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What’s Next By: Jazmin Olivas

The tragic massacre on 2018’s Valentine’s day not only brought up once more, the topic on gun control, but a new voice. This voice are the teen activists - victims - of the Parkland Florida school shooting. America is finally hearing from the youth and it is just the beginning! For the first time in history the younger generation are making a difference. They are being heard and are all over the news and social media in the month of February. They have met with Dana Loesch (American commentator) and politicians + President Trump. They have created national walkouts and organizations such as “March for Our Lives” in which many have schools participated in. These activists - such as Emma Gonzales - are being interviewed [Emma by “60 Minutes” (television show)]. She is also speaking at events (Emma at the March for Our Lives rallies). Teen activists such as her (Alex Wind, David Hogg, Cameron Kasky, Jaclyn Corin, etc..) have gained a large quantity of supporters, on social media outlets and are not alone. They produced and are leaders of the #Never Again movement. The day right after the mass shooting, Cameron Kasky invited Alex Wind and Jaclyn Corin over to his house to plan the infamous march for gun control, which began the #NeverAgain hash tag on Twitter. It’s crazy to think that these teens can’t even vote, yet they are the first in two decades to make such a major progress with the gun control movement. Even when stated so, no one believes it will be easy. According to Charlotte Alter in, “The School Shooting Generation Has Had Enough”, she states that (according to the 2007 Small Arms Survey), the U.S. has only 4.4% of the world’s population, yet about 42% of the world’s guns belong to us. Additionally, about 31% mass shooters are American. Author Alter goes on to say how: (for the past five years), every month there will unfortunately be a mass shooting, whether it’s at a school, or at a nightclub… There will be a short period for grieving and sadness. Democrats will offer “feeble pleas” for new gun limits while Republicans offer - and I quote - “ ‘thoughts and prayers’ ”. No significant laws will be passed and everyone will move on, as if nothing happened.

This is ridiculous! This cycle that seems to repeat - Must Stop. However, these teen activists most certainly changed this cycle. But - it seems roughly 1 year later - the nation has once again moved on. It’s odd how even after so many shootings the government seems to do nothing about gun control and gun laws. It’s tragic how many schools across the nation practice lock downs for shootings, since shootings in America are unfortunately becoming normal. When in New Zealand, after only one shooting, it took the country only six days to take action to plan new gun laws. It’s been years of shootings in America, how long will it take for our country to take action?

UNLUCKY By: Celeste Juneac and Taylor Gallegos


Everyone’s heard about Nike and about Colin Kaepernick. In this case how do people feel about the two coming together ? “Believe in something, even if it means sacrificing everything”.- Colin Kaepernick. Some people think that it’s a brave decision and some people think it’s a bad decision. The NFL is kinda on the border between agreeing with Kaepernick and disagreeing. NFL said that they “believe in dialogue, understanding and unity.” People that disagree with this are almost half of the people that you walk by daily. In fact, people have stopped purchasing Nike shoes because of Kaepernick’s statement and actions. People are wanting to throw away all shoes that have the Nike logo on it. If your not a fan of what Kaepernick said. Lets think about your shoes being fifty dollars, and throw them away. What some people don’t realize is that you can’t judge a person based on what they believe in. In today’s cecity it’s such a shame that people think to choose sides when it is super unnecessarily. People should let other people have their own beliefs and choices in life. I believe that it’s such a shame people think that their way is the right way to think. Along with this, people think that when it isn't necessary, people pick sides. When Nike’s ad started more people who agreed with it were at the age between 1834 their percentage was 67% to 21%. The older aged people don’t approve of the ad with a percentage of 49% to 39%.


Barry Lamar Bonds By: Maison Johnson and Ian Amick

Photos: Sporting News

Barry was born July 24, 1964 in Riverside, CA. Barry had a batting average of .298, 762 home runs which is the most out of anybody in MLB History, 1,996 runs batted in, At bat 9847 times, WAR 162.8, Runs Scored 2227, 514 stolen bases, .444 OBP, SLG .607, 1.051 OPS, 182 OPS+, 7 time MVP, 14 time All-Star, 8 time Gold Glove, 12 time Silver Slugger, 2 time batting title, 3 time Major league Player of the Year. He didn’t earn those rewards. “Bonds never hit more than 34 home runs in one year for the Pirates. Playing for the Giants, he hit an astounding 73 home runs in 2001. This shattered a record that had stood for 40 years. Bonds was 38 years old by the end of the 2001 season, and many questioned how he could put up numbers like that. The answer to that question came out years later when Bonds was accused of taking illegal, performance-enhancing drugs. Bonds eventually broke Hank Aaron's record for most home runs in a career, but many baseball purists feel that the record is tainted because of the illegal drug use. Bonds' post baseball career has been damaged because of the drug use, and Major League Baseball has implemented a drug use policy since his retirement. He was indicted by a federal grand jury on charges of perjury for lying about his drug use,

but was able to strike a deal to stay out of jail. In any event, his legacy is forever soiled. “Barry Bonds admits using steroids during his baseball career”, his lawyer told a jury. The catch is that Bonds’ personal trainer misled him into believing he was taking flaxseed oil and arthritis cream. So his baseball Legacy was a lie. You can see of the picture on the bottom right that his blood vessels were popping out and that's because of Steroids. That excuse of the trainer giving him Steroids but Bonds saying he thought it was flaxseed oil and arthritis cream. Everyone knows he knew they were steroids.

ONE CRAZY DAY AT MANCHESTER STADIUM The Manchester City against Huddersfield soccer game was quite a sight. Manchester City won 6 to 1! Sergio Agüero scored 3 of the 6 goals today. The first goal of the game was scored at 25 minutes into the game by Sergio Agüero. The next goal was scored by Gabriel Jesus 31 minutes into the game. Later on, at 35 minutes, Sergio Agüero scored again. 2 minutes before halftime at 43 minutes Huddersfield scores their only goal of the game by Jon Gorenc Stankovic . Then, David Silva scored right after halftime at 48 minutes. And again, Sergio Agüero scoring at 75 minutes into the game. Finally, the last goal scored by Terence Kongolo at 84 minutes which was an own goal and the point went to Manchester City. Today just was not too great for Huddersfield. They had 2 yellow cards and 9 fouls, plus, the overall possession was 77% Manchester City, and 23% Huddersfield. Manchester City also had 760 passes with a pass accuracy of 92% in the game while Huddersfield had only 224 passes with a pass accuracy of 65%. Both teams had 1 offside penalty at the end of the game. The stadium they played at was the City of Manchester Stadium playing for the Premier League. The first substitution was for Huddersfield, at 46 minutes, Laurent Depoitre was a substitute for Abdelhamid Sabiri. Huddersfield had another substitution at 61 minutes. Alex Pritchard was substituted out for Adama Diakhaby. Afterwards, Manchester City, at 64 minutes had their first substitution. David Silva was substituted out for Phil Foden. “Quite a sight”

Article written by: Victorya Zoeva - 6th Grade; Lily Abdel-wahab - 6th Grade; Taylor Gallegos - 6th Grade


By: Katie Segerson

Notorious At only 5’9 and 154 pounds, 28 year-old Conor McGregor managed to be the Featherweight champion for 7 years (2008-2015). That’s not the only category he conquered, he was also crowned the Welterweight champion of 2016 and the Lightweight champion from 2008-2012 and from 2016- present time. McGregor is a beast with a reach of 74 inches and shows no mercy to his opponents. He won 21 out of 24 games. UFC president Dana White does not believe that Conor McGregor is fighting Floyd Mayweather later this year. If this fight does happen it will bring the two biggest names in combat together in the Octagon. I think that Conor McGregor is one of the biggest names in MMA in a decade. On March 5, 2016 McGregor gave in round two against Nate Diaz. Nate Diaz did not come out of the ring untouched though, he had blood dripping down his face and McGregor definitely put up a hard fight in the 4 minutes and 12 seconds that the fight lasted. He did not give up though and beat Diaz in a later fight on August 20th. This man was a Featherweight and Lightweight champion at only 19 years old. With 9 years of professional training and fighting under his championship belt, I wouldn’t mess with him.

Shawn Johnson by: Karla Alba Shawn Johnson is an American gymnast. In the 2008 Summer Olympics Shawn won a gold medal on balance beam, a silver medal on the floor exercise, a silver medal in all-around, and a silver medal in team all-around in Beijing, China. After winning season 8 of Dancing with the Stars in 2009, Johnson began training for the 2012 Summer Olympics. However, the athlete's Olympic hopes came to end in June 2012, when she announced that she would be retiring from competitive gymnastics due to a complications with a years-long knee injury. She has slowly been building her skills back up. Unfortunately because of her injury there is a very low possibility of her returning to her olympic levels. She was very inspirational to many kids my age. Hopefully one day she might end up returning to the olympics or to competition.



Photo by: Hannah Hoch.

We all have dreams. Some of the biggest names in our celebrity world started with a dream before Reaching stardom. Most didn’t even begin their careers until they were much older, and then there are Those that with one interaction knew what it was to have that goal driven determination along with a knack for taking Hold of the reigns of those dreams taming them into an envisioned reality. For this young equestrian she started as an 11-year-old girl invited by friends to a lesson barn, took a Lesson and her passion and love of horses was born. Justine Palmer is one of America’s leading equestrian you tube sensations with followers that range in The thousands. Her knack for making people smile while giving sound advice on horsemanship has young and old riders flocking to her you tube channel to get the inside look into the day in the life of A rider, trainer, and lover of all that is horses. I was able to have the privilege to talk to Justine and by first impression you would never believe you are talking to a young girl of 15 for her insights and views on life and the horse world make you think you are talking to an individual who has been riding and training for over 20 years. I found it quite refreshing how down to earth and knowledgeable of the Equestrian show world circa she was. According to Justine she stated that most individuals begin to ride at a very early age, however not so In her case. As stated previously Justine began her first ride at the age of 11 and from that interaction her passion blossomed. During her first year of riding she was put on a “very naughty pony”. She chuckled as she said this, going on to describe that the entire two years that her barn had her, there wasn’t anyone they could find who could ride her successfully. Even the professional trainer had to stop due to the animal being too difficult. Justine went on to say that she herself was a very inexperienced rider at the time and by all accounts putting an inexperienced rider on an inexperienced Pony was surely a recipe for disaster (Justine’s words). However both Justine and the pony just clicked and were able to work very well together. I would like to believe that both horse and rider we’re learning together and being that they were both just a bit apprehensive of what was to come. It seems they knew that together they would be able to make it happen at their own course. It worked. Some say animals are truly sentient beings and with that being said, Justine believes that beyond all else respect for the horse is the most important thing when training, and as we all know when there is respect then there too is trust. So that recipe for disaster wasn’t a disaster at all and in fact Justine has found that to be the case with many more problem horses. She has that magic touch or as she likes to say “click” and is able to have a smoother ride than normal. In Justine’s own words she went on to state “ I always try to look at things through the horse’s perspective and work with them, rather than against them.” Her take on training is one that isn’t readily utilized in the show world, yet It’s her belief that in the long run it is well worth it, and despite it requiring more patience the end result is happy rider, and most importantly happy horse. But wait, it doesn’t end there! Back to our naughty pony story. Within a year and a half, Justine was able to qualify and compete at nationals with her pony, which were the Pony finals in Kentucky. After Nationals she went on to being an exercise rider and working student for an Eventing Trainer. She was riding a new horse almost every day and to this day believes that riding a lot of young and inexperienced horses taught her more than any easy lesson horse could have. Justine stated that “It has been a wild ride and I am extremely grateful for all of the opportunities that I have had”. She is now retraining her current horse “Hollywood Blvd” whose known around the barn as Holly, to be a show jumping horse after she was a race horse on the track. She hopes to compete in top equitation classes, international derbies, and jumpers by next spring. Mind you let’s all still remember this is a girl of 15 with the attitude of a seasoned 35 year old. I will pause here and smile, because Justine just makes you smile. She has a gentle spirit with a lot of grit and this is just a continuance of a very long Journey in the equestrian world for her. In talking with her about the ins and outs of being in the world of Equestrian she stated that “Not everyone could open op their own barn”. But dreams can happen, and you can do anything you want to do in the equestrian world: hard work, determination, and never give up. There are so many opportunities out there that you may not necessarily know about yet, and you just have to get out there and do it. Keep going and try to get where you can, within the job opportunities that are out there, learn, and never stop learning. Anything is possible and it is possible, and don’t let anyone tell you that it isn’t. Horse

riding is a sport on many levels, but you have to love the horse, respect the horse and Know about the horse. Educate yourself and never stop educating yourself. That is where you will find your success and knowledge is the very first step. She likes to educate her followers and introduce to them new training methods especially more natural in the training and that hasn’t necessarily been real accepted in the show world but respecting the animal should always be the first priority. Natural training is utilizing positive reinforcement training vs negative reinforcement training which is widely used in the show world. With positive reinforcement training, you allow the horse to become comfortable, to do what comes natural and go according to the horse, whereas in negative reinforcement you’re basically forcing the horse to do what you want them to do. The main difference is not making them do it, but having them want to do it. She believes in having the horse want to participate vs making them participate. Future goals, train, and have riding stables, educate, give lessons, and when she’s more educated, she wants to help open people’s minds to new things and new perspectives when dealing with the horses. I asked Justine what was her favorite thing in regards to the horses, and what message she would like to give to the young people thinking about getting into the world of riding and competition and she replied. “I enjoy working with project horses and I hope to be able to train them throughout my riding career. -I'd also like to open a barn where I can teach and help other equestrians. Helping and inspiring others have always been a huge focus of mine. I'm grateful I've been able to do that through social media on my YouTube channel (Justine Palmer) and Instagram (@JustineLPalmer) Whether it's through equestrian themed skits, motivational speeches, or vlogs, it makes me so happy every time someone tells me I brighten their day and Inspire them to keep going. She also loves her followers and fans and wanted to make sure she included one more piece. “I always enjoy reading the letters and drawings my followers send me. It can even get a bit messy because we have a tradition where my followers will send me glitter bombs inside their letters ha ha. -It is so special to meet my followers in person at horse shows. Justine wanted to ensure her followers know how much she appreciates them and without a shadow of a doubt never let go of your dreams. If you can dream it, then you can make it come true. In regards to the world of horses and showmanship, just always remember to be passionate in learning everything that you can, as she stated that learning is the passion and she does all she can to do that both in and outside the barn. In closing you can reach her on her you tube and Instagram accounts that were given previously in the article and she would love to hear from you. Remember do right by the horse, as they always strive to do right by us.

By: Tina Delish Sports life magazine

Photo By: Sara Spada

ALEX MORGAN Article By: Arianna Navarro Alex Morgan is an american soccer player, Olympic gold medalist, and FIFA’s Women’s World Cup champion, who plays for United States women’s national soccer team and Orlando Pride. Alex was born on July 2nd, 1989 in San Dimas, CA which makes her 29 years old, she is 5’7’’ tall , and weighs 137 pounds. Alex Morgan started playing soccer at age 14. Alex joined a club soccer team, Cypress Elite. After that she decided to continue to play soccer at Diamond Bar High School in Diamond Bar, California. Alex Morgan did great at Diamond Bar High School that she decided to start a career of playing soccer. She started her career at California Berkeley University. Her hard effort at California Berkeley University on the women’s soccer team got her to play the position forward on Orlando Pride and United States women’s national soccer team. Alex continues her passion for soccer till this day.

By: Maison Johnson

Michael Nelson Trout (Mike) Mike was born August 7 ,1991 in Vineland, New Jersey. Mike was drafted in the first round by the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim. Mike was drafted out of Millville Senior High School in Millville, New Jersey. Mike was in his first game in the MLB on July 8, 2011. He got 3 At Bats, 0 Hits, 0 Home Runs, 0 SB, and 0 RBI’s against the Seattle Mariners. So far Mike Trout has 1065 games played, At Bat 3870 times, 793 Runs, 1187 Hits, 224 Doubles, 44 Triples, 240 Home Runs, 648 RBI’s, 693 Base on Balls, Struckout 998 times, 189 Stolen Bases, .307 Batting Average, Caught Stealing 34 times, .416 of On Base Percentage, .573 Slugging Average, OPS .990, 64.3 Wins Above Replacement, 175 OPS+, 2 Time MVP, Rookie of the Year, 7 Time All-Star, 6 Time Silver Slugger, 2 Time All-Star MVP, and Wilson Overall Defensive Player of the Year. Mike Trout has a few nicknames but my favorite is Kiiid. Mike once retired will probably be in the Hall of Fame and will probably become the best baseball player in MLB history. Mike trout in 2021 will be in the free agency. He will probably have teams offering more than 500 million dollars to get him on there team and if Mike accepts one of the 500 million plus dollars signing, then he will become the most paid player in MLB history. Now isn’t that cool. Right now Mike has to get through the 6 year $145 million contract to be able to be a free agent. It might sound easy to be a free agent, but when your a big star like Mike trout it's hard to choose which team to accept and sometimes it's not all about the money. Choosing which team to accept the offer is all about will the team presents me more or am I close to family and more things like that. Being a free agent is not all about the money even though it is cool to have a lot of money, you should always go for the team that is better for you not your pocket.


THE NIGHT BEGINS WITH BLOODSHED AND HEADS POUNDED Mckenna is a bit taller than Olivas, definitely a height difference.First round Mckenna knocked down Olivas.Nothing to aggressive … yet in the first and second round. Second round was a pretty even round. Most likely Mckenna got the point because he got the first knock down. Third round slow start, overall Mckenna is in the lead. Fourth round even start, Loretto is starting to slow down. Mckenna had the lead for the fourth round. Fifth round Loretto is starting to bring his game. Round six, the final round. Mckenna is definitely in the lead the knock down in the first round definitely slowed down Loretto, First round and sixth round strong for Mckenna. Now we are starting to see something, Loretto is bringing some action. Mckenna takes it.

Hernandez vs Class Round one slow start, nothing to aggressive, for this ten round fight. Round two Hernandez knocks down Class, started out slow but ended up being second round knock down.

Zorrilla vs Diaz White and blue shorts is Diaz.Red and black is Zorrilla. Round one knock down for Diaz. Round two straight up knock out for diaz, Zorrilla took it the second round. Still undefeated. Acosta vs Lopez Lopez is red and black shorts, Acosta white. First round slow start nothing to much. Round two Acosta is overpowering Lopez. Round three nothing to aggressive punches from Lopez and Acosta. Round four nothing to exciting. Round five same thing as round four it looks like a tie round. Round six tie round. Round seven a knock down for Lopez, Acosta definitely powering Lopez. Round eight slow start, Acosta brings his game and knocks out lopez, on the way down he almost had his knee to his face, Acosta takes it. Garcia vs Lopez Round one pretty even fight, at the last part Garcia got a little more power than Lopez. Round two fair fight, Garcia knocks Lopez down. Garcia has dominated the fight. Garcia takes the win. Undefeated. “For this training

camp, nothing changed. I’m training with Eddy Reynoso, one of the best trainers in the world right now. My improvements are even going to get better, my fights are going to get better and better, and the competition is going to get better. And I’m going to be ready for it.”- Ryan Garcia Article By: Miranda Navarro & Arianna Navarro

Lucky Number 7

By Rodrigo Gonzalez

Cristiano Ronaldo was named the number one most famous sports player in the world. He was born on February 5, 1985 in Funchal Madeira, Portugal. Right now at 6 feet and 1 inches tall. He played in various youth leagues in 2002. In 2003, he signed with English powerhouse Manchester United. He became a superstar really fast and named one of the best forwards of the game. His best years with Manchester was during 2007-08. He also lead Manchester to a 2009, appearance in the champions league final, which they lost to FC Barcelona. Soon he was sold to Spain’s real Madrid which it was rumored he wanted to play with. His scoring powers continued with that team and got the most netted goals 40 during the 2010-11, season. In 2011-12, he helped the team capture La Liga championship. He scored 66 goals in 56 appearances with Madrid and the Portuguese National team which he was named world player of the year. In 2014, he scored 52 goals in 43 games and lead Madrid to a champions league title, which resulted in Ronaldo getting another Ballon d’Or. In 2014-15 scored his 324th goal as a member of Real in October, 2015 and became the clubs all-time leading goals scored. In 2015-16 the club captured their 11th league title and in December, 2016 he got his fourth career Ballon d’Or, and in 201617, he got his fifth Ballon d’Or. In 2017-18, Real captured their third straight title. In July, 2018 he got a 4 year contract worth about $132 million dollars with the Italian powerhouse Juventus. He finished his Real career with 311 goals in 292 matches. On his home soil he played his first game as a Portugal player in August 2003 against Kazakhstan. He was a key player to Portugal's 4th place in the 2006, World Cup and became the teams leader in the 2008 World Cup. in 2012, he led the team to the semifinals in the European Championship but to lose to rivals Spain but in 2016, he led them to a championship with a sprained knee. In 2014, in the World Cup his team struggled a lot. In 2018 Ronaldo played really well but got knocked out by Uruguay. Cristiano Ronaldo has come a long way from his first game with Manchester united to real Madrid and soon juventus to his 2018, World Cup appearance. He has been on tv worldwide to getting sponsored by Nike as well as getting the “CR7” on lots of shoes. Cristiano Ronaldo is truly one of the world's most famous sports players with is lucky 7

Photo By: Newsweek

Misty Copeland

Ballet is a beautiful and graceful sport. If possibly considered a sport. Ballet requires bravery and determination. Misty Copeland has both. Misty Copeland was born in Kansas city, Missouri. She was raised in San Pedro, California, where she started her ballet studies. When she was 13 she started her journey to become an amazing dancer. She first attended the San Pedro Ballet Company. Only to be moved to the Lauridsen Ballet Center due to her talent and her rank in the Music Center Spotlight Awards. Misty Copeland got a full scholarship to the San Francisco Ballet School and the American Ballet Theatre. In September of 2000 Misty Copeland was declared ABT’s CocaCola Scholar. In April of 2001 Misty Copeland was considered as a member of corps de ballet. Copeland was then recognized as a soloist in August of 2007. Copeland starred in many famous performances such as La Bayadère, The Bright Stream, Frederick Ashton’s Cinderella, James Kudelka Cinderella, Coppélia, Le Corsaire, Don Quixote, Duo Concertant, Christopher Wheeldon’s VIII, Las Fille mal gardée, and in many others. Not only is Misty Copeland a great dancer, but a great creator. Copeland created the Spanish dance in Ratmansky’s The Nutcracker, the Fairy Fleur de farine, The Sleeping Beauty, His Loss in After Effect, and roles in AFTERITE, C. to C., Dumbarton, Glow – Stop, Her Notes, I Feel The Earth Move, One of Three and With a Chance of Rain.

By: Natasha Gamboa Photo By: Pinterest

NORA REYNOSO - WORLD CHAMPION BODY BUILDER By: Destiny Chaidez Nora Reynoso is a 2x world champion body builder who retired at the end of 2017. Reynoso started competing at the age of 40 because her metabolism was slowing down. She was going through depression, due to the death of her mother, and was at a very low point in her life. Instead of drinking excessively, or doing heavy drugs bring some light into her life - which are unfortunately somewhat common outlets that are looked to for people with depression-, she turned to eating healthy, heavy training, and competing to help her get her life back on track. This plan proved to be successful, as she is now a 2x world champion bodybuilder, who is extremely healthy/happy and is living her best life. Training and working out has definitely had a positive influence on Reynoso’s life, and has opened many doors for her. She has a strict health/training schedule that she sticks to, to keep her life on track. For example, she lives by a meal plan, that provides her with a very healthy diet. She is a vegetarian, so her meals mainly consist of plant- based proteins and vegetables. Even though she is retired and does not compete anymore, she still maintains the same diet that she started with. Her training sessions were very harsh. The training was usually six days a week, and around an hour and a half to two hours every day. She would usually do 30 minutes of harsh Cardio, lift about 5-7 sets of weights, and usually end with some workouts to strengthen her abs. If Reynoso wouldn’t have put all of this effort into training and maintaining her diet, she wouldn’t be where she is today. Although Reynoso spends a lot of time training and competing, she also spends time with her family and enjoys many other hobbies/pastimes. She loves to spend time with her granddaughter, and now, her newly born grandson. Now that she is retired, she has more time to spend with her family, and she definitely uses that time to its full potential. Reynoso also enjoys meal prepping for her family. About every week, she will drive a couple hours away from her home and drops off some meal preps for her father. She cares about her family, and really enjoys meal prepping. Some of her other hobbies consist of hiking, traveling, spending time with friends, etc. Throughout her journey, Nora has gone through tough and easy times; lows and highs; mountains and grass fields. But despite it all, she has worked hard and come out on top. If she lacked determination, willpower, or dedication she would definitely not be in the place she is today. Her tough character has put her in a wonderful place, and let her experience some wonderful experience, with more positive things to come. For instance, she has been working hard on some of her side businesses and is working on some other side projects. She is currently working on a health and dieting book that should be coming out in the next year(s) or so. Besides these side projects, she is also a life coach, so she also has been focusing on that aspect of her career. In the end, Reynoso has come extremely far with her career as a two -time national world champion bodybuilder, life coach, “NABBA” coach, and a person in general. She is a wonderful, successful, human being who picked up her life and made an amazing career for herself. Nora Reynoso is a very inspirational person that anyone of any age, can look up to for some positivity and encouragement. She is a truly amazing athlete.

Interview: Q: How long have you been in the fitness industry? A: Well, I started my fitness journey about five years ago. It was what typically happens, I ended up gaining some weight, my body wasn’t functioning the way it used to, and I decided to do something about it. Um, it was the very first time I was really going to take notice of what I was going to put in my body and the reaction that my body was going to have. I currently hold the title(s) of Mrs. World, which I won last year in 2017, as well as in 2016. Q: What made you get into the fitness industry? A: I first did it just for myself, because I wanted to lose weight, and I wanted to look good, I wanted to feel good. But, what ended up happening was that I was motivating people around me, so now, I don’t only go on stage for myself. I go for other because anything’s possible at any age. It doesn't matter how old you are, like I said I’m forty five years old, and I’m better today then I was in my twenties.

Q: What does your daily workout routine consist of? A: So I work out about five to six days a week. I usually block myself for two hours. I go in there(-the gym-), I have my schedule and I take my time. I’m super tiny, but I want to gain muscle naturally, so I have to take my time. So, I do weights for about an hour and then I do abs for another twenty minutes. And, there you go. Q: What’s your favorite “cheat” meal? A: Well, cheat meals, um, I don’t really deprive myself from to much that I want to eat. I’m vegetarian, I see things a little bit different. So, cheat meals, mhm, I would say maybe it would just have a higher carb content. So, say a homemade veggie burger, and if I’m to lazy then I’ll go to Burger Lounge.(- “Burger Lounge” is a local restaurant in Temecula, California known for their vegetarian burgers-). Q: What is your favorite supplement or sport’s product that changes your “fitness game” the most? A: One of my favorite products would definitely be the “GNA fuel”. It has no stimulants, I’m able to take it, I’m able to push myself much more then if I didn’t take it. It truly is amazing.