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S R C Rohan Bhatia

Bachelor of Laws / Bachelor of Economics (Financial Economics)

- Proud member of ConClub, Econsoc, Ekansh Indiansoc. - Year 12 Leader of Academic Life at Marist College Eastwood (2018) - Punjabi background, and bloody proud of it! - Refuse to play any soccer position besides ‘right wing’ - [Not-so] secret man-crush on John Howard. - Lost so many hours of sleep watching European Football in the middle of the night. - Re-living the HSC nightmare as a High School tutor

James Walker

B Science / B Adv Studies (Dalyell)

- Can speak 5 different languages (let me know if you ever need tutoring for Spanish and Arabic) - Would consider myself to be a decent equestrian, know my way around horses. - Probably know every single ABBA song by-heart. - Passionate about traveling and love meeting new people! - Massive dog lover, always on the lookout for them everywhere - Involved with several different business and language societies on campus - If you can’t reach my phone, I’m probably stuffing my face with dumplings at Bodhi.

AZ Grassroots for Equity

Max Vishney Arts

Switch for Working Students

We live in a world dominated by distributive injustice and oppression along many axes of intersecting inequity. A world whose history is marked by the plunder and violence of the powerful, be they the white settler, the male, or the capitalist. Where the facts that constrain our future have been written in blood-dimmed ink to reflect the whims of the dominant. GRASSROOTS for Equity will resist this system, whether it manifests in the indifference of parliament house, the avarice of the stock exchange, or the shadows of academia.


Liam Thorne Arts

Did not submit a CV.


POLICY STATEMENT Working students are consistently screwed over and taken advantage of by their bosses and employers. Wages are low, and wage theft is common. Discrimination happens regularly in the workplace. Student workers are seen as disposable and replaceable by their bosses. Most university students will take on some form of paid work during their study. Increasingly, students are opting into full time work to make ends meet. SWITCH for Working Students will fight to make sure that all Sydney University Students know their rights at work.


VOTE [1] GRASSROOTS for Equity VOTE [1] GRASSROOTS for NUS VOTE [1] Liam for Prez

- Longe accessit (2017) at Cranbrook School - President of BioSoc (2019) - Belanglo State Forest born and bred - Ranked 7th in Oceania at Battlefield V - Top fan of USYD Love Letters Revived - The reason why Cady Could

at the 2019 Easters Intervarsity Debating Competition (Nationals) - Cat Person

Panda Fights for Students POLICY STATEMENT establish university admin supervision system reform student centre system ensure fairness in academic decision provide multilingual legal support CANDIDATES

SWITCH for Working Students will: - Campaign to raise awareness about the rights and entitlements that students have in the workplace. All students must have easy access to the information and resources they need to fight mistreatment in the workplace. - Campaign to ensure that International Students are aware of the rights they have when working in Australia. - Promote the SRC’s Legal Service to ensure students have recourse when taken advantage of in the workplace. - Stand in solidarity with the NTEU (University Staff Union), and actively oppose forced redundancies and staff reductions. The unfair treatment of University staff affects the education of all students on campus. - Support the fight to raise Newstart, Youth Allowance, and Rent Assistance, to ensure that all students have access to financial security, and a good standard of living. - Promote support services offered by the SRC to low-SES students to fight youth poverty on an individual level. CANDIDATES

Arin Tornyi-Aydin

Economics / Advanced Studies

Xuan Cao

Bachelor Of Commerce 1: award of outstanding student plan of Beijing university of technology 2: awarded first prize in IMC (math competition) china 3: internship in Fortune Security, investment banking division in Beijing 4: SUCSA deputy-head of career department 5: an internship in JINZHOU bank, customer service in Zhongguancun branch 6: math tutor in Beijing New Oriental school 7: 3rd prize in the business competition of the experimental college of Beijing university of technology 8: US high school one-semester exchange, 11th grade, Marvin ridge high school 9: voluntary English teacher in Beijing WENHUA elementary school

Xiaohua Mo

Jessica Pasikh

Bachelor of Commerce

Bachelor of Commerce (Finance and Accounting)

Did not submit a CV.

Xinyue Liu

Bachelor of Commerce Did not submit a CV.

- Editor, Honi Soit, 2019 - Councillor, 90th SRC, 2018 - Chair of SRC Standing Legal Committee 2017 - Schools Officer, Debates Committee 2017

Chuwen Huang

Bachelor Of Economics Did not submit a CV. - Member of USU Debating Society - 5th Best Speaker (of ~300 Participants)

Bing Han

Bachelor of Commerce Did not submit a CV.


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Elections Honi: Week 6, Semester 2, 2019  

Australia’s only weekly student newspaper. News, culture and satire since 1929. Published by the Students’ Representative Council, Universit...

Elections Honi: Week 6, Semester 2, 2019  

Australia’s only weekly student newspaper. News, culture and satire since 1929. Published by the Students’ Representative Council, Universit...

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