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State University of New York at Brockport ​hello and a very warm welcome from to School of Management a Technical University of Munich my name is Kal gaba I am the program manager of the master and management and technology with this presentation I would like to give you a brief introduction to our school and its surroundings and of course to the master in management and technology or MMT as we call it I would like to start this presentation by sharing with you some potential answers to the questions why you should study at our University and our school and why the MMT program at our school is definitely a great choice afterwards we will focus on the program's content and structure the presentation will end with the most important contact information for people planning to submit an application for our program my colleague Meredith Otto will explain why you should come to study at to school of management so why should you choose Munich to mental School of Management as a destination for your studies here are a couple of good reasons first of all term is regarded a university of Excellence within Germany this is because one out of only two universities terms succeeded in the so-called German excellence initiative two times in a row which resulted additional funding for two also term ranks high in both national and international rankings second term calls itself the entrepreneurial University and you can indeed feed on entrepreneurial attitude all over the university toom strongly supports young entrepreneurs in the Entrepreneurship Center and courses in the area of entrepreneurship are available within all programs at our school as a school term school of management has even selected entrepreneurial attitude as one of its core values and you can experience this for instance in class where entrepreneurial innovative thinking is highly promoted third tone has a truly international spirit approximately 25 percent of the student body is from an international origin we have an offshore campus in Singapore and several leaves offices all over the world in addition to several hundreds of partnerships with institutions abroad being part of a Technical University one of our unique selling points as a Business School is that we do not simply teach management or business studies ever since our foundation the interface to technology to engineering and to Natural Sciences has been of crucial importance to us and our way of approaching management in this regard interdisciplinarity has always been one of our core strengths and it will become one of yours as a graduate from our school and laughing at least relocated in one of the most charming cities in Germany Europe and maybe the world Munich a few words about Munich first of all I would like to remind the non Europeans among you that Germany is really in a center of Europe making it very convenient to travel everywhere around the continent second Munich itself is a great location thanks to its proximity to the Alps that you can even see from the rooftop cafe of to main campus if the weather is nice and Munich itself not only agreed and safe place but also offers a lot in terms of cultural life in freedom activities for those of you who want to get a closer inside I truly recommend to see the video Munich last you through the link included in this slide with your decision to come to our school you do not only decide for a convenient place to live but also an economically powerful region UT is home to the headquarters of seven enterprises listed in the German stock index tax and of course our school has various links to them let me also say a few words about our university to terms of founded in 1868 by King ludus ii those of you who are interested in sightseeing or capsules may know him from my ranch Tynecastle in fact king yudishtir ii was not only interested in nice capsules but also in technology and inventions this is why he thought it would be a good idea to have a place where to educate engineers in his own country nowadays term is home to 14 schools is approximately 40,000 students of which almost 1/4 is from abroad the students are taking good care of for more than 500 professors and another 10,000 staff members to offers more than 170 degree courses and holds several hundreds of partnerships with universities abroad since rankings have become of increasing importance this slide highlights a few of the most famous ones generally spoken to appears on the top ranks in comparison with other German universities and among the top 100 on an international scale terms main campus is located in downtown Munich the Munich campus is also home to most of the cares of term schools management and the school's administration you can find us in the black part of the building however to have two more campuses that can be reached by public transport within 45 to 60 minutes God in campuses one of them then you will find most of the engineering and Natural Science schools however only two years ago the Entrepreneurship Center was opened on that campus as well the Entrepreneurship Center partly consists of professors of chemicals management who together form the Entrepreneurship Research Institute on this slide you can find some more details about the Entrepreneurship Center the other campuses find Jeff on campus in the city of rising close to the airport are also called the life science campus there are all professors of critical of management located on this campus in order to

allow for close interaction with the life science department within MCA you will also have part of your course advisor on campus but also Munich and maybe Guardian campus depending on your course choices a few words about tongue School of Management first of all here are some pictures of our main building on two main campus the black brick front is something we're very proud of and the architect who designed the front like this even better pride for it especially small size lectures and seminars are held in this building but you will also find study rooms for students there here are also some facts and figures about the school I will not go into detail for all of them however please let me mention that we were founded as to the third-youngest school in 2002 both student and professorship numbers have increased tremendously since then and today we count approximately 4,500 students and 35 professors internationally seen the number of professors may appear as a smaller number however this is because traditionally in Germany become only full professors professors assistant professors postdocs and so on summarize the second emic staff that we have another approximately 250 persons of apart from a mission and a vision statement that you can find on this slide our school has also defined a set of values that we live in everyday life and that we also want to share with all of our students apart from entrepreneurial attitude that I mentioned earlier they are responsibility and integrity passion for excellence curiosity and openness and collegiality and the German completely guide are you curious why exactly stands behind those values can definitely check out our website for details even though we are about to celebrate our 15th birthday only we are proud to say that on a national and german-speaking scale we have reached a very good standing being ranked among the top business schools in the country how several rankings have shown over the past two years as a school we have build up a strong Network with approximately 95 international business school and higher education institutions from all over the world the good thing for you to know is that we offer semester abroad opportunities with all of them and so you may spend one of your semester studying at one of our esteemed partners we do not only have a good international network but also strong connections to corporate partners this slide is just to give you an impression of some of the companies that belong to our network by the way as a student of our school you also have very good opportunities to get insights into these companies for instance through our various career events or within project studies I hope you have not got an idea one unique tool and some school of management would be a very good choice for your graduate studies let's now have a look at the question why among our degree programs the master management and Technology should be your choice I think there are among other four core reasons first the MMT program is a program for bridge builders between management and technology in your curriculum you can create your own profile a chart and management profile I shot in technology profile or an international profile like in all our programs in the discipline narratives and a set of dnmt you will find various links to other natural sciences and to engineering but also to social sciences and she will discuss phenomena in a technology driven innovative environment and make work experiences within project studies and last but not least and infuse a truly international program it is taught up to 100% in English which makes it very attractive to people from all over the world let's have a look at how the nmt program is structured in detail the LNT program consists of a block structure with an innovative design you can specialize in technology and management and technology majors and minors which offer the possibility to set individual profiles the LNT program is a combination of the former masters programs tomba DL and VTech you can find four parts 30 credits and management modules 30 credits in technology and 30 credits in elective in management and technology students opt for one specialization for the specialization and management the full School of Management obviously modules from the following discipline competencies and interdisciplinary focus areas innovation and entrepreneurship marketing strategy and leadership operations and supply chain management finance and accounting economics and policy energy Marcos life sciences and management at the beginning of the program all students select a specific area of competency in which they will complete electives for a total of 30 credits all students are required to complete at least one at one seminar module amounting to six credits and the corresponding specialization in technology unis can choose between 11 majors and minors depending on the first degree students who have already received a bachelor's degree covering a cross-section of Management and Technology have the opportunity to deepen their knowledge within the same technical discipline in a major students who did not attain knowledge of Natural Sciences or engineering during the course of their bachelor studies or students who would like to obtain competencies in a new specialized subject can choose a minor apart from this there are 30 credits of electives that can be freely chosen from management and technology modules this gives you the unique chance to create the program really the way you want it to be in terms of the electives you will find a great variety of courses offered by our school another option is for instance that project work that you will do together as a team of several students working on a real-world problem within a research project or at a company all students will complete their studies with a 30 credits ma first pieces if we have a look at the distribution over the semester I would first like to mention that recommended standard workload per semester is third credit this sums up to 120 credits

within four semesters which is the regular study period semester one two and three can be freely planned keep in mind the credit requirements per area and the fourth semester consists of the master speeded you may wonder what exactly you will do within those module areas let's have a closer look at them on the following slides the first exemplary study plan is one with the technology profile the management specialization is innovation and entrepreneurship marked in green and the major informatics marked in grey possible career perspectives are a and revenue founding or management of an innovative IT startup be project manager management of innovative project for example in digitalization within a company C project developer who applies innovative technologies to collect neutrons and implements IT product the second exemplary study plan shelter management profile mixed with technology the management specialization here is finance and accounting Martin green and the Minor is Electrical and Computer Engineering Martin gray this profile prepares for example controller for carrying out accounting and controlling especially in technology oriented and international company another possible career perspective is working in management in finance procurement of financial resources and they were investment for a computer or a software hardware company to sum up with a master in management and technology we offer you a 100% management and technology program with a special individual focus that is started to 100% in English we offer you to specialize yourself in your desired direction with the management and technology in an international surrounding at the renowned University and a thriving school and therefore excellent stepping-stone for your future professional career you get interested great so those of you planning to apply for the program here's a summary of the most important facts and figures we require applicants to hold a bachelor's degree in management Business Administration or economics with a strong affinity to technology and twenty five credits and management five credits in economics and twelve credits in engineering or Natural Sciences covering a minimum of six semesters or 180 credits or equivalent applicants can also submit international experience and the GMAT in addition we require a very good proficiency in English the application period for the 2017 intake runs from April 1st until May 31st before applying definitely also check out the information provided on our website here are some very important links to further information sources we have now reached the end of this presentation about the master in management and technology at term School of Management if you need further information please do not hesitate to contact me and my colleagues at une you will find some more contact information and the following slide to slide in a minute thank you for your interest in our program I look forward to seeing many of you here in unique next October you Bank Street College of Education.