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may 2013 - VOLUME 3, ISSUE 8 10 EDITOR’S LETTER 14 THE PRESS ROOM 18 SHOP SPOTLIGHT - quaker city motor works 34 THE GRID NEWS 40 THE INSIDE TRACK - By Corey Alexander 66 The youngest in charge - By Dystany Spurlock 68 CAPO’S CUT - By Ashon CAPO Dickerson 78 VIOLET STARS & HAPPY STUNTING - By Leah Petersen 92 FEATURED CLUB - Diamond Girlz m.c. 96 The lion’s den - By Lion James 100 FEATURED RIDERS 104 MOTO TECH - Ask the pro wrench 108 IMPROVE YOUR SKILLS - By Eric Wood 132 FOCUSED ON FASHION - By Kiana Gadson 138 SPORTBIKES INK!!! 140 THIS LIFE - By Tyson Beckford 142 THE NEW ISH 148 STAFF STUFF



cover story


THE 2013 kawasaki ninja ZX-6R







or anyone that has lost someone to this life of our ours... This is for my friend, Robbie...

“If someone would have told me That the last time I saw you Was going to be the last time I would see you... I would have held you down A lil longer I would have gripped that hand A lil stronger... And when I said that I meant that If you know me Then I need you to show me I needed you get a few wins under your belt So they could feel how you felt

I would have watched that one wheel Stretch a lil farther I would have reached out more I would have tried much harder

This bike life ain’t nothing to mess with! But you and I know That if we had one wish... We would take our last ride And make it not our last ride...

And two hours prior An old king looked at a young gunner And requested that you ride up front with me You rode up front with me and blessed me So I blessed you with jewels of the game And told you that I had you... When I said that I meant that Our last words Were our last words

I told you on the streets To stop messing with the streets Upgrade from a young gunner To a young King And respect your would be Queen And yes we needed to start that support group But what am I supposed to do now? What is anyone supposed to do now? You damn right I’m mad and messed up About all this If someone would have told me That the last time I saw you Was going to be the last time I would see you...


You knew better Because you were better I expected better You were what I should have been... And now that last ride 476 to 95 to the south side Is what I’m taking with me

I just wish we were still having the conversation This is not too close to home This is home And this Hurts”

THE TEAM Publisher/Editor in Chief: Allan Lane

EDITORIAL Lifestyle Director: Tyson Beckford Fashion Editor: Kiana Gadson Drag Racing Editor: Ashon “Capo” Dickerson Drag Racing Advisor: Rickey Gadson Moto Tech Editor: Thomas Campion Riding Editor: Eric Wood Rev Limiter Editor: Leah Petersen Contributing Writers: Dystany Spurlock Corey Alexander Michael Lawless Lion James Bea Tea Lisa Macknik

Executive Administrative Assistant: Inneabelle Florez Copy Editor: Angela Lane

ART & DESIGN Creative Supervisor: Leon Brittain Graphic Designer: Baz Contributing Photographers: Meekail Shaheed Brian Nelson John Hanson Stefanie Dickerson John Light Norman Garrett Cover: Allan Lane

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The press room RIDE TO WORK DAY is June 17, 2013 This year’s RIDE TO WORK DAY is June 17, 2013. This annual celebration of motorcyclists in transit to work is purpose driven. The non profit organization, RIDETOWORK. ORG lists the following as what the day is intended to demonstrate: -The number of motorcyclists to the general public and to politicians. -That motorcyclists are from all occupations and all walks of life. -That motorcyclists can reduce traffic and parking congestion in large cities. -That motorcycles are for transportation as well as recreation. -That motorcycling is a social good. And this year, they are asking scooter riders to get in on the action… So mount up!

BMW issues a recall for the 2013 R1200 GS

BMW has just issued a recall on the 2013 R1200 GS due to a improperly torqued locking on the fork tube. Dealers have been instructed to set the locking screw on the fork tube to the correct torque setting, free of charge.


SBI’s Drag Race Editor Ashon CAPO Dickerson teams up with Team Pro Motion for “Launch Clinics” won in a matter of fractions of seconds and every one counts. Well, the good folks at Team Pro Motion, SBI’s official track day organization, and SBI’s Drag Race Editor, Ashon CAPO Dickerson have collaborated to offer you the education to get that “one up” off the line. TPM will be hosting several Launch Clinics, taught by CAPO at New Jersey Motorsports Park with a curriculum designed to:

Are you looking to get that edge you need to truly be competitive? There is no better way than to educate yourself on the proper techniques in launching your bike off of the line. In the April issue of SBI, Rickey Gadson’s article “Lesson’s in Launch” clearly breaks down how important the fundamentals of proper launches are. In it, Gadson discusses several AMA Pro Racers that he has instructed to give them that additional tool in their skill set… Dane Westby, Eric Bostrom, our own Corey Alexander to name a few. Road Racers and those that are fans of Road Racing understand the importance of getting the holeshot. Road races are

•Mentally prepare racers for leaving the starting line. •Teach Drag Racing Launching Techniques to help improve starts from 0-330 feet out. •Improve body positioning at the starting line. •Improve throttle, RPM and clutch control from the start. •Explain techniques on leaving the starting line and take away fear while building confidence. The Launch Clinic will be held at NJMP on the following dates: June 16, July 4 and August 5 For more information and to register, visit SPORTBIKESINCMAG.COM | 15

The press room Bike Week Expo rolls into Myrtle Beach for Atlantic Beach Bike Fest With so much going on in the cities of North Myrtle, Myrtle and Atlantic Beach… there has always been a sense that things were spread about too much over Memorial Day Weekend. Not really complaining. After all, it gives riders destinations to ride out to but in the warm weather and often congested traffic… Having a central event that ties in all aspects of the event weekend in a central location would be really cool. Thanks to Jonathan Martin, Myrtle Beach resident and owner of Myrtle West Cycle, such a thing does exist and is set to debut at this year’s rally. The Bike Week Expo will bring together the industries hottest bike builders, stunt riders, vendors and entertainers at one of the most popular spots in Myrtle… The parking lot at the Myrtle Beach Mall. “In years past there has never been an organized area or event that has brought the attendees and vendors in one spot that they can call home for years to come. This is why Bike Week Expo has constructed a well oiled plan to maximize the opportunities to connect 16 | SPORTBIKESINCMAG.COM

bike builders/vendors with the retail market! This location better known as the HOT SPOT is accessible from all major highways. It’s located at the corner of Highway 22 and Highway 17. This gives it easy access from Little River all the way down to Murrell’s Inlet. With its large parking lots we can accommodate most anything!” – Jonathan Martin. Bike Week Expo is happening Memorial Day Weekend, May 23 to 26, 2013. For more info please visit www. or www.facebook. com/bikeweekexpo.

“TAKE NONE, GIVE NONE” … The story of the Chosen Few M.C.

The most authentic story telling is told by those who lived it. Separating fact from fiction, filmmaker Nicholas Monsour’s upcoming documentary “Take None, Give None” tells of the origins and the rise of the Los Angeles Motorcycle Club known as the Chosen Few M.C. Check out the trailer…


Shop Spotlight: Quaker City Motor Works

Words: Allan Lane Images: Courtesy of Quaker City Motor Works



Shop name: Quaker City Motor Works Address: 141 E Glenside Avenue, Glenside, PA 19038 Hours: Monday and Wednesday 10.00am - 6.00pm, Thursday 10.00am 5.00pm, Friday 10.00am - 8.00pm, Saturday 10am - 3pm Year established: 2010 Brands serviced: All Vintage British/European, Ariel, BSA, Norton, Triumph. “Also game for anything obscure or rare.” now and again, one stumbles across a hidden gem... a best kept secret, if you will. EThisvery is such a case. Quaker City Motor Works

“Preserving and Riding of vintage motorcycles.” Within their 400 square foot work space, Quaker City Motor Works has grown in a very short amount of time, two and a half years by keeping customers happy and attracting new clientele. They stay connected to the community by opening up their doors to local clubs to use the shop for meetings and rally points.

The vibe at Quaker City Motor Works is hundred percent real. Owner Kenric is not just some “band wagoneer” that woke up one morning and decided to sling vintage bits.

I had an opportunity to meet Kenric at the shop’s monthly open house that comes complete with live music, beer, camaraderie and all around good times. To this day I still get butterflies in my gut when I discover these “new to me” places. Stop by and see these guys and tell them SBI sent you.

is a best kept secret that everyone should know about. Tucked away at the back of a driveway in the Glenside section of Pennsylvania sits this down home, authentic shop that caters to the cafe and vintage classes and then some.

Kenric expresses the shop’s mission statement as

Want to see your shop or dealership featured here? Drop us an email!






had the privilege of hosting the Kawasaki Ninja Times Square Takeover last fall in NY where the 2013 Ninja ZX 6R was unveiled. Against the backdrop of what can only be described as adrenaline fueled moto entertainment sensory overload, the ZX 6R stood valiantly. Flashing lights, music, all of and more of everything... The bike just looked like it was trying to say, "Enough with the show! Someone please just start me up so I can show you what I can really do!" I was listening. I'll just come out and say it. After spending a significant amount of time with the bike... I must say that hands down, the ZX 6R is the most sound inline four cylinder machine in production today. The delivery of power is effortless and smooth. I mean really smooth. Almost uncomfortably smooth. The throttle response experience with this bike is what the throttle gods had in mind when the concept was initiated. It's nimble and controllable. It's one of the most ergonomically comfortable bikes we've ever tested. Comfort and stability was prevalent in the stop and go traffic of the city road test. In, out and around traffic, the ZX 6R was surprisingly nimble and quick, even at lower revs. The power was ever present. It's what I call, the “get the hell out of dodge” factor. Here's why it's important... When riding in an urban or suburban setting, the ability to maneuver through and out of traffic can actually minimize the risk of your being wedged between other vehicles. When you need that get up and go, it eases the mind to know that you have the ability to do so. Heading out of the city and on to the highways, at speed the ZX 6R doesn’t




really roar. It’s more of a rocket. Whereas a roar may indicate boastful, borderline uncontrollable dominance, the 636’s profile is more streamlined, controlled and sophisticated. Don’t get it twisted. It is by no means a chump. Rolling on the throttle unleashes such a smooth burst of power, it is difficult to not ponder just what the hell Kawasaki has developed in the all new 636cc engine configuration. Yes, it is a 600. No, it doesn't behave like one nor should it have to. This machine is not a reprise of the original 636 of 2003 and subsequent model years that followed. This engine is completely brand new. The noticeable boost in engine performance is a result of a longer piston stroke throughout the entire range of revs. Wider intake ports with earlier splitting valves along with wider exhausts ports are in harmony with new intake and exhaust lobes that feature an increased lift. Increased valve lifts brought forth the need for new pistons with a revised crown. The compression ratio has been revised to 12.9:1. The connecting rods have been shortened and now have thicker stems for strength. The 2013 ZX 6R offers two power modes: low and hi. Low decreases engine power output about 20% and slightly lessens the throttle response. Other selectable options include the Kawasaki Traction Control that offers three modes. Mode 3 is a fully engaged system while mode 1 is the least engaged. You also have the option to completely turn off the KTRC. The ZX 6R is sporting radial mounted monobloc Nissin front brake calipers with large 310mm, semi floating rotors paired with a radial pump master SPORTBIKESINCMAG.COM | 25



cylinder. Combined, you get increased feedback that offers great confidence when applying brake pressure. The bike’s agility and handling owe a big thanks to the addition of new big fork piston front forks and a gas charged Uni-Trak rear shock. The front forks operate independently from one another. You can adjust the preload in the left fork while damping pistons are managed by the right fork. The fork tube walls are 220 grams lighter and are .3mm thinner. The rear shock has fully adjustable spring reload and 25 settings for rebound. Happy with the road test portion, the ZX 6R was packed up and bound for our home track, New Jersey Motorsports Park. Myself and Bill Sink (Test Rider, Team Pro Motion Coach and all around good buddy) were going to put the ZX 6R through a few proper laps on the Thunderbolt Circuit. It was not ideally as warm as it could of been but we were going to make the most out of it. We were patient until the sun was high and the track should have been at its warmest. From the moment of the first tip in on turn one, every factor that this machine was composed of came together. It was if the bike said, “Finally!” The nimble agility of the ZX 6R along with the insanely “on point” throttle response made it a track day dream to ride. Twisting the throttle through the exits and hammering down the straights, the ZX 6R boded stability and confidence as you applied the front brakes before tipping in to begin the process all over again. Bill came back in the pits exclaiming that he was heading to the dealership straight away to purchase the bike. The Kawasaki ZX 6R really brings the 28 | SPORTBIKESINCMAG.COM

excitement out of you when riding it particularly on a circuit where you can truly open her up and get a sense of performance that this bike has to offer. The 2013 Kawasaki ZX 6R is a problem. It’s also the solution. While testing, I was actively waiting for the, “This is such a great bike but too bad that...” moment. That moment never came. The 2013 Kawasaki ZX 6R could very well be the 600cc class’ favorite 600.




New 636cc Inline Four Cylinder Engine Selectable Engine Power Modes Three Mode KTRC Tractnio Control Showa Big Piston, Separate Function Forks Monobloc Radial Mount Nissin Front Brake Calipers


MOTOR Type:....................................................... Four-stroke, liquid-cooled, DOHC, four valves per cylinder, inline-four Displacement:.......................................... 636cc Bore x stroke:.......................................... 67.0 x 45.1mm Compression ratio:................................... 12.9:1 Fuel injection:........................................... DFI速 with four 38mm Keihin throttle bodies and oval sub-throttles DRIVETRAIN Transmission:........................................... Six-speed Final Drive: . ............................................ 520 series X-ring chain CHASSIS Front suspension system: ........................ 41mm inverted Showa BP-SFF fork with top-out springs, stepless .............................................................. compression and rebound damping, adjustable spring preload / 4.7 in. Rear suspension system: ......................... Bottom-link Uni-Trak速 with gas-charged shock, top-out spring and pillow .............................................................. ball upper mount, stepless compression damping, 25-way .............................................................. adjustable rebound damping, fully adjustable spring preload / 5.3 in. Front brake: . .......................................... Dual 310mm petal rotors with dual radial-mount, .............................................................. Nissin four-piston, monobloc calipers Rear brake: . ........................................... Single 220mm petal rotor with single-piston caliper Front tire: .............................................. 120/70 ZR17 Rear tire: ............................................... 180/55 ZR17 DIMENSIONS Seat height: . .......................................... 32.7 in. Overall length: . ....................................... 82.1 in. Overall width: . ........................................ 27.8 in. Overall height: . ....................................... 43.9 in. Curb weight............................................. 423.4 lbs. Fuel capacity: . ........................................ 4.5 gallons




THE GRID: news AMA PRO RACING will air on CBS SPORTS Team Hero riders Geoff May and Aaron Yates opened the season at Daytona with 16 and 19 place finishes, respectively. With Round 2 approaching, May and Yates are preparing to pilot their Buell 1190’s with a focus on making the most of Road America’s 4.05 mile long, 14 turn course. Team Owner, Erik Buell spoke briefly about the team’s direction and goals for Road America. “We’ll be there. Road America is beautiful and the closest to our factory. Geoff and Aaron are both incredible in talent and in determination, and the crews

behind them are top notch. The 1190’s will be strong in the corners but down on power on the straights. So that’s the situation in a nutshell!” Buell continues, “The plan is to make the best of the situation is to have the teams get the bikes set to where Geoff and Aaron can use all of their skill sets. Then it’s up to them to use the advantages of the bikes in handling as best as they can on that course.” AMA Pro Racing Round Two is scheduled for May 31 - June 2, at Road America in Elkhart Lake, Wisconsin.


Monster Energy Renews Role of Title Sponsor for the Isle of Man TT Since 2010, Monster Energy has been the title sponsor for the Isle of Man TT Races. With the signing of a multi year deal, Monster will continue to fill that position for a number of years to come. If you haven’t noticed, Monster Energy is arguably the dominating energy beverage in the motorsports arena. Their presence is strongly felt on grids ranging from MotoGP and AMA Pro Racing to AMA SuperCross and the world of Freestyle Stunt Riding. Their roster of athletes is quite epic in itself as it includes Josh Hayes, Valentino Rossi, Jorge Lorenzo, Eric Hoenshell, Jason Britton… The list goes on. Their renewal of Title Sponsors for the Isle of Man TT continues as evidence of the brand’s expansion and dominance in the world of motorsports. “The Isle of Man TT has been one of the most powerful motorsports activities for Monster Energy in Europe. The TT and its amazing fan-base never fail to inspire us through awesome levels of participation and the spectacle they manage to produce year after year. We’re really pleased to be extending the association and are looking forward to our involvement in the continued growth of the TT.” – John Beasley. VP of Marketing at Monster Energy Europe.


THE GRID: news SUZUKI LOOKING TO RETURN TO THE MOTOGP PADDOCK IN 2014 Randy DePuniet was in Japan testing Suzuki’s 1000cc MotoGP prototype bike. There has been no official word that Suzuki has fortified their commitment to their return in the 2014 season. DePuniet put down roughly 100 laps at the Twin Ring Motegi Circuit during the testing. Suzuki has a select few more dates of testing scheduled in the near future.


On the heels of announcing the television package deal with CBS Sports, AMA Pro Racing has announced a revised schedule for the 2013 season. -Subway SuperBike Doubleheader, Road America, May 31 - June 2, 2013 -Triumph SuperBike Classic Barber Motorsports Park, June 21 - 23, 2013 -Buckeye Superbike Weekend presented by Dunlop Tire, Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course, July 12 - 14, 2013 -Red Bull U.S. Grand Prix, Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca, July 19 - 21, 2013 -Miller Motorsports Park, Miller Motorsports Park, August 2 - 4, 2013 -Red Bull Indianapolis GP, Indianapolis Motor Speedway, August 16 - 18, 2013 -Devil’s Showdown, New Jersey Motorsports Park, September 13 - 15, 2013 -FIM Superbike World Championship Monterey Round, Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca, September 27 - 29, 2013 36 | SPORTBIKESINCMAG.COM


The Sportmax Q3 was released as Dunlop’s industry buster, replacing the ever so popular Sportmax Q2’s. Utilizing their Carbon Fiber Technology, the Sportmax Q3 features a new tread pattern with less but longer grooves. The Sportmax Q3 was designed, developed and tested in the United States. “Our Sportmax Q2 tire just recently took on all of the other tire brands in the category in the Sport Rider Magazine shootout and the

Sportmax Q2 won hands down. And here we are introducing the Sportmax Q3, an even better tire than the Q2, that will set new standards in the high performance sport tire category.” - Mike Manning, General Manager, Marketing. Dunlop is the official tire supplier for AMA Pro Racing so expect to see them on the grid in due time. Click on the video below to check out the Sportmax Q3 introduction.





The inside track

Connect with Corey...

Words: Corey alexander IMAGES: Courtesy of hudson Valley Motorcycles



ver been tired of waiting around for something? I've been tired of waiting around for Road America to come since the day I got off my bike in Daytona! Unfortunately, we've (AMA Pro Roadracing) had a small off season within our normal season between the first and second rounds of 2013. This means I haven't had the opportunity to ride my steed since early March and wont be able to do so until the last weekend of May. Believe it or not, I've actually been really busy. I picked up a job delivering pizza back here in N.Y. where the hardest part of the gig is to not eat multiple slices of pizza every day. Between that and working at our family's dealership Hudson Valley Motorcycles, time has passed quicker than I thought. It also helps when you can spend a bit of time riding as well. Fortunately for me, I've been able to ride some Supermoto and Motocross. Yes, I said motocross. Even after breaking my leg less than a year ago riding I still feel the need to throw a leg over my bike and get out and ride. You can't push your roots away forever, plus the training aspect is crucial as long as I can stay off the ground... Fingers crossed. If you haven't heard, Supermoto is back. My friend Marco Pedde and his group of guys have started this new series up called Super Moto East Coast or SMEC. A few years ago the Supermoto side of racing fell flat on its face and hasn't really come back since. Marco has set out to change this giant hole in the motorcycle community and I'm a huge advocate for it. Supermoto is honestly one of the best ways to transition from either road racing to dirt, dirt to road racing, or flat track to either. It takes the best of all three motorcycling worlds and throws it together. You have to be truly talented on a motorcycle to be competitive while racing Supermoto otherwise you will be left in the dust through the dirt section or out to dry on road course. With that said, I've been riding at a local track called Oakland Valley Race Park (OVRP). It's a small little GoKart/Motorsports Park in upstate New York. The track has also been pushing for the support of motorcycles between its Supermoto series, its free riding trails or their Endurocross track. Supermoto was pretty much what led to my road racing career which ultimately led me to writing this article. More importantly it was awesome to be able to get back to where it all began at that very track this time on a much bigger 450cc, opposed to my 85cc two stroke back in the day. Much love to the SMEC crew and OVRP for putting on the first round their series, I got to hang out with Eric Stump, SPORTBIKESINCMAG.COM | 41

THE GRID: The inside track Miles Thornton, Johnny Lewis, Alex Shaw, along with some other local fast guys. It's crazy how much you take for granted being able to load up and just go enjoy racing a motorcycle or even riding when you're traveling by plane and showing up to a big semi at a roadrace. I even got my hands dirty and changed a few set of tires, checked my own pressures, and fueled up my own bikes. Didn't really mind either! Can't wait for Road America, I'm looking forward to some more racing like we had in Daytona and hopefully the top step of that podium.

Road course section of OVRP... 42 | SPORTBIKESINCMAG.COM

Dirt section of OVRP...


AHRMA The American Historic Racing Motorcycle Association Festival

AUGUST 2 - 4, 2013


AMA PRO AMA Pro Road Racing

SEPTEMBER 13 - 15, 2013

Sponsorship and vendor opportunities available. SPORTBIKESINCMAG.COM | 45




e l z z i S e h T Words: BeA Tea images: Allan Lane



THE GRID: C.o.t.a. the sizzle


The sizzle is what gets people's attention. A plate full of Fajita's arriving to someone's table,the sound of Leo Vince pipes from a block away, never minding the fact they are attached to a '77 CB Honda Supersport and of course a pair of 38DD's attached to a Blonde in a Sports car zooming by at 50miles per hour! The sizzle is what sells and that's what The Circuit of The Americas Raceway in Austin,Texas was trying to sell during MOTOGP Weekend! Did it succeed? I'll let you decide. First of all, I can honestly say that COTA just may be the most beautiful race track America has ever seen. It's set in the Austin, Texas countryside and stands out like Rush Limbaugh at a Wiz Khalifa Concert! This track is beautiful in every way possible, from the stars that are painted in the runoff to the big screen TV's that provide the fans with a clear view of the action. It literally makes your jaw drop. Imagine seeing Thelma from "Good Times" in a bikini... Yeah, kinda like that! And then there is the "The Tower" which has to be seen to be believed. Secondly, MotoGP for the die hard fans is like a family reunion with that cool uncle who bought you alcohol and never told your dad! A gathering of motorcycle enthusiast and race fans from all over to witness the best motorcycle racers the world has to offer, while dining on overpriced food... The experience can't be beat. We cheered for everyone. I have never heard a boo at a race event. Maybe because we've seen what can go wrong at these high speeds and everyone wants the riders to finish the race. Of course we cheer for the Americans: Edwards, Hayden and


THE GRID: C.o.t.a. daytona the 2013 sizzle



THE GRID: C.o.t.a. daytona the 2013 sizzle



THE GRID: C.o.t.a. daytona the 2013 sizzle



THE GRID: C.o.t.a. the sizzle

Spies. However, the largest applause and anticipation was for the Valentino Rossi and Marc Marquez. The Champ and The Kid. Everyone wanted Rossi back on a competitive bike and after the opening round everyone was salivating at the thought of a Rossi victory in Texas. Then came this kid from Spain who had everyone shaking their head in amazement. Kinda like when Keanu Reeves lands an acting role... Only in a good way. The racing in Moto2 and Moto3 is actually better than MotoGP, but when it comes to selling the sizzle? MotoGP cannot be beat! To see your hero’s with their Umbrella Girls parked on the grid before a race, hearing the helicopters in the background, the way the crowd cheers when they see Rossi wave to the camera, to the orgasmic sound of the big bikes being fired up... Nobody sells the sizzle like MotoGP. Sure, we wanted more passing, a Rossi podium at the least and in my case, maybe an umbrella girl’s phone number along with the previous two things... But all in all, this weekend delivered. I was disappointed that the rest of the city didn't really embrace us like Indianapolis and the lack of a proper bike scene was a bit disappointing. Austin did provide a beautiful race track that America can be proud of. Then there was the after party! How can I describe it? You know those parties in the movies where you say, "I never go to parties like that...” Then you just described the RedBull after party. That was a party! Let's hope Austin will now truly embrace this spectacular race event and continue to sell the sizzle! 58 | SPORTBIKESINCMAG.COM




Highest Quality Materials Kevlar and Nomex last longer

Premium Insulation Gets carcass hot and attains hot pressure in the pits with little or no pressure change on track

Temperature Accurate

Tough & Durable Heating elements outlast all other brands

P H O T O BY B R I A N J . N E L S O N





Images: Courtesy of Cale Jones

Cale Jones


NAME: Cale Jones AGE: 27 Association/Affiliations/Series: WERA North Central Sportsman Series, Expert. Kyle Racing, MWR Performance, Motion Pro, Frank Kinsey Racing School, Mark Campanella, 1000RR.US, AMA and IEEE. Goals: In 2013, my goal is to win the B and C Superstock/Superbike WERA Sportsman Series Championships and stand at the highest spot on the podium at the WERA Grand National Finals held at Road Atlanta. I also want to effectively represent my sponsors and their products in the professional manner that this sport deserves. In 2014, my goal is to make my AMA Pro Racing debut and rub elbows with the best riders in the nation. Accomplishments: In my WERA Expert debut, I finished on the podium in all five races I competed in at the Pirelli/WERA North Central Sportsman Series event at Grattan Raceway. The thing I am most proud of and humbled by is the fact that the Lozpah-Jones Racing team has had a lot of supporters in our first year established. Define your passion in one sentence: I would rather try and fail than to live never knowing. Contact:





the youngest in charge Words: Dystany Spurlock IMAGES: Meekail shaheed appy May to you all! This is one of my favorite months in the year. If you are a biker, you H know exactly why. Bike Week in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. This will be my fourth year attending and I look forward to it every year! For the second year in a row I will be joining Rickey Gadson in his Rider to the Core Pediatric Diabetes Charity Ride. This is a ride that is very important to me due to my grandmother, or as I call her Granny, having diabetes. I had no idea that she had diabetes until I came across her insulin. It nearly broke my heart when I found out. She reassured me that she is okay and in great spirits about it. She is now steps away from beating this disease. I want to thank Rickey for doing this ride because it allows those that have a special connection with someone that has diabetes to give a special token back to them. Granny, this ride is for you! You will soon be diabetes free! This is a quick update on what has been going on in the last month. April was a very busy month for me. I had so many different events to attend such as Career Day at my old middle school, Fairfield Middle School and John Rolfe Middle School. Those two events were a lot of fun. The students were so eager to learn more about the sport and how I got started. Many of the students’ first question was “Dystany, can I ride your bike?” I told them I don’t think that would be a good idea considering none of them have a drivers license... I also got the opportunity to be a part of the Education Day at the Richmond International Raceway. It was students from all over the county that came out to meet different racers in NASCAR and the Arena Racing League. I was there with Arena Racing. Speaking of Arena Racing I finished 6th in points and I also got Rookie of the Year! Our first race of the Drag Racing season wasn’t a big turn out due to it being a rescheduled rain date. I did really well until I went to eliminations and went a 5.56 in the 5.60 class. I think some 66 | SPORTBIKESINCMAG.COM

Connect with Dystany...

times my bike has a mind of its own and just likes to go fast at the wrong times. I still had fun at the race. Racing is my passion and as long as I am having fun, that is all that matters. I want to thank God for the many blessings that

I have received. With out him I am nothing. I also want to say thank you to my supporters and sponsors, you all truly help me to stay positive and focus on my goals and task at hand. I love what I do, it is my passion. Thank you all for believing in me.



Capo’s cut

Connect with Capo...

Words: Ashon capo dickerson IMAgeS: Stefanie Dickerson


ere it is! Once again to all the readers, riders, racers and fans... The Straight Line Cap’s Cut! This month I will be taking you on my first journey to New Jersey Motorsports Park. This was actually my very first time ever being at a road racing track day or facility. I have to tell you that I was very impressed! I noticed the environment was friendly and professional right from the start. Just like in my sport of motorcycle drag racing these guys and teams take what they do very seriously. My reason for being at NJMP was that I teamed up with Glen Goldman and Team Pro Motion and put on my very first launch clinic for road racers. It was a brief one hour session to practice some drag racing launching techniques, body positioning and mental preparation. I also wanted to help them overcome the fear that some riders have of leaving the starting line. Because we all know and understand that “It’s a drag race until you reach the first turn!” Then you are officially on your own! At least in my book because I don’t knee drag, but trust and believe Capo can get you down the shoot!


This was something before pitching it to Team Pro Motion I thought long and hard about actually doing my part on bridging the gap and bringing a understanding to riders that might on a small scale unify the two different types. It started with me taking on the task of running the same Pirelli tire used by road racers, Diablo SuperCorsa, and being the quickest man on that tire on the drag strip. Putting the tire in the seven second zone and being the first and only one to officially do that. I was working with Todd McNabney on the development of the “Dragstar”, a world class drag racing suit with road racing super bike technology... The first of its kind. I have a great deal of respect even more so now watching what these guys do and as a coach will do my part to help make anyone that needs my help and signs up for the launch clinic, just that more of a complete rider. I met some great people and one was this little fella named Anthony Mazzo Jr. I talked with him and his wonderful family about body form when launching and some techniques. He won four races the next day! Congrats to him!



His family thanked me on FaceBook for my help which made my day! Also, I met a team of riders all from the Islands called "One Love Racing" and that’s what these brothers showed me! Thanks guys! I was really nervous before going into uncharted waters because I was used to only training drag racers from time to time being an assistant coach of longtime friend and mentor Rickey Gadson at his Drag School. But if you know your craft it’s nothing to ever be nervous about. I met and chopped it up with so many good people. I cherished the genuine experience. I look forward to the buzz of the Launch Clinic picking up and growing to be something that’s 70 | SPORTBIKESINCMAG.COM

apart of every track day. I want to thank my students who signed up and Glen Goldman Owner of Team Pro Motion for the opportunity. Thank you Stefanie, Marika and Todd for all of your help. Until next time, like I tell the riders "Without courage, we cannot practice. Without practice, we cannot have consistency. Without consistency... We cannot win! The next Launch Clinic will be June 16th. Sign up at and get in on the action. Loyalty is Everything!





Images: Courtesy of Mario Brice Lloyd Jones/Meekail Shaheed

Mario Jones


NAME: Mario Jones AGE: 26 Association/Affiliations/Series: C.S.R.A Dragbike Association member and Series Manufacturers Cup Series, MiRock Super Bike Series, Dragbike Nationals Series Goals: 2013 to win at least one of the series championships listed above. Accomplishments: 2013 Street E.T. class runner up “King of da Track” tour at Macon National Dragway. MIRock Season Opener 2013 Street E.T. Quarterfinalist (Money Round) with a couple other runner up finishes at my local track races at Macon National Dragway so far this year. I always lose to a good friend of mine and former Street E.T. World Champion Stanley Russels Define your passion in one sentence: I believe people were put here on Earth for certain reasons. I thank the man above, daily for putting me here to drag race by my Father at the age of 4. Obviously, any kind of activity dealing with motorcycling has for a long time been and will continue to be my passion! Contact:



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violet stars and happy stunting Words and images: Leah petersen

Kia, owner of On Point Performance 78 | SPORTBIKESINCMAG.COM

The Engineering Behind Stunt Riders SPORTBIKESINCMAG.COM | 79



e talk a lot about the evolution of stunt riding; the riders, the events and the ideas pushing our sport forward. But there is less of a spotlight on the engineers and businessmen welding and fabricating in the shadows of the stunting industry. These companies and people make it possible for riders to push the boundaries of their machines and in fact help them stretch the boundaries with parts to assist them. So who are these companies creating the cages, 12 bars and other precious parts we adorn our motorcycles with? I drove down to the maze of dense warehouses that surround downtown Los Angeles to speak with Kia, the owner of On Point Performance. On Point is a stunt company that began a handful of years ago in a pretty organic way. Kia, who had always been into extreme sports like snowboarding and skateboarding got on a motorcycle one day and was hooked. Sometime later his friends and him began to dabble in stunt riding and learned the hard way about the need to distribute your oil when your bike is at 12 o’clock. After dealing with a blown motor he tried to buy himself an oil pick-up for his Honda F4i but after doing his research he couldn’t find a company he was comfortable with sending his money to. He experienced what many stunt riders complain about... bad customer service, lack of communication or a website with no contact info. Instead of sending his money into the great unknown and praying an oil pickup would show up one day, he made one himself. Soon thereafter he was making them for all his friends and eventually started toying with the idea of starting his own stunt part company. Unlike many stunt part company owners, Kia had a strong background in business. He came into this small, growing industry with big





ideas and concepts from massive industries like the mortgage and garment industry. While both those industries taught him valuable lessons and skills, the cliental shift made sure he still had some learning to do. In the past Kia had been dealing with large building contractors and huge retail merchants, now he was dealing with singular stunters around the world, in their garages. The relationship between a stunt rider and a growing stunt part company is interesting. It’s a codependent relationship in which we both could not exist without each other, but on the same hand both parties are growing and developing, as stunt riding changes and needs different parts. The downside of this very primal, new industry is that word travels fast and reputations are hard to preserve even if you’re an amazing person with the best of intentions. Anyone who has spent time at the stunt spot or on stunt forums knows the story. Some rider orders a part, doesn’t install it right or just plain destroys it due to their own fault and tries to blame the company that made it. Kia keeps On Point a smaller business to insure he keeps all his clients happy. He focuses on building strong relationships with them and urges his customers to give him a call before talking smack on the internet. He had plenty of examples of situations where he has been able to keep a smile on his customers face. While Kia his keeping his business small right now, it’s an intelligent tactic to build a strong foundation for expansion in the future. Kia thinks far beyond stunt cages, he believes in the creativity and passion of stunt riders to keep this sport growing. Fresh engineering has gotten us this far handbrakes and cages for example let us do things which are much harder on a stock bike. Kia is all about the future of the sport. Already he has seen an interesting SPORTBIKESINCMAG.COM | 83

The Rev LIMITER: VIOLET STARS... shift with the sales of his cages. In the past only a stunt rider would want a big crash cage on their streamline sportbike. But as the fresh air of stunting wafts through the motorcycle industry more street riders and brand new riders are choosing to install stunt cages on their motorcycles even with no intention of pulling wheelies. Kia says a lot of them want the protection from simple crashes and many just want it for the style points. One of the biggest challenges described by Kia about this industry is making custom, hand crafted parts at mass-production prices. Whether we consider it or not, we build our bikes with specialty custom parts, parts in any other industry that would cost an arm and a leg! Due to the tight knit nature of our riders and our stunt part companies, prices remain reasonable ($300 for a cage). Kia knows about the cost benefits of producing parts overseas, but comes back to the fact that being hands-on will result in quality that surpassing outsourced manufacturing. Right now stunters are do it yourself, as are our stunt part companies. We are an underground culture and the industry backing us is as well. This gives us a unique power and flexibility, after my conversation with Kia I would imagine if you called him with an amazing idea, he would listen. We have the power to shape our sport in both tricks and also engineering. I doubt this will last forever, with rumors of factory stunt bikes and the sport on the verge of going mainstream. But for now, let’s take advantage of our open industry and work together to make our wildest dreams come true. Thanks to Kia for his time and thoughts on the stunt industry. 84 | SPORTBIKESINCMAG.COM




he relationship between a stunt rider and a growing stunt part company is interesting. It’s a codependent relationship in which we both could not exist without each other, but on the same hand both parties are growing and developing.




Images: Courtesy of Thibault Coquil

thibault Coquil AKA COKILLE


NAME: Thibault Coquil AKA Cokille AGE: 25 Association/Affiliations/Series: Point Moto Design, Lp Moto, 5th gear Sprocket, StunterX,, Motors Passion Goals: Well, having fun with my friends, find new tricks sometimes, travel all around the world and meet awesome people seems good for me! I try to be original, give some ideas to the others when I can, to push the stunt up. Everyday, I look for new video or new tricks. It’s like a challenge for myself like, “Wow I need to try this one!” If you can make better, if you have all the time new tricks coming, you have something to work on to push your limits! Accomplishments: I never participated to a competition! The first one will be in Poland this year for the Stunt GP! Define your passion in one sentence: Be yourself. No more job. No more wife. Just you, your bike and the present moment! This is our own world, to feel free! Contact:





THE LIFE: FEatured Club

Words: Allan Lane Images: Courtesy of Diamond Girlz MC

Rocker Interpretation: They say that every woman, no matter how much of an angel she is... has just a tad of devil in her. The ladies of Diamond Girlz M.C. are no exception. The Angel and Devil centered on their logo in front of the diamond illustrates that when you’re dealing with the Diamond Girlz, you’re gonna get a little bit of heaven and probably a lot of hell! Displaying trustworthiness, devotion as well as healing, the color teal was selected to compliment the universal love and womanhood indicated by the color pink. History/Origin of Club: The club began with a select eight ladies that enjoyed sisterhood, community service and of course, riding. Formed in 2008, the club currently has a total of 11 full patched members, two prospects and ten official

Diamond Girlz MotorCycle club REGION: Boston, MA FOUNDED: 2008 MEMBERS: 11 ELECTED OFFICIALS: President: Mz. Pink Vice president: Jewels SECRETARY: Karma

Road Captains: Speedy and Shotz

P.R.O.: Mini TREASURER: Sweetz


“hang rounds.” Club Milestones/Memorable Moments: This August, the Diamond Girlz M.C. will be celebrating their 5 year anniversary. This milestone for the club comes with hard work of giving back to the community and supporting one another as a family unit. While their club’s schedule keeps them busy with outreach and social events, the ladies of Diamond Girlz dedicate one day a month for sisterhood and bonding, entitled “Diamond Girl Day.”

Future of the club: The Diamond Girlz M.C. has plenty on the horizon. National growth is on the forefront as well as stabilizing a club house.

2013 marks a five year anniversary for the club. Their July Anniversary Event will be a reflection of the work and dedication to the bike community that they have served since their inception.

Want to see your club featured here? Drop us an email!




THE LIFE: The Lion’s Den

Beyond the throttle

Words and images: lion james



ike many of you, I’ve heard my fair share of motorcyclists say something to the effect of “motorcycles are my life.” If this is true then I suppose an exclusively motorcycle only life is as blessed an existence as any, but I often wonder if this exclamation is an exaggeration or not. It’s common enough to make a living in the motorcycle industry be it in entertainment, racing, commerce or media such as magazines and television. It’s not rare for one to spend all of their spare time on two wheels. It’s even sort of expected that a motorcyclist, including yours truly, would have riding motorcycles on the mind about as often as a teen entering puberty thinks about sex. What I find uncommon and what comes to mind when someone tells me that motorcycles are their life is someone for whom all three of those scenarios are true. If motorcycles truly are your life and every aspect of your day to day revolves around motorcycles in some way, shape or form then what is there for you beyond the throttle? Beyond the throttle is the area of your life, the interests that consume your attention, the obligations that take up your free time and the substance that balances the scales in your otherwise two wheeled journey through life. For those among us not fortunate enough to punch a clock day in and day out only to ride, work on, write about or sell motorcycles and all the things that compliment them, motorcycles are what’s beyond everyday life. But when everyday life and motorcycles are one in the same, everything else is what’s beyond the throttle. We go to work and at the end of our week or maybe even at the end of our day we throw a leg over and indulge our need for speed and performance. We plan and save for the motorcycle trip or annual event so we can leave the obligation of work and home behind for a short while in order to just be a biker. The throttle is what is beyond family, work, home, bills, stress, relationships, school and all other obligations, struggles and entries in our daily planners. But what about those who decided long ago to trade in that corner office for an office

that corners? How about the lucky few who not only ride to work, but ride for work? If you truly live motorcycles what’s beyond the throttle for you? It’s a little silly to think that when a pro racer or motorcycle saleswoman is done with their job that they hop on a bus and go stand in line at a food cart or type up a report to have on someone else’s desk as a way to add a little variety to their otherwise motorsports infused work week. So what does one do to break up the mundane even when that which they are used to is what the rest of us look forward to at the end of our shifts? I think we tend to believe that no one could ever have anything to complain about if their life revolved around motorcycles and Confucius has been credited, although not a very Confucianism like thing to say in my humble opinion, “Find a job you love and you’ll never work a day in your life.” I know from speaking with several of them, that professional chefs don’t like to go home after work and cook, professional racers tend to dabble in other motorsports or cycling when not on the grid and strippers dress in sweatpants almost exclusively when not on the pole. Even a porn star gets tired of sex so that begs the question, “What lies beyond the throttle for professionals in the motorcycle industry?” Those who also ride motorcycles in their private lives or time off especially need something that separates work from non work life. Sure they love what they do and the rest of us would trade in our respective daily grinds for a chance to get paid to do what we have thus far been working in order to pay to do. The response I got from most of the motorcycle industry professionals I asked was emphatically “family.” Since I asked industry professionals that I know personally I wasn’t too surprised at this answer since I know firsthand how important a role family plays in their success. I wanted a more provocative answer to the question of what lies beyond the throttle so I kept asking and slowly the replies I had hoped for started rolling in. The SPORTBIKESINCMAG.COM | 97

THE LIFE: The Lion’s Den

carrots at the end of the proverbial stick for a few people included firearms, drawing and painting, their pets, cycling, fine cigars, reading, paintball, kayaking, photography, cooking, music, cars and for one person “motorcycles.” Since I didn’t present the question in a way so as to exclude motorcycles as a possible response, I was a little shocked to only have one person reply with motorcycles as what fills up their spiritual, emotional, adrenaline, adventurous and intellectual cups when not engaged in their two wheel, one wheel at times, professional lives. Taking into consideration how important to my overall sanity, progression as a well adjusted individual, balance in my life between obligation and desire and of course my skill development as a motorcyclist riding and being around motorcycles is, I can easily see how important it would be for those who truly live motorcycles to have something in their lives other than work, even if that work is totally awesome, to add that same type of balance. God willing I will someday know the joy and fulfillment of hanging up my day job to successfully pursue a career in the motorcycle industry full time. Only then can I truly know what it is like to “live motorcycles.” For me and those like me, motorcycles are the small part of my life that I look forward to and what motivates me to keep punching a clock day in and day out. Someday I will need something other than or in addition to motorcycles to add balance to my daily existence. Someday I will need something else beyond the throttle.


wake up. ride. keep riding... •world class service, maintenance & repair •parts, apparel and accessories •visit us online at

Jason Britton’s No Limit Motorsports 14726 GoldenWest Street, Unit H Westminster CA 92683 714.891.8600 SPORTBIKESINCMAG.COM | 99

FEatured THE LIFE FEatured LIFE:rider FEatured riderS riderS

Katie McKay location: Tampa Bay, FL Occupation: President of GirlRiders, LLC Years Riding: 8 years. Riding style: Street. Bike/s owned: 2001 Suzuki GSXR 750. favorite bike modification/accessory: A combination of my Leo Vince midpipe, ECU flash and smaller front sprocket. Favorite piece of riding gear: My Dainese jacket. most memorable ride: Dubbed the “Epic Ride”. A dozen friends, one day, four states and nothing but twisties.


John Paul Bickerdike location: London, UK Occupation: Direct Access Scheme Motorcycle Instructor Years Riding: 32 years, starting at the age of 6. Riding style: Street mainly, but we all get an adrenaline rush on

track days..

Bike/s owned: Honda VFR 800fi, Honda CB1000R and Yamaha Fazer 600 MK1 favorite bike modification/accessory: Heated grips to ride in most weather conditions... It can be quite unforgiving in the UK. And my Drift HD Ghost Camera. Favorite piece of riding gear: Shoei XR1100 helmet. most memorable ride: Riding hard across an unfamiliar bend, going up a slight hill, taking me airborne across a crossroad as the road dropped away. It was like riding across a humpback bridge without the bridge. Exhilarating when you don’t know what’s coming. Another... the Lack District of Northern Italy and Southern Swiss Alps. An unforgettable adventure across a breathtaking part of Europe.


FEatured THE LIFE FEatured LIFE:rider FEatured riderS riderS

Courtney Bouchard location: Boston, MA

AKA “Mz. Pink”

Occupation: Recruiting Director Years Riding: 11 years Riding STYLE: Street Bike/s owned: 2003 Kawasaki Ninja 636. Pink with diamonds. favorite bike modification/accessory: My pink paint,

diamond glitter decals, my blinged out pink sprocket, pink chain and seat! Favorite piece of riding gear: My Speed & Strength Jacket with rhinestones and my logo embroidered on the back!

most memorable ride: Most memorable ride would have to had been last year with my member Shotz- We started from Boston then rode to a cookout in CT with Wildstyle riderz then continued our journey to the Bronx NY then to Lodi NJ then back to NY- to Yonkers to celebrate the life of King James (RIP) then to have a celebration cookout with HOOD Ryders NY then back to Boston. 102 | SPORTBIKESINCMAG.COM

Cody Kitchen location: Siloam Springs, AK Occupation: Service Manager Years Riding: 16 years. Riding STyle: Done it all! Road raced for 3 years with the CMRA, played around at the drag strip, a little stunt riding... but now, just street riding.. Bike/s owned: 2005 Kawasaki ZX6R, 2006 Kawasaki ZX6R and a 1991 Suzuki GSXR 1100. favorite bike modification/accessory: Usually my first mod to any bike is a 520 chain kit with Vortex sprockets. Favorite piece of riding gear: That’s a toss up between my Scorpion helmet and my Alpinestars leather jacket. I never go without either one. most memorable ride: A memorial ride my friends and I put together for one of our good friends that passed away in a motorcycle wreck in 2009.


MOTO TECH Words: Mark Rozemo Image: Courtesy of Motion Pro

Ask the pro wrench

Words: thomas campion images: Norman Garrett/NGK


: My bike came with a 525 chain. Why would I want to change it to a 520 or 530?


: The number on your chain (520, 525, 530) is the strength. The higher the number the stronger the chain. Most Sportbikes come with 525 chain from the factory. Most people will tell you that you need to do a 520 conversion. This means changing your chain and sprockets to fit the smaller, and lighter 520 chain. The lighter the chain, the less rotating mass, the faster the engine will rev, and less horsepower needed to turn your wheel and the more you can get to the ground. The reason the factories go with a 525 chain is durability. A 520 chain will wear out faster than a 525. I run 520 chains on all the sportbikes we race. Whenever I have the choice, I run D.I.D. chains. I have run them since 2001


and never had a failure. I also run riveted master links and not the clip style. As a precaution, I inspect the chain after every ride. On the race bikes, a chain usually doesn’t see more than 3 races or 1000 miles. This is an extreme case, I do that only for the race bikes. I had a 520 chain on a street R6 for over 8,000 miles and it was fine, because I took care of it. Everyone has their own chain lube or wax that they prefer. Find the one you like and make sure you clean and lube or wax your chain regularly. The best time to spray your chain is right after a ride while your chain is still at running temperature. Yes, your chain heats up when you ride.


: How important are spark plugs?

: Spark plugs are one of those things that everyone forgets about on motorcycles. Usually because it’s a pain to get to them. I’m a spark plug freak! I change spark plugs about as often as I clean the air filter which is every other oil change. Most bikes you can access the plugs from under the air box. As far as running different than stock plugs, I usually don’t do it. Although, I do prefer NGK

plugs and most plugs cross reference each other. Unless you have a highly modified engine you won’t see a gain from different plugs. If you go to a turbo or a big shot of nitrous you will want to run a cooler plug. The higher the number on the plug, the cooler the plug is. The lower the number, the hotter a plug is.



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Improve your skills

the Art of the Knee

Words: eric wood IMAGES: meekail shaheed/Eric Wood



Improve your skills: the art of the knee

A. On a motorcycle, this force is always acting to make motorcycle stand up. In order to balance this force, the motorcycle must lean in order to use the force of gravity (weight) to balance this acceleration as shown in Diagram “A” above.

From a physics standpoint, all of these forces act through the center of gravity (CG) of the object traveling the circle. For a motorcycle, this is the composite CG of the motorcycle and rider together, shown as the orange dots in Diagram “B” to the right.



arno Saarinen, a Finnish Grand Prix motorcycle racer who won the world 250 GP Title in 1972, is the rider on the world stage credited first using the “knee out” riding style. “King” Kenny Roberts Sr.’s famous tuner Kel Carruthers brought this technique to the attention of his rider, which Kenny developed and soon popularized in the United States. The art of dragging a knee has evolved, and as tire and motorcycle technology has progressed over the past 40 years riders like Marc Marquez have brought the concept to an entirely new level. While many riders will never be able to drag their elbow like Marquez, dragging a knee (or the “knee out style”) is a technique that virtually every experienced track rider is able to utilize. Getting a knee down is not only a popular goal for track riders, but also an important one for achieving proper riding technique. In this article we will touch on some of the reasons why riders want to hang off of the motorcycle, and then explore in further detail the importance of the proper use of the knee in this process. Motorcycles must lean in order to turn with any amount of speed. As bikes (or any vehicle for that matter) travel in a circular path, there centrifugal force that always works in the opposite direction of the radius of the circle. An object traveling in a circular path at a constant velocity is actually always accelerating towards the center of the circle. This centrifugal force of this acceleration is determined by the equation MV2/R, where M is mass, V is velocity and R is the radius. On a motorcycle, this force is always acting to make motorcycle stand up. In order to balance this force, the motorcycle must lean in order to use the force of gravity (weight) to balance this acceleration. (See Diagram A). The greater the speed, the more the motorcycle has to lean to counteract

this centrifugal force. From a physics standpoint, all of these forces act through the center of gravity (CG) of the object traveling the circle. For a motorcycle, this is the composite CG of the motorcycle and rider together (shown as the orange dots in the Diagram B). Since in most cases the rider makes up about 1/3 of the overall weight of the package, the rider has a significant effect on the location of the CG. When comparing the red rider to the green rider, you can see that when a rider gets off the seat and moves to the inside of the motorcycle, the CG that rider and the moves to the inside as well. The advantage of this technique becomes quickly apparent as we can see that when the rider moves to the inside, the resulting CG (again, in orange) as if the motorcycle increased in lean angle while the tire itself remains upright (the yellow dot does not move). This provides quicker turning with less risk, faster lap times, and many significant handling advantages we have discussed in past articles. The main challenge that riders find with this technique comes because they are no longer sitting directly in the seat and must find a way to support their body weight. The most common mistake that riders make is to use their inside arm for this extra support. The drawbacks to supporting your weight with your inside hand are well documented and include reduced traction, decreased feedback and increased front end motion. After teaching riders on the track with the Penguin School for nearly 20 years, I feel that this is the number one cause for rider issues on the race track. The importance of eliminating this practice cannot be overstated. With this in mind, where does the knee come into play? There are all kinds of advantages to using your inside knee while riding, including SPORTBIKESINCMAG.COM | 111

Improve your skills: The art of the knee 1972 250 Grand Prix Motorcycle Champion, Jarno Saarinen.

advanced techniques that allow riders to utilize the knee as a lean angle gauge and to help save front end slides. However, the most basic advantage is one that applies to riders of all skill levels – to act as a support for your body weight to allow riders to hang off the motorcycle and leave their arms relaxed.

slowly point your knee towards the front of the motorcycle until you start falling off the inside of the bike (and you will).

Of course, if you point your knee forward (against the motorcycle) on the track you will not immediately fall off the bike. However, you will be forced to transfer force into the bars to When riders start to hang off the bike, the most support your body weight and deal with the important step to give yourself the ability to use reduced traction and feedback that comes along with it. When you point your inside knee the inside knee is to leave your hips square into the turn, you are putting yourself in the best to the motorcycle. When riders rotate their possible position to support your body weight hips around the tank, the inside knee tends to with your legs and to relax your arms. Once point forward as opposed to the inside of the you have achieved this first step, the final piece corner. In order to truly understand how much this affects you, get on your motorcycle while of the puzzle is to firmly secure your outside leg to the tank, firmly locking your body into place on a sturdy rear stand in the paddock and and allowing your hands to fully relax. With have a friend support the bike. Next, get off this important baseline, you will start riding the tank as far as you reasonably can (slightly faster with more confidence and before you more than you do on the track) while making know it you’ll be ordering a spare set of knee sure your hips are square, knee is to the inside and chin is over the inside fork tube. Your spine pucks! should be parallel to the axis of the motorcycle. Finally, take your hands off of the bars and then Until next time... Ride fast, ride safe. 112 | SPORTBIKESINCMAG.COM

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Improve your skills


AMERI C AN SUPERCAMP words: Michael Lawless Images: john light


Improve your skills: American Supercamp


e all know that rider:

“People got mad respect for his skills.” “When the road got tricky he was gone!” Who doesn’t want to ride with swagger? Why is it when we buy a new motorcycle the first thing we do is modify the bike? Maybe if we are honest we can admit that maybe the weakest link in that new chain is the rider. We run feature after feature on upgrading our skills. Reading about improving your riding skills is good but taking a riding school is better… Way better.    There are many great riding schools. Would you like to learn drag racing from Rickey Gadson?


How about road racing from Kevin Schwantz?  It was not that long ago that the choices were few.  Now we can get lessons from the legends of the sport... It’s amazing. Keep in mind that nothing this awesome is cheap. Furthermore, if you make a mistake at one of these schools the results can be  physically and financially painful.  Our editor likes to refer to me as “the voice of the every day rider.” Maybe I am the everyman. I have to be at work Mondays  because I have bills to pay Tuesday. I even shop at Walmart once and a while. Yes, I definitely want to sign up for that “one on one” with Rickey Gadson then be off to see Kevin Schwantz to round out my curriculum.  Those can be high ticket items. Until I can, I got to look

for value and a school were crashing is not a big deal. I want to learn how to deal with it when traction goes away. Skills I can even use when riding to work. It’s important to know who you are learning from. Learning from the same riding coach as Josh Hayes is what lead me to Danny Walker’s American Super Camp. Super Camp is a riding skills and balance improvement class. The camp is designed to force the rider to think about their actions and effects.  The class is held in an indoor arena riding Yamaha TT125’s on dirt. It’s a great chance to learn what a bike feels like when  it’s  out of control at a reasonable speed.  I signed up for a one day course for $300.00 which focuses on the fundamentals. Walker starts school  by going over how to hold the controls correctly, body position and the importance of looking where you want to go. Walker stresses that there is no one technique. That they are all just tools in your tool box. Danny Walker is a terrific teacher who keeps you laughing and learning. We started riding on an oval dirt track counterclockwise. I  followed my orders from Walker.  Feeling relaxed and going faster, I could see results immediately. After five minutes he had us switch directions running clockwise on the oval. I suddenly found myself struggling. I felt like I would crash at ever corner. I pulled over and SPORTBIKESINCMAG.COM | 119

Improve your skills: american supercamp

Chris Carr H

ow tough is Chris Carr? Danny Walker tells the tale that after pulling off a “too close� pass on Carr, that he returned the favor at the next corner hitting Walker so hard that he broke Walker's leg! Walker to this day jokingly tells people that he broke his leg riding a motorcycle and was hit by a Car(r)

Carr has retired from professional racing and is a motorcycle racing product distributor for Evans Cooling Products and Golden Tyres. Last year, my daughter Olive and I went to the flat track races in York, PA. While walking through the pits, I saw Carr standing on his truck looking at the track with a stare that could have burnt holes in steel. I whispered to my eight year old daughter that he was Chris Carr, seven times national champ and the man who held the land speed record on a motorcycle. Olive looks over and gives him a little wave. Much to my surprise the hard stare turned into a smile and Carr hopped down from the back of his truck to ask Olive what her name was and, noting how nice it was of her to take her dad to the races. Chris posed for a picture as they called for his race. Saying goodbye Carr bump started his thundering Harley Davidson XR750 racer to life. As he roared off, Olive look up to me and said "Dad that was so cool!" That made her day. Thanks Chris!

Olive and Chris.


asked Walker what  was I doing wrong... Body position! “You're leaning over the handlebars and putting you weight on the inside. Now get back out there!” said Walker. After a lap or two the confidence was back and I was going quicker but feeling more relaxed. For the first time in my life I was sliding a motorcycle sideways, relaxed and in control. I've had bikes get out of shape but it was always like "Oh shit!" Now I was doing it, calmly, lap after lap. I felt like the hunter and not the prey! American SuperCamp always has a "star" guest

instructor. You may have a Bostrom, Hayden or even Hayes working with you. Our class had seven time AMA Grand National Champ Chris Carr. Carr also raced AMA Superbike for the factory Harley Davidson team. Chris is great fun. He always reminds me of Bruce Willis’ John McClane from "Die Hard.” It was an honor to share the track with such a legendary, tough as nails professional racer.     The week after class, I noticed my friends were using a lot more throttle trying to keep up with me, riding in the concrete jungle. SuperCamp was worth every penny.


FRICTION ZONE: American supercamp

Danny Walker starts school by going over how to hold the controls correctly, body position and the importance of looking where you want to go. He stresses that there is no one technique. They are all just tools in your tool box. 122 | SPORTBIKESINCMAG.COM





+ D S 3 + AJXX8






decade ago, Chicago welcomed a new breed of athletes to their city. Michael Jordan Motorsports Team was ready to step up and become a top contender in the AMA Pro Road Racing Circuit. And they did just that. Now, celebrating their tenth year in the industry they have embarked in a whole new process of transformation and SBI went along for the ride. Starting with the collaboration of top design team, Design Star 3 out of Doylestown PA, the idea was to create a brand new look for MJM’s 2013 AMA Pro Racing Superbikes. This bike design had to be a purely organic idea, never even considered by others. Nathan of DS3 explains, “The idea is 90% 126 | SPORTBIKESINCMAG.COM

of the challenge. The rest is the easy part. You have to take a risk because there are no comparisons out there.” DS3 is at a level of their own, keeping stride with the most innovative processes and materials on the market. They are true pioneers of their trade. One of the recent concepts out there is paint wrapping. This innovative product allows for a quick transformation of color to virtually any vehicle, popular with Ferrari and Lamborghini owners, adding value and appeal to their already elusive automobile. This “paint wrap” is a vinyl material that remains elastic and malleable until placed. Direct

heat is then applied to seal, after which all air bubbles must be meticulously removed to avoid any separation. Staying true to their history of going above and beyond, MJM jumped on the chance to involve their 2013 Superbikes in this creative evolution. While most wraps are basic colors with options for matte or other finishes, this wasn’t enough. Jordan had to take it a step further. So he incorporated his new ground breaking sneaker, the AJXX8. Weighing in at a mere 13.5 ounces, standing 8 inches tall, this futuristic shoe is meant to resemble a Military combat boot. As if breaking history as

being “the lightest, most revolutionary Air Jordan yet” wasn’t sufficient, Jordan incorporated a new Flight Plate technology to allow for the most natural movement with the foot. The theme for the sneaker is Stealth, which couldn’t be more accurate due to its inconspicuous silhouette and its ability to walk into a room without making a sound. It subconsciously challenges you to “Dare to Fly.” When you’ve already conquered every other endeavor, why not attempt to defy gravity? This year, the team is sending #23 Danny Eslick SPORTBIKESINCMAG.COM | 127



and #54 Roger Lee Hayden out on the Pro National Guard GSX-R1000’s to compete in the AMA Pro Racing Superbike class. Each rider will be equipped with six to eight bikes of their own, giving DS3 quite a tall order. Once all details were finalized, Jordan’s digital poetry was ready to be put into motion. “Each panel takes 24 hours to completely cure before moving on to be laminated.” Nathan admits, “A big challenge was creating a seamless look with such a bold pattern.” The ability alone to manipulate such a foreign material into such intimate spaces is quite an impressive feat and DS3 completed the task with military precision. To say the guys at Design Star 3 love what they do is an understatement. Their passion oozes onto every canvas and no matter the medium, they are willing to open their minds to create an original product. “We try to keep everything that goes out of the shop top notch.”The design team for DS3 is a wide range of industry professionals, who have dedicated their lives to the development of brand marketing and the evolution of creative ideas. Once it came time for the final unveiling, there was no better place to do so then in the team’s birthplace of Chi Town. Atop the former Sears Tower’s sky deck, now Willis Tower, 103 stories high with glass above and below, it was time for the world to see what it looks like when genius minds unite.





Focused ON Fashion Words: Kiana Gadson IMAGES: Meekail shaheed


adies and gentleman, this is a public service announcement!

We gals no longer have to trade safety for fashion. In case you haven't been gear shopping in a while, because everything is bulky and unattractive, apparel companies are beginning to notice the many shapes and styles of ladies that ride.  Not to worry if you are a lady who loves it big and bulky. They still sell that. But if you are like me and you love to look hot while being safe or you sometimes trade safety for sexy, you won't have to do that any longer. I'm not just talking jackets. Available now are boots with wedges, gloves with leopard print, jackets and vests with back protection and buckles that fit at the waist and bust so they look sexy and right. Some boots are made with an inside lift that on the outside look like you are in flats but give your booty a lift like you are in heels. For the guys and gals who want a custom looking helmet but don't want to spend the money on the custom paint job... Surprise! You can just go buy a helmet off the rack. Plain, two color schemed helmets are out the door. Now there are a ton of new funky ass designs available. Do something different. There's something for all personalities. Something for the street in you, the sweet in you and everything in between. There are even jeans cut the way we love them, made with kevlar and reinforced at the booty and at the knee.  Don't like riding boots or just want something new? Riding sneakers are the new riding footwear. They have nonslip soles, laces that can't get caught, ankle reinforcement and toe protection that your average sneaker can't give you. Now that I've given you so many swaggalicious ideas on looking good and in style while you ride... Don't let me catch you on two’s this summer not being safe and looking sexy! 132 | SPORTBIKESINCMAG.COM

Dystany Spurlock looking amazing dipped in Speed and Strength apparel.



Image: Allan Lane Location: Circuit of the Americas


Leathers be like... “Just hanging around in between practice, qualifying and races...

#BIKELIFE” Follow sportbikes inc magazine on instagram!





Do you ever wonder what MUSIC your fellow riders are listening to when they are not on the bike? We do... So we decided to ask them.

Brice Cooper! What’s on your hit list? “Hospital Beds” from the Cold War Kids is a haunting piano tune with a killer under drum beat that tells an all to familiar story. “I’ve got one friend laying across from me. I did not choose him, he did not choose me...” Great after crash music! “What If I Knew” from Dinosaur Jr. is one of those great early 90’s jams that is simple in sentiment, yet complex in execution. That is the genius of this band. The New Pornographers’ “The Jessica Numbers” is in that “tune the world out and see the movie unfold” category. A true gem for sure. Next on the show, we have the weekly segment, Songs people get laid to...



Brice Cooper, AMA Pro Racing and Television Host





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RIDER// Ryan Hawco BIKE// 2009 Kawasaki ZX6R TATTOO ARTIST// Kristian MacEachern


RIDER// Kris Zamora BIKE// 2005 Suzuki GSXR 1000 TATTOO ARTIST// Nelson Arias

RIDER// Robyn “Stuntz” Diamond BIKE// 2006 Kawasaki 636 TATTOO ARTIST// Dan Tantillo


This life

the season

Words: TYson Beckford


o this is the season of the new riders... and the old. It’s also a time when we lose riders to the after world. The weather is getting warm and bikers, motorists and people tend not to think nor operate safely. We all have known someone who has died riding a motorcycle and those who don’t, then you’re lucky for now. Meaning you unfortunately will, when you least expect it. It’s part of life and it can’t be avoided. At least that’s the way it seems in the blue print of life. Can we really change destiny? Or can we prolong life? I really feel we can change it and we can prolong it if we use our brains and we stay alert when riding and if we avoid putting ourselves and others in clear danger. There are many parties, BBQ’s to attend, bike blessings and also bike nights. A great way to be active and alert is: “If you see something, say something!” Don’t be afraid to speak up to your friend or anyone you see that’s not being safe or who has had too much to drink or is too fatigued to ride. Even if they are not wearing the proper gear, say something. There might not be a next time because they or you won’t be here. Just food for thought. “Burn rubber not your soul.” 140 | SPORTBIKESINCMAG.COM


Connect with Tyson...

f you see something, say something!” Don’t be afraid to speak up to your friend or anyone you see that’s not being safe...


THE NEW ISH TWO BROTHERS RACING • HONDA CBR500R SLIP ON M2 EXHAUST SYSTEM Two Brothers Racing drops the M2 Slip On Exhaust System for the 2013 Honda CBR500R. Available in the Black and the all new Silver Series, aluminum or carbon fiber finishes, the M2 pipes for the CBR500R offers a boost in sound and horsepower. Price: $459.98 - $559.98 Contact:

C & S CUSTOM • HAYABUSA BLADE STYLE FOOTPEGS Keep your Busa game razor sharp with these front footpegs for the 1999 - 2010 Suzuki Hayabusa. Available in chrome, black anodized and polished. Sold as a set.

VOODOO MOTO • CLIP ON and BAR END KIT These CNC machined billet aluminum clip ons feature hinged collars that simplify installation and maintenance. Available in black or chrome and a fork size range 43mm to 53mm, each kit includes collars, handlebar tubes and bar ends. Price: $140.50 - $182.25 Contact:


Price: $95.00 - $125.00 Contact:

MOTION PRO • MINI SPRING HOOK TOOL For anyone that has experienced the agony of trying to set exhaust springs with a contraption that you Macgyver’d only to have the spring snap free from your grip... You’ll appreciate the Mini Spring Hook Tool from Motion Pro. There are a few other spring pullers out on the market but the Mini Spring Hook Tool’s compact design and ergonomic handle makes it a must have in the tool box. Price: $8.99 Contact:


Hybrid gloves are great for warm weather riding. The mesh top helps keep your hands cool while the leather reinforced palms give the protection needed in the event of an off. Vibrant colors with sublimated graphics that offer more life and durability than other gloves in their bracket. Color: Blue, Black, Red, Green Size: S - XXL Price: $39.95 Contact: http:/ BELL POWERSPORTS • STAR RACE DAY MATTE BLACK CARBON HELMET

The Bell Star line of helmets offer the highest level of quality and comfort from Bell. They’ve revised the head form to maximize comfort and fit giving you a stable aerodynamic helmet profile. Weighing in at 1500 grams, the Star features a three mode click release face shield, velocity flow ventilation and integrated speaker pockets in the pads. To top it off, it ships with a five year warranty. Sizes: XS - XXL Price: $649.95 Contact:


THE NEW ISH ALPINESTARS • STELLA GP PLUS LEATHER JACKET The Stella GP Plus Leather Jacket offers high end, quality protection for the ladies with its full grain leather construction and CE certified Bio Armor protectors in the elbows and shoulders. Comfort padding can be found in the chest and back regions with room to upgrade the Bionic Chest Pads and CE armor back protector. The Stella GP Plus also comes equipped with a snap in connection system for the Alpinestars CE level 2 certified Bionic Race Back Protector. Sizes: 38 - 50 (Euro) Colors: Black, Black/White Price: $399.95 Contact:

BURLY BRAND • CAFE TAIL SECTION If you are looking for a real cafe seat to complete the conversion of your Harley Davidson Sportster into a cafe racer styled machine... Look no further. Burly Brand’s Cafe Tail Section is designed to bolt on to the frame of the 1986 to 2003 Harley Sportster that opens up the rear section of the bike for a clean look. The seat features a gel insert for comfort. Available in two styles: partially covered with a paintable black gel coat and a full covered version. JOE ROCKET • HEARTBREAKER BOOT

Ladies that ride, who happen to be vertically challenge will surely appreciate the consideration that Joe Rocket has incorporated into their new Heartbreaker boot. The boot features a 2.5 wedge hidden inside which not only gives a boost in confidence but a better sense of stability when on the bike at stand stills. The Heartbreakers feature a perforated leather upper, reinforced shifter area and a padded leather shin guard for added protection. Sizes: 5 - 10 Price: $119.99 Contact: 144 | SPORTBIKESINCMAG.COM

Price: $499.95 Contact:

SPEEDYMOTO • HYPERSTRADA FRAME SLIDER KIT Speedymoto now offers a through the frame kit for the new Ducati Hyperstrada. Having a kit that replaces the engine mount bolt, essentially makes the kit part of the frame itself, offering strength and stability in the event of a crash. The kit consists of chromoly steel engine bolt and a pair of high density poly ethylene plastic slider pucks. Price: $149.95 Contact:

KNOX ARMOR • HANDROID BLACK GLOVES There’s protection and comfort... And then there is the Handroid series of race inspired gloves from Knox Armor. Originally released in various color ways, the Handroid series offered unparalleled protection from Knox Armor that feature the unique Boa Lacing that uses a “dial in” system and the exoskeleton that protects the knuckles and fingers. Knox has just released the Handroid Glove in a stylish and devilishly handsome black color option. Featuring palm, wrist and cuff sliders and durable kangaroo leather in the palm area, the Handroid gloves are simply in the top tier grouping when it comes to hand protection. PRO GRIPS • 717 CHROME ROAD GRIPS The Italian company has developed a method to create a metallic rubber and applied it to their 717 motorcycle grips. This gives their very popular road grips a very unique chrome look while maintaining the comfort that they have become known for. If you need that extra bit of gleam on your ride, get a set of these.

Size: XS - XXL Price: $249.95 Contact:

Colors: Silver, Red, Blue Price: $26.95 Contact: SPORTBIKESINCMAG.COM | 145

THE NEW ISH: Featured Item woodcraft cfm • bar end sliders These bar end sliders use the same side mount bolt design as Woodcraft’s frame sliders and fit all Woodcraft clip on bars as well as bars with 5/8” diameter. Unlike other bar end kits on the market, the plastic ends are replaceable so in the event of crash, you only have to replace the tip instead of the whole end. Taking the design up a level, the Woodcraft Bar End Sliders are available in three different options: unweighted, weighted and hand guard mount version that accommodates Woodcraft lever guard, saving you the trouble have having to buy extra long clip on bars. The weighted bar end sliders weigh 4.5 ounces, each and minimize vibrations that are often produced from lighter than stock after market clip ons. The Woodcraft Bar End Slider Kits are designed to offer another level of quality protection for your bikes without emptying your pockets. Price: $39.98 - $49.98 Contact: Join the SBI ONLINE COMMUNITY today!





Staff stuff Tissot • Limited Edition Nicky Hayden 2011 MotoGP T Race WATCH Leon Brittain

Whats not to love about this watch? Beyond from being encased in a special commemorative scaled replica helmet with flip lid and visor, beyond it’s large bold numbering and bright red silicone band, this is a very functional stylish high quality watch from world class watch maker TISSOT. Featuring stainless steel with black PVD coating, rotating bezel, sapphire crystal and the precision of Swiss quartz movement I almost hate taking it out of its case. Whether at the track or feeling Billy Dee sophisticated, this is one watch piece I’m proud to rock. Rating: 6 (out of 6)

D.I.D. Racing Chain • PRO STREET GOLD X-Ring VX Chain Allan Lane

I generally make it a serious practice of keeping my chain well lubricated to extend the life of my chain. What I really am fond of with X-Ring VX Chain Series from D.I.D. is that the X-Ring tech actually keeps the lubrication contained inbetween the chain plates and reduces friction. Unlike O-Rings that can get squashed between the plates, the X-Ring twists and spreads the pressure. This maintains power and chain life. Rating: 6 (out of 6)




Image: Allan Lane Location: Circuit of the Americas

SportBikes Inc Magazine May 2013 (Volume 3, Issue 8)  

SportBikes Inc Magazine May 2013 (Volume 3, Issue 8)