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iding for me is not just all about having the fastest bike or adding parts to make my bike personalized just for me. I ride for a reason. I ride for me. Riding for me is one of few things that actually allow me to relax and be free. It gives me a sense of security. It allows me to express myself, whether its riding down a drag strip at 130mph or just going for a cruise in my hometown with some friends. Being a drag racer, of course I like to twist the throttle a little more than a causal rider, but riding responsible is always my focus when I am on the street. Riding for a cause, riding in charity events is the next biggest reason I ride. One of my biggest passions is being able to give back to others. The fact that I can ride for a cause or be apart of a charity event makes me super excited. I don’t think there is a better feeling than being able to give back to the community, the people within the communities, and raising awareness. Sometimes, the awareness is strictly to let others know that motorcycles are just as important on the road as other vehicles. Last year I got the opportunity to ride with my uncle Rickey and Aunt Ki in their Pediatrics Diabetes Ride at Myrtle Beach Bike week. That was the most exciting part of the entire trip. Seeing the huge turn out of bikers from all over the United States that came out to support was truly an powerful moment. Riding for a cause allows me to inspire others just to become apart of the two wheel family. Being a female in a male dominated arena, I love hearing from other female riders or even seeing them on their bikes. Females are just as capable as men are at doing things and I am always open to any type of female empowerment. So when I’m in the staging lanes getting ready to go down the track or just out on the street going for a cruise, I’m always riding for a reason. To all the riders and future riders just remember when you are out on the highways, backroads, twisties or just cruising your hometown streets, ride smart, ride responsible, but most of all ride for a cause. Be blessed!


SportBikes Inc Magazine April 2014  

SportBikes Inc Magazine April 2014