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The Saint Peter’s Prep Alumni Association Presents

Br. Paul Harrison, S.J.

Lifetime Achievement Awards Dinner & Ceremony

September 14, 2012 Mayfair Farms West Orange, N.J. Dr. Rich Kennedy

Tom McGinty, ’71

Jack Raslowsky, ’79

Jack Savage, ’57

Br. Joe Wuss, S.J.

The Br. Paul Harrison, S.J. Scholarship Fund Celebrating the legacies of Prep’s Men for Others. Securing the future for Prep’s Students. Legends of Prep honors those members of the Prep community who embody the Ignatian principle of being “a man for others.” Legends have made and continue to make a profound impact at Saint Peter's through sustaining Prep's mission and exemplifying that mission in the community at large. This year, the tenth Legends of Prep dinner and induction ceremony will honor that commitment in a special way, as all proceeds will support the Br. Paul Harrison, S.J. Scholarship Fund. Created in 2011, this program ensures that students who encounter sudden financial hardship, changes in family structure or other similar circumstances will be able to continue to enjoy the many benefits and opportunities of a Prep education. The Br. Paul Harrison, S.J. Scholarship Fund is named in honor of a man who had a quiet presence, but tremendous impact on generations of Prep men. No task was too hard or too low for Brother Paul in an effort to keep Prep operating smoothly and looking the way it should. In his honor, we hope to continue the tradition of “men for others” for young men who need our help.

Lifetime Achievement Awards Dinner & Ceremony

Program for the evening

Master of Ceremonies Bill Ahearn, ’75, P’01 t Invocation and Welcome Bob Reiser, S.J. President, Saint Peter’s Prep t Induction of the Legends Class of 2012 Br. Paul Harrison, S.J.† Br. Joe Wuss, S.J. † Dr. Rich Kennedy Tom McGinty, ’71 Jack Savage, ’57 Jack Raslowsky, ’79 t Pride & Glory

indicates posthmous inductions.

Legends of Prep X

Br. Paul Harrison, S.J. “For over twenty years Paul Harrison served Saint Peter’s as custodian of buildings,” wrote one nominator. “ Yet what he did at Saint Peter’s can never be captured in any title, whether it be janitor or president.”

From 1977 until the early 2000s, one could scarcely turn around at Grand & Warren without seeing Br. Paul Harrison, S.J. Even if you managed to overlook the man himself – though given his generous spirit, friendly nature and penchant for singing a tune as he worked, that wouldn’t have been easy – the fruits of his labor were everywhere. For more than two decades, no job around campus was too big or too small for Br. Paul, who would gladly take on any task to help make Prep a clean and efficient setting for the work of Jesuit education. Whether shoveling snow, lifting heavy packages, providing a ride to the airport or just sharing a smile with a student or colleague while braving the cold of a Prep football game, Br. Paul and his humble commitment to service were part of the fabric of Prep. While health issues would eventually slow Br. Paul down in his final years, his spirit is as strong as ever in a school that takes pride in forming men who will become servant leaders. And while passersby no longer need prepare themselves to catch an apple tossed their way along with a friendly, “Hey, Red!” (actaul hair color notwithstanding!), his legacy is secured thanks to the Br. Paul Harrison, S.J. Scholarship Fund. Created in 2011, that program ensures that students who encounter sudden financial hardship, changes in family structure or similar hardship will be able to continue to enjoy the many benefits and opportunities of a Prep education. Perhaps this evening’s greatest tribute to Br. Paul is that all proceeds from Legends of Prep X will support this vital effort.

A native of Montclair and a graduate of Clifford J. Scott High School in East Orange, Paul Harrison entered the Society of Jesus in 1954. For 10 years he served in Poughkeepsie helping to run the farm that fed hundreds of Jesuits engaged in training there. From 1967 to 1977, he served in the Philippines, first in Bukidnon where he helped direct the school of agriculture, and then in Manila where he assisted at the Loyola House of Studies. Upon returning to the United States, Br. Paul came to Grand & Warren, where he would remain, essentially, until his death in 2002. In virtually constant motion (“It’s hard to hit a moving target,” he would remark), he lived the very ideal of a Jesuit brother. In the words of Pedro Arrupe, S.J., “Their service is, in reality, love... People full of affection and unselfishness have a great capacity for discovering the needs of others, and enough love to pay the price of self-sacrifice.”

Br. Paul’s loving service to Prep has been recognized before, with the Bene Merenti award in 1997 and the Insignis award in 2000. But accolades can only tell so much of the Br. Paul story. As one nominator wrote, “For over twenty years Paul Harrison served Saint Peter’s as custodian of buildings. Yet what he did at Saint Peter’s can never be captured in any title, whether it be janitor or president.” Tonight, however, we offer Br. Paul one more title, one we hope will handle this singlular task as well as he handled his many: Legend of Prep.

Legends of Prep X

Br. Joe Wuss, S.J. Br. Wuss loved his work as a deacon, as a Jesuit, as one who labored tirelessly to shape young lives. He loved the Church, the Society, his heritage, his community and, especially, Saint Peter’s Prep.

The Prep community has long celebrated the outsize personalities in its midst, the people whose spirit, whose dedication, whose love of life itself remind us to follow the advice of Saint Ignatius and seek God in all things.

As Prep’s assistant prefect of discipline from 1972 until his death in 1987, Br. Wuss was instrumental in shaping the lives of a generation of Prep men, celebrating their successes when they excelled and expressing disappointment when they fell short. Far from being just a disciplinarian, Br. Wuss was a presence throughout the Prep community. He was often the first voice a parent would hear when calling the school, and the name to know when reporting a student absent due to illness – not to mention the judge of whether that absence would be excused! As moderator of the Mothers’ Club, he was a favorite among Prep moms. An avid fan of Prep athletics, he could be found cheering at baseball, football, soccer and basketball games, home and away, sometimes even making the trip from Grand & Warren to Hudson Catholic and other Jersey City venues on foot. A testament to his support still hangs in the Memorial Gymnasium, just outside the athletic director’s office: a simple maroon folding chair, inscribed “The Good Brother’s Chair” in his memory. Always proud of his Polish heritage, Br. Wuss established Prep’s Slavic Club and hosted Polka Nights on campus. Thanks to his influence – helped by his deep personal faith – the feast of Saints Cyril and Methodius, who brought Christianity to Eastern Europe, would see exceptionally high Mass attendance at Prep each year. Adding a new dimension to his ministry late in life, he began serving the Polish-American community at Saint Anthony’s parish as a deacon. Those who were at Prep in the fall of 1978 will never forget the pride in his familiar voice on the PA system as he announced the election of the Archbishop of Krakow as Pope John Paul II.

Br. Wuss’ career in the Society of Jesus coincided with a significant shift in the role of brothers within the Society. His early service was primarily to his fellow Jesuits, working in the kitcen of the novitiate. But as the 1970s saw brothers called to serve the work of the Society more directly, he made the transition with aplomb – what better way to model the openness to growth that is one of the hallmarks of Jesuit education?

Br. Wuss loved his work as a deacon, as a Jesuit, as one who labored tirelessly to shape young lives. He loved the Church, the Society, his heritage, his community and, especially, Saint Peter’s Prep. It was fitting that, in the spring of 1987, Br. Wuss passed from this life into the next, amdist the pride and jubilation of Prep’s Baccalaureate Mass, and it is just as fitting that tonight he takes his rightful place among the Legends of Prep.

Legends of Prep X

Dr. Rich Kennedy One course with Doc provides “an entire liberal arts education,” as one colleague put it...with the result that his students are better able to “connect the dots.”

It has been said that the answer to virtually any question – on any subject – can be found in the Prep faculty lunch room at noon. Or, if you are in a hurry, you can just track down Dr. Rich Kennedy. Odds are that the result will be the same.

Since joining the English Department in 1967, “Doc” has set the standard for excellence, both by the incredible depth and scope of his general knowledge (he has taught chemistry, German, and world history in summer school with the same ease with which he can dissect Elizabethan poetry in senior AP English), as well as with his status as one of the school’s most popular and effective faculty members for over four decades.

One course with Doc provides “an entire liberal arts education,” as one colleague put it, in which the subject matter at hand is seamlessly complemented by wonderful and relevant tangents that help enable students to assimilate academic material with the real world. Politics, sports, geography, architecture, religion, culture (both high and low) often find their way into his class discussions, with the result that his students are better able to “connect the dots” and, thus, appreciate the Prep curriculum as more than just a series of disparate courses. But behind his warm, easy manner, his sharp wit, his great colleagueship, and his vastly eclectic tastes – ranging from James Joyce to Woody Allen, from opera to ’60s rock, and interspersed with world travel (35 countries thus far) and world cinema – a look at Doc’s academic pedigree provides a quick understanding of why he is, as they say, “the real deal.” A graduate of Regis H.S. (where he also earned three varsity letters in basketball), he won full academic scholarships to Georgetown and Notre Dame, among others. He chose to stick with the Jesuits at Georgetown, then went on to earn a master’s from Fordham and a doctorate from St. John’s. He is thought to be Prep’s first full-time faculty member with a Ph.D. Though he and wife Pat have been Jersey City residents for many years, Doc’s former students and colleagues alike will always consider him to be the consummate New Yorker (he was born in Manhattan and raised in Queens), and his passion for the city – its people, history and culture – is part of what defines him. Since 1972, he has led almost 70 student excursions to New York’s museums and theatres and on walking tours of the city. (He is credited with founding Prep Day, the annual program that allows students to choose from such excursions and other opportunities for learning beyond the classroom.)

Parallel to his Prep career, for 44 years he has been an adjunct lecturer at Saint Peter’s College in the summer and evening divisions, where he brings all of the same qualities that exemplify his work at Grand & Warren.

Recently, Doc has moved to a part-time teaching schedule at Prep, maintaining the creative energy that has marked his tenure since those first days on campus. His resume speaks for itself, validated by the affection of more than 6,000 former students. For so many years, he has been a legend among the Prep community, so it is particularly fitting that on this night, that status is officially recognized.

Legends of Prep X

Tom McGinty, ’71 During internal planning discussions, Fr. Reiser euphemistically refers to Tom as “The Boss.” Tonight, we add another well-deserved title: “Prep Legend.”

It is easy to lose sleep in the rough-and-tumble world of real estate development. But with a top-flight “owner’s rep,” clients can rest easy, knowing someone is overseeing the project, keeping the architects and contractors honest and, most importantly, settling the inevitable disputes. Throughout its myriad projects over the past three decades, the Prep administration has slept very well, indeed, with Tom McGinty, ’71 serving as the school’s “guardian angel” while the campus has been dramatically transformed.

Tom is a true original, the rare player in his field who can accurately quote Chaucer while dissecting a complex land ownership agreement. And knowing Tom, he might be inclined to do just that, if the moment is right. Academically, he’s been a star since childhood, excelling at Saint Patrick’s Grammar School in Jersey City (later earning its inaugural Distinguished Graduate Award) and also at Prep. This was followed by an English degree from Notre Dame (with parallel concentrations in art and theology), two master’s degrees from Columbia (in architecture and in urban design), and an M.B.A. from NYU. In Tom’s words, “I guess I liked school, and school liked me.”

Tom has been shaping Prep’s campus since the early 1990s. As the school embarked on the Keys to the Future Campaign – including the largest capital projects since the construction of Burke Hall three decades earlier - he was invited to serve as the primary architect. Although professional obligations prevented him from taking on this role, he offered to serve as an advisor. That role grew exponentially, with Tom providing extensive consulting and oversight to virtually every significant project since then, including the library, the Warren Street plaza, Keenan Field, and The Moriarty Science Center – all provided pro bono. When disputes arise, Tom is quick to defuse frustrations, employing Kissinger-esque pragmatism and good will in order to provide all parties with practical routes through which compromise can take place. This is all possible because of the respect that his judgment engenders throughout the world of property development. Put simply, he operates with a succinct agenda for all parties: Never allow ego to cloud good judgment. For the past nine years Tom has operated his own firm, Madonna Designs, providing owner’s representative services to high-rise residential developers and not-for-profit institutions. Notable New Jersey projects include 50 Columbus, Grove Pointe, and The Gotham in Jersey City, and Hoboken Shipyards, Toll Brothers’ Maxwell Place and Hudson Tea complexes, and the W Hotel in Hoboken. Besides his professional accomplishments, he is most proud of his work at the World Trade Center Rescue and Recovery Operation, where he volunteered for six months as a supervisory structural engineer and served as a team captain for a group of engineers on the night shift at Ground Zero.

A former two-term Prep trustee and the father of two daughters, Tom remains a vital member of Prep’s master planning committee, and he resides in Brooklyn with his wife Madonna. During internal planning discussions, Fr. Reiser euphemistically refers to Tom as “The Boss.” Tonight, we add another well-deserved title: “Prep Legend.”

Legends of Prep X

Jack Savage, ’57 Jack quoted Alfred, Lord Tennyson, stating, “I am a part of all whom I have met.” Truly, Saint Peter’s Prep is a better place for having met this newly-minted Legend.

Year after year, decade after decade, it takes only a glance at Prep’s annual reports or a stroll through a Prep alumni event to recognize the ongoing devotion of the Class of 1957 to their roots at Grand & Warren. There’s a reason, after all, why the class with the best attendance rate at each year’s reunions is recognized with the Class of ’57 Cup. And if that lifelong commitment to Saint Peter’s Prep were to be personified, it would almost certainly resemble the chair of that outstanding class, Jack Savage.

In 2006, Jack was an inaugural inductee to the Prep Hall of Fame, earning the Brother Paul Harrison, S. J. Award for distinguished service to Alma Mater. That service has taken on many forms – class chair, Alumni Board president, phonathon volunteer and Advancement Committee member, just to name a few – but his service to Prep is only the beginning, and it is only fitting that this true “Man for Others” should join that award’s namesake in the ranks of Legends of Prep this evening. The Jack Savage story is one of a lifetime of leadership through service. He is a graduate of the U.S. Merchant Marine Academy and the Naval War College, and attained the rank of captain in the United States Navy. Jack holds a master’s degree in public administration from New York University, and he has served as a highly respected senior manager for the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey, and later as assistant to the president for government and community affairs at Saint Peter’s College – where he was also secretary of the board of trustees.

In addition to Prep, several other organizations have benefited from Jack’s seemingly boundless energy as a volunteer. He is the immediate past board chairperson of the Cusack Care Center at Saint Joseph’s Home for the Blind in Jersey City; a pastoral care assistant at Hackensack University Medical Center; a monthly apheresis donor at Community Blood Services, Paramus; a lector and Eucharistic minister at Our Lady Queen of Peace Church in Maywood; and a past president of the Rotary Club of Maywood. Most recently, Jack has spent three terms on the Maywood, New Jersey borough council since 2004, and served as president of the council in 2011. In those years, he has worked with three different mayors as the borough has improved its business district and earned recognition as one of New Jersey’s best places to retire. Jack announced his own retirement from the council in August, but will remain an active member of the community he and his wife Mary Beth have called home since 1968. Jack and Mary Beth (née Micucci) have three children: Michael, Stephen, and Catherin, as well as seven grandchildren: Gemma Leigh, Luke, Lilyann, Elizabeth Margaret, Anastasia, Ryan, and Lindsay. In announcing his retirement from the borough council, Jack quoted Alfred, Lord Tennyson, stating, “I am a part of all whom I have met.” Truly, Saint Peter’s Prep is a better place for having met this newly-minted Legend.

Legends of Prep X

Jack Raslowsky, ’79 Jack’s tenure as principal marked a decade of outstanding growth at Prep, in every sense of the term.

There aren’t many “firsts” to be accomplished once an institution has seen 162 years of history. But on July 1, 2009, Jack Raslowsky did just that, assuming the presidency of Xavier High School – an office held only by Jesuits since 1847. Jack was a fitting choice to be Xavier’s first lay president, seventeen years after he accomplished a similar “first” at Grand & Warren, where he served as Prep’s first lay principal from 1992-2003.

Jack’s tenure as principal marked a decade of outstanding growth at Prep, in every sense of the term. The campus was expanded and modernized through the Keys to the Future and Carpe Diem campaigns, the size and geographic reach of the student body grew dramatically and Prep increased its involvement with the Jesuit Secondary Education Association ( JSEA) and its outreach to the local community. The curriculum expanded to include more Advanced Placement courses; new exchange programs were developed with Jesuit schools in Italy and France; lacrosse and volleyball were added as interscholastic sports, and arts programs blossomed – beginning a period of expansion that continues today. After beginning his career in education at Saint Anthony’s High School, Jack joined the Prep faculty in 1985, teaching science and health to freshmen and a senior elective, Issues in Science and Technology. He coached varsity soccer leading the team to division championships in 1987, 1988 and 1989. He also moderated the student council and the mission drive and worked closely with the retreat and service programs. While serving as principal, Jack continued to teach in a number of departments, believing that it was important to remain in regular contact with students and the issues classroom teachers face each day. Classes he taught included Prayer, Contemporary Issues in America, African American Literature and Civil Rights.

In 2003, Jack joined the staff of the New York Province of the Society of Jesus, first as provincial assistant for lay formation, and then as provincial assistant for secondary education. He worked to develop training programs for Jesuit high trustees, and to strengthen a cohesive Jesuit identity among the schools, working with his counterparts from other provinces to revise and expand the document, What Makes a Jesuit School Jesuit? Along with Jack’s many accomplishments in Jesuit education, he met with great success in the public sector as superintendent of schools in Hoboken from 2007-2009. Managing six schools, an early education center, 2,500 students and a $55 million annual budget, Jack oversaw the first major curriculum revision and exapnsion in 20 years, as well as major improvements in finance and governance. His tenure saw the Hoboken High School move up by roughly 100 places in New Jersey Monthly’s statewide school rankings and earn two U.S. News and World Report bronze medals. Jack and his wife Sarah are the parents of John, Christian, Rebecca and Rachel. Sarah, a middle school math teacher, shares Jack’s vocation in education – a vocation in which Jack has already distinguished himself as a legend. Tonight, we proudly make it official.

Congratulations to Jack Raslowsky Devoted Leader, Xavier President and Legend of Prep

Xavier High School Our faculty, staff, students, parents and alumni celebrate your contributions to Jesuit education. Mr. Michael LiVigni Headmaster

Mr. Joseph Sweeney Dean of Faculty

Mr. Brian McCabe Dean of Students

Mr. Luciano Lovallo Dean of Academics

Saint Peter’s Prep ’92

heart of New York City since 1847. f e Jesuit Education in

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Congratulations! CO N G R A T U L A T I O N S!!! jack raslowsky JACK RASLOWSKY for your Dedicated For your Dedicated ServiceService to theto thePrep Family Prep Family YourYourfriends Friends at at Jump, ScutellaroScutellaro and Company, L.L.P. Jump, and Company, L.L.P.

__________________________________________________________________ PENNSYLVANIA OFFICE: 1000 GERMANTOWN PIKE SUITE H-1  PLYMOUTH MEETING, PA  19462 PHONE (610) 275-0356 FAX (610) 275-0894

Congratulations! To our most cherished friend and brother

Jack Raslowsky With much love and affection, Ralph Dinielli and Raymond Page

Congratulations! Jack Savage, ’57 Jack Raslowsky, ’79 And all the other 2012 Legends of Prep

Jane and Eugene Rainis

Xavier High School honors Jack Raslowsky for his enduring commitment to the ideals of Jesuit education. Richard T. Nolan, Jr. Chairman

John C. Meditz Vice-Chairman

heart of New York City since 1847.   Jesuit Education in

Congratulations to

Jack RaSLOWSKY, ’79

And the Legends Class of 2012 Joe Michalik, ’79

Keep The F re Burning 2012 PPA Fashion Show Sunday, November 18 “Go forth and set the world on fire.” – Saint Ignatius of Loyola

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CONGRATULATIONS to the LEGENDS OF PREP. We are proud of our work with St. Peter’s, and of our relationship with Tom McGinty, who is already a legend in our book.


St. Peter’s Prep

New York Botanical Garden


Xavier High School

Henri Bendel - Fifth Avenue



Congratulations! Best wishes to Prep and the Legends Class of 2012! Bertha and Joseph V. Braddock, ’47

Congratulations to

Thomas P. McGinty The Greatest Godfather Ever “Acta Non Verba” As a true legend, you have now joined the ranks of King Arthur, Robin Hood, Odysseus and Bigfoot. Brendan Gordon and Ryan Gordon Class of 2010

Congratulations to our dear friend

“Prep Legend”

Tom McGinty, ’71 Mary Lou, Paul, Patricia and Jimmy Wagner

Congratulations to tonight’s Legends!

Go Prep! Paul Schatzle, ’71


Tom McGinty, “Legend in His Own Mind” Madonna Dolan, Academy of Saint Aloysius

In 1971 when I graduated, I did many legendary stupid things. Hey, it was the ’60s and early ’70s. But I made one really brilliant move. I found Madonna and never let her go.

She is my legend.

We Salute Congratulations, Jack Savage, ’57 on an honor well deserved

w With much love and pride, Maureen Savage (sister) Sr. Margi Savage, S.S.J. (sister) Ann & Jack McHale, ’58

Jack Raslowsky and the Prep Legends

(sister and brother-in-law)

1099 Wall Street West

Suite 175

Lyndhurst, NJ 07071 201.935.3030



Jack Savage

Congratulations from an old friend! Bill Bell, ’57

Sponsors & donors We are grateful to our sponsors, whose generous contributions support the Br. Paul Harrison, S.J. Scholarship Fund. Legends Circle Joseph V. Braddock, ’47

Xavier High School Board of Trustees

Tom McGinty, ’71

in honor of Dr. Rich Kennedy & Jack Raslowsky, ’79

Bill Bell, ’57

in honor of Jack Raslowsky, ’79

Maroon & White ClUb

Joe Michalik ’79

in honor of Jack Savage, ’57

in honor of Jack Raslowsky, ’79

Sons & Daughters of Saint Peter’s

Paul Guyet, ’57

in honor of Jack Savage, ’57

Bill Musto, ’95

in honor of Jack Raslowsky, ’79

Paul Schaetzle, ’71

Honoree, Jesuit & Special Guest Sponsors Seton & Bill Ahearn, ’75, P’01 Kevin Brodbeck, ’89 Joe Carr, ’61 Phil Cole, ’57 in honor of Jack Savage, ’57 Jack Caulfield, ’71, P’00,’03 in honor of Tom McGinty, ’71 Alec Clerihew, ’57 in honor of Jack Savage, ’57 Leonard Fordellone in honor of Jack Raslowsky, ’79

Edward Gargiulo, ’89 in honor of Jack Raslowsky, ’79 Ken Kunzman, ’54 in honor of Jack Savage, ’57 Frank Mertz, ’54 Jack Savage, ’57 Jack Verdon, ’57 in honor of Jack Savage, ’57 Christopher Zegler, ’78

Listing current as of September 4, 2012

Acknowledgments & Special thanks Prep’s Office of Institutional Advancement, along with other members of the Saint Peter’s Prep staff, have played an essential role in ensuring the success of this evening’s event. In particular, we thank the following. For Their Leadership Support:

Chris Casazza, ’97 Chief Advancement Officer

Bob Reiser, S.J. President

Gary Bogdanski, ’02 Director of Alumni Relations

For Their ongoing logistical Support: Barkha Cardoz, P’11,’15; Nancy Cunningham, P’99,’01, Jim Horan, ’70, Mike Jiran, ’03, Debbie Peko-Lillis, P’10, Frances Salvo and Liz Walsh


Program design: Mike Jiran, ’03

Legends of Prep was created in 1993 as the highest honor presented by the Saint Peter’s Prep Alumni Board. For their leadership and continued support in sponsoring this evening’s event, we wish to thank the members of the Alumni Board:

Bob Colacurcio, ’73 President Rich Hamilton, ’90 Vice President Ray Aumack, ’55 Tony Azzarto, S.J. John Bergin, ’50 Mike Cardino, ’92 Lou Castelli, ’66 Jack Caulfield, ’71 Lou Cella, ’50

Kevin Brodbeck, ’89 Secretary Len De Pinto, ’76 Sam De Luca, ’86 Gabe Doria, ’81 John Feeney, ’80 Joe Giglio, ’87 Steve Hudik, ’85 Jerry Lally, ’56 John Mahoney, ’02

Joe Massarelli, ’80 Sean McNally, ’97 Robert E. Reiser, S.J. Jim Ryan, ’66 Jack Savage, ’57 Paul Schaetzle, ’71 George Taite, ’73

Pride & Glory It is our Pride and our Glory, old in song and in story; and we cherish your name and we love your fair fame for the days of long ago. And we your sons will be loyal to Saint Peter’s so royal. May your banners still guide us wherever we go! It is a story of gladness, with no shadow of sadness; our years spent with you, Saint Peter’s so true, and you hold our hearts’ love yet. And through the years we will treasure, with a joy beyond measure, the gifts you have given. We shall never forget.

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Legends of Prep X program  

The program for the tenth Legends of Prep induction ceremony and dinner, September 14, 2012

Legends of Prep X program  

The program for the tenth Legends of Prep induction ceremony and dinner, September 14, 2012