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Your Locally Owned Community Newspaper Edition 520 - May 17, 2018 Next Issue May 31 Deadline is Mon. May 28 Home Games MAY 6 at 2:00 PM Kitchener MAY 19 at 2:00 PM Guelph May 19 at 2:00 PM Guelph June 2 at 7:00 PM Brantford MAY 13 at 2:00 PM Burlington MAY 26 at 2:00 PM Hamilton May 26 at 2:00 PM Hamilton

June 5 at 7:30 PM Kitchener

Barrie Sports Complex

EDHS Day in Heritage Park

Because of the construction at the high school, it seemed appropriate to move the Spring Concert. Rain date being the following evening, Friday, May 25.  Bring lawn chairs. The Heritage Park volunteers will host a BBQ at 5:00 (burgers, dogs, drinks, ice cream) *with any profits going to support the school music Bring Lawn chairs program.  Please come out an see the talented musicians (under the superb leadership ** In case of bad weather, the concert could be of Jessie Muldoon).  Show support for teachers and students who have maintained postponed tillseveral Friday, 25  George Allen an outstanding program throughout these years May of disruptions. will provide a brief update on the fund raising support for the “Shared Facility”.  

705-726-2551 Barrie

705-326-5664 Orillia

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May 8 was clean up day at Heritage Park, and EDHS students (Isabelle Birch, Avery White, Kenzie Cright, Cole Cusson, Jonathan Nichols, Cole Desbarres and Michoula Linde) provided a lot of the energy needed. George and Ruth Allen and Reg Cowan provided the leadership and supervision, as well as a good deal of labour.  The group cleaned the kitchen, weeded the flower bed, raked leaves, gathered limbs, washed the tables, swept the floors, and changed the sign.          Not all the work was completed, but Miss Stott, an EDHS teacher, stopped by and offered to bring her class to complete any jobs on Friday.  Few communities enjoy this type of partnership with their high school.         The students were eager to please, hard-working and disciplined.  They did their work quietly and efficiently.  What more can you ask? 

Ice out on Orr Lake Sets Late Record Tom Elliott, former Councillor in Springwater Township for Ward 2 gave us a list of the dates that the ice disappeared off Orr Lake. He lived on the shore of the lake off Orr Lake Road North. The first recorded date on his list was in 1979 (April 9th) and continues until 2005 (April 12th). All recorded ice outs were in April. It was always our intent to add the ice-out for each year since and although we may have mentioned the date in later issues of this paper, (post 2005), the good intent never made its way to be recorded in our archives. We do not live on the lake so need someone to pass the word our way. If someone has the dates - or any dates from 2006 until 2018, we would appreciate the updates. Call the paper (705) 322 2249 and offer your input even if it is just two or three of those years. We can note due credit to any update. The earliest ice outs were 1991 (April 1), 1986 - 3rd, 1999 - 4th, 1990 - 5th, 1988 - 6th, 1987 - 7th, 1980 - 8th, 1979 - 9th, 1984 - 10th, 1992, 2002 & 2004 were all on the 11th. The latest ice outs were 1995 - 25th, 2001 - 24th, 1997, 1993 & 1982 all were on the 20th, 1996 - 19th, 1994 - 18th, 1989 & 1981 - 17th and 2003 & 1983 - 15th.

I am told the 2018th year is the latest ever - April 29th.

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Springwater News • May 17, 2018 • Edition 521 • E-mail: •

Jordan Carson

Master Electrician 1087 Rainbow Valley Road Phelpston, ON L0L 2K0 705.717.8767 ECRA/ESA # 7011405

Editor’s Musings

We go to the polls on June 7th to elect a ?new? Ontario Government. The Liberals have been in power for 15 years. The Mainstreet Research poll of 2,534 Ontario voters found that 42.3 per cent of decided or leaning voters plan to cast a ballot for the Tories while 28.4 per cent say they will vote NDP and 22.1 per cent say they will vote Liberal. About 5.4 per cent said that they will vote for the Green party. Broken down by region, things seem even more bleak for the Liberals. In their usual stronghold of Toronto they currently trail the Tories by about six points among decided voters (36.1 per cent to 30.3 per cent) and in the 905 region outside the city they are languishing in third place with the support of 23.1 per cent of decided or leaning voters compared to 25 per cent for the NDP and 44.9 per cent for the Tories. Mainstreet Research said that could point to a “potential sweep” of the 905 for Doug Ford should the trend hold. I am not laying any money on the possibility. In the pass few years, despite ‘experts’ opinions, they have been wrong. A great example is our southern neighbours who had Clinton with a victory at a 99 to 100% certainty. We have politicians out there promising free prescription drugs, free daycare, free education, jobs, jobs, cheaper hydro, lower gas prices, more trade, more money, lower taxes, lower interest rates and MUCH MUCH more. Whatever happens, I have little faith that things will change much. We will be electing 124 MPPs of whatever stripe, up from 107 before the writ was dropped but no one operates with an independent mind other than maybe the leader who would be better off to listen to her/his members of the legislative body - and maybe some of the opposition across the alley. When Jo/Joe Blow wins in our riding after having promised us cheaper hydro rates and lower car insurance prices, if a vote about it ever hits the chamber, they will vote as the whip tells them. Had the Liberals of the past Ontario parliament, voted with their conscious, or according to their ridings desires, a few more Liberals might be elected to the next parliament. At the Federal level, 338 seats, I find it impossible to believe that the 183 Liberals minus Justin Trudeau really think all the things he is doing is beneficial to their country, their party and possibility of getting elected on October 21, 2019. Most of them are just sheep being led to the

slaughter. I have little faith in either the Federal or Provincial system being of much use to us. Both will make promises, bolster the deficit and be told what they are to think and do. I actually have more faith in the municipal system concerning the few things they can still make decisions about as Parliament Hill and Queen’s Park take over more of the rule making. Sure, we have seen the coalitions where the vote is always 3-2 or 4-3 depending on the size of the council but have you noticed how often the group has been outed by the electorate when their desires have not been realized. My faith subsides as the distance between councillor and representative distances itself - might I suggest County Council and County school boards. Although they say pounding the opposition works, and to do so, let’s make up lies, point out what happened 25 years ago with that party as proof what is going to happen now, it stinks. When I vote, it is going to be for the most realistic party promises, not the derogatory speculations. Did your grandparents ever say, if the government could tax the air you breath, they would? With the introduction of the Carbon Tax, it is not carbon folks, it is the CO2 that some are claiming is a problem. Carbon dioxide, the most essential gas for life on this planet and the basis of our food chain, cannot be and is not a pollutant. Our recent increases of atmospheric CO2 have had a measurable, positive impact on life and has helping create a greener, lusher planet Earth. Interesting - we search our universe for signs of life. Carbon based life! Organic Chemistry is Carbon Chemistry. Carbon is the primary building block of life. Carbon Dioxide Gas is the primary nutrient for life. Climate scientists will find whatever they’re paid to find. If they don’t they are banished like Pirlke Jr. who found that human attribution couldn’t be found in ‘damage loss’ for 120 years. What gets me is that the little mole of CO2 gets such a massive observance. CO2 is .04% of the atmosphere. It has to be at least .03% of the atmosphere for the plants to absorb it and release O2, without which we would die. The atmosphere consists of .01 more CO2 than it did before and our earth is doomed? That’s a mere 100 parts in one million parts. If you are in a submarine, the limit is 8000 parts per one million, 80 times as much. The carbon tax is supposed to make us more conscious of our environment. as if we had done nothing up until now. We work away at preserving our world all the time. We have catalytic converters. We have scrubbers to clean the exhaust from various businesses/sources/enterprises. We limit the amount of insecticides/pesticides that we can spray on our plants because it is not healthy. We have a plastic bag charge. We get money if we return our empties. In Alberta, you get paid for empty bottles of all sorts. We recycle plastics, papers, cans, etc., so we are conscious of the environment. We do not need a carbon tax which 72% of Canadians figure is just a tax grab by a bankrupt government.

The Governor of Iowa, a pro-life lady named Kim Reynolds has just signed the strictest abortion law in the United States. It bans most abortion - remember it says most - abortions after the detection of a heart beat which is generally six weeks after conception. Planned Parenthood and the American Civil Liberties Union are promising a court challenge on its constitutionality. I am pro-life. I have a real problem with the taking of a life. In 2016, there were approximately 893,000 abortion in US (that’s almost 2500 a day) down from 914,000 the year before. 2014 had 926,240 abortions. There were 1.36 million in 1996. Since 1973, almost 60 million legal abortions have been performed in United States. In 2014, approximately 37% of all pregnancies in New York City (excluding spontaneous miscarriages) ended in abortion (CDC). In 2014, unmarried women accounted for 85.5% of all abortions (CDC). Let’s Get to Know… Among married women, 4% Pharmacist Owner – Carolyn Glover of pregnancies end in abortion. With Pharmacist Owners Jenna Lougheed and Carolyn Glover Among unmarried women, 27% of pregnancies end in abortion I graduated from the University Of Toronto Faculty Of Pharmacy in 1995. Since then, I (CDC). have embraced the opportunity the profession affords to practice in a variety of settings. This has included owning multiple pharmacies and working as a pharmacist for both the Women in their 20s accounted Royal Victoria Hospital and the Barrie Family Health Team. for the majority of abortions I lived and worked in the Barrie area for 10 years before moving to Midhurst a few years in 2014 and had the highest ago with my husband Craig and our two daughters, Charlotte and Carissa. I enjoy being abortion rates (CDC). actively involved in the community, and most recently served as the President of the Down Syndrome Association of Simcoe County. Adolescents under 15 years I am excited to announce I will be embarking on a new endeavour June 1 with the obtained .03% of all 2014 opening of a second Pharmasave in Elmvale. abortions; women aged 15–19 We will be celebrating Customer Appreciation Day and our 4 Year Anniversary on years accounted for 10.4% Friday May 25th in store. We will have draws for prizes, cake, giveaways and more! Save 25% off your purchase* and get 300 bonus rewards points when you spend $25. (CDC). http://www.abort73. I look forward to seeing you! com/abortion_facts/us_ Carolyn Glover – pharmacist owner abortion_statistics/ According to the United 94 Finlay Mill Rd, Midhurst ON Nations’ 2013 report, only nine 705.503.7333 |


Springwater News

9 Glenview Avenue Elmvale ON L0L 1P0 Publisher:  Michael Jacobs - Tel: (705) 322-2249 Fax: (705) 322-8393 • Cell: 321-BOLD (2653) e-mail: Articles can be dropped off, mailed, faxed and/or e-mailed to the above address or left in the Elmvale Library ‘Drop Box’ 24 hours a day. THE NEXT PAPER will be on May 31, 2018 Publications Mail Contract No. 1443739. Unaddressed Admail No. 3684814.

The paper is printed by Master Web Inc. Mississauga Springwater News is produced every two weeks and delivered by Canada Post and available at newsstands throughout the areas mentioned below. The opinions expressed in articles contributed by interested parties and through the ‘Letters to the Editor’ do not necessarily reflect the opinion of this newspaper and/or the editor. The editor reserves the right to edit all submitted articles or letters for clarity and space or to avoid obscenity, libel or invasion of privacy. All contributions must have the writer’s full name, address and telephone number for verification. Copyrights are claimed on all original articles. Springwater News prints 18600 papers. 17,250 are delivered by Canada Post to;

750 in the Utopia/Grenfel area L0L 1B0 and L0L 1B2 2150 in the Barrie City/Rural area 4000 in South Springwater Township 138 to the new boxes in Minesing. If you know of someone not getting the paper, who got it before the restructuring, please let me know. 610 in Phelpston L0L 2K0 625 in Hillsdale including the Rural Routes L0L 1V0 2450 in Elmvale including the former RR# 1, 2 & 3 L0L 1P0 which includes Orr Lake, Waverley and some Tiny Beaches Road area 265 in the Wyebridge area L0K 2E0 900 in Wyevale L0L 2T0 including Conc. 8 and some TBRS areas, 1300 in Perkinsfield including Balm Beach to Whippoorwill 1050 in R.R .# 1, L4R 4K3 (775) & 2, L4R 4K4 (225) areas of Midland which includes Vasey, Ebenezer and the area North-West of Wyebridge 3075 in Northern Tiny including Penetanguishene in SS 3, 5, 6, 7 & 8 of Penetanguishene (Postal Codes L9M -1R2, -1R3 & -2H7) plus 150 through

mail outs and subscriptions in Canada Subscriptions are available across Canada for $60/year and $100/year in U.S. of A. CMCA AUDITED

countries in the world have a higher reported abortion rate than the United States. They are: Bulgaria, Cuba, Estonia, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Romania, Russia, Sweden, and Ukraine. Though the UN lists China’s official abortion rate at 19.2, China’s actual abortion rate is likely much higher. According to China’s 2010 census, there were approximately 310 million women of reproductive age in the country. An estimated 13-23 million abortions happen annually in China, resulting in an adjusted abortion rate of 41.9-74.2. The abortion rate is the number of abortions per 1,000 women aged 15-44. In 2010, the latest year on record, 64,641 abortions were performed on Canadian women as reported by hospitals and clinics. In 1997, there were 111,526. According to The Canadian Institute for Health Information (CIHI), who have taken over the role of disseminating abortion data from Statistics Canada, this number does not include abortions performed in Quebec, clinic data for British Columbia is incomplete due to voluntary reporting, and abortions performed on women who reside outside Ontario but who have received an abortion in an Ontario clinic are not included, meaning that the actual figure, while unknown, is much higher. Even with under reported and underrepresented figures, statistics Canada tables show a recorded total of 2,838,328 abortions between 1974 and 2006. CIHI tables show a recorded total of 353,034 abortions between 2007 and 2010, which means that the total number of “reported” abortions that took place between 1974 and 2010 in Canada is 3,191,362. In 2010, Ontario had 28,765. How come we fought to end putting someone to death when convicted of some heinous crime but we allow the ending of life just because the fetus has not taken a breath of fresh air? I am unsure of what our government is attempting to do but the way I see it, Queen’s Park, which is located some 125 kilometres from here want to turn some of our area into a moraine. From their distance, like almost 2 hours away, they want to limit growth in our area. With fewer houses, there will be more land for water to filtrate through back into our aquifers - so the big users, Toronto, will have a source of H2O in years to come. I am unsure of the benefits. My initial gut instinct is that Southern Ontario, which ends at their northern borders, is trying to impose something on us. That’s it Charles - no more this week.

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Simcoe North

34 Queen Street West, Elmvale

BioSteel’s Whey Protein Isolate


100 Simcoe North Simcoe-Nord Municipality Simcoe North118 Of ! Cannington ! Simcoe-Nord Of km 15 Regional Township 5 Sunderland Durham Canal Lake 12 Brock UV Dalrymple 48 !( Kawartha Beaverton 0 City e rv i Lakes UV Lake Bl 47 !(50 5 Of 48 R Municipality ! 23 2.5 ac Of !( UV District Lagoon!( k Muskoka Riley Lake !!( City 46 Pefferlaw Of Township ! Bracebridge Municipality Ramara!( 12 Town 6!( Regional Gravenhurst Of Town Population:14 Population :111,335 111 335 Of UV Kahshe Of York 3k !( Lake First Georgina Mnjikaning First Simcoe Chippewas Consisting : 37 Comprend 45 Atherley Lake North 11 Nation 52 ! ofIsland Nation Sutton ! 44 of: Muldrew 1!( 32!( ! !( Washago Georgina UV ! Town (a) la that partie part118 du of!(16 the comté County de Simcoe of Simcoe13 !( 49 Of ! comprised :of: constituée !( Lake Beach Muskoka City Orillia (i) des the townships cantons!(deofRamara, Ramara, Severn, Severn,!(Tay!( CountyCumberland Lake Of 78 R Long Tay et deand Tiny; Tiny; Of Lake (ii) des the towns villes de of Midland Midland and et de LINE 9 N LINE 9 S !( i Simcoe 11 20 ! Penetanguishene; 169 !( !( Lakeview (iii) 30, Christian la réserve Island indienne ReservevNo. Of Township Alcona !( Indian de o de HORSESHOE Bass Lake Town e Severn Innisfil Island de 30A réserve Indian Reserve indienne No. de 30A 30,la Christian Christian Island n Of and VALLEY Of Township Nation et de la(Rama réserveFirst indienne Nation) de Indian la S r OroMnjikaning Christian Island First no Lakes RD E Twp. ev de 32 (Première Nation de MileMuskoka Reserve Première No. Nation 32; Medonte 17 54 (iv) that part of the Township of e OroOf rTea Mnjikaning Rama); Nine Lake City Lake 93 !( !( northeasterly (iv) de la partie ofdu a! Bala line canton described d’Oro-Medonte MacLean Barrie 400 Medonte lying n no MOONSTONE Of commencing nord-est the intersection décriteSix of Lake the !( as follows: située aud’uneatligne 22 RD UV 90 limit commençant of said with 9 Line de la northwesterly comme suit township : à l’intersection Lake Mile Twp. !( E southeasterly dudit ligne Nord; canton deetalong là Wahta said line to 34 !( Mohawk Territory North; limite nord-ouest thence Township Springwater Of East; sud-est thence suivant northeasterly ladite ligne along!(said 3k Moonstone de vers lale9e Road !Hillsdale Of 43 40 58 33 North; Moonstone Est; generally de là vers southeasterly le nordroad tothence jusqu’au 9 chemin Line 9!( Essa !( Township 28 93 !( Of!( to chemin ligne Horseshoe Nord; deValley là Road 5!( !( East; thence along est suivant said line ledit Township Georgian Bay 56 !( 27 Angus !( 12 suivant alonglesaid vers sud-est road to 9 Line ladite North; ligne thence Tay UV 19 northeasterly jusqu’à généralement la 9e Ofde là vers le !( along said Horseshoe line, Valley intermittent Nottawas ! !(Go its Est; southeasterly jusqu’au chemin !( ! New Elmvale South ledit ligne chemin Nord; and its de southeasterly là production, nord-est suivant 9Home Line ! Lake Wasagaa g a R i v e r southerly sud-est suivant limit ofladite said ligne, son production jusqu’à vers le la 9e to the ! Beach intermittent, ligne Sud et sonTadenac ! 92 township; prolongement and Lake 26 10 (b)9e sud-est the City jusqu’à Moose of la limite sud 29 !( la prolongement Page 1 of 1 Township Of UV !( ! Orillia.canton; dudit Point et !(! Tiny (b) la ville 79 Edmore Beach ! Creemore 005 Town Midland d’Orillia. 7!( Stayner 42 Ishpiming Of 124 ! !( Beach Clearview Town ! Wasaga Beach !(Twp. km Of Barrie—Springwater— ! Penetanguishene Of Fergus Of ! Township Estate 5 91 Baie Valley Georgian Bass Lake 12 Town ! ! Severn Hill 0 Oro-Medonte Coldwater Warminster Baywood Park !( Georgienne Prices 11 17 Bay Christian Island 3k OfUV Simcoe 5 Lake HORSESHOE Corner OLD !( Town Collingwood 30 !!(32 ! 2.5 VALLEY 26 BARRIE Of RD Mountains Simcoeside 400 12 The !( Town !( RD ! E UVUV MOONSTONE E OfBlue LINE 9 N LINE 9 S 119 Of RD Population:Twp. Population :100,785 100 785 !( 22 11 R Tay Ontario Electoral Districts - 2015 DI Oro E! Moonstone Park !(de l'Ontario - Loi de 2015 sur ! UVla Circonscriptions électorales Representation Act HORSESHOE GE Lakeview Consisting : Comprend 2! ! représentation électorale VALLEY RD of: RD (0 Oro (a) la that partie part du ofVASEY the comté County de Simcoe of Simcoe400 E MOONSTONE W Township Of ! UV comprised :of:RD constituée RD Lea ! (i) du thecanton Township de of Big OroW Beach Bay Springwater; ! Medonte Horseshoe (ii) de thatlapart partie of the du canton Township d’Oro-Medonte of OroShanty Point OLD Bay southwesterly sud-ouest d’une of ligne a linedécrite described LINE Medonte située au lying ! BARR SKI commencing commençant à l’intersection the intersection de la of the Town as follows: comme suit : at Craighurst 2N Innisfil limit ofNord; dudit ligne canton said de township etlà with 9 Line EI TRAILS northwesterly limite nord-ouest Of SI PENE RIDGE southeasterly sud-est suivant along ladite said ligne to Kempemfelt ! 93 HENE North; de vers lale9e thence RD 93! RD Sline Orr Hillsdale UGN AT UISHENE DR East; Moonstone thence Est; northeasterly de vers le along nordsaid RD Bay Moonstone jusqu’au chemin Road UVlà W !( ORR Lake North; chemin ligne Nord; thence de generally là southeasterly RD TANG road est suivant to 9 Line ledit W Little Lake LAKE to vers Horseshoe lesaid sud-est suivant Road ladite East; ligne thence PO along jusqu’à généralement la 9e lineValley PENE BLAK along Horseshoe said road Valley to Est; 9 Line de North; là versthence le RD Stroud Midhurst northeasterly jusqu’au chemin O 19 E alongchemin ledit ligne Nord; said line, de làits intermittent Cundles southeasterly nord-est suivant LES ! ! South sud-est suivant its southeasterly ladite !( ligne, son ! 27 ST LAKE Painswick production, jusqu’à vers leand la 9e 9 Line / 1 1 RD 27 ! SHORE southerly intermittent, ligne Sud limit etto son of said ! Page 6!( production prolongement the BAYFIELD UV Elmvale !( sud-est sud DR Phelpston township; la prolongement 9e jusqu’à and la limite ST EDGEHILL 43 SpringwaterAnten DUNLOP TIFFIN (b) that partTownship ofetthe City of BarrieTownship lying dudit canton; Of Mills SUNN !( DR described (b) la partie de follows: la ville commencing de BarrieOf située at the STSTCity 92 !au northerly ofasa line 400 ! SN Barrie Tiny the westerly décrite comme limit suit of :said commençant à DI intersection nord d’une ligne of W Of ESSA UV !( city with Dunlop OW thence limite northeasterly de ville etsaid de lastreet rue RD Streetouest l’intersection West; deladite la along VALLEYALE Woodland thence là southeasterly nord-est and easterly ladite rue along to vers Dunlop TiK nle Ouest; Street; de suivant RD 90 Lakeshore de làstreet vers leto Drive; sud-est northeasterly l’est suivant in 29 Beach said jusqu’à la rue TiK thence n; et vers CROSSLAND ! 28 DRRD !( Minesing to la promenade the rue easterly limit of said de citylà(at vers thele !( 26 a straight ladite line Lakeshore; jusqu’à !( 01 RD County NOTSNHOJ southerly droite jusqu’à limit of limite the Township est de ladite of Oroville ! ligne intersection nord-est en ofla the UV Simcoe TH 25TH Of northerly de la limite limit sudofdu thecanton Town d’Oro-Medonte EGROEG Medonte (à l’intersection with the 40 nord de lal).ville !New Wasaga NE I SIDERD Township of de et Innisfi la limite Of !( N Ivy d’Innisfi l). Beach LT8 ! Essa 56 o ta w a s H ATKINSON 30TH !(NE I t aga RD Town Wasaga S L Beach Township Of Clearview e vM a d MILL DI R i v Angus Nottawasaga Of r Ri ST !ERD e r Bay Baxter 1! Pin ! ¢ Borden (0 9!( e R i C.F.B. Lowell New 21 ver ! !( Ontario Electoral Districts - 2015 Circonscriptions électorales de l'Ontario -Act Loi de 2015 sur la Representation

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Be still when you have nothing to say; when genuine passion moves you, say what you've got to say, and say it hot. -D. H. Lawrence A man is rich in proportion to the number of things he can afford to let alone. --Henry David Thoreau

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28 The number of people killed by carbon monoxide poisoning

According to the Canada 2011 Census Ethnic groups: 88.5% White, 9.0% Aboriginal Languages: 90.5% English, 3.8% French, 1.4% German Religions: 71.7% Christian (28.5% Catholic, 13.0% United Church, 10.1% Anglican, 5.6% Presbyterian, 2.9% Baptist, 1.2% Lutheran, 1.0% Pentecostal, 9.4% Other Christian), 26.9% None. Median income: $28,718 (2010) Average income: $37,989 (2010) Barrie—Springwater—Oro-Medonte Electoral District Number 005 Area 1,018 km 2 Population* 100,785 Cities, Places and Municipalities Township of Springwater, City of Barrie, Township of Oro-Medonte

Simcoe North Electoral District Number 100 Area 3,143 km 2 Population 111,335 Cities, Places and Municipalities City of Orillia, Town of Midland, Town of Penetanguishene, Township of Ramara, Township of Severn, Township of Tay, Township of Tiny, Township of Oro-Medonte



related to keyless ignition cars since 2006, according to a New Progressive Conservative • Jill Dunlop York Times report. People sometimes think they have shut off such Libertarian • Harvey Gray vehicles, but they are actually still running, posing a serious danger. Liberal • Gerry Marshall Green • Valerie NEW ZERO Powell TURNS & New Democratic • TRACTORS HAVE Elizabeth Van Houtte TEL: 555 555 5555 Open week •• Open 77 days days aa week

Green Party • Keenan Aylwin PC Party • Doug Downey Ontario NDP/NPD • Dan Janssen Libertarian • Mark Mitchell Trillium Party TPO • Michael Tuck

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Springwater News • May 17, 2018 • Edition 521 • E-mail: •

Springwater News • May 17, 2018 • Edition 521 • Phone: 705 322 2249 Cell: 705 321 2653

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Mon: Aphasia Communication Group - The Stroke Recovery Association (Barrie District). All sessions free 705-737-9202. Mon: 9 am. Coffee Club and Art Group - 9:30 am Pool and 10 am Tiny Stitches The Place 300 Balm Beach Rd. Perkinsfield Mon: 10 to 11:30/7:30 to 9 p.m. Ladies Interdenominational Bible Study Willow Creek Church 2387 Gill Rd. 705-722-7582 Every Mon: 4:20/5:45 Drop in Yoga classes at the Villa Nursing Home Midland Yonge St. Donna Boudreau 795 427 0740 Mon: 1 p.m. Elmvale Community Hall, euchre/bid euchre Mon: 1 pm – 3 pm at the Penetanguishene Arena. Seniors shuffle board 245-7611 for info. Register at town hall. Mon: 7 pm Midland District Railroad Club at Huronia Airport - basement of white building 705-526-3461 Mon: 7:30 Bingo at Bayshore Seniors Club Woodland Beach for the months of July and August. Everyone Welcome Mon: Euchre 7:30 p.m. RCL Barrie 2nd & 4th Monday: 10 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. Simcoe County Embroidery Guild meet September until June at the Simcoe County Museum. 705-726-5820. 3rd Monday of the of month: North Simcoe Sirius Astronomers meets 7:00 pm Huronia Airport People of all ages with an interest in the night sky are invited. Peter Ridout 705-549-0913 Every Monday: MCC 8-10:30 FREE Midland Jams Plugged In 527 4420 FB @Midland Jams Every Tues 9 a.m. – Barrie Golden K Kiwanis - group of retired men meets at St. Paul’s Anglican, Mapleview and Yonge St. Every Tues & Thurs year round 8:30-12 noon – Georgian Bay Heritage League meet in Perkinsfield behind Country Bath & Kitchen on Cty Rd 6. Join us to restore wooden boats built in this area. 705.526.5039. Facebook Georgian Bay Heritage League . Tues: 9:30 am to 8:30 pm Woodcarver Shop at Wye March across from Martyr’s Shrine in dedicated shop with power tools and dust collectors. Feel free to come. 705 424 1999 Tues: 9:30 Coffee Club - 12:30 Bid Euchre @ The Place Tues Coldwater Legion Euchre at 1:30, Cribbage and Fun Pool at 7 pm 705 686 3388 branch 270@ 3rd Tuesday: Elmvale Legion 2-4 pm Veteran’s Drop In Day. Tues: 5:30 Ages 4-8 and 6:30 ages 9-14. Art Classes Creative Madness Art Studio 705 322 6588 Elmvale Tues: 5:30 Newcomer Services English Conversation Circle to improve language skills/meet new people, YMCA Midland 529 2518 First Tuesday: 6.30 – 8.30 PM Georgian Bay Coin and Stamp Club North Simcoe Sport/Recreation Centre. 705-534-3771 2nd and 4th Tuesday of the month: Elmvale District Lions Club dinner and General Meeting, 7 pm at Lions Hall Flos Conc 7. New members welcome. 705-734-4350 Tues: 7 pm Bid Euchre Bayshore Seniors Club Woodland Beach. 1st Tues: 7 pm Elmvale Legion General Meeting 322 1042 Tues: 7:30 pm: Bid Euchre and darts Barrie Legion Wed: 9 am Coffee Club - 10 am Pool - 12:30 pm Games Afternoon 2nd Wed: 1:30 pm Camera Club Georgian Bay Swinging Seniors “The Place” 300 Balm Beach Road Every Wed morning 10 am Spirit Café for a time of fellowship and conversation. All welcome. St John’s United Church. First Wed/Month: Regular meeting of the Georgian Bay Métis Council at 355 Cranston Cres. Midland 526-6335 Wed: CHAIR YOGA 10:00 - 11:00 am. Gentle exercises with soothing music. Georgian Shores Swinging Seniors 300 Balm Beach Road West 705 526 5074 Wed: 12-1:00 Lunch, $8 at Barrie Legion. 728-1412 Wed: 12:30 Euchre at Wasaga Beach United Church 361-2022 Every Wed: 1 pm Bridge at Bayshore Senior Citizens’ 2000 Tiny Beaches Rd S Woodland Beach Wed: 1- 3 pm at Brian Orser Hall Penetang Seniors shuffle board 549-7611 for info. Register at town hall. Wed: 1 pm Royal Canadian Legion Elmvale District 262 Legion Seniors (55+). Table Shuffleboard and social. First Wed 7 - 9 PM Progressive Euchre: Join us for a fun filled evening at St Paul’s Anglican Church, 5 Noraline Ave. Midhurst Everyone is welcome! Wed: 7 pm Euchre at Sunnidale Corners Hall! 2nd Wed: 7 pm LA General Meeting Elmvale Legion. 2nd and last Wed: 7 - 8:30 pm.- Wasaga Cancer Support group meetings open to all cancer survivors, caregivers and family members at Body‘n Balance Physiotherapy (705) 429 - 9619. First Wed. of month: 7 pm Hillsdale Parks and Rec meet in the Community Centre. 835-5240 Wed. 7:30 pm Fun darts at Coldwater Legion Wed: 7:30 pm Cribbage at Barrie Legion. 4th Wed: 7:30 pm Horticultural Society meets Elmvale Legion 4th Wed: 6:45 pm Monthly meeting of the Georgian Bay Quilting Guild (GBQG) monthly meeting at the Midland Public Library 533 4884 Thurs: 9 am Coffee Club- 10-3 p.m. Tiny Stitchers, The Place Perkinsfield, 526-5074 2nd Thursday each month 9:30 - noon PROBUS (Professional Business) club consisting of people 55 plus meet at the

Leon Tilt & Load

We pick up scrap cars, trucks and metals. Call 705-527-9534

Ken Archer Painting

Over 25 years experience painting & wallpapering

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Wasaga Stars arena for coffee, a business meeting and a guest speaker. Probus is a non fund-raising organization. Every Third Thurs 10 am -noon - Barrie Kempenfelt Probus Club meets at the Royal Canadian Legion – Branch 147, 410 St. Vincent Street – Barrie Ontario – (Entrance on Ferris Lane) Start 3rd Thurs: Free Community Breakfast at All Saints Anglican Church Hall 1 Peel St. Penetanguishene 549 2223 3rd Thurs: 10 am - noon - The raging grannies meet at Woods Park retirement facility 110 Lillian Cres. in Barrie. 322-1575 4th Thurs: 1-3 Nottawasaga Bay Stroke Recovery meet at 135, 32nd St. Wasaga Beach Guests speakers 429-9571 Thurs: Shuffleboard at 1 pm at the Coldwater Legion Every Thurs: 1:30 pm Darts at Bayshore Senior Citizens’ 2000 Tiny Beaches Rd S Woodland Beach 4th Thurs: 1:30 pm Diabetes support group meets at the Health and Wellness Center at Penetang General Hospital 549-0881 4th Thurs: 3-5 pm Parkinson’s support group meetings at the Superstore Midland 526-9170. Thurs: Darts at 7 pm at the Coldwater Legion 1st Thurs: 7 pm Midland District Camera Club at North Simcoe Sports and Recreation Centre, Midland, in Askennonia Seniors Club. Guests welcome. Speakers, refreshments. www. 2nd Thurs: each month Sept. to June 7 pm. Barrie-Thornton Fiddle Club at Thornton Banquet Hall above the arena. An evening of entertainment, dance, square dance. All welcome. Lloyd Preston 722-8335 Third Thursday: 6.30– 8.30 PM Georgian Bay Coin and Stamp Club meets at the PrimeTime Club, 1724 Mosley Street, Wasaga Beach. 705-429-4948 Thurs 7-9 pm Circle Jam at the Surf Restaurant Balm Beach All styles of acoustic music welcome Cathryn 416 628 1356 Thurs: 7 - 10 pm Good Vibes Coffeehouse at Mount St. Louis Road and 4th of Oro-Medonte Thurs: 7 pm Bid Euchre at the Georgian Shores Swinging Seniors Centre, 526-5074 Thurs: 7 pm - Elmvale Com Hall Euchre/Bid Euchre Lunch. Last Thurs - Open Stage at Barrie Library 60 Worsley St. 6:307 sign up and entertainment till 9 pm Fri: 9:30 a.m. Coffee Club - 9:30 Pool, 12:30 p.m. Bridge – Includes Coffee/Tea/Cookies Georgian Shores Swinging Seniors “The Place”, Perkinsfield, 705-526-5074 Every Friday 1:30 pm Shuffleboard at Bayshore Senior Citizens’ 2000 Tiny Beaches Rd. S Woodland Beach Fri: 5:30 pm WB Lions Bingo at RecPlex 429-3331 Fri: 6 pm Steak Darts at Coldwater Legion Fri.: 6 pm - Full course meals RCL Barrie $10 Reservations required, 728-4002 1st Fri of month: 7-8:30 pm “KID ZONE” Elmvale Presbyterian Church, 22 Queen St., E. Children J.K. to Grade 8 welcome. Sat: 10-2 pm Farmers Market in Penetang at Le Cle at 63 Main S 2nd Saturday of every month: Jam from 11-1 pm at MCC Harmony Music Cafe 705-527-4420 Last Saturday of the month- 2-4pm The Loop- ‘Sit and Knit’ Social at Midland Public Library 705 526 4216 x 3307 Sat: 3 pm Meat Darts BBQ at Legion, Branch 147, Barrie, Sat: 3 pm Meat Darts. ARMY NAVY/AIR FORCE CLUB, 7 George Street, Barrie 728-8240 Sat: 5:00 Meat Darts Elmvale Legion. 322-1042 Welcome! Sun: 9:45 am Knox Flos Presbyterian Church Services Sun: 10 am - St. John’s United Church welcomes you for worship. 27 Yonge St. S, Elmvale. Sun: 11 am Christian Science Society Church services at 159 Collier St. Barrie Every Sunday:   1-2pm.  Perogies available at the Ukrainian church at Cawaja Beach.  5 Brook Ave., Tiny, Services are usually at 11:30.  Contact:  Rev. Andrija Petresin 905-929-3914    DAILY EVENTS - All on the website at www. with greater information. Thurs, May 17th @ 7pm Board Game Night @ MPL Midland Public Library– Free – Drop In! Choose from a variety of classic and new games. Bring a friend or join others for a fun night of games! May 18/19/20 7:30 pm 3rd Annual Ukulele Festival ay Midland Cultural Centre 705 527 4420 Sat. May 19 - 10-2pm Elmvale Presbyterian Church is hosting a BBQ and Bake Sale on the front lawn of the church at 22 Queen St. E.  Come and join us for hot dogs, hamburgers and refreshments. The proceeds will go to the Alzheimer Society and the event will take place rain or shine. May 19th 2:00 Jammin at the Legion Everyone welcome bring your instrument Branch 270 Coldwater 705 888-5879 May 20 2-5 Simcoe County Jazz Society welcomes the “Regal Jazz Band” at Sticky Fingers 150 Dunlop St. Barrie May 22-26 Theatre Collingwood presents the Birds and the Bees at the historic Gayety Theatre 705 445 2200 www. May 23 5:30 pm All Candidates Meeting for Simcoe North MPP at the Midland Cultural Centre May 25 5:30 BBQ’s at the Elmvale Legion 7 John St. May 25 6:30-8:30 at Huronia Museum Midland and May 26 6:30 to 8:30 DVD Launch of “The Four Jewels of Georgian Bay” Midland, Penetang, Townships of Tiny and Tay at the Penetanguishene Centennial Museum 705 526 2844 May 26 - Recreation Master Plan Open House, 8:30 a.m. to 10:00 a.m., Tiny Township Community Centre. May 26 1:30 at Thornton Library Meeting

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S&J Barn Demolition

We pay cash for barns wsib insured For a free estimate Call 1 800-291-2276

Room. Essa Historical Society monthly meeting Speaker will be Kathleen Bacher, Simcoe County Branch of Ontario Genealogical Society 2019 Calendar will be unveiled - Essa Historical Society  Celebrates Highlights 40 years 1979-2019. May 26 Plant sale at Oro Fairgrounds Line 7 north and 15/16 Sideroad 10 am. Sat, 26 May   May Court Club of Barrie’s “3 Hour” TRUNK SALE 9am -noon Rain or Shine, Antiques, Collectibles and more, Parking lot at Innisfil & Vespra behind 80 Bradford St. Barrie May 26th Garage Sale in the Hillsdale Park Pavilion. May 26th in our Clubroom, we have Rebecca Pascall from 1 to 4. Branch 270 Coldwater 705 888-5879 May 26th.  2 time Canadian Elvis Champion Terry Chisholm will be performing at our big hall Branch 270 Coldwater 705 888-5879upstairs.  From 4 to 8.  Tickets are $10 and include a hound dog and chips.  The door prize is 2 tickets to the finals at the Collingwood Elvis Festival.  May 26 - Gordon Lightfoot Tribute, Tiny’s own John Stinson, Midland Cultural Centre, 7:30pm May 27 12-4 pm Paws for Spring Fundraiser at THE Barrie Animal Centre 91 Patterson Rd Barrie May 27 - Mayor’s Mac & Cheese Dinner fundraiser for “We are the Villagers” RESCHEDULED due to the bad weather. Phil’s Pub and Eatery, Midland May 27, 2018    HIKE for Hospice!  Hike, bike, walk or stroll to help raise funds for local hospice programs/services and to help build a local residential hospice!  Join us at Wye Marsh for our 1 pm start.  Registration begins at 11:30 am.  Accessible 2.5 km trail, 5 km trail and a bike trail will be offered.  Refreshments and entertainment.  What could be nicer than a spring walk through Wye Marsh?  Call 705-549-1034 or visit www.hospicehuronia. ca for a pledge sheet. May 27 Nancy Island Lions Club Pet Valu Walk for Guide Dogs May 29 @ noon Seniors BBQ at Little Lake Park Pavilion. Music by Dylan Lock Free Tickets Askennonia Senior Centre June is Parks and Recreation Month. June 2 9-12 Blood Donor Clinic at the Elmvale Community Hall June 2 or 3 Peters Players present two summer cruises www. June 2 - National Health & Fitness Day, Perkinsfield Park and Bernie LeClaire Park Saturday June 2, 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. St. Paul’s Anglican Church Annual Plant Sale and More. Huge selection of perennials, garden accessories and crafts. Trunk sale, barbecue and bake table. Corner of Yonge and Mapleview in Barrie. June 2 9 am-noon Save-A-Life CPR Training at Simceo C0unty Museum FREE 705 735 6901 / June 4-8, Peak to Shore: June 6 Shotgun at 1 pm Midland Golf & Country Club 15th Autism Golf Tourney Gail at Mickey’s Place 705 526 2005 June 6-30 Cinderella the Panto at King’s Wharf Theatre Penetanguishene 1-855-372-9866 June 7-10, Barrie Automotive Flea Market: & Sept. 6-9, www. June 8-9 CAA celebrates 115 years by offering in store Member Appreciation Events.

The number of children in Japan has hit a record low. There's 15.53 million children in the country, about 170,000 fewer than last year. It's the 37th straight year that the number of children in Japan has declined. Children make up only 12.3% of the population there, compared to 18.9% for the US, 16.8% for China and 30.8% for India. Japan's been struggling with low birth rates for decades. But unlike other industrialized countries with similar problems, it hasn't been able to make up the numbers with immigrants. Government attempts to encourage Japanese citizens to have more children have so far only been successful in Tokyo. During the banquet celebrating their 25th wedding anniversary, Tom was asked to give his friends a brief account of the benefits of a marriage of such long duration. "Tell us Tom, just what is it you have learned from all those wonderful years with your wife?" an anonymous voice yelled from the back of the room. Tom responded, "Well, I've learned that marriage is the best teacher of all. It teaches you loyalty, forbearance, self-restraint, meekness, forgiveness -- and a great many other qualities you wouldn't need if you had stayed single." “I believe there are more instances of the abridgement of the freedom of the people by gradual and silent encroachments of those in power than by violent and sudden usurpations.” — James Madison

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Springwater News • May 17, 2018 • Edition 521 • E-mail: • Elmvale 322-1482 Midhurst 737-5650 Minesing 722-6440


electrical Services

HILLSDALE, Serving Sandycove Acres Since 1969 May 4, 2018 – Plain flat sheets (white or coloured), Furnace Repairs & Service Hunter Richard, washable paints, small yogurt/fruit cup All Electrical Installation & Repairs 10, of Hillsdale, containers, salt and pepper shakers, gently has returned from used trendy women's clothes, footwear, The War Amps purses, jewelry, etc.  With many, many 2018 Ontario Child Free Estimates thanks!!! Amputee (CHAMP) WHEN YOU NEED HEAT...WE ARE THERE PROMPTLY! Storytime at Elmvale Branch Seminar in Toronto. 1st and 3rd Friday of each month at The seminar 10:30am. Dates are as follows: May Hunter at the 2018 Ontario Child Springwater News in Netherlands brought together 18, June 1 & 15. Amputee (CHAMP) Seminar. child amputees Kid’s Tech Time! from across the province while also marking the 100th Please register for the program of anniversary of The War Amps.  your choice(s). Cost: FREE!  Hunter was born a right arm amputee and, as a Monday May 28 Midhurst Branch “Champ”, is eligible to receive financial assistance for 4pm-5pm Little Bits ages 7-12. the cost of artificial limbs and recreational devices. By Wednesday June 6 Minesing Branch attending seminars, Champs and parents learn about the 3:45pm-4:45pm Bee-Bot ages 4-8, latest in artificial limbs, dealing with teasing and bullying Monday June 11 Midhurst Branch 4pm-5pm Squishy and parenting an amputee child.   Circuits ages 4-8, Wednesday June 20 Minesing Branch The War Amps was started by amputee veterans 3:45pm-4:45pm Squishy Circuits ages 4-8, Monday returning from the First World War to help each other June 25 Midhurst Branch 4pm-5pm Little Bits ages adapt to their new reality and advocate for seriously 7-12. disabled veterans. With a philosophy of “amputees helping Lego Building Challenge amputees,” they welcomed the next generation of war All ages are welcome to participate! amputees following the Second World War and established Thursday May 17, 3:30pm-4:30pm the Key Tag Service to gain meaningful employment and at Minesing Branch. Our next Lego provide a service to the public. Later, recognizing that their building challenge will be on Thursday experience could help others, they developed programs to June 21. serve all amputees, including children.   Indigenous-ly Fun Program! Executive Director of the CHAMP Program, Danita Ages 5-12 are invited to learn about Chisholm, says, “Although the Association has developed our Indigenous people with some fun many innovative and unique programs over the past 100 crafts and activities from centuries ago. years, there is still much to do to ensure amputees have the May 17, 5pm-6pm (game outside, clay artificial limbs they need to lead full and active lives. With necklace craft), May 24, 5pm-6pm (game outside, story Klasse and Margie Nordegraaf took their five the public’s support of the Key Tag and Address Label & plant a seed craft) Midhurst Branch. Registration is daughters and four son-in-laws on a little jaunt back in Service, our vital programs for amputees will carry on long required. early April. Here they are in Ommen Netherlands. into the future.” Home Alone & Babysitter Course Home Alone (ages 8-10) 9am-12noon, Cost: $45 and Award Ceremony with Hospice Volunteers.  Babysitting Course (ages 11-15+) 9am-4pm, Cost :$65 are taking place on Friday May 18 at Minesing Branch. Registration and payment guarantee your spot in the program. Registration/payment is due Friday May 11. PA Day Public Works Storytime Friday May 18, 10:30am Elmvale Branch. Come see a fleet of trucks up close from Springwater Township. All ages are welcome! PA Day Spy Training Ages 5+ can drop in and test your spy skills with our fun activities! Friday May 18, 10:30am-3pm Midhurst Branch. Cost: FREE! PA DAY MOVIE Elmvale Branch The Peter Rabbit movie is showing on Friday May 18, 1pm. The movie is free to watch but you can purchase water/popcorn for $3. All branches of Springwater Public Library will be closed Monday May 21 and will reopen on Tuesday May 22, 10am. Happy Victoria Day! Tenant’s Rights This presentation on “We were able to nominate 5 Hospice Simcoe Volunteers for an Ontario Service Award.  Shown in the tenant’s rights is in partnership with Community picture are from left to right, Johanna Columbus, Heather Cox, Sharon Dangerfield, Ann Hoggarth Legal Clinic. For more information see: www. (MPP Barrie), Mari Lafleur, Wendy DeGravina and Kathy Stewart (Hospice Simcoe Volunteer Wednesday May 23, Manager).  The awards were presented on April 29th at Liberty North and hosted by the Ministry of 1:30pm-2:30pm Elmvale Branch. There is no charge for this FREE Citizenship and Immigration. This team of Volunteers have collectively contributed over 825 volunteer seminar. hours annually at Hospice Simcoe and have individually volunteered for over 5 consecutive years.” Make your own Zendoodle Bag Ages 11+ are invited to come make their very own zendoodle bag. Saturday May 26, 1pm-2pm Midhurst Branch. Cost $5. Registration is required. Indian Tea Cultural Family Event Experience Indian food, sip Chai Tea and get a henna tattoo on Sunday May 27, 2pm-4pm Midhurst Branch. Cost $5. Registration required. Wills and Estate Seminar In partnership with HGR Graham Partners, we are offering a FREE information seminar on Will and Estate Planning, Selling your Property and Buying a Property. Thursday June 7, 6pm Elmvale Branch. Weekly/Monthly Programs at the Springwater Public Library: Scrabble Club: Mondays 7pm Midhurst Branch. Roblox Club: Tuesdays 3:45pm Elmvale Branch. Senior Tech Help One-on-One: Wednesdays 10am-12noon Midhurst • Invisalign® • Preventive Services Branch. • Teeth-in-a-DayTM • Restorative Services Knit 2 Together: Thursdays 7pm-9pm Elmvale Branch. rd Tangled Threadz: 3 Thursday every month 1pm-3pm Midhurst • Oral Surgery • Wisdom Teeth Extractions Branch. nd Saturday June 9, 6pm-8:30pm 2 Annual • Dental Implants • Ladies Night Out Fundraiser! Midhurst • Children’s Services Community Centre. We’ve got ladies clothing, scarves, jewelry, footwear, an awesome silent Dr. Dr.Amato Amato auction, free gourmet dessert, mini-manicures, Dr. Yoon Dr. Lam simple up do’s for hair, a photobooth, neck and 30 30 Spence Avenue OntarioL0L L9X 0P2 Spence Avenue Midhurst Midhurst, Ontario 1X1 shoulder massages and more! Advance tickets Call •• Call705-230-1315 705-230-1315 are $20 or $25 at the door. To make a donation for our silent auction contact (705) 737-5650. Online at www.springwater.library.on,ca

Now offering complimentary consultations

WELCOMING New Patients!

Now offering complimentary consultations

HUGE SAVINGS NOW Paul Sadlon Motors

Springwater News • May 17, 2018 • Edition 521 • Phone: 705 322 2249 Cell: 705 321 2653

550 Bayfield Street Barrie

705-726-1811 2017 Nissan 370Z

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2014 Cadillac ATS

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10,644 km • Coupe Transmission:Automatic • Engine:3.7

32,233 km • Coupe Transmission:Manual • Engine:3.8

62,224 km • Smokey Grey 2.4 L Inline 4 • FWD

18.633 km • Sedan Performance RWD 4dr Rear-wheel Drive

2013 Corvette Grand Sport Z51

2013 Buick Verano CX

2017 Silverado 1500 LT

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67,2494 km • Convertible Traction Control • Engine:6.2 L V8

64.710 km • Rear View Camera Convenience 4dr Sedan

2017 GMC Terrain

2016 GMC Acadia SLT


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15,123 km • Cew Cab 5.3 L • 6.6 Box • Automatic


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26,160 km • Audio Controls 4x4 Double Cab 6.6 ft. box 143.5 in. WB

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35,098 km • Navigation Automatic • AWD • Engine:3.6

92,266 km • All Wheel Drive Sport Utility • 3.6 L V6

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27,440 km • Double Cab 4X4 • 6.6 Ft Box • 4.3L V6

2015 Silverado 1500


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47,976 km • 4.3 L V6 LT • 4X4 • 6.6 Ft Box • 143.5 WB

2015 Silverado 1500


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74,345 km • 5.3 L V8 4X4 • Double Cab • 6.6 Ft Box

51,356 km • Cew Cab Duramax Diesel Z71 • Short Box


12,887 km • 3 Engine Options Premium Luxury • 8 Spd Tramsmission

2012 Cadillac Escalade


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64,988 km • Double Cab • 5.3L 4WD • 5.75 ft Box • Running Boards

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107,770 km • SUV • 3.6L Leather • Dark Sapphire Blue


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38,110 km • Crew Cab Work Truck • 4X4 • 6.6 Inch Box


Sales Hours:

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20,186 km • 4x4 • 4.3L V6 69,898 km • Cew Cab 9am 9pm Double Cab • 6.6 ft. boxMonday-Thursday: • 143.5 in. WB LT 4X4 • 6.6 Ft Boxto • 144.2” WB

Friday & Saturday: 9am to 5pm

Your Sales on Teamnew Silverado or Sierra $28,488

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32,233 km • Coupe Transmission:Manual • Engine:3.8

2017 Cadillac CT6

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32,233 km • Coupe Transmission:Manual • Engine:3.8

I willMONTH not TRUCK up to beSave undersold $14,888

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62,224 km • Smokey Grey 2.4 L Inline 4 • FWD


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18.633 km • Sedan Performance RWD 4dr Rear-wheel Drive

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62,224 km • Smokey Grey 2.4 L Inline 4 • FWD


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62,224 km • Smokey Grey 2.4 L Inline 4 • FWD


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18.633 km • Sedan Performance RWD 4dr Rear-wheel Drive

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Springwater News • May 17, 2018 • Edition 521 • E-mail: • Deputy Don’s Update

- by Don Allen Last issue, I reported on Simcoe County 2017 Financial results. Below I review Springwater financials. Although a little “dry”, this is important stuff to be aware of. Springwater Financial Report The Springwater financial results for the year ended December 31, 2017 were positive, with total revenue of $17.6 million, being $1.38 million over budget and expenses being below budget by $366,000. After net transfers to reserves, the total tax based operating surplus was $830,267. The bulk of the over budget revenue was due to supplementary taxes and user fees being higher than planned and the main expense reduction was due to salary and benefit delays in starting new hires in 2017. The Finance and Audit Committee met with Director Schmidt and the external auditors, Collins Barrow LLP and reviewed the draft audited financial statements and related year-end reporting, reviewed below. Different options for allocating the surplus were reviewed the Committee recommends to Council to allocate $81,300 to the Planning Reserve, $49,453 to the Land Acquisition Reserve and $634,761 to the Tax Rate Stabilization reserve to reduce Township unfunded capital. This will assist in smoothing potential tax increases in future years and provide for a contingency. Development Charge Reserve Funds Development Charges (DCs)are one-time fees collected on new residential and non-residential construction to finance a portion of the capital infrastructure requirements associated with growth. The fees are collected at the time of building permit issuance. The Development Charges Act requires the Treasurer to provide Council with an annual financial statement relating to Development Charge By-laws and Reserve Funds. During 2017, Development Charge collections totaled $2.4M and capital/operating expenditures funded by DCs totaled $3.0M. The year end summary of the reserve fund balances totals $4.97 million. Four of the DC reserve funds have unfunded balances as of December 31, 2017. The General Government DC has an unfunded balance in the amount of $97,664. This is due to the Long Range Financial Plan, Official Plan Update and the Development Charge Background Study Update, which are all being temporarily funded from the working reserve fund. The Public Works – Roads & Related DC has an unfunded balance of $1.16 million. This is due to a number of road capital projects. This balance will be repaid via future DC collections. The Midhurst Secondary Plan Area Specific DC is unfunded in the amount of $91,953. This is due to previous studies conducted for the Midhurst Secondary Plan. This balance is being temporarily funded by the Planning Reserve. The Centre Vespra Area Specific DC is unfunded in the amount of $310,543. This balance will be repaid by future DC collections. 2017 Reserves & Reserve Fund Statement A Reserve is an allocation of Township surpluses set aside for specific purposes. An example of a Reserve is the Public Works Reserve, where Council annually budgets funds for future capital replacements. Reserves are contained within the main Township bank account and do not have interest applied against them. A Reserve Fund can be either Obligatory or Discretionary. Reserve Funds are contained in different bank accounts than the Township general funds and do earn interest for the purpose of the specific Reserve Fund. Obligatory Reserve Funds are required by various legislation, such as Development Charge funds, which are mandated to be set aside in a Reserve Fund by the Development Charge Act. Discretionary Reserve Funds are set up at Council’s discretion. An example of a Discretionary Reserve Fund is the Hydro Reserve fund. In 2001, Springwater Hydro was sold to Hydro One, the net proceeds were transferred to the Hydro Reserve finance future capital requirements in Elmvale. Transfers are made to and from the reserves and reserve funds throughout the year by the Director of Finance. The majority of the transfers are related to and approved by the operating and capital budgets. Other transfers are approved through specific resolutions of Council arising from items that are reported on throughout the year. During 2017, transfers to reserves and reserve funds totaled $8.7 million; whereas capital and operating expenditures funded by reserves and reserve funds totaled $7.1 million. The 2017 yearend balance in the Township’s reserves and reserve funds equate to $29.1 million (excluding outstanding DC commitments). 2018 Budget & Business Plan – Results as of March 31, 2018 For the first quarter ending March 31, 2018, the Township has $42,000 better than planned revenue and the financial results to date are mostly tracking as budgeted. These are my thoughts and interpretations of these topics and not necessarily those of Council. My website is and Email me at info@ Fourteen billion pounds of garbage, mostly plastic, is dumped into the ocean every year.












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For games in Barrie see I intend to have a fabulous Summer For games in Midland see and wish the same to all the kind souls out there, a few bad apples will In 1923, jockey Frank Hayes won a race at Belmont Park in New York despite being dead - he suffered a heart attack mid-race, but his body stayed in the not spoil my time here, and being the saddle until his horse crossed the line for a 20-1 outsider victory. positive sorts that we are – I'm sure CN Tower. In 1976, the tower became the world's tallest freestanding structure. you'll have a great Summer too! It looms about one-third of a mile high (1,815 ft) above Toronto, Canada. A Cheers Peter E Davenport TINY glass floor on the observation deck lets you look 342 m down to the ground.

Springwater News • May 17, 2018 • Edition 521 • Phone: 705 322 2249 Cell: 705 321 2653


It's Time for Change in Ontario. On June 7 th ELECT

Jill Dunlop Simcoe North Authorized by: CFO of the Jill Dunlop Campaign

Garlic Mustard pull at Tiny Marsh Saturday May 26 & Sunday May 27

If you haven’t heard by now, Garlic Mustard is one of the most invasive species taking over our green spaces. For the past 10 years, a group of volunteers has been diligently pulling Garlic Mustard from various areas within Tiny Marsh. This year we are continuing with our efforts to remove this invasive weed from a location behind the maintenance shed, just west of the nature centre. On Saturday May 26 and on Sunday May 27 from 9am to noon, we will be focusing on this area where last spring, 1500 native perennials were planted in an effort to help out our native bees and butterflies. Garlic Mustard was originally brought over from Europe in the early 1800s for use as an edible herb. Subsequently, this highly invasive herb has spread rapidly thus surpasses the growth of many of our native woodland and hardwood tree seedlings. The aggressive weed can grow quite comfortably in sun or shade, forests or roadsides. Each flower spike can produce hundreds of seeds which when dispersed, can remain in the ground for over 10 years and still be able to germinate. Animals, humans and dogs that walk through affected areas easily disperse the seeds. Anyone wishing to help out for either morning or even a few hours, meet at the nature centre parking lot at 9am. Wear long pants, comfortable footwear and gloves. You may also want to consider a hat, sunscreen, water and bug spray. For more information, contact Anne McArthur at If anybody wishes to help out with the Garlic Mustard pull but cannot make that weekend, contact Kate Harries at 705-322-2545 to arrange a time.

Tiny Marsh BioBlitz Saturday June 23

Tiny Marsh is will be hosting a BioBlitz on Saturday June 23. This day-long, family friendly event is a great way to learn about the natural world and the diversity of wildlife found within Tiny Marsh. A BioBlitz is where a group of people, led by expert naturalists, record as many species as possible within a specific area and time. This year we have added an indigenous theme, honouring National Aboriginal Day. With indigenous teachers, there will be walks geared to respecting nature, learning about native plants and their uses in food in medicinal and food within the indigenous culture. We will also have expert guides and naturalists that will lead walks throughout the day highlighting the many species of birds, plants, mammals, insects, butterflies, reptiles and amphibians that inhabit Tiny Marsh. The day begins at 6am with a bird hike and ends at 4pm with a reflection of the day from our leaders and the indigenous teachers. Come for the day or just take part in any of the scheduled outings throughout the day. Visit for a full list of all the scheduled walks. The event is free, but please register, so organizers know how many to expect. You can come for the whole day or just one walk, and if you want to be sure of a spot on a specific walk, you can add that to your registration.

Elmvale & District Horticultural Society Please donate any extra annuals, perennials, herbs, veggies, trees and shrubs to our plant sale. Plants needed by May 19th. Call Liz 705-322-5317

Mother's Day is not just another "Hallmark Holiday". As far back as 250 B.C. ancient Romans celebrated a spring festival called, Hilaria. This was dedicated to a mother goddess named, Cybele, on the Ides of March. Her followers would make offerings at the temple, hold parades, play games and also have masquerades. It lasted three days. Approximately $14 billion dollars is spent on Mother's Day. Common gifts include: cards, flowers, meals in restaurants, jewelry, gift cards, clothing, and spa trips.

T h e Barrie Baycats started the 2018 season on the right foot with a 3-1 home victory against the Kitchener Panthers despite being out hit by the visitors 6-5. The game was tight the whole game with Barrie finally scoring the first run of their season in the 6th inning. Branfy Infante doubled and was singled home by Brandon Dhue to give Barrie a 1-0 lead. The Baycats extended the lead to 3-0 in the seventh when Kyle DeGrace and Kevin Atkinson went deep for their first homeruns of the season. Emilis Guerrero was in full control on the mound for Barrie pitching 7 innings and allowing only 2 hits while striking out six. Jaspreet Shergill pitched the eighth giving up 1 hit and Chris Nagorski pitched the 9th for the save even though he gave up 3 hits and the only Kitchener run. Barrie played their second game of the season at home last Sunday and they exploded with an 18 hit attack and a 15-1 win over Burlington. Even though the Baycats committed 5 errors, Burlington was only able to score once scattering 7 hits. Kevin Atkinson led the attack with 4 hits and 3 RBI. Ryan Spataro had three hits and scored 4 times while Glenn Jackson had 4 RBI and hit a homerun. Barrie led only 1-0 after four innings but 3 in the 5th, 4 in the 6th, 5 in the 7th and 2 more in the 8th sent the Mother’s Day crowd to the exits early. Emilis Guerrero made his second start of the young season pitching 5 innings giving up 4 hits and striking out 5 and allowing no runs. Guerrero is 2-0 with an ERA of zero and is on his way to another great season. Santos Arias pitched two innings giving up two hits and the only Burlington run. Matthew St. Kitts and Brad Bissell pitched the last two innings. Barrie next home games are Saturday May 19 @ 2:00 pm against Guelph and Saturday May 26 @ 2:00 pm against Hamilton…As of Monday, Barrie shares first place with the Toronto Maple Leafs with a 2-0 record…This is the 100th season of the InterCounty Baseball League. The league started with four teams. Berlin (Kitchener), Guelph, Stratford and Galt (Cambridge)…Hall of Famer Ferguson Jenkins played in the IBL…Many Ex-Negro

Page 9

Sports by Mike Townes

League players made their way north to play in the league…Barrie is trying to win their 5th league championship in a row this season… Galt Terriers won five in a row from 1927-31 and Brantford Red Sox won five from 195963 but Brantford holds the record with 6 consecutive titles from 2008-13. On May 12, Garry Turner passed away at the age of 70. Garry was part of the sports scene in Elmvale for many years. He was on two teams inducted into the Springwater Sports Heritage Hall of Fame in 2014. He played goal for the 1964-65 Ontario Minor Hockey Champion Alex Currie Pontiac Juvenile team and third base for the Ontario Amateur Fastball Champion Elmvale Merchants in 1977. Garry was also well known on the ice representing the Elmvale Curling Club for many years. Garry and his team of brother Lou, Keith Williams and Peter Vollett represented Elmvale in the Ontario championships. Garry played fastball into his 60’s with the Elmvale Merchants of the Thursday Night Recreational Fastball League. He will be missed by all his friends and family. A Celebration of Life will be held at the Elmvale Curling Club on Sunday June 3 from 1-4 pm. The Stanley Cup Playoffs are down to the final four and I only picked one of the teams that made it to the semi-finals. The Winnipeg Jets are representing all of Canada in the playoffs. I will cheering on the Jets not only because the team is in Canada but also because I only have 5 players left in my hockey draft and they all play for Winnipeg… The NHL made new rules to open up the game and teams built their rosters because of those new rules but in the playoffs calls are not being made for holding and interference that were called most of the season. Teams are slowing down the faster players. Tampa Bay beat Boston because of a missed call on a hold that allowed Tampa to tie game five against the Bruins. Boston then lost in overtime and then game six. A penalty on that play might have changed the outcome of that series. The Toronto Blue Jays are limping along in the American League. Experts are still picking them to be in the mix for a wildcard spot but the starting pitching has to get better. The strength of the team was the starters and that has not happened so far…Teams play 19 games against each team in their division which makes it much harder for the Jays to make the playoffs. If they are going to have wildcard playoff teams, they should be playing fewer games within their division and more against other teams in the other divisions.

Does tomato juice actually work for a dog that's been sprayed by a skunk? If so, why? Tomato juice is definitely a top contender for eliminating skunk odor because of its price and effectiveness. Plus, like any good home remedy, you're more likely to find tomato juice than a commercial pet product in your cupboard. It's OK to dilute the tomato juice with water before you apply it to your pet's coat. Wear rubber gloves and use a basin to catch as much of the runoff as you can, then reapply it for maximum benefit. You may have to repeat the bath. Even then, some residual smell is apt to remain for a few days. If you don't have tomato juice handy, try bathing your pet with diluted vinegar, either white or apple cider. As for why these remedies work, we assume it's the acidity that helps neutralize the skunk smell, which is essentially an oily musk scent. The tomato juice or vinegar cuts through the oiliness and helps break it down so that it can be rinsed away with warm water. Americans buy over 29 billion bottles of water every year. Making all those bottles uses 17 million barrels of crude oil annually, which would be enough fuel to keep 1 million cars on the road for one year. Only 13 percent of those bottles are recycled.

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& Auto Service

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Spring pothole season. Time to get your tires changed.

Full Service Garage

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June Callwood Outstanding Hospice Volunteer award

Another Volunteer Award for a Hospice Volunteer who lives in Horseshoe Valley. In the photo from left to right, Kathy Stewart (Hospice Simcoe Volunteer Manager), Margaret Kennedy (Award Recipient) and Kelly Hubbard (Hospice Simcoe Executive Director) “Margaret Kennedy was welcomed into the June Callwood Circle of Outstanding Hospice Volunteers at the recent Hospice Palliative Care Conference in Richmond Hill.  Margaret along with other Hospice Volunteers from across Ontario were celebrated for their outstanding Hospice work.  Margaret truly makes the difference in the lives of others through her work on the Home Visiting Team where she visits Palliative Clients in their own homes.  Congratulations Margaret!”

New Horizons for Seniors Program


, Canada is strongest when all of its citizens Barrie – Springwater – Oro-Medonte are given the chance to access opportunities, contribute to society, and have the chance to reach their full potential in a fair and (705) 728-2596 welcoming environment. When Canadians from all sectors are given the chance to grow and prosper, they are able to make significant, 48 Alliance Blvd. Unit 104 valuable contributions to their local and larger Barrie, Ontario L4M 5K3 communities. In order for those opportunities to remain in their communities through the promotion of senior available, partnerships with local governments, institutions, volunteerism, by engaging seniors through the mentoring and organizations are essential. When considering the of others, supporting social inclusion and the participation lives of seniors in Canada, such partnerships are integral of seniors, providing capital assistance for community in establishing positive change, as well as improving the seniors projects and/or programs, and expanding the general well-being of seniors. The Government of Canada awareness of elder abuse, including financial abuse. remains committed to empowering all Canadians, including For more information on the details of the NHSP and how seniors, to contribute to and share in the prosperity of our to apply, please visit the Government of Canada website country. ( and search: Funding: New Horizons for The Government of Canada’s New Horizons for Seniors Seniors Program – Community-based projects. For direct Program (NHSP) is a federal grant and contributions assistance with applications, and/or questions regarding program that supports projects led or inspired by seniors eligibility, how to apply, or funding details, please email who make a difference in the lives of others and their ON-TORONTO_RHQ_AR-NHSP_NHPA@hrsdc-rhdcc. communities. Seniors are encouraged to share their or phone 1-866-945-7342. distinctive knowledge, skills, and experiences in order You can also visit the Seniors in Canada Facebook page to benefit Canadians of all ages. Since 2004, the NHSP for the latest information on programs, initiatives and has approved close to 24,600 projects in hundreds of services for seniors. Together, and with programs like the communities across Canada. NHSP, we will be able to continue meeting the needs of The call for 2018-2019 applications to the NHSP opened Canadian seniors, now and into the future. on May 7th, 2018 and will be closing on June 15, 2018. Alex Nuttall Organizations are invited to apply for funding for projects Sugar threatens more than thin waistlines. It has also led or inspired by seniors that promote positive aging, and been associated with several conditions and diseases, empower seniors to initiate and participate in activities that including type 2 diabetes, arthritis, acne, heart disease, benefit the community as a whole. depression, thrush/yeast infections, and cancer. Programs like NHSP encourage seniors to stay involved A 15.2 oz. bottle of Minute Maid 100 percent Apple Juice contains 49 grams of sugar. This is about the same amount of sugar in 10 Oreos. While sugar occurs naturally in fruit, the body processes both types of sugar in the same way. One benefit of eating whole fruit is eating fiber, which is generally lost in the process of making juice. According to brain scans, sugar is as addictive as cocaine. Two hundred years ago, the average American ate only 2 pounds of sugar a year. In 1970, Americans ate 123 pounds of sugar per year. Today the average American consumes almost 152 pounds of sugar in one year. This is equal to 3 pounds (or 6 cups) of sugar consumed in one week. The smallest dog on record was a matchbox-size Yorkshire Terrier. It was 2.5" tall at the shoulder, 3.5" from nose tip to tail, and weighed only 4 ounces.

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Springwater News • May 17, 2018 • Edition 521 • Phone: 705 322 2249 Cell: 705 321 2653

The Mayor’s View By Bill French

Financial Results 2017 Overview At our Council Meeting this week, we received the 2017 Year End Financial Report for the 2017 Fiscal Year which for the Township is the calendar year. The good news is that by the great efforts of management and staff the increase in our costs are increasing at a slower rate than our revenue growth, even with the low tax rate increases this Council has been able to maintain through this term. I would like to just focus on some highlights. Our Financial Assets comprised of cash, investments, accounts receivable and tax receivables is close to $34M up from approximately $31.5M the year prior. Revenues were close to $25M about $825K over the budget, while expenses were $22M about $325K below budget. It is always positive to have revenues above budget and expenses below budget, leaving a surplus. The accumulated surplus if you exclude Capital Assets and municipal drains is about $760K up from about $460K in the prior year. The reserve and reserve funds are just over $21M from just over $19M the year prior. Our municipal debt compared to Net Book Value of Capital Assets is only 3.3%, down from 4.1% last year and now the lowest of the other 6 comparator municipalities used. Taxation per capita is $1,932 per person, again the lowest of the other comparators. Our debt per capita is also the lowest of the comparators at $310 per person. The Township of Springwater is in good fiscal condition and credit must go to everyone in the organization and the clear direction provided by this Council. This is a good news story and puts the Township in an enviable position and is the result of well planned organic, predictable and healthy growth. Midhurst Secondary Plan – MOECC Comments on the Draft ESR (Environmental Study Report) After a one year delay, the Township is now in receipt of the Ministry of Environment and Climate Change (MOECC) Comments on the Draft ESR that were submitted in the Spring of 2017. Council received a legal briefing early in the week and the Consulting Engineer, Ainley, provided an overview of the MOECC comments at Wednesday’s Council Meeting. In the next few weeks both the Technical Steering Committee and the Resident Liaison Group will be meeting separately to discuss and review those comments and I expect a timetable of legislated and Council requested meetings with the public and Council will be published shortly. I have some concerns, which will be voiced at the appropriate time and the next steps will be taken in an orderly fashion. We need to maintain a balance of consideration for all parties affected, but my key focus will be on the residents of Springwater who will be the most impacted, if and when this major urban mega development proceeds. My position has not changed, as unlike anything before, I am concerned that the unique rural character of Springwater will be changed forever. There are still many conditions and studies that must be completed before there are any final approvals or construction of the developments in the MSP. We will neither be rushing nor obstructing the orderly process but will be cautious every step of the way due to the potential impact on the social, economic and environmental wellbeing of Springwater. I feel there are still many unanswered questions that need addressed. Skilled Trades Expo - Reminder The Simcoe Muskoka Skilled Trades Expo will take place this Thursday, May 17, 2018 at the Elmvale Arena and the Flos Agricultural Fairgrounds. This event has won both provincial and federal awards for introducing young students to the possibility of studying skilled trades as part of their future education. The Expo is part of the County of Simcoe’s Economic development program intended to both attract business and assist our local businesses to grow. Having highly skilled trades available locally is a positive move in that direction. Throughout the day close to 2,000 elementary students from the senior grades attend from around the region and learn about the various skilled trades with hands-on demonstrations from local operators and businesses. There is everything from carpentry to autobody to culinary skills and more. There will be over 150 trades represented at the fair. During the day students will attend from 9am to 3pm and the general public and parents are invited to attend from 5 pm to 7pm. Springwater Swing Golf Tournament - Vespra Hills Gold Club - Reminder The Annual Springwater Swing Tournament will take place on July 11 of this year. Council finalized arrangements at our last Council Meeting. After much discussion, the direction of Council was to rotate the event with the four clubs in Springwater subject to their availability. This year we are proud to host the event at the exclusive and private Vespra Hills Golf Club located on Wilson Road near Snow Valley. The proceeds from the Tournament, which is our biggest fund raiser, benefits the Community Assistance Program, which has helped many individuals with special one time needs since its inception 3 years ago. It also contributes to Physician Recruitment and other worthwhile local initiatives, such as the Elmvale and Barrie Food Banks along with assisting some unique team and school requests throughout the year. Talk to your friends and help us raise as much as we can by signing up a foursome for

Bernie Pilon Construction


Gravel Supplies

Canada’s Paint Expert.

Serving Barrie and Area for over 80 Years A Hardware Store with ALL Your Needs! Corner of Blake & Steele

Mon-Sat & Sun 10-5 (705) 728-2431

Georgian’s Practical Nursing graduates pass Canadian Practical Nurse Registration Examination in high numbers Nurses are the backbone of any health care system, and Georgian’s Practical Nursing graduates have shown they are fully prepared with the knowledge and skills to start their professional careers. Recent graduates from the Practical Nursing program at the Barrie and Owen Sound campuses did very well on the Canadian Practical Nurse Registration Examination (CPNRE) with 92 per cent from Owen Sound passing and 90 per cent from Barrie. In order to become a Registered Practical Nurse in Ontario, you must successfully complete the CPNRE. This national examination measures the competencies required of nurses at the beginning of their nursing career in Ontario. “Our nursing students are very dedicated and work very hard throughout their program and to prepare for this exam,” said Marion Lougas, Associate Dean, Health, Wellness and Sciences. “This high pass rate is a testament to the commitment our faculty and staff make to ensure student success. It is particularly apropos that we received this news during Nursing Week.” Netherlands North Sea Protection Works. Because the Netherlands is below sea level, a series of dams, floodgates, and surge barriers have been built to keep the sea from flooding the country during storms. The biggest part of the project was a two-mile-long moveable surge barrier across an estuary finished in 1986. It is made of 65 concrete piers each weighing 18,000 tons. It has been said that the project is nearly equal in scale to the Great Wall of China. this year’s event. Early bird price is $185.00 a golfer, which includes lunch, dinner and a day of challenging golf. There are many sponsorship opportunities for local business. Information is available on our website at www. Other Upcoming Community Events Keep an eye on our Township website as the Springwater Heritage Committee is making plans for some special activities this year. Some of our annual activities are also being staged which will allow all residents to get to know their neighbours better and enjoy the special hospitality of our many local settlement areas. Don’t miss the Hillsdale Community Garage & Bake Sale next Saturday, May 26 from 9-12 at Hillsdale Community Centre. This has grown to be a great event over the last few years. It is an opportunity to promote your business or sell your own goods. The cost to register a table is $20 and will be based on a first come, first served basis. Book a table now. If you are interested, email to register. The second annual Midhurst Soapbox Derby and Classic Car Show will take place on Saturday, June 2, 2018 at Doran Road and Finlay Mill Road. You can preregister your soapbox car until May 19, 2018. The cost to register is $10 per participant. It was such a great event last year and it sounds like there might be a few more cars and some higher technology brought to this year’s event. Aside from the soap box race itself there will be a Classic Car Show held at the Lion’s Park close by. Mayors Open Visiting Hours If you would like to meet with me on any matter you can always arrange an appointment or if in the neighbourhood of the Administrative Centre you can drop by any Thursday afternoons from 1 to 4:00 p.m. and no appointment is required. I invite you to bring your complaints, concerns or even appreciation for what is happening in Springwater. I have had numerous people come by and in some cases we have resolved some simple issues. If nothing else I promise that you will be heard. The door is open. Keep informed and involved with Springwater by checking out our website and especially our calendar of meetings. Tune into our live streaming of the Council Meetings at www.springwater. ca/live . Stay close to the action and read this excellent local paper, the Springwater News, and check out our regular Springwater Link and Council Corner columns. Be part of the solution and have your say. Contact me at 705-728-4784 ext. 2040 or my cell at 705-718-7031 or email at and follow me on twitter @MayorFrench A reminder these articles are my thoughts and perspectives on issues and I am but one voice on Council. These opinions may not reflect the position of other Councillors.

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Crushed Road & Cement Gravel Sand & Gravel Fill • Skid Steer Services Excavating • Bulldozing • Backhoe & Snow Removal

7 Simcoe Street Elmvale, Ontario L0L 1P0

Rick’s Cell: (705) 623-4209 Phone: 322-2785 Fax: 322-4458

Georgian College awarded funding to enhance social enterprise activity across Simcoe, Muskoka, Dufferin and Grey The Government of Ontario has awarded Georgian College $264,000 from the Social Enterprise Demonstration Fund to support a $528,000 project focused on growing social enterprise across the college’s seven campus communities in the counties of Simcoe, Muskoka, Dufferin and Grey. The two-year project will be managed by the Social Enterprise Network of Central Ontario (senco), which is housed in Georgian’s Centre for Changemaking and Social Innovation. Project activities include: • delivering an eight-part workshop series in person and online to equip individuals and organizations with knowledge and tools to support development in social enterprise, from ideation to operational sustainability • establishing social enterprise sector development groups across Georgian’s campus communities to support local growth and flow-through funding for social enterprise projects • sharing the impact and promoting social enterprise via audio and visual storytelling • offering specialized courses, mentorship and coaching through project partners, including Innoweave, the Social Enterprise Institute, and S4ES “Georgian is proud and determined to advance the social and economic development of our local communities,” said Suzie Addison-Toor, director of the Centre for Changemaking and Social Innovation. “This project will support and connect individuals and organizations to resources and opportunities to cultivate and enhance social enterprise activity in our region.” Driving social enterprise is one of the ways Georgian strives to make an impact. The college was recently designated Canada’s first changemaker college by Ashoka U – the world’s largest network of social entrepreneurs. Georgian joins an inspiring global community of institutions and leaders who are fostering positive change and producing graduates with the innovative skills and creative mindset needed to use their education for social good.

Outreach Marketing Group is Launching Annual Coupon Book

Barrie, Ontario – May 8, 2018 – Outreach Marketing Group is pleased to offer local businesses with an opportunity to take part in a coupon book to help support the YMCA of Simcoe/Muskoka’s youth programs. The annual coupon book will feature discounts from local businesses in the region including restaurants, personal services, retail and more. The coupon books will be sold this fall with a portion of proceeds supporting YMCA youth programs. Local businesses have the opportunity to support this community initiative by purchasing a coupon or graphic ad to promote their services. Outreach Marketing Group is looking to connect with restaurants, retail, service and other related businesses that are wanting to promote to local families and adults in Barrie/Innisfil, Collingwood/Wasaga Beach, Orillia/Gravenhurst and Midland/Penetang. The books being developed for the four communities will be going to print July 1 2018. By taking part in this project, local businesses have the opportunity to provide residents with local savings for an entire year and support the YMCA of Simcoe/Muskoka’s youth programs. “Outreach Marketing Group is proud to partner with an amazing organization such as the YMCA on this project. Together, with the participation of local businesses, we will hope to make an incredible impact on the lives of many young people in our community,” said Tanya Snell, Outreach Marketing Group. For more information about the coupon book and how to get involved, please contact Tanya Snell, Outreach Marketing Group at 705-229-8873 or tanya@ Panama Canal. It took 34 years to create this 50-milelong canal across the Isthmus of Panama. The amount of digging required and the size of its locks helped make it the most expensive project in American history at that time-and the most deadly: About 80,000 people died during construction (most from disease). The paths of glory at least lead to the grave, but the paths of duty may not get you any where. --James Thurber

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Springwater News • May 17, 2018 • Edition 521 • E-mail: •

CO2 Fundamentals

Election Day is June 7, 2018. Polls are open from 9:00 A.M. to 9:00 P.M. ET / 8:00 A.M. to 8:00 P.M. CT. To vote in this election, you must be: • 18 years of age or older on June 7, 2018; and • a Canadian citizen; and • a resident of Ontario.


To find out where you vote, visit, check your Voter Information Card or call us at 1.888.668.8683 (TTY: 1.888.292.2312).

Don’t forget to bring your ID and Voter Information Card when you go to vote.

For more information, visit, email us at or call 1.888.668.8683 (TTY: 1.888.292.2312). Disponible en français

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Each voting location will have magnifiers, Braille ballot templates and other tools to help you vote.

Colours: Black

Quick Climate info - Hottest Month is July (21° avg) Coldest month is February (6° avg) Wettest month is October (79.1 mm avg/3.11 in) Windiest month is March (15 km/hr avg) Annual Rainfall 711.2 mm/year/28 inches

Temperatures in Shanty Bay Elevation 250 M The debate about global warming and climate change has Latitude 44°23’53.050” N shifted from genuine scientific exploration to a campaign Longitude 79°37’58.074” W demonizing CO2. The use of energy, the primary source of Mar April human CO2 emissions, have played an essential role in the 1973 5.8 10.6 economic progress and improved standard of living that has been 1974 0.4 11.5 experienced in many nations since the Industrial Revolution. 1975 -0.3 5.5 The mission of the Coalition is to demonstrate with science- 1976 3.2 12.1 based facts that: 1977 5.1 12.8 CO2 is a nutrient that is essential to life. CO2 at current levels 1978 -0.8 6.8 4.4 8.7 and higher enables plants, trees, and crops to grow faster and 1979 1980 0.8 10.5 more efficiently. It is essential for life. 3.5 11.1 Just as we require oxygen for life, our economy requires 1981 1982 1.1 8.5 energy, often described as the oxygen or lifeblood of the 1983 3 8.7 economy. Energy must be abundant, reliable, and reasonably 1984 -2 11.6 priced for an economy to achieve robust and sustained growth. 1985 3.1 12 Carbon dioxide (CO2) is a natural and beneficial constituent 1986 4 12.8 of the atmosphere. By volume percentage, 99% of dry air is 1987 4.6 14.2 2.3 9.4 nitrogen (78%) and oxygen (21%). Most of the rest is argon 1988 0.7 8.4 (0.93%), with carbon dioxide amounting to only 0.04%, but 1989 4.2 12.5 slowly increasing. Even smaller amounts of other gases, neon, 1990 1991 3.4 12.6 helium, methane etc., make up the remainder. 1992 0.4 8.5 Atmospheric CO2 is essential to life on earth, since plants 1993 1.6 10.4 use sunlight to combine CO2 molecules from the air with H2O 1994 2.2 12.1 molecules to make carbohydrates (for example, sugar) and 1995 5.8 7 other organic compounds. In the process, oxygen molecules 1996 1.3 7.6 1 9.6 (O2) are released to the atmosphere. At CO2 levels less than 1997 4.2 13.3 150 ppm (parts per million), most plants stop growing. Over 1998 2.9 12.4 most of the history of multicellular life on earth, CO2 levels 1999 8 9.9 have been three or four times higher than present levels. Current 2000 2001 1.7 12.2 CO2 levels of 400 ppm are still much less than optimum for 2002 3.4 10.6 most plant growth. 2003 2.9 9.2 Air also contains water vapor (H2O), from as much as 7% in 2004 3.9 10.9 the humid tropics to less than 1% on a cold winter day. Human 2005 1.3 12 3.1 12.4 exhaled breath typically contains 4% to 5% CO2 and about 6% 2006 2007 3.5 11.2 H2O.Water vapor, 0.1 14.6 Water vapor, clouds and carbon dioxide hinder the escape of 2008 4.5 11.4 thermal radiation to space and allow the earth’s surface to be 2009 2010 8.2 15.7 warm enough for life. Without this “greenhouse warming,” 2011 1.5 11.1 most of the oceans would be frozen. Increasing levels of the 2012 11 12 greenhouse gas CO2 from fuel combustion will slightly increase 2013 2.2 9.9 the surface temperature of the earth. Observations indicate 2014 -0.6 9.5 that every doubling of the CO2 concentration will increase the 2015 1.2 11.9 4.8 9.2 earth’s surface temperature by 1 to 2 C, and perhaps less. The 2016 1.5 13 warming is so small that the resulting longer growing seasons 2017 2 6 and increased plant productivity from additional CO2 will of 2018 great benefit to life on earth. over 46 years Higher carbon dioxide levels will be beneficial for the Average for March 2.8 C Developing World. Average for April 10.7C

Leo Burnett, 175 Bloor Street East, North Tower, 12th Floor, Toronto, ON M4W 3R9 416.925.5997 • Phone: 705-728-4784 • Fax: 705-728-6957 • Email: •

Spring Street Sweeping Street sweeping continues throughout the Township. Please do not park on the streets to ensure our operators are able to effectively clear them.

Springwater Heritage Presents: Cast Iron Cookery - A Taste of History Thurs., May 24, 2018 Historic Fort Willow 2714 Grenfel Road Utopia, ON, L0M 1T2

Please do not pile sand at the end of driveways or on the road, as the street sweeper is not able to pick it up. Thank you for your cooperation.

Gates Open: 6:30 pm Presentation: 7:00 pm Cost: Free

Additional information can be found at

For more information: or 705-728-4784 Ext. 2013

Join keynote speakers Ruthan and Dennis Johnson as they provide a live demonstration on cast iron cooking over an open flame. Through this presentation, participants will learn how to build and read a fire for proper cooking. The presentation will include an interactive demonstration with Ruthan and Dennis preparing a number of delicious items on site. They will also display their unique collection of old and new cast iron and explain what each piece was used for, how to use it, as well as how to properly maintain and care for it.

Registration is open for Springwater Summer Camps!

Candidate Information Packages Thinking of running for Municipal Council or School Board Trustee in the 2018 Municipal Election? Get an electronic candidate information package online at election2018/candidate_information or contact the Township of Springwater Clerk’s Department at 705-728-4784 Ext. 2015 or Nominations are now open and close July 27, 2018 at 2:00 pm.

Twitter: @springwatertwp

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Poop and Scoop With the return of beautiful weather, many people are out walking their pets and enjoying our trail systems. Please be considerate and clean up after your pets when using the trails so that everyone may enjoy them.

Springwater News • May 17, 2018 • Edition 521 • Phone: 705 322 2249 Cell: 705 321 2653


2231 Nursery Road Minesing, Ontario L9X 1A8, Canada May 17, 2018 • Phone: 705-728-4784 • Fax: 705-728-6957 • Email: •

Twitter: @springwatertwp

Upcoming Meetings

Water Ban & Fire Ban - Hillsdale Area - April 23 - May 25

Hillsdale Community Rec. Association Wednesday, May 23 - 7:00 pm Hillsdale Community Hall

The Township of Springwater has hired a contractor to perform maintenance activities on the inside of the Hillsdale Water Tower. In order to carry out this work, the water tower will be drained and water storage will be contained in temporary water tankers on the property.

Committee of Adjustment Wednesday, May 23 - 7:00 pm Township Administration Centre Compliance Audit Committee Friday, May 25 - 9:00 am Township Administration Centre Special Council Meeting - Closed (HR Update) Monday, May 28 - 2:00 pm Township Administration Centre

The 12th Annual

Springwater SWING Wednesday, July 11, 2018 Vespra Hills Golf Club 1:00 pm shotgun start Benefiting the Community Assistance Program, Physician Recruitment and Local Initiatives

For registration and sponsorship opportunities:

Now Hiring The Township of Springwater is currently recruiting a: Recreation & Special Events Coordinator Full-time, Temporary Closing Date: Friday, May 25 at 12:00 pm

In order to facilitate this work and ensure adequate water for unexpected emergencies, a water ban order has been issued under By-law 2017-087. This water ban is deemed necessary and suspends all use of water distributed through a hose or any other attachment. As a result of the water ban, a fire ban has also been issued under By-law 2006-041. The following activities have been banned for the Hillsdale area from April 23, 2018 to May 25, 2018: • • • • • • • • •

Filling up of swimming pools, no matter what size Watering of existing lawns Watering of trees, shrubs, flowers and gardens Washing of vehicles Use of water toys, waterslides and water sprinklers Washing of paved driveways Washing of siding and windows Watering of new lawns (sod or seed) Outdoor burning of any kind

We have selected this time of the year to minimize the impact on our residents. We apologize for the inconvenience, but appreciate your cooperation to ensure everyone’s safety.

Building Safety Month - May 2018 To many it may seem that obtaining a building permit is a hindrance to what you may want to do on your property. The truth is that the execution of building permits keeps us all safe! Standards developed through building regulations are evident in every building we visit, but are seldom noticed by the general public, and that’s because they are working! During Building Safety Month, our aim is to promote what Building Officials and Building Services do for the communities in which we live and work. Please join us for these events in May: Building Permit Clinic -Thursday, May 24 - 4:30 pm - 7:00 pm The Building Services Department will be open until 7:00 pm to help with your building permit applications at the Township Administration Centre (2231 Nursery Rd.) Building Services Booth - Thursday, May 31, 2018 - 1:00 pm - 4:00 pm The Building Services Department will be at Elmvale Home Building Centre (121 County Road 27) to answer any questions you have about the building process. Name our New Mascot! - The Building Services Department’s new mascot needs a name! Provide a suggestion by emailing or visiting the Administration Centre during regular business hours. Professional Building Officials - Helping to make safer communities for this generation and the next.

Additional information is available at:

Bid Opportunity The Township of Springwater is currently accepting bids for the following: Provision of Engineering Services for 2018 Structure Assessments RFP-PW-10-2018 Closing Date: Thursday, May 31 at 2:00 pm Supply and Install Fuel Management System PW-12-2018 Closing Date: Thursday, June 7 at 2:00 pm Additional information is available at:


e l a S e g a r a G Saturday May 26, 2018 9 am - 12 pm

Hillsdale Community Park Email to book your table. $20 per table

The Midhurst 150 Soapbox Derby and Classic Car Show

Saturday, June 2, 2018 Community Hall and Lion’s Park Participants must register by May 19. Details at

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Springwater News • May 17, 2018 • Edition 521 • E-mail: •

MIDLAND 705-527-7654

504 DOMINION AVENUE, mIDLAND l4r 1p8 BRUCE.STANTON@PARL.GC.CA As of April 1, 2018, Canadian Veterans will have access to a number of new and enhanced programs to support them and their families. There are quite a few changes, so I will detail some of the changes in this article, and the rest in future issues. Veterans Affairs Canada (VAC) is now offering an Education and Training benefit that will provide Veterans with six years of service up to $40,000 and Veterans with at least 12 years of service up to $80,000 of funding for college, university or a technical education. Any educational institution listed on the Employment and Social Development Canada (ESDC) master list of designated educational institutions is eligible. All honourably released Veterans will have up to 10 years following their release date to use the benefit. VAC has also enhanced the Career Transition Services Program, which helps improve the employment prospects for Veterans, members, survivors, spouses and common-law partners, by expanding current eligibilities, removing time limits for Veterans, members and survivors to access benefits; and simplifies or eliminates the application process for participants. Services include career counselling, selfassessment, assistance with resume and cover letter writing, interview preparation, job search training and in some instances job-finding and job-placement services. The Veteran Family Program is now available, and allows medically-releasing Canadian Armed Forces members and medically-released Veterans, as well as their families, to access the 32 Military Family Resource Centres that had previously only been available to still-serving members and their families. The families can also access the telephone-based Family Information Line and the website A new Caregiver Recognition Benefit has been introduced to support those caring for Veterans who has a disability award and requires assistance with their illness or injury, and require ongoing care which involves help with 4 of 7 activities of daily living (feeding, dressing, washing, grooming, toileting, taking medication and mobility (transfers and ambulation). It is a benefit of $1,000 a month and is not taxable. The one-year time limit to apply to the Rehabilitation Services and Vocational Assistance Program has also been eliminated, to ensure that families will not be pressured to be active in the vocational assistance process while still adjusting to the Veteran’s health circumstances. In my next article I will detail the background on the Veterans Emergency Fund, VAC’s support of the Centre of Excellence on PTSD and other related mental health conditions, and the Veteran and Family Well-Being Fund More information is available on the VAC website: Compared to singles, married people accumulate about four times more savings and assets. Those who divorced had assets 77 percent lower than singles. Due to jobs, kids, TV, the Internet, hobbies, and home and family responsibilities, the average married couple spends just four minutes a day alone together. The average married couple has sex 58 times per year, or slightly more than once a week. Women who report a fair division of housework were happier in their marriages than women who thought their husbands didn't do their fair share. Wives also spent more quality time with their husbands when they thought the housework was divided fairly. Marrying younger than age 25 dramatically raises the divorce risk. Also, the divorce risk is higher when the woman is much older than the man, though the reverse isn't as a strong factor. The cost of an average wedding is $20,000. Located at Lafreniere auto sales (7106 HWY 26 STAYNER, ON) The cost of an average divorce is $20,000. “If happiness is the goal - and it should be - then adventure should be a top priority.” Richard Branson The first duty of love is to listen. --Paul Tillich

South Georgian Bay

Car and Truck Rentals



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ELMVALE: 705-322-2022 10 Yonge St. South, Unit 3

We also have locations in Midland, Penetanguishene, Orillia & Gravenhurst!

Springwater News • May 17, 2018 • Edition 521 • Phone: 705 322 2249 Cell: 705 321 2653 Ward One Report

Wasaga Beach Denture Clinic Carlos Melgarejo DD Denturist 682 River Road West, Wasaga Beach (705) 429-8474 / 1-800-531-6290

Good Vibes Coffee House – A Coffee House with a Difference For sixteen years now, a wonderful little coffee house has been nestled away in an old rural school house/church hall at the corner of Mount St. Louis Road West and Oro-Medonte Line 4 North in Mount St. Louis/ Hillsdale. The open mic hosts a variety of performers every Thursday evening from 7pm to 10pm. You don’t have to be a performer to be welcome at Good Vibes. A respectful, quiet audience is much appreciated. Tea, coffee, and home-baked goods are available for a small donation. Good Vibes has evolved into so much more than a coffee house. What makes it different than many others is that in addition to entertainment, its patrons also enjoy Good Vibes’ pot lucks and music jams, celebrating each other’s birthdays, and celebrating special events such as Christmas, New Year’s, Valentine’s Day, and St. Patrick’s Day. Good Vibes is a coffee house with a heart, a non-profit group involved in community service by collecting for the food bank twice a year, helping other coffee house members as the need arises, and sponsoring Sistema, a children’s music program. Come and check out the good vibes at Good Vibes Coffee House. It is well worth the drive to Mount St. Louis! For more information, you can find us online at, on YouTube and Facebook, or contact John Vella: 705-937-0611

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Councillor Katy Austin I am happy to share two pieces of good news this week; the first is about the splash pad at Homer Barrett Park, and the second is about bus service to Midland, Penetang and Barrie. At our May 2nd meeting, Council awarded the contract for the design, supply and construction services of the splash pad to Diamond Head Irrigation Inc. The cost of the project will be $298,800 plus taxes; 90% will come from development charges, and 10% will come from the Elmvale Hydro Reserve. The splash pad will be 3,050 square feet in size; it will have two designed play zones, 20 spray features, an anti-slip surface and a 16’x16’ aluminum shade shelter with two accessible tables. The new splash pad is expected to be operational by July 31, 2018. Starting early September, Elmvale residents will be able to catch a bus throughout the day to Barrie, Midland and Penetang. This service, which is being run by the County, is called Simcoe County LINX Transit Service. The PenetangBarrie route is the first of several that the County plans to roll out over the next few years. A second route, from Barrie to Orillia, is next in line. Funding for the project has come from provincial grants to municipalities with transit systems, changes to development charges, and provincial gas taxes, so there will be no impact on our property taxes. The Penetang-Barrie route will run buses hourly throughout the day, starting at 7a.m. in Penetang, stopping in Elmvale, arriving at Georgian College/Royal Victoria Hospital in Barrie around 8 a.m. Passengers may then choose to link to the Barrie Transit system. Buses will continue to run in both directions throughout the day, finishing at 7 p.m. in Penetang. There will be an electronic fare box using a “smart card” or cash option, and up to two bikes can be attached to racks on the bus. All buses will be wheelchair accessible, with a special reservation service for people who need transportation to get to their local bus stop. Complete details about the Simcoe County LINX Transit Service should be available on the Simcoe County Website by the middle of June. The comments made in this article are strictly my own. I do not speak on behalf of Council. Contact me any time if you have concerns or suggestions: 705-796-7348,

Take the Time to Shower Someone with Love

When is the last time you expressed your love to those closest to you? Parents sometimes assume their children know they are loved. Children often assume parents know it. Even if everyone knows it, it is still nice to hear. More importantly, it sustains and nurtures us. Love is energy: it is to the soul what water and sunlight are to flowers. When we express it, in words or in hugs, we bring that energy from deep within our hearts and shine it on the heart and soul of another. This energy is healing on many levels. Scientists now have experimental proof that stress, anger, guilt and fear have a detrimental effect on the immune system. Feelings of love, security, happiness and hope have a positive effect on our health and wellbeing. If we have the power to positively affect the physical and emotional wellbeing of others, why would we not shower this energy on those who mean the most to us? In the 1600's England, Mothering Sunday took place on Ironically, all of that good stuff is often much more freely the 4th Sunday of Lent. It began with a prayer service given to friends and co-workers, than to family members. in honor of the Virgin Mary. Afterwards children would It is easy to get so caught up in the demands and stresses present their moms with flowers. of life that we forget to 'water' the 'flowers' in our own garden. This is not one more demand; one more thing to add to our 'to-do' lists. It is the core of what life is all about. It is the only thing that, in the end, is meaningful. Now that you have finished reading this, go and shower someone with love.   Gwen Randall-Young is an author and award-winning Psychotherapist.  To obtain books, cds or MP3's, visit Follow Gwen on FaceBook for daily inspiration.  1529 Snow Valley Road, Springwater


201 Cundles Road East, Barrie Store hours: Mon. – Sat. 8 am to 9 pm Sun. 9 am to 6 pm


Charlee’s Run benefits sick children and their families at OSMH (Tuesday, May 8, 2018) — An incredible $57,500 was raised at this year’s Charlee’s Run, benefitting sick children and their families at Orillia Soldiers’ Memorial Hospital (OSMH). The run, which took place at Couchiching Beach Park on April 28th, is named in memory of Charlee Clare Holmes, who passed away shortly after birth at OSMH. More than 500 runners and volunteers gathered to spread awareness on prenatal and infant loss, as well as raise funds for the Hospital’s Outpatient Paediatric Project. “We could not be more overwhelmed and at the same time humbled by this journey. At the centre of Charlee’s Run, we are parents who no longer feel alone, but instead lifted, supported and inspired,” said Mallory and David Holmes, Charlee’s parents and run organizers. “The money will directly support children who use the services of the Hospital’s Outpatient Paediatric Program, and we are honored to share just how much our community stands behind every family inside those walls.” The Hospital’s Outpatient Paediatric Program, which includes childhood cancer care, juvenile diabetes, eating disorder care, asthma, mental health and more, is currently located at three different sites. Plans are underway to move all of these services to the second floor of OSMH as part of the Hospital’s greater movement to “wrap care” around the patient. Now kids who use multiple services of the program will spend less time at the Hospital, and enjoy a transformed family friendly space that includes a gym, murals, iPads and new toys. “We are so honoured to be part of Charlee’s legacy and share in this incredible story,” said Lisa Wanamaker, Development Officer, OSMH. “Dave and Mallory’s commitment to breaking the silence on prenatal and infant loss, as well as improving care for some of OSMH’s most vulnerable patients is inspiring. We truly cannot thank them enough.” Last year, Charlee’s Run raised over $40,000 for OSMH’s now completed state of the art Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, bringing their total amount raised to almost $100,000. To learn more about Charlee’s Run, visit their website at

Charlee’s Run organizers Mallory and David Holmes are joined by family in the hospital’s soon to be outpatient paediatric floor to present a cheque for $57,500 to Lisa Wanamaker, Development Officer, OSMH Foundation (left) and Mark Riczu, Executive Director, OSMH Foundation (right). About Orillia Soldiers' Memorial Hospital Foundation The OSMH Foundation is a proud partner of Orillia Soldiers' Memorial Hospital and the people of Orillia and North Simcoe/Muskoka. The Foundation provides funds to the Hospital to buy medical equipment, sustain programs and assist the Hospital in maintaining its position as a leader in providing quality community based healthcare.

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Springwater News • May 17, 2018 • Edition 521 • E-mail: •


April 27th, 2018 - As I reflect back over the last 4 years we have been a busy council. When I ran for the second term back in 2014, one of the main reasons for running again was to follow through with the Partnership agreement we had with Simcoe County School Board, we were #1 on the Capital Expenditures List. Keeping our High School in Elmvale is one of the reasons I ran for second term. In September of 2014, I went back to the Polls and after a lot of campaigning and hard work, I got re-elected for another 4 year term. In July 2015, I brought a motion to re-consider back to council. From looking around at other municipalities that had experienced the same venture with the School Board, we had to put more money up front to increase the amount to $50,000.00 a year for 10 years for a total of $500,000.00 and Fund Raise $ 200,000.00. After much debate and stretching a lot of ears I got it passed. From there it went to the County School Board where they put the final touches on the proposal before being sent to the Ministry of Education. It was the week of Remembrance Day in November 2015 we got the call. We had been approved by the Ministry of Education for the funding for the new addition of the Elmvale High School. Just to be clear the funding is coming from the Ministry of Education & County School Board. The Partnership Agreement the School Board has with Springwater Township is for the use of the Facilities, by putting programs on for the residents of Springwater Township. The Fund raising money is to buy equipment for the new addition. In January of 2016 myself, the Mayor and C.E.O. Robert Brindley went to “R.O.M.A.” which stands for Rural Ontario Municipalities Association. We met with the then Minister of Education Liz Sandals. Our message to the Minister was to say thank you for approving the funding for the High School in Elmvale. She thanked us for the kind words and gave us some advice. Get the Partnership Agreement with the School Board nailed down. Meaning, we had an Agreement we just had to hammer out the details when they open the doors hopefully in 2019. The Agreement is being negotiated as we speak on terms satisfactory to the Township after being approved for the funding. We formed the Fund Raising Committee our job was to raise $200,000.00. As I mentioned earlier the money is to purchase equipment like special seating, better sound equipment, sports timer equipment, fitness equipment, technical equipment, track and field upgrades for the school. The more money raised the more equipment we purchase and we can provide more programs for the students and resident of Springwater Township. Presently, we are sitting at $243,000.00 and those changes constantly. I can honestly say I have called on some big businesses and they have kindly responded with some big donations. I’m proud of my efforts to contribute as much as I can. Special thanks to George Allen for chairing the Fund Raising Committee and special thanks to George’s wife Ruth Allen for inviting us into their home where all the meetings were held and all the delicious home baking Ruth made for us “You people are the best”. I’m proud to see some of our local trades working on the school. Truth be known, I’m sure a lot of the locals working on the project went

to High School there. To me this is what I call economic development in its finest. The $500,000.00 the Township put up seems small when you think the overall price tag is 11 Million Dollars “Yeah think big”. I’m sure years from now we’ll look back on all that has happened and one question will come to mind is “Would we have gotten the funding from the Ministry if we hadn’t put a Partnership Agreement in place, something to think about. We have come a long ways but we are not there yet and lots could happen. That’s why I’m running 1 more time and yes, I’m seeking re-election for Ward #2. I’m asking for the support of the residents of Ward #2. I would like to see the addition built and open its doors to the Public. Upon taking office for my second term, I spoke about the infrastructure deficit that existed with our Rec Halls, especially in Hillsdale and Phelpston. Past Councils did not care and maybe I’m to blame as well but it goes back before I got elected in 2010. Past councils wanted a big Rec Plex in the south end and not bother with our local communities. No disrespect to the Director and people that run the Parks and Rec Department they do an amazing job but they can only do what their council gives them and past council paid little attention to our Rec Hall Boards. Like the old says goes “You can’t make chicken soup out of chicken poop” and that’s saying it mildly. Since my second term on Council, the Hillsdale Hall has been repainted, new flooring, new kitchen, new light fixtures, upgraded the bathroom, new rink boards installed in the fall off 2017. Many thanks to our Deputy Mayor Don Allen and his lovely wife Wanda for helping out. After the election, I told Don the people in Hillsdale need representation from Council and Don has done just that, being the new kid on the block. Our Deputy Mayor deserves a pat on the back, Hillsdale Rec committee was on its last legs, and there were only a handful of loyal volunteers that came out. Now, more people are coming out and yes we are always looking for volunteers. Since doing the renovations, the Hall is booked all the time which in turn makes a profit. The same thing can be said for the Phelpston rink house. We have renovated and put a new bathroom in the rink house, along with a new kitchen, new FAG furnace and new rink boards coming this year. I remember when my 2 boys were little we would go to the rink house in Phelpston, all the time. My youngest boy Jamie learned to skate there and went on to play for almost 10 year’s local league in Elmvale. Imagine how other kids like my son Jamie could do that if given a chance with a better facility. I promised myself, if I got elected the second time, I would get some things fixed and I did just that. Another move this council has done is change the governance structure as to how Rec boards are run. In the past you have an event to raise money and whatever amount of money you raised the Township took it to pay the Hydro bill and any other expensed they deemed to take. We have changed that allowing the Rec Committees to keep the money and spend it on projects of their choosing. This has given more incentive to the volunteers and hopefully

Why is a nautical mile different from a land mile? The mile was originally a Roman linear measure of 1,000 paces -- about 1,618 yards. (Its length has varied considerably at different periods and in different localities; the legal mile is now 1,760 yards, or 5,280 feet.) Such a linear measurement cannot be used at sea, so the nautical mile is based on the length of one minute of arc (or 1/60 of a degree) of a great circle of Earth. Owing to the fact that Earth is not a true sphere, the mile as thus defined varies considerably. Therefore, the British assigned it a standard value of 6,080 feet. Is it true that you should always serve red wine at room temperature and white wine chilled? Yes, generally speaking. Red wine contains some natural acids that are not in white wine and can mask the wine's natural grape flavor if it is chilled. The reason we chill white wine is that it is more refreshing chilled, but some types taste just as good at room temperature.

more volunteers will come out and get involved. Trying to get volunteers to come out is hard and it’s a lot harder when you have governance structure like the one we replaced. I have spoken often about the need to change and we as a council have done that. But please don’t take my word for it. Go speak to some of the people that are on the Rec Hall Boards. I would be glad to give their names. As I mentioned earlier, there are new rink boards for the Phelpston rink, we set aside $25,000.00 for the past 3 years and this year they go in. Other projects are a small pavilion at the Ball Diamond in Phelpston being built this year. It will help utilize the facility that’s there now. Great place for family picnics and ball games. The other half of St. Patrick’s Drive and Shannon Street will go ahead this year, as well as Albert Street in Hillsdale. In Hillsdale we will be re-doing it much like we did in St. Pat’s subdivision in Phelpston. While I’m speaking about Hillsdale, Mill St. East from Hwy 93 to Scarlett Line was all rebuilt and at a hefty price tag. Also, after much lobbying the Ministry of Transportation in August of 2017 put a new pedestrian cross walk in Hillsdale, it was installed by a contractor on behalf of the M.T.O. Almost immediately concerns regarding the visibility of the crosswalk were raised. As of March 2018, the flashers have been moved and the housing has been replaced, we are still working with the MTO on this project to get it resolved. I attended the Elmvale curling clubs annual spaghetti dinner this past February 1. The curling club puts this on to raise funds to help pay for the ice making plant they installed a few years ago. Just after our second term in office the curling club came and made a presentation before council for the funding for a new ice making plant. The old ice making plan had seen better days and was worn out. They were asking Springwater Council if we would lend them the money to purchase a new ice making plant. The curling club would pay it back so much a year with a bit of interest. I supported this decision to help the curling club out. I think that is what council should do and I’m glad I could help. I’ve heard through the grape vine they have 1 more payment to make and their paid. I just can’t imagine not have a curling club through the winter months. Turner and the boys wouldn’t know what to do with themselves. Another thing I would like to talk about is our Health care. In my first term of office, I worked hard to bring the blood services back to Elmvale. Since that time it has steadily grown and averages around 30 people on a 2 hours shift open from 7:00 a.m. to 9:00 a.m. Tuesday and Thursdays. Life Labs has a beautiful lady by the name of Sue looking after you. Our blood service covers a large area and the building is easily accessible. I have spoken to Cathy Speers from Life Labs and due to increase demand they might have to extend the hours of collecting blood samples. Bring the blood services back to Elmvale was # 1 thing to do when I ran the first time for council. In addition to our blood service clinic, & rm val wa S Bee Remo Wasp

South Georgian Bay Health Services is offering primary care services to over 125 individuals in Elmvale. Services are offered every Wednesday within the Springwater building. Appointments can be booked with a nurse practitioner, dietitian, diabetes educator, social worker or a registered nurse. The individuals are offered to attend the Wasaga Beach main office Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday, if Wednesdays in Elmvale do not work. For individuals have to be rostered with the centre to use the services. South Georgian Bay Health Services is providing services in EDHS consisting of a youth worker and a registered nurse one day a week. They offer one on one support to students as well as running programs. South Georgian Bay Health Services recently received a 2 year food fit grant which we plan on rolling out in Elmvale. It is a 12 week program for low –income community members who experience barriers around healthy eating and physical activity but who are motivated to make lasting changes to their health. The program combines fun hands on cooking sessions and food based activities with take home recipes for further information please contact Heather Klein Gebbnick. If re-elected again, I would like to enhance the health care, we have been able to bring to Elmvale. Heather Klein Gebbnick is the Executive Director of the South Georgian Bay Community Health Centre and does an awesome job. Heather is a home grown person like myself and takes great pride in helping out our community. Since my first term on Council we have been aggressive with upgrading our roads and ditches in our municipality and I will continue to be aggressive if re-elected. Our taxes over the last 4 years are as follows and include the County’s and Education Portion 2014 year 1.52%, 2015 year 1.57%, 2016 year 1.16%, 2017 year 1.43% and 2018 year 1.86%. Every year we have kept the taxes under 2% and we are getting things accomplished. Compare that to other municipalities. Switching channels, I would like to speak about it the Community Improvement Plan allows municipalities to establish grants, loans, incentives and other programs to encourage private sector investment in development and renovation, efforts that seek to improve and revitalize area or achieve local goals and priorities. The plan includes 8 programs; each program has a maximum funding amount. All 8 programs have been activated and $50,000 has been allocated to the Community Improvement Plan for the 2018 calendar year. Some businesses have already taken advantage of the program and are glad this program is available. By closing, I will say this, I have work hard as a councillor for Ward #2 and for all of Springwater and I will continue to work hard for the residents of Springwater Township if re-elected again. We are a growing municipality headed for a lot of growth especially in the south end of the township and the tax payers of Springwater Township can take comfort knowing, that if I’m re-elected I will be there to help steer the ship. I can be reached at Yours truly, Councillor Perry Ritchie Ward #2 Springwater Township Loc

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New Store Hours!! 7 am to 11 pm Seven days a week!! 14 Yonge St. North, Elmvale • 705-322-2261 Is there a reason most barns are painted red? Starting in the late 1700s, red paint was used for many schoolhouses and barns. The reason being that red paint was inexpensive to make and kept the buildings warmer in winter since it absorbed the sun’s rays. Is there a way to get earwigs out of my stack of firewood? Try sprinkling borax around the woodpile, but keep pets and children away from this area after doing so.

Page 17 How Reliant on Fossils Fuels are People In Ontario?

Springwater News • May 17, 2018 • Edition 521 • Phone: 705 322 2249 Cell: 705 321 2653

Hillsdale Highlights Alissa Shanahan

• Annual Community Garage and Bake Sale: Spaces are filling up! If you want to rent a table for our 4th Annual Community Garage and Bake Sale, you need to contact us ASAP! The event will take place in our covered pavilion (meaning Mother Nature won’t affect this garage sale!) on Saturday, May 26th from 9:00am – 12:00pm. Tables are $20 to rent, and this money goes directly to paying back our hockey boards. For $20, you get a table to put all of your treasures out, and you price and sell your own items! We advertise for this event on our Facebook page, in the Springwater news, on our Tell Hillsdale sign, and the Township also advertises for us. If you would like to book a table, email me at, or send us a message on our Facebook page (Hillsdale Community Group). Book soon to ensure you get a table! • Bag2School: Once again this year, Hillsdale Elementary School is participating in a Bag2School fundraiser. This fundraiser is win-win: you get to recycle your clothing rather than sending it to a landfill, and the school receives payment based on the weight of donated items! In other words, the more you donate, the more money our local school gets! Pick up day is on Wednesday, May 23rd, so between now and then, bag or box any of the following items, and drop them off at the school: all men’s, women’s and children’s clothing, footwear, outerwear, hats, mittens, scarves, belts, towels, purses, handbags, backpacks, soft bags and linens. Thank you for supporting our school! • Bi-Annual Decoration Day Service: The community is invited to attend an outdoor memorial service at Hillsdale Presbyterian Cemetery (4391 Penetanguishene Road, Hillsdale) on Saturday, June 3rd at 2:30pm. Mr. Carl Wright will conduct the service, and refreshments will follow. Please bring your own lawn chair. In the event of rain, this event will convene at the Hillsdale Presbyterian Church (5 Mill Street West). • Fire/Water Ban Still in Effect: Please remember that we are still in a fire and water ban until Friday, May 25th due to maintenance on the Hillsdale water tower. • Hillsdale Community Recreation Association (CRA): The Hillsdale CRA meets the fourth Wednesday of each month at the hall at 7:00pm, with the next meeting being Wednesday, May 23rd. Come out to have your input heard about our community, and get involved as much (or as little!) as you wish! The “Hillsdale Highlights” is a community news update, so please feel free to contact me at alissa.shanahan@ with any information you would like the community to know about! Follow the official Hillsdale Community Recreation Association on Facebook for details about upcoming events and social gatherings at “Hillsdale Community Group.”

Office: 705.526.4100 Toll Free: 1.888.526.4101

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Superior Personal Service & Clean Water That You Can Trust! home • cottage • farm • commercial • Water Well Drilling & Complete Pump Packages • Well Rehabilitation, Cleaning & Abandonment • Water Softeners & Treatment Systems • Installation, Sales & Service


County of Simcoe Investing in the Expansion of Residential Hospices

Barrie, Tuesday May 8, 2018 - The County of Simcoe is partnering with local communities to expand residential hospice services in Simcoe County to provide more individuals and families with better access to compassionate end-of-life care, closer to home. The County of Simcoe raised a flag for National Hospice Palliative Care Week and announced today its new 3-year, $1.5 million Capital Funding commitment to the Hospice Alliance in Simcoe County. The County’s investment will support the creation of 25 new residential hospice beds in Simcoe County by providing vital capital funding for projects in Collingwood, Midland, Orillia and Alliston. The $1.5 million will help build an additional 25 beds including four in Collingwood, ten in Alliston, six new beds in Midland and five new beds in Orillia. This will create access for more residents to receive high quality hospice palliative end of life care in a home like environment, in their own community, as opposed to a hospital setting. The funds are allocated by the Simcoe County Hospice Alliance. The Alliance was formed to look at regional planning and to project the capital needs across Simcoe County as a whole.  The Alliance is comprised of representatives from Campbell House in Collingwood, Hospice Huronia in Midland, Mariposa House Hospice in Orillia, Mathews House in Alliston and Hospice Simcoe in Barrie. Hospice palliative care aims to relieve suffering and improve the quality of living and dying.  Residential hospices provide expert care in a home-like environment,

Let’s Make Health Matter

The provincial government plays an important role in shaping policies that affect all aspects of our lives, including our health. A key role of the Simcoe Muskoka District Health Unit is to work with partners and decision-makers to revise or create policies that take health into consideration. During the provincial election campaign let’s make health matter by encouraging government actions on important public health issues to reduce preventable illness and death and improve overall health in Simcoe and Muskoka. Political decisions have a significant impact on what are broadly known as the social determinants of health. Low income creates barriers to healthy foods, adequate housing and services such as dental care. Surveys in Simcoe Muskoka have shown that only about half of those with the lowest income feel their health is excellent or good, while 70 per cent of those in the highest income bracket report excellent or good health. The province is currently engaged in a pilot project offering a guaranteed income in some communities. Public health advocates strongly support this initiative and recommend its continuation. Providing for affordable housing and funding revitalization projects in lower income neighbourhoods will improve health and safety for those residents, and strengthen community connectedness that also contributes to well-being. Public health impacts also arise from the policies and guidelines the province establishes around how our land is designated and developed. Community design and the preservation of agricultural land and green space can affect the availability of the food we eat, the amount of physical activity we get, the quality of the air we breathe, and our overall sense of well-being. Other issues have emerged in recent years that are linked to policy. Public health is closely watching the outcomes of the provincial decision to relax alcohol sales laws, bringing beer into many grocery stores and farmers’ markets. In other provinces, there have been increases in alcohol-related accidents and violence resulting in freer access to alcohol. In Simcoe Muskoka, alcohol consumption levels were already above the provincial average before these changes. With the federal legalization of cannabis, there are great concerns about the harms that can come from overuse, use at too early an age, and use while driving or doing any complex tasks. While great strides have been made in reducing the number of people addicted to tobacco products, it still remains the province’s number one cause of preventable death and chronic disease. Provincially, new strategies are required to help the population using tobacco to decline to less than five per cent in the next 15 years. Such issues have a broad impact on the burden and costs of preventable illness and death across the province. The health unit has produced a fact sheet that highlights these issues and provides suggested actions the provincial government can take to improve the health of all Ontarians. This fact sheet, along with additional information and questions you can ask your local candidates, is posted on our website at election2018.  Dr. Gardner is Simcoe Muskoka’s medical officer of health. Is it possible to predict when northern lights will occur? No, not exactly. The northern (and southern) lights occur whenever sunspot activity is high, but the degree of sunspot activity is erratic. You can usually notice increased sunspot activity when radio and television reception is disrupted. When you start picking up strange signals from faraway radio stations, that's a sign of higher sunspot activity and a good time to check for northern lights in the evening sky. Northern lights are most easily seen in Canada, Alaska, Greenland, Siberia, and the Arctic. giving families and friends the space and care they need to be with their loved ones at one of the most vulnerable times in their lives. Currently there are only 20 residential beds in Simcoe County; six in Collingwood, four in Alliston and ten in Barrie.

Contributed by Robert Lyman © 2018 - Robert Lyman is an Ottawa energy policy consultant. He was a public servant for 27 years and prior to that a diplomat for 10 years. Blair King is a professional chemist and consultant who conducts risk analysis, as well as remediation analysis, of environmental hazards in British Columbia. He is also the author of several articles that have appeared on his blog, “A Chemist in Langley” and in print media such as the Huffington Post. Reading his articles is a pleasure for those who value sound, objective analysis based on facts. While he cares deeply about environmental quality, he courageously challenges the claims of environmental organizations and politicians when they depart from sound science and economics. I greatly admire his writing and his demonstrated integrity in the face of severe criticism from powerful advocates. Thus, I hope that Mr. King will not object if I borrow an idea of his and apply it to a different context. In September 2016, Mr. King wrote a blog article in which he figuratively asked how reliant people in British Columbia are on fossil fuels. He invited his readers to follow along with him in thinking through a scenario in which some “mystical power” arrived on earth and, using some unknown technology, eliminated all fossil fuels from the planet instantaneously. As a thought experiment, he tried to answer the question, “What would happen?” with special reference to British Columbia. In what follows, I will repeat his thought experiment, but with reference to Ontario, where I live. The National Energy Board occasionally publishes provincial and territorial energy profiles, in which it analyzes the energy supply and demand conditions in each Canadian jurisdiction. In its most recent profile of Ontario, it noted that, while most of the province’s electricity generation is based on non-fossil fuel sources (mainly nuclear and hydroelectric energy), in 2016 the breakdown of end-use demand by fuel was: refined petroleum products, 1,402 petajoules (PJ), or 46%; natural gas 919 PJ, or 30%; electricity, 494 PJ, or 16%; biofuels, 130 PJ, or 4%; and other, 104 PJ, or 3%. Including the share of natural gas as a source of electricity generation, fossil fuels thus accounted for about 77% of Ontario’s energy demand. On day one without fossil fuels, all transportation systems (except a few electrically powered streetcars and a few thousand electric vehicles) would immediately stop. Stores would stop receiving supplies, as all supplies are transported from warehouses by gasoline or diesel-powered transport trucks. No new supplies would get to the warehouses, as the semi trucks that transport them depend on diesel fuel, as do railway systems. Transport aircraft rely on aviation and jet fuel, and container ships rely on bunker fuel or diesel. Soon, the people living in urban areas like Toronto, Ottawa, Hamilton, London and Windsor would be first bidding for, and then fighting over, the remaining scraps in the stores. Once those supplies were gone, there would be nothing to replace them. There simply are not enough horses or horse-drawn wagons to move goods and food from the rural areas into the cities. Someone may argue that electric vehicles would save the day. In 2017, electric vehicles represented less than 1% of new vehicle sales in Canada. Ontario has exactly zero electric transport trucks that can carry long-haul freight. The number of electric freight trains is just like that of electric trucks – zero. The same for ships or cargo planes – zero anywhere in the world. After a few weeks, people would have exhausted their supplies of canned goods. General hunger, then starvation, would begin to set in. That would not necessarily be the worst problem. Potable water supplies and electricity supplied depend on diesel for pumps, and people with trucks maintain the electrical system. Without those pumps and trucks, the electricity supply would end and people would have to get water from rivers and lakes, if any were nearby. This assumes that the ending of fossil fuels happens during the warmer weather months. If it happened in winter, people would have to cut down local trees and forests to burn for warmth and chop through the ice on rivers and lakes to get water supplies. Getting wood and ice back to one’s home would be a perilous experience. Within a couple of months (weeks if in winter), the city-centres would look like a scene from an apocalyptic science fiction movie, with corpses everywhere as the weakest lost out in battle for the quickly diminishing supplies of food, water and wood. Without working toilets and sewer systems, those still alive would be fighting dysentery, as human waste polluted the limited freshwater supplies. Anyone who could would move away from the city centres as quickly as possible to forage as far as they could roam on foot and on the remaining bicycles (the horses having been eaten). The Greater Toronto area would be most savagely affected, as the large number of people there would stream out in every direction. There, they would discover that everything edible (from plant to animal) had long since been eaten by the people who live in the surrounding urban areas, who themselves would be streaming out into the Niagara peninsula and the areas east, west and north of the metropolis. Few would survive. The remaining settlements, if any, in the rural areas would be forced to hoard food supplies behind barricaded walls to keep the marauding survivors from the larger cities at bay. Within a few months, or by the end of the winter, over 95 per cent of today’s Ontario urban population would have died from the lack of clean water and food, leaving a small minority fighting it out for the remaining crops. In the developing countries, the 7.5 billion people now alive would be reduced to a few hundred thousand, who would be living in subsistencelevel communities that were sufficiently isolated that they avoided the attention and attacks of the refugees from the cities. Survivors would eat most of the animals and much of the plant life. These would take hundreds of years to regenerate their populations. This is the point of this thought-experiment. We remain extraordinarily dependent on oil, natural gas and coal for the energy services upon which modern life depends. When advocates claim that we can soon do away with fossil fuels, or that a transition away from fossil fuels would be quick and low–cost, be very skeptical.

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Springwater News • May 17, 2018 • Edition 521 • E-mail: •

The OPP Report FATAL HIT AND RUN VICTIM IDENTIFIED (SPRINGWATER TWP, ON)  On May 5th, 2018 members of the Huronia West OPP responded to a collision between a pedestrian and vehicle in Springwater Township.  The collision occurred near the intersection of County Road 53 and Carson Road sometime before 6am. As a result of the collision, the pedestrian was fatally injured.  28 year old Dominik Andrew ADAMEK of Springwater Twp. was pronounced dead at the scene. The driver of the involved motor vehicle did not remain at the scene.   Police are appealing to the public for any information that can assist in the investigation. The initial investigation suggests a 2011-2013 Toyota Corolla was the involved motor vehicle. The vehicle sustained front end damage predominantly on the passenger side. It's believed the vehicle fled the scene heading Northbound on County Road 53.   Police are asking anyone with information to contact the OPP at 1-888-310-1122 or Crime Stoppers at 1-800222-TIPS (8477). You can submit your information online at or if you have any information on this crime or any other crime. Crime Stoppers does not subscribe to call display and you will remain anonymous. Being anonymous, you will not testify in court and your information may lead to a cash reward of up to $2,000.00. You can follow Crime Stoppers of Simcoe Dufferin Muskoka on         or @CrimeSDM       OPP GUN AMNESTY RESULTS Province-wide campaign yields unwanted weapons and ammunition   (ORILLIA, ON) - Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) and its municipal law enforcement partners have received and rendered safe hundreds of weapons and thousands of rounds of ammunition during a month-long Gun Amnesty.  During April 2018, the OPP: • received 592 gun amnesty calls for service, 86 of which (or 14.5 per cent) were received through the online reporting option on the OPP website; • recovered 689 items through appointments made with OPP officers including 267 rifles, 156 shotguns, 113

Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre 1-888-495-8501 (Hours: Mon. - Fri - 8 am to 6 pm)

prohibited firearms, and 62 other guns such as replica and vintage weapons; and, • collected 12,615 pieces of ammunition. • All Ontario police services participated in the month-long initiative. During that time, a total of 1,503 guns were voluntarily surrendered in non-OPP jurisdictions.   A majority of firearms that have been surrendered to police will be destroyed, but a number of guns will be retained for historical, educational or training purposes. Although the gun amnesty has officially ended, police will continue to accept submissions from the public. Interested gun owners may call the OPP at 1-888-310-1122 or their local police service's non-emergency lines to arrange for officers to attend and safely retrieve the weapons.  Police continue to encourage members of the public to turn in unwanted weapons despite the conclusion of this initiative. Police retain the ability to exercise discretion (amnesty) regarding weapons related charges at all times, not just during this month long event. The public is reminded that no one should ever deliver guns, ammunition or military ordinance directly to police facilities.  For more information on the Canadian Firearms Program visit the RCMP's national website at If you want to drink, index-eng.htm. There you will find some that’s your business. general safety information, as well as information on Inherited Firearms. If you want to stop,

that’s ours.

Call Alcoholics Anonymous Orillia 325-6385 Midland 526-3305 Bracebridge ~ 705-646-2491

GPS Tracker Foils Thieves (GEORGIAN BAY TOWNSHIP, ON.)-  Members of the Southern Georgian Bay Detachment of the Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) were dispatched at 1:02 pm May 9, 2018 to a report of a theft of a outboard motor from a Georgian Bay Township residence. The difference in this report was the fact that the stolen motor had a GPS tracker unit attached to it and the reporter was able

Anger Release - Part 1 By: Little Brown Bear (Ernest Matton) I.C.A.D.C., E.F.A.P., Addiction Behavioural Specialist E.F.T. Practitioner • T.I.R. Facilitator Certified Gladue Writer Okay so let’s get this straight. I do not believe in the words ANGER MANAGEMENT it’s like managing your bank account and we all know how well we do with that. This why I facilitate ANGER RELEASE workshops. It’s not about managing anger it’s about release it in a very healthy way. It’s about the outer and inner circles of anger, healthy anger, understanding the different styles of anger, healthy anger on and on and on. Okay so let’s get started. Before we do I received a lot of comments on the bullying articles. Thank you, chi miigwetch. This is a subject that needs to be talk about however sometimes there is too much talking and not enough action. I just want to share some comments that were sent to me. What some parents experienced was that the bullies were more protected than the one’s being bullied. Our opinion of the Anti bullying campaign is that it is there just to cover the schools behinds and just for public show, with the pink shirts. My son is going through all the signs of a victim of bullying. It has been a difficult road and we have a long journey ahead of us to help our child. One of the reason’s individuals are writing to me is they see a disconnection between the bullying in the school yard and all the wonderful and good understanding for the victims in the medical area. The point that they are seeing is there is nothing that really stops or deters the bully’s form bullying. No real consequences, no sensitivity training, nothing to help them see the error of their ways. The most that one received was minimal for the person that bullied their child. Teachers and the principal were not communicating with each other about the bullying, So no follow through. Bullying needs to be stopped at the root, at the bullying, this means stopping it at the bully. More effort needs to be put into investigating the motivation of the bully. Thank you Mr. Matton, I just needed to share my thoughts with someone who is interested in the bullying situation out there. Hopefully a positive difference can be made for the benefit of the children being bullied. Let’s talk about Anger release. Everyone gets angry on occasion. If you’re experiencing overwhelming rage, though, it could be damaging your mental, physical, emotional and spiritual health as well as your relationships with others. It’s important to calm yourself down for your own sake as well as for the sake of those around you. Anger is a human reaction that comes from the inside.

We have been giving the opportunity to experience the feeling of anger. Anger is telling us something about ourselves, and about the situation (s). It is expressing or showing something about what is happening and going on inside ourselves. So let’s look at a couple of things to consider. Are you ever: AFRAID? What do you do with your fear? HURT? What do you do with your hurt? FRUSTRATED? What do you do with your frustration? FEEL GUITLY? What do you do with your feelings of guilt? ASHAMNED? What do you do with your shame? EMBARRASSED? What do you do with your embarrassment? POWERLESS? What do you do with your powerlessness? HELPNESS? What do you do with your helplessness? What do you like about your anger? What do you want to change about your anger? Listen we all want to be heard, however we wonder if we have anything to say that would be of interest to others around us. We often, at the beginning don’t know if we are going to be accepted: we especially don’t want to be rejected. None of us want to be laughed at and let’s face for some of us we can really be afraid of that. Sometimes, with other individuals around us we have difficulty finding the words we want to say, and what we want to say. Does any of this sound familiar? Of course it does and probably a lot more. We do the best we can at this very moment; what we do is based on what we have learned in our whole life as well as based on our different experiences since the beginning of our life; and thirdly it is based on what we are saying to ourselves at this moment in time, in other words, based on our beliefs about yourself. Anger is a feeling and not an action or behavior; violence is an action or behavior. I will continue with part two, in my next column. If you have any comments, questions or suggestions please write me or email at we are now offering home visit for individual or couple’s counselling. For appointments please call. (647) 9643663. For more information on weekend workshops please contact Diane Marshall from Directional Vision (416) 418-0962, or email her at

to advise of it's exact location to the responding officers. A suspect vehicle was stopped shortly afterwards by uniformed officers without incident on Highway 12 in the Town of Midland. The motor was recovered and returned to the owner and 3 males from the Southern Georgian Bay area have been each charged with, - Possession Property Obtained by Crime Under $5,000 - in Canada contrary to section 354(1)(a) of the Criminal Code of Canada They will appear before the Ontario Court of Justice in Midland on June 28,2018. Members of the Southern Georgian Bay Detachment of the Ontario Provincial Police are committed to public safety, delivering proactive and innovative policing in partnership with our communities. Officers value your contribution to building safe communities. OPP WORKING WITH COMMUNITY PARTNERS TO ENHANCE ACCESSIBILITY (ORILLIA, ON) - The Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) is committed to continuous improvement and finding new ways to deliver services to meet the diverse needs of our communities. In partnership with the Ontario Association of the Deaf (OAD), the OPP has endorsed a visor card to assist a Deaf person to communicate with a police officer during a traffic stop. This is the first initiative of its kind to be endorsed by a police service in Ontario. The visor card was produced by the OAD. The OAD will be distributing the visor cards to members of the Deaf community who present an Ontario Driver's Licence during their annual Mayfest Festival being held from May 11-12, 2018. The visor card may assist with bridging the communication gap by facilitating alternate communication methods such as hand signals and writing out instructions. The visor card includes images of what a police officer may need to see for identification from the Deaf person along with icons of common driving violations. "The OPP works diligently with our community partners to recognize barriers and address them to provide the highest level of services possible. In addition to a number of uniform members who are able to sign, the visor card further enhances accessibility with members of the Deaf community by improving the quality of communication between a Deaf person and an OPP officer," Commissioner Vince Hawkes said. About the OAD Ontario Association of the Deaf is Canada's oldest Deaf non-profit organization. For over 130 years, OAD has placed special focus on educating and advocating in the interests of all Deaf Ontarians. Deaf people are the heart of OAD's efforts to ensure equality and protecting The rest of this article and many more can be read in the police report at

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Springwater News • May 17, 2018 • Edition 521 • Phone: 705 322 2249 Cell: 705 321 2653

Tips for when disaster strikes to mark Emergency Preparedness Week

Above is a collage of images (from left to right): After effects of fire include water/ice damage and chaos, a warehouse of inventory submerged in flood, a building collapses during Slave Lake fire, a canopy of smoke blankets the sky in the south end of Kamloops Photo Credits: FirstOnSite Restoration

With steadily rising water levels, community encroaching wildfires, and the impending 'Big One,’ now more than ever, businesses and homeowners need to think about disaster preparedness and how increasing catastrophic events will affect them. Emergency Preparedness Week, which runs from May 6-12, is an annual event organized by Public Safety Canada in collaboration with the provinces, territories and other partners. After last year’s magnitude of catastrophic events, it’s the perfect time for Canadians to reflect on the past and be prepared for any eventuality that lays ahead. While disasters strike any time of year, Emergency Preparedness Week is the time to consider these issues and put contingency plans in place. Here are several proactive measures that can be set in place to prepare your home or business. FirstOnSite Restoration's preparedness tips for all kinds of disaster: • Keep all important hard copy documents such as passports, birth certificates, deeds and wills in a safety deposit box. Failing that, make sure you have originals or copies somewhere off site. • Take digital photos or videos of your home or business and contents. This will help with the claims process in the event of a disaster. Also, itemize new goods or assets located within the building each year when you renew your insurance policy. • Prepare an emergency contact list of people to call and keep it offsite. This list should include trusted friends and family, business partners, insurers and anyone else you might need to contact in an emergency. • Routinely inspect your home for areas that could cause problems in a disaster. Pay particular attention to the roof, windows and sump pump. • Have your insurer on speed dial in the event of an emergency.

FirstOnSite Restoration offers free consumer tips for each season. Right now you can visit ways to protect your property from flood damage, winter storms and smoke from wildfires. FirstOnSite has responded to every catastrophic event across the country over recent years –  the 2013 Alberta and GTA floods, the Goderich Tornado, and the Fort McMurray and BC Wildfires, winter ice storms, flooding in Montreal and Windsor and Atlantic hurricanes. Source: FirstOnSite Restoration,

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Simcoe Centre-West District Women’s Institute

Wyebridge Branch of the WI hosted the 114th annual Meeting for the 8 branches of the Simcoe Centre-West District Women’s Institute, in an interesting location at Wyebridge. The meeting was held in the historic building that was the home and studio in the 1940’s, of artist Franz Johnston, from the famous “Group of Seven” painters. 35 members and guests gathered with coffee and muffins to start their business meetings by 9 a.m. Announcements, minutes, installation of the new executive, treasurer’s & convenor’s reports were efficiently dealt with, so that by noon, most of the business was completed, leaving a relaxing time to enjoy a delicious meal, catered by “Mad Cravings” and entertainment. A very talented young man, David Hunter played his guitar and sang. A distinguished member of the art community, Joanna McEwen, is a resident of Oro-Medonte, and inspired the Old Penetanguishene Road signs. Joanna spoke about “Home and Country”; at is the difference between a house and a home, and some of the improvements our pioneer ancestors appreciated as they progressed from log shanty, to house, to home, peppered with some amusing comments about struggles with smoke and down drafts from fireplaces, “pretties”, and ridding cabins of house flies and pests. Final announcements included information on Lyme disease prevention workshops and fundraising for various WI projects and protest letters for Honduran political prisoner Edwin Espinal. The meeting concluded by 2 p.m., leaving attendees time to enjoy some beautiful spring weather.

Simcoe Centre-West District Women’s Institute Executive Back Row L to R Treasurer Mary Stone; Past President Sandra Houston; membership Convenor Eileen Martin; Rose Convenor Doreen Smith; Vice President Barbara Harvey Front Row Public Relations Convenor Elaine Steele; President Dianne Richie; Secretary Betty Cook

Do something every day that you don't want to do; this is the golden rule for acquiring the habit of doing your duty without pain. --Mark Twain

Victoria Day Waste Collection

There will be NO CHANGE to your garbage, organics, and recycling collection day. Have materials at the curb by 7 a.m. on your regular day to ensure collection. WASTE MANAGEMENT FACILITIES HOURS All County waste management facilities will be CLOSED Monday, May 21 except Site 8 (Matchedash). Does not apply to residents of Barrie and Orillia.

County of Simcoe Customer Service 1-800-263-3199

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Springwater News • May 17, 2018 • Edition 521 • E-mail: •

3 Easy, No-Cost Ways to Be Safer on the Water

ALEXANDRIA, Va., May 14, 2018 – With the start of boating season and next week’s National Safe Boating Week, May 19–25, the BoatUS Foundation for Boating Safety and Clean Water has three tips to get boaters thinking about safety aboard any type of boat. 1. Open up your boat for a vessel safety check: You may think getting a vessel safety check from the U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary or U.S. Power Squadrons can open yourself to problems. However, a no-risk, free vessel safety check does the opposite. It points out both the required and recommended items to have aboard, such as fire extinguishers, life jackets, distress signals, first-aid kits, and engine spark arrestors, and also helps provide a better understanding on the care and use of this critical equipment. Checks are done as a courtesy with no risk to the boater, so you won’t be in trouble if discrepancies are found. Go to to request a U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary safety check or for a U.S. Power Squadrons safety check. 2. Believe the numbers – take a safety course: Statistics from the U.S. Coast Guard Office of Boating

National Safe Boating Week is May 19–25

improves safety. The BoatUS Foundation offers free online boating safety courses that meet the education requirements in 36 states and also may earn you a boat insurance discount. Go to 3. Give a safety talk before you head out: Taking out guests is half the fun of boating, but before you head out give a little talk about how to stay safe aboard your boat. Some important things to include may be how to distribute weight in a small boat, how to hold on when crossing a wake, how a tuber or water skier should safely reboard after being towed, how the VHF radio works and the location of important safety equipment. Also, give everyone a life jacket to wear or keep in his or her immediate vicinity. If you don’t have a right-sized life The BoatUS Foundation recommends getting a free vessel jacket for a youngster, borrow one for free at more than 550 locations nationwide from the BoatUS Foundation safety check to start the boating season right. (Photo Life Jacket Loaner Program at of The U.S. Coast Guard) Loaner. Safety show that only 13 percent of all boating deaths in Springwater News Update 2016 occurred on vessels where the operator had taken a From Elmvale to Ottawa to Honduras: Free nationally approved boating safety education course. So take this number to heart – taking a boating safety course Edwin Espinal and All Political Prisoners

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Spring family member, Edwin Espinal has been incarcerated in La Tolva Prison, Honduras, for 118 days of a 2.5-year pre-trial detention for his work as a human rights defender. Arrested on January 19, 2018, he was detained without warrant, denied due legal process, and is now incarcerated in a military maximum-security prison in horrific conditions. The Simcoe County Honduras Rights Monitor travelled to Ottawa on April 31 – May 2, 2018 to meet with government officials from Minister Freeland’s office of Foreign Affairs Canada, Members of Parliament, and to participate in a press conference on Parliament Hill hosted by Bruce Stanton. We participated in a visual demonstration on the Hill, organized by Ottawa human rights organizations. In attendance at the demonstration were representatives from three political parties. We hosted a well-attended evening public meeting addressing ‘Canada’s Role in Honduras.’ Our committee has garnered support from many organizations, yet our government is yet to make demands of the Honduran regime of Juan Orlando Hernandez to free all political prisoners and drop all charges. Yet we know the pressure our local community of Elmvale has put on government officials has made some positive gains. As of May 11, 2018, 11 of the 22 political prisoners have been released, pending trial. But 11 remain in custody; we must therefore step up our campaign to free Edwin and the remaining human rights defenders. On May 9, 2018, Edwin had a hearing in a military courtroom on the Cuartel General Las Cabanas Military Base, Honduras. Edwin was not allowed to be present. Only allowed to enter and represent him were his lawyers, and officials from the United Nations and Canadian Embassy. No human rights observers, family members, or media were allowed to attend. The judge, Claudio Aguilar would not listen to any of the arguments brought forth by his lawyers and immediately denied Edwin’s release, even though his highly respected lawyers who represent the human rights organization of COFADEH, offered a large sum of money and a property as collateral. The lawyers were also willing to accept full responsibility for him if he were released. Judge Aguilar would not consider any of the above conditions and has previously refused to recuse himself despite having presided over two other hearings related to Edwin. The judicial system is corrupt. There is no rule of law in Honduras. Edwin has never been charged with any offense, yet has been the target of the Honduran government since 2009; he now faces an indefinite period awaiting another hearing, locked away without phone contact and visits from our family. The inhumane conditions of the prison are taking a toll on his health and welfare. We need our community of Elmvale and beyond to demand the Canadian government advocate strongly for Edwin’s and others’ release. On May 22-27, 2018, members of the Simcoe County Honduras Rights Monitor and Canadian human rights workers based in Toronto and Ottawa are traveling on a fact-finding delegation to Honduras. We will meet with officials from the Canadian Ambassador’ office and attempt to visit Edwin in La Tolva Prison. We have made requests to Minister Freeland’s office to advocate for our prison visit and to set up meetings for the delegates with Honduran authorities, located in the capital city of Tegucigalpa. We plan to meet with Edwin’s lawyers of COFADEH (Committee of the Relatives of the Detained and Disappeared in Honduras) to discuss our next steps in advocating for his release. We will also be meeting with families of the political prisoners. When we return from Honduras, our committee is planning a trip to Ottawa to report our findings to Members of Parliament and Foreign Affairs Canada and to push our demands further. Thank you to the community of Elmvale and beyond for your continued letter writing and phone campaigns that have made progress in the release of 11 political prisoners. But we must continue to demand until we are successful and all are free. We greatly appreciate your dedication to this cause and for your ongoing support!

Springwater News • May 17, 2018 • Edition 521 • Phone: 705 322 2249 Cell: 705 321 2653

by Dick Wesselo. - Kudos to Mayor Scott Warnock of Tay Township! On May 1, 2018, Mayor Warnock attended the joint public meeting of the Simcoe District and Simcoe Muskoka Catholic District School Boards. As many readers no doubt will recall from my May 3rd column, the Boards are considering increasing their development charges by 188%. Mayor Warnock was joined in his call for a fairer “area-specific rate” by Penetanguishene Deputy-Mayor Anita Dubeau and Clearview Deputy-Mayor Barry Burton and stated that “This (the 188% increase) is especially hard to take in a municipality which has seen two of our four schools closed within the last 10 years. Not only are we subsidizing the growth in other municipalities, but we have experienced a 50% reduction in the number of schools within our Township. The question that begs to be asked is “why the Boards are not implementing this massive increase as an area-specific charge vs blanket across all Simcoe County?” This proposal as it currently stands is neither fair nor equitable! The northern municipalities should not be subsidizing the south… and you cannot make the argument that a school built 30 to 60 minutes away from Tay in any way benefits the residents of Tay.” The vast majority of his comments equally apply to Tiny. The entire text of the Mayor’s statement was posted to Dick’s TinyCorner Facebook page on May 7. Approximately 70 caring Guys showed up at the Midland Golf & Country Club during the early evening hours of May 7. Not to play golf but to attend the spring meeting of the Guys Who Care group. As is customary, 3 local charities were randomly selected to pitch their cause. After listening to the presentations, the 'Guys' voted by ballot and selected Big Brothers Big Sister of North Simcoe as the recipient of their $17,000.00 donation. All funds raised by the Guys go directly to the recipient charity. To date, those Guys Who Care have raised over $97,625.00 for the following local charities: May 2018 - Big Brothers Big Sisters North Simcoe $17,000.00; October 2017 - Georgian Bay Cancer Support Centre, $16,200.00; May 2017 - Gateway Centre for Learning, $17,400.00; October 2016 - The Guest House Shelter, $17,800.00; Spring 2016 - The Society of St Vincent de Paul, $14,225.00 and during the inaugural event in December 2015, We Are the Villagers - $15,000.00. For more information visit The ladies are stepping up as well and two groups have recently surfaced. “Gbay Gals Give”, a group associated with “Woman for Change in North Simcoe”. Like the Guys Who Care, the ladies aim to make a difference in our community through a “low maintenance, next to zero operating cost and maximum charity benefit” model. Their first meeting is scheduled for June 7th, 5:30PM at the Midland Golf and Country Club. Check the group’s Facebook page for additional information. The other group operates as “Giving for a Cause - Women Supporting our Community”. This initiative also has similarities to the other two fundraisers. These ladies however operate with more structure and have added a twist as they Partner with the Huronia Community Foundation (HCF). The charity chosen during their meeting will receive a cheque for 50% of the money donated towards a meeting and an Endowment Fund will be set up in the charity’s name, through HCF, for the remaining proceeds. The creation of an Endowment Fund is a unique and important part of this fundraising initiative and its aim is to ensure sustainability for the winning charity for years to come. Huronia Community Foundation will issue the charitable receipts for each donation and reportedly has also agreed for now to absorb all overhead and/or administration fees related to the, to be established, Endowment Fund. The first meeting of this group is scheduled for Wednesday, October 3rd at Restaurant St. Marie from 6 to 8 p.m. For more information please contact Catharine Gastmeier, Executive Director, Huronia Community Foundation at 705-427-0339 or And don’t forget:

to the appropriateness of the action and referred to “interpretation”. I subsequently called Elections Ontario on the matter and asked them as well under which act, statute and/or regulation it was proper to put up signs before the election was called. Their response was that it is authorized subject to any Municipal Bylaws that may be in effect. I’ve concluded that not posting “vote for me” signs prior to the dropping of the writ is an issue of “practice, precedent” and “honour among candidates” over legality. Perhaps Bill 136, the Election Signs Act of 2000, an Act that never went beyond First Reading, should be revisited. The opening paragraph reads that “No person shall display a sign or permit the display of a sign that promotes the candidacy of a person for political office in a provincial election or by-election until the writ for the election or by-election, as the case may be, is issued.” After all, “clarity and transparency” are election buzz words! Bottom line is that I learned something new. As of May 10th, Tiny’s current Council was registered in its entirety for the 2018 Municipal Election. George Cornell for Mayor, Steffen Walma for Deputy Mayor and for Councillor, Cindy Hastings, Richard (first out of the gate) Hinton and Gibb Wishart. No doubt a few more folks will throw their hats in the ring as well. After all, it’s still early in the game! Perhaps some are waiting to get the Provincial election out of the way first. After all, prime Real Estate for sign locations is limited! Mayor Cornell was absent for the April 30th Committee of the Whole (CoW) Meeting and DeputyMayor Walma took the reins. During the Open Deputation segment of the meeting, the CoW heard from Residents in regard to the BlueWater Dunes area zoning plans and a request for increased environmental protection was made. Concerns were again expressed regarding the placement of the proposed Xplornet Communications Tower near Sandy Bay Road and the 19th and a rare expression of thanks was heard from a Resident to Council for pushing the Teedon Pit water taking and expansion application issues to the OMB. A presentation regarding the above referred to proposed telecommunications tower was made by a Consultant for Xplornet and a Staff Report on the matter was discussed by the CoW as well. The Committee ultimately recommended that Staff be directed to provide a conditional Letter of Concurrence for the siting of the proposed tower to Xplornet. The CoW concurred with the revised placement of the proposed tower to the southeast corner of the field on the subject lands to reduce the visual impact. A request for vegetative planting and landscaping around the compound was included to reduce the visual impact. The applicant was reminded that the proposed fence enclosure should not exceed the 1 .9 meters in compliance with the Township Zoning By-law and that, prior to the Township providing a Letter of Concurrence, Xplornet Communications provides an Undertaking stating that the Township may install radio frequency transmitting and receiving equipment on the tower. Chuck Stradling, the Chairman of the Lafontaine Beach Park Master Plan Advisory Committee presented an update to the CoW regarding the progress made in the Beach Park to date. The tender presented to the Township by ABC Recreation in the amount of $62,811.06 (excluding HST) for the construction of the Lafontaine Beach Park Pavilion was presented, discussed and subsequently approved. Incidentally, Mayor Cornell, Councilors Hastings and Hinton and yours truly were among the 25 some area residents who spent last Saturday morning on the Lafontaine Beach removing invasive weeds. Another successful work party organized by the Lafontaine Beach Association! A brief discussion took place about the request from Le Villageois de Lafontaine to further defer the payment of the outstanding balance of tax arrears. The Committee recommended that no further changes to the process would be considered at this time.

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ducklings or ready to lay hens.

received by the Township along with proof of insurance. The CoW was happy to provide Tiny’s support to the event! The Consultants that were hired by the Township to update its Official Plan were directed by the Committee to produce Draft 3 of the Official Plan in accordance with the recommendations contained in the Report presented. Staff was also directed to release Draft 3 of the Official Plan to the public as soon as it was completed and schedule the statutory Public Meeting as soon as possible thereafter. The Committee also recommended that proposed By-law 18039, a By-law to prohibit the use of BBQ’s at Balm Beach, be amended to include the parkland at #5 Parkside Drive. Tiny’s construction trades will remain busy in the foreseeable future. An increase of 56% was noted when comparing the estimated construction values recorded during the first quarter of 2018 against last year’s! Dredging will be taking place to make the Jackson Park Boat launch operational again. The costs incurred will be taken from the operating reserves. Upcoming Events:

May 26 - 8:30AM – 10AM – Recreation Master Plan Open House 10AM – 12Noon – Tiny Town Hall Meeting, Tiny Township Community Centre, 91 Cons 8 East. May 27 - Hike for Hospice, Wye Marsh Wildlife Centre. Registration 11:30 am (see poster – refer to Dick’s TinyCorner Facebook page) May 27 - Mayor’s Mac & Cheese Dinner fundraiser for “We are the Villagers” RESCHEDULED due to the bad weather. Phil’s Pub and Eatery, Midland. (see poster attached…again plse. note the Date Change – now May 27th !!) June 2 - National Health & Fitness Day at Bernie LeClair and Perkinsfield Parks in Perkinsfield. June 2 - 10 AM - 12 PM - Meet the Fleet event hosted by County of Simcoe Paramedic Services. Simcoe County Museum, 1151 Hwy 26, Midhurst June 19 & 21 - Senior Symposium at the Tiny Community Centre, 8th Concession East, between 11AM & 2:PM June 7 - 5:30PM, GBay Gals Give event at the Midland Golf and Country Club June 7 - Province of Ontario General Election June 16 - "Wash for a Wish" event in support of the Children's Wish Foundation at Perkinsfield Park. July 13 - Tiny Mayor’s 4th Annual Charity Golf Tournament & Dinner, Brooklea Golf and Country Club

That’s it for this week folks. Please do not forget to "LIKE" or "FRIEND" Dick's Tiny Corner's Facebook Page for additional Tny and area news as it happens. And remember, I am not a member of Tiny Council currently. All opinions expressed in this column are mine and mine alone. Readers can contact me at 705549-8383 or by email at

Details of a proposed August 12, 2018 Balm Beach Family Fun Day were delivered to the CoW. The event is sponsored and supported by the Balm Beach Community Association, the Business Association of Balm Beach (BABB) and Balm Beach Residents and was very well received by the Committee. It was noted that these sometimes-diverse groups had pushed whatever differences aside and, in the process, had come together to create a, hopefully, memorable and fun day for kids and adults alike. Any funds raised through this event will go towards playground equipment in the area. A Recreation report regarding the various 2018 Balm Beach Events was presented to the CoW as well. The Are you satisfied with the look & feel of your dentures? amount of “in-kind” contributions requested from Tiny for these events are calculated to be $8844.00. At Meilun & Meilun, we provide high quality service directly to the The plan is to absorb these costs through 2018 public, specializing in customized dentures that fit well and recreate the character of your natural smile. departmental operation budgets. The direct financial contributions total $4200.00. This “one-time” expense Complete & Partial Dentures will be funded from the “operating reserve”. Implant Retained & Surgical Appliances Same Day Reline & Repair Services Krown Midland requested to hold its 'Wash for a Wish' Car Wash event in support of the Children's Consultations are free. Avoid the inconvenience of downtown parking. Wish Foundation at the Perkinsfield Park. The event Make the decision you’ll be comfortable with. Visit us at our Cedar Pointe office. is slated for Saturday, June 16th, 2018 from 9 AM to 2 9:00 am - 5:30 pm PM. The Company moved to Tiny about two years ago Evenings & Saturday by appointment. and held the event last year at its new 200 Balm Beach 34 Cedar Pointe Drive, Unit #510, Barrie Rd East location. The event unfortunately experienced a substantial decrease in traffic from its previous years (140 cars in 2016; 50 cars in 2017), hence the request to Tiny to be able to hold the event at Perkinsfield Park. Members of Denturist Association of Ontario All required documents have been completed and are

Meilun & Meilun Denturists

Play golf, come for dinner and check out the silent auction items. Most of all, enjoy the fun! Sponsorship opportunities are still available as well. Please check Tiny’s website, for further details or contact Maggie Off at or by phone at 705-526-4204 ext 271. See you there! The race to represent North Simcoe in the Provincial Legislature is on! Most of North Simcoe’s Provincial Candidates left the gate on May 8 after the writ was dropped. In the Blue lane, Jill Dunlop for the Conservatives, Valerie Powell for the Green Party in the green and Elizabeth van Houtte in orange for the NDP. In the red lane, Gerry Marshall for the Liberals took a head start on or about May 2nd by placing a large, billboard type election sign along Highway 12, just outside of Warminster. As it is somewhat irregular to see election signs prior to the writ being dropped, I questioned the action. If it is ok for one Party to do this, why don’t the others do it? Gerry’s campaign representative(s) was unable to provide me with an answer as

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(705) 728-6810

Springwater News • May 17, 2018 • Edition 521 • E-mail: • Page 22 CHECKING IN@PPL News & Events at the Rosie’s Devotions Penetanguishene Public Library 24 Simcoe Street 705-549-7164 Veteran Knits @PPL

Join us at the Library on Wednesdays from 1:00pm3:00pm to knit for Canadian Veterans or take the yarn home to knit and crochet at your leisure and return your project once completed. Projects can include squares for blankets, socks, lap blankets and more. Wool and needle donations are greatly appreciated. Afghans put together by Heather Filleti of Burlington, and dish cloths from Sharon Scott of Midland. Free Lega Presenations Penetanguishene Public Libraryand the Community Legal Clinic of Simcoe, Haliburton, Kawartha Lakes invite you to Free presentations at the library. Monday June 11th from 2-3pm, – Wills and Power of Attorney Monday June 25th from 2-3pm – Employee Rights Monday July 9th from 2-3pm – Consumer Law issues including door-to-door contracts. Monday July 23rd from 2-3pm – When to apply for ODSP/CPP-D – Ontario Disability Program. Register in person or by phone. Limited space available. Garage Sale The Friends of the Penetanguishene Public Library annual garage sale is on Saturday June 2nd from 8:00am-12:00pm. When clearing out your clutter this spring, consider donating your gently used items to the sale. Get rid of your unwated items, and support your library at the same time. Come and shop the sale and find some treasures at great prices! Donuts with Dads Hey Kids! Enjoy some donuts and quality time with Dad/Grandpa/Uncle or Mom at the library on Saturday June 16 from 10:00am11:00am. $5 program fee per particpant, and pre-registration required. Visit us at the circulation desk for more information. The Penetanguishene Public Library will be closed for renovations on Monday May 28th and Tuesday May 29th. Online renewals and the outside drop box will be available during this time. Penetanguishene Public Library members have access to the John Brown Memorial Library branch at Georgian Village. Members can circulate, DVDs, music CDs, Books on CD, puzzles, video games and large print materials. The J.B.M. library is open Monday Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday 8:30am-4:30pm, Thursdays from 8:30-7:00pm. PPL staff are avalable at this location Monday-Saturday from 10:00am-12:00pm. New This Month @PPL Adult Fiction – Warlight, by Michael Ondaatje Adult Non-Fiction – Bonkers, by Olivia Siegl YA Fiction – The Ruins of Gorlan, by John Flanagan JUV-Fiction – Ivy Aberdeen’s Letter to the World, by Ashley Herring Blake JP- The Best Mother, by Cynthia Surrisi ADVD – The Greatest Showman, Star Wars: The Last Jedi JDVD – The Breadwinner PPL has something for everyone. To keep up to date with our program offerings check out our webpage, find us on Facebook by searching Penetanguishene Public Library and follow us on twitter @ PPLlibrarystaff. Progress is the product of human agency. Things get better because we make them better. Things go wrong when we get too comfortable, when we fail to take risks or seize opportunities.

PROPANE • Residential • Commercial • Farm

An Attack of the Heart I was sitting in the hospital room, watching my husband sleeping soundly. The last few days had been a nightmare for my husband and me. It all started when he came inside our house after doing some raking. He told me that he must have swallowed some dust because his throat was scratchy and a bit sore. That night, he didn't sleep very well, and started to chew anti acid pills. He didn't sleep the following night either so I finally convinced him to go to the hospital. Once there, everything that happened was like fast forward. My husband was suffering from a heart attack and was rushed to a cardiac hospital, where an Angiogram was done. Once they found the blockage, a stent was inserted. Because of the vascular dementia and the anaesthesia, my husband was completely confused and delusional. I was at my wits end and thought that this was the end of the life I had grown accustomed to. 1 Peter 5:7-casting all your anxiety on Him, because He cares for you.(NASB) As a caregiver, we forget about ourselves, and our primary concern is on our loved one. During such a stressful time, the caregiver's focus is on the one that is suffering, and taking the time to care for yourself is put on the back burner. Matthew 6:34-So do not worry about tomorrow; for tomorrow will care for itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own.(NASB) It is at times like these that I have to believe and remember that God is with me as He is with other caregivers and their loved ones. He will send His angels to care for you and me. These celestial beings may come in the form of a friend sitting with your loved one's bedside as you go and refresh yourself. They may bring you a hamburger because you haven't eaten yet or just drop by and give you a much needed hug. Doctors and nurses, who are compassionate, knowledgeable and empathetic are also part of the healing process. Things may not always


Passenger, Truck & Farm Tires On-site Calcium Service

Sales & Repair of all Brands

Serving North of Barrie to Midland 24 hr Emergency Field & Road Service 7002 Hwy 93 & Stamp Side Rd • South of midland


turn out the way you hoped for, yet our loving Father loves us and knows what the future holds. When we can't talk to God, others will intercede for us and uphold us in prayer. As for me, at this very moment, my husband is back home and I am watching my husband sleep, as rest is part of the healing process. Prayer: Lord God, we are anxious and worried. We are thankful for doctors, nurses, friends and health technicians who help us in the healing process of our loved ones. Lord, when we can't pray, others intercede for us. Grant us peace and instill in us hope and trust. Rosemary Hagedorn Penetanguishene, Swim Safe Open House 2018 Sunday June 3 - 10:00am-4:00pm MEET Staff, VIEW the Facility, SWIM in the pools, WIN a Session of Swimming Lessons

All progress is based upon a universal innate desire on the part of every organism to live beyond its income. --Samuel Butler, Notebooks, 1912

Setting Guinness World Records

On Thursday, April 26, a whopping 792 students, teachers, and community members lined up and broke the Guinness World Record for the Largest Game of Knockout! The game lasted just over 3 hours with the final 45 minutes becoming quite competitive as players vied to be the final player standing. The final 5 players were: 1. Ross Hreljac, Teacher at Minesing Public School 2. Derek O’Neill, Grade 12 student at EDHS 3. John Minty, Teacher at EDHS 4. Isaak McGinnis, Grade 10 student at EDHS 5. Micah Mullings, Grade 8 student at Minesing Public School

A huge thank you to all the local businesses who donated prizes!

Chris Messecar, EXIT Lifestyle Realty, who generously donated the EXIT Box for 2 Barrie Colts games next season for first and second place prizes. • Wasaga Beach Paintball • Steelers • B2’s Pizza • Boston Pizza, Wasaga Beach • The Fan Cave, Bayfield Mall • Snow Valley Ski Resort • Swiss Chalet, Wasaga Beach • L.A. Fitness, Barrie

Collingwood Fuels Ltd

Cylinder Refills

15 Stewart Road, P.O. Box 321

Collingwood, Ontario L9Y 3Z7

(705) 445-4430 1-800-553-5571

FUEL DELIVERY • Furnace oil • Diesel fuels • Gasoline

Oil furnace sales and service

Springwater News • May 17, 2018 • Edition 521 • Phone: 705 322 2249 Cell: 705 321 2653

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Don Meharrie

Master Electrician Owner / Operator

(705) 818-3854

1636 Glengarry Landing Rd. N. Phelpston, ON L0L 2K0

1100 Flos Road 4 West, Phelpston SERVING SIMCOE & MUSKOKA


Elmvale Lions Day of Service

On Saturday May 5, The Elmvale District Lions Club were joined by 10 energetic and community minded young folks who went to work enthusiastically to complete a much needed ditch cleanup on Flos Road 7 running east/west between County Rd 27 and Crossland Road. At our meeting the following Tuesday, one Lion member expressed our gratitude by saying, “without their help the Lions would be still be out there picking up garbage!” Thanks to all who attended.

Rural Intentions

– a word from Craighurst by Lynette Mader I am a backyard bird nerd who swears by black oil sunflower seed. I get cardinals, grosbeaks,finches and even indigo buntings at my feeder. They eat a lot, so Dave and I headed off to Richie's Feed and Needs in Elmvale to get the biggest bag of seed we could find. Once there, we were heartily distracted by all thing rural. Ritchie's has gardening supplies, farm supplies, and even those old fashion toy tractors that feel like a memory from our youth. There are also two friendly,fluffy, fat cats. We were sufficiently distracted that when we were finally ready to cash out, we grabbed a big bag without checking closely. To my absolute dismay it turned out to be striped seed, not black oil. I tried it out in the feeder but it seemed to me that the birds had abandoned me. "I can't stand it anymore," I announced huffily after three days of staring at a lonely feeder. "I'm going to Foodland to get some black oil seed." And so it is timely for another ode to our local Foodland because it saved me twice this month.

The grand opening of Herspectives took place May 5 at the Double Door gallery in Anten Mills but Dave and I missed it due to a work commitment. We decided to send flowers and thought of this on route to Niagara during the recent Friday windstorm. As the gales buffeted our car on the Burlington Skyway, we called Astilbe but couldn’t get through so Dave had the brilliant idea to call Foodland. Sure enough, the friendly staff picked out three pretty bouquets and delivered them the next day for a modest delivery fee. It was a great deal all the way around, firmly cementing Foodland in our hearts as our favourite grocery store.

Katelyn at Astilbe can also do pretty much anything you request, including bouquets wrapped with some of the other goodies in her store such as soaps or lotions, local honey or Chelsea Chocolates. Included here is a photo of Katelyn at work, and also three photos from Herspectives. Do check it out before it closes this weekend. And the RE/MAX GEORGIAN BAY REALTY LTD, Brokerage 50lb bag of unwanted striped Your Local Realtor with Local Knowledge sunflower seed? “According to Google, parrots like it,” said Dave as we drove back from Ritchie’s with a bag of Tim Crowe • Brenda Maurice • Harry Hunt • Perry Ritchie the proper stuff. I’ll get • • • Maybe some backyard 24A Yonge St. S. Elmvale Children Miracle parrots.

705.322.5000 Network Office

Complete Repair & Maintenance service Cars, Trucks & Trailers Motor Vehicle Inspection Station Clean & Modern Facility Quality Workmanship in Every Job

Marc Schutt • Tel: 705-322-4301 Fax: 705-322-3027 • Cell: 705-322-0150 Email:

Wyevale’s News

Ruth Ann Caston 527-5274

Happy birthday wishes go out to Melissa Rawn, Chris Stephenson, Sue Brock, Kim Caston, Jack Hameliin, Arianna Caston, Sandy Dunsford, Todd Archer, Shayne Large, Braeden Steele, Eric Archer, Bill Large, Craig Caston, Ken Stott, Jenna Troughton, Owen Wakelin, Laura Marley, Joan Crawford and Jamie Jacobs. My sister Helen Molto nee Archer will be celebrating her 90th birthday on June 2nd at Fair Banks Park in Toronto. Being the fact that she was born in Wyevale, anyone who knows her is welcome to her celebration. No gifts please. Bid euchre is on Friday afternoons at 1 p.m. in the church basement. Light lunch & prizes. $2.50 per person. Winners from May 4th were: 1st Rose Balcom, 2nd Marjorie Charlebois and 3rd Kitty Burnett. Winners from May 11th were 1st Marguerite Stone, 2nd Marilyn Bumstead and tied for 3rd Bev Bunn and Rae Henry. All welcome. Friday March 25th at 6 p.m. at Wyevale Church is a celebration of Noon Kim’s retirement. Join his many friends of Wyevale. A light lunch will be served. All are welcome. Camp Simpresca is open for registration and is filling up fast. Wyevale children who need assistance please contact the church. 705.322.1451. A big thank you to all those who helped in any way to make our spaghetti supper once again a huge success. Anyone with news items for the paper, please call me and leave a message at 705.527.5274.

Minesing Moments w/Lorrie Norwood • / 728-9784

Hello there neighbours. I hope this finds everyone doing well and enjoying the weather.  It’s been great to get some yardwork done and it hasn’t been too buggy yet.  I am sure that will be coming soon though.   Mother’s Day just passed and I hope all of those Mom’s out there had a nice day visiting or getting phone calls from their children thanking them for all they do.  I also think of those who have mothers who are no longer with us and hope you had the chance to think of some wonderful memories of her and put a smile on your face.  Moms are pretty hard to forget, they play a significant part in all of our lives.   The Minesing Community clean-up day is scheduled for Saturday June 2nd at 10 a.m.  We are looking for volunteers to come out and help tidy our village after the dirty old winter.  There will be raking to be done, litter pick up, sweeping and I am sure there will be branches down to be picked up too.  Many hands make less work so please try to come out to help.  Come and bring your rakes, brooms and other tools you think may be useful. Thank you very much.  There have been many birthdays celebrated this month so I would like to offer Birthday best wishes to all the May babies around the village!  I know the students from university and college are all done for the year and are out looking for summer work.  If you have graduated your program, congratulations to you and best wishes on your future endeavours.  To the students searching for employment, good luck to you as well as it can be a tough go trying to land a job to help you pay for your schooling.  To help those students (both post- secondary and high school aged) find summer work, it may be an idea to post potential job openings our Minesing Facebook page.  As the saying goes, “It takes a village to raise the kids”, so if we can help them out on by posting businesses that are hiring will help them out for sure.  As the Victoria Day weekend approaches, remember to be safe in your travels, don’t drink and drive but also make lots of great memories.  Another thing to watch out for are motorcycles on the road again.  Always make sure to check your mirrors, as motorcycles can easily be in a blind spot.   Have a super week and until next time, remember that you are absolutely unique, just like everyone else. Pollution in China alters the weather in the United States. It takes just five days for the jet stream to carry heavy air pollution from China to the U.S. Once in the atmosphere over the U.S., the pollution stops clouds from producing rain and snow--i.e., more pollution equals less precipitation. More oil is seeped into the ocean each year as a result of leaking cars and other non-point sources than was spilled by the Exxon Valdez.

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Springwater News • May 17, 2018 • Edition 521 • E-mail: •

Complete Holstein Dispersal Sale


Tuesday, May 22 - 11:00 am


The property of Ardtrea Acres

Date: Thursday, May 31, 2018 Time: 7:00 pm Place: Wyebridge Community Centre 8340 Highway 93, Wyebridge

o/o Beverly

& Richard Thomson 3736 Menoke Beach Rd., Orillia, ON

Sale located just off of Hwy #11 N of Orillia. See Signs! Sale consists of 70 head Reg. Holstein cattle incl 30 milk cows, bred hfs, plus small hfs!





Outstanding consignment auction consisting of collections from Sellers who have spent their lives searching for rare toys. Now we’re offering them to the next generation of collectors and hobbyists. Most items will be sold as cataloged lots. Sale day will feature a wide variety of Minn,Tonka, Corgi, Thistle, Amar, Lesney, Ertl, Nylint, Marx, BuddyL, Matchbox, Hubley, Lumar, Dinky, Lledo, Please see the photos on our website and on iCollector. Online bidding available through No buyer’s premium. CALL, TEXT OR EMAIL ANYTIME!!





GRAIN FARMERS OF ONTARIO UNVEIL 2018 PROVINCIAL ELECTION PRIORITIES GUELPH, ON (May 14, 2018) – Grain Farmers of Ontario, the province‘s largest commodity organization, representing Ontario‘s 28,000 barley, corn, oat, soybean and wheat farmers, has unveiled their 2018 provincial election priorities. “There are more than 28,000 grain farmers in Ontario, providing more than 40,000 jobs and supporting one of Canada‘s most important industries – agriculture and food,” said Markus Haerle, Chair, Grain Farmers of Ontario. “Our ask will have very direct, positive impact on agriculture and the food industry in Ontario and beyond. We look forward to speaking to each party leader to hear their response and to start the discussion.” The Grain Farmers of Ontario election ask priorities include: Growth Strategy - Assemble a nimble alliance of industry and government innovators under the leadership of the Premier to devise a growth strategy for the grains and oilseed sector. Risk Management - BRM Programming that works for modern grains and oilseed farmers. Public Trust - Instilling public trust by providing funding to build “Your Farm” a state-of –the-art agrieducation facility that demonstrates modern farming and can be accessed by academia for education, by politicians and the public. Trade - Be an advocate for grains and oilseed in trade agreements including NAFTA, CPTPP and China “Each element of our ask speaks to issues that grain farmers are facing each day as they produce safe, healthy, and delicious food for Ontario, Canada and beyond. From new markets and opportunities that require government support, to finding ways to connect with the public, to helping mitigate risk in a realistic, manageable way,” said Haerle. In the lead-up to the election, Grain Farmers of Ontario has provided each party with a list of its priorities for the mandate of the next provincial government, but to date has not been able meet with each party leader. Additionally, Grain Farmers of Ontario sees the upcoming election as an opportunity to remind Ontario‘s next political leaders of to keep Ontario farmers competitive domestically and internationally – by including them in the exemption on farm fuel costs associated with Climate Change regulations of which other provinces are able to take advantage. For more information on Grain Farmers of Ontario‘s 2018 election ask, please visit:


For more info & pics visit:

¥ Jackie Davenport Simcoe Muskoka Health Unit


¥ Dr. Sheila Driver Veterinarian

Note: This is a complete herd dispersal due to family illness. Terms: Pay in full day of sale! Cash, Chq w/ID, Visa, MC & Interac! NO RESERVE - NO BUYER'S PREMIUM! Sale Mgd & Sold by:

¥ Larry Herr Lyme Disease Activist ¥ Ann Stevenson, Patient Presented by  The  Wyebridge  Women’s  Ins;tute  

Kevin Barker Auctions Ltd. B: 705-328-1478 C: 705-878-2947


For more  informa;on  phone:  705-­‐527-­‐8030  

Grand Opening LIVE Auction!

Home Furnishings, New Mattresses & Home Décor For Your Cottage Or Home

Saturday May 19 2018

Sale Starts 11:00 am • Preview From 10:00 Am

Supreme Furniture #6493 Highway 93 (@Highway 27), Waverley

705-322-9115 (for more info) Top Quality Auction Includes Reclining & Stationary Sofas, Recliners, Loveseats, Sectionals, 3 Piece Sets & Sofas In Material & Leather, Variety Of Mattresses, Plus Accent Tables, Chairs, Dressers & Chests, Queen & King Beds, Headboards, Pub & Dining Sets, Home Décor & Much More! Full Details & Photos


Tinney Stump Removal

Dan 322-3613 New! DayTripper reservations started May 14 Honey Harbour, Ontario Parks Canada Agency As Canada’s largest provider of natural and cultural tourism, Parks Canada’s destinations form important cornerstones for Canada’s local, regional, and national tourism industry. Starting May 14th, visitors without their own boat can experience Georgian Bay Islands National Park by reserving DayTripper round trip shuttle service to Beausoleil Island in advance. Reservations are required for the scenic 15-minute DayTripper boat ride from Honey Harbour to Beausoleil Island. Beginning on May 14th, visitors will be able to reserve their spot ahead of time through the Parks Canada Reservation System at or by calling 1-877-RESERVE. The online reservation system makes it easier for visitors to plan their experiences in advance and allows Canadians to connect with nature at Georgian Bay Islands National Parks. Parks Canada encourages all travellers to plan their visit in advance to avoid disappointment. Discover more about the park at Visitors are encouraged to plan ahead and learn about the DayTripper and camping reservation process by visiting for full details. In addition to the park’s webpages, travellers can also follow the park on Twitter (@GBINP) and share their memories via #beausoleilisland. For more information, please contact Georgian Bay Islands National Park at 705-527-7200, or by email at Quick Facts  Georgian Bay Islands National Park is composed of islands and is accessible by boat only.  The park is an island refuge for wildlife including many species at risk. Coming for a visit is a great way to view wildlife and learn about Parks Canada’s efforts to protect it.  The DayTripper shuttle is free for children under six, $8.55 for youth, $15.70 for adults and $13.45 for seniors. Additional reservation fees may apply.  From May 18th until June 14th, the DayTripper is available five days per week and closed Wednesdays and Thursdays. It will be available daily from June 15th to October 8th. The length of stay for visitors accessing Beausoleil Island via the DayTripper is set at 4 hours.  Pets and recreational equipment are not permitted on the DayTripper. Every day you may make progress. Every step may be fruitful. Yet there will stretch out before you an everlengthening, ever-ascending, ever-improving path. You know you will never get to the end of the journey. But this, so far from discouraging, only adds to the joy and glory of the climb.--Sir Winston Churchill

your community online auction centre

UPCOMING AUCTIONS May Multi Consignor Auction, Guelph - May 20-24 Auction for Ted & Pat Curtis, Guelph - May 27-31 - tools, collectibles, household contents Restaurant Equipment Auction, Guelph - May 27-31 - clean, quality equipment Watch th Ingersoll Farm & Antique Auction - June 3-7 e close Th auctions ursday n Vernon Moving Sale, Thornbury - June 3-7 ight from the comfo Equipment Sale #2 for MHQ Group, Erin your hom rt of e! June 10-14 Estate of Maxine Brownell - June 10-14 Zahara Downsizing Sale, Guelph - June 17-21 Smith’s Major Downsizing, Minden - June 17-21 Haliburton Moving Sale, Gooderham - June 17-21 John Deere Collector’s Auction, Orillia - June 17-21 - collection of JD classic lawn, garden & compact tractors, trucks & a Sundowner horse trailer

To find the benefits of selling online with, call our office at 705-722-6217. Check out all the auctions online at A Division of David Moore & Associates Inc. Auctions & Appraisals 705-722-6217






















14 17

27 32











E 45























15 18















































E 36



16 20





E 25


D 26




























52 55

Zorba, an English mastiff, is the biggest dog ever recorded. He weighed 343 pounds and measured 8' 3" from his nose to his tail. Dogs can smell about 1,000 times better than humans. While humans have 5 million smell-detecting cells, dogs have more than 220 million. The part of the brain that interprets smell is also four times larger in dogs than in humans. Dogs like sweets a lot more than cats do. While cats have around only 473 taste buds, dogs have about 1,700 taste buds. Humans have approximately 9,000. Therapy dogs are healing companions for people with health conditions such as cancer, post-traumatic stress syndrome, and dementia. So it's no surprise that there are over 50,000 therapy dogs in the United States, and they're becoming more popular in countries from Norway to Brazil. But what do dogs think about helping humans? A recent study in Applied Animal Behaviour Science reports that therapy dogs in pediatric cancer wards are not stressed by their "work," and in fact seem to enjoy it in most cases.

Springwater News • May 17, 2018 • Edition 521 • Phone: 705 322 2249 Cell: 705 321 2653

Tompkins & Heels Monuments Ltd. For Quality & Craftsmanship Since 1932

Locally owned and operated Manufacturer of unsurpassed quality granite. 161 Essa Road Barrie ON L4N 3L2

Tel: 705-728-7749 1-800-465-9900 Fax: 705-728-6149

In home appointments. After hours and weekends also available!

Monday to Fridays 9-5 • Saturdays 9-1

Announcements / Coming Events Come tone, shape and socialize With exercising with belly dance Elmvale library • May 10, 17, 24, 31 4:30-5:30pm 6-7 pm Each night $15 or pk available  Contact library or Karen 705 515 0217

Celebrate Beatrice Baldwick’s 90th Birthday! All are welcome to come to the Grenfel Community Hall 1989 Sunnidale Rd., Grenfel ON June 2nd, 2018 at 2 o’clock p.m. ..." CALLING FOR DONATIONS!!! The Friends of the Waverley Uplands are hosting a Community Garage Sale next month to raise funds to PROTECT the WORLD'S PUREST WATER . Please hold on to your treasures and call Erin Archer for details 705-361-3919.

Bi-Annual Decoration Day Service Hillsdale Presbyterian Cemetery 1851 – 2018 Sunday June 3, 2018 at 2.30 pm. You are invited to attend an outdoor memorial service at Hillsdale Presbyterian Cemetery located at 4391 Penetanguishene Road ( Highway 93), Hillsdale. Mr. Carl Wright will conduct the service. Refreshments will be served after the service. In the event of rain , we will convene at the Hillsdale Presbyterian Church, 6 Mill Street, Hillsdale, Ontario.

Fire Department Pancake Breakfast Breakfast - eggs, bacon, pancakes.

Sunday June 3rd • 9 am to 12 noon.

Adults $10.00 kids $5.00. 7 Patterson Street Elmvale • Springwater St 5. Hosted by the Flos Elmvale Firefighters Association.  The winner of the Elmvale Maple Syrup Festival, Legion Draw Prize for $500.00 is Nicole Belcart of Bala. Ticket number 1913 License #M802502. Thank you to everyone who purchased tickets in support of the Elmvale Legion.

All are invited to Friends of Simcoe Forests Annual General Meeting Date: Thursday 24th May at 7pm Location: The Midhurst Community Centre Guest Speakers before our meeting include:

Our area MPP Candidates Topic: The Environment

Followed by our General meeting and Board of Directors Nominations Including President, Secretary and Treasurer Please submit nominations in advance to

General Public Welcome Friends of Simcoe Forests is an award winning notfor-profit organization. Our mission is to inform and unite all persons interested in the conservation of our Simcoe County's forests.  

Theresa Marie Sullivan

November 9, 1960 - March 30, 2018 It is with a profound sadness that we announce the passing of Theresa Sullivan on March 20, 2018 after a hard fought battle with cancer. She will be lovingly remembered by her husband Hugo Bergen; children, Rebecca and Ryan; parents, Patrick and Bernadette Sullivan; brothers, Michael (Lesley) and Kevin, and her sister Mary (Peter). Also left to mourn her passing are the many members of her extended family. Theresa was born in Port Credit, Ontario, and at the age of seven moved to Mount St. Louis, the place she called home. It remained special to her the rest of her days. After high school, she attended the University of Western Ontario and graduated as an occupational therapist. Once you got to know Theresa, you could see that therapy was in her DNA. She began her OT career in Vancouver where she ended up meeting the love of her life, Hugo (how lucky was he!!!). They became engaged in Vancouver and started their wonderful life together in New York City in Jan. 1989. It was an exciting three year adventure that gave their relationship a solid foundation of love and support for the years to come. While experiencing the excitement of NYC, Theresa dedicated herself to starting a career in education (teaching was also in her DNA, as many can tell you). She worked hard during the day and in her 'spare time' worked even harder to complete a Masters Degree in Health Education at Columbia University. It was during this time that her role in treating a young patient was featured in Readers Digest. In Jan. 1992, Theresa and Hugo started their life in Winnipeg. She initially worked at the HSC in the Occupational Therapy Dept. until the birth of their darling daughter Rebecca in 1993. Four years later, her family was completed when Ryan arrived. In 1994 she began teaching in the Dept. of Occupational Therapy within the School of Medical Rehabilitation. She truly took great pleasure in combining her love of OT with her love of teaching, which allowed her to pass on her knowledge, enthusiasm, and energy for the profession to future generations. This dynamism would lead to numerous teaching awards over the years, including the Saunderson Award for Excellence in Teaching (the top award for teaching at the U of M). She was also recently recognized by the Manitoba Society of OTs as the 'Most Inspiring Professor' for her dedication to the OT profession. Even as she entered her fifties, her enthusiasm for the profession continued unabated as she enrolled in a PhD program to further her research interests in therapy. It was with great sadness that she withdrew from her PhD program due to her declining health. Her career was marked with achievements both great and small and she helped the careers of countless students as they progressed through the program. Her students appreciated her for her empathy, understanding, support, thoughtfulness, wisdom, and 'shoulder to cry on' as cited by her numerous nominations for teaching awards. Hers was a truly distinguished and remarkable career. Her dedication to her career paled in comparison to the love and dedication she had for her family. She supported Rebecca and Ryan throughout their academic and sports endeavours. Throughout the years, Theresa was a constant source of strength, encouragement, and boundless love to Hugo, and their relationship grew stronger with each year. They simply loved each other and loved spending time together. Road trips were always a favorite time together. The summers were a time of travelling (both east and west) to see friends and family. Her love for her family was truly paramount. As the children grew older and more independent, she found more time to devote to her hobbies of gardening and knitting. During warm spring days she loved nothing more than planting flowers and shrubs within her beloved garden. It was a real joy to walk in the yard and admire her efforts. During the winter months, the evenings became a time of knitting. Her sweaters and scarves (did she love scarves!) were works of art to be worn and enjoyed. Theresa was an incredibly warm, thoughtful, selfless, and caring partner, mother, daughter, sister, and friend. She will be missed. Thank you to the Gyne-Oncology team and chemo nurses at CancerCare. A burial service will be held at St. Louis Cemetery (Mount St. Louis Road West) at 1:00 pm on Saturday, May 26, 2018, with a reception to follow. In lieu of flowers donations can be made to establish a student award in Theresa’s name at the College of Rehab Sciences at the University of Manitoba. Donations can be sent payable to the University of Manitoba c/o Susan Vanstone, College of Rehabilitation Sciences, R106-771 McDermot Ave. Winnipeg, MB R3E 0T6. I was in a couple's home trying to fix their Internet connection. The husband called out to his wife in the other room for the computer password. "Start with a capital S, then 123," she shouted back. We tried S123 several times, but it didn't work. So we called the wife in. As she input the password, she muttered, "I really don't know what's so difficult about typing 'Start123.'"

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Lynn-Stone Funeral Homes Inc. Lynn-Stone Funeral Homes Inc. 15 Yonge St S., Elmvale 15 Yonge St. S., Elmvale 705-322-2732 705-322-2732

We Offer Basic Cremation Services as well as

We Offer BasicTraditional Cremations Services as well as Funerals. Traditional Funerals. Agent for Sanderson Monument Co.

Obituary Agent for Sanderson Monument Co. Baker, Gerald Edward 'Gerry' Passed away peacefully at Campbell House Hospice, Collingwood, on Monday, February 19, 2018 in his 76th year. To Celebrate Gerry's life please join his family at 2123 Tiny Beaches Rd. S., Tiny, on Saturday, June 2nd from noon until 4 pm. BEARDSALL, Marjorie Lenore 1925-2018 It is with sadness we announce the passing of Marjorie Beardsall peacefully at Amica Nursing Home in Barrie on May 6, 2018 at the age of 92. Beloved wife of 66 years to the late Gilbert Beardsall (2000). Loving Mom to Jane Anne Sullivan of Barrie, Nancy Beardsall of Barrie, David Beardsall and his wife Anne of OroMedonte. Devoted Grandma to Jennie Olafson, Amy Sullivan, David Sullivan, Kaitlyn Beardsall and Mike Beardsall. Amazing Great Grandma to Gunnar and Odin Olafson of Whitehorse. Visitation was held at Lynn-Stone Funeral Home, 15 Yonge St. S., Elmvale, on Friday, May 11, 2018 from 11 am until 1 pm followed by a Celebration of Life Service at 1 pm. Interment Elmvale Cemetery. Donations to the charity of your choice would be appreciated by the family. Expressions of sympathy may be sent to the family at TRUAX, Raymond Harold Sr. - Passed away at his residence, Elmvale, on Wednesday, May 9, 2018 in his 63rd year. Much loved husband of Carolyn (nee Hiltz). Cherished father of Michael (Andrea), Joanne (Patrick) and Raymond Jr. (Alana). Proud grandfather of Mackenzie, Riley, Sawyer, Emmett and Emily. Lovingly remembered by his brothers and sisters, Ken, Donna, Bernice, Morley and their families as well as his in-laws, nieces and nephews. Raymond will be missed by his four-legged baby, Tiger. Predeceased by his parents Garnet and Gloria Truax. To celebrate Raymond's life please join his family on Saturday, May 26th, from 1 – 3 pm, at the Elmvale Lion's Club Hall, 1979 Flos Rd 7 West, Elmvale. If you would like to make a donation in Raymond's memory please consider the Diabetes Association or Autism Ontario. Expressions of sympathy may be sent to the family at TURNER, Garry Kenneth Huronia Regional Centre Employee, 30 + yrs - Passed away at Royal Victoria Regional Health Centre, Barrie, on Saturday, May 12, 2018 in his 71st year. Garry Turner of Elmvale, lovingly remembered by his son Tyler (Christina Titterson) and daughter Lauren Turner (Chris Stanich) and their mother Wendy. Proud grandfather of Ashton, Samara and Mya. Will be missed by his siblings Muriel (the late Harold) Townes, Marlene (Cecil) Tinney and Lou (Doreen). Predeceased by brothers Dennis (survived by Ellen), and Stan and his parents Clarence and Laura Turner. Forever remembered by his in-laws, extended family and generations of nieces and nephews. A Celebration of Life will take place at the Elmvale Curling Club on Sunday, June 3, 2018 from 1-4 pm. If you wish to make a donations in Garry's memory please consider The Elmvale Curling Club. Messages of sympathy may be sent to the family at Worldwide, people consume 500 extra calories a day from sugar, which is roughly the amount of calories needed to gain a pound a week.

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Springwater News • May 17, 2018 • Edition 521 • E-mail: •

Tiny Mayor’s Monthly Message

THE HANGAR BAR & GRILL Your Long Weekend Headquarters Friday..Live Band...Stick & Strings Saturday - Live Band & 80s & 90s Video Dance Party

– May 2018 Official Plan Update The Township of Tiny is currently reviewing and updating its Official Plan, of which, Draft 2 was presented at the April 30, 2018 Committee of the Whole Meeting and can be viewed at Your year round source for locally produced, dsweb/Get/Document-389490/04_25_18%20 organic and traditionally raised foods. 15_43_04_.pdf. The Official Plan establishes the framework for 705 737 4498 future decisions related to land development. It outlines what is generally permitted within each 3088 Horseshoe Valley Road (between Hwy 27 & 400) land use designation and includes associated policies. The Official Plan has not been reviewed for some time and requires updating as there have been many Provincial and County of Simcoe policy changes.  Please visit (“Official Plan Review & Update” at the bottom of the Home Page) for more information and further updates.  Septic re-inspection program  The Township of Tiny contracts C.C. Tatham & Associates to conduct its township-wide sewage system Try our new massive HUNGARIAN WOODEN inspection program, conducted at each property every six years, with the exception of properties located in PLATE FOR 2!! well-head protection areas, which are inspected every 5 years as provincially mandated. The intention of FIT FOR A KING or QUEEN!! the program is to identify and resolve environmental and/or health hazards associated with malfunctioning sewage systems and bring any deficient sewage systems into compliance with the Ontario Building Code.  Site inspections use the standard Ministry of Municipal Affairs & Housing (MMAH) form, and include a review of the following:  •         Type of buildings/houses, size, etc. •         Type of system(s) on property (dimensions, number of runs, etc.) and units served •         Type of tank(s) (size, condition, location) and pump chamber(s) •         Evidence of sewage effluent visible and/or odour •         Evidence of erosion on any part of the sewage system •         Surface water flow directed toward or around the system •         Sewage system component setbacks and separations •         Excessive plant growth in bed area •         Acquire sewage system approval record from owner (if applicable) Or maybe our famous •         Identify trees, structures or driving in leaching bed or tank area WASAGA BLOOMING •         Identify lots with high groundwater table ONION?  The second component of the Sewage System Re-inspection Program is that you are responsible for Many unique dinner items! arranging to get your septic or holding tank pumped out by a licensed sewage hauler. You must explain to the hauler that you require a written report of the condition and size of the tank. This report is to DONT JUST COME FOR be completed by the hauler. If your property is due for inspection this year, it is your responsibility to ensure that C.C. Tatham receives the written report by no later than November 30, 2018. If you have an advanced DINNER..... sewage treatment unit, you must ensure that CCTA receives the latest maintenance report by November COME FOR AN 30, 2018. If you had the tank pumped out in 2016 or 2017, you will not need to pump your tank again, but EXPERIENCE.... the written report from the licensed sewage hauler must still be submitted to C.C. Tatham by no later than November 30, 2018. DON’T WORRY... YOU WON’T NEED YOUR PASSPORT! Note: If your system is due for inspection in 2018, you will receive a letter directly from C. C. Tatham Monday to Thursday 11 am - 4 pm outlining the program and your responsibilities. Friday 11 am - 8 pm • Dinner service  Any questions regarding the septic re-inspection program can be directed to C.C. Tatham at 705 5270119. Saturday 10 am - 8 pm • Dinner service  Town Hall Meeting Sunday 10 am - 4 pm  Tiny Council is pleased to be hosting a Town Hall Meeting on Saturday, May 26, 2018, from 10:00 am to Summer hours coming soon! 12 noon in the Tiny Township Community Centre located at 91 Concession 8 East.  Receive updates from your members of Council and provide your input on matters of interest to you! Located at the Edenvale Airport • 705 428 4703 Visit various information tables, including representatives from our local libraries, economic development resources, environmental services, fire safety and more! One of the more common and dangerous pollutants in the environment  Recreation Master Plan – Open House is cadmium, which kills human fetal sex organ cells. Its widespread  The Township is preparing a Recreation Master Plan and is holding a 2nd Open House on Saturday, May th presence means it is in almost everything we eat and drink. 26 , 2018 from 8:30 am to 10:00 am. (Prior to our Town Hall meeting). Join us in discussions to identify interests, concerns, strengths, and challenges of recreation and parks services in the Township of Tiny.  We also encourage you to complete a short survey found on our website, or for further details, visit or contact Bonita Desroches at, 705-526-4204 ext. 230.  Mayor George Cornell Township of Tiny   To contact me via e-mail: or via phone: 705-526-4204 and leave a message with Laura Russell, Sr. Administrative Coordinator   Committee of the Whole and Council Meetings are live streamed and archived on our Township of Tiny YouTube channel. Follow us on Place your materials at curbside by 7 a.m. on Monday of Twitter (@tinytownship) or Facebook (Township of Tiny) or visit our your collection week. To determine your yard waste website ( for more details and information.

Spring Bi-Weekly Yard Waste Collection

BBQ FUNDRAISER FOR ALZHEIMER SOCIETY     On Saturday May 19th from 10am to 2pm, the church family of Elmvale Presbyterian Church will be holding a BBQ and Bake Sale on the front lawn at 22 Queen St .E. Ovens will have worked overtime to ensure the best home baking and the chefs will have the BBQs fired up to offer great hamburgers and hot dogs that you can enjoy with a hot or cold drink. The event this year will be in support of the local Alzheimer Society. We all know someone in the community who is coping with the constant care required in looking after a loved one suffering from this disease. Our donations will help further the work of the Society in the area. Come and join us rain or shine. Golden Gate Bridge. Connecting San Francisco and Marin County in 1937, for many years this was the longest suspension bridge in world. Experts thought that winds, ocean currents, and fog would make it impossible to build. It took about four years to complete the beautiful 1.2-mile-long bridge. It is held by 80,000 mi worth of steel wire, and the cables that link the two towers are 36.5 inches in diameter the biggest ever made.

collection week visit or consult the waste management calendar. Yard Waste collection may not coincide with your regular collection day. Utilize paper yard waste bags, cardboard boxes, compostable bags or open-ended rigid containers. “Space provided through a partnership between industry and Ontario municipalities to support waste diversion programs”

For more information: County of Simcoe Customer Service 1-800-263-3199

Springwater News • May 17, 2018 • Edition 521 • Phone: 705 322 2249 Cell: 705 321 2653

Help Wanted

Fleming Electric

Looking for Journeyman Electrician with 309A licence.

• Must have clean driver’s licence. • Work in the Simcoe County Area based out of Elmvale • Custom, Residential, Commercial & Service Work • Competitive wages Please send resume to

CNC OPERATOR OPENINGS $15.50 hour + Applicable Shift Premiums • Permanent Opportunities • Competitive Benefits • Extensive Training Provided • Afternoon Shifts / Weekend Shifts Available • Overtime Available after 40 hours APPLY TO: Glueckler Metal Inc. 13 William Street, Elmvale

We are in need of top notch employees who care about their workplace and coworkers. We pay excellent wages, have excellent benefits and year round work for most candidates. NOW HIRING EQUIPMENT OPERATORS - Excavator - Loader - Dozer - Skid Steer AZ & DZ DRIVERS - Min 5 years experience - Clean Abstract CRUSHER/SCREENING PLANT OPERATORS AND ASSISTANTS -Experience is an asset - Preference for those with a clean safety record - Valid Driver's License - Clean Abstract - Current & Valid Common Core Training Please forward your resumes to We will be in contact with those who we wish to interview

Student Summer Help

Male/Female needed by Clarke Fruits and Vegetables 1571 Nursery Road, Minesing L9X 1A2 705.728.4369. I. 3 students needed for planting, harvesting, weeding produce, usually work Tues., Thurs., Fri. 9-noon, minimum wage. II. 1 or 2 blueberry pickers mid July to mid August. Piece work. Resumes to Clarke’s. Note: Mr. Clarke is a 77-year-old retired high school teacher. You will be required work-wise to keep up to him. These jobs are good for future references to those earning one.

The Lorna Tomlinson Residence for Seniors, Penetanguishene (operated by Wendat Community Programs) Requires a full time maintenance person. Salary $30,160 - $32,094/year with benefits. Monday to Friday 8 hours/day. This position performs janitorial and building maintenance work and is responsible for daily, weekly, monthly and occasional maintenance and cleaning duties inside and outside the building. This position also acts as back up driver for the Seniors Day Program and requires an F license. Must be able to juggle and prioritize tasks. Must be physically able to perform moderate to strenuous physical tasks including cleaning, moving furniture, lifting, shoveling snow. Please apply in writing only by May 30th, 2018 to Kathy Jolie, Program Supervisor Wendat Community Programs, P.O. Box 832, Midland L4R 4P4 or by fax to 705-526-9248 or The ideals which have lighted my way, and time after time have given me new courage to face life cheerfully, have been Kindness, Beauty, and Truth. The trite subjects of human efforts, possessions, outward success, luxury have always seemed to me contemptible. -Albert Einstein

For Sale / Wanted

We apologize for the mistake - name and phone number - in the last paper. I am looking for someone to make me a Double Bed quilt RoseMarie • 705 533 0440

Business Closing Sale

Hunting & Fishing Supplies, Equipment, Machinist Tools, Metal Lathe, Shopsmith, etc. Valid (PAL) Firearms Licence needed. 26 ft. 5th Wheel Trailer.

This will be an on-going sale until finalized. Watson Sports, 5 Queen St. East, Elmvale


DOWNSIZING? SETTLING AN ESTATE? We pay CASH for older, china, costume or fine jewelry, furniture, oddities, records & CDs.  For info, call Peter 705-322-3484

Keith Johnston Contracting

• Top Soil & Triple Mix • Farm Tractor Repair • Sand & Gravel • Floating Service • Loader & Dump Truck • Livestock Transportation

705-322-1932 • 705 322 5587

FREE French legal advice

regarding social assistance, housing, EI and CPP issues. Conseils juridiques gratuits en logement, aide sociale, assurance-emploi et pensions (RPC). Call the French Legal Advice Line Appelez la Ligne d’avis juridique 1-87 POUR AVIS (1-877-687-2847).

Wanted - Old Farm Machinery

• 22 x 38 Dion threshing machine • International or John Deere grain binder • International Super 4 Farm Tractor Phone 905 983 9331

In Memoriam In Loving Memory of Bob Lambie April 25, 1931 – May 17, 2012 Partings come and hearts are broken Loved ones go, with words unspoken. Deep in our hearts, there’s a memory kept For a husband, father, grandfather and great grandfather. we will never forget. Love always, Doreen, Pat & Dennis & Families

Thank you! Atkinson - I wish to thank all the staff at Georgian Bay Hospital with special thanks to the neighbours and friends for their thoughts and concerns while I am recovering at home. Marg Atkinson Use cold water whenever possible. This uses up a lot less energy, which will cut back on your costs, and it will help to preserve the colors in your clothing. Warm water causes colors to bleed, whereas cold water minimizes this impact. Additionally, cold water is much gentler to delicate fabrics. You can make your clothes last years longer this way. We are trained to wash our clothing after every wear, but a lot of clothes simply are not dirty after you wear them once. If it still smells fine and looks great, why wash it? Wear it again. If you want, you can spritz a little vinegar on and then hang it outside on the clothes line to air out for a bit. This saves time and energy and money In the United States, there is little difference between the terms "college" and "university." However, the term "college" in other countries, such as Canada, refers to a junior college or trade college, where as a "university" is larger, more research focused, and usually contains multiple colleges. The term bachelor in "bachelor's degree" most likely is from the Medieval Latin term baccalaureate, which is a play on the Latin words bacca lauri or laurel berries. The word is also a re-Latinization of the French word bachelor, which means a "youthful knight" or a "novice in arms."

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Make It Drain!

Plumbing & Drains Sump Pumps Basement Waterproofing Licensed and Insured Emergency Service • 705 305 0999

Music Lessons

Guitar, Piano, Keyboard, Accordion, Drums, Banjo, Bass, Mandolin & Ukelele lessons available in Elmvale for Children, Adults, Seniors. Flexible times. Reasonable rates. Private Instruction. For more info, call John Brown at 322-7696.

For rent (WANTED) - apt., houses, and halls

Elmvale Lions Club Hall – Country setting. No bar license worries…we do it all and at reasonable prices! Outdoor smoking area; Horseshoe pits; Full kitchen. Ideal for family celebrations; Buck and Does; Birthday Parties; fundraising events; business meetings etc. Call Bob 705-322-4484

Elmvale Legion Banquet Hall. 100% Accessible.

Specializing in weddings, all types of parties, business functions and community service groups. We can accommodate up to 125 dinner guests. Catering is available through the branch. Excellent parking. Call 705-322-1042 for a quotation.

Up to 60 Tables & 500 Chairs for Rent Property of the Elmvale Fall Fair - Rob 790-1772 Elmvale Community Hall - capacity 220 for great dances, beautiful weddings and other super events. Stage and kitchen facilities. For rental call 728-4784 ext. 2036 or 2063

Weddings, Anniversary Parties, & Birthdays

Orr Lake Golf Club is now renting out its hall for weddings, anniversary parties & birthdays. Seating for up to 175 people. Dancing for up to 200 people. Basic setup, cleanup, in-stock utensils/dishes/linens, and bartender included in rental fee. Catering done fresh in house. Call 705-322-1664, email: c Web Site:

Anten Mills News Kim Tyler • 705 728-2801

Mark your calendar for Saturday, June 9 from 8 a.m. until noon, for this year’s bi-annual Anten Mills Community Wide Garage Sale. Everyone holds their own sale on their own property, with a handout listing the participating homes made available to the eager customers here on the morning of the 9th. There is a notice posted on the Anten Mills Community Facebook page requesting a response from those who intend to participate and at last glance 14 households have indicated they’re taking part. If you plan to participate but are not on Facebook, please give Lindsay Rawson a quick call at 705-716-4865 to be included in the handout. Keep an eye on this column, as well as the AM Facebook page, for the most up to date information as the day of the sale draws closer. Drive Like Your Kids Live Here Rick and I have noticed this message on roadside signs in several communities throughout North America we’ve visited over the last few years. It’s always struck us as being very appropriate to Anten Mills, where kids are so fortunate to have the freedom to claim the outside as their own without constant parental supervision, reminiscent of many of our own upbringings decades ago. This was one of the defining characteristics of life in the village that we took note of when we relocated to Anten Mills 8+ years ago. The children who reside in Anten Mills can, to a large extent, enjoy a tremendous amount of independence in their day to day activities, particularly in comparison to those who live in more suburban settings. This is never more obvious than at this time of year, when we’ve all just shed the trappings of winter and are anxious to be outside. If you’re operating a motorized vehicle on village streets, please watch your speed and take care to look out for the wee ones also on our roadways. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ For the most up to date information on what’s happening in the ‘Mills, don’t forget to check out the Anten Mills Community Facebook page regularly. And, please send any family events or community announcements you’d like to have included in this column to me, Kim Tyler, at or give me a call at 705728-2801. Why do we call a means of getting out of something a loophole? In medieval times, a loophole was a small hole in a fortress wall through which small arms were fired. The wall was the "loop" around the fortress, so if you found a loophole, that was a lucky event. As far as we know, they were not used for escape.

Springwater News • May 17, 2018 • Edition 521 • E-mail: •


200cm Colorado Spruce $140 ea. DRIFT WOOD PRICED TO MOVE FROM 3 TO 10 FOOT ACROSS



While supplies last



May 17 2018 edition 521 for web  

EDHS Day, EDHS Concert, EDHS building progress, Ice out on Orr Lake, Paul Sadlon, Lafreniere, Midland Honda Cars for sale, Springwater Towns...

May 17 2018 edition 521 for web  

EDHS Day, EDHS Concert, EDHS building progress, Ice out on Orr Lake, Paul Sadlon, Lafreniere, Midland Honda Cars for sale, Springwater Towns...