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March 4, 2012

PHASE 3 Now Available! The River Run Development is located just 2 1/2 miles west of downtown Spokane & is nestled on the banks of the Spokane River & offers:



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Open en W Weekends eekkend ds - Noon To 4pm • River frontage & secondary home sites available with views of the river & downtown. • Every home site has easy access to the natural hiking trails that run along the river. • Desirable schools; Hutton, Sacajawea, & Lewis & Clark. • Close proximity to Riverside State Park, Centennial Trail & 3 of the areas best golf courses. • Prices begin in the low $300’s & top out at over $1 million.

Jim Powers Managing Broker t

509-321-1100 For virtual tours visit

WA+6%40/(-&/7"//0:  -*$ TOMMY RAY "44*5&3"6$-*$53"7*4 #3*54$)3&-*$%#8*--*".48*--*".43&-*$$0#6:&3413&.*6..":"11-:

Directions from downtown Spokane: Head west on 2nd Ave or Riverside Ave, turn right on Government Way & follow to the River Run entrance. Second entrance across/ south of SFCC campus.


Sponsored by the Washington State Housing Finance Commission 1 Presented by Guild Mortgage Company, Spokane Valley is located just 2 /2 WHO SHOULD ATTEND: ✒ First Time Buyers ✒ New Spokane Residents ✒ Renters Ready to Invest in their OWN Dream ✒ Those ready to move up to a larger home or those ready to downsize ✒ YOU!

miles west of downtown

✒ Saving and Planning ✒ Title Insurance Spokane & is nestled on ✒ Current Housing Market ✒ Types of Financing the banks of the Spokane ✒ Down Payment Assistance Programs River & offers: ✒ How to negotiate and buy a HUD home ✒ How to Buy and Rehab a home all in one loan with as little as 1% down ✒ Everything you need to know about obtaining a mortgage and buying a home!

Open en W Weekends eekkend ds - Noon To 4pm

LEARN FROM THE EXPERTS ABOUT: ✒ Tax Benefits ✒ Home Inspection

• River frontage & secondary home sites available with views of the river & downtown. Laura Wells, CMPS NMLS #330328 • Every home site has easyMortgage access to the natural hiking trails Certified Planner (509) 279-2320 Ext. 25 – Direct that run along the river. 714-9411 – Cell & Lewis & Clark. • Desirable schools;(509) Hutton, Sacajawea, 290-1604 – Secure • Close proximity to(877) Riverside State Park,E-Fax Centennial Trail & 3 of the areas golf courses. • Prices begin in low $300’s & top out at over $1 million.


CONTACT US TODAY FOR A COMPLETE LIST OF CLASS SCHEDULES downtown AND TO RESERVEDirections YOURfrom SEAT! Spokane: Head west on 2nd (509) 279-2320 EXT. 25 Ave or Riverside Ave, turn right Managing Broker

Jim Powers

Laura Anne Wells-Svedberg WA/OR-MLO-330328 / ID-MLO-12775 / Guild Mortgage NMLS # 3274 / Branchon NMLSGovernment # 341940 Way & follow The material provided is for informational purposes only and should not be construed as investment and/or mortgage advice or a commitment to lend. Although the material is deemed to be accurate and the River Run reliable, there is no guarantee of its accuracy. Subject to change without notice, all loans are subjectto to underwriter approval. Termsentrance. and conditions apply. An Equal Housing Lender, Guild Mortgage Company, Spokane Valley Branch, 12209 E. Mission Ave., Suite 7, Spokane Valley, WA 99206, Š Copyright 2011 Guild Mortgage Company. Second entrance across/ DISCLAIMER: The sponsorship by the Commission of a homebuyer education seminar does not endorse a person,of businness practice, product or service other than those of the Commision. south SFCC campus.


For virtual tours visit




No place like a home


am frequently asked how home sales are going in this recession and to predict what will happen to our Marilyn Amato, local economy President Spokane Association of REALTORSŽ this year. To that, I respond, “the good news is the bad news is ending.� Research collected through the Spokane Association of REALTORSŽ shows January closed sales are up 11.4% compared to a year ago. This is the seventh consecutive month in which sales are up compared to a year ago. Inventory is up 8.1% compared to a year ago. We are seeing the highest number of closed sales in January since 2008. Some statistics for our local housing market continue to be disappointing, however. Closed sales on new home construction,


for example, are down 35.5% compared to a year ago. Whenever I begin a conversation with someone on these statistics, I am quick to add there is a deeper metric that ought to be considered and that is value. While a home may be worth less – on paper – than it was a few years ago, there is no less value in that property. Put another way, the walls are no thinner, the yard is no smaller, the roof no closer to the ground than when you bought it. Your home continues to provide value to you and your family. It is important, during times of recession and otherwise, to keep up with maintenance and care so that your home maintains its value. That way, when the time is right for you to sell it, its worth on paper will be as high as the market allows. What does 2012 hold for our regional economy? Eastern Washington University’s Dr. Grant

Forsyth – a rare, plain-speaking economist – knows our region’s vital signs better than most. His research shows we have seen neither income growth nor job growth here since 2007 – that’s five years and counting. He predicts income growth of 0.5% this year and describes that as “icky-bad.� He predicts the same figure for employment growth and describes that as “icky-ickybad.� Notice, though, that the numbers are no longer falling – the bad news is beginning to end. Unfortunately, existing home prices, he predicts, will drop another 8-10% this year. Quoting Dr. Forsyth again, “equity, we hardly knew ye.� This newspaper, last week,

began a series of articles on the road ahead. It is finding that many things have changed permanently as a result of the Great Recession – some for the worse, some for the better. The world in our rear-view mirror will continue to grow smaller behind us. I tell our members that we ought not to pause our lives and wait for things to get back to the way they were. I tell you the same thing. It is much more productive to live our lives for the way things are. As a homebuyer, that means taking advantage of record-low interest rates and some amazing values right now. Unchanged, before and after this recession, is the simple fact that there is no place like a home.

Page H2 l Sunday l March 4, 2012

Call 456-Sell (7355) or 800-338-8801 More info at

‘Green’ your home well beyond St. Patrick’s Day


n March, many Americans celebrate St. Patrick’s Day by attending parties, wearing green clothing, Joel White, and even Executive Officer bedecking Spokane Home Builders Association their homes with green shamrock adorned decorations. With nearly 37 million Americans claiming Irish ancestry (according to Ancestry. com), that’s no surprise. But what may surprise you are the many ways that you can “greenâ€? your home that will last well beyond March 17, and save you money on utility bills year-round. Here are a few recommendations to home owners who want to increase their home’s efficiency, decrease costs, and take advantage of the other benefits of “greeningâ€? your home. • Add insulation Adding insulation will help save energy costs, increase comfort by better controlling temperature, and improve indoor air quality by eliminating many gaps through which dirt, dust, and other impurities can enter. Insulation is rated by its ability to resist heat flow, known as the “R-value.â€? The higher the R-value, the better its ability to resist heat flow. • Install high-efficiency windows Ordinary window glass transmits ultraviolet heat rays from the sun into your home. ENERGY STAR-rated windows can help control this. These windows

The Spokesman-Review


may have two or more panes of glass, warm-edge spacers between the panes, improved framing materials, and microscopically thin metal or metallic oxide layers deposited on windows to reduce radiative heat flow. • Seal exterior penetrations Inspect your home from the

ENERGY STAR -rated appliances, ranging from dishwashers and refrigerators to computers and televisions, meet strict energy efficiency guidelines. Qualified refrigerators, dishwashers and vent fans use ten to 50 percent less energy and water than standard models, more than making up for the slightly higher costs of these products. • Install low-flow water plumbing fixtures In the average home, flushing toilets accounts for around 30 percent of water usage. By using low-flow plumbing fixtures such as toilets, faucet aerators and showerheads, you can save up to 25 percent of that water compared to conventional fixtures. • Install a highefficiency HVAC system High-efficiency ENERGY STAR HVAC equipment can reduce utilities costs on average by ten to 30 percent over minimum efficiency equipment. It also can improve home comfort with more heating and cooling and a quieter operation. Metro Not only will these actions help you enjoy your home more during the time inside and outside and plug you live in it, it will make it more cracks or openings in order to attractive to potential buyers when reduce cold air drafts and heat you decide to sell. According loss, especially the areas where to research by the National window frames meet the structure Association of Home Builders, or siding of the house. Use 72 percent of consumers report caulking to seal all small cracks on energy efficient features in a home non-moving surfaces and install would influence their purchase weather stripping on windows, decision. doors and other movable parts of For more information on green the home. building and remodeling, contact • Replace your appliances the Spokane Home Builders with ENERGY STAR-rated ones Association at


to Renting What a first-time renter should know By Joy Peck, Executive Director Landlord Association of the Inland NW


he Landlord Association gets calls on a regular basis from people who are going to be renters for the first time and who have lots of questions. Similarly, those who have been homeowners for decades and are now moving into rental property ask for a refresher crash course. There are some fundamentals that are important for first-time renters that landlords and experienced tenants agree on. Before beginning to look for that perfect place, decide whether you prefer to rent an apartment, duplex, or a house. And think about whether you want to rent from an apartment complex, a small landlord or a property management company, or whether that matters to you at all. While renting a small apartment might be affordable to you alone or with just one roommate, renting a house can mean sharing the costs, (and cleaning, yard work, and minor chores) with several roommates. And choosing compatible roommates will be an extremely important matter. For the first foray into the rental world, find your roommates prior to even looking for a place to share. Find roommates with adequate income and be firm about sharing all pertinent financial information, social expectations, work/school schedules, and general interests. Does he like to practice the guitar in the evenings or have an aversion to sharing the housework? Article is continued online at “Keys to Rentingâ€? content is for informational purposes only and not meant as a substitute for legal advice. If you have legal questions, contact your legal advisor or an attorney experienced in Real Estate law, Landlord law or Property Management Law. For full answer please go to Landlord Association of the Inland NW 3 S. Washington Street, Spokane, WA 99201 • 509-535-1018



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John Q. White, Broker Celebrating 10 Years of Exceptional Service

Contact John at:

(509) 994-1023 John has been serving Spokanearea families with buying & selling real estate for the past 10 years. He prides himself on a strict work habit, excellent communication skills and the ability to navigate his clients through the buying & selling process. John is a retired Air Force veteran, is married and has five grown daughters and two grandchildren.

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$995 $995 $995 $995

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(A) 4121 Camino Del Rio South, San Diego, CA 92108, NMLS#2890,

20% 20% 20% 20%

3.674 3.568 2.962 2.876


LENDERS, TO APPEAR IN THIS FEATURE CALL BANKRATE.COM @ 800-509-4636 MORTGAGE RATES & INFORMATION AVAILABLE @ Legend: The rate and annual percentage rate (APR) are effective as of 2/29/12. Š 2012 Bankrate, Inc. The APR may increase after consummation and may vary. Payments do not include amounts for taxes and insurance. The fees set forth for each advertisement above may be charged to open the plan (A) Mortgage Banker, (B) Mortgage Broker, (C) Bank, (D) S & L, (E) Credit Union, (BA) indicates Licensed Mortgage Banker, NYS Banking Dept., (BR) indicates Registered Mortgage Broker, NYS Banking Dept., (loans arranged through third parties). “Call for Ratesâ€? means actual rates were not available at press time. All rates are quoted on a minimum FICO score of 700. Conventional loans are based on loan amounts of $165,000. Jumbo loans are based on loan amounts of $435,000. Points quoted include discount and/or origination. Lock Days: 30-60. Annual percentage rates (APRs) are based on fully indexed rates for adjustable rate mortgages (ARMs). The APR on your specific loan may differ from the sample used. Fees reflect charges relative to the APR. If your down payment is less than 20% of the home’s value, you will be subject to private mortgage insurance, or PMI. Bankrate, Inc. does not guarantee the accuracy of the information appearing above or the availability of rates and fees in this table. All rates, fees and other information are subject to change without notice. Bankrate, Inc. does not own any financial institutions. Some or all of the companies appearing in this table pay a fee to appear in this table. If you are seeking a mortgage in excess of $417,000, recent legislation may enable lenders in certain locations to provide rates that are different from those shown in the table above. Sample Repayment Terms – ex. 360 monthly payments of $5.29 per $1,000 borrowed ex. 180 monthly payments of $7.56 per $1,000 borrowed. We recommend that you contact your lender directly to determine what rates may be available to you. TO APPEAR IN THIS TABLE, CALL 800-509-4636. TO REPORT ANY INACCURACIES, CALL 888-509-4636. sHTTPSPOKESMANREVIEWINTERESTCOM

Plan of the Week


Photo is Similar This featured home is situated in River Run and located at 1006 N. Inland with beautiful views of downtown and the Spokane River. This daylight rancher has 3200 SF, finished basement and a 3-car garage. The main floor features a large master suite with walk-in-shower, walk-in-closet, soaking tub and granite countertop. The laundry room is conveniently located next to the master closet. The large kitchen offers granite countertops, pantry, double ovens, and hardwood floors. The vaulted great room showcases a stone fireplace with built-in cabinets and hardwood flooring. Main floor also features a 2nd bedroom/office, bathroom with granite countertop and tile floor. Daylight basement is finished with 2 large bedrooms, bathroom, and large family room. This home built by Dave Largent Homes, Inc. is offered at $360,000 and will be open today from 12-4. Contact Dave Largent 999-9794 or Jim Powers 993-7877 with any questions. Directions from Downtown: Take 2nd or Riverside Avenue west, right on Government Way and follow until you see the River Run entrance sign on the right. 2nd entrance located just west of SFCC on W. Fort George Wright Dr.

Join the biggest 2-day housing event in the world – and it started right here in Washington State! Spokane Association of REALTORSŽ

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3.625 3.500 2.875 2.750

HOUSE APRIL 28-29, 2012

Check rates daily at Rate






OPEN HOUSE 1-4 FIVE MILE HEIGHTS North on 5 Mile Rd. to Alberta TR on Kammi. City water and sewer. Large lots, Mead Schools. NEW HOMES 7501 N. Cochran Ct. $350,000 7813 N. Rye Ct. $307,500 EXISTING HOMES 7714 N. Quamish $399,900 Built 2010 better than new! Kelly Stewart, 993-4425. OPEN HOUSE 1-4 FIVE MILE SOUTH 55+ 2017 W. CADEN LN Must see this custom award-winning design with fabulous views! Top quality by Marsh, perfect for empty-nester w/ 2 huge br, 2 ½ bths, almost 3000 fin sf + 4 car garage. Fully lndscpd, gas heat & fp, AC, 2 cov’d patios & more! $399,000 Kelly Stewart, 993-4425 OPEN HOUSE 1-4 PARK PLACE Beautiful area adjacent to Riverside St Prk in NW Spokane. Homes from $295,000. From Francis & Assembly go West 1/4 mile, turn left at Zip Trip on Royal Drive then right on Francis. 6002 N Bridget, rancher $318,500 Alan Plese, 953-7330. OPEN HOUSE 11-1 16 E. FALCON AVE. Brentwood neighborhood condo, rancher style, 3 bdrm/3 bth. Over 2,400 fin sf, lrg rms, open flr pln, hdwds, mn fl ultilties. Very Quiet, private. Finished bsmt, $214,900 Kim McCracken 435-3124 OPEN HOUSE 1-4 18209 N. COLTON Brand new daylite rancher on culde-sac lot. 4 BD, 3 BA, gas fplc, 3 car gar. N on Hatch to Handy. E to Colton. N to Home. $244,900. Steve Drennon 570-8346. SOUTH RIDGE CUSTOM Completely remodeled 2-stry w/almost 4000 sf, 4br, 3.5ba, granite kit open to huge fam rm with beamed ceiling, frplc & blt-ins, sunken living rm w/frplc, awesome master suite, huge laundry on br level, patio & b-ful pool, fncd yrd, 3car gar all on .37ac lot! $389,900 Call Vic Plese 217-7889 SUNDANCE HILLS Custom built one owner home with a view. Daylight rancher, 4,200 sq ft fin, 6 bdrm, 4 bth, gourmet kit opens to great room, excellent cond. Priced to sell $329,900. Phil Konynenbelt, 991-7445. INCREDIBLE 2 STORY Medical Lake home finished from top to bottom. 3 or 4 bdrms, 3 baths, updated kitchen, formal dining and great room. Laminated hdwd flrs throughout main floor. Large deck and stone entrainment wall and waterfall. $219,900. Gregg Patterson 468-2622. JUST LISTED 4 br/2 bth on 10 ac, 4 car gar/shop. Fenced w/2 stall horse barn. 10 min SW of downtown. $239,900. 8306 W. Jensen Rd. Kim McCracken 435-3124. LOCATION X 3 Convenient South Hill home on corner lot a few blks to Rocket Bakery and Huckleberry’s. 3br, 2bth, completely updated including kitchen, baths, hrdwd flrs, tile, appliances, paint, high-eff gas furn, central AC, huge deck, sprinklers, and fncd yrd. Att 25X30 gar w/opener. $199,900. Call Vic Plese 217-7889. PLESE REALTY, LLC 489-2323

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Fmarket trends & neighborhood data Freal estate community, Q & A F”heat maps” that highlight neighborhoods by average home prices Freal estate “guides” with info on number of homes available, median sales prices per square foot and crime stats Fprevious sales prices of homes, bank-owned listings, auctions and more Trulia is the latest of several recent additions to Home buyers searching can now also find feature stories on home improvement, advice from local lenders, realtors, home stagers and other professionals and a local real estate events calendar.


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OPEN HOUSE GREENSTONE HOMES OPEN HOUSE- SAT & SUN 12-3: NEW Homes at Bidwell Park just across from the Aquatic Center, Mead Schools. Several 3 & 4 bdrm floor plans available, starting at $175,990. 610 E Colbert Rd (model). Call Teresa Jaynes 714-5284 FREDDIE MAC FORECLOSURES NORTHEAST: 1644 E. Rich Ave, $89,900 903 W. Weile Ave, $106,530 *1623 W. Cleveland Ave, $65,900 * DAVENPORT: 41180 Gopher, $199,900 VALLEY: 11520 E. Valleyway Ave, $159,900 GREENACRES: Reduced! 18617 E. Lindsay Ln, $179,900 Call Benji 990-9221, Brad 599-1917 or Bev 990-1809. CHENEY REALTY, INC. 235-6191


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R ONLY $5.00 PER WEEK R CALL YOUR ACCOUNT EXECUTIVE FOR DETAILS 455-8600 or 924-4200 9709 E. Crossbows Ct. $179,500 Open TODAY 1-3! 1-owner, great n’hood, great condition, please drop by! Joe Mann #951-8367 6181 Khloe Ct. $289,900 Open TODAY 1:30-4:00 Doug Juliano #342-0406 5819 W. Parkwest $225,000 Open TODAY 1-3. Fab & clean 4BD/2BA 3600sf home w/lots of amenities & gas fp! Mark Rhoads #413-9766 Bank Repos From $40,000 Tamarack Realty 509-999-6354



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March 4, 2012 l Sunday l Page H3


OPEN 1 TO 4 PM 3009 W. PRAIRIE BREEZE Follow N. Five Mile Rd from Waikiki to this exceptional NEW CONDRON HOME. Big 2 story with over 2100 Sq. ft. 3 bdrm 2 ½ bath. Huge bedrooms, Luxury master suite w/walk-in closet and full bath, Jack & Jill bath w/ separate vanities service addl bdrms. Granite kitchen adjoins family rm, formal living & dining, covered country porch plus 3-car garage @ $219,950. See w/Sandi Blake 993-7894. KESTELL CO. OPEN 12-4. 1315 W. CHELAN. 5BR/2BA Cape Cod. Updates include furnace, H20 htr, windows, siding. Basement fin. in 2010 w/2-spacious egress bedrooms, gorgeous 3/4 bath w/granite counters, slate flooring. Kitchen features Huntwood cabinets. Only $130,000 & it’s a Beauty! Elizabeth 389-6380, KESTELL CO. 2433 N Stevens St. $165,000 5br 2ba 3,128 sf. Historic Corbin Park home, family rm, deck, 2 car gar, fncd yd, den, cntr a/c, fpl, mstr ste, sprkr syst, strg, part fin bsmnt, wd flrs, hot tub, din rm, great landscaping,daylight bsmnt, eat-in kit & FA gas. Call (509) 294-2316. CLASSIC VICTORIAN! Updated 3BR/2BA 1 ½ story home w/lrg country kitchen, remodeled baths w/tile flrs. Gas ht, mn flr laundry, fenced yrds, RV prkng w/alley access. $137,500 - Call Dave Holmes 979-2002, KESTELL CO. OPEN 1-3 PM. 4911 W. PRINCETON 3BR/1BA, hardwood flrs, new furniture, kitchen & bathrm, 2-frplcs & open flr plan. $144,900! Call Jay 868-1689, KESTELL CO. 1103 W. Garland - Brick Tri-plex in the heart of Garland District! 2-2BR/1-1BR, carports, courtyard area. Amazing find! Tim 999-3988, KESTELL CO. Too Cute 2 bd, full bsmt, great Audubon area, updated & sure beats rent! $110,000 3308 W Garland Tammy 509-922-7807 HOMES 4 YOU Your SOURCE for Repos & HUD Homes! (509) 499-0883 Exit OPEN HOUSE SUN 12-3 5928 N. Ash Realtors Welcome (509) 327-1437 WOW! 1248sf 3bd 2ba. Deck. $100K FHA. Realty West, 509-370-0221


1214 W. 20th (12-2:30) $259,900 NEWLY LISTED Comstock Pk 4br, 2bth, formal liv & din rm. K Pate 701-0998. 922 E. Blackhawk Dr (12-2) $289,900 Stunning 3br, 3bth rancher w/open flr plan! K Hunt 994-1581. 102 W. Moran View Ave (12-3) $268,000 Great loc! Like new 4br, 3bth. Dist 81. C Jindrich 220-4940. NEW CONSTRUCTION $294,990 12812 W. 4th (11-4) $144,678 5512 S. Oakridge Dr. (11-5) 3br/2ba Rnchr across from city park. S Windhorst 879-0223

8617 N.Weipert (1-3)

Great 2-story! 4br, 3bth, 3car gar. K Beznaiguia 443-2222.

$170,000 310 W 33rd (1-4)

3br 2ba, great n’hd, Mead schools. L. Lembeck 509-220-7482

5220 N Mayhew Rd. (12-4)

$175,500 2302 W Carolina (1-3)

3br/2.5bth, open great rm 2-story. T Windhorst 216-2090

12806 W 4th (11-4)


3br/2ba+ bonus rm at The Traditions. S Windhorst 879-0223

12718 W. 6th (11-4)


Remodeled Brick Rancher near Comstock Park. R Wells 979-7400


Viking Grt rm plan. 3br/3bth. S Windhorst 879-0223


Excellent loc.5bdrm/3bath, built 2005 S. Ehrhardt 993-8835

5514 S Custer Rd (1-4)


3400 sq ft Rancher on Browne's Mtn. C Wells 220-0444

444 W 21st Ave (1-3)


4br, 3bth updated vintage! Marilyn Dhaenens 509-385-9090

5713 S. Ravencrest Dr (11-5)

3br, 2bth, open floor plan. 2car gar. Pam Novell 443-2222.


39 E 17th St (1-3)

12802 W. 4th (11-4)


Manito Park, luxurious craftsman rnchr. J Farrow 994-3763

Windsor. Incentives for upgrades. S Windhorst 879-0223

1224 W.Taylor (1-3)

5911 S. Amberstone Ct (11-5)


10+ acres. 4br, 3bth, shop, horse setup. M Mongan 294-3715.

$329,000 $649,000

Cul-de-sac! 4br, 2.5bth 2story. 3car gar. J Lister 216-2222.

VALLEY LIBERTY LAKE 13015 E Desmet (2-4) $128,500 1418 Liberty Dr. (1-3) $159,900 1200sf Rnchr wood flrs 4bd/1ba shop/grg. A Malone 768-3687 Beach access 2BD/2BA. One level liv. S Bartel 999-4935

1660 N Mame (12-3)


Luxury twnhse, 3br/3bth, 2 car. Mission+Holl. M Shiley 370-1234

NORTH 12124 N Myrtle St (1-3)

1017 N Locust (11-1)


5db/2ba. Inlaw setup. AC, sprnklr 3/4ac. wd flrs. A Malone 768-3687

10410 E Sinto Ave. (12-2) $89,900


5br/2bth tri-level, vlted ceils, big wndows. T McLaughlin 701-7882

Dbl lot, 2br, 980sf, spr sys, garage. F McDonald 844-3286

2717 S Sunnybrook (3-5)

37 E Regina Ave (1-3)


Rancher, 55+ community, gated, fenced. T McLaughlin 701-7882

Mead schls, convenient to Wandermere Plaza. K Garceau 868-1761

2326 S Balfour Blvd (12-3)

1210 W Valewood Ct (1-4)


4br/2ba, 0.82 acre, fenced lot, 3 fplcs. L Sweeney 990-2528

1407 Sawgrass Ln (1-4)


Cul-de-Sac 3260 SQ Rancher in Fairwood Park. C Wells 768-7400 3br/2bth new hm on golf course, mtn views! B ODea 714-3814

SOUTH 707 W 6th #32 (1-3)


2807 E 62nd Ave (1-3)


Updated 2br/2bth dwntwn condo w/ views. J Speck 599-4624

$169,900 $174,900

8516 E Columbia Dr (12-3)


One Owner-Updated to Perfection 3400 SF. M Buck 570-4100

WEST 5514 W 57th (1-4)


Gorgeous rnchr, 20 acres, custom built. L Barrett 599-7870 Backed by the strength of more than

Gated comm, skylight, open, fplc, 2car gar. K Nell 951-5052

300 offices throughout the West.

908 W. 20th (12-2:30)


28420 N Cottonwood (1:30-3:30)


1733 E. Southeast Blvd (1-3)


21705 N Meadow View Ct (11-1)


Comstock Park. Amazing old world charm! Kathi Pate 701-0998. 4br/3bth, 3ac, fenced, open layout. S Kiewert 499-5668

Charming brick 3br, 2bth, 3car gar. Tom Neupert 994-2487.

Spacious 4br/3bth, 2car gar, 2+ac, sauna. S Kiewert 499-5668

Windermere Real Estate/City Group, LLC 509/323-2323 Windermere Real Estate/Cornerstone


Windermere/Manito, LLC


Windermere North Spokane LLC


Windermere Real Estate/Valley, Inc. (Liberty Lake)


Windermere Real Estate/Valley, Inc.


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ARGONNE - 9621 E. Empire, 1/2 acre with fixer, $85,000. Bev 990-1809 CHENEY REALTY, INC. 235-6191

FOR SALE, SOUTH HILL 107 HOMES OPEN 1-3 - 5204 S. Dearborn WOW! Spectacular Glennaire Home Completely remodeled. 3+ BR, 3 BA, 2 car, oversized lot, marble floor entry, cherrywood hardwood flrs, granite countertops, kitchen & bath, marble frpl, raised deck, main flr util, daylite bsmt/ fam rm, office, a must see for the most demanding buyer. $275,000. Call Jim Parker, 994-9299 EXL Realty.

To place YOUR ad call 456-7355

Open Today 1p-4p. Come tour this darling home at 218 E Courtland! 3 Bedrooms w/ fenced backyard. Updates throughout! $104,900. Call JoAnn Zyph at 951-8242. John L Scott.

Open Today Noon to 3pm. Come tour this charming bungalow at 3019 S Tekoa! 5 bdrms, 3 baths, fnshd bsmnt & fencd bkyrd. Kirk Lightfield 710-6219. John L Scott.





OWNER FINANCING AVAILABLE 2311 S Scenic Blvd New construction, Finished 4300 SF, finished basement, granite counter tops, central a/c, gas forced air, daylight basement, 3 car garage, deck, landscaped. Lease option available. 390,000 (509) 922-2044 CONDO/ PUD LOOKING FOR PERFECTION? This 4 BR, 4 BA, 2 car gar, 3000+ sq ft.serene environment is your new home. $255,000. Call Jim Parker - 994-9299 EXL Rlty SPOTLESS S.HILL CONDO Near St. John’s Cathedral, this 2BR/2BA features a total update including all new appl, kitchen, baths & underground parking for $118,500. Call Pat 990-1004, KESTELL CO. 703 E. 37th - S.Hill 2+BR/1BA, 1-car garage, fenced, vinyl everything, new furnace, updated everywhere. $117,500! Tim 999-3988, KESTELL CO.


FOR SALE, SOUTH HILL 107 HOMES $97,500 CONDO. Cliff Park completely remod, 2 br, 1 ba, vista views. Can come fully furnished. Call Jim 994-9299 EXL Rlty

FOR SALE, WEST 111 HOMES OPEN 12 TO 4 PM 10029 W. 10TH Follow signs from 12th and Hayford Rd to this exciting new Condron Great Room Rancher. 1800 Sq. ft. 3 bdrm/ 2 bath w/granite kitchen, oversize garage, front landscaping, cov’d patio and huge bonus room ideal for guest suite or theater room! Pick colors now priced at only $179,950 FHA or VA OK!! See w/Andy Kerr 499-1625, KESTELL CO. 1-3pm at 518 W Bolan, Lexington Homes. 6bdrm, 4bth for $420,000 Brynn Wilson, 994-5505 Exit RE


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NORTHEAST - 103 1-3 1-2 12-3 12-3 12-3 12-3 12-3 1-4 12-3 1-3 12-2 11-1 1:30-3:30

Single Family Single Family Single Family Single Family Single Family Single Family Single Family Single Family Single Family Single Family Single Family Single Family Single Family

14911 N Peone Pines 1018 E Garland Ave 507 E Parker Dr 913 Bonnie Lynn 810 E Colbert Rd 811 E Colbert Rd 816 E Colbert Rd 218 E Courtland 3019 S Tekoa 12124 N Myrtle 922 E Blackhawk Dr 21705 N Meadow View 28420 N Cottonwood

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$228,000 $99,900 $199,900 $224,900 $219,990 $193,990 $241,990 $104,900 $200,000 $89,900 $289,900 $240,000 $215,000

Coldwell Banker Tomlinson Coldwell Banker Tomlinson Coldwell Banker Tomlinson Coldwell Banker Tomlinson Coldwell Banker Tomlinson Coldwell Banker Tomlinson Coldwell Banker Tomlinson John L. Scott Real Estate John L. Scott Real Estate Windermere Real Estate Windermere Real Estate Windermere Real Estate Windermere Real Estate

Joni Adkins (509)466-1234 Lisa Ross (509)953-3521 M.Nordhagen (509)994-0303 Ron Forsberg (509)979-3135 Teresa Jaynes (509)714-5284 Teresa Jaynes (509)714-5284 Teresa Jaynes (509)714-5284 JoAnn Zyph (509)951-8242 Kirk Lightfield (509)710-6219 Floyd McDonald (509)844-3286 Kelly Hunt (509)994-1581 Sean Kiewert (509)499-5668 Sean Kiewert (509)499-5668

12-5 1-4 1:30-4 1-3 1-4 12-3 1-4 1-4 1:30-4 1-3 12-4 1-3 1-4 1-4 1-4 1-4 1-4 1-4 11-1 1-4 12-3 1-4 1-4 1-3 1-3 12-3

Single Family Single Family Single Family Single Family Single Family Single Family Single Family Single Family Single Family Single Family Single Family Single Family New Homes New Homes Single Family New Homes New Homes New Homes Condominium Single Family Single Family Single Family Single Family Single Family Single Family Single Family

3014 W Prairie Breeze 2245 N Hemlock 10605 N Quincy Ct 2118 W Montgomery 3406 W Holyoke Ave 6287 Kristen Ct 6416 N Howard 3231 W Boone 703 6181 Khloe Ct 5819 W Parkwest 1315 W Chelan Ave 4911 W Princeton 3009 W Prairie Breeze 6002 N Bridget 7714 N Quamish 2017 W Caden Ln 7501 N Cochran Ct 7813 N Rye Ct 16 E Falcon 18209 N Colton 8425 N Pine Meadows 1407 Sawgrass Ln 1210 W Valewood Ct 8617 N Weipert 2302 W Carolina 5928 N Ash St

4 3 5 2 4 3 3 2 4 4 5 3 3 3 5 2 5 N/A 3 4 3 3 4 3 5 4

3 2.5 4 1 2 2 1 N/A 3 3 2 1 3 3 3 2.5 3 N/A 3 3 3 2 3 2 3 1

$205,000 $315,000 $310,999 $100,000 $156,900 $214,900 $144,500 $14,950 $289,900 $225,000 $130,000 $144,900 $219,950 $318,500 $399,900 $399,000 $350,000 $307,500 $214,900 $244,900 $182,500 $255,000 $229,900 $170,000 $303,900 $118,900

Coldwell Banker Tomlinson Bonnie Howell (509)434-8741 Coldwell Banker Tomlinson Dennis Ryan (509)994-0538 Coldwell Banker Tomlinson Julie Dein (509)879-7080 Coldwell Banker Tomlinson S.Alderman (509)994-3532 Coldwell Banker Tomlinson Shawn Gunn (509)599-2256 Coldwell Banker Tomlinson Todd Chism (509)993-1492 Coldwell Banker Tomlinson Tom Carper (509)879-4447 G.K. Hansen Real Estate Chuck Laughary (509)981-1326 John L. Scott Real Estate Doug Juliano (509)342-0406 John L. Scott Real Estate Mark Rhoads (509)413-9766 Kestell Co. Elizabeth B. (509)389-6380 Kestell Co. Jay Carson (509)868-1689 Kestell Co. Sandi Blake (509)993-7894 Plese Realty, LLC Alan Plese (509)953-7330 Plese Realty, LLC Gregg Patterson (509)468-2622 Plese Realty, LLC Kelly Stewart (509)993-4425 Plese Realty, LLC Kelly Stewart (509)993-4425 Plese Realty, LLC Kelly Stewart (509)993-4425 Plese Realty, LLC Kim McCracken (509)435-3124 Plese Realty, LLC Steve Drennon (509)570-8346 Plese Realty, LLC Sue Jessup (509)499-7656 Windermere Real Estate Bill Odea (509)714-3814 Windermere Real Estate Cathey Wells (509)768-7400 Windermere Real Estate Lisa Lembeck (509)220-7482 Windermere Real Estate Sharon Ehrhardt(509)995-7370 ByOwner Owner (509)327-1437

12-3 1-3 1-2 12-2 1-3 1-3 2-4 12-2 1-4 10-12 12:30-2:30 1:30-3:30 3-5 1-3 1-3 1-4 12-3 1-3 12-2:30 12-2:30 1-3 1-4 1-3 1-4

Single Family Single Family Single Family Single Family Single Family Single Family Single Family Single Family Single Family Single Family Single Family Single Family Single Family Single Family Condominium Single Family Single Family Single Family Single Family Single Family Single Family Single Family Single Family Single Family

2611 S Grapetree 524 W Sound 407 W 37th Ave 2311 16th #118 1228 S Kahuna Dr 3706 E 21st 5202 E Sumac 4227 E 41st Ave 2137 S Tekoa 2309 E North Altamont 1315 E Welden 3724 E 49th 705 W Willapa 5204 S Dearborn 844 W Cliff Dr #103 5514 S Custer Rd 102 W Moran View Ave 707 W 6th #32 1214 W 20th 908 W 20th 1224 W Taylor 310 W 33rd 1733 S Southeast Blvd 2311 W 16th Ave, #28

3 5 4 3 3 2 3 3 5 2 5 4 4 4 2 4 4 2 4 4 4 5 3 3

2 2 4 2 3 1.5 2 2 2 2 5 3 4 3 1.5 3 3 2 2 2 3 3 2 2

$372,000 $375,000 $349,000 $34,900 $243,000 $160,000 $319,900 $219,900 $269,950 $175,000 $625,000 $219,000 $299,999 $275,000 $74,900 $314,950 $268,000 $129,900 $259,000 $215,000 $649,000 $299,000 $229,500 $26,900

Coldwell Banker Tomlinson Cindy Hedin Coldwell Banker Tomlinson Curtis Miller Coldwell Banker Tomlinson Lisa Ross Coldwell Banker Tomlinson Nan Powell Coldwell Banker Tomlinson Nan Powell Coldwell Banker Tomlinson Russ Marshall Coldwell Banker Tomlinson Scott Wright Coldwell Banker Tomlinson Scott Wright Coldwell Banker Tomlinson Shane O'Neill Coldwell Banker Tomlinson S.Thornley Coldwell Banker Tomlinson S.Thornley Coldwell Banker Tomlinson S.Thornley Coldwell Banker Tomlinson S.Thornley EXL Real Estate Jim Parker Keller Williams Realty Spokane Kathy Dale Windermere Real Estate Cathy Dernbach Windermere Real Estate Clara Jindrich Windermere Real Estate Juliene Speck Windermere Real Estate Kathi Pate Windermere Real Estate Kathi Pate Windermere Real Estate Marcy Mongan Windermere Real Estate Randy Wells Windermere Real Estate Tom Neupert By Owner Owner 201212468 201122865 201126249 201210388 201024232 201125577 201125582 201212125 201212407 201117702 2012112398 201212285 201123674


201210339 201212433 201118712 201210072 201211824 201210103 201210690 N/A 201212198 201211058 201210322 201210740 201125046 201122996 201210111 201211276 201121893 N/A 201212308 N/A 201211628 N/A 201212424 201126222 201211759 N/A

(509)990-4786 (509)868-6406 (509)953-3521 (509)701-6288 (509)701-6288 (509)999-4761 (509)939-4268 (509)939-4268 (509)499-0027 (509)710-2314 (509)710-2314 (509)710-2314 (509)710-2314 (509)994-9299 (509)981-3481 (509)220-0444 (509)220-4940 (509)599-4624 (509)701-0998 (509)701-0998 (509)294-3715 (509)979-7400 (509)994-2487 (509)455-7797 N/A N/A

201029211 201211880 201119544 201212469 201212329 201211902 201111060 201126305 201212582 201118894 201212270 201210466 201125741 N/A 201114389 201210999 201125065 201124630 201125261 201125330 201211471 201212129 201210362 N/A

Dave Schmoe (509)499-6989 Erik Mortvedt (509)993-2488 Fred Jakubek (509)879-0506 Gene Allen (509)869-8005 Jim Bjorklund (509)939-4607 Jim Luster (509)939-7535 Karen O'Donnell(509)217-0091 Kathleen Moore (509)710-3171 Mick Doyle (509)220-7291 Sue Miller (509)879-3494 Susan Kirkland (509)768-4005 Joe Mann (509)951-8367 Andrea Malone (509)768-3687 Lisa Sweeney (509)990-2528 Michele Buck (509)570-4100 T.Windhorst (509)216-2090

201122276 201120980 201111971 201210806 201113690 201211098 201211599 201211968 201117468 201123546 201211645 201211562 201119451 201212633 201212342 201212296

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VALLEY - 115 1-4 12-3 12-3 12-3 12-3 1-4 12-5 1-3 11-4 12-2 12-3 1-3 11-1 12-3 12-3 12-4

Single Family Single Family Single Family Single Family Single Family Single Family Single Family Single Family New Homes Single Family Single Family Single Family Single Family Single Family Single Family Single Family

8522 E Broad Ln 8314 E Black Oak 16933 E 17th Ct 24211 E Maxwell Dr 11302 E Sandstone Ln 8009 E Central Ave 102 S Legacy Ridge Dr 18523 E Maxwell 18907 E 11th 9130 E Fraser Ct 315 S Shoreline Dr 9709 E Crossbows Ct 1017 N Locust 2326 S Balfour 8516 E Columbia 5220 N Mayhew

4 5 4 3 4 4 3 4 4 2 2 3 5 4 3 3

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$359,900 $367,000 $449,900 $223,000 $449,900 $175,900 $235,000 $172,000 $274,986 $204,950 $145,000 $179,500 $137,000 $174,900 $295,000 $175,500

Coldwell Banker Tomlinson Coldwell Banker Tomlinson Coldwell Banker Tomlinson Coldwell Banker Tomlinson Coldwell Banker Tomlinson Coldwell Banker Tomlinson Coldwell Banker Tomlinson Coldwell Banker Tomlinson Coldwell Banker Tomlinson Coldwell Banker Tomlinson Coldwell Banker Tomlinson John L. Scott Real Estate Windermere Real Estate Windermere Real Estate Windermere Real Estate Windermere Real Estate


Single Family

1660 N Mame




Windermere Real Estate Mary Lou Shiley(509)370-1234

LIBERTY LAKE - 114 WEST -111 11-4 12-5 1-3 12-4 1-4 11-4

Single Family Single Family Single Family New Homes Single Family New Homes

9014 W Red St 7603 S Dour St 518 W Bolan 10029 W 10th 5514 W 57th 12718 W 6th

4 4 6 3 4 3

3 3 4 2 2 3

$198,850 $223,500 $420,000 $179,950 $325,000 $181,178

Coldwell Banker Tomlinson Russ Marshall Envision Land & Development John White Exit Real Estate Valley Brynn Wilson Kestell Co. Andy Kerr Windermere Real Estate Lorelei Barrett Windermere Real Estate T.Windhorst

(509)999-4761 (509)994-1023 (509)994-5505 (509)499-1625 (509)599-7870 (509)216-2090

The Spokesman-Review FOR SALE, WEST 111 HOMES

NEW LISTING! Well maintained 3BR/2BA 1997 mfg home w/a LARGE 24x30 shop. Features large kitchen, open floor plan, a master suite w/jetted tub, fenced yard w/sprinkler system & a wonderful extra big deck. $157,900 Dave Holmes 979-2002, KESTELL CO.



ALL NEW INSIDE & OUT! 3BR/2BA 4-Lvl, lrg Dlxe kitchen w/hickory cabs, solid surface counters, new range, d/w, micro & sinks! Tile & wood flrs, gas heat, new carpet & paint throughout. ONLY $139,900! Call Dave Holmes 979-2002, KESTELL CO. PRICED TO SELL! Seclusion & privacy, 1acre, shop, playhouse, garden area, 2800sf. 5Bd, 3Ba, 2 huge fam rms. All granite counters S/S applcs. Move in condition! $219,000. 509-263-8724; 944-0342 Spacious rancher open design, mainflr util, 3 bdrm, 3 bath, full bsmt, solid surf counters, big master in delightful 55+ gated community! $214,900 Tammy 509-922-7807 Homes 4 You Private 2/3 Acre 2000 Belle Terre Estate. 4 BR, 3 ba, 3 car garage, Very Private Beautiful country views. Rare Find. $335,000 Call Jim Parker, 994-9299. EXL Realty 10815 East 22nd Wonderful Kokomo Rancher, 5 bd/3ba, updated kitchen w/ new appliances. Will show anytime. Clarence 509-928-0396 $180,000 10914 E. 22nd: Fully renovated Kokomo Rancher. 5bd/3ba, 3200sqft 2 masters. Will pay buyer’s agent $3000. Will show anytime. Stephanie 509-990-6654 ** $259,000 9207 E. Broadway - 4BR/2BA, 2 frplcs, 2 huge shops + garage, .75ac lot. Fully redone inside & out! Must see! $180K - Tim 999-3988, KESTELL CO. WOW! 3bd 2ba, 1,094sf, deck, garage, $79,000. Realty West, 509-370-0221



WARM, SUNNY GREEN VALLEY, Arizona, a 55+ community, 2BR, 2 bath, spotless, turnkey townhome, $129,900. More info.,, MLS 44660, Sharon Rundle, Coldwell Banker, 800-558-9430. (PNDC)


Wanted! Have cash buyer for duplex on S.Hill! Call Tim 999-3988, KESTELL CO.


IMMEDIATE TOP CA$H PAID For Used Manufactured Homes. Call Steve @ HOME BOYS 481-9830 OR 263-1688

Seniors, Valley Breeze MHP NEW 14x60 2 Bd 2 Ba, 1 yr lease option. $700/mo incl $315 prk rent. 990- 9693 Valley Seniors 1969 Broam 12x60 1Bd New frnace+wtr htr, vnyl wndws Shed Park rent $315/mo. $7,250. 990-9693



Immaculate Condition! OPEN HOUSE 1-4 v March 3 & 4 2311 W. 16th Ave #28 FSBO - Clean & Move-in Ready! Updated 1986 Berkshire doublewide 1456sqft, 3br 2ba New carpet/Vinyl, plumbing/light fixtures, All Appls stay, Interior painted along with 2 decks. Cascade 55+ Community includes Pool, Sauna, Clubhouse. v $26,900. Call Larry (509) 455-7797 Hayford Village Manufactured Home Park. Move In Special. 1 year free rent. You pay util. For more information. Call Renee 509-455-8310


Call 456-Sell (7355) or 800-338-8801 More info at



Open 1-4 W. 3231 Boone, #703

2 Bedrm Double Wide on corner lot. All appliances, freshly painted interior, carport, covered deck. $14,950. Chuck , 981-1326 w/ G.K. Hansen Also Available 2 Bedrm 1 Bath $6,000 2 Bedrm 2 Bth + golf cart $22,500 3 Bedrm 2 Bath, new roof $24,950



OPEN HOUSE 12-3 8425 N. PINE MEADOWS 3 bdrm/3 bth condo in quiet community. Dbl gar, HOA fees cover outside maintenance + water & sewer, gas furnace & frplc, new paint & carpet, A/C $182,500. Sue Jessup, 499-7656. PLESE REALTY, LLC 201 W. FRANCIS AVE OPEN TODAY 1-3 South Hill 2 BR, 2 BA, new carpet & fresh paint near Huckleberries. 844 Cliff Dr. #103. New price *$74,900* Kathy Dale. 981-3481. Keller Williams Realty Snowbirds, downsizing or wasting $$ on RENT? Lovely large 2 bdrm 2 bth condo – private view & setting! $99,900 Tammy 509-922-7807 HOMES 4 YOU



FARM WANTED Just sold a large farm for cash. I have another cash buyer for a wheat farm in the Spangle Plaza, Rockford - Fairfield area. For a fast sale call Don @ Don Priest Realty 924-3406/998-2905

19720 W. BAKER RD - 4 bd, 3 bth, 1.5 story cedar, shop, 19.18 acres, $364,900. Benji 990-9221 211 N. CHRISTENSEN, Med. Lk - 3 bd, 3 bth 2-story, 2 car gar., 9.85 acres, $285,000. Benji 990-9221 SHORT SALE - 17715 W. Bowie Rd, 4+ acres, $75,000. Bev 990-1809 BEAT THE BANK - 20025 S. Harrison Rd, 16.73 acres with living space, $84,900. Bev 990-1809 CHENEY REALTY, INC. 235-6191 NEW LISTING 1994-Built home on 2.35 acres just N of Airway Heights - close to everything! 1848 sq ft, 3BR + den, 2bth, nicely appointed island kitchen, wood stove, updated touches & new appliances. Lrg master w/walk-in and full bth. Vinyl siding, huge cov’d patio, fncd yard, 24X24 garage w/opener. Just $159,900. Call Vic Plese 217-7889. Plese Realty LLC 489-2323. SUPER NEW LOW PRICE! FREEMAN SCHOOLS!! Mica 4BR/3BA on 5 Acres!! Custom 2007 blt 4-Lvl w/gourmet kitchen, tile & wood flrs, craft room w/cabs & cntrs, master suite, 2-family rooms, great views!! NOW ONLY $249,900! Dave Holmes 979-2002, KESTELL CO.


WATERFRONT FIXER-UPPER 16’ ceilings, new roof, boatable, 8 blocks west of Argonne. $354K (Estate.) (509)-939-5389 24/7 @ Tamarack Realty 999-6354 Deer & Loon Lakes The Recognized Authority



Private Party wants to purchase or lease w/ option to buy waterfront property at Loon or Deer Lake. Reply to Box # DP01, c/o The Spokesman-Review, PO Box 2160, SPOKANE, WA 99210-2160








Liberty Lake Grandfathered location Turnkey - ongoing operation Recession Proof Discounted opening stock Free Market 1st time in Washington. Chance of a lifetime! Avail 6/1/12 Call for information 509-924-1588 “Mobile Dog Grooming Business for Sale. The business is worked Mon-Fri. Currently only groom small dogs. Asking only $37,000. Vehicle & equipment available at $22,000. For info call J.C. Moore, Moore Exclusive Realty 509-999-6622.”


4,000 SF Whse/Dist/Mfg Space Multiple Dock Doors & 3Ph Power $1,200/month NNN w/ min. term 509-924-1720


Elderly gent looking for other gent to share in expenses. Live on small farm in very quiet area. Non smking/mod. drinking, no alcoholism 509-924-0238 Roommate wanted to share 5br 3ba, home & expenses. Has attached gar & shop. $450/mo + $200 dep. Close to SCC & dntwn. Refs req. 509-999-5175 Female roommate wanted. 2 bd in lower level of my home. $400/mo + $100 utils. Call/text (509) 294-6679 Share comfortable furn. 2br in NW $350 incudes utilities (509)216-7861



Btwn Apts? Sleeping Units shwr, ph. cable, AC, fridge, micro. $99.50/wk + tax. 251-2120




vv vv vv HERITAGE SQUARE 8117 N. DIVISION HOLLAND BLDG. FOR LEASE 125 SF - 3500 SF Call for lease details/appts.


Remodeled; 700 sq.ft. all utils incl. elec pd. $500/mo. Also, 760 SF conference room, $595/mo 28 W. Indiana

2,600 SF Valley Office Suite First Floor, Lots of Free Parking 462-5133



Real Estate Auction

Nominal Opening Bid: $50,000 3525 North Division, Spokane, WA 4,365+/- sf retail building with 22 parking spots on corner lot of busy Division Street. Sells: 11:00AM Tue., Mar. 20 on site Visit or call 800-801-8003. Many properties now available for online bidding! Williams & Williams WA Broker: JUDSON GLEN VANNOY. (206) 972-9023. Lic.# 13449. Auctioneer: Tommy Ray Assiter Auc Lic 2936 NEAR PLAZA - 37624 S. Old Hwy 195, horse set-up, huge shop & living, 2.45 acres, $199,900. Bev 990-1809 CHENEY REALTY, INC. 235-6191


FANTASTIC 9-UNIT! 10% Cap Rate! Totally updated modern building. $329,900 Kevin Warner 994-6431, KESTELL CO.


“A local, premier, real estate supplemental magazine”

* ** * * ***

2 & 3 bdrm, 2 ba, dbl garage, fp +all appls,sew/wat/grb pd, NS, NP from $975 + dep. Call for details 468-2661

Real Estate * Senior Living Waterfront * Financial After Market

11325 N. Lidgerwood 1st MONTH FREE 1900+sf NEW carpet! 3BD, 2BA r/r, d/w. No Pets $1,050+Utils. 981-4043





3Br, 2Ba, DW, W/D Inc, Carport. $725. 1304 E. 29th 2Br, FP, Gas Ht, Carport. $560. 1507 S. Wall 2Br Townhouse, 1 1/2 Ba, W/D Inc, Fam rm, FP, Gar. $695. 614 E. 42nd Main Floor 2Br, DW, FP, AC, W/D Inc, Carport. $595. 4406 S. Donald Ct. Large Main Floor 2Br, DW, FP, W/D Inc, Patio, Gar. $695. 2801 S. Grand Gates Realty, Inc. 838-5823

Publishes the 4th Saturday of each month March thru October.... F Distributed in your paper F Distributed throughout our region in their own branded, single-copy boxes F Online (all month) at: Agents: Call Your Account

Fabulous location:1303E 29th.3bd,2ba fpl, w/d, gar, ac, strg $795. 448-9460




8,000 SF Valley Shop Space With Fenced Yard & Lots of Power!! Great Manufacturing Space! 462-5262 vv vv vv


March 4, 2012 l Sunday l Page H5

13201 E. ALKI $625 2 br,1ba, ebb, w/s/g-pd 1904 W. COLLEGE(upper) $395 1br, 3/4ba, fae, newly renovated unit, wsg paid 1718 E. WABASH $595 2br,1.5ba, ebb heat,deck, carport, w&d hookups 5732 N. ASSEMBLY $695 2br,1ba,gas heat,full bsmt,1 car garage, wsg paid 6104 N. MAYFAIR # 4 $450 1br,1ba,ebb,wall a/c, onsite laundry,w/s/g paid 1211 W. 6th # 3 $425 1br, 1ba, fridge, stove, electric baseboard heat, w/s/g paid 2728 E. DIAMOND (lower) $625 2+br,1ba,gas heat,full unfin bsmt,w&d hookups, 2 car garage Call Chuck @ 263-7021 Call Josh @ 251-0603 Country Homes Sales & Property Mgmt BERTIS & WIEBER ***VALLEY*** 14816 E. 2nd, 3br, 1.5ba, R/R, D/W, W/D hkp, 1 car gar, $825 114 N. Bowdish, 3br, 2 1/2 bath townhouse. R/R, D/W, garbage disp. W/D incl. elec ht. 1 car gar w/opener, $795 4204 E. Sprague - (509)532-0220

*1021 S WRIGHT* LIBERTY LAKE 1BD, 1BA, Appl, Pd Utilities, Beach Access, $425 & Dep, One Cat Neg/No Smoking M-T MANAGEMENT, INC. 922-3942

2Br, W/D Hk-Ups,VIEW, Parking. Non-Smoking. $525. 2222 W. Riverside GATES REALTY, INC 838-5823

NORTHEAST 719 E BROAD / $525 Rancher style, 2 bdrm w/ main flr hookups, newly upgraded, covered Carport (w/s/g paid) 327-0136

R.W. DICKERSON MGT *2526 E SINTO* 2BD, 1BA, Appl, Laundry on site, Fenced, SS, Covered Parking, Storage, $525 & Dep, Pets Neg/No Smoking M-T MANAGEMENT, INC.922-3942 809 E. GORDON / $450 w/s/g pd, 1 BDRM RANCHER STYLE. 327-0136


NORTHWEST $620 - 2bd, 1ba, 1 car gar. W/S pd. 8714 N. Calispel St. (509) 270-1919

*3005 S WHIPPLE* 2BD, 1BA, Appl, Storage, Laundry on site, $495 & Dep, No Pets/No Smoking M-T MANAGEMENT, INC. 922-3942

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*7805 E UPRIVER DR* 2+BD, 1 3/4BA, Appl, W/D Hkup, Fam Rm, SS, Garage, $700 & Dep, Pet Neg./No Smoking M-T MANAGEMENT, INC. 922-3942 DELUXE 2BD 2BA full bsmt. 2car gar. All appls. Gas ht/wtr/fplc. Central AC. Wtr/Sewer & Yard maint pd. No smkg, Sm pet neg. $975/mo+dep. 979-5822 or 927-5961 SELL YOUR LISTING FAST!



2Br, 2Ba, W/D Inc, Gas, Cent/Air, 2 Gar. $850. 12102 E. Valleyway GATES REALTY, INC 838-5823 $500,Nice 1 Br, w/d, locking gar, brick lawn, $200 dep. 509-228-8921

WEST 3Bd 2Ba Cath.ceils. New appls, frplc, Wtr/swr/lwn care pd. Crprt $750+ dep. No smk/pets. 2014 S. Royal 747-0657


SPECTACULAR SPOKANE VIEW 700 W 7TH AVENUE $1500 Security bldg & gar, 3bd 2bth w/ granite tops thru out, gas ht & fp, pool & club house avail. Must See Unit



A 55 and Older Community Maintenance Free Living, Med Alert, 1360 Sq.Ft. Deluxe Duplex, 2 Bdrm, 2 Bath, central heat & A/C, gas fireplace, stainless steel appls, washer/dryer, 2 car garage. Southwest area near casino. Ask about our rent special 509-838-1145 or visit our office at 822 S. Delfino Lane.



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*12703 E 3RD* 1BD, 1 BA, Appl, Laundry on site, Off street prking, $395 & Dep, No Pets/No Smoking M-T MANAGEMENT, INC. 922-3942



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BERTIS & WIEBER ***SOUTH*** 1818 W. 8th, 1br, big kitchen, storage closet, onsite laundry, NON SMOKING ONLY $385 1818 W. 8th, 2br, 1ba, 900 sq ft. large kit w/lots of counter spc, hdwd flr, elec ht, updated bath tub & shwr, NON-SMOKING. $525. ***AIRWAY HEIGHTS*** 1808 S. Lawson, 2br, 2nd flr apt, w/deck, D/W, A/C, R/R, wtr, swr, garb paid, no pets, $495. 4204 E. Sprague - (509) 532-0220 MOVE-IN SPECIAL OAC. 1, 2, 3 & 4 bdrm’s. Laundry facilities, DW, A/C, carport. Call 924-4554


March 4, 2012

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WATERFRONT FIXER-UPPER SPOKANE RIVER 16' ceilings, new roof, boatable, dock, low bank, 20 minutes to Division exit, 8 blocks west of Argonne, $354k (Estate), 509.939.5389.

Sponsored by Washington State Housing Finance Commission

Saturday March 10th at the Liberty Lake Library 23123 E Mission from 10am to 3pm


Area: Nine Mile Falls Year Built: 1979 Square Footage: 3,126 Lot Size: 35,284 sq ft Bedrooms: 5 Baths: 3 Address: 13111 W. Shore Rd. MLS#: 201210608 Agent: Ken Sax 509-879-1636 / Keller Williams Realty Spokane 509-458-4000. Call for Showing.

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Julia Hansen Guild Mortgage

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Julia Ann Hansen WA-MLO-334756/ ID-MLO-12929/



Area: Northeast Year Built: 1906 Square Footage: 1,197 Lot Size: 6,600 sq ft Bedrooms: 4 Baths: 1 Address: 2511 N. Morton MLS#: 201111741 Agent: Tor Holmberg 509-954-6880 / Windermere Real Estate/Manito 509-747-1051. Call for Showing.

Ponderosa Pre-Grand Opening Starting from the $190's

Area: Spokane Valley Year Built: 2012 Square Footage: 2,840 Lot Size: 6,500 sq ft Bedrooms: 2 Baths: 2 Address: 4502 S. Ponderosa Ln. MLS#: 201212583 Agent: Shannon Kane 509-990-7490 / John L. Scott Real Estate 509-455-8600. Open 1-4.

Guild Mortgage NMLS#3274/ Branch NMLS#341940

Morgan Bishop, epro Soleil Real Estate 509-868-3950 2428 N. Hamilton Spokane Valley WA 99207

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1Br, 1-1/2Ba, On-Site Lndy, Parking, Lock Entry, W/D Inc. 2222 W. Riverside. $445 Studio, On-Site lndy 2204 W. Pacific. $350 Gates Realty, Inc 838-5823


Call 456-Sell (7355) or 800-338-8801 More info at - UNFURNISHED, NORTHWEST 224 APARTMENTS

Studios $415-$425. 1br $455 Lg kit, tub/shower. Near bus. Pet fee. Prkng. New crpet/Pnt.1310W Boone 924-0059 1605 N. Madison, small, clean studio, secure bldg. Washer/dryer on site, No pets. $350. 995-1335




Apartments ASK ABOUT OUR MOVE-IN SPECIAL Spacious 1 and 2 bdrms with all the extras. Free separate garage OR attached garages available. Sparkling pool, fitness center, sport court, walking paths and playground. Rent Special on now! Come in or call for details. OPEN DAILY 1718 E. Lincoln Road

Pri sm studio Apt. Quiet, Shared bath, $325 all utils incl 509 467-7032 Remodeled 1 Bd, W/D. 1303 W. Nora. $475. No pets. (509) 951-8124


Ask About Our Move In Special

Amazingly affordable, spacious 1 and 2 bdrm with your needs in mind. Full size appliances includes washer/dryer. Pool, playground, fitness/media center. Open daily for your convenience. TRESTLE CREEK 5015 S. Regal (509) 448-4844

(509) 464-0557 Lincoln Heights Terrace Apartments 1 bdrm apts available in this beautiful Independent Living Senior Housing property. Must be 55 or older. Apts have all appliances including air conditioning. Carports available. Laundry facilities on-site. On bus line, within walking distance of shopping, dining, banks,etc. Rents start at $495. Call 535-4543 or visit us at 2632 E. 27th Ave. Professionally managed by NAI Black. Equal Housing Opportunity

RWe have Studios, 1 Bd, 1 Bath R2 Bd, 1 Bath; 2 Bdrm, 2 Bath R3 Bdrm, 2 Bath & Townhouses FREE Internet Room Call us at 489-4332 or stop by 4707 E. Upriver Dr.


2Br, On-Site Lndy, Carport, Walk to GU. $575. 804 E. Sinto 2 Br, DW, CAC/Gas, On-Site Lndy, Carport,Patio. $515. 6703 N. Standard GATES REALTY, INC. 838-5823 $100 OFF 1ST MONTH’S RENT; VIEW ! 1br $450 - $475; 2br $550 $575. Air Cond, Lndry fac., Cedar Ridge near SCC & Cent.Trail. 2619 N. Market, Mgr #25, 474-1176 ALL UTILITIES INCLUDED! 2 bdr + huge kitch, $555 deposit. 1 bdr completely renovated, walk in closet. $595 Studio shared bath. $345 v 229 E. AUGUSTA v 939-1610 1622 W. 7th Ave # 2 $425 Studio unit, 1ba, ebb heat, a/c, balcony, onsite laundry 2Bd/1Ba W/D. 1st Mth Rent Free. $500 + Dep. 1623 N Crescent Tim 499-2486 $535 Clean, quiet, N/S, 2Br, 1Ba, 6506B N Altamont. 981-1147 showing


v v v v v v

MOVE-IN BELLWOOD PARK (CALL NOW! ( 468-7611 Mead Schools Quality 2 Bdrms - 2 Baths Garages Gas Fireplaces Deluxe Appliances Washer & Dryer in Units Park Like Setting Wandermere Shopping & Golf, City Bus v 705 W. Bellwood Dr. v

Move In Special


ONE MONTH FREE W/ 7 MO. LEASE 1 & 2 Bd, 2 Ba w/att. gar w/op, A/C, gas frplc, w/d & all appl, NS, NP Starting at $715 +dep 468-2661 Beautiful Apt Homes 1 & 2 Bed & 2 Bath, AC, W/D & attached garage! No Pets. Mead Schools! Starting $795. 824 E Hastings (509) 464-4959 ASK ABOUT OUR MOVE-IN SPECIALS! 1br $450-$465, 2bd 1ba $550/2bd 2ba $575, Covered Prkg. Northwood Apts. 720 W. Cora Randy 325-3600 Audubon Court Apts * 2711 W. Euclid 1 bd $455 mo, carport/storage, near park, SFCC, Finch no smk/pet, on-site mgr. Call 325.3451 for info. 139 W. GRAY CT. 1 & 2 BEDROOMS 328-5051 6319 N. Normandie, 2br, 2bth, Quiet complex gas fp, ac, dw, wd, crprt, n/s, n/p, w/s/g pd. $725+500dp.477-9075 Cozy, Clean 1 br, $400. W/S/G pd, w/d. 817 W Nora. 323-4871 or 944-1071



Ask about our move-in specials. Choose from a variety of 2 bdrm floor plans w/attached garage and woodburning frplc in each home. All appliances included: W/D hookups in some units. Onsite lndry facilities, fitness cntr, pool & year rnd jacuzzi available for your convenience & enjoyment. Close to shopping, on bus line. 25th & S.E. Blvd. 534-6926. Mgd by NAI Black Equal Housing Opportunity


Studio, DW, AC,On-Site lndy,Balcony, Carport. $425. 1308 W. 10th 1BrOn-Site Lndy, $425-$435 1125 W. 11th. STUDIO, On-Site Lndy, Locked Entry $395. 1117 W. 5th 1Br, Non-Smoking, On-Site lndy. $440. 627 S. Maple 2Br, DW, AC, On-Site Lndy, Balcony. $495-$550. 1121 W. 7th GATES REALTY, INC. 838-5823 SPACIOUS 2 br, 2 ba Adams Court Apartments Convenient South Hill location. On-site laundry & carport. Shopping nearby, $625. Call 509.448.3670 2921 E. 36th, Spokane Professionally managed by NAI Black. Equal Housing Opportunity 1st MO FREE**2bd, 1ba,nice nghbrhd. New paint/flooring. d/w, a/c. Covr’d prkng, lndry, strg. No pets/smk. $595 + $500dp. 1303W 13th. 362-2320 1bd, 1 ba, lndry, garage. Near Manito. $450. No pets/smkg. 509 E. 24th. 509-999-5021 1 or 2 Bd, New carpets, panoramic view Quiet, nice bldg. Carport, On-site lndry. Close in. 863-7070 680-0616


Make Granite Court Apartments your new home today!

You’re going to love it here. Spacious 1 and 2 bdrms. Call or come in to hear about our move-in specials and pricing. SUN 10-5; MON-THUR 10-6 15408 E 4th Ave

(509) 891-6018 DEARBORN APARTMENTS 1 & 2 bdrm. apts. with rents starting at $475 per month, available close to downtown, SCC, and the Spokane Valley. On bus lines and close to shopping and dining. Fully equipped apartments, some with fireplaces, along with covered parking, and onsite laundry facilities. Ask about our move-in specials. Call 534-6542 or visit us at 4405 E. 5th Ave. Professionally managed by NAI Black. Equal Housing Opportunity. 1 MONTH FREE!! at Alki Court Convenient Valley location Spacious 2Bd w/covered parking Full-size W/D, Patios, Gated. 3 Bd Townhouse w/attached garage Call for more info. 891-5434 EHO $100. off 1st Month’s Rent. UNIV. S & E APTS. Lrg 1 Br $450. Lrg 2 Br $525. - $550. A/C. Exc loc. 1 blk from bus depot & stores.11009 E. 3rd GREAT LOCATION! 928-1389 Ask about our Move In Specials! STONERIDGE; Country setting, 1Br w/frplc $465.; Lg 2 br $550; Lrg2 bdr twnhse, w/d, 1200 sq ft. 2 ba,$695. Storage/carprt;2609 N Pines926-6679 Great Valley Loc. 2Bd 2Ba Gar. Spacious unit w/d, range, ref, d/w, gas frpl. $650 rent + DD. No smk. No pets. After 5pm: 509-951-9759 MINUTES FROM THE FREEWAY, 2BD/1BA, $500. 2BD/2BA, $545. Appls includ., fireplace, W/D, covered prkng, storage, patio/balcony 921-2165 MOVE IN SPECIAL! 1/2 Month FREE! Beautiful 2Br 1,100sf. Inclds W/D, brkfast bar, LR/DR. Spacious kit. $630+dep. 509-891-9559

AREA WIDE AVAIL. TODAY! NO CREDIT CHECK $139 per week & up. All utils paid. NO PETS! 509-535-5810. MOVE IN TODAY! All util. pd. Cable & ph. incl. $125./wk. - $495./mo. & up. No pets. v 509-838-4411 v

DOWNTOWN The Tradewinds 3rd & Lincoln, from $210/week, $525/mo. Incl. Heat, expanded cable, Maid service avail Free Parking. 838-2091


PASADENA RIDGE 1 & 2 BR Furn Apts pasadenaridge. com Studio or Kitchenette’s, phone, t.v., micro, & fridge. $139.95/wk & up. 926-5728


AIRWAY HEIGHTS 12508 E. 6TH AVE. / $850 Airway Heights, Newer Area Rancher 3 bd, 2 bth, 2 Att Garage. 327-0136

Bright Spotless 1Bd, d/w. Secure quiet bldg. No pets. Refs. $450. 448-1966


Ground floor 1815 W 6th 1BD d/w, w/d $550+utils. Could furnish. 953-5735



2 Bdrm Apartment

available @ PARKVIEW. Rent of $643 includes water, sewer, garbage, electricity and heat. We offer on-site laundry and off-street parking. Walking distance to EWU, Cheney High School and Betz Elementary. Please call (509)235-6910 for application and details. Professionally managed by NAI Black. Equal Housing Opportunity


BERTIS & WIEBER ***SOUTH*** 3023 E. 11th Ave, 3br, 2ba, $500 per month FIRST THREE MONTHS! Mountain view from large deck. Hdwd flr, master suite in bsmt, 2 car gar, 12X20 storage shed, $850. ***VALLEY*** 13516 E. 30th, 3br plus bonus rm, 2.5 ba rancher on corner lot. Fenced back yard, 2 car gar plus RV garage. Max 2 pets ok w/dep, $1195 ***MEDICAL LAKE*** 405 Spence, 2br on corner lot. R/R, W/D hkp, gar, 2nd bdrm has no closet, $550 4204 E. Sprague - (509) 532-0220 NICE HOMES, Riverside School north Count by Elk. Gated community, pool. 3bd $575+, 2bd $495+. 292-0900.


Call about our rent specials at specific properties. • Unique designer apts • A/C, Washers, Dryers • 1 & 2 Bds, 1 & 2 Ba • Vaulted Ceilings, Skylights • Carports/Garages • Pools/BBQ’s • Starting at $490, No Pets. Apts include accessibility features required by FHAA. Clubhouse Includes: • Racquetball Cts • Weight Rm • Beauty Salon • Gift Store


NORTHEAST CEDAR SPRINGS ESTATES II 1110 E. Cozza Drive – 466-0307 CEDAR SPRINGS ESTATES III CEDAR SUMMIT ESTATES III & IV 1011 E. Sharpsburg – 465-2219 10620 W 12th Ave. - 456-4660 CEDAR SPRINGS ESTATES IV NORTHWEST 7808 N. Morton – 464-4333 CEDAR FOREST ESTATES VALLEY 4403 W. Winston Ct. – 327-7174 CEDAR CHATEAU ESTATES NORTHEAST 13310 E. Mission – 922-2347 CEDAR MEADOWS CEDAR CHATEAU ESTATES “B” 8909 N. Colton – 467-4495 13320 E. Mission – 928-6210 SOUTH HILL CEDAR CREEK VILLAGE I 8424 N. Nevada – 468-2076 CEDAR CANYON VILLAS 5710 S. Hailee Lane – 448-5503 CEDAR CREEK VILLAGE II CEDAR PARK 8424 N Nevada - 468-2230 3003 S. Perry – 838-8714 CEDAR SPRINGS ESTATES COEUR D’ALENE 1015 E. Cozza Dr. – 467-0835

Clubhouse Available to Cedar Creek & Springs Residents

12-3 Liberty Lake! 4level, 3Bd/3Ba/2Car-att. fin. family rm, views! near golf course! Gene Allen 869-8005

$99,900 1018 E Garland Ave #201122865


1-2 Like new! Brand new everything! M.F. Laundry, 1 Car grg, located on a big double lot Lisa 953-3521

$100,000 2118 W Montgomery #201210072 $139,500 6416 N Howard #201210690

CEDAR WOOD ESTATES 3015 N. 4th St. – 208-664-2277

VISIT OUR WEB SITE AT 509-489-4287

$199,900 507 E Parker Dr #201126249

12-3 Looks Terrific! Move-in Ready now, very open, Vaulted Ceil, walk-out daylite bsmt 3car Marv 994-0303

$205,000 3014 W Prairie Breeze #201210339

1-4 Extra lrg master, like new thruout, new appl prvt fenced backyd 2 car garage. Tom 879-4447

12-5 4bd 3ba 2story on 1/3 ac lot. A/C & cent vac prewired stainless pkg & more! Bonnie 434-8741

$156,900 3406 W Holyoke Ave

1-4 Great Price! Clean 4Bd/2Ba Rancher hardwood flrs full bsmt 2 fireplaces great area! Robin 999-1944

$214,900 6287 Kristen Ct #201210103

$228,000 14911 N Peone Pines #201212468

12-3 3BD/2BA 3 car gar, W on Francis to Hwy 291 Aprx. 1 mile past Suncrest to Meadow Vista, Todd 993-1492

$315,000 2245 N Hemlock #201212433

$219,900 4227 E 41st Ave #201126305

$224,900 913 Bonnie Lynn #201210388 1-3 Prestigious Eaglewood! Gotta see this 4bd/3ba remodeled hm Hwy 2-Mt Spkn look for signs Joni 466-1234 12-3 3+bd/2ba/3+car gar/+ bonus room Hwy 395 to Hatch Rd. Hatch N past Midway to Bonnie Lynn Ron 979-3135 $310,999 10605 N Quincy Ct #201118712 1:30-4 5Bd/3+Ba/3car custom rancher amenities galore Ind SOUTH OPEN NEW CONSTRUCTION Trl-R Ridgecrest-L Halsley-L Russet Julie 879-7080 1-4 Spectacular mid-cent modern w/view of river. Huge liv rm, master, kitch w/stainless apps 1/3 acre!

12-2 Brand New Neighborhood - One Level Living! 3Beds/2Baths Scott 939-4268

$34,900 2311 W 16th #118 #201212469

2-4 Paras Rncher 3Bd/2Ba Maple Cabinets, Granite & Wd Flrs Fully Lndscpd Great Location! Scott 939-4268


$319,900 5202 E Sumac #201111060

12-2 3Br/2Ba dblwide. All applianes, 3 car parking, newer carpet + paint. 55+ park. Dave 599-7109


$175,000 2309 E North Altamont #201118894

$175,900 8009 E Central Ave #201211098

10-2 Nice Rnchr overlooking city! Blt in 1952, 2+bd, 2Ba, 2Car grg, 3300+sqft, view! Stafford 710-2314

1-4 4 car Tandem Gar 4Bdrm, 3 bath, 2015 sq ft finished split entry. Jim Luster 939-7535

$243,000 1228 S Kahuna Dr #201212329

1-3 Complete privacy on huge deck with peek-a-boo view. 3bd 3ba rnchr on quiet cul-de-sac. Nan 701-6288

$269,950 2137 S Tekoa St #201212582

$204,950 9130 E Fraser Ct #201123546

12-2 New Homes-Argonne & Wellesley 5 plans spacious lots, shops o.k. West Valley Sue M. 12-2 OPEN 879-3494

$235,000 102 S Legacy Ridge Dr #201211599

1-4 Rare find on quiet side of Manito! Brick Tudor gorgeous kitchen remodel 5Br/2Ba. Shane 499-0027

12-5 View, gated, 1942 SF' 3Bd/2Ba/3Car, den, granite/SS appl, model @ 15 S Legacy Ridge Karen 217-0091

$299,999 705 W Willapa #201125741

3-5 Craftsman Home 4bd/4ba 3328sf hrdwd fl grt rm light & bright floorplan. Stafford Thornley 710-2314

$349,000 407 W 37th Ave #201119544

1-2 B'ful Comstock area, Brick rancher 4Bd/4 Ba/4Car gar. Wonderful in-ground pool, patio Lisa 953-3521

$274,986 18907 E. 11th Greenacres #201117468

11-4 New Const Twin Bridges Prasada model hm by Viking 4bd/3ba 3car gar Many other plans, lots to choose from! Mick Doyle 220-7291

$359,900 8522 E Broad Ln #201122276

$372,000 2611 S. Grapetree

1-4 Enjoy your own exclusive 5ac natural area. Paras Homes 12-3 1 Beautiful home left! Great Rm, 3bd, 2bth. 55+Comm. 4Bd/3Ba/3Car in Hazelwood Park. Dave 499-6989 N on Lee St from 29th follow signs. Cindy Hedin 990-4786 $367,000 8314 E Black Oak #201120980

$375,000 524 W Sound Ave #201211880

1-3 Cliff Park 1913 Craftsman Boxed beam ceilings livingdining sitting rm some updates. Curtis 868-6406

$625,000 1315 E Welden Dr #201212270

12-3 New Paras Homes Rancher in Aspen Creek Prime View Lot Quality & Exclusive Features Jim 939-4607

$145,000 315 S Shoreline Dr #201211645

12-3 Liberty Lake Condo! 2bd, 1.5 ba, beach access, fmly rm, view, community pool & more! Susan 768-4005

WEST OPEN NEW CONSTRUCTION $198,850 9014 W Red St #201028048

1-3 4bd 2ba home w/tons of updates, incl: furnace/electric/ windows/3car gar w/woodstove! Kathy 710-3171


FEBRUARY RENT FREE!! REDUCED PRICES!! REDUCED PRICES!!* 4424 N. Monroe St. - 2+ Bd, 1 Ba, Fncd Bk Yd, Gar, Pets Neg, $850.00 2221 N. Standard, #C - Upper Triplex - 2 Bd, 1Ba, Pets Neg, Owner Pays Wtr/Swr/Gar/ Mowing $495.00* 111 S. Pittsburg Lower Unit Duplex - 1 Bd, 1 Ba, Owner Pays Wtr/Swr, Pets Neg $395.00* 12316 W. 10th Ave. - Airway Heights/Fairchild AFB - Duplex 2+ Bd, 3 Ba, Gar $825.00* 12318 W. 10th Ave. - Airway Heights/Fairchild AFB - Duplex 2+ Bd, 2 Ba, Gar $825.00* 11203 E. Springfield - Duplex 2 Bd, 1 Ba, Fncd Yd, Pets Neg $670.00 Baker & Associates, LLC #467-1011 Please drive by property prior to scheduling showing. Want to save time looking for your new home? Take a photo tour of our properties at

$449,900 16933 E 17th Ct #201111971

$449,900 11302 E Sandstone Ln #201113690


$172,000 18523 E Maxwell #201211968

12-3 VIEW new cnst 5Bd/3Ba/2stry Mn. flr mstr bonus rm. granite cntrs. 2 decks walkout bsmt Erik 993-2488

12-3 NEW Paras Rancher Featuring Lg Kit/Grt rm, SS App, Howe Flrs, LG Walk-in Pantry on 1/2 Acre Fred 879-0506

12:30-2:30 Absolutely Fabulous! Custom Blackwood 2 Story! 5Bd/5Ba, 3 car Grg, 1/2 acre lot! Stafford 710-2314




$223,000 24211 E Maxwell Dr #201210806


1-3 2bd 1 ba home that has been updated! Lots of new in this one! Mn flr utilities & more! Sandy 994-3532

**Lrg 1BD Nice hardwoods New paint cvrd prkg, lndry. On busline. $425/mo + $250 dep. 1611 W 8th. **220-8305

Charming Studio w/balcony $465, Pet fee. fncd yd. 1311 W. 9th 924-0059

The Spokesman-Review

11-4 New AHO homes @ Maple Terrace & Hunter's Crossing, 5 ready model @ 9116 W Red St. Russ 999-4761.



2 bd, 1 bth. Close to colleges. No pets 1 car gar. fncd bckyd. Ref’s. $695. 509-684-5283 or 509-675-3331 SPARKLING 3bd 1.5ba with garage. $745 per mo. 2129 E. Everette Realty West 800-682-1738 Lg 1 Bd, 2 xtra rms $600/m+$750 dep Pets neg. 509-991-6869 370-1411

Victorian Four Square 4br, 2ba, R/R, DW, disp, W/D, fplc, fncd yrd, gar/carport, gas hot wtr/heat, skylite 3rd flr, $1200/mo. + $1200 dep. City utils pd. 25 E 14th. Ave. 509-327-5793 lv msg 1809 E. 37th - 5+bdrms, 3ba, fpl, appls, dbl gar, patio, fncd yd. $1,075 OAC. 509-535-1519 533 W 26th Ave Comstock Brick. 3Bd 2ba, bsmt, Gas, 1 Gar. No pets. Nice! Wilson/Sac/LC $1150. 981-9812 RENTAL OPEN SUN. 12-3. 3200 sf Craftsman, Great cond. 4+Br 2Ba,. 2614 S Lincoln. $1500. 253-376-2479 2B 1Ba Fin Bsmt Gar, Fncd yd Gas ht Hrdwd. 1224 E 38th $825. 979-1002 2bd 1ba $795 Unfin bsmt. Gar, hrdwd fncd, sprklr. 734 E. 40th. 979-1002

NORTHWEST 3419 W. MALLARD RD/ $1850 5 MILE BLUFF, 3930sf Gorgeous Rnchr, concreted RV spc, totally lndscp w/ fncd back overlooked by covd deck, walk out bsmt, cath ceil. Air, 3car gar, too must to list, more. call 327-0136

R.W.DICKERSON MGT 807 W. JACKSON / $895 Oversized rms w/this upgraded Victorian 3+ bd, 1.5 bath gas home. Form dine, master bd with bd size walk-in closet. Charming. 327-0136

R.W.DICKERSON MGT 2628 W. WELLESLEY / $650 Bungalow style 2 bdrm w/full bsmt, det garage, extra drive, walk to Shadle Shopping and bus, appoint. 327-0136

R.W.DICKERSON MGT 702 W. KIERNAN / $675 NEWLY PAINTED 3BD 2BATH Rancher style, w/d inc, w/s/g paid, 2000 built, Garland District. 327-0136

R.W.DICKERSON MGT *7231 N FOTHERINGHAM* 3+BD, 2BA, Appl, W/D, A/C, Fam Rm, Garage, $1295 & Dep, Pets Neg/No Smoking M-T MANAGEMENT, INC. 922-3942


10023 S. FINNEY $595 2br,1ba,fridge,stove,ebb, 1 car garage 7015 E. 3RD $595 2br,1ba,electric heat, fridge, stove,Fenced yard,off street parking 623 S. REBECCA $850 2br,1ba,gas heat,full partial bsmt,Family room,detached garage 14522 N. NEVADA $ 1250 4br,3ba,gas heat,full fin daylite bsmt,deck,fy,2 car garage 3608 E. FREDERICK $650 2br, 1 ba, main flr utilities,gas heat,w&d inc,fy,off street parking 918 E. EMPIRE $795 3br, 2 bath, rancher, gas heat,2 fp,full finished bsmt,fy,2 car garage 41 E. RICH $675 3br,1.5ba,r/r,gas heat, front porch,full unfin bsmt,off street parking 1428 E. NEBRASKA $650 2br,1ba,r/r, electric heat, w&d hookups, fy, 1 car garage 2915 E. EUCLID $725 2br,1ba,gas heat,full bsmt,w&d inc,family room bsmt,1 car garage Call Chuck @ 263-7021 Call Josh @ 251-0603 Country Homes Sales & Property Mgmt 1720 W. 11th Charming 1 bdrm house. New carpet. Redecorated. Squeaky clean. $500. No smoking, no pets. Call Bertis & Wieber, LLC (509) 532-0220 $795. No Dep? 2 bd, 3rd dwn, bsmt, gas, lease opt. 326-2860 or 499-7091

LIBERTY LAKE 1799 N WINCHESTER / $1150 Newer Development, 3 bd 1-lvl, 2 bths, 2 car entry gar but 3rd car deep, deck to fenced yard, hardwood floors w/open grand rm, gas frpl. 327-0136


NORTHEAST 14314 E VANTAGE LANE / $975 Newer Gated Community, 4bd, 2bath 1-lvl home, water/sewer/garage paid by owner. Fenced in back, energy effic. Sprinklers and more. Call 327-0136

R.W. DICKERSON MGT BRICK RANCHER, 3 Bd 2 ba, 2 frpls, gar, 2924 E Grace. $795/mo 922-2653

3Br, 1Ba, FP, Unfin Bsmt, Fncd Yrd, Carport. $850. 5820 N. Maple. GATES REALTY, INC 838-5823 2006 dbl wide 4br, 2ba, appls incl w/d hkup. Animals on apprvl. Hwy 291 between Suncrest & Tum Tum.$950/mo +dep, incl wtr/garb. Refs. 276-9145 Shadle Rancher 1418 W Gordon 3bd 1 ba, Lg fenced yard, laundry hookups $675mo Call Candi 325-1160 Shadle Rent to Own: $695/mo. 2 bd +, hrdwds, 2 car, fncd, pets? 993-7009



3Br Split, 2Ba, NEW CARPET, DW, Gas Ht, Fam Rm, 2 Gar. $950. 4114 E. 8th 3Br, 2Ba, DW, FP, Fam rm, Deck, Fncd Yrd. $950. 3823 E. 34th Spacious Crafstman 4Br, Hrd Wd Fl, Unfin Bsmt,Gar. $850. 1307 E. 13th Gates Realty, inc 838-5823 920 E Plateau 4 bed 2 bath, across the street from Hutton Elementary! With dining area, wood floors, large rec-room, 2 fireplaces, W/D, D/W, deck, garage. Only $1100 Call 789-8595 Johnson Property Mgmt / EHO 1018 E 40TH AVE / $895 Rancher style 2+1 bdrm with full bsmt Hardwood floors, fireplace, gas home, large fenced in back w/covered patio, garage. Call 327-0136


v ROCKWOOD BOULEVARD v 5B/5B classic brick mansion $2595 v CANNON DISTRICT v 1B/1B 2 car gar, mid-century modern cottage...$795. WHIDBEY PROPERTY MGMT 509-448-6446 v 360-331-1464


Water, Sewer & Garbage Inc. Charming 1br, On-Site Lndy, Carport. $475. 1519 W. 6th Newer 3Br, 2Ba split, DW, Fam Rm, 2Gar. 4110 E. 28th GATES REALTY, INC 838-5823 *1018 W 29TH* 3BD, 2.5BA, Appl, W/D Hkup, Fam Rm, Garage, $1095 & Dep, Pets Neg/No Smoking M-T MANAGEMENT, INC. 922-3942

SOUTHEAST 3114 E. 30TH AVE / $750 Victorian 3 bdrm w/front and enclosed rear wraparound porch. Recent upgrades. Call 327-0136


SOUTHWEST 1527 S. ASH / $975 Stylish split, 3bd 2bth on corner lot, wrap around deck, lg mstr ste w/walkin closet and master bath/jet tub, carport, gas hse w/frpl & bsmt rec frplc w/insert. Avail April. Call 327-0136

R.W. DICKERSON MGT 6615 S. MEADOW ST. / $1500 Eagle Ridge Lifestyle, ground lvl entry, 2 story backside w/cov’d deck & patio area. Spectacular view. 3bd w/very lg master & bath, Granite kitch isle, tile & carpet/hrdwd flrs, 2 gar. 327-0136



2Br, 1Ba, DW, W/D Inc, Patio, Shed. $550. 1729 W. 26th GATES REALTY, INC 838-5823

SPOKANE VALLEY 6523 E. 9TH AVE / $895 4Bd (2+2) 2 bth, fenced in frt & back, garden spot, kitchen, appls, eat nook, finished bsmnt, gar, more. 327-0136

R.W. DICKERSON MGT *2609 ½ N VISTA RD* CUTE - 1BD, 1BA, Appl, W/D Hkup, Off Street Parking, Fenced, WTR PD, $525 & Dep, One Small Pet Neg/No Smoking M-T MANAGEMENT, INC. 922-3942

Belle Terre

4Br, 3Ba, 3900 Sq Ft, Fam Rm, Stainless Appl, 2Gar, RV park, Non-Smoke. $1600. 4105 S. Suncrest GATES REALTY, INC 838-5823


3Br, Fin Bsmt w/fam rm, DW, FP, Gas Ht, Fncd Yrd, Gar. $925. 924 S. Charles GATES REALTY, INC 838-5823 10815 East 22nd - Lease $1,500/mth 1st/Last+dep. 5 Bd/3Ba. Dogs ok. 509-990-6654 8118 E. Frederick - 1 Bd House Gas ht. w/d hk up, Gar, fncd. $625 + $700 dep. Lease. Dog Ok. 216-1838 2br,quiet,W/S/G lawncare pd., no pets, $650 + $650 dep. Bill 509-954-5606 3br, 1ba, $850/mo. Gas ht. Crdt/Bkgd Ck. 17917 E. Cowley. 509-939-6321. 3Bd 3Ba, Gas ht/AC, 2 car gar. Pets? 15308 E 3rd, $1,195 509-230-8119

WEST 2br, 1ba, 1300 sqft. Ranch style home on 5 acres, Very secluded, nicely treed, 13 mi to FAFB, 16 mi to WalMart $875/mo. 509-981-7382


Nice 3 Beds in Airway Hgts & Med Lk. $650. 2 Bed, 2 Ba, $600. Cute 1 Bed $450. No pets 244-4299 939-3330


v SPRING MOVE IN SPECIAL v Close in, clean/quiet, 24 hour access to showers & laundry, free cable TV, wireless internet avail. 509-535-1811. Whatever your needs Buying or Selling We can help!

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Real Estate, March 4, 2012  
Real Estate, March 4, 2012  

Real estate for sale and rent in Spokane and the surrounding area.