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S R C Kayla Williams Science

- Bachelor of Science (Advanced) majoring in Chemistry and Pharmacology - Member of scisoc - Member of women in science - Baker of cake stall cakes - Bit of a nerd

Thomas Carraro Science

-Chemistry and Maths major -Executive of Sydney University Symphony Orchestra -Member of Sydney University Maths Society -Confirmed snob

Sebastian Leach Science

- Third year Bachelor of Science student majoring in Chemistry and Biology - mentor in Science Student Transition Mentoring program in 2019 (Sem 1 + Sem 2) - member of SciSoc

Jennifer How Science

-Science student majoring in Chemistry and Immunobiology -Member of QuantSoc -Member of Sydney University Dental Association (SUDA) -Excellent collector of ‘correct’ data in labs

Katya Ghirardello Science

Did not submit a CV.

Benjamin Mead Science

-Biochemistry/Chemistry student -Member of SciSoc -Member of SUMBA (2017) -Conductor of SUMBA (2018-19) -St John Youth Leader (2015-19)



Mikaela Pappou Arts


- Member of SASS (2019) - Member of SUDS (2019) - Commerce Revue (2019) - General Executive French Society (2019) - NUS EdCon attendee (2019) - Reclaim the Night NSW Treasurer (2019)

Courtney Daley




Did not submit a CV.

Wom*n at USyd need a strong voice in the SRC to fight for gender equality and hold the uni to account when it fails to protect wom*n on campus. PUMP for Wom*n is a passionate, experienced, and diverse team, and we’ll fight to make sure that every wom*n on campus is able to enjoy a quality education and a vibrant campus life, regardless of their background, sexuality, ethnicity, or ability. Wom*n deserve more than tokenistic attempts at equality - they deserve an SRC that’ll fight for their rights. We’ll PUMP UP ACTION ON SEXUAL ASSAULT, by hiring a lawyer specialised in assisting survivors of sexual assault to operate out of the SRC’s legal service; we’ll fight for a new, face-to-face consent education module, to make sure that the complexities of campus sexual assault are given the care that they deserve; and we’ll advocate for bystander and vicarious trauma training for all university and SRC staff, so that survivors have a real support network to help them through their experience. We’ll PUMP UP AN INCLUSIVE CAMPUS LIFE, by enquiring into the prevalence of and responses to sexual violence in SUSF, to make sure that no organisation receives student funding without student scrutiny; we’ll oppose the uni’s draft alcohol policy, which would damage campus culture and place the blame for sexual violence on alcohol, rather than rape culture; and we’ll advocate for wom*n’s spaces on satellite campuses, so that students can access a safe space, even when they’re not at Camperdown campus. We’ll PUMP UP AN ACTIVE SRC, by making sure that the SRC joins community campaigns on issues like addressing the gender wage gap, decriminalising abortion, and fighting domestic violence; and by supporting the work and autonomy of the Women’s Collective, so that feminist activists on campus have the support that they need.

Lara Barbaro Arts

Did not submit a CV. - Member of SASS (2019) - Member of MecoSoc (2019) - Member of Sydney University Women’s Collective (2019) - NUS EdCon attendee (2019) - Secretary of Reclaim the Night, Sydney (2019/20) - Climate activism with the NUS and Extinction Rebellion - Abortion and Women’s Activism with the NUS, Women’s March, and Labor for Choice

Josephine Atwell Arts/Science

Did not submit a CV.

Lara Somerville Arts

Did not submit a CV.

Ruth Snelling Arts

Did not submit a CV.


Ruby Lotz FASS

PANDA for IT POLICY STATEMENT 1. Improvement of library environment sanitation; 2. Economic grant for textbook (including E-book) 3. Extend the operating hours of safety buses CANDIDATES - Reclaim the Night Sydney convenor (2019) - Women’s activism with the NUS (2019) - Labor for Choice (2019) - SASS member (2019) - Courtyard Restaurant and Bar (2019) - Assistant (to the) Nick Forbutt (2019)

Mengyuan Zhu Engineering/IT

Olivia Niethe Arts

On 24-26 September: Vote [1] PUMP for Wom*n! Vote [1] PUMP for NUS! Vote [2] SWITCH for NUS! Vote [1] Liam Donohoe for President!

1. 4th year student studying Civil Engineering. 2. Serving as the WeChat social media manager for the SRC, and being very helpful with coordinating pervious council events. 3. Having experiences for authoring social media articles, coordinator the WeChat social media department and


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Elections Honi: Week 6, Semester 2, 2019  

Australia’s only weekly student newspaper. News, culture and satire since 1929. Published by the Students’ Representative Council, Universit...

Elections Honi: Week 6, Semester 2, 2019  

Australia’s only weekly student newspaper. News, culture and satire since 1929. Published by the Students’ Representative Council, Universit...

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