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  

   

               

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S’Roya The Editor

Welcome my lovely Gods & Goddesses, … How are you travelling at the moment? Are you doing what your heart wants you to do..? Or are you living a life that’s in chains or compromised; to the point where you are settling for.. Instead of living life passionately, being true to you? Recently I have been assisting people to get out from under their own perceptions of limitation in their lives...! Often we can’t see the wood for the trees in our own life and need some encouragement to listen to the inner yearnings of the heart. We all have a unique destiny that calls us from deep within our being... It’s a our gift from the universe and makes us all special, no one has or does what we do as individuals. As a result we are all unique and can contribute in our own unique way to our society and community at large. When we do what truly makes our heart sing, it sends a message out into the universe and resonates at a certain vibration... This vibration is then picked up as a signal (a song) by others who need your unique talents, gifts or abilities and so therefore they are sent to you... In this way we are honoured by each other, and are needed by each other as we make up the whole of humanity. When we deny this inner part of creative selves to be expressed we are not allowing the universal song that is us to be played or heard by others who may need us. Do what ever it takes to be true to who you are, and never let others tell you what that is... You will know it by how it calls to your soul... by how it makes you feel... by the pleasant feelings it gives to you when you are doing it. Trust in your destiny to be right for you, we are all programmed with this and know who we are already. For me it was writing and publishing... especially my magazines. It’s my gift; my song and I love it. When I’m creating my pages I’m in absolute bliss and it shows, as my heart has fun with this form of creative expression. I didn’t start out this way. I was a hairdresser and then healer/therapist for many years. While I love being those other things... it’s the publishing that is my destiny and once known to me I am happiest when doing it. For whatever reason, it can take time to discover what it is you are best at and love doing. If you are lucky you will be able to express it and even make it your living. Sometimes this is not the case and it remains a hobby... no matter, because what ever it is will be honoured when you decide to live it. So grab your favourite cuppa, pull up a Laptop & enjoy the wonderful features I have for you in this issue! Blessings )O(



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6 Unveiling the Dark Goddess, by S’Roya 8 Release your Inner Warrior, by She DeMontford 10 The Australian Goddess Conference 12 Home Sweet Home, by Apple Blossom 14 Sense & Sensability, by Kali Cox 16 My Vision Board, by Tracey Jewel 18 Elemental Magic: Air, by Jane Meredith 20 Pagan Music Festival, by She DeMontford 22 The Offering, by Rhianne T NewLahnd 24 HooDoo :- Conjures of the Heart, by Amber Rose 26 Airmid - Godess of Herbal Wisdom, by Kellie Ashton 28 Dance of the Spanish Rose, by Lauren Clark 30 Profile: Art is of the Creative Being, by Nicolee 32 The Sassy Sorceress, by Lisa Clark 34 Comfrey is a Wonderful Herb, by Cassandra Nilson 36 Reiki: Energy Medicine, by S’Roya 38 Song of the Mermaid, by Michele Morseu 40 Tarot Moments, by Amanda Hall 42 Goddess Isis, Queen of all Magic, by S’Roya 44 Gaia - Mother of all Creation on Earth, by S’Roya 46 Glorious Food - Curry & Rice paper Rolls, by S’Roya 48 Wellness - Yoga body-mind Integration, by S’Roya 50 Health Watch: Junk in the Trunk, by Esta Libero 53 Angelic Communication, by Jacky Newcomb 54 Modern Alchemy, by Michael Lamb 56 Hodgepodge, with Bornwyn Fish 58 Feng Shui: Spring into Life, with Roxanne 63 Tree of Life: Apple Wisdom cont... Dechen Chodron 64 Simply Astrology, by Amanda Hall 66 Spirit of Film - Reviews, by Randal Libero 67 Book Reviews - Editors Choice 68 Noticeboard & Business Listing 69 Guru Directory & Advertising Rates

Guru Regulars Sassy Sorceress, Artist Profile, Glorious Food, Wellness Guide, Health Watch, Movie & Book Reviews, Hodgepodge, Feng Shui, Simply Astrology & Tarot Moments, Guru’s Noticeboard & Directory. 4


GODDESS Guru Ezine

Empowering the Goddess in us all. Bringing things into balance, restoring and rebirthing the Sacred Feminine. Guru’s of all pursuasions sharing their infinite wisdom for growth, nuturing & support, during times of great change and crisis. Blessed Be the Goddess!


The spirit of the GODDESS leads the way for us all, grounding the Sacred Feminine and the Cosmic Lunar energies into a balanced holistic Earth Walk. GODDESS Guru e-zine helps assist in anchoring Spiritual concepts into our everyday life! We understand that everything is connected through the greater web of all life. Everything we do, everything we say, affects everything else... therefore collectively we can make a difference.


GODDESS Guru e-zine is an open forum which provides comprehensive spiritual wisdom. Our regular columns, guest writers and special features will make the magazine a highly appealing spiritual resource, that will be kept and called upon time and time again.. The Sacred Rose placed inside the triple goddess symbolises the heart, soul and hidden mysteries of the rebirthed divine feminine. May her wisdom be forever in our hearts & minds as we journey into the unknown life ahead.



e h t g n i l i e Unv s s e d d o G Dark S’Roya Rose

Allowing the flow of life


s a practicing Priestess and Goddess one has to take on the many lessons that are sent as challenges within our life path. These can come in many forms and for various reasons, but all of them gift us with amazing knowledge as we accept what it is we need to be taught. I’ve observed that they’re often found in the things that annoy us and we complain about. Listen to a person long enough and you will hear what is being sent as a Life lesson for them. When things are being mirrored to us in our life, we need to be open to it and to ascertain what it is within ourselves we are seeing that disturbs us, or what it is we are needing to realize about our own nature. This deeper inner work and journey is sacred, it is the work of the Dark Goddess and must be done. She assists us to go deeper into the dark self, to let go and surrender more of our ego, and just when you thought you had had enough, you soften and she makes us surrender yet again. She works through our judgments of others, through our impatience and lack of natural flow in allowing situations to unfold in their own time. She teaches us to trust life on a whole other level, and cannot be rushed, pushed or manipulated. For she sees all and knows what is perfect for us, and what we are needing to be experiencing. Alas it may not be comfortable or easy, but it is perfect. 6


The dark goddess is a hard taskmasters and she requires our respect as we allow her processes to work their inner magic on us. She helps us to experience the deeper richer aspects of the life, making us accountable and sometimes uncomfortable for what we feel, think, say and do. She is the keeper of our integrity towards others and ourselves. She makes us forgive and have compassion for things we didn’t even notice before, that need our love, understanding, caring and attention. She shows us that life is often messy and awkward and definitely not perfect, and that it cannot be run like a strict timetable of events even if we’d prefer it did.

My personal favourites are those who like control of everything, for they are the ones that seem to bump and grind the most, complaining, constantly about everything. Nothing is right or good enough for these people. They take pleasure in finding fault with just about anything, its a fabulous life drama. But what they are really saying is please don’t judge me, please make me feel secure, make my life happy, make me feel okay and make my choices right. They are often in need of love and support and encouragement to experiment with life, as in truth they are afraid of anything different or new. Watch as they fly to defend their opinions and judgments. Sad really the narrowness and inner limitation this has on how they choose to experience life.

Life can be a trickster and just when you thought things were all organized, the dark Goddess comes along to mess up your plans. Don’t you just love how that happens!? Age and wisdom makes us adept at this, so we flow and immediately look for new solutions. There’s no point worrying about it or making molehills into mountains, reacting or resisting the obvious. This types of life lesson is simple really, albeit hard for us to comprehend and understand at the time. The learning is often subtle in its awakening, but can be harsh in its effect upon us. We can react in the moment, needing time to sit back, reflect and process how we were disappointed and why. What was our attachment, and why had we made this more important than anything else. We must look for the gem, the gift of the actual moment, rather than be caught up in not being in control, or being right, and be able to remain humble in our human embodiment, accepting the sacredness of our inner surrender and learning curve.

She makes us look at our willfulness, our need to dictate an outcome through control or emotional manipulation of others or a situation. Most of the secrets to success training I see out there in the world, is all about getting what you want with very little emphasis placed on ‘is this in our highest good to be experiencing’. It seems to focus on the desire and control mechanics for the outcome. If I can dream it I can have it! Can we? Is it that simple? I do not think so. I have found it’s often far more complicated than that, and has much more effect when we surrender to the universe and allow it to have a hand in our destiny. For this to take place we must let go control and get into real flow within and without! We must observe ourselves and notice subtle things.

Working with the Dark Goddess To be able to benefit from her wise counsel one must first get into real flow with everything, but especially with self, and this means knowing yourself. Being clear about your truths and listening to your own emotional rhythms. She helps us to know when our energy is high and when its not. She knows its important for us to stop and go within for silence and rest, for self connection and inner reflection. Knowing when to stop and step back and accept that things may be out of balance, or are not flowing properly is important. The Dark Goddess helps us see that anything we are wanting to have happen, we must surrender and let go of how it happens and allow it to come to us if it is in our highest good. She often sends us the opposite to what we are wanting to make us really look at our need or desire in depth reassessing its true value. “Are you sure this is what you are truly needing now?’

The dark goddess helps us strip away our falsehoods and get real. She helps the naked truth of things to surface, the core of who we are; our mind, body, emotions, and spirit. She insists that we live from this place of truth constantly without reservation. And trust me, your conviction to live this truth and natural dynamics in you life will be tested! You must be clear about it and know it is the natural law of the universe flowing through your life. So expect some melt downs! This must become a way of being, not becoming. It is about realizing that in the moment things can and often do change without notice. That even though you wanted to go see someone at a specific time or day, that the timing may not be right and therefore the meeting doesn’t take place when you think it is going to. Or that you want to go somewhere but in fact the universe has other plans for you that day. Remaining in flow allows for this, without feeling wrong or bad or judged. If you get into real flow, what you will find

is those that are not in flow with you will be removed from you life, because they are not in sync with you or your process and therefore will not flow with it. This is happening all the time albeit as a subtle life undercurrent, never the less it is in process constantly. Those that realize this feel its flow and accept it as being real. Synchronistic events and chance meetings happen all the time for those who are not in control, but who flow and are in contact with the rhythm of their own energies and life. When you engage this flow, your intuition is connected to the cosmos and the soul planes of reality become manifest in your life.You get real thoughts about going somewhere, because it feels right, you meet a special person, or have an amazing encounter or experience. This is the dance of life that cannot be seen, it is the magic of the universe as it dances between the spaces in timeless existence, as it has for eons. The magic of the Dark Goddess She exists in the Void, in the darkness of time and space, in nothingness, where all possibilities are made manifest. In her darkness is a comfort, a sense of all expansiveness, all allowing, forgetting and forgiving, a sense of acceptance and vastness. This is the scary openness of the Dark Goddess, she has no limitation, no plan, she is organic, she is accepting of all without judgment, she allows everything and is just a place of creation. She is death and birth and all that is in between, she is the unknown, the infinite universal expression, the void of omniscience of oneness. She is open yet hidden, dark and mysterious, she is the veiled possibilities that lurk in the unkowable, waiting for you to experience her.



Release Your Inner Warrior She Demontford

From the Samurai to the Medieval Knights Templar, from the Native American Brave to the Arthurian Knights of the Grail, all have inspired humankind to go beyond barriers and attain excellence. So what can we gain from a Warrior experience? Learning the techniques of these warriors and applying their philosophy in our daily lives gives us valuable tools for living. Examples would be:-

Fearlessness. Fearlessness frees you from attack. It makes you invulnerable. Do not make yourself wrong if you experience fear. Fear can be a friend that focuses our minds on an instance and allows us to transcend the experience, turning the instance into a learning opportunity for continued growth. Warriors know that fear is False Evidence Appearing Real. Warriors no longer experience fear, but a peace that transcends.You do not have to allow the emotion to adversely effect your actions, but instead actively use the energy produced to spur you on to greater achievements.

To defeat a hundred enemies in a hundred battles is not the acme of war. To defeat a hundred enemies without fighting is the acme of war! Sun Tsu - The Art of War


rom the dawn of time The Warrior in every civilised society has been the epitome of ethics, courage, valour and discipline. Protectors of the weak and custodians of the tribe’s heritage. We are not talking about thuggery or the common soldiery that has committed aggressive acts of violence in the name of religion, nationalism or bigotry, but rather an elite core of individuals who have sought to protect and serve their civilisation. A disciplined band determined to safeguard the way of life and values of the peoples that supported them. 8


Personal Responsibility. True Warriors take full and

unconditional responsibility for all their words, deeds and actions. Taking such a stand in life puts you in total control of any situation and leaves no margin for those useless human emotions of guilt and regret. Speaking ones truth, keeping agreements with others and taking responsibility for experiences derived from our actions gives us the knowledge that we are living life deliberately.

Steadfastness. The Warrior stands in his or her own power

knowing that retreat from their core values is not acceptable. They stand up to their fears and face down any opposition that threatens the highest good. In simple terms, they draw the line beyond which they will not retreat and stand in their own power!

Integrity. Warriors are clear what they stand for, and in so doing provide others with the example of framework within which they wish to be treated themselves. Integrity inspires integrity. There is no such thing as a minor lapse of integrity! If we are able to truly “Walk our Talk� we are being an authentic example for others to aspire to. Vision. Warriors either share the vision of the tribe or

actively provide the visionary leadership to inspire others to follow. Visions are our plans, our inspirations, our sense of

completion and attainment. Without k..’1ovving where you want to be, how would you ever k.’10W if you got there?

Authenticity. Warriors know their strengths and their

limitations through self-awareness, experience and training. They are real! On the battlefield rashness and ego will get you killed. self knowledge lends itself to quiet confidence and dispels fear. Being authentic allows others to see that if they adopt similar behaviour or values and can commit to disciplined training, then they are inspired to create change within themselves.

if you consistently place yourself in an environment where abnormal things are likely to occur! Victory. This is the ultimate goal of the Warrior. Victory ensures stability, peace and the achievement of the objective. Victory can be the end result, or one successful step amongst many upon the path to greater attainment. Most Warriors agree that the true victory is that which benefits the many. ‘The Warrior attains his personal victory by allowing others to experience theirs. Warriors live rich ful1lives where everyday incredible opportunities exist. They make no excuses for why they don’t enjoy the amazing diverse experiences the modem world can offer. There are no victims within the Warrior caste, where personal responsibility reigns as the supreme mantra.

Compassion. ‘The true warrior has real compassion for those he protects but also shows mercy for his enemies, who too are driven by similar goals and beliefs. Using our strength to defend those who have not the means to do so themselves has always been the cornerstone of the Vvarrior’s Ancestral evolution has made us all Warriors to a degree, creed. In other lifetimes they may have done, or will do, the the human condition is one of striving for excellence, clarity and ascendancy. All too often our lives fall into same for them. mediocrity. Society attempts to stymie flair and originality, Discipline. The Warrior leads and inspires through example it parodies those that break from the norm or attempt to go beyond. History is full of stories of unrewarded genius, and always strives to be the best that they can be. Being the ignorance and suppression of new ideas and concepts, and best demands high degrees of self-discipline, commitment victimisation of those who would wish to be different. and training. To achieve excellence, Warriors are able to The fact is that those crazy ones who think that they could prioritise their lives. ‘They are able to put aside trite egocentred desires, with the knowledge that they serve a higher change the World are often the ones that do. Living life in the “Now” brings out the richness of our purpose. What are you prepared to give in return for the existence. Don’t find out that you are dead before you begin goals that you desire? to live. The Templar motto and war-cry was “Be bold, be glorious!” even when facing peril. Goethe the philosopher Effectiveness. A Warrior does not waste anything in life. says “Whatever you do or decide to do, do it now! Boldness This could be in terms of experiences, resources, words and time. To attain victory, one must effectively use available and courage has genius in it!” resources within the prevailing circumstances and conditions Now is the time for action, wake up to the trumpet call to life. Experience the power and the glory that makes for maximum achievements. Ifwe cannot do it effectively, us humans, move forward with certainty to victory and why do it at all! excellence, and be the best you can be! Dynamic Action. Once the vision is clear and the

resources are readied, the Warrior takes positive proactive steps to achieve the objective. Warriors have a sense of certainty that destroys all but the most determined opposition.You don’t go into battle just hoping that you’ll survive, as if you are merely controlled by providence, but with an absolute surety of victory. Such action needs to be 100% +.

Heroism. In most cases in human history, heroes are usually created by normal people having an abnormal experience.You cannot just go out and” do Heroism” .You will however have a better chance of experiencing heroism

Remember:• There are no victims there are only volunteers. • If you can live fearlessly no one will be able to steal your power • If you move into warrior consciousness you can then use your invulnerability to assist others Shé D’Montford is the compassionate psychic who found the little boy lost on Channel 7’s “The One”. She was also a former Qld BusinessWoman of The Year. She is a prolific author, teacher and activist and holds an honorary doctorate in Philosophy in Religion. Find out more about her work at www.



e c n e r e f n o C s s e d d o G n a i l a r t s u A


2011 October 14-16

he Australian Goddess Conference 2011 is a rich and beautiful dance with the Earth Mother for all women, men and teenagers who wish to honour and relax into this luscious three days of workshops, rituals, dance, concerts, markets and festivities. Some people will be coming to experience workshops and ritual with the well-known Priestess of Avalon and author Kathy Jones; others to speak with Indigenous Elders about working respectfully with country; others will come to dance and sing with joy and wild abandon. Others will journey into the Goddess temple to do circle and meditation, to meet authors and great facilitators such as the transformational Lucy Cavendish, the weaver of botanicals and sacred space Hollie B, to be moved by the great weaver of Goddess song Wendy Rule, the great ritualist Jane Meredith who connects us so deeply to the Earths journey and Gede Palmer the great teacher of shamanic wisdoms that connect us deeper to the Earths mysteries. The full program and list of facilitators and workshops can be viewed at Jodie Danaan, the founder of Oakwillow magick studies and 10


the Co-President of the Goddess Association in Australia stated: “More and more people are moving towards an earthbased spirituality that is more open and accepting of individuals and our rich diversity, as well being part of a community that has a strong respect for the Earth Mother in this climate of global change and healing. The Australian Goddess conference answers that call, and is a beautiful event in which people can submerge themselves into three days of workshops, rituals, concerts, dance, markets and presentations from some of the most well-known facilitators in the world.� There is an abundant array of workshops to suit every person, and over these few days we will drum together, walk the labyrinth and sing the Earth Mother. We will begin on the Friday morning welcoming everyone and opening the circle. Belly dancers and world renowned singers will dance the Earth Mother to life and the deva sounds of Anique Radiant Heart will once again fill the halls of the Goddess conference. Set amongst the beautiful Goddess quilts and

GAIA! ‘Resonating with the

Earth Mother’

banners that have travelled to all the major Goddess temples and conferences all over the world…we will resonate and feel the Earth Mothers heartbeat. Stalls will be available throughout the conference and if you would like information about booking a stall go to http:// stall-holders Friday will involve options of half day intensive workshops, followed by a beautiful ritual that will connect the elements and magick of Avalon to our country. A moment for every person present at this sacred temple to drink from the deep well of the Mother and light the fire of Avalon. Saturday will be a day filled with options of workshops that include ecology, Goddess scholarship, ritual, craft and dance and song of the Goddess. We will end the day with a spectacular concert coordinated by Anique Radiant Heart including performances from Wendy Rule, Anique Radiant Heart, Laura-Doe Harris, Ganga and Louise and Shekinah Morgan. More about the concert can be found at http:// saturday-night-concert

Sunday will be yet another morning of ritual and workshops. However in the afternoon we will open the temple doors to the community. Many people have asked for introduction workshops, and more time to socialise at conference and meet people from other parts of Australia and the world. So we will have a range of short talks that people can attend, as well as performances and dance workshops. Outside we will have a wide range of children’s activities including face painting, children’s storytelling and games that introduce children to harmoniously working with the Earth. We will also have an area for relaxation and reader tables on this day for only $15 a table. So if you want to have a massage, reiki or tarot table, just go to the website to book your space. The Australian Goddess conference is a wonderful event which allows you to submerge yourself into the Goddess temple, enjoy, feast, rest, have blissful time out and meet our wonderful vibrant community from all over this country and beyond. So mark your diary and we hope to celebrate with you14th- 16th October 2011 at the new Southport Community Centre 6 Lawson Street, Southport, Qld Hollie B., director of Lunation Pty. Ltd. a Company dealing with SpellCrafting and Women’s Magick, and a founding Member of GAIA Inc. stated The Australian Goddess Conference is a display of the Feminine Divine, an honouring of Mama Earth, and an expression of the many ways individuals may relate to Her. People come with questions about who is the Goddess, and what does She mean to us? Questions are answered simply by meeting new people, sharing experiences and being willing to open to new Ways of Being. As an association, GAIA ensures that Goddess Spirituality, Gaian Ecology and the Feminine Divine has a place in Australian society. The work is more important than You and Me, it’s a global statement of Truth, that there is more to the world than what we were taught as children, and that there is still so much to learn... Hollie B To book your ticket now go to http://www. Looking forward with great joy to this year’s rich and abundant celebrations…to resonate with the Earth Mother…to the rhythm of her heart.

Blessings GAIA Management Committee



e m o H t e e w ome S e‌

d o b a H e l b m u h r u o y g rotectin


Apple Blossom


rom door to door, wall to wall and floor to ceiling, our house whether it be made from straw, wood or bricks, as the ‘Three little pigs’ tried and tested, provides a physical barrier from the outside world. The four walls house all that is within and keeps all that is without outside. It acts as a warrior, with surrounding walls standing like guardians, protecting our treasures, belongings, and secrets inside. So what makes a house a home? A home is love, warmth, togetherness, and union. It breathes and speaks harmony and records memories of those we love and the things we love. There are family photos displayed proudly on the walls of times before, with the sound of a roaring kettle soothing the senses as it whistles in the background. An intoxicating aroma of a hearty casserole wafts from within the oven enticing our taste buds and the dog has stolen yet another favourite chair. A home breeds love!


Floor wash In a bucket combine the juice of one lemon, and one teaspoon each of eucalyptus and tea tree oils. To this water add one sprig of fresh rosemary. Gently agitate the water to mix. Mop the floor using this mixture knowing that you are energetically cleansing your whole home. 12


Garlic We all know that fictional vampires detest garlic, but did you know that negative energy does too? Place one piece of garlic above every door in the house, especially the front, back and bedroom doors. This method has been handed down through the generations in my family! Horse shoes Nail a horse shoe to your front and back doors for protection, repelling all those who wish to do you harm away. Iron Iron is reputed as being highly protective against dark faeries, negative spirits, and from those who practice black magic. In the days of old, people firmly believed in the power of burying an iron nail or knife near their front door to ward off evil. Sea salt Salt is natural and has been used

for centuries to remove negativity. To protect, try sprinkling sea salt around the perimeters of your house and land to keep out negativity, while imagining that it is forming a protective grid around your property. Fresh air Just like humans benefit from inhaling fresh air, so too does your home. Once a week open all the doors and windows of your house. As you do this see your house breathe in then out, expanding energetically inwards and outwards as though it has lungs. Clutter be gone Hoarding blocks you from moving forward mentally and emotionally, creating massive energetic barriers in your atmosphere. You might as well build a big brick wall in the middle of your home for it has the same effect in the long run. By clearing out the junk, you are clearing the path for positive energy.


Don’t forget to leave a small offering for your faery friends and other household spirits and elementals such as Brownies and Hobgoblins. By giving them some respect you are showing these adorable creatures that you appreciate their help in watching over your home. They love nibbling on the crumbs of left over cake, or having a sip of wine to see them through their long and arduous days protecting your abode. Hold your palms over some cake and wine and bless them with these words:


In this spell you will be invoking the Goddess Hestia to help bless your home. Hestia is a Roman Goddess of the Sun, fire, home, and hearth. She is the spirit within a burning fire, with the flame at the heart of her soul. Her passion rises to the top and emanates outwards in the purifying smoke filled clouds, cleansing and protecting a home. You will need - One red candle, lighter, eucalyptus and lemon essential oils. Anoint the red candle with the eucalyptus and lemon oils. Work your way down from the top to the middle, then from the bottom to the middle. Light the red candle in the room that falls roughly in the centre of your home. Then say the following words out loud: “Hestia bless this home with loving care As peace now flows through the air” Allow the candle to burn down completely then snuff it out.


Crush dried herbs in a mortar and pestle and sprinkle them at door ways to form a strong protective barrier. Try grinding together sea salt, eucalyptus leaves, and rosemary for protection, or black salt, peppercorns and cloves for banishing negativity. Empower your powder by saying the following as you mix each ingredient: “With this blend Negativity leaves Love I now send So positivity can breathe”

“I now bless this cake Filled with love to take With magic intertwined Throughout this wine


Combine various protective herbs such as rosemary, sage, bay leaf, ebony, oak bark, dill, vervain, myrrh, frankincense, or eucalyptus and place them in small muslin bags. Secure them inside by tying a red ribbon around the opening to bring in the energy of courage and good luck. Empower each bag you make with these words: “Evil be gone! One, two, three Love now flow So mote it be” Once empowered, hang these bags near your front and back doors, above your bed head, or in a room most used such as the family and dining areas to ward off evil from entering. Apple Blossom is a natural psychic, medium, and witch. She is also a Reflexologist practitioner, with a vast background in the study of everything spiritual and magical. Apple is a published poet and writes for many new age magazines, with a million and one ideas floating out the tip of her pen yet to share.





y t i l a u s n e S Sense and h the g u o r h t s s e d d o G r e Finding your Inn ce. n a D ly l e B f o c i g a M by Kali cox

“Like a baby elephant,” said my dance teacher upon my 9 year old ‘keg on legs’ performance around my Jazz Ballet class in shiny red lycra tights and leg warmers.


don’t know what was more horrific, the fashion or my teachers overtly descriptive picture of me - sans trunk. Fast forward through my illustrious childhood of boys avoiding girls germs in torturous Barn dances in schoolyard sheds and the seeds of a less than favourable self esteem began to flourish into weeds watered by the tears of my proverbial trunk.

parts of the body such as shoulders, hips, chest and stomach, which appear similar to the isolations used in jazz ballet, but are often driven differently in ways that are natural to the female body..probably a blessing in disguise as my attempts at the above had been epically thwarted in my pre-pubescent years of lycra induced angst. My sister Dionne who teaches this art describes it as ‘seeking to honour the Goddess within by taking you on a journey, releasing your Inner Goddess and allowing her to shine as you discover the beauty, grace and joy of this amazingly empowering form of dance.’ Shine I did. The Goddess within was alive! The Divine Feminine was at play! An overwhelming connection to the sacral chakra gives rise to the feel of the life force flow through the body, responding in the sensuality of curves and sways, the perfection of motion. The mind is free, carried on the primal beats of rhythmic drumming. The body, beautiful, adorned with the gentle caress of chiffon, the twinkling of jewels. Bare feet connecting to the earth, hands poised to the sky, anchoring you, grounding you in the now, at one with Self. At one with the Universe.

Belly dance frees you from the confines of society’s Thankfully I grew into my skin and the keg downsized to expectations, finding beauty in your own shape. There is something very liberating about letting it all a reasonable cauldron. I discovered the pleasure of dance from it’s early origins of the ‘Nutbush’ down the local pub wobble, singing to the voice of a hundred tiny coins. and working up to the the dizzying heights of belly dance. You need not be practised in the art of dance, rather than to be willing to find that place inside yourself and let it be Belly dancing arose from various dancing styles which free. Honour your Goddess! were performed in the Middle East and North Africa. It has roots in the ancient Arab tribal religions and some Kali Cox is Domestic Goddess, an empath, busy myths state that Pagan women also performed tribal ritual working Mum of 2, aspiring collator belly dance to the Goddess of Fertility in order to ensure of the written word, and full-time a safe birth. It was popularized in the West during the Solitary Witch. She has appeared on Romantic movement of the 18th and 19th centuries, with local Brisbane radio, creatrix of and interest for belly dancing in Australia beginning during moderates the ‘Witches Of White the late 1970s and 80s. Magic Unite’ Group Fan Page on Most movements in belly dance involve isolating different Facebook.



My Vision Board ney… r u o J l a k c i g A Ma



Bottle’ n business ‘Goddess In A ow r he ns ru ly nt rre cu ts such as Tracey Jewel goddess inspired produc of ler esa ol wh d an op dian sh – an online ess clay amulets & guar dd go s, me rfu pe l ca ni ta ops in Perth. crystal soy candles, bo holding Goddess worksh te, ca vo ad ess dd Go a angel toys. She’s Contact her: www.godd

Step 1. DECIDE on the TYPE of vision board you want to create! There are many types but these are the four that I work with often: 1. The “I know what I desire” Vision Board When you are clear about your desires, you want to change your environment, external world, surroundings, specific things, or experience you want to manifest in your life 2. The “Releasing and Allowing” Vision Board - you’re not sure what you want but you know you want new opportunities, feelings or you have been in a stuck in depression, grief or emotion, mabe a situation. You have desires but are uncertain where to start, you want to change but not sure what or how it’s possible * Note about this vision board This type can be a very powerful guide. I like it because sometimes our egos/conscious mind thinks it knows what we want, and lots of times these desires aren’t in alignment with who we really are/what we really need. This goes deeper than just getting what you want. It can speak to you and teach you about your true self and your higher purpose. 3. The “Event” Vision Board - great for cycles (seasonal, new years eve, birthday – an event that is important to you) - one particular event in your life for example work/career, self, home, health 4. The “Goddess Energy” Board Step 1- using the energies of winter (Protector or Peaceful Warrior), spring (Golden Go Getter or Earth Goddess), summer (Wise Woman or High Priestess), or autumn (Muse of Hearts or Wild Woman)

- OR working with a particular Goddess energy such as Rhiannon, Bast, Freya, Artemis,etc You can use a combination of these four vision boards as your create! Just roll with your intuition & creativity and watch as it evolves as your create! Step 2. Collect your materials. These may be magazines, pictures from books/the internet, words/phrases/ quotes, photos or your own artwork and creations! Make a big pile!! Also as important is the “canvas” in which we wish to use for your vision board. A piece of card, a canvas, a piece of wood or even a table or altar – your imagination is your limit where you can create a vision board! I personally love to create mine on a piece of A3 coloured card (that matches my energy) and frame in a pretty frame so it looks like a work of art! Step 3. Create a space you want to be in while vision boarding! Candles, fragrance, music, outdoors whatever speaks to you and matches your vision boards energy! Step 4. With your space set up and your desires and intents clear in mind, go through your pile of images etc and pull out any that “delight” you that “pull” you in. If they don’t automatically make you go “yes!” than it’s not right for your vision board at this time. Eliminate any images that don’t feel right. Be open to whatever calls to you. Ask yourself as you do this “what does this picture/image/phrase mean to me?” Most likely you will know the answer and this will tell you if it is absolutely right for your desires. If you’re not sure but it still “lights you up” put it on anyway, it will answer soon enough. I have seen at my workshops some women complete

their vision boards, look at it and have no idea what it all means. It isn’t until some time later I get an email or phone call and like a lightbulb moment everything clicks into place and magic happens! *Note: if you are doing a vision board with a group – you can have lots of fun trading and swapping images too! (espec when you have something specific you are looking for!) Step 5. Start to lay your pictures etc on the board/canvas.You will soon get a sense of how it should be laid out. Sometimes themes start appearing in each section of the board or it can be all over the place depending on what energies you are working with. I have seen a few people actually cut it up into a book that tells a story! So many creative ways to present your vision board! Step 6 . Get glueing! This is when your conscious mind can start getting a little “fixated” or “perfectionist” Remember to focus on the intention and energy of your desires rather than “is this corner of this image lined up perfectly” magic is in the “imperfections!” (which really are perfect just the way they are!) Once everything is glued, you can add some writing, drawing, paint whatever you feel is left “unsaid” to add to it your own “signatures”. Step 7. OPTIONAL! Leave space in the centre of the vision board or somewhere to add a photo/ drawing of you or word that describes you where you look/feel radiant, happy and whatever loving energies that are you! The final Step 8. Hang/place somewhere where you will see it often! You can put it somewhere private just for you or hang it in the hall for all to see – the most important is that YOU will see it every day!



Jane Meredith

Elemental Magic:Air E

lemental magic involves working directly with the elements of Earth, Air, Fire and Water. Sometimes the fifth element, Aether (or Spirit) is included. Each element has a different flavour, or feeling to it; Earth magic is pragmatic, Water magic shifting and emotional, Fire magic is notoriously unpredictable and Air magic is quite subtle. Ideally all elements are present in a complex elemental working; but for simpler spells, charms or processes a single element can hold the focus. Thus if you want to change your life you would probably work with all the elements, but if you want to introduce a single new component into your life, you might work with just one. Getting to know the elements individually,or deepening your understanding of them, is a great way of dropping more deeply into your own magical journey; as the elements are keystones of much magical work.

of this life. Both the first breath of life and the last breath of life are events imbued with transformation. But this air that we breathe is not ours, alone. We share our breath with the trees, exchanging carbon dioxide for oxygen, we share it with the winds, and we share it with each other when we lean close together. Air magic can appear abstract, but that doesn’t make it ineffective. As anyone who has done it will know, listening to your own thoughts can be a revelatory practice, and then learning to creatively edit or change those thoughts… that’s a piece of Air magic. Using one’s voice; whether by singing, learning to speak up or speak out, literally or metaphorically, these are all aspects of Air magic; as well as working with the breath. Many forms of meditation and relaxation focus on breathing techniques, as well as some therapies, such as rebirthing. Breath, by sustaining life minute-to-minute, is an incredibly powerful and magical thing all on its own, and bringing intent into your breath can really power up a spell or practise.

Air magic can guide mental processes; such as creating changes in attitude, setting intentions and rewriting selftalk. Working with Air magic you will be using thoughts, language (both written and spoken) and breath. Air is that thing we breathe, all the time. Our first breath signalled our Simple forms of Air magic include creating a chant or song and singing it to yourself; hanging a prayer flag in arrival into this life. And our last breath will signal the end 18


Begin by clearing your mind and focusing on your breath. See if you can detect the particular scents, energies or qualities of Air with each in-breath. Some of them may be particularly attractive to you and you can focus on these, enlarging your awareness of those qualities or scents. Follow some of these as they enter into your lungs, your body and blood, trying to discern any subtle differences they introduce to your system.You can also become aware of your out-breaths, using them to release any stale Air, as well as any stale thoughts you have stored away. Now open your awareness to a quality you would like your life imbued with – it might be soul, freedom, love or mindfulness.You don’t have to know what this quality is when you begin, let it almost arise with the breath. When it first comes to you, rest with it a while as you continue breathing, to feel if it sits comfortably with you. If it fades away or feels uncomfortable, let it go and wait for another quality to arise. When you have a quality that feels right to you, begin whispering its name with your out-breath.

the wind to be activated every time a breeze moves it and using breath to take you into a focused and powerful state. All of these things involve working with Air as a magical force. Larger forms of Air magic include finding a way to broadcast your ideas – through a book, blog or on radio; learning oratory and the powers of dynamic speaking and the practise of occult spells or spoken incantations or invocations. If you have a good relationship with Air you will find communicating easy and fulfilling, you will probably enjoy mental stimulation and challenge and love words. Maybe you are even a poet, a singer or speak several languages. To work a piece transformative Air magic it’s best to go alone to somewhere the air is pure – a forest or cliff tops, or maybe a local park. As soon as you arrive, start noticing the quality of Air – maybe it is damp from mists or water spray, gusty with wind, or tingling with cold; perhaps it has certain smells; sea salt, eucalyptus, leaf mould or floral perfumes. I like to do this magic while walking, but you can stay in one place, making sure you pick somewhere beautiful, particularly with regard to your awareness of Air.

Continue this practise, whispering very quietly almost under your breath, or naming it aloud if that feels right (if you are walking while doing this, it will probably come out more vigorously than if you are sitting still). Allow another word, or other words to join that first one, so your mantra might become soul - living in soul; freedom – release; love - I live in love or mindfulness… becoming. With each out-breath you confirm this magic you are making, and with each in-breath, seek to draw in the special Air that will allow and assist you to encompass your quality. Continue this for at least twenty minutes; your words may turn into a chant and gather energy and complexity or they may remain simple and clear as breath. Throughout the coming days, weeks and months, spend some moments whenever you think of it concentrating on your breath and remembering your mantra. Focus on the Air you are breathing in bringing you those energies you need, and the words you whisper or hear in your mind unfolding their promise in your life. Jane Meredith is a Priestess of the Goddess, a writer, and workshop presenter. Her book Aphrodite’s Magic: Celebrate and HealYour Sexuality is in the form of a magical spell. She runs workshops internationally. Contact via email at: and her schedule, website and blog can be found at:



t n e d n e p e d n I n The Paga 1 1 0 2 l a v i t Music Fes


ll the Gods & Goddesses blessed our rites of spring on the 6th & 7th of August 2011 with perfect sunshine, breathtaking music and oceans of fun. Lots of amazing new Pagan talent was discovered in the open mike and bardic circles, lots of new friendships were forged with dance, wine and song. It was wonderful to see so many Pagan kirks side by side, performing ritual and holding the sacred space around the grounds. We called out in song and mother earth echoed an answer with her perfect resonance in that ancient valley. All who attended can attest that something magical was happening there. What happened was that the Gold Coast hinterland played host to the world’s first Pagan Independent Music Festival (PIM). Its aim was to promote awareness of Pagan, Ethnic and Indigenous music. With more than 10 Pagan groups and organizations represented at this event - this was a chance for the general public to have heaps of fun and get to meet and understand Pagans in their natural habitat without the Hollywood stereotyping. 20 GoddessGuru

She Demontford

Pagans are just people who believe in having a deep (and often magical - though not always) connection with nature. Music has always been central to this connection. Pagan Music has been one of the most exploited and unrecognized forms of music on the planet. It is the root and the core of Blues, Folk and Rock. Voodoo provided the sacred rhythms that became Soul and Funk. Pythagoras the great Pagan philosopher, mystic and mathematician devised modern musical theory. The church stole Pagan sacred tunes, changed the lyrics and turned them into hymns and gospel. Many successful Pagan musicians such as Santana, Stevie Nicks, Led Zeppelin, Kate Bush, David Bowie and others are afraid of the back-lash that would occur against them and their families if they publicly identified the foundation of their music. The ancient Pagan Muses in music must hide and thus Alistair Crowley becomes Sgt. Pepper. It is time for Pagan and Indigenous Music to step out of the shadows and be publicly acknowledged as the foundation, the mother and the cradle of all music in our heart.

Some of the featured artists were: Kevin Kelly: an Irish recording artist who performed and delivered his bodhránworld interactive drumming workshops. He is also the Guinness World Record Holder for “The Largest Drumming Circle in the World,” (2009) Wendy Rule: who began her musical career as a successful jazz vocalist in Melbourne and has performed with some of Australia’s top jazz legends. Wendy experienced a spiritually creative epiphany at the age of 25, after the   birth of her son, and began writing Pagan music to critical acclaim. “Every so often Melbourne throws up a singular talent, someone previously hidden amongst the well-established musical tribes, someone possessed of a unique vision. Wendy Rule, the vocalist, songwriter and visionary, is such and artist.” Beat Magazine, Melbourne. “Wendy creates dark sensual theatre…” Rolling Stones Magazine.Yet these reviews do not describe the empirical nature of Wendy’s performances, or that her ethereal voice appears to materialize from other dimensions. An artist that needs to be experienced to be believed. Spiral Dance: To   listen to the vibrant music of this band is to let the spirit of the music take you to a landscape of lush Celtic hills to experience the world of magick and myth, legend and mysteries. to gaze upon the mists of ancient times, where the horned god walks the greenwood. Hear sirens and selkies from the dark sea call where water spirits from the deep lochs wait. Dance with Pan of the ancient forest, climb through magical holed stones and follow giants as they tread the windswept moor through the realms of faery and search for the green man. This is the world of Spiral Dance. The band has won the “Most Outstanding Group/Artist” at the 2009 South Australian Folk Awards. Adrienne was voted “Most Outstanding Vocalist” & Paul Gooding won “Most Outstanding Instrumentalist.”

Robbie Bostock: Robbie Bostock is the lead guitarist from the Gold Coast award winning Aussie band of brothers and sisters, The Bostocks. Together they have won “The Maton Young Talent Award” and “the Tamworth Country Music Festival Golden Fiddle.” But Robbie is an amazing talent in his own right and has played with: Phil Emmanuel, The Beagle Boys, Stevie Wright, Ray Hoff, INXS and Jimmy Barnes. Robbie is fast becoming a true guitar legend. Robbie loves indigenous Celtic music and was happy to support the Pagan Independent Music Festival. Graeme: This humble man performs on the instruments he creates. Graeme is of indigenous Australian (Wiradjuri) and Native American (Lakota) decent. He harmoniously embodies the spiritual   teachings of his diverse heritage without ego. Graeme willing shared what he has learnt from both cultures to any who were seeking a greater spiritual connection with this planet. His gentle performances were spellbinding, touching every heart.   The Organiser was our own Shé D’Montford famous as being the compassionate psychic/witch who found the little boy lost on the hit psychic reality TV show “The One”. This former Queensland business woman of the year, and founding editor of “Spellcraft Magazine” has worked behind the scenes in the music industry since she was 17 when she promoted the song “Home Among The Gum trees” for local band Bullamakanka, to be the best selling Aussie song of all time. Shé Hopes that The Pagan Independent Music Festival will allow the unifying power of music will allow the general public to see Pagans as just ordinary people who happen to have spiritual and mystical beliefs a bit older and a bit different from mainstream religions The PIM offered prizes in many categories. Over all first prize of music publishing deal with “Shambhallah Awareness Centre/The Happy Medium Publishing Company” - valued at $1000 went to Kevin Kelly. Best Indigenous performer was Graeme, and best new Pagan songwriter went to Chastity Rose. The PIM will manifest again next year and we would love to see you there. For more details see http://



g n i r r e f f O e h T Rhianne Teija NewLahnd


ur bounty is great! What we harvest on a daily basis, in life experience, in being provided for, fills our basket to overflowing! While your gratitude is greatly appreciated, there is a step that you are ready to take, that will accelerate your awakening, bringing you into the life of your dreams with grace and ease. With such full baskets each day, what do you do with this energy? Where do you store it? In a vast cave of treasures hidden away? Memories locked inside of you, to be viewed like picture albums, during times of need or nostalgia? While having positive thoughts of the past, and keeping things can be comforting, the hoarding of our harvest may not be serving us any longer.

The Hoarding of the Harvest

It is wise, to keep some of the Harvest for the winter time. To hold some back, for our nourishment and well being. This is good when it comes to actual food or money. Energetically, it is wise to offer what we experience back to She who has given us these experiences, our Sacred Mother. She pours her love and riches upon us, and we take that energy in, and fashion or lives. There is no end to the fountain of life she provides. However, if our baskets are too full, if we hold on to the energy, of the good times, or the bad, they all become heavy, and eventually, burdensome. They limit our ability to take in more. To flow. To move freely. If we hold on to everything, it can seem 22


abundant, however, another way is much more spacious. That is the offering of our life experience as a sacrament to the giver, to the Divine Designer!

To make Sacred

This Harvest season, let us make the most prominent ceremonial ritual, one of OFFERING. Gather up all of what we have experienced this year, or even in years past, and bring all of it to the Altar of our Creatress. Bring baskets and bags, treasure chests, and the manifestations that show we have appreciated the energy we have received, and done our best to create well with it. ( we are not talking about your possessions and things of the world that you love} Celebrate, and feel her accepting everything graciously, with love and appreciation. The achievement at work, the break-up of a long time marriage, each experience is rich with life, and a worthy offering to HER. Hold nothing back. Offer the darkest and most ugly things, for this shows your faith and humility. When you offer these things, you can better recover from their weight and do not have to sort through the old refuse of the past. Addictions, negative thoughts, careless actions, offer them all. The idea that we only bring our perfection to her, is outmoded and inaccurate, not to mention, unsuccessful! Let everything burn in the Harvest Fires, with celebration and joy. You are used to burning things you want to “get rid of ” and no longer “want”. This is a letting go process, that can be productive. However, this is not a getting rid of. This is making a gift of every bit of life as precious. It is a different energy, and is more potent when done this way.

Receptivity for the new Harvest

Now, you are ready to receive the bounty of each day, fully. Nothing is standing in the way, nothing taking up space. Open to receive a new level of abundance, of pure creative energy, with which you can fashion anything you conjure! All this energy of pure love fills every cell and permeates your entire being. If anything lingers, doubts or fears, in the hidden recesses of your psyche that would block entry to this love, offer them immediately. Even a wonderful memory might be blocking you from a vital

new experience. Is that memory of an old lover bringing you a harvest of melancholy, fear you shall never find another love, so you want to hold on to the memory of this one? Be willing to offer even this, and make space for something that will be in alignment with you present essence!

Creation Dedication

With the new energy that you gather, that you harvest this beautiful day, make a dedication to the Mother, that you will take this gift and fashion the most vital and beautiful life you can. That you will direct this energy into fully experiencing what is before you, and fill your basket with love, with beauty, with learning, with listening. Perhaps you have something special you wish to dedicate the day to, to peace, or to beauty, or to wisdom or to fun. Whatever comes up for you, it can be simple, and it will be powerful. Just think, when it comes time to make your daily offering, all you will have to give!

Offering to Life

When you come to the end of the day, perhaps when the sun is setting, perhaps when you lay to rest, take your imaginary basket, and offer it to the Sacred Feminine that has given everything to you. To Life herself. This is the time to see all you have gathered! To look at it, to get every drop of nourishment out of it, and to then give thanks. If there is something that feels incomplete, if you feel that there is still something to learn or glean, do not worry, it will return another day, in that day,s harvest, to continue to nourish you. As you close your eyes, to rest, feel the fullness of your life as well as, the void. This space is being prepared to be filled again, for the opportunity to create anew. We never know when it will be our final day, let us rejoice for the Harvest each day brings, and celebrate as nature puts on a brilliant show at this time, reminding us of our great good fortune.

Blessings to the Mother Rhianne Teija NewLahnd Internationally known with 25 years in the arts, ceremony, performance, community development and innovation to connect people to the Sacred FeminineWisdom and power within. Lives in Sedona, Arizona.



Conjures of the

HEART on i t c a r t t A r e v o L

ater Fresh Spring W ye Scarlet Red D p S p or ugar Syru ru y S e an C ar Sug (Palm Oil) Corojo Butter Vegetable Oil uds Dried Rose B Cocoa Butter c Sand Silver Magneti ening Lard or Short Rose Water Red Thread with 7 pins Petition Paper r or clippings) ai h h it (w r ve ur lo the form of yo A wax dolly in irs name over the r u o y ss o cr n or rs name the u can use sugar o rite your love y tar e h a h oth wit s you, paper toward and encircle b e am n e th ld o small rs. F that it forms a so candy wrappe u o y s d ar ain tow ad at en half that ag ie the red thre th T . d in an p f 1 al r h e to d ap in ngle shape, an lace into the p ia P . tr a s) e s m rm ti fo (3 it square for that rap cord inserted pins the last pin w e s, th in d p n u g o in ar n t lly ai firs . Place the do ound the rem ss ar o cr ad a re th rm e fo th then tie er pin to ick. cross over oth . Insert the w d f) o an ro y p ll o at e d d (h n h arou el dis rup, of a white enam spring water, sugar cane sy ake in the bottom esh rose water. M , ients of the fr g d in re n g e in rt r o u sh o y , Add burn tic sand ble oil, magne d allow this to ta an e g p ve m , la rs e e th tt t u nts h b etition the Sai bmerged. Lig p su st u is y m ll u o o d y e s sure th ven day e lamp uring these se last day take th D e s. th ay n d O n . ve n se ro for ove Pat on your your chosen L pt away. Petiti e sw e b it t or Spirits, or le er, r running wat to you. to the ocean o u ng yo r lover ri b to it ir p S Patron or





ail to all my beautiful Hoodoolicious folk out there. Having already given you the first part of this article, I thought I may elaborate further on Love, Reconciliation, Lust, Infidelity, Faithfulness and Attraction Conjures. Again I cannot stress enough that it is all how you petition a spirit as to whether or not your conjure will work, and also the true and pure intention of your work. Whether or not this is truly what we need and where we should be within our lives and relationships. To influence these energies with a negative gesture can result in these situations growing worse or outright dangerous. Love can become an obsession and an addiction much the same as a drug, especially if was originally against their free will or they have an addictive personality, this will drive these already existing passions or phobias into overdrive and could possibly end rather badly not just for you but also the person you claim to love and wish to be with for all eternity. Remember that eternity IS a very long time. everything has its season and sometimes simply cutting your losses and saying goodbye is in fact the best thing for the healing one really has to do, not hang onto threads already fraying. Anything pertaining to the matter of heart is not something to take lightly or play games with, you not only mess with your life but also the life of others and great implications can rest upon your shoulders if things go wrong. Make sure your heart and intent is pure. Many people can work successful love conjures efficiently but rarely stop to think why

. . . t n o c e v o L u o Y o o d o Ho Amber Rose

they shouldn’t be doing what they are, is it for the benefit or yourself or loved ones? Is the relationship a healthy one? Think things through with clarity, realistic conclusions, weigh up the pros and the con’s- if you can honestly list more pro’s, then the next step is your choice, and only one that you can make. Chose your steps wisely, always walk with dignity and self-respect, in love and justice, light and darkness; in dual balance with all forces around them for this is the nature of Spirit. Having stated the words of caution, the main ingredient to success conjure work is to use your own common sense with respect to your own life and the respect of another’s life and freedom of choice. Think it through; make your intention with conviction and truth. Spirit will never lead you wrong as long as you have faith and believe in yourself. Trust in your God, Goddess. Trust in your Saints and trust in Spirit. The first thing you have to consider is what the problem is in your relationship or why you feel you have to use conjure to get the woman or man of your dreams, do you seek a life-long commitment or just after a ‘quickie’? Sugar and spice, all things nice? First objective is to eradicate what obstruction is in your way, blocking it. Is it your own emotional stresses or fears getting in the way? Envy, jealousy, obsession or possession? Is the obstacle actually another woman or man trying to get between you and your heart’s desire? Is it the negativity from a previous relationship? Do you fear commitment? You have to determine what ails your relationship... you have to actually ascertain if the problem

resides in the other person or is it you? Is your goal unrealistic for your means, (all the hoodoo or conjure in the world isn’t going to make celebrities or fall in love with you, land upon your doorstep, naked and wrapped in a red bow bearing a sign ‘Take me, I am yours!’). The problem is, the wish to obtain the unobtainable instead of noticing that cute guy flashing them a smile in the grocery store or that pretty girl fluttering her lashes and asking for a hand to carry her groceries. It is these who are the obtainable, ask for a number, enjoy, laugh, frolic, love and live, make beautiful music together.

To attract attention, carry a fed magnet in your pocket, right (for men) and left for women, dress it with magnet or attraction oil, which has a few drops of effluvia like vaginal fluids (for women) and semen (for men). It will draw those to you, making the energies around you more appealing and favourable, especially if you add some ‘Love Drawing’ oil: Carnation, Coriander, Cardamon and Cinnamon (for a woman) or Ambergris, Musk, Sandalwood and Cinnamon (for a man) add a pinch of Lodestone for added VAVA VA VOOM!.You may also carry Queen Elizabeth Root wrapped in red flannel and kept as close to your private parts as possible or worn around the neck and resting between the breasts (for a woman) or High John the Conqueror Root wrapped in red flannel as close to the private parts as possible or kept in the right pocket. This too must be ‘fed’ at least once a month like with all mojo for attraction and magnet work, only a few drops

suffice. Now, since the blockages, the magnet or mojo is what we also call ‘saturation’ it is the next step to invite or open the way for a potential relationship or fling with ardour, harmony and passion. The second step is to ‘protect’ your conjure, or working by adding strength to the working depending what it is you actually seek.You may petition your Goddess or God, Aphrodite, Brangwaine, Cernunnos, Freya, Aine, Hymen, Amor. Saints like St.Valentine, St. Dwynwen, St Mary of Egypt, St.Jude, Argyre the Neomartyr and Mavra the Martyrs, St.Raphael (patron Saint of Sex) and St.Nicolas. Also seek the Psalms 45th and 46th (for a man to make peace with his wife), 22nd (for success in love), 32nd (for love, heavenly grace and mercy), 85th (Reconciliation or to bring your loved one back), or the Canticles of the Songs of Solomon: Example for a woman “Let him kiss me with the kisses of his mouth: for thy love is better than wine.” Or for a man “O my dove, that art in the clefts of the rock, in the secret places of the stairs, let me see thy countenance, let me hear thy voice; for sweet is thy voice, and thy countenance is comely.”You may use your own prayers or hymns including those of your Love/Sex Patrons. Amber’Rose leans towards ‘Edge-Walker’, ‘Root-worker’,‘Strega’,‘Hedge-Rider’,‘Faery Witch/Shaman’,‘PrimalWitch’ & ‘Spiral Witch’.To Amber’Rose the term ‘Witch’ is only but a murmur of those who follow the ‘Old’Ways.You may check out her blog at http:// or add http://www.facebook. com/doyouhoodoo






Airmid s s e d d o G Celtic om

d s i W l a b r e H f o

irmid, also known sometimes by the name Airmeith, is the Celtic Goddess of herbal wisdom, magic and healing arts from the magical race the Tuatha De Dannan (pronounced “Too-ah Dee Dannan”). Her brother, Miach whom was also a master healer was brutally killed by their jealous father Dian Cecht after he discovered Miach’s healing talent and reputation had overtaken his own.

The king of the Tuatha De Dannan, King Nuada, had lost his arm in battle and risked losing his crown as he was now disfigured and being not completely whole, he was not allowed to continue to rule. Dian Cecht attempted to satisfy the king with an artificial arm made from silver, but he was not content and desperately longed for his true, living arm. Miach was determined to create the king a real arm of flesh, blood and bone so that he may rule once more as king. Unlike his father, Miach believed that the body possessed a natural ability to heal itself. This is still believed today amongst natural therapy practitioners such as naturopaths, herbalists and homoeopaths. When Miach succeeded in his quest to create such an arm, Dian Cecht struck him on the head with his sword three times. After each blow, Miach was able to heal himself, making his father even more infuriated with his sons amazing healing ability. It wasn’t until this fourth and final strike, which removed Miach’s brain that Dian Cecht was able to kill his son.

Kellie Ashton

Airmid was grieving for her lost brother at his final resting place when she discovered that 365 herbs sprung from Miach’s grave. She carefully sorted the herbs and arranged them on her cloak in relation to their use in the body. Dian Cecht discovered what she was doing and so before she could finish her work, he picked up Airmids cloak and scattered the herbs to the four winds, losing all knowledge of the herbs that grew from Miach’s grave along with their invaluable uses in medicine and magic. It is said that herbalists are still trying to piece together the wisdom that was lost due to Dian Cecht’s resentment. I have always loved this story and all the other versions of it; there is so much to it. I believe that it teaches us that healing is not a competition. Herbs grow for us all to use, but they also require knowledge and respect otherwise herbs can be quite dangerous. Just because herbs come from Mother Nature does not at all make them safe! Dian Cecht was a great healer, but his jealousy made him less of a healer than his children, as his intent was completely selfish. Intent is everything when it comes to herbal magic and healing. Healing, after all is a form of magic in itself. Kellie Ashton is a witch, visionary artist, tarot reader and empath, currently writing a book on herbal magic. To follow her pagan blog please visit http://musings-of-a-twisted-pixie. or email her at twisted_pixie@ to enquire about her pagan newsletter.



Dance of the Spanish Rose Lauren K. Clark


izzling and sultry rhythms of Spanish beats; bringing forth the hidden desires of the feminine energy that many men flee to avoid her existence. Intense passions and endless sensations are embodied in this often forbidden dynamic. It is the dance, of the tango. Many would love to refer to it as a mere dance, made popular for its association with the realm of exoticism. However, if we were to look deeper, we would notice that this dance is not just a dance, but an encounter. Of mysticism and immersion into the world of feminine, the tango is a presentation and depiction of the male figure, and his acceptance of the feminine as the gateway towards understanding the mysteries and unseen vision that she has to offer. Forget the mainstream interpretations where the man is depicted as the dominant figure whose role it is to control this immersion through dance. Rather the dance of the tango is the awakening of the male figure in his recognition and celebration in being ale to immerse with the feminine energies. It has become a riveting atmosphere where heavily sensual and passionate auras are invisible perfumes and elixirs that reveal the power which helps to shape this form of the spiritual intertwinement with the Goddess, herself.

and more intense the spins of the feminine, the more the male figure is able to absorb the invisible perfumes that are released upon the entrance of the woman into her realm of the erotica. Every embrace, caress, and touch concerning the male tango dancer, and his interaction and immersion into the feminine energy is a sign of his desire to feel her, to be part of her, and to become entangled with her web of love. His very actions of choosing to engage in this duo with her is even admittance on his part of the fallacy concerning the patriarchal “need� to dominate over her. The mere thought of such a notion becomes comical as the male partner realizes that he is more human when he is able to immerse with her. In the midst of encountering her in this dance all barriers are removed. It is through her existence where he becomes free. He no longer is restricted based on his interaction with her, and is able to express the natural aura he feels of her, during the time when her existence was not a taboo.

The first step within the tango is marked as the mystical encounter. However, the male partner’s encounter with the female partner is not one of suspicion, but of fascination of this intriguing being. As the male partner begins to notice her, his touch is symbolic of his attempts to become familiar This forbidden dance becomes none other than the with the unknown. His observation of her is the beginning appreciation of the feminine energy, and the desire to utilize of his questioning of his current state of reality. This all the sensors in tasting and experiencing current state refers to the forbidden realm that he has been her very existence. Spicy and passionate twirls of the cautioned to steer from. Her enticing nature within this female partner reflects the circular form on which her realm is not rendered as a being embodies. For the male figure, the twirls are the very devilish power that is responsible for the fall of men. Rather source on which her essence lay. It is almost as if the faster 28


it is the gated door for the man to partake in his own experience and existence within, outside, and around the Goddess energy. He becomes aware of himself within her being. She is his teacher. It is through her that he is able to learn. And as he twirls and spins in her presence, he is able to reflect the same love, nurture, and sensuality that she has given to him. The male figure also becomes an active figure in the learning process. He is able to tap more into his own erotic nature, and re-learns what it means to be involved with the feminine in the healthy, nourishing, and enlightening auras that the Universe had created her to be. Furthermore, his experience with her teaches him how to give, receive, and experience love. In reference back to the woman in the dance of the tango, she too becomes an advent learner. She is presented with imagery concerning the various shapes, designs, colors, and smells which have been created in her encounter with another soul, particularly that which does not embody her feminine nature. And of course, we cannot forget to mention one of the key assets concerning this dance. . . the red rose. It is the rose, which is a necessary piece concerning this particular realm of the erotic. The rose is a symbol of the color, vibe, style, and movement of Mother Nature when she encounters this particular genre. It becomes a reflection

and celebration of the color red. . ., that mystical color which physical reflects the spirit of life. We could even mention that the tango is the performance, personification, and attitude of this wondrous reflection of the feminine.During the performance of this encounter, the female partner begins to embody this flower. It is again the symbol of her embodiment of one manifestation of nature, in her physical presentation of the Universe. Furthermore, the red rose is also a reminder for her own allure. Her performance of this flower brings forth the awakening and reenactment of the exotica in the spiritual. The famous take of this flower being cradled in the mouth of the female partner implies the realization of her being as an avenue where the spiritual and the physical are no longer separate realms. Sultry and sizzling beats of this flower have awakened within the feminine. She welcomes those who wish to immerse with her, in the efforts to taste and experience their own nectar of nourishment with the Spanish rose. Lauren Clark completed her studies as a ComparativeWomen’s Studies major at Spelman College in Atlanta, Georgia (USA) in Spring 2009. Miss Clark’s concentrations included the following: African-descended, African, Asian, Latina, Indigenous, Native and European women in the areas of health, performing-visual arts, literature, sociologyanthropology, and religion. She is a freelance writer and activist for womens causes.

Man’s Immersion of the Feminine In the Midst of the Tango



t r A e Th e v i t a e r of beingC



f you are human you are creative yet I hear it said by so many that they don’t have a creative bone in their body. Being creative is not a club singled out for artists, musicians or writers, it is a quality we all possess, a natural skill used to express, create and bring joy into our lives. As children we use our creative energy without judgement, we donít have to search for it or wonder if it is what we should be doing. It’s not until we begin to compare our talents with another that we create obstacles for ourselves, or close the door on our creative selves. Excuses pop up like; I don’t have time, I’m not good at it, I don’t know what I’m good at etc... If you have forgotten what it is you were born to do there is a clue in your childhood.You would have had a great love for it and it would have come very naturally to you.You would have been lost in it whilst you were doing it. When you tap into your creative energy you begin to see how you are the master of your creations in your life also. We create with every breathe we take and with every powerful thought. We create the friends, the enemies, the illness, the joy, all of it. Being aware of your thoughts help you to master them and create with purpose as apposed to believing you have no control of your thoughts.



There is a saying, ‘Art Imitates Life’ but I prefer to think of it as a reflection of life. What you create is a mirror of yourself, showing you YOU. If there are parts of your life you donët like you have the power to change them just as an artist or musician may alter a part of their creation so it flows better only difference is with your life it is a continued masterpiece, ever changing, improving and growing. Try to view your life as a painting. Is it filled with colour, are there areas that don’t flow or do you have a blank canvas waiting for someone else to start it for you ? Do you go over the same area trying to correct it and just make a bigger mess Is it a boring painting that has no meaning or direction or is your painting still a plan in your head? Maybe you are standing too close to your painting and need to step back and see the bigger picture and have the mistakes become clearer to you.

painting to view it from another perspective. When they see the entire picture and not just the area they were working on, they can see what changes need to be made. They look at the big picture ! The same approach can be taken with areas of your life that need some fix ups. When you view your situation from a wider perspective you become the viewer not the doer, and then you know what needs to be done to change the situation, therefore not feeling emotional about it, only logical.

Nicolee Payne has been a professional artist for more than 25

years.When sheís not painting she teaches adults and children how to draw and paint. Her philosophy is if you have a passion to be an artist you can be taught. It is a gift but not for a select few , it is for anyone who desires it but not without the passion. Nicolee developed a set of self help cards titled ‘Art Reflects Life designed to envoke the artist within all of us.They show the Life is creation so if you wish to improve your life try parrallels between life and how we create.There are also 13 exercise tapping into your creative energy for there you will find cards included in the deck used to open your creativity and inspire answers to your lifes questions and the light that you are will the users.The artworks are a collection of Nicolee’s whimsical come shining through. beings such as fairies, dragons and wizards,portraits of masters and When an artist makes a mistake they first have to see it then indiginous healers.They can be purchased through her website they fix it. They created it in the first place therefore they can recreate it again but with the improvements. Nicolee is also available for commission work such as spirit guides, To see the error they first have to step back away from the totem animals or portraits.



...T he Sassy Sorceress!

Lisa Clark


have recently discovered the unadulterated joy that is belly dancing – the erotic dance with daring hip movements – that has its origins in the Middle East. This ancient art form – known as ‘raqi sharqi’ in Arabic – is a form of self-expression for women of all ages and can be slow or fast, soft or sensual, controlled or commanding and passive or powerful. Belly dancing is great for improving flexibility and toning legs, waist, hips, thighs and bums. Translation? Curves in all the right places!



The scared art of belly dancing is rooted in the ancient Arab tribal traditions as a dance to the Goddess of fertility. It’s a creative dance for all women and it encourages a deep connection with the Divine Feminine that resides within us all. Reconnecting with our essence of feminine sensuality, belly dancing encourages confidence and self-love, whilst also improving your posture, strengthening your pelvic floor muscle and boosting your fitness and vitality. Tribal Fusion belly dance brings a modern, new, creative element to an old ancient dance. It takes movements from dances such as Flamenco, Hip Hop, American Tribal Style belly dance (ATS) and Oriental. But at its core there remains the basic movements of Middle Eastern belly dance, modern fusion music and personal styles are layered on top. It represents a highly skilled art form that commands respect, and emanates beauty. Tribal fusion can be performed either as a group or soloist, this dance form is often choreographed particularly when performed in groups.


with the div ine

through Be lly Dance!

Tribal Fusion fits all my gypsygirl sensibilities, the belly dancing to costuming is ofte find a style that n colourful, with la re so na te s weight from one w it h rge full skir ts an you. Tribal Fusion leg to the other. d/ is or pantaloons, In qu it e ra w Undulations: flui and grounded w dian-style cholis d it movements of th h earthy , decorated bras (c styling, while, Tu e hips or chest in a oins, textiles), hi rk is h be lly dance for rotating motion, p scar ves, tassel be ex am pl e, is much more like a wave surgin lts and/or long floaty with g up the body. fringe, and some lo ts of si lk and satin. So mak sort of detailed he ing your ad bedlah – yo wrap, decoration You don’t have to ur costume – de s, flowers, or turb be an expert to pends an. o your chos Popular, too, are en joy the ar t of belly en style of belly funky flared pant da dancing. My nce. s with layered hip In Tribal, big skir te ac he wraps and danglin r ha ts , s lo be ts en of fringing training for 20 g accoutrements. A and a coin bra ar years, and says th ny, or all, of thes e re al ly po at pu she’s still lear ning lar. e elements can be My gorgeous fell , I’ m ve mixed and match ry ow m uc be h a beginner, and lly-dancing ed with other ethnic go dd es ses get together while learning th ’ pieces, but in for a stich and e basics, I do have general, this is th bi tc h to a m te ake our own bras ndency to over-a e uniform of trib nalyse the moves and hip al belly dance. belts. Take a trip , but belly dancing to the haberdashe is a natural state ry Individual interp an d us e materials that ca for girl-kind, so retations are tch the light in the comfort of always encourag an d m my ak e ow a lo n home, I pump t of jingly-jangly ed, but some basi up the volume of so c un ds guidelines to stay . T he m ore over the top a tune you love, within tribal the better, I totally recomm styling include: na ce le end br at e an be ything by Cor vu ing a gorgeous gi tural fabrics such s Corax, that’s rl in th as cottons and si e w or ld by showing off yo what we shake an lks, velvets, rich ur beautiful d shimmy to in cl jewel tones or ea w om an ass, ly and ‘feel’ the mov curves! rthy colouring, es. I throw in som shisha and other e claps, some grac ethnic embroide eful ballet-style ry, mirror-work, ta T h e ar te m chniques movements, and ssels, copious a loud cry of ‘yip layering, mixing D on ’t ’ ev er w hen I change dire let anyone tell yo and matching (n ction, but you ca u belly ot coordinating too da nc in n g is easy, the mov do whatever take closely), coins an ement in belly s your fancy. Allow d bells, chunky ne da nc in g fo th cuses on the core e Divine Feminin cklaces, bracelet e to move within muscles s and and the hi other jewellery, you. Activate yo ps – so if it’s som ‘tribal’ make-up ur sacral chakra, ething and you plan facial markings, feel your hips, your to on getting passio and more. na rso, as you move te about, incorporate daily to the music.Your yoga or Pilates body can release What you’ll nee co nd it ioning into your through dance, so d: ex er allow it to move cise A spor ts bra or fi routine, the mor as it pleases. Once tted top` e bendy and flex yo u’ re ab ib le le A hip belt or broa to yo do u are, the more fu this, learning the actu d piece of fabric n belly dancing al moves becomes to becomes. be worn low on a lot easier and muc the hips h more fluid. Beads sequins, be lls, buttons, sparkles, upholste There are three Lisa Clark - The Sa ry fringes main belly dan ssy Sorceress is an cing author, jo Sewing materials movements to m urnalist, life-coach an aster: d creatrix A long skir t or a Shimmy: this shim o’ awesome. Her huge pair of genie styl m er ly in su g cc essful School hip e pantaloons vibration is create o’ Sass is home to e-co d by moving the ur se s an d workshops Some fabulous hi hips alternately up that are a fabulous bl p-shaking music and down, side end of magic, to side or forwar coaching and substa d and back at a hi ntial sass to help gh Make a Costum sp eed using the mus grown-up girls becom e cl e mistress of their es in the glutes Tribal fusion has and the thighs. own destinies. Her bo a very folkloric/ ok, Sassy Sorcery hits Romany gypsy st Hip hits: a snappy bookshelves, late 2011 yle – You Tube movement of the . hips out from th Web: www.thesassyso e body by shifting rc er the 33 sassysorcerGoddessGuru ess

a s i y e r Comf . b r e H l u f r e d n wo Cassandra Nilson


omfrey has a multitude of uses, including its famed bone healing aspect, and its use in remedies for skin conditions. Magically, it is useful in money workings, and for protection while travelling. Another reason comfrey makes the list of must have herbs, is it is exceptionally easy to grow. Comfrey can be grown from seed successfully, but is much easier to grow from root cutting. Seek out a friend with a healthy plant in their garden. Comfrey can generate a new plant from a thumbnail size piece of root, making it quite easy to propagate several new plants from the original one. Plant in a semi-fertile bed of soil or pot, and surround with a layer of mulch. Comfrey likes to be well watered, but well drained as well. Once established, it is difficult to lose a comfrey plant. It can stand up well to dry periods as well as rainy seasons. Aside from weeding around the plant, comfrey requires very little attention other than the occasional watering. Comfrey grows from the inside out. The central stalk buds new leaves, and as these leaves grow they will lay flat outwards, leaving room for the next lot of leaves. When harvesting individual leaves, cut the outer leaves to ensure new growth. 34


A comfrey plant is ready for the main harvest when it reaches two feet tall, and has small flower buds appearing on the stalk. The harvesting process is rather dramatic. Cut the entire plant down so only two inches of stalk remains. This will go brown over the next few days, and appear to die off. This is not the case. The comfrey plant will grow back at least three times before the plant is fully exhausted. When this occurs, simply pull up the roots, cut a piece off and immediately replant. Once harvested the leaves can be dried by laying them flat or stringing them up on a line. Once fully dry, the leaves can be ripped up or chopped and stored in an airtight jar. Use comfrey in charm bags to put in the car, for safety while on the daily run. Mix with cinnamon and/or mint and keep in the wallet to attract money. Comfrey can be a great addition to your herb garden, and your medicine chest. Give it a try for yourself. Cassandra Nilson has been a practitioner of home and garden magic for over 10 years. She is living in Queensland, with her husband and two children.


Hi my name’s Laura, I’m the spicy little faerie who lives at the bottom of your garden! I’m fun and fanciful and I make all sorts of treasures for your hair! Take a look and see my current pieces, or drop me a line and I can create something special just for you xx



Reiki: Energy Medicine S’ROYA ROSE


hen one’s energy is restored, free-flowing, or balanced, one is more likely to feel relaxed and the body’s own innate healing abilities are “jump-started” and utilized for healing. Thousands of years ago ancient cultures understood intuitively what scientific research and practitioners worldwide are confirming today about the flow (or lack of flow) of energy in the body and, how the use of energy therapies can enhance the healing process. In these ancient times the healers, which were usually priests, viewed their patients as a whole individual. They treated the mind, body and spirit as a whole energy. They knew that only treating part of the person meant that only part of them would get well, resulting in the possible continuation of illness. This was how Reiki was first used thousands of years ago in Tibet. Over the past hundreds of years, the medical profession has seen fit to create a split between the mind and body when treating illness by treating the physical body only and paying little or no attention to the mind and its emotions or how a patient is feeling. The spirit doesn’t get recognised at all in a healing or medical crisis. Any discomfort within the physical body is a symptom of an unhappy spirit.

What is Reiki?


Reiki is a Japanese “hands-on” healing technique used for stress reduction and relaxation that also promotes inner rebalancing. It is based on the concept that everything in the universe is made up of energy and this “life force energy” that flows all around us is drawn in by the body to nourish the cells, organs, and glands. This same energy also radiates from the body and is called the human energy field. When one’s energy is depleted, imbalanced, or the flow is restricted by stress and “holding” i.e. injury, or illness, one is more susceptible to discomfort, further illness, and disease (as with restrictions of the circulatory and nervous systems). GoddessGuru

Surveys are reporting that approximately 50% of the public is now using some form of complementary or alternative therapy; “energy work” is amongst the ten most used. These therapies, often called “mindbody-spirit techniques”, can help decrease anxiety, diminish pain, strengthen the immune system, and accelerate healing. Whether by simply inducing the “relaxation response” (and reversing the “stress response” and subsequent impacts on the body) or, by more complex methods, when patients choose these options, there is often a greater sense of personal participation in healing and the restoration of health is often increased.

What does Reiki feel like?

We are Energy Beings!

Although Reiki is “hands-on”, unlike massage it is administered through a softer touch rather than a applied pressure. While the patient is seated or lying down and fully clothed, the practitioner’s hands are placed along energy centres and pathways on the head, neck, chest, abdomen, legs, and feet (similar to those used by acupuncturists). As energy is transferred to the body, the patient may feel warmth, coolness, gentle tingling, or just deep relaxation. For those in the final stages of life, it can also provide a more peaceful “transition.”

Everything participates in a dance of energy. Our physical bodies are energy and continually changing. All cells in our physical body are renewed in less than two years. Imagine how many bodies you have already had! Our body utilises energy from five different sources the sun, the earth’s magnetic field, the food we eat and the water we drink, the air we breath, and the universal cosmic life-force, where Reiki comes from. The sun for example; we can’t touch it, we can’t smell it, we can’t hear it or taste it, we can only see the light it produces and feel the warmth it gives. But we know that it makes us happy to see it and plants need it to grow just as we do. It is part of our cosmos and it is a pure energy. Reiki is just like the sun.You can only feel its warmth and the sense of peace it gives you when you receive it. It too is part of our cosmos and is pure life-force energy, love energy if you like, and we all know just how healing love can be. We cannot live without it.

What are the benefits? Research on various types of “energy work” has shown that in addition to deep relaxation, there can be a reduction in muscle tension and pain, accelerated wound healing, and a greater sense of health and wellbeing. It is useful during illness, after injuries, pre and post-op, as well as for health promotion. The patient does not need to believe in the process but only needs to be receptive to the experience to receive the benefits.

Who can learn? Anyone can learn - the ability to tap into the universal “life-force energy” is not dependent on intellectual capacity or belief, only a desire to offer comfort. “Hands on healing techniques” are often approached with a spiritual perspective and yet, based on basic physiology, can be approached very neutrally. The human body is designed in such a way that whenever we touch someone with the intention of offering comfort, there is automatically an energy exchange. Research and measurement of energy flow from a trained practitioner’s hands has shown that when the practitioner is in a meditative, healing state (centered, relaxed, with clear intention, “present” for the patient’s highest good), there is an even greater flow of energy.

There is a direct relation between what the mind thinks and how the body reacts.

Energy Healing By realising that human beings are in actual fact made up of energy, one can comprehend new ways of looking at health and illness. In conjunction with medicinal drugs and surgical approaches, vibrational medicine like Reiki attempts to treat people with pure energy. Central to the work of mentalspiritual integration such as massage and Reiki, is the concept that the physical body is the outward manifestation of thought patterns (many from childhood), of fears and traumas that we have allowed to penetrate our energy fields or auras. Within specific locations of our aura we collect data through feelings, sensations, emotions, thoughts, memories and other nonphysical experiences. These are what we report to our doctors and therapists in the form of physical ailments. Understanding how our physical symptoms are related to these locations within our aura will help us to understand the nature of different illnesses. Healing with Reiki changes unhealthy conditions within the human energy system, promoting a healthy energy field/aura and producing harmony and balance. In

this balanced state, humans become more conscious of ‘self’, and their connection to others and all living things. It helps us to be able to radiate positive energy from the centres of power within our Aura called chakras and our level of conscious awareness is lifted and the healing process begins.

Energy conscious Once we become aware of how we affect each other and ourselves on an energy level, a shift occurs within our consciousness and we decide to take responsibility for our own energy. Maintaining our energy levels and staying in a positive mode will become important to us because of this new awareness. Reiki not only brings about this energy consciousness, it helps us to maintain our energy balance as we observe our own behavior and attitudes. Observation of these aspects within oneself allows us to correct ourselves and shift any negativity that we may find. This is all part of taking control of your life. In reality we cannot change others, we can only change ourselves, as this energy awareness lets us know who we are and how we affect others. We can then take responsibility for this. As we treat ourselves with Reiki, the consciousness shifts that occur within each chakra sees us move on from many learned negative mental and emotional behavioral responses. No longer is it necessary to spend years in therapy analyzing oneself to the infinite degree. ‘REIKI a Transformational Spiritual Healing Path’ is written by S’Roya Rose.She shares the journey that is undertaken through the use of Reiki. Whether it be used one self or another, Reiki energy helps bring about inner balance and awareness and ultimately attunes us into wholeness. Back to beings of love and light, which is who we really are. Reiki is helping to transform humanity’s consciousness through awareness and energetic heart healing. This book is available for purchase as an E-Book on www.sroyarose. com RRP. $24.95




Michelle Morseu is a sea wiich and ocean defender. With a passion of the written word, she has been published in sister magazines. Having a gift of empathy of the oceans and natural world she often cntacts her celestial cetaceans to help with made made problems of the world. She is also a psychic, Reiki Master and has a certificate in Natural Therapies!


hhh listen, can you hear it? It is getting louder and louder! Soon everyone will be able to hear it! What is it? It is the sweet sound of The Song of the Mermaid! To some this beautiful song, may only sound like waves crashing on the golden sands or perhaps a sea gull as it flies overhead or the wind flowing through the trees! It may be just that to them thus it is to be true, but it is much, much more! For me my mermaid fascination started many years ago as a girl like most mermaid fanatics it starts with movies, TV show and books. Like the Little Mermaid, Splash, 38


Sabrina Down Under, Aquamarine and H20 also Hannah’s short clips that are found on the internet. They fill the senses with colour, wisdom and romance of the magical oceans a place filled with wonder, a place where I yearned to be! Now my excitement and fascination are once more been ignited with people answering the song of the mermaid! With Mercon the largest Mermaid convention yet! With mer-awards and pool party all held at Las Vegas! Oh how I wish I could of packed my Mermaid Tail and jumped the on next plane! Also with this there are

d i a m r e M e h t f o g n o S

a couple of new magazines due to be released very, very soon. I have also heard that Stephenie Meyer is writing about Mermaids! With all these new and exciting events happening I really feel there is a time to listen to the song and what is the request of our beautiful mer-folk! The song is a beautiful one just like the mermaids themselves, mysterious and free to swim the oceans. It is a song to lure one to the sea, once you are close enough the merfolk will call you forth into the depths. Most say it is then they will drown whoever the song attracts, I feel that is not the case.

The song attracts us close to the oceans and seas so we can enter their realm and see for ourselves the damage we are going to their home! We need to take a personal journey within ourselves and visit the mermaid’s realm. Take note on what they are trying to tell us and think of ways you can help the oceans and protect all that dwell in her. Please spend some time at the beach or river or water way and truly listen to the mermaid song. What does it say to your soul?



Tarot Moments


arot is most recognized forms of fortune-telling in today’s world, used often for quick and informative answers. Tarot Cards have a colourful history, and everybody has a different story to share about where, why and how they originated. This is part of many countries history and folklore. The Romany Gypsy’s have played a major role in the traditions and meanings of the of the Tarot cards, being passed down through the generations. No matter what the truth is, tarot is here to stay. Tarot has seen many changes through the centuries, like fashion. They will continue to evolve and move with the changing times. Steeped in History Tarot is a serious subject being studied and explored by many groups and individuals around the world. There are so many traditions and myths that add to the mystic of the Tarot Cards and reading them. Let us explore just a few. You cannot buy your own Tarot Cards. Gift given to you by a Gypsy with love, luck and wisdom as her chosen one. Never let another person touch on tarot cards. Tarot cards must always be wrapped in a purple silk scarf. Then they must be kept in a wooden carved box, for safekeeping. 40


Tarot reading should always perfumed on a wooden table. Candle burning brightly to ward of evil spirits. Incense burning connects you to the nature spirits. No reversed meaning of tarot cards Receive a reading from a Gypsy and cross their palm with silver for luck. Gypsy’s never reads on a Sunday

Q &A Dear Amanda My husband has a new job how will go? Mable - Gilgandra Dear Mable There is the helping hand coming forward now for your husband around his new ob. He still is caught up in the money loses surrounding be unemployed for a time. He has not lost much he can soon make up the lost money really quickly if he leaves the part behind and look to the future. More money and much more luck for the future. He has the world in the palm of his hand now. New opportunities unfolding surround the new job. Amanda Cards used – Ace of Cups, 5 of Cups, The world Dear Amanda Will our business secure the deal we

amanda hall

are after? Michael - Sydney Dear Michael There have been a lot of work frustrations surrounding your business for some time now. Bu all the hard work and dedication you have put in is about to pay off. There will be a raise in money from receiving the contract you want.Yes there has been some delays with you achieve your wishes but you are now coming in from the cold. Amanda Cards used – 7 of Pentacles, 6 of Pentacles , 5 of pentacles. Dear Amanda Will I get my loan for my house? Frederick - Sale Dear Frederick There has been much deception and delays around the answer for your loan. Emotions have been up and down while you are waiting. After this period of uncertainty and emotionally all over the place the news will be good. You will have the security you crave and be offered a loan which you need to make sure is what you really want and need, It all looks positive indeed be offered Amanda Cards used – The Moon, Ace of Cups, 4 of Cups .

Check out Stacey Demarco’s GODS and TITANS

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s i s I s s e d God



Queen of all Magick



sis is said to be the first known true goddess of Egypt from whom we all originate, and one of the most revered goddesses of the ancient world. She is still one of the most popular and well-known goddesses in the world today. Isis is the most powerful goddess to emerge from the rich tapestry of Egyptian culture, only later being eclipsed by that of Christianity’s Mary. Isis was and still is revered and often worshipped as the divine mother-goddess, considered as judge of the dead, sister and faithful consort of Osiris, and dedicated mother of Horus. Genealogically she belonged to the Ennead; daughter of Seb and Nut, sister of Seth. In the Osiris myths she searched for, retrieved, and reassembled her husband’s desiccated body after having been killed and scattered by her brother Seth. This connection saw her proclaimed as goddess of the dead, and of the funeral rights, gifted with the magickal psychic powers of divination (seer), and resurrection (healer) of souls. Isis then impregnated herself from Osiris’s body and gave birth to Horus in the swamps of the Nile Delta. Here she raised her son in secret and kept him away from her brother Seth. Much later Horus defeated Seth, becoming the first ruler of a united Egypt. Thereafter Isis, as dedicated mother of Horus, was regarded as protectress of the true Pharaoh’s throne. Isis was considered very powerful as keeper of the throne (she became known by her name and symbol), and was seen as holding the space of the throne, a place

for the true seat of all nobility who rule, a very important source of the Pharaoh’s balance of power. Henceforth maintaining the knowledge that ultimately all things are born of the goddess, keeping the sacred union of masculine and feminine as the personification of the perfect balance of the yin/yang nature in all things. Often you will see her dressed with the symbolic headdress of a solar disc between the cow horns on her head. This represents her personality, which was believed to resemble that of the Hathor, goddess of love and gaiety. Mostly she was depicted crowned, with a throne, representing royalty, rulership and nobility, and happily with her boy child Horus sitting on her lap, representing love, motherhood, protectress, and fertility. As a worshipped deity she had her own priests and therefore a following, many temples were erected in her honour. Her largest was built in the Nile Delta on the Island of Philae, later transferred to the Island of Agilkia in 1975-80. Over the centuries much was done to limit, suppress and even wipe out all Isis worship as it was seen to be of the divine mother-goddess. She was made to appear as queen of all dark magickal practices in an attempt to quell knowledge of, and her influence of, the sacred feminine divine practices. This dishonoured and virtually wiped out psychic abilities being revered as sacred truths. Isis personifies the ancient mystery school’s journey of the initiate’s path,

through priestess, sorceress and goddess, typifying the awakening of the divine feminine path that is available within all women-kind. With the ability to see all things, she rules the goddess energy to conjure and to make manifest, first visually, then practically. As keeper of magick and all things feminine she helps us develop our latent natural psychic powers, enabling us to see/intuit all possible realities, thus helping guide our course in life, with our hearts at the helm, navigating its often choppy, if not, challenging waters. Isis is known for her loving strengths of healing and compassion and of her heart’s endurance and willing ability to heal all manner of ills. She goes beyond earthly matters consulting with the divine for truths of the soul kind. In this way she offers us our truth in a sacred sense, asking us to trust what we feel and see with our heart. A true mother-goddess, she guides our parental love and aids us to be the best wives and mothers we can be. Raising our children into the nobility of respect and honour, guiding their lives from a divine sacred truth, teaching them that we are indeed all connected and therefore have a responsibility to help each other live well, in honest clean living environments, caring for our communities at large, while protecting that which is sacred to us, all the things we love. Her inner fortitude and power offers us courage and strength of spirit, clarity of understanding, and ultimately true wisdom in our hours of need.



Gaia S’Roya Rose



Artwork supplied by Nicolee see advert pg 31 Check out

Mother of all creation on Earth


aia’s heart is the earth mother of us all, a primeval Goddess offering up her ancient knowledge as gatherer of earth walk wisdom. She is the tree of all life, she is the creator of wholeness. Born out of the cosmos as a resting place for the gods, a physical Eden for their pleasure, she is a living breathing entity. She stands for life and creation with no regard for consequences. She rules over Mother Nature, which is her garden of joyful abundance, with a dynamic rich diversity of opposites; playful rich yet dark forests, sandy palm lined beaches, treacherous mountain ranges and tempest seas, unruly baron desert plains, tropical islands toped each end with frozen polar ice caps. Mix with that her transformational power of seasons and elements, the cycles of life and death, predator and prey, night and day, wet and dry, hot and cold, male and female, yin and yang, and you have a recipe for an amazing physical journey. Gaia is the earthly divine feminine who rules our physical life and reconnects us with our true nature. She helps us to understand physical transformation, how to ebb and flow with life through the cycles of the seasons for guidance. As the moon gently affects her tidal rivers and seas, so too this reflects our changing inner moods. Gaia is the goddess who watches over all those spirits who walk on her belly, animal, mineral and vegetable,

human and insect alike, none of us are here without her grace. Her beauty is everywhere, her laws are simple; her boundaries plain, for gravity and old age are something none of us can disobey. She checks us with our survival, our body’s ability to reproduce with the desire, lust, sexuality and fertility; and our health needing food and nourishment and exercise for vitality; and physical comfort needing nurturing clean living home environments. Through the four elements Air, Earth, Fire and Water we gain knowledge of a different kind, we come to understand the wholeness of our Earth walk connecting us to our more animalistic instinctual nature and to our ancient ancestral roots. The elements keep all aspects of our Mind, Body, Emotions and Spirit grounded in physical reality. Gaia helps us to become more organic in our life, to understand that everything has its right season and that to try to control everything is futile. That we are born from her and will return to her upon our death is very real indeed, a reality that keeps our ego in perfect check. Hers is a power that should be approached carefully, for everything must answer to her at some time. She asks nothing and gives everything, and is able to reclaim anything mankind does to her with time.



Glorious sty le & Ta


Si Curry

here is ainy day t p inside. r n m u t u t or a you u inter nigh y curry to warm w g ld o c a ite findin eam r On t s u o a v e fa k y li il uite fam nothing q y have become a e h t s and I . For many the table regularly de fabulous currie to ma their way y mother k them. m p u g in o ow how to co d you can litterally r While gr n r a le o t wait bles o are an couldn’t g to prep in terms of vegeta n lo e k a t ’t r out, They don r you like togethe curries, going all eve mn next ony of lu m o e c r e e put what c h t a ake quite e dishes you see in varied tastes, meat. I m id meal with avours s ring the s a u p io e c r li p e h wit rad the fl ey make fo o better savour all f iced mint h T . is h t o t th t ty o your mou mber to have plen t for some allowing e ho m ome very curry. Re c exotic e e h b t n a m c o fr s it ate some a e r le c b d a t n a es. e th wild side h new spic e it water on h t w n t o n e lk perim s. Wa taste bud our own as you ex & Enjoy! fy Have fun flavours o

Indian Red Curry 1 Jar of your favourite Re d Curry Sauce 1 Onion & Capcicum - Th ickly sliced 1 Dozen large green Bean s Sliced 2 Medium Carrots - Slice d 1/2 head of Cauliflower Flo wettes 1/2 kilo of diced Chicken or Beef


Place tspoon crushed garlic & onion in heated Pan, lightly brown in Virgin Ol ive oil. Then add the meat, browning quickly. Now add your favourite curry sauce, followed by all the veg ies. For something extra, add either Pineapple, Mushrooms or Zu chini as options. Add a 1/3 cup of Chicken sto ck and simmer 15 minutes. If it needs a richer flavour, add coconut cream to the sauce. Be brave, add sliced chili & your favourite curry spices, be sure to taste test, & don’t over do it. Garnish with Coriander.- Ser ve with crispy Papadams & varied accompan iments. >



e d i S y r r Cu shes Di Yoghurt Mint & Chutney

Take some fresh sprigs of mint and wash them. Then cut them up finely and place the mint into a bowl of fresh natural yoghurt, now mix well. This cools and refreshes the mouth. Try Mango or Apple chutney as another tasty accompaniment.

_____________________ Cucumber & Tomatoe

Dice up a whole cucumber and about 3 ripe tomatoes and place in a bowl. Now squeeze a little lime juice over it and sprinkle with parsley, perfect.

_____________________ Crisp Salad & Fruits Try these as side dishes if you are wanting light eating. Mouth watering fruits like Rockmelon, Water Melon, Strawberries, Pineapple slices are great. Crisp green leafy salads are ideal and need to be kept simple.

_____________________ Rice There a few rices that can be served with curry like; Rich Coconut rice, Fried rice, Wild rice, Safron rice, & plain long grain rice. If you add a little cardamon and tumeric spice to the water while the rice is boiling, it gives an added flavour. Rice is traditional & perfect for curries.

_____________________ Breads & Papadams

Traditionally papadam crisps are served as a light crunchy side to curries, but more recently Naahn breads have made a come back to curry houses, are proving to be very popular. Cooked in a traditional stone ovens, they are high in complex carbohydrates. Some restaurants specialize making signature styles of Naahn breads with interesting flavours with varied fillings.



Thai Rice Paper Rolls *Source

Ingredients Ser ves: 8

2 lettuce leaves, chop ped 1 tablespoon fish sauce 60g rice vermicelli or rice 1/4 cup water noodles 2 tablespoons fresh lim 8 rice paper wrappers e juice 8 large cooked prawns, 1 clove garlic, finely peeled, deveined and cut in chopped half 2 tablespoons caster 1 1/3 tablespoons chopped sugar 1/2 teaspoon garlic-c fresh Thai basil hilli 3 tablespoons chopped fresh sauce 3 tablespoons hoisin mint leaves sauce 3 tablespoons chopped fresh 1 teaspoon finely choppe d roasted peanuts coriander leaves

Preparation method Prep: 45 mins | Cook: 5 mins 1. Bring a medium saucepan of water to the boil. Boil rice noodles for 3 to 5 minutes, or until al dente, and drain. Rinse thoroughly with cold water so they don’t stick together. 2. Fill a large shallow bowl with warm water. Dip one wrapper into the water for 1 second to soften. Lay wrapper on the bench and place 2 prawn halves, a handful of noodles, basil, mint, coriander and lettuce in a row across the centre, leaving about 5cm of the wrapper uncovered on each side. 3. Fold in uncovered sides of wrapper, then tightly roll to enclose the filling. Repeat with remaining rolls. 4. In a small bowl, mix the fish sauce, water, lime juice, garlic, sugar and garlic-chilli sauce. 5. In another small bowl, mix the hoisin sauce and peanuts. 6. Serve the rice paper rolls with the fish sauce and hoisin-peanut dipping sauces.



Wellness Yoga: for the Body, Mind & Spirit

Integration Spiritual

the human being, the mind, body, emotions, spirit and also it’s connection with the universe (the highest expression). The philosophies of Yoga have developed gradually having had many periods during its evolvement.Yoga has been practiced Nowadays Yoga is used as a powerful antidote for coping in India for over two millennia, it’s considered one of the with the stresses of our modern day life. As a holistic most ancient forms of grounded holistic worship. There practice it aims at uniting body, mind and spirit for total is an enormous amount of Indian literature that is filled health, fulfillment and well being. It has become so with legends and stories from ancient times all testifying popular that studios are popping up everywhere with most to Yoga’s existence, with everything from its practitioners neighbourhoods boasting a resident Yoga teacher. to its divinity and deities. From the Vedic period (Vedas’ It consists of physical body disciplines called postures (physical book of scriptural knowledge), followed by the Upanishads (philosophical aspects) to the Puranas (ancient cosmologies) exercises) and powerful controlled breathing techniques, and the two epics; the Ramayana and the Mahabharata designed to help with focus and mental concentration. which contain the famous masterpiece of Indian scripture; The whole doctrine attached to the postural and breathing the Bhagavad-Gita. techniques is considered essential in order to lead a better balanced and worthy life. This philosophy embodies a known Yoga believes the postures or exercises are essential for truth, what we in the west now refer to as ‘healthy body good circulation, flexibility, the removal of all toxins and and healthy mind’, the combination of which is powerful for keeping all internal bodily organ functions running medicine. smoothly. Having dealt with the physical,Yoga then turns to the mental. This is where the different breathing techniques Besides being a physical body-mind balancing technique, and their application work at quieting the mind and the brain, Yoga is considered to be a philosophy, a science and an art. The word ‘Yoga’ comes from the Sanskrit root “yuj” meaning replacing everyday stressful thoughts and upheavals with a quiet calm inner peace. to join or yoke. It implies the integration of every aspect of

Many in the west believe that Yoga is one of India’s greatest gifts to mankind.



Guide Yoga is excellent for helping you

Challenge the Edge

Relax your Body Mind &Spirit!

To deepen your practice you will need to challenge your body-mind-spirit occasionally. When holding a Yoga posture you want to go to your ‘edge’.Your edge is the place where you feel a deep stretch in your body and the body is working harder, but not to the point where you hurt yourself or over work the body. At first begin your Yoga with simple easy to do postures that will help build your practice. Postures that make you feel strong and confident in yourself, that work and energize your whole body and warm it up nicely. Then when you’re ready, slowly add one or two postures to your regime that takes you to your edge; postures you feel you “can’t” do or postures you normally avoid. Gently move into these challenge postures, focusing the mind on the breath and the body. Feel what is happening in the body without the temptation to react, judge, or criticize. Breathe, breathe, breathe, and let go of “I can’t”. Take yourself right to your edge, breathe some more, and see if you can go just a tiny bit further. Give yourself permission to bail out at any time if the body (not the mind) is saying “no”. Challenge postures can bring up strong emotions, and it is important to be in a safe environment so these emotions can be fully expressed and released. To the practicing Yogi, the edge is a magical place of transformation, but also a scary place. Learning about your edge helps you to understand your body. It is a body focus not a mind thing, so let go of any thoughts or distractions. Slow down, empty your mind and listen to the body. Ease your way closer and closer. Tune in and find the place between pleasure and pain, joy and sorrow, fight and flight, creation and destruction, openness and protection, fear and acceptance. This is the place of duality and magic! Balance there, feel both worlds, feel everything, and just breathe. This is the place of purification or reconciliation; the place of true Yoga alchemy. When you first experience a personal breakthrough and feel that release of tension in your body, you will be awed, exalted and set free.

Starting your Yoga practice 1. Learn how to Breathe The most important thing to do in Yoga is to breathe, especially when holding the postures. Learn the principals of Pranayama to use during Yoga. Most importantly, breathe through your nose into your belly. 2. Start and End with a Brief Meditation Start in an easy pose with a short meditation to center yourself and bring your focus inward. 3. Use Basic and Beginning Postures Choose some basic Yoga poses and postures such as; the seated twist, the cat, the dog, the downward dog, the child, the cobra, the mountain, the triangle or the forward fold. Then look to add some more postures as you expand your practice. Don’t be afraid to gently experiment. It’s your journey. 4. End with Shavasana (Relaxation Pose) Always end your Yoga practice with shavasana resting and consciously relax your body for 5-15 minutes.





k n u r T e h t n i Junk e r u t a N r e h t o vs M

verybody who’s into health is doing It. There are teas and kits on the market to help you do It. Many naturopathic doctors will put you on It.You hear about It from friends who are “on one”. Many say they want to do It. Some say they can’t do It. The big IT is “Cleansing”. Cleansing has become the new health buzz word for a while now. People want to cleanse usually because we know that on some level, our body doesn’t feel as vital, flexible, and energized as it once did. We feel tired, sluggish, and maybe generally “yucky” (a technical term). Internal cleansing or detoxification is critical to your body function. Our cells are constantly producing waste products. If this natural cleansing process becomes weakened or blocked, impurities accumulate in our bodies. As these impurities continue to build, the “yucky” feeling may develop into more chronic conditions. In time, these collected impurities might eventually turn into serious diseases such as diabetes, chronic fatigue, heart disease, lupus, and cancer. I hear from many people who care about their health and well-being they simply don’t want to continue to feel sick and tired.Yet they go on masking the symptoms with pharmaceutical medications or quick fixes, which isn’t a good plan for long term health. But before we talk about doing a “cleanse” the right way, let’s explore the common misperceptions about it. Junk in the Trunk vs. Getting the Right Nutrients When we eat processed food, deep down, we know it’s not good for us, but we do it anyway. Then when we feel bad, we eat better for a while, but the feelings of fatigue still linger. From that feeling of “fatigue” we might opt to do a cleanse. We buy a kit, get some cleansing herbs, drink juice and within a few days, we’re feeling better! A month later, we begin the cycle of junk food eating again, then we do another cleanse and so on. The problem with this plan is that there is not nearly enough time to regenerate your body or create any real, long lasting changes. This type of cleansing process stresses out the body, which is already stressed from the processed food. 50


ESTA LIBERO Holistic Nutritionist Cleansing a junk food body can be even more counterproductive because a tired body has no energy to regenerate or cleanse. I have learned that cleansing requires energy to do the job properly. If your body doesn’t cleanse on its own to begin with, forcing it to cleanse can create greater weaknesses in your metabolism.You don’t want to go there.

The Key to Cleansing

Did you know your body is intelligent and heals itself? When you get a cut, who heals it for you? Remember a time when you had a cold or flu? Your nose got runny and had a bad cough for a while? Perhaps you took some medicine and you thought the medicine healed it, right? What the medicine really did was to suppress the cough and dry up your nose until Nature in all her humbleness healed your body for you. The real reason your body created the “flu” was due to being out of balance.Your body became weak, clogged from junk food or stress and didn’t have enough nutrients for the immune system to cleanse the way Nature designed it to. The key to cleansing is to follow Mother Nature. Nature in her wisdom never cleanses anything until she is nourished first. The right balance and amount of nutrients has to be established in order to cleanse safely. A nourishing regime before a cleanse can help you feel stronger as your body releases impurities. Now, a body that follows this proper process of cleansing can have the appearance of a head cold or flu, frequent urination and more bowel movements, but the difference is that you actually feel fine and still have energy to do daily tasks. It’s not always necessary to be out of commission while your body is cleansing. Just get some good handkerchiefs. If there is just one thing I can share from 25 years in the holistic nutrition world, when someone tells you that you can cleanse before a good evaluation of your vitality is established, it will be a waste of your time and money to follow that program. Learn to follow Nature and you’ll be on the right track.

Watch THE “HOW TO” It has become a lost art to know how be vitally healthy. Our food sources are depleted due to pesticides, GMO’s and soil erosion. Changing to a whole foods and mostly organic diet was the wisest and still the most useful thing I did but, even this was not enough. It wasn’t until I got extremely chronically fatigued that a friend directed me to a food company that made concentrated, live, whole food source products. This is where I began to learn and experience for myself how to cleanse following Nature. I recommend the use of these herbal food concentrated products to help establish enough vitality before your cleanse. I have my clients on a program for 28 days minimum before they start a cleanse regime. Sometimes, they don’t need the “cleanse”, because now, they have enough nutrients to allow Nature to do what it was designed to do: nourish, cleanse, and balance with its own intelligence. This knowledge came through 5000 year old principles from ancient China called the “Philosophy of Regeneration”. When following this daily, I got to experience a level of vitality that I had not experienced in a long, long time. My body cleansed without even trying and 20 pounds disappeared from my body to start. Lifelong allergies eventually went away. I had the energy I dreamed of having every day. The Philosophy of Regeneration is so simple that it seems almost like common sense. But there’s a saying from the Ancients, “if something is simple, it has truth”.

1.The body is intelligent, self-healing and self-cleaning. 2.The body gets its health from whole living food nutrition. 3.Everybody is responsible for their own level of health. Fiber and Fluids are another part of Nature’s plan in cleansing. Here are the seven fibers needed daily for healthy bowel functions: lignins, mucilage, cellulose, hemicellulose, pectin, psyllium, and bran. Though these fibers are in many foods, I have found a product I like to share for convenience. They are called Sunbars from a company called Sunrider. We call them the “smooth move” bars since they contain all seven fibers. They come in fruit and cocoa and taste really good. For fluids, your body may need help in absorbing the water you drink. Ever drink a ton of water and still not feel hydrated? Fortune Delight is an herbal formula I add to water, which also balances electrolytes and washes free floating fats out of your body. It’s also based on the philosophy of regeneration and is safe for all ages, and it comes in several good tasting fruit flavors. I recommend 2-3 quarts of fluids per day depending on the person, season and stress levels. Cleansing through the Philosophy of Regeneration is a great way for your health to flourish. Allowing your body to cleanse and not forcing it to cleanse will bring you tranquility, energy and balance about your health. ESTA LIBERO, is a Holistic Health Practitioner, CMT Pheonix Arizona. Please feel free to contact her for your free guide to cleansing safely. E-mail: esta@ Phone: 602-515-1355 in USA

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Angelic Communications

s e s n e S r u o Y se



ngels communicate with humans differently to the way we communicate with each other.Your angel is not going to pop round for a coffee and a chat but you might sense their presence in a more subtle way. They don’t communicate with human words (usually) so we have to widen our horizons and be open to more unusual forms of contact. A very high percentage of communication we human’s make with each other is not done through words anyway. The raising of an eyebrow or the wagging of a finger can say so much without a single word being spoken. Sometimes the warning flash of eye-contact between loved ones can stop a row between lovers and the gentlest of flickering eye movement between a mother and her child says NO! far better than the words ever can...especially in company where angry words might be inappropriate. Let’s now translate this communication into angel-speak. If words aren’t used then how do they reach out to us? Our bodies react to outside stimuli all day long. When we’re excited we feel that fluttering in the tummy, this feeling can indicate when we are making a good decision about something. That feeling that deflates the shoulders and gives a dull ache in the stomach area tells you that something is upsetting or wrong. When grieving or dealing with life changing bad news the pain in the tummy is powerfully strong...when my father died it felt like someone had shot me with a gun! The physical pain hurts... A simple touch of the hand between one person and another can indicate comfort but so too can a hand on the shoulder – no words need be exchanged but we know it means ‘I support you’. Angels can use these subtle clues too and often my post bag will indicate ‘an angel at someone’s shoulder’...or that someone felt an invisible hand offering support. Mostly these feelings occur during times of stress

Jacky Newcomb

or high tension...when the body is not in its normal dayto-day state-of-mind. If you are ill, unconscious, sleeping or meditating...even day-dreaming, then you’re more likely to experience angelic contact.Your mind temporarily shifts in consciousness and the angels jump in with a message of support. Message? Did you say message Jacky? Did you slip up there? No! Angel message come as ideas, thoughts, a whole concept delivered in one go. It feels like inspiration has just come to you. This powerful thought is usually accompanied by the feeling of deep inner peace and occasionally beautiful scents or choir sounds filter through from the heavenly realms. The visit by an angel is a powerful and loving event, one you are unlikely to forget in a hurry.Yet for all its power, sometimes descriptions are unavailable. Usually there is nothing to see except maybe a white feather. The feeling is difficult to describe and the sense is something you can’t describe. It seems elusive. No wonder people find I hard to believe in angels! Yet the angels are drawing closer to humankind at this moment in time. There is a greater need, even an urgency to let us know of their existence and they are waiting to work with you too. If you’re ready why not send out the call? Angels...I am here! And you know what? I bet you’ll feel them too! About Jacky Newcomb Jacky Newcomb is a multi-award winning, Sunday Times best selling author and columnist. She’s regularly featured in the national press; national and international radio and appears as a guest expert on programmes such as LK Today (Lorraine Kelly) and ITV’s This Morning. For more information



y m e h c l A

n r e .. . e d c n e o i c S s M e Soul meet Michael Lamb



lchemy, according to esoteric writers, was an invention of the ancient Atlantean and Egyptian sage Thoth - Hermes Trismegistus known as the father of alchemy, or Thoth - the thrice born. Alchemists are referred to as the sons of Hermes or Hermetics. The Greeks referred to Hermes as the messenger of the Gods. Alchemy is the transmutation of lead into gold, this being a metaphor for changing the dense, heavy emotional and physical body being into a being of golden light and solar radiance. A sun being.Your soul and spirit incarnate into the material world, thus we get to experience life on the material plane through the physical form, mental mind and emotional body. On a physical level, when blood is viewed under a microscope it is gold in colour and when your blood boils (i.e. when you get angry) you change your bloods chemical composition through an emotion. Thoughts create emotions, emotions create action and action creates reality. Moods change our chemistry and material emotions distort reality. Our whole being has emotional triggers, which can be influenced by just going shopping, or working with difficult people thereby upsetting our nervous system, however these emotional triggers can also be controlled. In the future the building of Alchemy Spells and Formulas will be a very important part of people seeking a spiritual pathway or seeking to strengthen their spiritual pathway. Building these formulas will help strengthen and give you confidence within the levels of the astral, mental and physical worlds. It will help in the development of clairvoyance, clairaudience and all other higher senses. The first and most important part of Alchemy is your command and knowing it can be achieved. As you command so shall it be. This is the first spell any sorcerer



or sorceress will learn.Your commands give you absolute purity of thought. 1 To command is to give a thought strength, energy and purpose Without emotional distraction. 2 You can control your emotions and rampant thoughts with commands. 3 You are Physical body, Mental Mind, Soul body, and Spirit living in the material plane of existence. To command is to is bring forward your will power - YOUR SPIRIT. YOUR SPIRIT IS THE REAL ESSENCE OF YOU The spark of the God or Goddess within you is like a tiny sun. It is not of the material world.Your soul is the astral body, which contains all memories of previous life cycles Your Mind is only a small part of you.Your mind transmits and receives thousands of thoughts, Feelings, and emotions every day. There are a couple of basic exercises to help give commands strength, the first is to focus on an object and see how many other thoughts get in your mind, practice daily until only one thought of that object remains in the mind. This is where meditation comes in‌.. if you close your eyes there are less distractions. Using your mind when emotionally balanced, we have a very powerful tool, we can place basic commands to alter our physical, mental and emotional being, through simple yet effective meditation, we can change our coarse base emotions into the golden light of spirituality. We can also learn commands to remove negative thought forms from our homes, send healing to friends and loved ones and protect our vehicles when driving so that they will harm no human or animal. Basic spells for everyday life, for example when you are having a shower- command as you wash that you

are cleansing, healing strengthening, re-vitalizing and purifying your physical, mental and emotional bodies. Literally see energy in your hands removing dirt, static energy, negative vibrations, over your body, heal it, know it and love it. While in the shower, it is also a good time to stretch as you clean from the tips of your toes to all over your back. Wash and condition your hair and massage deeply into the scalp, feel and sense the action taking place, it’s the same as when you clean your home, don’t just clean it physically, it is also a good time to cleanse your home within all levels using commands or elemental spells.

Focus, imagination and relaxation are the three key aspects, the triad of energy to become the master of self. During this journey, you will learn to: 1 Balance your emotions 2 Self Control (will power) 3 Focus & Increased awareness 4 Healing oneself and others 5 Energize yourself Then slowly through the keys of knowledge, you will understand and master your physical body, mental mind and astral (soul) body.

Michael Lamb studied at the School of Inner Knowledge for 10 years, understands and teaches kabbalah and works with colour and sound. He runs the Planet Radio show and ElementalVibrations and has toured extensively for research. For more information visit his website @



Hodgepodge symbols for the modern goddess Bronwyn Fish

Bronwyn Fish is an Events manager & owns Soulessence. She runs regular courses & meditaions Her website:

Symbol Yin Yang The Taoist symbol Yin-Yang or Taiji consists of a circle divided into two teardrop shaped halves, one white, one black and within each half is a smaller circle of the opposite colour. Yin, the black teardrop, is the feminine side representing soft, yielding passive energy and is linked to water, Mother Earth, the moon and night time. The white Yang teardrop, the masculine side is hard, solid, aggressive energy which is linked with fire, sky, the sun and daytime. Each side is very different yet each contains the essence of the other, so one cannot exist without the other. Their union creates movement, they remind us of the cycles of life: day follows night follows day, birth follows death follows birth in the infinite cycle of life.


The Empress

The Empress is the giver of Earthly gifts, the fertile mother goddess, the nurturer. Ruled by Venus, the planet of love and the Goddess Demeter with her gifts of creativity, fertility, beauty and grace, the Empress’s image is often shown as pregnant. The Empress signifies new life and the creative birth of new ideas and new possibilities; she produces boundless beauty and represents abundant fruitful times. She comforts us in the knowledge that life is good, that we are being cared for, protected and are worthy of her gentle loving embrace. If the Empress appears in a future reading then say goodbye to that creative block as that special someone and that happy ending is just around the corner.



Crystal: aragonite

Aragonite was first discovered in the Aragon province in Spain. On a physical level, it is said that focusing on a piece of rich dark honey coloured Aragonite crystal will soothe sore throats, bring warmth to the body and can relieve muscle tension. Carrying a piece is said to be beneficial for chronic fatigue, nightmares and even hair loss. A grounding stone, Aragonite is useful during times when you feel angry, stressed or a bit overwhelmed with life’s responsibilities as it encourages patience, calms the nerves and soothes anger. Aragonite’s calming and grounding ability also makes this a wonderful stone for meditation. It strengthens your connection with the Earth and aids in balancing your Base Chakra.

Faerie brownies

Angel Archangel HANael Angel

Known in Scotland as “the servant’s friend”, Brownies are good natured little sprits that help out with the household chores during the night in exchange for a place to sleep, a little milk and a slice of bread. They are about 10 inches tall, often wear cone shaped hats on their long brown hair, are very intelligent and possess great Earth wisdom. The ladies will often weave feathers and flowers into their hair braids in honour of Mother Earth. They have beautiful singing voices, always carry a musical instrument like a drum or a flute, they love to dance and are very fond of mimicking the sounds of nature.

Brownies dislike greedy people and will wreak havoc if mistreated, so if you think you have a little helper around the house, it may be wise to leave a bowl of milk out tonight.


If you find yourself being tested, your patience wearing thin, then call upon the Angel Barchiel for he is the angel of Compassion. He softens our feelings of anger, hate and jealousy and helps us to appreciate and love our Self for who we are, as well as helping us to empathise with others. Through our lives journeys of emotional highs and lows, Barchiel teaches us patience, he guides us to use our positive energies and look for the positive things that surround us. He teaches us how to face the challenges that arise in our life and reminds us of the true beauty that is the human experience.

Rune RAIDO, represents travel, a quest or journey. Whether it be a physical, spiritual or intellectual journey, just know that if Raido appears in your reading then this is the right time to take that trip and experience new places and try new things. Raido often signifies a union or a coming together of two parts during the course of this journey so it is also associated with the return of old friends and a chance to heal old rifts.If Raido appears reversed, then things may not go quite to plan. Delays or possible missed deadlines may occur, but any journey needs some sort of forethought, so as long as you plan and focus on the outcome, Raido will help you ensure it is successful.



Want to create a Sense of Positive Living in

your Home and Life?

Roxanne our expert shows you how, using Feng Shui Principles

Spring into Life Springtime means it’s time to open windows and doors and welcome the new season with open arms. Allow the negative energy that built up over winter to disperse and make a conscious effort to invite the positive energy of sunshine and freshness. Spring is known as ‘starting afresh’ which is correct but we quite often get this opportunity in so many other ways, people are just not aware of it. It’s not just for New Years eve, it can also be on New moon cycles, your birthday (at any time of the year), or simply when you choose to make changes for the better in your life. These specific times are also auspicious for making new affirmations and ending the old cycle you were in. *De-cluttering is the most energetic exercise to do around the home in spring. Have a clear –out! *Let go of the unused items that contain heavy and stagnant energy, including old clothing that no longer serves its purpose. Out with the old and in with the new, as they say. *Removing the negative energy of winter allows you to feel lighter and more energised. It’s time to get into living and feeling positive. *Have a garage sale to buy something new or special for the home. Or even donate items to charity. Giving is all part of good feng shui. *Get back to nature, spend time in your garden, visit a public garden or go for a bush walk. Spring is about rejuvenation for all living things, so take a deep breath and be part of it.

IDeas for POSITIVE SPRING ENERGY: *Flowers – Fresh flowers in the house are uplifting *Scent of citrus – Use lemon or citrus in an oil burner *Listen –Turn up the volume of your favourite music *Tidy up – any dead leaves from around your front door *Clean up – Brush away the cobwebs from corners *Fresh air – Open the windows and let the spring breeze blow through your home. TIP: Cleanse the energy of your house with a sage smudge stick or sage leaves.

Roxanne is an Australian well known Feng Shui Consultant and Expert. 
Author of Best Seller Books “Feng Shui – A Practical & Easy Guide”
& “Life Is…Awesome”
 Contact Roxanne to visit your Sydney home or business on (02) 9525 6569 Website:








To book Ph: 07 3378 9649 or Email:

Black Moon Lilith - 3 Day Womens Retreat



Dechen Chodron

Apple Inspired Wisdom

Dechen was inspired by the Goddess to develop her work as an artist because she discovered the zen of seeing. Dechen runs regular Goddess & AppleWisdom workshops in Glastonbury UK. Her artistic talents cover a range of disciplines including Oil Painting, Sculpture, Land Art,Water art, Photography, Film & Video, Dance, and Storytelling. 

 


   


Personal Courses presented in Millicent. South Australia. Correspondece manuals also available

 … 62


Tree of Life ~ Apple Inspired Wisdom cont.. by Dechen Chodron

IMBOLC Feb1st/2nd Northeast GODDESS Bridie/Swan Maiden Goddess of the Sacred Flame,Poetry, Healing, and Smithcraft.

Bridie Goddess of the sacred flame, maiden goddess bringer of the quickening. Who is released from Cailleach, bringing back the white rod of inspiration from the depths of winter. As Bridie touches everything it brings the quickening, the life force back upon the earth, with it the first signs of spring, as the snowdrops appear upon the land. Her power animals are swan, wolf, and WINTER SOLSTICE GODDESS DANU, DANA, ARIANRHOD, CAILLEACH 21st December North/Air Starry Crown, stone and bone, Owl, Wren and Eagle. Ancient Mother of the north who covers the earth with a blanket of snow at midwinter. Reminding us to slow down and be still. To connect to your crown of wisdom held in the stars. To dream your dream and to begin the journey. In taking time to be still we aligned back to our Ancient ancestral home in the stars, to SAMHAINE 31ST October Direction Northwest. GODDESS CERRIDWEN White sow, Crows, Hawk, Toad. Cerridwen, dark mother keeper of ancient knowledge, within your sacred cauldron. She represents life and death, the end of one cycle of the year and the beginning of the new year. This is the time when we choose to let go of old habits releasing them into her cauldron to make way for the new. Without letting go of what we don’t need any longer, there is no space for the new. Cerridwen will

snake. Bridie Keeper of the sacred flame,who calls back the light from the deep dark depths of winter, she will whisper in your ear to ignite your ideas into being, bringing passion to those seeds of ideas within you. If the idea and the passion is strong it will grow as you nurture the idea and tend to it, watering it with love and motivation throughout the year, to eventually see it blossom and grow into fruit upon the Tree of Life. Bridie’s poetic wisdom was known thoughout Ancient Britain. Listen to your inner voice and write a poem dedicating it to Bridie. An ancient tradition of making Bridie dolls in the image of the goddess was

revived in Avalon many yrs ago. Then on Imbolc morning she would walk the land bringing the quickening to the land.She would then be retuned to the land at Oestre when the grains begin to grow.

receieve the wisdom from the silver wheel, from those first beings of fire and ice,earth and water, who speak in the wind. The Goddess of the Ancient north can teach us many things, if we are still enough to listen. Take time to meditate with your alter and listen, connecting with air in your breath. Allow your self to journey out into space, into the emptyness. Giving your life space to breath with the rythme of the earth. Experience the goddess in your meditation in your dreams and in your daily life. Ask questions and pray,and listen for the

answers in signs all around you in the world and in your dreams and visions. Write down your dreams to help you remember them.

challenge you to release your fears taking you down into her cave, this can take a moment or it can take time, depending on your lessons. Then out of the blue she will release you showing you the bright new face of her love, making you eternally grateful for life. Create a Samhaine ceremony calling on Cerridwen to release the things you don’t need any longer into her cauldron, so as to transform, to make way for the new. fetilized the egg will then be released Every month a woman can experiences the process of death fully as she has her menstal cycle. This can be a very painful process especially within her menstal cycle, each month in our modern world because we are she releases an egg new life that is not fully honouring ourGoddessGuru cycle. there for a couple of days. If not 63

Simply Astrology

Amanda Hall

Aries - Fire 22nd March to 21st April Goddess of Love With you being the Goddess of change and excitement you love to be number one.You will find it difficult now to share the Centre stage even with your loved one. Emotions feel very erratic now. Don’t sweat all the small details. Compromise does not come easily to you. Some of the boundaries in your relationship need to change to accommodate the new direction of your relationship. Goddess Emotional Wellbeing With your emotional well-being is at its lowest ebb for some time. Now is the perfect time for a break, so book that exotic trip. Recharge your emotional batteries, and bring back the goddess now. Busy year so far lots of new people and opportunities. Take the time improve your health and vitality, try Yoga or Pilates

Gemini - Air 22nd May to 21st June Goddess of Love Now the Goddess of change is ready for new adventure. Boredom has been setting in and now it time to break free of the shackles. Love is always a mystery to you as your partner finds it difficult to keep up with your ever changing outlook on life and what you wish to achieve. This can make it incredibly difficult for them to understand what makes you tick and keep you happy. Change is happening. Goddess Emotional Wellbeing Time for change now, you thrive on the excitement of different opportunities unfolding. There is plenty of scope for new adventure now. Out and about exploring your territory will keep you busy and motivated now. This can be taxing on the emotions. This is when you head home to recharge your emotions.

Leo - Fire 22nd July to 21st August Goddess of Love Well Goddess time to take your power back. Disagreements over money you are spending on yourself make life uncomfortable with your partner. Goddess of glamour needs to adorn yourself with the finer things of life this makes you happy.You are not feeling happy or relaxed in this relationship. There needs to be more clear communication. This does not have to spell the end, happiness will return. Goddess Emotional Wellbeing You need to be admired and applauded. Opportunities coming to enable you to strut your stuff. Not the time for a career change. Authorities will be taking notice of your abilities. This could lead to a promotion. Always ready to show your talents to any audience will to watch. Time to reorganize personal fiancés.

Taurus - Earth 22nd April to 21st May Goddess of Love With you being the Goddess of comfort & style, now is no exception. Just waiting to be pampered and adored by your loving partner. A little holiday will rejuvenate your romance. The last couple of months have been very stressful and not enough time to devote to each other. They take the opportunity when it arises. Even in nature, we can just kick back relax and enjoy each other. Picnic in the park sounds wonderful. Goddess Emotional Wellbeing There will be many changes in your emotional wellbeing as you work through old issues that you have chosen to ignore because they were too painful to process. Now they come to the fore front and you feel better equipped to deal with them and move on. Feeling so much stronger now will lead to some major discoveries about where you are heading for the future with great enthusiasm now.

Cancer - Water 22nd June to 21st July Goddess of Love Now in Goddess fashion you are trying to understand your emotions. And what makes you tick, and hopefully your partner. In recent times the rose coloured glasses are off and looked at your current relationship. For some this spells the end. For others, true honest communication. This will either strengthen or weaken the union. Either way, you are comfortable in your newfound Goddess strength. Goddess Emotional Wellbeing Emotion are strong now as the Goddess we see you blossom like a rose, strong and tall. For all the trials and tribulations you now listen to your inner voice. And believe it. What a result the true Goddess is emerging, emotionally strong and ready for the future. Time to re-organize your personal finances with better budgeting, make your dreams happen. Go for it now!

Virgo - Earth 2nd August to 21st September Goddess of Love With the Goddess always searching for answers now is no exception. Sometimes paranoid about what your partners, motives are for their actions. Not the time for being by yourself with your thoughts. Have a conversation with your partner about your concerns and issues will melt away now. Solutions will come, and the relationships will we strengthened.Your partner can’t read your mind. Goddess Emotional Wellbeing What has been hidden from you will now start to become clearer as we progress through the next few months. Answers will come very fast. Take the time to understand how this affects you.You are much stronger now than you have been in years.Your close confidant will help you through this maze. Listen, and then go back analyzing your way. Positive steps will begin unfolding for the future.

Amanda Hall has 35 years experience in Astrology & Tarot reading and runs Simply Astrology & Tarot. She is the best-selling author of the Simply Tarot set, available at good bookstores near you. For more information visit Libra -Air 22nd Sept to 21st October Goddess of Love With the Goddess of perfection and balance, you need to surround yourself with positive people. Many changes have surrounded you now for some time. Now we are moving into a more tranquil phase in your love life. You will enjoy being with your partner or lover now. Dreamy romantic times ahead are good for the soul. With big opportunities just around the corner, get ready and flexible to make any changes. Goddess Emotional Wellbeing Now life is moving so fast it is hard to stop and grab your breath just for a minute. Let’s absorb the energy surrounding you and where it is directing you for the future. For some there may be a big breakthrough on the job front now. Make sure you listen to your instincts as not all people are honest.

Sagittarius - Fire 22nd Nov to 21st December Goddess of Love The Goddess of adventure is emerging again.Your lover and partner is enjoying the feeling of excitement in the air once again. This is will create some magical moments in your relationship as you are both caught up in the euphoric feelings. New work opportunities beacon both of you now. Short trips and romantic getaways keeps the sparkle alive in your relationship. Goddess Emotional Wellbeing Life I s always an adventure and you ready with your bags packed to leave at a moment’s notice. There will be times, when your emotions need to be grounded as your strong intuition needs to guide you the right way. A busy time ahead professionally, sometimes you will feel emotionally wrung out. Make time to recharge your emotional batteries.

Scorpio - Water 22nd October to 21st November Goddess of Love Goddess of intense emotional energy you have been tested to the limit recently. Now you will be able to breath easier and everything is starting to settle down now.Your love or partner now seems to be more comfortable with the changes that have been thrashed out in your relationship now. Romance is back on the menu now. Enjoy some romantic evenings snuggled up together. Goddess Emotional Wellbeing Now with a new outlook on life and your emotions and temper in check. You can conquer anything that life throws at you. Positive outlook and ready for change now is the time to make the change on the job front. People in positions of authority will notice your calm professional mannerisms. The ability to keep your emotions well hidden, make you the right person for their company.

Capricorn - Earth Pisces - Water 22nd Dec to 21st January 22nd February to 21st March Goddess of Love Goddess of Love Yes practical Goddess with The Goddess of dreams is off your feet firmly planted on the ground. with the fairies again or so it would seem Now we can safely explore those checking out exotic places to visit when emotional issues we have avoided until on holidays next. Or just gazing into now with your lover or partner. Take a the eyes of your lover and enjoying the businesslike approach to these issues and moment of fantasy you are living. Now you will feel comfortable and in control. we need to get back to reality, work and Ready to give and receive love in a much issues at hand, which are not so dreamy. more open and honest way. This will be Work will consume too much of your music to your lover’s ears now. time. Goddess Emotional Wellbeing Goddess Emotional Wellbeing With your demeanor always composed With emotions stretched now, your work and in control. It will be hard for you will be a source of tension now. Busy to maintain the status quo now. It is not times ahead allowing you to show what a sign of weakness to have emotional you’re made that you will have intense outbursts from time to time, this simply emotional fortitude when needed. There makes you human. This is a positive step will be moments where you will be able forward, as you start to understand more to shine and show people what you made about emotions. Know that positive off. And there may even be some talk of changes are in process now. Venturing extra responsibility and an increased pay ahead into new emotional territories, packet. Exciting future ahead now you GoddessGuru 65 scary I know but all good. are back on track.

Aquarius - Air 22nd Jan to 21st February Goddess of Love The Goddess always seeking truth you can sometimes upset your lover or partner with your stand offish approach to emotional issues as they arise in your relationship. Sometimes they don’t want to hear the truth, even though you are more than willing to share your wisdom with them. So they can improve their behavior. Of course you have no need to make changes as you are already close to perfect. Goddess Emotional Wellbeing Emotions are high now, as you try and sort out the differences in your workplace. It is now overdue it’s your turn to shine. Negativity from others can be present, sharing new ideas. Just keep focused and believe in yourself. People like your strength and determination. They may need help to resolve issues

Randall Libero is an independent writer and producer of New Media. His long running radio show can be found at

“The Wizard in Time & Harry Potter”


y intention in this column was to write about the conclusion of the Harry Potter series of films, but a nagging thought kept knocking at “the door” of my consciousness. It came from a deep and personal place, and after more than 10 years, it is clearer to me than ever before. It is simply this – that the character we call “Merlin” from the Arthurian literary traditions is a very real conscious vibration that is profoundly affecting our world today, and perhaps for a very long time. I believe that it spoke through Ms. Rowling and to the younger generations alive now, for it is for them, and not us older souls, that Merlin’s message is truly meant for. The Harry Potter series of books and films communicated what could be called the “teachings of the wizard’s way”, spiritual guidelines that have been kept alive for centuries in various forms, most notably preserved in the enchanting legends, myths, and stories of King Arthur, the great knights, and the ideal of Camelot itself. I could say a lot more about this, but since this is a column about movies; I will stay on course and say that several other wildly popular films series, such as Star Wars and Lord of the Rings also had elements of the magical teachings of “The Wizard’s Way” woven into them. It only takes a mind that willing to peer a little more deeply behind the images or the words to perceive this. If you are personally drawn to wanting to explore this idea more through the magic of the cinema, allow me to suggest several notable movies you would enjoy: 66


The Sorcerer’s Apprentice (2010) Nicholas Cage seeks Merlin’s successor through the centuries and finds him in a persona of a gawky college kid.

Merlin (1998) and Merlin’s Apprentice (2006) Originally a TV miniseries; the first being a noble although slightly uneven account of Merlin’s youth, his coming into his life as a magical being and its great responsibilities; and a sequel where generations beyond Arthur’s time rebuild a new Camelot.

Excalibur (1981) gives a marvelously rich account of the whole Arthurian cycle and makes significant use of the symbolism of the Grail Quest.

k o o B iews Rev

Editors Choice Fire of the Goddess and the most important facets

By Katalin Koda RRP: $15.95

You are a creator, lover, priestess, and healer.... a multifaceted goddess with confidence, spiritual wisdom, and the power to reinvent yourself. Based on a lifetime of deep spiritual study and her firsthand experiences around the world, Katalin Koda offers an innovative way for you to bring the sacred feminine into your everyday life. Fire of the Goddess presents nine goddess archetypes that correspond with every woman’s inherent gifts

Guide to Goddess Craft By Dianne Stein $12.95 The female deity represents a powerful aspect of the psychology of women’s self-determination. Originally published as The Women’s Spirituality Book, this guide describes the beliefs and practices of the goddess craft as it relates to the daily lives of women. Designed to be useful to both men and women, this book emphasizes achieving power and control through healing, visualization, Tarot, and the women’s I Ching. Diane Stein teaches the specific techniques - the craft - of this worship, encouraging women to become leaders in the transformation of the world into a safer, gentler place for all. Diane writers from the heart.

of her life: firebearer, initiate, warrioress, healer, consort, bodhisattva, priestess, weaver, and crone. For each archetype, you’ll connect with its associated goddess—Pele, Artemis, Quan Yin, Isis, and others—through inspiring exercises, the power of myth, and a sacred ceremony. Through the exploration of each goddess aspect, you will begin to discover the strength, beauty, and authenticity of your sacred and ever-evolving self.

The Living Temple of Witchcraft By Christopher Penczak RRP $21.95 Venture deeper into the mysteries of witchcraft and discover within yourself new levels of wisdom, love, power, and responsibility. In the fifth installment of the award-winning Temple of Witchcraft series, popular author Christopher Penczak explores the Descent of the Goddess. In the myth of Inanna, the Goddess journeys through seven gates to attain entrance to the Underworld and learn its secrets. In this unique book on witchcraft, you will parallel this descent by journeying through each of the seven chakras, symbolically evolving from survival to a state of divinity. Part of a series of witchraft books avaialble through Llewellyn.

Dance of the Moon By Dan Furst RRP: $21.95 From the Egyptian feast of Thoth to the Celtic fire festivals, from the Chinese lunisolar year to the lunarbased calendar of the Muslim world, Dance of the Moon will take you on a cross-cultural tour of traditions, pagan rituals, & practices throughout history that honor life’s cycles. Discover the Mayan calendar as a soul evolution tool and see what it foretells about 2012. Explore the spiritual underpinnings of the Pagan Wheel of the Year alongside holy days from communities spanning several generations and thousands of miles. Learn about a wide array of deities, symbols, plants, & elements sacred to each month of the year.



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m n Lilith Retreat

The BlackMoo - 11/11/11 Women’s weekend th Held at November 10th - 13 reat Cetre To the Gunnebah Ret 9649 or Email: book Ph: 07 3378 babulamoon@bigp

Be sure to get your ticket & attend this years 2011 GODDESS Conference! Hosted annually by the GAIA Ass on the Gold Coast at the Southport Community Centre. Three days of amazing festivities, music, dance, make some goddess connections...

ADMIT ONE 2011 GOD www.godde




r 14th-16e th

DESS CON Southport F ~ GoldECRENCE oast

1st week of May 1st week of July ptember 1st week of Se ember 1st week of Nov ary 1st week of Janu ch ar M 1st week of

      

                                     

tNOTICEBOARDt Business Listings: lth & weight *Angel Magic Ros: Hea ium, Angel Loss Coach, Psychic Med Intuitive, Contact Email: com AngelMagicRos@yahoo. a fabulous *Lilitu’s books & Music ystals & Gifts, magickal shop! ACT Cr 02 62303373 Web: www. gs with *Numerology life Readin hr - $90 for S’Roya Rose $50 for 1/2 ine today! 1 hour! Book & Pay Onl

c Medium & *Bonnie Parsons Psychi 5939 Clairvoyant. Ph: 07 4775 Email bonnieparsons@bi

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Position Vacant

s ddess House offers

reat The Go es to the G 2nd ic v r e s l a n devotio uals on healing rit d n a s s e rafield d God month. Pa h c a e g in n ct: Tues eve ide. Conta la e d A , s n e r visit Gard o o o h a y @ e. n ast_moo ddesshous o g e th / :/ ttp our blog h re info. m/for mo o c t. o p s g bla

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Feng Shui

lessence Bronwyn owns Soanu online where she runs produces chakra course, n CD’s guided meditatio iry folk and a range of faer event gifts between h ork. management w


0412 407 888

phone 02 9525 6569

Bronwyn Fish

BOOKS & MUSIC Bonnie Parsons LILITU’S Ginninderra Village, O’Hanlon Place


Medium,& Clairvoyant Member of the Australian & International Psychic Assoc.

Certified Professional. Bonnie is a well known and respected psychic who’s passionate about her work.

Phone Bonnie

07 47755939 Email

~ GOLD CREEK ~ Nicholls ~ ACT * Goddess, Pagan and Wiccan Gifts & Supplies * Best selection of Goddess & Pagan books in Canberra * One-on-one custom spellcraft by request * Goddesses, Dragons & Fairy Statues * Tarot & Oracle Decks, Books & CDs * Crystals & Special Gifts * Hand crafted Jewelery, Carvings & more

Monday 11am-5pm Tuesday to Sunday 10am to 5pm

02 6230 2272 email:

Alchemy Courses Available BOOK NOW TO SECURE YOUR PLACE

Michele-lee Phelan’s art is the key to opening and expressing the realms of earth, spirit, and the imagination. A painter of dreams,dragons, mythology, goddesses and faeries. Michele-lee promotes and sells her book, oracle decks, original artworks, and fine art prints via her website Dreams of Gaia:

w w w. d r e a m s o f g a i a . c o m

“‘Mystical art and illustration of Michele-lee Phelan’”. 70


Cost for each One-Day Workshop is $170.00 Early payment for BOTH workshops is $310.00 Bookings essential as numbers are limited. Ring Michael Lamb on

0407 737 267


The Goddess Guru

Online Psychic

Numerology & Tarot Readings...via Skype

Email: * 1 Hour $140 * 30 mins $75 * 15 mins $45

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Goddess Guru 3rd Edition  

Welcome to Goddess Guru's 3rd edition. In this issue we have some new Guru's for you to check out. S'Roya hopes you enjoy her cotemporary Wo...