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Family Guide to Girl Scouts


In Girl Scouts,

we build girls who are not only dreamers, but also doers. We believe all girls should be go-getters, innovators, risk-takers, and leaders who make the world better. Because, if we’re going to change the world, it’s up to us to take the lead!

I have the grit of a

I have the curiosity of an



I don’t just dream. I do. I know what is required to achieve my goals. And nothing will stop me from getting right back up – again and again.

I don’t just share ideas, I solve problems. I find connections and look for opportunities to make my world, your world, and our world better.

I have the courage of a

I have the heart of a



I’m not fearless. I’m just confident that I can handle whatever comes my way. Every experience is an opportunity to learn and grow.

I’m not a great leader because I have power over others. What makes me a great leader is my power to inspire others’ greatness.


1 ❧ why girl scouts? You want to see her happy, confident, strong, and ready to succeed.

So do we. Whether making new friends, riding horses, building robots, traveling, or just having fun, she’ll find her place here. From troop meetings and activities to summer camps and council-wide events, opportunities abound in Girl Scouts.

Growing with Girl Scouts A life-long leadership journey... We invite your daughter to grow with us from kindergarten through high school, when she earns her Gold Award – the highest achievement in Girl Scouting.

Ambassador (Grades 11–12) SENIORS (Grades 9-10) CADETTES (Grades 6-8) JUNIORS (Grades 4-5) Brownies (Grades 2-3) Daisy (Grades K-1) Learn they can care for animals and themselves, and protect Earth’s treasures.

Go on a quest to find the three keys to leadership. They explore their place in the wide world of girls.

Learn that leaders need power – their own, their team’s and their community’s. Juniors are encouraged to earn their Bronze Award.

Develop relationship skills needed to be leaders in their life and their world. Cadettes are encouraged to earn their Silver Award.

Have a vision and lead the world closer to it. Girls use their sisterhood to better themselves and the world. Seniors are encouraged to earn their Gold Award, the highest award in Girl Scouting.

Raise their voices to advocate for issues they care about. They actively move their dreams forward and learn that leaders aim for justice. They are encouraged to earn their Gold Award, the highest award in Girl Scouting.

Girl Scouts is Accessible, Affordable, and Valuable. Annual membership in Girl Scouts is $25 and is paid directly to Girl Scouts of the USA (GSUSA). All girls and adults participating in Girl Scouting are required to be members in the national organization to participate in local Girl Scout programming. Financial aid is available for girls and volunteers to help with the cost of membership, uniforms, books, council-sponsored programs and events, camp, and trips. To request financial aid, complete the online form found at under “Forms.”

What You’ll Do in Girl Scouts More Flexibility in Girl Scouts In Girl Scouts, your girl can choose how she participates! She can join a troop that meets regularly. Or, she can join as an Individual Girl Member and enjoy events, camp, and other activities when her schedule allows. Either way, there’s so much to gain from Girl Scouts. Contact the Member Support team at or 800.695.6690 to learn about joining.

What Your Girl Won’t Want to Miss Girl Scouting is all about doing. As a Girl Scout, she will: •• Make new friends. Girl Scout sisterhood means building a circle of friends who bond over experiences. Plus, Girl Scouts practice inclusion, so all girls are welcome. Connect with girls nearby – and around the world. •• Earn badges by learning new skills. Troops decide what they will try: science, technology, art, nutrition, dance, ecology, even criminal justice – there is always something more to explore! •• Take on meaningful service projects for a chance to work together, help others, and become champion community problem-solvers. •• Explore the great outdoors by horseback riding, hiking, exploring, and camping at Girl Scout properties or anywhere in nature. •• Embark on adventures like field trips or an overnight getaway. Older girls may save troop funds for faraway travel to places like England or Japan. •• Find her entrepreneurial spirit while learning financial literacy. No matter what she chooses to do, she will seek out challenges and have the support and guidance she needs to reach her goals!


The Girl Scout Leadership Experience (GSLE) Our one-of-a-kind adventures inspire every girl to try new things and take smart risks. We help her learn that she has everything it takes to solve her own challenges, now and later. At home, at school, and in Girl Scouts, don’t be surprised when she speaks up to say, “I’ve got this!” •• The Girl Scout experience is designed to be girl-led. Decision making, compromise, and communication are essential elements to developing strong leaders. •• We encourage girls to learn by doing. We ask them to take a risk – try it out and see how it works. •• Girl Scouts is a cooperative experience – girls work together to discover, connect, and take action in their community.

We are focused on achieving the following outcomes through the Girl Scout Leadership Experience: SENSE OF SELF Girls have confidence in themselves and their abilities, and form positive identities.

POSITIVE VALUES Girls act ethically, honestly, and responsibly, and show concern for others.

CHALLENGE SEEKING Girls learn to take appropriate risks, try things even if they might fail, and learn from mistakes.

COMMUNITY PROBLEM SOLVING Girls desire to contribute to the world in purposeful and meaningful ways, learn how to identify problems in the community, and create “action plans” to solve them.

HEALTHY RELATIONSHIPS Girls develop and maintain healthy relationships by communicating their feelings directly and resolving conflicts constructively.

6  ☙  Family Guide

The Foundation of the GSLE While she may be exposed to these topics at school, in other youth programs, or even on her own, in Girl Scouts she will experience them in a unique way that puts her on a path to a lifetime of leadership, adventure, and success. And because our program is girl-led, girls decide what they will do, together.






1. STEM (Science, technology, engineering, and math) She will discover that STEM can help her make the world a better place! Girl Scouts who participate in girlfocused STEM programs: •• Become better problem-solvers, critical thinkers, and inspirational leaders. •• Get better grades, earn scholarships, and pursue more lucrative career paths.

2. Outdoors Today’s technology and structured activities leave less time for girls to get outside and enjoy nature. But as a Girl Scout, she will create her own outdoor adventures and develop a lifelong appreciation for nature. And that is great news – because when Girl Scouts get outside, they: •• Discover that they can better solve problems and overcome challenges. •• Develop leadership skills, build social bonds, and are happier overall.

3. Life Skills Girl Scout badges, beginning with Civic Engagement and expanding to Healthy Living, Communication Skills, Practical Skills, and Global Citizenship, form the foundation of activities for personal growth. Whether it’s by staying healthy, developing strong relationships with family and peers, advocating on behalf of others, protecting our environment, or exploring careers that can truly change the world, Girl Scouts gain the inspiration and skills needed to accept challenges, overcome obstacles, and take the lead.

4. Entrepreneurship The Girl Scout Cookie Program is an important (and exciting) part of the Girl Scout experience – providing tons of learning opportunities for girls and beyond-delicious cookies for our awesome customers! It’s a win-win. Whether girls go door-to-door, set up booths, or sell cookies online, they are preparing for a bright future. See page 15 for more information about the Girl Scout Cookie Program.  ☙ 7

What is the Impact of Girl Scouts? Research demonstrates that Girl Scouts is linked to success! According to The Girl Scout Impact Study, Girl Scouts shine above their peers in leadership, academics, career aspirations, and hope for the future. When it comes to benefiting girls, Girl Scouts delivers.

4 IN 5 Girl Scouts are leaders compared to 2 in 5 non-Girl Scouts

SUPPORTIVE ADULT RELATIONSHIPS Girl Scouts are more likely than non-Girl Scouts to have an adult in their lives who:

ACTIVITY PARTICIPATION Girl Scouts are more likely than non-Girl Scouts to participate in: •• Healthy activities, like exercise and eating right

•• Makes her feel important

•• Leadership activities when working in a group

•• Makes her feel she can do anything

•• Community service activities, like volunteering

•• Helps her pursue goals and plan for the future

•• Outdoor activities, like hiking or camping

ACADEMIC ACHIEVEMENT Girl Scouts are more likely than non-Girl Scouts to: •• Earn excellent grades

•• Money management activities, like how to spend and save •• STEM activities, like science experiments and building robots

•• Expect to graduate high school


•• Expect to graduate college

Girl Scouts are more likely than non-Girl Scouts to:

HOPE FOR SUCCESS Girl Scouts are more likely than non-Girl Scouts to: •• Expect to have a great future

•• Work collaboratively with others on group projects •• Engage in hands-on activities and reflect on what worked/didn’t work •• Take an active role in decision making

METHODOLOGY: An online survey was conducted by the research firm Decision Analyst and consisted of 3,014 girls (1,507 Girl Scouts, 1,507 non-Girl Scouts) aged 5–18. Quotas were set by age, race/ethnicity, region, and family income to achieve a nationally representative sample. For more information, contact

8  ☙  Family Guide

2 ❧ membership info

5 Easy Steps to Start Her Journey!

1 2 3 4 5

Register your girl(s) and yourself (see page 10). Get Girl Scouting! As soon as she’s registered, she’s ready to start her Girl Scout adventures and eligible to participate in any Girl Scout events and opportunities (see more starting on page 15). Learn more about getting involved (see page 18).

The Girl Scout Promise On my honor, I will try: To serve God and my country, To help people at all times, And to live by the Girl Scout Law.

The Girl Scout Law I will do my best to be honest and fair, friendly and helpful, considerate and caring, courageous and strong, and responsible for what I say and do, and to respect myself and others,

Attend parent/caregiver meeting.

respect authority, use resources wisely,

Enjoy your Girl Scout year!

make the world a better place, and be a sister to every Girl Scout.



Girl Scouts of the USA (GSUSA) is national organization supporting local councils.


Girl Scouts Spirit of Nebraska (GSSN) is an independent 501(c)3 nonprofit that fundraises to manage the operations of programs, camps, and other council-led activities in a 92-county region of Nebraska and Carter Lake, Iowa.


Within Girl Scouts Spirit of Nebraska are Service Units (SU) – entities governed by our council policies, but managed by volunteers who support the day-to-day operations of our troops.

GSUSA GSSN SU TROOPS Volunteers are the heart of our organization!


Troops are groups of girls matched with adult volunteers who have been background screened by the council.

Ready, Set, Register! 1. Visit 2. Click on the “Girls, Join Now” button. 3. Complete the online form. •• Enter your troop number, if known. •• If you don’t know your troop number, look for a troop near you using your ZIP code. •• If a troop is not available, consider starting a new one! 4. Submit your form. 5. For assistance, call 800.695.6690 and reference “troop registration.” 10

6. Once you’re in a troop, the co-leader will contact you.

Let’s Shop!

Your troop co-leader will talk with you about the Girl Scout uniform. You can find all of your girl’s uniform needs at our Juliette’s Boutique stores: recognitions, badges, patches, sashes, vests, and all the rest. We carry all the essentials for her Girl Scout journey. Check out our T-shirts, gifts, and other fun stuff, too! Visit to shop onilne 24/7, view our product catalog, or see current shop hours. We can accommodate customers after hours with 48-hours’ notice. Appointment or order requests may be made by calling 800.695.6690, or emailing

Service Center and Shop Locations 1

Ogallala 302 W. D St. Ogallala, NE 69153


Kearney 2412 Hwy. 30 East, Ste. 1 Kearney, NE 68847


Grand Island 820 N. Webb Rd, Ste. 104 Grand Island, NE 68803


Columbus 1570 33rd Ave. Columbus, NE 68601


Lincoln 8230 Beechwood Dr. Lincoln, NE 68510


Omaha 2121 S. 44th St. Omaha, NE 68105  ☙ 11

3 ❧ the troop experience Troops are directed by volunteers called co-leaders. Please expect your co-leader to contact you within two to four weeks after you complete your registration. Co-leaders must pass a background screen and complete training prior to their first troop meeting. Every troop experience is different. Talk to your co-leader about what will be offered and what dues might be required. In their troop, girls will earn badges and patches for accomplishments. Co-leaders will guide the troop through the badge requirements and special Girl Scout Journeys as girls build skills and advance through each level. We strive to teach our girls real-world skills and more – we want to show them that it’s their inner strength that counts! Our programs inspire continuous learning and spark innovation to solve everyday challenges.

Badge vs. Patch: What’s the Difference?



Official recognitions that indicate an increase in knowledge or skill in a particular subject. Badges can be earned at every age level, and should be placed on the front of the tunic, sash, or vest.

Emblems signifying participation in a Girl Scout program, event, or activity. Patches are placed on the back of the tunic, sash, or vest. Think of it as a scrapbook of Girl Scout experiences.

Variations of a Troop

Traditional Two unrelated adults co-lead a troop. Other parents volunteer to help as needed.

Troop Coordinator/ Troop Mentor One adult acts as the “administrator,” responding to emails, planning the troop calendar, etc. Other parents volunteer to lead specific grade levels, meetings, or activities based on skill or preference (this works well in a multi-level troop.)

Girl-Led One adult acts as the “leader,” but each girl and parent rotates leading meetings, activities, and events. This promotes the girl-led experience, as they get to teach their friends a new skill. Added benefits are rotating locations to cut down on troop dues for purchasing supplies and snacks.

Team-Led All parents volunteer as troop co-leaders and evenly divide responsibility by interest and/or skill set.  ☙ 13

Troop Responsibilities

FamiLIES: Co-Leaders: •• To follow the Girl Scout Promise and Law.

Girls: •• To follow the Girl Scout Promise and Law. •• To be willing to take risks, be confident, and support her peers.

•• To let girls lead – ensure girls of every age take an active and gradeappropriate role in deciding the what, where, when, why, and how of what they do. •• To create an inclusive environment where girls and families feel welcome and connected to the troop.

•• To attend and participate in meetings and events.

•• To provide a wellrounded and safe program following Girl Scout guidelines.

•• To listen to others in the troop and show respect for what they are saying.

•• To listen to and respect every participant and serve as a role model.

•• To be prepared and conduct herself in a safe manner. •• To respect troop coleaders and other volunteers. 14 ☙ Family Guide

•• Volunteer with your troop – your troop co-leader cannot do it alone. •• Support your Girl Scout through all facets of the Girl Scout Leadership Experience. •• Encourage your girl to take risks and try new things. •• Be a cheerleader and allow your girl to take the lead. •• Attend council events with your Girl Scout and encourage active participation in troop meetings. •• Have questions? Start with your troop co-leader. We’re also here to help!

•• To use volunteer resources such as the Volunteer Toolkit and contact the service unit or council when support is needed.

•• Stay current. Once you’ve become a member, log into MY GS – your Girl Scout community found at the top of our website, This is where you can update your contact information, renew membership(s), add volunteer roles, and see troop information.

•• To be registered, background screened and trained by the council.

•• Stay connected through our social media channels, council emails, and website.

4 ❧ programs & activities

Girl Scout Cookie and Fall Product Programs Did you know that the Girl Scout Cookie Program is the largest financial literacy program in the world? Through participation in the Cookie Program and the Fall Product Program, girls develop five critical skills:

1 2 3 4 5

GOAL SETTING How to develop a business plan.

DECISION MAKING Think critically and solve problems.

MONEY MANAGEMENT Directly handle customers’ money.

PEOPLE SKILLS Engage with the community and develop confidence.

BUSINESS ETHICS Develop positive values like honesty and integrity.

When Girl Scouts participate in Product Programs, their troops earn proceeds to fund field trips, supplies, community service projects, and more. Girls will have a chance to set personal goals and earn individual rewards. They can participate in the Product Program independently or through their troop. More information can be found online at under “Cookies & Nuts.”


Activities Keep Her Engaged

Council-Sponsored Programs AND EVENTS From artVenture and Broadway shows, to STEM activities and council trips, we offer amazing programs for girls of all ages. Participate with your troop, as an individual, or with your family. All members receive an Annual Program Book and the Girl’s Guide to Summer Fun, which include all the details of community-based activities aligned with the Girl Scout program. Information about councilsponsored programs can also be found at under Programs.

YWE programs YWE programs are unique experiences exclusively for high school girls, who are determined and driven to be AMAZING. These interactive workshops boost courage and confidence, promote self-exploration, develop leadership potential, and teach business skills. Become a leader in your home, school or community – YWE will get you there!

GSAG (Girl Scout Advisory Group) GSAG is a statewide group of girls in grades 6-12 who have an impact on council programs and events. Involvement includes helping with programs, attending great parties at camp, being a key player in all things Girl Scouts, and becoming instant friends with girls across the state.

Highest Awards The Girl Scout Bronze (Juniors, Grades 4-5), Silver (Cadettes, Grades 6-8), and Gold Awards (Seniors and Ambassadors, Grades 9-12) are Girl Scouting’s highest achievements


They provide relevant, grade-levelappropriate challenges related to teamwork, goal setting, community improvement, and leadership. They also engage girls in building networks that not only support them in their award projects, but in new educational and professional opportunities.

Get Outside at Camp! Exploration and adventure are essential components of a robust Girl Scout experience. Our council offers many options to suit the needs and interests of your Girl Scout.

Council-Sponsored Camp Programs From water fun to camp songs, outdoor cooking to horseback riding, girls will experience the great outdoors and create lifelong memories at Girl Scout camp. Explore our camp programs at under Programs.

Troop Camping Co-leaders can plan troop campouts to any of our camp properties. Troop camping is open to girls of all ages. We encourage you to chaperone and enjoy age-appropiate camp activities with your girl! To ensure a safe experience, a co-leader or another adult volunteer is required to complete outdoor training prior to a troop campout.

Camp Properties Girl Scouts Spirit of Nebraska has six unique camps and one outdoor education facility: •• Camp Cosmo, Grand Island •• Camp Crossed Arrows, Nickerson •• Camp Maha, Papillion •• Catron Camp & Retreat Center, Nebraska City •• Hidden Oaks Cabin, Valentine •• Hilltop House, Lincoln •• Lakeview Cabin, North Platte Whether you want to plan a getaway for a weekend (or longer), go troop camping, bring your family for a reunion or special event, or have a team building experience – there is something for everyone at our Girl Scout camps.


5 ❧ get involved!

Troops Excel When Parents Take Part Girl Scouting is unique in that it encourages families to participate WITH their daughter rather than watching as their daughter participates. Parents, friends, and other family members can share time, experience, and ideas with their troop. Girls who have family support and participation in their Girl Scout adventures are more likely to stay involved!

Family Volunteers Can: •• Co-lead a troop. •• Manage the Cookie Program as a Troop Cookie Manager. •• Coordinate communication (i.e. Facebook group, parent emails, etc.). •• Volunteer to get first aid certified to help with activities. •• Manage troop funds and the bank account. •• Offer to host and facilitate meetings or coordinate the use of a local venue (church, library, rec center, school). •• Organize badge work for the troop; rotate leading badge activities. •• Organize community service projects and activities for the troop. •• Provide snacks, and more! If you’re interested in co-leading a troop, visit us online at Your troop co-leader can also use your help! Let her know if you’re willing to lend a hand managing meetings, supporting the Girl Scout Cookie Program, or chaperoning events.

Volunteer Appreciation Appreciation is an ongoing process for anyone, anywhere, anytime! Showing appreciation for one another is an excellent way to show respect, recognize each other’s strengths, and build mutual commitment. Do you have awesome Girl Scout volunteers in your life? Be sure to nominate them for a Volunteer Award. Girl Scouts Spirit of Nebraska recognizes volunteer efforts through formal awards developed by the council and Girl Scouts of the USA. Volunteer Awards are designed to offer tangible, visible recognition with criteria and requirements, forms, and step-by-step instructions.

Volunteer Appreciation Week Volunteer Appreciation Week – the third week in April – is set aside especially for our volunteers. Girl Scouts pay tribute to the volunteers who help girls make the world a better place. The week centers on the longstanding National Girl Scout Leaders’ Day (April 22), but expands the definition of volunteers beyond troop co-leaders to include all the volunteers who work on behalf of Girl Scouts. 18

Volunteer Appreciation Week is a perfect time to have your daughter make a card or gift for her coleaders. Mark your calendars for the week of April 22.

Family Partnership Campaign There is power in every girl. We are forever inspired by stories from parents, guardians, and co-leaders about girls trying something new, going on an adventure, and making a difference in their community. They are a testament to the power of the Girl Scout experience. We are focused on our mission of building girls of courage, confidence, and character. We also strive to ensure that girls discover their strengths, talents, and passions, and work together to change the world. Your investment in our annual Family Partnership Campaign brings Girl Scouts to more Nebraska girls! Your support powers additional programs, events, outdoor experiences, travel adventures, volunteer resources, and opportunities.

Why Give to Girls? Make a direct impact in your community! With your gift of $25 or more, the Girl Scout in your family will receive a Family Partnership patch (additional patches for siblings are $5). Donations can be made online at or with your membership registration. Your gift is tax-deductible to the extent allowable by law. For additional information, call 877.447.5558 x227 or email  ☙ 19

Conflict Resolution Conflict exists when there is a difference, actual or perceived, between two or more parties, which is characterized by tension, mistrust, and poor communication. If you are experiencing conflict between a troop volunteer or parent, please use the steps below.

Steps to Resolving Conflict Talk to the person with whom you are in conflict. Before approaching the person, consider the following: •• What is the issue? (Issues are the problems or topics that you see as basic to the conflict.) •• What is your position? (Your specific proposal to consider as a solution to the conflict.) •• What is your interest? (Your basic human need that you would like satisfied, or at least acknowledged.) This is usually the “driver” behind the emotion that you are feeling. •• As a reminder, the purpose of your meeting should be to open the lines of communication and discuss the issue, share your position, and ask the person to share their feedback. Stay open to possible solutions to resolve the conflict. •• Don’t spread your complaint around to others – gossip does not help the situation and can cause embarrassment and anger. If attempts have been made and resolution has not been successful, contact your Service Unit Manager or your Troop Support Specialist.

20  ☙  Family Guide

If you don’t know who your Troop Support Specialist is, please contact us at MemberSupport@, and we will let you know.

Frequently Asked Questions Can older girls join Girl Scouts? Yes! Girls through 12th grade may join Girl Scouts at any time! When does registration take place? Most girls register for Girl Scouts in the spring or early fall. However, registration is ongoing, and girls can join at any time. Visit to join today! Is a registered girl guaranteed placement in a troop? Through our website, girls can search our Opportunity Catalog to find a troop that fits her needs and schedule. Girls can choose an existing troop and jump right into the fun. If there are no existing troops in her area, a girl can choose a troop that is still forming and join in the fun with other new members. Girl Scouts Spirit of Nebraska is always seeking adult volunteers to start new troops. Interested in starting one? We’ll help you every step of the way. Visit or call 800.695.6690. When, where, and how often do troops meet? Troop co-leaders work with girls to determine when, where, and how often meetings take place. Become a coleader, and you can help create a troop meeting schedule that fits with your family’s needs. Beyond a traditional troop experience, what other ways can girls participate in Girl Scouts? There are many ways for today’s girl to experience the benefits of Girl Scouting. We offer hundreds of programs and special events – available to girls of all age levels – throughout the year. Many other activities are offered at the community level. Girls also may attend Girl Scout camp, join special interest groups, and participate in local, national, and global travel opportunities. Can a girl participate in more than one way? Yes! Visit for details. How long is the Girl Scout membership year? The Girl Scout membership year runs from October 1 through September 30. Many troops slow down their activities over the summer, but the council offers programming year-round. What do Girl Scouts wear for uniforms and what is the cost? Girl Scouts wear tunics, vests, or sashes (style and color varies by age level) to display their badges, patches, awards, and official insignia. Depending upon a girl’s age level and size, sashes range from $7 to $9, and tunics and vests range from $16.50 to $26. Girl Scouts participating in a troop are encouraged to speak with their coleaders before purchasing uniforms and official insignia. For information, contact our Girl Scout shop, Juliette’s Boutique, at 800.695.6690, or email us at Do Girl Scouts have to purchase guides or badge books? Girl Scouts are encouraged to purchase a Girl’s Guide to Girl Scouting for their age level. The guide enhances the Girl Scout experience, providing badge-earning activities and all of the information needed to fully participate. Guides are available for purchase through Juliette’s Boutique. Each age level also has interactive and reflective Journey books that help girls develop their leadership abilities around specific topics. Girls are encouraged to check with their co-leaders before purchasing specific Journey books. Are men allowed to volunteer? Yes! Many fathers, grandfathers, and other adult males are active Girl Scout volunteers. How can I stay informed about Girl Scouting at Girl Scouts Spirit of Nebraska? Be sure to read our monthly eNewsletter, visit our website, and follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.  ☙ 21


About My Troop Keep all the vital information about your troop here for future reference. Troop #:

  Service Unit #:

Grade Level:   Daisy   Brownie   Junior   Cadette   Senior   Ambassador Meeting Day:   Mon   Tue   Wed   Thu   Fri   Sat   Sun  Meeting Time:

   AM   PM

Meeting Location: Troop Procedure if Parent/Guardian is Late Picking Up Daughter in Emergency Situations:

Prior notice by parent or guardian is required if another person is to pick up your child.

Troop Dues Amount $


Contact Information for Co-Leaders and Volunteers Name: Phone:


Name: Phone:


Name: Phone:


Service Unit Contact Name: Phone:


MY GS Log-in Information User ID:



Questions? We’re here to help! Contact Member Support at 800.695.6690 or (Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. – 5 p.m. Central time).

Girl Scouting builds girls of courage, confidence, and character, who make the world a better place. PUBLISHED SUMMER 2018

Girl Scouts Spirit of Nebraska Family Guide  

Use this handy guide to learn all the basics of Girl Scouting; for girls and parents/guardians.

Girl Scouts Spirit of Nebraska Family Guide  

Use this handy guide to learn all the basics of Girl Scouting; for girls and parents/guardians.