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The demand for the engineering of ancillary systems in industrial facilities is growing exponentially. These ancillary systems allow the core process to function properly, and facility owners have come to place a high emphasis on these systems and their value to the overall production. Our ability to design from an industrial viewpoint, taking into account the harshness of the environment as well as the importance of reliability, provides our clients with solutions that last.


Whether through new construction or the modernizing of existing industrial spaces, businesses need facilities that are operationally flexible, efficient, and cost effective. SSR provides specialty engineering design and consulting services to a broad range of industries and industrial clients. One of SSR’s many strengths is our vast experience in industrial markets. We specialize in many aspects of process design and offer highly specialized design strategies unique to your industrial needs. Our design,





WHAT WE DO PROCESS/PIPINGDESIGN STRUCTURALCIVIL/DESIGNCONTROLELECTRICALDESIGNSYSTEMDESIGN MECHANICALDESIGN PROTECTIONFIRESAFETYSYSTEMSENGINEERINGINTEGRATEDINTEGRATIONCONTROLSYSTEMSERVICES OUR IndustrialSERVICES:Services Civil SustainabilityStructuralProjectProcessMechanicalInstrumentationFireElectricalCommissioningEngineeringEngineeringProtectionEngineering&ControlsEngineeringPipingDesignManagementEngineeringConsulting Industrial Markets Automotive Parts Manufacturing Chemical & Petrochemical Plants Complex Manufacturing Plants Distribution Centers Food Processing Plants Pharmaceutical Plants Printing Plants Pulp & Paper Mills Steel Manufacturers A full service engineering firm, SSR can provide seamless designs that save the end user time and costs. Our experiences in a wide array of industrial facilities allow us to bring best practices from different industries to bear on each project. In addition to providing engineering design, control system integration, and project management services to industries requiring anything from a simple pipe support to new process units, SSR is fully versed in the complexities of industrial specific regulatory and safety standards.

CONAGRA NORTH DEODORIZER REPLACEMENT BUILDING ENCLOSURE Building AirRoofCommissioningEnclosureConsulting&WaterLeakage Testing Leak Investigations Roof & Wall 3DCapitalClientScheduleO&MProgrammingIssueCONSTRUCTIONComplianceFacilityReadinessContinuousMANAGEMENTCOMPLIANCEContinuousRetro-CommissioningTotalCOMMISSIONINGHydrologySurveyingStormwaterErosionGradingSiteCIVILAssessmentsConditionPlanning&Development&Drainage&SedimentControlManagement&MappingBuildingCommissioningCommissioning®ANDFACILITYComplianceManagementConsultingEducation/TrainingMANAGEMENTResolutionCoordinationManagementAdvocacyBudgetDevelopmentScanning CONTROLS AND INTEGRATION Process Control Discrete Manufacturing Control Packaging Control PLC, DCS, & SCADA Systems Wireless ProgramFinancialIntegratedWaterCollectionWastewaterWaterENVIRONMENTALPowerPowerUninterruptibleStandbyLightingExteriorPowerArcELECTRICALMaintenanceIntegrationDataSecurityNetworkSafetyMachineStart-upControlDCS)ProgrammingCommunication(HMI,OIT,PLC,SystemsIntegrationandControl,Guarding,&Architecture&CyberCollection&AnalysistoBusiness&SystemsFlashStudiesDistribution&InteriorLightingControlSystemsPowerFacilitiesPowerConditioningSystemStudiesTreatment&DistributionTreatment&Reclamation/ReuseWaterPlanningAnalysisManagement

FIRE PROTECTION Wet & Dry Sprinkler Systems Clean Agent Systems Foam CogenerationEnergyAutomationCleanFoodScrubbersCollectionVentilationP&IDsTankPumpsPowerhouseDistillationMaterialCentralMECHANICALTrainingLocationSolutionsMobileDataManagementInfrastructureSystemSYSTEMSGEOGRAPHICHydraulicSystemsModelingINFORMATION(GIS)Design&ImplementationMapping&AssetMigration&Web-basedGeospatialAnalyticsEnergyPlantsConveyanceProcess&Boilers&HeatExchangersFarmsSystems&DustProcessingRoomsSystemsManagement SteamPIPING & Condensate Pulp & Slurries Acid ReinforcedSTRUCTURALFiberglassFuelHotBleachNaturalSystemsGasPlantsOilOils&PlasticsConcrete Design Post-Tensioned Concrete Design Structural & Light Gage Steel DeepDesign& Conventional Foundation ReinforcedDesign Masonry Design Wood & Timber Frame Design Seismic Design, Evaluation, & BuildingRetrofit Renovations & Additions Peer BuildingSustainabilityConsultingGreenSUSTAINABILITYReviewsBuildingCertificationConsultingPerformanceConsulting TECHNOLOGY + EQUIPMENT EquipmentPLANNING CommunicationPlanningSystems Design Security RoadwayPortAirportsSignalizationRoadwaysTRANSPORTATIONMoveTransitionProcurementAssetAudiovisualConsultingDesignManagementPlanningManagement&BridgesFacilitiesPlanning& Safety IntelligentAudits Transportation Systems Construction Engineering Inspection Continuous Commissioning®, CC® and PCC® are registered trademarks of the Texas A&M Engineering Experiment Station, a member of the Texas A&M University System, an agency of the State of Texas.



The SSR team provides engineering experts in mechanical, electrical, piping, fire protection, structural, building enclosure, and instrumentation and control systems. Our collective experiences can help you identify elements of the design and construction process in order to avoid potential dispute/claim issues.

SSR provides services that are tailored to meet the needs of industrial facilities. The SSR industrial team is focused on assisting you in four main

The SSR team works in tandem with your construction team, project users, and stakeholders throughout the delivery of a project to eliminate or minimize issues that might impact project schedules. Our organized and detailed approach allows SSR to respond quickly during each project phase.


to develop specific design plans that are aligned with an owner’s project goals. The SSR team includes a project manager who is experienced in the construction process, as well as effective in verbal and written communication. Our project managers are responsive and proactive to help you keep projects moving forward by facilitating issue resolution.

COST PinpointingMANAGEMENTthepotential impact of decisions early and consistently during the design and construction phases can help you avert issues. Our design and consulting experts help you identify issues that could potentially impact projects to help reduce costs.



SSR has the in-house capability to design, furnish, program, start-up, and commission a wide array of control systems and field instrumentation, from a single control panel to a plantwide system. Our automation team has the expertise to engineer process and machine control systems for almost any SYSTEMapplication.INTERFACES•Analytical(pH,ORP, chlorine, turbidity) • Bar code • Dust/broken bag • Feeders (gravimetric & volumetric) • Flow (magnetic, coriolis, vortex, ultrasonic) • Humidity/moisture • Intelligent motor control centers • Level (radar, ultrasonic, dp, mechanical) • Load cells & weigh controls • Position (encoders, proximity, photoelectric) • Pressure (gauge, absolute, differential) • Programming • Speed • Temperature (rtd, thermistor, thermocouple) • Valves (control, 2-position, dribble feed) • Variable frequency drives • Vision systems • System capabilities • Allen-Bradley • Delta V (Emerson process management) • Siemens • GE • Omron • Rockwell software • Wonderware • Intellution iFIX SERVICES & SPECIALTIES • Alarm annunciation • processBatch/continuous/blendingcontrol • Communication buses • Conceptual planning • Controlled environments • Conveying systems • Data acquisition • Database design • DCS development • Gravimetric feeding systems • HMI/MMI development • Industrial networks • Instrument calibration • Instrumentation selection & specification • PLC programming • SCADA systems • System start-up & troubleshooting • Tank farm monitoring • Total system design & implementation • Wireless networks • Weighing systems

CONTROL SYSTEM INTEGRATION SSR’s automation staff is knowledgeable and experienced in the successful implementation of a wide array of projects. From minor to major system replacement, our controls engineers can take projects from a conceptual design phase all the way through final design, fabrication, programming, factory acceptance testing, start-up, commissioning, and validation. PROCESS CONTROL SYSTEMS Our expertise in process control includes a wide variety of industries such as pharmaceutical, chemical, petrochemical, oleochemical, plastics, and food/beverage. • Batch process control • Blending & weighing system • Bulk storage & conveying systems • Continuous process control • Gravimetric & volumetric feed systems • Instrument specification & configuration PLANT FLOOR DATA COLLECTION SSR offers a wide variety of data collection services specifically designed to optimize data transactions from the plant floor to the front office. • Customer inventory for automatic order initiation • Database design & historical trending • Maintenance scheduling & tracking • Process monitoring & alarming • Real-time production tracking • Tank farm inventory MACHINE SAFETY & GUARDING We offer all of the services our clients need for safe work environments and OSHA Machine Guarding regulations including:•Documentation•Hazardanalysis•Riskassessment•Engineeringdesign of safety systems • Installation & integration of safety systems MACHINE CONTROL SYSTEMS When industries are in need of controls for a new machine, or upgrades to existing equipment for enhanced performance, SSR is prepared to offer a turnkey package designed to fit their needs. From power presses to conveyors, we have the solutions for every project. • Machine drawings • PLC programming • HMI/MMI development • Panel fabrication • System installation • Operator training • Start-up & testing • As-built documentation WIRELESS solutionsandprovidenotrunningequipment.remotewhenthatcommunications.whenConvenienceCOMMUNICATIONisamajorfactoritcomestoindustrialSSRtakesintoseriousconsiderationdesigningandinstallingmonitoringandcontrolWeunderstandthatnewconduitandwireisalwaysthebestoption.Weourclientswithreliablecost-effectivewirelessforeveryjob. CONTROL SYSTEMS

PROCESS DESIGN SSR emphasizes consistent communication and professionalism in everything we do. It is through our open communication and teamwork that we are able to best facilitate process design and construction services for plant modifications, additions, renovations, and new construction. Through regular review meetings, we are able to ascertain all that is necessary for a reliable and constructible design tailored for the end users facility and application. Our staff has the professional experience and education to manage process engineering tasks in all phases of planning, design, and construction from conception through MECHANICALFACILITIEScommissioning.DESIGN•Manufacturing•Warehouse&distributioncenters•Existingfacilityupgrades•Foodprocessingplants•Chemical&petrochemicalplants•Pulp&paperplantsPROCESS•Aerosolproduction&storage•Ammoniarefrigerationsystems • Compressed air systems • Explosion suppression systems • Flammable liquids handling • High & low pressure steam • Material handling • Piping • Process design • Pumps • ELECTRICALVessels•Communications•Firedetection•Lighting•Powerdistribution•Security&access control • Sub-stations • Medium voltage • Lighting protection • Energy STRUCTURALassessments•Equipmentsupports•3Dscanningofexisting plant • Platforms, mezzanines, & foundations • Seismic analysis & rehabilitation • Building design • Piping MECHANICALsupport•Air&watercooled chillers • Cooling tower water systems • Condenser water systems • Dehumidification • Dust collection • Fire protection • HEPA filtration • Hot water systems • Humidification • Industrial HVAC • CIVILPlumbing•Boundary & topographic surveys • Grading & drainage • Parking/paving & truck areas • Programming & design of ports & docking • Rail access • INSTRUMENTATIONUtilities & CONTROLS • Process control • Discrete manufacturing control • Packaging control • PLC, DCS, & SCADA systems • Wireless communication • Programming (HMI, OIT, PLC, DCS) • Control systems integration & start-up • Machine control, guarding, & safety systems • Network architecture • Data collection & analysis • Integration to business & maintenance systems

CLIENTS (Partial Listing) CONAGRA MANUFACTURING PLANT FEATURED EXPERIENCE AB Mauri / Fleischmann’s Yeast, BirminghamArkemaAriaInc. Steel Buckman Laboratories Cargill, CIBAChemoursIncSpeciality Chemical ConAgra Foods Dupont Nutrition and Health Exxon Co., USA Harcros Chemical Helm KraftKoppersKohlerKellogg’sHershey’sFertilizerFoodsChemicalFoodIngredients Corp. MinthLucite NomNomNowNewlyIndustriesWedFoodsPet Food Nucor Steels Penn Specialty Chemicals RichardsonPennakem Oils Sanfilippo & Sons Peanuts Sterilizers Services of Tennessee Tetra ViskaseVanguardValeroTechnologiesEnergySoap’s

TILT-UP SSRMEMPHIS,SEISMICWAREHOUSERETROFITTNperformedaseismicassessment and retrofit design for a longtime client who runs a food grade manufacturing and warehousing business. They were operating in three tiltup style buildings, totaling nearly 300,000 SF dating back to the 1960s. The goal of the project was to add seismic resistance to the buildings so that they can essentially remain in operation during the 500-year design earthquake.


HORN LAKE, MS SSR provided engineering design services for the renovation of Newly Wed Foods’ existing 5,000 SF research and development lab. The project also included the design of a new 1,200 SF sample lab which was constructed in an existing dry storage warehouse.


MEMPHIS, TN SSR is providing engineering services for Cargill’s food manufacturing plant in Memphis, Tennessee. Part of the engineering includes placing 600 yards of concrete in a 37’ deep hole, then placing two 20,000 gallon tanks (weighing 38,000 pounds) in the hole. A 250-ton crane placed the tanks.




The bleaching process is the first of several oil refining steps that cooking oils go through prior to landing on grocery store shelves. After the bleaching process, oils are then deodorized, sterilized, and packaged for shipping. An analysis of this confidential client’s situation revealed that the bleaching and filtration system had not been updated since 1976 and the low throughput rate was bottlenecking the remaining refinery steps. The project included the design of a new production building to house the new bleaching, filtration, and processing equipment.



pharmaceuticalSSRMEMPHIS,COOLGLAXOSMITHKLINEORANGETNprovidedengineeringforanewproductforGSK.The new process was installed in an existing area of the plant. Part of that engineering included a new rooftop air handling unit to maintain specific room temperatures (70° ±2°) and humidity levels (35% RH or less) design setpoints. The overall design met with the energy efficiency criteria requirements of GSK. Control algorithms, sequence of control, and P&ID’s were incorporated into the design of the project to establish the efficient and effective operation of the equipment and overall HVAC system.

The project consisted of the expansion of a manufacturing complex located in Minas Gerais, Brazil. The project encompassed the conversion of 100,000 SF of warehouse space to manufacturing bays; the construction of 200,000 SF mixeduse space to serve raw material handling, manufacturing, and finish product warehousing with 10 truck loading docks; new 10,000 SF office building; coordination of process equipment installation; new utilities; and site development including 35,000 cubic yards of grading, stormwater management system, internal roads, truck scales and parking, site lighting, security, and landscaping.


Conagra Brands, Inc. is one of the top 50 largest food and beverage companies in the world, with many category leading brands including Rotel®, Ranch Style Beans®, Roseretta Refried Beans®, and Hunt’s Tomato Paste and Ketsup®.

SSR utilized 3-D scanning of the existing plant as well as 3-D modeling of equipment to fit the new line into the existing plant while minimizing interferences. The 3-D models were also used for design reviews to gain and maintain team alignment throughout the project design and construction phases.

SSR was asked to design a new processing line for an existing manufacturing facility in Oakdale, CA. The new line added upstream processing equipment to create the production capability for a new fire-roasted tomato product portfolio, while utilizing existing downstream canning and packaging equipment. The fire-roasted tomato line utilized new transport flumes, sizers, color sorters, and sanitary belt conveyors on elevated platforms to maintain product segregation and prevent cross-contamination while integrating with six filling lines.



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