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ime, it can be said, is an essential part of mankind. Almost every a c tiv ity done in the world today in some way involves time. All business in our civilization de­ pends on deadlines, which, if not m et could mean the d iffe r­ ence between p ro fit and loss. In athletic com petition on the professional level, one second could mean the difference between a last chance and a missed opportunity. But most im portantly, the saving o f a life could depend on an ambu­ lance a rriving at the scene o f an accident in three minutes rather than in five. From these examples it is obvious that tim e is a critic a l element o f our society. But tim e in itself is an abstract, perhaps incomprehensible notion. The only way fo r mail to express tim e is through inaccurate devices refe rre d to as tim e pieces. It is through these tim e pieces that tim e takes its shape in hours, minutes, and seconds. In much the same way it can be said that the Prep freshmen who entered in 1983 were abstract, neither defined nor completely molded. St. Peter’s, much like the tim e piece, took these complex individuals and gave them shape, molding them into the Jesuit ideal o f well-rounded men concerned about others. Just as the idea o f tim e represents the youths o f 1983, so the concrete notion o f hours, minutes and seconds represents the finished product, the graduating seniors o f the Class of 1987.



ut tim e does not sim ply e nte r a tim e piece as an idea and come out as hours, m inutes and seconds. A tim e piece consists o f many parts w hich can represent the parts o f our school. Just as the band o f a w atch holds it on one’s w ris t, our parents have held and w ill continue to hold the seniors to ge th er through th e ir financial support and m or­ al encouragem ent. In much the same way th a t a w atch needs someone to w ind it, so our school needs its fa cu lty to keep it going. Just as a w atch needs its gears to produce the hours, m inutes and seconds, so our school needs its underclassmen to insure th a t young men, like hours, m inutes and seconds, are consistently produced. Just as tim e is m arked by numer­ als representing hours, m inutes and seconds, so these nu­ merals m ark the accom plishm ents realized by St. Peter’s through sports and a c tiv itie s . W e, the Prep Class o f 1987, are not yet finished products. W e are and w ill continue to be in process. Like tim e its e lf we w ill continue in m otion. Tim e w ill continue to pass through us; changing and m olding us. But whom we have m et and what we have learned, shared and experienced these past four years w ill always rem ain w ith us no m a tte r w here we go or how we end up. These last fo ur years have tru ly been fille d w ith glory days, and because o f this, in the words o f Bruce Springsteen’s Bobby Jean, when we:


w ill be on the ro a d somewhere in some bus o r tra in trave lin g along, in some m o te l room . . . you’l l know I ’m th in k in g o f you and all th e m iles in between and I ’m ju s t calling one last tim e . .. ju s t to say I miss you baby, good luck, g oo d bye . ..

1 I

| ' acuity is defined as the teaching and administrative force of an educational institution. Just as a watch must be wound for it to function, so our faculty is the driving force that keeps Prep going. From Father Foley's Latin I class to Father Pellegrini’s Sacraments elective, the Jesuit tradition of exposing young men to different points of view remains strong at Prep. From Mr. Gray's U.S. Flistory class to Mr. Donahue s Political Science elective. Prep men are confronted with the divergent positions of different times.

nderclassmen. tin* >emors ol tomorrow, are not yet finished pro dueis. Just as the gears ot a w M insure ihe continuous production ot time, so our underclassmen guarantee ihe consistent turnout ot tine voung men who w.ll be the leaders of tomorrow. Students like Juniors h a n M atta and Ld Martin. Sophomores such as John hormoso and Tom faiano. and freshmen like Rahsaan Garlm and Ted Schroeder. assure Prep of outstanding Senior classes tor years to come.


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ctivities, second only to academics, are for a school like the ticking of a watch. They are like the pulse of the school. An involved student body is a healthy student body. The abundance of co-curricular activities at Prep is a great complement to the demanding academic program. W ith the best dances in Hudson County, run by Mr. Massarelli, and Mr. Sayer’s musical virtuosos, the social and cultural life of the Prep student is enhanced. Through the award-winning Petroc, under the capable guidance of Miss Baber, and Mr. Silvestris’ Paper and Pen, and, of course, the ever popular Petrean. Prep men are enabled to sharpen and display their literary skills. In keeping with the classical philosophy of mens sana in corpore sano. Prep men, through Deacon O'Neill's Chess Club and the Ski Club, guarded by Fr. Stump and Mr. Tamburelli. are afforded the opportunity to exercise their minds as well as their bodies.




ports at Prep have always been the events that capture the spirit of the year. Just as each passing hour is marked by the elapsing of time so at Prep our athletic teams create the memories by which we marked our four year stay. This year’s hopes for memorable moments will rest on the shoulders of Coach Bellotli’s football squad — led by Captains Eltiardo W ebster. Jr.. Tom Tuohy and Charlie Bible, Harry Dammer’s hoopsters — led by Captains M ike Gallagher and Dennis Corwin, Coach Urbanovich’s boys of summer - led by Seniors Tom Basil, Dennis Corwin and Danny Cutola and the rest of the qualified coaches and talented athletes who take part in Prep athletics.


W hether one thinks of M r. Halligan s last great basketball team reaching the State Finals in the 1983-1984 season of our freshman year, or the glory of one of our finest football teams ever that reached the State Finals in our junior year, the Class of 1987 has many precious moments of athletic excel­ lence to cherish.



1 emors. like watches, conie in all sorts of shapes and sizes. They are also as mysterious and abstract as the concept these diversified time pieces measure. There are many time pieces which are well known and easily recog­ nized; such as Big Ben, the Colgate Clock, and the clock at Times Square, which heralds the New Year. In much the same way. there are certain Seniors such as Bill Price. Tom Basil. Bruce Gatewood, and Tom McDonough who stand out in their own way at Prep. Conversely, there are Seniors who do not stand out. and yet like the seemingly innocous hand which measures seconds on the clock; play an essential role in the clock's objective. That is, these Seniors like that hand contribute their time and dedication to thankless, unnoticed but important tasks. Such is the case with Seniors Wells lies, Mike O'Shaughnessy, Joe Brennan, and Arnel Ortega without whose ongoing beneficence Prep's football season, plays, basketball season, and retreats would not run as smoothly. We., the staff of the 1987 Petrean would like to acknowledge all Seniors who worked to make St. Peter’s Prep better than it was tour years ago.


The Rev. A rth u r C. Bender, S.J. was named President o f Prep to replace the Rev. Joseph P. Parkes, S.J. Petroc (P): Can you b rie fly describe your career at Prep before becoming President? Father Bender (F r.): I a rriv e d at Prep in January o f 1981 and from January o f 1981 u n til June o f 1983 I w orked in the Alumni Development O ffic e and taught English, H isto ry, Latin and Religion. In August 1983 I was assigned to the Jesuit N o vitia te in Syracuse to w ork as the A ssistant D ire c to r o f Novices and the A d m in is tra to r o f the House and I d id th a t fo r tw o years. I returned to St. P eter’s in August 1985 as Superior o f the Jesuit C om m unity and as a p a rt-tim e H isto ry teacher in the school. P: How does it feel to follow in the footsteps o f Father Joseph Parkes, S.J., Prep’s last President? At ..- O bviously, durin g the course o f Father Parkes’ seven years as P resident a lot was accom plished in the school in the areas o f fa c u lty developm ent, the physical plant and in the enrollm ent. Also, in many o th.

Student Council have gotten o ff to a. good sta rt. They seem to have a number o f good ideas and they d id a very good job in w orking on, fo r example, the Freshmen O rien tatio n . I hope th a t they continue w ith the good w ork th a t they have s ta rt­ ed. P: W hat do you th in k makes the Prep such a special school? Fr.: That is a question th a t each individual should answer fo r him self. I would hope th a t w hat the students would fin d most special about St. Peter’s is the care and concern th a t the students feel are shown tow ards them by the fa culty, the a dm in istratio n, and also by th e ir fellow students. The atmo­ sphere here is a frie n d ly atmosphere and one in w hich a student can feel free to grow and make m istakes, and to learn fro m his mistakes w itho ut feeling threatened or op­ pressed by w hat is going on. P: If you had to describe the Prep in one w ord, w hat would i f be? Fr.: Can I use three words? P: Sure. Fr.: A frie n d ly place. strides and great advances. P: W hat are you planning to do to im­ O bviously, th ere is a challenge prove the Prep as an educational fa c ili­ before me to continue on w ith ty? the great w ork th a t Fr. Parkes Fr.: This coming year, as you may had done in so many d iffe re n t know, w ill be the school’s preparation areas. fo r the M iddle States Evaluation which P: W hat e x a c tly are the duties w ill be coming about th irte e n or fo ur­ o f the R ector-P resident? teen m onths from now. The faculty Fr.: The President is the indiand a dm in istratio n give very serious vidual who is p rim a rily re® (being President) is a complicated thing consideration to w hat we have been sponsible fo r d ire c tin g the because there IS just SO much going on.” doing, w hat we w ant to do, and what school and fo r im plem enting we ought to do. There w ill emerge var­ the m ission o f the school as a ious ideas th a t w ill help me and the Jesuit apostolate. He is the Board o f Trustees in making policy de­ President and C hie f Executive cisions concerning how the Prep w ill O ffic e r o f the St. P e te r’s Prep face the end o f the century. C orporation. He is the one P: W hat makes you feel "Prep Pride” ? who employs all m em bers o f Fr.: The enthusiasm o f the students in the fa c u lty and s ta ff and su­ w hat they do, the concern and good pervises the members o f the wishes th a t I feel the alumni is w illing a d m in is tra tio n . He c o o rd ito express, and the alumni who have nates the long-range planning received an education here and have so valued th a t educa­ fo r personnel needs, fisca l management, and plant develop­ tion. Evenas the alumni are out in the business w orld and m ent. I supervise the c o n stru ctio n o f the annual budget and many years later, they are w illing to look back, see the all fund-raising a c tiv itie s . I also act as the ch ie f public school, support the school, and co n trib u te to the school. This spokesman fo r the in s titu tio n . I supervise the program that gives me a sense th a t there is something valuable going on the school has fo r its alumni. I re p o rt to the Jesuit auth orities here. These people, fo rty and f if t y years later, are s till w illing concerning the state o f th e school. to support the w ork o f the Prep. P: How w ill your a d m in istra tio n o f the Prep d iffe r from that P: One final question. W hat w ill the Prep, in your estim ation, o f Father Parkes’ ? be like in the year 2000? Fr.: I im agine basically w hat I am try in g to do is ca rry on in Fr.: I would hope that by the year 2000 that all the good ie ot m e areab w n e ic things about the Prep th a t we experience now w ill have been stride s such as in the area o f fa c u lty developm ent, the area made b e tte r and stronger. I hope th a t we w ill have a hard­ o f the m aintenance and rep air o f the physical plant, and w orking, happy, devoted group o f fa cu lty and students shar­ basically I do not th in k th a t th ere w ill be anything radical or ing to ge th er the w ork at Prep. new in m y a d m in istra tio n . It w ill m erely be a co ntin ua tion of P: Thank you> Father. all the good things th a t Father Parkes began. P: How do you feel the Student G overnm ent is fu n ctio n in g so fa r th is year? Fr.: W ell ce rta in ly Bill Price and the E xecutive Council o f the









edicating a yearbook is o fte n one o f the most d iffic u lt decisions that a yearbook s ta ff makes. However, this was not the case fo r the s ta ff o f the 1987 Petrean because this man’s contributions to the Prep have spanned three and a half decades since he arrived in the fall o f 1952. The contributions he made o fte n involved sacrifice. Having been taught in the Jesuit tra d itio n at Gonzaga High School and Fordham U n ive rsity, he learned to be a man fo r others. His sacrifices began a fte r finishing high school. He sa crificed his life and interru pted his collegiate studies by p ro tectin g his country as a U.S. M arine. He also renounced a career as a professional basketball player to pursue a career as a teacher o f H istory, Economics, Algebra and English at St. Peter’s. He also sa crificed his job as an English teacher to enable a young teacher to keep his job in the face o f faculty reductions in the early 70’s. That is how he reached his present position as d ire c to r o f physical education. W hile all this went on in his life he managed to raise a large fam ily o f eight children w ith his w ife, Lee.


Though his life was filled w ith sacrifice, there were also many great accomplishments. In high school at Gonzaga in Washington, D.C. he captained the football and basketball teams while being named All-M et, A ll-D is tric t and M.V.P. o f the c ity title basketball game. For these feats he was inducted into the school’s Hall o f Fame in the spring of 1986. In college at Fordham, he was named firs t team AllEast and Second Team All American. He then continued his athle tic career playing fo r the National Basketball League’s Oshkosh franchise. He was also offered a tryou t fo r quarterback w ith the N.Y. Giants o f the N.F.L. before choosing to leave his athletic career and pursue his voca­ tion as a teacher. Everyone can learn something from this man, whether it be sacrifice, com m itm ent, service to his country, as a father, or as a teacher and successful fund-raiser fo r the walk-a-thon, but most o f all as a friend. W ith these thoughts in mind, we, the St. Peter’s Prep Class o f 1987 proudly and w ith a great deal o f appreciation, dedicate the 1987 Petrean to M ister Robert Francis M uivihill.

Rev. James Kuntz, S. J.

M r. Ken Dandorph

P rin cipa l

A ssistant P rincipal fo r Student A ffa irs ; Pre-Calculus

Rev. A rth u r Bender, SJ. President; R ector o f the Jesuit Com m unity; M o d e ra to r o f the Father's Club

Rev. W illiam Lundy, S.J.

Bro. Joseph Wuss, S.J.

A ssistan t P rin cipa l fo r A ca ­ de m ic A ffa irs

S tu d e n t A f f a i r s O f f i c e â– , M od era to r o f the Slavic Club and the Ignatian G uild

Rev. Erwin Beck, S.J. P re sid e n t's O ffic e

M r. G e rry B ellotti

Rev. Charles Dolan, S.J.

D ire c to r o f Developm ent; A th 足 le tic D ire c to r; V a rs ity Football Coach

Vice P reside nt fo r A lu m ni A f 足 fa irs


Rev. Francis Ham ill, S.J.

M r. James Horan

A lu m n i O ffic e ; M o d e ra to r o f th e M o th e r's Club

D ire c to r o f th e O ffic e o f Pub足 lic In fo rm a tio n

Rev. Stephen M eany, S.J. Business A d m in is tra to r

Rev. Anthony Azzarto, S.J.

Ms. Susan Baber

Chaplain, Religious Ed I % 4; Emmaus Retreats

Latin I & 2; M o d e ra to r o f Pe足 t r oc, Dance C om m ittee

Rev. Raymond Balduf, S.J. Chairperson o f Guidance De足 pa rtm e nt; D ire c to r o f College Placement 贈 Scholarships


M r. Gregory Boyle Biology! Intro, to H.S. Science; M o d e ra to r o f Science Club

Rev. John Browning, S.J.

M r. Claudio Burgaleta, S.J.

Guidance Counselori Religious Ed. 13 2-, D ire c to r o f HAP Pro足 grami; M o d e ra to r o f Track Team

Spanish I; Religious Ed. I S 1, Genesis 9 Program ; M od era to r o f Petrean, Photography Club

M r. John Campion

M r. John Casey

C hairperson o f English D ept.; English 3 & 4, C o o rd in a to r o f A w a rd s D in n e r

English 2 贈 4, Genesis 9 P ro足 gram ; M o d e ra to r o f D ra m a tics S ociety, Irish Club

M r. James Catalano, S.J. M a th e m a tics 3 S 4; Genesis 9 Program ; C h ris tia n Service O utreach


M r. John C inciare lli

M rs. Kathleen C ostantini

M r. H arry Dammer

L ib ra ria n ; M o d e ra to r o f L i足 b ra ry d u b ; M o d e ra to r o f Role P laying Club

A.P. U.S. H is to ry I & 2; M o d e ra 足 to r o f th e S tudent C o un cil and S p irit C o m m itte e

G uidance Counselor; S tudy Skills; Religious Ed. 4; V a rsity Basketball Coach; D ire c to r o f Testing

M r. Joseph DellaFave

M r. Carl DeLorenzo

Chairperson o f H is to ry Dept.; W orld Civ.; U.S. H is to ry 2

Rev. Thomas Denny, S.J.

W orld Civ.; M odern European H isto ry; M o d e ra to r o f the Tennis Team

Religious Ed. 2,3 $ 4, M odera­ to r o f the Latin-Am erican Soci­ ety; C hristian Service Program


M rs. Donna Derise

M r. W illiam Donahue

Chairperson o f M odern Lan­ guage D ept.> Spanish I & 2-, M o d e ra to r o f N ational Honor Society

German 1,2 3 3, P o litica l Sci­ ence; C oord ina to r o f GermanExchange Program; C oordina­ to r o f Gym Rentals; Coach o f the Forensics Team; M odera­ to r o f the German Club

Rev. James Foley, S.J. Latin I

M r. Leonard Fordellone

Ms. Ana Garcia

Ita lia n I 3 2; F rench I 3 2; M o d e ra to r o f th e Ita lia n Club

Spanish 2; French h M o d e ra to r o f th e Senior Prom

M r. Michael Gray U.S. H is to ry 13 2


M r. R ichard Hansen P h ysica l Ed. I, 2, 3 6 4, Intram uralsi M o d e ra to r o f th e Eb足 o n y Clubi V a rs ity F o o tb a ll Coach

M r. Robert H ow ard A lgebra /, G eom etry

Dr. Richard Kennedy English 2 3 4; M o d e ra to r o f the Theater Club

M r. W alter Koszyk

Ms. Adele LeCalvez

Mrs. Barbara M artin

English h M o d e ra to r o f the Bowling Team

Intro, to H.S. Science; Chemis足 try ; Genesis 9; Oxfam-, A.P. Program C oordinator

Biology; Genesis 9; Coordina足 to r o f Blood D rive; M oderator o f S.A.D.D.


M r. Joseph Massarelli English 2 3 3> Intram uralsi J. V. Basketball Coach

M r. Robert McGuinness G eometry; Algebra 2 /T rig .

M r. Donald M errick Physics; M od era to r o f the Ra足 dio Club

M r. Robert M u ivih ill

Rev. Thomas O ’Connor, S.J.

P h ysica l Ed. 1,2,3,4; D ire c to r o f th e W alkathon

M r. Jack O ’Donnell

C hairperson o f the Science D e p a rtm e n t■, C h em istry; D i­ re c to r o f State T ext Books

Algebra I; G eom etry; M od era­ to r o f the M a th Club


M rs. P a tricia O ’G rady

Deacon John O ’Neill

Rev. H arry O ppido, S.J.

Religious Ed. 1.2,3,4-, C o o rd in a ­ to r o f th e Genesis 9 P rogram ; M o d e ra to r o f th e O rie n ta l Club

C hairperson o f the Religious Ed. D e p t.; Rel. Ed. 2,3.4; M o d e ra to r o f the Chess Team

C hairperson o f the Classics Dept.; La tin I & 2; Greek 2 M o d e ra to r o f the G ym nastics a n d W restlin g Teams

Rev. Fred Pellegrini, S.J. Algebra /; Religious Ed. 4, Emmaus R etreats; Genesis ft M od era to r o f the Junior Prom

Mrs. Kathleen Pellegrino English IS 3; A ssistant M o d e r­ a to r o f the Petroc

M r. John Raslowsky Health; Intro, to H.S. Science; Science 4: Soccer Coach; D i­ re c to r o f the M ission D rive


Rev. Enrico Raulli, S.J.

M r. John Rossman

English I & 2; M o d e ra to r o f the H ockey Team and the B icycle Club

Ms. Kathleen Rowan

W orld Civ.; U.S. H is to ry /,• M o d e ra to r o f the Stage Crew

G uidance Counselor; Study Skills; Group Counselor; Oxfam; Genesis 9

M r. Robert Sayer

Ms. Ann Schm idtberger

In tro to H.S. M usic, M u sic The­ o ry ; M o d e ra to r o f R ock'n Roll Club; D ire c to r o f Band, Jazz Band

M r. D avid Settembre

English I & 3; M o d e ra to r o f the Swim Team

G uidance Counselor: Study Skills; Group Counselor■, Frosh Basketball Coach; M o d e ra to r o f the T.V. Studio


M r. R ichard Shea

M r. Lance Silvestris

Rev. Edward Snyder, S.J.

L a tin I 8 2; M o d e ra to r o f the Baseball T e a m B u s in e s s M a n ­ a g er f o r C u ltu ra l Events

Religious Ed. 3; C h ris tia n Ser­ vice Program ; M o d e ra to r o f th e Paper & Pen

G uidance Counselor, Religious Ed. 4; Study Skills; M o d e ra to r o f the G olf Team


Rev. David Stump, S.J.

M r. Joseph Tamburelli

C om puter Science; M o d e ra to r o f the Com puter Club, Ski Club

D rive r's Ed.; M od era to r o f the Ski Club, S.A.D.D.

Rev. Ercel Webb Religious Ed. I, 2, & 4; M odera­ to r o f the Ebony Club

Ms. Adrianne Wozniak C hairperson o f the Conglom­ erate Dept.; Accounting; Cam­ pus Shop; Business Law

Ms. Beatrice W ysocki Chairperson o f the M athem at­ ics Dept.-, Pre-Calculus; Calcu­ lus; Campus Shop

M ii M rs. Helen A rgyelan P rin c ip a l's O ffic e

M rs. B e tty Dandorph S tudent A ffa ir s O ffic e

M rs. Eileen Doolan Guidance Dept. S ecretary


Ms. Jean Esti O ffic e o f P ublic In fo rm a tio n

M rs. Joan Fitzgibbons P re s id e n t’s O ffic e

Ms. Carol Larrabee School Nurse

Mrs. Josephine Marasciulo Business A d m in is tra to r's O f­ fic e

Mrs. Rita Pawlikowski O ffic e o f Public Inform ation

Mrs. Barbara Rosace Business A d m in is tra to r’s O f­ fic e


Mrs. Dolores Russell P rincipal's O ffic e

Mrs. Elizabeth Walsh D evelopm ent O ffic e

Ms. Ethel Wynn Switchboard. Therapist o f the Scholastics

M r. Idelfonso A lvarado D ire c to r o f M a in te n a n ce

Bro. Ralph C ilia, S.J. M ainten ance

M rs. Angela De Palma D ire c to r o f the C afeteria


M rs. Lucy Furka C a fe te ria

Bro. Paul H arrison, S.J. M ainten ance

Ms. M arion W ashington C a fe teria

OUR PARTING THOUGHTS A poet once wrote: "There lives the dearest freshness deep down things;” My hope is that you w ill bring that freshness, each in your own way, to a world that sorely needs it. Rev. James Kuntz, S.J. You have experienced many changes in the past four years; changes at THE PREP, changes in yourselves mentally, emotionally, and physically, and changes in the world. If you have learned anything here at PREP I would hope it is the ability to cope w ith and influence change. M y prayer is that you w ill go forward and in flu ­ ence positive changes in your life, our society, and therefore in the world at large. You have the ability and the know how, you demonstrated that here. Please do not ever stop striving fo r the best in yourself and your fellow man. Good luck in the future and be happy with yourself in whatever you do, you’ve got a great start. Always remember THE PREP, we w ill always remember you. Mr. Ken Dandorph Thank you fo r welcoming me back to Prep. Even more, thank you fo r the warm, enthusiastic spirit — your g ift to Prep. The M ets’ theme this year is "Baseball as it oughta be.” You have shown us a Senior year as it oughta be! We are all enriched by you. St. Paul says that Jesus was not a blend o f YES and NO, but was the Yes o f God’s promises. May you, each o f you, continue to say’’Yes” to the people o f your life, "Yes” to the Lord, "YES” to His invitation to create a new w orld w ith him. "Yes is a w orld and in that world lies (skillfu lly curled) all w orlds.” — E.E. Cummings A ll the blessings. Rev. Tony Azzarto, S.J. The task before you is to "re bu ild the earth.” Each o f you is specially gifted by God to do his part in this creation, and I count on you to make our world a better place. If you don’t, who w ill? Enjoy life and give as much as you can because much has been given to you. Mrs. O ’Grady As you leave St. Peter’s to go your different ways, you are leaving the Prep a better place fo r your having been here. You have shared in its history and have helped to carry its traditions. May the ideas and the values that you have learned here remain a part o f you fo r the rest o f your lives. Rev. A rth ur C. Bender, S.J.

Every man has a job to do; every man has a goal in mind — this job and this goal must be brought to a successful end. Life is a succession o f happenings; four years o f your life have been completed here at Prep, now you must meet another successsion — a succession of tomorrows; hard work w ill bring beautiful things to light. Be always grateful to God for the good things that He made happen to you — He taught you how to respond to your needs, and to respond to the needs o f others. Go out there and meet this great and vast world o f ours! Mr. Leonard Fordellone I would like to share this poem, whose origin I’m not sure of, w ith you. I believe it offers a valuable formula for living which would surely bring joy to all our lives. " I f you pour yourself out fo r the hungry and satisfy the desire o f the afflicted, then shall your light rise in the darkness and your gloom be as the noonday.” Mr. John V. Cinciarelli Thank you fo r being able to share this brief time together. I have learned much from all o f you. Whatever you do in life, do it w ith enthusiasm and sincerity. Mr. Bob McGuinness 1. Do your best in all things. 2. Be grateful to those who have helped you along the way. 3. Aim high. Good luck, Mr. Harry Dammer Each one o f you makes Prep a special place for me, and I w ill miss you all. Best o f luck in the coming years. Love, Mrs. Ethel Wynn Remember: "D ie Geschietesten sind fortwahrend von Verrucktheit bedroht, sagte mein Grossvater.” — Thomas Bernhard, Ein Kind Herr Donahue Stay close to the ideals o f St. Peter’s Prep. Know that there is a living God who loves you dearly. We only spend a few years on earth but an eternity in heaven. "A d Maj'orem Dei Gloriam .” Bro. Joseph C. Wuss, S.J.

TO THE CLASS OF 1987 "F ig h t the good fig h t every moment. Every m inute, every day! Fight the good fig h t every moment, Its the o nly w ay.” — TRIUMPH Seconded 1986-1987 by M r. Jim Catalano, S.J. I began this year expecting the worst from you. I prepared m yself fo r nine m onths o f chaos. How can they compare w ith the Class o f 1986?, I th ought. I was wrong! Your q ua lity w ork in the yearbook office, the darkroom , Emmaus, the Underclassmen Days o f Recollection, and so many o the r activities and events have le ft Prep a better place than it was last September. Kudos and thank you! God bless you a ll, M r. C laudio Burgaleta. S.J. "M a y God bless and keep you always M ay your wishes a ll come true M ay you always do fo r others and let others do fo r you. M ay you build a ladder to the stars and clim b on every rung and may you stay forever young.” — Bob Dylan Peace and love, M r. Jack Casey Thank you fo r yo ur friendship, fo r the challenges, laughter, care, and support you have given me. You have made me a better Jesuit and a better priest. It’s been a privilege and g ift from God to be w ith you. Thank you fo r a ll you have given to St. Peter’s, your w ork, yo ur care, yo u r spirit. W e are all better because o f yo ur w onderful presence here. C ontinue to be the good men you are. Know you are in my prayers. M uch peace and love, Rev. Fred Pellegrini, S.J. As you open the pages o f this book, you close an im p orta nt chapter o f your life — your high school days. I hope they were as pleasant fo r you as they were rewarding fo r me, as I watched you grow from silly Frosh to confident, mature young men.

As you begin your next chapter, look back upon the pages whose ink has already dried: capitalize on your strengths, and learn from your mistakes. Remember the past fo u r years at Prep: the people, the ideas, the atmo­ sphere. Be th an kfu l fo r your good fortune at being a Prep alumnus, and w alk w ith "Prep pride.” May 144 always mean more to you than simply twelve dozen: may it mean a place where you discovered w ho you are and how valuable you are. You are finished now, yet not really. In fact, you’re just ready to begin. Good luck, and may God always be w ith you. Rev, Bill Lundy, S.J. As graduation approaches I am fille d w ith great joy at seeing your fo u r years o f e ffo rt at Prep completed w ith such fine results. I am also saddened know ing th a t come September you w ill not be here to greet me. You w ill indeed b'e missed. As many o f the graduating classes have been before you, you are a special group. You have taught me a great deal about being a better brother, and friend, a better teacher, and coach, a better person. For this I am most grateful. You have done this in many ways, always chal­ lenging me to ask myself, can I do better? I pray th a t you always ask yourself th a t question. You have affected the lives o f everyone at Prep. You w ill do this always. Take advantage o f this to spread your goodness, to challenge others. Richard Bach is an author o f stories. In his book, Illusions, he writes: "Learning is fin d in g o u t w hat you already know. Doing is dem onstrating th a t you know it. Teaching is rem inding others th a t they know just as w ell as you. You are all learners, doers, teachers.” Thank you fo r learning, doing, teaching w ith me at Prep. Thank you fo r sharing yo ur gifts and yourselves, fo r helping each other, and fo r grow ing w ith me. Elsewhere, Bach writes, "D o n ’t be dismayed by good­ byes. A farew ell is necessary before you can meet again. And meeting again, after moments o r lifetim es, is certain fo r those w ho are friends.” I am n o t dismayed. In peace and love, M r. Jack Raslowsky

\ c


W i




The Prep Parents’ Clubs, as usual, provided the school with many services this year. From the Mothers’ Club welcome to Freshmen mothers, or the joint Christmas party, the parents of Prep students run several socials that unite the adults of the Prep family. In addition, the Prep Fathers’ Club collects tickets at home sporting events, and run raffles to benifit the school. The Mothers’ Club is headed by Presi­ dent Mrs Rosemary Kollmer and is support­ ed by officers Mrs. Jablow, Mrs. Nestor, Mrs. Sheeran, Mrs. Hughes, Mrs. Kushnir, and Mrs. Ruiu. The Fathers’ Club is guided by Mr. Matthew Bryngil and joining him are officers Mr. Spadora, Mr. S a m m a rtin o , Mr. Gronda and Mr. Reardon. The sons of Prep parents deeply appreci­ ate the hard work and dedication of their elders, and are extremely grateful. Thanks Mom and Dad! Above: the officers of the Prep Mothers’ Club.


Right: Fr. A rt Bender (I) moderator of the Fathers’ Club pictured with M r. M att Bryngil, president.





The 1986-1987 members of the Prep cheerleading squad.

The atmosphere at Prep has been tra d itio n a lly male-dominated, except fo r the women teachers and secre­ taries. However, the most sign ifican t female a dd itio n in recent years has been the cheerleading squad. Reinsti­ tu te d as a Prep a c tiv ity seven years ago, the cheerleaders have become the most beloved members o f the Prep fam ily. The squad is coached by Miss Tara Zadroga, and is made up o f girls from St. D om inic Academ y and the Acade­ m y o f St. Aloysious. Seniors Debbie Walsh and Cecelia Pagkalinawan are the captains o f the team. These girls spend many hours p ra cticin g th e ir cheers fo r the football and basketball games, and also fo r the com petitions. Guys at the Prep appreciate the hard w ork and recognize it at the rallies by giving the girls deafening ovations. The Prep cheerleaders are a unique and ve ry welcome a c tiv ity at an all­ boys school. T he ir hard w ork, dedica­ tio n, and Prep s p irit do not go unre­ cognized or unappreciated.

Chicken fights before practice.

Captains Debbie Walsh and Cecelia Pagkalinawan with coach Miss Tara Zadroga.

Kerry strikes an unfamiliar pensive pose.

Pardon me for asking, but what the hell are you doing? 37


In its second year, the Prep Maroon Spirit C om m ittee is flourishing. Under M oderator Mrs. Kathy C onstantini, school sp irit and pride have reached great heights. Members attend sporting events and become the all im portant "tw e lfth man on the bench.” W hether leading the cheers or just being there, th e ir service is greatly appreciated. During the week the school halls are flooded w ith posters, signs, and flyers that keep the students "pumped up.” The Spirit C om m ittee is an active subcom­ m ittee o f the Student Council. Although mem­ bership is open to all, members are required to attend all meetings and remain active. The Ex­ ecutive C om m ittee is a strong band o f seven Seniors that leads the group. Headed by Chair­ man Tom Basil, six Seniors serve as executives: Paul Lagermasini, Pat Corcoran, Tom Blunda, Jose Fajardo, Kevin Granelli, and Al Ruiu. These and the rest o f the members are an integral part in keeping Prep Spirit alive.

The entire group of the MAROON SPIRIT committee.

Above: (I to r) Chairman Tom Basil, and the executive committee Paul Lagermasini, Al Ruiu, Pat Corcoran, Jose Fajardo, Kevin Granelli, and Tom Blunda.

Right: Mrs. Kathy Costantini: moderator

This year’s S pirit Com m ittee could not have produced nearly half o f what if actually d id had it not been fo r Fr. Pelligrini. Fred, al­ though not o ffic ia lly dubbed moder­ ator, served as our spiritual moder­ ator. He opened his room only to have his floor painted, and provided us w ith immense encouragement. His undying a ffirm a tion o f "a rt” and his subsequent criticism s were at the very least "appreciated.” For his room, his tim e, and above all his friendship, we w ill never forget him. Thanks Fred.


"Check out Cooney.” "Yeah, ain’t he the one trashing the lockerrooms?”

Santi Maraudi

"Hey, Ken, if you don’t like the way I run these rallies, then you can do them yourself!”

S p irit — no school can fu n ctio n properly w ith o u t it. Three tim es a year the gym is tran sfo rm ed in to personified Prep Spirit. Imagine 900 students cheering, yelling, clapping, and chanting as athletes and cheerleaders display themselves before the deafening sound o f the crow d. The focus o f th is gala event is the Maroon M arauder, Al Ruiu. Together w ith his tw o henchmen, Tom Basil and Tom Finn, they run around leading cheers and get the rally moving. No a c tiv ity is w ith o u t a producer. The rallies are d ire c te d under th e co ordin atio n o f the Maroon S pirit C om m ittee and the Student Council, w hile the scenery and ligh ting are supplied by Prep’s h a rdw o rking Stage Crew . The Pep rallies, as any o the r s p irit boost­ ing event, is crucial in any school. The e le c tric ity found in Prep’s rallies is tru ly an expression o f our unique school sp irit.

See what happens to those who root for loser schools.


The Student Council is one of the most important activities at Prep. It allows the students to have input and involvement in what happens in their school. Under the moderation of Mrs. Kathy Constantini and the leadership of William Price, the Student Council remains the only formal and direct link between the students and the school administration. Six senior executive members and eight representa­ tives from each year make up the entire council. The members have the important job of voicing their fel­ low students' opinions, complaints and suggestions. The Student Council members also run various school functions throughout the year: Freshman Orienta­ tion. Open houses, the Walk-a-thon. Liturgies, and Academic Convocations. Student Council is an activity which enables stu­ dents to learn the responsibility of decision making and the best ways to relate diplomatically with others.

Left t0 riSht! William s. Deakyne, William Taylor Price III, and Joseph Giglio. Back row (I to r): Peter Capizzi, Mrs. Kathy Costantini, Vito Brancatella, and Dave Bryngil.


.eft to right: Mario Duque. Thomas Tuohy, and John Piersa. Next row: Daniel Fitzhenry, Thomas P. -inn. Back row: Michael "Smoothy” Gallagher, Michael O ’Shaughnessy. Missing: Mark Usarzewicz. 0

Above: The moderator. Mrs. Kathy Costan­ tini.



First row: W alter Schneider. Ed M artin. Back row: Joseph Kealy, Jeffrey Gillard. John Sheeran. Jeffrey Jablonski, W alter Benzija.


Front row: Michael Fritz, Douglas Viggiano, Ed Garguilo. Back row: Gregg Stupinski, Raul Bustillo, John Formoso. Joseph Kelly, Duane Ortega.

The 1986-1987 Student Council



Above: Wally, Macawili, Tom McDonough, W alter Benziia, Jared Rusman, and Pat Vining.

The coaches: Mr. Bill Donahue, and Mr. Tom Murphy.


Congratulations to the Prep Forensics Team on their recent win...” - A fam iliar excerpt from Monday’s an­ nouncements a fte r a Prep Forensics meet. Under the leadership and coaching o f M r. Bill Donahue and Mr. Tom M urphy, the team boasts one o f the most success­ ful seasons since i t ’s re b irth fiv e years ago. The team is the largest in Prep in a number o f years. The many long hours spent reading, practicing, and memorizing are rew arded w ith yet another Prep win. This year s team is led by seniors-Peter Capizzi, Joe Giglio, M a tt Gilvey, W ally Macawilli, Tom McDonough, Kaushal Madmujar, Rob Meyers, Chris Reardon, Jared Rusman, Don Schroeder, John Stanczak, and juniorsCarlos Bellido, Jim Grogan, and Je ff Jablonski, Pat Vin­ ing, and Keith Vukan. Further underclassman support includes Tom Damico, Joe DiFoglio, Lenny Franco, Tim Lau, and Chris W entw orth.

bove: Chris W entworth, Jeff Jablonski, Tim Lau, Leonard Franco, M att ■Ivey, John Stanczak, Don Schroeder, Joe DiFoglio, Joe Narvaes, Pete apizzi, Keith Vulcan, and Chris Reardon.


Above, Thi( w lonski.

P«ter c>pM(l)

Mf Jab. ||


As ever the T.V. Studio endeavers to re­ cord the many events that occur at St. Peters during the course of the year. The "Studio" videotapes sporting events, school plays, assemblies, masses, and other important happenings. The "Studio” is moderated by Mr. Dave Settembre. Besides taping events, the studio pro­ duces programs for WSPP, a new show run, directed, and created by students. The members work diligently to record the intri­ cacies of Prep life and provide their invalu­ able services to many different other activi­ ties.

Mr. Dave Settembre and the entire crew of the audio visual squad

Mr. Settembre poses with Rick, Chuck, and Paul; what a group, huh?

Two pseudo-technicians practice for the big WSPP broadcast.

BAND The St. Peter’s Prep band, under direction of Mr. Robert Sayer, preforms an important function in the Prep Community. They can be heard at foot­ ball games, school plays, liturgies, and assemblies. And from 8:39 a.m. to 8:58 a.m., Mulry Hall is permeated with chords, strings, and the like. For this is the product of the newly incepted Band Homeroom, which allows these musicians to prac­ tice daily. This year the band, which includes President Ranniel Umali, Vice Pres. Arthur Rodriguez, such members as Bruce Gatewood. Jason Martin and Eric Polak, plan to compete in a national competi­ tion. Outstanding contributions are also made by Juniors Victor LaMantia, Richard Trilles. Mark Matticola, Tom DiCostanzo, and Michael Valente; Sophomores Paolo Montalban, Thomas Giblin. Joe Geoghegan, Jimmy Iza and Tony Orlina. During a rehearsal the band suddenly dozes off- coincidence?

Hey Bruce - do you have any idea what this guy is talking about?

"To shave or not to shave . . . ”

The senior members take a lesson in coolness from Mr. Sayer ‘


Above: the president of the RSR Club — Art Rodriguez

The runners - up in the Fred and Barney look alike contest on guitar

This is the Rock and Roll Club: (I to r) B. Gatewood, J. Marino, D. DeLuca. W . Stefko. P. Juskiewicz. and T. DeBernardo I ask you: what does jumping off a bench with a guitar prove? 45


Mr. Jack Casey: moderator of the Irish Club.

The Irish Club under the d irection o f Mr. Jack Casey boasts one o f the more enthusiastic of all the ethnic clubs here at Prep. The club plans to make several excursions in quest of th e ir Irish heritage. One such "fie ld trip ” will include an evening at historic McSoreley’s Old Ale House, and plans are under way to revive the Irish-night dinner which has not been held fo r a number o f years. No m atter the event the Irish always manage to have a good time. "ERIN GO BRAGH”


Signor Fordellone and the officers of the Ital­ ian club: V. Brancatella, T. Blunda, Joseph Giglio, and D. Bryngil.


The Italian club is a virtua l haven of culture. The inspirational M r. Leonard Fordellone serves as an e n tity o f the Re­ naissance. Through his guidance V ito Brancatella, the club’s president and wellknown protege o f "S ignor” is the d rivin g force behind the operations o f the club. M onthly meetings plan and organize the events to come. Rumors o f a possible in­ ter-ethnical a thle tic m atch are said to be true. The year is capped o ff by the c r iti­ cally acclaimed Italian-N ite” dinnerdance where the pride o f Italy is preva­ lent in all. "V IV A ITALIANO "


Above: Fr. Thomas Denny, S.J. stands w ith the Latin American Society Executives.

The Latin A m e rican Society provides Prep students w ith an o p p o rtu n ity to become more aware o f th is e n rich e d culture. M em bership is no longer re s tric te d to those o f Spanish de足 scent as was the case in the old Spanish Soci足 ety. The m em bers plan have a so cie ty p icn ic, and also expose them selves to Latin-A m erican cuisine in New York C ity .


Above: Bro. Joseph C. Wuss, S.J. and Leon Jablow, Slavic Club moderator and President, respectively.

The Slavic Club is a Prep e thn ic society organized and m oderated by B rother Jo足 seph C. Wuss, S.J. The Slavic Club con足 sists o f Prep students who come from eastern European descent. The members conduct such a c tiv itie s as the fam ed Polka N ight. This n ig ht is a cultural fe s tiv a l o f eating and dancing. The Slavic Club creates a unique ethnic u n ity amongst its members.


Above: President Ron Elio stands with moderator Mrs. Pat O ’Grady.

The O riental Club, under the d irection of Mrs. Pat O’Grady and President Ron Elio, is made up o f a diverse group. W hether from Korea, Vietnam , China, Japan or the Philip­ pines, all members are proud o f th e ir respec­ tive Far Eastern heritages. Though one of Prep’s newer ethnic clubs, the O riental Club is among the most active at St. Peter’s. Whether they are involved in a cotillion w ith St. Al’s girls or a sweaty volleyball contest against Hudson Catholic, the O riental Club always seems to have a w onderful tim e.


Above: M r. Bill Donahue, German Club moder­ ator.


The German Club has come to the fo re ­ fro n t o f Prep ethnic a c tiv ity . Led by m oderator M r. Bill Donahue, the German club boasts non-German members who chose German as th e ir language o f study. Among the more publicized functions of the club are the German Dinner and the famed German Exchange, w hich affo rd ed Prepsters the opp ortu nity to meet young men and ladies from Deutschland. Prep is greatly anticipating the return o f its own M a rtin Jeunge, who spent his final year in Germany a fte r winning a German study scholarship.


Mr. Richard Hansen: moderator

Sitting: Fred Hanna and In Soon Park. Front row (I to r) : Sean Howard, Sam Mason, Scott Williams, Derek Kee, Rob Davis, Tariq Abdur-Rashed, Patrick Powell, Huerta Neals, and Elnardo W ebster. Back row: Anthony Stewart, Tony Bullock, Curtis Raeford, Joe Volcy, George James, Ray Rushforth, and Horace Lindsey.



Left to right: Kaushal "M aj” Majmudar, Ernani Domingo, Tom Zimmerman, Pierre Solomon, M ike O'Shaughnessy, Mario Bai. Missing Michael Cocca.

Left to right: Doug Viggiano, Rich Grieshaber, Kevin Grieshaber, Little Cozine, Hasib Chaudry, Anthony Galella, Greg Kushnir, Mario Bai, Brian McEwen, Dennis Barlow, and Om ar Oliveros.

II 2 3 4 -5 2 7 § 9 1C

COMPUTER CLUB Computers have been said to be the wave of the future. W ith this in mind, Prepsters gather in the George Link, Jr. Computer Center a fte r school to form the Computer Club. M oderated by Rev. Dave Stump, S.J., the club fa­ miliarizes members w ith an essential skill o f the future. Students learn to w rite programs, and prepare fo r many com puter-oriented careers. Highlights of the club’s year includ­ ed an S.A.T. review course organized by Fr. Stump. Also, during lent, games were played fo r a minimum fee, and proceeds were contributed to the Je­ suit missions. The Computer Club pro­ vides an invaluable o pportunity fo r students to learn about the machines, and acquire hands-on experience. But it also perform s the essential service of tying up many o f Fr. Stump’s a fte r­ noons, and thus preventing him from engaging in his more e xo tic hobbies of parachuting and Photon. For this major but unrecognized service, Fr. Stump’s superiors thank the members o f the Com puter Club.

Rev. Dave Stump S.J., and the officers of the Computer Club: Kaushal "M aj” Majmudar, Mike Kenny, and Jimmy Iza.

Camera shy Fr. Stump and the underclassmen members of the Computer Club,

You are witnessing the only possible ex­ cuse Atchison has for never being in the yearbook office.

"Hey, Mike, I really appreciate you letting me copy your program.”


M r. Boyle sharing his knowledge w ith the less gifted.

The 1986-1987 members of the Science Clubs.

Can it be the Science Clubs’ microscope film festival?

Biology teacher by day, Science Clubs moderator by afternoon.


Eddie Garguilo " ta p /’




The Science Clubs, m oderated by M r. Gregory Boyle, have risen in popularity over the past tw o years. M em bership has grown trem endously to close to 100 students. The reason w hy th ere is an "s ” added to the end o f the w ord "C lub,” is because th ere are actually many clubs in one. There is an Aeronautics Club, and O utdoors Club, a Future Physicians Club, a Science Education Club, and fo r those members chosen to p a rtic ip a te in area and state science contests, a Science Team. Besides holding m eetings tw ic e a week, the club o ffe rs many trip s during the year. Some o f th e ir excursions have been to W ashington D.C., to the Pocono Envirom ental C enter in Pennsylvania, to Philadelphia’s Franklin In stitu te and Edmund’s Scien­ t if ic Supply Store, and to the Lehigh River fo r W h ite w a te r Rafting. To keep the student body inform ed about the Sci­ ence Clubs th ere is a new sletter, De Rebus S cie ntificus, published many tim es a year. The Science Clubs are e x c itin g and educational, p ro vid ing much to those students intereste d in science. 51


Dave Bryngil: Editor-in-Chief

William Taylor Price III: Managing Editor

144 Grand St., Jersey City, N.J. Published by the Students of St. Peter’s Prep

Editor-in-Chief.................... Managing Editor................. Associate Editors............... Bill Deakyne Paul Lagermasini Page Editor........................ .....................Ed Martin Staff................................. Don Rogers “ Scoop” Cozine Photographic Consultant.. . ............. Wally Macawilli Artist................................. fi/loderators........................ ....... Miss Susan Baber Mrs. Kathy Pellegrino


Mrs. Kathy Pellegrino and Miss Susan Baber: moderators

As the paper o f the Prep com m unity, the award w inning P etroc looks to inform the school o f new sw orthy events and to serve as a forum where the students may express themselves. Through the Petroc’s guest e ditorials, fa cu lty members provide colorful and scin tilla tin g columns th a t add to the q uality o f the periodical. Besides w ritin g , the s ta ff members learn such journalistic skills as layout and e d itin g w hile operating under the pressure o f many deadlines. The P etroc is m oderated by Miss Susan Baber and Mrs. Kathy Pelligrino. Senior e d ito rs include the e d ito r in ch ie f: Dave Bryngil, managing e d ito r: Bill Price, and associate editors: Paul Lagermasini, John Coogan, and Bill Deakyne. Junior Ed M a rtin serves as page e d ito r. Bill Deakyne, Paul Lagermasini, and John Coogan: Associate Editors.

The staff of the Petroc-. (lying down) Joe Kelly. Back row: James Toy, M ike Guarino, Ed M artin , Chris Culhane, and W ally Macawili, Missing: Don Schroeder, Don Rogers, and "Scoop” Cozine.

"Gee, Kathy, you look great!”

PETREAN: I PETROC: 0 February 5, 1987. See page 142 for details.

I do, don’t I.’1



i op left, president Wally Macawili and moderator Mr. Claudio M. Burgaleta, S.J. Above: The underclassmen members of the Camera Club. LeftSenior photographers (I to r) Greg Kushnir, Paul "Rad” Van Orden and Huerta Neals.

The Prep Camera Club plays an im portant role in tw o of the school’s major a ctivitie s. The firs t is the Petroc. The second and more im portant is the beloved Petrean. Its members toil in a "d a rk ” room fo r hours on end in o rder to meet deadlines. This year the club is made up o f replacement President Wally Macawili, who w orked hard towards the m iddle o f the year to catch up on months o f stagnation. The club boasts such members as Huerta Neals, Paul Van Orden, Greg Kushnir, Tony Cabrera and M ike Stefano.


Though hampered by early problems, the Paper and Pen prom­ ises to come through w ith another mind-boggling issue o f lite ra ry genius real soon. Despite being the youngest lite ra ry production at Prep, hope springs eternal. Above: (I to r) Dallas DeLuca, Al Ruiu, Brian Stefans, Joe Giglio, Joseph Schmo and Ben Evidente. Above right: Your a good man, Charlie Brown. Right: Moderator M r. Lance Silvestris. 54

The participants and faculty members o f last summer's H .A .P. program.

Pantozzi captures the true meaning of H.A.P — extending a hand to others

A tutor looks on as his pupil enjoys another interest­ ing lesson.

For six weeks during the summer Prep becomes a haven for seventh graders in the Jesuit Fligher Achievement Program. Rev. John Browning, S.J.. runs the program with the help of volunteer Prep students who tutor. The "Hapsters” attend three classes in the morning; math, grammar, and English. After lunch the students enjoy an enthusiastic and competitive sports program. The sports program is very beneficial in that the kids learn to become acquainted with others their age while they enhance their sportsmanship and set o f values. After the six weeks are over, the students are invited to return to Prep in October for W inter H.A.P. The participants prepare for the high school entrance exam. In the afternoon the gym is open to those interested. The entire FI.A.P. program affords seventh graders the opportunity to be edu­ cated and befriended. Rev. John Browning, S.J. the director of the FI.A.P. program.


The month o f December is one o f advent, celebration, joy, warm th, and sharing. It is also one of frustration, determ ination count­ less hours o f preparation, and a lot o f hard work fo r the members of St. Peter’s Prep Dramatics Society. Every fall a musical is produced and never has one been so memo­ rable as this years’ rendition of Dale Wasserman’s classic, "M an o f La Mancha.” The compliments the play has received are not unfounded. The play was superbly d irected by M r. Jack Casey. Another major reason fo r the success o f the play was the perform ance o f the actors. John Stanczak’s acting was brillia nt as Miguel de Cervantes, Don Q uixote, and Alonso Quijana. Much En­ ergy is required to portray these roles and John impressed his audience w ith his tire ­ less performance. The next reason fo r the trium ph o f the play was Dave Toussas’ interpretation of Don Q uixote’s sidekick — Sancho. Aside from fittin g the physical description o f his character, Toussas delivered an enlighten­ ing presentation which enhanced the play. The leading lady, played by Chris Castelucci, excelled in both her acting and musi­ cal performances. Her voice captivated her audience as Aldonza and Dulcinea. Although the play seemed to revolve around these three central characters, the supporting cast should not go unnoticed. Tony Cabrera as the governor and Brian Ste­ fans were excellent. Paolo Montalban gave an equally good perform ance as the Padre. The entire prison was occupied by young aspiring actors who w orked very hard. Another very im portant part o f a musical is the music. Although it may seem obvious, the band is not seen, just heard. Their incog­ n ito status and the fa c t th a t someone is singing, may tend to take away fro m th e ir e ffo rt. Every m orning in the "band home­ room ” they p racticed and practiced. Special thanks to M r. Rob Sayer fo r his d irectio n . So, as you see many people invest th e ir tim e and e ffo rt to ensure another fine Prep production. It is most appropriate th a t this year’s fall musical, "M an o f La Mancha” is considred one o f Prep’s best productions ever.

John Stanczak as Miguel de Cervantes, Don Quixote, and Alonso Quijana.

Chris Castelucci as Aldonza (Dulcinea).

Dave Toussas as Sancho.

Leon R. Jablow: production manager.




Rare footage of an actual rehearseal — never before published.






Guess Who?


The senior members of the dance committee: sitting-. B.Price. Next row: P. VanOrden, C. Metcalfe, R. Elio, J. Acosta, R. Elio, W . Saonoy, J. Latko, and J. Fortunato. Back row: B. Evidente, R. Vaughn, L. Vassallo, C. Sininski, G. DelPiano, R. Orellana, M. Downey, V. Patel, M. O ’Shaughnessy, J. Tuzzo, J. Preckajlo, D. Wilson, and M. Gifford.

Mr. Joe Massarelli: moderator.

Before seven hundred and f if t y people can fill the cafeteria the night of a dance, much tim e must be spent behind the scenes setting up. Chairs have to be stacked, tables put away, and floors dilligently swept. This is the work o f the Dance Com m ittee. Its members then must sacrifice part o f th e ir evening to man the doors, m onitor the coat rooms, and work the lights. A t the conclusion the com m ittee, un­ der the d ire ctio n o f M r. Massarelli or Ms. Baber, must change the school back to normal. Members stay up to an hour after everyone has le ft to accomplish this feat. The work o f the Dance Com m ittee does not go unnoticed, though, because it is known that w itho ut them, the dance would not be.

The underclassmen members of the Dance Committee Right: The man who taught John Travolta how to dance.

AND THEN THERE WERE 197 The Petrean fu n ctio n s as an oracle o f m em orabilia. Reading th is book now, one cannot appre足 ciate the reco rd ing s as m uch as p icking it up tw e n ty ears from now. W ith th is in m ind, th is page is a trib u te to those m ost re a d ily fo rg o tte n . The above names represent those who have not made it th is fa r. For some o r m ore o f th e fo l足 low ing reasons, our class was d i足 m inished to 197: academ ic inade足 q u a cy, s o c ia l in a d a p ta b ility , tran sfe r, o r fo rc e d departure. W e stood as 251 our fir s t day, but now we are 197. Now, w ith th is page, when we flip through the yearbook in years to come we are able to see not only those who we fin ish e d w ith , but those we s ta rte d w ith .

Allen, Sean Anderson, Oliver Benzalezki, Pat Bratton, William Capozzoli, Vincent Cara, Bismarck Casais, Ramon Casas, Edward Castella, Michael Chaney, Andre DeCicco, David DeGirolamo, Marco DelVecchio, Ken DePinto, Dom DePinto, Nicolo Desai, Biren Donahue, Richard Evans, William Fardin, Roger Florentine, Veroni Foskey, Edward Goodall, Peter

Gruhn, Robert Guanci, Frank Hanussak, John Hartnett, Peter Henn, Michael Hernandez, Ralph Hoffman, Brian Jackson, Austin Jones, Cleon Korrel, Howard Kosiba, Thomas Lim, Tomas Liwag, Alex Mangone, Richard Marini, Joseph McDermott, Ryan Monisera, William Moore, Thomas Moraitus, Gus Nakar, Enrique Panteleo, Frank Parikh, Setul Pieczurko, Mark Ponik, George Pronti, Dan Repoza, Andrew Richmond, Robert Salmon, Brian Sanders, Lincoln Shipman, Lamont Sitty, John Spinner, Chris Staubus, Autin Tiechten, Todd Valvis, James Weisner, James Welsh, Darren Wolowitz, Robert Wooten, Nathaniel


In September o f 1985, the students of St. Pe- 1 ters’ Prep received a series of announcements 11 concerning a new program called Genesis 9. i Introduced by form er chaplain Rev. John Mul- j j lin, S.J., the program offers students a chance | to openly discuss problems relating to parental separation, divorce, or death. The meetings I I are run by fiv e d irectors — Deacon John i O ’Neill, Rev. Fred Pelligrini, S.J., M r. Jack Ca-1 j sey, Mr. James Catalano, S.J., and Mrs. Patricia i t O ’Grady.


The Bicyle Club is one o f the few outdoororiented clubs here at Grand and W arren. It obviously relates to members and th e ir vehi­ cles on the open road. A t the head o f the pack is President Huerta Neals. W hether on a Schwinn, Ross, or a Pro-Thunder, these bikers pedal th e ir way across the riv e r and enjoy the scenery as they add up the miles.

?OLE PLAYING CLUB The Role Playing Club is one o f Prep’s thought clubs. Almost everyday the mem­ bers can be seen pondering th e ir next move. Nerves o f steel are required if one is to make it in this clubt fo r, the pressure in­ volved is too much fo r the average person. M oderated by our very own M r. John Cinciarelli, the library sets the stage fo r these imaginary quests o f nobility. Richard Fair­ fie ld serves as President o f this esoteric society, and leads his followers fearlessly into never-never land.





The M cNallySinnott chapter o f the National Honor Society perform s invaluable services to Prep-, They’re the backbone behind this year’s study club. The members also help in the coordination of Career Day. Front row (I to r): Mrs. Donna Derise (moderator). Pres. Bill Price. Treas. Bill Deakyne, Secy. Dave Bryngil. Vice Pres. Peter Capizzi, and Richard Burns. Second row: Ron Umali, Kevin Granelli, Ernani Domingo, Leon Jablow, John Stanczak, Tom Tuohy, Tom Zimmerman, Tom Blunda, M ike O'Shaughnessy, Kaushal " M a j” Majmudar, Greg Kushnir, Pat Bocco, Rob Myers, and Vito Brancatella. Third row: Harry Gaibor, M ike Defensor, Tom Finn, John Coogan, Pasqualle Buzzelli. M att Gilvey, and Jared Rusman. Not pictured: M ike Lawless, and W alter Illy.


M r. Lance Silvestris: director of the Christian Service Program.

Above: Christian servants take a break to clown around and celebrate success with their young pupils. 63

Three prime suspects in the case of the mysterious fire.

In the world these days, everyone could use some tim e to himself to gather his thoughts, and to come clos­ er to God. Such an opportunity is pro­ vided here at Prep — it is better known as Emmaus. Emmaus is not just a retreat, but rather an experience. The experience is mainly achieved through self-realization; however, it is aided by the guidance o f the Emmaus Team. A group o f tw e nty-tw o seniors who have already made the retreat assist in the program. This year’s team is: Ryan Applegate, Juan Acosta, Dave Bryngil, Peter Capizzi, Ed Casulli, Ed DiAngelo, Ben Evidente, Jose Fajardo, Kevin Granelli, Joe Gutierrez, W alter Illy, Leon Jablow, Gregg Kushnir, Mike O ’Shaughnessy, Bob M yers, Arnel Ortega, Don Schroeder, Ron Umali, Joe Valente, Bob Vaughn, Pat Vaughn, and Tom Zimmerman. C o-directors Fr. Tony Azzarto and Fr. Fred Pelligrini work hard to create a program o f peer m in istry at the service o f Prep’s Juniors and Seniors.

I |



Fr. Tony A.: school chaplain

Several tim es a year the e n tire Prep fa m ily gathers together to celebrate the Eucharist. These lite rg ie s bring the school closer as a com m unity and gives everyone an o p p o rtu n ity to p articipate. The students and teachers serve as Eu­ ch arist m inisters, lectors, and choir mem­ bers. The masses are arranged and orga­ nized by our chaplain, Rev. Tony Azzarto, S.J. Behind the scenes in preparing the events is Sean Seymour, Prep graduate and music d ire c to r at most liturgies. This year fu rth e r opportunities to a t­ tend litu rg y have been added in fo rm o f F irst Friday masses, and o the r special days throughout the school year.

ms CLUB The 2:18 Club is perhaps the most popu­ lar club in Prep. Its members combine th e ir skills in T rack and W restling in or­ d er to head the wave the Prep students th a t is belched through the doors at the sound o f the term inal bell. Injuries are as prevalent as the disregard o f fellow man. This anti-social inclina tion is not o ffic ia lly recognized by the adm in istratio n; how­ ever, e ffo rts are underw ay. Although no fa c u lty member serves as m oderator as o f ye t, sources close to the fro n t o ffic e have h in te d at the possible appointm ent o f M r. M ichael Gray, who is considered "th e best man fo r the job.”


SKI CLUB The Ski Club is perhaps our most outdoor oriented a c tiv ity . M oderated by Rev. Dave X. Stump, S.J., and Mr. Joseph Tamburelli, the club sponsors trips all across the Eastern Seaboard. Comprised o f members who vary in a bility, the skiiers claim that no mountain is too high. The club boasts five executives: Jon Dilley (Pres.), Joe Valente (Asst. Pres.), Al Ruiu (V ice Pres.), Bill M ilite llo (Treas.), and Steve Gomez (Secy.). These execs decide upon such excursions as the Sugarbush, Vt., and Camelback ski weekends. This years club boasts record atten­ dance and still holds visions o f fu rth e r club a c tiv ity in the near future. BUS # l3 ’s famed skiiers.

Yeah, you dudes can ski!

"Remember Joe: you gotta dress cool to pick the girls.

The five executives: Bill Militello, Al Ruiu, 11 Joe Valente, Steve Gomez, and Jon Dilley II

This shot of the bunny hill was taken shortly after Coogan stole the sign.


Every year, many people come to watch and enjoy I the plays which the Prep Dramatics Society produces. I'i W hat most do not realize is the construction of the 1 sets requires much work. This is the vocation of the B Stage Crew. Under the direction of the moderator, | M r. John Rossman, Leon Jablow, John Shea, "Paco" | Gerald. Juerta Neals, Dave Klied, M ike Kenny, Scott ! Wentworth, John Calicchio. and countless others, toil for hours to ensure a quality set design and safety. Aside from Dramatics, the "Crew ” works with [ the Spirit Committee on the design of the rally and I lighting, and also help the band with their concert. ! Although their work goes unnoticed at times, they are certainly intrinsic to many functions. "STAGE CREW, SHARE THE EXPERIENCE"

Sean and John chillin before the lights go down . . .

Dave: "Hey Leon, if it says # 2 , then I use blue — right?

“ Look you damn piece of wood, if you move w e’ll kill you!




Is it a coincidence that the five most popular guys in the school walk together?

Every year in O ctober, Prep conducts its ’ Walkathon to raise money fo r the school. The students receive pledges from friends and neighbors, and as if tu itio n were not enough- par­ ents and fam ily members finance the brunt o f the fund raiser. However, regardless o f who sponsors the d rive, it does supple­ ment the overall school budget. It is d ire cte d by the relentless M r. Bob M ulvihil. He does his best to "s o lic it” contributions from one and all. D riven by high Prep standards, M ulvihil placed this year’s goal at 90% o f student participation. The brash financial purpose o f this excursion is com plim ent­ ed by the sp irit involved. As the tre k ended, the Student Coun­ cil had prepared Liberty State Park to greet the weary walkers. W ith hot dogs and soda in abundance, the fun and games begin. Prepsters can eat, engage in a game o f football, or just sit and rest. In appreciation o f the many g ifts o f the faculty, and in defference to th e ir seniority, the students handed the oldtim ers the Senior-Faculty game. The day soon ended and everyone headed fo r home. All went home to soak th e ir fe et, assured th a t all had a pleasant day while a m ajor school function was completed.

The good, the bad, and the ugly.

"Hey Mike this ain’t the Philippines, lose the shades."

Uncontrolled enthusiasm

90% IN 86

Above left: Notice the hats- Chris and Jose didn’t shower this morning. Below left: "Hang on Tom, the ambulance is on the way!” D irectly above: Oh no, M r. Dandorph, we were just getting our ah . . . running shoes, yeah th at’s the ticket.

In an encore meeting of the 2:18 club, members fight for a space on the first bus home.

"Excuse me, Emmett, but is it true you can swim better than you can walk?” 69


Mr. Claudio Burgeleta, S.J.: moderator

Thomas P. Finn: Editor-in-Chief


Kevin R. Granelli: Activities Editor

The Petrean s ta ff is a small group o f individuals responsible fo r publishing the very book you are now reading. This publica­ tion is fa r from easy. In fa ct, it takes many long hours o f tedious and unglorifying labor to produce. The yearbook is moderated by M r. Claudio Burgeleta, S.J., whose organization and e ffo rt is matched only by his desire to make deadlines. The s ta ff is anchored by senior Editor-in-Chief Tom Finn. "Baby face’’ is responsible fo r the intro du cto ry sec­ tions, and most o f the feature pages as well as making sure everyelse is doing th e ir share. Eight seniors and three juniors round o ff the e ditorial staff. Kevin Granelli, a veteran senior, serves as the A c tiv itie s Editor. Ed Casulli, H arry Gaibor, and Pasquale Buzzelli are the Sports Editors. Andy Kopycinski is the Seniors Editor, Paul Pawlowski is the A rt Editor, and M ike O ’Shaughnessy is the Faculty Editor.

Don Lapine, Ralph Pantozzi, and Sean O ’Con­ nor: Underclassmen Editors

Wally Macawillis Photography Editor

Andrew Kopycinski: Senior Editor

Michael O ’Shaughnessy: Faculty Editor

Paul Pawlowski: Art Editor

Ed Casulli, Harry Gaibor, and Pasquale Buzzelli: Sports Editors Vito Brancatella: Associate Editor

Michael Voicu, Steve Way, Dave Goldrich, and Pablo Calderson: Staff

Steve Salvemini, Kevin Atchison, Victor LaMantia: Staff 71

lA.nd.crtCa.ssM e n :









e n




to n s







n >"



LU 2





U P.


Above, F irst Row, L e ft to Right: Haseeb Chaudhry, Sam B ijelic, Arm ando Garcia, Second Row, L e ft to Right: Fazad AH, M ark Gilmore, P atrick Ahearn, R ichard Icklan, A nth o n y Galelia, A n d re w Edwards, A n d re w Bryant, Below, Right, F irst Row. Le ft to Right: Nicholas M in n icci, John LaRosa, Hernan Jimenez, Second Row, Le ft to Right: K ingston M oy, A rie l D im ay a, Donald M argaritonda, James Luke, Franciso Javier, M arlon Sullivan. Below, Left, F irst Row, W alter Pearsall. Second Row, L e ft to Right: O m ar Siddiq. Franklin O iveros, Last Row, L e ft to Right: Jonpaul Pantozzi, Rudolph Daniels, J e ff Scura, C hristopher Yurecko, A m e r Syed, W alter Scott, Scott Yozzo. M issing: John Sivo, M ich ae l Lui, John Tudek.


Above:Fr. Fred Pellegrini S.J.

Above, F irs t Row, L e ft to Right: Haroon Rashid, Brian Pawlow ski, Arsalan Shahzad, Frank Ashe. Second Row, L e ft to Right: Paul M ulcahy, C h ristia n M a rtin , Salvatore Crupi, M a rc G izzi, Below, F irs t Row, L e ft to Right: A n th o n y G off, M ic h a e l Ahearn. Second Row, L e ft to Right: Robert Ryidwin, James Carroll, Cesar Celestino, A rju n e Samlall, Joseph A nnillo, H iria n M achade, Joseph Prusko, Joshua Reed. Left, L e ft to Right: Jean Paul W illi, T im o th y Tavolara, A n to n io G arcia, Joseph M endez, Charles lo rio , John Lee, Edw ard G entile, Ralph D eM ichele, E dw ard Jones, A lfre d Vetter. M issing: Dana Gaines, A n th o n y G off, W illiam Pelow itz, P e te r Romero, R obert W alenty.

— --------------


Far Right, S ittin g on the flo o r Jose Baamonde, S ittin g in the desks, le ft to rig h t: M ichael Rusignuolo, John Treanor. Stand­ ing, le ft to rig h t: Serge Fojas, M a rtin Farinola, Johnny Lim, Dan Gronda, Ken Ferrante, Antonio Pagkalinawan. Below Right, le ft to right> S itting; Joseph DeCeglie, Joseph Nar­ vaez. F irs t Row Standing: W illiam Hoffm an, lohn Wolfe, Charles Balcer, John M ielo, lohn Dunphy. Second Row Standing: Ste­ phen Hennis, V ic to r M ejia. Below Le ft, le ft o right.- S itting! Adam Talanczuk, Erwin \ndres. F irs t Row Standing! M ich a e l 0 Gorman, R ichard Cirm inello, Robert Su>rue, Raymond Carr. Second Row Standing! ~olin Smith, Charles Boguskewski, Lenny \1ecca, James Nadolski. Missing.- Joseph ~alizo. Right: M r. W alter Koszyk.


Right: M r. Carl DeLorenzo

Tell me. Is th is g u y fo r re a l7

Above, f ir s t ro w : (I to r ) Joe l Buno, Paul Scalia, J e f f A delung. Second ro w : (I to r ) B yron A lsto n , G eorge Lusch, R obert Kelly, Edgar Abesamis, G reg F redericks, Kevin Napoli, M a tt Lindem on, R ic h a rd C o tte r, Radley M acalintal.


Right, f ir s t ro w : (I to r ) S vetislav M ilic , Paul Scalia, Thomas St. H ila ire , M ik e Poueym irou. Second ro w : (I to r ) Sal Villanueva, B ria n M cM ullen, K evin Napoli, G eorge Vlahogiannis, D on Saisorn. Back ro w : (I to r ) O rlan do Riley, Joseph Ramos, B e rn a rd M erca do , M ik e Stefano, A bove: H is to ry tea chers have g re a t a d m ira tio n fo r each other.


Right: M r. John Raslowsky. Above: le ft to rig h t: K eith Bucher, C hristopher Perkins, C hristopher Kaiser, Francis Szklarski, J e ffre y Villanueva, Kenneth Nippes, Kevin Burbank, Paul Constantino, A d ria n Arciila.

Above: fir s t row , le ft to rig h t: M ich a e l Garner, R ichard A rrica le, Jacques O liver, G arth Ferrante. Second row , le ft to rig h t: M a tth e w Greeley, M a rk Zieleniew ski, C hris M ontgom 足 ery, M a rk Figueroa, Joseph Proscia. Above rig h t: le ft to rig h t: R ichard G utierrez, K ieth Wassong, Joseph Dargan, A n th o n y Blazini, Donald Slane, S cott Prato, James Strangeway, Raymond M ilkie w icz, Jose Mayo. Camera Shy: Israel Soto, M a tth e w Brady, M ike Brennan.


.6 u + *e rre r




L e ft: M r. John Rossman

Above: fro n t row , le ft to rig h t: D a v id Lopez, Lenny Trasande (s ittin g ), A n to n Bas, Lou Re­ dondo. Back row , le ft to rig h t: Jim m y Brady, W a lte r John M a rtin , A n th o n y Pasculli. Le ft; fro n t row , le ft to rig h t: Joe S cafidi, Jim m y Francesco, C a rl A lfa ro , Jefferso n Cartano, K e ith Cozine. Back row , le ft to rig h t: Ted Schroeder, A n th o n y Guma, N ic k y Jaw orski. Below le ft: le ft to rig h t: Robert Geisler, Rahsaan G arlin, Robert O ’Connor, P a tric k Nestor, John Jason M cLaughlin, Steve D udzinski, Da­ v id Hernandez. M issing: Shawn Flanagan, R ich a rd H irsch, C h ris Rutkowski.


Left: fro n t row , le ft to rig h t: Sean O ’Donnell, Joshua Tedeschi; second row , le ft to right-. Sal A rrig o, Erik C ook, L e o n a rd F ra n co , P e d ro Brionesi top row , le ft to rig h t: Sando Brace well. M ich ae l Luipersbeck, Os­ car Oyola, Brian Hampton, D a vid Monisera. Camera shy: Jason Delo. Right: Mrs. P atricia E. O ’G rady

Right, le ft to rig h t: Cladio Zamarra, Rick Rivera, D a vid M onisera, C h ristian Camandona, M ark Bauzon, Assad Jebara, Jonathan Zuchowski, Ray­ m ond Ficken, A rn o ld Figueras. Below rig h t: "Just re a d the Latin. ”




Right: M r. R ich a rd Shea

Above: fr o n t row , le ft to rig h t, S h e rif Ghali, M a tth e w G orney, Thomas Stack. Back row , le ft to rig h t, W alter P ia tko w ski, G eorge Yan, V irg il Page, A le x Khalil, N ira v M ehta, Joe Szczepanski, K e ith Pidane, S co tt B enedetto. Below left.- fro n t row , le ft to rig h t, J e ffre y N o rto n, Suk Kim, Ken Rivers, Roger Ferguson. Back row , le ft to rig h t, R ich a rd M orabe, Joe DeFoglio, M ic h a e l lo rio . A bo ve le ft: fro n t row , le ft to rig h t, C olin Jones, Tim Hawkes, M a tth e w L e cow itch. Second row , le ft to rig h t, R ichard H am ilton, Shannon M a rin ie llo , A n th o n y O rosz, Chan Byun. Back row , le ft to rig h t, R ich a rd F lrynyszyn, C h ris Shaw, M ic h a e l Gal. Missing.- Lam ont Fields. Below: Wake up, you s t ill have 3 years to go.


Right: le ft to rig h t, M a jid Sheikh, K eith Robinson, Chris Gellene, Glen Geron, A le x Galan, Crisan Cariga, Allan Santos, Jason Sebik. Below: le ft to rig ht, Brian Christm an, M ich ae l M aravilla, C hris DeMondo, K eith O ’Con­ nor, John Sheehan, Derek Kee, P hil Ippolito, Kevin Grieshaber.

Below: le ft to rig h t, Tom Santiago, Rich Posluszny, P eter Bonavota, D a vid Eisenbach, Stanley Rosalsky, C hris Chmiel, John Leshik, Nicholas C hiaravalloti. Below le ft: I f smiles m eant intelli­ gence, yo u ’d be a genius, Chris.


This year, fo r th e f ir s t tim e, th e a d m in is tra tio n gave th e Prep co m m u n ity a "b re a k " deem ed "Prep D a y .” This h ia tu s in o u r busy schedules is d e sig ned to g iv e P repsters a "d a y o f c u ltu re ." Each te a ch e r leads a gro up o f stu d e n ts on d a y trip s ran ging fro m excursions to Philadelphia to trip s to th e N ew York S tock Ex­ change, to ventures to U pper N ew York State to p ic k apples. Thus, th e Prep s tu d e n t is n o t r e s tr ic te d to aca­ de m ic pu rsu its, b u t is encouraged to develop in to a w e ll-ro un ded p e rson as well.


It has been a Prep tra d itio n fo r over 20 years fo r M r. M u ivih ill to bring the Freshmen and Sophomores to W ashington and Boston, respectively. A fte r exams in January, the Freshmen p ile on the buses and make the long trip to Washington. The Sophomores do the same to Boston during the St. P a tric k ’s Day weekend. M r. M u iv ih ill and frien ds g ive the students a g u id ed tou r o f both citie s, visiting sites o f h is to ric a l im portance. The students are also given tim e to go out on th e ir own and explore the citie s themselves. "Inva de " is an appropriate word. These trip s are a good learning experience fo r young men who have never before been aw ay from home fo r a long p e rio d o f time. A g re a t tim e is had by ail.



Page 86, top-. Tom blows h is h o rn w hile M ik e makes a spectacle o f him self. Far le ft: The C a p ito l fro m afar. Below le ft: A b ir d ’s eye vie w o f Q u in cy M a rke t. Below rig h t: Lincoln beneath h is im m o rta l words. Page 87, Above: The W ashington M onum ent a n d th e Reflec­ tio n Pool. A bo ve le ft: P h il and Bob’s cameras are fro ze n to th e ir hands. L e ft: Boston skyline fro m the John F. Kennedy Library. Below le ft: th e changing o f th e guard. Below-. Carlos t r y ­ in g to learn ho w to make a bed.


B IH i.


WmMmM Right.- M iss Susan Baber

Above: firs t row . le ft to rig h t: Gabe Antuna, A n足 dre Vargas, Aleph Granados, Jim M ielo, Dennis Barlow, A lex Done. Second row , le ft to rig h t: Rob Chesnavich, Julio A rriaga, Thomas M a tte y, Rob Weierman-, Below rig h t: le ft to rig h t: Stephen Kawalek, M anny Correia, Robert Ramirez, Gus足 tavo Garcia, Emmanuel Naval, Paul Kushnir, John Burke,Drew Lagermasini, Brian Haughney, Rick Gronda, Dennis Mendoza, Raoul Bustillo. Right: You w rite SO m any notes, Ms. Baber.




Right: le ft to rig h t, Jim m y Lopez, Carlos Lago, A m e ricu s Abesam is, Jim M a rri, Tim Lau, B rian Langon, M a rc Cam poreale, John Simone. Above.- M r. G re g o ry F. Boyle. A b o ve rig h t: K ieran o ve rw h e lm e d b y Biology.

R ight: le ft to rig h t, A le ja n 足 d ro Lorenzo, C h ris Hughes, M a rio Estrada, Joe W il足 liam s, D upuy Fatal, M ic h a e l P arlavecchio, K evin B rodbeck, Rich C herchio. L e ft: le ft to rig h t, A rn o ld Fran足 cisco, G eorge Janega, Joe O w ens, M ik e S im o n e tti, Sean Kegelman, Raym ond Tolentino, A n th o n y M a riq u it, Tony O rlina.


Rev. John E. Browning S.J. Above: Front row, le ft to rig h t: Joseph Kim, Son Nguyen, Richie Backus, Tony Cervino, Thomas Giatt. Back row , le ft to rig h t: Carlos Pomares, Joe Conklin, Kiernan McGlynn.

A bove rig h t: F ront row , le ft to rig h t: Ed Gargiulo, George Pichirallo, Eric Kukowski, John Remishofski, Vincent Aniello. Back row , le ft to rig h t: Kevin M cD e rm o tt, W illiam Santomauro, Thomas Paone. Le ft: D o n 't say it, Arnel.


L e ft: Rev. Thomas F. Denny. o n t row , le ft to rig h t: C hris W entw o rth , B ryon Soto, M ik e Gallo. Back row , le ft to rig h t: Joe C onticello, M arch on D ixon, Rob­ e rt A rro y o . Below.- fro n t row , le ft to r ig h t: M ik e W ile y, K evin M cCann, C raig Zaleck. Back row , le ft to rig h t: B a rt Sexton, C hris M a tta , Vy Dang.

Below, le ft to rig h t: W illiam Padilla, Tom Schifano, Brian H aggerty, John Scocco, J e ff Somers. Below left.- Jason.W h a t’s w rong w ith Joe? Chris-. M r. Boyle ju s t to ld him th a t he fille d th e te st tube w ith the wrong solution.

Above, right-, M r. Claudio M. Burgaleta S.J. Above, Front Row, le ft to rig h t: Carmelo Nakar, Joe Kelly, M ike Roman, Jason O'Donnell| Second Row, le ft to rig h t; A l Orgega, D a vid D'Am ore, M a tt Labus; Below, Right, Front Row, le ft to rig h t; D a vid Stancavish, O swald Robetto-, Second Row, le ft to rig h t: Ken West, Ian Schapiosky, Tom Casulli, J e ff Kachei, Lou Taite; T hird Row, le ft to rig h t; Elmer Paiiarca, Phil Parziale. Joel Hampton-, Below-, Ian, p r e tty SHABBY tre e !



M rs. Barbara A. M a rtin

F ro n t Row, le ft to rig h t: Dallas DeLuca, Robert Gill. Back Row, le ft to right.- D am ian H arris, D a v id B ro d e rick, Ed Jakubik, Carlos Jimenez, Jason Fogu. Below: F ro n t Row, le ft to rig h t: Ed O ’Shaughnessy, A po llo Palomares, M ik e W itt. Back Row, le ft to rig h t: B rian B ruton, P e te r A n tic o , Paul P e tti, W illiam Robalino. L e ft: F ro n t Row, le ft to r ig h t: D a v id Kelly, M ik e Gavin. Back Row, le ft to rig h t: R obert Sm ith, L lo y d Ang, D anny Nunes, Luis M olina, O liv e r Cartano, Jo h n -C h ristia n M arino, B rian Bowling. M issing: V in ce n t Sullivan, C h ris DeCresce, M e rlin Tolstyk.


Above: M r. Joseph Massarelli

Above: fro n t row , le ft to rig h t: M alav M ehta, Sean Koehler, Noel Gerald, Vinh Dang. Back row , le ft to rig h t: W illiam M eyer, Sumit Kapoor, Jon Hu, John Rachinsky. Camera shy: Joe Gellene, Julio Eguia, John Bellino. Right: fro n t row, le ft to rig h t: G regory Roberts, M anny Proenza, Danny Burrell. Back row , le ft to rig h t: P a trick Gaughan, D a vid Ramirez, M ire k Bondarowicz, Paul Chipelo, Wagas Iqbal. Below rig h t: fro n t row , le ft to rig h t: Hernan Hernandez, Bhavin Shah, Rich Koncicki, Tien Ngo. Back row , le ft to rig h t: James Gordon, Steve Fals, D a vid M alanowski, Duane T im othy Ortega.



L e ft: M r. Jack O ’D onnell

Above: From top to b o tto m , le ft: M ich a e l H arvey, A n to n io M a rtin s, M ic h a e l Guarino, Ryonguk Lee, Rodney Webb, Bernie Spann, Em m ett, Wood, R obert Leung) Below: From to p to bo tto m , \le ft to rig h t: John Juby, Sabah a t Khan, Thomas Anderson, Sean Aum ack, D ennis Degnan, M y ro n Copper, M a rtin Golizio, Jonathan LaConti.

A bo ve: F irs t ro w , le f t to rig h t: A lla n d Sy, James Lynch, Eoin T reacy: b a ck ro w , le f t to rig h t: A n d re w M unro, K e vin O ’Neill, K a rl U belhoer, G regg Stupinski-, M issing: James M c A u liffe , D a v id Lyons. Below: Sophom ores e n jo yin g them selves d u rin g th e ir days o f r e tre a t: a ll p ra y e r a n d no p la y makes f o r d u ll w ise fo o ls l


Above-. Deacon John P. O ’N eill

Above, Right: L e ft to Right: F ront Row> M i­ chael F ritz, Nino Pepe, Second Row, Ernest Cooney, Joseph Fardellone, C hristopher Baratta, P eter Varsalona, T h ird Row, John Formoso, M ich ae l Cooney, R ichard Ricco. Below, Right, L e ft to Right; F ront Rowi Lu­ ciano D 'Am ato, John Doll, Second Row-, Louis DeM arco, D o m inick Tarantino, Jo­ seph Trassari Puro, T h ird Row-, P eter Camm arota, E dw ard Burke, D aniel A n d re tti. Candids: Scenes fro m the Sophomore Days o f Recollection. M anny Proenza chooses a reading fo r the Eucharist du rin g lunch, and Brendan, Bernie, Carmelo, and P a trick ra id the cookie box durin g the aftern oon break.


Above: Rev. H a rry J. O ppido SJ.







Above, le ft to rig h t: Douglas Seymour, R ichard Adam s, C hris Schm idt, Stephen F a irfie ld , Brendan Lepis, Thehuan Truong, Ken Fall. Below, le ft to rig h t: A le x Cabezas, John M yers, Tom Faiano, Douglas Viggiano, Je o fre y V ita, D o na ld Rogers, Renato Umali. C andid: Steve an d Ken re v ita liz e them 足 selves b e fo re engaging in a gam e o f fo o t足 ba ll d u rin g th e Sophomore Days o f Recol足 le c tio n a t X a vie r Center, C onvent Station.




Right: M rs. Kathleen M. C ostantini

Above, le ft to rig h t: M anuel Guarda, M ich a e l C ot足 ton, Robert Fonticoba, Carlos M ercado, Ralph Pantozzi. Right, top row , le ft to right.- John Arceo, Rolando Lavarro, Ken M oore, Raul Camaligan, G il足 b e rt Sabusay. Right, bo tto m row , le ft to rig h t: D a vid Donnelly, Joseph Paguiligan. Below, top row , le ft to rig h t: P hil Swabain, Safal Joshi, Chris Lee, W alter Benzija. Below, bo tto m row , le ft to rig h t: P a trick Cunningham, Gene Keohane, D a vid Penaskpvic. Candid: Too m uch to d rin k a t Caven Point last night, huh, Guy?!


Above: M r. R obert M cG uinness. R ight, le ft to rig h t; Jay Pacillo. E d w a rd N estor, Tony Cabrera, Paul Lempa, Edgar Barua, D a v id Estrada, Ed M a rtin , H o race Lindsey.

L e ft, le ft to rig h t: L a rry Tronco, D ave Kleid, P eterKenneth Partoza, Ben Libro jo , B rian A d o rn e tto , D a足 v id C ardino, D ave Toussas, D on Lapine. R ight, le ft to rig h t, Ken O lszew ski, John Geoghegan, V ince Lo Re, P a tric k Juskiew icz, Robert Bigg, Thomas D eBernardo, M a rio Rico, M a tt Shaw, Da足 v id G o ld r ic h , N o rm a n C hait, C h ris Catania.


Above-, le ft to rig h t, firs t row-, B rad McLeod, Ralph Sperando, D a vid Riolo, Kevin M allardi, Paxton M orris; Second row> Paul Cush, Julio Nieto, A rd le y Fuqua, M ark B ryant, M ike Kenny, Rich Peluso Abovei M r. James Catalano S.J.

?OVIAJ/\T/\0 2TI/3-GJ00

Below, le ft, le ft to rig h t, firs t row-. Rich Lopez, Aaron Walker, Sean O ’Connor, C hris DiNardo-, Second row , Sean Kearney, John DiFilippis, Kevin Atchison; Below, le ft to rig h t, fir s t row-, Ed O ’Connell, M ike Voicu, D a vid Ohlmuller, Brian O ’Connor-, Second row ; Greg B ellotti, Chris Zingaro, John Feeney, John Hester




Above, le ft> M r. W illiam J. Donahue: Above, fir s t row , le ft to rig h ti H e n ry Holzmann, K eith Vukan, Stephen B yron, D a v id Skorka, Benjam in Benebe> Second row , le ft to rig h t; Terence Cooney, P a trick Vining, James Grogan, M ic h a e l Z ieleniew ski, P h il Ryan, Terence Curren, M ic h a e l Elson, M a rk Gnecco; le ft; P ick out the b ro th e r nam ed W hitehead.

Below, f ir s t ro w , le ft to rig h t; G reg B row n, M a re k W orobiej, James Thompson, C h ris Culhane, C h ris Palmer, W alt Schneider; Second ro w , le ft to rig h t; P ete Sollecito, J e f f G illard, F re d Bayerlein, C hris D o ro szczyk; r ig h t; A re you re a lly g o in g to eat th e re ?


Above, Righh Rev. Thomas V. O ’Connor S.J., Above, F irst Row, L e ft to Right; Robert Tuohy, A n d re w Alicandri, A nth o n y Froio, Second Row, L e ft to Right> John Shea, R ichard Henneberry, Fran M atta, Guy Sindle, Jason M on te fo rte , Joe Vita, M a tt King. Right, F irst Row, L e ft to Right; A n to n io Sarmiento, Hassib Khawaja, Sal­ vatore DiN ardo, W illiam Stefko, Dan Maglione, Chandresh Patel, John Sheeran, J e ff Jablonski, James Van Blarcom, Rchard Ebanks, Steve Way.

L e ft, F irs t Row, L e ft to Right; John Hughes, E ric Cantada, Joe Volcy, Second Row, L e ft to Right, Tom O'Hare, P rubhjot Singh, Wally Lindsley, John Flanagan, Vasilios Chrisos, Below-, O h NoI Look o u t TonyI


Above, L e ft; M iss A nn Schmidtberger-, Above, Front row , L e ft to Right) O svaldo Cardales, P ete r Spadora, Pablo Calderon, Second Row-, Roy Jimenez, Tom Duzubina, Ed Cheatam, T h ird Row, L e ft to Right) George James, Sam Mason, Left) F ront Row, L e ft to Right, Rob足 e r t D im ler, P e te r Sparonza, John Gillespie, Kevin M o r足 ris, H orizontal) M ik e Figurski, Second Row, L e ft to Right, Cesar Pernia, Carlos Bellido, Stanley Duda.

R ight: F ro n t Row, L e ft to Right) O m a r O lveros, Steve Salvemini, Second Row, L e ft to Right) B ria n M cEwen, P e te r Stokes, T h ird Row, L e ft to R ig h t> K e vin O 'Sullivan, K evin Lyons. M issing: Raym ond R ushforth.

m m *

Ibove, F irst row , le ft to rig h t> Robert Bleach, Edw ard Vhitehead, Liborio Namnama, Carlos Perez, S cott Ventworth-, Second ro w i R ichard Nugent, Robert chork, Joseph Kealy, P a trick Campen, Thomas Moore-, 'ight, F irst row , le ft to rig h t; Craig Dillon, John Castro, >avid Rovere, G ary Rodriguez; Second row-, A n th o n y tew a rt, M anuel Rosado, D aniel Ahern, M a rio Rodriuez, C hris Esposito, M ich a e l Gajewski, S cott Williams,

amera shy, Louis P olitew icz. B ottom rig h t, W hat’s la rk eating ? Oranges, Of course!


Right: M iss Ana J. Garcia


L e ft: M r. R obert Sayer. R ight: C lockw ise fro m le ft: Jim m y Iza, Paolo M ontalban, Thomas D am ico, H e c to r Ruiz, Joeseph G old sw o rth y. Camera shy: C h risto p h e r DeNunzio.

Below, clo ckw ise fro m center: Jonathan O ’Donnell, V ic to r LaM antia, Thomas DeCostanzo, M ic h a e l Valente, John Calicchio, M a rk M a ttic o la , R ich a rd Trilles, M itc h e ll Matias-, M issing: Thomas Giblin.

Below, c o u n te rc lo c k w is e fro m le ft: A r th u r R odriguez, B ill Rodriguez, D a n ie l Umali, W ilfre d Sa-Onoy, E ric Polack, Jason M a rtin , B ruce G atew ood/ Cam era Shy: A n to n io O rlina.

VARSITY FOOTBALL Following in the footsteps of last year’s HCIAA National Con­ ference Champs is no easy task. However, the 1986 varsity foot­ ball team is also extremely talented. Led by veteran coach Gerry Bellotti and his outstanding assistants, among them moderator Fred Pellegrini S. the men of the gridiron are once again a county powerhouse. The team is powered by several returning lettermen - All -State tackle Elnardo Webster, along with AllCounty players Curtis Raeford. Tom Touhy. Charlie Bible. Tim Gillard, and John "The Bull” Egar. Other strong returning seniors include Darren Sammartino, George "Buddy” Scott, Tariq Rashed, Ed Casulli and Danny Fitzhenry. The underclassmen members of the team show great talent and potential for the future as junior Greg Bellotti debuts as the starting QB this season, along with other outstanding juniors such as John Flanagan, Rob Touhy, Marek Worobiej, and Anthony Stewart. Rounding out the starting lineup is sophomore lineman John Formoso. The team features a relentless defense and a "run and shoot” offense, which should lead the '86 team towards another successful season.

Above: Set! D o w n !......... Left: O'Neill puts another one through. Below: Tariq says - That's right, we bad!!!

Bottom Left: Crunch!!! Bottom Right: Bellotti evades yet another Snyder rush.

Above: 1st Row: R. Rushforth, S. Mason, J. Flanagan. G. Sindle, C. Raeford. Co-Captain T. Tuohy, Co-Captain E. Webster, Co-Captain C. Bible, R. Cronda, G. Scott, D. Fitzhenry, J. Hughes, Y. Kwon, T. Connor. 2nd Row: D. Nunez, C. Zingaro, H. Khawaja. K. O’Neill, E. Casulli, L. DeMarco, G. Keohane. D. Sammartino, T. O’Connor, E. Cheatam, W. Schneider, J. Volcy. J. Egar, Manager G.W. lies. 3rd Row: E. Nestor, J.

Above: OH! OH! foot odor. Above right: Marek boots another one through the uprights. Right: What does he want now.

Owens, P. Spadora. M. Proenza, R. Tuohy, R. Davis, T. Rashed, L. Tronco, A. Alicandri, G. James, C. Doroszczyk, M. Worobiej, J. Fortunato. 4th Row: R. Davis. P. Campen, R. Schork, P. Sollecito, J. Gillard. B. Militello, A. Stewart, G. Bellotti, J. Formoso. T. Gillard. M. Harvey, D. Wilson. Coaches from left to right: Bob Harris, Richard Hansen, Paul Georgio. Bill Masopust, Gerry Bellotti.

Clockwise Above: It’s a bird, no it’s a plane, no it’s super El. Do the Bible Boogie. OOOOH S#$!@.

Above: Bellotti gets last minute instructions from coach Bellotti at the sidelines. Below: Bible scurries in the open field.

ABOVE: Preps defense makes him pay.

FRESHMAN FOOTBALL This year’s Freshmen Football Team picked up where last year’s team left off. They ended the season with six wins and only two loses, the offense was led by Ted Schroeder and, Anthony Guma. and this was complimented by a fierce defense. The defense featured Danny Gronda and Brian McMullen.

BOTTOM ROW: C. Alfaro, W. Piatkowski, M. Poueymirou, J. Delo, A. Pagkalinawan, J. Dargan, K. Ferrante, C. Shaw, B. McMullen. 2nd ROW: F. Olivieros. M. Gizzi, K. Bucher, K. Burbank, P. Mulcahy, D. Gronda, C. Yureko, P. Bonavota, S. Crupi, J. Wolfe. 3rd ROW: A. Vetter, R. Icklan.

D. Margaritonda, K. Wassong, H. Machado, J. Francesco, D. Monisera, D. Slane, P. Ahearn. 4th ROW: Coach Mark Quirk, D. Gaines. P. Mergus, J. Scafidi, T. Santiago, E. Schroeder, S. Prusko, A. Guma, S. Rosalsky, A. Blazini, Coach Dennis McMullen, Coach Greg Pavick

TOP RIGHT: Please God!! Let him catch it. ABOVE: Future Prep Defense. LEFT: Frosh gridder blasting through the hole.

GYMNASTICS The Prep gymnasts have come a long way this year. The team, coached by Lou Guarini and Ed Skolar, and moderated by Fr. Harry Oppido, S.J., demonstrated strong team spirit and shared in a desire to improve themselves. Although they failed to beat North Bergen for the County title, the Gymnastics Team won an even bigger battle by averting a disbanding o f the entire team. This year's team was anchored by Captains Tom W illiams and David Riolo. Senior contribu­ tors included Shawn Ostendorf, Jay Hughes and W il Sa-Onoy. Among the Juniors were W ally Lindsley and Edgar Barua. More im portant than any other accomplishment this year was the ad­ vent o f two very promising Frosh, Jon Paul Pantozzi and Fazad A ll. Hopefully, with the gradu­ ation o f many key contributors, these under­ classmen can be major pieces in Prep’s cham­ pionship puzzle next year.


That’s not Bart Connor. It’s only Shawn.

It s not a bird, a plane or Superman.

For his sake, let’s hope he knows what he’s doing.

Captain Tom Williams

Shawn Ostendorf

Wil Sa-Onoy

Jay Hughes

Above: "Where's that damn contact lense?” Below: Wally tries to top Jay’s near-perfect execution (see above right).

Tom tries to remember how to untangle himself after a difficult maneuver.

Above: "Turn around, coach! Don't you wanna be in the yearbook?”

Above: Nobody seems especially interested in Wilfred’s perfor­ mance.

VARSITY SOCCER This year's varsity soccer team finished second in the South Division with a 5-3 record. If the team’s performance had not been hampered by late season injuries, the team might have surged on in the Parochial A state playoffs but a hard fought loss to rival Hudson Catholic early on in the playoffs dashed the team's hope for a Parochial A playoff victory. The defense was anchored by All-State sweeper Nuno Santos and featured some fine players as Vito Brancatella and Al Ruiu. Although the team’s defense held them together in a few games, it was the midfield play of tri­ captains Paul Lagermasini. Mario Duque, and All-Stater Kevin "Boog" Raslowsky that kept the team in contention for both a state and county playoff birth. Hope for the future lies on the feet of Son Nguyen, Tien Ngo, Gregg Stupinski, and goalies Phil Ryan and Tom O'Hare. Above: Captains Paul Lagermasini, Kevin Raslowsky, Mario Duque and coach Jack Raslowsky.

Above sitting: Joe Kelly, Reggie Tanteo, Tien Ngo, Gregg Stupinski, Kevin Granelli, Nuno Santos: kneeling: Son Nguyen, Roy Jimenez, Arnel Ortega. Kevin Brodbecfc. Tom O’Hare. Vito Brancatella, Mario Duque:

standing: Coach Jack Raslowsky, Paul Lagermasini, Bill Chrisos, Ed Gargiulo, Tom Moore, Kevin "Boog” Raslowsky, Jose Fajardo, Jon Dilley, Rashaan Garlin, Assistant Coach Rob McGuire

Above: Prep soccer’s starting varsity Seniors. Right: The soccer team shows its stuff.

(HBNSB W m m m rn S m m i

ABOVE: Yea I' m bad. RIGHT: on€ hundred one, one hundred two



1986-1987: THE EVENTS



>ach Burgess. Dave Bryngil. and Dave Donnelly await the start of the ces.

IB H r i tm m m tm

W ith the advent o f spring comes the outdoor track and field season. As usual, the Prep squad looks to be a county powerhouse. Veteran coach M ike Burgess has lofty goals fo r the squad. He hopes fo r a successful performance at the prestigous Penn Relays in Philadelphia and is aiming fo r the Jesuit, Jersey City, and HCIAA Relay titles. The track team is led by returning A ll County hurdler Dave Bryngil and A ll County sprinter, long and high jumper. Joe Volcy. Other standouts are M ike Lawless. Roland Elio, Chris Doroszczyk, Rob Davis. Tom Zimmerman, and Tom Faiano. The field team is powered by shot put star Jeff Gillard and A ll County discus hurler M ike Valente.

Dave warms up before the start.

Well John, if you're cold why don’t you start running.

Joe getting the hurdles down pat.

Bryngil neck and neck to the finish.

INDOOR TRACK The Prep "Chairmen o f the Boards� ran to one o f their most prolific seasons in over a decade. Coach Mike Burgess, assistant Tony Koger. and moderator John Browning, S.J., assembled a power house team that finished second at the HCIAA championship. The team then went on to win the Jesuit Relay crown and the Jersey City Championship. The team was powered by several skilled athletes. The mile relay squad o f Joe Volcy, Chris Doroszczyk, Rob Davis, and Tom DiCostanzo proved to be one o f the best in the Catholic Conference. Outstanding individual performances were put in by hurdler Dave Bryngif and sprinter Doroszczyk, who both qualified for the Meet o f Champions. Also. Sophomore Tom Faiano emerged as one o f the county’s top distance runners.

Above: Senior Rob Davis. Right: Senior Roland Elio. Far right: A perfect exchange.



, In th e ir best season in recent years, the Prep Cross C ountry team captured the Jersey City Champion­ ship. Coach M ike Burgess guided the squad, w hile Fr. John Browning, SJ. served as the team ’s dedicated m oderator. The harriers were led by A ll-C o un ty stars Tom Faiano and Joe Gellene and senior captain M ike Lawless. O ther stars included juniors M ike Elson and Tom DiCostanzo and sophomores Chris Schm idt and A n to n io M artins. The team looks forw ard to a strong season next fa ll, w ith six o f th e ir top seven runners returning fo r action. l


Above: Prepsters sprint to the finish. Right: Volcy receives baton from teammate. Far right: Senior Captain Mike Lawless.


Back row: Rev. John Browning, S.J. Moderator, C. Schmidt, T. DiCostanzo, R. Dimler, M. Elson, M. Lawless, T. Faiano, J. Gellene, K McDermott, D. Donnelly, M. Gnecco, Mr. Michael Burgess, Coach. Front rows P Nestor, M. O’Gorman, J. Sheehan, M. Rusigmuolo. R Hamilton, P. Romero, A. Bryant. Missing: A. Martins. M. Rico. C. Patel. D. Kelly. D. Rogers, K. Morris, C. Lee

HOCKEY This year’s icemen finished their regular season better than expected when one considers the holes in the lineup that needed filling. John Hughes and Pete Speronza teamed up to fill the shoes of Sam DeLuca. Luckily, such fine h itte rs as John Coogan and Dan Fitzhenry were able to make up fo r the loss o f Kevin Fitzhenry to graduation. The real story, though, was the fro n t line o f Bill Gargiles, Jason Fogu and M a tt King and the de­ fense o f George Nolan and Greg Brown. O ther key participants were Tom Caval­ lucci, Jim Thompson, Tom Blunda, Rick Bigelow and Chris Gannon. Hope springs eternal fo r next year’s squad. Perhaps the greatest reason not to dispair at the graduation o f a great many players is M ike Fritz. His dazzling skating abilities and fine all-around play, along w ith a fine supporting cast, ensure that next season w ill be eagerly awaited.

P K C ji

Above: A few of the members of the 1986-87 Prep Hockey Team, standing (I to r): Greg Brown, Jason Fogu, Bill Gargiles, John Flughes, Rick Bigelow, Drew Ciok. Kneeling: M att King, Tom Cavallulcci, Joe Poueymirou.

Above left: Looks like an easy goal. Left: Flawk prepares to take a hit. Above: "Don't just stand there! Hit someone!”


Prep iceman takes the slapshot.

Mike Fritz on open ice.

Prep on a breakaway.

#24 heading towards


1986-1987= MUSIC, FILM, AND

O ne can always see students' d iffe re n t musi cal tastes at Prep. W h e th e r it be the Top-40 radio stations people listen to in the c a fe te ria , or the m ore esoteric sounds people listen to on the w alk-m en w hich populate prep, a student 111 ’186-'87 could listen to a v a rie ty of music just bv spinning the radio dial. O n e could hear some flashy D a vid Lee Roth, music fro m the heart bv Bruce Springsteen, or some lively Genesis or Bangles. O n the w eekends, Prepsters spend much tim e frequ en ting the vast cinem a com plexes in Secaucus. Students en joyed the likes of such box o ffic e stars as S ylvester Stallone, Eddie M u rp hy, and M ich ael J. Fox. The film s p ro vid e d students w ith heroes to em ulate, and an oppor tu n ity to laugh, cry , and enjoy th e ir leisure tim e. W hen a Prep student is d ilig e n tly studying fo r a big exam , he m ight fin d him self in fro n t ot the television. O n th e tube, students once again show th e ir d iv erse tastes. They enjov w atch ing actio n -p a ck ed shows like M ia m i V ice , or com edies like The C o sb y Show, or ■unique show like M o o n lig h tin g .

SWIMMING This year's Prep Swimming Team featured the encore perfor­ mances o f such four year stars as Dennis Manion, Greg Kushnir, Rocco Celentano and "Buddy” Henn as well as the last appear­ ances o f transfer Brendan Conway. Other key seniors included Jose Fajardo. M att Reilly, Mario Duque, Jon Dilley and diver extraordinaire W il Sa-Onoy. Losses were few and far between for this year’s swimmers. Prep once again easily defended their City and County championships but failed to repeat as State Champs when they fell to Bergen Catholic, whom Prep had upset a year ago fo r the State Sectional title. Don’t let the impending graduation o f ten seniors fool you. Swimmers like Phil Swabsin, Emmett Wood, M ike Zieleniewski, Norm Chait, Mike Elson and Craig Zaleck w ill ensure Prep of continued success in the near future. Led by Ms. Ann Schmidtberger and Mr. Richard Shea’s encour­ agement and the instruction o f coach Bob Forenza, Prep’s future in the water looks bright. Undoubtedly, Prep’s dominance o f Hudson County swimming w ill continue in the years to come.

Prep's Swim Team Captains and coach are flanked by the moderators.

The 1986-87 Swim Team: Standing, left to right: Phil Swabsin, Tom Anderson, Emmett Wood, Billy Santomauro, Mike Zieleniewski, Jon Zuchowski. Chris Schmidt, Mark Matticola, Jim Mielo. Norman Chait, Matt Greeley, Craig Zaleck, Joe Conticello, Mike Elson, Michael Gal. Kneeling, left to right: Mario Duque, Michael Ahearn, Rocco Celentano. George Henn. M att Reilly. Brendan and young Conway, W il Sa-Onoy, Jose Fajardo, Jon Dilley.

Above: Zaleck shows his form. Bottom right: Moderators Mr. Richard Shea and Ms. Ann Schmidtberger. Bottom left: Coach Forenza gives out the good news, some new county records.


Top left: "I hope to God that M o doesn’t find out about Saturday night!” Top right: Miss Ann Schmidtberger and M r. Richard Shea receive the traditional Championship M oderators plunge. Far right: "In all honesty, what does w riting on yourself prove other than that you are mentally imbalanced?”

'U l tAlQV(

Senior Swim Team members, standing, left to right: M a tt Reilly, Brendan Conway, Jon Dilley, Rocco Celentano, Jose Fajardo. Kneeling, left to right: George Henn, M ario Duque, W il Sa-Onoy.

Above: Diver extraordinaire W ilfred Sa-Onoy displays his Greg Louganis-like diving ability.

WRESTLING This year's Prep Wrestling Team featured the arrival o f first year coach Thomas Basile, who replaced long-time coach Rich Ranalli. Along with the arrival o f a new coach. Prep also w it­ nessed the immediate impact which Dan and Rick Gronda had on the team. Rick, a sophomore, made his debut after being side­ lined last year due to injury. Dan, a frosh, bore a resemblance, to his brother Doug, perhaps Prep’s greatest grappler, who graduat­ ed last year. Other important contributions were made by Tom O ’Hare. Roehl Empestan, Chris Zingaro and George James, who was kept from advancing to the D istrict 6 Tournament because o f a serious leg injury. Luckily fo r Prep there is only one senior^that significantly contributed. Roehl Empestan. Next year’s team should improve greatly.

\bove: The 1986-87 Prep Wrestling Team: Standing left to right: Coach Jill Friend, Co-captain Tom O ’Flare, Danny Nunes, Dan Gronda. Ed urrer, Rick Gronda, Co-captain Chris Zingaro, Cesar Pernia, Flead

Above. There is no escaping Rick Gronda.

coach Thomas Basile. Kneeling, left to right: Co-captain Roehl Empes­ tan, Joe Williams, Chris Matta, Colin Jones, Aleph Granados. Missing: Captain George "Zeke” James.

Above: ' I’ll give you a hint, chump. Your n o t winning."

Top left: Co-captain Tom O’Hare on the attack. Top right: Sumo wrestling hits America. Right: Zingaro in control.


MSS®;® m, WtiiiTuH


Left: Coach Friend ( I) and Head coach Basile stand with the grapplers of tomor­ row. Prep’s J.V. Wrestling Team. Above: Dan Gronda shows his Doug-like form.

FRESHMEN BASKETBALL The strength o f any successful athletic program is a strong preVarsity program. Starting with the Frosh level, teams build sound fundamentals which are essential for advancement to the J.V. and Varsity levels. This years team, though outsized by the oppo­ sition, has managed a very successful season behind standouts such as M ike Brennan, Ted Schroeder, Robert O ’Connor and Tony Guma. The team finished 16-4 but more im portantly with a win over Hudson to close the season. The future is bright for the Prep Hoop program.

Top: Coach Dave Settembre stands with Co-captains Ted Schroeder and Mike Brennan. Left: Prep's tenacious press. Above: Mike Brennan shows Varsity coach Harry Dammer that he can play.

The 1986-87 Prep Frosh Basketball Team: (I to r) E. Andres. R. O'Connor, M. Brennan, J. Scafidi, A. Pagkalinawan, E. Schroeder, A. Dimaya, H. Chaudry, T. Guma.


IV . BASKETBALL The next step in form ing a com ­ petitive basketball program is estab­ lishing a J.V. team w hich takes the skills learned as a Frosh and pulls all aspects o f the game together in preparation fo r next year’s Varsity team. The ch ie f m otiva tor behind Prep’s J.V. is M r. Joseph M assarelli. Along w ith his assistant. M r. Joe Moran, " M r. M az” form s the stars o f tom orrow. These fu tu re stars include Brian Haughney, John Burke and Danny Burrell. O thers include Rob Gil and Joe Kelly, very possibly Prep's backcourt o f the future.

Standing, left to right: Brian Haughney, Chris DeCresce, Dan Andretti. Danny Burrell, Myron Cooper, Kevin McCann, John Burke and Coach Mr. Joseph Massarelli. Kneeling, left to right: Rob Gil. Joe Kelly, Tony Cervino, Kevin Brodbeck and Dave Broderick.

Above: Rob Gil denies the pass.

Top left: "Disco Danny Domino’’ Top right: Kelly gets hammered on the drive. Above: Burke scores on the breakaway.

Above: The feared two-three defense awaits the Ram attack.

VARSITY BASKETBALL Going into this season, the Marauders had high hopes. Despite the pessimism which is a trademark of coaches everywhere, Harry Dammer's hoopsters did not disappoint. W ith more than able assistance from Mr. M ike Leonardo. Coach Dammer guided Prep’s five to a surprising 15-6 regular season record. Along with their fine finish Prep earned a berth in the H.C.I.A.A. South playoffs. Despite a hard fought contest against defend­ ing County Champs Ferris, Prep came up short by a score o f 68-57. The cagers sights quickly turned to the Paro­ chial North Playoffs, where they were given the second seed. Led by the leading scorer in Hudson County, Mike Gallagher, the basketball team created many exciting moments and formed lasting impressions o f a fine program. Prep was also aided by the hustle and tough­ ness o f the other captain, Dennis Corwin. The starting lineup is complete w ith the strength o f center Paul "Tex” Pawlowski, the inside play o f Bill Cooney, and the en­ couraging play o f guard Jason M onteforte, the only nonSenior in the starting five. The team is not only five people, however. The bench boasts such contributors as Juniors Paul Lempa and John Bernardo and Senior Bill Deakyne. The future is looking up fo r the hoopsters w ith Juniors Ed M artin, Chris Culhane and Fran Matta and Sophs Brian Haughney, John Burke and standout Soph Danny Burrell.

Prep’s starting five "zones” St. Anthony's.

The 1986-87 Prep Varsity Basketball Team: Standing, left to right: Bill Dea­ kyne. Fran Matta, Jason Monteforte, Marc Bryant, Paul Lempa. Paul Paw­ lowski, Bill Cooney, Dennis Corwin, Brian Haughney. Kneeling: left to right:

Above: Head Coach Mr. Harry Dammer stands with Co-cap­ tains Mike "Smoothie” Gallagher and Dennis Corwin. Below: Dennis Corwin shoots the automatic jay. Right: "Don’t shoot!”

Top left; Mike Gallagher prepares to blow away another opponent. Above: Gallagher (again) goes for the jumper.


I John Bernardo, Shawn Howard, Mike Gallagher, "E-Z Ed Martin, Chris Culhane. Mossing: Danny Burrell and John Burke.

Left: Paul Pawlowski goes for an easy two points. Above: Paul (again) shows him who's BOSS!

BASEBALL You know graduation is close at hand when out come the stiff gloves and moth-eaten caps in the late days of February. Baseball has arrived. This year’s team sports Tri-captains Tom Ba­ sil. Dennis Corwin and Dan Cutola try­ ing anything in their power to help Coach Joe Urbanovich maintain con­ trol over the slew o f underclassmen who dominate the roster. These under­ classmen include such standout players as Mike Fritz, Ed Nestor. Craig Zaleck and Chris DeCresce. The pitching rota­ tion should consist o f Juniors "M e a n " Gene Keohane, Raul Camaligan and "P is to l" Pete Sollecito. Hopefully, Prep can recapture their success o f last sea­ son and surpass their State semi-final finish o f a year ago.

Above: Prep s "golden arms” warm up, lefty Raul Camaligan and righty Gene Keohane.

Senior Tri-captain Tom Basil ducks under a high heater (above), before sending the next pitch into orbit (below).

Prep’s Tri-captains: Top: Tom Basil, middle: Dennis Corwin, and bottom: Dan "The Man" Cutola. (what a crew!)

TENNIS Although this year’s Tennis Team has graduated several key contributors such as Emer Cruz and the Doubles tan­ dem o f N ick W ood and Brad O hlm uller, prospects fo r a successful title de­ fense are good. This year Coach Pete McNamara and m od erator M r. Carl DeLorenzo hope th a t inexperienced V a rsity netm en such as R ichard Nu­ gent, Dave O hlm uller and th e Doubles teams o f John F ortu na to -M ike G iffo rd and Phil Swabsin-Dave B ro d e rick can complement the co nsiste nt and o fte n e x tra o rd in a ry play o f ju n io r Joe Kealy. They should have a ball!

V J j.

Jim Thompson and Jim Grogan, Doubles.


Co-captains John Fortunato and M ike G iffo rd , First Doubles.

Joe Kealy, First Singles.

Dave Ohlmuller, Second Singles.

Richard Nugent, Third Singles. 139



O n M o n d a y O c to b e r 2 7 th , 1986 s e ve n te en years of d is g rac e came to an end fo r M e ts fans. T h e p ho tog rap h below captures this m om ent fo r p o s te rity . C a tc h e r G a ry C a rte r is lifte d in the air by re lie f p itc h e r Jesse O ro sc o follo w in g th e M e ts 8-5 v ic to ry over the Boston Red Sox. T h e se ve n th gam e of th e W o rld Series

at I P k Y ork's Shea S tadium will not easily be fo rg o tte n , even by th e M e ts harshest c ritic s . Even Yankee fans on the P e tre a n s ta ff had kind w ords fo r the A m azin s’ o utstanding p e rfo r­ m ances during th e series!


It was a cold W inter’s day, Febru­ ary fifth to be exact. That is an afternoon the Petroc staff will not easily forget. For it is days such as th is that give new meaning to the word gullible (and even stupid). Ask yourself: would you agree to pose for a yearbook picture, wearing shorts in the middle of winter, when to top it all off the pictures had already been taken? Common sense says no, the P etroc staff said yes. It was a perfectly contrived plot an the part of the Petrean. To add insult to injury the losers were doused w ith water which was dropped from their own make-shift office. The Petrean staff did face one for­ midable foe — timing. You see, the shots presented here are not original photos. Thanks to Boog, who started the shower too early, the initial em­ barrassment was not recorded on film. As if stupidity has not already been epitomized, these imbeciles agreed to brave the Artie tempera­ ture and be doused again — real bright huh? If this incident proved one thing it was that the members of the Petroc staff are good sports and good friends. Thanks for the laugh.


The Petrean masterminds open the flood­ gates.

and then the rains came."


fool (fo o l) n. I. a silly or stupid person. 2. a person who has been made to look silly or stupid. 3. one d e ficie n t in judgment and good sense. 4. a mentally d e ficie n t person. SynS) ass, dope, goose, id io t, imbecile, jackass, jerk, m oon-calf, nincompoop, ninny, n itw it, numskull, schmo, schmuck, simple, simpleton, tom fool, turkey, h alf-w it, moron, natural. If Noah Webster were alive today, he could easily add another synonym to his d e fin itio n — Petroc journalist. There are several reasons why the Petroc s ta ff fits in w ith those other words. F irstly, they fool themselves into believing that they produce a decent newspaper. This notion is quickly dispelled when one notices how the school textbooks are always covered soon a fte r each issue's release. A vast m a jo rity o f these new book


covers happen to be Petroc issues. Lastly, and even more hum iliating fo r the newspaper-1 men was the incident involving the w ater bath. W hat started out as a suggestion in i passing in the yearbook o ffic e turned into a memorable prank. Despite threats o f retaliation from all members o f the Petroc sta ff, members o f th e ! conspiracy are co nfid e n t th a t no such counterattack w ill ever occur. Just in easel anything happens to any member o f the Petrean June 10, we give notice to the pseudo-l journalists that we still have a "th ree -p o in te r” up our sleeves. Go ahead, guys. Make ourl day!


just singin’ in the rain.”

Overwhelm ed by the downpour . . .

This incident proves that the P e tro c is a bunch o f clowns . . .


"W hat a glorious feelin' . . .

the "journalists” quickly retreat

and the rain ceased.”

. .. i’m happy again.”

Above: Jerk

. . . while the Petrean came out smelling like a rose.









TARIQ ABDUR-RASHED "CHEAPSHOT” Football 1,2,3,4j O utdoor Track I; Intramurals 1,2,3,4; W e ig h tliftin g Club l,2,3,4> Ebony Club 1,2,3,4.

JU A N A C O S T A Indoor Track 4i Tennis 4; Intra­ murals 1,2,3,4; Dance Com m ittee 4; Stage Crew 4> O riental Club 1,2,3,4) Emmaus 3j Emmaus Team 4i Honor Pin 1,2,3.

FEROZ ALI "FEROCIOUS” W restling l,2j H.A.P. 1,2,3) French Club 3; Spanish Club 1,2; Flonor Pin I.

T. Abdur-Rashed: "W h o ’s on firs t, w h a t’s on second, I d o n 't kn o w ’s on th ird . W ord up!” J. Acosta: "There's a tim e fo r eve ryth in g . . . a nd everyone.” F. Ali: "It's a tough w o rld out the re and you always have to look o ut fo r #1 — But d o n ’t step in # 2 ." — Rodney D angerfield

JO H N E. ANSTETH Tennis 1,2,3,4) Intramurals 1,2,3,4) P etroc 4) Paper and Pen 4; Spirit Com m ittee 4; Dance Com m ittee 4j Computer Club 4> Irish Club 1,2,3,4.

RYAN APPLEGATE Intramurals 1,2,3,4) Junior Prom C om m ittee 3> Dance C om m ittee 4> Bicycle Club 1,2) German Club 2,3,4) German Exchange 2> Em­ maus 3) Emmaus Team 4.

J. A nsteth: "O nly those who w ill ris k going too fa r can possibly fin d out how fa r one can g o ." R. Applegate: "P unctuality is the bored. ” — Evelyn Waugh

virtu e o f the

M A R IO BAI Paper and Pen 2,3, P roduction E d itor 4> Stage C rew 3,4* Dance C om m ittee 3,4; Radio Club 3,4; Photography Club 1,2,3; C om put­ er Club 2,3, Secretary 4; French Club 3,4; Prep S p irit A w a rd 4; Greek Gold M edal 2,3; National M e rit C om m endation; Honor Pin 1,2,3.

M IC H A E L BARBIRE "GRAPES” W re stlin g 4; Baseball I; Intram ur­ als 1,2,3,4; W e ig h tliftin g Club 3.

M. Bai: "A n d n o th in g survives, b u t th e w ay we liv e o u r lives. ” Jackson B row ne

T H O M A S M . BASIL "H A IR Y FACE” Football 1,2; Baseball 1,2,3, Captain 4; Intram urals 1,2,3,4; Homeroom President I; S pirit C om m ittee 3, President 4; Shaving Club 1,2,3, President 4; Emmaus 3; Honor Pin I; Prep S pirit A w ard 4.


M. B arbire: "T h e re are tw o p a th s you can go by, b u t in th e long run, th e re 's s till tim e to change th e ro a d y o u ’re o n .” — L e d Zeppelin T. Basil: " I b e tte r d o it, o r someone else will. ” C. Bible: "Love a n d peace 4 e v e r.” — th e Saint R. Bigelow: "A n y th in g is possible i f you believe you c a n ."

CHARLES L. BIBLE Football 1,2,3, C aptain 4; Indoor Track I; O u td oo r T rack 4; In tra ­ murals 1,2,3,4; Homeroom Presi­ den t I; W e ig h tliftin g Club 1,2,3,4; Ebony Club 1,2,3,4; Prep Spirit A w a rd 4.

R ICHARD BIG ELO W "B IG G S ” Hockey 1,2,3,4; Intram urals 1,2,3,4; C om puter Club 4; Chess Club 1,4; Irish Club 2,3,4.

T. Blunda> "W hatever pa th you follow in life , rem em ber this: W inning is b e tte r than losing." ~ - Hon. Edw ard I. Koch P. BOCCO:

"Boy do I hate the saying: 'Good J o b '." M . Borino "The re a l voyage o f discove ry con­ sists n o t in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes. ” — M arce l Provst

THOMAS BLUNDA -■ "B-MAN" Hockey 1,2,3,4; intramurals 1,2,3,4; Homeroom President 12, Spirit Com m ittee Executive 4-. Italian Club 2,3, Treasurer 4i Emmaus 3» Eucharistic M in iste r 4> W orld Civ. Silver M edal I; Latin Gold M edal 2j Honor Pin 1,2,3; National Honor Society.

MARK BORINO Intramurals 3; Band 1,2,3,4; Jazz Band 3.

PATRICK BOCCO "PAT” Intramurals 1,2,3,4; Future Physi­ cians Club 4; Italian Club 3,4; Em­ maus 4; Honor Pin 1,2,3; National Honor Society.

V. Brancatella: "The go od tim es are now. ” — D ickens J. Brennan i "The best was y e t to com e ." — Bryan Adam s



Soccer 2,3,4; W restling 1,2; Intra­ murals 1,2,3,4; Petrean Associate E ditor 4; Student Council 2,3, Executive 4; Homeroom Presi­ dent I; Junior Prom C om m ittee 3; Mission D rive C om m ittee 1,2; M ath CLub 4; Italian Club 1,2,3, President 4; Emmaus 3; Honor Pin 3; National Honor Society.

Basketball M gr. 3,4; Intramurals 1.2,3,4; Petrean 4; Paper and Pen 4; Stage Crew 2; Irish Club l,2,3,4j French Club 2,3; Emmaus 3.

5. Brow n: "L ife goes o n ." A. Bruton: ' l i f e 's a b e a c h ." D. B ryng il: " You can ta ke th e b o y o u t o f PREP, b u t you can n e ve r ta k e th e PREP o u t o f th e b o y ." A. Bullock-. "Yo, a in 't no bo dy ittin', man. I'm ch illin V P. Buzzelli: "G oo d tim es, b a d tim e s/ you kno w I ’ve h a d m y sh a re ." 1 —- Le d Zeppelin

SEAN B R O W N C om puter Club 3,4; Chess Club 2« Library Club i.2> Roie Playing Games Club 1,2,3,4.

A N T H O N Y M . BR U TO N "W A L L Y " G ym nastics 3; Basketball 1,2; W re stlin g 3-, G olf 1,2,3,4» Intra­ murals 1,2,3,4; Intram urals S taff 2} Paper a nd Pen 2,3,4; Hom eroojn President I; S p irit C om m ittee 4; Senior Prom C om m ittee 4; M ission D riv e C om m ittee l» Ski Club 1,2.3,4, W e ig h tliftin g Club 1,2,3,4; Irish Club 1,2,3,4) French Club U 3‘

DAVID BRYNGIL "D IA V O LO ” T ra c k 2,3, C aptain B Intram urals 1,2,3.4, S ta ff 2,3,4; P e tro c 3, Edi­ to r-In -C h ie f 4f Paper a nd Pen 2,3,4; Student C ouncil E xecutive 4; S p irit C o m m itte e 3,4* Prom C o m m itte e 3,4? Ita lia n C lub 1,2,3,4> Slavic Club 1,2,3,4* Emmaus Team 4; H onor Pin 1,2.3* Prep S p irit A w a rd 3> Hugh O ’Brian Youth Am bassador 2; N.H.S. Sec.

ANTHONY BULLOCK "TONY-B” Intramurals 1,2,3,4; H.A.P.; Ebony Club 1,2,3,4.

IH |

— —w m M L —


PASOUALE BUZZELLI "BUZZ" W r e s tlin g 1,2,3) IntramarahfcJ l,2,3.4i P etrean Sports E d it ' Photography Club I.2.3.4; G< tr y Gold M edal; Honor Pin i.2.; N ational Honor Society. :

R. Caamano: "M y 4-year prison sentence in this in stitu tio n is fin a lly o v e r." C. Camporeale: " ’cause I'm as free as a b ird now, and th is b ird you w ill not chain." — Lynard Skynard "F re e b ird " E. Cansecos "Forsan e t haec olim meminisse juvab it." P. Capizzi."Now we have the education, in te lli­ gence and am bition to make the w o rld our own. ” S. Carney: "D on’t ju s t th e re l”

do something.

RICARDO C A A M A N O "R IC K Y” W restling I; Intramurals I.

CARLO J. CAMPOREALE "C A R L ” Baseball 1,2; Intramurals 1,2,3,4; In­ tramurals Staff 4; Paper and Pen 2; Homeroom President 2; Junior Prom Com m ittee 3; Homeroom President 2; Honor Pin 1,2.

PETER J. CAPIZZI "PETE” Intramurals 1,2,3,4; Student Coun­ cil Executive 4; Junior Prom Com m ittee 3; Senior Prom Com­ m itte e 4; Dance C om m ittee 1,2,3,4; H.A.P. 4; Forensics 3, CoCaptain 4; German Club 3,4; Ital­ ian Club 1,2,3,4; Honor Pin 1,2,3; Prep Spirit Aw ard 3; National Honor Society Vice-President.

SEAN CARNEY "C H U N G A R ” O utdoor Track 3,4; Indoor Track 3,4; Intramurals 1,2,3,4; Paper and Pen 4; Stage Crew 4; Computer Club 4; Chess Club 2,3; Slavic Club 1,2,3,4; Emmaus 3.


EDUARDO L. CANSECO O utdoor Track 4; Indoor Track 3; Stage Crew 2,4; Computer Club 4; Karate Club 1,2; Emmaus 4; Honor Pin 1,2.

E. Casulli: "E ith er a tte m p t it not, o r succeed.” — O v id T. Cavallucci: "L e t us be th a n k fu l fo r the fools> i f n o t fo r them, the re s t o f us could not succeed." — M a rk Twain R. Celentano: "W e 've all g o tta jum p, so I ’m learning to fly !!” — Emerson, Lake 6 Powell W. Celentano: "M a y the fleas o f a thousand camels in fe s t yo u r arm pits. ” — The Phoenix Force Lives



Football 3,4* Intram urals 1,2,3,4; Junior Prom C om m ittee 3: Italian Club 1,2,3,4; Slavic Club 1,2,3,4; Emmaus 3; Emmaus Team 4* Hon­ or Pin 1,2; P etrean, Sports E ditor 4.

Hockey 1,2,3,4; Homeroom Presi­ d en t 3; S p irit C om m ittee 4; Ju­ n io r Prom C om m ittee 3; Italian Club 3,4.

J. Centeno: "W hen you see som ething you want, go g e t it, an d d o n ’t le t a n yth in g o r anyone sta n d in yo u r way-, yo u r only lim ita tio n is yo u rse lf.”




Football I; Swim m ing 1,2,3,4; In tra ­ murals 1,2,3,4; P aper a nd Pen 4; German Club 2,3,4.

G ym anstics I; Tennis I; Intram ur­ als 1,2,3,4; In tra m u ra ls S ta ff 1,2,3,4; Paper a nd Pen 2,3,4; Dra­ m atics 3,4; C om puter Club 1,2, V ice-P resident 3, President 4.

W re s tlin g 1,2; H.A.P. 1,2,3,4; French Club 3; Spanish Club 1,2.

E v e ry y e a r, w ith o u t e x c e p tio n , th e h e a rt o f a sch o o l is its g ra d u a tin g class. So to o a t P re p th is y e a r's S eniors a re th e h e a rt o f St. P e te r's . H o w e v e r, b e fo re re a c h in g our fin a l y e a r. W e , th e Class o f 1987, s p e n t th re e lon g ye a rs in w h ic h w e saw o u r n um bers d ro p fr o m about 250 to a l it t l e o v e r 195 Some o f o u r cla ssm a te s w e re le ft b e h in d fo r a n u m b e r o f reasons su ch as Ken D el V e c c h io , Setul P a rik h , D an P ro n ti. B ill M o m s e ra and Rob G ru h n In th is th e re is sadness, b u t c o n s o la tio n can be fo u n d b y lo o k in g to th o se w h o d id m a k e itYet e v e n th is d oe s n o t c o m p le te ly e xp u n g e o u r sadness, W e th in k o f th e te a c h e rs a n d m e m b e rs o f th e P re p c o m m u n ity w h o w e re n o t a ffo r d e d th e o p p o rtu n ity to see o u r d e v e lo p m e n t co m e to its jo yo u s fr u itio n These p eople h a v e m o v e d on. Some, such as M r, M ic h a e l T u n n e y. S J.. M r. M a rk D eS te ph a no . S.J., hr. E d w a rd D olan, S.J. and Fr. John M u lln , S.J. le ft te c o n tin u e th e ir Je suit tra in in g O th e rs lik e M s Elba Roque and M r F ra n k L am ar lin e d e c id e d it w as tim e fo r a c a re e r ch an g e . S till o th e rs , nam e ly Fr. John B auer. S.J.. M r. Lou Scarpa and M r. C h a rle s R ooney, r e tir e d , s e cu re in th e fa c t th a t th e y h a d s p e n t th e ir fiv e s in th e s e rv ic e o f o th e rs a n d h a d m a d e us all b e lte r p e rso n s along th e w a y








Then th ere are Fr. Joseph Parkes, SJ . and Fr. Ned Coughlin, S.J., whose co ntribu tion s to St. Peter s can in no w ay be adequately measured, e xcept, perhaps, by the many fin e young men th ey helped to guide durin g th e ir stays at Prep. And fin ally, Bro. Tom G arvey. S.J. and Fr. Jim Thompson, S.J., who, having d e d ica te d th e ir lives to serving God and helping others as Jesuits, have at last come to realize th e ir eternal re w ard in Heaven. aw., These tw o pages are reserved fo r the Class o f 1987 and the frie n d s we le ft behind, fo r the m em ories o f our fir s t th re e years w hich can hardly be expressed in pictures alone, and fo r the teachers-the new frien ds-all o f w hom we have m et along the way. ^


Swim m ing 2 ^ 4 Intram uial* 2.1.4, Spirit Committee 2,3 (■?!■> Cfub f f l l lris>h Chib 2 3 1 { mmau*'


Ijo h n c o o M n I ?|£ClDGSrt :W


|fcrp ss C ountry I; H ockey 1,2,3,4* Golf 1,2.3,4s Intram urals 1,2,3,4) intramurate S taff 3,4. Petroc 3. As­ sociate E ditor 4* S p irit C om m it­ te e 3,4; C o m p u te r C lub 4; W e ig h tliftin g Club 1,2,3,4-, Italian Club 3.4) H o n d fjp p 1,2,3> National

1§ p p | : inart stands as high as when he B s M q p g to :h e lp sm other fa n e e d ." ■

B ffiMttpnyrtt&is Vfit Ctyiway* ■ W f-pii Vt*- p n ly'lhun!3r), yOu'r£ allow ed iffiS'H*: your share o f :m is takes. "■ iiillx A y /

/s reason Jn a hutr.y: ’ {

■ :

1 M y l 00W M yM |



1 fi




. ,

"/,• kfay I’viv u n tk it

m o"


h h


football I- W restling 2,3) Intraral* 1,2 , Spfftt C oiw m ttcc W eightlifting Club 1.2.3,4-

Club 2.3.4. Irish

P. Corcoran. *%M>k towards tomorrow, and Ifftfg/iA i»7?i ff^a v ' |

D. Corwirt: "Self-confidence is the key to suc­ cess. ” J. Cox."I wish we were all older, then we wouldn't have to w ait so long.” J. Cronin: "O sweet day o f ju s tic e ushered in. ” — A egisthus in A eschylus’ "The Aga-

DENNIS C O R W IN "D IC K R AM BO N E” Basketball 1,2,3, Captain 4; Base­ ball 2,3,4; Intramurals 1,2,3,4; Spir­ it C om m ittee 3,4; Italian Club 3,4.

JOSEPH CRONIN "T H E G O A T ” Intramurals 3,4; German Club 2,3,4; German Exchange 2; Honor Pin 3.

D. Cutola: "That's what she said . .. Before the bed broke and the cops came. ” A. Darragh: "N ice guys m ay fin ish last, but at least the y fin is h .”

DANIEL C U T O LA "D A N THE M A N ” Football I; Baseball 1,2,3,4; Intra­ murals 1,2,3,4; Homeroom Presi­ dent 2.

JAMES C O X "J A M IE ” Intramurals 1,2,3,4; Petrean 3; Homeroom President 3; Mission D rive Com m ittee I; Ski Club 1,2,3,4; Italian Club 1,2; Irish Club 1,2,3,4; Honor Pin 1,3.

ARTHUR J. DARRAGH "A R TY D ” Cross C ountry 3; Stage Crew 2,4; Irish Club 1,2,3,4.

R. Davis: "It's been a g re a t fo u r y e a rs ." R.B. Davis: ”1 wish I were a dog, a n d you were a tre e ." — R.D. 30 W. D eakyne: "In heaven th e re is no been th a t’s w h y we d rin k i t h e re ."

R A Y M O N D D A V IS Football 1,3,4; O u td o o r Track I; In­ tra m u ra ls 1,2,3,4; H.A.P. 1,2; W e ig h tliftin g Club 1,2,3,4; Irish Club 3,4.

M . D efensor: "L ife is s h o rt so take advantage o f e v e ry th in g th a t com es along, w h at­ e v e r i t m a y be. D o i t whenever, w herever, a n d w ith whom ever, but D O IT .” A. D e la Cruz: "L ife has no m eaning u n til you liv e it. ”



Basketball 1,2,3,4, G olf 4; In tra ­ murals 1,2,3,4; P e tro c 3, A ssociate E d itor 4; Student C ouncil 3, Sec­ re ta ry 4, S p irit C o m m itte e 3,4; W e ig h tliftin g Club 2,3,4; Irish Club 1,2,3,4; Emmaus 3; Eucharistic M in is te r 4; H onor Pin 1,2,3; N ational H onor S ociety Treasur­ er.

O u td oo r T ra ck I; Intram urals 1,2,4; B icycle Club 2,4; French Club 2, O rie n ta l Club 1,2,4; Honor Pin 1,2; N ational Honor Society; Junior Year in Singapore.

ROBERT B. D AV IS Football 4; O utdoor T rack 4; In­ door Track 4.

ALLAN DE LA CRUZ "AL” Cross C ou ntry 3; Indoor Track I; Intram urals 1,2,3,4; C om puter Club 3,4; Ski Club 4; Karate Club I; O rie n ta l Club 2,4; Emmaus 3.

GARY DEL PIANO Wrestling li Intramurals It Mission Drive Committee 2-, H.A.P.; Gui­ tar Club 2; Italian Club 2.

CHRISTOPHER J. DE NllNZtO "GRAPESQUASHER” Baseball l,2t Intramurals 1,2,3,4; Racquetball Club I Italian Club 1.2

EDWARDDIANGELO ""M O JAH M BO ** Paper and Pen 4» Spirit Com mit-;

;tee 4: Dance Committee 4; Mis­ sion D rive. C om m ittee 3,4j: French Club 2,3; Emmaus 3; Em-

maus Team

Prep Spirit Award

O. P e lP ia n o ''?),

l . DeNunzto

f i D iA ng eh: "Be e n tir e fy to le ra n t o r not at all, fo llo w th e f o o d p a th Or the e v il one. To sicind a t th e c fo s s ro a d s re ^ u ire s nrore s tre n g th than you possess." -■- H e inrich Heine

JO N A T H A N P. DULEY "D IL L ” Soccer 2,3,4; Swimming 1.2.3,4; In­ tramurals l,2,3.4» Spirit C om m it­ tee 3,4; Dance Com m ittee 2,3; Stage Crew 2,3; Ski Club 1,2,3,4} Italian Clwb 2,3,4; Prep Spirit' Aw ard 2."

J. Dilley■"Education i f th a t w hich remains when one ha* fo rg o tte n e ve ryth in g he has learned fit scktfdL'i — A lb e rt Einstein E D om ingo "T out s’en vk, itiu tp a s s e , I'eau coule. et le coeur cub lie ." --- Flaubert

ERNANl DOMING ■ | » "NANDO I indoor Track 3,4; Intramurals 1,2,3,4; P aper and Pen 4; HomeI room President l» Dance C om m it­ tee 3,4; Science Club 3,4; Future ■ Physicians Chib Crew 4; Chess Club I.,2,3;-Se<ice3 ■ tary ^ F r e n c h Club 2.3irO rientat Club 4-, World Civ. Gold MedafkBiology Gold Medal; Spanish Gold Medal 2,3-. Honor Pin 1,2,3; Na­ tional Honor Society.




" ^ O V tN L V ” I i'

i u

Sut. i f f i iH m bt'i

1. 2.


p I h i'/i



ladder that cannot I S 1out h*nds in t t ’U / I

1 " B & f i mcrlcJ,n Proverb W / ’ >i


Soccer 1.2.3. Captain 4s Swimming 1.2.4. Outdoor T ia tk I. intramui als 1,2 3.4. Student Council 2 3 4 Hotnt'ioom President I, Mission Drive Committee I. Science Uub 3. Sta^e Crew 3.4. Spanish Club 1,2.3,4 S 9 H I

C o m m it

*' ■ ' y f l |


L win? nv / ‘i i’ giti? me hiv* I ® | m M '> - . '' ■ U?1WJ


jbout ‘lit*


l u

. -

w u r r r c < '*< ■


I ||B

'Torsan ct haec dun memminse iu\a bit. I

; Cross Country 1,2,3,4, Indoor Track i;2,3, Captain,. 4; Outdoor1 Track 1.2.3, Captain 4t Intramur- fl


I 0/o. » f n / t ’ Renaissance man chooses open ideas to closed one*, romance Iner realm frejri o v i*/ 'mfmi ‘ ■


■ I

Paper and

ain 1,2,3,4? P e trc c 4; Pen 4j Spitp Com mitiee 3,4; Dance Committee 2,3,4> H.A.P. !,2i Future Physicians Club I: StageICrew"; 2,3,4, French1-Club |jv3; O rie n ta l Club 1,2,3,4. 111

R O N ALD S. ELLO "M O N ” W restling 1,2, Captain 3i Outdoor Track 1,2; Intramurals 1,2,3,4; Spir­ it C om m ittee 3,4i Dance Com­ m ittee 1,2,3,4; H.A.P.; Future Phy­ sicians Club 1,2; Stage Crew 2,3; French Club 2,3; O riental Club 1,2,3, President 4; Prep Spirit Aw ard I; Honor Pin 1,2.

ROEHL EMPESTAN W restling 1,2,3, Captain 4; Intramurals 1,2,4; Junior Prom Com­ m ittee 3; Karate Club I; O riental Club 1,2,3,4; Honor Pin I.

BEN JAM IN V . EVIDENTE "C H A B O O K I” Gymnastics 2,3; Paper and Pen 3,4; French Club 2, Treasurer 3; O riental Club 1,2,3,4; Emmaus 3; Emmaus Team 4.

U.S. Elio. "You d o n 't want to g e t m ix e d up w ith a g u y like me, D o ttie l I ’m a loner —a reb el." — Pee Wee Herm an R. Empestan: "A dream w ith o u t a plan is ju s t a wish. ” R. F airfield: "So long and thanks fo r a ll the fis h ." — Douglas Adams B. Evidente: "A vis aux am ateursl .. . "M ake love a crim e, and we shall have lu s t." — Emerson J. Fajardo"O ne life , I'm gonna liv e it u p !"

RICHARD FAIRFIELD "D Y L A N ” Paper and Pen 2,4; Role Playing Games Club 1,2, Secretary 3, President 4; Honor Pin I.

JOSE FAJARD O "JO SIE” Soccer 4; Swimming 1,2,3,4; Intramurals 1,2,3,4; Spirit Com m ittee 3, Executive 4; Dance C om m ittee 2,3,4; H.A.P. 2,3; Stage Crew 2,3,4; Television Studio 3,4; Em­ maus 3; Emmaus Team 4; Eucharis tic M in ister 4; Prep Spirit Aw ard 3.

R. Fegursort:

"#!?$” C. Fernandez: "Con e l m odo de ser se nace, la moda se lleva. ” T. Finn: " . . . W hat we have loved, oth ers w ill love, an d we w ill teach them how> ” — W illiam W ordsw orth.



G ym nastics 2,3; Stage C rew 2,3,4; Chess Club I; W e ig h tliftin g Club 1,2; French Club 3; Slavic Club 1,2,3,4; H onor pin 2.

Indoor Track 2; Dance Club 1,2; Ski Club 1,3,4; Spanish Club 2,3,4; O rie n ta l Club 4; Emmaus 3.



Basketball I; Intram urals 1,2,3,4; Petrean 2,3, E d ito r-in -C h ie f 4; Student council 2,4> S p irit Com­ m itte e 4; Junior Prom C om m ittee Treasurer 3; Senior Prom Com­ m itte e 4; Dance C om m ittee 1,2; D ram atics 2; Emmaus 3; Euchar is tic M in is te r 4; Irish Club 1,2,3,4; Spanish I Silver M edal; Honor Pin 1,2,3; Prep S p irit A w a rd 2; N ational H onor Society.

Football 1,2,3,4, H ockey 1,2,3.4; In­ tram urals 1,2,3,4; Petrean 3; Stu­ d en t Council 2,3,4; Ski Club 3,4; W e ig h tliftin g Club 1,2,3,4; Irish Club 2,3,4; Emmaus 4.

D. Fitzhenry."The w o rld is as ugly as sin, a n d al­ m ost as d e lig h tfu l." S. Flusk: "Pressure makes d iam o nds."

SEAN FLUSK "F L U S K A A Y ” W re s tlin g 1,2,4; In tra m u ra ls 1,2,3,4; Dance C om m ittee I; Stage C rew 1,2,3,4; Television Studio 1,2,4; Photography Club I; Ski Club 3,4.

J. Fortunato: " The p a rty is n ’t over, i t ’s Just s ta r­ t in '" E. Furrer.",B rother, the tra in was fate.” H. Gaibor-. "O ne down, one to go, another town, one m ore show . . . ” — Yes M. Gallagher."Through your endurance, you w ill fin d your s tre n g th I" — H enry Rollins o f Blag Flag M . Galati." I t ’s n o t the end. Just a beginning.”

JO H N FO R TU N A TO "F O R T C H ” Football 1,2,3,4) Tennis 2,3,4) In­ tramurals 1.2.3,4) Junior Prom C om m ittee I t Dance Com m ittee 4j W e ig h tliftin g Club 1,2,3,4* Ital­ ian Club 2,3,4.

EDW ARD FURRER intramurals 1,2,3,4) Homeroom President 2> Spirit C om m ittee 4) Dance Com m ittee 2) W e ig h tlift­ ing Club 1,3,4) Ski Club 3,4) Latin 3 Silver Medal. :• , t - . .. ; \ : ■

m HARRY GAIBOR W restling 2-, Intramurals l,2,3,4i Petrean Sports Editor 4j Photog­ raphy Club 1,2,3,4; Science I Gold Medal* Honor Pin 1,2,3s National Honor Society.

M IC H A EL T. GALLAGHER "S M O O T H Y ” Basketball 1,2,3, C aptain 4i Intra­ murals 1,2,3,4i Intramurals S taff 3» Student Council 2,4; Homeroom President It S pirit Com m ittee 4i Dance C om m ittee 1,2) W e ig h tlift­ ing Club 1,2,3,4) Ski Club l> Italian Club 2,4> Irish Club 2,4.

M A R C G A LA T I "R E V ”

CHRIS GANNON "GANNO” Cross C o u n try 3s H ockey l,2,3,4i O u td o o r T ra ck 3,4) Intram urals 1,2,3,4) H om eroom P resident ik S p irit C om m ittee 4; Dance Com­ m itte e l,2j Stage C rew 1,2-, Televi­ sion Studio Is Radio Club 2> Com­ p u te r Club 2,3,4) Irish Club 1,2,3,4s French Club 2.3,4.

W IL L IA M C . GARGILES "G A R G L E M IN ” H ockey 1,2,3, C aptain 4> Intram ur­ als 1,2,3,4) S p irit C om m ittee 4> Dance C om m ittee 1,2.

ROBERT GARRY B O BBY , ROBER" Soccer 1,2.3,4, Intram urals 1,23,4; Petrean 2,3, Homeroom Presi­ d en t 3-, S p irit C om m ittee 3,4* Ju­ n io r Prom C om m ittee 3» Senior Prom C om m ittee 4* D ance Com­ m itte e 1,2,3,4» Ski Club 2,3,4) W e ig h tliftin g Club 1,2; Slavic Club 1,2,3,4t Irish Club 1,2,3,4s French CJub 3,4^ *.'<

C. Gannon: "N o pro blem o ffic e . I'm n o t as th in k as you d ru n k I a m ." W. Gargiles: " I f you g e t confused, lis te n to the m usic p la y ." — The G ra te fu l D ead R. G arry: " O ne fr ie n d in a life is alot, tw o are m any, th re e are h a rd ly possible. Thank you fo r th e im possible '8 7 V

BRUCE GATEWOOD “BRUCIE” H om eroom P resident 2j Band 2,3,4) G u ita r Club 1,2) Jazz Ensem­ ble X

MICHAEL GIFFORD "GIF” Basketball 2s Tennis 2,3, Co-Cap­ ta in 4j Intram urals 1,2,3,4) Dance C om m ittee 4* M ission D riv e 2i Stage C rew 4> C om puter Club 4s Chess Club 1,2,3s B icycle Club 4> Railraod Club It Italian Club 2,3.

B. G atew ood: "O , com e on guy, h it th e b a lll" — F t, Bauer M . G iffo rd : ”l t is about tim e . . . to h it th e beach a n d fo rg e t about life ."


J. Giglio: "The greatest th rill in life is doing what others say you cannot d o .” T. Gillard: "I com bed m y h a ir t ill it was ju s t rig h t and com manded the n ig h t b ri­ gade.” — Bruce Springsteen M. Gilvey: ''Eile m it W eile.”

JOSEPH GIGLIO Paper and Pen 2,3, Editor 4; Stu­ dent Council 3, Treasurer 4; Dance Com m ittee 3,4; H.A.P. 4; Dram atics 3,4; Racquetball Club 2; Forensics 3,4; Italian Club 1,2,3, Vice-President 4; Emmaus 3; Ital­ ian Gold Medal 2,3; Honor Pin 2; Prep Spirit Aw ard 4.

M A T T H E W GILVEY Intramurals 1,2,3,4; Homeroom President 4; Dance Com m ittee 3,4; H.A.P. 4; Forensics 3,4; Ger­ man Club 3,4; Honor Pin 2,3; Na­ tional M e rit Commended Stu­ dent; National Honor Society.

TIMOTHY GILLARD "T-ROCKA-SKI” Football 2,3,4; O utdoor Track 3,4; Intramurals 2,3,4; Science Club 4; W e ig h tliftin g Club 2,3,4; Irish Club 3,4; Emmaus 4; Honor Pin 2.

JAMES GOM EZ W restling 1,2; Intramurals 1,2,3,4; Homeroom President 3; Dance Com m ittee 1,2,3; Dram atics 1,2,3; Stage Crew 1,2,3; Television Stu­ dio 1,2,3.

J. Gomez.''The a rt o f war is like the a rt o f sex. The sim plest moves are the best.” — Napoleon S. Gomezi "A n d soon these childish dreams m ust end, to become a man, and go on to dream again. ” — Bruce Springsteen

STEPHEN G O M EZ Basketball I; Petrean 1,2, Under­ classman Editor 3; Petroc 4; Homeroom President I; Spirit Com m ittee 4; Junior Prom Com­ m ittee 3; Ski Club 2,3, Executive 4; Honor Pin 2.

W A LTE R G0NS1EW SKI W re stlin g I; Intram urals 1,2,3,4; Slavic Club 1,2,3,4; H onor Pin 2.

KE VIN R. GRANELLI "GRANELLES, SCRO D” Soccer 1,2,3,4; Intram urals 1,2,3,4; Petrean 2,3, A c tiv itie s E d itor 4> Homeroom President 2) S pirit C om m ittee 3, E xecutive 4j Senior Prom C om m ittee 4( Italian Club 1,2,3,4t Irish Club 1,2,3,4) Ski Club 4) Emmaus 3, Team 4> Honor Pin 1,2,3) N ational Honor Society.

RICHARD GRIESHABER "GREASE” Cross C ountry 2,3) Indoor Track 2) O utdoor T rack 2> Science Club 4) Radio Club 4) Karate Club I) Em­ maus 3) Honor Pin 1,2,3.

JOSEPH C. GUTIERREZ "J O E ” Indoor T rack 3> Dance C om m it­ tee 2,3,4) Stage C rew 3,4) O rie n ­ tal Club 2,3,4) Emmaus 3) Emmaus Team 4) Algebra I Gold Medal) Honor Pin 1,2,3.

FREDERICK H A N N A "FR ED ” Basketball Manager 3,4) In tra ­ murals 1,2,3,4> Intram urals S taff It Homeroom President I) H.A.P. It W e ig h tliftin g Club l> Ebony Club 1,2,3, E xecutive 4.

W. G onsiew ski: " I th o u g h t i t was an animal, a n d I p ic k e d i t up, a n d i t was p ie l Now, r ig h t now, n o w l” K. G ranelli: "Y o u're o n ly young once, b u t you can be im m a tu re fo re v e r.” R. G rieshaber: " I lo ok fo rw a rd to th e d a y when someone w ill in v e n t a solar-po w e red fla s h lig h t." J. G u tie rre z .• "F rie n d s h ip ’s th e w ine o f th e life . L e t’s d rin k o f i t a n d to i t . " F. Hanna: " A t th is p o in t, boys cease to be boys, a n d p ro c e e d to e n te r th e rea lm o f m anhood. In o th e r w ords, "It's M ille r tim e ." '

GEORGE HENN "B U D D Y ” Swimming 1.2,3,4; Spirit C om m it­ tee 4, French Club 2,3,4.

D A V ID HOPPE "H O P " Gymnastics 3> Dance Com m ittee 3.4, Stage Crew 3,4, Television Studio 3,4) Computer Club 4; Ger­ man Club 2,3,4.

SH A W N M IC HAEL H O W A R D "S PU D D ” Basketball 1,2,3,4> Intram urals 1,2,3,4; Intramurals S taff 4, Home­ room President 1,2i Junior Prom Com m ittee 3, W e ig h tliftin g Club 1,2,3,4; Ebony Club 1,2,3, Execu­ tiv e 4) Emmaus 4.

<5. Henn: "Forsan e t haec olim meminisse juvab it. " D. Hoppe i "A n d the men who h o ld hig h places, m ust be th e ones who s ta rt to m ould a new re a lity closer to the he art. " - RUSH S. Howard: " G od made you. G od made me. He m ade us a ll equally." — P. Rogers Nelson.

JAY HUGHES Gymnastic# 2.3,4) W restling 3( In­ tramurals l,2,3,4f Spirit C om m it­ tee 4i Ski Club 2,3,4) Irish Club 1,2,3,4.


ALBERT B. HYJEK "A L ” Tennis 1,2,3, Co-Captain 4> Intra­ murals 1,2,3,4) Paper and Pen 4> Spirit Com m ittee 4 , Band l,2> Bi­ cycle Club 2,4» Slavic Club 1,2,3,4,

J. Hughes: "Forsan e t haec o lim m em inisse juvab it. " A. H yjekt "They who believe in themselves, w ill achieve th e ir goals. ”

■ a lies. " I f i t is possible, i t is done. I f i t is im possible i t w ill be d o n e ." B E v il Knievel. W. Illy: "E ve ry v ic e is o n ly th e exa gg eratio n o f a necessary an d virtu o u s fu n c­ tio n ." V * jEmerson. L. Jablow: " To liv e is to change, to becom e p e r­ fe c t is to change o fte n ." M.,Juenge-. "T o be on th e w ire is life . The r e s t is w a itin g ."-' — K u rt Wallenda.

GILBERT ILES "WELLS" Football T rainer 3,4; Intram urals l,2,3,4> Forensics 2* Ski Club 2,3,4; Irish Club 3,4s Emmaus 4.

C. Kane: "O n ce in a w h ile you g e t show n th e lig h t in th e stra n g e st o f places, i f you look a t i t r ig h t . " ' R obert H unter.

H n n is Manion 2 Vreeland Ave. therford. N .J. 07070 B r a id Marafioti ■ West 53rd St. yonne, N .J. 07002 ward Markowski 2 West 56th St. ■ yonne, N .J. 07002 ton Martin K Tonnele Ave. ■rsey City. N .J. 07306 illiam Mattey 9 Alexander Ave. Ii p e r Montclair. N .J. 07043 omas McDonough I Avenue B yonne, N .J. 07002 l i e r McGuire ■>09 Central Ave. ■nion City. N .J. 07087 adimir Merluza ■I I Jewett ■ rsey City. N .J. 07304 lliristo p her Metcalfe 1 )3 Jefferson St. ^ oboken. N .J. 0 7 0 3 0 ^ ^ H illiam Militello U\ Wesley Ct. Iiy o n n e . N .J. 07002 ■lie Morrissette 1 / Warner Ave. n rs e y City. N .J. 07304 la b r ie l Mulcahy ■12 Lembeck Ave. |:r s e y City. N .J. 07305 erald Murphy ■I I Avenue C ayonne. N .J. 07002 ■obert Myers ■46 Bergen Ave. Ilorth Arlington. N .J. 07032 n e k Nata 41 Jackson St. Newark. N .J. 07105 luerta Neals ■30 Atlantic St. lersey City. N .J. 07304

Jose; 928 Eliza 87 N Jerst Curt 558 Jersi Kevi 533 HoW Chrii 78 M Tend


877 Bay<j Arth 89 B Bell* Will 518 Unifl Giov 343] Jerst Alb< 6 PM B ayJ Ja rc fl 203| Je rsfl Rob! I Si B ay fl P ie r !


Je n l D arfl 24 1

Norfl Nun 26 1

New W il l 15 i

Je n l

M A R T IN T . JUENGE Forensics 3$ German Club 2, V ice -p re sid e n t 3? German Ex­ change 2s S.E.S. Exchange 3; Con­ gress/Bundestag Exchange. Na­ tional M e rit Scholarship Program L e tte r o f C om m endation.

u M i

W ALTER ILLY " W A L T ” "IX -IX T A P A ” Cross C ou ntry 3t Indoor Track 3,4» O u td oo r T rack 2,4} Dance C om m ittee 4» Stage Crew 4i Emmaus 3: Emmaus Team 4s Honor Pin 1,2,3; N ational H onor Society.

Tariq Abdur-Rashed 28 Broadman Pkwy. Jersey City. N.J. 07305 Juan Acosta 11 Cherry Hill Lane Manalapan, N.J. 07726 Feroz Ali 712 John Si. Secaucus. N.J. 07094 John Ansteth 568 Irvington Ave. Elizabeth. N.J. 07208 Ryan Applegate 735 Bailey Ave. Elizabeth. N.J. 07208 Mario Bai 125 Home PI. Lodi. N.J. 07644 Michael Barbire 453 Riverside Terr. Rutherford. N.J. 07070 Thomas Basil 649 East 14th St. New York. N.Y. 10009 Charles Bible 50 Glenwood Ave. Jersey City. N.J. 07306 Richard Bigelow 51 Livingston Ave. Kearny. N.J. 07032 Thomas Blunda 77 Terhune Ave. Jersey City. N.J. 07305 Patrick Bocco 212 13th St. Hoboken. N.J. 07030 Mark Borino 28 East 31st St. Bayonne. N.J. 07002 Vito Brancatella 816 Avenue A Bayonne. N.J. 07002 Joseph Brennan 268 Herbert Ave. Hillside. N.J. 07205 Sean Brown 400 Second Ave. New York. N.Y. 10010 Anthony Bruton 205 Mortimer Ave. Rutherford. N.J. 07070 David Bryngil 64 Hudson PI. Weehawken. N.J. 07087 Anthony Bullock 177 Claremont Ave. Jersey City. N.J. 07305 Pasquale Buzzelli 274 Manhatten Ave. Jersey City. N.J. 07307 Ricardo Caamano 302 Lafayette St. Newark. N.J. 07105 Carl Camporeale 12 Lennon PI. Clifton. N.J. 07013 Eduardo Canseco 1554 Broad St. Bloomfield. N.J. 07003 Peter Capizzi 1910 Palisade Ave. Union City. N J . 07087 Sean Carney 84 Gordonhurst Ave. Upper Montclair. N.J. 07043 Edward Casulli 921 Castle Point Terr. Hoboken. N J . 07030 Thomas Cavallucci I 5 Spring St. Jersey City. N.J. 07 Rocco Celentano ff 35 Orient Way Lyndhurst. N.J. 07071 William Celentano 14 Everett PI. Cliffside Park. N.J. 07010 Jose Centeno 190 Arlington Ave. Jersey City. N.J. 07305 Jeffrey Christensen 44 Suburbia Dr. Jersey City. N.J. 07305 Drew Ciok 28 West 44th St. Bayonne. N.J. 07002 Brian Clancy 423 Ogden Ave. Jersey City, N.J. 07307


Jason Clark 322 Gifford PI. Teaneck. N.J. 07666 Michael Cocca 112 Linden Ave. Jersey City, N.J. 07305 Thomas Connor 34 Natalie Dr. West Caldwell. N.J. 07006 Brendan Conway 154 West 33rd St. Bayonne. N.J. 07002 John Coogan 179 Cooper Ave. Upper Montclair. N.J. 07043 William Cooney 68 Williams Ave. Jersey City. N.J. 07304 Patrick Corcoran 53 Glenwood Ave. Montclair. N J. 07043 Dennis Corwin 106 Duncan Ave. Jersey City, N.J. 07306 James Cox 37 West 50th St. Bayonne N.J. 07002 Joseph Cronin 158 Bleecker St. Jersey City. N.J. 07307 Daniel Cutola 700 Second St. Secaucus. N.J. 07094 Arthur Darragh 26 High St. Jersey City. N.J. 07306 Raymond Davis 237 Fowler Ave. Jersey City. N.J. 07305 Robert Davis 119 Bloomfield St. Hoboken. N.J. 07030 William Deakyne 101 Yantacaw Brook Rd. Upper Montclair. N.J. 07043 Michael Defensor 251 Washington St. Jersey City. N.J. 07302 Allan Dela Cruz 34-24 Waldo Ave. Jersey City. N.J. 07306 Gary DelPiano 65 Magnolia Ave. Jersey City, N.J. 07306 Christopher DeNunzio 412 Egret Lane Secaucus, N J . 07094 Edward DiAngelo 10 Hutton St. Jersey City. N.J. 07307 Jonathan Dilley 36 Carlson Pkwy. Cedar Grove. N J . 07009 Emani Domingo 11 Van Reypen St. Jersey City, N J . 07306 Michael Donnelly 94 Reservoir Ave. Jersey City, N.J. 07307 Michael Downey 41 Magnolia Ave. Jersey City. N.J. 07306 Mario Duque 68 Elm Rd. Newark. N.J. 07105 John Egar 394 2nd St. Jersey City. N.J. 07302 Roland Elio 789 Montgomery St. Jersey City. N.J. 07306 Ronald Elio 789 Montgomery St. Jersey City, N.J. 07306 Roehl Empestan 277 Ege Ave. Jersey City, N.J. 07304 Benjamin Evidente 557 Pavonia Ave. Jersey City. N.J. 07306 Richard Fairfield 86 Alyea St. Newark. N J . 07105 Jose Fajardo 228 Harrison Ave. Jersey City, N J . 07304 Ronald Ferguson 92B Suburbia Dr. Jersey City, N.J. 07305

Carlos Fernandez 43 Leonard St. Jersey City. N J . 07307 Thomas Finn 179 Harrison Ave. Jersey City, N.J. 07304 Daniel Fitzhenry 40 East 42nd St. Bayonne, N.J. 07002 Sean Flusk 24 East 16th St. Bayonne. N.J. 07002 John Fortunato 219 New York Ave. Jersey City. N J . 07307 Edward Furrer 335 Carmita Ave. Rutherford. N.J. 07070 Harry Gaibor 61 Hancock Ave. Jersey City. N.J. 07307 Michael Gallagher 386 ^ Jersey City, N.J. 07305 Marc Galati 4 Columbus Dr. Bayonne, N.J. 07002 Christopher Gannon 219 Ridge Rd. Rutherford. N.J. 07070 William Gargiles 101 Albany Ave. Cranford. N J. 07016 ” R o b e rt Garry 12 East 46th St. Bayonne. N.J. 07002 Bruce Gatewood 22 Prospect St. Jersey City, N J . 07307 Michael Gifford 563 Pavonia Ave. Jersey City, N.J. 07306 Joseph Giglio 1221 Summit Ave. Union City. N.J. 07087 Timothy Gillard 52 Brush Hill Rd. ■fjnnelon. NJ . 07405 H g m hew Gilvev 319 16th St.


-. ' I

G. Henn: "Forsan e t haec olim m eminisse juvab it." D. Hoppe; > A n d th e m en who h o ld hig h places, m ust be the ones who s ta rt to m ould a new re a lity closer to the h e a rt." --R U S H S. Howards “ G od m ade you, God made me. He m ade us a ll equally." >■—, P. Rogers Nelson, J. Hughes: "Forsan e t haec olim meminisse juvab it . " A. Hyfeks ” They who believe in themselves, w ill achieve th e ir goals."

DIRECTORY Christopher Kane 32 Stuyvesant Ave. Kearny. N J . 07032 Stephen Kearns 250 Hutton St. Jersey City. N J . 07307 Azim Khawaja 381 Manila Ave. Jersey City. N .J. 07302 Choong Kim 80 Crane Ave. Rutherford. N .J. 07070 Keith Knorowski 13 East 46th St. Bayonne. N .J. 07002 Jeffrey Kollmer 33 West 44th St. Bayonne. N .J. 07002 Andrew Kopycinski 343 Kennedy Blvd. Bayonne. N .J. 07002 Barry Kushnir 68 West 8th St. Bayonne. N .J. 07002 Gregory Kushnir 135 West 24th St. Bayonne. N .J. 07002 . Paul Lagermasini A 23 Fairview PI. Upper Montclair. NJ* 07043 Jeffrey Latko 117 West 36th S t J H Bayonne. N .J. 0 7 ^ ^ ^ H Rammuel Lavarro 393 Stegman Pkwy. Jersey City. N .J. p 7 305 Michael Lawless H | 338 Park Ave. Rutherford, N .J. Osvaldo Lleonart V | 235 77th St. North Bergen, N J . B 0 4 7 Christopher L o w ic k i^ ^ J 23 Stegman Terr. Jersey City, N .J. 07305 Walfredo Macawili 89 Clifton PI. Jersey City. N J . 07304 Kaushal Majmudar |2 2 Nelson Ave. je rse y City, N J . 07307 ■ennis Manion m l 2 VreelandiAve. jtherford. N .J. 07070 Herald Marafioti ■ ) West 53rd St. lyonne. N J . 07002 ■Jward Markowski 12 West 56th St. lyonne, N J . 07002 lis o n Martin I ) Tonnele Ave. w rs e y City. N .J. 07306 I ' i l l i a i l Mattey 29 Alexander Ave. pper Montclair, N J . 07043 iiomas McDonough I ) Avenue B ayonne, N J . 07002 ■eter McGuire ■509 Central Ave. w n io n City, N .J. 07087 ■ladim ir Merluza 11 1 Jewett A t H B ersey City, N .JJ073 04 hristopher Metcalfe ■03 Jefferson St. ^ Hoboken, N .J. 0 7 0 3 0 ^ ^ /illiam Militello 3 Wesley Ct. ■ayonne, N .J. 07002 ■>lie Morrissette 7 Warner Ave. ■ersey City, N .J. 07304 ■iabriel Mulcahy 1 1 2 Lembeck Ave. ■ersey City, N J . 07305 Bierald Murphy 1 1 1 Avenue C ■ayonne, N J . 07002 K o b ert Myers §§46 Bergen Ave. ■ilorth Arlington, N J . 07032 l a c k Nata 41 Jackson St. ■Newark, N .J. 07105 llu e r t a Neals I 30 Atlantic St. ■ersey City. N J . 07304

Rick Nisbet 257 Liberty Ave. Jersey City, N .J. 07307 George Nolan 18 New St. Cranford. N J . 07016 Thomas O'Connor 137 Linden Ave. Jersey City. N J . 07305 Paul Opalach 462 Broadway Bayonne. N J . 07002 Charles Ordonez 4010 Liberty Ave. North Bergen. N .J. 07047 Richard Orellana 95 Clifton PI. Jersey City, N .J. 07304 Arnel Ortega 358 Virginia Ave. Jersey City. N J . 07304 Michael O ’Shaughnessy 363 Walnut St. Nutley, N .J. 07110 phawn Ostendorf 79 Garrison St. ■ M e , N .J. 07105 In So o |k Park 22 Duncan Ave. Jersey City, N .J. 07304 Vipul Patel 132 Congress St. Jersey C ityg N J. 07307 Paul Pawlowski 174 Bowers St. Jersey City, N J . 07307 Pedro Pereira 329 Essex St. Harrison, m J. 07029 John Piersa 79 Columbia Ave. Jersey Cjty, N J . 07307 Daniel Pietruska 14 Hartley PI. gglgpnne. N .J. 07002 K P T Polack 21 East 18th St. iBayonne. N .J. 07002 IBSfcglh Poueymirou 7 Nassau Rd. Upper Montclair, N .J. 07043 Joseph Preckajlo 928 Jefferson ^ v e . Elizabeth, N J . 07201 William Price 87 McAdoo Ave. Jersey City, N .J. 01305 Curtis Raeford 558 Bergen Ave. Jersey City. N J . 07304 Kevin Raslowsky 533 W illow Ave. Hoboken, N J . 07030 Christopher Reardon 78 Magnolia Ave. Tenafly. N .J. 07670 Matthew Reilly 877 Kennedy Blvd. Bayonne, N .J. 07002 Arthur Rodriguez 89 Bernice Rd. Belleville, N .J. 07109 William Rodriguez 518 2nd St. Union City, N .J. 07087 Giovanni Romano 343 m York Ave. City, N J . 07307 Albert Ruiu 6 Packard St. Bayonne. N J . 07002 Jared Rusman 203 Harrison Ave. Apt. 23 Jersey City, N J . 07304 Robert Rutkowski I Sunset Ave. Bayonne. N J . 07002 Pierre Salomon 116 Fowler Ave. Jersey City. N J . 07305 Darren Sammartino 24 Allan Dr. North Arlington. N .J. 07032 Nuno Santos 26 Waydell St. Newark. N J . 07105 Wilfred Sa-Onoy 15 Laidlaw Ave. Jersey City, N .J. 07306


Donald Schroeder 493 Jauncey Ave. Lyndhurst. N.J. 07 071 Charles Sciarra 3 11 Liberty Ave. Jersey City. N .J. 07307 George Scott 885 Kennedy Blvd. Bayonne. N J . 07002 Jose Simao 73 Chambers St. Newark. N J . 07105 Charles Sininski 92 Poplar St. Jersey City. N .J. 07307 John Stanczak 4 Livingston Ave. Kearny. N .J. 07032 Darren Stanziano 94 Beach St. Jersey City. N .J. 07307 Brian S t e f a n s _________________ 141 West Newell Ave. Rutherford. N .J. 07070 Matthew Stypa 1031 Sunny Slope Dr. Mountainside, N .J. 07092 Carlos Tabora 298 Barrow St. Jersey Cfty. N J . 07302 Reginald Tanteo 11 Everett St. Jersey City, N .J. 07304 John Thorning 96 West 46th St. Bayonne. N .J. 07002 James Toy 654 Salem Rd. Union. N .J. 07083 Thomas Tuony I58V4 Coles St. Jersey City. N .J. 07302 Thomas Turner 15 Church Towers Hoboken. N J . 07030 Jeffrey Tuzzo 170 Ogden Ave. Jersey City, N .J. 07 307 Ranniel Umali 13 Van Reypen St. Jersey City, N .J. 0 7 3 0 |^ ^ | Mark Usarzewicz 178 West 31st St. Bayonne, N .J. 0700^ ^ 1 Joseph Valente JH 60 Isabella Ave. Bayonne. N.J. Paul Van Orden J H | 14 Rutland A v e .J H Kearny. N .J. 07032 Luis Vassallo H 105 8th St. Bayonne. N J , 07002 Patrick Vaughn 77 South S t ^ H Jersey City. N .J. 07307 Robert V a i A H 77 South Jersey CHflj N J* 07307 Sergio V m S n H j 37 Oakdene Ave. Cliffside Park, N .J. 07010 Elnardji'W ebger 483 Bramhall Ave. Jersey City, N J . 07304 Gregory Wemock 265 Kennedy Blvd. Bayonne. N J . 07002 Thomas Williams 17 Ferndiff Rd. Jersey City. N J . 07305 Darin Williamson 7 15 Avenue C Apt. C Bayonne, N .J. 07002 Matthew W illis 87 Kentnor St. Metuchen, N .J. 08840 Donald Wilson 99 Terhune Ave. Jersey City, N J . 07305 Thomas Zimmerman 74 Chestnut St. North Arlington. N J . 07032 John Zupko 3 11 Cator Ave! Jersey City. N .J. 07305 If there is any problem contacting anyone, notify Prep and ask if there has been a change of address.

STEPHEN KEARNS Intramurals 1,2,3,4.

A Z IM K H A W A JA Intram urals 1,2,3,4, C om puter Club 4, French Club 3,4SFrench II Gold Medal 3; Honor Pin 1,2,3.

C H O O N G KIM Soccer 1,2,4, Paper and Pen 2,3,4i W e ig h tliftin g Club 3,4, O riental Club 1,2,3, Secretary 4, Emmaus 3, Honor Pin 1,2,3.

S. Kearns: "The fu tu re is uncertain, the end is always n e a r." — M orrison. A. Khawaja"L ife is one long process o f g e ttin g tire d ." — Samuel Butler. C. Kim: "Hey, I q u it . . . a g ain!" K. Knorowski: ” W hat ho m ew ork?"

KEITH KNOROW SKI "K E IT H B O ” Intramurals 1,2,3,4, Slavic 1,2,3,4.

JEFFREY J. KOLLMER "JEFF” Football 1,2, Intramurals 1,2,3,4, Petrean 3, Spirit C om m ittee 3,4, Computer Club 3, Ski Club 1,2,3,4, Italian Club 2.3, Irish Club 1,2,3,4, Slavic Club 1,2,3,4, Claudio’s 8th Period Homework Club 3.

J. Kollmer: "Someday w e’ll look back on th is and it w ill a ll seem fu n n y." —Bruce Springsteen.

ANDREW KOPYCINSKI "CORKY” Indoor T ra ck 3; O u td o o r T rack 3,4; Intram urals 1,2,3,4) Petrean 3, Seniors E d ito r 4-, Science Club 3) C om puter Club 4-, Photography Club 3) French Club 2,3,4) Slavic Club 1,2,3,4.

BARRY CHRISTOPHER KUSHNIR "JUNGLESTUD” Football 1,2) Intram urals l,2,3,4; Ski Club 1,2,3,4, Italian Club l,2,3,4; Irish Club 1,2,3,4) Slavic Club 1,2,3,4) H onor Pin 1,2,3.

GREGORY M. KUSHNIR "KUSH” Sw im m ing 1,2,3,4-, Intram urals Dance C om m ittee 1,2) Photography Club 1,4) Radio Club 1.4) C om puter Club 4; Slavic Club Emmaus 3) Emmaus Team 4) Honor Pin 1,2) National Honor Society.

A . K o p ycin ski: "T h e re a in 't no p o w e r a ro u n d can keep a g o o d m an d o w n ." — Van Halen B. Kushnir: "C om e g e t m e baby, g e t m e w h ile I ’m h o t, com e g e t m e baby, you can have a lo t . . . " — D ia m o n d D a v id Lee Roth. G. Kushnir: "Because he was hum an, because he h a d goodness, because he was m oral, th e y ca lle d h im insane. ” -R U S H P. Lagerm asini: "W h y n o t g o o u t on a lim b, is n 't th a t w here th e f r u it is ? " J. Latko: " I f it's to o loud: you a re to o o ld ." -KISS

PAUL LAGERMASINI "LAGS” Soccer 1,2,3, C aptain 4> In tram ur­ als 1,2,3,4) P e troc 2,3, Associate E d itor 4) S p irit C om m ittee 3, Ex­ e cu tive 4> Junior Prom C om m it­ tee 3) Senior Prom C om m ittee 4) Emmaus 3) Eucharistic M in is te r 4.

JEFFREY P. LATKO "JEFF” Football I-, Intram urals 1,2,3,4) Dance C om m ittee 2,3,4) Stage C rew 4) Italian Club 2,3.

R. Lavarro-. 7 d o n 't want to s ta rt any blasphe­ m ous rumors, but I th in k th a t God’s g o t a w icke d sick sense o f hum or." —Depeche M ode M. Lawless: "She was a m ellow fa t chick, ju s t p u t m y spine out o f place." — D a vid Bowie O. Lleonart."To each his o w n !"

RAMMUEL LAVARRO "ROM” Gymnastics 2.3,4s W restling 3» Paper and Pen 3,4s Chess Club l,4j Bicycle Club 4s French Club 3, O riental Club 2,3,4; Honor Pin 1,2.

OSVALDO LLEONART "OS" Intramurals 1,2,3,4, Ski Club 3,4, Bicycle Club 1,2,3.4, Spanish Club 2,3,4.


MICHAEL T. LAWLESS "MIKE” Cross C ountry 3, Captain 4f In­ door Track 3, Captain 4s O utdoor Track 3, Captain 4s Hockey Man­ ager 4s Intramurals 1,2,3,4s Spirit Com m ittee 4s Photography Club Is G uitar Club 3,4s Honor Pin 1,2,3s National Honor Society.

CHRISTOPHER LOWICKI "WICKY” Cross C ountry 1,2,3s Indoor Track 1.2,3s O utdoor Track Is Intram ur­ als 1,2,3,4s Spirit C om m ittee 4s Slavic Club 1.2,3,4.

C .L o w ic k i: Forsan e t haec olim meminisse juva-

W. M ac aw Hi: " I p re fe r an accom m odation vice to an obstinate v irtu e ." —M oliere.

WALFREDO G. MACAWILI "SAVIOR” Petrean Photography Editor 4s H.A.P. 1,2s Photography Club 2, President 4s Forensics 2,3,4s Ger­ man Club 2,3,4i German Ex­ change 2s Honor Pin 2.

D. M anion: "Forsan e t haec o lim m em lnisse juva-

b it," K. M ajm uda n "E xperience is a g re a t te a ch e r— a n d som etim es a p r e tt y te a c h e r is a g re a t e xp e rie n ce — lo ve you a ll." G. M a ra fio ti■ ''O u t h e re on th e p e rim e te r th e re are no stars/ o u t h e re we is s to n e d jjg im m aculate. ” — Jim M o rriso n .

E. M a rko w ski: "T im e is lik e a fuse, s h o rt a n d b u rn­ ing fa s t."

KA U S H A L M A J M U D A R "M A J ” intram urals l,2.3,4i Paper a nd Pen 4; Science Club 3j Television Stu­ d io 4-, C om puter Club 1,2,3, Presi­ d en t 4i Chess Club 1,2,3,4-, Foren­ sics 4i C h e m istry Gold M edal 3-, H is to ry Gold M edal 3; Spanish II Silver M edal 3) H onor Pin 1,2,3i N ational Honor Society.

I M artin."I'v e g o t th u n d e r in m y h e a d ■ I'm m e ta l th ra sh in ' m a d !" — A n th ra x .

V 1


E l ■ ft — ■ P te


R 1 m /m



’’ m a f ” m m intram urals 1,2,3,4; Bow ling 4; Ju­ n io r Prom C om m ittee i t M ission D riv e C o m m itte e 2.

f V m m

r m



DENNIS M A N IO N Swimming 1,2,3,4.


11 'v


H H m


EDWARD MARKOWSKI "EDDIE” , intram urals 1,2,3,4.

JASON MARTIN "JAY” intram urals 2,3,4> Band 3,4; Gui­ ta r Club 2,3,4.

W. M attey: "Parma had outlined his po sitio n clearly enough, but not to M edina Sidonia." T. McDonough: "Farewell, m y fa ir-w e a th e r frie n d s .” —John Lydon P. McGuire: "Be care fu l as you slide down the bannister o f life , lest you g e t a splin­ te r in your ca re e r." V. Merluza: " If I were kin g fo r ju s t one day, I would g ive it all aw ay.” — Thompson Twins C. M etcalfe: "D on’t w ait fo r your ship to come in, go out and m eet it ! "

PETER McGUIRE Dance Com m ittee 3,4) Future Physicians Club I) Homeroom President 4> Photography Club 1,2) Honor Pin 1,2,3.

W IL L IA M M A T T E Y "M A T T ” Hockey 2,3,4; O utdoor Track 4> Intram urals 1,2,3,4) Ski Club 1,2,3,4) German Club 2,3,4.

THOMAS McDONOUGH Homeroom President 4> Forensics 3,4) German Club 2,3,4) Sci­ ence Silver Medal l> English Gold Medal 2> English Silver Medal 3) Honor Pin 1,2,3.



Gymnastics 2,3> O utdoor Track l> Intramurals l,2,3,4( Chess Club 1,4, Bicycle Club 4> O riental Club 1,2,3, Vice-President 4> Honor Pin

Intramurals l,2,3,4) Homeroom President 2,3> Dance Com m ittee 4> Science Club 3,4> Italian Club 3,4) Irish Club 4> Honor Pin 2.


W. Militello."E very man can make a d iffe re n ce , and e ve ry man should t r y . ” — J.F.K. O. M o rrisse tte : "L ivin g a re w a rd in g life w ill g iv e you g re a t re w a rd s ." G. M ulcahy: "G abriel, n o t too m uch to d rin k now, y a ' h e a r” 31 August 1985

WILLIAM J. MILITELLO "MARVIN” Football 1,2,4) Swim m ing 2,4; G olf 2; Intram urals 1,2,3,4; Intram urals S taff 3,4, S p irit C om m ittee 4, Dance C om m ittee I, W e ig h tlift­ ing Club 1,2,3,4, Ski Club I, Trea­ surer 2, V ice -p re sid e n t 3, Presi­ d en t 4, Italian Club 1,2,3,4, Honor Pin I.

GABRIEL MULCAHY "STAENDER” Cross C o u n try 2, Indoor T ra ck 2, O u td o o r T ra ck I, German Club 2,3,4, Germ an Exchange 2, Honor Pin 1,2,3.

OLIE MORRISSETTE H.A.P. 1,2, D ram atics 3, C om puter Club 4, Chess Club 3.4, Forensics 3,4, Ebony Club 1,2,3,4.

GERALD MURPHY "MURPH” Intram urals 1,2,3,4, S p irit Com­ m itte e 4, Dance C om m ittee 3, Ski Club 2,3,4, Irish Club 2,3,4.

G. M urphy: "E verybody needs som ething to be­ lie ve in, rig h t now I believe I ’ll have an othe r b e e r." R. Myers-. "Seas r o ll to w a ft me, suns to lig h t m e rise-, M y fo o ts to o l earth, m y can­ o p y th e skie s." —A le xa n d e r Pope

ROBERT MYERS "B O B ” Cross C ountry 2,3, Indoor Track 2.3, O u td oo r Track 1,2,3, Bicycle Club I, Forensics 4, Emmaus 3, Emmaus Team 4, Eucharistic M in is te r 4, German Exchange 2, Biology Silver M edal 2, German II Gold M edal 3, Honor Pin 1,2,3, Na­ tional Honor Society.

JAC K M . N A T A "K O O L K A T ” Swimming It Intramurals 1,2,3. W e ig h tliftin g Club 1,2; Emmaus 4; Honor Pin I.

HUERTA J. NEALS "D O C ” Intramurals 1,2,3,4; H.A.P. I; Fu­ ture Physicians Club 1,2; Dram at­ ics 2,3,4) Stage Crew 4; Photogra­ phy Club 1,2,3,4; Bicycle Club 1,2.3, President 4; Ebonv Club 1,2,3,4.

RICK NISBET Bowling 1,2,3, Captain 4; Intra­ murals 1,2,3,4; Intramurals Staff 1,2) Spirit Com m ittee 4; Dance C om m ittee 3,4) Television Studio 2,3,4.

J. Nata: "I'm n o t going to school no m ore. I'm ju s t going to ro c k th is to w n ." — Stray Cats H. Neals: "N u rtu re your m in d w ith thoughts to believe in> th e h e ro ic makes heroes." —D isroeli R. Nisbet: "Forsan e t haec olim m em inisse juvab it" G. Nolan: "W ha t a long strange trip it's been!" "Peace" T. O ’Connor."Forget about it . "



Hockey 1,2,3,4) G olf 4; Intramurals 1,2,3,4; S pirit C om m ittee 4) G uitar Club 3,4; Irish Club 3,4.

Football 1,3,4) Intramurals 1,2,3,4; Irish Club 3. ■] I •






Football 3, intram urals 1,2,3,% W e ig h tliftin g Club 3.4, Home­ room President 2.3, Future Physi­ cians Club 1, Italian Club 3, Span­ ish Club 3,4.

Indoor T ra c k l,2,3» O u td o o r lr a c k 1,2,3, Intram urals 1,2,3,4, . 1,2, Dance C om m ittee ,4, Stage C rew 1,2,3., / *

i1 i i


I O palach *||B Excuse m y F re n c h ."

Ordonez: "Hey mam, H it's girls yea Want, go to m j’ | i Orellana* othing’s easy, but not impossible."


m m

Intram urals 1,2,3,4-, Student Coun­ c il 4, Dance C om m ittee 2,3,4-, PeClub 3,4* Future Physician Si 3,4, Stage C re w 2.3,4» Iris 3,4» M a th Club 4, Emmaus T 4, Eucharistic M in is te r 4} Honui Pin 1,2,3-, N ational H onor Society 4, Prep S p irit A w a rd 4.

Your tim e is co~ your Yearns a live ."

S. O stendorf: "Forsan e t haec olim m eminisse juvabit. 1 I. Park: "L ife is a tragedy, fille d w ith com­ edy. " V. Patel, "This w o rld is a com edy to those th a t think, a trage dy to those that fee l." — Horace Walpole.

SH A W N OSTENDORF Intramurals 1,2,3,4; Gymnastics 1,2,3,4; Computer Club 4.

P. Pawlowski: 'T il be back. ” — The Terminator. P. Pereira: "P a rty Naked.”

VIPUL PATEL "V IP ” W restling l> Intramurals 1,2,3,4) Gymnastics I; Paper and Pen 4> Computer Club 4> Chess Club I; Dance C om m ittee 4) Honor Pin 2.

PAUL T. PA W LO W S KI "T E X ” Basketball l,2,3,4> Intram urals 1,2,3,4j Petrean 4 A rt Editor) Pa­ p e r and Pen 2,3, A rt Editor 4) Spirit C om m ittee 4> Honor Pin 1,2,4.

IN SOON PARK Football 1,2,3> O utdoor Track I; In­ tramurals 1,2,3,4i W e ig h tliftin g Club 1,2,3,4; Science Club 3s H.A.P.; O riental Club 3,4; Honor Pin 1,2,3,4.

PEDRO PEREIRA W re s tlin g l,2,3> In tra m u ra ls 1,2,3,4) Computer Club 4i Chess Club 4) Spanish Club l> Honor Pin 1,2,3,4.

J. Piersa." . . it's b e tte r to burn o u t than fade aw ay . . . " — N e il Young. D. Pietruska: " I t ’s been re a l." t . Polack: "Some folks tru s t to reason, oth e rs tru s t to m ig h t, I d o n ’t tru s t to n o th in ’, b u t I kn o w it com e out rig h t. ” — The G ra te fu l Dead.

J O H N PIERSA Cross C ou ntry I; Student Council 4; Slavic Club 1,2,3,4; Honor Pin 2,3.

J. Poueymirou."I w onder who th o u g h t up th e idea o f w ritin g w itt y litt le com m ents under p e op le’s p ic tu re s ." J. Preckajlo: "D o n ’t Panic.

ERIC P O LA C K Band 1,2,3,4; Jazz Band 3; Slavic Club 1,2,3,4; H onor Pin 1,2.

JOSEPH P O U E Y M IR O U H ockey 2,3,4; O u td oo r T rack 3,4; Intram urals 1,2,3,4; French Club 2,3,4.

D AN IE L P. PIETRUSKA "D A N N Y ” In tram urals 1,2,3,4; C om puter Club 1,2,3,4; Slavic Club l,2,3,4» Honor Pin 2.

JOSEPH PRECKAJLO Paper and Pen 1,2,3, C o-E ditor 4; Homeroom President 4» Dance C om m ittee 3,4; M ission D rive C om m ittee 2; Stage Crew 3,4; T elevision Studio 4; G uitar Club 3,4, Slavic Club 1,2,3,4.

WILLIAM T. PRICE III ’’BILL’’ Basketball 1,2, Intramurals 1,2,3,4; Paper and Pen 4; Petroc 1,2, Sports Editor 3, Managing Editor 4; Student Council 2,3, President 4; H.A.P. Tutor 1,2; W in te r H.A.P. Teacher 3,4; Spirit Com m ittee 3,4; Senior Prom Com m ittee 4; Dance Com m ittee 2,3,4; Junior Prom C om m ittee 3; Irish Club 1,2,3,4; Eucharistic M in iste r 4; Prep S pirit Aw ard I; English Gold Medal 1,3; H istory Silver Medal 3.

CURTIS RAEFORD "BUB8A" Football 1,2,3,4; O utdoor Track 1,3,4; Intramurals 1,2,3,4> Intram ur­ als S taff 1,3; W e ig h tliftin g Club 1,2,3,4; Ebony Club 1,2,3,4.

KEVIN RASLOWSKY "BOOG” Soccer 1,2,3, Captain 4; Indoor Track 3; Eucharistic M in ister 4; Intramurals 1,2,3,4; Intramurals S taff 2* Spirit C om m ittee 3,4; Prep Spirit Aw ard 4; Petrean 3.4; Slavic Club 1,2,3,4; Italian Club 4.

W. Price: "W ith frie n d s to support you, ambitio n to d riv e you, and a m in d to gu id e you, an ythin g is possible." C. Raeford: "W e are cham pions.” K. RaSlowsky: "The best days are the olden days: and the olden days are n o w ."

CHRIS REARDON Stage Crew 2,3,4; Forensics 3,4, Chess Club I.

C. Reardon: " W e’l l all have a g o o d ’sm eck’ when th is is over. " M. Reilly."The g o od o ld days are n o w ." — Charles D ic k ens

MATTHEW S. REILLY "REILLY” Intram urals 1,2,3,4; Swimming 2,3,4; S pirit Com m ittee 4> Guitar Club 1,2,3.4; Italian Club 2.3,4; Irish Club 1,2,3.4, Ski Club 3.4, Slavic Club 1.2,3,4.

ARTHUR RODRIGUEZ "ART" Oriental Club 4; Guitar Club 1,2,3,4 President* Band 1,2,4; Rock-n-Roll 3,4 President; Matt Willis Fan Club 1,3,4; Jazz Ensem­ ble 1,2,3,4. K B1'J' •I


Dance Committee 4; Band 3,4 Vice President; Guitar Club 3,4> Jazz Club 3; Stage Band 4.

Mmmm 11 I

G IO V A N N I R O M A N O "J O H N N Y ”

Wrestling 1,2; Intramurals 1,2,3,4; Junior Prom Committee 3t Senior Prom Committee 4; Dance Com­ mittee 1,2,3; Italian Club 1,2,3,4; Honor Pin 1,2,3.


A. Rodriguez: "It's not the rebel that makes the trouble, it's the trouble that makes the rebel." —James Dean W. Rodriguez: "Forsan e t haec olim meminisse juvab it," G. Romano: "Youth is a blunder) manhood a strugglei old age a re g re t." —Benjamin D israeli A. Ruiw

"M y glass is almost em pty and 1*11 soon be on m y way. ”


Soccer 2,3,4; Intramurals 1,2,3,4; Paper and Pen 3,4; Spirit Com­ mittee 3,4 Executive; Dance Committee 1,2,3; Guitar Club 1,2,3,4; Italian Club 1,2,4; Weight­ lifting Club 3; Ski Club 1.2,3,4.

J. Rusmaw "One w rites o f wounds healed, a loose parallel to the pathology o f the skin, but there is no such thing in the life o f an individual. There are open wounds, shrunk to the size o f a pin­ p rick, but wounds s till.” —F. Scott Fitzgerald

JARED RUSMAN "BLATTO THE JAR HEAD” Paper and Pen 4; Petroc 4> Stage Crew 4; Dance Committee 4; For­ ensics 2,3,4 Captain 3-, German Club 2,3,4; German Exchange; Harvard Model Congress; Ger­ man Gold Medal 2> Honor Pin 1,2,3.

ROBERT RUTKOW SKI "C A P ’ N BO B” Intramurals 1,2,3,4s Science Club 4s Chess Club 4s Slavic Club 1,2,3,4) Honor Pin 1,2,3.

PIERRE-RICHARD S A LO M O N Football I; French Club 3s Honor Pin 2,3.

DARREN J. S A M M A R TIN O "S A M M O ” F o o tb a ll 1,2,3,4; In tra m u ra ls 1,2,3,4s W e ig h tliftin g Club 1,2,3,4s Honor Pin Is Prep Spirit Award I.

N U N O A . SANTOS "N U N E ” Soccer 1,2,3,4s Intramurals 1,2,3,4s Homeroom President Is Spanish Club 1,2,3,4.

WILFRED E. SA -O N O Y "W IL L ” Gymnastics 4s Intramurals 1,2,3,4s Band 1,2.3,4s Dance Com m ittee 4$ Science Club 3s Rock and Roll Club 3.4.

R. Rutkowski: "L ife is ve ry short, and th e re ’s no tim e fo r fussing and fig h tin g .” Lennon and M cC a rtn e y P. Salomon: "Forsan e t haec olim m em inisse juvab it." D. Sammartino: "I g o tta make a phone call." N. Santos: " I t ’s only o ve r when you g ive u p ." W. Sa-Onoy: "You m ay n o t come out on top, but give it the best you can."

D. Schroeder: " Young P rotestants never die, the y ju s t go to C a th olic schools. ” C. Sciarra: ” I h id in the clouded w ra th o f the c ro w d b ut when th e y said s it dow n I sto o d up. ” — Bruce Springsteen G. Scott: "L ittle m in ds are ta m e d a n d subdued b y m isfo rtu n e , b u t g re a t m inds rise above i t . ” — Irv in g

D O N A L D SCHROEDER "S H R O TS ” Intram urals 3,4; P e troc 4; B icycle Club I; Forensics 2,3,4; German Club 2,3,4; Emmaus 3; Emmaus Team 4; H onor Pin 1,2,3; Prep S p irit A w a rd 4.

CHARLES SCIARRA "C H U C K ” Intram urals 1,2,3,4; Intram urals S taff 1,2,3,4; Television Studio 4.

GEORGE S C O T T "B U D D Y ” Football 2,3,4; Intram urals 1,2,3,4; Intram urals S ta ff 1,2; S p irit Com­ m itte e 4; Dance C om m ittee I; M ission D riv e C om m ittee 1,2; Ski Club 2,3,4; W e ig h tliftin g Club 1,2,3,4; Irish Club 1,2,3; H onor Pin 1,2.3.

JOSE S IM A O Intram urals 1,2,3,4; French Club 2,3,4; H onor Pin 2.

J. Simao: "S ittin g in a classroom is lik e being tra p p e d lik e a fly on th e wall. " C. Sininski: "W he ne ver you dream , y o u ’re ho ld ­ ing th e key. It opens the d o o r to le t you be fre e .” — Ronnie James D io

CHARLES SININSKI "C H U C K ” Dance C om m ittee 4; Com puter Club 4; Chess Club I; Honor Pin 2,3.


Above: Mr. Anthony Blunda graduated in 1954 and went on to Seton Hall Univer­ sity. He is currently Vice-president at Chase Manhattan. His son, Tom, plans to study Business at Rutgers.


Many graduates o f St. Peter’s Prep move away from the North Jersey area. Unfortunately, their sons are not afforded the opportunity to attend Prep. Seven alumni of St. Peter’s live near enough to the Prep comm unity and th eir sons are members of the Class o f 1987. The success of Prep Graduates is dem onstrated by the. many newspaper clippings of the alumni who have taken the strong academic, athletic and moral instruction given to them at Prep, and used this instruction to lead productive lives. The same holds true fo r the Class o f 1987. The same values and ideals which helped to mold Prep alumni are still being taught by the Jesuit and lay faculty. Several members or our faculty know the seven alumni that appear below. When the seven members o f the Class o f (987 speak o f names like Rooney, Howard, Snyder, McNamara, M ulvihill and McGuinness th e ir fathers may remember younger, slightly thinner or less gray men o f the same names.

Above: Mr. John J. Finn graduated in 1952 and went on to St. Peter’s College. He is currently Assistant Vice-president at Bell Communications Research. His son, Tom. plans to study Accounting at Virginia or Georgetown.

Above: Mr. William Gargiles graduated in 1956 and went on to Newark State College (now NJIT). He is currently a private businessman. His son. Bill, plans to study Business at Scranton.

Above: Mr. Robert Myers graduates in 1962 and went on to St. Peter';! College. He is currently an English teacher.

SAND SONS PIRADITION Many o the r things about Prep are common to both the Class o f 1987 and the alumni. The Freshman build1 ing (English B uilding), the Prep gym , the Academ y I Deli, Grand and W arren, and many state textbooks I and a th le tic u niform s are all fa m ilia r to both alumni | arid cu rren t students. The a th le tic p a rity th a t Prep had w ith the rest o f ( the county and sta te in fo otball in the 50*s and 60’s \ has once again retu rne d. Slowly, but surely, the hoop| sters are once again becom ing a local power, but w ill I probably never reach the heights the National Cham| pions o f 1953 a ttained. As we graduate, we pay trib u te to the e n tire alum| ni body who made it possible fo r the Prep to make a I; "com e-back” by co n trib u tin g financial assistance to | their Alma M a te r in troubled tim es. W e would espe1 d ally like to thank the seven alumni fa th e rs o f the I Class o f 1987. Speaking fo r us all, Thank You!


His.son, Bob, plans to study German at Oberlin College.

Above: M r. Henry Rusman graduated in 1954 and went on to St. Peter’s College. He is currently Public Relations Director for JC Penny. His son, Jared, plans to attend Williams College and hopes to become a welthy entrepreneur.

Above: M r. Richard Rutkowski graduated in 1951 and went on to St. Peter’s College. He is currently a resterateur. His son, Rob, plans to study Business at Penn State.

Above: M r. Albert Sammartino graduated in 1959 and went on to Seton Hall University. He is currently a C ertified Public Accountant. His son, Darren, a standout grid player like his father, is undecided.

J. Stanczak."It is the greatest o f a ll m istakes to do nothing because you can only do a little . Do what you c a n ." —Sydney Smith D. Stanziano "Do you lik e m y ja c k e t ?" B. Stefans."There is a lig h t th a t never goes o u t." —M orrissey M. Stypa: "'Reality is ju s t an obstacle in life . Be your im a gin atio n!" C. Tabora: "Success is where pre p a ra tio n and o p p o rtu n ity m e e t.”

BRIAN STEFANS "YO,STEFF” Cross C ountry 3> Indoor Track 3i O utdoor Track 3i Intramurals 1,2,3,4; Honor Pin 1,2} Paper and Pen 2,3, Editor 4} G uitar Club 1,2,3,4} Com puter Club 1,2} Dra­ m atics 4) Band 4i Photography Club 1,2) O riental Club 3.4.




Football I) Intramurals 1,2,3,4> Honor Pin 1,2,3) Baseball 2> Na­ tional Honor Society 4> Prep Spir­ it Aw ard 2*. Paper and Pen 4t Stage Crew 3,4} German Club 2,3, President 4> Dram atics 3,4) For­ ensics 2,4, Captain 3> Slavic Club

Intramurals 4( Intram ural Staff l»3,4i Italian Club 4-, French Chib 3,



Cross C ountry lj W restling 4> Rock and Roll Club 3,4.

Honor Pin 1,2,3) H.A.P. 1.2) Spanish Club 2.

REGINALD TANTEO "JO JO" Soccer 1,2,4; Intram urals 1,2,3,4, K arate Club I; French Club 3* O r i­ ental Club 1,2.3,4.

JOHN THORNING "STUDD” Football 3s intram urals 1,2,3,4s Band Is C om puter Club 3,4s Honor Pin 1,2,3.

JAMES A. TOY "TOY” Intram urals 1,2,3,4; Petroc 4-, Ju­ n io r Prom C om m ittee 3; Dance C om m ittee 4; Science Club 3,4; B icycle Club 1,2; Slavic Club 1.2,3,4. ^

R. Tanteo: "People a re people so ho w should I be, you a n d I cou ld liv e in such ha r­ m ony. ” — D epeche M od e J Thorningt "D eath to false m e ta l.” — M anow ar J. Toy: "Too m any books sp o il th e s tu d e n t."

THOMAS TUOHY "T O M M Y " Football 1,2.3, C aptain 4, Baseball 1.2, In tram urals 1,2,3,4; Student C ouncil 3,4s H om eroom P resident 2s S p irit C o m m itte e 3,4; W e ig h t­ liftin g Club 1,2,3,4. Irish Club 1,2,3,4s Slavic Club l,2,3,4( H onor Pin 1,2,3s Prep S p irit A w a rd 3; Na­ tio na l H onor S ociety,

■ ■ ■ ■ ■ I

THOMAS TURNER "TO M M Y ” In do or T ra ck 4; Baseball 1,2,4s In­ tram urals 1,2,3,4; Dance C om m it­ tee 4* Science Club 4, W e ig h tlift­ ing 4; Italian Club 2,3.4; Irish Club 3.4.

T. Tuohyt "W e came, we saw, we conquered. ” — Prep Football T. Turner: "E ve ryth in g is fu n n y as long as it is happening to someone else."



”Life goes on ” R. Umali: "The w orld is before you, and you need n o t take i t o r leave it as i t was, when you came in .” — James Baldwin M. Usarzewicz: "Dreams can be a life fo rc e .” — T.Q.

JEFFREY TU ZZO "T U Z Z ” Gymnastics 1,3,4; Tennis 4; O ut­ door Track 3; Intramurals Spirit Com m ittee 4; Dance Com m ittee 1,2,3,4; Junior Prom Com m ittee 3; M ission D rive C om m ittee 3; H.A.P.; Dram atics 1,2,3,4; Stage Crew 1,2,3,4; Television Studio 4; Ski Club 3; Italian Club 4.

M ARK J. USARZEWICZ Basketball 1,2; Intramurals 1,2,3,4; Student Council 3,4; Science Club 4; Future Physicians Club I, Bicy­ cle Club 4; Slavic Club 1,2,3,4; Honor Pin 1,3.

RANNIEL U M A LI "C H IQ U IT O ” Indoor Track 2,3; O utdoor Track 2; Dance C om m ittee 4; Band 3, President 4; O riental Club 3,4; Emmaus 3; Emmaus Team 4; Hon­ or Pin 1,2; National Honor Society.

JOSEPH MICHAEL VALENTE "SERG” In do or T ra ck 3; Intram urals 1,2,3,4; Student Council 2; Spirit Com m ittee 4; Junior Prom Com­ m ittee 3; Ski Club 1,2, Secretary 3, Executive 4; Italian 1,2,3,4; Emma­ us 3; Emmaus Team 4.

J. Valente: "A ll I want out o f life is a little m ore than I ’ll ever g e t I ” — Opus Shnozolous P. Van Orden: "You can freebase, fa ll on your face, waste what you got, do n ’t corru pt m y life . A ll I want is some Good Clean Fun. ” — Descendants

PAUL J. V A N ORDEN Student Council 2; Dance Com­ m ittee 3,4; Science Club 3,4; Dra­ m atics 2,3,4; Television Studio 1,2,3,4; German Club 3,4; Skate­ board Club Founder and Presi­ dent 3,4.

LUIS V A S S A LLO "H O R A T IO THE IN C A ” Intram urals 1,3,4) Science Club 4» Dance C om m ittee 4) B icycle Club 3; Italian Club 3,4* Spanish Club 2,3, Treasurer 4.

PATRICK V A U G H A N Paper a nd Pen 4; Dance C om m it­ tee 4) Forensics 2; German Club 2,3,4; Emmaus 3; Emmaus Team 4; Eucharistic M in is te r 4-, Honor Pin 2.

ROBERT V A U G H A N "F L E T C H ” In tra m u ra ls 2,3,4; Hom eroom President 3; Forensics 2; German Club 2,3,4; German Exchange 2; Emmaus 3; Emmaus Team 4; Hon­ or Pin 2.

SERGIO V L A C IC H "SERG” W re stlin g I; Paper a nd Pen 2; Stage C rew 2,3,4.

ELN AR D O WEBSTER II "G L A D IU S ” Football 1,2,3, C aptain 4; W res­ tlin g I; O utdoor Track 4; Intra­ murals 1,2,3,4; Intram urals Staff 1,2,3,4; W e ig h tliftin g Club 1,2,3,4; Ebony Club 1,2,3,4; Prep Spirit A w ard 4.

L. Vassatto: "G e t a clue, w e n ch !” P. Vaughan: " Som etim es a c ig a r is s t ill ju s t a c i­ g a r.” — F reud R. Vaughan "M y g o a l is to e ve ntua lly m ake as m uch as th e g u ys w ho p ic k up m y tra sh on M o n d a y a n d Thursday. ' •i--C a rl D eLorenzo S. Vlacich: "Just re a d th e Laaatin. ” E. W ebster: " I f obsession g u ilty .”

a sin, le t m e be

GREGORY W ERNOCK Soccer 2) Science Club 4) Televi­ sion Studio 4) Bicycle Club 4> Slavic Club 1,2,3,4.

THOMAS WILLIAMS "TO M ” Gymnastics 2,3, Captain 4) W res­ tling 3; Intramurals 1,2,3,4) H.A.P. 1,2) Bicycle Club 4> French Club 2,3,4s O riental Club l,2,4> Honor Pin 3.

DARIN W ILLIA M S O N Intramurals 1,2,3,4) Homeroom President 2t Spirit C om m ittee 4; Dance C om m ittee 4.

G. W ernock: "Take o f f you r shoes, -child-a nd take o f f your hat, t r y o u t you r wings and fin d o u t where i t ’s a t." — The G ra te fu l D ead T. W illiam s, .. and these childre n th a t you sp it on as th e y t r y to change th e ir worlds are immune to you r consultations .. . th e y ’re qu ite aware o f what th e y ’r e going th ro u g h ." — D a vid Bowie D. Williamson: "The best is y e t to com e."

MATTHEW WILLIS "CHILLIS” Football 1,2,3) Intramurals 1,2,3,4) Paper and Pen 4> Homeroom President l,4> G uitar Club l,2,3,4> W e ig h tliftin g Club 1,2,3,4) French Club 3) O riental Club 4> Ebony Club 2.

M . W illis: "Excuse me, while I kiss the s k y ." — J im i H e n d rix D. Wilson, "Let them dream th e ir dream s and maybe someday those dream s w ill become re a lity. ” — D io

DONALD V. WILSON II "DOUBLE D” Football l,3,4> Basketball Manager 1,2,3,4i Homeroom President l> S p irit C om m ittee 3,4t Dance C om m ittee 3,4) Junior Prom C om m ittee 3> M ission D rive C om m ittee l.2> H.A.P. I; Science Club 3,4) Chess Club 2> Prep Spirit Aw ard 4.

T. Zimmermann,"W e took some ris k s , . . somehow, th e y p a y e d o ff. N ow we go our sepa­ ra te ways, an d s ta rt a ll o v e r ag ain.”

J. Zupko: "Forsan e t haec o lim m em inisse juvab it . "



Indoor T ra ck 3,4, O u td o o r T ra ck 2,3.4, intram urals 1,2,3,4, M ath Club 4, Stage C re w 4, C om puter Science Gold M edal 3, H onor pin 1,2,3.4; N ational H onor Society; Emmaus 3, Emmaus Team 4. ■JX .ri

Intram urals 1,2,3,4, Dance Com­ m itte e 4, Television Studio I, Chess Club 3, Slavic Club 1,2,3,4.

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TA K E rr.

INDEX A Abdur-Rashed. T. (4) 49. I I 2. 146. Abesamis. E. ( I ) 79. Abesamis. A. (2) 9 1. Acosta. J. (4) 60. 64. 69. 146. Adams. R. (2) 99. Adelung. J. ( I ) 79. Adometto. B. (3) 103. Aheam. M. ( I ) 77. 130. Ahearn. P. ( I ) 76. 115. Ahem. D. (3) 108. Alerte. A. (2) 109. Alfaro. C. ( I ) 81. 115. Ali. F. ( I ) 76. Ali. F. (4) 69. 146. Alicandri. A . (3) 106. 113. Alston. B. ( I ) 79. Alvarado. Mr. Idelfonso (S) 31. Anderson. T. (2) 97. 130. Andres. E. ( I ) 78. 134. Andretti. D. (2) 98. 135. Ang. L. (2) 95. Aniello. V. (2) 92. Annillo. J. ( I ) 77. Ansteth. J. (4) 139. 146. Antico. P. (2) 95. Antuna. G. (2) 90. Applegate. R. (4) 64. 146. Arceo. J. (3) 102. Arcilla. A . ( I ) 80. Argyelan. Mrs. Helen (A ) 29. Arriaga. J. (2) 90. Arricale, R. ( I ) 80. Arrigo. S. ( I ) 82. Arroyo. R. (2) 93. Ashe. F. ( I ) 77. Atchison. K. (3) 50. 68. 71. 104. Aumack. S. (2) 97. Azzarto. S.J.. Rev. Anthony (F) 20. 59. 64.

B Baamonde. J. ( I ) 78. Baber. Miss Susan (F) 20. 52. 90. Backus. R. (2) 92. Bai. M. (4) 49. 147. Balcer. C. ( I ) 78. Balduf. S.J.. Rev. Raymond (F) 20. Baratta. C. (2) 98. Barbire. M. (4) 147. Barlow. D. (2) 90. Barua. E. (3) 103. Bas. A. (1 )8 1 . Basil. T. (4) 34. 38. 138. 147. Bauzon. M. ( I ) 82. Bayerlein. F. (3) 105. Beck. S J .. Rev. Erwin (A ) 19. Bellido. C. (3) 107. Bellino. J. (2) 96. Bellotti. Mr. Gerry (A ) 19. M3. 114. Bellotti. G. (3) 104. 112. Bender. S J .. Rev. Arthur (A ) 10. 18. 36. Benebe. B. (3) 105. Benedetto. S. ( I ) 83. Benzija. W. (3) 41, 42. 102. Bernardo. J. ( J ) 136. Beyer. M. (2) Bible. C. (4) 113. 114. 147. Bigelow. R. (4) 126. 147. Bigg. R. (3) 103. Bijelic. S. ( I ) 76. Blazini. A. ( I ) 80. 115. Bleach. R. (3) 108. Blunda. T. (4) 38. 46. 63, 148. 184. Bocco. P. (4) 63. 148. Boguszewski. C. ( I ) 78. Bonavota. P. ( I ) 84. 115. Bondarowicz. M. (2) 96. Borino, M. (4) 148. Bowling. B. (2) 95. Boyle. Mr. Gregory (F) 20. 51. 91. Bracewell. S. ( I ) 82. Brady. J. ( I ) 81. Brady, M. ( I ) Brancatella. V. (4) 40, 46. 63. 71. 118. 148. Brennan. J. (4) 148. Brennan. M. ( I ) 134. Briones. P. ( I ) 82. Brodbeck. K. (2) 91. 118. 135. 139. Broderick. D. (2) 95. 135. Brown. G. (3) 105. 126. Brown. S. (4) 149. Browning. S J .. Rev. John (F) 20. 55. 59. 92. 125. Bruton. A . (4) 149. Bruton. B. (2) 95.


Bryant. A. ( I ) 79. 125. Bryant. M. (3) 104. I 36. Bryngil. D. (4) 40. 46. 52. 63. 64. 122. 142. 149. 196. Bucher. K. ( I ) 80. 115. Bullock. A. (4) 49. 149. Buno. J. ( I ) 79. Burbank. K. ( I ) 80. 115. Burgaleta. S J .. Mr. Claudio (F) 20. 54. 68. 70. Burke. E. (2) 98. Burke. J. (2) 90. 135. Burrell. D. (2) 96. 135. Bustillo. R. (2) 4 1. 90. Buzzelli. P. (4) 63. 71. 149. 199. Byron. S. (3) 105. Byun, C. ( I ) 83. C Caamano. R. (4) 150. Cabezas. A. (2) 99. Cabrera. A. (3) 103. Calderon. P. (3) 71, 107. Calicchio. J. (3) 109. Calizo. J- ( I ) Camaligan. R. (3) 102. 138. Camandona. C. ( I ) 82. Cammarota. P. (2) 98. Campion. Mr. John (F) 21. Campen. P. (3) 108. 113. Camporeale. C. (4) 150. Camporeale. M. (2) 91. Canseco. E. (4) 150. Cantada. E. (3) 106. Capizzi. P. (4) 40. 42. 63. 64. 150. 196. Cardales. O. (3) 107. Cardino. D. (3) 103. Cariaga. C. ( I ) 84. Carney. S. (4) 150. Carr. R. ( I ) 78. Carroll. J. ( I ) 77. Cartano. J. ( I ) 81. Cartano. O. (2) 95. Casey. Mr. John (F) 21. 46. 56. 58. 62. 64. Castro. J. (3) 108. Casulli. E. (4) 64. 71. 113. 151. 199. Casulli. T. (2) 94. Catalano, S J .. Mr. James (F) 21. 62. 104. Catania. C. (3) 103. Cavallucci. T. (4) 151. Celentano. R. (4) 130. 151. Celentano. W. (4) 151. Celestino. C. ( I ) 77. Centeno. J. (4) 151. Cervino. A. (2) 92. 135. Chait. N. (3) 103. 130. Chaudhry. H. ( I ) 49. 76. 134. Cheatam. E. (3) 107. 113. Cherchio, R. (2) 91. Chesnavich, R. (2) 90. Chiaravalloti. N. ( I ) 84. Chipelo. P. (2) 96. Chmiel. C. ( I ) 84. Chrisos. V. (3) 106. 118. 123. Christensen. J. (4) 154. Christman. B. ( I ) 84. Cilia. Bro. Ralph (S) 31. Cinciarelli. J. (F) 21. Ciok. D. (4) 154. Cirminello. R. ( I ) 78. Clancy. B. (4) 154. Clark. J . (4) 154. Cocca. M. (4) 49. 154. Conklin. J. (2) 92. Connell. J. (2) 109. Connor. T. (4) 113. 155. Constantino. P. ( I ) 80. Conticello. J . (2) 93. 130. Conway. B. (4) 50. 130. 135. Coogan. J. (4) 53. 63. 142. 155. Cook. E. ( I ) 82. Cooney. E. (2) 98. Cooney. M. (2) 98. Cooney. T. (3) 105. Cooney. W. (4) 136. 155. Cooper. M. (2) 97. 135. Corcoran, P. (4) 34, 38, 155. Correia, M. (2) 90. Corwin. D. (4) 136. 138. 156. Costantini. Mrs. Kathleen (F) 21. 38. 40, 102. Colter. R. ( I ) 79. Cotton. M. (3) 102. Cox. J. (4) 156. Cozine. K. ( I ) 49. 81. Cronin. J . (4) 156. Crupi. S. ( I ) 77. 115. Culhane. C. (3) 48. 53. 105. 136. Cunningham. P. (3) 102. Curran. T. (3) 105. Cush. P. (3) 104.

Cutola. D. (4) 69. 138. 156.

Figueras. A. ( I ) 82. Figueroa. M. ( I ) 80. Figurski. M. (3) 107. Finn. T. (4) 34. 38. 40. 63. 70. 142. 161. 184. 196. 199. Fitzgibbons. Mrs. Joan (A ) 29. Fitzhenry. D. (4) 40. 113. 161. Flanagan. J. (3) 106. 113. Flanagan, S. ( I ) Flusk. S. (4) 67. 161. Fogu. J. (2) 95. Fojas. S. ( I ) 78. Foley. S J .. Rev. James (F) 22. Fonticoba. R. (3) 102. Fordellone. Mr. Leonard (F) 23. 46. Formoso. J. (2) 41. 98. 113. Fortunato. J. (4) 60. 113, 139, 162. Francesco, J. ( I ) 81. 115. Francisco. A . (2) 91. Franco, L. ( I ) 42. 82. Fredericks. G. ( I ) 79. Fritz. M. (2) 41. 98. 127. 196. Froio. A. (3) 106. Fuqua. A. (3) 104, 123. Furka. Mrs. Lucy (S) 31. Furrer, E. (4) 132. 162.

D Dâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;Amato. L. (2) 98. Dammer. Mr. Harry (F) 21. 136. D'Amore. D. (2) 94. Damico. T. (2) 109. Dandorph. Mrs. Betty (A ) 18. Dandorph. Mr. Kenneth (A .F) 29. 39. Dang. Vinh (2) 96. Dang. Vy (2) 93. Daniels. R. ( I ) 76. Dargan. J. ( I ) 80. 115, 127. Darragh. A. (4) 156. Davis. Ray. (4) 49. 113. 157. Davis. Rob. (4) 113. 157. Deakyne. W. (4) 34. 40. 53. 63. I 36. 142. 157. 196. Defensor. M. (4) 50. 63, 157. Degnan. D. (2) 97. Delo. J. ( I ) 115. Denny. S.J., Rev. Thomas (F) 22. 47. Derise, Mrs. Donna (F) 22. 63. Dilley, J. (4) 66. 118. 130. 158. Dillon. C. (3) 108. Dimaya. A. ( I ) 76. 134. Dimler. R. (3) 107, 125. Dixon. M. (2) 93. Dolan, S J .. Rev. Charles (A ) 19. Doll. J. (2) 98. Domingo. E. (4) 49. 63. 159. Donahue. Mr. William (F) 22. 42. 48, 105. Done. A. (3) 90. Donnelly. D. (3) 102. 122. 125. Donnelly. M. (4) 159. Doolan. Mrs. Eileen (A ) 29. Doroszczyk. C. (3) 105. 113. Downey. M. (4) 159. Duda. S. (3) 107. Dudzinski. S. ( I ) 81. Dunphy, J. ( I ) 78. Duque. M. (4) 40. 118, 130, 159. Dzubina. T. (3) 107. De D i DeBemardo. T. (3) 45, 103. DeCeglie. J. ( I ) 78. DeCresce. C. (2) 135. DeFilippis. J. (3) 104. DeFoglio. J- ( I ) 42. 83. DeLorenzo. Mr. Carl (F) 22. 59. 79. DeLuca. D. (2) 45. 54. 95. DeMarco. L. (2) 98. 113. DeMichele. R. ( I ) 77. DeMondo. C. ( I ) 84. DeNunzio. C. (4) 69. 109, 158. Del Piano. G. (4) 60. 158. Dela Cruz. A . (4) 157. Della Fave. Mr. Joseph (F) 22. DePalma. Mrs. Angela (S) 31. DiAngelo. E. (4) 64. 158. DiCostanzo. T. (3) 109. 122. 125. DiNardo. C. (3) 104. DiNardo. S. (3) 106. E Ebanks. R. (3) 106. Edwards. A . ( I ) 77. 196. Egar. J. (4) 113. 159. Eguia. J. (2) 96. Eisenbach. D. ( I ) 84. Elio. Rol. (4) 60. 159. Elio. Ron. (4) 48. 60. 160. Elson. M. (3) 48. 105. 130. Empestan, R. (4) 132, 160. Esposito. C. (3) 108. Esti. Ms. Jean (A ) 29. Estrada. D. (3) 103. Estrada. M. (2) 91. Evidente. B. (4) 54. 60. 64. 160. F Faiano, T. (2) 48. 99, 125. Fairfield. R. (4) 160. Fairfield. S. (2) 99. Fajardo. J. (4) 38. 64. 69. 118. 130. 160. Fall. K. (2) 99. Fals. S. (2) 96. Fardellone. J. (2) 98. Farinola. I. ( I ) 78. Fatal. D. (2) 91. Feeney, J. (3) 104. Ferguson, Rog. ( I ) 83. Ferguson. Ron. (4) 161. Fernandez, C. (4) 161. Ferrante. G. ( I ) 80. Ferrante, K. ( I ) 78. 115. Ficken. R. ( I ) 82. Fields. L. ( I )

Hansen. Mr. Richard (F) 23. 49. 113. Harris. D. (2) 95. Harrison. S J . Bro. Paul (S) 31. Harvey. M. (2) 97. 113. Haughney. B. (2) 90. 135. Hawkes. T. ( I ) 83. Henn. G. (4) 130, 166. Henneberry, R. (3) 106. Hennis, S. ( I ) 78. Hernandez, D. ( I ) 81. Hernandez. H. (2) 96. Hester. J. (3) 104. Hirsch, R. ( I ) Hoffman. W. ( I ) 78. Holzmann, H. (3) 105. Hoppe. D. (4) 67, 166. Horan. Mr. James (A ) 19. Howard. Mr. Robert (F) 23. Howard. S. (4) 49. 136, 166. Hrynyszyn. R. ( I ) 83. Hu. J. (2) 96. Hughes. C. (2) 91. Hughes. J. (4) 116. 166. Hughes. J. (3) 106, 113. Hyjek, A. (4) 139, 166.

6 Gaibor. H. (4) 63. 71, 162. 199. Gaines. D. ( I ) Gajewski. M. (3) 108. Gal. M. ( I ) 83. 130. Galan, A . ( I ) 84. Galati. M. (4) 162. Galella. A. ( I ) 49. 76. Gallagher, M. (4) 40. 136, 162. Gallo, M. (2) 93. Gannon. C. (4) 163. Garcia. Miss Ana (F) 23. 108. Garcia. Ant. ( I ) 77. Garcia. Arm. ( I ) 76. Garcia, G. (2) 90. Gargiles. W. (4) 163, 184. Gargiulo. E. (2) 41. 51. 92. 118. Garlin. R. ( I ) 81. 118. Garner. M. ( I ) 80. Garry. R. (4) 163. 196. Gatewood. B. (4) 44. 109. 163. Gaughan. P. (2) 96. Gavin. M. (2) 95. Geisler. R. ( I ) 81. Gellene. C. ( I ) 84. Gellene, J. (2) 96. 125. Gentile. E. ( I ) 77. Geoghegan. J. (3) 103. Geoghegan. J. (2) 109. Gerald. N. (2) 96. Geron. G. ( I ) 84. Ghali. S. ( I ) 83. Giblin. T. (2) 109. Gifford. M. (4) 60. 139. 163. Giglio. J. (4) 40. 46. 54. 164. G ill. R. (2) 95. 135. Gillard. J. (3) 41. M3. 135. Gillard. T. (3) M3. 164. Gillespie. J. (3) 107. Gilmore. J. ( I ) 76. Gilvey. M. (4) 42. 63. 164. Gizzi. M. ( I ) 77. I I 5. Glatt. T. (2) 92. Gnecco. M. (3) 105. 125. Goff. A. ( I ) Goldrich. D. (3) 71. 103. Goldsworthy. G. (2) 109. Gojizio. M. (2) 97. Gomez. J. (4) 164. Gomez. S. (4) 66, 164. Gonsiewski. W. (4) 165. Gordon, J. (2) 96. Gorney. M. ( I ) 83. Granados. A. (2) 90. 132. Granelli. K. (4) 34. 38. 46. 63. 64. 66. 70. 118. 142. 165. 199. Gray. Mr. Michael (F) 23. Greeley. M. ( I ) 80. 130. Grieshaber. K. ( I ) 49. 84. Grieshaber. R. (4) 49. 165. Grogan. J. (3) 105. 139. Gronda. D. ( I ) 78. 115. 132. Gronda. R. (2) 90. 113. 132. Guarda. M. (3) 102. Guarino. M. (2) 48. 53. 97. Guma. A. ( I ) 81. 115. 134. Gutierrez. J. (4) 64. 165. Gutierrez. R. ( I ) 80.

Icklan. R. ( I ) 76. 115. lies. G. (4) 113. 167. Illy. W. (4) 64. 167. lorio, C. ( I ) 77. lorio. M. ( I ) 83. Ippolito, P. ( I ) 84. Iqbal. W. (2) 96. Iza. J. (2) 50. 109.

Jablonski. J. (3) 41. 42. 106. Jablow. L. (4) 47. 57. 63. 64. 67. 167. Jakubik. E. (2) 95. James. G. (3) 49, 107. M3. Janega. G. (2) 91. Javier. F. ( I ) 76. Jaworski. D. ( I ) 81. Jebara. J. ( I ) 82. Jimenez. C. (2) 95. Jimenez. H. ( I ) 76. Jimenez. R. (3) 107. 118. Jones. C. ( I ) 83. 132. Jones. E. ( I ) 77. Joshi. S. (3) 102. Juby. J. (2) 97. Juenge. M. (4) 167. Juskiewicz. P. (3) 45. 103.

K Kachel. J. (2) 94. Kaiser. C. ( I ) 80. Kane. C. (4) 167. Kapoor. S. (2) 96. Kawalek. S. (2) 90. Kealy. J. (3) 41. 108. 139. Kearney. S. (3) 104. Kearns. S. (4) 170. Kee. D. ( I ) 84. Kegelman. S. (2) 91. Kelly. D. (2) 95. Kelly. J . (2) 41. 53. 94. 118. 135. Kelly. R. ( I ) 79. Kennedy. Dr. Richard (F) 23. Kenny. M. (3) 50. 67. 104. Keohane. E. (3) 102. M3. 138. Khalil. A . ( I ) 83. Khan. S. (2) 97. Khawaja. A . (4) 170. Khawaja. H. (3) 106. 113. Kim. C. (4) 170. Kim. J. (2) 92. Kim. S. ( I ) 83. King. M. (3) 106. Kleid. D. (3) 103. Knorowski. K. (4) 170. Koehler. S. (2) 96. Kollmer. J . (4) 170. Koncicki. R. (2) 96. Kopycinski. A . (4) 71. 171. 199. Koszyk. Mr. Walter (F) 24. 59. 78. Kukowski. E. (2) 92. Kuntz. S J .. Rev. James (A ) 18. 59. Kushnir. B. (4) 171. Kushnir. G. (4) 49. 54. 63. 64. 131. 171. Kushnir. P. (2) 90. Kwon. Y. (2) 109. 113.

H L Haggerty. B. (2) 93. Hamilton. R. ( I ) 83. 125. Hamill. S J .. Rev. Francis (A ) 19. Hampton. B. ( I ) 82. Hampton. J. (2) 94. Hamfa. F. (4) 49. 165

Labus. C. (2) 94. Lagermasini. A . (2) 90. Lagermasini. P. (4) 34. 38. 53. 118. 142. 171. Lago. C. (2) 91.

Langon. B. (2) 91. Lapine. D. (3) 70. 103. Larrabee. Ms. Carol (S) 29. Latko. J. (4) 60. 171. Lau. T. (2) 42. 91. Lavarro. R- (4) 172. Lavarro. R. (3) 102. Lawless. M. (4) 125. 172. LeCalvez, Ms. Adele (F ) 24. 76. Lecowitch, M. ( I ) 83. Lee. C. (3) 102. Lee. J . ( I ) 77. Lee. R. (2) 97. Lempa. P. (3) 103. 136. Lepis. B. (2) 99. Leshik. J. ( I ) 84. Leung. R. (2) 97. Librojo. B. (3) 103. Lim. J. ( I ) 78. Lindemon. M. ( I ) 79. Lindsey. H. (3 ) 49. 103. Lindsley. W. (3) 106. 116. Lleonart. O. (4) 172. Lopez. D. ( I ) 81. Lopez. J. (2) 91. Lopez. R. (3) 104. Lorenzo. A . (2 ) 91. Lowicki. C. (4) 172. Lui. M. ( I ) Luipersbeck. M. ( I ) 82. Luke. J . ( I ) 76. Lundy. S.J.. Rev. William (A ) 18. Lusch. G. ( I ) 79. Lynch. J . (2 ) 97. Lyons. D. (2) 107.

La Lo LaConti. J. (2) 97. LaMantia. V . (3) 71. 109. LaRosa. J . ( I ) 76. Lo Re. V . (3) 103.

M Macalintal. R. ( I ) 97. Macawili. W . (4) 34. 42. 48. 53. 54. 70, 172, 199. Machado. H. ( I ) 77. I I 5. Maglione. D. (3) 106. Majmudar. K. (4) 49. 50, 63. 173. Malanowski. D. (2) 96. Mallardi. K. (3) 104. Manion. D. (4) 131. 173. Marafioti. G. (4) 173. Marasciulo, Mrs. Josephine (A ) 30. Maravilla. M. ( I ) 84. Margaritondo. D. ( I ) 76. 115. Mariniello. S. ( I ) 83. Marino. J. (2) 45. 95. Mariquit. A . (2 ) 91. Markowski. E. (4) 173. Marri, J. (2) 91. Martin, Mrs. Barbara (F ) 24. Martin, C. ( I ) 77. Martin. E. (3) 41. 53, 103, 136. Martin, J . (4) 109. 173. Martin. W . ( I ) 81. Martins. A . (2) 97. Mason. S. (3 ) 49, 107, 113. Massarelli, Mr. Joseph (F ) 24, 60, 135. Matias, M. ( I ) 109. Malta, C. (2) 93. Malta, F. (3 ) 106, 136. Mattey. T. (2) 90. Maltey. W . (4 ) 174. Malticola. M. (3) 109. 130. Mayo. J . ( I ) 80. Meaney. S .J.. Rev. Stephen (A ) 19. Mecca. L. ( I ) 78. Mehta. M. (2 ) 96. Mehta. N. ( I ) 83. M ejia. V. ( I ) 78. Mendez. J. ( I ) 77. Mendoza, D. (2 ) 90. Mercado, B. ( I ) 79. Mercado. C . (3) 102. Mergus. P. ( I ) 78. 115. Merluza. V . (4) 174. Merrick. Mr. Donald (F ) 24. Metcalfe. C. (4) 60. 174. Mielo, J. (2) 90. Mielo, J. ( I ) 78. M ilic, S. ( I ) 79. Militello. W . (4 ) 66, 113, 175. Milkiewicz. R. ( I ) 80. Minnucci. N. ( I ) 76. Molina. L. (2 ) 95. Monisera. D. ( I ) 82. 115. Montalban, P. (2) 109. Monteforte, J. (3 ) 106, 136. Montgomery. C . ( I ) 80. Moore. K. (3 ) 102. Moore. T. (3) 108. 118.

Morabe. R. ( I ) 83. Morris. K. (3) 107. Morris. P. (3) 104. Morrisselte. O. (4) 175. Moy. K. ( I ) 76. Mulcahy. G. (4) 175. Mulcahy. P. ( I ) 77. 115. Mulvihill, Mr. Robert (F ) 14. 15. 25. Munro. A . (2) 46. 97 Murphy. G. (4) 175. Myers. J. (2) 96. Myers. R. (4) 48. 63. 64. 175. 184. Myers. W. (2) 96.

Me McAuliffe. J . (2) McCann. K. (2) 93. 135. McDermott. K. (2) 92. 125. McDonough. T. (4) 42, 68. 174. McEwen. B. (3) 49, 107 McGlynn. K. (2) 92. McGuinness. Mr. Robert (F ) 24. 58. 103. McGuire. P. (4) 174. McLaughlin. J. ( I ) 81. McLeod. B. (3) 104. McMullen. B. ( I ) 79. 115.

N Nadolski. J. ( I ) 78. Nakar. C. (2) 90. Namnama. L. (3) 108. Napoli. K. ( I ) 79. Narvaez. J. ( I ) 42. 78. Nata, J. (4) 176. Naval, E. (2) Neals. H. (4) 49. 54. 176. Nestor. E. (3) 103, 113. Nestor. P. ( I ) 81. 125. Ngo. T. (2) 96. 118. Nguyen, S. (2) 92, 118. Nieto, J . (3 ) 104. Nippes, K. ( I ) 80. Nisbet, R. (4) 43. 176. Nolan. G. (4) 176. Norton. J. ( I ) 83. Nugent. R. (3 ) 108. Nunes. D. (2) 95. 113,132 .

O O'Connell. E. (3) 104. O ’Connor. B. (3) 104. O ’Connor. R. ( I ) 81. 134. O'Connor. S. (3) 70, 82. 104. O ’Connor, T. (4) 113. 176. O'Connor. S .J., Rev. Thomas (F ) 25. 106. O'Donnell. Jas. (2) 94. O'Donnell. Mr. John (F ) 25. O'Donnell, Jon. ( I ) 109. O'Donnell. S. ( I ) 82. O'Gorman. M. ( I ) 78. 125. O'Grady. Mrs. Patricia (F ) 25. 48, 62. O ’Hare, T. (3) 106, 118. 132. O'N eill. Deacon John (F ) 25. 98. O ’Neill. K. (2) 97. 112. O ’Shaughnessy. E. (2) 95. O ’Shaughnessy. M. (4) 40. 49. 60. 63. 64. 177. 199. O'Sullivan. K. (3) 107. Ohlmuller. D. (3) 104. 139. Oliver. J . ( I ) 80. Oliveros. F. ( I ) 76, 115. Oliveros. O . (3 ) 49. 107. Olszewski. K. (3) 103. Opalach. P. (4) 177. Oppido, S .J.. Rev. Harry (F ) 25. Ordonez. C. (4 ) 117. Orellana. R. (4) 60. 117. Orlina. A . (2) 91. Orosz. A . ( I ) 83. Ortega. A . (2) 94. Ortega. A . (4) 64, 69. 117, 118. Ortega, D. (2) 41, 96. Ostendorf. S. (4) 116, 178. Owens. J. (2) 91, 113. Oyola, O. ( I ) 82.

P Pacillo, J. (3) 103. Padilla. W . (2) 93. Page. V . ( I ) 83. Pagkalinawan, A . ( I ) 78. M 3. 134. Paguiligan. J . (3) 102. Pallarca. E. (2) 94. Palmer. C . (3) 48. 105. Palomares. A . (2) 95. Pantozzi. J . ( I ) 76. Pantozzi, R. (3) 55, 70, 102. Paone. T. (2) 92. Park. I. (4) 49. 178.

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Tuohy. T. (4) 40. 63. 113. 187. Turner, T. (4) 187. Tuzzo. J. (4) 60. 188.

U libelhoer, K. (2) 97. Umali. R. (4) 64. 109. 188. Umali. R. (2) 99. Usarzewicz. M. (4) 188. V Valente. J. (4) 64. 66. 123. 188. Valente, M. (3) 109. Van Blarcom. J. (3) 106. Van Orden. P. (4) 54, 60. 68. 188. Vargas. A . (2) 90. Varsalona. P. (2) 98. Vassallo, L. (4) 60. 189. Vaughan. P. (4) 48. 60. 64, 189. Vaughan. R. (4) 64. 189. Vetter. A . ( I ) 77. 115. Viggiano, D. (2) 41, 49. 99. Villanueva, J. ( I ) 80. Villanueva. S. ( I ) 79. Vining. P. (3) 42. 48. 105. Vita, J . (2) 99. Vita. J . (3) 106. Vlacich. S. (4) 189. Vlahogiannis. G . ( I ) 79. Voicu. M. (3) 71. 104. Volcy. J. (3) 49. 106, 113. Vukan, K. (3) 42. 105.

W Walenty. R. ( I ) Walker. A . (3) 104. Walsh. Mrs. Elizabeth (A ) 30. Washington, Ms. Marion (S) 31. Wassong. K. ( I ) 115. Way, S. (3) 97. Webb. Rev. Ercel (F ) 28. Webb, R. (2) 97. Webster. E. (4) 49. 113. 114. 189. Weierman. R. (2) 90. Wentworth. C. (2) 42. 93. Wentworth. S. (3) 108. Wemock. G. (4) 190. West. K. (2) 94. Whitehead. E. (3) 108. W iley. M. (2) 93. W illi. J.P. ( I ) 77. W illiams. J. (2) 91. 132. W illiams. S. (3) 49, 108. W illiams. T. (4) 116, 190. W illiamson. D. (4) 190. W illis. M. (4) 190. W ilson. D. (4) 60. 113. 190. Witt. M. (2) 95. Wolfe. J . ( I ) 78. 115. Wood. E. (2) 68. 97, 130. Worobiej. M. (3) 105. 113. Wozniak. Ms. Adrianne (F) 28. Wysocki. Ms. Beatrice (F) 28. Wuss. S.J.. Bro. Joseph (A ) 18, 47. Wynn. Mrs. Ethel (S) 30.

Y Yan. G. ( I ) 83. Yozzo. S. ( I ) 76. Yurecko. C. ( I ) 76. 115. Z Zaleck. C. (2) 93, 130. Zamarra. C. ( I ) 82. Zieleniewski, M. ( I ) 80. Zieleniewski, M. (3) 105, 130. Zimmerman, T. (4) 49. 63. 122. 191. Zingaro. C. (3) 104. 113. 132. Zuchowski. J . ( I ) 82. 130. Zupko. J. (4) 191.


ST. DOMINIC'S EXCHANGE The highlight o f the Student Council's accomplishments this year was, w ithout a doubt, the organization o f a student exchange w ith Saint Dominic Academy. The ladies from St. Dom’s were invited to spend a day at Prep on December 5. St. Dom’s reciprocated and allowed Prep students to v is it th eir school on December II. The exchange enhanced relations between the schools, ' and it allowed students to observe firsthand th e ir schools’ differences and sim ilarities. Both days were thoroughly enjoyed by the students and faculties o f both Prep and St. Dom’s. The girls engaged in a complete and active day, attending classes w ith th e ir escorts as well as indulging in a pizza party a fte r school. The girls enjoyed a rare sampling o f Prep’s fe rve nt in-school atmosphere, joining in on some cheers at the rally fo r the gridders. The SDA Student Council, under the guidance o f President Karen Boylan, orchestrated an equally, if not more, impressive day fo r the Prep delegation at St. Dom’s.

Top right: Janice Gemignani flashes he r dynamite smile. Le ft: "Leave some pizza fo r th e M iy s !" Above: "I knew Prep rallies Here good, but I d id n ’t know they ^ ^ ^ T m a k e your h a ir stan d on e n d ." Rignt: "Please stan d fo r our National W nthem . ”

vove, top row , le ft to rig h t: Gregg Stupinski, A n d y Edwards, John iersa, Steve Salvemini, Tom Finn, M ike F ritz, P eter Capizzi. Missing: M ark Usarzewicz, M ichael O ’Shaughnessy and a slew o f underclassmen. B ottom row , le ft % rig h t: Beverly Elio, C arolyn Oser, K e rry A nn Corridon, Stephanie Sheeran. Angela Savino, Nancy Kent. Erin Lynch. Maureen Edwards. M a rjo rie Torchon. Juliet Salinardi. Cecille Canimo. D e idre Jackson.


Above, top row . le ft to rig h t: Dave Bryngil. President W illiam T. Price. Treasurer Joseph Giglio. Peter Capizzi (again). Secretary W illiam Deakyne, M issing: V ito Brancatella. B ottom row:Theresa Sarno, President Karen Boylan, Secretary Joanne Nieto, Treasurer Janice Gemignani. M aureen Filak. Vice-president M a ry Pat Gallagher and St. Peter's Prep Student Council m od era to r Mrs. Kathleen Costantini.

ST. PETER'S PREP JESUIT C O M M U N IT Y 144 G R A N D S T R E E T • I L R S E Y C I T Y . N .J. n M l ■

Dear Reader of the 1987 Petrean, I hope that this letter initiates a long tradition among future Petrean moderators. If you, the reader, have this book in your hands it is because of the sacrifices and dedication of the men I mention in this letter. I wish to highlight exactly how your classmates, sons, students, relatives, i.e., the staff of the 1987 Petrean, worked so devotedly to produce this book for you, the reader. A fte r you read what follows take a few moments and offer a prayer of thanksgiving to God for sending to St. Peter’s such authentic "men for others." For above all, this is what the Petrean staff is> a group of men who have worked long hours in anonymity to produce this book for the enjoyment of others. One of the best elements of the 1986 Petrean was Jon Camaya’s artwork. In the Spring and Summer of 1986 as the 1987 Petrean staff made plans for this year’s book one mayor concern was: W ho do we get to replace Jon Camaya? It didn’t seem that there was anyone waiting in the wings who could fill Jon’s artistic shoes. Much to my surprise not only did we find someone to fill Jon’s shoes, but artistically speaking, and otherwise too, our art editor surpasses Camaya’s tremendous talent. Paul Pawlowski is not only an excellent artist, but also a fine administrator. Paul not only delivered the artw ork we commissioned from him, but he also brought to the staff a number of associate editors who also enhanced this book w ith their artistic contributions. The work of Joe Brennan and Huerta Neals has helped to make this Petrean second to none in terms of the amount and quality of the artw ork employed. One other member of Paul’s art team must be mentioned, i.e., Freshman Victor M ejia who next year will be art editor. M ejia’s staggering artistic talent promises to continue the fine tradition started by Camaya, Pawlowski, Neals, and Brennan. The A ctivities Section requires a tremendous amount of work. In it is recorded the non-athletic extracurricular life of the school for which the Prep has always distinguished itself. Under the editorship of veteran yearbooker Kevin G ranelli and his assistant Kevin Atchison this portion of the 1987 Petrean was able to become a reality. But not only did Kevin Granelli expertly excecute his task as activities editor, he also brought much zest to the social life of the Petrean staff. Kevin proved to be that indispensable soul that all institutions need, i.e., the fun-loving and good-natured party animal that can turn a marathon work session from an experience of forced labor in Siberia into a celebration of life. Kevin’s undepletable reserves of energy served not only to get his section finished, but also to boost the en tire morale of the sta ff and in particular the moderator. If the activities ed itor has the herculean task of chronicling the non-athletic extracurricular life of the school, the sports editors have the equally gargantuan undertaking of assembling a record of Prep’s impressive athletic extracurricular life. The Latin troika of Pasquale Buzzelli, Harry Gaibor, and Eddie Casulli rose to the occassion, and w ith the help of th eir assistant Pablo Calderon, undertook in shifts the job of recording the Fall and W in ter Sports Seasons, and the Spring Sports Season of 1986. They did this not only by excecuting layouts on BR’s and typing copy on 3C’s, but also by taking to the field and doing th eir own photography. Finally, they demonstrated what teamwork is all about when they joined in w ith other editors to assemble fifty pages of the Senior Section in a marathon session from I P.M. to I A .M . on Friday, November 28th, 1986, "The Night to Remember,” and thus meet— on tim el — the th ird yearbook deadline. O ne of the grand accomplishments of the editors of the 1987 Petrean who are Seniors is th eir ability to work w ith, instruct, and form the Juniors who are assistant editors on the staff. The job of training Juniors is a task often neglected by Seniors of yearbook staffs. This situation leaves the m oderator in the undesirable position of having to "re-invent the wheel,” as it w ere, each September when he has to break in a brand new Senior staff. It speaks well of the Seniors of this year’s Petrean that there are over a dozen Juniors and underclassmen involved in the production o f the book. No doubt that the insights acquired by them during


this their year of apprenticeship will contribute to the smooth sailing of their yearbook, the 1988 Petrean Two Seniors in particular must be singled out for their extraordinarily fine work with their Junior assistants. M ike O ’Shaughnessy, faculty editor, and Andrew Kopycinski, Senior editor, showed tremendous managerial and diplomatic skills by getting the likes of Juniors Victor LaMantia, Steve Salvemini, Steve Way. M ichael Voicu. and David Goldrich to work with each other, and actually finish their respective sections well in advance of their scheduled deadlines. This year’s Juniors also had their share of editorial responsibilities, and showed by their consistent hard and quality work that next year’s book is in good hands. The trin ity of editors consisting of Don Lapine, Sean O'Connor, and Ralph Pantozzi did a fine job on the Underclassmen Section no m atter how you look at it. But their fine work is even more worthy of Kudos when one considers that they had no previous yearbook experience. Furthermore, they did not possess the guiding hand of a Senior as the editor of their section. Their section in particular showed much innovation and imagination as compared w ith the Underclassmen Section of the 1986 book. The best of this panegyric I save for last. Surely no one associated w ith the 1987 Petrean can dispute that the two individuals most responsible for its publication are Seniors Wally Macawili, photography editor, and Tom Finn, editor-in-chief. They have earned the title of "Saviors of the Yearbook.” Wally was a real godsend to us. New to the 1987 Petrean staff this year, he took over the position of photography editor under very difficult circumstances, and saved the day for us on numerous occasions. He not only saved the day, but he did so with themendously high quality work given the circumstances he was working under. Tom Finn is every yearbook moderator's dream of what an editor-in-chief should be: honor student, popular w ith his peers and teachers, hard working, organized, extrem ely demanding of himself, and w ith an uncanny sense of what St. Peter’s is all about. Undoubtedly this sense of the school stems from his fam ily’s association w ith the Prep that goes back generations, but more importantly it stems from his own deep rooted love of the place and people who are the Prep family. I have had no occasion to regret my choice of Tom as editor-in-chief. To paraphrase M arx, he appeared at the appropriate historical moment and proved to be the right man for the job. Hegel would have called him a "heroe” and Nietzsche an " ubermensch.” This book is testimony of his planning, dedication, and leadership skills. In the words of Jesuit philosopher Rev. W . Norris Clarke, S.J.: Tom was to the 1987 Petrean what "being” is to the Universe, i.e., that invisible glue which holds it together. In conclusion, I would like to re-echo a thought I introduced in the first paragraph. That is, I would like to offer God a prayer of thanksgiving for the 1987 Petrean Staff. I say this prayer not because they have finished the book, and now I am rid of them. I o ffer this prayer because of what these men have giVen me over the course of our year’s work on the Petrean. They have given me the opportunity to experience w ith them that precious dimension of the educational ministry which all coaches and moderators can attest to as providing a great impetus to continue in the teaching field. They have given me the opportunity to reap the fruits of their previous teachers and parents’ labors, and see how they rise to the occasion and perform so excellently when given the freedom and responsibility to do so. For this I will be ever grateful to them. They make me proud and grateful to be a Jesuit! Sincerely,

(M r.) Claudio M . Burgaleta, S.J. M oderator of the Petrean





Activities Editor




Faculty Editor

Seniors Editor



Sports Editor


Sports Editor

Sports Editor

DON LAPINE Underclassmen Editor

WALLY MACAWILI Photography Editor



Underclassmen Editor

Underclassmen Editor

/ In //>/>

A D T iC T C


Joseph Brennan Huerta Neals Victor Mejia

A rt Editor



Greg Kushnir Huerta Neals Paul Van Orden Tony Cabrera Mark Gnecco Mike Kenny Dave Toussas Robert Arroyo Dave D ’Amore Joel Hampton Emmanuel Naval Mike Stefano

Vito Brancatella Kevin Atchison Pablo Calderon David Goldrich Jeff Jablonski Victor LaMantia Steve Salvemini Michael Voicu Steve Way

ANDY MURRO Publisher’s Representative

1 j; *;


It goes w ith o u t saying th a t p u ttin g out a yearbook is ve ry d iffic u lt. It takes the patience o f Job, the e ffo rt o f Hercules and the m ental soundness o f John W . H inckley, Jr. It is not a one man show, th a t’s fo r sure. I would tru s t th is s ta ff w ith running the co u n try if I w ere President. (M aybe not th e whole c o u n try .) Before I can go on to thank anyone, th ere are a fe w people th a t I must apologize to. Surely th e re w ill be e rro rs in a largescale p ro d u ctio n such as the Petrean. These e rro rs are, fo r the most p art, unintentional. I re g re t any m istakes associated w ith the publication o f the Petrean. I would also like to apologize to the m embers o f the G olf, Bowling and J.V. H ockey teams. Due to circum stances beyond m y co n tro l you w ere not included in this ye a r’s book. That in no way re fle c ts your c o n trib u tio n to the Prep fa m ily and, once again, I am so rry. Finally. I would like to express m y deep sense o f re g re t to H arry and Pasquale. Hopefully you are not b itte r, but ra th e r, I w ish you both could have seen m y side o f the sto ry. On behalf o f the e n tire s ta ff o f Petrean '87 I would like to thank the fo llo w in g people, whom I cannot begin to thank enough. F irst, I w ish to thank AB Company and M iss L ib e rty fo r th e ir insp ira tion . Thanks also to T e lly’s Pizzeria and the Acade­ m y Deli fo r keeping us alive (barely). Thank you to Bruce, Billy Joel, Simon and G arfunkel, e t al fo r keeping us e nte rtain ed . To Jack Casey, Fr. A zza rto and Fr. Fred, thanks fo r the hellos and constant encouragem ent. Thank you to Bill Price and Dave B ryngil fo r th e ir lite ra ry co ntrib u tio n s. To B ro the r Wuss, not

only fo r his mug book but fo r his help and concern, we say "Bog Zaplac” . M an y thanks to the ladies at the sw itchboard fo r th e ir m any outside lines: Ethel, Theresa, Susan and Nilda. Thanks to M r. Shea and Ms. Schm idtberger fo r being good examples. A special thanks goes to Jack and Kevin Raslowsky fo r th e ir help on "T h e N ig h t” . M ost o f all, we appreciate the support, both sp iritu a l and financial, th a t we received from "The Establish­ m en t” , as we fo n d ly re fe r to them. There are several people to whom I would like to express my personal g ra titud e . Thank you Irene and M onica fo r allowing me to repay the D om inica fo r all the help the Petrean has received fro m S.D.A. over the past fe w years. Thanks also to m y friends, Dennis and Tom m y, fo r respecting m y secrecy about the d e d i­ ca tion (see pg. 14). Special thanks to m y fam ily, w ith o u t whose overw helm ing support and love I would have gone insane long ago. Thank you all. I cannot imagine fittin g in such a small space the thoughts w hich come to m ind when I th in k o f th is man. Claudio Burgaleta has been m ore than a m oderator, he has been a frie n d . Thanks to him , I d id more g row ing up in the past year than I ever thought possible. Thanks, Claudio. So, Class o f 1987, enjoy th is book. Some may not see it as s u ffic ie n t, but the amount o f tim e and w ork th a t w ent into this book is only w o rth w hat it means to each o f you. Enjoy. Sincerely, 199 Tom Finn, E d ito r-in -ch ie f


Just as time is a complex no­ tion, there are other things in life that cannot be fully understood. When someone like Fr. Jim Thompson is taken from us by God, we often ask "why?” We wonder why someone who was such a part of Prep as teacher, priest. Student Council Modera­ tor, and friend could be taken be­ fore his earthly mission was done. But it is not our place to ask "why?” W e need not understand why God does things. There is a saying, "The Lord moves in mys­ terious ways.” So rather than mourn for Fr. Thompson and ask "why?” , we should be joyful knowing that God has called him for some greater purpose and has granted him Eternal Life. Rest In Peace.


Reverend James A. Thompson, S.J. Born: October 15, 1933 Entered the Society o f Jesus: August 18, 1972 Ordained: June 9, 1979 Entered Eternal Life: June 21, 1986

1987 Petrean  

The Petrean yearbook from 1987