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JUNE 24th 2016 Issue 21

Our Aim

In accordance with our Mission Statement the School’s aim

Faith and Worship


To help us to grow spiritually as followers of Christ and as members of a C community: to make prayer, worship and liturgy central to school life.

School and Community

Celebrating Years of Celebrating 60 Years of60Outstan Outstanding Learning 1955 - 2015

To encourage and develop relationships between home, parish, school and the wider com in order to prepare our pupils to become responsible, I love comingcaring to workcitizens. here each day.

You must love your neighbour as yourself: the whole of the Law Often it doesn’t feel like work. We are a Catholic co Communications and Relationships In the run-up to the referendum on British membership of the European Union we were treated to presentations by privilege to see our young people flourishing, to sp pupils in assembly on both the Remain and Leave sides of the argument. Pupils were very interested in the debate and watch in confidence. They a and on theTo detail of the referendum, oftensystem discussing ideasways and asking staff clarifygrow and explain. It is always develop an effective oftheir communications andtothem relationships which is based every lesson great adventures and stories unfold great to see a majorvalues politicalof event galvanising young people to have greater involvement in current affairs. Now bor Gospel mutual respect, tolerance, carea and understanding towards all member and creativity. equally inspiring staff are dedica that the result is in, it is important that the same curiosity and civility is applied toOur what is happening in our country.

school community.

person in their care. They may get outstanding re As a Roman Catholic school we stand for universal values of compassion, love, mercy, tolerance, respectofand brings so much more to the education ourhope studen and we are proud to liveSupport these out in school and in the wider community. I think it is important that everyone in our Individual and Development differently so that every child can realise their gifts a school community (pupils, parents, families, staff, parishes, local residents) is reminded that these to all,to they are. Doing this means that values we areapply bringing regardless of their background, how they voted or where they are from. Everyone is welcome in our school because ethos of to theencourage school. To celebrate the unique nature of each person and their development as indi

we believe that everyone can benefit from our inclusive ethos and, at a time of uncertainty, we have a responsibility to be a place of hope and learning that brings a diverse range of people together. As we were reminded by St. Paul There is and energy in this school. You c in this Sunday’s readings: ‘You must love your neighbour as yourself. If great you gospirit snapping at one another and tearing Curriculum curricular activities, the array of research projec one another to pieces, take care: you will be eaten up by one another.’ (Galatians 5:1,in14-15)

the creativity that flows through our learning. There

A National Teach To introduce all pupils to a broad, balanced, and differentiated curriculum and t onerelevant is left behind, no-one left out. Visitors BenisDavis, Headteacher A National often School o pupils with the necessary knowledge, skillsofand Christian values required a rapidly ch purpose they find in the school; in this comes fro

Ignite On Saturday the ProLife Group, accompanied by Miss Singleton and Mr. Davies attended Ignite, a gathering led 
 by the secular charity Life that seeks to offer women a positive alternative to abortion. The ProLife group were the only school presenting about their work and shared a platform with journalists and other key speakers. The comments of the audience reveal the impact that their presentation had: ‘Amazing presentation on Saturday. Inspirational speakers who gave hope for the future. . . Not a dry eye in the house. Inspired everyone with hope.’ Theatre Trip The Year 10 GCSE Drama class enjoyed a night of tension watching the classic thriller The 39 Steps at the Lowry last week. Visiting performances is part of the GCSE course and the students who attended will use what they saw to inform their own work and performances.

Maths trip Malham 2016 A group of Year 10s (soon to be The annual jaunt to Malham by the 11s) headed to Manchester Geography department was a great success, with Mrs. Grindley observing that University to explore the the pupils were easily the best group she possibilities of Maths. They are has ever taken with her. The pupils spent all interested in taking the the week gathering data for their GCSE subject beyond GCSE, perhaps to Higher Education level and projects that contribute to their overall found themselves tested and grade. The work they undertook was challenging and enjoyable, affording them challenged by the work that was offered to them. Thanks to Miss the opportunity to put their skills into Hughes and Mr. Harrison for practice. leading the trip. Sports Day Insight into RE Thursday saw Year 7 enter into their Sports Day with gusto. Everyone involved Whilst some chose Maths, other dressed in team colours and as staff and pupils opted to visit the university to learn more about pupils cheered them on our athletes the exciting possibilities of pushed themselves to the limit in the Olympic-themed event. The pupils were studying RE post-16. We already have a very strong excellent participants and showcased uptake for the subject in Year 12 considerable talent for the future. next year so it was great to see more pupils wanted to discover what the subject could bring them at university.

New Year 7 Parents Information Evening For one hour last Wednesday we welcomed the parents and carers of our new Year 7s to the school. They were given important information about the pupils’ learning and experience in Year 7. The evening focussed particularly on how the pupils will be inducted, the support they will receive, the new assessment approaches, our Sex and Relationships policy and our Oracy lessons. Many parents were very positive about the night, one saying, ‘Great informative new parent intake evening @SABSalford. One reassured mum ready for high school.’ Success in London The Year 9 school councillors who have been part of the Speaking for Ourselves initiative headed to McCann’s Communications in London to present their ideas in response to a brief to address the challenges of mental illhealth and suicide in the young. They were in two teams, one of which had designed an app, the other had created an animation. They presented their ideas to industry professionals and received very positive feedback. The animation was the winning idea, over many other presentations from much older young people. After the presentations the group enjoyed a celebratory trip to Camden Market.

IMPORTANT DATES & FORTHCOMING EVENTS Feast of St. Peter & St. Paul Year 11 Prom Y7 Conway trip Full Governing Body Art Exhibition Year 10 Plas Menai trip Welcome afternoon for new 6th form School closes

June 28th July 1st July 4th - 8th July 7th July 7th July 11th - 15th

July 14th July 15th

Special Event for new Sixth Form We are expecting close to 100 students in Year 12 in September, one third of whom will be from schools across Salford other than St. Ambrose Barlow. We are holding a special welcome event on July 14th to begin to help them bond as group and make the most of the next two years.


OUR SCHOOL THIS WEEK presenting at the ignite conference (top and right); learning about the potential of maths at university (left)

OUR SCHOOL THIS WEEK the year 9s take over london!

OUR SCHOOL THIS WEEK at the 39 steps (top); the year 7 cricket team after their victory over bridgewater. howzat!

OUR SCHOOL THIS WEEK year 10 pupils on the malham trip

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St. Ambrose Barlow Weekly Newsletter Issue 21  

All the news from St. Ambrose Barlow RC High School and Sixth Form College, Swinton, Salford, UK.

St. Ambrose Barlow Weekly Newsletter Issue 21  

All the news from St. Ambrose Barlow RC High School and Sixth Form College, Swinton, Salford, UK.