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21 October 2010

No. 32

Dear Members of the St Patrick’s Family, ‘The Band of Brothers Concert’. What an afternoon! The sounds of Amy Meredith and the various support bands filtered around the Shorncliffe area throughout Sunday afternoon as 1000 people enjoyed the beautiful sunshine and picnic atmosphere on the back oval. The concert was a great success and I thank all involved in making the afternoon so wonderful. In particular I thank Kath Richardson for her outstanding effort. Kath was the mastermind, co-ordinator and the driving force for the event and on behalf of all the St. Patrick’s College Community I thank you most sincerely. This Friday night another great spectacular event takes place. Showcase, one of the premier events on our Cultural Calendar begins at 6pm in the Callan Centre. Again this year, a ‘Big Screen’ will be placed on the back oval so families can enjoy watching the House Choir under the stars. I remind families that no chairs are permitted on the oval so bring along a rug or sit up on the Callan centre stairs. A bbq will be operating and entry is by a Gold coin donation. This Friday, as well as being Showcase, it is also Green and Gold day. This year the proceeds from the Green and Gold Day will go to the Breast Cancer Foundation. Elliot Schultz, Year 5 is an official fundraiser for the Breast Cancer Foundation. Elliot spoke at the College Assembly and will have Breast Cancer material for sale on Friday. The Parents and Friends Annual General Meeting was held on Wednesday Night. I congratulate the new committee for 2011. They are: President: Vice President: Treasurer: Secretary:

Mr Malcolm Steele Mr Peter Frauenfelder Mrs Lesley Palmer Mrs Maxine Nott

I also wish to take this opportunity to thank Diane Hamill who completed her second term as President. Diane finishes at St. Patrick’s College this year. However, over many years Diane has been an excellent president of the P & F and has ensured that the P & F supports the College in many ways. Thank you Diane very much. Next Tuesday night, 26 October, the Celia Lashlie presentation will be held in the Callan Centre. Celia is a world renowned author and speaker on boys. Tickets are available from the College Office. Next Thursday, the Trimester 3 Co-curricular Awards Assembly will be held in the Callan Centre beginning at 8.30am. I extend an invitation to all families to attend. Finally this week I have much pleasure in announcing that the Campus Ministers for 2011 are Ms Marthy Watson and Mr Paul Corfield. They will further strengthen the ministry team in 2011. Have a great weekend. See you at Showcase. God Bless

Dr Michael Carroll College Principal

Showcase Friday 22 October refer to page 9 for full details

STUDENTS Frank Torrisi A Green and Gold Day will be held tomorrow Friday, 22 October. Students are allowed to wear clothes to school that are predominantly green and gold. The aim of the day is to provide students with a chance to wear something different to school but also to show their pride in their school. Students can wear blue denim shorts or jeans but all other pieces of clothing must be predominantly green and/or gold. Apparel with the St Pat’s logo is ideal. Closed shoes are compulsory – ‘skate’ or slipper style shoes are not suitable. Black school shoes are required if the student has Shop classes on Friday. Students may wear Blue Denim Jeans not black Jeans. We also ask all students to bring a gold

coin donation to support our charity work.

the night. Please ensure your son knows when and where he is to meet his House Dean and what time his House is performing. We have asked the students to ensure they do not move around the school on the evening but are always with their parents, their House or performing on stage.

Year 11 Leadership Retreat Congratulations to all Year 11 students who are heavily involved in our Leadership program presently. Over the past two weeks every Year 11 student has been involved in a four phase process to select our elected leaders for 2011. Next Monday and Tuesday all the Year The Year 12 Graduation Mass and 11 students will participate in a Dinner will be held on Thursday, 18 Leadership Retreat at Gold Coast sports November. We are asking present Year 11 parents and students to assist on the Centre at Runaway Bay. evening with the serving of food and Showcase: Our Inter-House competition drinks. Next year you will be the special culminates this Friday evening with guests and be waited upon. If you can Showcase. It should be a great spectacle assist during the evening please contact with over 1000 students on stage during Mrs. Sandra Fowlie in the Student Office.

COLLEGE DEAN David Gardiner I really enjoyed the Band of Brothers Arvo on The Oval on Sunday. There was such a wonderful atmosphere and it was great to see people of all ages having fun on the day. One aim of the day was to provide a positive day for the Seniors who have lead by example in a difficult year. It was very pleasing to hear the Seniors comment that ‘there is a great feel’; “Amy Meredith were really good”, “It was a good day”. Hopefully it was a bright spot amongst a very hectic time for our students. Well done Kath Richardson. Our Celebration of Excellence evening is on Friday 5 November. All families are invited to attend and share our story and successes in 2010. The list of award

winners is presently on my office windows and I encourage all students to check if they are receiving an award. It will be our last major whole College event for the year and I encourage all families to join us for the celebration. The cyclic nature of schools continued strongly this week with our 2011 Orientation process beginning. Over 200 new students were involved in an information evening as well as literacy, numeracy and music testing on two different days. The young men were very excited to find out which music instrument they will have in 2011, which House they will be in and who their Big Brother will be. The testing will provide another bit of

valuable information for our staff to provide the best possible programs and support. The Student Free Day on Monday was very productive with a large variety of tasks and inservices completed by the staff. Amongst a number of sessions for the Year 5-7 staff was one focusing on analysing the St Patrick’s 2010 NAPLAN results. Overall the results are very positive but the classroom teachers were able to identify specific areas that we can further develop. This type of review and planning will help ensure we continue to offer the best opportunities for each of our students.

STUDIES Chris Carlill identification processes to assess needs and develop individual education plans. This practice is moving more and more into the general mainstream of teaching and learning. Many teachers now employ techniques and processes that first identify the area or areas wherein Learners have special needs and/or learning difficulties. Then, teachers address these challenges with a customized learning support solution.

What is Happening in Today’s Schools I recently revisited an article about the ways in which schools are changing in the new century. Below is a selected summary of key issues relating to this process of change, as argued by educator, Pamela Wheaton Shorr.

The very definition of "school" is changing. Schools are no longer just buildings with street addresses. Schools are featuring more and more in hyperspace, located by their domain names. As well as “traditional” classroom activities, schools now offer a blended online/offline curriculum to support changes in the way that people access and use information. Schools are using some specialneeds tools to benefit all Learners. Educators who support Learners with special needs use very specific

Teachers are also becoming more confident in researching and locating curriculum and remediation materials not only in textbooks and workbooks, but via digital media and online resources.

Learners actually want a longer school day. Students spend extra hours on subjects outside of the classroom, interacting with diverse media,

information services, and information management devices. For these learners the “real learning” is independent and self-paced, unfettered by the constraints of the traditional classroom that requires conformity and consistency in the rate and mode of teaching and learning. If these demands could be met at school, then learners would stay longer and be more engaged.

Learners are driving instructional practice. Learners want access to hardware and software resources that guarantees independent learning. They want high-speed Internet access and assignments that integrate technology, and they will become disengaged if schools do not reduce the gulf between home and school with regard to these advances

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seek professional development opportunities. Our learners bring new ideas and demands to our classrooms each day and they often become the teachers. This means that 2011 will see changes in the way that we all The St. Patrick’s College Curriculum, and conceptualise schooling today. the staff who are responsible for its delivery, are keenly aware of the need to Sources: be aware of change, identify aspects of Wheaton Shorr, P. (2006) 10 Surprising change that can be accommodated, and Things About Today’s Schools, Scholastic Teachers, also, are inclined to support more enhanced project-based, problem-based, and inquiry-based learning, incorporating diverse multimedia tools.

Administrator [on-line] http:// id=238 . Accessed 18.10.10. Reminders: Year 7 Sea World Excursion on Friday 29 October 2010 Change of Assessment date: Mr Haughey’s Year 11 Geography— Response to Stimulas change from 21 October to 1 November

IDENTITY & MINISTRY Mark Ellison It’s now just over two months until Christmas, and judging by the stock in the big department stores around the place, people have started buying already. This year, as you start thinking about your Christmas shopping, why not consider one of the huge range of gifts now available that are not only nice for your family and friends, but which also greatly benefit poor and disadvantaged individuals and whole communities as well as our earth. Just Coffey and Greeting Cards As you are no doubt aware, Coffey House’s international charity project is to support the Just Coffee range from East Timor. St Patrick’s has continued to develop its relationship with the villages of East Timor, and we continue to hear reports of the life changing improvements this project is having on them. You may not be aware that a group of 32 women from the same villages have also been making some beautiful greeting cards which we also have for sale at the school. Some of these women walk up to two hours each way to make these cards and the little money they make from this venture is their only form of income and is again making a huge difference to the lives of their families. There is a flyer later in this Calling promoting a range of special Christmas gift packs available through the Just Coffey network. Fair Trade Your choice of Christmas gifts this year, could either reward and reinforce exploitation of workers in

underdeveloped nations, or they could help to reward and reinforce fair and just working conditions, and allow workers to break the cycle of poverty. The entire range of products at Oxfam shops are all fair trade. If you’ve never been to a store why not check it out at Chermside, Brisbane City or Garden City. Alternatively, visit the Oxfam shop online at Other suppliers of fair trade and other ethical gifts include New Internationalist: , Etiko Sports and Fashion: , Tribes and Nations: http:// , or you can buy some beautifully made goods produced by rescued sex slaves in Cambodia at http:// A greater list of Fair Trade products and suppliers can be found at the Fair Trade Association of Australia and New Zealand at Eco-gifts There are also a growing range of environmentally friendly gifts. A good starting point is the Biome store at Paddington or . If you are looking for books, I guarantee you cannot beat . This organisation not only has an enormous range of cheap second-hand books, but also gives employment to disadvantaged people, and its profits fund global literacy programs. Remember, probably the best ecofriendly gift you can give is a tree or a

plant. Gifts that Give Twice The gift I’d like Santa to stick in my sack this year is one of the range of gifts available which are actually given to individuals and communities in poor parts of the world on your loved ones’ behalf. These gifts include things such as seeds, mosquito nets, chickens, pigs, water purification, teacher training, toilets, immunisations, early learning for Indigenous students, or even a whole stable of animals. There are a number of organisations you can get these gifts from including World Vision: http:// GiftCatalogue/Default.aspx , Oxfam Unwrapped: http:// , and Caritas Australia: https:// Section=Global_Gifts . Vinnies / Salvos Finally, don’t be too proud to get something from an Op Shop such as Vinnies, the Salvos, Lifeline or Endos. By shopping at these stores you are not only helping the environment by buying recycled goods, but each year sales at these stores provide thousands of meals and other services, as well as providing employment and a sense of purpose for the homeless and other disadvantaged members of society. Let’s make this Christmas a very merry, and a very ethical one too. God bless

Mark Mewburn Most of our seniors are feeling quite positive about where 2011 will take them. Apprenticeship & traineeships are waiting. University and TAFE pathways have been chosen and applied for (with good back up plans in place). ANY senior who is feeling uncertain, fearful, lost or simply “hoping that things will fall into place” should be doing something about this NOW. Phil Webb & Barbara Moody are in possession of lots of information on a wide variety of options. I am focusing mostly on the University and TAFE options but also distribute the quite regular “THE END” e-newsletter that is packed with information on Job Offers, University/ TAFE updates & ideas…even some useful General Information that is applicable for all seniors.

YEAR 11 Students: Applications for the Australian Defence Force Academy (ADFA) are open for the 2012 intake. Although this seems like a long time away it is important for current year 11 students to apply early in order to give them the best opportunity to prepare for the selection process. Additionally, current year 11 students who apply now are eligible for the ADFA Education Award. The winners receive a laptop computer with no obligation to join ADFA after year 12. http:// adfa/default.aspx The ADF are offering an information night on WEDNESDAY 27 October at 6pm at Defence Forces Recruiting Centre – Level 11 East

Tower, 410 Ann St Brisbane. Parents are welcome to attend. To book a place call – 3016 2307. More info at adfa or call 131901 Coming Careers Events • 20th Nov - UQ Bay Fest at Moreton Bay – 10-3pm - 34099058 • 20th Dec – UQ Options Evening – St Lucia Campus • 21st Dec – Real Decisions at QUT – Garden’s Point campus – 10 – 2pm

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ACTIVITIES DIRECTOR OF SPORT—LUKE DONATINI Sports Information Line (Wet Weather) The telephone number for St Patrick’s College Sports Information Line/Wet Weather Update is 3631 9080. Please be reminded that in the event of Wet Weather, any changes to the published schedule for sporting fixtures will be made just before 7.00am on the day of the fixtures.

BASKETBALL CO-ORDINATOR—STEVE COPPING AIC ROUND 7 St Patrick’s Vs Iona College Saturday 23rd October 2010 BASKETBALL VENUE – Nudgee College Indoor Basketball Courts, Sandgate Road, Boondall. Note: Parking is available within Nudgee College grounds, please enter off Sandgate Road. TIME



8.00 am



9.00 am



10.00 am

3rd V


11.00 am



12.00 pm

2nd V



1st V


Court 1—Nudgee College Indoor Basketball Courts, off Sandgate Rd, Boondall Court 2—Nudgee College Indoor Basketball Courts, off Sandgate Rd, Boondall All SPC Basketball Players are required to arrange their own transportation both to and from Nudgee College All students must wear correct uniform – SPC Basketball Singlet (current style only) and SPC PE Shorts or Basketball Shorts. CANTEEN WILL BE IN OPERATION AT NUDGEE COLLEGE

TENNIS CO-ORDINATOR —BR PRITCHARD AIC TENNIS Round 7 St Patrick’s College Vs Iona College Saturday 23rd October 2010 Tennis GaMe Details Venues: Coops Tennis Centre, 751 Beams Road Carseldine and Wynnum Tennis Centre, Colina Street, Wynnum Team 1st



Coops Tennis Centre – Beams Rd Carseldine

Warm Up 8.00am



Coops Tennis Centre – Beams Rd Carseldine

“ “



Coops Tennis Centre – Beams Rd Carseldine

“ “


Coops Tennis Centre – Beams Rd Carseldine

“ “


“ “


Coops Tennis Centre – Beams Rd Carseldine Wynnum Tennis Centre, Colina Street, Wynnum

“ “


Wynnum Tennis Centre, Colina Street, Wynnum

“ “


Wynnum Tennis Centre, Colina Street, Wynnum

“ “


Wynnum Tennis Centre, Colina Street, Wynnum

“ “


Wynnum Tennis Centre, Colina Street, Wynnum

“ “


Wynnum Tennis Centre, Colina Street, Wynnum

“ “

All students must wear correct uniform – SPC White Tennis Polo and SPC PE Shorts (all items can be purchased from Clothing Store).

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ACTIVITIES CONT’D WATER POLO CO-ORDINATOR—TIM WALKER We played Padua College this week in our first round of Water Polo. The second round is against St Laurence’s at South Brisbane. Game times are as follows: Round




Game Times 13 Years


14 Years


82 Stephens Rd



South Brisbane

15 Years


16 Years


St Laurence’s College Wednesday 2

St Laurence’s October 27

We are still a little short in some age groups this year, particularly the U15 and U16. These teams would appreciate if players in younger age groups were able to stay and fill in on the night. I would like to take the opportunity to congratulate our team captains for the season. Open: Donal Keane U16: Jordan Sheterline U15: Andrew Deuis U14: Ben Battersby U13: Patrick Keating Transport A bus will operate to St Laurence’s on Wednesday afternoon leaving the College at 3.00pm. Boys may leave tutor group at 2.55pm to ensure they are on the bus; however they must get their name marked off first. The bus will also operate home from St Laurence’s and is expected to arrive back at the College at 8pm.

CRICKET CO-ORDINATOR—GEOFF PAULSEN CIC and AIC Term 4 CRICKET PRE SEASON The SPC Cricket Department has established a pre season schedule to commence in Term 4 and run over a period of three weeks. There will be a focus on a certain cricketing skill each week, with sessions to be coordinated by year level ‘A’ coaches, SPC Specialist coaches and Cricket Coordinator Geoff Paulsen. The First XI Cricket Squad will also be involved. In the past we have relied on holiday cricket camps run over a day or two at Curlew Park. This new pre season format will replace these camps and will give the SPC Cricketers a more structured and beneficial pre season format. The pre season will commence on Monday 1st of November. Each age group will only train on one day per week. Students will train in the year levels/ age groups they are currently in for 2010. This is including new students coming into the College next year.

Schedule: Week





8th Nov

Ball Handling, Catching and Throwing Bowling

15th Nov


2010 Under 13 and 2010 Year 5 2010 Under 13 and 2010 Year 5 2010 Under 13 and 2010 Year 5

2010 Under 14 and 2010 Year 6 2010 Under 14 and 2010 Year 6 2010 Under 14 and 2010 Year 6

2010 Under 15 and 2010 Year 7 2010 Under 15 and 2010 Year 7 2010 Under 15 and 2010 Year 7


1 Nov

If there are any questions about the Term 4 Pre Season please do not hesitate to contact me at At the end of this Term 4 Pre Season Block more information will be provided about Summer Holiday cricket camps and upcoming Cricketing commitments.

Australian AND Queensland Representatives 2010 In accordance with our usual practice, I request any and all current students who have represented Australia and Queensland, 2010, to come and see Br Pritchard, with their Representative Shirt and their story of how they were selected and where they performed, on Monday 25th October, 2010. Your story is our glory!

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ACTIVITIES CONT’D SWIMMING CO-ORDINATOR—SHANE BOWDEN St. Patrick’s Swimming in Season 2010/2011 Swimming training has commenced for the upcoming season with a large number of boys turning out for the first training session. As mentioned in previous Calling articles, Ken Wood, 4 time Olympic and 30 time Australian coach is offering his services this season for our squad. We will be training with him and his elite team of coaches on Wednesdays and Thursdays at his Redcliffe Pool, located on Sydney St, Redcliffe. Please note the training time on Wednesdays is 5:45am- 7:30am. It is imperative the boys are on time and on their best behavior when working with Ken and his coaches. As per normal, there will be Freddos on hand at every training session for our hardest trainers. Swimming times for Term 4 starting Tuesday October 19 are as follows: TUESDAY (SANDGATE POOL): 6:15am – 7:30am WEDNESDAY (REDCLIFFE POOL): 5:45am – 7:30am THURSDAY (REDCLIFFE POOL): 3:45pm – 5:00pm There will be buses to take the boys to school after morning training and a bus take the boys to Thursday afternoon training at Redcliffe. Parents will need to drop the boys off to morning training and pick up after Thursday training. The swim camp this year runs from Sunday the 9th of January until Wednesday the 12th of January and is at the Gold Coast Sports Super Centre, Runaway Bay. The cost for the 4 days is $300.00. This includes all meals, use of state of the art training facilities and accommodation. Over the course of the 4 days, the boys will be training up to 3 sessions per day, plus engaging in a mini-lifesaving carnival, trips to the beach and the movies. Every year places fill very fast for the camp, so if interested please contact Ms Donna Day at the front office as soon as possible. A letter will go out for the camp closer to the school holidays.

DON’T FORGET TO KEEP COLLECTING IN THE HOLIDAYS! SPORTS GEAR FOR OUR SCHOOL! COLLECT MORE VOUCHERS, GET MORE GEAR! We have registered for the Coles Sports for Schools program where Coles is giving all primary and secondary schools in Australia the chance to get brand new sporting equipment – and we need your help! Every $10 spent at Coles Supermarkets, Coles Online, Bi-Lo or Pick‘n Pay between Thursday 2 September and Sunday 31 October 2010, will earn a Coles Sports for Schools voucher worth 1 point. FOR THIS WEEKEND YOU WILL RECEIVE 2 VOUCHERS FOR EVERY $10 YOU SPEND We’re asking our local school community to collect these vouchers from family, friends and neighbours to drop into the collection box we have in the Student Office at school.

The more vouchers we collect, the more sports gear we can get! Just remember to ask for the vouchers when you pay during your normal weekly shop.

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Trimester Three Co-Curricular Award Recipients Congratulations to all students receiving an award at next Thursdays (28 October) Trimester 3 Co-Curricular Award Assembly. Please note that award winners must be dressed in formal school uniform and be seated in the designated award winner’s rows on the right hand side of the Callan Centre.

Tri-Mester 3 – AIC/CIC Cross Country Criteria



Junior School Age Champion

10 Years & Under Cross Country

Pearson Locke

Junior School Age Champion

11 Years & Under Cross Country

Jacob Mohr

Junior School Age Champion

12 Years & Under Cross Country

Jacob Caruana

Secondary School Age Champion

13 Years & Under Cross Country

Thomas Da Forno

Secondary School Age Champion

14 Years & Under Cross Country

James McKeering

Secondary School Age Champion

15 Years & Under Cross Country

Jake Hollingsworth

Secondary School Age Champion

16 Years & Under Cross Country

Matthew Hall

Secondary School Age Championship

Open Cross Country

James Kelly



Name Jacob Caruana

Junior School Cross Country Captain Oscar Ryan & Richard Harris

McCarthy Family Shield College Captain of Cross Country

James McKeering (6th Place) HG Warburton Perpetual Trophy

Highest Placegetter at AIC Cross Country

SPC Cross Country Encouragement Medallion 10 Years & Under

Lachlan Sinclair

SPC Cross Country Encouragement Medallion 11 Years & Under

Connor Philpott

SPC Cross Country Encouragement Medallion 12 Years & Under

Matthew Hollingsworth

SPC Cross Country Encouragement Medallion 13 Years & Under

Samuel Allen

SPC Cross Country Encouragement Medallion 14 Years & Under

Jeremy Gordon

SPC Cross Country Encouragement Medallion 15 Years & Under

Rylie Thompson-Bagshaw

SPC Cross Country Encouragement Medallion 16 Years & Under

Jackson Da Forno

SPC Cross Country Encouragement Medallion Opens

Thomas Bartsch

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ACTIVITIES CONT’D Tri-Mester 3 - AIC/CIC Basketball Team

Outstanding Player Award

Serviam Award Miles Dittberner


Samuel Hall


Michael Lawlor

Ethan Harvey

Hudson Jones

Matthew Weir


Nic Crossan

Timothy Martyn


Benjamin Wicks



Owen Jones

Jordan Humble Riley Campbell


Travis Browning

Flynn Turner


Jack Kelly

Thomas Short


Marcus Ferguson


Christopher Merrick

Matthew Beard Lachlan Righetti


CJ Cruz

Lucas Willmer


Lachlan Cash

Naweed Lateef


Gerard Denkes

Andrew Southwell


David Stokes

Jayden Nolan


Daniel Gerandonis

Jakob Rosenblatt


Joshua Wright

William Butterworth


Ethan Fleming & Mitchell Cash

Sean Campbell Joshua Duke Kirt Myers


Vytautas Milvydas

3rd V

Mitchell McIntosh

2nd V 1st V

Cameron Myers Samuel Lubke

Ashley Fraser & Tristan Anthony Myles Hourigan



College Captain of Basketball

Jacob Hansford

1st V Captain

Jacob Hansford

College Basketballer of the Year

Samuel Lubke

Tri-Mester 3 - AIC/CIC Tennis Team

Best and Fairest

Team 8 Team 7

Indigo Goodall Benjamin Rooney

Team 6

Isaac Cornish

Team 5 Team 4

Richard Cook Harry Jahnke

Team 3 Team 2

Quinn Storrie Matthew Beard

Team 1

Bede Jennings

13B 13A

Alex Kallenbach Matthew Travers

14B 14A

Awtel Power Glen de Waard

15B 15A

Jake Hollingsworth Joseph Chong


Jack Nolan

16A 3rd IV

Ben Lowis Michael McLeod

2nd IV

Kurt Hoffmann

1st IV

Benjamin Hows

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CIC Tennis

Matthew Pelling

Serviam Award

AIC Tennis

Jock Power & Benjamin Seagrott

Trophy DCL Porter Perpetual Trophy Samuel (Sam) Gibbs Perpetual Trophy Hayman Family Shield

Criteria Open Tennis Champion College Tennis Player of the Year College Captain of Tennis 1st IV Captain

Name Benjamin Hows Benjamin Hows Benjamin Hows

SPC Tennis Most Improved Award SPC Tennis Most Improved Award

Saarim Basha

SPC Tennis Most Improved Award

Isaac Blansjaar

SPC Tennis Most Improved Award

Matthew Hall

Tri-Mester 3 - AIC/CIC Athletics Trophy




Les Shaw Memorial Trophy William Lynch Memorial Trophy

Junior School Age Champion

10 Years & Under Athletics

Junior School Age Champion

11 Years & Under Athletics

Ryan Shepherd Numa Cecil & Owen Jones

R D Klar Trophy

Junior School Age Champion

12 Years & Under Athletics

Darcy Roper Darcy Roper, Adam Edgar, Marcus Ferguson

Junior School Athletics Captain Alderman H Dean Trophy

Senior School Age Champion

13 Years & Under Athletics

Joseph Champness

J Duffy Trophy

Senior School Age Champion

14 Years & Under Athletics

Liam Roberts

W Pashley Trophy

Senior School Age Champion

15 Years & Under Athletics

Harald Egerton

Br Phelan Memorial Trophy

Senior School Age Champion

16 Years & Under Athletics

Blake Henley

Myes Rutherford Trophy

Senior School Age Champion

Open Athletics

Brayden Ross

St Patrick's Cup

Distance Athlete of the Year

Blake Henley

Sports Support Group Trophy

Sprint Athlete of the Year

Brayden Ross

Sports Support Group Trophy

Jumps Athlete of the Year

Kurt D’Amico

Sports Support Group Trophy John & Margaret Kennedy Shield

Throws Athlete of the Year Most Points in AIC Athletics Carnival

Stanton Family Shield

College Captains of Athletics

Remy Greaves Liam Roberts 30 Points Mitchell Jones & Benjamin McGee

SPC Athlete Encouragement Medallion 10 Years & Under

Elijah Huxtable

SPC Athlete Encouragement Medallion 11 Years & Under

Will McDonald

SPC Athlete Encouragement Medallion 12 Years & Under

Finn Neil

SPC Athlete Encouragement Medallion 13 Years & Under

Harrison Munday

SPC Athlete Encouragement Medallion 13 Years & Under

Lachlan Hutchings

SPC Athlete Encouragement Medallion 14 Years & Under

Joshua Smith

SPC Athlete Encouragement Medallion 15 Years & Under

Andrew Deuis

SPC Athlete Encouragement Medallion 16 Years & Under

Michael McLeod

SPC Athlete Encouragement Medallion Opens

Mitchell Jones

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Tri-Mester 3 - AFL Team

Outstanding Player Award


Under 14

Thomas Lahey

Under 16

James Ives

Hamish Thompson & Jakob Rosenblatt Thomas Drew

Tri-Mester 3 - Hockey Team

Outstanding Player Award



Timothy Carter

Craig James

AIC TRACK AND FIELD CO-ORDINATOR—ANNE-MAREE BLISS The 2010 AIC Track and Field Championships overall results, Wednesday 13th October. IONA – 1st (575 points) SEC – 2nd (557 points) SPC – 3rd (480 points) MCA – 4th (462 points) Many thanks to Ann Maree Bliss, Rob Morris and all the 2010 AIC Track and Field Coaches for their efforts and commitment in 2010. A special thank you must also be extended to the two team captains, Mitchell Jones and Ben McGee for their leadership and commitment to this year’s Track and Field success. We now look forward to 2011 where we can hopefully improve on third (3rd) placing with greater enthusiasm, participation and commitment from all our athletic students at St Patrick’s College.

DIRECTOR OF CULTURE—GEOFF SAMUELS This year’s Showcase Night is now just two weeks away. The sound of music can be heard ringing through the college most mornings as each House puts the finishing polish on their performances. Once again a great deal of creativity and energy has been invested by students and staff and the show promises to raise the standard of competition to new levels. Doors to the Callan Centre will open at 6:00pm (gold coin entry). All of the action will be shown on the “big screen” on the oval for those who would like to bring a blanket and enjoy the cool of the evening. The program for the day is as follows; REHEARSAL SCHEDULE – CALLAN CENTRE REHEARSAL SCHEDULE – CALLAN CENTRE





Period 1


Period 5


Period 2


Period 6


Period 3


Period 7

Variety Show

Period 4



5:30 6:00 6:30 7:45 8:15

BBQ Doors Open Variety Show Intermission House Choir HELP NEEDED! HELP NEEDED!

We would love to have some students / parents /staff to assist us with the catering for Showcase. If you can help to cook or serve at the BBQ or help run the Canteen on the night please contact Geoff Samuels on 3631 9051 or Page 10


Semester 2, 2010, direct line applications for the Bus Fare Assistance Program and the Students with Disabilities Scheme will be accepted from:  

Online applications for both these programs can be accessed via the following website: Further enquiries to: 3336 9192 or

Applications received after 31st October 2010 cannot be processed.

Have you ever suspected that there may be real differences between the brains of boys and girls and that these differences may affect the ways that boys and girls take in information and learn? Then come along on November 3 in Term 4 at 7pm to hear Dr Michael Nagel speak. Dr Nagel is the Head of Education Programs at the Sunshine Coast University where he researchers and teaches across various areas including children’s development, cognition and learning and neurological development. He has won several awards for linking neuroscience with the everyday realities of raising and working with children.

The presentation is free for all parents and staff from St Joseph’s and only $5 for all other participants. Enquiries & bookings: Phone 3261 2858

Please keep this date free and come along and learn how to understand and help your children through their journey of learning. Maria Einam Guidance Counsellor- St Joseph’s Bracken Ridge

Mooney House Breakfast Moora Park/Shorncliffe Pier, Friday 29 October Time: 7.00am to 8.00am To all members of Mooney Family. Mums, Dads, Brothers and Sisters. Come join us for a continental breakfast by the bay. Do drop by even if only for a couple of minutes on your way to school or work. A gold coin donation would be greatly appreciated. Learn it, Live it, Love it Contact Claire Keane for further Information on

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The Paddies Van is Proudly Sponsored by:Tuesday Morn BBQ— Decker Park, Sandgate 7.25 am—9.00 am

Thursday Morning BBQ — Humpybong School 7. 30 am—9.00 am

Tuesday, 26 October Thursday, 28 October Michael Tunney, James McLeod, Michael Tunney, James McLeod, Niclas Ollikainen, Patrick Winkel Niclas Ollikainen, Patrick Winkel

Thursday Evening Street Van — Brisbane City 5.00 pm—8.45 pm

Saturday Night BBQ—Sandgate Rotunda 5.45 pm—8.30 pm

Thursday, 28 October Leighton Smith, Lucas Cox, Alex Uhl, Lachlan Elliott, Joe Drury

Saturday, 30 October Matthew Podosky, Lucas Wilmer, Thomas Andersen, St John Fisher College

Please Note: If you cannot fulfil your commitment to take part in these service programs, please advise Mr Ellison ASAP.



Fri          22/10 

Debra Phillpot, Alf Messina, Maria Neilson, Vera Woods 

Mon      25/10 

Gerry Polkinghorne, Jen Smith, Michelle Steen 

Tue        26/10 

Kerri Wrench, Carmel Moir, Sharyn Mula 

Wed      27/10 

Leigh Shaw, Bronwyn Hawkins, Stephanie Ingeri, Melinda Pahany 

Thu        28/10 

Marianne Refoy, Giustina Lawlor, Tabitha Baker, Jodi Hansen 

Fri          29/10 

Joanne Casey, Maggie McGowan, Maree Denkes, Michelle Brinkoff 

Lost Property Spray Jacket embroidered with name ‘C. Douglass’ Hat embroidered with name ‘D. Lucas’ Spray Jacket embroidered with name ‘Weekes’ Spray Jacket with name Patrick Squire Blue Esky with a Thermos Flask inside Spray Jacket embroidered with name ‘Louis Steedman’ Spray Jacket embroidered with name ‘Wieland’ Hat embroidered with ‘E. Harvey’ Spray Jacket embroidered with name “Turk’ Grey Pullover size 16 with name ‘Browning’ on the label Lost BMX Bike Helmut Grey Pullover with name Steven Pettigrew on tag Grey Adidas drawstring bag with Smash Pencil Case, Diary and Glasses belonging to Tyler Caruana TI-30XB Calculator belonging to Robert Peredo Yr 8 Hat embroidered with ‘A. Warwick’

Uniform Shop SHIRTS FOR EXISTING STUDENTS GOING INTO NEW HOUSES – Boys needing a new house shirt should come to the Uniform Shop and order size and house colour by the end of October so these will be available for them at the start of next year. One free shirt will be provided and current house shirts in good condition can be sold through the Thrift Shop with proceeds going back to the family. YEAR 7 SCIENTIFIC CALCULATOR TI30XB is available at the Uniform Shop for $27. HELP NEEDED SAT 20 NOV 9AM-2PM for 2011 Back To School trading for those who want to get an early start. If you are available please let me know at the shop or phone 3631 9055 and leave a message. Please also keep in mind lots of help will be required from Wed 12 Jan to Sat 22 Jan 2011. If you think you may be able to help please let me know. I always confirm the week before trading starts as circumstances may change. Last Day for this year Thurs 25 November.

Trading Hours Term Time – Tuesday 12-4pm, Wednesday 10am-2pm, Thursday 7.30-11.30am

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Safe Schoolies 2010 Do you have a student who wants to go to schoolies in 2010 or 2011? If so come along to a free Parents seminar being held by Police from North Brisbane District on helping your school leavers to experience a Safe Schoolies. There will be guest speakers on hand to provide a variety of information including, Laws and Consequences, Rights and Responsibilities, common problems faced by students at Schoolies, Strategies to Celebrate Safely and to answer any other questions you may have. Wednesday 27th October 2010 6.45pm for a 7.00pm start Kedron Wavell RSL, Hamilton Rd Chermside. Cost: FREE Light refreshments will be provided at 6.45pm. Due to limited spots and catering BOOKINGS are ESSENTIAL. To Book or for further information please call 3364 3313.

This event is being run by North Brisbane District Police Crime Prevention Unit and is supported by Blue Light Qld.

BAND OF BROTHERS – ARVO ON THE OVAL CONCERT Wow, what a great day. We were very blessed with the weather and the day ran really well. To all that helped out your efforts are so appreciated, I couldn’t have done it without you. To all that attended and rocked the afternoon away, you were all awesome. The feedback has been great, all the bands loved being a part of it. I will confirm how much we raised for Kids and Parents Helpline in next week’s Calling. Thanks everyone Kath Richardson

AUSTRALIA INDONESIAN YOUTH EXCHANGE PROGRAM. Every year the AIYEP visits Australia and every five years the AIYEP program comes to Queensland. The participants are usually aged 21 – 25. As part of the exchange, we will be hosting two Indonesians for work placement at the College during November. We are also looking for two families who might be interested in hosting one or both of the students during this time. If you are interested or for further information, please contact me Heather Kopp on email at or phone 3631 9000.

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October 22

Green and Gold Day / Showcase

October 23 AIC Basketball/Tennis Rnd 7

October 25 Year 11 Leadership Retreat

October 26 Year 11 Leadership Retreat

October 27 Year 11 Leadership Retreat / AIC Water Polo Rnd 3 / College Board Meeting October 28 Trimester Three Co-Curricular Awards Assem bly

October 29 Year 11 Economics Excursion / Year 7 Seaworld Excursion November 1 Year 11 Geography Test

November 2 Cultural Awards Assembly November 3 Year 8 Science Test / AIC Water Polo

November 4 House farewell Assembly / Year 9 Cr A Exam November 5 Year 8 Core A Exam / Yr 12 Docudrama / Celebration of Excellence

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Issue 32 - Calling - (21 October 2010)  

‘The Band of Brothers Concert’. What an afternoon! The sounds of Amy Meredith and the various support bands filtered around the Shorncliffe...

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