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Changes in


Contents 4

Changes in 2014, by Shaman Eilee

6 Rebirth of the Goddess, by Geoffrey Peckitt 8 Rules & Laws of Magick & Witchcraft, by Lucy Cavendish 12 Pagans & Prosperity, by She DeMontford 16 Balancing Chi with Crystals, by Apple Blossom

Rebir th of the Goddess

18 The Art of Meaningful Living, by S’Roya Rose  22 Thrice a Sabbats be, by Lizzy Rose 24 Goddess Connectin affirmation, by Lizzy Rose 26 NUIT - Goddess of infinte Space, by AnkhafnaKhonsu 29 Image - Waiting, by Kerrie Friend

Rules & Laws of Magick & Witchcraft

30 Past Life Therapy, by Louise Shilton 32 Hodgepodge, by S’Roya Rose 34 Angelic Messages - Lady of the Light, by Lit El Star 35 Animal Dreaming - Meerkat, by Scott Alexander King 36 Astrology - More than just sun signs, by Brian Alexander 38 Book & CD Reviews by S’Roya 42 Business Directory

py Past Life Thera

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Changes in 2014 Channelled by Shaman Eilee

In the year 2014 it is expected earth and all life upon it shall experience the following.

January - March (a) Universe...Within the outer reaches of our known universe and beyond there has been, for nearly a millennium, a gradual merging of the solar and lunar energies created from each great energy source. This has been necessary to accommodate the creation of new energies, that in turn co-create life in it’s multitude of various forms. During this time much has been revealed to mankind in the form of before unseen planets, differing galaxies, vortexes and even perhaps some of the hidden galactic pathways that allows, through the rites of passage, safe travel. Much of this latter will be become known as mankind continues searching for ways to explore the universe and the wonders within it. (b) Earth...The polarity shift earth has been undergoing concluded on the eve of 19/6/2012 4


before the new moon reached it’s zenith…(the celestial sphere directly above earth 90˚ from all points of earth’s horizon) Since this occurred there has been experienced a notable change within and upon earth. ie; the weather pattern became chaotic, creating various changes that affected the ocean, wind patterns and natural lightening combustion that ignited fires in unusual places. However, in the years to come a new weather pattern will settle and become more constant bringing about that necessary for the growing of vegetation and food plants. Earth’s vast magnetic field will assist all life to align to the frequency best suited to their individual need, thus all life will feel more at peace within themselves, flora and fauna will flourish as they automatically adjust to the changes of their environmental energy frequency. Mankind will adapt and the cycle of life shall continue.

(c) Animal/Bird life... Birds that have become disorientated will settle as their magnetic radar responds to the changes in earth’s energy waves that support all life. This will also be so for the animal and oceanic life (including humans). Those that do not align with the new energies radiating upon and around earth shall begin to prepare for their departure and return to their celestial dominion within the Divinity of All Life. (d) Humans...Mankind will feel optimistic during these months, even though their world may undergo upheaval as those who deem it their right to wield power over the various nations created chaos to achieve their goal. There shall be uprisings during the struggle for supremacy. However, the seeds destined to bring a more harmonious existence for all life upon earth have been planted...already they bare fruit and shall continue to do so.

S'Roya's 2014 Goddess Diary Limited Edition Diary

Goddess Diary only $24.99 Includes; 2014 Moon phases, Equinox’s, Solstice’s & much more.

(e) Unification...The young shall demand to be heard and they shall bring forth solutions and offer up allegiance to a leader who shall begin the process towards unification of all peoples. They grow weary of war mongering as the way to salvation. They are educated and know the world produces enough to feed, clothe and house earth’s people. They know in their hearts the past, and present, leaders have erred in judgements. They are about rectification and providing for ALL. This resolve within many will continue to grow within them and is the way towards Divine Unification Upon Earth. As the year 2014 begins at the conclusion of a New Moon it draws to it the energies required to sweep the earth of debris. Hence, January to March is the beginning of cleansing that which will no longer serve all life upon earth. As the inner desire to live a life of harmony manifests within all people so mankind shall begin to co-create it as one unified species, that may have outward differences in appearances, however all shall recognize the inner crystalline core essence that is their unified common denominator. Mankind has a need to be reminded they are the Sacred Guardians of Mother Earth and as such it is their duty to ensure the survival of the Earthly Mother for the generations that follow. To this cause all Spiritual Beings are sworn before they incarnate to experience life upon earth as a human knowing that in doing so this offers them in return the continuation of their Eternal Spiritual Ascension.

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By Geoffrey Peckitt

Rebirth of the Goddess W

ith the fall and destruction of the Mayan and Inca Societies, the disappearance of the Atlantean communities, the fall of the Pharohic Dynasty in Egypt, and the rise of the Romans and the various Christian and non-Christian religions and Churches across the world; the era of the Goddess/High Priestess came to an end, and ushered in the era of the ‘Male’ dominated religious organisations. And with this era came many things which the world did not want, the most prominent of which is the incidence of sexual abuse foisted on some of the younger members of these religious institutions. In England, women were not even allowed to vote until the early 1900’s, and some of the European and Asian religions consider the women of their communities to be 6


no better than slaves. However, this situation seems to be in the process of change; and lately, many women seem to be feeling the need to regain the old ways, and take back the leadership of their communities and collective Spiritual direction. In truth, this would not be a bad thing once the transition has taken place, at the moment though; it is the way in which the transition is being pushed that is the biggest problem. Because of many years of Male dominated control, most women have been led to believe that the only way to regain their power is to fight and compete with the men to get it back. This, could not be further from the truth, as the result of this competition will be men who will compete just as hard to keep the power they ‘think’ they have now.

Woman is our creator!


he fact is that the majority of women have lost the ability and knowledge of ‘how’ to be ‘in’ their Feminine Power. And before I get any emails or feedback from women who tell me that they know how to be Feminine, I said ‘Feminine Power’; which is quite different from ‘being’ Feminine, and, the ‘Feminist Movement’ and the ‘Ban the Bra’ brigade, in a lot of ways, did more damage than good to the energy of Womanhood. Being in your Feminine Power does not mean being sexy or sexual, or alluring. It does not mean being ‘Bare foot and Pregnant’ as some people would have it. Being in your Feminine Power; means fully accepting both consciously and unconsciously, that you are a woman, and being totally confident in your own skin and your identity. Not wanting to please people just to feel acceptable or worthy. Being in your Feminine Power is, knowing that you are worthy and acceptable no matter what you do. It is in knowing and loving the person that you are, not the person you think people want you to be. Being powerfully Feminine is in being self-confident, not self-serving; it is in knowing that you do not have to bow down to anyone, and not being pompous or snobbish in that attitude. In a Male dominated and oriented religion, we have been led to believe that God is a Man, or male energy. However, the truth is that the ‘Creator’ that we all have a physical cellular body memory of is a woman. Always was, and always will be a

woman, at least until men learn to conceive and fall pregnant, and carry a baby through to full term. We all have an ‘unconscious’ memory of our creator, that is because we all lived inside her for the first part of our lives, usually for the nine months.Yes, our Mother is our Creator, this is the memory we all hold on an unconscious level of awareness, the memory of the time we spent inside our ‘Creator’. And this is why, that contrary to religious belief, I believe that our idea of God has been usurped by the masculine/male dominated churches for far too long. We have been lied to and deceived and because we knew no different, we accepted the lie, because we were told that we have been born into sin. I believe that the truth is that our idea of God is a Woman, and that the story of the Garden of Eden is metaphorical, and is actually the story of the time we spend in the womb of our God. For nine months, we live in a place of peace and tranquillity, where everything we need is provided and we are safe and secure. Then we eat the metaphorical apple when, in the last month of our pregnancy we develop a ‘Sense of Self’, we know that we are! And then we are subjected to an emotionally painful ejection or removal from our ‘Garden of Eden’; fully feeling that we must have done something wrong to have been rejected and ejected from our place of paradise in such a painful way, and then cut off from the source of our life to that point, furthering our feeling that we have done something wrong.

However, far from being cut off from our source of life, we have now become our own source, and we have a life of our own, and the real reason we had to leave our Garden of Eden is because we got too big to stay there. If we hang on to what we are taught in the male dominated church system that we are born into sin, then we will for ever be seeking forgiveness and absolution for whatever we believe we did, and will continually return to our church of choice, in the hopes that we will finally get the forgiveness we seek. This is Control by Fear of rejection by a totally unreachable and untouchable ‘God’, and is the way churches have controlled their congregations for hundreds of years. When you can finally accept that your Mother is your Creator, and the ‘idea’ of a God is in fact a Female Creator, which is your Mother, then you accept that ‘your’ God is your Mother, and you have never been a ‘sinner’, and you will never be rejected by your creator. Then you are Free to be yourself, the most beautiful Goddess you can be; Unconditionally Loving, Forgiving, Accepting and Non Judgemental. In fact, everything a true powerfully feminine God/Goddess should be... Namaste. Geoffrey Peckitt is well known seerer, numerologist, metaphysical teacher, relationship counsellor, and author bent towards all things magical... Phone: 0459 494 277 GODDESS OF AVALON Magazine


Rules and Laws

By Lucy Cavendish

of Magick and Witchcraft 8


The Law of the Threefold Return This Law states that what you send out will return to you multiplied times three. This is generally called the law of the threefold return. Therefore you don’t want to be doing any spellwork with unhealthy energy, because that is how you are going to feel, three times as much as the person or situation you’re sending it to. Be balanced when you cast The most important energetic Law when preparing to spellcast is to be clean and clear in your energy. No matter how angry or upset you are you always need to be in a state of balance and calm when you cast. What this also means is no drugs, alcohol or getting totally wired on coffee before casting – you want your connection to be clean. If your energy is not clear, your spell won’t be either. The Law of Harm None Doctors have this oath, and as spellcrafting is a kind of healing, and definitely a working with natural energy to create change in accordance with the Will, it is not surprising that as we know how to use these powers, we also make a promise that when we use them, we will do no harm. What this law means is no casting to harm or hurt no matter what. Before you cast always say to yourself, ‘harm none’. There is a famous magickal saying – an it harm none, do what ye will.

Cast for the Highest Good of all concerned These words are often placed into a spell, in order to ask the Universe to help the casting be of the greatest possible good to all who are going to be effected by the spell. Love is the Law If we are not going to do any harm, and if we truly wish for the Highest good of all concerned, that means Love is the Law. Love of Life, of ourselves, of the planet, of the Deities, of the sheer visceral thrill of being alive. So, where does this leave the infamous cursing and hexing. Many Witches do hex – it can be an effective way to stop something that is worth this risky magick. Hexing can work with ‘inanimate’ objects – hexing a disease is one practice some Witches feel very comfortable with. For the purpose of this Grimoire, we will first work with ways to banish, block, protect and change energy – without hexing.You will first learn of the many magickal practices which deactivate the impact of negative people and improve difficult situations.You do not have to suffer bullies, nasty people, toxic gossip campaigns and all the petty little evils that come into play throughout our lives. The practices within this Grimoire won’t hurt the person.You’ll be taught to deflect your attention away from the person and turn the magick so it affects behaviour – including your own, which will be making a significant energetic contribution to the situation.You’ll learn some strong, fastworking psychic selfdefense moves too. These are fun, empowering and will most importantly, they work.

The Law of Free Will When we cast, we never cast to interfere with another person’s free will. So, for example, we do not cast to persuade someone to do something against their will. This is magickal malpractice, and yet it is frequently sought after. Never cast without another person’s consent. Do not cast to get people back together against the will of one of the people involved. Another ground rule is to never cast a spell or send energies to another person without their consent. Even if you mean well and are sending good energy or light – it is an invasion of a person’s spiritual space. Obey this Law, and you will cast safely and effectively for many years to come. Like attracts Like What we think, we become. What we believe, we manifest. What we work with in our spells, we develop an affinity and a relationship with. If we wish to work magick, we must work with tools and inmgredients that are like that which we wish to create or attract. This Law has been renamed in recent years, and is often referred to as The Law of Attraction. We attract what we are. Our energy dictates our experience. This is not new. It is ancient, and it is powerful. "Spells and magic have been a part of everything on the planet, since we humans came to life. Animals have their powers and their magics you have to be patient!"



A spell to connect with your magickal bloodline Someone, somewhere in your family, maybe even thousands of years ago, has worked as a spellcaster, magician or healer. And they, and possibly many others, have a lot of help to offer you. This spell can help you reconnect with your magickally supportive and caring forebears. Of course, many of us have ancestors who have not been very nice, either. Be assured this spell is cast to draw to you the wisdom and knowledge of those who worked in balance. This spell can also be very helpful when we are finding our own family doesn’t seem to have much to offer us in the way of magickal support. Here’s how to awaken your own ancestral powers.

You’ll need:

*A little piece of your hair *A red candle (for the bloodline of your ancestors) *A white candle (for the relatives and ancestry of your past lives) *A small fireproof dish to place burning candles or matches. *A piece of jewellery (something that you wear a lot) *Something belonging to someone else in your family (preferably someone you like) or a photo of them.

What to do:

Cast your circle. Light the red candle. Burn the little piece of your hair. The smoke going up from it means the ancestors will recognise you. Make sure you have a fireproof dish and water ready just in case of flames. As you light the piece of hair say:



I light a candle to my ancestors Blood of my blood, bone of my bone Keepers of the magick of the line. Blow out the red candle and place the red candle and piece of hair into the flameproof dish. Then light the white candle as you say: I light a candle to my ancestors of my spirit Ancestors of spirit, Ancestors of blood Those who cast. Crafted. Healed and chanted I ask that you stand by me, and ensure that my every wish granted Be for the highest good of my ancestors past and future Let me learn your lessons within Share with me your wisdom and your gifts

Let me dream dreams of magick, knowledge and power Bring this to me, in every hour I thank you all, future, present and past For sharing with me your experience vast Aid me now, and when I cast Show me visions, to help me see A future bright and purposeful for me Blow out the white candle and place in the dish. Visualise a line of ancestors travelling out beyond you, standing behind you.There are so many, all shadowed. One will step forward, and their features and their energy will become more apparent to you. Ask them their name. Ask if they are your ancestral guide. Ask if they have good intentions. If the answers satisfy you, go on and ask them a question. Thank them and close circle.

Edited extract from Lucy Cavendish’s new book, Spellbound which contains spells to connect with ancestors and clear instructions on scrying and other magickal workings. Spellbound is available at good bookstores only $24.99 and online at


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Pagans & Prosperity by She DeMontford


oday the general view of those who practice Magick and Paganism is not flattering. Recently a comedian on TV described us as a bunch of hippies on the dole, to the raucous applause of the audience. However, when you look at it, there are all types of Pagans from all walks of life. Some are corporate, very wealthy and conservative. Yet, “hippies on the dole” is how the government would like magickal people to remain ~ down and out, disempowered and arguing amongst themselves. That way they can keep control of those who practise magick. That way they see us as no threat. That is why it is necessary for us all to be prosperous not unthinking victims of government indoctrination.

harvest, wealth, riches," or "earthly goods." Modern bible versions translate this word as "money," but was originally only intended to show the difference between Yahweh, the Hebrew god and Molech, the neighbouring Ammonite’s god. From the university of Colorado 's translation dept. Prosperity and Abundance Was The Natural State of the Pagan Historically Tribally prosperity was the state of the tribe. If a disaster befell the clan, the shaman was sacked. It was his/her job to prevent loss of prosperity. The Roman Catholic Church didn't like rich, wildly uncontrollable, educated and intelligent people

That is why the church grew envious of them. The Church historically Each person has been given a magickal opposed wealthy and powerful Magickal people and saw them as a opportunity for wealth. Are you allowing it to be sabotaged? Test your threat to their power base. These included: programming by the system. • Huns • The Knights Templar Poverty Is a Christian Virtue Not a • Mid wives and the witch-hunts Pagan One were instigated by the greedy Mammon (riches) is a biblical word • Queen Elisabeth the first of that speaks of wealth <Matt. 6:24; England threw the chains of Luke 16:9,11,13>, Mammon is a Catholic tax off England and was transliteration of the Aramaic word labelled a heretic and a witch by mamon, (probably from the Arabic declaration of a papal bull. god Molech) which means " large 12


Pervious to the advent of Catholicism, Rome itself manufactured propaganda against cultures it saw as a threat because of their magick. • Alexander the great • Egypt • Babylon • Early Irish Celts • Druids • Maid of the Is of Avalon • Merlin • Athens and Percales Resentment Kills Prosperity If we resent another's success it prevents us achieving success. If we cheer them on we become more successful ourselves. Ask yourself the following questions to see how you rate on the resentment scale: * When you see people out in public working to help raise awareness and acceptance of our culture, do you feel grateful to them? * Do you feel that you deserve to learn about magick without a fair exchange? * Do you think it is fair that another should have to pay for your magickal education for you? Fair exchange doesn’t have to be money – I will do an hour’s reading for anyone who will weed my garden for me for an hour. Fair is fair.

* Will you volunteer to work for someone who is

helping you or do you expect that it all should be just given to you. Often dollar values make people realize the value of the things they are receiving and they will appreciate it and are more likely to act on the advice, help or lessons given. Money is just energy and often dollar values are the easiest exchange of energy.

S'Roya's 2014

MoonSpell Diary Limited Edition Diary


Do you complain about the things you receive? Many see the bill but not the service. When you get you electricity bill do you say, “Wow. I have had use of all of that electricity. What a blessing. I am happy to pay my bill because I enjoyed every minute of using that electricity.”

MoonSpell Diary only $24.99 Includes; Becoming a Priestess, all Moon phasses, the Equinoxes, Solstices & much more.

* If you hear someone else complain are you just going to grunt agreement or are you going to say… Fair’s fair.. Let's see you do better!

* If you see something that needs doing, do

you just do it? The reward for hard work well done is more hard work and then one-day you get paid for it. But if you resent it and begrudge everything you do what you have will be taken away from you. Will your resentment continue to sabotage you or can you donate $1 per day in fair exchange for all the good that you have received in your life. Or are you going to remain focused on what you do not have and allow it to drain you away to nothing. Resentment kills prosperity and love. That’s just how it works.

How Do We Change Our Attitude With Regard To Money? Change your attitude and change your luck with money. The opposite of resentment is APPRECIATION; so start expressing your gratitude for things. # Don’t be petty and small minded. Magick arises from the INFINITE possibilities of the universe. # Live in the vast lane. Be generous and don’t resent others who are doing well. # Don't cry poor

To get your copy click link...



cont... Little Prosperity Spells... by Rev She DeMontford Some Tips: 1 Keep a load stone in your wallet with your money 2 Keep a foreign note in your wallet so that your wallet is never empty. 3 Always have surplus money around you home start with $10 when you have had that around the house for a week visualize it with one extra zero on the end till you reach $100 then slowly allow that amount to increase untouched, visualizing it with an other zero on the end until you have $1000 untouched and unnecessary in your home for a year - How long do you think it will take you to increase that by one more zero?

d; Appreciation is the key to unlocking abundance. e; If you don’t express your appreciation spirit will not give you other opportunities. All of our veneration of the ancient gods is an expression of appreciation. Spirit always tests you especially with regards to love and money, as they are intrinsically governed by the same energies: Venusian and Lunar energies. If you are not worthy you are not given any more love or money

Lakshmi Puja Oct 18th If you can dance on Lakshimi’s Birthday for 10 min with total Manifesting Wind Falls joy praise and gratitude, and no Whilst I was in Wizards Realm on resentment, she will bless you with a the Gold Coast, many years ago, a windfall. girl was admiring a beautiful athamé. The longer you can retain the joy She finally asked the big question… the greater the windfall. “How much is it?” It was a lot. “Wow” LAKSHMI INARAYANA BHYAM she said, “Is that all. What a bargain. NAMAH It is worth every penny, and if I am CHANDRAM HIRANMAYIIM meant to have it that money will LAKSHMIIM JATAVEDO MA come to me.” Within an hour she was AVAHA back. She had just received a refund check for the exact amount needed to Prosperity Invocations / Spells purchase the knife. From the Aradia: How did she do this? This spell is to double the money you a; Think of something you really posses each month as a reward for want for a small amount to start off industriousness. Remember you have with so that you don’t talk yourself to be doing something to make the out of it before you get it. money come in so that that it may be b; DON’T RESENT THIS. Look on divinely blessed. it like an opportunity and appreciate o Cast three silver coins into a it natural body of water upon which the c; Show your appreciation. Not just full moon is reflected. for the object but for other things o Find out the exact time when in your life too. Friends, family, the moon is full and this should be opportunities. performed on the night an hour or 14


2 before full, while the moon is still waxing, growing in power. o Repeat this invocation 3 X: Moon, Moon, beautiful moon, Fairer far than any star, Moon, oh Moon if it may be, Bring good fortune unto me. And if you can lie down and sleep by the body of water your luck will come to you faster. There is a warning at the end of this spell that if you do not work you cannot be blessed. From Sappho 500BC: Light a green candle on Friday in front of an image of Venus then say: Aphros foam born goddess of luxury Even whilst you are in the heavens Hearing me cry your name You hasten to me on you chariot drawn by doves, Come to me now again, Release me from my pain Every thing my soul longs to have fulfilled fulfil, And you be my ally Bargain With Life I bargained with life for a penny And life would pay no more.... However I begged in the evenings When I counted my scanty store For life is a just employer It gives you what you ask But once YOU set the wages You must bear the task I worked for a menial’s wages Only to learn dismayed That any wages I asked of life Life would have willingly paid Author Unknown

Shé D’Montford is the Editor in Chief of “Magick: and now “ESP” magazines. ESP Magazine, available in all leading newsagencies and on line at issue/420118 , is a unique magazine for the psychic community, Its writers, artists, editors, marketing managers, advertisers and production crew are all well respected members of the psychic community. Call +61(0)402 793 604 She is available for readings.

My Mind is my Kingdom

By Sir Edward Blake

…I laugh not at another's I grudge not at another's loss No worldly woes my mind Gain My state "At One" does 'stcan toss ill' remain They poor - I rich They beg - I give They lack - I leave They pine - I live…. Some have too much and still they crave I little have but seek no mo They but poor though mu re ch they have I am rich with little store I fear no foe Nor fawn no friend I loathe not life Nor dread my end My wealth is health and perfect ease My conscious clear My choice deference I neither seek by bribes to Nor by deceit to breed offenplease ce Thus I do live and so will I die Would all do so as well as I….



Balancing Chi with Crystals by Apple Blossom


he Chinese have been using plant based material to improve health for over 5,000 years. They believed that by implementing the use of herbs as medicine, it helped to keep positive chi (energy) flowing healthily throughout the body and organs. When chi is balanced the body is considered to be in a state of true harmony. Therefore, a balanced body is one resistant to negative energy, outer unwanted influences, and inner discord. A Chinese herbal practitioner looks at this chi energy to determine its flow by examining the face, eyes, and tongue. As well as checking various pulses throughout the body, noting life style, sleeping patterns, diet, stress levels, and even bowel actions. All of which help the practitioner to find a suitable treatment to bring the body back into a state of homeostasis and balance. To also make sure that chi energy is flowing freely and healthily, the Chinese work with the power of Yin and Yang, where they believe there is an opposite for everything. For instance, where there is dark, there must also be light. Where there is aggression, there must also be calm, and so on. Do the quiz to see if you are more Yin or Yang. 16


Quiz – Are you Yin or Yang? Tick all the boxes that relate to you. If most of your ticks are in section one, then you are more 'Yin'. If most of your ticks are in section two then you are more 'Yang'. Section 1:  You are passive  You dislike eye contact  You are very creative  You feel the cold easily  You are sensitive  You love being amongst nature  You enjoy meditation  Sometimes you suffer with diarrhoea  You love music  You are gentle and loving Total ticks_____ Section 2:  You are very focussed  You need to move and be active  You enjoy exercising  You need constant stimulation  You have a controlling nature  You are a stressful person  Sometimes you are constipated  Socialising is a must  Being angry is your weakness

 You are alert and aware Total ticks_____ Yin – You are gentle, kind and a loving soul. A person who senses changes in the atmosphere easily and who is sensitive to noise and temperature differences. Your

emotional side ties you closely with the Moon, giving you a volatile nature where you can fluctuate between happy and sad. You make a loyal friend, but sometimes you can become too needy of others. You need to become more independent and let the people around you know exactly what you need. Finding quiet time for yourself is something which you enjoy. Meditating, listening to soft relaxing music, and letting your creativity shine will benefit you as well. However, sometimes you can enjoy being in your quiet state a little

too much, for this reason you need to get out there and socialise a bit more. Moving that butt of yours wouldn’t go astray either so begin an exercise routine, or find something in life which stimulates you and brings out your passionate side. Yang – You are a vibrant, active, and motived soul with a strong connection to the energy of the Sun. You love socialising and getting out there and enjoying life. You need constant stimulation or else you

feel bored. Things that keep you on the ball make you happy, such as exercising, or any other physical activity. You have a keen eye, and are always alert and focussed on what is happening around you. Sometimes being aware of things makes you overly stressed and tense. You need to learn to be a part of what is going on, but also to be able to let some of it go and quieten your mind. It would be good if you started meditating once a day to calm your emotions, spending time outdoors, and getting in tune with the feelings of others to see things from their point of view. Crystal layout to balance your personal Chi You will need * 2 x Single pointed clear quartz crystals * 1 x Double terminated clear quartz crystal Lying down flat on your back place one of the single points on the floor just above the top of your head, with its point facing upwards, this is where your crown chakra is approximately situated. Place the other single pointed crystal upon your groin area which is near your root chakra, with the point facing downwards. The crystal positioned at your crown will open and cleanse your upper body, taking negative energy out and

up to the divine above. While the crystal on your groin area will open and cleanse your lower body, taking negative energy out and down to the Earth below. The double terminated point is to be placed in the middle of your chest, your heart chakra. This crystal works as a balancer that helps to shift the energy which is travelling up and out, as well as energy to travel down and out. Stay in this position for fifteen minutes to balance your personal Chi.

Apple Blossom is a natural psychic, medium, and witch. She writes for many new age magazines in Australia and internationally and is the author of three books. Photo taken by ‘Julz Photography’ 2011 GODDESS OF AVALON Magazine


The Art of Meaningful Living What journey of self-discovery would you go on if you took a little time out to reflect? I was on my way home to Brisbane from another Sydney MBS (mind, body, spirit festival), when I found myself happily listening (on my in-flight headphones) to a radio interview with a famous band called ‘Supertramp’ (for those of us old enough to remember, they were 70’s rock icons). They happen to be playing “Take the long way home”, a song that triggered memories from my teenage years, which sent me on a nostalgic journey into my past. In that moment I became a little melancholy as I remembered whom I once was as an innocent girl full of life, in a terrible hurry to grow up, impatiently waiting to make it all happen. Then realising who I had become as a result of all I had endured to become the grown woman I am today. In that moment I endulged myself, enjoying every delicious refection, I journeyed through much of my teenage past and visited many of the memories I truly cherished. It pays every now and then to remind yourself of where you have come from, what you’ve accomplished and just how the real journey and mystery of your 18


life has unfolded. It’s amazing, just how quick it all seems to go by. Life I mean… it all seems to happen so fast. Hearing ‘Supertramp’ made me recall a time when I was only 15, listening to this very song with the volume cranked up high. I was hanging out at my girlfriends birthday party (in her dad’s garage) dancing, dressed in 70’s retro clothes (of course), thinking I looked very cool, nervously trying to be noticed by a certain boy who held my affection at the time. Then I reflected back to who I am now, a publisher running my own company, flying on business to visit other countries, preparing to scope out the lay of the land, with ideas of possibly bringing my magazines and book publishing business to new markets.

by S’Roya Rose Recalling this quantum leap, and what I’ve made of my life I’m reminded of the humility within its journey. If you had told me back in that garage at age 15 just what was to unfold in my life, with three marriages and three divorces,

S’Roya teaches Metaphysical Mastery and runs inspirational, Self Empowering Workshops that help develop the tools needed to live a more peaceful & balanced life. Phone: 0422361040. E:

two beautiful children, the creating of numerous businesses and training of staff, the laughter, the fun, the challenges, the crisis’ and tears, the joys, traumas and huge heartaches I’d have to experience, I might of laughed or simply ran the other way. Nothing can really prepare you for the realities you are going to have to face as you grow up and take responsibility in the real world. In reflecting and remembering my past, I was able to celebrate all the hard work on my journey and all that’s been overcome and accomplished. I remember at times being overwhelmed with many of my life’s challenges, feeling inadequate like I couldn’t go on, but somehow I did. Life just keeps moving forward because tomorrow keeps turning up. Our life turmoils are best handled one day at a time, because eventually they all get resolved one way or another. Learning how to live life fully forces us to take responsibility for everything that happens. We all experience the many ebbs and flows, highs and lows of life. Accepting the moments when we need to stop and reflect upon all that happens within and without, helps us to integrate the often-overwhelming aspects of our journey. Reflection is an important part of this, as we accept the whole journey;

every lesson, every triumph, every loss and every emotion, claiming the wisdom that experiencing it has afforded us. Visiting the past helps us to recognise those things we resisted and reacted to and why. Reflection brings to us awareness of the broadness of things as we feel the depth, and ramifications of old actions and emotions, what they cocreated for us in those experiences. Giving us the opportunity to let go, forgive, re-assess and be more aware of what’s now important, helping us to know just what to keep and take with us on the journey forward. Like a rugged coastline that’s been battered by tumultuous seas, we can see the scars of our past, chiselled into our attitudes and faces as our well-deserved character lines and life lessons. There will always be things you’ll judge as having been wrong, hurtful, or even unforgivable, but really they were just moments in time when you were becoming conscious that life needed to change and morph into the newness of the next moment. We are often seduced unconsciously by situations and circumstances in our life to take part in a new journey and it’s beckoning adventures. But letting go an old one can be painful and uncomfortable. We must learn to live the risks of life, to live it fully, for it challenges us to seek the joy in each unfolding moment. Taking risks, falling over, hurting ourselves and finding things out the hard way, are all part of the joyful challenge of life. And lets face it, we really wouldn’t have it any other way. The highs and lows of life give it depth,

its colour and texture, otherwise life would be bland and dull, like food without flavour. Sure, there can and will be upsets as we endure our challenges, and you can dwell on the negatives, becoming bitter and twisted if you like, but in reflection, it was all worth it. We can learn over time, like the cliffs that face the battering seas constantly, to be brave enough to consciously choose joy above all else, as we face the elements of life in all their splendor. That no matter what is presented, to live unconditionally each moment is to live it fully and magnanamously without regret. To not do this is be cheated of the magic of life with all its wonder and mystery. In the end all we have is our story, I’m just trying to live a good one. So in reflection, why not choose the art of meaningful living, to get the best out of it!? The choice to live this way consciously will help you navigate its often choppy waters, the outcome and memory that you did your best will remain with you and those you leave behind forever.

Edited excerpt from S'Roya's book "The Art od Meaningful Living." GODDESS OF AVALON Magazine


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'Thrice a Sabbat There be'


ith three turns of the wheel a Witch’s calendar is always full, and with the shifting of the seasonal wheel of the year we currently have three (3) exciting Sabbat’s coming our way. To journey with the Sabbat’s is very close to my heart, more so than usual at present as my OWLL “Order of Wisdom, Learning and Light” Coven 1st degree students, who are studying eclectic Witchcraft, are currently undergoing an intensive eight (8) weeks of study relating to each of the years eight (8) Sabbats. Our Pagan wheel of the year turns approximately every 6 weeks and with it we honour life and death, rebirth and replenishment, by acknowledging celebrating and embracing each Sabbat. What an exciting time of year it is, you can feel the stir of family celebrations, as the warming days of Summer are now upon us and all of us here in the Southern hemisphere are beginning to bask like lizards outdoors in the greatest of festive ways. Litha our great Summer Solstice this year falls on Sunday 22nd December at exactly 4.12am. It is the time of the Fae where the day is the longest and the night the shortest. Celebrate this day beginning with colour and fill your home with flowers and table cloths of bright summery shades. Burn fragrant



by Lizzy Rose

incense to cleanse and remove the past 6 months, as after the Solstice the days will ever so slowly yet all too soon become shorter and shorter. The word Solstice means the sun stands still, so pause and think on all the things that you have gained, grown or made manifest with the aid of the masculine and the great heat of our magnificent sun.

becomes more significant and more sensible. When people ask me what it is exactly that I celebrate with regards to the seasonal change and these Sabbat festivals, my answer is logic, as I practice, I honour and I worship the very fact that this grand planet of ours is so very practical and sensible and really makes life so very easy to understand, with simple basic yet scientific proof, that there really As we bring 2013 to a close and enjoy is valid reason for honouring the 6 the holidays, social gatherings, beach weekly Sabbats over the course of adventures and welcome in the new a year, for they simply make sense. year of 2014 our wheel continues the Depending on where your little spot great cycle of release. Despite it being of heaven is in this great wide world warm the Sun God is slowly dying and the fact that your seasonal Sabbat and before we know it's time again wheel may vary in temperature, to honour Lammas, our first harvest. length of night and day and relevant It's a time where we bake homefoods, flowers, plant and animal life, made breads and fill our homes with not to mention number of Sabbats the heavenly scent of dough rising celebrated, the fact that stays the and fruit cakes baking. Lammas also same universally, is that your wheel, known as Lughnashad is celebrated my wheel, your season and my on February 1st here in the Southern season, will and must change, so isn't Hemisphere. The great God Lugh is it quite sensible and wise to honour often called upon at this time. the very nature that plays such a large part of our very existence, the The earth our great mother twists breath and everlasting cycle that is and turns with steadfast promise, the transformational wheel of the never wavering always shifting into Seasonal year. another season and another passage of time. As a Witch and a Pagan I feel With another turn of our wheel it's important to honour the Sabbat’s my favourite Sabbat festival and my as they are a constant reminder of very first public Sabbat Ritual was our earth’s evolution. Moving us all to honour the wondrous Autumn forward has its place, its purpose Equinox and our second harvest and its timing, reminding us that festival, also known as Mabon falling nothing stays the same for too long. around March 21st 2014. As we age it seems that the wheel In celebration fill your table with

Witch in the CITY...

Lizzy Rose Australias's Celebrity Psychic. Specialising in Psychic, Clairvoyant,Tarot & Medium Readings. High Priestess of Mumma Moon Women's Circles & Goddess Temple Gatherings.

great bounty, make a cornucopia filled with apples, pears, almonds grapes as many vegetables, fruits and nuts that you can acquire from your local area. This is such a special time and heralds the last day of Summer and yet at the same time the middle of Autumn. Make jams, preserves, pickles and store foods for the coming of Winter. Even if you have a local supermarket down the road, there is nothing quite like homemade produce, baked, stirred and boiled in sacred ritual all to honour the endless bounty of our mother earth, who serves us so well and with such dedication and consistency. Until we journey again I will think on you as I raise my glass in your honour over the coming three Sabbats. For all things come from the Goddess and all must return to her. May your past year depart with ease and your New Year embrace and please. Blessed may your Sabbat be



Goddess Connection Affirmative 'The Goddess is in all things and all things come from the Goddess' a quote I will never forget from one of my favourite movies of all time the 'Mists of Avalon.


s I take a look around my city I'm reminded of the Goddess in so many ways, her ears the gentle whistling of a breeze, her eyes the vision of a beautiful rainbow and her smell a garden full of fragrant spring flowers. I think on how even in the great bustling cement cities of our world that she is ever present. Do you ever wonder how switched off we all are to her great presence and how desensitized we have become to her messages from the weather, the behaviour of the cities bird life and the dirty rivers that marry with the cement shores edged with train stations and block upon block of shopping malls. You may say yes, but what choice do I have, I have to work, I have bills to pay and life isn't always ideal my work is in the city. Well I can relate to you completely, my heart desires to move north and to settle in or very close to a natural rainforest complete with a nearby waterfall and live as natural as possible in a bluestone or mud brick 24


home. I already know that I'd like 13 acres and have envisioned every acres use and with reverence I know all too well that my spirit would be closer to the goddess in that place, however until I make that move into a reality in a few yearsâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; time, I'm still treading the cement looking up at the glass walls that surround me and battling with traffic, fumes, people racing from one building to another and the everyday life of a witch living in one of the worldâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s busiest cities. As we walk the city streets together in whatever city or bustling suburb you may find yourself in, know that we are never alone and that even though we may walk separate paths heading in different directions, all the while the Goddess is ever present watching over us, her breath the song of people laughing, her touch a handshake of a work colleague, her taste comes with our morning coffee and her sight in the smile of a stranger passing by. All things come from the Goddess and all things return to her. May she bless your path and may we always stop if just for a minute to acknowledge her very essence in our every waking moment. Here's an easy and quick affirmation that you can place to your computer or office desk or wherever you are working and when you feel the need to connect even deeper with the Goddess, speak the words and feel

the presence of the Goddess by your side within your heart soul and mind. This affirmation will enhance your bond with our great mother earth, for is it not her that sustains us, so affirm your connection with her.


You I am, for I am you The air I breathe The water I drink The fire that warms The earth that feeds For all is within me For all is without me In balance and in honour In strength and in measure I affirm I am Goddess I affirm I am Woman I affirm I am life For you I am, for I am you.

Witch in the City... Lizzy Rose Australias's Celebrity Psychic. Specialising in Psychic, Clairvoyant,Tarot & Medium Readings. High Priestess of Mumma MoonWomen's Circles & Goddess Temple Gatherings.

by Lizzy Rose



Nuit- Goddess of Infinite Space

the dark lord Set, the terrible Typhon, defeated Osiris and scattered his body over the Earth in 14 places. These Isis collected up and used to resurrect her consort with whom she conceived Horus who rose up against Set, defeated him and thus placed himself on the Throne of Heaven. Thus Nut became known as the Mother of everything in direct contrast with most ancient mythologies which make Mother Nature the Earth and her consort the Sky God.

The modern goddess Nuit comes from the Book of the Law of which the First Chapter is spoken in her voice. Her name is derived from the archaic French word nuit, meaning night and derived from the Latin word nox. She has come to be a by AnkhafnaKhonsu modern goddess who symbolizes the infinite depths of space as we understand it in the modern day and f there is a Goddess of the The Origins of Nuit- she is depicted as a black woman Space Age then it must the Queen of Space arched over the earth and adorned be Nuit, the Thelemite with a myriad of sparkling stars, each Nuit is a modern interpretation of Goddess of the Night Sky. Nuit is one representing an individual living the very ancient Egyptian goddess called the Queen of Heaven and Nut, the Goddess of the Sky. Nut was thing in Her endless universe. symbolizes the totality of feminine Modern magicians often associate the daughter of Tefnut, the Goddess energy and she is portrayed as Nuit with the Ain Soph Aur, the of rain and her brother and consort Mother, Lover and Sister. Her gifts Limitless Light of Hermeticism Shu, the God of Air. Initially Nut was are the enjoyment of life's pleasures and the source of the Khabs, the the goddess of the nighttime sky but and her worship is Love as she calls Light that rushes out in one ray. eventually became associated with to her consort in all of us to unite Her consort Hadit is the serpent the sky generally. She is portrayed as with Her in bliss. Nuit is the infinitely a nude woman arched over the earth of Self Knowledge at the core expanded circle the circumference of consciousness and through and is usually covered in stars, who of which is immeasurable and the her union with him we become are her children. She is also often center of which is everywhere. She enlightened to Her Pure Will. She shown as a cow or as a sow suckling is beyond time so she is eternal and gives "unimaginable joys on earth: several piglets that represent stars. the thereby she is the Mother of all certainty, not faith, while in life, things temporal. Invoke Her under upon death; peace unutterable, rest, Nut was the mother of Osiris, Set, Her stars, in the desert wearing only Isis and Nephthys to her brother Geb ecstasy" to those who worship her a single robe and burning Her incense the Earth. Her children Osiris and Set by arousing the coiled serpent within of resinous woods and gums. fought over the rule of the world and and invoking Her with a pure heart.




Invocation to Nuit the Queen of Space I invoke Nuit! The Queen of Infinite Space and the infinite stars. O Thou! Majesty of Godhead! All-touching, all-penetrant Nuit; blue lidded Daughter of Sunset! Thee! Thee I invoke! O Thou! Gemmed, azure-lidded woman. Thee! Thee I invoke! O Thou! Who is black to the blind but of Whom blue and gold are seen of the seeing. Thee! Thee I invoke! O Thou! Lambent flame of blue. Thee! Thee I invoke! O Thou! Who art divided for love’s sake. Thee! Thee I invoke! O Thou! Who art the naked brilliance of the voluptuous night-sky. Thee! Thee I invoke! Thou who gives unimaginable joys on Earth. Thee! Thee I invoke! Thou who is all pleasure and purple and drunkenness of the innermost sense. Thee! Thee I invoke! To Me! To Me! Mine is the Winged Globe! Mine is the Starry Blue! Mine is the consciousness of the continuity of existence! I am Infinite Space and the infinite stars thereof. To Me! To Me! I am the Queen of Space. To Me! To Me! I am the Continuous One of Heaven. To Me! To Me! I am Nu! The hiding of Hadit!

She is above me and in me! Her ecstasy is my ecstasy! Her joy is my joy! I bend in ecstasy to kiss, the secret ardours of Hadit. I am the azure-lidded woman. I am all-touching, all-penetrant. I am divided for love’s sake. I am all pleasure and purple and drunkenness of the innermost sense. Hadit is my secret center, my heart and my tongue. My word is six and fifty. I am Heaven. I am Nuit! Therefore do thou come to me from thine abode in the silence. Nuit! Not! No-Thing! By whatever name I call thee, thou art still nameless to eternity. Come thou forth I say and bid me to lie a little in thy bosom. Thou that are all-touching, all penetrant. Thou that are divided for love’s sake. Blue-lidded Daughter of Sunset. Thou that are all pleasure and purple and drunkenness of the innermost sense. Thou that are the naked splendor of the voluptuous night-sky. Come thou forth I say; come thou forth: and be my refuge as Hadit is my light and Ra Hoor Khuit is my strength. Bid me within thine house to dwell.



Wild Woman Weekend! is an annual event held in the bush lands of Western Australia that gifts a sacred, magical space for women to gather together to share stories, wisdom & journeys, to connect with Mother Earth & Goddess Moon, and to empower & encourage one another to embrace the wild within. Now in its 9th year, the custodians Ariana & Larissa have yet to theme this years inspiration. Keep checking our website for more info... With drumming around the fire, dancing, meditations, creativity, sumptuous magical feasting & weaving the threads of sisterhood, this year promises to sing to your very soul. Accommodation, nourishment & magical shenanigans are all inclusive all you need to bring is the wild woman within! For more information hop onto the website or find Wild Woman Weekend on facebook.

Gaia's Garden C G C reating



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Image: H

ave you ever noticed how often when you make plans and everything seems to be moving forward then suddenly Kerrie Friend everything stops or seems to move into slow motion? Whether it’s starting a new business, changing careers, waiting to be asked on a first date or counting the days to your dream vacation things can seemingly suddenly stop moving forward and before we know it we’re stuck in the unpleasant land of “waiting”.

g n i t i a W

Typically we react with frustration and impatience but maybe there’s a silver lining within this cloud of waiting? Maybe waiting is our golden opportunity to see clearly what’s being spoken to our heart. Waiting well requires patience and endurance and it’s not as much about our wait, its about how we wait that determines the treasure within! Waiting with a good attitude allows us to expand our trust and perseverance and can deepen our character. Too often when we’re required to wait for something we give up or become resentful, angry or disappointed. Sometimes even jealousy raises her unattractive head. Australian celebrity Kerrie Friend was co-host of hit TV shows Perfect Match andWheel of Fortune. Kerrie and her husband founded Heaven on Earth Media in 2002. She is also an ambassador and spokesperson for a number of societies and authored ‘Image: 52Weeks to a NewYou. ’Visit:

the delay. There may very well be a very good reason for the wait. Get quiet and listen. Another helpful key to overcome the waiting periods in our life is accepting the fact that there will always be something to wait for and to enjoy your beautiful journey you’ll have to learn to wait well. Discovering within you trust, maturity, and timing are also invaluable in the waiting process. Waiting is often not easy but when we trust God to create the perfect timing you’ll be amazed at how easy you begin to wait. Our inner self has the ability to see beyond the wait and reveal to us to have confidence for the ideal timing. Such treasures are hidden within waiting and unless we had to wait for things in our life we could never receive them. Waiting grows our character and deepens our faith. Getting what we want when we want it isn’t the best thing for us, Patience is a virtue born out of waiting; there is beauty to be found in the wait.

Instead of counting the hours or days until your wait is over use your time wisely and focus on the important things in life such as your family and Being preoccupied with how long friends or the responsibilities of the day. we’ve been waiting only causes us to Being preoccupied with your requests feel like the situation is moving even is only an injustice to the magnificence slower. We begin to struggle within of the day you’ve been given. Living ourselves and often our ego flares and contently as you wait for your desire is we then begin doubting if it will ever productive and empowering.You’ll be happen. But when we learn to trust much more pleasurable to be around and enjoy each step of our journey not grumbling or complaining and your and the process, our image flourishes life will be lived joyously one day at a along the way. Sometimes the wait time when you learn to wait well. has unseen benefits found only during God bless.



Healing Your Mind, Body, & Soul...


first became aware of the possibility of accessing past life memories in early 2010, when a psychic medium I saw in Cairns mentioned that some workplace-based relationship dynamics I had experienced might have a past life basis. She recommended a local spiritual hypnotist, and without giving it much thought, I booked an appointment. I didn’t go under during that appointment, although I became quite relaxed and had flashes of people and events from various times during my present life, which the facilitator guided me to forgive and then let go. While I was disappointed that I didn’t have a past life experience, I didn’t really think much more about it. But as I didn’t go under that one time, it didn’t occur to me to give hypnosis another go, I just thought I couldn’t be hypnotized!

...with Past Life Therapy by



Louise Shilton

About 6 months later I read Dr Brian Weiss’ seminal book on his past life work “Many Lives, Many Masters”, and it was as if a lightbulb went off! Not only was I stuck by what I found to be credible evidence that our souls are eternal and reincarnate in different guises in order to have different physical experiences, I also realised that I was supposed to do this work! From the opening pages of his book, I knew that I was to train in Past Life Regression Hypnosis with Brian himself. The idea of changing my career path did not come completely out of the blue. I had been searching for how I was going to shift from being a scientist working with animals (I was working as a Wildlife Ecologist at the time) to working with people

in a capacity that would assist people overcoming grief and healing themselves in mind, body and spirit. I had even had a career assessment that emphasised that working with people in some sort of counselling capacity was my calling, but counselling courses and psychology courses did not feel right, although I spent some time researching these options initially. It was only when I read about Weiss’ work using hypnosis that I got my Eureka moment, and I researched and read as much as I could find out about past life regression and life between lives hypnosis therapies over the next two years. During those couple of years I was also dedicated to my own healing journey hand-in-hand with developing my intuition and psychic mediumship skills. While I have been an intuitive and an empath all my life, it was first in 2010 that I received direct communication from spirit and began consciously channelling. In late 2012 I trained with Brian and his wife Carole (The Weiss Institute) in the USA. Upon returning home from that training course, I went public with my psychic and mediumship skills, first announcing them via facebook. I then spent several months conducting readings for friends and their network of friends, including many people who I have still never met in person. I went fully public with the launch of Life & Soul Insights in August this year. For the first time in several years I feel completely back on track with my own life, passionate and excited by what I do! I love the people that I am meeting through my work – and I love being able to tangibly help

people heal and guide people towards greater clarity and direction in their lives. Past life recall work with clients requires a high degree of trust in the practitioner. On this note, I prefer the term “facilitator” because all hypnosis is really self hypnosis, and the client is always in control. So, past life recall is really a collaboration between the facilitator and the client. I facilitate people relaxing sufficiently such that they can start to recall memories from their childhood, and then progressively relax them deeper and deeper until they can access their subconscious memor, where all experiences of the soul are remembered, and guide them to open the door to past life experiences from anywhere in time and space. During the professional past life regression hypnosis training with the Weiss’ last year, I had several past life experiences of my own during group regression experiences, but I still thought that I myself might be a challenging hypnosis client! But when another person in training practised on me, I readily went into a deep hypnotic state, and was amazed by the vivid recall both in terms of the images, and also the strongly kinaesthetic nature of my experiences. It was wonderful to experience such a physiological and deep past life recall as the hypnotised one. I have also had several other past life recall experiences, including some spontaneous ones!

changing in so many ways. Past life recall is:


Extremely effective for identifying and resolving the source of present day issues such as unresolved grief, fears, phobias, anxieties, and dysfunctional relationship patterns;


Excellent for helping people to understand relationship dynamics and people in their lives in the context of soul connections. Many people choose past life recall to simply explore whether or not they have known someone before, and to identify soulmates;

* Fantastic for exploring soul

lessons and life purpose, and for understanding any karma that has been brought into this life;


Sometimes successful in bringing about immediate and even ‘miraculous’ healing of physical symptoms. Clients are guided to identify the basis of issues, understand lessons, apply forgiveness where necessary, release and resolve these issues. Louise A. Shilton (B.Sc., Ph.D.) is an Intuitive, Medium, Past Life Recall Therapist, Hypnotherapist, Life & Soul Coach, Public Speaker,Writer, and Owner of Life & Soul Insights. Web: Email: Phone: 0400 107 529

Past life recall therapy is a gentle yet profoundly powerful technique for healing soul wounds. It can be life




Crystal of the Month: Agate. For centuries, agate has been used as a source of courage, balance, and above all, protection. Once upon a time it was placed in water for cooking or drinking to dispel sickness, and has long been said to enhance creativity and strengthen intellect. Agate is an excellent stone for artists and students and is also known as a good luck crystal. It can increase energy, however because it is a grounding stone, it does not increase energy all the time, but enables bursts if needed. Because of agate’s protective qualities it is great for children and can be made into an amulet or medicine bag to be carried around in the pocket. Emotionally, agate gives courage, strength, self-confidence and dispels fears. It assists with acceptance and is superior for easing anxiety and stress. Faerie of the Month:: Aine Aine was long known as the goddess of the Irish people before she became the faerie queen. She represents love, growth, crops, fire and cattle – and is also associated with the sun. She is the daughter of Egobail, and sister of Aillen and/or Fennen. Aine was worshipped for her power to bestow fertility, abundance and prosperity. She is credited for giving meadowsweet its delicate scent. Some also claim that she was a minor moon goddess, or that her identity may have later become merged with the goddess Anu.

Rune of the Month: Geofu (gift) The symbol of a cross to show union has been used for centuries, and implies complete harmony. This rune is associated with Venus, so whenever geofu appears in a reading you can be sure it concerns matters of the heart. Generally, geofu is a benevolent influence and the appearance of it often indicates the person will, or will be, in a generally peaceful and relaxed state. On an inner level it may issue a form of warning. Geofu shows that a gift, whether it be money, love or wisdom – is likely to come your way. 32


Angel of the Month: Archangel Michael Michael – the leader among archangels – is often said to be the image of God. His chief purpose is to rid the world of the toxins associated with fear. He guides and directs those who feel lost or stuck to their career path or purpose. Michael helps with commitment and dedication to one’s beliefs, courage, direction, energy and vitality, motivation, protection, space clearing, spirit release and increased self-esteem. Call upon Michael when you feel afraid or vulnerable. He will come to your side and lend courage and ensure your safety, both physically and emotionally. Anyone who might have intended you harm, will feel a change of heart.

Tarot of the Month: Crossroads – (The Chariot) Card Number Seven Crossroads is one of the most complex cards to define, but basically implies an impass or inner war, a struggle, and an eventual, hard-won victory; either over enemies, obstacles, nature, the beasts inside you, or to just get what you want. . Crossroads is all about needing to move forward, but a discission has to be made before hand. Thoughts of ‘will I wont I’ pull us in different directions but decide we must to move in one direction. Control is required over opposing emotions, wants, needs, people, or circumstances; to bring them together and give them a single direction, your direction.You need confidence and motivation. Crossroads can indicate new motivation or inspiration, which gets a stagnant situation moving again.Your inner loyalty and faith indicates motivation; a conviction that even though there could be challenges you will be victorious no matter what the odds.

Symbol of the Month: Cupid Seeking a little love in your life? The Greek God Cupid, or Eros, has been a symbol of romance and unity and is a symbol for sexual love and beauty. He was also worshipped as a fertility deity and is has always played a role in the celebration of romance. As the son of Venus, he is often depicted as a mischievous, winged child whose arrows pierce the hearts of his victims, causing them to fall in love. According to legend, Cupid’s arrows come in two varieties: the golden arrow, which generally signifies true love, and the leaden arrow, which represents wanton and sensual passion. He is also known to sometimes carry a torch with which to inflame desire between men and women. Cupid is not always successful in his endeavors, however. The small winged god is now the symbol for Valentines Day and is called upon when you wish to capture the heart of a beloved.



Angelic Messages


here are Seven Main Archangels and Healing Rays For Mankind. They each work with our seven main chakras within our templates. Each Archangel can resonate the different Colours of entire the light spectrum and this light essence is alive and is the resonation of pure love. They are called Archangels because they were created by God to Arch around planets. There are Seven Main Archangels that hold the Seven Healing Rays for mankind in this Earth Realm. Depending on the various Ages of Mankind and the various cultures and concepts. These Archangels have be known through time by different names. However even though their names may have changed. The Main Seven are the same Archangels. And have Been with us through time helping us on our journeys with every sacred step that we take. There are many more Archangels in the Earth Realm and they all resonate On different light rays, and they all have different Divine Purposes. Please enjoy this amazing journey with them.

Our Lady of the Light This picture Vibrates on the PINK Ray of PURE UNCONDITIONAL LOVE. This Energy Vibrates at the Thymus or The Feminine Heart Chakra. Our Lady of The Light is the Gatekeeper for this centre of Consciousness. This Ray vibrates at the energy of ‘That which is ever new’. Our Lady of The Light is the Higher self of Mother Mary and is known as The Queen of The Angels. She teaches us about Pure Unconditional Love and Clairsentience or to feel with the heart. Our Lady of The Light also watches over the Mary’s. (The Mary’s are the Feminine Healers) To know Love is to know Love is Light.



For Romantic love to blossom open your heart to someone who will treasure it always. Do not give your heart to someone who will not honour you. Your Heart is you and you are a Precious Soul.




You can meet many soul mates on this journey of life that you have shared past lives with. Enjoy these reunions and recognise them for this . Sometimes you only come together again for a brief encounter to heal something from the past, release them lovingly. The most powerful force in the Universe is Love. The most precious gift that one can give is pure unconditional love. If one gives love without any conditions this can only expand your heart. True forgiveness means that you will not be the vessel for the pain that another person’s actions have caused you. The only thing that is real is Love.


Lit-El Star is a healer & visionary artist who creates Angelic Portals for the Angelic Realms & Acended Masters of light & love.The divine purpose of theseWindows From Heaven™ is to facilitate heavenly experiences for you. Lit-El Star uses The Angelic Aquas®. Vibrational Healing Waters together with crystal pigments & water based acrylic paints. Check out her New APP on her website www.



Dependability Meerkats are highly social creatures. Each member of the family is allocated a specific role or responsibility. Climbing to the highest point they can find, one acts as sentry, keeping a keen eye out for danger. A baby-sitter cares for the young, while others hunt and gather food. Meerkats hold the wellbeing of others as their first priority, knowing that in doing so they benefit themselves. I don’t think there’s a person alive that doesn’t have a sense of ambition on some level. Many of us would love to follow a path that nourishes them and their family, and what better way to achieve such a dream than striving to better yourself inside and out while being a dependable, reliable source of support for others? Because Meerkat has scampered headlong into your life today, you’re being reminded that when you allow yourself to be of service to others, especially selflessly and without expectation, your efforts will be invariably noticed in and rewarded or repaid in kind. The reward may come in the form of a healthy pay rise or bonus, verbal praise or some other form of recognition. When you selflessly help others in the reaching of their goals by offering time or labour, you open yourself up to the favour being returned by them. When Meerkat creeps into your life, you know it’s time to offer support, assistance and generosity because when you do you’re actually creating space for the same to be offered to you someday. When you yearn to achieve a goal, but you cannot achieve it alone, to put your personal plans into ‘go slow’ in favour of helping someone else realise theirs will often see your dreams come to fruition sooner than expected. Meerkat understands that when you work as a team, helping the s most agile climber among you to reach the top of the termite mound, everyone benefits. Meerkat believes that it doesn’t matter who reaches the top first, so long as someone does. In doing so, everyone gets the chance to step up and view the world from a wider perspective.

Scott is the author of the best-selling, internationally recognised Animal Dreaming (a shamanic reference book and field guide that offers spiritual insights into over 200 native and introduced Australian animals and birds) and the groundbreaking Animal Dreaming Oracle Cards. Scott is available for workshops, seminars, readings and interviews.Visit Scott’s official website: or seek him out on Facebook




by Brian Alexnder

There is so much more to Astrology than just Sun signs.


n this series of articles I will try to de-mystify astrology, Astrology is over 5,000 years old and is still relevant in today’s world because it STILL WORKS ! Astrology is not that hard to understand, as there are only 12 Zodiac signs, 8 planets, the Moon, Sun, Nodes and the Ascendant to learn about. Of course there can be much more to investigate in Astrology, but with a basic understanding of the signs and Planets it can explain relationships, and looking at politics, with the birthdays of the main players in the house on the hill it can explain why Kevin is the person he is, why Kevin in 07 was successful and Tony in 2013 got himself elected. Everyone even Fred Nile and Robin Williams of the Science Show know what their Sun sign is, but very few would know much more about the subject, for example in which Zodiacal sign is your Moon ? The Moon placement is very important as shows how one responds to emotional difficulties in life. Each of the planets in the Solar System has a very important part to play in ones personal way of living their life. As a quick example Mars is masculine assertiveness, Saturn is responsibility and Pluto whether astronomers dismiss it as a planet or not in Astrology it still brings in to 36


ones life fundamental changes when it creates conjunctions or oppositions in ones Natal chart. I do not think Pluto is aware of being dismissed as a planet, and is just continuing doing the Pluto thing at the limits of the Solar System .

up by hand using the American Ephemeris. The American Ephemeris is a book listing the location of all the planets, moon etc in a 50 or 100 year book. The Ephemeris can be found in any good spiritual bookshops or on line.

The Earth is surrounded by a circle of 12 constellations these are the “signs of the Zodiac” The word Zodiac refers to a circle of animals and with the exception of Libra (The Scales of Justice). They all refer to animals and humans. The Southern Cross for an example is a constellation but it is not in the area occupied by the Zodiac constellations.

Instead of starting with the Sun as is normal in most explanations of astrology I want to start with the planet Mercury, and in each issue I will highlight another planet.

For example Aries is a Ram, Cancer is a Crab, Gemini are human twins etc etc .Your Astrology chart is your personal mandala and shows the precise location in the Zodiac of all the planets Sun and Moon at the precise moment of your birth. It is better if one knows the precise time of birth as only then can an accurate Ascendant be calculated as well as the positions of the houses. However, one can calculate 85% of a chart without the precise time of birth, and there are ways of calculating the ascendant if one knows an approximation of birth time, like “just after lunch” or “very early in the morning”. To cast a chart all one needs is Christian name, date, time and place of birth. With that information a chart can be drawn

Mercury is a Roman God which is the same energy as Hermes for the Greeks. Mercury is the winged messenger of the gods and is also the god of science, eloquence, commerce as well as being the patron of travellers, vagabonds and rogues. He is usually shown with a winged hat and winged sandals. In astrology Mercury is the patron of communication and the logical processes of thinking, debate and mind. Mercury can also be associated with the throat chakra and the three air signs of the Zodiac, Aquarius, Gemini and Libra. In any astrology chart Mercury can only be within 28 degrees of the sun, therefore it can only be in the same Zodiac sign as Sun or the sign either side of the Sun sign. Mercury is usually quite difficult to physically see in the sky as it is always very close to the Sun and can only be seen just before Sunset or just before

Brian Alexander

A well known astrologer he has been reading astrology charts for over 30 years. If you would like to have your chart read call him on 02 6689 0383

Sunrise The same applies to Venus although it can be up to 48 degrees either side of the Sun position, and it can be up to two Zodiac signs from the Sun. Venus can be extremely bright and is often called the Evening Star or the Morning Star depending where it is in the sky. All the other planets including Mars can be anywhere on the astrology chart, However, if you have Sun in Aries for example, Mercury can only be in Aries, Pisces or Taurus, and Venus the same but can also be in early Aquarius or late Gemini. The placement of a planet the Zodiac will always influence the planet with the energy of that Zodiac sign. For example and I will use Mercury as example:Aries is Cardinal Fire: - Impulsive, Impatient, Ego cantered, Leadership, Action, Sport. Aries makes Mercury: - Quick thinking, Argumentative Combative, Verbal outbursts. Assertiveness. Taurus is Fixed Earth: - Green fingered Materialistic, Stubborn, and Loyal, Self indulgent. Taurus makes Mercury: - Sensible, Through, Practical common sense, Inflexible, Good at singing Gemini is Mutable Air: - Lateral thinker, Ever active mind, Quick wit, Ingenious thinker,

Intellectual. Gemini makes Mercury: - Constant changing mind, Fluent, Original ideas, Sparkling humour. Cancer is Cardinal Water: - nurturing, Family oriented, home making, need to care for others. Cancer makes Mercury: - Sensitive and takes life seriously, Emotional, Intuitive. Nostalgic. Leo is Fixed Fire: Theatrical, Artistic, Pride, Fun loving, Creativity. Egocentric, Vitality. Leo makes Mercury: - Need to be heard, Strong will, self centered, Out spoken, Dogmatic. Virgo is Mutable Earth: - Organising, Meticulous Perfectionist Introverted, Eye for detail. Virgo Makes Mercury:-Precision and attention to detail, Eloquent speech, Worrier, Fussy. Libra is Cardinal Air: - Idealistic Diplomatic, Intellectual, Always fair, Counsellor. Libra makes Mercury: - Writer, Quietly spoken, Intelligent mind, Fair to others, Putting self last. Scorpio is Fixed Water: - Passionate, Secretive, Obsessive, Aware of psychic energies, Magnetic.

Scorpio makes Mercury:-Powerful penetrating mind, Perceptive, Silent, Secret and Subtle. Sagittarius is Mutable Fire:Adventurous, Freedom loving, Open minded, optimistic, Good humour. Sagittarius makes Mercury:- Need to talk and communicate, Enquiring mind, Witty, Good at Languages. Capricorn is Cardinal Earth:Industrious, Ambitious, Rigid in attitudes, Trust worthy, Reserved. Capricorn makes Mercury:- serious and rational, Executive ability, Organisation ability, Decisiveness. Aquarius is Fixed Air:- Idealistic, Intellectual, Humanitarian, Innovator, Outgoing, Reformer. Aquarius makes Mercury:- Eccentric, Maths and science, Original thinker, Truth. Political debate. Pisces is Mutable Water:- Introverted, Artistic Moody, Impressionable, Compassionate, Romantic. Pisces makes Mercury:- Likes seclusion, Shy or talk non stop, Vague dreamy, Telepathic, *Next issue I will deal withVenus in your Zodiac sign and explain Saturn returns.



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The 22 Theme cards offer interpretations of the most common dream scenarios, from flying to intimacy. The 30 Oracle cards and accompanying guidebook will help the reader interpret secret messages from the subconscious mind and give valuable insights into their personal life. An intuitive self-help tool in helping people face real life issues through dream meaning!

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From Australia’s most trusted witch Stacey Demarco, comes the 2014 Lunar & Seasonal Diary. This beautifully produced diary provides lunar timings and explanations of the moon phases and their impact on us, with practical suggestions to get the most out of the energies of the season. An elegant place to write your appointments,this diary offers practical magical suggestions for getting the most out of the energies of each season and your whole year! There are tips and techniques for everything from increasing your wealth,busting that rut,improving your relationships and increasing your vitality,to removing obstacles and even conceiving a child.

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