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Letter from Rev. Dr. Richard Kannwischer, Lead Pastor

Ministry Staff

Vision, Mission, Strategy, Values and Life Marks




Denominational Update Minutes of The Annual Congregational Meeting

Board of Trustees, Elders, Nominating Committee Board of Deacons

2013 Financial Reports as of 1/22/14


“As much as we celebrate 2013, we continue to believe the best days are ahead of us.” Dear St. Andrew’s family, I want to start off by saying thank you from the bottom of my heart for your love for this community. In the following pages, you will see a few of the ways in which we revealed God’s goodness together as a church family this past year. I present to you our 2013 Annual Report. In 2013 we launched our new Vision; More than a Place – A Community. More than a Church Building – an Adopted Family. The easiest place to find community at our church is in Life Groups. It’s been very exciting to see the Life Groups ministry grow this past year, and the number of deep relationships that have begun as a result. I have seen intergenerational groups of men and women, couples, students and more, meeting together on a regular basis, becoming spiritually mature together, serving together, and creating memories that will last a lifetime.

measure the depth of our spirituality. This year has been extraordinary as we have seen a surging number of people join Life Groups (pages 5,8), increase in membership (page 6), increase in young families engaged in ministries more aligned to their specific needs (pages 8,9,10) and the intergenerational reach of our ministries as we baptized members ranging in ages from 1 to over 70 years old (page 6). As much as we celebrate 2013, we continue to believe the best days are ahead of us. I am grateful to be your Lead Pastor and partner with you in this mighty work God has called us to share in, together. With great anticipation in Christ,

Rev. Dr. Richard Kannwisher

As you journey through this report, you will see a lot of facts, figures and photos, telling the story of ministry that happened in our church in 2013. But, if you simply look through this report, focusing only on 2013, you will miss a greater story - something to look forward to - which is why the theme “Looking Forward” is sprinkled throughout this document. While our general attendance has increased over the last 5 years, we were generally flat in 2013. But we have seen tremendous spiritual growth. It’s important to consider multiple indicators in evaluating how our church is doing. On one hand it’s easy to look at numerical growth, but it’s also important to try and


Richard, Kelly, Danica and Ashby standing at the entrance of the Church of the Nativity in Bethlehem, Palestine, April 2013.

The annual Grandparent/Special Friend Day brought over 300 guests to the preschool play yard.

“Sacred Space” is the best way to describe what happened at this year’s Women’s Spring Brunch.

Teams from our church traveled to Tecate, Mexico, throughout the year, building relationships while serving their community.

During each of the Palm Sunday services, students took turns reading through scripture.

Some of our St. Andrew’s men enjoyed the snow and slopes of Mammoth, at our annual Men’s Ski Trip.

Our kids learned about having a heart full of love during group worship at Camp Create.

The annual Fourscore and More party was a blast, with the theme of the Fabulous Fifties!

Couples from our St. Andrew’s family came together to hear from Chap and Dee Clark during the 2013 Couples’ Conference.





Mrs. Susan Pope Dir. of Finance and Admin. 949.574.2225 Mr. Shawn Reilly Minister, Executive Director 949.574.2224





Mr. Dan Wendell Min. of Missions and Outreach 949.574.2243 Mrs. Janice Zorn Minister of Tuition Ministries 949.574.2234

LEAD Susan Erich



David Jessica

Rich Bryan Shawn Bruce Jon









Mr. Brandon Muchow Minister of Modern Worship 949.574.2256 Mr. Bruce Nelson Minister, Exec. Dir. of Horizons 949.574.2231


Rev. Dr. Richard Kannwischer Lead Pastor 949.574.2260 Rev. Dr. Bryan Eckelmann Senior Associate Pastor 949.574.2262 Rev. Steven Good Assoc. Pastor of Disciple Making 949.574.2271 Rev. Leah A. Stout Assoc. Pastor of Care Ministries 949.574.2259 Mr. Jon Batarse Minister of Communications 949.574.2291 Mr. Drew Bray Minister of Outreach 949.574.2245 Mrs. Kelly Dickson Minister of Life Studies 949.574.2274 Mr. Erich Estes Director of Operations 949.574.2280 Mr. David Ludwig Minister of Family Ministries 949.574.2265 Mrs. Jessica Ludwig Minister of Family Ministries 949.574.2275 Dr. James Melton Minister of Classic Worship 949.574.2251

Staff 2013 Christmas Party


“More than a Place - A Community. More than a Church Building - An Adopted Family”

MISSION What are we doing?


How are we accomplishing our Mission?



Why are we doing what we do?




EXTREME HOSPITALITY real hope goes the extra mile

ALL-GENERATIONS COMMUNITY real love involves the whole family of God


real followers of Jesus are students of his Word and servants of his way


When we worship God, we worship up, to a loving God. When we prepare, we receive. We are becoming disciples. When we serve, we go outwards, loving our neighbor. And when we lead, we make disciples.

“REAL” VALUES real faith moves at the speed of friendship





Following Jesus Christ to Lead Lives that Reveal God’s Goodness!

People in Life Groups, as of December 1, 2013


People in Life Groups, as of January 1, 2013




What does it look like when we accomplish our Mission?


WORSHIP Participation in worship grew in 2013. Here are the 5 sermon series we walked through together.

Easter and Christmas 2013 Average Combined Attendance

In the sermon series, “Cor 1 Corinthians in the 21st Century,” we discovered God’s Calling and Your Community.

In the sermon series, “Table,” we explored what Biblical Community looks like - Trust, Accountability, Belonging, Laughter and Encouragement.

10000 ______________________________________ 8737

8344 8242 8000 ______________________________________ 7354 7174

Do you have questions you’d like to ask God? Most of us do! But did you know that God has questions He is asking you? We looked at the questions the Bible asks of us. What we do exposes what we really believe to be true. In “iWill,” we discovered what the Apostles’ Creed looks like when it is not only proclaimed but lived out. We learned about Making Room during the chaos of the holiday season by looking at the different types of soil that Jesus talked about in the Parable of the Sower.

6000 ______________________________________ 4000 ______________________________________ 2000 ______________________________________ 0 ______________________________________ 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013

2013 Membership Growth Beginning Active Membership 3218 Gains: Professions of faith (17 & under) +24 Reaffirmation, Restoration (18 & over) +102 Transfer in +8 Other gains +14 Losses: Certificates -13 Deaths -56 Other -40 Total Ending Active Membership Women Men

3257 1969 1288

Total Active Membership


3,300 3,200 3,100

Beach Baptisms

19 of our St. Andrew’s family were baptized at the beach in September, ranging in age from 1 to over 70.


3,000 2,900

20 1 2

Beginning acve membership

2 01 3

Ending acve membership


Weekly Attendance Averages 3%

Saturday 5:30  p.m.  A1endance   250   200   150  

Sunday 8:00  a.m.  A.endance   450   400  






Sunday 9:30  a.m.  A/endance   825   775   725  




2013 Giving Trends




Sunday 11:11  a.m.  A-endance   425   375   325  



%2013 of Congregation by Giving Levels



5% $10000+/yr

Annual Giving Levels


% of Budget by Giving Levels


3% $1-500/yr


$5001-10000/yr $1-500 In 2013 we see an encouraging trend in faithfulness and generosity, together fulfilling our calling at St. Andrew’s. We seek to 25% develop generous hearts expressing our love and devotion to Christ through the giving of our time, talents and treasure. We $501-5000/yr $501-5000 desire that every person would grow in generosity and as faithful stewards. 32% 57% 54% $501-5000/yr $1-500/yr $10000+/yr $5000-10000 We are encouraged that in 2013… 18% • Our$10000+ congregation gave more. Total general giving increased 4% in 2013. $5001-10000/yr • More people are giving at higher levels. 3% of our congregation moved up to higher giving levels.

• A growing percentage of the budget was borne by a broader range of givers. Givers giving $1-$10,000 annually funded 50% of the budget in 2013, up from 46% in 2012.


Annual Giving Levels

$1-500 $501-5000 $5000-10000 $10000+

% of Congregation by Giving Levels

% of Budget by Giving Levels

4% $10000+/yr

3% $1-500/yr

7% $5001-10000/yr

26% $501-5000/yr 35% $501-5000/yr

54% $1-500/yr

50% $10000+/yr 21% $5001-10000/yr

LOOKING FORWARD God is a loving God who revealed His limitless generosity through His gift of Jesus Christ. Therefore, we desire to glorify Him by being a generous church. We seek to operate with an attitude of abundance, believing we have everything we need in time, talent, and treasure for every good work. We seek to develop generous hearts and teach principles of responsible stewardship through every ministry of the church and together fully fund His Kingdom-calling through St. Andrew’s.




People joined Life Groups in 2013.

5 ways to get into a Life Group

1. Is there anyone with whom you’d like to be in a Life Group? 2. Look on our website,, for open groups! 3. Would you be interested in a Life Study, a great chance to meet some other people in a small group setting? - Tuesday Morning Men’s Life Study - Monday and/or Thursday Morning/Evening Women’s Life Studies - Wednesday Night Together Series - Dinners for Ten 4. Are you interested in being placed in a Life Group through our New Member process? 5. Would you be open to being placed in any kind of Life Group? If so, attend a Life Group Launch. TBA.


Contact Steven Good, 949.574.2271 or

New Members Joined Our Church in 2013 After attending the initial New Members class, each new member is assigned a coach and placed in a Life Group setting with other joining members to learn, discuss and internalize the Vision, Mission and Values of St. Andrew’s. Each member concludes the membership process at a Celebration Dinner where Elders vote them in and church staff and coaches welcome them into the church family.

LOOKING FORWARD Pray for the men, women and couples as they study God’s Word each week in Life Groups and Life Studies that their lives would increasingly reveal God’s goodness.



People Attended Our 2nd Annual On-Campus Couples’ Conference

350+ Attended the Raising Kids Lecture Series in the Fall


Men 25 men attended the 2013 Men’s Retreat 88 men participated in the Spring Golf Tournament 52 men participated in the Summer Men’s BBQ 47 men participated in the Men’s Life Study this fall



Adults and students journeyed through the Sanctuary in an experience designed to make room for peace to take residence in the hearts and lives of congregants during the holidays.

Women participated in Women’s Life Studies: They studied through Spiritual disciplines and got a deeper look at the life of James.

Women 285 women attended the spring Women’s Brunch 261 women attended the fall Women’s Holiday Dinner 30 church members hosted the book/cooking club in their homes 260 women participated in the summer book/cooking club

LOOKING FORWARD Please pray for wisdom and discernment for our “Build Team” as we explore new opportunities for the men and women of our church to engage with and encounter Jesus. Pray for the preparation of the teachers who teach weekly at life studies and the staff who seeks to follow God’s leading in ministries of His church.



Family Ministries

One of the ways we try to live out our value of “Extreme Hospitality” in Family Ministries is to be involved with young people “on their turf.” We want to extend our hospitality well beyond the Youth Center, the Sanctuary and the church property. Because of this you’ll see an occasional # of non-St. Andrew’s programs - these #’s represent the young people who receive ministry on a regular basis but aren’t our typical church programs.

Number of Students Receiving Ministry (On/Off Campus)

214 266 121 Nest




110 192 40 110 Asylum


St. Andrew’s Program

St. Andrew’s Program

“On Their Turf”

“On Their Turf”



St. Andrew’s has 4 quality tuition programs that serve over 500 families in our community. Every week we are showing God’s love by teaching children and guiding parents as we build long-lasting relationships with the families. As a staff our goal is to build community and connect families to St. Andrew’s.

125 202 93 100

Parent Child


WATCH (after school ministry) Wonderful Weekdays









We added 2 afternoon classes to meet the parent’s needs.

50+ parent volunteers run 7 events per year.

1/3 of the families are members of our church.

(at capacity and a waiting list)

LOOKING FORWARD Family Ministries: We look forward to creating more opportunities to minister to parents. Tuitions: Please pray for our tuition families as the staff and leaders explore ways to connect them to the larger church community.





40 750 400 49k 110 Near 259 40 Far 2k

Northeast of the Well: 40 St. Andrew’s saints create a loving, Christ-centered environment each week for over 100 men, women and children who are overcoming generational sin and drug and alcohol addiction. Project Hope Alliance (214 Sq. Ft.): 750 people from St. Andrew’s and local community visited the motel installation exhibit. Approx.70 people served and 150 bags of food were collected. Newspaper stories reached 55,000 people. Christmas: The SAPC family revealed God’s goodness by providing over 400 gifts for low-income families through the Mika Christmas Store. We also raised $5,185 to support children’s health and education in Agongo, Kenya and we brought Christmas to 15 families at the Heritage House. Rummage Sale: The SAPC community raised over $49,000 during the rummage sale to strengthen community-based ministries in Costa Mesa, Watts and India. Thanksgiving: 110 members of the St. Andrew’s family blessed 150 men, women and children from low-income families in Santa Ana with a delicious home-cooked Thanksgiving dinner.

Tecate, Mexico: 259 students and families invested in the children of Rancho San Juan Bosco Orphanage and transformed the lives of three families in the community through home construction projects. Grand Canyon: An eight-member team ministered to the Havasupai tribe by caring for their working animals and by leading an after-school program for elementary-aged children. Over 40 kids heard the Gospel and responded with curiosity or clear commitments.

Kenya: A team of 17 ministered alongside our partners in Kenya by hosting a medical clinic that served over 2,000 people, organizing a Youth Rally where thousands of youth heard the Gospel message; and training 250 local pastors for ministry.



visitations were made to people in the hospital or at home by the Deacons.


personal cards and notes sent to members.

12 people are driven to worship regularly through the “Taxi Ministry.” 30 memorial receptions given. 36 memorial services hosted. 40 families in crisis have been delivered meals by Deacons. 48 bags of food staples were given to people coming to the church for help. 66 homebound people stay connected through mailed sermons, bulletins and Highlights. 71 people were helped financially through the Deacon Fund. 100 families followed through with bereavement support. 110 rides have been provided through the “Cadillac Club” ministry.

LOOKING FORWARD Missions: We pray that our church family would more fully explore their identity as children of our heavenly Father. We pray that service experiences here, near and far would be catalytic opportunities to grow in faith, trust and spiritual maturity. We pray that unbelievers would be drawn to the light of the Gospel as we glorify God through obedient and joy-filled service. Care: We pray that God will expand the ministry of the Deacons to care for our congregation. If you have a need for prayer or support, please call the Care Office 949.574.2248 or the Deacon phone line, 949.574.2266.


SERVE GENERAL MISSION GIVING Denominational Giving Seminarians and Seminary Support Seminarian Scholarships Disaster Relief Designated Mission Giving TOTAL GENERAL

GLOBAL OUTREACH Missionaries and Organizations Strategic Missions Holy Land Mission Kenya Mission Tecate Missions Other Designated TOTAL GLOBAL



198,344 11,000 33,059 15,124 37,258 294,785

Kenya Team Taking Time to Care for Kids $


28,145 62,209 1,000 46,102 54,007 7,582 199,045

LOCAL/REGIONAL OUTREACH Missionaries and Organizations Strategic Missions Royal Family Kids’ Camp Teen Challenge Heritage House NorthEast of the Well MIKA Community Development Mental Health Outreach Other Designated TOTAL LOCAL/REGIONAL



25,786 67,290 24,292 103,106 15,176 153,007 12,125 28,638 48,057 477,477

Kids and Volunteers at Royal Family Kids’ Camp

2013 Teen Challenge Graduation GIVING BY ST. ANDREW’S GROUPS Men’s Fellowship $ Presbyterian Women Pilots Giving Deacon Giving Other Groups TOTAL GIVING BY ST. ANDREW’S GROUPS $ TOTAL MISSION GIVING

1,100 4,400 2,312 48,322 960 57,094

$ 1,028,401 Some of the 2013 Rummage Sale Volunteers




2013 Income 2013 Budget 2013 Received



2.5 2.0 1.5 1.0 .5 0

Annual Pledges


The Lord continued to bless St. Andrew’s in 2013 as its faithful members contributed sufficient funds to support our mission while achieving our two primary financial goals for the year. These goals were: 1) Funding our mission, ministry and vision goals; 2) Funding the capital reserve and needs of the church; and 3) Paying down the debt. Our total operating receipts of $7,031,000 were $393,000 over budget and represented a $225,000 increase over last year. Our operating expenses of $6,573,000 were $65,000 less than budget. The result was a surplus of $459,000, which is available to increase our capital reserves to $1,521,000. We received contributions of $843,000 to our Building the Future fund which, along with funds from estate settlements, were used to pay our mortgage balance down from $11 million at the beginning of the year to $9.8 million at year end. Because of God’s blessings in 2013, we are a financially stronger Christian community: His adopted family, prepared to follow Jesus Christ to lead lives that reveal God’s goodness. Our two major financial challenges for 2014 will once again be raising additional funds to pay down our $9.8 million mortgage and adding to our capital reserves. We look forward with anticipation to how God will bless us in the year to come. Respectfully submitted, Mike Lewis Treasurer



2013 INCOME Pledge Envelopes Non-Pledge Envelopes Loose Offering Investment Income Special Gifts / Estates Tuition Income TOTALS

2013 DISBURSEMENTS Worship Ministries Family Ministries Adult Ministries Care Ministries Missions Outreach Vision Ministry Management Communications Administration Integrated Technologies Facilities and Maintenance Tuition-Based Programs: Preschool W.A.T.C.H. Programs Parent/Child TOTAL



$ 2,407,084 2,997,471 138,000 1,560 0 1,093,885 $ 6,638,000

$ 2,627,933 3,122,373 129,516 2,876 11,322 1,137,648 $ 7,031,668



$ 712,524 $ 698,956 862,708 848,077 326,640 308,183 182,011 179,552 933,689 934,198 416,490 416,596 273,599 268,409 210,352 208,691 254,713 261,327 633,315 645,595 202,483 209,315 605,843 596,093 612,956 614,750 337,396 331,487 73,281 74,266 $ 6,638,000 $ 6,595,495


DENOMINATIONAL UPDATE 2013 Report from the St. Andrew’s Presbyterian Church Denominational Task Force At the urging of Los Ranchos Presbytery, St. Andrew’s spent the first 5 months of 2013 in congregational discernment about our congregation’s future connection to its parent denomination, the PC(USA). With hearts open to God’s leading, our leaders and members worked to discern our congregation’s missional calling and the nature of its best partnership with the PC(USA). Some of the results of this congregation-wide dialogue and study can be found in the numerous resources still available at our church’s web site ( This 5-month conversation was not the first of its kind at St. Andrew’s. While our congregation’s history is replete with examples of honoring its Presbyterian ties, for several decades our church leaders have had substantial concerns with the theological and missional drift of the PC(USA). The congregation’s study led to a straw poll vote in June 2013, where 88.5% of the church’s members voting said the session should engage with the Presbytery in a joint process that could lead to realignment. After considering this vote and participating in presbytery-wide discernment events, the St. Andrew’s session voted to petition Los Ranchos Presbytery to begin formal discussions that could lead to St. Andrew’s Church aligning with a different Presbyterian denomination. This decision has been prayerfully and carefully made and comes after countless hours of study, discussion and deliberation with church leaders and the congregation. As the first step of our dialogue with Los Ranchos Presbytery, St. Andrew’s Session has sent the presbytery a document outlining our reasons for seeking realignment from the PC(USA) to another Reformed Body. The presbytery has received this request, along with similar requests from ten other congregations in the local area. Pursuant to Presbytery policy, members of a “Joint Resolution Team” have been selected and trained. Teaching Elder Rev. Rich Kannwischer and Ruling Elders Anita Sherbanee, Rick Nelson and Mike Lewis will represent our congregation. Los Ranchos Presbytery has assigned Teaching Elders Rev. Jerry Tankersly, Candie Blankman and John Griffin and Ruling Elder Rob Longworthy to represent the presbytery. Charged and empowered to create a joint resolution that the presbytery and then St. Andrew’s Session and congregation would have the opportunity to approve, this team has already met twice in December. In the New Year they will meet every Tuesday at 1:30 p.m. We encourage the entire church family to be in prayer for them. Within the coming months, representatives of Presbytery will be meeting at least twice with Session and once with the entire congregation. Please make every effort to attend this important Town Hall Meeting when it is announced. At the end of this process, if Presbytery and the St. Andrew’s Session have voted to approve the Joint Resolution, then the final decision – to realign with another denomination – will be made by a vote of the congregation. According to our Book Of Order (G-10501 and G-10502), that vote must be taken on a single day at a single meeting; no early or absentee voting can be allowed. If and when this congregational meeting occurs, we will announce the time and place as early as possible so that everyone can make plans to attend. Please remember to pray regularly for all those who are involved in this process that the outcome may be in accordance with God’s best for St. Andrew’s and for Los Ranchos Presbytery. In the meantime, your elders, pastors and members of the Task Force welcome your questions. Feel free to contact the church office if you have any questions or comments.

Yours in Christ’s Service,

Fritz Westerhout Chair, St. Andrew’s Denominational Task Force


ANNUAL MEETING St. Andrew’s Presbyterian Church Minutes of the Annual Congregational Meeting Sunday, February 10, 2013 Moderator: Richard Kannwischer Opening Prayer led by Richard Kannwischer at 10:44 a.m. Approval of the Minutes: Moved and Seconded: The Minutes of the Congregational Meeting, of February 5, 2012, were approved by acclamation. Report of the Nominating Committee: Led by Ken Rhodes Election of the Deacons Class of 2016: Bill Duncan, Edith Duncan, Laurie Easton, Sue Faassen, Marcia Finley, Gary Gillinger, Joan Gillinger, Kathy Lewis, Bev McKeehan, Tim McKeehan, Dianne O’Healy, Patrick O’Healy, Jim Simpson, Susan Simpson, Vinnie Sollars, Bob Stookey, Sue Stookey, Tom Thompson, Diane Whittier, Janice Wulfkuhle, Denise Yaru Election of the Elders Class of 2016: Nancy Bell, Nancy Longmire, Anita Sherbannee, Amy Guder and Judy Johnson Election of the Nominating Committee: Class of 2014: Karen Jantz, Dianne O’Healy, Cheryl Roberts, Cartwright Sheppard, Carol Springstead. Class of 2015: Al Gels, John Lehman, Vanda Post, Tom Taillon, Paula Zeller. Class of 2016: Dana Binford, Laura Forbes, Greg Marchman, Willy Reese Motion presented, no second needed; passed by acclamation. Motion by Rich to ordain and install; passed by acclamation. President of the Board of Trustees: Neal Wells. Neal reviewed the membership report: beginning active membership of 3,034; total membership gains +190; total membership losses -160; total ending active membership of 3,064 Treasurer ‘s Report- Neal Wells (on behalf of Treasurer Mike Lewis). Our receipts were slightly greater than budget and covered our expenses. Expenses were on budget. Contributions to the Building the Future fund covered our mortgage payments. Due to the generosity of contributions and expenses on budget we were able to add to our capital reserves. Items for Congregational Action - Neal Wells. Neal presented the salary and housing for the ordained pastors: Rev. Dr. Richard Kannwischer, Rev. Dr. Bryan Eckelmann, Rev. Leah Stout, Rev. Steven Good. Presented an increase for Bryan Eckelmann from $130,000 to $133,250; for Leah Stout from $83,000 to $87,500. Motion: moved and seconded : passed by acclamation Presentation of the 2013 Budget as approved by Session. The budget is fiscally responsible. To a large extent we had a “roll over budget,” consistent with what was spent last year as well as income received last year. Highlights for the 2013 budget: *First time in three years we have merit pool increases. *Budgeted improvements for the Worship Experience. *Budgeted improvements for technology (new database system). *Serve Budget is $1.1M (same as last year) Recognition of Ministry - Richard Kannwischer Richard recognized the outgoing President of the Board of Trustees: Neal Wells. Rich recognized the retiring Elders and Deacons: Elders: Tom Brock, Albert Chang, Rick Nelson, David Ow, John Somers, Jim Regitz and Neal Wells. Deacons: Susan Anderson, Carol Fox, Chuck Fox, Nancy Grider, Jan Haskell, Sue Krause, Joanne Leach, Susie Hamlin, Gene Richardson, Judy St. Sure, Elaine Basmajian, Penny Bauer and Linda-Kay Butterworth. Old Business - None, New Business - None Questions/Answers Town Hall Meeting, Wednesday, March 6, 2013 in the Sanctuary. Closing Prayer led by Richard Kannwischer at 11:08 a.m. _____________________________________ Rev. Dr. Richard Kannwischer _____________________________________ Elder Anita Sherbanee , Secretary of the Trustees


BOARD OF TRUSTEES President VP Secretary Treasurer Clerk of Session

Jack Weiblen Anita Sherbanee David Team Mike Lewis Judy Combs


Alix Riley Ken Rhodes Joe Cucinotti Dr. John Fry

James Carter Larry Beaty Casey O’Callaghan


Gina Bucher Jack Weiblen Carl Fuller Brett Sanders David Team


Nancy Bell Anita Sherbanee Amy Guder Judy Johnson Nancy Longmire


ELDER CLASS: 2017 Tim Bauer James Carter Stacy McCullough Penn Post Nick Yaru

NOMINATING COMMITTEE CLASSES: 2015 Al Gels John Lehman Vanda Post Tom Taillon Paula Zeller

DEACON CLASS: 2017 Don Ayres Linda Bertone Mary Carey Warren Coy Aline Farmer Dorothy Gile 2016

Dana Binford Laura Forbes Greg Marchman Willy Reese Amy Guder


Moderator Vice-Moderator Advisor Treasurer Secretary Memorial Team

Sue Faassen Ann Lehman Kathy Lewis Jeff Freeman Shelley Castillo Ruth Gottuso Amy Tennyson

Jan Haskell Pat Kishi Valerie Kunz Ann Lehman Janet Moody Elizabeth Reynolds

Communion Outreach Connecting Hospitality/Food Visitation Prayer Admin Support

Charlotte DeMott Jan Landstrom Dianne O’Healy Joyce Shepherd Ann Lehman Tyna Triggs Shelley Castillo

Philip Reynolds Gene Richardson Judy St. Sure Patricia White Jill Woodruff Michelle Partington 2017

Adam Goodman Bret Hanson Jim Manifold Michelle Partington Karen Pederson Pat Scruggs Tim Bauer

Conveners: Class of 2014 Class of 2015 Class of 2016

DEACON’S FUND ANNUAL TREASURER’S REPORT JANUARY – DECEMBER 2013 GENERAL FUND BALANCE – JANUARY 1, 2013 $19,827.97 Receipts: Deposits – offerings/gifts TOTAL Disbursements: Benevolences General expenses TOTAL

$ 21,414.67 69,881.00 $ 91,295.67

48,322.00 8,398.18 $ 56,720.18 $35,122.07 GENERAL FUND BALANCE – DECEMBER 31, 2013 $ 34,575.49

Phyllis Smith Pat Golden Joan Gillinger

2013 Annual Report for St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church  

2013 Annual Report for St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church