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Rustic Refinement

Looking your best as you make the switch to a fall wardrobe.

Coat Your Kisser

The Hot Seat


A new shade of lipstick will brighten your day and smile. Page 3

Luxury cars that keep comfort in mind. Page 6-7

Thinking “outside-the-box” in fireplace design (not literally). Page 10

Philanthropy SPOTLIGHT

@gda\Yq =d]_Yf[] at the Spokane Club

With over 1,700 attendees, the 23rd Annual Benefit Luncheon for the Women Helping Women Fund on May 18 featured keynote speaker Amanda Lindhout (left) and raised $275,000 to support local programs that empower women and children to create healthy, vibrant communities. The event also recognized Vivian Winston Scholarship recipients (left to right) Courtney Haynes, Rebekah Evans and Arianna Brown-Harris; the scholarship aims to remove barriers to education by providing financial assistance for child care and other expenses. Photos by Diane Maehl.

With the Holiday season just around the corner, let us show you the many ways the Spokane Club can make your event truly special. Call Jackie Kiley at 459-4237 today! Downtown: 1002 W. Riverside

A Wine, Women & Shoes benefit for Idaho Youth Ranch on July 25 raised $114,000 to support programs that provide troubled children a bridge to a valued, responsible and productive future. Three hundred attendees enjoyed shopping, wine tasting, a live auction and a fashion show with master of ceremonies Katie Brodie and auctioneer Rose Backs at the beautiful Coeur d’Alene Resort. Photo, left to right: Angie Prendergast, Anna Lombard, Holli Andrews and Michele Dirks. Photo courtesy of James & Kathy Mangis Photography.

Upcoming Events October 9 October 9

estate buying event

presents an exclusive three-day

October 10

immediate payment for your treasures

October 24


November 6 November 21

Designer Bra Fashion Show & Auction Beyond Pink, The Great Gatsby Gala Coeur d’Alene Summer Theatre and Sunrise Rotary, Into Africa Auction and Dinner Partnering for Progress, Pumpkin Ball Sacred Heart Children’s Hospital and Vanessa Behan Crisis Nursery, Epicurean Delight Inland Northwest Blood Center, FurrBall Auction, Dinner & Dance Spokane Humane Society, If your local organization is hosting a black-tie benefit that you would like included in Philanthropy Spotlight, please email with event information (inclusion is subject to space).

Page Ahead Coat Your Kisser A new shade of lipstick our knowledgeable buyers can mean more money for you

THREE DAYS ONLY! WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 30TH. 10:00AM-5:00PM THURSDAY, OCTOBER 1ST. 10:00AM-5:00PM FRIDAY, OCTOBER 2ND. 10:00AM-5:00PM Tracy Jewelers • 106 N. Evergreen Rd • Spokane Valley WA 99216 509.893.2929 •

will brighten your day and smile. Page 3

The Hot Seat Luxury cars that keep comfort in mind. Page 6-7

Firestarter Thinking “outside-the-box� in fireplace design (not literally). Page 10

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Wear It Out: Cozy Casual Watercolor Wonderful BYO Bag Inbetweeners Happy Hour at Home Design and Dine ArtWalk







Volume I, Issue II Publisher William Stacey Cowles III Director, Sales & Marketing Kathleen Coleman Product Development Manager Daniel Fritts Art Director/Designer Anne Potter


n˜nQĂ?AĂ?Â?ÂŁÂƒ Ă&#x;Ăź<nAĂ?Ă“

AĂŠAŸ² š 2Ă•Ă„Ă„ĹŽ AÂŹAĂ„A š ²\ÂťyĹŽÂŻ Ä‹yyĂ„AĂŠ /Ă•QyÄ‹ħ 2AÂźQĂ•ħħ š Ă•QQĹŽ Ă•ĂŠyÄ‘ š Ľ£Ă• Ă•Ä‘Ä‘ A\Âť 9²\ħĂ•Ä‹ š /yĂ„ĹŽ š /Ă•QyÄ‹ħ Ä‹AÂŹAĂ„

$:"2$:" 0-$ " ‡ ! " I -$02 ĂŻÂ“Ĺ”ĂŒò ÄŞ ÂŻĂ?Ä?“ľ Ä‘ħá Ă?ĂŒ “



PHOTOGRAPHER Dan Cooley MODELS Heidi Santiago, Robert Moore (MAM) STYLIST Melissa Persling HAIR Mattiekay Tull, Jerrold Sobida (House of POp) MAKE-UP Julie Farley (The Make-up Studio) WARDROBE Audrey’s Boutique, Lolo Boutique, Anderson & Emami LOCATION The Spilker Estate

The Spilker Estate is available for purchase through

Contributors Joe Butler Theresa Carpine Advertising Sarah Little Let us know what you think! Contact Platinum The Spokesman-Review 999 W. Riverside Ave. Spokane, WA 99201 WEBSITE EMAIL INSTAGRAM @platinumspokane



Cozy Casual


Light layers are the key to a functional and fashionable fall ensemble at work or play. - Theresa Carpine

Cutter & Buck Mason Jacket Made with wind and water resistant fabric with a crisp, custom-made look. ($135)

Lizou Infinity Scarf This lightweight mustard scarf is the perfect transitional piece for the changing seasons. ($26)

Testimony CJ-Sleeveless Shell A comfy wide-strapped and high-necked tank keeps you covered in all the right places. ($62)

Bobby Jones Hagen Jac Polo Fine details like engraved mother-of-pearl buttons and a tailored collar raise the bar for this versatile shirt. ($98.50)

Melie Bianco Stella Bucket Bag

34 Heritage Charisma Jeans

When you’re on the go, grab a faux-leather drawstring handbag with luxurious gold hardware for a dressy accessory to jeans or a dress. ($80)

A dark wash is essential if you’re wearing jeans to the office, even on Casual Friday. ($165)

Black Swan Rina Skirt Classic houndstooth dresses up an otherwise simple, stretch pencil skirt. ($60)

Robert Graham Linnie Reversible Belt Two belts for the price of one with black and brown leather and silver buckle details. ($78)

Wardrobe provided by Lolo Boutique

Wardrobe provided by Anderson & Emami

Coat Your


Need a little pick-me-up? A new shade of lipstick is the ticket to a brighter day and smile. Julie Farley, owner of The Make-up Studio, believes every woman should have a go-to lipstick, but many don’t know what looks good on them. She offers half-hour lipstick lessons, as well as longer sessions to refine your look, to help customers find a shade that will “brighten your face, as if the sun has come out,” to quote Lipstick Queen founder Poppy King. Farley starts with the basic question: “What is your natural lip color?” If a lip already has a lot of pigment, a shade doesn’t need to be super bright. A woman’s natural lip color will also determine if they need a shade that goes warm (orange appeal) or cool (think pink). Some women can go warm or cool, depending on their outfit or the season. Farley finds that local women prefer a sheer lipstick rather than a full pigment. “Full pigment lasts longer, but can be too dry in the Northwest,” she explains. For a longer lasting color, Farley suggests coupling a sheer lipstick, such as Lipstick Queen’s Saint Natural, with a stain base or a gloss cover. And keep in mind that you may love a color, but it might not be right for your face. “Buy a pillow in that color instead,” says Farley, “and don’t put it on your lips.”

- Theresa Carpine

Left: Saint Natural from Lipstick Queen ( Right: Farley colors model Anna Haugen’s lip for a Platinum photo shoot.



Cooler pink undertones make teeth look whiter. The darker the lipstick, the smaller the lips look; if you have thin lips already, lean toward lighter colors. Wait 30 seconds after applying a lipstick to make a decision, as the color takes a half-minute to “warm up” on your lips. If you’re in a store with harsh, artificial lighting, move closer to a window to see what the color looks like in natural light.

September 2015



6 6 Autumn’s color palette goes Beyond Orange. Liven up your fall wardrobe with patterns and enhanced earth tones. - Theresa Carpine

Watercolor Wonderful Pastels aren’t just for spring. A floral-inspired print with cool lavender and soft rose highlights feels refreshing in early fall.

Enhance your natural beauty

Patterned Face Watch $17.99,

Pure Jill Airy Striped Scar $49,

…and turn a few heads. Make-up lessons Special occasion make-up Bridal make-up

Sleeveless Watercolor Floral Dress $170,

Dr. Martens Ankle Bo $123,

Treat your skin and keep up the look with our Affordable High Quality Products


(509) 455-7430 216 N Bernard Spokane, WA 99201 *Online orders 10% off on Wednesdays

Mini Suede Bucket Back $118,

Michael Kors Quilted Backpack $198,

Backpacks are back and fring in! Opt for a colored leather with textured accents.

Inbetweeners A lightweight fall jacket should have more style than a utilitarian raincoat. These mid-length jackets will keep you warm without weighing you down.

Mycra Pac Designer Wear Reversible Scrunch Neck Travel Coat $228,

Calvin Klein Double-breasted Peacoat $129.98,

Current/Elliott Quilted Car Coat $248,



Angel of the North Mesi Cardigan $88,

0Ýn [n Ý nÏA·ö ô n · ö¨æ ö¨æÏ A[Ý ón |nÓÝö n



Style&co. Carolyn Printed Clutch $29.98, From Page 2 Flowers of Liberty Floral Print Suitcase $95,

BDG Porter Slouchy Ankle Pant $59,

|ßnÐ ß n A n ©| þb ©önõnÐb ß n £è QnÐ A£e ÔßÐn£ ß ©| ©èÐ Ôßn [n Ô £ ©èÐ Q©e nÔ en[ÐnAÔnÔ Ô £ }[A£ß ø¾ 2 AßÍÔ ö ø A [èß ©£ ø©èÐ }£ nÐ Aß ß n A n ©| æ° nA Ô A ©ß |AÔßnÐ ß A£ ß e©nÔ ö n£ ø©è AÐn Ù ¾ 0ßn [n ß nÐA¸ø [A£ [èÐn ß Ô ¸Ð©Q n ¾


ge is bag

0ßn [n Ô AÐn £AßèÐA [n Ô |©è£e £ ø©èÐ Q©eø¾ 2 n Ð ©Q £ ©èÐ Q©eø Ô ß© nA eA A ne ß ÔÔèn¾ 2 nø Aõn ß n AQ ßø ß© [ A£ n £ß© A£ø ßø¸n ©| ß ÔÔèn £ ß n Q©eø en¸n£e £ ©£ ö Aß £nneÔ ß© Qn nA ne¾ © £ßÔb [AÐß A nb A n£ßÔb èÔ[ nÔ A£e Q©£nÔ AÐn [©£ÔßA£ß ø QÐnA £ e©ö£ A£e ©èÐ Q©eø Ô [©£ÔßA£ß ø ö©Ð £ ß© ÐnQè e ß n ö ß ß n n ¸ ©| ©èÐ ©ö£ Ôßn [n Ô¾

Mum & Co V Backpack $335,

Dooney & Bourke ‘Claremont’ Leather Crossbody Bucket Bag $228,

ß -A £ ! b ön Aõn ßÐnAßne °þþÍÔ ©| ¸n©¸ n èÔß n ø©è ö ß ÐnÔè ßÔ ß Aß AÐn nõn£ nÐ ß A£ ß n £Aß ©£A AõnÐA n |©Ð Ðn¸ A[n n£ß ÔèÐ nÐø¾ / Ô ©| ÔnÐ ©èÔ £|n[ß ©£ A£e enAß [A£ Qn AÔ AÔ °þ½ £ n enÐ ø ¸Aß n£ßÔ eèÐ £ A Ðn¸ A[n n£ß ÔèÐ nÐø¾ º°»

©£õnÐÔn øb ö ß ß Ô ©£n ß n ßÐnAß n£ßb ß n ©£ ø Ð Ô Ô Ð Ô ©| £|n[ß ©£ |Щ ß n £ n[ß ©£ Ô ßnb ö [ Ô n÷ßÐn n ø £ A ö ß ¸Ð©¸nÐ ÔßnÐ üAß ©£ ¸ÐA[ß [n¾ 2 n Ôßn [n Ô ön èÔn AÐn 裩 ¸Ð õ n ne A£e ß nÐn AÔ £nõnÐ Qnn£ A£ AeõnÐÔn ÐnA[ß ©£ nõnÐ Ðn¸©Ðßnetß nø AÐn [© ¸ nßn ø ÔA|n¾ 2 Ô õnÐø n||n[ß õn ©¸ß ©£ ©| AУnÔÔ £ ø©èÐ Q©eøÍÔ ©ö£ nA £ ¸©ßn£ß A Ô ©è e Qn ßÐ ne }ÐÔß Qn|©Ðn ÐnÔ©Ðß £ ß© ©Ðn eA£ nЩèÔ ©¸ß ©£Ô

2$ 0 4 <$4/ / $"04 2 2 $"

æþs ÙÙØ - " ºØæ Ù» ææá :¾ Щ£ö©©e Ð õnb

©nèÐ eÍ n£n ööö¾ -A £! ¾[© º°» n£ßn£© æþ°° 0A|nßø A£e © ¸ [Aß ©£Ô 4¸eAßn ©£ !0 Ðn ¸ A£ßÔ ö ß £nn $èß[© n AßA èÐÐn£ß 0ßn n /nÔnAÐ[ A£e 2 nÐA¸ø 9© Ù¾ -¸ áÙs áØs

September 2015



THE HOT SEATPreview the

It’s the paradox of luxury cars: if you need the speed, you may sacrifice some comfort. Likewise, the roomiest ride with the plushest interior may require gi “umph” under the hood. Luckily, car manufacturers continue searching for that sweet spot between elegance and get-up-and-go, as evidenced in current m

Mercedes AMG GT S Sleek and fast with a dashboard boasting more buttons than a 747 cockpit. Fine craftsmanship and solid performance, including a 4.0 liter V8 bi-turbo engine, are standard issue. Plus, with only 3.7 seconds to rocket from 0 to 60, you’ll start telling your “flight crew” to prepare for takeoff.

Photos courtsy of Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Chrysler/Dodge/Ram, Toyota/Lexus/Scion

Headphones on. World off. From headphones to wireless speakers, we have products that let Bose® turn your music into a great travel companion. The QuietComfort® 20 headphones and the SoundLink® Mini Bluetooth® speaker II, both ideal for on-the-go listening. NOISE CANCELLING HEADPHONES


QuietComfort® 25

QuietComfort® 20

SoundLink® Color

SoundLink® Mini II

Acoustic Noise Cancelling® Headphones

Acoustic Noise Cancelling® Headphones

Bluetooth® Speaker

Bluetooth® Speaker






Black or White


8016 N. DIVISION (509) 893-5588



Black or White


4 Colors!


Carbon or Pearl

e features of next year’s most impressive cars

ving up a little models. - Joe Butler

BMW X5Drive 40E If you want to save the planet, save at the pump or just be seen, you may appreciate something “greener” that’s also a great drive. Few hybrids have the class and integrity of this Beemer – or its 308 hp turbo 4 engine – that can switch to a high-quality lithium electric battery and still deliver 111 horses.

Dodge Charger R/T Missed the first wave of muscle cars decades ago? Check out a new “classic.” The 2015 Charger 392 offers a 485 hp a 6.4 liter Hemi V8. It has more pep than the classic ’67, which still brought a respectable 230 hp 318 V8. Or, pick up an original Charger for a song; a top condition vehicle can be yours for around $60K.

Lexus RX Some are saying the restyled RX is a little scary, with a more angular front end. We prefer “bold,” which shows that your auto – and you – are ready to take on the world. With the brand’s deserved reputation for quality and craftsmanship, not to mention excellent safety features, the world is sure to see you coming.



2.7L Twin Turbo charged EcoBoost® V-6, Enhanced Active Park Assist, 360º Camera, Heated and Cooled Front Seats, Panoramic Vista Roof®, Revel® Audio System, PLUS a 4 year / 50,000 Mile Warranty & a No-Charge 2 year / 24,000 mile Maintenance Plan

LOCALLY OWNED FOR OVER 35 YEARS 202 E North Foothills Dr. Spokane, WA 99207 (509) 324-8200 1-800-669-8801 Hours: Monday-Saturday: 9am-7pm Sunday: 11am - 5pm

September 2015




s \ Ăżs/CC/C+ s/C ^ÂŻ C ^G Ag - AG\ Ă—

s /C+^ÂŻ \ Xc/GC^ Â? X\/q c X \c/ ^ gÄŁÄ€Ĺ?ƞ¿ q¿ģƞ¿ ÙİŊ ĆˆÝ Ćˆ ^Ĺ?¿ŒÄ€ Ä’ ư¿ģĆˆ + Ä’Ä’¿ŊƜ ÂĽ  ŊŊ¿Ä’ \Ä°Ä°Äœ ÂĽ Ä°ĆžĹŠĆˆƜ Ŋ²

c ůĆˆÄ€ÄŁĂą \Ä°Ä°Äœ GĹ?¿ģ  Ä€Ä’Ćś CÄ°Ä°ÄŁ Ă’ âĹ?Äœ ĞƗĞĆ? s \ Ä€Ä’Ŋİ ² ư¿ģĆž¿¯ ^Ĺ?Ä°Ä? ģ¿¯ s ÂĽ Ă˘Ç ÄŚĂżĂŞĹžĂ˘ĂżĆ?âČĞ Ä°ĂœÂŚÂżÂ—Âš ŊŊÄ€ĹŻĆˆ¿ŊƲÄ€ģ¿ŊƜĹ–ÂŚÄ°Äœ ÂĽ ƲƲƲŖš ŊŊÄ€ĹŻĆˆ¿ŊƲÄ€ģ¿ŊƜĹ–ÂŚÄ°Äœ



ĂŠĂ ĹŠà ğĊÄ” HĂ ÄźÄ? 'à à É MĂ–v Ä?M›Ċ€v

á Ĺ’Ă—ڊŠč¿ č č ľľÄ˜ FĂ˝ 8à ʼn€Ä?Ĕà v€ ;ğà Ċ€ Ă˝s ;þà ÉMր FMĂ˝ Ċ½Â€½à ğĔ€à ›þà þýlĂ Ă‘


NOV 20 - DEC 19, 2015

SEP 18 - OCT 18, 2015

happy hour at home You’ve paired wine and food; you’ve paired beer and food. But what about when wine and beer drinkers collide? Please all the party people with styles of locally crafted wine and beer that will complement the following avor proďŹ les. Of course, after a glass or two, everything tastes great. - Theresa Carpine



Creamy goat cheese with just a slight tang Try It with‌something floral and effervescent BEER Orlison Brewing Co. Pilsner 37 WINE Latah Creek Wine Cellars Pinot Gris

Aged Cheddar Sharp and just a little bit nutty Try It with‌something hearty with a kick of pepper BEER No-Li Brewhouse Born & Raised IPA WINE Barrister Winery Cabernet Sauvignon

Bleu Cheese Fragrant and salty Try It with‌something slightly sweet and light BEER Iron Goat Brewing Co. Bleating Red WINE Cougar Crest Estate Winery Estate Grown Viognier


Grilled Steak

\VE9 A

A balance of savory juices and ďŹ ne char

\ ``;


`EZ\ nE- ĂľEn Z ?E ;\

Try It with‌something with a nice roast and full body

To hand-crafted beers made in local breweries! “La Vie Boheme,� Rent

BEER English Setter Brewing Powder Smoke Porter WINE Barili Cellars Syrah

Roasted Poultry Practically a blank canvas for all kinds of seasonings Try It with‌something a little dry with just a hint of fruity accents BEER Ramblin’ Road Craft Brewery Farmhouse Ale WINE Arbor Crest Wine Cellars Chardonnay

Smoked Salmon

ôôô½:n Ă?n! !½[¨Âž

Preserved without that overly ďŹ shy avor Try It with‌something smooth but not too sugary


BEER Perry Street Brewing Scotch Ale WINE Nodland Cellars Bebop Dry Riesling



A versatile dessert that can range from milky to bitter


Try It with‌something with a touch of liquor BEER Steam Plant Brewing Double Stack Stout WINE Overbluff Cellars Occult Cab/Merlot Blend

Shortbread Cookies Classic, simple and buttery Try It With‌something bold that bubbles


BEER Laughing Dog Anubis Imperial Coffee Porter WINE Mountain Dome Winery Brut Vintage


Take a behind-the-scenes look at Platinum photo shoots, get to know the people who make it all happen and enjoy a sneak peek at what’s coming up in our December issue!

To advertise in THE FINDS Call Sarah Little: 509-459-5117





DESIGN AND Just because a dining room is “formal” doesn’t mean it can’t be fun. Bring a little whimsy to your holiday meals by embracing a “mix and match” attitude. -Theresa Carpine

Wall-to-Wall Wow A wallpapered wall creates a nice focal point behind a buffet. Or opt for decals that require much less time, effort and expense than complete wall overhaul. From modern geometric honeycombs to seasonal foliage, wall decals are versatile and easy to alter with your changing style.

Plate Tectonics Beyond silverware, metallic plates add a little shine to your table. Warm gold evokes Victorian elegance, while pounded pewter has a more Medieval flair. Don’t be afraid to mix square and circular plates either…it may also help you remember where plates belong when you’re dishing out dinner.

Have a Seat You’ll probably need to get extra chairs to fit your extended family around the table. Simple wood folding chairs are functional but boring. Drape a table runner over the back of a few chairs and intermix them between your regular dining room furniture for a more unified look. A few upholstered chairs or a multi-person bench can also create a cozy atmosphere as you gather for a meal.

photo: Flynn upholstered chairs/

Overdoing it No, we’re not talking about your drunkle’s tendency to overindulge in spirits during holiday gatherings. Even when embracing an eclectic decorating scheme, make sure at least one element–be it a color or texture–is concurrent throughout the design. Does a canary yellow gravy boat look intentional with your teal/rust/gray paisley tablecloth, or just random? photo:



Make It


SEPTEMBER 25-27 & OCTOBER 2-4 DAILY HOURS: 10:00 AM - 5:00 PM

New Collections available now!





Visit our locations to see our wide selection of American made furniture and home accessories.

2826 N. Ruby 509-325-1815 September 2015




Nothing beats a toasty, crackling fire in your home, especially as the days grow shorter and cooler. Think outside the box when remodeling your home with fire features. - Joe Butler

TILE DESIRE If brick is too traditional for your taste, decorative tile is making a big (back) splash in fireplace design. Multi-colored wood-textured tile is both rustic and sophisticated, and makes an impact when used from floor to ceiling.

photo: CTW


Energyconscious customers should consider infrared fireplaces that are easy to adjust throughout the day. You won’t get the visual of dancing flames, but you will get even amounts of heat from quartz heating elements.

MANTLE MAGIC In addition to being

FLAME OFF Don’t clutter

a functional heat source, a fireplace can be a focal point of your home and a way to display treasured keepsakes. Style experts also suggest several smaller framed photos instead of a dominant one, or a wide mirror or a flat-screen TV.

your hearth area with especially flammable decor like candles, plants, fabric or books. When it’s fire time, move these items a safe distance from any blaze.




FROM DESIGN TO COMPLETION FIREPLACES - gas, pellet, wood, electric, sales, service and installs. MASONRY - rebuild, repair, refacing, and relines. CHIMNEY SYSTEMS - professional installs all fuel types, and/or expert advise for the DIY home owner Credit options now available.

Wing Stoves and More LLC Wing Sales & Marketing 1221 N Freya Way, Spokane, WA 99202 phone: 509-244-6639 | fax: 509-922-8813 30+ years experience in the Hearth Industry




TWICE IS NICE A two-sided fireplace can be appreciated in adjacent rooms. This set-up works well in many combos: living room/dining room, master bath/master bedroom, a backyard patio or even two sitting rooms with different styles with the fireplace as a unifying feature.

photo: CTW

SO LONG, PARLOR With durable building materials, it’s easier to bring flames into your home beyond a traditional grand fireplace. A built-in for your bathroom keeps the room naturally warm while you soak, and the pleasant sound of crackling logs will usher you off to dreamland in your bedroom.

WHAT’S IN YOUR DREAM BACKYARD? You can receive money towards free backyard landscaping! Call for details! Visit any one of our model homes and sign up to win. Airway Heights Cheney Spokane Spokane Pillar Rock Harvest Bluff Eagle Ridge River Run (509) 593-4071 (509) 593-4071 (509) 994-2022 (509) 593-4058 Spokane Valley Spokane Valley Spokane Valley Liberty Lake Creek at Chester River Crossing Taylor Cottages River District (509) 993-4112 (509) 492-3833 (509) 524-8655 (509) 492-3833

Building Better Communities Since 1989 photo: Thinkstock No purchase necessary. One entry per household. Visit for full Official Rules and Promotion terms and conditions. Details and qualifications for participation in this promotion apply. Offer void where prohibited by law. Hayden Homes are sold by New Home Star Washington, LLC CCB# inWA-HAYDENL937BH



If you love local art, the second of October might be your favorite day of the year. Create Spokane Art Month, an initiative intended to get the word out about local art opportunities, ups the ante for local art collectors. Laura Becker, executive director of Spokane Arts, says the celebration starts with the First Friday Visual Arts Tour on Oct. 2, and continues until Oct. 30 with a costume ball. The private party features the city’s annual Arts Awards, the Mayor’s Urban Design Awards and the designation of a new Poet Laureate.


Another highlight of the autumn arts calendar is Terrain, an annual multimedia salute to local performing and visual artists. Their bash on the first Friday in October includes a juried show with hundreds of artists, performers and guests. It’s also the perfect place to invest in some up-and-coming artists while snagging some great art for your home.

Also of interest on Oct. 2 is an exhibit opening at the Chase Gallery at Spokane City Hall featuring longtime Gonzaga University instructor Robert Gilmore. “In Search of Lost Time” will showcase pieces by Gilmore and his former students, including Ken Spiering, John Yerden and Kate Manley, until Jan. 5. - Joe Butler

E N R I C H E D L I V I N G . L A S T I N G VA L U E .










N e w h o m e s i n S p o ka n e , S p o ka n e Va l l ey, L i b e r t y L a ke a n d N o r t h I d a h o .

September 2015


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+ \ `+ ;drdZt n +- ; \ `E '-` tEdZ ;-' \`t;

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0Aþ®Ö æ p Úæ ¨pÚÚÄ èàći A£pÖAÄ ¨ AQñ¨fA¨[p ® pAæñÖpÚÄ

¨¨®þAæ ®¨ æ Aæ Ā[ æpÚ}



?~Ɖõč~ /pæñÖ¨ ® æ p ®®Ö 0¾®ÖæÚ AÖ


ñææ ¨ f p

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ÿAÖf : ¨¨ ¨ -pÖ ®Ö£A¨[p

®£p Úpp ÿ Aæ þpÖā®¨p Ú 2A ¨ Q®ñæ}


'ôĪÞƖ Vą~ťõĔųč : ® ÚAāÚ A ñĀñÖā þp [ p [A¨Óæ [®£p ÿ æ A àÓ æÖñ¨ Ì


ƉĵąĜőÁő ;õčõťÁ´ <®ñÖ Ā¾ ®ÖpÖ ÿ ¾AÖ æÚp Ä

$¨ ā ®Öf AÚ [® ®®Úæ 2p[ ¨® ® āÄ -®ÿpÖ ® A 9uc ñp p[®¨®£ā ® A Ú£A 9àÄ -A¨®ÖA£ [ 9 ÚæA /®® Z !AÚÚA ¨ 0pAæÚ Z èàći A£pÖA Z fA¾æ þp Öñ Úp ®¨æÖ® Z Ö®ÚÚ 2ÖA [ pÖæ

ÞƖĖļáşËļĖƖƖƖ ƇƇƇļpÁĔ´ąÁļ¤Ĝč Platinum


Bella Italia Explore the romance and serenity of Ancient Rome’s favorite vacation spot.

Italian Roots

A Truly Unique Experience

Joe Mantegna shares his inspiring search for extended family in Italy and Sicily. Page 3

Tailgate Across America Football fans know how to travel in style. Page 6

Won’t you let me take you on a river cruise? Page 5


Happy Landings



Choose the right airport to set the tone for your sunny getaway.

By Al Hague, Travel Smart Magazine

LIFE IN SOCAL, or Southern California to outsiders, is just about as good as it gets (if you don’t mind an occasional earthquake or mudslide). But the cost of living, which is 44 percent higher than the national average according to, can turn this slice of heaven into a nightmare. So enjoy the many amenities of the Golden State for a long weekend instead, and let us tell you how to get there and what to enjoy.



Newport Beach / Photo by Al Hague LOS ANGELES The metropolitan area’s LAX airport is a hub for several major airlines, meaning you can fly in from many locations. However, more flights mean more crowds and more hassle. If you’re heading downtown for a game at Dodger Stadium or a concert at STAPLES Center, you’re in for a bit of a drive if traffic is bad (it usually is), and watch out for exorbitant rental car rates.

ONTARIO If you want to relax like a 1950s Hollywood starlet at a Palm Springs resort or rave like a digital native at the Coachella Valley Arts and Music Festival, fly through Inland Empire’s LA/ Ontario International Airport; although the Palms Springs’ airport is closer, fewer flights come through it. Plus, both airline and rental car prices are more reasonable in San Bernardino County.

ORANGE COUNTY Named after film legend John Wayne, Orange County’s airport in Santa Ana is small, but easy to access. Its popularity means a more expensive flight, but its location is much more convenient if the beach is your destination. With surfing mecca Huntington Beach, artists’ enclave Laguna Beach and high-end resorts along the Newport Coast, Orange County’s coastline attracts all kinds of visitors.

BURBANK The best kept secret in SOCAL airports is the Bob Hope Airport. While small with limited direct flights to primarily West Coast cities, the quaint airport evokes a sense old Hollywood–appropriate given its name. A trip to the Griffith Park Observatory for a view of the Hollywood Sign is definitely in order if you’re a classic film fan.

Bird of Paradise Photo by Al Hague

UPCOMING EVENTS October 2015: Los Angeles Haunted Hayride April 2016: Indio/Palm Springs Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival Summer 2016: Laguna Beach Pageant of the Masters Summer 2016: Huntington Beach Vans US Open of Surfing

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1. NapAnywhere Travel pillow neck support; invented by a practicing physician.



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From top to bottom: Joe with wife and family; Fine dining in Italy; View of Calascibetta from Enna, Sicily train station 1975; Calascibetta 1975; Headshot of Joe, photos courtesy of Joe Mantegna and Travel Smart Magazine.

Italian Roots Well-known stage, screen and television actor Joe Mantegna shares his search for his extended family in Italy and Sicily.

By Joe Mantegna Special to Travel Smart Magazine Alex Haley’s book “Roots” had a profound effect on me with its vivid portrayal of an African-American man tracing his family lineage. In the mid-1970s, I began my Italian-American version. I was with a small Chicago theater company about to embark on its first European tour in 1973. I had never been to Europe before, and I realized I could pursue my own “Roots” journey. I hoped to return to the places where my grandparents lived. On my father’s side, it was a town called Calascibetta in Sicily; for my mother’s side, it was Acquaviva delle Fonti, a small town outside Bari, Italy. With my new bride at my side, I set out to discover if I had any family left in “the old country.” To say that the trip changed my life would be an understatement. We first arrived at the Enna train station in central Sicily, and I asked a local if she knew Calascibetta. She pointed up to a crop of buildings huddled on an adjacent mountaintop, so we boarded a bus that made a single daily route from the Enna train station to Calascibetta. Pulling into Calascibetta was like stepping back in time. Our timing was ideal with a street market in full swing in the town square. I approached a ‘Carabinieri,’ a military police officier in a traditional Napoleon-like peaked hat. I told him my name in my best highschool Italian and explained my search for remaining relatives. He eyed us with some suspicion, then told us to explore the town before meeting him back at the small city hall. After visiting a local cemetery that predated Columbus’s voyage, we entered the town hall to find a man, his wife and two children. The gentleman’s name was Valerio Mantegna, and one of his children shared my name, Joe.

Among the more interesting details is that my uncle Antonio had been visiting his good friend Marshal Tito, the president of Yugoslavia, when we arrived. During his trip, he received a telegram asking him to come home to meet the American relatives. We learned that Uncle Antonio fought with Tito in the Yugoslavian underground during World War II, one of the few Italian war heroes to fight for the Allies. The town of Acquaviva named a street after him for his efforts. Suffice to say, my journey started relationships that continue to this day. One of Antonio’s sons, my cousin Nicola Novielli, owns an “agroturismo,” or farm, that he turned into a resort in 1991. Masseria Mofetta in Acquaviva is now one of our favorite vacation destinations in the world. My personal “Roots” story spans 40 years and counting. It has been one of the most special chapters of not just mine, but also my family’s life. In many ways, I’m closer now to my Italian relatives than I am to relatives I grew up with in the States. I encourage others to begin a personal journey into their heritage, wherever it may take them.

Valerio was the local pharmacist, as well as the mayor. No wonder the policeman was suspicious. We exchanged hugs and pleasantries. We vowed to keep in touch, which we did for quite awhile until nearly all my Sicilian relatives left for mainland Italy to pursue a more modern lifestyle. Our journey continued with exploring my maternal ancestry in Acquaviva delle Fonti.

Joe Mantegna currently stars in “Criminal Minds” on CBS and annually co-hosts the National Memorial Day Concert with Gary Sinise.

I could rhapsodize for hours about that visit.

September 2015




40 minute boat ride is all that separates Italy’s Almalfi Coast from the island of Capri. Only 4 square miles, the island destination appeals to modern vacationers as much as it did to the emperors of Ancient Rome. Today, Capri is a fashionable, albeit expensive, shopping destination, while harbor neighbor Anacapri is secluded with plenty of beaches. We recommend exploring the “island of coral” in late spring or early fall to miss the annual tourist crush.

FOOD When you’re in Capri, you must try the fish. It’s undoubtedly fresh, and probably caught that very morning. Italian menus are a la carte, and it’s easy to order too much food. Just a salad and a main dish is enough, or plan to share a few plates with travel companions. And don’t expect a doggie bag; it simply isn’t done in Italy. Take time to enjoy your meal, and appreciate the company of the always energetic wait staff. Faraglioni Rocks I Photo by Al Hague Photo Thinkstock

apri C

What to See in By Al Hague, Travel Smart Magazine

Capri Harber I Photo by Al Hague FILMS With breathtaking turquoise waters, pleasant Mediterranean weather and stunning cliffside villas, it’s no surprise that Capri and other cities along the Amalfi Coast have inspired directors to capture the locations on film. Preview the beauty of Italy in the following movies: “It Started in Naples” (1960) “Le Mépris” (1963) “Only You” (1994) “A Good Woman” (2004)

FASHION Designer Sonja de Lennart’s collection of skirts, blouses and belts named after her favorite holiday destination debuted in 1945. She introduced her most famous design, the Original Capri pant, in 1948, which was popularized by actresses like Audrey Hepburn. With a festive blouse and sparkling necklace, an outfit featuring the cropped pants transitions from a walk on the beach to a candlelight dinner during your trip.



MUST SEE Renowned physician Dr. Axel Munt

chapel dedicated to San Michele in 1887; the chap villa of Roman Emperor Tiberius. The Swedish-bor royalty, was a philanthropist who worked with the p Italy. Dr. Munthe chronicled his life in “The Story of the renovation of Villa San Michele, now a public m

R iver

GETTING AROUND Taxis are the easiest and best way to get around, with drivers ranging from quiet and gruff to wild and crazy. The taxis themselves are unique to Capri; the open-air passenger compartments provide a scenic ride. As one might expect, the hillside roads are narrow, but the conditions do not seem to slow down drivers whatsoever.

Won’t you let me take you on a


By Al Hague, Travel Smart Magazine

Photo by AMA Waterways

Photo by AMA Waterways

River cruising is a truly unique travel experience because it focuses on the journey, not just the destination, as your floating hotel quietly cruises by some of the world’s most historic and beautiful scenery.

AMA Waterways


The fleet of 14 ships has a contemporary flair and impeccable service. AMA has extensive offerings around the world: Europe, Asia, South Africa, Russia and more. Although not an all-inclusive line, it does offer complimentary soft drinks, beer and wine with lunch and dinner in multiple dining venues. AMA is also a good choice for the more active cruiser as it offers bicycles, fitness centers and onboard pools and spas.

This European-based river cruise company has only been marketing to North America since 2013 but is quickly catching on with cruisers who want a more active experience. A-ROSA is all-inclusive and offers large fitness centers, on-deck pools and complimentary bicycles with a focus on health and wellness. A-ROSA also features regional dining experiences and local wines in multiple onboard dining venues ship.

Tauck The seasoned traveler may recognize the name of this premier tour operator. In recent years, Tauck has ventured into the river cruise category, combining river cruising with outstanding shore excursions, plus offerings multiple dining venues, fitness centers and pools on board. Tauck is an all-inclusive line that offers exclusive events like private meals, concerts and afterhours tours of museums. They operate exclusively in Europe and continue to innovate with loft style cabins on their two newest ships, as well as fewer passengers (130 as compared to 190) for a more intimate travel experience.

Uniworld Boutique River Cruise Collection Uniworld is an all-inclusive line with extensive offerings in Europe, including Italy - the only one in Italy we believe - plus Russia, China, Cambodia and Vietnam. The line provides bicycles, fitness centers and onboard multiple onboard dining venues with an elegant Old World European style; plus, Uniworld has been doing it longer than almost any other cruise line.

Viking River Cruises The most well-known of all the river cruise lines due largely in part to those dreamy television commercials, Viking offers traditional river cruising experiences in Europe, Russia, Egypt, Cambodia, Vietnam and China. Viking provides a focus on local culture, food and wine. It offers large staterooms in bright, contemporary ships designed with typical Scandinavian moderation. You won’t find gyms or pools, however; according to Viking, their ports of call all offer extensive walking tours to provide all the exercise a traveler requires. There are multiple dining venues on board and, while not all-inclusive, complimentary soft drinks, beer and wine are provided.

Choosing the the right cruise ship for you… By Al Hague, Travel Smart Magazine

Photo by Al Hague

Each cruise caters to a specific type of guest. This seems obvious, but you must explore all the options. Here are a few keywords to start your journey. Villa San Michele I Photo by Al Hague

the began restoring a ruined Capri pel itself had been built on the ruined n doctor, who once treated European poor through outbreaks of disease in f San Michele” in 1929, which detailed museum with scenic harbor views.

Size Matters Not only is the size of your cabin important for a comfortable trip, but the size of ship, number of passengers and slew of activities can indicate if you will feel at home or overwhelmed.

Support System Researching the numerous cruise options can make planning your vacation feel like work. Travel agents are a useful resource when curating the right trip and experience for your age, interests and budget.

Ports of Call Exploring destinations is a significant part of the cruising experience. You may need to decide if off-boat excursions are your primary concern rather than onboat amenities.

We Need a Holiday As you plan a trip that’s right for you, remember that there’s no wrong way to cruise! Have fun!

September 2015





Football fans may be infamous for foam fingers and extreme face painting, but they also know how to travel in style. A tailgating RV is much more than a mobile party palace outside the stadium; it’s a convenient way to get from Spokane to the Cougs in Pullman, the Seahawks in Seattle or even the so-called “America’s Team” in Dallas. Get your tailgating set-up ready for kick-off this fall with new trailer features, comfortable seating and more. By Theresa Carpine

Entertainment Central Yes, the excitement of tailgating is being a part of the action at the stadium. But you don’t want to miss the pre-game analysis! A Fleetwood Discovery 40E has all the bells and whistles, inside and out, including four televisions, interior surround sound and satellite dish and radio options.

Reserved Seating No need to take a knee, as long as you have plenty of comfortable seating, and what’s more comfortable than a reclining camp chair? Maybe a pair of hammock seats. And, with sleeping room for eight in a Forest River Rockwood RV, you can always find a place to crash inside.

Photo courtesy of

Sport-Brella Recliner Chair

Bar Back You’ll be the hit of the tailgate if you show up with a custom-built tear drop trailer with a fullystocked bar in tow. But no one will sneeze at a cooler–decked out in your team’s logo, of course–full of ice-cold beer for the game, either. Whatever you’re drinking, remember to enjoy responsibly.


Cooler Bag $26.95 Little Guy T@B M@x S Teardrop $23,600

The Tailgaters’ Hammocks $349.95


Outside BBQ · Outside Stereo · Patio · Outside Mini Fridge · Exterior Entertainment Center


LARGEST RV DEALER TAILGATING STARTS HERE! Liberty Lake 23203 E. Knox 866.328.2057 Airway Heights 13915 W. Sunset Hwy 866.861.2472 Lewiston 4101 N & S Hwy 866.883.9237

TS6 Platinum

w w w. R n R RV. c o m

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*$349 a month lease for 36 months on a new 2015 Lexus IS250 AWD Sedan, Model# 9506, $1,799 due at signing. Sale price does not include tax, title, license and $150 negotiable dealer doc fee. 10,000 allowable miles per year. Security Deposit waived. Offer based on MSRP of $41,304 including delivery, processing and handling. See dealer for vehicle and lease program details.**Available on approved credit to very well-qualified customers through Lexus Financial Services and participating Lexus dealers on a New 2015 RX350 AWD, MSRP: $48,008. 36 month lease. $2,999 due at signing. Includes $1,500 Lexus customer cash. Not all customers will qualify. With approved credit. Rates as low as 0.9% for up to 36 months or 1.9% APR for 37-60 months on New 2015 Lexus RX350 AWD. All financing with approved credit through Lexus Financial Services. Must take delivery by 9/30/2015.


1030 W. 3RD AVE., SPOKANE, WA With each vehicle purc purchased receive a SAMSUNG SA TABLET OR $200 Gas card.


Construction has begun on our brand new dealership to ensure that a great experience gets even better. We’ve got more vehicles on site than ever and we need to make room. Take the challenge! Apples to apples, you’ll find a great deal during our construction sale at your downtown Toyota dealer.

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Larry H. Miller Downtown Honda 2015 CIVIC LX CVT Sedan Sale Price



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2015 CR-V LX AWD

or 2015 CR-V LX AWD


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Sale Price


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AVE. | 509-353-4700 |

*2015 Civic LX CVT Sedan. Stock#: 28200. MSRP: $20,110. $474.55 total due at signing. Lease end residual of $11,864.90. 0.9% APR pricing for 48 months. Sale price $18,995. 2015 CR-V LX AWD. Stock#: 28002. MSRP: $25,575. $534.75 total due at signing. Lease end residual of $16,112.25. Sale price $21,995. 12,000 miles/year. All financing on approved credit. Sale price does not include tax, title, license or $150 negotiable dealer doc fee. No security deposit required. Offers expire 9/30/15

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