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S’Roya The Editor

Hello there lovely Gods & Goddesses, We will be available in PRINTED HARDCOPY in a week or so... Online. (Speaking of which, there have been a few challenges in that department recently.) No matter ... For the moment Goddess Guru is housed on, while I’m building it’s new website The printed hardcopy will be available in both Full colour Glossy or Black& White versions, to suit your budget, and can be posted worldwide. All the back issues will also be available in Printed versions.YAY! & will make them available. In May we experience our Samhain, while the northern hemisphere is enjoying Beltane. Every year at Midsummer & Midwinter the Holly & Oak Kings like prize bulls do battle to win the favour of the Goddess. One cannot exist without the other and so it is we must all die a little to be reborn into the new seasons... Ever morphing, into life out of death, over & over, since time immortal. Understanding how we are all affected by these changing times while living our modern life helps us to realise we are not run like machines, grinding away at life, rather we are part of an organic process designed by cosmic forces in partnership with the earth Goddess. It is this very union that makes life possible, that breathes the breath into our Soul, so that it may be part of this dimension of matter, so that it may experience the dance of human life in its embodiment. With all its limitations and challenges, it is truly an amazing life we all get to experience. Becoming conscious of our existence on all levels is truly our greatest challenge, while trying to live a good story and enjoy the natural abundance without too much damage to Mother Nature is the key. Changes, changes & more changes... Every day, every year... There is no end to the cycles or seasons of the soul, that sees it forever roaming amidst the many reflections of its mirrored self, as it wanders throughout timeless existance.. New writers, new artist’s... all exciting, lots of happy pages to thrill & delight your reading senses... … So grab your favourite cuppa, pull up a Laptop & enjoy the wonderful features I have prepared for your reading pleasure... and Enjoy!. Blessings fellow cosmic hitch hikers... S’Roya xx )O( PS, Feed back is encouraged, you are welcome to let me know what you like or would like to see ... but I am at the mercy of what forms spirit speaks through my fabulous writers ... I think upstairs has a plan… Each issue seems to come together quite miraculously!



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Guru Features... 6 Discovering your inner Priestess, by S’Roya Rose 9 Whirling Dervishes holy trance dance 10 Kundalini Rising, the serpent within, by S’Roya Rose 12 My Glorious Autumn by Nicole Rowley 14 Evolution of a Witch, by Kali Cox 16 Which Form Of Government, by She` DeMontford 18 Vortexes & Earth Devas, by Tina Georgitsis 20 Letters to the Wise Woman, by Rhianne T NewLahnd 23 Image - Get Naked, by Kerrie Friend 24 Supporting Feminine Flow, by Michele Morseu 26 Elemental Magic: Aether, by Jane Meredith 28 Peri Menapause, by Karen Lyons 30 Goddess Cordelia, by S’Roya 32 Art throught the eyes of the Soul, by Cheryl Yambach Rose 34 Recognizing Stess Signals, by S’Roya Rose 38 There are Faeries in my Bed, by Apple Blosom 40 Tarot Moments, by Amanda Hall 42 Upon Love the Soul Walks, by S’Roya Rose 44 Your Angel A to Z Guide, by Apple Blossom 46 Exploring the Wild Feminine, by Mikailah Gooda 48 Hodgepodge, with Bornwyn Fish 50 Alchemy: Magic of Metals, by Micheal Lamb 52 Glorious Food 56 Health Break - Granny’s Spring Clean, by Esta Libero 58 Other Realms, by S’Roya Rose 60 Feng Shui; with Roxanne 62 Native Spirit Angel, by Coral Ann Lee 64 Simply Astrology, by Amanda Hall 66 Book Reviews - Editors Choice by S’Roya 68 Guru Directory, Noticeboard

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GODDESS Guru Ezine Empowering the Goddess in us all. Bringing things into balance, restoring and rebirthing the Sacred Feminine. Guru’s of all pursuasions sharing their infinite wisdom for growth, nuturing & support, during times of great change and crisis. Blessed Be the Goddess!


The spirit of the GODDESS leads the way for us all, grounding the Sacred Feminine and the Cosmic Lunar energies into a balanced holistic Earth Walk. GODDESS Guru e-zine helps assist in anchoring Spiritual concepts into our everyday life! We understand that everything is connected through the greater web of all life. Everything we do, everything we say, affects everything else... therefore collectively we can make a difference.


GODDESS Guru e-zine is an open forum which provides comprehensive spiritual wisdom. Our regular columns, guest writers and special features will make the magazine a highly appealing spiritual resource, that will be kept and called upon time and time again.. The Sacred Rose placed inside the triple goddess symbolises the heart, soul and hidden mysteries of the rebirthed divine feminine. May her wisdom be forever in our hearts & minds as we journey into the unknown life ahead.



r e n n I r u o y g in r e v o c Dis ” S S E T S E I “PR S’Roya Rose


he growing need for many of us to connect with this time immortal aspect of the Goddess, bringing back her balance, has seen a rise in ‘Priestesses’ and their sacred spiritual practices the world over. Though not exclusive to just women, whose dynamic arts are feminine by design, it demands the full embodiment of our inner lunar nature, (the acceptance of which creates the wholeness of self in a divine union), combining the ancient earthly feminine ways with the cosmic sacred feminine self. Wether you are male or female is irrelevant really, working with this part of your being isn’t gender based. Connecting with your inner Priestess is all about getting deeply entwined into you’re sacred (inner) essence that of the divine feminine, allowing yourself to be immersed in her initiations and rituals.



Women who choose to be a Priestess are serving the higher spiritual ideals, carrying the torch as true representative of the divine feminine. The world has become bereft of the Goddess and out of balance, because male energy continues to dominate and run amuck! No wonder the pendulum has swung back towards its polar opposite ‘the Divine Feminine’. Connecting with the ‘Priestess’ part of self brings divine eloquence and helps to quantum leap humanities consciousness into a better balance. Becoming a Priestess empowers women to develop individually and creatively, to live their own lives, taking back the responsibility of the Soul’s path, which is our feminine birthright, inspiring ones potential. For eons women were treated, as a mundane part of life, excluded not included, resulting in the sacred feminine being suppressed, spoken over, dictated to, raped, pillaged and used for procreation without concern for her wellbeing. However, everything must be birthed and therefore comes through her and everything must go back to her in the end. Unlike the worship of the Gods’ who were seen as external celestial beings that lived outside of mankind… The Goddess is an integral part of our sacred earthly selves, residing in our awakened state as co-creators of life. The Goddess is in divine partnership with the God. Without the goddess and his sexual desire for her there would be no human race living upon this earth. Therefore both must cocreate to pro-create… Her forces reside in our instinctual nature, our sexual desire, our emotional tides, and she takes care of our earthly needs, that of comfort, food and

shelter, of feeling at home in our environment, of living in balance with our playground mother Earth. Without this conscious connection to her we cannot relate to each other, our birth place or parents, or journey through our earthwalk, we would become bereft, lost of identity without need for community or purpose within it.

Connecting with the Goddess.

The first place to look to connect with the ‘Priestess’ is through the Goddess in Mother Nature. Go out into her deepest forests; let the sweet smell of her trees caress you as they transmute pure oxygen, learn to breathe her sacred air, our most precious life force that connects all living things. Visit that place where that which has died is re-birthed through her organic processes of decaying soil, morphing back, feeding the living once again. Swim in the vast oceans filled with life, surf her tides and play in her waves. Honour your planet and revere her sacred groves and mountains and the fury four leggeds’ that freely roam upon her. See the abundant way the seasons bring the growth of our fruits, veggies and grains for us to be nourished. Note the weather patterns and how she changes the cycles. Observe her rains, filling the rivers, flooding the plains, purifying and washing our bodies. Marvel at the moon and stars in her midnight skies, and let their hidden secrets be revealed to you. Learn her cosmic patterns and let her magic weave their

sacredness into your life. Seek and enjoy the means that would open all these ancient time honoured vistas of wondrous knowledge, revealing her best-kept secrets to your mind. Bask in the glory of the time immortal circle of life that is truly her domain. Once open and revealed to you, your life is forever wrapped in a quiet sacred Holiness that is often felt by others intuitively as being special.

Your Connection

Every month women menstruate as their female cycle connects with its time-honoured ritual, which helps to procreate our species. While no fan fare plays a tune as this happens, it should be noted and respected as being a fundamental Divine Feminine Cycle of life. This release of creative blood from the Goddess is sacred and should be respected and honoured in a sacred way. Connecting with this cyclic part of the feminine helps to respect her alibility to gestate (create) life, one of the most magical creative and feminine life forces we have. As a woman honouring your moon time, (menstruation) is part of respecting your connection to the inner Priestess. Observe and learn about your own inner emotional tides, this will help you connect with your moon/lunar nature, (how you are guided emotionally throughout your cycle) once you have a better understanding of this aspect of the self, you will come to see how this is reflected in via your rythmns throughout your day to day life. Some Priestesses collect this blood of the goddess by rinsing out pads in a



Discovering your inner


bucket of water, blessingg the water, sprinkling it over the garden nourishing mother earth as a sacred offering.

Create an Alter

Every priestess needs to have a focal point for her practice and that point is usually her alter. An alter is a symbolic sacred place that is used to connect with, reflect, give thanks and manifest through the Divine. It should reflect the way you see the divine feminine, (what is holy to you) as a place to worship her higher principals and observe her common rituals in a realistic changing if not in an organic way. It can show the season/cycle of the year, the particular feminine deity you maybe needing to work with. The use of vegetation, such as plants or flowers, food or offerings makes for great symbolic representation. As do any of the Elements such as wands or candles for fire, shells or goblets for Water, crystals or pentagrams for Earth, ornate feathers or carved bejewelled dagger’s for Air. The use of burning incense, ringing of chimes or bells for the summoning of spirit also helps create a sense of ceremony as one focuses on the divine feminine connection. It can be a shelf, cupboard top or special table placed in a certain space. The use of colour is important as it reflects who you are and what you need to express. Keep your alter fresh and clean, it is a spiritual focus after all.

Sacred Space

Now every Priestess needs to know the practice of how to create sacred space. This is a place either inside or out or both if you like. Often it can be at the same place where your Alter is but not necessarily. I use my alter daily and it is in a common area in view of everyone, but I like to keep my sacred space separate, more personal. However, rituals require a special alter for a singular purpose. Wherever you choose it must be able to be used without interruption from others, it must be sacred for you and honour your time spent there. Firstly, sweep and spring clean the area, if you can sprinkle it with salt and leave it over night or for a few days that’s great. Make sure to get into the corners, nooks and crevices.You can paint it if you like, or hang your favourite Gods & Goddesses in and around the sacred space creating a feeling of respected 8


space. Make sure there is a space that’s kept open in the centre. This is where you will create your circle and build up the energy for magickal rituals and ceremonies as you path-work your connection to the divine feminine. Regular cleansing of your space is recommended throughout the year especially before ceremonies and rituals.


Once you’ve created you sacred space take some white sage, lavender or sweet grass and place it in a bowl over a burning charcoal. Let the herby smoke start to rise gently. Using a large turkey or eagle feather or smudging wand, start by gesturing the smoke gently pushing it away from you using the feather/wand, out into every part of the space, make sure you smudge it thoroughly. As I do this I usually call upon the ancients and the Goddess, banishing any negative or dark energies, so that they be removed from this space, leaving only the purity of the divine in its presence. I ask that all those that enter this space be blessed with healing and love from the divine Goddess, so that only truth and love shall be its intent. After smudging I sprinkle rose water or lavender water to wash the area again. Leave all doors and windows open to let pure air bless and cleanse all smoke out. Over the entrance I hang fresh herbs of basil, rosemary, thyme and lavender to ward out evil and bring good luck and positive energy forth. Each season I change the herbs and use different ones. You can adopt whatever practices you see fit in your own space that maintains its sacred value for you. Again regular smudging is recommended, in fact I usually smudge every ritual and ceremony and everyone that enters my sacred space. It is a sacred time honoured ancient ritual that summons the ancients to protect and watch over all that takes place. S’Roya Rose has been a Psychic Therapist for over 15 years.Teaching Metaphysics running Goddess Full Moon Rituals, Circles,Tours and Workshops in the USA, UK & Australia. A published author & creatrix of numerous books, & Magazines. She is an internationally reknown Psychic, Healer & Workshop facilitator. S’Roya’s email:

Whirling Dervishes

Origins of Holy Trance Dance ...inspired by the mystic & poet Rumi - (1207-1273)


he Order of the Whirling Dervishes is one branch of the vast Sufi tradition of Islam. The universal values of love and service shared by all Sufis are very much relevant to the social and political realities of today, and this ritual, which is only performed by the Order of the Whirling Dervishes, has come to symbolize these values in the hearts and minds of millions throughout the world. It is scientifically recognized that the fundamental condition of our existence is to revolve. There is no being or object which does not revolve, because all beings are comprised of revolving electrons, protons, and neutrons in atoms. Everything revolves, and the human being lives by means of the revolution of these particles, by the revolution of the blood in his body, and by the revolution of the stages of his life, by his coming from the earth and his returning to it. However, all of these revolutions are natural and unconscious. But the human being possesses a mind and an intelligence which distinguishes him from other beings. Thus the whirling dervish or semazen, intentionally and consciously participates in the shared revolution of other beings. Contrary to popular belief, the dervish’s goal is not to lose consciousness or to fall into a state of ecstasy. Instead, by revolving in harmony with all things in nature, with

the smallest cells and with the stars in the firmament, the dervish testifies to the existence and the majesty of the Creator, thinks of Him, gives thanks to Him, and prays to Him. Whatever is in the skies or on earth invokes God. An important characteristic of this seven-centuries-old ritual is that it unites the three fundamental components of human nature: the mind (as knowledge and thought), the heart (through the expression of feelings, poetry and music) and the body (by activating life, by the turning). These three elements are thoroughly joined both in theory and in practice as perhaps in no other ritual or system of thought. The Sema ceremony represents the human being’s spiritual journey, an ascent by means of intelligence and love to Perfection (Kemal). Turning toward the truth, we grow through love, transcends the ego, meet the truth, and arrives at Perfection. Then we return from this spiritual journey as one who has reached maturity and completion, able to love and serve the whole of creation and all creatures without discriminating in regard to belief, class, or race. Dervish ‘THE SEMA RITUAL’ began with the inspiration of Mevlâna Jalâluddîn Rumi and was influenced by Turkish customs and culture. Article source:



g n i s i R i n i l a d n Ku ant within! p r e s e h t g n ...awakeni S’Roya Rose


n my early years journeying as young spiritual initiate, I realised there was a deep transformational process of purification, of letting go, transmuting the lover nature with the will of the higher mind. I had to learn to willingly use certain diciplines. With regular use of pranic breathing, meditations, and energetic techniques, I began making inner adjustments to my lower nature through these practices. Over time one can became an adept at the spiritual process of inner purification. Some say this is not for the feint hearted, and I must admit that embarking on this inner journey was not altogether a conscious experience for me initially. Awkward as all hell, I was dragged kicking and screaming whilst dealing with my adjustments,... (most undignified.) However, as I progressed I found that the inner self (soul) takes over as one awakens and stimulates that deeper need within to grow. I noticed there is a natural quickening that organically takes place as one enters this spiritual process of journeying through specific levels of inner purification.



Purification & Transformation of ones lower egoic self by the higher planes of the spiritual Self Some techniques can be found as part of any Shamanic journey, others in Eastern ancient Yoga or Tantra practices. Awakening & Rising the Kundalini takes time and patience as well as great discipline. It involves opening up your energy centres (chakras), working the spiritual energy through them, applying rigorous meditations, (higher mental) practices to awaken each Chakra, accessing the consciousness found within, dispelling the lower ego lessons that need to be learnt and understood, which all takes time, patience and diligence to master. The process of ‘Kundalini Awakening’ is not only one of awakening the energy, but also of bringing it upwards, through each of the chakras. The techniquess using body, breath, and mind, have various effects on these centers, and pave the way for the ‘Kundalini Rising’ to move further upward over time. The initial awakening and preparation purification takes you through your 2 base chakra’s lessons of individuation from family tribe and primal activities, mastering of all our base physical desires. Including the stimulation of our fight or flight self preservation of self mechanism in many trying life situations.

will be broken or untied along the upward journey of Kundalini Rising, allowing the flow to go into and through the various chakras above that point: 4. Brahma granthi: Blocking the flow from the first chakra, the root chakra, muladhara, upward to the others; related to bondage to desires. 5. Vishnu granthi: Blocking the flow from the third chakra at the navel, manipura, upward to the fourth chakra, anahata, the heart; related to bondage of actions. 6. Rudra granthi: Blocking the flow beyond the sixth chakra between the eyebrows, ajna chakra, upward towards sahasrara; related to bondage of thoughts (compared to pure knowing).

It is most common for the awakened Kundalini to rise only to one of the lower chakras, rather than to awaken and arise through all of the chakras, all the way to the crown. Having the Kundalini awaken and even partial Kundalini Rising is an encouraging and inspiring experience. It is also an experience to observe with humility, as the ego can claim ownership of the experience and delay further advancement. Many teachers arrived during the 1900’s, and have been born out of this Each Chakra has within its consciousness both negative & experience, caught up in the ego of owning knowledge of positive attributes, that are triggered with our personal a particular persuasion. However, an interesting spin off life lessons and chosen karma. A word about karma;has been an increase in spiritual teachers, as those driven we all have this, wether we believe it or not, we must to share have served the spiritual growth of humanities complete a certain amount in every lifetime as we evolve consciousness, their ego having served a spiritual purpose. our soul. This saw the need for personal growth feeding that inner desire for progression. Everything from life coaching to The chakras function within three general groups of new age ideals, to ashram visitations has had an impact on processes, with a predominance of the three primal the need to learn purification techniques and make inner elements, they are: adjustments to the lower nature via the higher mind. 1. Base-Tamas: The first two chakras relate to the primal In many Goddess teachin gs & Priestess initations and activities that operate in relation to the physical world, practices these same inner purifications and spiritual including the drives for self-preservation and procreation, awakenings are deman ded to expand ones energy field effectively obscuring higher experience. increasing its power. Which goes to show that this inner 2. Heart-Rajas: The third and fourth chakras, the navel spiritual processes of the Kundalini (energy) rising, seems and the heart centers, involve a subtler relationship with to take place no matter what our spiritual persuasion. the world, working with one’s individuality rather than Becoming conscious of this process will help us to self just engaging the physical world. regulate our need to purify, purge ourselves, letting go 3. Third eye-Sattva: The fifth and sixth chakras, the the old to make way for more of the spiritual self to throat and the eyebrow centers, begin movement away emerge. Mankind is experiencing spiritual awakening on from the outer towards the inner world of purity, mass, as we share much more of ourselves via social media intuition, creativity, and wisdom, from which the outer and the advancement of the Internet. There are many arises. ways to open up and evolve, but none are as speedy as Three knots or granthis are broken: Along the Kundalini the conscious practices used in the process of Rising the channel there are three knots (granthis) of energy that Kundalini.


10 11


utumn, my most favourite time of the year. A time for change. Leaves and trees change colours in readiness of the colder days ahead. Brilliant colours of orange, brown, and yellow. All divine aspects of the earth. A time of cleansing and the time for going inside ourselves for inner peace. This time of the year always reminds me of my childhood when I would collect the leaves and sticks for my altar and spend time seeking warmth and quality time with my Nan and family. How we would cook up a storm of cakes and biscuits to have with our cups of tea. Memories of wonderful times. The smell, the fire, the warmth of my Nan, the love of a kindred spirit connection.

s u o i r o l My G n m u t u A Nicole Rowley



Growing up, I had the pleasure of watching the tree lined street show off with their spectacular show of colour. We would then giggle as we kicked and rolled around in the fallen leaves. My Aunty skips through our local park at this time every year and this always takes her back to remember her beloved childhood. The days get shorter and colder. There is less sun to warm us to give us the vitamins that we need for happiness and growth, yet a glow still comes over me. Soaking in all the fresh, crisp air and smelling warm fires. Loving something with a passion gives way to any negativity surrounding it. I celebrate the Autumn and have so much fun. For those of my family and friends that don’t quite enjoy the season of Autumn in the same way I do, I endeavor to light their way with positivity. Here are some ways to enjoy Autumn.


10 Ways to Enjoy Autumn

I would and still always dress in colorful clothing to walk down the street or visit family and friends to boost their happiness. Try dressing in earthy colours or the brightest you can find, to lift your own spirits. If you are happy & glowing, this affects everyone you come into contact with and adds colour to their lives.


Meditation and bringing in the sun’s warmth and rays helps me also. Visualising the sun and feeling its warmth enveloping you aids in feeling happy and free.


I always give my house a autumn clean, more than a spring clean! I move my furniture around, cleaning as I go. Getting the rooms ready for the cooler days. Changing things helps with giving you a feeling of new beginnings and a fresh new way of looking at everything.


The slow cooker/cauldron gets a major workout in Autumn and Winter. The aroma of soups, casseroles and roasts aid in the smell sense to awaken to the autumn season of vegetables and Nan’s old recipes. Memories flood back to me at this time! After a cold and tiring day, to come home to a meal already to dish up or just to put some toast or rice on, is heaven to me.


Incense and essential oils pave way to aroma’s of the senses too. I burn oils that ring true to earth and warmth. These help take me down a path of tree lined streets with falling leaves and happiness.


Exercising is another way of finding happiness in this amazing season. Getting out with nature and bushwalking are beautiful ways of bonding with Mother Earth. We receive healing and messages through nature. Whilst walking or just sitting with nature, we can clear so much from our thoughts and minds. We can ask for answers to questions also.


Camping with family and friends. What a way to celebrate Autumn by relaxing and sitting around a fire, sharing stories and having fun. Watching our sister the Moon weave her magic among the trees and animals. Utilising her light to see the glistening of the water if lucky enough to be by a lake, river or ocean. Sharing scrumptious bbq meals and basking in the enjoyment of a beverage or two.


I use this time to weave magic for my family and friends. Spells, herbs, are all part of sending out much love and support to the Universe. By sharing love and light helps us to feel happy. We get back what we put out there always, and this is a fantastic way of giving and receiving.


Developing a positive mental attitude has always helped me. In counseling our automatic thoughts are so important in the consequences that come about. For example, if we hurt ourselves, most of us curse or become angry. From this, the consequences are usually angry at the car, kids, animals, husband or wife and so on. If we can turn this around

so that we automatically laugh at hurting ourselves, the consequences are much more positive. Practice makes perfect with any change of habit, usually 3 weeks. So try to practice to not automatically think you don’t like Autumn or Winter for its cold, short and dreary days, rather think of them as beautiful, crisp air, colours of beauty, quality time with family indoors, and so on.


Board games, how long has it been since you sat down to a board game with your family! My parents, sister and I would sit and play “Squatter”, a game where you had to buy farms and sheep. We would play for hours. These days, I play “Junior Monopoly”, “Junior Scrabble”, fun stuff. Another all time favourite game of mine is, “Uno”. How many hours has my mother and I played this wonderful and colorful card game! I do wish all of you a very happy Autumn and Winter. Taking in the pleasures of the colder seasons and taking them as they are. Practice swapping the negative thoughts for positive thoughts and see how much your life changes for the better. Nicole Rowley is a Psychic Medium/ Clairvoyant and Healer. Nicole has a genuine calling to help guide, heal and empower others. Contact Nicole via Facebook and Little Shop OfWicca page. goodwitchnicole@yahoo. or 0410 026 488.


12 13

h c t i W a f o Evolution Kali Cox


rankinsense resin? A compass? Now?! Of all things conveniently not to have left in my magical tool box! Why hadn’t I put it on the shopping list with the bread and milk? The extent of my current magical existence relies on my 4-sticks-of-Nag-Champa-a-day habit, a few candle illumination moments of profoundness and a salt water bath with a hefty dose of Baileys - hey, I am a Goddess of Simplicity. If I’m going to make any kind of spiritual commitment aside from 15 minutes of meditation a week without dozing off, now is the time to do it. This is the year! I embarked on a 21st Century quest for knowledge, brandishing my keyboard high above my head and shouting “ I have the power!” So I enrolled myself into my first online course of the magical persuasion. 14


The irony is not lost on me here, as the laptop goes only when plugged into the power socket and my internet provider has decided to go on a local area collapse.. get out the quills and parchment! As our modality for learning evolves, so to has the Witch. As Goddesses in today’s society we face a lot of pressure to be model thin for social acceptance, balance careers and family , equality in the workplace and manage our time efficiently enough to cover all of those bases as well as fit in a quick glass of me-time-wine before we collapse into bed, wake up and do it all over again. Maybe I’m onto something here if I’m having the wine during the aforementioned and my spiritual practise is toasting to the Full Moon once a month?

popularised and became more prominent in 1951 when Gerald Gardner began propagating his own versions of the craft and grew from 1960 till present day, and continues to show new growth despite negative press and dark history of times past. It came to Australia with books on training and self initiation in the 1970’s and became trendy in the 90’s with television shows such as ‘Charmed’ and ‘The Craft’, but the only thing I have managed to blow up is a few light bulbs and the odd random fuse, and I still look quite uncool in knee hi socks and a mini skirt . In the 16th Century belief in The foundations of Paganism witches and the condition that have remained consistent over they must be destroyed were time, even as we evolve from the rare ties that united all the quill to keyboard. The Earth’s classes. “Witch Finders” sent cycles and seasons, celestial town criers through villages bodies as old as time still remain ringing bells and calling for our ever present guides, sources complaints against women for for our inspiration and devotion, being witches to be given to the conduits for our energy. Our person appointed. Most were tools of earth, air, fire and water, found guilty and the “Witch Finder” was awarded 20 shillings flowers, crystals, and candles. Magical practise was a stimulus for every convicted woman he to thinking, freeing us from fears, unearthed. I should be thanking The Goddess my husband doesn’t gave us the power of control, sharpened our capacities to lodge that complaint during imagine, and kept awake our my Pmt episodes each month. dreams of higher achievement. In the 1920’s, Egyptologist Dr Does it work? Well, does prayer Margaret Murray theorised those work? Can people project their persecuted were not Satanic etheral beings across the miles? worshippers, theories that whilst discredited, were widely accepted Our cone of power is a highly organised, concentrated surge and supported at the time. In the of thought and energy being 1930’s the first evidence of these theories began with small groups transmitted in a clear and planned manner. This may be in person forming in England in support. in a solitary or group situation In it’s ancient forms, Paganism steeped in the ways of old, or had it’s key influence in nature through modern day social media worship, rebirthing during the 18-20th Centuries with new forms sites connecting us all online, something that I was able to be a of nature centred spirituality part of this year with hundreds of evolving. Wicca/Witchcraft was As Goddesses and Spiritualists of the Pagan ways of Old we faced fear, ridicule, disbelief and persecution. A tradition that has continued over time, but one we are striving to change today. The simple pagan nature rite of jumping over a broom to entice crops to grow taller – the broom was a domestic symbol - gave rise to the image of a witch riding a broom in the air.. and yet springing over Vileda’s finest has yet to yield me more than some very tall weeds or the lift of a Nimbus 2000. Probably not holding my mouth the right way..

people world wide in a magical power-up that had me dancing for hours afterwards, earthing myself into the grain of the wood of my floorboards fibre by fibre. Our Books of Shadows have become cut and pasted into Word scrapbooking masterpieces, rituals downloaded into Ipods, Covens forming online in a bid to connect with a wider audience of like minded souls and the opportunity for new learning and growth. It is easy to draw and follow the evolution of man, but to draw the feather to the tablet..well the tablet nowadays just requires less rock and chisel and possibly a more substantial amount of ink! So, whilst I possibly won’t be stoned for running around outside waving my broom to the sky with a chalice of wine under the full moon this week, my neighbours may enlist the white jacket recruitment team to pop in for a cuppa mead, a mooncake and a ride in the asylum van and because, like handbags, oracle decks are my weakness and I can never leave home without one, I could throw in a free reading for the ferryman? Best I go pop the L plates back on the stick..

Kali Cox is Domestic Goddess,

an empath, busy working Mum of 2, aspiring collator of the written word, and full-time Solitary Witch. She has appeared on local Brisbane radio, creatrix of and moderates the ‘Witches Of White Magic Unite’ Group Fan Page on Facebook.


14 15

She D’montford

Which Form of Government Do We Have? - The Tale of How Cormac Mac Art Became a Good Ruler


here is an old Irish/Celtic myth about a ruler/ hero called Cormac Mac Art, who had made a selfish governing decision. He swapped members of his own family and tribe for a magical branch that would grant him immense wealth and power to quell the objections of others. A year after he had done it, he realized that what he had given away could not be replaced. He went into mourning, and begged the Gods to reverse his decision. Eventually the Gods took him on a journey and showed him three wells. They told him if he could answer the riddle of the wells correctly and pick which well represent him they would reverse his decision. They showed him a healthy well, surrounded by lush land, with a strong stream flowing into it and a strong stream flowing out. Then they showed him a sickly well, it was dry and covered in thorns. It had one stream flowing in and two flowing out. Finally they showed him an eerie looking well. It was dark and he could not see the bottom. The land around it was shaky and unstable. It had two streams flowing in and one stream flowing out…. Then Gods asked, “Well, well, well! What do you think?”

The wells represent three forms of government. 1) The first well represent a healthy government gives out equally to what it receives and nourishes the land around it. 2) The second represents ineffectual government, which fools itself and tries to accomplish what it cannot with resources it does not have. It tries to give out more than it can get. It makes the land around it unhealthy. 3) The third represents the despots and the greedy governments. They want to swell and grow fat so that they can control everything, but they turn into a black bottomless hole that erodes the stability of the land around it. Cormac Mac Art correctly identified himself with the third and worst form of government. He burst into penitent sobs and vowed to restore his land to a healthy state. And he did! For this the Gods rewarded him with the return of his missing people and with more magical tools that could be used to benefit his people not just him.

His answer: So what form of government do you think that we have That the question was really “What sort of ruler he was here right now? and which well represented him?” Dr. Shé D’Montford is the compassionate psychic who found the little boy lost on Channel 7’s “The One”. She was also a former Qld BusinessWoman of TheYear. She is a prolific author, teacher and activist and holds an honorary doctorate in Philosophy in Religion. Find out more about her work at



k o o B ow! N

Avalon-2013 Goddess Tour

Join S’Roya on her Avalon Saced Site Tour!

Book via email Now! Pay Online - Don’t miss this opportunity! 10 days you’ll never forget! Connect with the Heart of the Goddess in Avalon!

2013 Tour dates are:

Avalon 13th - 22nd of July Unveil the Mystery within the Sacred Isle of AVALON connect with the Ancient Folk lore, Myths & Legends! Feed your inner Goddess & take part in S’Roya’s insightful workshops, let the Lady of the Lake heal any ancestral wounds of the Sacred Feminine. Rejoice, have fun, & remember the way it was.

S’Roya invites you to join her Avalon Goddess 2013 Tour he ut t o n Your tour investment is $5800 eck t Pla e h C en onlin m 10 day Goddess Experience of a lifetime! m y a lable P i Book your place & take advantage of the payment plan! a ava w.sroy ww Email: GoddessGuru 17 16

s a v e D h t r a E d n a s e x Vorte Tina Georgitsis


first became enamoured with vortexes when I was a child and would assist my father in dowsing for underground water. On our expeditions, I would stray from honing in on the veins of underground water as I was constantly being pulled towards what I perceived to be power spots instead. That is when I was told earth spirits resided in these areas and it was not appropriate to disturb the place as it was their home and was sacred. 18


With childlike reverence I would leave offerings of flowers, twigs and rocks before I sat or played on these power spots and they brought me comfort and joy. I could feel the downward spirals into the very heart of the earth itself, which would make me feel connected to something larger and very content. Fast forward to years later when as a young initiate and I was circling with my sisters during one particular Spring Equinox. As I was feeling the universal ecstasy, I looked up in breathless awe at the vortex which significantly showed itself in the pattern of the spiralling clouds directly above us. Those two memories stayed with me over the years as I had remembered the feel of the two very different types of energies and yearned to learn more about them. Therefore when the opportunity presented itself I completed a workshop on ‘Divining the Deva Spirit’. This workshop in turn unlocked my infatuation to learn and work with Vortexes and Earth Devas, which I took on as a personal quest. What is a Vortex? Vortexes manifest as alternating polarities in rings until you reach the eye of the vortex in the centre, which consists of neutral energy. Vortexes consisting of 7 or 8 rings are quite powerful and are ideal to use for meditation. The rings in vortexes can spiral upwards or downwards. If the vortex spirals upwards its perfect for magickal workings, whilst vortexes which spiral downwards are perfect for power towers (towers set up to channel the energy downwards into the earth to assist in the growth of plants and trees).

How to find a Vortex? The most simple way to find a vortex is using a dowsing tool such as dowsing rods, pendulums, your hands and fingers if you are naturally inclined as well as clairvoyant abilities. I would recommend any guided writings from Tom Graves if you are unsure about dowsing. What is an Earth Deva? An Earth Deva is a nature spirit, which lives on a different plane of existence. Earth Deva’s (nature spirits) tend to dwell in some vortexes. They don’t like being walked upon as they deserve respect; therefore please ensure you get permission to work within a vortex if you feel/see a Deva within. How to find an Earth Deva? Like dowsing to find a vortex you can similarly dowse to find an Earth Deva. You can also use meditation or guided visualization. Utilizing crystals also work such as smokey quartz or a phantom crystal which allows you to open up your mind’s eye and perceive the Earth Deva in their own plane of existence, making them much easier to perceive in the physical world. Why connect to a Vortex or Earth Deva? In this modern day more and more people are disconnecting from the earth energies. Considering we can find all that we need in nature to be cantered and healthy a reconnection to these earth energies could open up the endless potential of healing and balance. Start by connecting to the Vortexes and Earth Devas in your own garden and unlock the limitless potential that these natural energies can bring into your life.

Tina Georgitsis is a qualified Reiki, Seichim and Sekhem Master, and Tarot Reader & Councillor with the ATA. She has studied various modalities within natural/alternative medicine. I operate a spiritually based business, which includes Readings, Healings, Magickal items and Workshops in various metaphysical and occult subjects. Contact Details:

Email: PO Box 117, Clarinda, Victoria, 3169


18 19

. . . e h t o t s r e t t e L . . . n i h t i w n a m o WiseW M The Best Advice of All, from within your own Heart’s Wisdom! Rhianne Teija NewLahnd

any years ago I began a journal. This was no ordinary journal, this was a collection of Love Letters. The letters were from my small self, to my Higher Heart Self, or inner Goddess. I wrote my questions, visions, successes and concerns. I asked for help and guidance constantly. As I learned to open my heart, and connect to a great and mysterious wisdom within, I would receive letters in return. Some people would call it automatic writing. I would write so fast that I did not have time to think. Always, such love, compassion, clarity, beauty and support would come through. This relationship, continues to be a foundation for my life. For who better understands the workings of the world, than the Mother, Creatrix of all Matter. As an evolving human Earth woman, each year brings increasing depth and loving wisdom to my writing relationship. Over the years I have expanded my writings to include different aspects of what I call my HeartWisdom Circle Counsel, thirteen original Wise and Wonderful aspects of Life that speak to me. They also speak to anyone who comes to the circle. My intention with this and coming articles, is to inspire you to write your own HeartWisdom letters and find the pearls within you that will guide you to your highest and best life. We Begin the love letters. Invoking inner wisdom is not difficult. Creating a sacred place of peace and quiet is key. Ask for guidance, and name the guide you wish to have write to you. Write to Dear Heart, or Dear Goddess to start. Writing your feelings, questions and concerns in a letter format, starts the energies moving. Then, comes the response, allow yourself to relax, to receive the love, and to write. Letter to the Wise Women Within.... that I have written as an example of the wisdom I receive. I pray it offers something to you, in the way of guidance and inspiration... Dearest Sarika Mystica, Wise Woman/Priestess of Celebration and Inner Journeys, I am Weary Mother. The hills are steep, My shoulders are aching , I long to sleep.



I feel such joy and then despair. Let us speak about the condition of my hair! ( keeping a sense of humor is important) I need a word, or two or three. Support and guidance, your radiant light. At this moment, in pain, my mind feels foggy, Please open up my inner sight. (The answer) Dearest Beloved One, I hear your call. Dance, sing and celebrate! Feel the love light that surrounds and guides you. Your pain is not a punishment, it is a clearing, a time of great healing and awakening. The Pain Will Pass-Release Non-Creative Tension It is natural when you feel hurt, vulnerable and weakened to contract. It is sensible to retreat, to heal and to rejuvenate. It is also wise to seek counsel, and healing support from your own Higher Self and the wise aspects within. It is wise to seek support from other trusted wisdom keepers and healers. Allow me to take you through the Mystic Gateway into the Inner Sanctum of the Temple. Let us do this now, in your imagination and with simple ritual. Lighting a candle is always good. Imagine us offering our prayers, and invite our higher wisdom to come forth. You feel tension in the body, heart, mind and spirit. This is not new, but it is making itself known in a new way, and this is a gift. There is a great deal of tension you have carried since childhood. Strongly around adolescents, this tension came. You see, you were ready for wisdom and guidance.You were ready to be embraced and welcomed into your womanhood.You were ready to be celebrated and offered to the Goddess, assured that you would be inheriting a home and means to work and provide for yourself in a way that honored your true calling.You were ready, but it never came. What did come, were lies and manipulations. Commercials and magazine adds, movie stars, and counting calories! What came was ignorance and mis-understanding. Fear and Abuse. Sexual misconduct, and confusion.You missed being nurtured and nourished so that you could fully blossom, your full flowering was stunted.You clenched your jaw and went on living, a journey of great danger,

successes and disappointments, to find the missing pieces, and restore your sanity. You did your best to find a way “Back to the Garden�, a call from your soul.You have come such a long way, in restoring yourself to yourself. Blessed one, you are ready now, your journey has brought you to this amazing time and place, the time of full flowering. Of course you need rest. Of course you wish to release the tension that this current culture lives under. The Good news is that you can! It is time to relax into your fullness of being I, and your family on the inner and outer planes, are here welcoming you. We are amazed you have come so far.Your commitment, loyalty, devotion, and courage are greater than you realize. To break free of the hold this world has placed on its inhabitants is rare. Awakening, living, and cultivating from the heart a new creative culture of beauty, wellness and oneness is the path you are on. Many others reading this have made the same journey. Many are coming out of a fog of density, into a beautiful light of clarity and joy. It has been a process... New Realizations bring great change, Love gives the ability to navigate with grace. As new realizations come, there will continue to be crisis and challenges. There will also be incredible experiences of bliss, beauty, success and fulfillment! As you strengthen and stabilize in the new frequencies, you will navigate with greater ease and grace.You will no longer tense and react to these stresses, you will OPEN for more energy, love, support, resources and connection. So blessed one, rejoice.You are doing so well. Dance, sing, give gratitude for everything! I bow to you in love, honoring the Goddess/God within you. I am Sarika Mystica If anyone has letters to share, please do so on my facebook page Rhianne NewLahnd, or visit www.rhiannenewlahnd. com and sign up for a free Goddess altar card. I can also be reached for private sessions, art and writing assignments. Rhianne Teija NewLahnd Internationally known with 25 years in the arts, ceremony, performance, community development and innovation to connect people to the Sacred FeminineWisdom and power within. Lives in Sedona, Arizona.


20 21 22



Get Naked! Kerrie Friend


ecently I began a new health & fitness kick. I’ve been doing the same thing for many years and it was time to kick it up a notch. It hit me that what I really needed to do was reevaluate my health and fitness routine. So first stop, get naked!!! Yes I did just say that! So often we hide excess this or that under what we’re able to wear to cover our unwanted issues. While this is a good fashion trick it often undermines what we really need to do. You maybe thinking this is a little extreme but trust me it works and is very valuable when uncovering the truth. And before I go too much further let me say this, this is about health not about looking like a Hollywood actress or a Victoria Secret model. Many diseases are fought with a healthy bodyweight. I know getting naked is not your usual health and fitness requirement but I encourage you to do it as it’s very revealing and gives you a guide to where you need to improve and will help you truthfully access the weight you need to lose. My brother is a very successful personal trainer who lives and works in NY and always says “A good body is built in the kitchen”. I love that it’s so true! I found that after taking a good look at myself naked I began hitting the gym with more intensity & was even more watchful of what I was putting in my mouth. Before I’d taken a good look I had become a little complacent and was using clothes to hide what needed improvement. I also realized how little I looked at myself naked and the truth did make me free and ready to kick some butt. Seeing yourself naked gives you a new perspective about your body and health. It’s a great dose of reality and moves you into action. Now once you’ve revealed your truth you can begin doing

something about it. Without using your body you won’t be as healthy as you could be. I love what Dr. Oz says repeatedly “The majority of people can walk so get up and walk”. Exercise is not only good for our health and it also gives us more energy and we cope mentally and emotionally far better. A sedentary lifestyle brings an unhealthy image. There are no miracle pills but with some naked evaluation, exercise and good eating habits you can achieve a happy and healthy image. Exercise at least forty-five minutes five times a week for optimal results. And find activities you enjoy and change them around so you don’t get bored. Our temple is worth the effort! You’ll soon become more confident, sleep will improve naturally and you’ll begin to love how you feel. The next vital component to our naked reality is what we put in our mouths? Begin counting kilojoules and write down what you eat in a food journal to stay on track. It may sound boring and almost too easy but it works. Cut down to 4500kj per day (approx. 1200 calories) which equates to a healthy weight loss of approximately 2lbs or a kilo a week. With portion control, little to no junk food or soda’s and by using a kilo joule counter weight loss is achieved easily. Be sure to east five times a day to keep your metabolism buzzing along, include your exercise routine and you’ll soon be pleased with your naked truth. Honour your image (spirit, soul and body), it is precious and beautiful and deserves our very best attention. Australian celebrity Kerrie Friend was co-host of hit TV shows Perfect Match andWheel of Fortune. Kerrie and her husband founded Heaven on Earth Media in 2002. She is also an ambassador and spokesperson for a number of societies and authored Image: 52Weeks to a NewYou.Visit


22 23

w o l F e h t g n i t r o Supp y t i n i n i m of Fe

Michelle Morseu



their bodies star t menstruation cycle. it very upsetting and such a barbaric Many are raped and abused in these practice. If you wish to find out relationships because they are too arch 2012 was Women’s more look it up on the web. Most young to cope, and so feel trapped, History Month and on of these girls that are forced to have the eighth of March it was frightened and very insecure, unable this done to their bodies, die from to escape. also International Woman’s Day. In complications like haemorrhaging or reflection I thought it would give me How horrific would this be? infections. http://www.equalitynow. a chance to express what these events org/fgm mean to me and ask you as the reader Can you imagine yourself or worse your daughter in this situation? Being what you feel it should be really Rape, domestic violence, being at an age when you should be in about? How far have we really come uneducated and simply not being school, with no worries playing and as women in seeking our equality? treated as an equal and having the being carefree, which is how most same chances in life are many of As woman we have come so far from of us spend our lives! Instead being the problems we are still facing in thrust into a situation not of your being suppressed homemakers and feminine societies today. wives, not earning our own living or choosing with some stranger, that So yes, we have come along way with is generally a lot older and made to having our own voices, or moulding woman rights but I feel we still have ourselves into something that society get married, then sent off to live a long way to go to see it become a with him! No one you know would felt as woman we should live our global status for all women. The more lives being or doing. Having said this be there to suppor t you and then we band together and help uplift, we still have a ways to go as all these worrying what sort of person he is! empower and motivate the feminine, Thinking ‘will he beat me if I deny cultural and ancestral patterns still the more blessed we will all be. influence many of us today. Lets face him sexual gratification’. How scary it it’s been par t of our DNA for some an existence would that be? Michele Morseu time. is a sea witch and defender of the What can we do to help put a stop oceans. With a passion for the written to this barbarism and basic lack of Researching this article, I found that word, she has been published in sister human/feminine rights? Well there there is still much going on in the magazines. are many organisations out there world for us to be concerned about. She is also a Psychic, Reiki master that help educate people of these That in this era the world still holds with a certificate in Natural countries to delay child marriages. many horrors for woman on the Therapies.Email is whole. ‘Child brides’ for instance is a Not only that, but to encourage them dolphintouch@bigpond .com to let these children be educated growing problem, that affects manly Website through schooling. third world countries such as Indian dolphintouch/index and Africa, but despite efforts it is still happening today. Many of these ‘child Just look up Child Brides and you will find many ways you can help. http:// brides’ are not due to just cultural is one that helps traditions it seems, but apparently with this issue. young girls are being traded for Another one that is of importance money or to end debts. Sold into and should not be tolerated is the slavery of a very different kind. Most traditional practice of forced Female girls are very, very young and star t Circumcision. I will not go into having children of their own when details on this subject because I find



24 25

Elemental Magic:



ether (sometimes called Spirit) is considered an element and known as the fifth element. Whereas Earth, Air, Fire and Water are elements you can visibly manipulate, Aether is intangible.

Elemental magic is very grounded in the real and the physical. Aether is the point where this embodied spirituality meets the intangible. This may happen by during powerful internal experiences with deities, or when the other elements meet and blend, or as the activating force in a ritual. To work a spell using Aether you will need an altar or small table and something representing your own spirit. This could be a statuette or symbol of the Goddess or something else that is sacred and personal to you.You will also need either a beautiful feather, or some lit incense for Air; a candle for Fire; a chalice or lovely glass filled with fresh water for Water and some clay, or earth mixed with water in a little bowl for Earth. Arrange your altar so the spirit-symbol is in the centre, with the four elements around it.


Aether is usually placed in the centre of the Circle, surrounded by the other elements. It is considered to be a meeting point – a place where all the elements join together. Because of this, working with Aether is ideal for blending together magic that works with more than one element. If you have already worked separately with each of Earth, Air, Fire and Water you have established a basic relationship with each one, and can begin to weave Aether into your elemental workings. Aether is sometimes understood as the mysterious force that allows the other four elements to interact. Aether is also referred to as Spirit – like the unseen force that resides within, animating and inspiring us but impossible to put your hands on. Spirit is no less vital to our lives than our body and breath. Working magically with Aether is one way of inviting balance into your own elemental magic. 26 GoddessGuru

Choose an area of your life that you are struggling with, or finding it hard to fulfil your potential in. This could be a job, relationship, creative endeavour, your spiritual or magical practise or something else. Take a small piece of paper and write down, in one sentence, the result you want your Aether magic to produce, as if it had already

t Affirmatio n: “My Relat ionship with my pa rtner (name) is peaceful. loving & r omantic.”

Jane Meredith

happened, for example: ‘My relationship is happy and peaceful’, or ‘Creativity flows from my fingertips’. Place the paper under your Aether symbol. Light your candle, and your incense if you are using it. Speak a little prayer or invocation to your Spirit or to Aether, asking for the presence and support of the sacred realms. Now spend a few moments concentrating on the intention of your spell, which you wrote on the piece of paper. It may be easier to reflect on the situation as it currently is, but remember your magic is aimed at creating change, so be careful to spend your time reflecting on your imagined future and not on any problems or stuck places you may be in. Use your breath to help you project your imagination into this alternate reality. When you feel that you are fully within your new reality, pick up your feather or incense. Wave it around yourself, inviting the element of Air to come to your aid. Ask yourself if you have space for new ideas. Are you open to others’ opinions? Can you use your voice to speak up for what you want? Breathe in consciously, asking Air to work with you.

Move straight on to Fire, picking up your candle carefully and gazing into the flame. As you watch it burning, ask yourself if you are devoting enough energy to this part of your life you are wanting to change. Are you burning bright and clear, or is something unsteady, meagre or polluted in your energy? Are there parts of this project that need to be burned away? Look deep into the flame and ask Fire to work with you. Continue with Water, picking up your chalice or glass and feeling its cool weight in your hands. As you feel deep into the water, ask yourself what your true feelings are about this area of your life. Are there hidden depths you haven’t been able to acknowledge until now? Do your feelings call out for you to adapt or change your position? Take a sip or two, asking Water to work with you.


Pick up your small bowl of earth, mud or clay. Put your fingers into it, and feel it against your skin. As you meet its tangibility, ask yourself what needs to be done in this situation. It may be something you haven’t considered before, or it may be something you have avoided or been postponing. Earth is a simple element, so what comes to you will usually be simple. Smear some of the earth onto the backs of your hands, and onto your face if you like, asking Earth to work with you.

Finally face your Aether or Spirit symbol. Either speaking aloud, or thinking internally, reprise what you have learnt in this spell from the four elements and ask for a blessing to help your magic. Then sit in silence, leaving your mind open for what comes.You may receive a vision of the Goddess, a feeling of being nudged in the back or tugged by the hand, some words or a phrase of a song might come to you or a feeling of peace or excitement. When you feel complete, put out any flames and pack away your elemental tools. Place the Aether or Spirit symbol, along with the written spell underneath it, on your main altar, or in a place you can see it often but it won’t be disturbed. Leave it there until you feel your spell has taken full effect – this sometimes happens in surprising ways! Then burn the piece of paper and thank Aether or Spirit. Jane Meredith is a Priestess of the Goddess, a writer, and workshop presenter. Her book Aphrodite’s Magic: Celebrate and HealYour Sexuality is in the form of a magical spell. She runs workshops internationally. She can be contacted via email at: jane@janemeredith. com and her schedule, website and blog can be found at: GoddessGuru

26 27

; e s u a p o n e Peri M r? to ra e ib L r o h c rt ...Bia Karen Lyons ”


here seem to be thousands of notions floating around the internet & spewing out of the mouths of Professionals surmising why it is that some Goddesses cruise through ‘the Big M journey’ while others feel like they’re body & mind are being held captive inside an active volcano. Let’s clear a few things up right here, right now; particularly for those of you not experiencing the Big M; before we bravely, boldly & with humour venture down Crone Road. 1 Peri menopause is the term used as a woman goes through her hormonal transition – the opposite of puberty - & ‘naturally pert’ is now maintained by regular dips in ice-laden waters. A move to Antarctica or at least Tasmania is now advisable. 2 Menopause is the official term used for when a woman has ceased menstruation & her peri-menopause journey has officially ended. In my case, if I haven’t singlehandedly melted the polar caps, that will be marked by a substantial celebration. 3 Peri menopause is not exclusive to those in their 40’s & 50’s. Some women suffer early onset menopause in their 20’s & 30’s either naturally or surgically.



4 The views within this story are my own, I am not a medical professional, merely an amazing woman presently living at ‘48 Rollercoaster Alley’ while experiencing aches, pains, sleep deprivation, headaches, anxiety, dizziness, fatigue nay exhaustion, “the fuzzies” aka brain fog (this article has taken 6 weeks, on & off, to write; needless to say, my book is a little behind schedule), leaking tear ducts, mood swings (you know it’s bad when even the dog gives you ’THAT LOOK’), internal combustion & a gamut of other uninvited symptoms aka “guests” inhabiting my person all encouraging me to pack & move to Crone Road; “guests” who, as far as I’m concerned, have outstayed their hormonal holiday. I have found it somewhat entertaining reading the thousands of accounts as to why a woman must be having a personally challenging M time.They range from diet – vegetarian v’s carnivore, alkaline v’s acidic, raw v’s cooked etc – to stress v’s no-stress, genetic predisposition v’s mindset, pre-existing conditions, medication etc through to sweeping statements about fitness v’s no fitness. A pregnant 27-ish Natural Therapist sat across a table from me bravely informing me that “if I’d led an active life, it

would’ve been highly unlikely I’d developed menopausal difficulties”. Sorry to say to the Natural Therapist, I deflate such findings & yes I may be an exception & not the rule. Before making such a rash statement (just a thought) perhaps she should have asked me about my history. I have spent my entire life remaining active; I eat well & enjoy a predominately alkaline diet (well except for those divine shared girly bubbles) & yet here I sit in a regular lather of perspiration, my adrenal glands in overdrive as my oestrogen plummets, blood pressure rises & my fight or flight syndrome automatically kicks in. Fortunately for the abovementioned therapist she caught me on a ‘teary flight day’; never have I used my earth angelic wings & air sign flurries so much! Pregnancy hormones (hers) v’s Menopausal hormones (mine) may not have been the most balanced platform for a debate. There’s also the subject of “did I draw this to me?” (The lengths I’ll take to write magazine articles! ). Perhaps I did although I can scrupulously say that not once did I entertain the idea of having “a hideous menopause journey”. It didn’t enter my mind. If anything I was guilty & ignorant of scarcely giving menopause any thought what-so-ever. The only naïve thought I remember having is that “if these hot flash things touched my world I would deal with them easily; piece of cake”. My reasoning was I’d spent my entire life as ‘a glistener’ so a little hot flash here or there would be nothing. How green can a girl be?! Just as I am about to curse Mother Nature (OK truth is I’ve been cursing her regularly!) for the unwanted challenges of the transition, she does what she does best, & shows me the fertile productive side to this exchange.I used to think the alternative ‘fight days’ were not a pretty option & would require great discipline on my behalf, often more than I could muster at this period (no pun intended) to downplay, breathe, calm & put a lid on. As time has lapsed, as time does, I am beginning to see a freedom & newfound liberation in such raw-ness of emotion & speech. My tongue, who I’ve nicknamed Ferrari, regularly accelerates in front of my filtering system & more often than not, I find my blatant honesty refreshing. I have endeavoured to lead “an honest life” however Menopause brings with it an extra injection of edgy authenticity. I’m not talking cutting someone to the core, although the Big M does display that on her agenda from time to time, I’m talking simple, direct, no beating around the *bush, truth. *Why does an innocent word, in an innocent sentence, suddenly have a female connotation?

In light of the above, continuing in that honest vein I must say my M path was sudden & crippling. The quality of my life altered drastically, overnight. I went from high functioning, positive & gregarious to a low functioning catatonic stranger. So much so, I have felt the need to reach out to other women in whatever capacity available to me. With my own Mother gone & no sisters to quiz, I turned to cousins & females everywhere imploring them to share their experiences & pearls of wisdom. Strength in unity & education. As I am primarily an organic kinda gal; I tried a breadth of individual & combination natural M options from traditional to Chinese herbs, teas, a plethora of naturally derived medications, powders & antioxidants, Remifemin, Harmony Menopause, extra Vit E & Vitex, Ashwaghanda (Indian Ginseng), Neem, reflexology, acupuncture, hypnosis, meditation, dietary & exercise changes, hormonal creams etc…the list is long. At the end of the day, (for me) it all helped to a point, for a limited time. As of 1 month ago, after endless research & enormous trepidation, feeling desperate, exhausted, spending more & more of every month in a withdrawn non-achieving state & feeling completely disconnected to the world, my husband, my friends & my own productive, vibrant self, I started HRT’s. Its early days…it’s not perfect…but here I sit tapping away, smiling, with more energy & passion than I’ve had in quite some time. I feel uplifted & hopeful. I am regaining “me”. Interestingly, I did not feel completely disconnected to my adult children, although I did go through waves of solitude & detachment as some weeks it took all I had to simply endure. Not once did I feel disconnected to my Grandchildren or my animals...unconditional love & acceptance. Facebook - love it or loathe it - became an invaluable positive tool. On many low functioning days I was able to still connect & communicate with other beautiful Goddesses behind the safe veil of the laptop screen helping to alleviate some of my own despair & confusion & in turn help others. Help others & you also help yourself right?! ...To be continued… next issue! With love, wisdom, enrichment & wicked humour! Karen Lyons holds a Counselling Diploma, (presently studying her Masters in Counselling), is an Advanced Psychotherapist, Neuro Linguistic Programmer & is about to embark on an EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) qualification. Contact: email at:


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Goddess Cordelia

S’Roya Rose



Queen of May - Goddess of Flowers K

nown as the Welsh Godd ess of summer flowers, Cordelia is hono ured as being the Queen of May and of the fairies. Seen as an important Go ddess, bridging the gap between seasons. She wa s a strong maiden Goddes s Archetype, having been the target of ardent attention from suitors co mpeting to win her love. Daughter of the sea god Llyr. Connected with Beltaine and often called the May Queen. In her myths there was a famou s rivalry of the Gods Gw yn and Gwyrthur over her ea ch Samhain and Bealtain e. This is one of the origins of the Holly King and Oa k King duel, which is comm emorated each Yule and Midsummer in most Celti c traditions... see below!

The myth goes something

like this: [The Holly King, the Lo rd of the Winterwood an d darksome twin of the wa ning year, rules from Midsummer to Midwinter. At Midsummer, he goes to battle with his twin, the Oak King, for the favor of the Goddess. He slays the Oak King, who goes to rest in Caer Arianrhod until they do battle again at Midsummer. The Oak King and Holly King are mortal enemies at Midsum mer and Midwinter, but they are two sides of a wh ole. Neither could exist without the other. There are two themes wh ich run throughout the Holly King and Oak King saga. The first, of course , is the two great yearly ba ttles between the two. The second is the sacrific ial mating, death, and resurrection of each in his season. At Lammas, the peak of the Holly King’s reign, he sacrificially ma tes with the Great Mother, die s in her embrace, and is resurrected. This is an enactment of the natural fertility theme of the seas on, and is not uncommon in other mythologies: Os iris, Tammuz, Dionysus, Balder, and Jesus are on ly a few other gods who die and are resurrected. (The Oak King on the other

hand, mates, dies and is resurrected at Beltane.) This aspect of the Holly King and Oak King is no t widely discussed, but is an important element in their roles as fertility go ds.]


Cordelia defied her sea go d father’s wishes, to marry the man of her ch oice, and became the inspiration for Cordelia in Shakespeare’s King Le ar.

Her Modern Archetypa


essage: In standing in her power whilst defying her sea go d father’s wishes, her inner strength brought us a tim e honoured message; that despite her light, happy and abundant life giving feminine disposition, good fortune can be ours, if we make up our mind and stand firm in ou r choices. That to ‘Do what you know to be rig ht for you,’ is important in becoming and remain ing an individual. That learning to be true to on eself is a must for every one not just females. Gone are the days where we should constantly give ou r power away to others, by always being told wh at to do. Whether it’s well meaning parents or friends, sharing opinions about how they think yo u should live your life, it’ s important to know that yo u can face these pressures and all of life’s challenge s and advercities.

Cordelia teaches us all tha t even though we can fee l fragile and look gentle an d submissive we don’t have act like it. That to ho ld our ground and face our fears is important. As the Goddess of flowers her message is telling us to go outside and play in nature more often... to go smell the flowers. Place bright coloured flo wers around your desk or where ever you work an d keep nature close as a reminder of the great ‘M other Goddess’ for she is always with us, but it’s nic e to see her face. )O(


30 31



is rt


Art Through the Eyes of the Soul il

f ro


– the Goddess in Neo-Mythic Art


Cheryl Yambrach Rose


vividly remember my first encounter with patriarchal society. It was at age five in kindergarten when I was trying to convince my teacher to let me paint at the easels with the boys, instead of playing in the playhouse with the girls. When I first stood in front of that expanse of white paper, I had the conscious realization that my passion was to be an artist, as I knew I had been in previous lives. When I was eight my father gave me his old wooden oil painting box. The first time I opened this treasure chest and smelled the linseed oil and resins, ancient memories awakened that have taken me on a lifelong odyssey…. I paint on the conceptual premise of how life is created in nature. The empowered image from the fusion of Spirit and Matter is conceived on the



canvas like a child. There is a point in the painting where it takes it’s first breath and begins to live a life of it’s own. By creating empowered positive images, the outer world will change to reflect these values and keep us on the positive timeline. My work is done in oil on linen, but not in the traditional manner. I begin with the eyes and spiral out from that focal point. This pattern of movement can be found throughout the physical world and in the creation of life. It creates a natural vortex that the artist can pass through. I call this the alchemy of art. Once the shape of the Spirit is there, communion is possible. Losing all sense of self and becoming a vehicle is bliss, and the painting seems to paint itself. The viewer can also be drawn into this

experience as the canvas holds the energy of that vortex throughout time. It feels like a very natural way of painting to me. Many of my paintings are the result of what I have seen on the soul level, pure and unsullied. Whether young or old, everyone is radiant and beautiful when viewed in this form. Beginning with the eyes gives me a direct portal and connection to the person I am painting. That is why I consider even the most traditional portrait I paint to be a Spiritual portrait, as eyes truly mirror the soul. We now know that the pineal gland is shaped like an eye and has a direct connection to the Source field, which is connected to all things and possibilities. This third eye is where telepathic thought transmissions and

visions are received. My materials are very special. The hollow fibers of linen are known to hold a charge! Perhaps this is why linen was used so extensively in Egypt. Amber was once thought to be more precious than gold. My turpentine comes from the same source of tree resin. With the natural minerals from the earth infused with the photosensitive linseed oil bound to the magical flax plant of the canvas, the art is alive, and it does hold a charge! This is a very good reason to create only beauty in our world. A positive, constructive, or inspirational picture will hold that vibration for thousands of years. I have often been asked why so many of my paintings are painted straight-on, but that is exactly how

beings and visions appear – not fleeting out of the corners of the eyes, not in the peripheral vision, but front and center. It is interesting to note that in the art of other eras, the Angels and Deities are always depicted looking away. Could it be that the empowerment of direct communication was known, and therefore discouraged? Now art is looking Deity in the eye and asking “Teach me, show me the way….” I feel the woman of today is a master artist, juggling a full color palette of home, career, and children while retaining her feminine mystique, intuition and the soul quality that defines her. These are some of the many facets that make her a true Goddess.

Cheryl Yambrach Rose is a portrait painter, visionary artist and researcher. Using historical data along with her psychic impressions she creates empowered oil paintings based on sacred sites and their mythology. She calls this Neo-Mythic Art ®. She is creator of the “Art Through the Eyes of the Soul Oracle” deck distributed by U.S. Games Systems Inc. It contains 52 large gilded cards of her original oil paintings and 108 page guidebook. It is also available as an iPhone/iPad app. She is author of the book “Art Through The Eyes of the Soul” containing 60 full color paintings and 120 color photographs, with forward by Jean Houston. Cheryl lives and works in Prague, Czech Republic, Glastonbury, England, and Mt.Shasta, California.


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Recognizing Stress Signals Before they trigger out of control reactions.


fter a busy and somewhat stressful day at the office working as an admin manager, Julie pulled into her driveway. Her children’s bikes and toys were scattered over the walkway into her house. She instantly began noticing slight tension within her muscles and anxiety in her stomach. As she entered her home, her husband ignored her completely while he talked on the telephone. Her heart began beating even more rapidly. Looking around, she noticed disorder; nothing was picked up and the house was a total mess. Irritation and frustration had started to settle in. Finally, as her feelings of disappointment and frustration welled up, having been ignored in her own home, after having had a hard day at work, she exploded, and before she could stop, she began yelling at her husband and children, and she hadn’t even said hello how was your day. Sound familiar to anyone? This is a very normal human response to ongoing stress build up.

S’Roya Rose

Often it’s the simple life things that can push our stress buttons; repeated often enough it starts to trigger sadness, worry, anxiety, anger or deep depression even rage. Constant tension leads to anxiety and this can build up into everyday stress, which takes us from feeling calm to experiencing uncomfortable reactions in many common situations such as the one described above. Our body tissues can become congested and toxic with the emotional build up. Add to that, other life pressures such as; money worries and possibly an unbalanced diet with lack of sleep and we have all the ingredients for anxiety, overload or possibly depression. Add to that working in a job that you may dislike or suppressing your feelings for the sake of money or keeping the peace etc … well you start to get my meaning of how it can compound and easily build up. Stress is more easily understood if observed as a series of bodily responses to situations or demands made upon us called ‘stressors’. These are our body’s communications to us that we are uncomfortable and they are usually instant… such as muscle tension in our stomach or chest, faster breathing or erratic heart rate, sweating



and fidgeting. They trigger negative emotional response defense mechanisms like hurt, humiliation, anger, or frustration culminating our fears into anxiety. These emotions then trigger a defensive behavioral pattern response… like a raised voiced or yelling for example, if these go unchecked they can become extremely abusive especially to anyone on the receiving end of them. Ask yourself how does my body respond when I’m stressed? What are my signals that things are upsetting or concerning me? Start to observe some of your subtler triggers and physiological responses to everyday stress. Many years ago in my mid 20’s I was asked to see a psychologist for a general work psych observation session. Now, I had just moved interstate, entered a new relationship and started a new job. Whilst I felt fine I was nervous about seeing a psychologist… I had never been before and it felt like I was being put under the microscope, all very intimidating. I remember being asked about my life and how I was feeling. My answer was always “fine”. So the Psychologist asked me “did I know what feelings were?” Of course I knew what feeling were, I said, feeling pressured. Then something magical happened that changed my life forever. He sat me in a chair and attached some little clips to ends of my thumb and forefingers; these clips had wires that were attached to a small machine with a meter reader on the front… He told me that this meter read tiny sweat beads that appeared on my fingertips. After he’d attached the clips, he asked me to sit back and make myself comfortable, which I did. He than asked me to close my eyes, and use my mind and imagine I was in a place that would make me feel relaxed, calm, and happy… so I did (I imagined I was on a white sandy beach under a palm tree, stretched out relaxing on a long deck chair). He proceeded to help me look around and explore my imaginary happy place, and so I imagined the sea and heard the waves gently lapping the shore, I could feel the hot sun beaming onto my body through the dappled palm leaves.. It was blissful… I was there in my imagination and feeling every bit relaxed. Then he asked me to remember the last time I saw my children… and within seconds there was a buzzing from the little machine attached to my fingertips. Startled, I opened my eyes, only to be reassured that all was well. He asked me to close my eyes again and took me back to my happy relaxed place. I was a little confused and unsure about what just happened, but I went back to my

imaginary happy place and became totally relaxed, once more. Slowly he asked me to remember about my last visit to my children and the buzzing noise started again. He made me keep my eyes closed and asked me instead to tune into my body… “How is your breathing right now?” he asked… “Shallow and faster” I replied. “How is your heart rate”? He asked… “Beating much faster” I replied… “Now tune into your stomach and chest… How do they feel”? He asked… “My stomach is churning a bit and my chest feels tight” I replied… Relieved the ordeal was over… I opened my eyes and he said… “This is how your are really feeling… your bodily responses are telling you how you feel… the meter registered more sweat on your fingertips… so can you tell me how are you really feeling now?” Upset and a little anxious,” I said and with that announcement I burst into tears. We talked about my stress and I shared my concerns and truth about my new life and the consequences of having made this decision. I left his office that day feeling much better about life in general, not really knowing what a huge turning point it was going to be. I never saw him again, however I never forgot the great awareness he bestowed upon me that day. Needless to say it changed my life in such a simple yet profound way. I now had a place from which to connect with myself properly and so began my journey of understanding emotional stressors. From that moment on I learnt to tune into myself and acknowledge my personal feelings and responses to life… the rest of course is history. Understanding that some of these stressors can be negative; such as coping with a driver who cuts in front of you, or positive; such as navigating a road map while looking for a particular destination. They can be external and outside of you (like work load or money pressures) or internal (like expectations you have of yourself, not feeling good enough or feeling guilty about something you didn’t get to do or say). Whether the stressor is external or internal, scientists have discovered that the major systems of the body work together to provide one of the most powerful and sophisticated human defenses; the stress response, which I know now better as the ‘fight-or-flight’ mechanism. We all have this natural fight and flight response, which helps us to observe the stressors we may have in our life, as it activates and coordinates our brain, glands, hormones, immune system, heart, blood, nerves, muscles and lungs. ...cont.. next pg...


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Recognizing Stress Signals


- before they trigger out of control reactions.

To avoid any damaging behavior that might affect others, and ourselves we must observe how we are affected by stress, and interrupt its hold on us before the stress response turns into out of control reactions like rage or aggression or deep depression. Interrupting any patterns of behavior is possible once we take responsibility for our stress and the emotions it triggers within us. Knowing these two factors is paramount to being able to change the outcome for the better. Try these simple strategies to regain control:


Read your personal warning lights: Becoming aware of your stress responses is the first step to managing it. This means listening to your body, being aware of your negative emotions, and observing your own behavior when under stress. For instance, notice your face flush, muscles tension, pounding heart, raising voice, irritation, dry mouth, or erratic movements or perfuse sweating.


What you see is what you get: For a potential stressor to affect us ‘stress us out’ we have to first perceive it or experience it as a stressor. Gaining a new perspective on the stressing situation can often drastically change the effect it has on us. Our stress response can indeed be a response (something we can control) instead of a kneejerk reaction (which is automatic).


Examples: Cut off on the freeway? It is not personal. That guy has a problem and is in a hurry. I will stay calm. Bullied by a co-worker? If I react, he wins. Later, I will privately let him know how I feel about what he did. If that doesn’t work, I’ll discuss it with our manager.


Stress-Guard your life:You can also make many life-style changes to reduce or minimize feeling stressed-out, even if you can’t change some of your actual stressors. For instance, manage your time better, establish priorities, protect yourself from toxic people and relationships, and find a way to manage your money better, or consider changing your job or occupation if its not to your satisfaction.




Have stress release valves: Regular de-stressing maintenance such as listening to music, walking the dog, gardening, playing sport, going to the gym, getting your hair done, having a massage or a facial; these can go a long way to helping you cope with the pressures of daily life. Make time and de-stress by finding what works for you.


Get regular counseling: If you know you have an issue with something and it wont go away no matter how hard you’ve tried then getting some counseling to help you make any necessary adjustments that might be in order is a great idea. Often its things we are not in control of that pushes us over the edge. If you have anything ongoing (such as nursing a sick family member) or happening often in your life, then regular counseling may help you deal with its effects.


Take time out and learn to de-compress… go for walks in nature… take up meditation, yoga or Tai Chi, they are all great for a whole body focus that works as maintenance and internal tune up. I highly recommend you make yourself important and love yourself enough to do this regularly. Here are some basic tips that help you to stay balanced and cope with any ongoing stress: • • • • • • • • •

Get regular adequate sleep and rest. Eat a healthy nutritional balanced diet. Avoid eating too much sugar or fatty foods. Avoid excessive alcohol intake. Make time for regular outings and social activity outside of family. Look at life 1 day at a time. Live congruently with your core personal values. Set healthy boundaries on your time and space. Develop social networks of friends that support different parts of your life.

Check out Stacey Demarco’s GODS and TITANS

Available at good bookstores near you.

Magick Magazine The Magazine For Those That Believe

Available in Newsagents & Internationally Online!


Magick Magazine is a unique magazine for the magickal community. Its writers, artists, editors, marketing managers advertisers and production crew are all well respected members of the community. There are no muggles or unethical people involved in this work. Contacts listed are trusted resources within the Pagan/Magickal/Witchcraft community. This is a safe sane and consensual place for you to network, contribute and have a say. This is our voice to be heard and place where we can dispel the myths, command respect and implement processes for law changes. After writing for and being the editor of alternative magazines for 20 years, She` DeMontford is very aware of the need for this type of resource for the curious, the solitary practitioner and for the long time established members of the magickal community world wide.


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s e i r e a F e r a e r e h T ! d e B my

Apple Blossom

Little girls are sleeping snug in their beds With powder pink cheeks and golden long hair Far away they drift away in their sleep As kaleidoscope dreams unfold in the air One by one tiny faeries appear Which silently spin in delirious twirls With glitter wings and glitter wands They quietly fly near the little girls Tiny tiny hands and tiny tiny feet Wearing silver shoes with silver laces And sequenced dresses and sequenced stockings They gently brush faery dust on their faces Filling them with magic filling them with love They sprinkle gold drops and sprinkle flowers And twinkle and sparkle and sparkle and twinkle With coloured smiles falling down in showers Dusting their bedding and dusting their pillows With faery floss candy and faery floss wishes Dancing around and around and around While leaving butterfly hugs and butterfly kisses 38



ave you ever fallen asleep only to be woken gently by someone tickling your tootsies? If you have, this would have been the faery realm happily and cheekily playing their little games, for entertainment is the fundamental tool that keeps them forever young and youthful. They love dancing, singing, and weaving in and out of the plants, arm in arm swirling in delirious twirls, while drinking honey nectar wine into the awakening hours of dawn. Then as the sunny golden orb in the skies above salutes to welcome another day, they know it is time again for them to diligently iron out each petal on the flowers so that they all sit up and proper. If you are lucky, you may hear them jingle their tinker bells to wake their friends in nature, the insect world. For it’s never fun to play alone! So together in unison they enjoy hours of splendour, like taking turns having aeroplane rides on the back of a friendly butterfly, or snail races as the faeries mount their shells. Then there are faeries who have dedicated their time and energy to watching over the human little folk, as they have ironically named children of the world (Although the faeries are tiny too - a taste of their humour perhaps?) They spend tireless hours sprinkling the children’s pillows with faery dust, so that only sweet and good dreams shall flow. Dropping specks of gold, filled with inspiration upon their eye lids to make sure that a healthy imagination remains intact. For without imagination, the faery realm would discontinue to exist! The faeries need people to believe in them, strengthening the power for their winged race to live forever more. If children stopped enjoying tales of fantasy and yarns from yester year, then the faeries will eventually retreat further and further away from our civilisation, as they have already sadly been forced to do. Once upon a time, the faeries would appear freely and openly to our human eyes, for we used to believe without a doubt that they were indeed real. Unfortunately, now with the growing age of technology and the belief that nothing has truth unless there is fact and science to back it up, regretfully they now hide. To believe, whether through a fictitious outlook, or whole heartedly as a factual idea that other realms to our own exist, helps to give the faeries power to manifest and remain. Rather than be considered the ‘forgotten winged ones’. Create the faery bottle below to entice them near your children while they sleep to keep their imaginations running freely and, most importantly to keep the faery realm in the here and now:

FAERY BOTTLE SWEET DREAMS You will need a pinch each of Dried thyme - faeries favourite herb Dried marigold petals - enhances faery sight Dried rose petals - to bring in loving energy Dried jasmine flowers - to welcome the faeries of dreams and night 1 glass bottle (1 cm in height is ideal, availab le via the internet or craft outlet) 1 bowl 1 small twig for mixing Using your fingertips, ever so gently break the ingredients in tiny pieces in the bowl. Mix care fully with the twig - nature’s natural utensil! Hol d the palms of your hands over the herbs and flowers while chanting these words:

“From Earth to air From air to Fae Bring sweet dreams Not ones with screams” Fill your bottle with the now empowered mixture and place it beneath your child’s pillow to allo w sweet and fantasy filled dreams to come.

Apple Blossom is a natural psychic, medium, and witch. She is also a Reflexologist practitioner, with a vast background in the study of everything spiritual and magical. Apple writes for many new age magazines in Australia and internationally and is the author of three books. Facebook: Apple Blossom Photo taken by ‘Julz Photography’ 2011


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Tarot Moments

Tarot Mystique!


arot is most recognized forms of fortune-telling in today’s world, used often for quick and informaive answers. Tarot Cards have a colourful history, and everybody has a different story to share about where, why and how they orginated. The Romany Gypsys have played a mjaor role in the traditions and meanings of the of the Tarot cards being passed down through the generations. No matter what the truth is, tarot is here to stay. Bringing a positive and uplifting experience to every person having a reading. Tarot has seen many changes through the centuries, like fashion. They will continue to evolve and move with the changing times. Tarot Card design has changed over the centuries from 22 Pewter plates used in Persia around the 14th century to make decision for their nation. Like when to plant crops or when to go to war. Many year latter the 56 remaining cards were added and the birth of Minor Arcana. They are now form the basis of the ordinary playing deck we use today world wide. All decks have 78 Tarot Cards divided into two sections. The Major Arcana, the first 22 cards of the deck. Then the remaining 56 cards, called the Minor Arcana is divided into four suits. The most common suits used are Cups (hearts), Wands (diamonds), Swords (spades) and Pentacles (clubs).



There are so many traditions and myths that add to the mystic of the Tarot Cards and reading them. Let us explore just a few. •You cannot buy your own Tarot Cards. • Gift given to you by a Gypsy with love, luck and wisdom as her choosen one. • Never let another person touch on tarot cards. • Tarot cards must always be wrapped in a purple silk scarf. • Then they must be kept in a wooden carved box, for safekeeping. • Tarot reading should always perfomed on a wooden table. • Candle burning brightly to ward of evil spirits. • Incense burning connects you to the nature spirits. • No reversed meaning of tarot cards • Receive a reading from a Gypsy and cross their palm with silver for luck. • Gypsy’s never reads on a Sunday amanda hall

You will have a good future with this man. There is a possible overseas trip together very soon. This will spell the end of all the frustration you have been experiencing in your life. Amanda Cards Used - 8 of Wands, Page of Cups,The sun,Wheel of Fortune, 8 of Swords. Dear Amanda Is my job secure, should I ask for a pay rise. - Jack - Gold Coast Dear Jack You will get your pay rise very soon, and it may be more than you were expecting. Which is always a nice surprise? The job itself is very secure and the company is impressed with your ability, knowledge and skill. The company you are working for seems to be juggling some issues connected with a man with brown hair and eyes. He can be quite abrasive in his mannerisms towards you and others. But this is just his way he doesn’t do it on purpose; there will be improvements around the working relationship with him. So just be patient.You are in the right job and will stay there for a long time. Amanda

Dear Amanda How soon will I meet my soul mate and will at last? - Sasha Sydney Dear Sasha Your soul mate is coming with great speed, and this will be very pleasing news indeed.You have waited a long time for the right person to enter your life.You will be very happy with your new relationship and great communication and a lot in common. Cards used - 6 of pentacles, 9 of This relationship will certainly lead to pentacles, 2 of pentacles, King of Swords, 3 of Pentacles marriage or a definite commitment.

Dear Jan Peace and harmony is surrounding the girls at the moment, so enjoy the truce while it lasts. They both had to try and understand the needs of the other this is called growing up, and they are mastering it very well. They no longer feel the need to compete with each other for domination and control. And this has brought balance and calm into the home instead, we have turned the corner on the negative behaviour. We will see lots of good things in life to celebrate. So, no more negative emotions and trying to deceive each other to be on top in the domination war. Now they are equals and share the top spot together. Peace will prevail, most of the time. Amanda Cards used - 2 of Swords, The Chariot, 8 of Cups, 3 of Cups, The Moon. Dear Amanda Why don’t I trust my two sisters and my mum? I have one older and one younger. I am “physically” taking care of mum at 87 years and they constantly talk on the phone to each other almost everyday - but I never know what they are talking about. It seems that they only tell me

what I want to hear. Am I paranoid, or am I picking up something that tells me to “be aware”. Michael - USA Dear Michael There is a legal situation or papers that have been discussed without you or your knowledge. There will be some important information to come to light in the near future.You need to keep balanced throughout this event. There are some happy occasions with the family including celebrations, like birthdays etc. But there will also be some uncomfortable times where there will be nothing but family arguments and deception.You need to keep your wits about you at all times.You need to continue to look over the situation like a student, who would pull apart, all the information in front of them and analyse it very carefully before proceeding. Not all situations are good, or in your best interest. I feel you will have reason to be suspicious, but the end result will be okay with money improvements. Amanda Cards used - Justice, 10 of Cups, 5 of wands, Page of Pentacles, 7 of Cups 

 


   


Personal Courses presented in Millicent. South Australia. Correspondece manuals also available

 …


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Source:Visionary Artist: Ravynne Phelan



s k l a w l u o s e h t e v o L n o Up y S’Roya

f Soul’ b o h c r a e S n I ‘ t from

an excerp


ove has been talked about, sung about, danced about and written about. It is the most widely used vehicle for conversations of various types and helps to advertise more products than we can begin to speak of. Love it seems is in great demand the world over. So where does it begin? How do we find it? And why do we need love? As children begin to believe love is always going to be there from our parents and family. Usually it does remain, however it can change as we grow up and develop with our needs and the expectations of others. Needless to say that our first inklings and feelings of love as we know it are of the unconditional kind, especially from our nurturing mothers energy.

It’s this unconditional kind of love we seek to find in the rest of our world. Lust it seems has played its part as a catalyst for the relationships between man and woman for their continued learning about love.Yet to fully understand our own sexuality we keep experimenting with lust until we understand it’s principals and the responsibilities of such. Through lust we learn about our gender and what it has to teach us about our role in society. Lust is natures way of

convincing you you’re in love. While experimenting with lust we learn about ourselves and how we affect each other in our sexual relationships. It is through our relationships that we come to understand more fully our emotions and the part they play in our life. Falling in and out of love over and over seems to be a favourite pastime of the young, and those who are still searching for real love whilst finding out about themselves. Looking for Intimacy Love is the strongest energy we have, and it is by the giving and receiving of love that we grow spiritually. It is through the opening of the heart that we experience the feelings of love, and where our thoughts of true love are greeted by our soul. These are the main reasons we seek ardently a partner, to give and receive love. The pairing up of our society has been going on for centuries for this very reason. Men and woman are different, not only in their physical bodies but in their emotions and how they express them, especially with in a relationship. Their mental attitudes they have towards each other and the world at large differ also. Men and women both experience love differently, and depending on their childhood experiences, they either show affection and love openly, or they have

trouble expressing their real feelings toward the opposite sex. It is the need for love that helps men and women learn how to give love in its true context and in an appropriate manner. There is no crime in loving too much only in the lack of it. This is felt very strongly within relationships where one partner is more loving than another. For a time we may choose to try to change the other partner, always seeking ideas to coerce them into showing their love, alas this is not a good idea. Seeking another’s love is the big mistake of our time, for love can only be given, not taken by force or persuasion. It is when we feel alone and lonely that the need for love becomes amplified. So often we settle for a less than perfect relationship out of need, and this seems to be for a time a simple solution to our loneliness. Possibly we have experienced this before and have been hurt emotionally in some way, but eventually the need for comfort and love is too great. When we have healed from this, feeling emotionally stronger and still needing to be nurtured, we seek love out again.

Loneliness is a call from your soul for love of self.


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e d i u G Z o t A s l e g n s n o Your A i t a c o v n I ith W

Choose an angel from the list below. Say the invocation out loud and allow three days for the healing to begin.


Archangel Ariel - angel of environmentalism, nature, animals and water. Invocation: Ariel, give me the courage and knowledge to actively become involved, passionate and motivated to seek opportunities to honor and nurture the earth.


Barbiel - angel of honesty, good versus bad and understanding.



Invocation: Barbiel, please open my ears to listen, when I fail to understand. Open my heart to feel, when I fail to love. Embrace me within your wings of honesty.


Archangel Chamuel - angel of love and relationship issues.

Invocation: Chamuel, teach me the laws of love so that I now become a magnet of this beautiful energy. Show me that it is ok to love and be loved.


Dominions - angels who oversee the lower part of the angelic hierarchy.

Invocation: Lords of the second sphere of angels, open the veil between the world of the physical and spiritual levels, so that I

Apple Blossom

may see where I have not seen before.


Earth Angels – humans who chose to help humanity.

Invocation: Beautiful angels of the earth, I send you love to spread love, hope to give hope, patience to be patient, strength to be strong and courage to be brave.


Fallen Angels - angels who refused to give their all to serve the creator.

Invocation: Angels who chose power over service to God. I now send you love that you may re-learn the attributes of unselfishness, obedience and devotion.


Archangel Gabriel - angel of purification, detox, vision and guidance.

Invocation: Gabriel, my body stands full of toxins, both physically and spiritually. Purify all my planes of consciousness, so that light radiates within and without.


Archangel Haniel - angel of grace, poise and healing modalities.

Invocation: Haniel, hold my hand so that I may walk with grace, leaving my ego behind, strengthening my modesty, filling my words with love.


Israfil - angel of music, poetry and dance.

Invocation: Israfil, provide me with the taste for something new, and the smell of something fresh. Breathe into me a magnitude of creativity and inspiration.


Archangel Jophiel - Angel of joy, insight and awakening.

Invocation: Jophiel, awaken from soul from sleep so that I will now see what has previously been darkened by shadow.


iraman Katibin - Two angels who record a person’s good and bad actions.

away all attachments from my being.


uriel - Angel of spell binding, hailstorms, eagle, warding off evil.

Invocation: Nuriel, charge my spell with positive intention. Ward off all evil that may try to manipulate my power of thought.


rifiel - Angel of the wilderness, forests and habitat.

Invocation: “Orifiel, help me to carry the messages of the trees, so that all hear their soulful song of suffering. Educate me on conservation of the Earth.”


powers - Angels who help protect the world from demons.

Invocation: Powers, of death and rebirth, protect us all from the destruction of the demonic energies which strive to bring this world to ruins.


queen of Angels Mary - Divine love, children and fertility.

Invocation: Gentle mother Mary, spread your angelic wings around me so that my heart is filled with love, speaks love, expresses love and teaches love.


Archangel Raphael - Angel of unity, wholeness and healing.

Invocation: Angels, honourable diary of my deeds, teach me the difference between what is right and wrong, in order to find the perfect balance between them both.

Invocation: Raphael, allow me to feel whole again. Return to me all lost fragments of my being. May your healing rays radiate throughout me.



Invocation: Lofiel, please illuminate my inner and outer beauty. So that the face which I portray to the outside world and the soul I carry within are both bright.”

Invocation: Sandalphon, make my inner voice loud so that the angels hear my prayers. Carry my messages upon your wings so that they are answered.



Invocation: Michael, allow only love to flow so that all negativity has no space. Please hold your mighty sword and cut

Invocation: Thrones, help change what people see as black and white, to now see rainbows, to make the world rotate with peace upon your wheels.

ofiel - Angel of beauty, paradise, art and illumination.

Archangel Michael - Angel of protection, strength and cord cutting.

Archangel Sandalphon - Angel who hears and answers prayers.

thrones - Wheels of the chariot of God and justice.


Archangel Uriel - Angel of service, devotion, giving and receiving.

Invocation: Uriel, teach me to accept what is given without judgement. With the ability to be generous to mankind, when my heart feels hardened.


virtues - Angels that change the laws of nature.

Invocation: Virtues, send me divine inspiration, wisdom and insight so that with every step I take, I walk with gentleness upon this Earth.

W west.

winds - Angels of the four winds or directions, north , south, east,

Invocation: Angels of the four winds, I call thee to stand like warriors at each direction. Shield all that is within and keep all that is without beyond these walls.


Saint Francis Xavier - Missionary, pioneer, spreading word of God.

Invocation: Blessed Saint, help me to be a pioneer so that I travel with courage in my heart, to reach out to others and spread love throughout the world.


yefefiah - Angel of languages, wisdom, knowledge and learning.

Invocation: Yefefiah, I call your gift of knowledge to fall upon me. Help me to learn that everyone and everything is my teacher.


zadkiel – Angel to overcome bitterness and forgive.

Invocation: Zadkiel, I call thee to transform all that I carry as resentment and bitterness to now become forgiveness and understanding. Apple Blossom is a natural psychic, medium, and witch. She is also a Reflexologist practitioner, with a vast background in the study of everything spiritual and magical. Facebook: Apple Blossom http://www.appleblossomscottage. com Photo taken by ‘Julz Photography’ 2011


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e n i n i m e F d l i W e h t g n i r o l p Ex Mikailah Gooda



The wild feminine is a bridge between the heavenly cosmos and the pulsating rhythms of Earth.

The wild feminine is a bridge between the heavenly cosmos and the pulsating rhythms of Earth. She contains a rich tapestry of experiences that make up the story of your life. She is mysterious, dark and succulent. She roars with the strength of a lioness and sensually touches your skin to delight and inspire you beyond your wildest imaginations. She beckons with desire.


o visualise the wild feminine, imagine the time you spent walking the windswept plains of the landscape of your soul. She is the light that calls you to explore the uncharted territory that no one else around you can see. She breathes a fire into your spirit and excites the flame of creativity. Her eyes access the depths of originality and uniqueness that is her special calling card for all concerned. The wild feminine encodes your essence with the expansion of pure source and alignment with the earth song of our times. For many she is a very familiar energy, for others she is waiting to be discovered. As women we have sometimes been conditioned to act and talk in a certain way that is reflective of our social and cultural filters. The wild feminine speaks in terms of freedom and movement that resonates with our own sacred dance within. She engages in a language that pours forth from the gateways of the heart. When we

have experienced a disconnection from the magic around us the wild feminine navigates her way to restore equilibrium to the energetic light body. She connects us to our passion for life. The wild feminine will ask the allimportant question of you - what is your passion? She will then cultivate a relationship with you to work from this catalytic point. Together you will traverse a new form that relates intrinsically to the physical and soul matter of your creative being. Practical ways for the wild feminine to live within you. • First and foremost, trust your own intuition - know yourself • Discover the inspiration of your creative source • Take regular walks in nature to connect with the devas and elementals • Howl at the moon in all her nine phases • Dispel anger and rage in a safe environment • Take a candlelit bath to soothe the soul • Drum, dance and sing wildly • Continually review and release all energies that are not in true alignment with your self • Embrace diversity • Empower yourself through financial freedom. Know that you have choices • Let go of all outmoded concepts of duality - good versus bad • Expand your heart-space through meditation • Connect with your totem animal guides. Let them speak to you

• Lay the inner critic and condemning judge to rest. The wild feminine’s partner of choice is far more exciting and liberated • Create delicious, seasonal meals with organic or local produce. The wild feminine loves to eat wholesome food • Receive restorative, healing bodywork Use your gift of discernment when connecting to a therapist or practitioner • Paint a large, colorful canvas to express your soul • Allow the inner child to play and have fun • Henna your body in sacred ritual • Return your menstrual blood to the earth in joyful celebration • Discover your star-map and your relationship with the cosmos • Dispel all should in your life and release expectations from others • Spend time gardening to feel the earth. Even in the city you can keep pots of herbs, vegetables and flowers. • Write poetry and story-tell aspects of your wild feminine life • Keep a dream journal of your nighttime travels • Speak your truth and respect yourself By allowing the fusion of the wild feminine within your own life it will support the healing of Earth and a new way forward. Remember you are the director. Enjoy. Mikailah Gooda is a teacher of women’s sacred rites. Her passion is celebrating the wild feminine.Visit or email


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Bronwyn Fish is an Events manager & owns Soulessence. She runs regular courses & meditaions Her website:

Symbol: Conch Shell

The conch is the most ancient musical instrument known to man. Obtained as a gift from the great ocean, its spiral formation is symbolic of infinity and is said to echo the human journey through life. Many cultures hold it as a sacred object. Ancient Indian epics describe heroes of mythical warfare carrying mighty conch shells into battle, their triumphant blast bringing terror to the enemy. The Mayans and Aztecs used it as a ceremonial horn to banish evil spirits and avert natural disasters. It is one of the eight symbols of Buddhism and signifies truthful speech and strength. In Chinese Buddhism, it signifies a prosperous journey, and in Islam it represents the Divine world. In Hindu traditional prayer, the sound symbolizes the origin of existence and it was even used by mermaids to whip the oceans into a storm. Today the conch is still used in Tibetan Buddhism religious gatherings.

Rune: Ansuz

The fourth rune is Ansuz, its literal meaning is mouth and it represents the spoken word. Ancient Teutonic shaman passed on all their information orally, thus the spoken word is believed to be the storehouse of all wisdom and knowledge. If Ansuz appears in a reading it often means that you will be receiving knowledge or advice with regards to a question and most often this knowledge will come from a parent, a teacher or from a close friend. The key is to “listen” to what advice is being given to you.If Ansuz is upright then the information will be honest, unbiased, truthful advise, however when reversed, the advisor may not have your best interest at heart and it is time to seek a second opinion. 48


Angel: Ariel Ariel is known as the Angel of Nature healing and protecting the animals, birds and fish as well as the care taker of the Earth’s elements, fire, wind, water and earth. For this reason Ariel if often depicted in a male form carrying a globe of the Earth on his shoulders. Part of Ariel’s caretaker role is to punish those who would harm the environment and the creatures that thrive upon it, so this Angel is often thought of as a fallen angel and vengeful. It is said he is associate with lions and to so to be in Ariel’s presence is to see visions of lions. Ariel works closely with Raphael to heal all creatures therefore if you ever find an injured bird or animal, take the animal to the vet and call upon Ariel to assist in the healing.

Crystal: Aquamarine

Aquamarine is a soft blue green stone that originates from Colombia and Brazil. It’s gentle colour and almost glass appearance, it was said to be the treasure of the mermaids and was given the name “Water of the Sea”. Sailors often carried it to protect themselves from drowning. Associated with the thymus gland, Aquamarine is a powerful meditation stone calming the nerves and bringing a sense of serenity to the wearer. Linked to the Throat Chakra, this stone assists the wearer in hearing and speaking the Truth, promoted communication and protects against gossip. Ancient Romans used this stone to cure swollen glands throat troubles.

Tarot: Ace of Cups

The Ace of Cups represents the beginning of love, fertility and creativity. It is a card which inspires confidence and happiness. Most decks will show this card as a hand holding a cup or chalice overflowing with streams of water and everywhere rays of light emanating from the cup and the hands. The hand that appears from the clouds is divine guidance or influence. *Art Source: Gilded Tarot by Ciro Marchetti and Barbara Moore The streams reflect the abundance and power of our inner spirit. Depending on your spiritual direction, the chalice can represent the Holy Grail or the Cauldron of Kerridwyn, in essence, this card is telling us that we are the source of all inspiration and the granter of wishes and dreams. When the Ace of Cups appears in your reading, it is the start of a loving relationship, the beginning of a wonderful new project or sometimes it can mean conception, the beginning of a new life, of dreams fulfilling your reality.

Faerie: Dwarf

Dwarves are the magical creatures, slightly larger than elves that are believed to live in caves and old abandoned mines. They are very skilled craftsmen working with metal and stone. It is not really known how far their magical abilities extend because they are a very mysterious and very secretive race, but it is thought that there old magic is very powerful. Dwarves usually keep to themselves and only share their names with other dwarves as they belief that their name holds their power. If a person was to find out their true name, then that person would have complete control over their actions. For this reason, Dwarves are very wary of any non-magical folk, however if a dwarf does extend their friendship to another creature, he will be a fierce and loyal ally.


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Modern y m e h c l A . .. e c n ie c S ts e e m l u o S Where Michael Lamb

s t h g u o h T g n i r e Mast editation

Brain waves & Visual M


he brain is an electrochemical organ using electromagnetic energy to function. Electrical activity emanating from the brain is displayed in the form of brainwaves, emanating from the brain is displayed in the form of brainwaves. There are four categories of these brainwaves. They range from the high amplitude, low frequency delta to the low amplitude, high frequency beta. Men, women and children of all ages experience the same characteristic brainwaves. They are consistent across cultures and country boundaries. During meditation brain waves alter. BETA - 13-30 cycles per second - awaking awareness, extroversion, concentration, logical thinking - active conversation. A debater would be in high beta. A person making a speech, or a teacher, or a talk show host would all be in beta when they are engaged in their work. ALPHA - 7-13 cycles per second - relaxation times, nonarousal, meditation, hypnosis THETA - 4-7 cycles per second - day dreaming, dreaming, creativity, meditation, paranormal phenomena, out of body experiences, ESP, shamanic journeys. A person who is driving on a freeway, and discovers that they can’t recall the last five miles, is often in a theta state - induced by the process of freeway driving. This can also occur in the shower or tub or even while shaving or brushing your hair. It is a state where tasks become so



automatic that you can mentally disengage from them. The ideation that can take place during the theta state is often free flow and occurs without censorship or guilt. It is typically a very positive mental state. DELTA - 1.5-4 or less cycles per second - deep dreamless sleep Mindfulness meditation and related techniques are intended to train attention for the sake of provoking insight. Think of it as the opposite of attention deficit disorder. A wider, more flexible attention span makes it easier to be aware of a situation, easier to be objective in emotionally or morally difficult situations, and easier to achieve a state of responsive, creative awareness or “flow�. Daniel Goleman & Tara Bennett-Goleman (2001), suggest that meditation works because of the relationship between the amygdala and the prefrontal cortex. Simply put, the amygdala is the part of the brain that decides if we should get angry or anxious (among other things), and the prefrontal cortex is the part that makes us stop and think about things (it is also known as the inhibitory centre). So, the prefrontal cortex is very good at analysing and planning, but it takes a long time to make decisions. The amygdala, on the other hand, is simpler (and older in evolutionary terms). It makes rapid judgments about a situation and has a powerful effect on our emotions and behaviour, linked to survival needs. For example, if a

human sees a lion leaping out at them, the amygdala will trigger a fight or flight response long before the prefrontal cortex responds. But in making snap judgments, our amygdalas are prone to error, such as seeing danger where there is none. This is particularly true in contemporary society where social conflicts are far more common than encounters with predators, and a basically harmless but emotionally charged situation can trigger uncontrollable fear or anger; leading to conflict, anxiety, and stress. Because there is roughly a quarter of a second gap between the time an event occurs and the time it takes the amygdala to react, a skilled mediator may be able to intervene before a fight or flight response takes over, and perhaps even redirect it into more constructive or positive feelings. The different roles of the amygdala and prefrontal cortex can be easily observed under the influence of various drugs. Alcohol depresses the brain generally, but the sophisticated prefrontal cortex is more affected than less complex areas, resulting in lowered inhibitions, decreased attention span, and increased influence of emotions over behaviour. Likewise, the controversial drug Ritalin has the opposite effect, because it stimulates activity in the prefrontal cortex.

Visual Meditation

Lets just relax for awhile and feel free to get comfortable in your own space just breathing gently in and out, taking your time, no need to hurry, every thing is ok just relax and breathe feeling the air flow down into and filling your lungs. Imagine watching this happening, just watch this beautiful life creating movement within your whole being. Let your mind relax and watch freeing it of all the thoughts and worries. Just let go for a while & imagine the air you are breathing is feeding your soul with nourishment and energy, pure air life giving energy slowly deeply breathing in, and out in a gentle rhythm of life, as you slowly tune in to you and your body your movements. Your beginning to see more of you while gently observing your self from within. This is one of the healthiest things you can do for yourself. Relax & keep breathing. Taking your time, this is most important, nothing else matters, just breathing, looking into yourself.Your imagination now becoming reality, as you see it so shall it be, let this happen, see reality the way it truly is. From your perspective!

Visualise this happening within you, again take your time. Imagine you’re in a forest setting, an old comfortable cabin nearby. As you are outside you hear the sounds of the birds all around you.You can feel a soft breeze against your skin, as you smell the natural scents of the forest floor, so rich. …breathe it in enriching your being. Enlivening you with nourishment, now slowly look around you and see the natural surroundings, the trees. Huge and full of life giving energy, teaming with life releasing there air so we can breathe we release our air so they can breathe, natural harmony, natural balance, rich in beauty, so peaceful so seren. As around you so within you! As the trees and forest are above ground so they live and breathe below ground. Imagine your self, your soul in harmony with this world and that you are becoming one with the forest around you. Take your time to sense, feel and see, to hear, smell and taste this environment… gradually becoming one with it. Looking into this world in detail. Vibrate or hum the ‘mmm’ sound slowly, let this take place within you and around you, relax, let this happen naturally. As you imagine yourself in the forest see yourself walking around freely exploring it, and as you do this, you come across a golden glowing light, mmm.You walk towards this light, moving closer towards this light you notice it is a golden treasure chest, shining brightly.You stand before the chest placing your hands upon the lid.You open this chest and you find your magical symbol inside for you. Look at this symbol in detail as it will empower you with great knowledge, it’s your gift to you. This symbol is now yours to take with you on life’s journey. Now it’s time to slowly return back too yourself, slowly come back, consciously breathing, take your time. Coming back to your physical body, your eyes will be shining and clear. Welcome back... Meditation is now complete! This is about 15 -20 minutes in length and is spoken rather slowly…

Michael Lamb studied at the School of

Inner Knowledge for 10 years, understands and teaches kabbalah and works with colour and sound. He runs the Planet Radio show and ElementalVibrations and has toured extensively for research. For more information visit his website @


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Glorious en itch


eon l e am


one o e . . d . n ” a r E world ove so versatil C I R s the ...” I. It is an f

it c rain wG used g and has lo eative ways s, t s o m r at to ne the is low in f s so many c ds or risot or o s i e t Ric ites. I ith as it ha se it in sala pies, soups r u o v my fa to cook w or cold, u t, place in nd t n n uick a and fu . Have it ho ompanime dless. q s i t to d n cc tha be use in dish or a ilities are e rful dishes a great way a b a e i s h as a m s, the poss hose wond l appeal. It’ will stretc t g a d n f s i ow n o r pudd ce is one unive ur fridge a recipe bel s a h i r t d e Fried prepare an hat from yo eople. Th is just abou p t o easy t of this and t to ser ve 6 this version d there is s s n if t d a use bi hicken bre er time an ice moist a ing entree r e c fy ov single n tweaked e keeps the this a satis meal. Ser v e y g e at t has be . The cabba egg to mak nd very tas sser t for th t a e d perfec chicken an for a light orbet for d s d h enoug in the moo and mango e d you ar a small sala joy! n h it wit ing extra. E h somet

Chicken and Cabbage Fried Rice 1 1/4 cup soy sauce 1/4 cup rice wine vinegar 2 teaspoons sesame oil 6 tablespoons peanut oil 2 shallots, thinly sliced 1 2-inch piece of fresh gin ger, minced 1 small head of Napa cabb age, core removed and finely sliced 2 cloves garlic, minced 8 ounces chicken, cut int o very thin strips Salt 3 large eggs, lightly beate n 4 cups cooked long-grain rice, cooked and chilled




1/2 cups peas 1/4 bunch green onions, sliced, for garnish 1/2 cup peanuts, choppe d, for garnish.

... d o h t e M Chicken and Cabbage Fried Rice... *Combine soy sauce, rice wine vinegar and sesame oil. Set aside. Heat 2 tablespoons of the oil in a wok or large nonstick skillet over medium high heat. Give the oil a minute to heat up, then add the shallots and ginger and stir fry for 1 minutes. Add the cabbage and stir-fry until the cabbage is wilted and soft, about 4 minutes. Season with a pinch of salt. Remove the vegetables to a side platter and wipe out the wok with a dry paper towel. Put the pan back on the heat and coat with 2 tablespoons oil. Add the garlic to the wok and saute gently until fragrant. Add chicken and cook for 4-5 minutes until no longer pink. Set aside on the platter with the vegetables. Add remaining oil to the wok and when hot, crack the eggs into the center. Scramble the eggs lightly, then let them set without stirring so that they stay in big pieces. Fold in the rice and toss with the eggs until well combined, breaking up the rice clumps with the back of a spatula. Return the sauteed vegetables and chicken to the pan along with the peas and add the soy sauce mixture. Season with salt to taste. Toss everything together to heat through. Spoon the fried rice onto a serving platter and garnish with green onions and peanuts.



Mango & Avocado Salad



aylita loves the colors in this salad; the mix of rocket, mango, avocado, red onions, cilantro, and red chili peppers make it look fun. I’ve always enjoyed salads She used a red chili pepper for this salad to give it spice and color, but you can also use a milder pepper if you find chili peppers too hot, though once you remove the seeds and membranes they lose a lot of the heat, I debated using some crushed garlic instead, but I feel like I’ve been adding garlic to everything (seriously sometimes I feel like I can’t cook unless I use garlic, cumin or cilantro) so I’m taking a garlic break just for this salad. I like to use a little bit of creativity to keep salads interesting, a salad should be more than just a bowl of greens, I mean greens are good, but there are so many other additional ingredients and flavors that can be added to really make a salad stand out and have its own character.


Combine all the ingredients for the salad dressing in a jar, close it tight and shake until the ingredients are well mixed. Soak the onion slices in warm water with a dash of salt and 1 tbs lime juice for about 10 minutes. Rinse and drain the onions slices. Toss the arugula leaves with half of the vinaigrette. Add the avocado slices, mango slices and onion slices to the arugula mix, drizzle the remaining vinaigrette on top. Serve immediately.

Dress in Spicy o g Ingredie range v nts in 1 tbs c hampa aigrette gne vi 4 tbs o neg ra Salad ½ an o nge juice, a ar Ing bout range * 6 cups redients 2 tbs l im * 1 ma Rocket leav 4 tbs o e juice, ½ l es n ime li cut int go, peeled a ½ tsp ve oil n o d cu * 1 avo long slices 2 tbs c min c ho sliced ado, peeled 1 slice pped cilant and ro d * ½ re Salt an red hot pepp d d pepp er, thinly onion, slice er d *1 tbs lime ju ice


52 53



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Healthy Granny’s ! c i n o T g n i r Sp


ome of you might remember the television show “The Beverly Hillbillies” and the character “Granny” beautifully played by actress Irene Ryan. In an episode or two, Granny would make the whole family take their spring tonic. I used to think spring tonic sounded so good, and I used to wonder what it was. Eventually, I did find out what a spring tonic was much to my excitement! When I began to study herbal medicine and nutrition, my teacher spoke about the seasons and how each season affects your body. In the winter, life moves a little more slowly and means being indoors with less activity. Spring is about new awakening, when flowers and plants awaken from their winter sleep. Our bodies are the same as plants and flowers and have a winter and waking cycle too. Spring also brings wind and pollen and our bodies react to that in an awakened way when supported by nature. Being in sync nature is about knowing when to eat certain foods and herbs to support our bodies to be strong, radiant and healthy. One of the best herbs to eat is the lovely dandelion. Spring tonics have been around for centuries. It wasn’t just Granny that knew about them. It has been passed down through the millennia and it wasn’t until the 20th century that most people forgot how to navigate with nature. Many indigenous cultures still have a spring ritual, but modern western civilization does not take the time to connect with nature. Today, most westerners go to the pharmacy for their allergies, headaches, stomach aches and end up with tough luck stories about their health. I hope you choose to create your spring tonic ritual and put it on your calendar each year from now on.



The benefits of spring tonic are:

Immune system strengthens Digestion improves Blood pressure improves Energy levels increase Clears toxins Cleans liver and gallbladder Skin and hair glow Joy and happiness prevail Allergies diminish Depression diminishes

Signs of a Sluggish Liver

Allergies, Chemical Sensitivity, Constipation, Obesity PMS (Pre-menstrual syndrome), Depression

Spring cleaning starts with your liver and taking time to care for and nourish this organ will benefit you immensely. The liver is the largest organ in the human body. It is extremely complex. The liver performs over 500 functions in the body. Can you imagine if you had to perform 500 functions? Here are just some of the functions the liver performs:

• • • • • •

Purifies the blood Creates,metabolizes and stores hormones Manufactures and secretes bile Stores 20 to 30% of your body’s blood Detoxifies Metabolizes fat and nutrients

Break Dandelion Root - Food for the Liver

Dandelion Root is known as a food for the liver and is very high in calcium and other nutrients. Some herbal texts mention dandelion’s ability to aid skin problems, detoxify poisons and toxic waste in the body, and act as a tonic to the stomach. Dandelion is a natural source of protein, and is very high in Vitamins A, B, C, and E. It is rich in potassium, calcium, and natural sodium, with some phosphorus and iron. Dandelion has the best source of available calcium for your body! Some benefits noted by herbalists include: • Clears toxins • Cleans the liver • Promotes urination • Beneficial for arthritic conditions • Gentle, mild, natural Antibiotic • Inhibits bacteria and fungi • One of the most Detoxifying herbs • Beneficial for skin problems such as acne, eczema and psoriasis Louise Tenney writes in Today’s Herbs: “The liver is our personal food storage. Starches are stored in the liver, ESTA LIBERO, is a Holistic Health Practitioner, CMT Pheonix Arizona. Feel free to contact her for your free guide to cleansing safely. E-mail: esta@ Phone: 602-515-1355 in USA

and changed to glycogen and released as the body needs energy-building material. Fats are stored in the liver as well as proteins, where they are changed into amino acids. White blood cells are manufactured in the liver to destroy germs and poisons, which come from the intestines. The liver is responsible for the substance that causes blood to clot. The liver also detoxifies. It renders harmless the toxic end-products of the digestion process. When the liver is working properly, it has the task of eliminating toxic metals. When the liver is in trouble, it puts strain and congestion on all the glands, muscles, joints and the body structure. Dandelion strengthens the liver with its easily assimilated minerals concentrated in the roots of the plant.”

Basic Dandelion Tea

Because it grows wild in most parts of the world, dandelion is easy to collect yourself. Harvest plants growing as far as possible from the high-traffic streets; avoid plants growing in lawns treated with herbicides or parks that have a regular traffic of dog walkers. Small early-spring leaves make a less bitter herbal tea. Pour 1 cup of boiling water over 1-2 teaspoons of dried, crushed leaves; steep for about 10 minutes. Drink 1 cup of this tea 2 times a day.

THE HEALTHY BREAK.COM Your Personal Guide to Nourishing Body, Self & Soul




56 57

Other Realms Symbol

S’Roya Rose


The use of Dragons as symbols goes way back to varying dragon legends from around the world. The three most familiar versions of dragons are the European dragons, the South and Central American serpent dragons, and the Oriental dragons. The European dragons are from the Greek and Middle Eastern mythologies, the well-known South and Central American serpent dragons are of Toltec and Aztec origin, and the most popular Oriental dragons are from China and Japan. European dragons often have wings and can have any number of legs. The Toltec and Aztec serpent dragons usually have feathery wings, but no legs. And the Oriental dragons resemble huge snakes with four legs (sometimes they were legless). Said to be keepers of the sight and gaurdians of prophecy, only those that are trained in real magick get to work with or are assigned their own Dragon. While thier gifts are many, they are best known for their psychic protection.



In Welsh legend, Ceridwen represents the crone, which is the darker aspect of the goddess. She has powers of prophecy, and is the keeper of the cauldron of knowledge and inspiration in the Underworld. As typical of Celtic goddesses, she has two children: daughter Crearwy is fair and light, but son Afagddu (also called Morfran) is dark, ugly and malevolent. Ceridwen’s magical cauldron held a potion that granted knowledge and inspiration -- however, it had to be brewed for a year and a day to reach its potency. Because of her wisdom, Cerridwen is often granted the status of Crone, which in turn equates her with the darker aspect of the Triple Goddess. As a goddess of the Underworld, Ceridwen is often symbolized by a white sow, which represents both her fecundity and fertility and her strength as a mother. She is both the Mother and the Crone; many modern Pagans honor Ceridwen for her close association to the full moon. Change and rebirth and transformation are all under the control of this powerful Celtic goddess. 58


Magick for the modern Gddess Totem


Leopard totem possesses many animal virtues that are powerful and valuable and which any person would be wise to emulate or divine. One who has the power of the Leopard will see enhanced personal power and self-confidence, gracefulness and stealth are also all part of this noble totem’s magic. Leopards are reserved and dignified animals and do not represent flashiness or flamboyance. The impressive Leopard Totem possesses the following virtues: Independence, sense of freedom, steadfastness, psychic-sight, fearlessness, bravery in the darkness, ability to solve problems, leadership without ego, cunning, survival skills, greater spiritual vision, acute senses, clairvoyance, intelligence, prophecy, shape shifting, integrity, and dignity.


Fire - Actions

Attuning oneself to the natural rythms of the Elements is essential in shamanic or magikal practices. Each has its own symbolism and activates certain realms within us that can be used in pathworking rituals, spellcraft and meditations.

Fire is a masculine element, its aspects being change, passion, creativity, motivation, will power, drive and sensuality. It is sexuality, both physical and spiritual. Fire is used in spells, rituals and candle magick for healing, purification, sex, breaking bad habits or destroying illness and disease.

Earth - Physical Earth is the element of stability, foundations and of the body. The Earth is the realm of wisdom, knowledge, strength, growth and prosperity. It is also the physical Earth on which we live and the very heart of life. It is essential in spells and rituals of prosperity, business, fertility and stability. Earth is a feminine element. Air - Thoughts

Water - Feelings Water is a cleansing, healing, psychic, and loving element. It is the feeling of friendship and love the pours over us when we are with our family, friends and loved ones. When we swim it is water that supports us, when we are thirsty, it is water the quenches our thirst, another manifestation of this element is the rains that falls and the dew that forms.

To connect with the power of this element, find a place with clean air Spirit - Aether and breathe deeply, touch a feather Spirit is the fifth element, the or inhale the fragrance of a heavily scented flower. In magickal terms, binding energy that runs through all matter, and it is also the Air is the power of the mind, the collective unconscious of lifeforces of intellect, inspiration, forms. We are all made of this! ideas & imagination. GoddessGuru 59 58

e s n e S a e t a e r c Want to n i g n i v i L e v i t i s o P of ? e f i L d n a e m o your H , ow shows you h t r e p x e r u o Roxanne i Principles... u h S g n e F g usin

Some Simple Cures

To improve your life and money flow with Feng Shui, it’s important to first start applying it to your home or living quarters. It’s here that you create your inner world so that it can extend to your outer world in creating glamour and beauty to your life. If you feel a bit unsupported in life, it’s important to have a good solid wooden bed- head that supports you, as well as matching bedside tables to create balance in your life. If your bed-head is metal, then hang a clear quartz crystal in the middle of it to enhance good sleep and dreams. Beds should not be placed against a wall that’s shared with a bathroom, laundry, toilet or electric meter box, as this is not good for your health. If your rest and sleep is disturbed or not well maintained then you are not going to be looking your glamorous and beautiful self.

To create beauty within the home –

*Healthy plants with no spiky leaves are recommended in assisting good energy flow within the home, as plants emit positive life energy
*Bonsai’s are not recommended. They’re inauspicious in Feng Shui because they have stunted growth, which means ‘stunted money’
*Even if you love cactus plants, don’t have them near the front entrance or inside, only in the backyard
*Candles create a tranquil ambience, which is always good Feng Shui. They can be used in bathrooms as a cure to balance the water energy or in the bedroom to set the mood. They can be placed on the coffee table to invite peace or during meditation to invite the energy of spirit.
*Use an oil burner to waft a fragrance through the home. The sense of smell is one of the most important senses to boost your mood, lemon or citrus is recommended for this. 
 TIP: 5th month can be about changes – clear the clutter & start afresh Roxanne is a Nationally reknown Feng Shui Consultant and Expert. Is a regular on Psychic TV and author of best selling books “Feng Shui – A Practical & Easy Guide” & “Life Is…Awesome”. 
Contact Roxanne to visit your Sydney home or business on 0409 369 036 60


For a Positive year ahead: *Five Extra Positive tips: *Cleanse the house when you feel the energy is stagnant
 *Recycle those old newspapers and magazines instead of letting them pile up 
 *Don’t keep broken items – they may reflect a negative aspect in relationships 
 *The Entrance of your home should be clear of clutter so that it is welcoming
 *A water fountain in the foyer will invite wealth and prosperity to your home.


60 61

l e g n A t i r i p S e v i t a N A


Rea d n a t i a r t r o P n o Meditati

By Visionary Artist Coral Ann Lee

Indian Blessing May the Great Spirit bless you, your home and those you love with love peace and happiness




weeping majestically high across the blue/yellow sunset in the sky, the King of Birds, the Eagle, is keeping watch that the Owl and Wolf are being safely led to another dimension of our great Mother Earth that is the Promised Land. His keen perception to see all from great heights allows him to detect danger from afar and protect his fellow travellers from such. As the Sunset disappears into the far horizon and the Sundance Ritual comes to an end, the Earth and Spirit are once again joined together harmoniously. Pine trees from the Forest, which is rapidly being destroyed, are wafting out a delicious scent and emitting healing energies to Mother Earth.

pristine beaches with blue mystical water for the sea creatures that live there. There are unpolluted skies from which the cleanest of air is there to breathe. The Native Spirit Angel, in her beautiful harmonious voice, tells the Eagle to share his ability to see into the future, the Owl to share his Wisdom and the Wolf to share the courage he has and teach all those living there to live in harmony with Mother Earth. Once this has been achieved they can then summon the rest of the Animal Kingdom to come and live there where they will be far away from those humans who have caused them pain and suffering and are destructing the world they have left behind.

Suddenly a beautiful Angel appears in the guise of a Native American Spirit. Her radiance lights up the path to guide the Owl and Wolf along their journey. In her hair she is wearing six Owl feathers signifying bravery and spirituality, her massive wings offering protection to the Owl and Wolf. As she ushers and guides them down from the Valley into a world of the unknown, Wolf and Owl feel so blessed by the Angels presence that they no longer feel any fear. Finally they reach the opening to the Promised Land with excitement in their hearts. Just before they are about to enter the Wolf notices a weathered old dream catcher hanging from a wooden post. It is explained to them by the Angel that all your beautiful dreams will be caught and passed through the hole in the centre and the bad or negative dreams will be trapped in the web and when the first rays of sunshine break through at daybreak those bad or negative dreams will be expelled, never to be seen again.

Mankind may follow suit but it seems their intelligence level is still far lower than that of the animals, and only when they are ready to give up the life they have of hatred, greed, violence and racism, only then will they experience the peace and harmony of the Promised Land. Why not would the Human Race not want these gifts that we have all been given and to enjoy life with boundless love to give.

Following the Native Spirit Angel, as they cautiously go through the opening into the next realm they sense that the land they had just left is no longer their reality. As they go deeper into their new realm they notice that everything there is so lush, green, beautiful and magical. There are happy flowers smiling as they pass them as well as Healing Herbs for every ailment spread by mankind. There are waterfalls and rivers with pure water to drink and swim in, the air is clean and un-polluted by mankind, blue capped mountains to climb. Everything is organic with no adulterated food as mankind has created in the world they have just come from. There is an abundance of fresh fruits and the untouched forest offers a safe haven to the Faery Folk and their Elemental Friends to live in, and golden

Wolf, Owl and Eagle say so long to that land of hate, hostility and self-destruction vowing to never return. Also vowing never to return to a land which has been ruined and where money is a tool to get whatever you want and where there is no love and a lot of suffering. This place, a magical dream, is a place of hope and joy, thus allowing your heart and soul to sing and dance with sheer delight. Truly a blissful life, with Wolf, Owl and Eagle setting the example of the life we all want. In closing, the wisdom of this story is that if you are awake and living, you are blessed. Life is a priceless gift so treat it as such and appreciate every minute of it.


62 63

Simply Astrology Aries - Fire 22nd March to 21st April Goddess of Love Your Goddess in you certainly wants to be centre stage now. This will certainly add to the sparkle in your partner’s eyes as they look at you with deep desire and passion. The two of you will be in a world of your own performing on centre stage for each other. Other people around, you will be captivated by the energy between you. Goddess Emotional Wellbeing Your emotions will seem erratic and all over the place as you try and find a comfortable equilibrium between full speed ahead and stop.You don’t really feel comfortable with trying to analyze and understand what makes you tick emotionally. So maybe it’s just time to go with the flow and let go restless energy.

Gemini - Air 22nd May to 21st June Goddess of Love Your Goddess self will seem a little bit restless over the coming months. As you want to get out and explore what your local environment has to offer with your partner. This will create a little bit of friction between you and your loved one as they don’t feel that they can satisfy your needs or understand why you’re so restless. Goddess Emotional Wellbeing You will seem a little bit preoccupied and quiet as you try and analyze your thoughts and emotions. With this incredible restless energy running through you, it will be hard to hold your focus any length of time, especially if a major decision needs to be made.You may also seem a little bit self-centered and aloof to others.

Leo - Fire 22nd July to 21st August Goddess of Love Well Goddess welcome to your stage, now come and take a bow.Your adoring in public awaits your or so you think. Maybe time to share the limelight with loved ones, or partner. It is no secret you just love to be admired all the time. And although they might be happy to take second place and allow you to have the centre stage. Goddess Emotional Wellbeing You will enjoy being out with friends and loved ones over the coming months and the ability to shine in your own limelight. It is music to your ears. But on a serious note, there will be plenty of opportunity for you to network with very influential positive people that can enhance your future and may bring the chance of a new business deal.

Taurus - Earth 22nd April to 21st May Goddess of Love This is the perfect time to indulge your goddess and your partner by taking some time out to relax and unwind. Why not treat yourselves to a relaxing aromatherapy massage and let the stresses of your busy life just disappear, with each gentle movement of the masseurs fingers releasing all negativity from the body mind and soul. Then take some of your favorite oils home to burn in your oil burner or put them into a luxurious bubble bath. Goddess Emotional Wellbeing You will feel emotionally a lot more stable and secure than you have in previous months. Life seems to be on an even keel at the moment. Finances seem to be stabilizing and you are able to see improvement there.You are back in the driver’s seat and in control.

Cancer - Water 22nd June to 21st July Goddess of Love Your Goddess really wants to focus on comfort, good food and pampering with your special love interest or partner.You have to be careful not to overindulge in the good things of life. Too often, and leave yourselves short of money. This is the time to really start to make some plans for the future and put into place a good budget. So you can achieve the goals you have together. Goddess Emotional Wellbeing For part of this two-month cycle, you will feel the need to become a recluse. As you recharge the emotional batteries and slow down for a short time. This will bring about fresh inspiration and direction for the future. For some this will come through the guidance of meditation and just being still and allowing the mind to just be.

Virgo - Earth 2nd August to 21st September Goddess of Love The Goddess does certainly enjoy a little bit of mystique and mystery from time to time. This is a very special time of reigniting the spark and the romance in your relationship with your lover or partner.You will spend a lot of time analyzing your emotions and listening to their conversations and trying to understand what makes them tick. Goddess Emotional Wellbeing Your work or profession could be causing you some emotional imbalances as you try and sort out what it is you wish to achieve. For some there is a real restless energy that says it’s time for change. For others it’s how can I reinvigorate my enthusiasm for the current situation as it is not time to move on? Have patients the answers are coming new doors opening.

Amanda Hall has 35 years experience in Astrology & Tarot reading and runs Simply Astrology & Tarot. She is the best-selling author of the Simply Tarot set, available at good bookstores near you. For more information visit

Amanda Hall

Libra -Air 22nd Sept to 21st October Goddess of Love What a couple of months coming up ahead for the Goddess.You need to make sure that you plan enough down time with your lover or partner. You will always seem to be out and about with large groups of people, networking and having a great time. Time your place on center stage and shine, so enjoy the attention. Goddess Emotional Wellbeing You’ll be day dreaming about far-off land and distant cultures wishing you could be there just soaking up the atmosphere and everything in their local environment has to offer. This might be the perfect time to plan your next getaway. And start the savings plan in earnest.

Sagittarius - Fire 22nd Nov to 21st December Goddess of Love Your Goddess energy is running very high at the present moment and will continue over the next couple of months, as you explore foreign lands. Higher mind issues will intrigue you with your lover or partner. For some this may mean a long distance trip or exploring information through the internet as your quest for knowledge increases. Goddess Emotional Wellbeing Work and business will take a major part of the time. Over the next couple of months, as you have a very heavy itinerary to attend to. This does not mean that there won’t be some time to have some fun along the way is certainly plenty of that. Lots of meetings with people to do with your future.

Aquarius - Air 22nd Jan to 21st February Goddess of Love With your Goddess energy wanting to be different and stand out from the crowd, this could create some uncomfortable and embarrassing times ahead over the next couple of months with your lover or partner. They certainly will not understand where you are coming from and why you feel the need to be rebellious and bring in the shock value element to your life all the time. Goddess Emotional Wellbeing Spending some considerable time at home with your lover and family will help recharge the emotional batteries that have certainly taken a battering over the last couple of months. There has been some big emotional issues to deal with, and it’s left you feeling tired and down. Spend quiet time with your partner.

Scorpio - Water 22nd Oct to 21st November Goddess of Love With you’re intense Goddess energy focusing on your work and business this could make life a little bit prickly or uncomfortable with your lover or partner. They want to go out and have a good time and let their hair down and you are moody and intense and no fun to be around at all. Maybe you should take a leaf out of their book. And just loosen up a little bit and enjoy life. Goddess Emotional Wellbeing You are certainly keeping your emotions will hidden from everyone around you will including those closest. As you try and understand the intensity of the situation surrounding your life at the moment. There are a number of issues going on; some issues have been a secret for a long long time. Now maybe is time, we need to bring them to the surface.

Capricorn - Earth 22nd Dec to 21st January Goddess of Love Your Goddess energy is somewhat restricted at the moment, as you try and process very deep emotional issues that seem to be surfacing from the unconscious or subconscious to the conscious part of the mind. Not all of their information will be pleasant, some of this can be attributed to past life memories being regurgitated. Goddess Emotional Wellbeing You will find it very difficult to try and focus on work as you just want to go and play. This is a rare thing for you to do, wanting to go and play hooky from work and your responsibilities. But sometimes we do need to be frivolous as it is good for the soul. There is plenty of time to get back to being responsible and hardworking.

Pisces - Water 22nd February to 21st March Goddess of Love Your Goddess energy is ready to strut its stuff on the stage at work, where you are able to perform your magic and have people eating out of the palm of your hand.Your lover or partner will be encouraging this, as they believe it is your time to show what you are made of and your professional brilliance will come to the forefront. Goddess Emotional Wellbeing With your emotions are feeling very balanced and in control.You are able to tackle anything that life throws at you in a positive dynamic way. Just make sure that you don’t become too overconfident and create mischief. When there is a quiet time and you are a little bit bored from time to time, as this could be detrimental to your success.


64 65

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Are you a woman who believes in your own beauty? Do you love your sensuality and live it fully? Aphrodite’s Magic is a journey into seven aspects of women’s sexuality. Enter the Temple of Aphrodite, Goddess of Love and explore the layers of your most private, feminine self. This book will guide you to resolve and heal past trauma, grief and abuse so your sexuality is set free from the past. You will be inspired to honor and celebrate your unique embodiment of the feminine and allow the magic of the Goddess to enter your body with every breath you take. Visualizations and rituals are included to support each step of your journey. Rediscovering seven strands of your sexuality, dancing, journaling and creative processes lead the reader to weave a spell that culminates in a powerful affirmation of self-honoring and sexual embodiment.



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It’s with heartfelt warmth & sincere congratulations that I honour our beloved Dr. She` DeMontford on the birth of her new magazine called ‘MAGICK’. Always a true pioneer, She` blazes an outspoken historical pagan path as an active ordained Reverend, always supporting and teaching the pagan community at large. Loved and admired by many for her constancy in legitimizing the Pagan Religion. “Magick Magazine” I’m sure will become a favourite resource for all practicing Pagans, Wiccan’s and Witches and for those that believe! The rise within mankind to follow its own natural spiritual design has lead many back to the pagan path of old. Thank goodness for pathway blazers like She` who keep the torch alight, shining the way ahead in these modern times for those yet to come... Many Blessings on your new magickal journey & much love from us all Goddess )O( xxx

Art through the eyes of the SOul Oracle Artwork & words By Cheryl Yambrach Rose RRP $21.95 US & Can. Journey with visionary artist Cheryl Yambrach Rose into her ‘Art through the Eyes of the Soul Oracle’. Through her clairvoyant Neo-Mythic art, she has created an amazing vehicle of great power, through which you may access the Mythic Beings and Divine entities that inhabit sacred sites and spaces. If you ask, they will provide personal intuitive guidance as well as deep insights and some profound answers. The box contains 52 large beautifully guilded cards full of her original oil paintings accompanied by 112 page guidebook. Cheryl’s amazing art, is breathtaking as she works in the ‘Old Master Style’. An exquisit deck that would be cherished as a tool for young and old alike. Available soon in Australian shops.

Spirit in the mirror By Apple Blossom RRP $25.00 It gives me great pleasure to review the first in a series of books written by none other than our lovely Apple Blossom. A compassionately written book filled with poetry, spells, and quizzes to make this more than just a book, but also an interactive manual. Apple Blossom, reveals how being born with the ability to see and hear spirits is not always a gift but also a burden. This is a magical book that teaches you alternative methods to protect yourself against pernicious spirits and negative energy. This book aims to help those mediums just starting to see or needing to acknowledge and come to terms with their gift of second sight.


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Apple Blossom Psychic Witch & Counsellor, Dream Interpreter Tarot Readings Reiki Healer Medium

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Business Listings: *Angel Magic Ros: Health & weight Loss Coach, Psychic Medium, Angel Intuitive, Contact Email: *Lilitu’s books & Music a fabulous magickal shop! ACT Crystals & Gifts, 02 62303373 Web: *Numerology life Readings with S’Roya Rose $50 for 1/2 hr - $90 for 1 hour! Book & Pay Online today! 0422361040 @ *Bonnie Parsons Psychic Medium & Clairvoyant. Ph: 07 47755939 Email



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Alchemy Courses now Available

BOOK NOW TO SECURE YOUR PLACE Michele-lee Phelan’s art is the key to opening and expressing the realms of earth, spirit, and the imagination. A painter of dreams,dragons, mythology, goddesses and faeries.

Cost for each One-Day Workshop is $170.00 Early payment for BOTH workshops is $310.00

Bookings essential as numbers are limited.

Michele-lee promotes and sells her book, oracle decks, original artworks, and fine art prints via her website Dreams of Gaia:

Ring Michael Lamb on w w w. d r e a m s o f g a i a . c o m “‘Mystical art and illustration of Michele-lee Phelan’”. 70


0407 737 267

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Goddess Guru 6th Edition  
Goddess Guru 6th Edition  

Welcome to Goddess Guru's 6th edition. In this issue we have some new Guru's for you to check out. S'Roya hopes you are enjoy her cotemporar...