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Ellie Stephens Year 12 Art & Design

Dear Parents and Carers, It seems no time at all that we returned to school in depths of winter and now here we are breaking up for Easter after a period of glorious weather.  It was wonderful to celebrate the end of term this week with a T-Shirt Day and Year 7 disco both raising money for St. Joseph’s Penny and the Caritas.    It would be easy to say that our young people do this without thinking, but the presentations they led in assembly informing their peers of the work of these charities and challenging their views on poverty, tell a different story.  As our Mission Statement says our pupils and students are Change Makers.  If we cannot rely on them to be the future community leaders, then who can we look to?  A future Prime Minister from our school?  Why not?    This week I was stunned by the quality of work our Year 9 pupils produced at the Salford People’s History Museum.  As you can see from this edition of the newsletter they have been working in digital ceramics exploring politics, extremism and radicalisation.  Engagement with current affairs and politics is challenging for young people, but our Year 9s have demonstrated it amply.  This week we also began our community litter-picking which saw 15 Year 7 and 8 pupils head out onto the local streets of our neighbourhood to clean up.  They returned with seven bags of litter and a great deal of praise from local residents.  This is an initiative that you can expect to see develop in the coming term.  I expect our young people to take responsibility for their environment both in and

outside school, it is one of many approaches to help them develop skills, character and values.   In the same week I have also seen plenty of pupils voluntarily attend Services of Lenten Adoration in the chapel at lunch times.  It is heart-warming and uplifting to see so many of our young people exercise their faith without embarrassment or reserve.  These three vignettes show how lucky we are to be part of this school community and how fantastic your sons and daughters are.   As many of you will be aware implementing the postOfsted action plan has been central to our work this term.  We will shortly be publishing an up-to-date report on our progress (all of the key documentation can be found on the School Improvement page of our website) but in brief we have made improvements to:   Our marking and feedback strategies Our systems for monitoring and using data and information Our approaches to literacy Our learning and teaching strategies   We have also undertaken an external review of our safeguarding which showed that we were meeting our duties effectively.  However, we have taken the opportunity to improve our systems and staff training in this area.  I am also pleased to say that we can look forward to a number of new staff joining us in various departments.  For the most part this is not because current staff are leaving, but as a result of our success

in attracting new pupils and students. We expect both Sixth Form year groups to be full as of September and most other years are full or very close to capacity.  We received nearly 500 applications for a place in Year 7 for September and approximately 300 for the 90 places in Year 12.   Finally, I would like to thank you: our parents, carers, families and friends of the school who throughout this term have supported, encouraged and worked with us.  There are times when we might not see eye-to-eye, but those are moments of learning for us as a school – your feedback and ideas and very important to us.  That is why I am particularly delighted with the response to the establishment of a Parent Council which will shortly be up an running.  I am sure that you will also wish to join me in thanking the staff of the school for their hard work and wishing the pupils who are sitting exams this summer every best wish for their revision.   Wishing you a Happy and Holy Easter with your families and those you care about,   God Bless

Ben Davis Headteacher



our school

ST.AMBROSE NURTURE GROUPS We have been busy with our Nurture groups since December,

together to produce some amazing pieces of work with a local

pupils enjoyed a trip to the pantomime before Christmas time.

artist. New friendships were formed and learning opportunities

This touched on a number of skills that pupils needed to call

were developed.

on before, during and after the trip. Pupils needed to plan how they would get there using train timetables coupled with budgeting skills to understand the cost of tickets. They also produced some fantastic literacy pieces about their experiences and what they felt like when watching the performance. We are receiving fantastic feedback from both parents and pupils about the worth of Nurture and the impact it is having to pupils’ mental and social well-being. We have also arranged a drop in morning for parents to come and celebrate the success of our pupils in Nurture. Parents were able to come and speak to key staff and look at the excellent work on pupils have produced so far. It is a fantastic opportunity for the community to come into school and recognize our pupils achievements. We also partnered with the Swinton High School to produce a joint Art project. Pupils from both Nurture groups came


CAREERS DEPARTMENT AT ST AMBROSE BARLOW The careers department has working hard this term to raise

demonstrated this by displaying their door signs outside

the profile of the world of work and skills/aspirations of all

their class and workrooms.

pupils this term. • Year 9 are now on the second rotation of career lessons. • Year 8 Have a Go event where the pupils were able to

During these lessons they have created a job description

experience interactive examples of the world of work. The

for a role of their choice and have highlighted the skills

pupil’s behaviour was excellent and both the pupils and

needed for this role. They have then begun to audit their

staff can be quoted as saying this was a very engaging

own skills.

and worth wile event to have organized. • As part of support to year 8 with their GCSE choices, each • Year 8 and Year 9 university workshops with GM Higher.

form have had access to a computer room during form time where they have looked at a website called icould.

• Year 11 apprenticeship workshops have taken place

com. Here they have completed a quiz to find out what

to support the pupils who wish to investigate this as an

their personality if like and the careers they are most suited

opportunity after year 11.

to. This then gave them an opportunity to research into these careers and learn more in order to make informed

• Zoolab was a rainforest road show organized by the


Geography department to coincide with the climate and ecosystem unit. Year 8 pupils were able to see and learnt about some of the animals that live in the tropical rainforest.

• All Year 11 pupils have been offered careers guidance meetings.

• National Careers week - teachers getting involved with

• Year 12 are going to the UCAS conference and have been

this, including form-based tutorials/activities. Teachers

on a careers information event. We will also have Oxford

were asked to share with the pupil’s their previous careers

University coming in to school and a Year 10 Choices

and link these to the skills that were needed. Some staff

event at Event City.


ART & DESIGN Year 12 and Year 10 Pupils had a wonderful time in NYC. Pupils walked on average 17 miles per day so that we could fit in as many activities as possible. A selection of pupils visited McCann New York to meet with the designers they had worked on a project with in June 2016.The trip provided pupils with experiences that they will never forget. Year 10 Photography pupils have been working with digital coding designer Michelle Stephens as part of the CDDIR project. They have developed a range of digital skills such as photoshop, 3D printing, digital scanning and coding in a series of workshops. Pupils have also visited FACT in Liverpool as part of the project. Year 10 Art pupils have been working with The RSA as part of The Pupil Design Awards. Pupils have started work on a live brief to be submitted in June. Throughout this project pupils will develop their own designs and create a range of design boards with support from past winners. A group of 6 Year 10 pupils have worked with Richard Ruse to design artwork for our school library. Pupils are now working with St Andrew’s Primary School to create a Harry Potter themed library.


DEC! AT ST AMBROSE BARLOW Year 13 The Year 13 students have visited BuroHappold offices in

Lecturers from the University visited the Sixth Form over three

Castlefield and presented their Level 3 work to be critiqued

weeks to present the lectures relating to Capital Costing,

by engineers from a range of disciplines. The feedback was

Operational Costing and Life Cycle Costing. The lectures,

positive and informative. The students also visited Civic

arranged as a result of the BIM4Education agenda, provided

Engineers offices in Northern Quarter and met with a number

students with the opportunity to gain in depth knowledge

of professionals from their team to discuss their Level 3

whilst getting a taste of University life and level of work.

work. As a result of this one student has been offered a work experience placement. Year 12 Engineers from BuroHappold and Laing O’Rourke have visited several Year 12 lessons and supported the delivery of lessons on energy analysis and BiM. Picture: Guest Lecturers from Salford University visit DEC! Students

Year 12 DEC! (Design, Engineer, Construct) students at St Ambrose Barlow Sixth Form college were treated to three guest lectures from the School of Built Environment at the University of Salford.


BUSINESS STUDIES & ENTERPRISE Airport City Project Four Year 12 students are working on a project for Manchester Airport assisting in the development of their transport interchange. Working with the board of directors, architects and planners the students have put together a portfolio of ideas. Their idea has been developed and used in the launch of the airport space. This is an excellent opportunity for the pupils to showcase their skills and with the airport changes over the coming 10 years there will be many more opportunities on offer. They will be given professional references from this project and potential future employment. Cadet Programme and Careers Guidance Following the launch of the Cadet Programme in January, there are 50 pupils who wish to be part of this. During this programme Year 12 pupils have identified where they wish their future career path to lead. Having identified their progress path they will be linked with a relevant business that will give them mentor advice in their chosen area and also offer work experience around pupils timetables and during holidays to enhance their experience. Taking part in this programme will allow them to see the specific area they wish to go into and could potentially lead to future job opportunities, university or

post-19 apprenticeships. The roles students have identified range from architects and engineers to teachers, pilots and roles within the medical industry. To develop careers advice and paths in the sixth form, Mrs Cheshire has started a careers club on the Tuesday afternoon. The NHS, Playground Squad, Peachy and Kellogg’s have been in to date with many more booked in until July. Good career guidance is critical if young people are to raise their aspirations and capitalise on the opportunities available to them. Business Links New business links for our sixth form and school have been developed in order to gain a deeper understanding of the Greater Manchester economy. We are now part of the Greater Manchester Chamber of Commerce and this is proving invaluable to us as a school in the development of this area. Networking is key to building these relationships and the membership of the Chamber is allowing us to achieve this by attending breakfast network meetings for Manchester and Salford, along with attending the Education Skills group and developing relationships with other local schools. This also assists with recruitment to our sixth form.




The Dragons’ Den Christmas fair was a huge success again

On Tuesday 31st January a mixed group of Year 12, year

this year. The year 7 pupils were fantastic and so motivated

11 and year 10 drama students went to see ‘The Curious

to achieve and succeed. They used skills including resilience,

Incident of the Dog in the Night Time’ at the Lyric theatre at

teamwork, communication, finance and bounds of energy!

The Lowry. Their behaviour was exemplary; a member of

The afternoon saw parents, local community and staff visit the

the public commented on their thoughtful reflections on the

Christmas fair to purchase products. Everyone visiting praised


the hard work of the pupils and parents thanked school for allowing the pupils to be part of the challenge and having confidence in them to succeed together. The pupils donated £150 to charity and made a profit of £600.




The Choir visited Swinton Hall Care Home on the 19th of


December, and Ellesmere Shopping Centre in Walkden

completed by 60 pupils from years 9 and 10. 7 Pupils gained

on Monday the 12th of December to entertain the local

a Silver certificate and 17 gained Bronze. Being awarded

community. Everyone enjoyed the experience, and we look

any certificate is an excellent achievement. There was also

forward to future visits.

a UKMT Junior Team Maths challenge held at the University






of Manchester. This involved 4 pupils from years 8 and 9 and they finished 7th out of the 28 schools who participated.


YEAR 9 PUPILS TEACH PRIMARY PUPILS TO DESIGN BUILDINGS Year 9 pupils at St Ambrose Barlow High School have been teaching Year 4 pupils from local primary schools how to use industry standard Architecture software – possibly a world

Headteacher of St Mark’s Primary, Trish Garner, said: “Our Year 4 returned to school today having had a great time! They loved the visit. Our staff said the pupils who were teaching


them were absolutely brilliant!”

As part of the BIM4Education agenda the school has hosted

Autodesk Revit is industry standard building information

three BIM (Building Information Modelling) workshops with St Mark’s, St Charles, St Mary’s and St Edmunds Primary Schools in Salford. The first was a training session for ten Year 4 teachers, followed up by workshops for the pupils themselves. Over 180 local children attended the workshops, which were led by Year 9 pupils from St Ambrose Barlow. The students presented to the children and guided them through the design process using the software. By the end of the

modelling software for architects, structural engineers, MEP engineers, designers and contractors. It is taught to students at St Ambrose Barlow High School as part of the DEC (Design, Engineer, Construct) programme, created by Class Of Your Own Ltd. The school has a record of success relating to the Built Environment - three students from the Sixth Form were the first

workshops each child was able to design a building!

to be offered prestigious paid work experience placements at

DEC tutor Dan McDonagh said: “I believe it is a world first

11 pupils were named Champions of a National competition

that 8 and 9 year old students are learning to use Revit. What

construction company Laing O’Rourke, and a group of Year to design a hotel.

makes it even more exciting is that the pupils are being taught by our Year 9 students - who are Revit experts! Every single Year 4 student managed to design a building in two hours with no prior training.”


STUDENTS STRIKE A POSE FOR CHARITY AT RUNWAY ON THE RUNWAY EVENT Nine students from St Ambrose Barlow Sixth Form College took to the catwalk in ‘Runway on the Runway’, a charity fashion show to raise money from the Teenage Cancer Trust. The event is one of the most exciting and innovative teen charity fashion events of recent years. The theme of the show was Prom and teams of models, chosen from ten local schools and colleges, were given the opportunity to sparkle in the latest exclusive prom fashions by top international designers and high street fashion ranges. St Ambrose Barlow students modelled ranges of dresses from Miss Lipsy, Ted Baker and

involvement, said: “St Ambrose Barlow Sixth Form are excited to be involved in this year’s Runway project. We are keen to work with such a fantastic charity and believe that Teen Cancer Trust makes a huge impact on the lives of teenagers that are suffering from cancer. If we can make even a small difference then it will be worth it.” She added: “The students were amazing on the night and performed with confidence and style.” Runway on the Runway is about young people doing things

Slaters suits.

for other young people. It is about creating opportunities for

The show was held at Manchester Airport’s stunning Concorde

their CV or UCAS applications whilst raising awareness about

Conference Centre, home to one of aviation’s most iconic symbols, Concorde. The custom-made catwalk stretches underneath the aircraft and students had the chance to walk down this specially lit Concorde Catwalk to the flash of cameras and huge applause from an enthusiastic audience. As well as working on their routine in the run up to the event, the group raised a further £540 for the charity through a valentine’s pink jumper day and a valentine’s photo booth. Sport Tutor Kate Grundy who co-ordinated the College’s

young people and giving them something interesting to put on teenage cancer at the same time. Students involved gained experience in areas such as team-work, choreography, fashion design, photography, journalism, make-up, hairdressing and fundraising.



Year 10 Photography pupils are working with Michelle Stephens, a digital coder, as part of their CDDIR project Digital:Physical. Pupils have visitied FACT in Liverpool where they took part in 3D scanning and 3D printing workshops, as well as exploring the digital exhibitions. Pupils have developed a wide range of digital skills using Photoshop through a series of workshops in school with Michelle to create abstract,

glazed it as part of a visit to MMU Art School and applied their digital Radicalisation and Extremism themed transfers to their form. The work has been documented throughout using sketchbooks. The pupils work will be exhibited at the PHM in April. The engagement, enthusiasm, quality of work throughout the project has been fantastic!

layered outcomes using scanned drawings they created on acetate. Pupils have enjoyed every aspect of the project so far and have used their new digital skills to enhance their coursework. Working in partnership with MMU and The People’s History Museum ‘Firing To The Extreme’ explores Radicalisation and Extremism issues through digital ceramics. The yr 9 pupils have discussed and developed their knowledge and opinions about the issues of Radicalisation and Extremism. They visited PHM to explore the galleries to see work of political artists, take part in debating activities and watch a live historical drama. They have developed digital skills in Photoshop and making skills in ceramics. Each pupil has hand build their own form,


MANCHESTER INTERNATIONAL FESTIVAL – PHIL COLLINS Friedrich Engels – philosopher, writer, radical thinker – is coming back home. Turner Prize-nominated artist Phil Collins is returning Engels to the city where he made his name – in the form of a Soviet-era statue, collected from Russia, driven across Europe and permanently installed in the centre of Manchester. The ceremony will be a singular moment in the city’s history. Performers, musicians and the people of Manchester will create an extraordinary live film to bring MIF17 to a close, mixing footage from the statue’s journey with live coverage of its inauguration. The welcome celebration will also include a soundtrack by Mica Levi and Demdike Stare, a new anthem by Gruff Rhys, and stories of today’s Manchester workers filmed by Collins during his year-long MIF17 residency. Phil Collins has been working with St Ambrose since July 2016 on his commision for MIF. A year 10 pupil will feature as one of the main characters in his artwork and St Ambrose pupils will form part of the inauguration in July.


Year 10 Art pupils are currently taking part in The Pupil Design Awards with The RSA. Pupils have attended an introductory day at The Derby High School where they were introduced to the briefs. Pupils will now be working on their designs in school to submit in June. They will be mentored by past Student Design Award winners throughout the project as well as taking part in a 3D design workshop.

NEXT GENERATION St Ambrose Barlow are working with the Comino/Ideas Foundation to develop a programme of events that promote and educate young people, parents and teachers about the wealth of employment opportunities that are available in the creative and digital industries. The project provides an ongoing series of conferences, talks and other employer-led experiences within the creative industries sector. In January a conference was held at St Ambrose and was attended by over 30 employers and 150 pupils from 4 schools across Gtr Manchester. Next Generation was created by St Ambrose in response to the needs of our sixth form, the programme has been so successful that it is now being copied by Manchester and Oldham College.



As part of their studies Year 12 Creative Media students at St Ambrose Barlow Sixth Form College attended the filming of the hit Channel 4 production Countdown at Media City UK in Salford. The students went behind the scenes at the filming of the semi-finals, where they had the chance to see what goes on during the making of the show. The experience gave them an inside view on the many elements of TV production including camera operation, lights, and scene selection. Staff at Media City took time to talk to the students about life in the media industry and the visit provided a valuable insight that could lead to a career in TV in the future.



Business tutor Mrs Cheshire launched the event and has

College was launched this term, offering students the

worked to build links with businesses and individuals in the

opportunity to work alongside Business and Industry partners

Greater Manchester area. She said: “Business engagement is

in order to support the next generation of young professionals.

essential to developing our students into young professionals. We wish our cadets lots of success on this programme.�

Through the programme the college is working with a number of businesses to link students with professional individuals and companies. Developing these links is imperative to helping students succeed, not only at college but also in their future education and careers. The students have identified areas in which they have an interest and will be placed with the appropriate industry to gain an insight into it and also to gain work experience. The programme is available in a number of areas including Law, Medicine, Teaching, Manufacturing and Engineering, Construction, Accounting and Auditing, Marketing, and Creative and Digital.



bbc school reports


on Westminster Bridge. They were: mother-of-two Aysha

On Wednesday the 22nd March a terrorist attack took place

PC Palmer and Khalid Masood also died despite attempts by

where a man named Khalid Masood killed four people in a mere 82 seconds. The police said the attack began at 14:40:08 when the hire car Khalid Masood rented mounted the pavement on Westminster Bridge, weaving along the footpath and road for 30 seconds until he crashed into the perimeter fence of the Palace of Westminster, he then left the car at 14:40:51 and 39 seconds later was shot by a police firearms officer, who was part of the close protection team of the defense secretary, Sir Michael Fallon. Police are trying to establish whether he had been inspired by terrorist propaganda or if others encouraged, supported or directed

Frade from London; US tourist Kurt Cochran from Utah and Leslie Rhodes, 75, from Streatham, South London.

paramedics to save them both. Before the attack he had a string of criminal convictions including GBH, possession of offensive weapons and public order offences, but he had not been convicted of any terrorism offences. Masood’s first conviction was in November 1983 for criminal damage and his last conviction was in December 2003 for possession of a knife. He was investigated by MI5 some years ago over concerns of violent extremism but was no longer


deemed to be a threat.

After crashing his hired Hyundai SUV into the railings in front

Police have seized 2,700 items in searches about the attack,

of Parliament Yard, he burst through the gate to the Palace of Westminster with two large knives where he stabbed an unarmed police officer named PC Keith Palmer who was just

including “massive amounts of computer data.” Approximately 3,500 witnesses – including 1,000 from Westminster Bridge and 2,500 from with the Parliamentary estate, have

48 years old. He later died from his injuries.

contacted police about the attack and their view on it.

The consequences of the attack are five deaths (including

By Jack and Ben – Correspondents for General News

Khalid Masood himself) and fifty people were injured. Also, 15 people are still being treated in hospital. Three members of the public died following the car rampage



from birds that remain housed, from both inside and outside

Recently eggs have been losing their free range status due

In addition to being found in poultry, the same strain of the

to a virus which means that they have to be kept indoors. The

higher risk areas, are no longer considered to be free range and can’t be labelled as free range.

virus has also been found in wild birds in England, Scotland

virus is called H5N8 and it has killed nine swans already.

and Wales.

Abbotsbury Swannery which is in Dorset has seen 80 birds

How many cases have they been of the virus H5N8?

die in winter 2016, compared to a normal 30 to 40 birds that die normally.

The H5N8 strain of the disease has been confirmed at a farm

Nine birds have been tested positive for the H5N8 strain of

premises on a commercial game farm in Lancashire, in three

bird flu. Official figures show this is the highest number of wild

in Northumberland, a poultry farm in Suffolk, in three linked separate poultry farms in Lincolnshire, and in backyard flocks

birds tested positive for avian influenza in the UK.

in North Yorkshire and Carmarthenshire.

Why could they lose their free range status?

What is the risk of the disease?

Birds that are not in a Higher Risk Area can be allowed

Public Health England advises “the risk to public health is

outdoors into fenced areas provided the areas meet certain

very low and the Food Standards Agency has said there is no


food safety risk for UK consumers.”

If they are in a Higher Risk Area then keepers must either

By Jack and Ben – Correspondents for General News

keep their birds housed, in permanent or temporary sheds; or allow birds outdoors but only into a fenced run which is fully covered by netting. Most egg producers in England can now let birds outside if they observe follow disease prevention measures. All eggs


SINNER OR SAINT? This October A Killer is set to be released from prison? O.J Simpson could be released as early as October 2017 with serving only 9 years of his 33 year sentence for kidnapping, assault and robbery. O.J Simpson, nicknamed The Juice, is a former American footballer but he is mostly known for being a convicted criminal and being the prime suspect in the infamous Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman murder case. Did he kill them? Maybe. Maybe not. He was the prime suspect in the murder case of his ex wife and Ron Goldman after they were found stabbed death after midnight on June 13, 1994 and there was a substantial amount of forensic evidence against him. A black, leather glove was found covered in O.J, Nicole and Ron’s blood at the murder scene. The matching pair was found in O.J’s home. O.J Simpson’s sock was found covered in Nicole’s blood. A footprint was found that was discovered to be the same size as O.J’s foot.

This could have possibly been enough evidence to convict him but O.J. had a defense team which included: Robert Shapiro, Robert Kardashian, Johnnie L. Cochran Jr., F. Lee Bailey and Alan Dershowitz. It was found that the evidence wasn’t handled properly and that it could have possibly be tampered with and things could have been planted to make O.J look like the murder. Kris Jenner quoted from O.J’s ex wife , “He is going to kill me and he is going to get away with it!” This statement would have made it harder for Nicole and Ron’s families to see past the suspicion that O.J was in fact the murderer. In trial, O.J Simpson put on the black leather gloves and “If it doesn’t fit, you must acquit”. The gloves didn’t fit him. Surely someone who is rich and probably has a personal stylist would have gloves that would fit them or even had gloves personally made to fit them especially. He is currently in prison for assault, robbery and kidnap. Even till this day, no-one has been found guilty for the double murder however Simpson has been found liable for the murder and he has to pay millions to the families. Unfortunately, nobody ever paid the price of prison for the murder of these two people. But if it wasn’t him, who was it? By Ines and Madison

THE NEW £1 COIN All of us in the UK know about the new £5 note that was issued in late 2016. This was exciting for us and we all know we can still use our old £5 notes until a certain dead line in 2017. However, word has broken out that a new £1 coin is to be released in March 2017, and is in final preparations before its release in March. Millions of the new £1 coins are being made each day and will be put into circulation. Like the old £5 note, the old £1 coin will be slowly removed from circulation and will be replaced by the new 12 sided £1 coin. From March 28, the new currency will be put into public domain but it might take a while before most people get one as people will collect the first versions. The new coins will be used alongside the old coins just like the £5 notes, until October 15th (the deadline) when all new coins will override the old coins and notes. Within the system, currently 1 in 30 (1:30) coins is forged causing the new production of the new coins and notes. The government recommends returning all old currency before

the legal deadline. The returned old £1 coins will be melted down to produce the new version of it. The new coin has a gold coloured outer ring and a silver inner ring.It is based on the design of the old 12 sided three penny bit which went out of circulation in 1971. There are also some rumours leaked about new £2 coin and new £10-20 notes. By Adam and Harry Correspondents of the St Ambrose BBC School Report.

ERDOGAN’S THREATS SPARK TENSION BETWEEN TURKEY AND THE NETHERLANDS Protests broke out in Rotterdam after the Turkish president, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, reacted angrily to the Dutch government comparing them to Nazi’s saying,” “Nazism is still widespread in the West,” German Chancellor Angela Merkel rejected the comments as they were unacceptable and offered the Dutch her solidarity and full support. On Monday, the Dutch foreign ministry issued a travel warning, coaxing its citizens of Turkey to be careful noting the diplomatic constrictions. The warning encouraged people to “avoid gatherings and crowded places”, came as Turkey’s foreign ministry lodged a formal protest with the Dutch envoy. The debate rolled over into the campaign for Wednesday’s general election in the Netherlands, with prime minster Mark Rutte defending in a live televised debate, his verdict to stop Turkish ministers addressing Dutch Turks. His challenger, Geert Wilders of the far-right, anti-Islam Freedom Party, announced the actual problem was that Turks waving Turkish flags on a Dutch street had shown where their devotion lay. “It is essential to avoid further escalation and find ways to calm down the situation,” said a joint statement by foreign policy chief Federica Mogherini and enlargement commissioner Johannes Hahn.

The Turkish politician Mevlut Canusoglu who has been minister of Foreign affairs since 24th November 2015 was due to address Turkish expatriates in Rotterdam to win reinforcement for an April 16th referendum vote on the Turkish Constitution. Over ruled by Erdogan’s ruling Justice and Development Party’s, also known as AKP, these sweeping constitutional changes would allocate new powers to Turkey’s President and alter the way the country is governed. Turkish politicians have sought to address rallies in European cities and towns that have a broad populations of Turkish expatriates, around 1.5 million Turkish nationals living in Germany are qualified to vote in the referendum, according to Turkish news agency Anadolu, but authorities in a proportionate amount of other countries have blocked their plans. In the latest curve of the tensions, Cavusoglu angered the Dutch by threatening “severe sanctions if he was denied from travelling to the Rotterdam rally”. He also announced “If the Netherlands cancels my flight, we will impose severe sanctions on them that will affect it economically and politically,” the foreign minister said in remarks in a televised interview. He also stated, “If tension will increase between both countries because of my visit, then let it develop.” In a statement posted on his Facebook page, Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte said: “Many Dutch people with Turkish heritage are voting in the referendum on the Turkish constitution.”

The Dutch will vote on Wednesday in national elections in a campaign that has focused strongly on the affair of immigration from Muslim countries. Fair-right politician Geert Wilders praised the verdict to bar the Turkish minister from speaking in Rotterdam, taking credit due to the influence of his party, the party of freedom or PVV. The decision by the Dutch was driven by interest that Wilders might win next week’s election, according to Enes Bayrakli (assistant professor of political science at the Turkish-German University in Istanbul). He announced “I think it is a quite a serious diplomatic scandal because Turkey and Holland are allies in NATO and the EU. They have very good relations, and I think the Dutch government took this decision in order to give a message to Geert Wilders in the election. It’s a rightwing populist message. The government is quite concerned it will lose to Geert Wilders, but I think this is a wrong step.” He also stated that “This shows how ridiculous the action of the Dutch government is, in the EU there are no borders between countries. You cannot prevent people traveling from one country to another.” Later on he tweeted that the Turkish “do not have any business in the Netherlands”. By Luke, Joe and Lee





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Spring newsletter April 2017  

All the news from St. Ambrose Barlow RC High School and Sixth Form in Swinton, Salford, UK.

Spring newsletter April 2017  

All the news from St. Ambrose Barlow RC High School and Sixth Form in Swinton, Salford, UK.