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Pickleball Champions Kansas Medical Center Turns 15 Alzavino Wine Tavern

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8 S. Colonial Ct. • $450,000 • 3 Bedrooms • 3.5 Bathrooms • Sq. Ft. 3,386 • Main Floor Family Room • Updates Throughout • Wood Floors • 2 Car Garage

Jody Klein



Publisher’s Desk When I moved to Wichita 18 years ago, I knew there was something different about this city. Sure, it didn’t have some of the big-city amenities I was used to having in Scottsdale, Arizona – but it didn’t have the traffic either. And it had something special that was all its own.

We at SPLURGE! Magazine want to celebrate the life you live and the city where you live it. As the only local people magazine in Wichita, our sights are firmly set on the people, places and attractions of this city. We pride ourselves on being hyper local: Not only is our content Wichita-focused, but so are our advertisers – and that means when you shop our advertisers, your dollars are staying right here in this community. Even our owners and staff are local to the core. We’re grateful to be part of this vibrant region; in that spirit we’ve added “316” to our logo, while maintaining the same commitment to hyper-local coverage you’ve come to expect over the past 14 years.

Wichita is an active city. People here like to jog and bike and – like the couple on this month’s cover – play pickleball. They go out to dinner with friends, trying new restaurants and supporting old favorites. They love the arts: visiting art shows, going to concerts, and enjoying plays and musicals. They shop at farmers’ markets in the summer, navigate corn mazes and haunted houses in the fall, and view the Botanica lights at Christmas. They go to fundraisers and benefits. They go to college and high school sporting events. They go to church. In a word: Wichitans like to be out and about. It was one of the first things I learned after moving here, and it’s one of the things I love most about this community today. Sure, home is where the heart is, and we Wichitans love spending time with family and friends at home. But there’s an energy here that gets stirred up when we enjoy all this city has to offer.

So as you peruse the pages of SPLURGE! this month, we hope you enjoy reading about the people and events in this great city. And we hope it inspires you to do what you do best – get outside and enjoy the big wide world.

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OCTOBER 2021 ·

Featured Listings

Completely Remodeled Showstopper

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Villa at Terradyne Country Club

15622 Majestic

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strategic Approach to your real estate goals

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Pickleball Champions Lucy Kovalova and Matt Wright met in the fall of 2015 and quickly became friends and pickleball partners. Six years later they share another title: champions. In many tournaments across the country the duo have won it all.


Kansas Medical Center Celebrates 15 Years




After 28 years spent patronizing one of her favorite Wichita shops, Allison Baker found herself moving back to her hometown and buying it – while also launching a complementary venture, The Vault Collection.

Danielle and Ken Harmon have been doing market research on vino for years, spending vacations lounging in wineries and tasting rooms. Now they’re opening Alzavino Wine Tavern, the first selfpour wine bar in Wichita.

Look out Nashville and L.A. – recording engineer and music producer Carter Green has established an oasis in Wellington, Kansas, where he offers premier music production at a “tremendous savings” for TV shows and artists across the land.

Aspen Boutique’s New Owner

This Andover-based general hospital is celebrating 15 years of being a physicianowned facility. They pride themselves on their comprehensive array of medical services, a “local command” structure, and putting patients first.

ON THE COVER Lucy Kovalova Matt Wright Location: Wichita Country Club Photographer: Tobie Andrews


A World of Wine at Your Fingertips

Carter Green Mixes It Up

HIGHLIGHTS 66 - Psychedelic-Assisted Therapy 27 - Hope Ranch for Women 68 - Club Pilates

OCTOBER 2021 ·

OCTOBER 2021 ·



Lucy Kovalova and Matt Wright

Written by Julie Hying

In recent years, pickleball has become a favorite pastime, something that brings people together to enjoy competition, teamwork and good times. Local venues like Chicken N Pickle have grown in popularity as they offer a fast, casual restaurant as well as gaming and gathering spaces – but the main focal point is the action on their 10 pickleball courts. Local pickleball powerhouses Lucy Kovalova and Matt Wright played in an invitational tournament at Chicken N Pickle in the fall of 2018. Pickleball’s popularity has grown among people of all ages and is played by some on a professional, highly competitive level. Wichitans Kovalova and Wright have taken their love for the sport, along with their athleticism, and charged forward to compete in tournaments around the nation. Kovalova, originally from Slovakia, became a Wichita State Shocker and played on their tennis team. Wright competed on the men’s tennis team at The University of Michigan. They began playing together in the fall of 2015 when 8

they met at a college tennis match. Wright subbed in for Kovalova’s assistant coach, and the two of them quickly became friends. Later that year they began playing pickleball together. They competed together for the first time in 2016 at the US Open in Naples, Fla. They persevered in the mixed doubles category until they finally lost in a semi-final round. From then on, they were hooked on the sport and continued to compete. Kovalova shares that, “In the beginning we were playing in two or three tournaments a year. Now we’re competing in about 15 each year.” They both compete as individuals, as well. But together, they are a dynamic duo whose on-court chemistry has led to many successes in the sport, including the Tournament of Champions in 2017 and 2018, as well as other smaller tournaments where they dominated and won it all.

OCTOBER 2021 ·

Wichita Country Club. Both of them are highenergy, positive people, and pickleball is a natural outlet for their enthusiasm and athleticism. When asked what she most enjoys about the sport, Kovalova shared this: “Matt and I love this sport. We both love competing and enjoy traveling to our tournaments, playing at awesome venues and meeting amazing people. We’re both very competitive and pickleball allows us to compete at the highest level and succeed in our sport.” Wright added, “Pickleball allows us to travel and see various areas of the country. It’s competitive but also a lot of fun. As a sports enthusiast, this allows me to play competitively and compete at the highest level.” Along with the travel and fun, being a winning pickleball team can also garner prize money. Some tournaments pay out $10,000 to the top playing team. Other venues such as Las Vegas offer larger prizes, as their total winnings may be distributed among top teams and individuals from a larger pot of $150,000. Wright and Kovalova are excited for their upcoming tournament, October 1–3, at the Texas Open in Dallas. Kovalova and Wright play pickleball at a professional tier that features intense competition. Others enjoy the amateur and senior levels of play. To prepare for their matches and tournaments, they play against other strong players to hone their skills and stay at the top of their game. They prefer indoor courts because the game can be played much faster, and they don’t have the interference of heat, cold, sun or wind. However, almost all of their tournament play is experienced on outdoor courts throughout the year, usually in California, Arizona or Florida during the winter months. Although passionate about pickleball, Wright and Kovalova have many other interests and enjoy spending time with their families and other friends. Kovalova’s family, her mom and dad as well as her sister and brother, live in Slovakia, so FaceTime allows her to visit with them often. Wright’s family resides in town, and he enjoys their company and likes to spend time with them on the weekends. He works as an attorney here in Wichita, and Kovalova is a tennis and pickleball instructor at The OCTOBER 2021 ·


MONEY MAT TERS How Often Should I Review and Shop My Insurance Coverage? It is a good idea to get quotes for your personal insurance coverage at regular intervals. If it has been more than two or three years since you last received insurance quotes for your home and auto, now may be the time to request new quotes. It doesn’t cost you anything, and it allows you to make sure your premiums stay in line with where they should be – and most importantly, it can give you peace of mind to know that you’re not overpaying on your insurance! Also, you should review your insurance coverage once a year to ensure you have the proper coverage. A lot can change in a year and updating insurance is always the last thing on everyone’s minds. When doing a review, you’ll first want to make sure your home is insured for the cost to replace it. With the recent increases in building prices, if you haven’t updated your Dwelling Coverage Limit, now may be the time to discuss this with your insurance agent to be sure you are not underinsured. Second, think about whether you’ve made any updates to your home that would increase its value, such as a new bathroom. Third, did you buy a car, ATV or golf cart? And, don’t forget about additional discounts you may qualify for. For example, if you’ve installed a fancy new home security system that you didn’t have previously, make sure your insurance agent knows. Call ISG today for your free, no obligation quote!

Grant for Down Payment and Closing Cost Assistance

The biggest financial asset you have is probably underprotected and probably hiding right under your nose: your income.

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Chock Chapple is owner and president at Insurance Services Group, LLC. He can be reached at 316.641.7906 or


Insuring Your Greatest Asset

OCTOBER 2021 ·

Many people look at income as money in and money out — but the reality is that it’s the lifeblood of your lifestyle. Your income pays the bills for you and your family and puts food on the table, a roof over your head, and gas in your tank. Most people don’t insure this asset with as much disability insurance as they should. If you become disabled and are not able to go out and earn your income, that money needs to come from somewhere else if you want to keep paying your bills. Let’s say your income is $100,000 a year. Over the course of 30 years, that’s $3 million, but once you consider inflation, it’s more like $6 million. Most people don’t think of their income as a $6 million asset, but they should. It’s an asset that allows you to keep meeting your basic needs. You have auto insurance on your car and home insurance on your house, so if you’re underinsured on an even bigger asset, we should talk. Scan this QR code to schedule a meeting! Leading Edge Financial Planning, LLC, is a Registered Investment Advisory firm and is registered with the states of Kansas and Colorado. Contact Michael Proctor, CCO, with any questions at 316.768.7526 or mike@

A Wichita based wine import company sourcing French wines from family-owned and operated domaines.

Why would Roche-Mére choose ISG for their insurance needs? “Chock and his staff have provided excellent service for professional and personal insurance needs here in Wichita. The staff is always quick to respond, efficient, and extremely knowledgeable, ready and willing to provide best options available. We can highly recommend them for our friends, neighbors and local businesses.” – Theo Mellion & Michael Murray – owners, Roche-Mere Wine Selections, LLC

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Insurance Services Group LLC

1720 N. Webb Rd, Suite 110, Wichita, KS 67206


Chock Chapple OCTOBER 2021 ·


5 Area Branches With 2 Convenient Wichita Locations to Serve You. Are you thinking of buying a new home or selling your current home? Looking at refinancing? You need a lender you can trust!

Check out our expert column in Money Matters on Page 10.

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$ 4 5 0 , 0 0 0





• 3 BR, 2 1/2 BA

• Updated kitchen

• 2,750 SF

• Screened in back porch

• Remodeled

• Charming library

master bathroom

• Partially finished basement

Let Lisa guide you through your next successful home-buying or selling experience! Call her TODAY! PHONE: EMAIL: WEB:

31 6.518.0028 la nderson@wei m

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Expect More with the Lisa Anderson Advantage! # 1 RE S I D E N T I A L AG E N T

Kansas Medical Center

Celebrates 15 Years Written by Julie Underwood Burton Dr. Badr Idbeis

Honoring KMC’s Team and Patients Every Step of the Way Through the dedicated service of physicians and staff practicing in a state-of-the-art facility with the most advanced, integrated equipment and information technology, Kansas Medical Center (KMC) brings comprehensive health care of the highest caliber to citizens throughout Wichita, Andover and communities across Kansas. Located in Andover, with easy access off K-96 highway, KMC is a fully physician-owned hospital that is celebrating 15 years of service to the community, which began when 35 physicians and investors had a vision to build this full-service medical facility in 2006. Dr. Badr Idbeis is a cardiothoracic surgery specialist and the principal founder and CEO of Kansas Medical Center. When asked about the benefits of being a physician-owned medical center, Dr. Idbeis simply states that their advantage is being able to facilitate operations on the basis of “local command,” thereby not having to run decisions through corporate headquarters. According to Idbeis, their own physicians are the “last guardians and the keepers of the covenant” between the patient and the physician, and it is not about financials as many might think. “Our patients are truly treated as people, not as a diagnosis,” he adds. 14

Our Mission

To provide patient-centered care through the empowerment of physicians and other health-care givers, enhanced by state-of-the-art technology. We are committed to the welfare of the community and will join with other health-care providers to responsibly allocate health-care resources to meet the needs of our less fortunate citizens.

OCTOBER 2021 ·

Since its opening, there have been noted misconceptions that KMC is a specialty hospital, when in fact, Kansas Medical Center is a fully staffed general hospital offering a comprehensive array of medical services and departments including: • Surgery • Radiology • Cardiovascular catheterization lab • Laboratory • Diagnostic medical sonography • Nuclear medicine • Intensive care unit • Intermediate care • Medical surgical unit • Comprehensive joint replacement • 24-hour emergency department • Outpatient physical therapy Kansas Medical Center is well-known for being on the leading edge of integrated technology, particularly in the area of robotic heart surgery. According to Idbeis, with the exception of a few hospitals in Kansas City, KMC is the only hospital in the state of Kansas who performs robotic heart surgeries and is also known for its advanced technology in the areas of CT and PET scans, MRI imaging and its heart catherization lab. Dr. Idbeis is also quick to add that because of the size of the medical center, including its staff-to-patient ratio, the quality of care is top-notch. “One major reason people should choose KMC is because of its size. Patients who have come to KMC will not go anywhere else. We do have the best nurse-to-patient ratios compared to anyone else,” states Idbeis. When asked about the past 15 years of success, Dr. Idbeis emphasizes the importance of a sacred relationship between patients and staff. He adds, “Patients are treated like family and we take care of our employees as best as anyone can.”

Most importantly, the staff was able to continue to provide ongoing care for other individuals needing regular medical services or emergency care at a time when other hospitals were shut down or restricted appointments and admissions. As they look forward to the next 15 years, Dr. Idbeis and KMC doctors and staff all believe they have much to celebrate. With so much emphasis on teamwork, a day has been set aside for the staff to gather, during which time Dr. Idbeis will take the helm at the BBQ grill. Staff awards will also be presented as part of the celebration, including honoring 90 staff members who have been key to KMC’s success for five to 15 years. Congratulations Kansas Medical Center! Thank you for your 15 years of service to our community.

“We are guided by the oath to take care of patients more than anything else, and our quality of care will support that.” – Dr. Idbeis, founder and CEO, Kansas Medical Center At the beginning of the Covid pandemic, KMC’s medical teams were presented with N95 masks early on in the pandemic, and their staff firmly believes early mask wearing prevented coronavirus infections among staff. Much was learned in the early days of the pandemic, and Dr. Idbeis highly credits their approach to isolating Covid patients. Not one individual with Covid went through the hospital, because a totally isolated Covid unit was created with access only from outside.

WHERE TO FIND THEM Kansas Medical Center 1124 W. 21st Street · Andover · KS 67002 316.300.4000

OCTOBER 2021 ·


Get top-notch care at Kansas Medical Center! Medical • Surgical • Technology • Emergency Care At Kansas Medical Center, our dedicated physicians and staff use leading-edge technology in a state-of-the-art facility that provides comprehensive healthcare. Founded in 2006, we have a full-service 58-bed, general acute-care hospital. KMC offers a full range of services including, cardiovascular, orthopedics, gynecology, urology, ENT, general medicine, outpatient physical therapy, and a 24/7 emergency room.


1124 W 21st St, Andover




SOLD 1818 N BELLICK MLS #601933

in t ea s est se! b the e hou th


s t e p h a n i e j a k u b . c o m

3 1 6 - 7 0 6 - 3 8 5 8



11:15 AM










OCTOBER 2021 ·

9758 E 21st St N | Wichita, Ks 67206 | | 316.927.5959 |

Opti-Life Splurge 14-day.pdf


Wichita Doc Says Flu Shot May Be More Important Than Ever Written by Amy Palser

While the Covid vaccine is garnering all the attention this year, a Wichita doctor has a message for Wichitans as winter approaches: Don’t forget your flu shot. Dr. Terry Klein, a family physician at Family Medicine East, said it may be more important than ever to get an influenza vaccination since many people who had Covid are still suffering its effects and may have weakened immune systems. “If you’ve had Covid in the past, you become more susceptible to the ravages of influenza,” said Klein, who is also a partner in Wichita research facility AMR (The Alliance for Multispecialty Research). “The lungs may be a little more scarred after having Covid; it’s a little more difficult moving air afterward. Viruses become opportunistic. We know and have always known that the influenza virus is more aggressive for those who have chronic illness — and with the Covid infection, we have a whole new group of people that fit into that category.” The Centers for Disease Control recommends everyone age 6 months and up receive an annual influenza vaccination by the end of October. “If you get the flu vaccine in October, you’re probably covered until the time you most likely will see the flu,” Klein said. “It’s a good idea to get it anytime between now and until the supply is gone in February. It takes about two weeks to realize the effects of the vaccine while your immune system gets adjusted.” Klein said that historically in the Wichita community, flu cases tend to peak from late fall through early spring, but he wonders if the timing might change this year due to people wearing masks, social distancing and taking other precautions to protect against illness. The flu virus is quadrivalent (four component), meaning it’s designed to protect against four different flu viruses. Each year, the contents of the flu vaccine change as medical experts anticipate which flu variants will be most prevalent and present the highest risk. “Experts will take the highest risk virus that is influenza A and the highest risk virus that is influenza B,” Klein 18

said, “and they incorporate those into the vaccines, so you have the strongest vaccination against those that are most probable and most aggressive.” The CDC has decided that flu vaccines and Covid vaccines can be given at the same time in separate injection sites. Klein’s AMR group is actually conducting a drug study for a combination flu and Covid vaccine, and is looking for participants. “They’re anticipating that Covid as well as influenza will be annual injections, so we’re seeking to try to make it as patient-friendly as possible,” Klein said. AMR also is conducting a drug study on a flu vaccine that can be given to those who are eggintolerant. Typically the flu vaccine is biologically produced in eggs, so those with an egg allergy haven’t been able to receive a flu shot. “Now they can do cell cultures that are non-egg, and you can produce the viruses in a different way as you do the preparation for the vaccine,” Klein said. “Researchers are always trying to improve the flu vaccine — how to make them in a more timely fashion, make them less costly and make them more effective. That research is still going on, and in fact we’re doing some of it ourselves.”

AMR is looking for candidates of all ages to take part in several influenza vaccine trials. Apply for the studies online at, or call 316.689.6652.

OCTOBER 2021 ·

STOP before you receive your Flu Vaccine.

Formerly Heartland Research Associates

BEFORE YOU RECEIVE YOUR FLU VACCINE, CALL AMR AND ASK ABOUT PARTICIPATING IN A FLU VACCINE TRIAL. Compensation is available for time and travel. Insurance is not required. Wichita East 316-689-6652

Our Cover, Your Kid Contest! It’s time to submit your photo for our annual kid’s cover contest! The Grand Prize winner will be featured on the cover of the December issue of SPLURGE! Magazine. Finalists will be featured inside the pages of SPLURGE! HOW TO ENTER THE FREE CONTEST • Download the entry form at • Email the completed form and a current photo to or mail to SPLURGE! at 12828 E.13th Street N #4, Wichita KS 67230 • Entries must be 1 to 5 years of age. • Individual entries only • Entry deadline is November 8, 2021 • Finalists must be available for photoshoot November 12, 2021 at 1pm • For complete rules and regulations visit or call the SPLURGE! office at 316-267-3678 • Photos will not be returned. 20

OCTOBER 2021 ·

1327 N. Shadow Rock Andover Schools

• $485,000 • Shadow Rock • 5 Bedrooms • 4 Full & 2 Half Bathrooms • Sq. Ft. 3,346 • Screened Deck • Finished Walk-out Basement

OCTOBER 2021 ·



By Joseph Spaniol, MD, Amy Sprole, MD, Andrew Berry, MD, and Nataliya Biskup, MD

Growing, Expanding, & Celebrating

As the longest-standing private plastic surgery practice (nearly 55 years!) in the state of Kansas, our goals have always been to provide the highest quality of care along with the highest standard of safety and technical expertise to our patients. In addition, the continuum of care we offer between plastic surgery and skincare in our own PSC Aesthetics is unrivaled.

radiofrequency treatment to tighten, tone, and smooth the skin on your face and body. Morpheus8 can stimulate the production of collagen and resurface your skin to fight the aging process. By targeting the deeper layers of your skin, we can remodel the tissues on your face and body for a more radiant, youthful appearance.

For more than five decades, our doctors, nurses, skincare team, and staff have dedicated themselves to the care of our reconstructive, cosmetic, and skincare patients through continued education and the highest certifications. You will only find the most qualified plastic surgeons and skincare professionals at our office.

QWO is the first and only FDA-approved injectable treatment for moderate to severe cellulite in the buttocks of adult women, and you can ONLY find it at PSC Aesthetics at the Plastic Surgery Center! This non-invasive treatment with no downtime can help you achieve results in about 10 weeks.

We Are Growing

At the Plastic Surgery Center and PSC Aesthetics, we are excited for you to meet our new plastic surgeons, Dr. Andrew Berry, and Dr. Joseph Spaniol, who join Dr. Amy Sprole, and Dr. Nataliya Biskup. Dr. Berry provides a wide range of procedures including cosmetic surgery of the face, breast, and body, hair restoration, surgery after massive weight loss, burn care, carpal tunnel surgery, trauma care, and cancer reconstruction. In addition, Dr. Berry is our new Medical Director of Hair Restoration Surgery. Dr. Spaniol was trained in an academic setting as well as the private medical setting. He says working in both settings allowed him to learn the newest techniques in the field of aesthetics as well as reconstructive surgery. His breadth of cosmetic and reconstructive plastic surgery experience makes him an expert in multiple areas.

We Are Expanding

As we bring on new plastic surgeons, we find ourselves needing to grow. We break ground soon on our east office expansion at 1861 N. Webb Road. “I am so excited about this new chapter at the Plastic Surgery Center! It has been my long-time vision to eventually grow and expand our practice in this way. I’m so happy to see it all coming together at this time,” explains Dr. Amy Sprole. The more than $2 million project and new operating room at the east side office will bring new jobs to the community while also serving the healthcare needs of people from other counties.

We Are Adding Cutting Edge Treatments

Morpheus8 is our newest minimally invasive treatment that helps take years off your face and body and keep you looking and feeling great. Morpheus8 is a cutting-edge deep

We also bring you a new skincare product line, Alastin. This innovative, clinically tested line of physician-dispensed skincare products is a well-renowned leader in the professional skincare space. You’ll love these products that help restore and maintain healthy, youthful skin.

We Are Here For You

Because our surgical and skincare teams work side-by-side, we provide you unique benefits by focusing on the full spectrum of options. We are dedicated to working with patients through every season of life, and both our skincare and surgical departments complement one another, helping you reach your goals. PSC Aesthetics and the Plastic Surgery Center can help patients feel beautiful at any age. If you’d like to learn more about your skincare or surgical options, please join us at our Open House Event or call 316-688-7500 to schedule your consultation with the caring, experienced, and dedicated staff at the Plastic Surgery Center and PSC Aesthetics.

You’re Invited to Our Open House Event Join us at the Plastic Surgery Center on Thursday, October 21, from 5-7:00 pm! We’re having a party you don’t want to miss: • Delicious food, drinks, music, and plenty of people to mix and mingle. • Event-only promos – see the amazing specials! • Enjoy drawings throughout the evening! No purchase required. • Meet all four of our physicians, nurses, and staff. • Learn about our new treatment options at the Plastic Surgery Center and PSC Aesthetics.

You deserve expert guidance and exceptional results. Plastic surgery involves many choices. The most important is selecting a surgeon you can trust. Expect exceptional results when you have your plastic surgery performed by the highly skilled plastic surgeons at the Plastic Surgery Center.



OCTOBER 2021 ·



OCTOBER 2021 ·

• Overbrook • 6 Bedrooms • 3.5 Bathrooms • Sq. ft. 4,791 • Andover Schools • 1/2 acre lot


HOPE RANCH FOR WOMEN BANQUET Hyatt Regency Wichita Former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and wife Susan were guests of honor at the Hope Ranch for Women Banquet at Hyatt Regency Wichita. Located in Wichita, Hope Ranch provides residential recovery and restoration, Christ-centered mentoring and faith-based, equine-assisted learning for women who have been exploited and abused. To learn more, get involved or to donate, visit

Mike and Susan Pompeo

John Oelze, Avery Anderson, Kathy Brito, Talia and Patrick Penn

Mark Hutton, Joe and Kristy Williams

Pat Do, Jon and Nestor Weigand, Mary and Mark Hutton, Sylvia Do

Steve Ruud, Jody and Terry Klein, Mignon Brewster, Cathy Mitchell, Susan Thornton, Kristin Robertson

The Decarsky Foundation

Ashley and Chris Purdum, Tara and Ross Goering

Brad and Cat Smith with Amber, Stan and Tammy Skelton

Dave and Debra VanderGriend, Kim and Jorge Trinchet, Trevor and Jennifer Hinz

Josh Wells, Mary Galyon, Kathy and Ben Herzog

Liz and Sadie Konecny, Jon and Tifani Robinson


OCTOBER 2021 ·

Written by Julie Underwood Burton

Hope Ranch for Women

A Place for Restoration and Recovery Victims of human trafficking are women who wake up every morning with seemingly no way out of the horror of sex trafficking, violence, threats, substance abuse, manipulation and homelessness they have been forced to endure. Generating over $150 billion a year, human trafficking is one of the largest criminal industries worldwide, and it is shocking to know that Kansas has been identified as an “originating state,” according to our Kansas attorney general’s office. Hope Ranch for Women is a faith-based 501(c)(3) located within the Wichita community offering hope to these women. They provide a residential program, a community program and an equine program all centered around the mission of empowering those who have been exploited and abused to rise above their circumstances. “It is our belief that something this vile, this wicked, can only be fully overcome by faith in a God who will walk through that pain to provide healing,” states executive director John Oelze. Hope Ranch for Women’s message is that through the power of Jesus Christ, survivors can become whole to experience God’s love and grace in tangible ways, live in the fullness of who God created them to be, and fully integrate and thrive within their community. Lives are literally transformed and women entering the program experience freedom and hope in every aspect of their life. The organization’s model covers eight “Dimensions of Life,” including vocational, physical and emotional health, and is based on an internationally recognized program built upon the foundation that what individuals believe will impact how they live. Methods of engagement include residential, community and equine-assisted learning programs. Hope Ranch for Women recently hosted a banquet to raise the awareness of human trafficking and sexual exploitation with over 400 individuals in attendance, including keynote speaker Susan Pompeo, along with her husband, the former Secretary of

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State Mike Pompeo. Susan addressed the crowd on the horrors of human trafficking through the eyes of the former Secretary of State’s wife, saying, “If there ever was a patriot’s cause, this is it. If there was ever a Christian’s cause, this is it, because it is our duty to protect the most vulnerable.” Oelze states, “As a parent, if your daughter was caught in this evil, you would give everything you had to support her escape and healing. We want to rid this city, state and our nation of this pervasive evil. With dreams of opening more residential homes, multiplying our community program as a model to other communities and working alongside other organizations to open emergency shelters to help women escape this industry, right now these women and parents are needing your help so they can begin their road to recovery.” To help, go to or contact John Oelze, executive director, at or 231.360.5863.

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Where To Find Them

Hope Ranch for Women P.O. Box 75436 Wichita, KS 67275 316.644.0004



Written by Julie Underwood Burton

New Mental Health Resource Offered by Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Kansas

Did you know that two in five Kansans experience mental illness in any given year and 62 percent of Kansas youth have experienced a major depressive episode? These statistics are alarming and should cause us to stop and take stock of ourselves and those around us. Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Kansas (BCBSKS) wants you to know that it’s OK to not feel like yourself, and they are here to help. BCBSKS is proud to offer MiResource, a free, unique tool to help address the mental health care needs of all Kansans.

BCBSKS Pilots MiResource

MiResource is an online mental health provider referral service. It is unique, as it allows users to filter by specific patient needs such as preferred payment method, location, language, availability, conditions treated and much more. BCBSKS is piloting this product with mental health providers across the state to address the need for Kansans to easily find mental health support that best fits their needs. MiResource’s foundation comes from the heart, and its mission aligns with the commitments of co-founders Mackenzie Drazan and Gabriela Asturias. Drazan experienced the death of her sister by suicide and Asturias went through her own overwhelming anxiety during college. Each made commitments to dedicate their lives to helping people connect to the right mental health care, at the right time and in the right way. BCBSKS is thrilled to be able to offer this free resource to all Kansans.

Finding the Right Care for You

Every person struggles with their mental health at some point in their lives. Using coping strategies that you’ve developed over time, or talking with people you trust can often help you overcome the hurdles you face in life. At times, these just may not feel like enough. Many people seek the help of a professional when their ability to cope has been overwhelmed or they want a fresh perspective. If you are spending a lot of time dealing with an issue or it’s significantly interfering with some part of your life, it may be time to reach out for help.

Here are a few questions to ask yourself: • Does the provider have experience working with issues like mine? • Is it important that the provider share similar cultural identities to me, such as race, gender or spirituality? • Can the provider accommodate my mobility needs, such as having an elevator or first-floor access with no-step entry? • Does the provider speak the language I feel most comfortable speaking when I express my emotions? • Is the provider available when I am? With MiResource, you can use the filters to find providers who match your answers to the above questions. Ultimately, the provider who is right for you is someone who feels trustworthy and who is well-equipped to help you meet your needs. For more information on MiResource, or to get started with your search today, please visit

WHERE TO FIND THEM Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Kansas

A good place to start is to consider your specific needs and priorities. Think about what you hope to get out of your experience. 30

OCTOBER 2021 ·

MAIN OFFICE 220 W. Douglas Ave. #200 Wichita, KS 67202 WALK-IN LOCATION 11309 E. Kellogg Ave. #150 Wichita, KS 67207

How are you doing today? 2 in 5 Kansans experience mental illness in any given year. These are your neighbors, your friends, your family – and even you. Too many times people struggle in silence, afraid to ask for help. Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Kansas wants to help build a new state of mind around mental health and get people talking.

For free resources, visit Visit us at

BlueCross BlueShield


WSM 0921 An independent licensee of the Blue Cross Blue Shield Association. OCTOBER 2021 ·

1133 SW Topeka Blvd, Topeka, KS 66629 31

LABOR DAY PONTOON BOAT PARADE The Moorings on Crystal Lake

Winning Boat Shipwrecked on the S. S. Minnow

Jailhouse Rocks

Olympic Games

Rainbow Connection

Santa’s Sleigh

Tiki Totems

Toga Party

Under The Sea

Wild, Wild West

Yellow Submarine

Judges Larry Schrader, Derek Schmidt, Peggy Banta

Oktoberfest Biergarten


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Written by Gregory Lakin, D.O., J.D. | Center for Change

The Dangers of Fentanyl Deaths caused by overdosing on fentanyl shot up by 38 percent in 2020 in the United States, according to the Centers for Disease Control – and unfortunately, Wichita isn’t exempt from the crisis. Wichita and Sedgwick County EMS and fire departments have seen a dramatic increase in fentanyl-related overdoses and deaths recently. In a single weekend in July, five people died from overdoses of fentanyl-laced methamphetamines along South Broadway in Wichita. Fentanyl is a synthetic opioid compound, usually manufactured in China, that is 50 to 100 times more potent than morphine and can be about 50 times more potent than heroin. The lethal dose of fentanyl is the size of two grains of salt. Overdose deaths from fentanyl in the U.S. climbed to 81,000 in 2020 – the highest ever recorded in a 12-month period. The biggest concern, however, is that people are overdosing without even knowing they have taken fentanyl. Recently, Kansas has noticed an increase in fentanyl overdoses as it is now laced into heroin, oxycodone, methamphetamine, cocaine and Xanax. Fentanyl is added to these because it is cheap but very powerful. What makes the drugs so deadly, of course, is that people are buying various products off the street without really knowing what’s in them. Recently, Kansas headlines have been warning Kansans of homemade pressed pills. Several overdose cases have been linked to pills manufactured illegally with fentanyl that are sold on the streets as oxycodone – “perc 30s” – and are made and packaged to look exactly like the prescription medication.

“The lethal dose of fentanyl is the size of two grains of salt.” A Sedgwick County Fire Department captain said overdoses are now as bad as they have been in his 20-plus years at the department – often responding to three calls a day regarding overdoses of the counterfeit oxycodone “pressed pills” alone. A fentanyl overdose can happen very quickly, especially when smoked or injected. It is very important to get medical attention immediately if you suspect someone has overdosed on fentanyl. Overdose typically includes pinpoint pupils; slow, shallow breathing; bluish lips; and loss of consciousness. Thankfully, there is a medication that can be used to block the effects of an opioid overdose called Narcan (or naloxone) nasal spray. This medication has saved countless lives, and with the increased amount of high-potency opiates being produced, it is crucial that more people are trained in its use. Because of the high potency of fentanyl, multiple doses of Narcan may be required. The good news is there is help out there. If you or someone you know is suffering from an opiate addiction, reach out to local medical services to find resources for addiction recovery, like Center for Change in Wichita at 316.201.1234.

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O U T : M I G H T

fall for us

– so will we.

You love them 34

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2702 N. Woodridge



• 4 Bedrooms • 3 Bathrooms • Circle Schools • Pond View • Hardwood Floors • Finished Basement • Iron Fenced Backyard

Come see the new Kendra Scott FALL collection.


For career opportunities check our website or email w w w. b l i n g g l a m o u r. c o m

Bling Greenwich 2684 N. Greenwich Court Wichita, Ks 67226 316.260.3626

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Bling New Market 2441 N. Maize Road Suite 407 Wichita, Ks 67205 316.252.8429

Bling Derby 2100 N. Rock Road Derby, Ks 67037 316.358.0564


RIBBON-CUTTING CELEBRATION Marketplace 67010, Augusta

Jennifer Payne, Janet Stowell, Julie Turpin, Annie Turpin

Shane Scott, Walter Burres, Debra Waight, Dianna Burres

Kay Swartz, Wanda Ring

Zach and Shannon Hettenbach

Jennifer Eberhardt, Debi Devor

Gram Pankratz, Kent and Belinda Venters

John, Marty and Lorie Moody

Tonya Scott, Mary Boswell, Michele Deutsch

Kari Clark, Tonya Scott

Jarrett Hodges, Ric Hinson, Jennifer Penner, Kolton Hodges

Miranda Fleming, Allie Gier, Sierra Bonn, Larry Strong, Kayla Hawkins, Annie Turpin

Bill and Jennifer Eberhardt, Kenzi Schnitker


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316.775.1631 · 419 STATE · AUGUSTA, KS 67010

OCT 28TH 6-9 PM



GRAND OPENING RIBBON CUTTING The Mustard Seed, Downtown Augusta

Blake Nachbor, Ryan Wheeler, Eric Grooms, Brian Jackson

Mustard Seed ribbon-cutting

Doug Law, Jayme Chapin, Thurman, Nichole and Matt Lichlyter

Brittney Stafford, Cassidy McPherson, Sean Spencer, Wanda Ring

Victor and Debi Devor, Ruby and Shannon Hettenbach

Tonya and Shane Scott

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Waterfront · Towne East · New Market Square · Hutchinson

Bags Are For Traveling, Not For Your Face!

With every scheduled surgery, you’ll receive 30 units of Botox for free! (Botox will be given after surgical procedure)

Call us today to schedule an eyelid surgery consult. Dr. Jennifer Burgoyne MD 9050 E. 29th St. N. Ste 40, Wichita, KS 67226 · 316.425.9925 Facebook: BeautifulEyesLLC · Website: 38

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! W NE



Stop wasting time and spending your hard earned money on diets and exercise programs that don’t work! With your IDLife DNA results and our free assessment, we are able to connect the dots of your genetic makeup with recommended diet and lifestyle choices to create a truly personalized fitness and nutrition program designed just for you!







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Location - Walser Auto Campus Photography - Tobie Andrews Photography Models - IMPACTmodels Styling - Jody Klein Hair - Trina W, Valrey P, Mariah F, Matraisa L Makeup - Sangai N, Dallas P, Lena W

The LBD, ETC. 316.440.0772

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Great Image Designs 316.267.5030


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Urban Interiors, Featuring I Am Threads 316.295.2314

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Fashion Revival

Sweater weather is rapidly approaching and we could not be more excited. There is so much to look forward to, especially saying goodbye to the blazing-hot temperatures of the summer. It is finally time to reach out for those comfy, cozy layer – though there are many more cute trends for fall that go beyond your favorite, trusty sweater. For the past few years, ’90s fashion has enjoyed its time back in the spotlight. Recently, the trend has continued to intensify. Staples from the decade such as pleated skirts, baggy jeans, layered tops and claw clips are being reworked back in style. Here is everything you need to know to put together your perfect fall ensemble.

Loose-Fit Denim For the fall season, looser style denim such as mom jeans, flares, bootcuts and boyfriend jeans are the way to go. Add some of these trendy styles to your denim collection to be worn all year round. With endless style options, a good pair of jeans can be your staple piece this fall. Pair them with your favorite cozy sweater for a simple, easy outfit.

Pleated Skirts Pleated skirts have made a comeback this summer and are sticking around for the fall. This is a perfect statement piece to give this season’s wardrobe the upgrade you have been looking for. A pleated skirt will look amazing paired with a timeless chunky sweater you already have stowed away in your closet.

Gold Jewelry One of the hottest trends in accessories are chunky gold jewelry. This is a super simple way to elevate any look. This trend can be found in many unique sizes and textures, making for a variety of style options. Chunky hoops and dainty, layerfriendly necklaces are some of the most popular accessories in the fashion world and are trends guaranteed to make an appearance this fall. All things gold jewelry are a must-have this season!


Claw-Clip Hairstyles This popular ’90s accessory has made a remarkable reappearance in the latest trends. The signature accessory can be the finishing piece to any of your looks this season. With so many different styles and dimensions to choose from, there are plenty of options. Whether you want to utilize it as a statement piece, or another staple to your everyday wardrobe, claw clips are one of the biggest trends this season and do not look to be going away anytime soon.

Layers on Layers Kansas weather is anything but predictable. When it’s September and October, one day it can be a 90-degree scorcher, then, less then a week later you’ll find yourself reaching for your winter coat. At this time of year, it’s hard to predict exactly what you’re going to be needing as cooler temperatures come around. This fall, make layers your best friend. Layering your favorite tops, sweaters and jackets are an easy, smart way to take on the fickle weather. Lucky for you, the concept of layering different pieces to make an outfit is right on trend.

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Aspen Boutique 316.682.6784

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Be an IMPACT in the modeling industry with IMPACTmodels, where we have our models’ best interest at heart with in-person training. Scouting ages 5 & up for models & influencers for local, national and world! 316-204-7123 ·

2132 N Rock Road #104 Wichita, Kansas

2613 N. Cranberry



• Waterford North • 4 Bedrooms • 3.5 Bathrooms • Finished Basement • Sun Room




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Lashes looking a little

Spooky?! Come in to Crave Beauty Academy for a full set of lash extensions for


A SPOOKTACULAR SAVINGS OF $25.00!! 3804 W Douglas Ave · Wichita, KS 67203 · 316.943.5516 · All services performed under the direct supervision of licensed instructors. For Consumer Information of median debt and other consumer facts, please visit



SUNDAY OCTOBER 24 2pm - 4pm Join us for a tour of our new location, refreshments, prizes and more.



214 S. Rock Road Suite 101 Wichita, KS 67207 316.409.0727 | OCTOBER 2021 ·


Written by Amy Palser • Photography by Michael Carroll Jr.

Fashion-Forward Entrepreneur Wichita Native Buys Beloved Store, Opens New One During the 28 years that Allison Baker spent away from her hometown of Wichita living in cities like San Francisco, Los Angeles, Chicago and Dallas, she always made a point to visit Aspen Boutique when she was back home. The famed College Hill store never failed to deliver an eclectic yet refined selection of clothing, shoes, purses and – Baker’s personal favorite item – jewelry. “There are a lot of people who, when they come to town, Aspen is a favorite for them,” said Baker, who definitely counts herself among that group. The stars seemed to align when Baker found herself moving back to ICT to be close to family – and not long after, the upscale boutique’s original owners, James and Monica Smits, decided to sell the store after 34 years. So Baker made a major life turn and bought her favorite Wichita shop. “I left my job in the corporate world to do something different,” said the new store owner, who studied real estate and construction management at the University of Denver and worked for Deloitte, Apple and Sun Microsystems. “I’m truly thrilled to be in the retail space. You get to tap more into a creative side, and it’s satisfying to help women find something they feel good in. I’m really enjoying it.”

Since purchasing the store in April, Baker has retained the fashion labels popular with longtime clientele, and she added 30 new brands. Shoppers will be happy to find the boho-chic Johnny Was, upscale wardrobe staples from Sympli, the iconic and timeless Where to Find Them Joseph Ribkoff, artistic pieces from Aspen Boutique Caite, James Perse fine basics, and 4724 E. Douglas Ave. trendy Liverpool denim. 316.682.6784 But Aspen Boutique is just the Shop on Facebook and Instagram: beginning for this fashion-forward @aspenboutique1987 entrepreneur. Baker just opened Store hours: 10 a.m.–6 p.m. Monday through Friday another store in September, The 10 a.m.–5 p.m. Saturday Vault Collection, featuring curated furnishings and housewares that she The Vault Collection has gathered from over 125 exclusive 4737 E. Douglas Ave. estate auctions spanning the globe. The 316.351.3580 store is located across the street from Shop on Facebook and Instagram: Aspen Boutique in Lincoln Heights, @thevaultcollection Wichita’s oldest shopping center. “Given Store hours: the period and estate vibe and antique 10 a.m.–5 p.m. Thursday and Friday furnishings in the store, it’s a good fit,” 10 a.m. –3 p.m. Saturday By appointment Tuesday and Wednesday Baker said.

Aspen Boutique’s 4,000-plus square feet of retail space features wardrobe staples as well as unique signature pieces, and all the accessories to make a complete outfit: clutches and bags, necklaces and earrings, shoes and boots. It also features high-end home goods such as candles, towels and baskets. Baker has added a collection of fine estate jewelry, too, with pieces that range in price from $7 to $100,000. 50

The unique furnishings and housewares feature modern, art nouveau, Victorian and mid-century modern pieces. Baker said she had already been pulling together inventory to open The Vault Collection before Aspen Boutique went on the market. But the two stores seem to go hand-in-hand. “I just love the character and history that comes with things that have some age on them,” she said.

OCTOBER 2021 ·




4737 EAST DOUGLAS AVENUE WICHITA, KANSAS 67218 (316) 351-3580


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Written by Julie Underwood Burton

Because Sleep

can also assist with light housekeeping, meal preparation, integrating older siblings, and provide professional referrals when needed. Lactation consultant services are also available.


Wichita’s One-Of-A-Kind Company Makes Dreams Happen It’s all in the name: Wichita Baby Company. Owned by certified doula Sara Skiles, The Wichita Baby Company and Skiles’ skilled team of specialists are 100 percent devoted to providing postpartum care and support to parents when the newborn baby comes home, typically the time when infant care guidance and sleep is most critically needed. One quote on the company’s website says it all. “If you are a new parent who enjoys eating, sleeping and showering, you’ve come to the right place.”

The initial consultation for Wichita Baby Company services is a 45-minute, in-home visit that costs $49. Skiles personally meets the parent or parents, discusses goals, evaluates the nursery set-up and explains the levels of care. New moms-tobe typically inquire about services during the third trimester, while repeat clients often call immediately upon receiving pregnancy results. Persevering through endless nights with a newborn has long been a parenting rite of passage. Today’s trends show, however, that day and night postpartum support services have been growing, especially in the past five years and largely in major metropolitan areas. Young parents move away from the places where they grew up, and do not have many relatives nearby to help.

“Everyone focuses on planning for the birth and the brand-new baby. Suddenly there are no more meals, no visits, no flowers. Reality sinks in and parents realize they are not sleeping or showering and this new parenting experience is more difficult than they thought. That’s when they realize they need this extra support,” states Skiles.

The Wichita Baby Company has a staff of eight close-knit, healthconscious, newborn care specialists including certified postpartum doulas, registered pediatric and neonatal nurses, lactation consultants, and childbirth educators. During the pandemic, strict Covid procedures are followed as staff are required to socially distance, wear personal protection, remove shoes and wash hands upon entering homes. Parents determine whether masks are worn the entire time in the home or while holding the baby.

Countless families have proclaimed their desire for help at night, when babies and moms typically struggle with sleep patterns. Overnight shifts begin at 9 p.m. and the night doula stays all night with the baby in their nursery. The baby is brought to the mom for breastfeeding, or the doula can bottle feed the infant, change diapers, swaddle and put the infant back to sleep. At 7 a.m., the baby is ready to go and handed back into the arms of the sleep-restored, well-rested mom.

Wichita Baby Company offers services for infants from birth to 6 months of age and serves the Wichita community and surrounding areas. If you are expecting a new baby soon, rest assured and plan for those welldeserved dreams by visiting

Daytime postpartum doulas support and guide the parents through the infant’s eat, wake, sleep cycles, and help babies settle down to naps at appropriate times. The postpartum doulas 52

This scenario is certainly true for the Wichita area as Skiles states, “Almost all of our clients are people who have moved here. We only occasionally serve clients who are native to Wichita.” Many Wichita Baby Company cli-ents report that they have moved here from other major U.S. cities where night nurses and postpartum doulas are well-known. In Wichita, Skiles’ company is the local trailblazer in offering these services.

OCTOBER 2021 ·

JP WEIGAND AND SONS Charity Golf Classic

Brian Ray

Daniel Morford, Theresa Murdock, Josh Turner, Tammy Boucher

Josh Waters, Noel Moore, Kevin Howell

Dominic Locke, Elizabeth Voegeli

Sarah Weide, Ben Suellentrop, Brenda Navarro

Delaine Lacey, Curtis Goentzel

McKenzie Allen, Matthew McClure, David Petersen, Tim O’Brien

Annie Pfieffer, Jerry Vadnais, Nestor Weigand

Emma Russell

Brittany Zimmerman, Haley Fahnestock, Keller Blanchette

Claire Harpool, Leslie Myers

Cory Harkleroad and the HJH Investments Team

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Local Company Serving Local Community


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Rick Hopper, Ashley Chastain, Willie Eaton, Brian Hopper, Ron Lindly, Ken Patterson, Diane Rosecrans, Alia Tate, and Roxann Taylor Proud Branch Broker - Cathy Sheets





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OCTOBER 2021 ·

$7.99 Come celebrate with locally produced bratwurst and house chips 34oz steins of Prost Marzen on special

7732 E. Central · Open Daily 11am - 2am

Nurturing Nutrition at Perfect Plate Perfect Plate meals are comforting and good for your mind, body, and spirit. Let us do the cooking so you have more time to enjoy the important things in life! Pick up meals a la carté at one of 3 convenient locations or sign up for a meal plan.

Perfect Plate

5255 N. Maize Rd, Ste. 104 Maize, KS 67101 M-F 11am -7pm · SAT 11am - 5pm 316.779.8800

Perfect Plate at The Coop & Coffee House 104 N. Baltimore Ave. Derby, KS 67037 · M-F 6am - 7pm SAT 7am - 5pm · SUN 8am - 5pm 316.351.8311

OCTOBER 2021 ·




Perfect Plate Garvey

220 W. Douglas Ave, Ste. 62 Wichita, KS 67202 M-F 11am - 4pm · SAT 11am - 3pm 316.239.6465 57

A World of Wine at Your Fingertips Alzavino Wine Tavern Written by Kim Dugger Attwater A Wichita couple is pouring their passion for wine into a new type of business for the area. Danielle and Ken Harmon opened Alzavino Wine Tavern last month in the historic Delano neighborhood. It’s apparently the city’s first self-service wine bar. It’s also the Harmons’ first venture into the hospitality industry, though they’re not newbies when it comes to wine. “We like to joke that we’ve been doing market research for a very long time,” Danielle said. Alzavino (Italian for a device used to taste test wine) features 16 different wines from which patrons can dispense themselves pours of 1, 3 or 6-ounces, plus 74 more wines offered by the bottle. There’s a menu of appetizers and desserts along with

of artisan chocolate, toasted marshmallows and more has proved especially popular. The Harmons’ son, Lukas, is on the staff and their daughter, Amanda, is expected to help out during breaks from college. Alzavino is open 3-10 p.m., Monday–Thursday; 3-11 p.m. Friday-Saturday and 3-9 p.m., Sunday.

local craft and domestic beers and nonalcoholic beverages. Both Harmons spent years working in corporate roles for Koch Industries. Vacations often included visiting wineries and their tasting rooms. Danielle said the couple “kept a running list of things we liked” and then incorporated as many as possible into Alzavino. Chief is the idea of exposing customers to wines they might not have tried before. Jamie Stratton of Jacob Liquor helped develop the wine list, which ranges from the West Coast to Europe to South Africa. “We didn’t want run-of-the-mill wines you can find anywhere,” Danielle said. “We wanted things people may have seen in the liquor store but never tried.” For instance, someone who’s been reluctant to drop big bucks on a bottle from Caymus Vineyard can sample an ounce or three for a fraction of the cost. Alzavino’s 1-ounce pours run from $1 to $5.70, while 6-ounce pours go for $5 to $35. Plans call for seasonal rotation of some wines and others brought in for occasions such as Black History Month, Women’s History Month and Pride Month.

The Harmons were happy to find a historic building to house Alzavino – a 1906 building that was once used by Citizens State Bank. They’ve redone the interior in warm Tuscan colors and décor centered around wine barrels and boxes. There’s room for 67 people inside and 28 more on the patio. A vault, used as an office by a previous tenant, has been turned into a private space for up to 10, while the semienclosed “grotto” out back holds eight. “We’re really excited about where Delano is headed with the (new) baseball stadium and everything else going on down here,” Danielle said. Watch Kim Dugger Attwater’s interview with owners Danielle and Ken Harmon on our social media and website, @SplurgeICT

Most of Alzavino’s food offerings have been sourced from local purveyors such as Bagatelle, the Wichita Cheesecake Company, Reverie Roasters and Lovie & Co. A “chocuterie” board composed

WHERE TO FIND THEM Alzavino Wine Tavern 1001 W. Douglas 316.260.8309

If you would like to see your restaurant in the SPLURGE! Restaurant Spotlight contact us at 316.267.3678. 58

OCTOBER 2021 ·

7th Annual

November 19-23 & 26-28, 2021 130 N. Topeka, Wichita, Kansas

Snowflake Cafe • Tree & Gift Basket Raffles Serving Full Breakfast • Selfies with Santa Sweet Shoppe • Marketplace Friday, 9am - 7pm · Saturday, 9am - 8pm · Sunday, 11am - 3pm Monday, 5pm - 8pm · Tuesday, 5pm - 8pm Raffle Drawings Sunday, November 28 at 3:30pm Need Not Be Present To Win

Admission $5

Tickets may be purchased at the door All proceeds benefit Midian Shrine.

Wines from Around the Globe.

1001 W. Douglas Ave Wichita, KS 67213 Mon - Thurs 3:00 - 10:00 Fri & Sat 3:00 - 11:00 Sun 3:00 - 9:00

Fine Wines, Beers, Light to Heavy Appetizers, & Desserts. OCTOBER 2021 ·


NBC HALL OF FAME INDUCTION CEREMONY Riverfront Stadium The National Baseball Congress inducted four new members into its Hall of Fame: Ellis Fergason “Cot” Deal, who played in the NBC during the 1940s and passed away in 2013 at age 90; Mickey Deutschman, longtime owner/ manager of the San Diego Stars, who passed away in 2020; Robert Homolka, an umpire for nearly 50 years who is currently Umpire in Chief for Alaska Goldpanners in Fairbanks, Alaska; and Nate Robertson, a Maize High School grad who played for the Florida Marlins, Detroit Tigers and Philadelphia Phillies. Kevin Jenks presents NBC award to Nate Robertson

Inductee Bob Homolka and family

Dean Zook, Steve Ruud, Terry Klein

Inductee Nate Robertson with wife Kristin and son Wyatt

April Lipp, family member of inductee Ellis “Cot” Deal

April Lipp, family member of inductee Cot Deal

Family of inductee Mickey Deutschman

Hall of Fame induction ceremony

Kevin Jenks presents NBC award to family of Mickey Deutschman

NBC Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony

Kevin Jenks presents NBC award to Robert Homolka and family.


OCTOBER 2021 ·

In Surprise Unveiling Nonprofit Announces New Name The Arc of Sedgwick County is now AbilityPoint

And they have carried out this mission for 68 years. It all began in 1953 when a vision was created by parents of children with intellectual and developmental disabilities in the Wichita area who came together and chartered with a national organization – now The Arc of the United States. AbilityPoint remains a chapter of The Arc, a national leader in developmental disability advocacy and support. Since that time, the private nonprofit agency has grown and established one-of-a-kind programming, going through seven prior name changes. Prior to 1992, when it changed to The Arc of Sedgwick County, all previous names included what Fish calls the “R” word. “When the organization was founded the ‘R’ word was simply a diagnosis for an intellectual disability, but over time people began to use it as a slur or to insult others,” Fish said. “That word carries a lot of negative stigma and is no longer considered a diagnosis of an intellectual disability.”

Written by David Austin

Still, in 1992 the name included Sedgwick County. Changing its name and logo to AbilityPoint encompasses current and future growth. In recent years, The Arc expanded its programs and services to surrounding counties and in 2019 formally became a targeted case management provider in Butler County. More than 200 supporters and community leaders were on hand for the annual Eat. Drink. Give. Enjoy! (EDGE!) event for The Arc of Sedgwick County on September 30, which included a surprise unveiling. Attendees were amazed to be the first to hear the organization’s new name, AbilityPoint. “By changing our name, we are embracing who we’ve always been: A regional support and asset for those with developmental disabilities and their families, focusing on quality of life and celebrating abilities,” executive director Kevin Fish said. The agency annually serves more than 4,000 persons of all ages and remains dedicated to improving the quality of life for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD) and their families through life-long support, including educational and social programs, case management, respite opportunities and advocacy. Examples of developmental disabilities include autism, behavior disorders, brain injuries, cerebral palsy, fetal alcohol syndrome, intellectual disability and spina bifida. “Our mission will not change at all. We are beyond excited about this name change, for many reasons,” Fish said. “It took a long time, a lot of research and meetings and a lot of internal discussion and soul-searching.” The newly branded AbilityPoint also shared the organization’s new logo at the EDGE! event; the logo was created by local branding agency Apples and Arrows. AbilityPoint services are unique educational and social programs that promote, sustain and improve social skills, independent living and physical and mental health. “It is more than that, we promote self-advocacy and build selfconfidence, and one of our main program goals is to increase the public’s awareness and acceptance, too,” said Kristen Phillips, director of operations.

“It made sense to make the change now, because families outside of Sedgwick County want and need our services, but don’t think they can access our programs,” Fish said. “They see ’Sedgwick County’ in our title and some assumed we were only available to those in Sedgwick County or that we were a branch of the government.” In March 2020, The Arc contracted with Apples and Arrows to lead focus groups with its membership and stakeholders to ensure brand equity wouldn’t be lost. “From the beginning, we all loved the inclusion of the word ‘ability’ – that is what we focus on and that is what we want to celebrate … each person’s ability,” Fish said. For more information, visit

The Arc Over the Years

1954 – Created first preschool for children with an IDD in Kansas 1956 – Began recreation and socialization programs 1962 – Established first sheltered workshop in Kansas, which was spun-off to become KETCH in 1965 1968 – Preschool spun off to Starkey 1978 – Began mini tours and travel programs 1988 – Established Youth Education and Summer Socialization (YESS) Program 1992 – Created first external targeted case management program in Kansas 1998 – The popular Wichita holiday tradition of drive-through lights display begins 2005 – Began Circle of Friends mentoring program 2013 – Created adult mentoring program 2021 – Started CREW, teaching personal finance and independent living skills. 2021 – Rebranded to AbilityPoint with expanded territorial range

OCTOBER 2021 ·


Mixing It Up Wellington Producer Makes International Sound Waves Interview by Natasha Park Carter Green has been producing and recording music for television, film and countless artists for over 21 years at his studio in his hometown of Wellington. His credits range from shows such as “Better Call Saul,” “Chicago Fire,” and “How I Met Your Mother” to producing records and singles for recording artists both nationwide and worldwide. “I was thrilled to mix and master the new record by Jason Orme (Alanis Morissette’s guitarist) which was recorded in L.A., but was sent to me to get it polished up, punchy and radio-ready.” Green recently worked in a week-long intensive mixing seminar with multiple Grammy-winning engineer Michael Brauer (John Mayer, Coldplay, Aretha Franklin). “After submitting my portfolio and application, I reckoned I had about a 10 percent chance of getting into the program. When I learned that I was going all the way to southern France to one of the most legendary studios in the world, to learn from the master, well, I just couldn’t believe it. It was the opportunity of a lifetime.”

Green was one of only four engineers selected from the United States, out of a total of 14 globally. He brought his new-found knowledge back to his studio in small-town Kansas, where he continues to produce and engineer for artists of varied styles and genres. Matthew Fagan, one of the world’s eminent classical guitarists, frequently travels from Melbourne, Australia to record with Green. He declares, “There isn’t a single engineer in Australia that can do what Green does.” Proficient on guitar, drums, bass, violin, mandolin and a host of others, Green often performs all of the instruments when he produces music for solo artists. “You’d be surprised what you can accomplish if you keep at something every day for 35 years!” he said with a chuckle. After graduating cum laude from the University of Chicago with a degree in music composition and theory, instrumentation and orchestration, he came back home to start his career as a recording engineer and music producer. “I set up business in my home town, because this is where the people I love live. I knew that I could offer the same services and quality of production that artists normally had to go to Nashville or L.A. to get, but I could cut out the middlemen, session musicians and the like, resulting in tremendous savings for the artists.” You may have seen Green perform locally at the likes of Zoobilee, as he is also the lead singer and fiddle player for the Mudbugs Cajun & Zydeco Band. Jaime Green, a photojournalist, filmmaker, and photo and video editor for the Wichita Eagle,


OCTOBER 2021 ·

is the group’s drummer. Jaime and Carter were married soon after the band’s formation, and have shared their love of music and creativity with their now-adult children, Cat and Colin, and their young son, Cameron. “I grew up playing Cajun music on the fiddle and guitar, and, being a fluent French speaker, I got this crazy idea to start a Cajun band out here among the wheat fields of Kansas,” says Green. Gathering together his musically talented best friends, they soon found themselves on the national stage. “Being asked to play on NPR’s ‘A Prairie Home Companion’ was our breakout moment,” Green said. “After 4 million people heard us on the radio that weekend, the offers came rushing in.” The band has since toured the country, playing large festivals such as the Telluride Jazz Festival and Mudbug Madness, a hilariously large crawfish festival in Shreveport, Louisiana. “We are just the best of friends who get together and have a good ol’ time,” grins Green. “We never take ourselves seriously.” Their first record has had over 800,000 streams and the band has just released their new studio album. “I really owe it all to mom and dad,” Green says. “They encouraged my music from the very start, stressed the importance of getting an education, and did all they could to foster selfconfidence in a young boy with big dreams.” For more information about Carter Green or Greenjeans Studios, visit greenjeansstudios. com or email




“A Jet Fuel for Therapy”

The Promise of Therapeutic Psychedelics Written by Karen Long

Much like retro fashion from the 1960s and ‘70s, a certain class of retro drugs is back in vogue, showing real results as breakthrough treatments for people wrestling with mental health disorders, from depression and anxiety to addiction and PTSD. After languishing in the wilderness of the war on drugs, psychedelic drugs like LSD, psilocybin, mescaline and MDMA are back in the news. Except this time around, instead of sweaty, long-haired, beaded hippies tripping in a party atmosphere, it is very serious therapists who are training to administer hallucinogens to their clients in a controlled environment, and to help them process the experience afterwards. The results of a much-hailed Phase 3 trial were released earlier this year, funded by MAPS, the Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies. In the study of 90 veterans who had suffered from PTSD for an average length of 14 years, MDMA-assisted therapy was found to be “highly efficacious in individuals with severe PTSD, and treatment is safe and welltolerated, even in those with comorbidities.” In fact, after three sessions of MDMA-assisted therapy, 60 percent of subjects no longer even met the diagnosis for PTSD, and 30 percent of that group were considered to be in remission. Studies into various psychotropic substances are now taking place around the globe, and in the U.S. training programs are springing up for healthcare professionals who want to gain credentials in administering substances still classified by the federal government as Schedule 1 drugs. In 2019 the city of Denver decriminalized psilocybin, the active ingredient that puts the “magic” in magic mushrooms. According to the “Los Angeles Times,” other municipalities soon followed, including Santa Cruz, California; Washington, D.C. and Cambridge, Massachusetts. In over 100 cities there are now movements to decriminalize psychedelic mushrooms, and in November of last year Oregon legalized psilocybin for use in supervised therapy.


The Demand is High Two Wichita therapists who’ve seen a growing demand for hallucinogenic treatments are the husband-and-wife team at Brockus Therapy. Even while finishing up his master’s in marriage and family therapy at Friends University, Bryan Brockus had eager clients asking him when psychedelic therapy would be available. His wife, Ashley Brockus, frequently hears her clients asking the same question. Word is getting out that both therapists are trained in MDMA-assisted therapy through MAPS, the respected nonprofit organization funding research and setting protocols. MDMA, known on the street as ecstasy or molly, is still illegal outside of approved clinical trials. “When it becomes legal only therapists who’ve been through the MAPS training will be able to practice it, and they’ll need to have a doctor who prescribes for them,” explains Bryan. “We’ll have all the pieces in place when status is granted by the FDA, expected in 2023.” Bryan and Ashley are also trained in ketamine-assisted psychedelic therapy through Polaris Insight, an organization started by MAPS-trained therapists who wanted to offer clients a legal therapy without delay, by prescribing the drug off-label.

OCTOBER 2021 ·

“Ketamine is basically a dissociative anesthetic that’s been used in surgery for years and years,” says Bryan. “Clinicians started noticing that, once people received high doses, their depressive symptoms would be gone for several days, up to a week.” While there are ketamine clinics in town, the Brockus’ say they typically offer a straightforward medical treatment. “They don’t sit with clients and do active therapy with them before, during or after, and that’s a really essential piece when you’re doing psychedelic therapy,” explains Ashley. “It provides the relationship and a strong container to hold space and some really good tools to guide people with.”

The Client Experience on Ketamine The Brockus’ are currently working with Dr. Jeff Davis of Prairie Health and Wellness to offer a ketamine protocol in the near future, with Dr. Davis as the prescribing physician. The actual ketamine session, however, will take place in the Brockus’ facility, in a “very non-clinical setting” where the client reclines on a couch or bed while wearing eye shades and surrounded by music. “The experience is very much to go internal, to go inside yourself. The client can talk as much or as little as they want to,” says Bryan. After the three-hour session, when the client is coming back into their body, The Brockus’ will engage them in an “integration session” reflecting on their experience. In the standard one-hour talk therapy session, there’s not much time for people to work past mental walls. In a longer and more intense session – such as three hours for ketamine or six to eight hours for MDMA – the psychotropic substances help those defenses come down.

“It really intrigued me and I was able to have several of my own experiences, and it really was life changing for me, and healing to where I then thought, ‘This is what I want to be able to do with people.’ ” Now, after graduating with his master’s degree in July, Bryan is still working as a firefighter and practicing therapy part time. He’ll soon be in a position to help other first responders heal from job-related PTSD with the help of ketamine-assisted therapy. “My hope is that I can work with them, having been in their position, that maybe they will trust me a little bit more. They would know that I could understand their experience on a visceral level.” The Brockus’ are careful to explain that psychedelic-assisted therapy is not a panacea, it’s not effective in every case, and they plan to use it hand-in-hand with traditional therapy. Ashley is also trained in Somatic Experiencing and uses the Internal Family Systems approach, both of which mesh nicely with psychedelic therapy. But, still, the couple is enthusiastic about the promise of psychedelic-assisted therapies opening up new avenues of healing and possibility for their clients. “It’s pretty exciting to think about a whole new approach that has a lot more potential to help people experience freedom,” says Ashley. Bryan adds: “I want people to know it’s available and that there is hope. If you feel stuck, if you’ve tried therapy, if you’ve tried traditional ways to heal yourself but it hasn’t been helpful, there’s this other way.”

“People open up a lot faster and get to places that might take years to get to in regular talk therapy,” says Bryan. “It’s a jet fuel, essentially, for therapy.” Ashley adds that work with psychedelics doesn’t negate the deep trauma work that people do with their therapists. “The ketamine research shows that people who experienced the best outcomes with ketamine therapy had two to three years – or more – of trauma therapy work behind them.”

Bryan’s Story Bryan has been on the other side of the couch as a client receiving psychedelic-assisted therapy outside of the U.S. He started off training as a therapist, but, due to his own struggles with depression and chronic anxiety, that dream was put on hold. For the last 11 years he’s been working as a firefighter, in the meantime seeing several traditional therapists, none of whom he found helpful. “I couldn’t access the person who I knew was underneath all of that. I felt very frozen.” He says he started hearing about the psychedelic treatments and investigated further.

REFERENCES Nature Medicine: “MDMA-assisted therapy for severe PTSD: a randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled phase 3 study” L.A. Times: “Denver dabbles with magic mushrooms, but using them to treat mental health disorders remains underground”


With Instuctor

Kim Moses Club Pilates, Bradley Fair Written by Lauren Boughfman

Heal, Strengthen, Thrive

Q. What types of classes do you offer? A. Our Intro class is a 30-minute, free, Level 1 reformer

flow class. Level 1 classes are ideal for building a foundation with a focus on form and alignment. These classes are adaptable to all levels and limitations. Level 1.5 builds further on the foundational skills at a moderate pace. Coordination and some intermediate skills, balance and stability are introduced to challenge the members.

Q. Who needs Pilates? A. We believe that Pilates is the path to a fuller, more

satisfying physical existence. We believe that being in control of your body helps you to be in control of your life. Best of all, it is never too late. We believe that you can start anytime.

Q. What are the benefits of Pilates? A. The benefits of Pilates are many. We have many

members who say their doctors recommended Pilates as a form of rehab or to decrease back pain, etc. Pilates increases core strength and is a very functional exercise. In our classes, we move the body through all the planes: transverse, sagittal and frontal. We move the spine in all directions just as you do in daily activities. Pilates increases energy, and members sometimes say they feel taller and more energized when they leave the studio. There is a focus on centering the body and concentrating on the movements, which also involves coordination and therefore Pilates enhances body awareness. Talk about a mind–body connection! It is also known to reduce back pain, improve posture and reduce stress.

Q. What makes it different from other forms of exercise?

A. It is different from other exercises in that it focuses on

the whole body and maintaining proper alignment as the limbs move around the torso. There are hundreds, if not thousands, of Pilates exercises and multiple pieces of equipment that can support and challenge the participant, making it adaptable to those with injuries and professional athletes alike.


Level 2 is a moderate to fast-paced class that incorporates balance and stability as well as strength and coordination. A challenging level that requires instructor approval for participation. Level 2.5 is a fast-paced class concentrating on precision and coordination, requiring at least 3 months of experience and instructor approval, as well as a deep mind-body connection.

Find a Class That Works for You CP Reformer Flow – Full-body workout that seamlessly flows from the reformer to at least three other apparatuses, working the entire body. Never the same workout twice! CP Cardio Sculpt – A high-energy, low-impact workout perfect for the cardio junkie! The plyometric movement against spring tension doesn’t stress the joints but gets the heart beating! This workout has bone-density-improving benefits. CP Control – Co-created by Leslee Bender this class is a Barre–Pilates fusion class using gliding discs, fitness balls, free weights and the traditional Pilates equipment. CP Suspend – A reformer-based workout that combines the TRX suspension system. It puts the Pilates body to the test. CP FIT – This class is the perfect mix of high intensity and low intensity designed to stretch aerobic capacity and strength building all while burning more calories. CP Center and Balance – Re-center and balance your body with traditional Pilates exercises and apparatus-assisted stretching to reduce muscle soreness and fatigue and improve overall performance. CP Restore – Incorporates foam rolling and myofascial release with traditional reformer exercises. Restore improves performance, reduces the risk of injury and reduces muscle soreness.

OCTOBER 2021 ·


Eagle Scout Class of 1952

highest honor. “Tackling them one at a time was a real challenge for me,” he said. “My mother certainly encouraged me but didn’t push me. There were neat topics like identifying different trees from their leaves and that sort of thing; I found that to be fun.” Ryan’s fond feelings for the Boy Scouts program continued throughout his life. Two of his three sons participated in Cub Scouts, and he even served on the Boy Scouts Board of Directors for a few years. Now retired, he serves on the Kansas Aviation Museum Board of Trustees, the Wichita Airport Advisory Board and Doc’s Friends board. Ryan would recommend the journey to Eagle Scout to any endeavoring youths today. “It’s well worth the effort,” he said.

Ron Ryan

Growing up in tiny Birmingham, Iowa, a young Ron Ryan kept busy delivering newspapers, participating in Boy Scouts, and dreaming of going airborne someday. His parents, he teases, had a good reason for keeping him busy: “My folks recognized I was going to be a problem child from the time I was born; I had a very wise set of parents.” But in all truth, those youthful activities helped shape the small-town boy, who would go on to create Ryan International Airlines. Through Scouts, he learned to work hard and dream big, guided by a strong moral compass. Those values were important as Ryan launched and grew his company. By the time he sold it in 2004, the airline had 60 large planes, employed 2,500 people, and earned $300 million a year in sales. “I think scouting helped shape my character,” said Ryan, who earned his Eagle Scout rank in 1952. He recalls the hard work involved in earning merit badges to qualify for the Boy Scouts’

Quivira council and Morgan Stanley are proud to bring you Eagle Scouts in Action, a monthly showcase of community leaders who are banding together to make a difference in our community! Quivira Council was incorporated on March 11, 1918, chartered by the Rotary Club of Wichita. Since then, it has been our honor to instill in the youth we serve the values and traditions that make Boy Scouts of America stand apart in the crowd. If you are interested in joining Scouting or have an Eagle Scout in Action you think deserves honoring, call us today at 316.264.3386.

OCTOBER 2021 ·



45th ANNIVERSARY PARTY Midwest Single Source

Chris and Christy Eckhoff, Jerry Delaney

Kevin Ulwelling, Debbie Birch, Roy Turner

Newman University with Kevin Ulwelling

Toast to founder John H. Osborne

Aaron, Magda and Sara Del Alto, Alejo Cabral

Brian and Hidi Byrd, Lee Gray, Julie Ward

Dustin Jackson, Courtney Mills, Maria Martin

Jacob Christian, Melanie Garrison, Chevis Rebstock, Tasha Grant, Emma Schlittenhardt

Jessica Viramontez, Marisa Pechanec, Kelli Elmore

Maria Wehby, Kevin Ulwelling, Crystal Lucio, Dawn Nguyen

Ben Keiter, Michelle Ware, Ashlyn Parrish

Martin Strydom, Patz, Chris Eckhoff


OCTOBER 2021 ·

Host your own Botox party!

Just in time for the Holidays! ICT BOTOX PART Y Nurse Practitioner

Autumn Lowen, APRN

OCTOBER SPECIAL Schedule a party and receive half off Botox

Call: 316.339.0070



Tallgrass Country Club is Turning Heads A $3 million renovation is bringing new life to the vintage golf course.

The course layout is now a seamless combination of old and new. “When our members had a chance to play on the updated front 9, they were blown away,” said Klausman. “Some holes are completely reimagined and new. Others feel familiar but have been renovated to look better than ever before. It’s come together beautifully.” With the course renovations wrapping up, the club is fielding a flood of membership requests. With more than 200 golfers asking for membership information in the last couple of weeks, Klausman said the team is doing all it can to keep up with interest. However, Klausman says there is a limit to the number of memberships Tallgrass will sell.

Tallgrass Country Club’s $3 million course renovation is wowing Wichita golfers. Originally constructed in 1974, the private golf club began course renovations in late 2020. The first phase of construction was completed in July, and the final course updates on the back 9 will be complete this fall. Tallgrass is owned by GreatLIFE Kansas City and operated by GL Services. GreatLIFE Kansas City acquired the course 3 years ago and knew it was capable of being a top-tier club. “Tallgrass has always been a good quality course,” said Brett Klausman, CEO of GreatLIFE Kansas City. “These renovations are just taking it to the next level. It’s a premium golf course and we know members will be proud to play here for decades to come.” The $3 million renovation included a wide variety of updates such as new Billy Bunker sand traps filled with pure white sand, new cart paths, updated fairways, new grading, new sod, and more.

“As a golfer, I understand how important it is for members to have access to tee times at their club,” said Klausman. “That’s why we limit the number of memberships – to make sure our members have the best experience possible.” According to Klausman, only 400 golf memberships are available at Tallgrass, and the majority of those are already sold. The club is offering a special Founder’s Club package for those who join before October 31, but the special will only last as long as memberships remain available. Although Klausman hinted at more updates at Tallgrass Country Club, he wasn’t quite ready to announce anything just yet. “Let’s just say our goal is to make Tallgrass the best private club in Wichita,” said Klausman. “Having a stellar golf course is one piece of the puzzle, but there may be more to come.” Suffice it to say, we see a very bright future ahead for Tallgrass Country Club and its 400 lucky members. For more information about a membership at Tallgrass Country Club, visit or call 316-669-7416.


OCTOBER 2021 ·


We’ve nearly completed our $3 million golf course renovation and we’re celebrating with a terrific Founder’s Club offer. Join Tallgrass Country Club as a Founder’s Club Member today and you’ll enjoy many perks including: • • • • •

$0 initiation fee 5 free guest passes - a $375 value! A $100 club credit to use on food and/or merchandise Welcome gift Plus, carts are included and there are no food & beverage minimums!

There will truly never be a better time to join Tallgrass Country Club! Initiation fees will increase on November 1. Visit or call 316-669-7416 to schedule your preview round today. 2400 NORTH TALLGRASS, WICHITA, KS 67226


OCTOBER 2021 ·

316-669-7416 73

UMPIRE APPRECIATION DINNER Candle Club Umpires who work in youth and high school baseball in Wichita got a pat on the back at the Umpire Appreciation Dinner at Candle Club. The dinner is an annual event to thank umpires who have worked at Southwest Boys Club and Genesis Sports Complex. Guest speaker Brent Kemnitz, WSU assistant athletic director and former pitching coach, had great advice for umpires, as well as wonderful and funny stories from his 38 years coaching Shockers baseball. Scott Smith, Steve Ruud, Nate Robertson, Brent Kemnitz, Pat Meares, Judah Craig

Adam Henderson, Scott Harrison, Bill Humphrey, Brandon Hill

Brady Hanna, Treven Veltman, Mark Dennett, Antonio Robertson, Dan Lawrence

Caleb Hicks, Chris Freshour, Brian Kloke, Bryce Walker, Austin Crutcher

Cheyenne Cooper, Isabella Granados, Eva Martin

CJ Martin, Felipe Lopez, Nathan Castilleja

Danford Wineinger, Dwight Wilkes, Nolan Crumrine

Gene Lavenant, Eldon Ventle, Mike Lillibridge, Lance Lavenant

Ron Thorpe, Mike Packard

Tina Thorpe, Cassie Wright

Ben and Garrett Ketley


OCTOBER 2021 ·

OCTOBER 2021 ·


OCTOBER’S SPOTLIGHTED PARTNERS The Bicycle X-Change Shops have been a cycling staple in Wichita for over 45 years! Voted Wichita’s Best Bike Shop for the 7th year in a row in 2018 and having the honor of being named one of America’s TOP 100 dealers last 7 years running— no one has more experience when it comes to helping you with all your cycling needs. With over 1000 bicycles in stock and accessories from over 100 different brands, we have the selection to make sure you get exactly what you need to take your cycling experience to the next level. The Bicycle X-Change is the largest TREK dealer in the Midwest, with the right selection, the right style and the right fit around. We have hundreds of bicycle styles and sizes, setup and ready to go.

975 N West St, Wichita, KS 67203 (316) 943-5283 At Hassle-Free Hot Tubs, we understand that purchasing a hot tub is no easy feat. It takes time and consideration to find the right spa model for you. From brand research and costs, to the maximum capacity and number of features- there’s so much to learn! Luckily, our experts are here to help. We have a strong team of friendly and knowledgeable experts who are here to help you every step of the way. We can help determine exactly what you need from a spa, and then help you find it. And at the best price possible, too. We pride ourselves on having the best deals on hot tubs in Wichita and throughout Kansas! For the best in hot tub sales and service, call or visit Hassle Free Hot Tubs today!

908 W. Douglas|316.262.9878

Since 1982 Central Auto Repair & Electric has been performing quality auto maintenance and repair for customers in around the Wichita area. At Central Auto Repair & Electric we’re family, and we have grown to acquire a loyal base of customers built on trust. We truly believe in quality workmanship combined with friendly and honest customer service. We look forward to building equally rewarding relationships with new customers. Come to Central Auto Repair & Electric for full-service auto maintenance and repair.

140 S West St, Wichita, KS 67213 (316) 300-3344


SPLURGE! NIGHT AT METRO WITH CHEF ISMAHENE MANGUS Metro Appliances & More It was an evening of great food, wine and kitchens as Ismahene Mangus of Izzy’s Soirée catering prepared a fabulous dinner for guests at SPLURGE! Night at Metro. Thanks to Chef Ismahene for sharing her favorite irresistible recipes! Email her at to find out about her catering menu. On Oct. 27, guests can enjoy the cuisine of Chef Natasha Gandhi-Rue of The Kitchen at the next SPLURGE! Night at Metro. Purchase tickets by calling 316.267.3678.

Chef Dave Varner, Chef Ismahene Mangus

Chef Ismahene Mangus, Mimi and Tony Wakim

Earlene Condiff, Patricia McNeil, Rhonda Hamilton

Paul Mainz, Karen McPhee, Sally Anderson, Marty Lee

Jody Klein, Michael O’Donnell, Debi Devor, Lindsey Hall

Karl Lakin

Lindsey Hall, Beth Rohrig, Naomi Arnold, Denise Anthemides, Cathy and Grace Mitchell

Luke and Jan Lindsay, Kim and Paul Attwater

Martin and Tasha Park, Gregg Vance

Sally Andrews, Cheryl Wells, Marty Lee, Nancy Knapp, Patricia McNeil, Eileen Kludt

Lou Ann Prusa, Janell Sawyer, Deb Haney, Mary Smith, Penny Brungardt


OCTOBER 2021 ·

Night at Metro October 27th



Chef Natasha Gandhi-Rue Chef Natasha Gandhi-Rue is a formally trained chef from the renowned International Culinary Center (formerly the French Culinary Institute) in New York City. Along with her Culinary degree, she holds a double major from Pennsylvania State University. Originally from New Jersey, Chef Natasha is admittedly a “city girl,” but has been living, cooking, and teaching in Wichita, Kansas, for nearly 20 years and happily calls it home. The Kitchen allows Natasha to practice her passion for all things culinary as she not only serves up delicious food, but also continues to work as an educator. A leader in culinary education, Natasha shares her knowledge by teaching cooking classes at The Kitchen with fellow food lovers.

Join us at:

Metro Appliances & More 3545 N Hillside St, Wichita

Metro Mingle 5:30-6:30 Chef demonstration begins at 6:30 Call 316.267.3678 for reservations $50 per person (must be 21 or older)

OCTOBER 2021 ·


GUEST EXPERT Written by Audrey Graber Director of programs, Little Stars Therapy Services


the child being treated. Some of the options that Little Stars offers include: • Traditional pullout services for our clients where treatment remains separate, but collaboration between the two disciplines is present. • Co-treating – both the SLP therapist and the ABA therapist work together in the natural environment. • Consultation provided by a speech therapist to the ABA team on an as-needed basis, for instance, while focusing on more play-based or social pragmatic skills in the classroom.

The Little Stars team also finds better treatment outcomes when the ABA and SLP can provide insight and collaboration into the communication goals for the child’s individualized plan. The SLP offers critical input to our ABA teams that help them consider different speech angles, such as Treatment for autism spectrum disorder has greatly evolved articulation, language or ideas for alternative augmentative over the past 20 years. More often than not children today communication (AAC). The input can be minimal modifications have multiple therapists to treat the diverse needs of each to major communication systems, such as changing the type impacted individual. These can include applied behavior analysis of augmentative communication device to the way the child is (ABA), speech language therapy, occupational therapy, physical prompted to point to a picture. therapy as well as many others. This often involves multiple therapists across different organizations, and collaboration amongst these professionals can often present a challenge in comprehensive treatment. At Little Stars Therapy Services, these challenges have not only been recognized, but the team has formed a program that helps to break down these walls between two of these treatment approaches: ABA and speech language therapy.

Speech Frustration Can Lead to Undesirable Behavior

One key concept in applied behavior analysis is to identify what we call the antecedent and consequence – what is happening directly before and after a behavior. Oftentimes a child impacted by autism is missing the tools to express themselves and request wants and needs and how they feel, which can actually be an antecedent for challenging behaviors, making high-quality treatment of language key in the child’s success. This is when it becomes really important for the two worlds to interact. While the ABA specialist is analyzing, monitoring and treating global behavior, the speech and language pathologist (SLP) is watching for any attempts to communicate and analyze the attempt’s meaning: Is the client using the appropriate eye gaze? Are they trying to mimic sound? Is there an intonation in their vocal sounds indicating they’re trying to communicate something?

Options for Collaboration

Little Stars recognizes that the treatment for children impacted by autism must be highly individualized and does not always necessitate one type of approach. The ABA and speech teams have worked on providing multiple options for collaboration based on the assessments, interviews and observations of 80

Furthermore, at Little Stars, we have found that the SLP plays an essential role in providing training and guidance to the ABA team assigned to the child, such as assisting them with implementation of these communication alternatives or methodologies, providing feedback on current goals and practices, and sharing new research in the field of speech and language therapy to help all of the children reach critical language milestones. They are there to enhance the ABA treatment plan and make it a little bit more colorful on the speech and language side.

New Hope for Families

Naturally, the communication skills of their children are a focus of concern for families, and those we work with are excited about this blended approach and the results they’re seeing. At Little Stars, we believe that families don’t have to choose between ABA and speech and language therapy. When the two worlds collaborate we can give children even more of the skills they need to navigate their own worlds.

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A Behavior Technician is a paraprofessional who works in behavior analysis. BTs assist in delivering Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) treatment to children diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder. BTs practice under the direction and close supervision of an Autism Specialist or Board Certified Behavior Analyst.


Our BTs work in a fast-paced, dynamic, and often intense environment to provide individualized treatment that meets the needs of each child. BTs work one-on-one with clients carrying out programs designed to decrease problem and aggressive behavior as well as to promote skill acquisition. Areas of focus include the following skills: communication, social, daily living, independence, personal hygiene, and fine and gross motor.


To be a Behavior Technician apply now on our website! 316.364.8767 · 301 S. Meridian · Wichita, KS

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To our major sponsors for helping make this year’s Valor Golf Tournament the most successful yet!


Proceeds benefit the Kansas Chiefs of Police Valor Law Enforcement Foundation

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As a self-proclaimed “gun guy” and former Marine, making a career of firearms was a natural fit for Aaron Childress. But the Wichita native says his main purpose in starting Attica Systems, a weapons and accessories manufacturer, was to provide employment for people in his native city. “One of the biggest things that drove me into the business was creating jobs,” Childress said. “That’s my heart is to make jobs for people. And you can’t create jobs without building a company. I had been lobbying for a large manufacturer to move to Wichita, but there wasn’t much movement on that, so I decided to build my own company.” His team of 10 people is producing about 1,000 guns a month. But he hopes to expand production once he makes the move to his new 10,000-square-foot facility. Attica Systems firearms and accessories are sold online at and at gun stores across the nation, including Rainier Arms in Wichita.

Wichita Man’s Firearms Gain National Following Written by Amy Palser

Attica’s most popular firearm is the ARTK, an AR-15 crafted with aerospace-grade material. “We’re using a higher form of technology and material to produce what is honestly a very ancient weapon,” he said. Other popular models are the Boogie AR pistol and the V2 AR pistol. Attica Systems also sells body armor and gun accessories. Childress, who was born and raised in Wichita with the exception of a few years in Houston, became interested in guns as a teenager. After graduating from Wichita’s Northwest High, he enlisted in the U.S. Marine Corps, where he served as an infantry rifleman from 2001 to 2005, retiring due to a significant injury. Following his rehabilitation he spent a few years making custom firearms for clients. He then began working as a media representative for numerous national firearms brands on Capitol Hill. “That kind of led me to the contacts to manufacture on a corporate scale,” he said. Besides manufacturing firearms, Attica Systems offers custom paint jobs on firearms using Cerakote application. “It’s a hardness scale well above any coating,” he said. Customers can bring in their own firearms to get a new look with a custom color, camouflage or an artistic design painted by Childress. Painting guns allows Childress to tap his artistic side, a talent he refined while making album covers for local bands some years ago. “Right now I’m doing Heath Ledger’s Joker on a weapon,” he said. “I can work with customers to come up with any design they want.” One of the weapons of which Childress is most proud is the one he presented to Vietnam veteran and medal of honor recipient Don Jenkins. Jenkins, a machine gunner on a reconnaissance mission in Vietnam, showed bravery under heavy enemy fire on Jan. 6, 1969, including making three trips into enemy territory to pull wounded comrades to safety. “We got to present it to him in Orlando last month,” he said. “We said, ‘Your money’s no good here, man.’ To see him cry … That’s what we do it for.”

Attica Systems · 1103 Santa Fe S. · Wichita, KS 67211 316.350.7757 · 82

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Call us today for your FREE water analysis






Fo o d Service


1151 N. Charlotte • $250,000 • McEwen • Main Floor Family Room • Wood Floors • 3 Bedrooms • 2.5 Bathrooms • Sq. ft. 2,486

(316) 943-8722 6707 W. Kellogg DR Wichita, KS (316) 634-1106 2526 N. Greenwich Rd Wichita, KS

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FALL into Your Perfect Easy and Pain-Free Solution!




Call Slide Out Shelf Solutions to make sure the only thing FALLING at Your House is leaves!

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SPECIALIZED REALTY: Stratford Group Support During Life’s Transitions

Zur Johnson · Kimberly Jones · Kylee Stephens · Lisa Hammill Written by Julie Hying Zur Johnson, the owner of Stratford Group, brings over 28 years of experience in realty to his clients seeking to buy or sell a home, especially those who need assistance navigating this process through a personal loss or divorce. Three dynamic buying agents diligently work with him to assist in listing and have specific resources to help, which include a list of attorneys and judges in family law and probate, in order to offer genuine guidance for the people they serve. The group not only has resources available in the legal field but also a team of professionals who are specifically experienced in dealing with the many issues when a divorce or other personal loss affects buying or selling homes and property. In addition to home acquisition and home sales, Stratford Group is diversified in the area of land development. They have listings at Grass Creek, which is located at north Butler County Road and SW 40th Street. Here they offer five acre lots. With completed homes, these lots appraise at a value of $750,000 to $1,000,000. These beautiful expanses of land reside in abundant surrounding natural beauty. A person wishing to sell a home or someone looking to buy may rely on Stratford group for guidance and expertise. Johnson says the decision of whether or not to sell one’s home while going through the process of divorce or personal loss can be particularly challenging. He reflects on how many people have shared with him over the years that, had they understood their home’s real value, they would have made very different decisions regarding the sale of their homes. Sometimes this enlightened vantage point helps clients and their attorneys negotiate to keep their homes, rather than sell them at what feels like a loss. Johnson states, “It helps the people we serve to understand the whole picture and make the 88

best decisions for themselves and their families.” Currently, he is the only one certified in the Wichita area to assist in this type of negotiation. Johnson expresses that, “When making the difficult decision, people often obtain only a market comparison or a home appraisal without ever realizing the true value of their homes.” This led him to better educate himself in order to assist his clients. A year and a half of intense coursework and training provided a deeper understanding for him and became a critical point of focus for Stratford Group. “If people understand the true value of a home they wish to buy, in terms of resale value down the road, they can make informed decisions and not be left with regret that lack of understanding can lead to. Our main goal is for people to get their money’s worth for what they are buying or selling,” says Johnson. Because of Johnson’s research and his team’s understanding of the knowledge he’s acquired, they delve into every facet of the home assessments, as their attention to detail is thorough and with a client’s best interest in mind. Johnson expresses his favorite thing about understanding a home’s true value and passing that knowledge on to his clients: “When people share their poor previous experiences of buying or selling homes and then realize what we do and how we can help them, the looks of astonishment are absolutely worth it … priceless.” To find Stratford Group and owner Zur Johnson, visit Facebook or connect with them directly through Johnson’s email at

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Did you know the rug studio creates custom runners for your staircase? Our runners add beauty and safety to your home. Come check out the endless possibilities to turn your house into your dream home! The Rug Studio has the region’s largest and best selection of area rugs. Come check out our showroom.

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With Eric Fahnestock Owner, Oxi Fresh Carpet Cleaning

Written by Julie Underwood Burton Eric Fahnestock bought the Oxi Fresh franchise covering Wichita and surrounding communities in 2013. When he heard about Oxi Fresh’s eco-friendly products and fast, one-hour drying time, he knew it would be a great company to bring to Wichita. Now, after eight years, Fahnestock has four experienced full-time technicians and an assistant who helps with scheduling, calls and paperwork. He says he feels blessed to have such a great team and a great product, and he loves providing this highquality service to his customers throughout Wichita and many surrounding communities.

Q. What services does Oxi Fresh provide? A. Oxi Fresh cleans carpet, tile and grout, furniture and area

rugs, and provides services to residential and business customers including apartments, rental properties and businesses. Customers have the option to add Odor Destroyer, Sanitizer or Protectant to their jobs, if desired.

Q. What sets Oxi Fresh apart from its competitors?

A. We offers a revolutionary carpet-cleaning technology

that uses 95 percent less water than an average steam cleaner, so the carpet dries in one hour on average instead of taking days to dry. Oxi Fresh’s proprietary enzymes provide a cleaning that is second to none, including pet stains and odors, and often removes stains left by other carpet cleaners. The cleaning is 100 percent safe for children and pets, and with such an impressive cleaning using so much less water, most customers say they will never go back to old, previous methods of cleaning.

Q. Do issues arise with this type of cleaning? A. All jobs and stains can be different. Sometimes a spill or a

stain has gotten down so deep that it is through the pad. In these instances, after Oxi Fresh has made everything look great, the deep stuff can then occasionally wick up to the surface. We are always happy to come back out at no charge for one more treatment of these areas, and if it does come back yet again, we have a Penetrated Removal Advanced Process that incurs an extra charge but can remove even the deepest of stains. We want your carpets to be perfect just like you do, and sometimes it just takes extra steps on the trickiest of jobs. I and my experienced team have great confidence in the Oxi Fresh system and have successfully completed over 28,000 jobs since 2013. Rather than people replacing their carpet or tile, most times we can rescue them, saving tons of money. We take great pride in every job that we do and will always be there for our customers. For a free quote or to schedule an Oxi Fresh carpet cleaning for your home or business, call 316.636.2345 or go to For your convenience, a list of zip codes is provided on the site for all areas serviced by Oxi Fresh of Wichita


Oxi Fresh Carpet Cleaning, Wichita · 316.363.2345 · 90

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EVENT 0% APR for 24, 36, or 48 months*


OCTOBER 1 - NOVEMBER 17 316.267.2512 · · 1816 N. Broadway St. Wichita, KS 67214 · Mon - Sat, 9am - 5pm

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DEREK SCHMIDT FOR GOVERNOR FUNDRAISER Home of LewJene Schneider and Tony Caputo

Derek Heuer, Guy and Beth Bower, Melody Matulewic, Tony Caputo

Cathy Mitchell, Jody Klein, Derek Schmidt, Mignon Brewster

Dan Hawkins, Avery Anderson, Kelly Arnold

Hollis and Hazel Stabler

Marc, Patty and Bill Bennett

Robin and Coleen Jennison, Derek Schmidt, LewJene Schneider, Tony Caputo

Sid and Dave Sproul

Ty Masterson, Derek Schmidt

Dalton Glasscock, Mary Eves

Drew Anderson, Shawn and Tiffany Reeves

Joe and Sheila Tigert

Gerald and Leslye Woodard


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• Shadybrook • 6 Bedrooms • 4.5 Bathrooms • Sq. ft. 4,792 • 1 1/2 Story • Andover Central Schools



Written by Karen Long It’s a scenario that Tyler Sims has run into more than once: A Realtor calls him with an urgent request to check out a roof that has failed inspection. Sims swings into action with his engineer to analyze the extent and cause of the damage. More often than not he uncovers weather-related damage and is able to negotiate directly with the insurance adjuster to cover replacement of the roof and save the sale. After only a year in business, Sims already has a steady stream of repeat business from real estate agents for his business, Flint Hills Roofing Co., which also does gutters, siding and exterior paint. “Anything exterior, I got you,” says Sims. One thing Sims doesn’t do is interior work, proclaiming, “I don’t want to do that. I don’t want you to have to go to Pinterest all day and find me ideas. Give me the color. Let me get it done. Let me do a good job and I’m gonna roll out.” But the work he does on the exterior can save your Pinterest-worthy interior. Gutter failure outside, for example, can lead to dripping water inside and result in significant damage, and even structural rot, to dry wall, wood floors and carpeting. As any homeowner knows, rogue water in a home is the enemy, and roofing, siding and gutters are the first line of defense — from seeping water and from the notorious Kansas thunderstorms and hail storms. “You can’t always spot weather damage from the ground,” says Sims, “so if you think your roof or siding may have been damaged from a recent storm, call us to schedule a free inspection.” 94

Tyler Sims

When it comes to siding, Flint Hills Roofing Co. works with the full range of materials from wood and metal to traditional or insulated vinyl, including respected brand names such as James Hardie Siding and LP SmartSide. Installing a high-quality roof in asphalt, tile, metal or wood not only protects your home, but could even save money on your homeowner’s insurance. Although Flint Hills Roofing Co. is a young business, Sims says he’s been doing roofing since he was 16 years old. “I’ve been doing it off and on my whole adult life it seems like.” He still owns his trucking company, Sims Transport LLC, but says right now he’s focused on growing the roofing business. “So roofing is my whole thing, my baby, my 110 percent. I’ve decided roofing is what I’m going to do with the rest of my life now. I get to meet different people, different faces, different stories and personalities.”

WHERE TO FIND THEM Flint Hills Roofing Co. Insured, bonded and licensed

300 W. Douglas Ave. · Wichita, KS 67202 316.670.0750 ·

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13th & Greenwich

Maple & Ridge

29th & Maize

shop in-store or online at

Flint Hills Roofing ad

WE PAINT HOUSES 316.670.0750 OCTOBER 2021 ·


Windows and Doors of Greater Wichita

$150 off Per Qualifying Window and $500 off per Qualifying Door

OR 0% APR for 72 months

Scan QR for Full details of special on our Facebook post linked here.

Call to meet the team today for your FREE Estimate. 1-316-686-6900 or 1-877-807-5593 Toll Free



Fo o d Service


(316) 943-8722 6707 W. Kellogg DR Wichita, KS (316) 634-1106 2526 N. Greenwich Rd Wichita, KS

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Not Just Kitchen & Bath Remodeling By Nahid Holmes | Design Source Interiors

Full Interior Design Services Including:

Furniture · Accessories · Large Rug Selection · Custom Window Treatment · Bedding · Art


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Call for a FREE in-store design consultation to turn your home into your dream home.


Your Unique Design for Your Unique Home

316.733.7080 Weatherstone Village 736 N. Andover Rd., Andover KS

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11:15 AM








Why wait for the New Year?




34 years in business

316.204.1088 | | 102

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9758 E 21st St N | Wichita, Ks 67206 | | 316.927.5959 |

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Refacing • Cabinet Painting • Redooring • Custom Cabinets 1 Day Tune-Up • Countertops and Backsplash • And More

Options beginning as low as $99 - $249 a month!

316.558.8888 | OCTOBER 2021 ·



Premier Asset Solutions Team

Aaron and Kim Tobias, Donna Davis, Richard and Stacy Swisher

Bob and Kim Ratzlaff, Doris and Marvin Smith

Caroll and Michael Hadley, Joyce and David Lee, Charlie Rivera

Danielle Holt, Chris Eldridge, Tim, Peggy, and Jonathan Olsen

Doris Smith, Tim and Donna Davis

Kevin Carano, Peter Cook

Libby Rivera, Donna Davis

Marcus Rivera, Aaron and Kim Tobias

Nu Nu and Johnny Nguyen

Thuoc and Mohsen Etezazi, Phung Van

Vickie and Michael Helton


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Get Your Porch Autumn Ready Contact us now to curate a one of a kind Autumn Porch-Scaping for your home

Tuesday-Friday 10-5pm Saturday 10-4pm Closed Sunday & Monday 523 E. Douglas at The Eaton Wichita, KS 67202 316.295.2314 Follow us on FB and Instagram

BLOOM KS is accepting appointments now for Autumn Decorations. We design one-of-a-kind creations, based on the color schemes of your choice. Your pot or ours, we can help you welcome Fall with open arms

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19844 W. Kellogg · Goddard, KS 67052

“If it’s built well... It’s gotta be a Burwell!”

Roofing | Siding | Windows | Decks/Patios | Screen Enclosures | Guttering Fascia | Window Wrapping | Kitchen Remodel | Pergolas

Burwell Roofing and Construction · 19844 W. Kellogg Dr. · Goddard, KS 67052 316.794.3430 ·

Check out our Unique Selection of Vessel and Stone Sinks, Wine Racks, Fire Pits, and Fire Glass

Nordic Stone

Granite and Quartz from around the World Scott Bishop - Owner 9720 E 50TH ST NORTH · BEL AIRE KS 67226 · AT THE HOT CORNER OF 50TH & N WEBB RD · 316.214.0771 106

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Our Cover, Your Kid Contest! It’s time to submit your photo for our annual kid’s cover contest! The Grand Prize winner will be featured on the cover of the December issue of SPLURGE! Magazine. Finalists will be featured inside the pages of SPLURGE! HOW TO ENTER THE FREE CONTEST • Download the entry form at • Email the completed form and a current photo to or mail to SPLURGE! at 12828 E.13th Street N #4, Wichita KS 67230 • Entries must be 1 to 5 years of age. • Individual entries only • Entry deadline is November 8, 2021 • Finalists must be available for photoshoot November 12, 2021 at 1pm • For complete rules and regulations visit or call the SPLURGE! office at 316-267-3678 • Photos will not be returned. OCTOBER 2021 ·


With Nate and

Shauna Ballard

Owners, Coastal Expert Services Written by Lauren Boughfman

Helping You Like Family Coastal Expert Services is a family-owned business offering house cleaning, make-readies, and property maintenance services. They’re committed to excellence in every aspect of their business, which is characterized by a wide range of experience and abilities. A strong referral system made up of previously satisfied customers is a point of pride.

Q. What services do you offer? A. We are both a residential and commercial company skilled in cleaning, disinfecting and power washing, and we are also a CPO (certified pool operator). We are certified to help regulate and maintain pool quality for Wichita and the surrounding area. Unlike most, we offer a variety of different services. We are an all-in-one company, making it easier for customers to get what they need. It’s easier for clients to have us do all the jobs at their property all at once, instead of having several companies come into rehab and clean up the units or homes to get them ready for renters or sale.

Q. Why should customers choose your service? A. We are locally family owned and operated. We are all

over, rehabbing apartments and houses from Haysville all the way to Junction City. We treat each client like family. With the clients in mind, quality and customer satisfaction are our highest priority.

Q. What keeps your clients coming back? A. We think we keep getting called back to do more

properties for the same clients because we have something to prove. Our reputation is at stake. So we give 100 percent to each property at each job, giving clients the desire to come back. Plus, since we are a small, family-owned and operated business, people find that welcoming – it gives them a sense of comfort and trust.

Coastal Expert Services LLC



Q. Why did you decide to start your own business?

A. We started Coastal Expert Services in July of 2020.

What drove us to start our own business was our shared experience in hospitality. Shauna previously worked in a call center for Marriott where she was in charge of money transfers as well as a large number of employees. Nate has years of construction under his belt and also worked as a maintenance director over multiple hotels and motels in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. We were sick of working for someone else; we wanted to be a part of something that was our own. So, we took our last bit of money and got all of our licenses and certifications as well as our LLC. We started with non-profit jobs as a source of advertising and have worked our way up doing more and more. Today, we specialize in make-readies for multiple properties. Our business is continuing to grow along with our clientele!

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HOW MUCH IS YOUR HOME WORTH IN TODAY’S MARKET? Buyer demand is high and inventory is low! Call Lindi today to discover why NOW is the time to sell! Lindi offers over 25 years of real estate experience, her knowledge can make the difference. Your search begins at (316) 312-9845


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Join us as we celebrate our local small businesses.


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• Limit one food and free play offer per stay • Offer valid for new club members, 21 and older only • Limited availability, call hotel for full details


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