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Hsiang Kun Juan Health Science



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Better quality food on Campus ; As a part of daily uni life, students require healthy and soul food. Unfortunately, there is limited number of food court and hardly accessible healthy food stores on campus. Most of the food served on campus are whether pre processed or fast food. We proposed to improve on campus food quality and promote healthy food for students at reachable price. Depression and frustration are very common in uni students. Though University is providing mental support, it is not easily reachable to students. We propose to improve frequent service through weekly staling and live chat availability to students throughout the semester. Along with mental health, physical fitness should be promoting frequently among the students. Booking study space is a nightmare during midsem or finale exams. We propose to make more study space especially around darling campus for engineering and business students. There’s a significant number of students require to stay around campus for all day long. Unfortunately, there is limited place for students to relax or take a power nap during off periods. Especially, the toiletry facility in most of the engineering building is very poor quality and unhygienic. We propose to improve toilet facility for engineering students and increase the number of relaxing areas on campus. The connection Shuttle between Redfern station to the Camperdown should be frequent during day time as well, especially in the morning while students rush to their class. Moreover it is proposed to start new shuttle to the central station or other popular suburb destination for students as like other universities in Sydney which will fulfil the lack transportation service for students.


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Member of Sydney University Wind Orchestra. Student Representative for Gender and Cultural Studies 2019. Member of Shades, bailed from Bachelor of Laws but is somehow still an active member of the Law Society. Interviewed in ‘I’m So OCD’ by Louise Press for Honi Soit to shine a light on mental health.

James Ryder Engineering

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Louis Press FASS

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Sinem Kirk Arts/Law

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Abby Donaldson Arts

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Ziyan Zhu Arts

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Lauren McGrath-Wild Arts

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Healthier and quality food on campus Better relaxing and sleeping pod facility Improved mental health service Broaden study space and increase availability during assessment period Transport system to Redfern station frequently day long Opal Card concessions for international students

Engineering & Commerce (Dalyell Stream) Passionate about behavioral change of human being due to different variables from society and family. Believes in mankind above race, sex and religion. Entitles as “ born to leader, unbeatable negotiator.” Consultant of Incoming Global Talent for AIESEC Usyd, member of drama club, chemical engineer society and Chopsticks. Attended Engineering without Border challenge for community development in East Timor. Love to train and play football, food is life and make a new friend every day. Quote “Push yourself out of comfort zone, you will possess so much potentiality that you are even unaware of. Develop Adaptability, find new you.”

Alex Hyper enthusiastic and crystal hearted person, living life in his own term Extra ordinary human being trying to change the world to a place where you can be anyone, be YOURSELF! Like social media, mostly food and indulge myself through travelling around especially with friends. Volunteer at nursing institution, cancer council Sydney and Mardi Grass. Quote “Its not what you follow to be one, it what you believe can lead to anything you ever imagine. Trust yourself and know yourself, Better everyday.

Tan Zoug You Science

Hye Soo Chung Nursing

Interested and passionate about communicating with people from different background and culture and keeping my interest in art and fashion. Joined many language societies and networking groups about fashion, beauty, films and cooking from both university of Sydney and outside in Sydney. Self-love is my thing, being confident about myself being better me. Respect all gender, cultural, religion, personality and identity in my belief. Quote “Be the person that you want to have in your life.”

Data Science and Biomedical Interested in cross cultural influenced business networking and communitybased government system. Entrepreneur developer for data privacy and cyber security. Volunteered in buy a hale campaign and cancer council. Nature blesses the soul with enthusiasm, logical thinker. Quote “ We may missed some chances, however, it your perseverance and consistency will create chance for you.”

Wenjing Qiao Business

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Elections Honi: Week 6, Semester 2, 2019  

Australia’s only weekly student newspaper. News, culture and satire since 1929. Published by the Students’ Representative Council, Universit...

Elections Honi: Week 6, Semester 2, 2019  

Australia’s only weekly student newspaper. News, culture and satire since 1929. Published by the Students’ Representative Council, Universit...

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