per adult, $27 per consession or child. Cardinia Cultural Centre, 40 Lakeside Blvd, Pakenham.

Easter Celebrations at Lynbrook, Friday 23 March, 6pm-8pm. Fun-filled evening with a range of activities including jumping castle, face painting, balloon animals, kids' craft, sausage sizzle and of course an Easter egg hunt. Bookings essential. Lynbrook Community Centre, corner Lynbrook Boulevard and Harris Street, Lynbrook.

Mini Master Chef, Tuesday 10 April, 10am-11.30am. Providing kids with the opportunity to make, bake and eat their creations. Make yummy quiche and chocolate biscuit balls in this hands-on session. Ages six to 12 years. Bookings essential. Cost $15. Lynbrook Community Centre, Corner Lynbrook Boulevard and Harris Street, Lynbrook

Pop Up Playgroup, Wednesday 21 March, 9.30am11.30am. The City of Casey is hosting free 'pop up and play' sessions in 2018. Come along and enjoy playgroup activities with your child; activities include block and imaginary play, music, art, reading and active play. Remember your hat and snacks. 52 Fairhaven Boulevard, Cranbourne West.

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Greyhound Holiday Fun Day, Wednesday 11 April at Cranbourne Greyhound Racing Club, Cranbourne. Free entry, rides, entertainment and meals for kids. Kids Science at Lynbrook, Wednesday 11 April, 10.30am-11.30am. Will it float, sink or explode? Come along to find out. Cost $10, bookings essential. Lynbrook Community Centre, Corner Lynbrook Boulevard and Harris Street, Lynbrook. Art in the Garden - Kooweerup, Sunday 15 April, 11am - 3pm. Explore the Kooweerup Community Garden and meet artists showcasing their talent and artworks. Food and refreshments can be purchased supporting the local Men's Shed. Community Garden, 215 Rossiter Road, Kooweerup. Kids Science at Lynbrook, Wednesday 11 April, 10.30am-11.30am. Will it float, sink or explode? Come along to find out. Cost $10, bookings essential. Lynbrook Community Centre, Corner Lynbrook Boulevard and Harris Street, Lynbrook. Kids Craft Upcycling Clothing and Jewellery Making, Thursday 12 April, 10am -12pm or 1pm-3pm. Doveton Neighbourhood and Learning Centre (Oak Avenue Hall) 34 Oak Avenue, Doveton. Free, bookings essential. Mini Maestros, Friday 13 April, 10am-11am. A fun filled A fun filled hour of drum and other percussion instrument playing, musical games, dancing and singing using your own hand made instrument that you can take home. Ages five to eight years. Cost $10, bookings essential. Lynbrook Community Centre, Corner Lynbrook Boulevard and Harris Street, Lynbrook. Free Outdoor Movie, Friday 13 April, with free premovie entertainment from 4pm. Come see Trolls at Cranbourne Home - enjoy from your car or pull up a picnic blanket. Cranbourne Home, 398 South Gippsland Highway, Cranbourne. Family Movie Night, Friday 13 April, 6.30pm-8.30pm. A perfect way to welcome the long weekend. Wear your favourite PJ's and enjoy popcorn and a pop-top whilst watching the Ferdinand Movie. Bookings are required. Lynbrook Community Centre, corner Lynbrook Boulevard and Harris Street, Lynbrook. Peppa Pig's Surprise, Saturday 28 April, Bunjil Place, 2 Partrick Northeast Drive, Narre Warren. Tickets $34.90-$39.90. Green Kids Expo, Saturday 28 April, 9am-2pm. Discover how easy modern cloth nappies are to use, learn about the benefits of organic foods and sustainably produced toys and explore lots of other environmentally friendly alternatives for everyday aspects of raising babies and children. Free. Bunjil Place, 2 Patrick Northeast Drive, Narre Warren. Creature, Friday 4 May, 10am-10.45am. Creature is an adaptation of the 1899 children's book Dot and the Kangaroo written by Ethel C Pedley. It is a contemporary re-telling of an Australian classic with strong environment, sustainability and animal conservation themes, in the Bunjil Place Theatre. $16 per person (teachers free) Bunjil Place, 2 patrick Northeast Drive, Narre Warren.

Casey Cardinia Kids Autumn 2018  
Casey Cardinia Kids Autumn 2018