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‘This Man is Innocent’


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Publisher & Staff

What’s your favorite April Fools’ Day prank?

Jody Klein

Amy Palser

Amber McNew



My favorite April Fools’ prank ended up being one of my most embarrassing moments. A few years ago, I arrived “nine months pregnant” to a well-attended luncheon. Not one person questioned me. Everyone must have truly thought I was expecting at age 50-something!

When April Fools’ Day landed on Easter a few years ago, I made my young kids close their eyes while I brought them their “Easter baskets” – paper lunch sacks with fastfood condiments like ketchup, mustard and relish. There were a few tears.

My brother, who had two sons, was expecting his third child and hoping for a girl. On April Fools’ Day he found out he was having twin boys – but nobody believed him and thought it was an April Fools’ joke!

It’s hard to choose just one! Some of my favorites are googly eyes on everything in the fridge, a veggie tray inside of a donut box, and bubble wrap under the bathroom rug!



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No Stone Unturned When Saber Hossinei was falsely accused of a crime, he turned to Jonathan W. McConnell of McConnell Law Firm, who tenaciously investigated until he had unraveled a web of lies.





In spring a wine lover’s fancy turns to lightbodied, easy-drinking vintages. For those with diverse tastes and a curious palate, Guy Bower explores options beyond chardonnay.

Is it a live music venue? Or an incubator for new talent? Yes! Owner Aaron Underwood created the new all-ages venue on south Meridian as a place to support budding local artists.

A big welcome to new businesses and happenings that have launched in the past month, or have grand openings in April. Joy Tea, Station 8 BBQ, Mokas Cafe and Stingray Cove bring fun new experiences to ICT.

For gardeners and homeowners dreaming up a vision for their perfect outdoor spaces, two Wichita companies share a bounty of ideas and inspiration: Lawn Enforcement and Bloom KS.

Inspired Seasonal Wine Pairings

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Spring Landscapes

HIGHLIGHTS 26 - Medical Tourism is Risky Business 72 - Easter Traditions for Your Family 77 - National Walk @ Lunch Day

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No Stone Unturned Wichita Attorney’s ‘Bulldog’ Work Freed Man Of False Accusations Written by Amy Palser

The morning that a SWAT team broke down Saber Hossinei’s door at 5 a.m. and woke him out of a deep sleep, the 30-yearold Wichita man wondered at first if he was dreaming. Even now, seven years later, it sometimes feels like it was all a surreal dream – and yet it’s very real. Without a doubt, it was the moment that changed Saber’s life forever. “It still blows my mind that this happened – from the beginning to the end, I can’t comprehend it,” said Saber. It was the morning of Jan. 21, 2015, the same day Saber – who grew up in the country outside of Benton with his parents and four siblings – was to start classes at Wichita State University to complete his bachelor’s degree after a 10-year hiatus. In a deep sleep with a couple hours left until his alarm clock would go off, Saber realized that the banging sounds and loud voices that he thought were a dream were actually coming from his living room. “I woke up, and I went downstairs,” he recalled. “I’m going down my spiral staircase in my boxers, and there is an entire SWAT team staring at me. They’re yelling, ‘Come down with your hands up! Hands behind your head!’ They’ve got big shields, they had the helmets, they had the shotguns, their flashlights. They were obviously looking for something. “They handcuffed me immediately. I said, ‘What’s going on?’ I had no idea why they were there. There are crazy thoughts going through my head: I’m Iranian, I have a very Iranian name, am I being FBI watch-listed? I had no idea what to think.” It was five hours later while sitting face-to-face with an investigator at the police station, that Saber learned why he was there: He was being charged with rape. “I was shocked. I didn’t know jack about the law but I knew I needed counsel,” Saber said. “When he (the investigator) first told me the charges, I had no idea, I couldn’t even think where they had come from. Until he said, ‘Do you want to tell me about last night?’ That’s when Saber realized the nightmare he was living had actually started the night before. 8

About Last Night It was a woman Saber had met on Tinder. Days earlier, they had exchanged phone numbers, made plans to get a drink, canceled them. But on Jan. 20, 2015, the woman texted Saber: “Hey, I’m getting off work early tonight. Do you want to meet up?” Around 7:30 p.m., they met at Mort’s in Wichita, talked and had a round of drinks. They ordered a second round. The woman complained her drink was too strong. Saber casually told her, “Well, don’t drink it then.” The two decided to leave the bar, so they hopped into her car and drove to Saber’s apartment. They had consensual sex. It was still pretty early, Saber said, so they watched a movie. Before the movie was over, she said she was getting tired, so Saber walked her out to her car, kissed her goodnight, and she left. Saber went to sleep. The woman did not. Saber would learn later that, after leaving his apartment, she drove to a parking garage and called the police.

Wrongfully Accused After being booked into jail, Saber’s mind was racing. How could he prove that the encounter he had the night before was consensual? It was certainly irresponsible, he admits, but not illegal. He recalled that his apartment building had surveillance cameras outside. If the cops could just see the tape of him walking the woman to her car, chatting with her, kissing her goodnight, they would see the woman’s story didn’t check out, wouldn’t they? Meanwhile, Saber’s brother and friends were trying to find an attorney specializing in false accusations. They found criminal defense attorney Jonathan W. McConnell of McConnell Law Firm in Wichita, known for his expert knowledge and unmatched tenacity. A few days after Saber was booked into jail, Jon came to visit him.

APRIL 2022 · splurgemag.com

Saber Hossinei and his wife Emily (far right) pose with close friends and fellow graduates Blake Saffels (far left), Michael Raven and Sara Pagnotta in May 2021.

“I thought it was going to be a normal meeting with any other potential client where I get to know them, I get their story and I tell them what we need to do and why,” Jon said. “With Saber, it was very unusual – he was so adamant he was innocent. He wanted me to understand that he was innocent, and he wanted me to believe that he was innocent. He made a point to stop me and say, ‘No, no, you don’t understand – I didn’t do this. I need you to know that.’ “And I realized – this guy’s innocent. This guy didn’t do anything. He wanted someone to fight for him because he was innocent!” It was the first time Saber heard what was in the police report. The woman claimed he had “tons of guns, cash and drugs” at his apartment – the search showed he did not – which had resulted in the SWAT team breaking down his door at 5 a.m. The woman told police she had gotten up to use the restroom at the bar, and Saber put something in her drink and then forced her to drink it. Jon quickly realized that the woman had spun a web of lies. And he intended to start proving them wrong, one by one, no matter what it took. “You hear about someone being falsely accused and you’re like, ‘Oh, yeah, OK – well maybe they did something.’ He didn’t do a damn thing – he didn’t. He was in the wrong place at the wrong time with someone that I don’t believe was a mentally stable individual. And boom, here we have this case, and it’s crazy.”

Detective Work One of the first things Jon did was to visit Mort’s and see if they had any cameras. Thankfully for Saber’s case, the bar had a sophisticated surveillance system that showed the woman never left to go to the bathroom, that Saber had never touched her drink and that she was in possession of her drink at all times. Over the next 11 months, piece by piece, Jon began to dismantle the woman’s story, utilizing private investigators and medical experts and even chasing down anonymous tips to form the defense. Saber knew he had picked the right attorney. “I always looked forward to seeing Jon, to talking with him,” Saber said. “I just felt safe. Like protected almost. I had such an unwavering confidence in his competence. Very early on, I knew he was an absolute bulldog. My brother had called me to tell me about one of the early hearings while I was in jail. He had really done an excellent job to the point my brother said the cops were fist-bumping him after the argument.” Jon was able to get Saber’s bond reduced, so after 10 days in jail he went home with an ankle monitor, which he wore for the next eight months. “That thing was so stressful because it would just start vibrating like crazy when the battery was dying, and you had 45 minutes to get it plugged in,” Saber recalled. At one point, Saber was on a sales call in a potential

APRIL 2022 · splurgemag.com


customer’s home in western Kansas when the ankle monitor began vibrating; he had 45 minutes to charge it or it would be considered a bond violation. He had to swallow his pride and ask the woman if he could use an outlet to charge his ankle monitor. She was kind and understanding, and Saber was shocked when it ended up being one of his biggest sales.

to get narcotics – and that was just at one hospital. A toxicologist theorized that her motivation for accusing Saber of rape was to be seen by hospital staff and get a prescription for narcotics.

On July 31, 2015, Jon got a major break in the case when he received an anonymous letter. It contained a printout of a map with a circle drawn around a specific house and a note telling Jon to talk to the home’s residents. “It turned out to be the parents of another sorry guy that she wrongfully accused of doing something to her,” Saber said. “It seemed like every interaction, every investigative action that took place was an adventure.”

On Jan. 4, 2016, the day of the trial, Jon and Saber were meeting in Jon’s office to discuss facets of the case when Jon got a phone call from the prosecution.

In all, Jon found two other men who had been wrongfully accused by the same woman. Both had been exonerated, but the damage from the accusations wreaked havoc on both men’s lives. In one case, the woman’s friend testified that, not only had the woman fabricated the assault, but asked her friend to lie, too. Another major break in the case came after Jon subpoenaed the woman’s medical records. There were over 2,000 pages that showed she was averaging a trip every other week to the ER

Free at Last All charges were being dropped. “I cried for the first time,” Saber said. “I broke down, hugged him for a bit. I think at that moment I realized how much stress I had internalized, and this relief that washed over me was incredible. I thought we were going to trial, and in my mind I was thinking, I hope the jury is fair, I hope they believe me and they find me innocent. But having experienced racism in my life, there was a little bit of concern. I thought to myself, you went on a Tinder date, and you put yourself in this position, you hooked up, and it was certainly irresponsible. I was just preparing myself.”

Saber Hossinei at the Midwest Innocence Project gala with keynote speaker Amanda Knox (left) and MIP executive director Tricia Bushnell.


While Saber was experiencing waves of relief, Jon was feeling sympathy and regret for this client who had become a friend. “I remember I apologized to him because it had taken so long,” Jon said. “What do you tell somebody who’s falsely accused and had to fight and spend an enormous amount of money for a year – what do you tell them? So I told him I was truly sorry that it took so long, I was truly sorry that the government had brought that case against him. I can never take that away, I can never take that back, I can never take back the days he spent in jail; I can never take back the months that he had the ankle bracelet on. But I could give him this – I could give him that dismissal.”

Living With Purpose Within two weeks of the charges being dropped, Saber was back in school to finish his bachelor’s degree. And when finals were over, he began volunteering at the Midwest Innocence Project in Kansas City, driving there a couple of evenings a week while working at Chester’s in Wichita. The Innocence Project exonerates the wrongly convicted through DNA testing and other means and works to reform the criminal justice system to prevent future injustice. Saber didn’t want to consider himself a victim of a wrongful accusation, but he wanted to pay it forward for what Jon had done for him. “Previously the only reason to go back to school was simply just to finish my bachelor’s. There was no end goal,” Saber said. “But then, throughout this experience and learning about the Innocence Project, being inspired by that and being inspired by Jon’s advocacy, I thought, man, there would be true meaning in becoming a lawyer. I would be honored to dedicate my life to that.” Jon recommended Saber for law school and admission to the bar; Saber graduated from law school in May 2021 and passed the bar two months later. Today, at age 37, he is working as a prosecutor for the Leavenworth County Attorney’s Office. Though his first inclination was to work to exonerate the wrongfully convicted,

Saber Hossinei with wife Emily

Saber said the Innocence Project showed him the impact good prosecutors can make. “The prosecutor is the most powerful figure in the criminal justice system. It all starts with them,” he said. “I think that convinced me that working as a prosecutor would be a good way to work on preventing wrong convictions, overcharging issues, and issues of fairness. The legal system is underrepresented by minorities. Bringing that perspective is probably helpful.” May 2021 also brought another milestone in Saber’s life: He married Emily Reed, a practicing attorney who he met in law school. Jon officiated their wedding. The arrest, the false accusation, the time in jail and the exoneration changed who Saber was, deep down. “I think I went from living a life of just existing and having a good time and not really taking anything seriously – you know, kind of a man-child – and I grew up. Talking about it with my boss, his comment to me was, ‘This is what made you go from being a boy to becoming a man.’ ” Saber said Jon was critical to that growth. “He cares so much. Jon’s not my friend, Jon’s my big brother. He’s definitely my big brother.”

APRIL 2022 · splurgemag.com


Clinical Trials Improve Treatments, Quality of Life Written by Amy Palser

For nearly 30 years, Dr. Terry Klein has had both a front-row seat and a behind-the-scenes hand in the development of new drugs and treatments for a plethora of health conditions, from acne to Zika virus. As a partner at the Wichita-area locations of Alliance of Multispecialty Research (AMR), Klein has overseen thousands of clinical trials for new and advancing medications. And as a family physician, he’s seen many of the AMR-tested medications go to market, become commonly prescribed, and even help his own patients have better quality of life. “I’ve seen hundreds of clinical trials (CTs) change how we treat diseases now,” Klein said. “One of those is diabetes. CTs have totally transformed how we treat diabetes.” Clinical trials are the tools researchers use to evaluate new medications and treatments for both safety and effectiveness, and thus they have a very important place in healthcare. They are crucial for finding diseases earlier, discovering how to prevent problems and for enhancing the quality of life for those with a disease. When Klein graduated from medical school, influenza was diagnosed only by its symptoms. “When you came in with flu-like symptoms, we said, ‘You have the flu.’ We were right sometimes and not right a lot of times,” he said. “We only had symptomatic treatments such as getting rest, drinking fluids, and taking Tylenol. When clinical trials came along, there was a treatment that allowed us to decrease the disease time and decrease the contagious time. But it was also a diagnostic tool that helped us understand what exactly influenza is.” So clinical trials not only gave physicians the ability to accurately diagnose a condition, but also to develop a medication to treat it — or even a vaccine to prevent it. “It has benefits to the community in multiple ways,” Klein said.

4 Phases of Clinical Trials Once a drug is created in a lab and placed into an appropriate carrier, Phase 1 begins, which is the first time the drug is tested on people. In this phase, the drug is given to a large group of healthy, young individuals to monitor how it is metabolized in the system and to discover the appropriate dosage. Klein said clinical trials are always looking for potential side effects with the goal of enhancing rather than hurting public safety. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration monitors every step of the clinical trial, and may request amendments before giving the green light for Phase 2. But once the FDA gives the go-ahead, Phase 2 begins in which about 50 to 100 people participate who have the disease for which the drug is intended. Dosing is established during this phase. 12

In Phase 3 thousands of participants will receive the drug and report on side effects and outcomes. If the FDA approves this phase, the drug will be ready to go to market. Phase 4 is considered post-approval testing, where drugs that are already on the market are tested for other uses. “Let’s say you have an antibiotic that works for sinus infection. Then we have reason to believe it also works on bronchitis, so we want to test that. That’s a Phase 4 trial,” Klein said. Every year the FDA approves new drugs for life-threatening diseases and medical conditions, and that wouldn’t happen if it weren’t for clinical trials. And clinical trials wouldn’t happen without willing volunteers. So what are the benefits of being in a clinical trial? Patients can often get access to promising new approaches not otherwise available, and they receive regular and careful medical attention required by clinical trial protocols. “You could be the first to benefit from a new method of treatment,” Klein said. But one of the most persuasive reasons to participate is a benevolent one: It helps others. Klein said many senior citizens in society take part in clinical trials because it’s a way to give back. Said Klein, “Many of these treatments that have come out over the last 30 years have totally transformed people’s lives.” For more information on clinical trials or to participate, visit heartlandresearch.com or call 316-689-6635.

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Osteoarthritis of the Knee Clinical Research Study AMR

Wichita West

Do you suffer from pain associated with osteoarthritis? AMR Wichita West is conducting a clinical research study for pain associated with osteoarthritis of the knee. To qualify, you must: · be 18 to 64 years of age · have knee pain · be able to maintain current activity and exercise levels · meet other study criteria Qualied participants will receive at no cost: · all study-related care · lab tests · investigational product or placebo Compensation for time and study-related travel is available up to $725.00. Insurance is not required.


Wichita West

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Welcome Home!

Put my 19 years of real estate expertise to work for you!

Call me today to discuss your real estate needs! Let’s get started! Alissa Unruh

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Dr. Ben Hawley Mid-Kansas ENT

Q. When and why did you decide you wanted to be an

Q. You completed your medical degree and residency

A. Early on in medical school I realized I really enjoyed surgery.

A. I went to a small university outside of Oklahoma

ENT surgeon?

in Oklahoma, what brought you to Kansas?

ENT appealed to me for several reasons: I enjoy being able to help people at every stage of life from newborn babies to the elderly. I get to treat a multitude of different ailments including everything from ear infections and tonsil problems in kids to allergy and sinus issues in adults, as well as cancerous diseases like thyroid cancer, skin cancer and mouth and throat cancer. These things make each day different and fulfilling to me.

City for college. I met my wife, Courtney (a native Oklahoman) there and stayed in Oklahoma City for my medical training. After residency I convinced her what a great place Wichita is to raise a family and persuaded her to come back home to Kansas with me. She has totally bought in and couldn’t imagine living anywhere else now.

“I enjoy being able to help people at every stage of life, from newborn babies to the elderly.” – Dr. Ben Hawley

Q. Who has been your biggest inspiration? A. My older sister, Meagan, is a missionary in Zambia.

She has lived there for about 15 years, overseeing an orphanage, caring for babies and kids. Her huge heart and compassion for others has always been such an encouragement to me in how I’d like to live my life. I’m incredibly proud to call her my sister.

Q. You enjoy both golf and tennis – what’s your favorite? A. My dad has been a tennis coach in Wichita for many years

and instilled a love for the game in me from as far back as I can remember. His passion for tennis is definitely contagious and it’s been fun to watch my kids take up the game. I think, like many people, I have a love-hate relationship with golf. I love to play whenever I get the chance on a nice day, but often leave the course frustrated. However it never keeps me from coming back for more!

Q. What is it like balancing being a father of four and an ENT surgeon?

A. Busy! We’ve entered the stage of life where our

evenings are filled with sports practices and homework. I try to be present with my patients at work and present with my family at home and give them each my undivided attention. I know the days and years will fly by and I try to cherish this phase while the kids are young. My wife keeps all our schedules in order somehow!

Alex Melugin’s Healthcare Highlight Sponsored by Phoenix Home Care and Hospice

Alex Melugin, Market President of Phoenix Home Care and Hospice

Phoenix Home Care and Hospice is the regional leader in home healthcare, disease management and private nursing and hospice services. Call Phoenix or check out our website to learn more about services for you and your family.

316.688.5511 · www.phoenixhomehc.com 16

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Looking to Buy or Sell? Get experienced assistance with your home, Lindi Lanie knows the market. Call Lindi today and get started with the experience of a 25 year veteran in the Real Estate Industry.

Your search begins at LindiLanie.com (316) 312-9845 lindi@reecenichols.com

Weight Loss for Moms

Emily VinZant, MD

Obesity Medicine certified physician The Life Coach School certified weight loss coach Virtual Small Group Weight Loss Coaching emily@doctormome.com · check out “The School of Weight Loss” podcast

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MONEY MAT TERS Spring Storms Are Coming

To-Be-Determined Approvals

Fighting the Economic Headwind of Inflation

Did you know you can lock in To-Be-Determined properties for up to 90 days?

Spring is here. Don’t be caught with partial repairs when you think you have 100 percent replacement cost. Make sure all outdoor furniture is secure from our spring storms and verify with your current insurance company that they will pay for 100 percent of your roof and siding if you have partial damage. You might be shocked to find out that they will pay only for the damage on your roof, while many carriers out there would repair 100 percent if you had partial damage. Would you be happy with only half a roof replacement?

The housing market moves fast – in some areas, bidding wars break out as soon as a property hits the Multiple Listing Service (MLS). Take the pressure off with To-Be-Determined approvals from Home Bank & Trust. We’ll lock in your rate for 60 to 90 days at no cost, and complete the underwriting process except for property details. Once you find a home, you can move to closing quickly. Call your friends at Home Bank & Trust for all your lending needs.

Here are some important coverages to have: HOME INSURANCE Loss forgiveness and decreasing deductible replaces the whole roof, siding and painting of home. EARTHQUAKE INSURANCE My old company didn’t have that coverage. (By the way, did you feel the earthquake in February?) AUTO INSURANCE Accident forgiveness and decreasing deductible. It’s a good time to review your insurance, because the cost of goods sold has increased so much. It is very important to shop around every two years if a company has had major rate increases. Contact me if you’re buying a home or refinancing your existing home. Ross Viner is an independent agency owner with We Insure. He’s an LUTCFdesignated insurance advisor with over 40 years experience, licensed in home, auto, health and life insurance. Call or email him for a review at 316.600.0520 or ross.viner@weinsuregroup.com. 18

Visit Home Bank & Trust Company at homebank-trust. com to discuss your financial goals and mortgage options. Member FDIC, Equal Housing Lender. Brian Sandberg, NMLS #468586; Mai Schendel, NMLS #468583; Jeff Rathbun, NMLS #543215; Home Bank & Trust, NMLS #41632.

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It’s almost spring, and in Kansas that means storms and more wind. Just like the winds in Kansas, the headwinds in our economy are blowing hard. Not only had inflation already been rising, but with the war in Ukraine, the increase in energy prices is fueling even higher inflation rates. While there is no way to predict when this will change, it is essential to have a financial plan that prepares you for any economic conditions, whether the headwinds continue or subside. No one can predict the future, which is why planning is so important. If you have a sound financial plan in place, stick with it. If you need a plan, make an appointment to meet, and let’s make a plan together. Contact Lyndon Zielke at 316.535.0750 or lyndon@ leadingedgefp.com to learn more about how we can put our planning tools and expertise to work for you. Leading Edge Financial Planning, LLC, is a Registered Investment Advisory firm and is registered with the states of Kansas and Colorado.

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Written by Randy Yeisley | Yeisley Financial Group

Greatest Threat to Your Retirement Do you realize that the greatest desire we have in life is also the greatest threat to your retirement? A long life is what most of us want. We want plenty of time to enjoy the fruits of our labor. We want to travel. We want to pursue hobbies. We want to spend as much time as possible with our family. We want to see our grandchildren grow up and succeed in life. A life that is cut short will miss out on many of these desires, so we want to live as long as possible. But living a long life is the number one threat to a successful retirement.

Bottom Line Using rules of thumb, like the 4 percent rule, will fail for the majority of retirees. That withdrawal rate is just not sustainable in the world in which we live today. So, you have to find ways to create lifetime guaranteed sources of income. Social Security is one source of lifetime guaranteed income. Pensions are another, but many people don’t have pensions or they have inadequate pensions. Most people will need other sources of lifetime guaranteed income. The only other lifetime guaranteed income

Longevity Your expected lifespan might be longer than you think. According to the Centers for Disease Control, the average life expectancy in the United States is 76.3 years for a male and 81.4 years for a female. But you should be very careful when looking at averages. Averages can be very deceiving. You will have a 50 percent chance of living longer than the average lifespan. In addition, the longer you live, the longer you are expected to live. Take a look at the table below. If you are a 50-year-old male today, your average life expectancy is 80 years. But if you are a 65-year-old male today, your life expectancy is 84 years. Your life expectancy increases as you age.

Threat Multiplier Longevity risk is the number one risk in retirement. Here’s why: It’s not just a risk – it’s a risk multiplier of all the other risks. Let’s say you retire at age 65 and you drop dead five years later at age 70. Would it matter if the market crashed? Nope. Would it matter if you were drawing 10 percent per year from your portfolio? Nope. Would it matter if you forgot to buy a long-term care policy? Nope. These things don’t matter because you didn’t live long enough. But if you live to be 75, 85 or 95, then it’s all the other risks that can wipe out your savings. You have to take longevity risk off the table. Pensions give you a paycheck for life, so they take longevity risks off the table. But many people today don’t have pensions or their pensions are not sufficient. Combine that with the fact that people are living longer. And, research shows that married couples live longer than single people. You need to make sure that you have created income for life as part of your long-term retirement plan. 20

source comes from the insurance industry through the use of some type of annuity product. Annuities get a lot of bad press and rightfully so in many cases. However, eliminating the use of annuity products before you fully understand the benefits and the drawbacks can be a huge mistake. The most important step you can take is to prepare a comprehensive financial plan to determine how much lifetime guaranteed income you need. Seek the advice of a professional investment advisor you can trust, and learn how you can ensure that you don’t run out of money before you run out of life.

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Randy Yeisley is a local, independent investment advisor and is the founder and president of Yeisley Financial Group, Inc., located in northeast Wichita. He can be reached by emailing advisor@yeisleyfinancial.com or by calling 316.719.2900.




Come Visit Our New Location! Dr. Weaver is dedicated to providing our region with the best treatment in foot care.

1819 N Greenwich · Wichita KS 67206 · 316-269-FEET(3338) · Fax 316-264-5516 · www.CKPA.net

9758 E 21st St N | 316.927.5959 | relliott@opti-life.com | opti-life.com


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9465 E. Cross Creek Cir. g


d en


• Lakepoint • Remodeled Upper Level & Basement • 2 Fireplaces • 5 Bedrooms • 4.5 Bathrooms • 4,394 sq. ft. ©2021 Coldwell Banker. All Rights Reserved. Coldwell Banker and the Coldwell Banker logos are trademarks of Coldwell Banker Real Estate LLC. The Coldwell Banker® System is comprised of company owned offices which are owned by a subsidiary of Realogy Brokerage Group LLC and franchised offices which are independently owned and operated. The Coldwell Banker System fully supports the principles of the Fair Housing Act and the Equal Opportunity Act.

Words to live by… Caring nurses and nurse practitioners. Supportive family members. Respectful attending physicians. Dedicated trained volunteers. Giving social workers and hospice aides. Loving chaplains and spiritual counselors. Dignified caregivers and therapists.



Crisis Counseling | Inpatient Respite Care | Continuous Care During Periods of Crisis | Bereavement Counseling Rivercross Hospice Is covered under Medicare, Medicaid benefit and most private insurances.

Please call a Rivercross liaison today to discuss how we may care for you or your loved one. APRIL 2022 · splurgemag.com

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By Nataliya Biskup, MD, Amy Sprole, MD, and Joseph Spaniol, MD Nousette Jefferson Photography | Instagram: @njeffphoto

Medical Tourism for Plastic Surgery Can Cause Complications

Betty after surgery in Mexico.

Note the results of Betty’s surgery in Mexico: Her tummy is still overhanging, and her breast position is lower than ideal. She has not had any revision surgeries. (None of these results are from PSC surgeons.)

In the financial climate we live in, many people are concerned about finances, yet they still want to have their plastic surgery procedures. They do some internet research and learn they can save money visiting a foreign country for their surgery. While it might look like the money savings are substantial, many people, like Betty, learn the hard way that medical tourism can be risky business. Betty’s surgery in Mexico is costing her much more due to the massive complications, post-surgery hospital stays at home in Wichita, and revision surgeries she must have. It doesn’t always save money to leave the United States for surgery. In fact, sometimes the complications are life-threatening. Betty had surgery in Mexico on August 27, 2021. She saved her money for more than three years. She lost 40 pounds and prepared herself for surgery. It was the first time she ever did anything for herself, and she was excited for a breast lift, tummy tuck, lipo 360, and fat grafting on her hips. What she ended up with was 700 cc breast implants, and a tummy tuck and fat grafting that didn’t meet her expectations. Even worse, she’s spent months on antibiotics, and she’s been in and out of the hospital in Wichita multiple times. The last time was in March 2022 because she was septic and needed to have infection scraped out of her belly. Betty says, “Something that was a dream turned into a nightmare. I should have seen the red flags. I wish I had done even more research and not jumped in so fast.” She advises others to stay closer to home, and says you “can’t put a price on your life.” The clinic where Betty had her surgery didn’t seem clean or professional. It’s unclear if the clinic was regulated like medical clinics are in the United States. Although she’s lost weeks of work, Betty says that the plastic surgeons at Plastic Surgery Center have saved her life: “I am incredibly grateful for Dr. Spaniol, Dr. Biskup and their nurse, Jessica. I am lucky to be alive!”

The Complications of Medical Tourism Cosmetic surgery isn’t covered by insurance, and many people look outside the United States for cheaper surgery. Some countries even offer packages including surgery and lodging. While you will find skilled and qualified surgeons practicing all over the world, the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) cautions patients it can be extremely “difficult to assess the training and credentials of surgeons outside the United States.”

Betty getting ready for surgery in Mexico.

In addition, the ASPS says, “Patients traveling to developing countries for plastic surgery procedures may experience severe complications requiring extensive and costly treatment after they return to the United States.” The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) also cautions patients on the risks of surgery outside the United States. The CDC notes the possible risk of complications, infectious disease, antibiotic resistance, communication challenges, a low quality of care including a lack of credentials and accreditation, and issues with continuity of care once you return home. While patients may be attracted by the lower costs of surgery outside the United States, it’s important to be aware of the potential medical risks. Betty knows firsthand that, while she thought she was saving money, she’s had multiple post-op issues that are expensive. Betty wants others to learn from her experience. “Don’t believe everything you read. Stay close to home,” she says. The dangers of medical tourism are many – it can be unreliable and dangerous. Clinics may be dirty and unsanitary, and language barriers can cause issues. The best option for most patients is to stay close to home where they can really trust their plastic surgeon. In addition, staying close to home allows for easy followup care. Finally, Betty says, “Surgery outside the country may be less expensive, but it can cost you your life. It almost cost me mine.” Betty’s story is a cautionary one. There are many professionally qualified plastic surgeons right here in Wichita who follow the proper health regulations and have many years of experience. If you’re interested in plastic surgery, please contact one of the qualified plastic surgeons at Plastic Surgery Center where you can trust in the safety and quality of your care.

You deserve expert guidance and exceptional results. Plastic surgery involves many choices. The most important is selecting a surgeon you can trust. Expect exceptional results when you have your plastic surgery performed by the highly skilled plastic surgeons at the Plastic Surgery Center.


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Some restrictions may apply.


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New Listing








• 5 Bedrooms


• 3 Bathrooms • 3 Car Garage • .24 Acres • 2,402 SF

3 1 6. 5 1 8.0 02 8


la n d ers o n @ weig a n d .co m

lis a a n d ers o n .weig a n d .co m

Tuesday-Friday 10-5pm Saturday 10-4pm Closed Sunday & Monday 523 E. Douglas at The Eaton Wichita, KS 67202 316.295.2314 Follow us on FB and Instagram urbaninteriorswichita.com

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Chris Abdayem with Flávia, Paul and Riley Jackson

Lauren Mercado, Kelly Glasgow, Anne Smith, Bree Cox

Tasha Park, Mignon Brewster, Jody Klein, Chuck Miller, Cathy Mitchell, Lindsey Hall

Susan and Dustin DeVaughn, Ismahene and Les Magnus

Stacy Hand, Alexandra Palmer, Stephanie Luetters

Claudio and Rosana Werneck, Kristie and Roger McClellan

Thomas Grey Interiors owner Rachel Thomas, Sophia Galbraith

Myra and Brice Turner

Tom Smith, Jason Cox, Grant Glasgow

Cindy Nolte, Jim Faith, Susan Koslowsky, Flávia Jackson

Doug and Jodi Kirkland

Kim Breitenbach, Nancy Baker


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Written by Gregory Lakin, D.O., J.D. | Center for Change

Training a Reactive Mind to Find Peace and Quiet At the Center for Change we talk about how utilizing drugs, alcohol or anything that causes constant fluctuations within your body also causes fluctuations in your mind. The mind interprets these fluctuations as a signal that the person is in imminent danger, signaling the more primitive survival part of the brain to activate a fight or flight response.

higher-level, front portion of the brain comes back online and they start to feel in control again. One of the first steps in overcoming this reactive state is awareness of what is happening and why it occurs. Only then can we take positive steps to avoid or diffuse a reactive fight or flight response in ourselves or others.

Reinforcing Calm

People who are in a more constant state of fight or flight unknowingly become much more reactive and fearful of things or situations around them, perceiving them as

We all know people around us who seem to be quietly in control, and in a state of peace or grace. These are people who don’t exhibit reactive and impulsive behavior that many of us are a slave to. Many 12-step programs –

dangers to fear or avoid. For example, people in chronic, reactive fight or flight describe it as always being on edge and in constant fear about what will happen next. They often reactively view things happening around them as happening “to them,” as well as being much more significant or severe than they truly are.

although this can certainly be utilized with all treatment approaches – invite an attitude of faith, forgiveness and self-love, as well as a release from the angst of addiction. An attitude of divine guidance or supreme health releases the practitioner from the anxiety of uncertainties.

Finding the Voice of Reason

Most faith-based schools of thought are very comforting. These philosophies help us work on releasing our own ego-driven thoughts of acquiring wealth or material objects, or worries about what others think, or comparisons to others. They turn the focus to connectivity, oneness and gratitude, reinforcing quiet calm in the higher centers of the brain.

When the more primitive survival portion of the brain is running the show, life events may subconsciously be viewed as almost life or death – even though this defies the logical reasoning of the brain. This is why people who are in a more reactive mindset often make unreasonable decisions or poor choices. This is the world in which addicts and people in this reactive mindset live. A patient described it as though “there’s a hundred voices from the primitive part of my mind overwhelming the one voice of reason.” It is as though the frontal, higher-level, executive part of the brain is overwhelmed.

From there we start to appreciate the wonders and the organizing intelligence of our world. Once these changes become a habit, you can start to lead a more inspired life.

People with addictions, or other very treatable mood disorders often commit seemingly self-destructive acts or behave unreasonably. However, once drugs are removed and their mood is stabilized, the thinking, APRIL 2022 · splurgemag.com

For more information: Center for Change 316.201.1234 centerforchangeks.com



Gunner and Alli Pulliam

Chloe and Katy Bingham

501st Legion, Rebel Legion and The Mandalorian Mercs

Gabe, Melissa and Jennifer Meyer, Jason and Morghan Benton

Jeremiah and Amanda Pierce, Judy Myers, Briar Olson, Ron and Amy Watson

Jessica Seek, Ash Wallace and Paul Rattana – Bad Ash Cosplay and Average Asian Cosplay

Julian Valdez, Matt and Lacy Lang

Randy and Violet Brooks, Caitlyn Gehrke, Jay Sinclair

Lael Holloway, Rafael Ruland, Mike Carroll

Rosa Ford, Morning Starlite, Katie Stafford, Kylee Winn, Jordie Beehler

Scarlet, Arianna, Malachi and Leia Leongson, Rylee Lawrence, Jeremiah Young, Everett Lawrence

Trinity Hutchison, Aleaha Mumma


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Celebrate Autism Awareness Month

5 Ways You Can Help! Written by Julie Underwood Burton

In communities worldwide, April 2 is observed as World Autism Awareness Day, and the entire month of April is designated as National Autism Awareness Month. Autism Spectrum Disorder, or ASD, typically manifests during the early childhood years and is a lifelong developmental disability that creates social, communication and behavioral challenges. According to the Autism Society, the prevalence of autism in the U.S. has risen from 1 in 125 children in 2010 to 1 in 54 in 2020. We must recognize this increase and work together to further raise awareness about autism. Here are five ways you can support autism in our own Wichita community:


Share the Message


Celebrate and Donate

During April, social media will light up with inspirational posts and videos featuring people with autism – use your social media presence to amplify their voices. When you see content on your feed, give it traction and share the messages and videos with as many friends and family as you can.

Create an Autism Awareness Day at work and disseminate ASD awareness handouts to others. Ask staff to wear blue in honor of the “Light It Up Blue” campaign sponsored by Autism Speaks. Collect donations from staff and make a request to your employer to match employee donations. Ask friends and family to donate too. Or simply make a personal donation to one of these local organizations who works to improve the quality of life for those in our community with autism:

Heartspring heartspring.org AbilityPoint abilitypoint.org Rainbows United rainbowsunited.org Greater Expectations greaterexpectationsks.org

3 4 5

Raise Funds While Playing Golf Register now to participate in The Independent Living Resource Center’s annual Golf Tournament to be held next month. Players of all abilities are welcome. All proceeds, including their live auction, benefits Wichita’s Greater Expectations program, which supports local young adults with autism. To sign up to play or volunteer, call 316.942.6300, ext. 222.

Visit Autism Avenue Flower and Gift Shoppe Pick out a special gift at this one-of-a-kind floral and retail gift store that provides a unique structured work environment and job training site for young adults with high-functioning autism. Autism Avenue is open weekdays from 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. and is located at 2401 W. 13th Street N.

Increase Your Knowledge Learn about the particulars of autism and the difficulties that people with autism experience in their day-to-day lives. Become familiar with the many misconceptions so you can be a voice for autism, and help promote acceptance in your personal and business community. A good source of information can be found on the National Autism Association’s website at nationalautismassociation.org. Together let’s rally in Wichita to support autism – not only in April, but every day!

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The Art Of Fashion

The LBD, ETC. 316.440.0772 Location - Thomas Grey Interiors Photography - Tobie Andrews Photography Models - IMPACTmodels Styling - Jody Klein and Amy Palser Hair/Makeup - Crave Beauty Academy Hair - Aliah H, Cristiane R, Lisa A, Theresa D, Trina W Makeup - Kailey C, Anastaja Z, Lazaria T 36

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2132 N Rock Road #104 Wichita, Kansas

20% OFF


The LBD, ETC. 316.440.0772


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Aspen Boutique 316.682.6784


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11101 E. 71st St. S.



• 6 Bedrooms • 5 Bedrooms and 2 Half Bathrooms • Sq. ft. 5,860 • 50x70 Man Cave with Garage • 48x72 Barn • Stocked Pond with Bridge to Island • Paved Roads ©2021 Coldwell Banker. All Rights Reserved. Coldwell Banker and the Coldwell Banker logos are trademarks of Coldwell Banker Real Estate LLC. The Coldwell Banker® System is comprised of company owned offices which are owned by a subsidiary of Realogy Brokerage Group LLC and franchised offices which are independently owned and operated. The Coldwell Banker System fully supports the principles of the Fair Housing Act and the Equal Opportunity Act.

4737 E Douglas Ave Wichita, KS 67218 (316) 351-3580

Store Hours: Tues - Sat Sun - Mon

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10AM - 5PM Closed


Grey Boutique 316.358.0016


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Let GREY Take Care Of All Your Occasions And Events… From Easter, Graduation, Dances, Weddings, or Upcoming Vacation… Something for Everyone at Grey Boutique

9746 E. 21st St. N. · Wichita, KS 67206 316-358-0016 · GreyBoutique.net

Lavender Lux Spa Special 70 minute Lavender Massage Soothing Lavender Facial and Lavender Mini Pedicure. $150









NEW LOCATION 214 S. Rock Road Suite 101 | Wichita, KS 67207 316.409.0727 | www.FreshSpaWichita.com APRIL 2022 · splurgemag.com


I Am Threads

(Located inside Urban Interiors)



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Violet Closet 316.612.6988

9530 S. Rock Rd. | 65 acres | $845,000

©2021 Coldwell Banker. All Rights Reserved. Coldwell Banker and the Coldwell Banker logos are trademarks of Coldwell Banker Real Estate LLC. The Coldwell Banker® System is comprised of company owned offices which are owned by a subsidiary of Realogy Brokerage Group LLC and franchised offices which are independently owned and operated. The Coldwell Banker System fully supports the principles of the Fair Housing Act and the Equal Opportunity Act.

Hello Spring!

316.612.6988 · 517 N. Lorraine TheVioletCloset.com APRIL 2022 · splurgemag.com


Marketplace 67010 316.358.0894


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Located in the Red Brick District

A Destination Boutique & full-service flowershop

Olive Oils & Vinegars

601 State St, Augusta, KS 67010

Hours Mon - sat: 10am - 6pm Thursdays open 'til 8pm

Jewelry & Fashion Accessories


Ladies Night Sip,Shop,Sample Every 3rd Thurs 6-8 Phone: 316.358.0894


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Unique gifts for EASTER, BirthDAYS, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Wedding & Baby Gifts.

Ask about our custom order laser engraved signs. Many Made By Local Artisans

10% off expires Apr. 30, 2022 When you mention this ad.

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2110 N. Maize Rd. Ste. 600 · Wichita, Ks 67212 316-444-0257 · LavenderWinks.com


Umbrellas? Umbrellas?

No Thank You. No No Thank Thank You. You. April showers don't just bring flowers – let the students at Crave Beauty Academy rain some color on your hair!

Vivids Start at

only 55.00 (additional remix and or corrective colors are not included)

Call the academy to set up an appointment today! Complimentary consultations are always available. 3804 W Douglas Ave · Wichita, KS 67203 · 316.943.5516 · CraveBeautyAcademy.com All services performed under the direct supervision of licensed instructors. For Consumer Information of median debt and other consumer facts, please visit www.cravebeautyacademy.com


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4730 E. Douglas 683.2411 CarolynSayresFineJewelry.com Open Tues. - Sat.

Carolyn Sayre’s 316.683.2411

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Because a SPARKLING diamond can change your life

Jewelry Design · Jewelry Repair Stone Setting · Ring Sizing Watch Repair · Battery Replacement and MORE!

Mon 1 - 5pm · T - F 10am - 5:30pm · Sat 10am - 4pm 540 S Rock Rd. · Eastgate Shopping Center, Kellogg & Rock 316.305.2233 ·SparkleWichita.com 48

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Our Sciton BroadBand Light (BBL) is the world’s most powerful device on the market and sets a new standard in treating skin conditions. These are the incredible results of two of our patients at Spa MD.





Beautiful skin in a flash. Worried your age spots or redness make you look less radiant? With BBL, they will be a thing of the past!

Product Of The Month

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BroadBand Light (BBL) treatment. In the month of April, buy a BBL Face treatment and get a FREE add-on of the neck, chest or hands.

SkinMedica Lumivive System.

Jennifer Brackeen RN, BSN Over 24 years of experience as a nurse injector, laser specialist and vein specialist.

Mary Bogdanovecz RN, BSN Over 18 years of experience as a nurse injector and laser specialist.

Free consultations offered


10523 E 21st St N · Wichita, KS 67206 APRIL 2022 · splurgemag.com




<($56 2) (;&(//(1&(



Work with one of our local and experienced REALTORS® today to find your next dream home.

J.P. Weigand & Sons, Inc. - Residential Division | 150 N. Market Wichita, KS 67202 | 316-292-3991 | Weigand.com 50

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Kevin Howell

Auctioneer and Commercial Agent J.P. Weigand & Sons

Written by Julie Underwood Burton

The Home Auction Advantage In today’s market, selling or buying a home at auction can be a great option. Here are some tips shared by one of Wichita’s top auctioneers, Kevin Howell.

Q. For individuals wishing to sell their

home, what are the pros of selling a house by auction?

A. With the current hot market, the auction method

allows sellers to reach the maximum sale price, and often market values are higher than traditional real estate “comps.” Auctions also typically have a buyer’s premium instead of a traditional seller’s commission, which offers sellers the best of both worlds – a buyerpaid commission and a local real estate expert who will maximize your return within a strategic timeframe.

Q. What are costs and timeframes for sellers at

auction? Can existing listings be converted to an auction listing?

A. A typical auction time frame is 30 days of marketing

and 30 days to closing. Buyers bid on the property in its current condition as auction properties are sold “as is, where is” and we find buyers like having 30 days prior to auction to inspect the property. Closings can happen quite quickly once the contract is signed. Traditional listings can be converted to an auction at any time, but typically the best value is achieved by thinking auction first! The advantage of not having a previous implied price, or the stigma of something being wrong with the property, is a huge marketing advantage to the sellers and the auctioneer.

Q. What are the benefits for buyers at auction? How does the bidding process work?

A. Now more than ever, the time frame of auctions is

a clear advantage to buyers. Having a set inspection period allows buyers the confidence that they are making a good decision on auction day, rather than rushing to make any offer they might regret later. Buyers also benefit from a transparent bidding environment where all potential buyers are held to the same terms and conditions and can offer more, or choose to stop at any time. Buyers also enjoy knowing the seller is dedicated to selling the property.

It is easier than ever before to get involved and bid! More and more auctions are online, and the bidding process is as easy as registering on the website. Once approved, you are a few clicks away from bidding on our interactive, easy-touse, online auction platform.

Q. What is the best advice you can give to sellers and buyers in today’s market?

A. Sellers should speak to a professional and keep an open

mind. By thinking outside the box of traditional listings, you set your property apart from others and maximize your profits in a very competitive market. Buyers should consider the benefits of shopping auction properties, including more time to make calculated decisions when purchasing real estate. Also, the more prepared you are financially, the better chance you have of winning a competitive auction.

J.P. Weigand & Sons, Inc. Auction Division is comprised of professional real estate experts who exclusively market real estate throughout Kansas and Oklahoma. For more information about their auction services, call 316.292.3971 or visit weigandauctions.com.

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Where To Find Them J.P. Weigand & Sons 150 N. Market St. 316.292.3971 weigandauctions.com


Be an IMPACT in the modeling industry with IMPACTmodels, where we have our models’ best interest at hand!

Bridely Boutique 316.440.0977

316-204-7123 www.impactmodels.biz 52

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Come see the new Spring Kendra Scott Collection

We have the best selection of dresses for Easter and all of your upcoming graduation and wedding events. NOW HIRING

For career opportunities check our website www.blingglamour.com or email bling.district@gmail.com

w w w. b l i n g g l a m o u r. c o m

Bling Greenwich 2684 N. Greenwich Court Wichita, Ks 67226 316.260.3626

Bling New Market 2441 N. Maize Road Suite 407 Wichita, Ks 67205 316.252.8429

Bling Derby 2100 N. Rock Road Derby, Ks 67037 316.358.0564

23 stores in Kansas, Nebraska, Oklahoma, and Missouri APRIL 2022 · splurgemag.com


Jewel Angels 314.779.6600

The Wichita Metropolitan REALTOR® & Designer

stephanie jakub

With brilliant style combined with a pragmatic approach Stephanie Gaskill Jakub leads Stephanie Jakub Homes and its clients to be inspired and think differently about their experience with buying, selling and designing their home to fit their lifestyle.

3 1 6-70 6-3 8 58 s t e p h a n i e j a k u b. com 54

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Celebrate our 4th birthday with us! Saturday, April 23rd at 5255 N Maize Rd, Suite 104 · 11am-5pm

• Prize Drawings • GF/Vegan Birthday Cupcakes

• Face Painting • Buy 3 Meals, Get 1 Free

PerfectPlateICT.com Perfect Plate

5255 N. Maize Rd, Ste. 104 Maize, KS 67101 M-F 11am -7pm · SAT 11am - 5pm 316.779.8800


Perfect Plate at The Coop & Coffee House 104 N. Baltimore Ave. Derby, KS 67037 · M-F 6am - 7pm SAT 7am - 5pm · SUN 8am - 5pm 316.351.8311

APRIL 2022 · splurgemag.com

Perfect Plate Garvey

220 W. Douglas Ave, Ste. 62 Wichita, KS 67202 M-F 11am - 4pm · SAT 11am - 3pm 316.239.6465

This April


into Walt’s every Sunday for Chicken Fry Day

$9.99 Chicken Fried Chicken, Steak or Pork with Mashed Potatoes, Cream Corn, Coleslaw and Texas Toast.

7732 E. Central · Open Daily 11am - 2am

APRIL 2022 · splurgemag.com


Party Room & Catering Available


l Pork Tama



Hours: Tues. 11-2/5-5, Wed. 11-2, Thurs. 11-2/5-8, Fri. 11-2/5-8, Sat. 2-8 Dine-in / Carryout / Curbside

316.943.5401 · 4407 W. Maple · Private Room Also Available 58

APRIL 2022 · splurgemag.com

Sponsored by

3049 N Rock Rd

Wine and Spirits With the Good Life Guy

Written by Guy Bower

Inspired Seasonal Pairings ABC Wines for Spring

Say what? ABC means Anything But Chardonnay! Don’t get me wrong, I love chardonnay and we drink it often. Since spring has sprung, I thought it would be fun to talk about some other wine choices to usher in the warmer weather. What is seasonal wine? Seasonal wine drinking is all about pairing a wine with the time of year, and choosing a wine that’s going to complement all of the aromas, flavors and foods that are typically associated with the particular season you’re in. For most of us, seasonal changes are a big part of where we live. In Kansas the past few years we have enjoyed some pretty significant seasonal changes.

In spring, as the warmth of summer evolves, look to white wines, which tend to have crisp acidity, are usually served chilled, and often have lower alcohol levels than reds. There are many light-body, easy-drinking white wines to consider. We usually reach for our favorite sauvignon blanc or pinot grigio as the flowers bloom. There are so many other varietals to consider. While not specifically on my wine recommendations today, albariño, viognier, grüner veltliner and dry gewürztraminer are great warm-weather choices. The wines I chose for this article are often overlooked due to lack of familiarity with the grape variety, producer or the country of origin. Enjoy the good life, try something different and leave chardonnay – at least for the day.

Good Life Guy’s Spring Wine Recommendations 2020 Dr. Konstantin Frank Semi-Dry Riesling, New York Bright, crisp and aromatic with a light hint of sweetness First things first, you may not be like me, but I want you to be! I have very diverse tastes in wine and like to explore the myriad of different growing regions and producers throughout the global wine world, regardless of season. That being said, I think most of us have seasonal preferences. I tend to drink a bit more red wine during the cooler months and white wine in the warmer months. But there is no right or wrong answer here, drink what you like any time of year and with whatever foods you enjoy. If you are a seasonal wine drinker here’s some basics to hang your hat on. Why is it that red wine is the perfect remedy for an icy winter night? The answer is quite simple: red wine tends to have a higher alcohol content and bigger body than white wine. This creates a natural thermogenic effect, which warms the body from the inside out. It also goes great with winter foods.

NV Blanc Pescador Mediterranean White, Spain A simple soft, minerally blend with a light effervescent touch 2019 Ixsir Altitudes Blanc, Lebanon A blend of obaideh, muscat and viognier grapes offering floral hints of citrus and spice 2020 Dry Creek Dry Chenin Blanc, Clarksburg AVA, California Aromas of honeydew, peach and mango with a touch of citrus blossom

Guy Bower is host of The Good Life radio show airing every Saturday, 12–1 p.m. on 98.7/1330 KNSS, featuring special guests, book reviews and a wine of the week.

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Family celebrating London’s first bithday

London, B.J., Roman and Christopher Gomez

Chris and Bill Williams with London

Chad, Olivia, Julie and Ava Archer

John Moriconi, Danny Jimenez, Wynn Hukle, Wyatt Sheeder

Jaymi Munn, Phil Zehms, Jan and Zylah Payne

Logan, Roman and Nicole

London and Angelica Escalante

London with Angel and Angelica Gomez

London, Marlen Luaces, Nester and Linda Luaces

Monica, Mikey and Dale Shuey

Rolando and Kristina Garcia


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A place for children to have the opportunities to nurture their social, developmental and emotional needs through a love of play.

Become a member for $32 month a family, with unlimited play. CREATION ROOM

Ask about Space for Events!

Mon-Fri 9-noon For more information call: 316.650.4021 thecreationroom.wixsite.com/info

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9758 E 21st St N | 316.927.5959 | relliott@opti-life.com | opti-life.com

DON’T BE FOOLED BY YOUR DIRECT WRITER After 33 years of loyalty to Allstate Insurance, I sold my agency and bought a franchise from We Insure. Multiple A+ companies to give a range of options! Here are some important coverages to have: HOME INSURANCE Loss Forgiveness and decreasing deductibles replaces the whole roof, siding, and painting of home. Earthquake insurance. (My old company didn’t have that coverage) AUTO INSURANCE Accident forgiveness and decreasing deductible.

It’s a good time to review your insurance because the cost of goods sold has increased so much!

Ross Viner, Agency Owner

316.600.0520 Ross.Viner@weinsuregroup.com WeInsureRossViner.com

Call Ross Viner for a Review! 62

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WHO ARE THE EAGLES IN YOUR NEIGHBORHOOD? We’re looking back at some of the Eagle Scouts in the Wichita community who we’ve featured in SPLURGE! over the last year. If you see them around town, be sure to say “Hi!” If you’re an Eagle Scout in the Wichita area, we’d love to know! Email info@splurgemag.com or call 316.267.3678. Rob Ramseyer, Eagle Scout Class of 1997 Associate vice president of athletics at Friends University

Kevin Hoppock, MD, Eagle Scout Class of 1978 Board certified family medicine specialist at Ascension Medical Group Via Christi Paul Attwater, Eagle Scout Class of 1977 Senior vice president, financial advisor, branch manager and founder of The Flint Hills Group at Morgan Stanley. Father of four Eagle Scouts. John M. Lewis, Eagle Scout Class of 1975 Owner and dentist at Wichita Dental Group. Former Scoutmaster and father of two Eagle Scouts. Mark Eaton, Eagle Scout Class of 1973 Chief financial officer at Envision The late Lou Schwechheimer, Eagle Scout Class of 1973 Managing general partner of Wichita Wind Surge, father of the new Riverfront Stadium Ron Ryan, Eagle Scout Class of 1952 Creator of Ryan International Airlines Al Higdon, Eagle Scout Class of 1951 Co-founder of advertising and public relations firm Signal Theory, formerly Sullivan Higdon & Sink. James Grier III, Eagle Scout Class of 1951 Retired president of Martin K Eby Construction. Received National Distinguished Eagle Scout award in 1987. Lewis Simmons, Eagle Scout Class of 1946 Realtor and one of the most senior Eagle Scouts, born in 1930 Fred Berry, Eagle Scout Class of 1946 Founder and owner of Berry Companies, including Berry Tractor, Berry Material Handling and multiple Bobcat dealerships. At age 93, he is the most senior featured Eagle Scout.


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An Enchanted Evening Gala to Benefit Junior League of Wichita and Their Causes The Junior League of Wichita is happy to announce their first gala in almost 30 years. Enchanted: A Junior League of Wichita Gala will be at Mark Arts on April 22. This will be a fabulous evening dedicated to celebrating the impact that the Junior League of Wichita has on the Wichita community. The Junior League of Wichita (JLW), part of the larger Association of Junior Leagues International, is a womenled organization committed to promoting voluntarism, developing the potential of women, and improving communities through the effective action and leadership of trained volunteers. Junior League members, reflecting a wide range of backgrounds, interests and professional pursuits, work together to identify unmet needs, forge effective coalitions and serve as catalysts for lasting community change.

plated dinner, catered by Georges French Bistro. The silent auction will be available to both in-person and online bidders, while the live auction will be on-site. Please bid on incredible auction items while enjoying an evening of reminiscing, celebration and fundraising for the Junior League of Wichita. They will be highlighting key moments in their history, along with the women who have made those moments possible.

For more information regarding tickets, sponsorships and bidding, please visit jlw.cbo.io.

In the 2019-2020 JLW year, they raised roughly $176,000 for the community, and clocked roughly 25,000 volunteer hours with 600 members. Their current mission focus is on combating child abuse through awareness, prevention and intervention. JLW has trained generations of women to be leaders in business, in the nonprofit world, in neighborhoods and in families. The organization hosts and offers training for members of the Wichita community who wish to learn more about managing a successful nonprofit board; their impact is positive and widespread. Help them help their communities! Tickets to this fundraising gala are now available to purchase for $125, with many sponsorship opportunities as well. Tickets include both a silent and live auction, open bar and a 64

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You are cordially invited to our FREE monthly COZINE C.A.R.E.S. workshops! Meet the experts • 4th Tuesday of each month • Cozine Life Events Center

APRIL TOPIC: “Mental Health & Wellness Matters” APRIL 26, 2022 • 5:30-6:30 PM Please RSVP @ 316.634.0500

Jo Lynn Bright (LCMFT, CST) is the Director of Community Impact at HopeNet. She enjoys connecting with the Wichita community and beyond to widen and improve HopeNet’s reach centered around mental health and wellness. Additionally, she hosts the “Studio 2501” podcast, located inside Studio 2501 at HopeNet. Jo Lynn is a Licensed Clinical Marriage & Family Therapist, and has been assisting a variety of people through counseling, training, coaching and consulting for over 20 years.


LEARN MORE @ www.cozine.com/events

MAY 24, 2022 • 5:30-6:30 PM Michael Schwanke KWCH-CHANNEL 12

“Scams & Fraud”

COZINE LIFE EVENTS CENTER 11500 E. 21st St. N. | Wichita, KS 67206

KENSINGTON GARDENS 11500 E. 21st St. N. | Wichita, KS 67206

BROADWAY MORTUARY 1147 S. Broadway | Wichita, KS 67211

PHONE: 316.COZINES (316.269.4637) | WEB: www.cozine.com

Name Has Changed – The Mission Has Not!

In the beginning years, recreation programs and what is known today as CampAbility were established. They then founded what is known today as KETCH, the first sheltered workshop in Kansas in 1960. Promoting self-advocacy and building self-confidence continues to be the hallmark of services the 69-year-old AbilityPoint continues to provide.

Written by David C. Austin | AbilityPoint

“It’s also all about inclusion and increasing the public’s awareness and acceptance, too,” said Kristen Phillips, director of operations. “One of the greatest limitations to someone with a developmental disability is those around them not understanding their full potential.” Fast forward to today. Shelter-in-place, because of Covid-19 restrictions, is and was significantly difficult for individuals living with IDDs, because many are particularly reliant on routines and familiar activities. Cancellations and changes last year created a large uptick in reports of depression, loneliness and anxiety. “We are excited to be open, and are working on growing the participation in the educational and recreational experiences we offer,” Fish said. Registration is well underway for two main AbilityPoint summer programs: CampAbility and Youth Education Summer Socialization Program (YESS).

AbilityPoint, Where Support Starts, Hope Begins, Connections are Made and Abilities celebrated! Six months ago, The Arc of Sedgwick County changed its name to AbilityPoint. “Change is scary but was necessary so we could completely remove any thought of the awful R-word,” said Kevin Fish, executive director. “Also, there was some confusion that we only served Sedgwick County, when in fact individuals from throughout South Central Kansas utilize our social, recreational, educational and case management services.” In 1953 when the agency was founded, the awful R-word was “retardation” or “retarded,” and was a medical diagnosis given to an individual with an intellectual and developmental disability (IDD). “That word carries a lot of negative stigma and is no longer considered a diagnosis of an intellectual disability,” Fish said. That was then. It all began with a vision created by parents of children with intellectual and developmental disabilities in Wichita. “These parents literally shifted the mindset on how to support someone with a developmental disability, creating hope and support for countless families,” Fish said. “At that time institutionalizing someone with a developmental disability was about the only option for a family.”

CampAbility is a residential camp held at a local campground for teens and adults offering outdoor activities, arts and crafts, and dancing. YESS is a partnership with and for USD 259 special education students, helping them retain what they learned during the school year, while developing improved communication and socialization skills. Over a 10-week period in the summer, students ages 5 to 21 enjoy a half-day of classroom education and a half-day in the community developing and improving communication and socialization skills. For more information, visit abilitypoint.org.

Upcoming Events Eat. Drink. Give. Enjoy! 2022 April 21, Distillery 244, Old Town An energized fundraising event, welcoming more than 250 guests to the fourth annual entertaining night filled with live music, moving stories and great food. Tickets are $100.

Did You Know? AbilityPoint serves individuals of all ages. Examples of developmental disabilities include autism, behavior disorders, brain injury, cerebral palsy, Down syndrome, fetal alcohol syndrome, intellectual disability and spina bifida.

These parents met together and chartered with a national organization – now The Arc of the United States. AbilityPoint continues to remain an affiliated chapter of The Arc, a national leader in developmental disability advocacy and support. Almost immediately after chartering, the volunteer parents created the first preschool for children with an IDD in Kansas – later spun off to Starkey in 1968.

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Striking the Right Note for Artists of All Ages Photo by Brandon Vogt

Aaron Underwood (left) and James Barringer pose in front of one of the murals inside Muse Meridian.

Written by Natasha Park

The Muse Meridian Center isn’t just a stunning all-ages venue for music and the arts. It’s also an incubator for local talent. And, they recently filed for their 501(c)(3). Within the 3,000-plus square-foot room, colorful and endless murals by local mural artist Aeraone La portray ideas of boundless dreams and possibilities. At first glance the Muse Meridian team aims to provide a safe, fun and professional place for artists to perform in front of all ages. Behind the scenes, they offer much more. Local artists can go through a complete development process. This may include recording songs, photoshoots, establishing an electronic press kit and access to bookings and management. “This sort of sounds like a record label but it’s not,” says owner and entertainment director Aaron Underwood. “Record labels want to take something that’s already working, and make it bigger. We aim to help develop artists at a beginning level and give them the tools that would get them noticed. We want the artists to have the knowledge to stand on their own, to come across as professional, and to know their worth.”

Inside the hip and exotic environment of the Muse Meridian, artists can hone their craft, learn music business fundamentals, gain professional tools and access to a sincere management team. With many combined years of experience in live music, promotions, recording, sound engineering, and backline work, Underwood and his business partners James Barringer, Geoff Kelley, Brody Baker, and Jon Voges are enthusiastic about creating a healthy music community. A place where locals, no matter their financial status, can learn, create or simply enjoy. For more information on events, services, and 501(c)(3) status, find Muse Meridian Center on Facebook.

The Muse Meridian is also different from most entertainment venues. Upon arrival you will first see a “Please wipe your feet before entering” sign on the door, indicative of a clean, respectable place. Also, there is no alcohol allowed: They feel it’s important to enjoy live music without the temptation to drink. This also provides a safe place for younger artists and crowds to participate. 68

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Where To Find Them

Muse Meridian Center Performance & Event Venue 301 S. Meridian, Suite 112 Wichita KS 67213 316.516.7417


NOW - DECEMBER 31 Sign up for a Club WINDS card and earn points today to receive up to $100 bonus WINDS Play!

20 points 100 points 250 points 500 points -

5 WINDS Play 15 WINDS Play $ 30 WINDS Play $ 50 WINDS Play $ $

After earning your points, swipe your Club WINDS card at the Loyalty Kiosk within 24 hours of your initial sign-up to receive your bonus WINDS Play. All WINDS Play will expire 48 hours from time and date issued. See Club WINDS for complete details. For New Member sign-ups only.

777 Jackpot Way


Park City, Kansas 67147

I crosswindscasino.com


Fresh on the Scene SPLURGE! Welcomes New Businesses and Happenings to Wichita Written by Karen Long | Photography by Michael Carroll Jr.

Joy Tea

Boba lovers are rejoicing since the recent opening of Joy Tea near Central and Greenwich. Here they discover the complete boba experience, starting with a full gamut of milk teas and fruit teas ranging from Honey Jasmine or Wintermelon Milk to Orange Lemongrass Peach and Passion Fruit Guava, and many more. But the choices don’t end there: Toppings include various types of boba, jellies, puddings and poppings, and you can customize sugar and ice levels to taste. The end product is a luscious, tall confection marbled with contrasting creamy layers or enticing bubbles and chunks. The detailed menu also extends to smoothies, ice cream, blended teas, sodas, hot or cold teas and coffee, including Vietnamese coffees. The shaved ice offerings are cups of chilled joy loaded with swirls, crumbles, fruit chunks and drizzles. If you’re loving the burgeoning boba scene in town, give Joy Tea a whirl. For more information, find Joy Tea Wichita on Facebook.


Station 8 BBQ

It’s been a little over a month since Station 8 BBQ opened in the historic firehouse previously occupied by Jet Bar-B-Q near 3rd and Washington, and co-owner Alex Eftekhar says, “We are so excited to be open. The past few weeks have been great. Everyone has been so encouraging and supportive, thank you Wichita.” Barbecue lovers who venture in are greeted by a quirky dining room that makes the most of the fire station aesthetic with the addition of antiques like an old-timey, one-wheeled bicycle hanging on the wall, vintage lanterns, a brass fire extinguisher and a vintage sculpture of a fireman in full gear – all against a backdrop of massive arched windows framed in red trim. The menu holds its own against the colorful decor, featuring fresh-smoked meats and sides made from scratch. Brisket, pulled pork, turkey, ham, ribs and hot links sit cheek by jowl with traditional side dishes like slaw and potato salad, plus Station 8 BBQ specialties: Smoked Mac, Honey Carrots and Cornbread Pudding. “The weather keeps getting better, and the dining room as well as the patio will be open,” says Eftekhar. “Come check us out, and eat some great food.” Open Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, 11 a.m.–2 p.m. or until they sell out. For more information, find Station 8 BBQ on Facebook.

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Mokas Cafe

On the triangle of land in front of Wichita’s Advanced Learning Library, Mokas Cafe has finally opened. The floorto-ceiling windows fill the space with light and views of the surrounding urban buildings, while patrons fill themselves up with specialty lattes, nitro cold brews, frozen drinks, fruit smoothies, Italian sodas – and that’s just the liquid offerings. Breakfast is served all day long, including breakfast burritos and biscuits and gravy. For lunch there’s a selection of sandwiches, from paninis to BLT to grilled cheese, and wraps such as Baja Chicken, Cranberry Club or Chicken Caesar. There are also Signature Salads, a soup of the day and a kids’ menu. All of this in addition to pastries and sweets such as brownies, cookies, cakes, muffins and scones. The Wichita Mokas Cafe is the third Kansas location of the Salina-based chain. They gave back locally during their first month by donating 10 percent of sales from their 16- and 20-ounce specialty hot drinks to Wichita’s Littlest Heroes. After a stroll by the river, a morning of shopping in Delano, or an afternoon in the library with the kids, Mokas Cafe is perfectly positioned – both geographically and gustatorily – as the ideal coffee, snack, breakfast or lunch break.

Stingray Cove

Springtime in Wichita means birds, butterflies, flowers – and this year stingrays and sharks at the new aquatic interactive experience opening at the Sedgwick County Zoo. Stingray Cove launches April 15 in the renovated Pepsi Pavilion between the Beastro and the Tropics building, according to Jennica King, director of strategic communication. Guests of all ages will have the opportunity to dip their hands in the pool and touch several breeds of rays and small sharks as they swim by. For an additional small fee they’ll even be able to feed the animals. The zoo has a 5-year contract with Living Exhibits, a company designing and managing these installations throughout the U.S., with an option to extend that, says King. “It’s really important to the zoo to bring in new interactive exhibits that allow guests to get even closer to the animals in our care, so that we can really build that connection,” says King. “This is something that’s been really popular at zoos across the country. We have the opportunity to bring it here, and we’re really excited about it.” Admission to Stingray Cove is $4 for members, $5 for nonmembers. To feed the animals, it’s $2 per cup of food. For more information, visit scz.org.

For more information, go to mokasusa.com.

Photos courtesy Living Exhibits

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8 Easter Traditions for Your Family Written by Lauren Boughfman

Cherished traditions are what brings a family together. Easter is the perfect opportunity to celebrate and spend time with family. Looking to create new memories? We’ve got you covered. Here are eight super-fun activities to share with your family this Easter that will bring excitement for all ages!

Attend an Easter Church Service

Many families start their Easter by attending a sunrise service – though you don’t have to wake up at the break of dawn to fulfill this tradition. Many churches across Wichita and the surrounding area will have multiple Easter services throughout the Saturday before the holiday, as well as Easter Sunday. Be sure to check out when your church is offering Easter services.

Decorate Your Own Easter Baskets

This is a fun way to get the kids excited for Easter and give them an opportunity to create something on their own. Following this activity, you can throw an Easter egg hunt right at home.

Bake Easter Treats

It wouldn’t be Easter without an arrangement of fun treats. Baking cookies could be a fun way to celebrate. If the kids want to join the fun you could use a few extra hands to help decorate the cookies. Go online and find a fun new recipe to try!

Easter Movie Night

A movie night doubles as a tradition as well as quality time with your family. This is an effortless and inexpensive way to get all ages involved. Prepare some fun snacks and you’ve got the perfect movie night.

Craft Away

Looking for a way to put your creativity to work? There are tons of adorable Easter-themed craft ideas out there and most can be enjoyed by every member of the family. This idea does not require you to buy anything – see what you can do with the supplies you already have.

Play Games

For this idea you can always break out the household board games you have stored away. If you’re looking to be festive, there are lots of Easter-themed games for kids of all ages. Visit Pinterest for some fun ideas to spark inspiration.

Enjoy a Traditional Easter Meal

Cooking a traditional meal is a fun, easy way to celebrate the holiday. Get the family involved and make cooking dinner a group activity. Wanting to try something new? There are plenty of fun recipes online to choose from.

Color Easter Eggs

This is a traditional Easter activity many families take part in already. Why not add this fun activity to your holiday plans? There are a variety of egg-dyeing kits that include a bunch of fun decorations, making it a simple way to get creative.

Wishing you and your family a happy Easter! 72

P ass i o n , P re c i s i o n , Pe r f o r m a n ce Before dedicating herself to the real estate profession, Lisa Anderson served as an advanced practice nurse anesthetist in the operating room for ten years. She knows how to pay attention to detail in a high-stress environment while delivering exceptional care. In less than five years as a REALTOR®, she’s sold more than $60 million and has been named J.P. Weigand’s #1 Residential Agent for the past two years . Expe ct More wi t h th e Lis a A n d e r s on Ad van tag e ! PHONE:

3 1 6. 51 8 .0 02 8



l i s a a n d e r s o n .w e i g a n d . c o m

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Written by Julie Hying

Spring Landscapes

March winds and April showers usher in a season change that most Kansans are eagerly awaiting. This shift inspires thoughts of lush gardens, abundant flower pots, beautifully manicured lawns and outdoor gatherings. Garden centers pop up on street corners, and established nurseries burst with colorful blooms and rows of young oak, maple and birch, along with ornamental selections like white flowering dogwood, cherry blossom, American redbud, purple robe locust, and prairiefire flowering crabapple. Before these new plantings can go in, for many people there is a lot of preparation that precedes the planting process. Fortunately, there are reliable companies like Lawn Enforcement that can help prepare areas prior to beautification. Owner and operator Brent West shares some of the ways his team of professionals assist people in the beginning stages of spring.

Lawn Enforcement

We clear out gutters and provide roll-off dumpsters for those who have large areas of brush or unwanted items to remove. Sprinkler systems often require attention after months of rest. We can test sprinkler heads as well as test and manage clocks to ensure they’re working properly.” “Our crew spends many hours this time of year setting the foundation for beautiful landscapes: laying down preemergent on lawns, mulch installation, cutting back bushes as well as pampas, fountain and monkey grass, plus clearing out beds and border areas.”

“As we move away from the tasks of winter months, salting walkways and snow removal, there is much to do for our customers’ outdoor maintenance. Our high-volume, lowpressure washers provide a thorough cleaning for windows. 74

Lawn Enforcement

As West has built Lawn Enforcement, he seeks out employees who, like him, love the work and are dedicated to seeing outdoor areas cared for and maintained. “This type of work is very rewarding. There are new and interesting challenges with the change of the seasons, each bringing its own obstacles as well as highlights. We love making people’s outdoor spaces look great, places that are welcoming, inviting and amazing to see.” West and his team of family members and employees care for a number of nursing homes, assisted living facilities and residential areas, as well as residential properties throughout the city and surrounding areas. West loves working with people and providing planting expertise and lawn care services to his clients.

Lawn Enforcement

Another Kansas company that specializes in assisting people creating outdoor spaces is Bloom KS. Flower pots are at the heart of Bloom KS. Owner Janet Poston-Harding shares her perspective. “Pots bring such joy to your garden, and a really lovely sense of arrival to the front of your house. When making selections, you have to ask yourself two things: Do I want this pot to look full now or do I want all the plants to grow into it?” Through conversation and collaboration, Bloom KS helps people bring their vision to fruition. “We want to understand our clients’ vision for outdoor spaces and how we can help them achieve their perfect outdoor ambiance,” says Carol French, manager of customer success at Bloom KS. These two women work diligently to ensure that processes and products are delivered efficiently and beautifully.

Bloom KS

Personal preferences are considered as their team chooses the best quality plants and materials to create custom flower pots to complement decks, patios and landscaping, creating inviting spaces that remain fresh throughout the warmer seasons. Often pot design includes Bloom KS’s signature succulents, an enhancing embellishment to the floral creation.

Bloom KS

Harding gives direction to those she’s assisting: “When creating your pot, size and texture matter. We like to say, ‘a thriller, a spiller and a filler,’ in that order. Assorted annuals can provide you with the color you may be looking for. I like to buy my annuals from Stutzmans on 21st Street and Dutch’s Greenhouse down on South Seneca. You just can’t beat their varieties. Johnson’s Garden Center has great options too.” In the many tasks and creative decisions that go into landscaping and lawn maintenance this spring, it’s nice to rely on those who have spent years dedicating their time to learning about what leads into landscapes as well as what it takes to maintain beautiful outdoor spaces. Working alongside nature can be challenging, but the rewards are often plentiful and abundant.

Lawn Enforcement


Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Kansas Invites You To Turn Your Working Lunch Into a Walking Lunch Written by Julie Underwood Burton

You already know that incorporating a brisk walk into your daily routine is one of the easiest and most effective forms of exercise. Unfortunately, busy schedules, weather or downright lack of motivation can prevent you from meeting that daily objective. Below, Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Kansas employer group wellness coordinator Jane Shirley shares some strategies that can help you transform an inconsistent walking routine into a daily habit.

A habit isn’t a one-time goal, it’s a routine It’s important to visualize your daily walk as a routine – something that will become a common aspect of your everyday life. As you start to incorporate walking into your routine, get in the habit of tracking your walks, even the short ones.

Grab your tennis shoes, water bottle and walking buddy and get moving! Don’t forget to snap a photo and share it on social media using #NWLDKS. See you on April 27!

Start small If you promise yourself a five-minute walk during the day, it will be easier to add a few more minutes to each day, and before you know it you’ll be walking for 15 minutes with no hesitation.

Figure out what the cue is for why you aren’t walking, and then change your response When you decide to forgo a walk, what was a factor in your decision? Was there something that triggered your behavior? Make note of it so the next time it occurs, you can be prepared to change your response to that cue. For example, if you decided not to walk because it was too chilly outside, tell yourself that you will find an indoor walking space to use instead.

Attach a new habit to an old one You already have dozens of routines that make up your day, like brushing your teeth after showering, getting dressed before eating breakfast or reading the newspaper with your morning coffee. When it comes to walking, consider tying it to an aspect of one of your regular routines. For example, when you change out of your work clothes, immediately put on your walking shoes and go for a short walk.

Make a plan that includes where, when and what Don’t just tell yourself you’ll walk after work. Be specific about what you’ll do. For example, tell yourself that you will walk around the neighborhood after work for 30 minutes.

Topeka BCBSKS employees grabbed their sneakers and enjoyed the sunshine around the capitol building for 2021 NW@LD.

Make it easy and satisfying

Where To Find Them

Technology makes it easy to get excited about walking. Download a new song or audiobook and look forward to listening to it while you walk. Also, consider giving yourself a small reward for incorporating walking into your routine. For example, leave a jar next to the door and every time you leave for a walk, put some money in it to later treat yourself to something you want. To kickstart your new habit, turn a working lunch into a walking lunch during National Walk @ Lunch Day! NW@LD is on Wednesday, April 27. We are keeping it virtual this year, letting you walk at whatever time and place works best for you.

Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Kansas bcbsks.com MAIN OFFICE 220 W. Douglas Ave. #200 Wichita, KS 67202 WALK-IN LOCATION 11309 E. Kellogg Ave. #150 Wichita, KS 67207 Sources: “Atomic Habits” by James Clear; “The Power of Habit” by Charles Duhigg

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203 S. Main McPherson, KS Create your own business!

• $490,000 • 3 Commercial Buildings Combined • 1,400 square feet wrought iron fenced patio • Roof-Top Terrace • Sq. ft. 4,966 • immaculately kept ©2021 Coldwell Banker. All Rights Reserved. Coldwell Banker and the Coldwell Banker logos are trademarks of Coldwell Banker Real Estate LLC. The Coldwell Banker® System is comprised of company owned offices which are owned by a subsidiary of Realogy Brokerage Group LLC and franchised offices which are independently owned and operated. The Coldwell Banker System fully supports the principles of the Fair Housing Act and the Equal Opportunity Act.

We Are Ready…

Rise To New Heights With Phoenix Mortgage Group!!

• Lower Rates & Lower Costs • VA is our specialty • FHA pricing second to none • Conventional options with no appraisals • Reverse Mortgages & Jumbo Home Loans

Lower Rates. Make Us Prove It. Kansas licensed mortgage company the Phoenix Mortgage Group, Inc. MC.0001205 NMLS# 323881

240 N. Rock Rd., Suite 280 · Wichita, KS 67206 · 316.942.8228 APRIL 2022 · splurgemag.com


Eck Services

A Hometown Team: Written by Julie Hying

Although Eck Services now serves five locations, it began with one man’s capable hands and a desire to learn and help others. Owner Travis Eck recalls how his business began. As a middle school student home from school one afternoon, his interest was piqued as Duane Hanna of Hanna Electric had come by to repair their family’s washing machine. Eck found himself watching the process with interest, and soon he was helping Hanna. When the work was complete, Hanna asked Eck if he was free after school the following day to help with another job, an electrical problem with a tanning bed. One day followed the next in a similar fashion with Eck assisting Hanna after school with various tasks, and summer work provided Eck with ample opportunity to learn and practice a variety of skills and trades. When Eck graduated from high school, he decided to build upon his years of knowledge and go into business. Hanna, his longtime mentor, was nearing retirement so this felt like a natural transition with Hanna supporting and encouraging the young man he had guided for nearly six years. Eck recalls his early years getting started: “The truth is, I learned a great deal from trial and error. Hanna mentored me and guided me through mistakes so that I could develop all kinds of skills. When I began, he let me use his truck and access to his inventory to help me keep costs reasonable as I built a business.” Initially, he earned a master mechanical license, followed closely by a master mechanic’s license and a master plumbing license.

assist customers with septic tank pump installation, lagoon maintenance, field drainage and lateral line trenching and placement. Eck’s first store was located in Kingman. After eight years a second store opened in Pratt, and two years later a third location opened in Wichita, which is currently his largest store, serving the most people. The storefronts in Hutchinson and Medicine Lodge are the newest additions, with over 85 employees working to serve folks in these five areas of the state. Business has grown – largely by word of mouth. “Offering quality service for a fair price is something people look for and value in a company. We’ve had countless loyal customers who return when the need arises, and refer us to their friends and family,” Eck says. Eck Services employs knowledgeable, dedicated people who stay there because they enjoy the work and being part of this team. Eck frequently provides training so employees can continue to grow in their fields and hone their skills. He makes the environment enjoyable by offering incentives and creating contests with prizes to foster friendly competitions featuring fun rewards. Investing in his team as people as well as employees inspires loyalty and pride in work well done, and is the reason Eck Services has such a valued team of individuals producing exceptional work for their customers.

Eck Services now offers many options to help others in various areas: HVAC installation (heating, ventilation and air conditioning), plumbing, electrical, etc. Their septic plumbing division can 80

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save up to

$1,000 on Select Shaw Flooring

April 1st - May 16th 24, 36, and 48 month financing available


316.267.2512 · www.jabaras.com · 1816 N. Broadway St. Wichita, KS 67214 · Mon - Sat, 9am - 5pm

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<($56 2) (;&(//(1&(

EDUCATION • ProStart, a 2-week orientation program • Ninja Selling training • Small group & one-on-one

SUPPORT STAFF • Highly trained office staff • On-site brokers • Assistance with compliance and legal matters

TECHNOLOGY AND TOOLS • Industry-leading suite of software tools • State of the art tools to maximize productivity • Customer relationship management

Everything you need to move your career forward.

Learn how at Weigand.com/Join-Weigand/ J.P. Weigand & Sons, Inc. | 150 N. Market Wichita, KS 67202 | 316-292-3991 | Weigand.com


SPLURGE! NIGHT AT METRO WITH CHEF ZACH Metro Appliances & More FlutterBye Ranch owner and chef Zach Hettenbach whipped up stuffed mushrooms, rosemary chicken, roasted carrots and chocolate mousse for guests at the recent SPLURGE! Night at Metro. Meanwhile, Standard Beverage sommelier Karl Lakin introduced new wines with each course that hit it out of the ballpark! If that sounds like your idea of a great date night, you won’t want to miss the next SPLURGE! Night at Metro on April 27. Purchase tickets by calling 316.267.3678.

Cathie Finn, Lou Ann Prusa , Pat Nieman, Paul Mainz, Stasia Ohmie, Mary Smith, Patrice Grauberger

Chef Zach Hettenbach and daughter Ruby

Cheryl Wells, Celia Ralston, Nancy Knapp, Eileen Kludt

Eric Smith, Samantha Baze, Beth and Mike George

Jeff and Yukari Owen, Dennis Mullins, Debi Devor

Rodney and Paula Van Norden, Becky Wold, Ann Wommack, Chris and Cindy Poulson, Sandy Wendt

Terri Tasker, Ami Schlader, Angela Weidenbener

Terry and Jody Klein, Lindsey Hall , Tawnya and Jon Anderson

Mary Reed, Linda Conrady, Kathy Brzezinski, Sara Keen

Pat and Bill McNeill

Naomi Arnold, Dawn Long


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Night at Metro April 27, 2022



Chef Jeff Owen Chef Jeff Owen has been sharing progressive cooking techniques with Wichita foodies and wannabe chefs for over 29 years. For the last eight-plus years, he has partnered with Metro Appliances & More, offering cooking classes for his clients in the Wichita store's state-of-the-art kitchen. A Kansas native, Jeff has been married to his wife, Yukari, for 26 years. They have three children and two grandchildren.

Join us at:

Metro Appliances & More 3545 N Hillside St, Wichita

Metro Mingle 5:30-6:30 Chef demonstration begins at 6:30 Call 316.267.3678 for reservations $50 per person (must be 21 or older)

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Spring is the Time of Plans and Projects.

Leo Tolstoy

Windows and Doors Call today for a complimentary appointment Proud Sponsor of Wichita State Athletics

316-686-6900 or stop in the showroom at 1199 E. Central Avenue

IMPLANT & PERIO CENTER OF KANSAS Referring Doctor Appreciation Night

Dr. Claire Van Hoorebeke, Dr. Prashan Shanthakumar, Dr. Yen Nguyen, Dr. Andrew Neuman, Dr. Marq Sams, Dr. Eric Farmer, Dr. Colton Hartline, Dr. Amy Walker

Dr. Marq Sams, Stacey Howell, Dr. Matt Rohr, Dr. Andy Luong

Dr. Debra Schmidt, Dr. Amy Walker

Megan Kassick, Sarah Mureithi, Jennifer Cepeda, Carla Clark

Wheatland Family Dental

Megan Williams, Jenn Maldonado, Dr. Prashan Shanthakumar, Stephanie Littlefield, Reanna Doyle

Todorov Family Dentistry

Pauly Dental

Ann and David Taylor, Bill Koll, Brittany and Joel Trevino

Dr. Antoine Wakim, Dr. Lily Wakim and Mimi Wakim, Kim and Jason Gish

Julie Aytes, Susan Jones, Christy Schoffen, Michele Wenz, Dr. Michelle Sobba

Chelsea Slagle, Shelbie Segraves, Jasmin Rupp, Molly Rogers

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The Best Memories Are Made On Our Rugs.

Come see us today for Wichita’s best selection and have your new rug delivered by Easter Sunday.

7310 W. MAPLE

In the Horton’s Carpets Building Professional Rug Cleaning



WichitaRugs.com M-F 10-5 / Sat 10-2

34 years in business

Call for a FREE Spring Special estimate! Mention this ad and receive 10% off!


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Imagine your business staying online when the power goes out Net Assurance from Cox Business is your Internet backup plan that automatically connects you to LTE wireless Internet. So even if you lose power, you won't lose business. Automatically connect to wireless Internet backup Seamlessly continue payments and file transfers Remain online and maintain security

Call (866) 440-9563 or Visit coxbusiness.com/netassurance Net Assurance available in failover situations only. Professional installation fee ($99) applies for all installations. LTE Router, Universal Power Supply (UPS) and modem provided by Cox; remains property of Cox and must be returned to Cox upon termination of service to avoid additional charges. Speeds vary and are not guaranteed, and connection speed may be affected when using LTE. Max backup download speed is 10 Mbps. Not all services (including but not limited to Self-Install, Optical Internet, Multiple Static IP or CIDR Blocks, 3rd Party Internet (out of footprint), CBSS, Managed Wifi, and Voice Manager) are subject to backup. Only equipment connected to the UPS with Surge Protection has access to backup power. Backup speeds may not support video products, including video surveillance and TV service. Duration of backup battery runtime depends on multiple factors, including equipment, configuration, battery age, and temperature. All services and plans subject to Cox Business General Terms (including mandatory arbitration provisions), Cox Business Acceptable Use Policy (including Cox’s right to terminate service for abuse of network), and other policies: cox.com/policies. Customer must have Cox Business Internet or Cox Fiber Internet. Other restrictions and limitations apply. © 2022 Cox Communications, Inc. All rights reserved. PAD108382-0005

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$1,000 OFF your next roof replacement.

FREE ESTIMATES Roofing Gutters Siding Windows

Call Now 316.259.7114 info@MidContinentRoofing.com


Se Habla Espanol

316.883.3828 · CALL US 24/7 90

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429 N. Pershing g


d en


• College Hill • 3 Bedrooms • 2 Bathrooms • Full Brick • Hardwood Floors • 1,776 sq. ft. ©2021 Coldwell Banker. All Rights Reserved. Coldwell Banker and the Coldwell Banker logos are trademarks of Coldwell Banker Real Estate LLC. The Coldwell Banker® System is comprised of company owned offices which are owned by a subsidiary of Realogy Brokerage Group LLC and franchised offices which are independently owned and operated. The Coldwell Banker System fully supports the principles of the Fair Housing Act and the Equal Opportunity Act.

Shopping for a new home? Building your dream home? Thinking of refinancing? Call our team to start your stress free process.

"I started Phoenix Mortgage 21 years ago to provide lower rates, lower fees and superior service. My team and I are more committed to those goals today." - Adam Hamilton, Owner

Lower Rates. Make Us Prove It. Kansas licensed mortgage company the Phoenix Mortgage Group, Inc. MC.0001205 NMLS# 323881

240 N. Rock Rd., Suite 280 · Wichita, KS 67206 · 316.942.8228 APRIL 2022 · splurgemag.com


Unique Selection of Vessel and Stone Sinks, Wine Racks, Fire Pits, Fire Glass, and Kitchen and Bath Remodel

Nordic Stone

Granite and Quartz from around the World. Scott Bishop - Owner

9720 E 50TH ST NORTH · BEL AIRE KS 67226 · AT THE HOT CORNER OF 50TH & N WEBB RD · 316.214.0771


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For 50 years Cheney Door Company has been Kansas’ leader in residential and commercial garage door installation and service.

We Do So Much More Than Garage Doors • Entry doors • Replacement windows • Door and window screens • Dog doors • Gates and openers • Security and surveillance • Smart home services • And more!

See why so many people choose Cheney Door. www.cheneydoor.com · 316.262.2198

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TONY MATTIVI FOR ATTORNEY GENERAL LAUNCH PARTY Garvey Building (Sponsored by Midwest Billboards)


Pete Meitzner, Tony Mattivi, Sam Farha

Dalton Glasscock, Elizabeth Farha

Tony Mattivi, Richard Schodorf

Joe and Sheila Tigert, Tony Mattivi

Robert Busby, John Nachtman

Tony Mattivi, Ben Sauceda

Tony Mattivi, Dr. Bill Clifford

Carol and Randy Landen

Ron and Scott Poor

Melynda Harbour, Lance Neelly

Marc Bennett, Sage Hill

Susan and Lee Sankey

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25TH BUTLER BENEFIT AUCTION Butler Community College

Jennifer Green-Miracle, Averie Nelson, Hayley Hobbs, BCC President Kimberly Krull, Tom Borrego

Meghan West, Mandi Hursh, Amanda Waller, Brandi Lane, Suzie Locke

BCC culinary arts and the Redler Institute of Culinary Arts students

Ron and DeLonna Coleman, Chris Borrego, Mallory and John Borrego

Hargrove Law Office

Tanner and Tara Swift, Jaime and Brady Sharp

Tim, Carolyn and Emily Connell, Mary Martha and Kyle Good

Marcus and Haley Graeff, Lonnie and LaDonna Snook, Tim Thomas

Ryan Smith, Hailey West, Caroline Birkhofer, Caleb Diehl, Saylor Middleton, Hayden Jansen, Allison Crow, Jason Foulston, Brent Tersol

Tom and Pam Feller, Chris and Jessie Tarbell

Amy and Richard Creamer, Richard and Nancy Daw, Cassie and Cody Fikes

Joe and Missy Surmeier, Kendra and Mike Kelso, Kim and Nathan Sherwood


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Your GO to Realtor FOR LEASE

Genaro Ocasio

1,500 sq ft off Maize Road near NewMarket Sq. MLS# 603117

SOLD 425 S Clifton

1551 N. Waterfront Parkway, Suite 301 Wichita, KS 67206 · 720.620.9929 genaro@reecenichols.com genaro.ReeceNichols.com

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Unique Furniture In Stock and Ready to Deliver By Nahid Holmes | Design Source Interiors

Full Interior Design Services Including:

Furniture · Accessories · Large Rug Selection · Custom Window Treatment · Bedding · Art

Open to the public Monday–Saturday, 10–5


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At Design Source Interiors we create a stunning look that perfectly fits each client’s taste and lifestyle. Award-winning interior design and renovations. Call for a design consultation today.


316.733.7080 Weatherstone Village 736 N. Andover Rd., Andover KS dsiandover.com

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• Limit one food and free play offer per stay • Offer valid for new club members, 21 and older only • Limited availability, call hotel for full details

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Your mental health matters. Deciding to seek care is a brave first step. It doesn’t matter if you don’t know what care is right for you, we will help you find it. Filter by specific time windows to find care that fits in your schedule. All providers are in-network with your plan. Finding in-network mental health care is easy. Visit bcbsks.miresource.com

800-432-3990 Wichita Blue Cross office 220 W Douglas Ave #200, Wichita, KS 67202

Visit us at bcbsks.com

Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Kansas is an independent licensee of the Blue Cross Blue Shield Association. BLUE CROSS®, BLUE SHIELD® and the Cross and Shield Symbols are registered service marks of the Blue Cross Blue Shield Association, an association of independent Blue Cross and Blue Shield Plans. Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Kansas contracts with MiResource to provide mental health resources to members. MiResource is unaffiliated with Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Kansas. Please check with your health insurance to understand your coverage for mental health services.

WSM 0422