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Dr. Dennis Ross

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Cozine Life Events Center Omni Advanced Business Campus Peace in the Eye of the Holiday Hurricane

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1327 N. Shadow Rock • $485,000 • Shadow Rock • 5 Bedrooms • 4 Full & 2 Half Bathrooms • Sq. Ft. 3,346 • Screened Deck • Finished Walk-out Basement



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What’s your favorite part of Thanksgiving dinner?

Jody Klein

Mitch Gee

Debi Devor

Amy Palser

My favorite part is going around the table and learning what each person is thankful for. A close second is consuming my own “made-up” recipe for sweet potatoes.

My favorite part of our Thanksgiving meal is my wife’s desserts – and the nap afterward!

My favorite part is everyone getting together and sharing what they are thankful for. And of course stuffing and pumpkin pie with lots of whipped cream!

I love making fresh cranberry relish. Try it out this year – it’s so easy! In a food processor, whirl together one whole orange (skin on!), one bag fresh cranberries, 1 cup sugar (more or less to taste). I always make extra so I have leftovers!





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for all of our clients and friends



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a bountiful


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I Am Thankful When Dr. Dennis Ross takes part in his family’s Thanksgiving ritual this year, his list will be extensive – including a long and fruitful career, family, philanthropy, music, dance and writing.





Equipped with a fireplace, catering kitchen, outdoor patio and a charming wall fountain, the newly opened Cozine Life Events Center is a gracious space in which to celebrate all of life’s seasons.

Can a company add a branch office overnight? Effortlessly grow or subtract employee space? Enjoy the latest innovations? All of these perks and more come with a corporate membership at Omni Business Center.

More than a hundred years ago, J.P. Weigand arrived in Wichita with a simple desire: To help people find the same home he found in this city. In the next century the company hopes to become a trendsetter in the real estate industry.

If your first impulse is to launch yourself into the season with abandon after last year’s shut-down, we have tips from mentalhealth professionals about doing it with mindfulness and groundedness.

Cozine Life Events Center

Omni Advanced Business Campus

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No Place Like Home

Peace in the Eye of the Holiday Hurricane

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I Am Written by Julie Hying and Amy Palser


Dr. Dennis Ross A Life of Innovation and Service There’s a Thanksgiving tradition in the Ross household that starts with five humble corn kernels on each guest’s plate. Before dinner and before the prayer, with the entire family gathered around, each person recalls five things for which he or she is thankful, removing a kernel for each statement until the plate is empty. It’s a tradition fitting of Dr. Dennis Ross’ life philosophy. Each seed placed before him during his 74 years – whether an opportunity, idea or even a nudge from above – Ross has picked up, and with gratitude, planted, watered and nurtured it to see what kind of plant would abound. This simple practice has produced a bountiful garden full of good things that Ross has shared with the world around him. This month Ross and his wife, Ann, will be recognized and honored on National Philanthropy Day with the Outstanding Philanthropist Award, a recognition of an individual or family who demonstrates extraordinary civic and charitable responsibility and whose generosity inspires others to philanthropic action. For decades they have generously supported numerous programs and causes both in Wichita and across the nation. 8

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As he ponders another Thanksgiving and the pre-meal tradition in which he’ll partake, it’s clear that five kernels aren’t enough to account for all the good things in the garden of his life. But there are a handful that top his gratitude list. “First of all, I’m thankful that I’ve always remained healthy. I’ve been able to practice medicine for 43 years,” Ross said. “I’m thankful for a wonderful wife. She had lung cancer when she was 41 and she had less than a 10 percent chance of survival, but she’s here today. And my children – they’re really great kids. And my grandkids – they’re just wonderful.”

A Journey in Medicine and Music Growing up in Aurora, Nebraska, the son of a barber and a homemaker, Ross always wanted to be a doctor. “Even when I was 9 years old, I would dissect frogs, I would put together the Invisible Man toy, I would read anatomy books,” he said. “I was a scrawny kid, the perfect example of a nerd. When I was in high school I was 6 feet tall, weighed about 130 pounds and had size 11 shoes, so when I turned to the side I looked like an ‘L.’ ” He took a liking to music and dancing, with his sister teaching him piano at age 5, and later moving on to a classical piano teacher who he likened to the Gestapo. At age 10 his brother’s girlfriend began giving him tap-dancing lessons and convinced him to dress as Uncle Sam and dance with her at the county fair. He played saxophone in the marching band and was drum major. “They wanted me to try out to be the drum major at college, but I knew I wanted to go to medical school and didn’t think I would have enough time with my studies.” Turning his attention fully toward medicine, Ross graduated from The University of Nebraska College of Medicine in 1969, then completed his residency program at Wesley Hospital in 1976 and made the decision to subspecialize in nephrology. After completing a fellowship in nephrology at Jewish Hospital in St. Louis from 1976 to 1978, he returned to Wichita and joined Kansas Nephrology Associates. In 1996, Ross and four other physicians from across the United States merged their dialysis units and founded the Renal Care Group (RCG), starting with 2,600 patients and expanding to approximately 35,000 patients over the next 10 years. Ross served on RCG’s advisory board from 1996 until 2006, when Fresenius Medical Care, the world’s largest dialysis equipment and service center, purchased RCG. During this time, Ross established 14 dialysis units across the state of Kansas, making dialysis available to much of the entire state. He commonly gave lectures to community organizations, professional societies and educational institutions, and was published extensively in professional books and journals. Ross also learned dialysis access surgery, eliminating numerous hospitalizations for his patients, and established a clinical research facility that gave him access to the newest treatments before they were introduced to the general population.

But this fascinating physician is known for more than writing big checks. He’s a dancer, a singer and an opera aficionado. He plays saxophone in a polka band, writes mystery novels and enjoys hot cars. He makes it a goal to be able to do as many push-ups as his age. As a nephrologist, he made dialysis available to much of the state of Kansas. And as a family man, he has been a devoted husband to Ann for 49 years. Together they raised four children, all of whom are married and have thrived in their careers. Amy, the oldest, Mindy and Kristy (identical twins) and son Aaron have added to their joy by giving them eight grandchildren.

As an emeritus clinical professor at the University of Kansas School of Medicine-Wichita, he was instrumental in expanding their curriculum to a full four-year program in 2011 and serving students in their didactic and clinical education. For 40 years, he held the position of president of Kansas Nephrology Physicians. After 43 years of practicing medicine, conducting research and finding innovative ways to treat patients, Ross retired in August. He continues to focus on the field of nephrology through clinical trials and treatments as well as interventional nephrology to maintain the vascular access for dialysis. “My wife thinks I need to retire more,” he said with a laugh. “I still work part-time at my research company, and then I work with research trials. And then I’m trying to help the opera get going again after Covid …”

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In his newest work, “The Lethal Elixir,” an Ebola virus planted by Chinese operatives wreaks havoc on modern society, causing panic and impacting the economy. Ross said the book was in the editing process when the current pandemic was starting, so the parallels to real life were eerie. The book is available at Barnes and Noble, Watermark Books and Amazon. Ross recently pitched his book to 14 movie producers – which he describes as “speed dating for fiction writers” – and hopes to see it on the big screen one day.

Church Bells and a Pipe Organ As dedicated members of Holy Cross Lutheran Church, the Rosses have supported their church in various ways over the years, including providing for special projects. Early in daughter Mindy’s first marriage, she lost her husband along with his father in a fire. To honor their lives and leave a lasting legacy, the Ross family donated a bell tower with 25 bells made in France to ring as a tribute, as members of Holy Cross gather to worship, celebrate marriages or even say a final goodbye to loved ones.

Wichita Grand Opera Dr. Ross is recharging interest in the opera with new and exciting upcoming events. On November 23 at Wichita Center for Performing Arts, they will host the All-American Boys Chorus (likened to the Vienna Boys’ Choir) to delight concert goers with traditional American songs and joyful Christmas music. Every other year, in conjunction with the WGO, the Rosses organize a fun-filled, patriotic event to honor veterans and active military, with kids’ activities, food, fireworks and a concert with a 60-member choir and 45-piece orchestra. He aims to recharge interest in the opera with new and exciting upcoming events, like bringing in the All-American Boys Choir (likened to the Vienna Boys’ Choir) Nov. 23 at the Wichita Center for the Arts. Another event on Feb. 11 at Century II Concert Hall will feature world famous concert violinist Carolyn Campbell, along with the WGO, tango dancers and singers.

Music and Fiction Ross is also enthusiastic about music in his personal life, singing in the church choir at Holy Cross Lutheran Church, playing the saxophone and being a member of the church polka band, which plays at nursing homes, local parades – including Wichita Riverfest – and at Whiskey Dicks during Oktoberfest. For his 70th birthday, he threw a party that included a 15-piece big band and singer-songwriter Michael Andrew. Amidst the evening’s entertainment, the band played “I’ve Got Rhythm” while Ross tap-danced. As his love for musical endeavors has spilled over into dance, he even competed by dancing the cha-cha in a local “Dancing With the Stars” competition – and won first place. ”My wife and I have danced quite a bit together,” he said. “In fact we had a lesson today; we were working on the foxtrot.” In 2019, Ross added “fiction writer” to his resume when he published “The Perfect Match,” which tells the tale of a college student navigating the difficulties of renal disease and dialysis, but as he awaits a transplant, the mob and mayhem collide. Ross said he wanted to educate the public on what life is like for someone waiting on a kidney transplant, but he knew a medical document would only bore them. So he decided instead to weave his medical experience and expertise into a compelling thriller. 10

In 2002, the church began building a new sanctuary, and the Rosses commissioned the construction of a new pipe organ from Germany for the worship space. German designers brought specialized parts and components to Wichita to build this musical masterpiece for Holy Cross. Ross also lends support as a board member of “The Lutheran Hour,” a Christian radio show broadcast that is shared worldwide, reaching people of various religious traditions across the globe. Such large donations are not uncommon for the Rosses; their philanthropic endeavors are many and widespread. They are supporters of Holy Cross Lutheran Church, Concordia Theological Seminary, University of Nebraska Medical Center, Music Theater of Wichita, The Wichita Grand Opera, the Wichita Symphony, Botanica, the Wichita Art Museum, Mark Arts, Exploration Place, the Wichita Public Library, Wichita State University department of fine arts, Wichita Children’s Home, Episcopal Social Service, Junior League, University of Kansas School of Medicine-Wichita, and the National Kidney Foundation, as well as many others. When considering Ross’ passions, pursuits and the many gifts he has given to the community, a single quotation springs to mind, one that speaks to the bountiful garden he has cultivated and shared: “Not what we say about our blessings, but how we use them, is the true measure of our thanksgiving.” – W.T. Purkiser

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HOPENET 30TH ANNIVERSARY CELEBRATION Cozine Life Events Center HopeNet marked its 30th anniversary with dinner, drinks and live music by Phil Joel of the Newsboys. The event raised money for the Wichita nonprofit organization that provides mental health services on a sliding scale, thanks to donor support. Through coaching and counseling, HopeNet aims to transform the lives of people in the greater Wichita area. To donate or learn more, visit hopenetwichita.org. Ashley Cozine, Suzi Cozine, Stephen and Ashley Granberry

Brian and Karis Gensch, Cindy and Bryan Hanning, Roosevelt DeShazer, Tim and Gail Buchanan

Crystal and Michael Aluko

Darnell and Abigail Bryant, Pearls of Hope

Dr. Paul Davis, David and Sally Rogers, Pam and Bill Martin

Logan Forrest, Michelle Martin, Hope and C.J. Komarynsky, Adena McCowan

Perry Malzahn, Katherine Lewis, Allie Andrews, Paige Phillips, Stephanie Weishaar

Phil and Heather Joel, Bob and Jane Knight, Christiane Doom, Ivy and Josiah Ray

Polly Berry, Jo Lynn Bright, Walter Berry

Ron and Patty Oberg, Charity and Rick Schaulis

Stacy and Allison Peterson, Debbie and Pete Ochs

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MONEY MAT TERS Don’t Be Fooled by Your Direct Writer

After 33 years with Allstate Insurance, I sold my agency and began a new venture as an independent business agency owner with We Insure. With a direct writer you only have one option. With We Insure, I now have multiple A+ companies to give a range of options that best fits the needs of each client. It is very important to reevaluate your insurance coverage every 2 years. How many times have you heard a friend saying their carrier only paid to repair half of a roof, or they are only paying to paint only one side of a home? It is very frustrating for the client after a traumatic loss from a storm. Here are some important coverages to have:

What are Mortgage Points? Should I Buy Them?

A Little Outsourcing Leads to a Lot of Satisfaction

You’ve probably heard about “points” along your mortgage journey. But what are they? They’re essentially prepaid interest purchased to lower your loan’s interest rate. One point equals 1 percent of your total loan amount. So, if your loan was $100,000, one point would equal $1,000.

One easy way to get more satisfaction from your life is by outsourcing one or two things that you really don’t enjoy. Whether that’s laundry, mowing the lawn, or general household cleaning – you can pay a little money for someone else to take it off your plate. No matter where you fall on the financial spectrum, doing these chores probably takes away time that you could be spending with your family or doing things you love. In an article Jeff Haden wrote for “Inc. Magazine,” he referenced science that shows how spending just a little bit of money on outsourcing can generate a lot more life satisfaction.

Determine your break-even period. Divide the cost of the points by how much you’ll save each month to get the number of months it will take to recoup your cost. If you plan to stay in your home beyond that time, it may be a good idea. Points may be tax deductible. You can deduct points the year you pay for them for purchase loans, and throughout the life of your loan for refinances. Lowering your real cost can shorten your breakeven period. Are there any risks? Once you purchase points, the money is gone. If you sell or refinance before your break-even point, the difference equals a loss. How else can I lower my monthly payment? If you can make a larger down payment on your new home, your mortgage – and your mortgage payments – will be lower.

HOME INSURANCE Loss forgiveness will give you yearly decreasing deductibles that will replace the entirety of the roof, siding, and exterior paint of your home. Earthquake insurance. (Beware: Not every carrier has this coverage!) AUTO INSURANCE Accident forgiveness with yearly decreasing deductibles. Now is a great time to review your insurance due to the significant increased cost of goods. Ross Viner is an independent agency owner with We Insure. He’s an LUTCFdesignated insurance advisor with over 40 years experience, licensed in home, auto, health and life insurance. Call or email him for a review at 316.600.0520 or ross.viner@weinsuregroup.com 12

What’s the best action for me? If you want a lower monthly house payment or a tax deduction, buying points can be a good way to get there. Contact us today, and we’ll work together to build the best mortgage solution for you. Visit Home Bank & Trust Company at homebank-trust.com to discuss your financial goals and mortgage options. Member FDIC, Equal Housing Lender. Brian Sandberg, NMLS #468586; Mai Schendel, NMLS #468583; Jeff Rathbun, NMLS #543215; Home Bank & Trust, NMLS #416329. NOVEMBER 2021 · splurgemag.com

A financial planner can help assure you that spending money on outsourcing tedious tasks is possible and a good thing. With a financial planner, it’s easy to take a look at your financial trajectory and how well you’re balancing your present with your future. It’s important to remember that any money you have left when you die is money you could have used to get more satisfaction from your life on earth. Our team of life-centered financial planners really cares about what you get out of life, and we’d like to meet and discuss your current situation. Scan this QR Code to schedule a meeting! Leading Edge Financial Planning, LLC, is a Registered Investment Advisory firm and is registered with the states of Kansas and Colorado. Contact Michael Proctor, CCO, with any questions at 316.768.7526 or mike@leadingedgepf.com.

5 Area Branches With 2 Convenient Wichita Locations to Serve You. Are you thinking of buying a new home or selling your current home? Looking at refinancing? You need a lender you can trust!

Check out our expert column in Money Matters on Page 10.

Make Home Bank and Trust your first call for a no-obligation consultation and see why so many people choose our team. You're going to feel right at home with Home Bank and Trust because we don't have customers, we have family.

Meet the Home Bank and Trust Lending Team

Brian Sandberg

Wichita East (316) 686-5000 Brian@homebank-trust.com

Mai Schendel

Wichita East (316) 686-5000 Mai@homebank-trust.com

East Wichita (316) 686-5000 1409 N. Greenwich · Wichita, KS 67206

Jeff Rathbun

Wichita East (316) 773-6000 Jrathbun@homebank-trust.com

West Wichita (316) 773-6000 10421 W. Central · Wichita, KS 67212

Visit us at www.homebank-trust.com to learn more

Cozine Life Events Center Now Open for All of Life’s Seasons A number of years ago, while attending a national funeral service conference, Ashley Cozine and his peers were asked to identify who their biggest “competitor” was as a funeral home. The unexpected answer challenged the attendees to look past their own profession and to consider the fact that hotels and other hospitality-oriented venues might actually be their greatest competition for holding memorial services and celebrations of life.

consumers wanted more than a reception area simply located within an existing funeral home, and they were ready to experience something beyond a typical “funeral home feeling” environment. While the Life Events Center can be used to hold funerals, it has a multitude of other uses, which is why Cozine says, “It was important not to use ‘funeral home or mortuary’ in the building’s name.” Cozine designed the building layout and most of its features including the rooflines, interior finishes and special details. The entry of the new building was inspired by a gate house at Harvard University and the large fireplace in the living room was patterned after Cozine’s grandparents’ home in Wichita. He gives much of the interior design credit to his wife, Carolyn. The neutral colors selected provide a perfect backdrop for furnishings and special artwork that Cozine collected while attending graduate school in England. A collection of stunning images of Wichita and Kansas taken by local photographers and longtime family friends, Mark and Taylor Wilkes, are meant to make people “feel right at home,” while inspiring feelings of pride in their beautiful city and state.

As a third-generation funeral director with Cozine Memorial Group, Broadway Mortuary and Kensington Gardens cemetery, Cozine began to consider how he could best position his family-owned business to compete with these venues, and began to explore the potential and many possibilities for change. “That seminar proved to be a game changer. After much reflection and thought, the idea and decision to construct a life events center made perfect sense,” stated Cozine. Recently that vision did turn into a reality when the Cozine Life Events Center opened its doors and held its first event at the end of September. The new 15,800-square-foot Cozine Life Events Center, located adjacent to Kensington Gardens in east Wichita, offers a spacious and inviting living room with a grand fireplace, a paneled room decorated with unique Wichita collectibles, a large multi-purpose event hall equipped with state-of-the-art audio and visual equipment, a catering kitchen, and an outdoor patio boasting a fireplace and a charming wall fountain. Among its many details, the new venue is described as warm, spacious and sophisticated. Cozine credits his tenure on the National Funeral Directors Association board, including serving as 2016–17 president, with providing him much “forward-thinking” inspiration as he traveled around the country and gathered ideas. In consideration of the overall design for the new building, Cozine realized that 14

Written by Julia Underwood Burton

From visitations and celebrations of life, to wedding receptions, reunions and retirement parties, the beautiful new venue is perfectly designed for all of life’s celebrations and special occasions. Appropriately, their long-time tagline reads “Celebrate the Seasons of Life,” and that’s exactly what the Cozine Life Events Center is designed to do. To learn more about the Cozine Life Events Center visit cozine.com.


Cozine Life Events Center at Kensington Gardens 11500 E. 21st St. N. · 316.634.0500 · cozine.com

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Austin George, MD

Q. At what point in med school did you know you wanted to

Q. If you have a free afternoon,

A. I was interested in becoming a surgeon as early as high school; I

A. On days that I get done early,

become a general surgeon?

what are you going to do?

felt like it was my calling. During our clinical rotations in medical school, I was able to experience many specialties and determined that general surgery was the right fit for me. It provides a very broad mix of patients and operations. I love being able to identify a problem and then fix it.

Q. What types of surgeries do you perform? A. General surgery is a broad field, and we perform many types of

procedures. Some of the more common procedures I perform include endoscopy, hernia repairs, laparoscopic gallbladder and appendix removal, and neck surgery for parathyroidectomy and thyroidectomy. I also perform robotic surgeries and prefer this platform for most ventral and inguinal hernias, hiatal hernias and gastrointestinal surgery.

Q. If you could tell patients one thing, what would that be? A. Surgeons are human. I work hard and always do the best I can

on every single surgery. Sometimes things don’t go as planned and we have unexpected findings during surgery or we have to perform an emergency surgery on a critical patient. Although we like to have a schedule and plan our day, there is rarely a typical day. Just know that if we are running behind or had to adjust the schedule, it’s because we are providing the best medical care that we can to the current patient, just like we will for you.

I try to pick up my oldest son from school and get home early to hang out with the family. Over the winter months, if I finish early enough, I like to get in a workout. When the weather is nice, I like to be outdoors on the golf course getting in some practice or a quick nine holes.

Q. What recommendation would you give to a high school student wanting to become a surgeon?

A. Surgery is a difficult and demanding career. I would encourage

them to shadow several different types of surgeons and other physicians. Do exceptional in high school. Take all the advanced classes and work hard. Go to a reputable college with a good pre-med entrance record. Consider doing a non-science major that you enjoy as both a backup and to separate yourself from the crowd (I have a B.A. in corporate finance from Truman State University). Excel in your college classes. Study hard and do well on the MCAT, in medical school, and on the USMLE exams, as many surgery specialties are very competitive. It’s a long, arduous path, but necessary to become a surgeon.

Q. You gave a presentation to the members of the MSSC

Q. As a father of young children, how do you manage the demands of being a surgeon, father and husband?

A. I have been truly blessed with a wonderful life. Brittany is a

tremendous wife and mother, and her support, along with that of my parents and in-laws, has been invaluable to my success. I try to schedule my day as efficiently as possible to maximize my time at home. I leave for work around 6 a.m. each day with the goal of being home before dinner. When I am at home, I try to spend focused time with Brittany and my three young children, leaving work at work and bringing a good attitude home, modeling for my kids.

(Medical Society of Sedgwick County) a couple years ago regarding personal finance. Why do doctors need a lecture on this topic?

A. Most physicians don’t know the difference between a 401(k)

and an IRA, and yet they graduate medical school with a lot of debt, and need to have a plan in place to attack that debt and get it out of their life relatively quickly. I enjoy learning about and teaching personal finance topics, and am trying to spread the word to my colleagues about best practices in this realm.

Alex Melugin’s Healthcare Highlight Sponsored by Phoenix Home Care and Hospice

Alex Melugin, Market President of Phoenix Home Care and Hospice

Phoenix Home Care and Hospice is the regional leader in home healthcare, disease management and private nursing and hospice services. Call Phoenix or check out our website to learn more about services for you and your family.

316.688.5511 · www.phoenixhomehc.com 16

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Written by Amy Palser

Uptick in RSV Puts Spotlight on Vaccine Trial AMR Recruiting Candidates Aged 60 and Up for Study mean you have it? We can’t say that. Beyond that it’s a reasonable suspicion,” Klein said. “With Covid we had a kit, but we don’t really have those kits for RSV.” Klein feels the best solution is a vaccine that would treat or prevent RSV. AMR (The Alliance for Multispecialty Research), the research company in which Klein is a partner, is currently taking part in a large-scale study on the efficacy of a trial RSV vaccine. Involving 600 to 800 candidates between the Wichita area’s four AMR sites, the study has already begun, but participants aged 60 and older are still being sought. Candidates will be given either the trial RSV vaccine or a placebo and monitored for over a year. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimates that each year more than 177,000 older adults are hospitalized and 14,000 of them die in the United States due to RSV infection. While there’s no treatment for RSV, Klein said patients are treated as if they have asthma or COPD. Chances are you’ve heard of RSV. You’re probably aware it’s common in infants. It’s likely you even know of an infant who has been hospitalized or treated for RSV. But here are some things you probably didn’t know about respiratory syncytial virus infection: It’s a type of pneumonia. It’s common in all age groups. It’s as much a threat to the elderly as it is to infants – especially those with lung or heart issues. And tests to diagnose it aren’t readily available. “This year RSV has gotten worse,” said Terry Klein, a family physician at Family Medicine East in Wichita. “The problem is we haven’t been able to recognize it. We don’t have diagnostic tools at general doctor’s offices. We don’t have the kits to even send it to KDHE (Kansas Department of Health and Environment). We haven’t had the tools to diagnose as much as we would like to.” That means doctors end up diagnosing RSV based on symptoms, which include fever, fatigue, coughing, wheezing, shortness of breath and increased mucus production. “We know the symptoms that are aligned with it, but does that


Physicians first isolated RSV in 1956, but little has been discovered about the virus since then. “We’re still learning a lot, but now we know what proteins are on its surface, so the vaccine trials are more successful than those that were previously done. Right now clinicians are carrying a lot greater optimism that the vaccine will be effective,” Klein said. “Prevention is certainly, certainly the hope.”

The Wichita-area AMR locations are looking for healthy candidates age 60 and older to take part in the RSV Vaccine Trial. Candidates taking part in the study will be compensated. If you think you’re a good candidate, you can apply for the study one of the following ways:

Apply online at:


Call the AMR location closest to you: AMR Wichita East at 316.689.6652 AMR Wichita West at 316.838.7700 AMR El Dorado at 316.600.5127 AMR Newton at 316.283.0828

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Investigational Adult


VACCINE Research Study

Do you qualify to participate? Find out by calling AMR Wichita East at 689-6652, AMR Wichita West at 838-7700, AMR Newton at 283-0828 or AMR El Dorado at 600-5127.

Formerly Heartland Research Associates

Also ask us about referring a friend for this study to receive $100.00.*

*Some restrictions apply. Ask us for details.

With more individuals receiving their COVID-19 vaccines, clinical research now has

an opportunity to continue to ght against other viruses such as Respiratory Syncytial Virus or RSV.

What is RSV? RSV is a common respiratory virus that usually causes cold-like symptoms and can be more dangerous for adults ages 60 and older and those who have weakened immune systems. According to the CDC, it is estimated that more than 177,000 older adults are hospitalized and 14,000 of them die in the United States due to RSV infections per year. In 2018, more elder Americans died from RSV than the u. Participate in an Investigational RSV Vaccine Clinical Study Qualied participants: Ÿ are 60 years of age and older Ÿ are in otherwise good health Ÿ meet other study criteria Compensation is available for time and travel. Insurance is not required.

AMR Wichita East - 316-689-6652 AMR Wichita West - 316-838-7700 AMR Newton - 316-283-0828 AMR El Dorado - 316-600-5127



Linda Kizzire and County Commissioner Pete Meitzner

Judge Eric Williams, Cynthia Ramirez, Brandie Beaman, Jay McLaurian, Tiffany McKnight, Shannon Harrod

Judge Linda Kirby, Tiana Ruiz, Sheena Schmutz, Bethany Corral

Judge Robb Rumsey, Linda Kizzire, Barbara Rumsey

Gary Steed, Judge Bill Woolley, County Clerk Kelly Arnold

Linda Kizzire, Marty Miller, Eula West, Representative Ron Estes

County Commissioner David Dennis, Linda Kizzire, Patricia Parker, Terry Seifert

Debbie and Steve Rogers

Amber Burnett, John Humphries, Jennifer Tindel

Rita Smith, Paige Volkel, James Jordan

Chris Hoppman, Linda Kizzire, Jaimee Witmer

Cathy and Stephen Holt


NOVEMBER 2021 · splurgemag.com

The rence fe f i D

s t e p h a n i e j a k u b . c o m


3 1 6 - 7 0 6 - 3 8 5 8

Come celebrate November 18th with Rat Pack Karaoke from 9pm-1am.

Open Thanksgiving starting at 5pm NOVEMBER 2021 · splurgemag.com

7732 E. Central · Open Daily 11am - 2am 21


Buff Farrow,

Omni Business Center Written by Julie Hying

Advanced Business Campus Engineered for the Future corporate memberships, any company can reduce their real estate footprint while greatly increasing access to useful amenities and business services. An individual does not even have to have an office at Omni to be able to have all of the space and amenities of a fulltime tenant. Start-up companies can lease an office and then add memberships for employees; this allows companies to grow or contract as needed, because their lease allows them to add or drop memberships during the term of the lease. Downtown or westside businesses can have a corporate membership, giving them an east-side branch office, without having the need for a physical space or expensive lease. The amazing thing about all of these plans is the tremendous value and effect they will have on a company’s bottom line, productivity and employee satisfaction.

Q. What inspired the conceptual framework for all that Omni provides business owners?

A. Both my father and grandfather were certified public

accountants, and for fifty years my mother has owned the Green Elephant by Nancy near Wesley Hospital. Watching these three run successful, thriving businesses that focused on customer service helped shape the early ideas of Omni and provided a foundation that offered varying entrepreneurial vantage points from which we could learn. For over 35 years Omni has been providing top-notch business hospitality and support services to hundreds of Wichita’s small businesses.

Just prior to the Covid pandemic we traveled to many cities around the country seeking new insights into business operations and the changing needs and leasing challenges a small or mid-sized business owner might encounter. Knowing this has helped us evolve to create new flexible leasing plans for any sized business, all of which include the newest innovations and amenities engineered to meet the current and future needs of business owners. This freedom releases someone from having to own a physical space for a business and offers maximum flexibility and convenience for business owners, employees and their clients.

Q. Who can benefit from Omni Business Group? A. Omni’s innovative new leasing plans have something

for everyone, from individuals and small businesses to small and mid-size companies. By offering individual and


Any individual or small business can find endless benefits in the spaces we have created and the services we offer. Our greatest goal is to facilitate a person or company’s business needs and relieve dayto-day stresses and pressures, so that our members can focus on working and growing their businesses, while simultaneously providing a peaceful balance in their personal lives.

Omni staff’s professionally trained, positive people handle all incoming calls and welcome business members and their clients as they enter our campus. We provide copying, scanning, full mail services and shipping, phone and voicemail, high-speed internet, notary, shredding, meeting spaces, as well as countless other business services and amenities that ease day-to-day inconveniences and time drains so that, again, the focus can be on running your business and living your life.

Q. What does Omni’s business campus include? A. Our four-acre business campus, located just west

of Towne East Mall, has been completely renovated inside and out to create both indoor and outdoor gathering spaces that are available for all of our members to enjoy. Whether a one-on-one meeting or a larger group, we can easily accommodate the gathering in a relaxing environment. From the soothing music to the beautiful artwork that we feature, there is

NOVEMBER 2021 · splurgemag.com

a pleasing, sensory ease that inhabits the space. We have an extensive vinyl library and jukebox as well. We provide business lounges and breakout areas that are perfect for quiet conversation. And for extra convenience, we take our members’ mail to the post office daily and allow them to drop off their dry cleaning or laundry.

Outdoor spaces include a manicured putting green, hosta garden, landscaped walking paths, spacious seating areas and waterfalls. We have five decks overlooking our grounds and provide two barbecue stations for our members’ use. Local beer is on tap as well as several fresh-ground coffee stations throughout the campus.

a true value. There’s really very few offices like it in the country; the space and leasing plans are that unique. I enjoy the sense of community in the way our members work with their clients and interact with other members. I also like that so many local businesses have partnered with us to offer discounts and incentives to our tenants and members. Harking back to my family’s legacy, we have always felt that the surrounding business community is an incredible extension of the Omni Business Center campus and the small businesses we support.

Q. What are the ways a business owner may utilize Omni to run a business?

A. A business owner may choose to lease office space or

just have a membership. Offices vary from small areas to large offices with windows. If leasing an office, one may add memberships for associates for a nominal fee. Someone working from home may simply want access to our services – phone answering, mail, etc. – and to utilize the spaces we provide. That option is available with access either from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. or full 24/7 access at varying rates.

Q. Considering what you provide, what is your favorite aspect of Omni?

A. Hands down, we provide amazing business services,

interesting and inviting spaces, and cool amenities for

NOVEMBER 2021 · splurgemag.com



NOVEMBER 2021 · splurgemag.com

14800 W. Maple St., Wichita, KS

$989,000 | MLS #603350


Nearly 9 acre property with lake bordering Wichita city limits. 5,734 s.f. ranch home beautifully updated throughout Gorgeous outdoor living space. Open floorplan on main floor and lower level -perfect for entertaining.


316-619-2940 sbieberle@weigand.com

NOVEMBER 2021 · splurgemag.com



Supercharge Your BodyTite and FaceTite Treatments Synergy. In the medical field, this happens when you combine two or more treatments that work together to produce a combined effect that’s greater than each treatment on their own. We are excited to provide you with just this type of synergy by using Morpheus8 with our existing BodyTite and FaceTite treatments. While each provides amazing results when used alone, we can supercharge these results by adding Morpheus8. What does this mean for you? It means we can provide men and women at various stages of life with noninvasive skin rejuvenation, without surgery and without added downtime. Let’s look at the three treatments and how they work together.

What is FaceTite? FaceTite provides dramatic improvement in the skin laxity on your face and neck. It’s similar to the results of a mini facelift. FaceTite uses minimally invasive radio-frequency energy to reduce fat while simultaneously contracting the skin. FaceTite is excellent for face and neck contouring. We can treat any areas on the face and neck with saggy skin, deep lines and loose skin.

What is BodyTite? This treatment uses radiofrequency energy to tighten and tone areas on your body. It’s perfect when you want to reduce fat, but you don’t want to be left with saggy, wrinkly skin. BodyTite shapes, tightens and lifts areas including your stomach, arms, chest, knees and inner/outer thighs.

What is Morpheus8? Morpheus8 is a cutting-edge deep fractional, radiofrequency and microneedling skin treatment that tightens, tones and smooths the skin on your face and body. It stimulates collagen production of the underlying layers of your dermis and is safe for all skin types and skin colors. By targeting the deeper layers of your skin, we can remodel the tissues on your face and body for a more radiant, youthful appearance.

By Joseph Spaniol, MD, Amy Sprole, MD, Andrew Berry, MD, and Nataliya Biskup, MD

How Morpheus8 Works with BodyTite and FaceTite With Morpheus8, we can really boost your results. While BodyTite and FaceTite work underneath your skin, Morpheus8 works on your skin. Morpheus8 works to treat fine lines, sun-damaged skin and general skin layering. It works on the deep layers of your skin. By using a combination of these treatments, we not only tighten your skin from within, but we also melt fat and improve skin quality. When combined with Morpheus8, BodyTite and FaceTite provide an incredible skin tightening and contouring alternative to surgery. Together they harness radiofrequency energy to help break down fat and kickstart collagen production. Interested in learning more about how you might benefit from the synergy of a BodyTite or FaceTite treatment with Morpheus8? Schedule your consultation with one of our plastic surgeons at the Plastic Surgery Center today at 316.688.7500.

Rejuvenation Morpheus8 Special Full-face-and-neck package of three for $2,550 (save $450!)

We can use Morpheus8 on any areas of your face and body that benefit from resurfacing and skin renewal. The most commonly treated areas are the face, lower and upper eyelid, smile lines, abdomen, thighs, legs, buttocks, and areas with wrinkles, acne scarring, or discoloration.

Full-face package of three for $2,100 (save $300!)

You deserve expert guidance and exceptional results. Plastic surgery involves many choices. The most important is selecting a surgeon you can trust. Expect exceptional results when you have your plastic surgery performed by the highly skilled plastic surgeons at the Plastic Surgery Center.


NOVEMBER 2021 · splurgemag.com

CANCER SUCKS POKER RUN Benefitting Victory in the Valley

Cindy Kegley, Michael Schwanke, Ann Houk, Rydell Penner

Home Health and Hospice, Victory in the Valley event volunteers

Ben and Melanie Barden

Clint and Rachell Deere, Connie King, Ken Deere, “Big” Ken Deere

Derrick Hutchinson, Frank Ayala, Sherry and AJ Hawkins

Greg and Shannon Huckins

Ame Brubaker

Vance and Cheryl Hull

Kent Lancaster

Roxanne Arnel, Thomas and Lisa Bell

Carl and Michelle Sutton

Trudy Randolph


NOVEMBER 2021 · splurgemag.com

316-869-0015 · 7607 E Harry. Wichita Ks. 67207

Home Health & Hospice of Kansas would like to “THANK” everyone who sponsored, donated or attended our fundraiser on Saturday October 9th. Splurge Magazine

Boutique So Me

Boudoir by Sarah

Victory in the Valley

Chadd Marketing

Auburn Wine and Spirits

Lamar Advertising

Crosswinds Casino

Anthony Ndungu

Wichita Thunder Hockey

BJ’s Brewhouse

Ann Houk

Mort’s Bar

Scentsy (Pam Robinson)

Shock Top Barber Shop

Oragami Owl (Marjorie Waddell)

Sedgwick County Zoo

Angry Elephant

Wichita Fire Department

Hotel At Elgin

Sargent C’s

Brian Horsley

Flint Hill Spas


Yoder Meats

Duane Clark

Tom’s Wine and Spirits

Dandurand Drugs

The Hive

ICT Building Solutions

Exploration Place

McCurdy Auction

Rock Creek Custom Designs

Mortdcais Tavern & Eatery


Bourbon Street

Indian Motorcycles

Katie Edwards

Twister City Harley


Legend Senior Living

Dove Estates

Club Hope

Valley Liquor

Preferred Electrical Systems

Starbucks (Harry/Rock)

Deputy Narciso Narvais

Rainier Arms Firearms Academy

Rai Diance Salon (Dezarai Chadwick)

THANK YOU Home Health & Hospice of Kansas Employees All proceeds will be donated to Victory in the Valley NOVEMBER 2021 · splurgemag.com



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e NOVEMBER 2021 · splurgemag.com


Written by Gregory Lakin, D.O., J.D. | Center for Change

Seat Belts Save Lives – and I’m Grateful There are some things that can’t be said enough, like “Thank you,” “I love you,” and “Buckle up!” In this season of gratitude, I am thankful that my daughter was wearing her seat belt four years ago when she had a serious accident. And I’m here to remind you and your loved ones not to neglect such a small act that has powerful, life-saving potential. My daughter Ashlyn is known for doing flip throws on the Maize High School soccer field and setting up a lot of scoring opportunities. A video of her making a goal from a flip throw even went viral and then landed her on the cover of SPLURGE! in August 2018. But that spring before the article came out, she had a close call that could have ended her soccer career. On the night of Ashlyn’s senior prom where she had been crowned prom queen, she was driving home from her school’s after party. It was late at night, she was alone in the car and was tired, and she fell asleep at the wheel. She crashed on K-96 near Ridge Road. Police said it looked like her car bounced backward off the guard rail, flew across the road and flipped twice across the median. It landed backwards, straddling the top of the opposing guardrail facing backward. I got the dreaded midnight phone call every parent fears – but luckily, the call came from Ashlyn. I drove straight there. Amazingly, she only had one small scratch on her leg from wading through the crushed glass in her car, but was otherwise perfectly fine. She and I and a


police officer scoured the median because her prom dress, heels and backpack were scattered across the median. Since her car rolled several times, it was totaled. We both learned more than ever of the importance of wearing a seat belt. It takes less than a few seconds but can be truly life-saving. Ashlyn went from flipping soccer balls in high school to flipping her car – but thanks to her seat belt she’s now back to flipping soccer balls in college for Emporia State University’s nationally ranked soccer team. I’m full of gratitude every day that Ashlyn’s habit of wearing a seat belt was not forgotten. I hope all of our young adults are aware how important seat belts are. Don’t be afraid to say it, time and time again: “I love you. Buckle up!”

NOVEMBER 2021 · splurgemag.com




O U T : M I G H T

fall for us

– so will we.

You love them

ChooseYourRehab.com NOVEMBER 2021 · splurgemag.com



NOVEMBER 2021 · splurgemag.com



NOVEMBER 2021 · splurgemag.com

Your Home for the Pushlock Chain. · · · ·

Incredible selection of engagement rings New items arriving weekly Custom jewelry designs available 45 years of experience

Visit us to Create Your Own

4730 E. Douglas · 683.2411 CarolynSayresFineJewelry.com Open Tuesday through Saturday

Beautiful, Unique & Quirky Gifts Laser Engraving, Hand Painted Signs, Baby Gifts, Jewelry, Funny & Inspiring Signs, Books, Plants, Candles and so Much More.

Mention this Ad and receive

10% off expires Dec 31, 2021

2110 N. Maize Rd. Ste. 600 · Wichita, Ks 67212 316-444-0257 · LavenderWinks.com

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11:15 AM








Why wait for the New Year?





NOVEMBER 2021 · splurgemag.com

9758 E 21st St N | Wichita, Ks 67206 | opti-life.com | 316.927.5959 | info@opti-life.com

Opti-Life Splurge 14-day.pdf



Bring Your Old Electronics, Purses and Jewelry

2014 N. Red Oaks

And Get Paid FAST!



• Remington • Patio Home • 4 Bedrooms • 3 Bathrooms • Sq. ft. 3,303 • New Roof 2021




AND MUCH MORE! 37th & Woodlawn | 316.684-EBAY | www.myedrop.com

NOVEMBER 2021 · splurgemag.com


KANSAS HONOR FLIGHT BENEFIT Newport Grill A five-course dinner and hand-selected wines from Jackson Family Farms were on the menu for a charity dinner at Newport Grill to benefit Kansas Honor Flight. The all-volunteer organization honors Kansas veterans of World War II, the Korean War and the Vietnam War by providing them with an all-expense-paid journey to visit their memorials in Washington, D.C. To learn more, to donate or to nominate a veteran for an Honor Flight, visit kansashonorflight.org.

Cecille and John Noonan, Pat and Lavonna Schlageck, Mike and Connie VanCampen

Darci Fenton, Jona Baker, Bob Baker

Brad Crowe, Linda Phillips, Gregg and LouAnn Snyder, Karen McPhee, Paul Mainz

Alan and Lynn Downen, Matthew Downen, Alyssa Wells, Andrea and Caleb Bowers, Liz Strother and David Velasco

Angela Patton, Carolyn Anguiano, Rick Witte

David Jabara and Jennifer Baig, Alix and Dr. Tom Estep

Errol and Suzie Luginbill, Mark Jorgensen, Lyman Wheeler, Evy and Harold Gregg

Julianna Garretson, Tia Huynh

Martin Bauer, Jan and Jerry Aaron

Matt Ferris, Brandon Salisbury, Michael Chaloud

Rose Kaufman, Shanda Dunston, Beverly and Eddie Feuille


NOVEMBER 2021 · splurgemag.com

Holiday CHEER

Location - Windy Knoll Tree Farm Photography - Darrin Hackney Models - M&I Models Styling - Jody Klein Hair - Angela, Morgan, Trina, Valrey, Desiree, Mariah Makeup - Anastaja, Dalia, LaZaria

The LBD, ETC. 316.440.0772 NOVEMBER 2021 · splurgemag.com


I Am Threads 316.295.2314


NOVEMBER 2021 · splurgemag.com

9530 S. Rock Rd. | 65 acres | $845,000

Weight Loss

for Moms

Emily VinZant, MD

Obesity Medicine certified physician The Life Coach School certified weight loss coach Virtual Small Group Weight Loss Coaching emily@doctormome.com

doctormome.com NOVEMBER 2021 · splurgemag.com


Aspen Boutique 316.682.6784


NOVEMBER 2021 · splurgemag.com


Jewel Angels


JOIN US every

603 E. Crescent Lakes




• Andover Central Schools • 5 Bedrooms • 3.5 Bathrooms • Sq. ft. 3,848 • Lake Lot • Covered Deck

JEWELANGELS.BIZ 3236 E. Douglas Avenue · Wichita, KS 67208 314-779-6600

Host your own Botox party!

Just in time for the Holidays! ICT BOTOX PART Y Nurse Practitioner

Autumn Lowen, APRN TravelSpa4you@gmail.com

NOVEMBER SPECIAL Schedule a party Botox $11 per unit

Call: 316.339.0070 NOVEMBER 2021 · splurgemag.com


Carolyn Sayre’s Jewelry Salon 316.683.2411

Come see the new Kendra Scott FALL collection.


For career opportunities check our website www.blingglamour.com or email bling.district@gmail.com w w w. b l i n g g l a m o u r. c o m


Bling Greenwich 2684 N. Greenwich Court Wichita, Ks 67226 316.260.3626

NOVEMBER 2021 · splurgemag.com

Bling New Market 2441 N. Maize Road Suite 407 Wichita, Ks 67205 316.252.8429

Bling Derby 2100 N. Rock Road Derby, Ks 67037 316.358.0564

14435 E. 9th St. N.



• Overbrook • 3 Bedrooms • 3 Full & 2 Half Baths • Andover Schools • Library • Finished Basement

Wichita’s Favorite




The Violet Closet 316.612.6988

316.612.6988 517 N. Lorraine TheVioletCloset.com


Specs Eyewear 316.315.0066









NEW LOCATION 214 S. Rock Road Suite 101 | Wichita, KS 67207 316.409.0727 | www.FreshSpaWichita.com 48

NOVEMBER 2021 · splurgemag.com

Love your lips with 10% off Juvederm filler (discount on up to 3 syringes)

Call us today to schedule a filler consult. Dr. Jennifer Burgoyne MD 9050 E. 29th St. N. Ste 40, Wichita, KS 67226 · 316.425.9925 Facebook: BeautifulEyesLLC · Website: www.beautifuleyesllc.com NOVEMBER 2021 · splurgemag.com


Need Something to Brighten Your Holidays? Crave has Gift Cards! BOGO 1/2 OFF November 22 - 27.

Also offering holiday gifts that would light up anyone’s day. 3804 W Douglas Ave · Wichita, KS 67203 · 316.943.5516 · CraveBeautyAcademy.com All services performed under the direct supervision of licensed instructors. For Consumer Information of median debt and other consumer facts, please visit www.cravebeautyacademy.com





NOVEMBER 2021 · splurgemag.com

Thank you for 35 years! Come find your perfect holiday look at Aspen Boutique! 4724 E Douglas Ave, Wichita KS 67208 | (316) 682-6784 Mon-Fri 10a-6p Sat 10a-5p

Located in the Red Brick District

Mention Splurge

A Destination Boutique & full-service flowershop

November 18, 2021 6pm- 9pm

601 State St, Augusta, KS 67010 Hours Mon - sat: 10am - 6pm Thursdays open 'til 8pm

Phone: 316.358.0894

www.m arketplace67010.com NOVEMBER 2021 · splurgemag.com

Follow us on FB


FAITHBUILDERS FUNDRAISER Chicken N Pickle Some of Wichita’s most talented youth teamed up with Chicken N Pickle to benefit FaithBuilders, the local nonprofit that helps care for kids and mentor their parents to stability. Kids Cabaret for a Cause performed for guests while the restaurant donated a portion of its profits for the evening. Thanks to Amy Menas’ Studio Singers for the outstanding performance! FaithBuilders supports kids and families in the areas of respite, parental strengthening and stabilization, and goods and services. To donate or get involved, visit beafaithbuilder.org. SPLURGE!

Amy Menas’ Studio Singers – Kids Cabaret for a Cause

FaithBuilders volunteers

Heather and Olive Cartwright, Lorrie Johnson, Adriene Rathbun

John Palmer, Mark Morrow, Leslie Farha, Billie Palmer

Kayla and Andrew Horning, Ronald, Kristen and Payten LaPoint

Mimi and Donna Logan

The Daugherty and Cox families

Veronica and Greg Stahl, Chris O’Neil, Lucy Ferrer

Vicki Flickinger, Rachael and Jasmine Meza, Shannon Elliott

Andrea Dixon, Lindsey Hall, Naomi Arnold, Cathy Mitchell, Angela Pirner


NOVEMBER 2021 · splurgemag.com


The Year of the Wedding Jewelry Design · Jewelry Repair Stone Setting · Ring Sizing Watch Repair · Battery Replacement and MORE!

Mon 1 - 5pm · T - F 10am - 5:30pm · Sat 10am - 4pm 540 S Rock Rd. · Eastgate Shopping Center, Kellogg & Rock 316.305.2233 ·SparkleWichita.com NOVEMBER 2021 · splurgemag.com


Written by Karen Long

The Veteran Entrepreneur Before Cruz Alaniz retired from working for the City of Wichita, he was talking to a colleague about Black Rifle Coffee Company (BRCC). Alaniz says, “I’d never heard of it, but he was saying how his wife loves that Freedom Roast. He goes, ‘Yeah, I’m thinking about opening a store.’ ” Later the friend found out that only veterans are eligible to become authorized BRCC dealers, and the friend was not – but it just so happened that Alaniz was. That discussion planted a seed that was soon watered by another conversation, this time with Alaniz’s cousin, who mentioned being a frequent consumer of the cold BRCC brew that he purchased in Newton. The cousin said: “You ought to open up a store and sell that cold coffee – I’ll buy it from you.” From there the seed sprouted and grew as Alaniz filled out applications and located space for a retail outlet at Central and Volutsia. He opened the doors of Cruz’s Coffee, Wichita’s only BRCC authorized dealer, in May, selling the brand’s packaged coffee beans, cold coffee, single-serve pods and coffee mugs. He hopes to have other merch in stock in time for the holidays. The premium roasts from BRCC, based in Salt Lake City, Utah, run the gamut from mild to robust, with names ranging from Vanilla Coffee Roast (“decadent vanilla” in a bold medium roast) and Silencer Smooth (“notes of citrus” and “a distinct crisp finish”) to the VTAC Berzerker Blend (a ”Colombian medium roast”). With every store purchase Alaniz throws in a free mini bottle of hand sanitizer. 54

Alaniz is also offering cold coffee cans in four flavors: Espresso Mocha, Espresso with Cream, Rich Mocha, plus the popular and deceptively benign-sounding Caramel Vanilla, which packs a 300-milligram caffeine kick. Black Rifle Coffee Company donates a portion of their proceeds to organizations that support veterans and frontline workers – EMS, police and fire departments, and first responders – which are meaningful causes for Alaniz as an Army veteran of 11 years. His first enlistment was with the Army National Guard in 1972, stationed here in Wichita. “My unit was in Vietnam, and I got lucky because they were already bringing the troops back.” Cruz’s Coffee is open from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m., Tuesday through Saturday, staffed by either Alaniz’ single employee or Alaniz himself. This isn’t his first foray into entrepreneurship — years ago he owned a restaurant in Hoisington, Kansas, called the Two Amigos. Asked what his favorite BRCC drink is, Alaniz reads from the product package: “This indestructible blend of light Colombian and dark Brazilian coffees is here to conquer your taste buds – the AK-47.”

Where to Find Them Cruz’s Coffee 2804 E. Central, Suite B Wichita, KS, 67214 316.796.5047

NOVEMBER 2021 · splurgemag.com

6961 SW 60th St. · Augusta, KS



• 3.9 acres • 30x50 Outbuilding • 4 Bedrooms • 3 Bathrooms • Finished Basement • New Carpet


We Are Ready…

Rise To New Heights With Phoenix Mortgage Group!!

• Lower Rates & Lower Costs • VA is our specialty • FHA pricing second to none • Conventional options with no appraisals • Reverse Mortgages & Jumbo Home Loans

Lower Rates. Make Us Prove It. Kansas licensed mortgage company the Phoenix Mortgage Group, Inc. MC.0001205 NMLS# 323881

240 N. Rock Rd., Suite 280 · Wichita, KS 67206 · 316.942.8228 NOVEMBER 2021 · splurgemag.com


Written by Kim Dugger Attwater

Chester’s New Patio Fills, Thrills Diners

Experience says that opening a Wichita restaurant patio in October can be a tricky proposition. But when you’ve got an asset like the new patio at Chester’s Chophouse, there was no way to keep it under wraps until next spring. The east-side restaurant debuted its new lakeside seating last month, Mother Nature cooperated and happy diners immediately filled the seats. That’s saying something considering that the patio now holds about 200 more people than it did before. The space manages to feel both grand and intimate, probably because it wraps around the side of Chester’s that overlooks The Waterfront lake. Each table has a slightly different view of the gorgeous surroundings. Owner George Youssef started planning to use the extra space soon after taking over the restaurant two years ago. “When we sat down and bought this place, I said I wanted it to be the best restaurant in town,” he said. “When you see an opportunity like this, you want to take advantage of it.” The pandemic delayed the project as workers waited for just the right materials to blend the expansion with the existing restaurant’s richly rustic vibe. The wait paid off. There are fire pits and heaters for cooler temperatures and a handsome new bar to serve the patio. The previous patio space has been turned into the “chandelier room,” featuring chandeliers made by Youssef’s brother, an artist in Lebanon. That area, which seats about 60, is now technically indoors so it can be used year-round (and is also available for private parties). However, large bay doors that connect it to the patio can be thrown open in fine weather. 56

That’s exactly what diners enjoyed last month. After so much anticipation, the place positively buzzed as musicians played in one corner of the patio last weekend. Youssef could only shake his head and laugh when asked if the project had come in on budget. “More,” he said. More improvements are planned, too, including renovations to the interior and tweaks to the menu. “We want to make the food more fun and wine driven,” said Youssef, who has decades of experience in Wichita’s restaurant industry and who also owns Georges French Bistro. “I want to grow the identity of it to be more local, more farmto-table. It was born as a steakhouse and we’ll keep it as a steakhouse, but just up the creativity level.” Watch Kim Dugger Attwater’s interview with Chester’s owner, George Youssef, on our social media and website, splurgemag.com. If you would like to see your restaurant in the SPLURGE! Restaurant Spotlight contact us at 316.267.3678. @SplurgeICT

NOVEMBER 2021 · splurgemag.com

Dinner & Wine

Join us for our first four-course dinner and wine-tasting event.

November 15, 2021

Stay tuned on our website, Facebook & Instagram pages for additional details and ticket information.

Mon - Thurs 3:00 - 10:00 · Fri & Sat 3:00 - 11:00 · Sun 3:00 - 9:00 1001 W. Douglas Ave · Wichita, KS 67213 · alzavinowinetavern.com

NOVEMBER 2021 · splurgemag.com


No Place Like Home

Written by Laura Amato for “Real Estate Marketing & Technology”

Since opening its doors more than a century ago, J.P. Weigand & Sons, Inc. has stood the test of time and become the standard for real estate in Wichita. Take a drive through Wichita, Kansas on any given day, and there are a couple of things you’re bound to notice. Bustling businesses. People ducking in and out of shops or grabbing a quick bite to eat at local restaurants. Homes those same people are eager to get back to after a long day of work. And, of course, J.P. Weigand & Sons, Inc. signs on lawns throughout the city. This independent, family-owned and operated, full-service company has exemplified its promise of meeting “The Standard for Excellence,” serving its community, and racking up accolades. That includes nearly three straight decades as the top real estate company in Wichita, according to RealTrends. “You can’t drive anywhere or very far without seeing a J.P. Weigand sign in Wichita,” says president and general 58

manager Joshua Turner. “And because we do commercial and residential, we’re so present. You drive down a residential street; you’re going to see a J.P. Weigand sign.”

Getting to Know J.P. Weigand & Sons J.P. Weigand himself first arrived in Wichita in 1902. Traveling from Illinois in a covered wagon, it didn’t take long for Weigand to realize there was something special about the area, a potential that he was determined to grab onto. So, he subleased desk space and got to work.

“You can’t drive anywhere or very far without seeing a J.P. Weigand sign in Wichita.” – Joshua Turner, president and general manager

NOVEMBER 2021 · splurgemag.com

somebody who will provide a quality product.” He adds that any additional training Weigand offers is free for agents. Once they’re hired, agents go through a two-week-long training course, touching on everything they can do now that they’re part of the Weigand family. It’s a crash course in everything from Weigand’s technology offerings, as well as instructions on how to handle contracts, open houses, and everything in between. Armed with all that information, agents have a perfect jumping-off point as they hit the ground running with Weigand. Turner says Weigand’s ability to localize its training also helps set it apart. By focusing classes and training on South Central Kansas, agents offer the sort of area expertise that can make all the difference in real estate.

Less than a decade later, Weigand’s certainty in Wichita’s potential proved true as the city’s population boomed. In 1912, Weigand expanded his business, leasing a one-room office, and while he remained the lone staff member, tracking his transactions on scraps of paper he kept in his suit pockets, the company’s growth matched the city’s. Joining Weigand a decade and a half later was his son, Nestor R. Weigand, Sr., truly making the company a family affair as those living in Wichita began to define real estate with the Weigand name. Since those early days, with J.P. Weigand walking his way across the city because he never actually drove a car, the company now boasts over 200 associates offering services from seven locations across South Central Kansas, with more than $500 million worth of real estate sales annually. Family is still at the center of the company as well, with Nestor Weigand, Jr. serving as CEO and chairman of the board. “One of the things that has impacted me about this company is the way that people are treated here,” Turner says. “People are treated with respect.”

“Companies have these national training platforms, even international training platforms, but you don’t conduct real estate transactions in Wichita, Kansas, the same way you do in San Diego or in New York,” Turner says. “So our training is provided by local experts that have been in the business for 15 to 35 years, and that know how business is done in Wichita, and they know the people in Wichita.”

A Pillar of Support Building a business with a family atmosphere like J.P. Weigand & Son’s means giving agents every opportunity to succeed. But in order to succeed, those agents need someone in their corner. In addition to training and the various classes offered – particularly to new hires – Weigand’s support system is unparalleled. On the residential side, director of operations Leslie Myers sets the tone for Weigand, running, as Turner details, “Pretty much everything that happens kind of behind the scenes to support the brokers and the staff in each of the offices and bring continuity and cohesiveness in the way we do it.” So whether it’s assisting with marketing efforts or doublechecking compliance and regulations, Weigand’s support

Putting Words Into Action For J.P. Weigand & Sons, Inc, “The Standard for Excellence” is not simply a tagline. “We always put our clients first,” Turner says. “Nestor (Weigand, Jr.) often says that integrity is more important than the deal. We always want to be handling things with integrity.” Whereas other companies may allow agents to simply sign up and get into the field, Weigand takes a far more personal approach. Potential agents meet with Weigand’s leadership team and, once hired, go through additional training above and beyond simple licensing. “(Training is) a requirement from us,” Turner continues. “And so it’s about making sure that (our agents are) somebody that’s going to fit into the culture and making sure it’s


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“Our sales support staff does everything for our agents,” Myers says. “They input listings; they do contract compliance; they set up their transactions for them. They get them from contract to close, everything that needs to be done.”

Commercial Division: Since opening, Weigand is Wichita’s largest commercial real estate brokerage firm representing buyers, sellers, landlords, tenants, investors and developers with professional services, including office leasing and sales, industrial leasing and sales, retail leasing and sales, investments, consulting, auction services, farm, and ranch sales, land sales, site selection, corporate services and tenant/buyer representation.

“We have agents that have been in the business and been with our company for 35, 40 years.” – Joshua Turner, president and general manager

Relocation Division: A member of Leading Real Estate Companies of the World Relocation Network, this division sold over 1.3 million properties valued at over $296 billion last year.

Buying and selling homes is a monumental moment in anyone’s life – including the agents. It’s also an industry undergoing near-constant change. What worked 50 years ago doesn’t always translate in today’s market. Now, there’s always more to do. More phone calls to make, more social media platforms to master, another open house to market. Still, Weigand has found success in both eras, and that’s a testament to the people that make up the company. In short, its agents.

Auction Division: Weigand’s auction team works throughout Kansas and Oklahoma, utilizing auctions for a wide range of properties, including agricultural land, farm, and ranch, as well as commercial and residential.

staff lives up to its name day in and day out. By giving their agents that extra assistance, Weigand takes some of the pressure off its agents.

“We have agents that have been in the business and been with our company for 35, 40 years,” Turner says. “And it’s because we take good care of them, and we recognize even when there’s a mistake, because this is a human-driven business, J.P. Weigand has proven that we can get through those types of mistakes and get past those turbulent times because we’ve been around for 120 years.”

REO Division: Weigand’s newest division was created to better serve the needs of the lenders in the area and the increased number of real estate investors in the market. Balancing so many divisions could be challenging, but Weigand has worked hard to keep everything organized and successful. Director of marketing Abby Parker says communication is one of the most critical factors in that consistent success, ensuring that no matter what division someone is working in, they know how it fits into the rest of the Weigand model. “From my marketing perspective, communication boils down to letting agents know what we have available and what our other divisions can do so they can help each other out,” Parker details. “It’s a one-stop shop for their client, and we can do everything their client needs in a transaction.”

Agents Staying Well-Rounded Over the last century, J.P. Weigand & Sons, Inc. has evolved into a full-service real estate option with multiple divisions, all of which maintain “The Standard for Excellence” that’s at the company’s core. Residential Division: With offices in Wichita and the surrounding areas, Weigand provides the best possible home buying or selling experience in South Central Kansas. 60

Six different brokers manage Weigand’s residential offices, including Arlan Newell, the managing broker of Weigand’s Newton and Hutchinson office, all of whom, as Turner says, “have experience and the knowledge to make the decisions and to determine which direction we should be going with certain things.” Meanwhile, Turner often takes the lead on the commercial side, with agents who, cumulatively, boast 560 years of experience. “We have good, strong, experienced leaders in every division,” adds Turner. Weigand’s multiple divisions give those in South Central Kansas the chance to work with one company for all of their real estate needs.

Part of the Community “It’s great that we have such beautiful homes for sale in Wichita, but we want to be involved in our community,” Parker says. “That’s one thing Weigand’s great about is being involved in the community and participating in community events. We’re a local company, and Wichita is really big on buying and staying local. So we want to encourage that to our followers and agents as well.”

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Turner adds that, through Weigand’s commercial division, the company also works with plenty of area businesses and often shines a light on the companies that make Wichita run. Hosting lunches at local restaurants, ordering catering from businesses Weigand helped purchase a storefront for, or posting on social media about the latest updates for area companies is the new norm. Not just to help get word out about those businesses, but because, as Turner puts it, “That’s our bread and butter and (those businesses) support us, so we support them.” Weigand has also long been a significant contributor to various charities, initiatives and events since it first opened its doors. “Invest in the success of others, and we in turn will be successful,” says Johnathan Weigand, director of strategic initiatives for Weigand’s Commercial Division.

decisions and, for over a century, that’s led to unquestionable success. Turner doesn’t anticipate that changing any time soon, but what he does hope is that Weigand’s continued evolution will help the company jump the line, so to speak. No more waiting for trends to migrate in from the coasts. No more waiting on updates. No more curves to sit behind. With another century ahead of Weigand, the company wants to dictate what comes next, looking to become a trendsetter in the industry. “What I want is for J.P. Weigand to be setting the bar for where things are headed,” Turner says. A version of this story appeared originally in “Real Estate Marketing & Technology.”

“We give back a lot to the community, probably to the tune of over $100,000 dollars a year,” Turner says. “We strongly encourage our employees and agents to engage in community committees and community outreach events … And Wichita has built this company, going on fourth-generation leadership. And it’s really good to see the response that we get from the community.”

To the Next 100 Years More than a hundred years ago, J.P. Weigand arrived in Wichita with a simple desire: To help people find the same home he found in this city. Now, although plenty has changed in Wichita, with more cars on the streets and buildings that are quite a bit taller than they were in 1902, Weigand’s mindset hasn’t shifted an inch. Home is still the ultimate goal, providing the Wichita community with a sense of comfort and belonging that ensures every Weigand client feels as if they’re part of the family, too. But how does Weigand achieve that? Same as always: Embracing change, encouraging evolution, and working with trusted partners. Wichita has long been at the center of everything Weigand does. The city sets the tempo of Weigand’s NOVEMBER 2021 · splurgemag.com


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• Homemade Potato Soup Every Monday • Chicken and Noodles Every Wednesday • Homemade Ham, Beans and Cornbread Every Thursday • Or Try Our World Famous Chili Served Everyday

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Mickey Dehook, Faissal Abou-Faissal

Carol Abou-Faissal, Brice Malloy

Anthony Sullivan, Shawn Henson, Faissal Abou-Faissal, Chuck Graham, Dan Robinson

Drew Bolden, Drew Ahles, Rance Wright, Kent Burden

Expert Auto Center staff

Jennifer Sebits, Nicole and Geoff Boyle

Jessica, Brandon, Chanden and Elliana Guinn

Jon and Jonah Doak

Maggie Ballard, Paxton Burns

Micah, Gabriela, Brigit and Ana Boyle, Gabriel, Sammy and Nathan Abou-Faissal

Tim Frenette, Mike Whitfield

Tracy Deakins, Kali Friend, Justin and Gotham Greiner


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Internationally Acclaimed

11101 E. 71st St. S.

Caroline Campbell “Violinist to the Stars”



Save the date February 11, 2022

• $1,700,000 • 6 Bedrooms • 5 Full $ 2 Half Bathrooms • Sq. ft. 5,860 • 50x70 Man Cave with Garage • 48x72 Barn • Stocked Pond with Bridge to Island • Paved Roads

Christmas Party with Santa · Story time with Santa & Cookies · Crafts with Santa · Beautiful Photo Opportunity At Creation Room November 27th 11am - 1pm Get your tickets 124 W. 2nd St. Goddard, Ks $20 per child

scan for tickets CREATION ROOM

thecreationroom.wixsite.com/info NOVEMBER 2021 · splurgemag.com


Our Cover,

Your Kid Contest! It’s time to submit your photo for our annual kid’s cover contest!

The Grand Prize winner will be featured on the cover of the December issue of SPLURGE! Magazine. Finalists will be featured inside the pages of SPLURGE! HOW TO ENTER THE FREE CONTEST • Download the entry form at splurgemag.com • Email the completed form and a current photo to splurgecontest@gmail.com or mail to SPLURGE! at 12828 E.13th Street N #4, Wichita KS 67230 • Child must be between the ages of 1 and 5, and live in Wichita or surrounding area • Single entries only (siblings must be entered separately and pictured individually) • Entry deadline is November 8, 2021 • Finalists must be available for photoshoot November 12, 2021 at 1pm • For complete rules and regulations visit splurgemag.com or call the SPLURGE! office at 316-267-3678 • Photos will not be returned. 66

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It is never too late to create a memory.

Keep Christmas Real, with Real Greenery 15630 E. 47th Street South · Derby, KS 67037 · 316.733.0918 · windyknolltrees.com

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Written by Julie Hying

A Season’s Delights at The Feztival of Trees Leaving the September sunshine behind, leaves of crimson, bright orange and shades of gold gently fall to the earth and usher in cooler weather and another glorious fall. November signals a time of gathering with family and friends, of shopping for the season’s delights. Peaceful sights and sounds recall cherished seasons recently celebrated and those from long ago. Midian Shrine presents their 7th annual Feztival of Trees featuring this year’s theme, Hard Candy and Gingerbread, and invites those who love this time of year to come and enjoy all it has to offer. For only $5 guests can enjoy this event before Thanksgiving, November 19–23, or following the holiday, November 26–28. Children under 5 get in free. Return as many times as you wish with your ticket stubs. Both Friday and Saturday mornings will open with a delicious breakfast of biscuits and gravy and other morning favorites. Snowflake Cafe will be open for lunch and dinner, featuring daily specials. Fabulous burgers and sandwiches will also be available for shoppers to enjoy. The Feztival’s Sweet Shoppe will offer both whimsical and traditional holiday candies and treats as well as baked seasonal selections. An event highlight will be beautifully decked-out Christmas trees and themed trees. Walk amid a winter wonderland, a path lined with pines, firs and evergreens fully dressed in their holiday sashes and dazzling combinations of color. The forest of artificial trees, decorated in a variety of themes, from those cloaked in traditional red and silver to those bearing the bold colors of our beloved Kansas college teams, will be sent home fully decorated – including the swag beneath the trees – with lucky bidders on the final Sunday. Guests can also register for a special Black Friday giveaway. Raffle tickets will be sold for $1 each or 25 tickets for $20. Winners will be drawn on the final Sunday. You do not need to be present to win. In the event’s Marketplace, shopping opportunities will abound, with local vendors and craftspeople sharing kitchen wares, candles, jewelry, purses and more. Some brands joining the event include LuLaRoe and Scentsy among many others. The Feztival of Trees is organized by the Midian Shriners, and their generous endeavors raise money for Shriners Hospitals for Children in various cities to help kids being treated for burn injuries, spinal cord injuries, cleft lip and palate restoration, as well as specialized orthopedic pediatric care. This care is provided at no cost to the patients’ families. The Shriners organization was founded more than 100 years ago, and Shriners Hospitals for Children were established in 1922. Currently they support 22 hospitals in the U.S., Canada and Mexico. The proceeds from all Shriner events, such as the Feztival of Trees, support children in need of specific medical care, along with their families.

Where to Find Them

Feztival of Trees Nov. 19–23 and 26–28 · Friday, 9 a.m.–7 p.m. Saturday, 9 a.m.–8 p.m. · Sunday, 11 a.m.–3 p.m. Monday and Tuesday, 5–8 p.m. Midian Shrine ·130 N. Topeka · Wichita, KS Facebook: Midian Shrine Feztival of Trees midianshrine.org


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Register for a Black Friday Weekend Give-away

Snowflake Cafe

Tree & Gift Basket Raffles

Open for Lunch & Dinner with Daily Food Specials

Selfies with Santa

Also Serving Full Breakfast or Biscuts & Gravy Sat. & Sun.

Sweet Shoppe Marketplace

7th Annual

November 19-23 & 26-28, 2021 130 N. Topeka, Wichita, Kansas Friday, 9am - 7pm · Saturday, 9am - 8pm · Sunday, 11am - 3pm Monday, 5pm - 8pm · Tuesday, 5pm - 8pm Raffle Drawings Sunday, November 28 at 3:30pm Need Not Be Present To Win

Admission $5

Tickets may be purchased at the door All proceeds benefit Midian Shrine.

www.midianshrine.org NOVEMBER 2021 · splurgemag.com



Peace in the Eye of the Holiday Hurricane Written by Karen Long

It’s only November 1 and already you’re dragging bins of holiday decor down from the attic and strategizing tactical maneuvers to score the latest Ghostbuster or Paw Patrol must-have toys. Or you’re adding to last year’s exterior decorations in your attempts to be the next Clark Griswold. Or you’re in a flurry of hosting holiday shindigs and out-oftown guests or booking travel tickets yourself. From family rituals to office parties to Nutcracker ballets, many of us may be launching ourselves into the season with abandon after last year’s pandemic shut-down. But the holidays come with their own unique challenges of family tension, financial strain and general overload. This month we spoke with three Wichita therapists about why this season stirs up so many heightened emotions, and how we can handle them like a boss.

Conscious Planning: Two Questions

At this moment in November, a little early planning can go a long way, according to Katherine Lewis, LCMFT, a mental health therapist at HopeNet. She suggests asking yourself two questions.


“What do we most want out of the holidays? What is our goal? Narrow it down to just one or two things that, if you didn’t get to them this year, you’d really regret. It can be a small thing or a big thing, but really think through, ‘What do I most love about the holidays?’ ” 70


“What gets me feeling stressed out? What feels unmanageable? For some people, it’s being around certain family members or people. For others, merely the hustle and bustle becomes so overwhelming that we don’t get to be present, or enjoy the holidays.” Lewis also reminds us that the holidays can bring up loss and loneliness, for complicated reasons. “For some the holidays bring back rough memories of childhoods or Christmases or Thanksgivings that weren’t full of joy and family. For others it can be the opposite, where it was so full of family and friends – and now those people may be gone.”

Mindfulness and Gratitude

Sometimes it’s hard enough just tuning into our own reactions in the moment – from overwhelm to grief to unrealistic expectations, according to Scott Spradlin, LPC, LMAC, owner of Wise Mind, Wise Life. He says there are three common areas where holiday stress rears its ugly head: a change in eating habits, an increase in alcohol consumption or difficulty sleeping. The first step is bringing in mindfulness.

NOVEMBER 2021 · splurgemag.com

“Pause, observe the thoughts, and label them: ‘Oh, I’m fretting about my family, I have to live a consumerist dream or strap myself to unnecessary debt.’ ” Once we have this awareness, Spradlin says, we can sweep aside the “consumer veil” and reach out to family and friends for support. Another strategy is pivoting to gratitude, which can improve mood and emotional regulation, and mitigate cortisol production. “There’s actually quite a bit of discussion in peer-reviewed journal articles about the fact that intentionally practicing gratitude – whether that’s in a religious framework or something in the way of a gratitude journal – actually does have a biological correlation. “It’s good for you to say thanks!” Both Lewis and Spradlin emphasize the importance of maintaining our “favorite healthy habits for self care,” as Lewis calls them, “so we don’t have to start all over on our sleep routines, drinking water, some of those basic things.” Spradlin also spotlights the importance of sleep. “When we get a good night’s sleep, our bodies do all kinds of cool stuff like down-regulating cortisol, which is a stress hormone.”

The Resiliency Zone

Just being immersed in the holiday ambiance can bring up traumatic memories for people living with complex PTSD, or relational PTSD, according to Ashley Brockus, a therapist with Brockus Therapy whose practice centers on helping people overcome trauma.

She recommends a free app called iChill, created by the nonprofit Trauma Resource Institute, based on the principles of Somatic Experiencing. The app helps users keep track of physical reactions experienced in the body during a trigger, and then suggests “resources” to help users return to the “resiliency zone.” Resources can be anything from stepping outside to take a break during a tense family gathering, watching a calming nature video, or calling a friend and saying, “Hey, I’m really struggling right now, can we just talk.” “The idea is that, if trauma is held in your body, then you have to learn how to talk with your body,” Brockus says. She also shares a quick resource to use anywhere. A simple exercise: placing your hand over your heart for a moment. “So a hand over the heart center, it releases oxytocin. And it helps us to be physically grounded, and usually produces an immediate calming effect. And as you just breathe, think, what would it be like if you let your heart feel your hand? And see if you can take in some of that warm sense and that support.” Instead of spending the season in a state of tension, feeling your heart racing and wanting to punch someone or just flee – try taking a deep breath, bringing in mindfulness, gratitude and a little conscious planning. As Spradlin says, “We can really turn the focus more to the celebratory nature of the holiday.”

“When we’re approaching a trauma-versary of ‘big-t’ trauma or ’small-t’ trauma, we can be pulled out of our resiliency zone into fight-or-flight, or fawn-or-freeze, and not feel like ourselves. A word that therapists use for that is ‘triggers.’ If we have relational trauma, then we have relational triggers.” Brockus says our bodies remember the trauma, even if we don’t. Physical signs include body sensations such as a “knotted-up stomach or a racing heart, or it might feel like the big heavy anvil is on your chest or you’re getting really hot and flushed.” NOVEMBER 2021 · splurgemag.com


Fashion Passion

2021 Fashion Passion chairs Steve and Janis Cox, and Jason and Bree Cox. Cox family pictured left to right: Scarlett, Feynman, Bree, Janis, Steve and Jason. Photo courtesy Sarah Jane Silvers Photography

Celebrates 15 Years of Giving to Rainbows United When young children need help walking, talking or sleeping, there is a team of skilled early childhood professionals available to help through Rainbows United, Inc. With a passion for helping families with young children, early intervention therapists listen carefully and faithfully walk alongside families to help children learn and achieve developmental milestones. “It was a huge relief,” said Polly. “I was glad to have some advice getting Elena to crawl and be more mobile.” A Rainbows early intervention therapist came to her home and did an evaluation. “The therapist was so friendly and put me at ease right away,” said Polly. “I was impressed with how she interacted with Elena as well as my other children who were home that day.” As a child grows and continues to need assistance due to autism or intellectual developmental disabilities, Rainbows is there to walk alongside families, help them connect to community resources and embrace their child’s uniqueness.

“Rainbows is a part of every aspect of our lives,” said Jeannie, Caleb’s mother. “They’ve been there for us since Caleb was a 3-year-old with an autism diagnosis, and it’s such a relief they’re still there for us now at age 13.” December 3, Rainbows will celebrate 15 years of Fashion Passion, a signature fundraiser for the agency, at Textron Aviation Activity Center. Proceeds from the event help fund needed services for children with special needs. Chairs of this year’s event are Steve and Janis Cox along with Jason and Bree Cox. “Rainbows means a lot to me and my family,” said Steve. “I admire the commitment the board, staff and community have for children with special needs. I’m pleased to pass on the practice of philanthropic service to the next generation.” Rainbows serves more than 4,050 children annually, from birth to age 21, in Butler, Sedgwick and Sumner counties.

Eden, 11 months, Rainbows’ Kids’ Point, Early Care and Education. Photo courtesy Kevin Swinicki

Ellie, 14, Targeted Case Management and Family Support Services. Photo courtesy Isaac Penner

Christian, 19, Family Support Services. Photo courtesy Gavin Peters 72

NOVEMBER 2021 · splurgemag.com

November 23, 2021 7:00pm Wichita Center for Performing Arts - 9112 E. Central Ave

The All-American Boys Chorus are coming to Wichita for an evening of patriotic songs, popular hits, and holiday favorites. - $25.00 Senior and Military discounts available Visit Wichitagrandopera.org or call (316) 262-8054 74

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6707 W. Kellogg Dr. | Wichita, KS 2526 N. Greenwich Road | Wichita, KS


*Expires 11/24/2021 Restrictions apply. Ask for details. Valid at listed locations only.



11:15 AM










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9758 E 21st St N | Wichita, Ks 67206 | opti-life.com | 316.927.5959 | info@opti-life.com

Opti-Life Splurge 14-day.pdf



2022 WSU Softball Team – American Conference Champs

WSU cheer squad: Anna DeGrado, Kaylon Hamilton, Amirah Fields, Kale Lowery, Bella Warner

WSU dance team

WSU softball coaches: Nicole Pendley, Presley Bell, Kris Bredbenner, Elizabeth Economon

Arielle James, Zoe Jones, Erin McDonald, Michele McDonald

Lauren Johnson, Tatum Long, Bailey Lange

Terry and Jody Klein, Steve Ruud, Brent Kemnitz, Lindsey Hall, Christian Kentling

DePaul, Riva and Stephanie Brewer

Cory and Jennifer Unrein, Angie and Kyle Buhr, Darcie and Mike Wilson

Brian and Leslie Eidem, Cathy and Randy Ellsworth

The Brown and Cainne families

The Curry and Nickle families


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PUMPKINS AT THE PARK Tanganyika Wildlife Park

April Richey, Cooper Richey, McKenna Cobb, Kaitlyn Dick

Azariah Grag, Marcey Gregory

Braylee, Rita, Briella and Brandi Fink

Cassie Johnson, Devyn Baron

Clara Gamon, Laila Solis, Lilly Awtrey

Emily Madrid, Beatriz Moscoso

Jennifer, Dax and Casen Jaggers, Christen and Palmer Schulz

Kaylee and Maverick Bohannan

Melissa Hughes, Kendra Monpas, Robert Olmstead

Odessa Engram, April Damas, Elizabeth Ekeler

Rhonda and Kenten Newberry

Tina and Blake Hollis


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Little Stars Therapy Services would like to welcome our new Senior Analysts. The Senior Analysts are responsible for overseeing all behavior analytic services provided, staff training, and program development.

Christina Hourani

Senior Analyst of Clinic Teams

Julie Moore

Senior Analyst of Remote Teams

Katherine Reed

Senior Analyst of Team Development

www.littlestarstherapyks.com · littlestarstherapyks@gmail.com · 316.364.8767 · 301 S. Meridian · Wichita, KS 80

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America has a strange relationship with sleep. Each generation values a good night’s sleep differently. Millennials measure lack of sleep as a level of “hustle”. Young parents become keenly aware of the sleepless nights associated with raising children. Many working adults are so stressed and worried that sleep is often an afterthought. On top of the generational perceptions of sleep, we have other challenges to our overall sleep health. Caffeine, social media, smart phones… all play a role in robbing our bodies of the necessary restorative aspect of healthy sleep. Poor sleep health impacts our energy levels, productivity, weight control and our bodies ability to fight off sickness. Sleep and health are linked interchangeably together and as a nation we simply don’t understand the importance of a good night’s sleep. That’s the heart of what we do at The Mattress Hub. When our customer’s visit our stores or engage our company online, we focus hard on identifying their current sleep issues and then our team educates them on features and products that will enhance their sleep. We want our customer’s to fully understand the power of sleep and that if you sleep well you can live well. Everything we do, from our marketing to our products, is geared towards this pursuit. Hurry into one of our 13 Kansas locations or visit us online at www.mattresshub.com. We believe we can help change the way you sleep… Forever.

MattressHub.com NOVEMBER 2021 · splurgemag.com


Unique Furniture In Stock and Ready to Deliver By Nahid Holmes | Design Source Interiors

Full Interior Design Services Including:

Furniture · Accessories · Large Rug Selection · Custom Window Treatment · Bedding · Art


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At Design Source Interiors we create a stunning look that perfectly fits each client’s taste and lifestyle. Award-winning interior design and renovations. Call for a design consultation today.


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19844 W. Kellogg · Goddard, KS 67052

“If it’s built well... It’s gotta be a Burwell!”

Roofing | Siding | Windows | Decks/Patios | Screen Enclosures | Guttering Fascia | Window Wrapping | Kitchen Remodel | Pergolas

EXTERIOR HOME SERVICES We Can Offer You: • LP SmartSide • Concrete Board • Vinyl Siding • Fascia • Soffit • Window Wrapping

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13th & Greenwich

Maple & Ridge

29th & Maize

shop in-store or online at HortonsCarpets.com 84

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Windows and Doors of Kansas www.pellakansas.com

24/7 Weather Protection, Year-Round Comfort Tested for Extremes, Designed for Your Home Kansas weather is unpredictable and heating costs are rising. In the dead of winter and in the scorching summer, you can count on Pella Products. Keep your home more comfortable year-round with Pella Lifestyle series and Reserve series Wood Windows and Patio Doors. Up to 79% more energy efficient than standard single-pane windows.







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FOURTH ANNUAL PINK POLO Fairfield Polo Club Riders from Kansas, Missouri, Oklahoma, and California – and even international riders from China and Argentina – teamed up for the Fourth Annual PINK Polo presented by Heartland Pathology. Guests enjoyed polo matches, lunch, drinks and games at Fairfield Polo Club in Haysville. The event raises awareness and funds on behalf of the American Cancer Society for breast cancer research and local programs and services. From upper left: A.J. Schwartz, Ashley, Jon, Lizzie and Caroline Schlatter, Jane Schwartz, Bob Donley

Bill and Linda Phillips

Dr. Lyle and Debi Zepick

Gary and Amber Keith, Tammy Atterbury, Jocelyn Clonts

Hannah Hall with dog Millie, Lily Wakim, Olivia Schechtman, Daniel Carney

Leah and Jim LaVasque

Linda Phillips, Nancy Knapp, Jaci Weber

Maddie Blake, Tammy Blake, Vicki Decarsky, Julie Olmsted

Nancy Knapp, Sierra Scott, Maureen Youngmeyer

Phil May, Sarah Vincze, Steve Schaumburg, Maureen Youngmeyer

The Wagon Masters: Bill Frailey, Greg Shelton, Jeff Dodds, Brad Fitts, Jeff Hand


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312 E Prairie Point Ct · $795,000

This spectacular, nearly new Nies built home in scenic Flint Hills National looks and feels like a model home. The open main floor living, dining and kitchen area features incredible floor to ceiling windows, vaulted and beamed ceilings, wood floors, built-in cabinets and bookshelves around a beautiful fireplace, a spacious kitchen with a large center island, quartz countertops, double ovens, a gas cooktop and a walk-in pantry plus generous dining space overlooking the backyard. Upgrades in this 5 bedroom, 5 bath home include 8’ interior doors, 7 and 1/4” baseboards, Anderson windows, upgraded insulation, a painted brick exterior and much more. The beautiful, private backyard setting includes a covered patio with fireplace and a tree lined fenced backyard. Flint Hills National Residences surrounds the nationally recognized Flint Hills National Golf Club. Andover schools! No Special Assessments!

Contact Brad Minear at 316.393.2001 · www.flinthillsresidences.com

DON’T BE FOOLED BY YOUR DIRECT WRITER After 33 years of loyalty to Allstate Insurance, I sold my agency and bought a franchise from We Insure. Multiple A+ companies to give a range of options! Here are some important coverages to have: HOME INSURANCE Loss Forgiveness and decreasing deductibles replaces the whole roof, siding, and painting of home. Earthquake insurance. (My old company didn’t have that coverage)

It’s a good time to review your insurance because the cost of goods sold has increased so much!

Ross Viner, Agency Owner

AUTO INSURANCE Accident forgiveness and decreasing deductible.

316.600.0520 Ross.Viner@weinsuregroup.com WeInsureRossViner.com

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Check out our Unique Selection of Vessel and Stone Sinks, Wine Racks, Fire Pits, and Fire Glass

Nordic Stone

Granite and Quartz from around the World Scott Bishop - Owner 9720 E 50TH ST NORTH · BEL AIRE KS 67226 · AT THE HOT CORNER OF 50TH & N WEBB RD · 316.214.0771

Don’t spend another Thanksgiving without the rug you’ve always wanted. With our huge in-stock selection you’ll have your rug delivered in time for you to impress your holiday guests.


7310 W. MAPLE

In the Horton’s Carpets Building Professional Rug Cleaning 94



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Shopping for a new home? Building your dream home? Thinking of refinancing? Call our team to start your stress-free process.

"I started Phoenix Mortgage 21 years ago to provide lower rates, lower fees and superior service. My team and I are more committed to those goals today." - Adam Hamilton, Owner

Lower Rates. Make Us Prove It. Kansas licensed mortgage company the Phoenix Mortgage Group, Inc. MC.0001205 NMLS# 323881

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Check out our new 3M Climate Control window film to reduce winter heat loss.

Thank you Kansas for 25 years of business!


6707 W. Kellogg Dr. | Wichita, KS 2526 N. Greenwich Road | Wichita, KS

1151 N. Charlotte • $250,000 • McEwen • Main Floor Family Room • Wood Floors • 3 Bedrooms • 2.5 Bathrooms • Sq. ft. 2,486

*Expires 11/24/2021 Restrictions apply. Ask for details. Valid at listed locations only.


Eagle Scout Class of 1997

while enjoying the activity and camaraderie of The Boy Scouts. “Becoming an Eagle Scout, you learn to see things through; you’re working at things over time,” he said. “I’m probably the least handy Eagle Scout in the world, and somewhere along the line you have to do something in Scouts you don’t really like or aren’t excited about, but that has a lot of value.” Ramseyer was one of the first Scouts at the then-newly formed Eastminster Presbyterian Church Troop to achieve the rank of Eagle Scout. His father served as his Scoutmaster for a time. Together with his wife, Charlie, Ramseyer has two daughters and two sons, and plans to carry on the family tradition. “There’s not really an option in this family, whether my boys want to or not,” he joked. “It’ll be neat to do it with them.”

Rob Ramseyer

For Friends University’s Dr. Rob Ramseyer, Scouting was always a family affair, and there was no question when he was growing up whether he would achieve the rank of Eagle Scout. “It wasn’t really an option in my family,” Ramsmeyer said. “I come from a long line of Eagles: my dad, both my grandpas, my uncles. At my Eagle Court of Honor, both of my grandfathers and my dad were part of it. I have really fond memories of that.” Ramseyer is associate vice president of athletics at Friends University and serves on the President’s Cabinet. The Wichita Collegiate School graduate began his career at Friends University as the athletic director in 2018, and prior to that served as athletic director, vice president of student development and head baseball coach at Hesston College. But before pursuing a career in higher education, Ramseyer was just a kid in Wichita who was unknowingly learning major life skills

Quivira Council and Morgan Stanley are proud to bring you Eagle Scouts in Action, a monthly showcase of community leaders who are banding together to make a difference in our community! Quivira Council was incorporated on March 11, 1918, chartered by the Rotary Club of Wichita. Since then, it has been our honor to instill in the youth we serve the values and traditions that make Boy Scouts of America stand apart in the crowd. If you are interested in joining Scouting or have an Eagle Scout in Action you think deserves honoring, call us at 316.264.3386


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Six Things You Didn’t Know About Cox Communications

Written by Karen Long

For almost two years they’ve been a technological lifeline, keeping us in touch with friends, family, classmates and colleagues, and letting us binge Netflix during a global pandemic. We know Cox Communications as our internet, phone or cable provider, always there in the background – but they are so much more. Here are six facts that might surprise you!

They’ve Been a Family-Owned Business Since 1898 Ohio Governor James M. Cox bought the Dayton Daily News 123 years ago, and his great-grandson, Alex Taylor, is president and CEO of Cox Enterprises today, according to Coleen Jennison, senior vice president and region manager of Cox’s central region. She oversees 3,000 employees in 197 communities sprinkled throughout the states of Kansas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Nebraska, Iowa and Idaho.

Communicating in Every Media

Coleen Jennison

As the twentieth century progressed, so did the company. From newspapers Cox expanded into radio and television stations in the 1930s and 40s, cable in the 1960s and broadband internet in the 1990s.

leader. And the tenure of their employees, who stick with the company for 20, 30 or 40 years is another vote of confidence.

Not Just for Residential Customers

From Gaming to Medicine, Cox Leads the Future

In addition to phones, internet and cable, Cox Business, led by vice president Mark Tucker, also supports their clients with security systems and cloud solutions. And Cox Media offers advertising opportunities, says Jennison: “Not only on video, but looking at digital we also have our YurView platform, a dedicated channel on our lineup, allowing folks to have some visibility there as well.”

Just as James M. Cox couldn’t have imagined the internet, Jennison says some of the solutions they’re currently working on, “haven’t even been born yet,” such as the growth of advanced gaming and smart home technologies. Another piece of the company’s portfolio is Trapollo, an online healthcare delivery architecture that allows people to heal in the comfort of their own homes while still engaging with their doctor, and doctors to remotely monitor vital signs and other critical patient metrics.

Actively Recruiting Female Technicians “We did not have a lot of females in the technician role, and have really made a commitment to increase the visibility and the opportunities for women to serve in those roles,” says Jennison. “In the central region, especially, we have seen that increase: Year over year we more than doubled the number of females (six compared to 14) in non-traditional roles.” This is an extension of the company’s commitment to diversity and being a great place to work. They support diversity organizations within the company for young adults, African Americans, Hispanics, women and more, “So they can bring their authentic selves to work. I could not be more proud of the work that we’ve done in the space with hiring women.” And it’s working: Cox has been recognized by Women in Cable and DiversityInc for their role as a corporate diversity 100

“We’ve had the privilege of maintaining the network, and continue to invest in it to make sure that we can meet the needs of whatever these geniuses develop,” says Jennison.

Connecting With Community Jennison is proud of Cox initiatives that have helped lowincome families stay connected during the pandemic. For instance their Connect2Compete program offered affordable home internet to qualifying families with K–12 children. They also support the Kansas Food Bank, Boys & Girls Clubs of America and other nonprofits. “I’m always proud of the investments that Cox makes in the community,” says Jennison, “and never more so than the last two years.”

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Uploads to downloads, on site or remote, we have the right data solutions for your business. Whether you need gig speeds for an office of 10 or VPN access for 100 remote employees, Cox Business has the technology solutions to make it happen. When you have a secure and reliable network working for you, you can get any job done. • Fiber optic network with speed options up to 10 Gbps • Data backup support • Network security designed to protect against cyber threats • Flexible plan options that fit your data needs

Call (888) 243-6623 or visit coxbusiness.com/faster Services are provided subject to Cox Business General Terms found at cox.com/policies. Other restrictions apply. Visit coxbusiness.com for details. © 2021 Cox Communications Inc. All rights reserved. PAD107892-0009



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Bring Your Old Electronics, Purses and Jewelry

8 S. Colonial Ct.

And Get Paid FAST!






b st


• $450,000 • 3 Bedrooms • 3.5 Bathrooms • Sq. Ft. 3,386 • Main Floor Family Room • Updates Throughout • Wood Floors • 2 Car Garage




AND MUCH MORE! 37th & Woodlawn | 316.684-EBAY | www.myedrop.com

Fall is upon us. Look to Top to Bottom to get you ready for the holiday season or simply catch up. We are here to help you! Some of the services that we offer: Tailored Cleaning or Organizing Party / Thanksgiving Preparation Holiday Declutter Holiday Decorating

Single or Multi Room Routine or One Time Laundry Deep Clean

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MISS UNSTOPPABLE 2022 PAGEANT Ability Point (Formerly The Arc of Sedgwick County)

Miss Unstoppable 2021 Kirsten Robinson

Mary Lou Howard, Breegan Lindsey, Lisa Martinez, Jackie Kassik, Ellie Walker, Rebecca Shepherd

Event Judges — Mayor Brandon Whipple, Katie Taube, Gwyn Bevel, Henry Waters

Miss Unstoppable contestants

Miss Unstoppable and her court

Fidelity Bank volunteers

Josephine Bolden, Teresa Jaso

Shyla Mee, Katherine Gwin, Koren Shafer, Rebecca Oare, Linda Winfrey

Katherine Gwin and her support team

Koren Shafer

Rebecca Duden, Casey Keene

Shania Berry, Katelyn Andrist


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1001 S. Stagecoach



• Springdale East • 3 Bedrooms • 3.5 Bathrooms • Sq. ft. 3,457 • In-ground Pool • Tile Roof

Tuesday-Friday 10-5pm Saturday 10-4pm Closed Sunday & Monday 523 E. Douglas at The Eaton Wichita, KS 67202 316.295.2314 Follow us on FB and Instagram urbaninteriorswichita.com

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Homeowners Ann and Dennis Ross Written by Julia Underwood Burton

Kitchen Tune-Up Brought couple’s Vision to Life Q. What amenities of your new kitchen would you recommend and why?

A. Dennis wanted a coffee dispenser, which was installed

Q. How long had you been considering a

remodeling project for your kitchen and what made you choose Kitchen Tune-Up?

A. It was simply time to focus on our kitchen and we wanted a more contemporary look than most kitchens. We chose Kitchen Tune-Up for our remodel job after seeing their impressive display of kitchen designs, tiles and flooring inside their showroom.

Q. What advice do you give others considering a kitchen remodel project?

A. Prior to visiting a designer, take a look at pictures of

kitchens that appeal to you. We knew we wanted a white “feel” on the countertops, but there were so many choices that we had a hard time picking our favorite surface. Once the countertop was chosen, everything else practically fell into place.

Q. What did you particularly like about working with Kitchen Tune-Up?

A. We were impressed with how Kitchen Tune-up listened

to our mutual desires and came up with a design plan that incorporated our ideas. The staff was helpful and professional. Although faced with shipping delays beyond their control, we were continually informed about project timeline updates. We could not have been more pleased with Kitchen Tune-Up and their finished product.


where a corner pantry would be. Although initially Ann was not considering a coffee machine, she’s learning how to use it daily and now believes the appliance is a superb addition, especially for coffee connoisseurs. Our daughters suggested we include two dishwashers in the design since we serve up to 18 individuals at family gatherings. The dishwasher we chose was too large for the existing cabinet space, so we rearranged the layout to accommodate the larger-size dishwasher and added a second unit on the other side of the sink. Kitchen Tune-up came up with the perfect plan that incorporated our ideas for the two dishwashers with the latest styles in both beauty and durability. Another one of Ann’s favorite features in the new design is having pullout shelves for the baking and cooking housewares.

Q. What design elements and choices truly give your kitchen personality?

A. One of our most stunning design elements is the

modern fire bar fireplace that we especially wanted to incorporate into the design. Another beautiful addition is the quartz panels located on either side of our TV and fireplace. These lighted panels are beautiful and unique. We love the “waterfall” construction of our quartzite over the cabinets and the contrast of the white surfaces with the deep brown coloring of the rosewood cabinet veneers. It’s perfect!

If you are considering a kitchen remodel call Kitchen Tune-Up for your free in-home or virtual consultation at 316.558.8888.

Where to Find Them Kitchen Tune-Up 3545 N. Hillside Wichita, KS 67219 316.202.2567 kitchentuneup.com

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Refacing • Cabinet Painting • Redooring • Custom Cabinets 1 Day Tune-Up • Countertops and Backsplash • And More

Options beginning as low as $99 - $249 a month!

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• Limit one food and free play offer per stay • Offer valid for new club members, 21 and older only • Limited availability, call hotel for full details

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