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Colophon: Petrean. In Tune

T h e 1999

was printed by H e r ff Jones Yearbooks, Gettysburg, P A 17325. T h e lithograph cover was developed by the 1999 Petrean

S ta ff and H e r ff Jones artist lulie N orris. Silver Foil was applied to the cover for the “In T u n e " logo. Paperstock utilized in the publication was 80# Bordeaux and it was trim m ed to an 8.5" x 11" form at. All spreads were submitted on desktop and prepared on IB M Com patable PCs with Aldus PageM aker 5.0, utilizing the H e r ff Jones PageM aster template. Custom vector and m etafile artwork was designed using Harvard F/X. 3D renderings were created with Autodesk 3 D Studio and refined as raster artw ork. Custom raster artw ork was designed using T h e G im p, and some was refined w ith Pain t Shop Pro. T yp e fonts used include T iasco SSi for body copy and senior data, U p sta rt S S i for captions, X a t i o D i s p l a y S S i for drop caps, R ecognita B o ok SSi for feature copy, Era se r D u s t for folio tabs, and

for the senior names and hom eroom letters. Fonts

for headlines varied throughout the book. U ltra G reen (H J354) was used for spot color on the senior superlative pages. Endsheets were printed with Copenhagen (H J300) ink on Ivory (C T -3) colored paper. Senior Portraits were done by Davis Studios o f M am aroneck, N Y . A press run o f 925 copies was printed. A 16-page supplement was printed in the sum m er o f 1999.

1. Opening (4) 2. Academics (6) 3. Community (28) 4. Athletics (44) 5. Co-Curriculars (70) 6. After Hours (100) osing (172)

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St. Peter’s Preparatory^chooi14s4;Gtand Street g \ Jersey City. NJ 0^302 (2 0 1 ) 5434t440Cl NjlPfe

Every student who has walked through the door o f you r classroom is more enlightened for having been taught by you. Y ou r passion for literature and for language has been instilled in all o f us. Y ou r lectures reached and motivated everyone, not only by m aking us enthusiastic about literature, but also about life itself. It is seldom that one listens to a lecture w herein a m artini is used as a m etaphor for G o d ’s grace, or a dictionary gracefully glides across the room at an unsuspecting student w ho is ignorant of the m eaning o f a word. Y our lectures are far too lucid to be m isconstrued, far too witty to be unam using, far too interesting to be soporific, far too candid to lose our attention, and far too im portant to be dismissed. W e are touched by your concern for our welfare, not only for our years at Prep, but also for our future. W hether preparing us for the verbal section o f the S A T , conducting college visits, or w riting superb college recom m endations, you have m ade a typically stressful process and difficult decision for all high school seniors far m ore clear and far less intense. Y our sincerity has shown us a deeper m eaning o f the phrase “m en for others.” Y ou have created budding thespians in both the dram atics and the musicals you directed, but m ore notably, you have inspired us to appreciate all the products o f hum an endeavor. I ndeed, you have given us much. O f everyone we have m et in our Prep careers, there are few m ore m em orable. Your personality, dedication, hum or, and wisdom have inspired us. Please accept this dedication, S ir C am pion, as our way o f thanking you for having blessed our lives with your presence. Sincerely, T h e class o f ‘99

Sir an alyzes the perform an ce o f a student trying out fo r the play Q racuia. As the director o f the w inter dram a, it was S ir’s jo b to m ake sure the best men and w om en were ca st fo r the parts.


D e d ic a t io n

Mr. Ja c k Campion, alw ays the show m an, strikes a ja u n ty pose. At the end o f the year, students in S ir’s classes learned th a t n ot only was he an accom plished director, but also a superb actor.

.. .Id d

) * V ’ < K 'T a n I d

Hands on podium, thumbs extended, Sir relates to his class the Christian influences in the Anglo-Saxon poem, “Dream o f the Rood.” By the end o f the year, all the students in Sir’s class could relate any piece 0/ literature to Christianity.

“Art thou certain, sir?" Mr. Campion asks o f a student claiming to know the answer. In all o f his classes, Sir stressed the importance 0/ multiple interpretations as well as keeping one’s mind open to change.

the depth o f his passion, w hat happens who would dare insult such as Beowul/ and t. Needless to say, students I developed a deep respect se brave protagonists.

AAr. JacK Campion 3


»s >J j >J J 1J j >J j »j J "1J j 1J 0 ' J # 0 0 I J #J 0 J J J J J J • J J J J J J J J J ■J ■J J 3 J J J J J J J J J ■J j 1 ■J J

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.7'7 '7 9 '7 W1"4 9 <9 & % V ”7 J j J j J J J 'J j J ’j J J J J J J j j j J j J j J J J J j J J J J J J • 9 j J J J J j J J J J J •J j J J j m # • 4 9 j J j J # # $ 9 • # ' j j J J J 0 • • # J J. ■Zi J j J J J J j »0 J J J § # J J j 0 .X J j J J J J j J 9 V ■'J J i J J ® J § J J j J J J J J J J • J J: J 0 4 J J j 'J J J j J J J J J J J J m J J J J J J J > J J J j J J J J j J J j J j J J J J j J J J j J + •wJ j J J -J J J J J J J J J J J j t ## J j J J J J J J J J J j 9 J J j J J j J J J j J j J J J J j j J J J J J J J J j J J J J J J J J J J J J J j J J J J j J J j J J J J J J j J J ,J j J J J J j J J j J J J J J J j w J j J J J J j J J 9 J j # m *> J J J4 J j J J J J j J # J J 0 # 4 J 4 ■j J 'J # j J J J J 4 • J J J 0 mm # 0 j J J J j 19 t ■9 J J J J J 0 mm J 0 j J J J j J J J J J J J J J ■j 0 J 4t J J J J' j J J J J J J J J J 3 J J 4. J j J J J j J J J J J J J J J J J J! J J J J J J j J J J J J J J J J J J 'J J J j J '3 J j J J J J J J J J J J J J J J J J J J j J s # • • • • # J J J J J J j J J J #• J? J J J J J # 4 J J J J j % J j # VJ J J J J J J J J J • • J J J j J #o J J J J J j J J J J J * • J J j 4 $ J J J J J J J. J J J i • J j J J $ J J J J J J J J J J J J J j • J j ‘‘j,. J J J J J J J J J J J J J J J J j 0 • j J J J J J J J J J J J J J J j J j J • J j J J J J J J J J J J J J J J J J j J 0 ■’4 J J J J J J J J -9 >> J J J J J J j J 0 4 J J J J J J 1• + # J J J J J j J 0 m ^ J J J J j J J • # » J J J J J J j J J 4 •> < J J J J J J J § * J O J J J J J j J 0 4 J J J J J J J J 3O J J J J J J j J 4 m J J J J J J J J J J J J J J J J j J 0 j J J J J J J J J J J J J J J J J j J # j J J J J J J J J J J J. J J J J J j 4 m j •m J J J J J J J J J J J J J J J j m j j • * J J J J J J J J J J J J J J • j j J • w J J ■J J J J J J J J J J 4 ▼j j j J J i • J J J J J J J J J J0 • j j j j J J J J '# # J J J J J 4 # • 2 J j j j j J J j J J J i » • * * 3* J J J J j j j j ) ) ) J i ) j } ) ) ) J ) ) J 3 ) ) '} )



J * ♦ 4 # ■j • # # J • J #J #J


J 0 J 0

j J J J J J )


J J J J J )





Wi.metMSprtrfeer M ie 7?yyf 7

H Opening

[ ave you ever really listened to I . m u sic, or have you just heard

have evolved into w h at is practicecj P rep .

it? H a v e you ever really exp erien ced

O ften , it m ay have seem ed tl

P r e p , o r h a v e y o u ju s t p a sse d

dissonance was the th em e o f a typil

th rou gh ?

P rep day. M oving fro m class to cl

M usic has been om n ip resen t since

th rou gh crow d ed hallw ays to ta

th e d aw n o f the civilized w orld. F o r

exam s, tu rn in reports, o r listen

m illenia, m u sic has been a vehicle

lectures w as n ot alw ays com fortaq

th ro u g h w hich all h u m an ity has re­

In retrospect, though, life at St. PetJ

vealed its con stan tly ch an g in g p rin ­

was h arm on iou s— revealing the sp

ciples, th ou gh ts, and ideas, w hich

o f P re p — despite the seem ingly ci

An integral p art o f the Prep curriculum required students to utilize the so ftw are available on the com puters in the library. The Je rsey City skyline as seen fro m the W orld F in a n c ia l C en ter in th e e a rly morning is an inspiring sight.

Three Prep students make their daily

fro m Grove Street to Prep, cutting thfi neighborhood parking lots. This panoram ic view o f the Prep can provides us with a good mix o f the old] the new.

in iiiv in m imi

c atm osphere.

iiiiii iiiiii

i in i i i



i in ii



in i

Lik ew ise, m usic

existed at Prep.

s played a significant role in creat-

M usic links us to all cultures o f the

that ever-present, com p lex h ar-

w orld. M usic entertains us, com forts



us, and inspires us in every stage o f

The threads o f m usic wound them -

life. It is through m usic and our Prep

ves throughou t the corrid ors at

experience that we learned to grow in

ep and w ere spun in classroom s, at

h arm ony w ith all the peoples o f the

arts events, dances, liturgies, and

w orld. W h e th e r in the com m unity

en the adm inistrative offices. T h e

o r in the w o rld , we at P rep are

rerse styles o f m usic w ere sym bolic the num erous aspects o f life w hich

k P

During a break in the busy school schedule, students released the stress o f their day in a game o f basketball. The Lisbon pizzeria is a /amiliar sight to all Prep students, though only a fe w staying late experience this unique night view.

During a fr e e period, ju n io r Timothy Knapp jum ps ahead in his work in what is known as “Fr. Browning’s Room .”

*Ut SgMtttktf.*-7$7j I



fo r l many, S ch o o ih ilse Rock was one of theff first academic .end&pvors. In the St. Peter's version. Sr. Prancejkexplores non plangr g^ometrg.

6 Academics

MU S I C , like

"Prep, teaches. It is a vehicle through which the i>est of humanity is conveyed, and in this t r a n s mi s s i o n , contributes to human KNOWLEDGE | . Music shows u s complex structures, which ca n i>e understood rationa tty. as do science and math. It also shows us our a ffect. as do poetry and the lin e arts. H aving se e n the com plexity of rational thought. and having f ell again our E M O T I O N S , we are drawn -by music-and tÂťy our courses a t P r e p - - into a D E S I RE forgreater k no wle dge a nd deeper emotions. Divider 7


“Unknow ingly,” Mr. Boyle d em onstrates to his fresh m a n class th at, in science, things are nol alw ays w hat they seem. Mr. Boyle, continually interested in adding a “sp ark” to his lecture, often had m any surprises in store fo r his fresh m en students.

Fr. O’Connor, during one o f his fr e e periods, types up his m ost recent quiz on one o f th e com puters in the chem istry lab. Throughout the year, the com puters were im plem ented by Fr. O’Connor to provide a m ethod f o r students to ch eck their work.

Holding the red hot test tube with a clam p, sophom ores Patrick Brown and Nick S co tt conduct an experim ent to calcu late the atom ic w eight 0/ oxygen. Meticulous observations and thorough calculations were an integral p art 'of labs in all sciences.

8 AcaJemics

■yy science T

his year, the students saw the Prep science department expand in sev­

the sum m er o f 1998 and was completed by m id-year.

eral ways. AfterthedepartureofMr. Rodney Redesigning and reconstructing the physics lab rounded out the immense changes in the departm ent by offering

Alejandro, Mr. M ark Connolly, '94, was added to the Prep faculty. In addition to the change in staff, the science curriculum

students more technologically advanced

was also revised with the adjustment o f two courses. New textbooks were introduced to

equipm ent. T h is allowed students to have a m ore interactive learning experi­


ence. A Prep physics teacher, F r. Dan

Physics Honors class, which were de­

signed to help students understand the

O ’B rien com m ented, “W ith the dedi­

concepts o f Physics through algebra. Simi­ larly, was upgraded to a lab

cated w ork o f various faculty mem bers, the contributions o f Prep alum ni, and the addition o f new and updated equip­


science. O ne o f the m ajor reasons for this change was the immense popularity o f the course in previous years. Because o f the need for an A P lab facil­ ity, a storage room between the Physics and

m ent, Prep students will be able to pur­ sue successful careers in science in the tw enty-first century.” T h e massive improvements that have

Geoscience rooms was converted into a state-of-the-art laboratory for use by stu­

been im plem ented have assured the sci­

dents enrolled in the Construction began in

into the next century.


A P Biology and A P

Mr. Connolly, a recent addition to the fam ily o f Prep’s facu lty, explains the structures o f proteins to his AP B iology d o ss. As a graduate o f the Prep class o f ‘94, Mr. Connolly blended into the Prep community with ease.

ence departm ent a sm ooth transition

While observing the position-time graph, Fr. O’Brien’s Physics Honors students attem pt to interpret the data collected by the motion sensor. The newly installed instruments in the physics lab assisted the students to understanding the graphical representation o f motion.

Science 9


s c a p ita l p u n ish m e n t e t h ic a l*

sophom ore religion course continued the

Should abortion be made legal ? W hat

study o f the historical Jesus and the under-

are the synoptic gospels? W h at do the

iying message behind I lislifc.

parables o f Jesus really m ean? Such moral

T h e upperclassmen enjoyed the privi­

and religious questions were topics o f dis­

lege o f a m ore diverse curriculum . O ne

cussion in many religion classes at Prep.

semester o f the junior year was dedicated to

T h e study o f Christian theology, including


morality and social justice, was a critical

while the other was devoted to

part o f the religion curriculum . In the past year, the Religion D epart­ m ent at Saint Peter's Prep under wen t staff changes. As the new departm ental head,

TheChurch in theModern World, Social

Justice. T h e seniors were given an array o f choices. Som e studied Freudian theories

w ith Ms. Cataldo in Psychology and Reli­ gion. Som e explored bioethical issues with

M r. T im Caslin was accountable for con­

M r. M cElhinney. Still, others learned how

tinuing a fine tradition o f religious educa­

to live a C hristian lifg in m odern society

tion. Ms. C ataldo, one o f the new teachers

with F r. A zzarto.

who recognized this tradition,commented,

Prep's religious education, however, did

"I was very impressed by the students at

not end in the classroom. T h e various


courses were com plem ented by retreats

Incomingfreshmen were offered a choice

Introduction to Catholic Chris­ tianity And Personal Development. T h e


and other spiritual activities. T h e message o f faith, love, and justice spread beyond the four walls o f the classroom.

Mr. Caslin prepares his next dynam ic and moving lecture fo r his Church in th e M odern W orld course. Mr. Caslin’s class was centered around the im portance o f attentively listening to his lectures and taking accu rate notes .

IO Academics

Ms. Cataldo explains the im portance 0/ Freud’s theory o f the Oedipus Complex to her seniors. She encouraged her students to use w hat they learned in P sychology a n d Religion and to apply it to their lives.

Describing the underlying meaning behind the reading, Fr. Azzarto reviews the assignm ents/rom the previous day. In Fr. Azzartoâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s class, the students learned to critically analyze the deeper meanings o f scripture.

Mr. Dwyer emphatically answers a question regarding God posed to him by his/reshman class. The/reshmen were taught the importance o f the Christian roots and tradition, setting the basis fo r future religion courses.

As other students remove the homework from their folders, Mr. McElhinney clarifies a question from senior Will Lopez regarding the last case study. Learning fro m the various case studies was a vital part o f Mr. McElhinneyâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Bioethics class.

R e lig io n


Ms. Hellstrom dem on strates â&#x20AC;&#x153;gesture draw in gâ&#x20AC;? to her D rawing a n d C om position class. Gesture drawing, which involves a quickly m ade rough sketch, was an im portant and fu n d am en tal skill f o r an artist.

W ith im m ense satis/action, senior Ja y Luty and ju n io r Jo h n Layugan put the fin al d rafts o f their art assign m en t in their fo ld er s. Many dedicated a rt students devoted days o f hard w ork to crea te m asterpieces.

In the A d v an ced Instru m en tal Music class, Ja m e s Coviello, Ju a n Moran, and Jo n a th a n Crudo practice f o r an upcoming perform an ce. This class helped experienced m usicians to enhance and refine their skills.

12 Academics

(You don’t have to) iT _

' jP

4 /fn


r a /x

S T ) ' t ,,/ k J l'i / C J M 1



nder the guidance o f Ms. Patter H ellstrom, the Fine Arts D epart­ ment has continued to expand. An intro­

at Prep, an art class was offered to sopho­

duction to the fine arts was mandatory in freshman year. However, the level o f expo­

Renaissance. M usic, like art, had a wide variety

sure into which one immersed him self was

o f choices other than the required intro­

dependent solely upon the student. All freshmen were required to take

ductory course. Students wishing to con­

Introduction to A rt in one semester and Introduction to Music in the other. T h e matter covered in the form er coincided with the material taught in


World Civiliza­

Juniors and seniors had the option o f selecting from a wide variety o f semester

Dra wing/Composition, Design, and Painting. T h e Sculp-

mores. T h e main goal o f this course was to focus on elem ents o f art during the

tinue their studies were perm itted to take fol­

Beginning Instrum entalMusic Advanced Instrum ental M u­

lowed by

sic. Interested students,especially band Basic and Advanced Music Theory. As Mr. mem bers, were encouraged to take

Jones stated, “T h e theory courses pro­

electives, which included

vide the foundation for understanding

furecourse, taught by Ms. Irm a Yost, was

and playing m usic.” T h e F in e Arts D epartm ent is a valu­

offered during the first semester.

able part o f the curriculum at Prep. It

T h e newest addition to the art depart­ ment this year the sophomore elective For the firsttime entitled

Age o f Discovery.

During an Introduction to A rt class, Ms. Hellstrom explains symmetry and the use o f Greek mythology in Greek art. As the students learned about Greek art in this course, they also studied Greek and Roman cultures in their W orld Civilizations class.

gives students insight into an area which is often ignored in our present society.

Curious freshm en pay close attention to Mr. Jo n e s’ music lecture. His Introduction to Music class exposed students to the history o f music, musical notes, and rhythms.

Fine Arts 13

lino * {

irai DOC

CorfKeW liP N3!

ra n d W r> m pl


"ipr # F

’ Uc

M is •

b^rw ipiCP



Fop|J^ jlo u l

Oeferl Heri


ic a l^ n n tl


Writers, Inc. to Prep students. A c­

rep 's E n g lish stu d en ts w ere


taught to analyze, explore, and

cording to M r. W alter K oszyk. the head

interpret great literary works o f art. T h e freshm an and sophom ore years

o f the English D epartm ent, this book was “a tool w hich the students can use as a

focused on A m erican literature. Students

reference handbook to aid their w riting,

were given the opportunity to read the

reading, study skills, and tim e m anage­

works ofgreat writers such as Edgar Allan


Poe, John Steinbeck, and Stephen King.

English has been a subject where many

Junior year offered a survey course o f

Prep students could express their opin­

British literature, that spanned from the

ions. As K eith G lock said, "English is not

A nglo-Saxon period to the modern era.

ju st about w riting papers, but it is the only

W ith the arrival o f senior year many

class where you can take w orks, which

choices presented them selves, ranging

were w ritten m ore than three hundred

from F r. Cregan's

years ago, and still apply their themes to

Literature o f War to F r. H oag's M ulticultural Literature. A P English , w hich was designed as prepara­

today's life." T h e English D epartm ent, as a whole, hoped that after four years at

tion for the May A P English Literature

Prep the student would be able to express

E xam , was also offered to seniors.

him self clearly, forcefully, and confidently.

O ne o f the m ajor aims o f the English

H e would also be able to read any piece

D epartm ent was to enhance w ritingskills.

o f literature critically and with apprecia­

T o accomplish this, the departm ent intro-


Mr. Peters considers a point m ade by a student in his Arthurian Literatu re class. Members o f the Arthurian Literatu re class were particularly interested in the tales o f “courtly love” involving Sir Lancelot and Guinevere.

14 A.c&Jemics

W ith his unique style 0/ teaching and use o f gestures, Dr. Kennedy pumps up his sophom ore class b efo re a test. Throughout the year, Dr. Kennedy n ot only inspired his students through his various English lectures, but also fascin ated them with interesing fa c ts.

Two days before his paper on The Canterbury Tates was due, junior Mike Cannallon asks Mr. Casey if his criticism o f The Knightâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Tale was valid. In English III\students were able to develop their essays into longer and more coherent works.

In the midst o f a discussion on the disturbing novel Lord o f the Flies, a /reshman poses an intriguing question to Mr. Koszyk. In many o f Prepâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s English classes, difficult topics, such as human nature, were discussed in great detail.

Mr. Irvine waits fo r a volunteer to read an excerpt from the American literature textbook. Such teaching techniques improved the reading skills 0/ incoming freshm en.

English 15"

As Mr. Doyle leisurely brow ses through a workbook, his Latin scholars utilize their cognitive skills on a quiz. Throughout the year, quizzes and tests were used as a m eans to instill Latin gram m ar and vocabulary within students.

Participating in one o f Fr. C reganâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s discussions, a curious student proffers his keen insight. Class participation was an integral aspect o f Fr. C regan â&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Latin class.

By using the textbook to m ake his point, Mr. So scia com m unicates the gravity o f his lesson. As a new teach er, Mr. So scia adapted to Prep life, ju s t as new Latin students adjusted to his unique style.

16 Academics

K u p i e


e A s i a o v Latin ///and Latin I 1''were available as

his year, as in previous years, freshmen and sophomores com­

electives for juniors and seniors who wished pleted their classical language requirements to continue their study o f the language. while some dedicated juniors and seniors students took a closer look into

Latin III

enhanced their knowledge o f Latin or took up Greek.

both the historical and mythological his­

W hether focusing on geography, my­

fourth year o f Latin read from Virgil's epic,


gramm ar, or vocabulary, the

tory o f Rome, while those studying their the


freshmen gained a great deal o f knowledge on their new and unusual journey through

students in

their first year o f Latin, learning many

translating short excerpts from the works

useful skills which would later be imple­ mented in their studies o f modern lan­

o f classical Greek authors. T h e students then continued their studies by reading

guages as well as etymology.

H om er’s

Latin //emphasized reading and trans­

After a brief look at basic grammar,

Greek I immediately began

Odyssey. Greek II students con­

tinued to learn Homeric Greek by complet­

Odysseywhile learn­

lating from original Latin texts. The sopho­

ing their study o f the

mores studied the language in greater depth

ing more advanced vocabulary.

through the readings o f both Roman novels

Classical languages continue to be a

and classical works, which allowed them to gain an insight into the ancient Roman

necessary part o f the curriculum, for they link us to the past while aiding us to under­


stand the present.

Ms. Baber and her class share a laugh during a vocabulary drill. .Ms. Baber, as well as many other teachers, often used index cards to enhance their lessons.

Literally, it is all Greek to Fr. Oppido, Prep’s only teacher o f the Greek language. In his classes, he often combined humor with scholarly insight to leave a memorable impact on his students’ minds.

Classical Languages 17




€ L

S mall


hen asked about the signif:-

vocabulary, the students were given the

I cance o f learn in gs language, Opportunity to improve their oratory skills. Mr. Loria com m ented, “T h rou Wgh h ilelan­ som e students read novels like “L c

guage you can be internationally connected

Petit P rince” in French, some Spanish stu­

by being able to com m unicate w ith a new

dents had the opportunity to read cultural

foreign student.” Sim ilarly, the goal o f the

c o m p ila tio n s

M odern Language D epartm ent was to


su ch as “ M o m e n to s

expose the students to a new culture, a

T h e experienced modern language Staff

different nation, and an cxcit ing language.

was led by G erm an teacher, M r. James

A fter the end o f a year’s study in Latin,

D eA ngelo. H ow ever, a new face on the

the sophomores faced the hard choice be­

campus from Georgetown University was

Spanish 1,2, 3 Honors. Ms. G arcia, another Span­

tween Espanol, Francais, Italiano, and

Ms. D onahue, who taught

Deutsch. Senior Orville T h om as, who



ish teacher, continued to spread the Latino

German 3 Honors,explained, “I chose

G erm an because it’s different, and I just

flavor in Prep. A m em ber o f the Classical

have to be d ifferent.” In addition to h on­

L a n g u a g e s D e p a rtm e n t, M r. K ev in

ors and A P courses, a N ative Spanish

Doyle, broadened his horizons this year

course was offered for students with some

by teaching

background in Spanish who wanted to

introduced the students to F ren ch . M ean­

am eliorate their ability to com m unicate.

w hile, an exciting style o f teaching was

Starting from the building blocks o f

used by M r. L oria to teach Italian:.

Ms. G arcia instructs ju niors Greg M alakauskas and Mike Biondo as they tra n sla te a passage in their sm all group. As students progressed, translations becam e more advanced.

18 Ac&Jemics

German2. M adam e Costanzo

Leaning over his podium, Mr. Loria shows his Italian ///students th a t Italian gram m ar can be done with style. In third-year Italian, students not only learned in-depth gram m ar, but also Italian culture.

As French I students/lip through their textbooks and notebooks, Mrs. Costanzo explains their assignment. Learning vocabulary and basic conjugations was needed in order to pass her many quizzes.

Avoiding the floating white dot, Mr. DeAngelo m anages both to manuever around and teach his sophomores. The eerie white spot flo a ted around Mr. DeAngelo's room all year long.

Ms. Donahue provides her advanced students with extra assignments during a special class session. The object of the third year courses was to give the students an ability to use the language more naturally.


M o d e rn L a n g u a g e s 9


Standing behind h er podium, Ms. Keiserm an di$ES$ses W oodrow Wilson*® fo reig n policy during iSfer'W: W ar I. le c tu re s w ere often given which covered a wide ran ge o f topics.



m m


Mr. DeLorenzo em phatically explains how the United Sta tes Constitution w as written. The A m erican system o f governm ent was an im portant topic in Mr. D eLorenzo’s U.S. History classes.

Pointing to a map o f the Roman Empire, Mr. Guzik show s its vastness to his fresh m an W orld Civilizations class. Visualization was utilized in m any history classes.

2 0 Academics


tudying history is not simply the

AP U.S. History

Students in /studied events from the exploration o f the New but, more importantly, the understand­ World through the U.S. Civil W ar, and ing o f those people and events. focused upon domestic matters from the memorization o f names and events,

Freshm en began their study o f history with the

Reconstruction to the Progressive Era.

WorldCi vilizationscourse, which APU.S. History //discussed events includ-

surveyed the development o f culture. W hile studying topics such as the Classi­ cal W orld, the Medieval Era, imperial­ ism, and modern Asia and Africa, stu­ dents also developed such skills as note-

ingand following the Ageoflm perialism. T h e course, designed to prepare students forthe A P History Exam,emphasized the readingofsecondary sources and the writ­ ing o f essays. Senior history electives included

mores and juniors, covered events from

Mod­ ern European History, U.S. Government, and Sociology, all o f which covered spe­

the European discovery ofN orth America

cific aspects o f history in greater depth.

taking and effective studying. /, open to both sopho­

U.S. History

through W orld W ar I, and subsequent

U.S. History II. Taking S/c/es, which dis­

events were discussed in Texts such as

Ms. Marie Curry, chairperson o f the History Department, stated, “O ur goal is to try to make the students aware o f the issues in history, so that as they become

cusses opposing ideas o f historical events, encouraged students to formulate their

older they may have a public impact on

own opinions concerning these events.

the issues surrounding them."

With his /oot on a desk, Mr. Lillis explains the complexity o f European interaction to his Modern European History class. The class covered topics such as World W ar I, World W ar II, and the Cold War.

Mr. McCabe pokes a t freshm an Farhan Malik with his invisible sword. The enthusiastic teaching method used by Mr. McCabe served as an im portant/actor in increasing the interest level.

History 2 1





eflecting upon the goal o f Prep’s

course. Students were also introduced to

M athem atics D epartm ent, de­


calculators, w hich are used

a student’s m ath career. M r .R othroughout b ert Students in M cD erm ott stated, “T h e m ath curricu­ p a rtm e n t

lum is not only

c h a irp e rs o n

Algebra 11/Trigonometry,

im portant to get into

also offered as an honors course, com ­

com petitive colleges, but it also provides

pleted their study o f algebra and were

the know ledge base to delve into the d if­

introduced to trigonom etry, which was

ferent m ath and science fields o f study.”

briefly viewed in the sophomore course.

Freshm en began their studies in math with either the


Algebra I or Algebra I


T h o u gh both courses

provided the foundations for the subse­ quent mathematics courses offered at Prep,

Seniors who wished to continue their study o f m ath at Prep had the option o f

A P Calculus, Precalculus, Accounting , or Finite Math.

taking either

Prep welcomed new teachers Mr. John

cepts as well as an introduction to second-

A P Calculus and Pre­ calculus, and M r. L u k e Piede,w ho taught Algebra /and Accounting. Prep also wel­

year algebra.

com ed the return o f Sr. Frances M arie

the honors course provided for a more profound knowledge o f com plicated con­


Geometry and Geometry Honors,

Dadas, who taught

D uncan, O S F , who taught

Algebra I.

sophomores studied the im portant con­

A student’s study o f m ath provided

cepts o f Euclidian geom etry, placing more

him with knowledge which he will be able

emphasis upon proofs than in the algebra

to use throughout his lifetim e.

As he erases the blackboard, Mr. Piede m akes som e /inal com m ents ab o u t the credit term s th a t m anufacturers and w holesalers use in the business world. Financial A ccounting w as one 0/ the many electives th a t were o//ered to the seniors.

2 2 Academics

Mr. Dadas explains the correlation betw een the position, tim e, velocity, and acceleration graphs to his AP Calculus students. Application 0/ calculus to real world problems show ed students th at m ath really can be a use/ul tool.

Mr. Dandorph answers some questions regarding a precalculus test posed to him by senior Matt McNerney. Almost always available a/ter school, Mr. Dandorph rarely re/rained /rom responding to peopleâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s comments or complaints.

A newly returned /acuity member, Sr. Frances, solves a problem on the board fo r her freshm an Algebra / class. Sr. Frances expressed great joy a t having once again join ed the Prep community.

Mr. Oâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;Donnell illustrates the distributive property 0/ multiplication to his A lgebra / students. Freshman math classes helped students m aster basic algebraic skills essential in higher levels of mathematics.

M i t h 23

J â&#x20AC;&#x201D;

In conference, Mr. B ecerra discusses ju nior Moses Nievesâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; recent perform an ce on the PSATs. Guidance Counselors were alw ays glad to p roffer depend ab le advice to the students.

Ms. Boland lectures ab o u t the harm/ul effects o f drug and alcohol abuse. Freshm an group guidance classes introduced m any im portant topics which a ffec te d the lives o f the young men o f Prep.

Mrs. M artineau organizes college in/ormational videos in the placem ent office. Students used the o//ice n ot only f o r college research, but also fo r socializing and even fo r homework.

2 4 Academics



rom the time students enter high

portantly by getting to know each student

school until the time they gradu­

asan individual. Juniors discussed strategy ate, they need a constant source o f and de­ planning for both college and scholar­ pendable advice. T his was supplied byship the applications during a stressful time.

Guidance Department, which smoothed

T h e college guidance staff, consistingof

the bumps in the road during students' high school careers.

M r. D ond ero, F r. B ald u f, and Ms.

Guidance at Prep consisted o f two pri­

constant source o f valuable information

mary branches: general guidance for tresh-

on colleges and the S A T 's. Through their tireless devotion to the juniors and se­

men and sophomores, and college place­

Martineau, understood that, and was a

ment for juniors and seniors. Freshmen and juniors had groupguid-

niors, the college placement office helped

ance during the year in which they met

dents. In the past, proper guidance has been

with their counselors during regular 40-

to assure the future success o f Prep stu­

minute periods. Freshm en discussed the

proven as the key to success. W hen asked

adjustment to high school, as well as gen­

about the goal o f the Guidance depart­

eral health issues. T h e counselors eased the transition into high school by reviewing

ment, Mr. James Dondero summarized,

both the Prep handbook and study skills.

tion o f all academic and personal goals for

They helped students make wise personal

all sectors o f the Prep community."

"Our job is to facilitate a successful com ple-

choices through many methods, most im ­


Glancing a t his handbook, Fr. Raulli explains sem ester averages to his freshm en. As a precursor to future college placement, he stressed the importance o f maintaining good grades.

The tireless trio of College Placement, Mr. Jim Dondero, Fr. Ray Baidu/, and Mrs. Jan ice Martineau, pose in the College Placem ent 0//iice. Seniors planning to attend college became quite fam iliar with these three faces during the college admissions process.

Guidmce 2 ^

Physical E

very stu d en t was req u ired


D uringthescheolyear,C6achesCrisalli and And readis divided m em bers o f the education, taking a double period o f gym classes into teams and, in a tournam ent com plete four years o f physical

each cycle during freshm an year, and two

atm osphere, students competed in sports

single periods during the cycle in sopho­

such as football, basketball, baseball, and soccer.

m ore, junior, and senior years. Classes were supervised by Coach A n­

Students participating in athletics for a

thony Crisalli, who taught the freshm an,

particular season were excused from par­

sophomore, and junior classes, and Coach

ticipation in gym for that season, and thus,

Christopher A ndreadis, who taught se­ niors. In the beginning o f the year, stu­

it was possiblefor students to abstain from participation in gym altogether. However,

dents completed state requirem ents such

physical education was still an im portant

as the national fitness test, w hich con­

aspect o f P rep’s curriculum . "I think that

sisted o f running, sit-ups, push-ups, and

gym classes are essential to each o f the

other sim ilar events. Students could earn

guys. Som e guys really like their gym

recognition by m eeting the presidential,

classes. It is notsom ething to just fill a spot

national, or health award requirem ents

in their schedule, either," said C oach Crisalli.

for these tests.


river's Education ,

a sem ester

w hich a m inim um score o f eighty was

course for sophomores, was the

required in order to pass. Students who

initial step in the process o f obtaining a

passed the exam were able to obtain a

driver's license. It emphasized knowledge

special card indicating successful com ple­

Driver's Education course

o f traffic laws and penalties for violations,

tion o f P rep’s

as well as the procedure for obtaining li­

and passage o f the state exam. T h is pro­


vided for the continuation o f a student’s

T h ro u g h ou t the sem ester, students

driving education with his enrollm ent in a

were required to keep com plete and orga­

behind-the-w heel course either at Prep or

nized notebooks containing class notes and

at a driving school. Students com pleting

other study materials. T h ey also kept a

both the Prep’s

driver's log, a journal containing entries

and the State E xam were considered to

concerning such topics as insurance rates

have com pleted a state-approved course.

Driver s Education course

for first tim e drivers and the potential

M r. A ndreadis, the instructor o f this

dangers o f the use o f alcohol when driv­

course, com m ented, "Learn in g to drive


begins here. A good, solid

T h e course concluded with the comple­ tion o f the N ew Jersey driver’s exam , for

2 6 Academics

Driver's Edu­ cation course is a student's foundation in

his driving career." Straining his muscles, senior Derrick W yka tries to com plete one more pull-up as fello w classm ate E/tihi Pentarakis provides vocal support. Pull-ups were one o f the m ost difficult parts o f the nation al fitn ess test.

Legs /lying, seniors Kurt Ubelhoer and Gennaro Pico battle fo r the incoming soccer ball. Gym classes fostered a healthy spirit of competition between students.

Preparing to toss the ball in, junior Mark Cevasco looks fo r a teamm ate who is open. A spirit o f cooperation was taught and reinforced in Prep’s gym classes.

Junior Edmund Caul/ield prepares to go out on the road. He was momentarily delayed by some o f the St. Peter’s Grammar School kids, who were playing ball. Driver’s education stressed patience as well as mastery o f driving skills.

Phys. EJ / Driver’s BJ. 27


Prep ips aft a , b b>%v i togetherness and |sha%ig. Here, senior Jesse Cassiba shows the closeness bfjyprep by sharing" a hug with JIUlan Bicl||l^kl!\iâ&#x20AC;&#x2DC;99, Holy Family Academy.

2 8 C o m m u R t'ty

Though seemingly still, celestial 4)0dies exist in p erp etua 1 with the motion of every one inline need -fey the .gravitations 1force of the others, however dist a n t. As each moves through the heavens, it creates a sound, inaudible to human ears, which ex ists in harmony with the sounds created -by a 11 others. Mu mans, sim ilarlv, are I INTERDEPENDENT

continua lly moving toward a state of â&#x20AC;˘u n c e a s i n ÂŁ The Prep com m unity is a reflection of this i nte r depe nde nc e and' har mony f or all who have ever experienced it. Divider 29


ach year, every student of the junior chjsgs

Loaves and Fishes Sum m er ('a m p in H inton,

completes a m andatory sixty hours o f

W est V irginia, “T h e time I .spent w orking at a

com m unity serviceito fulfill his Christian cam S er­p for poor W est Virginian children was fun and rewarding. I felt that I really m ade a d iffer­

vice Project requirem ents either du ring the sum­ mer follow ing sophomore year or during junior year.

ence.” Dhaval Patel, who completed his ('h r is ­

T h e ('hristian Service program was a vehicle

m ent Program at Prep said, "Participating in

tian Service as a tutor in the H igher A chieve­

which provided students with the opportunity

Prep s(-h ristian Service Program was certainly

to serve others. U ltim ately, the program has

an enlightening experience. I was given the op­

continued to allow students to apply the know l­

portunity to truly becom e a man for others. I feel

edge gained during their stu d ieso f religion at

that this program is an integral part o f the Prep



T h e program was administered by M r. David

H oping that the program would improve

M iddleton, who has directed the project for the

and expand even further during the next few

past two years. His work and dedication were

years, Mr. M iddleton stated, “T h is year’s pro­

invaluable in his organization o f im m ersion

gram has a new structure, which will allow fora

trips in Appalachia and local sum m er programs,

more intense experience for volunteers. Stu­

as well as in his coordination of service sites for

dents doing service during the year will have

students w ishing to com plete the project during the school year.

m ore connection with the faculty. For next year,

W hether serving the poverty-stricken in the

ing the program and hopefully m aking the ser­

I hope tocontinue to m ake steps toward im prov­

H oboken .Shelter or in Appalachia, all those

vice experience have a lasting effect on students.

participating had inspiring experiences. Kevin

T h e focus of ('h ristian Service is, ‘togive and not to count the cost. ”

Kearns com m ented on his im m ersion trip with Mr. Bill Lillis and M r. Brian Dubrule to the

Gerdy Guerrera helps the children learn their shapes and colors. Students often volunteered a t local nursery schools.

3 0 Commi>i\i'hy

Ray Addas gives a talk on safety to students b efo re hiking through a neighborhood park. The Christian Service Program stressed interaction with mem bers 0/ the comm unity with whom they worked.

Mr. David Middleton

"The focus o f Christian Service is, ‘to give and not to count the c o s t Si

Mariano Pellegrino prevents a child/rom running onto the court. Christian service projects helped the juniors to achieve a new sense 0/ responsibility.

Dave Holt, Ryan Androsiglio, Mariano Pellegrino, Kevin Kearns, Adam Sam arat, Danny Mussillo, Marcus Presley, and Mark Goldsack pose/or a group shot with acquaintances.

Mr. Middleton attentively listens to a junior who wished to volunteer a t the York St. Project. Students were required to have their projects approved by the director 0/ the Christian Service Program.

Anthony Marinello poses fo r a shot with his new-/ound friends over the summer. During the summer, some schools offered recreational programs at low or no cost.

Christian Service 31


Frustrated, /reshrnan Tcm McQuillan struggles ;With the “eg g ” pfisbiem. This exercise helped fresh m en kr.ow each other b etter and learn co o p eratio n skSlii

Fresh m an Matthew Bagnoli prepares to •otch a Jy liin g egg. The Freshm an Olympics served as a fin e introduction to the quirkf'i gprornutstty: o f Prep.

mm %mms Mm S


■ P i#

Panting, /reshrnan Mickael Zaki sprints down the sidewalk, eager to m ake it back to Prep in time fo r the next activity. These activites, led by the Peer Advisors, were designed to help sm ooth the transitio n fro m gram m ar school to high school.


Eyes closed, /reshrnan Ramon Ontal prepares to take the /ull blast o f the explosion o f the w ater balloon in his fa c e . Despite possibly em barassing m oments, the Freshm an Olympics were fu n fo r all involved.

3 2 Community


le Help O

ne o f the unique characteristicsof Prep is its Peer Advisor Program. This as­

were given a “ class - to - clafii,” tour of the confusing campus. After their first lunch at Prep,

the homerooms participated in the Freshman sisted students in the orientation process to high Olympics with events ranging from Basketball

school. This year the Peer Advisor Program was moderated by Ms. Geri Boland and Mr, Jorge Becerra. Through their careful instructions and

to a W ater - Balloon Toss. N ot only did the upperclassmen assist the

guidance, the upperclassmen were able to help the

freshmen at orientation, but they were also strong

freshmen become accustomed to their new sur­

role models throughout the year. T h e peer advi­

Ms. Geraldine Boland

roundings. T h e duties o f the peer advisors began in May

sors maintained contact with the freshmen dur­ ing the year through various activities.One o f the

“Because o f the Peer Advisors,

o f last year. H ere, the incoming freshmen got

extremely valuable experiences during the year

freshmen are able to adjust to life at

their first taste o f the Prep experience. Through

was the freshmen social, which aquainted Prep

Prep...these men act as strong role

various icebreakers, the morning was dedicated to the freshmen becoming acquainted with each

students with girls from local area schools. There

other and their peer advisors. T his com munica­ tion continued in the summer as most Peer advi­

activities, followed by dancing. As Ms. Boland stated, “Because o f the Peer Advisors, freshman

sors called their advisees to check on how they

Sre able to adjust to life at Prep. From the Peer

had fared since the May meeting. A few months later, the freshmen were offi­

Advisors’ initial contact in May at orientation through Sum mer phone calls and meetings cul­

cially welcomed as students o f Prep. T h is orien­

minating in September at the Freshman Olym­

tation was a two day program. T h e first day was devoted to technical issues such as locks, em er­

pics, these men act as strong role models for the

models for the incom ing freshman class.”

gency cards, lockers, schedules, and books. T h e second day was a full day. In the morning the students did a various number o f games and

Freshman Anthony Sciarra watches /or the ball as he represents his homeroom in the Ping Pong tournam ent. While only meeting /or a brief few minutes in the morning, students in homerooms often fo rm ed strong bonds o f f riendship.

was a numerous amount o f group d iscussions and

incoming freshman class.” T h e Peer Advisors continued their contact with freshmen through­ out the year. Peer Advisors epitomize the “ man for others” mentality o f Prep.

Peer Advisors Matthew Foster-Moore, Edmund Caulfield, and Dave Suarez greet new students o f Prep with a smile and a grin. The Peer Advisors were always willing to help out a f r e s hman in need.

PAC 33


I l





his year, another class o f juniors madtea

pouring o f love and energy made for a unique experience each time. house in Sea Bright. W hile it may ju stbeanother T h irty -tw o seniors m ade up this year’s house along the seawall to som e, to thoseat Prep E m m aus T eam . Each one o f them volunteered place in their hearts for an old retreat

it stands as a rem inder o f the com m unity upon

to take part in this group and gave their tim e to

which the Prep is based. Each year, F r.A zzarto

m ake E m m aus the best possible experience for

and others on the faculty host groups o f juniors

the ju niors. T h ey initiated conversation in small

for the Eimmaus Retreats w hich last from Satu r­

reflection groups and helped to m aintain the

day m orning until Monday night.

com m untiy spirit throughout the retreat. A long

E m m aus was som ething different for every­

with three faculty m em bers and an alum nus on

one who went. F o r some, it was an escape from

each, the team guided the juniors through each

the bu rdens o f school. T o others, it served as a

retreat and aided in their goals for the weekend.

release from the pressures o f everyday responsi­

T h e en tire E m m au s R etreat culm inated

bility. W hatever it meant to people, many learned

M onday evening with H om ecom ing. H ere, stu­

new things about their relationships with their

dents from the past retreats welcomed home

fam ilies, friends, and G od. Som e young men

th e ir classm ates and rek in d led th e ir ow n

were even surprised to find themselves letting

E m m au s mem ories. T hose on the retreat were

m ere acquaintances get close to their hearts.

then able to relate their experiences from the

T h e spirit o f the weekend was seen best in the com m unity form ed. F ro m washing dishes to

w eekend to classm ates and fam ily, as did the first travelers on the road to Em m aus.

playing football on the beach, everyone did their

F r. A zzarto, director o f E m m au s, said that

share and everyone becam e closer. N ear strang­

the ultim ate goal o f E m m aus was “trying to

ers becam e friends and close friends becam e

form a com m unity to m ake a difference in the

brothers. A fter 160 o f these retreats the process

days ahead.” Surely, that goal was being slowly

becomes routine, but the openness and the out-

fulfilled every tim e a retreat was completed.

Ju niors Mark Dondero, Allen Sista, Josep h Hernandez, Tory Esposito, and Sanoop Luke stand on the beach a t Sea Bright. The beach w as a place o f fu n and gam es f o r every Emmaus retreat.

3 4 Community

Members o f Emmaus 1 59 decorate their specialized cake, which like the banner, contains artistic input fro m every m em ber o f the retreat. However, unlike the b anner Cat least in m ost Em m aus’s) the cake was soon devoured.

Fr. Anthony Azzarto, S.J.

*".. trying to form a com m unity to m ake a difference in the days ahead.

Junior Chris Sikorski care/ully cuts m aterial fo r his Emmaus retreat banner. Emmaus banners were collaborations o f every person on the retreat.

Enthused with the Emmaus spirit, senior Will Lopez carries senior Joh n Hallanan in his arms. Spirits were always high when retreatants made their return.

Junior Mark Cevasco gets out o f a car, tired physically from his long Emmaus weekend. While Emmaus did, in a sense, drain the body, it only strengthened the soul.

Prepâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Emmaus Team. Front Row.- R. Briamonte, J . Carey, P. Vitanzo, J . Schwarz, T Zuber R Renner, A. Alum, F. Giordano, J . Amadeo, Mr.Lillis. Second Row: B. Blaneu, Fr. Raulli, S .J., B. Fitzgerald, B. Healy, M. Holt, R. McGrath, R. Diaz, M. Charowsky, C. Wall, K. Glock, P. Amadeo, S. Candela, M. McNemey, Mr. DeAngelo. Back Row Ms. Curry, E. Estevez, M. Gazic, M. McDonald, P. McGovern, C. Doria, J. McAulife, B. Archibald, V. Chisari, K. Rygiel, C. Briody, J . Hallanan

Emmaus 35"


Microphone in hand, Mr. iteidy prep ares to read o u t th e next recipient o f 2nd Honors. Students given this honor w ere alw ays ea g er to receive their certificates.

The celeb ran ts recess out of the gym as the Mass o f the Holy Spirit ends, fo llo w in g the Mass, an aw ards ceremony took place to h onor w orthy students.

W ith aid fro m tw o fellow priests, Fr. Mike Flynn, S .J. consecrates the bread and wine. The Eucharist was an im portant part o f the cerem ony and, through the help o f the Euch&ristic Ministers, was o ffer ed to all Catholic m em bers o f the Prep com m unity.

Students in the congregation w ait to be sprinkled with holy w ater during the Thanksgiving Ecumenical Service. The service was a change fro m the traditional Prep liturgy, but nevertheless brought all mem bers o f the com m unity together.

3 6 Community

t St.Peter’s, it was a rare opportunity to have the whole school body gathered

Catholic school. T h e whole event was organized

out the year, they often helped students become

great potential to make the liturgies something

closer to God. However, the masses were not

joyful; all they have to do is sing with as much enthusiasm as they do everything else.” With


by Ms. Lisa Cataldo, the director of the liturgical choir at once.The sense of community was strong onand band, both of which have had a strong presence at the masses this year. Ms. Cataldo, these occasions. T h e school liturgies gave the who felt strongly about the importance of music students and faculty a chance to experience the during the liturgy stated, “T h e students have school pride and spirit. Held monthly through­


Ms. Lisa Cataldo

“"The students have greatpotential to make the liturgies som ething joyful; all they have to do is sing with as much enthusiasm as they do every­ thing else. "

limited solely to Catholic students; non-Oatholic students were always welcome. T h e year began with the annual Mass o f the

help from Campus Ministry and Stage Crew,

Holy Spirit and Academic Convocation. This

dous success. T h e Honors Assemblies continued this year.

was the first chance for the new freshmen and new faculty to join the other school members in worship and acknowledgement o f achievement. A fter Mass, academic honors were announced

this year's Thanksgiving Liturgy was a tremen­

They not only recognized students for their outstandingacheivements in academics,but also honored some students with Spirit Awards,

and awards were given out. This year, the Thanksgiving celebration

which were given to students who best exempli­

was quite unique. Deviating from previous Prep

achievement on national exams were distrib­ uted. These assemblies and these awards were the best example o f the school spirit at Prep.

tradition, an ecumenical service was held. This service combined several religious traditions to

fied the spirit o f Prep. Other awards, such as

glorify G od. Readings from non-Christian scrip­

This year, like previous years, was an excel­

tures took place. Additionally, students o f other

lent one for school gatherings and even hough

faiths discussed their personal experiences with

many changes took place, Prep remained true to

their faith and being a non - Christian in a

its tradition for Ignatian principles.

Arms outstretched, Fr. Keenan receives the gift o f bread from. Madame Costanzo. At liturgies, all members o f the Prep community were encouraged to participate.

Ms. Cataldo, backed by members o f the liturgical band and choir, sings “We Gather Together.” Sometimes, when members o f the student body /ailed to sing, the choir had to carry the cross.

Liturgies 37



V e ry

R e v e re n d

P e te r

H an s

with a dinner in the Prep cafeteria and a confer­

K olvenbach, S.J., Superior G eneral o f

ence in the lib rary w ith the Jesu its from the Society o f Jesus, visited St. P eter’s Prep M on orristow n, St. P eter’s Prep School & College, O ctober 22,1998, after m eeting with the A m eri­ and C hurch, and the Jesuit scholastics from can Jesuit provincials, and before finishing his

C iszek H all in the Bronx. H is message to his

visit to N orth A m erica in Canada. Despite his

Jesuit brothers was sim ilar to that w hich he gave

hectic itinerary, F r. G eneral said, “I am happy to

during the prayer service. H e also discussed the

visit the people o f St. Peter’s Prep, College, and

w ork o f the Society in Eastern Europe, A frica,

Parish here in Jersey C ity.”

South A m erica, and Asia.

T h e Prep com m unity was enthusiastic about

L in k in g local work to the universal work o f

m eeting him. F r. K eenan, S.J. and M r. Jack

the Society across the globe without dim inishing

Raslowsky hosted a reception for F r. G eneral in

its value was im portant to F ath erG en eral. T h is

the Prep cafeteria that afternoon, w hich was

cam e as no surprise, as F ath er G en eral’s life has

heavily attended by Prep faculty, staff, students,

been filled with intense internationalw ork. A f­

and alum ni, as well as many others from N ew

ter entering the Society o f Jesus in the N eth er­

Y o rk and N orthern N ew Jersey.

lands in 1948, he was ordained a priest in 1961 in

Follow ing the reception, Fath er G en eral’s

Beirut, Lebanon, and spent the next twenty years

character truly showed itself at the prayer ser­

in the M iddle East. H e spent 1981-1983 in Rom e

vice in St. P eter’s C hurch o f Resurrection P ar­

as the rector o f the Pontifical O riental Institute.

ish. H is love for the com m unity at Prep m ani­

F r. K olvenbach began his current apostolate on

fested itself as he exhorted them to rem em ber

Septem ber 13, 1998, when he was elected the

their history — their hum ble beginnings and

Jesuit Superior General.

grow th — so that they m ight continue to deepen both their faith in God and service to others. Fath er General wrapped up his tim e at Prep

Fr. Ja m es French, Fr. Ken Gavin, and Fr. Kolvenbach preside a t the prayer service in St. P eter’s. The presen ce o f Fr. General m ade the liturgy even more o f a moving experience th an usual.

3 8 Community

W hile the Prep com m unity was disappointed to see F r. Kolvenbach leave, it felt graced by his company.

Sharing a m om ent togeth er during the reception, Fr. Kolvenbach and Mr. Raslowsky talk over events at Prep. Fr. Kolvenbach enjoyed the com pany and input/rom the lay people who worked in Je su it apostolates.

Fr. Peter Hans Kolvenbach, S.J.


7 am happy to visit the people o fSt. Peter's Prep, College, and Parish here in Jersey City. ”

Up a t the podium, Fr. Kolvenbach thanks the Prep community fo r its hospitality. In turn, many in the Prep community later thanked him in speeches.

Fr. Jam es Keenan introduces the Fr. General to Mr. Ray Aumack ‘ 55. Fr. General was always eager to meet the products 0/ a Jesu it education.

Orville Thomas, a member of the student council, delivers a welcome speech to the Fr. General. Orville’s speech eloquently reflected the feeling of the entire Prep community.

Patrick McGovern, Joh n Hallanan, Alan Vezina, Kurt Ubelhoer, Mike McDonald, Chris Shalhoub, and Orville Thomas pose with Fr. Kolvenbach. Both the students and Fr. General were pleased to have each other’s company.

Father General 39

Two ea g e r HAP students help e a ch o th e r solve an a lg eb ra problem before hom eroom . HAP students easily fo rm ed friendships.

During: th e HAP graduation, Mr. Irvine shares: som e o f his experiences. As the HAP m oderator, Mr. Irvine served as both a teacher and a role model,

Mr. Ignatius Sepulvida, S .J. helps Barkley Cadet, a HAP student, understand the m istakes m ade on his la st test. During the sh ort duration o f the HAP program , students and teach ers developed a unique relationship.

Front Row: J . Persad, J . Bona/e, E. Nguyen, D. Patel, L. Arellano, F. Bondoc, A. Generoso, J . P. Prudente, G. Munoz, E. Thompson, M. Zak. Second Row: I. Bajw a, J . Abanilla, E. Olsen, E. W ong, M. Price, T. Bryant, J . Gallagher. Third Row: A. Wolleon, S. Sesay, J . Chen, G. Bernales, I. Sheikh, F. Malik. Back Row: G. Aro, P. DeSom m a, G. Cassius, J , Naviello, P. Abdelmessih, M. Nieves, J . Mal/ettone, J . Bajw a, M. Gonzales, M. Song, J. Cruz.



um mer, for most students, is usually a

bination o f academics and athletics gives pro­

time for rest and relaxation. However,

spective students a general outlook o f what Prep

all about." After sports, the students took part for a select few seventh graders, it was a timeisfor in additional elective classes. These classes were growth in both mind and body. From June 29 to a chance for the students to study one particular July 31, these students took part in the Higher Achievement Program. In the morning, the stu­ dents' minds were stimulated by such subjects as English, Math, and W riting. They learned to

Joseph Naviello ‘99

"The combination o f academics and athletics gives prospective students a general outlook o f what Prep is all about."

think independently, analyze complex questions, and support answers using facts. T h e process o f learning was always exciting. Each day the stu­ dents established strong friendships with both their teachers and fellow classmates. T w ice a week, a Substance Awareness class would re­

subject o f their choice, such as Biology Lab. During the middle o f the program, Je ff Thaxton came and spoke to the students about the impor­ tance o f family and the dangers o f alcohol and drug abuse. As always, he followed his lecture with a magic show. Towards the end o f the program, the H A P students from Prep com­ peted against Xavier H A P students in sports. T o celebrate the end o f the program, the


faculty and tutors held a special graduation in

manded the most out o f each student. T his class taught them about the dangers o f drug abuse

the church. Students were given awards for individual class leadership, sports MVPs, and

and ways to avoid it. Sometimes, reformed drug

outstanding work in elective classes. Also, the

place the Quiet Reading period, which

addicts would come into the class and tell the

newly named Fr. John Browning, S.J. H A P

students about their own harsh experiences o f

Spirit Award was dedicated. It was given to the

addiction. T h e afternoon was the most active time o f the

student who exemplified the qualities o f a true man for others. T h e H A P program truly ex­

day. A fter lunch, each class would go head to head in intramural sports such as basketball. Joe

pressed the spirit o f Prep. It was shown in the

Naviello, a H A P tutor commented, "T he com­


Discussing a short story, Mr. Dwyer questions his HAP class about the author’s writing style. The HAP program helped students to improve their ability to critically analyze literature.

tutors, teachers, extra-curricular activities, and

Members o f a HAP homeroom carefully w atch the moves o f their opponents in order to avoid getting hit by the other team in a game o f dodgeball. After lunch, students relaxed with intramural games.

HAP 41


n April 3, 1998, fifteen students and

region o f le M arche in central Italy. T h ere, they

th e ir te a c h e rs , S ig n o r a A n to n ia

attended school and later met the m ayor's assis­ Cansonni and Signora D aniela Della Bella,tant from in the older central area o f the city, enclosed

the Liceo Scientifico Leonardo D a Vinci in Jesi,

by ancient walls, where there were historical

Italy, arrived at Prep, where they were greeted

buildings from tim e periods as diverse as the

by m em bers o f P rep’s first Italian E xchange and

M edieval E ra, Rinascim ento, and the Rom an

their fam ilies in a reception in the H arry

E m pire. Students took total trips to the nearby

Siperstein Library.

city o f A ncona, the provincial capital, as well as

Thou gh much time in the follow ing tw o

to the caves at Frasassi and to U rbino, the town

weeks was spent in Jersey City, as all exchange

w here Rafael was born. T w o days were spent in

students attended classes at Prep the week prior

Florence, as well as a short tim e in Rom e and

to spring vacation and later had the opportunity

V enice due to lengthy travel times. However,

to m eet M ayor B ret Schundler, m ost o f the time

there was sufficient tim e to view the m ajor sights

was passed in N ew Y o rk City, w hether going to

in Rom e and to w alk across m uch o f Venice

the M etropolitan M useum o f A rt and Museum

from the P iazza di San M arco to the train station

o f M odern A rt, attending a perform ance o f the

on the opposite side, though some o f the Walk

Broadway musical “Sm okey Joe’s C afe,” visit­

was through the rain.

ing such sites as the W orld T rad e C enter and

Sig. A nthony L oria organized and directed

Em pire State Building, or w alking through C en­

the exchange with the aid o f M r. D e A ngelo for

tral P ark. Students also visited Ellis Island, and

the purpose o f allow ing students who are study­

subsequently spent two days in W ashington,

ing Italian to have the opportunity not only to

D .C . toward the conclusion o f the two weeks.

study m ore profoundly the languange, but to

In June, m em bers o f the exchange spent two

truly understand the culture and country itself.

weeks in Jesi, a m illenia-old city, o f a population

Reflecting upon his experience, Sig. L oria stated,

not m uch sm aller than that o f Bayonne, in the

“HE stata una bella esperienza. A m iam o Italia.”

At the “Im agine M osaic” in Straw berry Fields, Sig. Loria attem pts to sing “C an’t Buy Me Love” as those surrounding him enjoy the m om ent. The m osaic honoring Jo h n Lennon was m ade in Naples, Italy.

4 2 Community

Jo e Naviello, Jo e Falcicchio, and Daniel Di/eo lead the way to the Capitol building in W ashington. Exchange members subsequently toured the Capitol and several other governm ent buildings.

Signor Anthony Loria

“E ' stata una bella esperienzai. Am iam ojtalia. ” 1 (“I t was a beautiful experience. We love Italy.")

Matteo, Elisa, and Francesca use a luggage cart in Venice to plow over the photographer. Venice is /amous not only fo r its canals, but also fo r its pigeons.

Giancarlo Sari and Gennaro Pica contem plate the meaning o f li/e as Brian Casani and Jo e Naviello enthusiastically aw ait the commencement of classes.

Signora Cansonni, Mr. DeAngelo, and Signora Della Bella review the plans fo r the day. While in W ashington, students had much time to spend independently fro m the itinerary to view the numerous museums and monuments.

Front Row: Signora A. Cansonni, G. Pica, C. Novelli, S. Salvucci, F. Longo, R. Piersantelii, L. Nicolini, Signor A. Loria. Second Row: L. Paonessa, J . Falciccmo, A. Miceii, L. Lancioni, L. Paccam ici, G. Beviiacqua, S. Pellegrini, G. Galeassi, G. Topa. Third Row: Signora D. Della Bella, M. Dondero, J . Naviello, J . Ditiruyak, E Di Nicola, J . Luty, J . Ciuppa, K. Utizi, S. Bornigna, J . Lancellotti, M. Manzo, G. Sari. Fourth Row: J . Lo Porto, B. Casani, M. Latini, D. DiFeo.

Italiar* Exchange H3

A t h l e t i c

endeavors were I Important to many flat ;pr@p. Here, senibr WIU does\ ' ^hll,. Impersonation ofAtlas.



4 4 A th le tic s

The U iQ ig y wkick governs all ku man life can iye expressed as t wo d istin ct u nc o nsc io u s a nd irraU o n a 1 fo r c e s , wkick. if u ncontrolled â&#x20AC;˘by Ike rat ional e q n sc i ous mi n d, would consume us. Some aspects of tkese instinctual drives,, creative as well as A G G R E S S I V E e ne rgy, m a y -be effectively used in suck f ields as music or tke sciences f or Ike t>enef it of all k u ma n k i nd . , Sim ilarly, atkletics provide fo r a va luat>le institution wherein tkese same FORCES may i>e s u c c e s s I u 11 y manifested in c o n s c i o u s existence. DiviJer â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;ib



his year’s Varsity Football

tions about things that could have

team had theirshareofups

been done better. H owever, the an­

the Marauders was getting back into the state playoffs. Although they lost and downs. A fterstartingthe season in the first round they were quite

ticipation o f next season is far more

o ff with three straight wins their

pleased with the success o f the year.

pressing on the underclassm en’s

streak was haunted by a tough de­

Senior captains Billy Fitzgerald,

minds. Senior year is truly their time

feat again st U n io n H ill. T h e y

L a w re n c e

bounced back by beating Dickinson

Edw ards, Eric Estevez, and M ark

for next year was begun soon after

in a fourth quarter com e back.

D iG esu led this year’s team. These

the conclusion o f the season. W ith




B ayonn e,

A le x a n d e r ,

N ic k

toshine. Weightliftinginpreperation

five led the team i n the d i rection they

com m ittm ent to m aking these ses­

H oboken, and H oly Cross never

wanted to go.

sions the team will become better.

brought the team down. T h ey fin­

sophomores stepped up as well to

T h e coachi ng staff this yea r, con-

ished their season by beating Hudson

help the team to victory. Juniors

sisting o f Rich Hansen, Ken Such,

C atholic 14-7.

T h e juniors and

Prep finished the

M ike Gonelli and Cabral Edely were

W illiam W ilk es, T o n y C risalli,

season with a 6- 4 record bouncing

large contributers to the team ’s suc­

K enFerrante, Chris Andreadis,and

back from a 3-6 record o f a year ago.

cess. T h e m and other excellent ju n­

Rick G ronda, was once again the

O ne o f the high points o f the

ior players leave much to be expected

main drive behind the football team’s

season was beatingrival North Bergen

for next year. Som e o f the team ’s

success. Varsity head coach Rich

in an overtim e thriller in the third

inconsistency may be due to in juries

Hansen had this to say about the

gam e o f the season. Senior quarter­

to key players at certain points in the

1998 season, “T h e year was roller

back Billy Fitzgerald hooked up

season. However, the team dealt with

coaster like for us— we played very

with senior Steve Jim inez for the two

these problems and managed to ac­

well for much o f the season. My

point con version that won the gam e

cum ulate a w inning season which

disappointment comes from notbe-

for Prep.

pleased most o f the players. T h e

ingable to play consistently in all our

Also another great m om ent for

season was filled with mixed em o­


Senior Steve Jim en ez carries his equipm ent in after a long and difficult practice. Practices took place after school and were essential to the team perform ing their best.

Leaping into the air, sophom ore Anthony LaSpada catches the pass to score valuable points fo r the Prep. Football gam es were often the scene of g rea t ath letic fe a ts.

*tG A thletics

Junior Kellen Williams throws his arms triumphantly up in the air as the referee announces a touchdown fo r St. P eter’s Prep. As the crowd boomed at every touchdown, the team reacted in a similar way. Clapping his hands to attract attention, coach Rich Hansen shouts out advice to the/ootball players on the Jield. As a long-time coach at Prep, Rich Hansen’s experience and knowledge was invaluable.

1998 Varsity Football Record: 6 - 4

irst Row.- B. Kaczka, A. Gonzalez, L. Alexander, R.Keenan, G. M alakauskas. Second Row: P. Farrell, K. 1/ilUams, B. Diggs, A. Greene, R.Catlaw, E. Estevez, D. Gonzalez, N. Emma, M. DiGesu, J . Que, K. Vecchi. hird Row: J . Talty, B. Ryan, W. Rabbitt, C. Edley, W. Fitzgerald, M. Cunningham, P. Botsolas, M. ionnelli, N. Edwards, B. Ghaddy, J. Natale, A. Riaz. Fourth Row.- B. Gleason, E. Ratyniak, M. Andreadis, >. Alvarez, A. Boyd, L. Giele, S. Jim inez, R.Beilina, J . Giordano, K. O’Connor. Back Row: M. Biondo, !. Grzelka, M. Cronin, M. Riaz, J . Nolan, J . Park, M. Kamal, M. Quelal, L. Campbell, C. Encarcion. Missing: V. Lopez, A. Okoro.

Prep: 45 Prep: 14 Prep: 8 Prep: 11 Prep: 18 Prep: 10 Prep: 8 Prep: 41 Prep: 24 Prep: 14

Kearny: Memorial: North Bergen: Union Hill: Dickinson: Bayonne: Hoboken: Ferris: Holy Cross: Hudson Catholic:

0 13 7 29 14 29 15 8 33 7

V arsity Foottall 47

Prepâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s fresh m an fo o tb a ll team exits the field a fter winning a gam e a g a in st Ferris. The team concluded a successful season with a record o f 5-3-1.

Sophom ore Billy. R abbitt excited(j| t n tS w the footb all stadium . The JV team subsequently d e fe a t e d their Hudssn Catholic opponents.

1998 JV Football

Prep: 20 Prep: 14 Prep: 12 Prep: 12 Prep: 26 Prep: WIN Prep: 27 Prep: 26


Kearny: 0 Memorial: 0 Dickinson: 0 Dickinson: 0 Bayonne: 6 Ferris: Forfeit Woodbridge: 6 Hudson Catholic:: 0

1998 Freshman Football 5-3-1

Prep: 22 Prep: 0 Prep: 16 Prep: 6 Prep: 26 Prep: 6 Prep: 27 Prep: 24 Prep: 26

4 8 A thletics

Kearny: 0 Memorial: 24 North Bergen: 34 Union Hill: 24 DHS: 13 Bayonne: 6 Hoboken: Forfeit Ferris: 0 Hudson Catholic: 6

Front Row: E. J . Durke, C. Martini, B. Santisi, K. Mulroy, F. Bondoc, P. Rodriguez, L. Moloney, f* DeGennaro, J . B o nafe, G. Bernales, M. Cadorette. Second Row: J . Pershad, C. Valite, T. Hawks, J . Tapit J . Zubko, G. Kender, M. Hoffman, C. Egalite, M. Inocencio, M. Gonzales, R.Sanchez. Back Row: V. Cannor A. Mercun, L. Canady, P. P/annekoh, M. Mulhern, R. Mangunay, R. Connell, A. Cody, J . Solan. Missinc S. Finnegan.

lh t°



iscipline ... hard work ...

tions about going into the season,

preparation ... teamwork

Coach Roselle commented, “At the ... these were all key ingredients that freshman level... it’s about teaching

have helped shape the St. Peter's

the kids to play football.'' Prep's

Freshman and Junior Varsity foot­

frosh came from different programs and had not previously played to­

ball programs. Coach Ed Roselle's previous ex­ perience on the varsity level at Prep served him well in his first year as head coach of the freshmen team. He and his coaching staff accepted the challenge to teach the basics to

gether as a unit. By the end of the season it seemed as if this team had

plified by the fact that only two touchdowns were scored against them. Handy winsoverteamssuch as Bayonne and Hudson Catholic, to whom this team lostas freshman, showcased improved offensive play.

been together for much more than fourmonths. Coach Roselleacknowl-

W hen it came to success however,

edged, “My expectations for this team

by wins and losses... W etry togetall the kids aimed at them as much

the young squad to prepare them

have been met and exceeded.'' W hen it came to naming key

for the next level o f com petition.

players, it was apparent from Coach

T h e season started slowly. After

undefeated Junior Varsity squad. Their dcfensi vc pr<>wess was exem­

R<xsel 1e's res pon sc t ha t no incl ivicl ua 1

Coach Crisalli declared, “I don't go

playing time is possible.’’ L ik e C oach R oselle, Coach

initial victory over Kearny, the Prep

was responsible for the team’s suc­

Crisalli hadadifficulttim ein point­ ing to individual players as respon­

frosh lost threestraightgames against rivals North Bergen, Union Hill,


sible for this season's outstanding

which produced the impressive 5-

record. He preferred to reinforce

and Memorial. Not to be discour­

teamwork as the prime factor in

aged, the unit fought injuries and

3-1 record. Building upon success is the hall­

won five games in a row, including

mark ofSain t Peter’s Prep football.

victories over Bayonne and Hudson

Coach Tony Crisalli continued his


winningtradition this season during

pressed to name names, this veteran coach insisted, “It was a real team effort, I can't really single out one

his first year at the helm o f Prep’s


W hen asked about his expecta­

It was truly a team effort,

Members o f Prep’s footb all coaching sta// intensely watch the field. Their close analyses o f each game were instrumental to the team ’s success.

their achievements. In fact, when

Prep’s offensive linemen prepare fo r the next play against their Hudson Catholic opponents. Prep eventually overcame Hudson, to score an important win.

J V $ Freshman Football 43


he I 998 cross-country team

underclassmen throughout the sea­ freshman year, com piling an impres-

was the dom inant force in


Hudson ('< >un ty tx >ys' c n >ss c<oun t ry S a lv a to r e

this year. Being the first hoys' team ever t(>sweep all f<>ur c<>unty meets,

si ve resu me d u r ing h is four years here C a n d e la ,

( 'l i n t

at Prep. H owever, his illness opened

B ran sk y , Jesse C assib b a, L u k e upanoppurtunity for sophomore Billy D rum m ond, and Anthony Miceli Bludgus. Bludgus firmly established

this squat) won a place in both the

were the senior stars.

T h e team

himself asoneof the premiere runners

Prep and County crosscountry his­

entered the season with an increased

in the county and Prep’s hope for

tory. In addition to these accom ­ plish men ts, cn )ss-c< >untry ah®>p aced

m otivation to do well; this was future success. ( )ther impressive un­ brought on by the disappointments derclassmen runners included sopho­

sixth in the state meet, which was the

of last year's injury-plagued team, more Sean Cullen and junior Sam m y

scho( >l\sbest show ing ever.

which still prevailed despite the dif-


T h ese underclassmen are

T h e team was led by head coach

fl c u 1ti es. ( ' a pta 1n Sa 1va tore ( 'a nd e 1a bound to find themselves responsible

Mr. M ichael Burgess and assistant

com m ented, “T h is was our last sea­ for the success of the cross-country

coach Ms. L eeC h u a,a new'addition

son and we wanted to finish strong. team in the near future.

who assisted the team notonly in her

W e practiced hard and set out to

experience as a triathelete but als( >by

sweep the counties.” Sal Candela, concentration on theirgoals,theCross

T hrou gh hard work and constant

entering the team in meets, which

building up for the past three years, Country team cemented its place in

she did with precise tim ing. W ith

had finally taken three out of the Prep athletic history. Captain senior

such excellent atheletes and organi­

four individual county cham pion­ (esseCassibba reflected on this,saying,

zation, the team expected great

ships. Illness had prevented C an ­ “ W e ca me i n f resh man yea r as wi n ners

things from the very start.

dela from participating in the South and we wanted to go out in the same


coaches were confident that their

Hudson Cham pionships. Candela style.'' ( liven the impressive record this

seni( )rs, who were the ma j<>rity (>f the

was n<>st ra nger t() success, tak i ng a 11 year, it is clear that this desire became

team, did their best to inspire the

four county cham pionships in his true.

Panting, senior stars Luke Drummond and Je sse C assiba race ahead o f the com petition. The seniors were the driving fo r c e behind this y ea r’s cross country team .

bO A thletics

Seniors Anthony Miceli, Sal Candela, and Brian Musto practice near the school. Through practice and hard work, the cross country team achieved an impressive record.

'ont Row.- George Magou, Ja c k Hanlon, Greg Gargiulo. Second Row.- Coach Burgess, Clint Bransky, ike Drummond, Brian Musto, Adam Kastl, Anthony Miceli, Je sse Cassibba, A ssistant Coach Chua. Back ow: Pat McGovern, Pat Smith, Sean Glasser, Sean Cullen, Jo e Garo/alo, Billy Bludgus, Sam Rivera, lissing: Ernest Bowen, Sal Candela, Michael Gallo.

Senior captain Sal Candela runs in the lead during one of the cross country tournaments. Sal Candela continued his tradition o f excellence which he /irmly established in his /reshmen year. Neck and neck, Billy Bludgus races with an opponent during one o f the tournaments. Billy proved himsel/ to be an integral part o f this yearâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s cross country team.

1998 Cross Country St. Dominic Invitational

Fourth Place

Bulldog Invitational

Third Place

Jersey City Championship

First Place

H.C. I. A.A. Championship

First Place

South Hudson Championship

First Place

H.C.T.C. A. Championship

First Place

C.T.C. Championship

Sixth Place

Jesuit Invitational

Third Place

N.J.S.I. A. Championship

Sixth Place

Cross Country 51

Seniors Brian Healy and M atthew Foster-M oore leap into the air with a m em ber fro m the opposing team , attem pting to head the ball. These skill/ul perform an ces gave the soccer team the ability to win this season. Arms over head, senior Carl Van Note throw s the ball into play. The expression upon his fa c e reflects the determ ination o f all Prep soccer players this year.

Prep Prep Prep Prep Prep Prep Prep Prep Prep Prep Prep Prep Prep Prep Prep Prep

1998 Varsity Soccer 10-1-5

1 5 0 11 3 8 5 2

Lyndhurst: North Arlington: Toms River East: Marist: Hudson Catholic: Lincoln: Harrison: Bayonne: Ferris.North Bergen: Emerson: Dickinson; Memorial: Union Hill: Ridge: Peddie:

4 2 1 2 2 2 1 1

Prep 5 Prep 0 Prep 0

County Playoffs

Hoboken: Emerson:

State T ournam ent

!>2 A thletics


1 0 1 0 0 0 0 1 0 3 3 0 0 3 2 0 1 1 4

First Row: S. W ieczorek, J . Dacchille, J . Carey, T. Burns, C. Kirkos, J . Buzzio, M. Farley A. Magat I D. Silva, D. Muzzillo. Back Row: Mr. J . Irvine, R. Carroll, M. Silva, D. Finn, B. Healy, C. Van Note, S. Sal M. Pellegrino, M. Hunton, P. Ambrosio, K. Gillis, M. Foster-Moore, M. Borruch, S. Cunningham, M I McCabe.

pick up the slack and make the big

scm ifi nal oppt men t was yet a not her

play when the team needed it most. strong threat to other state Head soccer coach John Irvine agreed, "W ith the solid play from guys like teams. Furthermore establishing the Dan Finn and Matt Foster-Moore, Soccer program as the most consis­

state ranked team, Emerson. This


he ‘98 Va rsity Soccer team was once again quite a

game was a rematch of last year's HCIA A championshipgame. While Prep dominated the game on both sides of the ball and on both sides of

tently successful athletic program at

we had a good year and were able to

Prep. T h e pressure to perform how­

exceed everyone's expectations but

ever, was increased this year as Prep

our own. It was tough though, when we were not as senior dominant as

the field, Emerson rallied to score a somewhat disputed goal in the clos­ ing minutes of the second half.

we were a year ago." Prep finished the regular season

the team had concluded with a re­

on an apparent high note, as they

spectable 13-7 record. Expectations

said, "T he early success of the team

won four of their last six contests. T h e team took that momentum into

are already quite high for next sea­ son. Those expectations should be

helped bolster our confidence to

the county and state playoffs. D ur­

high with returning stars like start­

hopefully do well and retain our

ing the weekend o f November 8th a

county title." T h e difference between this

sixth seeded Prep team journeyed to

ing goalie Mike Sylvia anil offensive threatslike Dan Muzzilloanil Matt

year's team and last year's squad was almost like night and day. T h e

chial A section o f the state tourna­ ment. It proved to be Pingry'sday,as

1997 team had a strong senior foun­

they overpowered Prep and won by

dation, while the 98' Marauders

the score o f 4 - 0 . In the county playoffs P rep easily d efeated Hoboken by the score o f 5 - 0. T hei r

was the d efending C o-H udson County Champions. Senior Matt Hunton commented on the antici­ pations o f the team to do well in the wake o f a county championship, he

relied upon people who may not have been used to the spotlight to

face state ranked Pingry in the Paro­

Ju nior Matthew Foster-Moore drives the bail down the field towards the goal. The Prep soccer team found themselves in this position many times this season.

When thedusthad finally cleared,

Foster-Moore, who was named as o neofthctop 51 players in the New Jersey. W ith this type o f talent re­ turning, Prep enthusiasts can expect the soccer team to regain their county title.

Senior Daniel Finn skillfully passes an opposing defenseman. Prep soccer players consistently broke through the defenses arrayed against them.

V arsity Soccer 53


he 1998 JV Soccer squad

until the last m inute. A t the end o f the season, our hard Work and de­ son. In Josh Jantas1.second season termas ination paid o ff greatly.” com pleted a banner sea­

the head coach, the team overcam e

Prep’s J V team becam e the only

injuries and adversity to garner an

blemish on rival H udson C ath olic's

impressive 11-3 record and capture

record by defeating them three times;

the South H udson County C h am ­

in two weeks. Oneofthe more rnemo-


rablegam esofthecam paign w asa2-

T h e JV team began the season

2 tie at N orth Bergen, which ended

with a 5-1 landslide defeat over

their sixteen-gam e w inning streak.

Lyndhurst. They continued to work

Sophom ores Steve T h o rn e and

hard in following practises,and their

Evan Visone patrolled the midfield,

inspiring effort was evident in their

w hile sophomores D ylan M cG orty

battles w ith T o m s R iv er E ast,

and M ike Farley anchored the de­

Em erson, and St. Benedict's. T h ey

fense. O ther m ajor contributors in­

had tremendous wins over Academic

c lu d e d

and Bayonne H igh Schools that

B la u v e lt, M ik e H u n to n , D a n

so p h o m o re s

A n d re w

raised the team ’s spirit significantly.

Slam iak, and John Rossi. Freshm an

So p h o m o re E van V ison e co m ­

goalkeepers T o m Schm itt and Brett

m ented, “A t this point, we knew we

Prim e shared the netm indingduties

were in the running for the South

and combined their efforts for seven

H udson County Championships.

shutouts during the season and the

N onetheless, we fought every gam e


Sophom ore Daniel Slamiak relaxes a/ter a hard day o f practice under the guidance o f Coach Irvine. A com bination o f practice and skill led the JV Soccer team to victory.

1 ^ 8 -1 9 9 9 JV Soccer H pPr®: f t : . . PrejS: Preps ' 2 Prep. S f Prep: Prep: 0 Presp P rejr ''T% Prep: 6 1 Prep: i. 0 Prep: o i Prep Prep: Win Prep: o Prep: 0 Prep; P

LyiK&urst: TesisTBVer E .IS Academic: Bayonne: Emerson: St. Benedict's: Academic: North Bergen-. >,



Front Row.- KenTeschlog, Dan Fallon, Marek Dudziak, Brett Prime, Tom Schm itt, J o e Battista, Guillermo Fargas, Nick Hamilton. Back Row: Asst. Coach M att Klarmen, Head Coach Jo s h Ja n is '9 5 , Daniel Slam iak, Andrew Blauvelt, Mike Farley, Brian Yun, Nick Tehlikian, D aveScudder, Dylan McGorty, Steve Thorne, Evan Visone, Mike Hunton, Jo h n Rossi, Ryan Adler.

P I A thletics

- jH | 3


% Hoboken: ^iSt. ^ ft^ ic t’s: Bayonne: S||Jde'sl|||fc Hoboken: Ridge*. HudsotiEatholic:

1 0 .] o I ;s%33 : Forfeitj 21 j 0



Q . Forfeitj


• o 1 3

County Playoffs Preps. i 2 Prep:^ 2 Prept 2 Prep: 5

HudSQiiCatholiC: Bayonne: Hoboket): H irfsss Catholic:

I'''': 0.i 0

1998-1999 JV Hockey 4-9-4 Prep Prep Prep Prep Prep Prep Prep Prep Prep Prep Prep

Prep Prep Prep Prep Prep Prep

7 0 0: 10 1 3 8 2 2

3 2 1 1 4 5 3 3

Hackensack: Summit: Clifton: Old Bridge: Bridgewater: Hudson Catholic: Bayonne: Paramus Catholic: Bridgewater: Bayonne: Cliftons Old Bridge:,i:; Hudson Catholic: Bayonne: Westfield: Hackensack; Westfield:

3 3 3 2 5 4 0 6 2 3 3 *i 2 2 5 4 4

Front Row.- Joseph Long, Matt Messenger, Anthony Sciarra, Tom Mulhern. Second Row: Matt Faden, Dave Holt, Chris Shalhoub, Eric Walker, Matt Bagnoli, Chris Komurek. Back Row: William Bedford, Joseph Wilson, Robert Komurek, Anthony Boyd, Mike Cronin, Robert Bedford.

is Fres&nan jo sep Ji LoTufjaces o ff with a member front an opposing team. While the JV Hockey team did not de/eat its opponent in every game, it always put up a good Jight.



he key to success at the var­ sity level is a hockey player's

Z E H Mike Cronin led the team in scoring, assisted by forwards Pete Romanski,

Robert Bedford, W illiam Bedford, development while playingon afreshand Rob Komurek. The Marauders' solid defense was this year's JV squad did not win anchored by captain Santi Formoso, every game, they showcased several man or junior varsity team. Though

important talents that will alio w them to be champions in the future. Led by head coach Joe Maione and assistan t coach A n th o n y Pasculli, as well as Captains Mike Cronin, Sand Formoso, and Chris

along with sophomore Anthony Boyd, freshmen Joey Longand Matt M essen ger, and ju n io r C h ris Komurek. Stronggoaltendingwas provided by junior Joe Maloney and

Shalhoub, this year's team made

freshman Matt Bagnoli. Commenting on the team's style

great progress throughout the sea­

o f play, M ike Cronin stated, "W e

son. W hen asked about their team's

were very physical." T h e Prep JV team consistently out-hit and outtoughed all o f their opponents. T he

level o f play, junior Captain Santi Formoso replied, "W e improved. W e became better every game we played." This was evident when Prep battled its way to two ties against perennial pow erh ou ses S u m m it and

team’s aggressiveness and incredible fortitude were instrumental to its success. T h e '98-'99 squad's determina­

Bridgewater. T h e '98-'99 team was solid in

tion, desire, and hustle were qualities

both offense and defense. Captain

team in the future.

which will surely make it a great

J V Soccer / J V HocKey 55



| he 1998-1999P rep Varsity

brought two years o f varsity experi­

hockey season opened up

c a re e f business and play tough with

ence to the table and contributed to w ith a different outlook than thisseason in in a big way. Freshm an

Ja m e s

recent years past.

H ochstader.

the big boys,” as said by coaches B ren n an


S c o tt

A fter placing Ryan A dler saw regular rotation on third last season and second the year defense and proved fiS be a solid

Shu tting out B rick M em orial 3-0,

before w hile playing in the A m eri­

defender with potential for great­

rom ping Pope John X X I I I 6-1, and

can A conference, this year’s team

ness in the future. A nchoring the

playing to a tie against rival W est

w asgrated with realignm ent.

Prep defense was third year starter

Essex 4-4, this team proved to do

T h e departure o f nine seniors

M ike M anzo. Thisseason proved to

exactly as they expected.

left a young, som ew hat inexperi­

be a breakthrough for M anzo, who

entry into the N J State T o u rn a ­

T h ey did ju st that.

W hile

enced group. H ow ever, they rarely

after two years at the Varsity level

ment is pending, this team will finish

lacked leadershipor determ ination

was recognized as one o f the most

at least fifth in the highly com peti­

over the course o f the difficult sched­

solid goalies in the league.

ule N ational C had to offer. Junior

tive, powerful N ational C con fer­

O n the other side o f the puck,

ence and as stated by an opposing

Captain Ed P ickett stepped into the

Ju n io rP e te V isone was the offense’s

coach “...will m ake some noise in the

lim elight to lead the pack throu gh­

spark plugw ith his slick maneuvers


out this season and beyond while

and all-out assault on opposing de-

A ndrew Moe led with his exp eri­

fe n d e r s *


Sop h om ore

K e v in

Prep hockey will lose only three seniors for the 1999-2000 season and

M cG rath continued his develop­

hoped to return m ore experienced

T h is year’s attitude contrasted

m ent and com plem ented V ison e’s

and m ature players. T h e return o f

those o f previous Prep teams be­

play throughout the season with his finesse.

defense, and lots o f underclassm an

cause o f one motive: defense before offense. Juniors Ed P ickett, M att

W ith the upgrade to N ational C,

F i t z p a t r i c k , a n d R y an B o y le

the team ’s philosophy was to “T a k e

B efore a gam e, Coach Jim Brennan

Rushing down the rink, a hockey player leads the d efen se b efo re passing the puck. Prep hockey was not only about physical skills but also m ental toughness.

reminds his team th a t team w ork is the key. The inspired words o f the coach were often enough to lead Prep to victories.

i>G A thletics

a captain, starting goalie, the entire m ake a recipe for an explosive sea­ son to come.

font Row: Ryan Adler, Tom McQuillan, Jo e Giordano, Kevin McGrath, Rick Briamonte. Second Row: pter Visone, Matt Ingles, Christian Doria, Andy Moe, Ed Pickett, Brett Prime. Back Row: Chris Tricarico, seph Messina, Ryan Boyle, Matt Fitzpatrick, Mike Cronin, Jam es McGraw. Missing: Ja so n Aguiar, a tt Bell, Jo e Cossolini, Mike Manzo.

A stalw art member o f the team rashes ahead o f the d efen se o f his opponents with the puck. This year, the Varsity team was able to achieve several victores due to its outstanding o/jense. Skating back to his goal post, a member of the team thanks his companion for a game-winning assist at the end o f the gam e. Time was a form idable opponent during many close games.

1998-1999 Varsity Hockey 7-14-2

West Essex: 4 Prep 2 Roxbury; 4 Prep 1 St. John Vianney: 5 Prep 1 Paramus Catholic: 8 Prep 1 Bridgewater-Rarrare T Prep 3 i Paramus H.S.: Prep 0 2 Prep 1. | Nottingham: 2 Pope John XIII: Prep 4 St. AugustinŠ 3 Prepâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; 6 10 Tom's River: Prep 3 Brick Memorial: 5 Prep 6 Brick Memorial: 0 Prep 3 Paramus Catholic: 5 Prep v 1 4 West Essex: Prep 4 St. John Vianney; 4 Prep 0 1 Prep 6 ^ Pope John XII: Bridgwater-Raritan: 11 Prep 1 Toms River East: 5 Prep 3 3 Indian Hills: Prep T Hudson Catholic: 11 Prep 1 Montclaff Kimberely: 1 Prep m Montclair Kimberely:2 Prep 3 National C Cup Playoff Prep-. 3 SIP Bridgewater-Raritan: 5 V arsity HocKey 57

Looking f o r an open team m ate, sophom ore Jim Supple prepares to pass the ball. Team w ork w as <fce key la victory fo r both the Frosh and JV basketball team s.

Sophom ore Dan Heaiy takes a facil sh o t t© increase the lead over the fru strated Bulldogs. Sh ots such a s these helped en su re victories over rival team s.

1998-1999 JV Basketball Hp■ W - 5 ■# H IS* IS ||| IM IP 1 H■ 0 0 tf$ & §£ i

Prep: 61 Rt-eps. 6 ? Prep: 5S Prep: 4 ^ prep Prep: 56 Prep-. 56 Prep:H>4 Prep: 42 Prep: 67


B a y a sa fc ^ ' §*4 St. Mary's v 58 Huason c k fp ljc | 60 Seton w i& itia lr !mm.: 4*29 Mary's: 60 Uncoin 49 Hoboken : 1 28 Union HilL 44 Hudson Catholic 48


Prep;„ 74 1 Pfepf 51/ Prep: 40A Prep: 54/j Prep: 59 Prlp*6&|| Prep: 49 4 Prep: 7 ^ Prep: 6<M| Prep: 5 * Prep: 5 3 || Prep: 8 y J bB A thletics

" . .L. :

Pre| ptep Prei Prep Prep Prep Prep Prep

i ■'


Memorial: Dickinson:


69 50 55 58

M a risft| ^ S t RoSe: Ferris:, N. Bergen:


67 52

34 67

Frosh Basketball

5 -7 Hudson Catholic: » Jl§s#£ Catholic: Seton Hall: M2 i ||&lontdair: H ie S H P i i i1 ilpudson: it8 ■Dickinson: Marist: 70 ■Ferris: 159^ w o rth Bergeni^r 74 ^ Bayonne: 60 ■jj Ijnerson: 95

1 9 9 8 - 1 9 9 9 Fresh m an B ask etb all Team . Front Row: Mike Lyons, Nick Ham ilton, Anthon 9 W olleon, Brian Guarini, Ja m es Comprelti, Brian Convrey. Back Row: Kenny Teschlog, Sean Finnegar I Jo rg e Fujitia, Jo e Pecora, Stephan Baber, Jo e Nebbia, Anthony Pastore, Peter Duda, Gary Bogdansk H Coach Kevin Doyle.


his year's Junior Varsity

uted to the diligent w ork o f the

the respect o f everyone else in the

basketball team was com ­

team in practice and instructions

league. Lack o f selfishness is what helped this year’s freshman team. Each player did what was best for

o f head coach Ron T rite and assis­ posed o f 11 talented players, includ­ tan t coach D avid M id d leto n .

ing many members o f last year’s

Coach T rite stated, "T h e season has been great because o f the hard

the team, even if it meant that he

great year, so this year's team had much to prove, which they did. No

work and dedication by the staff

remarked, “This freshman team was

matter if they won or lost, one could

and most im portantly the play­

clearly see they put their best efforts forward. Key players such as sopho-

ers." C oach D avid M iddleton added, "Each player has made

a group o f players with tremendous talents and a lot o f heart. W e both

m oresFran Rotella, JohnCossolini,

great strides as players and ind i­

develop into even better players at

and ScottCunningham helped lead

JV and Varsity levels. Ifthisseason

the team to its success. Leadership

viduals." This year's freshman team was

from juniors Dennis W ilbeck and

coached by Leo Rousse and assisted

is any indication o f the future, the comingyears will be exciting ones for

Steve Cameron also served as a posi­

by Kevin Doyle. T h is team also

Prep Basketball."

tive factor. Victories over teams such

worked hard in practice, which

as rivals H udson C atholic and

showed in its games. Big plays from Anthony Pastore, Joe Nebbia, and

Both o f these teams played the game how it is supposed to be played:

team. Last year's JV squad had a

look forward to watching these guys

Em erson clinched the team a spot

N ick H am ilton kept the team roll­ ing. No matter win or lose, this team

always working to be better, always working to be the best. T his year’s JV and Freshman teams were full of

in the playoffs. H ow ever, it was

always gave its best in the game.

tremendous talent. Along with this

always a team effo rt no m atter who m ade the w inning point.

Even in a tough overtime loss to Emerson, the team showed its poise

talent came determination. Both o f these integral elements were the rea­

T h e se victories could be con trib­

and confidence. This team deserved

son for Prep’s success.

Em erson were high points in the season for the team. A win over


wasn’t in the spotlight. Both coaches

n ir

199 8 -1 9 9 9 JV Basketball Team. Front Row: J o e Scauri, Billy Bludgus, Jo h n Cossolini, Denis Wilbeck. Second Row: Coach David Middleton, Fran Rotella, Jim Supple, Steve Jacobs-Cam eron, Asst. Coach Ron Trite. Back Row: Anthony LaSpada, Dan Healy, Brian Robinson, William Coffey, Omar Ricketts.

J V $ Frosh BasKeHall

rep's varsity basketball

and F in n ran the o ffen se at the

team entered into the sea­

p o in t in ad d itio n a com bin ation

T h e n , they traveled to T ru m b u ll,

son w ith high hopes. As the year

o f hig h -en erg y play and e x p e ri­

C onnecticu t, to participate in the

w ent on, they m ade those hopes a

ence m ade P rep a stro ng fo rce on

N o rth e a st C a th o lic C h ristm a s

reality. W ith second year head

the basketball court. Seniors B rian

Tou rn am en t. T h e re , they cam e in


College fo rth c second year in a row.

coach Joe M acchi lead ing the way

H ealy and J e f f A lm en an a p ro­

fourth out o f a field o f eight. T wo

and assistant coach R on T re d o at

vided scorin g at the tw o and three

ou t o f the top five teams in the state

his side. P rep finished the season

spots w hile M att C u n n in g h am ,

o f C onnecticut played in the tour­

w ith a record over 500 in the m ost

Rich B eilin a, and D e rric k W yk a

nam ent. D u ring the regular season,

com p etitiv e cou nty in the state.

pounded u n d er the glass. Ju n io r

Prep posted big wins over Lincoln,

T h e team was able to bring its Prep

guards Ryan C arro ll, K ellen W il­

M ontclair, H oboken, and H udson

sportsm anship to the cou rt for ev­

liam s, and Josh A lex an d er cam e

Catholic. L ater in the year, Prep

ery gam e.

o f f the b ench w ith the exp erience

beat Snyder, who at the tim e was

F ro m the start o f the season,

o fw in n in g th e J V C ou nty C h a m ­

ranked in the top twenty in the state,

d efense was the m a jo r em phasis.

pionship under their belts. So p h o ­

and also F erris, boosting them into

P rep created chances on the o ffen ­

m ore Ja re tt L o v e, w ho was p e r­

the state and county tournam ents.

sive side by fo rcin g the o th er team

haps the m ost talented underclass­

D espite a disappointing loss

to m ak e m istakes. T h e y m ade up

m en on the V arsity team , w as one

tenth-ranked Marist, D an Finn said,

for th eir lack o f h eig h t w ith their

o f the high scorers along w ith his

"W e were as good as any team we

in cred ib le speed and by playing a

fellow classm ate E m m an u el T h ­

played on the court."

"run and gu n" o ffen se. C o -c a p ­

om pson, w ho received v alu able

tains D an F in n and Jo seC astan o n

and vital V arsity exp erien ce.

sp earh ead ed

a tta c k .

Prep began its season w inning

C astan o n was the lead in g scorer

the T ip O f f Classic at St. Peter's

Arm blocking an attem pted steal, Sophom ore Ja r r e tt Love easily passes the other tea m ’s de/enses. Quickly by-passing the de/enses to score points was a key strategy this year.

Senior Brian Healy breaks down the M arist de/ense in the/ irst round playoffs, allowing an easy lay-up. B rian ’s aggressive play w as one of the key elem ents in Prep’s success.

GO A thletics

P r e p 's


P rep will rely on its retu rn in g ju n io rs and seniors to lead the team to the next level in later years.

A/ter a time out and a consultation with their coach, members o f the Varsity team put their hands together to give a cheer. Inspired by this display o f spirit, the basketball team went on to achieve victory. The North Bergen defen se is left staring as senior Dan Finn goes up fo r an uncontested lay-up. As co-captain, Finn led the team with his leadership as well as his playing prowess.

1998*1999 Varsity Basketball 13 - 9 *I?onBoscoTech: 1 Prep: 59 St.Mary^ Prep: 63 wL *Holy Trinity: Prep: 58 St. Joe'^^ Prep: Trinity afh ol^ j Prep: 56 4 Prep: 40 “ m St. Mary's Lincolh: Prep: 82 Hoboken: Prep: 161 Prep: 46 ' Montclair: Prep: 61 Memorial: Prep: 5 4 ^ i Hudson Catholic: Prep: 65 | Dickinson: Prep: : 52 L St. AloymiS: Prepjj 75 ” Snyder: Prepjj 50 Preps# 58 HP* Marist: SI. Rose (Belmar): Prep: 53 & Ferris: Prep: 53 Bjyenne: Prep: 66 f.mprsnn; _ Prep: 53 ■■.^Sftyder: ■ Prep: m V^est Orange: Prep: 67

38 47 56 70 71 47 71 48 58 eT 63 63 58 49 69 63 46 55 40 62 63

B a sk etb a ll P layoffs ront Row.- Kellen Williams, Jo sh Alexander, Je//Almenana, Ryan Carroll, Dan Finn, Brian Healy. Back ow: Emmanuel Thompson, Derrick Wyka, Richard Beilina, Matt Cunningham, Jo se Castanon, Ja rre tt ove.


Prep-. 67 ;

Prep.- 39


S ta te T ou rn am en t



V arsity BasKetkall



“Locking up,” into a headlock, senior A J . Caprio tries to jjutm usde his opponent. Daittj conditioning helped to develop the physical toughness o f the wrestlers.

Learning from their team m ates’ perform ance, members o f the wrestling team w ait patiently /o r their turn on the m at. Mental focus proved to be an outstanding characteristic which defined the team ’s: success.

1998-1999 Wrestling

Prep: n n Riverdell: 27 Prep: 46 Seton Hall Prep: 33 Bayonne: Prep: 78 .a Pjfep: 54 Fort Lee: B Prep: 55 Ridgefieli Park: It Prep: 68 West Essex: 6 Prep: 55 Cliffside Park: ;|||w Prep: 29 Perth Amboy: : m Prep: 45 / Passaic: | m *§o Prep: 46 Tom’s River: Prep: 34 Brick Memorial: m Prep: 46 CBA: 24 W est Orange Tournament

Prep* 68 Prep r 55: Prep 54

Cedar Grove: 9 Seton Hall Prep: :T r Brearly: 27

NJSIAA Tournament

Prep: 48 Prep: 24

Bergen Catholic: 32 St. Joe’s Montrale: 48

2nd at Ridgefield Tournament

6 2 A thletics

Front Row: Brian Wisely, Frank Panella, Evan Visone, D evindraSaw h, Matt Foster-Moore. Second Ro\ Jo h n Caprio, Allen Sista, Greg llaria, Ja s o n Monaco, Adam Kolakowski, Thom as Burns, Mark Donder Back Row: Greg Santucci, Nick Emma, A .J. Caprio, Ja y Luty, Lawrence Alexander, Brian Grzelk Missing: Kenneth Santucci


EP^H R ff-season training + Hard

ing champs Monaco, Ilaria, and

T h e season was capped o ff by

W ork + Determination =

Sista. Alsosuccessful thisseason were

Prep's first-ever victory over Bergen

Success. T h at has been the formula sophomore Evan Visone, junior

Catholic, 48-32. T h e victory was led

for the 1998-1999 Prep W restling

T om Burns, and seniors Jay Luty,

with pins byBurns and Emma. Also

Tearn. T h e team had its best season ever, shattering the previous school

A .J. Caprio, and co-captain N ick

a first was a, 29-24, win over a strong Perth Amboy. Prep avenged last

record for the start o f a season o f 8-

Emma. T h e team overall Was very en­

0 by finishing the regular season 14-

thusiastic in every match, especially

dominating47-20winthisyear. The

0-1. T h e team finished theyearwith

during the regular season, when

a 15-1-1 record.

they took with them every ounce o f strength and determination. Junior

match was wrestled well from 103Heavyweight with pins by Visone

They also had their best showing mentby takingastrongsecond place.

Allen Sista commented, “W e were very determined during the off-sea­

T h e tournament was won individu­

son, and it showed in every match

in the Ridgefield Holiday T ou rna-

year's loss to N orth Bergen with a

and Luty. T h e most impressive win o f the year was a 78-0 blanking of Bayonne in which the entire team pinned.

ally by juniors Jay Monaco and

Com ing into the season, many

Allen Sista, as well as senior captain

members o f the team were ready to

Coach Keith Kelly, who won his and the team's first D istrict 16 title

G reg Ilaria who was named out­

take on any competition due to their

last year, was extremely happy with

standing wrestler for the tourna­ ment. T h e team then repeated their

impressiveshowinglastyear. W hen

the incredible success o f the team this year. Kelly commented, "I think

performance by taking first-place in

commented, "W e work harder than everyone else. W e're stronger than everyone else. And we're much

the W est Orange Holiday T ournament. T h e returning District 16 cham­ pions were led this year by defend­

asked about the team's success, Ilaria

everything starts in the off-season, especially hitting the weights. W e constantly lift and train hard and by

more conditioned than anyone else

the end o f the year, no one can hang

in our district."

with us."

In a show o f sportsmanship, senior A .J. Caprio shakes the hand of his opponent after a victory. He am assed an excellent record this year.

Junior Tom Burns grapples with a wrestler from Bergen Catholic. His perform ance proved to be a key asset to Prep’s success this season.

H/restling 6 3


tended practices*! t least twice a week.

strong. Junior Edm und Caulfield

sw im team was one o f T h is created a m ore focused team , ho w ere friends: in and: out o f the change. Mr. Luke Piede*anew w math

was a double event w inner w hile

pool. W ith this renewed senseofteam ­

second in tw oother events. T o p six

three straight county cham pion­

w ork, the swim team entered the

G arrig an in th e lOObackstrokeand

ships. T h e re was m uch expected o f

season w ith ,* positive itttitude. As

sophom ore C h ris Cullen in the 100

both M r. Piede and asst, coach Ms.

ju nior Edm und Caulfield stated,

Donahue who inherited a team with

“B ecau seof the tireless efforts o f Mr.

freestyle; As the end o f the season ap­

a traiditon o f excellence. U n fo rtu ­

Piede and team m em bers’ w illing­

proached , the team began intense

nately, there were no retu rn in gse-

ness to practice^, the team had the

tra in in g for the the 1999 county

niors and only a few juniors. T h e

ability to do quite well in com peti­

cham pionships. T h e P rep co n tin ­

team needed its strength from the

tion .” T h is depth finally paid o ff as

ued to have a d om inant role in the

underclassm en. T h e season was

St. P eter’s won the Bee'sClassic by a

cou nty 's sw im m ing history, w in ­

filled with many different emotions.

decisive m argin over St. Joe’s o f

ning fifeeteen cham pionships in a

W est N ew Y ork .

A lthough the

row . T h is year the P rep hoped to

sense o f team unity and b rother­

team suffered some early season losses,

co lle ct a sixteen th cou nty trophy.

hood was present. A conflict would

they rebounded quite well, w inning

H ow ever, after an extrem ely close

usually arise in previous years w ith

all their county meets. T h e evolu­

the club sw im m ers w ho w ere not

tion o f the success o f the team was

race, they achieved second. T h e team began the year unsure o f its

usually present

at the practices,

evidenced in their strong perfor­

Capability to have 3 w in n in g sea­

causing strained relations within the

m ance St the State Sectionals. A l­

son and ended the year solidly and

team. M r. Piede created rules that

though the w hole team could not

assured o f its talen t and strength .

assured that the club sw im m ers at­

attend, the overall perform ance was


he them e o f the ’9 8 -’99 I

teacher, took upthe reigns for Carlos G arraffa, who led the swim team to

M r. Piede m ade sure that the

Coach Piede an d A ssistant Coach D onahue com pare their player’s times to those o f the last practice. P ractice helped mem bers o f the swim team improve their times.

6 4 A thletics

Nervous, but prepared, mem bers 0/ the swim team w ait f o r the gunshot to launch into the w ater. Som etim es, a good sta rt made the d ifferen ce betw een winning and losing.

sophom ore G reg Coulliou placed finishes Came from freshm an M ike

T riu m p h a n tly y u n io r Ed Caul/ield touches the side o f the pool, de/eating M s opp o n en t by large m argin. P rep’s sw im team , w hich h as a trad itio n o f excellence, continued to achieve victory, New Coach Piede discusses tactics w ith m em bers o f the sw im team , w ho listen intently. U nder the guidance o f Mr. Piede, the sw im team did n ot d isappoint the expectations set by previous years.

1998-1999 Swimming 5 -4

°R E P


Prep: 65 Prep: 47 Prep: 157 Prep: 81 Prep: 54 Prep: 109 Prep: 110 Prep: 109

Pingry: 115 Deibarton: 114, 152 St. Joe’s: St. Benedict's: 89 Brdgwater-Raritan: 116 Bayonne: 55 Hudson Catholic: 64 58 Ferris: dm

State Sectionals

3rd Place

Jersey City Championships

1st Place

Bee’s Classic t Row: Luke Kqstj Shane Byrne, Roberto Concepcion, Peter Beskal, Evan Miller, Vincent Catanese, ' Ciaston, Andrew Tangkeko. Back Row: Asst, Coach Donahue, Ronnie Sanchez, Reehan Shahzad, aul/ield, Chris Cullen, Chris Napoli, Greg Coulliou, Mike Garrigan, Jerem y Ortega, Chris Loeser, h Piede.


Hudson County Champ,

1st Place 2nd Place

Swimming G5

W ith con cern on nis face, sertifr Luke D rum m cna st'u gqies to race ahead o f th e tw o rem aining oppon en ts ah ead o f him. As expected, Luke passed both opponents and: w ent on to win the race. Senior Je sse C assibba sprints f a r ah ead o f jttSfCpppnenjs to secure the race fo r St. P eterâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s. Under th e leadersrv.c of the s e n f c s , th e Indoor S a c k team trium phed.


Indoor Track Highlights Jersey City Championship 2nd


Hudson County Interscholastic Athletic Association Championship 3rd


Front Row: Clint Bransky, J e s s e Cassibba, Orville Thom as, Sam uel Rivera, Greg Gargiulo, Moe I I Ja m e s Bayot, Luke Drummond, Calvin Yau. Back Row.- David, Lang, Liam Ahearn, Ed Sifonte, / I Sidhom , Patrick DeSom m a, Sean Cullen, Kevin W orthington, Arif Shahzad, Jo sep h C astellano. Ml s9 Glen DiGiorgio, Frank Gonzalez, Rob McGrath, Patrick McGovern, Michael W orthington.

6 6 A thletics


om ing o ff o f one o f its best

record for freshman by throwing

aged to do very well this season

the shot put over 50 feet. the 1998-1999 Indoor T rack team This year, Coach Mike Burgess

and even took second place in the

cross-country seasons ever,

City Championships. T h e distance team operated at peak perfor­

was also hoping to have one of its

also added some new assistants to his

most successful seasons. As was the case last year, the team was plagued

coaching staff. H eacquired theser-

m an ce, and sop h o m o re Sean

vices of M att Krywy, for distance,

Cullen even set a new meet record

by many injuries and season-ending illnesses. U nlike last year, however,

and Charles Mase, for sprint, whose father is him self the coach o f the

for the 800 m eter event at the Coaches County Meet.

the team still managed to be very

Seton Hall track team and a former

T h e seniors o f the team rem i­

competitive in the invitationals and

Olympic track champion and high

nisced on years past and com ­

the county and state meets.

jump coach. Allofthe coaches helped

T h e team this year was led by

the team greatly, givingCoach B ur­

captain Orville Thom as, and placed

gess a chance to spend more time

mented on the comparisons to this y e a r ’ s te a m ; s p r in te r F r a n k G on zalez com m ented, “ It feels

third in both the H C IA A relays and H C IA A individual meets. They also

coaching individual members o f the team.

finally received the recognition we

performed well at the C T C relays and the C T C track meet.

Com ing into the year, few com ­

have always know n we deserve

petitors expected much from Prep's Indoor T ra c k T e a m , but as cap­

from other team s...w e are finally beginning to show what we can do

tain O rville T hom as said, "W e all stepped up our level o f perfor­

as a Prep team !! ” T h e Prep track team emerged

mance and actually surprised some teams and people in the county as

rejuvenated and ready to win, and

One o f the high points o f the year was the p erfo rm an ce o f G len DiGiorgio, a shot putter. DiGiorgio, a freshman at Prep, placed first in the H C IA A , city, and C T C Freshman/Sophomore meets, and 2nd in the C T C meet. Glen also set a state

really good to know that we have

well as ourselves.” Despite a few

hopefully, it will continue its tra­ dition o f excellence in the follow ­

m inor setbacks, the team m an­

ing years.

Biting his lip, Freshman Greg Gargiulo runs /orward, with the competition close behind. Though some races were very close, Prep usually d efeated its opponents.

The crowd, including many members o f the Indoor Track team, waits for the next race to begin. The team often observed other-.teams to gain insight into how to improve itself.

In d o o r T r & c K


place at the outset o f the season.

espite P rep’s struggle un­

ch am p io n sh ip , but the league’s

derneath an avalanche o f

com petition vvas too overwhelm ing

V icto rie s over B ayonn e H ig h

strong com petition this year, the Varsity and Junior Varsity Bow ling

t6 put the Varsity team on the list for

Sch ool and H ud son C ath olic, last

the state qualifiers.

year’s county ch am p io n , proved

te a m s sh o w ed g r e a t c o u ra g e

M any o f the varsity team m em ­

the tru e potential o f fresh m en

throughout every single m atch. Led

bers were proud o f w hat theyhad

D av e Scu d d er and R om an O n tal.


R o b e rt

accomplished during the 1998-1999

T h e s e v ictories also pushed Prep

Zawistowski, both ofthe Prep teams

season. Jun ior Raym ond Addas, a

even fu rth e r o:rj the road to a su c­

performed consistently with poise in

con sisten tand im portantcon tribu-

cessful season.

wins and defeats. W hether they were

tor to the team’s success, commented,

O v erall, the 1998-1999 season

veterans o f the team or aspiring

“N ext year, Prep should have the

told a story o f both success and

newcomers, Prep’s bowlers caineto-

same Varsity Bowling T eam and we

failu re w hile the team was co n ­

gether to m ake the 1998-1999 sea­

will hopefully rem ain a strong force

stantly un der g reat am ounts o f

son an exciting one to rem em ber.

in the league and county. H ope­

pressure to do w ell. P rep ’s bowlers

h ead

coach ,

M r.

D esp ite the retu rn o f m any

fully, we will also advance to the

lived out the age old trad itio n o f

stro n g ath letes, the V arsity team

state finals for the 1999-2000 sea­

S t. P e te r’s by b attlin g each new

experienced a rocky season. L ed

son.” F o r the Ju n io r V arsity squad,

ad v ersary

by team cap tain , s e n io r B ria n

w ith

u n d e n ia b le

s t r e n g t h an d d e t e r m in a t io n .

M usto, and last y ear’s freshm an

this season w as d efin itely the age

H o p efu lly , n ex t year, these V a r ­

sensation, J e f f B u tle r, the squad

o f the u n d erclassm en . W ith the

sity and Ju n io r V arsity team s w ill

suffered tw o large losses to M arist

am azing play o f sophom ores M ark

con tin u e to live up to the' good

and H ud son C ath olic. T w o victo­

B rag en and O m a r M o jen a, w ho

exam ple th at has been provided

ries over B ayonn e H ig h Sch ool

ran k ed first am o n g league av e r­

by th eir predecessors.

kept Prep in the run for the county

ages, the M arau ders grabbed first


1 9 9 8 -1 9 9 9 V arsity Bowling Team . Front Row: Ray Addas, Mark Bragen, Rich Butler. Back Row: Mr. Zawistowski, Kevin Gillis, Brian Musto, Om ar Mojena, Rich Florkiewicz.

he4farsity Bow 1

rolRfee t a ll 31 i j



P|pi (eaaersnljj1 the sent if

G& A thletics

Junior Ray Addas swings his arm back in order to throw a strike fo r the Varsity team. While the Varsity team had a som ew hat disappointing season, it still scored several victories. Distracted slightly by the photographer, junior Rich Florkiewicz prepares to toss the ball down the alleyway. Bowling was a sport which required intense concentration as well as athletic prowess.

1998-1999 Varsity Bowling: 1 4 - 4 1 9 9 8 -1 9 9 9 JV Bowling: 17 - 1 V a rs ity : Opp.


Bayonne: 5 : 2 Hudson Cnty Prep.- 7 : 0 Snyder: 7 ': 0 Hudson Catholic: m 7 Ferris: 3 : 4 Dickinson: 5 S 2 Academic: 5 : 2 Lincoln,. 7, ; 0 MujiSt: 0 : 7 Bayonne: 5 : 2 Hudson Cnty Prep: 7 : 0 Snyder: 7 : 0 Hudson Catholic: 0 : 7 Ferris: 7 1 0 Dickinson: 5 : 2 Academic: 7 j 0 Lincoln: 7 s 0 Marist: 5 : 2



County Championships

JV Prep :


7 7 7 ‘‘5

: 0 i 0 : 0

7 7 7 7 7

: 0 i 0 s 0 ! 0 : 0



■ 7 *

5 : 0 ! 0 5 : 2 7 ! 0 ^ ! 0 7 : 0 7 7



7 : 7 : 0 ^

- 1st Place

Varsity - State Regional Playoffs - 5th Place ?8 - 1999 JV Bowling Team. Front Row: Michael Colabraro, Robert Kessler, Mark Bragen. ond Row.- Mr. Zawistowski, Dave Scudder, Omar Mojena, Tristan Micu, Ramon Ontal. Back Row: veil Llanes, Joh n Prezioso, Peter Pasuco.

Varsity - State Finals - 9th Place

J V $ V arsity Bowleg


A c 11M1i e -s outside'


academics were popular among Prep students. such onanlzatlÂŤl|tqS' the spirit committee, wfilch inlpired senlbf Louis Pd^nessdx to demonstrates^is school ^prlde/llk. \ \

There exists within the self an autonomous element of the u nc on sc i ou s , a C O L L E C T I ON of p o ten tial fo r wholeness, which is common to all humankind. .Because all human ijeings are linked -feyo ne origina 1 cause, which is reflected 'by the c o 1 1e c t I v e u neon sc io u s , we constantly seek to A S S O C I A T E our­ se lv e s with one a not her * P r ep students are able to do so with the various c lut>s and o r,g a n I z a t i o n s offeredijy the school, whether it £>e with the t>£nct. cultural clubs. or other such activities. DivtJer 71

very m orning at 7:50, jum bled sounds o f

A fter the football games, th eban d ’s next task

dissonance echo through the hallway

was to learn the music for the annual Christm as

leading into the locker roam . T h e shrill call o f a flute floats through the air, m ingled with the

Concert. Practicing every m orning before school and som etim es even after school or on the w eek­

deep sound o f a tuba. Suddenly, the sounds are

ends, the band mastered the songs and, at the

interrupted with

a shout: “G entlem en, tune

your instrum ents n o w !”

concert, was able to soothe the ears o f all who attended. Seniors John M cA ullife, euphonist,

T h is was the scene every m orning this year

and Jam es Coviello, trum peter, perform ed stir­

for the Prep Band as the 60 some members

ring solos in “W estm inster C arol” and “Andante

gathered together to m ake music. U nder the

for T ru m p e t” respectively. T h e jazz band per­

direction o f M r. Roland Jones, the band played at

fo rm ed Mel T o rm e ’s “A Christm as Song,” the

football games, a variety o f school functions Such

;iguitar ensemble perform ed well, and, the entire

as open houses, put on two concerts*, and p artici­

band, with a choir from outside o f Prep, per •

pated in a national band contest,

form ed a collection o f Christm as songs called “A


T h e football gam es were the first opportu­

Christm as Collage.”

nity for freshm en m em bers o f the band to test

T R e .Spring C oncert continued the band’s

their m ettle and adjust to Mr. Jones interesting

fine tradition o f excellence with a m oving rendi­

style o f conducting, which often involved flying

tion o f “A m erica, the B eau tifu l” and the bass

batons and hum orous com m ents. T h e band

driven “M ars” by Gustav H oltz. T h e band also

opened the games with the always-stirring “Star-

attended a national contest in Williamsburg where

Spangled B an n er” followed by a rend itionofth e

they perform ed several o f the songs from the

Rocky T h e m e Song. Follow ing that, the band

S pring C oncert for com petition. As in previous

drew from songs ranging from the traditional

years, the Prep Band placed well, proving that

football anthem s such as “Louie, L ou ie” to rock

with a little hard work and dedication, those

classics like “Start M e U p ,” to support their

sounds o f dissonance in the m orning can become

fellow Prep students battling on the field below.

“in tune.”

Front Row.- M. Bagnoli, B. Castelli, R. Sarnia, G. Magou, R. Sunga, A. San tos, A. Boryszew ski, R. Kessler, J . Di//ley, C. Delaney, Mr. R. Jo n es. Second Row: D. Lang, J . Moran, C. Loeser, J . Facchini, M. Boryszew ski, N. Zygnerski, T. Jo y ce , J . Pacilio, J . Ore/ice. Third Row: M. Moran, M. Holt, K. Ubelhoer, M. W est, J . W atkins, L. Grant, J . Bam ber, V. M azzolla, J . Tiscornia, S. Battaglin o. Fourth Row.- J . Crudo, A. Alum, J . Coviello, M. Gazic, D. Holt, G. Conti, N. Scott, E. Kessler, P. Long, S. Onieal, J . Hugerich. Back Row: T. Grundy, M. Elson, J . Barrett, J . McAuliffe, G. Rao, A. Mercun, G. Sari, F. Veltri, G. Casseus, J . Cabe, D. Velasco. Missing: A. Campbell, S. Cullen, M. Dudziak, G. Griffin, T. Hawks.

72 Co-Curriculars

mpeters Jon ath an Crudo, n Moran, and Jam es Coviello i a sectional during a lunch od to master their parts, y section had to have its down in order fo r the band roperly play the songs.

The 2nd Clarinet section, seniors Jo sh Barrett, Eric Kessler, and Jon ath an Ryglicki wait fo r the next song during the Christmas Concert. In addition to /ine musicianship, Mr. Jon es also stressed proper form al appearance.

Keeping one eye on the progress o f the footb all game, Mr. Jon es directs the band in playing a popular figh t song. Even on the coldest nights, the Prep band appeared a t home games to support the /ootball team.

?lnd the Band Played On

This year, with help from Mr. Robinson and a profes­ sional recorder, the band produced its first-ever CD of Christmas music. Playing concert songs, such as “ACaroling at Christmas,” "Westminster Carol," and “Do You Hear What I Hear?," the band spent three weekends recording, making sure there were no flaws present. The cover for the CD was designed with the help of the art department. The finished CD was then offered to any who wished to listen to the Sounds o f Christmas, giving all an opportunity to receive a piece of history.

Eyes lowered to avoid the glare, select members o f the Prep Band play a t one o f the Open Houses. Band members were often seen a t a variety 0/ school and city /unctions, lending their talents f o r community enjoyment.

W ith help fro m E/tihi Pentarakls and Dan Fallon, Tex Schundler cuts the 1 x 3 ’s fo r use in the book shelves. Due to the potential dangers posed by power tools, precautions such a s the use o f sa/ety goggles were necessary.

Mike V izzachero is assisted by Andrew Persheghan as he atta ch es the large window over tne entry way: in the center o f the set. Building the top /our f e e t 0/ th e set w as m ore di//icult than the rest combined.

Otit of Hell O f all the contraption?,,employed during Prep'S pro­ duction of Z?racw/^thgjlyiritf bat was undoubtably the m ost memorable. Bm lrig afamaUc m om en® fcf the play, when a bat was ^crip^d rtd lly across tlfes£age, a seemingly pixflated bat bduncecj into the scene. The backstage structure that controlled the move­ ment of the bat, designed by prodtktion manager Ted Schundler, required hburs of time and effort on the part of the Stage Crew. During the performance, the move­ m ent was controlled by two Stage & ew members,; who used the mass of over 250 feet of ftshing! line^ffit1cause the b^t to “glide” across. „ fej

Vinnie M astrom onico and Adam S a m a ra t repair a /lat b efore recanvasing it. Many old /lats fro m previous productions were restored/or use in Dracuia, f o r an unusually large num ber o f sixteen were required/or the set.

1 4 Co-Curriculars

From atop the sca//oldi Lighting M anager Tim Kn< discusses the positioning lights with director Campion. Attaining ju st right angle was key to dram atic effei

I I 1 H I I H


orkingbehind the scenesatSt. Peter's

spired other underclassmen to do the same. Art Prep, Stage Crew was responsible for Manager, senior Alan Vezina, led the paintingof setting up for graduation and assistingthe various set. After much time, effort, pain, danger, and

liturgies, as well as buildingand managing the sets for two plays. T h e first play was Dracula. Set in an old English castle and containing many super­ natural events, this play required a Considerable amount ofwork. Building began early in the year,

a visit to the seventh level o f Stage Crew's infa­ mous hell week, a truly remarkable set emerged. W ith hidden doors, translucent walls, and a flyingbat,alloftheC rew 'shard work waseffort was instantly visible.

after several meetings between Production Man­

The StageCrew's work did not, however, end

ager, senior T ex Schundler, and Stage Manager,

w itW ie completion o f the set. During the play

senior James Lallo with "Sir" Campion to discuss the design o f the set.

they w?erc responsible for a 20 second scene change, a sfeiatteWng mirror, and several other special

T hey settled with a design created in 3D Studio. T h e actual construction provea itsefrtoraL

;J4ajjager, was responsible for the awesome ligh t-

much m o reo fa challenge than designing it o a a

ing-eff@gts and junior Andrew Pershrgin, Sound

computer screen. Eventually, a pair o f newly

•Manager. TftoK care o f sound effects including howling wolves.

constructed 8ft book shelves, and an impr^Sive

effects. Offstage, junior T im Knapp, Lighting

array o f flats were transported to St. Peter's

Despite many losses, including sleep, sanity,

College. T h e Stage Crew then selflessly gave up

countless trees, and one o f Crew's beloved screw

their winter break to go to the college and begin construction.

guns, all o f those on Stage Crew were glad to be

StageCrew's new moderator, Mr. Dave Socia, was often found paintingor helping procure their

tradition o f excellence. T h e tradition was fol­ lowed in the spring musical, H air, which re­

ever present demand for supplies. Stage Man­

quired only one scene, allowing the Stage Crew

part o f Dracula, and were proud to keep up their

ager, junior Adam Samarat, and Crew Chief,

to funnel all their creative energies into a single

junior M ike Vizzachero, worked hard and in­


Front Row: Jam es Folger, Joh n Ryglicki, Chris Lundy, Tim Hollis, Edgar Alien Cabrera. Second Row: Mr. David Soscia, Adam Sam arat, Alex Degnan, Pete Abdelmessih, Kevin Mulleady, Mike Vizzachero, Andy Perseghin, Vinnie Mastromonaco. Back Row.- Tex Schundler, P at Long, Dan Fallon, Dave Cea, Tim Knapp, Rich Piotrowicz, Adal/o Zayas, E/tihi Pentarakis, Giancarlo Sari, Alan Vezina, Melissa Surach. Missing: Matt Elson, Bill Bedford, Rob Bedford, Mark Goldsack, Mike McHugh, Jam es Lallo, Jo h n Layugan, Rey Tac-an, Leann Winn.

^tage Crew IS



urder, intrigue, m agic, and deceit

and the butler, Butterw orth, played by M atthew

were all parts o f this y ears winter


dram a,


L ong-tim e director Jack Cam pion, after ob­ S ta rrin g seniors Jonathan

Hassell as Professor Van Helsingand Ernie Medina

serving the effort® o f many wishing to play a part

as C ount D racuia, this story o f the defeat o f the

in the play, settled on his chosen cast early in the

world’s most powerful vam pire was brought to

year and immediately set to work on refining

life by the tireless hard w ork and dedication o f the

their abilities. Practices took place after school in

whole cast.

the cafeteria, lasting many hours. However, prac­

T h e play focused on the strange illness o f Ms.

tices were not solely done after school. D u ring

Lucy Sew ard, played by T a ra Kulbatskw-Prof.

Christm as

V an H elsing, a firm believer in the superfi^ turilj

relaxingxTr m errym aking with friends, these

is summ oned by her father, D r. Seward,playdd

dScficated.l^spians spent their time at St. P eter’s

by Jeffrey H ughes. T ogeth er, D r. Se w ard and

C b llsg f rriaifenng their lines, cues, and m ove­

Van H elsing, with the help o f L g ^ ’s'w orried


fiance Jonathan H arker played by A dam Kastl. unravel the mystery o f her strange illness.

T he’

ak, while Other students were busy

before the play, know n as “hell

w eek” arhong members o f the cast and crew, was

T h is trio soon discovers that'J^ucy has-been

a prfessured tirrie full o f shouting directions and

the victim o f a vampire attack, and soon discovers

questions on the part o f the director and even

the vampire’s identity to be that o f Count Dracuia.

some o f the cast m em bers, T h e actors learned to

A fter a failed attem pt to destroy him , they follow

w ork w ith the newly constructed set and props

his servant, an insane man named Renfield, played

and, at som e points, had to avoid the Stage Crew

by Dave Suarez, to his secret vault to end the

members busily putting the last touches on the set.

undead’s life for good. As serious as the play sounds, there was some com ic relief in the form o f some banter between

A fter the week was over, the actors presented an outstanding play for three nights, receiving many rounds o f applause during curtain calls.

the maid, Miss W ells, played by C atherine Healy

Front Row: Adam Kastl as Jo n a th a n Harker, T ara Kubaltski as Lucy Sew ard, Matthew McNerney as Butterw orth, Catherine Healy as Miss Wells, David Suarez as Ren/ield. Back Row: Jeffrey Hughes as Dr. Sew ard, Ernie Medina as Count Dracuia, Jo n a th a n Hassell as Pro/essor Van Helsing.

7 6 Co-Corricolars

Professor Van Helsing looks down a t the body of his nemesis as the aged Professor Seward contem plates their adventure. Makeup was often implemented by Mr. Campion to provide the illusion of age.

Mesmorized, Miss Wells stares blankly at the mighty Count Dracula, taken in by his psychic powers. Supernatural powers were common in this play, requiring special lighting effects as well as acting.

Do you Believe in Magic? Dracula had an array of magical powers ready to be unleashed on unsuspecting mortals. In order to emulate these supernatural powers, as well as provide for an entertaining experience, various special effects were employed. The ideas, procedures, and necessary components and chemicals were provided by fellow actor senior Matt McNerney. Having a backgound in magic, he devised Dracula’s glowing fingers as well as two explo­ sions. One explosion was blinding to the audience as Dracula vanished into a shower of smoke and sparks. Additional effects were achieved through the clever work of lighting manager, junior Tim Knapp. One such effect was the appearance of Dracula behind a wall in Lucy’s bedroom, as seen below.

npled in pain, Renfield lies floor as Dracula prepares >n/ront Kis enemies. Ernie ina, who played the count, an accomplished actor, ng been in every Prep ta since freshm an year.

Miss Sew ard tells Professor Van Helsing o f the illness afflicting her as her f iance w atches with worry in his eyes. In order to fill the fem ale roles, Prep had to look to schools such as St. Dominic’s Academy.

Dramatics 77

Trophy in hand, Ms. Kimberly Keiserman speaks to senior Jo h n Hallanan. The trophy was ju s t one o f the m yriad o f achievem ents which the /orensics team acquired.

Ju n io r Sanoop Luke presents a strategy to Fr. Dan O’Brien, S J. M oderators provided both encouragem ent and guidance to students in all aspects o f /orensics.

Tk-fct M&cws A Lot O ral In te rp re ta tio n o f L ite ra tu re

The speaker interprets with a delivery, two pieces of litera­ ture: one prose and one poetry. O riginal O rato ry

The speaker writes and delivers an original speech. E x te m p o ra n e o u s Speak in g

The speaker prepares and delivers a speech on topics desig­ nated at the tournament. Duo In te rp re ta tio n o f L iteratu re

T wo speakers interpret a selection from a play, a prose piece, or poetry. D e cla m a tio n

The speaker delivers a speech that was originally written and designed by an author other than himself or herself. L in coln -D ou glas D ebate

Two opponents debate a resolution of value, not political policy. D ram atic P erfo rm a n ce

The speaker performs a selection from a play or published script (not prose or poetry). S tu d en t C ongress

The speakers introduce, debate, and vote on bills and reso­ lutions in a mock Congressional session.

78 Co-Corriculars

With a stack o f papers in one hand and an aw ard in the other, m oderator Mr. Dwyer speaks with som e team mem bers. As dem onstrated, much e//ort was placed into /orming such a dom inant team .

Sophom ore Antonio P practices a speech in Keiserm an’s room, Keiserman held weekly sessions fo r foren sics, het lead them to



ust likeany other competitiveactivity, prac­ tice for tou rnaments always challenged the

sophomore Antonio Perez in I )eclam;ition con­

some even brought their excellence, asalvvays, to

Jason Pumarada, and Sanoop Luke placed in many meets this season.

tinuously led the team in wins. T h e Kxtemporaforensics team to strive for higher goals. This neous Speaking team also fared well, as sopho­ year s Prep forensics team trained tirelessly and more ChaH Maffy and juniors Dhaval Patel,

the National ForensicsTournam ent in Chicago. Despite having only a small group of returning seniors, which included captains John Hallanan and Rajiv Mehta, the team performed well in many meets through the course of the year.

T h e u nde rcl ass m e n com p rised t he co re o f th is year's Prep forensics team. Though new members did not have much experience performing in public, they contribut'd badly needed points to

“W e knew from the start of this school year

the team score during the later tournaments of

that it was going to be a rebuildingseason for u'§|»

jfbeseason. Although many membersof the team

stated moderator Fr. ( )P>rien. Mr. Dwyer and

entered the season and the opening meets on a

Ms. Keiserman were also responsible for the team’s

first-time basis, they left the 98-99 season with a

success as the yea r grad ua 1ly progressed. With the: loss of many experienced competitors from last

great amountof confidence and experience. lThe inexperience of the younger mcmbcvgot the team

yea r’s graduating class, the team knew they would encounter many hurdles. After incredibly sue#

to accumulate many points, but as the season

cessful tryouts at the beginning of the year, the

has shown early in the season when we had failed

team was built upon a solid foundation. In spite

concluded, we knew we had molded them into experienced people for future seasons to come,”

of the challenges that inevitably were to come.

commented Hallanan. With an auspiciousgroup

Prep’s team dramatically finished in the top half

of rising underclassmen and great inspirational

of the Newark Catholic Forensics League this

coaching, the team will onceagain contend tor the

year. Individually, Mehta in the Lincoln-Douglas

top spot next yea r against local rivalsSt. I )ominics Academy, Seton Hall Prep, and more.

Debate, Hallanan in Student Congress, and

F ront Row: D haval Patel, Jo h n H allanan, Rolando Ram os, S anoop Luke, G erard Alolod, A ntonio Perez. Second Row: F arh arn Malik, Amit Vora, Jo h n Facchini, P at Brown. Back Row: Joe Pacillio, Julius Fabros, Jam es B ayot, Jaso n P um arad a, Allen Sista, Fr.O ’Brien, Mr. Dwyer. Missing: Ms. K eiserm an, Rajiv M ehta.

Forensics 79



his year’s Student Council

feedback m eetings to learn what

w orked d ifferen tly than

thoughts were on their constituents' councils o f preceding years. Fominds. r ex­ Junior class president M at­ am pie, under the supervision o f Mr. thew Foster-M oore reflected the M urphy, this year’s elections took im portanct o f cooperation with stu­ place in the beginning o fth e school

dents, saying “W e want to remain

year, rather than at the end o f the

open to the students, and not just

previous year, as has been the tradi­

remain within the Student C oun­ cil."

tion at Prep for quite some time. T h is created a truly fresh start to the

( )ther tasks ofthe Student Coun­

beginningofa new school year. T h e

cil included the annual exchange

newly elected senior class president

with St. D om inic's Academy, the

John H allanan stated “I would like'

.Sending o f “candygram s” to sister

to see the council have a more lasting

schools on V alentine’s day, inviting

impact on the Prep com m unity as a

guest speakers, running many d if­

whole, so that Prep is left a better

ferent fund-raisers, and supplying

place.” T h is eloquent statement was

food for hungry students on the

the goal o f the Student C ouncil,

W alkathon.

throughout this year.

. Every m em ber o f the Student

Student Council m eetings were

Council, from the newest freshman

held a p p ro x im ate ly every tw o

to the confident senior, was deter­

weeks to gain updates o f current

mined to m ake a lasting impression

events around the school and to

on the school. All year long they

discuss new issues. O ne o f the first

worked diligently to m ake the Prep

issues which was debated was Prep’s

com m unity a better place for all.

grading policy and the weight o f

D raw ing from the student body’s

exam s. Always eager to hear from

ideas as well as their own, they

thestudent body, theStudent Coun­

opened new doors to a variety o f

cil employed surveys and regular

discussions and events.

Front Row: Eric Estevez, Jo h n Hallanan, Craig Addeo, Ashish Thaker. Back Row: A. Generoso, W illiam Fitzgerald,Brian Yun, Anthony Geraci. Missing: Gerard Aro, Gregory Conti, Daniel Finn, M atthew Foster-M oore, Sean Glasser, Agustin Gonzalez, Brian Healy, Brian Hess, Patrick McGovern, Ed Pickett, Robert Sunga, Ju d e Tiscornia.

SO Co-Curricolars

tiling and laughing, a group o f seniors, including the tn/amous Marauder d his henchmen, pause to have a bit o f fun. This group o f pirates couraged all o f Prep during the W alkathon.

f you wanna talk the talk, you gotta walk the I walk. No diggity, no doubt.” These were just a few ot the encouraging words said by Mr. Mike Gom ez, organizer of the W alkathon. The Prep com­ munity certainly lived up to his expectations. With over 700 participants, the annual extravaganza helped to raise an astounding $44,000, which was over $4,000 more than last year's total. Although $40 was required to walk, the average per capita exceded that amount: $53 per student. T h e sophomore class led the way with $64 per capita. In years past, the proceeds have funded such things as the construction of a state-of-the-art physics lab and the prom. T his year’s proceeds prima­ rily went toward purchasing new vans for student transportation. Not only did the W alkathon help raise money, but it also provided a day o f relaxation and excitement for the school. After assembling on the corner o f Grand and W arren, the Prepcommunity walked briskly along Jersey Avenue where they crossed over a footbridge, entering the lovely Liberty State Park. Upon complet­ ing the walk, students satisfied their cravings with hot dogs, potato chips, and refreshments. At the park, students also played football, talked with friends, and rested their aching feet. Mr. Gom ez summed up what he felt the Walkathon was all about saying, “In essence, it unites those of a particular homeroom, year, and school. By doing so, it exhibits what Prep is all about: pride and spirit.”

ought/ully, senior president Jo h n llanan oversees a debate regarding iool grading policy. Jo h n selflessly Ited the Prep community, never getting his duty.

Ms. Keiserman, Mrs. Costanzo, and Ms. Baber discuss current events. The W alkathon was an opportunity fo r members o f the Prep community to relax and socialize.

Juniors Jeffrey Hughes, Matt FosterM o ore, s e n io r J o h n C a re y , an d sophom ore Dave Holt walk tow ard Liberty State Park. After a strenuous walk, students were treated to fre e food .

Student’ Council /


Freshm an Akito Ledda stacks chairs in preparation f o r the dance. The dd com m ittee spent hours clearing and cleaning the cafeteria so th at it coul] used as a dance f


hecl anging of chairs rang throughout the school every so often as a group o f dedicated students prepared the cafeteria for the evening's dance. Soon

after, the rather calm halls exploded with the sound o f rhythm -dri vert, pulsating music. Six dances, costing a mere five dollars apiece, were held at Prep this year, each one a sccne o f enjoym ent for the Prep students as well as the young ladies who joined them . W ith music provided by a professional D J, stu足 dents danced to fast-paced songsjjtnd occasionally, a slow song toadd ^ n e t y .E t h e r dajicinJ|p the cafeteria or enjoying a .pleasant conversation outside, students spent all night with their friends, relaxing from the tribulations of the school week. Many believe th atth e dances took very little prepa足 ration. H ow ever, m em bers of the dance com m ittee surely said otherwise. Responsible forcjearingthecafeteria as well as providingrefreshrnents, thejdancecomm it足 tee spent many hours before dances to m ake sure every足 thing ran smoothly. D u rin g th e dance, m em bers o f the committee set up a coat cheek system, ensuring that coats were not lost in the shuffle ofbodies entering and leaving the dance. A fter the dance, the com m ittee had to m ake sure the cafeteria was back to norm al. A dding their valuable skills, time, and energy to all the dances', as well as the freshman and sophomore semiform als, the dance com m ittee proved that there was always a group o f students behind the scenes o f every successful school event.

Front Row: F.Victorino, J . Mallari, P.Ciaston, A. Brajczew ski, G. Villarina. Second Row: G. Garcia, J . Gonzalez, G. Ulloa, J . Facchini. Third Row: J.M arisgan , D. Atienza, E.Draude, J . Tiscornio. Fourth Row: C. Latoja, G. D onates, C. Fransisco, G. Aro.

8 2 Co-Corricul&rs

Carefully, the DJ fo r the dance sets up his high tech equipm ent. The end result o f this effort alw ays provided /eet-thudding tunes.

The M arauder and his lay I henchm en attem p t to pump up tl crowd. Shouting and yelling, t audience cheered their valiaj /ootball team on during every gam


he St. Peter’s Prep Spirit

appealing slogans and artwork to be Com mittee was the locus employed in posters and banners, o f school spirit, one o f the most im ­ were displayed in the cafete­ which portant aspects o f our school com­ ria during each week to attract stu­ munity. By making postersand ban­ dents to upcomingsporting events. ners and supporting students at

While sophomore and junior mem­

games, meets, and matches, the Spirit

bers o f the committee primarily fo­

Com mitee gave a sense o f pride to Prepstudents.

Safe seniors involved in Spirit Com-

W ith the help o f the seni^HK

^ jp ^ o rg a n iz e d the seasonal sports

Fr.H oag, moderator aP’the Sp rtll

Satires. A m b ^ other creative ideas ufflM^trre^mecB battle between the

Com mittee, orga n izeffseiMffjralrajk lies to kick o ff new^portjrs<^ra«is% Rallies encouraged^uaents If*loafs in and support theiF fe llc ^ eiass^ mates involved in al/hletics^Elected at the beginning


senior class, the m arai^ ^B m d nishenchmen were a perpe^^wource o f comedy and spirit^^pH bs and

cused on the production ofbanners,

*JrnM p|ndhrm€fi and “representatij*jb Q o a risd lo o ls was al ways one PBS& m&iymticipated events at the rallies. Largpturnouts at rallies and tIH K m iB p nce ofbanners and post■fiiBR yflfcd for increased support afrEw ) athletic events. Rfiireflectingupon its significance,

pressed the audiences with stunts

ji^ H r Chris Fernando commented, “ T h e Spirit Committee tries to keep the school spirit high during the

and unique cheers, putting other

week, which is quite valuable at this

sporting events. W earing costumes and maroon face paint, they im ­

schools to shame.

school where school spirit is highly

Countless hours o f dedication were necessary for success. Members

cherished.” Indeed, the committee is

convened every Monday in Fr.

one which will continue to be an important elem entof the Prep com­

H oag’s room to discuss ideas for

munity for years to come.

The Marauder and his henchman get into the Christmas Spirit during the winter sports pep rally. Designed by the Spirit Committee, the pep rallies were scenes o f creativity.

Dance Committee / Spirit Committee 83

As Fr. Raulli rests his eyes, editor senior Simon Wc j studies a new subm ission. Fr. Raullt and the editors w responsibte;|pr ensuring the quality 0/ the P ap er & f-


very T u esd ay afternoon

to freely express their emotions in

after school, Prep's literary m agazine,

Paper &Pen

various ways ranging from w riting , held man eetem otional poem to a sketch o f


in g s fo r all m e m b e rs in M r.

something moving.

Me El h in ney’s room. These m eeti ngs

the only publication to allow such a

usually lasted about h a lf an hour

degreeofexp ression.Thsm agaztne

and were always open to the entire

had no restrictions, except that the

Prep community. Supervising these weekly sessions were F r. Raulli, the

talents and w orks o f every student

moderator,and all theeditors. G en­

their ftllow mem bers. However,

were tocbe received respectfully by

erally, m em bers cam e to the meet-*

whetaitcame to publishing, Fr. Raulli

ings with short stories, poems, art-

and the rest o f the editors restricted

W ( >rk,

and photography to avtfait

feedback from everyoneelse present

their choices to pieces that w ere in good taste.

in the room. It was hoped that the

T h is year, the m agazine .contin­

critiques and suggestions mad^ by

ued a tradition established in 1997.

the other m em bers would be ifreor-

Instead o f two pam phlet-like is­

porated intoa revision which would


be re-presented to the others': 7/he

issue, which resembled a m agazine

Paper & Pen

published one

prime objective o f these gatherings

form at, al Iowi ng the staff to focus all

was to aid the students in becom ing

their energieson one single creation.

better writers and artists frcTrrrtrrreSe

A t a trip to a publication conferences

critiques. T h u s, the m eetings be­

at Colum bia early in the year, Fr.

came an opportunity for the indi­

Raulli and the editors gained valu­

vidual to see his work from other

able skills and were able to create an


outstanding collection o f the more

T h e foundation o f

Paper & Pen

was freedom and creativity. T h e

artistic side o f Prep; a side that, all too often, is overlooked.

organization allowed Prep students

Front Row.- Jo sep h Pacilio, Sim on W ong, David Yau, Fr. Enrico Raulli. Back Row: Peter Cartw right, Alan Vezina, W illiam W ong, Louis Paonessa.

8 4 Co-Curnculars

Ms, Curry’s room, editor ju nior Dhaval Patel shows juniors Sanoop Luke i Alan Sista the newly printed issue o f the Petroc. B efore the paper was ided out, members o f the P etroc reviewed it fo r mistakes.



his year spawned a renaissance ot the Prep’s newspaper, which was moderated by Ms. MarieCurry and managed by senior editor-in-chief

Rajiv Mehta, in a myriad aspects. After the first issue, the layout staff, led by senior Joe Naviello, decided to remove the spot color in order to provide more 8-page issues in the future. He commented, “Besides aesthetic improvements, we’ve cut the amount o f time to produce each issue in half.” The also introduced several continuous fea­


tures. Perhaps the most prominent feature this year was the sports trivi^u In <!ach issue, copy editor junior Allen Sista wrote several questions pertaining to a particular sport. T h e first .student to correctly submit all the answers won stach prizes as a Prep hat or a free week of lunch at the Lisbon. Another majorfeature introduced in the second issue was the “President's Corner,” in which the student council president discussed issues that were o f current concern to the student body. Many feature stories were also found in these issues, spearheaded by copy editor junior Dhaval Patel. The Prt/YAralsohad its share o f momentous occasions. One memorable moment o f this year’s issues was the twopage spread o f Halloween photos, which were taken by photography editor, junior Sanoop Luke. The its highest quality issues in years,


as noted by Mr. Raslowsky during the first Honors Assembly.

Raulli and members o f the P ap er Pen listen to a reading o f a new bmission. Every member o f P ap er & ‘n had a role in choosing which >rks to place in the publication

Joseph Naviello, the layout editor o f the Petroc, works on a spread. Designing the layout after receiving all the pictures and articles was one o f the more time consuming jo b s.

Front Row.- Dhaval Patel, Sanoop Luke, Pratik Desai, Jo e Naviello. Second Row: Allen Sista, Ed Pickett, Eric Mason, Chris Fernando, Tom Burns, Amit Vora. Back Row: Armando Hernandez, Bill Wichert, Christopher Hernandez, Jo sh Barrett, Alan Vezina.

Paper $ Pei\ / Petroc 85

Laughing as Curtis SUvae, th eJo u n d er o f the Guardian and Cyber Ange; relates an am using anecdote, ju n ior Steven Williams prepares to ask his J question. The TV Studio interviewed people of im portance to the communii




hough not obviously present to the Prtfp com 足 m unity, what went into the T .V . Studio this year surpassed the initial goals o f its m oderator, James

D eA ngelo,and its president, John M cA uliffe. T h e T .V . studio strived to resurrect the m orning show. However, the first h a lfo f the year was spent fixing theequipm ent. Furtherm orCjbefqre the first semester w aseom pleted,Fairfield University donatecla portable cam era andij^ew editing equipm ent. T h is equipm ent had to be in te ^ g te d into the present system. Even though theequipm&S|yvas somewhat ou*uated, itgreatly helped the T .V . Studio%>^i$ing^^)'abilitie$. W ritin g for the shows was a very important aspect o f many o f the meetings. T h e head w tterSincludedseniors John M cA uliffe, ]|tfaJ-|6jj>'Gazic, and Jonathon Hassell. T h ey not only w rb^ tjifescripts for ^aQtshow, but also edited them . TheldJorrtjftg show \d$pSlly consisted o f inte rviews o f faculty and students and skits. T hese skits were not only r e g y p t e a t o 8 lT ^ ^ ) u s shootings. E x 足 change Place was a favorite film ing area. Som e other areas included N ew port Mall and Mol )ona!ds. O ther than m aking m orningshow srthe T .V . Studio taped many Prep events. H ighlights w ere the taping o f the A rrupe lecture and the K ristallnacht celebration. Another event included a lecture by Mr. Ford. T h e T .V . Studio was also present taping the pep rallies. Even though it went som ewhat unnoticed, T .V . Studio was involved in many activities, and even strove to resurrect the m orning show.

Front Row: Mo Ryan, Jo n Hassell. Second Row.- Vincent Chisari, Jo n Ryglicki, Marko Gazic. Back Row: Derrick W yka, Jo sh B arrett, Bryan Archibald, Keith Rygiel. Missing Jo h n McAuli//e.

BG Co-Curricolars

A fter they film the Prep morning show, seniors Jo h n McAuliffe and Marko Gazic re-edit the tape. Editing w as necessary to create the best visual and audio experience possible.

Mr. Mazur shows senior Puneet Sin< the latest changes fo r the Prep w page. Puneet often spent countle hours in the publications offi updating the web si

x Schundler tests some /irewall and network address mslation settings. A pro/essional web developer himselj, x had many ideas fo r the improvement o f the website.

1 GO T o :





S u r f ,n ’


lowly but surely, Prep en­

T h e Prep website proved to be a

tered the technological era.

success during the year. Prospective used it to discover a com­ W hile most students noticed freshmen the new computers in the Physics Lab plete picture o f life at Prep. Current and the new A P Lab, many people

students kept up-to-date on current

overlooked the reservoir o f informa­ tion about Prep—its website. Con­

events partly due to the website.

ceived by the Prep administration

“T h e Prep website is the source for

which felt that Prep needed a website that equaled or surpassed the site o f

information about Prep. I enthusi­ astically recommend it to anyone

other high schools, and designed two

who wants to understand what Prep

years ago pro bono by Grafica I nteractive, a com m unications firm

is really all about.” Senior Janmcsh T olat agreed, saying, “the website

founded by Prep graduate Mr. John Taeschler, the Prep website offered a

accurately depicts student 1ife at Prep,

great deal o f information about Prep.


Mr. Jim Horan, ’70, the Vice President o f External Affai rs, who oversaw the regular updates and maintenance o f the website, ex­

Junior Sanoop Luke commented,

ran g in g


acad em ics


Updateson the website werecontributed by the and the site


was updated at least twice a week. Senior Puneet Singh, who did most

be a vaultof information about Prep

o f the editing for Prep’s web site, explained, “W e want the site to re­

life for just about anyone.” Many freshmen accessed the site for gen­

ample, one o f our goals is to be able

eral information about the ideals o f

to post scores o f sports events the day

Prep. In addition, current students and Prep alumni logged on to re­

after it occurs.” Prep found itself as

trieve information about current

as well as at Grand and Warren.

plained that “the site is designed to

main as current as possible. For ex­

a stop on the information highway,

events and sports scores.

As part o f his jo b as librarian to make information available, Mr. Dubrule views the Prep web site. Both students and teachers accessed Prep’s web page to get the latest news.


/ Web Page 87

During an Open House, senior Brian Blaney and Mi Boland look over an article about social justice. Pcj Christi was dedicated to spreading the “peace of Christ]

o you

th a t

those whoaTe less fortunate. Hope­

the U SA spends $1.?


fully, Prepw illbeabletom akethtsan a n n u a 1com m it ins n t,”

bill ion dollars per day on the military while 7 mi!lion children live in pov­

A ttracting more m em bers this

erty?” T h is is one of the statem ents

year, Prep’s Pax Christi traveled to

thatPaxC hristi presented Prep with

N ew Y ork tolisten to the words o f

during an event known as “ A Day

Bishop Gum bleton. T h e group also

W ithoutthe Pentagon.” Alongwith

attended a peace walk in M anhat­

e d u c a tio n a l

flie rs

c o n ta in in g

tan on Good Friday in which they

thought-provoking.statements. Pax;

took partin the Stations o f the Cross.

Christi has been able to serve ths|

In the spring, several m em bers o f

needs of others in various ways

Pax ( 'hristi spent a whole Saturday

throughout the course o f the year.

helping others meet their needs on

I n I December, the group, in con­

“C hristm as in A pril." D uring this

junction with the Multicultural Club,

day,men.!x*rs helped remodel houses

held a Christm as party for thestsi-

o f the less fortunate in N ew Y ork

d en ts c u r r e n tly a tte n d in g .


Ignatius School in the Bronx. W ith

M r. T im othy Caslin, moderator

the goal o f sending them hom e de­

o fP ax C h risti,stated “Pax Christi is

lighted. the collaboration m ade it

im portant because it gives people the

poss ibl e to p rese n 11 he ch i1d re n


chance to put study and beliefs into

individual Christm as presents. T h e

action. A sa school we need to give

eveningalso featured various games,

people the opportunity to live a life

dinner anil refreshments, and a visit

o f discipleship together.” From at­

M ulticultural

tending peace walks in New York to

C lub President Dhaval Patel com ­

from Santa Claus.

serving meals to the homeless in the

mented, “T h is was a wonderful op­

H oboken Shelter, thegroupalw ays

portunity for the Prep com m unity

found a way to put its words ofsocial

to be able to give back som ething to

justice into action.

• 'P I*

Front Row: Brian Blaney, Thom as Bryant, Paul Guevara, Mike Gallo, Emerson Fandialhan, Julius Fabros, Jo h n Hallanan, D haval Patel, Bill W ichert, Giancarlo Sari. Back Row: Jo h n Facchini, Amit Vora, Sanoop Luke, Jo sep h Wilson, Chris Komoruek, Nick LaBruno, David Lang, Jo n Hassell, Louis Giele, Pratik Desai, Rob Komoruek, Chris Fernando, Andrew Hall.

8B Co-Curricul&rs

liors Marko Gazic and Jo n a th a n Hassell carry several liters o f Coca-Cola to the lobby fo r use on the Emmaus retreat. Campus Ministry was gely responsible fo r preparing each and every Emmaus and retreat.


have always enjoyed helping people and doing I the little things. 1wasahletodothatinCam pus

Ministry,” senior Kurt Ubelhoer emphatically expressed. Usually going unnoticed, Campus,Ministry often helped to prepare many events at Prep. T h e main objective o f the members was to help moderator Fr. Azzarto get materials ready for the many retreats th roughout the year. The members put together notebooks,stapled countlessdij^os, and marked where everything was suppM?cffiS ne sSuated. W ithout this help, F r. Azzarto w oiH have h a to prepa re everything himself, w h icl w btiiyjorce h ife to do an any hours of extra work. Campus MMistry also performed nHch handiwork d u ri ng the yea be rs (p&ratecfa he gym before the Mass o f the Holy S® rit, theBhanksgiving Liturgy, and the Christmas


ss. A n « e r important task of

Campus Ministry waHo m a k e B e community at Prep moreawareofotherlijMgicalser^Jesscheduled through­ out the year. The cl ul^ K o m D li^ U this by posti ng flyers around the halls o f T h e mem bersofCam pus Ministry alsoorganized a numberoffood and clothingdrivesthroughoutthe year. When Hurricane Mitch hit South America, members helped organize a food and money drive. T here was also a Thanksgiving and Christmas food drive, which was organized by Mr. O ’Donnell. Even though much went unnoticed, Campus M in­ istry remained dedicated to serving the school.

e original founder 0/ the ganization, Mr. Ford, returns to rve as a guest speaker. Mr. Ford essed the importance 0/ peace in r world today.

Seniors Kurt Ubelhoer and Matt McNerney work on the organization o f the next Campus ministry meeting. During meetings, members planned fo r retreats and masses.

Surrounded by papers and notebooks, Fr. Azzarto looks up fro m his desk. Campus Ministry helped alleviate the am ount o f work Fr. Azzarto had to do as the school’s chaplain.

P&X Christi / Campus M inistry 89


Patiently, m oderator Mr. Dadas oversees a practice game send Simon Wong and Joseph. Naviello. Through the experience and expertise! Mr. Dadas, members 0 / the chess team learned how to compete effective!


hether the m em bersoftheC hessC lub met; in Mr. Dadas’ room after school or in Ms, Boland’s room fo ra friendly gam e, the excitem ent o f

the players was present throughout the year. T h e energy level o f the club was initially raised by the large num ber o f freshmen who joined the club. A fter the elections in the beginning o f the year* the planning and organization

o f President Arnab N andi and Vice

President Luis A rellano helped the club roll along smoothly. As a part o f the Chess C lub, the Chess T eam continued its tradition o f active participation in many tournaments. H o w le r * S p e cia ll^ c tio n matches were played this year to determ ine the

most com petent

players for the team. Co-captain foe Naviello com ­ mented, "T h e Frosh team gave mar.y freshmen players o f different skill Icvelsan excellent opportunity to expe­ rience the pressure o f big gam es.” T h e mind st 11nulating practicc sessions ami selection o f the players p .n d offas the year went along. T h e first sign o f the team ’s strength was seen in Prep’s crushing victory over N orth A rlington by a m argin o f

1-1. T his

trium ph was followed by a classic perform ance in the M anhattan College Chess Tournam ent, where Prep won the second and fifth position awards. T h e Chess Club was noted as one o f the finer teams in the area. Above all, the chess club was not about winning and losing, but about a group o f fine chess players who wanted to have fun.

Front Row.- Edmund Wong, Aneek Butt, Emerson Fandialan. Second Row: Steven Wong, Sashi Dholandas, Puneet Singh, Arnab Nandi. Back Row: Eric Kessler, Giovanni D onates, Sim on Wong. Missing: Mr. Dadas, Jo e Naviello, Ms. Nickerson, Giancarlo Sari.

JO Co-Curricolars

Senior co-captain Eric Kessler plays again st ju n ior Giancarlo Sari in a gam e 0/ chess. Under the leadership o f Eric and fello w co-captain Jo e Naviello, the chess team excelled.

Standing behind a podit sophomore Evan Visone mates speech during SADD's open ceremony. Speakers discussed mission o f SADD and drug abi

mbers o f SADD place their sign atures on a large nner to signi/y their m em bership. Every SADD m em ber dged to n ot m ake destructive decisions.

Decisions, Students Against Drunk Driving, Students Against

Tobacco Awareness Week and Alcohol Awareness Month were the

Doing Drugs--all were interpreta­ tions of the acronym “S A D D .” This year, SA D D had taken on the re­

erary. During these national events, SA D D members notonly filled the

sponsibility o f educating the Prep community about substance abuse in various ways. Preps SA D D chapter, run by moderator Mr. Bill Lillis and presi­

next major events on S A D D ’s itin­

hallways with informational flyers and posters, but they also went to underclassman homerooms to give presentations. O f special note duringTobacco Awareness Week, they

dent senior Bryan Blanqy, w a^ ta^ ^ i ^odjisbpe^j the Great American during which they cated to informing the students ehcBtJrageds^dents to abstain from about the dangers ofjlco h o l,tbbacc% smoking. nower major event was and other ha rmfulffrugs. Through me jjaem D eiyip drive, through posters and flyers, % e m em ber of which arg^u^brea king 200 joined. S A D D made it their M^ryto end pg£$IWrrent SA D D members had a people’s ignorance.



; *>>>!

SA D D started o ff the year with an opening ceremony featuring

goal to recruit two people during the drive. In addition, the SA D D

speeches from Mr. Bill Lillis and other SA D D members. After the speeches, all members o f SA D D signed a pledge

executive committee hosted infor­ mational sessions for new members

to abstain from drug abuse and the illegal drinking o f alcohol. They cel­ ebrated with soda, snacks, and the traditional cake. T h e remainder of the cake was then brought to Integ­ rity House, a rehabilitation center for

to complete aplication forms and ask questions about the club as well. SA D D continued its mission o f promulgating knowledge through­ out the year, and ended the igno­ rance o f many o f the students here at Prep.

Front Row: D. Patel, E. Fandialan, E. Visone, S. Luke, E. Pentarakis C. Addeo. Second Row: J . H allanan, M. Foster-M oore, P. Desai, P. Singh, A. Thaker, N. C haw la A Vora. Third Row: C. C ashm an, G. Sari. Fourth Row: A. Rodriguez, E. Estevez’ G. Ulloa, A. Tolani, D. Suarez. Fi/th Row: E. Draude, A. H ernandez, I> G upta, R. Beilina. Sixth Row.- A. Geraci, K. M ulleady, A. Perseghm , C. Wail. Back Row.- G. D onates, M. Biondo. Missing: B. Blaney Chess / SADD 91



p e rp e tu a l

p u rsu it


the league for the first test. Optimistic

mathematical knowledge,US*

about the team ’s potential, Rajiv eral dedicated math scholars partici­ stated, “L ast year's JV team took

pated in Prep’s math team, which

second piace.and this year we hope

competed atboth the Varsity and JV

to improve enough to he just as

levels in the Catholic H igh School

successful on theyarsity level.”

Math League, consisting o f thirty

T h is year, the official rules un­

high schools from N ew Y o rk and

dertook a drastic change and al­

N ew Jersey. U sing the knowledge

lowed students to use calculators,

gained from their m a th e d y ig jk g y ^

x y c ;i tlieir a(ivanced graphing cal­

Prep, the young students com pro­


mising these teams showed w hat a

m em ber o f the varsity team com ­

Prep education was all about,. Junior Tim othy K napp began

Puneet Singh, a senior

mented, “T h e calculators m ake the testsmuch easier than previous years.

a successful season fo r the JV team

Ifth ei'e’sag rap h in g problem, I can

with the only perfect score in the

ju s t enter it into my calculator.”

league on the fi rst o f four tests, ivhich

In order to achieve such excel

included questions concerning both

ience. both the Varstiy and Junior

algebra and geom etry. Com prised

iVaf'sitjr teams were given copies o f

primarily o f ju niorsand^ pnSnrofiSf

previous years and de­

though also open to freshm an, the

tailed practicesessions. Junior m em ­

JV team c o n tin u e d its e ffo rts

ber o f the Varsity team, Alan Sista,

throughout the year and placed re­

strongly believed in the importance


o f these sessions, and said, “the prac­

T h e Varsity team , led by senior

tice sessions are im portant. They

high sco rers R a jiv M eh ta, Joe

really get us ready for the test. It

N aviello, Lou Paonessa, and T e x

seems the more people that show u p

Schundler, began the season with an

for the help, the better we do on the

im pressi ve score o f490, the highest in


Front Row.- D. Patel, L. Paonessa, P. Singh, J . Naviello, C. Addeo, E. W ong, J. Facchini. Second Row.- A. Sista, B. W ichert, P. Desai, A. Hernandez, S. Wong, W. W ong, M. Denes, B. Quitiquit, S. Luke. Third Row: C. Fernando, J . Bayot, T. Schundler, C. Cashm an, A. Tolani, R. Beilina. Fourth Row: E. Draude, M. Nieves, J . Pum arada, D, W yka, A. Vora. Fi/th Row: M. Song, N. Franko, A. Perez, C. B aratolugo, C. Maf/ey, A. Rodriguez, A. Thaker, j . Cadavid, A. Pershigan, M. Quelal, L. Arellano.

9 2 Co-Curriculars

upended on a wire, senior Glen Rao glides grace/ully across a gap as part of * C.O.P.E. course. This course stressed athletic skills, teamwork, and having jood time.


he Science Club and Science Team at Prep were quite active this year. T h e Science Club, which is a combination of several clubs such as the

Aeronautics, Medical, and ( )utdoor Clubs, has contin­ ued its tradition o f offering science related trips. Several times club members organized trips to the American Museum o f Natural History in New York City. T h e students participating in theseexcursions wereexposed to the many fascinating exhibits, especially those on geology, a favorite subject o f moderator Mr. Gregory Boyle. A1so co n tinu ing this year were vi si ts to t he CO P E. In this experience, club meji^bersjghrnecl how to repeldown walls, walk across wiresiand much more. This course has been the Science Club's fllostpopular event, proven by the certification o f 12 student C O P E instructors. T he Prep Medical Society has set up several courses for CPR and First Aid certification, while the Aeronautics Club visited air shows at T etirb oro and Sussex airports. A new addition to trie Science Clubs was the Prep weather station.

Brought bn-line only this year, it

provided up to the minute weather conditions right here at Prep. This weather station, made possible by a grant from NBC,gathered weather information to be archived or accessed from the internet. T h e Science Team s, headed by newcomer Mr. Connolly, were reinstated after a long sabbatical, and made a proud showing at many o f the competitions.

iring one 0/ the practice sessions, r. Reidy reviews special gonometric/unctions. Mr. Reidy, as oderator, was responsible fo r viewing the necessary knowledge

Smiling, Mr. Connolly hosts a practice session f o r Prepâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Science Team. Mr. Connolly was alm ost solely responsible fo r the revival o f the Science Team this year.

Fr. Dave Stump, S .J. goes over the

s a fe ty procedures fo r the students participating in the program. Keeping safe and secure was a high priority in the C.O.P.E. program.

AA&th Team / ^ciei\ce Ciufcs 93

The valiant P ioneer II leaves port as Prep’s eag er Jisherm en cast into m rfs§: w ater. The stead fast Pioneer M has been used by the Prep fishing c fo r many ye,

QNA " t^ F E B L T H S


ish on, fish on, was the com m on cry aboard I

the Pioneer II, when the Fishing Club went out

and fished offofSan d y H ookand dther areasofR aritan

Bay. T h e Fishing C lub went on two trips this year, one in October, and another in April. T h e trips were run fey Mr. Robert Zawistowski. T h e O ctober trip began at 7:00 in the m orning and lasted until 4:30. D u rin g this time, the boat sailed from L iberty H arbor, passing the Statue; o f Liberty, to Sandy H ook where the fishing and fun began. T h e fishing continued for many hours until they arrived hom e to dock. T h ere were well over two hundred "keepers'’ caught. Besides fluke, the m em bers o f the fishingciub and their parents also caught sea robins, skates,and black sea bass. T h e biggest fluke belonged to freshman M organ Miller, a newcom er to the fishing clu b.T he crew ofth.e Pioneer was kept busy because they had to net all the fish caught as well as fillet them all. T h e weather could not have been better, with a calm sea and a warm sun; there was no doubt in anyone's mind as they set out that there would be a great catch. A t the end o f the day, the optimistic predictions came true and the fishingciub triumphantly carried hom e a great bounty o f fish. It was a joyous and fun-filled day for all o f Prep’s brave fisherm en and as the group headed hom e, they were all cdntent because everyone took home fresh fish.

Ju n io r Robert B edford looks on at an "im pressive” catch. No m atter the quality o f th e fish erm an , all on the trip had g rea t am ounts o f fun.

9 ^ Co-Curricul&rs

Members o f the fishin g club relax as the sun sets, marking the end o f the trip. The /ishing trip, which started early in the morning, lasted all day.

Seniors Jo n Ryglicki and Jo McAuli//e consult the trail map at Skye Top Peak. At a mountain ; size o f Killington, keeping track o n e’s location was importa


n cre d ib le

altitu d e s;


steepest cliffs in the world; a

skiers ruled the slopes. They could be found on the green circles, blue

squares, black diamonds, and even 4,241 foot drop; really point poles. the double black diamonds! Some brave Marauders even risked ski­ common? These were just a few o f W hat do these things all have in

ber o f courageous Prep students on

ing through “fusion” zones (glades), the most treacherous ski areas

a cold weekend in February. They,

known to man.

the dangers faced by a select num­

along with Messrs. Lillis, Socia,and

Although none o f our adven­

Loria, Ms. Chua, and Fr. Raulli, all

turers were seriously hurt, injuries

set sail for the monstrous peaks o f Vermont.

were prevalent, as should be ex­ pected on such a daring voyage.

Packing their skis into the com­

Some students suffered nose bleeds

partments under the. bus, our he­

due to the extreme altitudes. O th­

roes em barked on their voyage

ers went sprawling down any one

which would take them to perilous

o f the six wonderful mountains that Killington has to offer, bruising

slopes o f New England. For a few o f our voyagers, this was their first

various parts o f their bodies, and

time on skis, but, for the most part,

especially, their pride. Some stu­

the trip was composed o f wily vet­

dents even succum bed to the

erans who were quite anxious to

dreaded “pins and needles” due to

ch a lle n g e

the frigid climate. However, at the weekend’s conclusion, each student


m o u n tain s


Killington, Vermont. O nce the bus arrived at the mountain, a few o f our skiers im ­ mediately hit the slopes, while an unfortunate few were forced to wait an eternity for ski rentals. Despite

was able to board the bus back home in one piece. T h e memories shared on this trip by the few, the proud, the Prep skiers, were abundant.

this minor setback, by 10 AM Prep

As Mr. Lillis disembarks from the gondola with his /ellow teachers, he prepares to ski down the slopes. The Ski Trip provided as much /un fo r teachers as fo r students.

Fishing Clul> / ^Ki Glut 9 ^


Freshm en Christopher Lunday and Michael Schure ba each oth er in M.-TG, while ju n ior Ryan Androsiglio water Many people fe lt more com/ortable observi


C © N | U RJ N G [

very F r id a y , b e g in n in g

group o f im agination-driven peers

^ at 2:30, H2Q2 was changed

was the fantasy trading-card game,

from a typical classroom toa fantasy

M agic: T h e G a th e rin g . W ith their

world full ofdragons, wizards, and

own unique and specially-arranged

adventure. U nder the guidance o f

deck o f cards, student® look on the

Mr. Guzik and senior president Alan

role o f powerful planemasters bat­

V ezina, students from Prep shed

tling each other to thedeath. Requir­

their norm al outfits for the suits o f

ing slick strategy, a large pocket-

brave ad v en tu rers, scholars, or

book, and a quick m ind, students

villians. Exercising the powers ofthe 1 com peted against each other. Fo r im agination, these students weYf'^e M ission D rive, the R P G Club taken to d ifferen tw a^ ^ w iterean w s \even stfqji$S|ed a M agic T o tirn athing and everythingfebopibte. TheV '•ment, ivjiiei^snjdents from across; R P G Club has been ^o^nQWor quite^ \tH,e scX o w iS te d their m ettle for a som etim e, but w asow ^ tly s year 1; cas^j p A S cy '


that it becam e o ffic ia l.'^

- ' 'A ft^ a J-^ Iv itjp fth e R P G Club,

T h e prirr^ry^ e5yityrft® e Glub^f ■provmfejfnat p®Sf-pSper, and dice was to participate*!! tne:® ® * r q l e aren’t ty-tools'o f the trade, was playinggame, A d yanfced ljiin^ ons popular video games such as


& Dragons. U tilizm g&ll ofth^-rtee^” -Po&eman on the Gam eboy. These essary handbooks and materials, the gam es, while they did not rely on Dungeon Masters, or DM s for short,

imagination as much as other activi­

created a world for their fellow stu­

ties,still w erequiteenjoyable.

dents. These students, after creating

D ice, card, or controller in hand,

new alter-egos, or for some, entirely

these Prep students experienced ad­

new identities, plunged their char­

ventures that others could only read

acters into imaginary worlds, ready

about in books. H owever, all were

for excitem ent and danger.

w elcom e to step in and play at any

A nother popular activity for this


Front Row: Keran Balija, Edmond W ong, Christopher Lundy, Sim on Wong. Back Row: Michael Schure, Ryan Androsiglio, Ed Sifonte. Missing: Alan Vezina, Jam es Lallo.

9G Co-Corriculars

Tinning, Joh n McAuliffe helps ju nior Michael Bock with his academ ics, as well s with his/ashion sense. Tutoring students needing academ ic assistance was new duty 0/ the members o f NHS; a duty they excelled at.


t th e academic convocation in the beginning

the school year, Prep inducted 46 seniors into the M cN ally-Sinott chapter o f the National Honor Society. T o become a member,a student must maintain a G P A o f at least 90, be significantly involved in one o f Prep s major activities, show good leadership qualities, and be involved in his community. T h e N H S, led by Mrs. Bernadette Costanzo with the helpofco-presidents Joseph Navielloand M arkoGazic and Secretary Vincent Chisari, performed a variety of tasks throughout the cours^ofthe year. As part o f their obligation to serve the coSQSSunity, members o f the socie'fy'werecalled upop^^pplyl^r.a^aerrlkstrengths to aid st rifggling trnderclassmen. W hile some services were provided with pay, the majority p f tutoriW\was performed on aVoluntary basis. In order to gaih^ etter insighp-^KtoJrfow all the regional schools opera^;'m e-N H 3 planned to hold a student exchange wltn-riQ^.onIy-R(51y Family, as the tradition was begun last year, but also with Regis and Loyola. T h e purpose o f the exchange was to allow the students to experience how advanced level courses are taught outside o f Prep, and compare them to our own. All members had the option o f purchasinga pin that recognizes them as members o f the N H S. Also, they held a social in the spring, inviting members o f the National Honor Societies from local schools. Andy Rodriguez referred to this year’s N H S by saying, “W e are the cream o f the Prep crop. ”

'essed as a druid, senior Alan ?zina acts as Dungeon Master. Alan !Zina was the driving fo r c e behind e club and was responsible fo r its surrection.

Mr. Mazur discusses the necessity o f NHS members to be a t Open Houses. NHS members acted as tour guides, showing prospective students around the school.

Front Row: G. Rao, J . Naviello, S. McCullough, S. Wong, S. Candela, P. Talreja. S. Row: Mme. Costanzo, C. Addeo, A. Rodriguez, P. Singh, L. Paonessa, M. Holt. Third Row: S. Bendale, S. Gupta, A. Tolani, M. Moran. Back Row: J . McAuli//e, C. Wall. Missing.- A. Alum, B. Blaney, C. Briody, E. Cabrera, J. Care y, J . Cassibba, V. Chisari, L. Drummand, E. Estevez, W. Fitzgerald, J . Garo/alo, M. Gazic, K. Glock, G. Hoffman, M. Hunton, J . Lallo, P. McGovern, R. Mehta, W. Montana, B. Musto, E. Nguyen, J . Perez, A. Riaz, J . Park, C. Ridgeway, K. Rygiel, T. Schundler, K. Ubelhoer.

RP& / NHS 97


rep had been able to ex­

mosphere that w® [the students] of­

press its enorm ous ethnic

ten take for granted. H opefully, the

o f the

c u ltu ra l

MGC.has brought people o f various diverstiy through theifontinuation The

ethnic communities closer together."

M ulticultural Club, in its third year,

Thevarious individual cultural clubs

was able to bring together people o f

also remained active throughout the

all cultures. T o open the year's ac-

year. T h e French C lub hosted a

ti vities, the M C C hosteda Christmas

Thanksgiving brunch. Besides foods

party for the junior high school stu­

that students brought to the brunch,

c lu b s.

dents at St. Ignatious Academy in

Mrs. C ostanzo, m oderator o f thd

the Bronx. Thestudents,along with

F rench Club, brought F renchgoods

m em bers o f the Prep com m unity,

for all those invited. T h e Ebony Club,

participated in various gam e tour­

under the direction o f M r. Jack

naments. T h e highlight week for the

Raslowsky,sponsored a film festival.

year was N ational M ulticultural

T h e club also held the annual Black

W eek, Febuary 7 -13,1999. U nder

H eroes N ight, with special guest

the guidence o f Sr. Frances, the

speaker, D r. Jam es Cone. T h e Ital­

m em bers o f the club were able to

ian Club went to sec M adam e B u t­

gather statistical infom ation on stu­

terfly during the spring. T h e G e r­

dents’ nationalities. T h e club had

m an C lub enjoyed $ dinner cooked

also put out a newsletter,

at the Prep cafetera. T h e club also



which included articles on

watched a silent film during this

issues o f identity and m ulticultural

dinner. T h e Indo-Pak Clubattended

awareness at Prep, as well as infor­

its annual dinner in N ew Y o rk to


upcom ing events spon­

begin the year. Finally, the L atin

sored by the individual cultural clubs

American Society sponsored its third

at Prep.

o ij

President o f the M C C ,

annual year-end social. Overall, each

junior Dhavel Patel, com m ented,

club was able to live in the spirit o f

"Prep has an incredibly diverse at­

th e ir

re s p e ctiv e

Indo-Pak - Front Row: P. Desai, I. Sheikh, A. Thaker, S. Gupta, E. Wong, S. Lu D. Patel. Back Row: A. Vora, S. Wong, A. Tolani, P. Talreja, N. Chawla, W. Woi

Ebony Club - Front Row: C. Tinsley, S. Charitable, K. Williams, I Edley, H. Greene, Q. Thom as, S. Cam eron, S. Sesay. Back Row.- B. Campbell, J . Love, T. Lynch, A. Okoro, B. Diggs, J . Raslowsky.

c u ltu re s .

Multi-Cultural Club - Front Row: D. Patel, P. Desa, G. Sari. Second Row: I. Sheikh, A. Thaker, E. Wong, S. Gupta, N. Chawla, S. Luke, S. Dholandas, A. Rodriguez. Back Row: A. Vora, A. Tolani, S. W ong, S. Bendali, 0 . Thom as, C. Yau.

J 8 Co-Curriculars



French Club - Front Row: E. W ong, J . Matlari, C. Francisco, J . Marasiganj I Shalhoub, K. Mulroy. Second Row: A. Magailon, M. McDonald, A. Tolani, P. Tain I J . M aglaya, C. Jo rd a, K. M anaghaya, D .Farinas, R. Villanueva. Back Rbwll Fabros, R. Espinosa, D. Cea, J . McAulif/e, J . Bayot, C. Yau, G. Aro, G.Garcia, E. C|l Mrs. Costanzo. Missing: A. Hall, S. Dholandas, P. Brown.

Members o f the French Club enjoy a tasty meal on authentic French bread during the Thanksgiving Brunch. Leftovers from this meal have been traditionally given to the poor.

President 0/ the Multicultural Club, ju n ior Dhaval Patel, places a wrapped gift on the table fo r students at St. Ignatius. This new annual tradition was initiated by Dhaval,

4*8? :alian Club - Front Row: J . Ditinyak, M. Pellogrino, J . Ciuppa, J . W atkins, K. lock, A. Marinello, A. Sam arat, A. Maroney, J.M ongiello, J . Tiseornia. Back Row: f. Mojera, W. Bedford, G. Sari, P. DeSomma, N. LaBruno, M. Goldsack, M. McHugh, I. Manzp, S.Form oso. Missing: S. Candela, M. Hunton.

erm an Club - Front Row.- R. B riam o n te, M. S e ttem b rin o , A. Thaker, Weidenburner, T. Knapp, M. Gazic, C. Fernando, B. Ripley, B. Creswick, P. Brown, I. W ong, R. Renner, J . Hassell, P. McGovern, T. Bryant, L. Drummond.

LAS - Front Row.- R .C oncepcion, D. Silva, F.Pad ron. Second Row: Mr. Becerra,H .River a, R.Espinosa, D. Fernandez, A. Hernandez, M. Pellegrino, A.Cepero, A. Rodriguez. Back Row: R. Rodriguez, A. Gutierrez, G. Donates, C. Hernandez, A. Zayas, D. Muzzillo.

Cultural Gluts 99

Seniors were known to do strange things during the school ' yeafo. Here, Barnes CovleUo, Matt McNerney. tta/t" Ubelhoer, Jon Hassell, andSrlanBlaneyshowthe k quirkier &de 8|Prep. Nx


After Hours

A' single song maybe interpreted in an infinite number of warn Tkougk a II songs ha ve a for p e r f e-c t i o n , t k is perfection is never ackieved witkany one rendition. S i mi lar ly, all kumans are -born witk an in k e rent potential fo r tke p e r p e t u a 1 1y approacka-ble state of completion wkick r e s u lts from f u If i 1lment of purpose. Tke Prep community is one sole entity. -but we must recognize it as a collection oi toings all striv in g to ackievel I NDI VI DUAT I Oiv] tkrougk all activities wketker in or outside of Prep. DiviJer IOI



eacherSfjSpent countless h b u rs g r a d in g and pre-.

: paringexamsand quizzes,vetstill hadtim ctotal-T*

a break from their hard work. T h e s ta ff spent an equal num ber o f hours work tng as. wel 1. Many students never suspected that their teachers and staff m em bers had a life outside o f P fep that, at tim es, was as active as their own. Faculty dances, w o Idings.and time with significant others were alfpart o f many teachers' H id staff m em bers’ sclied- ' ulesoutsideof Prep. Others spent their time at school, giving eferilfnore to the Prep com m unity ifi ways o th e r diau academics. Father way. the teachers an d ^ taff m em bers were just as busy after school as thcy :w ere-nnring thed<iy.

S h o w ing ^jis . Yankee prrae, M r .

§& m

A br a na m

p o s e ^ i fro n t ° / 4k t h e ; o n aI B a s eb a ll Hall o f Fame.




Rohan t r i e s to I i g h®t a p ie c e - o f ‘ p a p e r on fir e with a m a^hi/ying a||g£

\(>2 A fte r Hours

E n a ■I i s h te a ch e rs Doc Kennedy and S ir G im p io n enjoy a break du’r i n g t h e F a c u lty D ay of. R etreat .on S taten Island.

Ms .

Ki m

K e is e r m a n and Mr. Mike Gomez smile


t he

c a m e ra on the Faculty

Da y



M r Zawistowski dances w ith, h i s tfri fe ., D orthoy, a t th e jt i c u t t y ' Chri s t m a s dance.

Mn^irvin Saw h and Fr. Keenan,

o f f S ic h otherâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s clothes.


Jj^ ^ E re g a n smiles as he rlH#ns from a b r i s k constitutional.

Faculty $ S t a f f A fte r School 103

Denizens 0/ Ms. Bolan d’s room jo k e and laugh as they study/or their midterm s.

Seniors w aiting fo r an Emmaus hom ecom ing engage in a riotous] gam e of/ ootball in “The JU G ” room.

Freshm an Jo e P ecora passes the time aw ay b y s tu d y in g f o r h is n e x t c l a s s in F r. A zzarto’s room .

Ju n io r s G iovanniD onates, Eddie Draude, and Enver V ucetaj do som e la st minute hom ework in Mr. D ondero’s room.


0 fv'


c J V 'l IS o o

Sfi mm


fr ; f i g y/ "H / Antonio In/ante and Ju d e Tiscornia enjoy a pleasant gam e o f cards in Mr. Dondero’s room.

ift 1 i’Tv I


Im L

hroughout the course o f the day, rooms other than classrooms, the library, and the cafeteria were filled with students doing their homework, playing cards, or just chatting with each other. Thanks to under­ standing teachers, these rooms served as a sanctuary for students stressed out from the day, or as just a place to catch a quick nap or help from other students with homework. Some students in these rooms even formed bonds o f friend­ ship with each other, proving that the Prep spirit can grow no matter how difficult the circumstances.

Senior Edgar Allen Cabrera p r e p a r e s to swing as Simon Wong catches in th e i n / a mo u s Senior Jo n ath an Ryglicki relaxes on Fr. Azzarto’s so/a, contem plating the events o f the day.



“Browning / Boland B a se b a ll," created by senior Jo e Naviello.

5 u r:io r H fri Knapp sits down to rest j during th e fe.ast / Grew MSjgj fo r the w I n t e r dram a.


fter the trials and tribulations o f t|je school day, students we'rl|pager to relax fn im their strenuous work and spend time with valu/d com panions. Joining

fellow Prepstudentsor drawing friends from other locales, students spqnt their precious free tim e together, enjoying the company oFtho^ein their lives closest to them. W hether going to a m ovie, a parfyroq.a date, or iusfchangingout. students showed that their lives together did not end the m om ent they departed from the corner o f G rand and W arren.

Pi# p g r a d u a t e Mike W al|er â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;9 8 and||nior Ja m e s Lallo stir a stran ge brew d p ln g Tex Schundlerâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Halloween P a rty H

Laughing, s e n io r/ o n j^ g ffc k i knocks out senior Jo ljh McAullijje out w ithjfi nun with alm ud e.

Friends 0/ Tex Schundler chat during his annual Halloween party.

Memi>ers 0/ th e Stag^e Crew c cp a p se /rom exhaustion at the all rifght ca st / u crept party. f

Jo n Ryglicki, holding his treasured â&#x20AC;&#x153;My Pet M^mter, groggily looks up during a party.

Jitt n i 0 r

wm d r e w P g B P P * 1* 1 Joseph/Naviello and his girljnend, Gina Pose together a t ajbtffw Yearâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s party held by ^fffu tu m p ifh d .


P e r s e g h in rubs his head

after having it shaved at th e c a s t j.

crew party.

Senior Ja m es Lallo cledns out the Touch Tank a t the Liberty Science Center.


hilejugglingschoolw orkandcxtra-curricular activities, ssm e students, took on the added responsibility o f a part-tim e job. W o rk in g at the L iberty

ScienceC enter, libraries, churches, and coffee shops,, these students earned much spending money. A t times, students would also, spend their weekends w orking overtime^.despite schedules that m ight have been near full. H and ling two to three activities at a time, students w ere also able to gain new perspectives into tim e m anagem ent skills. S tu ­ dents not only learned academics, but they w ere prepared for “the real w orld.’’ At St. Paul o f th e C r o s s ’s

Rectory, senior Jo sep h Ma v i e I I o w rites o u t a m ass card.

C a refu lly , Senior Lou P a o n e s s a resh elv es CDs a t B a y o nne

P u b l i c ■ Library.

Ju n io r M ark Goldsack w aits f o r an order a t the Secret Ingredient, a popular diner.

108 A fte r Hours

jfe T e

( r w

fk ^





Jeel[ l^e jndaX^vcj Prep’s Communist Society plans its annual “Hammer & Sickle Night” to convert the school’s capitalist population. The night’s festivities included the “I’m Karl Marx. Who Are You?” role playing game.

Greatly agitated, Mr. Z. tracks down lOUs/or the mission drive with some 0/ his “boys.” Mr. Z’s incredible zeal/or the drive was well known, and his/orces o/persuasion raised much money for the Mission Drive.

During one of the year’s assemblies, the entirety 0/the student body correctly sang the school song “Pride andGlory” 1969. Eversince, the words “sadness” and “gladness” in the second verse have been switched, as the students struggle to remember the lyrics while they are singing.

W ithjayous expressions on their/aces, the entire Prep student body sings their heart and soul out during an assembly. The combined sound of Prep’s voices was so beautiful that several teachers almost wept in joy.

Above, Greg Boyle is seen running_from the entire /acuity after composing some captions o/his own. Exercise was an important part of/the Prep curriculum.

Mr. Dandorph climbs on top o/his podium, rips his shirt o ft, and leaps across the room, screaming “FANTASTIC! Let’s have a quiz!” This was a common scene in Mr. Dandorph’s PreCalculus class.

With a grimace on his face, Mr. Guzik S .J. gives into the voices in his head. He was heard running down the hall screaming at the top of his lungs: “Bad dog! Bad dog!”

As the bell rings, student\race down the halls to their next class during a short order. On short order days, much to the disappointment of the student body, classes were shdrter and the day ended earlier.

Smoking bazooka in hand, former Captain Fr. O’Brien S .J. grins as he explains the physics of personal weaponry. Teachers often relied on a variety of props to assist them in their teaching.

Packed/ullo/editors, the yearbook room, a s tene 0/ organization, tidiness, and order, was a pldce where much constructive work was completed; Here, several editors write mindless poetry to aid in the completion of the yearbook.

StuJent Jol>s

Thouglkltjs a commuilfe,l>rep Is a collection of |1ndlviduals. Among these individuals %ere 3,0e NavieUo!\ DftavalVPatel. Mdtt Elson, andJames Lallo, who are pictured walking across Abb{j Street In |fJayonrte,

IIO People

A musica 1group is its M E M B E R S and' not the song catalog which it p ro d u ces. No institution can be defined by the stone, g la ss, and iro n s tr u c tu r e which composes its physica 1 plant or by the^ground upon which it stands, •but may only be defined by the hum an^3ISEEI w^° contribute to and in flu e n c e its existence. Si. fe te r s Preparatory School is not a location- or an ■ ■ ■ bui ldi ng c o mp lex. Instead, it is its students. I ac u ity members.and staff. Thoughfaceschange each year, it is these people v/ho allow the school to truly live forever. DiviJer HI


s a lw ays, one o f the keys'

E qually challenging was the job

efficiently were Br. Frank Turnbull,

o f principal at Prep, which for the tution is strong leadership. T hpast is was seven years has been occupied

T e rri C orcoran, who worked tire­

to the success o f an insti­

S.J., Ms. G race Gualario, and Mrs.

a quality Slearly evident at Prep

by M r. John R. Raslowsky, a Prep

lessly to handle the immense amount

through the diligence o f those who

graduate o f the class o f 1979. It was

ofdaily paper work such as class lists,

worked in the the administrative;

the role o f the principal to be a

m o rn in g a n n o u n c e m e n ts, and

offices o f the President in Shalloe

spokesman to the extended Prep

progressreports. T h e fact that their

H all and the offices o f the Principal

com m unity 9UI well as an adm inis­

work often went unnoticed was a

and Vice Principal in Mulry H all.

trator o f daily affairs o f the 127-

.testament to their efficiency and

B oth F r . K een an , S .J. and M r.

year Prep tradition. M r. Raslowsky,

professionalism. Br. Turnbull com ­

Raslowsky led the Prep com m u­

the first lay principal o f St. Peter’s,

mented, “O ne cif the most en joyable

nity throu gh another successful

also had the added responsibility o f

aspects o f my day at the office is the

teaching A frican A m erican L itera­

daily visits o f the students.”

school year. Besides being a constant figure

ture/ Civil Rights M ovem ent d ur­

Theadm inistration was also con­

at athletic events and other Prep

ing the day and m oderating the

cerned about the students on a hu­

functions, F r. James K eenan had

Ebony C lub after school.

m an level. T h e ir presence touched

the responsibility o f m aking the fi­

Assisting M r. Raslowsky in nu­

nal decisions w hich determined the

merous duties, and handling most

principal and the president took tim e from their busy schedules to I

all aspects o f Prep life.

Both the

m anner in which the school was

o f theacadm eic issues, was the V ice-

operated on a daily basis. U nder his

Principal at Prep,

M r. P atrick

take an active role in P rep’s extra­

leadership, the Prep budget was bal­

Reidy. A fam iliar sight at academic

curricular activities, in addition to

anced and the tuition kept at virtu­

convocations, Mr. Reidy formulated

the open houses, registration, as­

ally the same level for another year.

the schedules and addressed course

sem blies, litu rgies, and alum ni

Assisting F r. Keenan in the de­

selection questions and conflicts. In

events. W ith the dedicated service

m anding day to day routine o f the

addition, M r. Reidy also found time

o f the entire adm inistration, Prep

P r e s id e n t ’s

M rs.

to serve as the m oderator for P rep’s

surely has many m ore bright years

M aryphyllis Locricchio, who has

o ffic e

w as

h ig h ly su ccessfu l M ath T e a m .

tocom e.

served the Prep com m unity for the

H e lp in g

last six years.

P rincipal’s office ran smoothly and


e n s u re

th a t

Fr. James F . Keenan, S.J. President Parents’Association Advisor Years at Prep: 5 Favorite Band: T h e Chieftains


“One of the most enjoyable aspects of my day at the office is the daily visits of the students.” - Br. Turnbull, SJ .

Mrs. Maryphyllis Locricchio Secretary, President’s Office Years at Prep: 6 Favorite Musician: Billy Joel

W alking through Shalloe Hall, Fr. Keenan reviews notes fo r an upcoming m eeting. The behind the scenes m eetings th a t Fr. Keenan was involved in had a profou nd effec t on life a t Prep.

Mrs. T erry Corcoran Secretary, Principal’s Office Years at Prep: 4 Favorite Musician: Glenn Miller

112 People

Mrs. Betty Dandorph Transportation Coordinator Years at Prep: 15

Mr. John R. Raslowsky II ‘79 Principal Classes: African American Lit. Moderator for: Ebony Club Years at Prep: 12 Favorite Musician: Bruce Springsteen

Mr. Patrick Reidy Vice Principal Moderator for: Math Team Years at Prep: 11 Favorite Band: T h e Beatles

Ms. Elizabeth Walsh Assistant to Vice President Years at Prep: 13 Favorite Band: Aerosmith

Mrs. Janice Martineau Secretary, College Placement Years at Prep: 5 Favorite Musician: Billy Joel

Concerned, Mr. John Raslowsky asks Mrs. Grace Gualario to clarify a statem ent on a piece o f correspondence. Effective communication was key in running the office


Br. Frank Turnbull, S.J. Secretary, Principal’s Office Years at Prep: 3 Favorite Singer: Celine Dion

Mr. Reidy discusses a schedule con/lict with a student on the phone. Mr. Reidy was always eager to help a student make im portant decisions about his curriculum a t Prep.

Mrs. Grace Gualario Secretary, Principal’s Office Years at Prep: 9 Favorite Band: T h e Rolling Stones

AJmiaistration 113


r. Jam es C o llin s , the

O ffice, F r. Katsouros also taught

Prilop, Ms. Diane M cCabe, and Ms.

Junior and Senior Religion coursff. dents, is one o f the visible members H e also supervised lunch, handled

T e rri C✓orcoran, assisted the trea­

D ean


S tu ­

surers’ m anagem ent o f i ll the fi­

o f the Prep faculty. Responsible for

disciplinary problem s, proctored

n an cial aspects o f th e sch o o l.

keepingorderanddisciplineam ong

JU G , helped moderators with co-

T h an k s to them , m em bers o f the

the students,, Mr. Collins had his

curricular activities, and managed

P rep com m u nity w ere ensured

work cut out for him. Clipboard in

assemblies and educational experi­

daily conveniences such as lights,

hand, he calm ly patrolled the cam ­

ences outside o f the classroom. “I

heat, office and first aid supplies,

pus in search o f dress code viola­

feel like we’re here to help the stu­

food, and long term items such as

tions, m isbehaving students, and

dents becom e better people and

com puters, faculty and staff pay,

other “jugable” offenses. H is duties

grad u ate,'' F r . K atsou ros co m ­

and even yearbooks.

included keeping JU G and atten­


also handled all the tuition money,

dance records, supervising lunch,

M r. C o llin s and F r .

kept records o f payments and schol­

Katsouros were aided by Ms. Cecilia

arships, and ensured that the school

ting the tim ing on class bells, and

Collins, the Assistant to the Dean.

was financially secure. A certified

instilling every student with disci­

She helped to keep the attendance

public accountant, M r. Corcoran

pline, so that the average day at

records, answered telephones, and.

m anaged the financial health not

Prep ran smoothly. A fter ten years,

updated the bulletin board outside

only o f the school itself, but also

he still says that he loves his job. “I

o f the D ean’s O ffice. H elping Ms.

some aspects o f the Jesuit C om m u­

just like the interaction between

Collins in these duties were B r. Jo ­

nity and St. P eter’s C hurch o f Res­

the students and the staff and being

seph G riffin , S.J. and F r. Jam es

urrection Parish.

part o f the Prep experience,” M r.

Foley, S.J.

distributing locks and lockers, set­

Collins rem arked.

B o th

T h e office M r. James J. Collins Dean o f Students Years at Prep: 10 Favorite Musician: Roy Orbison

M s. H e le n e S c h n e id e r, the

T h e T reasurer’s O ffic e , located

School N urse, managed the physi­

T h is year M r. Collins received

in Shalloe H all, operated quietly

cal health o f the students, faculty,

some extra help from the newly

and efficiently under the direction

and sta ffo f Prep. She administered

arrived A ssistantD ean ofStudents,

o f T reasurer M r. John M. Corcoran,

firstaidand prescription drugs,and

F r . Stephen K atsou ros, S .J. F r.

‘53 and Assistant T reasu rer Ms.

kept health records. She was sought

Katsouros also had a brisk sched­

C atherine Ford. T h e Secretaries to

most frequently after tough intra­

ule. A fam iliar sight in the D ean ’s

the T reasu rer’s O ffice, Ms. Iona

mural gam es to bandage injuries.

“I feel like we’re here to help the students become better people and graduate.” - Fr. Katsouros, S.J.

Mr. John M. Corcoran T reasurer Director o f Financial Aid Years at Prep: 6 Favorite Musician: Glenn Miller

“You’ve got JU G !” Mr. Collins jokingly shouts a t an innocent bystander. There w ere very Jew students who w ent unpunished /or breaking school rules.

Ms. Cecelia Collins Secretary, Attendance Office Years at Prep: 1 Favorite Musician: Bob Seeer

IlH People

Fr. James Foley, S.J. Proctor, Attendance Office Years at Prep: 38

Ms. Katie Ford AssistantTreasurer Years at Prep: 10 Favorite Music Genre: B is Band

Ms. Ford answers a parent's question about payment plans /or St. Peter’s Prep tuition. The Treasurer’s 0//ice was always prepared to help student’s /amilies deal with /inances. Proving th at she is not only concerned with students, Mrs. Schneider takes a look at Ms. W alsh’s hand. Throughout the day, the school nurse was always glad to lend a helping hand 0/ her own.

Miss Diane McCabe Secretary, T reasurer’s Office Parking Lot Moderator Years at Prep: 7 Favorite Musician: Neil Young

Mrs. Iona Prilop Secretray, Treasurer’s Office Years at Prep: 13 Favorite Singer: Tony Bennett

Examining the screen, Mrs. Prilop enters in data about the school’s /inances. It was the duty o f the Treasurer’s 0//ice to ensure Prep remained /inancially secure.

Mrs. Helene Schneider School Nurse Years at Prep: 5

Dean $ Treasurer 115


ccupying most o f the sec-

took over as D irector o f the D evel­ | ond floor o f Shalloe H all, opm ent O ffice and D irecto r o f the O ffice o f E xternal A ffairsAwas nnual G iving after the position

Rosalida M acaluso, M r. M azur helped to publicize Prep in local and suburb an newspapers, thus spread­

probably one o f the least known

was vacated by M r. T im othy D olan

ing the Prep reputation throughout

offices in the entire school. Yet, the

last year, who was: concurrently

N ew Jersey. T h e dedicated work o f thosgin the D epartm ent o f External Affai rs kept Prep com petitive among

office was a lifeline for the thou­

w orking

sands o f alum ni, trustees,: and do­

encouraging alum ni, parents, and

nors who used it as their connection

friends o f the school to m ake dona­

the other area schools and helped to

to Prep. U nd er the careful direc­

tio n s, M r.

D o h e rty


ensure that Prep remains successful

fo r

in H aw aii. In charge o f

w as

tion o f M r. Jam es H oran ’70, the

p o in tm a n


fo r years to come. M r M azur com ­

Vice President for E xternal Affairs,

Phonathon, and also assisted M r.

mented, “W e work to ensure that

the office scheduled various alumni recep tio n s, published the P rep

H oran in continuing the “Keys to the F u tu re " cam paign. U nder his

enjoy the Prep experience.”

M agazine, and spearheaded the

leadership and the groundw ork set

“Keys to the F u tu re” campaign.

th e

future generations will be able to In addition, M rs. M ary Ann

up by M r. D olan, Prep raised over

Prim e, Prep parent o f ‘95 and ‘98,

A iding Mr. H oran in contacting

onem illion dollars in its fundraising

greeted those who called 434-4400

and notifying alum ni was the St.

efforts for the previous fiscal year.

at the St. P eter’s Prep switchboard.

Peter’s Prep A lum ni O ffice. H ead­

Second year veteran Mr. M ichael

M rs. P rim e connected those who

ing the office was M r. Joseph Kelly

M azur was in charge o f the O ffice

wanted tocontact individual m em ­

’89, who, with the dedicated service

o f Public Inform ation, com monly

bers o f the St.P eter’s Prep faculty,

o f Mrs. Jane B riam onte and F r.

referred to as O P I. In many ways,

adm inistration, or coaches.

C h arles D o la n , S .J., o rg an ized

M r. M azur was P rep’s ch ie f publi­

Prep community also hired students

alum ni functions and set up alumni

cist, organizing Open H ouses, the

to work the switchboard duringoff-

d atabases. T h e A lu m n i O ffic e

Freshm an for a D ay Program , the

times. Sophom ore Bernard Cortes


helped to assure that, while one may

Freshm an Ambassador Program ,

stated, “I enjoy w orking the switch­

graduate from Prep, one is never

and various other activities that

board for a few hours so that I can

really disconnected from the com ­

helped recruit and attract prospec­

have some spending money always


tive students from across the state.

on m e.”

N ew com er M r. Gerald Doherty Mrs. Ja n e Briam onte and Mr. Jo e Kelly review an office to office memo sen t by Mr. Horan. Com m unication by mem bers of the /acuity and s t a ff proved vital in sustaining the li/eblood o f our school.

Mr. James C. Horan V P for Planning & External Affa Parents’ Association Advisor Classes: Journalism Years at Prep: 25 Favorite Band: T h e W ho

W ith the help o f his secretary, Ms. Mr. M ike Mazur Director o f Public Information Freshm an Programs Director I Years at Prep: 2 Favorite Band: T h e Indigo Girls

Mr. Jon Hamm er Coordinator o f Special Events! Years at Prep: 30 Favorite Musician: Frank Sinatra

IIG People

Mr. Gerald J. Doherty Director o f Annual Giving Years at Prep: 1 Favorite Band: Enya

Fr. Charles F .X . Dolan, S.J. Vice President for Alumni Affairs Years at Prep: 31

Mrs. Jane Briamonte Assistant for Alumni & Develop­ ment Office Years at Prep: 5

Mr. Joe Kelly ‘89 Director o f Alumni Relations Years at Prep: 2

Collaborating on an OP! computer, Mr. Mike Mazur and Ms. Roe Macaluso coordinate Prep's Spring Open House. The Open Houses were valuable tools in attracting potential students.

Ms. Roe Macaluso Secretary, Office o f Public Information Years at Prep: 2 Favorite Band: Pearl Jam

A/ter school, Mr. Jack Caulfield and Mr. Jim Horan, the school’s vice president, discuss the upcoming Phonathon. The Phonathon was one o/ External A//airs’ m ajor /und raisers.

Ms. Mary Ann Prime Switchboard Operator Years at Prep: 7 Favorite Musician: Yanni

Exteri\a.l A ffairs 117

At International Night, Fr. Anthony Azzarto speaks with one o f the parents in atten d an ce. Intern ation al Night allow ed those present to experience diverse World cultures. During th e/ ash ion show, students who escorted the models down the runway gath er on the sta g e to be recognized f o r thsir participation. The /ashion sh'ow was the P aren tsâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; A ssociationâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s m ost succes/ul event o f the year.

r e g f * u c h as Mr. W illi p p j r e l i am burgersl Fdmated I depended !

SPsriieipation qf

Students play/ ootball during the/am ily picnic a t the beginning o f the year. The earliest social event 0/ the year, the picnic helped fresh m en to becom e a part o f the Prep comm unity.

118 People


n 1991, the Mo t he r ' s C l u b joined with the Father's Club

to form the St. Peter s Prep Parents’ Assosciation, and for the past eight years, it has enjoyed success in coor­ dinating fund-raisers and social

Show, the most attended and most successful event o f the year, and “An Evening with Bobby Byrnes,’1 for w hich Mr. 1Byrnes performed a variety o f show tunes, for the audience’s listening pleasure.

events and in hosting school-run

T h e Parents’ Association was

events, to benefit the Prep com mu­ nity. Parents’ Association Co-Chair-

also responsible for hosting the fall

persons Mr. Jeffrey Schundler and

and spring open houses to provide prospective students and their par­ ents with information concerning

Mr. Anthony Cardino were assisted by twenty-four members o f the

the school, opportunities for in­ volvement in its extracurricular ac­

executive committee and volunteer

tivities, and its impressive academic

members o f the association in the coordination o f association-orga­ nized ev en ts, which allow for the

raisin g


funds fo r the school’s use and allow both par­ ents and students to beco m e a c ­ q u ain ted w ith one another, thus providing for the further growth o f the Prep com mu­ nity. Social events run by the asso­ ciation included

c ur r i c ul um. Events such as the Junior Ring Mass

"The Prep Parent's A sso­ ciation works to prom ote


that special sence of com ­ munity that we have here at the Prep.”Mr. Jeff Schundler

worked to intro­ duce freshm en parents to the

Mass were also a result o f their dedicated efforts. T h e Parents’ A s s o s c ia tio n

Prep community, w hich was a c ­ complished by the aforem entioned Family Picnic as well as by other social events. In su m m erizing the overall goal o f the Par­

the Family Picnic, Parents sitting a t the Irish table a t International Night discuss the events 0/ the day. At this event, areas o f the cafeteria w ere dedicated to different world nations.


B a c c e 1a u r e a t e

an early event w hich allow ed

ents’ Association,

freshman and their parents to meet

Co-C hairperson Je ff Schundler

one another and to more easily be­ come a part o f the Prep community,

thoughtfully com m ented, “T h e Prep Parent's Association works to

International Night, wherein both

promote that special sence o f com­

parents and students were able to experience diverse cultures, and the

munity that we have here at the Prep. W e also give a hands-on dem­ onstration o f ‘Parents for others’ so

Parents’ Christmas Party, which provided an opportunity for par­ ents to socialize and to celebrate the holiday season. In order to help to defray tuition costs for Prep parents, the associa­ tion also organized fund raisers in­ cluding the Luncheon/Fashion

that our sons will be ‘Men for oth­ ers.’” T h e association was certainly an institution which influenced the growth and progress o f the St. Peter’s Prep community through its inspiring work throughout the school year.

Parents’ Association


s usual, the cafeteria and


this group that managed to get evmaintenance staff worked £ry teacher’s chalkboard clean ev ­ diligently this year to sustain aery pleas­ day.) T h e crew also prepared ant environm ent for Prep men. Prep's facilities for various nighly W hile most students and teachers

events. As Rich Butler stated, “W e

were enjoying their vacation, the

are like th e postal w orkers who

staff was hard at work during the

work everyday, even through rain,

relentless heat o f the sum m er. It

sleet, or snow .”

was responsible for several m ajor

T h e h a rd -w o rk in g cafeteria

projects such as the pain ting o f class­

staff w oke up every m o rn in gto ar­

room walls and the stripping and

rive at school at Sam to prepare

waxing o f classroom, corridor, and

meals for the grow ing men o f Prep.

cafeteria floors. Several cafteria la­

G enerally, their duties concluded

dies were available to serve food

at 2pm . T h e breakfast menu usu­

during breaks be­

ally consisted o f

tw een su m m e r

bagels, egg and

school classes and

c h e e se

to serve lunch to

wiches (w ith or

H A P stu d en ts. M r.

K e n n e th

D a n d o rp h was sig h ted on n u ­ merous occasions running around campus. Different g ro u p s

o f the

m aintenancestaff coordinated to ac­ complish the ex­ tensive tasks re­ m aining after a busy day o f activ­ ity.


“We are like the postal workers who work every­ day, even through rain* sleet, or snow." - Rich Butler

san d ­

w ithout 'Various m e a ts ), c h o c o la te

and c h ip

Aookies and m u f­ fin*. T h e lunch­ time menu varied daily, but always c o n sis te d P r e p ’s

of w e ll-

know n F ren ch fries. Som etim es cheesesteaks, I barbecue ribs, and even cold sand­ wiches w ere o f­

From 7am

fered. T h e sta ff

u n til 3 p m , the

also prepared a

d a ily

m a in te ­

se p a ra te l unc h

nance s ta ff was

menu for the fac­

re sp o n sib le fo r

ulty and staff in

maintaining thecleanlinessofPrep's walls and stairs, the cafeteria floors

the Je su it re fe cto ry located in Shalloe Hall.

and tables, and proper function o f

B o th staffs w ere som etim es

heating, air conditioning, and ven­

called upon unexpectedly to help

tilation. T h e daily crew also under­

students resolve any tension be­

took the cleaningout o f the English

tween each other (generally in the


form o f the occasional food fight).

At 3:00, the day crew would go

W hile the m ajority o f the staff

hom e, giving way to the night crew,

m em bers were recognized to stu­

which worked until the grueling

dents only by face and not by name,

hour o f 11pm.

T h e primary re­

they worked just as hard and prob­

sponsibility o f the nightly crew was

ably longer than anyone else. Truly,

to perform thorough custodial work

they were the unsung heroes o f the Prep.

in classrooms. (For exam ple, it was

12O People

Busily preparing P rep’s next m eal, Mrs. Maria Lauro takes ou t a large pan. The cafeteria o ffer ed fo o d fo r students during lunch, recess, and in the morning.

Mrs. Lucy Palmiero hands a studentâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s change over to him. With two lunch ladies working the cash registers, the lines in the ca/eteria/lowed smoothly.

Tired from a day o f cleaning, sweeping, and managing Mr. Arvin Sawh prepares to leave the school. Working late into the night was a daily routine fo r the maintenace staff.


Students crowd around the counter o f the lunch room, ea g er to receive their lunch. This year, a new organizational method was introduced which sped up the rate a t which students received their fo o d .

C afe $ Maintenance 121

M r,C hris Andreadis Classes: D river’s Education, Physical Education IV , Them es in Sports Literature |P Coach for: Football Years at Prep: 2 Favorite Band: I Alice in Chains

Front Row: Richard McMahon, Anthony Sci a n a , Anthony Bartido Raj, Mark Herrero, Gregory I Gargiulo, Nicholas Brady, Heinreich Sioson. Second Row.- Jo h n Solan, Danie! Condo, Tony Martin, I Frederick Bondoc, Glenn DiGiorglo, Ja v ie r Persad, Ramon Ontal, Mr. Boyle. Back Row: Lukasz Kosc,' I M atthew C asan i, Thom as Jo h n so n , Kenneth Teschlog, P eter Duda, Jo h n Prezioso, Ja m e s I W ojtkiew icz, Daniel Zuber. Missing.- Christopher Lundy.

F r. Anthony Azzarto, S.J. Classes: ReligjousEducation I, Millenium-W isdom for Y ear200^' Moderator of: 3rd Day, Campus Ministry, Genesis 9, T ieC lu b Years at Prep: 22 . FavoriteM usician: Billy Joel

Ms; Susan Baber | Chairperson ofClassics Campus Shop Director Classes?Latin II, Latin III, Latin I V Honors P M oderator of: Model LLN; * Years at Prep: 14

122 People

Front Row: Damien Longley, Josep h Battista, Brian Convery, Mike Price, Steve Ramos. Second Row: 1 Mr. Doyle, Brian Wisely, Jo e Ameruoso, August Generoso, M att Faden, Sam Raou/. Back Row: Jo e j Pavlica, Carl Dulay, J e f f Bona/e, Jo h n Zaszewski, Mike Garrigan, Nick Hamilton, Quameir Harding, ■ Jo rg e Fujita, Brett Prime, Drew Sheeran.


Fr. Kay Baldu^S.J. CollegeCounselor Classes: Group Guidance Years at Prep: 26 Favorite Musician: Count Basie

Front Row.- Spiro Dounis, Antonio In/ante. Second Row: Adam Vartan, Brian Santisi, Morgan Miller, George McQuillan, Marc DeGennaro, Ja m es Comprelli. Third Row: Brian Gorski, Anthony Bradfield, Peter Cecinni, Robert Lombari, Max Cadorette. Back Row: Richard Mohammed, Mr. Guzik, S .J., Stephan Baber, Ja m es Gallagher, David Scudder, Charles Martini, Vincent Cannon, Duncan Ndirangu, Christopher Valite.

Mr. Jorge Becerra Classes: Church in the Modern World, Group Guidance, Lessons o f the Holocaust |g( Moderator of; Latin American Society, Peer Advisors Years at Prep: 11

Front Row: Rehan Ali, Krunal Patet, Neil Patel, Aneek Butt, Davin Yao. Second Row: Fr Hoag, S .J., David Bonner, Michael Hoffman, Jam es Faller, Anthony Wolleon, Christopher Choi, Joh n Mahoney, Alan Cody, Michael Monteleone, Rey Leonard Tac-an. Back Row: Mark Inocencio, Amir Bishara, Michael Wong, Richard Karczewski, Farhan Malik, Brian Yun.

Ms. Geraldine Boland . Classes,Group Guidance, Social Justice Moderator of: Junior Prom Com足 mittee, Peer AdvisorCommittee Years at Prep: 2 Favorite Musician: Carly Simon

Homerooms 123

Mr.'C Jregory Boyle ('lasses: Biology ,(j'eosiience M oderarorol: S cjesce Chibs Years at Prep: 14

Front Row: Radham es Hernandez, Frank Panella, R yanC lem ente, Jo e S e rz a n , Steve Donato. Second Row.- Christian S an tiago, Larry Francisco, Jo n a th a n Gonzalez, Tom Schm itt, Jo rd an Abanilla, Mike Robles, Pedro Rodriguez. Back Row: Mr. Irvine, S alv ato rScru d ato , Jo h an T u rcios, Edward McGuire, Gary Bogdanskij J a a n Schtem erm eyer, Evan Miller, Raymond Mangunay.

« ^ i a s s e ^ a K i § h ly^'tnglish i l l ; I lonors Moderator of: Dramatics 5 Years at Prep:16f

The New T e a c h e r s o f P rep : Front Row: Mr. Mark A. Connolly, Mr. Sean McElhinney, Sr. Frances Marie Duncan, OSF, Ms. Lisa Cataldo, Ms. Deirdre Donahue, Ms. M arcia Pichardo. Back Row: Mr. David A. Soscia, Fr. Thomas F. McManus, S .J., Mr. Jo h n Dadas, Fr. Stephen Katsouros, S .J., Mr. Luke J. Piede.

I2H People

Mr. Timothy P.’Caslin ,■ Ch ai rperson ofReligionCfasses^Great Christian Thinkers, Rel. Ed. Ilj Church in the Modern,, *. World, T h e Rel, Exp. in Lit. Moderator of: Golf, Hoboken Shelter, Pax Chrisfi Years at Prep: 6- ' Favorite Musical Genre: J Traditional IrishMusic i

Front Row.- Vito Totino, Erick Torres, Shane Byrne, Matthew Messenger, Daniel Soliman. Second Row: Christopher Moreno, Jo sep h Smith, Matthew Mulhern, Ryan Adler, Gerard Bernales, Fernando Padron, Stephen Vallone, William Purcell. Back Row: Mr. Murphy, Gabriel Munoz, Ernest Bowen, Adriel Gutierrez, Joseph Zubko, Louis Capezza, Sam uel LoPresti, Michael Gonzalez, Kenneth Stabile, Jo n ath an Tapia. Missing: Eric Cashman, Anthony Fischetti, Palmer Roux.

Ms. Lisa Cataldo

Sr. Frances Marie Duncan, OSF

Fr. Thom as F. McManus, S.J.

Classes: Religion II. Psychology and Religion Moderator of: Liturgical Music Years at Prep: 1 Favorite Musician: Sarah McLaughlin

Classes: Algebra I. Geometry Moderator of: Multicultural Club Assistant Moderator of: Pax Christi Years at Prep: 8 Favorite Musician: John Michael Talbot

Assistant Librarian Tutor Years at Prep: 1 Favorite Composer: Chopin

Mr. Mark A. Connolly

Fr. Stephen Katsouros, S.J.

M s. M arcia Pichardo

Classes: AP Biology. Biology I Moderator of: Science Team Years at Prep: 1 Favorite Musician: Diana Ross

Assistant Dean Assistant Parent’s Advisor Classes: Prayer /Image of God Christian Justice Assistant Moderator of: Ebony Club Years at Prep: 1 Favorite Musician: Sarah McLaughlin

Classes: Spanish I Years at Prep: 1

Mr. John Dadas

Classes: AP Calculus, PreCalculus Assistant Moderator of: Chess Club Moderator of: New York Cultural Society Years at Prep: 1 Favorite Type of Band: Modern Jazz Quartet Ms. Deirdre Donahue

Classes: Spanish I. Spanish III Honors Assistant Coach of: Swimming Years at Prep: 1

Mr. Sean M cElhinney

Classes: Religious Education II, Bioethics Moderator of: Petrean, Philosophy Club Years at Prep: 1 Favorite Band: Counting Crows

Ms, LeeChua Classes: Algebra II, Physics Moderator of; Billiards Club Assistant Coach far: Cross Country Years at Prep: 2 ^ Favorite Band: Foo Fighters


Mr. Luke J, Piede

Classes: Algebra I, Accounting Coach for: Swimming Years at Prep: 1 Favorite Musician: Kris Kristofferson

Mr. David A. Soscia

Classes: Latin I, Latin II Moderator of: Stage Crew Years at Prep: 1 Favorite Band: Dave Matthews Band

Mine. Bernadette Costanzo Ctassesif’rench I, French French HI Honors,French Honors^Spanish II ' Moderatoriof: French Club, N H S, N H S 1 Years at Prep: 7 Favorite Musician: Kenny ‘Ci”

Homerooms 12 5

Front Row.- Ryan Craw/ord, Ju stin Cruz, Jo n a th a n Pappalardo, David Gam boa, Kevin Mulroy, Marco Buonom o, R obert Stein. Second Row: Jo h n Castellano, Robert Concepcion, Guillermo Fargas, M ickaelZaki, Hussein Adagio, Thom as D ato. Third Row.- Mr. Piede, Brian Guarini, Francis Victorina” W illiam Escalante, Jo h n Villamil, Daniel Cunning, Vincent Som m ese. Back Row.- Claudy Egalite” Jo se p h Nebbia, Ryan Connell, Anthony Pastore, Peter Pasuco, Jo sep h Pecora. Missing: Lawson C anady.

M r. Tony.Criisalli Classes: Physical Education L I I , III H e ld Coach for: Tennis Assistant Coach for: Varsity Football M oderator o k Ifu/amtirals. ^ : Years at Prep: 10 ■ Favorii^Vfiisilian: It N eal McCoy


M s.M arie Currv ’ | Chairperson o f History Classes: A P U S History 1. A P U S History II, Lessons o fth e H olo­ caust, U S History II Moderator of: I Years at Prep: 9 Favorite Musician: | H erl )crt G roller never


126 People


Front Row: Thom as McQuillan, Thom as Scozza/ava, Ja so n Fischer, William Yau. Second Row: Mr. Soscia, Jo sep h Long, M atthew DoCampo, Erwin Cam aligan, Timothy Hearns, Liam Moloney, Christopher Mezzina. Back Row: Michael Schure, Nadeem Ali, Michael Lyons, Omar Ricketts, Ronny Sanchez, Matthew Wilczek. Missing: Matthew McCullough.

1 I

/Mr. Kenneth M. Dandorph// Academic Advisor for Varsity | Football Facilities Director Classes: Algebra II/TTrigonometry Honors,PreCalculus: Years at Prep: 18 Favorite Musicians; “T oo many to choose just one.’j B

Front Row: Jorge Torres, Mr. Zawistowski, Shane D’Aprile, Luke Kloza. Second Row: Ju an Paolo Prudente, Ryan McCarthy, Edward Cody, Paul P/annekoh, Eric W alker. Third Row: Matthew Marasigan, Michael Silpoch, Jo h n Hanlon, Daniel Fallon, Matthew Ingles, RomellMerene. Back Row: RUeben Tehlikian, Gregory Kender, Jo n Kiniery, Reehan Shahzad, Sean Finnegan, Rene Rodriguez, Gregory Kokosinski. Missing: Vincent Ruiz.


Front Row: Keran Balija, Brendan Ryan, Jam es W itherspoon, Michael Apacible, Yasir Fahmy. Second Row: Mr. Casey, Matthew Bell, Patrick McAndrew, Felix DeJesus, Robert Sussmann, Daniel Slamiak, Hector Lopez. Back Row: Robert Walker, Brian Gallo, Joseph Natale, Brian Robinson, Emmanuel Thompson, Andrew Blauvelt, Ja so n Mal/ettone. Missing: Gregory Floresca.

/ Mr. James C. D e AngdosChairpe rson o f Modern Languages Classes: German I, German III Honors, Lessor^ o f the f loiocaust {Moderator of: German,Exchange,^ ?;■; T V Studio YearsjatPrep: 10 / , FavoriteComposSr: K urt Weill

Mr. Carl DcLorenzo ... Classes: Latin I, U S History I, US History II Moderator ofiilslamic Club Years at Prep: 26


Homerooms 127

Mr* James I )oiKiefo j ( ruidaneeand College Placement D irector, Ivfcdera|;|: D aB cJC om m iftee, SjpringMitfsicai Years at Prep: 11


Front Row: Mr. DeAngelo, Mark Bragen, Thom as Bryant, Tom asz Grodzki, Jo n a th a n W ard, Aliqwan Pack, Jero m e Ponce, MarkFluang, Brian Creswick. Back Row: Jo e W eidenburner, Brian Ripkey, Daniel Healy, Paul Brown, Michael W orthington, Michal Furm aniak. Missing: Eric Dwyer.

Coach for: Freshm an Basketball Years at Prep: 2 Favorite Band: T h e Beatles ? :




/ M r ..Brian E. Dubrule Librarian/ Years at Prep: $// Favorite Band: Guada! Canal Diary

I2& People

1. A new office building w as construeW cJ Colgate Center near Exchange Place 2. N l the Exchange Place Path Station, renov d ti* w e re d o n e on th is o f f i c e b u ild in g . I C o n stru ction on the "L ig h t R ailâ&#x20AC;? s y s t i began.


I Mr. Jonathan B. Dwyer Classes;Christian Lifestyles, Issues in Church History and Art, ReligiousEduoation I, Religious Education 11 Moderator of: Forensics Years at Prep: 4 Favorite Musicia h: Bruce Springsteen

Front Row: Ms. Donahue, Peter Ciaston, Tristan Micu, Michael Farley, Michael Gallo, Craig Rygiel. Second Row: Andrew Tangkeko, Dominick Maak, Chris Ploumitsakos, Anthony Comprelli, Bernard Kenny, Francesco Rotella. Back Row.- Christian Latoja, Jim Navarrete, Jo n a th an Pocius, Must a/a Sandhu, Ja n Butrym, Austin Frawley, Patrick Dundee. Missing: Jo e Dacchille, Brendan Doohan, Audley Campbell.

I. Across fro m Burke Hall on York Street, the pundation/or a new housing complex was laid. S. tudents assisted Fr. Oâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;Brien in the setup o f the new hysics lab. 6. A new AP Biology lab was also built. . Mr. Boyle and Arvin Saw h set up a w eath erstation n the roo/o/ Mulry Hall. 8. Due to loose bricks, one de o f Hogan Hall was repaired in November and ecember.

/ Fr. D. James French, S.J. Rector o f T he Jesuit Community Years at Prep: 5 Favorjte Band: Lazy Gent?

Ms. Ana J. Garcia Academic Advisor for Track ; Classes: AP Spanish, AP Spanish Lit., Spanish I Native, Spanish II Moderator of: Hispanic Exchange, Senior Prom. /. J| Years at Prep: 27 FavoriteMusician: Cachao Machito & His Orchestra

Homerooms 129

M r.Miehacl Gom ez Classes: English I, English II Moderator of: W alkathon Years at Prep: 2

Front Row.- Mr. Jo n Dwyer, Christopher Encarnacion, Siaka Sesay, Kevin McGrath, Miguel Farinas, Bernard Cortes, .fimmy Chen, Mike Hunton, Jo sep h Wilson. Back Row: Ju a n Montes de Oca, Scott Cunningham , Tim Jo y ce , Chris Cullen, Ken Santucci, William Co//ey, Patrick DeSomma, Ja r e tt Love, Missing.- Bhim a Gaddy

Mr. Michael A. G uzik, S.J. Classes: Religions Education I , W odd Civilizations Moderator for: Role PlayingClub Years at Prep: 2 Pavqrite Band: Lynyfd Skyiyyrd


M r. Richard I lansen Athletics Di rector Head Football Coach Years at Prep: 16

13O People

Front Row.- Gregory LaScola, Matthew Brito, Imran Chatha, Omar Mojena, Dylan McGorty, John Cossolini, Charles Lewis. Back Row: Chris Tricarico, Daniel Ashe, Brian McCarthy, Daniel Sweeney, J J Nesheiwat, Jo h n Matesic, Lowell Ltanes, Sr.Frances Marie. Missing: Je rry Del Guerico, Lawrence Cam pbell.

Ms Pa tte r He! 1strom Chairperson ofFine Arts Classes: Introduction to Art, Design & Color, Drawing&Composition, Painting,The Age of Discovery Moderator of: Art Club Years at Prep: 6 / Favorite Musician: Van Morrison

Front Row.- Jeffrey Villaruel, Peter Lang, Moe Ryan, Jesse Rosso, Adam Kastl, Chris Napoli, Joseph Frezzo, Alessandro Apolito, Lawrence Lucero. Back Row: Mr. Mike Gomez, George Raido, Patrick Brown, Edward Ratyniak, Amaechi Okoro, George Villarina, Patrick Farrell, Matt Andreadis, Christopher Shalhoub, Steven Pelle, Joseph Scauri, Peter Vezos.

Fr. Mike Hoag, S.J. Classes: American Voices, English I Honors, Multicultural Literature Moderator o^Lacrosse, Spirit Committee Years at Prep: 9 FavoriteMusician:' Billy Joel

Front ROW: Ra/ael Ginebra, Jeffrey Mongiello, Joseph Giordano, David McKnight, Robert Bradfield, Joh n Brajczewski. Second Row: Francesco Alessi, Raymond Coccioli, Steven Thorne, David Peselli, Mark Cutola, Mr. Anthony Loria. Back Row: Mario Tarallo, Anthony LaSpada, Jo h n Talty, Anthony Territola, Cory Nichols, Christopher Koszyk.

HAPDirector Classes: English I, English 11 Honors Head Coach for: Soccer Years at Prep: 10 FavoriteMusician: Bruce Springsteen

Homerooms 131

Mr. Roland Jones Classes: Advanced Music T heory, Basic Music Theory,: Intro to Music Moderator of: Concert Band, Jazz Band *g Years at Prep: 5 Favorite Musician: Herbie Hancock

Front Row: Edgar C abrera, Anthony Brajczew ski, Stephen Ferreira, Vincent Catanese, Ian Rygiel, Devindra Saw h, Gerard Alolod, Paul Guevara. Back Row: Mr. Sean McElhinney, Charles Moran, Ja m es Supple, Ja ck so n Fallon, Agustin Gonzalez, Shashi Dholandas, William Rabbitt, M ichael Peluso, Ja s o n Moncrie/, Brain Kaczka. Third Row.- Ryan Kocher, Sean Duf/y, Michael * Greeley, Hector Suarez.

M s.K iâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;nberlv G . Keiserm an ('lasses: U S History II, W orld

Civilisations^ Moderator of: Forensics Years at Prep: 2 : FavoriteM usician: Neil Young

D r. Richard L. Kennedy Classes: A P English, English II Moderator of: Theater Club Years at Prep: 32 Favorite Band: T h e Kinks

Mistaking Mr. Mazur

fo r the treasurer, Jo h n Hassell makes a desperate attem pt to get a little extra cash.

Bringing the spirit o/his class to

life, Mr. Peters teach es in a m anner /itting the Arthurian tradition.

132 People

In tune w ith his fa v o r ite color, Rich McMahon desides to dress as a prom inent com m unist leader.


Mr. Walter Koszyk Chairperson o f English Classes: English I, John Steinbeck Years at Prep: 27 Favorite PinkFtoyd

Front Row: Anthony DePalma, Evan Visone, Joseph O’Rourke,Neil Motwani, Edmond Wong, Imran Sheikh, Ashish Thaker, Antonio Perez. Second Row: Fr. O’Connor S .J., Patrick Brown, John Rossi, Billy Bludgus, Liam Ahearn, Jerem y Ortega. Third Row: Michael Malloy, Michael Settembrino, Nick Franko, Anthony Boyd, Greg Couillou, Matthew Denes. Missing: Pete Cartwright. After rewiring the network in the publications center, Tex Schundler takes the de/inition o f “wired” to a whole new level. Holding a much different philosophy fro m Rich McMahon, Ms. Garcia shoots down Alex Alum and E/tihi Pentarakis, who are dressed as /amous le/tists Fidel Castro and Che Guevera.

Walking through the cafe ter ia at lunch on Halloween led to a plethora o f interesting sights. Here, a group o f seniors has costumes ranging fro m a professional wrestler to an elf.

As active members o f the punk scene, Tim Knapp supports his friend G eoffrey Bajwa, whose broken arm did not keep him away f r o m the punk scene.

Ms. A. Le Cal vez Classes:Chemistry Moderator for: Oxfem America Years al Prep: 15 Favorite Musician: Yafini

Mr. Bill Lillis Classes: Modern European History, Religious Education I, UnitedStates Government Moderator of: Emmaus Team, SADD Years at Prep: 5 FavoriteMusician: Bruce Springsteen

Homerooms 133


M r.'Anthony Loria Classes: Italian I, Italian II, Italian III Honors Moderator of: Italian Club, Italian F.xcluingc Years at Prep: 3

Front Row.- Ja k e Miller, Kenny Casares. Second Row: Jeffre y Butler, Michael Nazarko, Michael M essenger, Clifton Tinsley, Christopher Kirkos, Michael Baran, Richard Gutierrez, Mr. Ja ck O’Donnell. Back Row: Usman Chaudhry, Daniel Keane, Steven Cau/ield, Hugo Rivera, Arif Shahzad, Jo s h K ram er-B u rg h ard t, C h ristop h er L op ez-T hom as, D aniel A lvarez, W illiam C ostig an.

M r. Brian McCabe, *92 Classes: U S History I. W orld Civilizations. .. Coach for: Soccer, Volleyball Moderator of: Indq-Pak Society Years at Pr^p;l2f Pavoritt Band: Celtic Cross J i iM l i § £ |

M r. Robert M cDermott Chairperson o f Math Classes: A lgebra! Honors, Finite M ath,Geom etry Years at Prep; 8 Favorite Musician: WillieNelson

134 People

Front Row: Jo n Deverell, Armando Hernandez, Jo sh u a Vega, Robert Keenan, Jo e l Javier, Benjie Cuento. Second Row: Mr. Ja c k Campion, Daniel Silva, Jo sep h Petrillo, Daniel Fernandez, Christian Jo rd a , W ayne Geraci. Third Row: Marc Mongiello, Denis Wilbeck, Anthony Marinello, Michael Cronin, Christos Baroutoglou. Back Row: Albert Sidhom , Matt Foster-Moore, Gerard Aro, Louis Giele, Christian Hernandez, Christopher Sm ith, Ja m es McGraw.

I 1 I I

Mr. David Middleton Christian Service Director Classes: English III, History of Rock'n Roll. Coach for: JV Basketball Years at Prep: 2 Favorite Musician: Paul Simon

Front Row: Mr. Tim Caslin, Thomas Mulhern, Vincent Mastrom onaco, Jo h n Ciuppa, Joseph Moloney, Jaso n Monaco, Peter Manto, Daniel Fallon. Second Row: Ja so n M arasigan, Ruben Rodriguez, Steve Charitable, Jo sh Alexander, Eugene Turonis, Mariano Pellegrino, Matthew Fitzpatrick. Back Row.Brian Cardino, Stephen Williams, Edmund Caulfield, Sean Glasser, RobertKomurek, Brain Gleason, Leonardo Lado. Missing: W ayne Yarbrough, Ryan Carroll.

Mr. George Moore Driving Instructor

Front Row.- Ms. Chua, Anthony Mazzarese, Mark M argagliano, Steven Wieczorek, Emerson Fandialan, Adrian Cepero, Mark Fandialan, Christopher Percella, Kevin Mulleady. Back Row. Gregory Malakauskas, Ryan Boyle, Drew Gurian, Timothy Mulroy, Cabral Edley, Michael Gonnelli, Julius Fabros, Mark Kendall, Ju stin Buzzio. Back Row: David Cea, Donald Baran, Samuel Rivera, David Suarez, Jaim e Traba.

Mr. Thomas Classes: US History Civilizations Moderator bf: Student Council, Walkathon Years at Prep: 2 Favorite Band: The Beatles

Homerooms I3JT



M s.PatriciaM .N ickerson P Classes: Algebra II. Trigonom etry. Geometry Honors Moderator fair: Gh^sS'Club, Cla^Ss Team Years at Prep: 4

Front Row: M uhammad Fahmy, Marcus Presley, Diego Alonso, Steve S en a , Mme. Costanzo Paul Am brosw , Ryan Androsiglio, Luis Arellano, Mike Urbanovich. Second Row: Peter A bdelm essih’ Dave B ernero, Brian Grzglka, Mike Vizzacchero, Rupert Verano, Chris Komurek, Peter Rom anski’ Marc Cevasco. Back Row.- Ryan Hinton, Anthony Geraci, Richard Florkiewicz, Adam DeMarino MikeZak Ed Kuca. Missing: Paul Bratkow ski, Dou Hwan Kim.

F r. Daniel A .O 'B iie n , S.J. Classes: Physics, Physics Honors M oderator for: Forensics Years at Prep: 4| Favorite Musician: Ludw ig Van Beethoven g j

Step Into Cbristiihas Excited students jo y o u sly decorate the Christm as tree in the sch o o l lobby, making sure it is adorned properly and tastefully presented.

Balancing carefully on a pew, sophom ore Ken Santu cci places a green w reath upon the lobby wall, adding to the

fes tiv e f e e l o f Prep.

F r. Thom as V. O ’Connor, S.J. Classes: Chemistry, Chemistry Honors Years at Prep: 33

13 6 People

An excited Chris Wall joy ously decorates the senior class president in the school lobby, making sure he is adorned properly dnd tastefully presented.

3 Mr. Jack O ’ Donnell Classes: Algebra 1, Geometry Years at Prep: 13 Favorite Band: T h e Momma’s and Poppa's

Front Row: Josep h M aglaya, Gerdi Guerrero, David Farinas, Matt Kickey, Ms. LeCalvez. Second Row: Edward Draude, Jo h n Ditinyak, Roberto Melo, Adam Kolakowski, Andrew Halt, Ja so n Aguiar, Nicholas Urbanovich. Back Row: Gianni Donates, Andrew Perseghin, Joseph Nolan, S tev en Jacob sCameron, Michael Connallon. Missing.- Michael Bock,

Food Glorious Food

10:02AM... one could hear the stamping of feet and the jingling of change as horrified teachers watched joyous students rush from their second period class to satiate their hunger. There to provide the neces­ sary nutrients were two brave soldiers: Sam, running thehot dog cart, wasaveteran to the onslaught of students. The second, the pretzel man, was a newcomer. Not eating solely at Lisbon Pizzeria, stu­ dents sometimes turned to local hot dog, pretzel, and ice cream vendors. It was not a rare sight to see students sporting a hot dog or Mr. Softee milkshake throughout the school day. Thanks to these dedicated busi­ nessmen, Prep students never had to worry about being hungry.

Fr. Harold L Oppido, S.J. Glasses: Greek I, Greek II Honors. Latin III H onors Years at Prep: 27 Favorite Song: Send in the Clowns

Mr. Richard Peters Classes: Arthurian Literature,Latin I Years at Prep: 2 Favorite Song: China Drum

Homerooms 137

‘k m m ,

; P f. Jgnrico S.J. Classfes'Creative W riting, English 1, English IV , Croup Guidance / Moderator of: FavoriteMusic^l Experience; Verdi’s Opera Y ears at Prep: 18

P:tpcrx Pen

Front Row; Ryan Paul Villanueva, Mark Fusco, Jo sep h Hernandez. S econ d Row: Mr. McCabe, Gerard Garcia, Calvin Yau, Isaac Rodriguez, Alan Estevez, Alex Degnan, Daniel Muzzillo, William Wichert. Third Row: William B edford, Colby Kelly, Mike Biondo, Enver Vucetaj, Charles Faller, San ti Formoso, Robert B edford.

1 I .U V C B 1 V .I.U V y 8 I H y U « & l

Science,; Years at Prep: 4 / Favorite Musician: DukeEMingtgn ■

M r. Jbhn F . Renan I ( classes; Tutro to Computing, Computer Applications, Computer Programming Years at I’rep: 5 Favorite Band: T h e Anarchists

138 People

Front Row.- Adolfo Zayas, Keith M ananghaya, Robert Espinosa, Ju a n Paolo Garcia, Casey Cashman, Raym ond Addas, Mrs. Nickerson. Second Row: Tim Hollis, Torre Esposito, Joseph Messina, Ed Pickett, Anthony Murgola, Pete Botsolas, Andy Maroney. Third Row: Jo e Castellano, Eric Becker, Denis Roarty, Mark Goldsack, Mike Sylvia, Ja m es Folger, Greg Condo, M att Schade. Missing.- Peter Visone

Ms. Kathy Rowan Classes: Group Guidance, Sociology Moderator of: O x ram Amerifca Years'at Prep: 14 FavoriteMusitian: Kenny “G ’

Front Row: Sanoop Luke, Thomas Bum s, Christian Rios, Navish Chawla, Moses Nieves, Brian Quitiquit, Ja so n Pum arada, Pratik Desai, Dhaval Patel. Second Row: Fr. O’Brien S. J., Chris Sikorski, Allen Sista, Michael Song, Chris Fernando, Amit Vora, Eric Olsen, Tim Knapp, Richard Piotrowicz. Third Row: Mark Dondero, Luis Casillas, Mike Manzo, Jam es Bayot, Mohammad Riaz, Geoffrey Bajwa.

Ms. Irma Class: Years



Front Row: Peter Beskal, Matt Bagnoli, David Velasco, George Casseus, Chris Delaney, Jo h n Di/jley, Andrew Boryszewski, Marek Dudziak. Second Row: Brian Castelli, Brian Hess, Steven Battag ino, Audley Campbell, Nick Zygnerski, Jo e W atkins, Jo h n Facchini, Jam es Onieal. Third Row: Chris Loeser, Mark Boryszewski, George Magou, Jo h an n Cabe, Arnell Santos, Timothy Joyce, Nicholas Scott. Fourth Row: Vincent Mazzolla, Sean Cullen, George Griffin, Robert Kessler, Joseph Pacilio, Akitto Ledda, Toshiaki Grundy, Jude-Anthony Tiscornia, Mr. Jon es. Back Row: Giancarlo Sari, Dave Holt, Eric Mason, Jo h n Paul Layugan, J e f f Hughes, Ronald Sam ia, Greg Conti. Missing: David Lang, Martin West, Jam es Orefice, Jo h n Hugerich, Tom Hawks, Charles Ma//ey, Jon ath an Crudo Julian Marsh, Anthony Mercun, Jo h n Caprio, Michael Colabraro, Robert Sunga, Mr. David Middleton.

Mr. Robert P. Zawistowski ClassesdBiology Coach for: Junior Varsity Bowling, Varsity Bowling Moderator of: Ecology Club, FishingClub, Mission Drive S Years at Prep: 12 Favorite Musician: Victor Borge


Homerooms 139

The evolution of a Prep student is similar to that of a melody. W e started out as a loosely knit group of notes, and over the past four years, we have been slowly molded into a song. Looking through these pages, many of us have become something that we, as fresh­ men four years ago, could not simply compre­ hend. Life is the influence for many songs, and we have been pushed beyond our perceived limits by teachers, friends, and even events. In any song, each note is as pivotal as the one before it. Moreover, the senior class has been shaped as much by the person who leaves school at 2:30 everyday, as it is by the person who stays until 11:00 every night working on the year­ book and the athlete or actor who pours his heart and soul into early morning and late night practices while still managing his stud­ ies. W hile there will always be at least one person you never got to meet, he is as impor­ tant to the dynamics of this "song" as the most popular student was. W e all share a common bond--we are all parts of the same song. W hile being a song without a title or melody, this song surely has meaning and purpose.

Ji\troJocHot\ to £ei\iors l*H

_____ btLLtn_________________ H onor Pin 1, 2, 3; G old M edal: C hem istry 2, English 2, 3, Latin L Precalculus 3 , R eligion 2, Spanish 2 ; Silver M edal: A lgebra 1. Biology 1, English 1, Religion 3, U S H istory

3 , W o rld C ivilizations 1; A lba Sch o lar; N a­

tional Spanish E x am 3 ; O utstanding F resh m an ; Sp irit A w ard; E m m a us 155; M ath T e a m 3 ,4 ; N 'H S; Phonathon 3 ,4 ; P rom C om m ittee 4; S A D D 1 ,2 ,3 ,4 ; Spanish N H S 3 .4 ; Sp irit A w ard C om m ittee; Sp irit C om m ittee 1 ,2 .3 . 4;Stu d en tC o u n cil R ep resen tativ e3,4;W alkath o n C om ­

J*<**^1 A' t A t M J j L n Hoflfir Pin

3 ; W h o 's W h o A m o ng Am erican His

Si iiool Sr.idcnts: F.mnwus T e a m ; Genesis

9 I. 2, 3 3; Spii

Italian C lu b 1 . 1 i , 4: Italian N H S j . -4; P A C

C om rnittee4; Basketball 1; Intram urals 1 ,2 ,3 .4 ; T e n n 2 ,3 , C aptain 4 “W h e n you first saw m e, you didn't believe I could c it. W h at do you think o f m e n o w ? "-O rig in a l

m ittee 3 ,4 ; Baseball 1 ,2 ,3 ,4 ; Basketball 1; Intram u rals


K2,3,4 “N o th in g in the world can take the place o f persistence." -C alv in C oolidge Billy Joel

_________ Ptfci W h o ’s W h o A m o n g A m erican H ig h Scho ol Students; P A C 3 ; F ootball 1, 2 ,3 , C aptain 4; W restlin g 3 ,4

______ _

E m m au s 152; E m m au s T e a m ; Fresh m an Ambassado G enesis 9 1 , 2 , 3 ;

Petrean 2;

Phonathon 3, 4 ; Spir

C om m ittee 1 ,2 ,3 ,4 ; T ie C lu b 1; W alk ath on Com mittt “All m en are great in their dream s; reality just narrow s dow n the co m p etition .” -O rigin al DMX

3 ,4 ; Baseball 1 .2 ,3 .4 ; Basketball 1; Intram u rals 1* 2, 4 "T h e harder you w ork , the harder it is to surrender. V in ce Lom bardi 3rd Eye Blind



W h o ’s W h o A m o n g A m erican H ig h School Students; Asian Society 1 ,2 , 3 , 4 ; B illiard s C lu b 1 , 2 , 3 , 4 ; F ren ch C lu b 1 ,2 ,3 ,4 ; Japanim ation 1.2; P A C 3; Prom C o m m it­ tee 3 ,4 ; S A D D 1 ,2 ,3 ,4 ; T ie C lu b 1 ,2 ,3 ,4 ; B asketball 1, 2 ,3 . 4 ; Intram u rals 1 . 2 , 3 , 4 ; V olleyball 2 ,3 ,4 '‘So m etim es it seem s w e'll touch that d ream , but things com e slow o r not at all, and the ones at the top

_____________ ./~)-Ev4rfUi______ _ A sian C lu b 1 ,2 ,3 ,4 ; Billiards C lu b 2 ,4 ; D an ce Com m i tee 4 ; Japanim ation 1,2 ; L A S 4 ; Prom C om m ittee 3; Ti C lu b 3 ,4 ; Intram u rals 1 ,2 ,3 ,4 ; Volleyball 3 ,4 "I can t g et mad that you look at m e, cause on the rea look at m e! ‘C ause it always be the haters that be sittin’ in the rear.” -M ase

w on’t m ak e it stop." -L au ry n H ill


N oreaga


L. Alut*

U/. A'u&UdU._____

H onor Pin 1,2 ,3 ; Alba Sch o lar; N ation al Spanish Exam

Be P R E P are d Scou tin g A w ard; M acte V irtu te Eagl

2 ,3 ; W h o ’s W h o A m o ng A m erican H igh School Stu ­

Scou t A w ard; E m m au s T e a m ; Fishin g C lub 3 ,4 ; Fresh

dents; Band 1 .2 ,3 ,4 ; E m m au s T e a m ; H o bo ken Sh elter

m an A m bassador; Genesis 9 1 ,2 ,3 ,4 ; Library C lub 1, .

2; L A S 4 ; N H S ; P A C 4 ; Prom C om m ittee 4; Spanish

3 , C o-P resid ent 4.


Pccroc 1, 2 ; Phonathon 3 , 4 ; Rolle

H ockey C lu b 1 ,2 ,3 ,4 ; S A D D 1 ,2 ,3 ,4 ; Science Clubs I 4; S p irit C om m ittee 3 ,4 ; T V Studio 3 ,4 ; Basketball -

Im porta poco decir lo que se siente, cuando no se

Intram u rals 1 ,2 ,3 ,4 ; Lacrosse 3 ,4

puede hacer lo q u e se d ebe." -Jose M arti “Sh ow ’s O ver.’’ -Jim Bruer A erosm ith Aerosm ith

W l People


o rtorP in 2,3; Asian Society 1 .2 .3 ,4 ; Billiards C-lub 2

Band 1 ,2 ,3 ,4 ; ja z z Band 2 ,3 .4

Dance C om m ittee 1,2,3, V ice Presiden 14; Eucha ristii inister; French C lub 2, 4; H A P 1; Japanim ation I, 2

“Forget regret or life is yours to mis

* S 4 ; Math T eam 3*4; P ax C h risti 3 ,4 ; Prom C om m it •3;Science Clubs 2 .3 ,4 ; Stage C rew 1; T ie C lub 2 ,3

M atchbox 20

Irttramurals 1 ,2 .3 ,4 ; Volleyball 2 ,3 ,4 ; W restlin g 2 ,3

What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny compared to what lies w ithin us." -R alph W aldo Em erson DMX


•ItA. O' ICqmi*

ionor Pin 1,2; N ational G erm an Exam 3 , C ertificate of

F ish in gC lu b2.4; Prom C om m ittee3,4;Spirit Committee

[erit 4; Germ an C lub 2, 3 ,4 ; G erm an Exchange 2, 4

4 ; W alk ath on C om m ittee 3 ,4 ; Baseball 1 ,2 ,3 ,4 ; Basket­

mmaus 153; Pax C hristi 3 ,4 ; Science Clubs 1 ,2 ,3 , 4

ball I; Intram urals 1 ,2 ,3 ,4

asketball 2; Cross Ccluntry 1, 4; Indoor T r a c k 3, 4: 2 ,3 ,4 ; O utdoor T rack 3 .4

“Most look up and adm ire the stars. A champioi clim bs a m ountain and grabs one." -Original

best portion o f a good m an's life. H is little, unrem em bered acts O f kindness and o f love.” -W illiam W ordsw orth .Smashing Pum pkir

tount on Me

H ow m a n y fio u r s a d o f c S J hSXM y h a i i s y o u r F a v o r i t e a e n r e © f m i a n o u t s i d e jatf? u 44% No Job C l a s s i c a l 6 % 4% I - 9H ou rs T e c f m o 6% 33% 10 - 19 H i X J F I i f f 20-29 H o u r s Frci.uo:rit,e Radio cfa y o u ssp en eE H ow sta n y h o u r s b tu d y in s f o r s c ; D1o -n 4% H S ot uu rd s y 5- 9H ou rs 10 - 14 H o u r s 15 - 19 H o u r s 20 - 24 H o u r s 25 - 29 H o u r s Jffii

R ap P i t e r f t a 5t a - ,a


'F o p


B P S ft 1 1


fe p F oa B n I c e 44% r u n K 4*M e t a l 4% , S ta tio n

Percentages based on data received. There is a ± 100% margin of error. Seniors (43


\ J r l<l I. : .

I. 4:

Billiards C lu b 4: C eltic C lu b 2. i. 4:

R m m aiis |yi; Fofgffsres I: G enesis in.m ; Italian (

lujb 2.

'* 1 .2 . i. 4; H ench-

H o n o r Pin I. & W h o ' W h o \m nnc A m erican Hie School Studen ts; Billiarils ( lull 4: M ath T eam 3

Philosophy ( "lub 2. i : Prom

C om m ittee i .4 :S A l J D 2 *

S A D D 3 ,4 : Basketball 1 .2 . j . 4 : Football I. 2 .3 .4

4: Spirit ( Committee 2. i. 4:

T h irty H our F am in e 2. S. 4: T ic C lu b I1.

1. *. President

W in n in g isjs t e\er\rhinji. preparing i

4: Intram u rals I. 2. 3. 4: Vollevb;ill 3 .4

V in ce Liunbiirtli

â&#x20AC;&#x153;( ihlorophvll... M ure like b*ire-.iph\ll, I cam e here to learn, everybody, not to m ake out with vou." -A dam San dler A dam Sandler

H o n o r Pin I. 2; W h o 's W h o A m o ng A m erican H igh

H o n o r Pin 1 .2 .3 ; U S A A A ward W in n er: W ho's W h J

School Students: F.m m aus 158; F ish in g C lub I. 2 .3 . 4:

A m o ng A m erican H igh School Students; Indo-Pak 1 ,J

Prom ( .om m irtee $.4; Ski ( Hub.?.4 :S p irit( Committee4:

3 . President 4 ; M ulticultural C lu b 3 .4 ; N'HS; P A G 3 ;-I


W a lk a th o n C o m m itte e 4 : F o o tb a llI; Intram u rals 1 .2 .3 . 4

V; Phonathon 3, 4 ; Spanish N'HS 3. 4 ; SP(I

S u m m er Sch o lar 3

" I t is my experience that life is filled w ith m anv ups

All the world s a stage and all the men and women I

and dow ns. T h e true test is how one deals w ith each

merely players. T h e y have their exits and their

situation" - ( )riginal

-W illiam Shakespeare

N otorious B .I.C .

M etallica

Steve Jim en ez,

After three

having com pleted yet an oth er day a t Prep, walks trium phantly tow ard Burke Hall. Though classes were indeed enlightening, many Prep students looked forw ard to the end o f the day.

challenging hours o f SATs, Ja m es Coviello w aits f o r his frien ds beside his car. Many upperclassm en who becam e licensed drivers used cars as a m eans o f tran sp ortation .

During a fr e e period, Anthony M agallon and J e f f A lm enana spend time in the library reading a m agazine article. Students had access to a variety o f periodicals in the library during the year.

IHH People


entrances and one m an in his tim e plavs many parts.'I

nor Pin 2, 3; W ho's W h o A m ong A m erican H igh

H onor Pin 1,2 ,3 ; O utstanding Freshm an; Em m aus 151;

ool Students; Em m aus T e a m ; N H S ; PA C 3 ,4 ; Pax

Emm aus Team ; Freshman Ambassador;German Club 2,

risti-3,4: S A D D I, 2, 3, President 4; S C A T 2, C o-

3 ,4 ; G erm an Exchange 2; Library C lub 2 ,3 ,4 ; PA C 4;

licperson 3-4; Spanish N H S 3 .4 ; Sp irit C om m ittee 2,

Phonathon 1 ,2 ,3 ,4 ; Prom Com m ittee 4; Roller Hockey

; Wrestling 1,2

C lub !'y 2, 3, 4; S A D D 1, 2, 3, 4; Sk i C lub 1; Spirit C om m ittee l.2 .3 .4 ;T Y ’ Stu d io4;H o ck ey2,3,4;F o otball

“I f you want to be somebody, i f you w ant to go

M anager 1 ,2 ,3 ,4 ; Intram urals 1 ,2 ,3 ,4 ; Lacrosse 3

leW’here, you'd better w ake up and pay attention” W hoopi Goldberg

"In this lifetim e, you ain't gotta prove nothin' to nobody, except yourself." -Charles S. Dutton

T h ird Eye Blind

EvIm rss Club 1, 2, 3 , 4; Em m aus 156;

Paper 6: Pen 4;

reah 4;R P G C lub 4; Science Clubs 3 ,4 ; Intram urals ,3*4



H onor Pin l,2 ,3 ;G o ld Medal: Latin 3; Alba Scholarship Award; Be P R EP ared Scouting A ward; M acte Y irtute Eagle Scout Award; W ho's W ho A m ong American H igh School Students; Cam pus M inistry 3, 4; Dance

It is hard to believe that a m an is telling the truth

Com mittee 3,4; Em m aus T eam ; Freshman Ambassador;

ten you know that you would lie i f you w ere in his

Genesis 9 1, 3 ,4 ; Library C lub 2 ,3 ,4 ; Math T eam 3 ,4 ;

place.” -H . L . M encken

N H S ; PA C 3 ,4 ;

Perre.nn 1,3; Prom Com m ittee 3; Roller

Hockey C lu b 2 ;S A D D 1 ,2 ,3 ,4 ;Science Clubs 1 ,2 ,4 ;Ski Eraserheads

C lub 1 ,2 ,3 ,4 ; Spanish N H S 3; Spirit Com m ittee 1 ,2 ,3 , 4; Intram urals 1 ,2 ,3 ,4 ; Lacrosse 3 ,4 “I f I had my m outh, I would bite; if I had my liberty, I would do my liking. In the meantim e, let me be that I am and seek not to alter m e.” -D on John T h ird Eye Blind

tic Club 2; Em m aus 155; R oller H ockey C lu b 1 ,2 ,3 ,

Honor Pin 1, 2, 3; Gold Medal: French 1, 2; National

panish N H S 3 ,4 ; Intram urals 1 ,2 ,3 ,4 ; Soccer 1 ,2 ,3 ,

French Exam ; National M eritScholarshipCom m ended Student; W ho's W ho A m ong A m erican H igh School Students; Asian Society 2; Com puter C lub 1, 2, 3, 4;

Vhat lies behind us and w hat lies before us are tiny

Em m aus 156; Fishing C lub 1 ,2 ,3 ,4 ; French C lub 2 ,4 ;

natters compared to w hat lies w ithin us.” -R alph

French N H S 3 ,4 ; Library C lub 2 ,3 ,4 ; M ath T e am 2 ,3

W ald o Em erson

JV 10th Place A ward, 4; N H S ; Philosophy C lub 3; Science Clubs 1, 2, 3, 4; Stage C rew 4; T V Studio 2; Indoor T r a c k 2; Intram urals 3 ,4 “W hen one door closes, another opens; but we often look so long and so regretfully upon the closed door that we do not see the one which has opened for us." Alexander Graham Bell Rage Against the M achine


ClU4 pipaiis 154; Cross C ountry 1 ,2 ,3 , C aptain 4; Indoor lck 1,2, Captain 3-4; O utdoor T rack 1 ,2 , Captain 3-

H onor Pin 2 ,3 ; Genesis 9 1 ,2 ,4 ; L A S 1 ,2 ,3 ,4 ; Library C lu b 4 ; M ath T eam 4; T h ird Day 4; Intram urals 1 ,2 ,3 , 4

“T o fight and conquer in all your battles is not

lipreme excellence; supreme excellence consists in

leaking the enemy’s resistance w ithout fig hting ." Sun T zu

“N ot only do I knock “em out, I pick the round!" M uham m ad Ali Big Punisher

Blues T rav eler

Seniors W5"

H o n o r P in 1, 2, 3; O u tstand ing F resh m an ; E m m aus T e a m ; F resh m an A m bassador; Italian C lu b 1, 2, 3, 4; L ib ra r y C lu b 2 ,3 ,4 ;N H S ;P A C 3 ,4 ;S A D D l,2 ,3 ,4 ;C r o ss C ou ntry 1,2, C aptain 3-4 ; Ind o or T r a c k 1 ,2 , C aptain 34; O u td oo r T r a c k 1,2 , C aptain 3-4

2, 3. +; Basketball 1

“T h e way a team plays as a whole determ ine success. Y ou may have the greatest bunch,

“T h e y love him , gen tlem en , and they respect him , not only for him him self, bu t for his ch aracter, for his integrity and ju d gem en t and iron

Em m aus 157; Baseball I.

Footb all 1; In tra m u ra ls 2 ,3 ,4

individual stars in the w orld, but i f they don’i together, the club w on’t be w orth a d im e.” -B ab

will; bu t he was most

loved for the enem ies he m ad e." -G eneral Edw ard S.


Brasg D av e M atthew s Band

F ish in g C lu b 1 ,3 ,4 ; G enesis 9 1 ,2 ,3 ,4 ; Sp irit C om m ittee 4; F ootball 1; W restlin g 1,2, A ll C ounty A w ard 3 -4

W h o s W h o A m o n g A m erican H ig h School Sti Billiards C lu b 4 ; Lib rary C lu b 3, 4 ; S k i C lu b I,

“I ’m the best there is, the best there was, and the best there ever will b e." -B r e t the “H itm a n " H art

B asketball 1 ;F ootball 1 ,2 ,3 ,4 “T h e r e are a lot o f bum ps in life: no bum p will m e." - Anonym ous

Jim m y Bu ffet

G ratefu l Dead

-------------- Job* QasiCu__________ HonOr Pin 2 ,3 ; Jack R aslow sky So ccer A w ard; E m m au s T e a m ; N H S ; So ccer 1 ,2 ,3 , C ap tain 4

Billiards C lu b 1; Em m aus T e a m ; Freshm an Ambas P A C 4; Intram u rals 1 ,2 ,3 ,4

“W e gotta g et out o f this place, i f it's the last th in g we ever do.” -T h e A nim als

“E v en w hen I w alk through the valley o f thesh; o f death, I fear no harm for you are at my side; rod and s ta ff give m e courage. Y ou set a table b< m e as my enem ies w atch; you anoint m y head p i l m y cup overflow s. O nly goodness and love will'p m e all the days o f my life. I will dw ell in theiiou the L o rd for years to co m e.” -P salm 23



H o n o r Pin 1 ,2 ,3 ; F resh m an A m bassador; N H S ; Cross C ountry 1, A ll C ounty A ward 2-3 -4 ; Indoor T r a c k 1,2,3, 4 ; O utdoor T r a c k 1 ,2 , M V P 3 ,4 “T h e hu m an body can do so m u ch. T h e n the heart and spirit m ust take o ver.” -S o h n K e e-C h u n g , 1936 O lym pic M arathon W in n er B ru ce Sp ringsteen

H o n o r Pin 1 ,3 ; Billiards C lu b 4; Islam ic C lub 1, /,c‘fr o c 2 ;In d o o r T r a c k 1; Intram u rals 1 ,2 ,3 ,4 “V ery deep is the w ell o f the past... F o r the d«||| sound, the fu rth er dow n into the low er w orld © past w e probe and press, the m ore do we find th: earliest foundations o f hum anity, its history?®! I cu ltu re, reveal them selves un fath om able." M ann Noreaga

IHG People

\/U+6&h%J* ,nor P>n 1»


A m erican Legion Boys State Delegate;

Football 1; Intram urals 1,2 ,3 ,4

loVW ho A m ong A m erican H igh School Students; imaus Team ; Library C lub 2 ,3 , C o-President 4; N H S

"W o rk hard, keep your mouth shut, and good things

retary;PA C 3,4; S A D D 1,2,3,4; Sk i C lu b 4; Spanish

will happen." -Lou Holtz

I S 2 i3; Spirit C om m ittee 1 ,2 ,3 .4 ; Indoor T r a c k 1,2,

plain3-4: Intram urals 1 ,2 ,3 ,4 ; O utdoor T r a c k 1,2,



\r*d in this harsh world draw thy breath in pain, to tell my sto ry ."-H am let Billy Joel

CLo444ih/l+\jmaus 157; Fishing C lub 1, 2, 3, 4; S A D D 4; Spirit

Em m aus T e am ; Library C lu b 2 ,3 ,4 ; Spirit C om m ittee 2;

mmittee 4; Science Clubs 4

StudentC ouncil Representative 1; W alkathon C om m it­ tee 4; Hockey 3 ,4 ; Indoor T rack 2; Intram urals 1 ,2 ,3 .4 ; O u td oo rT rack 2;W restlin g 1

ou may say I’m a dream er, but I’m not the only one. opesomeday you’ll join us, and the world will live as

was big, just once." -Joe Pesci, “G oodfellas"

one.” -Joh n Lennon

T u p ac Shakur

Led Zeppelin

Most Likely to Succeed

Best Writer

A ndrew Rodriguez

Simon W ong

Patrick M cGovern Theodore Schundler

W ilbur M ontana Joseph Naviello

B e s t M

Most Humorous John Hallanan V incent Chisari Justin Schwarz

u s ic ia n


Billiards C lu b l,2 ,4 ;F is h in g C lu b l,2 ,3 ,4 ;F r e n c h C lu b 2 ,4 ; Italian C lu b 1,2 ,4 ;

Pctrean 1.2 , Editorial A ssistant3,


C e Itic C lu b 3 ; Em m au s 155; G erm an C lu b 3 ,4 ;S A | 3 , 4; W alk ath on C om m ittee 3 , 4; Baseball 1, 2 l Intram u rals 1 ,2 ,3 ,4

Index E d ito r 4 ; In tram u rals l,2 ,3 ,4 ;T e n n i s 3 ,4 “A ccep t the ch allenges so that you can feel the

I t ’s not the size o f the m an. It’s the size o f his h J

exhilaration o f victory." -G e o rg e S. Patton

-E v and er Holyfield U nderworld Metallica

___________ H onor Pin 1,2,3; National M erit Scholarship Com m ended

H o n o r Pin 1 ,2 ,

Stu d en t; Presidential Scholar; S p irit A w ard ; B and 1,2*



i: W h o ’s W h o A m o ng A m erican I

School Stud en ts; A sian Society 1 ,2 ,3 , R cprcscntatl

V ice P resid en t3, P resid ent4; Brass C h o ir 1,2 ,3 ,4 ; Italian C lu b 2 ,3 ,4 ; Ja z z B and 1 ,2 ,3 ,4 ; P A C 3 ,4;


Petrcani, 4; S k i

C am pu s M inistry 4; E u ch aristic M inister; Forensic!

4; H A P L ?. i ; L itu rgical M usic M inistry 3, 4 ; H

C lu b 2 ,3 ,4 ; Intram u rals 2 ,3 ,4 ; Lacrosse 2 ,3 ,4

C om m ittee^

"D o st thou love lifer T h e n do no t squ ander tim e, for "W h e n I was a ch ild , I used to talk like a child, J

that is the stu ff life is m ade o f." -B e n ja m in F ra n k lin

think lik e a ch ild , and argue lik e a child, but novvl I am o m a n , all ch ildish ways are put behind BIcl

Beastie Boys

*■$ C orinthians 13:11 K -C I+ Jo fo

Kurt Ubelhoer places his lunch ord er a t the n earby Blimpte restau ran t. Senior privileges allow ed /ourth year students to dine a t any o f the fin e eateries in the vicinity o f


During an eighth period extra help session, Mr. Peters discusses G eoffrey o f M onmouth with Dillon Dunning. Many teachers offered aid to their students during eighth period and b efo re homeroom.

148 People

Andy Moe stand s on a cafeteria table to flex his muscles while Mark Charowsky, Frank Marino, Phil Vitanzo, and Daryl Corwin take a break fro m their lunch.

isifi Society 1 ,2 ,3 ,4 ; Billiards C Iu b4; French C lu b 2 ,4;

Honor Pin 1,2; Cam pus Ministry 3 ,4 ; Em m aus Team ;

animation C lub 1,2; T ie C lu b 2 ,3 ,4 ; Volleyball 2 ,3 ,4

L A S 3 ,4 ; Science Clubs 1 ,3 ,4 ; Hockey 1; Intram urals 1, 2 ,3 ,4

“I always knew that I'd look back at my tears and augh, but I never thought that I’d look back at my

"A ll o f us are born for a reason, but all o f us don’t

laughter and cry." - A rthur M edford

discover why. Success in life has nothing to do with what you gain in life or accomplish for yourself. It’s

W u -T a n g

what you do for others." -D anny Thom as Deftones

E. CU H onor Pin 1 ,2 ,3 ; Scholar-A thlete Award 2 ,3 ,4 ; W ho’s “V eni. Vidi. V ici.” -J ulius C aesar

W ho Am ong American High School Students; Emm aus 155; Italian C lub 2 ,3 ,4 ; Phonathon 3 ,4 ; S A D D 4; Spirit C om m ittee4;W eightliftingC lub 1,2,3,4; Baseball 1,2,3, 4; Football 1 ,2 ,3 , Captain 4; Intram urals 1 ,2 ,3 ,4 “T h ey will tell you, you can’t sleep alone in a strange place. T h e n they'll tell you, you can’t sleep with somebody else. B u t sooner or later you sleep in your own space. Either way it’s okay, you wake up with yourself."-Billy Joel Billy Joel

QA&Jm. R&H+tC ntnaus l56;Freshm an Am bassador; G e n e s is9 1 ,2 ,3 ,4 ;


W h o ’s W h o A m ong A m erican H igh School Students;

^C^vProm C om m ittee 3,4 ; S A D D 1 ,2 ,3 ,4 ; Basketball

Ebony C lub 1 ,2 ,3 ,4 ; Football 1,2,3,4; Intramurals 1,2,3,

M ;Football 3,4 ; Intram urals 1 ,2 ,3 ,4 ; O utdoor T rack


‘Carpe D iem !” -M r. K eating,

Dead Poets Society

“W inn ing isn’t everything, it’s the only thing.” -V ince Lombardi

H ootieand the Blow fish

d-tLQ^iXd&o_____ iiaa Society 1 ,2 , 3 , 4 ; Japanim ation 1; L A S 4; Prom ^ K jfe te e 3;S A D D 1 ,2 ,3 ,4 ; Stage C rew l;T ie C lu b 2 , 1; Intramurals 1 ,2 ,3 ,4 ; Volleyball 1 ,2 , C aptain 3 ,4 uime is precious. T a k e advantage o f it because once it passes by you cannot bring it back.” -O riginal DMX

CCaajX**** Dmaa----------W ho’s W ho A m ong A m erican H igh School Students; Em m aus T e a m ; Fishin g C lub 1; Library C lub 1 ,2 ,3 ,4 ; Ping-Pong C lu b 2; R oller Hockey C lub 1,2; S A D D 3,4 ; T ie C lu b 1,2,3,4; Baseball 1; Hockey 1,2,3,4; Intramurals 1 ,2 ,3 ,4 ; Lacrosse I "I must not fear. Fear is the m ind-killer. F ear is the little death that brings total obliteration. I will face my fear. I will perm it it to pass over me and through me. And w hen it has gone past it will turn the inner eye to see its path. W here fear has gone there will be nothing. O nly I will rem ain.” -Litany Against Fear Pearl Jam

^e«\iors 149

H o n o r Pin 2, 3 ; O u tstand ing F resh m an : Eucharistic M inister; F resh m an A m bassador: G e rm an C lu b 2 ,3 .4 ; M ulticultural C lu b 4 ; N 'H S; P A C 3 ;C ro ss C ou ntry 1.2.3. 4 : Ind o or T r a c k 1 .2 ,3 ,4 : O u td oo r T r a c k 1 .2 ,3 .4 “Som etim es noth ing can be a real cool hand ." -L u k e Jackson, “C ool H and L u k e "

H onor Pin 1 .2 .3 ;G old M edal: Biology 1. English 1, W Civilizations l;S ilv er M edal: Latin 1; PresidendalSch Band 1, 2 , 3 . Secretary 4 ; C am pus M inistry 1, 2, G erm a n C lu b 2 ,3 ,4 ;G e tty sb u rg Y e a rb o o k Experier N 'H S: S P C Su m m e r Sch o lar 2 ,3 ; Stage C rew C hief 4;

Petreanl, E d itorial A ssistant 3, Ed ito r-in - C h ie fJ “D o n 't rem em ber w here I was, I realized life was

gam e. T h e m ore seriously I took things, the hardei rules becam e.” -M egadeth M etal lica

C e ltic C lu b 2 ,3 ; Italian C lu b 1; T V Studio 3 “W e ’re not the first, I hope; w e’re not the last, ‘cause I k n ow w e are heading fo r the ad u lt crash. T h e tim e is so little, the tim e belongs to us. W h y is everybody in such a ru sh ?” -M in o r T h r e a t

Lib rary C lu b 1, 2, 3 , 4 ; S k i C lu b 4 ; Football 1, 2 , W resd in g 1,2 , AH D u sty A w ard 3 C o-C aptain 4 “Everyone has their ow n m agic.” -Jim M orrison G ratefu l D ead

M inor T h re a t

H o n o r Pin 3 ; Italian C lu b 3 ,4 ; Baseball 2; Cross C ou ntry 1 F oo tb all 2 ; In tram u rals 2 ,3 ,4

H o n o r P in 1, 2 , 3 ; S ch o lar-A th lete A w ard I, O u tstand ing F resh m an ; W h o ’s W h o A m o ng Ameri H ig h School Stud en ts; E m m au s T e a m ; L A S 2 , T

“... A nd I learned the g reatest g ift o f all, the saddest

su rer 3 , 4 ; N H S ; S A D D 1, 2 , 3 , 4 ; Studen t Cctul

thing in life is wasted talent and the choices th at you

R epresentative 2 , T re asu re r 4 ; F ootb all C o -C ag tail

will m ake will shape your life forever...” -C o legero, “A

Sco u t Player o f the Y e a r 2 , A ll C ounty A w ard 3,

B ronx T a le " W u T a n g C lan

C aptain 4; Intram u rals 1 ,2 ,3 ,4 “F o rg e t H am let... the real question is ‘H o w are yo g oin g to m ak e you rself better? ’ W ould you rather I lion fo r a day o r a lam b that lives fo re v e r'” -O rigin T h e N otoroius B .I.G .

O utstanding F resh m an ; Eucharistic M inister; L ib rary

F resh m an A m bassador; B ig B roth er V o lu n te e r!,4;

C lu b 4 ; Baseball 1, 2 , 3, 4 ; F ootb all I , 2, 3 , C aptain 4;

ch aristicM in ister;Italian C lu b 1 ,2 ,3 ,4 ; Italian Excha

In tram u rals 1 ,2 ,3 ,4

3;P ro m C o m m ittee4;Sp iritC Q m m ittee 1 ,2 ,3 ,4;$fciic C ou ncil R epresentative 1

“L eaders are m ade, they are n o t born. T h e y are m ade by hard e ffo rt, w hich is the price w hich all o f us m ust pay to achieve any goal that is w orthw hile.” - V in ce

“I got m ore rhym es than I got gray hairs and that’s, because I got m y share.” -Beastie Boys JjT

Lombardi D ave M atthew s Band R age A gainst the M achine

I fTt> People

>nor Pin 1; O utstanding F resh m an; Rotary Youth

Spirit C om m ittee 1,2 ,3 ,4 ; Lacrosse 1.2 ,3 ,4 ; W restling 1,

adership A ward; C eltic C lu b 2; Eucharistic M inister;

jrary C lu b i; Phonathon 3 ,4 ; Student C ouncil RepreiBlrive 2-3; Basketball 1 .2 ,3 , Captain 4; Soccer 1 ,2 ,3 ,

“Look around and choose your own ground, for long

plain 4

you live and high you fly, and smiles you’ll give and tears you’ll cry, and all you touch and all you see, is all

'wo roads diverged in a wood, and I — I took the one

your life will ever be.’’ -Pink Flovd

s traveled by, and that has m ade all the difference.” -R obertFrost

Led Zeppelin

>nor Pin 1, 2, 3; O utstanding Fresh m an; Scholar-

Asian C lub 1 ,2 ,3 , Treasurer 4; Billiards C lub 1 ,2 ,3 ,4

hlete Award; W h o ’s W h o A m ong A m erican H igh

D ance Com m ittee 1, 2 ,3 , 4; French C lub 2 ,4 ; H A P 1

lioolStudents; E m m aus T earn; N H S ; Phonathon 3,4 ;

Japanimation 1;T ie C lub l,2 ,3 ,4 ;In tra m u ra ls 1 ,2 ,3 ,4

iderti Council Representative 2-3 -4 ; Football 1 ,2 ,3 ,

Volleyball 1 ,2 ,3 ,4

i-Giptain 4; Intram urals 1 ,2 ,3 .4 “Your talent is G od's gift to you; what you do with it is your g ift back to G od.” -L e o Buscaglia

believe in hum an decency. B u t I firm ly believe that y man's finest hour - his greatest fu lfillm ent to all he voids dear - is the m om ent when he has to w ork his leart out in a good cause and he's exhausted on the


field ofbattle-victorious." - V in cent Lom bardi

Metal lica

Most Generous

Best Actor M arko Gazic Jonathan Hassell

Jonathan Tom assi

M atthew M cN erney

M ichael M cDonald

Louis Paonessa

Best Dancer Frank Giordano Law rence A lexander Eric Estevez


e s t T V


e r s o n

a lit y

________ Mu&MiF'Uyyi________ C eltic C lu b 4; Italian C lu b 2 ,3; Lib rary C lu b 3 ,4 ;S k i C lub 1,2 ,3 , 4; Sp irit C ornm i ttee; 1.2 ,3 ,4 ; Intram u rals 1,2 ,3 ,4 ; Lacrosse 1 ,2 ,3 ,4


____ _

H onor Pin 1 ,2 ,3 ;Gold M edal: G erm an 2 ;Sp irit Aw Band 1 ,2 ,3 , V ice Presid en t4; C am pus M inistry 1,; D ram atics 3 ; E m m au s T e a m ; G erm an C lu b 2,

'W h e re I'm going, D o ttie, you ca n 't follow . I’m a lover, a rebel.” -P ee W e e H erm an

G erm an E x ch an g e 2; Liturgical M usic M inistry 4 ; T e a m 2 ,3 , 4 ; N H S C o-President; P A C 3,4; E d itor 4 ;

G h etto R adio D onkey

Petr, Perroc 1 ,2 ,3 ; Phonathon 3; P rom Commil

S P C S u m m er Sch o lar 3; T V S tu d io 1, 2 , 3 , 4 ; Intram 1 ,2 ,3 ,4

“A nd w hen we stand before G od, and you are se. paradise for doing according to your conscience,


am dam ned for not doing according to m ine, will com e w ith m e, for fellow ship?” -T h o m a s Moot Phish

H o n o r Pin 1 ,2 ,3 ; N H S ; I ;

C ross C ou ntry 1 ,2 ,3 ,

4 ; Indoor T rack 2 ,3 ; Lacrosse 1 ,2 , M V P 3 , C aptain 4

efetan C tu k l,2,44;B illiafd sC Iu b 2,3,4;Jap an im ati 2 ;T ie C Iu b 3 ,4 ; Intram urals 1 ,2 , 3 ,4 ;Football 1


“L eave w h en you w ant because I k n ow that som eday I will too. B u t I w on't burn m y bridges and be ju st an o th er jaded fo o l!" *O peratiola Ivy O peration Ivy

Sitting in Fr. A zzarto’s office, M ichael Sison flip s through an old yearbook. Fr. A zzarto’s room w as a ’popular hangout am ong students.

‘Q u r g reatest glory is n o t in never failing, but in ri u p e v e ip im e we fail." -R alp h W ald o Em ersoi N otorious B .I.G .

During a fr e e period, Garrett Hoffm an, Chris Briody, an d J o e

Perez p rep are fo r their next class. Mr. D ondero’s room and the College Placem ent 0//ice were som e o f the fa v o r ite study spots on the cam pus.

M atthew McNerney entertains everyone with his am azing ability to dangle horizontally fro m sign poles. Fortunately, M att d efied th e law o f gravity and landed unscathed.

1^2 People



Costa Rican Exchange 3; Sk i C lu b 1 ,2 ,3 ,4 ; Bow ling 1,2, J.+iOutdoor T rack 1 ,2 ,3 ,4 ; Soccer 1 ,2 ,4

______ F


W ho's W ho A im mg A m erican High School Students; L A S 2, 3 ,4 ; PA C 4; Indoor T rack 1 ,2 ,3 , Co-Captain 4; Intram urals 1 ,2 ,3 ,4 ; O utdoor T rack 1 ,2 ,3 ,4

“Evervdav is a good day when you’re above g round." Juan Benavides

“God grant m e the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can,


and the wisdom to tell the difference." -T am m y Herriman Chico Debarge

f'unJi PmJ.



Emmaus T eam ; French C lub 2 ,4 ; S A D D 1,2; D iving 3,

Honor Pin 1 ,3 ; Band 1, 2 ,3 , 4 ; Cam pus Ministry 3, 4;

1; Intramurals 1 ,2 ,3 ,4 ; Volleyball 2 ,3 ,4

Ebony C lub 1 ,2 ,3 ,4 ; Intram urals 1 ,2 ,3 ,4

“After the bare requisites to living and reproducing,

‘T h e shortest distance between a human being and

man Wants most to leave som e record o f him self, a

truth is a story." -Anthony DeM ello

proof, perhaps, that he has really existed. H e leaves his Ijjpoof on wood, on stone, or on the lives o f other

Beenie Man

people.” -John Steinbeck Dave M atthew s Band

f\ .


Honor Pin 1 ,2 ,3 ; W ho's W h o A m ong A m erican H igh

E bony C lub I,2 ,3 ,4 ;M o v ie C lu b 2 ,3 ,4 ;F o o tb a Il 1,2 ,3 ,4 ;

School Students; C eltic C lu b 2 ,3 ; Em m aus T earn; Fish-

Intram urals 1 ,2 ,3 ,4

inglpub l;N H S ;P A C 3 , 4 ;P<ff/-«i/7 l, Editorial Assistant 2,Editor3-4; R oller Hockey C lub 1,2;S p irit C om m ittee

"Som etim es the road to the truth is so elusive and

3 ,4 ; W alkathon C om m ittee 4; Intram urals 1, 2, 3, 4;

confusing, that reality becomes an illusion.” -Canibus

Lacrosse 2 ,3 , Captain 4 Jay-Z jB h an ce favors the prepared m in d ." -T rav is D ane Creedence C learw ater Revival

"lonor Pin 2, 3 ; W h o 's W h o A m ong A m erican H igh fflp>lStudents; Billiards C lu b 1,2 ,3 ,4 ; D ance C om m it§ S 2 ,3 ,4 ; L A S 1 ,2 ,3 , 4; M ulticultural C lu b 2, 3 ,4 ; § D D 1 ,2 ,3 ,4 ; T ie C lu b 1, 2 , 3 , 4 ; Football 1 , 2 , 3 , 4 ; ntramurals 1, 2 ,3 ,4

H onor Pin 1, 2, 3; Presidential Scholar; W ho ’s W ho A m ong Am erican High School Students; Asian C lub 1, 2, 3 , 4; Billiards C lub 1, 2, 3, 4; Indo-Pak Society 1, Representative2 ,3 ,Treasurer 4; M ulticultural C lub 1,2, 3 ,4 ; N H S ;

Petreani^\ Philosophy C lub 1 ,2 ,3 ,4 ; S A D D

1, 2, 3, 4; Science Clubs I, 2, 3, 4; T ie C lub 1, 2, 3, 4;

W hat you are capable o f achieving is determ ined by your talent and ability. W hat you attem pt to do is determined by your m otivation. H ow w ell you do phething is determ ined by your attitude.” -L ou H oltz H ector Lavoe

Intram urals 1 ,2 ,3 ,4 “O nce we realize that imperfect understanding is the human condition, there is no shame in being wrong, only in failing to correct our m istakes." -A lbert Einstein DMX

Seniors (5~3



O utstanding F resh m an ; W h o ’s W h o A m o ng A m erican H igh School Students; A m erican Legion Bovs State D elegate; Sym posium on N'f G o vern m en t and Politics; C am pu s M inistry 3, 4; D ram atics 3; E m m au s T e a m ; Forensics 1,2 ,3,C ap tain 4 ; Fresh m an A m bassador 1; Pax C hristi 3 ,4 ; PA C 4;

Petrean23A\ A *r/ -o r3,4;S A D D 3,4;

Stu d en t C ou ncil President 4 “T h e people w ho succeed in this world are the people

H o n o r Pin 1 ,2 ,3 ; G old M edal: M usic 1; Silver Med English 2; Band 1 ,2 . 3 , 4 ; C am pus M inistry L E m iii: T e a m ; F resh m an A m bassador; Ja z z Band 3 ,4 ; Mid< States E v alu atio n C o m m itte e 3 ; N H S ; P A C 3 Phonathon 3 .4 ; R oller H ockey C l ub 1 ,2 ,3 ; S A D D 1,2 In tram u rals2.3 "N o t w h ere w e stand, but in w hat direction wear< m o v in g ."-G o e th e

w ho get up and look for circu m stances they w ant, and, it they do n ’t find them , m ak e th em ." -G eorge Bernard

D ave M atthew s Band

Shaw G .F . Handel

C am pu s M inistry 3; C h o ir I, 2 , 3 , 4 ; L itu rgical M usic M inistry 4 ; C am pus Sh op 3 . 4 ; D ram atics I. 2, 3. 4; Forensics 4; G e rm an C lu b 2 , 3 ,4 ; G e rm an E x ch an g e 2; H arvard M odel C ongress4 ; Prom C o m m ittee3,4; P A C 4 ; S A D D 2 , 3, 4 ; Sk i C lu b 2, 3. 4 ; T V Studio I, 2, 3, Inform ation E d ito r4 ; Intram u rals 1 ,2 ,3 ,4 ;Sw im m in g I , 2 ,3 ,4 " W e are the m usic m ak ers, and w e are the dream ers o f the d ream s.” -W illy W o n k a

H o n o r Pin 1 ,2 ,3 ; Italian N H S 3 .4 ; O utstandingFres m an; W h o s W h o A m o n g A m erican H igh School St! dents; C am pu s M inistry 3 ,4 ; E m m aus 152: Eucharist M inister; F resh m an A m bassador; Italian C lu b 2 ,3 , N H S ; P in g -P o n g C Iu b 1,2 ,3 ,4 ; R oller H o ck eyC Iub 1J 3 ,4 ; S A D D 1 ,2 ; Intram u rals 1 ,2 , 3 ,4 ; Soccer 1 ,2 , T e n n is 1, 2 , 3 , C aptain 4


“It is good to rem em ber that the tea kettle, althougH up to its neck in hot w ater, continues to sing.” -T h q L ittle Book

D ave M atthew s B and


____________ PcZt^i H(*Ll_______ H o n o r Pin 2 ,4 ; C e ltic C lu b 2 ; E m m au s T e a rn ; G enesis 9 2, 3, 4 ; G erm an C lu b 2, 3 , 4 ; Ph onathon 3 , 4 ; Studen t C ou ncil Secretary 4 ; B asketball 2 .3 ,4 ; Intram u rals 1 ,2 ,3 , 4; So ccer 1 ,2 .3 ,4

Italian C lu b 1 ,2 ,4 ;L ib ra ry C lu b 4 ;S p iritC o m m itte e 1,1

3 .4 ; Intram u rals 1 ,2 ,3 ,4 ; W restling 1 ,2 ,3 , C aptain 4 1 "N o th in g else m atters.” - M etallica

“T im e has a way o f tak in g tim e ” -D a v e M ustaine D rop K ick M urphies M egadeth

GmaM MldUil


H o n o r Pin 2 ,3 ; W h o s W h o A m o ng H ig h School S tu ­ dents; Billiards C lu b 3, V ice President 4 ; N H S ; Football 1, 2 ; F ootb all M anager 3 ,4 ; Intram u rals 1 ,2 ,3 ,4 “T h is A m erican system o f ours, call it A m ericanism , call it capitalism , call it w hat you w ill, gives each and every one o f us a great opportunity i f we only seize it w ith both hands and m ake the m ost o f it." -A l Capone EPM D

\S4 People


Iv/A^-e___________ I

H onor Pin 2 ,3 ; Freshm an Ambassador; Library C lub 3,ii M ulticultural C lu b 4; P A C 4 ;S A D D 1,2,3,4; In tram u ral

hfeM "C o m in g from inside, heaven's here alive, check ito u fl salvation com es from the m ind. T apestry o f lightya I thousand points unite, so fresh and new we could r k » dare to see.” -Jonathan Sheldon O u r Ladv Peace

Sitvt* A'iX&wi JlnUfviy_____

______ Kitty________________

lutstandingFreshman; W ho's W h o A m ong A m erican

Fishing C lub 1.4; Ski C lub 1 .2 ,3 ,4 ; Spirit Com m ittee 1.

ligh School Students; Em m aus 155; L A S 2 ,3 ,4 ; M ath

4; Football 1; I n tram urals 1.2 ,3 .4 ; Lacrosse?|(2,3. Ca ptain 4

Spirit C om m ittee 4 ; Baseball 1.2,3,4;F oo tb aII 1, 3,4; Indoor T rack 1 ,2 ,3 ,4

“W hat we would do when we got there was never an ‘Don’t worry, be happy." -Bobby M cFerrin

issue. W e didn't think much about the future; we just lived for the day, and that is the way you have to think


when you decide to go a-ram blin'. T h ere's not much I'm certain o f as we spool up for this one, but I do know that whatever plans we have made will change." -Jim m y Buffet Jim m y Buffet

____________H. Ksityjd._______


lonorPin 1 ,2 ,3 ; W h o ’s W h o A m ong A m erican High

Band 1 ,2 ,3 ,4 ; Chess C lub 1 ,2 ,3 , Co-Captain 4; Fishing

chool Students; Islam ic C lu b 1 ,2 ,3 ,4 ; Movie C lu b 2 ,3 ,

C lub 1 ,2 ,3 ,4

;P A C 3 ,4 ;S A D D 1 ,2 ,3 ,4 ; Science C lubs 1 ,2 ,3 ,4 ; T ie Ilub 1 ,2 ,3 ,4 ; Intram urals 1 ,2 ,3 ,4 ; Football 1 ,2 ,3 ,4 ‘Ifyou risk nothing, you risk everything." -O riginal DMX

M ost Intelligent

Most likely to become a Jesuit Kurt Ubelhoer M ichael Connolly Kurt Ubelhoer

Craig Addeo Louis Paonessa M atthew Elson B

e s t H

a ir

Most likely to become President Patrick M cGovern John Hallanan Joseph Perez


C am pu s M inistry l;B ask e tb al “Y ou r life is w hat you m ake it." -O riginal

H en ch m an ;C e lticC lu b I,2 .3 ,4 ;F is h in g C lu b I , 2 ;M o C lu b 3 , 4 ; P A C 3 ; S A D D 3 ,4 ; S p irit C om m ittee 3 , 4 ; ' C lu b 2 ,3 .4 ; Intram u rals 1 ,2 ,3 ,4 ; Lacrosse 2, Captair

R .K el “A th in k in g m an don’t do too m uch so know wha you re doing and do as you m u st." -Slackers T h e Doors



__________ L'JJLn______________

H o n o r Pin 1, 2, 3; G old M edal: L atin 3 ; Silver M edal: R eligion 1; E m m au s 152; E u ch aristic M inister; Fish in g C lu b 1 ,2 ,3 ,4 ; Italian C lu b 2 ,3 ,4 ; Pax C hristi 4;


Phonathon 3 ,4

H o n o r Pin 1,2 ,3 ; Chess C lu b 1,2; Genesis 9 1 ,2 ,3 ,4 ; NF

Pecreanl, E d itorial A ss ista n t4 ;R P G C lu b 4 ;S A D D 2

Scien ce C lubs 1 ,2 , Secretary 3 ,4 ; Stage C rew 2, Cr< C h ie f 3, S t age M anager 4

“T h is is the tim e to rem em ber, ‘cause it will not last forever. T h e s e are the days to hold on to, ‘cause we

“I w ant to know G o d ’s thoughts...Everything else i:

w on’t although w e’ll w ant to .” -B illy Joel

just details." -A lb ert Einstein

Billy Joel

John W illiam s

P eter Amadeo helps OPI to prepare fo r the upcoming open house. During the open house, prospective students and their parents were able to gain better insight into the Prep com m unity.

Making use o f the new pews in the English building, Jo h n Hallanan and

Dan S p ez z a ca ten a look over the d ay’s assignm ents as Mike Manziano m entally p rep ares himself f o r the next class.

Sim on W ong, Alan Vezina, and Edgar Allen C abrera speak o f the m orning’s events in the library. During the open house, the library housed statio n s/ o r several o f P rep’s clubs, publications, and organizations to educate incoming fresh m en about the wide variety o f activities.

!5G People I

Job* L, Putt onor Pin 3; USAAAward; W ho's W h o A m ong A m eri-

Asian Society 1,2,3, President 4; Billiards C lu b2 ,4 ;Chess

rtHigh School Students; A sian Society 1,2; C om puter

C lub 1 .2 .4 ; Dance Com m ittee 3 .4 ; French C lub 2 .3 .4 ;

lu b l; Em m aus 156; Japanim ation C lu b I, 2; L A S 2;

H A P I; Japanimation C lub 1. 2; L A S 4; Multicultural

ibraryClub2,4; M ov ieC lub2;

C lub 2,4; Prom Com m ittee 3; Science Clubs I,4 ;T ie C lu b

P.tperS: Pen 4;Petre;inA\

Minish N H S 3 ,4 ; Intram urals 1,2

2 .3 .4 ; Intram urals 1 .2 .3 ,4 ;Soccer 1 ,2 .3 .4 ; Volleyball 1. 2 ,3 .4

*N ever doubt that a small group o f thoughtful, -ommitted people can change the w orld, indeed it's

“T h e superior man acts before he speaks, and

the only thing that ever has." -M argaret Mead

afterw ards speaks according to his actions." Confucius

Squ irrel N u t Zippers P u ff Dadd v

J6404+A'httf&hy Q, MjilltsU._____ ational Spanish Exam 2 ,3 ,4 ; D ram atics 2, M V P 3 ,4 ;

H onor Pin 1; Asian Society 2 .3 ,4 ; Billiards Club 1 ,2 ,4 ;

udent Council 1; Bow ling 1; Football 1 ,2 ,3 ,4 ; Indoor

Chess C lub 1,2 ; D ance C om m ittee 1 ,2 , 3, President 4;

rack 2 ,3 , Captain 4 ; Intram u rals 1, 2 , 3, 4 ; O utdoor

F re n ch C lu b 2,4 ;H A P 1;Japanimation l;L A S 3 ,4 ;P ro m

rack 1 ,2 ,3 , Captain 4

C om m ittee3 ;S A D D l,2 ;T ie C lu b 2 ,3 ,4 ;In tra m u ra ls 1, 2 ,3 ,4 ; Volleyball M anager 3-4

‘This is the law o f the jungle. It is as old and true as

liesky. T h e w o lf who shall keep it will prosper... T h e

"I t ’s one thing to carry your life wherever you go.

wolf who shall break it m ust die... A s the creek that

A nother thing to always go looking for it somewhere

rirdles the tree tru n k ...T h e law runneth forw ard and

else."-Barbara Kingsolver

back—T h e strength o f the pack is the wolf...and the strength o f the w o lf is the p ack." -R udyard K ipling Metallica

le&chman; Fishin g C lu b 4; Italian C lu b 2, 4; Italian

H onor Pin 2; G uitar Ensem ble 4; Italian C lub 2, 3, 4;

xchange 3; Sp irit C om m ittee 4 ; F ootball 1 ,2 ,3 ; W res-

Movie C lu b 3 ,4; R o c k ‘n Roll C lu b 2;Sp irit C om m ittee 4;

in g l,2 ,3 ,4

Hockey 2

‘Be too large for worry, too noble for anger, too strong

“N ever ever forever tom orrow comes, new dawns

for fear, and too happy to perm it troubles." - Jim m y

blister, new songs to be sung. T h e aeroplane flies high,

B uffet

turns left, looks right. T h e aeroplane knows you know, si ngs the song o f truth, o f redem ption, o f sorrow. Look

fimmy Buffet

no further than your dirty feet." -W illiam Corgan Sm ashing Pum pkins

and 4, Ebony C lu b 1 ,2 ,3 ,4 ; Philosophy C lu b 2 “It’s gonna be a long tim e before I finish, one o f the many missions that I had to establish." -Cypress H ill Cypress Hill

Fishin gC lu b l;Italian C lu b l,2,3,4;S p iritC o m m itte e 3, 4; W alkathon Com m ittee 3,4 ; Baseball 3,4 ; Intramurals 1 ,2 ,3 ,4 ; Soccer 1,2; Sw im m ing 4 “Strength in numbers is true but the wisest men know how to stand up for themselves." -Justin Schw arz Creed

Seniors 157


PtiesiA. Mm ZUuj.__________

Band 1 ,2, 3 ,4 : Ja z z Band 2, 3, 4; Eucharistic M inister; S A D D 1 ,2 ,3 ,4 ; S p rin g M usical 3

H o n o r Pin 1 ,3 ; G old M edal: G erm an 2; Outstand F resh m an ; S p irit A w ard 3 ; E m m aus T e a m ; Freshnl A m bassador; G e rm an E x ch an g e 2;

“Su re enough this m o rn ing cam e on to m e, silver

M iddle S d

Evaluation C om m ittee 2, 3; N H S ; Student C ou J

winged silhouette against a ch ild 's sunrise. A nd my

President I -2 -3 , Representative 4 ; Cross C ountry 1, 2

angel she said unto m e, ‘T o d ay is the day for you to

C aptain 4 ; Ind o or T r a c k T rack 1 .2 ,3 , C aptain 4

rise .'"- Jim i H endrix Pearl Jam


2 , 3 , C aptain



“A nd let your best be for your friend .” -K a h il Gibrd U2



H o n o r Pin 1 ,2 ,3 ; Band 1 , 2 ,3 ,4 ; Brass C h o ir 1,2 , 3 , 4 ;

H onor Pin 1 ,2 ,3 ; W h o s W h o A m ong A m erican H i

E m m aus T e a m ; F ren ch C lu b 2 ,P resid e n t4 ; Jazz Band I,


School Students; C e ltic C lu b 1,2; Em m aus T e a m ; H>

Editorial A ssistant 4; N H S ; Science C lub s 1 ,2 ,3 ,4 ; Sk i

2 ,3 ; Spanish N H S 3 ,4 ; Sp irit C om m ittee 4; T ie C lub 3

C lu b 3 ,4 ; T V Studio 2 ,3 , President 4 ; Bo w lin g 1,2

Baseball I;F o o tb a ll l;In d o o r T r a c k l,2 ,3,4;In tram u r; 1 ,2 ,3 ,4 ; O utdoor T r a c k 2 ,3 ,4

2 ,3 ,4 ; Prom C om m ittee 3; P eer A d visor 3 ,4 ;

1,2; Library C lub 3 ,4 ; M ovie C Iu b 2 ,3 ,4; Philosophy C l

“N ev er before have we had so little tim e to do so m u ch ." -F ra n k lin D . R oosevelt

B u t i f you build your life on dream s it's prudent tc recall; a m an w ith m oon ligh t in his hands has nothin

T h e Doors

there at all. T a k e the clouds from your eyes and sed m e as I really am ." -M iguel de Cervantes Sublim e

H o n o r Pin I, 2 , 3 ; Ignatian Sch o lar; N ational M erit Sc h o la rs h ip C o m m e n d e d S tu d e n t; S P C S u m m e r Sch o lar 3; C eltic C lu b 2; F re n c h C lu b 4; N H S ; Science C lubs 1; S p irit C om m ittee I, 2 , 3, 4 ; Stu d en t C ou ncil Representative 1-2, T re asu re r 3; In tram u rals 1, 2, 3 ,4 ;

Band 1 ,2 ,3 ,4 ; C eltic C lu b 2; Stage C rew 1 ,3 ,4 “T h e H ess tru ck ’s back and it’s better than ever for] C hristm as this year. T h e Hess tru ck ’s here.” -H ess Ini

O u td oo r T r a c k I

Black 47

“Y ou p ileu p en ou gh tom o rro w s,an d you’ll find you are left w ith no th ing but a lot o f em pty yesterdays. I d o n ’t know about you, but I ’d lik e to m ake today w orth rem em bering ." -R o b ert Preston Billy Joel

H onor Pin 2 , 3; W h o 's W h o A m o ng A m erican H igh

C eltic C lu b 1, 2 , 3 , 4; E m m aus 152; F ish in g C lub I

School Students; A rt C lu b 3 ,4 ; E m m au s T e arn ; F ren ch

F resh m en A m bassador; M ovie C lu b 2 ,3 ; P A C 4;

C l ub 4; P A C 4; S A D D 3 ,4

1; Phonathon 3 ,4 ; S A D D 3 ,4 ; S p irit C om m ittee 3,4 ; 7 1 C lu b 1, 2, 3, 4; W alk ath on C om m ittee 3; Basketball I

“W h e n you com e to the end o f everything you know

Intram u rals 1 ,2 ,3 ,4 ; Lacrosse 1 ,2 ,3 ,4

and are faced w ith the darkness o f the u n kno w n , faith is know ing one o f tw o things will happen. E ith er there will be som ething solid for you to stand on, or you will be taught how to fly ." -B arbara J. W in ter T h ird Eye Blind

IbB People

— :-------------------

“L e t’s get stu p id !!’’ - G h etto Radio D onkeys T h e Doors


\fpLtvJ RyA*

M cNulty


M i & t t. ____________

onor Pin I. 2 ; W h o 's W h o A m ong A m erican H igh

H onor Pin 1 .2 ,3 ; Gold Medal: Physics 3. Spanish 1, US

hool Students; A rt C lu b 1 ,2 ,3 , President 4; Cam pus

History 1 3; Silver Medal: Geometry 2, Latin 2; National

inistrv 1, 2 ,3 ,4 ;Dramatics 1,2 ,4 ;Em m aus 153;Emm aus

Merit Scholarship Com mended Student; W ho’s W ho

•am; Freshm an A m bassador; Japanim ation 1, 2; Pax

Among A m erican H igh School Students; Chess C lub &

Misti 1, 2 , 3 , 4 ;P A C 2 , 3 , 4 ;S A D D 1,2,3, Billboard T e am

T eam l,2,C ap tain 3,4;F o ren sics 1,2,C aptain3-4; Indo-

•ader 4; Sk i C lu b 2; Sp irit C om m ittee I , 2, 3, 4;

Pak C lub 1; Math Team 2, JY 4th Place Award 3, 4; M iddle States Evaluation C om m ittee 3; N H S ; NJ

t r a m ura Is 1 ,2 ,3 ,4 ; T en n is 1 ,2 ,3 ,4

G overnor's School o f Science; PA C 4;

Petroc 1,2, Editor

ik M V P 3, E d itor-in -C hief 4; Spanish N H S 3, 4; SPC

“I'ba beyond your peripheral vision, so you m ight

Sum m er Scholar 2 ,3

Mina turn your h e a d . . -A ni D ifran co, “32 Flavors’

"It is only by risking our persons from hour to hour that

Ani D iFranco

we live at all." -W illiam James U2

___________ MljtvhA fiflifiatics 1,2,3,4 ;In d o o rT rack l,2 ,3 ,4 ;O u td o o rT ra c k

H onor Pin 1,2,3;C am pu s Ministry 4; Eucharistic Minis­


ter; Italian C lub 1,2,3,4; PA C 3 ;S A D D 4 ; Intram urals 1, 2 ,3 ,4

Life is a challenge o f the un know n . Th o se who face “Image is everything."-A ndre Agassi

ncj qonquer the challenge live life to the fullest while those who don't face the challenge don’t live.” -

W u T a n g Clan

Original Metallica

Best Nickname

Future Prep Teacher

Joseph “Chics” Falcicchio

Shaun Lacey

A nthony “M antis” Micelli

Kurt Ubelhoer Joseph Perez

Thom as “Stats” Settem brino


o st A

t h le t ic

Best Artist M atthew M cN erney Steven Jim enez David Yau

Mj|gkr DiGesu H o rs \5<}


f\'hX&Q4*yH ictti ___________


H o n o r Pin 1; Italian C lu b 1 ,2 ,3 ,4 ; C ross C ou ntry 1 ,2 ,3 , 4; Indoor T r a c k 1


H o n o r Pin 1, 2. 3; Silver M edal: H istory


N at

Spanish E x am ; W h o ’s W h o A m ong A m erican ] School Students; C am pus M inistry 4; D ram atics 2

“T h e hum an race has one really effective w eapon, and

plorer Post 144; F orensics 3 ,4 ; Genesis 9 1, 2 ,3 ,4 ; h

that is lau g h ter." -M ark T w ain

Paper &Pen4; Pecroc 1,2 ,4 ; S A D D 4 ; Science Club. 3 ,4 ; Spanish N H S

R age A gainst the M achine

“A conscience is w hat hurts when all your other p feel so g o o d !" -A nonym ous

E m m au s 151: G enesis 9 1 , 2 ; L ib rary C lu b 3 , 4 ; S A D D 4; S p irit C om m ittee 3 ,4 : H ockey 1. 2 .3 .4 ; Intram u rals 1. 2, 3 ,4 T o w hom m u ch is given, m u ch is e x p ia e d ." B en Franklin G -L o v e and Special Sauce

Angelo Caprio has strong feelin g s about

P lays fr o m th e C o n tem p o rary A m erican Theater. Seniors expressed their

Rigorously working, Craig Addeo solves a “sam ple related rate problem ” fro m his calculus textbook. AP Calculus was a course which involved application as often as theory.

reactions to assignm ents in different ways.

Will Lopez orders his lunch as Ken 0 ’ Connor, Greg llaria, and Rick Briam onte w ait im patiently in line behind him. The Lisbon Pizzeria was usually crowded during lunch and after school.

160 People

an Club 1 .2 ,3 .4 ; Dance C om m ittee 2 .3 ,4 ; H A P 1.. i p 1,2 .3 .4 : S A D D 1 .2 .3 .4 ; T ie C lu b l.2 ;F o o tb ;i

vlarauder: ( eltii C tub 2. >; Spirit ( ’nm niiltee I.

^ m u r a ls 1 .2 .3 .4

iA D F) 1.2. >. 4

ip o n g as the sun still shines, there will alwavs be ,i

"T h e re a re <mlv tw<>kinds u f people in this worlt I - -

brighter dav." -Original

those who are Irishand those w h oW nn itohe." -P.J. Kinne\

J'l. tinnal Hispanic Recognition Program Finalist: Art

Honor Pin 1.2 . 3; W ho's Who..Among American High

lb l| 2 .3 .4 ; Band 1. 2 . 3 . 4 ; Billiards C lu b 1. 2, 3 , 4;

School Students; Chess C lub & T eam I. 2. 3. 4; Math

•sfettianA m bassador; L A S 1,2 .3 .4 ; P A C 3 .4 ;

Team 3 .4 ; T ie Club 3; Intram urals 1. 2 .3 .4


iTOfrtCommittee 3 ;S A D D 1 .2.3.4;S cie n ce C lu b s 1.2. ;IIteC lu b 4;Fo otball 1 ;Intrartiurals 1 ,2 .3 .4

‘Misery: the only friend that won't betray you." -Sara It M cLachlan

“l&erv dav ot my life. I am forced to add another rjiejo the list o f people who tick m e o ff." -C alvin 6c



Mttt&iMi J-ob*



(\. A1/n/lMo_______

inor Pm 2 .3 ; Gold M edal: Religion 3; Silver M edal:

Honor Pin 1.2 .3 ;Gold Medal: Italian 2 .3 ;Silver Medal:

plish 3; W ho ’s W h o A m ong A m erican H igh School

Chemistrv 2. Precalculus3; A H SM E Honor Pin; Ignatian

dents; Band 1 ,2 ,3 .4 ; X H S ; T ie C l ub 1. 2 : 1nt ramurals

Scholar: Rensselaer Scholar: Chess Club& Team I. Sec-

H htd o or T rack

2 .3 .4

retarv2.3 ,C aptain4; Em m aus 156:Eucharistic Minister: H A P 1 ,2 .Sports President 3: Italian C lub 2 .3 .4 ; Italian

l& ything that is given can be at once taken away,

Exchange3; Italian N'HS 3 .4 ; Math T eam JV 18th Place

e have to learn never to expect anything, and when

Award 3 .4 ; N'HS Co-President:

B p bmes i t s no more than a g ift on lo an." -John

Editor 4; Philosophy C lub 3 .4 : Ping-Pong Club 2; SPC

PerreunA: Petrncl. 3.

Su m m er Scholar 3; Intram urals 1.2

M cG ahern

"N ever leave that till tomorrow which you can do

W u T a n g Clan

todav. -Benjam in Franklin R EM


____________ A pjr' Pin 1. 2, i ; Em m aus 153; Forensics 1. 2. 3, 4; C lub 2 .3 .4 ; G erm an Exchange 2; M ath T e am ; National G erm an E x am 2 .3 ; N’H S ;

Perroc 2, 3 ,4 ;

H $ h o n 3 ;S A D D 1 .2 ,3 .4 ;S k iC lu b 1 .2 .3 .4 ; Bowling 3. Captain 4; Cross C ountrv 3 ,4 ; Intram u rals 1 ,2 ,3 ,

Honor Pin 1 ,2 .3 ; Chess C lub & T e am 1.2 .3 ,4 : H A P 1.2. 3. 4; Japanim ation C lu b I, 2; Math T eam 2. 3. 4; M ulticultural C lu b 3 ,4 : N'HS; Pax Christi'4; 4:

Petroc4; Spirit C om m ittee 2 ,3 .4


“T hese are the seasons ot emotion and like the wind they rise and fall. T h is is a wonder of devotion; I seek

Destiny is not a m atter o f chance, it is a m atter of it is not a thing to be waited for, it is a thing to K

be achieved. -W illiam Jennings Bryan

the torch we all must hold." -Led Zeppelin Toad the W et Sprocket

Beastie Boys

Seniors \&

J-aU CtAjtulo PU-Jjol


A sian C lu b 1, 2, Ju nior Representative 3 , 4 ; Billiards (H ub I, 2, -I; D ance C om m ittee 4; French C lu b §jj 2, 4; Japanim ation C lu b I ; S A D D 1 ,2 ,

4; T ie C lu b 2 ,1 , 4

If a wise m an disputes with a fool, he may rage or laugh bu t can have no peace.” -P ro verbs 30:9

r!<+o^ Sm P&i/c_______

H onor Pin 2 ,3 ; Italian N H S 3 ,4 ; M ath T e a m 3 , 4 ^ Baseball 2; Football 2 ,3 ,4 ; Indoor T r a c k 3 ,4 ; Intram 2, 3 ,4 ; ( )utdoor T r a c k 3 ,4 Every m an dies, but not every m an lives." -W ill W allace

Inna C itee Sound/

_______ 30 H o u r F am in e 3, 4; Billiards C lu b 4; D ram atics 4; Philosophy C lu b 4; T ie C lu b I; F ootball 1 ,2 ,3 , 4 “Y ou can 't save all the crazy people in the w orld; just don’t live next door to one when they go o ff." -D ennis M iller

P\i^IajLvj P^ iaaa.

H o n o r Pin 1, 2, 3 ; N ational M erit Scholarship C] m ended Stu d en t; Papal U sher;

Pctrenn l , 2 , 3 , 4 ; / j

1, 2 ; Ph onathon 3 , 4 ; S p irit C om m ittee I, 2, Intram u rals 1 , 2 ,3 ,4 ; Lacrosse 1 ,2 ,3 ,4 ‘D on t let your schooling interfere with your education.” -M ark T w ain Rancid

W h o 's W h o A m o n g A m erican H ig h School Students; B illiards C lu b 3, 4; E m m au s 158; G enesis 9 1 ,2 , 3, 4; Italian C lu b 2, 4; Prom C om m itte e 3 ; R oller H ockey C lu b 1 ,2 , 3 , 4 ; SpiritC 'om m i tree 4; In tram u rals 1,2 ,3 ,4 ; So ccer 1 ,2

H onor Pin 2, 3 ; W h o ’s W h o A m o ng A m erican H School Studen ts; Em m aus 153; Library C lu b 3 ,4 ; M

C lu b 2 , 3, 4 ; P ax C hristi 3, 4 ; Philosophy C lu b 2,1 S A D D 1 ,2 ,3 , Events C oord inator 4; Sk i C lub 1*21 Spanish N H S 3 ,4 ; Sp irit C om m ittee 3 ,4 ; Stage C r J

“L ife moves pretty fast. I f you d o n ’t stop and look around once in a w hile, you could m iss it." -F e rris Bueller N otorious E l m

2 ,3 , C rew C h ie f 4 “D o n 't part w ith your illusions. W h e n they are gj you may still exist, but you have ceased to live.w;4 f| T w ain T h e Clash

H o n o r Pin 1 ,2 ,3 ; Gold M edal: A lgebra I, A rt 1 ,G e o m ­

H o n o r Pin 1 ,2 ,3 ; Be P R E P are d Scou tin g A w ard; N

etry 2, L atin 2; Silver M edal: Physics 3; O utstanding

V irtu te Eagle Scou t A w ard; Sp irit A w ard; F rest

F resh m an ; Presidential Sch o lar; W h o ’s W h o A m ong

A m bassador; Library C lu b 2, 3 , 4; N H S ; P A C

A m erican H igh School Studen ts; Italian E xchang e 3;

Phonathon 3 ,4 ; R oller H ockey C lu b 1 ,2 ,3 ,4 ;S A I

Italian N H S 3 ,4 ; M ath T e a m JV 3 rd Place A w ard 2, JV

2 ,3 ,4 ; Sk i C lu b 1 ,2 ,3 ,4 ; Spanish N H S ; S p irit Com

1st Place A w ard 3, 4 ; N H S ;

Paper 6c Pen 4; Petreun 2,

tee 2 ,3 , 4 ; F ootball M anager 1, 2 , 3 , 4 ; T e n n is 1,2

Editorial A ssistant 3 , Section E d itor 4; T e n n is 1 ,2 ,3 , 4 “A nd if you listen very hard, the tune will com you at last, when all are one and one is all: to be a and not to roll.” -L ed Zeppelin T h e Beatles

162 People

“So m any faces in and out o f my life, some will I som e will ju st be now and then. L ife is a series hellos and goodbyes. I'm afraid it's tim e for go$$ -B illy Joel Billy Joel

Pit/i onor Pin 1 ,2 ,3 ; Italian C lub 3 ,4 ; Italian Exchange j ti*imurals 1, 2 ,3 ,4

W ho's W ho A m ong American High School Snide Football I, j ,

I cab stand somebody always gotta turn inform a for lemnn I want to know right now is there one of you

4; Intram urals 1, 2, 3 ,4

“W e are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, thei not an act, but a habit." -Aristotle

i■■thecrowd are you gonna call all and spoil all of my fun-vou crazy fool I’m in the mood get ready com e on ." -Sublim e Sublim e

Hi*'jtsul 0*y>6A, QytLtJL______


H onor Pin 1 ,2 ,4 ; W ho ’s W ho A m ong American High

wtball I

School Students; Billiards C lub 1, 2; L A S 2, 3, 4; Math All you need in this life is ignorance and confidence B p a n d then success is sure.” -M ark T w ain Sm ash M outh

T eam 3, 4; P A C 4; Science Clubs 4; Football 2, 3, 4; Intram urals 1 ,2 ,3 ,4 " I t ’s not the size o f the dog in the fight, it's the size o f the fight in the dog." -N o Fear DMX

After changes upon changes, we are more or less the same. Below are four friends who have stayed together for many years, proving that of all the forces in the world, friendship is one of the strongest.

Below, le ft Jo e Perez, Nick Edwards, Dan Finn, Rick Briamonte. Below\ Rick Briamonte, J o e Perez, Nick Edwards, Dan Finn.

Seniors 163


Arr C lu b 1 .2 . L A S 1 .2


i. 4 ; D ram atics 2. i.A; F orensics 1 .2 . 3 .4 :

E m m au s T e a m ; Fresh m an A m bassador; S A D D 1.

4 ; Sp irit C om m ittee 4 ; Intram urals 1. 2 . 3 , 4 ; Lacros S o ccer 1 ,2. 3 .4

m om ent as m y List. F org et regret o f life is yours to m iss, no other road. no o th er way. N o day but today*

-Jonathan L arso n.




H onor Pin 1,2, 3; N ational G e rm an Exam 2 ,C ertificate

of M erit

Phish. he II g roove lo r a lifetim e.’* -Phish Phish

N irs an:i


“G iv e a m an a fish, he'll eat for a day...G ive a ma

4; Band 3 ,4 ; E m m au s 153; Eucharistic M inis­



H o n o r Pin 1 ,2 .3 ; W h o 's W h o A m ong A m erican h

ter; G erm an C lu b 3; G erm an E xchang e 2; N H S ; P h i­

School Studen ts; Asian Society 2 .3 ,4 ; Islam ic C lub

losophy C lu b 2; Science C lub s 2 ,3 ; S p irit C om m ittee 3,

3 . 4 ; M ulticultural C lu b 3; \ H S ; P A C 3 , 4 ; Sc it

4; Intram u rals 1 ,2 ,

C lubs 1 ,2 , 3 . 4 ; Spanish N H S ;S P C S u m m e r Schol:

i, 4

Football 2 ,3 .4; Intram u rals 1 ,2 ,3 ,4 T h e difference betw een a successful person and others is not a lack o f strength, not a lack o f

I f you fail to succeed, try ag ain." -R alph W aldt

know ledge, but a lack o f w ill.” -V in ce I-om bardi

Em erson C anibas

Relaxing fro m a day o f class, Ja m es Lallo jo in s several o th er y ea rb o o k sta ff m em bers in a gam e o f netw ork Quake b efo r e an Emmaus homecom ing. Ja m es believed in a balance betw een reckless preten d violen ce and real love. Angelo Tango reminds the seniors to/inish their college applications. College applications proved to be a stress/ul p art 0/ senior year.

Eagerly, Kevin Gillis prepares a salsa and cheese dip f o r the SADD opening cere­ mony. SADD was dedicated to stopping students fro m making destruc­ tive decisions.

IGH People

\JtASUXt iififtrds Club 1 .2 ,3 ,4 ; G enesis 9 1 ,2 ,3 .4 ; Intram ura

m •»

Honor Pin 1,2 ,3 ; W ho's W ho Among American High School Snulenls; F.mmaus T eam ; Library C lub I, 2. 3. C o-President 4; N H S ; PA C M ; Phonathon 3.4; Roller

r j l l l the things I've lost. 1 miss my mind the most.' -O zzv O sbourne

Hockey ('lufe 1,2; S A D D 1,2, 3 ,4 ; Spirit Com m ittee I, 2, 3, 4; Intram urals I. 2, 3, 4; Lacrosse 3, -I; Tenn is L 2 laugh, we would all go Jim my Buffet




lonOrPin 1 .2 ,3 ; Em m aus 154; M ath T e a m 3 ,4 ; N H S ;

30 H our Fam ine 3, 4; Band 2, 3. 4; Movie C lub 2, 3, 4;

,M )D 1 ,2 ,3 .4 ; Indoor T ra ck 3 .4 ; Intram urals 1 ,2 ,3 ,

S A D D 1 ,2 ,3 , Executive Com m ittee 4; Ski C lub 1 .2 ,3 ,

;(§iHdoor T rack 3 ,4

4; Spirit Com m ittee 1, 2; Stage C rew 2, Executive O f­ ficer 3, C rew C h ie f 4


difficult to live in the present, ridiculous to live in the future, and impossible to live in the past.

“I'll procrastinate tomorrow.'' -G arfield

Hothing is as far away as one m inute ago." -Jim Desmend D ecker

Bishop DMX

_______________ rfi.

ndo-Pak 1 ,2 .3 ,4 ; Islam ic C lu b 1 ,2 , V ice-President 3. |^fflj|nt4; Math T e am 4 ;



Petrean 1; Science Clubs 1.2,

>.4;pijotball 1; Intram urals 1 ,2 ,3 ,4 ; W restling 2 ,4 ‘W ith every difficulty there is relief." -Q uran P u ffD ad d v

Eucharistic M inister; Fishing C lub 1. 2; Freshman A mbassador; L A S 1,2; S A D D 3 ,4 ; Soccer 1 ,2 .3 ,4 “W e cannot all be masters nor can all masters be truly followed.” - W illiam Shakespeare N o L im it Soldiers

W ho's W ho A m ong American High School Students; Hlonor Pin 1, 2 , 3; A lba Scholar; N ational M erit H is-

Em m aus 154; Genesis 9 1 ,2 ; Intram urals 1 ,2 .3 .4

xinic Scholarship Finalist; N ational M erit Scholarship 'ommended Student; N ational Spanish Exam 3; Carn-

“I cannot separate what I have been from what I am .

>us Ministry' 4 ; Eucharistic M inister; N J G overnor s

nor these from what I will become. I am who I am

School o f Environm ent; L A S 4; M ath T e am 2, 3. 4;

because o f my past; my past is in my present. I will be

's’HS; Spanish N H S 3 ,4 ; H ockey 1; Intram u rals 1.2,3,4

w h o I will be because o f my present and my past that is in it. My past in fact is not past at all—it is with me

“knowledge is proud that he has learned so m uch; is humble that he know s no m ore.” - W illiam

in my present. My future is not simply ‘not yet' it is already in hidden form in my present.” -Thom as

C ow per


F oo Fighters

A z Yet

Seniors 165^

________ I'onihall

Sw im m in g 1, 2; W restling 3 ,4


________ ft. H onor Pin 1 ,2 ,

“T in - strong sur\ ive, tin- w eak nevep lived.” -T in Ikedogg T h e Insane C low n Posse

W h o s W h o A m ong A m erican H

School Studen ts; C el tic CHub 1.2 , 3; Fishin g C lub !;I> 4; Ping-Po ng ( <luh 2; SA 1 )1) 1 ,2 ,3 ,4 ; Spirit C <mi mil 4 ; T ie C lu b 1 ,2 . 3.4 I just want to look back and say that I did the hesj could when I was stuck in this place...that I had a m uch fun as I could when I was stuck in this place.

hr/xclund ( 't>ufused

I )o n , /

T h e Doors





H onor Pin4 ,2 , 3 ; Silver M ed al:( Jeom eirv I , Precalculus 2; (ic m ia n N ational Exam 2, 3; C om p u ter C lu b I, President 2 -3 ; Km m ans I S ! ; ( ie n n a n K xchang e2; M ath

$u £±Ll_______

F ishin g C lub 1 ,2 , 3 ,4 ; M ovie C lu b 1, 2 . 3 ,4 ; P A C 3; C lu b 2 ,3 ; Bow ling 2 .3 ,4 ; Intram urals 1,2; Lacrosse. 4

st eam 3, 4; M iddle States Evaluation C om m ittee .3; N H S;

Pii/HT& Pen 4 ; Pcrran) I. C om puter


N ow you know that evil will always trium ph bectfi

A ssistant 2, C om p u ter C onsultant 3, Layout Ed itor 4;

good is d um b.'

I )ark H elm et (Spacebars)

G etty sb urg Y earbo o k Experience .3; S k i C lu b 1, 3 , 4; Stage C rew I, C rew C h ie f 2, .Stage M anager 2 -3 , Pro ­

T h e I )oors

duction M anager 4


h ere’s a w ar out there old friend, a world w ar, and it s not about w ho has the m ost bullets, but who controls the in fo rm atio n ." -Coy. "S n e a k e rs”




H onor Pin I. 2; F resh m an A m bassador; N ational F it ­ ness A w ard 2 , 3, 4; O u tstand ing F resh m an ; Milliards C lu b I; E m m au s 151; E m m a u sT e a m ; F ish in g C lu b 1, 2 ,4 ; F ren ch C lu b 2 , 4 ; H enchm an; Library C lu b 3, 4; M ovie C lu b 3, 4; Prom C om m itte e 2 , 3 , 4 ; S A D D 2; S p irit C o m m itte e 2 , 3, 4 ; W alk ath on C om m itte e 4;

C om p u ter C lu b I; Philosophy C lub 1,2; R P C 4; lrcd< T r a c k 3,4; ( )u tdoor T r a c k 3 ,4 D o w hat you w ant, feel w hat you w ant, conseijuen only m atter w hen you w ant them to.” - ( )riginSiI

Baseball I . 2 ; Bask etball I, 2; D iv in g T e a m 3 , 4;

Sm ashin g Pum pkins

Intram u rals 1, 2 ,3 , 4

“II you really love som ething , let it go. If it com es back to you, it was m eant to be. If not you m u st move on .” - ( )riginal M etal lica




A sian C lu b 4 ; D ance C om m ittee 4; L A S 4; Intram u rals

( Jenesis 9 1 ,2 ,3 ,4 ; S A D I ) 4 ; H ockey 3 ,4 ; I ntramural:

1. 2 , 3 , 4 ; C)utdoor T r a c k 2 ,4


“W h at you put into life is w hat you will get out o f it.”

"L if e is lik e a box o f chocolates, you never k n o w ® !

-A nonym ous


\GG People

you are goin g to g et.” -T o m H ank s, M atchbox 20

Forrest Ciinii/



onor Pin 1 . 2 . M lh e s s C lu b & T e a * & 2, i, 4;

l-’islimg ( lu ll 1. 2. | 4; I,,> ( 'lub 2.

K i l t e r C lu b 1 ,2 * ^ G e tty sb u rg Y earbook Kxperi-

1; Uou ling 1.2,

4; Im ilull

4; l;o(.d>.ill I: liur.iinur.ils I. 2. <.4;

i j l Math T e am 2, ^ 4; N H S ; A m .i/ t 2, iu iiu

Editor 4 ;

Petrod, 4, Editor 4 ;S A I ) l ) 1,2.

S c i e n c e Clubs 1,2 , i , 4 ; Spanish N H S ;S P C Su m m er p l a r i;S P I* W ebS ite 4; Intram urals .1 4 ‘flu - most im portant thing we can experience is the mysterious. It is the source o f all true art and science. Hero whom this em otion is a stranger, who can no longer pause to wonder and stand rapt in aw e. is as B l as dead; his eves are closed." - Albert Einstein


Muhul \JU-^uUC.

Pin I .2. ^ Italian C lub 1.2. *.4

lomir Pin I . 3 ; A sian C lu b 2 . i ; K inm aus 151,; Multicultural C-lub .4,4; Pax C hristi ^ 4; Science Clubs ;Tit'C 'lu b2,.?,4; Intram u rals 1 ,2 ,4 ,4 ; Indoor T ra ck


;(.)utdo(ir T ra ck

“Miss a beat, lose die rhyilun. Nothing falls into place only missed by a fraction. Slipped a little o ff your


pace." - Van I lalon

GunsN' Hoses












A lush tropical jungle brings to mind images of danger, mystery, excitem en t, and ad v en tu re. While one cannot say there are many large jungles in central Jer­ sey, at times, the journey to Jer­ sey City can be quite similar to a jungle safari, St, Peter's Prep was by no Imeans a school for locals only. With the help of the Office of Public Information, Prep was able to draw potential students from all over New Jersey and New York. Some students, hailing from tow ns and cities many miles away, or finding them ­ selves without transportation, were exposed to the tumultous activity known as commuting.









Unable to rely on private transportation, some students were forced to turn to the PATH or to NJ Transit buses and trains. Often shelling out extra money, these students joined the hun­ dreds of thousands of people commuting in the area. These trips to and from school could be as short as 20 minutes each or as long as an hour and a half. This added extra time to a student's school day, forcing him to balance his time effectively; for instance, one easily discovered that homework or sleep could be caught up on during the com­ mute. Despite these added diffi­ culties, these brave commuters perservered.


Riding on the Raritan Valley Line, Sophomore Liam Ahern leafs through a book o f plays. Students used the time during their commute to get a head start on homework.

A NJ Transit bus travels to the bus stop a t Montgomery and Warren. Students from Jersey City and other cities relied on these buses fo r transporation to and from school.

Seniors 167

ItLvtyU Honor Pill i . 2. 3; StteerSfelafc Reljfcm i;{,*Jt«s (Mi ^TCesssi fs4 H H flS U '<4t FretictiCWa £ 4;tfiasefc

MRS i,

Gettysburg Yearbook fisssfesasi I; Indo-

Pak } . % a ia t ij T tsu n

3, i

4, K iC


P s tS y ti i . 2 ,

Editorial Assistant 3, Section Ed itor 4; S P C Su m m er Sch o lar 3 “T h e g reatest pleasure in life is to do w hat people say you can not d o ." -W a lte r G aychot

tim e* Bn feJMssgJ WHSm Exam 4 3;

Merit Scholarship Commended Student; Dramatic *4j ESSfly.Qjjj; J J , i. i;<;.-:icS!S■ 3 W ia & r iK U rM $ n n q | g M h ^ Leafci C"uncil * * * * » Stales Equation Commit. Multicultural Cluh2.3, 4; PromCommittee4; SAD[ 1 i . Strts^Cpunfll I. ii 3; TV Studio i 3; Ind Track 1. 2. i. 4; Outdoor Track 1. 2.3 4 “G reatn ess is my destiny.” -O ris

B eastie Bovs

A’hCftlo lian C lub I, 2 ,3 , 4 H o n o r Pin 1. 2 , 3; G old M edal: French I, 2, 3; Silv "I le a rn e d th e greatest gift o fn li: the saddest thing in lif t is wasted talent. and the chniccs th;u you m ake will shape your lt& fo rc e e r." -.-1

'Bronx Title

M i kc M anzlano

M edal: C hem istry 2, En g lish 3; French National E » C hess C lu b & T e a m


2, 3 , 4 ; C om puter C lub 1

F re n ch C lu b 2 ,4 ; F ren ch N H S 3, 4; Gettysburg Y t. book Experience 3; In d o -P ak Society 2 . 3 , 4 ; M ath T ea 2, 3 , 4; M ulticultural C lu b 3, 4 ; N H S ;

Perrenn 1 ,

Editorial A ssistant 3, Section Ed itor 4 ; S A D D 2, 3 S P C S u m m er Sch o lar 3; Intram u rals 2 ,3 , 4 G r ie f can take care o f itself, but to get full value jc you m ust have somebody to divide w ith." -M ark T w ain M etallica

Sir Jo h n McAullff e begins to take Arthurian Literature a bit too Seriously as he prep ares to str iketh down any who would oppose him. Mr. Peters w as truly able to m ake the tales of King Arthur ‘com e a liv e.” “I cau gh t a fish THIS b ig ,” Daryl Corwin proclaim s on the night o f an Emmaus homecom ing. Laughter and jo k es were all p art o f the pre­ hom ecom ing experience.

In Prep’s rarely seen darkroom , Tex Schundler busily makes prints o f sen ior candids. Rediscovered by the ever resource/ul Tex, the darkroom w as used extensively by both the P etrean and the P etroc.

IG 8 People

{\, T


Ipnor Pin I. 2. 3; A lba Scholar 3; Spanish National

xam i;In d o -P a k 1; M ath T e am 3 ,4 ; Ptftrenn 1 ,2 ,3 ,4 ; gtroc 1; Science Clubs 1; Spanish N H S


________ CaLo £. UtU Art C lub 4; Asian C lub

4; Billiards C lub

C lub i, 4; Dance C om m ittee

*>.4: Chess

4; Library C lub 2, 3, 4;

L A S I, 2 . 4 ; M ulticultural C lub

4; S A D D 2. 3. 4;

Science Clubs 1, 2. 3, 4; Ski C lub 4; T ie C lub 2. ‘^fhc highest reward for a person's toil is not what

lrtdoor T rack

2 ; Intram urals


1 ,2 ,3 .4 ;( Jutdoor T rack


they act for it. but what they becom e by it.” -John Ruskin

"L ife goes by so fast that il you don't stop and look around once in a while, you just m ight miss it." -

G reen Dav

F erris Beuler Makavelli



ariipus Ministry 1 ,2 ,3 .4 ; F ren ch C lub 4; G enesis 9 1, 3,-feMovie C lub 2 , 3 ,4 ; P A C 4; Prom C om m ittee 3;

Fishing C lub I, 2; Genesis 9 I, 2 ,3 ,4 ; Intramurals: 1,2. 3 .4

fVJDD 1,2 ,3 ,4 ; Sp irit C om m ittee 1 .2 ,3 ,4 ; Stage C rew 2, 3, 4; T ie C lub 1, 2, 3 , 4 ; Baseball 2; Basketball 1;

"T h e m o’ money you m ake the mo' problems you get

r0 S$?Country 2; Football 1; Indoor T ra ck 3; I ntram urals

and jealousy and envy. It's just som ething that comes with the territory." -N otorious B .l.G .

2 ,3 ,4

N .O .R.F..

P t find thee apt." -H am let's F ath er (the ghost) G hetto Radio Donkeys


ronS Com m ittee 3 , 4; Sp irit C om m ittee 1, 2, 3 , 4;

j ________

H onor Pin 2; W alkathon 3 ,4 ; Baseball 1 ,2 ,3 .4

/alkathon C om m i ttee 1 ,2 ,3 ,4 ; Football 1; Intram urals "T h u g L ife, D uck Q u ick ." -T u Pac Shakur

2 ,3 ,4


I " I f I were asked to give what I consider the single

host useful bit o f advice for all humanity it w ould be

ithis; Expect trouble as an inevitable part o f life and

pfjffi it comes, hold your head high, look it squarely in the eye and say, i will be bigger than you—you K:

cannot defeat m e ."' -A nonym ous DM X

ICm X A+st&h. ionor Pin 1, 2 , 3; K allm an G erm an Fellow ship; N ajj p j Merit Scholarship C om m ended Student; Band 2, il.slrass C hoir 3 . 4; Cam pus M inistry 1, 2, 3 , 4; ucharistic M inister; G erm an C lu b 2, 3 , 4; G erm an xfihange 2; Jazz Band 2 , 3 ,4 ; N H S

d aaI



Em m aus 155; Italian C lub 2 ,3 ,4 ; P A C 4; SA D D 2 ,3 .4 ; Intram urals 1 ,2 ,3 ,4 ; Soccer 1.2 , 3. C aptain 4 “H ow would I explain happiness to a child.' I wouldn't; I would just give them a ball and let them play." -D orothee SOIle

t s S good thing that I have a sense o l hum or because God thinks H e's funny today.” -Brvan Blaney Billy Joel

Seniors \&1

QJfiAAsjfa^&tA. P A C 4 ; Football 1 .2 .5 .4 ;


H onor Pin 1 .2 .3 ; Be P R E P arcd A w ard; Macre Y irJ E ag le Scout A w ard; W h o 's W h o A m ong Amerij H igh School Students; C eltic C lu b 2. 3. 4 ; Em nJ

" ( Jbstacles jjre things n person secs w hen he takes his eves o ff his goals.” -E . Joseph C cssm an

T e a m ; F resh m an A m bassador; H A P 1; M ulticulti C lu b 2 . 3 . 4 ; N ative A m erican Societv 1; N H S ; P A i 4;

P u ff Daddv

Petrean 3. 4 ; Petroc 2. 3 . 4: Prom

C om m ittee J

S A D D 1 .2 .3 .4 ; Science C lubs 1 .2 .3 .4 ; Spanish N H 4 ; Intram u rals I. 2 . 3 .4 ; W restlin g I “W h a t is popular is not alw ays right; w hat is righi not alw ays popular." -R o m ans 12:2

H onor Pin 3; Band 1 .2 . 3 .4 ; K eyboard E n sem ble 1 ,2; Sp rin g M usical

1.2 .

Billiards C lu b I; Lacrosse 2; W restlin g 4

3 .4 If know ledge is the key. then show m e the lo ck "-I

" T h e m ind, once expanded to the dim ensions o f a

T ip from A T r ib e Called Quest.

larger idea, never returns to its original size." -O liv er W . H olm es

K R S -O n e

T h e T h r e e T e n o rs

W h o ’s W h o A m ong A m erican H ig h School Students;

H o n o r Pin 1, 2. 3; Silv er M edal: Religion 2; Natic

30 H our F a m in e 3 .4 ; F ren ch C lu b 4 ; G e n e sis9 I; Ind o -

G erm an Exam C e rtificate o f M erit 2 -3 ; A sian Soeiei

Pak 4; M ulticultural C lu b 4 ;

C hess C lu b 2 ,3 .4 ; E m m au s 156 ;H A P 1.2 ,3 .4 ; I ndo-]

2 . 3 ,4 ;

Paper 6cPen 1,4; Petrean 1,

Petroc 1,, 2 ,3 , 4 ; Philosophy C lu b

1. 2 . 3 ; P A C 2,

3 . 4 ; fapan im ation C lu b 1. 2 ; M ath T e a m 2 , 3|


3. 4; R P G C lu b President 4; Stage C rew 2. 3. A rt

M ulticultural C lu b 3 ,4 ; N H S ;

M anager

1,2 . Editorial A ssistant 3 , Ed itor 4; Philosopv C lub I

6t C rew C h ie f 4

R P G C lu b 4; S P C S u m m er Scholar 3 ; Sp irit C o m m it "H o p e is the denial, ir is the carro t dangled before the

2 , 3 .4 ; Intram u rals 1, 2 , 3 , 4

draft horse to keep him plodding along in a vain attem pt to reach it. W e should rem ove the carro t and

“T h e road goes ever on and on , now far ahead thl

w alk forw ard w ith o ur eyes open. H o w will you

road has gone, until it joins som e larger way, a n i

fight the dragons, T a n is? D o not talk to m e o f hope."

w ither then? I can not say." -J. R. R. T o lk ie n I

- Raistlin M ajere M ariah Carey Prodigy

I C am p u sM inistry 3 ,4 ;E m m a u s 1 52,Fresh m an A m bas­

H onor Pin 1 ,2 .3 ; A sian Society 2 .4 ; Chess C lub 1^J.

Paper ScPen 4; Petrean 4; R P G C *

sador; Italian C lu b 2 ,3 ,4 ; Prom C om m ittee 3 ,4 ; Sp irit

4; M ath T earn 3 .4 ;

C om m ittee 2 , 3 ,4 ; G o lf 1 ,2 ,3 , C aptain 4; Sw im m in g 2

4 ; Science C lubs 2 ,3 ,4 ; Indoor T r a c k 2

"H e r e I am , on the road again. T h e r e I am , up on the stage. H ere I go, playing star again. T h e r e I g o, turn the page." -M etallica N otorious B .I.G .

170 People

" T h e education o f a m an is never com pleted u n t il! dies” -R o b ert E . Lee

f&i/vj* \



______________ y<t<A_________

loftor Pin 1 ,2 ,3 ; W h o 's W h o A m ong A m erican H igh

H onor Pin 1 ,2 ,3 ; Art C lub 4; Asian Society 1,2; Chess

chool Students; Billiards C lu b President 3-4; Sk i C lub

Club 1, 2, 3; Em m aus 156; Japanimation 1, 2;

Pen 1, Art

® p u r a l s 1 ,2 ,3 ,4

C om m ittee 3, 4; Indoor T ra ck 4; Intramural I, 2, 3, 4;

Editor 4;

Petrenn 4;

Paper &

3,4; Baseball 1 ,2 ,3 ,4 ; Football 1; Indoor T r a c k 2 ,3 ,4 ;

RPCi C lub 4; Spirit

O utdoor T ra ck 4 ■fach bend in the road was, in fact, another curve on "T h ey say if you don’t have som ething positive to say,

;$be monkey track." -T h e Squ irrel N ut Zippers

don't say it; so I guess people who don’t say anything have a lot of negative things to say." -Original

N irvana

Rage Against the M achine

______ Dtvrldc

____________E. Zd*______


H onor Pin 3; Be P R E P ared Scouting Award; Macte

ibnor Pin 1; M ath T e am 3 ,4 ; T ie C lub 3 ,4 ; Basketball

Vi rtute Eagle Scout Award; W ho ’s W ho Among Am eri­

,2 *3 ,4 ; Cross C ountry 2 ,3 ,4 ; Intram urals 1 ,2 ,3 ,4

can High School Students 1,2; Em m aus T e am ; Fishing C lub 2 ,3 ,4 ; Roller Hockey C lub 2; Science Club 1 ,2 ,3 ,

”l|nade the duck blue because, well I never saw a

4; Intram urals 1 ,2 ,3 ,4

blue duck before, and to be quite honest, I wanted to see a blue d uck.’’ -A dam Sandler

“O ur greatest glory is not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall." -Confucious

Sm ashing Pum pkins


R e je c te d

[History: Tragical H istory Tour; Time Warp Driver's Ed: Don't Stop Pax Christi: Dove in an Elevator Indoor Track: Going in Circles Stage Crew: I f I Had a Hammer; Damage, Inc. Ski Club: Don't Eat th e Yellow Snow; Rolling Down th e Hills Modern Languages: Don't Speak; Communications Breakdown Football: Dropkick Me, J esu s (Through th e Goalposts o f Life) !Campus Ministry: Losing My Religion |English: Turn th e Page Track: Run to th e Hills

Y e « rb ® « R T i tle s

Hockey: Slip Slidin' Away; Don't I t Make My Brown I c e Blue; For Your I c e Only; I Only Have I c e For You Religion: The God That Failed; Sympathy fo r th e Devil Forensics: Sounds of Silence; De Do Do Do, De Da Da Da Parents' Association: Hello Muddah, Hello Faddah! SADD: I Want a New Drug; Cocaine; I Wanna Be Sedated; S iste r Morphine Science: Crash Course in Brain Surgery Swimming: Every Breath You Take Cafe: Pour Som e Sugar On Me Mission Drive: Take th e Money and Run Seniors 171



J J J J j j

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j j j j j <t • • t y J :j i g i ■; j » 9 a u u j ' j y ' j a * « a j » j j j • *3 S( 0 J J J J J J J J J J 9 \ i J J 9 • * • J • ' J J J J J J J J J J -J ' J 9 © j ■} Q j



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0 J

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Volume yfviiirtntcszeS Sfr&rtffcr77 Sf'rT

172 Closing


h eth er we listen to m usic

plex, for m usic is truly universal in

for en ligh ten m en t, for in­

o f its aspects.


spiration, or for en joym en t, it is v ir­

In D on M cL ean 's song "A m erica

tually im possible to ignore the im ­

Pie," the night the legendary mus

p act th at it has in o u r lives. It influ­

cian, Buddy Holly, perished is rJ

ences the m eth od by w hich we think,

ferred to as the "day the m usic died

o u r perception o f ou r su rround in gs,

It is som ew h at ironic, though, th;

an d , ultim ately, the w ay in w hich we

such a feeling o f loss concerning mus

live. M usic has the p ow er to reach

could never have been expressed

everyone, w h eth er it deals w ith the

effectively as w ith a song. T h e legac

sim plest o f them es or the m ost c o m ­

o f those w ho have left is continue


Early in the morning, as students com e to Prep, the sun rises above the city.


The corner o f Grand and W arren was a fam iliar sight to all Prep students.

The Raslowskys relax after another h a day o f work.


Several students fle e fro m the finals, eag to be done with the long exams.









f I I I I I I f I III f I I I I f 11 I I I fll Iffff Iff fill








I II II f i l l f Ilf f l l l l f I I II I III I I Ilf I

yrever, as long as there are people to

thereafter. T h a t w hich we have learned at St.

sperience it. T h u s, the m usic never

P eter’s P rep , w hether through the

ies. T hough the senior class m ay leave

school’s academ ic cu rricu lu m , its co-

t the conclusion o f each school year,

cu rricu lar activities, or its athletic

le Prep com m u n ity never ceases to

p rogram s, will rem ain with us for

xist. It rem ains forever in our minds,

the rem ainder o f our lives, am ong

)r m em ories o f ou r experiences here

the know ledge which we perpetu­

rill never be forgotten, as new m em o-

ally accum ulate throughout our life­

ies are continuously created by those

times. Truly, one never ceases to be a

/ho arrive at the P rep each autum n


An ice cream truck, hot w eather, and a/ew Prep kids was all th a t it took to make this day a Friday a t Grand and W arren. E v en th e L ib e r ty S c i e n c e C e n t e r recognized the im portance o f music in our lives.


Senior Jo h n McAuliJ/e shows his support /or S tu d e n t Council P resid en t, Jo h n Hallanan. Late in the evening, as the students leave Prep, the night scene un/olds b efore them,

v i • I • ■ i • • • • » » • • •

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Volume WSSmUnctut Sgfnfttei

Closmg 173

lerosmith: Get a Grip T hough originally dism issed a s a trite, blu es-based ro ck band and n ot initially praised fo r their first recordings durinq th e earlv im r o n iti with ^ c h so n g s a s th e ballad D re a m O n .' co m p o se d by lead v oca list S te v e n T yler. A ero sm ith b e c a m e increasingly popular d u rin ath l h eigh t o f Its earlier period o f s u c c e s s with th e re lea se o f their third studio album and th e acco m p a n y in g h its "Walk T his W a v ' and ’ W e i E m o tion s. A fte r th e revival o f W alk T h is W a y ' during th e m id-eigh ties, th e band a ch iev ed new -found fa m e and h a s b e co m e m n J popular with e a c h su ccessiv e album and tour due to th e incredible talen ts o f Tyler, lead guitarist J o e Perry, and th e entire band. Aerosm ith ! 1 9 9 2 re le a se w as driven by th e single Cryin'" a s well a s th e so n g s "A m azing," 'C ra z y ,' and 'L iv in ' o n th e Edge.r * 1

G et a Grip

A banilla, J.



Alessi F.

A b d elm essih , P.

40, y

Abraham , Mr. T. Adagio, H . 126


Addas, R.





Aguiar, J.

Ali, R. 142, 155, 160



A hearn, L.

6 6 , 133,


A lexander, L.. Ali; N . lM

A d deo, C .8 0 , 9 1 , 92, 97 Adler, R.

I3 I

Alexander, J


6 1.

; 35


-16. 4 7 ,

142, 151

S f

A lm enana j .


6*i ,



A lvarez, D .



A pacible, M .

A m adeo, J .



Apolito, A.

A m ad eo, P.


14 2 ,

A m b rosio, P.


Am eruoso, J.


A n dread is, M .

5S|, I I I

A n dread is, M r. C .

A lo m o . D .


A n d ro sig lio , R. Ansay, M . 142

Alum , A.

72, W .


Bee Gees:

133, 142

A rch ib a ld , B.



A lo lod , G .


127 131 35, 86,

A rella n o , L. A ro, G . Ashe, D .

I3 1 26, 46,

31, 9 6 ,


136, 1£


40, 90, 92,


40, 80, 82, 98, 130


A tienza, D .



A zzarto, Fr. A., S J .

10, I I , 34, £

118, 122


T h o u g h m o st re m em b ered fo r their co n tribu tion to disco, th e B e e G e e s a ch ie v e d m uch s u c c e s s during th e m id-late six ties and earlv s e v e n tie s with harm ony-d riven ballads and folk - and soul-influenced ro ck with so n g s su ch a s "W ords" and T v e G o tta G e t a M essaqe to You. T h e b ro th e rs G ib b a re n o ted fo r their ta le n ts in songw riting a s well a s fo r th eir trad em ark harm on ies p resen t in their com positions fro m th eir earliest to m o s t re c e n t re lea se s. T h rou gh o u t th e d isco era , th eir co m p ositio n s ca n b e ap p recia ted n ot only fo r their rhythm, but a lso fo r lyrical quality a s ev id en ced in ‘ How D ee p Is Y o u r L o v e ' and m usical quality a s in ‘S ta y in ' Alive." T h e album featu re* their first su cc essfu l U S single "Hew Y o rk Mining D isa ste r 1 9 4 1 ,' a s well a s th e s o n g s ‘ T o L o v e S o m e b o d y ' and ‘ I C a n 't S e e N obody.!

F irst

Baber, J .


Bay o t, J .

Baber, M s. S. Baber, S.

17, 8 1 ,


Bagnoli, M .


Becker, E. 55,

4 0 , 133,


79, 92, 98,

Becerra, M r J.

123 32,

Bajw a, C .

122 139


Bedford, R.


Bedford, W.

7 5 , 9 4 , 138




Bell, M .

B a k e r,].


Beilina, R.

47, 60,

Balija, K.





Boryszew ski, M B o tsolas, P.



Battaglin o , S.

Blaney, B. Blauvelt, A.

Battista, J.

I 39

Bock, M .

54, 122


50, 97,

Bogdanski, C .






138 125

47, 55,

5 1 , 133

Bratkowski, P.

Brow n, P a trick F. Brow n, Paul 99,

Butler, Mr. R. Butrym, J .

5 8 , 124

B rajczew sk i, A.

Butt, A.

128 82,


8, 7 9 , 9 8 , 133 128





123 122


5 2 , 6 2 , 6 3 , 85, 139

Butler, J .


Bragen, M .


40, 88, 99,

Buonom o, M .

Bradfield, R. Brady, N.

116, 117

35, 9 9 , 145, 160, 163

Briody, C . 35, 9 7 , Brito, M . I 30

Burns, T.


1 36

Briam onte, M rs. J .

Bradfield, A.


131 5 0 , 51, 66,

B ryan t, T. 133

B o y le , M r. C . 8 ,9 3 ,1 0 9 ,1 2 2 , 1 24, 129 Boyle, R. I 35

35, 8 8 , 9 1 , 9 7 , 100, 145 54, 127

Bludgus, W.


Boyd, A.

18, 4 7 , 9 1 , 123



Bow en, E.

6 5 , 139

B io n d o , M . Bishara, A.



Brajczew ski, J . Bransky, C .

Briam on te, R.

Boryszew ski, A.

4 8 , 125

Baran, M.

Bartido, R.

Boruch, M



9 8 , 144

Beskal, P.


40, 48


I 35

Ba rrett, J . 72, 73, 85, 86, Barth, F. 144

B o n d o c, F. Bonner, D.


Baran, D .


40 , 48,

B en d ale, S. Bernero, D .


6 1 , 9 1 , 9 2 , 144

2 4 , 3 3 , 8 8 , 123


B ern ales, C .

72, 143




Bamber, J .

Barou toglou , C .

Boland, M s. C Bolos, R. Bonafe, J.


Bajwa, I.

Balduf, Fr. R., S .J.


2 4 , 3 3 , 9 9 , 123


129 90,


Buzzio, J.

5 2 , 135

Byrne, S.

6 5 , 125

ream: Disraeli Gears

C re am w as th e first supergroup" com prised o f alread y -estab lish ed m usicians. L e a d guitarist E ric C lapton had form erly p e rfo rm e d ! with th e Yard bird s and Jo h n Mlayall s B lu esb reak ers. J a c k B ru ce, o f th e group M anfred Mann, w as b a ssist and lead vocalist, and Ginger I Bak er, a well re sp ec ted ja z z m usician, w as drum m er. T h e group reco rd ed only fo r a brief period o f tim e during th e late sixties, perform ing K su ch so n g s a s W hite R o om , C ro ssro ad s, and B a d g e, and is arguably th e g re a te s t psych ed elic ro ck band. A fte r th e group parted ways, I Clapton and B a k e r jo in e d Blind F aith, and C lapton la te r w ent on t o pursue a su cc essfu l solo ca re e r. th e group's secon d 1 studio album , includes th e cla ssic "Sunshine o f Y our L o v e ; a s well a s " S tra n g e Brew ," "S W L A B R ," an d T a l e s o f B ra v e Ulysses.''

D israeli Gears,

C abe, J .


I 39

C a m p b ell, L.

9 8 , 130 >, 3, 74, 75, 76, I 34

C abrera, E. A.. 7 5 , 9 7 , 105, 145, 156 C abrera, E. B. 132 C adavid, J. 9 2 , 145

Canady, L.


C a d o re tte , M

48 ,


Candela, S.

35, 5 0 , 5 1 , 1

C am aligan, E.


C a n n o n , V.


9 8 , 137

C apezza, L.


C am eron, S. C am p b ell, A.

(74 IftJex

59, 72,


C am pion, Mr. J. 102, 124,

C a p rio , A.


6 2 , 139

C ash m an , C .


Cashm an, E.

C arey , J .

35, 5 2 , 81,

C arroll, R. 9 9 , 146


62, 63, 146,

C aprio, J. C ard in o, B.



C artw rig h t, P. 84, C asan i, M. 122 Casares,




C asey, Mr. J.

6 1, 135 133

134 15, 124,

C asillas, L.

91, 92, 139

C aslin , Mr. T. Casseus, G . C assibba, J. C astan on , J .


125 88,



4 0 , 7 2 , 139 2 8 , 5 0 , 5 1, 6 6 , 9 7 6 0 , 6 1 , 146

C astellan o , Jo h n


jStellano. J o s e p h

gstelli, B. 72, jtaldo. M s. L.


C h oi. C .

1 38

139 10. 37,

124, 125

fa. D .

134 27, 33. 64.


C lem ente, R. 135, 183

75, 9 8 . 135

Ifcinni, P. p ero , A.

123 9 9 , I 35

gyasco, M .

27, 35,


haritable, S. 9 8 , 135 jiarowsky. M . 35, 146,


hen J. 40, 130 Hi sari, V. 35, 86, 97,

114 168


C ossolin i, Jo h n

C o labraro, M , Collins, Mr. J.

139 114

C ossolin i, Josep h 67, 147 C o stan zo , E. 148, 183




59, 130

C o sta n z o , M rs. B. 18, 19, 81. 97, 98, 125, 135 C ostigan, W. 134 Coui 11on, G . 64, 65, 133 Coviello, J. 1 2 ,7 2 ,7 3 ,1 0 0 ,1 4 4 ,1 4 7 . 148

114 129

C oyle, K.

C ond o, C . I 38 C o n n allo n , M . 15, 137



C o rtes, B, 116, I 30 C orw in, D. I4 7 ,; 148,

C rudo. I. 12, 7 2 , 73. Cruz, E. 98, 148

Cuadros, C. Cuento, B. Cullen, C .

149 I 34 64, 65, I 30

C ullen, S. 50, 5l', i66, 6 7 , 7 2 , 139 Cunning, D. 126 Cunningham , M. Cunningham , S. Cutola, M .



Cruz, J. 40, 126 Cruz. M. 149

Curry, M s. M .


Craw ford, R.

C regan. Fr, R . S I 1-1 16, 103 C resw ick. B. 99, 12S C regan. Fr. j... S .J. 14, 16. 103 Cresw ick, B. 99, 128 C risalli, Mr. A. 26. 46. 49, 126 C ronin, M. 47, 55 134

Cody, E. I 27 C offey, W. 59,

C ond o, D .


124, 125


122 114

C o rco ran , Mrs, T.

C o m p re lli,J. 58, 123 C o n c ep c io n , R. 6 5 , 99

91, 98,

72, 80,

Converv, B. 58. C orcoran, Mr, I


Com prelli, A.


few la, N.

C o n ti, C .

C o ccio li, R. 131 Cody, A. 48, 123

C ollins, Ms, C .


hatha, I. 130 foaudhry, R. 146

haudhry, U .

C o nn ell, R. 48, 126 C o nn o lly, M. 147, 155 C o nn o lly, Mr, M. 9. 9 3 ,

Cilia, Br. R.. S.J. 121 Ciuppa, J. 4 3 . 9 9 , I 35

itanese. V. 65. 132 ill aw. R. 4 7 , 146 jufield, S. p | e ld , E.


C hua, M s. L. 50. 125, 135 C iaston, P. 6 5 , 82, 129

47, 60, 61, 149 52, 59, 130 2 1 , 35, 8 5 .


13 1

Waiting for the Sun

D ue to Its lyrics, the ban d 's first su ccessfu l single "Light My F ire ' w as considered controversial, a s were th e D oors them selves throughout their ca ree r, w h ether fo r their sta g e p resen ce, their music, or their ap p earan ce in general. Jim Morrison's live perform ances, p assion ate and o ften seem ingly po ssessed , w ere enough to raise co n tro versy . Due to the band's musical talent and J im Morrison's gift fo r poetry, their w orks w ere not m erely musically profound, but w ere also superior lyrically, a s with such son gs a s â&#x20AC;&#x153;B reak on Through," "C rystal Ship," "People A re Stran g e," and "Moonlight Drive." T h e cla ssic "Spanish Caravan" is the highlight o f their third album which also includes th e single "Hello, I L o v e You" and a s ta te m e n t con cern ing th e V ietnam War, "T h e Unknown Soldier."


fo r th e Sun,

lacchille, J . 5 2 , 129 Ifdas. Mr. J . 2 2 , 9 0 ,

landorph. Mr. K.

D eM arino, A.


D enes, M .

23, 109, 120

landorph, M rs. B.

>'Aprile, S.

D eL oren zo, Mr. C . 124,


86, 127,

)egnan, A.

JfJesus, F.

D eSom m a, P.

)elaney, C .

D iaz, R.

4 8 , 123

40, 66, 99,



127 130

D itinyak, J .

7 2 , 139

Draude, E.

D olan, Fr. C ., S .J.

D ubrule, Mr. B.

116, 117

149, 159

4 3 , 9 9 , 137

82, 91, 92,

Drum m ond, L.


50, 51, 9 7 , 9 9 , 150 30, 87, 128

D olan, Mr, T. 116 Donahue, M s. D . 18, 19, 6 4 , 65,

Duda, P 58, 122 D udziak, M. 54, 72, 139

124, 125, 129 D onates, G . 82, 90, 91, 99, 104, 137

Duffy, S. 132 Dulay, C. 122 Duncan, Sr. F..OSF 6,2 2 ,2 3 ,1 2 4 ,1 2 5 , 130

D ondero, Mr. J.

D ig gs, B. 4 7 , 9 8 , 149 D iG io rg io, G . 66, 6 7 , 122


D oC am po, M, 126 D oherty, Mr. G . 116, 117

D onato, S. 124 D on d ero , M. 34, 4 3 , 6 2 , 139

35, 149

D iffley, J. 72, 139 D iG esu , M. 46, 47,

7 5 , 138

Jelpjuerico, J .


Deverell, J. 134 D h olan d as, S. 9 0 , 9 8 , 132


)el^Castillo. J.


D ePalm a, A. 133 D esai, P 85, 88, 91, 92, 98,


>ato, T. 126 )eAngelo, Mr. J. 18, 19, 35, 4 2 , 43

)eCennaro, M .

2 0 , 127



D undee, P. 129 D unning, D. 148, 150

D oohan, B. 129 D oria, C . 35, 149

Durkan, M . Durke, E. J.

150 21, 48

Dounis, S. 123 D o y le , Mr. K. 1 6 ,1 8 ,5 8 ,5 9 ,1 2 2 ,1 2 8

Dwyer, E. 128 Dwyer, Mr. J. 1 1 ,4 1 , 78, 79, 130

Eagles: Hotel California T h e m usic o f th e E ag les w as influenced by form s o f m usic such a s folk and country a s in 'L y in E y es, T a k e It to th e Limit, and 'T a k e It Easy," and by ro ck as in 'W itch y Woman," H eartach e Tonight," and 'O n e o f T h e s e nights." T h e group was led by guitarist Glenn F rey and drum m er D on Henley, th e group's main co m p osers and lead vocalists, and included guitarists Don Felder, B em ie Leadon, and J o e Walsh, and bassist Randy Meisner, later replaced by Tim othy B. Schm it. T h e group was m ost known for their harmonious vocals, com plex guitar solos, and p o etic lyrics, a s is d em on strated one o f th e irm o s t successful albums, which mduded the

m h o te l California,

m asterp iece title son g 'H o tel California,

Edley C Iw ards. N. igalite, C .




J 35

46. 4 7 .',5 0 . 4 8 , 1 2 6

Elson, M . 1 5 9 , 163

New Kid in Tow n, and Life in th e F a st Lane.

7 2 , 7 5 , 110, I SO, 155, 182,

1 8 3 ,1 8 4 Emma, N 4

7 , 6 2 , 6 3 , 1 5 0

E n carn acion , C. Escalante. W. Espinosa, R.

4 7 , 130

Esposito, T.


Estevez, A.

9 8 . 9 9 . 1 3 8

E s te v e z ,

E .3

34, 138 i:38

5 ,4 6 ,

4 7 ,8 0 , 9 1 , 9 7 ,


Aretha Franklin: Aretha Now T h e "Q ueen o f Soul," A retha Franklin is arguably one o f th e g re a te s t fem ale vocalists. Her vocal range and sty le of singing has been the key to her su ccess, a s she has rem ained in th e recording industry since throughout h er ca ree r. Influenced primarily by gospel and soul, her hits included a co v er version o f Harlem F o o ls" th e Carole King com position '(Y ou M ake Me Feel) Like a Natural W oman, T h e House T h a t J a c k Built, and Spanish Harlem T h e album featu re s th e classic 'Think,* which sh e herself co -w ro te and which w as a social s ta te m en t concerning

?*******& *

A retha H ow

rights m ovem ent, and th e lighter I S a y a Little Prayer.


Fabros, I.

79, 88. 98,


F acch in i, J

7 2 . 7 9 , 82 5 5 , 122

88, 9 2 ,

Faden, M . Fahmy, M.



Fahm y Y.


F a lcicch io . J 42, Faller, C. 138 Faller, 123


151, 159

Fallon, J.

Fargas, C .




Farinas, D


Farinas, M


Farley, M.





Fernand o, C .

7 4 , 75,


134 9 2 , 9 9 , 139

Finn, D . 52 ,5 3 , 60 ,6 1 , 80, 151


Fin negan, S.

Fan dialan , E.


8 3 . 8 5 , 88 132

Ferreira, S.

54, 127


Farrell, P.

Fernan d ez, D


Fallon, D . '0 0 Fallon, D. â&#x20AC;&#x2122;0 2

Fandialan, M.

8 8 , 90, 9 1 ,


Fischer, J.

159, 163

4 8 , 5 8 , 127 126

fateful Dead:

A m e rica n B e a u ty

M ostly Known fo r th eir live p e rfo rm a n ce s and im provisational sty le, th e G ratefu l D ead , led by v ocalist and guitarist J e r r y Garcfe w as o n e o f th e m o s t enduring ban d s th a t b e g a n reco rd in g during th e p sy ch ed elic era, with so n g s su ch a s 'O n e M ore S atu rd ay Niaht S t. S te p h en , and th e cla s s ic Truckin'". T hough th e m id-eighties so n g "T o u ch o f G r e y ' w as their only larg e s u c c e s s on th e singles chartd th e band w as quite popular and had developed a large group o f loyal fans, m any o f w hom o ften followed th e b a n d atten din g p erform an ce throughou t its tours. G rate fu l D ead co n tin u ed to re co rd and tour until th e d e a th o f G arcia. T h e ir album f e a tu S ? S u g a r Magnolia, and th e a fo rem e n tio n e d "Truckm ." .--Jjs

A m erican B eautv

C ad d y, B.

47, 98,

G allagh er, J . G allo , B.



G e n e ro s o , A.



G a llo , M .

51, 88,

G am boa, D . G arcia, G .



G a rcia , M s. A.


G argiulo, G .


G a ro fa lo , J. G a z ic, M .

64 ,



G eraci, W.




47, 88,

G illis, K .


35, 7 2 , 8 6 , 8 9 , 97




164 153

G o ld sack , M .


G orski, B


135 1 5 3 , 183

H a r r y Chapin:

7 2 , 139

4 0 , 4 8 , 125

G rzelka, B.

4 7 , 6 2 , 136

47, 80,

G ualario, M rs. G .


G uarini, B. G uerrero, G .

8 2 , 124

G uevara, P.



G reeley, M .


G re e n e , F-|.

47, 98,

G riffin , G .



1 14


30, 137 88,


G u p ta, S.

91, 97,

G urian, D .




G utierrez, A.

9 9 , 125

G utierrez, R.


G uzik, Mr. M ., S J .

1 39



5 8 , 126

6 6 , 6 7 , 153

G riffin, Br. J ., S J.

3 1 , 7 5 , 9 9 , 108, 138


G rundy, T.


G ran t, L.

G lo c k , K . 3 5 , 9 7 , 9 9 ,

1 4 7 , 15 1 , 152, 183

G o n z a lez ,

G rod zki, T.


4 7 , 153

G o n z a lez , J .

51, 80, 47,


G o n z a lez , D .

3 5 , 151, 4 7 , 1 31

G leaso n , B.

81, 103, 130, 46, 47,

G o n z a le z , A.


G lasser, S.


G om ez, Mr. M G o n n e lli, M . G o n z a les,

G ie le , L.

G io rd a n o , F. G io rd an o , J.





G in ebra, R.

6 6 , 67,

51, 97,

G arrigan, M

80, 91,

G ero n im o, R.

8 2 , 9 8 , 138 138

G arcia, J.

40, 80,

G e ra c i, A.


2 0 , 9 6 , 109,


G rea te st S to rie s L iv e

A folk m usician, H arry Chapin w as m o s t know n fo r his "sto ry son g s," w herein c h a r a c te r s w ere poetically illustrated by brilliant lyrics and m elodies. T houg h m any o f his so n g s w ere co n sid ered to o long fo r e x te n s iv e airplay, sev e ra l so n g s su ch a s "T axi" and "W O L D " were ab le to a ch ie v e m o d era te c h a r t s u c c e s s . His studio reco rd in g s w ere th em se lv e s im pressive, but his live p e rfo rm a n ce s w ere considered fa r superior, a s h e toured exten siv ely , also playing f r e e c o n c e r ts a s well a s b e n efit c o n c e r ts , fo r h e w as ded icated to ending world hunger. H e perished tragically in th e su m m er o f 1981, and his m em o ry rem ain s alive with su ch cla ssic reco rd in g s a s which is highlighted by his m o s t su cc e s s fu l co m p ositio n 'C a t s in th e Cradle," 'I W anna L e a rn a L o v e Son g ," 'D re a m s G o By," and 'C ircle.'

G reatest S to ries Live,

H all, A.

88, 98,

H allan an, J .


35, 39, 78, 79, 80, 81, 88,

91, 147, 154, 155, 156, 173 H am ilton, N.




H ealy , B. Heaiy, D .

35, 52, 60, 61, 80, 58, 5 9 , 128

H earns, T.



H ellstro m , M s. P.

12, 13, 131


H in ton , R.'


H u g erich , J . H ugh es, J .

H offm a n , G .

9 7 , 1 52,

H un ton , M atth ew

H offm an , M .



H ernandez, A, 85, 91, 9 2 , 9 9 , 134

H o llis, T.

H an lon , J.


H ern an d ez, C . H ern an d ez, J .

H o lt, D .


55, 72,

H o lt, M .


72, 97,

H an sen , Mr. R. â&#x20AC;˘ 4 6 , 4 7 , 130 H ard ing, Q .


H ern and ez, R.

H assell, J . 7 6 ,8 6 ,8 8 ,8 9 ,9 9 ,1 0 0 , 151, 154 H aw ks, T. 4 8 , 7 2 , 139

85, 99, 34, 138 124




H o ra n , M r. J . 8 7 , 116, H uan, D otl Kim 136

H ess, B.


H uang, M .

Iro n Butterfly:

76, 81,

H un ton , M ich ael


52, 53, 97, 99, 1 54,



H errero , M . 80,



Hammer, Mr. J. 51,

7 2 , 139

H oag, Fr. M ., S.J. 14, 83, 123, 131

8 1 , 139 154 117




Iron B u tterfly 's paradoxical band nam e, form ed by th e ju x ta p o sitio n o f perennial sy m bols o f bo th h eav in ess and w eightlessness, was c h o se n to a cc u ra te ly d ep ict th e group's sty le o f m usic, which th e band co n sid ered to b e heavy in nature, a s is iron, and sim ultaneously light a s a bu tterfly. T h e group's uniquely heavy, p sy ch ed elic sound w as c r e a te d b y k ey bo ard player D oug Ingle, who w as also th e lead v ocalist and co m p o se r fo r th e group, and w as com plim en ted by lead guitarist E ric Brann, b a ssist L e e D orm an, and drum m er R o n Bushy. T h e lengthy psychedelic classic In-A -G adda~D a_Vida, an Ingle com position fo r which th ey a re m o st rem em b ered , w as featured on their seco n d album o f th e sa m e nam e, th e first album e v e r to g o platinum.

176 Index

•ja, G.


ante, A.

Jimi Hendrix:


ier, J. ,enez, .

Ingles, M. 127 In o ce n cio , M . 48, 123

154, 160

105, 123

Irvine, Mr. J.


15, 40, 52, 53, 54,


1 24, 131

Electric Ladyland

A rguably one o f th e g re a te s t guitarists to have ev er existed , Jim i Hendrix recorded fo r only a brief period o f tim e during th e late six tie s until his tragic d eath on S e p te m b e r 3 0 , 1 9 7 0 , only shortly b e fo re th e death o f Ja n is Joplin, releasing such classics a s "Purple H aze' and '‘F o x y Lady* with th e Jim i Hendrix E xp erience, which he form ed with b assist Noel Redding and drummer Mitch Mitchell. His m usical genius and g ift fo r psychedelic, blues_based im provisation is especially evident in his live perform ances. Perhaps th e m ost fam ou s o f his albums, th e secon d of th e E x p e rie n ce s studio albums, includes a co v e r version o f th e B o b Dylan classic “All Along th e W atchtow er."

E lectric Ladyland,


Jim e n e z , S.

46, 47,

Joh n so n , T.


13, 7 2 , 7 3 , Jo n e s, Mr. R. Jorda, C. 98, 134

Jo y c

7 2 , 130, 139

B. B King: Live at San Quentin . 1 1

B. B. "Blues B o y ' King beg an his c a re e r during th e early fifties, influenced by earlier D elta blues artists, and developed a distinctive m ethod o f simple y e t brilliant guitar playing o f single-note riffs with his guitar "Lucille" and a uniquely powerful and passionate vocal style. S o m e o f his m ore m em orab le recordings include "E v eryd ay I H ave th e Blues," "How Blue C an You G et," and the classic "T h e Thrill is G one." During m uch o f his career, King co n cern ed him self with such issues a s prison reform , o ften perform ing co n ce rts for prisoners. Many o f his live album s a re recorded during these: co n certs, and one such album w as one of his m ore re ce n t live albums, which includes th e classic blues tra ck "T h e Thrill is G one" and "L e t th e G ood T im es Roll."

Live a t San

Q uentin,

czka, B. 47, mal, M. 47, rczewski , R.



132 155 123

5 1 , 7 6 , 131

itsouros, Fr. S., S J. •ane, D. 134 :arns, K. 30, 31 :enan, Fr. J., S J 38, :enan, R. 47, 134

114, 124, 125

103, 112

K eiserm an, Ms. K. 2 0 ,7 8 ,7 9 ,8 1 ,1 0 3 ,1 3 2 Kelly, C . 138 Kelly, K. 155 Kelly, Mr. J . 116, 117 Kendall, M. 135 Kender, G. 48 , 127 K ennedy, Dr. R. 14, 102, 132 Kenny, B. 129 Kessler, E. 7 2 , 7 3 , 9 0 , 155

Kessler, R. 7 2 , : 39 Kickey, M. 137 Kiniery, J. 127 Kiniery, W. 156 Kirkos, C. 52, 1 Kloza, L. 127 K napp, T. 5, 74,

Kokosinski, G . Kolakowski, A.

127 62,

88, 55, 136 88, 55, 1 35

Kosc, L.



Koszyk, C. 131 K oszyk, Mr. W.

14, 15, 133

Kramer-Burghardt, J .

133, 139 Kocher, R. 132


Komurek, C. Komurek, R.

Kuca, E.



John Lt ennon & Yoko Ono: Milk and Honey Jo h n L en n o n 's tragic d e ath by an a ssassin 's bullet brought to an end th e crea tiv e fo rce behind the ingenious lyrics and music which he had w ritten sin ce th e early sixties. Though so m e o f his music and public sta te m e n ts w ere controversial throughout his career, his w orks b e c a m e increasingly political in nature in th e early sev en ties during his solo c a re e r a fte r m oving to Mew York. A fte r temporarily retiring from com posing to c a r e fo r his and Y o k o 's son, Jo h n and Y o k o returned to th e studio to record their m ost lauded collaboration. T h e following album w as n ev er com pleted, and sev eral o f e a c h o f their com positions w ere released later a s of their finer album s, includes th e single ‘ N obody Told M e,' a s well a s "I'm Stepping O u t' and "Grow Old with Me.

Milk and Honey. O ne

Milk and H oney

Ijruno, N.

88, 9 9 , 156

Latoja, C .

Loeser, C .

82, 129

6 5 , 7 2 , 139

Lom bari, R.

L. 135 H . 75,96,97,106,108/110,156, 164,

Lauro, M rs. M . 120 Layugan, J. 12, 7 5 , 139 LeC alvez, Ms. A. 133, 137

ng, D.

Ledda, A.

Longley, D . 122 Lopez, H. 127 Lopez, W. 11, 35, 44, 47, 157, 160



ng, P.

B p C.

1 55, 1 56, 159

6 6 , 7 2 , 8 8 , 139 131

fieola, G. f e d a , A.

157 130 4 6 , 5 9 , 131

8 2 , 139

Lewis, C . 130 Lillis, Mr. W. 21, 30, 35, 91, 95, 133 Llanes, L. 6 9 , 130 L o cricch io , M rs. M.

N l,etallica:

Long, Long,

J. P.


55, 126 7 2 , 7 5 , 139

Lopez-T hom as, C . 112

LoPresti, S .



Loria, Mr. A. 18, 42, 43, 131, 134 Love, J. 60, 61, 98, 130 Lucero, L. 131 Luke, S. 34, 78, 79, 85, 87, 88, 91 ,92, 98,139 Lundy, C. 75, 96, 122 Luty, J. 12, 43, 62, 63, 157 Lynch, T. 98, 157 Lyons, M . 58, 126

Master of Puppets

Inspired by th e Mew W ave o f British H eavy Metal, Metallica exploded into th e m etal world In th e early I own. Combining th e stru ctu re and arran gem en t of Diamond H ead and th e aggression and raw sound o f M otorhead, M e ^ ' ^ r e a t e d

a blend o f guitar distortion dubbed "thrash m eta l' with th e release o f their debut album, K,H Cm All. T ^el^ rd/ ' X a^ d the P unnets consid ered by m any to b e th e pinnacle o f thrash m etal, spawned a tour with m etal m aster O zzy O sbourne and featured the j S S s s S E S S f f i S anti-drug son g "M aster o f Pu ppets,' th e m oving ballad "S a n ita riu m ' and th e stirring.i.strum enta! Orion. O n th e tour with O zzy, th e bass player, Cliff Burton, who was responsible for many o f their m ore com plex songs, died in a tragic accident.

Index 177

M aak, D .


M artin i, C .

M acalu so, M s. R M affey, C .

79, 92,

M a g a llo n , A. M ag lay a



M atesic, J.


M a lla ri, J .

82, 9 8 ,

M alloy, M .

M an to , P.


98, 48,





82, 98,

M arasigan , M .


M a rg a g lian o , M . M a rin ello , A. M a rin o , F.


31, 9 9 , 99,


M cG ra th ,

M artin ez, C .

24, 25,


1 39

M artin ez, P.



35, 39, 5 1 , 6 6 , 80,


3 5 , 6 6 , 158


M cF-iugh, M .



160 161

M oran , C .


M o ra n , J .

12, 7 2 , 7 3 ,


M ulhern, M . M u llead y , M ulroy, T.

M ille r ,] .

M unoz, G .

134 123


9 9 , 130




M unoz, G .

M u sto , B.


4 8 , 9 8 , 126 125 40 138

M urphy, M r. T.



K. 75,

M urgola, A.

148, 160



M ulhern, T. 160




M o tw an i, N .

Middleton,Mr. D. 3 0 ,3 1 ,5 8 ,5 9 ,1 0 2 ,1 3 5 ,139 M iller, E. 6 5 , 124

M o je n a , O .

72, 97,

M o ren o , C .




M o rales, R.

M u lro y, K .


147, 160 123

M orales, A.

M o ra n , M .


M oham m ed ,

7 5 , 9 9 , 158



M o e , A.



43, 50, 51,

M iller, M .


M cG u ire, E.



M ezzin a, M . M icu,


M cG raw , ].

M ezzin a, C .


M ontes de O ca , ].


M ic e li, A.

M cG rath , K.

M artin eau , M rs. J.



1 34

M o o re, Mr. G .


M e s s in a ,].

10, 11, 124, 125,


13 7



M o n g iello , M . M o n tele o n e , M .

79, 92, 97, 159

M essen g er, M ich a el

22 , 134

9 7 , 9 9 , 14 7 , 1 5 5 , 158


M artin , T.


3 5 , 39, 9 8 , 151, 158

M c G o v ern , P.


M ercun,


76, 77,

R. R.

M essenger, M atth ew

M c D o n a ld , M .

M cG o rty , D .

148, 15 7

M aron ey, A.

M e d in a , E.


1 3 2 , 183 134

M o n ta n a , W.





M eren e,


M o n crief, ].




6 2 , 6 3 , 135

M c Q u illa n ,

M ercu n , A.

M c D e rm o tt, Mr.


M o n aco , J .

M cQ u ilk in , G .

127 126

124, 125 158

1 30



M o lo n ey , L.

M o n g ie llo , ].

M elo ,

134, 1 3 8

M o lo n e y ,] . 132

M cN ern ey , M . 2 3 , 35, 7 6 , 7 7 , 89, 1 0 0 , 1 51, 1 5 2 , 159

M cC arth y ,

M cEIh in n ey, Mr. S.



M cC arth y , B.

M cC u llo u g h , S.

4 3 , 9 9 , 139


M e h ta ,

114, 115 21, 52,

M cC u llo u g h , M .

M a n z ia n o , M . M arasigan , J .

35, 7 2 , 8 6 , 9 4 , 9 7 , 98,

M c C a b e , M iss D .

I 35

M an zo , M .

1 39


M c C a b e , M r. B.

M an a n g h ay a, K . M an gun ay, R.


10 6 , 158, 168, 17 3 , 183




M cN ern ey, D .


M cA uliffe, J. 123

M cK n ig h t. D . M cM ahon,

M cM an u s, Fr.



M cA ndrew ,

4 0 , 127

21, 40, 79,


86, 9 7 , 116,

M azzarese, A. 135

74, 75,

1 30

M a z z o lla , V. 18, 4 7 ,

M a lfe tto n e , J ,

M a r s h ,] .



M alakauskas, C .

I 39

M azur, M r. M .

51, 72,

M ahoney, J.



M a stro m o n a co , V.

9 8 , 137

M ag o u , C .


M aso n , E


52, 98,

, J.

M a lik , F.



125, 135

5 0 , 5 1 , 9 7 , 161

M u z z illo , D .

3 1 , 5 2 , 5 3 , 9 9 , 138

Nirvana: nevermind C om bining ele m e n ts fro m th e unlikely g e n re s o f pop, m etal, and punk, Nirvana w as o n e o f th e leading ban d s in th e 'a lte rn a tiv e ' surge o f th e early 9 0 s . W ith a b a c k -to -b a s ic s im a g e and lyrics abo u t depression, ap ath y , and suicide, Nirvana helped overthrow th e suprem acy o f th e "hair band s" th a t do m in ated th e la te 8 0 s , and ush ered in a new e r a o f m usic. T h e ir s e c o n d studio album , featured th e incredibly popular ’ Sm ells Like T e e n Spirit," which w as dubbed th e a n th em o f G en eration X , a s well a s th e lyrically disturbing acoustic] T o lly ' an d th e m an ic d ep ressiv e feelin g ‘ Lithium." T ragically, K u rt C o bain co m m itted suicide, cau sin g th e additional d eath o f th e band] N ev erth eless, N irvana is re m em b ered a s o n e o f th e g r e a te s t and m o st influential ban d s ever.

neverm ind,

N ally, P.

8 1 , 8 2 , 8 3 , 161

N andi, A.

9 0 , 161

N apoli, C .

6 5 , 131

N atale, J .

N avarrete, J .


N dirangu,

N a v ie llo , j . 4 0 ,4 1 ,4 2 ,4 3 ,8 5 , 90, 9 2 , 97, 1 0 5 ,1 0 7 ,1 0 8 ,1 1 0 ,1 4 7 ,1 6 1 , 183

4 7 , 127

N azarko, M .



N eb b ia , j ,


N ich ols, C .

5 8 , 5 9 , 126

N esh eiw at, j


N g u y en , E.

40, 97,


N ick erso n , M s. P. N iev es, M . 161

N olan , J .

9 0 , 136, 138

2 4 , 4 0 , 9 2 , 139 4 7 , 137

’tis Redding: The Dock o f the Bay A cla ssic R & B artist, O tis R eddin g a ch ie v e d early s u c c e s s with th e ballad " T h e s e A rm s o f Mine" in th e early s ix tie s and co n tin u ed to re co rd throughout th e d e ca d e until his tra g ic d e a th in an airplane cra sh . His posthu m us single "D o ck o f th e B a y " w as th e first o f hia s o n g s to ach ie v e equal s u c c e s s on b o th th e pop and R & B ch a rts. R eddin g w as n o t only a g ifted vocalist, bu t a ta len ted songw riter a s well, co m p osin g and perform ing such fam ou s so n g s a s th e soulful T ry a L ittle T e n d e rn e s s ' and th e m o re up b eat '‘R e sp ect," later re co rd e d by A r e th a Franklin. T h e album fea tu re d a co llectio n o f his so n g s reco rd ed prior to his passin g on, including th d su cc essfu l title so n g “D o ck o f th e B ay ."

The D ock o f th e B ay

O 'Brien, Fr. D .,S .J. 9 ,7 8 ,7 9 ,1 0 9 ,1 2 9 , 136, 139

O 'C o n n o r,


4 7 , 160, 162

O 'D o n n e ll, M r. J.

O cfem ia, C .


O 'C o n n o r, Fr.

T ., S .].

O k o ro , A. 8, 133, 1 36

O ls e n , E.

47, 40,


23, 89, 131

1 34,


O n iea l, J .

7 2 , 139

O refice , J .

O n ta l, R.

32, 122

O 'R ourke, J.

O p p id o , Fr.

H ., S .J.



O rteg a, J.


139 33

65, 133


Tom lfetty & the lieartbreakers: Damn the Torpedoes W ith a healthy m ix o f re so n an t g u itars and fo lk 'in flu en ced lead vocals, T o m P e tty & th e lie a r tb r e a k e r s h ave b e e n an ev e rp re s e n t* fo r c e in th e world o f m usic from th eir ea rliest re le a se s in th e la te s e v e n tie s to their m o st re ce n t. T h e group is led by guitarist and leacj v ocalist T o m P e tty , w h ose co m p ositio n s a re sim ple in m usical sty le, y e t brilliant. S o m e o f th e ban d 's m o re fam ou s recordings include! th e earlier ‘ A m erican G irl' and "D o n 't C o m e A round H ere No M o re' an d th e m ore re c e n t 'F r e e Failin'," "in to th e G re a t W ide Open, * "Runnin' D ow n a D ream ," and "Learning to F ly.' T h e group's third studio album includes th e ro ck cla ssic "R efu g ee i a s well a s th e m ore lig h fh e a rte d "D o n 't D o M e L ik e T h a t ' and "E v en th e Losers."

D am n th e Torpedoes

178 InJex



Pack, A. 128 3adron, F. 99, Palfnieri, A.


13 9



3almiero, Mrs. L.


Patel, D . 30, 40, 79, 85, 88, 91, 92, 9 8 , 9 9 , 1 10, 1 39, 183 Patel, K. 123

ersad, J. 4 0 , 4 8 , 122 erseghin, A. 74, 75, 91, 92, 107, 137 eselli, D. 131

Patel, N. Pavlica, J.

eters, Mr. R.

123 122

etrillo, J. 134 fannekoh, P. 48,

panella, F. 6 2 , 124 °a6nessa, L. 43, 7 0 , 84, 9 2 , 97 1 151, 155, 1 62, 183

Pecora, J. 58, Pelle, S. 131


Pellegrino, M .

31, 52, 9 9 , 135

Pappalardo, J .

Peluso, M .

>ark, H.


47, 97,


Pafry, T. 162 Pastore, A. 58, 5 9 , 126 'asuco,


14, 132, 168




ica, G . 2 7 , 4 3 , 163 ichardo, M s. M . 124, ick ett, E.


80, 85, 138

Pentarakis, E. 7 4 , 7 5 , 9 1 , 133, 162 Percella, C . 135

iede, Mr. L. 126

Perez, A. 7 8 , 7 9 , 9 2 , 133 Perez, J. 9 7 , 152, 155, 159, 162, 163

iotrow icz, R.

22, 64, 65


Ponce, J.


Presley, M.



Prezioso, J. 122 Price, M. 40, 122

Prilop, Mrs. I. I 14, 1 Prime, B. 54, I 22 Prime, Mrs. M. 116, Proenza, M .

124, 125,

75, 139

loumitsakos, C.

Pocius, J.


Prudente, J. Pumarada, J.

4 0 , 127 7 9 , 92,

Purcell, W.



Q l ueen: News of the World T h e tale n ts o f lead vocalist and pianist Freddie Mercury, who passed on in 1 9 9 1 lead guitarist Brian May, bassist Jo h n D eacon, and drum m er R o g e r Taylor, all o f whom co m p osed son g s fo r th e band, com prised the unique sound o f th e legendary rock group Queen, Known fo r its outrageou s live p erform an ces. C apable o f perform ing various sty les o f music, the group's son g catalogue includes such diverse son gs as th e heavy "'Now I'm H ere" and "A nother O n e B ite s th e Dust," to the lighter "Radio Q a O a f the alm ost operatic "Bohem ian Rhapsody," and th e ballads "S a v e Me" and "Y ou're My B e s t Friend." T h e rock cla ssics "W e A re th e Cham pions" and "W e Will R o ck Y ou' w ere th e highlights o f th e ban d 's 1 9 7 7 album

Flews o f th e World,


Q u e la l, M .


47, 92,


Q u itiq u it, B.



R eM : Automatic for the People R. E. M., form ed in th e early eig h ties by lead vocalist Michael Stipe, lead guitarist P e te r Buck, bassist Michael Mills, and drummer Bill Berry, is consid ered to b e am on g th e earliest o f altern ative rock groups. During its career, th e folk“rock influenced band o ften spoke o ut on im portant environm ental and social issues through their music, and achieved much s u cc e s s throughout the past decade performing such so n g s a s 'L o s in g My Religion," "It's the End o f th e World A s W e Know It," “Shiny Happy People," and th e recently released "Lotus." R. E. M. continues to re c o rd and h as b e co m e increasingly su ccessfu l with ea c h subsequent album. T h e band's 1 9 9 2 studio album includes th e ballad "Everybody Hurts," "Man in th e Moon," and "Drive."

A utom atic fo r th e People

labb itt, W. laido, G. *aj, A.


lamos, R.

4 7 , 9 7 , 164

Roarty, D . 138 R obin son , B. 5 9 , 9 8 , 127

Riaz, M .

4 7 , 139

Robinson, Mr. R.

3 5 , 9 9 , 147,

Richards, R.

7 9 , 164

%mps, S. 122 lao, G . 72, 93, laouf, S. 122

R iaz, A.

Renner, R.

4 7 , 4 8 , 132 131


Ricketts, O . Ridgway, C .

9 7 , 164


5 9 , 126 9 7 , 165

7 3 , 138

Robles, M. 124 Rodriguez, A. 9 1 ,9 2 ,9 7 ,9 8 , 99, 147, 165 Rodriguez I.


felowsky, Mr. J . 3 8 ,8 5 ,9 8 ,1 1 2 ,1 1 3 , 172

Rios, C . 139 Ripkey, B. 9 9 , 128

Rodriguez, P. Rodriguez, R.

laityriiak, laulli, Fr.

Rivera, H . Rivera, S.

Romanski, P. Ronan, Mr. J .

136 102, 138

Rossi, J .

131, 133

E. E.,

leidy, Mr. P.

4 7 , 131 S.J. 25, 35, 84, 8 5 , 138 9 3 , 112, 113

Rizvi, Z .

9 9 , 134 5 0 , 5 1 , 6 6 , 135 165


O tevie Micks: Bella Donna

4 8 , 124 9 9 , 127, 135

Rotella, F.

59, 129

Roux, P. 125 Rowan, M s. K.


Ruiz, V. 127 Ryan, B. 4 7 , 127 Ryan, M . 6 6 , 8 6 , 131

Rygiel, C. 129 Rygiel, I. 132 R y g iel, K. 35, 8 6 , 9 7 , 165 73,7 5 ,8 6 , 94, 95, 105,106, R yglicki, 107, 165


FUeetsiood Mac

Fleetwood Mac: The Dance

Fleetw ood M ac was form ed during the late sixties, and, despite a constantly-changing lineup, the group released album s throughout th e early sev enties. In 1 9 7 5 , Mick Fleetw ood and Jo h n and Christine Me Vie w ere jo in ed by lead guitarist Lindsey Buckingham and vocalist S te v ie Nicks, and th e band w as brought to th e height o f its s u cc e ss throughout the n ex t decade with songs such as "G o Your Own Way" and ‘ Don't Stop." h ick s ' solo album includes such cla ssics a s "Edge o f S ev e n tee n " and "S top Draggin'

Bella D onna

My H eart Around."

alem, S.

52, 165

>amarat, A. 31, 7 4 , 7 5 , 99 femia, R. 7 2 , 139 >anchez, R. iandhu, M.

4 8 , 6 5 , 126 129

>antiago, G. 124 >antisi, B: 4 8 , 123 >antos, A. >antos, T. >antucci, K.

72, 139 165 6 2 , 130, 136

Santucci, M . 62, 166 Sari, G . 43,72, 7 5 ,8 8 , 90,91, 98 ,9 9 , 139 Sawh, D . 6 2 , 132 Saw h, Mr. A. 103, 121, 129 Scauri, J. 59, 131 Sch ade, M . 138 Schlem erm eyer, J . 124 Schm itt, T. 54, 124 Sch n eid er, M s. H . 114, 115 Schundler, T.

74, 7 5 , 87, 92, 97,

107, 133, 147, 166, 168, 183 Schure, M . S c h w a r z ,^ .

9 6 , 126 35, 1 47, 1 5 1 , 166

Sciarra, A. 33, 55, 122 Sco tt, N. 8, 7 2 , 139 Scozzafava, T. 126 Scrudato, S. 124 Scudder, D . 54, 123 Serra, S. Serzan, J .

136 124

Sesay, S. 4 0 , 9 8 , 130 S ettem b rin o , M . 9 9 , 133 Settem brin o, T. 159, 166 166 66, 134 6 5, 127 39, 55, 98, Shalhoub, C 122 Sheeran, D. 40, 9 8 , 133 Sheikh, I Sexton, D. Shahzad, A. Shahzad, R.

Sidhom, A.



Index 179

Sielski. ,1


Sifon te. E.

Sison . M .

6 6 . 96,

Sikorski, C .

Slam iak, D .

127 52. 99,


Sim one, D 166 Singh. P 86 ,8 7 , 9 0 ,9 1 , 92 ,9 7 , 167, 183 Sioson , H.


T a c-a n , R.

7 5 , 123

T a lrcja , P.

9 7 , 168,

T ang o , A. Tapia, J.



S o sc.a , M r D


S p e z z a ca te n a . D .

Sm ith, M Sm ith, P.

167 51

Sta b ile, K. J2 5 Stein, R. 126 S u a rez , D .


Sunga, R.

4 0 , 9 2 , 139

Sm ith, C,

16 7 5

124, 125, 126

155, 1 56,

33, 76, 91,





Supple, J .

58. 5 9

Surach M


139 132

Sussm an. R.


Sw eeney, D . S y lvia, M .

130 5 2 53


T eh lik ian , R.

5 4 , 127

T insley, C .


T erritola, A.


T iscorn ia, J.

72, 80, 82, 99, 105, 139

5 4 , 5 8 , 122

T olan i, A.

T esch lo g , K.

6 5 , 129

T hak er, A.


8 0 , 9 1 , 9 2 , 9 8 , 9 9 , 133

T h o m a s, O ,

48, 125

T arallo, M .

Song. M .

Suarez H


S m ith ,].





Som m ese, V.


T hroughout his c areer, J a m e s T aylor p erfo rm ed folk m usic with his uniquely gentle a n d optim istic voice and classic acoustic auitaJ accom panim ent, recording such songs a s "How S w eet It Is,' ‘Carolina in My Mind,' ‘S om ething in the W ay S he M oves/ and a cover verekJ of C arole K ing's com position ‘Y ou've G ot a Friend.' Mis su ccess h as n o t dim inished, a s he h as continued to release album s throuqhouj th e y e a rs and his influence h as n ever c ea sed to b e p resent in th e m usic industry. H e first d em o n strate d his vocal style, lyrical q entouj and use of simplicity in his guitar playing in one of his earlier album s, S w e e t B a b y Ja m e s , which featu red th e classic ‘Fire and R ainl a s well a s th e title trac k 'S w e e t B aby J a m e s.' I




Solim an. D . 7 9 ,8 5 .9 2 .1 3 9

James laylor: Sweet Baby James


T an g k ek o , A.


6 2 .6 3 ,

Solan , J. 48, 122



Talty, J .


Sista, A 34.

35., 3 3 9

S ilp o ch , M. Silv a, D ,


18,66, 6 7 , 39, 9 8 , 168

T h o m p so n , E.


T h o rn e , S.


40, 60, 61,




T olat,


T o tin o , V.

9 1 , 9 2 , 9 7 , 9 8 , 168, 183


169 151, 169

Tom assi, J. T orres, E.




125 135 169

T rica rico , C . 130 Turcios, J. 124

125 127

Torres J.

Traba, J .

Turnbull, Br. F. 1 1 2 , 113 Turonis, E. 135

The Joshua Tree

B orn in Ireland, and carrying a politically ch arg ed m essag e in their lyrics, U 2 blended elem en ts of b oth punk and rock throughout their reign during th e 1980s. With th e pow erful and o ften tension filled voice o f lead singer B ono and th e guitar w ork of guitarist. Edge U 2 had a profound e ffe c t upon th e you th o f th e 1980s, rem inding th em of social ills around th e world a s th ey played a t various charity c o n c erts and benefits. L ate r turning to m ore electro n ic'o rien ted m usic in th e early 9 0 s , U 2 will nonetheless be rem em bered a s ’the band of the 80s." T he T h e Jo s h u a T ree, released on St. P atrick's D ay in 1987 featu red their A m erican breakthrough s o n g ‘I Still Haven't Found W hat I m Looking For," the love ballad "With or W ithout Y ou,' and th e e v e rp o p u la r 'W h ere T he S tre e ts H ave No n am e.' U b elh oer, K.

2 7 , 39, 7 2 , 89, 97,

U llo a , G .

82, 91,


U r b a n o v ic h , M .


U r b a n o v ic h , N.

1 00, 1 4 8 , 155, 159, 169

Van lialen: 1984


B efore such b ands a s D ef L eppard and M otley Crue, a b an d consisting o f th e classically trained Alex and Eddie Van Halen, Michael A nthony, and th e infam ous David L ee R oth, appropriately called V an H alen, s e t th e stan d ard for a g enre of m usic popularly dubbed as 'p o p m etal." F eaturing periodic harm onies, sh o rter solos th an th o se o f classic m etal artists, and frequent scream s by th e charism atic David L ee R oth, V an H alen led th e w ay for rock b ands in th e 8 0 s . Eddie V an Halen, th e guitarist, is still to this day known as one o f th e b est rock guitarists ever. 1 9 8 4 , th e last album with vocalist David L ee R oth, featu red th e k ey b oard'driven 'Ju m p ,' th e amusingl "H ot fo r T ea c h e r' and th e h asty 'P a n am a ,'



V alenti, C . V alite, C .

1 37

169 48,

V e cc h i, K. 123

Vega, J .


V allone, D .


V elasco , D .

V allone, S.


V eltri, F.

Van N o te , C . Vartan, A.



V erano, R.




V ezos, P.


V icto rin o , F. 7 2 , 139




V ezin a, A. 3 9 ,7 5 ,8 4 ,8 5 , 9 6 ,9 7 ,1 5 6 , 170

V illam il, J.

Villaruel, J.

V ita n z o , P.


V illanueva, R. V illarin a, G .

V iso n e, E 82, 126

54, 35,

V iz z a cch e ro , M . 9 8 , 138

V ora, A.

82, 13 1

V ucetaj, E.

6 2 , 6 3 , 90, 9 1 , IB 148, 170 7 4 , 7 5 , 136

7 9 , 85, 8 8 , 91, 92, 98, 13( 138


A ctivities Index Band 7 2 , 73 Basketball, JV & Frosh Basketball, Varsity 6 0 , Bowling 6 8 , 69 C am pus M inistry 89

ISO Index

58, 59 61

C hess 9 0 C ross C ountry 5 0 , 51 C ultural Clubs 98 , 99 D ance C om m ittee 82 Dram atics 76 , 7 7

Emmaus 34, 3 5 Fishing C lub 9 4 Football, JV & Frosh Football, Varsity 4 6 , Forensics 7 8 , 79

48, 4 9 47

HAP 40, 41 Hockey, JV 55 H ockey, Varsity 56, Indoor Track 6 6 , 6 7 M ath Team 92


The w W ho: Tommy O nce know n as the loudest band in existence, th e W ho w as driven by th e blues"based and often pow er_chord"dom inated rock songs, such as *1 C an't Explain" and "My Generation," as well as the psychedelic "I C an S ee for Miles" and "Magic Bus," com posed by lead guitarist P ete T ow nsend. T ow nsend's outrageous style of playing w as com plim ented by the incredible talents of the lead vocalist Roger Daltry, bassist Jo hn Entwistle, and drum m er Keith Moon, who died later in the band's career. The concept album and rock opera Tom m y musically narrated th e story of a blind, d eaf pinball player with the Tow nsend com positions “Pinball Wizard," “S ee Me fe e l Me," and "We re Not G onna T ake It." talker, E. talker, R. i/all, C.



W est, M.


127 35, 9 1 , 9 7 , 136,

Ms. E.


Sfard, J. 128 Catkins, J. 7 2 , 99, 139 S/eidenbumer, J . 9 9 , 128

72, 139

W i ch e rt, W. 170

85, 8 8 , 9 2 , 138

W ieczo rek , S. W ilbeck , D . W ilczek, M.

5 2 , 135 59, 134 126

W ilson, J. W isely, B.

55, 88, 130 62, 122

W itherspoon, J.


4 7 , 6 0 , 6 1 , 98

W o lleon , A.

W illiam s, S.


W ong, E.


W ong, S.

9 9 , 123 84, 90, 92, 96, 97, 98,

105, 147, 156, 170 W o n g , W. 84, 9 2 , 9 8 , 170

W oehrle, J. 170 W ojtkiew icz, J. 122

W illiam s, K.

W ong, M.

4 0 , 5 8 , 123 4 0 , 90, 9 2 , 96, 9 8 , 133

W orthington, K. 66, 171 W orthington, M . 66, 128 W y ka, D . 2 6 , 6 0 , 6 1 , 86, 9 2 ,


D m X : It's Dark and Hell is Hot T hough a new artist in m any aspects, having released his first album in 1998, D ark Man X, or DMX, not only has had experience with artists as esteem ed as LL Cool J and Ice Cube, but has com e to be one of the representatives of E ast C oast rap. Rising in fam e because of his skill on th e turntable, DMX com bines traditional hardcore rap and hip'hop with anger and aggression, both musically and lyrically. With a tradem ark lyrical flow and a creative use of imagery, DMX is sure to becom e a m ajor force in the world of rap. His debut album , It's D ark a n d H ell Is H o t features a captive narrative called “Crim e Story," th e deeply disturbing *X_ls Coming," and the self"reflective “Prayer." .

The Tardbirds: Five Live Yardbirds O ne of the bands of th e British Invasion, the Yardbirds becam e successful during the sixties perform ing blues-based rock, and is m ost n oted for its lineup, which included lead vocalist Keith Relf, as well as th e outstanding lead guitarists Eric Clapton, Jim m y Page, and J e ff Beck, though all th ree w ere m em bers of th e group a t different times. Perform ing cover versions of classic blues songs as well a s their own com positions, th e group, with its continuously changing lineup, recorded until the late sixties, when it evolved into Led Zeppelin. T he live album F iv e L iv e Y ardbirds featured on lead guitar Eric Clapton, who left early into the group's career when the group turned from a m ore classic blues sound to a lighter form of rock, and included such songs as “Lucille." ao, D.


arbrough, W.


Yau, W.


Yau, C .


Yau, D .

84, 123, 159, 171

Yun, B.


Yost, Ms. 1.


80, 123


Led Zeppelin: Led Zeppelin IV A rguably one of th e g reatest bands ever to have existed, Led Zeppelin featured lead guitarist and founding m em ber Jim m y Page, lead vocalist R obert Plant, bassist Jo h n Paul Jones, and drum m er Jo h n Bonham. While m ost of the band's earlier recordings w ere m ore blues-oriented and psychedelic in nature a s in ‘D azed and C onfused' and "Good Tim es Bad Times, th e group was capable not only of such rock classics a s "Whole L otta L ove' and "K ashm ir/ but also such accoustic tracks as Battle of i A em iore and Going to California. T hey reached the height o f their success during th e late seventies, and ceased recording after B onham 's death, though Page and Plant continue to tour and release albums. L e d Z ep p elin IV features "Stairway to Heaven," "Black D o g ' and "When the Levee Breaks. :ak, M 'aki, M.

40 136 32,126

^aszewski, J .


Zaw istow ski, Mr. R. 139


Z a y a s, A.

P axC h risti



84 88



85 R PG 9 6 SA D D 91 S cien ce Clubs Ski Club

Z uber, D . Z u b er, T.

122 35,171

Z u b k o, J . 4 8 , Z y g n e rs k i, N .

125 72,139

7 5 , 99


97 32, 33

P aper* Pen



Soccer, Varsity


5 2 , 53

Soccer, JV 54 Spirit Com m ittee 83 Stage Crew 7 4 ,7 5 Student Council



64, 65

^ W restling

87 62,63

- I'm getting chilly. - W here are you going to get chili at this hour? - ...was an important part of the Prep curriculum. - Let's go on a field trip to Newport Mall... .for research.... -Tex. why am I seeingyellowandgreen circles?


nce upon a tim e (and once

ing their four-day stay, only to

is more tha n enough), there­

change most o f their plans through­ by within the land that is called Prep out the follow ing year.

- How is it that w e have tw o phone lines, and why is Mr. Reman look tag for us? - You really don't w ant to know. - Where has Lou disappeared to? - 1 should be out by midnight, one. two...just pick me up tomorrow.

a Publications O ffice, which is re­

T h e yearbook them e would be

ferred to as the “Publications O f­

"tornorrowalloveragain three weeks

fice," excepting in Canada and the

ago,” but it was out voted at the last

- W hat is wrong with you Dave?

former Yugoslavia, where iI is named

m om ent by editors who argued that

- Lou. you're going to be one of two things: a brilliant scientist orhom eless.

"W allpaper without Dairy Prod­

time doesn’t exist, any way. Im m edi­

ucts.” Papers, photographs,and a r­

ately follow ing the change o f the

- Do you guys know where T ex is? - i'm busy taking over the world.

them e to “m usic,” those mem hers o f

- Get me food.

and it was suitable for no other pur­

the yearbook staff who did not be­

- Oh my God! W e have a floor!

pose but producing a yearbook, or

lieve in theexistenceoftim e proceded

- Put a lid on that rubber cement. Elson!

to take im portant photographs and

- Puneet. don't kill Dave, don't kill Dave, don't kill Dave.

tichokes were strewn about the room,

for m an u factu ring those plastic thingsat the end o f shoelaces (aglets),

write im portant articles after the

but only on weekends and m ajor

appropriate deadlines. O thers just

holidays except A ardvark Day.

argued that you could m ake your

I he editors journeyed therefrom

far and near and upside-down, but

ears bleed if you thought too hard. Either way, after the loss o f many

only from the im m ediate area, T o

sheep, dedicated m em bers o f the

prepare them selves for the year

editorial sta ff not only managed to

ahead, they attended theCiettysburg

remain awake in all o f their classes,

Yearbook Experience, where they

butalsoclim bed Mt. Everest,sw am

learned that fast-food chains never

the English C hannel, and recycled.

run out o f cheeseburgers, despite

Subsequently, they also finished the

what some people may tell you. T h e

yearbook, for all to enjoy (or com ­

trip proved prod uctive as they

plain about, whichever applies.)

planned for weeks and weeks dur­

Due to an o//er o//ree/ood, several editors o f the P etrean bother to show up. Thanks to Mrs. C ostanzo’s baking, editors occasionally stopped by the o//ice.

182 Petrean

M oderator Mr. Guzik, S .J. grumpily

‘p roofs the proofs", finally catching m ost o f the m istakes. Mr. Guzik, much to his dism ay, served as the fin a l editor o f copy.

- Do you think this might insultpeople? -Yeah... - Do we care? - Not really. - Blame it on the Nixon.

- Let's make it a psychedelic poster! -Marko/Lou/Tex. why are you under neath/in/on the table/podium? Remember guys, when the fire alan goes off. you leave the building. ■Can we go. Mr. Guzik? -No. -Please? Pretty please? -No. Musto. Eftihi. Ryglicki. GET OUT! - Playdoh is fun. Tmgotagtoprayforallofyourheathe souls, especially yours Matt. Alright, you. I want you to pretend you're doing work for this dub... •Good morning. Get me five dollars worth of Hawai ian punch. •How's the deadline going? ■Anyone up for Karma Chameleon?


Do some work, well make you an Ei It's time to get out the Gimp. You sure the camera had film in it? Where's my hot pink pen? I can't feel my hand! I see a lot of nutmegging going on right now, Stop! Matt, ask me if I care. Do you care, Mr. Guzik? Nope. HA!

M o d e ra to rs M r. M ichael Guzik, S.J. M r. Sean M cElhinney

E d ito r-in- C h ie f Matthew Elson

Layout 6 Design Editor T e x Schundler

A rt Editor Lou Paonessa

C o p y Editors Ed Caulfield 6 Dhaval Patel

C om p uter E d ito r Puneet Singh

Theme E d ito r M ark o Gazic

S cctio n Editors Evan Costanzo, K eith G lo ck , Pawan Talreja ÂŁr Avinash Tolani

Photography Editor Dave Suarez

Editorial Assistants Ryan Androsiglio, Navish Chawla, Tracy Fisher, James Lallo, John M c A u liffe 6 Joe Naviello

s t a f f 183


'T h a n * '*

T h e m oderators and s taff o f th e 1999 Petrean would like to thank th e following com panies for granting us permission to use various musical titles and artwork throughout the book: Atlantic Recording Corporation and Rhino Records. Elektra Enterainm ent Group. Hal Leonard Corporation. QPrime. RCA Records. Universal M usical Special M arkets, and W arner Brothers. Special thanks to Polygram Records. Inc. T h e artwork for "W aiting for the Sun.” "Greatest Stories Live." and “Hotel California." copyright Elektra Entertainm ent Group, a divison o f W arner Communications. Inc.. used under license. T h e song title "Count on M e" are used courtesy o f th e RCA Records Label, a Unit o f BMG Entertainm ent. Special Th anks to our photographers and all w ho provided pictures: Mark Wyvile. Brian Yun. Joe Castellano. Mr. Dondero. Sachin Gupta. Chris Loeser. tne Petroc, Joseph Naviello. James Lallo. Jonathan Ryglicki land friends!, and th e Candela family: th ose w ho w rote for us: G ennoro Pico. Jason Pumerada James Bayot. M oses Nieves. T im Mullroy. John McAuliffe. Andy Rodriguez. Ryan Androsiglio. Billy Rabbitt. Navish Chawla. Jim Supple. Sean Glosser. M att Foster-Moore. Kenny Teschlog. Joe Nolan. M ike Manzo. T om Burns. Liam Aheam . Anthony Marinello. Gerard Aro. Craig Ridgeway. Julius Fabros. Sanoop Luke. Luis Arellano, John Facchini. John Hallanan. and to all o f those w ho posed for our w acky pictures. Additionally, w e th an k the creators and m aintainers o f and ww w .cdnow .com for their invaluable resources.

Moderators’ Special Thanks: fhanks especially to the staff 0/ the 1999 Petrean. Good job! lecially Fr. Keenen/oradvice and Mr. Raslowsky/or computer upgrades; ave us photosespecially TonyAzzartoand Prepparents;all who captioned smeroom teachers, coaches, and students: MaryAnn Primefor messages: former yearbook moderators/oradvtce (you knowwho youare), Davis lllen Stahli for direction and patience, lour collective thanks to the various Joodsources we r e iing but not limited to Lisbon Pizza. McDona((^iW^\tg^ei^§^.Gr(j^e zza, Burger King (by Grove St. ' :•/si isic that kept/keep me ofefitihd'riisv fesp . ntnmg) j a m>:s Het}ie(d,Klfk toamm* 1t Lqrs Ulrich/JSson Nev/stedand Meji^f*t%'esp.Odv® Mtfsprtne IfiedEarth. Apocaiypiica Iron Maiden ■ - - - .sjQsn& tay SlackSabbath* Ozzy Osboume.LedZeppetofc

understanding hehad all year when thingshad toget done. Aspecial thanks to the staff withall theproblems we had durmq the year, things still got done. It takes effort and persistence to make a yearbook. Luckily the staff had both. Thanks fo r a great year. Pawan's Thanks: Mr Guzik and Mr. McElhinney/or helping the staff meet most 0/the deadlines, Mrs. ggjSSstanzoforall thegoodies. Mr. Lillisfor all the inspiration to work. Matt/orcreating moremess in theyearbook jfijjfiBom, Louis for con tnbu ting his time to make the geometrically complex titles on every page, Marko/or his 'X ^ .g u e choice o/the yearbook cover. Keith/or his perfect yearbook attendance. Puneet. Avinash, and JsggsEGfralfo r their extra effort and excellentjob on the computer. Ed/or helping me write the captions and others who helped make this masterpiece a success. ^ ^ ^ ^ b h ’s Thanks: Mr. Lillis/or making my transition to this country easy. Mr. Irvine/orbrmging me Shetland teaching me how topronounce"Gorilla. ■Mrs. Costanzofor torturing me through4 years o/Frtfrach and/or thefree periods and brownies, the rest o/the/aculty for supporting me, all my/nends ja r being there/ormeandmakmgme/eel wanted, my/amily, to the editors for not killing me when Idid ;|S$^<>tiSlt®up. Rich/orlettingmeskipworkstudyonseveraloccassions. toMattandTed/orbeingsuchgreat Cream, Mr. Piedeforall the misspellings, Mr Dadas/or shaking his headall the time, Ms. Cataldoand Seege/, Simon & Gar/unkel, JotovDenver” Peter,Paul& Mary, andifilelhdigo Si. Sx;tePRs$Pv ogyclass /or making me think that I have problems, Neiland Navish/or persaudmg me to skip Oueen Jifl^heri<fefc^Qfln'McL«cin/pr?AmeritanPie.'Gountrgmusicfoldstyle)mgeneral.wtth^ectalthanks' ■ yearbooMrom time to time. (0Jbfin nyCasnandWillieNelson, Cynyrd Skynyrd,Neil Young, Andany band wiuch Iprobably would enjoy ■” J I 3 & ! Skan k *: J.C . T.H. g reaitoj’out haven'tftad a chance to listen to. VH1, Comedy Central, andMontyPythonj/o.rproviding Pi^li^^ ^an ks.- All the de/ective and abnormal staff members who really made the yearbook amusement Distortion! Lou, Puneet, Tex, Dhava(,andTracy_fbrall thoseweekendsatschool Lou/or eifpe^i|^^jjly enjoyable (and sufferable), and who provided me with an incalculable number of laughs introducingmetosomecoolmusicand being;Lou. Traey/,attthct«fes,djlttewderstanding wh^ ft^ ^ ^ a n otelg caused my stomach tohurt: Matthew/or making medizzy and hallucinativeby sniffing and fof being her. Tex/or dragglngme into this. Dhaval/or beingthe source qfmuch that went into the ruW»rc^^^tolue. Ted/orhavinq temporarily blinded me several times, Louisfor hidinquoderneath desks yearbook. Puneet/or being codlOlanq/or being OicwaanddJwausbeing there Amy/or thesdme Mrs. a &DhaV^^ybb taming supplies from unknown sources: Mr. C iu ik /o r g e m o ^ m ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ f Sprite from Cosian^/orcooifirigandboking.Mr.Daftdorph.StrCamptori.Ms.Corry.andalltheh^gteachersout^ere. jV^B^teuit^^gence; Mrs Constanzo/orallthedelicious.littletttflfcsj-WUlfcfetfo^fih^i^mdeJfeitelyborrow My parents/or ailthelatenightsandunderstanding.Kurt/orprovidlnyinterestingconversaUon. Joe/b'' | ■>isOtik e NQk#niCD. Sunil/orhiskind^/ersto^y#^jidfne-£whichtr«wfr/a§^otij^io>^l,, Chris Wall being ambsmg. Mr. Guzikfo/-notearing. Thehotpinkpen.TheiAvisiWeplnkunicom. Ikea d m m l^ 'aw r JarhistnJste'-fCGl chuckles. JaQme4ft/orlendiftgmeC'en5;pafi«C;o''daSpa«5 hiKfitinary, % Noga/or fo r ie ttin ^ wo^ontheweekends.ffiefintlrejmitortalsta^/orputtingupwithusdftthosenights.Tfie :>;.:JRMgIing out oj tr\e;w«floWvQn.the^)urthfliior a/fhe f nglisn cutiding while teaching Latin;M* Garcia/or f dop 0f Dafknesspresentartdpastguys/gals-BeUnda, Oresme, Draxus.Amd, V-o^aka, £ radii Solkan ner w^niBwa£«n:ti»*f’«ially vneft sheSays: raife>'N)r"’ei:go...';Mr.Zawlstawskl/ora!wai(Sproceeding Ranvm. Mc*aa, Oxford, Troian (wherweryauwent), Stormy, efcal S!(2Zara entwaOTMht^StarcrcUl.,--: Inr«ve»sea^hobetpdorderwh eastuterts weretochooseprefect topics,- Ms. Curry/ortdlowmgmeto borrow & Warcraft BungieSoJhsfafe/orallthetrstt#. lntetptey'^felio.(»^r,g|>an.d/OPtli«wn(Teisnou«jpent ^ o ° ^ ^ ’°m '^ persanat«(kction; and/or never ceasingtobesuspicioi&bif^'jvii^Ma^ufJorajpplying on the game in/6eod\lntera^veFfctlon^ames: wWch rate^Mysf&RivemAflme early Sierra @u§|gai»^ vlthail thoseenvelopesf Mr. Robtnson/orfreely distributing networfceards tamejFr. Baidu/ for me D&Dandall 1have read and e n j^ S , J fti& assurmgoboutcolleges withan‘'0K there Kiddol’’;K{uo(JorherexhilQi'atingandmovingpefformancesin Toikem. acretWeis*Tracu lame, David Eddings. Mercedes-WtlrAQ^Sij^i' Hindijy^^ChrisCarier.GilltanAnderson (DanaScully), & David DuChovany tfoxMufedo/the X-Files Simmons, L a u ^ f ^ ^ ^ ilf < ^ ^ ^ ^ J t S « > ‘reaKercharacters. R. A. Salvatore. Terry 8r o ^ :D 6u g ^ :> : /priOTcpverujgtheTJ-a/AeverySundai^nightiFr. Keenan/o^ijgreetlngsduringmtfnever^enttiriqtrips Adamsand the r®( iprpfeat>iy^>fgcrf;''P)eryone out there Iprobably should (hank but didn'tb e c ^ & » ^ ^ ^ B upanddowhmehalJways;tHecustodloBs.Ms.NixaReyes&M?->fesusCruz-FemQndee,/orgi»lngmeaccess Lou's Thanks.- M^'pafiehttnn agrandparents/or their support,- all 0/my Prep teachers, especy^te.^:tothci6ckerroom5a/ter4 PM(uft8tth'$|earbook became my dormitory); my two young sisters.^ a v1tc Azzarto. Mr. Oorwfirph, Fr. Oppido, Mr. Campion, Mr. Salazar, Ms. Cataldo. Mr. Caslm, Fr. Hog§§SI|lraB8H & Pooja,foral(ovjing me Lhepleasure of Mlying them; Mom/orpreparingmymeaklateanaOadftJdnv mg Curry; Mrs. Costanzo, Mr Guzik. and Mr. McElhmney, our uearbook moderators.- the yearbowjy||||§^ mfttoaild/romschootduriiigtfujsefatgftightswhenlslavedfoiFjjfarboofc^mysmatfcoiHiftSiRi^y'run theirhumor and eccentricity; Monty Python and Mel 8rooks/or providing the world with meani^^^^^BH j Paja,Palak, & Vicko^^oegtgso veruci&and innocent lootiftgfMs.bQnawe/orieftejittwfi^^pfcept VH1 and Comedy Central/orgiving us hours o f viewing pleasure.- Rolling Stone Magazine/or mywork Iftte (due toyearbooW; Mr. Dandtirph/or scaring thebroccolLQutofmewiththosew»rii>S M onri admirablepublication.- and the Beatles (esp John Lennon and George Harrison), the Rollinm&fraPjK /ortellingme that grades do not mean anything; Deacon O'Neil/orhis wildpersonalltyondforcof’sdefirig FleetwoodMac (espStevie Nicks), Cream (espEric Clapton). LedZeppelm, Jimi Hendrix. Simon & xme to:bean*antmal";AlJen Sista/p>belhgt£fe shy tocon/rontMr. HoramSanoop/O' theii^j pefson Aretha Franklin, ^©.Eggles, Queen. Aerosmith. Janis Joplin, Bob Dylan, the Doors. Tom to regularly visit the Pr^websiteiAdnaft ^epero/orasjisUngme® ve!^^ent;Mr,AlcE^?ttStt/cr Heartbreakers, Cr<JMI^p£^rwaterRevival, the Who, Santana, Blind Faith, Heart. Blondie, cloppingh&handsb^oreprayer;AlanVezmaforito.'!<ria7tf^he(^i^rne.WitiitheseniBrsectft)»i'b^nputing Robinson. H a r r y ^ h a ^ S t n ^ ^ ^ ^ P in k Floyd, Carole King, theGrate/ul Dead, REM., CSNs^, t ® toflvmpfrflteMs. me^tionsesyonsiwhichalwaml^mesleepy, Eric Estevez Mamas & the * the Family Stone. Stevie Wonder. James . /orSUK.esw(lyexeet«>nomero'/ertopeKjtlO(V(egafdin^so[npO?sranmentso/mine;ZQm/orappeoring Ray Charles. S tffp e n w S ^ T W ^ v e ^ er BdmfcGlddtetooht. the Kinks, Jefferson Airplane, t h e ^ ^ ^ : ■• updates, giving me time to work on yearbook,the Bee Gees, me Birds, 8il^JoeT; t f ^ % r ^ t T i i r , Elton John. Three Dog Nig%ihe;: ^^^/o^w&iP^^^teyBinMMgWtT’reo^Mr Benzfor the excellent World Civilizationscourse: Fr. Azzarto Carpen ters. trie Pretenders, the Bangles, Sam&OQi/Bithe (K ^lel^ tferepfajvrty James & the Shond«fc< M BI^^^M ^ K i^ KS6WTenceinWest Virginia: Mr. Dubrule/or deliberately distorting my nameevery time; Meatloa/, Jefferson Starship, the Yardbirds, Fo reip w c^ ^ slg^ M the RighteQ§|x* |§|p$P®AHeh.Cabrerafo r never being ablecarryoutaconversation without the useo/sexual connotations; Brothers. 0 $ Redding; 0awn,:OgnMclean, theAllman BromersBdfld J f e t roce»\«jftMorns«\, BugS©*® Kramer o/Sein/ield/orhis ridiculously funny entrancesand/or usinga pizzeria oven to warm hisclothes; Mr. Spnng/ield^frieAnimals, BuddyiM y.the Turtles. RodStewart. 6J Thomas, Bloo^SwcQt&TfWs, Mantua Lillis/orinvitingme toassist in the BillboardProject: Ms. Saber/or threatening meabout the relatively clean Mann, the Cars, the Young Raseatij Ravi ShanJcar, Velvet Underground,Jethro Tull, DeepPurpte.Stealers ^*oublications room; Mr. Salazarfor his use o/colors on the board; Sanjay Shifpi/or his delectablealthough wheel . Ssc|t. Barry Sadler^Dexg'sMidnigtitRunnerSjlJjeSinging NMi,and Peter, Paut&MafOfor g P | « gaq{^flg; Brian Blaneyfor saying ’Hi*to me for some odd reason almost everyday; James Coviello/or u.'iceasmg'inspiration. 5 wulwggSflTOggm^distrust/ullooK.JoeNaviello/or introducing the yellow boo/unto the yearbook room: DhavaOfThanks: Matt. ipu, feifc Pttneet,,Joe, Iracy, and Marijft^orali thememories>my-parents ' < 5 , ^ o ^ ^ l l , n g me the history homework every week even though I had asyllabus; Kurt Ubelhoer /or putting up with me, Mr GuzikTorscream(ngatusandJorsurv^^aWdone--stqy tuhed, Mattjbr yearbook/ar more interesting than it ever had to be (by either disclosing or being the topic showing mewhataneditor-in<hiefshoaWandshouldnatbe, Mrs: CoStan^rajj Prepmother, Mr.paridorph ^ ^ ^ ™ iij.(W ^ so re d and completely unneccesary m/ormation); PatrickJ. Naughton o f Sun Microsystems & Mrs^Garcia/orteachtngme li/eskUlsijSrf moldingrtieintoan eagte, SlrCampion/or|,one o/th? better* Jof-JSfcQGfc, tferaawe-mspiring screensavers that always le/t me ina peaceful trance; Luke Drummondfor English classes, Fr. Oppido/orgratinjjwwith his Latin knowledge^^^rtams(rvMSvCurryandFr;Q,B>ien ^ ^ H w o l l i d m g with mecontinuously after school near the water/ountain; Mr. Campion/or nearly r 'naktng^rethat Iwasalv/ays doiKg amillion things at the same:qme--:aRd<ibtngithem well, i^ ^ ™ e^ Ran unabridged dictionary; and everyone else who Iregrettably was unable to remember due for ^iigw ii^B tp^ ^ce^ A G A P^ iito--«nou9hsaidj.Ms. v<^^fcirthet)<eiiiffijflnish, Mr.MazurkMs> Tex) to make this las t (and already twenty-day late) deadline—Enjoy yourjourney 8«erra M^Cfltaiytf^tc./orthe/reecoiSuling. RoeMaCalujo/orallthehelpandeveryoilng else /rl? Bria/nonteJ0' thier ej OttfEeSkMr. Kel(yfor the radio, i^r.Hoj'ah, f rKeenan & Mr. Raslowskyfor T^ W w Sk s.- My parents & grandparents fo r doing their best to deal with the late nights & early giving mesomwftfetlBStpppqptwr 1tl^afPrep Nolan, Anthony, etc/^'Ollowing me todrog themmto S&|8S856raptt Yearbookand Stage Crew. EllenSthaliand the rest o/HerffJones/or dealing with my constant the dungeon - a k a yeawoi>fe^»aiu<?j.8o' ns^s'e y^f^ctrthelastininute copy, Being in'tfepesiteringond not getting too annoyed. Yearbook, Stage Crew, and Edge Media Networks/or ensuring Woodstock parody and/or her house. Ryan and Ed/orbeing crazy enough to to worry about not having something todo. Chris Boggiano, Steve Kayiaros, and Dan Trimble join yearbook in the/irst place and then r^«'api»MiOri^s lft^ S p e a ',sW(!hnifer Aniston, Shania * ffl^ u p p iin g my invovlement ineach o f those activities. John Peckand ChipNet/or causing me to meetDan Twain, theX-/iles,thecasto/Sein/eld. F r i e n d s . / f ^ Y f ^ « £ i i i i r i ^ t Q i i r e p rSF. . JaCquie Wuertzfo r keeping me from going too crazy, and listening to all Ihadtp say. Matt Elson Frances for the wonder/ul ideas for the Multicultural Clubica)1ww^to^iKf^)m%:|!?p't^|^forg(vlngme I jfiMMreinq the keys/or usfrom Mr. Dandorph sophomore year, th u sjo in :n a S ia ^ ^ ^ th en Yearbook. an opportunity to tutor at the HAPprogram& also edit the n ew s p a p ^ ^ ^ m K ^ M : ™^tHBen tually spending nearly all o f his time at one or the other -^ m tf ^ m ^ H B en ^ q more time at help, Dubrule -flapjack-for making me feel worthless &/or being anythin^6^ ^ S ^ i r ( ^ p / R ^ N ^S|W Crewdoing work than anyone else, and then p^^esMP.ich rival those Andreadis & Mr, Crisalli for letting meget out o/dass. Ten Hatcher& Gillian A n d e r s^ F » ^ ^ fe -*o q fe ,:' > ^ ® jr photography editor, even though mp ^ o q f8ph|*.-fimilSnapp /or being the for uearbook tips, Ellen/or letting us 10//the hook again and again and again, 0PI, the ’98 boo«9oSi§i§9j^ iM d S t a g e Crew m em toB ga««m a!^ a i i a a™8”- ~ the but t o/ourjokes. Forensics & Petroc, theJets, the Kmcks. and the Nets /orastellare//ort,MJ/ormaki?K^ thesmartest decision o/his career, Dave & Mr, McElhinneyforextendingmyjobdescription, Superman for --nr 1 --■■■-----r- n-iTr-r —it Tim' the/ood, Mr. Lillis/oreverythingand anything, Mark Wyville/orshowing us now real photographers work. uioto/therdtnersimpie,g e t . .‘ri/timeconsuirunq. computergi-aphicswork. Lou/or the absolute, amazing Fr. 8aldu//or thecollege nelp, 2-IOO’s Billy Hammond. French Hot Chocolate at Al's Oiner, Mr. OwuiMSifofi&S lobon thgdividigyaftdttBts, andasare^y load. Chris al ways smiling, Mr. Abraham. Mr. Riedy for never objecting to the courses I had asked/o<&t^Jp|§P^|$ 8^iaap^)rmakif«f thetypo whichiedtomy nickname. Everyone who/etched/ood/orme. f«^aslowsky Ms. Donahue* Mr. Doyle/or the great conversations, Mr. Peters* Fr. R au lli/ o rsu p p or^ ^ SS^ ^ -- s ja r tftemdlM ^ecMsary/o^ecomputerupgTOdeswhichwereesset^K^^&ffictionMihis book. again--/orbnngingHamlettoli/e,KatDaddy/orbemgsuave,92.3.95.S,97.3,100,3, Mr, Sobt>)SQnn>rd(idwing.usto use'^sscdnner andZiP drive,as well ijtst^^nme shufflethriubh his box 106.7.107.S, etc.. Chancellor MediaGroup, Oavid Wells. Mr. Boylefor supporting the De Rew 8BH|S^ ^ 8 | o/netwoi*cardsneQrtyev^timelf^^^^^P^Bi»aHfee^iW orf^m^th.SM.Campio^w:hoosing at Prep, thecoaches/or/ree games, press passes, my two brothers, the guys o f Pax Christi, AffllSSsHra^Hj a play about Vampires, and havinq on« o/mu most interesting classes. Ms Curry/or letting us ^ ' the & Navish Chawla/or alwaysfinding something to do. the Prep community, my extended fa m u i^ d W iM darkroom, andleftirignwiise her re^^dto'r/brdarkroQfnchemtcafe Fn OSnenjwlettti^mejHqu with veil o f secrecy, the record companies, Mr. Ronan's phone line, Brian Yunfor tne pictures, his new toys., uh...computers, and/brgranting us access toahot water supptyffordarkroomcherrcas . o/humor, those who supported the Multicultural mission, Mr. OeAngeto& myother Emmaus bro(rafey§&uiu Mr,B^le/Grposlngi*«xplosiQnabout|8x.andrettlngusvisehl5Sink(f6rddrkrS)>nchemicols}.Mr®ebrule Chisari, Steve Kaiyatros/or being a role model. Brian McCabe. Mark Connolly. Oave Setlembrfi, Jerome jorletwigus borrow hisdigital camera Mr.Ronan/or notqettingtooannoyedwtthme MrSoscia/or/^iwing Pedersen and the other HAPsters. Chris t Hospital, to all those who Ile/t out andall those who rMde thlsa > R ^^dition o f rather unobtrusti\^tag^ewmoderatof& FrvjReenanfor th?do^lviuts^l^Cb'W>nzo great book. Ed’s Thanks: Mrs. Costanzo and Mr. Guzik fo r recognizing me and allowing me to be on thestSjjTTo Matt whose leadership was integral tooursuccess. To Tex/or his dedication. To Dhaval who was a sonstant source o f comedy (Rolling Stones!!!). ToLou, Ihopeyou have a nicedayIAnd/inally to Brian Sharrljckvi’h'o--. s , vj . *? T^e GIM^Mdftttthose ^oCtjritriouticI tH eu5i?/u|p{to;^^dS^^^’'rfKe peopleat Micro got me to write my/irst yearbook copy. Hmm... was thatablessing or a curse?? I hope/or thesufceesso/ ' In/oTcCK.U^|o^de«Jl%V/(^my^n'fii^!tVis 1tfen;®, honecattsasl workr j on upgrading the computers all o/thesenior editors. Toallmy/riends youareaconstant source 0/support. Tomy best/nend, (Si^Slii,. atye«jf,8ook. 1 n ^ ^ R K ^ $ v ^ p $ t thearialshot intheopenning. 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ohn J. Casey, one o f the m o st

p o p u lar

facu lty

fa r fU ? d I

m em ber o f Prep’s class o f 1974. Mr. Casey began his teach­

ing career at St. Leonard’s members for more than three deH .S. in Brooklyn and

‘ cades at St. P eter’s Preparatory

many years, he was a modera­

we were in awe o f his worldliness and his absolute mastery o f his subject

tor ofPrep’s literary maga­

matter. W e felt absolutely at ease in

zine and a faculty leader o f the Emmaus Re­

his class, but never once lost our respect for him. In hindsight, that is

glish department from 1973-79. For

School, died on M arch 16, 1999.

joined the St. Peter’s

Since arriving at the Prep in 1965 as

Prep faculty in 1965.

treat. T h e 1980 Prep

what being a great teacher is all

H e also held teaching positions at

yearbook was dedi­ cated to M r. Casey,

about.” Another form er student,

notin g how he,

Joseph Massarelli, who in the 1990s followed Mr. Casey’s footsteps as

o f classic literature. H e was also an

other schools such as Xavier and St.

“has poured all his

Prep’s English Departm ent chair­

anchor in theschool’s dramatics de­

Peter’s College. In

efforts into caring

partment, directing Prep’s student

addition to his role

for the many people

man, echoed the comments o f many other in referring to Mr. Casey as

plays for much o f the 1970’s and

as faculty m em ber

a new m em ber o f the English D e­ partment, M r. Casey’s classes were known for their lively exploration

1980’s. A m ong the many students

and dramatics director

w hom he d ire c te d was T o n y

at the Prep, Jack Casey served as chairperson o f the E n ­

A w ard-w inner N athan L ane, a This picture fro m the 1 9 8 0 yearbook, which w as dedicated to Mr. Casey, features him as the director o f Prep’s dram atic productions. This quotation fro m the 1 9 8 0 dedication describes his personality the best: "His dedication and patience with the cast and crew again emphasize th at his concern is primarily fo r persons and giving appreciation fo r tasks well done.”

he meets.” Jam es H oran re­ called his “sense ofconnec­

“T h e best teacher I ever had,” add­ ing, “H e is the reason I decided to become a teacher.”

tion” with his students. “Often,

“We pause at this time to remember with gratitude a long-time member of the Prep faculty, John J. Casey II, who began his tenure at St. Peter’s in 1965 and served our community with great love and care until he was called home to the Lord on March 16 of this year. For 34 years, Jack Casey was a wonderful presence at Grand and Warren--finding g re a t l e s ­ sons in the lives


Huck Finn and Holden C a u lfie ld , s h a r i n g

kind words an d w o n ­ derful sto ­ ries, and dir e ct i n g more than t w e n t y

p lay s and hundreds of young actors. His work and spirit live on in the thousands of young men with whom he shared his life at Prep. He taught us all, and he taught us well. May he rest in peace.” -John Raslowsky, Principal Mr. Casey was always the center o f attention as in this picture fro m the 1981 P etrean■ His personable nature made him one o f the m ore popular /acuity m embers, as he had a profound effect on all o f his students.

M r. JacK Casey \B5




A re t^

he 1999 Varsity Baseball

C h A M P 10NS


what all o f the hard w ork was for.

Junior Ryan C arrol was the lead­

N o one works harder than St. Peter’s im pressive season since 1958 Prep,asand we proved that today.”

ing hitter, batting an am azing .494.

T e am capped o ff its most

H udson County Cham pions this year. Prep domintatedopposingteanas

In the final regular season gam e,

Prep set the ton&ft)r the season by

Prep beat M arist 22-3 and junior

beating Seton H g S ^ - 4 in their first

M arc Cevasco perform ed a feat un­

gam e. N ick Edw ards, the leadoff

precedented in Prep hisrory: he hit

throughout the year averaging 10.29

hitter, hitx:4v8

a sin g le, d o u b le, trip le , and a

runs per gam e and holding the op­

defense ijO tejjggjfM d.

position to an average o f only 3.94

w gf played


hom erun.

Stew-Jm®|pez pitched a no-hit­

In the state and county tourna­

runs per gam e. T hey w ent unde­

ter inf'a


m ents, seniors M ark D iG esu and

feated in the county (16-0) and fin­

Je r s a C ^ te V .jH ^ ^ W t^ fc W t


C raig Addeo were able to continue

ished with 26 wins and 5 losses. In

onlyjpfes in th & M r^ n T an ^ -N o rth

the team ’s w inning streak entering

a d d itio n , th e team b a tte d an

State Finals aWcripd the team with a

the post season by providing key hits

unbeliveable .338 and had an on-

1.75 B # M ^ A 7 9 ‘'«trikfo4ts. N ick

and solid defense in left and right

base percentage o f .68.

U r b a n o y ^ M m e d y 7 y k m d hit 4


“Everytim e we stepped out onto the field we believed we could win.

home ru n S ^ M ^ fe

tWo and

three h o le ^ R o ^ fflB u tm j'se a so n .

O n June 2, the team won the H udson County T itle . Senior Jack

W e never doubted ourselves and our

Against Edison tw^^temin Kevin

Baker, who was a key to the title, had

abilities,” said senior T ri-C ap tain

Coyle hitahom erunrcflG adPrepto

9 wins as a pitcher, played excellent

Jack B aker


when describing the

te a m ’s d esire to w in .

C o a ch

S e n io r P eteJM taaad eo

defense at third base, and batted .375

pitched a no-hitter in tneP*|'ame

at the plate. H e also led the team

U rbanovich said to the team after its

against rival

5-3 win over M emorialin the Hudson

finished the year with a 4-2 record

C ounty Cham pionship, “T h is is

and an impressive 1.86 E R A .

N orth Bergen, and

with 5 hom e runs alongw ith junior catcher G reg Condo,

First Row: Coach Spina, Ruben Rodriguez, Auggie Gonzalez, William Costigan. Second Row: Steve CauField, Adol/o Zayas, Jo h n Talty, Dave Bernero, Ja m es Supple. Third Row: W ayne Geraci Matt Schade, Ed Ratyniak, B rian Kaczka, Steven Thorne, William Rabbitt, Anthony Territola.

I8G J V $ V a rs ity Basetall

The Varsity Baseball Team celebrates its victory a/ter winning the county title. The team ’s hard work and dedication finally paid o ff in this game.

1999 jv Baseball Record: 1 4 - 4 Prep: Prep: Prep: Prep: Prep: Prep: Prep: Prep: P rep: Prep: Prep: Prep: Prep: Prep: Prep: Prep: Prep: Prep:

16 1 8 7 16 4 16 24 12 5 10 29 12 20 0 W in 10 10

H oboken: Seton Prep: B ayonne: N orth B erg^i: gj H udson Catholic: C.B.A.: ' M arist: M em orial: M em orial: B ayonne: , D ickinson: D ickinson: St. Joe’s: Ferris: H oboken: M emorial: H udson Catholic: N orth Bergan:

7 3 £

jfc ii 1 * 0



0 4 2

2 - i li* fjflll

m s




1999 Varsity Baseball Record: 2 6 - 5

First Row: Auggie Gonzalez, Nick Edwards, Mike Urbanovich, Craig Addeo, Jo h n Zaszewski. Second Row.- Nick Urbanovich, Anthony Marinello, Fran Rotella, Mark DiGesu, Mark Cevasco. Third Row: Pete Amadeo, Dan Sweeney, Pete Duda, Ja c k Baker, Steve Jim inez. Fourth Row: Jo e Nolan, Ryan Carroll, Greg Condo, Kevin Coyle, Coach Urbanovich.

Seton Hall Prep: 14 Prep River Dell: P rep 7 St. M aiy'sps, 16 Prep Iona Pfep: Prep 3 Xavier: Prep 9 Lincoln: 34 Prep H oboken; 14 Prep St. Benedict’s Prep: Prep 13 Edison: 10 Prep U nion Hill: 16 P rep M em orial: Prep 7 K earny: Prep 13 St. Raym ond's: Prep 5 H udson Catholic: 8 Prep Dickinson:. > Prep 7 S n y a & fp ll Prep 13 St. Josepl?l*T?>T); P rep 4 St.Joseph's (Met.): P rep 7 M arist: 8 Prep Ferris: 12 Prep N orth Bergan: 4 Prep C.B.A.: Prep 7 B ayonne: Prep 9 Em erson: 8 Prep M arist: 22 Prep State Playoffs fas*. H udson Catholic: 18 Prep r Im m aculata: Prep 3 m St. Joe's(M ontvale): 4 i Prep HC1AA M arist: 10 -i Prep B ayonne: 14 Prep M em orial: Prep 5

4 1 .0 11 1 * 4 11 , 3 jg y j 8 0 1 i


0 4

0 0 jm


1 0 15 0 3 3

% ;2 6 3 7 1

J V £ V arsity Basefcall 187


he 1999 Fresh m an base­

accept nothing but the best from

ball team perform ed in a

each other because we believe we tremendous manner this season. must Both m ake,each other better. T h is the regular season ; . ;eason team’sconimitmenlf.toexcellenceso play yielded u n e q ty jjflfflji :ess in

farhasgivenusaprettygood season, but we haven’t won anything yet; we

Prep baseball h i s @ ^ * 5 j)me team won their first ever freshmapjsou.nty

still need to keep w orking.”


^ jJlF ju lflliR g ^ a cfL G o B Je ^ ’s expec-

This year’s team w asj^ryjspeciat^ lliironsTthe team seta new freshman Coach M ike GoitfKg^c|5naftented

record for victories, as it finished the

mid-season, “I am roleslSfth k year,

regular season 19-3, beating the old record o f 13.

because I have a bui\ch of^aunam en who love to play b&sgjJpl PaV in

H ow ever, the scoreboard itself

and day out they com e ready fctoplay

was not the Only indication o f the

and ready to give thetr'H sstKTh^r

season’s success. T h e ball players

attitude is trem encjousf tpey f^mly^

continued to meet personal and team

believe that prffcjjc«rfl^privilegfi.


p o s s ib l« w e ’ve learned m uch this


perform ance goals throughout the T h ey - i f f S i^ Siappy to be on t W i iseason, and, indeed, the character o f team a i t t P p the ball club as best as \ jSreshman Prep baseball showed itsw fflll& e to thesuccess o f this year’s

year, not ju st about baseball, but

team, the future o f Prep baseball

about building character. O ur team

looks promising.

is based on discipline and loyalty. W e

Front Row: Mike Price, Anthony W olleon, Daniel Condo, Brian Guarini, Ja v ier Persad, Claude Eqalite Back Row.- Jo rg e Fujitia, Ronny Sanchez, M att Faden, Jo e Pecora, Mike Lyons, Anthony Pastore Rene Rodriguez, Coach Mike Gomez.

188 Frosh Baseball

1999 Freshmen Baseball: 1 9 - 3 Prep: 17 North Bergen: 0 Prep: 3 Seton Hall: 7 Prep: 6 River Dell: 5 Prep: 22 Dickinson; 2 Prep: 19 Hudson Catholic: 1% Prep: 20 Dickinson: ii Prep: 4 Memorial: 2 Prep: 19 Ferris: 2 Prep: 10 Rutherford: 1 Prep: 11 Kearny: m 6 Prep: 7 I.yndhurst: 1 0 Prep: 8 North Bergen: 4 Prep: 10 Hudson Catholic: 4 Prep: 13 Secaucus: 3 Prep: 7 Memorial: 4 Prep: 13 Ferris: Prep: 12 j St. Joseph’s iMet.): 11 Prep: 5 W Rutherford: 6 Prep: 6 Lyndhurst:^ 7 Prep: 10 Secaucus: 0 Prep: 22 Dickinson: 1 Prep: 12 Memorial: 2

1999 Outdoor Track " JC CMmpiotfships: 1st Place HCIAA Championships: 3*d Place-


CTC Championships: ** 3rd! Place jt k

Front Row: Coach Mays, Greg Gargiulo, Orville Thomas, Jesse Cassibba, Coach Burgess. Second Row: Danny Alvarez, Ron Sam ia, Mike Nazarko, Billy Bludgus, Luke Drummond. Back Row: Sean Cullen, Frank Gonzalez, Jo e Castellano, Ryan Connell, Sean Glasser, Sal Candela.

Seniors Sal Candela and Luke .Drummond approach the .finish


he 1999 Outdoor season

track career in college and become a

looked very promising, as

better sprinter.”

this year marked the b e g in M ^ o T f ah e distance team also came back this season with a lineup o f new era o f Prep T r a c i? with the talented runners, including seniors addition o f new Assistant Coasjfes Sal Candela, L uke Drum m ond, Mays, K riw iean d D iG iorgij^specializing in sprinting, d istaB e, and

Clint Bransky, and Jesse Cassibba,

field, respectively. W ith t&e amaz-^

and sophomores Billy Bludgus, Sean

ing Cross Country season behind it,

Cullen, George Magou, and John

the team achieved great sim r s liv

Rossi, as well as freshman Greg

& Gargiulo. the spring. T h e field team is arguably the T h e sprinting team c o n flH H H many talented athletes. Amongthem /best it has been in years, and, under were seniors Orville Thom as and

the guidance o f Coach DiGiorgio,

F r a n k G o n zale z, ju n io rs Sean

the team’s future looks bright. Fresh-

Glasser, Sammy Rivera, Calvin Y ftfe " t t * n sensations Glenn DiGiorgio Albert Sidhom and Kellen W illiam v / J f l Ryan Connell, as well as sophoand sophomore Danny Alvarez. ViAore Pat D eSom m a, show high Captain O rville T hom as stated,

p o t e n t i a l , s-

“Coach Mays is a great leader and

C o a cn ^ M fck Mays predicted

teacher. H is dedication and devo­

that, “thfcawmletes will be an unstoppal*lsS3t>rce in the not-too-dis-

tion to this team just proves his con­ cern for us. H e has helped me to

tant future. Expect great things to

realize that I want to continue my

come from them .”

OutJoor Tr&cK 189

1999 Tennis: 19-4 Prep Prep Prep Prep V l f " ' Prep Prep Prep 5 | Prep Prep 5 Prep 5' Prep 5 Prep 4 Prep ; Prep Prep 5 Prep 4 Prep Prep State Playoffs Prep 3 Prep HCIAA Tourney Prep 5 Prep 5 Prep

■A 3±


? jH

uM;; 0 IP

Front Row.- Ja a n Schlemermeyer, Robert Stein, Alessandro Apolito, Kevin McGrath, Gerard Alolod. Second Row: Mike Hunton, Chris Fernando, Evan Costanzo, Ja m g s Am adeo, Tom Zuber, M att Hunton, Coach Crisalli.


he lineup for this year’s

doubles and finished with a 19-6

tennis team was sim ilar to

record. Junior Chris Fernando’s sea­ that o f the 1998 team, but the sonab­ concluded with an 18-7 record sence o f Paul Tedd y, \fini holds and a birth in the N JIS A A state Prep’s record for victories m a ngles,

singles tournament.

made the 1999 season seefifip be a

Sop hom ore K ev in M cG rath ,

rebuildingyear. O ptim isticK B , Mr.

who finished the season w ith a 21 -4

A nthony Crisalli, who coaqPfca his

record, stated, “W e are playing for

final season at Prep this yeaVlsaid,

a county title. N othing else m atters

“W ith this year’s lineup we s i t e a

to us. W e haven’t forgotten about


to be a very competitive

w hat happened last year [the team ’s

team. W e may give a lot o f ttiln s

loss in the county sem i-final to rival

trouble with the strength dKertrr\ N orth Bergen] and we w ant that doublesteams.”

ghiianged.” Though the team was not T h e 1999 squad was anchifiSpJg® fjjjsre to capture the county title, itdid solid leadership from its t w J & m f c t i S g sp h with a respectable record o f captains, Jam es Am adeo aiWHSfflfej H u n to n . A m ad eo playedwHffl!3« f e S l l starting players with the exsingles and finished the season sSnpMjt JfflBB|phofthe two captains will be w ith an impressive record o f 2IH39 S p a a ^ g ^ n e x t year and there will H e also finished a surprising secon^

j * at'least tmree freshm en who will in the H C IA A county singles tour­ ^ b ff< ^ te‘® /contribute to the team nam ent. M att H unton teamed with immediately. sophomore A lex A polito at first

IJO T et\t\ts

McNair Academic: North Bergan: Dickinson 4 > Mejnorial: , Hudson Catholic: Bayonne: Ferris: St. Benedict's Prep: Union Hill: Ferris: Hoboken: North Bergan: Dickinson: Hoboken: : Memorial: McNair Academic I Bayonne: I Union Hill:


Don Bosco: Btogry:


SnydeE Emerson: Bayonne:

2 0 s 0 0 3 0 0 0 1 0

00 1 5

‘0 2 5

0 Iff 5


fter last year’s record-break ing season, the 1999 Prep

Volleyball T eam

a record 22-game winning streak including their first victory over

They lost to Memorial in began this Memorial. year their first county championship ap-

with high expectations. Head Coadi Don G j4^ | ^ k id Assistant Ccach Brian M pJaJ^lncouraged the team

fcearance and to St. Joe’s Metuchen

to partiS^ gpfti i)ff-seasoij^ournaments to develop their

i nament.

experience. Many

HWits throughout the season. They

ing players respqu^|^PD,y:

|Mkttered many records from previ-

■ n the quarterfinals o f the state tour-


This year’s team had many high-

advantage o f open gyms and ^ ^ sy e a rs and created some o f their leagues thr uughojuffflFschocS^eat; r H H i^ r h e y earned statewide recogLed b y ffl^ ^ ip tain sC ^ lo F ran - | H H L is a superb team which cancisco, A nthon^AA a gallon. and

I.pbt be .taken lightly. They have

Gerard Aro, the team posted its best ^ ^ ^ ^ B f ie d the meaning o f team?(B|jJiftterrnination, and a disciseason ever w ilH H e co rd o f 2


Seniors J e f f i^ ^ K n a n a , F ra n k

p lira M B L ^ e th ic . W ith some JV

G io rd an o , M ^ H c e C ru z , and

player|oij the r i s ^ A j ^ t e r ’s team

sophomore A n ^ B v Blauvelt sup­ plied the p ow | ^ ^B:tingand block­

hopes to riP ifw T n tn W ^ fttstep s. T h e accomplishments o f the volley­

ing skills at me net. Senior Mark

ball program since its establishment

junior Julius Fabros

have been quite impressive. In the

provided excellent defense in the

upcoming years the volleyball team will hopefully gain many more hon­

Ansay and

back court. Solid teamwork sparked


1999 Varsity Volleyball: 22 - p M em o rial^^ Prep; ■ 1 .Iff 0 Prep: :§lllift B ayonnejlP

D ickinso& w ,.. m m f..\ ■o, W North Union Hifij ▼ Lincoln: 2 H McNaiftAcaderaic; 2 C ■ Emerson; mMm 0 Ferris: 2' M emorial; 'J ^ P r e ^ H ■2'' Q 1 Bayonne; P rep-^j ^ Snyder: Prep: 2^ 9 III Dickinson2 Prep: 0 North Bergen-. * Prep:* 2 » Unions Hill: Prep: jj 12 §i 0 -VjJ4ncoln: Prep-. ] b Emerson; Prep-. | I2 Snyder: Prep: f2 M V Prlp: 2 Ferris? 'M IJ McNair-Academic P re p ^ t m HC1AA 0 Union Hill: 1 Prep: 2 0 N orth Bergan: Prep: J p 2 Memorial; r. Prep; ; 0 State 0 Cherry Hill West: ■Prep: 2 2 St; Joe’s(Met.) Prep: 0 Prep: Prep: Pfep: Prep: .'%ep: Prep:


F ront Row: Jaso n M allari, Jo rd a n B. A banilla, Ju stin Cruz, B rian Yun, J e ffr e y B ona/e, A ugust G eneroso, D uncan N dirangu, G regory Kender. Second Row: C oach B rian M cC abe, G eorge V illarina, M ark A nsay, G regory Floresca, A nthony M agallon, C hristian Latoja, A ndrew Blauvelt, C oach Don Guide. Third Row: Jo n a th a n Del Castillo, M aurice Cruz, G erard Aro, J e f f A lm enana, Julius Fabros. Back Row: Jaso n M arasigan, Denis R oarty, A nthony L aSpada, F ran k G iordano, D aniel A tienza, G erard Bernales, Carlo F rancisco.

V a rs ity $ J V Volleytall 191

fter last y ear’s d issap p oin tin a Hsieason w hich resulted in no victo®l

Front Row: Fr.Hoag, C. Briody, J. Coviello, E. Walker, D. ", C. Loeser, C. Cashman, M. Ryan, T. Mulroy, M. Ingles, Coach J. Dl Pompeo. Second Row: S. Luke, R. Walker, K. Glock, % Lacey, B. Archibald, J. Garo/alo. M. Farely, T. Schmitt, Coach J. Caulfield. Third Row; R. k a r c z e w s k ij* Kramer-Burghardt, M. Frezzo, V. ChisaH, B. Greeley, C. Delaney, C. Maffey, K. Mulroy, G. Munoz, M. Ctttola, P. Long. Back Row: B. Castelli, D. Falon, J. Zubko, S. Duffy, K. Rygiel, C. Cuadro% L. Glele, P. Dundee, A. Hall, M. Bagnoli, M. W orthington, B. Gallo, J. Ore/ice.

Christian Brothers A cadem y, and Bayle\ E llard , which lifted the team ’s morale.

ries, the ’99 Prep lacrosse team hoped to

A lthough the JV team played only a

win their first regulation gam e this sea­

mes this season, they gained expe-

son. T h e guidance o f new coaches Joe D i

ptains Brian G allo and Sanoop

Pom peo and Jim Caulfield, and leader­ ship from captains Joe G arafalo, K eith

ped in m olding lacrosse players season. Captains Pat L ong

G lock, and Sean Lacey insured

Loeser, and T o m Sch m itt were able

A lthough the team started wi

unite the JV team. T h is resulted in|

record, Prep eventually beat J

strong play and team w ork.

1999 Varsity Lacrosse;

Sen ior To| Parry p repares /or the up com ind Lacrosse season . The te a m ’s

4 -8 Prep: Prep: Prep; Prep: Prep: Prep: Prep.Prep: Prep: Prep: Prep: Prep:

8 5 2 4 0 6 5 7 6 ■ 6 8 5


St. Benedict's Prep; Morris Catholic: Ridger . , Sparta: Mo-Beard: A L Johnson Jefferson: Edison: . Newark Academy: CBA: Bayley-Ellard: Ola Bridge:

15 7 7 9 7 12 2 9 2 5 6

p re­ se a s o n w ork-outs co n trib u te to the te a m 's success.


1999 JV Lacrosse: 1 -3

1999 Varsity Golf Prep Prep |Prep Prep Prep

Ju n io r Pete Visone, having proper

156 166 186 199 202

]’k m

' Prep 248 Prep 1 9 7 Prep l 175 Prep 176 Prep 169 Prep f t Prep i f i Prep 189

/orm, /ocus, and aim , aligns the ball and club to atta in maximium velocity & postion.



Record: 6 -

Westfield: Scotch Plains: Bergen Catholic: Cranford: St. Rose: Bishop Ahr: Seton Hall Prep: Union: Barringer: Scotch Plains: Newark Eastside: St. Benedict’s: Linden: Cranford:

206 145


179 179 242


182 220 155 245 " Forfeit 234 198

fter losing its top players last year, the g o lf team lost all but one o f its first

matches to som e o f the top

teams in state. In the end, t h e J ^ B B ^ h e i r season around and

won five out o f their last six g a m e s ^ ^ ^ k a m this year was led by coaches T im Caslin and Bill L i l l i s ^ ^ B a s ju nior Pete Visone and sophomore L iam A hearn, w l B H R l in the top two spots for the team. Sophomores A n t h o n C ^ H b l l i , E ric D w yer, and Jerem y O rtega and freshm an J^ a ^ ^ ^ p le r all consistently perfomed well. Peter Visone at We^quahic G ^^K ourse against Eastside N ew ark, shot one under p^r 34 and set^ B re p g o lf record. W hen asked about the te a m ^ p fe r fo r m a n c q ^ ® ar, Liam A hearn said, “W e came into the year a very yourfglllPh and with the experi­ ence we gained we can only get better.”

192 Lacrosse / Golf

Front Row.- S han e D’Aprile, Ryan Adler, Chris Napoli. Second Row: I Ja c k Hanlon, Anthony Comprelli, Louis Capezza, Liam Ahearn. I Third Row: Coach Tim Caslin, Jerem y Ortega, Eric Dwuer. R au l Addas, Pete Visone.

Do What You Like

Using classic Aikido techniques, Freshmen Nick Brady & Tom Dato practice a musubi exercise. Aikido offers both spiritual & physical exercise.


rep Day: a simple concept with

in the world o f sports. T wenty five miles o f

far-reaching results. T here is no

rough terrain presented the mountain bik­ denying the diverse opportunities avail­ ers a formidableyet rewarding adventure. able to Prep students, both in the class­ Mil* Gom ez and his party explored the room and through co-curricula# activihidden world behind the scenes o f Madison ties. Conceived as a way to broaden our Square Garden, while many others venhorizons, Prep Day offers students jjid


faculty alike the chance to samplf|orrf§ o f

Iworld-class cities like Philadelphia, Boston andsCape May. And at the end o f the day

the options available to us ’beyond the hallowed halls o f Grand and W i§fren.

B farther away to enjoy the offerings o f

each o f us had something to bring home.

So it was on a rainy day in Apr:! that the young men o f Prep set out with faculty

T o r some it was a pennant for others a photograph or a Playbill, and surely, a

members to explore the world. Some opted

memory or two. But we all brought home

to search the innermost univojrj.e,tihr<>UEh

more than souvenirs. W e saw something,

yoga and aikido while other|pttendedlja

did something, or felt something which we

Broadway show. Baseball was thecenter o f

might not have had the chance to do oth­

the universe for those who, with Fr. Azzarto

erwise; and we all came away from our

and M r. Jones, travelled to Cooperstown.

varied experiences more enlightened.

Many Prepsters chose to accept a challenge

Mr. Z and his “henchmen” count the earnings at the end o f the Mission Drive. The money is then donated to the Jesuit Missions.

As Ju nior Dave Suarez | waits fo r a pass fro m Ms. Chua, | Fr. Rautli and Fr.Azzarto play

defen ce. The Mission Drive 3-on3 tournament was organized by Coach Crisalli.



he mission drive committee, headed by M r. Zawistowski,

worked hard to help support the Jesuit missions all over w o rld , as they h e lp e d to raise over $ 1 5 ,0 0 0 .

T h e 1998-99 mission second academic convocation, whereia'Mr|flor^iS|K||ml experiences from his

^ O CD

visit to Micronesia. T h e m is sio j^ fiie d iig ^ ^ e n d e d o n M o th e r’s Day after several stoess& p P io n th s o|$un1f%I raising money. Mrs. Costanzo fedii^paed the tradition o f her famous bake shop by providy|g'dfclicadesja||ri as brow niesjm pcakes, and


cookies every Tuesday b# i^«^m ero| <% . M d n jb n e also sold “Irvine B ro w se s,” Sr. F^fhcesloltfT-shir^^& itJM r. Middleton organized the 30 hour Jamine. T h e absenc&~-of la'rger evpits

4<fan«Tand the Royal

Rumble had no apparei^ e f f e g Qnjjie mij sion drive’s enormous success. W ith Mr. Raslowsky’s permission, the mission drive committee held six d ressao w n d ay ffn i^ ear instead o f the usual twoorthree. Everyone was glad to see such a great interest in these smaller events which substituted for the larger ones.

Prep Day / Mission Drive 193

Rolando Ramos and Nicole Spano, as Sheila, a c t out a hilarious scene fro m H air w here Rolando, as Berger, p reten d s to be grateful f o r her gift. Through weeks o f practice, the acto rs p erfected their scenes.

The c a st o f H airJ led by Rolando Ramos, sings the fin a l song, “The Flesh Failures (Let the Sunshine In).sfM s piece was one 0/ the signature songs o f the original Broadw ay play.

"Hair found

its genesis in the streets of New York’s East Village, a breeding ground for highly creative experimental ideas. The show was the brainchild of two unemployed actors, Jam es Rado and Gerome Ragni, who had m et while looking for a job and had hit upon the idea of bringing to the stage the real-life theatrical excitem ent they were witnessing around them .” -Nat Shapiro

Prep’s H air band performed many pieces from the original broadway production. These included titles that became very popular during the late sixties. The medley “Aquarius/Let the Sunshine In,” was recorded by the Fifth Dimension. “Easy to Be Hard,” and “Good Morning Starshine,” were covered by Three Dog Night and Oliver respectively.

The m any talents o f the cast o f H air w ere seen in this scene where the students danced in /orm ation to the music. Dance sequences throu ghout the production m ade the play very lively and enjoyable.




or this year’s spring production, rather

nearly every day.

than a more traditional musical, Prep performed the rock musical


U nder the direction o f conductor and bassist T h e show Mr. Roland Jones, the band contributed


greatly to the production’s success. T h e band | B B W | d the Saturday performance with a

proved to be a great success, as the actors perform edforsoldoutcroudsontw ooftl i m igh ts


T h e plot o f concerns itse lfo fflB n ly w ith ! ififteen^Q ^Bte jam on “T h e Flesh Failures (Let the character Claude (Jonath^^^K ssel), who,B Ithe Sunshiffil|j|ii." Though /-/llllteqni red no set changes, a series having just received his d rafi^ K ice, is torn be-S tween the possibility o f joinJH fthe armed fo rce s! gofplatforms spaiiBfc? the stage and a psychedelic and his loyalty to his friendJH hippie tribe led b y j ■backdrop were c r ^ k d by Prep’s stage crew, led Berger (Rolando Ramos). tflH ecision not to burn* Iby Production M ar^fcr T e x Schundler and Stage his draft notice during a protest leads u ltim a td B M a n a g e r James I^B o. T h e intricate lighting the play were designed by to his symbolic death at the^Bclusion o f t h ^ ff lW | S b m e s required T h e production was h ig h lig lR i also by d g §p i& ngl | L i^ ff l^ M a n a g ^ » im Knapp. performences o f seniors W irE n p e z j^ K )rv ille H

T ffU jh i sonJ|Bpf the more controversial ele-

Thom as, as well as junior N ico ^ H flp R from S t.l Im ents o fT B | B £ m a l play were excluded from IPrep’s p u a B n o n , many, such as the L S D trip in Dom inic’s Academy. Tryouts for the play ran for two v fkMnlau. Itfaag llB p ffrt remained. However, Mr. Dondero February. Beginning in March, singers reheareHP ^TOnted out that the more controversial aspects o f the play are somewhat less important than the fact with musical directors Mr. M ike M azur and Ms.

“Hair is the w riter’s expression o f a specific

Lisa Cataldo, while dancers practiced under the


direction o f Ms. Lisa Dondero, choreographing

time period in American life where change took

her seventh Prep musical. Throughout April the

place and how the people had an effect on the

entire cast rehearsed with Director James Dondero


Lisa Dondero and her talented dance partner, Enver Vusetaj, practice their dance routine. Lisa Dondero was the chief choreographer fo r the musical, lending her skills as an experienced dancer.

Here, the cast is positioned in groups to perform “Ain’t Got No.” This song articulately described the hard times associated with being a hippie during the late sixties.

Hair 0 5

A nthony M urgola and his d a te enjoy th< ju n io r prom. The prom provided/one m em eories

1 Don't Wanna M iss Thing nce again, the ju nior prom was a great success.


Many juniors attended the celebration, which

supplied great fun for the whole class. T h e event was

coordinated by Ms. Boland and Mrs. W alsh. F rom the beginning o f the year they were constantly rem inding the juniors o f the payments that were due. T h e event was held at the Landm ark in East Rutherford. T h e students and their dates w ere treated to a wide selection o f foods at the buffet table. A ftcs^jesitp^hey “ danced the night away.” F o lio w iiis ^ jc ^ M ffi^ ^ s a a jo r ity o f juniors continued activities. wonderful

post prom prom is a tim e with our

classmates and in tro M ce the j& ls tow fe Prep experi­ ence.” T h e ring cerem ony was a vary m ejliin g fu l expe­ rience for th l Prepl juniors and Itheirllam ilies. T h e ceremony s ig n ^ e s '^ c u lm in a tio n o f altfhe values that Prep holds d e a r K jw L iio r s are9p|6^W' recognized as upperclassmen ai?h|^htS|f o y leajg jg jfflftie Prep com m u­ nity. T h is year’s c e le W H fc s lS E ^ M ik e H oag, S.J. H e preached the importance o f Prep m en being competent, compassionate, and having a strong conscience. A fter the hom ily, the students received their rings and had them blessed by one o f the many faculty m em bers in attendance. A t the reception follow ing the ceremony, the juniors joyously celebrated their established senior­ ity. N ow the juniors m ust realize their role in the school as they begin the transition to senior year.

Mr. Anthony Loria blesses the ring o f ju n io r Jo h n Ciuppa. The Prep class ring sym bolized the Spirit o f Prep and it w as a co n stan t reminder o f the values tau gh t a t the school.

IJ 6 Junior Celefcr&tions

Fr. Michael Hoag S .J and Fr. Tony A zzarto S .J. preside a t th e Ju n io r Ring Cerem ony. Fr. Hoag preached ab ou t th e Prep’s com m itm ent to educating m en o f con scien ce, com petence, and com passion.

he Prep class o f 1999 left

seniors to unleash their hidden tal­

quite an impression on the school, not only academically, but

ents o f impersonation was the senior-faculty dinner, a time o f great

socially as well. T h e various groups

laughter as well as an occasion to

o f seniors hanging out in the lobby,

strengthen the bonds o f friendship

the cafeteria, Ms. Boland’s atrius,

between teachers and students.

and the publications office turned

T h e Senior Prom , organized by

empty hallways and rooks intojjifjA^

Ms. Garcia, was a great success. Held at tile W est Mount Country Club, seniors had a chance to gather with

and life-givingspaces. T h e la n H B w ! o f weeks o f school were b itg ^ H K t: achieving the goal o f grad^^^^w as

■f[heir dates and have a final night o f

joyful, but the h e a r t a c t t B B f f i n ^ Prep was a constant

fun and dancing. Includingappear-

Informal celebration ^ R W gh t the seniors “in tune” (w ifh. that di­

gents Mr. Lito ja la z a r and the Rev.

ances by 'popular former Prep re­ Mr. Thom as Benz.

chotomy. Events such asf>arties,day

Follow ing tjie prom, the Bacca­

trips, casual conversations, pickMp,

laureate Mass allowed the Prep se­

ball games, and even discussions about

niors to gather together in a final

T h e Phantom Menace kfept tjiespirit| o f the senior class alive. The'S?niof

religious ceremony together. , T h e penultimate gathering o f the

pranks involving crabs to d H aw ai­

seniors, the faculty-senior picnic, al­

ian t-shirt and Bermuda, shorty Jet-

lowed teachers and students to be

the rest o f the school know that the

together one last time, and was fun

senior spirit was still vivacious.

for all, despite the warm tempera­

T h e formal celebrations orga­ nized by the school continued to promote the harmony o f brother­

tures. These senior celebrations gave the chance for seniors to share in

hood felt within the class. T h e first opportunity for several

laughter and fun, and create memo­

Mr. Rich Butler is a dominating

Jo h n Ronan, Joh n ath an Hassell, Anthony Loria, and Marko Gazic liven up the Faculty-senior Dinner with their musical abilities. All will miss them next year as they move on.

presen ce at Prep; overseeing workstudy and ju g progects. At the senior prom, Mr. Butler dominated the dance jloor.

ries that will last a lifetime.

Senior Celebrations 19?


hush filled the gym o fS t. Peter’s College

m eaningful effect Prep had upon his entire life,

as the band began to play the opening

and how, he hoped, it would continue to have an

chords to the famous “Pom p and Circum stance” effect.

and all heads turned toward the back as 180

A b rie f musical interlude took place after the

snappily-dressed seniors entered the gym. W ith

speech, w herein senior m em bers o f Prep’s band

red carnations, white jackets, and smiles on their

joined the rest o f the band for a final song, playing

faces, the graduating class o f 1999 processed down

the rarfy ?^ p \ em po “O riginal D ixieland C o n ­

the aisle. Follow ed by the teachers, the students

certo.,?’ ^sfter tl® applause died down, the guest

m ade their way to their seats and stood for opening invocation by F r. A zzarto a<^j|*fstirnn

M ichael Flem in g was introduced,; M ichaeW SJttging, a noted historian and au­

rendition o f the Star-Spangled B a n n e r ^

th o r, r r AH ~iin il o f Prep, spoke to the As the seniors took their seatiJBew fflpkTghpiB afoeprom m ukity o f his deep personal relationship

Raslowsky introduced the w « M n frig s p e a le H

H e was inspired recently by the

senior class president J ohn H a l K n . S p e a k iA <jf

discovery o f his father’s ring, an heirloom lost in

his great love o f Prep, as w e llB ^ ffe lha|SH^ft

Fran ce long ago. T h is inspired all the graduates

ahead, John expressed the sen tim S M M lm aJt^ lf

to never forget people’s capacity for love.

not all, o f his fellow classmates. Follow ing this, the distribution ofaw are* toM ■ L_11 place, honoring accomplishments v arying !r5| i

T h e m om ent every senior eagerly anticipated then arrived, and they received their high school diplomas. Finally, F r. F ren ch , rector o f the Jesuit

perfect attendance to outstanding academ ic

com m unity, gave the closing prayer, introduced

achievements over four years at Prep.

by a final singing o f “A ve” by the senior class. As

A fter the granting o f awards, the speaker o f

the prayer ended, and the gym echoed with the

the class o f 1999, P at M cGovern, took his honored

sound o f A m en, the band Struck up their final

place behind the podium. D raw ing on his long

song, the teachers recessed, and the seniors real­

family history w ith Prep, Pat, as a third genera­

ized that their years at Prep had com e to a close,

tion graduate from Prep,

and that it was tim e for a new beginning.

expressed w hat a

Mr. Doyle, Mr. Irvine, Mr. D eLorenzo, a n d Mr. R aslow sky all a tte n d e d th e B acc ala u re a te M ass to celeb rate th e sen io rs acco m p lish m en ts. T h e /ac u ity a n d sen io rs c re a ted w on d er/u l relatio n sh ip s o ver th e y ears, d ue to th is m a n y /a c u ity m em bers w ere p re se n t a t th e y ear-en d celeb ratio n s fo r th e seniors.

IJ8 Gra.Jua.tion

Evan Costanzo receives his diploma from his m other and Prep teacher, Mrs. Bernadette Costanzo. The jo y between m other and son was felt throughout the entire Prep fam ily.

The lucky seniors, whose last names begin with " a ” get to sit in the first row and attentively listen to the speaker Mr. Michael Fleming. Mr. Fleming provided inspiration fo r the class, advocating th at through hard work, success will follow.

This year’s graduation speaker was Mr. Michael Flem ing, who was a Prep graduate o f 1945. A fter Prep, he became a successful author, including the book “Liberty,” which later became a popular P B S series. In his speech, he recounted the loss and recovery o f his Father’s ring on a trip to the Argonne Forest, more than thirty years ago. It was finally returned to Mr. Flem ing lastyear. He emphasized that this ring re-established a link to his father and to his past. The bonds o f love revitalized by the ring symbolized the final triumph o f love over all adversity. T h e relationships that students establish at Prep will be stronger than all others in our lifetime.

Mr. Dadas, Mr. Cocoran, Mr. Dwyer, and Dr. Kennedy enter the auditorium a t St. P eter’s College fo r the 1 2 1 st Commencemt Ceremony. The continued to support its students after graduation.

Patrick Me Govern receives the Vincent J . Kennedy ‘3 9 Award f o r being the speaker o f the Class o f '9 9 . Pat had been a wonder/ul representative fo r Prep and his class fo r the three years he was its class president.

Graduation 199

121 st Commencement Excercises June 9, 1999 Subject




Craig Addeo

History Mathematics Religion Science

Rajiv Mehta Louis Paonessa Matthew Moran Andy Rodriguez

General Accounting Computers Latin French Italian German Music Spanish Art

Craig Addeo Matthew Moran Edgar Allen Cabrera Patrick McGovern Avinash Tolani Louis Paonessa Patrick McGovern Marko Gazic Craig Addeo Matthew McNerney

Andy Rodrigez Avinash Tolani Craig Addeo Rajiv Mehta Nicholas La Bruno Craig Addeo Matthew Hunton Rajiv Mehta

Perfect Attendance Daniel Atienza Jo h n Hallanan III Matthew Mo ran Joseph Naviello Ahsan Riaz Frederick Veltri Simon Wong

National Merit Scholarship Commended Students Craig Addeo Edgar Allen Cabrera Ja m es Coviello Matthew Elson Ja m es Lallo Shawn McCullough Rajiv Mehta Thomas Parry Andy Rodriguez Orville Thomas Kurt Ubelhoer

Edward J. Bloustein Distinguished Scholars Craig Addeo Matthew Elson Shawn McCullough Rajiv Mehta Wilbur Montana Joseph Naviello Louis Paonessa Andy Rodriguez Kurt Ubelhoer Simon Wong

Fond Farewells Lisa Cataldo Mark Connolly Tonu Crisalli Deidre Donahue Fr. D. Jam e s French, S. J. Roland Jones Anthony Loria Marcia Pichardo Robert Robinson Jo h n Ronan

John E. Browning, S.J. ‘46 Award Michael Holt & Matthew McNerney

Rev. Francis J. Shalloe, S.J. Award

Wil/redo Lopez

Jesuit Secondary Education Association Award Patrick McGovern

2 0 0 Awards

98-‘99 Spirit Awards Wilbur M ontana ‘Sf Bryan Archibald ‘99 Louis P aon essa ‘91 Bryan Blaney ‘99 Dhaval Patel ‘0| Rick Briamonte ‘99 Ryan Renner ‘991 Jo h n Carey ‘99 Tex Schundler ‘9 9 1 Edmund Caulfield ‘0 0 Allen S ista ‘0 0 Nick Edwards ‘99 David Suarez ‘0 0 William Fitzgerald ‘99 Fred Veltri ‘9 9 Keith Glock ‘99 Evan Visone ‘01 Jo h n Hallanan ‘99 Chris Wall ‘9 9 Michael Holt ‘99 Matthew McNerney <99

Activities Awards Dinne May 2 1 ,1 9 9 9 Band Baseball Basketball Bowling

Ja m e s Coviello Craig Addeo Dann Finn J e f f Butler Eric Kessler Chess Sal Candela Cross Country William Fitzgerald Football J a s o n MallarS Dance Commitee J o n Hallanan & Rajiv Mehtl Forensics Golf Liam Aherl Hockey Mike Man Indoor Track Orville Thoml Lacrosse Jo s e p h Garo/d Musical Rolando Rami Outdoor Track Luke Drummorl Simon W oj Matthew Elsj Dhaval Patel & Allen Sis] Play Ernie Medinj Soccer Daniel Finn & Matthew Foster-Moora Spirit Committee E dw ard Pickett Stage Crew Tex Schundler Student Council Jo h n Hallanan Swimming Edmund Caulfield Tennis Ja m e s Amadeo Volleyball Gerard Aro Wrestling Greg llaria

Paper & Pen Petrean Petroc

Outstanding FreshmerJ Ryan Adler

J o e Battista Roberto Concepcion Mark DeGennaro Jo rg e Fujita August Generoso Brian Guarini Nick Hamilton

Luke Kloza F arhan Malik Richard Mohammed Brett Prime Ju a n Paolo Prudente J o n Tapid Anthony Wolleq Brian Yu

1999 Petrean  

The Petrean yearbook from 1999