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Always Aloysius SUMMER 2022 ST ALOYSIUS Celebrating 135 Years 1887 - 2022


St Aloysius College invites co-education enrolment applications for the coming years. The Year 7 2025 enrolment deadline is on Friday, 18th August. Should this be of interest, we advise you to contact our College registrar at or 03 9325 9200 at your earliest convenience.

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1 Always Aloysius | Summer 2022

Co-education is yet another chapter in our St Aloysius story, a story of growth and success, where every change brings challenges but also strengthens and grows our community, making ready for the chapters yet to be written.

Principal’s Welcome

It gives me immense pleasure to welcome you all to the summer edition of Always Aloysius.

As I write this introduction, terrible floods are ravaging the States of Victoria and NSW and the news brings stories of great courage by ordinary people in extraordinary situations.

As you flick through these pages you will also bear witness to extraordinary achievements, extraordinary efforts, extraordinary kindness, extraordinary friendships, and extraordinary talents.

The St Aloysius College community is truly extraordinary, but its heart also beats genuinely with the ordinary, for it is a grounded place, it is a compassionate place, a hospitable place and it is true to its inspirations.

There is a tangible joy that leaps from the page when an event is retold, when a story is regaled, when a success, hard fought, is finally achieved. Joy, love, reciprocity - these truly are the foundations of our family, a St Aloysius family, growing not just in numbers but growing in strength and, as always Aloysius, growing in our Mercy values.

2022 marks a significant milestone in the life of our college; not only is it the year where we have celebrated our 135th since foundation, but it is also our

final year of being single sex institution. 2023 will see the college embark upon co-education, starting with Year 7, and completing the move by 2028. Coeducation is yet another chapter in our St Aloysius story, a story of growth and success, where every change brings challenges but also strengthens and grows our community, making ready for the chapters yet to be written.

Our college theme for 2022 has been ‘Respect’. The theme has in many ways been our north star as we’ve navigated the move towards co-education. We have been conscious to respect the past, respect the present, respect our Mercy foundations, and allow these strengths to shape and define our future. We respect, and remain in awe, of the giant shoulders upon which our story and traditions were built, and we aim to respect and embrace them even more as we venture into our exciting future ahead.

To all staff who will be completing their association with St Aloysius at the end of this year, on behalf of all in our community, I offer our thanks for all your contributions and best wishes for your journey ahead.

Wishing you a fantastic Summer, a wonderful Christmas and a peaceful 2023.


Facilities Update

Progress continues to move at pace as we look to be in a position to accommodate for the influx of new students from the start of 2023 until 2028 when the College will be coeducational across all year levels.

The 2023 Preparedness project was completed in April of 2022 which included the following upgrades to existing facilities:

1. Bathroom Facilities – ensure accessible toilets for boys and girls

2. Staircase Accesses – safety upgrades

3. First Aid – to facilitate boys and girls


Change Room Facilities

The final part of this initial phase of works is expected to be completed prior to the commencement of the 2023 school year with the construction of staff amenities to

replace those that have been refurbished and designated as student facilities.

The Roadmap to 2028 and beyond has been mapped out in the College Facilities Masterplan and was formalised in October of this year. To minimise the impact on the students and ensure that all offerings can be maintained during any works, Stage 1 of the Masterplan process has been identified as a complete redevelopment of the Boundary Road site to become a Senior Years campus.

On the following pages are two renders that form part of the Masterplan, showing planned development at the Curran Street campus.

The College would like to acknowledge the hard work of the following in creating such an exciting vision of the College

and its upcoming journey towards 2028 and beyond, and liaising with Council and other authorities to ensure issues were identified and considered at as early a stage as possible in the process:

• College Architects – Hayball –Danielle Langston, Owen West and Richard Leonard

• Town Planning Consultant –Natalie Gray

• Heritage Consultant – David Wixted

• QS Services – David Harlock

• Traffic Management ConsultantsWGA – Diana DeZilwa

• Engineering Consultants – Intrax –Tony Nguyen

Once the Masterplan has been formalised, extracts will be shared with the College Community.

3 Always Aloysius | Summer 2022

College Co-Captains

I can distinctly remember the first time I heard the prefect speeches in Year Seven, sitting front row, listening, inspired to strive for greater things, and dreaming of the day I would become school captain! The little girl then would be so proud of me and my commitment to leadership in achieving this role! It has taught me teamwork, listening skills, and commitment beyond any of my past experiences – for that I am grateful and feel honoured by the community around me for selecting me to fill such big shoes!

This year has had its trials and tribulations but as a Prefect Team we were

able to manage the various obstacles that came forth in Year 12. Receiving this role last year, I wasn’t certain on everything that it would entail but it was an amazing and exciting journey! I am so honoured to have worked with such an amazing collective of people from my peers and the leadership team!

It was the first out of recent years we finally weren’t affected by lockdowns which altered our studies and ability to fully connect as a community! It enabled me and the Prefect Team to truly be grateful for this opportunity which was evident through our never-ending hard work to make every college event, in our respective or collective areas, the best it could be! It demonstrated to us all the importance of physical communication and enabled us to really enact the wants and desires of our community! From seeking public opinions on St Aloysius Day, to helping fundraise for charities such as McAuley Community Services for Women

and the House and Sport Prefects organising events to keep the school spirit alive- it was truly a beautiful experience to see our community back in action for our last hurrah!

As I reflect on the past year, I am genuinely proud of our achievements, and of the opportunities for development of my own character this role has presented me! The foundation of my leadership throughout my years at St Aloysius, and my schooling itself, has had a pivotal role in me becoming a strong, ambitious, determined, and outspoken lady! It has given me confidence in my ability to help the people around me and inspired me as a woman of the 21st century. It has taught me, and the young ladies with me, to Strive for Higher Things. The Mercy values have been subconsciously ingrained in me, helping me to be the best person I can, and these values will stay with me for the rest of my life!


As I depart the College, I will miss being physically a part of this community and my role in this community very much! I have loved being a part of the St Aloysius community for the past six years, it has been my home for these fundamental years of my life. It has seen my struggles and achievements, my highs

and lows – never failing to comfort and support me! The little fiery girl I always have been has been able to maintain her spark and this school has made it a quality not to fear, but one to be proud of, and has given me an avenue to pursue and voice my passions in life!

So, I leave this year with the wise words we hear almost every single assembly, ‘once a Mercy girl always a Mercy girl.’ I wish the best of luck to all the current and emerging students of St Aloysius in their endeavours. Thank you St Aloysius College!


My little Year 7 self always dreamed of becoming a leader of our College. She would be so proud of me as this dream became my reality! This year, I have had the incredible opportunity of being a College Co-Captain, rewarding me with experiences that I will forever be grateful for.

2022 has been a fresh start for a lot of us. Due to the impact of the pandemic upon our community, it has been a struggle to get back in the swing of things. Yet, the new year has brought about many exciting adventures being the first year back without lockdowns. We have been able to walk the St Aloysius halls again, bringing back the school spirit we have greatly missed. This has allowed our Prefect Team to interact with our

community, as we learned through the previous years of communicating through pixels how truly important face-to-face connection is. We have been able to go from classroom to classroom, listening and acting upon everyone’s opinions and working as a collective to organise our fun College events. From St Aloysius Day to lunchtime house sports competitions, International Women’s Day to working with McAuley Community Services for Women, it has been such an enriching experience working alongside all of the wonderful prefects on various initiatives. We have built such a strong bond with each other, harnessing all of our individual talents and ideas to collaborate as a dedicated and supportive team.

Graduating from St Aloysius College with a Prefect title to my name has given me the best opportunity to serve this school the same way it has served me.

I have always loved being a part of our College community, wanting to do every single activity, and this year I strived for everyone to want to do the same. While Year 12 is a struggle in itself, our Prefect Team managed to push not only each other but our whole school community to take action and participate, building on a culture where everyone is afforded

opportunities to immerse themselves in school life, fostering a community of passionate individuals. Working alongside this wonderful team and our whole school community has definitely been a highlight of my six years at the College that I will forever cherish.

As we reflect on the difficult years we have faced and look forward to everything we want to go out into the world and do, we must remember to stay present and appreciate every moment. It feels like yesterday when I nervously announced my Prefect speech but here I am, graduating. Time goes fast and in the words of the number 1 ranked women’s tennis player Ash Barty, “There’s no need to look too far into the future or the past. Enjoy the moment.” And because I’m a massive Titanic fan, I can’t exclude Jack’s inspirational speech where he said “make each day count” because in no time you’ll be graduating too, so take on every opportunity!

I will greatly miss being a part of our College community as I embark on the next stage of my life. However, I am grateful for all I have learned and have been able to achieve. I will be sure to carry this throughout my journey. After all, once a Mercy girl, always a Mercy girl!

Become Brilliant. 5 Always Aloysius | Summer 2022
135 Year Celebrations, classes ending in 10, 11 and
Classes of 2012 Classes of 2011 Classes of 2010 Need to update your details with St Aloysius? It’s as easy as visiting aloysius.vic. and updating your details in the form, or scan the QR code below to submit your change of details. 7 Always Aloysius | Summer 2022

135 Years Mercy Day Celebration

In our 135th year our celebration of Mercy Day this year was not only about remembering Catherine McAuley but also continuing the work she did in supporting the deprived and helpless in the community.

This year’s theme, Catherine McAuley: Boundary Breaker, highlights our global Mercy community’s commitment to breaking boundaries in order to create a more just and merciful world for all; and so celebrating Mercy Day is significant – it’s a day when we rejoice in being part of the great Mercy family and each of us, in our own way, pay tribute to what has been achieved.

Beginning by being assembled in the hall, students, staff and guests were prepared for a memorable day. Julia Ater, alumna from the class of 2019 shared with us what the Mercy

Education Values mean to her and how she is living them out. This was then followed with Mass celebrated by Bishop Terry Curtin, which allowed all an opportunity to be in the presence of the Lord, remembering The Sisters of Mercy and their legacy.

Following the Mass, students and staff shared in various activities and fun-raising initiatives in supporting the community as well as later in the afternoon staff gathering for an auction of various donated items to also aid in the contributions.

9 Always Aloysius | Summer 2022

Fathers’ Day Breakfast

The 2nd September saw the welcome return of the annual Father’s Day Breakfast. We gathered to enjoy the company of the fathers and father figures in our St Aloysius community, enjoy some delicious food and hear from an inspiring guest speaker.

This year’s guest speaker was Nick Pearce, co-founder and CEO of HoMie. HoMie’s mission is to support young people affected by homelessness or hardship to equip them with skills, confidence and experiences to be more work-ready and better prepared for their future.

Nick shared some sobering statistics with us, that 38% of people experiencing homelessness are under the age of 25, and that for every 200 Australians, one is experiencing homelessness. Nick spoke to us about the language used around homelessness, highlighting that homelessness is temporary

and emphasising the importance of referring to people as “experiencing homelessness”, not “being homeless”. He also reminded us that the vast majority of youth homelessness is caused by family breakdowns and a lack of affordable housing for young people.

Since the organisation was founded in 2015, HoMie’s programs have supported more than 1,500 young people affected by homelessness or hardship, with this number increasing each day. The HoMie initiatives include VIP Days (a day each month where young people experiencing homelessness and hardship can visit HoMie in Fitzroy for brand new clothing, hair cuts, beauty services and lunch with the HoMie team) and the Pathway Alliance which encompasses vocational training and housing support, creating an environment of support, empowerment and opportunity.

Through the funds raised via community donations, the Father’s Day Breakfast raffle and ticket sales, St Aloysius College was delighted to be able to donate $1,250 to HoMie. This money will go directly toward HoMie’s VIP and Pathway programs.

We thank the wider St Aloysius community for supporting HoMie, and thank HoMie for the amazing work they are doing to support young people in Melbourne.

HoMie’s store is located at 296 Brunswick Street, Fitzroy.

More information on the organisation and their community impact can be found at

11 Always Aloysius | Summer 2022

Student Achievements

It gives us great pleasure to share the success that St Aloysius College students had with their entries to the Royal Melbourne Show. With entries across all categories, we are delighted to announce that 30 Art and Technology students from Years 7-12 placed in their events at the show’s Arts, Craft and Cookery Competition.

Entries ranged from photography and sculpting, to cooking and painting, through to drawing and sewing. The work submitted was the culmination of the students’ work across the year, and represents their effort, creativity and commitment to their Design and Technology studies.

Congratulations to all students who participated in this year’s show, and to the below students on their award recognition. To view this exceptional work, we invite the College Community to join us at the St Aloysius Design and Technology Exhibition taking place on Thursday, 24th November.

Royal Melbourne Show 2022 Prize Winners


Junior Competition, Decorative Textiles Event Award

Junior Decorative Textiles Best Exhibit

1st Place - Ruby Rudd - Chenille Cushion

3rd Place - Alexandra Frangos - Chenille Cushion

Junior Competition, Textile Design Event Award

Textile Bag, Year 7 & 8 1st Place - Poppy Ten Hoopen, Tote Bag

2nd Place - Charlotte Dr Mauro, Tote Bag

3rd Place - Helena Carra, Tote Bag

Commended - Ruby Thomas, Tote Bag

Casual Wear, Year 9 & 10 1st Place - Alyssa Jandayan, Corset & Skirt

2nd Place - Amal Hamed, Corset & Skirt

3rd Place - Mia Schulteiss, Corset & Pant

Commended - Eva Buchanan, Skirt

Commended - Jennifer Pham, Skirt

Casual Wear, Year 11 & 12 1st Place - Hannah Mahoney, Winter Coat

2nd Place - Hannah Mahoney, Vintage Pants & Coat

3rd Place - Zahra Noroozi, Winter Coat

Highly Commended - Sara Gebremeskel, Winter Coat

Formal Wear or Costume, Year 11 & 12

1st Place - Sara Gebremeskel, Chanel Inspired 3 Piece Suit

2nd Place - Biance Recinos, Butterfly Beauty Gown

Commended - Amy Avtaroski, Corset



Junior Competition, Art Event Award

Drawing, Year 7 & 8 2nd Place - Verona Rider, Red Apples

Highly Commended - Arabella Beaumont, Limes

Painting, Year 7 & 8 1st Place - Ava McKirdy, Autumn Landscape

2nd Place - Lenora Daley, Daylesford in Autumn

High Commended - Sara Soricho, Coastline

Commended - Erika Binyua, Rooftops

Drawing, Year 9 & 10 Commended - Amelia Cifali, Self Portrait

Drawing, Year 11 & 12 2nd Place - Meera Melville, Cow Skull

Junior Competition, Sculpture & 3D Form Event Award

Sculpture & 3D Form, Year 7 & 8

2nd Place - Ruby Coetzee, Ceramic Head Vase

Junior Competition, Photography Event Award

Photography PortraitPeople/Animal, Year 9 & 10

Commended - Rory McLeod, Portrait Play

Junior Competition, Cookery Event Award

Raw Balls, Year 11 & 12

1st Place - Monica Babula

2nd Place - Zara Vander Mark

3rd Place - Emily Chryss

13 Always Aloysius | Summer 2022

Victorian Parliament Prize Competition

Judged by representatives of the Victorian Parliament, the Parliament Prize Competition this year welcomed 670 submissions from students across Victoria who were invited to submit a 90 second video expressing views they feel are important to share to bring about change for the benefit of all.

It is with pleasure that we announce Fadzai Bako (Year 8) has been awarded Second Place in the Years 7-9 category of the Victorian Parliament Prize for her submission It is time to raise the age of criminal responsibility. Fadzai spoke passionately about the intersecting histories, vulnerabilities and complex needs that can lead to young people entering the youth justice system, and the impacts of youth incarceration

on the future outcomes of these individuals.

Additionally, we are delighted to share that Fadzai also took out 3rd place in the Junior division of the ACS Public Speaking Championships on Monday, 15th August. We congratulate Fadzai on these truly remarkable achievements.

The incarceration of young people remains a major issue in Victoria and indeed in Australia. The age of criminal responsibility in Victoria is 10. I strongly believe it is time we take a firm stand and raise the age of criminal responsibility. Australia has fallen behind in the developed world. Almost all European countries have the age of criminal responsibility set at 12 years and above. Young people who enter the youth justice system, especially those who serve some period in detention, frequently present with vulnerabilities and complex needs. These complex needs include histories of offending in the family, exposure to family violence, homelessness and poverty, mental health issues and disrupted education. It is important to note that our Aboriginal young people continue to be massively over-represented in our youth justice system. The United Nations and the Convention on the Rights of the Child state that detention should be considered only as a last resort option for young people. This is because research has found that detention is damaging and creates a situation that causes or is likely to cause criminal behaviour. The facts are alarming. It is time to raise the age of criminal responsibility. Children as young as 10 should never be sent to prison. Our legal system’s treatment of our young people reflects poorly on us as a society. Given the long-term impact which the pandemic is likely to have on our young people, there is no better time to act than now.


Personal Achievements

Congratulations to Olivia Tringali

Last week Olivia Tringali was awarded best speaker overall across all participating schools in the Year 9 on-line Debating Victoria Association competition 2022.

Congratulations to Jayla Nguyen (10C)

Jayla competed in the Judo Victoria State Titles back in May and had some huge success when she won Gold in both the Cadets U18 and Junior Women U21 categories!

Have personal achievements you’d like to share with the St Aloysius community? We’d love to celebrate with you! Please email your story to: Tom Madden
15 Always Aloysius | Summer 2022

Aladdin JR

The story of Aladdin is hundreds of years old, and is one of the most famous Middle Eastern folklore tales; there are many variations of this ‘orphan tale’ but what I like most about it is not only the fact that it is really a story about a ‘diamond in the rough’, but it is also set in the most beautiful desert kingdom of Agrabah, “city of mystery, of enchantment, and the finest merchandise this side of the River Jordan” - and who wouldn’t like that?

Of course, the tale was thrust into worldwide limelight in 1992 with the timeless Academy-Award winning film, which was then followed in

2014 with the hit Broadway show. Aladdin JR entertained us in one through eleven magical scenes, turning the whole event into what can only be described as a theatrical masterpiece!

The College would like to thank the full cast and crew for their creativity, enthusiasm, energy, and time they gave so selflessly. It was gratifying watching them work so well together, all with the intent to bring you a show that they are proud of. These students are a credit to St Aloysius College, their families, and themselves.

Additionally, thanks must go to

Director: Nadia La Velle

Vocal Director: Amber Sindoni

Choreographer: Lisa Callaghan

Producer: Rachel Valentine

Marketing: Madeleine Irvine

Backstage: Siobhan Bloomfield

To all the audience on behalf of the cast, the crew and all the staff, thank you for your support and presence at our sold out 2022 Musical!

17 Always Aloysius | Summer 2022

Year 12 Farewell

It’s been a privilege to lead the Class of 2022. As their Year 7 Leader in 2017 I have very fond memories of their transition and first days at the College and had the pleasure of teaching many within the Arts. Being part of their development and seeing them grow from nervous juniors into strong confident women is an honour – one I will not forget.

There have been many highlights such as the Year 12 Retreat and Formal at the start of the year. This year we were also able to celebrate St Aloysius Day, Mercy Day and many other whole school events which had been impacted the previous 2 years due to the pandemic. Another highlight for these students is their rapport with their Year 12 teachers and their connection with friends. They have all supported each other through the demands of Year 12 and have navigated through the stressful times displaying dedication to their studies.

I would like to wish each student the best of luck for their next chapter

beyond St Aloysius. Remember to take on every opportunity and enjoy the many new experiences that await you.

My sincere thanks to Year 12 teachers, for the guidance and support provided to the students and a big thank you to Ms Bloomfield, Ms Lonsdale, Ms Abelardo and Eden who helped deliver the Nourish program and also worked closely with the Year 12s throughout the year. Finally, a big thank you to the Year 12 Pastoral Team; Mr Needle, Ms Donato and Ms Valentine for all their support, dedication and commitment to our Year 12s.

19 Always Aloysius | Summer 2022
95.55 Maria Eid 93.05 Blaise Segafredo 92.80 Zoe McGee 92.50 Alyssa Americo 92.50 Manasa Chandrapatla 90.70 India-Sophia Line 89.95 Salem Gebruwubet 88.15 Hiwot Tesfay Congratulations to the following 2022 High Achievers Congratulations to the Class of 2022 Congratulations to our 2022 College Dux Kyarah-Jayne Pumo ATAR 96.45 Subjects Completed: Accounting, Biology, Chemistry, English, Legal Studies and Mathematical Methods 10% of students average ATAR of 94.0 20% of students average ATAR of 92.0 20
Congratulations to the Class of 2022 96% Students applied for University A study score of 40+ was achieved in 40% of subjects offered 40+ Study Scores Achieved in Media, Product Design & Technology, Visual Communication Design, Psychology, Further Mathematics, Health & Human Development, English, Literature, Legal Studies and Business Management 20% of students average ATAR of 92.0 50% of students average ATAR of 86.0 21 Always Aloysius | Summer 2022

New Staff Welcome


Hello, everyone, it’s a true pleasure to be a new teacher, so warmly welcomed into the St Aloysius family!

Originally, I’m from Perth, Western Australia, and I’m relatively new to the teaching game after stints working for the government and more recently in the world of publishing. I’ve just returned from New Zealand where I spent two lucky years training and then teaching in both Christchurch and Dunedin. I’m now thrilled to be back in Melbourne with you here and it’s been a wonderful first semester getting to know the students and their families. I’m a passionate English and Humanities teacher with a genuine love for my subjects and I look forward to spreading more of my enthusiasm in the classroom for you in 2023. I love to talk books and films with anyone, so please make yourself known, if we haven’t met already. I’m always up for a chat!


I am a sister of Mercy born, raised, and educated in Pakistan. I came to live and minister in Australia in 2009. The journey of integrating into a very different culture has been challenging yet interesting. I have been involved in diverse ministries, but Catholic education is my primary focus. Learning, teaching, and developing programs is my passion. I have been involved in Catholic Education, overseas and in Australia for over 25 years. Teaching young adults is very rewarding.

I have recently completed a course in Leadership Program in Cosmology from the States and have loved exploring the big picture, cosmic vision, and education, studying the journey of the universe and story of the universe. I love gardening, reading a good book and listening to classical music.

I bring to Saint Aloysius College my enthusiasm for Catholic education, honesty and insightfulness, evidence-based and reflective practice, and collaborative leadership style. I am looking forward to all the possibilities 2023 has to offer.

Jeremy Loadman commenced at St Aloysius at the beginning of Term 3, joining the Arts and Humanities teams to teach Year 11 Media, Year 11 Legal Studies and Year 9 Innovation. This is Jeremy’s first teaching role, having decided on a career change after working in the field of marketing and communications and as a freelance writer. Between 2013 – 2018, Jeremy wrote for The Age and The Financial Review, primarily on the topic of men’s style. Despite the perks of the writing trade, Jeremy decided there is only so much to be said about Italian tailoring and English shoes. He therefore made the decision to go back to University and study teaching. As a teacher, Jeremy hopes to draw on his life experiences to inspire students to push themselves and try new things in the firm belief that we must embrace stepping outside our comfort zone to learn and grow. Jeremy has a Bachelor of Science from the University of New South Wales, and a Bachelor of Arts and Master of Teaching from the University of Melbourne.



Hi my name is Mark Smith. I am pleased to join the St Aloysius community. Originally from the UK. I moved to Australia in 2011 to be with my Australian wife. Since migrating, I have worked in girls education with a year at Genazzano FCJ College in Kew and 10 years at Siena College in Camberwell. I have held positions of Assistant Head of House and Head of Sport. Having two daughters myself (6 and 2) I am passionate about gender equality and educating girls for the future. Moreover, I am excited that St Aloysius in going Co-Ed in 2023. I currently work for ACHPER writing and reading SACs for year 11 and 12 PE and for VCAA as a PE Exam assessor. In my younger days I’ve been fortunate enough to play semi-professional football (soccer) and enjoy riding my bike and playing the drums. I’m usually found in my suburb of Williamstown either swimming in the bay, playing cricket or walking the dogs around the town.

My name is Tamara, and I am the new College Psychologist at St Aloysius College. I come to the role as an Educational and Developmental Psychology Registrar with a wealth of experience working with children and adolescents with a range of mental health concerns, along with young people with neurodevelopmental differences and learning difficulties. As well as proving counselling services to students, I will also be conducting psychoeducational assessments to support students, their families, and teachers to best understand an individual’s learning needs. In my practice as a psychologist, I employ the philosophy of unconditional positive regard for my clients, and I have a passion for supporting people to live meaningful lives in line with their goals and values. I’d like to thank all the staff and students at the college for their warm welcome of me into the community. I feel very honoured to be taking on this role and I am excited to be supporting student and whole school wellbeing and flourishing in 2023 and beyond.

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23 Always Aloysius | Summer 2022
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Always Aloysius | Summer 2022
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