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SSM Suomen Suoramainonta

TABLE OF CONTENTS SSM VIRTUAL FAMILIARIZATION������������������������������������������������������������������������������2 YOU ARE IN THE KEY POSITION��������������������������������������������������������������������������������3 IT IS IMPORTANT FOR YOU TO KNOW���������������������������������������������������������������������4 WHEN TO DISTRIBUTE��������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������4 YOUR DISTRIBUTION AREA����������������������������������������������������������������������������������������5 DELIVERY OF THE PRODUCTS�����������������������������������������������������������������������������������6 SORTING���������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������7 DISTRIBUTION AIDS������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������9 ACCESS TO HOUSES AND STAIRS�������������������������������������������������������������������������� 10 DURING THE DISTRIBUTION������������������������������������������������������������������������������������ 11 DISTRIBUTION CONFIRMATION����������������������������������������������������������������������������� 12 DISTRIBUTION CONTROL����������������������������������������������������������������������������������������� 13 HOLIDAYS���������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������� 13 ILLNESS�������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������� 14 IF YOU HAVE AN ACCIDENT����������������������������������������������������������������������������������� 14 TERMINATING YOUR EMPLOYMENT��������������������������������������������������������������������� 15 OCCUPATIONAL HEALTH AND SAFETY OF PAPER AND LEAFLET DISTRIBUTION WORKERS��������������������������������������������������������������������������������������� 16 OPTION: WORK AS A LIGHT ENTREPRENEUR���������������������������������������������������� 19

SSM VIRTUAL FAMILIARIZATION Before your first working day, complete the virtual distribution worker’s tutorial program at www.ssmjakaja.fi, which is designed to guide you in your new job. Distribution worker is the most important link in the chain that ensures distribution of products to customers. Performing the tutorial is a prerequisite for distributing magazines and ads at our service.



Distribution instructions

WELCOME! Welcome as a distribution worker to Suomen Distribution work is flexible and works well for many life situations. Diversity is a very descripSuoramainonta –chain! tive feature of our staff. Distribution work is often Your employer represents nationwide SSM done alongside another job and even at retireSuomen Suoramainonta –chain of 20 local dis- ment. tribution companies. SSM companies distribute city papers, advertisements, brochures, cata- Many young people get their first job from us, logues and official announcements to over 2 mil- and we often provide first-time contact with Finnish working life for immigrants as well. lion households in Finland. Suomen Suoramainonta Oy was founded in 1987. It is a nationwide organization specializing in unaddressed direct distribution. We are part of Mediatalo Keskisuomalainen. Mediatalo Keskisuomalainen is a publicly traded media group that publishes dozens of newspapers and periodicals. In addition to its publishing division, the company also owns four print centres, provides marketing communication planning, research services and distribution services.

Experience from distribution work proves ability to take responsibility, independent performance and physical fitness from demanding work. In addition to the employment certificate many young people get a recommendation from us to help future work applications. We want to do our part to add wellbeing to our society and we are involved yearly in different charity campaigns. We strive to minimize environmental hazards and we work responsibly regarding to waste treatment and recycling.


TAKE A LOOK AT THE INSTRUCTIONS The SSM-chain is nationwide in its industry as the market leader. This is based on good reputa- This guide will give you instructions and tips how tion and trust, which has been the result of many to handle the distribution. You will also find information about payroll and other issues related to years of work. distribution work. We hope that you, as a new employee, will help us to maintain and strengthen our position as we We believe that these guidelines will help you in managing your work and your work related matters. compete for the quality of distribution. COMMON VALUES GUIDE OUR OPERATIONS If you find something unclear after getting acquainted with the guides, or later you will find othWe work reliably, transparently and objectively er things that may be needed during your work, with our customers, partners and our staff. Our you can always contact us and ask for advice. staffing responsibilities are guided by common values, accountability, trust and flexibility. The distribution worker is our main link and our resource. We appreciate the skills and problem solving of our employees.



• P eople look forward to receiving the magazines and adverts you distribute.

• 8 0% of households read through the papers and ads and also save them.

• O ur customers expect the mail to be distri-

buted on the agreed time in the agreed area.

• We are liable for any failures in distributions

day, you can start sorting already on Tuesday to share the workload. If your district grows due to new houses and you are unable to finish distirbutions within the legal time limits, contact your supervisor immediately. Following the right distirbution time is very important to our customers. Even if the products are delivered to you well before the distribution day, you are not allowed to start distributig before the morning of that distribution day.

Material distributed in the wrong time causes several phone calls and extra work in our office. This will deteriorate the company´s reputation YOUR JOB IS and we may lose our clients. We also have to Your job is to distribute ads, newsletters, mag- compensate them for the work done badly. azines, catalogs, and product samples for every home in your distribution area within a specified Public holidays might affect distribution days. If time. Sorting and handling the products is a part a public holiday occurs on a distribution day, the distribution might be changed to a date before of the distribution job. the public holiday, or the next weekday. Changes WHEN TO DISTRIBUTE in distribution days will be informed beforehand. We have 1-2 distribution days: Wednesday (and Saturday). Distribution is to be finished before 21.00 each distribution day. For employees under the age of 15, the distributions should be executed between 8:00-20:00. You are allowed to work for two hours on school days and together with the school day you may not exceed eight hours per day. Please notice that if you have a lot of ads to distribute on Wednes-



• P eople will go to buy the product too

• The customer will lose revenue • P roduct on sale will remain unsold on the

early before the offers are effective

• Goods are not in the shop yet • C ash register coding has not been done for the product on sale

• H e effectiveness of the ad will drop – people will forget about the offer


store shelf

• P eople in your district will not get the product on sale because the offer has expired or the product is sold out

• A n important notice will not reach the people or reaches them too late

Distribution instructions

© 2014 Suomen Suoramainonta Oy, Janton Oy, Affecto Oy

YOUR DISTRIBUTION AREA Familiarize yourself with the map of your area. It shows you the borders of your area. All the houses, doors and mailboxes within the borders belong to your distribution area.

Should there be any issues requiring special attention in your area, there will be an area details-sheet attached to your map. Read the area details carefully each time. There might be changes. A LOT TO LEARN IN THE BEGINNING

If the map seems to be unclear to you and you are not sure about your own distribution area, please call our office or send an e-mail to us and ask for further information before you start your route.

When you first start distributing you should keep in mind a learning curve; executing the distributions will take significantly more time in the beginning than later on after you`ve learned the job.

Never cross the borders of your area because then you would be distributing ads to the same addresses as your co-distribution worker and you will run out of your own material.

Sorting the ads will soon become a routine and you will learn to handle them quickly. The first few times the actual distributions will also take more time, because you will have to learn the borders of your area and design an efficient route for the distributions. When the area becomes familiar, the work goes faster.

If the area line runs along a road, distribute only to the side inside of your own area marked in the map. Always keep the map with you until you have learned it by heart. Inform the office if any changes take place in your area, for instance new houses being built or changes in the amount of “no ads” signs in households etc.

If you need any assistance or help with your work, you can always contact us.


SSM Suomen Suoramainonta DELIVERY OF THE PRODUCTS Distribution products are delivered to the distribution worker’s home. Detailed information about distribution times and about checking your distribution products with the covering letter will be sent to you by your own distribution company on a separate leaflet. In the same section you will also find all the necessary contact information. Please check the products immediately after you have received them and please notify us if there are any defects or other fails in the delivery.

and sometimes other types of newsletters may also be distributed to no-ads- households. CHECK PRODUCT DELIVERY If you are missing any products that your covering letter shows for future distribution, please report any defects immediately to us. We will deliver the missing products to you as soon as possible.

WHAT TO DO IF THE DRIVER DOESN’T SHOW UP? Call us immediately, do not wait until the evening of the distribution day. For example, the driver may have taken the products to a wrong address. Notification made in time will save the situation and the products can be delivered in time. NOTICE THE INFO SHEETS AND THE COVERING LETTER After all the distribution products have been delivered to you, the driver will leave you a covering letter with the ads. It shows what ads you should distribute in your area. You will also be able to check your salary later in the letter. Please notice that the covering letter may have separate distribution instructions and information, and therefore should be read carefully. Not all ads are always distributed to all households,


If you have extra products, please call us and let us know. A similar amount may be missing from another delivery. EXTRA PRODUCTS All extra products should be collected in a bundle and returned with the next delivery. Take the bundle to the same location where the driver will deliver the next distribution products shortly before the next delivery. If more than 5 distribution bundles are left over on one distribution area, please let us know about it separately. The number of no-adshouseholds in the area may have changed, so it is important to update the number of households to be distributed.

Distribution instructions In any case, extra products may not be put to any household waste or paper boxes. Residents may think that you have not done your job and notify our customers. With centralized waste sorting and recycling time, we take responsibility for the environmental impact of our operations.

SORTING Distributions almost always contains many dif- If your area has products that can only be brought ferent products. In order to make the distribu- to you in the morning of that distribution day, it’s usually reasonable to sort the products that were tion, the ads will have to be sorted first. brought to you earlier beforehand separately. When the sorting is done carefully, the distribu- When you have all of your products, it’s easy and tion is easy to complete. fast to handle those presorted bundles. Reserve enough time for the sorting. Learning the right technique will help you process the products faster. There are lots of different ways to sort the papers, so try them out and figure which is the most suitable for you. If the sorting feels difficult even after training, please ask your superior for more guidance for this.

Also when there is over 10 different adverts, you can try two round sorting technique. First sort like normal 5 to 8 adverts nested. After this you can sort that bundle in between a fitting product i.e. city paper.

You can get instructions for the sorting from your superior and on our website. You can also find instruction videos on Youtube with the search phrase “mainosten lajittelu”. The right technique makes your work easier and much faster.




If you live in an apartment building, bring the items inside soon as possible. When moving the products, pay attention to the proper lifting technique. Bend your knees and keep your back straight. According to work safety protocols, under 18 year old girl is allowed to lift 15 kg weight at once. Safety limit for boys is 20 kg. If there’s more than one distribution worker living in the same staircase, make sure that only take your own ads, marked with your area number.


2. CHECK THE COVERING LETTER Check that you have all your ads and papers. If some ads are missing or there are too many, let us know immediately. Read the covering letters on the bundles careful, so that if there´s any special distributions e.g. only to small household (= row houses and detached houses) you can plan your distribution route correctly and don´t run out of products.

3. OPEN THE BUNDLES Place all of the ads on a table in a way that you can reach them all while staying in one place. Organize the heavies adverts close to you and lighter adverts on the sides. Notice that the printing ink stains easily. Cover the table you are using to sort. Pay attention to the surface you are using for the sorting: sorting on the floor is difficult and ergonomically a bad idea.



Distribution instructions 4. SORTING Take one of each advert and place them between the centerfold of one of magazines or on the unfolded magazine. Do not put small ads between the magazine pages, there they might not be noticed at all.


5. UNFOLDED PAPERS The papers in the picture below are unfolded (5a). Collect the other ads and papers on top of the unfolded papers (5b) and fold the paper to form a neat bundle. Stack the finished bundles in a separate stack (5c). If there is more than one product unfolded, stack them first and collect other products on them. Finally fold all unfolded papers in the same time to create a cover for the bundle.

DISTRIBUTION AIDS To facilitate the distribution work, it’s possible to obtain for example, bags or trolleys. You can borrow some work equipment from us, just ask your employer. If you live in an apartment building, be aware that the trolley should be stored properly in a suitable place (not in the stairwell). If any of your tools break down, return it for repair. At the same time you will get a new bag or trolley.


SSM Suomen Suoramainonta ACCESS TO HOUSES AND STAIRS KEYS AND DOORCODES For apartment buildings with stairwell doors locked, you can get the paper distribution keys and / or door codes from the office. Never give keys or doorcodes to outsiders, or add tags to the key.

BUZZER HOUSES If you have a locked door in your area and you don’t have the key, you can call the buzzer. After you called the buzzer, wait for a while. If the door is not opened, you can also call other buzzers, one at a time. Do not call the buzzers after the end of the distribution time, that is after 21.00.

In such day when you are unable to execute your disribution work, the delivery of keys to your area Most apartment buildings staircases are open replacement should always be agreed with your until around 18.00-20.00, so it is good to try to supervisor. distribute the area before that. OTHER LOCKED HOUSES Your distribution area may also include apartment buildings for which we don’t have paper distribution key (for example, new houses where people are just moving in). If you are not able to complete your distribution work because of a locked door, please report the problem to the office and the same time contact information for the house manager or property manager in order to be able to request keys / door codes. This information usually reads in the label on the front door or the notice board. In addition, it is important to remember that distribution can´t be performed in any circumstances by leaving distribution bundles beside the front door or in the stairway. If you can’t reach the mail slots, contact us as soon as possible.


DOOR PHONES Some apartment buildings have a door phone at the bottom door. Press the button on the door phone like a buzzer, and wait a while. When a resident answers, introduce yourself politely, for example: “A magazine distributor here, could you open the door?”. If there is no answer, you can try other buttons, one at a time. Do not call the door phones after the end of the delivery time, that is after 21.00.

Distribution instructions

Remember to close the mailboxes after distribution

DURING THE DISTRIBUTION REMEMBER TIDINESS Walk in the yards minding the lawns and plantings. EI MAINOKSIA!

Gather with you all the trash that comes from distribution. Keep your own yards and stairwells clear of bundling straps and plastics. Be careful with walls and lightswitches, printing ink in your hands stains easily.

EI MAINOKSIA/NO ADVERTS -SIGN If a mailbox or slot has written ”ei mainoksia(no adverts)” or ”ei ilmaisjakelua(no free papers)” on it, you don’t distribute anything in that box/slot. There are however exceptions. Your distribution area may have exceptional distribution for some product. You will find information for that in your distribution company’s own info leaflet, which you will get with this guide book.

If the mailbox is full and no one is clearly taking care of it, you don´t have to fill it anymore.

DON’T LEAVE THE PRODUCTS HANGING Push the papers and adverts all the way through the mailboxes/slots, so that nothing shows of the adverts. Adverts left hanging out tell thieves that no one is at home.

GOOD TIPS DOOR/MAIL BOX HAS TWO NAMES If the door/mail box has two names, you still distribute only one bundle of products.

COMPANIES If there are companies in your distribution area, you should only distribute there if there’s a separate notification about it in your covering letter or in your area’s information. If you don’t receive any specific instructions about distributions to companies, distribute only to households.

When distributing to apartment houses, you can leave your bag downstairs and take with you only the amount that goes to that specific part of the building. If you’re distributing to a building with an elevator: It’s easier to start from the top and continue down the stairs. If you’re distributing to a building without an elevator: Start from the bottom. As you’re going up the amount of bundles decreases and you will get a brief break between the floors.


SSM Suomen Suoramainonta DISTRIBUTION CONFIRMATION You must make a confirmation after each distribution. It is a normal part of the distribution process to confirm each stage of the job. It is required for the salary. Confirmation is also essential to protect you under the law; it notifies the distribution company the time when you have finished your work. If you do not confirm your distribution, it may be considered a sign of a job not done. If you are unable to confirm your distribution, inform us right away. Never just leave your distribution unconfirmed. INTERNET It is free to confirm the distribution on the Internet at: www.jakelukuittaus.fi There are two mandatory fields on the form, Jakopäivä/Distribution date and Jakopiirin tunnus/Runner area number. You can choose the distribution date from the calendar in the form. Runner area has to be typed in a certain form, for A picture of the online confirmation form example 04_1234. If you do not have your own Runner ID, leave the field unfilled. Please indicate how many entire distribution bundles were left over and if there were any shortages in delivery. You can give details of defects or other important If you have something to report about the distribution, for example changed door code, you things in the comment field. can write about it in your message after the word After you have filled the form send it by clicking Ok. For example: “Ok, Meritullinkatu 7 door code the Tallenna/Save button. If you have more didn’t work.” than one area repeat as mentioned above. You If you don´t remember to confirm after the can only confirm one area at a time. distribution, our system will automatically send a reminder text message about the conSMS firmation. If you don’t have access to internet, you can also confirm the distribution by sending a text message Ok after the distribution to number 050 9020 040. Confirming with text message costs your mobile operators fee for text message. Text message has to be sent from the number which you have given to us. Otherwise our system doesn´t recognize you.


After the reminder you can confirm the distribution as normal with the internet form, or replying to the message according to it’s instructions. Confirmation number is reserved for distribution confirmations by SMS only. The number cannot be called and only confirmation messages may be sent to it. In other cases, such as sick leaves or missing distribution products, you must always contact your distribution office in the way you are advised.

Distribution instructions DISTRIBUTION CONTROL


We do phone interviews and internet surveys for When you want to take a holiday, ask about it our customers to find out if the residents have re- well before, at least two weeks beforehand. Let ceived their adverts and if they read them. us know the duration of your holiday and the day you´ll be back. We will accept holidays if possible. In these check ups we also make sure that the products are distributed in time. The residents in- If your holiday is very important, you can find form us very easily if they missed a waited advert. and suggest a substitute distribution worker to replace you (tell us the name, address, and Situation, where the magazine or leaflet hasn’t phone number of the person). Particularly during been distributed at all or it’s been distributed at school holidays you should prepare to find your wrong time or in bad shape, we call it a distribu- own replacement, because we can´t offer holition disorder. days to everyone at the same time. If some distribution area has a distribution disorder, that area’s distribution worker will be contacted, so we can sort out why the distribution was not completed.

If there are distribution keys for your area, you have to return them to the employer (or give them to your own substitute) before leaving. You can’t start your holiday without returning your keys back to us or passing them on to Reason might be that the mail box is in a diffi- the person who is going to take care of the area cult location or that the mail slot has something during your holiday. written on it that you might not understand. Remember that difficulties during the delivery have to be informed immediately or with the delivery confirmation, so we can react to them in time. Part of sorting out these distribution disorders is so called after distributions, which means completing the distribution after you’ve been informed about the addresses with problems. By doing this, we fulfill our distribution promise to our customers, and make sure that the same addresses don’t come up again. Repeated distribution disorders might at worst lead to terminating the distribution worker’s contract. COMPENSATION LIABILITY If you intentionally destroy or sabotage the products, you will be held liable. Additionally that is a sufficient reason to terminate your contract. By working carefully and informing us about every problem during distributions you can avoid misunderstandings.


SSM Suomen Suoramainonta ILLNESS If you fall ill and feel that you can’t work or can’t complete your distibution, contact your superior immediately, so that the required measures can be arranged to complete your distribution. Illness is to be informed in the first instance by phone. If you can’t reach your superior by calling, leave a message. PROVIDE A SICK LEAVE CERTIFICATE After you’ve informed about your illness, you need to acquire a doctor’s or nurse’s certificate about your incapacity for work, so called sick leave certificate. The certificate has to be brought to your superior immediately after the doctor or nurse has given his/hers statement. It is required so that your superior can grant you sick leave. You will also get your salary during the sick leave by the certificate. Law regulated occupational health service is preventing health dangers and harms ensuing from work. Providing medical care is voluntary for the employer. Law regulated occupational health service includes i.e. statements for the employer, providing information, guiding and counseling. You can also use your city’s public health care, so The aim is to promote and maintain our employyou can book an appointment to the health care ees health, ability to work and safety. Mehiläinen center. If that is closed, contact the hospital’s on is our partner in these services. call duty. IF YOU HAVE AN ACCIDENT If you have expenses from using public health care while getting the proof of your incapacity If you have an accident when you’re working, into work, arrange the compensation with your su- form your superior immediately. After you have perior. We do not compensate for private health informed, your superior will make a notice to the care’s expenses. insurance company (If ) and will give you an insurance certificate. OCCUPATIONAL HEALTH SERVICE PREVENTS The certificate will authorize the medical estabOccupational health service is meant to promote lishment and the doctor to send the bill from the safe and healthy way of work and prevent health work related incident and treatment expenses straight to the insurance company. hazards, work related diseases and accidents. If you are a student, you can ask for the sick leave certificate from your school nurse or from the student health care. If you have another job which has a provided health care, we accept also the certificate from that health service provider.


Distribution instructions By the insurance company’s directive, you can choose your place of treatment. It’s good to keep in mind that the insurance certificate is not a payment commitment. Compensation for the medical expenses require that it is a work related incident or an occupational disease. The insurance company solves the bill’s substitutability after they have received all the required statements and documents. IN CASE OF AN ACCIDENT:

• Notify your employer immediately •W  hen seeking medical help, take the insurance certificate with you. This will allow the hospital to identify you as a client of “IF-insurance”.

• Y ou can seek medical services from IF:s

network of hospitals, occupational health or any hospital of your choosing.

• R emember to answer any further enquiries that you might receive from IF.

• IF can suggest changing the location you

are treated, if it helps you get proper care faster.

•M  ore information on IF:s hospital network

can be found from your employer or from www.if.fi/sairaanhoitoverkosto

TERMINATING YOUR EMPLOYMENT Should you wish to terminate your employment, one month after informing us of the termination. inform the office about it in writing as soon as Your first month in our service is a trial period, possible. during that time you can leave the job immediately after informing us. Note that if you have worked for over a month, you have a term of notice of one month, which If you have a temporary contract, it will be valid means that you must be prepared to work for until the last day marked on the contract.


SSM Suomen Suoramainonta OCCUPATIONAL HEALTH AND SAFETY OF PAPER AND LEAFLET DISTRIBUTION WORKERS Distributing papers and leaflets is an independent and responsible job that requires a good physical condition and attentiveness. Working conditions may vary a great deal during the various seasons of the year and in different distribution areas. Always aim to do your job with care and safety. Different phases of the work are of course meant to be executed quickly, but unnecessary rush will backfire with the quality of work and might put you or someone else at risk. Don’t put yourself at risk during distribution. If there is danger, interrupt the work and inform the situation to your superior immediately.

• B eing familiar with the distribution area, iden-

tifying hazards in the surroundings, proper clothing and correct working methods play a key role in preventing accidents.

• M aintaining

occupational health and safety always requires cooperation between the employer and employee.

• T he employee must report all hazards or deficiencies to the employer without delay.

• R emember

that slippery streets and haste, sharp edges of mailboxes and lifting heavy DISTRIBUTING DURING TWILIGHT bundles of papers cause most of the accidents If you are working in the dark or dim time, be that occur during distribution work. sure to use a reflector and the light on the bicycle while driving. In the staircase of an apartment LIFTING TECHNIQUE AND WEIGHT LIMITS building, interrupt the distribution when the When moving your products, pay close attention lights go out, turn the lights back on and then to the right lifting technique. Bend your legs and continue to distribution safely. You can get a rehold your back straight. In other words, lift with flector vest from your employer if you want to. your legs, not with your back. This is also a good method for lighter lifting. LAWS AND REGULATIONS According to occupational safety regulations, a Taking care of a distribution job, like anything girl under the age of 18 can lift up to 15 kg in one else, does not releave you from responsibilities. lift at a time, for boys the weight limit is 20 kg. For example, traffic rules must be applied.


Distribution instructions fabric tablecloth. Remember to also protect the wall if you stack sorted bundles against a wall. Please notice that in the winter it is not only dark Fresh ink leaves stains. Never sort on the floor! but slippery. While moving you should remem- An incorrect working position can easily lead to ber that in the winter time even cars will need a pain in the back and legs. longer way to stop. Wipe of the snow well from CAR your feet before you enter a stairway. Snowy and wet shoes are slippery and dangerous. Load the paper bundles correctly so that you can drive your car safely. Remember that traffic rules BEFORE SETTING OF TO WORK also apply to those distributing papers/leaflets Preparations for the distribution begin at home. in all circumstances. Be particularly careful when A successful distribution round requires that you reversing in courtyards and near rows of mail take the weather into consideration and wear ap- boxes. propriate clothes. You should always change into DISTRIBUTION TROLLEYS AND BAGS dry set of clothes and socks if they get wet during the round. It is a good idea to put on a dry pair of socks every time you pick up more items for If you use a distribution trolley, check the contition of the trolley. Always remember to put on distribution from home. the brake when you leave the trolley. Never leave Go through with the distribution area and route the trolley so it can roll downhill. Fully loaded disin your mind before the actual distribution round. tribution trolley moving at high speed is lethal! It helps you manage the job and enhances safety. BICYCLE Make sure that planning for the distribution route matches the vehicle you intend to use. Always wear bicycle helmet when riding a bike. Distribution by car may require a different route Find out if your bike is insured against loss/damthan with a bicycle or a trolley in the same area. age and theft. THE IMPACT OF WINTER IN YOUR JOB

Reserve plenty of time for the first distribution round. Write down important things to remember along the distribution route. Anticipate any hazardous locations. Keep the place where the papers are dropped off clean. Place all bundle cords and plastic wrappers in trash bins. Pay attention to regulations concerning the sorting of waste in your area. You can open bundle cords by pulling on the tag on the reverse side of the gluing point. Be careful so that the tag does not get under your fingernails. You should sort the papers and leaflets on a desk. Place the different items close enough to each other. It is a good idea to cover the desk with a



there are any problems in the courtyard or staircase of a block of flats. Report it to the employer.

Keep your head straight during work and pay attention to the working environment both out- If you cannot enter a locked staircase for some doors and in the staircases. Anticipate dangerous reason, write down the contact details of the building´s maintenance company. They are ususituations you may face along your route. ally listed on a label affixed to the front door. ReRemember that you have every right to move port it to the employer. around in staircases and courtyards. You are allowed to ring door buzzers in a block of flats to If the household has a fenced yard with a dog get in. People may act negatively towards you unleashed inside, don’t go to that yard if the dog when they are in their home surroundings. Cour- has a chance of attacking you. Inform your supeteous behavior and a smile can resolve almost all rior. situations like this. Also, you can always say that UNUSUAL SITUATIONS you are carrying out duties given to you by your employer and tell any residents that they can You may come across people who are under the contact our office for further information. influence of alcohol or drugs on your distribution Learn how long the lights stay on in staircases. route. Remember that reasoning with people like Usually, a light comes on in the light switch be- these is not always possible. Do not argue with fore the lights go out. Press the light switch again them; instead, act in a calm and determined manner and try to leave the area as quickly as from time to time. possible. Do not put your fingers inside a mail slot. There may be an angry cat or dog behind the door. Al- You shouldn’t enter stranger’s apartments, even ways remember to push the paper bundle all the if they invite you in. Use extreme caution in these way in through the slot. You can push it through kind of situations. with another bundle of papers. A paper bundle that is hanging halfway out is signal to burglars Public authorities, such as the police, customs or the rescue service may be carrying out measures that there is nobody home in the flat. when you are distributing. You must always obWrite down the name and phone number of serve all orders given by the authorities without the property manager from the bulletin board if failing. In case like this, remember to report the distribution disorder to our office. MAINTAIN A GOOD CAPACITY FOR WORK Look after yourself and your health. A healthy lifestyle is a good foundation for all work throughout your life. Always be proud of the work you do!


Distribution instructions OPTION: WORK AS A LIGHT ENTREPRENEUR In distribution companies of Suomen Suoramainonta –group it’s possible to work as a light entrepreneur. Every day work is the same for distribution worker and for light entrepreneur, but entrepreneurs have the possibility to enjoy some special benefits. Only requirement is that you must be at least 18 years old.

You earn more than as an employee, because you will benefit fully from the VAT lower limit mitigation, meaning that when you earn less than 10.000 EUR per year you will get all VAT (24 %) from your sales back. The more you deliver, the more benefit you’ll get.

If you would like to work as a light entrepreneur, Being light entrepreneur is easy because you register online: www.op-kevytyrittaja.fi. don’t have to worry about paper work yourself. Business ID will be registered for you and it will If you choose to work as a light entrepreneur you be registered to the Tax Administration’s registers have the possibility to deduct value added tax (VAT, advance debt collection). You will receive from purchases related to the business, for exam- your business ID in 1-2 weeks and after that it’s ple phone and phone bill used in the distribution possible to sign the assignment contract in local work. Also you can decide about your pension distribution company. payments yourself.

In addition to the normal compensation, entrepreneur extra compensation will be added. Invoicing is easy through the service provider, who will deduct all legal payments in addition to it’s own fee and then report the correct total sum automatically. You only must enter your own tax rate to the system by yourself. You can follow your accounting online.

You can work as a light entrepreneur in following local distribution companies:

Helsingin Jakelu-Expert Oy, Jakelujuniorit Oy, Lahden Jakelut Oy, Jakelusuora Oy, Joensuun Ykkösjakelut Oy, Tampereen Ykkösjakelut Oy, Pasi-Jakelut Oy, Jakelu-Ässät Oy, Porin Jakelukeskus Oy, Jakelumasters Oy, P-S Suorajakelu Oy, Turku-Palvelu Oy, Salo-Suorajakelu Oy, Jyväskylän Jakelut Oy.


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Distribution Instructions  

This guide will give you instructions and tips how to handle the distribution. You can get a lot of information about the job from this ins...

Distribution Instructions  

This guide will give you instructions and tips how to handle the distribution. You can get a lot of information about the job from this ins...