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One Hundred Twenty-Five Tears cS &

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1997 Petrean

It's time to celebrate. . It's timeto celebrate the past by reflecting: on our achievements and our setbacks.: Championships have been won.; scholarships have been awarded.and lasting friendships have been.created during the: i.125 years. Countless Ham/etpapers have been written, numerous Latin vocabulary1 quizzes have been taken, and hundreds of thousands of students have walked the hails of Prep. There is a bit of history in every wall, every brick, every nail and every bolt. Prep has nurtured and fostered :young students within its motto of Men for Others. Hardships have also found their way into the Prep community as students and faculty alike have struggled with family problems, illnesses, and sometimes deaths. However, the power of Prep, itsspirituality. its warmth, have all helped its members to cope with and eventually overcome the hardships. A lot has happened at Grand and Warren since it opened its doors in

To make sure that their picture is taken, seniors Larry Gallagher, Francis Mansfield, Anthony Guirgis, and Santiago Fernandez do everything in their power to capture the photographer's flash.

^ gfŠtaking an irvterestf gi^rrfefjlar; a|tififieS;,and stories and' :e><pelfen|eSfWWj .sfiglecip f Emmausâ&#x20AC;˘ â&#x20AC;&#x2122;; ;retr@atsv;-:i;:

1997 Petrean

In Mr. Noga's Latin I dass, he tells a freshman to hand out popen-oh, wait, that’ s Mr. Noga! In addition to teaching Latin 1, Mr. Noga also taught Latin 2 Honors, Latin 4 and coached track. Last YMf, seniors Dove Smith and Jaime de Leon along with the other yearbook editors, had dinner at Mrs. Costanzo's house to celebrate the completion of the 1996 Petrean. Ihe main course included ziti, brackde, meatballs, and crisp salad. Now that's eolin'.

At Junior Orientation, Justin Brown, Andrew Brusgard, and Jason Correia compare schedules. Andrew was amazed with the amount of free periods Jason had. In addition to this, juniors received their 1.0. cards, their locker numbers, and were welcomed back to Prep for another exciting year.

Everyday at recess, students line up to get that fresh flavor of o hotdog from Sam. For only $1.35, students got their dogs topped with chili and saurkrout- not a bad deol.

ft i the humus Ism tonal, autos f m S *® ® J®"" f“ * s * ’* htihwla. U m t o m m l fob ( o n * pnMice h r f c iiifurws lam W » ms.

On a « 'tutor b r im s , lim its ami s rn is as m l d iM a , ant throw ttm tka a shot pH. proclaimed the winner.

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The Prep Community is made up of very active people who aim to live life to the fullest. Whether they practice for hours to make that forensics speech perfect, make a game-saving tackle on the one yard line, or stay until the early hours of the morning at St. Peter'sCollegeforafinai dress rehearsal, the members of the Prep community are always willing to putforth their best efforts. It's time to celebrate thefuture by looking ahead to the distant horizons of life. The Prep will continue to mold young students into true Men for Others. The teachers will

continue to give the students the education they need to face the real world.


friendships that are made at Prep will continue to grow and strengthen as the years pass. Although the students will move on in search oftheir own unique purpose in life. Prep will always be at 144 Grand. They will return to share a story, say hello, orjust While trying to increase the interest lor the student publications, seniors loe Pike and David Smith show their wares. Dave proudly displays last year's product, loe, on the other hand, could not find an old Petroc laying around.

come back to have that wholesome feeling of walking the halls of Prep once more. In other words, the spirit of Prep will always remain with them. This spirit is the gift that one receives after, living the Prep .experience, and is a cause for great celebration. Let's Celebrate!

4 I 1997 Petrean

At the footboB < b m , ft. Kmon,

SJ. addresses the parents of the (foyers. Outing fils speed, he reminded the parents to celebrate ead) indvidual occompSshmont of 08 the football players, and wished the players success in the upcoming season. looting forward to 0 great season, the footimS players end the roily wfth a huddle. brety year, students show a peat amount of spot for Ike football team. Vib year, for example, fans traveled a# 1he way 10 fo a m s to support the team.


The H tolly is the biggest fmstarter doting the year for spwfc teams, and the biggest event for the Spirit Committee. Seniors John fakkdw, t o n Cody, and Joseph M m je f Ihe festivities otitkm y by showing Prep sptft and getting the crowd psyched op.

Senior team Itadm Steve Hmktcko, Foul Madavi, and Melt Ttmsztiewicz pot the king on the cake, fist a Itth bit bt/ote diimt. Ovuol, the retreat m s a good one. ft. haatto, SJ. commented, This (Team Retreat] was one of the best, if not the best, retreats in 0 hug time.'

$», & *“ “ • S t « / f t te « * r SJ. p a w * to oftf //» Jffe of fern/ ond ttm. Mtx imss, the m p «® tjuictiv transformed to tint tom m td be mode for f a Horn ComoaSon. i t the M m tif t x M r

Smkr/s cM ro ttd mdi t in t 's moaiptslmmts fomg Ho past yta .


T h i/ O n e v g:o t nec#ffiefirstthingsyou’re®igft(; asayearbcckstaff member is thatyoucannotdedicatethebook tothemoderator. Ruleswerenr.eanttcbe broken, andthisyear'syearbookeditorial staff found good reasons to break this cardinal rule. With the help of Ellen Stanli.ourrepresentatve^omHerffJones. wewereabletokeepthiseditorial decision asecretfromthisyear's honcreeforthe entireyear—cotan easytask. Whether itwasworkingonthisspreadathofheor developingourownfllffi,we managedto conceal this secret. Even though we knewthatthedecisionmayseembiased, there were too many qualities in her personality that simply could not be ignored. AsateacherofSpanish and French, sheisverymuchdedicatedtomakingher students learn these languages and cultures. She triesto instill her passion ofSpanish andFrench intoherstudents sothattheymayappreciatewhattheyare learning. ThroughHe homework and special projectssheassigns, shetriesto have her students master tie skills presentedtothem. She isa[sowillingto gooutofherwaysothatherstudentsmay haveeveryopportunitytolearn. Thisyear alone, shetaughtfour levels of French, rangingftomFrenchStoFrench5Honors. After reading a piece of yearbook copy, Mrs. Coslmzo is obviously pleased because she will not need to heavily edit the artide. This year, a system ms incorporated to take pressure off the moderator, father than giving copy to Mrs. Costanzo immediately, oS of the editors m ild edit it several limes to perfection. Tins method proved to save time, and m s more eflident when it m e down to deadlines.


Eventhoughshecouldn’tdividehertime equallytoeach class, shestll. managed to give attention to everyone and was: alwaysavaifableforextraftelp. Herlove ofteacfing isiEw&sly demonstratedin theclassroom: butitisprimarilyreflected in the slidenfe who appreciate her miirfWfaisandwho areabletospeak Spanish and French outside of fht cisroom. Notonly issheaMown presenceIn theclassroom; she Isalsovery invclved in Prep'sactivities. Lastyear, when she volunteeredtc co-moderatethaPetrean.. manyfacultymembersthoughtshewas out of her mind. Even yearbook staff members thought she was: making a critical mistake. However, shesimply wanted to help. As a true believer jj student-runorganizatiore,:shegavetotal freedomtc thisyear'sstaff—adramatic changefrompreviousyears. Shehadthe utmoSconfidencethatwecouldproduce a steliarbcokthatwould befunto read andinformativeaswell. Also, theeditors estallshed acloserelationshipwith her. Neverbeforehasthere beenaneditorial staffthatwassoclosetotheirmoderator. The yearbook editors are her second familybecausesheknowsandgetsalong with’USSowell. But more importantly, shelovedus. Whateverwe needed, she

C ^ )U alwayswontourofherwayfcrus. When she’s net involved in the world of journalism,she iseithermoderatingthe Mionai HonorScciety, theFrenchNHS, or the French Club. Whether she took NHS membersto Hobokento walk for diabetes, orwhenshereturnedfromNew York with French Club members at midnightafterseeing a play, everything that she does is rooted in her spirit of service. Withallthis,sheevenfoundtime during the Mission Drive to bake her deliciousgoodieswhichweredevoured byfacultyandstudentsalike. She is also one of the few teachers with whom students have established close relationships. She tries to getto knowherstudentsbothinandoutofthe classroom. Studentsareneverintimidated totalkto heron apersonal level. She is agood listener, givesgoodadvice, andis truly a greatfriend. Thisyear’sseniors vsffl miss hervery ri8!ch. Forall ofher dedicationtothe Prep, for her good heart, and lovable personality, itiswithgreathonor, pride, andprestigethatthisyear'seditorial staff dedicates the 1997 Petrean to our yearbookmoderator, ourfriend, aperson whom we have come to love so very much, a true woman for others, Mrs. BernadetteCostanzo.

While her army of yearbook writers, photographers, and editors were busily working next door for the October deadline, Mrs. Costanzo found a lot of time to grade her French and Spanish quizzes. What we didn't know is that she baked a batch of brownies, that are sitting in the yellow canister in the bookcase, for us, to celebrate our completion of the


While junior Chris Boggiano couldn't quite get the computer operation down, Mrs. Costanzo, the true computer guru herself, was always willing to show Chris the tricks to the trade. Actually, she probably doesn't know the difference between hardware and software, but we won't tell Chris that.

In French 3, Mrs. Costanzo began the year with a grammar lesson on the passive voice. Here, she explains to Tom Spataro, Joe Santos, and Tom Gargiulo the importance of agreement between the (ostonzo, along with her group of travelling incognitos, stop in front of a French Castle for a group shot. This past summer, took six seniors and two alumni into the back alleys of Paris, the abandon stations of the Metro, the unknown graves of Cemetary









past participle of the verb and the direct object.


H rs. Bernadette Ccstanzc

Hundreds of years ago, St. Ignatius of Loyola underwent a metanoia, a type of change from the soul outward, in which he became a better person. He realized the importance of a solid education and passed his knowledge on to the Jesuit order. From that point on, the Jesuits have been educating students in the fine arts, sciences, philosophy, andjust about everything in between. Today, the faculty at Prep carries on that proud tradition of academic excellence. The teachers help students learn more aboutthe mysteries ofthe universe, the greatestworks of literature, and the many languages ofthe world. However, the education one receives at P re p

goes way beyond reading, writing, and arithmetic.

From a biology report to a Campion paper, the students are always encouraged to develop new ways ofthinking. They are urged to keep an open mind when dealing with issues that are foreign to them. They learn to look at both sides of an issue before making irrational decisions. The whole individual is educated. In the future, the students of Prep will follow the path of St. Ignatius by using their knowledge to achieve their personal best.

Prep will produce skilled doctors,

architects, and lawyers. It will produce the politicians and leaders who make laws, and the police officers to enforce them. It will produce generous teachers who will carry on this celebration of knowledge for generations to come. Academ ics Divider

( S e t t in g in t o

la p ccording to Ms. jm jL Hellstrom, "The art a ir ÂŽ ] program has grown quickly, and one of its successes has been the students' willingness to try new things and work hard.â&#x20AC;? The art program was designed to not only teach students about the art of a culture, but to also teach about the culture itself. This was made possible through the art program's coordination with the World Civ. course. In the first semester, the Intro to Art students concentrated mainly on the art of the earlier Greek and Roman civilizations. Students drew comic strips using figures in Greek mythology as modern-day super herdes. In the second semester, students studied African andAsian artthrough the creating of prints in the style ofJapanesewood block prints, reviewed material Using his specially designed chalkboard, Mr. Jones demonstrates the treble G del to his freshman Music class. In Music doss, students made use of


double sided board to belter comprehend concepts such as common time, crescendos, and rests.

t fje

M ug covered in the Intro to Art course, explored color theory, and became acquainted with both two and three-dimensional works of art. The students drew still-life pictures while concentrating on value as well. The StudioArt2 course focused on drawing from observation and on two and three-dimensional works of art. For one of the class projects, students created logo designs using Macintosh computers. Students in the Studio Art 3 course researched andwrote about their own interests, andthen compiled a portfolio offifteen to twenty paintings related to that subject. The music program was designed to teach students the basic fundamentals of music in the Intro to Music course. Students who wished to obtain a deeper knowledge of music were

o fc A x t abletotake the MusicTheory classes. The Introto Music course, required for all freshmen, surveyed both past and present Western music. Students in this course learned the basics of music and discovered various orchestral instruments. This year two Music Theory classes were offered: Basic Music Theory and Advanced Music Theory. Basic MusicTheorystudents learned the fundamentals of writing music, the formation ofchords, andvarious scales. Students in the latter course were acquainted with a deeper knowledge of this subject, and in addition to a final exam, were required to conduct the Prep Band concert. "The purpose of the Music program istoteach the art of listening to and appreciating music," commented Mr. Jones.

4s one of only four students in the Advanced Music Theory dass, senior Stephen Hudacko is tested on his knowledge of drawing chords. In this dass, students focused on the more complex skills of chord forming, the diatomic scale, and composition of music. At the end of art dass, freshmen Adolfo layas and Amit Voro approach Ms. HeHstrom with questions. The Intro to Art course focused on learning about colors, vocabulary terms, and mixing paints.

Ms. Hellstrom gave students the opportunity to try their hand at teaching. Senior Jimmy Leung, a veteran of the art program, teaches dass on how to draw with lines.

Ihe fourth floor of I k tnrfish Building was resmed f t display the projects and woiks of Ihe Freshman M and Slvt/io h t dasses. This particular exhibit shows ait projects that students created during Ihe first marking period.

Knowing that his Englsih 1 doss would ask him if he had graded their essays, Mr. Casey uses recess to finish reading the last paragraph of a student's composition. In fact, he liked it so much that he gave the paper a B/B±. Vocabulary quizzes tested students on their ability to identify words in sentences and analogies. During a periodic vocab quiz, freshmen in Mr. Koszyk's class work diligently to find the correct sentence completions and

Y o u k n o w y o u a r e an... M



a m p io n ’ s





1) You have a ten page paper due on H am let tomorrow, and you have one source. 2) You find yourself sharing the name "Sir" w ith twenty-three other classmates. 3) You end up seeing words (W ebster’s New Collegiate Dictionary) flying through the air. 4) You can recite proper MLA documentation in your sleep. 5) You find th a t you have the am azing ability to write a two page paper a t recess.

Eng*lish (ing'glish) n. 1. a subject at Prep that students are required to take for four years. 2. a language commonly spoken at Prep. 3. a class that develops a studentâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s writing and reading skills. 4. Mr. Campionâ&#x20AC;&#x201D;enough said. eachers in English classrooms alf across the country preach the unequivocal importance of punctuation and grammar, yet rarely seemto give enough thought tothe significance ofcontent. AtSt. Peter's Prep, however, teachers not only stress the importance of grammar, but also place an overwhelming emphasis on content. As Chairman of the English Department, Mr. Massarellf commented, "You could write a paper that is 100% grammatically correct, but if what you say in that paper and the thoughts behind it have no meaning, then it's not worth reading." The first two years of English were geared toward American Literature, including a brief introduction

to William Shakespeare. Grammar and vocabulary Were emphasized, as was the importance of speaking and writing skills. English 3 was asurveycourse of British 'literature, which included such great literary works as Tales and Shakespeare's Hamlet. Students enhanced

their writing skills in the many papers written throughouttheyear. In their senior year, students had a variety of electives to choose from, including: Sports Literature, Shakespeare, Ghost and Horror Fiction, Modern Irish Writers, AfroAmerican Literature, Fiction into Film, Literature of War, and of course, AP English. This wide range of literary courses allowedthe students

to moldthemslves into better writers. They also studied the writing styles of authors Ernest Hemingway, Edgar Allan Poe, Geoffrey Chaucer, Arthur Miller, and William Shakespeare, to name afew. Whether It was an intriguing discussion of Paradise l.ost in Mr. Campion's class, or a book that kept the students up all night in Ghost and Horror Fiction with Fr. Hoag, the English teachers neverfailed to stress the necessity of good content. Mr. Massarelli summed it up by saying, "Grammar is important, but what keeps the reader turning pages is content. You can fix grammatical mistakes, but ifyour content is lousy, then you're in trouble."

When Air. M ile had his freshmen read a hook, he muld spend lime in dass discussing Ihe novel, asking Ihe students questions to make sure that they completed their assignment. During a discussion on fade, it is obvious that these students did their homework, as they are eager to answer Mr. Inine's ifiestion.

Juniors in English 3 learned about Medieval England and the literature thatemerged during that time period. Discussing Geoffrey Chaucer's Ihe Cnntarhnry Tales. Mrs. Hennessey illustrates and outlines to her juniors how novel reflected the characteristics of the era.


jComo se dice? his year, the foreign language department became two, with Ms. Baber as chairwoman of Classical Languages, and Mr. DeAngelo as chairman of Modern Languages. Both departments continued the tradition of opening a variety of cultural doors to their students. Prep's foreign languageteachers help build bridges between the grammar/vocabulary to the traditions, customs, and people associated with the languages. By doing this, the faculty are able to give their students many more opportunities to enhance their learning outside ofthe books. Also, this assists the Prep students in learning and comprehending a foreign languagethatwill allowthem in the future to easily communicate with others in an ever growing global community. The Prep classical and foreign language curriculum is similar to a building block process. In their freshmen year, the students build a solid platform with the classical languages by literally"becoming one" with the Latin language. They can continue intheir learning and understanding of Latin Class discipline is constantly exemplified in Ur. Hoga's Latin classes. Here, Mr. Hoga reprimands a freshman lor missing a makeup quiz on the previous day. The poor freshman was then forced to mn laps around Ihe [nrfish building.


forthe restoftheirfouryears at Prep. During a student's sophomore year, he has the option oftaking the classical languages of Latin or Greek and the modern languages of Italian, Spanish, German, or French. The Prep students are taught by an experienced faculty who have continued to grow in competence every year. Mr. Anthony Loria was a new edition this yearto the Modern Language depart­ ment. Having learned Italian by living in Italy, Mr. Loria attempted to teach his students similarly via “immersion” or "only Italian spoken in the classroom.” He taught Italian 1,2, and 3 Honors. Ms. Garcia commented on the Prep modern language curriculum by saying that, "By offering a variety of classes, including AP and honors courses, the students are able to learn at their own pace." This year she taught Native Spanish 1, Spanish 2, Spanish 3 Honors, AP Spanish Language, and AP Spanish Literature. To help her accomodate the number of studentstaking Spanish, new faculty member Mr. Quintana taught Spanish 1, Mrs. Costanzo taught

Spanish 2, and Fr. Denny taught Spanish 1 and 2. After a year spent as an exchange teacher in Berlin, Mr. DeAngelo returned to Prep with many new ideas and loads of cultural wisdom to impart to his students. First, he quickly received an update from his students on what Mr. Brendgens had taught them. Knowing this, Mr. DeAngelo identified which topics he needed to review and which ones he wanted to introduce to his German scholars. As in the past, Mr. DeAngelo assumed full responsibility of the German program, teaching German I,II, and III Honors. Mr. Silvestris introduced the students to the French language in French I, while Mrs. Costanzo offered a demanding curriculum to studentswho continuedtheir French education in French II, III Honors, IV Honors, and V Honors. She shared her thoughts about French and other foreign languages by saying, "I think it's important for everyone to know another language, besides' their own. It expands and enhances one’s knowledge of the world and her many cultures, as well as show a respect to her many peoples."

In the Spanish Native dosses, students learned to perfect their oral and mitten Spanish while becoming acquainted with literature that reflected Spanish and South American cultures. Ms. Sarcia reviews with her students the characteristics of a neoclassical poem.

BSgrHKHaMMBBi If f f llS ^ m

As Mr. Sabedra h it to teach elsewhere, Mr. Loth had some big shoes to ffl as Prep's 'suave" Italian entertainer. Mr. Loria tries to trick the yearbook photographer in his own version of Where's Waldo. See how well Mr. Loria blends in with his students.

S § ilf ii


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M l'P IW H lf t

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H | ' v*s


w Sm m

Y o u k n o w y o u a r e In ... M

Alter recovering from the first dance where he was mistaken for a freshman, Mr. Quintana tells this story to his sophomore Spanish students. Although he took over Fr. Aracidi’ s classroom, he m s unable to his predecessor’ s unique accent.


N o g a ’s C




1) You fin d yo u rself learn in g s e lf defense techniques d u rin g L a tin class. 2) You com e to rea lize th a t you are flu e n t in L atin . 3) You com e to school w ea rin g a toga w ith n o th in g u n d ern ea th . 4) You h ave one m a rk in g p e rio d w ith 100 p o in ts , a n d th e n ex t w ith 1000 p o in ts. 5) You fin d yo u rself ru n n in g u p a n d d o w n th e English b u ild in g sta ir s w ith a bookbag fu ll o f boohs a fter you d id n 't d o you r hom ework.

Lansuaees I 15


Reviewing the course outline with his students, Mr. Ul/is speaks about the expectations for his students. Students in his class appreciated the fascinating facts of history through Mr. Lillis's eccentric and enthusiastic teaching style . Senior Chris Casazza dutifully accepts his quiz covering the accomplishments of Theodore Roosevelt and Woodrow Wilson. Seniors John Magcalas and Mike Carandan secretly discuss the system they will use to communicate the answers of the quiz to each other. They agreed that a cough would mean 'A / a sneeze would mean 'B / a yawn would mean % ' and scratching of the head would mean ' D

Y o u k n o w y o u a r e in ... M


D e L o r e n z o â&#x20AC;&#x2122;s C




1) You never have to do any o f th a t "teacher stuff." 2) Your seventh period is a free period. 3) The D eclaration o f In­ dependence can be your w orst enemy. 4) Your head could be served to you on a platter. 5) Sleep is n o t healthy.

Four Score and Last Semester....



1 0 1 the History

department is to teach students at Prep about the history of thi United States and the rest of the world. They are also taught to use the knowledge that they have acquired here to make the world a better place,â&#x20AC;? said Ms. Curry, the chairperson of the History department In the freshmafi; World Civ course students studied the history ofvarious cultures around the world. Religion, government, and society were a few of the topics

discussed during the course ofthe year. In addition to the demanding cpursework, students strove to develop better skills: in essay-writing and note-taking, and were introduced to the computer system in the library. The U.S. History courses sought to teach students aboutAmericaâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s history. The students in U.S. History 1 learned of events ranging from the colonization of North America to the presidency of Theodore Roosevelt. The second half of U S History dealt with issuesfrom the start ofWorld

War I to the present day. The students in AP U.S. History learned aboutthese issues in greater d e tal, They frequently engaged in friendly debates to strengthen their knowledge of concepts such as mercantilism and capitalism. Seniors were also given the chance to take history electives, such as U.S. Government, Russian History, Sociology, and Lessons of the Holocaust These courses enabled students to study different aspects of history in greater depth. Among other subjects of national importance, Mr. Delnrenzo spent a lot of lime discussing foreign policy throughout Ihe 20/ft century. The laid back atmosphere of Ml. Deiorenzo's doss had a welcoming effect on students, as long as they did not foil asleep.

The Lessons of the Holocaust course offered students an intense look at how people in today's society could learn from this historical event. This unique class gave students three different perspectives from three teachers. Ms. Curry taught the historical aspect while Mr. DeAngelo dealt with the literary aspect and Mr. Becerra focused on the religious issues.

"Elementary, guys," exclaims Mr. Dandorph. In his Precalculus Honors dass, Mr. Dandorph encouraged-well, perhaps forced, his students to explain their answers in KISS. In Algebra dass, working out the problems to the fullest degree was stressed. Often, it was easier to use the board to demonstrate to the dass bow the correct solutions were found. Freshman Joseph Magloya writes out a simple algebra problem in Mr. O'Donnell's dass that outlined the concept of the order of operations.

Y o u k n o w y o u a r e in ... M


D a n d o r p h â&#x20AC;&#x2122;s C




1) The 48 on your "power test" magically becomes a 96. 2) Classic rock echoes in your m ind as you keep repeating to yourself, 44Fantastic; le ts have a qu iz/' 3) You're trying to figure out how a football game relates to Algebra. 4) The word KISS takes on a whole new meaning. 5) Your bookbag can only support the weight o f your home notebook.


T Ou im athematics is a ■ M l powerful tool that W ilfi is an ever growing necessity in the modern and tecftnolijgicai world. Math is a universal language that is used in such careers as accounting, engineering, and computer science. The St. Peter's Prep Mathematics department offers its Students everything from basic algebra to Advanced Placement Calculus. In order to expand the students' comprehension of mathematics outside the classroom, Prep set up a computer program, the Geo Sketch Pad, in the library. All teachers of the department stressed the importance of under­ standing the problems and their solutions—in other words, the "why" and "how,® as opposed to performing the "monkey work." (That’s some Dandorph philosophy for you). All freshmen took Algebra 1, and depending on how they performed on the entrance exam to Prep, some students enrolled in Algebra ! Honors. Notonly were the analytical skills of algebra stressed, but their role on the PSAT and the SAT Were also mentioned. Among the concepts covered were factoring polynomials, completing the square, the quadratic After a recent test, Mr. Dandorph posted a list of the grades and the updated averages. At the beginning of dass, juniors, such as Sagar Patel, rushed to the bulletin board to see how well they fared on a typical "power" test.

Jm c e

formuia, and Imaginary lum bers. Aware that algebra# concepts can be difficult To compreMrtd, teachers volunteered their time to answe:" any questions during eighth period, which often extended to 3:30 P .M. Sophomores con'fesed their math studies with Geometry, which ilia covered basic Trrgonometry. the tteoretfaal concepts covered in th© classroom were frequently applied to realisticsituations. Examples Of this included finding the ascending and descending angles of airplanes. Students were also required to constmcangles of certain measures, angle bisectors, and the midpoint of a segment for the infamous Construction Project. To better prepare students for standardized tests, basic Trigonometry was covered, including; concepts such as the law of sines and cosines, haif-angie and dcubie-angie formulas, and distinguishing between degree and radian measures. Juniors had Ihe option of taking either Algebra 11/Trig or the challenging Precalculus course. In the second year Algebra course, students were exposed to similar concepts as in Algebra I, but they studied them more in depth. Also,

the prtneipfes of Trigshometry were discussed if! more detal tfiin in fie Geometry course. New topics learned in PreCaiincluded matrices, conic sections, and sequences and series. As juniors took the SAT's forthe first time in the spring, teachers, spent much time reviewing the topics covered bythe cdKege boards. Both the Algebra II and Pre-Cal courses offered honors classes for mathematically inclined students. Prep students are only required to take three years of math, however, many students opted for an additional year to get a head start on college math ortheir future career interests. In addition to Pre-Cal and PreCal Honors, and the popular AP Calculus, seniors were offered math-oriented electives such as Accounting, Computer Science, and Finite Math. In AP Cal, besides learning topics 1ike differentiation and logarithmic functions, Ms. Wysocki also integrated the practical subjects of politeness and manners in her lectures. Students in Ms. Wozniak's Accounting class mastered the fundamental principles and procedures of the business and finance world.

As a method to keep up the ante, Fr. O'Brien, S.J. constantly asked his students questions to make sure they were grasping the lesson at hand. After asking him a question on conjunctions, Fr. O'Brien awaits a response from junior Leon Bacchus.

Mathematics \ 21

What If God

Was One of Os? he religious experience, which all students partake in, is geared towards creating better people. For students who are of different denominations, the goal does not change, but Js also to offer another view of faifi and life. Recognizing that religion entails personal opinions, all theologians are encouraged to speak their minds and ask all the questions they have about God. The ’ main focus of Rgligion f was the development of the mind, body and soul. Both Fr. Azzarto and Mrs. O'Grady touched on the physical development that occurs when freshmen enter puberty. Later in the year, the course focused on the Hebrew scriptures and the The role of women in Ihe duirch was an important topic in Mr. Becerra's junior religion doss. While hying to hove one of his student's grasp a particular point, Mr. Becerra elaborates on Ihe question of Ihe possible ordination of women.

22 I A C A D tM K S

various theories of creation and evolution. Sophomores were given the chance to find outabout themselves and Jesus. Through studying the gospels of the Christian scriptures, students learned aboutJesus’steachings, how he lived his life, and the struggleto accept God’s plan for him. Students were encouraged to make good decisions by examining all the facets oftheir conscience. Aside from the Bible and the textbook, Mr. Caslin enhanced his students’ understanding through, literature, A Man Fnr All Seasons was read f i stress prinefples, decisions, and faith. With a vast foundation to build on juniors were taught to examine sociaijustice. Mr. Ford encouraged his

students tc question and act againstthe established socio­ economic structures that conti nueto exploitthe underprivi Ieged people of the world, Mr. Becerra took a look at how the Church evolved through thecenturies. The course then focused- on the Church’s stance on modern issues, such aswomen's ordination, homosexuality and Catholicism and reformation. Seniors were offered electives such as Love and Marriage, Psychology and Religion. ReligSus Questions, Prayer and; Image of God, and Bioethics. In Psychology and Religion class Deacon O'Neill discussed the ideology of Freud the father of modern psychology, and that of his followers and opponents of thought

students often had complex reflection projects. This particular project was o rather short one-a mere 500 pages and only 65 quotations were needed.

The Prayer and Image of God course was a popular choice among seniors. Fr. Azzarto, SJ. stresses the importance of self reflection, in order to have his students clearly define their own Sod.

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This year, Deacon O'Neill incorporated a new aspect into his Psychology and Religion course. 4s a requirement, Deac put his students under hypnosis where he discussed their dreams, shadows, and archetypes (energy sources). Displaying his own singular archetype, senior Mike Wassong shows his appreciation for Deac, after a productive and evocative session.

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1) You're a 44little loser." 2) You sta rt to remember your phallic stage and repress the memories. 3) You're definitely not the fattest guy in the class. 4) You're definitely not the ugliest guy in the class. 5) You have no friends. 6) Your quiz grade reflects the roughness level of your hometown. Peffsfcn

[ven when serious subjects mre on tap, Mt. Boyle always found a way to make his lectures funny and entertaining, either through his deliveiy or with a joke. Here, he explains to freshmen Gregory Malakauskas and Mohommod fiaz the properties of his pet rock, Hex. in a physics lab, St. Frances explains to juniors Paul Hagen, Sagar Patel, and Joe Facchini the rehtionship between a mass and its acceleration to the force it exerts. Because the concepts in physics m e quite complex, U s offered the unique opportunity to visually observe various laws and principles in action.

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1.) Y o u r lo c a l lib r a r ia n k n o c k s y o u o n e in th e fa c e f o r b r in g in g u p 2 0 Q u e s tio n s . 2 .) Y o u 're s it t i n g h o m e a t 3 a .m . p a i n t i n g m a r s h m a llo w s f o r y o u r D .N .A . p r o je c t. 3 .) Y o u 're p o s in g f o r a p ic tu r e in f r o n t o f The M u se u m o f N a tu r a l H is to r y a n d n o t even b o th e r in g to g o in s id e . 4.) Y o u f in d y o u r s e lf p o n d e r in g th e life s p a n a n d m a tin g p a t t e r n s o f t h e le m u r. 5.) A ll o f a s u d d e n , a n im a ls a r e fo llo w in g yo u h o m e a n d r e s tin g a t y o u r feet.


Reasoning behind Applying he Science Department experienced many new and exciting changes throughout' the year. AP chemistry, a junior and seniorelective, returned after a one year absence, enticing six brave souls,. Under the guidanceofan optimistic and enthusiastic Ms. LeCaivez, this challenging course prepared the studentsforfti AP exam in May and gave themthe adequatetools they would need at the college level. Ms.LeCalvez replied "1 hope that the students' personal objectives are fulfilled by the end of the course." In regular chemistry, Sr. Francis rearranged her chemistry labsto makethem more practically oriented for her students, in addition to labs, quarterly projects were required for her students.

These projects ilowedfte studentsto interactwith each other; Polishing silverware and making peanut brittle were two ofthe four projects the students; undertook to see just how practical chemistry could be in their own lives. In Physics Honors, students used Microsoft Excel in an effort to stress the importance of computer orientation andto maketheir lib reports look professional. Physics classes were also encouraged to: use the interactive physics computer program to enhance their Study. Junior Khurrum Sheikh commented that, "Certain projects, such as the egg scrambler, help us to apply what we learn in Physics.â&#x20AC;? Geoscience students studied topics such as astronomy, the environment

and general earth science. By the end of the year, Mr. Boyle was able to install a computer program that allowed students: to obtain iformation onweathermaps and nautical charts from different states and colleges. Biology students were encouraged to work at their very best on their quarterly projects. The workthatthey did on their projects did not go unnoticed, as they were recognized by the New Jersey Science Teachers Association. Freshman Dhaval Patel mentioned that â&#x20AC;&#x153;Mr. Boyle makes Biology interesting by allowing us to apply our knowledge interactively.â&#x20AC;? The science department is definitely on the right track for the 21 st century, as studentsare being given the necessary skills to excel in the world.

Owing one of his Hist biology lobs of many to come, freshmon Geoffrey Bajwo receives help from Mr. Alejandro to find the field diameter of the high powered

One of the most universal concepts of Biology is the physical changing of matter. After his lecture on how water can easily exist in all three stages; Mr. 1 demonstrated this principle to his class by taking a helpless freshman and transforming him into a different state. Unfortunately, Mr. I did not have an antidote, which explains the skeleton that is in B3I4.

objective lens. This was the second experiment for the freshmen, which provided the basis for future labs involving microscopes.


Picture it: your first day in high school. Imagine how nervous you were as you wandered around the ur.famiiiar surroundings, not knowing where your next class was. Imagine the uneasiness you felt when you realized, once again, that you were a small fish in a big pond. Suddenly, an upperclassman came to your aid and helped you find your classroom. When you arrived, your teacher patted you on the back and asked you about your day. By the end of the day you finally began to feel like you belonged. Youjust had your first taste of the Prep community. Prep is a place where everyone feels like they belong. It is a second home to many students and alumni. Teachers and students at Prep constantly strive to spread this sense of community. HAP tutors provide young students with physical and mental challenges to prepare them for high school. Peer Advisors plan and initiate activities and social events for the freshmen . Emmaus Team leaders encourage upperclassmen to build a sense ofcommunity between themselves and others. However, members of the Prep community don'tjust look out for themselves. Students expand the community by completing Christian Service Projects, where they feed the hungry, visit the sick, and teach underprivileged children how to love. Students and teachers alike will always remain a part of the Prep community. Whereverthey go, they w ill always find a place to call home at 144 Grand Street. Com m unity Divider

ESPONSE; The Lord is My shepherd, 3shall not want. Almost every month, fte arduous curriculum at Prep is put on hold, so that students and faculty may gather together to give thanks and praise. Mass is celebrated in the Chapel daily at 7:30 a.m. First Pciday Mass is celebrated during lunch throughdif the year. Penance services are periodically held after school. In May, the Ring Mass is celebrated for thejuniors, and the Baccalaureate Mass is celebrated for thesenfcm The Massofft 6 HogfSpirit, the Christmas Liturgy, and our Thanksgiving Mass are alt SxpressiWs of the other hatol PrepHhl Spiritual Side of Prep. The Lord be with you... AND ALSC WITH W U A reading from the Holy Gospel according to Mark: “Jesus and his disciples went to thevffiag@s r.ear the to n of Caesarea M lijp i. As they were walking along, he asked them, 'What do people say about me?’ The Disciples answered, 'Some say you are John the Baptist or maybe Elijah. Others say you are one of the prophets.' Then Jesus asked them, ‘But who do you say that I a m ? 'You are the Messiah!” Peter replied." The Gospel of the Lord...

Bringing God and the Community Together PRAISE TO YOU, LCRD JESUS CHRIST At the many unique liturgies to which all students are invited, the Prep community is strengthened through scripture and prayer. The stage crew, Emmaus team, and Campus Ministry all work concurrently to ensure a smooth assembly. From the Student-Lectors to the Special Ministers of the Eucharist, the liturgies are presented by the student body and for the student body.. WHO ARE W E? WHAT ARE W E? The assemblies held throughout the year serve the purpose of defining our community. Prep becomes more than just a school through the various prayer services; Prep becomes more than just textbooks and equations. Taking time out to recognize God transforms Prep from an average high school into a center of Inspiration. During the many honors convocations, Prep students were rewarded for their academic, co-curricular, and personal qualities. Many students received first and second honors, as well as honorable mention for their achievements throughout each marking period. Thirty-six seniors were presented NHS certificates. Other rewards such as the National Merit Scholar Commendations, math team trophies, honor pins, and medals for each subject were also presented. Perhaps the most prestigious award, The Spirit Award, was also presented to reward those deserving students who dedicate themselves and their time to Prep and to others.

J Ihe celebrants for the Mass of the Holy Spirit were Deacon O'Neill, Fr. Keenan, SJ. and Fr. Azzarto, SJ. For the homily, Fr. Keenan talked about personal goals as well as those for the school as a whole.

Eudmrislic Ministers: Front How: Nan lo r n de Leon, Mark Scrimich.

Eucharistic Ministers Jaime de Leon and Patrick Hunt, offered the body of Christ to students and teachers at theMass of the Holy Spirit. Fr. Azzarto asked the Eucharistic Ministers to help with other masses during the year, os well as with both freshman and sophomore retreats.

Mendozo, Brian Crimmins, Kyan Missing: Sim Bird, Pat Hunt,

birenzo, M De In Kosa. Sean M o lly , Kevin Moran,

Second f o r Melvin Hick Jrentacoste.


After the Mass of Ihe Holy Spirit, the stage ms transformed for on Honors Convocation. In addition to giving gold ond silver medals, other awards were distributed. For placing fifth in the Junior Varsity Catholic Math League, senior Steve Kayiaros receives his trophy from Hr. Itaslomky and Fr. Keenan. On a M e , Ihe Prep N Molh 1earn placed third in the league.

Litureies/Assemblles[ 29

St., Mr. Raslowsky and student body president Markis Abraham lead the pack to Liberty State Park. Although thestudents wanted to have Mr. Raslowsky dress as a Long before the firstfinishers arrived, council members were busily working to prepare the food and refreshments. Seniors Paul Fam, Jorge Silva, and Frank Drummond place hot dogs in buns. It seems that Sam the Hot Dog Man gave them some tips on food management.



declined their



Anticipating the start of the Walk-A-Thon, seniors Alan Leon, Victor Gonzalez, and John Magacalas, a.k.a. the Three Amigos, look forward to beating out the group of freshmen to their right.

What we need here is a little incentive, and that is what we got! This year, the Student Council offered numerous opportunities to encourage students to raise as much money as possible. I t was the incentive o f this year's council th a t provided for a record-break足 ing year. First, the students were presented w ith a challenge. I f they were able to raise $25,000 the week before the Walk-A-Thon, a whole week's w orth o f dress down w ould be in effect. Even though this goal w as n ot met, the sp irit w as n o t dam pened. I t soon became evident th a t the stu den ts were w aitin g to reap the in dividu al prizes. For $50, students were given a choice o f either a T-shirt or boxer shirts. Students who raised $100 h ad the choice o f a baseball cap or a sweatshirt. In addition to this, the top three money raisers received gift certificates to Newport Mall. As an a dded bonus, students who raised $125 were entered into a drawing. A t the Honors Assembly on 11/13, freshman Mark Goldsack w as picked to w in the $1250 reduction in tuition for next semester. N ot a b a d deal! As homerooms were called to assemble in the courtyard, senior photographer Tom Spataro took some great bird's-eye shots from the roof.


cto te rll, 1996, was a bright clear,

Aiftfugh only $30 m&

PfouijM In so much:

pjquiredteparticipate, the

monej^^pirit played the

was the perfect day for a

avsiifepiP capita offiose: lirgest rale. who participatedwas $47. Jonathan:

massive number of Prep

Homeroom IB led the

commented, '"The Waife

Students to hit the streets

school In most money per

A-Thon notonly increased

and walk for Prsp—• -and

capita and ft® ! money

school spirit, bat it

walkthey did. Once again,

raised,' wift an average of

embodied it as well—plus


m a il the

$76 dollars and a total of

it brought the Prep

pilgrimage down Grand

f t ,826. Homeroom 2F

communitytogether." Mr.

Street to Jersey Avenue,

followed closely with $73

James Collins mentioned

across the ever durable

per capte and a total of



participate every year,

and crisp autumn day, It

foot bridge, onto Ihe


Senior LiftU




Students were one®

because it raises money

boardwalk, and ijto

again awarded prizes for

for Prep, and every bit

liberty State Park. Upon





Most of the

W a lk T h is W ay! students who brought in

money raised this year

dogs, iced tea, and potato

$50 were given the choice

went to each year's

chips awaited the weary

of Prep boxers or a

graduating class, as well,

travelers. The Student

T-shirt; thosewho brought

as the Junior and Senior

Councii. who organized

in $100 were given the

proms. These events are

and coordinated the

choicfi of a Prep cap or a

often quite expensive,

event, served up the

sweatshirt; and thosewho

thus the Student Council

replenishing food.

brought in $125 or more

decided to lower the costs

With over 90%: of

qualified for a $1,250

through the Walk-A-

school participation. Prep

reduction in their tuition,

Thon. Sophomore Ruben

reached a new and record

which was decided by a

Morales summed up the


raffle. Prizeswere notthe only

experience as “a time of

reason that students

the Prep community.”

arrival at the park, hot

amount of

money collected— $38,033-over $12,000 more than last year!

spiritual nourishment for

very year

beaches gf Ncrmandy


where Americans landed

rirnafns of the. Roman

teachers pf Prep visit

on D-Day.

The g.Ffup

Forum, and were ftfiydd

different countries around

went to many safes and

by the devastated ruins of

the world,,The summerpf

sampled Frthch food,


1996 was no exception,.

wh8i leaking up ffench


Mrs. Costanzo wer.t on a


Prepsters was a group of


trip to France,




AEropofis, the


Mr: ZawistowsW and

Zawistowski went with

his wife visited England


his wife Dorothy


for two weeks in June.

journey, theyvisited many

England to visit his family,

Although he and his wife

restaurants to sample

and Fr. Hoag visited

stayed in Richmond, they

different types of food.


were stffl. able to see the


During their

After his teaching


rfo & M d countries.

students from Texas gnd

famous sights of London.

excursion atCanisis Kolleg

During their stay, they


with eight students and



two alumni, spent nine

Westminster Abbey, and

throughout Europe with

days in Paris and the Loire

Piccadilly Circus. Madame

Ms. Marie Curry. Forabout

Valley. She

and her

Toussaud's Wax Museum

three weeks they toured

students saw many sites

was one of the highlights

sites such as Auschwitz

in Paris, including Pere

of their trip.


and Birkenav, Poland;

Lachaise, a cemetery

unexpected thrill


Buchenwald and Dachav,

where Jim Morrison and



Germany; Mauthausen,


walking on the street.

Mrs. Costanzo, along

other famous








Austria; and Terezin in the

people and writers are

Fr. Hoag traveled

buried such as Guillaume,

across many European

addition to pictures, they

Apollinaire, Honore de

countries with eight Prep

gained valuable insight to

Balzac and Yves Montand.

students. Along the way,

be shared with students

Having left Paris, the

they marveled at the

in their Lessons of the

group also visited the

mysteries of Stonehenge,

Holocaust class.


Czech Republic,



Checking out the sites of London, Mr. Zawistowski visited the Modom Toussoud Wax Museum and tried to talk about politics and power with former Communist philosopher Vladmir Lenin. After hours of negotiating without any response from Lenin, Mr. I apparently agreed that together, they would take over the wodd. Stopping in front of the Eiffel lower are (Front Row) Brian Rudzinski, Jeff McPartlan, Paul Tillotson, Jorge Silva; (Second Row) Fr. Hoag, S.J., Chester Janiszewski, Larry Lazzaro, Matthew May, Kevin Moran.

Stopping in front of Notre Dome Cathedral are (Front Row) Michael Carondan, Mrs. Costanzo, Steve Kayiaros, Alfred Sta. Iglesia; (Second Row) Craig Suthammanont, Tom Spataro, Tom Gargiulo, and Chris Razon ' 96.

Trading Places

Mr. the of

DeAngelo stands on the formerWest German side of Glienecke Bridge in Potsdam.Ihis bridge m s the site the cold war spyexchanges between American Gary



Soviet dissident



Thanks to their lour guide, Mrs. Costanzo’ s French students were lucky enough to not have to wait in the entrance line to Ihe Palace of Versailles, former residence


the kings



T h is s u m m e r m a r k e d th e re­ t u r n o f J im D eA n g e lo fr o m C a n isis K olleg in B erlin, Ger­ m a n y . There, h e to o k p a r t in a te a c h e r -e x c h a n g e w i t h G er­ m an teacher Stephan B ren d g e n s, tr a d in g c la s s ­ ro o m s a s w e ll a s a p a r tm e n ts w i th h i m fo r o n e y e a r. A t C anisis, M r. D eAngelo ta u g h t seven d iffe r e n t classes ra n g in g fr o m seven th g ra d e E nglish I n ­ str u c tio n to tw e lfth g ra d e lit­ e ra tu re a n d so cia l stu d ies. A l­ th o u g h i t w a s a m o re rigorous sc h ed u le , M r. D eA ngelo co m ­ m e n te d th a t h is s ta y "b ro a d ­ e n e d m y h o rizo n s a s a teacher, im p ro v ed m y c o m m a n d o f Ger­ m a n , a n d help ed m e to g rea ter a p p r e c i a t e th e m a n y g o o d p eo p le w e h a ve here..." Upon h is r e tu rn , M r. D eA ngelo c o n tin ­ u e d h is a ctive role in th e Prep c o m m u n ity a s a m e m b e r o f th e E m m a u s te a m a n d n ew m o d ­ era to r o f th e T V S tu d io .

fra i though Mr. Settembre m s no longer a port of the Prep community, he did volunteer his time to teach HAP. over the summer. During recess, he discusses the day's itinerary with HAP. tutors /Hoses AI/eras and lonathanMunar {3rd and 4th from /eft), and HAP. students Danny DiDoma, Mital Shah, and Steve Butler (2nd, 5th, and 6th from left). For Mr. Settembre, it felt good to be around Prep one more lime.

Front Row: Moses Nieves, Eric Nguyen, Eric Olsen, Timothy Keith Marsh, Peter Abdelmessih, Gerard Aro. Second Row: Cruz, Christian Coitez, Vaughh Barrier, Simon Wong. Third Nguyen, Jonathan Manor. Fourth Row: Anthony Geraci, John LoPorto, Enver Vucetaj.




The HAP. programfirmly believes in a sound education that combines classroom learning with sportsmanship in intramural competence. During an intense cross examination about reading, Hr. Irvine puts HAPsterAshish Thakker on Ihe spot. On

the final day of the HAP. program, trophies m e given out for MVPs and awards for achievement in various subjects, for excellence in mathematics, Mr. Salazar hands a trophy to HAP. student Kris Baal.

Knapp,Benjie Cuentv, Brian Cordm,lows Arellano, Dhaval Patel, Mr. Settembre, Noel Victonno, William Bedford, Joseph Noviello, Eric Row:John Friend, Michael Zak, Robert Bedford, Edward Kuco, Brian Magcalas, Brandon Diggs, Raman Sharma, Wilfredo Lopez, John Paul

In a match that would determine who would advance to play Xavier HA.P.. i as wet as who was truly the King of Chess at Prep HAP., senior tutor John Magcalas desperately tries to avoid his inevitable downfall by ayounger, smaller, and more sidled Avik Sarkar, who won the match.

ow does this

just aboat work and

tutor baskiffiilgame was

sound: you: are

games, The students

held, and true to tradition,

sitting in a desk

learned the importance if

was won by the teacher

from 8:45 atm.. to 12:00



p.m. in a classroom at

alcohol. SADD moderator,

inoartng freshmen who

Prep in the summer heat.



tutored at HA. P. reflected bacH H when they were




Some of the

Sounds like summer

HAPsters on the perils of

school, but it's fir from it.



H.A.P. students: them­

Ihe Higher Achievement

dependency. Some of his

selves. Freshman Dhaval


P A P .J .


Patel, said, “It’s a big


program for

motivational speaker Mr.

change. I feel like a high

selected seventh src

Jeff TSaxton and several

schogf student and a

is an




Highlighting the Attributes of People H.A.P. student.”

eighth graders that keeps

recovering drug addicts

them off the streets by

who brought personal

As there were fewer



accounts of the damage

H.A.P, participants this

classrooms. Here, they are

Caused by drugs and

year, several tutors were

able to be productive as

alcohol. One H.A.P. goal

able to teach two-classes.

Weil as have a good time.

was to educate each

This allowed them to be

After a morningof Creative

student on how to excel

more involved with the


in school and life.




English, the afternoon


H.A.P. te not just an







student productivity. On

football, basketball, and

students. Teachers and

August 4, the tutors felt

wiffleball. The students

tutors alike had the

pride in watching their

also had the opportunity

personal satisfaction of

H.A.P. students graduate


demonstrating the many

and fulfillment in having

unconventional! electives

facets of Prep academics


such as chess, riddles,

to HAPsters. As in past

through the program to

jokes and physical fitness.

years, the annual teacher-

its final point.

was filled with intramural






However, H.A.P, isnot

fU P


JMenvironment both


is and

required mem to refine or

Kentucky, Seven Jtotacs

develop new skills and

also journeyed to rural

talents, Whether it was


demanding, the student


Inciiiied a visit to the

will have a positive






understand the need for


for senior

In addition to the fifty

service," expressed Mr.

citizens, tutoring young

hours of physical service

Jorge Becerra, director of

boys and girls, or delivering

thatjuniors were required

the Christian Service

food to the needy, those

to perfOSft, reflection:

program. This year, the

who participated learned


environments ranged

that the world does not

reflection papers were

from rebuilding homes in

end outside oftheirhomes.




Many students helped out

experience. Students met

preparing food at the

in places like the Liberty

' B p s any questions or





s. wileft

Catholic Worker farm and a hospitality house.




final the

Little Things Mean A Lot Hoboken


Science Center and St.

discuss problems they had

However, no matterwhich

Joseph’s Schoo; for the

with their projects, and to

projects were selected,

Blind. Junior Ed Mullins

acquaint themselves with

students were offered the



the projects of their peers.

opportunity to make a

experience, and said “My

Students were required to

difference in the world

experience at Palisade

express what they did and

around them by making


General Hospital taught

what they learned in final

a commitment to offer

me to respect the needy as

reflection papers. Junior

their time, energy, and

all human beings should


minds for the benefit of

be respected.”

commented, “Through my


Juniors were also


reflection paper, I gained

Through the service

allowed to complete their


program, students were

projects over the summer.

understanding of my

taken out oftheir ordinary



Fr. Azzarto and Mr. Caslin

experience serving the

surroundings and placed

led students to the









In West Virginia, junior Simon Wong hoes o ditch. During the trip, the volunteers did an array of tasks that included pointing fences, mowing lawns, chopping firewood, and planting gardens.

Glenmary Missioners: Front row: Ryan Prime, Dave Donahue, Rich Schubring, Mike Tully, Anthony DeFelippo; Second Row: Mr. Jim Caslin, Dan Petersen, Fr. Azzarto, Don Cymbor, Andy Brusgard.









Nick and

Cala, Matt







Monteleone. Outside of Mr. Becerra's office, junior Rick Mendoza signs up for his Christian Service assignment. Mr. Becerra organized a system so that students could keep him informed as to their projects, as well as ask questions or voice any problems they had.

Christian Service I 37





beach ot

promote camaroderie participants. Steve makes




Dave Smith, Paul Tillotson, PaulMadovi, Scott Gurion, Frank Drummond, Lance Visone, Joe Baber, Jason Conti. Third Row: Steve Hudacko, Avelino Avelenda, Mike Carandan, Chris Bader, Steve Nadler, Larry Gallagher, Jeff Angermeyer, Mr. Jim DeAngelo, Tom Spataro, Ms.Sue Baber, George Wisnieski, Mark Beldowicz.

Emmaus Team with help

desperate Drummond, during

famous Team: Front Row: Jorge Silva, Chris Kaminski, Brian Rudzinski, John Mavilla, Miles Twaddell, Rob Cormio, MarkTaraszkiewicz, Mr. Drew Noga, Dave Archiello, Mr. Bill lHlis, Steve Kayiaros. Second Row: Note Jackson, Robin Edwin,





attem pt Dave friendly





among Retreat,

from to

Smith, game



senior Rudzinski,


ond Chris of


seniors Bader football.

Sunday morning prayer on the beach is another important part of the Emmaus Retreats. Junior Rich Colabraro of Emmaus 143 sets the bowl of Atlantic Ocean water in its place as juniors Dan Leverone and Chris Boggiano look on.


Let's Bake A Cake

At the Emmaus Team Retreat, seniors made use of every single color of icing. In fact, they even m e innovative in their design, os llley mixed different icings to moke new colors. Some of the new colors included, "Ignatius Red," "Emmaus Blue," "Sea Bright Brown," and "Noga Purple." As you can clearly see, Ihe end result was a beautifully decorated cake that was devoured immediately.

O ne o f th e k e y c o m p o ­ n e n ts o f th e E m m a u s r e t r e a t , a n d th e o n e t h a t everyo n e lo o k s fo r ­ w a r d to, is th e b a k in g a n d th e d e c o r a tin g o f th e ca k e. W h ile th e Jun­ io r s a r e s o u n d a sle e p a f te r th e ir lo n g se ssio n s o f r e f l e c t i o n s , Fr. A z z a r to s o m e h o w fin d s tim e to b a k e th e E m m a u s ca k e. A fte r ­ w a r d s , th e ju n io r s ice th e c a k e w ith v a n illa frosting, a n d w rite th e ir n a m e s w ith a s ­ s o r te d c o lo rs o f icing. The ic in g o f th e c a k e fo s te r s th e g r o w th o f th e c o m m u n ity a s s tu d e n ts w o r k to g e th e r to m a k e th e c a k e lo o k b e a u tifu l.

Juniors lose Romero-Bosch, Erich Sekel, and Joe Deodato help decorate Ihe cake for Emmaus 143, as Mike Strallow ond senior Scott Gurian admire their creativity.

H H 11530 Ocean Avenue in Sea Bright, New Jersey, there lies a tall, yellow house near the shore. From its outer appearance, it seems no different from those houses that neighbor it to the back and sides; it fits right in and is quite ordinary looking. Only after someone enters its doors and experiences an Emmaus retreat does he discoverthe spiritthat Iives within that house --a spirit etched in the minds and

and larger reflection groups. Throughout the year, these seniors also volunteered their time to assist with the Freshman and Sophomore Days of Retreats. Emmaus is regarded by many as a release from the heavy burdens of school and pressures that arise intheireveryday lives. While in Sea Bright, the participants were able to freelyexpresstheirdeepest feelings and emotions. Oftentimes they dis­ covered a great deal more

around the fireplace, everyone came together as a family. Making the Emmaus banner and frosting the Emmaus cake also enabled everyone to become better acquainted. By the end of the weekend, those who may never have known each other before were brothers in the true spirit of Emmaus. Each retreat came to a bittersweet conclusion with a Homecoming on Monday evening. Even though the students were

The Road to Emmaus hearts of thousands of Prep alumni, students, and teachers â&#x20AC;&#x201D; a spirit that will never die. Fr. Azzarto, S J. once again coordinated and hosted the Emmaus retreats, which lastedfrom midday Saturday through Monday evening. Groups of juniors were also accompanied by other faculty members and the senior team leaders. It was the responsibility of these team leaders to set an example forthejuniors and guide them through the weekend. They were also called on to lead discussions in both small

more about themselves and were able to enhance their relationships with God, their family, and friends. Junior Bobby Wallace of Emmaus 143 commented, "Being open with friends and learning more about myself and others was great. Experiences like this set Prep apart from other Catholic high schools.â&#x20AC;? Thetrue Emmaus spirit was seen in the tremendous sense of community felt throughout the weekend. Whether it was playing football, preparing a meal, or simply sharing a laugh

glad to return to Grand & Warren, they felt somehow saddened that the retreat ended. The participants were given the chance to share their experiences of the weekend with fellow classmates, teachers, and family members. Those who had previously made the journey on Emmaus welcomed their new brothers home, reliving their own Emmaus experiences and sharing in the same spirit they encountered in that tall, yellow house at 1530 Ocean Avenue.

Em m ausl 39

hetransitionfrom grammar school to high school can bea bumpyand scary ride. The Peer Advisors and Counselors (PAC) program was established in order to ease this transition period for freshmen and welcome them into the Prep community. Moderated by Sr. Frances Marie Duncan and Mr. Jorge Becerra, the Peer Advisors are comprised of selected juniors and seniors


and establish ffiitial egg drop contest, and relationships. These the water balsan toss relationships grew during promoted teamwork and the summer months helped the freshmen work through numerous phone towards a common goal. contacts and the Open Freshman Andrew Hall Gym Might. At the latter, commented, i had fun. Ping-Pong, basketball, Just being with my football, and the classic 5lassmates was great." Mel Brooks' film The larger goal of the Spaceballs were just a: PAC program became few of the many events more visible as the year offered to and enjoyed progressed. PeerAdvisors by all. During Freshman helped the class of 2000 Orientation, the Peer adjust to the high school Advisors were available level of work. Whether it to answer questions was helping them pass regarding schedules, Tough courses like

“Welcome to Prep!" Please Wipe Your Feet. willing to reach out to the freshman class and make a difference. I is the job of the Peer Advisor to help the freshmen adjust to their new, unfamiliar environment and demonstrate the true characteristics behind a “Man for Others.” It all began in May of 1996, when the class of 2000 first came together for an early orientation. Through various ice breakers and group projects, the Peer Advisors were able to reach outtothefreshmen



homework, dress code, and after-school activities. PAC members showed them the secrets to working their locker combinations and gave them a tour of the highlighted areas of the Prep campus. The class of 2000 also gathered for their first liturgy in St. Peter's Church. The Peer Advisors ran the Freshman Olympics, which gave freshmen the chance to enjoy an afternoon of competition and fun. Homeroom competitions in basketball, volleyball, the

Algebra, Biology, and Latin, or simply offering advice about joining clubs, the Peer Advisors were involved in the freshmen's development. In addition to Orientation and homeroom contact, the Peer Advisors also helped coordinate the Freshman Social in early November. With girls from St. Dom’s, St. Al's, and Holy Family, the freshmen hoped to build relationships and become more socially active in the Prep community.

5 Using

all o f




Andrew Pershegin attempts to catch a water balloon as if his life depended on it.

His strenuous efforts

rewarding capture

as 1st


Along with screams in thot




dropped by



his homeroom


senior Jon terror after





Hurtado, Mr. Lillis witnessing an egg one




freshman Pat

homeroom Long

stares cautiously at both of them, not knowing what to expect from these two high-spirited



Catching thecorner of everyone's eye,freshman Justin Buzzio was not able to hold on to oballoon that wos flung at him at on incredible speed. Seniors Mike Urbonowicz and Jason Conti, as well as junior Gerry lorio took o break from tallying results to witness the unanticipated splosh.


Front Row Mike Slrallow, Mark Beldoma, Paschal Farm , Rob Scolzo, Robin Edmn, John Falacdm Ryan i g f e M Semd How: Mark Scmnich, lance 1tone, Janes Koo, Craig Sulhommnont, Hob Corrno, Jim Birch Joe Focdmi, D m Smik Third Row: Brian Rudzinski, Amish Paid, Mike Sungo, Jon M » Comprelli, Bnan Sharrock, Don Cymbor Fourth few. Andy Brusgard Jaime de Leon,Matt Moatdeone, Mike Tully, BobWallace, Anthony DeFilippo, 6enylono, Al m U . J ta .J . J A n Z V . 0. Archiello, J. L Castro, J. DeBendectis, J.

Conti, B. Crimmins, ft FosterMoore, K. Kmn, M.

During a routine PAC meeting, Sr. Frances explains the importance of reaching out to Ihe freshmen. Along with co-moderator Mr. Jorge Becerra, they organized a pizza social with freshmen from St. Dom's and St. Al's on November 8.

ftftfc Mara,

C £M r c ,



Cm, M. Walker, SieveWong,



... . g W , . , ^


V 41





States Committee, key aspects and school philosophy. the



the entire


questions regarding

During concerning backgrounds


Ms. Baber outlined the points of the rewritten Afterwards, she opened and the

comments statement.

an intense discussion the various academic o f students entering


Mr. Raslowsky provides his opinion. These large meetings gave everyone the opportunity to voice their point of view on particular matters.

Students were an important factor in the Middle States evaluation process. During a meeting for



Languages Committee, Ms. Garcia, who served as chairperson, listens and responds to suggestions and comments junior

from Matt


The Middle States Questionnaire that was never handed out to students. No cheating, now! 1) W h a t is th e b e s t e x tr a -c u r r ic u la r a c tiv ity t h a t P r e p o ffers? A ) Y earbook B) Y earbook C) Y e a r b o o k D ) Y e a rb o o k E) A l l o f th e a b o v e

3) W h a t rece n t n ew s even t g re a tly in flu en ced P rep stu d e n ts? A ) The OJ S im p so n T rial B) The V n d b o m b er C) The Yankees' W o rld Series D ) B ob D ole lo sin g th e election E) The Jets'S ea so n

2 ) W h a t d o e s P r e p n e e d th e m o s t? A ) A f o o tb a ll f ie ld B) A P G ym C) A f r ie n d lie r lib r a r ia n D ) A D e p a r tm e n t S to r e (C a m 足 p u s S h o p c o m e s p r e t t y close) E) F e m a le S tu d e n ts

4) W h a t d o you look fo r w a r d to everyday? A ) Recess B) Lunch C) D ism issa l D ) L a te n ig h ts a t p ra c tic e E) F in d in g o u t w h ich teach ers a re a b s e n t


42 I


of patents.


first meeting,

Sr. Frances








the questionnaires that were handed out to students, teachers, and The Middle States Committee listened attentively to these findings and the










(•0®)®] tisimportantfor 1|[ aii institutions to (M« engage in reflection and! evaluation of what they do in order to celebratetheir strengths and develop areas in which they are weak,"” wrote Mr. Raslowsky in a letter to all Prep students regarding the Middle States evaluation process. As a member ofthe Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools, Prep participates in this evaluation process every ten years. Areas such as philosophy, personnel, programs, andfacilities are

committee were Mr, Jack Campion., Fr. BobCregan. S.J.. Mr. Bill Ford, and Mrs. Pat O'Grady. The School & Community Committee played a crucial role in the evaluation process. Led by chairperson Sr. Frances Marie Duncan, the School & Community Committee gathered feedback from students, parents, and faculty regarding the many aspects of Prep life. Survey! were taken by parents and students in early September so that data gathering could begin: as early as possible.

particular academic aspects ofSt Peter's. With the cooperation of the faculty and some selected students, these committees discussed the results of the completed Surveys and worked towards areas of improvementfortheyears ahead. In the spring, the evaluation process focused on a review of all other facets of Prep life including co-curriculars, educational technology, finance, and administration. With the help of students, parents,

D ecision ’96, M iddle States Style all evaluated so that they can be strengthened for the future and earn St. Peter’s a renewal of accreditation. The Middle States evaluation process began this year with a period of reflection and evaluation —the self-study. It involved an entire year of study in which teachers, students, and parentstook, an in-depth view of St. Peter's. The self-study was overseen by the Middle States Steering Committee, led by chairperson Mr. Bob McDermott. The other four volunteer faculty members of the

Based on these results, the committee made suggestions for future improvement. In addition to the School 8 s Community Committee, the Philosophy 8 s Goals Committee also contributed to the Middle States evaluation process. Chairperson Ms, Sue Baber led the committee in reviewing the philosophy and goals of Jesuit education, beginning with Prep's statement of philosophy. These two committees were divided into eleven departmental committees, which evaluated the

and faculty alike, this process was successfully executed. The self-study will be followed by the visitation of a Middle States accrediting team in November of 1997. This team will review the selfstudy, observe classes, and speak with faculty, students, and parents. A report based ontheteam’s evaluation will befiledwith the Middle States Association and will determine whether Prep will be accredited once again.r Mr. Raslowsky wrote, “We hope and expect another ten-year accreditation.”

Middle States

During the third quartet against Emerson, I'tm r Joe Ferki gels a d m look at the bosket, and sinks a threepointer. This extended Prep's lead by four points. The IV ms able to hang on and win the game.

1996 F reshm an B asketball Scores Record: S-10 Prep Prep Prep Prep Prep Prep Prep Prep Prep Prep Prep Prep Prep Prep Prep

SS 43 52 52 55 43 46 46 29 51 39 43 28 23 49

Bayonne Bayonne Lincoln Ferris M arist H udson Catholic Snyder D ickinson St. Joseph, M etuchen Union H ill M em orial Emerson Hoboken N orth Bergen H udson Catholic

82 71 59 45 36 39 36 51 34 54 40 49 54 59 22

1996 JV B asketball Scores Record: 13-5 Prep Prep Prep Prep Prep Prep Prep Prep Prep Prep Prep Prep Prep Prep Prep Prep Prep Prep

61 46 54 58 49 46 40 51 65 37 57 44 57 48 57 61 76 82

Bayonne St. Aloysius St. Mary Bayonne Lincoln Ferris M arist H udson Catholic Snyder D ickinson St. Joseph, M etuchen Union H ill M em orial Emerson H oboken N orth Bergen H udson Catholic St. Aloysius

U Basketball: Front Row: Sekou Antonio, Justin Sdmoiz, Brian Healy, Kevin Ussenden, loe Fertsi. Malt Cunningham, ft/mf Memla, Riclmd M m , Coach Ray Orb, Iryan M h U

58 22 56 40 54 41 42 28 58 57 61 39 48 41 46 48 41 21

Second Sow: Derrick Wyka, John Paul Baber,

Missing: Jell Almenana, Will Sheehan, Desmond Twiggs.

Freshman Basketball: Front Row: Joshua Alexander, Mike Utbonovich, Kellen Williams, Paul Ambrosia. Second Row: Mr. Irvine, Denis Wilbeck, Anthony Mormello, Steve Cameron, Hick Urbanovich. TUrd Row: Matthew Schade,Rich England, Ryan Carroll. Fourth Row: Anthony Beraci, Warren Krnn, Ryan Hinton, John Bnmdage, Vaughn Barrier.

4 6 J lf l l M U U A i S







t o

t h





s Prep life was fresh

Ryan Hinton, Kellen Williams,

perseverance, talent, and

and new, the Frosh

and Rich England. Theteam




had victories against Snyder,

quickly came together as a

Dickinson, Marist, and rival

schedule, which

Through a competitive

whole. Under the leadership

Hudson; Catholic.


teams such as Lincoln,

of coachesJose Quintana arid



Hoboken, and North Bergen,

Dennis Hayden for the first

responsible for the success of

they proved themselves

five games, theteam putforth

the season.

worthy of Varsity play. With


great effort in achieving

Under a new coaching

key wins over Hudson

victory and playing together

staff consisting of Ray Ortiz

Catholic, Snyder, Ferris, and

on a new level. A change of

and Robert Dubois, theJunior

Bayonne, the Junior Varsity

commandtook placewith Mr.

Varsity basketball team was

teamwas readyforthe county

John Irvine and the Prep

led by the play of sophomore


philosophy of

Kevin Lissenden and junior


With a team consisting of

Joe Ferlisi. Other key players


With high expectations for

whocontributed totheteamâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s

sophomores, thisyoung team

came to a quick reality.




success, the team kept its

success were sophomores

proved to be stars of the

poise and finished the season

PunitMenda, Richard Beilina,

present and for the future


Team leaders

and DerrickWyka. Theteamâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s

both on and off the court.

included players Ryan Carrol!.

record demonstrated their

Alter a foul, freshman Sieve Cameron looks for an open teammate to whom to inbound the ball. Although Prep played an excellent game, they weren't able to overcome a late surge from Emerson. being fouled, freshman ftyan Carroll shoots a pair of throws. Throughout the season, Carroll led the team points and steals, and his energetic flair during game sparked the team to perform to its best.

Running the point, sophomore Brian Healy slowly brings the ball up court and scans the defense for any holes. Successfully reading a defense con lead to excellent scoring opportunities.

rresfim an/JV Basketball \ 47

Nothin' b u t Net! ith strong senior Jordan, and the talented leadership and juniOrtrioofTuquwan Smith, ■ t a l e n t e d Bob Wallace, and Eric Andres. underclassmen, the Prep Prep was a force to be Varsity basketball team took reckoned with’ in Hudson the court determined to make County. the state playoffs. Following Highlights of the season Iastyear’s8-11 record, Prep included a two game sweep finished the 1996-97 regular over arch rival Hudson season at 8-10 and fulfilled Catholic and a third place their preseason goal by finish in the National Jesuit earning a state playoff berth. Tournament in Buffalo, New Guided byCoach Bob Ryan York. Prep’s hard-nosed in his third year, and Assistant defense and balanced Coach Ron Tredo, the Prep offensive attack impressed basketball team played basketball fans from across consistently wel I. The senior the nation, in addition, a co-captains included Markis heartbreaking loss to Marist Abraham, Jermaine Mercer, left a positive impact on the Stanley Bridgeforth, andJohn team. "Despite the two-point Herbert. With the addition of loss, that game gave us the senior forward Anthony most confidence,"

commented seniorco-captain Jermaine Mercer. Prep came through toward the end of the season with convincing wins over Hoboken and St. which guaranteed the team a state playoff berth. “Excellenttalentand a hard work ethic during the season and inthe off-season made us a betterteam,” said senior co­ captain Markis Abraham. Junior Bob Wallace commented. “No matter how bad things got for us, we Stuck together.” With returning players Bob Wallace and Tuquwan Smith, and up and rising stars like Jeff Almenana andJose Castanon, the future looks bright for the Prep basketball program.

Home games for Prep basketball were ritualistic this year, os the team huddled at center court for a team rally and prayer before every gome, Unlike most other sports, where the coach was in the center of the huddle, Coach Bob Ryan had the captains psych up the team.

48 i c c - c r a i c t a R S

Finding himself in a jam, junior forward Bobby Wallace pivots around to pass the ball to someone. Oftentimes, when players were double­ teamed, as Wallace is here, a teammate was left open, which usually led to an easy two points.

This year's basketball team was characterized aggressive offense. Senior point guard Abraham takes it all the way, and pulls up | jumper. In addition to being Prep's leai Abraham led the team in steals and assists, I setting up Jermaine Mercer for an an

Even when he's surrounded by three defenders, senior Jermoine Mercer still finds o woy to score the bucket. Due to his superior jumping skills, the crowd's energy often intensified to on unbelievable pitch as they would watch in awe to see him dunk the boll. Look out Jordan!!

1996 Varsity Basketball Scores Record: 8-10 P rep P rep P rep P rep P rep P rep P rep P rep P rep

52 74 41 50 65 52 50 53 54

B a yo n n e S t. A lo ysiu s S t. M ary's B a yo n n e L in co ln F erris M a r is t H u d so n C a th o lic Snyder

58 39 54 44 48 45 52 67 61

P rep P rep P rep P rep P rep P rep P rep P rep P rep

65 64 43 64 50 59 65 52 77

D ick in so n S t. Joseph, M etu ch en U nion H ill M em o ria l E m erso n H oboken N o r th Bergen H u d so n C atholic St. A lo ysiu s

72 67 55 41 53 53 78 50 41

C h ristm a s T o u r n a m e n t P rep 48 J e s u it o f N ew O rleans S e m ifin a ls: P rep 42 S t. J o h n 's o f O hio


C o n so la tio n G am e: P rep 54 F o rd h a m P rep



All good basketball players bow that just scoring baskets isn't enough. Victoiy depends on not only offense, but stingy defense as well. Senior ((Kaptain Markis Abraham stays with on Emerson player step by step, not giving him an inch of space.

Front f o r 6 m Jeffery, De" * | Stanley BridgeMi, Bobby Wolhce, TWimS Smith. Second f o r Coed) Bob Kytm, Enc indres, Markis M/rohom, Jermaine Mercer, Anthony Jordan, Jose Costanon, John Herbert, Dorian limimns, Fat Buesing, Assistant Coach Bob Tredo.

Varsity Basketball \ 49

Ihe bowling team used the facilities of Hudson Lanes in Bayonne for practice, as well as most of thei matdies. Senior Mark Lucero cranks back bis arm, getting itie full "arch" effect, moments before gelling a strike.

1996 V a rsity B o w lin g Scores R ecord: 12-3 P rep P rep P rep P rep P rep P rep P rep P rep P rep P rep P rep P rep P rep P rep P rep

5 7 7 7

3 3 7 0 7 5 7 7 7 7 7

D ic k in so n Snyder L in c o ln H u d so n C a th o lic B ayonne M a rist A c a d e m ic F erris H u d so n P rep D ic k in so n Snyder L in c o ln H u d s o n C a th o lic B ayonne M a r is t

2 0 0 0 4 4 0 7 0 2 0 0 0 0 0

Matches n o t reported due to deadline:

A c a d e m ic F erris H u d so n P rep

1996 Ju n io r V arsity B o w ling Scores Record: 12-3 Prep P rep P rep P rep P rep Prep P rep P rep P rep P rep P rep P rep P rep P rep Prep

4 7 7 5 0 7 7 S 7 2 7 7 2 5 5

D ickin so n Sn yd er L incoln H u d so n C atholic B a yo n n e M a rist A ca d em ic Ferris H u d so n Prep D ickin so n S n yd er L in co ln H u d so n C atholic B a yo n n e M a rist

3 0 0 2 7 0 0 2 0 5 0 0 5

2 2

Matches n o t reported due to deadline:

A ca d e m ic Ferris H u d so n P rep

When going into a turn, bowlers usually follow their own particular pattern, consisting of a number of steps and a distinct path. Typically, right-handed bowlers, such os senior Amon Clemente, famed the rij/if side of Ihe lone. Concentrating on the ten pins down the alley, Amon aims to bowl a strike, following a faestep pace, releasing his boll just as his foot meets Ihe foul he.

Varsity Bowling: Koyce Aldea, Mr. lowistowski, Constantine Dy, Hob Scalzo, Ion lugtu, Tun Sazon, Mark Uicero, Mike MaHettone, Amon Clemente. Missing: Dave Scbalk.

(50 I u

cu m




K, so they aren't part of ABCs Wld<? World Hp jP of Sports’ presentation ofthe PBATour, butthe 199697 Prep Bowling team ccmos pretty close. The Kejtlers continued in their excellent fashion, tait'ig on the competition, and producjig many strikes. Some people consider bowlingto tea game, but let’s analyze the tension in this age-long tradition that makes it a sport. Position yourself in front of afoul line, 75 ft sway from ten pins made of wood* each approximati^ weighing 2-3 lbs. Your objective isto knock down these pins with a hard plastic ball,weighing about 1§ lbs, in tv® tries, preferably in one shot. Sound easy?? Well, think of all the, odds that are againstyou. The lane, a mere 48 inches wide, is slicked With oil, so a Slight mishap in handling the ball could result in destruction. On top of that, the.. Hal should stay in the center, considering the 9 inch gutters on each side. Sc much for rebounding. Alright sc y » j take your stance, the annOying weight # the ball I


c k

t h





e s

rMfeig an your wrist, sweat Sob "Calzone Ssalzo, Arnon running down your brow: yoQ "Hermie" Clemente. Con Dy, pace yptDSie-Hns, craiHtySuf Mark "MUgs/ Lucero, Mile arm Cask’ with power, bsiig IMtlfettine, and: Jonathai careful not W letgo ofthe ball ^Hammerhead" Lugtu. Scalzo and briig lack the bill, bowled several 600: series unieashiig itspotential energy, thoughoBt the season. Key attalpfng a Tlnger-rsir effect, wins for the Varsity am# putting on a slight spit; and, against Dickinson, Hudson then you get down w t ycer Catholic, Snyder, and Lincoln. knees and pray. You pray that Unfortunately, the team came the longjourney for ySj r ball up short against Bayonne and will be siliSssful. avoftfhg the Marts! losingbyonly one point county glitters, making ciiitact with against these the 'tet pin, whteh in turn will powerhouses. Theteam-umec cause a domino effect, its luck around and compiled a knocking down all ten pins. five game winning streak, to Sure, everyone looks at you secure a berth in the counties. The JV team mimicked the when yea make body movements, hoping that they Success Of their Varsity writ alter your ball's path, but compatriots. Led by Kevin who really cares when you get iillis , Brian Musto, and a Strike. Yeah, you jump up newcomers Ray Addas and and tSSfgam. and your Rich Florkiewicz. theJV Keglers teammates patyou ontheback. crushedtheircompetition. Like You're ecstatic, f»/f3er. and the Varsity, the JV secured a tense. If bowling's net a sport, spotjn the counties. Overall, the Keglers bowled we don’t know what is. This year's bowling team their way to success. With met their competition with thejf goals set as the pins, and ambition and style. Under the guidance of their Mr. Z, both, the Varsity and the determination as the ball, they JV teams made runs for the1 scored strikes almost every County Championships. The time. Varsitysquadwas fedbyseniors

JV Bowling: Front Sow: Ray Addas, Brian Musto, Ion Paul Sielski, William Wicheri. Kevin Sirs.

fi shutouts against Snyder, lincoln, Morist, demic, and Hudson Prep, Ihe JV Keglers lonstrated to Ihe county lhat they ore a

Just arriving at the alley, the Varsity Keglers unload their balls, ond get suited up tor competition. Afterwards, the starting lineup was

:e to be reckoned with. Sophomore Kevin s, o strong and consistent bowler, is obviously intimidated by the long, narrow latte, as he

arranged by Mr. 1.

Missing: Matt Hunton, Dave Magarban, John MckliHe.

Second Row: Jelf Bouquio, Rich FMdewia,

he Cross Country Squad of 1996 exceeded all expectations and emerged as a state powerhouse. Leadership, spawned by enthusiasm, made this year's Prep Harriers a force to be reckoned with in the northeast. A large part ofthe team's accomplishments were due to the team's first ever training camp in Avon, NJ. Conditioning activities included running over 15 miles a day, pool workouts, and calisthenics. All of this was done under the direction of Coaches Mike Burgess and DrewNoga. In the words of Mr. Noga, “The talent on this squad was always plentiful, but when you combine those elements with a determined work ethic and enthusiasm, success finds you." Led by senior co-captains Frank Drummond and Chris Bader, the squad never lost its focus and sense’of humor.

As a whole. the team achieved great sucQ®§ on a i Jewels. The Varsity Squad ran to first place finishes: in the South Hudson. Jersey City, and HCIAA Championships. Junior Kyle Witkowski led the way with fint place finishes at all three meets, clocking a 16:28 at the HCIAA meet Sophomore Sal Candela completed the one-twopunch with a second place finish in the Jersey City and South Hudson Championships, running 17:29 in the latter. The JV squad also had their own brush with success. In theirfirsttrip to the McQuaid Invitational in Rochester, NY, the sensational sophomores finished fourth out of the 45 teams competing that day. Candela finished strongly to take fourth overall. At the CTC Conference Championships, the sophomores finished second to state powerhouse CBA.

W h in the season had ® m etea close, nine runfien received ali-county honors, the largest contingency ever. Witkowski was named to allcounty first team and to allstate third team by “The Star Ledger.” Candela was named to aii^ottnty second team while teammates Frank Drummond, Cffrf Bransky, and Kevin Cody were named to all-county third team. Lastly, Chris Bader, Luke Drummond, Jesse Cassibba, and "Mantis” Miceil earned all-county honorable mentiofi.: Two talented freshmen, Sammy Rivera and Licinio Oliveira, learned from the upperclassmen, theskillsthat they will utilize in the years to come. Summing up his final Cross Country campaign, Frank Drummond stated, “Our accomplishments were due to our extraordinaryteam chemistry."

m lunior Kyle Witkowski took second place in the lunior race at the CfC Class Meet. His phenomenal dedication and determination paid off in all county first team honors, os well as all state third team. Unfortunately for the team, there were not enaigh runners at Ihe C!C to compile a team score.

This year, towards the end of August, the Cross Country team went to camp in Holmdel Park. Ibis new experience served two purposes-Hrst, to train and condition the runners, and second, to have the team members get acquainted with one another, fostering a community.

At the HCIAA sophomores Anthony Jesse Cassibbo and fres licinic up before mnning the IV race. to the team, Oliveira learned experienced sophomores, especially Cossibbo. m nt on to win this

At the McQuaid Invitational, ccxoptain frank Drummond nears the end o f an extremely muddy come. Ihe tonentiol weather mode it iS fkult for the Harriers to run to the best o f their abtty. As at the CIC (loss Meet, Prep did not have enough members to contend os o team.

C ro ss C o u n try S ta n d in g s S t. D o m 's M eet

4 th . P lace

S o p h o m o re M cQ u a id I n v ita tio n a l

4 th . Place

M a n h a tta n In v ita tio n a l

5 th . P lace

Jersey C ity C h a m p io n sh ip s

1st. P lace

S o u th H u d so n C h a m p io n sh ip s

1st. P lace

H CIAA C h a m p io n sh ip s

1st. P lace

HCTCA C h a m p io n sh ip s

2 n d . P lace

S o p h o m o re CTC C onference C h a m p io n s h ip 2 n d . P lace

At the Closter 5K, Prep runners Jesse Cassibbo, "Mantis" Miceli, Sal Candela, Chris Bader, Frank Drummond, and lake Drummond dash off to a sensational start immediately following the opening gun. Deemed a "Fun Run," this was the first time-trialed race for the Harriers after camp. All of them placed well in their designated age group.

Left to Right: Frank Drummond[ Mr. Noga, Clint Bransky, Jesse Cassibbo, Pat McGovern, Anthony Miceli, Chris Bader, Ucinio Oliveira, Joe Garofalo, Kevin Cody, Nathan Jackson, Sammy Rivera, Sal Candela, Luke Drummond.

Missing: Mr. Mike Burgess, Kyle Witkowski.

Cross Country \ S B

Freshmon q/mrterhik Kellm Wiliams nins m option sweep p b / to Ihe light, avoiding Im n m from Hudson Catholic, between these Im teams has o long history,

the rivalry

hep has rnamged to beat the Hawks in the past six years, tieing them only once.

1996 F re sh m a n F o o tb a ll Scores R ecord: 8-0-1 (B o L u ih j (B & a m p io u x )

P re p


P a r a m u s C a th o lic

P re p


E liza b e th


P re p


H o b oke n


P re p


D ic k in so n


P re p


P re p


N o rth Bergen



F e rris


P re p


H u d s o n C a th o lic


P re p


M e m o ria l


P re p




After having just scored a touchdown against Bayonne, freshman Wayne Geraci prepares to kick off to them. The Marauders went on route to a 34-20 dismantling of the Bees to clinch the HCIAA Championship.

Front Row: Coach Ed Roselle, Woyne Geraci, Chuck Purdue, Joson Monaco, John loyugan, Kellen Williams, Dennis Wilbeck, Tim Williamson, Jon Deverell, Mike Vizzacchero, Steve Usma, Adolfo Zoyos, Andy Maroney.

Second Row: Chris Smith, James Bayot, Donald Boron, John Ciuppo,

Cabral Edley, Rich England, Mike Gonnelli, Pete Botsolas, Rob Keenan, Brian Grzelka, Ben Vega, Roy Addas.

Third Row: Coach Frank Wiliioms,

Coach Seon Verdi, Mike Cronin, Sean Glosser, Lou Giele, John Bmndoge, Seon Del, Greg Molokaukas, Mohammed Riaz, Albert Sidhom, Joe Nolon, Mike Biondo, Brian Gleason, Brian Cardino, Coach Tony Crisalli.

Missing: Christian Martinez, Rich (ollahon, Roberto Melo, Julius Fabtos.

f ^ jC r C r k > C e ,$




Bis, - l -iW


B p reacting to a fumble by Hudson olic, inside linebacker Mike Vizzacchero falls the ball, giving Prep excellent field position.

j his years's football team was a

special one. ftiey came in as individuals in midJuly and by the end of the season they were teammates and friends. The freshman team dedicated themselvesUS one goal: winning the county championship. They worked hard throughout the entire summef, having Wednesday night practices and learning the basics hew to work and play as a team. They had double sessions in the humidity and 100 decree heat ofJuly and August, Thefrosh went to camp where they were put through grueling exercises. They experienced something called "i iell Night,â&#x20AC;? after which the four captains were named: Mike Gonnelli, Kellen Williams, Cabral Edley, and Sean Del, They displayed courage and leadership thrcughoutthe entire season. When they returned from camp, they played many

The offensive line was able to open holes immediately after the snap for their runners. Freshman fullback Mike Gonnelli seizes the opportunity and darts forward for a huge gain.

scrimmages in preparation for the start of the season. Then the day finally cameâ&#x20AC;&#x201D;the Ifistgame versus Paramus Cathofct F.veryone was excited because this was what they had- worked for over the entire W W W . Now it was time I p produce! On the third play of the; game, Mike Gonnelli ran for a 70 yard touchdown. Getting off a rousing start, they -woo the game 20 - 0. From that point m , the freih ngier looked back. In their second game, they trailed 6 -0 after the fifit drive. But they displayed their courage and battled back to win 32 13. Their biggest rivalry of the year was against previously unbeaten Hoboken. Prep scored earlyforthe only points Of the game and won 7-0. Against Dickinson, Prep went ahead by a touchdown after a Cabral Edley kickoff return. They scored again to go up

14 - 0, but Dickinson came back With 14 unanswered points. However, the Prep defense won the game with two safeties,, Their toughest game came against North Bergen. The hard-fought contest ended in a scoreless tie. In the Ferris game, Prep started out slowly, but then went on to a 26-0 shutout victory. Then Prep, looking for yet another victory, easily demolished Hudson Catholic 40-0 for their third straight JhutaaaJ and fourth 10 five games. With two games left pa the schedule, they took on Memorial and won again 26-8. The confident team then strolled into Bayonne and won 34-20 to finish the season at an undefeated 8-01. They were only the third undefeated team, in Prep history. As 1996 county champs, many more good things can be expected in the future.

Following yet another touchdown against Hudson Catholic, freshman Wayne Serati attempts to hoot Ihe ball through Ihe uprights.

St. Peter's went on to crush Ihe Hawks, 400.

Freslrnian tcctball I 55

Playing with the Heart of a Champion t was a tough seasQB’ibf InSHt replay on IVI5G:Jtowed the 1996 Varsity Football that one of Joe Tramutola-s? |Team . With Hgh extra points during regulation expectations for athird straipt wasgoai However;, jfiSftferee trip taGiants Stadium, thfteam eai&d it oo Therefere, worked hard throughout the Prep: actually won fjp gamli off-season, lifting in ttie but it went down in the woigr.troorn. and pfing to as i {ftss. summer camp to work on The Marauders tooted techniques, -find skills. Jb. forwardtothefoljowinggames, September, the entire school the next feeiftg against communitywas psyched upfor Ifcfeinson. In a game that anotherexciting season of Prep featured two. :sf tie bist; football. defenses in the county, Prep Afterthreeweeks,eseryone managed to shut outthe Rams was shSfked at the 9-0. With (JB# game under disappointing 0-3 start. In the tieir tsfit, senior Arrttasny season openeragainstParamut Jordan, who was awarded the Catholic. Prep fought a sea- High Schoci Heisman Tt^phy, saw battle of offenses that.had commented, "Things are 55 points scored from both lookinggood, notonlybecause sides. Following the one point it's our Srst win, tat because Idas, Prep was no match for the we have more oserail highly skilled: and talented CBftd'eWe as a team, Itoelieve Elizabeth squad. Against we can go places as long aswe Hoboken, it appearedthatPrep stay intense and healthy," hadsecured the victory, butthe Agreeing with Jordan, Head mighty Red Wings scored in Coach Rich Hansen stated, 'it thefinal minutes ofthe gamete looks promising, but we have send it: into overtime. After to stay healthy." Prep scored a touchdown, but Following a loss to missedtheextrapoint, Hoboken powerhouse North Bergen, St. scored from the first play of Peter’s finished the season scrimmage, successfully made strong with fair consecutive the extra point, and won the and convincing wins. Prep: game. To add to the loss, demolished Hudson Cathiil


and compiling 84 poll# against ttam. Being down 16-0 at halBnm. Prep showed Is try! spirit and fighting power by scoring 24 unanswered points to (Jljnch Victory against Bayonne. Theteammadeacompleteturn­ around. They looked like the Marauders of the past. Fan support even returned to what it had been previously, Sifter Fraftk Drummond said, "it was ifefcoldtimes. ..Guys came out to ifc# game and: started washing in the stands. It was great!” The team finished a resoundingsecond in theHCIAA National Conference. Even though fee team did n il win a lSU®ty title, it was their comeback season. Coach Hansen Stffirned it upnicely by saying, "A winning streak is important. It’s important for the younger- Ijds, but more important ter the seniors to go out with a win.” U * Junior Varsity squad worked their way to a nearperfectseason, spottingarecord of 6-1. the team was led by sophomore sensations Billy Fitzgerald and Nick Edwards.


Though predominantly a running offense, the Marauders often used their aerial power to advance the ball. Quarterback Darren "Stix" Miller drops back to look for one of his open receivers downfield, while tight end Mark Scrivanich (81) and running back Calvin Souder (33) protect him from the oncoming blitz. Stix got his first snaps from center last year as a junior starter, which in turn gave him experience for his final year.



When the offensive and defensive lines get down in their stance, there is great anxiety before the quarterback takes the snap. Can I block this guy in front of me? Is the defense going to blitz? The Prep offensive line made holes to allow runners like Anthony Jordan and Calvin Souder to rush through for gains.

Scoring a touchdown on a kickoff is one of the ban I things to do-considering that the opposing team is rum I at top speed, ready to tackle the receiver with the I W Against Paramus Catholic, senior Billy Cunningham manal H to break through ond rush for 90 yards for a touchdoi I Amazingly, he also scored on a kickoff return agol I Hoboi I

In kicking field goals and extra points, foot placing, followed by power, is the key to a successful kick.

With Billy Cunningham holding, senior Joe Tramutolo kicked numerous extra points.

1996 V a rsity F o o tb a ll Scores Record: 5-4 P a r a m u s C a th o lic



E lizab eth


Pre p


H ob oken


P re p


D ic k in so n

P re p


N o rth Bergen


P re p


F e rris


P re p


H u d so n C a th o lic


P re p


M e m o ria l


Pre p


B a yo n n e

P re p


P re p



After punting the ball, Prep's special teams rush down to pummel the receivers from Hoboken. Junior Melvin Nyaboga carefully awaits to see how the returners will field the ball.

Front Row: Ryan Ccllm, Dexia Bornate, lay Inly, Sean O'Neill, [lie [stevez, Aaron levy, Garret Hnfhnaa, Hike M a i, Malt O din, Keith Vecchi Mostafa Kami, Alison Koz, Coy Dailey.

Second Ron: Ken O'Comrn, lam Ibrahim, Hick ÂŁmma, BiUy Fitzgerald, Kevin lismden, Hick

(dmrds, Dairen Miller, Joe frammla, Billy Cunimgham, Rob Kolakomski, losh Medrano, Mike to rn , Imence Alexander, lose One, Mark DXew, Coodi Chris tazofclto.

Third Row: Coach Owen Havmn, Coach Ken Femmte, Caadi Ken Such, Conch Dom iM Brnmante, Steve lim m z, tlike

H im , Dave DiMartino, Anthony Iordan, Rich Bellimi, Heorge Wisnieski, lesse Akeredolu, lomal Slakes, Calvin Soader, AMâ&#x201E;˘ Hyabogo, Mark Sammich, Gerry lorio, Anthony Zaklama, Virgilio Guzman, Jake Park, Coach Rich Hansen.


Varsity tcctoall

Alter intercepting a pass, junior Kevin Fitzpatrick skids omy from a Toms Him Southdefensenm and has a dear, open shot at the god He mb able to score, giving Prep yet anotherpoint Hi their 13-3 demolishing of Toms Him South.

1996 V a rsity H ockey Scores R ecord: 13-7 P rep P rep P rep P rep P rep P rep P rep P rep P rep P rep P rep

6 9 1 3 8 13 1

P rep


7 S 8 5

P ope J o h n R iv e r D ell T o m s R iv e r E a s t St. J o h n V ia n n e y I n d ia n H ills V ero n a W e s t Essex L a k e la n d P ope J o h n T o m s R iv e r S o u th P a r a m u s C a th o lic V ero n a

2 8 5

4 0 2 3 1 2 3 2 0

P rep


P a r a m u s C a th o lic 6

P rep


W e s t Essex


P rep


I n d ia n H ills


P rep


R iv er D ell


P rep


T o m s R iv e r E a s t

P rep


L a k e la n d

7 12

P rep 10

T o m s R iv e r S o u th

P rep

H u d so n C a th o lic 13


B ayonne H o lid a y T ou rn am en t


3 r d Place

Vaisily Hockey: Mike Manzo, Paul Watson, Ryan Enrico, Joe M e, Kevin Fitzpatrick, Michael Mtmziono, Jon Fendk. Second How: Ed Pickett, Pete Visone, Hyan Boyle, Matt Fitzpatrick, Ed KMea. Third How: Coach Scott Hodistaeder, Kevin Mulligan, Damien 4/none, Malt Wagnon, Chris Doria, Andy Moe, Jason Aguiar, Hyan Prime, Coach Mm Brennan.

JV Hockey: Chris Komurek, Rich Oknhaus, Joe Moloney, Rick Briamonte, Michael Cronin, !im Andrevla. Second Row: lay Tuminaro, Matt Kickey, Joe Messina. Third Row: Wiliam Bedford, Robert Bedford, James McBraw, Peter Romanski, Coach Maio Taboaia, Bill Madsen, LeonardRomanski,Hick Scrmmich. In theopeningfoceoff, junior Ryan Enrico and o defenseman from Toms River South fight for possession of the puck, which has managed to escape from the confrontation. Toms River South had no idea that Enrico r iic D

in * a c c

mu^ be off to a hotstart, os he pulled off a hat

M | h fcf

miaules of


H o t S hots he 1996-1997 Prep Hockey season opened with a new outlook. While last season’s goal was to break .500 for the season, this year’s goal was to win the Handchen Cup. This new found optimism was due to their successful 1541 record in the 1995-1996 season. This year’s team saw the loss of five seniorswhich left a young team. However, this did not leavetheteam without leadership. The void left by the graduating seniors was aptly filled by this year's captains;junidns Ryan Enrico and Kevin Fitzpatrick, and seniorJoe LoRe. These three, along with junior Kevin Mulligan contributed to most of the team's scoring. Enrico and Mulligan were both ranked inthe statefor scoring over 60 points each. This year's team also saw the loss oftheirstartinggoaiie. Three goalies dressedfor each game, but freshman Mike Manzo sawthe mostIce-time.


Mar.zo has promising potential for success in future seasons. ThS team's success, however, would not have been possible without the careful guidance of coaches Jim Bfennan and Scott Hochstaeder. As always, practice was crucial during the season. Net only did ft keep the team in shape and on top of their game, but it allowed them to grow and develop as a team and keep focused. Their hard work paid off in several key games. They beat Riverdell 5-4 and Toms River East 8-5, after an 0-3 record against each of these teams in the past two seasons. They also served West Essex their first loss of the season with a 5-3victory, and Montclair Kimberly Academy, from the National A Division, was handed their only loss, 7-2, inthe Bayonne HolidayTournament. Besides these accomplishments. Prep fulfilled its goal of making the state playoffs for the second

consecutive year. fUnfortunately, we were unable to cover the results of these games due to our deadline.) These wins certainlyprovedthatthe Prep hockey program made great strides over their previous seasons. Prep's outlook for next year looks even more promising. With two captains andthethree goalies returning nextseason, theVarsitysquad will only get better. “Our team is full of young players who are the future of the team. Hopefully Kevin Fitzpatrick, Kevin Mulligan, and myself can lead the youger players,” stated Ryan Enrico. The JV team struggled throughouttheirseason. The highlight of their season was a tie against powerhouse Bayonne, a team that plays two divisions above Prep. The main contributors were Bill Madsen, Chris Komurek. Mike Cronin, and Joe Messina. Before a gome, Coach Jim Brennan recaps the team's objectives and determination to win. He oullined the game plan, focusing on an agressive offense, justified with a tight defense. Ihe huddle concluded with a team prayer.

jv/varsity ncchey

Stepping Stones he 1996-97 Indoor Track season was a rebuilding one for the St. Peter’s Prep track squad. The lack of adequate training facilities was a major setback for the team. However, with a team of underclassmen, captains Frank' Drummond and Chris Bader set down the hard-working,: ground base that will help to mark the success of future teams. There could nothave been a worse start to the season than with the news that Prep could no longer use the facilities at the Jersey City Armory. They had long been accustomed to having winter workouts there, but as of this past w inter the arm ory became i the property of Universal’ Studios. This left

Prep a n l countless other young athletes without a training center. However, the Indoor Track squad: did not lit this incident get them down, instead, they sought to make the most of their situation and decided to have workouts right on campus. The workouts at school consisted of stair climbing, road-running, and weight lifting. The squad was often seen working out in the English Building, giving it all they had. Although the team did not place at any meets, their mind-set and determination never lagged. Guided by Coach Mike Burgess and Assistant Coach Rodney Alejandro, the LongDistancedivision ofthe squad was the anchor of the team.

Seniors Chris Baderand Frank Drummond led a distance team of mostly underclassmen to strong Varsity showings, while the Sprint Team faced setbacks in their improvement phase. Junior Ryan Sknpak. an expected Varsity leader, never fully recovered from his groin injury early on in the season. Junior Kyle Witkowski, amile and two mile runner, placed eigth in the States Championships for the mile run. Thisseason ’s IndoorTrack team was unique from all others. Although they did not conquer meets, they did provide the spirit and groundwork to assure a successful season for next year.

During competitions, Mr. Alejandro kept track of the team's progress and standings. Sophomores Clint Bronsky, Jesse Cassibbo, and Joe Cossotmi check up on how they fared in their races.

Since the Jersey City Armory was no longer a training facitrty for the Indoor Track Team, they had to improvise and find open spaces in which to stretch and run. The team often used the neighboring Paulus Hook area around Prep as well as Uncoln Park (as shown here). It was difficult adjusting to the new surroundings, but the team found ways to make themselves contenders.

ec ) cc-cuEPiciJLAPs

The shotput is one of the dvisions of the Indoor team that is oftenoverlooked. Junior Chris Larsen and this year's shotput team. Here, he waits for the re to call him to the throwing aide. The shotput ret) strong upper body strength, as shotputters must thrust eight-pound ball as far as possible from their shot

In his fourth ond final year of Prep running, senior Chris

45 in oil Prep sports, team spirit, unity, ond comoroderie ore

Bader, a natural distance runner, served os one of the captains on both the Indoor Track Team and the Cross Country Team. Training for an upcoming meet, Bader rounds a corner in the last leg of his run.


Whether teommotes cheer one onother on to victory, or

whether they tell anecdotes from school, students enjoy this aspect of the Prep experience.

During the CTC Class Meet, Joe Cossolini,

Felice Ferro, Vincent Chisari, ond Seon Glosser shore a lough.

During a typical workout, the Indoor Track team "highsteps" on Kennedy Blvd. The coaches had the team run drills that were designed to avoid specific injuries. Throughout the year, it was crucial for the team to stay healthy. "Highitepping" helped members to avoid disastrous hamstring injuries.

fo n t


Hove Tango, Joseph Hemendez, Oevid Moie, K * »


Onte lliomos, Jesse Cass/bln,

lake Dmmoml, Joe Cossotni.Second

Urn: Simmy te rn , Felice Ferro, Steve Wong, Ityan Skripok, M ed Sla. Igkw, Cfa Bmnsky, Idgar Sente G », Joe ta o U t. M tow: Mr. Kodney f t / a * , Have Smer, M y Pemglin, Seen 6losser, Solo Who, * « M e t , Vincent Chisel « « $ » Chits te fe t Fm * fto rt Tobies, F m Medina, Chiis la m i, Kevin Weithingten, Hole Jackson, Pat M o w n , Joe Chidickm, Sel Condtlo, Bean Tedno, Casey McKenna, Dan Petersen, kody lamer, Kevin Caiabelese, JamesComb, Mr. Mike Burgess.

Indoor Track [ 61

Coma kicks are an excellent opportunity for o team to score. hearing the bal or kicking it.

As the bal enters play: players that ore positioned near the gool hove o chance to score by either

Sophomore Sommy Salem boots the bol towards his owoiting teommotes, hoping sometfing positive wS emerge from the play

1 9 9 6 J u n io r V a rsity Soccer Scores R ecord: 17-2-3 P rep 2

N e w a rk E a stsid e


P rep 0

F erris


P rep 2

S t. B e n e d ic tâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s


P rep 0

P a ra m u s


P rep 2

T o m s R iver


N o r th B ergen fo rfe ite d to P rep

P rep 1

H u d s o n C a th o lic 0

P rep 0

N o r th Bergen


P rep 4

W a y n e V alley


P rep 3

B ayonne


H CIAA T o u r n a m e n t

P rep 2

E m erso n


P rep 3

B ayonne


P rep 3

B ayonne


P rep 1

K e a rn y


P rep 3

D ic k in so n


P rep 3

U nion H ill


P rep 4

L yn d h u rst


P rep S

H u d s o n C a th o lic 3

P rep 4

H o b o ke n


P rep 6

D um ont

P rep 1

H o b o ke n



N e w a rk E a stsid e fo rfe ite d to P rep

Preqame warmups are crucial to being prepared for an intense and vigorous match. Sophomore Anthony Palmieri and freshman Justin Buzzio work together to perfect passing, dribbling, and blocking skills.

Front Row: Don Finn, Anthony Magallon, Tom Burns, Ryan Renner, Steve Wieaorek, Mike Sylvia, Paul Ambrosio, Justin Buzzio, Don Silva, Dan Muzzillo, Mark Boruch. Second Row: Brian Healy, John Carey, Frank Marino, Mariano Pellegrino, Ryan Carroll, Matthew Hunton, Kevin Gillis, Anthony Palmieri, Sonti Formoso, Marc Mongiello, Sammy Salem, Jason Scudder, Coach Mike Fromfield. Coach Josh Jontas.


Surpassing All Expectations his was a fine season for the JV soccer team. Led by coach Mike Fromfield, ‘91, and assistant coach Jo A Jantas, ‘95, it was a season marked by a sensational 17-2-3: record. The winning season Was made possible by the arrival of talented new freshmen and sophomores, who stepped.ap and did the: job. At the start of the Season, many players did not know what to expect, “Going into the season, I was uncertain what the team would te lftfi, But the team proved to have a lot of heart and characterand we had the record to prove it,” commented sophomore John Carey. This: belief echoed those of fellow teammates. The season began with a

I» fierce competition against Hudson Catholic, Mark Boiuch dribbles Ihe ball past a fider. In Ihe two games that these teams Prep swept Hudson 1-0, and 5-3.

4s part of a dribbling exercise between players, freshmen Marc Mongiello, Dan MuzziBo, and another player who cannot be identified, pass the

fine 2-1 victory over St. Benedict's for Mike' Fromfield's first win as head coach. This was an indicator of what the tear, was capable of. They tied the nextgame to Tom’s Rise# East, and lost one to rival North Bergen. After this, they went on a 9 gamewinning streak, capping the streak off with a 6-0 Win over Dumont In a ¥ery Hostile game. However, championship dreams were shattered ii 3 SM loss to Kearny in the semi-finals of the freshman-sophmore tournament. The team rebounded with a win over Union Hi)1 , in the consolation gams. The team was led. In points, by three sophomores. John Carey led the team with 8 goals and 4 assists. Dan

Finn and Mark Boruch followed closely behind with 8 goals and 3 assists each. The defense was anchored by sophmores Carl Van Note and Ryan Renner. Manyfrestfjien had excellent seasons as well—Santi Formoso had 5 goals and 2 assists, and Dan Muzzlllo had 3 goals and 6 assists. Also, freshman Mike Sylvia was the starting goalkeeper while freshman Steve Wieczorek was the back-up. In addition, sophmores Matt Hunton and Anthony Magallon had excellent seasons on defense. All in al| things are looking bright for next year's team. As coach Fromfield put it, “The season was a great success. Itwasthebestrecord everfor me as a coach. 1look forward to next year.”

In a mock scrimmage between each other, midfielders John Care/, Sammy Salem, and Ryan Kenner prepare to advance the ball as Dan Finn wails to defend. Scrimmages tested the shlls of players in simulated playing ram/fens.

ball to each other during practice. Daily practice emphasized the elements needed to win games.

JV scccer V 63


B attle in the Trenches he 1996 SoccerTesrr. continued its tradition of success, producing a winning record of 13-6-3. Poise and perseverance proved to be some.of the team's greatest attributes as the squad overcame early defeats and doubts. The city champions could hold their heads up high for beating stiff competition and for remaining a powerhouse. The winning season did not come without its share of setbacks. Early in the season, Prep was off to a rocky start with a record of 4-4-1. The slump affected players, the coaching staff, and the fans. However, under the leadership of Head Coach John Irvine '83, Prep was able to get back on track, pull together, and chalk up some crucial victories. As the morale increased, the team Was able to perform


better. Junior midfielders Joe Percontino and Jonathan Foster-Moore scored pivotal goals that •aifewel Prep to earn a berth in the playoffs. Once in the playoffs, Prep; shined as Ifng-time rival North Bergen fell to the comeback kids. FosterMooft and Percontino put Prep up 4-3 J#r a first round victory. In the semi-final match against nemesis Hudson Catholic, defensive specialist Pat McDermott scored the only goal of the match. Prep was not expected to defeat the reigning league champions, but Hudson Catholic's 12th place rank did not stop Prep from stepping it up for the victory. Although Prep was dismantled in the final match by Union Hill, the season's success could not be overshadowed by the loss. This year's varsity squad

achieved its powerful ©ffftversion through the efforts of its highly talented play®,, 3y finding holes in the offense* of their OpponiHls, seniors ffevirl | Moran and Brian Crimmins, andjuniors Michael Mara and Pat HcDermott formed the defensive wall. Aided by senior goaf tender Jim Birch, who provided nine shutouts this season, Prep's defense threw many opponents out of sync. The midfield provided much ofthe offense With goals from all four starting midfielders: seniors Martin Gaffney and Jorge Silva, and juniors FosterMoore and Percontino. On the front line,junior Anthony Portelli was a potent threat. Juniors Jorge Oyolaand Ryan Prime, talented members from Prep's bench, also displayed composure and potential in the playoffs.

Everyone was surprised when Mr. Loria showed up of Ihe Championship game with a d m set. Selling up in Ihe front row, he entertained Ihe crowd wilh popular limes. Word Im it that MCA Records wonts him to sign a recording deal.

( t t t n n i i

a is

During camp this summer at Camp Akiba in Reeders, PA, senior Brian Crimmins gets the ball past goalie Jim Birch, whose leap was not long enough to prevent the goal. During the live day stay from August 25-29, strategies of offense and defense were designed and team unity and camaraderie were established.

During pregame warmups, goalie Jim Birch fields I balls. Loosening up before a game is key to p ri for a match as well as getting rid of am

In Ihe final game against Union Hill at Coven Point, senior Jorge Stiva detiven a head shot over a defender in order la pass Ihe ball la an om iling teammate. Silva was Prep's star player, making First Team M League, All Gly, md U County.

1996 V a rsity Soccer Scores Record: 13-6-3 (B it u

( B ^ a iu p io iu

P rep 3

L yn d h u rst


P rep 3

N o r th A rlin g to n


P rep 0


P rep 8

T o m s R iv e r E a s t M a ris t

P rep 1

F erris


P rep 2

W a yn e V alley


P rep 0

U nion H ill


P rep 2

D ick in so n


P rep 1

N o rth Bergen


P rep 3

B ayonne


P rep 0

H o b o ken


P rep 1

E m erso n


P rep 0

H u d so n C a th o lic 0

P rep 2

M em o ria l


P rep 3

P ed d ie


P rep 4

L in co ln


P rep 2

P aram us


HCIAA T o u r n a m e n t

0 P rep 4

N o r th Bergen


P rep 1

H u d so n C a th o lic


P rep 0

U nion H ill


S ta te T o u r n a m e n t P rep 2

Bergen C a th o lic


Jersey C ity C h a m p io n sh ip P rep 1

D ic k in so n


Before every game, Ihe soccer learn gathered into a huddle far a prayer. Team unity and community m e stressed throughout Ihe season, encouraging camaraderie and spirit.

Front Row: Mr. Irvine, Kevin Moran, Jorge Sha, Cd Killilea, Joe Perconlino, Matthew Foster-Moore, Brian Crimmns, Carl Van Note. Second Row: Alex Magallon, Jorge Oyolo, t a e Vtsone, Ryan Prime, Jonathan Foster-Moore, Mies TwaddJ, Mike Mara, Jose Romerotosch, Pat McDermott.

Missing: Jim Birch, Anthony Portelli.

Varsity ยงcccer \ 65

4s senior Posdml Ferreira finisheshis leg of the 400 yard Freestyle, junior Don Paskas A/es in to seal the victory. In order to guarantee o strong finish, the anchor position is reserved for the fastest swimmer. Prep took fis t place.

1 9 9 6 S w i m m i n g S c o re s R e c o r d : 8 -4 P rep P rep P rep P rep P rep P rep P rep P rep P rep P rep P rep

78 73 65 93 107 54 61 63 45 81 87

C lif to n P in g r y D e lb a r to n B ayonne H oboken P ope John S t. J o s e p h 's P a l i s a d e s H u d s o n C a th o lic B r i d g e w a te r R a r i t a n S t. B e n e d ic t's F e r r is & D ic k in s o n

B e e s C la s s ic S t a t e S e c tio n a ls C ity C h a m p i o n s h i p s C o u n ty C h a m p io n s h i p s

65 83 59 47 34 72 64 62 82 66 56

1 s t P la c e 2 n d . P la c e 2 n d . P la c e 1 s t P la c e

Success in a relay event requires team work from all four swimmers. Prep's quadsquad consisted of Mark Kendall, Nick Perseghin, Paschal Feneira, and Dan Paskas. Ending the first two laps of his 100 yard Freestyle in the 400 yard Freestyle Relay, senior Nick Perseghin retains Prep's lead in this race, as well as its lead for the entire meet, the Bees Classic. A veteron of the swim team, Nick was chosen to serve as an alternate at the state championships.

Front Row: Michael Bock, Richard Schubring, Brian Crimmins, Nick Trentocoste, Mark Kendall. Second Row: Marcos Martinez, Alex Martinez, Jonathon Hassell, Chris Boggiano, Mike Santucci. Third Row: Edmund Caulfield, Don Asencio, Nick Perseghin, Coy Dailey, Dan Paskas, Paschal Ferreira, Stephen Hudacko. Missing: Lorry Lazzara, Brian Sharrock.

ee J c f - c i t u c i i u s

S iib iu e u ^ e * ) in H H Ithough the 1996-97 » » swimming team was I f ! ! - narked with some minor setbacks, these were overshadowed by phenomenal success. Coaches Carlos Garafa andJeffJotzand moderatorMrs, Nickerson guided anddrilled this year's tea* to perform to the best of their capabilities. The team started out strong, by reinstating its tradition of 5:30 a.m. practices, These workouts carried the team through the winter break until January, after which afternoon practicesbegai. The reason forthe turnaround to afternoon practices came about for a couple of reasons. One factor was student schedules, which often did not allow for flexibility in practice times, Anotherfactorwasthetemporary closing of two of Prep's practice sites - the Pershing Field PaS and the YWCA (where a water pump caught on fire). Practices had to be limited to Tuesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays and Sundaysforalmostall ofJanuary at St. Peter's College. With many of the meets scheduled inJanuary, :he ioss of practicetime resulted intheteam being unable to dominate low caliber teams, as it had always done in the past. But with a loss

Ihe 100 yard Backstroke, Prep always dominated the wilti veteran swimmers Dan Asencio and Don Paskas xfiVQ simultaneously. Here, Asencio llnne 3) and (lane 4) gel of! to a good start.

A good dive is uudal to whether a swimmer will perform well in a race, liming ond follow through ore key factors in Ihe execution of a peifect dive. Here, senior Paschal Ferreira showed perfect form.

S o c c e r

by ifijy three points to the rival swim team of St. Joseph's ofthe Palisades, followed by a narrow one point victoiy over Hudson Catholic, the Prep swimmers were motivatedto endtheseason on a positive note. When afternoon practices reSB®ed for seven days each week forthe month of February, every member had an opportunitytogetback inshape. Theteam's improvementbecame evident when they captured second place at the State Sectionals, A mere 16 points kept the team from a first place finish. Theteamendedtheseason with a crushing defeat of St. Joe's at the County Championships, gaining thetitle far a stunning fourteenth time. The team was led by seniors Dan Asencio. Nick Perseghin, Paschal Ferreira, Nick Trentacoste. BrianCrimmins, and Coy Dailey. In his final year of Prep swimming, characterized by smashing records in fte 100 meter Butterfly, and the 100 meter Backstroke, Asencio set his sights on the 200 meter Individual Medely. Asencio and Lazzara anchored Prep's 200 meter Freestyle Relay Team, as theytookfirstplaceatthe County

Chafipsn^iips, At every meet, Dailey wore hiss Infamous horseshoe aroundhisneck, agift from Coach Garafa, that became the tent's lucky charm. Also, Brian Crimmihs was Prep's sensational diver, capturing first place at virtually every meet Up and rising juniors (that are expected la continue Prep's winning tradition) were Larry Lazzara, Dan Paskas, Chris Boggiano, Brian Sharrock, and Rich Schubring. Lazzara took the bull by the horns and practiced in the off-season, to become one of Prep's fastest swimmers. This year alone, he shaved several seconds off his previously set times, as well as qualified to compete at the State Finals. Paskas, Boggiano, and Sharrockserved as alternates for the EDO meter Freestyle Relay Team at the States. Freshman phenorr. Edmund Caulfield surprised everyone with his superb ability; he placed first in the 500 meter Freestyle at the Counties. Just think of how much he will improve in his upcoming years! With these strong underclassmenonhand,theteam can confidently look forward to afifteenth CountyTitle nextyear.

After just finishing his race, senior Nick Trentacoste is congratulated by sophomore Phil VitaiBO ond Coach Carlos Garafa on a fine swim. In addition, Coach Garafa would talk la his swimmers after their wees to help them improve on form, stroke, and speed.

Swimming \ 67

Let's Get Ready to SO iving upto their preseason I f motto "Mo Deposit No r* M l Return" the Varsity wrestling team, through determination and hard work, earned a birth into a state tournament. Despite a season plagued by injuries, the team was very successful under the leadership oftri-captains Dave llaria, Mike Monaco, and Joe Tramutolo. Senior tri-captain Jo e Tramutolo missed a majority of the season with a shoulder injury, as did senior 160 pounder Brian Ackerman with a knee injury. Juniors Kevin DeVillava and Tommy Egan also were unable to wrestle for a portion of the season because of knee injuries. Despite these setbacks, the team stayed focused’ and showed their

dete rm inarson th |® ig h declsiK® vt^tgfies over Barringer, Pope Jctfn, Satin Hall Prep, and North Bergen, They also had 2 very impressive: victories over Tottenvilie (78-6) and Red Bank Cathoiic (74 3). The season was highlighted by the stellar performance o f junior tricaptain Dave llaria (103). llaria carried the team with an undefeated record and was given fie honor of being named athlete of the week by the Jersey Journal. Mike Monaco, also a tri-captain, wrestled phenomenally by losing only one regularseason match to a state champion.As a returning district champion in the 112poundweightclass, there are high expectations

for him to repeal bis performance next year. Thisyear’s teamfflrpassed a goal that no other Prep w restling team has accomplished: a victory over North Bergen. For the first time in the 26 years of Prep W restling history, the Marauders outwrestled the Bruins 38-31. Senior Jon Hurtado, with overwhelming support from Prep fans, clinched the victory in a dramatic match over a state champion. Ju n io r Tom Egan commented, “Even though we we’re down by one captain (dueto an injury), we wrestled with pure dedication and commitment, not only for Coach Kelly but for the team as whole."

Before the beginning of his motch, freshman Mark Dondero settles down in his stance and gets ready to rumble. Wrestling in the 140 lb weight class, Dondero compiled several eady season wins, which included a pin against Pope John.

Working for the nearfall, sophomore Nick Emma applies the pressure and tries to turn his opponent over on his bock. Throughout the season, Emma often shifted between the 152 and 160 lb weight classes, but primarily remained a 160 lb wrestler.

This is wrestling's version of the "stuff." I his opponent was able to get a hold of / ^ g j | sophomore Biyan Blaney pushes his head enabling Blaney to escape. Blaney put togetM phenomenal record on the JVI

One of this year's leading wrestlers, and an inspiration os well as a great influence for the team, senior Hob Kolakowski takes his position in between the periods of o match. Often referred to as the "Comeback Kid," Kolakowski hopes that he will be able to overturn his opponent and score points. This was one of the three positions a wrestler could choose.

1996 W restlin g Scores R ecord: 9-4 P rep P rep P rep P rep P rep P rep P rep P rep P rep P rep P rep P rep P rep

48 60 45 34 78 44 30 27 48 74 38 25 56

Pope John X a vier S eto n H a ll P erth A m b o y T o tten sville B a rrin g er H a cken sa ck P a ssa ic D elb a rto n R ed B ank 'North Bergen L ivin g sto n W ood-R idge

R idgefield T o u rn a m e n t W a yn e H ills T o u r n a m e n t

28 16 19 39 6 22 37 36 19 3 31 44 28

3 rd . Place 2 n d , Place

Overcoming an early shoulder injury, junior Doug Shivers made a strong comeback into the starting lineup. Here, Shivers demonstrates a picture perfect stance-low hips, straight back, arched neck, and hands out and ready.

Front Row: Rob Kolakowski, Greg llaria, Jason Monaco, Dave llaria, Mike Monaco, Tom Bums, Mark Taraszkiewicz, Gerry lorio. Second Rom: Hick Imma, Kmn DeVillm, lames hily, Mimed Rashed, Coach Kevin Kelly, Ion Hurtado, George Wismski, Tom Igrn, Anthony Fesken, Angelo Caprio, Joe Tramatulo, Mark Dondero.

W restling

l he Prep Academic Teams, eomposed of a Hath Team ®id a CompUferTeam, aimed to teach students many valuable skills intgsfr taking and to allow them to compete in areas ether ihan sports, in the first round, the Varsity Math Team, anchored by seniors Stephen Kayiaros and Ronak Parikh, foiir.d itself in 6th place witn a total of363 points, in the second round, boosted by two perfectscores ffom Kayiaros anc Parikh, the Varsity shot into second place, behind Christian Brothers Academy. On the JV level, a low soaring ftst round landed the team In 3rd place, but In the 2nd round, the M scored' a monstrous 444 points to move tntft HcoHd place,, T fe was the first time in a long time that the;Vanity ar® theJV were in the same place simultaneously. The JV team was led by juniors Chris Boggiano, Chidozie Enyinna, and Sophomore; Lou Paonessa. Mr. R id y stated, 'The Math Team is a fun activity that students can participate: in, Whifih


7 ) The content o f this copy contains 3 3 8 words and discusses m aterial that is of a complex nature involving trigonom etry and programming. Given this inform ation, what is this article about? a) Student Council b) Football Team c) Academ ic Teams does not interfere with other activities." Unfortunately we wefe not able to report the results of the final "two rounds due to deadline constrictions, but we are positive that the Math Team should have no trouble tackling the problems set before them. The Computer Team, moderated by Mr. John Ronan, participated in competitions with other schools’ throughout the nation. Members in the beginner category studied simple programs and binary math,. Students in the intermediate category studied more complicated progamming. For the first time, the students of the Computer Team chose a president and a vicepresident, Sophmore Ted Schundler was chosen president, while senior Luis Gonzalez served as vice president. Another new edition this year was adding the Computer Club to the mailing list of the internet. The team worked on a “demo" called “Grand St." Students on both the Math Team and the Computer Team were able to apply to competitln the concepts learned in the classroom. In addition, the analytical skills acquired in each field proved to be useful in practical circumstances. During






Math Team competition, Mr. Reidy supervises the test takers. Members bad forty minutes to answer ten questions, without Ihe use of calculators, or as Mr. Dandorph prefers to call them,






o i u r n ju ri

A perfect paper!! Along with senioi Ronak Parikh, Stephen Kayiaros scored a 100 on Ihe second round o l Ihe Math Team test on the Vaisity level. Steve m s so ecstatic that from his shouting h r joy, his jaw locked into a goping position. (We understand it look Ihe E M 's a half-hour just to shut it!!)

Math Team: Front Row: Fdgar Cabrera, Eric Nguyen, Puaeet Singh, too Paonesso, ArmandoAtienza, Steve Wong, Ed Mullins, James Mullins, Ryan Lorenzo, Jigar Patel, Amish Patel, Ronok Parikh, Chris Boggiano, Steve Kayiaros. Second Row: limothy Hollis, luis Gonzalez, Powan Talreja, Rich Colobraio, Matt Monteleone, Jon Hurtado, Dorrow Deluca, James Koo, DavidSchalk, Marko Gozic. Third Row: Rajiv Mehta,Simon Wong, Avinash Tolani, Mark Scrivanidi, Mike Walker, Matt McNemey, John Paul bPorto, Raman Sharma, Rhys Dela


Cruz, Vivek

learn: Edgar





luis Gonzalez,










Junior Chris Boggiano lets a photographer oversee his complicated work of equations, variables, and diagrams. What Chris doesn't know is that Ihe photographer is also a member of the Math Team, and is going to use Chris's answers to get a high score. (Hot to worry, Mr. Rady does not allow cheating

of any


Academic Teams I 71

Asian Club Executive Committee: Front Row: Alfred Sta. iglesia, /Hark ta ro . Second How: M e Corandan, Joe Santos, Loriy Gallagher, Ryan Lorenzo, Mario Clemente. (Editor's Hole: Due to the great numberof members in the Asian CM, we m e not able to put a group shot of all of them.)

Ebony Club: Hole lackson, Keith Marsh, Cabral Eiley, Jermaine M em , Helen moms, Alvin Desrosiers, Alex Greene, Steve Cameron, Imrin Grant, Hr. Raslowsky. Second Row: Harold Gadsden, Gene Jeffrey, Anthony Jordan, SekouAntonio, Jaime de Leon, Tuquan Smith, Khalid Inrkin, Khalil Gary Robinson, Desmond Twiggs. Third Row: Dave Lassiter, Melvin Hyaboga, Inmence Alexander, CoyDailey. Fourth Sow: Vaughn Bawier, Jamal Stokes, Dorian Timmons, Markis Abraham, Stan Bridgeforth, Mike film s, Brandon Diggs, Jesse Akerdolu.

French Club: Front Row: Stephen Kayiaros,Joe Santos, Ryan Lorenzo, Jason Mallari, Ernest Borja. Second Row: Jeff AJmenana, Maurice Cwz, Xavier Salgado, Daniel Atienza, David Ma'io, Justin Schwarz, JonathanCuaycong, Carlo Francisco. Third Sow: Shane Smith, Victor Gonzalez, Chris Casazza,Jon Tomassi, Mrs. Costanzo, Sobin Edwin, Craig Suthammanont, Mike Carandan. Missing: AvanishTolani, Pawan Tolrejo, Mario Clemente, Alfred Sta. Iglesia, Rajah Allarey, Tom Parry, Alvin Desrosiers.

Indofok Club: Raman Shormo, Sagar Patel, Amish Patel. Second Row: Brian Nguyen, Amit Roval, lain Sizvi, John Magcalas. Third Row: Sanoop Ujke, Pratik Desai, Thomas Jensen. Fourth Row: Sachin Kornik, Robin Edwin, Rajeev Bhorucha, Jigar Patel, Dhoval Patel.



German Chib: Front Row: Kris Mikolla, Stephen Hodler, Paul Madovi, Sean Healy, Joe Baber, bike Drummond. Second Row: Darmw Deluca, Trn Ryan, Brian Healy, Hide Cola, Orville Thomas. Third Row: Andy Brngard, Mike Vital, Chris Larsen, Matt Wagnon, Vm Rone, Marko Gazic.

Islamic Club: Front Row: Human Shaikh, Khurrum Sheikh. fain Rizvi, Ahmed Sashed. Third Row: Harold Gadsden,


Second Row: Steve Harbace, DeLorenzo, Fawad Shaheen.

BLlture isa big part ofSt. Peter’s. Foryears, Prep has shown its ethnic diversitythrough manycultural clubs. Thisyearthanksto seniorsCraig Suthammanont nB anCj Markis Abraham, the Multicultural Club was founded, bringing togetherpeopleOfall cultures. The highlight ewrtf was Internationa; Nightwith food, L i) costumes, and musicfromdifferent cultures. B t inctclubswerestill very active, though. TheFrenchClufe moderated by Mrs. C<^hzD,Posted aThanksgivtig Film Festi^llaftertheThantegteSngliturgy. The Imbersheldabrunch andsaw the critically acclaimedBlanc. andthe action-packedthrillerLa Femme Nikita. FortheirChristmas outing, this? left immediatelyafter [ fflfefor NewYork, togotoa Frencheatery andafterwards, wenttotheMetropolitan MuseumofArttoseetheexhibitonGofat, afartiouspre-lmpre^ionist French Hrsenior MarioClementesaid,"The FrenchClubenablesalto visualizetheFrenchculturebyexperiencing Frenchcustoms.” Inthespring.the FrenchClubattended [ Broadway production ofVoltaire’sCandjde. About the overall impact cftheciub, Mrs. Costanzo remarked, "I love French and thereforethe French Club is a pet hine.” I Mr DeLorenzoandthe IslamicClubsaw“LawrenceofArabia" and "TheMessageofMohammed” atPrep. Theirtrips includedvisiting several mosques intheJersey lyarea Mr. DeLorenzocommented, "TheIslamicClubismadeupofagroupofveryenthusiasticmemberswhoareproudoftheirheritageandhavemuchtocontribute Ihe,American culture.” I ^e AsianClub, moderated by Mr. Salazar, S.J., started offthe yearwith an open gym. As to the purpose ofthe club, senior Ernest Bog'a stated, The AsianClub |esits an opportunity to rediscover our rootsthrough activities and each other.” Later on, they held a flightof food, music, anddancing. They alsovisited several Lseums in thearea. Mr. Salazarsaid, "1think to most it’s something new. The numberofstudents issurprising. We will always haveenough energyfor activifles. ITheIndo-PakClub, led by Mr. Ford, haddinnerat an Indian restaurant in NewYork City. In November, they celebrated Diwali, the Festival of Lights, byattending festiion show and cultural program at NJ1T in Newark. In addition to this, theywent tothe Gerbafestival. Mr. Ford was able to relate the clubto the present-day

T he C lub /


nationinotherpartsoftheworld. "jappreciatethathere.PreplndiansandPakistanisexistpeacefullytogetherintheGhandianspiritofnon-violence.whilselsewhere, es§two groups seemto dwell more on their differences. . Slider Mr. Raslowsky, the Ebony Club opened the year with a gym night. Ttj#third annual Black Heroes Night was held in February. They alsovisited cultural tesinHarlem. By“ heater. Mr. Raslowskysaid. “They[thestudents]areinterested inusingtheEbony ut>as asupport qroupto explore Afro-American culture and to reach out to otfter groups. , ModeratedbyMr. Quintanaand Mr. Alejandro, the LatinAmericanSociely plannedvariousfieldtripsto NewYorkCityandheldtheirsecondannual year-endsocial. r.Quintanastated.'lamexcitedaboutbeingapartofthegroup.andamlookingtogetoffontherightfoot.anddointerestingactivities. .... TheGermanClubandMr. DeAngelosawGerman moviesbothatPrep andinNewYorkCity. TheyenjoyedaGerman dinner, thankstoChefDeAngelo(nottoworry, janewashospitalizedforfoodpoisoning), andwatchedaplayon Germanhistory. Theefcibat® madeanattempttoreachouttothosewhowerenotGerman'^dents. r,thisissue, Mr. DeAngelostated, “Hopefullythis can clarifysome of thestereotypesthat weAmericanshaveaboutGermans. Also, theGerman Exchange madeits turn thisvear with a variety of planned activities. (All details are in the supplement.} M l asked about ideas that the Italian Club had in store, Mr. Loria stated, “In the traditional Italian style, we have not made any set plans. We will go with the I f fljuefeily,tiey were-ablefodosomethingspwecouJd beefupthis paragraph.) Th^ hostedIfteirownwrsion sftetv1 soccer Unfortunately the Italians were nomatchforthe Skilled Latinos. Amongotherplans, seniorJohn Falcicchiostated Atrip totheMet a Metrostars m andgoingtoanoperaaresomeBfttic eventsplanned Furtfierniore. theMan Clubenablesystoe^nencctheltaltanciilturethroiBtiavanelj ofeventsduring leferail^hajltjjralclubtdokabreakfioratheaccents,ved)s, nouns, andliteratureencounteredinclass, andofferedstudenteatastedfthedencustonsthateropsulate •espirit ofthe language.

M .

cu,: ■ m n I ** H ,om H H ! . Z /Z i 2 Luigi p™m. to H i « , » . » M lm- / r p T s i kZ F M ia io , lo t



M oM


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Front M s

W o rn ,


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Horioo. U rn M K o m m ,.



lo t lm y

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Hm doo, M on



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F rn , § M


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e°k ■ “ CT „ /T

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lda° ' Coon. F o rm d o

C” -

Q m id o .

Z to f fif fl


C ultural Clubs



JH [ 11cfrhe h2rc! w°i“k and the sacrificing of time and effort that goes into j ® j | settin3 UP Prep Dances is nothing compared fo the satisfaction of knowing that people enjoyed them. Little is known about the Dance Committee's efforts, but the benefits of theif labors are reaped by all who attend a dance.. Nonetheless, the devoted members of the Dance Committee seek no recognition, but are more than wilting to be the creators of the excitement. Assignments included the breaking down and stacking cf'over fifty tables and five hundred chairs, the sweeping and mopping of the cafeteria floor, the making of several hundred tickets; for checking coats, the collecting of admission fees, and the actual checking in of coats. Members usually arriyfed at around 5 pm on Saturday to set up for the seven o’clock opening of the doors. Because of the new ten thirty curfew law in Jersey City, dances were forced to end at 10 pm so that students could get home without getting arrested.

O n e. t w o , th r e e o 'c lo c k ,


fo u r o 'c lo c k R o ck !! The Dance Committee was also responsible for setting up and helping out at the Freshman and Sophomore Semiformal and the Freshman Sacral. Here, committee members served delicious food to the couples and transformed the cafe into a ballroom. Members willingly donated their time to supervise these events and help oat in any way possible. Thanks to the creativity and dedication of the Dance: Committee, dance participants were able to rockthe night away (at least ’til 10 pm). Without the guidance of moderator Mr, Jim Dondero, and the leadership of co-presidents James Koo and Rajeev Bharucha, the dances would not have gone as smoothly as they did. Of course, without music provided by senior DJs Jade Feliciano and Roy Maglori, there would not have beer, anything to dance to. We worked hard and everyone really cooperated to make each dance a success," commented senior James Koo,

Front Row: Mario Clemente, Alfred Sto. Iglesia, ligar Patel, Ryan Lorenzo. Mollori, Armondo Atienzo, Alberto Padilla, loe Facchini, Rajeev Bharucha, Mr. Daniel Atienza, Jason Casia, Rich Mendoza. In addition C O C tJ ? l? lC H L A P S




Second Row: lason Dondero, James Koo,

Ihe chairs

bad to


sfDcW ® Kevin &XP takes it a table at a lime. Iventualfy; Ihe chairs m e stored behind Ihe curtains towards the south end of the cafe.










Senior bock,


Aiman to







into junior

a donee Alberto

where o il



Padilla tobies


the carry

removal o ff


of loble


For the freshman social, the Dance Committee set up the cafe os well os supplied the music. Here, juniors Edgar Santo Cruz, Mike Tully, Bob Wallace, Don Cymbor, ond seniors Rob Edwin ond Paschal Ferreira enjoy the sounds of the music provided by the Donee Com m ittee. The Donee Committee wos responsible for setting up for the Freshman-Sophomore Semiformol Donee. Their mission was to turn the cafe into a winter wonderland, complete with streamers, balloons,



At every dance, students could leave their coats upstairs in Burke Hall. Seniors Rajeev Bharucha and Mario Clemente coordinated the coat check system by handing out claim checks.

Dance Committee 75

Awaiting the aiiival |

JU S * * S ™

m«4m. Mt hi

During the Thomas, (Tom



fa j '“w

fe w to * *

m 11 W *


H to Ik


i,m a

King's t f s f a

, tt titom


Ik, Hum

nm iM ft m . taM /to £» /»// «.

scene between Sir Spataro), ond the

King (Peter Rimoc), Thomas expresses his stand on the King's divorce from Queen Catherine. This is the basis of the





Thomas's conscience thot contributed to his downfall. Following the Spanish Ambassador's conversation with Thomas's servant (M att Archibald), Richard Rich (Alan Mendoza) tries to squeeze the servant for the information thot he desires. Eventually, after paying him, the servant revealed to Richard the religious habits of





rehearsal, Signor Chapyus (Paul Fam) ond his attendant (Dave Smith) walk in on a conversation between Richard Rich and Master Cromwell. The dislike between Chapyus and Cromwell led to a heated


Thomas's daughter Margaret wanted to marry Roper f f l f i Medina). Thomas was originally opposed to this union, I they were eventually married with his o m s J I

b nder the guiding hand of Mr. Jack Campion, the Prep Dramatics I ' !I department performed Robert Bolt's "A Man forAll Seasons” on l^ypl January 'Oth. 1Tth, and 12th. With TomSpataro inthe leadroleasSir Thomas More. Shane Smith as the coniving and malicious Cromwell. Deanna Dsstito as Mare’s wife, RebeccaJantas ashisdaughter, andanextraordinarysupportingcastandcrew, they put on a terrific show. RehearsingandpracticingdiligentlysinceSeptember, theperformersportrayedthelife ofThomas Moreandthepeopleassociated with him. The playwas aboutthe betrayal of afriend andthe death of agood man because of his moral convictions. Theview ofthe commonmanwas narrated by MatthewArchibald, who provedto bevery versatile and humorous, playing a number ofiiies throughout the play. “AManfor Ail Seasons" takesplacein Englandduringthesixteenthcentury. Theplay focusesonSirThomas More, the LordChancellorof Englandandlong-tlmefriendofKing HenryVIII, (Peter Rima§| More resignedtheChancellorship because King Henry broke with theChurch afterthe Pope had refusedto grant himadivorce fromQueenCatherine


Jb Seajovi tv Gefeiiate!! ofAragon. More refused tc acknowledge the supremacy of King Henry overthe Pope. Despitethe effortsofthe Dukeof Norfolk, (Wilbur Montana),andCardinal Wolsey, (Paul Hagen) topersuadeMoretotaketheoathofsupremacy, Moreremainedcommittedtohis conscience. The pil ThomasCromwell (ShaneSmith) persisted in prosecuting Moreto thefullestextent, causingMoretobewronglyaccusedofbribery. With thefa^setestimony from Master Richard Rich, (Alan Mendoza), More’^IPng-timefriend, Cromwell wasable tc convict Moreandhavehimimprisonedandbeheaded. Momentsbeforehisexecution, Moreexplainedthathewas beingexecuted, notbecauseofbribery, butbecausehe"would not bend to the marriage" of King Henry VIII. More was killed because he stood by his beliefs. Withthe combinationoftalented performers, andextravagantcostumesandtasteful makeup, provided by Mrs. Nancy Figur, "A Man For All Seasons” was enjoyed by all.

Rehearsal requires many hours of repeating specific scenes in order to perfect the performance. The hard work involved often tired the actors to the point of frustration; os can be seen here in Tom Spataro's posture.




Montana), might in













Alice, of











K ing's




orthe pas! eightyears. the ForensicsTeamhasbeenanchoredbythe Dramatics' categories. However, thisseason, itwas the Lincoln Douglas Debaters, the ExtemporarBa^.Spsakers,andStuderittferigressthatearriectSieteam. Lastyear the Forehsicsllam didndfeperfoirn atthe feel Ihatitwas usedto. Thisyeafs seniors weredeterminedtoeraseftieirpastrecorel, andstartoffwithactefi slate. The/dedicated themselvesto onegoal: towin. And that’swrat theydid. Aftertwo monthsoflongandrigorouspracticesunderthegJdanceo'rrocterators Fr 0 Bnen.SJ., Mr. Dwyer, andMr. Roberts, nicknamed'TheBigThree,"theForensicsTeam travelledtoRoselleHighSchoolfortheirfirsttournament. Theteammadeadramaticleap, placingfirstfbrtfteftrsttime sincethespringof 1995. Thevictorywas ledbyffrstplaeg performancesfromseniorConstantineDyinLincoln Douglas,andfromjuniorJoe Facchini inStudentCongresSi Also, seniorsCnrisCasazza andJohn Palermotookhomesecond placetrophies intheir respective categoriesofVarsity FieadtogandExtemp, Led bythe leadershipofco-captainsChrisCasazzaandJoe Facchini, theteamwasreadytocontinue theirwinningtraditionwhentheywenttbljafendfPeaceHlgh&hoolfori®second meet.' Unfortunately, duetovariousabsences, theteampiacedsecond, missingfifstteonlythree points, butfieteam’sspirits were notdampened.


Were BQQQQCkU Atthethird meetatSt. Joseph’softhe Palisades,theteamdisplayed itsdominanceas itcapturedfirstp.accwith amonstrous 17pointadvantage. SeniorJaimede Leon took secondplace inLincoln Douglas, while Constantine Dytookfirstplace again, giving him thethree-peat, andthe awesometrio ofJoe Amato, Chris Boggiano. andJohn Palermo tookfirst, second, andthirdplacerespectivelyin Extemp. ThrDughouttheyear.theleading trophywinnerswereConDy,Jaime deLeon, newcomerJoeAmato, ChrisBoggiano,John Palermo, Chris Casazza, and Joe Facchini. Senior C.nris Casazza stated, “The main motivatingfactorbehindtheteam'ssuccesswas itsmorale. Thisyear, we reallyfelt like ateam.” This aspectwas demonstratedthroughthe team's unityinpractice andatthe tournamentswhentheywould gatherforan “Aver This 1996--1997 ForensicsTeam resembledthoseof past winners. Onceagain, the teamwasvictorious, and individually, itccuid no4 ,askforanythingmore. Theexperience oftheseniors hasmadean impactontheteam, asthenewandreturning memberswill utilizetheskiIisthat they have learnedto returnasaneven strongerieam nextyear.



Front Row: Paul Hagen,John Holtanan, Jaime de Leon, . Chris Boggiano, Chris Casazza, Warren Kmn. Second How: Irn y Indo, Khurrum Sheikh, Chidozie Fnyinna, ' David Farinas. Third Sow: Mr. Dwyer, William Wichert, John CasiA, Mark Kudera, Joe Faahini, Fr. O'Brien, Malt Montelme, Rajiv Mehta, Brian Sharrock, John Palermo. Missing: Con Dy, Joe Amato, Human Shaikh, Brian Musto, Mr. Roberts. As C


- C

l f M



/ i l S

port o



argued Chino

in as



about well




Congress os


Congress, the


included and



John Hollonan

Standard. embargos

Other that




bills be


delivers thot


were on




obout to










discuss the



different of



motorcycle wos

of helmets.



legislation. Mott serve


Here, argued

M atthew thot


Monteleone bill






Before the start of the first tournament, Lincoln Douglas debators Jaime de Leon, Brian Musto, and Numan Shaikh make some lastminute revisions of their speeches, eliminating any glitches and aiming for perfection. Their efforts paid off as the team placed first. It's a traditionof every Forensics Team to start off a meet with a team "Ave." These loud and boisterous cheers build spirit and confidence. Senior John Palermo rallies





After some intense debating, Lincoln Douglas team members Con Dy, Brian Musto, and Jaime de Leon check the posted results to see how they fared at the first tournament at Roselle High. All of them were finalists, with Con leading the way with a first place

every â&#x20AC;?d



f Boggiano, King




Of course, Joe


second round



members M a tt results


Monteleone, and





discussed Joe recent



catch up






Khurrum Test



any gossip



Sheikh they


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happening juniors of


















A Âť


/fte type of bait used when fishing is crucial. Use Ihe wrongbail, and, your ice cooler is going to be empty. Sophomore Fred Barth and his fatherdiscuss whether they're going to use worms or



After a long day of catching the hshies, the Pioneer II returns to liberty State Park for docking. Afterwards, they auctioned o ff the fish to ihe follow ing establishments: Red Lobster, Koshing Japanese Restaurant, and Pier 52.

The swaying of the boat in the strong currents often affects people in a bad way. Freshman Ray Addas clutches a bottle of Coke as if it's a Sfe preserver, because soda often has a calming effect on an upset stomach. Juniors Neil Fajardo and Joe Percontino join Ray in that feeling




The bng wait for the fast bite can become very long, and I frustrating at limes. With their rods positioned firmly, membersm Ihe Fishing Club, as well as many parents, wait for Ihe first 1

eep sea fishing is an adventure that requires dedication, determination...and an iron stomach. The courageous members of the 96-97 Fishing Club were led out to sea by experienced veteran fisherman Mr. Robert Zawistowski, who graciously fileted alI of the fish that were caug ht. Mr. Z spent quite some time behind the knife, because all the members had great catches on their trips. Prep parents were also Fishing Club members for a day, as they proved that itwas never too late to take up a new activity. In the midstoftotal darkness and a brisk morning wind, the Fishing Club set off on their journey early in the morning in October and April. The enthusiasm of the Prep fishermen grew as their boat went further out on the waves ofthe Atlantic. The “Pioneer 11” was tossed, but thanks to the fearless crew, everything was kept safe and enjoyable. Of course, there werethosewhocould notwithstand the ravagesofsea-sickness. Actually,

Catch of the Day! about a dozen Prepsters lost more thanjust energy on the fishing trips! Destination time was about an hour and a half each time. The “Pioneer 11" anchored near the reefs of Sandy Hook, and there, everyone enjoyed relatively calm watertofish in. The main catches were sea bass, blackfish, and porgies -all very tasty treats. On the October trip, there was a potfor the biggest fish caught, which went to Matt Connelly. After about seven hours of fishing, the “Pioneer 11” headed back to land, and the “weary but happy" fishermen left to feast on their accomplishments.

Front Row Ito r. John Festal, Not iitiie d

M Yu, Greg Gapasin, Neil Fajardo, Jay Tuminaro, Friend, Tim Sazan, Ray M s . Third Row M










H e im

hailed up with blit,

ms h im



Brian crowing




F rn f

Costanzo, Sarny Salem. Connelly, Holt Rotecki,

Smnd M oay

Quinn, Michael Manzo. when


morning hr



rods, end plenty of

Fishing begin rend)





their to




lIJ fl

Only One Shot


A t work w j f ‘Its good but rt could Be.

the meetings, ihe editorial board would Madavi and Craig Suthammanont. and

S e t a ! if. *

. "I think it- needs I f °t M lf ' people, hearing such words ■*$ r * actually encouraging, but yet. exactly the# words that yegg a fundamental' atawrf' of paper <ffl Pen meetings. These constructive racisms I offerjri by 3St fitW r members o f fie (tub combined with the writer's or artist's own efforts were ttle basls for the development of quality ttat could be fours in any issue sf the Paper & Pen.


Meetings were generally held M W T O M B : and1Thursday fjs fjjh Havtrotis ! W mm ijg fc followed .§ set procedure, a writer presented his P'ece and then, other members had the Cjjppauftify MB su§ges|fe|g; encouraged interaction between trie staff, trie erStai, Jttf Fr. RS8I8, of U S 8 Pen. After students had a chance to express their opinions,, it was hoped and anticipated that the •Tttef ircorporate the suggesting into peer, or short story, m m W t past, the Paper <8 4SN 8M ISi I s p morg watt helping 4m .produce; p t i* writers and artists, rather than concern itself mainly with Publishing "I think the Paper & Pen is better fliis ¥ ® r$ jR a* 'fm © && has, been shifted M B ijpting published.’ to improving as writers and artiste," commented senior Paul BlasuccL Therefore, publishing became a bonus prize for the students hard labor and efforts However, just as important was the ability to share this talent with the a d fa i Prep community. This year, instead of publishing anywhere from: two to four ssues sf average quality, the Paper S Pen looked forward to pub|ishi|, ft the sjWnf; or early summer, one high quality issue, packed vs/lttv f;rst class literary works, splendid artwork. and captivating photographs An anticipated benefit of 'this: was that editors ISiSBld be able to direct tfiSir w e rp s towards the members. The: n s n jiS s planned to go a ll out to publish this issue, Ir February. Fr. Raulli commenetd. T S srw a g a flie w fiSi will come out at; $ £ end # ife year be one of oor best gases. because tie editors who are working on it have a lot of experience and are dedicated to doing a good jo b ," Paul MadayJ added. This year will be a culmination of the development pf the past four years. We y i® w out an issue of higher literary and a t S % quality. Moreover. 1*5 going to look like a million dbflara:’Agreeing with; Madavi. Craig SuthammanGht added, “1 wcuid say that the leadership is more stable and :eyen|fdistributed. The membersthemselves are -^operative and producing, if all goes according to plan, we will put: out one fantastic


With Fr. Raulli overseeing ,41 the operatiojg, senior Paul Madav; served as the Editor, jtesistij® him were Assistant Editor Craig luthawrjrahOnt. Art Editor Paul Blasucci. and Layout Ed B g rcari Bumain. The skill of the editors, along wit® flsa contributions of the writers and artists will assure a spectacular Issue,

Paper & Pen: Simon Wong, Dan Kumaln, Paul Modavi,

Paul Hagen, [m ik Craig Suthammanont,

Monies de Oca, Fr. faulli, SI.

Staff members about

82 I Paper & Pen


were able



to receive



Irich Sekel,


the editors

h Paper i Pen’ s publishing goals. Oftentimes, literary pieces o f oparticular nature were required from the staff. Here,


about the


EditorCraig of


artides the



to wontsto


group publish.


' e ()e p e t r o c "Can we quote you on thatV* b



ith a goal of increasing the number of issues

'W m ti/ f from: last year, many organizational changes l l H and an especially dedicated staff made fris year's Petroc more: efficient than ever before. Besides providing important information, the Petroc served as a source of entertainment as well. Periodically students: and teachers alike received a copy of the paper and immediately flipped through an array of articles concerning everything from current events to sports to student/teacher profiles. Perhaps the greatest organizational change that the Petroc underwent this year was the downsizing of the editorial staff, in the past;, ten editors were specifically devoted to a particular .section. After changes m the editorial board, this year's paper was led by Editor-in-Chief Joe Pike and three dedicated editors:, Frank Drummond, John Palermo, and Amish Patel. The main reason for this change was to make areas of responsibility more apparent. With the advice of moderator Ms. Curry, the managing staff was able to function even better than they had expected. One of the main focuses of this year's Petroc was Prep's 125th anniversary. In the second ilsye, for example, the Petroc displayed all of the buildings on campus and discussed their very unique pasts. Alumni interviews kept the spirit of the anniversary ever present, Though the Petroc may have appeared fresh and unique to any reader, many hours of decision-making, writing, revising and designing were required to make the final product. Senior editor Amish Patel commented, "The Petroc has moved forward in many ways over the past few years, thanks to the common goa.s of both the staff and the editorial board.”

Pe»oc Front Km : Joe M h ><* W M ^ Curry, Alan M m , Chris Fernando, Puneet Singh.


John W ™ 0' Patel, Brian

Preparing lor the spring issue, editor Amish Patel crops a picture to its speak dimensions. Fven though he also worked with the yearbook stall, we knew that he m s a spy for the Petroc. look at him utilize the cropping skills that we taught him.




^ Ohovol Fold. ____ f

P e trC C \

"v 8 3


Sum, m H W er

*■ ■

On a

typical day at



to >





Cnamo Osm, tk, between tU tes,

ikl m i u k


m i Me:

C rn rn

tahm In ih, i,

ih, yeif6M *

to* rn mm m w J stow

the office,

co-m ricuhrs editorial assistant Matthew "the M onty"Monteleone reviews an article for Cultural Clubs spread. "Monty" was responsible lor biggest



nicknamed Making


"Big Bertha. "

deadtines m s

this year, compiled o


the The the



os this year's perfect record.

deal staff The


began a new tradition after every section was completed. Dubbed "The Slaying o f the Beast," editor-in-chief Steve Kayiaros and editorial assistant Brian Rudzinski celebrate the completion of the theme

Section Han lieon

co-editor tried at

various plaster his

times to face all


over this book. After realizing that photographers w eren't taking pictures of him, he seized an available camera, and took matters into his own


As the Petrean s Technical Advisor, sophomore Ted “Tex" Schundler went to all meajA to complete his duties, even if that involved putting his life in danger. Tex has M contemplating whether or not to follow in the footsteps of his mentor, Bill 6e | *


M 997 provedtc beoneofthewwteffictatyears intheMstoi^ofthsPeiftin. Thanks 11 tothe managementskills and leadership ofthe editors, workwas spreadout over longperiodsoftimeinsteadofbeingcrammedintoafewdays. Unlikepreviousyears when editors and staffers would pull all-nighters before a deadline, workers paced themselves and limitedtheirworking daystoweekdays ofiy, eliminatingSaturdays and holidays, Led by Editor-In-ChiefStephen Kayiaros, theyearbookteamlabored throughoutthe yeartorecordtheeventsof 1997. Computer/Design EditorCnris Boggianodesignedthe formatofthebook; PhotographyEditorTimServicescheduledthesnapshots; SectionCoi'.ditcrsJaime deLeonandAlan Leonsupervisedtrie book'sfourmain.Divisions; andCopy Editor DavidSmith puthis English skillstogoodusebyrevising all thewriting. Thisyear, Kayiaros incorporated Editorial Assistants, or EA's. They made the editors'jobs easier by assigning copy and organizing their respectivesections. The EA's consisted of Matt Monteleonepo-Curriculars),Ed Mullins(OSmmunity), KeithGlodc(Academics), Sachin KarnikandAmish Patel (People), andBrian Rudzinski (Theme). Also, allofthecomputer glitches were handled by Technical Advisor Ted Schundler. Mrs.Costanzo, the moderator, was an essential partoftheyearbookteam. Although much of the book was produced by the students, she was always available and on hand to provide information, guidance, and moral Support. Arounda deadline, Mrs. Costanzo

CM t i d e t ‘d b e w

J fL a u a a e m e u l

revisedthespreadsbeforetheyweresen.ttothepublisher. Editors, EA's, andstaffersalike all felt very Comfortable in Her quickwit andgood-natured humor made long hours of typing and editing pass quickly. A te 1997 was ayearfor newtraditions. Every Friday, yearbook memberswould take acollection andpick upafew piesfrom Lisbon. "Pizza Fridays" allowededitorsand stafferstotake a breakfromwork, reminisce abouttheyear, andtella few goodjokes. Another ritual thatwas started by Steve Kayiaroswas theWall of Pictures. The bulletin board inthe Publications Centercontained an array of pictures capturing the memories of familiar faces reading, writing, orjust hanging out. Also, to celebrate a successful deadline,theeditorsheldanouting. AsofJanuarytheyhadgonetothemovies. Houlihan's, andto Mrs. Costanzo's far a delightful dinner. Overall, theyearbook experiencewas wonderful. Steve Kayiaros summed it upbest by stating, "I think that when these guys look back at this a few years down the road, 1 would expectthatthethingthey will rememberthe mostwill not bethe long hours, the writing, thecaptioning, andthedeadlines(although1can'tsee howtheywon't), butIthink they'll remember'thepeopletheymet,thefriendstheymade. thelaughs, andthegoodtimes becausethat's whatwe're about."



fraW t e r M m m


S m oot

W M e.



lo m o s h

ftWer Sotgsio,



hum !


t e r Tom I M I m , Oaniil « ■ M M * jw t a f e * h o d ToHis, m Korn, Joe





S im

b tk n y ll/rng,

ijg S tu rn

M Kamos, firm V r n im S U it,

M Koom so,

r m lr n s t ». Ohovol

te r

Sem d


Coslam . Fount, fflch M m , toys



Skom a



te r Mo


to m , John

M m

Juan Castro.

Junior Rich Colabraro ponders, ’it's not what yearbook can do for we, but what I can do for yearbook."



M a ita h i.

» lin g ,



Wo Didn't Wo Don't ond WoWon't..


the â&#x20AC;˘





of his




* .



f i p l ntering into: its third year, and lip possibly its most productive year, SAD.Di, readied Ig te r goals and expectations under the dedication and guidance of Mr Lillis. Open to all students, S.A.D.D. is. a fight against drug and alcohol abuse. S.A.D.D. stands for Students Against Drunk Driving, Students Against Doing Drugs, and Student Athletes Detest Drugs, The year kicked off with the October 17th Opening Ceremony, where over 75 members signed a contract for life, pledging to sobriety. The goals ofS.A. D.D. reached beyond the walls of Prep this year,, and the activities planned included and involved Holy Family and St, Dominic's. Throughout the par, S.A.D.D. diligently spread the word to the local youths. One highlight of the year was Tobacco Awareness Month, when students formed S.C.A.T. - the Student Coalition Against Tobacco. S.C.A.T. hung signs, posters, and flyers declaring the danger and harm of using tobacco and cigarettes. The leadership in S.A.D.D. also took a more expansive role. President Lance Visone and executive membersJustin Conley,'Vincent Rone, and Mike Walker took on more responsibilityplanning events such as Medieval Times and Frightfest at Great Adventure. Ail in all, the growing SAD.D. chapter had a great year.





SA.D.D.: At

S ./4 .D .D .


lillls ,









the Opening ceremony, there wos an overwhelmingly positive response from the student body. Mr. lillis oversees sophomore David Maio signing a contract against drinking alcohol and using drugs. He was m

n M M f






senior *

Jaime ^ke

de about

Leon speaks bis A


â&#x201E;˘ k J


j J

i V

j. i



l m

L on

intense match against freshman Tim Knapp, sophomore Eric Nguyen decides to advance a ptmn. practice, practice" applies to chess as we//, and helps to prepare members lor tournaments.



Rampaging Rooks Ran Roughihod...

m am

Ktig 1§994987 QfcSS Glut) started the year I VHBtsome fantastic moves. As in last year,


I BKmbersmeteyeryTuesdayandThursdafiri the room of their moderator, Mrs. Nickerson. The meetings wm mainly reserved for practice, but administrative matters were discussed as well. The executive committee: consisted of President Steve

Kayiaros.athreeyearveteranoftheChessTeam:Vice PresidentJaime deLeon, afouryearveteran; Secretary Jo§ fis M o ; andTreasurerRajiv Mehta. Together, this group organized meetings, led the team, and was responsiblefor getting membersto attendtournaments. Thisyear members sawtheirfirst action by running

a Mission Hf#e tournament. The winner of every round received a prize; irst round, a Prep sticker; second round, a U.S. Chess bumper sticker; third round, a chess book; fourth round, a Prep 125th Anniversary Christmas ornament The grand champlonishlpprizewas afree entry intoa 1997 U.S. ChessTournament. Finalists Steve Kayiaros and Eric Nguyenbattledforthe gloryofthe bestchess playerof theschool. (The matchwas notplayed intimeforthe yearbookdeadline;} Jf November, theteamtraveledto NorthArlington High School fortheir annual match againsttheir long time riysi Sophomore Eric Kessler won his final match,toclinch adramaticandthrilling 8-6victoryfor Prep. On Jieperaber 23, three faithful members of the ChessTeam, newcomersWayne Yarbrough andTim Knapp, along,with veteran Steve Kayiaros, wenttothe famous Marshall Chess C|ub in Greenwich Village for a smali local tournament. With all three competing in the JV division, freshman phenom Yarbrough took first place; winning three games and tieing one. Kayiaroswon two gamesand Knappwon one. Itwas through thesetournamentsthat the ChessTearn was able to perfect its skills and get a sense of the _ competition. Theteamwasscheduledtogotothestate tournament and the executive committee was still negotiatingwith Mrs.NickersontogotoTennesseefor the Nationalsatpresstime. Overall,theChessCluband Team continued in their tradition of excellence, I dedication, and mastery.




fo r

im Junior



U t il



m i,

u g m iz ttl Khurrum Sheikh

gome for







fn p M 'f. freshman to





held Tim to

a « ■ IB


*§ » bottle in

the second


P a

f t * U m de first


to tim m e n l.


Chess Club







M em o




at Ihe Homecoming game to lead Ihe crowd in some cheers. yearbook photographer, they knew they had their man, and shouted,




Once they spotted a "We Wont You""

Known as the "extension," this pimp is one of Ihe more difficult moves that the cheerleaders perform. Kathy lavier and Heidi Byrne obviously have mudi faith in Iheir teammates who w ill catch them. Displaying

exceptional poise


concentration, the cheerleaders perform "letters." During this exercise, they sing "Give me a long P."

Unfortunately, senior Kevin Moran was not chosen as a Prep cheerleader. Sorry


Before Palermo,


opening M ike








florkewicz the

Paramos and






Com o,













keep the


their foils




h»year's§pir8C&m»!tf*w»semof8« majotrrt^iteshereat Prep.


Not only wasitheirwork seen arountfthesctsjsl, but they also played an importantiite atfootball games,where they boostedPrep spirit. Even through rough timeswhere awin wasn't evident, the SptflfCornrnitteewas able te aring thfwjjole community together as * e . Morxiayafternoonswerespentccnstniding bannersthatwere paintedand iaterhung uo intre cafetena. These bannersprovided students with the information they needed ss\a everfeanSslOTnsforupcorntng games. The making ofa banner required both artistic skill and innovation, which resulted in catchy and c'.ever phrases. Vttli the help ofmanyadeptartiife, flyers were madeandhsBgaroundtheschool. Both the banners and the flyers provedto raliy!kgincj:|he students, and showed that spintwas being passed to antfter. This^afsfallPrepraliyw^wforgettableberauselaweiiedthe'flewlycrownecI Marauder and his Henchmen. With the entire school in complete suspense, members ofthe SpiritCommitteecasttheirvote for Marauder* SeniorJohn Romano WaSehosenforthe exciting task. During the games, the Marauder and histnenledfie crowd in such cheers as the famed Prep Fight Sstp^lW enttiaw ntelie Railroad," arM:liB:iBiai and vigorous"Aves. “ Even when Prep appeared non*vfctoriius, RomanoandCft Cheered forPrep, keepingthespiritalive. 8/henaskedabouthisfeelingsaboutthe camaraderie infeSpntCommittee andtesBpportfor Prep, Romanocommented, This {sjustoneofthosetimeswhen love'turnsintoanother one ofthosefour-JSftered words," In Hissecondyearasmoderaforforthe Spirit Committee, Fr. Hoag. S.J. helped out in various ways. Heoftenhelped membetscoihinnovativephrases.rHismcstcomplicated assignmentwas organizingthe

“I went down tc the railroad, Yeah, yeah!” “To see what I could see, Yeah, yeah!” “Somebody hollered: the Spirit Committee, yeah, yeah!” “I said now that’s what we need!! yeah, yeah!” “I went back down to the railroad, yeah, yeah!” “And put my ear on the track, yeah, yeah!” “Somebody said: the Cheerleaders, yeah, yeah!” “I said, now that’s where it’s at, yeah, yeah!” “I Said cooh, aaah, cooh, aaah!!” Prep rallies. Much time and effortwent into the production of a 'ally, outthe hard work of Fr. Hoag and ihelpjrit Committeepaid off inthe end.since every rallyturned oiitto be a huge success. The rallies were just one ofthe contributing factors to the real mission ofthe Spirit Committee, which was to instill spirit in tne student body, totry and gettr.ex to go to the games, andtocome out andsupporttheir classmates on. the field.

THeSpirit&mmittEe'scomplimentarycrewofsupplegymnastsaisocheeredforthesportsteams. These peppy.spirited, and very dedicated girls from the Academy of St. Aloysius and St. Dominic’s Academy

practiced th'oe days a week, for two hours a dayto prepare forthe games. They attended various Prep functions whicMneluded pep rallies, basketball games, andaf course, thefootball games. Coached by jfinniferCassafoandheadcaptainSusanMazzuco,the cheerleaders always gotthecrowd involved in the game.Throughexperienceand example, the othercaptains (Melissa Dizon, MelissaGarcia, MicheleCassaro, Kathy Javier, and December- Field) led the younger cheerleaders and were a posiive influence in the development cftheircheerleadingskilis. in!via"cr.of''hardworkpaidoffwhentreyfinishedfcurtn Inthenationatacneering |

;0ampetition in Myrtle Beach, S.C. Having continued their tradition of diligence, dedication and determination,they anticipatedtiuplicatingQrbetteringthatfeatthisyear.


tt,« : M m .

Fitzpatrick. U i


Ohovol Under

Simon, fm .


to r

M in ,

Potel, the

rothim: their cheerleaders

lm Keith

My Second

h m . to m

fo , Fi.

H iogM . Heog, U

John N e m o , B * n ttm to. Anthony Vllanzo, V tm f Chisori,

Brian direction


« «



to j




§ | l m S p o lm . Chns M Seen B f f i **> I f a w « Singh, M o Sm llow , U . ■ > ■ « Cololw o,



Nguyen. of


cta t. incredible







of their omdsos,



Spirit committee

“ P *

P f

S S f S he overall attitude ©fthe Stage Cs@wcan besummarfeei in the motto statedever 5 0 P; oductfon Manager Nick Perseghin. "If it doesn’t work bang ® 2 5 f r t 2 £ ,tneededto reP|acedanyway.” After lastyearis excellent ^ : f!u aclfic m "Rumors," ihisyear’sStage Crewwas determined to surpass the efforts of last year by building an even better and more intricate set for "A Man for All Seasons, With a spirit of dedication and hard work, the Stage Crew keptits tradition of excellent alive, Just one lookat the set on the openlngnightofthe show, and a person in the audience would never beab:etogjess the history ofthesetor.thestage. began inths^asement of Burke Hail and me teker room in Muiry Hail. Flats were canvassed,thrones were built and the infamous French Doors were erected once again, making their appearance for a third time_ Thepart of the set that had net been finished at Prep was buiit^St Rgftfs Co lege. The only problem that the Stage Crew faced thisyearwasa shortage of artistic ability Even though most of the painting was done the tight tSefere the flat shew ? i r ^ andr^ f° « t e Theweek ofthe play hasalways beencalled Hell Week, butthe namtJlad really lost its meaning. Butbystayihg until 11PMeveryniqht ofthe weak tc paint, the Stage Crew put the “Hell" back in Hell Week. The Stage Crew worked through any glitchesland remained pulteitaether. With:the set completed, members coordinated their set changes, keeping all of them under forty seconds. Therewere «»any positwefferaotsftat to flisyeariexttaQfdinaiy


e u tie

J iie jif o (S o (D u b

M - Fl1? of 3,1v®5 the leadership of the upperclassmen, SenSsfftofik Ferseqtxn served as the Production Manager. As Stage Crew's Point Man. he was responsible for the completion# the set, and had to work directly with Mr. tampion, wft# determined the placement of props, and appropriate scene changes. Junior Chris Boggiano and senior Pete Russo were Perseghms second men in command as Stage Managers, Senior Tim Service headed Operation Sound. He was responsible for every actor's microphone and necessary sound effects. Senior Tom Spataro designs the lighting for the stage, while, junior Brian Sheppard manned the lighting console. He performed all of the lighting

changes of the complicated sequences. The second thing that was positive for the Stace Crew was the tremendous amount of interest that was demonstrated by freshmen and sophomores. More than half of the Crew were rookies. This awesome combination of experiencedmembers, coupled bythehelping handsoftheiasvolunteers madethisyear's ge *-'rew a rousing success. Junior Chris Boggiano summed if up best by saving, "its nicetosee all oftheyoungtalentthatshowed uptowork onthis play. With nocomplaininq, theyall tool^uptasksthatwould often only begisen to peoplewith much moreexperience' and they did theirjobs well. It is good to know that the Crew will be left in good hands when I am gone." As always, the Stage Crew hands are the school's best recyciers. After every play they break down the sets and reuse them for the next play. This way, they don't spend’a lot of money on supplies. Of course, it is difficult to reuse nails and screws Were you able to spot those same boards and 2 X 4's in "Pippin?"

Ja g

Front Dm

m i


to ,r n m ,




Pentorakis, Conley,


Hike J im

Vizzacchero, Castro,


S cm nkh,






Andrew Khurrum



Perseghin. Sheikh.



th e

b o tto m grass

th a t


s to n e

ju s t


fin is h e d green


Dan ternone

p a in tin g A ndy Crew




Jotn Spatoro. Mike


s p ra y

The Stage the

How: Andrew Bucci,

Sclmdler, Sheppard,

fres hm an

w ith

clum ps.





w a ll,





h a v in g

p o rtra y e d litt le



A fte r

90 I f f - r m u r n i n

Mostnmnaa j.


Som rot.. '




back d ro p

Perseghin p o in t

th a t

designed M an




re p resented

e lab orate A ll

th a t

fla ts

Seasons . "

Each above sure

actor the that



stage, every

ploy the




receivers wos

cordless for


eoch to


microphone mike oudible


were level.



hooked into






main olso





















The thrones thot were used for the courtroom scene of "A Mon For All Seasons," were painted black ond decorated with gold trim. Here, junior Mike Strallow applies a strip of trim to one of the thrones where the Duke of Norfolk, played by Wilbur


w ill


During practice, the Stage Crew has to coordinate oil of their scene changes. It is crucial to know what is the best method to move oil the props off stage ond how the objects for the new scene will be carried on stage. Stage Managers Chris Boggiano and Pete Russo discuss how members will set up the garden scene.

Throughout Lighting Brian



Manager Sheppard


in charge of all effects. In order to be efficient, he kept a copy of the script, and







along, he


sequences. One scene in particular required interesting patterns o f light shifts in many colors.

u | pfoe e intellectual members of the Stage Crew, Eftihi Pentarakis, Ted Schundl er, and Juan take khundler, ««.. Castro, H H — — time out — to gather backstage to fiscyss the meaning of life, and how snacks enhance life 's significance.

Politics As Usual (B(W1 OB]


his his




7iStfe 7 b/”rir mnme Mm,s 10 s° m president Morkis Abrohm stresses





ourim il

Cm ,

Jos facchini to - Soon



In te rs






the should


mpo«we set


™ney m ib l. of I s , J for I



erthern havehatsij* Thisyear's


theschoolcommuni1y,6necfwhich — — was the Hat Act. Under this resolution, studentswsreperrnittedtsafty hats in the building,just as iong asth^weren’tworn. Jfs addittoretothis, students weneableto wear halsiS'' the school building after eighth period. This year, instead of conducting regularly scheduled meetings, the Council membersdecided to holdmeetingsonlyasneedsd, Wneiheronschx! days, oreyen:DnSatundaysandSundays,th§Student toncilreached^tosatisfytheneedscrftft0scficioi community, Underthe guidance ofmoderatorMr, Jim Uondero and the leadership of student body presidentMarkisAbraham,theStudentCouncilwas determinedtomakePrepabetterplace. Members oftheCouncil includedonesecretaryandapresident, treasurer, andfburrepreseniativqsfrom each class. As always. :heStudent Council coordinated:he Waik-A-Thon. This year, many new ideas were introduced in ordertomofivatestudents to raise as much money as possible. For example, Students wtoraised $50 received boxershoffiSI’aT-Shirt, and those who raised $ 100 received either a sweatshirt or a cap. As an added bonus, altftese who managed tobring in $125 were entered in a largedrawingthatwouideutastudent'stuitioncba by $1,250 for one semester. Freshman Mark Gcidsack was the lucky winner ofthis prize. On March 15th.the Student Council hosted its third annual Royal Rumble. Members from sports and activities teamed upto compete in highlyskilled activities, suchasthewheelbarrowrace, andtheeverso-difftjcultthree-legged race. in early February members of the Student Councilj@um€yedpwrtoSt,Dc»ninic'sAcademyfor theiryearlyexchange. Totheirenjcymait.theywere able to experience afull day in the life of an all-girt school. Each boywas assignedto a girl with whom he toured the pchool andtook part in the daily class activities. Later in the school day, Prep's Council members joined in open discussions with St. Dominic s StudentCouncilabsutlife, religion, and the arts. TheStudentCouncilsymbolizedthefinerpoints ofPreplife. Theyexperienced andaddedtothesocial and academic grandeur of 144 Grand, Chilltown. NJ.

Student Comal: 6m Cmti, Irk lottos, Lnigi H R Onilllo Ihomos, for,, Siho. W /fo r l,n Shorn McOllloosh. honk Ornmmi. m d Sow: M m y Srno; Sty te jr n /i An fto , 1 | d w fc . Gteser, M cW S/omfo, /Moiei H im , fir. Donim , ftorkis M m km , font fan,, Cmtg Satkmmnoat.


Student C cuncil


Every year, the student council coordinated to organize assemblies for each class, every morning before homeroom. During Markis Abraham, Craig Suthammanont,

the Walk-A-Thon. This year, members /wT brainstorm prize ideas, and collect donation! a routine tally, Mr. Dondero, and tf/wo/l and Paul Fam calculate the day’ s tota

U j a filming of the [is one of the three Mtaif Kris Nikola as

St. Peter's Prep Morning Show, senior Roy Maglori cameras. Ihe cameramen receive directives from vice to what to film and where to position the shots.

Rott Tape!! rep has a TV Studio? What do you guys do?â&#x20AC;? These- used to I j J I ' be common questions the average Prep student asked upon S T hearing someone mention the TV Studio. Now, no one asks anymore. The heavily involved TV Studio made its presence known this year in the Pup community. Prior to the beginning of the school year, the studio was relocated to a larger, nicer room, and new production equipment was purchased. Through the efforts of moderator Mr. Jim DeAngelo, senior president Scott Gurian, vice presidents Kris Nikolla and Rob Duran, the long-awaited "Prep TV Morning Show" was finally revived. Watched in the cafeteria by students eating breakfast, the show featured teacher interviews, discussion of school and social events, and short, funny skits about life at Prep. Its talk show format was hosted by seniors, but students of all years contributed to the show as actors, writers, and cameramen. The TV Studio also filmed events such as "A Man For All Seasons", the Walk-A-Thon, and the annual Ski Club trip to Vermont.


S o c ie tie s

T V. Studio: Front Row: Jonathan Hassell, Rob Duran, Scott Sum, Carl Figmredo, Frank Drummond. Second Row: Stme Harbace, Tim Mosterson, Joe Deodato. Ibird Row: Roy Maglori, Mike Stralhw, Andy Perseghin, Dan Rumain. Fourth Row: Sean Healy, Kris Nikolla, Amish Patel, Chris Bader.




Honor Mike



Shane Steve




Service, Missing:

Victor Pat




National Honor Society: Front Row: Chris Bader, Man Mendoza, Fawad IIIoft, Amish Patel, Dave Schalk, Noel De La Rosa, Brian Nguyen, Ryan Lorenzo,Steve Kayiaros, Brian Rudzinski. Seand Sow: H ^ m tn , Coy Dailey, Steve Nailer, Paul fm , Steve Harbace, Markis Abraham, Ion Hurtado, Mike M ettone, Patrick Mussell, Nick Perseghin, ConBy, Victor Bonzalez, Mike Carandan, Chris Casazza, Dave Smith, Craig Suihammanont, Man Leon. Missing: Joe Baber, Brian Crimmms, Dale Kim, ilex Martinez, Si

National Honor Society: (ith Jon Atom, Kevin Km ii, M e Sunga,


right) Ben f f it o fnyimte,


Ms. Garcia, Chris Beder, Markis Abrabem, Jems Koo, Jermaine Mercer, Jorge S im ,



I I-





Rich llendozo, Jon. Hurtado, Alan










Caeto, Victor Sonzelez, Ryao Prim, Don Cymbor, ligor Patel, Pel Hassell, Steve Brian

Horboce, C rim m ,

Rhys Delo Cruz, M alt Monteleone,

T.V. Studie/ficncr societies




4 jr



Celebrating Weâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ve been through a lot together over the past 125 years. Weâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ve madethe honor roll, won state and county championships, and helped to build the Prep community. As the years rolled along, we made new friends and continued to develop our relationships with old friends. Weâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ve discovered more about ourselves and have become more aware of what our purpose in life is. As 8 people, we have come to realize the depth ofthe Prep

experience. Whether we realize it or not, the people at Prep make a difference in our lives. Our teachers can be relied upon for guidance and support (not to mention good college recomendations). Ourfriends are always present to celebrate our victories and console us in our defeats. We rejoice when one of us is honored, and we lament when one of us is dejected. We are all brothers and sisters at Prep. We are all related in the Prep family. Together, we celebrate the joy and happiness of births and new life and we stick by each other in times: of sadness. As a community, we have even stared into the shadow of death and survived. Wherever we go, whatever we do, the memories of our experiences with these people will never be forgotten. We are and will always be the Prep Community.


w a

Ihe position of secretary to the principal requires excellent organizational skills and a good sense of humor.


i r

Mrs. Terri Corcoran performed her job w it ease and efficiency.

In order to send out Ihe letters to Ihe parents about the Annual Fund donations, Fr. Keenan, S I put his "lohn Hancock" on them. In addition lo moderating the Parentsâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; Association, Fr. Keenan ms seen on ond about campus visiting students in both their academic and coxurricular settings.

t 1'"

H H ra ra b

e a d

o n c h o s t might look easy, but it is not easy being

Ilf President of 3 growing school like rMi Prep,” commented Fr. Jam es Keenan, S J . Having settled into his third year as Prep's President, Fr. Keenan faced a busy schedule. Among the challenging financial decisions, such as keeping tuition at an affordable amount, Fr. Keenan also had to keep up Prep’s sterling image. However, Fr. Keenan was never too busy to stop by to visit most of Prep’s functions--bcrh athletic and religious. From meetings with donors to the Keys to theFuture Campaign, to greeting freshmen at Orientation, Fr. Keenan’s presence touched all

Fr. Jam es F. Keenan, S J. President Moderator for: Parents' Association

aspects of Prep life. Helping to ease the burden was his secretary, Mrs, Maryphyllis in her fourth year Of dedicated service. In his fifth year as Prep’s Principal, Mr. John Raslowsky also served his first year as a father. Although Mr. Raslow sty often had challenging decisions to make regarding the many facets of Prep life, he still managed to moderate the Ebony Club and teach Afro-American literature. Mr. Raslowsky feels that "Prep can only grow stronger and move forward as a community.’’ “There is always a position to do more,” commented M r. Patrick Reidy, regarding his job as the Vice Principal. Mr. Reidy was flooded with paperwork throughout the year, and was busy handling schedules, report cards, and any course or exam conflicts. He seldom left his office before 5pm, yet somehow managed to find the time to moderate the Math Team. Assisting both Mr. Raslowsky and Mr. Reidy were Mrs. Grace Gualario, Mrs. Terri Corcoran, and in his first year

Mr, John R. Raslowsky // Principal Classes: Afro-American Literature Moderator for: Ebony Club

at Prep, Br. Frank Turnbull, S J . These dedicated members of Prep’s administration were a constant source of aid for Prep behind the scenes. Aftei recording students' grades, organizing a Math Team test, and changing some schedules, Mr. Reidy looks forward to summer when he is in charge of summer school. For that brief period each year he gets to call himself the Brand Fooboh of Prep.

Mr. Patrick Reidy Vice-Principal Chairperson of: Science Department Moderator for: Math Team

President’s & priniepal’s Cilice I >7

Discipline Dollars s a person in charge of close to 800 students, Mr. James Collins has quite an important and stressfuljob. However, with seven years of experience here at Prep under his belt, Mr. Collins handled everything very well, Mr. Colflhs dealt daily with everything from locker distribution to attendance, from Jugs to school bells. Along with his myriad of duties as a Dean, Mr. Collins also monitored the brand new Multi-Cultural Club. However, senior members of the executive board took plenty of initiative in leading the Club so that Mr. Collins could efficiently supervise Jug, Although it seems like a toughjob, it is also a rewarding one. “This is probably the fliird toughestjob in the world-after president of the U.nitec States, and the mayor of New York City, it’s also the third best job in the world after Mr, Dondero's and Mr. Irvine’s," said Mr. Collins. Mr, Collins also had some ofthe best perks among teachers. Besides having his own office, complete with a 24-inch T,V« and two full-size sofas, Mr. Collins was able to come and go as he wished .and he had the pleasure of handing out JUGs to unsuspecting freshmen. However, the job was not always totally cool— "Who said it was cool?” asked Mr. Collins. Mr. Collins had plenty of help performing his complex duties from Ms. Elizabeth Walsh, Attendance Office


Mr. John M. Corcoran Treasurer

Mrs. Iona Priiop Secretary, Treasurer’sOffice

Mrs. Catherine Ford

Ms. Diana Rivera

Assistant Treasurer

Secretary, Treasurer’s Office

4s payments m e in, il m s the duty of the secretaries (here we see Mrs. Iona ]) to update each student's file. Via computer, a detailed database m s kept so that the school could easily respond to any tuition question.

98 ) I f I H f

Sitting in tbe commander s seat, Mr. Collins lays the bomb on a frightened freshman who bad tried to away with cutting doss. Often, Mr. Collins would spend lime thinking of inventive JUG projects.


j the end of the day, Its. Walsh worked strenuously I tally up the number of students missing from L j/n dosses. Her efforts ensured that a perfect Mtendance tocord was being kept.

Secretary. Ms. Walsh not only kept complete and accurate attendance records, but handled incoming calls, telephoned any absentees, and monitored: the lost & found and sign out sheets. In the office across from M il Walsh was Mrs. Helene Schneider, R.N., Prep's beloved nurse, Mrs. Scr.neicertooK care of all the sick Students that came through her doors, and provided students with their prescriptions. W hile the Dean handled Prep's students, the Treasurer’s Office handled all oftheir money, Hundreds ofthousands of dollars passed through the hands of the Treasurer and his staff. Due to the dedicated service of Mr. Corcoran, Prep’s Treasurer, as well as Mrs. Catherine Ford, Mrs. Iona Prfldp, and Mrs. Diane Rivera, Prep's monetary transactions were all present and accounted for. Mr. Corcoran and: Mrs. Ford spent most of their time at Prep behind the scenes, ensuring that paperwork and computer data w in complete and correct. Both Mrs. Prilop and Mrs. Rivera were found at the treasurer’s window, greeting students- with friendly smiles and collecting their tuition. However, perhaps the best aspect of the Treasurer's Office was the candy given out at the front desk. It is always nice to receive a little candy after having to pay one’s tuition.

Filling out receipts, moiling out bills, and collecting monthly installments of tuition are only a few of the tasks that Ms. Dione Rivero performs everyday. It was welcoming to be seiviced with

Mr. James J. Collins Dean of Students

Ms. Elizabeth Walsh Secretary, Attendance Office

Mrs. Helene Schneider School Nurse

a smile as one paid one's tuition.

Fr. Jam es Foley, S J. Proctor

D ean’s & Treasurer s Office I $19

Mr. Frank Briamonte

Fr. Charles F.X. man, SJ.

Director of Alumni Relations Classes. Sports Literature

Vice-President for Alumni Affaire

Mr. Tim Dolan Director of Development

Mrs; Jane Briamonte Secretary, Development & Alumni Office

During the year, Mr. Briamonte m s busy in and out of the school, as a teacher of Sports literature and as the Director o f Alumni gelations. When he wasn't teaching, Mr. Briamonte m s organizing all sorts of reunions and alumni basketball games that got old classmates back together to share some laughs and entertaining anecdotes. This year, Mr. Hennessey organized the Freshman for a Day Program, which offered the opportunity for prospective eighth grade students to experience the Prep, while being escorted by a freshman. Here\ Mr. Hennessey arranges one such appointment while trying to work on his computer at the same time.


Recruiting, Reuniting and Renovating


or 125years, manyyouna men have graduated from Prep and gone 速 to bigger and better things. However, they still manage to keep in Mr. Jam es C. Horan touch and contribute to Prep life via the Office Of Vice-President for Planning & External Affairs. Overlooking this office was Mr. External Affairs James Horan, its vice-president, who also taught the Classes. Journalism Journalism elective in the fall. Moderatorfor. Parents' Association Under the leadership of Mr. Raymond Hennessey, the Office of Public Information (OP!) was responsible for the recruitment of new studenfe and for the publicity Of Prep. The office also coordinated the ' Freshman for a Day Program, which gave incoming students a brief look at Prep life. The office also scheduled Open Houses for seventh and eighth graders and their parents and published the Prep Magazine. Helping Mr. Hennessey make this possible was Ms. Lisa Ammirato, who scheduled the appointments for Freshman for a Day. The Development Office handled all fundraising. Mr. Tim Dolan, the assistant director of this office raised funds in ways similar to the Walk-A-Thon. Mr. Raymond Hennessey With contributions from parents, friends, and alumni Director of Public Information and the money raised through the Phon.-A Thon. Moderator for: Freshman for a over $800,000 was brought in for the school. Day Program, Freshman The Alumni Office, a division of External Affairs, Ambassadors Was overseen by Mr. Frank Briamonte. The office functioned to keep 8500 alumni in touch with Prep life, arid offered such getting back together events as the alumni basketball game, golf tournament, and homecomings. Helping Mr. Briamonte keep the alumni office in order was his mom, secretary Mrs. Jane Briamonte.


/is the pointmon tor the Keys to the Fvlvre Campaign and the 125th Anniversary Celebration, Mr. Horan m s occupied with planning events, coordinating speaal functions, and trying to organize various fundraisers. Amidst off of this, he still found time to teach journalism.

Ms. Lisa Ammirato Secretary, Office of Public Information

External Affairs

At Prep's International Night, Ms. Sladomki invites freshman lim lAulroy and his Sttle brother to pick Ik winner of one of the various 50 /5 0 raffles. Parents Association events, such as International Night are okays a great opportunity for parents to smoke, win prizes, and sample the world's best cuisines.

In adtttion to talking with many students before and after school, and during lundi, Fr. Azzarto made himself ovalable to their parents. During the Christmas Patty, Mr. McHally has a chat with Fr. Azzarto.

hist we heard, they were thinking of bringing the Dodgers bock to Brooklyn.

n r jj m m

The Gallo lucheon and Fashion Show bos always teemed the greatest support from the Parents. The highlight of the afternoon is when the models strut their stuff." Here, junior Anthony Vitanzo escorts a model who m s displaying a fur coot.

Parents could choose from a variety of gifts that would benefit St. Peter's Prep and the Porents' Association. Among the gooses offered were a Prep blanket, the Prep portrait, fine china, and o pizza maker.

The Mamas & The Papas he goal ofthe Parents' Association ! | is to provide opportunitiestc spreao tSa the feeling of community beyond the borders ofthe student body,” stated Prep Parents’ Association Chairman Mr. Joseph Casazza. With the assistance of co-moderators Fr. Jim Keenan, S J. and Mr. Jim Horan, the Parents' Association was once again an important facet of Prep life. Throughouttheyear, the Parents' Association worked at fostering this sense of community through such family events as the Family Picnic, the Family Communion Supper, International Night, and the annual Christmas Party. There were also eventsthatwere setaside as gatherings just for parents, such as the Night at the Races, which was also an excellent fundraiser. The most popular event ofthe year was once again the Prep Fashion Show and Luncheon chaired by Parents' Association council-woman

Patty Vitanzo. The Fashiorf Show provided Prep mothers with an opportunity to silt back and enjoy a lunch with friends as they watched both professional models and Prep student volunteers model evening and casual wear. There was also an opporxnitytowin prizes that had been donated by local businesses and Prep parents. The Prep Parents' Association was involved in everyday affairs at Prep as w ell It organized and enforced the Prep Snow Chain, and volunteers from the Parents’ Association were always present at Open Houses and Freshman registration. There were even several mothers who volunteered in the Campus Shop. As always, parents came out in full support of the Prep, reaffirming their role as one of the most important components of the Prep community.

At the family picnic in Schmitt's Woods, Secaucus, many fathers volunteered to flip burgers, broil chicken, bake casseroles, and toss salads, fulfilling their high school dreams. Here, a group of dads pose for o promo shot with Fr. Azzarto and Fr. Keenan. (Rumor has it they've submitted applications to cook at IHOP.) At the Fall Fashion Show, Prep students also modeled various types of apparel. Freshman Brian Cardino displays a striking Giorgio Armani tux.

I International Night, the food was served buffet style. Being called a table at o time, wrents lined up to sample the many exquisite and delicious entrees that were offered. per going through the taste test, the fate of these foods was decided by the parents— mer they went on the "eating" plates or they stayed in the "serving hot plates.

Parents’ Association

Mrs. Elizabeth Dandorph

Mrs. Jan ice Martlmmtf

Transportation Coordinator

Mr. Jo n Hammer

Secretary, College Placement Office

Special .Events Coordinator

Mrs. M ary Ann Prim e.. Switchboard Operator!

While Mr. Arvind Sowh talks to Mr. Dandorph on the phone about a boiler problem, Mr. Alex Keyes is overwhelmed with the publicity he's receiving from our yearbook photo足 grapher. Mr. Reyes exclaimed, "Cool, I'm going to be in the yearbook."

Maintenance Staff: Mr. Enrique Serrano-Acosto, Mr. Angel Ifasquez, Ms. Hixa Reyes, Mr. Reyes, Mr. Jesus Cwz-fmandez. Missing: Mr. Franlcie Martinez, Mr. 41 Alvorado, Mr. Irvine, Sr.


Alex John

Cafeteria Staff: (left to right) Mrs. Lucy Palmiero, Ms. Laura McKenna, Mrs. Maria lauro, Mr. Raymond Nievesj Mrs. Maria Franco, Mrs. Angie DePalma, Mrs. Cathy Sharpe.



Broken Heater, Bacon, Egg, and Cheese, No Problem! here are many people behind the scenes who puttheirtime and effortintothe dailyoperations of St. Peter’s. With the impressive culinary skills of Mrs. Lucy Palmiero, Mrs. Maria Franco, Mrs. Cathy Sharpe, Mrs. Angie DePalma, and Mrs. Maria Lauro, Ms. Laura McKenna, Mr, Raymond Nieves, a variety of fine cuisines were served in the Prep cafe. These chefs always gave their best effort in serving their famous entrees. This is why they outsell the pizzeria and Sam the hot dog man by a landslide each year. Under the direction of Mr. Ken Dandorph, the maintenance staff took on the job of completing numerous tasks throughout the Prep campus. After a summer of intense moving and locker room work, they performed avarietyoftasks including maintaining the efficiency ofthe boilers and classroom air conditioners, painting the campus, washing the chalkboards, clearing the snow, sanitizing the bathrooms, and recycling in the cafeteria. The maintenance staff included “Mighty” Arvind Sawh, "Big" Rich Butler, Brother Paul Harrison, S.J., Br. Ralph Cilia, S.J., Mr. Jesus Cruz-Femandez, Mr.


Mr. Arvind Sawh Maintenance Supervisor, Boiler & Air Conditioner Maintenance

Mr. Richard Butler Custodian

Br. Ralph Cilia, S J. * Custodian

Angel Vasquez,:Ms. Nixa Reyes, Mr. Alex Reyes, Mr. Enrique Serrano-Acosta, Mr. Frankie Martinez, Mr. A1 Alvarado,, and Mr, John Irvine, Sr. Mr. Jen Hammer headed Prep's support staff, which was responsible for special events like Jug Might and other alumni reunions. Mrs. Elizabeth Dandorph took on the task of organizing students' transportation needs, including monthly train forms, bus services, and the necessary reimbursement information, Switchboard operator Mrs. Mary Ann Prime put calls through and handled all the mail for the Prep community. Mrs. Janice Martineau assisted Fr. Balduf, S.J. and Mr. Dondero in the newly re­ furbished College Placement Office, handling applications and transcripts for all college-bound seniors. Together, all of these people help make St. Peter's Prep operate efficiently. Mr. Rich Butler, a custodian at Prep, summed it up by saying, "Even when you don’t know it, we are working around the clock to try to make Prep a better placefortomorrow and the next day and the next and the next...”

Br. Joseph Griffin. S J. Heating Maintenance, JUG & Locker Room Proctor

Br. Paul Harrison, S J. Custodian

to/13 Ibe maintenance staff takes to the field by sweeping floors, washing boards, and vacuuming carpets as Hr. lesus Cm-femandez, Mr. ingel Vasquez, ^ 5Keyes do evetyday. they coveted every square inch of space, and m e often here until late at right. But not to worry, after they flashed, with the yearbook staff s /f being around, they partied oil night.

Cafeteria, Maintenance, & S up p crt stalls


IE froirf ftw . Peter Abdehmxsii, Jensen Thomas, Robert Espinoza, Joseph Maglayo, Vincent Mastmmonaco, Matthew Kicker, Joshua Alexander. Second Row: J-hnshan Martinez, Ryan Boyle, Wayne ferae; A ta s Meves, Michael Manzo, Drew Gurian, Michael Cronin, A tt Uibrmmh. Third Row Edmund Caulfield, Ryan Hinton, Christian Cortez, Chris Sikorski, Denis Roarty, Mr. Casey, James Folger, Christopher Smith Missing: Gregory Malakauskas, Charles Perdue.

/ i c e ) prop le

Mr. Rodney Alejandro

Homeroom.: 4A Department: Science I Classes: Biology, AP Biology j Assistant Coach for: Indoor & I Outdoor Track

Rev. Anthony Azzarto, SJ.

Ms. Susan Baber

Title: Chaplain Department: Religion Classes: Re!||jbn 1,4 Moderator for: Genesis 9

Title; Chairperson of Classics Department Homeroom: 2A Classes: Latin 1 ,2 ,3 Honois Moderator for: Campus Shop. Model U JL Eratnaus Team

Fr. Ray Baiduf, SJ. Title: Director of College Placement: Classes: Group Guidance

Mr, Jorge Becerra lirector of Christian Service Program Department: Religion Basses: ftilgfon 1A Lessons of the Holocaust Moderator foK Pesr Advisors

Ulolkin- for Diobete/ On October 5th, 1996, te n m em bers o fth e N a tio n a l H onor Society m et in the Prep p a rk in g lo t a t 0 8 0 0 h o u rs. W herew ere th ey going? These selfless souls were o ff to w a lk fo r d ia b etes, in th e 1996 W a lk to b erfest a t Hoboken. I t w as u n u su a lly co ld a n d w in d y th a t m orning, a n a despite the p le a s o f certa in m em bers to d rive to Hoboken, Mrs. Costanzo forced th em to w a lk to Grove St., ta k e th e PATH to Hobo en, and w alk again to th e cam pus o f Stevens I n stitu te . V irtu a lly ex­ hausted b y the pre-w a lk a th o n traveling, th is P rep te a m seem ed doomed to fin ish la st. However, th is P rep te a m w a s d eterm in ed . Actually, they really h a d n o th in g b e tte r to d o . A fte r a half-hou r delay, the w alk began, w hich en d ed u p a s a h o tly co n tested race. M Utway i through the w alk, seven m em bers broke fro m th e g rou p a n d m a d e a b ta | for the lead. A tth e fir s t r e s t stop, sen iors D ale K im a n d Chris C a ssa za were In the le a d or so they believed- a n d hungry fo r a fir s t p la ce fin is . While Chris decided to ru n in h is clothes, D ale s trip p e d o ff his Jeans, Jacket a n d sw ea ter in th e H oboken streets! (Luckily, D ale w a s w earing shorts a n d a T -s h ir tu n d e m e a th ). A fte r replenishing th e ir energy w l some p in k lem onade, D ale a n d C hris s ta r te d ru n n in g in th e Intended Walk-A-Thon. They r a n a n d r a n a n d ra n , a n d i t looked like It w o u ld be a sure fir s t a n d second p la c e fin ish fo r Prep. However, D ale a n d Chris m et a b it o f com petition . Two o th er college s tu d e n ts also w a n te a to finish first. However, n o t even O lym pian C arl Lewis could have beaten D ale a n d Chris th a t d a y. They w ere d e te rm in ed to ta k e the cake. W ith the fin ish lin e d ra w in g near, D ale a n d C hris m oved m to first a n d second p la c e respectively. A fte r tr a d in g p la ces several tim es, i t w as D ale w ho p u lle d a w a y fro m Chris to secure th e victory. A s they m ade th eir w a y back to Stevens, th ey d rea m e d a b o u t the p r ize tney j would receive—w o u ld It be a n a ll expense p a id tr ip to H aw aii, « pot, a new car??? W ell, they g o t som eth in g even better—K TU T-shurs. J While these tw o fu tu re m a ra th o n ers w ere com pleting th e ir victory lap, a certain group o f NHS m em bers -which w ill rem a in w n n a m c d -c u r 1 through the rea r entrance o f Stevens to sh o rten th e w a lk . In a d d itio n to recetvtng the T-shirts, D ale a n d Chris g o t th e ir p ictu res in the Jersey Journal a s well.

Wearing their special ID numbers, Mrs. Costanzo and the NHS members start the seven mile journey. Senior Steve Kayiaros, who photographed them, walked backwards the whole way so that he could get the best shots of the Prep team in action. At the NHS WalM-Ihon lot Diabetes, senior Dale Kim celebrates his hrst place finish at Stevens by doing the Macatena. You a in 't seen nothin til you ve seen Dale do the Macarena.. .You So Dale!

1C Front Row: Fr, Hoag, SJ Vm Mulroy, Kevin Kearns, Steve Bracciodiela, Adrian Cepero, Eric Olsen, Tim Knapp, John Oitinyak, Steve ilsma Pool Arnbrm Ed Prckett Pete Manto. Ihrrd How: Dhoval Patel, Peter Botsolas, Jaime M e , Mate Moagiello. Adam DeManno, Richard England, Christian Henandez. Missing: Joe Nolan, Tom Banks.

Fourth f e

Second How: 1

Gerard ho Ivis J

ID f 4

id s



Front How: Michael Urbanovich, Marc Fusco, Michael Connallon, Joe Moloney, Mark Faniolan. Second How: Mr. lim e, Richard Callahan, John fm a m H n John Pontellerio, Keith Mananghaya. Third Row: Mike Gonnelli, Eduard Draude, Jason Marasigan, Samuel Rivero, Anthony Murgola. Fourth Row: Robert Michael Biondo, Colby Kelly, Kevin Akers, fifth Row: Edward Km , Enver VucetaJ, Albert Sidhom, Peter Romanski.

M r Ja ck Campion

Fr. John E. Browning, S J. Department: Guidance Classes: Group Guidance 1 Assistant Moderator for: HAP

Mr. Gregory F. Boyle Homeroom: 1A | Department: Science Classes: Biology, Geoscience Moderator for: Science Clubs

Mr. John J. Casey Homeroom: 1B Department: English Classes: English 1

Homeroom: 4B Department: English Classes: English 3. AP English Moderator for: Dramatics Chairman for: Activities Dinner

Mr. Timothy P. Casiin h h A Department: Religion Casses: Religion 2.3, The Religious Experience in Literature, Bioethics Moderator for: Hoboken Shelter, Pax Christi Coach for: GcifTeam

At Ihe homecoming




ic n ic


lunch, students, faculty, parents, and alumni line up to

B A fte r a d is a p p o in tin g 0-2 sta r t, th e V a rsity fo o tb a ll te a m w a s

psyched u p fo r th e ir H o m eco m in g g a m e a g a in s t H oboken. To a d d to th e (anticipation, a ll s tu d e n ts, p a r e n ts , fa c u lty , a n d a lu m n i w ere in v ite d p a c k to P rep fo r a p icn ic. S tu d e n ts w h o w ere ta k in g S A T s r u sh e d to th e Igame d irectly a fte r fillin g in co u n tless ovals. A fte r w itn e ssin g a fierce, Iseesaw m a tc h betw een th e tw o c o m b a ta n ts, P rep ca m e u p on e p o in t [short o f victory. T he re b ro a d c a st o f t h e g a m e o n MSG sh o w ed th a t one Io f Joe T ra m a to lo 's e x tra p o in ts w a s in d e e d good, b u t c a lle d n o g o o d o n the field. Nevertheless, m e m b e r s o f i h e P r e p c o m m u n ity m a d e th e ir w a y back to G ra n d a n d W a rre n fo r th e p icn ic. C hairs a n d ta b les w ere se t Imp in th e co u rtya rd to a cc o m m o d a te th e large crow d. T o w a rd s m e [windows o f t h e w eightroom , th e goodies w ere se t u p —BU™Pie \wiches, p o ta to chips, a n d s o d a . M a n y a lu m n i a lso m a d e th e ir w a y b o a t ] to Prep fo r th e p icn ic. A fte r m o s t o f th e people h a d left, fterew w e Iyearbook ed ito rs w h o lingered a ro u n d , a s w ell a s so m e p la y ers T™ ch a m p io n sh ip fr e s h m a n fo o tb a ll te a m . The fre sh m e n a p p ro a c e team o f yearbook e d ito r s - S te p h e n K ayiaros, D ave ruLeon, C hris Boggiano, a n d s u b s titu te S a n tia g o F ern a n d ez, fo r a ,q u ic k gam e o f to u c h fo o tb a ll. D espite th e fa c t t h a t th e f i r e s . 1 claim ing victory before th e g a m e began, Tearn P etrea n ™ ™ *ete rm in e >1top la y th e ir b e s t o r a t le a st n o t be em b a rra sse d by th e 1996 Football C h a m pions. To th e ir o w n surp rise, th e yearbook te a m too* tf» freshm en to th e p u n c h , clin ch in g a 6-5 victory. A fte r th e gam e, sco u ts •Mlfro m th e N ew Y o rk Jets w ere eager to d r a ft th e yearbook Jocks.

partake of the great assortment of food which included Blimpie sandwiches, chips, and


However, they had to hurry and get what they could before the football players arrived. After having just served themselves, junior Khurrum Sheikh and senior Steve Kayiaros chow down. While these two professional food tasters are still eating, Steve gives an obvious thumbs up, but Khurrum is still pondering his decision.

Hcmerccms 1C & ID

IE Front How: Casey Coi/mw, Joseph Petrillo, Michael Song, ttyon Androsiglio, Juan Garcia, Amit Kora, Alan [sieve!, Marcus Presley. Second How: North fflA f l nslos Baroutoghu Benfe Cuento, Bnon O uiliiitiit, Dominick Gilroy, Joseph Messina, Daniel Muzztlo. Third How: Andrew Hall, William Widen John BmI 1 Jesse Janson, Matthew Foster-Moore, Piotr Rotecki, Robert Komurek. Missing: Raymond Urbanski



IF Front Row: Sanoop Luke, Allen Sista, Marcos Martinez, Joseph Castellano, Mr. lillis. Second Row: Adam Samarat, Eugene Turonis, Gerdi Ian Guerrero, A Cevasco, Ucinio Oliveira. Third Row: David Farinas, Andrew Perseghin, Christian Jorda, Dante Battaglia, Julius Fabros, Jason Aguiar. Fourth Row: Mohamr Riaz, Christopher Komurek, Gianni Donates, Mariano Pellegrino, Stephen Williams, Richard Florkiewicz, David Bernero, Anthony Geraci. Missing: Sean Del, Roi Keenan, Jonathan Jannucd.

Mrs. Bernadette Costanzo

Fr. Robert G. Cregan. S J:

Homeroom: 2B Department: Modern Languages Classes: Spanish 2, French 2, 3 Honors, 4 Honors, 5 Honors Moderator for: NHS, French Club, French NHS, Petrean

Department: Classics Classes: Latin 1,2, Literature of War Assistant Director for: Campus Shop

Mr. Tony C risalli

Ms. M arie Curry

Department: Ph ysisl Education Classes: Physical Education 1.2,3 Head G o p hfer: Freshman Fos&all. Tennis Director of: Intram ural Moderator for: Roller N octeyQ ub

f if e Chairperson of History Department Classes: World Civilizations, A.?. U.S. History 1 JL Lesssns Ofthe Holocaust Moderator for: Petroc

I Five Things Overheard at Faculty Meetings l il ) " Let's

Cut Class!" 44Beatdown on Noga!!" 13) "Is i t yet?â&#x20AC;? 14) â&#x20AC;&#x153;I disagree w ith you, Jack/' \S) "Wake me up when this thing is over." 2


3 .- 0 0

ticmerccms IE & IP 111 1

16 Front tow : Mam Kolakowski Brian Cardino, Daniel Fernandez, Chris O'Donnell, limothy Wtomson, limothy H ot. Second How: Rupert Vemo Isaac Rodriauez Dennis 1 I

Z k URoberto JT /t1 T”tHernandez, ' ^ Donald I unBaron. m^ d6m0 r0angd' “ Jacobs, Melo, Joe Missing: Chris Fernando, Am'rt Raval, m Dhiraj Tharejo.

**• 5tere"


Cot i

lli Front How: Vaughn Battier, Pat long, £merson Fandialan, Warren Kwan, Diego Alonso. Second Row: Benjamin Vega, la m Monaco, John Ciuppa, Justin Bui' Steve Sena, Pratik Desai, Thomas Hussey, Matt Rtzpalrick, Richard Piolroma. Third Row: John Czetwiemki, Daniel Site, Ryan CanoB. Fourth Row: M Sylvia, Mario Eorda, Geoffrey Bajwa, Mr. Salazar, Sean Kelly, Santi Formoso, Brian Gleason, Mark Goldsack. Missing: Alex Obregon, Sardor Rizvi.


Mr. Ken Dandorph

Mr. James C. DeAngelo

Department: Mathematics Classes: Algebra 1, Precalculus Honors Moderator for: Stage Crew Academic Advisor for. Football Team

Title: Chairman for Modem Languages Classes: German 1,2,3, Lessons of the Holocaust Moderator foe T.V Studio, Qerman Exchange

Mr. CarlS. DeLorenzo Homeroom: 4C Department: History

Rev. Thomas F. Denny. S.J. Department: Modern Languages Classes: Spanish 1,2

Classes: U.S. History 2, Modern European History. History of Russia Moderatorfpr: .Islamic Club

a) h r e physics prcjw in Mi. M m & 's dess, h u t fern tries te U n a e d m b , epptfej from each side.


Alan Leon as an obstacle.

W Alan made fun o f the Paper & Penr and Craig decided to defend the magazine's honor by taking Alan out. c) The song Jump Around by the House o f Pain was blasting from the stereo in the Publications Center, and Craig is doing just that. d) Does it really matter?

This is a great picture that had to go

if yen M L r j M ’ s w * * lte ' ! m t k l () Hey, that's Pmit’ s r m friend!! i l Omy, f s m Us frim t. Jhe truth is that feel is #® S f Us p a d m

b) "Juggling soccer, Poe, and Shakespeare, I don't t o v how I Unrt the



m o m e l force


1 m e i) Crag Sutfwmmont is trying out for the 2 0 0 0 Olympics, and is using

a) "I used to be fis t a soccer coach, h it I'm an IngSsh teacher loo.


lime to stay in shape." c) "I hear the Metrostars need a goalie.' d) "he you talkin' ta me??" e) "You mess with fist, your hue!!"

don’ t m


se end ast Urn yonrself, t e a m


to sit up.

h e n m dee!!

What's Going On in These Pictures?

in the book!!

tlcmerccms 1G & 1H \1 1 3

Front Row: Michael Back, Joel la m , ile x Degnan, Ruben Rodriguez, Mark Kendal. Second Row: lames Bayot, M e w Manner, Aimondo Hernandez J Margaghm, Thomas Quinn, Christian Rios. Third Row: Gerard Gordo, Sean Glosser, Khalil GaryRobinson, Michael lak. M a n y Mazzarese Matthew Sc/1 missing: Steven Leone.

Front Row. loson Mallori, Maurice Cruz, Peter Amadeo, Khalid Larkin, Michael Manziano. Second Row: lames Inly, Ryan Renner, Richard Olenhaus, KeviIn Col Galo Ulloa, Ruben Morales, Horatius Greene, Eric Fstevez. Third Row: Tomas Santos, Ted Schundler, Frank Giordano, James Del Castillo, Jose Costonon, CornI ) Odemia, Edwin Sifonte, Michael Frezzo, Tom Lynch, Rob McErath, Alan Vezina. Missing: Brian Musto.

1 1 4 iP E C P L E

Mr. Jim Dondero

Mr. Brian Dubruie

Director of: Testing Department: College Placement Classes: Junior Group Guidance. Intro to Computers Moderator for: Student Council, Dance Committee. Spring Musical

Title: Librarian Moderator for: Native American Society, Harvard Model Congress

Sr. Frances Marie Duncan, OSF

Mr. Jonathan B. Dwyer

Homeroom; 3C Departments: Science and Math Classes: Physics Honors. Chemistry. Geometry Moderator for: Peer Advisors.

Homeroom: 20 Department: Religion: Classes: Religion 1,2, Love and Marriage Moderator for: Forensics

30 Hour Famine

The Cafeteria Menu You Didn't Know Existed B r e a k fa s t S pec ia ls Eggs B e n e d ic t w i t h C h oice o f H a m /B a c o n /S a u sa g e O m e lette S u p r e m e

C o c k ta ils S k im M ilk w i th a Z e st o f L em on A p p le C id e r w ith a n O live E a u d e Jersey C ity

Snupe du four Appetizers Bouillabaisse Piggies in a Blanket Toasted Breadsttcks Gazpacho Fried Calamari Caviar Escargots Desserts Entrees Creme Caramel Duck a I'Orange Tiramisu Coq au Vln Lemon Sorbet Prime Rib a la Angie Crowned Rack o f Lamb Chocolate Mousse Cake Georgia Pecan Pie Fettucine Alfredo

Salads Tricolor Salad Antipasto Greek Salad

Dinner is served!!

Coaches Tony Crisalli and Owen Haveron took advantage of the delicious food that was served in the cafeteria at a football dinner. They figured that this would be their one chance to get a great meal in the cafe.

tlcmerccms II & 2A

21 Front tow : Jesse Cassibba, Janmesh Tolot, Joe Cossolini, Craig Addeo, Hick Edwards Kevin Ussenden. Second How: Wiliam Wong, Kevin Kelly, Johntaiil Se/jJ I loin TSzvi, Men Morales. Third Row: Hizwon Choudry, Tommy Ibrahim, Christian 1 iz, Sekou Antonio, Dan Sexton. Fourth How: ton Geronimo, Jamal M el I Mark Boiuch, Chris Wall, Arnab Nandi, Keith Vecchi, Damien Amone. Missing: I <y Maher.


2€ Front How: Chris Briody, tick Briamonte, Angelo Tango, hike Drummond, Anthony Magallon. Second Sow: Kevin a s , Christian Doric, Sal Candela, Joe Garofaloi Bryan Blooey, Tom Parry. Third How: Pat McGovern, Conrad Spezzacatena, Hick Emma, Jose Que, Punit Menda, Craig Iwano, Wilbur Montana, Em Costanzo. I Missing: Naveen Tyagi.

Mr. William Ford

Fr. D. James French, SJ.

Homeroom: 3B Departments: Religion and History Classes: Christian Morality and Social Justice, ys, History 1 Moderator for: Pax Christi, indo-Pak Club

Rector o ffÂŽ Jesrff Community Department: Religion Classes: Religidft; 1

Ms. Ana J, Garcia

Mr. Rich Hansen

Homeroom: 4D Department; Modern Languagef Classes: Spanish 1 Native, Spanish 2. AP Spanish Language. AP Spanish Literature, Spanish 3/4 Honors Coordinator- for: SsisBftProrh

title: Athletic Director Department: Physical Education Head Coach for: Varsity Football

Invasion of the Window Washers!! On a normal day a t the yearbook office, all seemed well. Editors and sta ff members alike were working busily on the October deadline. All of a sudden, there was an unusual sound coming from outside the window. Dave Smith went to see w hat was happening when he had his close encounter ofthe third kind. Quickly mesmerized by the sight, he grabbed a camera and took pictures ofthe visitor from another world. The object, which resembled the window washers th at Prep uses to clean its windows, approached H203 in a menacing manner. To prevent its tentacles from cominginto the window, Dave closed it, as he took more pictures. The yearbook staff watched in amazement as the creature made its way down to the opposite side ofthe room. Before the staff could attem pt *to make i communication, i i* this it scattered away, To lo tn ts dav aay, it has not returned.

,, â&#x20AC;&#x17E; m y look tike WeresSffl0f8 fcra; hy knmdatIheyfc/-re doing.

Outside of H203, space alms decide to take over the world.


ra n g ^

they re

tcm erccm s 2E & 2C 111?

2D Front Row. Chris Valenti, Orville Thomas, M a n y M icdi Dexia Gonzalez, Sreg llaria, Frank Atom,, f dgoi Cabrera, David Maio. Sam e't o Dennis M m , M m Schwarz, Keith Slock, Billy Fitzgerald, Darnel Mctlemey, Daniel tlienza. tafo, Michael Mezzina, John Paul Baber, Steven Jimenez, Dr. Kennedy. Missing: Dillon Dunning.

Second How: Paul Tarasik


Third How: Brandon Diggs, Michael Sim i j

Front Row. Eric Nguyen, James Lallo, Brian Healy, Frank Gonzalez, Eric Cruz, Matthew Durkan, Carlo Francisco, Pawan Talreja. Second Row: Simon Wong, Puneet Singh, Brian Carabellese, Joseph Naviello, Glen Rao, Shawn McCullough, Louis Paonessa, Andy Rodriguez, Avinash Tolani. Third Row: Hyan Park, Jacob Woehrle, Daniel Finn, Richard Beilina, Craig Ridgway, Kevin Worthington, Aaron Levy, Ernie Medina, Matthew Cunningham.

II s 118/ P fC P U E

Mr. Owen F. Haveron

Ms. Patter Hellstrom

Homeroom; 3D Department: History Classes: U.S. History 1,2 Coach for: Football

title: Chalrpetsosfor Fitts Department

Ms. Kathleen Hennessey Homeroom: 3E Department: English Classes: English 3, Modern English Writers Moderator for: Amnesty International

Classes: Introduction 'n9C ~

Studio Aft 3,2,3 Moderator for: Art Club

Rev. Michael R. Hoag. SJ. Homeroom: 1C Department: English Classes: English 1 Honors, Ghost and Horror Fiction, Multicultural Literature Moderator for: Spirit Committee

Inhlill t@ llntt QyÂŽ@(Rli E very y e a r , s t u d e n t s w a i t t o s e e w h o w i l l b e c h o s e n a s th e H o m e c o m in g Q u e e n a t th e H o m e c o m in g g a m e . D u r in g th e f i r s t q u a r te r , th e M a r a u d e r a r r iv e d w i t h h is q u e e n , f o llo w e d b y th e h e n c h m e n . E v e ry o n e s t o o d u p t o h a i l t h i s y e a r 's q u e e n , J a s o n C o n ti. W i t h h i s B u r g e r K in g c r o w n , a n d h i s s c e p te r , h e m a d e h i s b ig e n tr a n c e . T h r o u g h o u t th e g a m e , J a s o n w a l k e d u p a n d d o w n th e a is le s , g r e e tin g P r e p s t u d e n t s a n d f a c u lty . A t h a lf tim e , J a s o n e n jo y e d h is r o y a l m e a l â&#x20AC;&#x201D;a h o td o g a n d a p r e tz e l. ticmerccms

& 2C V119

2f Front Row: BtbPentarakis, Jon Graham, Michael Ptm za, M alt McHerney, Thomas M er, loa Tomassi, Rainier Paho, Chris LaPult, Ronald Richards John CadJi Stand Row: Anthony Palmien, Jack Baker, Will Sheehan, Angelo Capno, Justin Traina, D m Magadan. Third Row: Will Kinlery, Jesse Akeredola Will 1J btanley Woiciechowski, Ed Cunning, Jeff Almenana, Matthew Hunton, Derrick Wyka. ' 1



' A

1201 H f f l I

Front Row: Robert Bolos, Mark Ansay, Inwrence Alexander, lam s Amadeo, Michael Quelol. Second Row: Michael McDonald, Rolando Romos, M Joseph Perez, Joseph Falcicchio, Daniel Simone. Third Row: Garrett Hoffman, Michael Connolly, Ryan CatJow, Kenneth O'Connor, Mark DiGesu, Jonathan Shaun Lacey, Hick kBwno, Sammy Salem, Daryl Corwin, John Carey, Philip Vitanzo.

Mr, Roland S. Jones'

Mr. John Irvine

Homeroom: Band wpattment: Fins Arte Classes: introduction to Music, Introduction to Music Theory; Advanced M u sicT tay, Begining instrumental Music, Advanced Instfumec&l Muste Moderator for: Band

Homeroom: 1D Department: English Classes: English 1,2 Coach for: Soccer Director for: HAP

Mr. Walter Koszyk

Mr. Richard L. Kennedy. Ph. D

Homeroom: 1E Department: English Glasses: English i ,2

Homeroom: 2D Departments: English & Fine Arts Classes. English 2, English 2 Honors, Cinema Moderator ton Theater Club

Items that should bt sold in the Campus Shop: Cliff N otes • A ir Noga a p p a re l • Forensics1s Speedos • Bootleg P rep B a n d CD's • Books • Pool p a sse s (W a it, those are only so ld b y seniors) • G et o u t o f JUG free cards

D an dorph su rvival guide Do i t you rself Petroc k its (B atteries n o t Included)

Spitball-shooting machines

• P riva te P a rts b y H ow ard S te m • D ea d s D eal a M eal • Ms. W ysocki’s H andbook on P oliteness , M anners , a n d Chivalry

tlcmerccms 2 f & 26

%» * *




«■»* •* » £ K


Fr. Cregnn, circa 1952

iJJiiic m

ueLorenzo, area 1967

Mr. Irvine, circa 1983




a f r iK


m & m cm S

Coach Crisolli, area 1980

Mr. Briamonte, circa 1986






t ■*

™ M m m m ** «

r^ r- ^

Fr. Azzarto, circa 1966

Mr. Dondero, circa 1966

anto; *1 &4 3 w ftj



Mr. Ullis, circa 1980

Fr. O'Connor, circa 1969

Mr. Chris Lanzalotto Department: Physical Education Classes: Physical Education 4, Driverâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Education Head Coach for: Volleyball Assistant Coach for: Football Moderator for: Hockey

Mr. B ill L illis Homeroom: 1F Department: History Classes: U.S. History 1. World Civilizations Moderator for: SADD, Comic. Book Club. Emmaus, Ping Pong Club

Ms. A.dele LoCaSvez Homeroom: 3F Department: Science Classes: Chemistry, AP Chemistry Moderator for: Qxfam America

Mr. Anthony S. Loria Homeroom: 3G Department: Modern Languages Classes: Italian 1,2,3 Moderator for: Rockn' Roll Club, Italian Club, Spring Musical

Ms. LeColvez, circa 1985



IS S lS S t f S *

I H*5,ft f?

s t^ rd


J5? f * 0, W o * J* &sor * « *»< * f* SAfe * » &«/ How: Juan Castro, Sieve . . M d ", fyM Skripak. Third How: Bonny to/erone, Mark Kudera, Brian Cassani, Molt Burlik, Khurrum Sheikh. Fourth How: Anthony K Jus/m DeBenedectis, Foul Hagen, I% & Guzman, Desmond Twiggs, Justin DeVoe. Missing: Brian Kovacs.

124) i f i n i

ijj n l

Mr. Robert McDermott

Mr. Joseph A. Massarelli

Title: Chairperson o ftfii Mathematics Department Classes: Algebra Honors, Q#m etry, Finite Math Moderator far: Middle States Steering Committee

Title: Chairperson forthe English Department Classes: English 2,3 Honors, American Drama Moderator for: Intramurals

Mr. George Moore

Mr. Donald Merrick

Driving Instructor

Homeroom: 3! Department Science Glasses:- Physics

L il u s ' s 9


D eA

n gelo s



» •» »

Classes: Behind the Wheel

G arage *


first (Z 7 m U - % ^ L t We've token the hubcap off, I f s work Mr. DeAngelo: “The directions say th a t you should p u t some WD-40 on the holts to make it easier for us to u n s c r e w i n fUir - "Let me see that...B ey Jim, you know, there's a n English section in this manual, you don’t have to read everything in unscrew the bolts." "Never m in d you, I know w h a t it says. I m gonna try - v T Z Z fi d J tm , um m m m , the car sho u ld n 't be o ff the ground on the Jack when you're doing t h a t ^ w - 1 know w h a t I'm doing-.besides, th a t way isn t the only way. —"Just trying to w arn you." (Car falls on DeAngelo) —"Bill, help, help!!!!" —"Jim, w hat happened!" shaking back and - ’1 was loosening the bolts, a n d all o f a sudden, the car was * « « « x forth, and before I knew it, the car fell on me. — "Don’t worry. I know w h a t to do." __ T . t tn iaHn. and (Mr. 1Voga comes along after translating the New York M r"\oga^"Oh m y God, DeAngelo’s under the (Mr. Lillis starts the car, preparing to move it away fr Mr. DeAngelo: " W h a t are you doing!!" Mr. Noga: "He's doing it right. They **ught us: J (J1 (The car is safely moved away from Mr. DeAngelo, conc Lillis's and DeAngelo's Garage.)


Hoi knowing that a tremendous calamUy rnuld soon occur, Hr. DeAngelo lakes off the hubcap with a smile of confidence. After the accident, m . l i t , acting on his instincts, look the car off Mr.

.„ ^

episode from


£ f 4k

Jua\>km' m Conler' Bna" fmco' Joh" * * * R°i°b® * “ Ate5fa5 S5 rlmJ^ f;C\fti 6 m dKow :101***Mn«» *fc««<iM% *3/to39 “■I I

m as, W Buesmg, Domn Timmons, John Catva/al.

Missing: Calvin Soudei.



Mrs. Patricia M. Nickerson Homeroom: 2E Department Mathematics Classes: Trigonometry, Geometry Honors Moderator for: Chess Club/Team. .Swim Team

Fr. Daniel O'Brien, SJ. Homerooms: 3H Departments: Math and Science Classes: Algebra 2, Physics Moderator for: Forensics

Mr. Andrew F. Noga Homeroom: 2F Department: Classics Classes: Latirr 1,2,4 Honors Moderator for: Emmaus Team. Ski Club Assistant Coach for: Cross-Country

Fr. Thomas V. O'Connor Homeroom: 2G Department: Science Classes: Chemistry, Chemistry Honors

H o w d o e s M r* D n b m lc sp e n d h is day? • Domino Rally with the boohs after 4 P.M.

t„e electrical s o * e « in » e f,oor.

: • Playing video games.

• Watching the soaps. • Riding the elevator.

it s an authenic Dubrule business card, last time we checKea.) Bouse Prize Patrol ,o sHa* up • Waiting for someone to respond to his personal ad. • Surfin' the net. • Ordering clothes from catalogues.


<w eM nk

a C e c tfo r S ,0 ,nU„on.

ticmerccms 3D & 3t

Front k tL Inny Im am , M s Mendez, Jonathon Munar, Hob Jordan, Chris Im a rd Rommski, Rich Sdtubring, Vn/ek Singh, Brian Sharnck.

/ * 2 s ) P E C P IC

Jigai Patel.

Second Row: Benny Cueto, Anthony PoneSi, Mott

Mr. Jack O 'Donnell

Mrs. Patricia O’Grady

Homeroom: TG Department: Math Classes: Algebra, Geometry

'title; GMirpersCin forthe Guidance Department Departments: GUfeJanES&Rslfteri Classes: Rellglsa 1, Fresbrnan Group Guidance Moderator far: Junior Prtf|,Q5ftm ittee

Deacon John O'Neill, /. V.D. Title: Chairperson for the Religion Department Classes: Religion 2, Psychofciy and Religion. Ultimate Religious Questions Moderator for: Philosophy Club

Fr. Harold J. Oppido, SJ. Department: Classics Glasses: Latin 2, Greek 1

Changing Diapers with Jack Raslowsky T he f ir s t o f m a n y p a in fu l lessons o u r p r in c ip a l w o u ld le a rn a s a new fa th e r, w a s t h a t h is H a rv a r d degree w a s co m p letely useless w h e n co n fro n ted w ith a crying, so iled baby. T here w o u ld b e n o speeches o n Prep p rid e, n o se rm o n s o n fin is h in g th e year strong, n o p r o m o tio n s o f d iversity—n o th in g . W ith s w e a t d rip p in g d o w n h is fo reh ea d , M r. R a slo w sky str a p p e d o n h is p ro te c tiv e g e a r a n d began ch a n g in g h is so n ’s d ia p er. F irst, M r. R a slo w sk y b ro ke o u t th e tools. A r m e d w ith a h a m m er, q u a r te r in c h n u ts , th re e in c h screws, electric tape, a n a staples, h e fo llo w e d th e b lu e p r in ts h e h a d m a d e a n d rem o ved th e diaper. A fte r p la c in g th e d ia p e r in a b io h a z a r d c o n ta in er, M r. R a slo w sky p ro ceed ed to ta k e a n o th e r clean d ia p e r fr o m its co n ta in er. For th e n e x t fo u r h o u rs, M r. R a slo w sk y re p ea te d ly a tte m p te d to a tta c h th e d ia p e r to h is baby. H e tr ie d th e tape, th e n a ils, th e sta p le s a n d even so m e k r a z y glue, b u t h e o n ly succeeded in g lu in g tape, n a ils, a n d sta p les to h is h a n d s . A ll seem ed lost, b u t Ja c k w a s d e te rm in e d to succeed, even i f i t m e a n t b u s tin g o u t th e h ea v y a rtille ry ^ -th e so ld erin g gun. D e a f to th e o n lo o k er’s cries o f desp a ir, M r. R a slo w sky proceeded to so ld er to gether th e d ia p e r's fla p s. A ll k id d in g aside, M r. R a slo w sky reflected b a c k o n t h a t experience w ith p r o u d n o sta lg ia , I t w a s o n e o f those th in g s w h ere I h u d to d o w h a t I h u d to d o fo r m y oy. rs. R a slo w sky w a s n o t a v a ila b le fo r c o m m en ts.

After sucessfully changing his son's diapers, Mr. Raslowsky decides to instate some new classes in Prep. Now all freshman will have to leant how to change a diaper and know Ihe real name of the Gerber baby for the final exam.

tlcmerccms II & 3C 1129

ffe bZ t

f i t * £ / " T ft.“ fc "' 5*


6f :flW

l/tos Larsen, Andrew Bing, Leon Bacchus.

13cy I K K I

W""L W Jose *»»*«* *■» »**<

Missing: Danilo Ramirez.

Rm: #

Nick Scrivcnich, Chris

* ® ** *■ itifc »m Tow I B

Kom no, fferWto, Am, fa,*

ft to I

1H I

1 Jos6 Antonio Quintana If Homeroom: 2H '! Departments: Modem Languages & History Spanish 1, World Civilizations for: Latin American Society for: Freshman Basketball Team

? Mr. John F. Ronan Homeroom: 4E Department lyiafti Classes: Computer Applications, and Btegramming, Introductionto Computer Science Mllbderator for: Computer Club .

Fr. Enrico Raulli, S J.

Mr. Robert H. Robinson

Departments: Guidance & English Classes: Freshman Group Guidance, Creative Writing Moderator for: Paper and Pen

fllrector of Computer Services Department: Math Classes: Advanced Computer Programming

Ms. Kathy Rowan

Mr. Jose Luis S. Salazar, S J.

Department: History Classes: Sociology, Freshman Group Guidance Moderator for:. Oxfam America

Homeroom: 1H Departments: History & Religion Classes: World Civilizations, Religion 1 Moderator for: Asian Society

Stcom m ended Events fo r the /Mission Drive â&#x20AC;˘ How 'bout a Prep Casino. Midget (Mr. Noga) Throwing Contest. Mud W restling w ith St. Dom's. Lion hunting. Pizza Eating Contest. School Pool on the NCAA Final Four Tournament. Betting on the Superbowl. Bring back the FOOD! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! f

On a serious note, Mis. Costanzo teemed a beautiful I4K Sold Bracelet as a donation from liftm an's Jewelers in Newport Mall. It was eventually raffled off at the Parents' Association Christmas Party.

tcm erccm s 3U & 31 1 I I




John Loyugtm, Alexander Mim.

m meSi u H Vincent Sikeslri, Gregory Conti, Sadot Kbs, David Holt, Juan M om fete, G em Chari* E jJ Second f o r Giancailo Sari, Christopher Sheppard, Mark Dondero Inc Kessler loshua Bamt /™ r , ' , i I

Q + J w f a V * HHH S Mtchael W A » nc M am n M M

^ h ^ * * * Bs°n' F* * * * * " > Frehick m m to * 'Stephen H ^cko S i fk r¥ es, Jam de ben, h m Sek, W iam Donnelly, Jeff Hughes, Cari Figueiredo, Monhew Moran f c ' J y

The newly christened "St. Peter's Prep Marauder Bona plays at the final football game against Bayonne,


the season, per the football team's request, the them from "Rocky" was played as they entered the field.

1 3 2 / f(« | | f


Ms. Adrianne Wozniak Homeroom: 4F Department: Mathematics Classes: Algebra, *Financial Accounting

Mr. Lance S. Si/vestris Departments: Modern and Classical Languages passes: French 1, Latin 2 Director of: Financial Aid

lo t&e C&i For the second straight

year, the band continued to improve. Under a new system, each member of the band had a chance to Improve personally. The »and was split into two vups, the junior band ind the big band. The junior band consisted of tudents who were fust beaming th eir in s tr u ­ ments. Led by newcomer [Mr. Wayne Trager, the be­ ginning band rehearsed Ion Mondays, W ednes­ days, and Fridays. Play­ ing a different repetoire of music, th e begin n in g band also had the chance [to practice with the big band on Tuesdays and Thursdays. The big band, under the watchful eye o f Mr. Roland Jones, continued to rise to new heights. The football season brought about seven new songs in­ cluding favorites "W hat is Hip", "Rocky", and “I'm

a Man". Throughout the season, the band m oti­ vated the football team and their fans. After the football season, the band held its annual Christ­ m as Concert, featuring a hip-hop version of " Win­ ter W on derlan d’’ and other traditional tunes. In mid-January came th e h ig h lig h t o f th e band's year. As p a rt of the National Music Com­ p e t i t i o n s , th e b a n d p la y e d a t P r e s id e n t Clinton's inauguration. The four-day trip enabled the band to gain more experience in com peti­ tions. "We had the oppor­ tunity to enjoy ourselves a n d see the sights of W ashington D.C., and mostim portantly we were able to com pete w ith bands from all around th e c o u n t r y , " s a i d junior Rich Colabraro.

Ms. Beatrice M. Wysocki Homeroom: 4G Department; Mathematics Classes: Pre-Calculus, AP Calculus

Mr. Robert P. Zawistowski Homeroom: 11 Department: Science Classes: Biology Moderator for: Fishing Club, Mission Drive, Ecology Club Coach for: Bowling Team

The Band’s Secret Gigs: • Opening "The Tonight Show" with lay Leno • The soundtrack for ID4 • Free Summer Concerts in Central Park • The National Anthem at Game 6 ofthe 1996 World Series • Lollapolooza '96 • Woodstock (Really, they went up after Hendrix) • The MTV Music Awards • MACY's Thanksgiving Day Parade The Hand Hcm erccm 1133















o ff campus



in these





can't fit












about to




eat his

ham burger.

As the Master of Ceremonies Fall


Mike entertains as

senior Wassong



only he


Donning the



his Cat

Hot gear, gets


in Mike







Time to


t’s time for the seniors to celebrate! The Class of’97 entered the doors of St. Peter’s Prep in September of 1993. From the start, this class demonstrated its talent, hard work, and dedication to the Prep community. Whether it was making a sports team, painting a banner for the spirit committee, or building the set for R u m o rs, the seniors gave it ail they had. They had their triumphs and setbacks. They worked behind the scenes, taking on most of the manual labor. Thisyear, itwastheirtimetolead, their time to shine, their time to celebrate! When a senior first arrives' in September, he is looked at differently by 134; m

u f

the faculty and other students. He is the role model, the leader. On the field, it is his duty to lead the underclassmen to act sportsmanlike, help the team to victory, and assure the team its confidence during a loss. On an activity, seniors recruit new members, teach them the skills, and want them to enjoy the work as they themselves have in the past. For the seniors, the responsibilities they have assumed and the leadership roles they have taken are a celebration. They celebrate passing on their knowledge to the younger classes. They celebrate getting jobs done. They celebrate victories and iearn from losses. They

celebrate deadlines that are met. T M celebrate life. The senior class builds a special bo H to the Prep community that can never I broken. Afterthe seniors graduate, thn will never forget Prep. They will co rl back to talk with teachers and fellcB alumni. After graduation, seniors « not only celebrate their four glorioB years of high school, but they ;§ l celebrate everything they hallf encountered here. They will celebrapf their future and the future of Prep. ? ■ Class of ’97 gave so much to the R rfl community. Now, it’s time to sit bam and celebratel

Brian Ackerman Qufefepr Qub 1 2 Football 1; P J !,C Hockey Qub 2.3: Wrestling 3.4: Baseball HAP Tutor.

Markis A. Abraham Basketball 1.2.3 Captain, 4 Captain; Football 1,2,3.4 Captain; Student Council 2,3.4 President; Ebony Club 1,2,3,4; S H I ; Spirit: Aware; Honor Pin 1,2.3; Who's Who Among American High School Students; Spanish Scholar Award 3. "If a man hasn't discovered something that he will die for, he isn't fit to live." -Martin Luther King Jr.

Royce Aldea Ski ;i!u b 1,2; Billiards C B b 2.3,4; lntramurafc 1,2,3.4. â&#x20AC;&#x153;Character cannot te developed ttyougf] ease and quiet. Only through experience of trial and suffering can the soul be strengthened and success ashieveC" --Helen Keller

Je ffe ry John Angermeyer Gerald Aloran Wrestling: 2.3,4; Science Club 1; Japanimation 2; Billiards Cub 3.4; Asian Club 4; Intramurals 1,2,3,4. "Since kindergarten I acquired knowledge and after twelfth grade I went straight tg college." --Pete Roc

Freshman Ambassador; Band 1,2.3.4 Vice President; Jazz Band 1,2,3,4; Petroc 1,2,3; Theatre Club2; German Club 2,3.4; Pax Christi 3,4; Campus Shop 2,3,4; Peer Advisor 3,4; Campus Ministry Founder & President 2,3,4; Emmaus Team; Honor Pin 1,2,3; Spirit Award. "Without trust the whole world wearies. Without love, all relationships rust away. W ithout empowerment, people abandon their dreams." -Harry Farra

Seniors 1135



members Prep who the






Coy Dailey Billy





England, junior

and Don









Baseball 1,2.3,4: Basketball H PAC3,4; Emmaus Team; SpiritCornmittee 1,2;3,4; .'.ntramurais 1.2,3,4: Outstanding Freshmari;: Honor Pin 1,2: ’Who's Among American High Sett®) Students. "There are a thousand reasons for failure, but not a single excuse” -M ike Reid





o f the







good time

congregate a





as after




Anthony R. Ardizzone

Avelino J . ' Avelenda

Basketball 1 ,2; Football 2,3,4: Italian Club 3,4. intra.murals 1.2.3. T fE rated the world, imagine that.” -NAS


Swimming 1,2,3 Captain. 4 Captain; intramurals 1,2,3,4; Dancg Committee 4; Latin American Society 3,4; Science Club 1: Who's Who Among American High School Students. "Half my life spent in books and written pages; yet still learning from fools, and stages.” —Original

/ l 3 6 / People

Latin American Society 1.2,3,4 Board Member: Amnesty international 2: Emmaus Team: Intramurals 1,2, , : Honor Pin 2. "The invariable mark of wisdom is to see the miraculous in the making." “ -Ralph Waldo Emerson

Jospeh R. Baber Basketball 1,2,3,4: German Exchange Emmaus Team: Glenmary M ission^! Intramurals 1,2,3.4; Pax Christi 3.4 German Club 2,3,4: Science Club 4 Outdoor Track 1; Honor Pin 1,2,3; MRS Tie Club 4. "You give but little when yoi give of your possessions. It is when yoi give of yourself that you truly give.g-J -Kahili Gibran

Gil A. Bertin Jr Latin American Society 2,3,4, Campus Ministry 2,3,4: IntWftuiMs 1.S.3.4: Presidential Scholarship Award. "Your world is a reflection cf your attitude." -Ort§iiai ling

for their


Hob Cormio,

homeroom Martin











catch up on some homework. it in






The halls perfect place

of Burke to

time are


Mark E. Beldowicz

Christopher Bader Smurals 1,2,3,4; Football 1: Crossfatry 2,3,4 Captain; Indoor Track 3,4 Co-Captain ; Outdoor Track 2,3,4 3»Captain; Forensics 1; Petrean 2,3,4: rafnaus Team; NHS; Honor Pin 1,2,3; atonal Spanish Exam; U.S. Achievement tedemy Award-Latin. "Time doesn't iss at a constant rate; the harder fi run, the longer a minute lasts." Joe Henderson

George E. Baratta HAP 1: Chess Club 4. “Not everything is as it seems to be; sometimes you must look deeo to find the truth." -Original

Emmaus Team: indoor Track 3: Billiards Club 2,3,4: Petrean 3: PAC 4; Spirit Committee 4: Dance Committee 3: intramurals 1,2,3,4. “Why should 1worry about tomorrow when 1 can be happy tomorrow?" ‘-Original

Rajeev Bharucha Irtdo-Pak Club 1.2,3 Co-President,4; DanceCommittee 1,2.3,4 President; Asian Club 4; Spirit Committee 4; Math Team 3,4; Prom Committee 3; Dramatics 2,3.4; Tie Club 4, Multicultural Club 4, Intramurals 1,2,3,4; Honor Pin 1,2. "Every jumbled pile of person has a thinking part that wonders what the part that isn't thinking

isn't thinking of." -Anonymous



The Top 5 Days to Miss Schoi 1) Career Day

2) Walk-A-Thon 3) Mass of the Holy Spirit

James Birch Soccer 1,2,3.4; FAC 3.4: Pax Cfiifgf 3,4: Model U.N. 3: Petrean 2.3: Spirit Committee 4: ifggrinan G lib 2 ,3 ,4 ; Spmputer Club 1 ; Ititramurals 1,2,3.4; Kallman German 8® p laii® J|) Award; German Exchange.

4) Tomorrow 5 The j

A / T n n r lQ \ /

David J. Blair Paper & Pen 4; Asian Club 4; Billiards Club 2,3,4; French Club3; Intramurals 1 ,2 ,3 ,4; Math Team 3,4; Pax Christi 3 ,'4 ,’ Japanimation Club 4; Philosophy Clilb 4; Tie Club 4; Honor Pin % 'You may say Tm a dreamer, but i'm not the only one. 1 hope some day you'll join us, and the world will live as one." —John Lennon



Ernest R. Borja Paulmichael Blasucci Cross-Country 1jA itdoor Track 1. Chess; Club 1 ; Paper & Pen 1,2,3,4 Art Editor; PAC 3, Swimming 1,2.3,4 Captain; National Latin Exam- Magna Cum Laude; Honor Pin 3. "I did my best" —Soul Asylum

Paper a Pen 2,3,4; Stage Crew 3; Asian Club 4 Executive Chief; Spirit Committee 2,3,4; Japanim ation Club 2 ,3 ,4 ; Philosophy Guo 3,4; French Club 3 4Science Club 2,3,4; Tie Club 1 ,2,4; Art Club 3.4; HAP 2,3; Billiards Club 2,3,4; Intramurals 1 ,2,3,4. "Elim inate the thoughts from the worst to the best, and eliminate the thresholds ofnegative stress.” -Bopgiemonsters

PI Stanley Bridgeforth; Football 1 ; Basketball 1,2,3.4: Ebor Club 1 ,2,3,4; Intramurals 1,2,3,4; HAP Dance Committee 4. "The world is yours -NAS

Christopher J ,


FootliS: 1; Forenste Captain; Italian G!ub 2 .3,4 Campus Shop 2,3,4: NHS; Honor Pin 1,23; Gold Medal, M a t} 2,3; Silver Medal, History 3; Who's Who Among Arnerfc® High Scharit Students: S t Peter's Clilf^ge Summer Scholar, "Let no one, forcet, ill nQthfeg be forgotten, -Olga Berggolts

Michael John Carandan

Todd Bura age Crew 3,4; Soccer 1,2; Art Club |j§,4; German Club 2 .3 .4 : Sp irit bmmittee 3,4; Paper a Pen 3,4. "We are poison in the machine, we don't like Msworld that we are in, we are the poison i the machine, we can change this world hat we are in." -Cause for Alarm

Melvin Martin Apostol Cadlaon Spirit Committee 1.2: Paper & Pen 1,2; Dramatics 3; Forensics 3. ’Our greatest glory is not in never falling, but in rising every time we fail,’' —Confucious

Outdoor Track 2,3,4; NHS; Asian Club 4; French Club 2,3.4: Emmaus Team; Honor Pin 2,3,4; Who's Who Among American High School Students. "When slam dunks are 3 points, then 111 start doing them.” ~H. RazOn

Jason M. Casia Asian Club 4; Chess Club 1,2,3.4; Billiards Club 2.3; Dance Committee 2,3: Tennis 2,3.4 Captain: Japanimation 2,3.4; SADD 3,4; Intramurals 1.2,3,4. “if at first you don't succeed try again, then give up. No use in being a damn fool about it - W.C. Fields

seniors VI39

The freshman activities fair not only proved fti be fruitful for the freshmen,

but for

seniors who wanted to join activities as well. At the Asian Club table, senior )oe Santos welcomes new member Hick Degnan, as Dave Lassiter, Ryan Lorenzo, and Larry Gallagher



Howard Centro Football 1.2,3. â&#x20AC;&#x153;Let's go out there like a crazed bunch of dogs and have some fun" -Lawrence Taylar

Joseph M. Chidichimo Football 1; Italian Club 1,2,3: Bowling 2,4. ,)f you are not running as fast as you can. that means someone is gaining an you." -jerry Rice

Mariano Clemente IV Arnon Verne Maranion Clemente Bowling 1.2,3,4; Stage Crew 1; Dramatics 2,3,4; Billiards Club 2.4; National Spanish Test 3; Paper & Pen 4. "Every artist dips his brush ip his own soul, and paints his own nature into his pictures.'' -Henry Ward Beecher

I40i r u m

Outdoor Track 2; Asian Club 4; Japanimation Qub 3,4; Paper & Pen 3,4; Dance Committee 3,4; French Club 3 ,4; Art Club 4; Billiards Club 2; Intramurals 1,2,3,4. "The emerald butterfly disappeared from the sky. It seems the moon can't fight the sunrise." -Slim Kid Tre (Pharcyde)

Brian Cody


Spirit Committee 2.3,4; Intramurals 1 Honor Pin 1,2. "| didn't wan# to I be the only person there I knew. I â&#x20AC;&#x201D;Jose Juan Barreiro


sciew e gab s 1,2,3,4; Intramurals 1,2,3,4; Computer Club 4. "Whatever doesn't kill you maKes you stronger. -Frederich iietzche



a jester,


music for the Fall Rally. m o lin g Ft. Hzzorto over ing






When Roy m sn 't the FA , he m s



Brian Crimmins \ Jason A. Conti ptetball 1,2;3; EmmausTeam; FAC 4; aiian Club 2,3,4; Petrean 3; Prom pnmittee 3,4; Spirit Committee 3,4. Relieve in what you believe in and make Iattempt; don't give up before you even y. if you don't succeed. then at least you pow by giving it an ipportunity.

I -Michael Jordan

Robert Ccrm ic Italian Club 1,2,3,4 Vice President; Lacrosse 2,3 Captain, 4 Captain, Spirit Committee 1,2.3,4; Emmaus Team; PAC 3,4; Intramurals 1,2,3,4; Prom Committee 3,4. "Veni, vidi, vici."-Julius Caesar

Soccer 1,2,3.4: Swimming 1,2.4; NHS; Peer Advisor 3,4; Eucharistic Minister; Pax Christi 3,4; Petrean 1,2,3,4; Honor Pin 1,2,3. "it is not whether you get knocked down, it's whether you get up." -Vince Lombardi

Billy Jo el Cunningham Football 1 ,2 .3 ,4 'Captain; Wrestling 1; Spirit Committee^ 1,2,3,4; Irish Club 1,2; Intramurals 1,2 .3 A "This has all been wonderful, but now I'm on my way.â&#x20AC;? â&#x20AC;&#x201D;Phish


T e n W a y s to G e t a G o o d 1 0 ) G e t h e re a n

P a r k in g


h o u r b e fo re d a w n .

9) Take

d o w n

t h e s t r e e t c le a n in g

8 )

P a rk



P u t a h a n d ic a p p e d

B J ’s l o t a n d


s ig n .


w a lk to s c h o o l.


s t ic k e r o n y o u r b u m p e r.

6 ) S w e e p th e a re a a ro u n d y o u r c a r

Coy R. Dailey Football 3,4; Sw ln ain g 1.2 ,3 ,4; ?AC 3. Computer Team 4; intraftitirals lJ2 Ji4 ; Nf-B; Freshman Ambassador; Forensics 2; Ebony Club: ! .2.3.4; Outstanding Freshman; Honor Pin' (.2 .3 Nctttonal Latin Exaro-Magna Cum Laude. ' i"r? only place where success comes before work is in the dictionary. You be successful w fte u t working,” —Original


a g a rb a g e

I jl

5 ) C o v e r f ir e

h y d r a n t s w it h


4 ) D i d n ’t y o u

l e a r n a b o u t P r e p ’s u n d e r g r o u n d

I p a r k ir lj

g a ra g e s? 3 ) G e t a p o lic e

p a r k in g

s t ic k e r


2 ) P u t a s ig n o n y o u r d a s h b o a r d t h a t s a y s " P le a s e d o r ij to w

m e , I ’m

a J e s u it .”

| j

1 ) D o c k y o u r c a r a t t h e p ie r .

Sunil Dasari Spirit Committee 3,4; Indo-Pak Club 2,3,4; Petroc 2.3,4; Petrean 2,3,4; Forensics 4; Cricket Cub 3; Philosophy Club 4; PaperSPen3.4; Honor Pin 1,2,3. Life is ajoumey. Enjoy the ride.' -Nissan

1411I I f i l l


Noel G. De La Rosa Nick Degnan Pax Christi 3.4; Track 1,2; Intramurals 1.2.3,4; Spirit Committee 4. "Hewfilwipe every tear from their eyes, and there shall be no more death or mourning, wailing ir pain, the old order has passed away." --Revelation

Paper & Pen 2,3,4; Japanimation 2,3; ifeian (tub 4; Kucharistic Minister; NHS; SADD 4; Tie Club 4; Pax Christi 4; Honor Hn 1,2,3. ’Nature gave man two ends one to sit on and one to think with. Success or failure depends on the one he used the most." —George R. Kirkpatrick

Jaime David de Leon ill Chess Team 1,2,3,4 Vice President Ban 2,3.4 Secretary; Forensics 2,3,4; Petea 1,2,3 Editor, 4 Editor; Petroc 3,4 Freshman Ambassador; PAC3.4; SADI 2,3,4; Spirit Award Selection Committee Eucharistic Minister; Campus Ministry 3 Ebony Club 1,2,3,4; Phonatloi Volunteer; Jazz Band 4; Honor Pin 1,2,3 Spirit Award; Who's Who Among Higt School Students; National Youtr Leadership Program. 'The difference between a successful person and other: is not a lack of strength, not a lack o knowledge, but rather a lack of will' -Vince Lombardi

Brian M ichael Dougherty Chess Club 2.3; Stage Crew 3; Japahiroation Club 2,3; HAP 2. "I was once filled with doubt, but now It's all figured silt; well nothing can last -Green Day

Âťj the confusion of the Freshman Activities Fair, a I !ok photographer manages to take a picture of seniors l|j, Avelenda, Santiago Fernandez, and Fernando Quevedo. j three of them manned the Latin American Society table.

David DiMartino

I' Nino De Pacia


pdvisors 3,4; German Club 3; Italian 1 63; Spirit Committee 4; Honor Pin 2. I don't question our existence; I I I question our modern needs." Ild ie Vedder

Alvin Desrosiers HAP 1,2,3,4; Ebony Club 1,2,3,4; French Club 3.4; Petrean 3,4. "Work is* nothing without relaxation." -Original

Football"! .2,3,4; Basketball i .2; Student Council 3,4; Outstanding Freshman. 'The harder you work, the harder it is to surrender." â&#x20AC;&#x201D;Vince Lombardi

Frank Drummond Cross-Country 1,2.3,4, Captain; Indoor Trackl ,2,3,4, Captain; Spirit Award Selection Committee; Outdoor Track 1,2,3,4, Captain; Petroc 2,3,4 Editor; EmmausTeam; German Club 3,4; Student Council 3,4; Pax Christi 3,4; Petrean3; Intramurals i .2,3,4; Spirit Award; Honor Pin 2. "How exactly are you going to snap your fingers after I rip off both of your thumbs?" -Jack Slater (Last Action Hero):

seniors 1143

AP US. History 2 proved senior year m s not oU Inn and games. Seniors Famd Malik, Him de fo rk , Dale Kim, Ahmed Hashed, lohn Palermo, and Dave Smith listen attentively to an interesting lecture on imperialism. While lohn couldn't speak for the others, he was very amused and entertained during the discussion.

Robert A. Duran Latin American Society 1.2,3.4 Exasstfee Director: tV . Studio 3.4. Vice President; Pax Chrtstf 3,4, Fishing Club 1,2,3,4; Wrestling 3; Who's Who Among American High Sehoif parents! ‘Someone out there is saying lifejust isn’t fair, but it's the disappointments |nd the great mistakes that make you wiser." —Good Riddance

Constantine Dy Forensics 1,2,3,4; Captain; Ni-iS; Bowling 1.2,3.4, Co-Captain; Math Team 2,3,4; Robin Edwin Billiards Club 2,3,4 Vic® president: Aslan Club 4; German Club 2.3: Petrean 3,4; Art Giab 2.3,4; lndo Pak l ,2,3,4: Cricket Science Team 3; Chess Club 1,2: Honor Club 1,2,3: French Club 3,4; Emmaus Pin 1,2,3; Gold Medals: English 1,3, Team; Intramurals 1,2,3,4; Asian Club 4; Chemistry, History 1,3, Latin 2; Silver Boys' State '96. "The Road of Redemption Medals: English 2, Physics, Algebra; Who's e long and narrow but well Worth the Who Among American High School turmoil and grief. Itgives man experience Students; Presidential Scholarship; SP6 and pride in himself as a source of life." Summer Scholar; National Latin Exam. —Original! "Venl, Vedi. Vici." —Julius Caesar


Telly Eliopoulos Basketball 2,3,4; Intramurals 1,2,3,4; Billiards Club 4; Asian Club 4; Honor Pin 1. "We know what w e are, but we know not what we may be." --Shakespeare

Jonathan I. Fabros Billiards Club 2.3.4; JapanimatiSf 2,3; SADD 3; French Club 3,4; Bash 1. “God grant me the serenity to a< the things 1 cannot change, courac change the things I can and wisdoi S know the difference." --AA

Santiago A. Fernandez Latin A m e ri's i Society 3,4 Board Committee: intramurgls 1.2.3,4; Prom Committee 4.

Jade-Gil Paras Feliciano

John F. Falcicchio lent Council 2,3,4. Wrestling 1,2,3; it Committee 1,4; Italian Club 1,2,3 pary. 4; Amnesty International 2; ^3,4; Petrean 1,2,3,4; National Youth jership Forum on Law and the ptution; Junior Statesman of America |pner School;: New Jersey Symposium fewer and Politics. "I don't really want :ave, but my time has come, so I have jo." --P6I6

Student Council 4 Secretary;NH S; Forensics 1,3,3.4; Intramurals 1,2,3,4; TV Studio 2 ,3 ,4 ,; Art Club 2,3,4; Japanimation 2,3,4; Billiards Club 2,3,4; Math Team 3,4; Science Team 1; Pax Christi 3.4; Tie Club 4; Multicultural Club 4; Asian Club 4; Honor Pin 1,2,3,4; Gold Medal, Latin 2; Silver Medal, Religion 2, Mathematics 2; Spirit Award 3. Laugh at yourself first, before anybody else can.â&#x20AC;? -Elsa Maxwell

Paper & Pen 1,2,3,4; Art Blub 1,2,3,4; Billiards Club 3,4; SADD 3,4; Asian Club 1,2.3,4; Dramatics 3,4; Japanimation 2,3.4; Honor Pin1,3; Who's Who Among American High School Students. "Everything 1 needed to know, 1 learned in kindergarten," â&#x20AC;&#x201D;Robert Fulgum

Paschal S. Ferreira Football 1; Intramurals 1,2,3,4; HAP 1; Swimming 1,2,3,4, Captain; Peer Advisor 3,4; Who's Who Among American High School Students. "Everybody should have a dream.' --Jesse Owens

Seniors 1145

Craziest Dresser


Introducing “Bocci” by Francis Mansfield and Horseshoes” by Jonathan Hurtado

M ost Potriotic •Dave I ’m bumin’ the draft card and goin’ to Canada” Smith Kris “I’m working for the KGB” Nikolla Joseph T. Fisher Lacrosse Club 2,3.4;; Italian Club : ,2.3.4 Spirit Committee 3,4; German Club 3,4 Rom Committee 4; Ski Club 1,2:,3,4; German Exchange 2,4; Intramurals ! .2.3.4: National'; German Exam Merit Scholar. "Even if yotfteon the righttrack, you'll get run over if yotijust sit there.' -W ill Rogers

Craig R.

M ost Likely to Become a P o litic ia n John ‘‘I’m not a crook” Falcicchio Chris Read my lips - 1didn’t inhale” Casazza


Football 1; Spirit Committee 1,2,4 Henchman; Roller Hockey Club 1,2; Intramurals 1,2,3,4; Prom Committee 3,4; Lacrosse Club 4; SADD 4. "You can trust me w ith your life, but not w ith your money or your w ife." --Charlie Sheen (Navy Seals)


Harold R. Gadsden Jr. Philip Luciano Frezzo Spirit Committee 1.4; Italian Club 1,2,3,4; Ski Club 1.2,3,4; Track 2; Art Club 4; Intramurals 1.2,3. 'Finally after all these years, J can. ©pen that little 8-tracte repair shop I've been dreaming about." -Ski Scholl 2

Ebony Club 1,2,3,4; Basketball 1. “All that glitters isn't gold, but gold glitters as well.” -Dr. Malachi Z. York

Martin Gaffney | Soccer 1,2,3,4; Intramurals 1.2.3 French Club 4; Billiards Club 4; SADB2 Ski Club 4; Honor P if lT "What a long strange trip it's bee; -The Grateful Dead

lost Likely to Succeed Irkis "Would you like fries with that?” Abraham Ive “1only got a 97??!!” Kayiaros nstantine “Where’s the unemployment line?” Dy

lost Likely to Become a Jesuit rf “Welcome to Emmaus 250” Angermeyer, S J . btt “Call me Ignatius” Gurian, S.J.

Luis Gonzalez ^ ro u te r Club 3,4;

VatR Team 3,4.

lest Musician

i-n “Now here's to you, Mrs. Robinson” Spataro Ime “and the Blowfish” de Leon.

Thomas Patrick Gargiulo f & Pen 2,3,4; Art Club 2,3.4; Tie |J2,4 President; S.A.D.D. 2.3,4 an 3 .4; japanim ation 2,3,4 lus Team; Intramurals 1,2,3,4 Club 4 Treasurer; Prom Ifttee 4; Genesis: 9 : Multicultural 4;i|rish Club 1,2. "Whereas you do paw what will happen tomorrow, 'hat is your life? It is even a vapor that I ts for a little time and then vanishes IWames 4:14, 15

Padraic M. Gallagher Spirit Committee 2,1,4; Intramurals 1.2,3.4; S.A.D.D. 3,4; HAP1; Irish Club 1; T.V. Studio3,4; Genesis 9. "Myfear... is only courage, though I've got to push on through- but while I'm gone I mean... everything's gonna be all right, everything’s gonna be all right. —Bob Marley

Baseball 1,2,3Captain, 4 Captain; French Club 2,3,4; Petrean 1,2,3,4; Prom Committee 3,4; Intramurals 1,2,3,4; Spirit Committee 4; Honor Pin 1,2.3. "If it doesn't happen, it was never meant to be." -Joseph Aioysius Gargiulo Sr.

Victor Manuel Gonzalez Math Team 3,4; National Latin Exam 1; NHS; Science Team 3; Inlramurals 1,2; Gold Medals: French 1,2; Silver Medals: Religious Education 1, Chemistry; National Hispanic Scholar Recognition Program, Scholar Finalist; Who's Who Among American High School Students; Presidential scholarship, "The Nature of God is a circle of which the centre is everywhere and the circumference is nowhere." —Anonymous

seniors 114/

After just being inducted as a Special Minister of the Eucharist, senior Noel de la Rosa offers the body of Christ to a student. This year, Eucharistic M inisters helped out with Freshman and Sophomore liturgies, and Junior masses including the Junior Ring Mass.

John Guevara Spirit Committee 1: Latin AmericanSQeiety 3,4; Tennis Volleyball 3,4; Soccer 2.3.4. “Cause you know i always M I' the truth, even when | tell a Jje ." -Al Pacino (Scarfacs)

Anthony F. Guirgis Intramurals 1,2,3,4; Spirit Committee 1,2; Billiards Club 2,4; Petrean 3,4.

Dan Haggerty Scott Gurian T IE Studio 1, 2 Vice President, 3,4 President; Philosophy Club 3, President 4; SADD3.4; Science Clubs t,£; Mexican Exchange; Emmaus Team; Pax Christi 3.4; Ski Club 3,4; Tie Club 2. “We all live in suspense, from day to day, hour to hour; in other words, we are the hero of our own story.” —Mary McCarthy

S.A.D.D. 3,4; Honor Pin 1. "These are the seasons of emotion and like the wind they rise and fall. This Is a wonder of devotion; I seek the torch we all must hold." -Led Zeppelin

Joseph Hansen 1 Golf 2.3,4; Intramurals 1,2,3,4; Frei Club 3.4; Prom Committee 3; Amne| International 2; Spirit Committee 4; Hoi 11 Pin 1,2,3. “We always called eacliWI—f good fellas. Like you'd say to s o rm K ^ M 'You'll like this guy, he's all right, t e '^ good fella, he's one of us.' We were gc| fellas., .wiseguys.” -Henry Hill “Goodfell


f l flit


Swim m ing 1,2,3.4; Band ,2.3.4 Treasurer; Native American Society 1,2,3: Ernmaus Team* M z z Band 1.2,3,4: G e r m a n g|jb 3; Billiards dtob 4; Science Clubs 1,2; Photography Club 1, Freshman Ambassador: Spirit Award. 'W e are the champions EX the 'world.'" -Queen

p ra y was often used as a place to read magazines and newspapers, wen though not allowed by Mr. Dubrule, chatting with friends. Seniors I A d to , to












"undetected. “

John San 2; Japanimation Club 2,3; NHS; lor Pin 2.3. "Quis custodiet ipsos jfedes (Who watches the watchman?)" Ivenai. Satires, VI. 347

Sean Healy Basketball 2; Spirit Committee 2.3; German Ciub 2,3.4; Irish Club 4. "We have not lost. To refuse to fight would have been to lose; to fight is to win." ^-Patrick Pearse


Basketball 3 4 Co-Captain; MultteUltural Club 4; Tie Club 4; Petrean 4; Honor Pin 3: National Merit Commended Student.

Patrick J . Paolino Hunt Petrean 1,2.3; Campus Ministry 2.3.4; Intramurals 1,2.3,4; Italian Club 1,2,3: Irish Club 1; Native American Society 2,3: Science Clubs 2.3,4; Mission Drive Committee 4; Pax Christi 4: Eucharistic Minister; National Italian Exam 2,3,4: NMSQT Semi-Finalist. "There is no emotion; there's peace. There is no ignorance; there's knowledge. There is no passion: there's serenity. There is no death; there is the force.” —Jedi Source Book


JUG Addict Joe “You mean school ends before 3:43?” LoRe Jonathan “I’ll be a pro in five years” Romano

M ost Responsible Steve That paper’s due today?!” Kayiaros Jaime “I’ll do it tomorrow” de Leon Jonathan Hurtado Ski Club 1; Japanimation Ciub 2,3 Math Tea||g,3.4: NHS; Wrestling 3,4;Pa?c Christ) 3,4: TV Studio 1 2 3. Canopus Ministry2,3,4; Honor Pin 1,2.3; Wrestling JV Coach s Awara. "Challenge 1 ® tficfy and yo rw ijf become stronger. ESalfcnge the mind and you will become smarter.’’ ~O fi|jnal

M ost Spirit Jonathan “It’s Our Pride and W hat?” Romano Jonathan “Who’s this guy Ave?” Hurtado Jaime “How do you put face paint on?” de Leon

Aiman Ibrahim Computer QJjjb 1; Petrean; 3: TV Studio 1.2,3,4; Islamic Club 1,2,3, President 4; Intramurals; Wrestling 3,4 "I just can’t wait until ftjaagrrow. Because T get better looking everyday,** -M r. Settembre

i<scy f i <fi i

Matthew Jamison Nathan t. Jackson HAP 1; Emmaus Team; Ebony Club 1 2.3.4; SpiritCcmrnitree4; crosscountry 1,2.4; Outdoor Track 1,4; Indoor Track 1 ;lntramurals 1,2,3,4; Prom Committee 4; Petrean 1,4. "Life is not a game. Only the fittest and most agressive will survive. Sleeping Is forbidden. A second cannot be wasted. Once seconds are tost, you lose,, and losing |s for Josers." -Sean "Puffy" Combs

Chess Club t ; Intramurals 1,2.3,4; Billiards Club 2,3; PAC 3,4; Lacrosse 2,3,4; Prom Committee 3; Japanimation 2,3. "When personality wears off, only the character rem ains." —Edwin Louis Cole



Football 1.2.3, Captain 4; Basketball^ Track 4; Ebony Club 1,2,3,4; intrarr ^ 1,2,3.4. "Just do it." -Nike

luckiest to have Survived Prep pnathan “Cool! I get a diploma?!” Romano raig “My dad and Mr. Raslowsky are golf partners” Florkiewicz ■ Dale S. Kim

lest Athlete Uhony “I’ve perfected my touchdown dance” Jordan Sarkis “I’ll take Jordan one-on-one anytime” Abraham

Stephen Kayiaros

Chris Kaminski Club 2.3.4; Italian Club 3.4; firit Committee 3.4; Prom Committee EmmausTeam; PAC 4; Intramurals • Petrean 3. “Sure enough, this iming came on to me. silver-winged puette against a child's sunrise. And |ngel, she said unto me, 'Today is the l-for you to rise.”:‘i=-Jimi Hendrix

Cfiess 1.2,3,4; Cross Country 1 1 Indoor Traetel^apanimstton Club 1413)4: NHS; Stage Crew 4; Math Team 2*3.4; HAP1.3 Outstanding Freshnjaffs I icnor Pin: 1,2,3; St. Peter's College Summer Scholar 4; Sliver MedalScience 1; Silver Meda' English 1; Math Team junior Varsity TCp Scorer; Nationa. German High Scnooi Examination Certificate of Merit. "We have te go. I’m almost happy here. I've lived too long wifh paift* I wSn’t know whoi 1jam without it," -Ender's Game. Orson Scott Card

Sachin Karnik Petrean 1,2,3,4 Editorial Assistant; IndoPak 1,2,3,4; intramurals 1,2,3,4; Asian Club 4; Japanimation 4; Tie Club 2,4; Computer Club 4; Honor Pin 1. Don t ever tel. anybody anything. If you do, you start missing everybody." --Holden Caulfield

Yearbook | ,2 Computer Editor. 3 Design Editor, 4 Editor-In-Chief; Emmaus Team; Billiards Club Founder and President 2,3.4; science Team \ .2.3.4; Math Team 2,3 5th. Place Award, 4; French Club !, 2 ,3 Co-President, 4 Co-Prudent; NHS; French W IS 2.3.4; Chess Club 1.2.3 Vice President, 4 President; Chess:Team 2,3,4; Volleybal Manager 2,3.4; Freshman Ambassador: Outstanding Freshman Award; Honor Pin 1,2,3; Gold Medals: Algebra, Geometry: Precalculus, French 3. AP French; Rensselaer Medal: Who's Who Among American High School Students: Governor's School on the Environment; National Latin Exam 1, Magna Cum; 1994 GYE, Excellence in Desktop Publishing; 1995 Yearbook Hast, Yearbook Dream Team. "For me, I have but one need, to succeed." --NapdlSon 1er.

Robert Kolakowski Football 1.2,3,4; Wrestling 2,3.4; Spirit Committee 3.4: Intramurals; Honor Pin 2. "Life is what goes on while you make other plans." --John Lennon.

These are pictures we wanted to use,

152 1 1 (1 1 f

but didn't want to caption.

Nice Guy Frank “No, you can’t borrow a dollar!’*Drummond Nathan “Get your own fries!" Jackson Matt “1was absent the day they taught you how to share” Jamison

Commended for their achievements on the Prep Science Team, seniors Brian Hguyen and Stephen Kayiaros receive their certificates from Fr. Keenan, S.J. and Mr Raslomky. last year, the Prep Physics learn placed first in ' the county.

M o st Likely to Teach at Prep Steve My name is Mr. Kayiaros and I’ll be teaching French 22 Honors” Kayiaros Steve "Really guys, Biochemistry is fun” Nadler Best Writer Paul “Paper & Pen just made the NY Times Bestseller List” Madavi Craig “Hooked on Phonics worked for me” Suthammanont

At recess, many I students rush out i second period to J j J

Scholar-Athlete Markis “I get my math problems done in the huddle” Abraham Sean “I read Paradise Lost while stealing 2nd base” McNally

hot dog from Sari j l Not wasting any t senior Rene Veranol into his chili dog, ?: i Con Dy finishes d i m his bite.

M o st Likely to Become a TV Personality Scott If Scott can cook, so can you” Gurian John “Heeeeeeere’s Chicks” Falcicchio M o st Likely to Become a Pro-Athlete Anthony “I think I could get along with Bill Parcells” Jordan


At the Fall gaily, the anticipation of the Marauder and his henchmen is well awaited. Senior henchman Craig Flcildewicz shows his Prep spirit and his true colors, as he gives this book a great profile close up.


Waiting for Fr. Kaulll S.J. to arrive, seniors Paul Blasucci and Craig Suthammanont go over the day's agenda. The Paper and Pen started early this year, by having weekly meetings, so that they could anticipate the rush of deadlines.

The Petrean Staff conducted a survey at the beginning o f the year. Out o f 174 seniors, we received 116 surveys, thus a response o f 67%. Here are the results. Who do you watch, Leno or Lettercnan? Letterman— 74.1% Leno— 25.8% Who w ould you vote for? Clinton— 59.2% Perot— 22.4% Dole— 18.4%

McDonald's i®

W ho’s worse, the Giants or the Jets? Jets— 79.1% 1 Giants— 20.8% Where do you eat lunch? Blim pie’s— 18.8% M cDonald’s— 15% Telly*s— 13% Cafe— 12.5% B urger K ing— 9.1% Lisbon— 8.7%

f § O


Seniors took their break everyday!!

China Empire— 3.9% N ewport— 3.7% Flamingo— 1.9% Hom e— 1.9% Courtyard—0.97% Subway—0.97%







R f iT E m

rep is filled with people of different religious and ethnic backgrounds. Some senior members of the Prep community Ire asked about the affect that certain holidays had on them and the different ways that they celebrate them. | One holiday that drew a large reaction was Easter. Seniors Anthony Guirgis and |ohn Zaklama, who-are both, Optic rthodox attend a seven hour mass which includes a reenactm ent of Jesus s rise from death. They also fast for 55 days jring this period. Senior Santiago Fernandez, who is Pentecostal, also attends a large mass as it is a time for the immunity to join together to celebrate their beliefs. This is also true for Pat Mussell and Ave mda. who are jth Roman C a th o lic . Steven Harbace, who is lewish. partakes in Passover, which ,s the celebration of the Exodus, mother popular holiday among those interviewed was Christmas. Although the dates are different Ior some people «ch as Rajeev Bharucha who is Hindu, the holiday has similar meaning for everyone. Time is spent with

L a y is spent religiously as well. Steven Harbace celebrates Hanukkah. He goes to temple, atones for his sms. and L i v e s presents. Ahm ed Rashed. who is Muslim, celebrates Ramadan and partakes in a time of gift-giymg and prayer, L I a pUgrimage is being made by his people. Although birthdays are not as important for people as hiy were when fey were y o u n g i , those interviewed still try to spend the day with friends and family. It is true that gifts are not jppular as in past years, but birthday cards are commonly sent or received. ........ - f a n r - r a g j Prep students celebrate in different ways, but for all there is a common thread of pyousness and togetherness imily.

Trying to convince freshmen to join the Art Club, seniors Jade Feliciano, Jimmy teung, and Todd Bura display the work of talented students. In addition to moderating the Art Club, Ms. Hellstrom also supervised the Japanimation Committee.

James Kco V o ileyb a'il .2.3.4 Captain,; B lftce Committee | ,2.3.4 President; Asian ififfl 4 Execuilifg; PAC 3,4: S.A.D.D. 3.4; Intramurals 1.2,3.4; Math Team 3.4; PhilosophyClub3.4; StageCrew3: Billiards Club 2,4; JapnimatiiM.. Sitlb; 4| Prom Committee 4; Sp irit CotHffflttee 4 Presidents] Scholar: Holier Pin 1,2*3,' â&#x20AC;&#x2122;The highest rew ari fftr a person's top jjp not want they get for i t but what; ttsy become by f , ! -John Ruskin

Adam Kowalski

David L. Lassiter

Baseball 2; Intramurals 1,2,3,4; Stage Crew 2,3,4; Roller Hockey Club 3.

Basketball 1,3,4; Ebony Club 1,2,3,4; Genesis 9; Intramurals 1,2,3,4; Tie Club 4; Multicultural Club 4. "They say there ain't no hope for the youth but the truth is there ain't no hope for the future." --Tupac Shakur

Robert Larkins RPG Club 1, Japanimation 2,3,4; TV Studio 3,4; Art Club 4. "Optimists believe we: live in the best of alt possible worlds. Pessimists fear this istrue."-Penn Hackney



Alan 0. Lebn Petrean 2.3 Editor, 4 Editor; Pax Chi I 3,4; Latin American Society 2.3,4; Dai I ; Committee 2,3: Intramurals 1,2,3 â&#x2013; Multicultural Club 4; Honor Pin 2,3 I Who's Who Among High School i t f f H NHS; Spanish NHS. "Let me hear M make decisions without your television -Depeche Mode

Mark A. Lucero Bowling 2,3,4; Aslan Club 4, Public Relations, Sreetor; 'Intramurals 1,2,3,4; Chess Club 2; Tie Club 1.2: Japanlmatiart, Club 1.2.3; Sp irit Committee 1. "Knowledge is da source of power. Life iz short, so stop and smell da flowaz. And those who run ain't nuffin but cowards." —Original

Ryan Paul Lorenzo ss Team 2.3.4; Art Club 1,2,3,4; animation Club 2,3.4; HAP 1,2,3; (ice Club 1; Stage Crew 4; Petrean 1; § ilub4; Honor Pin 1. "Every time we podbye you're frozen in my mind as Ihild' that you never will be again." felle Merchant

Asian Club 4 President: Chess Cub 1.2,3,4; Stage Crew 2,3 Crew Chief; Eucharistic Minister; PAC 4; NHS; Japanimation Club 2,3,4; French Club 3,4; HAP 1,2,3; Dance Hockey 1.2,3, Captain 4; Italian Club Committee 2,3.4, Cum Laude National 1,2,3.4; Spirit Committe 1.2,4; Cross Latin Exam: Honor Pin t,2. “it can't rain Country 1.2; Outdoor Track 2,3. "A a|| the time." -The Crow horse is a horse of course, of course, and no one should talk to a horse of course, .unless of course the horse, the horse is the famous Mr. Ed.’ —Mr. Ed

Joseph LoRe

Jonathon M. Lugtu Bowling 1,2,3,4; Asian Club 4; Japanimation.Club 2,3,4; Billiards Club 2,3.4; T.V. Studio; 1,2.3.4; IntramuralS 1,2,3,4; "Success is like a mountain, you can't reach the top if you are afraid of heights."—E.M."

Seniors 1157

M ost Enthusiastic Jonathan “Doesn’t everybody run around in the halls” Hurtac Mike Oh boy, I have English class next” Priore

M ost Unforgettable Phil “Yo” Slusarczyk Jorge “W ho?” Silva

Pendar Paul Madavi Paper & Pen 1,2 Editor 3, E f f i« # Pax Christi 3,4; German Club 3,4; Dramatics ”fe Stage CFew 1.; Intramurals 1 .2.3,4: German Exchange; Emmaus Team: Phonathdfti Honor Pin 2,3,4: Outstanding Freshman. “I'm bad, Q® pretty, and can ! possibly be beat!" -Mohanmed All

Best Wheels Jonathan “Everybody get out and push” Fabros Jorge “What do you mean I was speeding?” Silva

William J. Madsen Hockey 1,3.4; Roller Hockey 2,3; Sage Crew 1,2,3,4; Tie CLub 1,2: German Club 3; intramurals 1 ,2,3,4. "Did you think 1 wouldn't recognize this compromise? Am: r ju st too stupid ts realize?" —Trent Reznor

Roy J. Maglori John Magcalas Chess Club 1 ,2,3,4; Petrean 3,4; Asian Club 4; Stage Crew 3,4; HAP 3,4; Honor Pin 1,2,3; NHS; Indo-Pak 3,4; French Club 4; German NHS; National German Exam, "...and you wish you had it still." --Alice in Chains

Football 1; Intramurals 1.2,3,4; Italian Club 3,4; Spirit Committee 3,4. "Try to live each day to its fullest and believe that you can do the impossible, for we know not what the next day holds." -Original

Michael A. Malfettone Pax Christi 3,4; T.V. Studio 1; Art Ci 1; Japanimation Club 2; NHS; Honar 1,2,3,; Billiards Club 2,3,4; Pro Committee 3; Bowling 2,3,4; Intramun 1.2.3,4.

est Comedian I “Was that supposed to be Fr. Azzarto?” Maglori jge “Wanna see my boxers?” Silva

lost likely to Become Rich and Famous thony “Do you have some change you can spare?” Jordan irkis “I’ve been getting phone calls from Robin Leach” Abraham

Alejandro Jose Martinez Latin American Society 3,4;

Band 1,2;

N$$; Honor Pin f.g JS.

jomiest Jokes

|jl “Don’t ya get it?” Blasucci | “Come on guys, that was funny!” Hansen

Michael Marques

Fawad Malik sal 2 3.4 ; Science Team 1,2,4; Team 23,4; Petroc 3,4; Honor Pin ?;■ MHS. "Tell me and I will forget, Ime and l might remember, involve and I will understand." —Chinese ferb

Francis Mansfield W restling 1.2.3. “ Kone are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free.” —Johann Wolfgang Van Goethe

Band 'When you have the enemy down, finish him off before he gets up and finishes you off." --Howie Long

Tim Masterson T.V. S:udio 12.3,4. 'Td rather be wrong on my own than right on someone else s say so." —Sterling Hayden

Seniors 1153

At the Wolk-A-Thon Assembly, seniors Paul Fam and Craig Suthammonont prepare to surprise the crowd by wearing the prizes that are going to came out with a Prep sweatshirt, which was awarded to those who raised at least $100, and Craig wore a t-shirt, which was offered to those who raised at least $50.

Campus Shop 2 ,3 .4 ; Baseball t l Intramurals 1,2,3.4; EmmausTeam; Prom Commitee 3.4; Stage Crew 3.4: Honor Pin 1. â&#x20AC;&#x153;Dear Mom. you are appreciated." -2 Pac

Joshua P. Medrano Indoor Track 2,3,4; Outdoor Track 2.3,4. 'The truth is out there? -Fox Mulder

Baseball 1,2,3,4 Captain; Soccer 1,2; Petrean 3; NHS; Eucharistic Minister Honor Pin 1,2,3; Gold Medals: Religion 1,2,3. German 1,2; Silver Medals: Latin 2. English 1: Outstanding Freshman. 'Life's a gas. So don't be sad cause I'll be Here. Don't be sad at all. Life's a Gas." â&#x20AC;&#x201D;Joey Ramone


Football 1,2,3,4; Basketball 1,2; Outdoor Track 3,4. 'The man that sleeps on the floor does not fall off the couch." --Martin Lawrence

Alan Mendoza Cross Country 1. Dramatics 2.3; Cam Ministry 2.3: NHS: Honor Pin 1.2,3; Q Medal, Spanish 1. 'I get by with a little 1 from my friends. I'm gonna try with a I help from my friends." -The Beatte

Michaei J. Monaco Wrestling 1,2.3 Captain, 4 Captain; Intramurals 1,2,3,4; Spirit Committee 4; Science Club 1,2. "If you SSB't have anything nice to say to anybody, sit next to me." —Dr. Ciytie Farkuus mg up on im of the the sports

current M r s , senior fe™ / Imirnnl section



Anthony Usually,

out results

Iordan reads the students flipped straight from



Darren William Miller

Hermaine J. Mercer Sy club; N liS; Basketball 3,4 Captain; Petrean 2; Dance 3,4; Honor Pin 1,2; Freshman. "Up the ladder of and tests, we build and destroy, istfll climbing and still shining." Deep

Matthew E. Milczarski Swimming t ,2,3,4; lntraniurais ' .2.3.4; French Club 3. "I shall not be there. I shall rise anc pass. Bury my heart at wounded knee." -Stephen Vincent Benet

Basketball 1; Football 1,2.3.4; Outstanding Freshman Award; Honor Pin 1.2. “Don t think of it as work, the whole point isjust to enjoy yourself." -Otter, Animal House

Kevin Joseph Moran Jr. Soccer 1.2,3,4 Captain; Ski Club 1.2.3,4; Lacrosse Club 2,3,4; Outdoor Track 1; Eucharistic Minister; PAC3; German Club 3; Intramurals 1,2,3,4; Prom Committee 3.4; Spirit Committee 4; Phonathon. 'Put everything off until tomorrow and just enjoy today." -Original

On the basketball courts, seniors Lorry 6allagher, Sachin Karnick, Jason Casio, and Numan Sheikh show their skills. Missing from the picture were the girls they were trying to impress.

Ja m e s


Freshman Ambassador 1 . Intramuffls i .2.3.4: SpiritCommittee4; BilliardsCluo 2 : German Su b 2.3,4; Math Team 3,4 Honor Pin; Foreign Language Award 2; National German Exam*Certificalg o f Merit. "If you think I'm sexy anfl^ouwanf my body, c'cnon: baby Bet me ta w f." â&#x20AC;&#x201D;Rod Stewart

Andre M iguel Munoz Japanimaton Cub 2,3,4; Ebony Club 1,2. "You think you're good." -Michael Butler

Patrick M ussell

Pablo Munoz Pax Christi 3.4; Spirit Committee 4; Latin American Society 3.

162 / People

Intramurals 1,2,3,4; NHS; Petrean 4; Latin American Society 4; Prom Committee 4; Honor Pin 2,3. "What's the point of trying if you can't be a winner." -Calvin & Hobbes

Stephen C. Nadler Science Team 1: Emmaus Team 4; NH Honor Pin 1,2; Gold Medals: Biiglpi World Civilizations. German 1; Bible Merck State Science Day County Awa "i have never let my schooling interfj with my education." â&#x20AC;&#x153; -Mark Twain

Jo rg e O'. Ortega Football 1; Outdoor Track 2.3; Latin American :&stety Z.3.4. "If 1 ruled the world, imagine that." -Nas


recruiting people for the Petreaii and Petroc staffs at the Freshman activities loir Jaime de David Smith, and Joe Pike make unsuspecting freshman sign their Fives away. Jaime amazes :freshmon with the countless number of people who m e bodily forced by Dove to lorn.

M ichael A. Nivins

Brian Nguyen ess Club 3,4; French Club 2,3,4; HAP ^'Science Team 2,3.4; Math Team 4; â&#x2013; geCrew 3,4; Petrean 3,4; Asian Club 2:|Petroc 4. "I have nothing to declare, ppt my genius." -Oscar Wilde

Kris Nikal! a TV StudiO 1,2,3,4 Vice President; Petrean 2.3.4; Chess. Club; Chess Team 2,3,4; German Club 12,3,4; Ski Club 1,2,3.4; Glenmary Missioner; Presidential Scholar; Honor Pin 3; National German Exarr-Certificate of Merit; National Latin Exam-Cum Laude.

Football 12,3,4; Basketball 1; Ebony tu b 1,2,3,4 Treasurer. "Life's like a bowl of cherries, full of sweet firsts, but you've got to get through the last pit to get to the next cherry. Don't give tip!" --Chante Moore

Jo h n Palerm o Baseball 1,2,3 Captain, 4; FOrensics 1,2,3,4; Science Team 1; Italian Club 1,2,3.4; SpiritCommittee 3,4 Henchman; Petroc 3,4 Editor; Intramurals 3,4; Honor Pin 1,2. "Scuse me while I kiss the sky.' -Jim i Hendrix

Seniors 1163â&#x20AC;&#x2122;

Top Ten Pranks PlayQd on Fmhmon 10) You are only allowed to use the bathroom at recess. 9) H203....that’s on the second floor of the Humanities Building. 8) Buy this permit to have senior lunch privileges. 7) The stairs outside of Fr. Azzarto’s room lead to the swimming pool. 6) Don’t you know that you have to go back to homeroom for eighth peri for a final attendance check? 5) You must address a senior with “Yes, sir,” “No, sir,” or Ronak Parikh

“I don’t understand, sir.”

IMo-Pak Club 4. 'Something is better than nothing;" »© ld Saying

4) Present this coupon to Angie in the cafe and get a 10% discount. 3) This is a great deal I’m giving you, only $3 for an elevator pass. 2) On Noga’s Toga Day, don’t wear anything under your toga for extra bonus points. 1) Bring a $30 check made payable to the Petrean Staff for your yearbool

Amish Patel NHS: Petroc 3,4 Editor: Petrean 1,2,3,4 Editorial Assistant; Indo-Pak Club 1,2,3,4 President: Middle States Mathematics Committee; Math Team 2,3,4; Science Team 2,3,4; Science Clubs 1,2,3,4; Cricket Club 2,3; Japanimation Club 2,3,4; Philosophy Club 2,3,4; HAP 3; PAC 4; Forensics3,4: SADD3.4; Spirit Committee 3,4; Tie Club 4; Pax Christi 4; Asian Club 4; Intramurals 1,2; Honor Pin 1,2,3; National M erit Scholar Commended Student: St. Peter's College Summer Scholar2.3; Who's Who Among American High School Students 2.3. “Iron rusts from disuse: stagnant water loses its purity and in cold weather becomes frozen; even so does inaction.stop the vigor of the mind." --Leonardo da Vinci

1 6 4 / PECP1E

Joseph David Pike

Nicholas Perseghin Stage Crew 1,2 Crew Chief,3 Art Manager, 4 Production Manager; Swim Team 1,2,3,4 Captain; Paper & Pen 1.2,3,4; NHS; Art Club 3; Spirit Committee: Honor Pin 1,2,3. *1 isn't difficult to stay alive, friends-just don't make trouble-or if you must make trouble, make the sort of trouble that is expected." -Robert Bolt

Petroc 1,2,3 Editor, 4 Editor. "You can't always get what you want, but sometimes you get what you need." —Rolling Stones

Nelson Allen Pingol Billiards Club 2,3,4; Asian Society 1.11& Public Relations Officer; S Committee 1; Intramurals 1.2,3.4; An International 1; Outcoor Track 2; Med Club 1.2,4: Tie Club 1.4; Japanim Club 3; Career Day Committee 3: H Pin 3. “And got my act together sweaters and betta and phat leather ^ whateva, bring it on!" —Shallah Raek Wu-Gambino

Jesus Quintela Tie Club 2,3; Wrestling 2; Japanimation Club 2,3; PriiiosochyCI;ib 2.3; intramurals 1.2,3,4; Latin American Society 1,2,3.4. â&#x20AC;&#x153;No, fit not a freshman." -Original


In student ever causes trouble in Ms. Curry's class, the firm am of the law comes down on him in m e sort of pfawf. As a new and innovative punishment, Ms. Curry makes senior Sean McNally hold his hand in the air hr | entire period.

H this technique didn't d m the student into submission, she would take a worse measure-a

edi on American Art.

Fernando Quevedo

Michael Priore setball 1,2,3,4; Wrestling 1,2; Who's; no's Who Among American High School udents. â&#x20AC;&#x153;if you fail to prepare, prepare to il-SHSoach Hansen

Keith D. Puro Intramurals 1,2*3,4; SADD 4; Spirit Committee 4; Italian Club 4. 'Solid gold crown to shine, and will blind em like some diamonds, I'm reclining in the sky an a cloud with a silver lining." -RZA

Spanish NHS; Latin American Society 1,2,3,4; French Club 3; SADD 3,4; Science Club 1; Intramurals 1.23,4; Chess Club 1; Japanimation 3; Billiards Club 3,4; Paper & Pen 4; Who's Who Among American High School Students, "to thine own self be true, and it must follow, as the night the day, thou can'st not then be false to any man." -Shakespeare

Michael Rampersad Track a Field; 1.2; Spirit Committee 1; Billiards Club 2. "You must not fear anyone, but respect everyone.' -Aladdin

Seniors V165

Ahmed R. Rashed Wrestling 2,3,4; Science Team 2,3; NHS; Chess Club 4; Islamic Club 2.3,4; Math Team 2.3; Honor Pin 1,2,3; Silver Medal, English 3. T am a Muslim and my religion makes me against all forms of racism. It teaches me to be for the rights of all human beings, because my religion is a natural religion, and the first law of nature b self-preservation.' -Malcom X

Rene Roa Jr . Football 1- Swimming 3,4; Chess Club 1.2,3.4; Billiards Club 3: Tie Club 2; Fishing Club 4; Latin American Society 4; Aviation Club 3.4; Multicultural Club 4. â&#x20AC;&#x2122;Justice is the giving to each man what is proper to him." ^Plato


Brian C. J. Rudzinski



Wrestling 1,2,3,4; Football 1; Spirit Committee 4 Marauder. "Turn out the lights: it's check-out tim e." -Shawn Michaels

EmmausTeam: PAC3.4: Petrean 2,3,4 Theme Editorial Assistant; SADD 3,4; Philosophy Club 3,4; NHS: Honor Pin 1.2,3; Presidential Scholar; Gold Medal, English 2; IFLA Latin Award; Eagle Scout. "The Workers of the Society should have only one foot touching the earth, the other being always raised to begin a journey." -Constitutions of the Society of Jesus

Peter Russo Italian Club 2: Stage Crew 2.3.4 St Manager. "In any case I'll be watchL And if you're very lucky I might dropl to say "hello" from time to time." -C

Robert Scalzo Peer Advisor 3.4; Baseball 1.2: Bowling 1,2,3,4: Golf 3 .% Student Council 1.2: Spirit Committee 4. "If opportunity doesn't Knock, build a door." -Milton BeriS

Can A) S)

Senior Con Oy Con was happy



paid the


will lake with the yearbook



the SAT's scores he





in October. got lost this



year, and in the

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attempt to



0) BSC f)





Joseph Benjam in Santos

Alex Salas pisketball 1,2; Modeling Club 1; Chess 1ub2; OutdoorTrack2.4; LatinAmerican gEi'ety 1,2,3; Spirit Committee 4; Chess Klub 4.

Joseph Anthony San Philip Spirit Committee 1.2,3,4; Petrean 3; Prom Committee 3,4; Italian Club 1.2,3.4; Lacrosse 3,4; Intramurais 1,2,3. â&#x20AC;&#x153;Castles made ofsand melt into the sea...eventually. -Jim i Hendrix

Papal Usher 3; HAP 1.2,3: Asian Club 1,2,3,4 Executive; French Club 3.4; Japanimation Club 2.3,4; Stage Crew 3,4; Chess Club 1.2. "The young do not know enough to be prudent, and therefore they attempt the impossible-and achieve it. generation after generation." -Pearl S. Buck

David W . Schalk StageCrew3,4; MathTeam 2,3.4: Science Team 4; Bowling 2.3,4: Cross Country 1; PAC 4; Petrean 4; Honor Pin 1,2,3; NHS: National Latin Exam 1; Gold Medal. Physics; Silver Medal. Precalculus. "Experience is a hard teacher because she gives the test first, the lesson afterwards," -Vernon Law

seniors 1167

6 Courses to an Easy Senior Year

M ark Scrivar.ich PAC 4; Football 2.3.4:: Stage Crew 3.4: Ski Club 1,2s3,4: PaxChflsfiJ.4; Italian Club: 2.3,4: Eucharistic Minister: Math Team 3.4: SADD: 4: Spirit Committee 4; Honor Pin 1.2.3: Gold Medal. Italian 1 . "Life at Prep. I love: I I ’ —Saaeh Frank Biamonre

Driver’s Ed with Miles Twaddell How to Freak Out with Deac Home Economics with Angie the cafeteria lady AP Self Defense with Mr. Noga Vocal Ensemble with Mr. Raslowsky Penmanship with Fr. Azzarto

Tim othy Patrick Service Stage Crew 2,3 Crew Chief. 4 Sound Director: petrean 2,3,4 Photography Editor;: Soccer Manager 2,3; SADD 4; Spirit Award; Spirit Award Selection Committee; Honor Pin 2,3. "We here at headquarters are not amused." —Pete Russo


Numan Shaikh



Islamic (Sub 3,4; Petroc 3,4; Science Club 1,3; Math Team 3; Honor Pin 3. "Verily, With every difficulty there is relief." -God 'Allah”

Indo-Pak Ctob 1,2.3,4 Co-President; Islamic Club 2,3,4 President; Stage Crew 1,3; TV Studio 3; Petrean 3,4; Forensics 3,4; SADD 3,4. "Some men see things as they are and say. 'Why?' 1 dream things that never were and say 'Why not?"’ —Robert Kennedy

Soccer 1.2,3,4: Indoor Track 1 ,i]fl Outdoor Track 1,2; Student Council 3.- ■ Latin American Society 2.3,4; Pax Chri: ■ 3,4; Emmaus Team; Spirit Committee ■ Ski Club 2.3.4; Honor Pin 1 I Outstanding Freshman Award. "I can't J j f l what ten people want me to, so I guess ill remain the same." —Otis Reding 5


Joseph Donnelley Shane Sm ith


Oology ms

one of







pniors this •eh Singh go the libiary.

year. Seniors Chris Bader and Jim Birch and /on/or over the procedures of o lab during their free period In k? Bio,detailed procedures and an informative











Jo se A. Sim on # t Committee 1,4: Japanimation 2,3,4; rtp u b 3,4; Philosophy Club 3,4; pmurals 1,2,3,4; Paper and Pen 2. |e;Ed, follow, or get out of the way." I f Army


Dramatics 1,2,3,4; Petrean 1,2- Forensics 2.4: French Club 2,3,4 Co-President; Native American Society t j Band 2; French FtHg 3,4; Gold Medals: French 1, Latin 1« 1995 Dean's Summer Scholar. "The truth is scary. But it's the o n l y i t h a t frees us." -Deacon John O'Neill

David M ichael Sm ith Filip Slusarczyk indoor Track 1,2; Outdoor Track 1,2; Football 1; Petrean 2.3,4; Spirit Committee 2.3,4; Philosophy Club 2,3; Math Team 2,3,4; Art Club 2 Assistant Coordinator: Paper and Pen 2.3.4; Intramurals "A Kielbasy For All Seasons might let you slide, but a Boomerang Kielbasy will pass you by. let you sleep and come back at you from behind." —Original

Petrean 2,3 Section Co-Editor, 4 Copy Editor; Stags Crew 3.4; PAC 3.4; Prom Committee 4; HmrnausTearr.: Intramurals 1,2,3,4; NHS Co-President; Honor Pin 1.2,3; Eagle Scour Award. “We cannot learn from one another until we stop shouting at one another— until we speak quietly enough so that our words can be heard as well as our voices.” —P.icnard M. Nixon

Thom as Ignatius F.X . Spataro Band 1,2.3,4 President; Stage Crew 1,2,3,4 Lighting Manager; Jazz Band 1,2,3,4; Brass Choir 2,3,4: Spirit Committee 2,3,4; Campus Ministry 3,4; Hockey 1,2; French Club 3.4; Petrean 3,4; TV Studio 1,4; Campus Shop 1,3,4; Emmaus Team; Freshman Ambassador; Dramatics 4; Middle States Evaluation Committee; Sp irit Award Selection Committee; National Latin Exam 1 Cum Laude; Gold Medal. Music 1; Honor Pin 3; Spirit Award. "Some people stop growing when they are 17. Some people stop growing when they are 25. 1 hope I stop growing 5 minutes before I die. -William J. Spataro, '57


During the Freshmon Activities Fair, senior Hick Perseghin rallies up the freshmon with a pocket hill of tools. The Stage Crew needed a lot of helping hands throughout the year with building sets and moving them to St. Peter's College.

Stage Crew 2: Outdoor Track 3: Intramurals 1.2.3,4; Billiards Club 3.4: SADD 3.4. “We play today, we win today.'® --Mariano Dune;In

Alfred Sta. Iglesia Indoor Track 1,2,3.4: Outdoor Track 1,2.3,4; Asian Club 1,2,3,4; Billiards Club 2,3,4; French Club 3,4; Intramurals 1.2.3,4; Ski Club 1; Dance Committee 4; Honor Pin 1.2.3; Who's Who Among American High School Students: National Latin Exam 1 Cum Laude. "If you want, then start to laugh; if you must, then start to cry: be yourself, don't hide; just believe in destiny.- -Enigma

Mark Taraszkiewicz Craig J. Suthammanont Football 1; PAC 3.4; French Club 3.4; Pax Christi 3,4; Spirit Committee 4; NHS CoPresident; Paper and Pen 1,2 Layout Editor. 3 Assistant Editor, 4 Assistant Editor; Student Council 3,4; Multi Cultural Club 4 Co-President, Co-Founder: Honor Pin 3,4; Gold Medals: French 2, Latin 3; Silver Medal, Religion 3. "The superior man is modest in his speech, but exceeds in his actions." -Confucius

Wrestling 2,3,4: Intramurals 1,2,3,4; Spirit Committee 1,2.3,4: Prom Committee 3; Emmaus Team; Freshman Ambassador. "There's something good waiting down this road; I'm picking up whatever is mine," -Tom Petty

Paul Tillotson Hockey 1,2,3.4: Spirit Committee 2,3 Emmaus Team; German Club 3.4. "I will either find a way or make or] —Hannibal

Mike Urbanowiez intramurals 1,2.3.4: PAC 3,4; Indoor Track 2; Spirit Committee 1,2.3.4; Honor Pin 1,2,3. i look forward till tomorrow, because I get better looking everyday." -M r. Dave Settembre p fe





the crowd, senior Joe

LoRe intimidates

jteF' audience by dressing up as a player from a rival school. | | found out the hard way why Prep is the best, as the Mumfa and his henchmen let him know that strangers were U

welcome at




Miles Twaddejl

[Joseph W. Tramutolo Football 1.2.3,4 Captain: W restling If,2.3,4 Captain. "To be the Man, Jyou have to beat the Man, Wcoccoi" Fpiature Boy" Rick Flair


Nicholas J. Trentacoste Svtfimming 2,3.4; Campus Shop 3,4; Chess Club 3,4; Ski Club 3,4; Stage Crew 3,4; Eucharistic Minister. "Near and far we'll stick together, everywhere I will be with you, everything I will do for you." —Donna Lewis

Soccer 1,2,3,4; PAC 3,4; Pax Christi 3,4; Emmaus Team; Petroc 1,2,3,4; Honor Pin 2. ‘Oh my God, get out of the car, it's on fireir “--Mr. Noga

Rene Grey Verano Jr. Computer Club 3; Chess Club 3; Billiards Club 2,3,4: Outdoor Track 2,3; Modeling Club 2; Asian Club 2,3.4; Tie Club 2.4: Dance Committee 4; Intramurals 2.3.4. 'Minds, nevertheless, are not conquered by arms, but by love and generosity. -Spinoza

seniors \ 171

Lance C. Visone Soccer 2,3,4; Outdoor Track 1,2,3,4 Captain; PAC 3,4; Emmaus Team; Italian Pub 1.2.3,4; Genesis 9 2,3,4; Campus Ministry 2,3; RPG Club 1.2,3,4 President: Intramurals 1,2,3,4; SADO 3.4 President. Your heart: Is free, have the courage to follow it." ---Braygheart

While most seniors bought lunch at lisbon and Blimpie' endurance of their taste buds by ordering hot and spic demur a medallion of General Iso's Chicken, M e Lor

Christopher M. Wilczek Intramurals 1.2.3,4; HonorPin:2,3. "'s much too late you;just goes to show how wrong you can be.,.that it's never too late to get up and go.â&#x20AC;? --Robert Smith

If f f lI

Michael T. Wassong Baseball 1,2,3.4 So-Captain: Basketbal 1,2; Student Council 1,2; Freshman Ambassador; Outstanding Freshman Award; Spirit Committee 4; SADD 4.

Baseball!; German Club 3; Intramurals 1,2,3,4; Hockey 3,4. "Through the last four years I've realized only one thing, 'I am God'." -Miles Twaddell Football 1,2,3.4; Wrestling 4: Intramurall 1.2.3,4: RPG Club 3,4; Science Clubs 3,4 Emmaus Team; Freshman Ambassador "My country! May she ever be right but right or wrong, my country.' -Stephen Decatur




famous Team R e tre a t W eekend comes



close, senior leaders Brian R udzinski, David


Note Jackson, Scott Qurian, and John Mavilla load up



with luggage. Team leader Paul




to the p h o to g ra p h e r os he prepares drive











was an e xtre m e ly conscientious driver

the A te of Ihe Holy Spirit, Fr. Azzorto asked students to offer responses. Senior Paul Madavi reads a passage from

read from the Ihe Bospel of





Bible hike.

did the



Rody Zamar

Dostum F. Yazici

Bw im m ing 1.2,3,4. "Common sense is ■ijenius dressed in its working clothes. B p ia lp h Waldo Emerson



John E. Zaklama Football 1; Wrestling 2,34; Billiards Club 1,2,3,4; T.V. Studio 1,2,3,4; Intramurals 1.2,3,4.

Football 1,2; indoor Track 2.3,4; Outdoor Track 1,2,34; Intramurals 1.2.3,4; Spirit Committee 4: SADD 4; Italian Club 4; German Club 3; Tie Club 1• "Life is an everlasting game and it never ceases to exist, only the players change." --GZA

Michael Adam Zevoteck Soccer 1,2,3,4; Lacrosse Club 3.4; Spirit Committee 4; W ho's Who Among American High School Students. Not to touch the earth - not to see the sun- nothin' left to do but run, run, run." -Jim



We pulled through once again in our 125th year. We followed in the; footsteps of the generations of- jresfeiyears' and v B achieved our most important goals. During .the course of the year we I realized how Important we [are to each other We made ^difference in the lives of | r classmates, teachers, Fw i K u //

mi m v rs

L\ * ,

Now itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s time to move on with our lives We had a lot i ih b b i -



f l T 9 1

On Halloween, Mr. Oandorpb was surprisingly absent, saying be m e down with the Hu. But not to worry, Brandma Dandorpb Ulled in lor him. When asked about how it felt to be back teaching in the classroom, Brandma responded, "It felt invigorating! You boys know I taught my Kenny everything be knows."

of fun during our time at Prep, but now we must prepare for the summer, colfege, and beyond Things are going to be dtffereftt?/ Our minds will be filled with new places, faces, and ideas. We will have to make changes and surroundtags,.' v Leaving is

not going to be easy.

1997 Petrean

H m  put a picture of M r. m o t h sleeping in the senior section, and y o o 'te p ro b a b ly wondering why we did it ogm. Well, we osk you to tell us one good foosoB why n o t. fa this book, we described St. P ete r's with m a y words, However, we think tbot this p k tm sums It op & one spectol w ord: h e p .

In the closstoom, the office, or on the Held, Prep is ffS oboot being with people, whether they U teachers or students. Jb* Cm s Country fomSy supported and cheered each other on to vktory o$ did senior date Jackson and sophomore Pot M c$om s. On famous, the candle represents God, the Hoty Spirit. It is important to relate to the candle, in order to fully understood the Immoos experience.

Opening [ 175

However, even though the time will come when we have to leave Prep, it will never leave us.

The friends

we make at Prep will be there for us at the most important moments of our lives.

They will be there to

support us as we begin our careers. They will be present in the aisles during our weddings.

They will be the

godfathers of our children. The friendships that w e’ve made and the memories that w e’ve collected during our stay at Prep w ill Junior






day what he was supposed to be for Halloween. In fact, what we didn't know was that he wasactually getting ready for a complicated



last a

lifetime. It’s time to celebrate one of the most successful years in Prep history. We laughed, we cried, we did our best and we showed people what the Prep Community is all about.



celebrate our past, present, /and future

fo r the Atumni Hop '50s Banco, 5 special m ki was ordered to commemmte the l2Sth h n 'm is a if o f St. Fetor'S, Luckily, mr photographer was able to 0 a s/upshot i f t before it m s demoted. At the Freshman Social, FAC members also had the clmco to dance m d mingle with students from St. flo w 's and & , Mâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; s. Senior fob Comie joins the Congo line idtead o f M o n Conti.

In odtMon to senior M e Him dottg I k M eam a (see page fflâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; j, senior I M Ctmao got into t es w A Although it seem he is disoriented, he dubiged M e 10 9

duel of M aam oiig.

Yw be ihe judge!!

i t 1530 Ocean Am. in Sea Bright, once every month, o group of guys from hop expeiienced Immaas. Hm, they celebrate their relationships with friends, parents, and Bod, and learn more about the sense of community. la







hoght hard lor over lour quarters. Despite the one point, MSS showed tin t hep hod woo the becoose no



of lo t






points that

Marauders loss by gome, wos

col f


Opening y l / 7 \

In d e x

A M Abdelmessih, P. 34, 106 Abraham, M. 30, 48, 49, 72, 73, 92, 93, 135, 147, 151, 154, 159 Ackerman, B. 68, 135 Addas, R. 51, 54, 80, 81, 106 Addeo, C. 116 Agiuar, J. 58 Aguiar, J. 110 Akeredolu, J. 57, 72, 120 Akers, K. 108 Aldea, R. 50, 135 Aldridge, R. 130, 176 Alejandro, Mr. R. 25, 60, 61, 73, 107 Alexander, J. 46, 106 Alexander, L. 57, 72, 120 Allarey, R. 72, 126 Almenana, J. 46, 48, 72, 120 Alonso, D. 112 Aloran, G. 135 Alum, A. 132 Alvarado, Mr. A. 104, 105 Amadeo, J. 73, 120 Amadeo, P. 114 Amato, J. 78, 79, 82, 126 Ambrosio, P. 46, 62, 108 Ammirato, Ms. L. 101 Andres, E. 48, 49, 126 Andreula, T. 58, 124 Androsiglio, R. 110 Angermeyer, J. 38, 41, 132, 135, 147 Ansay, M. 120 Antonio, S. 46, 72, 116 Archibald, B. 46, 122 Archibald, M. 76, 77, 124 Archiello, D. 38, 41, 136 Ardizzone, A. 136 Arellano, L. 34, 112 Amone, D. 58, 116 Aro, G. 34, 108 Artz, G. 130 Asencio, D. 66, 67, 73, 136 Asghar, S. 126 Atienza, A. 71, 74, 124 Atienza, D. 72, 74, 85, 118 Avelenda, A. 38, 73, 136, 143, 145, 155 Aziz, C. 116 Azzarto, SJ Fr. A. 5, 22, 23, 29, 36, 37, 38, 39, 102, 103, 107, 122, 141, 159, 164-, 173


Baal, K. 34 Baber, Joe 38, 72, 93, 136 Baber, John Paulz 46, 118

1 7 8 / index

Baber, Ms. S. 14, 38, 42, 43, 107, 123 Bacchus, L. 21, 130 Bader, C. 19, 38, 52, 53, 6Ct 61, 93, 137, m Bajwa, G. 25, 112 Baker, J. 120 Balahadia, B. 126 Balduf, SJ Fr. R. 18, 19, 105, 107 Balir, D. 138 Bamber, J. 132 B amber, T. 126 Banks, T. 108 Baran, D. 54, 112 Baratta, G. 137 Barberi, P. 124 Baroutoglou, C. 110 Barret, J. 132 Barrier, V. 34, 46, 72, 112 Barth, F. 80, 122 Battaglia, D. 90, 110 Bayot, J. 54, 114 Becerra, Mr. J. 17, 20, 22, 36, 37, 40, 41, 107 Becker, E. 106 Bedford, R. 34, 58, 108 Bedford, W. 34, 58, 112 Beldowicz, M. 3, 38, 41, 137 Beilina, R. 46, 47, 57, 118 Benacchio, G. 33 Bendale, S. 122 Bemero, D. 110 Bertin, G. 73, 137 Bharucha, R. 72, 74, 75, 137, 155 Bing, A. 85, 130 Biondo, M. 54, 92, 108 Birch, J. 29, 41, 64, 65, 137, 138 Blaney, B. 68, 116 Blasucci, P. 73, 82, 138, 154, 159 Bock, M. 66, 114 Boggiano, C.

â&#x201A;Ź6,67,10, 71, 78s 79, 85, 9Q 91, 93, 109, 128, 184 Bolos, R. 120 Borja, E. 72, 73, 138 Boruch, M. 62, 116 Boruch, Mark 63 Botsolas, P. 54, 108 Bouquio, J. 51, 124 Boyle, Mr. G. 24, 25, 106, 109 Boyle, Mr.G. 22 Boyle, R. 58, 106 Bracciodieta, S. 108 Bramante, Mr. D. 57 Branca, M. 126 Bransky, C. 52, 53, 60, 61, 122 Bratkowski, P. 106 Brendgens, Mr. S. 14 Brennan, Mr. J. 58, 59 Briamonte, Mr. F. 100, 101, 122 Briamonte, Mrs. J. 100, 101 Briamonte, R. 58, 116 Bridgeforth, S. 48, 49, 72, 138 Briody, C. 116 Brown, J. 3, 122 Browning, SJ Fr. J. 109 Brundage, J. 46, 54, 110 Brusgard, A. 3, 37, 41, 72, 85, 124, 184 Bucci.A. 73, 90, 128 Buesing, P. 49, 126 Bunafe, J. 126 Bura, T. 139, 156 Burgess, Mr. M. 52, 53, 60, 61 Burlik, M. 124 Bums, T. 62, 69, 106 Butler, Mr. R. 105 Butler, S. 34 Buzzio, J. 41, 62, 112

c f

Cabrera, E. 71, 118 Cadavid, J. 120 Cadlaon, M. 29, 139, 167, 169 Cala, N. 37, 72, 122 Callahan, R. 54, 108 Cameron, S. 46, 47, 72, 112 Campion, Mr. J. 12, 13, 43, 77, 90, 109, 123

Candela, S. 52, 53, 61, 116 Cano, E. 122 Caprio, A. 69, 120 Carabellese, B. 118 Carabellese, K. 61 Carandan, M. 16, 33, 38, 72, 93, 139 Carandon, M. 16 Cardino, B. 34, 54, 103, 112 Carey, J. 62, 63, 120 Carpena, M. 73, 126 Carroll, R. 46, 47, 62, 112 Carvajal, J. 126 Casazza, C. 16, 72, 78, 93, 107, 139, 146, 177 Casey, Mr. J. 12, 106, 109, 122 Cashman, C. 110 Casia, J. 74, 139, 162 Casiello, J. 78, 130 Casillas, L. 108 Caslin, Mr. T. 22, 23, 36, 37, 109 Cassani, B. 124 Cassibba, J. 52, 53, 60, 61, 116 Castanon, J. 48, 49, 114 Castellano, J. 110 Castro, J. 41, 85, 90, 91, 124, 184 Catlaw, R. 57, 120 Caulfield, E. 66, 67, 106 Caviello, J. 61 Cea, D. 90, 106 Centro, H. 140 Cepero, A. 108 Cevasco, M. 110 Charitable, S. 112 Charowsky, M. 120 Chaudry, R. 116 Chawla, N. 110 Chidichimo, J. 61, 140, 166, 168 Chisari, V. 61, 89, 122 Cilia, SJ Br. R. 105 Ciuppa, J. 54, 112 Clemente, A. 50, 51, 140 Clemente, M. 19, 72, 73, 74, 75, 140 Cody, B. 5, 140

Cody, K. 52, 53, 122 Colabraro, R. 38, 71, 85, 89, 132, 133, 184 Collins, Mr. J. 31, 98, 99 Comprelli, K. 41, 73, 89, 126 Condo, G. 112 : Conley, J. 86, 90, 126 Connallon, M. 108 ! Connolly, M. 81, 120 | Conti, G. 89, 92, 132 [ Conti, J. 3, 38, 41, 119, 141 Corcoran, Mr. J. 98 j Corcoran, Mrs. T. 96, 97 Cormio, R. 3, 38, 41, 73, 88, 89, 137, 141, 177 Correia, J. 3, 126 Cortez, C. 34, 106 Corwin, D. 120 Cossolini, J. 60, 61, 116 Costanzo, E. 73, 80, 81, 85, 116, 184 Costanzo, Mrs. B. 3, 14, 32, 33, 72, 73, 84, 85, 107, 111, 131, 184 Coviello, J. 132 Cox.M . 106 Coyle, K. 114 Cregan, SJFr. R. 43, 111, 122 I Crimmins, B. 29, 41, 64, 65, 66, 67, 93, 141, 166, 168 I Crisalli, Mr. T. 54, 111, 115, 122 j Crohan.T. 124 I Cronin, M. 54, 58, 59, 106 I Crowley, T. 141 I Cruz, E. 34, 118 I â&#x20AC;&#x2122; Cruz,M. 72, 114 1 Cruz-Femandez, Mr. J. 104, 105 I Cuaycong, J. 72, 130 I Cuento, B. 34, 110 } Cueto, B. 73, 92, 93, 128 j Cunning, E. 120 I Cunningham, B. 56, 57, 136, 141 i Cunningham, M. 46, 118 ! Cupo, M. 122 1 Curry, Ms. M. 17, 32, 83, 111 I Cymbor, D. 37, 41, 75, 93, 122, 136 | Czerwienski, J. 112


I Dailey, C. 57, 66, 67, 72, 93, 136, 142 I Dandorph, Mr. K. 20, 21, 24, 70, 104, 105, 113, 121, 123, 174 | Dandorph, Mrs. E. 104, 105 Dangcil, W. 112 Dasari, S. 142 Dazo, J. 130 De La Rosa, Nelson 122 De La Rosa, Noel 29, 93, 142, 148

de Leon, J.

a 2 9 , 4 1 , 7 2 , -73, 78^ 7 9 ,


87, 109, 132, 142, 147, 150, 163, 184 D ePaola, N. 41, 143, 144 DeAngelo, Mr. J. 14, 17, 32, 33, 38, 93, 113, 125 DeBenedectis, J. 37, 41, 85, 124 DeFelippo, A. 37 DeFeo, D. 128 DeFilippo, A. 41, 124 Degnan, A. 114 Degnan, N. 140, 142 Del Castillo, J. 114 Del, S. 54, 55, 110 Dela Cruz, R. 71, 85, 93, 124, 184 DeLorenzo, Mr. C. 16, 17, 72, 73, 113, 122 DeLorenzo, Mr.C. 17 DeLuca, D. 71, 72, 126 DeMarino, A. 108 Denny, SJ Fr. T. 14, 113 Deodato, J. 38, 73, 93, 128 DePalma, Mrs. A. 105 Desai, P. 72, 112 DeSalvo, D. 37, 73, 90, 130 Desrosiers, A. 72, 85, 143 Destito, D. 77 Deverell, J. 54, 106 DeVillava, K. 68, 69, 122 DeVoe, J. 124 DiDonna, D. 34 DiGesu, M. 57, 120 Diggs, B. 34, 72, 118 DiMartino, D. 57, 143 Dios, J. 122 Ditinyak, J. 108 Dolan, Mr. T. 100, 101 Dolan, SJ Fr. C. 100 Donald, Mr. M. 125 Donates, G. 73, 110 Donates, M. 73, 130, 184 Dondero, M. 68, 69, 132 Dondero, Mr. J. 18, 74, 92, 98, 105, 115, 122 Donnelly, W. 132 Donohue, D. 37, 89, 130 Doria, C. 58, 116 Dougherty, B. 143 Dragotti, P. 126 Draude, E. 108 Drummond, F. 30, 38, 52, 53, 56, 60, 83, 92, 93, 143, 154 Drummond, L. 52, 53, 61, 72, 116 Dubois, Mr. R. 47 Dubrule, Mr. B. 115, 127, 149 Duncan, OSF Sr. F. 22, 24, 25, 40, 41, 42, 43, 115 Dunning, D. 118 Duran, R. 73, 93, 144 Durkin, M. 57, 81, 118

Dwyer, Mr. J. 78, 115 Dy, C. 50, 51, 78, 79, 93, 144, 147, 154, 167, 169, 172

Edley, C. 54, 5 5 ,^ 2 , 106 Edwards, N. 56, 57, 116 Edwin, R. 38, 41, 72, 75, 144, 149 Egan, T. 68, 69, 126 Eliopoulos, T. 144 Elson, M. 132 Emma, N. 57, 68, 69, 116 England, D. 124 England, R. 46, 47, 54, 108, 136 Enrico, C. 89 Enrico, R. 41, 58, 59, 122 Enyinna, C. 70, 71, 78, 85, 93, 124, 184 Esendemir, O. 126 Espinoza, R. 106 Esposito, T. 112 Estevez, A. 73, 110 Estevez, E. 57, 114

Fabros, Jonathan 144, 158 Fabros, Julius 54, 110 Facchini, J. 22, 24, 37, 41, 73, 74, 78, 79, 83, 85, 87, 92, 124 Fajardo, N. 80, 81, 87, 130 Falcicchio, John 5, 41, 73, 89, 145, 146, 154 Falcicchio, Joseph 73, 120 Faller, C. 106 Fallon, D. 106 Fam, P. 3Q 76, 92, 93, 113, 134, 160 Fandialan, E. 112 Fandialan, M. 108 Farinas, D. 78, 110 Feliciano, J. 74, 145, 156 Fencik, J. 58, 132

Ferlisi, J. 46, 47, 122 Fernandez, C. 122 Fernandez, D. 112 Fernandez, J. 108 Fernandez, S. 73, 109, 143, 145, 155 Fernando, C. 83, 112 Ferrante, Mr. K. 57 Ferreira, P. 41, 66, 67, 75, 145 Ferro, F. 61, 73, 126 Fesken, A. 69, 81, 124 Figueiredo, C. 73, 93, 132 Figur, Mrs. N. 77 Finn, D. 49, 62, 63, 92, 118 Fischer, J. 122 Fisher, J. 5, 19, 146 Fitzgerald, B. 56, 57, 92, 118 Fitzpatrick, K. 58, 59, 89, 122 Fitzpatrick, M. 58, 112 Florkiewicz, C. 88, 146, 151, 154 Florkiewicz, R. 51, 110 Foley, SJ Fr. J. 99 Folger, J. 106 Ford, Mr. B. 22, 43 Ford, Mrs. C. 98 Formoso, S. 62, 112

Gonzalez, F. 61, 73, 118 Gonzalez, L. 70, 71, 147 Gonzalez, V. 30, 72, 93, 147 Graham, J. 120 Grant, L. 72, 132 Greene, A. 72 Greene, H. 114 Griffin, SJ Br. J. 105 Grzelka, B. 54, 112 Gualario, Mrs. G. 96, 97 Guerrero, G. 110 Guevara, J. 148 Guirgis, A. 85, 148, 155, 184 Gupta, S. 122 Gurian, D. 106 Gurian, S. 38, 93, 147, 148, 154, 173 Guzman, V. 57, 124

Foster-Moore, J. 41, 64, 65, 124 Foster-Moore, M. 110 Francisco, C. 72, 87, 118 Franco, B. 126 Franco, Mrs. M. 105 Frezzo, M. 73, 114 Frezzo, P. 73, 89, 146 Friend, J. 34, 81, 126 Fromfield, Mr. M. 62, 63 Fusco, M. 108


Hagen, P. 18, 22, 24, 77, 78, 82, 124 Haggerty, D. 148 Hall, A. 40, 110 Hallanan, J. 78, 122 Hammer, Mr. J. 104, 105 Hansen, J. 148, 159 Hansen, Mr. R. 56, 57 Harbace, S. 72, 93, 149, 155 Harrison, SJ Br. P. 105 Hassell, J. 66, 93, 120 Haveron, Mr. O. Gadsden, H. 72, 146 57, 115, 119, 126 Gaffney, M. 64, 137, 146 Hayden, Mr. D. 47 Gallagher, L. Healy.B. 46, 47, 62, 72, 118 38, 72, 73, 14Q 147, 162, 172, 184 Healy, S. 72, 93, 149 Gallagher, P. 147 Hellstrom, Ms. P. Gapasin, G. 8â&#x20AC;&#x2122;1, 130 10, 11, 119, 156 Garafa, Mr. C. 67 Henandez, C. 108 Garcia, G. 114 Hennessey, Mr. R. 100, 101 Garcia, J. 110 Hennessey, Mrs. K. 13, 119 Garcia, M. 73, 112 Herbert, J. 19, 48, 49, 149 Garcia, Ms. A. Hernandez, A. 114 14, 15, 17, 42, 93, 123 Hernandez, J. 61, 112 Gargiulo, T. 33, 147 Hinton, R. 46, 47, 106 Garofalo, J. 53, 61, 116 Hoag, SJ Fr. M. Gazic, M. 71, 72, 132 13, 32, 33, 89, 108, 119 Gehrmann, J. 126 Hochstaeder, Mr. S. 58, 59 Geraci, A. 34, 46, 92, 110 Hoffman, G. 57, 120 Geraci, W. 54, 55, 106 Hollis, T. 71, 112 Gerges, P. 132 Holt, D. 132 Geronimo, R. 116 Holt, M. 132 Gibson, J. 122 Horan, Mr. J. 101, 103, 123 Giele, L. 54, 132 Hudacko, S. Gillis, K. 51, 62, 116 5, 11, 38, 66, 132, 149 Gilroy, D. 110 Hughes, J. 132 Giordano, F. 114 Hunt, P. 29, 149 Glasser, S. 54, 61, 92, 114 Hunton, M. 51, 62, 63, 73, 120 Gleason, B. 54, 112 Hurtado, J. Glock, K. 85, 118, 184 41, 68, 69, 71, 93, 146, 150, 158 Goldsack, M. 30, 92, 112 Hussey, T. 112 Gonnelli, M. 54, 55, 108 Gonzalez, D. 57, 118

ISC / Index

Ibrahim, A. 75, 150 Ibrahim, T. 57, 85, 116, 184 Ilaria, D. 68, 69, 124 Ilaria, G. 69, 118 Iorio, G. 41, 57, 69, 128 Irvine, Mr. J.

Kowalski, A. 156 Kuca, E. 34 Kudera, M. 78, 124 Kwan, K. 41, 74, 93, 126 Kwan, W. 46, 78, 112

I LaBruno, N. 73," 120 Lacey, S. 120 Lado, L. 78, 118 Lallo, J. 73, 87, 118 Lancellotti, J. 73, 124 Lanzalotto, Mr. C. 57, 123 Jackson,N. LaPutt, C. 120 38, 53, 61, 72, 149, 15Q 154, 173, 175 Larkin, K. 72, 114 Jamison, M. 41, 150, 154 Larkins, R. 156 Janiszewski, C. 89, 126 Larsen, C. 60, 61, 72, 130 Jannucci, J. 110 Lassiter, D. 72, 140, 156 Janson, J. 110 Lauro, Mrs. M. 105 Jantas, Mr. J. 62, 63 Layugan, J. 54, 132 Jantas, R. 77 Lazorwitz, M. 72, 124 Javier, J. 114 Lazzara, L. Jeffery, G. 49, 130 33, 66, 67, 73, 128 Jeffrey, G. 72 LeCalvez, Ms. A. 25, 123 Jensen, T. 72, 106 Leon, A. 30, 73, 84, 85, 93, Jimenez, S. 57, 118 113, 156, 175, 184 Jones, Mr. R. 10, 121, 132, 133 Leone, S. 114 Jorda, C. 110 Leung, J. 11, 156, 157 Jordan, A. 48, 49, 56, 57, 72, Leverone, D. 38, 90, 124 150, 151, 154, 159, 161 Levy, A. 57, 118 Jordan, R. 128 Lillis, Mr. B. Jotz, Mr. J. 67 16, 35, 38, 41, 86, 110, 122, 123, 125 K Lissenden, K. 46, 47, 57, 116 Kamal, M. 57, 122 Locricchio, Mrs. M. 96, 97 Kaminski, C. 38, 41, 73, 89, 151 Long, P. 41, 112 Kamik, S. 72, 85, 151, 162, 184 Lopez, W. 34, 120 Kayiaros, S. LoPorto, J. 34, 71, 73, 128 29, 33, 38, Xt 71, 72, 84, 85, 87, 93, LoRe, J. 107, 109, 147, 150, 151, 154, 184 58, 59, 150, 157, 171 Kearns, K. 108 Lorenzo, R. Keenan, R. 54, 110 29, 41, 71, 72, 74, 93, 140, 157 Keenan, SJ Fr. J. Loria, Mr. A. 5, 29, 96, 97, 103, 154 14, 15, 64, 73, 123, 128 Kelly, C. 108 Lucero, J. 130 Kelly, K. 116 Lucero, M. 50, 51, 72, 157 Kelly, Mr. K. 68, 69 Lugtu, J. 31, 50, 51, 157 Kelly, S. 112 Luke, S. 72, 85, 87, 110 Kendall, M. 66, 114 Luty, J. 57, 69, 114 Kennedy, Dr. R. 118, 121, 123 Lynch, T. 114 Kessler, E. 87, 132 Kickey, M. 58 Killilea, E. 58, 65, 122 Madavi, P. Kim, D. 93, 107, 144, 151, 177 5, 38, 72, 82, 145, 154, 158 Kiniery, W. 120 Madsen, B. 58, 59, 158 Knapp, T. 34, 87, 108 Magallon, Alex Kolakowski, A. 112 62, 65, 92, 122 Kolakowski, R. 57, 69, 151 Magallon, Anthony 63, 116 Komurek, C. 58, 59, 110 Magarban, D. 51, 120 Komurek, R. 110 Magcalas, J. Koo, J. 41, 71, 74, 93, 156 16 30 34, 72, 85, 93, 158, 184 Koszyk, Mr. W. 12, 121 Maglaya, J. 20, 24, 106 Kovacs, B. 124 Pi Maglori, R. 73, 74, 89, 93, 141, 158, 159 13 34 46 64 65^ 98* 10% 10B> 121, 122 Irvine, Sr. Mr. J. 104 Iwano, C. 116

Mulhern, T. 106 Mulleady, K. 106 Mulligan, K. 58, 59, 126 Mullins, E. 36, 41, 71, 73, 85, 87, 132, 184 Mullins, J. 71, 89, 162 Mulroy, T. 108 Munar, J. 34, 93, 128 Munoz, A. 162 Munoz, J. 126 Munoz, P. 162 Murgola, A. 108 Mussell, P. 93, 155, 162 M usto.B. 51, 78, 79, 89, 114 Muzzillo, D. 62, 63, 110

Maharaja, R. 122 Maher, R. 116 Maio, D. 61, 72, 118 Malakauskas, G. 22, 24, 54, 106 Malfettone, M. 50, 51, 93, 158 Malik, F. 93, 144, 159 Malizia, M. 73, 75, 128 Mallari, J. 72, 74, 87, 114 Mananghaya, K. 108 Mansfield, F. 146, 159 Manson, E. 132 Manto, P. 108 Manziano, M. 58, 114 Manzo.M. 58, 59, 81, 106 Mara, M. 41, 64, 65, 130 Marasigan, J. 108 Margagliano, M. 114 Marinello, A. 46, 106 Marino, F. 62, 73, 118 Maroney, A. 54, 114 Marques, M. 132, 159 Marsh, K. 34, 72, 122 Martineau, Mrs. J. 104, 105 Martinez, A. 66, 73, 93, 134, 159 Martinez, C. 54, 106 Martinez, M. 66, 73, 110 Martinez, Mr. F. 104, 105 Martinez, P. 132 Massarelli, Mr. J. 13, 123, 125 Masterson, T. 93, 159 Mastromonaco, V. 90 Mauricio, C. 126 Mavilla, J. 38, 160, 173 May, M. 33, 124 Mayo, M. 126 Mazzarese, A. 114 McAuliffe, J. 51, 132 McCloskey, K. 106 McCullough, S. 89, 92, 118 McDermott, Mr. R. 43, 125 McDermott, P. 64, 65, 130 McDonald, M. 120 McGovern, P. 52, 53, 61, 80, 116, 175 McGrath, R. 61, 114

McGraw, J. 58, 106 McHugh, M. 132 McKenna, B. 130 McKenna, C. 61, 160 McKenna, Ms. L. 105 McNair, B. 126 McNally, Mr. 102 McNally, S. 29, 93, 154, 160 McNemey, D. 118 McNemey, M. 71, 120 McPartlan, J. 33, 122 Medina, E. 61, 76, 118 Medrano, J. 57, 160 Mehta, R. 71, 78, 83, 85, 87, 122 Melo, R. 54, 112 Menda, P. 46, 47, 116 Mendez, L. 128 Mendoza, A. 29, 76, 77, 93, 160 Mendoza, R. 37, 71, 74, 93, 124 Mercer, J. 48, 49, 72, 93, 161 Merluza, A. 124 Merrick, Mr. D. 113, 130 Messina, J. 58, 59, 110 Mezzina, M. 73, 118 Miceli, A. 52, 53, 118 Micelli, A. 73 Milczarski, M. 161 Miller, D. 56, 57, 161 Moe, A. 58, 122 Moloney, J. 58, 80, 108 Monaco, J. 54, 69, 112 Monaco, M. 68, 69, 88, 161 Mongiello, M. 62, 63, 108 Montana, W. 77, 91, 116 Monteleone, M. 36, 37, 41, 42, 71, 78, 79, 84, 85, 93, 128, 184 Montes de Oca, E. 82, 132 Moore, Mr. G. 125 Morales, A. 116 Morales, R. 31, 73, 114 Moran, J. 73, 132 Moran, K. 29, 33, 64, 65, 88, 161 Moran, M. 132

Nadler, S. 38, 72, 93, 154, 162 Nakhla, P. 126 Nally, P. 122 Nandi, A. 87, 116 Naviello, J. 34, 73, 83, 87, 118 Nguyen, B. 34, 72, 83, 89, 93, 154, 163, 184 Nguyen, D. 122 Nguyen, E. 34, 71, 87, 118 Nickerson, Mrs. P. 67, 87, 127 Nieves, M. 34, 92, 106 Nieves, Mr. R. 105 Nikolla, K. 72, 93, 139, 146, 163, 175 Nivins, M. 57, 72, 163 Noga, Mr. A. 3, 14, 15, 38, 52, 53, 111, 125, 127, 131, 164, 168 Nolan, J. 54, 108 Nueva, N. 126 Nyaboga, M. 57, 72, 126

O'Donnell, C. 112 â&#x20AC;&#x2122; O'Neill, S. 57, 124 Obregon, A. 112 O'Brien, SJ Fr. D. 21, 78, 127, 130 Ocfemia, C. 114 Ocfemia, L. 112 O'Connor, K. 57, 120 O'Connor, SJ Fr. T. 122, 127 O'Donnell, Mr. J. 20, 24, 123, 129 O'Grady, Mrs. P. 18, 22, 43, 129 Olenhaus, R. 58, 73, 114 Oliveira, L. 52, 53, 110 Olsen, E. 34, 108 O'Neill, Deacon J. 5, 22, 23, 29, 121, 129, 168 Oppido, SJ Fr. H. 129 Ortega, J. 163 Ortiz, Mr. R. 46, 47 Ostaszewski, S. 122 Oyola, J. 64, 65, 122

P t Padilla, A. 73, 74, 75, 124 Paez, M. 122 Pagan, D. 126 Palao, R. 120 Palermo, J. 73, 78* 79, 83, 88 89, 93, 144, 163 Palmeiri, A. 73 Palmieri, A. 62, 120 Palmiero, Mrs. L. 105 Pantelleria, J. 108 Paonessa, L. 70, 71, 85, 118

Parikh, R. 70, 71, 164 Park, H. 118 Park, J. 57 Parry, T. 72, 116 Paskas, D. 66, 67, 130 Patel, A. 41, 71, 72, 83, 85, 93, 164, 184 Patel, D. 25 34 35, H 83 8$ 87, Š, 1C8 181 Patel, J. 71, 72, 74, 93, 128 Patel, S. 21, 22, 24, 72, 85, 87, 124 Pellegrino, M. 62, 110 Pentarakis, E. 90, 91, 120 Percontino, J. 64, 65, 73, 80, 124 Percontino, L. 73, 92, 128 Perdue, C. 106 Perez, D. 106 Perez, J. 120 Perseghin, A. 41, 61, 85, 90, 93, 110, 184 Perseghin, N. 66, 67, 90, 93, 164, 170 Petersen, D. 37, 61, 130 Petrillo, J. 110 Pica, G. 118 Pickett, E. 58, 108 Pike, J. 83, 163, 164 Pingol, N. 164 Piotrowicz, R. 112 Portelli, A. 64, 65, 128 Powers, S. 130 Presley, M. 110 Prilop, Mrs. I. 98 Prime, Mrs. M. 104, 105 Prime, R. 37, 58, 64, 65, 89, 93, 124 Priore, M. 57, 158 Proenza, M. 120

Pumarado, J. 112 Purdue, C. 54 Puro,K. 89

Q 4K : Que, J. 57, 116

88, 89, 150, 151, 166, 168 Romanski, L. 58, 128 Romanski, P. 58, 108 Romero-Bosch, J. 38, 65, 130 Ronan, Mr. J. 70, 131 Rone.V. 72, 73, 85, 86, 132 Roselle, Mr. E. 54 Rotecki, P. 81, 110 Rowan, Ms. K. 131 Rudzinski, B. 33, 38, 41, 84, 85, 93, 157, 166, 168, 173, 184 Rumain, D. 82, 93, 130 Russo, P. 90, 91, 166, 168 Ryan, Mr. B. 48, 49 Ryan, T. 72, 130 Rygiel, K. 122 Ryglicki, J. 90, 132

Quelal, M. 57, 120 Queveda, F. 143 Quevedo, F. 19, 73 Quinn, B. 73, 81, 128 Quinn, T. 114 Quintana, Mr. J. 14, 15, 47, 73, 122, 131 Quitiquit, B. 110


Rafanan, R. 130 Ramirez, D. 73, 130

Ramos, A. 85, 122 Ramos, R. 120 Rao, G. 89, 118 Rashed, A. 69, 72, 93, 144, 155, 166, 168 Raslowsky, Mr. J.

29, 30, 42, 43, 72, 73, 97, 123, 129, 154, 168 Raulli, SJ Fr. E. 82, 131, 154 Raval, A. 72, 112 Razon, C. 33 Reidy, Mr. P. 70, 71, 97 Renner, R. 62, 63, 114 Reyes, Mr. A. 104, 105 Reyes, Ms. N. 104, 105 Riaz, A. 57, 122 Riaz, M. 22, 24, 54, 110 Richards, R. 120 Ridgway, C. 118 Rimac, P. 76, 77, 132 Rinaldi, A. 41, 132 Rios, C. 114 Rios, S. 132 Rivera, E. 130 Rivera, Ms. D. 98, 99 Rivera, S. 52, 53, 61, 108 Rizvi, S. 112 Rizvi, Z. 72, 116 Rizzi, F. 122 Roa, R. 166, 168 Roarty, D. 106 Roberts, Mr. H. 78 Robinson, K. 72, 114 Robinson, Mr. R. 131 Rodriguez, A. 118 Rodriguez, I. 112 Rodriguez, Jacob 126 Rodriguez, James 122 Rodriguez, John 126 Rodriguez, R. 114 Romano, C. 73, 130 Romano, J.

Sabedra, Mr. A. 15 Salas, A. 73, 167, 169 Salazar, SJ Mr. L. 34, 73, 112, 131 Salem, S. 62, 63, 81, 120 Salgado, X. 72, 85, 87, 124, 184 Samarat, A. 90, 110 San Philip, J. 167, 169 San Phillip, J. 88 Sanchez, S. 122 Santa Cruz, E. 41, 61, 73, 75, 130 Santos, J. 72, 73, 140, 167, 169 Santos, T. 114 Santucci, M. 66, 122 Sari, G. 132 Sarkar, A. 34 Sawh, Mr. A. 104, 105 Sazon, T. 50, 81, 130 Scalzo, R. 41, 50, 51, 167, 169 Schade, M. 46, 114 Schalk, D. 41, 50, 71, 93, 167, 169 Scher, D. 122 Schneider, Mrs. H. 98, 99 Schubring, R. 37, 66, 67, 128 Schundler, T. TCt 71, 84, 85, 9Q 91, 114 1& Schwarz, J. 46, 72, 118 Scrivanich, M. 29, 41, 56, 57, 71, 73, 90, 93 Scrivanich, N. 58, 90, 130 Scudder, J. 62, 122 Sekel, E. 38, 73, 82, 130 Serra, S. 112 Serrano-Acosta, Mr. E. 104, 105 Service, T. 85, 90, 91, 93, 184 Settembre, Mr. D. 34

Sexton, D. 116 Shah, M. 34 Shaheen, F. 72 Shaikh, N. 72, 78, 79, 162 Sharma, R. 34, 71, 72, 85, 130, 184 Sharpe, Mrs. C. 105 Sharrock, B. 41, 66, 67, 78, 128 Sheehan, W. 46, 120 Sheikh, K. 25, 72, 78, 79, 83, 85, 87, 90, 109, 124, 184 Sheppard, B. 90, 91, 126 Sheppard, C. 132 Shivers, D. 69, 130 Sidhom, A. 54, 108 Sielski, J. 51, 116 Sifonte, E. 114 Sikorski, C. 106 Silva, D. 62, 112

Spataro, T. 3, 30, 33, 38, 76, 77, 89, 90, 132, 147, 184 Spezzacatena, C. 116 Spina, C. 170 Sta. Iglesia, A. 33, 61, 72, 74, 170 Stadtlander, C. 132 Stokes, J. 57, 72, 116 Strallow, M. 38, 41, 82, 85, 89, 90, 91, 93, 126, 184 Suarez, D. 61, 73, 106 Such, Mr. K. 57 Sunga, M. 41, 93, 132 Suthammanont, C. 33, 41, 72, 73, 82, 92, 93, 113, 154, 160, 170 Sy, R. 126 Sylvia, M. 62, 63, 112

Traba, J. 108 Traina, J. 120 Tramutolo, J. 56, 57, 68, 109, 171, 177 Tramutulo, J. 69 Tredo, Mr. R. 48, 49 Trentacoste, N. 29, 66, 67, 85, 171, 184 Tully, M. 37, 41, 75, 126 Tuminaro, J. 58, 81, 124 Turnbull, SJ Br. F. 96, 97 Turonis, E. 110 Twaddell, M. 38, 41, 65, 168, 171 Twiggs, D. 46, 72, 124 Tyagi, N. 116


Ubelhoer, K. 132 Ulloa, G. 61, 73, 114 Urbanovich, M. 46, 108 Urbanovich, N. 46, 106 Urbanowicz, M. 41 Urbanski, R. 110 Usma, S. 54, 108


Silva, J. 3Q 33, 38, 64, 65, 92, 93, 145, 158 Silvestri, V. 132 Silvestris, Mr. L. 14, 133 I Simon, J. 89 Simone, D. 120 Singh, P. 71, 83, 85, 87, 118 E; Singh, V. 71, 73, 89, 128 I Sison, M. 118 I Sista, A. 110 | Skripak, R. 60, 61, 124 jâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; Sladowski, Ms. 102 j Slusarczyk, F. 158, 184 j Smith, C. 54, 106 j Smith, D. 3, 38, 41, 76, 85, 93, 109, 144, 146, 157, 163, 173, 175, 184 Smith, M. 122 Smith, S. 72, 77, 93 Smith, T. 48, 49, 72, 130 Song, M. 110 Souder, C. 56, 57, 126


Taboada, Mr. M. 58 Talreja, P. 71, 72, 85, 118 Tango, A. 73, 116 Tango, D. 61, 73, 130 Taraszkiewicz, M. 5, 38, 69, 170 Taraszkiewicz, P. 118 Teddy, P. 130 Tedino, B. 61, 132 Thakker, A. 34 Thareja, D. 112 Thaxton, Mr. J. 35 Thomas, O. 61, 72, 92, 118 Tillotson, P. 33, 38, 58, 89, 170, 173 Timmons, D. 49, 72, 126 Tobias, E. 89, 92, 124 Tobias, F. 37, 61, 85, 87, 126 Tolani, A. 71, 72, 118 Tolat, J. 85, 116 Tomassi, J. 72, 120


Valenti, C. 118 Vallone, D. 118 Van Note, C. 63, 65, 122 Vasquez, Mr. A. 104, 105 Vecchi, K. 57, 116 Vega, B. 54, 112 Veltri, F. 132 Verano, Rene 154, 171 Verano, Rupert 112 Verdi, Mr. S. 54 Vezina, A. 83, 85, 114 Victorino, N. 34, 126 Villanueva, R. 106 Visone, L. 3, 38, 41, 65, 73, 86, 172 Visone, P. 58, 106 Vitali, M. 72, 130 Vitanzo, A. 73, 89, 102, 128, 184 Vitanzo, P. 67, 73, 89, 120 Vizzacchero, M. 54, 55, 90, 106 Vora, A. 11, 110 Vucetaj, E. 34, 108

w <$: Wagnon, M. 58, 72, 132 Wainman, C. 172 Walker, M. 41, 61, 71, 86, 132 Wall, C. 116 Wallace, B. 39, 41, 48, 49, 75, 126 Walsh, Mrs. E. 98, 99 Wassong, M. 23, 89, 134, 172 Wayne, Mr. T. 132, 133 Wichert, W. 51, 78, 110

Wieczorek, S. 62, 63, 106 Wilbeck, D. 46, 54, 112 Wilczek, C. 172 Williams, K. 46, 47, 54, 55, 72, 132 Williams, S. 110 Williomson, T. 54, 112 Wisnieski, G. 3, 38, 57, 69, 172 Witkowski, K. 52, 53, 60, 130 Woehrle, J. 118 Wojciechowski, S. 120 Wong, Simon 34, 37, 71, 82, 87, 89, 118 Wong, Steve 37, 41, 61, 71, 85, 124, 184 Wong, W. 61, 87, 116 Wood, B. 126 Worthington, K. 61, 118 Wozniak, Ms. A. 133 Wyka, D. 46, 47, 120 Wysocki, Ms. B. 21, 121, 133

Yarbrough, W. 87, 106 Yau, D. 122 Yazici, D. 173 Yu, J. 81, 90, 132

Zak, M. 34, 114 Zaklama, A. 41, 57, 124 Zaklama, J. 155, 173 Zamar, R. 61, 89, 173 Zambrano, O. 122 Zawistowski, Mr. R. 25, 32, 33, 50, 51, 81, 133 Zayas, A. 11, 54, 108 Zevoteck, M. 173 Zuber, T. 120

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Colophon T h e 1 9 9 7 P e tre a n :


w a s p r in t e d b y H e r f f J o n e s Y e a rb o o k s , G e tty s b u rg , P A 1 7 3 2 5 . T h e c u s to m d e s ig n e d A n tiq u e P lu m

#1 0 7 8 le a th e rte x v is ta s c re e n

c o v e rw a s d e s ig n e d b y th e 1 9 9 7 P e tre a n S ta ff a n d G e tty s b u r g a r tis tS c o ttC o o l T h e a p p lie d c o lo r o f S ilv e r # 2 3 w a s u tiliz e d f o r th e c o v e r c o p y . P a p e rs to c k u tiliz e d in th e p u b lic a tio n c o n s is te d o f 1 0 0 # B o rd e a u x in th e o p e n in g s e c tio n a n d 8 0 # B o rd e a u x f o r th e b a la n c e o f th e b o o k , a n d w a s tr im m e d to a n 8 '/ iâ&#x20AC;? X 1 1 â&#x20AC;? fo rm a t

A l l s p re a d s w e re s u b m itte d o n

d e s k to p , p r e p a r e d o n a n IB M C o m p a tib le P C o n th e H e iffJ o n e s P a g e M a s te r p ro g ra m . T y p e f o n t s u s e d w e re Kudos light Condensed f o r

Stack Light f o r a ll b o d y L e t t e r s w e a t e r O u tlin e f o r c a p s , M e so u ra n S e rif f o r f e a t u r e an cfE arb e D is p la y f o r f o lio ta b s . c a p tio n s ,

copy, d ro p copy, F o n ts

f o r h e a d lin e s v a rie d th ro u g h o u t th e b o o k . S c a rle tt w a s u s e d fo r s p o t c o lo r in th e s e n io r s e c tio n . E n d s h e e ts w e re s ib fe rc o lo rte x ts to c k p r in te d in HJ B la c k 0 9 5 0 . S e n io r p o r t r a it p h o to g ra p h y w a s d o n e b y D a v is S tu d io s o f M a m a ro n e c k , N Y 1 0 5 4 3 . A p re s s r u n o f n in e h u n d re d tw e n ty -fiv e c o p ie s w a s p r in te d . A 1 6 -p a g e s u p p le m e n t w a s p r in te d in th e su m m e ro f1997.


he Freshman basketball team’s record does notshow the intensitythe team played With during their season. Coach John Irvine, who took overthe team five games intothe season, wasable to lead them to three victories. The team finished with a decisive victory over Hudson Catholic. One of.the most difficult things to do as a basketball coach is to come into a program without any previous knowledgeofthe program. Coaches Ray Ortiz and Robert Dubois did just that for the JV basketball team. They masterfully led them to a strong 13-5 season, the team won its last seven games

including a strong 61-48 victory 12-3 record and the County posting the shutout. The team lost over North Bergen. Championship under their belt: The in the second round 6-3 to Tom's The Prep Matmen enjoyed team finished third out of fifteen in. River East, to finish up the season. another fine season under Coach fie Slits tournament Tim Sazon Kevin Kelly, He led them to a 9-4 bowleda®2seriesJonathon Lugtu record. The team made the state finished the bowiing season with a tournament receiving a bye in the county best average of 203, Mea Culpa. Michael Zevoteck, first round. The team suffered a loss Thevarsity hockeyteamfinished Brian McKenna, Martin Gaffney, in the second round to Bergen a very hopeful season that indicates Robert Jordan, Pietro Barbieri, and Catholic, 56-18. Winners for Prep a great potential in nextyear's team. Brian Wood were omitted from the were Dave llaria, Mike Monaco, They went to the state tournament Varsity soccer picture. Kevin Greg llaria, and Jason Monaco. As a but lost to Pingry 5-1 in the first McCloskey was omitted from the highlight for the team Dave llaria round. After their tremendous effort Freshman basketball picture. Kevin made the individual state against Pingry, the team moved on Fitzpatrick, not Kevin Mulligan, had tournament, taking an impressive to the Hanchin Cup where they over 60 points in this year’s hockey overall seventh place. made it to the second round. The season. Finally, JeffreyAngermeyer The Prep Bowiing team finished team beat Paramus Catholic 6-0 andJoe Baberwere both misspelled one of its best seasons ever with a with freshman goalie Mike Manzo under their senior portraits.

his year was practiced diligently for the inaugural five weeks before the season for the first game. team’s St Peter’sPrep lacrosseThe team. The members of existence was made the lacrosse team possible through the graduatedtothe “team" efforts of a few seniors status after two years who started it as a club 1995 with asaclub.Althoughonly in a few members of the cooperatiifi from the team had played administration and Fr. before, the players had Keenan. Though a few a very enthusiastic players had little or no attitude and were experience, those at extremely excited to every grade level took take part in the leadership positions on inaugural season. the team. With these Underthe guidance efforts, the team can of Head Coach Pat lock forward to a Drennan, the players successful future.

T si



>1 «! Pui




S i if PQ




Mike Frezzo,



Boyle, Sanoop


Al Rinaldi, Luke,







Jon-Poul Coach

Coshmon, Dan Joe






McNemey, Joe







Donates, Coach


Lacey, Andrew

Joson Singh,

Adrew Bing,




Dove Donohue,










Ferry, James Tim

Sodot Coviello,


Clock, Lou


1997LacrosseScores Record: 1-6 Prep Prep Prep Prep Prep The lacrosse team gathers around Coach Drennan before their game against Seton Hall Prep to go over some last minute strategies.

Attackman Tom Parry a New Providence on his way to a goal. Despite effort by Tom and of the team, ended in a

dodges defender shot on a great the rest the game 9-2 loss.

3 7 2 3 2

Rutger's Prep Ridge NewProvidence SetonHall Prep Bergen Tech

18 9 7 11 S

Immaculata forfeited toPrep

Winter upda te / Lacrcsse

Ryan Giele,

Armed and Ready BY: K E V IN C O M PR E L L I

©ach Jo e U r bi i ovich's oldest theory is that the othertern cantwin if they don’t score. THIS/ year’s team took this to heart by a]lowing only 75 runs in 26 games (2.84 team ERA). Led by CoCaptain Mi kg Wasscng (6 wins). Prep's pitching staff lived up to its high e x p e c ta tio n s .

JyifirTgm : Cilfian (62 strikeouts) and; Sophomores Jack Baker (2.87 :gRA) andSteven .Jimenez (54 strikeouts) were major contributors. Offensively, the team struggfed early in the season, but later became an offensive forceto be reckoned w ith, Senior Co-Captain Seah!|ifcMaliy(.357 AVG) was often the: catalyst for Prep's

At the playoff semtfiml match, starter Mike Wossong delivers a fastbaS to an w a m ll Bayonne batter. Mike successfully delivered for the Mamders ova his fo l I years


Prep[ I


offensive surges, MSawed by senior Dave Archiffc (24 bits), juniors Ben Cufitol||2 RSI’s), Dgr £nglM :(.311 AV.D}, i.uig; Pf.^cnt'.no (1:5



$oph£»0 re Mark DiGesu (4 HR's). Fundamentals were what contributed to the tern’s eouniysemitrial Ippearanca

First Kim: Mark DiSesu, Dan England, Tom Crohan, Craig Addeo. Second Row: Kevin Coyle, Dennis Valbne, Nick Edwards, tuiy Percontim, Kevin ComprA Ihird How: la b Park, Dave M iie k , Sean McNally, Anthony Vitanzo, /Moras Donalds. Fourth How: Coach Joe Uitmmch, Benny Cuelo, lack Baker, Steve limenez, Ion Foster-Moore, Assistant Coach !Sjg Beamy. Missing: Brian Ackerman, Mike Wossong

1997 VarsityBaseball Scores* Record: 19-7 Prep Pre ) Pre,* Pre) Prd) Prd't Pre> Pre» Pre i Pre) Prd.f Pre ) Pre ) Pre) Wm) Pro Pre) Prt1) Pre) Pre ) Pre ) Pre ) Prd) Pre § Pre:* Prep

6 4 S 0 1 8 1 10 1 7 15 5 4 5 7 5 20 4 3 4 9 8 4 8 3 7

St. Benedict's St. Mary's Parantus Bayonne Edison Lincoln St. Joseph's (S.I.) Ferris Marist Hackensack Snyder SejtonHall Prep Dickinson St. Raymond's Memorial Emerson UnionHill Hoboken St. Joseph's (Met.) North Berven Randolph Hudson Catholic Xavier Dickinson Hudson Catholic Bayonne

3 1 3 5 10 1 0 1 6 4 1 3 3 1 5 0 0 7 2 0 14 6 1 0 7 11

Second baseman Sean McNally makes a diving attempt to tag out an opponent from Bayonne going hr extra bases in the playoff semifinals. Teammates congratulate Kevin Coyle and Dan England after they score on a double by Sean McNally. Despite the allout efforts of the team, they could not beat Bayonne in the semi-finals.

* Thanks toJeromePedersonfor the stats.

186/ Varsity Baseball


The JV team congratulates Kevin Coyle after he scores one of the team’ s 10 runs at the game versus North Bergen. Coyle played so well behind the plate at the JV level that Coach Urbanovich to the Varsity team. Freshman Ryan Carrol lifts a line drive into right-center field during a game against Hudson Catholic. The game was played at Field 13 in Lincoln Park.

JV Baseball: Front How: Jon Tomossi, Have Jango, Dennis Vollone, Craig Addeo, Justin Schwartz. Second Row: Kevin Coyle, Matthew Durkin, John Friend, Kevin Worthington, Peter Amadeo. Third Row: Jake Park, Marcus Donates, Jose Costanon, Pat Dragotti.

Prepared for Take- Off BY: JO N A T H A N & M ATT FO STER-M O O R E

| B s Winter M m sports QHffilcarrie t o i close many Fresh men started, to perfect their skills f t f the baseball season. fifty’ hopeful Freshmen tried out for the baseball team, but only sixteen made the fin al® !. With captains:Joe (Man and Nick Ujbanovich leading the Way, the team was destined for success. The Maraudersopened the season by crushing St. Bendict's Prep. ChrisSmith showed his talent early in the season, by hurling a no-hitter for the Marauders: that day. The team continued with a five game winning

streak. All in all, the teafff finish®! with a 13 3 record, TKI year's JV baseball program fixSfc Peter's Prep was a new team with a newoutlook. Under rookie Head Coach Carmen Spina, the Marauders were lookingto establish themselves as a baseball power­ house.. W il the combination offour juniors, and tremendous talent from sophomores, the JV team was ready. The Infield mixed experience andtalentaslnsuch talentedjuniors Pat Dragotti, John Friend, Dave Tango, and Kevin Coyle behind the plate. TheJV team's

three man pitching rotation consisted of MarcusDonates, Pete Amadeo. and Jose Castancn. Craig Addeo. DennisVailone, and Jake Park proved to beoneofthe best outfields In Prep history. Coach Spina stressed the unity Ofthe sophomores andjuniors, saying, "We have to unite and work together tosucceed.* Atfirst this was tough, but the team overcame it. Both teams' records show a potential for even more success next year. These squads are prepared to make a run for the county title next year.

Standing at die plate, Ryan Carroll prepares to drive the ball deep into the outfield Prep defeated Hudson Catholic with a score of 20-7.

Freshm an / JV Baseball 1187

® jjf i JjPith seven members fierce punch at tha tvro spot. w M w Jp eff last yeaft fern Seniors Joe Hansen and J|m iH R tB i fradBated, the Birch .dong with junior Matt Pi 1;S97 Prep Gof Team, fed by Burlick contributed vital scores O Coach Tim Caslin, worked hard ftjr |ie team throughout the PQ and :cng. Despitecoiti and wlgiy season. The surprise of the conditions, early in Hie season, season was freshman Pete the team came through with Visone, whose beautiful swing and ability tesscore proved to be s impressive and crucial victories. crucial tothegolfteam'ssuccess. The top player was junior Q captain Don, Cymbor, scoring Sophomore Phil Vitanzo, PQ the team’s best individual score imprWing from: his freshman of 38. Senior Rob ScalM, yea', also conlf&uted iome although suffering from an early good scores, as w si asjuniors season hack injury, provided a Rich Coiabraro and Carl

06 < S h




Figueiredc. Hookies Rich Florkiewicz, RayAddas,and Nidft Cala gained valuable experience and should prove ffi/be key players in the future. In a close match against Don Bosco Prep, fte.golfteam proved r a t i is finally a force to reckon with. Alp, the W iilm shot a 169, which isthe .owestscore in school history. Once again, the team was fortunate enough to play on some excellent courses, Including Forest Hills F.C., which became the team's norr.ecourse.

They also played at Echo LakJ Obuntry Club, which was hostt J She U.S. junior Amateul Championship five years ago, I As to :ftie triumphs of m steadily improving golf team CoachTim Caslin commented," was very impressed with the qua!ity of play this year and ever more importantly with the spiril ofteamwork among the players! the players didn't play individually, but played as i whole."

Rob Scnko concentrates for his shot at the Ust Course of the Seton Hall Match. ms a both on golf team

Rob star the and

bowling team this year.

Fiont Row: Philip VHanzo, Don Cymbor, Hob Scalzo, Joe Hansen. Second S o r Soy Addas, Kid) Colabm, Hick Cala, Carl Figueiredo, Peter Visone, Coach Tm Cain. Third Row: Malt Burlik, Jim Birch, Rich Florkiewia

At the Uncoln


Park Courts, Paul Teddy extends himself while practicing his serve. Repetition and

DeBenedectis uses his strong forehand to successfully return a seme. Justin's game proved to be strong and consistent this year.

precision contributed to this team's success.

j , ■ —„ ^ 'E £ -> ^ Q) ■^ J

i T f ven without last year's gj J i l l seniors, ffie tennis team £ ["M l again enjoyeda successful o <; season. Forthesixth consecutive w co year, the team qualified for the § ^ NewJersey Playoffs and reached Sq £ the county finals against ^ ° Bayonne. The effort put into the 2 finals was great, but the team ” co iost ¥Tg g Losing only one match all H q season, junior Paul Teddy, who “ kJ captured first place atthe HCIAA *-> County Singles Championship, c played first singles for the team, pq Junior Justin DeBenedectis and

Self / Tennis

seniorJason Casia playedsecond and third singles, respectively. inthe beginning ofthe season, juniorTimSazon andsophomore Matthew Hunton played first doubles, whiiesophomoreJames Amadeo and freshman Chris Fernandoplayed seconddoubles. Toward the end of the season, they switched doubles, with freshman Jeff Hughes often playing "second" with Tim or Matthew. Coach Tony Crisall felt that "The team has great personality, and we know how to have fijn."

Front Row: Matt McNerney, James Amadeo, Paul Teddy, Vm Sazon. Second Row: Joe Perez, Louis Paonessa, Chris Fernando, Jeff Hughes, Jason Casia. Third Row: Keith Rygiel, Matt Hunton, Justin DeBenedectis, Coach Tony Crisalli Missing: Ryan Villanueva

Vincent Chisari njns in a relay competition at Keamy. Not as easy os it looks; one slip of the baton or a step outside the

At the all important Penn Relays, Calvin Souder, Lance Visone, and Vincent Chisari discuss their day's performances.

line means team disqualification.

he 199? Outdoor Track Cffis Larsen and sophomoreWill ■ team led by senior eft Lopez scored points in nearly ev­ I captains Frank Druffr ery meet for the Field team. The mond and Chris Bader, was cofreshman1 m. team captured second prised mostly of sophomores. placeintheJerseyCityChampion­ Sophomore sprinters Frank ship. Distance runners Hcinio Gonzalez,VincentCh.isari. Robert Olivera andSam Rivera, aswell as McGrath, andseniorLanceVise® sprinter Sean Glasser and James finished an unexpected fourth in Bayot, were the backbone of the talented freshman squad. Coach the highly competitive 4x00 meter relay at the Penn Relays. Alejandrosummedit upinsaying, Afteradisappointing indoorTrack "The talent of the Outdoor Track season,juniorKyleWltkowskiand team exceeded our expectations and showedgreat promiseforthe sophomore Sal Candela ran well for the distance team. Junior years to come,"

T Fiont Row. L Drummond, J. Casstbo, L Ofviero, F. Drummond, R lamar, L Itone. Second R Alejando, £ Rivero, J. Bayot, T. Egan, P. McGovern, F. Gonzalez,V. Chisari, Coodi Burgess. N. Jodson, K. Wilkowski, D. Suarez, S. Candela, C Bader. Fomth Row. G. Uba, R MdSralh, M. Waker, £ Medio, C Souder, C. Branski, A PersegHn, 1CGts Missing: C Inrsen, S. Glosser, L Alexander. W. lopez, M. Corndon, S. Antonio

Row: Coadi Third Row. M Moran, P. Ambiosb,

bd P o a

2 GO



Alex Magallon, Chester Janiszewski, James Koo, Gerad Aro, and Eric Andres line up in their respective defensive

At the JV match versus Bayonne, Coach Lanzalolto draws up a play. For this year's team, organization

positions against Bayonne. Despite much opposition, Prep bounced back to win.

anil teamwork were instrumental la their winning record.

eterrninatior., guts, glory, the Week honors from theStarblood, sweat, and tears Ledger as well. The team was led by their captain and only are all adjectives to senior, James Koo. describe the 1997 St. Peter's In the counties. Prep won Prep Volleyball Team. The Spikers compiledarecord of 17- their first match against Ferris, but eventually lost to Memorial 5, finishingfourth inthe county. They also earned a berth in the in the second round, in the NJS1AA tournament. Prep State Playoffs. This was, by far, by beating the most successful season for qualified Coiiir.gswcod 2-0, but then lost the Volleyball Team. The towers ofthe teamwere to EastBrunswick, thebestteam C.J .Janiszewski andEricAndres in the state at the time. Despite who consistently smashed the this loss, Prep completed itsbest ball, providing points and side season ever. outs. Andres earned Player of

P Front Row: [rik Rivera, Brian Balahadia, Noel Row: James Koo, Jon Munar, Jeff Almenana, Mima, Frank Giordano, Mark Dandero, John Row: Coach Chris Lanzalolto, Carlo Francisco,


Victoririo, Richard Mendoza, Rhys Dela Cruz. Second Manager Matt Malilza, Eric Andres. Third Row: Dan OelCastillo, Maurice Cruz, Anthony Magallon. Fourth Sean O'Neill, Chester Janiszewski III, Alex Magallon,


w f§

to CO



o M r > “ U o to C N

Gerard Aro, Mark Saivanich, Warren Kwan

H it tlt n Track / Vclleyball I i 8 9 ’


S t r e p 's 1997 jt^ M ls s io n Drive hs was once again a great success. The successes the Mission Drive attained are a great tribute to the spirit of the Prep community and the school 's dedication to helping others. All of Prep’s homerooms tried to outdo each other, utilizing their individual innovative ways of raising funds for a good cause. With the money raised by each individual homeroom, combined with the many Mission Drive events, this year’s drive accumulated close to $15,000. Almostall ofthisyear's money was sent to different third world countries, and the rest was sent to battle world hunger, Mr.

Robert ZawistowsKI, the moderator for the Mission Drive staff described the efforts of the entire Prep community as teylfe the Mission Drive’s "banner yean" Once again,, 8a@ , Freshman Itomerooms raised the most money, with a total of about $3,000. Of all the homerooms in the entire school, Mr, Irv­ ine's freshmen raissl the most, w ith 1948.25. Fr. Hoag raised th# Secondmost, with just under $700. Mr. Qubrule's "Putt-for-Cash” ft the library, com bined with his "FoQsball TGUrnamenf raised the ftW highest to­ tals for the H ive, with $679. Sr. Frances raised $2,000 in the 30 hour famine. For the third

(SM scu rofip ar, the Student Council ran their Royal Rumtste. In this Missi&a iJrive

evi})|i PrepteaffiSind clubs

giiJDpeted each otter in various events. The Varsity Soccer team emerged victorious, and avoided tji,e cheerleader pit, Tft® lasers in the Royal Rumble were forced to walk through a pit w here the Prep cheerleadetidumpiS a gross mixture i f f e S on them. Other Successful events included Bovvlamania and the Burger King Gash-O-Las. All of these events, combined with the lAilngness of Prep students to. donate their time and money, made this year's M ission D rive a tremendous success.

Freshman William Wichert drops his balloons in the lace of his team's failure to the Tie Club at the Royal Rumble, the most highly attended event by Prep and nonfrep students. Mike Corandon orders bis meal during the annual Burger King CaslMn. This year's two Burger King CasMHns raised approximately $400.

With a disgusted expression, Anthony Feskin looks bock ot horrified teammates os be roHs yet another gutterboll during Bowh-Monio. This year's Bowhmonio, coordinated by Mr. Zowistowski\ produced o great turnout from the Prep community.

1 9 0 / Mission Drive

Adventures in Education

4s part of Mr. Ulfis's group at the Gettysburg National Park, Joe Facchini, Andrew Bucci, Frank Tobias, Danilo Ramirez, and Matt Malitza, pose in front of a wartime cannon on the battlefield. At the park, tourists can live out the exact locations of Civil War bottles.


■ IjjSjp p 'Bay was ■jaf'composed of a HO spectrum of lavefits—soroe far away, some nearby, some exotic, some p rm at, some; adventurous, and, some calm and relaxing—but at! of them great fun. The most popular w en Mr. Gregory Boyle's illilw a t e r RaffingTrip, Mr. John W ine's B i® Trip, and Fr, TonyAzzarttfs Hall of Fame Trip. Another well attended trip was M:r, B ill L illis ’s Gettysburg Trip.. Others fccluded trips feta w a tc l m uittaS performances in New York such as Candide m&S&mp Thisyear’s foster even had room for the very exotic trip to the Mfen factory,


Mr. Irvine and Mr. Loria pose with ttieir group of mountain bikers. Ibis trip consisted of o long journey that went through the woods, over hills, and into the city, lhough tired and sweaty at the end of the journey, these Prep bikers were content to hove enjoyed the beauty and serenity of Mother Nature.

1C1,thatwasorganized by Mr. Robert

Zswistowsfe i. T ill large selection of trips tied to satisfy flsetaste of every' student :n the school-, Thar® was something for every one. Whethertftatwas tefloB o f yoga, there was something for all. Teachers and studentt alike took part in these events. Cfeaches Tony Crisaill, Owen 1laveron, Chris Lanzalotto, ,a®d Br. Paul Harrison experienced the rapids atthelM eW aterTrip in their own boats along with the students. Those on the trip found this very PU jyenient and entertaining whes ft came to the water fights. Also, Mr. Irvine and Mr. Loria biked

right along wtth the students and Completed the trail, Prep Dip is certainly n ® just in the school calendar to take up space. It reinforces what Prep feels about communityoutside the classroom. It builds strong relationships from situations that cannot happen in the classroom. Teacher/ student relationships are sometimes strengthened when they are throwing each other into a freezing river rather than studying a subject. The same goes for relationships between peers. It is the learning that takes place outside the classroom that Is sometimes more valuable than any other kind.

At this year's Whitewater Rafting Trip, Ryan Prime and rear-man left McPaithn look obead to the oncoming rapids. It took a combination of teamwork, steering, and communication to keep these rafts on course; the absence



could launch



from their boats.

prep Day ll9 1


CO <D £

Lnipis 13, the PrepBand performed thair annual Spring Concert in the school cafeteria. With the help ofthe stage crew, the cafeteria was transformed into a hall fit for the etegSfes. the land—. composed oftheConcert,Jazz, M Barili, and the Ouftar 'Quartet^playMBIKil! house.. Some of the musical compositions that were under the dteflfift of Mr. Roland

The Gurtar Quartet of Ed I Mullins, Juan I Castro, Jason 1 Correia, and Anthony Murgolo

;J-ores irlclided: “Clear late Overture," "Pink Panther," and “Mission Impossible.” The new JV Arector, Mr, Tetger, ■conduced “JSrt the:Circus" and others,, H e newifformed Guitar Quartet, under the direcftcitofMr, Torafemps^,, performed “Etude #7" and “Mercy, Mercy, Mercy.” These ne# eciticns to the Band, m& theriifeM%QftheregdarBand wgre a formula for

performed under Mr. Tom Dempsey. This new addition to the Band featured solos by each

I | I I

guitarist. The Prep Jazz Band entertained the audience with rhythm and blues in songs like "Pink Panther" and "Harlem Nights." Their songs were exciting and "cool" (just like those "glasses”). Backstage, right before the concert, Mr. Roland Jones gives the Band a pep talk. He emphasized the importance of stage posture and proper instrument tuning.

| '+-> : £ ^ q y *1*1 o ’4 v f ,2 P / " 5—

11, 2. and 3 S t [s College hosted alumni, faculty, , and familywho came g out to support Prep's pro^ duction of Pippin. Director u Jim Dondero was amazed at -z; the reactions: "I was very <$ pleased at how the chorus and ^ the band sounded, and £ thankful for the wonderful w comments from the audience." Jim Dondero and assistant director Anthony jLoria practiced for months with the cast. Lisa Dondero took care

of choreography while Cathy Sondetb handled costumes. McGrath, a voice coach, was hired to improve the qual­ ity of the singing. Roland Jones directed tie Prep band, bringing the music to life, while Production Manager Nfak Perseghin led the Stage Crew. Pippin was about a young man and Ms search: for his “Comer in the Sky. " Aftertrying sex, war, and a revolution, Pippin finally found true ful­ fillment in a life of simple love.

The widow Catherine tries to persuade Pippin to live on her farm with her and her son. Catherine, played by Uza Villamaria, was


looking for satisfaction and fulfilment in his ffe, Pippin, played by David Hassel, hopes to find them in women. Sex seemed completely fulfilling at first, but Pippin eventually saw its emptiness and continued his search.

Spring Concert / P ippin




unsuccessful at first in her l| s attempt to domesticate I

The crew of Pippin pose on the St. Peter's College stage during their dress rehearsal. Much of the cast's and band's success came from the practices held the week before the show.


DeBenedectis . and Matt Montekone led a group of Prep students and teachers during the Good Friday Peace Walk, i The walk m s held along \42nd Street in Hen/ fork

heideaofjusticeandpeace given by Me. Kevtfi ‘Dbyte. The at Prep spreads beyond Prep community continued its ■the classroom and into interests PaxChristibyattending t-Teps Pax Christi chapter. aOn screening of “Entertaining Good Friday, the members Angels: TheDOTthy DayStory." journeyed to 42nd Street inNew The success of the group was York to. participate in the annual due in part not: Only to the Peace Walk. Continuing in the dedicationofmoderatorWilliam spirit of the walk, the Chapter Ford, but’ also to Tim CasHa decidedtoorganizes “Peacewith Jorge Becerra,:Jon Dwyer, Jim justiceWeek”atPrep. Attracting DeAngelo, andSillLillis. Mr. Dili many students, tekhers, and ®mmert£d, "Pax Christi takes administrators was the lessons Seamed in religion class presentationonthedeath penalty andputsthemintotherealworld.”




0 '“ h

H H O 21 H M r

0 T 1

P I o Many Pax

Christi chapters carried crosses during the Stations of the Cross in New York. Here, the participants responded to a prayer at Times Square.

Loria and John Palermo stop in front of the Port Authority Terminal for a break during the Peace Walk. The Peace started near the U.N. and ended at the Hudson River.

At an MCC meeting, Paul Fam records ideas for an upcoming newsletter. The group, which was founded this year, worked to promote a |respect for all cultures.

Suthammanont, Amish Patel, Alan Leon, Dhaval Patel, Robin Edwin, Paul Fam propose topics for an upcoming discussion. The MCC discussions about such issues as racism and interracial marriages.

gheir flyers covered parts of the school that mott: people don't even know t Morning announcements of their meeting were read to tired ears eachweek. The Multi Cultural Club was a presence at Prep this year. 1996-97 was the “MCC's rookie” year and its success may be credited to its “seasoned veterans.” It was founded' by seniors Craig Suthammanont and Markis .Abraham. They were soor. joined by senior secretary Paul Famandsenior board members Cay Dailey, Robin Edwin, Roy Maglori. and Mike Wassong. With Dean of Students James Collins moderating, the MCC made an impact on the Prep community. Suthammanont and Abraham stated in their original letter to the Prep community that their purpose was to create a club "Where students...could better understand and respect those with whom they live and work each day. We Wanted intercuitural differences to be recognized as pride... We wanted (the prep community) to experience emotions and ideas which they would not


have felt otherwise: to learn more about others, about the world we live in, and about ourselves; to take further steps toward creating an ideal community at Prep.” The MCC hosted an open discussion on prejudice in December. Despite the MCC's own doubts the meeting went very well. Soon afterwards the club began circulating its own newsletter and distributing articles and packets on prejudice, ethnicity and diversity in education. They later held a follow-up discussion on Interracial relationships. Senior and MCC member Steve Harbace, in his article “Help Wanted" (published in the MCC’s newsletter in January),, called for more concern from the student, body. Paul Fam, on the other hand, was encouraged by the level of participation, being that the club was a “rookie." “We raised the level of awareness and set the stage for greater things to come,” agreed Suthammanont and Abraham.

Pax Christi / M ulticultural Club 1193'

Shuttiig h r stuff for al 1o see are Ryan Prime, Kevin Ftpatridc, and Don Cymbor. Were the/ trying to impress ther dates with ther funky moves?

Jay Tuminaro joins the others in riding the train. Other dance hits were the "YMCA" and "Jump Around."

Dance experts, Ms. Ana Gordo and Mr. Jim Dondero, show the others how it's really done on the dance floor.

At the Landmark, Rich Schubring, Anthony Fesken, and 0 Janiszewski dance with their lovely dates. It is obvious from their smiles that they all had a good time.

1 9 4 / J u n ic r Activities

Junior C


l e





hile many Sunday afternoons during Junior year were spent Idoing homework, one ternoon in May provided a pleasant Setting for the Junior Ring Mass. fesides the juniors and their families, faculty members were also present to bless the rings as well as to congratulate the juniors. Fr. Azzarto organized the ceremony and helped the juniors to select a ring that would help them to remembertheirPrep experiences. The one characteristic common to all of fie rings was the classic red ruby. |r, Azzarto handed the rings to the juniors and after each ring was blessed by a faculty member, the parents placed the ring on their son’s finger. Fr. Azzarto summed up the importance of the rings by commenting; 'The rings mark a special transition from Junior to Senior year.” I. Four days later, the juniors as­ sembledtogetherfor their prom. As the party buses and limousines ar­ rived at the Landmark in East Rutherford, manyjuniors smiledwith

joy as they realized their longawaited Junior prom had: finally arrived. Mike Strallow said, 'The Sunday af­ a great time: to get to­ prom was gether with friends and have a GREAT time.” Mr. Loria, afirst-year teacher at Prep said "1danced like a wild-man. These Prep kids know how to have a good time. 1also had a great time.” The Junior Prom committee, led by moderator and Organizer PatO'Grady, worked hard to make the night a success. Don Cymbor, a member of the commit­ tee, said “I'm glad it turned outto be one ofthe best experiences many of us have had at Prep,” As.the night progressed, the Prep juniors arrftheir dates, as well as members ofthe faculty danced the night away. The juniors had a wonderful time, dancing the “YMCA,” and watching Mr. Lillis' rendition of the chicken dance. Before thejuniors could catch tiigir breath, it was already 12:30 a.m. and it was time for the last dance. Thepromgavethejuniorsthe chance to spend a great time with friends, dates, and faculty members.

At the Ring Mass,Mr. Jorge Becerra blesses Benny Cuetoon the receipt of his new ring. The receiving of a ring signifies that a junior will soon begin the final year of his time at Prep.

At the Ring Massteachers bless juniors that they have come to know well. Mr. Ullis blesses Matt May, a student whom he first met in his freshman religion class.


These proud juniors show off their newly acquired rings after the Ring Mass. Coach John livine and the administration present the Soccer MVP award to Mike Mara. He, Don Cymbor, and Ryan Enrico were the only juniors to win MVP awards this year.

J u n lc r Activities 1195'

How SirwplE Life W as goes, It's (j& ni.'" He emphasized thatfesaaiss would recall in the futurt that "Life was so simple at that so many really gared about Iftem as individuals. Then, Chris Bader, DaveSmith, and Paul Madavi impersonated Fr. AzzartO, Mr. Lillis, Mr. RasloWsi^,, Mr. Ford, and Mr. Irvine. All present: were able to be themselves,joke around, share stories, reminisce in the true Prep Spirit, and recognize how simple life really is. The next event took place one week before: graduation. The Senior Prom was held on May27th at the Westmount Country Club 83 West Paterson, where 123 seniors andtheir dates took part in an extravagant evening. Upon arriving couples proceeded into the tticktaii lounge,for hors-d’oeuvres and at 8pm went into the ballroom. Students and faculty

meffiBfifsImmediatelytoflk to the dan® floor to the provided by DJ Dan from Dan (The Man; Productions. A dance-off and limbo CffiSpetittonwasbettwhich awarded fifty efeilar cash prizes to the winners. Ms. Ana Gareia and the senior Prom Committee coordinated She intricate details to ensure a flawless and memorable evening. Ms. Garcia commented, “As always, the prom was exciting and enjoyable, but this j®ar was especially meaningful for me. 1 was very Happy to have my students?wepictures of us as a group, as now I will have these photosto ensure fOHd memories in the futim ” Jite r the couples slow-danced to the final song of the evening affi graduallydepartedfrom the dance floor, it was evident May 27th would always remain “One More Night” to remember.

Table top dancer Craig Florkewicz entertains fellow peers at the Senior\faculty dinner. Craigs "antics" brought about cheers and applause and thankfully no JUG!

1 9 6 / Senior Activities

Toroszkiewic signs Jet Angermeyer’ yearbook t capture memorit fo r fu tu r readings.


[§ S S ] he Senior/Faculty dinner is an [B i opportunity for seniors and faculty to converse and im ply enjoy the final days of the year. It’s a time where the strength of the friendships between student! and faculty becomes clearly evident. It's a night that is dedicated to the seniors. For the dinner on May 12th, It® seniors selected Frank Drummonf, Jonathan Hurtado, Sean McNally, and Mr. Carl DeLorenzo '67 as their speakers. Frank and Stean both expressed the sense of community between students and faculty at Prep. As he ran through tie cafe, slapping people's hands, Senior Jonathan Hurtado sparkedthe crowd saying. "I call out your names,.,because I love you guys." Mr, DeLorenzo stressed the importance of the final week: "Once 1

M ar

4 cake is symbol o achievement an congratulations Even better the how it lookec was how i tasted.

At the Senior Mass on June 1, Ms. Hellstrom cheerfully blesses Mario Clemente.| She,along with other faculty, wished al the to the sen'm .

Motivated by a cash prize, Bill Cunningham demonstrates his acrobatic dancing ability. Jhough the competition was tough, Bill finished on top and fifty dollars richer!

Ms. Ana Garcia welcomes senior Rene Verano and his date as they arrive at the senior prom. Besides organizing and coordinating the prom, Ms. Garcia was also responsible for ensuring that all had a good time.

During the theme song, "One More Night," Roy Maglori and his date hold each other tightly. This song set the mood for the entire night.

Tiying to out-do Billy Cunningham's performance, Darren Miller and Mike Monaco (upside down) stoop to crazy antics and expressions. Though unsurpassed in the originality department, they could not take home the cash.

During another prom night competition, Dale Kim fails to make it under the limbo stand. Coming in behind Dale was Billy Cunningham who wanted to increase his cash winnings.

Senicr Activities

Celebrating the 119th



igs^raduation is a i|i |bj time- tc celeIftjpbrate. It sym'Mizasanewbcgin ning-a time Id go into tie world and faceanewchallange. All 174 grad iilSi marched in proces­ sion to the hymn "Pomp and Circum­ stance.” After the in­ vocation from Fr. Azzarto. SJ, and Mr. Raslcwsky's words of welcome, senior Markis Abraham de­ livered his welcome speech,wherehediscussed howhenever feltthreatenedbyrac­ ism at Prep. Instead, he felt comfortable and part of a family. Immediately fol­ lowing Abraham’s speech, academic awards were given out. The two most special awards were! saved for last: the Rev. Francis Shalloe

Award was giyehlB Craig Suthammangfit and i * Jesu it Secondary Education tion Award was awarded ex aeqtia 11 Jeffrey Anaermc-yer and Thomas Spataro. Class Speaker, Craig Suthamrr.anont, ‘teashed upon three crucial Pffnolples in his speech-*® live gen­ erously, to act con­ sciously and conscMously, and to live passionately. Following Craig's speech Fr. Keenan, S J introduced pe main speak®*for the evening, Fr. Joseph Towle, SJ, '53, di­ rector of the St IgnafiuiAcademy in the Brcrix. With tears in his eyes, he remi­ nisced about f e ;uniqueness of Prep

through intimate and humorous sto-

te The Bene Merepti Award was given to ®r. Paul Harrison S i for twenty years of 'outstanding sen/ice to frssPtip commu­ nity. Next, eight 3t IgnatiosAwardswere presented to distin­ guished Alumni of the Prep, which in­ cluded Fr. Towte^ Fr. Cregan, SJ, and Mr, Kcsyk. Afterwards, the seniors received their diplomas.Four yearsofwafflngwere all made worthwhile in one night. Then:, in the Hue Prep tra­ dition, the seniors ended the ceremony by singing W ide and dory,” the Alma Mater, They addi­ tionally proclaimed, "...the gifts you have given we shall never forget!”

Finally reaching his high school goal, Mario Clemente proudly receives his diploma; the symbol of his Prep career. At this moment of ultimate accomplishment, family members beamed witi pride and love. The first row of the senior \ class stands with the assembly for the Invocation I in the traditional white tuxedos. This lucky row wa\ the first to get their diplomas, though they initially missed their cue to line up.

The graduation was not just a time to award the seniors. Br. Paul Harrison, S I, receives the Bene Merenti award for more than 20 years of exceptional service tothe Prep. Br. Paul was an example of faith and devotion for this class of seniors.

1 9 8 / €raduaticn

Anniversary Celebrations



W t's tifneitQ: II ciebrate! Uiis [Mryear, St Peer's prep ipgtitrated 125 years of Jesuit education [a Jersey City. tii Saitday, MarchSth.bothPrep IB S It Ptter’s College gathered together jp gomroerate this

moment ous occasfcn. The celebration was held a!St Aedan'sCtarch in Jersey City.. The celebrant was Afcfebishop Theo­ dore McCarrick. The entire school community came together for the liturgy to recognize the accomplish­ ments the Jesuits have made. Also present were families, friends, and faculty. Mr. Frank Briamonte expressed hisdelightatthegreat number i f people that "came out to be part of the spiritual

ce l a&ra-tien, ftonortirg the traditions: and values that St. Peter’s Prep holds dear;’* Under the efforts of Mr. Briamonte, preparations initially began InSeptember. Theieightweeksprior to the niss saw the alumni office basicity “bringing it all togettat,* To Fr. Keenan, the of the Anniversary was fe "strengthen the bond of the Prep family." Manyfaculiywnoare alumni felt family Connections to the Prep. An example i Mr. Rawslowski, whs said,"! reminds you thatyH are part of a great institute, one that has made a difference inpeoples’ lives.” As part of the 125th Celebration festivities, a new event, the Fun Fes: was coordinated.

Students, faulty, parents, and alumni congregated at Grand & Warren for a Marik party. The main attraction was the Dunking Funseekers lined up to gettheir chance to dunk Mr. Haveron, Mr. Lillis, Mr. Imns, Br. Paul, Mr. Ronan, and Mr, Raslowsky. Also, The Classroom Revisited attracted alumni and stu­ dents to classrooms taught by current teachers and alumni. The Parents’ Association provided food to satisfy everyone's appetite. All • proceeds from the 50/50 Raffle and the Dunking. Booth went to the Mission Drive, Aftough the sun never came out and, towards the end, it began to drizzle the Prep Fun Fest was a “shining” success.

A cold Mr. Roslowski prepares himself for yet another dip into the tank at the Prep Fun Fest. He was one of six faculty members who volunteered their time and health for the Dunking Booth. During the 125th Mass at ; St. Aedon's Church, Fr. Hoag administers the blessed wine to the community. I Those attending the mass were bound by religion and tradition.

Mr. Collins shows off his form at the free throw tine. He, along with others of the Prep community, enjoyed a game of hoops at the First Annual Fun Fest.

123th Anniversary /U tivires 1199

/A c tiv itie s A w a rd s D ii

Mea y 17, 1 9 9 7 Jaime de Leon Band Michael Wassong ■Baseball Jermaine Mercer Basketball Bowling Jonathon Lugtu Chess Jaime de LeOh Cross Cdtfrtry Frank’Drummond Dance Committee -James noo Dramatics Thomas Spataro Footbal Anthony Jordan Christopher Cassaza Forensic® Goif Don Cymbor Hockey Ryan Enrico Indoor Track Cnristopher Bader Nathan Jackson Musical Outdoor Track Lance Visone Craig Suthammanont Paper 8 Pen Petrean Stephen Kayiaros " John Palermo Petroc Soccer ■ Mike Mara • Stage Crew Nicholas Pefiseghin , Stuneht Council -Markis Abraham Swimming Daniel Aser.cio Tennis*, Paul Teddy . Volleyball James Koo ■Wrestling - Michael Monaco

, Sj p p/ nirit A w a rd

David Archiello ‘97 Christopher Bader ‘97 Christian Boggiano ‘98 Christopher Casazza ‘97 Richard Colabraro ‘98 Robert Cormio '97 Brian Crimmins '97 Coy Dailey ‘97 Alvin Desrosiers ‘97 Lawrence Gallagher '97 Scott Gurian ‘97 Jonathan Hurtado '97 Gerry lorio198

Nathan Jackson ‘97 Stephen Kayiaros ‘97 Alan Leon ‘97 Edward Mullins '98 . Amish Patel ‘97 Nicholas Perseghin ‘97 David Smith ‘97 Michael Sunga ‘98 Craig Suthammanont ‘97 Mark Taraszkiewicz ‘97 Paul Tillotson ‘97 Lance Visone ‘97

1 1 9 th Com m encem ent Exercises

John McGovern '80 Award 'Stanley Bridgeforth Jeff Kachel '89 Award Sean McNally Scholar Athlete of MISIAA Jermaine Mercer Scholar Athlete of HCIAA Markis Abrahamj

Ju n e 4 , 1 9 9 7

Subject English Mathematics

W e wou Id like to wish fo n d fa rew ell to:

Ms-. Lisa Ammirato Fr. Thomas Denny, S J. Sf. Frances Marie Duncan, OSF Mr. Wiliam Ford Ms. Kathleen Hennessey Mr. Raymond Hennessey Mr. Joesph Massarelli Mr. Donald MerrickMr. Andrew NogaMrs. Patricia QGrady Mr. Jos6 Quintana , Mr. Lance Silvestris Mr. Chuck Walko


Religion Science

Gold Craig Suthammanont Stephen Kayiaros & David Scnalk Joseph Baber Fawad M alik.

History General '

Christopher Casazza Constantine Dy ‘ :

Subject Accounting Comp. Sci. >Latin


French , Italian

Gold Medal Michael Malfettone LuisGonzalez Sean McNally & . Craig Suthammanont Stephen Kayiaros ; Christopher Casazza

Subject German .Music Spanish Art

Silver Constantine Dy Paul Farrj Stephen Kayiaros I Constantine Dy &| Dale Kim Constantine Dy Sean McNally ■ Gold Medal Sean McNally Stephen Hudacko I Brian Crimmins &| Victor Gonzalez Daniel Haggerty

Bene Merenti Award; Br. Paul Harrison, S J. ■Rev. Francis Shalloe, S J. Award: Craig Suthammanont jliS.E.A. Award: Jeffrey Angermeyer & . Thomas Spataro O utstanding F resLnmen P e rfe c t A ttendc'ance

Gerard Aro James Bayot Tom Bums' Ryan Carroll ' Gregory Conti Mark-DOndero‘ Matt Foster-Moore

Mike Gonne|l|™| Dhaval Patel Andrew, Perseghift Mohammad Riaz Allen Sista David Suarez William Wichert"' -

David Archiello Jonathan Hurtado Stephen Kayiaros Amish Patel Keith Puro

Jo I P r e p


Well here it r, in its entirety. ■ : i 0 hen we gm eytlm /:&hr \\^ih:>ok sixty-five pages : on October 21 she never thought it w ould' happen.


Actually I never

thought it would happen either,but this staff proved: that they cmtti' get the job done. All deadlines were met which wasn't an easy task

We all ]worked hard, even/ day u;

3 P./M\., sometimes _ P./\ yet never on a Saturday, or a Sunday, ~€>r even over Christmas break or after the last deadline-when

ftki last year. . Jhn proud to

say that ’the ideas and thoughts th at went into what you read in this hook were entirely student produced.

Cnjoy this years book because .its by far the best Ive macie, and

even more irnportarit, this book’;0 r thg:^j0 i^ Ive



the guys that were here everyday -they re the g reate^ j^ ^ ^ course,

' ' ’ Costanzo made


the year spectacular as

" ." jM

jum p in a lake!" ‘ Its been Jm




because there's a big part :of me that doesn't want to ' leave. Prep

I think ■iII \.ondurir thisspeil 'Bem A

\ou .h^ulr: r--r:;i\

be awkward,

I feel that I belting at ' reading

this book

Senior< good luck in college. To all the faculty. 7 'thank you, because youmake Prep

; special.



for doing what you contributions.






do, because this book wouldn't be posltbfe w ithoutyourl

Who knows, 'maybe the'road of life will lead me back to Preft^as'al

■yearbook " moderator, or a French teacher Ktlmm ,v' ‘ give me a month p f'iC h m m es


Welf^ maybe -if /^-Jasbwsky will\

and *a generous yearbook -bonus \

I'll | consider it

Stephen . hayiarqs'Fditorrln ■ ;Chief?:

1997 Petrean  

The Petrean yearbook from 197

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