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MAY 27th 2016 Issue 18

Our Aim

In accordance with our Mission Statement the School’s aim

Faith and Worship


To help us to grow spiritually as followers of Christ and as members of a C community: to make prayer, worship and liturgy central to school life.

School and Community

Celebrating Years of Celebrating 60 Years of60Outstan Outstanding Learning 1955 - 2015

To encourage and develop relationships between home, parish, school and the wider com in order to prepare our pupils to become responsible, I love comingcaring to workcitizens. here each day.

Often it doesn’t feel like work. We are a Catholic co privilege to see our young people flourishing, to sp Year Prom July 1st ways11and watch grow in confidence. They a To develop an effective system of communications and them relationships which is based every lesson great adventures and stories unfold bor School closes for half-term May 27th and all- member Y7care Conway tripunderstanding towards July 4th 8th 
 Gospel values of mutual respect, tolerance, and creativity. Our equally inspiring staff are dedica school community. June 6th School re-opens person in their care. get outstanding Year 10 Plas Menai trip They may July 11th - 15th re brings so much more to the education of our studen Year 9 Retreat June 7th - 10th Individual Support and Development School closes 15th differently so that every child can July realise their gifts a they are. Doing this means that we are bringing to Year 10 reviews June 13th -15th Half Term ethos of to theencourage school. To celebrate the unique nature of each person and their development as indi

Communications and Relationships IMPORTANT DATES & FORTHCOMING EVENTS

Y6 Transition Days

June 16th - 20th

We would like to wish all pupils and their families a There is great spirit andhalf energy this school. very happy and enjoyable term in break. Please You c Sports Presentation Evening June 16th Curriculum take the time to read the email that accompanies curricular activities, in the array of researchthis projec newsletter regarding our standards the creativity that flows through and our expectations. learning. There Malham Trip June 20th - 24th Yearrelevant 11 pupils and should note that a number of optional A National Teach To introduce all pupils to a broad, balanced, differentiated curriculum and t one is classes left behind, no-one is leftthe out. Visitors A National often School o revision are operating over holiday. New Intakepupils Parents’ Evening June 22nd with the necessary knowledge, skillsofand Christian values required a rapidly ch purpose they find in the school; in this comes fro

Judaism with Jeremy This week we welcomed Jeremy Michaelson to the school to talk about Judaism to year 8. Jeremy was an Education Officer at Manchester Jewish Museum and has written textbooks on Judaism. He is well known for his exciting and engaging workshops on the Jewish faith. Rugby SUCCESS A great triumph this week as our Year 8 team, featuring two Year 7 pupils, beat Buile Hill 20-18 in the final of the Chromal Plating Shield. At the time that this edition of the newsletter went to press the final for the Year 11s was still in play. Velodrome TRIP Mr. Hulton recently took a group of pupils to Manchester Velodrome for a day of cycling and challenges. As well as getting to grips with the track they also got to meet the GB Cycling team.

Assembly Our assemblies this week have focused on the mystery of the Holy Trinity and have asked pupils to consider what it means to them and how it reflects the complexities of life and relationships. In the words of Mr Davies: “If you’re confused you’ve probably got it about right.’ The assemblies were led Following the Big Band's spectacular performance at Rochdale's Youth Festival by Year 7 pupils. In the Year 9 assembly some pupils were of Performing Arts back in March they were selected to perform at the festival's presented with certificates marking their work with NHS.. Gala Concert at Rochdale Town Hall on Sunday 8th May. House Points This term we have relaunched The invitation was only given to the our celebrating achievement musicians who truly impressed the adjudicators back in March and it shows system by offering House Points all the hard work and dedication that they as an alternative to Vivos. Thousands of house points have put into the performance. been issued since the start of April with many forms and individuals racking up large totals. At the same time we also ran a Lenten campaign to recognise and celebrate kindness. Brendan's Big Band Brendan McCarthy(Year 10) is a talented pianist who is doing very well as part of the Music and Performing Arts of Salford (MAPAS). As part of the Big Band, with lots of other musicians he recently played at Band on the Wall in Manchester along with the Manchester Jazz Orchestra. The music they play is mainly smooth jazz.

GOODBYE YEAR 11! The biggest news this week was saying goodbye to our wonderful Year 11. Whilst many will come back in Sixth Form, it was nevertheless a sad day when we watched them leave. On Monday afternoon Bishop John Arnold addressed the year group sharing with them some thoughts on his experiences, reflections on learning and the message, influenced by Cardinal Newman, that each of us has a ‘definite mission’ and God-given sense of purpose. These words resounded as later that day the Year 11s gathered with their families and the staff at St. Luke’s Church to celebrate the last five years of school. At the Mass we heard readings from pupils, music was led by a small choir and the congregation was addressed by Chair of Governors, Philip Royle. On Wednesday afternoon the Year 11s said their final goodbyes and ‘thank yous’, particularly to their Head of Year Mr Gregson, and then they were on their way. We wish them the very best of luck for the remainder of their exams and for whatever comes next. Dec! results Whilst many are still waiting to sit their GCSEs some of the Year 11 pupils who take Design Engineer Construct! have already received their results. DEC is a very challenging and exciting multidisciplinary course that leads many pupils on to a career in the Architecture, Construction and Engineering fields. Of the most recent cohort to sit the exam eight students achieved an A* and one an A. Well done to them all!


OUR SCHOOL THIS WEEK above: the musicians who made the year 11 so special; below: bishop john with the head boy and head girl.


OUR SCHOOL THIS WEEK above: year 11 drama class after their exams; the trip to the velodrome.

OUR SCHOOL THIS WEEK the triumphant year 8 rugby team at the A j bell stadium.

OUR SCHOOL THIS WEEK the year 7s who led assembly this week

Profile for St. Ambrose Barlow RC High School

St. Ambrose Barlow Weekly Newsletter Issue 18  

All the news from St. Ambrose Barlow RC High School and Sixth Form College, Swinton, Salford, UK.

St. Ambrose Barlow Weekly Newsletter Issue 18  

All the news from St. Ambrose Barlow RC High School and Sixth Form College, Swinton, Salford, UK.