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EDITION - 003 | AUGUST 2018


INSIDE THIS ISSUE: Green living concepts in Chennai’s real estate Exclusive interview with singer Naresh Iyer New Sales Office opened at Madhavaram SPR Highliving adopts a green-centric approach


From the MD’s Desk


Exclusive interview with National Award winning singer Naresh Iyer


Green Living in Real Estate: How this all-new concept is gaining prominence?


Tower A


Tower B


Tower H


Non-tower area, Market of India


Origine: Villa development


Shri Ram Universal School


SPR City: Project details


SPR opens new Sales Office in Madhavaram


SPR 360˚ chooses to go digital over print


New recycling initiative taken by SPR to reuse old paper


Announcement of new Town Hall opening


SPR’s Quiz Corner


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FROM THE MD’S DESK Chennai’s real estate industry is continuing to exhibit similar trends recorded in the last few months. A joint report by CREDAI and JLL India, shows that things are looking up for the real estate market, making it the right time for property purchases. Organized development activity by realtors, renewed investor confidence post-RERA and affordable pricing has caused a jump of 25% in sale of residential properties in H1 of 2018 across 7 major cities. Sales across our residential segment are showing similar trends. It is indeed a proud moment to note that we’ve sold a considerable number of units in Highliving District, the residential phase of SPR City. I’d like to take this moment to thank all the people who’ve put their faith in us and made SPR City their future address.

Apart from charting record sales figures, we’re making steady progress when it comes to construction work, reaching new hallmarks every month. I would like to extend my appreciation and gratitude to all the teams involved, who’ve worked day and night, to bring us closer to our goals and stay true to the commitments we’ve made to our customers. Another positive development worth mentioning is that our Vepery project, Osian One, recently received CMDA completion certificate, which stands as a testimony to the fact that we’ve ensured compliance with all the guidelines, norms and regulations. I look forward to more promising developments in the coming times and hope for continued support and encouragement from everyone.

Hitesh Kawad

Managing Diector, SPR Group




W You don’t have to go looking for a place to find peace to help with my music, because simply taking a walk within Chlorophyll is an inspiring and calming experience

e got in touch for a tête-à-tête with the National Award winning singer, Naresh Iyer. The voice behind chart-toppers like Roobaroo, Pappu Can’t Dance, Paathshala in Hindi, Mundhinam Parthenae, Un Perai Sollum, Venam Maccha in Tamil, songs like Kanninima Neele in Malayalam, and other hits in Kannada, Telugu; the multi-lingual singer has been on a roll ever since he shot to fame with Channel V’s Super Singer in 2005. Naresh Iyer is one of the few playback singers to have won both a Filmfare Award and a National Award in his debut year. Currently, the singer and his family resides in Chennai at Osian Chlorophyll, Porur.

1) Your career took off majorly through a reality show. How has the journey been so far? The journey has been quite wonderful. It’s been quite balanced, with not too many ups and downs. Along with thoroughly enjoying my profession as a singer, I’ve picked up a lot of learnings along the way. So, I’m quite grateful to have come this far in this industry and to have had the opportunity to do so.

2) Who has been your inspiration? You can’t name one. It’s a very vast field, and there are so many people who I’ve grown up listening to and there are those who I’ve been inspired by after my career kicked off. My first breakthrough came via Rahman sir. I’m very grateful that I’ve got an opportunity to work with him. It’s not only him, there are a lot of other singers and composers that inspire me: Shankar Mahadevan, Hariharan, KK, S.P. Balasubrahmanyam, K. S. Chithra, I could just go on and on. It’s very difficult to pinpoint and name just one person.

3) You’ve worked with A. R. Rahman on several occassions. How was your experience working with him and what have you derived from it? EDITION - 003 | AUGUST 2018

He’s like a powerhouse in itself, and it’s wonderful to see him work nonstop. It’s also incredible to see how he handles newcomers in his studio. It’s very natural for a newcomer to feel nervous, but the way he interacts and deals with you makes it quite easy on you. And what’s also commendable is the way he works. He’s pretty versatile. On one side he’s working on a Bollywood song, and on another he’s working on a Tamil movie. So, the way he adapts himself and makes different kinds of music, is phenomenal. His versatility is something I’ve tried to pick up on.

4) You’ve also made songs in more than 4 different languages. How did you manage to achieve this incredible feat? I was born and brought up in Mumbai, and I naturally knew English, Hindi, Marathi and other regional languages like Malayalam, even Sanskrit for that matter. Then again, learning these languages in school, and applying them in playback are two different things. For me, it’s been an on-the-job learning as there are a lot of people to guide me when I’m singing in a language I don’t know. I try my best to listen to these people and work extra hard on the pronunciation so the essence of the language isn’t lost.


FEATURE INTERVIEW 5) Can you tell us a bit more about your current projects and upcoming work? There are quite a few songs lined up in different languages. There’s one release in Malayalam called Iblis and Dhruva Natchathiram in Tamil. I just sang a new song for an upcoming movie called Dev that has music by Harris Jayaraj. And then I’ve also worked on songs for Chi La Sow, a Telugu movie that’s just been released.

6) What would you have been if not a singer? Maybe a Chartered Accountant, a Cricketer or even a Table Tennis player. There are a lot of different options. But yes, what I’m doing now is my dream profession and I thoroughly enjoy it.

7) Earlier you were settled in Mumbai. Now you’ve made Osian Chlorophyll, in Chennai, your home. What drove you towards making this decision and how has the transition been?

Being an avid traveller and a trekking enthusiast, Chlorophyll as such caught my attention due to its entire concept of being built around Nature. This was the first time I booked a home, and it definitely holds a special place.

8) How has your experience been here so far? What are the things that you love about this place the most? The main reason why I picked out Osian Chlorophyll is because it manages to strike a balance of ample greenery and providing all the amenities needed for comfortable living. The plants, trees, water bodies around and the skywalk; everything here was quite fascinating for me. Especially the air, I felt that it was much purer in this zone, and it’s all due to the greenery that has been incorporated everywhere. I think this place truly elevates the concept of modern and healthy living to a whole new level. I also have to laud the people at SPR Group who are behind this revolutionary project. Like I said, this was my first purchase, as such, I didn’t know a lot of things. But the people here were instrumental in helping me overcome the hurdles I met along the way and acted as a guiding hand from time to time. I’m very thankful to them for having done a wonderful job in

helping me create the home I’d dreamt of. I’d definitely give all the credit to them for having lent such incredible support.

9) Do you think that the peaceful, green and calm atmosphere provided by Chlorophyll helped you in your music in some way? Yes. Definitely. Somewhere nature has its own way of inspiring you, and a lot of it has been retained here. You don’t have to go looking for a place to find peace, because simply taking a walk within this property and looking at the flowers and the greens, is definitely an inspiring and calming experience. I would like to commend SPR Group for having come up with such a unique and greenery-centric project. If you’re someone who’s keen on healthy living, it’s definitely the place to book your home in.

Shifting to Chennai was a decision that came naturally. My career started from here, and now my work has taken me towards this direction. I’ve been here for a while now. It’s a really nice city. The people are quite warm and friendly, I really enjoy living here and in no way do I feel alien here. So, whether it’s Chennai or Mumbai, I feel at home at both these cities. Choosing Chlorophyll was quite a carefully calculated decision I made.

EDITION - 003 | AUGUST 2018



GREEN LIVING IN REAL ESTATE: HOW THIS ALL-NEW CONCEPT IS GAINING PROMINENCE? Drawn by the allure of the urban life, better economic opportunities and livelihoods, the astounding wave of migration has spawned a rapid population increase in cities. It is estimated that in the next thirty years, almost three quarters of the global population will live in cities, creating an excessive strain on resources, a drastic impact on living habits, excessive pollution and other environmental quandaries. While there’s nothing that can be done to curb urbanization, what can be done is to alleviate the urban problems that come along with it and promote better quality of living. So, the question is: How? The key to it lies in incorporating more green spaces. There are plenty of reasons why we need more green spaces; they improve health, act as places of recreation, minimize pollution, and catch stormwater runoff. Even looking greenery can make people feel calm, relaxed and optimistic. But with shrinking spaces and increasing crowd in cities, finding room for green spaces has become a daunting task. Thankfully, around the world, city planners, design professionals and realtors are bringing about innovative solutions to add more green spaces. EDITION - 003 | AUGUST 2018

Cheonggyecheon Stream in Seoul, South Korea

When China announced its revolutionary approach to tackling the extreme pollution in the city through vertical gardens that scaled tall buildings, the entire world sat up and took notice. San Francisco has also taken a novel step to reinvigorate street spaces by creating ‘parklets’. Other unconventional measures include converting abandoned or unused land into green spaces. In Tel Aviv, Israel, a landfill site was converted into a recreational park with walking and cycling

trails, an amphitheatre, sports field and more. In Seoul, South Korea, a 5-km elevated highway that covered the once-polluted Cheonggyecheon Stream was stripped to make room for green spaces, thus becoming a haven for picnickers. And now, a few real estate developers in India are among the first to incorporate more green spaces and revamp the way they plan and design living spaces, thus bringing about a change in people’s lifestyles. Proposed vertical gardens in China

A parklet in San Francisco



SPR HIGHLIVING: INTRODUCING GREEN LIVING CONCEPTS IN REAL ESTATE: Among the socially responsible and eco-conscious real estate developers in the country that are making a difference is SPR Highliving. By adapting a more greenery-oriented approach when developing property spaces, the leading Chennai-based developer has shattered the norms and introduced people to the concept of green living. Coming up with the largest integrated township in Chennai named SPR City, the project will include an elite space for shopping, a leading school, an organized wholesale market named Market of India, parks, playgrounds, and more, assuring its residents of a never-before-seen 65+ amenities. EDITION - 003 | AUGUST 2018

Focussing more on promoting a healthy and balanced lifestyle amidst the residents, Highliving District, the residential phase of SPR City, leaves conventions behind by emphasizing more on the Green Space Index, as opposed to the Floor Space Index. SPR City will include the largest private park in the city, organic and herb gardens, and natural landscaping that altogether occupies over 5 lakh sq. ft. of the land. For every square foot of land one buys, there’s over 250 to 350 times of green space made available. Some apartment units are also equipped with glass sun roofs to maximize natural lighting and minimize energy consumption.

SPR City is an excellent example of a clean and green residential project that’s coming up in the heart of the city. With Chennaiites becoming increasingly health conscious, the demand for such green living spaces is expected to further increase in the coming times.




Living room view


View from the balcony

Tower A - Work in progress in the 27th floor



Construction work in Tower-A is progressing at a steady pace. The 26th floor has been fully constructed, and work is now being carried out in the 27th floor. Tiling, painting, installation of doors and windows, and all other work on the interiors in the mock-up flat has been completed. With the mock-up flat now completely ready, customers can now walk-in to experience the same.

EDITION - 003 | AUGUST 2018



TOWER B Tower - B : work in progress on 15th floor

Plumbing work in process

Corridor view

After record-breaking progress last month, construction work in Tower-B is progressing in a similar fashion. The construction work is in progress in the 15th fl­ oor at present.

EDITION - 003 | AUGUST 2018



TOWER H Tower H - 3rd floor construction work in progress

S-form aluminium formwork installed at the site

Work at the Tower-H site has recorded considerable progress since the construction started. Construction work has been completed in 2nd floor and work is now underway on the 3rd floor. S-form Aluminium formwork that had arrived last month has been installed completely.

EDITION - 003 | AUGUST 2018



NON TOWER Work across the basement parking and podium is in progress. Piling work is nearing completion and underground tank column work is being carried out.


India’s largest wholesale center is taking shape at a rapid pace. Excavation work has been completed. Civil work has now started at the site and is proceeding steadily. Piling is also being carried out.

EDITION - 003 | AUGUST 2018




The bungalow site is abuzz with activity with construction being carried out in full steam. Basement roof is now 50% complete. Entrance road work is in progress.

EDITION - 003 | AUGUST 2018




Construction work at the School site has been progressing in full swing. Civil works are now being carried out. Raft work is in progress for the entire basement area. Pile chipping, pilecap and column reinforcement work is in progress.

EDITION - 003 | AUGUST 2018





ver thousand temporary stalls have come up at a 27-acre land in Madhavaram to host Jain Acharya Mahashraman over his 4-month stay and marking the commencement of Chaturmas Vrat. The site is expected to receive a huge number of footfalls, with devotees pouring in from all corners of the country. In order to cater to the community and facilitate greater customer interaction we’ve set up a Sales Information Center over a 300 sq.ft.

EDITION - 003 | AUGUST 2018

air conditioned space. Our dedicated sales personnel will be stationed at the office for the next 4-months offering 10-hour continuous in-office support and guidance from 10 am to 8 pm. The Sales Office will enable walk-in customers to get an insight into our range of real estate projects and freely discuss their requirements. Cab facility has also been arranged on the venue to escort interested visitors to the project site.



MAKING SMARTER CHOICES: SPR 360˚ MONTHLY NEWSLETTER GOES DIGITAL SPR 360˚, the monthly newsletter, is now 3 months old. Produced by SPR Highliving, the newly-launched newsletter provides an insight into our various projects and an insider’s look into life at SPR. The newsletter also supplements readers with industryrelated information and other useful news from across the real estate realm.

Following the overwhelming response received, we’ve decided to expand our readership. There were only two ways to make that happen: Print it out or go digital. Being the eco-conscious company we’ve always been, as is reflected in our range of real estate projects, we decided to make the smarter choice and take the digital route.

HERE’S WHY WE CHOOSE A DIGITAL PUBLISHING PLATFORM OVER PRINT: #1) ECO-FRIENDLY Traditional printing wastes paper and chemicals, making the digital variant highly eco-friendly. It’s one small step that can make a huge difference. #2) COST-EFFECTIVE Due to the absence of traditional printing and paper costs, digital publishing is highly economical and an apt choice for long-term publishing. #3) FLEXIBILITY Going digital will allow us to scale up without restraint, add media, personalize reading and enhance the overall reading experience. #4) IMPROVED REACH Let’s face it: Print media readership is dwindling. For the tech-savvy generation, digital is the way to go. #5) ANYWHERE, ANYTIME Digitalization makes our newsletter easily accessible from any device, desktop or mobile, at anytime, anywhere. SPR 360˚ is now digitally empowered. Find the full digital publication list here: EDITION - 003 | AUGUST 2018




Did you know? It takes 17 trees (on average) to make one ton of paper. When you consider the extensive use of paper throughout the world, the total figures on paper consumption can reach an astounding value. Even in this age of electronics, paper use has become inevitable. If there’s one way we can still make judicious use of paper without creating an excessive strain on natural resources is to opt for recycling. Recycling one ton of paper can save 17 trees, over 25000 litres

of water, 1400 litres of oil, 2.52 cubic meter landfill space, enough energy that can power an average home in US for six months and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Considering the tremendous amount of advantage paper recycling holds, we at SPR Highliving, decided to take up a novel initiative to recycle and reuse old paper and envelopes that were rendered unusable due to unavoidable circumstances. Over 110 kg of old a4 sheets have been converted into handy notepads, and around 50 kg of envelopes are

currently in the process of being renewed with our updated details to be reused. Attempting to minimize the use of paper and utilize every possible opportunity to recycle and reuse it, we at SPR Highliving, have already taken the first step towards reducing our carbon footprint and becoming an environmentallyaware and socially responsible organization. We plan on coming up with several such initiatives in the coming days.

TOWN HALL: THE NEW DESTINATION FOR ALL YOUR SPECIAL EVENTS HAS NOW OPENED ITS DOORS Within SPR City, a 40,000 sq.ft. premier Town Hall has been launched that’s the perfect space for grand events, conferences, weddings, award ceremonies, product launches, public and community events, trade fairs, family and religious events, and EDITION - 003 | AUGUST 2018

more. The purpose-built venue can be customized as per theme, provides high-end facilities, ample parking space, a massive stage, dining space and other incredible features that make it the perfect venue in Chennai for all your special events.



SPR 360˚ | JULY 2018 | Edition - 003