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Score with Mayonnaise: Recipes that give a REAL kick

Score with Mayonnaise: Recipes that give a REAL kick

“The rules of soccer are very simple: if it moves, kick it. If it doesn’t move, kick it until it does.” Welcome to this special edition of Best Foods recipes. In here, we have put together a menu inspired from countries that love their food as much as they do a game of soccer. The rules to this game are simple. Follow the instructions laid out for you, using only the freshest and finest ingredients. This is, of course, not forgetting our star player – Best Foods Real Mayonnaise. In no time at all, you’ll have yourself a spread of sensational snacks that will distract even the most fanatical soccer fan from the actual game. Ready to wing it and kick it?

No. 2 horseradish AND capers MAYONNAISE


No. 6 peri peri MAYONNAISE


No. 4 dill AND mustard MAYONNAISE


No. 3 Roasted Pepper MAYONNAISE

Right Midfielder

No. 9 Pineapple AND Lime MAYONNAISE


The winning line-up: DiPS

No. 12 japanese curry MAYONNAISE


No. 18 toasted sesame MAYONNAISE


No. 8 green goddess MAYONNAISE


No. 7 spicy tomato MAYONNAISE

Left Midfielder

No. 10 creamy avocado MAYONNAISE


Here’s a star-studded line-up of dips, featuring the finest flavours from the world. They serve as great tactics to defend your profit margin and score with the most discerning diner. Why wait to advance, when you have simply the best?

The winning line-up: DiPS AFRICAN


Green Goddess Mayonnaise

Creamy Avocado Mayonnaise

Ingredients: 100ml Best Foods Real Mayonnaise 20gm anchovies, minced 10gm garlic, chopped 8ml white vinegar 5gm spring onions, chopped 5gm chives, chopped 3gm parsley, chopped 2gm white pepper, crushed

Ingredients: 100ml Best Foods Real Mayonnaise 50gm avocadoes, pureed 30gm onions, chopped 20gm tomatoes, chopped 10gm coriander, chopped 10ml lemon juice 5ml tabasco sauce Pineapple and Lime Mayonnaise

Peri Peri Mayonnaise Ingredients: 100ml Best Foods Real Mayonnaise 30gm jalapeno chilli, chopped 4gm paprika powder 4gm onion powder 2gm garlic powder 2gm oregano, chopped

Ingredients: 100ml Best Foods Real Mayonnaise 40gm pineapples, pureed 10ml lime juice 10gm shallots, sliced 3gm fresh mint, sliced 2gm lime zest

Note: Each dip recipe makes four serving portions.



Roasted Pepper Mayonnaise

Dill and Mustard Mayonnaise

Ingredients: 100ml Best Foods Real Mayonnaise 60gm roasted peppers, pureed 5gm Knorr Basil Herb Paste

Ingredients: 100ml Best Foods Real Mayonnaise 10gm pommery mustard 10gm American mustard 5ml apple vinegar 4gm dill, chopped

Spicy Tomato Mayonnaise Ingredients: 100ml Best Foods Real Mayonnaise 20ml tomato sauce 10gm tomato paste 5gm garlic, sliced 2gm chilli powder 1gm paprika powder

Horseradish and Capers Mayonnaise Ingredients: 100ml Best Foods Real Mayonnaise 60gm horseradish 40gm shallots, chopped 40gm capers, chopped 3gm fennel seeds, toasted

The winning line-up: DiPS ASIAN Toasted Sesame Mayonnaise Ingredients: 100ml Best Foods Real Mayonnaise 15gm sesame paste 10ml lemon juice 8gm white sesame 1gm salt Japanese Curry Mayonnaise Ingredients: 100ml Best Foods Real Mayonnaise 50gm Japanese curry cube, blended into paste with 50ml hot water 50gm celery, chopped 50gm green apples, chopped

Note: Each dip recipe makes four serving portions.

Formidable Formations:

Sandwiches The line-up of dips provide the perfect kick-off to endless sandwich recipes. Let the following ideas inspire you to create champion sandwich recipes of your own. Choose your favourite breads. Try out different fillings and combinations. Amaze your diners and yourself. And most of all, get a kick out of it.

Chicken Vienna with SautĂŠed Corn and Peri Peri Mayonnaise INGREDIENTS 4 chicken vienna sausages, grilled 80gm corn kernels, roasted 40gm red peppers, diced 40gm green peppers, diced 80ml Peri Peri Mayonnaise 4 hotdog buns 8 large green salad leaves

Serves 4.

METHOD 1. Heat griller. Grill sausage until cooked. Set aside. 2. Mix corn, green and red peppers with Peri Peri Mayonnaise. 3. Slice hotdog bun lengthwise. Line with salad leaves, before placing grilled sausage. 4. Top with mayonnaise mixture and serve immediately.

Oven-baked Chicken Tender with Pineapple and Lime Mayonnaise Wrap INGREDIENTS For marinating: Olive oil Mixed spices Salt Pepper, crushed

12 chicken tenders 4 Lavash wraps 100ml Pineapple and Lime Mayonnaise 80gm tomatoes, sliced into strips 40gm butter lettuce, shredded

Serves 4.

METHOD 1. Season chicken with marinade ingredients. 2. Bake chicken in preheated 140째C oven until cooked. 3. Place the wrap on plate with the rough side facing down. 4. Spread a thin layer of Pineapple and Lime Mayonnaise on the wrap. 5. Sprinkle generously with lettuce and tomato. Add chicken tenders. 6. Roll up tightly before slicing into smaller pieces. Serve immediately.

Smoked Salmon with Jarlsberg Cheese with Dill and Mustard Mayonnaise INGREDIENTS 4 wholemeal loaves 120gm Dutch cucumber, peeled and sliced 160gm salmon, smoked 60gm Jarlsberg cheese, sliced 40gm red onions, sliced 8 green salad leaves 80ml Dill and Mustard Mayonnaise

Serves 4.

METHOD 1. Slice wholemeal loaves lengthwise. 2. Assemble sandwich in sequence – 4 pieces cucumber, smoked salmon, cheese, onion slices and green salad leaves. 3. Pipe in Dilll and Mustard Mayonnaise and serve.

Spanish Egg Frittata with Sautéed Mushroom, Caramelised Onion and Spicy Tomato Mayonnaise INGREDIENTS 80gm red peppers, diced 80gm green peppers, diced 6 fresh eggs, beaten 80gm button mushrooms, sliced 60gm onions, sliced and caramelised in olive oil 1 focaccia, sliced into 8 slices (2cm thick) 8 pieces butter lettuce 80ml Spicy Tomato Mayonnaise

Serves 4.

METHOD 1. To make the frittata, heat non-stick pan. Lightly sauté red and green peppers. Pour in egg mixture before turning down heat. Leave to simmer. 2. In another pan, sauté button mushroom slices in butter. Toss in caramelised onions. 3. On a griller, lightly toast focaccia slices for flavour. 4. Place 2 pieces butter lettuce, sautéed mushrooms, frittata and cameralised onions on one slice of focaccia. 5. Drizzle Spicy Tomato Mayonnaise on filling, before topping with another slice of focaccia. Serve immediately.

Soy-glazed Unagi with Rice Burger and Toasted Sesame Mayonnaise INGREDIENTS 8 rice burgers, toasted 400gm soy-glazed unagi 4 sesame leaves 80ml Toasted Sesame Mayonnaise 60gm pickled daikon, sliced

Serves 4.

METHOD 1. Heat pan. Lightly toast rice burgers on both sides. Set aside. 2. Heat unagi in 140째C oven for 5 minutes. 3. Line rice burger with sesame leaf. Add unagi. 4. Add Toasted Sesame Mayonnaise and pickled daikon slices. 5. Top with another rice burger and serve immediately.

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Score with Mayonnaise

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