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N GRASSROOTS for CLIMATE JUSTICE POLICY STATEMENT GRASSROOTS for Climate Justice sees our university as a force for shaping a sustainable and environmentally just future. That means an administration that goes beyond marketing greenwash to deliver on practical and effective environmental measures, an administration that will lead the way on fossil fuel divestment, an administration that uses its clout to advance environmental justice, and an administration that supports staff and students at the 20th September Climate Strike and beyond. We hope to seize the potential embedded in the university as a hotbed for dissent, critique and innovation, becoming a part of the global effort to find solutions to the present socioecological crisis rather than another contributor. We will fight for the following: 1. Fund environmental activism: Climate change is an unbelievably horrific phenomenon that constitutes nothing less than an existential threat to life on Earth. It necessitates an activist response, and it needs an SRC that wants to put money towards fighting systemic inequalities, fighting against the cultural genocide and dispossession of first nations people from their land – as in child removal rates that quadrupled since The Apology, police brutality and erasure of traditional knowledge - and rewards environmental destruction with profits, propelling climate change! 2. Fund activism on social issues in NSW: NSW is a deeply unequal state that is very difficult to live in for those that aren’t born into privilege. This demands a response, and demands solidarity with those in our state that are unjustly punished simply as a function of their class and identity. As it stands, cotton farmers have stolen billions of litres of water from the Murray Darling River have left communities without drinking water. 3. Support the environmental activism: Groups on campus like the Sydney Enviro Collective are dedicated to fighting the systematic and extreme degradation and exploitation of our socio-ecological environment. Our relationship to the environment is overpoweringly toxic and constitutes its continuous and extreme destruction. The environmental activist movement is a form of necessary resistance to this phenomenon, which must be supported. 4. Divest from fossil fuels: Sydney University can help prevent catastrophic climate change by divesting, not only doing their bit to weaken the fossil fuel companies themselves but also taking away the social licence of those


companies. Climate change is simply not a distant issue: it constitutes a total threat to everything we have ever known. 5. Support an activist, unionised campus: Sydney University is lucky to still offer students the autonomy they still have. Our privileges to have as much say as we do over our campus needs to be defended, not just for our own sake but for New South Wales generally, as the student union movement is an important part of the union movement as a whole. GRASSROOTS for Climate Justice represents experience in USyd’s environment movement, through the environment collective, organising for the community garden and campaigning for divestment with Fossil Free USyd. VOTE [1] Grassroots for Climate Justice for an environmentally and socially conscious voice on council! VOTE [1] Grassrootsfor NUS! VOTE [1] LIAM for President! CANDIDATES

Alev Saracoglu Science

Enviro Officer 2019 Women’s Collective member ASEN Member Foosil Free USYD Stop Adani USYD all-round great climate activist

Jocelin Chan Science

Did not submit a CV.

Indiana Kortegast Science

Did not submit a CV.

Josephine Goldman Arts

Did not submit a CV.

Tallulah Alice Dods Science

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GRASSROOTS for FEMINISM POLICY STATEMENT I am passionate about changing our society for the better, and deeply believe that we cannot – accept any world in which certain groups are oppressed purely for their identity. I particularly consider it the responsibility of centres of learning such as universities to actively work against the damaging rape culture that exists within its walls. We have seen too many statistics about sexual assault on campus, and waited too long for positive action on the university management’s part. We do not need more numbers, more stories of wom*n being abused and assaulted, or more official reports that are ignored by management. What we need is ACTION on all the issues that affect women and non-binary people -we need proper consent education, reporting systems that are accessible and responses to sexual assaultthat prioritise the wellbeing of the survivor. We need to see the end of college culture that encourages rape, bullying and harassment of young students. We need to see a university that prioritises the needs and contributions of traditionally marginalised groups like Indigenous people, people of colour, disabled people and queer people. We are deeply aware that oppression is intersectional, and that the wom*n within these groups suffer disproportionately from the structural inequalities that face wom*n on campus. I vow that if I am elected to the SRC, I will fight for the rights of all women and non-binary people to feel safe on campus. I will work to make the university environment one that is welcoming, comfortable and secure for all of its students. I will prioritise the voices and experiences of marginalised groups, and strive to ensure that their rights are not eroded. I will, in short, fight for a truly feminist SRC. FIGHTING SEXUAL ASSAULT ON CAMPUS Sexual assault is far too common on our campuses, and is ruinous for the mental and emotional health of students. University management has consistently shown that they care more about profit than student welfare, and we think this needs to change. - Clear, easy to find resources for reporting sexual assault. - Ability to report sexual assault in languages other than English. - Specialised legal assistance in sexual assault and harassment claims. - Education around sexual assault definitions and consent. - Compassionate response and vicarious trauma training for staff and student fi rst responders. - Prioritisation of survivors over

EASY AND EQUAL ACCESS TO REPRODUCTIVE HEALTHCARE We are passionately pro-choice and refute the pseudoscientific dogma of pro-life groups. We understand that certain groups, including Indigenous, working class, rural and gender-nonconforming people are those placed most at risk by archaic attitudes around abortion rights, and will always prioritise these groups in our fight for reproductive rights. - Removal of LifeChoices from campus. - Queer-inclusive education around reproductive health. - Improved access to reproductive healthcare. RESPECTING COLLECTIVE AUTONOMY The identity collectives are fundamental to student activism, and have previously been self-governed by the students within them. We vow to respect all electoral decisions made by the collectives. - Enshrine collective autonomy in the constitution. - Collaboration with collectives on intersectional issues. Vote [1] GRASSROOTS for Feminism Vote [1] LIAM for PREZ Vote [1] GRASSROOTS for NUS CANDIDATES

Klementine Burrell-Sander Science

Bachelor of Advanced Science student majoring in Chemistry and Pharmacology Recipient of the Dean’s Award for Academic Excellence Editor-in-Chief of Queer Honi (2019) Growing Strong contributor Pulp contributor Active member of the Wom*n’s Collective Active member of the Enviro Collective Active member of the Queer Action Collective Member of Women in Science Member of SciSoc Enthusiastic baker for cake stalls Proud leftist scum

Jodie Jackson Medicine

- Gay, fun, cool, knows drugs (pharmacy student) - Contributed in Queer Honi - Rally activist

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Elections Honi: Week 6, Semester 2, 2019  

Australia’s only weekly student newspaper. News, culture and satire since 1929. Published by the Students’ Representative Council, Universit...

Elections Honi: Week 6, Semester 2, 2019  

Australia’s only weekly student newspaper. News, culture and satire since 1929. Published by the Students’ Representative Council, Universit...

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