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Hello there my lovely Gods & Goddesses, YES, I’M BACK! I’m happy to report that I’m now living back in Aussie once again... YAY!. Having fully embodied the waters and wisdom of Avalon these past 18 months. Much unfolded for me that could never have been fully understood, which only ads to the mystery of life as it continually keeps unfolding. Just as well really, because as if I’d known what was about to happen I may not have taken the giant leap of faith that saw me live in the UK. But amazing things happened in spite of me. Don’t ya just love that..!? 2012 is to be a huge year for many. It is a time for the impossible to be realised, for the new energies to be fully anchored into our consciousness, and for us to rejoice as to our place in the universe. We are indeed in a great place of resurrection, restoration and reconstruction. A time of letting the real magic of love be fully present in our lives. This is not a time for quitting your dreams, but a time to be living their truth and inspiration. Let the deeper feelings you have become your reality and honour the way your hearts desires ignite your passion for existence. Only then can one truly say they are living their spiritual selves in reality and consciously embracing our three D world of matter. The God & Goddess are having their way with us it seems. All too often we are at a loss as to their magical ways. Let the flow of your own inner rhythms and tides be your guide as you move with the eternal ebb & flow of your souls existence. We are all individuals and we must expect each other to be unique and different. No two people are exactly the same, how extraordinary is that?! We are all important and we must acknowledge this within and honour its truth and live its reality in our lives, once and for all. No more division, no more separation, no more isolation, we are all one heart, one soul, one humanity... this is the message of the ancients that we carry into the new Golden Age. Embrace and Live it fully! Anything you do to others you ultimately do to yourself. Understand both your light & dark sides, integrate and respect their purpose and wisdom. Learn to use both these aspects of your nature with truth, by honouring your intentions. Come to respect what is and what is not working in your life, and make the appropriate adjustments or changes necessary. Don’t wimp out just because its a little difficult to face, you will be triumphant, you will succeed in the end. Never give up on what truly matters to you... NEVER! Timing can sometimes be the reason things take longer than we would like, but this is all part of the bigger picture. Try to understand and use wisdom in your actions, be patient with yourself, you do not need to push anything, as all that you need will be placed on your path as you require it. Trust in the sequence of unfolding events and witness the adventure of life as it happens, it will thrill and delight you.Your dreams can become a reality! … so grab your favourite cuppa, pull up a Laptop & enjoy the wonderful features. Blessings cosmic hitch hikers...



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Contents Guru Features... 6 Dancing with your Shadow, by S’Roya 9 A New Generation of Men, In love, S’Roya 12 Simple Magic for the Busy Witch, by Apple Blossom 14 Child Victimisation, by She D’Montford 18 Elemental Magic: Water, by Jane Meredith 20 Fairytales can come true, by Rhianne T NewLahnd 23 Image - The Other Side, by Kerrie Friend 24 Tea Leaf Reading Goddess, by Lindel Barker-Revell 26 Ceremonies of Change - The Mother, by Mikailah 28 Raw Women, by Karen Lyons 30 Music - Magical food for the Soul, by Kali Cox 31 Witch Camps by Jane Meredith 32 Ultimate Pampering Hot Stone Massage, by S’Roya 34 Return to the magic ‘Chocolate’, by Lauren Clark 36 Guilt free Chocolate Decadance Ritual, by She DeMontford 38 Pets,Your Household Psychics, by She d’Montford, 40 Tarot Moments, by Amanda Hall 42 Brigit Goddess of Inspiration, by S’Roya 44 Got My MOJO Workin by Amber Rose 48 Hodgepodge, with Bornwyn Fish 50 Secrets of the Mermaids, by Michele Morseu 52 Alchemy: Magic of Metals, by Micheal Lamb 56 Health Watch, by Esta Libero 58 Other Realms by S’Roya 60 Feng Shui; with Roxanne 62 2012 PREDICTIONS by Shaman Eilee 64 Simply Astrology, by Amanda Hall 66 Book Reviews - & Editors Choice by S’Roya 68 Guru Directory, Noticeboard & Advertising Rates

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r u o y h t i w Dancing W O D SHA

S’Roya Rose



or many years now I have been working with and seeing the shadow side or darker nature of people as a psychic therapist. The dark Goddesses take us on an inner journey, enhancing our understanding of how this intrinsic part of our deeper subconscious lunar nature works. I have been pointing out how her lessons from this can and does serve us. As we observe each other and ourselves, we gain insight as to how the shadow is dancing in our lives. Assisting clients often meant pointing out how this part of their nature was acting as a catalyst for their negative experiences.

There are many tell tale signs as to how our nature lets this part of us serve our personal growth. It’s through our negative trials and tribulations in life that we learn about how we can over come great obstacles, within and without! On the road to greater self-awareness we must learn to understand our shadow, our darker self, so that we become aware of how we betray ourselves, as well as honour ourselves, enabling the experience of the totality of out being. Once understood we can take responsibility for everything, then darkness within can be harnessed and controlled and any lessons from it can be seen clearly. Knowing this part of us helps to bring about wholeness.

Our Fears and anxieties are the biggest portals 6


we have to experience the shadow self.

Any fear has the potential for us to develop all kinds of psychocis, as we explore the inns and out of how it plays with us in different ways. Dancing with the shadow means just that … you have to allow an aspect of yourself to be mirrored until you get to understand what it is demanding that you overcome. The mirrored effect is intense and dynamic and allows you to see yourself reflected through a circumstance or another person’s behaviour. Here is a clue… “What we resist, persists.”Yes… This is especially true with regard to fears and anxieties. So, whatever you fear the most and focus on the most will be amplified and so is attracted to you in some form.

The harder you try to avoid it, or resist it, the more you bring it on. Sounds’ strange doesn’t it, but it’s not really. It’s the law of attraction in reverse.You see the universal delivery clerk doesn’t discriminate or judge as to what you place your focus on, or need delivering. It simply responds to your mental/emotional focus, by delivering its required experience. Cosmically ordered by you in complete service to you. What you focus on is amplified and attracts attention. Notice what you are focussed on! If your focus is on

any fear, doubt or anxiety enough or you are always trying to avoid them, guess what? You will attract them! Yes it’s true! Here are some examples of fears or phobias: fear of… not being liked or loved, being alone, left in the dark, lack of money, being too fat, being ugly, having no friends, going unnoticed, success, being unclean, claustrophobia, not being good enough, not achieving an outcome, speaking out, water or drowning, fire or flames, crowds, flying, heights, spiders, snakes, intimacy or sex, loss, death, persecution etc… and the list goes on. Write a personal list of any fears or little phobias you have or had, and you’ll see what I mean. The trick is to learn to observe how your reactions or resistances are triggered while trying to avoid them. What avoidance strategies or techniques have you developed? What does it tell you about you? How does your fear feel? What emotions are you experiencing? Notice your body-mind signals, what are your physiological symptoms? (i.e. shallow breathing, speeding up of heart rate, sweating, tightening or twitching of muscles etc). These are your physical stressor signs. Start to notice your signals, and then start to pull back, relax and breathe… Allow yourself time to learn and observe all these signals and signs.

Take control of this, claim your power & change your life!


he trick to over coming our dark side is to face what we fear and come to realise it only has power over us if we allow it. Notice why you feel disempowered by it, what insecurities it triggers, what stories you make up to avoid confronting the truth about your fear. Let go of the need to feel disempowered by it constantly. What is it trying to tell you about you? How can facing it help you to grow, what is needing to be developed by experiencing it? Look for the positive in the challenge of it. Everything happens for a reason. Become a fear detective and look for clues as to why you are experiencing it. There is always an upside that creates the balance. Once you are prepared to face the inner wisdom from experiencing the fear, conquering and letting it go will become easier. Here are some other ways our shadow can be experienced.

1.Anything we have a negative reaction to has power over us. Whenever we react negatively we

are connecting to a part of the inner self that either feels vulnerable or insecure, frightened or angry. Often this sensation comes from a perception of loss, possibly of control over some part of life or the self. A reaction can take many varied forms, mental, emotional or physical: like withdrawal, shutting down, talking fast, or constantly chattering, justifying, feeling guilty, feeling wrong, abandoned, lonely, lost, wounded, anger or rage, or agitated and frustration, disappointed or hurt. We may start sweating, become quiet, our teeth may start chatting or we experience shivering or shaking or crying or yelling. When we can overcome a reaction when we have conquered an aspect of the unknown self and regained our sense of control over our personal power.

Are you creating a drama for attention? Be honest with yourself as to your real motives and reactions. In this way you can observe your reactions and then slowly start to take control, breathe and let them go, relaxing back into and trusting the flow of life. The minute you do this, you take back your power, stay calmer and can deal with what ever is unfolding much easier.

First acknowledge the reaction and the emotions it generates, listen to its wisdom. What is it telling you about yourself? What have you really reacted to? Why has it upset you? How important is this on a scale to 1-10? Is your reaction helping or adding to your life right now?



r u o y h t i w g n i c Dan . . . t n o c W O SHAD

2. Attachment to an outcome can become an anxiety, leading to mild paranoia… (the fear of it not happening.)

The mind races with inner questions, fearing the unknown, what that might mean, the circumstances it might bring if something we want doesn’t happen. We often begin things with an outcome or desired result in mind, like setting a goal. But the minute we make it an obsession or ‘have to have’, it becomes a portal to experience loss and disappointment. We can spend a lot of time developing all sorts of control behaviours to avoid disappointment. The best thing to do is to set a goal, but then let go attachment as you work towards it. Trust that if you are doing everything possible to bring it about then the universe will eventually deliver it, in the way that is perfect for you. “What you are seeking is also seeking you!” … It’s just a matter of time. Let go and let it come to you in perfect timing.

3. Whenever you give your power away through non verbal agreement, either by not speaking your truth, or pleasing people. This is harder to spot, as often we are simply trying to keep the peace, be nice, amiable and polite. But in doing so we can often be seduced into non-verbal agreement… that is agreement by omission. When we don’t say yes but choose instead to say nothing because we are afraid to 8


offend by saying no. In that moment it can be assumed that we are in fact in agreement, because we haven’t indicated we objected in any form. Especially by those who are seeking your agreement. This is of course a subtle form of manipulation, which happens all too often. Good-natured people can be taken advantage of, and are often coerced into agreement like this, without realising it and even be made feel guilty like they did in fact agree by default. Setting boundaries is healthy and will put an end to this type of coercion. Recognise your soft gentle nature and by observing your agreeable temperament, work on being more specific by saying ‘no’ to things… you will gain strength slowly as your confidence grows.

4. Other people’s fears can act as a portal for negative energy to attack you also.

If you’re around someone who is overly emotional or who suffers anxiety, paranoia, or has anger issues, or an addictive personality, then expect to be drawn into their drama and suffer the consequences. When you choose not to be surrounded by people who suffer these types of influences you can say goodbye to how they would otherwise effect your life. We can develop all sorts of behaviours to help cope with this sort of thing. If you are experiencing circumstances of this nature, you do have options; a) Stay and get support and counselling to help you cope while dealing with it all. b) Leave and get help to debrief you and re adjust back

to your normal self. c) Stay and learn how best to deal with these types of emotional people. d) Remove yourself immediately if you think your physical, mental or emotional health is possibly in jeopardy. Unless you have some trained skills dealing with people with disorders I suggest; you stop trying to rescuing people yourself, suggest they get real help or just remove yourself entirely. We are not responsible for other people’s behaviours or problems unless we choose to be. Think clearly about how they may affect your life long term before getting too involved with them. The key to dancing with your shadow is to understand your own emotional nature, how it can be triggered and how it reacts to those triggers. Note your behaviour, learn different responses, shift focus and take better control over your dark side. It’s all about the choices we make.

S’Roya Rose has been a Psychic Therapist for over 15 years.Teaching Healing & Metaphysics running Goddess Full Moon Rituals, Circles,Tours andWorkshops. A published authoress & creatrix of numerous books, & Magazines. She is an accomplished metaphysician, an internationally reknown Psychic, Healer &Workshop facilitator. She will be running a series ofWorkshops & Seminars in Sydney, Melb & Brisbane. S’Roya’s email:

n o i t a r e n e G w e ! aN e v o L n i . . . n of Me

S’Roya Rose

How Divorce and Single Mothers are single handedly changing our new generation ofMen!


hile enjoying a dinner party with girlfriends’ interstate, a rather interesting conversation arose about ‘love, sex, and new men’… (Don’t ya just love how women share all these little intimate details with girlfriends?) Yes, since ‘Sex in the City’ female conversation has been revolutionized and everything is out of the vault..! It all started when a friend of mine shared how she was dating a younger man not quite half her age in his early 30’s. We all wanted to know more of course. She shared how he had genuinely pursued her and they were now in a yummy relationship. Yes, we all made the usual cougar jokes about having control over him, her abusing his younger sexy body etc etc… But it turned out that the truth was far more interesting and much more revealing.



His sincerity in love had been healing for her, but it had been difficultto let him in at first…



e heard how her new man was very romantic, far more attentive and he connected with her from an emotional viewpoint, deeper than any other man her own age had ever done before! Well that got our attention! And as if that wasn’t enough, what I found more interesting was what she shared about the way he treated her. It seems that younger men have what older men have forgotten… How to be present emotionally, let go the need for control and have total respect for and adoration of the feminine! She said “his manners where impeccable, he was thoughtful, caring yet still very masculine. He listened and took things in, he never spoke over me, or tried to take control, only offering up suggestions and thoughtful support, in fact he was happy to be directed by my lead, totally non-threatened by it. He was simply relaxed and secure in his own skin, but not in an Alpha ego male way.” What a breath of fresh air, I thought as she spoke. “Initially he could see I was nervous and felt awkward. I was more than out of my comfort zone, but even though he was younger, he willingly waited till I felt okay about us being together”. How sweet is that? He forced nothing apparently, content to just be patient with her, to spend time with her and savour her on every level! She allowed him to seduce her slowly as she was still guarded having been hurt too many times before. (Sound familiar) What we all found interesting was that he was prepared to drive miles across the city just to be with her… No promise of sex, just connect, chat, do lunch, or hang out! How deliciously flattering and very romantic I thought. We were hearing anew level of purity in what she was saying, that has sadly been lost in the older generations of men when it came to wooing a woman’s heart, or romantic dating. Her eyes were sparkling while she spoke of him. For the first time in ages she had a real man unafraid to be totally in his emotions just allowing himself to be fully in love with her. She spoke about how insightful he was, like he could see into her heart. His sincerity in love had been healing for her, but it had been difficult to let him in at first… And how their intimate connection was established through genuine open communication… It was obvious from the



start that he only wanted to make her happy and please her, so he listened carefully. He took his time to really get to know her. Then there was the sex…! Well, needles to say he knew his way around a womans body, was playful and gentle. Things were slow and delicious... she said he was a generous and considerate lover. I dare say that judging by the smile on her face both enjoyed their intimate time in the bedroom… Woo Hoo, and lucky them! We were all hanging off her every word by now. I couldn’t help but notice that while she was relaying all this to us, the room went silent.You could hear a pin drop, as we all felt the new relationship energy her sharing this was bringing to us. Wow, was all we could say about that! This was the new way of relating we had all been waiting for, and we knew it had nothing to do with our age… The time had come, and then the conversation shifted to why the new generation of men was like this.!? We spoke about how much more integrated their energies of mind, body and emotions were. Others joined in and we all shared what made these younger men so different from their older male peers. Much was shared about tragic social media connections, with failed dates and why some had given up, believing that sincere connections with the opposite sex just no longer existed out there. Then she shared how he had been brought up by his divorced single mother. While she had 2 other children, he was her eldest son, who had obviously become protective of his mother and taken on the Alpha male role in the house after his father had left. He’d relayed to her how he didn’t like his father much, nor thought his father a good role-model. Even though he had a good relationship with his dad now, he saw through him as a man. Apparently his father continually paraded numerous women through his life. He said his dad was a ‘nice guy’ just not open or emotionally available. And even though his father was successful financially, he wasn’t available for his family in the way they needed and especially his mother when she needed him the most. When he was younger, he remembered how thoughtless his dad was, never considering anyone else’s feelings or needs. He judged his father to be quite selfish and a bit of a bully who had to have his way. He witnessed made sense that the new generation of males having been brought up by single mothers were going to have a better balance of energy and more respect for women... his mother (who also worked full time to help pay the mortgage) do everything for her family with out complaint or his fathers’ support. This young man had seen how his father had not prioritized the things he felt were important in life, such as his wife (his mother) and family, something he vowed never to do.

so he chose instead to do the opposite. He was protective of the inner soul of woman and revered its quiet gentleness, which he had witnessed, could be abused all too easily.

This young man had grown up in a modern matriarchal society by default. It taught him to respect a woman’s heart, he saw it as a sacred place, and understood that once She relayed also that in his early teens when it was found out invited in, it would nurture and protect you completely and unconditionally. He was secure as a young man, as he knew that his father had been having affairs with other women, himself well, but he was not afraid of emotions, nor did he he lost total respect for his dad as a man. A comon thing in feel the need to hide them, choosing to share them. WOW! many divorces. What a revelation! He came to realize that it was his mother who ran the home, paid the bills and who looked after the family and We were all flabbergasted as to her story, but it made sense managed his father’s bad habits. His grandmother was an that the new generation of males having been brought up by ever-present force, always there as back up for his mother, single mothers were going to have a better balance of energy a true family matriarch. He grew to love these women and and more respect for women. We felt they had the ability saw their strengths as a constant reliable force within his life. They were wise, just, fair and encouraged him to be the to teach the old guard a thing or two about love and sincere best young man he could be without the need to emasculate relationships… So bring it on! All Hail the new generation him in any way. Quite the contrary he said, they encouraged of men … I say! It was an insightful night filled with a renewed promise that his nature to be a warrior, but they also taught him about real romantic love did indeed still live on in the hearts of our his own emotions and how they worked, what they were new generation of men. That they will treat the society of for and how best to use them in life… Intelligent women women with greater respect is a true blessings indeed! These indeed it seems! young men will be our new leaders into the future, shaping our world and boy do we need them! After the divorce he witnessed his mother go through all the usual emotional pain that a break up delivers, but she never wavered or stopped being the great mother to him she’d always been. While she fought for their family home he learnt to care, to listen, to give support when asked. He learnt many truths and saw the damage that could be done by not being honest with those you love. Having got to know many of his mother’s friends who were also single mothers, he had witnessed how their male partners often mistreated them. He saw how women’s need for love was used and abused to fulfill their male counterpart’s every desire. He observed how women gave their whole hearts in love unconditionally. His saw that life could be cruel for women and judged this as not right in his mind. He had no respect for his male peers, they had to prove themselves and earn it from him. He saw how they used love as a weapon, withdrawing it as a means to manipulate and control a woman. He saw how men didn’t communicate their inner truth, and had no idea how to relate to a woman’s heart, and




Simple Magic for the BusyWitch (Excepts from book – My Bath, My Cauldron)

LOVER COME TO ME SPELL Day: Friday Moon phase: Full, for potent power Tools: Small box Ingredients: Ginger, 30 cm each of red and white ribbon, lemon grass Purpose: To call a new lover into your presence. Method: If possible purchase a whole piece of ginger that looks similar to that of a body shape. This will represent your human form. Gently and lovingly wrap the ginger with the red ribbon until it is covered from top to bottom. This represents the female aspect - menstrual blood. Next wrap the white ribbon over the ginger. This represents the male aspect - sperm. Now chant the following words out loud three times:

“Lover, lover, come to me Sensual magic one, two, three” Put the ginger in the box with the lemon grass, which combines the polarity of male and female energies. Place it under your bed. Wait one month cycle for a new lover to enter your life.

As I watched the Moon light the skies above, I began to dance with the changing beat of the day as it turned from dawn to dusk, and day to night. I howled like a wolf and started to chant, “Magic is everywhere. Magic is everywhere. Magic is everywhere.” PURIFICATION BATH SPELL Day: Tuesday, day of cleansing Moon phase: Any Tools: Bath tub, muslin bag Ingredients: Handful of fresh pine needles, 3 drops of pine essential oil Purpose: Feeling unbalanced, muddled, filled with mind clutter, or extremely tired? If so, this purification bath is ideal for you. Method: Fill a small muslin bag with fresh pine needles and allow this to float in your bath water. Next add the pine oil. Gently agitate the water to mix. Pine is not only purifying and cleansing, but is also refreshing, antiseptic and highly protective. Bless your bath water with these words:

“Love now flow, Healing grow, Cleansing start, Negativity part”

BLADE OF GRASS CONNECTION SPELL Day: Friday, the day of communication Moon phase: Any Tools: Small pouch Ingredients: Empty spider web, blade of grass Purpose: This spell will help you to feel connected with the whole world as one connective spiritual web. Method: Hold the blade of grass in the palms of your hands so that your personal energy infuses in to it. Use the spider web to gently wrap up your blade of grass then place it inside your pouch. Say these words then carry your pouch everywhere you go:

“Connect me to all that is between thy pages of the precious book Which I call the Earth through this magical web to its inner power”



Apple Blossom is a natural psychic, medium, witch and author, with a vast background in the study of everything spiritual and magical. Apple writes for many new age magazines in Australia and internationally. For a copy of her books ‘SPIRIT IN THE MIRROR’ and ‘MY BATH, MY CAULDRON’ go to: AppleBlossomPsychic Facebook: Apple Blossom Photo taken by ‘Julz Photography’ 2011 HAWTHORN DREAM MANDALA SPELL Day: Sunday, day of nature and the faeries Moon phase: Any Tools: Paper, round bowl, scissors, coloured markers and pen, glitter glue Ingredients:Your imagination! Purpose: To make a magical circle which will act as a key to enter other worlds where the faeries, unicorns, and mystical beings reside to come into your dreams. Method: Go outside. Place the bowl on the middle of the paper and use the pen to trace around it so that a circle shape is marked. Cut this out with the scissors. In the centre of this circle use the markers to draw a tree. This will represent the Hawthorn tree (you could even write the word ‘Hawthorn’). With your imagination decorate the circle with sprinkles of glitter which the faery realm adores, or draw rainbows, butterflies, or others bright and colourful pictures to entice them near. Place this mandala above your bed head while you sleep to bring mystical and magical dreams, then say:

“By power of Hawthorn dreams flow to thee, the faeries now close to watch over me”

FERTILITY BATH SPELL Day: Friday, day of love Moon phase: Waxing, for growth Tools: Measuring cup Ingredients: 1 cup of cow’s milk, 1 cup of goat’s milk, 1/2 a cup of cream Purpose: This ritualistic bath invokes the Goddess Hathor to kick start your energies to conceive a baby. Hathor was a Goddess of fertility, pregnancy, babies, and children. Method: Add all the ingredients and bathe in this bath for thirty minutes. Say these words while you soak:

“Milky hue bliss of Hathor’s kiss I’m ready to receive the gift to conceive”

DRAGONS COURAGE SPELL Day: Tuesday, day of courage Moon phase: Any Tools: Mortar and pestle Ingredients: Tarragon, dragon’s blood, mustard seeds, St. Johns wort, borage, basil. Purpose: A great little herbal spell to whip up and use when you require some extra courage. Method: Tarragon and Dragon’s blood call in the power of the dragon to bring courage, strength, and protection. The remaining herbs are added to bring the energy of confidence. In a mortar and pestle grind the herbs until they form a powdered consistency. Sprinkle the magical dust around you while saying:

“Infuse in thee Dragon’s courageous power, Double and triple, by the hour”



n o i t a s i m i t c i V d l i h C W

hen I was a teenager, I hated Stephen King with a passion. I hated him almost as much as I hated my adoptive mother who beat me senseless every day I lived with her. She was four foot nine and a half inches tall, little and dark with a huge Hitler complex. She had been a beauty in her day but now I was 13, tall willowy and fair. I had the youth she longed to regain. She hated me for everything she wasn’t and her jealousy was vicious. Yet the viciousness I experienced because of Stephen King was worse. It haunted me relentlessly everywhere I went. This is why…When I turned twelve, weird things had begun to happen around me. Things were going bump and bang inside walls near where I was sitting. Cupboard doors were opening and slamming. Lights and radios would turn on and off. Things were falling off shelves and disappearing. It often happened after I had been teased at school. It seemed to target those who were picking on me by irritating them. This drew even more unwanted attention, and my school mates soon learned that if they could rev somebody else into bulling me, they would get a great laugh out of the reactions that followed the victimizer around all afternoon, driving them nuts. I tried not to attract attention. I had severe acne and combed my hair forward around my face and kept quietly away from others. I spent my lunchtimes in the school library researching what was happening to me in the .001 section. It was very hard for bullies to try to target anybody in there. Too much quiet and supervision. I loved the quiet and enjoyed the luxury of being left alone. It was there I began to understand that what I was experiencing was fairly typical poltergeist activity, common to teenage girls from religiously and sexually repressed families. Boy oh boy was my family ever that. My Jehovah’s witness nut job mother accused me of all sorts of sin and sexual perversion every day. Things that I had not even heard of. And then would molest me herself. Poltergeist activity appeared to be a natural reaction to the pineal and pituitary glands being over stimulated by the upsurge in teenage hormones.Yet people did not want a natural explanation. They wanted to fear it and vilify it. Perhaps they fear what they feel they cannot protect



Exorcisms and socially accepted forms of child abuse! She D’montford themselves from. To me if felt like the denigration, especially the religious maligning, was just a basic cover up reaction for their personal jealousy, that there may exist in another an ability that they cannot access. Some of the bullying was very serious. I was injured and many times hid it from my parents and teachers. The more serious ones I could not. Injuries to my legs, a torn knee were hard to hide and I was hospitalised for consequences of a collapsed lung that later gave me a propensity for pneumonia. The more serious the bulling the more serious the reaction. My private Erines seem to dish out natural justice in proportion to the crimes against me. Erines were angry spirits in Greek myth that followed a guilty person around who had eluded justice harassing them ceaselessly until the gods felt that justice had been done. For instance far more than just wall rapping happened to a girl who slapped me up the side of the head, unprovoked and then ran in the other direction. Don’t get me wrong; I was not a passive victim. I hit back. The good thing about being hit and intimidated on a regular basis is that you learn how to hit and scare others. I never victimized others. In fact I was known for sticking up for the under dogs and those who could not defend themselves. I had a berserker persona I assumed when an attempt at group victimisation occurred. It kept the majority of tire kickers away from me. I would pretend to snap

and scream and pick up the nearest thing and swing it around wildly. The shock of seeing this complete and scary transformation deterred many who thought it might be easy to pick on the quiet, skinny, weird girl in the corner. Those that got knocked on their asses by me would mutter to the others, “Stay away from that crazy bitch. She’s nuts.” The good thing was that nothing else weird ever happened to the ones I hit back. However, this hit and run girl was too fast for me. As she fled a door flew open into her face and broke her nose. My classmates thought this was very funny. When they turned to try and find me I had already left. I wanted none of this. Yet I was forced by governmental wisdom to return to school and each day I had to stand in line with the worst of human nature. To make matters worse a new horror novel about poltergeist activity around a teenage girl at school had just been released. It grew in popularity and soon was followed by a movie. I refused to read it. I have still not read, nor seen the movie to this day. It turned up in the bags of my classmates. They would read it in the breaks and whisper to each other and nod and point at me. I looked like Sissy Spaceck with bad acne. Fine features and pale pustuled skin stands out in a surfy town. My insane mother had dyed my naturally pale hair rich burgundy as a warning for others to “…stay away from the demonic child.” My mother didn’t need to do that.

Thanks to Stephen King they all just called me “Carrie” and waited to see what they could force to happen in the next chapter of this real-life unfolding horror story. I never went to my school dances or my school formal. Every time I missed one my classmates would tell me they had a bucket of pigs blood from one of their father’s butchers shop left over from the night before. Don’t people who write horror think about the impact that these books can have on people who are going through similar circumstances to the characters they create. Often they research a real life situation and then use the process of suspension of disbelief to create a scary yarn that will earn them millions. A miss-trial can be declared if the judge feels “trial by media” has occurred.... (continued) The news media may sell millions of papers via sensationalism but there are consequences for them but not for popular fiction writers. A miss-trial cannot be called in some ones life if popular media anchors something into the collective consciousness that makes a group of people a subject of loathing. Children die every year when subjected to exorcisms because they are exhibiting perfectly natural poltergeist activity. Today hundreds of children in Nigeria and Angola are declared witches and are being macheted or beaten to death because of this kind of popular fiction. Where are the consequences for this? A life is ruined yet people are entertained, books are sold and a million is made. Where is the justice?



n o i t a s i m i t c i Child V ... Cont She D’montford


fter the birth of my first son, the poltergeist activity decreased yet my private Erines seemed to stay on the job meeting out their special brand of natural justice. Though I have not done anything against another consciously, not one person who has ever attempted to victimize me has escaped without consequences. • My abusive mother was in a caravan in her front yard that was picked up and shaken around at night – she never victimized me again after that. She later developed anorexia and starved herself to death. • My first husband went off to sleep with the wife of his quadriplegic business partner whilst I was giving birth to his son. When I confronted the other woman she laughed: “Oh well, you can’t blame him if he enjoys my company more than yours.” One week later she went face first through the windscreen of her car and my husband developed boils on his testicles. • I was teaching hospitality at Newcastle Worker’s Club in 1989. I had been dating the head bouncer Bob. We split, by Bob’s choice. I started dating a beautiful sensitive man - a weightlifter and gym owner. One night he came to collect me after work. The bouncers beat him up and through him out. He was too terrified to see me gain. The club collapsed in an earthquake two weeks after that an incident.



• A business partner who ripped me off for a magazine we started together was flooded and all of the stock of the magazine was destroyed, she went out of business. • A star motorcyclist who wanted to increase my rent by ten times agreed too in our lease, because he thought that I was earning too much money, got arrested and publicly disgraced on another matter. He has had a run of bad luck ever since. • A former boyfriend who bashed me and hospitalized me so that he could steal content from my computer for a book we were writing together, and then attempted to destroy my computer so that he could claim full credit for the book, got caught misusing the privilege of his governmental office and had to flee Australia. And so on…. Justice has always been served on my behalf, even though I have not pursued it. Though I feel permanently marred by the experiences of my youth, I have learnt to use the abilities that nature gave me for helping others. I see the future and give predictions that have saved lives. I help heal sickness and can restore a person’s soul to balance. I also write for many alternative magazines and have authored several books, a tarot deck and DVDs. I now live at peace with my abilities and

have gained some positive recognition on TV as one of the top psychics in Australia demonstrating before sceptics that what we do is real. Though I bare Stephen King no personal ill will and I acknowledge the many positive things he has written about people with my abilities like “Hearts in Atlanta” and “The Green Mile,” yet, a 51 years of age, Stephen King was seriously injured when he was struck by a minivan while walking near his home in North Lovell, Maine, at 4.30pm on Saturday 22 June 1999. A motorist approaching from behind lost control of his van when a dog in the vehicle distracted him. The car accident has left Stephen King with permanent disabilities including massive injuries to his legs and a collapsed lung that later gave him a propensity for pneumonia. I feel a deep sadness for him for this, as sometimes fact is far stranger than fiction. Shé D’Montford is the compassionate psychic who found the little boy lost on Channel 7’s “The One”. She was also a former Qld Business Woman of TheYear. She is a prolific author, teacher and activist and holds an honorary doctorate in Philosophy in Religion. Find out more about her work at

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Elemental Magic:Water I

n Elemental Magic we work directly with the elements with focused, magical intent. A simple elemental interaction – like lighting a candle, drinking a glass of water or picking up a stone – can be exactly what it appears to be or, done with intent, it can be more than it appears to be. Lighting a candle can create a beautiful soft light, but it can also be an invocation. Drinking a glass of water is a solution to being thirsty, but it can also be done with intention for cleansing or healing. Picking up a stone might be idle fidgeting but it could be anchoring a thought or intent into the stone. Elemental magic is attractive in this simplicity – we can all relate to it, we all have the materials to hand, we all have direct experience of moments when lighting a candle has been significant, or eating a meal has been a ritual, or bathing in a river has been more than just a refreshing dip. Even in our indoor-oriented, clean and technological world, we are still intimately entwined with the elements. Water is an especially mutable element. We think of it in its



liquid form – but it also comes in the gaseous form of steam and a solid form, ice. Walking on water – think about it. In mid-winter in Europe, it’s entirely feasible. So Water is an element that transforms itself, depending on conditions. It also has an ability to shape other things; rocks rounded, valleys carved out, grains of sand produced. Water is known for its cleansing properties; literally (if you’re dirty, after a bath or shower you’ll probably be cleaner) but also metaphorically; ritual cleansings exist in many religions. And of course Water is essential for life; in its absence we cannot live for very long. Ours is a water planet, over 70% of the surface is water. At least half the weight of an adult body is due to water. Water is vital to all the life we know – desert flowers that bloom only after rain, frogs that bury themselves in mud for months, gum trees that last months without water, conserving every drop by clever arrangements of leaves – all make do with little water, but they need water. Water – clean water – is of course a luxury. By that, I mean that one seventh of the world doesn’t have easy access to

bath and later releasing that same water by pouring it on the ground, drinking it or gifting it to a tree or vegetable garden. Like the other elements, there’s a tame version of water (the stuff that comes out of our taps, or the stuff we buy in bottles that’s more expensive than petrol) and a wild version – rain, rivers, the sea. There’s also a very private, personal version – tears and sweat, saliva and blood. For a gentle cleansing Water spell, that can be used whenever you feel the need, I recommend a shower and a nice cup of tea. Of course, like the elements themselves, these things can be done in the mundane realm alone, or simultaneously in the magical realm. And to work in the magical realm, with intent, is to create a spell.


Jane Meredith

it, or sometimes any access to it. But we don’t treat it as a luxury. We treat it as common, disposable, ordinary. In natural disasters, it’s the absence of clean water that becomes life-threatening, far quicker than low food supplies. Once our water supplies are contaminated (as happens in even quite ordinary, local floods) we are pretty stuffed. People who are described as watery are often emotional; with not just frequent tears but storms of different emotions ready to release themselves. They are sometimes seen as unpredictable, and unreliable. This doesn’t seem a particularly positive take on the attributes of water; I would prefer to see people in tune with the water element as those who can go with the flow, who can find the most straight-forward path through a difficulty or obstruction and who know how to wash away old stains. Water is the element most frequently associated with love, and I like to think of it as a free-flowing love, generous to all and available to all. A lot of Water Magic targets containment and release; holding water in a cup, hand, chalice or

Water-Spell Shower

efore yourWater-spell shower, gather up clean clothes to put on afterwards. As you strip off, imagine yourself shed ding the cares of the day, so that when you step into the show er you are naked, not just in your skin, but also within your awa reness of the present moment. Begin to allow your thoughts, behaviou r and feelings that seem ‘unclean’ to you to rise to the surface. It might be that constant worrying over work, a love affair you haven’t let go of, or a manipulative interaction. Let yourself feel it fully , and then let the water wash it away from you. Feel yourself becoming clean again.You may be conscious of heat, a prickling feeling, a sense of unease or numbnes s or it may be more of a visual thing, seeing yourself remove a laye r or substance from yourself. If you do not feel relieved of what you have been carrying, let yourself feel into it again, and then consciou sly let it go, asking the water to take it away from you and watching it flow down the drain.You may like to use a body scrub, or a spec ial soap after you have removed these mental, emotional and ener getic impurities. After your shower, dressed in clean clothes and make yourself a special cup of herbal tea. Use lemongrass if you feel you’d like a bit of zing, camomile for soothing, rose petals for gentle self-love or peppermint for clarity. Add honey if you like. As you sip your ElementalWater-spell tea, feel its effects spreadin g through your body. If what you are seeking to cleanse yourself from is deeply rooted within you, continue to do this work over the next week or so; whenever you find yourself in the shower, drin king a glass of clean water or herbal tea. Jane Meredith is a Priestess of the Goddess, a writer, and workshop presenter. Her book Aphrodite’s Magic: Celebrate and HealYour Sexuality is in the form of a magical spell. She runs workshops internationally. She can be contacted via email at: and her schedule, website and blog can be found at:



. . . e u r t e m o c n Fairytales ca . . . u o y o t n e p p a h It can

Rhianne Teija NewLahnd


here are new stories to be told as we move through the portals of change that 2012 is a part of. We open a new book of life which is filled with gems of wisdom and beauty, sacred Guidance from the Goddess. Our old ways of thinking are dissolving, and space is being made for living lives better than we can imagine. The Stories of the Past are being cleared There is a natural, and harmonious way that nature will cleanse us, if we do not resist. For eons, the cellular memories and patterns of many generations have been collecting, building, and becoming dense and heavy on our hearts. Now, in great waves, we are being cleared. As the planets align, opening higher dimensions and we are awakened, all that is not in harmony with the flowering of humanity and the earth, is going to be brought to the surface, to be transformed. Patterns and programs that bring pain and suffering are easy to understand and let go of . There are however, special stories we cling to, that have a value and meaning to us, yet also must be cleared. One such story for me, was to actualize a Fairy Tale of great significance.

mind and spirit. A story that has always felt intrinsic to my design is the story of becoming the Queen, who would heal the Wounded King and restore the “Land”, to joy and fertility. If I could develop enough compassion, patience, beauty, and love, I would be able to heal the anger, suffering and insanity of the wounded King that was ravaging the( my ) world. Starting with my own father, I have encountered and loved many wounded Kings, and yet, never, did I feel accomplished at fulfilling my mission. I kept on, often in despair, but always hopeful of my dream coming true.

In the fall of 2011, I was found on line, by “Him. We wrote hundreds of e-mails, spoke for hours. It was the Fairy-Tale coming true opportunity. This King promised me great rewards, if I could be the “one” to heal his wound. A country palace, traveling the world, custom made gowns and adventures galore. My mythic Astrologer confirmed it, this was an amazing (potential) union that promised fulfillment of the archetypical Story. He was the Grail King, and I, the Grail Queen. I shared my excitement with those closest to me, so certain, so joyful. As I flew to meet the King, I sincerely felt gratitude and blessings. I also felt some fear, but that was natural. This was not an easy test to pass. As I looked back The Mission of the Queen at the last few months, I could see that the signs were clear I have been on the path of the Goddess for 25 years. This deep inner work, has gradually shaped and refined me, body, and true, confirming to me, I was on the right track. I was 20


going to be able to move forward, beyond this part of the story! I met “him” in person. He was magnificent, and he was very, very wounded. Within three days, we lived lifetimes. Being in the presence of his hurt and anger also brought up the wound deep within me. Rather than head straight into an intimate relationship, which was my usual way, I felt something break inside of me, and I walked away. I felt upset, and he too, was rightfully angry. How could this be? It had all been so clear, so timed, so destined, so perfect a set up. Had I misread everything? I hid in my little cottage, feeling embarrassed and confused. My entire body was racked with pain. I called on the Goddess for comfort. I thought some nights I would leave the planet. She guided me to cleanse, to rest, to allow my feelings to emerge. I felt shattered, to the core. The Freedom of Emptiness Then, slowly, I started to feel better. The Goddess began to speak to me in a new way. A more mature way. She showed me this pattern, this Fairy tale that I had carried for eons, and indeed, it was shattered. The beauty was that, I felt free of it. When I looked within my heart, I could see that, the inner Queen and King, both wounded, were meeting in love, inside of me. I felt a peace, and indeed, the fulfillment of my destiny! Now today, as I write these words, I pray that the essence of my experience will be transmitted to you. “Fairy Tales do come true, It can happen to you”, perhaps now more than ever before. Listen and be present, it might not be at all what you think. Things might manifest and crumble, making way for something new so fast, you will not know how to integrate it, but be humble, caring, compassionate and wise with yourself, and listen to the Guidance of the Goddess. We may be shattered so that the false beliefs and stories that are blocking us from living our truth, become known to us. Our fondest notions may come to the surface at this time, but not so that they manifest, which would actually be limiting, but so we can clear them out, and make space for the new. I now feel an empty, open, receptive place inside of me, that can bring a new, true story into my cells. A fulfilling empty fertile joyful space.Fertility and joy are restored to the land, within my own being. The Goddess has Gifts to share during these and the times to come, that are going to transform us, and our world in magnificent, magical, and new ways, if we are ready. Blessed Be.

The Awakening of Unity We are here, for the Flowering, We have tended to the garden, many ages. We are here, for the Flourishing,  the awakening foretold,  By saints and sages. Here and Now, all around, we can see the love arising,  by the sparkle, in our eyes. Smiles abound, with a joyfulness and knowing,  Every day unfolding,  A magnificent surprise, Celebration of our lives. Take a breath,  Focus in upon the presence of your soul.   You are love, you are perfectly created  Strong and whole. No more worry, no more waiting, no more lessons to be learned There is nothing to accomplish, no awards or points to earn You are everything you’ve ever wished to be, you are the One, Joyously Free. Open now, awaken from the spell we have been under,  Divine partnership,with Life Herself,  Let no one, put asunder... We are Radiant, come into U-ni-ty,  Communion with nobility,  Dignity, Integrity Holy sound, let the song of your soul Sing out for all the world to hear,  Resounding message strong and clear. We are here, for the Flowering, We have tended to the garden, many ages. We are here, for the flourishing, for the nourishing foretold By saints and sages. Here and Now, all around, we can see the love arising,  by the sparkle in our eyes. Smiles abound, with joyfulness and knowing, Every day unfolding, A magnificent surprise, Celebration of our lives. Rhianne Teija NewLahnd Internationally known with 25 years in the arts, ceremony, performance, community development and innovation to connect people to the Sacred FeminineWisdom and power within. www. Lives in Sedona, Arizona.


21 22



Kerrie Friend

The Other Side This issue I talk to you about breaking through roadblocks and getting to the other side.


s we continue to improve and go to the next level of our destiny we often encounter what I call “roadblocks”. They can come through a variety of life occurrences that include diet, exercise, finances, relationships & more. Have you ever found yourself going around and around the same problem only to find out that unless you truly face the issue it won’t change. Sometimes I think we like to fool ourselves into thinking that somehow the issue might just go away! I’ll find myself saying I’m thankful I’m not where I use to be but I’m not happy I’m not where I know I could be if I’d just pushed a little bit harder and persevered. Here are seven simple steps that help me get through to the other side when faced with a challenge. I’ve learned through trial and much error that these really work and bring success.

acknowledgment of achievements is important to you continuing. Eg. Exercise 30 minutes every other day and go from there. If it’s in the area of work, try to achieve one successful step no matter how big or small, it’s a win and will propel you forward. Fifth, don’t let your circumstances dictate your reality. If you’re not loosing weight fast enough or didn’t get that job you went for. Don’t get frustrated, stay steady and stable. Keep your eye on the goal and stay on course. We get through to the other side when we don’t give up!!!!

Sixth, don’t compare yourself to anyone. If you have mentors use them to inspire but never to compare. Leave everyone else out of the equation. Comparing ourselves to others can damage our progress. This is about “us” getting First, recognize that if you have things you don’t enjoy doing through to the other side and our victory. e.g. Exercise you’re more likely not to do them regularly and you’ll find excuses and usually plenty of them. We have Seventh, surround yourself with people who encourage you. to change our emotional association to them and begin Help others achieve their dreams and you’ll be amazed at replacing our attitude with being thankful. Think about how how this helps you. Limit your time around family or friends good it is for you to exercise for longevity of life or if you’re who are negative. Be vigilant with this as it is vital for your unmotivated about work think about the fact that you’re victory. Focus on your progress and choose to stay positive. making money and be thankful you have a job. Choose to see the bright side and find the reason to be thankful. Use this as a guide to get you through to the other side of your goal. Evaluate your progress every month to make sure Second, start changing your routine. If you see work as you’re heading in the right direction. A foundational step an interruption to your life, use it as a vehicle to reward to all of this is keeping truthful. Without truth there will yourself with something pleasurable. This will make you only be a certain amount of achievement. We must evaluate more productive and helps us grow in self control. our progress and adjust accordingly to achieve our goal. Be strong and of good courage, you can achieve whatever you Third, make the decision to get excited about what desire with determination and honest assessment. Once you’re doing. This will changes everything. All of a sudden you’ve done this in one area of your life you’ll begin using you will move from tread to joy. This is a good time to it in others and you’ll soon begin living the life you’d only remember “No great thing was ever accomplished without imagined. God Bless. enthusiasm”. Australian celebrity Kerrie Friend was co-host of hit TV shows Fourth, get a win (set a goal) at whatever you’re trying to achieve and begin to build from there. A game is won point by point so setting smaller goals along the way with

Perfect Match andWheel of Fortune. Kerrie and her husband founded Heaven on Earth Media in 2002. She is also an ambassador and spokesperson for a number of societies and authored Image: 52Weeks to a NewYou. Visit :



Lindel Barker-Revell


My vision for you is: You are cradling a perfectly round cup in your hands. It is like you are holding the whole cosmos for that moment. Tea leaves are swirling before your eyes and settle into clumps that become somehow known to you. No longer are they brown blobs, but pictures come forth as you breathe… a clear dolphin is leaping from the centre of the cup. A hand reaches out across the rim, its fingers seem to be pointing something out to you… You are beginning to “see”. So, take out your tea cups, dust off the teapot your granny gave you – the Goddess of Tea Leaf Reading is making a comeback.Young women are rediscovering the joys of tea. They love to dress up and go out for afternoon tea. And the Goddess in us all wants to read those leaves. It is fun. It increases your intuition and makes the everyday event of drinking tea, magical.

f a e L a e T e h T s s e d d o G g n i d a e R and You 24


Many years ago I learned tea leaf reading from a psychic woman called Nina. She was much older than I was at that time, and I often think of her when I am sharing this art with younger women. What I remember most about her, was her ability to look into a cup and to “see” so much from what looked like a mess of leaves to me. And somehow this gift of “seeing” was transferred to me. As I get older, it becomes stronger. We can all learn to see the pictures the leaves make, but it is difficult to read psychically for ourselves. So, it is always best to practice reading the leaves with a friend or group, so that you can have many eyes looking at the same cup.


q'q'q'q'q'q'q'q'q'q Your tea table: Everyone has their own style and you can create your tea table into a special place. Put out a lovely table cloth or a couple of pretty scarves to make a lovely base. Mix and match your cups and saucers. I like to put something old – maybe a cup and saucer my mother gave me, alongside a set I have found at a second hand market or odd bits I have matched up myself. A flower, petals or a small posy add to the ritual tea table, and a tea light candle always adds that gorgeous glow.

Preparing your cup: Pour a cup of tea for you and your friend(s). Add milk or sugar if you wish. The idea is for you to enjoy the tea and relax over drinking its liquor. As you come near to finishing the cup leave enough liquid at the bottom to just cover the tea leaves. Swirl the cup slowly, holding it with two hands, the handle to your heart. Gently, tip the liquid out and turn the cup right over on the saucer.

How to turn the cup: We need to turn the upturned cup What you will need: slowly, three times, anti clockwise. Some loose leaf tea:You can go for I was recently told by a wonderful old familiar supermarket brands, or buy lady that in her day, it was done this something more expensive from a way… The first turn is for LOVE, specialty tea shop. To start with, it is the second turn is for MONEY or best to keep it simple, and make it easy. ABUNDANCE and the third turn is Later you can learn the nuances of real for WHAT YOU WISH YOURSELF. To tea drinking and reading. awaken the Goddess of the cup, and your own divinatory power, tap the Water (cold) brought to the boil. upturned cup three times. Take the teapot to the hot water and warm it for a moment or two. Add one At this point the Goddess of divination teaspoon of leaf tea for each person, enters into the cup! and one for the pot. Let the tea settle to the bottom of the pot. Like us, the Reading the cup: tea leaves need time to unfurl to reveal Let your eyes go soft and turn the cup themselves. upwards. Hold it with the handle to A teapot: Any teapot will do. If the your heart and look into the cup and leaves don’t come out of the spout, see what pictures emerge. take out a teaspoonful and put it in Don’t try too hard, relax and breathe. your cup. They will sink to the bottom Look for animals, birds, and familiar of your cup. objects.You may see shapes, dots, stars or moons. Freely speak about what A cup and saucer:You will need a you see.You don’t have to interpret the rounded cup, not square set at the cup to start with. Talk about what it bottom, like a mug, but bowl or breast- looks like: “I can see a house. It is not shaped. This shape gives the tea leaves a flat or a unit, it is a house. It has an the opportunity to swirl easily around upstairs and a tree nearby.”You could the cup and up the sides. Cups with then talk to your friend about what a white or light interiors are best, so that house might mean for them. Are they it is easy to see the pictures. looking for a house? Do they want to

move? Do they need to feel more “at home” within themselves, or at work, or with another person. A tree always signifies growth, shade and a home for birds and animals – those instinctive parts of us. It can be a symbol of the family and its branches may show new additions etc. Go with what you first think, and take your time. The pictures only have to suggest something to you, they are not exact, so there is plenty of room for your own tea Goddess to unfurl and express herself. Above all else, enjoy your time with the tea and with friends of the cup. Magical times lie before you as you explore this nearly forgotten art. My book “Time for Tea: The Gentle Art of Reading Tea Leaves”, Allen & Unwin 2007, goes into the divination in more detail.

Lindel Barker-Revell is an inspirational writer, astrologer and tea leaf reader. Time for Tea (Allen & Unwin 2007) is Lindel’s third book. (The Tarot and You, Lansdowne 1994, The Goddess: Myths and Stories Lansdowne 1997) Check out her website You can find Lindel and the Tea-Wise team at The Observatory Hotel, 89113 Kent St, Sydney 2000 reading tea leaves as part of their Mystic High Tea. Bookings at the hotel: 02-9256 2222. Contact or call Lindel 0430 384 851.




e g n a h C f o s e i n o Cerem

Mikailah Gooda



The Mother M

other Spirit is faceless becau se She has many faces. S he is within eac nature! It is im h woman portant that w and we are all e not suffer m co ‘burn out’. T ntained in He Spirit sustains, aternal h r. is M is where we al other e nurtures and so lear n to mbrace the qu nourishes. W on Her in our e can call alities of the D time of need. ark Mother in raw & honest She honors ou journey and ri her n at r sacred ure. The Dark te of passage in to Mother calls y take ‘time out’ to Motherhoo ou d. just for you. Even five min day can have im The Nurturin u te mense benefits sa g Mother is th . e one aspect w probably most e ar e fam Mother Spirit qualities easily. iliar with and recognise her in all Her aspe She is represe cts is sexual. the woman w nted by the Fu Moon - Her sw She is h o knows her o ll ollen belly read wn fully deve body and acce y to burst fort ripeness, creat lo ped pts the beauti h with ivity, abundan ful sensuality mature love p ce, fulfillment power. The N o f a ar tnership. Her and urtu desires come fruition aroun for us. She giv ring Mother is the one who to d th e time of ovula es us life. To b cares Th tion (Full Mo e touched by e voluptuousn feel the greate on). Her is to ess of Her curv st depth of em and full ripe b es, rounded b otion. For it matter if your e o lly so d o m esn’t relationship is has been hono many ancient fulfilled with re d own mother o th ro u g hout woman-centr your r not… Moth ed societies. time of fullne er Spirit can al sustain us whe H e r ss is w ays the three days n we most ne Moon. Reclai around the Fu ed it. To be re with Her is to m the rounde ll united bir th yourself d n ess of your be embrace bein anew, to draw your creative ll g y a woman. and out qualities from the great wom be born into a b an more sacred li d to M other Spirit is fe and the har vesting! also familiar w ith the terrain grief and desp The phase in o of ai r. You can call o ur life represe n Her in time need to comfo nted by the Sac Mother is from s of rt & heal your red our late twen sorrows. She the seasons of ties through to late forties. W k n ows c h ange and the re our hether we hav brings. Moth lease that win e physically bir children or no er Spirit reassu ter thed t, we are conti res us that the do turn and th nuously bir th ideas & project se as at spring will ons ing new s within our o come again on spiral of life. wn psyches. the As women, w e instinctively know how to and nourish th nurture ose around us Mikailah is a te (sometimes to much). Our so acher of wom o en’s ciety encoura sacred rites. H ges us to emb par ticular mo e r p as si o n race this celebra ther aspect. H ting the wild owever, in do we must be aw feminine. is in g so are not to beco V is it w ww.mikailah.c me ‘domestic and lose touch o m or ated’ with the wild email Mikaila side of our fem h @ li ve .c o m .au inine



Raw n e m Wo Karen Lyons a.k.a. “Glam Ma Goddess of the Campsite”

What do I mean by the term ‘raw women’?

We all are raw women. Raw threads that come together to create magnificent individual & interwoven, elaborate and assiduous tapestries. I personally adore the colourful fibres of our being! The truest essence of the raw woman is one who sits outside her comfort zone and embraces the courage required for life’s varied and motley directions whether chosen, unforeseen or imposed. No one has ever said this was without challenges nonetheless the greatest challenge is the one within; the courage to step forward, albeit quivering in your boots, but step forward regardless and say “I believe in me; I believe in my ability.” Even more pertinent is the power of one woman to help another with, in and through these processes.



In societies of old, spanned across a gamut of races and beliefs, women were a constant unspoken source of support for other women. Not unspoken in an aphonic sense, but in an innate female alignment and understanding. While I see very positive changes in our present society back to the direction of old, these have primarily been instigated by needs outside of the shining individual - ill health, enabling, a pauperism mind-set, emotional toxins and the like - rather than individual shining beings, helping individual shining beings. Please do not misunderstand me, I am incredibly passionate re. the power of the masses pulling as one whole, however for the whole to be truly that, we all, in whatever daily capacity, need to help another woman. It is more than our priority, it is our birthright. A shared journey strengthens at every multiplication. So where does our ‘raw woman’ come into play? She’s omnipresent. She was there at the beginning; she’s always there. In some of us she’s dormant waiting for the opportunity to be unleashed and rise in blissful surprise and grandeur, in others she’s already swimming in a sea of bountiful heavenly delights saturated by abundant opportunities and grand junctures. Can you, for one moment, imagine the abrupt surfacing of the raw woman in the early European settlers to Australia? Add, a lack of the native language, a stark contrast in climate, clothing, culture and wildlife, no family support system & in many cases, manual physical on-the-land labour as well as their expected domestic, uxorial and maternal duties.

Their raw pioneering woman was not only in overdrive, she was in shock! As I see it, three of the most important successful factors re. embracing their new blistering conditions and unwritten ‘raw woman status’ were:


The inborn, nurturing female support system automatically kicked in and in turn, the strength of the raw woman multiplied again and again. “I am woman, hear me roar”


In offering such support not only did this alleviate loneliness, hopelessness, self-doubt, mental and emotional isolation, ill health as a by-product & a general lack-of, it also created a trust, a bond, a team, a family, a new-found camaraderie, strength, satisfaction and joy on the rawest fundamental & simplistic levels. In short, these women were WAY out of their comfort zones but supported and surprisingly uplifted, by and in, their undoubtly mutual challenging process.


The key. They accepted the support offered. They accepted the challenges to the best of their abilities and discovered they could go beyond what they believed possible. They embraced the raw woman without formal introductions and found a lack of limitation. They gave and received. They recognized the need for each other and valued while appreciating the essence and forte of one other. They did! They acted! They walked the walk. They united and they were grateful. For the flamboyant health of your feminine energy and the gratitude & future of self and the sisterhood, polish your own light regularly, for as clich’e as it may sound, you never know when you might be a lighthouse for another. The raw woman within us all is a monumental gift; she has unlimited capabilities. She is a teacher. Get out there and bravely unleash her! “I would like to acknowledge She` D`Montford and S’Roya Rose for this raw woman opportunity afforded me. Mwah x.” Karen Lyons has led, & continues colourful RawWoman lifestyle.Presently living in a tent, creek side, with no power & regular wildlife visitors. She has been an athlete, presenter, entertainer, PR & marketing consultant, Media & voice-over specialist,Writer, Property Developer, Entrepreneur, Restaurateur. A Mother @ 15, 17, 19 & 21 & a Grandmother of 5 @ 48. She is also aWife, Goddess, successful shower singer & mango connoisseur.





Magical Food For The Soul

Kali Cox



he sky is bright with the colour and vivacity of a thousand fireworks cascading down over the river like tiny diamonds falling from the sky to adorn her body with twinkling jewels. Smokey air shrouds a darkened stage and I find myself holding my breath in anticipation as the first strum of the guitar echoes through me, kissing me with tiny goose bumps, fingers squeezing my heart. It’s Powderfinger’s ‘Sunsets Farewell Tour’ in Brisbane, a place I aspired to be and almost wasn’t if it hadn’t been for a Knight in a shiny white Ben Casey to which I remain forever indebted to for handing me tickets to the most magical night – though he is probably laughing at that sentence right now. So breathtaking is Bernard Fanning’s voice that it wrenches you out of yourself and moves you like nothing you ever thought possible, till you feel that lump in your throat and tears prick your eyes with the sheer beauty of it.You suffer as he suffered, love as he loves, feel with all your senses, heart and soul. Music is such a powerful force as a conduit for emotion. A rite of passage. We fall in love and break up to music, it consoles us, comforts us, fires our rage, holds our hand and lifts us up again. It becomes a private voice and direction for our sentiment whereby we may not otherwise express it. Our timelines dog eared with song, evolving and growing with us, marking it’s place on height charts of faded childhood walls and chipped doorframes. Somebody’s creative deluge becomes our anthem of catharsis and purification. Our release, resolve, our heartbreak, written for us and us alone. Absolution in my house features Dora boombox from my son’s room, loaded with Radiohead. Throw in Baileys, a bubble bath and I’m wailing away with Thom Yorke about the plight of my current demise. Problem being I’m usually blubbering so hard I can’t possibly get the lyrics to sound even semi-coherent even though I am a regular Bathroom




Karaoke attendant when it comes to such matters, particularly around Dark Moon. Music is a Tardis of time transportation, taking you on slideshow journeys of memories embellished with song. First kisses, wedding waltzes, end of school, sneaking into the pub with your Mum and dancing all night to the local tiny scars on scraped knees, each a reminder of an emotion felt in time that replays over and over, bittersweet, yet you remember the time? Crazy dancing and warbling top note with sister Dee to Plastic Bertrand and other deplorable yet fantastically awesome 80’s pop, accessorised with matching crime-tonature hair and excessive amounts of fluro lycra, a habit we don our 80’s Princess crowns for even today, just with less colour and better hair.

Music allows me the Superpower of Vocal Epicness in my car, so loud you feel the guitar played in your heart, feel the drums beat through your door, the bass in your seat so it’s almost jumping out of your chest, the ultimate in soul nourishing food. I thank the Universe for The Foo Fighters, air conditioning and tinted windows in this car, my Office of Therapy of the Loud Music Kind, as my very good friend so succinctly puts it… (it’s not as obvious to other drivers when I’m channelling my inner Dave Grohl at maximum voice capacity in a veil of darkened stealth… even if you can hear me coming). So whatever kind of music you love, know it really is a simple kinda soul food magical healin’. Kali Cox is Domestic Goddess, an empath, busy working Mum of 2, aspiring collator of the written word, and full-time Solitary Witch. She has appeared on local Brisbane radio, creatrix of and moderates the ‘Witches Of White Magic Unite’ Group Fan Page on Facebook.

s p m a C h c t i W g n i m i Recla



eclaiming WitchCamps are intensive, magical residential events that blend ritual and magic with personal development and social activism. Arising from the Reclaiming tradition, famously started in the US with Starhawk and her book The Spiral Dance; WitchCamps offer both beginners courses of study and advanced. WitchCamps exist all across the US, in Canada, Europe, England and now Australia.

Birthed from the fiery core into the starry heavens, this living earth is formed. We come to learn from you. And our rituals will follow the story of the four Egyptian gods: Isis, Osiris, Nephthys and Set. Siblings who lay together in their mother’s womb. Their destinies of love, death and rebirth are bound to each other. We have a wonderful teaching team, including Madrone Jack and Paul Eves from the US and three very exciting Paths: Empower, Awaken, Ignite, The Serpent Path, and The Earth is Alive as We Are Alive.

*CloudCatcher Reclaiming WitchCamp will be held for the first ever time in SE Queensland, Australia this Easter, April 5-9. In October, EarthSong WitchCamp will WitchCamps are life-changing events. Creating be inVictoria.* magical community, weaving threads of mythic story in extraordinary evening rituals and traveling deeply into an CloudCatcher WitchCamp will be held within the caldera area of mystical or practical study, WitchCamps are both created by an ancient volcano; Mt Warning, also known joyous and hard rewarding work. Come to be inspired, to by the Aboriginal name of Wollumbin which translates learn, to share with others and to take a few steps further into English as Cloud Catcher. Clouds always cling to into living your magical self. the top of this mountain, and clouds are also a symbol of Please join us to spin this magic in the ancient landscape of freedom and sharing, crossing national and international CloudCatcher, to dance our passions and weave the threads boundaries. CloudCatcher receives the WitchCamp model of a new Camp into being! gratefully from all other Camps, and begins the work of translating that into a magical working with this land and Our website is: www. this community. Our theme is: We dance the elemental serpent paths over More info, or to be sent Camp updates, the edges of the ordinary into the cauldron of CloudCatcher. contact:



The ate Pamper Ultim tone Massage S t o H


ost women like to be able to relax, rejuvinate and revive themselves as part of their overall wellbeing regime. Never before has it been more important to find and keep that balance, as our daily lives become consumed with work deadlines, family commitments and personal social obligations... As a result ‘Hot Stone Massage’ has made a huge comeback, seen on many massage therapist menu’s and becoming a celebrity favourite in designer Spa’s. Originally it was practiced as part of ancient medicine for centuries. The heated stone massage is a technique that is renowned for its healing and relaxing properties, while providing individuals with a unique way to indulge. This specialty massage utilizes carefully placed heated stones, which is believed to rejuvenate and soothe the body and mind. History of the Heated Stone Massage Rooted deep in many ancient native civilizations, a heated stone massage has been used for centuries for its health and relaxing benefits. Beleived to have been around for centuries, this form of calming therapy can also be traced back to ancient Japanese traditions as well as those of eastern India. 32


What is a Heated Stone Massage? A variation of a traditional massage, a heated stone massage utilizes hot stones, generally that are heated in 120 to 150 degree F water. A massage therapist then massages oils into the skin utilizing Swedish massage techniques. This relaxes and makes it easier for the body to absorb heat from the stones. A massage therapist then places a variety of stones at focal parts of the body such as the upper and lower back. The stones release heat and where they calm and relax the muscles. When stones cool, they are replaced with another heated one during the duration of a massage. This may also be followed with a traditional massage. Placement of Heated Stones Generally, a person receiving a hot stone massage is lying on their stomack, where hot stones are placed along the exposed back/spine. Depending on where the tension lies, a massage therapist may place hot stones in the palms of the hand and between the toes, across the pelvis or lower back and sholderblades. This is believed to improve the flow of energy within the body. Properties of Heated Stones The stones utilized in a heated massage generally use iron-rich

stones such as Lava Stone (basalt rock), which is smooth and can retain heat quickly. River rocks are also used since they are plentiful and very smooth due to the effects of a river’s strong water currents. The stones used are often varied in sizes. Changes During a Hot Stone Massage During a heated stone massage, the body undergoes numerous physiological and physical changes. This can include an increase in heart rate, temperature and rate of breathing. This elevation in the body will rise and dip as the stones are working to heal the body, and it may even continue to do so long after an individual finishes with their massage. This reaction is normal, as the body is reacting and adapting to the effect of the heat on the body. Overall Healing Properties A heated stone massage is believed to have great healing properties some more beneficial than a traditional massage. The heat allow the bodies muscle tesions to relax and be released. A hot stone massage can also help with inflammation, injury, back pain, poor circulation, osteoarthritis, arthritis pain, stress, insomnia, calm nervous system, even assisting mental disorders such as depression and anxiety.

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g n i n e p p a h s Big thing l l i w l l A ! y in Ma ! . . n o o s d e l a e be rev



. . . . f o c i g a M e h t o t n r u t e R


Re-visit to the movie, ‘Chocolat’, and the Feminine Mystique of Vianne Rocher.


hocolate, a creamy, brown elixir, often showcasing its decorative during winter holidays, and the one of love. Its sensuality is alone, and enticing stimulant, creating a world of exciting imagery, and the experience of mystery. Having been used by ancient communities, the world and spiritual essence of chocolate personifies this realm of the woman. . .the essence of her being is heavily immersed within this delectable delicacy. In the film, Chocolat, the exploration of the feminine through this gift of chocolate, is presented in the character of Vianne Rocher. Vianne, is symbolic of the singing wind. Like the Goddess, she is moving endlessly, touching every earthly space, and presenting the gift of life to those who yearn to experience her being. She has wondered from place to place, teaching and sharing the ancient artisty of Mayan chocolate. The characters of Vianne Rocher, along with her daughter Anouk, travel to the French city of Reignaud Lansquentsous-Tannes. Here, Vianne is presented with the rigidness of staunt traditions. Her presence is a foreign concept, and brings about suspicion by the local villagers. Names such as “radical,” “atheist,” and “Satan’s helper,” remains attributed to her. Her opening of a chocolatier during the period of Lent further contributes to attitudes, presenting her as the temptress, who is to lead the local village community astray.



The presence of Vianne Rocher is one which showcases the presence of the archaic feminine, in a culture, and society, which has not only forgotten her, but also despises her. In Vianne’s running and managing of the chocolatier, she is able to enter into the lives of some of the local villagers. From the troubled Josephine, (whose abusive and controlling relationship with her husband Serge is the origins of her silence and awkward behavior), to the familial disconnection of Armande (the owner of the place that Vianne is renting)-an elder, woman, whose nontraditional attitudes and behavior bring conflict between her and her conservative daughter Caroline, who prevents her from seeing Luc, the chocolatier becomes the setting of healing and awakening for those who choose to enter. It becomes the magical world, where the archaic feminine is allowed to use her powers to ignite the flame within those who have been removed from the circle of sensuality and zest! Through her ancient remedies of Mayan chocolate, one couple’s intimacy and further exploration of lovemaking becomes heightened; and an elder woman (whose husband dies in the war) who sees love as that of the ancient past becomes attuned to the attractions of a local village man, and his dog Charlie. And of course, through these delectable healing elixirs, the once battered Josephine is able to re-define love, and embrace her own form of

womanhood. With Vianne, she too, begins to explore the sisterhood and secretive powers of chocolatemaking.

engage in a form of mobility, not constrained by difference or artificial boundaries. Their use of the whispering waters is similar to Vianne’s use of the wavering winds. It is the beauty of nature that is guiding What remains of further intrigue is the presence of Vianne’s them, and the feminine presence and sense of creation is Mayan chocolatier is that it is a source of creation. Like celebrated, as is also evident in the “Madonnalesque” image the Goddess, it is a space of healing, and one where each of Vianne and Anouk without the presence of the fatherindividual is able to explore their own, unique existence, figure, who is supposedly to justify Anouk’s through her. Such an action is “legitimacy.” Vianne’s romantic relationship with the main replicated through Vianne’s activities of directing some of gypsy character, Roux, finally signifies her willingness to the villagers to look into a spinning, Mayan mantelpiece, and receive the love that she has helped to nourish in others. reveal to her the visions that they observe. Every person speaks of a different image, and it is through these unique Towards the end, the death of Armande leaves Vianne in images, where Vianne is able to “have an ad for guessing doubt concerning her residency in the local town. Her people’s favorites.” This artistry is none other than the attempt to leave, especially with the call of the north wind, recognition of each person’s own reflection of the Goddess, prompts Vianne to again depart to another place. However, and understanding her existence. The different Josephine’s ability to gather those lives changed by the varieties of chocolate that Vianne is able to connect to the chocolates, reflect back to her the feminine love and power different personalities showcases the that she has given to them. This point is a crucial one, for it array of sensualities, forms, and powers that the Goddess reveals that though Vianne Rocher has mastered aspects of is able to embody. Each piece of chocolate is a different the Goddess, she too, is still on the journey in her learning anecdote, or tunnel, of matching with a particular of her. Then of course, individual, and their specific avenue to finding, exploring, there is the Comte Paul de Reynaud, who in his final and understanding the mysteries of the Goddess. “attempt” to “defeat” the chocolatier ends in embracing the mystique of the feminine through his Throughout the film, Vianne, and the presence of the tasting of chocolate. His particular journey is a replica of chocolatier face heavy resistance by the local mayor, Comte patriarchy’s own inner demons in first rejecting, and finally Paul de Reynaud. His spreading of false rumors throughout accepting the source responsible for his own being. the town, against Vianne, and his attempts to deter local So it begins. . .The ending of the movie displays villagers from the store are all reflections of the village’s acceptance to the feminine mystique, in the patriarchy’s attempt to suppress this feminine power. She celebration of the fertility festival. Gypsies, the Church is seen as dangerous, and as a “geizer” of Satan, just one of clergy, and local villagers are all in attendance. Enjoying many lies which have been used to demonize the feminine, the season of re-birth, a metaphor for their own personal in the desire to control and subdue her. In every scene of growth they have experienced through the presence of the film, the audience can notice Vianne’s presentation of the Vianne Rocher. color, red in her attire. Whether it is her red, shoes, blouse, And yet, if one is to look harder, we can see the accents in her scarf, or even the red ponchos blowing in the performances, and magic tricks with the twirling of a voice of the wind, worn by Vianne, and her daughter Anouk woman in white, with red hair. It is one embodiment of the in the beginning of their journey to Reynaud-Lansquenetsacred feminine, rejoicing and celebrating the welcoming sous-Tannes, (and Vianne’s attempt to depart from it), the and acknowledgement of her within her color red is symbolic of the signatory in the existence of new space! woman! She is deemed “odd,” in her reflection of this color, Lauren Clark completed her studies as a ComparativeWomen’s as such is presented in the taunts Anouk faces at school, and Studies major at Spelman College in Atlanta, Georgia (USA) in her questioning as to “why can’t you wear black shoes like Spring 2009. Miss Clark’s concentrations included the all the other mothers?” following: African-descended, African, Asian, Latina, However, the presence of those who are able to understand Indigenous, Native and European women in the areas Vianne Rocher, comes through the form of the gypsies, of health, performing-visual arts, literature, sociologyknown as the “riverboat people.” Like Vianne, and her anthropology, and religion. She is a freelance writer and daughter, they too are able to personify the Goddess. Their activist for womens causes. drifting from place to place is symbolic of her ability to



Guilt Free Chocolate Decadence Ritual


HANDMAIDEN (Henceforth known as the Swiss Miss): you, my creatures, the fire of love of choc Listen to the words of the Mother of Cho olate, the power of colate; who was of old jaw strength to bite off a piece of that froz called; Sara Lee, Nestle, Cadbury, Lindt, en Milky Way bar, and Toberlone and by many the shelter of Haagen Daz when that big date didn’t work out. other names: You are dear to me, and I instill in you my HIGH PRIESTESS: Whenever you have power, the power of one of those cravings, a piece of chocolate that you had forgotte then shall you assemble in the Mall, you n you had hidden, and who have eaten all your the power of vision and magickal sight with chocolate and are hungry for more. To you which you can spot I shall bring Good a chocky counter a mile away. By the pow Things for your tongue. And you shall be ers of the half melted free from depression. bar in the glorious sun, I charge you; by the darkest depths of the As a sign that you are truly free, you shal l have chocolate smears bottom of the cocoa pot and the lingerin g smell of bittersweet on your cheeks, and you shall munch, nosh , snack, feast, and chocolate, I charge you by the beauty of a perfectly swirled make yummy noises, all in my presence. For mine is the ecstasy vanilla butter crown, I charge you: Follow of phenylaianine (FEEN-EL-.AL~.,k-NEEN your hear t and your -a seratonin copy instinct, wherever they lead you. The wea released in the brain by eating chocolate?) lth in your pocket can For my law is “Melts buy you treats that a Mayan king would envy in your mouth, not in your hand.” Keep . Take joy in that first clean your fingers, carry bite of lecithin emulsified cocoa, and in the Wet Ones always, let none stop you or turn last satisfying slurp you aside. For mine of Milo.Yet you must be wary of deceit. Eat not of that which is is the secret that opens your mouth, and mine is the taste that puts called “Baking Chocolate,” for it is vile and bitter. Lastly, always a smile on your lips and comfy, padding pounds on your hips. I am remember to leave some choc olate behind you. Be not greedy, the Gracious Goddess who gives the gift of joy unto the tummies but let yourself be known as a connoisseur. of men and women. Upon earth, I give kno Leave a little for wledge of all things someone else. I am with you always, just over your shoulder, or delicious, and beyond death. well, I can’ t do much there. Sorry around the next corner I am the Lord of Chocolate, and when about that. I demand only your money in sacrifice; for behold, you have reached the end of your hoard, I will never be farther chocolate is a business, and you have to pay for those truffles away from you than that 7-Eleven on the corner. I am the spirit of before you eat them. the Wild Child; the Inner Child, who can never get quite enough. If you are a true chocolate lover, then you SM: Hear now the words of the Goodie r soul and mine are Goddess, who is the intertwined. beauty of chocolate chips, and the satisfyin g softness of big bars, the mystery of how they get the filling insid e of truffles. “I fill MUD CAKES & MILO: (The blessing the hear ts of all with desire, call unto thy of the Milo) soul to arise and come HP: Be it known that milk chocolate is not unto me. For I am the soul of chocky, from better than dark me do all confections chocolate. spring, and unto me all of you shall return, again and again and HPS: Nor is dark chocolate better than milk again and again chocolate. HP: For both are better than the falsely nam ed ‘white chocolate,’ HPS: And neither one is carob. HPS: Before my smeared face, beloved of Women and Men, thine HP: As the frosting is to the mudcake, innermost divine self shall be enfolded in the rapture of overdose. HPS: So the creamy nougat is to the Milky Way Bar. Let my taste be within thy mouth that rejo ices. For behold, all acts BOTH: And when they are eate n, they are yummy in truth, of yumminess and pleasure are my rituals. Therefore, let there be for there is no greater snack in all the wor gooeyness and mess, crispiness and cracklin ld than one made of g, big slabs and bite chocolate. size pieces and chocolate covered berries all within you.You who (The blessing of the Mudcakes) seek me, know that your seeking and year ning shaft avail you not BP: Frosting is keen, unless you know the Mystery; “We will sell no chocolate until you BPS: And the filling is neat. pay for it.” For behold; I have been with you since you were just a BOTH: Great Goddess! Let’s eat! baby, and I am that which is attained at near ly any shop in the land.” Now engage in feasting and drin king (chocolate liquer, if Messed Be. possible,) music and dance. SM: Hear now the words of the Chocola te God, who was of old called Darell Lea, M&M, Max Brenen the Bald Man, Coco Black, and by many other names. HP: I an the strength of the chocky rack , and the piece that fell on the floor, but looks like it might not have gotten too dirty, and the deepest bitterness of dark chocolat e. No matter how you try to resist the call of chocolate, 1 will hunt you out and 1 will become your sacred prey. I am the warmth of hot cocoa in the dead of winter, and the call of the road that leads you to that really expensive Belgium Chocolate store down town. I give 36 GoddessGuru

DISMISS QUARTERS: HPS: Oh, ye mighty goodies of the world, we thank you for attending our rites and guarding our circ le and ere you depart for your sweet and sticky realms, we say unto you, “A glass and a half of full cream goodness in every block!” ALL: “Chooooc-Liaate.” (After all quar ters have been dismissed, give a satisfying belch at the East .) Circle Closed. Australian Version -Dr. S. D’Montford. 199 6. Altered to suit my personal chocolate fetishes, based on the ceremony by John L. Shepard August 1993. Used with permissio n.

Guilt Free Chocolate Decadence Rirual Guilt Free Chocolate Decadence Materials: 1. On the altar there are brown candles, 2. A long thin block of pure Belgian or Swiss Chocolate to use as the Athame 3. Fill the chalice with milk in it, A small dish of Nestle’s Milo and a spoon; 4. A small dish of chocolate sprinkles; 5. A plate of small Mississippi Mud Cakes CLEANSE THE SACRED SPACE: Invocation:-(Take the small bowl of chocolate sprinkles) Chocolate sprinkles where thou art cast No calories in thy presence last. Let no fat adhere to me, And as I will So Mote It Be! Nestle’s Milo where thou art cast Turn this milk to chocolate, fast. Let all good things come to me, And make my milk all chocolatey!

CAST THE CIRCLE: (using a chocolate bar): Mousse of the East, fluffy one! Great prince of the palace of dessert. Be present, we pray thee, And guard this circle from all moochers approaching from the East. Fondue of the South, Molten One! Great prince of the palace of decadence. Be present we pray thee, And guard this circle from all diets approaching from the south. Cocoa of the west, Satisfying One! Great prince of the palace of thirst. Be present we pray thee, And guard this circle from all carob approaching from the West. Rocky Road of the North, Cold one! Great prince of the palace of crunchy. Be present we pray thee, And guard this circle from all cheap imitations approaching from the North.

Shé D’Montford is the compassionate psychic who found the little boy lost on Channel 7’s “The One”. She was also a former Qld BusinessWoman of TheYear. She is a prolific author, teacher and activist and holds an honorary doctorate in Philosophy in Religion. Find out more about her work at






She D’montford

Your Household Psychics T

he psychic power of animals is constantly being tested. Dr Rupert Sheldrake, a former Fellow of Clare College, Cambridge University and currently Fellow of the Institute of Noetic Sciences in Petaluma, California conducted a study into the ability of pets to predict when their owner will come home. Even if there was not a set pattern, his studies conducted from random household surveys, found that 45% of pet owners in England and California claimed that their pet would go to wait at a door, window, driveway, or a bus stop 5-minutes before a beloved house hold members returned. Animal lovers are often too kind for their own good. These trustworthy people who are very open to their own instincts and intuitions will often doubt their own gut feelings and believe the better side of human nature will come though for them. Many times they get the very ordinary side of human nature form others that allows them to be taken advantage of.

inherited this ability and has put it to use whale calling on whale watch cruises. I should hire him out at a profit during tourist-time! My first personally owned business was an animal grooming business and I also became a very successful animal trainer who could get animals to do unusual things. I could cure shyness and bad behaviour in dogs, train cats and talk sheep into not doing foolish things. I always have animals around me, mammals, birds, fish, reptiles, et,al. People still bring sick and injured wildlife to me. I was doing this long before any organisation like WIRES was ever established. I would nurse them back to health and re-release them into the wild. It was common to walk into our 168-acre retreat in Tallebudgera Valley and find wild birds sitting on open perches in the living room with unconcerned cats sprawled on the floor beside them. All the doors and windows would be open and the birds would come and go as they pleased.

Psychics often find that dealing with human double standards is difficult. I was no exception to this rule. As my abilities developed I withdrew more and more from human contact, moving to the country where I felt safe to allow my psychic links to grow, forming a strong bond with animals and nature. Being an animal psychic is a natural part of the whole psychic deal. At 17, I became a manager of a boarding, breeding and adjistment farm. My exceptional abilities with animals were first noted there, but not instantly related to my natural psychic ability.

The concept of “Familiars,” animals that become an integral part of the family, is a demonstration that a person is well on the way to developing essential telepathic and empathic skills. I believe that animals attach themselves to us in order to heal us even when it might appear that we are healing them. Animals are experts in non-verbal communication as every psychic should be. A kind look or a gentle nuzzle can be far more comforting than the verbose ambiguity of people. Their gift to us is that they love us just as we are and teach us that all human relationships should bring us this same kind of unconditional love.”

If you have demonstrated a talent for diagnosing animal aliments and training all kinds of animals then without a doubt you are a natural empath – that is a psychic that just knows what is going on inside others. It is like being inside the minds or under the skin of another being animal or human. From an early age, I would just tell animals to do things and they would do them. My eldest son has

Shé D’Montford is the compassionate psychic who found the little boy lost on Channel 7’s “The One”. She was also a former Qld Business Woman of TheYear. She is a prolific author, teacher and activist and holds an honorary doctorate in Philosophy in Religion. Find out more about her work at



Tarot Moments

amanda hall

Why have a Tarot Reading?

Dear Amanda Will I get a promotion at work? Valerie - Orange

move will break the chains to the past, The future looks bright indeed with more money coming your way.

his is a very common question I often hear from people who have little or no knowledge about Tarot readings or what a psychic can do for them. We all have many different challenges or situations that life brings us on our journey. We search for answers in our life to make it less complicated. And from time to time we joke about how good it would be to have a Crystal Ball to see the future. Well some of us do really have a Crystal Ball as a tool that we use in our daily professional life as well as our tarot cards, runes, numerology to just name a few. A reading can bring us peace of mind to life’s pressing issues. The most common reason people have a reading is they need answers to the following issues in their lives. Is this person my soul mate? Should I change my job? When will money problems go away? Will I get married and have a family? When you are having a reading you need to approach this with an open mind, and listen carefully to the information being shared with you. The reading will give you insight and potential new ways to resolve your issues. A good reading should leave you feeling inspired and positive that you have the power to transform your life for the better.

Dear Valerie There is a email or sms coming with good news that leads to a victory. There has been some jealous or trouble surrounding the work place recently. But you have broken the chains that were holding you back. You will be offered more money. There is definite improvements underway. Just be careful not to be to smug and undermine your position There will also be the signing of another contract or money agreement with increased money for the future. Amanda Cards used - 6 of wands, The Devil , 6 of pentacles , 9 of Pentacles ,10 of Pentacles

Amanda Cards used – Ace of Cups, Queen of Swords, 6 Of wands, The Devil ,6 of Pentacles




Dear Amanda Will I move house soon as I am so unhappy here? Leigh - Melbourne Dear Leigh Security is being offered to, with the help of family and friends.You have become a lot stronger now in your self as a person. There will be letter or news coming that will be a victory which will be the news you have been waiting on yes there will be a move of residence. There has been trouble where you have been living and a

Dear Amanda What does the future hold for my relationship? - James -Brisbane Dear James The relationship will become very serious and lead to marriage. This will be a s strong union that will bring peace of mind and much happiness. The future looks very bright indeed. Just take your time and not become greedy about the wealth opportunities in front of you two. You have the highest card in the tarot deck guiding you. Anything secret or hidden from you will be revealed. Great celebrations and much happiness will be your for the future. Amanda Cards used –The Heirophant, 2 of Cups, The Star, The High Priestess , 3 of Cups.

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BrigitGoddess of Inspi S’ROYA ROSE


he goddess Brigid is a traditional Celtic goddess, known to be a patroness of healing, the hearth, of bardic poetry and a keeper of the blacksmith craft - which are all practical and inspired wisdoms. The blacksmith was seen as a sacred trust and was associated with magickal powers since it involved mastering the primal element of fire. This alchemical moulding of metal took great skill, acquired through knowledge and strength. As a solar deity her attributes are of one who is blessed by the heavenly flames, often called the Bright One, she inspires all skills associated with the element of fire. Although she is not actually identified with the physical sun, she is certainly the benefactress of transformational forces, inner healing and the vital life force energy that fire involves.

Bards would invoke her protection from vengence of the ones whom illuminated their tales. She was seen as looking after the seer-poets, helping to preserve their poetic function by keeping the oral traditions alive. It is widely believed that those poets who have gone before inhabit the realms between the worlds, overlapping into ours so that the old songs and stories will be heard and repeated. Many of these oral traditions were never written until much later, but are still taught and can be heard orally by certain storytellers today. In Druid mythology, the infant goddess was fed with milk from a sacred cow 42


from the otherworld. Brigid owned an apple orchard in the Otherworld and her bees would bring their magical nectar back to earth. The apple then became spiritually synonymous with the Druids. It is said that wherever she walked, small flowers and shamrocks would appear. As a fire goddess her gifts were that of light (knowledge), inspiration, and the vital and healing energy of the sun. As the bringer of hope and inspiration, her strength was so great within the Celtic lands that her shrines and sacred wells survived the conversion to Christianity, upon where she was canonised as Saint Brigit of Kildare (Ireland) and Bride in Scotland. She was also referred to as Bridey, Brighid, Brigit, Briggidda, and also Brigantia - there are also many variations on pronunciations. As a result the Celtic cross, the cauldron, all wells, and the hearth of poor people became sacred Celtic symbols attributed to her. Her many followers were known to keep continuous lamps alight at her shrines, symbolising how Brigid’s light warms us and lights our way, sustaining the light within us through our difficult times. However, her fame spread quickly throughout Europe and she became revered almost everywhere. Brigid is known in many forms and in many cultures now and often is seen as one of the great mothers. It is said she was present as a midwife at the birth of the Christ. She loved animals and is associated with sheep and cows and milk (the sustenance

iration, Hearth and Healing of the mother energy). As a result she shows us that we must learn to allow ourselves to mother ourselves if we feel neglected and give nurturing when we need it. Often women forget to do this to themselves, but have no trouble giving to others they love or care for. She teaches us as women to give back to ourselves, learning how to receive her energy as we bathe in own mothering love. Brigid has long been known as the Mistress of the Mantle she represents the virgin aspect of the Great Goddess. Brigid of the Green Mantle is associated with the colour green and she is often celebrated at the first day of the Celtic Spring, on February 1 - the feast of Imbolc. It’s a great time to honour the energy of spring by cleansing away the old and bringing in the new in readiness for new growth and new season’s crops. Make offerings to the goddess of crops as you sow seeds and drink the milk of the cows in gratitude for the great mothers and the harvests to come.You can call upon Brigid to help you as you smudge your home, purifying and springcleaning it in all those forgotten places, bringing light and fresh new energy into your home. This is a great time also for celebration with family, feasting and laughing with those whose love warms your heart and home. She adores this time and will embrace these shared moments - encouraging the poet and musician within to break out in verse or in song for the sheer entertainment and delight of it all. Her mothering, healing energy warms our heart and makes us feel like we belong, its nurturing timelessness has a gentle transformational healing effect that lightens a troubled heart or mind. Her comfortable warmth enwraps us like the glow from a warm fire’s flame on a chilly winters night. Call upon her as you bask in the flames soaking up their warmth and ask her to inspire your creative urges, and light your pathway ahead. Brigid asks you to drink from the healing waters of the earth and understand the depth of your being as it stirs within - be open to her wisdom and strength and let inspiration and the promise of hope fill your dreams. Let her nurturing power and inner vitality heal any apathy and sadness within. Let the flames dance a primordial jig in your heart as you share the music of your souls love with the hearts of others.



! . . n i k r o W o j o Got My M s!

gI a B jo o M A t a h jo Medicine & W


Amber Rose


hat is Mojo Medicine?

Mojo medicine is a type of ‘charm’ magic that stems from Africa to the ‘Old South’ and is one of the principal talismans of the hoodoo practice. Fashioned from flannel, typically red in colour containing three or more magickal ingredients varying from botanical, charms, talismans, effluvia/clippings, petition papers, holy cards, stones, minerals, zoological, curio’s, dirt, roots, and herbs with the bag anointed with oil, rum or whiskey. The word ‘mojo’ is deemed by some to have originated from the English word ‘magic’ but appears to correlate more with the West African word ‘mojuba’ meaning ‘petition’ or prayer of service and tribute, and the Congo word ‘moyo’ meaning ‘essence’ or ‘life force’. Overall, its function is to ‘fascinate’ favourable conditions to its wearer, be it for; individual or home protection, attraction, luck, money, love, fertility, peace. It 44


aids in ‘drawing’ in these particular desires. Basically it is a ‘request in a bag’, a ‘talisman’ you can take ‘secretively’ on your person any place. Mojo medicine is based on parallel principles (things that appear alike, are alike) and Contagion (once contact is made continue to interact after separation). The parallel principles are based on the magickal correspondence system, such as colours, planetary and day of the week influences, metallic and botanical attributes. For an example of this system: Love and Sex is ruled by the planet Venus who rules Friday, and the colour that represents her is aqua or peacock green (bluish-green), metal is copper and herbs under this correspondence include rose, sandalwood, jasmine. If you wished to make a mojo based on love then you would choose the herbs sacred to the Goddess in the spheres of Venus including, copper wire in a heart shape, a magnetic

“ m


“Gonna be makin’ me a mojo, git me down wif some ole hoodoo... By Spit’n’stone, at’n’bone- gonna be settin’ me spirits on you...”

lodestone and in a bluish-green mojo bag. In addition to this, you would place any items belonging to the person: hair, name paper, photograph, fragment of their clothing, effluvia, etc. This is the contagion association, for you are influencing a physical connection with subject.

What is a Mojo Bag?

Mojo bags are utterly unique, they are significantly more than just a personal talisman, in actuality the mojo works as a potent spiritual ally working entirely on your behalf. The ‘packets’ are a paradigm which work as a vessel intended to ‘house’ the spirit(s). Items gathered are assembled with a specific goal, next added to the bag. Each of the independent spirits of those objects (similar to Animism) in unification, combine together, developing into a spiritual unit that battles for the desired goal of the petitioner. It is vital here to understand that there is a

‘living’ quality to mojo medicine: that the bags are not just blessed or consecrated objects- they are living forces and must be ‘fed’ to be kept alive and working. Respected at all times, and kept secret- for the mojo to work efficiently and effectively. Also referred to as Gris-Gris, Conjure Packets, Jomo, Wanga Bag, Conjure Hand, Root Bag, Fetish, Charm, Prayer Sack, Toby, Nation Sack (worn only by women), Jack Bag (for divination) and an assortment of other pseudonyms. The ingredients depend on what the aim and target is for in relation to purpose, items needed to attract love will greatly deviate from those intended to offer protection or drive away negative forces and people, or, to attract luck in gambling would significantly vary from intended purposes to repel sexual advances from your boss or co-worker. If you have a good knowledge of the Western properties of herbs/ flowers/barks/roots you obtain your ingredients through the utilization of this knowledge. Curios differ greatly from folkloric values to the next, examples could be: Money you may use hair from a black cat, money, sugar cube, lodestone. Drive Evil Away/Remove Crossed Conditions/Jinxes, broken lengths of chain, black hen feather, a rose thorn, echidna or cactus quill, small silver cross, rat bones, plastic or crystal skull, miniature dagger, pin, tiny mirror, cat’s eye shell, metal bones formed into an X shape. Good Luck, a magnet, piece of sulphur, lottery ticket, miniature pair of dice, and a coin you have found on the street. Love, magnetic sand, matching lodestones, silver hearts, love bird feather, a bee, shells (that look similar to genitals), phallic symbols. Customarily the number of ingredients should start at a minimal with three but never exceed thirteen. Mojo’s should always be carried on you, unless specified. For protection, carry on your person at all times, placed above the door behind a picture or under the front door mat, sometimes even disguised in door wreathes. Love, pinned close to the heart, otherwise tucked inside your underwear. Luck in gambling, financial luck, wear it pinned to the inside of your shuffle/writing hand sleeve, inside your wallet kept in right back pocket. Nightmares/Night Terrors, keep beneath your pillow, inside your pillow or underneath your bed. To Stop Gossip about you, wear inside your left shoe, in your left back pocket or underneath your hat. Protection whilst travelling, in the insert of your protection visor, glove compartment or hanging from your rear-view mirror (if travelling alone). A word of caution should be placed in regards to purchasing fully ‘composed’ mojo’s from websites tailored for you. Mojo’s should only be worked in your honour by an experienced conjure or root doctor ‘in person’. It is important for you to work your own magic, apply your own energy and intent, and not have someone



How to Make a Mojo Bag What you will need: A rectangular piece of coloured flannel approximately 16.5 cms x 13 cms. Conjure candle/goal candle (chime candles work best), thin cord or threading to sew your bag together (never use a sewing machine), cord to seal your mojo, tin foil, embellishments/decorations, your ingredients (try to stick with 3 for starters, 1 x herb, 1 x mineral and any personal or curio item) or any talisman/holy card/petition paper and lastly natural oil prepared for the nature intended for your mojo bag. Decorate your altar with Candles, Incense, and oil/perfume/scented waters/rum/wine/whiskey to feed your mojo.


If you wish to use lunar phases, construct your mojo on the waxing for growth and increase, on a waning moon for decrease and banishing things from your life you do not want to need. Place a generous amount of tin foil onto the surface of your work area (in case there are any spillages). Fold the flannel in half and sewn to about 7.5 cms x 12.5 cms, the extra fabric left goes into the allowances for the seams and the tube created for the drawstring. This stage should be done at your altar after addressing the elements and the purification of your area; some prefer to work in sacred space but this is totally optional to what you are comfortable with or what you practise. Burn candles and incense that collaborate with the desired purpose of your mojo bag while you work on your mojo bag; for example: Pink candles and Rose incense for love, Green candles and Pine incense, Red candles and Cinnamon incense for Lust. Try to use pure ingredients, candles made from soy, palm or beeswax and the incense with pure essential oils, resins or herbs/flowers/barks powdered in a mortar and pestle (with your focus of intent placed upon) burned over charcoal. It is crucial to be clear in your mind what your intent and purpose is, and to do only one kind of mojo at a time. Mojo medicine operates on both the spiritual and psychological levels whilst centring focus and it is important not to confuse yourself being unprepared or too elaborate in your requests or petitions. Ask carefully, be precise but not overly complexmagick will work with synchronicity but be prepared to receive exactly what you have asked for.



work it for you.You can never be quite sure of the energy the person possesses, or whether or not they have actually constructed your mojo properly with the respect and reverence it deserves. Mojo’s are easy and less costly to make for yourself and far more potent and reliable when you have gathered your own components. Spirits have more respect for you when you apply you own principle and not use others to apply it for you. Where hoodoo is concerned, one must always take responsibility for their deeds and be prepared to get their own hands dirty- if you cannot do this, then you have no business in hoodoo.

Mark a conjure candle: (or goal candle)

Infuse with the goal of your objective, simple words like love, protection, reverse/return, desire me, separation, luck, wealth. Impale the candle nine tins with pins to as you do this with each pin state your attention either out aloud or within your own mind, this reasserts your desire and maintains your focus, the last pin should pierce the wick. Light your conjure candle and incense then place each item into the bag, one at a time, again reaffirming your intent but also programming each ingredient with the instruction of its use, it does not have to be poetic, it just has to be precise. Say for example your mojo bag is to attract love, you may say “Rose which attracts lovers, draw a compatible lover to me”. Compatible being the keyword and it is advisable only to draw on favourable elements in a positive but enforcing manner.

To Finish: When all the items are placed inside,

tie it closed by pulling the drawstring tight, then typing in a sequence of knots, preferably one knot for each of the ingredients as a sign of respect and reverence. The two ends are then also knotted, wrapped around the bag once and tucked underneath. Take your mojo and hold it over the burning incense, accompanied by either a psalm, Song of Songs (for love/lust/relationships), conjure, or affirmation of your intent. If you are not permitted to use incense, you may also breathe or place a kiss onto the mojo bag, charging it with your own individual power. This process is called ‘awakening’ or the ‘breath of life’. The last step is to ‘feed’, ‘fix’ or ‘dress’ your mojo, this is done with a certain oil, spirits (rum, wine, whiskey, liqueur), perfume, effluvia (urine, spit, sexual fluids), holy water or scented waters. Anoint the bag with the fluid or your choice, and then left it in the presence of the candle until it burns completely out. Immediately place your mojo on your person, whether around your neck or beneath your clothing. Dispose of the melted wax, any component spills and tin foil, bury in the earth.

Feeding Your Mojo: Because the mojo is

considered a sentient spirit, all living things require sustenance; this ceremonial act of ‘feeding’ your mojo not only keeps it alive and thriving to work for you, but it is also a deep respect for the spirits working in force for you, helping you obtain your goals and wishes. To feed your mojo apply a single dab of condition oil, water’s of life, perfume onto the bag (this should be the same fluid as applied after the activation). Maintaining Your Mojo: It is important that for the first week carry your mojo always with you (including at night whilst slumbering) and remember to feed it every day for the entire seven days. Ideally though you continue this ‘feeding’ for seven days and at the exact time the mojo was initially fed. Following the first week, you may continue to carry it on you during the day or stored in a secret place, subsequently, feed the mojo once per week for four consecutive weeks on the same day of the week the mojo was made. After that, it should be fed once per month on the New Moon as this is the time for renewal. Never permit another person to touch your mojo, this will render it completely useless, should this occur, empty the contents, discard any used or worn items, wash any items that may be recycled with whiskey or Florida Water and use them to make a replacement mojo, bury what has been removed in the earth with honour and respect, being thankful of its service. The making of and using mojo medicine is a way of making our deepest wishes manifest into tangible reality, of working out our issues and problems on a physical level then taking it back into ourselves. It is all done with physical symbols because the unconscious understands symbols; it also provides us with the visual focus at times we require to awaken our dreams and to take action for ourselves.You could even go further and say that mojo medicine is the reflection of working on the dreamscape. Dreams are messages from an insentient thought form to a cognisant thought form, while the body remains in a state of inertia. Mojo medicine transmits these messages and thought forms into materialization whilst the body is active and alert to its surroundings by the aid of the ‘spirits’ in the bag. It is a beautiful and ‘earthy’ medicine quite shamanistic in principle and use. Amber’Rose is the Creatrix of two of her own traditions ‘The Twilight Path’ & ‘Memento Mori-WorkingWith Death Energies’. An Edge-Walker, PrimalWitch, Spiral Dancer, ConjureWoman, Root-worker, Strega and Hekatean Priestess. Author, poet, oracle and visionary; contributor to Goddess Guru, Faery World Magazine & OccultLiving & Hekate: For further information please access her blog http:// or Facebook at http://




Bronwyn Fish is an Events manager & owns Soulessence. She runs regular courses & meditaions Her website:

Symbol: Rainbow

One of the most wonderful sites in Nature, translucent, ethereal and often breath-takingly beautiful, the rainbow is a symbol that spans many myths and legends and represents as diverse a range of beliefs as there are colours within its arch. It has been known as the bridge between Heaven and Hell, the Navajo believed it was a bridge to the Spirit World and the Sioux believed it was the place all flowers were held until the coming Spring. The Mayans offered gold to the same Rainbow that hid the leprechaun’s pot of gold. For me, the Rainbow is a sign of beauty and peace, it reminds me that the rains have stopped, the sun is shining once more, my moment of stress, hesitation or struggle is now over because I’m stepping forward with a sense of renewed hope.

Rune: Berkana

Happy 2012 Readers! Berkana represents health, happiness, new beginnings, new ideas and new life, it’s all about making a fresh start. Berkana represents the birch twig and is symbolically seen as a sign of fertility, even the B symbol looks a bit like a pregnant woman. In European folk tradition, birch twigs were given to women to hang in their bedrooms to encourage fertility and conception. This rune represents the nurturing force of the Goddess in all her paths, whether Mother, Healer or Maiden. When this rune appears in a reading, it can represent a Mother/Child situation that needs some attention, but it’s not just about personal relationships, remember even a new business needs nurturing for it to grow fruitful.



Angel: Elemiah Elemiah is the Angel of Inward Journeys, of Inner Exploration. She guides to through the confusion of our subconscious to find out who we are and what our heart desires. When we journey inwards, it can be frightening at first as we are opening our hearts to new feelings, new emotions and our minds to new ideas, new possibilities and new directions. Our spiritual growth depends on our willingness to open our hearts and minds to allow change, growth and expansion. Light a candle and ask Elemiah for their guidance and support while you sort through your minds chatter to find your inner beauty and joy.

Crystal: Rhodonite

Rhodonite is another of my favourite crystals. A beautiful mixture of rich pinks and swirls of black, I recommend you always carry as it is a grounding crystal as it restores balance to the body and calms emotionally charged situations. For me, the pink relates to my heart chakra and the love I hold for myself and others. The black is the grounding energy of my base chakra, thus when I’m angry or grizzly because things are not happening the way I want them to, Rhodonite calms me down and helps bring my focus back to the heart. This is an ideal crystal for situations where patience or a calm mind is required. On a deeper level, Rhodonite helps us to feel compassion for all, it teaches us to forgive our mistakes and helps to build our self esteem by removing those doubting feelings about our self worth.

Faerie: Undines

Tarot: Strength

Self confidence, inner strength and the ability to overcome problems are all phrases that are related to Strength. If this card should appear in a reading, know that you have the inner guidance, mental and emotional strength and the ability to overcome whatever adversity has been placed in your path. The Strength card is about your inner journey, battling your inner demons of fear, guilt and self doubt. It’s not about being dominant over others or trying to force an outcome or result that you want. If you’re feeling weak, vulnerable or lost, Strength’s appearance tells you to have faith in your inner abilities, stay focused and with clear intention and renewed vitality, you can achieve the goals you desire.

Undines are the elementals that inhabit all bodies of water, from the oceans, lakes, rivers and streams of this beautiful Mother Earth to the rocky pools, waterfalls and inlets. The Moon is the ruler of water and bestows upon it and its inhabitants, its feminine, meditative and magnetic qualities making the Undines the most empathic of all the Faeries. Not to be confused with Mermaids, Undines are the Guardians of the Oceans and their presence was legendary with seafarers, helping to navigate safe passage for them through treacherous waters. Beautiful and very friendly, Undines are often open to helping humans and can be called to aid in water magick, but take care as they can have a very strong influence on your emotions.



s t e r c e S e h t g n i k c o l n U H

aving asked you to go on your own journey and unlock the mermaid secrets I will share some of what I have unlocked. Here is my first impressions and what mermaids represent to me... The most and well-known image of the mermaid sitting on a rock combing her hair while she is singing an alluring song. This may come across to many as being vain and self-loving. To me this is not the case at all! I do not feel she has this self-absorbed vanity where no one but herself matters. She is simply a goddess who is a natural beauty and comfortable with her own skin. When she is looking in her mirror she loves herself for who she is. Having this as something I need to work on as my thought about the way I look need to improve greatly. I’m working on this by looking at myself in the mirror everyday and love what I see! It might take some time before I honestly



love what is looking back at me. The good thing is that my loathing feeling towards myself is not as intense as it was. Try doing this for yourself look in a mirror and be honest with yourself and say out-load what you love or like about what you see. Keep on working with this until you are feeling comfortable (0r even love) with what is looking back at you in the mirror. Respecting yourself is another aspect that needs to be addressed while you are doing this exercise. Putting on makeup if you wish to do so and clothes that make you feel special and good about yourself can be another way to help you love yourself! Just keep in mind that the clothes and makeup do not make real beauty... Real beauty is what is singing from inside you! Just as the mermaid sits on the rock combing her hair singing learn to make your soul sing of your inner mermaid, filled with

of the Mermaid ...Part 2

Michelle Morseu

respect, beauty and love... Another point that comes to mind when thinking of the mermaids is their physical bodies half human and half fish. In some of the stories told the main character has a wish to be human and be able to walk on land. Or she might have someone fall in love with her and wish to join her in the underwater world. Either way they find a desire to balance the two worlds out so they could spend time in both. This might not always turn out to be possible in most cases. It is from this we should all try to find time out and about with everyday living and family but you should also try to spend some time with your inner mer-person. Have some quiet time to listen to your inner self with meditation or just try to still you mind for a few minutes not worrying yourself with things that need to be done. As you work

with your inner mer-person your spirit guides will form that strong bond and your intuition will become stronger. Be creative whenever you can this can also help work inwardly, expressing what you’re feeling with written words or painting, singing and dancing! Whatever you feel that sings with your soul... Michelle Morseu is a sea wiich and ocean defender. With a passion of the written word, she has been published in sister magazines. She is also a psychic, Reiki Master and has a certificate in Natural Therapies!



y m e h c l A ern ce...

MoWdhere Soul meets Scien Michael Lamb

Mastering Thoughts


o master our thoughts and our mind we need to look at our mind, and the way to do this is to sit quietly and observe our thoughts. Have you ever wondered how many thoughts go through your mind every day? Thousands! Our minds can be like an undisciplined Child, in space of constant chatter, transmitting and receiving thousands of impulses, signals and feelings. When we sit quietly and breathe gently we clear a space in our bodies so we may place a command to calm our mind and body. This of course will require practice, but whilst we are sitting quietly we can slow and calm our minds so we may observe our thoughts as they enter and leave. By becoming this self-observer we become more aware of which thoughts are really ours and what we pick up from the environment around us. To see how long we can quieten our minds takes great will-power enthusiasm & determination however the rewards are omnipotent if we are loyal to ourselves. In the beginning observe & write down after the exercise what thoughts and emotions are strongest or most persistent in our mind. Like a diary or self reference Journal.

Make time to practice this basic meditation whenever you can, it is not advised to practice this whilst driving and while operating machinery. Every time we practice this meditation watch how your mind constantly wants to do its own thing. Every time a thought comes in tell it to leave. With a clear mind and the will focused you will notice that your perception of sound, colour & energy becomes heightened. When our emotions & thoughts are in balance, awareness & focus is amplified. Then we may use our Whole being as a vessel for many types of creative energy to enrich our lives. To meditate on the Fire Element or any element we naturally use our Visualisation to create all the qualities of Fire around our bodies. (The world around us & the world within us, as above so below)

Your visualisation & imagination gives you the ability to create pictures in your mind may seem silly and pointless at first but be aware this tool is one of the greatest gifts you may have. By using visualisation with a calm, relaxed and By keeping a clear space in our minds & body naturally open balanced mind we may focus our will-power, our spiritual fire, to achieve intuition & awaken our light bodies from sub our clarity & energy flow for a solid foundation of correct conscious & super consciousness, activating dormant DNA posture & breathing to burn away the excess emotional thoughts & attachments allowing our pure Whole Spirit fire strands ( Higher Self ). Hence, visualisation is a potent tool for you to create with. to radiate infinite Love. 52



Fire Meditation

ne of the main qualities of the Fire Element is its warmth and its expansion in all directions. Now, before we begin to meditate on the Fire Element, make you are sitting in a comfortable position or chair with good posture, with your feet firmly on the ground and your back straight, like your normal sitting position in a chair. This position is called asana. It is generally a very comfortable position for energetic meditations. Most importantly is that you are comfortable and in a good space. With the fire meditation it will begin as imaginary exercise, ie, using our soul and mind to imagine flames. Please understand there is nothing to fear and that your focus and will to succeed will give you the desired results. To increase the Fire Element within us we imagine we are surrounded by flames and heat and we draw the flames into our whole being through our breathing, in the beginning no more than eight times. If you draw the Fire Element in eight times, you must then exhale it eight times when you finish. We imagine the flames flowing within our whole being, right into our physical body, the flames consuming us, our mind and our mental body drawing in the flames also, the heat and the fire. We also imagine our soul, astral body and personality ablaze as well so that our whole being is drawing on the energy of the Fire Element and all its attributes. Keep your mind and will focused on this task for up to eight breaths – think of nothing but the flames and its positive qualities of warmth, heat and expansion.

Sit or stand with this energy; sense, feel and assess how you are feeling. To increase the effect of the Fire Element within us we use pore breathing through every part of our skin as we inhale through our nose. The next step of the exercise is to exhale the excess Fire energy and like we did in the beginning we simply see it flow back out into the universe with the same amount of breaths we draw in (say eight in, eight out). As you increase your understanding you can give the excess Fire Element a purpose and a direction, therefore any of this excess Fire energy you may direct into our will-power and determination, or you may direct it to increase your visualisation abilities or your clarity of mind. Understand it is important to give any energy that you bring within your bodies a direction & purpose because excess energy, in particular elemental energy, can lead to emotional disharmony.

Michael Lamb studied at the School of Inner Knowledge for 10 years, understands and teaches kabbalah and works with colour and sound. He runs the Planet Radio show and ElementalVibrations and has toured extensively for research. For more information visit


53 54


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e h t d n a H T L A E H MAGIC GENIE inside of YOU!

very year around this time, most nutritional articles are directed around a new diet for the New Year. Shed those extra pounds of body weight with a cleanse, diet, or exercise routine. Everyone already knows that they need exercise, a healthy high vegetable diet, and plenty of clean water and sunlight for good health. But this year, I’d like to share something I find much more fun and useful. If you haven’t been acquainted, let me introduce you to your own Mighty Mitochondria. Pronounced mī-tə-kän-drē-ə. Mitochondria are cell membranes that live inside the cells in your body. They are “Cellular Power Plants”. They are separate beings that help us to actually animate us. This is the powerhouse of your body and Magic Genie of your thoughts, actions and feelings. Whatever you’re thinking, saying or doing, as in “your wish is my command”, your mitochondria will move toward that direction. Mitochondria are tiny energy factories within every cell of your body and convert everything you eat and think (chemical fuel) into E-N-E-R-G-Y. Evidence suggests the mitochondrial function plays a role in age related diseases. The key is to nourish the Mitochondria. They thrive on live whole foods, happy thoughts and joyful living, clean water, sunshine and rest. Nourishing the mitochondria is so important to health and wellness. It’s like having a symbiotic relationship with you. You take care of it; it will take care of you. Some of the best foods have high levels



Break of antioxidants that are particular to dark green leafy vegetables, green tea and other live foods. The best I have tried has been Sunrider’s Calli tea, Fortune Delight and Vita Fruit. All have high levels of antioxidants and live enzymes. Plus they are whole and not isolated. If you want your wishes to come true, take good care of your mitochondria. Having a healthy, strong and large army of these magic genies will really make the biggest difference in your health and wellbeing. Let 2012 be your best year and create a plan that works best for you that may include some of the following: Personally, I’ve lacked the discipline this past year to choose joy. I got caught up in serious pursuits like finishing my schooling, indulging in stress and late night dinners. So I will join you with my commitment this year to have my well-being a priority and instead of “shoulds” I will make “choices.” I hope you will too. ESTA LIBERO, is a Holistic Health Practitioner, CMT Pheonix Arizona. Feel free to contact her for your free guide to cleansing safely. E-mail: esta@ Phone: 602-515-1355 in USA

NOURISHING THE MAGIC GENIE IN YOU *Make your health and well being a priority. *Get a full physical exam. *Have more fun. *Love yourself. *Journal. *Bless your meals. *Laugh often. *Get plenty of sunlight. *Choose to have a good day. * Create a healthy social life. *Avoid processed foods. *Seek counsel when you need it. *Read a really good book this year.

THE HEALTHY BREAK.COM Your Personal Guide to Nourishing Body, Self & Soul






Other Realms Symbol

Winged Lion

The use of Winged Lions as symbols goes way back to some of our earlier pre christian civilisations. They were seen to be used for warding off evil, as protectors sacred places and represented courage, bravery and loyalty while facing ones fears. Often their powers were seen to to be regal or royal... said to encourage strength and even endurance. Only a fearless warrior dared to kill a lion, hence why it was used as a symbol during rights of passage for young males entering adulthood. Winged Lion statues are common guardians of temples, villages and even private homes. The lion’s fearlessness is legendary. Lion images can be suitable and effective in artwork intended for entranceways and as protectors of the fame and reputation of the individual or family. Used regularly in many Fengshui placements and designs, helping to give off just the right energetics.



The goddess Leto mated with Zeus and bore the twin deities of Artemis and Apollo. Traditionally, Artemis was first born and able to help with the birth of her brother, demonstrating one of her functions -- that of a goddess of childbirth. She is a Goddess of the hunt, of wild untamed nature, and of the moon. She haunts the woods, the groves, and the meadows, where she hunts and dances with her attendant nymphs and oceanids. Her instincts make her a protectress, able to sniff out treachery and deciet symbol is the she-bear and the laurel is sacred to her. Artemis was a maiden and apparently remained chaste, however it’s not strictly correct. Rather, her lovers were all women, and included the poetess Sappho. Artemis was an upholder of purity and standards, but was quick to anger. When Actaeon the hunter spied her naked while bathing, she changed him into a stag and he was ripped apart by his dogs. 58


symbols for the modern goddess Totem


Eagles are messengers from heaven and the embodiment of the spirit of the sun. Those with an Eagle totem need to have an involvement with creation; and be willing to experience those extremes; to use their abilities even if it means getting “scorched” a little as they fly higher; to seek out their true emotions. Eagle people can live in the realm of the spirit, yet still remain connected and balanced within the realm of the Earth. Eagle Spirit reminds us that we can accomplish more than you ever dreamed possible. A regal king of the air, they gift us with clarity.



For centuries, it has been known the moon has the greatest influence over us, being that she is the closest celestial body to earth. She exacts a powerful pull on our world, and is earth’s only satellite - as she reflects the light and energy of the sun. Her presence governs our earthly seas tides and so it goes that she influences many of our physical rhythms in the same way. Needless to say the moon has a far greater effect on us than most people realise. I suggest that a moon calendar is an essential tool when learning magic and for planning your rituals and casting. New Moon This is a great time to cast a spell for renewal and growth as the new moons energy is usually used for the start of something as it has yet to build for the rest of the month. This time is representative of the maiden phase of the triple goddess. Call upon her to help you at this time.

Waxing Moon As a general rule a waxing moon is when the moon is progressing toward its full illumination. This has the effect of bringing or attracting something towards you or to fulfilment. A great time to cast a spell to fulfil a request. Waning Moon Is when the moon’s illumination is decreasing after a full moon, so her energy is being drawn inside and can be stored for later use. A good time to cast spells that call for a resolution or for something to be concluded or expelled. Full Moon This is when the moon is at the height of her strength and making magic is much easier during a full moon.Your psychic abilities are also stronger at this time. The mother of the triple goddess is represented by the full moon. A very powerful time to cast spells. Dark Moon This phase is felt to be a time of caution by many who practice magic - as the power of the moon is strong but internalised and felt to be unpredictable. I feel it is a great time for inner transformational spells as it helps to deal with the deeper psyche.



Want to create a Sense of Positive Living in your Home and Life?

Roxanne our expert shows you how, using Feng Shui Principles

New Year Energy The New Year is an opportunity to start afresh, whether in relationships, business prospects or just your own personal accomplishments and dreams. Instead of making a New Year resolution that is forgotten in a week, decide to think in the longer term. Make an affirmation or promise to yourself that you can apply all year through which should and can be achievable. It’s never too late to start again or learn something new. In Feng Shui, 2011offers a new beginning for anything that you may wish to add to your life experiences – Go for it! A new start, in your office or workplace it’s important not to have dead or dying plants, as this is deemed negative energy. Replace them with fresh and vibrant plants. If there’s a foyer, make it welcoming with positive elements such as a small indoor water fountain, a healthy plant, the company logo, a beautiful painting or a statue of a big Happy Buddha. Keep all areas tidy, especially desks, as a cluttered table creates a cluttered mind. And finally, make sure you do not sit with your back to the door if at all possible. 
 TIP: The best house plants are Peace Lillies or Lucky Bamboo

IDeas for NEW YEAR Some New Year TIPS:

* Write new and achievable affirmations, but do not talk about them with others – keep them to yourself.
 * Change your thinking to positive thoughts – you can do it. * Clear out old items that no longer serve their purpose.
 * Get a new hairstyle or colour
 * Take time to relax instead of rushing around non-stop
 *Constantly ask yourself, “Does this make me happy?” If not, then change it.
 * Do what makes you happy. For a Positive year ahead: *Lucky Colours – Use your favourite colour in décor, clothing and in your surroundings as it will be personally uplifting *Candles – It’s important to take time out, and candles will create a calming ambience *Crystals – Choose the crystals you’re attracted to – they’ll exude positive energy *Clutter – Tidy up and get rid of untidy negative energy *Pets and Plants – Their living energy will create positive vibes around the home *Karma- help someone in need. The act will make you feel good.

Roxanne is a Nationally known Feng Shui Consultant and Expert. 
Author of Best Selling Books “Feng Shui – A Practical & Easy Guide” & “Life Is…Awesome”
Contact Roxanne to visit your Sydney home or business on 0409369036








Channelled by Shaman Eilee.

2012 ~ Visionary of the Ancient Ones

Dear ones of Earth all within the spiritual dimensions have watched your progress for eons and marvelled at the ascension of each generation of mankind.Your world has undergone many changes so as to remain aligned to all within the universe in which earth resides. Many species of life have departed as the earthly vibration gains momentum so as to retain her place within the universal energies that support all life. The one constant species that has remained is that of mankind. Time has seen mankind grow within every aspect of their metaphysical self...Mind has expanded... Body adapted…Spirit has grown wiser. Mankind’s journey is strewn with so many challenges, yet you endure...and you will continue to do so. 2012 is the year when that which seems impossible will not be so. Hence, I do say unto you to be aware of climatic changes, but do not allow them to rule your direction. Rather take note of them, listen to messages with them, see the signs they bestow and heed the advice you feel within your sacred truth. Thus your personal way forward will become clear unto you.

end amicably. People shall come together as love and family become important. The sharing instinct has been growing within mankind and love knows no boundaries so many will defy much in order to be together. Mother Earth shall erupt along lay-lines causing the ocean to swell. This will occur suddenly, warnings may go unheeded as those who speak them are not qualified to do so. Joy and mourning shall sit side by side as a royal birth shall herald a royal death. This is destined to occur in order for the people of all nations to see the error of their ways. The journey to death begins from the moment of is a challenge for mankind not to create wars. A world where all are safe, well fed and cared for is the goal. 2012 will see the conclusion of the universal energy alignments. Hence, the youth shall begin to feel less out of place and experience a sense of belonging many has been lacking, due to their energy vibration not being fast enough. Although there will be much chaos the spiritual faith within mankind shall grow and the youth shall listen, judge and be heard. They may well decide their own destiny is towards peace rather than following blindly leaders who gain nothing by way of a more productive, happy, prosperous life for them and their loved ones. Every caring thought ..creates caring words...that create caring deeds. Be aware of your thoughts. Do they stem from your will or that of another? As you think…So It Is.

Unrest upon earth between nations will continue as those who have held power experience uncertainty. The Fire Dragon has been upon by a down-trodden nation that has slowly matured and can no longer quell the deep rooted desire of the people to know equality. Hence, the creator of war will not be cast from a known shall blaze forth like a great fireball from it’s hiding place within the belly of Mother Earth, causing destruction, chaos and swift reactions from other nations. The people of earth The Fire Dragon will burn deeply as it clears much debris within the hearts of mankind.Yes, it may be harsh, but sadly will become confused as beliefs, friendships and trust are mankind is often taught best through adversity. challenged. We, of the Spiritual Hierarchy, would have you know the importance of the role you play within the Sacred Also the wealth of peoples will undergo a marked change Unification of All Life as you strive to fulfil your individual as this is the year of expansion through honour and mission, plus mankind’s collective mission. compassion. Be aware of monetary value and it’s proper May you live the life you create with joy. place within the sacredness of life. Partnerships no longer serving each other will seek ways to So Sha. 62


 


   


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Simply Astrology Aries - Fire 22nd March to 21st April Goddess of Love We all know you are the goddess of excitement and new opportunities, with your energy levels at an all-time high. This will be the perfect end to a busy year, with party season in full mode.You will enjoy it, showing off your latest romantic partner to all who have not had the pleasure to meet them before. Don’t forget to spend some quality time just the two of you to keep the sparks of romance alive. Goddess Emotional Wellbeing This has been an incredibly busy and hectic year, I hear you say, now it is time to wind down just marginally and takes stock of the achievements so far and reassess the new direction for 2012 as we bring in changes that fit the new you. For some of you what was important in 2011will have changed.

Gemini - Air 22nd May to 21st June Goddess of Love Well we all know the goddess of excitement and exploration just loves to be out and exploring new opportunities. For some this might even extend to a possible new romance on the horizon for everyone else, it will be an exciting time with their lover, and venturing out more and more. This will add a special something to the relationship Goddess Emotional Wellbeing Venturing out into the great outdoors will be a tonic that you need to boost up your energy levels. Time is always short so why not take a walk in the park during your lunch break. This will help clear to clear your mind, increase the energy levels and exercise all the same time. Avoid making a major decision for a short while.

Leo - Fire 22nd July to 21st August Goddess of Love The Goddess, who loves to be applauded and adored by her lover, as ever this last year was very and the new one that has begun will be no different. There will be some very magical and special times together now and this will reinforce your love the two of you share. For some, though sadly it will be the opposite. Arguments and anger spill over into your special outings. Goddess Emotional Wellbeing Your patience and tolerance seems to be stretched to the limit with everything and everyone around you demanding that you give them attention. This will make you feel very tired, short tempered, and just wanting some time by yourself.You need to slow down and make time for yourself. This will make you feel like a brand-new person.

Taurus - Earth 22nd April to 21st May Goddess of Love We all know you are the goddess that loves comfort.You enjoy spending time mooching around the shops searching for that special gift for your lover or partner, especially as you know, it will give them great pleasure. Even with this very busy time of the year approaching.You are still on the lookout for special knickknacks that will create the perfect romantic evening with your lover. Goddess Emotional Wellbeing As last year drew to a close, you were feeling extremely tired and overworked. This had a detrimental effect on your overall well-being and brought your emotions to the surface that you had been trying to suppress for a long time. Tear’s frustrations and tantrums bubbled up quickly. Now you are feeling much better after a little rest and time with your partner.

Cancer - Water 22nd June to 21st July Goddess of Love We all know you are the Goddess of love and security. We all know it’s been a rocky path for love last year. Some have moved on and enjoyed their new-found independence. For other as they have persevered to try and make the relationship better. Whatever you the road you’re on, it will certainly be exciting exhilarating Emotional Wellbeing It sounds corny I know, but there’s no place like home to make you feel are emotionally secure and happy.You have made many changes in your life during this last year, and the reward for that is emotional stability that you have been craving and striving for a long time. Now we can expand on that even further, as your emotional well-being has never been stronger, as you have learnt to rely on your own instincts and judgment is more.

Virgo - Earth 2nd August to 21st September Goddess of Love We all know you as the Goddess who never stops thinking and analyzing where life is heading and why. Then you start analyzing your lover or partner trying to understand their motives and actions and how does that fit in with me? Are we really right for each other? Maybe it’s time to stop and analyzing and just enjoy the love and companionship. That is right there in front of you. Loosen up a little bit. Goddess Emotional Wellbeing Emotions re our bug bear in life to deal with. It can be really hard on your emotional well-being to try and maintain this constant equilibrium. Now is the perfect time to loosen up just a little and allow your emotions to flow this will give you a great insight into some of the issues that have been plaguing you for a long time? When we get to the bottom of these issues, and start to resolve them.

Amanda Hall has 35 years experience in Astrology & Tarot reading and runs Simply Astrology & Tarot. She is the best-selling author of the Simply Tarot set, available at good bookstores near you. For more information visit

Amanda Hall

Libra -Air 22nd Sept to 21st October Goddess of Love With the Goddess of beauty out shopping this could be an expensive time of the year with sales for the New Year. As everything you see will just improve your life and make you feel special and pampered. Just a little luxury or two won’t break the bank, is what you tell yourself. And of course your lover or partner will totally agree with you. Goddess Emotional Wellbeing You will be feeling quite run down as we head into the busy time. You just want and need some peace in your life to recharge your emotional batteries. Maybe you need to try and take a break and have a few days away or just unwind in front of the television with a good movie or your favorite travel program. You may not have been eating properly recently and this needs to change.

Sagittarius - Fire 22nd Nov to 21st December Goddess of Love The goddess of adventure as we all know you enjoys the hustle and bustle of the New Year this year is no exception. While you are out and about with your lover celebrating the holiday season is about in true style the money will just evaporate or so it seems. All your hard efforts to save have just vanished. It’s a time to learn about budgeting again. Goddess Emotional Wellbeing This has been a very interesting last year, for most of you.You have certainly learnt the art of being versatile. It has been nothing short of exciting exhilarating, and at times even challenging. For some there has been some surprise major health issues to deal with, which hopefully you now have under control. This has shown you what you are emotionally made off of tough stuff.

Aquarius - Air 22nd Jan to 21st February Goddess of Love We all know the Goddess of knowledge is always seeking new information to share with many friends and acquaintances.Your lover or partner could never accuse you of life being boring with you as you are always seeking out new horizons to conquer. As we head towards the start of the year, this is no exception.You’ll enjoy socializing with unusual, abstract and different people. Goddess Emotional Wellbeing Emotionally is seen to be pulled into different directions at the moment. For some of you this has been the most incredibly difficult time on the emotions. And that has created tremendous stress in your life, but you have learned a lot about yourself and where you’re heading for the future. Emotional time lots of tears, and releasing of botttled emotions.

Scorpio - Water 22nd October to 21st November Goddess of Love We all know the Goddess of mystery and intrigue is ready to investigate and uncover what is going on in their relationship with their lover or partner. There have been some tricky issues to deal with of late. This has caused a number of heated arguments, with no great resolution at hand. Maybe you are just being too stubborn and will not bend and look at your lover’s point of view? Goddess Emotional Wellbeing Now is the perfect time to re-set some goals to the future and how to achieve them.You have cleared a lot of emotional baggage now. No more game-playing with your friends and family to achieve your desired result, as this takes away from your emotional well-being. Being constantly on your guard at suspicious of everyone around you lowers your resistance and brings on illness.

Capricorn - Earth 22nd Dec to 21st January Goddess of Love We all know that work and no play will make the Goddess work and big business, a boring, dull person. So now is the perfect opportunity for you to shed those shackles and go out with a little bit with your lover or partner. Let the moths out of your wallet and spend money on yourself and you deserve it, or better still spend money on your lover. It’s a great investment in romance and keeps the sparkle alive in your relationship. Goddess Emotional Wellbeing With the tremendous pressure that has been on your shoulders, it is no wonder that you feel tired, worn out and just ready to take a break. Financially, there have been some tricky maneuvers that have needed your attention. This has been very difficult on the emotions and has lowered your resistance to illness. Now work on balancing the mind body and soul to bring emotional well-being back.

Pisces - Water 22nd February to 21st March Goddess of Love We all know the Goddess of fantasy, just loves to play and dream about the now has no exception.Your lover or partner is demanding so much of your time. Never mind, turn this into a positive and enjoy the extra attention, they are lavishing you. Planning special time together is a must. When you will have stars in your eyes for your lover. For those who are single a new mystical lover mind is on the horizon. Goddess Emotional Wellbeing Now is the perfect time to make those daydreams reality, heading off into the sunset for a luxurious break a tropical island just sounds like paradise. It would certainly do amazing things for your mind body and soul. Now we need to come back to earth and reality for most of you that is just an elusive dream. Create some atmosphere at home, for quality time or connect with meditation.



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The 2012 Lunar & Seasonal Diary, written by Australia’s most trusted witch, Stacey Demarco. This is a beautifully produced Lunar diary offering daily explanations of the moon and the impact it has on humans, with practical magical magical suggestions to get the most out of the energies of the season. Stacey educates the reader on everything from planting a garden, increasing your wealth, improving your relationship to conceiving a child, this diary includes: seasonal spell casting and timings, original spells for specific moon phases; Goddess of the Month and ways you can use this Goddess for a better month and year; Witch Holidays and the Wheel of the Year information; Moon Resources and important Southern Hemisphere dates; Moon Phase Information for 2012 including a summary page with all full and new moons.

Goddess Pages By Laurie Sue Brockway RRP $17.95 “This book will serve to inspire millions . . . and balance masculine and feminine for a more healthy and rewarding existence on earth!”—Shelley Ackerman, astrologer and founder of Karmic Relief Every woman could use some Goddess wisdom in her life. From scoring your dream job to going after that hard-earned raise to finding the right guy and keeping the romance alive, the Divine Feminine is there to help you achieve the love, success, and happiness that you deserve. Get ready to feel empowered: you are about to meet thirty-six of the most revered spiritual heroines from faiths and traditions around the world. Use this book of goddesses to call upon each one for support, guidance, and inspiration in all areas of your life. Evoke their unique energies and strengths through rituals, meditations, gatherings, prayers, blessings, and all creative activities. 66


The Woman Magician By Brandy Williams RRP $19.95 For generations, women have had to channel their strength and power into the role of muse, priestess, or earth mother—and always in the shadow of male magicians. This groundbreaking book shatters outdated notions of the Western magical tradition and presents a new paradigm that celebrates and empowers the woman magician. Drawing on thirty years of study and personal experience, Brandy Williams boldly revisions metaphysics from a female perspective. She introduces a new Magia Femina—a female-centered exploration of tradition, history, philosophy, science, culture, theology, and magic—and shares unique wisdom on how to live authentically as a woman and as a dedicated practitioner of her craft. Experience powerful hands-on individual and group initiatory rituals, and help launch this new order into the greater world.

Art through the Eyes of the Soul Oracle

Paintings & Text By Cheryl Yambrach Rose RRP: $21.95 US & CAN

Journey with visionary artist Cheryl Yambrach Rose into her ‘Art through the Eyes of the Soul Oracle’. Through her clairvoyant Neo-Mythic art she has created an amazing vehicle of great power through which you may access the Mythic Beings and Divine entities that inhabit sacred sites and spaces. If you ask, they will provide personal intuitive guidance as

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Spells for Tough Times By Kerrie Connor RRP $19.95

Begin using your psychic abilities TODAY. We are all psychic. We just have to be shown how. Beyond “What The Bleep” more concise than “The Course In Miracles” revealing more secrets than “The Secret” answering the skeptics with science & humour, this is a practical course to develop paranormal abilities that is fun & easy. This book shows anyone how-to do these things. The ones that already can, it shows them how to do more. This puts all of the pieces together so that you can see the big picture clearly. The proof for the non-believers is in the doing. Get this book & prove it to yourself! In clear & simple terms, it shows you how to: Unleash Your Own Psychic Power 1. See Auras 2. Feel, move & direct energy 3. Working with Spirit 4. Psychometry 5. Remote Viewing 6. Medical Intuition 7. Healing & Remote Healing.

Crafting Hope When Faced With Life’s Thorniest Challenges. Looking for some magical help for those unpredictable curveballs that life throws your way? Spells for Tough Times is a unique and comprehensive toolkit for coping with and rising above just about any difficulty—whether it’s a minor annoyance, embarrassing quandary, or unexpected crisis. Refreshingly positive and practical, this magic book features over 150 easy-to-perform spells and rituals that address specific problems we all commonly face. Organized by major areas of concern, you’ll find customizable spells related to personal habits and emotions, family and children, relationships, pets, health, house and home, career, finances, legal disputes, world events, death, and handling grief.



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Soulessence lessence Bronwyn owns Soanu online where she runs produces chakra course, n CD’s guided meditatio iry folk and a range of faer event gifts between h ork. management w

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Medium,& Clairvoyant Member of the Australian & International Psychic Assoc.

Certified Professional. Bonnie is a well known and respected psychic who’s passionate about her work.

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*Angel Magic Ros: Health & weight Loss Coach, Psychic Medium, Angel Intuitive, Contact Email: *Lilitu’s books & Music a fabulous magickal shop! ACT Crystals & Gifts, 02 62303373 Web: *Numerology life Readings with S’Roya Rose $50 for 1/2 hr - $90 for 1 hour! Book & Pay Online today! 0422361040 @ *Bonnie Parsons Psychic Medium & Clairvoyant. Ph: 07 47755939 Email


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BOOK NOW TO SECURE YOUR PLACE Michele-lee Phelan’s art is the key to opening and expressing the realms of earth, spirit, and the imagination. A painter of dreams,dragons, mythology, goddesses and faeries.

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0407 737 267


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Goddess Guru 5th Edition  

Welcome to our 5th edition of Goddess Guru. Would you like to advertise or get involved with our free contempory spiritual ezine..? If you w...

Goddess Guru 5th Edition  

Welcome to our 5th edition of Goddess Guru. Would you like to advertise or get involved with our free contempory spiritual ezine..? If you w...