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2017-2018 annual report







President’s Perspective........................................................... 4-5 2017-2018 Board of Trustees.................................................... 6 2017-2018 Ursuline Sisters of the Central Province Provincial Team............................................ 6





2017-2018 Ursuline Alumnae Association Board Members......................................................7 2017-2018 Parents’ Club Board Members..............................7 Macs of 2018.............................................................................8-9

2017-2018 Ursuline Sisters of New Orleans......................... 6

SAF Alumnae Giving............................................................26-27

2017-2018 Academy Administration....................................... 6

Scholarships and Special Gifts.........................................34-35

Dear Ursuline Community, The Ursuline Academy Annual Report provides a snapshot of the Ursuline community’s giving through service and stewardship. Our Ursuline family, listed in this report, has made a difference in the education of our young women in the 2017-2018 school year. Through the generosity of our community, we are able to share with you the Academy’s 2017-2018 financial picture.


While annual fund donations support our operating budget, Ursuline is dependent on tuition dollars to fund both instructional and campus needs. As support increases, we are able to address the needs of our beautiful campus more through fundraising than tuition. It is important that we have the full support of alumnae and friends of Ursuline to help maintain our historic campus. With that said, here are reasons why your gifts make an impact on Ursuline Academy of New Orleans:

Why give to Ursuline? Ursuline is dependent on fundraising to support her operating budget. Funds generated through our Serviam Annual Fund (SAF) are used in the fiscal year they are received. Thus, without the Annual Fund, areas of the budget must be decreased, directly impacting the education of our girls and the upkeep of campus. One of the greatest expenses in our operating budget is the maintenance and upkeep of our 11.5-acre campus. Approximately 21% of the yearly operating budget goes to maintain the campus. One fifth of the operating budget for the campus does not include significant improvements. While our auxiliary buildings received a facelift after Katrina, they now require routine care. Our 106-year-old main building is in need of attention along with our campus exterior. We have planned that those improvements will come from projects designated in the future. We thank all those, in the pages ahead, who gave to continue our education.

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2017-2018 impact of giving

You will see a list of supported scholarships. These are a wonderful example of our alumnae’s commitment to the values and opportunities provided to our future alumnae. They are contributions that ensure the gift of an Ursuline education for generations to come.

Why volunteer at Ursuline? Ursuline is blessed by a generous group of volunteers: The Board of Trustees, Alumnae Association Board, and Parents’ Club to name a few. It is through this spirit of Serviam that we can offer programs & activities and drive the strategic direction for our school, which impacts our girls. We ask all parents to give the gift of time to Ursuline. These dedicated parents, who have fulfilled their gift, are included in the pages ahead.

How does my gift of service or stewardship make a difference? The gift of service allows Ursuline Academy to continue to provide activities and events that the school community has grown to love. Our talented, dedicated volunteers are the reason we enjoy La Fête, Super Terrific Happy Hour, Homecoming, Spaghetti Supper, Mother/Daughter events, Easter Egg Hunts, Study Breaks, Santa’s Workshop, class parties, and so much more. It takes a village to continue to make Ursuline home to so many young women and their families. In addition, the gifts of Board service allow strategic planning, campus projects, and financial planning to advance the educational mission of the Academy. Your generosity to the Serviam Annual Fund continues to provide advancement in security measures, art supplies for our creative minds, care for our historic campus, and programs such as Project Lead The Way. How wonderful to know that your gift directly impacts students that same year.

Why should you give in 2018-19? Without your support, Ursuline Academy cannot reach her full potential as a historic educational institution. It is quite simple. We need our Ursuline community to participate in stewardship and service to continue our Sisters’ legacy. In Christ,

Dr. Karen T. McNay

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2017-2018 impact of giving

2017-2018 BOARDS

2017-2018 Ursuline Academy Board of Trustees Jean Nolan Coleman ‘73 Helen Franz Eshleman ‘77 Eric Jarrell Susan Henington Jumonville ‘61 Hon. Keva Landrum-Johnson ‘90 James MacLaren Paul McGoey

Bob Farnsworth, Board Chair Kristin Van Hook Moore, MD ’92 Toni Hackett Antrum ‘73 Lisa Zaccaria Barnett ‘81 Jessica Kennedy Becker ‘89 Sr. Carolyn Marie Brockland, OSU Simone Bruni Crouere ‘89

Monica McKay Karen Thomas McNay Sr. Madonnna O’Hara, OSU Alan Phillipson Robert Taylor Suzanne Cromiller Thomas ‘73

2017-2018 Ursuline Sisters of the Central Province Provincial Team Sr. Diane Fulgenzi, OSU Sr. Ann Barrett, OSU

Sr. Rita Ann Bregenhorn, OSU Sr. Viriginia Cirone, OSU

Sr. Mary Ann Dooling, OSU

2017-2018 Ursuline Sisters of New Orleans Sr. Regina Marie Fronmuller, OSU Sr. Mary Ann Holmes, OSU Sr. Donna Hyndman, OSU

Sr. Carla Dolce ‘50, OSU Sr. Carolyn Marie Brockland, OSU Sr. Virigina Cirone, OSU

Sr. Rosemary Meiman ’46, OSU Sr. Magdalita Roussel ’62, OSU

2017-2018 Ursuline Academy Administration Dr. Karen Thomas McNay, Academy President Alice Bairnsfather, Head of High School Shanna Gosey, Head of Elementary School Becky McLellan, Director of Admissions

Christy Jackson Zurcher ’00, Director of Alumnae Andrea Williams, Athletic Director Fred Drew, Business Manager Kate Uhle, Director of Communications

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| 6 |

Stephanie Davi, Director of Development Kelan Griffin, Director of Information Technology Donnie Broussard, Facilities Manager

2017-2018 impact of giving

2017-2018 Ursuline Alumnae Association Board Members Executive Committee Officers

Graduating Seniors’ Luncheon Calli Bodin ’02, Margaret Guidry ‘00

President Kristen Rivero ‘00

Homecoming Terri Thibodeaux Stuckey ‘81, Angie Fulton Castay ‘74

President-Elect Amber Randazzo Peskin ‘99

La Fete Patron Party Nicole Quijano Williams ‘93

Vice President Stephanie Tomlinson Ricau ‘92

OLPS Feast Day Kaki Pittman Smith ’76, Alisa Blake Dobronich ‘99

Past President Calli Bodin ‘02

Santa’s Workshop Stephanie Tomlinson Ricau ’92, Aziza Landrum ‘95

College Representative Marguerite Hathaway ’40 C’44

Serviam Annual Fund Toni Wright ’80, Amber Randazzo Peskin ’99, Jessica Dalton Wooward ‘99

Ursuline Alumnae Association Event Committee Chairs

Special Alumnae Awards and Honors Therese Wegmann ‘78

Alumnae Spring Gathering Annie Krasnow ’10, Helen Franz Eshleman ‘77

Sweethearts Club Luncheon Kimberlin Pittman Brown ‘95

Blessing of the Herbs Jan Haydel Signorelli ‘80

2017-2018 Parents’ Club Board Members Event Committees & Chairs Co-Presidents Jennifer Galligan, Rhonda Musso Dads’ Club President Marcus Douglas Box Tops Coordinator Christy Levy, Micah Allen-Bellow CCSCC Rep. Kathy Plassé Christmas Boutique Christine Maristany, Jennifer Galligan Easter Egg Hunt Elizabeth Klein, Tiphanie Buras

ES Father/Daughter Dance Kathy Plassé, Alysia Evans, Ashlin Reece, Ashley Schmidt

Room Parents Jennifer Galligan

Faculty Luncheon Peggy Talbot

Social Committee Lori Knight, Claudia Benevento, Amy Salaverry

ES Mother/Daughter Brunch Ashlin Reece, Ashley Schmidt Faculty Luncheon Peggy Talbot

Service Committee Alysia Evans, Peggy Talbot

Teacher Appreciation Week Jill Condon, Dara McDaniel

HS Mother/Daughter Luncheon Paige Brown, Used Uniform Sale Stacey Heisser, Wendy Jones Angelique Laughlin Hospitality/Communications Diana Worthy Hospitality Rhonda Musso

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2017-2018 impact of giving

MACS OF 2018


| 8 |

2017-2018 impact of giving














| 9 |

2017-2018 impact of giving



Tuition Auxillary Programs Serviam Annual Fund Other Fund Raising Scholarships State Required Services Interest Income

$ 8,238,000.00 85% $ 583,000.00 6% $ 370,000.00 4% $ 213,000.00 2% $ 126,000.00 1% $ 57,000.00 1% $ 55,000.00 1%

$9,642,000.00 RESOURCES

ursuline academy

| 10 |

2017-2018 impact of giving

$362,000.00 RESTRICTED GIFTS Scholarship Gifts Special Gifts

$ $

172,000.00 190,000.00

48% 52%


Instructional Auxillary Programs Facilities Management General and Administrative

$ 5,407,000.00 $ 598,000.00 $ 1,991,000.00 $ 1,646,000.00

56% 6% 21% 17%

$9,642,000.00 USE OF RESOURCES

ursuline academy

| 11 |

2017-2018 impact of giving


Jane Gisevius 1961 Wayne and Karen Parr Luthringshausen 1962 Dr. Karen Thomas McNay Claudette Mouledous Schmidt 1963 Andrée St. Martin 1976

Sweetheart Circle $2,500 to $4,999

The St. Angela Society OLPS Circle $15,000 and above Michael and Norma Kimble Henry C. Pitot

Serviam Circle $7,500 to $14,999 Joan Gisevius Johnson 1961 Robert and Donna Peyroux Taylor 1976

CLC Circle $5,000 to $7,499 Emanuel and Madeleine Simmons Blessey 1959 Marion Schexnayder Bruno 1946 Peter and Jean Nolan Coleman 1973 Crescent Bank & Trust

Robert and Lisa Zaccaria Barnett 1981 Terrence and Nancy Brennan Robert and Pamela Farnsworth Patricia Stern Habans 1964 Robert and Nadia Corzantes Haik 1984 Honorable Nancy Amato Konrad 1959 Bryce and Erin Leftwich LeBlanc 1975 Dr. James and Gina MacLaren Anna Maria D’Antonio Mitchell C 1950 Kristin Van Hook Moore, M.D. 1992 Alan and Arlene Philipson James and Victoria Sabrio Leslie Menard Sharkey 1980 Linda Teijelo Smith 1959 Suzanne Cromiller Thomas 1973 William and Patricia Wagner Thompson 1956 Laurelee Roger Toscano 1960 Dr. Kathryn Eberle Wildgen 1959 Stacie Lee Worsham 1982

President’s Circle $1,500 to $2,499 Dennis and Joyelle Adolph Kevin and Diana Pivach Alfortish 1976 David and Sandra Banks Dr. Darrell and Ashley Bourg Odessa Elston Burch-Pilie’ 1951 Maria Cangemi 1983 Allison Stern Clement 1970 James and Pamela Cosse’ Sally Thomas Duplantier Douglas and Alise Durand David and Maria Huete Freddie and Katherine Doerries Hurst 2000 Eric and Pattie Jarrell Gayle Ahern Keller 1955 Matthew and Shannon Pritchett Kottemann 1999 Judith Ann Byrnes Kountoupis 1963 Verna Satterlee Landrieu 1950 Curtis and Brooke Lloyd Rhesa Ortique McDonald 1966 Leon Poche, Jr. Elisabeth Ainsworth Rareshide 1951 Dr. Angela Booth Wingfield 1990

Gifts to the Serviam Annual Fund (SAF) provide direct support to Ursuline students in the current are critical to preparing our girls for their future career paths. The generous donors listed here, throu Way throughout the Academy. In addition to this important program, gifts to SAF in 2017-2018 mad of our beloved State Street campus, and made it possible to keep participation in athletic programs donors. It is because of you that, like so many before them, current Ursuline students will go out an

General Giving Clubs St. Ursula Club $1,000 to $1,499 Adele Baker 1973 Dianne Dupepe Beauregard 1961 Pamela A. Bonura 1967 Mildred Pilie Bradley 1969 James and Dr. Jennifer Bertsch Butler Marcus and Kay Chevis Kerry Leftwich Coleman 1966 J. Kevin Colligan Simone Bruni Crouere 1989 Mary Lisa Noe Deane 1974 Deborah Augustine Elam 1979 Helen Franz Eshleman 1977 Ann Haro Estingoy 1958 Freeport-McMoRan Foundation J. Donald and Marge Garvey Shanna Gosey Janice Donaldson Grijns 1962 Fred and Sharon Grilletta Sean and Jennifer Grilletta Douglas and Paulette Grubbs Dr. Joshua and Wendy Jones Shirley Joubert Susan Henington Jumonville 1961 Katherine Stewart Keene 1959

current school year. Programs like Project Lead The Way, a nationally recognized STEM program, ere, through their support of SAF, have made it possible for Ursuline to implement Project Lead The 2018 made it possible to implement updated security measures, to continue the historic preservation rograms free to all Ursuline girls. The Ursuline community is grateful to each and every one of these go out and change the world.


Lisa Lachin Landry 1974 Dr. Michael and Christine Maristany Cynthia Johnson McDonald 1963 Lawrence and Donna McNamara Jose Mendoza and Windy Zito-Boudreaux Ritamay Moreland Mire 1976 Dorothy Englisbee Mitchell 1958 Lauralee Horil Perez 1963 Mary Kathyrn Levi Pietri 1961 Eugene Priestley Janet Haydel Signorelli 1980 James and Peggy Salvaggio Talbot 1984 Ursuline Nuns of the Parish of Orleans MK Wegmann 1966

Loyalty Club $250 to $999 Marcia McWaters Abide 1955 Tayseer Alsghair and Shereen Abdair John and Lea Anderson David and Mary Andignac Alice Bairnsfather Ginger-Marie Lopez Baptiste 1966 Jessica Kennedy Becker 1989 Renee Hotard Bennett 1959 Lois Carbo Berthaume 1966 James and Dorothy Black Erin Blaum 1982

ursuline academy

| 14 |

Dr. Bonnie Accardo Boyd 1974 Ed and Mary Ann Brannan James Britsch Karen Kay Crais Briuglio 1960 Broadmoor, L.L.C. Stephanie Guarisco Brown 1966 Tara McAuliffe Brown 1959 Eunice Hebert Bullington 1950 Tiphanie and Martin Buras III Ricky and Sarah Burnett Tom Butler Jeff and Deborah Cancienne Joseph and Joanna Cancienne Jason and LaToya Cantrell

2017-2018 impact of giving

Ann Wegener Colfry 1964 Kenneth Humphreys and Jill Condon Sarah DeFelice Cook 1973 Patricia O’Leary Crane 1966 Dr. Francisco and Caroline Cruz Leanne Willoz Cupero 1959 Joan D’Antoni 1963 Cynthia Dauner 1974 Stephanie Davi Douglas and Paula Depriest Dr. Ronald and Donna Dimitri Kris Dimitriou Alisa Blake Dobronich 1999 James and Flo Donovan Tiffani Miller Dorsa 1990 Frederick and Kathleen Drew Michael and Lynn Garcia Dube 1973 Elizabeth Duplantier 1972 Christine and Milton M. Dureau, Jr. Jane Eaves Veronica McCune Edwards 1942 Katherine Fish Eigher 1966 Joel and Edwin Elam III Patricia McNamara Ellis 1964 Eden Ezell Andree Lavie Fant 1978 Michael and Dana Farley Mary Kay Caire Faust 1973 Mary Lynne Block Fonseca 1956 Ann Valentino Fuselier 1963 Anne Generes Githens 1957 Janice Perino Glas 1969 Benjamin and Berenice Gravolet Jan Gravolet Honorable Stephen and Maureen Grefer Alan Guenther and Jeannine Roques Marie Bilich Guidry 1939 Christina Macaluso Hammock 1995 Kathleen Muldrey Hannigan 1972

Edward and Ann Leaumont Harold 1989 Casey Grace Harvey 1994 Charles and Susan Henderson Mary Margaret Abbott Hevron 1964 Melanie Howell Holloway Robert and Jessica Hughes Wendell and Alicia Humphres David and Dina Illg Gretchen Zibilich Kane Bradley and Megan Knapp Rebecca Johnson Krobert 2006 Michelle Landrieu 1977 Jason Lawler and Sonya Jarvis Dr. Elma Ireland LeDoux 1973 Lynn Lachin Lightfoot 1964 Allen and Leslie Ligori Honorable Hans and Stacey Liljeberg Muriel “Kit” Harger Lipps 1957 Kateri Picou Livingston 1964 Johanna Hochhalter Logan 2000 Richard and Kathleen Marksbury Edward and Shelley Mayer Marques and Robyn McCormick Nicolle McGuiness Judith Fife Mead 1964 Teresa Staub Meeuwenberg 1966 Eric and Meredith Melancon Diane Hubbell Michelli 1955 Dr. Christy and Linda Montegut Margaret Donovan Mufdi 1966 Allison Hansen Mullis 1991 Margaret Ann Morgan Newman 1955 Connie Casey O’Donnell 1966 Olisa and Claire Ojeh Tom and Alexa Oliver Jaynie and Thomas Owen, Jr. Teresita Williams Park 1952 Kristine Stern Pattison 1968 Allison Pepin 1981

ursuline academy

| 15 |

Scott and Amber Randazzo Peskin 1999 Charles and Betty Poche Darrin and Paula Polito Danielle Schott Ponder 1974 Karen M. Prestenbach Yvonne Morales Quijano 1961 Felix and Kathryn Rando Judith Gonzales Rando 1961 Sandra Russo Ray 1962 Donville and Rashaan Early Reid 1997 Teresa Failla Reymond 1961 Norma Salcedo Richard 1981 Dr. Tola and France Roberts Brent and Peggy Roccaforte Mary Lousteau Roche 2000 Dr. Jim and Celeste Roethele Troy and Randy Rosamond Eileen Hill Rossini 1962 Anna Rye Carolyn Coogan Schof 1957 Michael and Marina Silva Frances Sunseri Songy 1975 Avin Puderer Squires 2005 Richard and Yvette Squires Julienne Territo Stewart 1972 Adam Strickland Stephen Stryjewski and Janine Guzzo Therese Thibodeaux Stuckey 1981 Patricia Lind Sullivan 1960 Betty Sue Talbot 1967 The Greater New Orleans Foundation Madeline Judie Gabler Tidwell 1963 Jessica Touchet Debora Tremont 1967 Blaine Rittiner Twibell 1968 Elaynor Uddo Chad and Olivia Ventola Maureen Mock Verderame 1966 Margaret Roussel Vizzi 1949

2017-2018 impact of giving


Jonathan and Cathryn Walsh Mary Doyle Walther 1959 Nathalie Nelson Ward 1983 Pamela Sunseri Ward 1962 Sean and Alicia Weber Barbara Boulet White 1968 Dr. Shayla Gaither Wilbert 1996 Patricia Wilkinson Arlene Giraud Wiltz 1964 Shawn and Jessica Dalton Woodward 1999 Susan Young Christy Jackson Zurcher 2000

Courtesy Club $100 to $249 Charleen Wegmann Adam 1955 Dr. Brandi Adams 2003 Brooke Blakley Agers 1994 Denise Kachler Agnew 1979 Dr. DaCarla Albright, MD, FACOG 1988 Kathleen Krause Alfonso 1955 Ava Allen 2018 Annette Green Alvarez 1979 Rita Hammond Amedee 1971 Aaron and Honorable Candice Bates Anderson 1988 Robert and Rebecca Angelle Dr. Janet Laizer Angelo 1976 Karen Keenan Angelo 1962 Toni Hackett Antrum 1973 Amy Armbruster 1978 Stacie Arms 1983 Francisco and Ruth Avila Margaret Medo Babin 1976

Kelly Smith Bailey 2006 Belinda Baker Ian and Renee Barras Lori Barthelemy Gertrude Beauford 1954 Ola Morgan Becnel 1951 Sean and Dr. Christiane Benefield Janet Benevento Earleen Fournet Bergeron 1956 Theresa McNamara Berman 1992 Kay Parent Berrigan 1957 Judith Radke Blakemore 1958 Dr. Carlee Blamphin 1966 William and Jane Blessey Calli Bodin 2002 Gail Michelli Boling 1954 Louis and Christy Bonnaffons Margaret Booker 1970 Angele Noto Bordelon 1997 Dr. Patrick Bordnick and Allison Stock Rosanne Mitchell Borne 1974 Joan Daniel Boudreaux 1961 Claire Weilbaecher Bourgeois 1959 Timothy and Gina Bourgeois Elizabeth Bourgeois-Gordon 1961 John and Kerri Theriot Bowen 1978 Bryan and Leah Bowers William Boyles and Dana LeBlanc David Bradley Daniel and Alicia Brannan Dawn Cason Brechtel 1988 Mary Aitken Britsch 1953 Dr. R.J. Britsch Elizabeth Glaser Broekman 1985 Judith and Donald Broussard, Jr. Elaine Douglas Brown 1952 Willie and Nicole Brown Robert and Lenora Brown Brian and Christine Brox

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| 16 |

Constance Braud Buisson 1985 Amanda Langley Cabral Ophelia Mitchell Cadro 1949 Suzanne Artigues Cangelosi 1957 Christine Perret Carlson 1974 Marie Louise Denis Caro 1950 Kirstie Romair Carollo 1987 Marie Ramoneda Carriere 1942 Rose May Carroll 1978 Muriel Cassibry Angela Fulton Castay 1974 David and Robin Castle Madeline Patron Caulking 1965 Stanley and Rose Cernosek James and Kimberly Chafin Terry Dorvin Chamberlain 1974 Alison Widener Chauvin 2001 Michelle Henson Chiara 1961 Sr. Virginia Cirone, OSU Celeste Lecompte Clark Mary Lynne Bologna Clogher 1959 Louis Cochran Susan Howson Coco 1964 Virginia D. Cognevich Claire Brechtel Collier 1950 David and Beverly Cook Kenneth and Keyan Cooper Asta Viguerie Cotonio 1960 Joan Mendola Coulter 1956 Jean Ruello Cranmer Rue 1962 Julie Youngblood Crocker 1989 Lee and Debbie Cucchiara Brandi Lee Mayfield D’Aquin 1992 Patricia Fitzmorris Danflous 1965 Lacy Davillier 2004 Nancy Weilbaecher Davis 1964 Norma Carrillo Dean 1979 Frank and Sarah deBoer Camille DeCoursey 2007

2017-2018 impact of giving


Susan DeFrance 1978 Amy and Edward J. Delery, Jr. Mary Weilbaecher Desimone 1969 David Rae Morris and Dr. Susanne Dietzel Phyllis Trouard Dodson 1960 Mel and Kim Dorner Michelle Caro Dow Dorothy Joan Barry Dulaney 1949 Wayne and Theresa Ellison Susan Haydel Elmendorf 1974 Leonard Enger Vivian and Irvington Eppling, Jr. Lisette Robbert Fabacher 1974 Danielle and Michael Fahrenholt, Sr. Daniel and Betsy Falk Eileen Clark Farley 1965 Wendy Farrelly 1976 Charlene Wirth Faucheaux 1980 Arthur and Delphine Faulk Louis and Paige Faust Kathy Gillin Favret 1968 Mary Ryan Fein 1970 Shelley Ferro 1978 Mary Judice Finney Ann Guenther Forde 1962 Brennan and Ashley Fournerat Rosemarie Fowler Todd and Penny Francis Luis and Stephanie Franco Agnes C. Franklin Corinne Gately Freeland 1953 Hiroshi and Michiko Futagoishi Chanelle N. Gaither 1993 Paulette Crouere Gamard 1961

Johanna Maisano Garcia 1953 Betty Becker Gatipon, Ph.D. 1952 Jean Arnoult Gaul 1951 Lory Gerdes 1995 Maureen Brennan Gershanik 1988 Robert and Martha Warren Gettys 1970 James and Catherine Giroir Sue Lousteau Gisclair 1966 Myron and Benita Glickman Carole Deutschmann Gloger 1956 Dr. Gary and Mary Glynn Joan Glynn 1947 Michael and Marlene Goebel Karol Pfaff Goodwin 1965 Simone Pilie Gordon 1974 Ferrell and Susan Grace Andrew and Julia Graham Edna Krentel Greenbaum 1975 Kristie LeBeau Gregoire 1991 Kelan and Christa Griffin Katherine Sylvester Groves 1960 Stephen and Janine Guzzo Dorothea Graffagnini Hamlin 1954 Kathleen Lilly Hart 1963 Linda Landry Hartwell 1964 Bonnie Peyrefitte Hebeisen 1962 Dr. Cheri Hebeisen 1990 Carmel Heitzmann Yvonne and Carl E. Hellmers, Jr. Jason and Rachel Hery Kathleen Dowling Hite 1953 Emile and Mary Honoree Patricia Talbot Hotard 1952 David and Jessica Huston Federico and Diana Icaza Mari Isasi-Diaz 1967 Adam and Kristine Jackson Michael and Mary Jacobs James Jarvis

ursuline academy

| 18 |

Jennifer Jeansonne 1987 Susan Maria Johnson 1994 Happy and Pam Jones Matthew and Mary Jones Sandra Davis Jung 1960 Teresa E. Karst Eugenie Luck Kearney 1962 Kenneth and Denise Kelley Malinda Majeau Kelley 1999 Dorothy Rodi Kightlinger 1963 Bonnie and John C. Kilroy III Charlotte Laguaite Knauer 1960 Anne Marie Majoue Knauth 1960 John and Julia Koblan Adrienne Wild Kolb 1968 Loretta Krentel Krasnow 1977 Mary Ann Richarme Krupsky 1967 Dr. Mary Jane Brodrick LaCoste 1951 Taylor Dornier Lacour 2009 Jennifer and Charles Lafleur, Jr. Cara D’Antoni Laforet 1990 Jerry and Lerene Lambert Claire Relf LaMothe 1966 Honorable Keva Landrum-Johnson 1990 Dr. Megan Landry 2001 David and Nancy Larousse Mary Beth Winters Larson 1960 Danielle Pilie Lavie 1978 Robert and Joelle Leali Charles and Terri Leaumont Kelly LeBlanc Lisa and Anthony Legeaux II Dolores Sullivan Leumas 1951 Christy Levy Dr. Lawrence  and Cheri Levy Jean Carole Toca Linn 1958 Patricia Treuting Lipari 1973 William and Amy Lob Joan Barrios Lococo 1948

2017-2018 impact of giving

Mary Nolan Looney 1966 Sharon Lopez Sherry Lowry, AAI, AU 1977 Charlotte Connick Mabry 1974 James and Jan Maselli Mann 1973 Carol Kramer Mannino 1959 Daniel Marksbury Frank and Dottie Marquez Julie Ehret Martin 1980 Lehman Martin, Jr. Lisa Lavie Martin 1999 Debra Masson 1969 Arnold and Regina Mayberry Michael and Jennifer Mayfield Jeanne Guillory McAllister 1955 Edwin L. McAuliffe Paula Diodene McCaskell 1983 Frank and Renee McDavitt Kathleen McGoey 1962 Paul and Lisa McGoey Denise Becnel McGovern 1964 Patrick and Jennifer Dalton McGuinness 1994 Monika McKay 1992 Francesca Collins McManus 1976 Dr. Stanton McNeely Sarita Melson 1991 Joan Gunning Merkle 1952 Sharon Merrick 1974 John and Susan Meyers Elizabeth Mialaret 1973 Pamela Vogt Mikill 1961 Timothy and Amy Milam Dr. Margaret Smith Milling 1959 Robert and Lydia Toso-Miner Caroline Mohr 1962 Jennifer Johnson Molina 1985 Judith Mollere 1966 Page Keenan Morgan 1959 Dr. Stephen and Rachel Morse

Karen Hubble Mortillaro 1989 Helena Carriere Morvant 1958 Mary Ann Goll Morvant 1966 JoAnn Fazzio Mueller 1957 Hubert and Kay Mule Nicole Broha Murphy 1999 Suzanne Jones Myers 1973 Tim and Diane Nelson Louise LeBlanc Newman 1967 Christian Nice Danielle Nice 1985 Elizabeth Nice Stefanie Nice Mary Stern Niven 1973 Mary Elizabeth Unsworth Nolin 1960 Stephen and Jenna Notarianni Wendy E. Horne Nugent 1986 Fernando Figueroa and Ann O’Hanlon Martha O’Neal Tanya Toledano Olivier 1989 Barbie Corte Oltmann 2003 Patricia Giraldo Ortalano 1977 Mary de Laureal Owen 1970 Marilyn Marquer Palermo 1962 Teresa Ann Krasnow Palmer 2010 Kathy and Arthur Parham, Jr. Dr. Kendall and Lisa Parker Fernando and Patricia Giglio Patron 1964 Ellen Van Geffen Picone 1966 Deborah Levy Pierce 1969 Carolyn Gueymard Pieri 1962 Jo Ann and Thomas Piglia, Sr. Catherine Weiss Piriou 1960 Ellen Lemoine Plaisance 1992 Stephen and Heidi Poche’ Nicolle Gamboa Pollaci 1989 Mary Eileen Fitzpatrick Pollard 1961 Mary Catherine Porch 1976 Clementine Doskey Prevatt 1948

ursuline academy

| 19 |

Michael Psarellis Ralph and Darlene Rabalais Mandy and William Ready II Ryan and M. Ashlin Reece Kathleen Morris Reine 1960 Manuel and Tiffany Reyes Marjorie Cambre Reynolds 1956 Dr. Ruy Ribeiro Clint and Stephanie Tomlinson Ricau 1992 Ashley Jordan Riley 1997 Kristen Rivero 2000 Phyllis DeBlanc Robert 1960 Richard and Amy Roberts Brittany Robinson 2004 Carroll Rogers 1964 Greg and Andrea Russo Suzanne Juge Sale 1960 Madge Warrick Schexnaydre 1955 Zoe Callac Schluter 1950 Matthew C. Schroeder N. Miles Schueth Paige and Honorable Madeleine Landrieu Sensenbrenner 1980 Adolphine Brungardt Shaw 1960 Rebecca and John Michael Shay, Jr. Anne Stern Sheridan 1962 Frank Silva Elizabeth Riley Sintes 1953 Caroline Smith 2010 Catharine Pittman Smith 1976 Suzanne Brigtsen Smith 1954 Pamela Rein Sontag 1966 Lucinda Steg Sorensen 1970 Kenneth and Johnette Spellman Janet Bordes Stafford 1966 Cynthia Stewart 1966 Joy Bordelon Strong 1958 Tina Stroud Daniel and Cristy Suarez

2017-2018 impact of giving


Sarah Spinks Suddreath 1961 Janet Sullivan 1974 Joseph A. Taranto Henry Tatje Nicolle DiGerolamo Thaller 1987 Caryl Theriot 1972 Angelle Thibodeaux 1985 Mary Ann Hoerner Thomas 1960 Judith Abel-Alexander Thornton 1959 Laura Favret Tobin 1976 Lavina Tomlinson Betty Breland Trachtman 1963 Marie May Traylor 1976 Alicia Aab Tronson 1986 Nicole Trufant-Wade 1997 Sandra Wiederecht Turner 1962 Katharine Uhle Joan Doskey Vairin 1961 Serena Conosciani Vaughan 1990 Gayle Cousins Ventola 1964 David Verderame Jennifer Melancon Vicknair 1992 John and Carol Vignes Bethany Bourgeois Vincent 1997 Karen Schell Vocke 1960 Elvina Martinez Waldron 1950 Katherine Staiano Walker 1999 Rowena Simoneaux Walsh 1951 Kim Webster Capt. John and Peggy White Dr. Cassandra Herbert Whitmore 1989 Sandra Gelis Wich 1959 Nicole Quijano Williams 1993 Alvis Ann Wilson 1951

Barbara Breaux Winn 1959 Helen Wolfe Wirth 1960 Nicholas and Rebecca Wissler Marilyn Ciaccio Woolverton 1957 Toni Lynne Wright 1980 Theresa Simoneaux 1969 Lisa Baiamonte Yamin 1976 Elizabeth Foust York 1987 Jack and Peggy Zabel Christine Zandt Don and Rhonda Zemo Addison Zeringer Merrill Richard Zeringue 1954

Friends of Ursuline Gifts Under $100 Bonnie Jean Chauvin Abadie 1958 Jessica Addvensky 2018 John and Nubia Aguiar-Lawrence Kay Albert Allen and Micah Allen-Bellow Connee Donahue Anderson 1962 Elizabeth Black Anderson 1964 Paul and Milissa Anthony Loren Roussel Arcement 1982 Samantha Archie 1999 Steven and Jenea Atkins Eric and Jeanine Aubry Jane Davis Bachemin 1966 Deborah Kerne Bagert 1966 Monica Madeline Guarino Bagley 1994 Joan Gunn Bailey 1953 Jessica Baker 2004 Wilson and Barbara Barnes Rose Merle Failla Barrett 1964 Robert and Cynthia Barrios William and Christine Bass Albione Becnel 1961

ursuline academy

| 20 |

Creighton and Teresa Belt Brenda Matassa Benigno 1971 Marilyn Ragusa Bennett 1973 Carols and Patricia Bereciartua Natalia Bereciartua 2018 Ryan A. Bergeron Angela M. Bertucci Peter and Frances Bertucci Linda Langenstein Beshoner 1964 Jeanne Barton Bignell 1982 Amy Rando Billeaudeaux 1994 Joy Bingham Lloyd and Leslie Bingham Clarence and Joakima White Blanc Tom and Katherine Blash Dr. Jodi Blount Renee Bonnaffons 2013 Christopher and Christine Bonura Jody Lynn Bonura 1983 Audrey Borne Charlene Campeaux Boss 1982 Patricia McCord Bourgeois 1946 Sister Mary Rose Bowen, OP 1943 Robert Chad Boykin Edwin and Barbara Brauner Dolores Tripp Breaux 1971 Erin Brigham 1973 Lisa Kron Brock 1982 Scott and Bonnie Broome Joanna Broussard 1972 Dr. Kefla George Brown 1993 Kimberlin Pittman Brown 1995 Jason and Paige Brown Raphaella Brown 2018 Jeri Brumfield 1997 Charlene Bucksell Katherine Burch 2018 Marla Ciboski Burke Kevin and Bridget Burns

2017-2018 impact of giving

Paul and Penny Caballero Kevin and Melissa Calcagno Marjorie Favret Caliri 1966 Judith Lightfoot Caliva 1972 Erin Callhover Edmond and Alana Cantrelle Geralyn Watts Caradona 1968 Aziza Landrum Carmouche 1995 Thomas and Stephanie Carton Coralie Caruso Elizabeth Casey 2007 Nanette Caster 1982 Marie Eugenie Bienvenu Cefalu 1960 Diane Marie Levy Centanni 1965 Kecia Charles 1990 Tori Chatman Ronald Chevis Kathryn Cohen Ciafardoni 1976 John C. Clark Dr. Lesli Habans Cleveland 1988 Dorita Levie Cobb 1948 Katherine Caillouet Coffman 1982 Jamina Cole Kady Collier 2004 Mary Anne Oubre Colwart 1951 Crystal Naquin Cormier 2000 Isabel Costa 2018 Eric and Amy Cowan Jan Gabler Cranfield 1970 John and Maureen Cremaldi Adele Queyrouze Cressy 1953 John and Melissa Cruse Shannon Culotta Donna Phillips Currault 1982 Jessica Calhoun Curren 1977 Mairin LeBlanc Cutrer 2003 Antonia Hawkins Cylar 2000 Marjorie de Boisblanc Daigle 1954 Lindsay A. David

Kelsey Davis David and Marilyn Ferro Davis 1958 Ana Maria De Mari 1940 Leigh de Monredon Diane Carriere De Paula Sloan 1968 Frances Smith Dean 1982 Frederick DeBram Jeff and Kaitlyn Delatte Jay and Margaret R. DiMartino Ryan and Margaret S. DiMartino Thong and Kristen Doan George and Valencia Dobronich Jason and Jessica Donnaud Annette Ruckstuhl Doskey 1948 Ashley Dow Nikki Dugar 2003 Averie Duhe 2018 Diane Dunn Brenda Wallbillich Dupuy 1953 Kathleen Bouzon Dykes 1961 Lynne Anne Bordonaro Edwards 1958 Anita Martin Elisar 1982 Catherine Fedoroff Elisar 1975 Dr. Stephen and Sandra Ellender, Jr. Errin Erdal-Bellan 1988 Loy and Ashley Brauner Ernst 2002 Jessica Barksdale Erwin Paige Eubanks-Barrow Melissa Eugene-Duplantier 1988 Marie Jeanne Kercheval Exposito 1961 Ralph and Cindy Williams Faison 1974 Barbara Rittiner Falcon 1966 Myra Elston Fascetti 1957 Mickey Sciortino Faucheux 1961 Sam Ferguson and Barbara Owens Jeril Ann Connelly Ferrara 1966 Daniel and Robin Ferrara Elizabeth Oswald Fetzer 1978 Margaret Ermon Fleming 1967

ursuline academy

| 21 |

Thomas and Monica Flick Heather Marshall Flood 1992 Mary Linda Krail Flores 1965 Veronica Flores 2018 Kathleen Ferro Foret 1960 Shane and Christina Foret Camille Fowler 2018 Cassandra Pelias Fowler 1982 Victoria Gennaro Fuselier 1953 Samira Rachael Futch Mary Jean Gabler 1968 Elizabeth Gambel Grace Gandy 2018 Danny and Lori Garcia Donnie and Tatum Gardner Coti Gayles Paul and Juliette Gelpi Dawn Gemmolva 1982 Donna Rees Gerstner 1964 Kathryn Pagano Gerwitz Anna Bertucci Ghelase 1992 Mary Francis Giammona Jennifer Giardina Cory and Brandi Girard Jennifer Glynn 1990 Alice Simoneaux Godbold 1969 Ian and Joelle Graham Justin and Ariel Gray Crystal Gray 2018 Rosalind Green-Holmes 1988 Felix and Jessica Greenlee Maldonado Joseph and Patsy Grefer Patricia LeDoux Gregory 2006 Justin Gricus Arthemise Tallon Gros 1959 Britton Drumm Grush 2000 Kathleen Van Geffen Gsottschneider 1966 Margaret Guidry 2000 Drayfus and Tracey Knight Guient 1987

2017-2018 impact of giving


Kevin and Sarah Gunn Agatha Knesel Gutierrez 1955 Caitlin Haik 2018 Nadia Haik 2018 Eleanor Halm Simmons 2018 Elizabeth Taylor Harbison 1973 Elizabeth Harney 1976 Charlotte Dusse Haro 1967 Anita Schulte Harper 1958 Marguerite Rombach Hathway 1940 Alison Bourgeois Hebert 1996 Jennifer Boyd Hebert 1991 Lisa Hebert 1971 C.J. and Marian P. Hebert Rhonda L. Hebert Frances Hecker 1956 Jerry Grubb and Alina Hernandez Antonio and Rosa Hernandez Anna Hero Michelle Heyer 1998 Judy Hindelang Higgins 1973 Michelle Jackson Higgins 1993 Elizabeth Ann Rivet Hilsman 1964 Billy and Janet Hingle Warren and Tina Hintz Dr. Sharon Accardo Hoffman 1971 Francesca Holt 2012 Helen Sonier Hughes 1956 Robert and Staci Lanza Hughes 1998 Kenneth Humphreys and Jill Condon Katherine Sevante Huth 1989 Gwen House Hymel 1982 Rebecca Irion Shawn Jackson 1986

Veda Tridico Jackson 1954 Julie Jacob Nakia and Natashia James Kent Jensen Vanessa Swaim Joffe 1998 Mary Jurado Johns 1961 Dolores Levy Johnson 1977 George Joint Leroy A. Jones Jay Jay and Vernilynn Juan Suzanne St. Mard Jung 1951 Aimee Smith Karolczak 1986 Rachel Kass 2008 Steven and Leslie Keen Anne-Marie Mouledoux Kelly 1960 Holly Seymour Kiely 1977 Robyn DeGruy Kiper 1996 Judy Kirn 1968 Peggy Ann Kleinschmidt 1962 Karrington Knight 2018 Meredith Kochtitzky Deborah and Ernest W. Koehler, Jr. Nancy Bode Kritikos 1978 Brandi T. Kuhn Tara Anne Clesi Lacour 1984 Lauren LaGarde 1995 Katti-Lynn Lagasse 2018 Kerrie Turner Lamfers 1971 Stacy Glynn LaMorte 1992 Caroline Landry 2018 Mark and Jane Landry Janel Knox Lange 1966 Todd and Stephanie Lannan Elizabeth Marley Lanson 1969 April Wild Lauterbach 1961 Susan K. Lauterbach 1981 Hilda Goll Lavie 1971 Chandler LeBoeuf Sister Therese Leckert, OP 1961

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Rhonda Keller Legnon 1978 Mary Johanna Leibe 1989 Jayne Lewis Lisanne Lightfoot 1974 Anne Linton Michele Lipari 1982 Scott and Christina Loga Stephanie Loga 2018 Julie Long Carol Hintz Louree 1958 Lauren Lowe Patrick and Tammie Luquet Sharon T. Macke Marlea Maddox 2018 Kristie Maloz Samira Jones Marigny 2006 Kenny and Rachael Marino Antoinette Markey Dana Martin 1992 Kyle Anne Rovira Martin 1972 Mallory Martin Renee R. Martin Sheri Wright Maza 1982 Meredith Ducote McCaffery 1992 Shirley Pettingill McCoy 1961 Samantha McDaniel 2018 Jennifer Crawford McDowell 1999 Samantha S. McGee-Sylvester Reginald and Patricia McIntyre Marjorie McKay 1941 Lee Anne Munger McKearan 1979 Lise Eltz McStravick 1957 Elizabeth Medo 1982 Kathleen Ryan Medo 1963 Leah Melancon 2018 Virginia Burmeister Melchior 1996 Carlos and Chamaine Mendieta Vyntrella Menzies Jennifer Meyer

2017-2018 impact of giving

Beth Bayard Mims 1974 Michelle Thionville Minno 1981 Brooklyn Mitchell 2018 Jeff and Cynthia Mitchell Yvonne Michelle Quijano Moffatt 1984 Mario and Kelly Montagnino Yolanda Montoya Antoinette Gorney Moriarty 1963 Emily Stickney Morrison 1977 Stephanie Morrow 1983 Madeleine Mouledoux 2005 Abigail Mule 2018 Lynne LiRocchi Murphy 1961 Katherine Musso 2018 David and Cheryl B. Myers Mark and Helen Honoree Myers 1984 Theresa Myers 2018 Marilyn Krieger Neville 1949 Albert Nicholas, Jr. Theresa Dubret Nicholson 1978 Charles and Gayle Nolan Mary Tripp Norman 1967 Mollie Norton Marcus and Kanina Norwood-Douglas Kristina Epperson Obiol 2004 Michelle Hebert O’Brien 1994 Sister Madonna O’Hara, OSU Barbara Bernard O’Meallie-Wilson 1951 Vicki Fonte Oster 1966 Mary Virginia Tormey Owens 1957 Todd and Mimi Owens Jeanne Farnet Paisant 1982 Ricardo and Haley Pardo Stacy Elyse Peloquin 1989 Mary Elizabeth Moreno Peltier 1960 Sarah Hassell Perkins 1999 Janet Crumhorn Pesce 1966 John and Gwen Petitbon 1982 Margaret Petty 2015

Gwendolyn Pitre Erica Sage Pitts 2002 Kevin and Rachel Poche Eileen Hite Pohlman 1976 Eileen Kincade Poore 2000 Ron and Arlene Poticha Jodie Abadie-Price 1996 Elizabeth Anderson Prince 1982 Donna and John A. Randazzo, Jr. Oliver and Lori Frey Ranner 1990 Angie Reech Jeffrey Reech Honorable Angelique Reed 1978 Olivia Reed 2018 Lourdes Reeks Gladys Aleman Reinecke 1950 Mary Richard Natalie Richard 2018 Gayel Bologna Richardson 1964 Aline Schappe Richeson 1961 Jason Bush and Heidi Rieth Deborah Rivero Mary A. Robichaux Herminia Rodriguez 1991 Joan Lisso Rogers 1964 Alexander and Meghann Harney Rooney 2006 Kirk and Sofia Rossiter Amy Boudreaux Roth 1996 Jeanne Rothwell Janice Roussel 1960 Vicki Vandrell Roussel 1964 Olivia Roy 2018 Shelby Russell 2012 Linda White Russo 1982 Neha Samtani 2018 Ellen Santolucito 1982 Mary Savoy-Lowrey 1983 Frank and Marilou Scalia Gordon and Kathleen Schafer

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Emma Gross Scheeler 1960 Jacqueline Rice Schexnayder 1960 Carmen Daigle Schexnaydre 1960 Dr. Katherine Garrison Schilling 2000 Donna Palmisano Schmidt 1982 Leonard and Ashley Schmidt Michael and Nicolle Scholl Lisa Haynes Schwalb 1982 Tracy Woodruff Sciambra 1982 Darlene Baehr Seay 1971 Melinda Landrieu Seiter 1982 Olivia Sensenbrenner 2018 Lexi Sequeira 2018 Damien and Gail Serauskas Joan Johnson Serice 1979 Marilyn Kingsmill Shaak 1949 Rose Nguyen Shelton 1995 John and Stephanie Silverman William and Stephanie Silvey Darren and Emily Sixkiller Jean Farrell Slaughter 1964 Carol Zengel Smith 1979 Dianne Patricia Ermon Smith 1964 Don and Judith Smith Marcus and Linda Smith Sherron Fonte Smith 1962 Stephen Long and Michelle Solomon Elizabeth Squires 2018 Lisette St. Mard 1964 Jay and Charleen St. Marie Michele and Carol Staiano Marilyn Arnoult Stamm 1966 Pamela Casey Stanton 1972 Gabrielle Steib 2012 Catherine Brown Stout 1947 Daniel and Cristy Suarez Monique Felton Suell 1985 Huey Sullivan Jill Sullivan

2017-2018 impact of giving

John P. Sullivan SERVIAM ANNUAL Blanid Sullivan Sunseri 1949


Allison Taliancich Laura Taylor 2014 Michael and Kathryn Tebbe Elizabeth Thibodeaux 1982 Jennifer Thiele Celeste Legendre Thompson 1983 Lance and Jeanne Tingler Dr. Donald R. Toso Matthew Toups Amy Trainor 1994 Shelley Tynan Kelly Usery 1999 Carolyn Tripoli Van Dyck 1960 Carmela Matassa Van Hook 1965 Margaret Van Ryckeghem Hector and Michelle Livaudais Vandenweghe 1988 Amy Quaintance Vega Dagmar Saa Vichot 1966 Timothy and Eve Vignes Maria Bertucci Villafranco 1986 Natalie Hutzler Vitrano Irina Vychko Susan Hackett Walpole 1990 Tylar Warren 2018 Lisa and Louis M. Wattigney, III Elisa Mejia Waugh 1961 Dr. Eric and Renee’ Webb Deanne Derbes Webster 1959 Thérèse Wegmann 1978 Winifred Wegmann 1972 Cynthia Hite Weldon 1978 Michele Caruso White 1982 Murray and E. Cherie White Murphy and Mary White

Karen Hyde Whitehead 1961 Judith Lopez Whitt 1967 Andrea Williams Andrea Williams Nicole Williamson Gretchen Winand 1991 Robert and Maria Winn Maggie Wise 2018 Kevin and Martine Wiseman Jessica Witcher David and Kirsten Wolf Sandra Tridico Wolf 1958 Peggy Wooton Stephen and Diana Worthy Kiana Wright 1995 Christopher Young Reginald and Dechantel Young Kelly Trail Zea 1982 Dr. Brandt Zimmer Matthew Mickal and Amanda Zirkenbach

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2017-2018 impact of giving







(Including ’52 Rebelles)





(Including ’53 and ’56 Leprechauns)



S E RV I A M S TA R S (Including ‘50 and prior)


Event Sponsor Whitney Bank

Patron Party Sponsor Cava Restaurant

La Fête 291 Steering Committee Lindsay Adams ’01, Chair Claudia Benevento Jill Condon Jennifer Galligan

Alise Durand Ashely Ernst Shawn Jackson ’86 Wendy Jones Angelique Laughlin Brandy McMillion Rhonda Musso Stephanie Nice Maria Papadopoulas Nicole Quijano Williams ‘93 Diana Worthy

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Band Sponsor Schiro’s School Time Uniforms Norma and Michael Kimble

Lighting Sponsor PSAV

Printing Sponsor Mele Printing

2017-2018 impact of giving

Table Sponsors Dependable Storage Services, Inc. Deutsch Kerrigan LLP Allison Fontenot​‘91 Friends of the OLPS Shrine J & D Janitorial Service Jones Orthodontics Hon. Nancy Amato Konrad ‘59 Ethel Langenstein Lanaux ‘50 Dr. Karen McNay Liberty Bank & Trust Laurelee Roger Toscano ‘60 Skips of 2025 Stephanie Davi

Board Sponsors Waggonner and Ball Virtual Business Solutions

With Special Thanks To Chap’s Event Rentals Fancy Faces Pat Garin Photography PSAV and Michelle Pulizzano Ursuline Alumnae Association of New Orleans Ursuline Academy Dads’ Club Ursuline Academy Student, Parent and Alumnae Volunteers Vivian Eppling Micah Allen-Bellow

Auction Sponsors Abode About Face of New Orleans Adventure Quest Laser Tag Aidan Gill

American Luxury Limousines

City Putt

Heidi Angelle

Amy Milam Photography

Clancy’s Restaurant

Holy Cross School

Archbishop Shaw High School

Club Pilates

Hotel Monteleone

Audubon Nature Institute

Creative Images

Houmas House

B H Steakhouse

Cristy Cali ’08

iHeart Radio

Becca Vaughn ’91

David Picker

Ivanov’s Gymnastics Academy

Bevolo Gas and Electric Lights

Delta Festival Ballet

Jean and Peter Coleman

Big Easy Sportsplex

Design a Latte

Jeff Gosey

BooKoo Bounce

Dr. Christian Jacob

Jeff and Debbie Cancienne

Brent Boten

Dr. Joshua Jones

Jennifer Galligan

Brother Martin High School

Dr. Joseph Dalgo, DVM

Jesuit High School

Cafe Degas

Elliott Thompson/Exquisite Images

Jill Condon

Cajun Creations

Fantastic Sam’s Hair Salon

Jose Balli of Metairie

Cava Restaurant

Fleurty Girl


Charli Womac

Funky Monkey

Kaki Smith ’76

Chatta Box Boutique

Fran McManus ’76

Kendra Scott

Chateau Golf and Country Club

GW Fins


Christine Manalla

Haase’s Shoe Store

Krewe of ALLA

Chris and Becky McLellan

Helen Eshleman ’77

Kristina Zippert ’96

Cindy’s Nail & Spa

Heritage Scenes by W. J. Habeney

Lakeside Shopping Center

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2017-2018 impact of giving

Laurelee Toscano ’60

NOLA Shoes and Accessories

Salon Elle

Lee Michaels Fine Jewelry

Oak Alley Plantation

Sandestin Golf and Beach Resort

Link Restaurant Group

Oak Wine Bar

Shawan and Alex Bellow

Louisiana Children’s Museum

Ochsner Fitness Center

Sister Regina Marie Fronmuller

Louisiana Philharmonic Orchestra

Ogden Museum of Southern Art

Steve Worthy

Maritza Hyde

Orange Theory Fitness

Supreme Exercise

Mary Flood


Terrance Osborne Gallery

Mercedes-Benz of New Orleans

Pepperoni’s Café

The Bead Shop

Meridian Integrative Medicine

Perlis Clothing

The Columns Hotel

Michelle Long, in memory of Carol Solomon


The Court of Two Sisters

Mimosa Handcrafted

Picture It! Video Photo Booth

The National WWII Museum

Monogram Junkie

Pippen Lane

The Red M Studio

Nanette LoCoco D.D.S

Ponseti’s Shoes

TJ’s Carnival and Mardi Gras Supply

New Orleans Museum of Art

Posh Paint Pub

Uptown Carwash & Xpress Lube

New Orleans Opera Association

Prytania Wine and Spirits

Ursuline Academy

New Orleans Paddlewheels-Creole Queen

Redfish Grill

Verdure Olive Oil Co.

New Orleans Pelicans

Renee Barras

Windsor Court Hotel

New Orleans Saints

Rising Stars

Waxing the City Elmwood

New Orleans Steamboat Company

Rock’n’ Bowl/Ye Olde College Inn

NOLA Games on Wheels

St. Augustine High School

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2017-2018 impact of giving

T-Shirt Sponsor

Special Thanks

Schiro's School Time Uniforms

David Bradley Donnie Broussard Mark Cooke Gloria & Lester Cormier Jones Orthodontics (The Jones Family) KHB Interiors The McLellan Family Lisa & Kendall Parker Riverview Camp for Girls (The Sontag Family) SAGE Dining Services Spaghetti Supper Steering Committee Ursuline Alumnae Association Ursuline Academy Dads’ Club Ursuline Academy Parents

Stage Sponsor Jones Orthodontics, LLC

Activity Booth Sponsor Pat Garin Photographer, LLC  Norma & Michael Kimble

Meatball Sponsor Randy & Kaki Pittman Smith '76 Gerald Ursin 

Spaghetti Sponsor Big Easy Sportsplex The McCormick Family  Karen T. McNay Dixie Tatum  Laurelee Roger Toscano '60 Toso Orthodontics  Eric & Christy Jackson Zurcher '00

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2017-2018 impact of giving

SCHOLARSHIP GIFTS SPECIAL GIFTS Alumnae Scholarship Antoinette Gray Bill 1958 Judith Radke Blakemore 1958 Margaret Bradley 1972 Marilyn de Mahy Carriere 1958 Mary Kay Waldo Cowen 1975 Ava Maria Dejoie 1987 Ann Haro Estingoy 1958 Janet Wingerter Findley 1997 Michelle Fonseca Suzanne Casey Gallagher 1958 Kelly Kimball Gervais 1987 Janet McHale Goodwin 1987 Tracey Knight Guient 1987 Anita Schulte Harper 1958 Lyndall Keller Hart 1972 Brigitte Lally Hebert 1987 Jennifer Jeansonne 1987 Rose Marie Kuhnau 1987 Carol Hintz Louree 1958 Kyle Anne Rovira Martin 1972

Joya McGlory 1987 Helena Carriere Morvant 1958 Cherrie Barthelemy Oyemade 1987 Elizabeth Ferry Pekins 1987 Kay Poole 1958 Vanessa Herrera Prokop 1987 Kathleen Puglia 1958 Georgina Bond Reynolds 1987 Monica George Riggs 1997 Hazel Ory Rue 1958 Judith Seiler Schlumbrecht 1972 Kay Isemann Smith 1987 Barbara Ann Chauppette Sullivan 1958 Julienne Territo Stewart 1972 Stephanie Treuil 1997 Winifred Wegmann 1972 Michelle Wheeler 1997 Sandra Tridico Wolf 1958

Deborah Augustine Elam Leadership Scholarship

Dedra Newman Castle Scholarship

Dr. Jeremy Watts

New Orleans Tourism Marketing Corporation Trinity Episcopal School

Joan Gisevius Johnson Scholarship Ms. Jane Gisevius 1961

Macaluso Family Scholarship Dr. Joseph N. Macaluso, Jr. Mrs. Christina Macaluso Hammock 1995

Louis and Margueritte May Scholarship Delta Air Lines Foundation Mrs. Rose May Carroll 1978

McNay Opportunity Scholarship

Mrs. Dedra Newman Castle 1984

In 2017-2018, Ursuline Academy awarded $124,800 of scholarships to high school and middle school students. Donors who provide these scholarships help to ensure that an Ursuline education is available to all young women in the New Orleans area. We are grateful for these special gifts, as well as the reunion class gifts that enabled us to purchase equipment that compliments and enhances our curriculum. ursuline academy

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2017-2018 impact of giving

Rivet Scholarship Dr. George Morris, III Mrs. Sharon Wilde

Mary Ann Valentino Scholarship The Valentino Family

Corporate Matching Gifts Albemarle Foundation AmazonSmile Foundation American Endowment Foundation Ameriprise Financial, Inc. - Benevity Fund AstraZeneca Gift Matching Program

Bernhard Broadmoor, L.L.C. Chevron Human Energy Matching Employee Funds Crescent Bank & Trust Entergy Corp Matching Ed Gift Program Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund Freeport-McMoRan Foundation IBM International Foundation Jefferson Financial Federal Credit Union Los Alamos National Laboratory Microsoft Matching Gifts Program Morgan Stanley - C/O CyberGrants, Inc. Motiva Enterprises, LLC

Murphy Oil Corporation Reynolds American Foundation Shell Oil Company Foundation Matching Gifts: HERO Program The Greater New Orleans Foundation The Mary Bond Kohlmann Family Charitable Fund

Grants The Selley Foundation First Louisiana-Mississippi, Inc. Laitram, L.L.C. Baton Rouge Area Foundation


ACADEMY Non-Profit Org. U.S. POSTAGE PAID New Orleans, LA Permit No. 806

2635 State Street | New Orleans, Louisiana 70118 | | 504.861.9150

2017-2018 Ursuline Academy Annual Report  
2017-2018 Ursuline Academy Annual Report