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January 16-18, 2012 • New York

T h e C o l l e c t o r ’s S e r i e s

© Copyright 2012

3100 Monticello Ave. Suite 925 Dallas, Texas 75205 145 West 57th Street 18th Floor New York, New York 10019

January 16-18, 2012



COLLECTOR’S series featuring The Frederick C. Schang, Jr. Collection The Arthur W. Hummel, Jr. and Sr. Collection The Waldman Collection

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Stamps, Coins, Banknotes, Medals, Bonds & Shares, Autographs & Books

2012 AUCTION CALENDAR Group Chairman and CEO Olivier D. Stocker


Your Specialists Stamps UK – Tim Hirsch Guy Croton David Parsons Nick Startup Neill Granger Paul Mathews Dominic Savastano USA – Chris Anderson George Eveleth Andrew Titley Ed Robinson Rick Penko Europe – Guido Craveri Fernando Martinez China – Anna Lee UK - Paul Dawson

Coins Julie-Morgane Lecoindre Richard Bishop William MacKay Arthur Bryant John Pett George Champ USA – Stephen Goldsmith Matthew Orsini Normand Pepin Greg Cole Banknotes, Bonds & Shares UK – Barnaby Faull Mike Veissid Andrew Pattison USA – Stephen Goldsmith Matthew Orsini

29 March 29/30 March 11 April 3 May

Alex Smith

Autographs USA – Robert Litzenberger

14 January 16/18 January 29 March 18/19 May

Your Europe Team (London – Lugano) Chairman’s Office Dennis Muriu Monica Kruber

Auction & Client Management Team Miroslava Adusei-Poku Luca Borgo Phillipa Brown Tom Smith

Marco Fiori Mina Bhagat

Berdia Qamarauli Abdi Mohamed

Finance Alison Kinnaird

IT & Administration Maria Martinez Liz Cones

Hong Kong London

12005 12001

London Hong Kong Lugano Lugano


New York New York London London

139 138 12013 12014

Fine Coins of China and Hong Kong The Collector's Series Sale Ancient, English & Foreign Coins and Commemorative Medals The Collector’s Series Sale

Hong Kong New York London New York

12008 312 12009 313

Banknotes of China and Hong Kong The Manfred Kranz Collection of Deutsch-Asiatische Bank Banknotes Banknotes of the Ta Ching Government The Collector’s Series Sale World Banknotes The Collector’s Series Sale

Hong Kong Hong Kong Hong Kong New York London New York

12006 12006A 12006B 312 12022 313

Orders, Decoration, Campaign Medals & Militaria



Bonds and Share Certificates of China and Hong Kong The Collector’s Series Sale The Collector’s Series Sale

Hong Kong New York New York

12007 312 313

The Collector’s Series Sale The Collector’s Series Sale

New York New York

Fine Wines of the World Fine Wines of the World

Hong Kong Hong Kong

Lugano Lugano


Directors Tim Hirsch Anthony Spink

Alison Bennet

Fine Stamps and Covers of China and Hong Kong The Collector’s Series Sale The Chartwell Collection - GB Line-Engraved Essays, Proofs, Stamps and Covers - Part II The Collector’s Series Sale The Renowned Fiorenzo Longhi Collection of Airmail Postal History The Walter Taveira International Gold Medal Collection of Brazil The Paulo Comelli “Grand Prix” Collection of Brazilian Mail to Foreign Destinations" The “Tito” Collection of South American Philatelic Rarities including Uruguay - Part I The Marvin Schiller Collection of Mint Postal Stationery Entires & Cut Squares The Collector’s Series Sale The Collector’s Series Sale The Chartwell Collection - GB King George V including Seahorses


Wines China – Anna Lee

Emily Johnston

Early March 15 March 16 March 16 March 16 March

Orders, Decorations, Medals & Militaria UK – Mark Quayle Oliver Pepys Books UK – Philip Skingley

15 January 25/26 January 16 February

Shyam Padhiar Billy Tumelty Curlene Spencer

John Winchcombe

14 January 14 January 14 January 16/18 January 25 April 18/19 May

Medals Your America Team (New York – Dallas) Chairman Emeritus John Herzog

Bonds & Shares 14 January 16/18 January 18/19 May

Head of Philately George Eveleth Head of Numismatic Stephen Goldsmith Director of Finance & Operation Sam Qureshi Auction Administration Rick Penko Patricia Gardner Marketing & Design James McGuire Emily Cowin Clyde Townsend Finance & Administration Ingrid Qureshi Marcy Gottberg Ed Robinson Auctioneers Stephen Goldsmith Tracy Shreve

19 April

Andrew Titley

Your Asia Team (Hong Kong – Singapore) Anna Lee Gary Tan Amy Yung Raymond Tat Neill Granger Barnaby Faull Mike Veissid

Autographs 16/18 January 18/19 May

Wines 8 March May

The above sale dates are subject to change

Spink offers the following services Valuations for insurance and probate for individual items or whole collections. Sales on a commission basis either of individual pieces or whole collections.

312 313

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January 16-18, 2012 – New York City, New York and on

For your questions about the sale lots: Stephen Goldsmith Head of Numismatics Dept. 469.563.6699 Matthew Orsini Numismatics 214.210.0923 Normand Pepin Numismatics 212.262.8400

Sale Location Spink USA 145 W. 57th St., 18th Floor New York, NY 10019 212/262-8400 Fax: 212/262-8484

Public Auction Monday, January 16, 2012 at 10:00 a.m. Session 1 Lots 1 - 215 Monday, January 16, 2012 at 1:30 p.m. Session 2 Lots 216 - 1076 Tuesday, January 17, 2012 at 10:00 a.m. Session 3 Lots 1077 - 1200 Tuesday, January 17, 2012 at 12:00 p.m. Session 4 Lots 1201 - 1630 Tuesday, January 17, 2012 at 3:00 p.m. Session 5 Lots 1631 - 2236 Wednesday, January 18, 2012 at 10:00 a.m. Session 6 Lots 2237 - 2621 Wednesday, January 18, 2012 at 1:00 p.m. Session 7 Lots 2622 - 3517 Please note for the convenience of those attending the auction, each day we will be serving a light lunch and refreshments between sessions.

Robert Litzenberger Autographs/Stocks & Bonds 972.560.2945 For your bids: Rick Penko Auction Manager 214.210.0918 For your internet bidding: Clyde Townsend SPINK Live 972.788.2100 Emily Cowin RFC/SPINK Live 972.788.2100

Viewing of Lots DALLAS Please call for an appointment at our headquarters December 28 - December 30, 2012 NEW YORK CITY Wednesday, January 11, 2012 10:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. Thursday, January 12, 2012 10:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. Friday, January 13, 2012 10:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. Saturday, January 14, 2012 10:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. Sunday, January 15, 2012 11:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. • World highlights will be available for viewing at the New York iiInternational Coin Convention from January 6th - 8th. • U.S. highlights will be available for viewing at the F.U.N. Convention in iiOrlando Florida from January 5th - 8th

For your payment: Patricia Gardner Auction Administration 214.560.2944 For shipping enquiries: Marcella Gottberg Administration/Shipping 972.788.2100

Use this QR code to visit our online catalogue and leave proxy bids on Spink Live. You can download the QR Code Reader for iPhone, Blackberry and Android from App Store on your smartphone.

Auctioneers: Tracy L. Shreve, New York City, Dept. of Consumer Affairs, License #914454/914455 Stephen Goldsmith, New York City, Dept. of Consumer Affairs, License #1208097


3100 Monticello Ave., Suite 925 Dallas, TX 75205 1-800/556-7826 972/788-2100 Fax: 972/788-2788 E-Mail: Website:

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The January 2012 Collector’s Series Sale

Terms and Conditions of Sale This is a public auction and mail-bid sale held by SPINK, who are licensed and bonded auctioneers. SPINK may not withdraw any lot after a call for bids has been made with respect to that lot, however, the consignor of the property included in the lot (or any other lot) may bid on and purchase the lot for his/her own account. If he/she does so, he/she must pay both the seller’s commission and buyer’s premium. 1. 2.






The placing of a bid constitutes full acceptance of these Terms and Conditions of Sale by the bidder. The highest bidder acknowledged by SPINK shall be the buyer. In the event of any dispute between bidders, SPINK may, at its sole discretion, immediately put the lot up for sale again. SPINK’S decision shall be final and binding upon all bidders. A buyer’s premium equal to 20% of the successful bid price of each lot up to and including $2,000.00 and 15% of the excess bid price will be added to each invoice and is payable by the buyer as part of the total purchase price. All bids are to be per lot as numbered in this catalog. SPINK reserves the right to group two or more lots together and to withdraw, prior to call for bids, any lot(s) from the sale. Bids will be accepted in whole dollar amounts only, and SPINK reserves the right to reject any bid or advance the bidding at its discretion. SPINK may not withdraw any lot after a call for bids has been made with respect to that lot, however, the consignor of the property included in the lot (or any other lot) may bid on and purchase the lot for his/her own account. If he/she does so, he/she must pay both the seller’s commission and buyer’s premium. SPINK may have made advances and loans available to certain consignors and bidders in the sale. SPINK reserves the right to bid on any lot in the sale. Additionally, SPINK may or may not have financial interest in any of the lot(s) in the sale. All sales are strictly for cash, check and bank/wire transfer in United States dollars; however, SPINK will only accept cash payments under $10,000.00. SPINK offers clients the option of paying by credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, and Discover only) in United States Dollars for a convenience charge of two percent (2%) up to a total of $20,000.00. Credit card payments will only be accepted if (a) the purchase is made by the card holder, (b) any purchased items to be shipped are shipped to the cardholder’s verified billing address, (c) floor bidders present their credit cards and (d) all returns are governed by the terms and conditions of the sale. Payment is due and payable immediately upon receipt of the auction invoice or, if payment is to be made at the auction site, simultaneously with receipt of the purchased items. SPINK reserves the right to void a sale if payment in full of the invoice is not received by SPINK within fifteen (15) days of the date of invoice. A late charge in the amount of the lesser of 18% per annum and the maximum lawful rate will be charged on the invoice total if payment is not received within thirty (30) days of the date of the invoice. All lots are subject to applicable state and local taxes, unless appropriate resale certificates are on file with SPINK. Shipping, handling and administration charges will be added to invoices for lots delivered by mail. All lots will be shipped via U.S. Express Mail to Post Office boxes, via Federal Express to street addresses, and FedEx ground for bulky large lots (in the U.S. only). Purchases shipped via FedEx will not




11. 12.


be covered by SPINK insurance in the event that the buyer has placed a “signature release” on file with FedEx. Buyer will be responsible for total purchase price in the event of loss. SPINK cannot be and is not responsible for the loss of any merchandise shipped outside the United States and therefore insurance on any items to be shipped outside the United States is solely the responsibility of the buyer. It is also the responsibility of the buyer to provide adequate insurance coverage for the items once they are in his/her possession. Risk of loss shall be borne by the buyer following shipment of the items and SPINK assumes no liability for merchandise lost, stolen or damaged while in the possession of a party to whom merchandise has been shipped. For international shipments, all duties/taxes/fees are the sole responsibility of the buyer. In the event a successful bidder fails to pay the charges due, SPINK reserves the right to resell the merchandise and the buyer agrees to pay for the reasonable cost of such a sale including a 10% seller’s commission, and also to pay any difference between the resale price and the winning price of his/her previously successful bid. SPINK reserves the right to require payment in full before delivery of the merchandise to the buyer. Bidder personally guarantees payment, and if a corporation, an officer or principal in the corporation agrees to personally guarantee payment. Title to any purchased items remains with SPINK until all invoices are paid in full. SPINK reserves the right to await clearance of any check used for payment before delivery of any item and a $25.00 charge will be applied for any check that fails to clear. SPINK reserves the right to refuse to honor or reject any bid which, in its opinion, is not submitted in good faith, or, as the case dictates, is not supported by satisfactory references, as SPINK in its sole discretion shall determine. SPINK further reserves the right to ban any bidder from participation in its sales for any reason deemed appropriate in its sole discretion. No minors may participate in any SPINK sales. Bids will be executed for mail bidders at one advance over the next highest bid in competition with floor and/or internet bidders, until the maximum bid is executed for the mail bidder, or until the lot is sold. No buy or unlimited bids will be accepted. No additional commission (except for the buyer’s premium) is charged for executing mail bids. SPINK cannot and does not assume any responsibility for errors made in the amount bid or lot numbers listed, so check your bid sheet and online submission carefully. When identical mail bids are submitted, preference is given to the first received. SPINK may reopen the bidding on a lot under the following circumstances: (a) SPINK has failed to execute correctly a mail bid; (b) A party purchasing the lot on the floor has done so in error; (c) Where a protest is made after the hammer has fallen but before bidding has commenced on the next lot; (d) Where the auctioneer has determined that

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January 16 - 18, 2012 - New York, NY







he/she has overlooked a party still bidding on the lot but before the calling of the next lot; and (e) At the discretion of the auctioneer. In the event of a dispute, the auctioneer’s decision shall be final. Agents executing bids on behalf of clients will be held responsible for all purchases made on behalf of clients unless otherwise arranged prior to the sale. The same protections applicable to SPINK shall apply to each officer, director and employee of SPINK unless such individual shall be convicted of knowingly and intentionally selling false or stolen goods. The descriptions provided in the catalog are intended solely for the use of those bidders who do not have the opportunity to view the lots prior to bidding. All photographs in the catalog are as accurate as can be reproduced with today’s technology; however, they cannot be relied upon for exact reproduction of color. All bidders who have inspected the lots prior to the auction will not be granted any return privileges, except for reasons of genuineness. It is presumed that all floor bidders have inspected the lots prior to bidding. Therefore, lots purchased by floor bidders are sold “AS IS” and may not be returned. Floor Bidders include those bidders acting as agents for others. Additionally, SPINK reserves the right to describe items differently than the descriptions shown in the catalog should such items be consigned to any future auction. All the lots are sold as genuine. For the purpose of this sale, “genuine” is defined as not faked or forged and SPINK will not knowingly sell any item that has been “repaired’, “restored”, “processed”, “cleaned”, “pressed” or “conserved” in any way without disclosure of such facts to the potential buyer. The following conditions apply to requests for expertization of philatelic items: (a) Mail bidders are asked to advise SPINK of any extension requests at the time of placing their bids; (b) Floor bidders must advise SPINK of any extensions in writing at the time of lot settlement; (c) SPINK will submit all items so requested by successful bidders to the reputable authority of their choice; For United States stamps, the Philatelic Foundation and the Professional Stamp Experts are the accepted authorities. (d) Purchasers of items submitted for expertization must pay as part of the purchase price all charges for expertization, including postage and handling; (e) Purchasers of items to be expertized must make payment in full immediately upon purchase prior to expertizing; Refunds will be made promptly for all sums if in the unlikely event an item is returned with a negative opinion; (f) Requests for expertization of stamps with certificates dated within the last five (5) years of the sale date will not be granted; (g) No lot may be returned due to a certification service grading a stamp differently than the grade stated in the auction description; (h) No lot will be accepted as a return from expertization if the item is indelibly marked as being altered or fraudulent by the expertizing authority; and (i) No lot will be accepted as a return, for any reason whatsoever, including extension returns, after four (4) months from the sale date. Any exceptions to this time limitation must be agreed to in writing at SPINK sole discretion. No lots may be returned without a written request by the successful bidder and the written approval of SPINK. In the unlikely event of returning a lot, SPINK must receive notifi-

20. 21.




cation of the buyer’s intent within three (3) days of the buyer’s receipt of the lot. The following lots may not be returned for any reason whatsoever: (a) lots containing ten or more items; (b) lots described as having faults or defects because of the faults described or any others, including lots described as “repaired”, “corroded”, “holed”, “whizzed”, or similar damage, except for non-authenticity; (c) illustrated lots because of centering, margins, etc. or other factors shown in the illustrations; (d) lots described “AS IS”, including third party graded coins or banknotes (i.e. PCGS, NGC, ANACS, ICG); (e) lots valued primarily for the bullion content; (f) lots examined by postal viewers; and (g) any philatelic extension lot unless the conditions set forth in Item 18 above is complied with fully. Except for lots placed on extension, as per the conditions of Item 18 above, no lots may be returned for any reason whatsoever after thirty (30) days from sale date. Late payment for purchase may, at SPINK option, be considered just cause to revoke all return privileges. If any disputes arise regarding payment, authenticity, or description between the bidder and SPINK, SPINK at its sole discretion, may submit the disputed matter to binding arbitration in Dallas, Texas, to which the bidder, by placing a bid and hereby accepting these Terms and Conditions of Sale, agrees to be bound. United States coins and currency will not, in conformity with the law, be opened at less than face value. The auctioneer reserves the right to postpone the sale by auction for a reasonable period of time as a result of any significant event which, in the sole discretion of the auctioneer, makes it advisable to postpone the event. No prospective bidder or prospective buyer shall have recourse as a result of any postponement In the event SPINK refers an invoice(s) to an attorney for collection, the buyer agrees to pay SPINK attorney’s fees, court costs, witness fees and other costs incurred by SPINK. ThESE TERMS OF SALE ShALL BE GOVERNED BY AND CONSTRUED IN ACCORDANCE WITh ThE LAWS OF ThE STATE OF TEXAS, WIThOUT GIVING REGARD TO ThE PRINCIPLES OF CONFLICTS OF LAW. ThE SIGNER OF A SPINK BID ShEET OR PARTICIPANT IN ThE AUCTION AGREES ThAT EXCLUSIVE VENUE FOR ANY DISPUTE WITh RESPECT TO ThESE TERMS OR IN CONNECTION WITh SPINK ShALL RESIDE IN A STATE OR FEDERAL COURT LOCATED IN DALLAS, TEXAS. On-line Bidding — SPINK offers internet services as a convenience to our clients, but SPINK will not be responsible for errors or failures to execute bids placed on the internet, including, without limitation, errors or failures caused by (i) a loss of connection on SPINK or your end; (ii) a breakdown or problems with the online bidding software and/or (iii) a breakdown or problems with a client's internet connection, computer or system. Execution of on-line internet bids is a free service undertaken subject to other commitments at the time of the sale and SPINK does not accept liability for failing to execute an online internet bid or for errors or omissions in connection with this activity.

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The January 2012 Collector’s Series Sale

Order of Sale Paper Money World Banknotes ................................................................................................................................1-181 Continental and Colonial Currency ................................................................................................182-210 Confederate Currency......................................................................................................................211-215 Obsolete Currency ..........................................................................................................................216-815 U.S. Large Size ................................................................................................................................816-822 U.S. Small Size ..............................................................................................................................823-1062 National Banknotes ....................................................................................................................1063-1076 Coins Ancients-Frederick C. Schang, Jr. Collection................................................................................1077-1178 Ancient Coins-Other Properties ..................................................................................................1179-1200 World Coins (Argentina-Ceylon) ................................................................................................1201-1233 World Coins - The Authur W. hummel, Jr. & Sr. Collection of China ........................................1234-1301 World Coins (China-Zanzibar) ....................................................................................................1302-1555 Shipwreck Recovery ....................................................................................................................1556-1558 World Group Lots ......................................................................................................................1559-1576 Colonial Coins ......................................................................................................................................1577 U.S. Coins ..................................................................................................................................1578-1604 U.S. Group Lots - Miscellaneous ................................................................................................1605-1630 Autographs Autographs ..................................................................................................................................1631-1679 Stocks & Bonds Government Bonds......................................................................................................................1680-1902 Confederate Bonds ......................................................................................................................1903-1989 Railroads (A-M)Â ........................................................................................................................1990-2236 Railroads (N-Z and Groups) ........................................................................................................2237-2471 Automotive..................................................................................................................................2472-2580 Aviation ......................................................................................................................................2581-2621 Banks, Insurance and Finance ......................................................................................................2622-2748 Commercial and Industrial ..........................................................................................................2749-2951 Entertainment and Media ............................................................................................................2952-2976 Land and Improvements..............................................................................................................2977-3051 Mining, Minerals and Refining ....................................................................................................3052-3274 Oil ..............................................................................................................................................3275-3339 Shipping, Express and Transportation ..........................................................................................3340-3407 Utilities and Telecommunications ................................................................................................3408-3477 Miscellaneous Certificates ............................................................................................................3478-3516 Edison Stock Ticker ..............................................................................................................................3517

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3100 Monticello Ave., Suite 925, Dallas, TX 75205 Toll Free: 1-800-556-7826 Fax: (972) 788-2788 ✦ Phone: (972) 788-2100 E-mail:

Sale #312

MAIL BID FORM Name (please print) ________________________________________________________ Company Name __________________________________________________________ Address __________________________________________________________________ City, State, Zip ____________________________________________________________ Daytime Phone__________________________ Evening Phone FAX No.__________________________ E-mail: Bid Amt. $

Lot #


______________________________ Bid Amt. $

Lot #

Bid Amt. $

Tear Here & Return In Enclosed Envelope

Lot #

The January 2012 Collector’s Series Sale

Check here if you wish to limit your total amount of purchases. (Hammer Price Only)

Limit total: $ ____________________________ To ensure that bids will be accepted and delivery of lots not delayed, bidders not yet known to Spink Shreves should supply a list of Dealer References. SPINK offers clients the option of paying by credit cards in United States Dollars for a convenience charge of two percent (2%) up to a total of $20,000.00.

If Necessary, please increase my bid by:

❑ 10%

❑ 20%

❑ 30%

Dealer References: (list city, state, zip, & phone) ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________

Name (on credit card) ______________________________________________________ Card Number:

Security Code:

Exp. Date:

Signature: __________________________________________________________Date: ____________________ I have read and agreed to all the Terms and Conditions of Sale for this catalog and authorize the charging of my card. Please note there is a 20% buyer’s premium added to the hammer price of each lot up to and including $2,000.00 and 15% of the excess of the hammer price above $2,000.00. SPINK offers clients the option of paying by credit cards in United States Dollars for a convenience charge of two percent (2%) up to a total of $20,000.00.

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The January 2012 Collector’s Series Sale

Lot #

Bid Amt. $

Lot #

Bid Amt. $

Lot #

Bid Amt. $

BIDDING INCREMENTS The auctioneer generally advances the bidding in the following incremental amounts:

Up to $100 $100 to $ $300 to $ $750 to $1,500 $1,500 to $3, $3,000 to $7,

$5 $10 $25 $50 $100 $250

$7,500 to $15,000..................... by $500 $15,000 to $30, $1,000 $30,000 to $75,000................... by $2,500 $75,000 to $150,000................. by $5,000 $150,000 to $300,000............... by $10,000 $300, auctioneer’s discretion

Please note, however, that the auctioneer may, in his or her sole discretion, vary the bidding increments during the course of the auction to expedite the bidding. A number of our most successful bidders telephone us prior to our auctions to ask for bidding advice, opening bids and for pre-sale estimates on selected lots. We welcome your call to answer any questions you have or to help you in preparing your bids. Please ask for Stephen Goldsmith for currency; Matt Orsini for coins; and Robert Litzenberger for autographs and stocks & bonds. 972-788-2100 or 800-556-7826.

January 16-18, 2012 - New York

FIRST SESSION Monday, January 16, 2012- 10:00 a.m. Lots 1-215 Spink Smythe, New York WORLD BANKNOTES 1

Armenian Note Selection. [6] All 1919. 1) P-2 10 Rubles F-VF. 2) P-14 5 Rubles CU. 3) P-15 10 Rubles CU. 4) P-16a. 25 Rubles. CU. 5) P-17 50 Rubles. AU. 6) P-26a 500 Rubles. VF-EF in appearance, but there are some small repairs. Est. 150-250


Australia. Commonwealth of Australia. ND. (1949). £5. P-27b. No. R/52 626326. Portrait of King George VI at left, country Arms at right. Back depicts Workers with bales and sacks at left. Watermark at bottom center of Captain Cook. PMG Very Fine 30. Est. 100-150


Australia. Commonwealth of Australia. ND. (1949). £5. P-27c. No. R/85 863228. As previous but with different signature combination. PMG Choice Very Fine 35. Est. 100-150


Australia. Commonwealth of Australia. ND (195459). £10. P-32. No. WA/12 876287. Portrait of Governor Phillip at left, Country Arms at top center. Back of note depicts symbols of science and industry at center, with an allegorical woman with compass at right. PMG Very Fine 20. Est. 75-125


Australia. Commonwealth of Australia. 1972. $2 (2). P-38d. Prefixes HBF and GHN. Green and yellow. Macarthur at right, ram at center; reverse green and yellow, Farrer at left. Uncirculated. [2] Est. 100-150


Australia. Commonwealth of Australia. 1972. $10. P-40d. No. TBB 966462. Green and orange. Greenway at right, reverse green and orange, Lawson at left. Uncirculated. Est. 100-150

7 7

Australia. Commonwealth of Australia. 1968. $20. P-41c. No.XDL 860230. Black, red and orange. Kingsford Smith at right, reverse with Hargrave at left. Uncirculated (photo) Est. 300-400

8 8

Canada. Dominion Bank. Toronto, 2 January 1935. $5. (CH 220-26-02). No. 166200. Black, green and red, value at center, reverse green. Almost Uncirculated. (photo) Est. 550-650

Page 1

The January 2012 Collectors Series Sale


China. Chaikovskii Government. 1919. 50 Kopecks. (Pick S133.) CU. Est. 60-90


Chinese Italian Banking Corporation 1921 Remainder Selection. [3] 1) S253 1 Yuan. CU 2) S254 5 Yuan. AU 3) S255 10 Yuan. AU Est. 150-250


Another Chinese Italian Banking Corporation 1921 Remainder Selection. [3] 1) S253 1 Yuan. 2) S254 5 Yuan. 3) S255 10 Yuan. All Choice AU with a little light handling. Est. 150-250

9 9

Canada. Dominion Bank. Toronto, 3 January 1938. $10. (CH 220-28-04). No.493669. Black and pale green, value at center, reverse dark green. Uncirculated. (photo) Est. 500-750


10 10

China. Ming Dynasty. ND (1368-99). 1 Kuan. PAA10. Deep gray mulberry paper. Black with two red square hand stamps. Ten strings of cash coins are depicted at center. Back has one red and one black square seal overprint. An excellent representation of this early Chinese paper money issue. There is some paper loss at lower left corner. VG-Fine. (photo) Est. 1,500-2,500


China. Shanghai. Mercantile Bank of India. July 1, 1924. $1. (Pick S446). Black and green. Sampan near coast. Red back with Mercury. Fine. (photo) Est. 500-750


Trio of Assorted Chinese Bank Notes. China. Fukien-Kwantung-Kiansi Border Bank. 10 Yuan. 1949. (Pick S3482). Green and red. Unc., with light age toning, left; Tung-Pai Bank 1945 50 Yuan. (Pick S3731b) VG-Fine; Soviet Union Red Headquarters 1945 100 Yuan (Pick M36) VG-Fine. [3] Est. 120-180


China. Bank of China. 1941. 20 Cents. (Pick 90). Temple of Heaven. Specimen. Choice Uncirculated. Est. 100-150


Bank of China Grouping. [41] 1-10) P-80. 1937. 5 Yuan. EF-AU(4), CU(6). 11-20) P-81. 1937. 10 Yuan. VF-EF(3), EF-AU(4), CU(3). 21-24) P-84. 1940. 5 Yuan. AU(4). 25-26) P-85. 1940.10 Yuan. Good, VF. 27-37). P-85b. 1940.10 Yuan. Fine(2), VF-EF(1), CU(8). 38) P-87c. 1940. 50 Yuan. VF-EF. 39) P-87d. 1940. 50 Yuan. VF-EF. 40-41) P-88b. 1940. 100 Yuan. VF-EF, nibble in margin, EF-AU. Est. 100-150

January 16-18, 2012 - New York


Bank of China 1979 Foreign Exchange Certificate Grouping. 1 Yuan CU; .5 Yuan CU ; 1 Yuan CU; 5 Yuan CU ; 10 Yuan AU; 50 Yuan AU ; 100 Yuan AU. This series can be used only within China at designated places. Colorful and attractive. [7] Est. 50-75


Bank of Communications Grouping. [17] 1-5) P-118o. 1914. 10 Yuan. Fine, VF, Unc(3). 6-9) P-154a. 1935, 5 Yuan. VF(2), AU(2). 10-13) P-155. 1935. 10 Yuan. VG, Fine, AU(2). 14) P-157. 1941. 5 Yuan. Unc, ink spot, right margin. 15) P-159a. 1941. 10 Yuan. Unc. 16) P-160. 1941. 25 Yuan. G-VG. 17) P-161a. 1941. 50 Yuan. About Good. Est. 50-100


40-Piece Group of Fresh, Crisp Central Bank of China 1936 1 Yuan Notes. P-211a. Orange on multicolor. Vessel, left. Chiang Kai-shek, right. Confucius meets Lao Tzu on the back. Most are Choice to Gem Uncirculated. Deeply embossed serial numbers are so bold they can be seen through the paper from the opposite side. Wonderful paper quality. Est. 250-350


18-Piece Group of Fresh, Crisp Central Bank of China 1936 1 Yuan Notes. P-211a. Orange on multicolor. Vessel, left. Chiang Kai-shek, right. Most are Uncirculated, but some have minor handling, press bed smearing, or other imperfections. Still very attractive. Est. 100-150


19-Piece Group of Choice to Gem CU Central Bank of China 1941 10 Yuan Notes. P-237c. Dark blue. Chiang Kai-shek, left. Mostly Choice CU. Est. 120-180


7-Piece Group of Central Bank of China 1941 100 Yuan Notes. P-239b. Dark blue. Chiang Kai-shek, left. Green back. SBN. CU (6), EF-AU (1). Est. 150-250


10-Piece Group of Central Bank of China 1941 10 Yuan Notes. Excellent paper quality. P-239b. Blue. Chiang Kai-shek, left. Back green. SBN. Choice to Gem CU. Est. 250-350


10-Piece Group of Central Bank of China 1941 10 Yuan Notes. Excellent paper quality. P-239b. Blue. Chiang Kai-shek, left. Back green. SBN. Choice to Gem CU. Est. 250-350


10-Piece Group of Central Bank of China 1941 10 Yuan Notes. Excellent paper quality. P-239b. Blue. Chiang Kai-shek, left. Back green. SBN. Choice to Gem CU. Est. 250-350


10-Piece Group of Central Bank of China 1941 10 Yuan Notes. Excellent paper quality. P-239b. Blue. Chiang Kai-shek, left. Back green. SBN. Choice to Gem CU. Est. 250-350


10-Piece Group of Central Bank of China 1941 10 Yuan Notes. Excellent paper quality. P-239b. Blue. Chiang Kai-shek, left. Back green. SBN. Choice to Gem CU. Est. 250-350


10-Piece Group of Central Bank of China 1941 10 Yuan Notes. Excellent paper quality. P-239b. Blue. Chiang Kai-shek, left. Back green. SBN. Choice to Gem CU. Est. 250-350


Central Bank of China Printer’s Proof. Uncut sheet of six notes, uniface, on soft thick brown paper. Similar to the front of P-240, but not complete. All red. VF, gutter folds, stains. Est. 300-500


20-Piece Group of Central Bank of Assorted China 1941 Yuan Notes. 1-7) P-240a. 10 Yuan. Red on multicolor. Chiang Kai-shek, left. Brown back. SBN. CU (6), EF-AU (1). 8-9) Similar. P-240b 20 Yuan. F. 9-20) P-243. 100 Yuan. AU. Est. 300-450


Central Bank of China Grouping. [79] 1) P-197g. 1928. 10 Yuan. VF. 2-3) P-197h. 1928. 10 Yuan. EF, CU. 4) P-199e. 1928. 100 Yuan. F-VF, stains. 5) P-200e. 1930. 5 Yuan. AU. 6-7) P-200f. 1930. 5 Yuan. EF-AU, CU. 8-12) P-202. 1931. 10 Cents. VF, EF, AU, CU(2). 13) P-203. 1931. 20 Cents. AU. 14-17) P-211a. 1936. 1 Yuan. 15-19) P-212c. 1936. 1 Yuan. Both Unc. 20-29) P-213a. 1936. 10 Yuan. F-VF(5), AU(2), CU(3). 30-32) P-214a. 1936. 10 Yuan. VF, AU(2). 33) P-214c. 1936. 10 Yuan. EF-AU. 34-35) P-216a. 1936. 1 Yuan. AU, CU. 36-37) P-217a. 1936. 5 Yuan. VF stains, VF-EF. 38) P-218a. 1936. 10 Yuan. AU. 39-40) P-218d. 1936. 10 Yuan. F-VF(2). 41) P-218e. 10 Yuan. 1936. Good, stains. 42-44) P-226. 1940. 10 Cents. CU(3). 45) P-227. 1940. 20 Cents. EF-AU. 46) P-228. 1940. 10 Yuan. About Fine, stains. 47) P-229b. 1940. 50 Yuan. About Fine. 48) P-231. 1941. 2 Yuan. CU. 49) P-235. 1941. 5 Yuan. VG, soiled. 50) P-236. 1941. 5 Yuan. Fine. 51-53) P-237b. 1941. 10 Yuan. Fine(2), AU. 54) P-239b. 1941. 10 Yuan. F-VF, light soiling. 55) P-240-c. 1941. 20 Yuan. VF. 56-67) P-243a. 1941. 100 Yuan. Fine, stains(2), VFEF(2), AU(2), EF-AU small margin stain, CU(5). 68) P-244a. 1942. 5 Yuan. VF. 69) P-245b. 1942. 10 Yuan. Fine. 70) P-250. 1942. 100. Yuan. Fine. 71) P-255. 1944. 50 Yuan. About Fine. 72-73) P-256. 1944. 100 Yuan. VF, EF. 74) P-289. 1945. 1000 Yuan. AU. 75-76) P-305. 1945. 5000 Yuan. VG, VF. 77) P-310. 1947. 5000 Yuan. AU. 78) P-315. 1947. 10000 Yuan. VF-EF. 79) P-319. 1947. 10000 Yuan. AU. Est. 350-450

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The January 2012 Collectors Series Sale


Central Bank of China Grouping Including Custom Gold Units and Others. [44] 1) P-325d. 1930. 1 CGU (Customs Gold Unit). VG stains. 2-4) P-326d. 1930. 5 CGU. All EF-AU. 5) P-327d. 1930. 10. CGU. EF-AU. 6-14) P-328. 1930. VF(1), EF-AU(8). 15) P-329. 1930. 50 CGU. CU. 16) P-330. 1947. 500 CGU. VF-EF. 17) P-335. 1947. 500 CGU. EF-AU. 18) P-339c. 1947. 1,000. CGU. EF-AU, edge split. 19-20) P-340. 1947. 2,000 GCU. VF-EF, AU. 21) P-341. 1947. 2000 GCU. AU. 22) P-342a. 1947. 2000 GCU. EF-AU. 23) P-343. 1947. 2000 GCU. EF light stain. 24) P-344. 1947. 2000 GCU. AU. 25) P-345. 1947. 2500 GCU. About Fine, stains. 26) P-347. 1947. 5000 GCU.EF-AU. 27) P-351a. 1947. 5000 CGU. EF-AU. 28) P-352. 1947. 5000 GCU. EF-AU. 29) P-353. 1947. 5000 CGU. VF-EF. 30) P-354. 1947. 10000 CGU. VF-EF. 31) P-357. 1948. 2000 GCU. EF stains on back. 32) P-358. 1948. 2500 GCU. VF. 33) P-359. 1948. 5000 CGU. VF. 34) P-360. 1948. 5000 CGU. AU. 35) P-361. 1948. 5000 CGU. AU. 36) P-364. 1048. 10000 CGU. AU. 37) P-366. 1948. 25000 CGU. AU. 38) P-387. 1945. 1 Yuan. AU light stain. 39) P-388. 1945. 5 Yuan. VF. 40-41) P-395. 1946. 10 Cents. Both VF. 42-43) P-396. 1948. 20 Cents. Both EF-AU. 42-45) P-397. 1948. 50 Cents. Both VF-EF. 46) P-441. 1949. $1. F-VF pinholes. Est. 250-350


25-Piece Group of Crisp and Fresh Farmers Bank of China 1941 1 Yuan Notes. P-474. Brown on multicolor underprint. Chiang Kai-shek, left. House and sheep on back. Most are Choice to Gem Crisp Uncirculated. Est. 200-300


25-Piece Group of Crisp and Fresh Farmers Bank of China 1941 1 Yuan Notes. P-474. Brown on multicolor underprint. Chiang Kai-shek, left. House and sheep on back. Most are Choice to Gem Crisp Uncirculated. Est. 200-300


25-Piece Group of Crisp and Fresh Farmers Bank of China 1941 1 Yuan Notes. P-474. Brown on multicolor underprint. Chiang Kai-shek, left. House and sheep on back. Most are Choice to Gem Crisp Uncirculated. Est. 200-300


25-Piece Group of Crisp and Fresh Farmers Bank of China 1941 1 Yuan Notes. P-474. Brown on multicolor underprint. Chiang Kai-shek, left. House and sheep on back. Most are Choice to Gem Crisp Uncirculated, perhaps five are AU. Est. 150-250


Large Assortment of Central Reserve Bank of China (Japanese Puppet) Notes. [40] 1-2) J2b. 5 Cents. 1940. Both EF-AU. 3-4) J3a. 10 Cents. 1940. VF, EF-AU. 5) J6. 50 Cents. 1940. Fine, stain. 6) J8a. 1 Yuan. 1940. VF-EF. 7) J9c. 1 Yuan. 1940. VF, minor stains. 8) J10d. 1 Yuan. 1940. EF. 9-11). J10e. 1 Yuan. 1940. VF, EF, Unc. 12) J12c. 10 Yuan. 1940. EF-AU. 13-14) J14a. 100 Yuan. 1942. AU, AU with minor margin stain. 15) J15a. 500 Yuan. 1942. Corners off, edge splits, else VF. 16) J17a. 20 Cents. 1943. VF. 17) J19a. 1 Yuan. 1943. EF. 18) J20a. 10 Yuan. 1943. AU. 19-23) J21a. 100 Yuan. 1943. All VF-EF. 24-25) J23a. 100 Yuan. 1943. Both AU. 26) J24a. 500 Yuan. 1943. VG. 27) J24d. 500 Yuan. 1943. VF-EF. 28) J25c. 500 Yuan. 1943. EF. 29) J26. 500 Yuan. 1943. EF. 30) J27a. 500 Yuan. 1943. AU. 31) J28b. 500 Yuan. 1943. AU. 32) J29a. 100 Yuan. 1944. AU. 33-34) J30. 200 Yuan. 1944. EF-AU, AU. 35) J32. 1000 Yuan. 1944. Fine, splits. 36) J33a. 1000 Yuan. 1944. AU. 37) J34. 1000 Yuan. 1944. VF. 38-39) J35a. 1,000 Yuan. Both AU 40) J37b. 10000 Yuan. 1944. F-VF. Est. 400-600


Mostly Federal Reserve Bank of China Selection. 1) J59. 1939. 100 Yuan. CU. 2) J84b. 500 Yuan. EF-AU. 3) J78a 500 Yuan VF. 4) Central Bank of Manchukou. J137. 1944. 10 Yuan. CU. Est. 150-250

January 16-18, 2012 - New York

Peoples Republic of China Collection


Lower Denomination 1948 Peoples Bank of China Grouping.1 Yuan 1948 (Pick 800) AU; 2 Yuan (Pick 801), heavy stain, otherwise Fine; 5 Yuan (Pick 802) EF-AU; 10 Yuan (Pick 803), rounded corners, otherwise Very Fine; 100 Yuan (Pick 807a), repaired internal splits and edge splits, otherwise Fine in appearance. [5] Est. 250-350


Peoples Bank of China. 100 Yuan. 1948. (Pick 808) Reddish brown. Farmers, ox, factory. Light orange-brown back. Very Fine, rounded corners. Est. 150-250


Peoples Bank of China. 100 Yuan. 1948. (Pick 808) Reddish brown. Farmers, ox, factory. Light orange-brown back. Fine-Very Fine, rounded corners. Est. 120-180

1948 Issue

40 40

Peoples Bank of China. 20 Yuan. 1948. (Pick 804) Brown. Chinese donkeys, passenger train. Brown back. EF-AU, one light vertical center fold, crumpled corner tips. (photo) Est. 300-500

46 46 41 41

Peoples Bank of China. 50 Yuan. 1948. (Pick 805) Red-brown. Donkey powered water wheel, coal mine. Tan back. Small fold junction hole, otherwise Fine. (photo) Est. 300-500

Peoples Bank of China. 1,000 Yuan. 1948. (Pick 810) Grey violet. Farmer plows. Brown back, Temple of Heaven. Narrow margins, otherwise VF-EF. (photo) Est. 200-300

47 47

Peoples Bank of China. 1000 Yuan. 1948. (Pick 810) Grey violet. Farmer plows. Brown back, Temple of Heaven. Fine-Very Fine. (photo) Est. 200-300


Peoples Bank of China. 1000 Yuan. 1948. (Pick 810) Grey violet. Farmer plows. Brown back, Temple of Heaven. Small hole, thin spots, left, otherwise Fine. Est. 100-150

42 42

Peoples Bank of China. 100 Yuan. 1948. (Pick 806) Dark green. Hillside pagoda. Green back with locomotive. Very Fine, light abrasion on the back from dismounting. (photo) Est. 250-350

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The January 2012 Collectors Series Sale

1949 ND Provisional Issue 49

Peoples Bank of China 1949 Higher Grade Selection. 1 Yuan 1949 (Pick 812) AU; 5 Yuan (Pick 813) AU; 10 Yuan (Pick 815) AU. [3] Est. 200-300

54 54

Peoples Bank of China. 10 Yuan. 1949. (Pick 817) Brown on yellow. Olive green underprint. Passenger train. Green back. AU, but the top border is trimmed unevenly. (photo) Est. 300-500

50 50

Peoples Bank of China. 5 Yuan. 1949. (Pick 814) Blue. VF in appearance, but washed and pressed. (photo) Est. 300-500


Peoples Bank of China 1949 Assortment. 1 Yuan. 1949 (Pick 812) Unc, light age toning; 5 Yuan (Pick 813), VG-Fine detail, washed and pressed; 10 Yuan (Pick 813A) would be AU, but the upper right corner is missing;10 Yuan (Pick 815) AU, washed and pressed. [4] Est. 250-350


Peoples Bank of China. 10 Yuan. 1949. (Pick 816) Grey-blue on green. Farmer and worker. Blue-black back. Unc. Est. 100-150

55 55

Peoples Bank of China. 10 Yuan. 1949. (Pick 818) Brown. Vertical format. VF-EF. (photo) Est. 600-1,000

53 53

Peoples Bank of China. 10 Yuan. 1949. (Pick 817) Brown on yellow. Olive green underprint. Passenger train. Green back. Unc., bent corner tips. (photo) Est. 600-1,000

56 56

Peoples Bank of China. 20 Yuan. 1949. (Pick 819) Brown, Pagoda at shoreline. Dark green back. Almost Uncirculated, with just a very light diagonal bend. Printing traces in the right margin. Looks new. (photo) Est. 400-600

January 16-18, 2012 - New York

57 57


Peoples Bank of China. 20 Yuan. 1949. (Pick 823) Blue on light blue. Agricultural workers. Dark blue back. Small edge split and rounded corners, otherwise Fine. Est. 80-120


Peoples Bank of China. 20 Yuan. 1949. (Pick 824) Bluish purple on green. Workers push ore cart. Olive green back. Almost Unc. Est. 200-300


Peoples Bank of China. 20 Yuan. 1949. (Pick 825) Blue, vertical format. VG-Fine. Est. 100-150

Peoples Bank of China. 20 Yuan. 1949. (Pick 820) Blue. Pagoda at shoreline. Dark green back. Almost Unc. (photo) Est. 300-450

64 58 58


Peoples Bank of China. 20 Yuan. 1949. (Pick 821) Green. Factory, bridge, train. Green back. First of two consecutive. Choice Unc. (photo) Est. 150-250


59 59

Peoples Bank of China. 20 Yuan. 1949. (Pick 821) Green. Factory, bridge, train. Green back. First of two consecutive. Choice Unc. (photo) Est. 150-250

60 60

Peoples Bank of China. 50 Yuan. 1949. (Pick 826) Brilliant blue with purple guilloche. Train, bridge. Dark red back. Crumpled top margin and corners, otherwise Very Fine. (photo) Est. 300-500


Peoples Bank of China. 50 Yuan. 1949. (Pick 828) Olive green. Steam roller and brown guilloche. VFEF, tiny edge split, right. (photo) Est. 400-600


Peoples Bank of China. 50 Yuan. 1949. (Pick 829) Dark blue and black, light gold. Train and tracks. Brown back. Reddish brown back. Uncirculated, with a trace of teller handling. Est. 120-180


Nice Selection of Peoples Bank of China 1949 Bank Notes. 50 Yuan 1949 (Pick 829). Fine-VF; 500 Yuan (Pick 846) VF-EF; 1,000 Yuan (Pick 847) VF, two pinholes; 10,000 Yuan (Pick 853) VF-EF; 10,000 Yuan (Pick 854) VF, pressed. [5] Est. 250-350

Peoples Bank of China. 20 Yuan. 1949. (Pick 822) Purple. Junk. Brown back. AU. (photo) Est. 600-1,000

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The January 2012 Collectors Series Sale


Peoples Bank of China 1949 Bank Note Assortment. 50 Yuan 1949 (Pick 829) About Fine; 100 Yuan 1949 (Pick 834) VF; 100 Yuan (Pick 836) with rounded corners, otherwise Fine; 500 Yuan (Pick 843)with a portion of the lower left margin missing, and has been amateurishly restored. The border and outer frame are not affected. Otherwise AU. [4] Est. 150-250


Pair of CPR 1949 100 Yuan Notes. Peoples Bank of China. 100 Yuan. 1949. (Pick 831). Both Fine, one with a slightly rough edge. [2] Est. 60-90


Peoples Bank of China. 100 Yuan. 1949. (Pick 832) Dark brown and black on blue. Bridge, Peking Pagoda, shrine. Purple on blue back. VF-EF. Est. 200-300

69 69

Peoples Bank of China. 50 Yuan. 1949. (Pick 830) Reddish brown. Farmer and laborer. Reddish brown back. back. About Unc. (photo) Est. 200-300

74 74

Peoples Bank of China. 100 Yuan. 1949. (Pick 833a) Brown and black on orange. Bridge, Peking Pagoda, shrine. Purple on blue back. Uncirculated, moderate aging. (photo) Est. 200-300

70 70

Peoples Bank of China. 100 Yuan. 1949. (Pick 831) No.49724165. Red with brown. Ships at wharf. Red over orange back. Uncirculated, light teller handling. First of two consecutively-numbered examples. (photo) Est. 150-250

71 71

Peoples Bank of China. 100 Yuan. 1949. (Pick 831) No.49724166. Red with brown. Ships at wharf. Red over orange back. Uncirculated, light teller handling. Second of two consecutively-numbered examples. (photo) Est. 150-250

75 75

Peoples Bank of China. 100 Yuan. 1949. (Pick 835) Brown on green. Sampan. Green back. VF-EF. (photo) Est. 2,000-3,000


Peoples Bank of China 1949 Higher Grade Selection. 100 Yuan 1949. (Pick 831) EF; 1,000 Yuan (Pick 847) Uncirculated; 10,000 Yuan (Pick 854) VF-EF; 10,000 Yuan (Pick 853) Almost Uncirculated, three small pinholes. [4] Est. 400-600


Peoples Bank of China. 200 Yuan. 1949. (Pick 837) Lilac brown with green. Guilloche. Pagoda. Brown on olive back. Moderate vertical center fold, rounded corner tips, otherwise VF-EF. Est. 150-250

January 16-18, 2012 - New York


Peoples Bank of China. 200 Yuan. 1949. (Pick 838) Purple on green. Great Wall. Purple back. Moderate vertical center fold, small repaired edge splits, otherwise VF-EF. Est. 100-150


79 79

Peoples Bank of China. 200 Yuan. 1949. (Pick 839) Green. Agricultural workers. Green back. Petty edge split repairs, light water stain in the lower right corner, otherwise VF. (photo) Est. 300-450


Peoples Bank of China. 500 Yuan. 1949. (Pick 842) Red-brown. Peasant walking, bridge. Green back. VF. (photo) Est. 300-500


Peoples Bank of China. 500 Yuan. 1949. (Pick 844) Dark brown, lilac, blue. City gate. Dark brown on blue back. Small repaired splits, light stains, otherwise VF. Est. 200-300


Peoples Bank of China. 500 Yuan. 1949. (Pick 845) Violet on brown over blue. Brown back. Farmer and mule plow. Small edge splits, otherwise Fine. Est. 200-300


Peoples Bank of China. 1,000 Yuan. 1949. (Pick 847) Green. Town and bridge. Purple back. Uncirculated. Est. 100-150


Peoples Bank of China. 1,000 Yuan. 1949. (Pick 849) Green and brown on blue. Farmer, wagon, field workers. Green back. EF-AU. Est. 100-150


Peoples Bank of China. 1,000 Yuan. 1949. (Pick 850) Lilac-brown on grey and brown. Man and ore car, farmer plows. Lilac-brown back with ship. VF. Est. 150-250

80 80

Peoples Bank of China. 200 Yuan. 1949. (Pick 840) Brown with blue guilloche. Steel plant. Pagoda. Brown on orange back. VF-EF. (photo) Est. 250-350

81 81

Peoples Bank of China. 200 Yuan. 1949. (Pick 841) Dark blue over orange tint. House, bronze cow, bridge. Red-brown back. Almost Uncirculated. (photo) Est. 600-900

88 88

Peoples Bank of China. 5000 Yuan. 1949. (Pick 851) Dark green on blue. Tractor tills. Uncirculated. (photo) Est. 500-750

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The January 2012 Collectors Series Sale


Peoples Bank of China 1949 Higher Denomination Grouping. 1000 Yuan 1949 (Pick 848) with tape repaired split at top, small piece out of bottom, otherwise Fine; 5000 Yuan (Pick 851), margins with light stains, and a bit rough, otherwise VF; 5000 Yuan (Pick 852), small repaired edge splits, top and bottom margins, otherwise VF; 10000 Yuan (Pick 853), edge split, otherwise VF. [4] Est. 175-225 1950 Issue

92 92

Peoples Bank of China. 1000 Yuan. 1951. (Pick 857A) Green. Horses graze near tents. Green back with Arabic legends, Sikiang. Looks Very Fine-EF, but there are some minor edge split repairs. (photo) Est. 2,500-3,500

90 90

Peoples Bank of China. 50000 Yuan. 1950. (Pick 855) Dark green. Harvester. Brown-violet back; factory workers. Has the eye appeal of an EF-AU example, but there are some petty edge split repairs, very nicely executed. Excellent eye appeal. (photo) Est. 1,500-2,500

93 93

Peoples Bank of China. 5000 Yuan. 1953. (Pick 857C) Purple on yellow. Sheep. Green back. Washed and pressed with one apparent vertical fold at the center. Faded on the front, but not on the back. The corners are rounded. Very Good or so. Still quite collectable, even in this humble grade. (photo) Est. 400-600

91 91

Peoples Bank of China. 50000 Yuan. 1950. (Pick 856) Blue on light. Building. Green back; harvester. Appears to be EF at first glance, but there are some petty edge split repairs, and some very light mounting discoloration on the corner tips only. Still quite attractive. (photo) Est. 2,250-3,250

94 94

Peoples Bank of China. 10000 Yuan. 1951. (Pick 858) Red-brown on reddish purple. Caravan. Red on blue back with Arabic legends, Sikiang. Edge splits, top and bottom at the center. The top split is reinforced with tape. The corners are crumpled and rounded. Otherwise Fine. Still quite attractive, and a decent representative of this scarce and popular note. (photo) Est. 1,000-1,500

January 16-18, 2012 - New York

95 95

Peoples Bank of China. 5000 Yuan. 1953. (Pick 859) Brown violet, multicolored underprint. Train on bridge. Brown, green and blue back. Fine. (photo) Est. 400-600


Peoples Bank of China. 5000 Yuan. 1953. (Pick 859) Brown violet, multicolored underprint. Train on bridge. Brown, green and blue back. Minor edge split repairs, otherwise Fine. Est. 200-300


Later Issue Peoples Bank of China Note Grouping. 1 Fen 1953 (Pick 860b) AU; 2 Fen 1953 (Pick 861b) Unc; 5 Fen 1953 (Pick 862b) Unc; 1 Jiao 1965 (Pick 877a) Fine; 1 Jiao 1965 (Pick 877a) VF; 1 Jiao 1965 (Pick 877c) Fine; 1 Jiao 1965 (Pick 877c) Unc; 2 Jiao (Pick 878a) Unc; 10 Yuan (Pick 879a) Unc; 5 Jiao (Pick 880c) VF-EF. [10] Est. 150-250


Peoples Bank of China 1953 Second Issue Lower Denomination Assortment.1 Fen (Pick 860b) CU; 2 Fen (Pick 861b) CU; 5 Fen (Pick 862a) AU; 1 Jiao (Pick 863); 2 Jiao (Pick 864);5 Jiao (Pick 865) Last three examples, all VF, with mounting tape on back near sides. [6] Est. 100-125


Peoples Bank of China. 1 Yuan. 1953. (Pick 866) Red on orange and pink. Great Hall. Red on orange back. Arms, center. Choice Uncirculated. Est. 200-300


Peoples Bank of China. 2 Yuan. 1953. (Pick 867) Blue on tan. Pagoda. Blue and tan back, Arms, center. Choice Almost Uncirculated. Est. 150-250


Peoples Bank of China. 3 Yuan. 1953. (Pick 868) Green and black on light orange. Old bridge. Green on yellow and tan back. VF, with mounting tape on back near sides. Est. 150-250

102 102

Peoples Bank of China. 5 Yuan. 1953. (Pick 869) Red brown on light lilac. Demonstrators. Red brown on blue and yellow. EF-AU. (photo) Est. 1,000-1,500 Rare 10 Yuan Issue

103 103

Peoples Bank of China. 10 Yuan. 1953. (Pick 870) Grey black. Farm couple, wheat. Grey black on multicolor center, back. Mounting tape on back near sides, otherwise VF-EF. The tape appears to be removable. A very scarce note in higher grades. (photo) Est. 4,000-6,000

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The January 2012 Collectors Series Sale

1956 Issue 104

Peoples Bank of China. 1 Yuan. 1956. (Pick 871) Black on orange and light blue. Great Hall. Similar to Pick 866. Grey black on multicolor tint, back. EFAU. Est. 100-150


Peoples Bank of China. 1 Yuan. 1956. (Pick 871) Black on orange and light blue. Great Hall. Similar to Pick 866. Grey black on multicolor tint, back. EFAU. Est. 100-150


Peoples Bank of China. 5 Yuan. 1956. (Pick 872) Brown and multicolor. Demonstrators, center. Similar to Pick 869. VF. Est. 80-120


Peoples Bank of China 1960 Group of Four Different.1 Jiao 1960 (Pick 873) VG, small piece out; 1 Yuan. 1960. (Pick 874b) VF-EF; 2 Yuan (Pick 875b) VF; 5 Yuan (Pick 876a) VF-EF. [4] Est. 80-120


Nice Pairing of Peoples Bank of China 1960 Notes. 1 Yuan 1960 (Pick 874b) VF-EF; 5 Yuan 1960 (Pick 876a) EF-AU; 10 Yuan 1965 (Pick 879a) Unc. [3] Est. 50-75 End of PRC

109 109

China. Tah Chung Bank. 1-2) P-562. Front and back uniface specimens. 1932 5 Yuan. CU with several small margin corner folds. (photo) Est. 300-500


China. Tah Chung Bank Uniface Back Specimens. [2] 1932. 1) P- 561 1 Yuan. 2) P-562 5 Yuan. AU/CU, with the 5 Yuan specimen showing some handling in the upper right corner. Est. 300-450


China. Tah Chung Bank. 1932. 1 Yuan. P-561. Uniface back specimen. AU. Est. 150-250


Bank of Indo-China and Others. French Indo China. Bank of Indo-China 1 Piastre (Pick 34b) redbrown, “Haiphung” red overprint. Small rust spots, otherwise Fine; French Somaliland. Djibouti. Bank of Indo-China 100 Francs (Pick 4a) red overprint on Tahiti #3. Elephant, left. Short internal split, pinholes, chip out of margin, otherwise Fine;. Tahiti. Papeete. Bank of Indo-China 20 Francs (Pick 12c) lilac, red. Woman, right. Peacock on multicolored back. Fresh and crisp VF-EF, with four pinholes in the upper left quadrant. Also included are Austria 5 Gulden 1800 (Pick 31) VF; Belgium 1919 20 Francs (Pick 68b) Fine, splits; Chad 5,000 Francs (Pick 5b) EF-AU; French West Africa 1953 25 Francs (Pick 38) F-VF; and Mali 500 Francs (Pick 12a) Unc. [8] Est. 400-600


Nice Assortment of Chinese Banknotes. [45] 1 ) Agricultural and Industrial Bank. P-A112c. 1 Yuan. 1934. VG. 2) Bank of China. P-71. 1 Yuan. 1934. VG. 3-4) P-81. 10 Yuan. 1937. VG, Fine. 5-6) P-85a. 10 Yuan. 1940. VG, Fine. 6) Bank of Communications. P-116n. 5 Yuan. 1914.m VG. 7) P-118t2. 10 Yuan. 1914. Good. 8) P-145Ac. 1 Yuan. 1927. Fine, pinholes. 9-10) P-145C. 1 Yuan. 1927. Both About Fine, one with an internal split. 11-12) P148b. 1 Yuan. 1931. Both F-VF. 13) P-154a. 5 Yuan. 1935. F-VF. 14) P-155. 10 Yuan. 1935. About Fine. 15) P-156. 5 Yuan. 1941. Fine. 16) P-158. 10 Yuan. 1941. F-VF. 17) P-159. 10 Yuan. 1941. 18-19) Central Bank of China P-170b. Both VG-Fine. 20) P-196b. $5. 1928. About Good, splits. 21) P-196c. $5. 1928. About Good, splits. 22) P-197g. $10. 1928. F-VF. 23) P-198f. $50. 1928. F-VF. 24-25) P-210. 1 Yuan. 1936. Fine. 26) P-214b. 10 Yuan. 1936. F-VF. 27) P-214c. 10 Yuan. 1936. F-VF. 28-29) P-217a. 5 Yuan. 1936. VG, VF. 30) P-222. 5 Yuan. 1937. Fine-VF. 31) P-223a. 10 Yuan. 1937. Fine, light stains. 32-33) P-228. 10 Yuan. 1940. Fine, graffiti. 34-35) P-235. 5 Yuan. 1941. Both Fine, one is stained. 36) P-236. 5 Yuan. 1941. Fine. 37) P-238b 10 Yuan. 1941. Fine. 38) P-245b. 10 Yuan. 1942. VF-EF. 39) P-262. 200 Yuan. 1944. VF-EF. 40) P-325d. 1 Customs Unit. 1930. Fine, stained. 41) Farmers Bank of China P-458a. 5 Yuan. 1935. Fine, moderate stain. 42) P-459a. 10 Yuan VF. 43) P-464. 10 Yuan. 1940. Fine. 44) P-475. 5 Yuan. 1941. Fine, light stain. 45) Ningpo Commercial & Savings Bank P-541c. $5. About Fine. Est. 400-600

January 16-18, 2012 - New York


Miscellaneous Notes, Mostly Chinese. 1) Farmers Bank of China P-458a. 1935. 5 Yuan. Fine. 2-4) P-459. 1935. F-VF, EF, EF-AU. 5) P-474. 1941. 1 Yuan. VF-EF. 6) P-477a. 1941. 100 Yuan. Fine. 7) P-480. 1942. 100 Yuan. F-VF. 9-10) Bank of China 1979 Foreign Exchange Certificates 10 Fen(2). 11) 1 Yuan. 12) 5 Yuan. 13) 10 Yuan. All AU. This series can be used only within China at designated places. Colorful and attractive. 14) Hong Kong. Bank of China. P-329. $20. 19942000. CU. 15) China. P-1975. 1961. 100 Yuan. VF+. 16-17) P-1983. 1972. 100 Yuan. VF, EF. 18-21) P-1984. 2976. 10 Yuan. EF-AU(3), AU. The last with an overprint on the back. 22) S1452. 1949. 2 Cents. AU. 23) S1453. 1949. 5 Cents. CU. Est. 200-400


Germany. Konversionkasse fur Deutsche Auslandsschulden. 1934. 5 Reichsmark. Pick 207, 65, 61a, 61b.Promissory notes issued to refugees from Germany. Uncirculated [7] Est. 100-150

122 122

Allied Military Command, 100 Marks, black, green and violet, value at centre, reverse brown, (Pick 197c), scarce replacement note, VF (photo) Est. 350-450


Dominican Republic. Banco Central de la Republica Dominicana, group of specimens comprising:10 centavos, ND, blue; 100 pesos, 1988, orange; 500 pesos, 1988, green, brown and blue; 1000 pesos 1988, red; and 1000 pesos, 1987 red, red SPECIMEN and MUESTRA SIN VALOR overprint, last note perforated. All Uncirculated. [5] Est. 150-250


France. Banque de France. 1977. 500 Francs. P156d. Green and brown, Pascal at center. Uncirculated. [3] Est. 500-750


France. Banque de France. 5 October 1978. 500 Francs. P-156d. Nos. 089 54423/425. Pale brown and black. Portrait of Pascal at center. AU, and Unc. [2] Est. 150-250

Greenland. Denne Anviisning gjelder. 1874. 50 Ore. P-A37r. No.125. Black & white, monogram at left, small crowned polar bear at right. AU-Unc. (photo) Est. 500-600


Greenland. Gronlands Styrelse (State Notes). ND(1926-52). 5 Kroner. P-15a. Green. Polar bear on ice at center. Green underprint. Fine screening through border. Numerous hard folds are evident with several tiny edge splits at the borders. Fine. Est. 100-200



French Indo China 1953 Une Piastre No.A.05476731, P-93 Signature 16. Issued for Cambodia A nice type note with a single center fold almost not noticible from the front. XF/AU. Est. 60-80


Georgia 1919 Selection. 1) P-7 CU. 2) P-9 CU. 3) P-10 CU. 4) P-11 AU, stain. 5) P-13b AU. 6) P-14b CU.



Est. 40-60

1933 Conversion Fund For Foreign Debts Trio. [3] 1) P-199. 5 Reichsmark. Black, green and brown. 2) P-200. 10 Reichsmark. Black and lilac. 3) P-201. 30 Reichsmarks. Black, red and brown. All CU, the first two are quite Choice. Est. 300-500

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The January 2012 Collectors Series Sale

125 125

Greenland. Gronlands Styrelse (State Notes). ND (1926-52). 10 Kroner. P-16a. Brown. Hump-back whale at center. Green underprint fine screening through border. Very faint reverse print. A stunning and popular type that is seldom available at any grade level. (photo) Est. 400-600


Haiti. Banque Nationale de le Republique D’Haiti. ND (1920-24) 2 Gourdes. P-151s. Black & multicolored, palm at right, value at left, reverse blue with tree at left and value at right. Red SPECIMEN overprint. Unc. Est. 200-300


Banco Central de Honduras. 5-10.1971. No.K073140 (red). 5 Lempiras. P-56b. Date vertical (black). Black on multicolor with Morazan on left and Coat of Arms on right. Back shows a detailed scene of the Battle of Trinidad (11.11.1827). Unimprovable condition. Uncirculated. Est. 75-150


Hong Kong. Hong Kong & Shanghai Banking Corporation. 1.1.1925. 1 Dollar. P-171. No.C166763. Face: Black on blue and yellow. Helmeted woman at left, arms and port scene at lower right. Back: Purple on pink. Woman with harp at center. Heavy vertical and horizontal fold creases as is typical. Printed by B&W. Fine. Est. 150-250


Iceland. Landsbanki Islands. 15 April 1928. 5 Kroner. P-32a. Green and multicolored. Almost Uncirculated. Est. 60-80


India. Specimen Traveller’s Checks. [23] 1-3) Calcutta. State Bank of India. 50, 100, 500, 1000 Rupees. Red, blue, violet and brown. 19__. Uniface. Multicolor underprints and microprinting. All CU. 4-9) Bombay. Bank of India. 50, 100, 250, 500, 1000 Rupees. 10-15) Baroda. Bank of Baroda. 100, 250, 500, 1000, 2500, 5000 Rupees. Bound in a booklet. 16-19) Karnataka. Syndicate Bank. 100, 500, 1000, 5000 Rupees. Bound in a booklet. 20-23) Punjab National Bank. Booklet with four Autralia and New Zealand Banking Group Limited “English Currency” travelers check specimens. 2, 5, 10 and 20 Pounds. All items in this lot are Uncirculated, but the last four are rough along the left edges. Est. 100-150


Italy. Banca d’Italia. 1959. 1000 Lire. P-88c, No.N332 080528. Dark blue and brown, value at center. AU-Uncirculated. Est. 150-250


Japan. 100 Yen. ND (1945). (Pick 78Ab). Black on blue-grey underprint. Portrait, center. VF-EF. Est. 80-120


Korea MPC. 1 Won. Schwan 985, PM21. Very Good. This rare piece of Series 3 Korean Military Payment scrip has some ink writing on the face, and a rough left margin. Est. 200-300


Korea MPC. 25c. Schwan 994, PM 27. Fine. This Series 3 coupon has no issues outside of normal circulation. Est. 200-300


Latvia. Riga’s Workers Deputies’ Soviet. All 1919. 1) R1 1 Rublis CU. 2) R2 3 Rublis VF-EF. 3) R3 5 Rublis EF-AU. 4) R4 10 Rublis AU. Est. 75-100


Netherlands. Zilverbon Groot. 16 October 1944. 5 Gulden. P-63. No.BY 001177. Green, value at left and right. Uncirculated. Est. 250-450

128 128

Hong Kong. The Chartered Bank of India, Australia & China. 9.1.1923. 5 Dollars. P-47. No.M/A500680. Face: Black and blue with multicolor background. Workmen at left, arms at center, boats and pagoda at right. Back: Red and black. Building at center. Multiple folds from circulation with small hole from fold at center, red ink and pen mark in back margin. A scarce British Administration issue. Seldom offered. Fine. (photo) Est. 600-800

January 16-18, 2012 - New York


Northwest Russia Selection. 1) S201 1919 25 Kopeks AU. 2) S202 1919 50 Kopeks CU. 3) S204b 1919. 3 Rubles VF-EF. 4) S205a 1919. 5 Rubles AU.


Another Nice Russian Selection. 1) S226 CU. 2) S227 AU stain. 3) S228b VF-EF with rounded corners. 4) S323A About Good. 5) S323Ba VG. 6) S324. 7) S324Ab. 8) S333 EF-AU. 9) S334 CU. 10) S335 EF. 11) S336 CU. 12) S337 EF-AU. 13) S338 VG. Est. 200-300


South Russia 1918-1919 Government Bank Note Selection. 1) S407 1918 CU. 2-3) S408a EF, CU stamp hinge. 4-5) S409a both CU. 6) S410 CU. 7) S411 CU. 8) S412a CU. 9) S412b CU. 10) S413 CU. 11) S414c AU. 12) S415a AU. 13) S415c CU. 14) S416a CU. 15) S417a AU. 16) S417b CU. 17-19) S418c EF-AU(3). One with pinholes. 20) S419a AU. 21) S419d EF-AU with a pinhole and thin spot. Est. 500-750


Russia. General Wrangel’s 1919-1920 Government Treasury Notes. 1) S420b 1919. 3 Rubles. VF-EF. 2-3) S421a 1919. 10 Ruble. AU, CU. 4) S421b. 1919. 10 Ruble. AU. 5) S422a 1919 50 Rubles. VF-EF. 6-7) 422b 1919. 50 Rubles. AU, CU. 8) S423 1919 100 Rubles EF-AU. 9-10) S2424a 1000 Rubles both AU, one with pinholes. 11-12) S425a 1919 10000 Rubles. Both AU. 13) 432c. 1920. 100 Rubles. CU. 14-15) S434 1920. 500 Rubles. Both CU. Est. 300-450


Russia. North Caucasus Note Selection. [9] 1) S447a. 1918. 10 Ruble. Split, repaired, otherwise Fine. 2) S448a 1918 25 Rubles. Fine, but there is an edge split, and the note is trimmed in. 3) S452 1918 50 Rubles Fine. 4) S479B. 1918. 5 Rublei. Fine, with pinholes, stains. 5) S494A 50 Kopeks CU. 6) S520A 1918. 5 Ruble About Fine. 7) S585B 1918 5 Rubles VG 8) S585C 1918. 10 Rubles AG. 9) S585E 1919. 50 Rubles. Fine. Est. 150-250

Est. 100-150

139 139

Russia. Field Treasury, Northwest Front. 1919. 1000 Rubles. Pick S210. AU, pinhole, left. (photo) Est. 300-450

140 140

Russia. Field Treasury, Northwest Front. 1919. 1000 Rubles. Pick S210. AU, pinhole, left. (photo) Est. 300-450


Russia. Pskov Regional Government Treasury Note. 1918. Rubles. Pick S211. AU, pinholes, upper right. Est. 100-150


Russia. Special Corps of the Northern Army Under General Rodzianko 1919 Selection. All Crisp Uncirculated. 1) S219. 1 Ruble. 2) S220 3 Rubles. 3) S221 5 Rubles. 4) S222 10 Rubles. Est. 200-300

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The January 2012 Collectors Series Sale


Russia. Area Executive Committee of the North Caucasian Soviet Republic. 1918. 50 Rubles. S457. Very Fine. Est. 150-250


Russia Pairing. [2] 1) S474. 1917. 1 Ruble. VF, light stain. 2) S475. 1917. 3 Rubles. VF. Est. 30-50


149 149

Russia. Government Bank. Armavir. 1918. 150 Rublei. S479H. VF-EF. (photo) Est. 250-350


Russia. Ekatorinadar. 1) S496a. 1918. 50 Rubles. F-VF. 2) S497. 1918. 100 Rubles. F-VF.


Russia. Mineral Vodyi District Second Exchange Token Issue. 1918. 5 Ruble. S509. CU. (photo) Est. 300-450


Russia. Mineral Vodyi District Second Exchange Token Issue. 1918. 10 Ruble. S510. AU, minor thin spot on back near bottom. Est. 150-250


Mineral Vodyi District 1918 Second Exchange Token Selection. 1) S507 1 Ruble About Fine. 2) S508 3 Ruble About Good. 3) S512 25 Rubles EF-AU, but thin spots. 4) S512G 50 Rubles with thin spots and hinge remnants on back, otherwise AU. Est. 150-250


Russia. Terek Republic. 1918. 100 Rubles. S535a. CU, light paper clip impression. Also included is S531a, G-VG. [2] Est. 100-150

Est. 100-150

151 151

Russia. Mineral Vodyi District First Exchange Token Issue. 1917. 100 Rubles S506. EF-AU. (photo) Est. 400-600

156 156

Russia. Vladkavkaz Railroad Company. 1918. 100 Rubles. S594. AU. (photo) Est. 200-300

January 16-18, 2012 - New York


Russia. Trancaucasia Selection. 1) S602 1918 3 Rubles. Fine. 2) S604 1918 50 Rubles. VF-EF. 3) S605 1918 100 Rubles VF. 4) S606 1918 100 Rubles VF. 5) S607a 1918 250 Rubles Fine 6) S732 1918 25 Rubles VF-EF. 7) S736 1919 1 Ruble F-VF. 8) S761a 1921 5000 Rubles EF-AU.


Est. 250-350


Russia. Soviet Baku City Administration. 1918. 50 Rubles. S733b. CU. Est. 150-250


Russia. Siberia and Urals Selection. [8] 1) S816 1918 1 Ruble. VF. 2-3) S817 1918 10 Rubles EF, AU. 4-6) S818 1918 VF-EF, AU, CU. 7) S826 1918 300 Rubles VF-EF. 8) S827 1919 3 Rubles VF-EF. Est. 100-150


1919 5% Russian Government Debenture Obligations. [10] 1) S855a 25 Rubles CU. 2) S856 50 Rubles CU. 3) S857 250 Rubles VF-EF 4-6) S861 250 Rubles EF-AU. 7) S863 1000 Rubles AU. 8-10) S867 500 Rubles VF-EF, AU (2). Est. 200-300


Russian Central Asia Group. [5] 1) S982. 1918. 100 Rubles. G-VG, small repairs. 2) Askhabad S1141 1919 5 Rubles VG. 3) S1144b. 1919. 50 Rubles. About Fine, light stain. 4) S1146 1919. 250 Rubles. About Good, repairs. 5) Turkestan District. S1167 50 Rubles. Fine, pinhole. Est. 100-150


Russia. Government of the Eastern Border Regions - Chita. 1) S1187b. 1920. 100 Rubles. VF. 2) S1188b 1920. 500 Rubles. AU. Est. 100-150


Russia / East Siberia 1920 Government Credit Note. S1208. 1000 Rubles. No.AA01043. AU. Est. 100-150


Russia / East Siberia 1920 Government Credit Note. S1208. 1000 Rubles. No.AA01031. AU. Est. 100-150


Russia / East Siberia. Far East Provisional Government. Priamur Region. [3] 1) S1241 1918 5 Kopeks. VF-EF. 2) S1242 1918. 10 Kopeks. AU. 3) S1243 1918. 30 Kopeks. EF. Est. 200-300

Nice Assortment of Russian Notes. 1-2) P-11c 1909 VF-EF, AU. 3) P-25a AU. 4) P26a. AU. 5) P-30. About Good. 6) P-37. 1917 1000 Rubles. CU. 7) P-81 CU. 8-10) P-84 Strip of three CU. 11-14) P-85a. Strip of three CU, single piece AU. 15) P-86a. CU. 16) P-87 CU. 17-18) P-98 Fine, EF. 19) P-99 VF. 20) P-100 VF spot. 21) P-105a EF. 22) P-106a CU. 23) P-107a Unc trimmed. 24-25) P-107d both CU. 26) P-109 AU miscut. 27) P-112c VF. 28) P-113a AU. 29) P-114 VF piece out. 30) P-115a AU. 31-32) P-116a VF, AU. 33-34) P-117a AU, CU. 35) P-127 Fine. 36-37) P-131 Both AU, one with mounting remnant. 38-39) P-132 VF, VF-EF. 40) P-147 Fine. 41) P-149 VF. 42) P-150 AU. 43) P-205 EF-AU. 44) P-209 VF-EF. 45) P-214 VF. 46) P-217 VF-EF. Est. 350-500



Russia. Nice Group of 1999 State Treasury Notes. 1-4) P-8d. Fine with pinholes, AU(2), CU(2). Est. 150-250


Scotland. Royal Bank of Scotland. (1992-1997) One Thousand One Pound Notes. P-351c. [1,000] Green on multicolor underprint. Lord Ilay at right. Edinburgh Castle depicted on back. TDLR. An Uncirculated, shrink-wrapped pack of 1,000 notes. We are unable to confirm the issue date of this pack due to the wrapper, but are confident it is between 1992 and 1997. (photo) Est. 1,550-1,750

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The January 2012 Collectors Series Sale

169 169

Serbia. Chartered National Bank of the Kingdom of Serbia. 14 January 1887. 10 Dinara. P-9. No. J 163 285. Blue, maiden with sword and shield. VF, rare. (photo) Est. 500-750


Sierra Leone. Bank of Sierra Leone. 1964. ÂŁ1. P3a. No.C/I 757671. Lilac and green. EF. Est. 250-450


Somalia. Banca Nazionale Somala. Mogadishu, 1971. 100 Scellini. P-16a. Blue and multicolored, value at center; reverse blue, red and multicolored. VF, scarce. Est. 250-350


South Korea. Bank of Korea. 1949. 10 Chon. P-5. Maroon and pink. Uncirculated. Est. 150-250

174 174

South Korea. Bank of Korea. 1957. 100 Hwan. Specimen. P-21s. Zero serial numbers. Syngman Rhee at right. PMG Choice Unc 64. (photo) Est. 750-1,000

175 175

173 173

South Korea. Bank of Korea. 1956. 500 Hwan. Specimen. P-20s. Red 000 in field, green, Syngman Rhee at center. PMG Choice Unc 63. Scarce. (photo) Est. 2,500-3,500

South Korea. Bank of Korea. 1957. 1000 Hwan. Specimen. P-22s. Zero serial numbers. Syngman Rhee at right. PMG Choice Unc 63. (photo) Est. 2,500-3,500

January 16-18, 2012 - New York

178 176 176

South Korea. Bank of Korea. 1958. 500 Hwan. Specimen. P-24s. Zero serial numbers. Green, Syngman Rhee at right. PMG About Unc 55. Scarce. (photo) Est. 1,500-2,500


Spain. El Banco de Espa単a. Burgos, 20 May 1938. 1000 Pesetas. P-115a. No.A0124755. Blue and red, value at each corner, reverse historical scene. EF. (photo) Est. 750-1,000


Selection of Tibet Notes. [6] 1) P-7a. 50 Tam. Pressed, small edge split repairs, otherwise VF. 2) P-9. 10 Srang Fine-VF, pressed, light stains. 3-4) P-10 25 Srang. VF, minor stains; VF pressed, hole. 5-6) P-11a. (1942-1959) 100 Strang. VF corner crumpled, EF. Est. 60-90

177 177

South Korea. Bank of Korea. 1961. 500 Hwan. Specimen. P-27s. Zero serial numbers. Green. King Sejong the Great at right. PMG About Unc 55. Rare. (photo) Est. 3,500-4,500

180 180

Yugoslavia. 1000 Dinara. 1935. Beautiful multicolored note. Woman center, horses. VF-EF, with some age toning. (photo) Est. 250-350


Remainder of World Banknotes. A collectible lot of circulated world type with countries including: Brazil (P-39), Canada (P-58, P-59, Charlton 26-04), ChinaRepublic (P-173a, P-216) Great Britain (P-366), Portugal (P-143), and Trinidad and Tobago (P-5). Other countries include France, French West Africa, Germany, and Japan. Grades range from VG to EF. A lot that should be inspected. Sold as is, no returns. Est. 100-150

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The January 2012 Collectors Series Sale


Continental Currency Grouping. [3] 1) May 10, 1775. $8. Fr. CC-8. Scotch tape mounting remnants at sides, otherwise F-VF. 2) Feb. 26, 1777. $3. Fr. CC-56. Minor edge split, otherwise Fine. 3) Sept. 26, 1778. $60. Fr. CC-86. EF-AU, rounded corners. Est. 200-300


February 17, 1776 Continental Currency Trio. [3] 1) $1/3. CC-20. About Fine, minor stains and edge splits. 2) $5. CC-35. Fine, small stain. 3) $8. CC-53. Fine-VF, pinholes, stain on back. Est. 120-180


February 26, 1777 Continental Currency Trio. [3] 1) $3. CC-56. 2) $4. CC-57. 3) $8. CC-61. All with small Scoth tape repairs, otherwise F-VF. Est. 100-150

185 185

Continental. April 11, 1778. $40. Fr. CC-78. No serial number. PMG About Unc 50 Net. ¼” Scotch tape remnants in the side borders. (photo) Est. 400-500

186 186

Continental. September 26, 1778. $60. Fr. CC-86. No. 98378. PMG About Unc 50 Net. Globe on front as earth, “Deus Regnat Exultet Terra” (“God reigns, let the earth rejoice” from Psalm 97). PMG notes corner repair on back of holder, which is to the upper right. Bow on back. Signed by R. Roberts and S. Nicholas. Printed by Hall & Sellers. (photo) Est. 100-150


Continental Currency Jan. 14, 1779 Trio. All with small Scotch tape mounting remnants at the sides. 1) $4. Fr. CC-90. Otherwise VF-EF. 2) $35. Fr. CC-94. Otherwise EF-AU. 3) $80. Fr. CC-102. Small body hole, otherwise VF. Est. 200-300


Connecticut. March 26, 1761. 1 Shilling. Fr. CT130. No serial number. PMG Good 4 Net. Upper 3/4 of note present. Backed and contemporarily sewn together at central fold. Rarely offered in any grade. Est. 100-150


Trio of Connecticut Colonials: [3] 1) May 10, 1770. 2s 6p. Good, peripheral tape. 2) June 7, 1776. 2s 6p. No. 17532. VG. 3) June 7, 1776. 1s. VG, taped. All three notes are slash cancelled. Est. 100-150

SPINK offers clients the option of paying by credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, and Discover only) in United States Dollars for a convenience charge of two percent (2%) up to a total of $20,000.00. For assistance with this type of payment, please contact our Dallas offices. 800-556-7826 or 972-788-2100.

January 16-18, 2012 - New York


Connecticut Colonial Grouping. [4] 1) June 7, 1776. 1s. CT-194. Tape repairs, small pieces out, else VG. 2) Oct. 11, 1777. 7p. CT-218. Slash cancelled, otherwise VF. 3-4) Mar. 1, 1780. 40s. CT-225. Both with rough edges, hole cancelled, otherwise Fine-VF. Est. 120-180


Connecticut. June 7, 1776. 5 Shillings. Fr. CT-199. No. 2475. PMG Uncirculated 61. PMG notates that the note is “Slash Cancelled.” Est. 100-150


Connecticut July 1, 1780 Colonial Assortment. [6] All neatly hole cancelled. 1) 1s/3p. Fr. CT-235. Hole, otherwise CU. 2) 2s/6p. Fr. CT-236. Otherwise EF-AU. 3) 5s CT-237. Stains, hole, otherwise AU. 4) 10s. Fr. CT-238. Hole, otherwise VF. 5) 20s. CT-238, Edge splits, hole, otherwise Fine. 6) 40s CT-240. Edge splits, hole, otherwise Fine. All but the first have rounded corners. Est. 150-250




Connecticut June 1, 1780 Colonial Quartet. [4] All neatly hole cancelled, with rounded, corners. 1) 1s/3p. Fr. CT-226. Hole, edge splits, otherwise CU. 2-3) 10s. Fr. CT-230. Both with hole, edge splits, stains, otherwise Fine. 4) 20s. CT-231, Edge splits, holes, otherwise Fine. Est. 80-120 Connecticut July 1, 1780 Colonial Group. [4] All neatly hole cancelled, with rounded, corners. 1) 5s. Fr. CT-235. Hole, edge splits, otherwise CU. 2-4) 10s. Fr. CT-238. All three with hole, edge splits, stains, otherwise Fine-VF. Est. 80-120 Connecticut PCGS Certified Trio. [3] 1) Connecticut. Mar. 1, 1780. 10s. CT-223. PCGS 58PPQ Hole punched. 2) Connecticut. Jul. 1, 1780. 2s/6d. CT-236. PCGS 58PPQ Hole punched. 3) Connecticut. Jul. 1, 1780. 2s/6d. CT-236. PCGS 63PPQ Hole punched. Est. 150-200


Maryland. August 14, 1776. $1. Fr. MD-96. No.19972. Signed by Hammond and Gassaway. Heavy center fold. Stain, otherwise VF. Est. 80-120


Massachusetts. May 5, 1780. 20 Dollars. Fr. MA285. No. 2475. PMG Uncirculated 61. Slash cancelled. Est. 80-120


North Carolina. July 14, 1760. 40 Shilling. Fr. NC111. No. 909. PMG Choice Fine 15 Net.”Restoration.” Repaired splits. Est. 80-120


North Carolina. Apr. 23, 1761. 2s/6p. Fr. NC118. Split, otherwise Fine. Est. 100-150


North Carolina. April 23, 1761. 30s. Fr. NC-125. No. 295. PMG Choice Fine 15 Net. 1” repaired split. Only 1,000 examples were printed of this denomination, with this example signed by John Starkey, John Swann, Lewis De Rosset, and Samuel Swann. A tear is noted at top center, and is mentioned as a repair on the back of the holder as the reason for the Net grade. Est. 100-150


Pennsylvania. March 16, 1785. 10s. Fr. PA-270. No.6725. PCGS Apparent VF 20. This is a scarcer issue that is printed on watermarked paper with “Pennsyl” and “Vania” on two lines that can be seen when the note is candled. PCGS notes that the signatures are redrawn. Est. 100-150


Rhode Island. June 16, 1775. 4s. Fr. RI-191. Split in half and repaired with archival tape, otherwise Good. Very rare. Est. 200-300


Rhode Island. Sept. 5, 1776. $¼. Fr. RI-243. A few pinholes, some age toning, but otherwise Fine. Est. 500-750


South Carolina. Dec. 23, 1776. $2. Fr. SC-136a. Pieces out, otherwise AU. Est. 100-150


South Carolina. April 10, 1778. 2s 6p. Fr. SC-145. Stains, pieces out of edge, otherwise Fine. Est. 80-120

Most single item lots can be viewed on our website www., but not all multi-piece lots are imaged. Our specialist will gladly describe any multi-piece lot to you via Internet or telephone. Page 21

The January 2012 Collectors Series Sale


South Carolina. April 10, 1778. 5s. Fr. SC-147. Stains, pieces out, otherwise Very Good. Phoenix rising from the ashes at bottom right. Some internal paper separations are noted, along with the rough edges. Est. 80-120


South Carolina. April 10, 1778. 10s. Fr. SC-149. No. 14005. Stains, rough top edge, otherwise VGFine Est. 80-120


Virginia October 16th, 1780 Colonial Pairing. [2] 1) $50. Fr. VA-191. Looks F-VF, but there are hidden repairs. 2) $200. Fr. VA-193. Taped repair, upper right, otherwise VF. Est. 150-250



Colonial and Continental Trio. [3] 1) Continental Congress Nov. 2, 1776. $8. CC-53. VF. 2) Maryland. Mar. 1, 1770. $1. MD-55. Split in half, Scotch taped, otherwise Fine. 3) Maryland. Apr. 10, 1774. $1/2 MD-64. F-VF, pinholes. Est. 100-150 Assorted Colonial Notes. [5] 1) DE. Jan. 1, 1776. 5s. DE-77. Large pieces out, taped repairs, otherwise Unc. 2) MD. Apri. 10, 1774. $1/3. MD-63. Stains, staple holes, else Fine. 3) NJ. June 22, 1756. 3 Pounds. Pinholes, splits, stains, much worn. Fair. 4) PA. Mar. 10, 1769. 2s/6p. PA-141. Split in half, rejoined with tape, else About Good. 5) Similar. 2s. PA-140. Fold splits, otherwise Good. Est. 100-150

212 212

T-6. $50. 1861. Cr. 6, PF-1. No. 5781, Plate B. EF, pinholes, mounting remnants, small ink spot. Justice at left. Agriculture and Industry seated on a bale of cotton at center. Washington bust at right. Issued October 3, 1861 by William Bromwell, Disbursing Clerk , State Department. Looks almost uncirculated at first glance. (photo) Est. 2,500-3,500


T-16. $50. 1861. Cr. 93, PF-13. No. 17446. Plate YA. 2nd Series. VG-Fine, CC, edge split, right. Slightly miscut. Stamp hinge repairs. Less than 10 reported. Rare CSA block letter watermark. Est. 100-200


T-58. $20. 1863. Cr. 418, PF-4. No. 38266, Plate F. Nashville state capitol at top center. Alexander Stephens at lower right. PMG Choice About New 58 EPQ. Trimmed close in spots. Est. 100-200


T-63. 50 Cents. 1863. PMG Choice Uncirculated 64 EPQ. Est. 100-200


211 211

T-5. $100. 1861. Cr. 5, PF-1. No. 4404, Plate B. Hudson River Railroad scene at top center. Justice and Minerva at the sides. Endorsement on back reads, “Disbursed Sep 17, 1861 / Ferdinand Molloy / Capt ACS.� This beautiful example exhibits dark, rich green overprints on the front. Uncirculated. Trimmed just into the bottom border. Two of the corners on the back show traces of stamp hinges having been removed. (photo) Est. 3,000-4,000

January 16-18, 2012 - New York

THE COLLECTOR’S SERIES SALE SECOND SESSION Monday, January 16, 2012- 1:00 p.m. Lots 216-1076 Spink Smythe, New York OBSOLETE CURRENCY 216

AL. Marion. Merchants Change Association. 25c. May 10, 1836. (Rosene 179-2). Geometric lathework with die counter, ends. Signatures questionable. Unc. Est. 200-300

220 220

AL. Montgomery. Central Bank of Alabama. $5. 1850s. (AL-65 G12a). Proof on card. Two red 5 overprints. Sailor, blacksmith and slave seated upon dock, flanked by a view of Dexter Street in Montgomery. left; and at right, the steamboat “Montgomery.” Four small POCs in signature blocks and a light water stain in upper right corner, otherwise AU. (photo) Est. 600-900


AL. Montgomery. Metcalf & Hatchett General Insurance Agency. 25¢. November 1, 1865. (Rosene 2402). Red undertint. Beehive, lower left; dog with safe and key, lower right. Red 25 with radiating beams slightly faded. B. Corlies & Macy. VG-F, very minor edge splits. Unusual post-war issue, payable in U.S. Currency. Issues like this would soon be taxed. Est. 150-250


AL. Tuscaloosa. City of Tuscaloosa. 50c. May 7, 1862. (As R-323-8 But for Date). Body hole, otherwise VG. Est. 150-250


Group of State of Alabama Notes. [13] 5 Cents 1863 Fine, age toned; Similar, CU, spot; 10 Cents 1863 Unc.; 25 Cents 1863(3) all Unc., age toned; 50 Cents 1863(2) Unc., age toned; $1 Jan.1863 VF; $5 1864, F-VF, stain on back; $10 1864 Fine; $50 1864 AU, but silked; $100 1864 VF. Est. 120-180


AL. Pair of Alabama Scrip: 1) Auburn. Office East Alabama Insurance Co. 10 Cents. Feb., 1862. (Rosene 15-2). R-1. Small format with decorative frame edge at left. Fine. 2) Selma. Alabama & Tennessee River R.R $2. June 1862. (Rosene 290-5). Blue. Red 2 / TWO overprint. Train; Justice left. Body hole, otherwise VG. Printed on the reverse of Real Estate Bank of South Alabama notes. [2] Est. 200-300

217 217



AL. Mobile. Bank of Mobile. $500. Ca. 1830’s-50’s. (AL-45 G42: R-183-16). Proof on India paper. Semi-nude woman seated on bale by shield. Four medallion heads. Scarce high denomination. Small edge split, upper right, professionally conserved, and barely noticeable from the front, otherwise AU, (photo) Est. 600-900 AL. Mobile. Deposit Bank. $2. Aug. 19, 1862. Woman seated, pail, sheaf of wheat. Mechanic’s Aid Association in oval across left end. Light mounting stains, top, otherwise F-VF. Est. 100-150 AL. Montgomery. State of Alabama. $100. Jan. 1, 1864. (Cr. 12). Indian chief stands, Indian maiden and braves. Map of Alabama beneath large tree, lower left. Ornate green back. F-VF. Est. 100-150

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The January 2012 Collectors Series Sale





Colorful Alabama Scrip Notes. Montgomery. Alabama Insurance Co. 1) 10c. Jan. 1862. VG. 2) 10c. Jan. 1862. Fine. 3) 25c. Jan. 1862. VG. 4) $1. April 1, 1862. No.2993. VG. Faded, some backing. 5) $2. April 1, 1862. No.1304. Fine. Faded, but clean. All from the Atlanta branch. [5] Est. 250-350 Trio of Alabama Insurance Notes. 1) AL. Montgomery. Alabama Insurance. 5¢. Jan. 1862. Red with blue text. Train. G-VG, heavy staining. 2) 10¢. Jan. 1862. Red with blue text. Woman leans on column. VG. 3) 50¢. Jan., 1862. Red with blue text. Train. About Fine. [3] Est. 100-150 AR. Batesville. Treasurer of Independence County. $10. 1861. Typeset form. For the support of volunteer’s families. VF. Est. 100-150


AR. Arkansas Treasury Warrant Trio. [3] 1) $5 1863. “with interest….” crossed out. Fine, but trimmed close, left. 2) $10 1864 Cr.56B. About Fine. 3) $1 1862 Cr.8. Spindle hole, small paper label on back, otherwise About Fine. Est. 50-100


CA. Pair of James G. Fair Checks: [2] Agency of the Bank of Califonia, with one check having a rare Nevada revenue stamp overprint. James G. Fair is the credited with discovering the Comstock Lode. VF, CC. Est. 80-120


CO. Denver. Colorado Supply Co. 5c. Sept. 1, 1904. Red 5 on both sides. Monograms at sides. Ex. The New York Auction. NASCA 1980. VG. And CO. Denver. Iron Chest Mining Co. 5 Shares. 1890. Green tint. State shield of Colorado at top. Share Certificate that obviously circulated. Trimmed left, otherwise Fine. [2] Est. 200-300


CT. Group of Four Bridgeport Obsoletes: [4] 1) Bridge Port Exchange Association Inc. 25 Cents. 1837. Stains, edge chips, otherwise Fine. 2) Similar. $2. 1837. About Fine. 3) Farmers Bank of Bridgeport. $1. 1853. Pinholes, else VG. 4) Merchants Exchange Bank. $5. 1857. Trimmed into top and bottom, else Very Good. Est. 100-150


Connecticut Trio. [3] 1) Derby. Derby Bank per Mechanics Bank. $3. 1825. Fine, repaired corner. 2) Hartford. Phoenix Bank. $3. 1818. Fine. 3) Tolland County Bank. $5. 1841. Fine, stain. Est. 100-150


CT. East Haddam. Bank of New-England at Goodspeed’s Landing Group. Ca. 1860s. (CT-110 G16c, 18c (2) and G22c). [4] All with green overprints and ABN imprint. 1) $1. Goodspeed’s Landing. 2-3) $2. Similar, with oval portrait of man. 4) $5. Ships under construction; Countess Rossi, bottom center. Unc., with light teller handling and natural paper wrinkles. Est. 150-250


CT. Falls Village. Tupper Wood Co. per Iron Bank. 10 Cents. 1862. Blue, red overprint. Eagle. About Fine, pinhole, and some age toning. Scarce. Est. 80-130


CT. Hartford. Connecticut River Banking Co. (CT145 C52). $5. 1845. About Fine. Est. 50-75


CT. Hartford. Merchants and Manufacturers Bank. $1. February 1, 1862. (CT-190 G2a). Large ornate red 1 in center. Young woman with flowers in hand, top; sheep, lower left. Geometric lathework die counters, upper corners. Punch cancels over the signatures, otherwise VG+. Est. 200-300

AR. Fayetteville. Holcomb & Barnard. 75 Cents. Jan. 17, 1862. (Rothert 198-9). No. 148, Plate A. Left end panel ‘75 Cents”. Typeset form on tissue-thin paper. Endorsed on back with some bleed through Fine, pinholes. ex Schingoethe, Sale 272 Lot 3545. Est. 100-150

229 229


AR. Little Rock. Bank of the State of Arkansas. $100. 1830’s-40’s. (AR-10 G50; R-400-5). Proof on India paper. Indian child in canoe. Medallion heads. Some paper thinning, upper left, otherwise AU. (photo) Est. 600-900 AR. Little Rock. William B. Wait, S.H. Tucker. 75 Cents. Feb. 10, 1862. (Rothert-440-4), No. 393. Decorative frame. Form printed in red on verso. Very Good, with pinholes, body split, and some fading. Est. 100-150

Spink Smythe

January 16-18, 2012 - New York



CT. Hartford. Merchants and Manufacturers Bank. $1. February 1, 1862. (CT-190 G2b). As previous, except a large ornate green 1 in center. Upper left corner tip pinched off at the frameline. Punch cancels over the signatures, otherwise Fine. Est. 250-300 CT. Hartford. Mutual Benefit Life Co. 5000. Advertising note. Green with red back. Ca.1890s. AU. Est. 50-100


CT. Hartford. Phoenix Bank. 50 Cents. 1st. Dec. 1814. Ragged edge, upper left, pinhole, upper right, otherwise Fine. Est. 150-250


CT. New Haven. L. E. Hall Family Grocer per New Haven County Bank. 10 Cents. 1862. About Fine, minor rust stains. Est. 60-80

244 244


CT. New Haven. T. Hurle, Merchant Tailor. 1866. Naramore Souvenir card for Mr. Hurle’s establishmen. Features a photographic copy of a $500 Manufacturers NB of Philadelphia, PA National banknote. Card in exceptionally good condition with minor stain at top right. Mr. Hurle sold “Gents’ First Class Garments, Canes and Umbrellas”. (photo) Est. 350-450 CT. New Haven. Mechanics Bank. $100. 1820s-50s. (CT-280 G84). Remainder. Justice holds scales aloft, sword in right hand, bust of Washington, behind, left. Hebe pours water for eagle, right. Washington, bottom. A.B.C. Durand & Wright. Trimmed just into top border frame, otherwise Choice AU. Est. 150-250


CT. Talcott & Post. On Charter Oak Bank. 10 Cents. PCGS New 62. Est. 60-90


District of Columbia Group. [4] 1) Citizens Bank. (DC-180 G10) $10. 1852. Stains, ink erosion hole, otherwise Fine. 2) Bank of the District of Columbia. $5. 1858. (DC215 G8a). Small pieces out of the top border, otherwise VG. 3) Bank of the Metropolis. $50. (DC-290 G58) Ca. 1830s-40s. Remainder. VF, stained. 4) Deed of Trust - Real Estate Note. $100. 1876. Nibbled top border, otherwise About Fine. Est. 80-120


DC. Georgetown. Bank of Commerce. $1. June 2, 1862. (DC-70 G12a, G12b). Green overprints. Eagle. Lincoln. Maiden. NBN. About Fine. Est. 200-300


DC. Georgetown. Falls Bridge Turnpike Co. 12 ½ Cents. 1830s. VF-EF, but trimmed into the bottom. Scarce DC scrip note. Est. 50-100


DC. New York. Metropolitan Jewelers Association & Piano Forte Manufacturing Co. $20. Nov. 1867. Advertising note. Treasury Note & National Currency Depository. Green and red. Green back. Ceres, left. VF details, internal slit. Est. 100-200


District of Columbia Pairing. [2] 1) DC. Washington. Bullion Bank. $3. July 4, 1862. DC-170 G24a. Payable in US Treasury Notes.Young woman with elaborate head covering. Orange tint. Small lathework geometric die counters with 3s. Child with coins. VG, tear at left. 2) DC. Georgetown. Bank of Commerce. $1.June 2, 1862. (DC-70 G12a, G12b). Green overprints. Eagle. Lincoln. Maiden. NBN. About Fine. DC. Georgetown. Bank of Commerce Pair. $1. May 7, 1862, June 2, 1862. (DC-70 G12a, G12b). Green overprints. Eagle. Lincoln. Maiden. NBN. Good. VG. [2] Est. 250-400


DE. Dover. Farmers Bank of the State of Delaware Pairing. 1) $2. Jany 1 1853. No.734 (DE-15 G56). VG. 2) $2. Mar. 1, 1857 No.2753 (DE-15 G56) VG+. Faded. [2] Est. 150-250


DE. Newark. Town of Newark. 20 Cents. July 18, 1862. Green die counters and text. Conestoga wagon, top; Washington, left. Nice margins. Fine-VF. Est. 100-150


DE. Wilmington. Bank of Delaware. $3. July 7, 1837. (DE-70 G84). Haxby Plate Note. Maiden, sheep, top, flanked by die counters. Small body hole, otherwise VG-Fine Est. 150-250


DE. Wilmington. City of Wilmington Scrip Trio: 1) 10 Cents. March 15, 1841. Farmer and woman.Offset impression of the 5 cent note on back. UBSH. VG. 2) 25 Cents. May 15, 1837. Sailing ship. Stain, staple holes, otherwise VG-Fine. 3) 50 Cents. May 15, 1837. Pat Lyon at His Forge. Light stains, otherwise Fine. [3] Est. 100-150


FL. Apalachicola. Commercial Bank of Florida. $5. Ca. 1833-43. FL-5 G34. Post Note. Washington and Marshall (left) and Fulton and Franklin (right). Sailing vessel, early passenger train and the steamboat. Tears and pinholes, oherwise Fine. Est. 100-150

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The January 2012 Collectors Series Sale


FL - (LA). [Pensacola]. Pensacola Navy Yard. $39. May 30, 1838. Fold junction holes, foxing, else Fine. Est. 30-50


FL. St. Augustine. Southern Life Insurance & Trust Co. $5. Dec. 1, 1836. (FL-55 G8, Benice 4A, Freeman 3). Allegorical female reclines and studies flower in hand. RWHE. Small repair in right end. Trimmed just into the top border. Otherwise Fine. Est. 250-350


FL. Trio of Florida Obsoletes: 1) LaCrosse. J.C. Harris. 1930s. $9.00. Remainder. On green card.Unlisted location in Freeman. Unc. 2) Tallahassee. State Bank of Florida. $2. July 1, 1862. (Freeman-66). Certificate of Deposit. No.90. Eagle with arrows. Edge chipping, toned. VG. 3) Tallahassee. Union Bank of Florida. $10. (FL-85 G10). Steamboat, cotton wagon. Heavily stained, missing pieces on right side. Fair. [3] Est. 100-150


GA. Augusta. Augusta Insurance & Banking Co. Group: 1) $1. March 15, 1862. (GA-35 G4). “Pat Lyon at the Forge.� 2) $5. Dec. 15, 1852. (GA-35 G20). Washington, horse. 3) $5. January 2, 1847. (GA-35 G22). Marshall. Allegorical females top and right. 4) $10. Jan. 12, 1850. (GA-35 G28). Harrison. 5) $20. Nov. 6, 1849. (GA-35 G36). Declaration of Independence. Washington. All with body holes, edge chips, stains, crumpling or other impairments. Sold as is. [5] Est. 100-150



GA. Augusta. Bank of Augusta Trio: 1) $1. Ca. 1850s-60s. (GA-30 G28). Allegorical females, eagle. Rough lower right corner margin, otherwise AU. 2) $20. Ca. 1850s. (GA-30 G98). Madison. Allegorical females flank shield. Age toning, partially prepared, otherwise. VF. 3) $20. July 4, 1850. (GA-30 G98). Similar, with blue ink stamp. CC, POC, Fine. [3] Est. 80-120 GA. Augusta. Mechanics Bank 1850s Group: 1) $1. (GA-60 G4b). Eagle. Washington. VG. 2) $2. (GA-60 G8). Martha Washington. Blacksmith. Soiled, stain, otherwise VG-Fine. 3) $5. (GA-60 G16). Allegorical female. Worn, burned piece out at top. About Good. 4) $20. 1853. (GA-60 G26). Franklin. Woman in chariot. Light stains, otherwise. About Fine. 5) $50. 1853. (GA-60 G32). Early train. Missing small piece at top right corner, stains, otherwise Fine. Also GA. Brunswick. Brunswick & Albany Rail Road Co. $1. 1871. B-480. VG. [6] Est. 100-150

Spink Smythe


GA. Augusta. Mixed Augusta Small Change Bills: 1) Augusta Savings Bank. 5 Cents. Dec. 2, 1861. Dog, key and safe. Good. 2) City Council of Augusta. 10 Cents. Mar. 2, 1862. Water pumping truck. Toned, rough bottom edge. Good. 3) Bank of Augusta. 25 Cents. Jan. 1, 1863. (GA-30 G144). Plain text with red denominations. Bank of Augusta notes on reverse. F-VF. [3] Est. 80-120


GA. Augusta Mostly Scrip Assortment. Bank of Augusta. 25c. 1863. Unc. City Bank. 1) 50c.Jan. 1, 1862. Unc. 2) 50c. Jan. 1, 1863. Ch. AU. Age toned. Mechanics Bank. 25c. 1862. Mounting remnants, otherwise Ch. AU. $10. Oct 4th, 1859. (GA-60 A10). Corner portion missing, pinholes, otherwise VG/F. Union Bank. 5c. Jan. 1, 1862. VF. 50c. Jan. 1, 1862. Turtle. VF. 3) 75c. Jan. 1, 1863. VF 4) 50c. Jan. 1, 1862. AU. Hinged. [9] Est. 100-120


GA. Bainbridge. W.G. Beal, Sr. $1.(1830s-40s). Train, steamboat. Indian, left. About Fine, some light stains. Rare. Est. 150-250


GA. Cambellton. Campbell County $1. Oct. 28, 1862. Cotton bales. Fine, pinhole. Est. 120-180


GA. Columbus. Bank of St. Marys. 1) $1. 1843. (GA-265 G30a). VG. 2) $10. Nov. 16, 1846. (GA-265 G38a Plate note) Pinholes, hinges, otherwise Fine. 3) $5. 1846. (GA-265 G36a) Body holes, internal splits, otherwise VG. [3] Est. 200-300


GA. Dover Hill. American Bank. $2. 185_. PCGS Choice About New 58 Pen cancelled. The pen cancel is rather heavy. Est. 60-90


GA. Elberton. Inferior Court of Elbert County. 50 Cents. August 1, 1862. Green denomination and two 50s in the upper corners. Small sack of grain. VG/Fine. Pinholes. Est. 120-180


GA. Elberton. Inferior Court of Elbert County. $1. Oct. 30, 1862. As previous, green denomination. Train, left. VG/Fine, pinholes and some small edge tears, but presentable. Est. 150-250


GA. Elberton. Interior Court of Elbert County: 50c. Oct. 1, 1862. VG; 50c. Sept .18. 1862. VG.; $1. Aug.1862. G.; $1. Sept.1862. G. [4] Est. 200-300

January 16-18, 2012 - New York


GA. Greenville. County of Merriwether. $5. January 1, 1863. Red die counters and FIVE. Washington, center; slave, left; dog with key and safe, right. Small building at bottom. Stamp hinge repairs on back, otherwise Fine. Est. 100-150


GA. Griffin. County of Spalding. $5. Oct. 1, 1862. Fire engine. Green overprint FIVE. Musician with lyre. Splits repaired with stamp hinges, small body hole, otherwise Fine. Est. 100-150


GA. Griffin. Exchange Bank. $2. 1857. (GA-170 G4c). VG. Pinholes. $5.1857. (GA-170 G6c). About Fine. Stains. $5. 18__. No.1317 (GA-170 G6b). G+ 3 POC other holes. $10. 1857. (GA-170 G8c). About Good. Piece restored. [4] Est. 100-150


GA. Harris County. Treasurer of Harris County Trio: 1) $1. Oct. 21, 1862. Missing lower left corner, toned. VG. 2) $2. Oct. 2, 1862. Corners bumped slightly, trimmed closely at lower left into note, stain at top. VG. 3) $3. Oct. 21, 1862. Taped tear at left, toned, othewise Fine. All with dog with safe and key, top; young woman with hat, left. Red overprints and counters. [3] Est. 200-400


GA. Harris County. Treasurer of Harris County Trio: 1) $1. Oct. 21, 1862. Missing lower left corner, toned. VG. 2) $2. Oct. 2, 1862. Corners bumped slightly, trimmed closely at lower left into note, stain at top. VG. 3) $3. Oct. 21, 1862. Taped tear at left, toned, othewise Fine. All with dog with safe and key, top; young woman with hat, left. Red overprints and counters. [3] Est. 400-600


GA. Harris County. Treasurer of Harris County. 25c. January 1, 1863. Red . Red TWENTY-FIVE CENTS underprint. Eagle, on domed memorial. H.P. Hill & Co., Printers. On tissue thin paper. Unc, Minor stain and spots. Est. 80-120


Bank of Macon, Georgia Group. $1. 18__. (GA195 G4). Woman, flowers, Justice, sides. VF $1. 1829. (GA-195 G2).Washington, Franklin, sides VG+ with body small holes. $10.1829. (GA-195 G20) Eagle. Fine, mounting remnants. $20.1831.(GA-195 G26). Medallion heads. Minor stains, ink erosion hole, else Fine. [4] Est. 120-180

279 279

GA. Morgan. Bank of Morgan. $50. Ca. 1857. (GA235 G18a). Proof on India paper. Red 50 overprint. Passenger train arrives at station. Man with horse cart. Ceres. A BC / BBC POCs. Very light waterstain, otherwise Unc. (photo) Est. 300-500


GA. Rome. Quartet of Western Bank of Georgia Obsoletes: [4] 1) $5. 1840. Men flank shield. F-VF,but trimmed into the top edge. Small hole, right. 2) $5. Ca. 1830s-40s. Train., right. Cattle, left. Trimmed into top. Pinhole, else Fine. 3) $20. Aug. 13, 1840. Cattle. Repairs, upper right corner restored, otherwise VG 4) $20. Similar, 1851. VG, but small paper loss, tape repairs, stains. Est. 150-250

281 281

GA. Savannah. Bank of the State of Georgia. $20. Ca. 1840s-50s. (GA-330 Unlisted). Essai-color trial in green on India paper. Monument in square, buildings and tree. With sharp green die counters at top corners and green panels. Choice Uncirculated. (photo) Est. 500-700


GA. Savannah. Planters Bank of the State of Georgia. $50. Ca. 1850s-60s. (GA-320 G58). Proof. Ceres and Commerce, barrels and bales, ship. Medallion head, left; Woman, right. Age toned paper. Missing two corners. Edge splits, small body hole. Good. Est. 100-150

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The January 2012 Collectors Series Sale


GA. Savannah. Planters Bank of the State of Georgia. $100. Jan. 1, 1851. GA-320 G68. Eagle. Shakespeare, left. Liberty, right. . Repaired, pinholes and thins evident from prior mounting trace on verso, otherwise VG-Fine. Est. 100-150


IL. Galena. Bank of Galena. $3. Ca. 1840s-50s. (IL280. G6a). Modern Proprietary Proof. Man and woman flank shield with tilted 3. Cattle, hay wagon, left. From a scratched plate. Uncirculated. Est. 100-150


GA. Trio of Georgia Rail Road Obsoletes: [3] 1) Albany. Ocmulgee & Flint River RR Co. 50 Cents. May 15, 1841. Pinhole, else VF; 2) Atlanta. Georgia R. R. Bank Ag’cy. 50 Cents. March 25, 1862. Small body holes, else VG. 3) Macon. Monroe R. R. Banking Co. $2. 1840. Pinholes, else VG. Est. 150-250


IL. Galesburg. Banking Office of J. F. Dunn & Co. 25c. July 1862. Woman feeding horse. Leftward train. Green overprint. Small corner loss. VG, hinged repairs. Est. 100-150


IL. Quincy. FNB of Gem City Business College. $2. Jan 1, 1873. VF-EF. Est. 80-120

IL. Chicago. Word’s Fair. D. Buchner & Co. Gold Coin Chewing Tobacco. Green, with redback featuring U.S. gold coins. Small piece out of the bottom at center, else Fine. Est. 100-150


IL. Quincy. FNB of Gem City Business College. $2. Jan 1, 1873. VF. Est. 60-90


IL. Rose Claire. J. R. Jenkins. 50 Cents. Ca. 1870s. Fine, age toning. Rarely encountered. Est. 80-120


IL. Shelburn. Shelburn Manufacturing Co. 15 Cents. 1862. Woman and child. Fine. Est. 80-120


lL. Springfield. State Bank of Illinois. $50. 1843. POC. Stains, otherwise Fine. Est. 60-90


IL. Mixed Trio of Illinois Obsoletes: [3] 1) Jackson. Exporting Mining & Manufacturing Co. per Bank of Illinois. $1. 1837. Mercury, sailor. About Fine. 2) Similar. $2. VG, tape repair. 3) New Haven. Bank of Illinois. $2. May 1860. Good, POC, tear. ex. Allan Lee Scott Sale, April 1980. Est. 150-250


IN. Brazil. Commercial Bank. $10. Series 6. 1849. Beehive. Brown back. Printed by St. Louis Bank Note Co. Internal fold splits, else Very Good. Est. 100-150


IN. Brookville. 1) 6 ¼ Cents. 1818. Pinholes, internal splits, else VG. 2-3) Similar. 50 Cents. Both VG, but one is trimmed into a border. Est. 80-120


IN. Cannelton. Perry County Bank. $5. 1854. W100-2, Fine, pinholes, light stains. Est. 100-150


IN. Columbia Drovers Bank. $2. 1859. No.149 (IN105 G4; W/V/S-120-2) Very minor repairs, else VG. Est. 150-250






IL. Chicago. Frederick Edler. 4 Cents. Eagle. Very ornate borders. Seldom seen. Small age spots in margins, pencil notation on back, otherwise VF-EF. Est. 100-150 IL. Chicago. McVicker’s Theater. 25 Cents. “in Bankable Funds….” Washington, left. Fine. Est. 100-150 IL. Chicago. Alfred L. Sewell. 10 Cents. Ca. 1860s. Promotional note using a Bank of Richmond, VA plate “taken from the ruins of the Fire in Richmond.” Three shipbuilders. “For ten Cents sent of these notes will be sent post paid - Proceeds go to Sanitary Commission.” Black horse. Hoyer & Ludwig. Rounded corner at upper right, small pieces out of margins, otherwise VG-Fine. Est. 150-250 Chicago, Illinois Advertising Note Grouping. 1) L. De Graff. 15. V-1245. Green. Liberty, shield. Repaired edge split, pinholes, otherwise Fine. 2) E. H. Stein. V-1270. Indian. Justice. Green back. F-VF. 3) Cross Letter Heads. Unlisted in Vlack. Theatrical printers and engravers. Edge splits, else Fine. 4) Cross & Banta. V-1235. Yellow back. Used to advertise Iowa Bankers Association, Des Moine, Iowa 1921. F-VF. 5) Cutting & Elsworth. V-1240. Coal. EF. 6) G. A. Eastman. Colby Wringer Co. Unlisted Vlack. Green. EF. 7) Hudson’s United Clothing. Unlisted Vlack. Red, red & blue back. Small pieces out of edge, otherwise Fine. ) Pond’s Bitters. Bank of Prosperity. Unlisted Vlack. Discus thrower. Green. Internal splits, else Good. 9) S. W. McBride. $1. U. S. Soap. Small format. Unc. 10) Lichtenstein. Shoe Manf. Union. Green. 2. Right end split off. 11-13) Brink’s. Prepaid parcel stamps. 10 Cents. Stains, otherwise Fine. Est. 200-300

Spink Smythe

January 16-18, 2012 - New York


IN. Gosport. State of Indiana. $2. 1857. W-249-3. Cattle. Blue TWO. F-VF, pinhole in corner. Est. 100-200


IN. Gosport. (Alexander & Hayes.)$2. WVS 249-3. Cattle. Allegorical female standing at left. Hope seated with anchor. Blue “TWO.” Choice Fine. Est. 100-150


IN. Hartford. O. Oates. $1. 184_. IN-220-4. Sailing ship, Commerce, left, beehive, right. R7. VF-EF. Unissued. Est. 150-250


IN. Indianapolis. Exchange Banking House. $1. W280-1. 1840. Train, building. Ceres. Both notes are Very Fine, with the usual folds and toning, minor crumpling at upper left on one. Est. 60-80


IN. Indianapolis. Exchange Banking House. $1. 1840. W280-1. Train. Child on stag. VF. Est. 60-90


IN. Indianapolis. A. F. Noble Claim Agency, Room No. 5 Yohn’s Block. 5. Green 5 and security blocks. An ad note done in the style of a US Demand Note. Fine-VF, pinholes. Est. 100-150

302 302

IN. Connersville. Bank of Connersville. $10. March 28, 1853. IN-115 G10a; W-134-3. Blue script “Indiana” overprint. Franklin and Washington, sides. Large ornate X in center. RWHE. Pinholes, splits at left, else Fine. Still, quite attractive. (photo) Est. 500-750


IN. Connersville. Savings Bank of Indiana. $3. Three cherubs, and silver dollars. Blue back. Split at bottom, repaired with tape, otherwise VF. Est. 80-120


IN. Covington & Danville Plank Road Company. $1. 1853. Horses. Pinholes, small edge split, otherwise Fine. Est. 150-250


IN. Covington & Danville Plank Road Company. $2. 1853. (W-152 1). Farmer loads wheat on to wagon. Milkmaid, left. Rare type. Pinholes, corner tip repairs, otherwise Fine. Est. 200-400


IN. Covington & Danville Plank Road Company. $2. 1853. Boy leads man on horse. Thin spots along bottom edge, minor repairs, otherwise Fine. Est. 80-120

IN. Indianapolis. Central Bank. $10. W-279-5. “Ghost” mirror image of this R7 note, on a page from a book that once contained Proof notes. New, light age toning. Est. 60-80


IN. Indianapolis. Farmers & Mechanics Bank. $2. March 1, 1854. (IN-245 G4; W-281-4). Men threshing wheat. And at right, “Pat Lyon at the forge.” Pinholes, folds, some thins from prior mounting on reverse, otherwise VG-Fine. Est. 100-150


IN. Indianapolis. State Bank of Indiana. $20. 18__. Counterfeit of W-285-18. G-VG, pieces out of the edges. Est. 75-125

IN. Fort Wayne. Allen County Scrip Certificate. 25 cents. April 5, 1933. VF. Est. 60-80


IN. Gosport. State of Indiana. $1. 1857. W-249-1 R7. Girl, boy. wheat. Liberty, left. Washington, right. Blue “ONE.” A remainder note typically associated with Alexander & Hayes. Pinholes at center, repaired corners, otherwise Very Fine. Est. 60-90

IN. Indianapolis. State Bank of Indiana. $10. Jan. 10, 1853. IN-1 G256; W-360-5. Lafayette Branch. Justice and man flank shield. Indian maiden with corn. Buffalo, stag, left. Pinholes, otherwise Fine. Est. 100-200


IN. Indianapolis. State Bank of Indiana. $5. 1842. W-839-3. Fine, two small penned notations on back. Est. 75-125


IN. Jamestown. State Stock Bank. $5. November 15, 1843. IN-260 G6a; W-313-5. No. 10675. Train. Wolka lists as a R7. Pinholes noted.Fine. Est. 200-300



308 309


IN. Elkhart. Commercial Bank. $1. Woman with shield. Train, left. Red ONE. Pinholes, small edge splits, small repaired body hole, else VG. Scarce. Est. 100-200

IN. Gosport. (Alexander & Hayes). $1. May 1, 1857. Remainder. W249-2. R-7. Girl, boy. wheat. Liberty, left. Washington, right. Red “ONE.” A remainder note typically associated with Alexander & Hayes. Chips out at top margin, with two pinholes at center, otherwise Very Fine. Est. 100-150

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The January 2012 Collectors Series Sale


IN. Jamestown. State Stock Bank. $5. November 15, 1843. IN-260 G6a; W-313-5. Train. Wolka lists as a R7. About Fine. Est. 200-300


IN. Jeffersonville. Bank of Jeffersonville. $1. 1858. W324-1. Liberty reclines, ships. Red ONE. F-VF, unissued remainder. Est. 100-200


IN. La Fayette. Gramercy Bank. $1. 1852. W-356-1. Building. About Fine, small holes and stains, close at top. Est. 75-125


IN. Morocco. Bank of America. $1. June 15th, 1854. No. 3428 (IN-425 G2; W/V/S-530-1). Geometric lathework die counter with young person in oval, bottom center; arch, right. Pinholes, corner tip crumpled, else VG. Est. 100-150


IN. Mount Vernon. State of Indiana. Payable at E.R. & L. James’ Exchange and Banking Office. $1. 1858. W-541-1. Woman reclines holding 1. Indian princess, left. Fine, light age toning. R6. Est. 60-80


IN. Scarcer Mount Vernon Obsolete Notes. [2] 1) State Bank $2 185_. W-543-2. Boy, girl, wheat. R6. About Fine, back soiled a bit; 2) Bank of Mount Vernon $1 185_. W543-2. Cherub pushes Silver Dollar. VG, small pieces out of edges. Est. 100-200


IN. New Albany. Southern Bank. $5. 1859. W-579.5. Indian family, plow. Steamboat. Fine, two small body holes. Est. 75-125


IN. Newport. Public Stock Bank. $1. 1852. W-6181. VG, small pieces out of edges. Est. 75-125


IN. Newport. Public Stock Bank. $1. 1853. W618-3. Liberty, eagle. Red ONE. R-7. Grafiti, small body holes, else VG. Est. 100-150


IN. Paoli. Treasurer of Orange County. $2. Oct. 21, 1865. W-640-1. R7. Rarely seen. Large green 2 overprint at center and small 2 in die counter at upper right. Washington, left. Green back. Lithography done by Wm. Braden out of Indianapolis. Cut cancelled, penned line on portrait, otherwise Fine. Est. 100-150


IN. Levenworth. State Bank. $2. 1856. W-411-2. Child in oval portrait flanked by women. Pinholes, ink spot, otherwise Fine. Est. 100-150

IN. Peru. State Stock Bank of Indiana. $1. 1853. W659-1. Piece out of corner, bald spots, otherwise VG. R7. Est. 75-125


IN. Petersburgh. Petersburgh Steam Mill Company. 75¢. 1817. W-404-3. R7. Unc. Est. 100-150


IN. Madison. Farmers & Mechanics Bank of Indiana. 50¢. 1820. W-467-3. VG-Fine. Est. 100-200



IN. Madison. Indiana Bank. $1. 1853. W-468-1. Woman reclines. Trimmed tight, otherwise About Fine. Est. 100-150

IN. Rensselaer. Bank of Rensselaer $1 1854 Grouping. [4] $1 1854 W696-1. Indian, plow. R7. All About Fine. Est. 200-300


IN. Richmond. Bank of the State of Indiana. $1. 1857. W-707-1. R7 About Fine, minor thinning on back, not visible from front. Trimmed into border in spots. Est. 100-200


IN. Richmond. State Bank of Indiana. $20. 1848. W708-6. Justice, farmer flank shield. Fortuna, right. R6. FineVF, small pieces out of left border. Est. 100-200


IN. La Fayette. Merchants Bank. $1. 1852. W-358-1. Mechanic and lathe. VG-Fine, soiled. Est. 150-250


IN. La Fayette. Merchants Bank. $2. W358-2. Building. Ad stamp on back. R-7. Pinholes, else VG. Est. 100-150


IN. [La Fayette.] Bank of the State of Indiana. $—. W-351-UNL. Good. Est. 80-120


IN. La Grange. William Cummings. 10c. Jan. 20, 1863. (WVS-375-1). WVS Plate Note. Red. Moderate stains, else About Fine. Est. 100-150





IN. La Porte. W.E. Randall. 1) 15c. July 4, 1855. (WVS-387-1). Unissued remainders on blue-gray paper. R-7. VF. 2) 20c. July 4, 1855. (WVS-387-2). Similar. Pinholes, trimmed close at the bottom, otherwise. R-7. VF. [2] Est. 150-250 IN. Lawrenceburg. Bank of the State of Indiana. $1. 1857. W-402-1. Geometric counter, center. R7. VG, small edge split, banker’s stamp. Est. 100-200

IN. Marion. State of Indiana. Ohio, Indiana & Illinois RR Company $2. 1858. W-483-4. Train. Fine, pen notations on the back, not distracting. R7. Est. 100-150

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January 16-18, 2012 - New York


IN. Rochester. New York State Stock Bank. $1. Sept. 4, 1853. IN-575, S2; W-718-1 R7. Woman, wheat. Lafayette at right. Woman with anchor, left. Internal splits, center, otherwiseVG. Est. 100-150


IN. Rome. Drovers Bank. $5. Dec. 1, 1852. IN-60, G6a; W-755-3 R7. Red FIVE. Woman reclines. Liberty standing with spear and shield, facing left., Ink stains, pinholes, else Very Good Est. 80-120


IN. Salem. Bank of Salem. $5. Dec. 30, 1850-60s? (IN-605, G6b; W-758-3 R7). Popular coin note with five young allegorical representations perched upon five silver dollars. Ceres seated in large, ornate V at left. obscure VG-Fine, heavy POCs. Est. 80-120


IN. Terre Haute. State of Indiana. $1. 1856. W-8051. Building. Engraved date. VG-Fine, age toning and light stains. Est. 100-200


IN. Valparaiso. Indiana Normal and Business Institute. 2 Cents. On First National Bank of Chicago. AU. Est. 200-300


Vevay Branch of the Bank of Vincennes Group. [4] Vincennes. Bank of Vincennes. State Bank of Indiana $1 1819 W825-7, VG-Fine, small edge split; $2 1819 W-825-8, Post Note, Fine; $3 1819 W825-9, Fine, pinhole; $5 1819 W825-10, Post Note, VG-Fine, edge splts. Est. 150-250


IN. Bank of Vincennes. $3. 1819. W836-3. Post note. Ceres. R7. Minor body splits, else Fine. Est. 100-150


IN. Vincennes. New-York Stock Bank. $5.1853. R-6. Train. Fine, scattered pinholes, minor back soiling. Est. 100-150


IN. Warsaw. Treasurer of the Town of Warsaw. 5 Cents. Dec. 15, 1862. W857-1 R7. Small fold junction split, else Fine. Est. 150-250


Indiana Trio. 1) Bank of Attica. $1. 1854. Train. W21-1. R7. Stains, piece out, otherwise Good. 2) Similar. $5. W23-3. R6. Milkmaid. Taped body holes, stains, repairs, else VG. 3) Bloomfield. Indiana State Bank. $2. W53-2. Woman with spade. Medalion head. Repaired splits, otherwise Good. Est. 150-250


Group of Inexpensive Impaired Indiana Obsolete Notes. [5] Includes Indianapolis, Exchange Banking House $1 1840; State Bank of Indiana $5 1846; La Fayette, Gramercy Bank (2 pcs.) 1852; Marion, State of Indiana $2 1862. All with repairs, pieces out, etc. Sold as is, no returns. Est. 50-75


IN. Group of College Currency: 1) Evansville. Evansville Business College Bank. $100. (Schingoethe IN-300-100). Green 100. Liberty, globe. Woman with star. Pinhole, otherwise About Fine. 2) Valparaiso. Northern Indiana Norman & Business Institute. 25 Cents. On the First National Bank of Chicago, IL. Unc. 3-7) Set of Five College Checks. Various states and cities. One from Indianapolis, Indiana. Ca.19001920s. All EF. [7] Est. 150-250


IA. Davenport. J. C. Washburn. 5 Cents. Dec. 1, 1862. Oakes 34-5. Small format with grey and black decorative design throughout. Internal splits, repaired with tape, else VG. Est. 50-75


IA. Davenport. J.C. Washburn - New York Branch Hardware Store. 25c. 185_. (Oakes Unlisted Location). Beehive. Deer. Industrial wheel. Red overprint fancy 25 CTS. 7 POC. Mounted on lined ledger card stock. Small body holes, piece out of top margin, otherwise VG, POC. Est. 100-150


IA. Dubuque. Lumbermen’s Bank. 1) $2. Sept. 1, 1857. (Haxby Unlisted Bank; Oakes 55-2). Leftbound side-paddle. Sailing ships. Red overprint fancy TWO. R-3. RWHE. Fine. 2) $3. Sept. 1, 1857. (Oakes 55-3a). Ships in harbor. Young man at oar. Red overprint fancy THREE. R-3. These notes tie into Rockford, Illinois, and Grand Haven, Michigan. RWHE. Minor issues at one corner and on the margins. VG. [2] Est. 120-180


IA. Lyons City. Treasurer of Lyons City. $2. Dec. 1, 1857. Oakes 89-2. Men threshing. Blacksmith. Red TWO. Stains, thins, small repair, top, else VG. Est. 50-75


Iowa Scrip Trio. 1) DeWitt. Treasurer of Clinton County - Soldiers Bounty Warrant. $1. Dec. 1, 1863. Blue. Farmers gather corn. Missing left end. G. 2-3) Webster. Equitable Coal Co., Ltd. 25c. 189_. (Oakes Unl Type). Remainders. EF; Unc. [3] Est. 30-50


KS. Delaware. Delaware City Bank. 1) $1. July 1, 1858. (KS-20 G4). Side wheel steamship. VG. 2) $1. July 1, 1858. (KS-20 G4). Side wheel steamship. Uneven red stain covering 80% of the note. VG. 3) $2. July 1, 1858. (KS-20 G8). Ceres. F. [3] Est. 200-300

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The January 2012 Collectors Series Sale

366 366

KS. Ft. Scott. A. Raymond, Prop. 10c. Aug. 2, 1862. (As Whitfield-165 But For Denom, Issuer). George Washington. F-VF. (photo) Est. 300-500


KS Territory. Lecompton. State Bank. $1. Nov. 1, 1856. (KS-55 G2a). Haxby Plate Note. Remainder. Cherub with floral wreath. intricate design in red on the back. Ormsby. Soiled, pieces out of the edge, otherwise VG. Est. 200-300


KS. Wyandott. Kansas State Savings Bank. $1. Ca. 1850s-60s. No. 608. Green 1 1 and die counter. Ornate green back. Portrait of young girl, upper left. Farmer with plow and horse, lower right. Choice VF. Nice margins all around. Est. 250-450


City of Wyandot, Kansas, Pairing. [2] $2. 18_. (Whitfield-436). Green with green back. Riverview. Deer. Eagle. CBN. VG-F, edge splits. 2) Kansas State Savings Bank. $3. Nov. 12, 1877. (Whitfield-451). R5. Green and green back. Indian on ledge. State arms. Repaired tears, trimmed into the top, otherwise VG. [2] Est. 120-180


Assorted KS Scrip. 1) Herman & Shlane - Merchandise Due Bill. 5c. (Whitfield Unlisted Signatures, type as W-3). Eagle. Green face and back. Internal splits, else Fine. 2) Kaup & Trumbull - Merchandise Due Bill. 5c. (Whitfield-2). R4. Green. Small paper losses, else About Good. 3) Wm. A. Voigt - Merchandise Due Bill. 25c. (Whitfield-3). R4. Brown. Eagle. Blue back. Fine. 4) Similar.Cribbs & Kennedy 10c. (Whitfiled-unlisted). VG+. 5) Interchangeable Due Bill. 5c. (Whitfield-Unlisted). Green. Eagle. Splits, trimmed in, left, else Fine, unissued 6) Similar. A.D. Wertenberger. 10c (Whitfield unlisted issuer). Fine. 7) J.B. Strickland. Merchandise Due Bill. 10c. (As Whitfield-3, but blue face, red-brown back. Small stain, otherwise Fine. 8)Wear Coal Co. 10c. Oct.1, 1894. (Whitfield unlisted denomination, type at W-3). Ink stain, torn in half, taped otherwise Good. [8] Est. 250-500

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371 371

KY. Bardstown. County Court of Nelson. $50. Ca. 1856. Proof on card. Train at center. Imprint of Toppan, Carpenter & Co, Philadelphia and New York. A Six-Percent loan certificate for the Bardstown and Louisville Rail Road Company. Uncirculated, with two stamp hinges on back of card. (photo) Est. 750-1,250


KY. Bardstown. Messrs. Head & Holloway. 6 ¼¢. Signed, undated. (H-21). “Pay Wm. Kendrick or bearer”. Trimmed into the right border, otherwiseFine, partial soil, deep diagonal fold, pinholes. Scarce. Est. 100-150


KY. Bowling Green. Commonwealth of Kentucky. 6 ¼ Cents. May 21, 1823. (KY-95 G26). Decorative end panels. Rounded corners. VG-Fine. Est. 100-150


KY. Columbia. Bank of Columbia. $1. Oct. 5, 1818. (KY-55 G12). Allegorical female with US shield and eagle, ship in distance, top; lathework panels at left and right. MDF. A couple of pinholes are noted. Fine. $5. Similar. Fine, small body hole. [2] Est. 250-350


KY. A Pair of Cottage Iron Company’s Storekeeper Scrip, Cottage Furnace. Dog looking left, in front of safe. 1) 10¢. Oct. 8 1873. Good, splits. 2) 50¢. 9 June 1873. Mounting remnants, back, otherwise Fine. [2] Est. 100-150


KY. Covington. B.W. Leathey and Co. $1. June 7, 1818. Fine. Est. 60-90


KY. Covington. Office of Exchange & Deposit. $5. Jan. 30, 1819. Early Campbell County Kentucky note. Two hands clasped in circle with rings and the motto “United We Stand, Divided We Fall.” Lathework end panels. Light toning and age spots, otherwise Fine. Est. 150-250


KY. Frankfort. Bank of Kentucky. 50 Cents. December 20, 1837. Sailing ship. VG, pinholes. Est. 80-120

January 16-18, 2012 - New York


KY. Frankfort. Bank of Kentucky. $50. April 9, 1814. (KY-110 C22). Post Note. Plow and spade, deer and trees in distance, engraved by Wm. Harrison Jr. of Philadelphia. Trimmed just into the top border, otherwise Fine. Est. 120-180


KY. Henderson. Bank of Henderson. $2. July 29, 1815. (KY-145 G14) VG. Est. 100-150


KY. Lexington. Bank of the United States. $10. Aug. 4, 1829. (US-2 C378) Counterfeit. Eagle atop shield, ships in distance. Small female heads in end panels, left and right. Ink cancelled across face. Missing upper right corner tip, along with some small paper loss at lower right corner. Tear at right edge. While VF in appearance, we shall call this Fine. Est. 100-150


KY. Louisville. Harmony Hall. 25 Cents. Ornate left end panel. VG. Est. 100-150


KY. Shippingport. L. A. Tarascon. $1. Feb. 27, 1820. Early Kentucky small format piece. Plate Note. Splits repaired with stamp hinges, stains, otherwise VGFine. Est. 100-150


Kentucky Obsolete Grouping. [3] 1) Louisville. Northern Bank of Kentucky. 6¼ Cents. 1837. Washington. On back of Farmers an Mechnics Bank. VG, soiled. 2) Petersburgh. Petersburgh Steam Mill Co. 12½ Cents. 1818. Fair. 3) Frankfort. Bank of Kentucky. $20. June 6, 1812. (KY-110 C14). VF, pen cancel. Est. 100-150


LA. Alexandria. Parish of Rapides. $5. Jan. 9, 1863. Wheat. Fine, pinhole. Est. 80-120


LA. New Orleans. Bank of Louisiana. $20. 1862. (LA-75, G16b) Green Twenty overprint. Classical figure rides horse. About Fine. Est. 50-75



LA. New Orleans. Commercial Bank of New Orleans - U.S. Navy Yard, Pensacola, FL. Pay Warrants. June 18, 1838. Both cut cancelled, with minor ink erosion, otherwise Fine. [2] Est. 100-150 LA. New Orleans. Municipality No. Two Pair. 1) $3. Dec. 1, 1839. Eagle. Ships and harbour in distance, top; medallion head, left; three winged children play in ornate “3”, right. While great looking in appearance, the right edge has been completely cut off and rejoined. Fine, repaired. 2) 50 Cents. Dec. 1, 1839. Large horse, center; Justice with scales, left. Exceptional grade for this small change note. Fine-VF. [2] Est. 150-250


LA. New Orleans. New Orleans Canal & Banking Co. Remainder Notes. [5] 1) $5. Late 1840s. (LA-105 G12a). Washington, Lafayette. Five allegorical females. Missing corner tip, tear, mounting trace at right, otherwise AU. 2) $20. Late 1840s. (LA-105 G34a). Angels. Unc. 3) $100. 1850s. (LA-105 G60a). Washington. Liberty. ETIWAN steamer, cotton. AU. 4) Citizens’ Bank of Louisiana $5.Woman with starred tiara. AU. 5) $100. Similar. AU. Est. 150-250


New Orleans Obsolete Assortment. [7] 1) New Orleans. Municipality No. Two. $3. Dec. 1, 1839. Eagle. Rejoined right end, otherwise Fine. 2) Louisiana State Bank. $1. Ca. 1860s. Redeemable in CSA notes, red overprint. Age toned remainder note. Unc., corner tip off. 3) New Orleans Improvement & Banking Co. $100. Ca. 1832. Rough edges, otherwise VG. 4) G. W. Holt. $3. 1862. Woman on stag. Rust stains, otherwise VG. 5) City Bank $100. Split, rejoined, otherwise Good. 6) Bank of Louisiana. $10. May 10, 1858. Woman with shield. Blue 10. Good. 7) M. Condran & S.L. James. Green cardboard chit. One load of clay. Green. White stains. Est. 100-150


LA. Pointe Coupee. Parish of Pointe Coupee Group: 1-3) $1, $2, $3. July 1862. Eagle. Commerce. Farm implements. VG, Good, VG-Fine. 4) 25 Cents. March 24, 1862. Blue overprint. Train steams right. Unc. [4] Est. 200-300


LA. Vidalia. Parish of Concordia. 50 Cents. April 15, 1862. Pink tint. Small cotton bales. Allegorical female left; decorative end panel with 50 CENTS across, right. Green 50 CENTS on back. VF. Est. 80-120


Louisiana Scrip Assortment. [3] 1) Franklin. Marcus Walker. 25 Cents. 1862. Steamship. Blue eagle. Pinhole, dismounting thin, otherwise Fine. 2) New Orleans. G. W. Holt. $1. 1862. Blue, red overprint. Woman on stag. Fine. 3) Similar. $3. Fine. Pinholes. Est. 100-150


Parish of Iberville Grouping. [3] 1) Plaquemine. 50 Cents. April 15, 1862. Indian Princess. Small body holes, otherwise Fine. 2) 50 Cents. January 20, 1862. 50 CENTS in end panels. Small body holes, otherwise Fine. 3) $2. March 10, 1862. Green overprint. Columbia. Justice. Fine-VF. Scarce. Est. 150-250

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The January 2012 Collectors Series Sale


Parish Pairing. [2] 1) Plaquemine. Parish of Iberville. 50 Cents. 1862. Indian Princess. About Fine, pinholes. 2) Alexandria. Parish of Rapides. $5. 1862. Red FIVE DOLLARS. Train. Chip out of top border, ink erosion at signatures, repairs, else VF. Issued. Est. 40-60


Maine Obsolete Selection. [4] 1) ME. Frankfort Bank. $5. 1836. Fine. 2) Similar. $10. Back inverted. Fine. 3) Hallowell. American Bank. $1. 1859. Small body hole, else About Fine. 4) Portland. United States Exchange Co. $3. Dec. 11, 1837. Edge splits, otherwise Fine. Est. 120-180


Bangor, Maine Obsolete Pairing. [2] 1) Eastern Bank. $5. October 1, 1863. (ME-60 G52f) About Fine. 2) Exchange Bank. $1. Jan. 6, 1851. (ME-65 G2). VG, pinholes. Est. 120-180



ME. Gray. Central Bank. $1. Sept. 8, 1857 (ME-345, G2). Women flank shield. Oval female portrait, left. Woman seated by large 1. Repaired tear, Pinholes, otherwise Very Fine. Est. 150-250

Maine Note Grouping. [5] 1) China. Canton Bank. $1. 1836. Large body hole, otherwise Good. 2) Bangor. Globe Bank. $2. 1839. Repairs, otherwise VG. 3) Similar. $100. 1837. Right corner off, repairs, otherwise Fine. 4) Brewer. Agricultural Bank. $3. 1838. VG. 5) Portland. Maine Bank. $5. Oct. 1803. (C-48). Fair, backed. Est. 100-150



ME. Lewiston. Lewiston Falls Bank. $5. (ME-385 G8). Proprietary Modern Proof on card. Allegorical figures with Fives. Wide margins all around. RWHE-NEBN. Uncirculated. Ex Norman Pullen Collection. Est. 150-250

Printer’s Advertising Note. MD. Baltimore. James M. Anderson & Son, Engravers. Undated Ca. 1870’s. All purple. Unc., glue stains on back of card only. Est. 80-120


MD. Baltimore. Bank of Maryland. $10. 1829. Woman, 10. VG. Est. 60-90


MD. Baltimore. A W Chafee. $1. 1840. Indian on cliff. VG.; Frederick. Chesapeake & Ohio Canal Company. Woman near canal. Minor repaired edge splits, otherwise VF. [2] Est. 80-120


MD. Baltimore. Exchange Office. 50 Cents. 1841. VG; Similar. $2. VG. [2] Est. 60-90


MD. Baltimore. Farmers & Merchants Bank of Baltimore. $20. (MD-60 G44). Woman holds cornucopia. AU, remainder. Est. 60-90


MD. Baltimore. Foreign Domestic Exchange Institution. 1840s. Ed. Weber Lith. 1) 12½¢. (K 5.72.1). Eagle. Fine, stain. 2) 25¢. (K 5.72.2). Steamer. About Fine. 3) $1. (K 5.72.3). Monument, left. Crowned America, with seated sailor and Agriculture. VG, bottom edge losses. All with false fill ins. [3] Est. 100-150


MD. Baltimore. Maryland State Colonization Society. $1. 1837 (1880s reprint). AU. Est. 100-150


MD. Baltimore. Mayor and City Council of Baltimore Small Change Notes: [5] 1) 6¼ Cents. 2) 12½ Cents. 3) 25 Cents. 4) 50 Cents. 5) $1. Spanish Real coin. All grade within the VG to Fine range, and all but the 6¼ Cents note are punch cancelled. Est. 200-300


400 401

ME. Lewiston. Franklin Co. Set of three different Geo. Pilsbury 1863 scrip notes. 1c. (Wait-14). VG, stained.2c. (Wait-15) VF. 5c.(Wait-16) VG. Taped split. [3] Est. 100-150 ME. Lewiston. D. Tarbox(?) 10 Cents. Feb. 2, 1863. All green. Fine. Est. 100-150 ME. Oldtown. Lumberman’s Bank. 50 Cents. Oct. 28, 1862. A small change bill on this Oldtown bank. With simple but decorative frame. Both Fine. Also included Saco. S. S. Mitchell. 2 Cents. 1862. Splits, stains, backed, otherwise Good. [3] Est. 100-150


ME. Portland. E. A. Mouett. 80 Cents. Ruled paper front and back. Two POCs in signature block. Engraved red monogram on verso. Stamp hinge remnant on back. AU. Est. 100-150


ME. Portland Assortment. [3] 1) Portland. International Bank. $1. Ca. 1860s Green security panel. Sailing ship. Good, remainder. 2) S. Ottenberg & Bros. - Twitchell, Champlin & Co. 10 Cents. Jan. 22, 1888. Green tint. Repaired fold splits, else Fine. 3) Union Wharf. $1. Dec. 15, 1804. VG. Est. 100-150


ME. Westbrook. Bank of Westbrook. $5. Sept. 20, 1836. Mercury, anchor, ship and factory in distance. Blacksmith, left; young woman with grain, right. Fine. Est. 100-150

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January 16-18, 2012 - New York


MD. Mayor & City Council of Baltimore 6¼ Cents 1857. Stag. Fine, POC. Est. 50-100


MD. Baltimore. Mayor and City Council of Baltimore. $1. 1837. Full olive tint. Scarce. Fine, POC.; William Wilkens & Co. 5 Cents. 1862. Mills. Train. Foxed, otherwise VF. [2] Est. 80-120


MD. Baltimore. Mechanics Savings Fund. Sept. 1840. 1) 12½¢. (K 5.125.5). Sailing ships near coast and lighthouse. R-5. 2) 25¢. (K 5.125.8). Steamer. Ed. Weber. Both stained, otherwise Fine. [2] Est. 100-150


MD. Baltimore. Western Bank of Baltimore. $5. July 3, 1842. (MD-124 G12) Five-story building, top; wheat, left; monument, right. Scarce. Fine, POC. Est. 100-150

MD. Hagerstown. Franklin Railroad Co. $5. Nov. 24, 1840. (KSG-60.5.8). No. 9. Early train. Medallion heads, ornate counters. Fidelity. UBS&H, DU. Clean and bright Fine+. (photo) Est. 300-500


MD. Williamsport. John H. King. $1. 184_. Cherubs, sailboat. Payable at Georgetown, DC. F-VF, unissued. Est. 80-120


MD. Maryland Bank Grouping: 1) Baltimore. John Clark, Museum Buildings. $2. 1841. (KSG-5.33-19). Young woman with book. Missing corner, left, otherwise G-VG. 2) Patapsco Savings Bank. $2. 1840. (KSG-5.133.7). Declaration of Independence. Pinholes, small body holes at right, light stains, otherwise VG. 3) Elkton Loan. 5 Cents. 1863. (KSG-41.1.2). Red CENTS. Young woman, lower left; young boy, lower right. G-VG. 4) Havre-de-Grace Bank. $1. 1846. (MD-250 G30). Allegorical figures flank “1”. Splits, edge crumpling, body hole, otherwise Good. 5) Similar. $2. 1846. (MD-250 G32). Lazy 2 on die counter. Good. 6) Port Deposit. Susquehanna Bank. $1. 1837. (MD280 G2). Group of allegorical figures, eagle, top; Charles Carroll, left; Franklin, right. Light staining, otherwise VG-F. 7) Bank of Salisbury. $2. 1848. (MD-290 G26). Females, top; Mrs. Andrew Jackson, right. Numerous repaired body holes, otherwise Good. [7] Est. 300-500



MD. Baltimore. Western Bank. $3. Aug. 6, 1847. (MD-125 S5). Cherubs; Liberty seated, left; lathework end panel with THREE across, right. Two edge split repairs, right, otherwise Very Good. Est. 100-150



Baltimore Scrip Trio. [3] 1) Exchange Office Baltimore 25 Cents 1844. Sailing ships. VG. 2) Baltimore and Ohio RR Co. 12½ Cents 1841. Two women. Women with shield. VG, stains. 3) Similar. $1 1840. Atlas, globe, left. VG. Est. 100-150


MD. Cumberland. Cumberland City Bank. $1. 1862. Hay wagon. Green ONE. Both VGwith repaired splits. [2] Est. 60-90


MD. A Group of Geo. H. Krebs Scrip Notes. 1840. 1) Frostburg. George Krebs. 6¼c. (53.2.1). About Good, upper left corner portion is gone. 2) 12½c. (53.2.3). About Good, piece out, lower right. Edge splits. 3) 25c. (53.2.5). About Fine, trimmed a bit into the top. 4) 50c. (53.2.6). Fine, scattered pinholes. 5) $1. (53.2.9). Fine, pinholes. [5] Est. 100-150


MD. GE Warren. Round cardboard chits. 10, 25, and 50 Cents. White, yellow, red. All VF or better. [3] Est. 40-60

MA. Amherst. M.A. & B. W. Allen on Cashier Holyoke Bank, Northampton. 5 cents. 1862. Fine, edges crumbled in spots. Est. 60-90


MA. Belchertown. Farmers Bank. $3. Jan 1, 1829. (MA-75 G12). No. 52. Perkins style plate. Uniface note. Listed as SENC in Haxby. Two pinholes at top, and missing the lower left corner tip, otherwise VG. Est. 100-150


MA. Boston. 48. Charles Waite. Cloth & Clothes Warehouse. (Vlack 1655). Advertising note. Fine. Est. 100-150


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The January 2012 Collectors Series Sale


MA. Boston. A.C. Mudge, per Bank of Metropolis. 10 Cents. Dec. 1, 1862. A. C. Mudge was an embroiderer and lace goods proprietor on Washington Street. F-VF. Est. 100-150


MA. Boston. Frederick A. Gushee, Gentlemen’s Furnishing Store. (Vlack-1560). Advertising note. Trade holding shield with “Remember number 263” (Washington Street). VF. Est. 100-150


MA. Boston. Group of Boston Scrip Issuers: 1) I. J. Waldron. 10 Cents. No. 246. Eagle. Rare. Fine. 2-3) Isaac T. Campbell. 2 Cents, 3 Cents. Man with beard. Worn, tape on verso of 3 cents. Good, Fine. 4-6) Kimball Robinson. 5, 10 and 25 Cents. Nov. 17, 1862. Boot. All F-VF. [6] Est. 250-350


MA. Boston. Lafayette Bank. $1.25. Oct. 3,1837. (MA-225 G6). Sailing ships, left; early train, left end panel; eagle atop rock, lower right. NEBN. Some toning and edge roughness,otherwise. Fine. Est. 100-150


MA. Boston. Massachusetts Bank. $1. Ca. 1780s-90s. (MA-270 G30). Reprint from the original plate. One POC with some wet paper wrinkling evident. Very Fine. [3] Est. 250-350


MA. Boston. N. M. Phillips. 1 / 21. (Vlack 1605). Cornhill, Boston. Sign & Ornamental Painter. Extraordinary woodcut vignette of a dying warrior, angel hovering above with laurel wreaths, left; sailing vessels, center; classical bust heads, including Washington, right. Toned, two tears but taped on verso. Fine. Est. 100-150


MA. Boston. North Bank. $500. January 1, 1863. (MA-320, C110). Red HUNDRED overprint. Green D die counters. Woman, telegraph transmitter, Franklin, top. Sailor with horn, ship in distance. Liberty US shield at feet. A pleasing contemporary counterfeit. Repaired split, rounded corners and rough edges, otherwise VG. Est. 200-300



MA. Boston. Parker House Scrip Selection. [2] 1) 5 Cents. Oct. 15, 1862. Boston, center. Green back. Fine. 2) 10 Cents. Similar. Fine. 3) 25 Cents. July 14, 1862. Eagle. Fine. Est. 150-200 MA. Boston. Rickham, Raynor & Co. per Exchange Bank. 25 Cents. December 12, 1862. Green die counters and 25 overprint. Bull’s head, lower left. Minor pinholes, light stain, otherwise Fine. Est. 100-150

Spink Smythe


MA. Boston. Salom’s Bazaar Scrip. 1) 1¢. Brown. “Memorandum Check / when out of change.” Two die counters with 1s. No. 319. Prang & Co. Fine, folds. 2) 2¢. Brown. Similar to previous. VG-F, folds, foxing. 3) 3¢. Similar but in green. VG-F, stained, folds. [3] Est. 150-250


MA. Boston. Samuel B. Locke. 5 Cents. 1862. OLD METALS, PIG IRON in end panel. Fine.; Similar. 10 Cents. 1862. Both with green backs. Bright VF remainder. [2] Est. 60-90


MA. Boston. Spencer, Vila & Co. Bankers. 5 Cents. Jan. 1, 1863. Green security underprint. Red die counters in center. VF. 10 Cents. Similar. AU. [2] Est. 200-300


MA. Boston. W. H. Wallace 1862 Scrip Assortment. 1) 5c. Blue. AU. 2)10c. Black. Unc. 3) 25c. Green. VF-EF. 4) 50c. Brown. Unc. 5) Similar. AU. All with green backs. [6] Est. 300-500


MA. Boston. W. S. Marshall. 3 Cents. All green. L. Prang. Unc. Est. 100-150


Boston Ad Notes. 1) American Union / R.B. Fitts & Co. $2. 185_. Remainder. Lady seated at desk. Unc. 2) Atlantic & St. Lawrence RR. Bryant’s Pond to Boston Ticket. Train at sides. AU. 3) Boston Museum. $100. 1888. Eagle with shield. Greenback. F. 4) Boston Museum. $500. 1888. Eagle with shield. green back. AG. 5) Chases Daguerrian Bank. $10. (Vlack 1540). Three maidens. Paper toning. G-VG. [5] Est. 200-300


MA. Brighton. Bank of Brighton. $20. June 1845. (MA-410 G44). View of Brighton, bank and livestock market, hotel at right, top; allegorical female with lyre, left; train, right. NEBN. Fine, POCs, light waterstain, left. Trimmed close all around. Est. 80-120


MA. Chicopee. Buckingham &Taylor, Cashier of Cabot Bank. 25 Cents. 1862. Pinholes, moderate age toning. VF. Est. 50-75


MA. Concord. Concord Lyceum. 5 Cents. 1862; Similar. 25 Cents. Both moderately age toned, else Fine. [2] Est. 100-150


MA. Copake. Wilcox & Bosworth per Mahaiwe Bank. 10 Cents. Oct. 13, 1862. Small eagle in lower left hand corner. Lightly stained, with four pinholes, otherwise Fine. Est. 100-150

January 16-18, 2012 - New York




MA. East Randolph. E.W. Lincoln. 5 Cents. 1863; 25 Cents. Washington. Green backs. Both AU remainders. [2] Est. 60-90


MA. Fall River. Metacomet Bank. D. Brown & Sons. 10 Cents. 1862. Red. Eagle and shield. Fine, pinholes. Est. 100-200

MA. Lowell. Appleton Bank. Addison Putnam. 10 Cents. 1862. All blue. Blue 10 on back. Fine, pinholes Est. 75-125


MA. Lowell. D.S. & G. F. Richardson on Prescott Bank. 10 Cents. 1862. Red on green tint. Fine, POC. Est. 40-60


Colorful Lowell, Massachusetts Scrip Trio. [3] All November, 1862. 1) Merchants’ Bank. H. Hostford. 50 Cents. Green. VG. 2) Prescott Bank. Richardson. 10 Cents. Red. VG, POC, small pieces out. 3) Similar. 25 Cents. Fine, POC. Est. 100-200


MA. Lynn. James A. Ruder, Washington Sq. 2 Cents. Orange cardboard chit. Very Rare piece from this private issuer. Folds and cracking, otherwise VG. Est. 150-250


MA. Milton Bradley Springfield Grouping. [4] 1) Ad Note on facsimile of an 1776 $8 Continental Currency note. AU. 2-4) Milton Bradley. Educational toy money. $1, $2, $5. Est. 20-30


MA. Newburyport. Newburyport Bank. $1. 1840. MA-921 G8. Buildings. Internal splits, looks About Fine. Est. 100-150


MA. Newburyport. Ocean Bank Scrip Pairing. Dec. 17, 1862. Red counters at center. 1) 5 Cents. VG-Fine, small splits. 2) 25 Cents. VG, splits. [2] Est. 60-80


MA. North Arlington. J. M. Culver. 25 Cents. 1862. Green back. Unissued. Scarce. Bright Fine. Est. 80-120


MA. Northampton. Holyoke Bank. $2. Jan. 1, 1856. (MA-950 G6). J.Q. Adams and John Hancock, lower left and right. Indian princess with US shield, various allegorical symbols and steam ship in distance beyond. Small circular portrait of young woman at beginning of numeral “2”. Four small square cancels, with numerous stamp hinge repairs on back, otherwise Very Good. Est. 100-150


MA. Northhampton. Holyoke Bank. $5. July 1, 1853. MA-950, G12. Woman reclines with cornucopia filled with produce. Standing Liberty at left, and small state seal at right. F-VF, with POC’s across date and signatures. Pinholes, and small paper loss at upper left. Est. 150-250

MA. Fall River. U.S. Post Office Department. Engraved draft for Transportation of the Mails. $58. Washington. Liberty right. Mounting strip on back at left, otherwise VF. Est. 50-100


MA. Georgetown. S. H. Bateman. 10 Cents. 1862. Small body holes, splits, age toning, else VG. Est. 50-75


MA. Gloucester. Bank of Cape Ann Trio: 1) $1. Oct. 4, 1858. (MA-620 G2b). Red ONE overprint. Sailing vessels, top; sailor, left; child with rabbits, right. Signature blocks cut out, POC, missing upper left corner. G-VG. 2-3) Alex Pattillo, Bank of Cape Ann. 25 Cents. Oct. 1862. Small format. Decorative panel at left. Very rare. VG-F. [3] Est. 250-350




MA. Gloucester. Bank of Cape Ann Trio: 1) $1. Oct. 4, 1858. (MA-620 G2b). Red ONE overprint. Sailing vessels. Signature blocks cut out, POC, missing upper left corner, else G-VG. 2-3) Alex Pattillo, Bank of Cape Ann. 25 Cents. Oct. 1862. Small format. Decorative panel at left. Very rare. Both with internal splits, otherwise VG. [3] Est. 200-300 MA. Great Barrington. Gibbs & Winchell, per Mahaiwe Bank. 10 Cents. Nov. 1, 1862. Long Stone Store. All blue with red serial number and signature. Light stain at right, otherwise Fine. Est. 100-150 MA. Haverhill. Hancock Sewing Machine on Essex Bank. 5 Cents. 1862. Swimming girl. VF, POC. Est. 60-90


MA. Haverhill. J. C. Watchman’s Auction Store. 4 Cents. 1863. Brown. Small eagle and flags. Unissued. Lightly age toned, Unc. Est. 120-180


MA. Higginson Square. Chas Babcock’s Barbershop. ND. “Worth One Shave.” Ornate corners. VF-EF. Est. 60-90


MA. Lawrence. Luther Hill. Memorandum check 10 Cents. 1863. Ornate corner border design. Very Rare. Fine. Est. 120-180


MA. Lee. Lyman and Chaffee on Lee Bank. 50 Cents. 1862. Red 50 on back. VG. Est. 80-120

Rare Lowell, Massachusetts Scrip Note

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The January 2012 Collectors Series Sale


MA. Northhampton. Nashawannuck Mfg. Co. 1) 10 Cents. Green tint. End panel with company name. PCGS Choice About New 58. 2) Similar. 50 Cents. Brown-orange. PCGS Choice New 63. Est. 150-250


MA. Northhampton. Nashawannuck Mfg. Co. 50 Cents. Undated. No.818. PCGS Choice New 63. Brown-orange cartouche underprint with 50. Security end panel with company name. [2] Est. 250-350


MA. Northampton. Stoddard & Lincoln on Northampton Bank. 10 Cents. 1862. Fine. Est. 80-120


MA. Oxford. Oxford Bank. $20. 1849. MA-965 A20. Altered from a Rhode Island note. Pinholes, light mounting stains, else Fine. Est. 80-120


MA. Provincetown. Trio of Conant’s Dry Goods Store Small Change Notes. Jan. 1, 1863. 10, 25 and 50 Cents. All same design, save the central lathework die counter denomination changes. All with red-orange backs. AU or so. [3] Est. 150-250


MA. Rochdale. Rochdale Factory. A. A. Overton’s Store. 25 Cents. 1837. On blue grey paper. Eagle. Unc. Est. 50-75


MA. Rochester. George Pierce. 50 Cents. 1862. George Washington. Unc. Remainder. Est. 80-120


MA. Roxbury. Mt. Pleasant Apothecary Store Pairing. Both Jan 1, 1863. [2] 1) 5 Cents. Fine. 2) 20 Cents. EF. Est. 75-125


MA. Roxbury. Roxbury Bank Sextet: [6] 1-3) $1.25. 4-5) $1.50. All notes grade G-VG, some with rough edges or a small tear or two. Est. 200-300


MA. Salem. Exchange Bank. $10. Dec. 15, 1851. Unlisted. Altered. Steamer Henry Clay and sailing ships. Washington, right. Red TEN. About Good, pieces out, well worn. Est. 75-125



MA. Shrewsbury. Four Cents. Dec. 26, 1814. Merchant’s scrip. Age toning, small splits, otherwise Fine. Scarce. Est. 100-200 MA. Somerville. N. W. Edson Pair: Pair of scrip notes from N.W. Edson, Grocer. Both dated January 6, 1863. 5 Cent note on yellow paper with blue overprints and 25c Note on white paper with brown overprint. Black backs. Both F-VF. [2] Est. 100-150

Spink Smythe


MA. South Reading. Cashier South Reading Bank (became bank of South Reading). 10 Cents. 1862. Remainder. Light age toning, else Unc. Est. 80-120


MA. Southwick. S. L. Frunger, per Westfield Bank. 5 Cents. Oct. 8, 1862. Indian head. Eagle’s head at bottom. Fine. Est. 100-150


MA. Springfield. Springfield Bank Pair. Oct. 1, 1862. Both Fine. Signed, no serial numbers. 1) 10 Cents. Ornate left end panel. 2) 20 Cents. Similar. [2] Est. 75-125


MA. Springfield. Western Rail Road Office on Globe Bank (Boston). 20 Cents. 1862. Moderate, even, age toning, otherwise VF-EF. Est. 40-60


Scarce and Colorful Springfield, MA, Change Notes. [4] 1) Chicopee Bank. Hutchins. Dealer in drugs and medicine. 5 Cents. Oct. 16, 1862. Red 5. Mortar and pestle. VG, small pieces out, right. 2) Pynchon Bank. Homer Fox. 10 Cents. Oct. 24, 1862. Red 10, green 10s and lock. VG, small holes, upper right. 3) Springfield Bank. W. C. French. 50 Cents. Oct. 1, 1862. All red. Large 50, left. About Fine. 4) Also included, Springfield Bank 10 Cent, Oct. 1, 1862. Fine. No serial number. Est. 200-300

488 488

MA. Taunton. Bristol County Bank. $2. March 4, 1861. (MA-1205 G10b). Metalworkers. Ceres & blacksmith. Millard Fillmore. Red overprint panel outlining white ONE. TCC, ABN mono. Back thrice stamped CANCELLED. Trimmed close all around. Fine. (photo) Est. 400-600


MA. Webster. Shumway’s Dry Goods Store. 50 Cents. 1862. Daniel Webster. Green Back. Unc. Remainder. Est. 100-150

January 16-18, 2012 - New York


MA. Wendell Depot. Good for...payable in Goods at sight. Set of Four Scrip Notes. Nov. 20, 1862. 6, 12, 20 and 25 Cents. All plain small size format, unissued. Intended for use by shopowner William Putnam. All Unc, except the 12 cent note which is AU. [4] Est. 100-150


MA. West Northfield. “For Value Received...” January 1, 1862. A denomination assortment, with a 5 Cents, 10 Cents, 50 Cents, $1 and $2 remainders from this unknown issuer. Each note has a handwritten serial number, perhaps contemporary. Most are Choice Unc, except for the 50 Cents note which has a small hole at lower left, and the 10 Cent note, which is AU. [5] Est. 200-300


MA. West Somerville. Charles S. Russell. Milliken Advertising Note. Bullfrog seated beneath toadstool. Ad Note for the “Choice Family Groceries / Teas, Coffees, Spices, etc.” D. L. Milliken, Advertising Novelties, Malden. An Up-To-Date Cash Grocer on Holland Street in West Somerville, Massachusetts. Verso features facsimile of Cuban note. Unc, with small repaired tear in the right edge. Est. 100-150


MA. Westfield. Westfield Bank. 10 Cents. 1862. Repaired corner tip, else Fine. Est. 80-120


MA. Wiscasset. Wiscasset Bank PSSP Trio: [3] 1) $2. March 15, 1818. No. 957. VG; 2) $3. July 4, 1817. No. 192. VG; 3) $5. Oct. 12, 1817. No. 161. Fine. Est. 150-250


MA. Worcester. Merchants Bank Trio: 1) $5. June 1, 1865. Red FIVE and flag overprint. Green security underprint. Eagle, top; young woman with feather in hat, left; dog with key and safe, right. Nibbling at left margin, piece out at right, chipping at upper margin, else Fine. 2) $10. Feb. 1, 1864. Green underprint. Similar to previous except right end panel features bust of Washington at bottom right and dog at upper left. Stained at right, minor chip out at top margin, else Fine. 3) $20. Feb. 1, 1864. Similar to the $5. Stained at right, ink stain at bottom, else Fine-VF. [3] Est. 100-150


MA. Trio of Mixed Notes and Scrip: 1) Boston. Exchange Bank. 5 Cents. December 13, 1862. Black with green overprint counters and 5. Bovine. Fine. 2) Boston. Massachusetts Bank Co. $2.50. MA-270 G110. Reprint from original plate. VF-EF, repaired fold split. POC. 3) Roxbury. Peoples’ Bank. $3. Mar. 26, 1838. MA1065 A20. Altered from Roxbury Bank issue (MA1075 G18). Females seated flanking shield. VG-F. [3] Est. 100-150


Massachusetts Note Grouping. [10] 1) Adams. South Village Farmers and Mechanics Bank $1 1837. Woman, rake. Small corner piece missing, otherwise Fine. 2) Boston. Fulton Bank $1 1837 PSSP MA-205 G4. Steam boat. Piece out, left, stains, else VG. 3) Similar. Mounting remnants. 4) Charlestown. Phoenix Bank $10 1836 MA 480 G20 VG. 5) East-Bridgewater Bank $1.25 MA-545 G4 Remainder. Right end panel missing, stains, else VG. 6) Newburyport Bank. $1 1840 MA-921 G8 Torn, repaired, stains. 7) Northampton. Holyoke Bank $3 1851 MA-950 55. VG, small splits. 8) Northampton Bank $5 1846 MA-956 C38. Piece out, else VG. 9) Taunton. Bristol County Bank $1. 1861 MA-1205 Gl0b. Spindle hole, mounted on paper, else Fine. 10) Pittsfield Bank $5 1854 MA-990 CI0b. Fine. Est. 150-250


MA. Group of Mixed Massachusetts Notes: 1) Berkshire Crystal Glass Works. $2. 1870s. Green die overprint. Liberty, eagle, left; Soiled, holes and cracking along central fold, otherwise Good 2) Boston. Columbian Bank. $2. Jan. 1868. (MA-140 S5). Sailing vessels. G-VG. 3) Boston. Lafayette Bank. $3. Jan. 28, 1837. (MA255 G16). Sailor, top; Pinholes. VG. 4) Charlestown. Phoenix Bank. $10. Oct. 5, 1836. (MA-480 G20). Harbour scene. Ink stamp in center. Missing lower right corner, stained on right end panel, Good. 5) Dorchester. Mattapan Bank. $3. July 2, 1850. (MA535 C6). Ceres. Ink X. Body hole, edge chipping, AG. 6) Haverhill. Union Bank. $5. Jan. 1, 1864. (MA680 G8b). Red FIVE overprint. Two allegorical females flank portrait of woman, top; Washington in ornate 5, right. Pinholes, mounting traces evident, Fine. 7) Springfield. Chicopee Bank. $3. May 1, 1862. (MA-1175 G40). Mechanic seated, top; large 3, center; Washington with horse, right. Large stain in center, AG. [7] Est. 80-120

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The January 2012 Collectors Series Sale





Scarce, but Impaired Massachusetts Grouping. [11] All with poor trim, stains, repairs, or pieces missing. 1) Chillicothe. Wm. R. Drury 12-½ Cents 1838. 2) Cincinnati. Union Bank of Exchange $5 1839 G8. 3) Cincinnati. Miami Exporting Co. $5 1839. 4) Bank of Cincinnati $1. 1841. 5) Columbus. Clinton Bank of Columbus. $5 1869 G8. 6) Delaware. Bank of Delaware $3 1818. 7) Iron Bank of Ironton $10 1836 G16A. 8-9) Licking. Newark Plank Road Compy $1. 1851. 10) Mary Ann Farm. Jacob Benner 6-¼ Cents. 18_. Remainder. 11) Bank of West Union. $2 1834 G42. Must be seen. Sold as is, no returns. Est. 180-220


MI. Allegan. Allegan Company. $10. August 24, 1841. (Lee-ALL-2-4) Blue/green text and vignettes. Interesting and rare note. Female seated on dock, ship behind, in elaborate cartouche, left and right end panels. On either end of note before vignettes, the letters “DAM,” crossed out. Printed on tissue thin paper. VF. Est. 150-250


MI. Berrien County Bank. $20. 1838. (MI-75 G12). Classical male. F-VF, corner tip off. Est. 100-200


MI. Detroit. Detroit Bank. $5. 1817. G36. EF-AU, rounded corner. Est. 80-120


W. L. P. Little & Co. Scrip Note Remainder Pairing. [2] 1) East Saginaw. 10 Cents. (Lee-EAS-2-4) Red. Train. AU. 2) East Saginaw. 50 Cents. (Lee-EAS-2-2) Red. Ship. Unc. Est. 75-125


MI. Gratiot. Commercial Bank $5 - Michigan Safety Fund. Sailing ship in circle. Washington and horse. Unissued remainder. Unc. Est. 100-150


Two Lovely Merchants Bank of Jackson $3 Notes. 1838 No. 954; 1840 No. 4489. Both Fine or so, one missing a tiny corner tip. [2] Est. 200-300

Trio of Massachusetts Scrip Remainder Notes. [3] 1) Ashburnham. Barrett’s Facilities 1820s. Unc. 2) Fall River. D. A. Brayton. 25 Cents. 1862. VF, pin cancelled, light stain. 3) North Leominster. W. F. Howe 50 Cents. 1862. Barrels, train. AU. Est. 60-90


MI. Bank of Kensington. $10. 1838. (MI-220 G10). About Fine. Est. 100-200


MI. Marquette. Bay Furnace Co. $5. July 1, 1872. (L-IMGC-2-2). Green 5, Miners. Eagle. Sanford & Co. G-VG, two hinge marks, POC. Est. 80-120

Massachusetts Scrip Assortment. [4] 1) Boston. White’s House 5 Cents Memorandum check. All green. 8 Bowdoin Square. Internal splits, else About Fine; 2) Boston. Samuel B. Locke. 5 Cents 1862 Unissued. Corner tip off, otherwise VG. 3) Concord Lyceum 5 Cents 1862. Pieces out of edges, otherwise Good. 4) Southbridge Bank 25 Cents 1862. Fine. Est. 80-120


MI. Marquette. Munising Iron Company. $5. Oct. 1, 1873, Miners. All red. PCGS Very Choice New 64PPQ. Est. 80-120


Group of Scarce Pinconning Bay Company Scrip Notes. All with green backs. 1) 10c. (LEE-PIN-1-1). VF, unissued, hinged. 2) 25c. (PIN-1-2) VF, unissued, hinged. 3) 50c. (PIN-1-3) VF, unissued, hinged. 4) 10c. (PIN-1-1) Signed.AG. 5) 25c. (PIN-1-2). Good, unissued.[5] Est. 400-600


MI. Saline. Lovely Bank of Saline 1830s Grouping. [4] 1) $2. (MI-285 G4). Farmers harvest. Fine, with a few pin holes. 2) $3. (MI-285 G6). Blacksmith. Fine, pin holes. 3) $5. (MI-285 G8). Milk maid. VF-EF. Small staple hole. 4) $10. (MI-285 G10). Woman and dog. 1838. VFEF. [4] Est. 350-450

Scarce, but Impaired Massachusetts Grouping. [5] All with poor trim, stains, repairs, or pieces missing. 1) Boston. Commonwealth Bank $1 1833 PSSP MA155 Unlisted. 2) Fulton Bank $1 1837 PSSP MA-205 G4. 3) East-Bridgewater Bank $1.25 MA-545 G4 Remainder. 4) Lancaster Bank MA-710 Unlisted. As G6a, but for red Massachusetts overprint and Date. Torn in half, rejoined. 5) South Danvers. Warren Bank $10 Oct 1, 1859 SENC. Must be seen. Sold as is. Est. 100-150


MI. Adrian. Bank of Adrian. $3. 1838. (MI-51 G6a). Train, wharf. Fine, pinholes. Est. 100-200


MI. Adrian. Colorful Trio of 1850s Adrian Insurance Company Obsoletes: 1) $1. Overseer, field hands. Indian. F/VF, 2) $2. Cattle. Stonemason. VF, 3) $3. Train. XF/AU. All with red denomination overprints. [3] Est. 100-150

Spink Smythe

January 16-18, 2012 - New York


Michigan Coin Note Pairing. [2] 1) Grand Rapids. Grand River Bank. $1. 1837. (MI190 G2) Bust dollar. Repairs, right, otherwise VG. Scarce. 2) Bank of Tecumseh. 1855. (MI-430 G28a) Red FIVE. Silver dollars and cherubs. Light age toning, small repairs, otherwise Fine. Est. 150-250


Michigan Grouping. Mt. Clemens. Bank of Macomb County. All with red overprints: 1) $1. April 1, 1858. (MI-295 G22a). Females, sailing vessels, sheep. F. 2) $1. April 1, 1859. (MI-295 G22b). Similar to previous except for overprint. Crumpled left edge. Fine. 3) $2. April 1, 1858. (MI-295 G24a). Farmers.Pinholes, light stain. Fine. 4) $2. April 1, 1858 (printed). (MI-295 G24d). Similar to previous $2 except overprint is ornate letters instead of block print. F. 5) $3. April 1, 1858. (MI-295 G26b).Ceres. Indian with rifle. Fine. 6) $5. Oct. 1, 1852. (MI-295 G28a). Farm implements. Age toned, stain on reverse, pinholes, othewise Fine. 7) $10. April 1, 1858. (Mi-295 G30a). Woman with wheat sheaf on head. Pinholes, minor edge chips, and back stains, otherwise Fine. [7] Est. 300-500




Michigan Obsolete Trio. [3] 1) Hancock. Quincy Mine $10 1870 Green. Spindle hole, staple holes, else VF. 2) Ferndale. School District City of Ferndale $25 (minimum) Depression Scrip. 1932. Specimen. CU. 3) Adrian. W.H. Stone & Co. 50 Cents 1862. Red lined tint. Split in half, else VF. Est. 60-90 Group of Michigan Scrip Notes: 1) Eagle Harbor Central Mining Co. $10. June 30, 1866. (Lee-CMGC) EF+. 2) Similar. $5. Sept. 28th. 1867. (Lee-CMGC) Fine, 2 large POC, postmarks. 3) Hancock. Quincy Mine. $20. Dec 22, 1869. (LeeCMGC-26-3). Engraved 18__. VF+. 4) Hancock. Quincy Mining Sight Draft. $20. May 28th. 1869. (LEE-CMGC-26-3). Engraved 186_. VF, staple holes and rust. Revenue stamp affixed. Est. 150-250 MI. Group of Michigan Scrip and Banknotes: 1) Brooklyn. Merchants Bank of Jackson. $5. 1843. (MI-95 G14). Harvest. About Good, Splits, holes. 2) Clarksburgh. Michigan Iron Co. $1. 1874. (LIMGC-15-3). Industry. F-VF. 3) Branch County Bank. $1. (MI-80 G2). Agriculture Unissued remainder with false date and signatures VG, with splits. 4) $3. (MI-80 G6). Horse. VG-F, hinge remnants. 5) $5. (MI-80 G8). Farmhands. VG-F. 6) Hillsdale. Mitchell, Waldron & Co. 5c. 186_. (LHIL-1-1). Large green 5. Elegant couple ice skating. AU, minor foxing. [6] Est. 150-250

Scarce, but Impaired Minnesota Coin Note.

521 521

Scarce Minnesota Coin Note. Hastings. Thorne’s Bank. $1. Sept. 1, 1863. (MN-45 G2a). Cherub rolls Seated Liberty Dollar, train beyond. Ornate green back. A decent example of a scarce Minnesota note that Haxby listed at $300 in VG way back in 1983. ABNCo. Small pieces out of the right border, thin spot, back, otherwise G-VG, POC. (photo) Est. 300-500


MI. Hastings. Thorne’s Bank. $1. Sept. 7, 1863. No. 391. Cherub rolls 1863 US Silver Dollar at top center. Young child with puppies, lower left. Male portrait. Bank would eventually become the Merchants National Bank of Hastings. Rough edges notes all around, small paper loss holes, otherwise Good-Very Good Est. 200-300


MI. Hastings. Thorne’s Bank. $1. Sept. 1, 1863. (MN-45 G2a; Hewitt B180-D1). Green Back. Cherub rolls 1863 Silver Dollar, top; child with dogs, lower left; male portrait, lower right. ABN. Poor, missing large portion at upper right. Est. 100-150


Another Scarce, but Impaired Minnesota Coin Note. Hastings. Thorne’s Bank. $1. Sept. 1, 1863. (MN-45 G2a; Hewitt B180-D1). Green Back. Cherub rolls 1863 Silver Dollar, top; child with dogs, lower left; male portrait, lower right. ABN. , Missing a large portion at upper right, POC, otherwise VG Est. 100-150


MN. Isle. S. Nyquist & Son Set of Seven: Set of seven different denomination “checks”, in amounts of 1/5, ½(3), 1(3), 2(3), 4(2), 6(2), and 10(2) Cents, to be used at the General Merchandise store of S. Nyquist. Most are Unc. [7] Est. 150-250


MN. Mankato City. Merchants Bank. $1. Sept 1st 1854. (A-160) About Fine. Est. 250-350


MN. Minneapolis. State Bank of Minnesota. $1. Sept. 1, 1862. (MN-85 G2). Boy, horses. ABN. About 20% of the top of this scarce remainder note has been restored with a pen and ink drawing of the missing elements, otherwise, EF. Est. 80-120

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Nice Grouping of Minnesota Organized Unemployed Notes. Minneapolis. Organized Unemployed, Inc. Trade and Barter Scrip: 1-2) Five Cents. Ca. 1932. Green paper, red text. FIVE CENTS in blue, red rectangular box. Embossed seal. F-VF. 3-4) Ten Cents. Ca. 1932. Similar to previous, but denomination and color - green denom. Fine, missing corner; VF. 5-6) Fifty Cents. Ca. 1932. Similar, all green but for red denomination. VF; Fine. 7) 5 Cents. May 1, 1934. (Hewitt K-360 F-Unlisted). Green text and frame, orange seal and serial number. Minor stain, otherwise Fine. 8) 10 Cents. May 1, 1934. (Hewitt K-360 F10-2). Similar but for denomination. Stain at left and right margins. VF. [8] Est. 150-250


MN. Saint Paul. Bank of Saint Paul. $1. Nov. 1, 1858. (MN-155 G2). Side-wheel steamer. An incredibly rare ABN note, with obvious paper loss at lower left and upper left corner. There are also tears at top and bottom, otherwise VG. Est. 200-300


MN. Willmar. Minnesota Lutheran Seminary & Institute. $25. Ca. 1880s. (Hewitt M640-D25). Green frame and back. Hewitt Plate Note, listed as an R-7 (1-5 known). Fern plant. Lovely decorative frame incorporating ivy and a song bird. Issued by First National College Bank of the Willman, Minn. Seminary. VG, edge chipping hardly affects overall look. Est. 100-150




MN. Winona. Treasurer of the City of Winona. 10 Cents. (Hewitt F10-1). Oct. 21, 1862. This fractional note has seen plenty of circulation in its day. Backed, Fair, but rare. Est. 50-75 Minnesota Obsolete Grouping. [7] 1) Forrestville. Thos. J. Meichen $5 book of coupons. VF. 2) Minneapolis. Organized Unemployed, Inc. 5 Cents. VF-EF. 3) Similar. 10 Cents. About Fine. 4) 10 Cents. Montgomery. T.W. Sheehy & Co. Small pink typeset form. VF-EF. 5-6) Red River. Red River Lumber Company Coupons. Both AU, PC. 7) St. Paul. State of Minnesota $1 1858. Large portion missing, left, stains, else VG. Est. 100-200 Minnesota Advertising Note MI. Fergus Falls. Wilson and Earl Loan Company. United State $5 Legal Tender look-a-like. (HEWITT -120 PLATE NOTE) Very Good. Tape marks, split and faded. Scarce. Est. 80-120

Spink Smythe


MS. Brandon. Mississippi & Alabama RR Company Pairing. 1) $20. 1838. (MS-25, G16b). Steamboats. Washington, Franklin, Lafayette and Fulton. Two corner tips off, piece out of right margin, else F-VF. 2) $25. 1838. (MS-25, G22b). Three maidens at top. F-VF. No right serial number. Est. 100-150


MS. Jackson. State of Mississippi Collection. [21] If you have ever considered collecting Mississippi state notes, here is the perfect opportunity to jumpstart that thought: 1) $20. Cr. 19 F, tape repair; 2) $50. Cr. 15. F-VF, stamp hinges; 3-4) $10. Cr. 17. F-VF, PMG Fine 15; 5) $10. Cr. 17a. VG-F; 6-9) $5. Cr. 18. F, F, VG-F, PMG Net VG 8 -tape; 10) $3. Cr. 19. F; 11) $2.50. Cr. 20. VG-F; 12-13) $1. Cr. 22. F, G-VG; 14) $2.50. Cr. 24. F; 15) $1. Cr. 25. VG-F; 16) $5. Cr. 31. F; 17) $50. Cr. 33. F; 18) $20. Cr. 34. F; 19) $5. Cr. 36A. F-VF; 20) $20. Cr. 39. F; 21) $10. Cr. 40. F. Some edge nicks are noted here and there, along with hinge remnants on some backs. Lot Should Be Viewed, As No Returns Will Be Accepted. Est. 750-1,000


MS. Macon. State of Mississippi. $3. 1864. Soldier. Indian. Red THREE. Age toned, otherwise AU. Est. 60-90


MS. Natchez. City of Natchez. 25 Cents. July 9, 1862. Green Cents / 25 / Cents overprint. Woman with scales, eagle and state arms, left; two men with cattle and sheep, right. Light stain at bottom, otherwise AU. Est. 80-120


MO. Eolia. Gooch’s Gen’l Store. Good for 10 Cents. Undated. VF. Est. 80-120


MO. Eolia. Flemming & Gooch. Good for 10 Cents. Undated. Fine. Est. 80-120


MO. Jefferson City. Missouri Defence Bond. $1. Ca. 186_. (Cr. 18). Large red ONE protector, top. Cattle, steamboat. State seal. Watermarked “T. C. C. & Co.” PCGS Choice About New 58PPQ. Est. 100-150


MO. Jefferson City. Missouri Defence Bond. $1. Ca. 186_. (Cr. 18). Large red ONE protector, top. Cattle, steamboat. Watermarked “T. C. C. & Co.” PCGS Choice About New 58PPQ. Est. 100-150

January 16-18, 2012 - New York


MO. State of Missouri. $1. Defence Bond. 186_. Cr. 18B. Plate B. Red ONE. Watermark TCC. About Uncirculated, but trimmed close at right. Est. 80-120


MO. State of Missouri. Missouri Defense Bond. 186_ Unissued. Both AU, one is trimmed slightly into the top border. [2] Est. 150-250


MO. Jefferson City. State of Missouri. 1) $3 January 1st 1862. Cr.7. Small hole, left, otherwise VF. 2) Similar. 1862. Cr.7A. On back of drafts. Small hole, right, otherwise VF. [2] Est. 100-150


MO. City of Kansas. $2. 1877. Train. Green. Tape repair on verso, small hole, otherwise Very Fine. Est. 100-150


MO. Palmyra. $20. 1853. Two women. Four male portraits in corners. VG. Est. 100-150


MO. North Missouri Railroad, St. Louis, Missouri Advertising Notes, a reference collection. Est. 100-150


Group of North Missouri Railroad Advertising Notes. [7] All with train at station. 1) 40 V-1770. Map on back. German text. VF. 2) Similar. V-1775. English text. Repaired split, pinholes, otherwise About Fine. 3) 40 V-1760. Green back with English text in oval. Lower right corner portion missing, else VG. 4 ) 50 V-1805. J. Meridith Davies. Small edge splits, otherwise F-VF. 5) 50 Similar to V-1800, but “NONE BUT GENUINE U. S. NOTES....” stamped in red on back. Pinhole, else VF. 6) 50 V-1790. Soldier, right. Green map on back. EF. 7) 50 V-1780. Man with poster, right. Green map, back. Unc. Est. 200-300


MT. Havre. Buttreys Super Store. $5. No date. Woman representing Liberty, seated left. On back, good only for “Non-Food Merchandise.” Uncirculated. Est. 100-150


NE. Omaha City. Western Exchange Fire & Marine Insurance Co. 1856 Quartet. (NE-80). [4] 1) $2. Fine, a few pinholes. 2) Similar. Pieces out, otherwise VG. 3) $5. Grafiti, small corner piece out, pinholes, otherwise Fine. 4) Similar. Pinholes, otherwise Fine. [4] Est. 150-250



NH. Concord. G.F. Whittredge. 2¢. Dec. 1, 1864. Large red 2, center. Small red 2, left. Several pinholes, minor age toning, otherwise Fine. Est. 80-120


NH. London. H. F. Batchelder. 3 Cents. 1864. Blue, red 3. Fine, age toned, with small internal splits; “1862” written date. Restored upper right portion, else Fine. [2] Est. 80-120


Manchester New Hampshire Scrip Pairing. [2] 1) W.A. Putney. 2 Cents. 1864. Eagle. Fine, minor stains; 2) Quimbey’s Periodical Mart. 3 Cents. Shield. Brown. Repaired small split, otherwise Fine. Est. 80-120


NH. Newmarket. J.S. & E. Bennett. 5 Cents. Nov. 3, 1862. The Bennett Brothers conducted a tin and hardware business in Newmarket from 1843 through 1874, when they sold their interests and moved to Lawrence, Mass to invest in the foundary business there. Mounting traces, small repair with paper tape on verso. Fine, pinholes. Scarce. Est. 100-150


NH. Troy. E. P. Kimball’s Store. 50 Cents. PCGS Choice New 63. Remainder. Green security underprint and red text accents for denominations. At left, a rectangular end panel with “Store Check No.” in red. Red framing throughout. Kimball’s Store is noted on an early 1858 map of Troy as located on the south of the Common. Rarely seen. Est. 50-100


NH. Union. C.D. Swinerton. 10 Cents. Dec. 15, 1862. All blue. Farmer standing with large scythe. Herald Office, Boston. Fine. Est. 80-120


Early New Hampshire Grouping. 1) NH. Derry. $2. 1822. Perkins plate. Fine. 2) Haverhill. $1. 1808. Tear, lower left, otherwise Fine. 3) Keene. $4. 1807. Portion of left side missing, otherwise Good. Est. 100-150


NJ. Bordentown. 6¼ Cents. 1837. About Good, pieces out; Similar. 12½ Cents. Round blue postal stamping on back of both. [2] Est. 50-75


NJ. Marion. U.S. Watch Company. 25 Cents. Red US. Eagle. Small splits in corner tip, else AU. Est. 100-150


NJ. New Brunswick. State Bank of New Brunswick Sheet Trio. [3] Est. 750-1,250

NH. Acworth. Sullivan County. D.J. & M.M. Warner. 25 Cents. Red overprint. Washington. Fine. Est. 80-120

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NJ. Odd Denomination Remainder Notes from the Peoples’ Bank of Paterson, NJ: 1) $6. Ceres. Cow. Stamp hinges, and small edge split. 2) $7. Cows. Stamp hinge, otherwise Unc. 3) $8. Chariot, griffins. Stamp hinges, otherwise Unc. 4) $9. Stamp hinges, otherwise Unc. Est. 250-350


NJ. Trenton. Phenix Manufacturing. $3. 1836. Woman. Steamboat. Train. VF, light age toning; Similar. 50 Cents. 1837. All blue. Phenix rising. Staple hole, upper right, otherwise Fine. [2] Est. 80-120


Early New Jersey Notes. [4] 1) Bridgeton. Cumberland Bank. $3. 1840. Piece out, left, otherwise VG. 2) Mount Holly. 6¼ Cents. 1815. Worm holes, otherwise VG. 3) Hoboken. New Jersey Manufacturing Co. $3. 1828. Justice. Minor stains, otherwise Fine. 4) Paterson Bank. 6 Cents. 1815. Wormholes, stains, otherwise VG. [4] Est. 100-150



New Jersey Note Trio. [3] 1) Dennis Creek. Sam Mathews. 1837. Unlisted, Wait. Body hole, upper left, otherwise Fine. 2) J. Morristown. $5. 1855. Women flank shield. Blacksmith, left. Haxby plate note. Small piece out, left, pinholes, otherwise Fine. 3) Trenton. America Bank. $3. Webster. Corner missing, otherwise VG. Est. 100-150 New Jersey Obsolete Selection. [5] 1) Hudson City. Highland Bank. $1. 1858. (Wait837) Altered from Georgia note. VG. 2) State Bank at New Brunswick. $1. Green. Woman with spindle. AU, remainder. Closed pinhole. 3) Winslow. $1 merchants scrip. All blue. Steamboat. Indian. VG, trimmed in at top. 4) Columbus, Burlington County. 10 Cents. Red. CU remainder. 5) Perth Amboy. City Bank. 10 Cents. All Blue. 1862. Est. 100-150


NY. Albany. Canal Bank of Albany. $1. ND. Liberty, left. Woman holds ONE, right. About Good, edge split. Est. 60-90


NY. Corporation of the City of Albany. 3 Cents. 1815. (H82) R-6. Fine, corner tip off. Est. 75-125


NY. Auburn. Asa Munger. One Shilling / 12½ Cents. 1837. Scarce and rare dual denomination. Both end panels feature woodcut illustration of Franklin. Eagle with US shield, trident and olive branch, top center. Signed Munger & Perry. Printed by Oliphant & Skinner. Very Good. New York merchants continued to keep their books in pounds, pence and shillings well into the nineteenth century, thus accounting for the use of the dual denominations. Est. 120-180

Spink Smythe


NY. Colorful Auburn City Scrip Pair. [2] 1) 5 Cents. 1862. (H15) Green V. VG-Fine, small internal split. 2) 25 Cents. 1862. (H17) Beehive. Red 25s. Fine, trimmed close, left. Est. 75-125


NY. [Caly] Clay. J. Freeman. 12½ Cents. Sept. 15, 1837. Sheep. Seated allegorical female with ship behind, left and right end cartouche. An interested sheep scrip note that is unlisted in Harris. Close, right, otherwise About Fine. Est. 200-300


NY. Buffalo. Bank of Niagara. $3. Oct. 1, 1817. (NY460 C56). Niagara Falls as rendered by Maverick. Wavy moire pattern on end panels with denomination spelled out. Light stain. “Counterfeit” written on back, and hinge remnants in each corner. Fine. Est. 100-150


NY. Cape Vincent. Smith & Beckford per L. S. Hammond, Banker. 10 Cents. Nov. 1, 1862. Justice, left. NY state seal. of New York. Small margin nibble, bottom left, otherwise Uncirculated. Est. 80-120


NY. Clymer. Atlas Bank of NY. $1. May 10, 1847. (NY-675 G2a). Rare Danforth, Dufty note with three shipbuilders. Small repaired split and stain, left, otherwise VG. Est. 100-150


NY. Fairfield, Herkimer County. Association of the Village of Fairfield. 2 Cents. December 17, 1816. TWO 2 CENTS, center. 2 CENTS, in the end panels. Age toning, otherwise VG. Est. 80-120


NY. Bank of Fayetteville. 25 Cents. 1862. Green. “Good,” left. Small piece out at top, otherwise About Fine. Est. 100-150


NY. Fayetteville. Russell & Tremain per Bank of Fayetteville. 10 Cents. Oct. 12, 1862. Small-size format change bill. Blue text with simple double-ruled frame. Edwin P. Russell and Porter Tremain were partners in the development of the Bank of Fayetteville, which would become the National Bank of Fayetteville in 1865. The men became financially embarrased in 1868, as bankruptcy proceedings were started in the Northen District of New York. Age toning and stains, else VG. Scarce. Est. 80-120


NY. Fayetteville. Russell & Tremain per Bank of Fayetteville. 50 Cents. Oct. 12, 1862. Blue text - design similar to the 10 Cents note previously listed. Corners rounded, otherwise Fine. Est. 100-150

January 16-18, 2012 - New York


NY. Fort Columbus. William Kendall, Post Sutler. Aug. 20, 1846. Check for $2. Fort Columbus, located on Governor’s Island, was the largest of the fortifications defending New York City. VF-EF. Est. 100-200


Fort Plain, NY Scrip Grouping. 1) Shearer & Cronkhite. 10c. Oct. 18, 1862. (H45). Green 10. Maiden. Unc. Remainder. 2) Similar. 25c. (H46). Green 25. Maiden. VG. 3) Similar. 50c. (H47). Maiden.AU. Remainder. 4) Tingue Brothers. 5c. Oct. 15, 1862. (H51). Green 5. AU. Remainder. 5) Similar. 10c. (H52).Green 10. Light stains, otherwise EF. Remainder. 6) Similar. 25c. (H54). Green 25. Train. Fine. 7) Similar.50c. (H55). Green 50. Train. Stains, otherwise VG. [7] Est. 150-250


NY. Friendship. Miner & Wellman, Bankers. Remainders. 1) 10c. Dec. 1, 1862. (H7). Green cartouche. Sugar, tea and coffee. VF-EF. 2) 25c. (H8). Similar. VF-EF. [2] Est. 100-200


NY. Herkimer. Warren Caswell - Bellinger Bank. 50¢. Oct. 17, 1862. (Harris 26). Red 50. Sailor. Maiden with Indian princess. Small eagle, bottom. Fine. Est. 60-90


NY. Hudson. Bank of Hudson. $3. 1811. (NY-1050 G52). Very rare Bank of Hudson note with early woodcut designs featuring mythological creatures flanking state shield, ship behind. Crowned man sitting, resting arm on shoulder with 3D. Very Good. Est. 150-250


Group of Hiram W. Dixon Scrip on the Farmers Bank of Hudson. 1862. All with padlock, center. 1) 10¢. (Harris 65). VG.Issued. 2) 15¢. (Harris 66). AU. 3) 20¢. (Harris 67). Fine. 4) 25¢. (Harris 68). AU. 5-6) 50¢. (Harris 70). Blue. Unc. All but the first example are unissued remainders.[6] Est. 120-180


NY. Bank of Lowville. $1. 1856. (NY-1270 G6) Eagle. Woman in large 1. Small corner piece missing, otherwise Fine. Est. 100-150


NY 1815 Scrip Note Grouping. Middleburgh. Michael Borst - Tavern Keeper. All with Wheat Vignettes. 1) 2c. (H9). Trimmed into top, otherwiseFine. 2) 6¼c. (H11). Fine. 3) 12 ½c. (H13). Repaired, otherwiseVG. 4) 25c. (H14). VF,but mounted on card. 5) 50c. (H15). Fine. but mounted on card. 6) 75c. (H16). VF, but mounted on card. [6] Est. 150-300


NY. Millport. J. P. Howell. 25 Cents. 1853. (H10) TWO SHILLINGS, left. VF-EF, small ink spots. Est. 100-200


NY. Naples, Ontario County. Bank of Naples. $100. 1852. “Will pay the bearer...the highest price in Isabella Grapes, Grape Vines & other choice fruit trees for planting this season.” For that wine connoisseur grapes on the vine in left end panel with 100 in oval. Ceres seated with grain, plow and cattle beyond. And at right, Hebe gives eagle water. Fine. Est. 100-150

589 589

NY. New York. Peter Gilsey. 25 Cents. Harris-540. Decorative light green die counter underprints. Magnificent green underprint of the large store, located at 171 Broadway, with street scene involving pedestrians and horse drawn carriages passing in front. Minor fold lines at corners, AU. Unissued. (photo) Est. 250-300

590 590

NY. New York City. Phenix Bank. $5. 18_. (NY-1880 G42). Proof. Three standing allegorical females. Washington oval portrait. Pheonix in each end panel. MDF. Trimmed a bit into the bottom border.Uncirculated (photo) Est. 300-500


NY. Phenix/Phoenix Bank Pair. 1) Phenix Bank of New York. $10. April 1, 1821. (NY-1550 C50). Seated woman. A fairly deceptive counterfeit. Edge tears, otherwise Fine. 2) Pheonix Bank. $2. Jan. 1, 1846. (NY-215 Unl Counterfeit). Red TWO. Liberty. VG. [2] Est. 80-120

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NY. New York. Broadway Bank. $10. Jan. 1, 1859. (NY-1465 C10b). Red TEN. Maiden with bales. Columbia. RWHE, ABN mono. Pinholes, F. Est. 80-120


NY. New York. Brokaw Brothers Clothing House. 50. Ca.1880s-90s. Advertising note in the style of a US 50 Cent fractional note. “Cheapest One Price Store in the City....Goods exchanged free of charge.” Trimmed closely at bottom. AU. Est. 75-150


NY. New York. C. Delmonico - Beaver St. House. 15 Cents. Undated Remainders. [8] Group of Eight PCGS certified Delmonico notes in varying grades: Very Choice New 64 (2), Very Ch New 64PPQ, New 62 (2), Gem New 65PPQ, Choice New 63PPQ, and a Choice About New 58PPQ. All with red 15 overprint. Est. 200-400


NY. New York. C. Delmonico. 15 Cents. (Harris 420). [10] Red 15 overprint. All Remainders, grading from AU to Unc, a few with minor spots. Famous New York restaurant. Est. 200-300


NY. New York. C. Delmonico - Beaver St. House. 15 Cents. Undated Remainders. All Choice Unc. Est. 500-750


NY. New York. Chemical Bank. $1. 1859. Dogs near tree. Pink tint. VG, minor ink erosion holes. Est. 75-125




NY. New York. Corn Exchange Bank. $10. April 15, 1862. NY-1555. Sailor and farmer rest upon coils of rope, wheat, ship and builidng in distance. ABN. Pinholes. POC’s over signatures, upper right corner restored, otherwise Fine. Est. 80-120 NY. New York. Derby Athenaeum. $5. Stamped Dec. 8, 1868. No.2516. No. 680 Broadway. Woman with palette. Blue date stamp in lower right corner. About a month after this receipt was issued, a fire broke out on the second floor at 9:30 pm January 19, 1869. The NY Times article reported that “The room in which the flames originated is used for the storage and exhibition of celebrated pictures and works of art,....” All of the pictures stored were destroyed, causing a loss of $20,000. One of the losses was Rothermel’s “celebrated picture” entitled President Lincoln’s Last Reception at the White House”,...and valued at $30,000, “was so much injured by the heat that is considered entirely worthless.” About Uncirculated. Est. 100-200 NY. New York Exchange Bank. $5. 1840. Boy, dog, farmers. Ink erosion holes in signatures, otherwise VF. Est. 40-60

Spink Smythe


NY. New York. Farrar & Lyons. 50 Cents. July 10, 1862. (Harris-504). Unissed remainder. Green 50 underprint with two guilloches either side. Small bull’s head at bottom. One POC in signature block area. AU. Est. 100-200


NY. New York. Ferd. Mayer & Co., Ad Note. 1 -10. (Vlack-2660). Lithographers advertising the “Shinplaster Bank” of 96 Fulton Street, offering to “Furnish on Demand From Ten to a Thousand Dollars worth of Shinplasters executed in the best style & at the lowest rate...” Woman with flowers. Dog and safe. Red 5 security underprint. VF+. Ferd. Mayer & Co. printed checks, bonds and bank notes for the financial community. An important advertising note, and elusive this nice. Est. 150-250


NY. New York. Hanover Bank. $1. April 1, 1862. (NY-1560 G2c). Red ONE overprint. Sailing ship moving at left, top; state die across, left; oval female portrait, sea horses below, right. Tape repairs on back to reattach note at center; Split repaired at left on back. COCs at bottom, otherwise Very Good. Est. 80-120


NY. New York. J. T. Johnson Ship Broker & Commission Merchant. 100. Washington and Lafayette, left and right. Sailor points to ship in distance while Mercury reclines, top. Trimmed close, otherwise Very Fine. Est. 80-120


NY. New York. J. T. Johnson, Ship Broker & Commission Merchant. 100. Ad Note. Seated Mercury and standing sailor view ships in the harbour. Washington, left; Lafayette, right. J. T. Johnson insured vessels and cargoes, and “vessels freighted, chartered, bought or sold”. A bit rough along the right edge, otherwise Very Fine. Est. 100-150


NY. New York. L. H. Gates. 50 Cents. 1860. Unc, POCs. State seal of New York flanked by two allegorical females. Winfield Scott, left. Stag, right. Four tiny mount remnants are noticed on back in each corner, otherwise quite Choice. Est. 100-150


NY. New York. Marble Manufacturing. $20. 1820. Atlas and globe. EF-AU. Est. 100-150


NY. New York. Mechanics’ Bank. $5. Ca. 1830s-40s. (NY-1720 Similar to G146). Proof. Archimedes lifts world with FIVE at bottom with lever, upper left. Instead of Washington at left, state die is present. Arm holds hammer, center bottom. Ornate lathework V at upper right. New, but with noticeable damage to both upper corners, tears at right edge and bottom right edge noted as well. Est. 100-200

January 16-18, 2012 - New York


NY. New York. Metropolitan Bank. 1) $1. Feb. 5, 1854. (NY 1775 A5). George Washington. Sailor. Ceres. Overstamped “BROKEN BANK.” F-VF. 2) $3. Feb. 3, 1854. (NY-1775 A15). Eagle atop shield. Overstamped “ALTERED BILL”. F-VF. [2] Est. 100-150


NY. New York. Metropolitan Jewelry Association. 5. Red text and green paper. Certificate number 1958, with offers on back to redeem for a “Ladies Casket Toilet Box” or an “American Album Watch” or a copy of the “Magic Wand” medical book and marriage guide. Interesting ad note. AU, the right edge rough. Rarely seen, especially with the jumbo right margin, actually a coupon, complete. Est. 100-150


NY. New York. New York County National Bank. $50. Feb. 1, 1876. Unissued remainder. Savings Bank Check for the Long Island Company. Coupons with green denomination overprint. VF, rough bottom edge, three cut cancels in signature area, but still very presentable. Scarce! Est. 100-150


NY. New York. New-York Exchange Co. $25. May 1852. No. 169. A RWHE annual subscription receipt for $25 for “privileges of the New York Exchange.” Sea chariot. Tape reinforcements along edges on back with some pinholes noted, otherwise Fine. Est. 50-100

613 613


NY. New York. Thomas M. Jackson’s Naval Saloon. 10. Ad note for establishment. Eagle flanked by Franklin and Clinton portraits. Repaired upper left corner with some type of photocopied paper replacement. Tear from right has been reinforced on back with stamp hinges. Despite these impairments, a decent representative of a very scarce advertising note. Est. 100-150


NY. New York Ad Note Pair. [2] 1) New York. Westbrook & Gattman Metropolitan Jewelers Association & Piano Forte Manufacturing. $20. June 1, 1867. (Vlack-2890). Green. Woman carries wheat, left. F-VF, repaired tears, uneven left edge. 2) Utica. M.C.M.S.G.T. Gloary. $1. Brown. An unusual and enigmatic hand-penned $1 note. “UNITED STATES NATIONAL CURRENCEY (sic)” A woman with a fancy hat, left. At the center is a large “1” flanked by a plow and leaf. Good-VG, splits, fold junction holes, and a piece out at the top. Est. 100-150


NY. Newark Valley. Howe & Lincoln - Bank of Owego Trio. Blacksmith on all. 1) 5c. Nov. 15, 1862. (H10). Red. VG-F. 2) 10c. Jan. 1, 1868. (H11). Red. Fine. 3) 50c. 1862. (H13). Red. POCs. EF. [3] Est. 100-150


NY. Oswego. Ames Iron Works 1862 Grouping. Blacksmiths on all, by Latimer & Seymour. 1) 5c. (H5). Green. About Fine. 2) 10c. (H6). Green. AU. 3) 20c. (H7). Green. Pieces out, else Good. 4) 25c. (H8). Orange. Splits, else Good. 5) 50c. (H10). Orange. Fine, POC. [5] Est. 150-250


NY. Oswego. Cashier of the Commercial Times Office. 5c. Dec. 9, 1862. (H19). R-7. Red, green and black. Printing press. Fine. Est. 100-150


NY. Owego. Corp of Owego - Bank of Tioga. All 1862. 1) 5c. (As H1). Red. Eagle. Unc, POC. Tint error at left. Remainder. 2) Similar, issued. Splits, otherwise Fine. 3) 10c. (H2). Green. Train. Unc, POC. Mounting remnants. 4) Similar. VF, stain. 5) 25c. (H3). Red. Dog guards safe. Fine. 6) 50c. (H4). Green. State arms. Fine. [6] Est. 100-150


NY. Penn-Yan. Unissued Remainders. All Jan. 1, 1838. All AU-Unc. 1) 12½c. (H28). R-5. Steamboat. 2) 50c. (H30). 3) 75c. (As H28 But Unl Denom). Steamboat. 4) $1. (H32). Canal barge. [4] Est. 100-150

NY. New York. Shangheigh Bank. $1000 Very Fine. Sailor seated with American flag, bales, barrels, ship in distance, top; Thetis seated with trident, left; woman seated with cog, palette and scroll. A “tongue in cheek” advertising note, as “Banking Hours from 9 o’clock PM till 3 o’clock AM. Every day in the week except weekdays.” and that “Wanted Immediately, Five Hundred Individuals to mind their own business and let other peoples business alone”. (photo) Est. 300-500

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The January 2012 Collectors Series Sale


NY. Peterboro. Ives & Woodbury. Doty & McFarlan. Red overprints. 1) 5c. Nov. 13, 1842. (As H5 But Signed, Dated). Franklin. Glue remnants around back perimeter. VG. 2) 10c. (H16). Woman with wheat. F. 3) 25c. (As H17 But Signed, Dated). Franklin. Mounting remnants. VG. 4) 50c. (As H18 But Signed, Dated). Washington. Mounting remnants. VG. [4] Est. 100-150


NY. Poughkeepsie. Eastman College Bank Group: 1) 50 Cents. (Schingoethe NY-1680-.50). All red. Washington. EF-AU. 2) 25 Cents. (Schingoethe NY-1700-.25). All red. Liberty, left; dog’s head.Third Series. AU. 3-6) 1c, 3c, 5c and 10c. (4). (Schingoethe NY1740...-.30-.05-.10). All with red denomination but no “Cents” mentioned. Oval male portrait. EF. 7) NY-IL. Poughkeepsie / Chicago. First National Bank of Eastman Business College. $10. (Schingoethe IL560-10). Red outlined TEN overprint. Eagle, top; oval male portrait, left; beehives, right. Small body hole at top, piece out at central fold, otherwise VG. [7] Est. 150-250


NY. Rochester. Geo. T. Gilbert & Co. 12½ Cents. 18__. Eagle and shield at top, No. 8 Buffalo St. at right. Both the design and denomination are unlisted in Harris. Tear with tape repair at lower left. Some translucence is also noted across note. Upper right corner reattached with tape, otherwise VF. Rare. Est. 100-150


NY Rochester. Geo. T. Gilbert 37.5c. (Harris 121) AU, with light mounting stains, and two small corner tips missing. Unissued. Scarce note, and a tough denomination. Est. 200-300


NY. Rochester. Geo. T. Gilbert. 75c. (Harris 122) AU. light mounting stains. A small portion of the upper right margin is missing. Est. 100-150


NY. Rochester. Rochester Canal Bank. $3. April 10, 1840. (NY-2400 G6). Ceres seated with plow, sheaf of wheat, top; barebreasted woman in decorative frame, left and right. Durand. Fine. Est. 100-150

Spink Smythe


NY. Rochester Group. 1) Bissell & Amsden. 25c. Jan. 1, 1852. (H20). About Good. 2) City of Rochester. $2. March 26, 1838. (H64). Justice. Rejoined. G-VG, stains. 3) City of Rochester - Monroe County Bank. 5c. Dec. 1, 1862. (H20). Green. Washington. About Good, splits. 4) Similar. 10c. (H71). Fine. 5) Similar. 25c. (H72). AU. 6) Similar. 50c. (H73). Green. VG-F, pinholes. 7) City of Rochester. Monroe County Bank. 10c. July 15, 1862. (H76). Purple 10. Implements. About Fine, minor age toning. 8) Similar. 15c. (H77). Green 15. Canal. VG. 9) Similar. 50c. (H79). Orange 50. Statehouse.VG, splits, repairs. [9] Est. 150-250


NY. Saratoga Trio. 1) Saratoga. Commercial Bank of Saratoga. $5. Sept. 1, 1856. (NY-2505 A15). Whaling vignette. Body holes, else VG-F. 2) Saratoga Springs. Bank of Saratoga Springs. $1. July 1863. (As NY-2510 G2 Except Bottom Right Portrait). Liberty with eagle and shield. RWHE, ABN mono. About Good. 3) Saratoga Springs. Bank of Saratoga. $10. July 20, 1847. (As NY-2510 G2 But Raised to Unl $10). Liberty with eagle and shield. RWHE. Hinge repairs. Pieces out of right side. G. [3] Est. 150-250


NY. Sodis. E. A. Greens Banking House. $5. October 20, 1873. Harris-H11. R-7. Washington on horseback. Eagle atop shield. At bottom, dog sits atop safe. Payable in New York Clearing House funds. Maverick. Split in half and rejoined, rough right edge, and missing upper left corner margin, otherwise Fine. Est. 100-150


NY. Tarrytown. Odell & Clark. 25 Cents. Oct. 15, 1862. (Harris-10). The Odell & Clark building, horse and wagon in front, American flag waves proudly on top. Cashier of the Westchester County Bank at Peekskill. Pinholes. Fine. Est. 100-150


NY. Utica. Bank of Central New York. $5. Ca. 1850s. (NY-2775 S10). Horses, eagle and shield. Two Roman heads. Stains, right, else Very Fine. Est. 50-100


NY. Utica. N. M. Shepard. 10 Cents. Nov. 17, 1862. (Unlisted in Harris). Small change bill by T. J. Griffiths, Printer in Utica. All blue. Indian with rifle. Fine, back soiling and minor bleedthrough from back signature. Est. 100-150


NY. Utica. Thomson Bros.1862 Remainder Grouping. Farmer plows. Red tint. 5c, 15c, 15c, 20c, 20c. All EF to AU, most with slight impairments. [5] Est. 100-150

January 16-18, 2012 - New York


NY. Utica. W. P. Carpenter. 25 Cents. Oct. 6, 1862. (Harris-132). Lincoln in oval frame. Eagle at bottom. Ornate 25 lathework die counter. Uncirculated. Rare. Est. 100-150


NY. Waverly Bank Quartet. 1) W.T. Herrick - Waverly Bank. All blue. Dog. 1863 5c. (H9). R5. Issued Fine, age toned. 2) Similar. Fine. Remainder. 3) Similar. 10c. (H10). R6. VF. Issued. 4) Waverly Bank. $1. Oct. 15, 185_. Large geometric circle. (NY-2900 Unlisted). Right side, corner losses. (ABN JDW). VG. [4] Est. 100-150


NY. Whitehall. Northern Transportation Line. $1. Jan. 1, 1839. (H-30, R7). Barrels, bales on dock. Steamboat and train, sides. Internal splits, body holes, repaired, else VG. Est. 50-100


New-York Rice-Mill Pair. 1) 25c. (H842). Cooper opens barrel. Lowe. AU. Remainder. 2) 50c. (H843). Milling machine. Red advertising text on the back. Fine. Remainder. The red text on the back of this note, rarely seen, indicates that these were cooperatively accepted at a dozen or more different merchant’s establishments. [2] Est. 100-150



Scarce and Early New York Notes, Impaired. All with pieces missing, stains, repairs, but still scarce and collectible. [5] 1) Bank of Albany. $20. 1832. Mercury. 2) Central Bank of Cherry Valley. $5. 1861. Haxby Plate Note. Women. 3) New York. Delaware & Hudson Canal Co. $3. 1833. Woman seated. 4) Hudson Print Works. Hudson Tow-Boat Co. $1. (H98) Train. Unissued. 5) Bank of Salina. 1831. $5. Milkmaid. Sheep. SENC. Sold as is. Est. 150-250 NY. Small Change Notes Unlisted in Harris. [5] 1) Dover. 25 Cents. J. Rod.(?). Oct. 31, 1862. Dover Plains Bank. VG; 2) Livingston Manor. Five Cents. John F. Sherwood. Feb. 7, 1889. Good, tape repairs; 3) Morris. 20 Cents. A.M. Smith. Oct. 1862. No. 229. VF; 4) Utica. 10 Cents. J. M. Rice. Oct. 30, 1862. VF, pinhole; 5) No City Listed. 6 ¼ Cents. D. Sargent. Fine. trimmed in all around. Est. 100-150


Trio of New York Ad Notes: [3] 1) A. Jacob’s Sons. $100. (“As Vlack 2570, but uniface”). Microprint tint. Soiled, split, otherwise Good. 2) Arizona Club Ticket - CC Look-alike. $10. (Vlack unlisted). CU. 3) Wm. M. Young - Worrell Sisters, New York Theatre. 50 Cents. (Vlack 2970). EF. Spotless front with 3 vertical folds. Est. 100-150


NY. J. Clark. Universal Counterfeit Detector. Undated. 1840s-50s by style. Allegorical females, medallion heads, Washignton. Chip out of top, otherwise Fine. Scarce. Est. 100-150


NY. [New York]. Col. Robinson’s Humpty Dumpty Pantomime. 1881-1882. New Humpty Dumpty Pantomine. Red, green back. Small hole at bottom, otherwise VF. Est. 80-120


Miscellaneous New York Trio. [3] County Treasurer of New York at the National Broadway Bank. Check. 1867. Blue. Signed by Tweed Ring members. EF, CC. Also included are a bond coupon for the Wilmington, Charlotte & Rutherford R. R., and a Share Warrant from American Exchange in Europe. Est. 75-125


State of North Carolina Grouping. [3] 1) Raleigh. $1 1861. Cr.32G. One Dollar on back is tilted. 2) $20 1862. Cr.78C. Woman with trumpet. Top edge trimmed off (as issued), red two-line endorsement. Edge split, bottom, else AU. 3) $5 1863. Cr.123. Unc., but trimmed into the top. Est. 150-250


NC. Raleigh. State of North Carolina. $20. 1862. Cr.78C. Woman with trumpet. Top edge trimmed off (as issued), red two-line endorsement. AU. Est. 100-150


NC. Wilmington. Bank of Cape Fear, at Greensboro. $5. Nov. 15, 1858. (NC-90 C300). Orange tint. BC, ABN mono. Horizontal split and body hole, hinged, otherwise VG. Est. 100-150


North Carolina Pairing. [2] 1) Columbia. County of Tyrrell. 50 Cents 1861. Repaired tear, stain. 2) Elizabeth City. Farmers Bank $4. Sailors. Large grey IV. Rare. Numerous repairs, but presents nicely. About Fine in overall appearance. Est. 100-150

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The January 2012 Collectors Series Sale



NC. Notes from North Carolina: 1) Greensboro. Greensboro’ Mutual Life Insurance & Trust Co. $1. 1861. Allegorical figures. ABN. F. 2) Similar $2. 1861. Female in ornate 2. Small body split at fold, Fine. 3) Similar. $2. Pinholes, else VG. 4) Wilmington. Bank of Cape Fear. $3. 1850s. (NC90 G492). Milkmaid. Washington. Sir Walter Raleigh. Pinholes, small body hole, small piece out, otherwise VG. 5) Wilmington. Bank of Wilmington. $10. Ca.1850s. (NC-100 G14b). Brown-orange tint, outlined 10 on die. Sail boat race. Good. [5] Est. 100-150 NC. Group of Mixed North Carolina Scrip: 1-4) County of Guilford. Revenue Anticipation Note. 25c, 50c, $1 and $5. (4) Security Banknote Co. POCs, otherwise all Unc. except one which is VF. 5-6) Statesville. Wallace Bros. 1c, 10c. (2) Liberty and Ceres, left; die counter, right. Unc.; thin spot, VF. [6] Est. 40-60


OH. Hamilton. Hamilton and Rossville Mfg. Co. $5. July 18, 1818. (Wolka 1245-12). No. 506. Five in ornate panel left. Tree with river scene at top center, Eagle within Corporate at bottom. “Butler COUy” in ornate panel at right. Stain at right end, some pinholes. Fine. Est. 100-150


OH. Hemlock Grove. R. D. Rawlings. 5 Cents. Round red carboard chit, reads “This Check is Good For Five Cents” around edge, center reads, “In Goods / At the store of / R. D. Rawlings, / Hemlock Grove, / Ohio”. Est. 150-250


OH. Newark. Town Council of Newark. 12½ Cents. 1841. Spanish silver coins. VF. Est. 100-150


OH. New Salem. Jefferson Bank. $1. 1817. Jackson, Battle of New Orleans. Fine-VF. Est. 80-120


OH. Niles. O. Falcon Iron Works. 5 Cents. 1869. Black foundry worker. Fine. Est. 80-120


OH. Basil. Wildermuth & Miller Trio: [3] 1) Ten Cents. (Wolka 126-01). Blue. VG, long horizontal tear, lower right corner tip missing; 2) 25 Cents. (Wolka 126-04). Red. VG, rough edges; 3) $1. (Wolka 126-06). Red. VG, tear near wax seal, right. Est. 80-120


OH. Tiffin. Bank of the Ohio Savings Institute. $5. Dec. 10, 1855. No. 1104. Red FIVE overprint. Farmers converse, top center; man plows field, lower left; Andrew Jackson in oval, lower right. Very Fine-EF, with three pinholes. Attractive Est. 80-120


OH. Cincinnati. Miami Exporting Co. 25 Cents. Dec. 1, 1818. (OH-85 As G10). Similar to G10 in Haxby but nothing crossed out. Lathework end panels. MDF. A rare early Cincinnati scrip. Fine. Est. 100-150


OH. Tiffin. Tomb, Huss & Co. M. Sullivan. 1) 25 Cents. 1862. Green. Train. Unc. Margin split at bottom. POC. Remainder. 2) Similar. 50 Cents. Beehive. Unc. Remainder. [2] Est. 80-120


OH. Cincinnati. Nelson’s College Currency. 25 Cents. Jan. 1, 1874. (Schingoethe OH-185.25/Wolka 0571-03). “25” in each upper corner. Imprint of Ehrgott & Krebs Lith. Cincinnati. Printed signatures of Horatio Nelson and H.R. Kelley. Fine Est. 100-150


OH. Toledo. Erie and Kalamazoo Rail Road Bank. 25c. (Wolka 2558-07) Zeus, eagle. Unc. Est. 50-75


OH. Toledo. Erie and Kalamazoo Rail Road Bank. 25c. Train. PCGS Choice New 63PPQ. Est. 60-90


OH. Warren. Merriam & Co. 12½ Cents. 1853. Remainder. Mounting remnants, else Fine. 2) Similar. 50 Cents. 1853. Remainder. Unc. [2] Est. 60-90


OH. Wilmington. Goshen, Wilmington & Columbus Turnpike Co. Foursome. [4] 1) $5. Horse drawn Conestoga wagon. (Wolka 285101). Fine, corner tip off. 2) Similar. VG, corner tip off. 3) Good, large repaired tears; 4) $10. Justice and Liberty. (Wolka 2851-02). VGF, rough left edge. Est. 100-150




OH. Cincinnati. Ohio & Cincinnati Loan Office. $2. March 23, 1840. (Wolka-0577-05). Indian brave at left; Justice at top; child’s portrait at right. Rare issuer. Fine-Very Fine. Est. 150-250 Cincinnati, Ohio Obsolete Note Grouping. [3] 1) Farmers & Mechanics Bank $5. 1818 G40. 2) Miami Exporting Co. $5. 1839. 3) Bank of Cincinnati $1. 1841. All Fine or so. Est. 150-250 OH. Columbus & Lake Erie Rail Road. $50. 1850. Train. Ship. Printed endorsements. Both VF. [2] Est. 80-120

Spink Smythe

January 16-18, 2012 - New York


Ohio Quintet. [5] 1) Elyria. Unknown Issue [Herman Ely]. $3. Ca. 1820s-40s. (Wolka-1079-03). Remainder. S. Stiles Sherman & Smith, NY. Unc; 2) Franklin Silk Co. $1. Ca. 1830s-40s. (Wolka-112401). Remainder. Imprint - RWH. EF; 3) Newark. Columbus & Lake Erie Rail Road Co. $50. 1850. (Wolka-1927-01). Imprint - RWHE, Cincinnati. Fine; 4) Bank of Newtown. $5. 1846. (OH-345 G16). Imprint - Doolittle & Munson, Cin. VF, pinhole; 5) Bank of Norwalk, $1. 1844. (OH-350 G8). DSH. VG. Est. 150-250


OH. 1) Cambridge. Maxfield & Glessner’s 5 Cents. 1862. All blue. Eagle. Fine. 2) Pickaway. Williamsport. E. S. Davis. 25 Cents. 186_. Washington, Red and black text. Pinholes, else Fine. [2] Est. 100-150


OH. 1) Farmers Bank of New Salem $5 1816. Skillfully repaired small body holes, else VF. 2) Lancaster Ohio Bank. $5 1828 Ctf. Pen cancelled, pinholes, spots, else Fine. [2] Est. 80-120


Early Ohio Scrip Trio. [3] 1) Cincinnati. Miami Importing Co. 75 Cents. 1818 OH-85G18. Fine. 2) Lebanon Miami Banking Co. 50 Cents. 1817 W1455-14. stained and chip edges, else VG. 3) Mansfield. Richland & Huron Bank 50 Cents. 1816 OH-265 G8. Trimmed into right end panel, else VF. Est. 80-120


Assorted Ohio Obsoletes. [4] 1) Wellston. Wellston Coal Co. 5 Cents 1898. Corner tear, otherwise Fine. 2) Lichtfield, Medina. Geo F. Hutchings 25 Cents 1862. Remainder. Dog, safe. Red 25. Light pen notes on back, else Unc. 3) Chamberlain Mf’g Co. A. T. Dickinson. Brown underprint of a harvesting machine. AU, rust spot. 4) Springfield. First National Bank & Trust. (1927). Ad note announcing the coming of the new, small size Federal currency. Unc. Est. 60-90


PA. Allentown. Northampton Bank. $10. 1839. Four maidens. German text. Fine, minor stains. Nice margins. Est. 150-250


PA. Allentown. Northampton Bank. $10. 1839. Four maidens. German text. Fine, minor stains. Est. 100-150


Bristol, Pennsylvania Scrip. 1) William G. Allen & Co. 5c. Sept. 26, 1862. (Hb39-26). R4. State arms. G-VG. 2) Similar. 10c. (Hb-39-27). State arms. Fine. 3) Similar. 25c. (Hb-39 Unl Denom). Blue. State arms. Fine, with age toning. 4) David G. Michener. 25c. July 1, 1863. (Hb-3933). Red. Steamship. VF. 5) Andrew J. Hibbs. 50c. 186_. (Hb-39-30). R4. Green. Eagle. AU. Remainder. [5] Est. 120-180


Chambersburg Collection. 1) Chambersburg Saving Fund Society. 5c. June 1837. (Hb-59-15). Fair, backed. 2) Eyster & Bro. on Bank of Chambersburgh. 10c. Dec. 16, 1862. (Hb-59-29). Red underprint. Sailor. Fine, stains. 3) Similar. 25c. (Hb-59-30). Red. Sailor boy. Mounting thins, else VF. 4) J. Hokes & Co. on Bank of Chambersburgh. 5c. Jan. 1, 1863. (Hb-59-32). Green. Good. 5) Alex K. McClure on Bank of Chambersburg. 5c. Dec. 20, 1862. (Hb-59-35). Remainder. Green. Splits, else Good. 6) Similar. 10c. Dec. 20, 1862. (Hb-59-36). Green. Splits, else Fine. [6] Est. 150-250


PA. Dewart. Unidentified issuer. Jany. 1st 1863. Hosford & Ketcham. 1) 5¢. (Probably Hoober 83, but unlisted denomination). Dog behind safe. Farmer drinking. F-VF, small corner loss. 2) 25¢. (H 83-1). Horses at well. America with shield and faces. Fine+, fold splits. Est. 100-150


Lebanon Scrip Group. 1) Lebanon Borough Loan. 25c. July 4, 1837. (possibly Hb-189-24). Paper backed, otherwise About Good. 2) Lebanon Co. Water Works. 6¼c. April 16, 1838. (design as Hb-189-32). Mill by stream. Small tape repair, else Fine. 3) Unknown Issuer. 6¼c. (design as Hb-189-32). Remainder. Mill by stream. Fine. 4) Unknown Issuer. 12½c. April 16, 1838. (similar to Hb-189-33). Remainder. Ceres. Choice VF. 5) Unknown Issuer. 25c. April 16, 1838. (Hb-18932). Remainder. Mill by stream. Choice VF. [5] Est. 100-150

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PA. Philadelphia. Divitial Institution of North America and 6% Savings Bank. 50 Cents. June 15, 1837. Hoober 305-245 R5. Decorative left end panel. Explanation of the “Divitial Invention” in right end panel. Payable in Silver. VG, small paper separations, some small tape repairs on back. A scarce and interesting note. Est. 200-300


PA. Philadelphia. Philadelphia Bank. $1. Ca. 1820s30s. (PA-485 ?). Unissued remainder. Woman, eagle, shield. Building at bottom. Age toning, otherwise EF-AU. Est. 200-300


Philadelphia City Savings Institution 1837-38 Group. 1) 6¼c.(similar to Hb-305-506 but date). Edge tears. About Good. 2) 10c. (Hb-305-307). R4. F. 3) 12½c. (Hb-305-309). R4. Staining, pen cancels, otherwise VF. 4) 25c. (similar to Hb-305-512). Woman with dog. Pinholes, spot, else VG-F. 5) 50c. (Hb-305 Unl Type for Denom). VG, stains. Est. 150-250


PA. S. Duncan / Fairchance Iron Works. 12½ Cents. 185_. (Hoober 116-6 R4). Rough woodcut with dog with safe and key. Some age toning, otherwise Fine. Est. 100-150


PA. Waynesboro Josiah Besore, Bankers. 1862-63 1) 3c. (Hb-432-1 but spelled Beasore). R4. Four vignettes. Backed, elseGood. 2) 5c. (Hb-432-2). R3. Green. Barrels. VG. 3) 25c. (Hb-432-4). R3. Green. Barrels. Body hole, CC, otherwise Fine. 4) 50c. (Hb-432-5). R4. Green. Barrels. Coin. CC, else Fine. 5) James L. Weagly Signature. 25c. (Hb-432 Unknown Type). Corner tip off, else VG. [5] Est. 100-150


Pennsylvania Note Grouping. [6] 1) Allentown. Lehigh County Bank. $5. 1844. Fine, corner off. 2) Chambersburg & Bedford Turnpike. $1. 1818. No. 2. Fine, stains. 3) Bank of Easton. $10. 1832. VG, numerous pin cancels. 4) Philadelphia Bank. $5. 1824. Mounting remnants, stain, otherwise Fine. 5) Philadelphia Loan Co. $3. 1838. Fine, stains. 6) Wayne County. $40. 1860. Poor. Est. 150-250

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PA. Lewistown. Bank of Lewiston. $10. 18__. (PA250 G4). Proof on India paper mounted on card. Young farm couple, workmen in back. Horizontal cameo heads at corners. UBS. Signature blocks neatly cut out. Unc. (photo) Est. 300-500


PA. Libonia. Geo. W. Park. 25c. 1891. Washington. Green. Actually a coupon for mail order seeds, styled like a 25c fractional currency note. VF-EF. Est. 40-60


PA. Lockport. Due The Bearer... 6 ¼ Cents. January 1838. (Hoober 205-1 R7). Eagle and shield. EF-AU Remainder. Est. 80-120


PA. New Columbus. D. L. Chapin. 50 Cents. Nov. 20, 1862. Unlisted denomination in Hoober. All green. No. 3. Standing female rests arm on column. Small female portrait. Hannum. VF, light age toning. Est. 100-150


Pennsylvania. Bank of North America. August 6, 1789. One Penny. Printed on paper specially ordered by Benjamin Franklin from London, and printed by his grandson, Benjamin Franklin Bache. The small change bills were needed because the supply of copper was nearly nonexistant. This specimen has some margin chinking and age toning, otherwise VG. Est. 150-250


PA. Philadelphia. Bank of North America. $20. 1792. Early counterfeit. Mounted on paper, some pieces missing, otherwise Fine. All of the major design elements are there. Est. 200-300

Spink Smythe

January 16-18, 2012 - New York



County & Borough Notes. 1) M’Dowell’s Mills. Columbia Co. $2. Sept. 4, 1837. (Hb Unl Location). Pieces out of the bottom, else G+. 2) Mercer. Treasurer of Mercer Co. 25c. Jan. 12, 1863. (Hb-232-1). Justice. Pieces out, right, else Good. 3) Moyamensing Loan. 5c. May 15, 1837. (Hb-305438). Orange. Fine. 4) Shrewsbury Borough Loan. 25c. June 27, 1841. Ships in harbor. Missing lower left portion.Tape repair. Fair. 5) Sunbury. Northumberland Co. 25c. 1837. (Hb393 Unl Design). Train. VG. 6) Tamaqua. Borough of Tamaqua. $3. June 5, 1837. (Hb-399-18). R5. Small body hole, else VG-F. 7) Tunkhannock. Treasurer of Wyoming Co. 184_. (Hb-410-3). Remainder. AU. 8) Williamsport. Lycoming Co. 50c. Sept. 25, 1862. (Hb-451 Unl Design). State arms. Columbia. VG+. [8] Est. 150-250 PA. Liberty Scrip, All Remainders. 1) Narber & Schaeffer. 5c. (Hb-193 Unl Denom). Statehouse. Pinholes, AU. 2) Similar. 10c. (Hb-193 Unl Denom). State arms. Pinholes, AU. 3) Similar. 10c. (Hb-193 Unl Denom). Statehouse. Stainings, else VF. 4) Similar. 25c. (Hb-193-1). Farmhouse. Unc. 5) Nathan Root. 5c. (Hb-193-2). State arms. Mounting remnants, else AU. 6) Similar. 10c. (Hb-193 Unl Denom). Staining, else EF. 7) Similar. 25c. (Hb-193 Unl Denom). Farmhouse. AU. 8) Similar. 50c. (Hb-193 Unl Denom). Wheat. Light mounting stains, else Unc. [8] Est. 150-250


RI. Bristol. Freemen’s Bank. 1) $5. Oct. 1, 1863. (RI-40 G32). Red FIVE. Eagle atop shield. Maiden with child. Girl with basket. NEBN. VF-EF. 2) (Freemans Bank). $10. April 1, 1841. (RI-40 Altered). Eagle with shield. G-VG. [2] Est. 150-250


RI. Newport. Merchants Bank. $1. 18_ . Woman with 1. Sailor, left. Remainder. Mounting stains, trimmed, left, else Fine. Est. 60-90


RI. Newport. Merchants Bank. $3. 1859. Large 3s in geometric counters, left and right. Red THREE in red counter, bottom. Altered from a Massachusetts note. Pinholes, else Fine. Est. 100-150


RI. Phenix. Phenix Village Bank. $2. March 4 1861. No.293. (RI-230 G4a) Red. Water fall. Punch cancelled, and a piece out of the right signature block, otherwise Fine. Some hinges. Much nicer than most we have seen. Est. 100-200


RI. Providence. Bank of the United States. $5. October 4, 1830. Counterfeit. Eagle on shield top center. Scrollwork at each end. Stamped “Counterfeit” on face. Two large stains, otherwise VF. Est. 100-150


RI. Providence. S.A. Phillips & Co. 25c. July 22, 1862. (Durand 1832). Durand Plate Note. Decorative end panels. VF-EF. Est. 200-300


RI. Providence. Weybosset Bank. $1.25. 1853. Ships. Train. Eagle. Small body holes, else Fine. Est. 60-90


RI. Providence. W.K. Atwood, Proprietor. Ad Note. 1873. Boots and Shoes. The Cheapest Place in Rhode Island.” 10 Cent discount on a purchase up to Two Dollars, or 25 Cents for a Five Dollar bill. Two small margin tears at bottom, otherwise AU. Est. 80-120


Rhode Island Obsolete Bank Note Selection. 1) Providence. National Bank. $3. 1856. Eagle. “Counterfeit” written. Body hole, stains, otherwise Fine. 2) Roger Williams Bank. $1. 1821. Scales, spilled water urn, left. Unlisted type. Contemporary counterfeit. Pieces out, mounting remnants, otherwise Good. 3) State Bank. $1. 1850. (RI-390 S5). Blacksmiths. Pen cancelled, else Fine, POC. 4) Union Bank of Providence. $3. 1847. (R1-401 G4) AG. 5) Tiverton Bank. $1. 1856. Boy, cattle. About Fine, POC. [5] Est. 150-250


Rhode Island Obsolete Grouping. [9] 1-3) Gloucester. Farmers Ex. Bank $5. Early 1800s. Fine; VG with taped repair; Fine with small hole. 4) Providence. Bank of America. Green. Undated remainder. Age toned, Unc. 5) National Bank $5 1858. Coin note. Corner off, else VG. 6) Perry Davis & Son 1 Cent 1854. Smaller format. Mounting stains, aged, else AU. 7) Similar. 1 Cent. Larger format. Fair. 8) City Bank $5 1849. Pinholes, else Fine. 9) Newport. 9 Cents 1837 W. C. Cozzens & Co. Remainder. Stains, else Unc. 10) Cut out sailing ship vignette mounted on paper. Est. 200-250


SC. Charleston. Bank of the State of South Carolina. $10. 1861. (SC-45 G60a). Green counter and borders. “The Rescue,” Jasper & Newton rescue prisoners from the British. ABNCo. Fine. Est. 150-250


SC. Charlestown. Cashier of the Planters’ and Mechanics’ Bank checks. 182_. Remainders, used for note paper, otherwise AU. [7] Est. 20-30

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The January 2012 Collectors Series Sale


SC. Cheraw. Merchants’ Bank of South Carolina. $5. Feb. 8, 1847. (SC-60 G2). Liberty with shield. Sumter. Greene. Cenotaph “Kale”. Liberty & angel with urn. RWH. Fine. Est. 200-300


SC. Georgetown. Bank of Georgetown. $5. 1860. Woman in V. Red tint. Pinholes, else Fine. Est. 80-120


Columbia, South Carolina Trio. [3] 1) Commercial Bank of Columbia $50 1849. Woman and eagle, right. Man, left. Hinged tear, left, else About Fine. 2) Similar. $100 1849. Split at top, otherwise Fine. 3) Corporation of Columbia. 5 Cents 1861. All blue, red back. Pieces out, left, otherwise AU. Est. 60-90



South Carolina Obsoletes, Impaired, but still Attractive. [6] All with stains, mounting remnants, small pieces out, or other problems. 1) Charleston. State Bank of South Carolina. $5 1857. Building, red FIVE. 2) Bank of South Carolina. $100. Ceres. Columns at sides. 3) Bank of Georgetown. $5 1859. Woman in V. 4) Winnsboro. Planters Bank of Fairfield $10 1853. Woman, plow. 5) Similar. $50 1854. Woman, bust. Red FIVE. 6) Charleston. Bank of South Carolina. Est. 100-150 South Carolina Reprint Group. [7] 1) Charleston. Bank of South Carolina. $20 G50. VF, mounting remnants. 2) $20 181_. G52. Small split, else AU. 3) Cheraw. Merchants’ Bank of South Carolina $7. G7. CU. 4) Similar. $8. G8. AU. 5) Similar. $8. G8. CU. 6) Similar. $9. G9. CU. 7) Also included, Bank of the State of SC 50 Cent. Fine. Est. 60-90


TN. Big Bottom. J.T. Waggoner. 25c. Change ticket. May 1, 1862. (Garland Unlisted Location). Yellow. “Agriculture”. “Commerce”. in circle. Someone put a lot of effort into repairing this note, and it has the look of a VG-Fine, with some moderate stains. Est. 200-300


TN. Cleveland. Ocoee Bank. $2. Dec. 1, 1862. (TN25 G32a). Civil War emergency issue. Atlas holding globe. Rightbound train. Green TWO. R-13. Small hinged tears. Corner off, otherwise Fine. Est. 100-150

Spink Smythe


TN. Colorful Ocoee Bank Pairing. [2] 1) Cleveland. $1. 1862. G30a. Train. Green ONE. R-7. About Fine, pinhole. 2) $5 1859. Design 5Aa. G24c. Horse outside of mill. Red title and fives. Appearance of Fine, but splits repaired with paper tape, and a corner tip off. SENC. Est. 100-150


TN. Bank of Chattanooga Pairing. [2] 1) $1. 1861. Bank of Chattanooga. Like G14, but red back. Minor splits, otherwise About Fine. 2) $10 1838. G48a. Red TEN, blue stamp. About Fine, CC. Est. 100-150


TN. Columbia. Chaffin Kirk & Co. on Union Bank of Tennessee at Columbia. 6¼c. Sept. 4, 1837. (Garland 256). Counter flanked by seated Indian with rifle. DTL. Toned, small repaired piece at bottom, otherwise loss. Fine. Est. 100-150


TN. Columbia. James Andrews. 50c. April 2, 1863. (Garland Unlisted Issuer). Brown. Milkmaid. Splits, stains, and small body holes, otherwise G-VG. A rare note, payable in CSA Treasury notes. Est. 150-250


TN. Jackson. Union Bank of Tennessee at Jackson. $1. 1858. (TN-210 Unlisted Design, Imprint). Justice. Ceres. Long taped horizontal split, rough edges, otherwise Fine in overall appearance. Est. 80-120


TN. Knoxville. Bank of East Tennessee. $3. Jan. 1, 1850. (TN-55 G20). Girl in oval. Seated Ceres. WB&H. VG+-F. Est. 80-120


TN. Knoxville. Johnston & Douthal. 50c. Nov. 1862. (Garland Unlisted Issuer). Ship in oval. End-to-end horizontal taped split, otherwise Fine. Est. 100-150


TN. Maryville. County of Blount. $1. 1862. Train. Indian princess. Fine-VF. Est. 100-150


Memphis Obsolete Note Pairing. [2] 1) Bank of West Tennessee $50 1859. G12a. Woman reclines by cotton bale. Green back. About Fine, POC. 2) Farmers and Merchants Bank of Memphis $20 1846. Like G60a, but back is blank. Pinholes, soiled, else About Fine. Est. 100-150


Memphis Obsolete Genuine-Counterfeit Note Pairing. [2] 1) Memphis Savings Institution $1 1852. Indian. Large grey 1. Small body hole, dirt streak, otherwise Fine. 2) Similar, but counterfeit. About Fine. Est. 100-150

January 16-18, 2012 - New York


TN. Nashville. Yeatman, Woods & Co. 25c. July 15, 1837. (Similar to Garland-1077, but no Imprint, different date). Steamboat. Stains, otherwise Fine. Est. 200-300


Planters Bank, Nashville Trio. [3] 1) 5 Cents 1862. About Fine, corner restored. 2) Similar. 10 Cents. Corner tip missing, else VG. 3) 50 Cents. VG-Fine. All with red backs. Est. 120-180


Nashville Obsolete Quartet. [4] 1) Bank of the Union $1 1856. Indian family, women, globe. Red one. Splits, small body hole, else About Fine. 2) City Bank $5 1855. Liberty, eagle. Pinholes, small chip, mounting remnants, else Fine. 3) Nashville Life and General Insurance Co. $1 1854. Horses. R-7. Small body holes, edge split, else Fine. 4) Traders Bank of Tennessee $1 1855. Women, shield, eagle. Splits, else About Fine. Est. 150-250


Nashville Quartet. 1) Bank of the Union. $1. March 1, 1856. (TN-205 G2a). Red ONE. Shield, Indians, woman and girls, globe. DW. VG-F. 2) Exchange Bank of Cincinnati. $1. 18_. Nashville branch. Mercury drops coins. DW. About Good. 3) Planters’ Bank of Tennessee. $2. Feb. 3, 1838. Remainder. Woman with pitcher. Ex. Abner Reed. AU. 4) Nashville Life & General Insurance Co. $2. Oct. 1854. (Garland-967). Cattle. R7. DW. Fine. [4] Est. 250-350


TN. South Rock Island. A.C. Rodgers. 10c. (GarlandUnl Location, Issuer). Payable in Ferriage. Ornate border. EF. Est. 150-250


Tennessee Obsolete Assortment. [4] 1) Knoxville. Bank of East Tennessee at Jonesboro. $10 1855. Jackson, left. Red back. Small punch holes, light stain, edge split, otherwise Fine. 2) Similar. $10 1855. Minor rust stains, rough left edge, otherwise Fine. 3) Murfreesboro. Exchange Bank of Tennessee $5 1854. Women, left. Small hole through right portrait, else Fine. 4) Nashville. Bank of Tennessee $20 1855. Three women. Red back. POC, otherwise Fine. Est. 150-250

721 721


TN. Moffat. Shoe and Leather Co. of Moffat, Tenn. Scrip Hoard of 10 (30), 25 (578) and 50 Cents (229). Nov. 15, 1875. All unissued, with red denomination overprints. Young girl with the motto “Patronize Home Production.” All EF, with some minor edge issues. Several previously unrecorded types. [837] (photo) Est. 2,500-3,000 TN. Nashville. Exchange Bank of Cincinnati. $1. Dec. 1, 1837. No. 631. Completely different from the description listed in Garland, and we can locate an auction appearance over six years ago for an identical note. Taped splits, otherwise VG. Est. 150-250


TN. Nashville. Nashville Bank. $100. March 4, 1811. (TN-180 C58). “Tennessee Cotton” Harrison. Numerous hinge repairs, and a small piece out, left. VG otherwise. Est. 100-150


TN. Nashville. Nashville Life & General Insurance Co. $2. October 1854. Cattle, top; Andrew Jackson and men working in mine, left; Liberty seated, lower right. Dog “Fidelity” at bottom. VG, chips out at bottom and left. Est. 100-150


TN. Nashville. Planters Bank. 80 Cents. Jan. 1, 1862. Rare odd denomination. Decorative lettering. Small tape repaired split and body hole, Fine. ex. Lot 1434, RM Smythe 1993 Memphis Sale Est. 150-250


TN. Nashville. Savings Bank of Louisville. $2. 1838. Justice. Mercury. Red back. About Fine, small stain in signature area. Est. 100-150


TN. Nashville. Savings Bank of Louisville Pair: 1) $1. May, 1, 1838. Steamboat. Indian with bow. Small split top, pinholes, otherwise Fine. 2) $2. Dec. 1, 1837. Semi nude woman, shield. Some pinholes, otherwise, Fine. [2] Est. 150-250


TN. Nashville. Savings Bank of Louisville. $2. May 1, 1838. (Garland-973). Justice. Mercury. Barge. Back: Red back that states “TO PREVENT FORGERY” RW&H. Fine. Est. 100-150


TN. Nashville. Yeatman, Woods & Co. 25c. July 10, 1837. (Garland-1078). Washington, flanked by Water gods. Ceres against pillar. Cattle. Internal splits, otherwise Good. Est. 100-150

Page 55

The January 2012 Collectors Series Sale


Tennessee Obsoletes, Impaired, but still Useful. [5] All with stains, mounting remnants, small pieces out, or other problems: 1) Memphis. Bank of West Tennessee $5 1858. Cherubs, coins. 2) Memphis Savings Institution $5 1852. Liberty, children, left. 3) Nashville. Central Bank of Tennessee $20 1855. Liberty, eagle. 4) Planters Bank of Tennessee $1. 1837. Train. 5) $100. 1844. Wharf scene. R-14 2-4 known. Sold as is. Must be seen. Est. 100-150


TX. Austin. Treasurer of the State of Texas. Treasury Warrant. 1) $10 1863 Cr.20. VF. 2) Civil $20 1862. Cr.26. Military. VF, with ink erosion holes. 3) $20 1862 Cr.27E. Fine, ink spot, right. The last two are pen cancelled. [3] Est. 80-120


TX. $10 Military Treasury Warrant Grouping: [5] 1) Cr. 21. Feb. 12, 1862. Fine, internal separations. 2) Cr. 21d. Feb 24, 1862. Fine, tear at right. 3-4) Cr. 21d. Mar. 3, 1862. F, VG, internal separation, tape repairs. 5) Cr. 21e. Jan. 25, 1862. Fine, wormholes. The first example is cut cancelled; the rest are pen cancelled. Est. 100-150


TX. Treasury Warrant. Cr.42A. Beehive, right. Blue tint. Various written amounts. “Military” handwritten over printed Civil Service. Most are neatly pen cancelled, one is cut cancelled. Average VF. [20] Est. 300-500


TX. Treasury Warrant. Cr.42A. Beehive, right. Blue tint. Various written amounts. “Military” handwritten over printed Civil Service. Heavily pen cancelled, one with taped splits. Average VF. [11] Est. 100-150


TX. Treasury Warrant Group. 1862. Civil Service. Black lettering. Lightly pen cancelled with “Paid” neatly written across the front, otherwise mostly VF or better. Very attractive for this issue. [13] Est. 250-350



TX. Treasury Warrant Group. 1862. Civil Service. Black lettering. Pen cancelled with large “X” written across the front, otherwise mostly VF or better. [20] Est. 200-300 TX. Treasury Warrant Group. 1862. Civil Service. Black lettering. Pen cancelled with large “X” written across the front, otherwise mostly VF or better. [20] Est. 200-300

Spink Smythe


TX. Treasury Warrant Group. 1862. Civil Service. Black lettering. Pen cancelled with large “X” written across the front, otherwise mostly VF or better. The last ten or so are a bit rough. [30] Est. 250-350


TX. Treasury Warrant Group. 1862. Civil Service. Black lettering. Pen cancelled with large “X” written across the front, otherwise mostly VF or better. [20] Est. 200-300


TX. Austin. Republic of Texas. $2. Apr. 1, 1844. Medlar 22. Cr. A-2. Olson 753. Man ropes steer at top center, while at left stag motionless on cliff. Extensive lathework endpanel at right. Gutterfold error. Taped cut cancels, otherwise Fine. Est. 150-250

747 747

TX. Austin. Republic of Texas. $100. Ca. 1839-41. (Medlar 28. Cr. A8). No serial. Allegorical female seated, Mercury presents cornucopia with coins, griffin, top; train, left; sailing vessel, right. A fully framed example. PMG Fine 12, cut cancelled. (photo) Est. 500-750


TX. (Corsicana). Navarro County. $2.50 Sep. 2, 1862. (Medlar 3. BC-272). Train across left end. Decorative end panel at right with “By order of the Co. Court” across. Imprint of Navarro Express Print. Fine. ex Schingoethe, Sale 272 Lot 3697. Est. 100-150


TX. Houston. Consolidated Fund of Texas. $100. Cr.CF14. March 1, 1839. Split, right, small piece out of top, otherwise Fine. Est. 50-75


VT. Barre. Bank of Montpellier 1) 25 Cents, 1862. CU, thin ink smudge along top. 2) Similar. 50 Cents. Unc. 3) Barre. Bank of Montpellier 50 Cents, Nov 20, 1862. [2] Est. 80-120

January 16-18, 2012 - New York


VT. Guildhall. Essex Bank. $1. Dec. 1, 1838 VT-96 G6. Numerous small rust spots and pinholes, otherwise Fine. Est. 100-150






VT. Middlebury, Connecticut Scrip Trio. [3] Harmon A. Sheldon. All with ornate left end, center scroll. Each with a light blue crayon line to the right of the scroll. 1) 10 Cents 1862. Fine, foxed. 2-3) 50 Cents. Both Fine, one with an edge split and minor fold junction holes. Est. 60-90

Vermont Note Duo. [2] 1) Royalton. Bank of Royalton. $10 1860. VT-195 C10c. Man, sheep. Pinholes, POC, else About Fine. 2) St. Alban’s Bay. Franklin County Bank. $10 1862. (VT-215 G8a). steamboat. About Fine, pinholes. Mounting remnants. Est. 50-75


Two Colorful Vermont Scrip Notes. [2] 1) Burlington. G. M. Peterson 5 Cents 1862. Red. Woman, shield. Fine. 2) E. Johnson on Woodstock Bank 10 Cents 1863. Shield. Green 10. Fine. Est. 80-120

VT. Morrissville. D.H . Gilbert on Lamoille County Bank 10 Cents Nov. 1,1862. All Fine, one with minor rust stains. [3] Est. 100-150


VA. County of Amherst Trio. [3] 1) 75 Cents. 1862. Small repair, otherwise about Fine. 2) Similar. $1. Same format. Pinholes, mounting remnants, otherwise About Fine. 3) Similar. $1. Small internal holes, otherwise VG. Est. 60-90


VA. Baynesville, Westmoreland Co. J. L. Smith. 10 Cents. Dec. 15, 1858. All green. Beehive, train. Washington in classical gard on pedestal at left. Early train in formal decorative oval across right end. EF-AU. Est. 200-300


VA. Charlottsville. Monticello Bank. $20. Sept. 1, 1860. (VA-45 G26a). Monticello. Young woman in hood. Jefferson, lower right. Fine-VF. Est. 100-150


VA. Christiansburg. County of Montgomery. 1) 10 Cents. August 1st, 1862. Light stain, else VFEF; 2) Similar. 75 Cents. Light age toning, else VF. [2] Est. 100-150


VA. Clarksburg, Saline Bank. 1) $1. 1815. (VA-60 G2) Rock and mills. Small pieces out of sides, otherwise Good. 2) $5. 1815. (VA-60 G6). Sailboat. House. Heavy repairs and stains, otherwise Good. Est. 80-120


VA. Clarksburg. Virginia Saline Bank $5 1815. Small piece out of the lower border, mounting stains on back, otherwise Fine. Est. 80-120


VA. Danville. Farmers Bank of Virginia. $20. 1836. Woman in frame flanked by intertwined 20s. Washington. Fine. Est. 80-120


VA. Farmville. Appomattox Savings Bank. 50 Cents. October 21st 1861. Cherub. Age toning, corner off, else Fine. Est. 80-120


VA. Fredericksburg. Alhambra House. 10 Cents. July 1, 1862. Small body hole, else About Fine. Est. 100-150

VT. Morrisville. D.A. Gilbert on Lamoille County Bank. 1) 10c. Nov. 1, 1862. (Coulter 1). Fine. 2) 25c. (Coulter 2). State seal. Ceres standing on the reverse. Stain, else Fine. 3) 50c. (Coulter 3). State arms. Ceres standing on reverse. F. [3] Est. 100-150 VT. Northfield. Unknown Issuer on Northfield Bank. 1) 5c. Oct. 10, 1862. (Coulter Unl Denom). POCs. Repair, else Fine. 2) 10c. (Coulter Unl Denom). Tape repair across center split, else VG. 3) 25c. Nov. 1, 1862. (Coulter Unl Denom). POCs, else VG. 4) 50c. (Coulter Unl Denom). POCs. Repaired, else F. [4] Est. 100-150


VT. St. Johnsbury. Fairbanks’ Scale Manufactory on Passumpsic Bank. 5 Cents. Oct. 25, 1862. Red 5s. Minor repaired holes, otherwise VF. Est. 60-90


VT. Vermont. Jefferson Bank’g Co. $2. 8 Sept 1837 (VT-2 G4). Numerous small rust spots, otherwise Good. Est. 80-120


VT. Westminster. Vermont State Bank. 75 Cents. Mar 17 1808. About Fine, repaired edge split. Est. 60-90



VT. Woodstock. Woodstock Bank. $2. Jan. 1, 1857. (VT-286 G8a). Two allegorical females, anvil. Red TWO. RWH&E, NEBN. Edge nicks, otherwise Fine. Est. 100-150 Early Vermont Pairing. [2] 1) Middlebury. Vermont State Bank. $5. 1807. Body hole, repaired, else About Fine. 2) Westminster. Vermont State Bank. $5. 1808. Stains, else Fine. Est. 60-90

Page 57

The January 2012 Collectors Series Sale



VA. Front Royal. G.W. Jones. All 1861. 5c. Sept. 2. (JL-PF60-17). VG/F. 50c. Sept. 5th. No.289. (JLPF60-34) VG. 50% paper backed. $1. Sept. 5th. No.380 (JL-PF60-32) F/VF. 5c. Sept. 2nd. No.111 (JL-PF60-16) VG. Near horizontal split. Silked. 5c. Sept. 22. No.776 (JL-PF60-17) Silked. 25c. Sept. 2nd. No.471 (JL-PF60-26). VF+. Short taped tear. [6] Est. 150-250


VA. Parkersburg. Western Bank. 1) $1. 1815. Bales on dock. (VA-150 G12). About Good, pieces out at top. 2) $5. 1815. Similar. (VA-150 G16). Repairs, stamped counterfeit, otherwise Good. [2] Est. 60-90


VA. Harrisonburg. Farmer’s and Miller’s Depot. 10 Cents. September 13, 1861. All brown. Unlisted denomination in the Jones-Littlefield. Listed denominations are rarity 7 (2 to 4 known). Small piece out at bottom, otherwise Very Good. Est. 100-200

VA. Poplar Bottom. Wilson Reed & Co. 1st Section, 3d Residency & 3d Division Baltimore & Ohio Railroad. 6¼ c. 18_. (JL-PP50-04). “6¼” in ornate design at both ends. Small train to right of center. E. Morris. Small brown stain, upper left corner restoration. Fine. Est. 200-400


VA. Richmond. S.P. Cocke, per Basin Bank / Southern Change. $1. March 1, 1862. (PR60-766) Decorative left end panel. Nicely centered, with no problems. Interesting private scrip issuer, as also issued at Dover Mills under the name “Cocke’s Southern Remedy”. Very Fine. Rarely seen this nice. Est. 150-250


VA. Richmond. Farmers Bank of Virginia. $30. 6 Sept. 1829 (VA-175 G38). Scarce denomination. ½” split, right edge, pinholes, else VG-Fine. Est. 400-600


VA. Richmond. Richmond & Charlottesville Turnpike Co. 20 Cents. Oct. 2nd, 1861. Corner off, small body holes, otherwise Fine-VF. Est. 80-120


VA. Richmond. S.P. Cocke, Dover Mills, per Southern Exchange Group: 1) 10 Cents. September 10, 1861. (JL-PR60-771). Plows. Soiling and stains, else Fine. 2) 15 Cents. Same date. (JL-PR60-773). Plows. Pinholes, small body holes and tiny edge tear. Fine. 3) 25 Cents. As before but (JL-PR60-780). Lower right corner stained, else Fine. 4) County of Bedford 20c. 1862. VG. [4] Est. 100-150


VA. Richmond. Stephen Mason. 5 Cents. 1861. Hinged split repairs, otherwise About Fine.; 10 Cents. 1861. Small body hole, light stains, else Fine. [2] Est. 100-150


VA. Richmond. The Southern Change. 10 Cents. 1862. VG, pinholes, corner repair; Southern Exchange $1 1862. VG, small body holes. [2] Est. 100-150


VA. Richmond. Virginia Treasury Note. $1. Oct 21; 1862(4) Cr.18. All from same sheet. AU, one spotted, two trimmed in a bit. Est. 50-75


VA. Richmond. Virginia Treasury Note. $10. Oct. 15, 1862. Criswell-8. PCGS New 61. Prosperity seated. Green X protectors. Thor on shield at left. Governor John B. Floyd at right. Est. 100-150


VA. Bank of Howardsville. $20. 1861. Horses, field hand, tobacco. Green overprints. Trimmed close, upper right, else Fine. Est. 150-250


VA. Lexington. Bank of Rockbridge. $1. 1861. All blue. ONE at top. Warrior in circle. Train. Fine. Est. 60-90


VA. Liberty. County of Bedford Small Change Group: [6] 1) 10 Cents. (Jones CB03-01). VF; 2) 15 Cents. (Jones CB03-02). VF; 3-4) 20 Cents. (Jones CB03-03). EF, EF; 5) 75 Cents. (Jones CB03-08). VG; 6) $1. (Jones CB03-09). VG-F. Est. 150-250


VA. Luray Obsolete Trio. [3] 1) 50 Cents 1861 FIFTY CENTS across center, dog below. Stained, else Fine. 2) County of Page $1 Aug. 1, 1861. Title across center. Fine, light stain. 3) Similar. $1. ONE DOLLAR across center, dog below. VG, small piece out at bottom. Est. 80-120


VA. Monterey. Strickler & Gilmor. 25 Cents. 1861. Blue and red. Minor edge splits and body holes, otherwise Very Good. Est. 80-120


VA. Norfolk. City of Norfolk 1861 Trio: 1) $1. April 1, 1861. (JL-TN10-04). Woman with 1. Red ONE. Rust spots, small body holes, else VG. 2) $2. June 10, 1861. (JL-TN10-07). Woman with eagle, shield. Red TWO. Small piece out of bottom margin, otherwise Fine. 3) $2.50. June 1, 1861. (JL-TN10-08). Similar to previous. Green TWO 50. Left end stains and taped repairs, else VG. [3] Est. 100-150


VA. Norfolk. City of Norfolk. $2. 1861. (JL-TN1007). Woman with eagle, shield. Red TWO. Pinholes, repaired splits, otherwise Fine. Est. 60-90


VA. Norfolk. Franklin Savings Bank. 25 Cents. June 1st. 1861. Green. Appearance of About Fine, repaired.; 50 Cents. VG, backed. [2] Est. 40-60

Spink Smythe

January 16-18, 2012 - New York


VA. Richmond. Virginia Treasury Note. $10. Oct. 15, 1862. Criswell-8. PCGS New 62 PPQ. Prosperity seated. Green X protectors. Thor on shield at left. Governor John B. Floyd at right. Watermark TEN. Est. 150-250


Trio of Scarce, Colorful Re-Assembled Notes. [3] 1-2) Clarksburg. Merchants & Farmers Bank $5. 3) Tappahannock. Rappahannock Bank $5 (From City of Richmond 75 Cent notes). All Fine or so in appearance, but re-assembled. Est. 80-120


VA. Stewartsville. Stewart & Kasey. February 15th, 1862. 15 Cents. Eagle & shield. Bottom edge repair, else Fine; 50 Cents. Train. Repairs, waterstains, else Fine; 75 Cents. Eagle & shield. Small edge split repair, else Fine. [3] Est. 150-250



Surry County, Virginia Pairing. [2] 1) 15 Cents August 25, 1862. Small internal holes, right, else Fine. 2) $1 February 23rd, 1863. ONE DOLLAR across center. VF-EF, lightly age toned. Est. 80-120

Better, but Impaired Virginia Obsoletes. [6] All with tears, stains, repairs, pieces out, or other problems. 1) Giles. County of Giles 25 Cents 1862. 2) Similar. 50 Cents. 3) Richmond & Charlottesville Turnpike Co. 15 Cents 1861. 4) Richmond. 25 Cent unidentifiable merchant’s scrip. 1861. 5) War Bank 25 Cents. 6) Staunton. Henry H. Peck on Central Bank. 50 Cents 1861. Est. 80-120


VA. Winchester Grouping. [4] 1) Bank of the Valley in Virginia. $5. 1846. Cattle. About Fine. 2) $10 1853. Woman, cattle, train. Small tears and pinholes, otherwise About Fine. 3) Corporation of Winchester 5 Cents. 1861. Agricultural implements. Tan paper. Contemporary counterfeit. F-VF. 4) Similar. 50 Cents 1862. Liberty, ship, train. White paper. VF. Est. 80-120


Virginia 1861 Scrip Note Group. [4] 1) Danville. Danville Insurance Co. 50 Cents. Fine or so. 2) Dumfries. 10 Cents. Dinnington & Cockrell. GVG. 3) Fairfax Court House. Joshua C. Gunnell 10 Cents. Light stains, otherwise Good. 4) Corporation of Fredericksburg 25 cents. Mounting remnants, else About Fine. Est. 80-120


Selection of 1862 Virginia Notes. [5] 1) Hillsville Savings Bank. 10 Cents. Indian. Red 10. Split, left border, otherwise Fine. 2) Lewisburg. County of Greenbrier 75 Cents 1862. Corner tip off, otherwise Fine. 3) Lunenburg. County of Lunenburg 75 Cents 1862. EF. 4) Fincastle. County of Botetourt 10 Cents 1862. Unc. 5) Rocky Mount. County of Franklin 10 Cents 1862 AU, waterstain. Est. 150-250



Some Scarcer, but Impaired Virginia Obsoletes. [13] All with tears, stains, repairs, pieces out, or other problems. 1) Alexandria. Bank of Alexandria $5 1809. 2) Fincastle. Farmers Bank of Virginia $5 1857 coin note, backed. 3) Pearlsburg. Bank of the Old Dominion $1.50 1862. 4) Richmond. Farmers Bank of Virginia $10 1819. Ctf. 5) Similar. $10 1832. 6) $10 1848. 7) Farmers Savings Bank 25 Cents 1861. 8) Mechanics Bank 50 Cents. 9) Traders Bank $1 1861. 10) Town of Staunton $1 1861. 11) Wheeling. Merchants and Mechanics Bank $2 1861. 12) State of Virginia $5 1861. 13) Similar $5 1862. Must be seen. Sold as is, no returns. Est. 120-180

Virginia Obsolete Assortment. [7] 1) Pearlsburg. Bank of the Old Dominion $1.50 1862. Warrior in circle. Two corners off. Taped splits, else VG. 2) Similar. $2 1862. Small body hole. Stains, repairs, else Good. 3-4) Manassas Gap Rail Road Co. 25 Cents 1861. Both incomplete or stained. 5) Richmond. Farmers Bank of Virginia. $10 1819. Woman, plow. Split in half, rejoined, else Good. 6) Richmond. Bank of Virginia $10 1817 Woman, cornucopia, water pitchers. Pieces missing, otherwise VG. 7) Similar. $30 1841. Looks Good, but numerous repairs. Est. 80-120


Virginia Obsolete Selection. [5] 1) Bank of Howardsville $1 1861. Fine. 2) Similar. $2 1861. Sailing ship. Blue overprint. Pinholes, small edge splits, otherwise Fine. 3) Lynchburg. Merchants Bank $5 1856. Repaired tear, else Fine. 4) Portsmouth. City of Portsmouth $1 1862. Moderate age toning, else Fine. 5) Luray. County of Page. $1. Pinholes, mounting remnants, else Fine. Est. 100-150

Page 59

The January 2012 Collectors Series Sale


Trio of Virginia Obsoletes. [3] 1) Norfolk. Exchange Bank of Virginia. $20. 1865. RWHE. (VA-145, G89c). Payable at Richmond Branch. Edge split, else Fine. 2) Richmond. Virginia Treasury Note. $5. Mar. 13, 1862. No. 10210. Keatinge & Ball imprint. (Cr. 13). AU, trimmed into bottom border. 3) Staunton. Central Bank of Virginia. $5. 1860. ABNCo. (VA-220, G16a). Fine, back soiling. Est. 80-120


Assortment of Paper Money. 1) NJ. State Bank at Morris. $1. 1849.Women flank shield. Phoenex, right. Pinholes, rust, otherwise Fine. 2) Newark. Mechnics’ Hall Association of Newark. 25C. 1837. Bust quarter. Pinholes, About Fine. 3) State Bank at Trenton. $2. 1823. Women, shield. Fine. 4) DE. Farmers & Mechanics Bank. $3. 1862. Bridge. About Fine, close, left. 5) $1 1995 FRN. CCGA 66. [5] Est. 100-150


WI. Mineral Point Post Note Pairing. [2] 1) Mineral Point Bank $10 1839. Fine. 2) Fine, POC. Est. 80-120



WI. Pepin. Chippewa Bank. $5. 1856. WI-640 C4. Horses. Indian. Body hole, otherwise VG. Est. 60-90


Wisconsin Note Duo. [2] 1) Hudson. City of Hudson $5. Cowboy. Washington. Green tints. Unissued. VF-EF. 2) Rice Lake First Scrip Issue Series “A” 5 Cents March 4, 1933. Pen cancelled. VF-EF. Est. 80-120

Obsolete Trio. 1) VA. Waynesboro. John B. Smith 25 Cents. 1861. Runaway slave. Crossed keys. About Fine, pinholes. 2) LA. Parish of Saint John. $3. 1862. Red THREE. Printed on back of City of New Orleans bonds. Chips out of margin, stains, otherwise Fine. 3) NH. Lancaster. White Mountain Bank. $1. 1859. Silver dollar, cherub. About Good, pieces out of edges, repairs. Est. 150-250


Obsolete Pairing. 1) LA. City of New Orleans. $3. 1862. Liberty and tropical plants. Green THREE. Edge splits, left, else Fine. 2) MS. Woodville. West Feliciana Railroad. $2. Train. Blue TWO. Pinholes, otherwise Fine. Est. 150-250


Obsolete Sheets and Miscellaneous Group. [10+] Includes printing plate, various obsolete sheets, tickets, etc. Nice assemblage of material and may include a few surprises. Complete list available. Should be seen; sold as is. Est. 200-400


Checks, Drafts, Bank Ledger Books and Related Fiscal Paper. [20+] A great group of fiscal paper, checks and banking history items. A complete list available on request. Please Note: Due to the weight of this lot, this lot will be available for viewing in Dallas Only. Est. 500-750


Northern Obsolete Collection Balance. [100+] A veritable treasure trove of Northern obsolete banknotes. Perfect for gaining inventory or starting a collection. Should be seen; sold as is. Est. 1,000-1,500


Southern Obsolete Collection Balance. [50+] A treasure trove of southern obsolete banknotes. Perfect for gaining inventory or starting a collection. Should be seen; sold as is. Est. 500-750



National Banknote Lookalike End Panel “Foldover” Advertising Notes, and others. 1) MA. Tauton. Bristol County Fair. 1895. AU. 2) KT. Louisville. and OH. Springfield. Mast, Crowell & Kirkpatrick. Small body hole, repaired split, else F-VF. 3) PA. McAllister’s. Lehigh Coal. VF, repaired split. 4) MI. Battle Creek. Madame Kellog’s LAdies’ French Tailoring. VF. 5) PA. Blossburg. L. Myers. Fine Ready-Made Clothing. AU. 6) VT. Springfield. W. H. Wheeler. Holiday Goods. Watches. VF. 7) TN. Nashville. John B. Everett. Staple and Fancy Dry Goods. Thins spots, internal splits, otherwise Fine. 8) PA. Harrisburg. G. H. Weigle. Malaria and ague exterminator. 9-10) Also included are a Philadelphia International Expo Package ticket, AU, and a Scott’s Nine Hundred United States Cavalry 25 Cents. Fine, age toned. Est. 80-120 Group of Federal Mimic Advertising Notes. 1) VT. Bennington, Adam’s Mineral Soap. Fine. 2) Anderson Brothers Boots and Shoes. No location. AU, edge split. 3) RI. Providence. W. K. Atwood. Boots and shoes. CU. 4) S. L. Platt’s photo gallery. No location. VF. 5) NY. Phelps. Albert L. Doyden. Hardware, stoves. Pinholes, light stains, else Fine. [5] Est. 80-120

Spink Smythe

January 16-18, 2012 - New York


818 816 816


Fr. 26. $1 1875 LT. No. K5222837. PCGS Choice New 63 PPQ. Brightly colored with an attractive red overprint and four sharp corners. (photo) Est. 600-900

Fr. 35. $1 Legal Tender. 1880. No. A5628362. PCGS Superb Gem New 67PPQ. This is the last signature combination and Friedberg number of the 1880 Series Legal Tender Aces. Both the Fr. 34 and 35 have a small red scalloped seal at left, with the Fr. 35 the rarer of the two in the census. The present example is tied for finest known at PCGS Currency, and also note that PMG has also not graded a finer example. If one is simply looking for the best, look no further than this beautiful Legal Tender Ace. (photo) Est. 1,500-2,500

817 817

Fr. 34. $1 Legal Tender. 1880. No. A3556747. PMG Gem Unc 66 EPQ. Only two notes from this issue have been assigned a higher grade by PMG. A superb opportunity to upgrade your collection. (photo) Est. 1,500-2,000

819 819

Fr.254. $2 Silver Certificate. 1899. No.17. PCGS Very Choice New 64 Apparent. Courtesy Autograph Removed. No trace of the autograph is visible, and this example will fit well into any higher grade Large Size currency set. This note appeared in the January 2006 Heritage auction, where it realized $4,312.50. (photo) Est. 2,500-5,000

Page 61

The January 2012 Collectors Series Sale

820 820

Fr. 357. $2 Treasury Note. 1891. No.B111354866*. Plate B. PMG 62 Uncirculated Net. “Margin Restoration.” We cannot detect anything sinister, except, perhaps a hint of minor discoloration on the back in the corners. The first two times this note was sent for grading it came back PCGS Choice New 63, and PMG Choice Uncirculated 64. (photo) Est. 1,000-1,500

821 821

Fr. 716. $1 FRBN Philadelphia. 1918. No. C28282779A. PCGS Choice New 63PPQ. This is the rarest of the four signature combinations for Philadelphia. It has been over a year and a half since an uncirculated example has appeared at auction for this Friedberg number. (photo) Est. 250-350

Spink Smythe

822 822

Fr. 1185. $20 Gold Certificate. 1906. No. H265983. PMG About Unc 50. Great color is noted on this Gold Certificate, especially the back as it is ablaze in orange. One that will make a nice addition to a type set. (photo) Est. 600-900


Fr. 1502 and 1508* $2 LT Group. [12] Respectable group of useful $2 Legal Tender notes, includes (8) Fr.1502, VF; (4) Fr.1508*, Fine. Est. 150-200


Fr. 1503. $2 LT. 1928B B-A. 1) Fine. 2) PCGS VF20 Apparent. Partial teller stamp, back. Est. 200-300


Pair of Early Deuces 1) Fr. 1504. $2. 1928C. LT. BA. PMG Choice About Unc 58 EPQ. 2) Fr. 1505*. $2 Legal Tender. 1928D Mule Star. No.*01815317A. PCGS VF 30 Apparent. A small tear at top left is noted on this scarce Mule Star. Est. 150-250


Fr.1505*. $2 Legal Tender Mule. 1928D. No. *02251689A. Plate C. PMG Very Fine 20. Est. 100-150


Fr. 1507. $2. LT. 1928F. All three Unc., with light teller handling. Est. 100-150


Pair of Star Deuces. 1) Fr. 1507*. $2 LT 1928F. F-VF. 2) Fr. 1508*. $2 LT 1928G. Graffiti, corner off, otherwise Fine. Est. 100-150


Quartet of $2 Legal Tender Star Notes. [4] A useful group of Fr.1509* - 1512*, 53* - 53C*. All Choice CU. Est. 100-150

January 16-18, 2012 - New York


Fr.1511*. $2 Legal Tender. [16] Solid, good group of $2 Legals and grades Ch. Unc. Est. 300-400


Fr. 1513. $2 1963 Legal Tender Note Grouping. EF-AU(3), CU(3). [6] Est. 150-250


Group of $2 Legal Tender Notes. [55] This offering includes Fr.1513 (33), 1513* (7), 1514 (13), and 1514* (2). Grades range from VF-CU. Est. 150-200




Another Group of $2 Legal Tender. [65] A good, solid group of $2s, includes 53 (16), 53* (5), 53A (17), 53A* (8), 53B (7), 53B* (5), 53C (5), and 53C* (2). Grades vary from VF-CU. Est. 300-400 Small Size $2 Legal Tender Assortment. [13] Includes 1928C, 1928D, 1928F(4), 1953(4), 1953A(2), 1953B. Average VF. Est. 150-250 Group of $2 Legal Tenders Notes from the 1950s. [25] 1953-1953C. Useful group that includes: 53 (4), 1 pair consecutive, Gem; 53A (5), 1 AU, 4 Choice to Gem; 53B (8), 5 in sequence, 1 pair, 7 CCU, 1 Gem; 53C (8), 3 in sequence, 1 pair, 3 are AU-CU, 5 Gem. Est. 100-150


$2. Legal Tender Selection. 1953(13), mostly AU; 1963(17), mostly EF-AU. [30] Est. 100-150


Group of $5 Legal Tender Notes. [31] A nice offering of notes that includes: Fr.1529 (1) Ch. AU; the remaining (30) notes - Fr. 1532 (4), Fr.1534 (21), and Fr. 1536 (5), all grade CU. Est. 200-300


Fr.1535*. $5 Legal Tender. 1953C. No. *13524015A. PMG Choice Unc 64 EPQ. While the back is centered beautifully, the top margin on the front is a bit too slim to qualify for gem on the Legal Tender Star. Est. 150-200


Fr. 1536. $5. LT 1963. Average VF. [12] Est. 100-150


$5 Legal Tender Group. 1) Fr. 1532. $5. LT 1953. PCGS Unc. 62, trimmed. 2) Fr. 1534*. $5 LT 1953B*. PCGS Very Choice New 64PPQ. 3-7) Fr. 1536. 1963 LT. Choice to Gem. Three are consecutive. [7] Est. 200-300


Fr. 1601 / 1602. $1 Silver Experimentals. 1928A - Block X (VF), X (Fine), and Z (VF); 1928B - Block X (VF), Y (XF), Z (Fine), and Z (Fine). [7] Est. 200-300


Fr.1602. $1 Silver Certificates. 1928B. A-B (2), BB (2), IB (3). All Choice Uncirculated. [7] Est. 200-300


Fr. 1602 / 1602*. $1 Silver Certificates. 1928-B. (7) different blocks, includes 2 Star notes in VG. Other grades are VF-AU. Est. 200-300


$1 1928B Experimental Silver Certificates. 1) No. X04186213B. EF. 2) No. Y08028493B. VF. 3) No. Z01092330B. Choice VF. [3] Est. 100-150


Fr. 1608. $1 Silver Certificates. 1935-A. All AUCU. [99] Est. 300-400


Fr. 1613. $1 Silver Certificates. 1935D. Wide (4), Narrow (43) and (7) Cut 18-Subject Sheets. All Unc. Est. 300-400


Fr. 1613 W / N. $1 Silver Certificates. 1935D Changeover Pairs. Wide to Narrow and Narrow to Wide. All AU/CU. [22] Est. 300-400


Beautiful 18-Subject Uncut Sheet of Fr.1614 $1 1935E Silver Certificates. No.X31680039G X31816039G. Professionally matted and framed under light protective glass. Tipped into inert plastic corner holders. All of the notes appear to be Choice to Gem Uncirculated. Est. 1,500-3,000


Attractive 12-Subject Uncut Sheet of Fr.1614 $2 1928E Silver Certificates. No.D35532282A. Professionally matted and framed under light protective glass. Tipped into inert plastic corner holders and all of the notes appear to be Choice to Gem Uncirculated. Est. 750-1,250


$1 1935 Silver Certificate Star Notes. 1-16) 1935F*. 17) 1935G* No Motto. All CU. [17] Est. 150-250


Group of 1935G $1 Silver Certificates. 1-44) Fr.1617. 1935G With Motto. Many consecutive. All CU. [44] Est. 600-900


Fr. 1601. $1 Silver Certificates. 1928A. (3) X-A block, (5) Y-A block. All Choice CU. [8] Est. 200-300


Further 1935G With Motto $1 Silver Certificates. 1-44) Fr.1617. 1935G With Motto. Many consecutive. All CU. [44] Est. 600-900


Fr. 1601 / 1601*. $1 Silver Certificates. 1928A. (10) Different blocks, including a Star note. Two (2) notes from E-A block in VF and VG. Grades range from VG-AU. [14] Est. 300-400


Another Group of CU $1 1935G With Motto Silver Certificates. 1-47) Fr.1617. 1935G With Motto. Many consecutive. All CU. [47] Est. 650-950

Page 63

The January 2012 Collectors Series Sale




$1 1957 Silver Certificate Star Notes. 1-17) 1957*. Includes two *D block notes. 18-21) 1957A*. 22-32) 1957B*. All CU. Also included are three 1957 Stars, and a 1957B Star, EF to AU. [36] Est. 200-300


Group of Five Fr. 1650 1934 $5 Silver Certificates. All PMG Choice Uncirculated 63 EPQ. CA block. [5] Est. 80-120


Fr. 1619/1619*/1620/1620*/1621*. $1 Silver Certificates. 1957 Grouping includes: 57 (11), 57* (9), 57A (2), 57A* (2) and 57B* (2). All Unc. [26] Est. 200-300

Fr. 1654. $5 1934D Silvers Group, All UA Block: [4] Two Consecutive Pairs. Nos.: U54603528A-29A; U77031228A-29A. Choice CU-Gem. Est. 200-300


1957 Silver Certificate Assortment. 1-6) 1957. 7-47)1957A. 48-58) 1957B. 59) 1957B*. All CU. [59]. Est. 200-300

Fr. 1654*. $5 SC Star. 1934D Wide I. No. *19654254A. PCGS Choice Abt New 58PPQ. Back plate of 1715 helps differentiate this Wide example. A center fold is detected through the holder. Est. 100-150


Nice Assortment of $5 Silver Certificates. 1) $5 1934A SC EF-AU. 2) 1934B VF-EF, stain. 3) 1934C VF-EF. 4-6) 1934D VF-EF, Clarke autograph, stains; EFAU, stains; AU. 7) 1953 EF. 8) 1953* Fine. 9) 1953A Unc. 13) 1953B F-VF, Unc. (3). [13] Est. 120-180


Group of $5 Silver Certificates. [24] A useful assortment of $5 Silvers, includes: 34 (7), 34B* (1), 34C (5), 34D (3), 53 (5) and 53A* (3). Grades range from VG-CU, however the majority fall into the AU/CU range. Est. 200-300


$1 Silver Certificate Grouping. [25] 1) Fr.1601a. 1928A. CU. 2) 1928B. AU. 3-6) 1935A. CU. 7-9) 1935C. 10-11) 1935E. Both CU. Includes No.Y55000000G. 12-21) 1935F. All CU. 22-24) 1935F. All CU. 25) 1935G. No Motto. CU. Est. 200-400


Silver Certificate Assortment. Includes 1928 Fine, soiled on back; 1928-A Fine (2), EF-AU (2); 1934 Fine; 1935-A Fine (2), VF-EF (7); 1935-A* AU; 1935-C* VF-EF; 1935-D* VF; 1935E Fine; 1935-G* No Motto CU (2), and 31 additional Silver Certificates including several stars. [51] Est. 250-350


$1 Silver Certificate Assortment. [71] A varied, but useful group of 1928, 1934, 1935A, 1935B and 1935D. [71] Est. 300-400


Assortment of (29) $1 Silver Certificates. Includes the following Series notes: 28 (1), 28A 91), 35A (6), 35B (2), 35C (3), 35DW (1), 35DN (4), 35E (2), 35F (2), 35G No Motto (2), 35G With (3), and 35H (2). Vast majority AU/CU, with a VG or VF note tucked in. [29] Est. 100-150


1935 Smorgasbord of $1 Silver Certificates. [74] Mainly Unc with some AUs mixed in: 1935 (7), 35A North Africa (1), 35B (25), 35C (6), 35C* (1), 35E (1), 35E* (7), 35F (9), 35F* (1), 35G No Motto (10), 35G No Motto * (1), 35G With Motto (1) and 35H* (4). Est. 100-200

Spink Smythe

869 869

Fr. 1701*. $10 Silver Certificate Star. 1934. No. *00420793A. PMG About Unc 55 EPQ. No hard folds are apparent. (photo) Est. 150-250

January 16-18, 2012 - New York


Fr. 1701*. $10 Silver Certificate. 1934 Mule. No.*00623645A. Back Plate 606. VF-EF. Est. 150-250


Fr. 1701*. $10 Silver Certificate. 1934 Non-Mule. No.*00456286A. Back Plate 574. Fine-VF, small stain repair in top margin. Est. 100-150


Fr. 1701*. $10 Silver Certificate. 1934*. No.*00056710A710A. Pinhole, otherwise Fine. Est. 100-150


Fr. 1703. $10 Silver Certificate. 1934B. No.B18576142A. Face Plate 211. VF-EF, minor ink spot, left center. Est. 100-150

879 879

Fr. 1860-B. $10 FRBN. 1929. No. B00000206A. PCGS Very Choice New 64PPQ. This very choice New York example features a low three-digit serial number. (photo) Est. 200-300


Fr. 1860-E. $10 FRBN. 1929. No. E00118925A. PCGS Choice Abt New 58. Richmond Tens are difficult to acquire in higher grades. This bright beauty exhibits a light vertical fold, barely visible through the holder. Est. 150-250

874 874

Fr.1705*. $10 SC. 1934D*. No.*01789344A. PMG 45 EPQ Choice XF. This is a Wide blue seal variety star note, and highly sought after by collectors. (photo) Est. 300-500


Pair of Silver Tens. 1) Fr. 1706*. $10 SC. 1953*. VF. 2) Fr. 1707. $10 SC. 1953A. VF.

Est. 100-150


Fr. 1708. $10 Silver Certificate. 1953B. No.A11520079A. This series started at 11520001, making this the #79 note. Choice Unc. Est. 200-300


Trio of Special Silvers. 1) Fr. 1609. $1 “R” Experimental Silver. 1935A. No. S70977591C. Choice VF. 2) $1 1935A SC HAWAII Fine, corner off. 3) $1 1935A SC North Africa. VF. Est. 100-150


Fr. 1850-B. $5 FRBN New York. 1929. No. B02067419A and No. B02067423A. Both PMG Gem Unc 65 EPQ.[2] Est. 250-350

881 881

Fr. 1860-H*. $10 FRBN Star. 1929. No.H00027931*. Plate A. PCGS Fine 15. (photo) Est. 250-350


Group of (120) $1 1963 Star FRNs. A very nice mixture of districts. Mostly Choice to Gem CU. Est. 150-250


$1 1963 FRN Grouping. Includes 1963 Cleveland scarce DB Block (10) Choice Unc.; 1963A (50) CU; 1969B Barr notes (42), one is signed, CU; assorted other 1963 FRNs (73), mostly Unc. [175] Est. 300-600

Page 65

The January 2012 Collectors Series Sale


885 886




1963B $1 FRN Barr Note Block Sets. Each set contains thirteen notes from the following Blocks: BG, BH, B*, EF, EG, E*,GH, GI, G*, JC, LF, LG, L*. Each note within one of these block sets ends in the same two digits. [130] Est. 250-350 Fr.1902. $1. FRN. 1963-B. NY, Chicago and Richmond. All CU. [120] Est. 150-250 Fr. 1903-C*. $1 FRN Star Notes. 1969. Nos. C05667948*-50*. Three Consecutive. PCGS Gem 66PPQ, 65PPQ & 66PPQ. These gem beauties are from a late, special printing of stars that took place after the 1969A notes had already been printed, as 13,000 sheets of Series 1969 were discovered, and the decision was made to overprint them as star notes. The Serial number range for this special printing begins with C05120001*, and is detailed in the Schwartz/Lindquist tome. [3] Est. 100-150 Scarce 1969 $1 Federal Reserve Star Notes, and Others. 1) 1969 No.C05667950* PCGS Gem New 66PPQ. 2) 1969 No.C05667948* PCGS Gem New 66PPQ. 3) 1969 No.C05667949* PCGS Gem New 65PPQ. 4-5) 1981 Change Over Pair No.D02137455*-76*. Choice CU. 6-9) 1981A B*, B*, F*, L*. All Unc. 10-15) 1988 A*, 1988 J*, 1988 L*,1988A B*, 1988A G*, 1988A L*. [15] Est. 100-150 Group of $1 1974 FRNs. Includes consecutive runs from districts A, B, F, G, H and L. Mostly Choice to Gem CU. [179] Est. 200-300


$1. FRN 1981A* Assortment. Including the elusive Dallas District. B*, E*, G*, K*, L*. All CU to Gem CU. Est. 300-500


Group Lot of Five (5) 1995 $1 FRNs with courtesy autographs. In green holders. Unc. Est. 80-120


Group of Fr. 1921 and 1922 $1 1995 Mixed District Federal Reserve Notes. Includes many FWs. Mostly CU. [240] Est. 300-400


$1 FRN Series Set - 1963 - 2001. [40] One regular set and one star note example from 1963 through 2001 - No Webs present. All Unc. Est. 200-300


Grouping of $1 1969 1969C(106), 1969D(32).


Large Group of $1 Federal Reserve Note Stars. [322] 1-51) Fr. 1903-D*. 1969*. 52-104) Fr. 1903*. 1969*. Mixed districts. 105-154) Fr. 1906*. 1969C*. Mixed districts. 155-322) Fr. 1907*. 1969D*. The vast majority are Uncirculated. Est. 300-500


Large Group of $1 Federal Reserve Star Notes. [176] 1-49) 1974* A*(10), B*(9), G*(10), H*10, I*(9). 18-76) 1995* mixed districts. 77-176) 2003*. Solid pack. No.F05758401*-500*. Most are CU or better. Est. 400-600


Another Large Group of $1 Federal Reserve Notes. [116] 1-13) 1963B EF. 14-18) 1977 EE, FJ, GC, LA. 19-68) 1977A CE. 69-116) 1988A mixed districts. Mostly CU. Est. 200-300

Nine $1 1977 Consecutive FRNs. No. B96488685L-B96488693L. 25% of the Back Printing is Missing. A couple of the notes within this lot have been folded. This is most unusual and only the original owner if asked could tell why this was done. Still a very nice error group lot. [9] Est. 200-300




FRNs. 1969(208), Est. 350-450


As an added convenience to our bidders in the sale, we offer telephone bidding during the auction which gives buyers the flexibility they may need to increase their bids as the auction proceeds. Please call our offices (800-556-7826 or 972-788-2100) to arrange for telephone bidding prior to the sale and ask for Patricia Gardner or Emily Cowin.

Spink Smythe

January 16-18, 2012 - New York



Large Group of Minneapolis District $1 FRNs. [324] This large group features Fr.1900 through Fr.1922-I*. Stars, low serial numbers, some consecutive pairs and trios are observed. A few surprises along the way. Vast majority are Unc., but some XF and AU noticed. Should be seen, sold as is. Est. 350-450 Assortment of $1 Federal Reserve Notes. Includes a 1988 district set, three four-digit repeaters, 1995 I22222622D, and other interesting $1 Feds. [64] Est. 150-160


Collection of $1 FRNs. [482] A great group of $1 FRNs, various series, impartial set, consecutive, Star notes - a wondeful way to add to inventory or start collecting currency. Should be seen; sold as is, no returns. Est. 500-550


Group of $2 1976* FRNs. 50 or so are from the scarce Minneapolis district. Many Uncirculated, the rest average EF, though there are one or two culls. Should be seen. [85] Est. 300-500


$2. 1976 FRN Grouping. Unc. Several consecutive. [28] Est. 80-120


Group of $2 1976 FRNs. Mostly Unc. Three are postally cancelled. [48] Est. 150-250


Fr. 1936. $2 Star FRN. 1995. Millennium Note Sets: with C*, H* and I* (2). [4] Four different star notes are featured within these Millenium Sets. Est. 120-180


Fr. 1937-A*-L* $2 Premium District Star Set. 2003. Only 2000 sets were produced by the BEP, and every set was sold in only a matter of hours online. This is housed in a 24 page booklet, with a brief description on each district bank. This is set “1780�, as every note has serial number 00001780*. Choice Uncirculated. [12] Est. 400-600





Fr. 1937-A*-L* $2 Premium District Star Set. 2003. As previous, this being Set #1783. Choice Uncirculated. [12] Est. 400-600


Fr. 1937-A*-L* $2 Premium District Star Set. 2003. As previous, this is Set #1784. Choice Uncirculated. [12] Est. 400-600


Fr. 1937-I. $2 FRN Grouping. Three groupings of consecutive Fort Worth and Minneapolis Deuces, with counts of 58, 29, and 2 notes. The largest grouping does contain a repeating serial number of I10981098A. All notes grade from Very Choice Uncirculated to Gem Uncirculated, with a corner bump noted here and there. [89] Est. 250-350


Fr.1936-F*. $2 1995 FRN Star Notes, Atlanta District, Mostly Choice to Gem Uncirculated. Includes a solid pack, No.F03229701*-800*. [100] Est. 400-500


Group of Deuces. [89] Useful assortment of Fr.1935 and Fr.1937 $2 FRNs: 1976 (46), Unc; 1976* (35), VF-Unc; 1st Day of Issue (4), 2003 (3), and 2003* (1), all VF-Unc. Est. 300-400


Lot of (166) 2003 $2 Bank Notes. Four groupings of Fort Worth Minneapolis Deuces, including 50 Star Notes, and three consecutive runs of non-stars. Most notes grade from Very Choice Uncirculated to Gem Uncirculated. [89] Est. 400-500


Group of Small Size $5 FRNs. [4] 1) Fr. 1951-C. 1928A. 2-4) Fr. 1955D. 1934 DGS. Mule. All CU to Choice CU. Est. 150-250


Early $5 Federal Reserve Notes. [11] A nice group of early $5 Feds, includes: 28B LGS H-A (1) and DGC I-A (1), both AU; 34C C-A (1) and I-A (1), 34D B-C (1) and G-C (6), all nine notes are Unc. Est. 300-400


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The January 2012 Collectors Series Sale


Fr. 1955-I $5 1934 DGS FRN Non Mules. Consecutive Serial Nos. No.I05123221A-229A (9) and No.I05127999A (1). All are graded PMG Gem Unc 65EPQ. [10] Est. 1,500-2,000


Fr. 1955-I $5 1934 DGS FRN Non-Mules. Nonconsecutive serial numbers. All notes graded PMG Choic Unc 64 EPQ. [9] Est. 900-1,200

920 920

Fr. 1959-B*. $5 FRN New York. 1934C. No. B02412026*. PMG Choice Unc 64 EPQ. Face plate 258 and back plate 1567 are noted on this Wide Face variety. (photo) Est. 200-300


Fr. 1955-I. $5 1934 DGS FRN Non-Mule Group. [11] A final group of Non-consecutive serial numbers. All notes graded by PMG, with the following grades: 65 EPQ (2), 64 EPQ (1), 64 (3), 63 EPQ (2), 58 EPQ (2), and one Ch. AU (1). (photo) Est. 900-1,200

$5 1934 FRN Grouping. [6] 1-3) Fr. 1956-I. 1934. DGS Non-Mules. Unc. with light teller handling. Consecutive. 4) Fr. 1958-I. 1934B. Non Mule. EF-AU. 5-6) Fr. 1959-G. 1934C Wide. Unc., light teller handling. Est. 100-150


$5 1934 Star Note Trio. [3] 1) Fr. 1959-G*. 1934C* Wide. Fine. 2) Fr. 1959-H*. 1934C* Wide. VF. 3) Fr. 1960A*. 1934D*. Fine. Est. 250-350

Fr. 1956-G. $5. FRN No.G10389196A. EF-AU. Last serial letter A is very high.


1934C $5 Partial District Set: [5] Fr. 1959-D, E, F, G, H — Nos. D73941180A, E72672192A, F92579255A, G25172588B, H66844253A . The Chicago and St. Louis notes are Uncirculated, while the remaining notes are AU, with the Richmond note having soft surfaces. Est. 150-250

916 916




Est. 80-120


Fr. 1957-C*. $5 1934A FRN. PCGS Choice About New 58 PPQ. Est. 200-300


Pair of $5 Star Notes: [2] 1) Fr. 1654*. 1934D Narrow SC. No.*22865084A. VF; 2) Fr. 1955*. 1934B FRN. No. D00815237*. VF. Est. 150-200












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January 16-18, 2012 - New York


Pair of Fr. 1960-E 1934D $5 Richmond FRNs: [2] 1) No. E94054710A. 2) No. E02187796B. Both Choice Uncirculated. Est. 100-150


Pair of Fr. 1960-G $5 1934-D FRNs. 1) No.G07831036C. PMG Choice Unc. 64 EPQ. 2) No.G08260881C. PMG Gem Unc. 66 EPQ. Est. 75-125


Pair of $5 FRN Certified Stars. [2] 1) Fr. 1963-I*. $5 1950B*. PCGS Choice About New 58PPQ. 2) Fr. 1965-H*. $5. 1950-D*. PCGS Choice New 63 PPQ. Est. 100-150


Fr. 1963-K*. $5 FRNs. 1950-B*. All CU or Better. [6] Est. 100-150


Lot of Ten Fr. 1964-H. $5 1950-C FRNs. All CU or Better. [10] Est. 400-600


Lot of Five Fr. 1964-H*. $5 1950-C* FRNs. All CU or Better. [5] Est. 200-300


1950s $5 FRN Trio. [3] 1) Fr. 1961-I. 1950. PCGS Gem New 65. 2) Fr. 1964-I. 1950C. PCGS Gem New 65 PPQ. 3) Fr. 1966-B. 1950E. PCGS Choice AU 58 PPQ. Est. 100-150


$5 FRNs from the 1950s, Uncirculated. [21] A nice assortment of 1950s era Fives, includes: 50A LA (1); 50B B-D (1), C-*(1), and G-C (1); 50C A-B (6), C-* (1), D-B (3), and I-A (1); 50D A-B (1), D* (1), and F-C (2), and H-* (1); and last, but not least 50E L-C (1). Est. 300-400


Nice Assortment of $5 1963 FRNs. [13] 1-6) $5 1963 BA, BA, G*, HA, H*, LA. 7-13) $5 1963A BA, FA, FB, IA, IA, HA, KA. Mostly Choice to Gem CU. Est. 150-250


Fr. 1970-L. $5 FRN’s. 1969A. Nos. L48306693B98B. [6] A consecutive run of six San Francisco notes, with one grading PCGS Gem 65PPQ, and the remaining five grading PCGS Choice 64PPQ. Est. 60-90


Fr.1971-E*, F* and G*. $5 Star FRN Trio. 1969B. All three notes are Choice Unc. Est. 300-400


Fr. 1971-E*, G* and L*. $5 FRNs. 1969B Trio: Nos.E0505228*, G07254057* and L06783252*. All Gems. [3] Est. 400-600


Group of (12) FRNs from the 1960’s Era. 1-4) 1963A. 5) 1969. 6) 1969A. 7) 1969B. 8-12) 1969C. All CU or better. [12] Est. 300-400


Group of Seven Dallas K Stars $5 FRNs from 1960s-70s: [7] 1) Fr. 1967-K*. 1963. No.K00679873*. Gem Unc; 2) Fr. 1969-K*. 1969. No.K01877268*. Choice Unc; 3) Fr. 1970-K*. 1969A. No.K0208503*. Gem Unc; 4) Fr. 1970-K* 1969A. No.K02558868*. Choice Unc; 5) Fr. 1973-K*. 1974. No.K05705314* Gem Unc; 6) Fr. 1974-K*. 1977. No.K02147164*. Choice Unc; 7) Fr. 1974-K*. 1977. No.K02556575*. Choice Unc. Est. 150-250


$5 FRN Star Note Assortment. [17] 1974 I*; 1985 G*; 1988A A*(6); 1988 B*; 1993 H*(2); 1995 G*; 1995 G*(5). Mostly Choice to Gem CU. Est. 250-350


$5 FRN Assortment. [4] 1) Fr. 1976-H. 1981 PCGS Gem 65PPQ. 2-3) Fr. 1983-H*. 1993*. PCGS Very Choice New 64PPQ. 4) Similar PCGS Gem New 65PPQ. Est. 100-150

940 940

Fr. 1988-I. $5 FRN. Original Pack of 100. 2001. Nos. CI15165001A-5100A. Gem Uncirculated. A very nice original pack, with many of the notes appearing to reach the superb level. (photo) Est. 600-900


Crisp Uncirculated Group of $5 FRNs. 1963 F*, HA; 1963A AA, A*, B*, FA, FB(2), L*; 1969 AA; 1969C FB; 1974 AB, BE, FD, HB, J*, KB, LD; 1977 FA(7); 1977A FB, KA(2), LA; 1981 LB(3); 1985 C*, HA; 1988A D*, G*. All CU or better. Est. 250-350

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The January 2012 Collectors Series Sale


Miscellaneous District $5 FRN Assortment, Mostly Minneapolis. [14] 1969 IA; 1974 IA; 1977 IA; 1977A IA; 1981 DA; 1981 DA; 1981 D*; 1981A JA; 1985 IA; 1988A EB; 1988A LF; 1995 FA; 1995 KA; All CU or Better. Also included - 1981A IA, EF-AU. Est. 150-250


$5 Federal Reserve Star Note Assortment. 1) 1950D* G* VF-EF. 2) 1963A* K* PMG 65 EPQ. 3-5) 1969* I*(3) VF, VF-EF, EF. 6) 1981* F* PMG 64 paper blemish. 7) 1981A* L* Unc. trimmed at top. [7] Est. 120-180


Group of Recent $5 FRNs, Uncirculated. [24] A recent, useful group of $5s, includes: 1963A L-* (19), 69B C-B (1) and K-A (1), 1969C A-* (1) and F-* (1), and 2003A FB-B (1) with label. Est. 200-300


1) Fr. 1956-I. $5 DGS FRN. 1934. No. I051127986A. PCGS Gem New 66PPQ. Rare DGS / Non-Mule Federal Reserve note. Rarely offered with a bold inking and, as the grade would suggest, perfectly justified margins. 2) Fr. 1971-B*. $5 FRN Star. 1969B. No. B10889435*. PCGS Very Choice New 64PPQ. Massive boardwalk margins on the back of this New York star. The centering appears to be off just too much for PCGS to award the gem grade. 3-5) Fr. 2022-K. $10 FRN. 1974. No. K82446505A. PCGS Very Choice New 64PPQ; Fr. 2025-L. $10 FRN. 1981. No. L35922119A. PCGS Gem New 66PPQ; Fr. 2027-E. $10 FRN. 1985. No. E65956527B. PCGS Gem New 66PPQ. Both the 1974 and 1981 notes are the finest graded examples for their respective blocks, and the 1985 example is tied for finest known. Est. 400-600



1) Fr. 1967-F*. 1963*. PCGS 58 PPQ. 2) Fr. 1968-A*. 1963A*. PCGS 66 PPQ. 3) Fr. 1968-I*. 1963A*. PCGS 65 EPQ. 4) Fr. 1969-D*. 1969*. PCGS 65 PPQ. 5) Fr. 1969-K*. 1969*. PCGS 66 PPQ. 6) Fr. 1972-F*. 1969C*. PCGS 65 PPQ. 7) Fr. 1978-L*. 1985*. PCGS 64 EPQ. 8) Fr. 1980-E*. 1988A*. 9) Fr. 1980-E*. 1988A*. PCGS 64 EPQ. 10) Fr. 1980-F*. 1988A. PCGS 66 PPQ. 11) Fr. 1980-F*. 1988A*. PCGS 66 PPQ. 12) Fr. 1982-B*. 1993*. PMG 66 EPQ. 13) Fr. 1983-H*. 1993*. PMG 66 EPQ. 14) Fr. 1984-B*. 1995. PCGS 65 PPQ. [14] Est. 250-350 Assortment of (69) $5 FRN’s ranging from 1934 to 1988. Mostly VF to AU. [69] Some stars mixed in, and many notes are very close to Uncirculated. Face value alone is $345. Should be viewed, as no returns will be accepted. Est. 400-600

Spink Smythe


Large Group of Certified $5 Federal Reserve Notes 1963-1995. 1) Fr. 1967-C. 1963. PMG 55 EPQ. 2) Fr. 1967-D. 1963. PMG 65 EPQ. 3-4) Fr. 1967-J. 1963. PCGS 66 PPQ. 5) Fr. 1968-A. 1963A. PCGS 67 PPQ. 6) Fr. 1968-B. 1963A. PMG 64 EPQ. 7) Fr. 1968-C. 1963-A. PMG 66 EPQ. 8) Fr. 1968-C. 1963-A. PCGS 67 PPQ. 9) Fr. 1968-D. 1963-A. PCGS 66 PPQ. 10) Fr. 1968-G. 1963A. PCGS 66 PPQ. 11) Fr. 1969-D. 1969. PMG 64 EPQ. 12) Fr. 1969-H. 1969. PMG 65 EPQ. 13) Fr. 1970-I. 1969A. PCGS 65 PQ. 14-15) Fr. 1970-I. 1969A. PCGS 66 PPQ. 16) Fr. 1971-B. 1969B. PCGS 66 EPQ. 17) Fr. 1972-B. 1969C. PMG 64 EPQ. 18) Fr. 1972-I. 1969C. PCGS 64 PQ. 19) Fr. 1973-C. 1974. PCGS 66 PQ. 20) Fr. 1979-F. 1988. PCGS 66 PPQ. 21) Fr. 1985-E. 1995. FW. PCGS 66 PPQ. 22-23) Fr. 1985-L. 1995. PCGS 66 PPQ. [23] Est. 300-500


Fr. 2002-G*. $10 LGS FRN Star Note. 1928B. No. G00559530*. PCGS Apparent Very Fine 25. PCGS mentions a small edge tear to top left as the reason for the apparent grade on this simply circulated star note. Est. 100-150


Fr. 2006-C. $10 FRN. 1934A. Mules. Back Plate 452. Nos. C33002492A-495A. Consecutive numbers. All Very Choice to Gem CU. [4] Est. 250-350


Assortment of $10 FRNs from the 20s and 30s. [27] A nice collection of Tens that includes: 28 DGS (1), 28B DGS (1), 34 LGS (1), 34 DGS (1), 34A (13), 34* (4), 34C (3) and 34D (3). The 34* note grades F-VF, the rest AU-CU. Est. 300-400


Fr. 2006-C. $10 FRN. 1934A Mules. Nos. C33002496A-499A. Consecutive numbers. [4] This is a very nice consecutive run of Choice Uncirculated $10 Mules. Est. 300-500


Group of Seven $10 1950 Fr. 2010-I Minneapolis FRNs. IA block. Several consecutive. All AU or better. [7] Est. 150-250


Fr.2010 $10 FRN Group. [9] A group of 1950 Tens that includes: Wide (4) Unc., Wide * (1) EF, and Narrow (4) Unc (2) and VF (2). Est. 150-200


Fr.2011 $10 FRN Assortment, With Stars. [25] 1950A. Group includes (22) in CU/AU grade and (3) Stars that grade VF, XF and AU. Est. 300-400

January 16-18, 2012 - New York


Fr. 2012. $10 FRN Star Notes. Two Districts. 1950B. [2] A Philly (C) and Chicago (G) star are included in this Uncirculated pairing. Est. 100-150


Fr.2012 $10 FRN Group. [10] A good group of 50B Tens, includes Stars: (7) CU; the Stars grade AU. Est. 150-200


Pair of 1950-C $10 Stars. 1) Fr. 2013-B*. $10 1950-C* Choice CU. 2) Fr. 2013-K*. $10 1950-C* Choice AU. Est. 150-250


Group of (18) 1950s $10 FRNs, With Stars. [18] An assortment of 1950C (5) Unc, 1950D (9) Unc, and 1950D* (4) with grades XF, AU (2) and CU. Est. 300-400


Quartet of 1950D $10 FRN’s. [4] 1) Fr. 2014-B. No. B03550861J. PCGS Gem New 66PPQ; 2) Fr. 2014-D. No. D60846078C. PCGS Gem New 66PPQ; 3-4) Fr. 2014-G. Nos. G40760438H, G40877413H. PCGS Gem New 66PPQ, Superb Gem New 67PPQ. The Superb Gem New example is tied for finest known with PCGS Currency. Est. 100-150





Fr.2015-B, 2015-G, 2015-G* and 2015-L. $10 FRN. 1950E. The one G* is VF, the other six notes grade CU. [7] Est. 150-200 Lot of (11) Star Notes $10 from the 1950’s. [11] 1950 A* VF-EF; 1950A D* VF.; 1950B C* EF-AU; 1950B G* EF; 1950D B* F-VF (2); 1950C B* Fine; 1950C D* AU; 1950D A* AU. 1950D D* AU; 1950D E* VF-EF. Est. 300-450 Assortment of (17) $10 FRN’s. [17] 1-5) 1950 - AA, GA, HA, IA (2). EF to AU. 6-9) 1950A - AA (2), CA, LB. AU or better. 10) 1950B - DC. EF-AU. 11-13) 1950C - CC, GF (2). All AU. 14-16) 1950D - AC, BJ (2). All AU. 17) 1950E - BK. VF-EF. Est. 250-350 Fr. 2020-A $10 1969B FRN. Moderate green ink smear on back. PCGS Gem New 65 PPQ. Est. 100-150


Group of (21) Useful $10 FRNs. [21] A nice group of 60s Tens, includes: 63 (2), 63* (1), 63A (17) and 63A* (1). All Choice Unc. Est. 300-400


Fr. 2018, 2020 and 2021. $10 FRN Group. [12] A collection of late 60s notes includes: 69 B-A (7), 69B C-A (1) and 69C D-* (4). All Unc. Est. 200-300


Fr. 2022. $10 FRN. 1974. [10] BG, CB, CC, FB, GD, HA, JA, JA, LB, LC. Choice Uncirculated grouping. Est. 150-250


Group of $10 FRNs from the 1970s. [37] A collection of (37) Tens that grade Unc. Est. 400-600


Group of $10 FRNs from the 1980s. [29] All notes grade Unc., with several Star notes. Est. 400-600

970 970

Fr. 2029-G. $10 FRN Original Pack of 100 Notes. 1990. Nos. G25881001C - 100C. Gem Uncirculated. This is the first series that included microprinting and the insertion of a security thread into the notes. (photo) Est. 1,200-1,600


Fr.2050-A. $20 FRN. 1928. Six A-A block notes. Fine. [6] Est. 200-300


Fr.2051-A. $20 FRN. 1928A. Six A-A block notes. Very Fine. [6] Est. 200-300


Fr.2051-A. $20 FRN. 1928A. Seven A-A block notes. Fine. [7] Est. 200-300


Lot of (8) Fr. 2054 $20 1934 FRN LGS $20. 1-3) BA block including highest reported B15983669A, and new highest reported 673A. All AU or better. 4-8) CA block(4), and FA block. All CU, one with a very light margin stain. [8] Est. 200-300


Group of Richmond $20 FRNs. 1-5) Fr. 2054-E. $20. 1934 DGS. 6-10) Fr. 2055-E. $20 1934A DGS Mules. Mostly Choice to Gem CU. [10] Est. 250-350


Second Group of Richmond $20 FRNs. 1-2) Fr. 2054-E. $20. 1934 DGS. 3- 18) Fr. 2055-E. $20 1934A DGS Mules. Mostly Choice to Gem CU. [18] Est. 450-650


Fr.2055-B. $20 FRN. 1934A. A partial pack of 75 notes that includes the following serial numbers: 703752, 760, 773-776, 778-790, 793-799. VF. [75] Est. 2,500-3,500

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The January 2012 Collectors Series Sale


Group of $20 FRNs Mule, Non-Mule and New Back. 1-3) Fr. 2055-H. $20 FRN. 1934A. Non-Mules. HH. 4) Similar. GA. 5) Similar. Mule. GA. 6-12) Fr.2057 $20 FRN. AA, AB New back, AD New back, GB (4). All CU to Gem CU. [12] Est. 200-300


Fr. 2055-E*. $20 FRN Star. Richmond No. E00662786*. Choice CU. Est. 200-300


Pair of 1934A $20 San Franciso Star FRNs: [2] Fr. 2055-L*. A Mule and Non-Mule example, with back plates of 282 and 415, and each note grading Fine. Est. 150-250

986 986

Fr. 2057-D*. $20 FRN Star. 1934C. No.D00719979*. Plate C. FP/BP -69 / 487. PCGS Very Choice New 64PPQ. This is the Old Back variety, as the BEP issued new back plates showing the renovated White House, along with taller shrubbery. A very rare series and district to acquire as a star. (photo) Est. 200-300


Lot of (8) $20 FRNs from the 1950s. 1) Fr. 2060-D. 1950-A IA AU. 2-7) Fr. 2060-D. 1950A DA. Mostly CU. [8] Est. 200-300


Trio of 1950D $20 Star FRNs: [3] 1) No.A02351885*. Choice CU; 2) No.C02802024*. Choice CU 3) No.D05832238*. CU, corner tip bend outside of frameline. Est. 300-500


Selection of 1950s $20 FRNs. [14] 1-10) Fr. 2063-H $20 FRN 1950-D, CU. Consecutive. 11-14) Fr. 2064-G $20 FRN 1950-E. CU. Est. 400-500


Fr. 2069-G. $20 FRN. 1969-B GB. Choice to Gem. Consecutive. [5] Est. 200-300


Group of 1969B and 1969C $20 FRNs. [15] A varied assortment of blocks: 1969B - E-B (3) VF-EF, G-B (1) AU, G-C (4) AU, I-A (1) AU, stain, L-B (1) XF; 1969C - C-A (4) Unc, D-B (1) Unc. Est. 500-700


Group of 1969C Twenties. [16] 1-9) Fr. 2070-C $20 FRN 1969C CA block, Choice CU. 10-16) Fr. 2070-D $20 FRN 1969C DB block. CU. Est. 400-500


Fr. 2071-C. $20 FRN. 1974. Choice CU on average. Includes three consecutive runs, and some fourdigit serial numbers. [23] Est. 500-600


Fr. 2072. $20 FRN. 1977. Assorted districts and blocks. Mostly Choice CU. [10] Est. 350-450

981 981

Fr. 2056-B*. $20 FRN Star. 1934B. No. B01413629*. EF/AU. Perhaps lightly pressed, and the entering is off, but hard to find in higher grades. (photo) Est. 150-250


Fr. 2056-E*. $20 FRN Richmond. 1934A*. No. E00784410*. AU. Est. 150-250


Fr.2056 $20 FRN Group. [10] A nice group of 1934B notes, includes: E-A (8) Ch. Unc, G-* (1) VFXF, and I-A (1) Ch. Unc. Est. 300-400


Pair of PCGS Certified $20 FRNs: 1) Fr. 2056-D*. 1934B. No. D00692989*. PCGS Choice Abt New 58PPQ. A fold in the upper left corner is all that prevents this rare star note from the choice level; 2) Fr. 2057-D*. $20 FRN Star. 1934C. No. D00719971*. PCGS Choice New 63PPQ. This is the Old Back variety, as new back plates were prepared and used during this series showing the renovations to the White House on reverse. Uneven margins most likely contribute to the Choice grade. Est. 300-400


Assortment of 1934 $20 FRNs. 1-5) Fr. 2056-B 1934B FRN. Old back. Choice to Gem. Consecutive. 6-11) Fr. 2057-B. 1934C. CU to Choice CU. 12) Fr. 2057-G. 1934C Old Back. CU. 13) Fr. 2057-G. 1934C. New Back. EF. 14-16) Fr. 2058-E. 1934D. Narrow. CU, light press bed traces on fronts. Est. 400-600

Spink Smythe

January 16-18, 2012 - New York


$20 FRN Star Note Assortment. 1) 1934* LGS. No.J00066500*. F-VF, two pinholes. 2) Similar. L*. Fine. 3) Similar. I*. Fine, corner tip off. 4) 1934C*. New back. L*. Fine. 5) 1950*. D*. VF-EF. 6) 1950B*. E*. Fine. [6] Est. 200-300


Group of $50 FRNs, 1934-1950. 1) Fr. 2102-C. 1934 DGS. EF. 2) Fr. 2103-B. 1934A. Mule. VF. 3) Fr. 2103-G. 1934A. Mule. AU. 4-6) Fr. 2108-B. 1950A. EF-AU. 7) Fr. 2109-G. 1950-B. AU. 8) Fr. 2110-B. 1950-C. AU.

995 995

Fr. 2086-J. $20 FRN’s. Partial Pack of 94 Notes. 1999. Gem Uncirculated. [94] The serial number range on these notes is BJ40000003 to BJ40000100, with numbers 04, 07, 77, and 98 missing. The last note of the pack, #100, does have a broad corner bend. Face value is $1,880. (photo) Est. 2,250-2,750


Group of (18) Later Date $20 FRNs. [18] Group includes: 74 C-A (1) Unc, 77 D-B (1) Gem, 85 A-D (1) Gem and H-C (15) Unc. Est. 600-800


Assortment of $20 FRNs in the 1980s. 1-5) 1981 BD, BE, GD, GD, LA . 6) 1981A LA. 7-9) 1985 AD, BL, DA. 10) 1988A LE. All AU. [10] Est. 250-350


Lot of (5) FRN 1928 Era $20s. 1) 1928 LA block, AU. 2) 1928B DGS CA block, VF. 3) Similar. GA block, Fine, pencil notation. 4) Similar. IA block, VF+. 5) Similar. JA block, AU. [5] Est. 150-250


Trio of PMG Certified $20 FRNs. [3] 1) Fr. 2052-J. 1928B PMG Choice Unc. 64. 2) Fr. 2063-I. 1950-D. PMG Choice Unc. 64 EPQ. 3) Fr. 2064-G. 1950-E. PMG Choice Unc. 63. Est. 100-150


Group of $20 FRNs. [11] A varied assortment of Twenties from the 20s and 30s that includes: 28B DGS (2) AU, 34 LGS (2) CU, 34 DGS (1) AU, and 34A (6) CU. Est. 400-600


Assortment of $20 FRNs. [6] A group of useful Twenties including: 34C H-A Unc, 50 F-A Unc, 50A G-B Unc, 50B C-A Unc, and 50E G-D (2), both AU. Est. 200-300


Lot of (19) $20 FRN Star Notes. 1950* D*, H* both AU; 1950A* J*, EF-AU; 1963* B* AU; 1963A* L* VF-EF; 1969* L* AU; 1969A* G* EFAU; 1969C* C* CU; 1969C* I* AU; 1977* D* CU; 1977* K*(2) VF, CU; 1977* L*(2) AU, CU; 1981*(2) G*, K* both EF; 1981A* D* VF; 1988A* F* CU; 1988A* G* AU. [19] Est. 450-650

Est. 500-750


Fr. 2109-C*. $50 FRN Star. 1950B. No. C00608739*. Choice Uncirculated. A lovely and original Philly star note, simply centered too low to obtain the gem designation, from a highly underrated series. Est. 100-150


$50 FRNs from the 1960s-1980s. [9] 1-2) 1963A. LA block. 3-4) 1974 GA, IA. 5-7) 1977 BA. 8-9) 1981 AB, EA. All Crisp Uncirculated. Est. 600-800


$50 FRN Star Notes from the 1990s. [5] 1-2) 1993* D*, G*. 3-6) 1996* AB*, AJ*, AJ*, AL*. All Crisp Uncirculated. The last note is PMG 65 EPQ. Est. 300-500


Evolutions $50 FRN Set. This set features a 2001 and 2004 $50 FRN note with matching serial numbers of “5979”, housed in a black folder with velvet lining. 1) Fr. 2127-E*. $50 FRN. 2001. No. CD00005979*. Choice Unc; 2) Fr. 2128-E. $50 FRN. 2004. No. EE00005979A. Choice Unc. Est. 150-250


Fr.2150 and 2151. $100 FRN Trio. [3] 28 B-A VF, with light ink spot; 28A G-A Fine, and 28A I-A LGS/DGS VF. Est. 300-500


Fr. 2152-C. $100 DGS FRN. 1934. No. C03392769A. PCGS Very Choice New 64PPQ. Est. 200-300


$100 FRN Pairing. 1) Fr. 2151-G. $100 FRN 1928A. CU. 2) Fr. 2152-G. $100 FRN 1934 DGS CU. [2] Est. 300-500


Trio of 1934 Dark Green Seal $100s. 1-3) Fr. 2152-G $100 FRN 1934 DGS. CU. [3] Est. 400-600

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The January 2012 Collectors Series Sale


Consecutive Pair of 1934 $100 FRNs. 1-2) Fr.2152-G. No. G05905721A-22A. Unc., with light teller handling. [2] Est. 250-350











Quintet of 1969A and 1969C $100 FRN. [5] 1-2) Fr.2165-G. G-A (2). Gem. 3-5) Fr.2166-D. (1) and Fr.2166-G (2). D-A and GA. All Gem. Est. 600-800

Consecutive Trio of 1934 $100 FRNs. 1-3) Fr.2152-G. No. G05905725A-27A. Unc., with light teller handling. [3] Est. 400-500


1-2) Fr.2166-D $100 FRN 1969C. Nos.D05683435A-36A. Both PMG 64 EPQ Choice Uncirculated. [2] Est. 250-350

Consecutive Pair of 1934 $100 FRNs. 1-2) Fr.2152-G. No. G05905723A-24A. Unc., with light teller handling. [2] Est. 250-350


1-2) Fr. 2166-F $100 1969C*. Nos.F00225053*54*. Both AU, with minor grafiti in back corner.[2] Est. 250-350

1934A $100 Pair. 1) Fr. 2153-D. $100 FRN 1934A DGS VF-EF. 2) Fr. 2153-G. $100 FRN 1934A EF. [2] Est. 250-350


1-2) Fr. 2166-G 1969-G $100 FRN PCGS Very Choice New 64PPQ. [2] Est. 250-350


Fr. 2167-A. $100 1974 FRN PCGS Choice New 63. Est. 120-180


Trio of AU $100 FRN Stars. [3] 1) Fr.2167-A*. 1974. No.A00764367*. AU. 2) Fr.2167-B*. 1974. No.B01238361*. AU. 3) Fr.2168-C*. 1977. No.C00419079*. Ch. AU. Est. 300-500


1) Fr. 2167-A 1974. $100 FRN PCGS Very Choice New 64. 2) Fr. 2169-I $100 FRN 1981. PMG Gem Uncirculated 65 EPQ [2] Est. 250-350


Fr. 2167-G*. $100 FRN. 1974. PMG Gem Unc 65 EPQ. Est. 150-250


Nice $100 Minneapolis FRN: 1977. No.I04947703A. Fr.2168-I. Morton / Blumenthal. POP 1/0 - no sales records and no example in Taylor! PMG 66 EPQ Gem Uncirculated. Est. 150-250


Fr.2170-A. $100 1981A Boston FRN. No.A09852954A. Ortega / Regan. PMG 66 EPQ Gem Uncirculated. Est. 150-250


Modern $100 Pair. [2] 1) Fr. 2171-I. $100 FRN 1985. 2) Fr. 2173-C. $100 FRN 1990. Both Choice CU. Est. 250-350


Pair of Recent $100 FRNs. [3] 1) Fr. 2172-B $100 FRN 1988 PCGS Very Choice New 64 PPQ. 2) Fr. 2173-C $100 FRN 1990 PMG. Gem New 65 EPQ. Est. 400-500


Second Pair of More Recent $100 FRNs. [2] 1) Fr. 2172-B $100 FRN 1988 PCGS Very Choice New 64 PPQ 2) Fr. 2174-L $100 FRN 1993 PCGS Very Choice New 64 PPQ. Est. 250-350

Consecutive Trio of 1934A $100 FRNs. 1-3) Fr.2153-G. No. G05803903A-905A. Mules. Back plate #94. Unc., one with light teller handling. [3] Est. 400-600 Five Different Districts from 1934 Series $100 FRN’s. [5] 1) Fr. 2152-K. 1934 LGS. No. K00026509A. VF; 2) Fr. 2153-D. 1934 DGS. No. D00606332A. VFEF; 3) Fr. 2153-G. 1934 DGS. No. G10108376A. AU; 4) Fr. 2153-I. 1934 DGS. No. I00675443A. VF; 5) Fr. 2153-J. 1934 DGS. No. J00746362A. VF. Est. 600-800 Quartet of 1934, 1934A and 1934C $100 FRNs. [4] 1) Fr.2152. 1934. No.L07057033A. EF. 2) Fr.2153-B. 1934A. No.B14620324A. AU. 3) Fr.2153-G. 1934A. No.G06204863A. Fine. 4) Fr.2155-H. 1934C. No.H03737474A. VF. Est. 400-600 Pair of 1934-C $100 FRN’s. [2] 1) Fr. 2155-H. No. H03796568A. VF, front a bit darker than back; 2) Fr. 2155-I. No. I01467827A. F-VF. Est. 250-350 Quartet of $100 FRNs from 1950D and 1950E. [4] 1-3) Fr. 2161-A, G and H. 1950D. VF+, AU, and VF. 4) Fr.2162-L. 1950E. No.L13641172A. VF, red stamp on back. Est. 400-600 Trio of 1963A $100 FRNs. [3] 1) Fr.2163-B*. No.B01362653*. Ch. AU / VF. 2) Fr.2163-H. No.H00986494A. AU+. 3) Fr.2163-H*. No.H00058626*. AU+. Est. 400-600

Spink Smythe

January 16-18, 2012 - New York


Fr. 2173-C* $100 FRN 1990. No. C00262689*. PMG Gem Unc 66 EPQ. Boardwalk margins are noted on both sides of this practically superb example. Est. 150-250


1) Fr.2166-D. $100 FRN. 1969C. No.D05683438A. PCGS Gem New 65PPQ. 2-8) Fr. 2173-B. $100 FRN. 1990. Consecutive Serials B52484934-40A. A seven note consecutive run of C-notes, with grades from PCGS Currency of 65PPQ, 66PPQ, 66PPQ, 66PPQ, 66PPQ, and 63PPQ. Only two notes have been graded higher by PCGS Currency than the 66’s in this grouping. Est. 800-1,000


Fr. 2174-H. $100 FRN. 1993. No. H09795759A. PCGS 66 PPQ. Est. 120-180


PCGS Currency-Graded C-Notes. [2] 1) Fr. 2175-B*. $100 FRN Star . 1996. No. AB02538296*. PCGS 66PPQ. 2) Fr. 2175-L. $100 FRN. 1996. No AL02814044A. PCGS 67PPQ. Est. 250-350


Fr. 2175-B*. $100 FRNs. 1996. Consecutive Nos. AB02538257*-58*. [2] Both PCGS Gem New 65 PPQ. Est. 250-350


Fr. 2175-B*. $100 FRNs. 1996. Consecutive Nos. AB02538251*-52*. [2] These lovely consecutive “big head” C-notes are graded by PCGS Very Choice New 64PPQ and Gem New 65PPQ. Est. 300-500


Fr. 2175-B*. $100 FRNs. 1996. Consecutive Nos. AB02538253*-54*. [2] These lovely consecutive “big head” C-notes are graded by PCGS Very Choice New 64PPQ and Gem New 65PPQ. Est. 300-500


Fr. 2175-B*. $100 FRNs. 1996. Consecutive Nos. AB02538255*-56*. [2] Both PCGS Very Choice New 64PPQ . Est. 250-350


Nice Pair of 1996 $100 FRNs With Star. [2] 1) Fr. 2175-B*. $100 FRN Star. 1996. No. AB02538244*. PCGS 65 PPQ. 2) Fr. 2175-L. $100 FRN. 1996. No. AL24011042A, PCGS 65 PPQ. Est. 300-500


Fr. 2175-K*. $100 FRN. 1996. No. AK00953823*. PCGS Very Choice New 64PPQ. This is the first issue of the then newly redesigned “Big Head” notes. Est. 150-250


Fr. 2176-A*. $100 Star FRN. 1999. No. BA01789713*. PMG Gem Unc 66 EPQ. While PMG has graded 129 notes to date, they have only graded two higher than this grade level. Est. 150-250


Fr. 2176-A*. $100 FRN Star. 1999. No. BA02451295*. PCGS Gem New 65PPQ. Est. 100-200


Fr. 2177-B* $100 FRN 2001*. PMG Gem Uncirculated EPQ. Est. 150-250


Consecutive Pair of $100 2001 Atlanta FRNs: Nos.CF03292043*-44*. Fr.2177-F*. Both PMG Gem Uncirculated 65 EPQ. [2] Est. 300-500

1050 1050

Fr. 2211-E. $1,000 LGS FRN. 1934. No. E00002595A. PCGS Apparent Extremely Fine 40. “Writing in Ink on Face and Back.” A quite scarce Richmond Light Green Seal with some ink on both sides of the note that garner the apparent grade. (photo) Est. 1,250-1,750


Group of WWII Emergency Currency. [6] 1) Fr. 2302. $5 Hawaii FRN. 1934A. No. L54973199A. PMG About Unc 53. 2) Fr. 2306. $1 North Africa SC. 1935A. No. R92853412C. PCGS Choice New 63PPQ. 3-6) Fr. 2300. $1 Hawaii SC's. 1935A. Group of Four Hawaii Aces, with two from the C-C block in Fine and VF, a P-C block in Fine, and a S-C block in VF. Est. 350-450


Trio of 1928 $10 Gold Certificates. 1) Pinholes and some soiling, otherwise VF. 2) VF-EF. 3) Fine, heavy stains. Est. 100-150


Three BEP Produced Currency Sets. [3] 1) Fr. 2033-A-L Premium $10 Federal Reserve Set. 1999. District Set of 12 notes in folder, each with serial 99998537. Choice Unc. 2) Fr. 2083-A-L/2084-F-L Premium $20 Federal Reserve Set. 1996. 12 notes, each with Serial 00001296. Choice Unc. 3) Fr. 2127-E/2128/E $50 Evolutions Set. An Richmond example from both 2001 and 2004, with matching serial 00004859. Choice Unc. Est. 400-600

Page 75

The January 2012 Collectors Series Sale


Legal Tender and Silver Cert Group. [6] 1) Fr. 1512. $2 LT. 1953C. No.A76985613A. PCGS Gem New 65PPQ. 2) Fr.1602 $1 SC. 1928B. No.H26389223B. PMG 58 EPQ Choice AU.No circulation marks and only slight teller handling. 3-6) $1 Silver Certificate Group: Includes Fr.1611 No E80268920D, Fr.1611* No.07371013B and Fr.1612 No. U49255294D Plus it a Radar and Fr.1612* No. *15627563B. A really nice group with very good upside. Est. 200-300


Small Size Assortment Including Errors. 1) $1 2006 FRN. Full offset of the front on the back. EF. 2) $10 1999 FRN. Long gutter fold. VF-EF. 3-5) $1 FRN 1963B* G*. Unc. 6-10) $1 FRN 1974* B*, D*, F*, L*(2). Unc. 11) $1 1974* A* autographed by Neff. CU. 12-13) $1 1977* FRN including No.J02000015*. Both CU. 14-16) $1 FRN 1977A CU and six other small size $1 notes, all CU. Est. 80-120


Quartet of Autographed Notes. [4] 1-2) Fr.1620. $1 Silvers. 1957A. One signed by Dillon I-A, and the A-A signed by Smith. 3) Fr.1961-E. $5 FRN. 1950. Signed by Clark. 4) Fr.1981-K. $5 FRN. 1993 FW. Signed by Mary Ellen Withrow. Grades range from Fine-Very Fine. Est. 150-200



Assorted Mostly Small Size US Paper Money. [9] 1) Fr.1607 $1 1935 SC LA block. PMG 58 EPQ. 2) $10 1953A* SC About Fine. 3) $2 1976 FRN Unc. 4) $5 1969B FRN PMG 55 EPQ. 4) $10 FRN 2001 CIA block Unc. 6) $20 FRN 1950-B* C* block PMG 35 EPQ. 7) $20 FRN 1969A IA PCGS 58 PPQ. 8) $20 FRN 1981 BE PCGS 63 PPQ. 9) $20 FRN 1914. Fine, light stains. Est. 150-250

A Large Assortment of Small Size Federal Reserve Notes. 1-8) $5 1928A, 1934(2), 1934A, 1934B(2), 1934C, 1950C. 9) $10 1934. 10-12) $50 1928A. 13-24) $100 1928, 1928A, 1934(12). Total face value is $1,600. Grades average Very Fine, but many higher grades are noted. Est. 1,600-1,800


Assortment of Small Size Errors. [8] A mixed bag of small size currency errors, includes Fr. 2018-I* 1969 $10 FRN Star Error PCGS Gem New 66PPQ Ink Smear on Back; (2) $1 SC 1935D (butterfly) and 1957A (fold error), 1974 $10 FRN with Low 3rd Printing, and (5) Additional FRNs with various errors $1, $5 (3), and $10. Should be seen; sold as is. Est. 200-300


Mixed Small Size Group. [38] Varied amalgam of LTs and Silvers, includes a 1966 $100 LT Red Seal and a hard to find 1953 *-A $10 SC in VG. All grade VG-XF. Est. 200-300


CT. Hartford. Ch. 121. First NB. $10 T1. No. E109435A. Fr. 1801-1. VF, stains. Est. 100-150


IN. Auburn. Ch. 6509. City NB. $20 1902 PB. No. 4452. Plate B. Fr. 650. Two issuers chartered in Auburn, but this institution is likely the only collectible one. The county seat of De Kalb County is located in the Northeast portion of the state. VG, with faded signatures. Est. 100-150


Indiana Nationals Grouping. [5] 1) Attica. Ch. 3755. Central NB & TC of Attica. $20 1929 TI. Fr. 1802-1. VG, small repair. 2) New Albany. Ch. 2166. Second NB of New Albany. $5 1929 TI. Fr. 1800-1. Fine, lightly soiled. 3) Evansville. Ch. 2188. Citizens NB of Evansville. $5. 1929 TI. Fr. 1800-1. Good, small hole. 4) Greencastle. Ch. 219. First NB. $10 1929 TI. Fr. 1801-1. About Fine. 5) Rushville. Ch. 1869. Rush County NB of Rushville. $20. 1929 T-I. Fr. 1802-1. Fine, washed. Est. 200-300



Assortment of Small Size Notes. 1) $2. 1953 LT Unc. 2-12) $1. 1935-E SC. Unc.(8), AU(3). 13) $1. 1935E*. VF-EF. 14-17) $1. 1957 SC. Unc. 18-22) $2. 1976* FRN. Unc. [22] Est. 250-350 1928B St. Louis Trio of FRN’s. [3] 1) $5 DGS Fr.1952-H. No.H20429116A. PCGS Very Choice New 64. 2) $10 LGS Fr.2002-H. No.H14072363A. PCGS Choice Abt. New 58. 3) $20 LGS Fr.2052-H. No.H05842002A. PCGS Choice New 63. Est. 150-250

Spink Smythe

January 16-18, 2012 - New York


Group of Indiana Nationals, all impaired. [6] 1) Crawfordsville. Ch. (M)7773. Elston NB. $20 1902 Date Back. No. 1131. VG, stains; 2) Fort Wayne. Ch. 3285. Old NB. $5 T1. No. E006054A. G-VG, stained, very rough top edge; 3) New Albany. Ch. 775. New Albany. $10 1902 Plain Back. No. 15007. Very Good, upper right corner missing; 4) Princeton. Ch. 9463. Farmers NB. $20 T1. No. C000200A. Very Good, missing lower left corner; 5) Terre Haute. Ch. 13938. Merchants NB. $10 T2. No. A007441. Very Good, rust stains; 6) Vincennes. Ch. (M)3864. American NB. $5 1902 Plain Back. G-VG, stained, missing upper left corner. Est. 100-200

1069 1069

NJ. Trenton. Ch. 13039. Security NB. $5 T1. Fr. 1800-1. No. E001811A. Plate E. PMG Gem Unc 65 EPQ. strong embossing is readily apparent through the holder, with boardwalk margins on the face and back. The present example will take the known tally to eight, with this note tying one other for the finest known. (photo) Est. 1,000-1,500

1067 1067


MT. Great Falls. Ch. 2476. Northwestern NB. $20 1875 First Charter. Fr. 437. No. K635966. This is both the second title and location for this charter number, as originally was the First NB of Fort Benton, chartering May 14, 1880, then moving 42 miles to the southwest and changing to the present title and location on April 15, 1891. If you want to collect a denomination set of First Charters from Montana, only three people can accomplish that feat, as this is one of only three $20’s known for the entire state. This is the only example to appear at auction in the past 30 years, so for the time being this is the ONLY possibility for one to complete such a set, let alone acquire a Montana First Charter $20. Very Good, with internal separations noted along the folds at center. (photo) Est. 4,000-6,000 NJ. Atlantic City. Ch. 8800. Boardwalk NB. $10 T2. Fr. 1801-2. No. A007319. Popular New Jersey gambling mecca. This About Fine example has a pinhole at left of the portrait, and the back is turning a bluish-green from being washed. Est. 200-300

1070 1070

NM. Raton. Ch. 8098. NB of New Mexico. $10 1902 PB. No. 6795. Plate E. Chartered in 1906 and originally issuing Territorial Red Seals and Date Backs (of which none have surfaced to date). The date of issue reflects when New Mexico was admitted to the Union, January 6, 1912, and the bank would issue 80 sheets of Date Backs and 1,936 sheets of Plain Backs before switching to Small Size in 1929. Today only a dozen Plain Backs are recorded, with this Fine example having no problems outside of simple circulation and a close cut at the top. (photo) Est. 1,000-1,500

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The January 2012 Collectors Series Sale

1071 1071

PA. Intercourse. Ch. 9216. First NB. $10 T1. Fr. 1801-1. No. A000495A. Always a popular title, as this is the classic case of supply and demand - there are not enough to go around. Very Good, with obvious staining at right. (photo) Est. 500-750

1073 1073

TX. Comanche. Ch. 4246. Comanche NB. $20 1882 BB. Fr. 498. No. 463. The second of three that issued in the county seat of the same name. Chartered in 1890, the bank would last throughout the entire National Banking Era. Very Good, with pinholes and a couple of minor edge splits, which are to be expected at this grade level. The last Brown Back offered from this bank was this exact note back in 2004. Four are reported, all as VG. (photo) Est. 3,000-4,000


WI. Milwaukee. Ch. 1003. National Exchange Bank. $20 T1. No. C001960A. Fr. 1802-1. VF-EF. Est. 120-180


Trio of National Bank Notes. 1) MA. Lawrence. Ch. 1014. Bay State NB. $5 1929 TI. Fr. 1800-1. Fine, light stains. 2) MI. Coldwater. Ch. 1924. Southern Michigan NB. $20 1929 TI. Fr. 1802-1. Bank stamp remnant over title, otherwise Fine. 3) New York. Ch. 11034. Public NB & T of New York. $10. 1929 TI Fr. 1801-1. Fine. [3] Est. 100-150


Quartet of Small Size National Brown Seals. [4] 1) Fr.1860-I. $5. FRBN. No.I00234411A. Fine. 2) PA. Ch.4255. NB of Claysville. $5. No.B000425A. VG/Fine. 3) WI. Ch.1749. First NB of Appleton. $10. No.B014353A. Fine. 4) WI. Ch.64. First Wisconsin NB of Milwaukee. $10. No.A044270A. Fine. Est. 150-200

1072 1072

TX. Cameron. Ch. (S)4086. First NB. $20 1902 DB. Fr. 644. No. 2955. Chartered in 1889, this Milam County institution would last 44 years before being liquidated in 1933. Less than a dozen large notes are reported, with this PMG Very Fine 20. example having purple stamped signatures. (photo) Est. 500-750

End of Second Session

Spink Smythe

January 16-18, 2012 - New York

The Frederick C. Schang, Jr. Collection

Page 79

The January 2012 Collectors Series Sale

The Frederick Schang Jr. Collection

Frederick C. Schang, Jr. graduated from Columbia School of Journalism in 1913, adopted the profession of concert manager, and eventually served as the president of the fledgling Columbia Artists Management, Inc. until his retirement in 1963. He managed many of the great musical artists of the day, beginning with tenor Enrico Caruso, through sopranos Rosa Ponselle and Lily Pons, to the Trapp family singers. While music was a great love of his, he himself was not a musician; instead, he excelled at the business of bringing music to the masses. My grandfather, Frederick C. Schang, had a life-long zeal for collecting which spanned a wide range of interests, including stamps, Japanese netsukes, Paul Klee artworks and, as represented in this auction, a fine group of ancient coins. He was best known for his extensive collection of visiting cards, which he collected with an ardor. is collection was primarily composed of musicians but also included artists, political figures, scientists and other notable performers of the pre-telephonic day. He wrote a half-dozen books, which he published privately, containing images of the cards along with anecdotal stories about their owners that he found amusing and interesting. He eventually donated the bulk of his card collection to his alma mater, e Columbia School of Journalism. His collection of ancient coins was originally put together in the sixties for his son, but aer the untimely passing of FC Schang III in 1971, the collection was passed on to me, FC Schang IV, then a young adolescent. My grandfather’s interest in coins was originally sparked by a desire to collect “the coins of Judas”, a representation of the biblical “30 pieces of silver” that constituted the payment to the famous betrayer of Jesus. Judging from the provenance of letters attached to this collection, Fred Schang had a keen eye for beauty and quality. He was undeterred in his pursuit of coins to which he was attracted. It would seem that he succeeded in most cases, as can be seen in the fine examples of this collection. is collection was held for me by my mother for a period of two decades and eventually transferred to me in the nineteen eighties. e coins have been enjoyed in their original binder for many years and have been rarely handled. Now I am proud to bring them to light and offer them for auction, in loving memory of my Grandfather. Frederick C. Schang IV

January 16-18, 2012 - New York

THIRD SESSION Tuesday, January 17, 2012- 10:00 a.m. Lots 1077-1200 Spink Smythe, New York ANCIENT COINAGE

1079 1077 1077


Sicily, Entella, Punic issue (ca. 345/338-320/315 BC), AR Tetradrachm, 17.13gms, wreathed head of Arethusa right, wearing triple-pendant earring and necklace, thymiaterion before, rev. horse stepping right before palm tree, Nike flying left above caduceus, Punic ‘bj’ below horse (Jenkins, Punic, 96, SNG Lockett 1041), pleasing types toned a light slategray, good very fine. (photo) Est. 1,500-2,000

Sicily, Entella, Punic issue (ca. 320/315-300 BC), AR Tetradrachm, 16.74gms, wreathed head of Arethusa left, wearing triple-pendant earring, four dolphins around, rev. horse head left, palm tree behind, Punic letter ‘m’ below (Jenkins, Punic, 264, SNG Lloyd 1641), good style, lightly toned over old reverse hairlines, near extremely fine. (photo) Est. 1,500-2,000

1080 1080

Sicily, Entella, Punic issue (ca. 320/315-300 BC), AR Tetradrachm, 16.56gms, wreathed head of Persephone left, wearing triple-pendant earring and necklace, four dolphins around, rev. Punic legend MMHNT, horse head left, palm tree behind (Jenkins, SNR 56, 167, SNG Fitzwilliam 1485), good very fine. 16.41gms (photo) Est. 1,500-2,000


Sicily, Entella, Punic issue (ca. 300-289 BC), AR Tetradrachm, 14.57gms, head of Herakles right clad in lion’s skin headdress, rev. Punic legend MHMHNT, horse head left, grain-ear before, palm tree with two bunches of fruit behind (Jenkins, Punic, series 5a, 293, SNG Copenhagen - Zeugitania 90, SNG Copenhagen - Sicily 984), nice old cabinet toning, good very fine. Est. 900-1,200

1078 1078

Sicily, Entella, Punic issue (ca. 345/338-320/315 BC), AR Tetradrachm, 16.92gms, wreathed head of Arethusa left, wearing triple-pendant earring, partial Punic legend (?) behind Q RT CH DShT, rev. horse stepping left before palm tree (SNG Copenhagen 971), lavender-gray over a few old reverse scratches, very fine. (photo) Est. 700-900

Page 81

The January 2012 Collectors Series Sale


1082 1082

Sicily, Messana (ca. 425-421 BC), AR Tetradrachm, 17.23gms, charioteer driving slow biga of mules right, Nike hovering above reins to crown mules, leaf with fruit in ex., rev. MEΣ-Σ-A-N-IO-N, hare springing right, dolphin below (SNG ANS 358, Caltabiano 487, SNG Lloyd 1095, Boston MFA 290), pale steely lavender-gray, a handsome example, good very fine. (photo) Est. 1,500-2,000


Sicily, Syracuse, Deinomenid Tyranny (485-466 BC), AR Tetradrachm, struck ca. 480-475 BC, 17.42gms, charioteer driving slow quadriga right, Nike flying right above to crown horses, rev. ΣYPAKO(ΣIO)N, pearl-diademed head of Arethusa right, four dolphins around (cf. Boehringer 156, SNG ANS 44), finely-detailed and interesting dolphins, attractive light gray, good very fine. (photo) Est. 900-1,200

Magnificent First Punic War Dekadrachm

1085 1085

1083 1083

Sicily, Siculo-Punic, Time of the First Punic War (264-260 BC), AR 5 Shekels - Dekadrachm, mint of Panormus (?), 37.74gms, head of Tanit, wreathed in grain-ears, left, wearing single pendant earring, rev. Pegasos flying right, Punic legend below B’RST —”in the land of ” (Jenkins, 57, 436; Müller 127, Weber 1278), lovely old toning over a few old reverse scratches and minor deposits, well-centered and full types, a pleasing example of this magnificent issue, good very fine. Struck by the Carthaginians in Sicily during the first Punic War against Rome, these large silver pieces were likely issued for military purposes. The types are clearly influenced by models of Corinth and her colony, Syracuse, but conversely are indicative of the waning of Greek influence in Carthaginian Sicily. On the obverse, the head of Tanit is rendered in a style derived from earlier gold and electrum of Carthage. Pegasos on the reverse, meanwhile, is copied from Corinthian Staters, but the treatment of the winged horse is alien to the Greek prototype. (photo) Est. 12,000-16,000

Sicily, Syracuse, Agathokles (317-289 BC), AR Tetradrachm, struck 317-310 BC, 16.66gms, wreathed Arethusa head left, three dolphins around, NI below neck, rev. ΣYPAKOΣIΩN, charioteer driving quadriga left, triskeles above, AI monogram in ex. (SNG ANS 638, SNG Lloyd 1479, Pozzi 641), darkgray over some scratches, very fine. (photo) Est. 900-1,200

1086 1086

Sicily, Syracuse, Agathokles (317-289 BC), AR Tetradrachm, struck 310/8-306/5 BC, 16.56gms, wreathed head of Kore right, KopAΣ, rev. AΓAΘOKΛEIOΣ, Nike standing right erecting trophy, triskeles below left (Ierardi 191, SNG ANS 671), steely gray with soft golden highlights, nice example, near extremely fine. . (photo) Est. 1,000-1,500

January 16-18, 2012 - New York

1087 1087

Sicily, Syracuse, Philistis, wife of Hieron II (275215 BC), AR 16 Litrai - Tetradrachm, struck ca. 218/7-214 BC, 13.43gms, diademed and veiled bust of Philistis left, rev. BAΣIΛIΣΣAΣ ΦIΛIΣTIΔoΣ, Nike driving quadriga right, star above, ‘k’ before (SNG ANS 879), small obverse diecrack, light lavender-gray over a few scratches upper reverse, lovely style, extremely fine. (photo) Est. 1,500-2,000

1090 1090

Kingdom of Macedon, Antigonas III Doson (229221 BC), AR Tetradrachm, Amphipolis (?) mint, struck ca. 227-225 BC, 16.99gms, wreathed head of Poseidon right, rev. BAΣIΛEΩΣ ANTIΓoNoY, Apollo seated left on prow, monogram below (EHC 436, SNG München 1121, SNG Saroglos 933), attractively toned over some minor old hairlines, good very fine. (photo) Est. 1,000-1,500

1088 1088


Macedon, Chalkidian League (ca. 432-348 BC), AR Tetradrachm, Olynthos mint, struck 359 BC, 14.45gms, laureate head of Apollo left, rev. X-A-ΛKIΔ-EΩN, kithara, tripod above between tuning pegs, tiny K(PA) below (Robinson & Clement group M, 82a, Jameson 490), light find staining and a few hairlines on obverse, well-centered types of lovely style, extremely fine. (photo) Est. 1,800-2,200

1091 1091

Kingdom of Macedon, Philip II (359-336 BC), AR Tetradrachm, Pella mint, struck ca. 348/7-343/2 BC, 14.30gms, laureate head of Zeus right, rev. (ΦIΛIΠ)-ΠOy, youth, holding palm frond, riding horse right, AI monogram below (Cf. le Rider 158, SNG ANS 370), test cut on forepart of horse and test mark below, otherwise good very fine. Est. 250-300

Kingdom of Macedon, Perseus (179-168 BC), AR Tetradrachm, Pella or Amphipolis mint, struck ca. 178-174 BC, Zoilos - magistrate, 16.93gms, diademed head right, rev. BAΣIΛEΩΣ ΠEPΣEΩΣ, eagle standing right on thunderbolt, Zoilos monogram above, MI right, below, all within a wreath (Mamroth Philip 8, SNG Copenhagen 1267), light gray, good very fine. (photo) Est. 1,000-1,500

1092 1092

Macedon, Roman Province, Aesillas, quaestor (ca. 95-70 BC), AR Tetradrachm, 16.83gms, deified head of Alexander the Great right, monogram before, MAKEΔONΩN, rev. AESILLAS, money chest, club and chair, all within wreath (Bauslaugh group III, SNG Copenhagen 1327), lightly toned over lustre, extremely fine. (photo) Est. 300-400

Page 83

The January 2012 Collectors Series Sale


Islands of Thrace, Thasos (ca. 168-148 BC), AR Tetradrachm, 16.80gms, wreathed Dionysos head right, rev. HPAKΛEOYΣ ΣΩTHPOΣ ΘΛΣIΩN, Herakles standing left holding club, M monogram inner left (SNG Copenhagen 1040, Le Rider Thasiennes 51), old small scrape obverse margin, good very fine. Est. 250-300 1096 1096

Attica, Athens, (ca. 454-404 BC), AR Tetradrachm, struck 454-440 BC, 17.00gms, helmeted head of Athena right, rev. AΘE, owl standing right, head facing slightly tilted up, olive sprig and crescent behind (cf Flament group I, 1/a; Kroll 8, SNG Copenhagen 31), attractive medium gray, fine style types well-centered, extremely fine. (photo) Est. 1,000-1,500

1094 1094

Kingdom of Thrace, Lysimachos (305-281 BC), AR Tetradrachm, 17.08gms, Abydos mint, struck 297/6-282/1 BC, deified head of Alexander right wearing horn of Ammon, rev. BAΣIΛEΩΣ ΛYΣIMAXo(Σ), Athena Nikephoros seated left, monogram inner left, griffin head outer left (Thompson 70, Müller 126), iridescent hues, nice example, choice very fine. (photo) Est. 600-700

1097 1097

Attica, Athens (ca. 454-404 BC), AR Tetradrachm, struck 440-420 BC, 17.18gms, helmeted head of Athena right, rev. AΘE, owl standing right, head facing, olive sprig and crescent behind (Kroll 8, SNG Copenhagen 31), pleasing style, boldly struck full profile and finely-detailed owl, old toning with russet highlights, a choice example, extremely fine. (photo) Est. 900-1,200

1095 1095

Akarnania, Akarnanian League (ca. 250-200 BC), AR Stater, 10.09gms, Lykourgos - magistrate, head of the rivergod Acheloüs right, ΛYKOYPΓOΣ, rev. AKAPNANON, Apollo Aktios seated left, monogram outer left field (BCD Akarnania 17, SNG Copenhagen 418), deep gray, very fine. (photo) Est. 500-600

1098 1098

Attica, Athens (ca. 454-404 BC), AR Tetradrachm, struck 440-420 BC, 16.97gms, helmeted head of Athena right, rev. AΘE, owl standing right, head facing, olive sprig and crescent behind (Kroll 8, SNG Copenhagen 31), rich slate gray, full profile, good very fine. (photo) Est. 800-1,000

January 16-18, 2012 - New York

1099 1099

Attica, Athens (ca. 454-404 BC), AR Tetradrachm, struck 420-404 BC, 17.05gms, helmeted head of Athena right, rev. AΘE, owl standing right, head facing, olive sprig and crescent behind (Kroll 8, SNG Copenhagen 31), light gray, full profile, very fine. (photo) Est. 600-700

1102 1102

1100 1100

Attica, Athens (ca. 454-404 BC), AR Tetradrachm, struck 420-404 BC, 17.19gms, helmeted head of Athena right, rev. AΘE, owl standing right, head facing, olive sprig and crescent behind (Kroll 8, SNG Copenhagen 31), thin obverse diecrack and shallow reverse bankers’ mark (?), extremely fine. (photo) Est. 600-700

1103 1103

1101 1101

Attica, Athens (ca. 454-404 BC), AR Tetradrachm, struck 420-404 BC, 17.20gms, helmeted head of Athena right, rev. AΘE, owl standing right, head facing, olive sprig and crescent behind (Kroll 8, SNG Copenhagen 31), bold strike highlighted in russet hues, full profile, sharp owl, extremely fine. (photo) Est. 800-1,000

Attica, Athens (ca. 454-404 BC), AR Tetradrachm, struck 420-404 BC, 17.09gms, helmeted head of Athena right, rev. AΘE, owl standing right, head facing, olive sprig and crescent behind (Kroll 8, SNG Copenhagen 31), lightly toned, near extremely fine. (photo) Est. 800-1,000

Attica, Athens (ca. 454-404 BC), AR Tetradrachm, struck 420-404 BC, 17.14gms, helmeted head of Athena right with “double lips” (thanks to die engraving and strike), rev. AΘE, owl standing right, head facing, olive sprig and crescent behind (Kroll 8, SNG Copenhagen 31), full profile, good very fine. (photo) Est. 700-800

1104 1104

Attica, Athens (ca. 454-404 BC), AR Tetradrachm, struck 420-404 BC, 17.22gms, helmeted head of Athena right, rev. AΘE, owl standing right, head facing, olive sprig and crescent behind (Kroll 8, SNG Copenhagen 31), small reverse deposit, soft lavender gray with hints of iridescent hues, good very fine. (photo) Est. 700-800

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The January 2012 Collectors Series Sale

1108 1105 1108 1105

Attica, Athens (ca. 454-404 BC), AR Tetradrachm, struck 420-404 BC, 17.06gms, helmeted head of Athena right, rev. AΘE, owl standing right, head facing, olive sprig and crescent behind (Kroll 8, SNG Copenhagen 31), dark steely gray over light obverse graffiti, full profile on oblongish flan, near extremely fine. (photo) Est. 500-600

Attica, Athens (ca. 454-404 BC), AR Tetradrachm, struck 420-404 BC, 16.97gms, helmeted head of Athena right, rev. AΘE, owl standing right, head facing, olive sprig and crescent behind (Kroll 8, SNG Copenhagen 31), lightly toned over a few old obverse hairlines, good very fine. (photo) Est. 500-600

1109 1106 1106


Attica, Athens (ca. 454-404 BC), AR Tetradrachm, struck 420-404 BC, 17.16gms, helmeted head of Athena right, rev. AΘE, owl standing right, head facing, olive sprig and crescent behind (Kroll 8, SNG Copenhagen 31), lightly toned over slight graininess, very fine. (photo) Est. 500-600

Attica, Athens (ca. 454-404 BC), AR Tetradrachm, Eastern imitation (possibly Northern Arabia), 16.66gms, helmeted head of Athena right in slightly vulgar style, rev. AΘE - the actually a crescent with a pellet, tall owl standing right, head facing, olive sprig and crescent behind (cf Kroll 8, SNG Copenhagen 31), “fine” imitative style, full profile, boldly struck, an interesting coin, extremely fine. (photo) Est. 600-700

1107 1107

Attica, Athens (ca. 454-404 BC), AR Tetradrachm, struck 420-404 BC, 17.32gms, helmeted head of Athena right, rev. AΘE, owl standing right, head facing, olive sprig and crescent behind (Kroll 8, SNG Copenhagen 31),dark gray over some deposits and a few reverse hairlines, full profile, nice style, extremely fine. (photo) Est. 600-700

1110 1110

Attica, Athens (ca. 350-294 BC), AR Tetradrachm, 17.24gms, helmeted head of Athena right, rev. AΘE, owl standing right, in hunched fashion, head facing, olive sprig and crescent behind (Kroll 15, SNG Copenhagen 64), nice old toning over light earthen deposits, good style on a full flan, near extremely fine. (photo) Est. 300-400

January 16-18, 2012 - New York

1111 1111

Attica, Athens (ca. 350-294 BC), AR Tetradrachm, 17.15gms, helmeted head of Athena right, rev. AΘE, owl standing right, in hunched fashion, head facing, olive sprig and crescent behind (Kroll 15, SNG Copenhagen 64), well-struck types on a pleasing flan, lightly toned with champagne highlights, near extremely fine. (photo) Est. 300-400

1114 1114

Crete, Knossos (Ca. 2nd Century BC), AR Tetradrachm, 16.25gms, laureate head of Zeus (or Minos) left, rev. KNΩ-Σ-I-ΩN, square labyrinth (Svornos 97, pl.VI, 19; BMC 44), pale lavender-gray over slight porosity, near extremely fine and rare. (photo) Est. 1,800-2,200 Very Rare Tetradrachm of Sinope

1112 1112

Attica, Athens, New Style Tetradrachm, 128/127 BC, Achaios, Eli and Apollod - magistrates, 16.08gms, helmeted head of Athena right, rev. AE, owl standing, facing, atop an amphora, magistrates’ names left and right AXAIOΣ HΛI AΠOΛΛOΔ, cornucopiae with grain lower left, K on amphora, ME below (Thompson 426f), lightly toned over slight graininess, good very fine. (photo) Est. 300-400

1113 1113

Attica, Athens, New Style Tetradrachm, 94/93 BC, Nikogenis, Kallimachos and Nikitis - magistrates, 16.76gms, helmeted head of Athena right, rev. AΘE, owl standing, facing, atop an amphora, magistrates’ names left and right NIKOΓENHΣ KAΛΛIMAXOΣ NIKHTHΣ, I on amphora, below (Thompson 1045a), attractive soft violet-gray toning with iridescent hues, very fine. (photo) Est. 300-400

1115 1115

Paphlagonia, Sinope (ca. 330-300 BC), AR Tetradrachm, Attic standard, 15.62gms, head of the city-goddess right, wearing mural crown, rev. ΣINΩΠEΩN, Apollo seated right on omphalos, holding lyre and plektron, A-M-T in right field, small countermark “M” above the “T” (cf.SNG v. Aulock 6861), lightly toned over some old pinscratches in field, overall a decent example of a very rare and important issue of Sinope seldom offered in public sale, very fine. Originally a Hittite port, Sinope became the wealthiest emporium on the southern Euxine coast. Between 780 and 756 BC, Milesian Greeks founded a settlement there, while the area came under Phrygian contol in 700 BC. Sinope was laid waste by the Cimmerians in 677 BC, only to be refounded as a Milesian colony in ca. 630 BC. It later came under the yoke of the Persian empire. Following the defeat of the Persians at the hands of Alexander the Great, the Macedonian ruler told Sinope’s ambassador that the city should keep its old independence. After Alexander’s death, Sinope was able to remain independent both of the Seleukids and the Pontic kings. Syrian influence, though, was clear and this tetradrachm emulates Seleukid types of Antiochos III, albeit in distinctive Sinopan fashion. The obverse depicts Sinope, daughter of Asopus, who, according to the Greek historian Diodorus Siculus, bore Apollo (depicted on the reverse) a son, Syrus, the eponymous first king of the Syrians. (photo) Est. 3,000-4,000

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The January 2012 Collectors Series Sale

1119 1116 1116


Kingdom of Bithynia, Prusias II Kynegos (182-149 BC), AR Tetradrachm, 16.50gms, Prusias head right wearing a winged diadem, rev. BAΣIΛEΩΣ ΠPOYΣIOY, Zeus Stephanephoros standing left, eagle right in inner left above two monograms (SNG v. Aulock 254 var., BMC 2 var., Hirsh 1438 var.), toned over slight porosity and old minor marks, good portrait, very fine. (photo) Est. 900-1,200

Ionia, Magnesia ad Maeandrum (ca. 155-145 BC), AR Tetradrachm, Stephanophoric type, 16.61gms, Apollodoros son of Kallikrato - magistrate, diademed and draped Artemis bust right, bow and quiver over her shoulder, rev. MAΓNHTΩN, Apollo Delphios standing left, holding filleted branch and resting elbow on tripod behind, magistrate’s name and patronymic at left: AΠOΛΛOΔPOΣ KAΛΛIKPATOY, maeander pattern below, all within laurel wreath (Jones p.101, Hunter p.347, 8), light battleship-gray, minute obverse flancrack, extremely fine. (photo) Est. 1,000-1,500

1117 1120 1117

Kingdom of Bithynia, Nikomedes IV (93-74 BC), AR Tetradrachm, dated year 223 (75/74 BC), 16.67gms, diademed head right, rev. Zeus Stephanephoros standing left, eagle right in inner left above monogram and date ΓKΣ (De Callataÿ p.65, Waddington RG, p. 228, 40), pleasing portrait , good very fine. (photo) Est. 800-1,000


Islands of Caria, Rhodes (ca. 404-385 BC), AR Tetradrachm, 15.05gms, Helios head ¾ r., rev. POΔION, rose with bud, E inner right, symbol left (SNG Copenhagen 727 var), a few old obverse hairlines, very fine. (photo) Est. 1,000-1,500

1121 1118 1118

Aeolis, Kyme (ca. 165-140 BC), AR Tetradrachm, Stephanophoric type, 15.52gms, Metrophanes - magistrate, head of the amazon Kyme right wearing taenia, rev. KYMAIΩN, horse prancing right, one-handed cup below raised foreleg, MHTPOΦANHΣ in ex., all within wreath (BMC 74, SNG Copenhagen 104), some typical weakness lower margins, toned good very fine. (photo) Est. 600-700


Islands of Caria, Rhodes (ca. 229-205 BC), AR Tetradrachm, 13.20gms, magistrate Ameinias, radiate head of Helios ¾ right, rev. POΔION, rose with bud, prow lower left, AMEINI-AΣ across (SNG Ashton 212, SNG Keckman 542), somewhat shallow obverse strike, lightly toned over a few old marks, very fine. (photo) Est. 800-1,000

January 16-18, 2012 - New York

1122 1122

Cilicia, Tarsos, Tarkumuwa (Datames), satrap of Cilicia and Cappadocia (384-361/360 BC), AR Stater, 10.69gms, female head facing ¾ left, wearing necklace, rev. Cilician legend, helmeted and bearded male head right (Ares?), bunch of grapes behind (SNG v. Aulock 5941), steely tone with attractive golden highlights, extremely fine. (photo) Est. 700-800

1125 1125

Kingdom of Syria, Antiochos III, the Great (222187 BC), AR Tetradrachm, uncertain mint in Commagene or northern Syria, struck after 211 BC, 16.86gms, diademed head right, rev. BAΣIΛEΩΣ ANTIoXoY, Apollo seated left on omphalos holding arrow and bow, monograms in outer left and right field (Houghton 1101.1, WSM 1238), light gray over a few old obverse scratches, nice portrait, good very fine. (photo) Est. 300-400

1123 1123

Kingdom of Characene, Tiraios II (ca. 79-48 BC), AR Tetradrachm, dated 240 in the Seleukid era (72/71 BC), 16.09gms, diademed head right, rev. BAΣIΛEΩΣ TIPAIOY ΩTHPOΣ (KAI EYEPΓETOY), Herakles seated left on rock, holding club, NIK above left, AP lower right, date MΣ below (cf Le Rider Characène pl XX, 8, Alram 503), nice types wellcentered on full flan, old toning, good quality silver, choice very fine. (photo) Est. 500-600

1126 1126

Kingdom of Syria, Antiochos V (164-162 BC), AR Tetradrachm, Antioch, 15.55gms, diademed head right, rev. BAΣIΛEΩΣ ANTIoXoY EYΠATOPOΣ, Zeus Nikephoros enthroned right, monogram outer left (Le Rider Antioch 111, Newell SMA 75), fine style Hellenistic portraiture, pale silver-gray over some porosity, near extremely fine. (photo) Est. 300-400

1124 1124

Syria, Seleukia Pieria, AR Tetradrachm, 96/95 BC, 14.51gms, turreted and veiled bust of Tyche right wearing necklace, rev. ΣEΛEYKEΩN THΣIEPAΣ KAI AYTONOMOY, thunderbolt set on stool with filleted cushion, date I below, all within wreath (SNG Copenhagen 398, SNG Lockett 3204-5), handsome types well-struck and centered, attractive old toning, near extremely fine. (photo) Est. 500-600

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The January 2012 Collectors Series Sale

1130 1127 1127


Kingdom of Syria, Antiochos VI Dionysos (144142 BC), AR Tetradrachm, Antioch, 16.55gms, radiate and diademed head right, rev. BAΣIΛEΩΣ ANTIoXoY EΠiΦANOYΣ ΔIONYΣoY, the Dioskouroi riding left with couched lances, date ΘΞP below, TPY, IAP monogram and ΣTA at right, all within wreath of lily, ivy and grain-ears (Newell SMA 229, Houghton 2000.2d, HGC 9, 1032), staining over reverse deposits, very fine. (photo) Est. 200-400

Kingdom of Syria, Cleopatra Thea and Antiochos VIII (125-121 BC), AR Tetradrachm, Ake-Ptolemais mint, year 189 (124/3 BC), 16.49gms, conjoined heads right of Cleopatra Thea, veiled, draped and wearing a stephane, and Antiochos, diademed, rev. BAΣIΛIΣΣHΣ KΛEoΠATPAΣ KAI BAΣIΛEΩΣ ANTIoXoY, Zeus Nikephoros enthroned left, Σy monogram outer left, date ΘΠP in ex. (SNG Spaer 2471, Houghton CSE 806, Newell LSM 16), nice old toning, good very fine. (photo) Est. 600-700

1128 1128

Kingdom of Syria, Antiochos VII Euergetes (138129 BC), AR Tetradrachm, Tyre mint, dated 183 in the Seleukid Era (130/129 BC), 14.06gms, diademed head right, rev. BAΣIΛEΩΣ (ANTIO)XOY, eagle standing left on prow, A/PE and club surmounted by Tyre monogram at left, AΣ monogram and date ΓΠP at right (Houghton 2109.11b, HGC 9, 1074), light toning over a few reverse hairlines, very fine. (photo) Est. 250-300

1129 1129

Kingdom of Syria, Demetrios II Nikator, second reign (129-125 BC), AR Tetradrachm, Antioch, struck 129-128 BC, 16.74gms, diademed, bearded head right, rev. Zeus Nikephoros enthroned left, Ξ in outer left field, o below throne (Houghton 2166.2c, Newell SMA 320), trivial nick left reverse field, lovely champagne highlights, good style, near extremely fine. (photo) Est. 500-600

1131 1131

Kingdom of Syria, Antiochos VIII Epiphanes (121/120-97/96 BC), AR Tetradrachm, Ake-Ptolemais mint, struck ca. 120/19-117/16 BC, 16.58gms, diademed head right, filleted border, rev. BAΣIΛEΩΣ ANTIoXoY EΠiΦANOYΣ, Zeus Oranios standing left holding star and scepter, crowned by crescent, M in left field, all within wreath (LSM 32, SNG Spaer 2590-1), soft russet hues, full types of fine style on pleasing flan, extremely fine. (photo) Est. 400-500

January 16-18, 2012 - New York

1132 1132

Kingdom of Syria, Antioch, Philip Philadelphos (95/5-76/5 BC), AR Tetradrachm, posthumous issue under Roman administration, dated Caesarian year 22 (28/28 BC), 15.36gms, diademed Philip head right, rev. Philip legends, Zeus enthroned left, holding Nike and scepter, ANT monogram inner left, date BK in ex. (Prieur 16, RPC 4139), rich medium gray, near extremely fine. (photo) Est. 150-200

1135 1135


1133 1133

Phoenicia, Arados, AR Tetradrachm, 67/66 B.C., 15.22gms, Veiled and turreted bust of Tyche right, rev. APAΔIΩN, Nike standing left holding aplustre and palm, ΓqP/Λ/MΣ at left, all within wreath (BMC 268), light gray over trivial obverse deposits, about very fine. (photo) Est. 150-200


1134 1134

Phoenicia, Sidon, Evagouras II of Salamis (ca. 346343 BC), AR Dishekel, dated year 3 (344/343 BC), 25.77gms, Phoenician pentekonter sailing left on four sets of zigzag waves, Phoenician date above, rev. King of Persia and driver in chariot drawn left by two horses, the king of Sidon walking behind, holding a cultic scepter and votive vase, Phoenician `` above (cf Betlyon 40 [Abdashtart], Rouvier 1128), soft gray with violet hues, decent surfaces for type, very fine and Rare. (photo) Est. 2,000-2,500

Phoenicia, Tyre, AR Shekel, 125/124 BC, 14.05gms, laureate bust of Melkart right, rev. TYPOYIEP AΣ KAIAΣYΛOY, eagle standing left on prow, LB and club on left, Fp monogram on right, Phoenician letter ‘b’ between legs (BMC 45), deep slate gray, good very fine. (photo) Est. 600-700

Phoenicia, Tyre, AR Shekel, 122/121 BC, 14.18gms, laureate bust of Melkart right, rev. TYPOYIEP AΣ KAIAΣYΛOY, eagle standing left on prow, LE above club on left, ZB monogram and Phoenician letter ‘aleph’ between legs (BMC 56), fine style types well-centered on an attractive, broad flan, rich old cabinet toning over some obverse hairlines and nicks, extremely fine. (photo) Est. 600-700

1137 1137

Phoenicia, Tyre, AR Shekel, 121/120 BC, 14.31gms, laureate bust of Melkart right, rev. TYPOYIEP A(Σ KAI)AΣYΛOY, eagle standing left on prow, Lc and club on left, M monogram and Phoenician letter ‘b’ between legs (BMC 59), attractively toned over some trivial nicks, near extremely fine. (photo) Est. 600-700

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The January 2012 Collectors Series Sale

1138 1138

Phoenicia, Tyre, AR Shekel, 117/116 BC, 14.35gms, laureate bust of Melkart right, rev. TYPOYIEP AΣ (KAIAΣYΛ)OY, eagle standing left on prow, LI and club on left, ZB on right, Phoenician letter ‘b’ between legs (BMC 66), minor stain reverse periphery, toned over a few small nicks, good very fine. (photo) Est. 500-600

1141 1141

Phoenicia, Tyre, AR Shekel, 104/103 BC, 14.31gms, laureate bust of Melkart right, rev. TYPOYIEP AΣ (KAIA)ΣYΛOY, eagle standing left on prow, Γk above club on left, Δk monogram on right, Phoenician letter ‘b’ between legs (BMC 103), toned over a few old reverse scratches, pleasing style, wellcentered, near extremely fine. (photo) Est. 500-600

1139 1139

Phoenicia, Tyre, AR Shekel, 117/116 BC, 14.44gms, laureate bust of Melkart right, rev. TYPOYIEP AΣ KAIAΣYΛOY, eagle standing left on prow, LI and club on left, ΣA on right, Phoenician letter ‘b’ between legs (BMC 67), reverse deposits and pinscratches, very fine/about very fine. (photo) Est. 200-300

1142 1142

Phoenicia, Tyre, AR Shekel, 103/102 BC, 14.33gms, laureate bust of Melkart right, rev. (TYPOYIEP AΣ) KAIAΣYΛOY, eagle standing left on prow, Δk and club on left, monogram on right, Phoenician letter ‘aleph’ between legs (BMC 107 var.), toned over some minor marks, near extremely fine. (photo) Est. 600-700

1140 1140

Phoenicia, Tyre, AR Shekel, 117/116 BC, 13.99gms, laureate bust of Melkart right, rev. TY(POYIEP AΣ) KAIAΣYΛOY, eagle standing left on prow, LI and club on left, ΣA on right, Phoenician letter ‘b’ between legs (BMC 67), russet highlights, pleasing early issue, extremely fine. (photo) Est. 600-700

1143 1143

Phoenicia, Tyre, AR Shekel, 100/99 BC, 13.81gms, laureate bust of Melkart right, rev. (TYPOYIEP AΣ) KAIAΣYΛOY, eagle standing left on prow, Zk and club on left, monogram on right, Phoenician letter ‘aleph’ between legs (BMC 112), medium-gray over old obverse scratch and minor porosity, very fine. (photo) Est. 400-500

January 16-18, 2012 - New York


1144 1144

Phoenicia, Tyre, AR Shekel, 96/95 BC, 14.29gms, laureate bust of Melkart right, rev. TYPOYIEP AΣ (KAIA)ΣYΛOY, eagle standing left on prow, AΛ and club on left, monogram on right, Phoenician letter ‘b’ between legs (BMC 118), light gray with traces of earthen hues over a few old marks and faint pinscratches, good very fine. (photo) Est. 500-600


Phoenicia, Tyre, AR Shekel, 85/84 BC, 14.25gms, laureate bust of Melkart right, rev. TYPOYIEP AΣ (KAIAΣYΛOY), eagle standing left on prow, BM and club on left, Δ monogram on right, Phoenician letter ‘aleph’ between legs (BMC —), light gray, very fine. (photo) Est. 400-500

1148 1145 1145


Phoenicia, Tyre, AR Shekel, 94/93 BC, 14.04gms, laureate bust of Melkart right, rev. TYPOYIEP AΣ (KAIAΣYΛOY), eagle standing left on prow, ΓΛ and club on left, monogram on right, Phoenician letter aleph over ‘b’ (?) between legs (BMC 124 var.), toned deep gray over a few minor marks, wellcentered on a broad flan, good very fine. (photo) Est. 500-600

Phoenicia, Tyre, AR Shekel, 82/81 BC, 14.28gms, laureate bust of Melkart right, rev. TYPOYIEP AΣ KAIAΣYΛOY, eagle standing left on prow, EM above club on left, monogram on right, Phoenician letter ‘b’ between legs (BMC 136), some double-striking on obverse, toned a deep medium gray, pleasing broad flan, near extremely fine. (photo) Est. 500-600

1149 1146 1146

Phoenicia, Tyre, AR Shekel, 92/91 BC, 14.31gms, laureate bust of Melkart right, rev. TYPOYIEP AΣ KAIAΣYΛOY, eagle standing left on prow, EΛ and club on left, M monogram on right, Phoenician letter ‘b’ between legs (BMC 126 var.), light deposits obverse periphery, nice style, good very fine. (photo) Est. 500-600


Phoenicia, Tyre, AR Shekel, 80/79 BC, 14.37gms, laureate bust of Melkart right, rev. TYPOYIEP A(Σ) KAIAΣYΛOY, eagle standing left on prow, ZM above club on left, monogram on right, Phoenician letter ‘b’ between legs (BMC 139), pleasing types well-centered on a broad flan with old toning over very minor obverse deposits, near extremely fine. (photo) Est. 500-600

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The January 2012 Collectors Series Sale


1150 1150

Phoenicia, Tyre, AR Shekel, 79/78 BC, 14.34gms, laureate Melkart bust right, rev. TYPOYIEP AΣ KAIAΣYΛOY, eagle standing left on prow, HM above club on left, Δ on right, Phoenician letter ‘b’ between legs (BMC 140 var.), obverse stain over small patch of exfoliation, full types on oblongish flan, near extremely fine. (photo) Est. 500-600


Phoenicia, Tyre, AR Shekel, 62/61 BC, 14.31gms, laureate bust of Melkart right, rev. TYPOYIEP AΣ KAIAΣYΛOY, eagle standing left on prow, EΞ and club on left, Δ monogram on right, Phoenician letter ‘b’ between legs (BMC 158), expressive features, lovely toning, extremely fine and a choice example. (photo) Est. 650-750

1154 1151 1151


Phoenicia, Tyre, AR Shekel, 76/75 BC, 14.18gms, laureate bust of Melkart right, rev. TYPOYIEP AΣ KAIAΣYΛOY, eagle standing left on prow, AN and club on left, A monogram on right, Phoenician letter ‘aleph’ between legs (cf BMC 230 half shekel), some reverse ghosting on obverse, deep battleship-gray, good very fine. (photo) Est. 400-500

Phoenicia, Tyre, AR Shekel, 39/38 BC, 14.15gms, laureate bust of Melkart right, rev. YPOYIE(P AΣ KAIA)ΣYΛOY, eagle standing left on prow, ΠH and club on left, ΔI monogram on right, (Cf RPC 4627), short flan with some corrosion upper obverse, near extremely fine . (photo) Est. 400-500

1155 1152 1152

Phoenicia, Tyre, AR Shekel, 76/75 BC, 14.39gms, laureate bust of Melkart right, rev. TYPOYIEP AΣ KAIAΣYΛOY, eagle standing left on prow, AN and club on left, A monogram on right, Phoenician letter ‘aleph’ between legs (cf BMC 230 half shekel), reverse deposits, pleasing style bust, good very fine. (photo) Est. 300-400


Phoenicia, Tyre, AR Shekel, 31/30 BC, 14.24gms, laureate bust of Melkart right, rev. TYPOYIEP A(Σ) KAIAΣYΛOY, eagle standing left on prow, Phoenician letter ‘n’ C above thin club on left, BN on right, Phoenician letter ‘b’ between legs (BMC 179, RPC 4632), obverse somewhat off-center, light reverse horn-silvering, extremely fine. (photo) Est. 400-500

January 16-18, 2012 - New York


1156 1156

Phoenicia, Tyre, AR Shekel, 31/30 BC, 14.40gms, laureate bust of Melkart right, rev. TYPOYIE(P AΣ) KAIAΣYΛOY, eagle standing left on prow, Phoenician letter ‘n’ C above thin club on left, ΠA monogram on right, Phoenician letter ‘b’ between legs (BMC 180, RPC 4632), full types on somewhat irregular flan, attractive light gray with champagne hues over a few obverse hairlines, extremely fine. (photo) Est. 600-700


Palestine, Ascalon, AR Tetradrachm, dated Year 41 in the local era (44 BC), 13.59gms, diademed Seleukid head right, rev. AΣKAΛΩ(NITΩN IEPAΣ AΣAYTO), eagle on prow left, palm frond over shoulder, date LMA and dove of Ascalon before, ΔΩ monogram between legs (BMC 18, Hendin 406), also: Judaea, Procurators, Pontius Pilate (26-36 AD), AE Prutah, 2.08gms, three grains of ear bound, rev. simpulum (Hendin 648, Meshorer 331), the first somewhat tight flan as is typical, dark gray, very fine and rare, the latter olivegreen patina, fine/about very fine. [2] Est. 300-400


Kingdom of Egypt, Ptolemy I Soter, as satrap (323-305 BC), AR Tetradrachm, 16.97gms, Arados mint, struck ca. 320/19-315 BC, Alexander the Great types, Herakles head right clad in lion’s skin, rev. AΛEΞAΔPOY, Zeus enthroned left holding eagle and scepter, AP monogram at left (Price 3426 [Byblos], SNG München 745), soft iridescent hues over a few old obverse marks right field, extremely fine. (photo) Est. 300-400


Kingdom of Egypt, pair of AR Tetradrachm, Ptolemy II Philadelphos (285-246 BC), 13.79gms, diademed Ptolemy I head right, rev. Ptolemy legend, eagle left on thunderbolt, monograms at left, ΛΣ and Θ at right, Ptolemy X Alexander (101-88 BC), 13.46gms, diademed head right with aegis, rev. similar to last, LIΔ at left, ΠA right (Svor 810, SNG Copenhagen 363), the first toned good fine, the latter obverse somewhat off-center, near extremely fine. [2] Est. 125-175 Stunning Egyptian Oktadrachm

1161 1158 1158

Parthian Hegemony, Mithridates I (123-88 BC), AR Tetradrachm, Seleukia mint, 16.26gms, diademed bust left, rev. Arsakes seated right holding bow, palm frond outer right, four-line legend squared around (Sellwood 24.5, Shore 68), pleasing old toning, near extremely fine. (photo) Est. 700-800


Kingdom of Egypt, Arsinoë II, wife of Ptolemy II (died 270 BC), AV Oktadrachm, Alexandria mint, struck under Ptolemy VI-VIII, ca. 170-116 BC, 27.85gms, diademed and veiled bust of Arsinoë right, lotus scepter above, K behind, rev. APΣINOHΣ ΦIΛAΔEΛΦOY, double-filleted cornucopiae (Troxell Arsinoë p.67, 8, Svor. 1498, SNG Copenhagen 322), bold, pleasing strike, lustrous, extremely fine. (photo) Est. 7,000-8,000

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The January 2012 Collectors Series Sale


1162 1162

Kingdom of Egypt, Ptolemy XII Neos Dionysos (80-58 BC), AR Tetradrachm, year 1 (80 BC), 13.66gms, diademed head right, rev. (ΠTOΛ)EMAIOY BAΣIΛEΩΣ, eagle standing left on thunderbolt, date LA at left, ΠA right (SNG Copenhagen 376), toned over some old pinscratches, near extremely fine. (photo) Est. 150-200

1165 1165

Anonymous (ca. 225-214 BC), AR Quadrigatus, 6.63gms, laureate Janus head, rev. ROMA incuse on tablet below, Jupiter holding scepter and hurling thunderbolts from a quadriga galloping right driven by Victory (Crawford 28/3, Sydenham 64a, RSC 23), attractive old toning, small edge cut, good very fine. (photo) Est. 400-500


1163 1163

Kingdom of Egypt, Ptolemy XII Neos Dionysos, restored (55-51 BC), AR Tetradrachm, year 27 (55/54 BC), 13.91gms, large diademed head right, rev. (ΠTOΛ)EMAIOY BAΣIΛEΩΣ eagle standing left on thunderbolt, date LKI and headdress of Isis at left, ΠA right (SNG Copenhagen 394), thin obverse flancrack at center, attractive toning over hairlines, extremely fine. (photo) Est. 150-200

1166 1166


Augustus (27 BC-14 AD), Pair of AR Tetradrachm of Antioch, dated regnal year 27, consular year 12 (5 BC) and regnal year 36, Caesarian year 54 (6 AD), 14.28gms and 14.46gms, laureate head right, KAIΣAPOΣ ΣEBAΣTOY, rev. (ET)OYΣ NIKHΣ, and ANTIOXEΩN MHTPOΠOΛEΩΣ, Tyche seated right holding palm frond, rivergod Orontes below, monogram and dates in field (Prieur 51, 57), the first about very fine with some minor surface marks, the latter very fine. [2] Est. 200-300

Augustus (27 BC-14 AD), AR Cistophoric Tetradrachm, 12.06gms, Ephesos, struck 28-20 BC, laureate head right, IMP. CAESAR. DIVI.F. COS. VI. LIBERTATIS.P.R. VINDEX, rev. PAX, Pax standing left holding caduceus, snake emerging from cista on right, all within laurel wreath (RIC 476, RPC 2203, RSC 218), attractive even gray over a few light old marks, good very fine. (photo) Est. 400-500

1167 1167

Augustus (27 BC-14 AD), AR Cistophoric Tetradrachm, 11.28gms, Pergamum, struck 27-26 BC, bare head right, IMP. CAESAR behind, lituus before, rev. AVGVSTVS below Capricorn right, head reverted, bearing cornucopiae, all within laurel wreath (RIC 488, RPC 2208, RSC 16a), full, well-centered types, light slate gray tone over scattered porosity, good very fine. (photo) Est. 500-600

January 16-18, 2012 - New York


1168 1168

Augustus (27 BC-14 AD), AR Cistophoric Tetradrachm, 11.88gms, Pergamum, struck 27-26 BC, bare head right, IMP. CAESAR behind, rev. AVGV-STVS, six ears of corn bundled (RIC 494, RPC 2212, RSC 32a), attractive pale battleship gray tone, nice example, good very fine. (photo) Est. 600-700



1169 1169

Augustus (27 BC-14 AD), AR Denarius, 3.59gms, Pergamum, 27 BC, Bare head right, CAESAR, rev. AVGVSTVS, bull standing right (RIC 475, RSC 28), slate gray over a few very minor old marks, very fine. (photo) Est. 300-400

Augustus (27 BC-14 AD), AR Cistophoric Tetradrachm, 11.65gms, Ephesos, struck 25-20 BC, bare head right, IMP. CAESAR, rev. AVGV-STVS, six ears of corn bundled (RIC 481, RPC 2214, RSC 32b), banker’s mark - “E” in rectangular punch, even medium gray, very fine. (photo) Est. 300-400


Augustus (27 BC-14 AD), AR Cistophoric Tetradrachm, 11.87gms, Ephesos, ca. 25 BC, bare head right, IMP. CAESAR, rev. AVGVSTVS, garlanded and filleted altar with two hinds (RIC 479, RPC 2215, RSC 33), steely gray over light obverse hairlines, crisp types, extremely fine. (photo) Est. 700-800

1170 1170

Augustus (27 BC-14 AD), AR Cistophoric Tetradrachm, 11.95gms, Ephesos, struck 25-20 BC, bare head right, IMP. CAESAR, rev. AVGVSTVS below Capricorn right, head reverted, bearing cornucopiae, all within laurel wreath (RIC 480, RPC 2213, RSC 16), rich tone, pleasing types, choice very fine. (photo) Est. 800-1,000

1173 1173

Augustus (27 BC-14 AD), AR Cistophoric Tetradrachm, 11.70gms, Ephesos, ca. 25 BC, bare head right, IMP. CAESAR, rev. AVGVSTVS, garlanded and filleted altar with two hinds (RIC 479, RPC 2215, RSC 33), toned over light graffiti and numerous pinscratches, otherwise good very fine. (photo) Est. 150-250

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The January 2012 Collectors Series Sale


1174 1174

Augustus (27 BC-14 AD), AR Cistophoric Tetradrachm, 11.69gms, Pergamum, struck 19-18 BC, bare head right, IMP.IX.TR.PO.V, rev. S.P.R. SIGNIS RECEPTIS flanked by aquila within opening of triumphal arch surmounted by charioteer driving quadriga, IMP.IX. TR.POT V on entablature (RIC 510, RPC 2218, RSC 298), obverse deposit before head, otherwise decent example, very fine. (photo) Est. 300-400


Augustus (27 BC-14 AD), AR Cistophoric Tetradrachm, 11.64gms, Pergamum, ca. 19-18 BC, bare head right, IMP.IX.TR.PO.V, rev. COM ASIA(E), hexastyle temple (RIC 506, RPC 2219, RSC 86), deep gray over a few old reverse marks, pleasing portraiture, very fine. Comes with old tag from Munzsammlung Dr. A. Voirol. (photo) Est. 500-600

1178 1175 1175

Augustus (27 BC-14 AD), AR Cistophoric Tetradrachm, 11.53gms, Pergamum, struck 19-18 BC, bare head right, IMP.IX.TR.PO.V, rev. MART VLTO, circular temple with four columns enclosing military standard (RIC 507, RPC 2220, RSC 202), nice old toning, very fine. (photo) Est. 400-500

1176 1176

Augustus (27 BC-14 AD), AR Cistophoric Tetradrachm, 11.79gms, Pergamum, ca. 19-18 BC, bare head right, IMP.IX.TR.PO.V, rev. COM ASIAE, hexastyle temple (RIC 506, RPC 2219, RSC 86), right part of reverse legend double-struck, deep lavender-gray with turquoise highlights, bold, handsome types, choice very fine. (photo) Est. 700-800


Augustus (27 BC-14 AD), AR Denarius, 3.88gms, Emerita, struck 19-18 BC, laureate head left, CAESAR AVGVSTVS, rev. DIVVS IVLIVS, eight-rayed comet with tail ( RIC 37b, RSC 97, BMCCR Gaul 138-9), attractive types set on a broad flan with superb old cabinet toning, good silver quality, extremely fine, a choice example. Augustus cleverly used coinage as a political medium and this denarius is a bold example of his adroit steerage. On the obverse, Augustus wears the corona civica, the oak wreath bestowed upon an individual who has saved the life of a citizen. Here it is implied that the emperor has rescued the collective citizen body of Rome. The ubiquitous Augustan tie-in to Julius Caesar, meanwhile, fills the reverse which depicts the comet viewed in the Roman sky during the days of July 44 BC and which was associated with the deification of Julius Caesar. Purchased on approval from Frederick S. Knobloch’s May 1967 listing for $195. Includes note signed by Knobloch. (photo) Est. 1,000-1,500

End of The Frederick C. Schang, Jr. Collection

January 16-18, 2012 - New York



1179 1179

Greek. Quintet of Coppers. 1) Macedon. Alexander III, The Great. 336-323 BC. AE 17mm/5.4gms. VF. S-6742. 2) Macedon under Rome. ca.166-5 BC. AE 23mm/8.2gms. VF. SNG COP 1324. 3) Thrace. Scythian Dynasty. Akrosander, (2nd century BC) AE 24. Very Fine / Near VF. SNG Stancomb 317. 4) Epirus. The Athamanes. 220-190 BC. AE 18mm. Fine. S-1970. 5) Macedonia. Quasi-autonomous Gordian III. 238-244 AD. AE 24. Good Fine. S-4808. Sold as is, no returns. [5] Est. 200-300

Rome - Sicily, Himera. (before 484 B.C.), AR Drachm, 5.8gms, cock standing left, rev. hen right, within linear square within incuse square, (SNG ANS 152), attractive dark earthtone with pleasing reverse centering, desirable and scarce type, very fine. (photo) Est. 500-600 1184 1184

Greek - Corinth, (ca. 350-300 BC) AR Stater, 8.5gms, Athena facing left and wearing Corinthian helmet, delta below chin. rev. pegasus flying left, koppa below, (likeness of Ravel-1014), attractive gray with golden highlights, struck on an oblong flan which prevents typical detail from behind Athena’s head from showing - thus preventing absolute type classification, very fine. (photo) Est. 200-300


Greek - Mysia, Parion, lot of 2, (480 BC) AR ¾ Drachms, 3.2gms, gorgoneion head facing with protruding tongue, rev. incuse square, pellet in center, (ANS Dewing 2200, S-3917), fine. [2] Est. 100-150

1180 1180


Greek - Sicily, Katane (405-402 BC), AE Tetras, 3.1gms, Amenanos facing left. rev. winged thunderbolt, (SNG ANS 1272), beautiful mottled glossy green patina on both sides, small planchet notch (as-made) at 3 o’clock, extremely fine. (photo) Est. 200-300 Greek - Black Sea, Istrus. Group of 6. ca. 3rd century BC. AR Drachms. Near VF. ANS Dewing 1246. 5.4gms. Obv: Two young male heads facing and united, one inverted. Rev: Sea eagle left, on dolphin sun and moon or river gods. Sharp portraits. [6] Est. 200-400

1186 1182 1182

Macedonian Kingdom. Alexander III the Great, (336-323 BC), AR Tetradrachm, 16.84gms, Pella mint, head of Heracles wearing lion’s skin headdress. rev. Zeus seated left, (Price-213), rare issue with leftfacing bust, nice very fine. (photo) Est. 600-800


Kingdom of Syria, Seleukos I Nikator (312-281 BC), AR Tetradrachm, struck in the name of Alexander the Great, Babylon mint, ca. 312-300 BC, XXg, Herakles head right clad in lion’s skin, rev. AEANPOY (B)AIE() Zeus enthroned left, holding eagle and scepter, H below throne, MP monogram in wreath in left field (Price 3704), rich old cabinet toning, extremely fine. 17.11gms. (photo) Est. 350-450

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The January 2012 Collectors Series Sale

1191 1187 1191 1187

Kingdom of Syria, Demetrios II Nikator, 2nd reign (130-125 BC), AR Tetradrachm, 13.40gms, Tyre mint, dated SE 184 (129/128 BC), XXg, diademed head right, rev. eagle standing left, APE above club surmounted by monogram before, A monogram above, P behind, FP monogram between legs (Newell Tyre 159, Spaer 2226), typical slightly tight flan, toned very fine. (photo) Est. 150-200

1188 1188

Kings of Persis. Darev II (ca. 100-75 BC), AR Hemidrachm, 1.62gms, bearded bust left in Parthian style helmet. rev. King before alter. (Alram-565) Struck on elliptical flan with several cracks, nicely detailed, extremely fine. (photo) Est. 100-150


Judaea, First Jewish War (66-70 AD), AE Prutah, 2.88gms, dated year 2 (67/68 AD), two-handled fluted amphora with broad rim, Hebrew “Year two”, rev. vine-leaf on branch, “the freedom of Zion” (AJC II, P.260, Hendin 661), olive-green patina with earthen highlights, good very fine. Est. 75-100

Judaea, Bar Kochba Revolt (132-135 AD), AR Zuz, undated, attributed to year 3 (134/5 AD), 2.76gms, bunch of grapes, rev. two trumpets (Mild. 167, Hendin 730), deeply toned over deposits, small edge split, very fine. (photo) Est. 200-250

1192 1192

Roman Empire. Tiberius as Caesar, (9-14 AD), AE Sesterius, 25.6gms, Lugdunum mint, bare head left. rev. the Great Altar of Lugdunum, (RIC-239), very rare, very good. (photo) Est. 300-500


Roman Empire. Domitian as Caesar, AR Denarius, (79 AD), 3.5gms, laureate head right. rev. COS V beneath helmeted rider on striding horse right, (RIC242) light gray with golden highlights, wear on the highpoints, very fine. Est. 60-80

1194 1190 1190

Judaea, Bar Kochba Revolt (132-135 AD), Middle Bronze, 10.93gms, palm tree with seven branches, Hebrew “Simon” across, rev. vine leaf, “Year two of the freedom of Jerusalem” (Mild. 91, Mesh. 259b), sea-green patina with earthen hues over slight roughness, very fine. (photo) Est. 200-300


Roman Empire. Titus (79-81 AD), AR Denarius, 3.45gms. Judaea Capta issue, struck 79 AD, laureate head right, rev. TRP VIIII IMP XV COS VII PP, kneeling Jewish captive bound before trophy of arms (RIC 17, Hendin 786, RSC 296), somewhat mottled tone, sharp portrait, near extremely fine/very fine. (photo) Est. 150-250

January 16-18, 2012 - New York



Roman. Trio of Coppers. 1) Roman Imperial. Claudius. 41-54 AD AE As (42 AD). Near Fine. RIC-116. 2) Roman Provincial. Moesia Inferior, Marcianopolis. Caracalla. 198-217 AD. AE 27. VF+. 3) Roman Provincial - Bithynia, Nicaea. Severus Alexander. 222-235 AD AE 20. VF/VF+. S-3287. Sold as is, no returns. [3] Est. 90-120 Grouping of Mostly Roman Coinage. A collectible group of copper and silver type with issuances spanning from the third century BC to the third century AD. Worthy of close inspection. Sold as is, no returns. [13] Est. 200-300

1198 1198

Byzantine Empire, Leo III, (717-740 AD) AV Solidus, 4.4gms, front facing Leo III holding globus cruciger. rev. front facing Constantine V holding globus cruciger, problem-free and very attractive, very fine. (photo) Est. 600-800


Ancient-Medieval Near Eastern lot, includes pair of Byzantine Folles, Crusader kingdom of Cyprus AE, French lead seal (crowned L with three fleurs/Arms three towers on shield), Genoa Denaro, Cilician Armenian Tram, Gros Tournois dark toned over deposits, Arab-Byzantine AE and “Menorah/mosque dome� Fals, miscellenous Deniers and a stray Roman coin, an interesting group with some decent pieces, fine to very fine. [15] Est. 200-300


Lot of 22 ca. 803-809 AD Islamic Coins. A large group of silver Dirham from the reign Abbasid Caliph - Harun al-Rashid. Primary from the mint in Bagdad with numerous examples from Teheran. Most would grade as VF. A fantastic study lot with all coins carry accompanying attribution data. Est. 500-700

1197 1197

Byzantine Empire. Anastasius. (491-518 AD), AV Solidus, 4.1gms, Thessalonica mint, no officina, helmeted, armored 3/4 facing bust to right. rev. victory standing left, holding long cross, stars in left and right fields, (S-30, DO-27), quite rare, once used in jewelry, very fine. (photo) Est. 300-400

End of Third Session





As an added convenience to our bidders in the sale, we offer telephone bidding during the auction which gives buyers the flexibility they may need to increase their bids as the auction proceeds. Please call our offices (800-556-7826 or 972-788-2100) to arrange for telephone bidding prior to the sale and ask for Patricia Gardner or Emily Cowin.

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The January 2012 Collectors Series Sale

FOURTH SESSION Tuesday, January 17, 2012- 12:00 p.m. Lots 1201-1630 Spink Smythe, New York



Argentina 1832-RA P 4 Soles. VF Details, Cleaned. KM-22 - Coin Alignment. Cleaned long ago and retoned on the obverse with exceptional shades of purple, blue, blue-green and gold. The reverse remains untoned. A scarce type. Est. 150-250

Australia. Quintet of Coppers. 1) 1930 1/2 Penny, George V. VF. KM-22. 2) 1933 1/2 Penny, George V. AU Details, Cleaned. KM-22. 3) 1917 1 Penny, George V. VF. KM-23. 4) 1922 1 Penny, George V. XF. KM-23. 5) 1938 1 Penny, George VI. Choice AU. KM-36. [5] Est. 60-80

1202 1202


Argentina. 1878 Essai 1 Centavo. NGC MS65 Red Brown. KM-E1, Copper. Obv: Arms. Rev: Leftward facing Liberty. Muted red color exists on both sides with light reflectivity in the fields. A scarce item and certainly an opportunity for long-term investment as world patterns and essais, when given the “smell test”, seem woefully undervalued. (photo) Est. 150-250 Australia. Quartet of George V Silver Type. 1) 1931 1 Shilling. XF. KM-17.2. 2) 1917-M 1 Florin. XF Details, Cleaned. KM-27. 3) 1922 1 Florin. AU. KM-27. 4) 1928 1 Florin. AU. KM-27. [4] Est. 300-500

1204 1204

Australia. 1914-S 1/2 Sovereign, George V. NGC MS63. KM-29. A delightful example with full luster in the fields and only light marks on the devices that prevent an even loftier grade. Ex. Reserve Bank of Australia. (photo) Est. 200-400

1206 1206

Australia. 2000 “Year of the Dragon” Gold 100 Dollars, Elizabeth II. Superb Gem Uncirculated. Fr-102. 1oz AGW. Flawless in presentation and housed in its original plastic casing. (photo) Est. 1,600-1,800


Austria. 1956 25 Schilling. Proof. KM-2881. Mintage: 1,500. Commemorating the 200th anniversary of Mozart’s birth. The fields are deeply reflective with minor handling evident on the obverse surfaces. The SCWC value for this issue in proof condition is $350. Est. 200-400


Austrian Netherlands. 1788-H 1/4 Thaler, Joseph II. NGC AU58. KM-38. Essentially uncirculated in appearance with glowing luster in the fields and slight striking weakness in the centers. A superb example of the type. Est. 80-100

January 16-18, 2012 - New York

1209 1209

Bahrain. 1968 10 Dinars, Isa bin Sulman. Uncirculated. Fr-1. .4717 AGW. Struck for the opening of Isa Town. Very scarce. (photo) Est. 500-700

1212 1212

Belgium - Tournai. ND (1599-1611) 2 Ducats, Albert & Elizabeth. NGC AU Details, Removed from Jewelry. KM-7.2. FR-388. 7gms. Obv: Facing bust of Albert and Elizabeth confronted. Rev: Crowned shield in fleece collar. Original luster remains with a bold strike on both sides. (photo) Est. 1,000-1,200


Belgium. 1935 50 Francs, Leopold III. AU Details, Cleaned. KM-106.1. Mintage: 180,000. An attractive commemorative issue struck to celebrate the Brussels Exposition and Railway Centennial. Est. 100-150


Bolivia. 1773-PTS JR 4 Reales, Carlos III. NGC XF45. KM-54. A better type with attractively toned surface that showcase moderate highpoint wear. Est. 150-250


Bolivia. 1797-PTS 1/4 Real, Carlos IV. NGC MS62. KM-82. Untoned with sharp detail throughout. Unpriced in the SCWC at the Uncirculated level and certainly scarce this nice. Est. 100-150


Bolivia. Trio of Large Silver Type. 1) 1778-PTS PR 4 Reales, Carlos III. XF Details, Cleaned. KM-54. Weak in the centers. 2) 1808-PTS PJ 8 Reales, Carlos IV. VF. KM-731. Struck slightly off the flan. 3) 1824-PTS PJ 8 Reales, Ferdinand VII. VF. KM84. Well struck with nice original tone. [3] Est. 200-400


Brazil. Pair of Mexican Undertype 960 Reis. 1) 1817-R, Joao, Prince Regent. XF. KM-307.3. Untoned with pebbly surfaces. 2) 1819-R, Joao VI. XF. KM-326.1. A nice original example with lovely old toning. [2] Est. 100-150


British North Borneo. 1886-H 1/2 Cent, Victoria. PCGS SP64 Red Brown. KM-1. Intricately defined with rose-copper color over both sides with a subtle infusion of mellowed brownish color in the fields. Scarce as a specimen. Est. 200-300


Canada. 1925 5 Cents, George V. XF. KM-29. A pleasing circulated example of this popular key date issue. Est. 60-80

1210 1210

Belgium - Brabant. ND (1414-1427) Ecu d’Or, John IV. NGC VF Details, Removed from Jewelry. FR-19. Delme-55. 3.3gms. Obv: King on throne, shield at right. Rev: Floriated cross inside quadrifoil. Struck on a nice flan with some noted mushiness in the centers. Rarely offered. (photo) Est. 700-900

1211 1211

Belgium - Brabant. ND (1430-1467) Peter d’Or, Philippe Le Bon. VF. FR-25. Obv: Bust of St. Peter over arms. Rev: Floriated cross. A seldom offered gold type with soft undulations in the flan. (photo) Est. 800-1,000

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The January 2012 Collectors Series Sale


Quartet of Canadian Silver Dollars. 1-2) 1935 1 Dollar, George V. Uncirculated. KM-30. 3) 1937 1 Dollar, George VI. Uncirculated. 4) 1939 1 Dollar, George VI. Uncirculated Details, Glue Residue. [4] Est. 100-150


Canada. Pair of Certified George VI Dollars. 1) 1939. PCGS MS63. KM-38. 2) 1947 “Blunt 7”. PCGS AU58. KM-37 [2] Est. 150-250


Canada. 1945 1 Dollar George VI. PCGS AU58. KM-37. Attractively toned around the peripheries with mostly white centers. An attractive key date issue. Est. 200-300


Canada. 1947 “Pointed 7” 1 Dollar, George VI. Uncirculated Details, Lightly Cleaned. KM-37. 4 X HP. An essentially white example with light hairlines on both sides. Scarce and highly desirable as a variety with the “7” in th date showing a more accentuated point at its base. Est. 150-250


Canada. Quintet of PCGS Certified 1949 George VI Dollars. KM-47. 1) MS64. 2-4) MS65. 5) MS66. [5] Est. 200-400


Canada. Lot of 100 pre-1967 Uncirculated Silver Elizabeth II Dollars. A large group of nicely preserved Canadian dollars which includes the following dates: 1963 (1), 1964 (40), 1965 (42), 1966 (13). [100] From the Waldman Collection. Est. 1,400-1,600


Canada. 1999 “World Trade Center Recovery” $5 - 1/10oz Gold Maple Leaf. PCGS Gem Uncirculated. The surfaces of this piece appear to show some concavity, suggesting the coin was slightly warped as a result of pressure, heat, or both. A scarce relic recovered from the site of one the most horrific tragedies to ever see United States soil. From the Waldman Collection. Est. 200-400


Canada. 2007-2009 Olympic 15-Coin $25 Silver Hologram Set. NGC PR69 Ultra Cameo. A stunning group of silver coins that were issued leading up to the 2010 winter Olympics in Vancouver, Canada. The obverse of all 15 coins shows the right facing bust of Queen Elizabeth II. Each reverse has an identical quarter-crescent holographic panel at left with snowflakes and the official symbol of the Olympics. All the reverses are unique. The first five examples, dated 2007, illustrate Ice Hockey, Olympic Pride, Biathlon, Curling, and Alpine Skiing. The 2008 issues commemorate Snowboarding, Freestyle Skiing, Figure Skating, Bobsleigh, and the Olympic Grounds. The final year of issue, 2009, depicts Cross Country Skiing, Speed Skating, Ski Jumping, Skeleton, and Olympic Spirit. An incredibly well-produced set, and a perfect commemoration of the Vancouver games. [15] From the Waldman Collection. Est. 700-900

1228 1228

Canada. 2009 “Surviving the Flood” Olympic $250 Silver Coin. NGC PR69 Ultra Cameo. Mintage 1,500. Queen Elizabeth II adorns the obverse while the reverse displays an artistic native rendering. The design is inspired by the native Squamish people that tell a story of a great flood that threatened their survival. The people banded together in canoes, and tied their canoes to Mount Garibaldi so they would not drift away. Per the story, an eagle caught salmon and dropped the fish into the canoes, giving the Squamish people sustenance and ensuring their survival. This story depicts the power of many working together as well as the power, connection, and interdependence between man and nature. Much of this is artistically woven into the coin’s design and makes for an incredibly collectible issue. Housed in the original box of issue. From the Waldman Collection. (photo) Est. 1,200-1,400

1229 1229

Canada. 2009 “Modern Canada” Olympic $250 Silver Coin. NGC PR69 Ultra Cameo. Mintage: 2,500. An impressive 1 kilo silver coin issued in 2009 for the winter Olympics in Vancouver, Canada. The design, well conceived, and wonderfully executed illustrates modern Canada and the balance it maintains between commerce and nature. The juxtaposition of frost and mirrors is truly extraordinary, and for the enthusiast of modern coins, is sure to attract attention. The coin remains in its original packaging with the certificate of authenticity. From the Waldman Collection. (photo) Est. 1,200-1,400

January 16-18, 2012 - New York


Group of Silver Canadian Coins. All examples are circulated with most being of the George V type with a smattering of Victoria and George VI coinage rounding out the lot. Sold as is, no returns. [44] Est. 100-150

The Authur W. Hummel, Jr. and Sr. Collection of China Arthur W. Hummel, Sr., (March 6, 1884 – March 10, 1975) was born in Warrenton, Missouri. In 1905 he graduated from the Morgan Park Academy. He attended the University of Chicago, where he received a Bachelor's degree in 1909, a Master's degree in 1911, and a Bachelor of Divinity in 1914. He spent the next thirteen years as a missionary in China. When he returned to America he was employed by the Library of Congress as the first Chief of the Orientalia Division. From 1928 to 1954, he built the collection into one of the largest and best organized in the country.

1231 1231

Central American Republic. 1847-CR JB 1/2 Escudo. NGC MS62. KM-13.1. A charming example of this gorgeously designed, Costa Rica minted type with a depiction of the sun rising above the Central American mountains on the obverse and Ceiba tree on the reverse. (photo) Est. 400-600

Arthur W. Hummel, Jr. (1920-2001) was born in China. His parents moved to Beijing in 1924. In 1927, political conditions in China forced his family to return to the United States. His parents moved to Washington, DC, where his father worked as the first Chief of the Orientalia Division at the Library of Congress. In 1940, Arthur, Jr. then returned to Beijing to study at the California College of Chinese Studies. He was captured by the Japanese after the Pearl Harbor, escaped, and fought with the Nationalist guerillas. In 1950 he joined the US Foreign Service. Arthur Hummel, Jr. was later US Ambassador to Burma (1968-1971), Ethiopia (1975-1976), and China (1981-1985).

1232 1232

Ceylon. ND (996-1070) AV Pala/ 1/8 Kahavanu, Chola Period. VF. FR-4. MNI-827. .87gms. Obv: Ruler standing. Rev: Script. Even wear on both sides with the design running slightly off the flan. (photo) Est. 80-100


Zhou Dynasty (1046-256 BC), Tao (Knife) money, Ch’i series (ca. 675-400 BC), broken in three pieces, straight knife coin (cf FD 349), uncertain knife coin(?), and “Ming” (or “Yi”0) knife coins (after 400250 BC) — 8 examples of which 3 are broken, typical earthen deposits, very good to very fine [11]. Est. 125-175


Zhou Dynasty (1046-256 BC), Pu (Spade) money (ca. 350-256 BC), various small size types - 20 examples and two fragments, about fine to very fine [20]. Est. 400-500


Study group of Ban Liang (ca. 221-118 BC), ChinHan Dynasty, varieties (109 examples;) and Study Group (145 examples) of Wu Ch’u and Ta Chuan Wu Ch’u (ca. 118 BC-618 AD), Han-Sui Dynasty, varieties, includes about 15 old Wu Ch’u amulets, small to large size, each group housed in its own custom album, a few with small rents or minor chipping, about fine to good very fine [approx. 244]. Est. 250-350

1233 1233

Ceylon. ND (840-1295) AV Mas. Uncirculated. FR-6. .5gms. Obv: Ruler standing. Rev: Legend. A scarce, crudely produced type that is phenomenally preserved. (photo) Est. 80-100

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The January 2012 Collectors Series Sale


Study Group of early Cash and other coinage (37), generally First-Sixth Century AD (some earlier), includes: Ant nose coin, Wang Mang — Hsiao-ch’üan chih-yi and yi-dao handle with gold inlay, Three Kingdoms Chih-pai wu-chu and T’ai-p’ing Pai-ch’ien, House of Liu Ssu-shu, Liang Dynasty Iron wu-chu, Northern Wei and Northern Chi wu-chu, Northern Chou Wu-hsing Ta-pu and Yung-t’ung Wan-kuo, also miscellaneous sundries (16) - amulet copies of early cash, old copies of spade coins, etc, a few of the early Cash may be old copies, very good to very fine [53]. Est. 225-275


Interregnum, Wang Mang, regent (7-23 AD), Spade coinage, Ta-pu Huang-ch’ien — “the great Pu Value one thousand” (4 examples), cha bu wu bai (FD 475), and Huo-pu (7 examples, one of which seems to be an old copy) also round-shouldered huo-pu (amuletic) (Schj. 145, 148; Lockhart 155-159), and also key-knife amulet, one value 1,000 with verdigris, very fine to extremely fine [14] Est. 175-225




T’ang and Five Dynasties Study grouping: T’ang Dynasty (618-907), issues of K’ai-yüan t’ung-pao (30, var), Chieng-feng - two examples, one of which amuletic, Chien-yüan; T’ang Rebels - issues of Te yi silver or silver-washed Value one hundred amulet (?)(cf.Sch. 408), and Shun-t’ien (Schj. 409), The Five Dynasties (907-960): Posterior Han - issues of Han-yüan - two examples, Posterior Chou - issues of Chou-yüan (19, var), Southern T’ang - issues of Tatang, and T’ang-kuo, seal and orthodox script examples, Former Shu State - issues of Tung-cheng, Tien-han, Kuang-tien, and Hsien-kang, Southern Han - issues of Chien-heng, tin alloy (?), very good to very fine. [76] Est. 150-200 Cash issues of the Tartar Dynasties: Liao - Ki-tan Tartars (907-1125) - issues of Ch’ung-hsi, Ch’ingning, Hsien-yung, Ta-k’ang, Ta-an, Shou-ch’ang, and Ch’ien-t’ung, The Pretender Liu Yü of Ch’i (died 1143) - large size amulet (?), Western Hsia (982-1227) - issues of T’ien-sheng, Ch’ien-yu - iron Cash, Huang-chien, and Kuang-ting, Chin - NüChen Tartars (1115-1260) - issues of Cheng-lung, Ta-ting, and T’ai-ho large Value Ten coin in seal script, and two amulet versions of the same, also uncertain seal script cash (Schj. 1065-1070, 1072, 1073, 1078, 1080-1083, 1086, 1093), the first heavy patination and may be old copy, fine to good very fine. [34] Est. 200-300 Northern and Southern Sung (960-1127; 11271280) Cash Study Collection, most reign titles, various types, includes multiple Cash and some Iron, generally fine to very fine [approx. 243]. Est. 200-250

Chih-cheng – Togon-temur, Last Mongol Emperor Heavy Cash

1242 1242

Yüan (Mongol) Dynasty, Shun-ti (Togon-temür), third nien-ho: Chih-cheng (1341-1367), County of Chi, heavy Cash-Value 5 Mace in Silver, Copper, 68.7 mm, Chih-cheng [Chih]-pao, rev. Chi on top, Ch’üanch’ao [wu-ch’ien] (Schj. 1114), a third of the coin has been broken off in the past, nonetheless still a very collectible and genuine example of this extremely rare issue of the last Mongol ruler of China, light deposits, traces of reddish earthen hues, very fine. Acquired in the early 1920’s. (photo) Est. 1,000-1,500


Yüan (Mongol) Dynasty (1280-1368), Cash, Shihtsu t’ung-pao, Chih-ta t’ung-pao (2), Ta-yüan t’ungpao in Mongol script, Chih-yüan t’ung-pao in Mongol seal script, Chih-cheng t’ung-pao Value two (2) with Mongol word shen on reverse (1356), Value three with Mongol word mao on reverse (1351); Rebel coinage: T’ien-ting t’ung-pao (1359-1360), Value three, Ta-i t’ung-pao (1360), Value three (Schjöth 1097B, 1098, 1099, 1102, 1104, 1106, 1121, 1124) three with small casting holes, decent examples, fine to good very fine. [10] Est. 200-250


Ming Dynasty (1368-1644) Cash Study Collection, includes issues of Ta-chung, Hung-wu, Chien-wen, Yung-lo, Hsüan-te, Hung-chih, Chia-ching, Lungching, Tai-chang, Tien-chi, and Chung-chen, End of Ming-early Ch’ing era Rebel coinage, issues of Ta-ming, Hung-kuang, Yung-li, Yung-chang, Tashun, Hsing-chao, Li-yung, Chao-wu, Hung-hua, and Yü-min, a number of different types with a goodly number of multiple cash pieces, a few pierced, very good to good very fine. [158] Est. 250-350

January 16-18, 2012 - New York





Ming Dynasty (1368-1644) Cash lot, includes issues of Hung-wu, Yung-lo, Hung-chih, Chia-ching, Lung-ching, Wan-li, Tai-chang, Tien-chi, and Chung-chen including Value five issues; End of Ming-early Ch’ing era Rebel coinage, issues of Hung Kuang, Lung Wu, Yung Li, Yung chang value 5 types (3), Ta Shun, Chao Wu including 2 examples of Yi fen types in seal script (Schj. 1347), and Hung Hua, a few cracked or broken, very good to very fine [approx. 152]. Est. 200-250 Nascent Ch’ing Dynasty, T’ai-tsu — Nurachu Khan (1616-1627), Cash, abkai fulingga han jiha in Mongol script (“Imperial coin of the Heavenly Mandate”) - 9 examples, Chinese legend Cash, T’ien-ming T’ung-pao (Schjöth 1355, 1356), one with small rent, very good to very fine [11]. Est. 200-250 Ch’ing Dynasty Cash Lot, Shun-chih to Kuang-hsu (1644-1908), various reverse types, includes group of T’ai-P’ing Rebellion, T’ai-p’ing Society Cash, with 2 examples of the T’ien-kuo T’ai-p’ing type (Cr. 3814) and a Small Sword Society crescent Cash (Cr. 39-1), some Hsien-feng multiple Cash, and a Ming era Rebel Li -yung yi fen, also a handful of Republic machine-struck minors, including a 1912 Sun Yat-sen Memorial 20 Cents, and a few other 20 Cent pieces, some of the Cash have been converted to amulets (fancy borders, etc), a few damaged, very good to extremely fine [approx. 260]. Est. 350-450 Empire, Hsien-feng (1851-1861), 1,000 Cash, Hupu Board of Revenue, 63 mm, hsien-feng yüan-pao, rev. boo-clowan and value (Cr.1-11), typical light filing on edge, about very fine. Est. 125-175


Empire, Hsien-feng (1851-1861), 1,000 Cash and 500 Cash, Hu-pu Board of Revenue, 59 mm and 58 mm, hsien-feng yüan-pao, rev. boo-clowan and value (Cr.1-11, 1-10), the latter with small casting rent, about very fine [2]. Est. 175-225


Empire, Hsien-feng (1851-1861), 500 Cash (2), Kung-pu Board of Public Works and Hu-pu Board of Revenue, 56 mm and 59 mm, hsien-feng yüan-pao, revs. boo-yuwan and value; boo-clowan and value (Cr. 110.1, 2-9), the first with typical light file marks on edge, good very fine-near extremely fine [2]. Est. 125-175


Empire, Hsien-feng (1851-1861), Multiple Cash lot (16), includes: 100 Cash, Board of Revenue, Board of Public Works, Honan (Cr.1-8, 2-8, 11-6), 10 Cash, Public Works (1), Board of Revenue (5) (Cr. 1-6.1 1-6.2a), 5 Cash (4), all Public Works (Cr. 2-5.1), and miscellaneous single Cash (3), fine to near extremely fine [16]. Est. 100-150


Empire, Hsien-feng (1851-1861), Lot of 50 Cash, Hu-pu Board of Revenue (3), 48-55 mm, and Kungpu Board of Public Works (2), ca. 56 mm, hsien-feng yüan-pao, revs. boo-clowan and value; boo-yuwan and value (Cr. 1-7.1, 2.7, 1-7), fine to near extremely fine [5]. Est. 125-175


T’ai-P’ing Rebellion, T’ai-P’ing Society, Cash (1853-1864), 42mm, T’ai-p’ing T’ien-kuo, rev. Shengpao (Cr. 38-3), edge defect as is common, good fine. Est. 100-150


T’ai-P’ing Rebellion, T’ai-P’ing Society, T’ien-kuo T’ai-p’ing Cash, 28mm (Cr.38-14); small size T’aip’ing T’ien-kuo Cash - 16 examples (Cr. 38-8), 2 examples (Cr. 38-5), uncertain ; also Chia-ch’ing (1796-1820) large Board of revenue Cash (Cr.441) 2 examples, other Cash (7), Tao-kuang (1821-1851) large Board of Revenue Cash (Cr.1-3.1) - 4 examples, other Cash (14), T’ung-chih (1862-1874), 10 Cash (3), Hsüan-t’ung (1909-1911) Cash (2), about very good to very fine. [52] Est. 200-250


Empire, Kuang-hsu (1875-1908) Cash lot, includes: Chihli Province, very scarce milled cash (Hsu # 410) - 2 examples, Honan Province, better types (17) with crescent above, below, dot, dot in crescent, etc (Cr.119.2 - 11-9.10); Board of Public Works and Board of Revenue types (8) with additional character - lieh, chou, 10 Cash (3) with ‘shih’ below; other Cash (35), various provinces, including Sinkiang, a few 10 Cash, one eight trigram amulet, one or two with heavy deposits, very good to very fine. [65] Est. 300-400


Empire, 19th-early 20th Century, AR Gift Sycee of 1 Tael weight, 36.2g, ingot in the shape of a jade stone, used as a New Year’s gift presented by the emperor to children and relatives (Opitz p. 326), rich old toning, extremely fine. Accompanied by original letter from Sidney D. Gamble dated April 15, 1936, to Arthur Hummel, Library of Congress, presenting him with this sycee, which he acquired on his “last trip to Peking…a sort of John D. Rockefeller dime.” Est. 75-100


Empire, Chihli Province, Dollar, year 34 (1908), Peiyang Arsenal mint, dragon (Y. 73), also Republic. Szechuan Province, Dollar, year one (1912), floral crest, rev. Han in seal script (Y. 456), both extremely fine. [2] Est. 150-200


Empire, Shensi Province, Hsien-feng (1851-1861), 1,000 Cash, 71 mm, hsien-feng yüan-pao, rev. boo-san and value, neatly applied stamp bottom margin (Cr. 23-10), earthen hues, very fine. Est. 150-200


Empire, Sinkiang Province, Hsien-feng (18511861), Pair of Aksu mint Cast Cash — 50 Cash, Hsien-feng Chung-pao; and 100 Cash, Hsien-feng Yüan-pao, revs. Chinese and Turki legends (Cr. 3012, 30-13.1), dark reddish-brown, fine and about very fine. [2] Est. 150-200

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The January 2012 Collectors Series Sale


Empire, Sinkiang Province, Hsien-feng (18511861), 50 Cash, Yarkand mint, 39mm, Hsien-feng Chung-pao, rev. Chinese and Turki legends (Cr. 35.4), reddish-brown, fine. Est. 125-175


Empire, Sinkiang Province, T’ung-chih (18621874), 4 Cash, Ili mint, 32 mm, T’ung-chih Chungpao, rev. boo-yi and value (Cr.28-9), also Rebel Ghazi Rashid Cash (2) and Ch’ien-lung (1736-1795) Aksu and Yarkand Cash (8), the first very fine, the others fine to very fine. [11] Est. 150-200


Empire, Yunnan Province, AR “Packsaddle” Sycee, fangbianding (three-stamp ingot) of 5 Taels, ca. 1875-1920’s, 191.6g, pure silver marked for exchange type (Opitz p. 326-8), very fine. Est. 150-200


T’ung-chih (1862-1875), 43 mm, 28.8g, T’ung-chih Tung-pao, rev. T’ien-hsia T’ai-p’ing, very fine. Est. 100-150


Kuang-hsü (1875-1908), Trio, 48 and 47 mm (2), 37.5, 35.6 and 36g, Kuang-hsü Tung-pao, rev. T’ienhsia T’ai-p’ing, the first yellow-brown with a few old marks in borders, the latter two deep olive-tan, very fine with light marks and light deposits, and choice very fine. [3] Est. 200-250


Lot of Palace Cash, 33-36 mm: Ch’ien-lung (17361795) - 5 examples, Chia-ch’ing (1796-1820) - two examples, and Tao-kuang (1821-1851) - one example, a few with minor residue, fine to near extremely fine. [8] Est. 200-250


1269 1269 1263 1263

Chia-ch’ing (1796-1820), 64 mm, 135.2g, Chiach’ing Tung-pao, rev. T’ien-hsia T’ai-p’ing, (Zheng 457), good very fine. (photo) Est. 300-400


Tao-kuang (1821-1851), quartet - 45, 44.5, 37, 36.5 mm; 31.8, 20.7, 22.6, 18.6g, Tao-kuang Tung-pao, rev. T’ien-hsia T’ai-p’ing, on the middle piece, one edge has been planed off, the two larger about very fine, the smaller, very fine with red wax residue and extremely fine. [4] Est. 200-250


Hsien-feng (1851-1861), pair, 45 and 44 mm, 40.7 and 27.2g, Hsien-feng Tung-pao, rev. T’ien-hsia T’aip’ing, the first hairlines in border and old collection number inked in, very fine, the latter fine. [2] Est. 125-175

Republic, Dollar, ND (1912), Founding of the Republic — Li Yüan-hung, uniformed bust of General Li Yüan-hung ¾ left, rev. Chinese One Yuan within spray, English legends around (Kann 639, Y.321), pale lavender with soft iridescent hues, choice extremely fine. (photo) Est. 225-275

1270 1270

Republic, Dollar, ND (1912), Founding of the Republic — Li Yüan-hung, uniformed bust of General Li Yüan-hung ¾ left, rev. no crossbar of “H” in “THE REPUBLIC OF CHINA” (Kann 639e, Y.321.1), light slate-gray, near extremely fine. (photo) Est. 200-250

January 16-18, 2012 - New York

Stunning Conditional Rarity

1271 1271

Republic, Dollar, ND (1914), Founding of the Republic — Yüan Shih-kai, uniformed bust of Yüan Shihkai ¾ left earring plumed hat, rev. value in Chinese characters within open wreath, beaded circle, Chinese and English legends around (Kann 642, Y.322), rich light violet toning, good luster, PCGS MS63. (photo) Est. 4,000-6,000

1273 1273

Republic, Dollar, ND (1916), Inauguration of the Hung-hsien reign, uniformed bust ¾ left of Yüan Shihkai, the ephemeral emperor Hung-hsien, rev. winged dragon left, a bundle of arrows in its claws, Chinese legend: Beginning of the Hung Hsien period (Kann 663, Y.332), pale lavender with light iridescent highlights, PCGS MS65. (photo) Est. 10,000-12,000

1272 1272

Republic, Dollar, year 3 (1914), uniformed bust of Yüan Shih-kai left, rev. Chinese value within open wreath (Y.329), pale lilac-gray with champagne hues, uncirculated. (photo) Est. 200-250




1274 1274

Republic, Dollar, ND (1916), Inauguration of the Hung-hsien reign, uniformed bust ¾ left of Yüan Shihkai, the ephemeral emperor Hung-hsien, rev. winged dragon left, a bundle of arrows in its claws, Chinese legend: Beginning of the Hung Hsien period (Kann 663, Y.332), pale silver with cobalt blue and violet hues, PCGS MS65. (photo) Est. 10,000-12,000


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The January 2012 Collectors Series Sale

Lovely Memorial Dollar

1275 1275

Republic, Dollar, ND (1916), Inauguration of the Hung-hsien reign, uniformed bust ¾ left of Yüan Shihkai, the ephemeral emperor Hung-hsien, rev. winged dragon left, a bundle of arrows in its claws, Chinese legend: Beginning of the Hung Hsien period (Kann 663, Y.332), hematite-gray over some hairlines, faint wear on the dragon’s cheek feathers, about uncirculated. (photo) Est. 1,200-1,500

1277 1277

Republic, Dollar, ND (1923), Tsao Kun Memorial, bust of President Tsao Kun in civilian garb ¾ left, rev. crossed flags, Chinese legend: In Memory of the Promulgation of the Constitution (Kann 677), light silvergray with a pale tungsten-blue and golden undertone, PCGS MS64+. (photo) Est. 8,000-10,000

Fully Original Near-Gem

1278 1276 1276

Republic, Dollar, year 10 (1921), Hsu Shih-chang Memorial, bust of President Hsu Chih-chang in civilian dress ¾ left, rev. pavilion within beaded circle, Chinese legends around (Kann 676), light rainbow toning, sharp details, ample lustre, PCGS MS64. (photo) Est. 10,000-12,000


Republic, Dollar, ND (1923), Tsao Kun Memorial, uniformed bust of President Tsao Kun ¾ left, wearing full array of medals and Orders, rev. crossed flags, single Chinese character above and below (Kann 678), attractively toned frosty silver and violet-gray, PCGS MS63. (photo) Est. 4,000-6,000

January 16-18, 2012 - New York

Seldom Rivaled Wedding Commemorative Dollar


1279 1279

Republic, Dollar, year 12 (1923), Wedding of Pu Yi, dragon and phoenix with the symbol of longevity, rev. value in small characters within open wreath (Kann 680, Y.336), lovely iridescent hues highlight crisp details, PCGS MS64. (photo) Est. 10,000-12,000

1283 1283

Pair of Gate Passes, T’ang Dynasty (618-907) or later, turtle-shaped, 42 x22 mm, Bronze, turtle with ornate shell, single high-relief character on underside with inscription below, reddish earthen hues, attractive, choice very fine. [2] Acquired by Dr. Hummel in Fenchow, Shanxi Province in 1919. (photo) Est. 150-200


Dragon and Phoenix reverse types, Ming-Ch’ing Dynasty, 1500’s-1800’s, Brass and Copper, Imperial Cheng-te (1506-1521), Cheng-te T’ung-pao, 44 and 53 mm (Schj. 26, 28); K’ang-hsi (1662-1722), K’anghsi Chung-pao, with pao-ch’üan on reverse, four examples, 58-60 mm (Schj. 30); Ch’ien-lung (1736-1795), Ch’ien-lung Chung-pao, with paoch’üan on reverse, 53 mm (Schj. 33) and Ch’ien-lung T’ung-pao, 59 mm —- these were used for Imperial gift-giving; generally, 51-53 mm - Yunnan Province: Fu shou Kang ning, San duo Jiu ru, Kweichow Province: Ru yi Zhi Sheng, Long feng cheng xiang (Zheng 930, 967var, 951, 958), one with light residue, about very fine-good very fine. [12] Est. 250-350


“Horse Cash,” Ming-Ch’ing Dynasty, ca. 1500’s1800’s, Brass and Copper, 21-35 mm. Various types and sizes, one peg-holed, very good to choice very fine. [18] Est. 150-200


Auspicious and Religious Amulets, Zodiac - twelve horary animals obverse types, Yüan-Ch’ing Dynasty, ca. 1300’s-1800’s, 56-74 mm, Brass and Copper, includes: Jia guan jin lu — monkey on tablet with reclining deer (Zheng 1004); Hsing-kuan with sword ( Zheng 1959); Hsing-kuan beneath fir tree, Lady Ma-ku before him, crane below; standing figure Hsing-kuan (?) releasing a sack of running figures (Zheng 1978); figure with pole and crane, one with flan crack, fine-very fine. [8] Est. 200-300

1280 1280

Republic, Dollar, ND (1924), Tuan Chi-jui Memorial, bust of Marshal Tuan Chi-jui in civilian dress ¾ left, rev. two Chinese characters within open wreath: Peace (Kann 683), bold details, pleasing old toning with good lustre, PCGS MS64. (photo) Est. 3,000-5,000


Republic, Yunnan Province, Transitional Coinage, 10 Cash, ND (1912), min-kuo t’ung-pao, rev. value (KM 4), attractive olive-green with earthen hues, very fine. Est. 60-90


Chinese Soviet Republic - Consolidated Soviet Republic in Kiangsi. ND (ca. 1932) 5 Cents. XF. KMY507.1. Reeded edge with hammer and sickle on outline map. The reverse holds value with star above, within wheat stalks. Trivial reverse deposits are noted for accuracy’s sake. Est. 90-120

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The January 2012 Collectors Series Sale


Auspicious and Religious Amulets, Calligraphy only, Ming-Ch’ing Dynasty, ca. 1500’s-1800’s, Brass and Copper: T’ien-hsia T’ai-ping (“Peace under Heaven”), 62 mm, 231.9g, 10 mm thick (Cf.Zheng 1623); Dong Jing jie-ji, 47 mm (Zheng 1503), Bai fu Bai shou, 52 mm (Zheng 1510), Ch’ang-ming fu-kuei (“Long life with wealth and honors”), 78 mm; and others (6), 37-61 mm, one with casting holes, fine to good very fine. [10] Est. 200-300


Religious and Auspicious Amulets with deities, figures and animals, Ming-Ch’ing Dynasty, ca. 16001800’s, 35-58 mm, Brass and Copper, Wen-hsing (deity of Literature), Hsing-kuan with sword, Lei Ting curse (wrath of the Thunder god on evil doers), Zodiac, horse-turtle-crane, tiger and frog, deer, and others, two peg-holed, fine to good very fine. [26] Est. 225-275






Divers Amulets, Ming-Ch’ing Dynasty, ca. 1400’s1800’s (perhaps earlier), Auspicious, Religious and Calligraphy-only types, Brass and Copper, 24-68 mm, includes large silver-color T’ien-hsia T’ai-ping -basket (?) and butterflies, floral, saipans sailing, Zodiac, crane and flowers, animals, etc. and “Chime” Cash Amulet, Han Dynasty or earlier — open-mouthed animal termini (cf. Zheng 1715), one end broken, also Iron 10 Cash and Cash (2) of Hsien-feng, Sterling Silver Abacus pin, ancient Chinese bronze arrowheads (10) and counterweight (?), one holed, very good to very fine. [40] Est. 200-300


Sino-Mongol Amulets, Yüan Dynasty (?), Cash-type, Copper, 22 mm, with four lines of Mongol script squared on obverse and two lines on reverse, described in collection as “Buddhist amulet” resembles Sogdianstyle Cash; Ch’ing Dynasty, ca. 1640’s-1800’s, Brass, 57 mm, uniface, four lines of Mongol script in the style of Nurachu Khan Cash; also Sinkiang, Hsienfeng (1851-1861), 10 Cash, Ti-hua mint, 31 mm, the amulets good very fine, the coin fine. [3] Est. 75-100

Eight Trigrams reverse type Amulets, Ming-Ch’ing Dynasty, ca. 1600-1800’s, Brass, Copper and uncertain alloy, 33-65 mm, Zodiac-12 horary animals obverses — one of which is Silver in color, Lei Ting curse obverses (“May the wrath of the Thunder god destroy devils…”), animal obverses, and other calligraphy obverses, good fine to very fine. [15] Est. 200-250 Irregular-shaped Amulets (10), Ming-Ch’ing Dynasty, ca. 1500’s-1800’s, Brass, generally mid-sized pieces, various hanging-pendant style types - Shou script, 8-Trigrams, Zodiac, Tian-shi; a sword-shaped example, Ch’ing cash on a horse; and Open-work Amulets (4), Ming-Ch’ing Dynasty, ca. 1500’s-1800’s, Copper and Brass, two fish (42 mm), man and fish (48 mm), crude dragons (53 mm), and floral (67 mm), one with flan crack, a few with color marking, fine to good very fine. [14] Est. 150-200 Coin-type Amulets, Ming-Ch’ing Dynasty, ca. 1400’s1800’s, 22-46 mm, Wu-hsing Ta-pu - constellation Ursa Major (sword, snake , turtle), two swords, snake and turtle; Chou-yüan T’ung-pao - dragon and phoenix, hsing-kuan with sword and snake, crescent; Cheng-te T’ung-pao - dragon and phoenix or two dragons; Huo-chüan - four characters; Cash-style token with word KAISAR (Shanghai?), and small Japanese amulet Cash (Zheng page 651-2) animals of the Zodiac (12), also Wang Mang Huo-chüan and miscellaneous (6), one or two with small peg-holes, fine to extremely fine. [49] Est. 100-150 Large lot of smaller Amulets, Yüan-Ch’ing Dynasty, ca. 1300’s-1800’s, Brass and Copper, mostly calligraphy only, a few mid-sized pieces, 15-41 mm, some finer style and better types, a few peg-holed, one or two cracked, very good to very fine. [102] Est. 300-400


Bronze hand mirror, Han Dynasty (206 BC-220 AD), 83 mm, All is Vanity legend around crescentdecorated center with small knob, some verdigris and roughness outer border and on mirror-side. Est. 150-200


Pair of Bronze hand mirrors, Han-Sung Dynasty, 74 mm, outer crescent border, inner circle with raised knobs on circle, central knob, earthen hues; Ming (?), 58 mm, outer border with characters and stars, recessed inner floral circle with central knob, deep olivetan; also Bronze sword guard amulet, uncertain dynasty, 86.5 mm, cursive pattern around central slit, raised rim, light deposits, even wear, the guard slightly rough, decently preserved. [3] Est. 150-250


Bronze mirror, Jin Dynasty style, likely later (Ming?), 130 mm, depicting an ox amid wavy-line hills and two horns, three outer pyramid-toothed rings around, central knob, attractive red and green light earthen hues, well-preserved. Est. 200-300

January 16-18, 2012 - New York


Empire, Kuang-hsü (1875-1908), Pair of Dollars, nd (1908), year 3 (1911), facing dragon, Tai-Ching legend around; facing dragon, value in Chinese at center, in English below (Y.14, Y.31), the first about uncirculated, the latter extremely fine. [2] Est. 200-250


Empire, Kuang-hsü (1875-1908), Pair of Dollars, nd (1908), year 3 (1911), facing dragon, Tai-Ching legend around; facing dragon, value in Chinese at center, in English below (Y.14, Y.31), the first with some lustre over contact marks, extremely fine, the latter good very fine. [2] Est. 150-200


Empire, Lot of Silver minors, includes 20 Cents of Kwangtung (7), Hupeh, Kiangnan, Kirin, Manchurian Provinces; 10 Cents from Kwangtung (6) and Hupeh, very fine to extremely fine, a few of the Kwangtung a bit better, also worn Sinkiang 2 Miscals. [19] Est. 90-120


Empire-Republic, late 1800’s-1930’s, lot of small Sycee, yuanbao (“boat” or “shoe” sycee), 62.3g, raised disk at center chatacters and incuse legend around, four character panels and circular at bottom, single side legend, and 2 xiaobao (gift or presentation sycee), 21.8 and 12.2g, about very fine-extremely fine. [3] Est. 125-175


China. Group of Coppers. A large group of well circulated, mainly 20th century copper coinage which includes are large percentage of provincial type. Worthy of close inspection for better issues. Sold as is, no returns. [52] Est. 40-60

1298 1298

Bronze hand mirror, Ming Dynasty (1368-1644), 103 mm, protective dragon type, banner to its side inscribed in seal script characters, central knob, rich deep olive-tan, pleasing and well-preserved. (photo) Est. 200-250

1299 1299

Thailand, Singgora, 19th Century, Tin Pitis, 39 mm, Chinese legend: Chen-hsing t’ung-pao, rev. Malay-Persian legend: Negri Singgora and Thai: Songkhla (KM 1), quite rare, small edge crack as is typical, good very fine. (photo) Est. 200-250


Egypt, India, and Burma Group Lot. 1) Egypt. Fine-VF. KM-172,257,253.1,250,247,277. Egypt, Mahmud II (1808-1839) 10 Para, year 28, pierced; Abd al-`Aziz (1861-1876), 10, 5 Qirsh, year 4, Qirsh, year 12, 20 Para, year 9; `Abd al-Hamid II (18761909 AD) Qirsh year 1. 2) India. Fine-XF. 19th Century Hyderabad Rupees (4), ¼ Rupees (3), 1/8 Rupees (3); Kutch Kori (2), other Indian Silver (4), Islamic tokens imitating Akbar Rupees (3), uncertain, AEs (4), and Persian and Afghan silver 3) Burma. Good-XF. KM-10,9,8.1,7.1,6.1. CS 1214 (1852) issues: Kyat (2), 5 Mu (1/2 Rupee), Mat, Mu and Pe the latter rare. [38] Est. 200-250


Annam, Japan and Korea lot of Cash coins, Annam (109) includes coins from the early 1400’s to the end of the 1800’s, Japan (37), Korea (40) various mints includes also 5 Mun pieces, also tiger Tongue, Burmese, Pegu (?) lead coins (2) and souvenir card of reproduction Korean Old Coins, very good to very fine. [approx. 190]. Est. 90-120

1307 1307

China - An-hwei Province. ND (1898 - Yr. 24) 1 Dollar, Kuang-hsu Yuan-pao. AU Details, Lightly Cleaned. KM-Y45.4. L&M-207. A scarce type with a strong strike that maintains attractive luster in the fields of both the obverse and reverse. While light, several microscopic hairlines are revealed under intense scrutiny. A scarce type that is seldom available in any condition. (photo) Est. 1,500-2,000

End of The Authur W. Hummel Jr. and Sr. Collection Page 113

The January 2012 Collectors Series Sale


Empire, Chihli Province, Kuang-hsü (1875-1908), Dollar, year 23 (1897), Peiyang Arsenal mint, facing dragon, rev. outer Chinese, inner Mongol legend around value in center (Kann 186, Y.65.1), contact marks, slightly bright, extremely fine. Est. 200-300


Empire, Chihli Province, Kuang-hsü (1875-1908), Dollar, year 23 (1897), Peiyang Arsenal mint, facing dragon, rev. kuang-hsü yuan-pao (Kann 208, Y.73.2), light slate gray, extremely fine. Est. 100-150


Empire, Chihli Province, Kuang-hsü (1875-1908), Dollar, year 23 (1897), Peiyang Arsenal mint, facing dragon, rev. kuang-hsü yuan-pao (Kann 208, Y.73.2), neatly applied single chopmark (two characters in incuse frame), soft golden highlights, extremely fine. Est. 100-150


Empire, Fukien Province, Hsieng-feng (18511861), 100 Cash, Hsieng-feng Yüan-pao, rev. value and Fu (Cr.10-18), about very fine with light deposits and flashing on rim, also Chinese Amulets (6), 41-61 mm - eight trigrams with wrath of thunder god legend, Hsing-kuan, deer, etc, generally very fine. [7] Est. 90-120


Empire, Kiangnan Province, Kuang-hsü (18751908), Dollar, 1904, facing dragon, rev. kuang-hsü yuan-pao, HAH-CH (Kann 99, Y.145a.12), nice strike, pleasing old toning, extremely fine. Est. 100-150


China - Kiangnan. ND (CD 1901) 10 Cents, Kuang-hsu. Uncirculated. KM-Y142a.7 - Large rosettes. White on the obverse and reverse with toning along the rims. Likely dipped at one point with soft luster in the fields. Est. 150-250

1314 1314

Empire, Kwangtung Province, Kuang-hsü (18751908), Medallic Tael, 1907, 37.1 g, kuang-hsü legend within circle flanked by two elongate dragons and Chinese date, rev. ‘One Tael’ flanked by dragons, mule of Kann B34 - obverse, B31 - reverse (Cf. Bruce X# M65), some small edge tics typical of such thick strikes, pleasing old tone, extremely fine. (photo) Est. 250-350


Empire, Szechuan Province, Kuang-hsü (18751908), Dollar, nd (1901-8), facing dragon, rev. kuang-hsü yuan-pao, (Kann 150, Y.238), light gray, good very fine. Est. 100-150

1316 1316

Empire, Szechuan Province, Kuang-hsü (18751908), Pattern 5 Cents in Aluminum, nd, 15.5 mm, types as Y.234, Kuang-hsü Yuan-pao, rev. facing dragon, SZECHUEN PROVINCE 3.6 CANDAREENS around, Very rare, a few tiny edge nicks and obverse scratch, peripheral iridescent hues, about uncirculated. (photo enlarged) Est. 1,500-2,000

1317 1317

Republic, Medallic Dollar, year one (1912), Chang Hsi-luan issue, Hsi-luan in military uniform ¾ left, engraver’s name ‘GIORGI’ lower right, rev. crossed flags, the lower legend has been removed (“First” to “Third Class Memorial”) so that it could be passed as a regular Dollar coin at the time (Bruce X# M520), hairlines in fields, extremely fine. (photo) Est. 150-200


Republic, Dollar, nd (1912), Founding of the Republic - Li Yüan-hung, uniformed bust of General Li Yüan-hung ¾ left, rev. Chinese characters ‘One Yuan’ within open wreath, English legend around (Kann 639, Y.321), toned over small scuff left obverse margin, extremely fine. Est. 225-275

January 16-18, 2012 - New York

1319 1319

Republic, Dollar, nd (1914), Founding of the Republic - Yüan Shih-kai, uniformed bust of Yuan Shih-kai ¾ left wearing plumed hat, rev. Chinese characters ;One Yuan’ within open wreath, Chinese legend above, value in English below (Kann 642, Y.322), minor contact marks, light gray, some mint lustre, about uncirculated. (photo) Est. 500-600


Republic, Lot of Dollars, year 3 (1914) uniformed Yüan Shih-kai bust left, rev. Chinese characters ‘One Yuan’ within open wreath (Kann 646, Y.329), fine to extremely fine. [4] Est. 125-175 Est. 125-175


Republic, Yüan Shih-kai Silver minors lot, 50 Cents, year 3 (1914), extremely fine, 20 Cents, year 3 (2 examples), about uncirculated with a carbon streak and extremely fine, and 10 Cents, year 3 (2 examples), fine and very fine, uniformed Yüan Shih-kai bust left, revs. Value within wreath (Y.328, 327, 326). [5] Est. 125-175


Republic, Dollar, year 9 (1920), uniformed Yüan Shih-kai bust left, rev. Chinese characters ‘One Yuan’ within open wreath (Kann 666, Y.329.6), very light streaking, uncirculated. Est. 100-150

1323 1323

Republic, Medallic 10 Cash in Silver, nd (ca. 1920), Ni Sze-chung issue, General Ni Sze-chung in uniform ¾ left, rev. legend within open wreath (Kann pl.189, Bruce X# M971), rim flaw from strike, light dirt, golden tone reverse, uncirculated. (photo) Est. 150-250

1324 1324

Republic, Dollar, year 10 (1921), Hsu Shih-chang Memorial, bust of President Hsu Shih-chang in civilian dress ¾ left, rev. pavilion within beaded circle, Chinese legend around (Kann 676), slightly mottled toning, PCGS MS63. (photo) Est. 2,000-2,500


Republic, trio of ‘Memento’ Dollars, nd (1927), narrow Sun Yat-sen bust left, revs. Value in Chinese characters in center with spray (Kann 308, Y.318a.1), minor streaking, extremely fine to uncirculated. [3] Est. 150-250


Republic, trio of ‘Memento’ Dollars, nd (1927), narrow Sun Yat-sen bust left, revs. Value in Chinese characters in center with spray (Kann 308, Y.318a.1), one with light dirt, one once wiped, one with edge flaw, extremely fine to about uncirculated. [3] Est. 100-150


China - Republic. Quintet of ND (1933 - Yr.22) Sun Yat-sen “Junk” Dollars. VF - AU. Kann-623. Y-345. A nice group of this popular and available type. [5] Est. 150-250


China - Republic. Septet of ND (1934 - Yr.23) Sun Yat-sen “Junk” Dollars. VF-AU. Kann-624. Y345. Another group of this popular type, although later dates. [7] Est. 200-300


China - Republic. Quintet of ND (1934 - Yr.23) Sun Yat-sen “Junk” Dollars. AU-Uncirculated. Kann-624. Y-345. As previous, but generally nicer. [5] Est. 200-300


China - Republic. Lot of Dollars, mixed types: Yüan Shih-kai Dollars (3), Year 3 (1914); ‘Memento’ Dollar, nd (1927); ‘Junk’ Dollar, year 23 (1934), also Yunnan Province 50 Cents, nd (1911-1915) (Kann 646, 308; Y.329, 318a.1), one with some small chops, very fine to about extremely fine. [6] Est. 150-200

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Republic, Lot of Silver Minors: Pu-yi Wedding 20 Cents; Yunnan, 50 Cents (ca. 1917), General T’ang Chi-yao (2), regular issue, 20 Cents year 12 and year 38; Chekiang, 10 Cents, year 13; Kwangtung, 20 Cents (5), also large Copper: Hunan, 100 Cash, year 20 (Y.398); Szechuan, 100 Cash, year 2; Yunnan, 50 Cash (ca. 1919), General T’ang Chi-yao (Y.478), a few with stains or spotting, very fine to extremely fine+. [15] Est. 150-200

1334 1334

1332 1332

Republic, Sinkiang Province, Medallic 20 Cash, nd (ca. 1920’s-1930’s), copper, four Chinese characters (“China Republic”) around rosette within beaded circle, value in Chinese above, “Made in Kashghar” below, rev. crossed flags, Turkic legend above and below (Bruce X M770), obverse hairlines, otherwise choice extremely fine. (photo) Est. 200-300

Republic, Hunan Province, Dollar, year 11 (1922), Provincial Constitution Memorial Coin, trigram of Pah kwah in open wreath of grain, value in Chinese either side, rev. crossed flags, legend in English around (Kann 763, Y.404), lightly toned, soft iridescent hues, PCGS AU58. (photo) Est. 1,500-2,000

1335 1335

China - Republic, Sinkiang Province. 1949 (Yr. 38) 1 Dollar. Uncirculated. Kann-1276a. Y-46.2. Numeral 1 with denomination in Turkic below, Turkic legend around “Made in the Sinkiang pouring factory,” western date below, rev. Chinese “One Yuan” within wreath, Chinese legend around “Made in the coin workshop of Sinkiang” and Republican year. Attractive light gray in appearance. (photo) Est. 200-300


Republic, Szechuan Province, Lot of Dollars (7), year one (1912), floral crest, four characters around, rev. HAN in seal script encircled by 18 annulets (Kann 775, Y.456), very fine to extremely fine. [7] Est. 250-350

1333 1333

China - Republic, Kansu Province. ND (1928 Yr.17) 1 Dollar, Sun Yat-sen. AU. Kann-760. Y410. Facing bust of Dr. Sun Yat-sen with date above on obverse. Reverse with Kuomintang sun within beaded circle, Chinese legend above, two Manchu characters below. (photo) Est. 2,000-2,500

January 16-18, 2012 - New York


China - Republic, Taiwan. Modern Silver Lot. 12) Sun Yat-sen Birthday Centennial Sets. Silver 50 and 100 Yuan, copper-nickel 5 and 10 Yuan - one set in lucite frame. 3) ND (1966) Medallic 2,000 Yuan. Bruce-XM610. Chiang Kai-shek 80th Birthday. 4) ND (1976) Medal - Chiang Kai-shek’s 90th Birthday. Bruce-XM625. 5-6) ND (1971) 60th Anniversary of the Republic Medal. Bruce-XM615). 7-8) Pair of Silver Medals. Commemorating Chiang Kai-shek’s 90th Birthday and the 70th Anniversary of the Republic. All items remain in at least Uncirculated or Select Proof condition. [14] Est. 150-200

1341 1341

China - People’s Republic. 30 Yuan, 1981, Year of the Rooster, temple by the shore, rev. rooster left, head reverted (KM 40), 10,000 pieces struck, brilliant proof. (photo) Est. 200-300


China - People’s Republic. 1982-1987 7-Coin 1/10oz Gold Panda Prestige Set. A desirable set of gold pandas with dates spanning from the first issue in 1982 and running through the “S” and “Y” mintmarked specimens of 1987. This set, custom assembled and distributed by Blanchard in the late 1980s, is housed in a wooden case with red fabric interior. A lovely display. [7] From the Waldman Collection. Est. 1,300-1,500


China - People’s Republic. 1982-1987 7-Coin 1/10oz Gold Panda Prestige Set. A second set with dated running dates spanning from the first issue in 1982 and running through the “S” and “Y” mintmarked specimens of 1987. [7] From the Waldman Collection. Est. 1,300-1,500


China - People’s Republic. 1982-1987 7-Coin 1/10oz Gold Panda Prestige Set. A third set. [7] From the Waldman Collection. Est. 1,300-1,500


China - People’s Republic. 1982-1987 7-Coin 1/10oz Gold Panda Prestige Set. A forth set. [7] From the Waldman Collection. Est. 1,300-1,500


China - People’s Republic. 1982-1987 7-Coin 1/10oz Gold Panda Prestige Set. A fifth set. [7] From the Waldman Collection. Est. 1,300-1,500


China - People’s Republic. 1982-1987 10 Yuan Gold Panda Set. A collectible date run of 1/10 ounce gold Pandas with all examples remaining in their original plastic encasement. Two examples of the 1987 date are noted. [7] Est. 1,300-1,500

1338 1338



Chinese Soviet Republic - Hunan Province. ND (1931) Medallic Dollar. XF. Kann-B73, BruceXM850. The obverse shows the stylized bust of Lenin facing right within a solid and beaded circle and the Chinese legend above “Minted by the Chinese Soviets”, open wreath with tie below. The central reverse depicts the iconic hammer and sickle with Chinese characters for “One Dollar” within solid and beaded circle. The Chinese legend around reads “made in the year 1931 by the Laborers and Farmers Bank.” A rare issue with deep iridescent toning on both sides. (photo) Est. 300-500 China - People’s Republic. Modern Commemorative Yuan Lot. Select Proof. KM30,32,21,22,19,20,58. Consists of: 1980 Olympics —wrestlers (2), soccer; 13th Winter Olympic GamesLake Placid, 1980 - Alpine skiing (2), women’speed skating (2), figure skating, Biathlon (2); World Cup Soccer, 1982. [12] Est. 100-150 China - People’s Republic. Modern Trio. Gem Proof. 1) 1980 Olympics, Piefort 1 Yuan. KM-P5. Mintage: 2,500. Equestrian issue. 2,500 minted. 2) 1983 Panda 1 Yuan. KM-85. Mintage: 30,000. Panda in octagon. 3) 1984 5 Yuan. KM-97. Mintage: 10,000. Olympics, high jumper. [3] Est. 125-175

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The January 2012 Collectors Series Sale

1348 1348

China - People’s Republic. 1983 100 Yuan / 1oz Gold Panda. KM-72. (photo) Est. 1,700-1,900


China - People’s Republic. 1984 100 Yuan / 1oz Gold Panda. KM-91. Untouched and remaining inside of its original plastic wrapping. No copper spots, which are typical on these early Chinese issues, are present and raises the desirability of the current example. Est. 1,700-1,900


China - People’s Republic. 1984 100 Yuan / 1oz Gold Panda. Gem Uncirculated. KM-91. A second example in essentially pristine condition. Several copper spots are noted. Est. 1,700-1,900


China - People’s Republic. 1985 100 Yuan / 1oz Gold Panda. KM-118. Similar to the previous lot with numerous copper spots on both sides. Est. 1,600-1,800


China - People’s Republic. 1985 100 Yuan / 1oz Gold Panda. KM-118. A third example of this popular design with significant purple-copper blushes on both sides. Est. 1,600-1,800


China - People’s Republic. 1985 100 Yuan / 1oz Gold Panda. KM-118. A forth example. Again, copper spots are noted. Est. 1,600-1,800


China - People’s Republic. 1986 Gold Panda Set. Gem Proof. KM-PS20 Consists of 5, 10, 25, 50 and 100 Yuan. In original case with certificate. [5] Est. 3,000-4,000


1351 1351

China - People’s Republic. 1984 100 Yuan / 1oz Gold Panda. Gem Uncirculated. KM-91. A third example of this second year issue. Nearly identical to the second example. (photo) Est. 1,700-1,900

1352 1352

China - People’s Republic. 1985 100 Yuan / 1oz Gold Panda. KM-118. Still sealed in its original clear plastic pouch with surfaces that remain mark-free. Several copper blushes are noted on both sides for accuracy’s sake. (photo) Est. 1,600-1,800


China - People’s Republic. 1987 Gold Panda Set. Gem Proof. KM-159,163,161-162,166. Consists of 5, 10, 25, 50 and 100 Yuan. [5] (photo) Est. 3,000-4,000


China - People’s Republic. 2007 25th Anniversary 50-Coin Gold & Silver Commemorative Panda Set. NGC PR69 Ultra Cameo. A substatial set that was issued in 2007 to commemorate the 25th anniversary of the Chinese gold Panda program. Each group of 25 (25 silver/25 gold) bears the likeness of each year of issue from 1982 to 2007. The silver coins, holding a three Yuan denomination, were struck with 1/4 ounce of silver. The gold issues, with a 15 Yuan denomination, each hold 1/20 ounce of gold. Each coin has been encapsulated by NGC and the sets comes with the original silver set box of issue and certificate of authenticity. Given the vast collector base for this series, and the ability for the collector to “catch up” and obtain a scarce design, the present lot should be of utmost interest - an incredible opportunity. From the Waldman Collection. Est. 3,000-3,500

January 16-18, 2012 - New York


China - People’s Republic. 2008 Beijing Olympics 6-Coin Gold and Silver Set. Series I. The first set of a three set gold and silver series of coins made to commemorate the 2008 Beijing Olympics in China. The set is composed of 4 - 1 ounce silver coins and 2 - 1/3 ounce gold specimens. The silver coins are themed to traditional folk sports played by Chinese children. Featured designed include Goat Jumping, Shuttlecock Kicking, Kite Flying, and Hoop Rolling. All four examples are tie the design to a Chinese toy, integrated in color to the right side of the design. The two gold coins focus on sport, one depicting an ancient Chinese equestrian event archery. Both gold coins have been graded by NGC as PR70 Ultra Cameo - the finest designation awarded to coins. The set remains housed in its original box of issue and comes accompanied by 6 individual certificates of authenticity. [6] From the Waldman Collection. Est. 1,300-1,500


China - People’s Republic. 2008 Beijing Olympics 6-Coin Gold and Silver Set. NGC PR69 Ultra Cameo. Series II. An fabulous set of coins made to commemorate the 2008 Beijing Olypics in China. The set is composed of 4 - 1 ounce silver coins and 2 - 1/3 ounce gold specimens. The silver coins are themed to Chinese geography - featuring reverse designs depicting The Great Wall, a courtyard in Beijing, Arch Bridge and the Summer Palace of Beijing, and the White Pagoda of Beihai Park. All four coins are colorized and tie the illustration to traditional chinese colors and patterns. The two gold coins focus on sport, one depicting an ancient Chinese wrestling scene and the other ancient swimming. Attractively presented, the set now rest in a custom wooden box with all 6 certificates of authenticity accompanying the coins. A highly desirable, scarcely available set. [6] From the Waldman Collection. Est. 1,300-1,500


China - People’s Republic. 2008 Beijing Olympics 6-Coin Gold and Silver Set. NGC PR69 Ultra Cameo. Series III. The final gold and silver 6-coin set made to commemorate the 2008 Beijing Olympics in China and housed in a wooden presentation box for ideal storage and excellent presentation. The set is composed of 4 - 1 ounce silver coins and 2 - 1/3 ounce gold specimens. The silver coins are themed to Chinese culture - featuring reverse designs depicting Yangge dance, Lion dances, big bowl tea, the Peking opera. All four coins are colorized and tie the illustration to traditional chinese clothing. The two gold coins focus on sport, one depicting an ancient Chinese football (soccer) scene and ancient wrestling. None of the original certificates are included. [6] From the Waldman Collection. Est. 1,300-1,500

1359 1359

China - People’s Republic. 2008 Beijing Olympics “Chinese Folk Sports” 300 Yuan / 1 Kilo Silver Coin. NGC PR69 Ultra Cameo. Series II. Mintage: 20,008. The obverse features the colorized logo of the 2008 Beijing olympics surrounded by two dragons. The reverse depicts several folk sports - a dragon boat race in the foreground and horse racing in the background. Housed in its original plastic case and wooden box, but missing the certificate of authenticity. A dramatic issue that impressively captures the feel of the 29th modern olympic games. From the Waldman Collection. (photo) Est. 1,400-1,600

1360 1360

China - People’s Republic. 2008 Beijing Olympics “Chinese Folk Sports” 300 Yuan / 1 Kilo Silver Coin. NGC PR69 Ultra Cameo. Series III. The obverse features the colorized logo of the 2008 Beijing olympics surrounded by two dragons. The reverse depicts folk sports - a dramatic tug of war in the foreground and a karate formation in the background. Housed in its original plastic case and wooden box, but missing the certificate of authenticity. An imposing commemorative issue. From the Waldman Collection. (photo) Est. 1,400-1,600

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Beijing Olympics 5oz Gold Coin

1364 1364

China - People’s Republic. 2008 Beijing Summer Olympic 2000 Yuan / 5oz Gold Coin. KM-1850. Fr-278. Mintage: 2,008. On the obverse, the common design for the Beijing summer olympics coinage is employed with the colorized logo for the games at center surrounded by two dragons. The reverse illustrates a depiction of four sports (volleyball, boxing, hurdles, and diving) in the foreground with the olympic rings in the background. A seldom offered and impressive relic of the 29th modern olympic games that remains housed in its equally impressive presentation box. The cloth box opens to the head of carved 5.8 pound jade dragon. At the base of the dragon in Chinese and English, it reads “The official commemorative gold coin for the games of the XXIX olympiad / 5oz / AU .9999”. Lifting the jade dragon reveals this massive gold coin. For the reasons of scarcity, significant intrinsic value, and presentation, this issue is among the most desirable items that was produced for the olympics. Given the massive population of Chinese collectors that were able to connect with the game, one would expect the demand for this low-mintage item to carry into the future and be treated by many as a family heirloom. A significant opportunity for collector of elite modern or Chinese coinage. Accompanied by the original certificate of authenticity. From the Waldman Collection. (photo) Est. 15,000-17,000

January 16-18, 2012 - New York


China - People’s Republic. First Year of Denomination 4-Coin Panda Set. Gem Uncirculated. 1) 1982 1oz Silver Panda. Mintage: 75,000. 2) 1989 10 Yuan / 1/10oz Gold Panda. Mintage: 250,000. 3) 1994 10 Yuan / 1/10oz Platinum Panda. Mintage: 2,500. 4) 2004 100 Yuan / 1/2oz Palladium Panda. Mintage: 8,000. The palladium issue comes with its original certificate of authenticity. [4] From the Waldman Collection. Est. 800-1,000


China - People’s Republic. Panda series, 10 Yuan, 1984, Temple of Heaven, rev. Panda with cub, denomination at right (KM 87), mintage: 10,000, friction hairlines, brilliant proof. Est. 150-200


China - People’s Republic. Mixed Lot. Gem Proof. 1) 1985 5 Yuan. Wildlife with panda. KM-150. 2) 1980 Olympic 20 Yuan. Wrestling. KM-34. 2) 1980 Olympic 30 Yuan. KM-35. Equestrian. 3) 1980 Olympic 30 Yuan. KM-36. Soccer. 5) 1990 Panda 10 Yuan / 1oz. KM-276. [5] Est. 150-200



China - People’s Republic. Modern Silver Lot. A collectible group lot with issues from the Panda series, a silver medal from the pagoda series, a 1986dated 5 Yuan medal with the Great Wall/Empress of China ship as well as a Tse-tung 2-piece copper-nickel medal set. [7] Est. 150-200


1372 1372

China - Numismatica Italiana Issue. ND Chiang Kai-shek Gold Medal. Prooflike Uncirculated Details, Hairlines. 17.4gms. Made in Arezzo, Italy. Part of the “Leaders in the Second World War” series. Uniformed bust ¾ right on the Obverse. The reverse with two arms crossing swords beneath clouds, clasped hands and flags on hemisphere below, Latin legend “After the rain sun,” stamped NI 917 and ‘375/B in five-sided punch. (photo) Est. 800-900


China - People’s Republic. 1979 Official 4-piece Gold Medal Set. Gem Proof. Mintage est: 2,000. A stunning set of 1/2 ounce gold emissions, each depicting Beijing scenery - summer palace, White Tower of Bei-hai, Hall of Prayer for Good Harvest, Badaling-Great Wall. Housed in an ornate blue wood presentation case with an open-work top. [4] Est. 3,000-3,500


China - People’s Republic. 10-Coin Packaged Sino-American Friendship Medallic 1/20oz Gold Panda. Mintage: 25,025. A popular miniature gold Panda medal housed in it’s original mint plastic packaging. Rare as such. [10] Est. 800-1,000

China - People’s Republic. 1988 Animal Protection Set. Gem Proof. KM-212,213,214. Consists of Gold 100 Yuan, Golden monkey, and 2 Silver 10 Yuan, Baiji dolphins, and Crested ibis. Remaining in original red case with individual certificates. Rare. [3] Est. 400-600


Empire, Auspicious Engraved Medal, ca. early 1900’s, Silvered Copper, Four characters, fancy floral border, rev. rooster left with turnip or carrot, patterned background, some minor reddish spots, extremely fine Est. 60-90

1370 1370

Empire, modern Gold Charm copying T’ung-chih (1862-1875) Cash coin, 11.5g, 40 mm, T’ung-chih T’ung-pao in textured fields, stamped “14K” on rim, rev. Manchu letters, extremely fine. (photo) Est. 500-550

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The January 2012 Collectors Series Sale

5oz Gold Sino-Japanese Friendship Medal


China - People’s Republic. 1990 4-Coin Goldfish Silver Set. Gem Proof. 22gms/ea. Four different goldfish, each with aquaflora, ‘CHINA’, and Chinese legend on reverse. Housed in original presentation wood case with openwork inset depicting coral and goldfish. [4] Est. 100-150


Cuba. 1920 40 Centavos. AU. KM-14.3. A highly sought better date with loads of unimpeded luster in the fields and only a touch of friction on the highpoints. Choice for the date. Est. 100-150


Cuba. 1897 Souvenir Peso. ANACS Genuine, Cleaned - Retoned. KM-XM2. Close Date. A scarce type with thin hairlines underneath a blanket of graying-purple patina. Est. 150-250


Cyprus. ND (1359-69) 1 Gros, Peter I. VF. Metcalf, Cyprus pl. 33, 5. Schlumberger pl. VI, 27. 4.64gms. Obv: King enthroned holding sword in right hand and globus cruciger in left; legend: +PIERE PAL LA GRACE D DIE ROI. Rev: Cross of Jerusalem with crosses at angles; legend: +DE IERVSALEM 7 DE ChIPRE. Well struck for the type with attractive patina at the edges and light golden centers. Nicely centered. Far above average for the type. Est. 100-150

1375 1375

China - People’s Republic. 1987 Sino-Japanese Friendship Medallic 5oz Gold Panda. Gem Proof. Mintage: 1,500. A massive gold medal that was sold at the Tokyo Coin Show in 1987 to celebrate the continuing friendship between China and Japan. A no doubt rare size as many have certainly been melted with examples seldom being seen. Also struck in 1/20oz gold and 1oz gold weights with all examples featuring a gifted panda “Tong Tong” on the obverse with the wall of China and Mt. Fuji on the reverse. A prize for the Chinese Panda collector that remains housed in the original box and holder. (photo) Est. 8,000-10,000

1382 1382

Denmark. 1855-FK//VS 1 Rigsdaler, Frederik VII. NGC MS64. Carefully preserved with a blanket of rich multicolored patina on the obverse with a window that reveals exceptional effulgence of the reverse. Rare condition for the type. (photo) Est. 300-500


France - Aquitaine. ND (1127-1137) AR Denier, William X. VF. B-464. .71gms. Obv: Four crosses arranged in a cross. Rev: Cross. Boldly struck and nicely centered. Scarce. Est. 80-100

1376 1376


China - People’s Republic. 1987 American Numismatic Association Convention - New Orleans Medallic 1oz Gold Panda. Gem Proof. Bruce X #MB14. Mintage: 3,000. A highly collectible with images of a steamboat and Imperial barge opposite the panda. (photo) Est. 1,500-1,800 China - People’s Republic. 1984 4-piece Silver Medal Set. Gem Proof. 22gms/ea. Mintage est: 260 sets. Each coin in the set illustrates a different ancient pagoda - Songyue, Kaiyuan, Yingxian and Zhenjue Temples with the Pagoda “highway” on the reverse. Housed in original presentation wood case with openwork inset depicting flora. [4] Est. 200-300

January 16-18, 2012 - New York

1384 1384


France. 1554-M 1 Testone, Henry II. VF. Duplessy-981. Obv: Bust right. Rev: Crowned fleur-di-lis shield, crowned “H”s flanking. Attractively centered on the flan with handsome olive-brown color throughout. Well struck in the centers. Quite rare. (photo) Est. 600-800

1388 1388

France. 1847-A 5 Francs, Louis Philippe I. Prooflike Uncirculated Details, Cleaned. KM749.1. Untoned with full reflectivity remaining in the lightly hairlined fields and device features that appear quite bold. While this example was sold as a proof in the past, we believe the total canvas of the coin falls just short of definitive proof classification. As such, we will leave it to the bidder to decide. (photo) Est. 150-250


France. 1867-BB 5 Francs, Napoleon III. XF. KM803.2. .0467oz AGW. Luster clings to the protected devices. Est. 60-80


French Indo-China. 1909-A 1 Piastre. Choice AU. KM-5a.1. Untoned and prooflike in the fields with minor marks that preclude Select designation. Est. 80-100


French Indo-China. ND (1943-1944) Bullion ½ Tael. AU. L&M-434. Kann-941. KM-A1.2. The Chinese character for Wealth adorns the obverse with Laotian and Chinese legends on the reverse. Struck largely for use in the French Indo-China opium trade. Est. 150-250


German States - Baden. 1876-G 5 Mark, Friedrich I. XF. KM-263.1. Three-year type. Sharp for the issue and truly scarce at and above the XF level. The SCWC value at the XF level is $1,000. (photo) Est. 300-500


German States - Baden. 1913-G 5 Mark, Friedrich II. AU Details, Cleaned. KM-287. Still lustrous with hairlines confined to the obverse. Est. 80-100


German States - Bavaria. 1875-D 5 Mark, Ludwig II. XF. KM-502. Three-year type. Bountiful amounts of luster are maintained within the fields with light highpoint friction that defines the grade. A scarce issue and grade. Est. 100-150


German States - Bavaria. 1913-D 5 Mark, Otto. NGC MS62. KM-512. Untoned with light contrast between the semi-prooflike fields and frosted devices. Marks are few and far between with light wispy marks on the obverse that prevent a much higher grade. Est. 150-250

France. 1792-A 1/2 Ecu, Louis XVI. XF Details, Cleaned. KM-562.1. Exceptionally retoned with a nice original appearance. Est. 100-150

1386 1386

France. ND (1800) AR Essai 5 Decimes. AU. Mazard-584/585. 4gms. Obverse: Liberty facing left with rooster on helmet. Rev: Radiant 9-sided star with face at center. A very rare muling with reflective fields and light highpoint friction. (photo) Est. 300-500

1387 1387

France. ND-A (AN 12 - 1803) 5 Francs, Napoleon as Premier Consul. NGC AU58. KM-659.1. Rare this nice with olive-brown color in the centers and multicolored highlights along the edges and central devices. A fantastic item that should be hotly pursued by the collector of top-tier world crowns. (photo) Est. 1,000-1,500

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The January 2012 Collectors Series Sale

1396 1396

German States - Berg. 1806-TS 1 Thaler, Joseph Maximilian IV. NGC AU55. KM-11. Mintage: 8,356. One-year type. A rare type that is seldom offered either privately or at auction. The current specimen, within or borderline condition census, showcases a bold strike on a well-made flan. While fully toned, areas of less depth give a window to underlying reflectivity. Worthy of a close look and fit for an advanced German specialist. (photo) Est. 2,000-2,500


German States - Brandenburg-Ansbach. 1765 1/4 Thaler, Alexander. XF Details, Etched. KM-265. One-year type. An attractive issue with chasing in the fields that brightens the appearance. Est. 80-100

Incredibly Rare German – Ottoman Meeting Medal

1398 1398

German States - Brandenburg-Prussia. 1917 Wilhelm II and Mehmed V Reshad Silver Meeting Medal. Uncirculated. Cf. Pere 1149. 64mm/121.1gms. Obv: Crowned imperial eagle with coat of arms on breast and wearing Order of the Black Eagle. Rev: Tughra. When the Ottoman Sultan Mehmed V Reshad hosted Kaiser Wilhelm II in Constantinople on October 15th 1917, major strategic changes were taking place in their war with the Allied Powers. Franz Josef, the third member of the Drei Kaiser Bund, and a major element of the Central Powers was dead. His successor, Karl I, secretly entered into peace negotiations with the French. In March, revolution in Russia had forced the abdication of the Tsar in favor of a provisional government still committed to persecuting the war on the Eastern Front. The Kerensky government, however, faced numerous difficulties at home, due to agitation by the Bolsheviks, and it remained unclear how much longer Russia would remain a combatant. Once Russia was out of the picture, Germany could move its eastern forces to the beleaguered Western Front. Moreover, Mehmed V Reshad had no real power, and instead the three Pashas, advisors to the sultan, conducted the war for the Ottomans. Although ambitious, they were poor commanders, and the Ottomans suffered defeats from both the Russians in the Caucasus as well as the Arabs and British in the Middle East. That same year, America entered the war on the side of the Allies. Still an unknown quantity at this point, their presence would surely conclude trouble for Germany’s war effort. The meeting between the two remaining members was a futile last-ditch effort to keep their alliance together. An imposing silver medal struck to commemorate the meeting of two leaders that were intimately involved in the greatest war the world had ever seen. While certainly a rare medal, the actual number that exist is unknown. Research has failed to turn up a comparable silver specimen, however a bronze medal did hammer for $3,250 in an 2008 auction. For the historian intrigued by the major wars of the previous century, this certainly stands out as an exciting opportunity to obtain a relic with lasting significance. (photo) Est. 2,500-3,000

January 16-18, 2012 - New York


German States - Brunswick-Luneburg-CalenbergHannover. 1785-IWS 1/6 Thaler, George III. NGC AU58. KM-342. Ideal for the toned coin enthusiast with deep brown color in the fields and glossy charcoal patina highlighting the edges and devices. Est. 60-80 1403 1403

1400 1400

Germany States - Landau. 1713 1/2 Florin/2 Kreuzer. NGC AU55. KM-11. Uniface Klippe. A rare and shortly produced type made during the second siege of Landau in 1713 when Prince Charles Alexander of Wuttemberg as commander was besieged by Duc de Villars of France. Mostly dove-gray in appearance with several areas where the color varies in depth. A fantastic collectible with a catalog value of 1,350 in XF condition. (photo) Est. 800-1,000

German States - Hamburg. 1740-IHL 2 Ducats, Charles VI. NGC AU Details, Surface Hairlines. KM-151. Mintage: 435. Obv: Crowned doubleheaded eagle. Rev: Castle within an oval lion-scroll frame. Slight waviness is present in the planchet with the full intent of the design boldly raising from the semi-prooflike fields. A rarely offered type, and despite light hairlines, still very nice. (photo) Est. 2,000-2,500

1404 1404

German States - Prussia. 1802-A 5 Mark, Friedrich Wilhelm III. Uncirculated. KM-368. Stunningly lustrous with wispy brown patina over both sides. A scarce and attractive type. (photo) Est. 300-500


German States - Prussia. 1888-A 5 Mark, Friedrich III. Uncirculated Details, Cleaned. KM512. White with light hairlines in fields. A nice oneyear type example. Est. 80-100


German States - Prussia. Pair of 1901-A Friedrich I 5 Mark. Uncirculated. KM-526. Both examples remain untoned with minor wispy marks that define th grade. Est. 100-150

1401 1401


German States - Hesse-Darmstadt. 1904 5 Mark, Ernst Ludwig. Near-Gem Uncirculated. KM-373. Untoned with soft frostly luster on the obverse with lightly reflective reverse surfaces. Sold as a proof issue in the past, proof specimens are said to demonstrate matte obverse texture with polished reverse surfaces. While the present specimen could be seen as such, minor handling seems to indicate the present specimen was never treated as a proof, and as such, we will err on the side of conservatism and let the bidder decide the true identity of this issue. (photo) Est. 200-400 German States - Hesse-Darmstadt. 1904 5 Mark, Ernst Ludwig. Choice AU. KM-373. Displaying similar, but short of, proof characteristics with mattelike obverse fields and slightly reflective reverse fields. An desirable color-free example. (photo) Est. 200-400

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The January 2012 Collectors Series Sale

1407 1407

German States - Rhine Confederation. 1809-B 1/2 Thaler, Carl von Dahlberg. NGC MS62. KM-C5. One-year type. Lightly patinated with subtle reflectivity in the fields and some incompleteness in the central definition. Much scarcer than the equivalent thaler-denominated issue, but accompanied by a SCWC value of less than half the thaler at the Uncirculated level. Seemingly excellent investment value at the price. (photo) Est. 400-600

1409 1409

German States - Saxony. 1764-EDC 1 Thaler. AU Details, Cleaned. KM-977.2. DAV-2681. Two-year type. Mixed silver gray and light golden color sits on both sides with some typical striking weakness in the centers. The SCWC value for this issue is $700 in XF condition. (photo) Est. 300-500


German States - Saxony. Pair of 5 Mark. 1) 1904E, Georg. XF. KM-1258. Two-year type. 2) 1908-E, Friedrich August III. VF. KM-1266. Three-year type. [2] Est. 80-100


German States - Saxony. 1904-E 5 Mark, Friedrich August III. NGC MS63. KM-1262. One-year type. Mintage: 37,200. An attractive Select example with gleaming luster underneath toned surfaces. Light marks, mostly limited to the obverse surfaces, prevent a finer grade. (photo) Est. 200-400


German States - Schwarzburg-Rudolstadt. 1867 1 Thaler, Albert. AU. KM-84. One-year type. White with barely identifiable friction on the highpoints and luster remaining in the fields. Est. 100-150

1408 1408

German States - Rhine Confederation. 1809-CB 1 Thaler, Carl von Dahlberg. NGC MS63. Oneyear type. Boldly detailed in the centers with sharp detail on the obverse portrait and the reverse shield. While not indistinguishable, slight softness is observed near portions of the legends with planchet striations visible on both sides. A soft, lustrous sheen and a thin veil of coloration is present on both sides and confirms originality. Ex: Grundy Collection. Est. 1,300-1,500

1413 1413

German States - Westphalia. 1812-C Thaler, Jerome Napoleon. Choice AU. KM-C20. Three-year type. Satiny luster accompanies both the obverse and reverse with no marks of individual call-out on in the fields or on the devices. Rarely rivaled in terms of quality. (photo) Est. 500-700

January 16-18, 2012 - New York


Germany - Empire. 1877-A 50 Pfennig, Wilhelm II. Select Uncirculated. KM-8. Dark, but attractively toned, with windows of lightly toned centers. The SCWC value for this date is $220 in UNC condition with no listed value for BU examples such as the present. Est. 100-150


Germany - Weimar Republic. 1932-J 3 Reichsmark. AU. KM-76. A popular type struck to commemorate the centenary of the death of Goethe. Est. 80-100


Germany - Weimar Republic. Trio of 5 Mark. 1) 1930-J. XF. KM-68. White with original luster. 2) 1930-A. Uncirculated. KM-71. Brilliant with semiprooflike luster. 3) 1932-J. AU. KM-56. An attractive and desired type. [3] Est. 150-250


Germany. 1972 Olympic Commemorative Silver Set. KM-130:135. 7.4736oz ASW. A delightful set composed of 6 different designs and 4 different mintmarks (Munchen, Stuttgart, Karlsruhe, Hamburg). Examples, housed in their original box of issue, hold varying degrees of toning. [24] Est. 200-400


Germany. Quintet of Thalers. 1) Prussia. 1862-A, Wilhelm I. XF Details, Cleaned. KM-489. 2) Prussia. 1866-A, Wilhelm I. VF. KM-494. 3) Ruess-Obergreiz. 1858-A, Heinrich XX. VF Details, Cleaned. KM-110. One-year type. 4) Saxe-Coburg-Gotha. 1852-F, Ernst II. VF. KMC120b. 5) Wurttemberg. 1859, Wilhelm. VF Details, Cleaned. KM-601. [5] Est. 200-400


Germany. Collectible Group of Silver States Coinage. 1) Bavaria. 1911-D 3 Mark, Otto Prince Regent Luitipold. Uncirculated. KM-516. 2) Bremen. 1589 36 Grote. AU Details, Lightly Cleaned. KM-243. Two-year type. 3) Bremen. 1904 2 Mark. AU. KM-250. 4) Hannover. 1836-B 1/12 Thaler, Wilhelm IV. Near-Gem Uncirculated. KM-159. 5) Saxony. 1792 2/3 Thaler, Friedrich August. XF. KM-1025. 6) Saxony. 1913-E 3 Mark, Friedrich August III. Uncirculated Details, Cleaned. KM-1275. 7) Wurttemberg. 1877-F 2 Mark, Karl. VF Details, Scratched. KM-626. 8) Wurttemberg. 1867 1 Thaler, Karl. Uncirculated Details, Polished. KM-615. Three-year type. SCWC value for the group sits at over $650. [8] Est. 400-600


Germany. Pair of Type. 1) German States - Prussia. 1846-A 2 Thaler, Friedrich Wilhelm IV. VF Details, PVC Damage. KM 440.2. 2) Weimar Republic. 1929-A 3 Reichsmark. Uncirculated. KM-67. Berlin mint. Popular Graf Zeppelin type. [2] Est. 100-150

1421 1421

Germany. 1790 Coronation of Leopold II as Holy Roman Emperor Silver Medal. XF. Mont-2217. 48mm/43.8gms By I.N. Wirt. Obv: Conjoined busts of Ferdinand IV and his wife Mary Caroline. Rev: Allegorical Pannonia dips bowl into flame with river god Danubius reclining at left. Struck to commemorate arrival of the King of Naples and his wife at the Hungarian coronation of Leopold II in Bratislava. A beautiful medal with prooflike fields and light scattered marks. A gold example sold at a 2010 German auction for 13,000 Euros. (photo) Est. 300-500

1422 1422

Great Britain Early Anglo-Saxon, Mercia. ND (720-730) AR Sceatta, Aethelbald. XF. S-811 - Series O, Type 40. .92gms. Obv: Standing figure holds two cross. Rev: Dragon right, looking back. Exceptional artistic style and well centered bold strike. Very rare. (photo - enlarged) Est. 1,500-2,000

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The January 2012 Collectors Series Sale

1423 1423


Great Britain Anglo-Saxon. ND (1016-1035) AR Penny, Cnut. XF. S-1157. .86gms. Obv: Emperor facing left. Rev: Cross with quatrefoil bisecting. Particularly nice for the type with a strong central and peripheral strike. Untoned. (photo - enlarged) Est. 300-500

1427 1427

Great Britain. ND (1631-32) 6 Pence, Charles I. VF. KM-164. 3.2gms. Obv: Crowned Briot’s style bust left. Rev: Cross over shield. Double struck with several areas of striking weakness. Est. 100-150

Great Britain. ND (1625-1649) Unite, Charles I. NGC XF Details, Edge Damage. S-2692 - Tower Mint Mark. FR-246. 9gms. Obv: Crowned Charles I left, “XX” behind. Rev: Crowned oval arms, crowned C/R left and right. Relatively well struck for type and presenting quite nicely with bright orange-red patina gracing both sides. (photo) Est. 1,000-1,200

1425 1425


Great Britain. ND (1625-1649) AR Shilling, Charles I. VF. S-2793. 6.1gms. Tower Mint. Obv: Crowned king facing left. Rev: Cross divided shield. Struck on a slightly off-round flan with notable strength in the central strike with slight doubling of the obverse portrait. Deep toning blankets both sides with glossy charcoal-gray defining the appearance. Scarce as well preserved as the present. (photo) Est. 150-250

1428 1428

Great Britain. 1642 Counterfeit 1/2 Pound, Charles I. VF Details, Mount Removed. Likeness of KM-235.4. 43.1gms. Oxford Mint. Obv: Charles I on horse with weapons below hooves. Rev: Script and Symbols inside beaded circle with date below. An impressive early counterfeit with lightly pitted surfaces and significant wear on the devices suggesting extensive circulation. Est. 100-150

Great Britain. 1648 Pontefract Siege 1 Shilling, Charles I. Fine. S-3148. KM-381. Obv: Crowned CR. Rev: Castle. Gray toned throughout and heavily worn, this rare artifact is sure to delight the specialist as it can be comfortably be considered a rarity at auction. One flan crack is noted and runs 3/4 of the way through both sides - it’s tough to determine if its presence was as-stuck or post-strike. Pontefract, an old medieval town in West Yorkshire, England was considered a key to the north and during Charles I and Charles II’s reign and was the sight of three sieges that took place in 1648 and 1849. The current example, a crude, diamond-shaped piece was issued during Charles I’s reign before he was executed. (photo) Est. 400-600


Great Britain. 1679 1 Crown, Charles II. Fine. S3358. KM-435. Well worn with minor, but typical, porosity evident in the flan. A problem-free example for the grade that will serve excellently as a starter piece in a set of Crowns. Est. 100-150


Great Britain. 1696 1 Crown, William III. VF. S3470. Original with attractive peripheral toning on the obverse. Est. 200-300

January 16-18, 2012 - New York


Great Britain. 2010 Countdown to 2012 Olympics 3-coin Set. NGC PR70 Ultra Cameo. 1) Silver 5 Pound. Mintage: 30,000. 2) Silver Piefort 5 Pound. Mintage: 4,000. 3) Gold 5 Pound. Mintage: 3,000. A wonderful set produced to help raise of the awareness of the 2012 summer Olympics that will be held in London. All three coins, of identical design, feature two running men beneath a “2”. The official seal of the games appears in blue color in the upper left fields. For the collector of modern British coins, the piefort and gold piece are sure to be key issues with their minuscule mintage. All examples are housed in their original set box with certificates of authenticity. From the Waldman Collection. Est. 2,500-3,000


Great Britain. Quartet of Fractional Silver Type. 1) 1691/0 AR Penny, William and Mary. XF. S-3445. 2) 1758 6 Pence, George II. VF. S-3711. 3) 1766 AR 2 Pence, George III. VF. S-3756. 4) 1910 6 Pence, Edward VII. Choice AU. S-3943. [4] Est. 100-150


Great Britain. Trio of Better Maundy Type. 1) 1710 2 Pence, Anne. AU. S-3597A. KM-513. Delightfully original with mostly gray surfaces. 2) 1772 3 Pence, George III. Gem Uncirculated. S3753. KM-591. Untoned with prooflike centers that give way to toned rims. 3) 1953 1 Penny, Elizabeth II. Uncirculated. S-4130. One-year type. Untoned and key to the Elizabeth II series with her title in the legend. [3] Est. 150-250

1431 1431

Great Britain. 1718 1/4 Guinea, George I. NGC AU53. S-3628. KM-555. One-year type. A extremely popular type as the 1/4 Guinea experiment was ultimately a failed one, leaving type collectors no option but to collect this 1718-dated example. Luster remains abundant with the eye appeal of a finer grade. (photo - enlarged) Est. 400-600


Great Britain. Pair of 1797 George III Twopence. VF. S-3776. A popular type, both examples carrying minor scrapes and rim dings as is typically associated with the grade. [2] Est. 60-80

1433 1433

Great Britain. 1825 1 Farthing, George IV. NGC MS64 Red Brown. S-3822. KM-677. Exemplary for the type with salmon-pink surfaces that only mellow slightly in small areas. Worthy of considerable consideration from the specialist assembling a high-end set. (photo) Est. 150-250


Great Britain. Collection of United Kingdom Proof and Mint Sets. Proof sets run from 1971 (PS20) to 1988 (PS-41). Mint Sets are dated from 1983 (US-02) through 1988 (US-07). All items are accompanied by their case of storage. Sold as is, no returns. [24] Est. 200-400


Great Britain. 2008 2-Coin Olympic “Handover Ceremony” Gold and Silver Commemorative Set. NGC PR70 Ultra Cameo. 1) Gold 2 Pound. Mintage: 3,250. Red-gold outer ring with yellow-gold inner ring. 2) Silver 2 Pound. Mintage: 3,000. Outer ring plated in gold. A wonderful low-mintage set that commemorates the end of the Beijing olympics and the beginning of the build to London 2012. Both coins come with certificates of authenticity and are housed in a custom wooden box. [2] From the Waldman Collection. Est. 1,200-1,400

1439 1439

Great Britain. 1736 Jernegan Cistern Silver Medal. AU. Betts-169. MI-517/72. 39mm/20.4 grams. By John S. Tanner. Obv: Minerva with emblems of war, arts and industry. Rev: Queen Caroline watering young palmettos. Issued by London goldsmith Henry Jernegan in his lottery to dispose of a massive silver wine “cistern” he created and found impossible to sell. Collected alongside the American series as the palmettos led many to mistakenly believe its issuance had something to do with America. (photo) Est. 150-250

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The January 2012 Collectors Series Sale


Great Britain. Small Collection of Conder Tokens. 1) Lancashire. 1792 1/2 Penny. VF. D&H-143/147. 2) Lancashire. 1794 1/2 Penny. AU. D&H-58. 3) Middlesex. 1793 1/2 Penny. Uncirculated. D&H1033. 4) Middlesex. 1795 1/2 Penny. AU. D&H-315. 5) Middlesex. 1795 Farthing. AU. D&H-1084. 6) Suffolk. 1794 Penny. Uncirculated. D&H-4. 7) Warwickshire. 1796 Penny. XF. D&H-6. [7] Est. 300-500

1443 1443

1441 1441

Great Britain. 1836 Royal Astronomical Society Silver Medal. AU. Eimer-1137. BHM-1059. MI472/89. 48mm/54.1gms. By William Wyon. Obv: Bust of Isaac Newton left, name behind. Rev: Herschel’s telescope. The Royal Astronomical Society was founded in 1820 and began awarding this particular medal in 1835. Interestingly, this specimen appears to have gone directly to a collector, and the engraving in exergue on the reverse reads, “struck by the permission of the council for the collection of Samuel Holehouse Esq. 1836.” A medal of fantastic imagery with significant collectible appeal. (photo) Est. 200-400

Great Britain. 1873 Daubeny Foundation Silver Medal. Uncirculated. 51.5mm/62.7gms. Obv: Full length statue of pensive looking Isaac Newton at center with book in hand, pedestal with name at base; legend reads: Ars Longa Vita Brevis. Rev: Ten-sided shield; legend reads: Mvn : C : Davbeny : M : D : Nat : Phil : Praelect. Edge: H. H. Robinson, 1873. An exceptionally high quality award medal given by the Daubeny foundation at Oxford to H. H. Robinson. The surfaces remain exceptionally preserved and tonefree. At 12 o’clock, a loop was added (likely at time of award) for suspension. Apparently very rare, as the medal appears to have escaped cataloging in major works. Dr. Charles Giles Bridle Daubeny (1795-1867) was a Professor of Chemistry at Oxford from 1822 to 1855. He is responsible for significant advancements in the chemistry, geology, and botany. H.H. Robinson worked mainly in the field of applied chemistry at the Imperial Institute in London. (photo) Est. 150-250


Great Britain. 1876 Costume Exhibition Silvered Bronze Prize Medal. AU. 51mm/65.8gms. By A.S. & J.B. Wyon. Obv: Alexandria, Princess of Wales facing left. Rev: “Prize Medal” at center surrounded by wreath. An attractive Victorian Exhibition medal with light toning on both sides. Est. 60-80

1442 1442

Great Britain. 1838 St. Mary’s College Silver Dedication Medal. Uncirculated. Eimer-1325. 55mm/79.3gms. By D & R. Obv: Exterior view of college. Rev: Interior view of chapel. Struck to commemorate the opening of St. Mary’s College in New Oscott, Birmingham. Mostly untoned with light marks. A lovely medal for the collector of architecturally themed medals. (photo) Est. 100-150

1445 1445

Greece. 1831 20 Lepta, John Capodistrias. XF. KM-11. One-year type. Stuck on a far above-average planchet with full legends and only minor marks on the surfaces. Worthy of a premium bid for the type. (photo) Est. 200-300

January 16-18, 2012 - New York

1453 1453 1446 1446

Greece. 1833 5 Drachmai, Othon. Uncirculated Details, Lightly Cleaned. KM-20. Sharply detailed and fully lustrous on both sides with soft gray color in the fields and subtle olive and gold toward the edges. A considerable rarity with this much detail, and as such, worthy of an advanced cabinet. (photo) Est. 1,000-1,500


Greece. 1982 5000 Dracmai. Superb Gem Proof. KM-144. .3617oz. AGW. Struck for the Pan-European games. Est. 400-600


Greenland. 1987 5 Piaster. Gem Proof. KM-X6. 5oz ASW. An impressive large silver piece that features the widely admired Polar Bear on the reverse. Housed in the original box with certificate of issue. Est. 150-250


Greenland. 1987 5 Piaster. Gem Proof. KM-X6. 5oz ASW. A second example of this scarce type that was struck by Valcambi, Lelocle, Switzerland. Housed in the original box with certificate of issue. Est. 150-250


Greenland. Pair of 1987 1 Piastre. A lovely duo of identical type that feature a Polar Bear on the reverse. Both 1 ounce coins are housed in their original holders with accompanying certificates of issue. [2] Est. 60-80


Hong Kong. Group of Victoria 10 Cents. KM-6.3. 1-4) 1868. AU - Uncirculated. 5) 1894. XF. 6) 1897. Choice AU. 7) 1900. Uncirculated. 8) 1900-H. Choice AU. [8] Est. 200-300


Hong Kong. Trio of Silver Victoria Type. 1) 1876-H 20 Cents. VF. KM-7. 2) 1890-H 20 Cents. AU. KM-7. 3) 1892 50 Cents. VF. KM-9.1. [3] Est. 200-300

India - Delhi. ND (1193-1206) AV Tanka, Mohammed I. VF. F-407. 4.2gms. Obv: Crude figure of Lakshmi seated. Rev: Nagari legend. Minor dirt encrustation. (photo) Est. 100-150

1454 1454

India - Delhi. ND (1193-1206) AV Tanka, Mohammed I. VF. F-408. 3.9gms. Obv: Crude figure of Lakshmi seated. Rev: Nagari legend. Nicely centered with minor deposits in the recesses. (photo) Est. 100-150

1455 1455

India - Yadavas of Devagiri. ND (1270-1311) AV Padmatanka, Ramachandra. XF. FR-390. 3.7gms. Obv: Lotus flower at center; two sris, conch, Sri Rama around. Bold center punch with little actual wear. (photo) Est. 150-250

1456 1456

India - Vijayanagar. ND (1377-1404) AV 1/2 Pagoda, Hari Hara II. XF. KM-7. FR-349. 1.6gms. Obv: Siva enthroned cross-legged with Parvati. Rev: Devanagari. An attractive original specimen with rose highlights. (photo) Est. 150-250

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The January 2012 Collectors Series Sale

1457 1457

India - Mughal Empire. ND (1556-1605) Contemporary Imitation of 1 Mohur, Jalal-Ud-Din Akbar. VF. Likeness of FR-725g. 12.1gms. Obv: Kalima within lettered diamond. Rev: Capiph’s name and titles. (photo) Est. 400-600

1461 1461

India - Princely States, Mysore. ND (1799-1806) 1 Pagoda. XF. KM-C210. 3.7gms. Obv: Shiva and Parvati. Rev: “Sri Krishna Raja” in three lines. A charming well-struck issue with darkened recesses. (photo) Est. 150-250

1458 1458

India - Mughal Empire, Shahjahan. ND (16281658) AV Mohur. VF. KM-263.1. 10.98gms. Mint off flan, but type of Golkanda, Dateless. Obv: Kalima. Rev: Three-line Persian legend — only two of which struck on flan. A test cut is noted at 5 o’clock on the crude side as is typical for emissions of this south-central Indian mint. Rare. (photo) Est. 400-600

1462 1462

India - Bengal Presidency. ND (AH1202 - Yr.19) 1 Mohur. Uncirculated. KM-113. FR-1537. Frosty luster remains in the fields with no major marks on the surfaces. (photo) Est. 500-700


India. Pair of Miniature Gold Type. 1) Dutch India. ND (1740-1780) 1 Fanam. Uncirculated. KM6. .3gms. Cochin Mint. 2) Travancore. ND (18601890) 1 Anataraya. Uncirculated. KM-3. .4gms. [2] (photo) Est. 100-150


India. Grouping of Coinage. A delightful grouping with state coinage representative from Jaipur and Kutch as well as from the Bengal Presidency and Mughal Empire era. One example, a silver rupee, has also been graded by PCGS as MS62. A lot that should be inspected. [6] Est. 150-250

1459 1459

India - Mughal Empire. ND (1628-1658/AH 1067) 1 Mohur, Shahjahan. Uncirculated. FR-794. 10.9gms. Obv: Kalima within looped quadrilobe. Rev: Shahjahan Badshah ghazi within looped quadrilobe. A lovely type, nearly as struck. (photo) Est. 800-1,000


India - Princely States, Awadh. ND (AH 1272) 1 Rupee, Wajid Ali Shah. Choice AU. KM-365.3. Beautifully patinated with soft blue, sherbert, and maroon patina atop otherwise gray-silver surfaces. Markfree and quite scarce as such. Est. 100-150 1465 1465

India - British. 1841 1 Mohur, Victoria. AU Details, Ex-jewelry. KM-462.1 - Large Date, Normal 4. Cleaned with scratches above Victoria’s hair that suggests having been suspended at one time. A popular design type given the East Indian Company reference and lion on the reverse. (photo) Est. 500-700

January 16-18, 2012 - New York

1469 1466 1466


India - British. 1884 1 Mohur, Victoria. Uncirculated Details, Ex-jewelry. KM-496. Mintage: 8,643. The lowest mintage date of the type. Light scratches are noted above Victoria’s crown and a light cleaning is evident elsewhere. Despite the condition issues, the type is very popular among collectors with unmarred specimens typically fetching several thousand dollars when offered. (photo) Est. 500-700

Ireland. ND (1547-1550) AR 3 Pence, Edward VI. VF. S-6491. Harp Mintmark. Obv: Posthumous bust of Henry VIII. Rev: Royal arms over long cross. Gray-brown with moderate central weakness. Very scarce. (photo) Est. 300-500

Rare Gold Bravery Medal

1470 1470

Ireland. 1557 AR Groat, Philip & Mary. VF. S6501C. 3.00gms. Obv: Facing busts of Philip and Mary, crown above. Rev: Harp. Extremely sharp for the type with some granularity in the obverse fields. (photo) Est. 300-500

1467 1467


Iran. ND (1899 - AH1317) 5 Toman Medal for Bravery, Muzaffar al-Din Shah. Uncirculated Detail, Ex-jewelry. FR-53. KM-1075. 14.1gms. An exceptional rare medal struck in 5 Toman weight as an issue for bravery. The surfaces have been cleaned at one time, but hold much original luster with evidence of mounting at 12 o’clock. The last example we were able to trace at auction was sold by a German house in March 2010 for approximately $3,000USD before the buyer’s premium. That example was circulated and showed surface tooling. With good reason, that example, the current one, and others that exist likely show some mishandling as these were without doubt awards of great honor and held closely as a talisman. An exceptional opportunity for the Middle Eastern specialist. (photo) Est. 2,000-2,500

1471 1471

Ireland. 1558 1 Groat, Elizabeth I. Fine. S-6504. 2.5gms. Obv: Crowned bust of Elizabeth facing left. Rev: Harp with ER flanking, rose mm. Struck on a small flan with granular surfaces and an even yellowgray appearance. Nicely defined in the centers and considered VF by many for this extremely scarce type. (photo) Est. 200-400

Ireland. ND (1207-1211) AR Halfpenny, John. VF. S-6231 - Third Coinage/Dublin mint. .6gms. Obv: Facing crowned bust. Rev: Crescent moon and three stars in triangle. Well stuck and exceptional for the type. Quite rare and very desirable for the collector of early Irish coinage. (photo) Est. 200-400

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Italy - Kingdom of Napoleon. 1813-M 5 Lire. VF. KM-10.4. Golden-silver colored with moderate wear on the highpoints. Much more scarce in circulated condition than the accompanying $125 value in VF that the SCWC suggests. Est. 80-100

1472 1472

Ireland. ND (1558-1603) Base Groat, Elizabeth I. VF. S-6504. 3.15gms. Obv: Crowned bust left. Rev: Harp. A trifle soft in the centers with sharper legends. Nice for the type. (photo) Est. 300-500

1477 1477

1473 1473

Ireland. 1690 1/2 Crown, James II. AU. S-6579 M. An intriguing issue popularly termed “gunmoney coinage� in numismatics as a result of the planchets having being prepared from brass cannon that were melted down. A considerably rare example in such fine condition, as the planchet is problem-free. A spectacular opportunity for the collector of Irish coins to obtain a seldom-rivaled type. (photo) Est. 300-500


Israel. 1958 5 Lirot. Proof. KM-31. Mintage: 2,000. A low-mintage proof issue struck to celebrate the 10th anniversary of independence. A popular issue among collectors that carries a $300 value in the SCWC. Est. 100-150

1475 1475

Italy - Casale. ND (1494-1518) 1 Teston, Guglielmo II Paleologo. NGC AU55. Obv: Marquis of Monferrato in berretta. Rev: Arms. Wonderful natural toning with multicolored accents blankets both sides. The surfaces, as suggested by the patina, have not been altered in centuries and remain incredibly well preserved with no distracting marks. One crack in the flan is noted for accuracy, but is as-struck and does not obstruct the central devices. (photo) Est. 600-800

Italy - Lucca. 1805 5 Franchi, Felix and Elisa. NGC MS61. KM-24.1. One-year type. Nicely detailed with and semi-prooflike fields. Most impressive however is the eye appeal, which falls into the exemplary category with a ring of vibrant blue, blue-green, gold, and maroon color around the obverse and reverse edges. A true collection centerpiece deserving of prominent display. (photo) Est. 800-1,000

1478 1478

Italy - Milan. ND (1412-1447) AR Grosso, Filippo Maria Visconti. VF. Biaggi-1501. Cr.3A. N&V.127. 2.40gms. Obv: Front-facing ruler in robes on throne. Rev: Quartered shield. Exceptionally bold for type with legends partially off flan. A highly desirable example of the rare type. (photo) Est. 200-400

January 16-18, 2012 - New York

1479 1479

Italy - Milan. 1676 1 Filippo, Carlo II. VF. DAV4005. 40.5mm/27.7gms One-year type. Obv: Bust of Carlo II right. Rev: Crowned ornate shield. Hammered multiple times with what appears to be a triple profile of Charles II. The surfaces are well cared for considering the grade level with no significant metal to metal contact and an attractive outline of patina around the peripheries. While typical, the striking detail runs off portions of the flan with several areas of weakness apparent on both sides. (photo) Est. 400-600

1481 1481

Italy - Tuscany. 1807 10 Lire, Maria Louisa. NGC AU Details, Surface Hairlines. KM-C49.2. Oneyear type. Untoned and lustrous with fully formed device detail on front and back. A lovely large denomination Crown in seldom offered quality. (photo) Est. 500-700


Trio of Japanese Type. 1) Japan. ND (1871 - Yr.4) 50 Sen, Mutsuhito. VF. KM-Y4a.1. 2) Japan. ND (1903 - Yr.36) 50 Sen, Mutsuhito. Uncirculated Details, Cleaned. KM-Y31. Mostly prooflike with hairlines mainly contained to the left reverse fields. 3) Korea - Japanese Protectorate. ND (1905 - Yr.9) 1/2 Won, Kuang Mu. XF Details, Cleaned. KM1129. [3] Est. 150-250

1480 1480

Italy - Parma. 1815 5 Lire, Maria Luigia. XF. KM30. Silver-gray in the centers with an appealing multicolored patina shadowing the devices. A popular, highly demanded type. (photo) Est. 400-600 1483 1483

Japan. ND (1886 - Yr.19) 1 Yen, Mutsuhito. Uncirculated. KM-YA25.2. Semi-prooflike on both sides with numerous light marks in the fields that define the grade. The SCWC price for examples in Uncirculated condition is $875. (photo) Est. 400-600

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Japan. Collection of Silver Mutsuhito 1 Yen. 1) ND (1881 - Yr.14). AU Details, Cleaned. KMYA25.2. 2) ND (1882 - Yr.15). Uncirculated Details, Lightly Cleaned. KM-YA25.2. 3) ND (1884 - Yr.17). XF Details, Cleaned - Damaged. KM-YA25.2. 4) ND (1888 - Yr.21). XF Details, Cleaned. KMYA25.3. 5) ND (1889 - Yr.22). AU Details, Cleaned. KMYA25.3. 6) ND (1892 - Yr.25). Choice AU Details, Lightly Cleaned. KM-YA25.3. 7) ND (1896 - Yr.29). AU. KM-YA25.3. 8) ND (1903 - Yr.36). AU Details, Cleaned. KMYA25.3. 9) ND (1925 - Yr.45). Uncirculated Details, Lightly Cleaned. KM-YA25.3. [9] Est. 500-700

1488 1488

Mexico. ND-MG (1516-1566) 4 Reales, Carlos & Johanna. XF Details, Sea Salvaged. KM-0018. Obv: Pillars rise above ocean. Rev: Crowned quartered shield. Nicely centered and exceptionally struck. From an unidentified shipwreck with the often-seen graysilver coloration. Better than most. From the Waldman Collection. (photo) Est. 200-400


Mexico. ND-ML (1516-1566) 4 Reales, Carlos & Johanna. XF Details, Sea Salvaged. KM-0018. Extremely high-end for a coin of this type with a nearperfect flan on only minor areas of striking weakness. From the Waldman Collection. Est. 200-400


Mexico. ND-MG (1516-1566) 4 Reales, Carlos & Johanna. XF Details, Sea Salvaged. KM-0018. Struck on a large planchet and well defined for the issue. Even gray coloration is present throughout as is typical of shipwreck recovered coinage. From the Waldman Collection. Est. 200-400


Mexico. ND-MG (1516-1566) 4 Reales, Carlos & Johanna. XF Details, Sea Salvaged. KM-0018. The strike is above-average with light granularity on both sides. From the Waldman Collection. Est. 200-400


Mexico. ND-ML (1516-1566) 4 Reales, Carlos & Johanna. XF Details, Sea Salvaged. KM-0018. Even dark gray colored with much less evidence of longterm sea exposure than is typical. From the Waldman Collection. Est. 200-400


Mexico. ND-MG (1516-1566) 4 Reales, Carlos & Johanna. XF Details, Sea Salvaged. KM-0018. Pleasingly detailed in the centers with some peripheral mushiness. From the Waldman Collection. Est. 200-400


Mexico. ND-MG (1516-1566) 4 Reales, Carlos & Johanna. XF Details, Sea Salvaged. KM-0018. Nicely presented with light porosity evident within the reverse shield. From the Waldman Collection. Est. 200-400

1485 1485

Liberia. 1862/42 1 Cent. Uncirculated Details, Cleaned. KM-Pn5. Attractively retoned in gold, blue, and green shades. An attractive design type. (photo) Est. 100-150

1486 1486


Liberia. 1890 Pattern 2 Cents. Red Brown Proof. KM-Pn51 - Copper. Obv: Capped Liberty facing left. Rev: Shield with star. An attractive pattern issue with attractive multicolored patina in the fields and red patina around the protected devices. One small spot on Liberty’s cheek and a small pinscratch in her hat are noted for accuracy. (photo) Est. 100-150 Luxembourg. Septet of 1963 Charlotte 250 Franc. AU-Uncirculated. .6711oz ASW. 1) KM-53.1. Mintage: 11,500. 2-7) KM-53.2. Mintage: 8,500. Toned by the mint. Both of the same design, were struck to celebrate the millennium anniversary of Luxembourg City. [7] Est. 150-200

January 16-18, 2012 - New York


Mexico. ND-GM (1516-1566) 4 Reales, Carlos & Johanna. VF Details, Sea Salvaged. KM-0018. A flan crack is evident at 3 o’clock on the obverse with some reverse porosity. From the Waldman Collection. Est. 150-250


Mexico. 1820-Mo JJ 8 Reales, Ferdinand VII. AU. KM-111. Entirely brilliant with luster in the fields, slight incompleteness of strike in the centers, and minor frictions on the highpoints. Est. 100-150


Mexico. 1821-Zs RG 8 Reales, Ferdinand VII. XF. KM-111.5. An exemplary circulated example with no significant marks and lovely iridescent color on both the obverse and reverse. Worthy of a significant premium to its modest catalog value. Est. 100-150

1500 1500

Mexico. 1870-Do P 1 Peso. NGC MS63. KM408.2. A stunning representative of this desired type with blinding luster atop brilliant, carefully preserved surfaces. While not uncommon to the type, considerable central device softness is observed, but fails to diminish the considerable retained qualities. (photo) Est. 500-700


Mexico. 1898-Go RS 1 Peso. NGC MS64. KM409.1. Pebbled breast eagle. Lustrous and well struck with numerous planchet roller marks still evident around the obverse peripheries. Scarce in this elevated grade. Est. 100-150


Mexico. 1910 Caballito 1 Peso. Uncirculated Details, Cleaned. KM-453. Brilliant and lightly marked with the addition of hairlines on both sides. Est. 60-80


Mexico. 1921-Mo 2 Pesos. AU. KM-462. White with a touch of wear on the highpoints. Much effulgence remains. Est. 80-100


Mexico. Trio of Silver Coins. 1) 1799-Mo FM 8 Reales, Carlos IV. VF. KM-109. 2) 1844-Zs OM 8 Reales. VG. KM-377.13. 3) 1904-Mo AM 1 Peso. XF. KM-409.2. [3] Est. 100-150

1498 1498

Mexico. 1866-Ho FM 8 Reales. Fine. KM-377.9. A beautifully original example with deep multicolored patina throughout that presents as earthen olive color when viewed straight ahead. A rarely seen key date example that should draw significant attention from the specialist. (photo) Est. 600-800

1499 1499

Mexico. 1886/5-Mo M 50 Centavos. NGC MS63 Prooflike. KM-407.6. A wonder-coin for the type and approaching what many would consider “specimen” quality with fields that are fully reflective and devices that show intricate definition save for a small portion of the border. Salmon color throughout contributes positively to the appeal. A joyous opportunity for the Mexican specialist. (photo) Est. 600-800

1505 1505

Mexico. 1857-Mo GF 4 Escudos. XF Details, Cleaned - Plugged. KM-381.6. A highly collected type with typical central strike weakness and hairlines in the fields. An expertly plugged hole at the bottom half of the 8 in the date is present, but without the aid of a loupe, the evidence of such remains virtually invisible. (photo) Est. 600-800

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Netherlands. 1828 1 Ducat. AU Details, Whizzed. KM-50.1. .1106oz AGW. Sharply defined with whizzing well blended into the reverse surfaces. Est. 150-250

1506 1506

Mexico. 1858 Counterfeit 4 Reales. XF Details, Cleaned. Type of KM-381.6. 13.6gms. Yellow-gold with pinkish highpoints. A known and collectible counterfeit of this popular type with design elements that are somewhat more crude that genuine examples. (photo) Est. 500-700

1509 1509

Netherlands East Indies - Batavian Republic. 1802 1 Gulden. XF. KM-83. One-year type. An extremely scarce type with a deep multicolored mask of patina over both sides. No marks are noted. (photo) Est. 300-500


Peru. 1756-LM JM “Pillar” 8 Reales, Ferdinand VI. VF Details, Damaged - Corroded. KM-55.1. Nicely detailed with corrosion most evident along the rims. An affordable example of this popular type. Est. 100-150


Peru. 1786-LIMAE MI 8 Reales, Carlos III. AU. KM-78a. Untoned with soft luster in the fields. Ideal as a type representative. Est. 150-250

Historic Siege of Haarlem Daalder

1507 1507

Netherlands, Siege of Haarlem. 1572 1 Daalder Klippe. VF. Demonte-142a. Emission of 21 December 1572. Uniface octagonal strike. Four punches make the design with the central punch being a crosstipped sword (city coat of arms), and the surrounding punches being the date, a moon and star, and a lion shield inside beaded circle (coat-of-arms of Holland). The surfaces remain even in appearance with a light gray patina. Two small planchet cracks (as-made) are visible upon close inspection and are only noted for accuracy’s sake. A sensational and rare item worthy of the finest Thaler collection. Ex. J.R. Lasser Collection. In late 1572, the Spanish, commanded by Fernando Álvarez, Duke of Alba, besieged Haarlem. With nearly 20,000 troops, the Spanish assumed an easy victory, considering Haarlem had only 6,000 armed men. However, their two attempted assaults (one in December and the next in January of 1573) met with overwhelming resistance and resulted in considerable losses. In an attempt to taunt the Spanish soldiers, the well-supplied townspeople occasionally threw bread over the city walls and mounted statues plundered from Catholic churches on the ramparts. In July 1573, the Spanish were finally able to break the town’s supply line. With its food source gone, Haarlem was forced to surrender, thus ending the 10-month siege. The Spanish, hungry for vengeance, executed more than 1,700 of the town’s citizens. (photo) Est. 2,00-2,500

1512 1512

Peru. 1808-LIMAE JB 8 Reales, Carlos IV. NGC AU58. KM-97. Fully lustrous and well struck for the type with soft gold and plum color in the center and flares of cobalt-blue that touch portions of the rims. An excellent candidate for type with eye appeal that surpasses most uncirculated examples. (photo) Est. 200-400


Peru. 1819-LIMAE JP 2 Reales, Ferdinand VII. AU. KM-115.1. Mostly white with shimmering luster in the fields. A wonderful example of this type that is seldom encountered nicer. Est. 80-100

January 16-18, 2012 - New York


Peru. 1818-LIMAE JP 8 Reales, Ferdinand VII. AU Details, Sea Salvaged. KM-117.1. Untoned with flashy luster in the fields and considerable central striking weakness. Granularity on the central obverse surfaces suggests long-term sea water exposure. Est. 60-80


Portugal. 1898 1000 Reis, Carlos I. Prooflike Uncirculated. KM-539. White with light marks mainly confined to the obverse and scarcely seen mirror-like reflectivity on both sides. A pleasingly designed type that was issued to commemorate the 400th anniversary of the European “discovery” of India. Est. 100-150


Russia. Pair of Russian Roubles. 1) 1883 Coronation Rouble, Alexander III. XF. Bit217. Sev-3939. Uzd-4195. 2) 1913 Romanov Commemorative Rouble, Nicholas II. Uncirculated. Bit-335. Sev-4179. Uzd-4201. [2] Est. 150-250


Samoa. 1987 25 Dollars. Gem Proof. KM-67. 5oz ASW. A third example. Housed in the original box of issue with certificate of authenticity. Est. 150-250


Sarawak. Pair of 1863 J. Brooke Rajah 1 Cents. KM-3. 1) XF. Glossy brown with light highpoint wear. 2) XF Details, Cleaned. Lightly cleaned at one point and now retoned. [2] Est. 80-100

1524 1524

1517 1517

Russia. 1898 ** 1 Rouble, Nicholas II. Uncirculated. Bit-205. Sev-4053. Uzd-2090. Brussels mint. Attractively toned and lustrous. A scarce type. (photo) Est. 200-400


Russia. 1900 5 Roubles, Nicholas II. Uncirculated. KM-Y62. Pale straw-gold, with a tiny edge tic. Est. 150-250


Russia. 1980 Olympic Silver Set. 20.24oz ASW. An desirable Olympic commemorative set with 28 coins - 14 5 Rouble and 14 10 Rouble coins. Housed in the original fitted red case and accompanied by all its original paperwork. [28] Est. 400-600


Samoa. 1987 25 Dollars. Gem Proof. KM-67. 5oz ASW. Struck to commemorate the America’s Cup sailboat race in Perth, Australia. A wonderful way to hold silver. Housed in the original box of issue with certificate of authenticity. Est. 150-250


Samoa. 1987 25 Dollars. Gem Proof. KM-67. 5oz ASW. A second example. Housed in the original box of issue with certificate of authenticity. Est. 150-250

South Africa. 2008 “The Elephant” Natura 4-Coin Gold Set. NGC PR70 Ultra Cameo. 1) 10 Rand / 1/10oz. Mintage: 300. 2) 20 Rand / 1/4oz. Mintage: 300. 3) 50 Rand / 1/2oz. Mintage:300. 4) 100 Rand / 1 oz. Mintage: 500. The obverse of this rare gold issue features a male elephant, with the reverse showcasing a mother elephant - a silhouette of a family group is depicted on the bottom of both sides. Rarely offered, and given the affinity that many hold for elephants, a set that is sure to be demanded. Housed in its original box of issue with accompanying certificates of authenticity. From the Waldman Collection. (photo) Est. 4,000-5,000

1525 1525

South Africa. 2009 “White Rhinocerous” Natura Gold Coin and Medal Set. Mintage: 500. Set #0007. 1) Gold 100 Rand / 1 ounce gold coin. NGC PR70 Ultra Cameo. 2) Gold 1/2 ounce medallion. Gem Proof. 3) Sterling Silver White Rhino Portrait. 12gms silver with .015 carat diamond in rhino’s eye designed by Stephen Sutherland. A rare set with a much beloved modern numismatic subject - animals. The key piece to the set, the one ounce gold coin is perfectly preserved with both sides showing a frosted rhino inside a mirrored rhino. A rare opportunity. [3] From the Waldman Collection. (photo) Est. 3,500-4,000

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1526 1526

Spain - Castile & Leon. ND-S (1350-1368) AR Real, Peter I. VF. FAB-850. 3.06gms. Obv: Crowned P surrounded by double ring of legends. Rev: Arms of Castile and Leon inside quatrelobe. Well struck and untoned. Lightly cleaned in the past. Rare. (photo) Est. 150-250

1527 1527

Spain - Castile & Leon. ND-S (1368-1379) AR Real, Henry II. VF. FAB-406. 3.18gms. Obv: Crowned HN surrounded by double ring of legends. Rev: Arms of Castile and Leon inside quatrelobe. Well struck and with a flat gray appearance from past environmental exposure. Rare. (photo) Est. 100-150


Spain. Trio of Silver Type. 1) 1738-PJ 1 Real. AU. KM-354. 2) 1721-J 2 Reales. XF Details, Scratched. KM-307. 3) 1724-J 2 Reales. AU. KM-328. [3] Est. 80-100


Spain. 1755-JB 1/2 Escudo, Ferdinand VI. Fine. KM-378. Heavily worn, but problem-free and quite pleasing for the grade. From the Waldman Collection. Est. 150-250


Spain. 1810-M AI 20 Reales, Joseph Napoleon. AU. KM-551.2. Seldom seen at the Uncirculated level with full luster in the fields and a relatively strong strike for the type. (photo) Est. 200-400


Spain. 1892(92)-PG M 50 Centimos, Alfonso XIII. NGC MS62. KM-690. Near brilliant with mirrored surfaces. Slight scuffiness accounts for the grade. Est. 60-80

1533 1533

Spanish Netherlands - Brabant. 1654 Lion d’Or, Philip IV of Spain. NGC XF45. KM-77.2. FR-108. Brussels Mint. Obv: Crowned lion with sword leaning left with paw on globe. Rev: Crowned coat of arms. A beautiful, iconic gold coin with bright orange-gold surfaces. Actual wear remains minimal with some striking softness noted on the reverse. (photo) Est. 900-1,100


Straits Settlements. Quartet of Victoria Coppers. 1) 1845 1/2 Cent. VF. KM-2. 2) 1884 1/2 Cent. XF. KM-8a. 3) 1845 1 Cent. VF. KM-3. 4) 1877 1 Cent. VF. KM-9. [4] Est. 60-80


Straits Settlements. Quartet of Type. 1) 1876 1 Cent, Victoria. XF Details, Cleaned. KM9. 2) 1886 5 Cents, Victoria. AU. KM-10. 3) 1902 50 Cents, Edward VII. VF. KM-23. 4) 1903-B 1 Dollar, Edward VII. XF. KM-25. [4] Est. 200-400


Straits Settlements. 1903-B 1 Dollar, Edward VII. Choice AU. KM-25 - Incuse B. Essentially tone-free with vibrant luster in the fields. A popular type that is scarce this nice. Est. 150-250


Sweden. 1890-EB 1 Krona, Oscar II. XF. KM-760. Three-year type. Nicely toned with no major marks and modest highpoint friction. Est. 100-150

1538 1538


Spain. 1893-PG L 1 Peseta, Alfonso XIII. PCGS XF45. KM-702. A delightful original example with even earthy-brown color on both sides. Scarce in finer grades. Est. 60-80

Sweden. 1900-EB 2 Kronor, Oscar II. Gem Uncirculated Details, Lightly Cleaned. KM-761. A superb example of this demanded type with prooflike reflectivity in the fields and strong cameo contrast on the devices. (photo) Est. 300-500

January 16-18, 2012 - New York


Sweden. ND (1723) Swedish Royal Couple Medal. VF. Felder -52. Schutz-1717. 62mm/ 83.1gms. White metal. By Hedlinger. Obv: Right facing jugate busts of Frederick I and his wife Ulrika Eleonora. Rev: Two crossed cornucopias. Est. 80-100


1540 1540

Switzerland - Solothurn. ND (1556-1560) 1 Dicken. XF. HMZ-844. 9.4gms. Obv: Armored and haloed bust of St. Ursus. Rev: Shield with eagle above. Exceptional for the type with a bold punch that leaves little detail to the imagination. Nice, original patina sits within the recesses. (photo) Est. 300-500


Switzerland. 1851-BB 20 Rappen. VF. KM-7. An attractive problem-free key date issue of this four year type. The SCWC value at the VF grade is $190. Est. 100-150


Switzerland - Basel. 1879 5 Francs. Prooflike Uncirculated Details, Cleaned. KM-S14. An affordable specimen from the widely collected Shooting Thaler series. Est. 80-100


Switzerland. 1926-B 5 Francs. Choice AU. KM38. White with lustrous surfaces. Est. 150-250


Taiwan. ND (1971) Medallic Gold 2,000 Yuan. Uncirculated. Bruce-XM616. A second example. Commemorating the 60th Anniversary of the Republic. (photo) Est. 850-950


Thailand. Octet of Type. 1) ND (1874 - CS1236) 2 Att, Rama V. Uncirculated Details, Environmental Damage. KM-Y19. 2-4) ND (1876-1900) 1 Fuang, Rama V. AU. KMY32. 5) ND (1876-1900) 1 Salu’ng, Rama V. AU. KMY33. 6) ND (1876-1900) 1 Salu’ng, Rama V. XF. KM-Y33. 7) ND (1878-1900) 1 Baht, Rama V. AU Details, Cleaned - Corroded. KM-Y34. 8) ND (1919 - BE2462) 2 Salu’ng, Rama VI. Fine. KM-Y44b. [8] Est. 200-400


Thailand. Trio of 1880 Mines De Khoatree/ Get T Rama V Tokens. Red Brown Uncirculated. LeCompte-1. An attractive group of these popular commemorative tokens that were struck to mark the opening of the Khaotree Mine. [3] Est. 300-500

1544 1544

Taiwan. ND (1971) Medallic Gold 2,000 Yuan. Gem Uncirculated. Bruce-XM616. Chiang Kai-shek bust left on obverse with double-barred cruciform within wreath on reverse. Struck to celebrate the 60th Anniversary of the Republic. (photo) Est. 700-900

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The January 2012 Collectors Series Sale

Unique Rama V Hub & Die Set

1549 1549

Turkey. ND (141_ AD - AH81_) AV Dinar. XF. F-25A. Mitchner-1180. 3.44gms. .1317oz AGW. Obv: Arab legends. Rev: Arab legends. As struck with sharp centers and mushiness toward the edges. (photo) Est. 150-250

1550 1550

Turkey - Ottoman Sultans. ND (1566 - AH974) AV Sequin, Selim II. VF. P-243. 3.42gms. .0987oz AGW. An attractive early gold piece with some incompleteness at the edges. Very seldom offered. (photo) Est. 80-100


Vietnam. Group Lot of Annam Cash Coins. A collectible lot from Annam, a once Chinese and French controlled region now located in current day North Korea. Very likely conservatively estimated, as the cumulative catalog value totals approaches $400. For the intrigued collector, a list will be provided upon request. [28] Est. 150-250

1548 1548

Thailand. Rama V (1896-1910) Obverse and Reverse Token Hub of Die Set. Design is approximately 30mm. Apparently made by the Paris Mint. A curious and exceptionally well produced hub and die set produced as a victory medal to celebrate successful military defense over the invading Chinese “Hoa� from the Yunnan Province. When the Thai troops returned to the capital, these medal were awarded to high ranking officials. If put into production, the obverse impression would yield a left facing military bust of Rama V with wreath below. The reverse, features an ornamented leftward striding elephant with two riders atop and an interwoven crossed sword, pitchfork, and bow below. All four examples are well preserved with the hubs both showing minor surface cuts on both sides, perhaps to act as cancellation. Trivial rust is evident on the edges. The dies are flaw-free and in working order. Both have letters punched at the non-business end, perhaps placed by the die maker, or as inventory control - the hubs showing NBS and the dies SM. For the Thai collector, or the world collector interested in minting paraphernalia, the current set is certainly unique and would make a perfect centerpiece for a collection. [4] (photo) Est. 3,000-5,000

January 16-18, 2012 - New York

1555 1552



Vietnam - United Dai Nam. ND (1848-1883) Silver 7 Tien, Tu Duc. XF. Schroeder-368. KM-469. 27.1g. Obv: tu-duc thong-bao. Rev: dragon left. Pleasing old toning. (photo) Est. 300-500


Vietnam. ND (1800’s-1930) Silver Bar of 9½ Lang, Nén bac. VF. 352.9gms. Rectangular bar in the form of a hang (trough for livestock). Two incuse frames with four characters at top. Validation stamps on sides. (photo) Est. 300-500

Zanzibar. ND (AH1299) 1 Riyal. XF. KM-4. A collector favorite from the last country on the list. Very scarce in any grade, especially as nice as the present. Ideal for the world Crown type collector and sure to be competitively bid on. (photo) Est. 300-500

1554 1554

Vietnam. 1946 5 Hao. NGC MS63. KM-2.2 Raised Lettering. Bright aluminum surfaces with die striations in the fields and a light cameo contrast on the devices. Krause list is $250 in Unc. (photo) Est. 100-150





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The January 2012 Collectors Series Sale


January 16-18, 2012 - New York


Massive 86 Pounds - 9.28 Ounces Nuestra Señora de Atocha Silver Bar. The Story While sunken treasure and it’s recovery, seems a topic that make the eyes of young and old light up with enchantment, few actual recoveries can match the allure of the Nuestra Señora de Atocha. While the wreck still remains the gold standard in terms of popularity, and many are familiar with the accounts of its sinking and eventual recovery, the offering of a relic with the magnitude the present offering does deserve brief retelling. In 1622 the Atocha, and a fleet of ships started their voyage from a Spanish-owned port to collect and ultimately transport material back to the motherland. Upon completion of the portside duties, the Atocha rendezvoused in Havana harbor with what became a 28 ship convey, and, six weeks behind schedule, on September 4th, finally made its last departure for Spain. As luck would have it, four days later, the fleet would encounter a significant hurricane west of Key West, which would deal the accompanying Santa Margarita and Atocha a mortal blow - damaging the hull beyond repair and quickly sinking its valuable haul. Immediately, further Spanish ships were dispatched to salvage whatever possible, but the Santa Margarita was the only ship to be located and the treasure of the Atocha would eventually be forgotten. Now, fast forward 363 years to 1985. After 16 years of combing the sea floor for sunken shipwrecks, treasure hunter Mel Fisher finally found his giant. In total, the value thus far recovered sits in excess of 450 million dollars and included over 40 tons of gold and silver including coins and 962 silver bars. Massive headlines followed, making the Atocha nearly a household name, and beginning in September of 1987 at Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas, many of these treasure would become available for the public’s bid. The Silver Bars As previously mentioned, 962 silver ingots of over 1000 on the ship’s original manifest that currently resides in Seville Spain, have been recorded as recovered from Mel Fisher’s enterprise. These bars vary in size significantly with the largest of the bars weighing in at a staggering 100+ pounds. While not present on all recovered specimens, many were part of an official manifest and carry accompanying marks that tell their history. These marks many times include a Roman numeral foundry date, ingot number, silversmith’s mark, silver purity, assayer stamp, assayer’s bite, owner’s and shipper’s initials, as well as tax stamps to certify that the King’s fifth has been paid. Bar Specifics The present bar is among the group of larger bars to be recovered with an impressive weight of 86 troy pounds and 9.28 ounces. The uniformly gray colored bar measures 34.5cm long x 13cm wide x 9cm deep. Impressed into the top of the bar are a number of easily discernable marks. Stamped at top center reads “IIIIUCCXXXIX” and translates as the bar number 4239 (IIIU is shorthand for MMMM meaning four thousand). From the original shipping register, this bar matches to PB236. The bars purity is stamped at bottom center as “IIUCCCLXXX” or 2380 (.9917 pure silver) of a total 2400 maximum purity. The assayer stamp lies directly to its right. Directly above, three round stamp impressions are visible, signaling the king had received his 20% tax on this bar and to their left the assayer’s “bite” where purity was tested. At the top left, a “V” shaped mark represents the silvermaster’s mark. Various other symbols are present and represent the owner or shipper. While faint, the foundry date of 1621 sits partially beneath one of these symbols at left. The certificate of authenticity from Mel Fisher’s Treasures, L.L.C that accompanies the bar adds that the the recovery date was December 31, 1985 and assigns a class factor of 1, the highest quality associated with the ships recovered treasure. Case for Ownership With nearly 1000 bars recovered, conventional wisdom would suggest that many have been kept and are available as relics of the world’s most famous shipwreck recovery. However, with a little investigation, much evidence suggests the contrary. First on the list of evidence were the distribution methods for the bars. While many did end up in the hands of shipwreck aficionados or numismatic-minded individuals, Mel Fisher would also use the treasurer’s loot as payment to investors in the project. As a result, many that came into ownership of these bars surely melted them and took the proceeds as a long awaited payday. Additionally, with the rise in the silver bullion prices over the past years, many other owners were no doubt tempted to do the same. At current, some experts factor a survival of less than 50% for these impressive pieces. Further take into account that many bars were small and poorly marked, and the number of truly collectible specimens in existence is further reduced. As was alluded to earlier, the present bar is fully and boldly marked and must have been among the most presentable bars to make it off the sea floor. Parley the bar’s appearance with the increasing disappearance of bars of similar class and the underlying historic significance of this treasure, and we see a compelling numismatic reason for ownership. Of course, the intrinsic value cannot be dismissed either. For the investor in silver, this bar offers an incredible opportunity for future appreciation, while having a rarely rivaled display piece during the wait. In culmination, the present bar is an exhibit of staggering importance, which no matter the angle, results in seldom-available opportunity. (photo) Est. 40,000-60,000

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The January 2012 Collectors Series Sale


Mexico. Group of Sea-Salvaged Charles III 8 Reales. While not attributed to a specific shipwreck, the latest date observed is 1783 suggesting the El Cazador as a likely source. As one might expect, all examples show extensive sea-water damage that ranges from mild surface pitting to rust encrustation. [29] Est. 600-800


Pair of El Cazador Shipwreck Clumps. A collectible pair of silver coin clumps, the first containing 14 8 reales (335.7gms) in stacked form and the second (168.3gms) consisting of an unknown small number of coins in more anonymous form. An affordable pair for the treasure coin enthusiast. Est. 200-400


Sextet of Certified European Coins. 1) Austria. 1840-A 3 Kreuzer, Ferdinand I. NGC MS63. KM-2191 2) Austria. 1872 10 Kreuzer, Franz Joseph I. NGC MS64. KM-2206. 3) Germany. 1915-A 1 Mark. NGC MS64. KM-14. 4) Italy. 1918-R 5 Centesimi, Vittorio Emanuele III. NGC MS64 Red Brown. KM-42 5-6) Netherlands-Holland. 1739 1 Duit. NGC MS64 Red Brown. KM-80a. [6] Est. 100-150


Sextet of Middle Eastern Gold Coins. 1) Egypt. ND (1908) 10 Qirsh. AU. KM-282. .024oz AGW. 2) Iran. ND (AH1313//1310) 1 Toman. XF Details, Cleaned - Mount Removed. KM-938. .0988oz AGW. 3) Iran. ND (1901-1906) 1/5 Toman. Fine. .0166oz AGW. 4-5) ND (1912-1924) 1/2 Toman. VF. .0416oz AGW. 6) Turkey. ND (1839-1861) 25 Kurush. XF. KM677. .0532oz AGW. [6] Est. 300-500


Israel and World lot. 1) Israel: modern silver commemoratives (11), including 1964 Israel Museum 5 Lirot, mint sets and such (19), Deganya Lira, 1960, modern silver medals (4) - Ben Gurion, Anne Frank, Theodor Herzl, Ze’ev Jabotinsky. 2) World. (230+): mostly base metal 20th Century minors and sets, some Silver, including Austria, Vienna University 1963 Set, Bahamas 1966 9-piece set, 1967 Canadian Wildlife set. Sold as is, no returns. [over 265 pieces] Est. 200-400


Hong Kong, Victoria Silver Minor lot: 20 Cents 1866 (2), 1891 H, 1892, 10 Cents (4), 5 Cents (5) including 1872/68 H, also other Victoria Silver minors (6) from the Straits Settlements, Ceylon, Mauritius and India, one Hong Kong 20 Cents with obverse dig, fine to extremely fine, decent group. [19] Est. 80-100


Chinese and South Asian Group Lot. A diverse lot of base metal minors - medieval to modern, some larger pieces and some exonumia, largely Chinese but a few Japanese, Korean and Hong Kong. Includes Hsien-feng Kiangsu 10 Cash, Kiangnan Uncirculated dragon 10 Cash, Yuan dynasty Ta-yuan T’ung-pao, a Korean 100 Mun (1866), brass and copper amulets (6), two of which Japanese - “One Ounce Gold” Showa Fantasy (Zheng # 2804), and monkey leading horse type. Other includes an uncertain fob-badge possibly Manchuria. Sold as is, no returns. [40] Est. 100-150



World Silver Crowns, large lot, mostly 20th Century, but some earlier, some closer to half-crown size: Bermuda Crown, 1959 (3), Crown, 1964 (7), Greece 30 Drachmai, 1963 (5), 1964 (5), Norway Constitution 10 Kroner, 1964 (11; issues of Austria, Australia, Great Britain - including Charles II Crown, 1663 and 1676 (V.OCTAVO), very good to about fine, Mexico, Netherlands, Netherlands Antilles, Portugal and others; and modern medallic and bullion pieces (8) - including Brussels Expo, 1958, two oversized JFK items and one Jackie O, the modern issues generally XF-BU, the earlier VG-XF. [69] Est. 700-800 Small Grouping of Silver World Crowns. 1) Belgium. 1865 5 Francs, Leopold I. XF. KM-17. 2) Canada. 1936 1 Dollar, George V. AU. KM-31. 3) Canada. 1955 1 Dollar, Elizabeth II. Uncirculated. KM-54. 4) Dominican Republic. 1897 1 Peso. VF Details, Cleaned. KM-16. 5) Dominican Republic. 1939 1 Peso. XF Details, Cleaned. KM-22. 6) France. 1852-A 5 Francs, Louis Napoleon. VF. KM-773.1. 7) French Indo-China. 1931 1 Piastre. AU. KM-19. 8) Germany - Prussia. 1901-A 5 Mark, Friedrich I. AU Details, Cleaned. KM-526. 9) Portugal. 1915 1 Escudo. Uncirculated Details, Cleaned. KM-564. [9] Est. 400-600

January 16-18, 2012 - New York


Quartet of Asian Coinage. 1) China - Republic. ND (1920 - Yr.9) 1 Dollar. XF Details, Chopmarked. Y-329.6. Three tiny, neatly applied chops on reverse. Toned. 2) Singapore. 1977 10 Dollars. Gem Proof. KM-15. Independence commemorative 3) 1977 1 Dollar. Gem Proof. KM-6a. ASEAN commemorative. 4) 1977 10 Dollars. Uncirculated. KM-16. ASEAN commemorative. [4] Est. 100-150


Quintet of Certified Latin American Coins. 1) Argentina. 1882 10 Centavos. NGC MS63. KM26. 2) Ecuador. 1986 1 Sucre. NGC MS63. KM-85.2. 3) Guatemala. 1867-R 1/2 Real. NGC MS64. KM143. 4) Nicaragua. 1939 50 Centavos. NGC MS64. KM15. 5) Peru. 1860-YB 1/2 Real. NGC MS63. KM-180. [5] Est. 150-250


Primarily Asia and Asian Trade Coin Silver Lot. Includes: Chinese Empire -Yunnan Province 50 Cents, ND (1908) facing dragon, and 50 Cents, ND (191115) - four example, varieties (Y.253, 257), 1777 Spanish Colonial 8 Reales, 1900-B British Trade Dollar with chopmarks; also Tibet silver Tangkas (4, varieties) and 1 ½ Srang. Generally Fine to XF. Sold as is, no returns. [12] Est. 100-150


Trio of Latin American Type. 1) Argentina. 1883 50 Centavos. AU. KM-3. 2) Argentina - Buenos Aires. 1822 1 Decimo. XF Details, Cleaned. KM-1. 3) Brazil. 1860 1000 Reis. Uncirculated. KM-465. [3] Est. 100-150


Septet of Latin American Gold Coins. 1) Columbia. 1826-PJ 1 Peso. VF. KM-84. 2) Columbia. 1872 1 Peso. XF. KM-157.2. 3) Costa Rica. 1871-GW 1 Peso. VF. KM-116. 4) Guatamala. 1860-R 4 Reales. XF. KM-135. 5) Peru. 1823-CUZCO GM 1/2 Escudo. VF Details, Holed. KM-146.2 - Unlisted Date. 6) Peru. 1860-So 1 Peso. VF Details, Cleaned. KM133. 7) Peru. 1911-GOZG 1/5 Libra. Uncirculated. KM210. [7] Est. 600-800


Large Lot of Better World Type. A wonderfully varied lot with contents including 17th through 20th century issues from over 25 different countries. Total cumulative catalog value for the group sits in excess of $1,700. A group that must be inspected. Sold as is, no returns. [38] Est. 1,000-1,200


Remainder Lot of Assorted World Coins. A broad selection with a cursory inspection yielding coinage from the following countries: Argentina, Canada, China, Cuba, France, Germany, Great Britain, Ireland, Mexico, New Zealand and Peru. Canada and Peru appear to be the most represented countries with a large selection of type from both. Several other better types are recognized. Inspection is highly recommended. Sold as is, no returns. Est. 600-800


Quartet of World Medals. 1) Austria. 1854-A Medallic AR Gulden, Franz Joseph I. AU. KM-M1. 13gms. Struck to commemorate the wedding of Franz Joseph and Elizabeth. 2) France. 1814 AR Animal Vaccinations Medal. Uncirculated. 13.3gms. An large cow is depicted on the obverse. 3) Great Britain. 1943 Royal Masonic Institute for Boys Medal. XF. An attractive enameled award with ribbon and pin for suspension. 4) Mexico. 1866 Homage Silver Medal. AU Details, Cleaned. Grove-1252. 10.5gms. Virgin Mary on reverse. [4] Est. 100-150




Group of Japanese and Philippines Coinage. 1) Trio of Yen. Uncirculated. Y-A25.3. Mutsuhito (1867-1912), Meiji Year 28 (1895) - two examples, and Meiji year 30 (1897), the year 30 has had its value red-dye highlighted. 2) Philippines. VF-Uncirculated. KM-184,185,195, 172. General MacArthur commemorative sets (7)— 50 Centavos and Peso, 1947 S in plastic holders , additional MacArthur 50 Centavos (2) and Peso, and Pesos, 1907, 1908 S, and Bataan 1967 Peso. [23] Est. 250-300 Quartet of Certified Coins. 1) Bahrain. 1965 (AH1385-1965) 10 Fils. PCGS SP64 Red. KM-3. Mintage: 12,000. 2) Burma. CS1214 (1852) 1 Pe. NGC AU55. 3) Hong Kong. 1924 1 Cent, George V. NGC MS65 Red Brown. 4) Thailand. RS121 (1902) 1/4 Baht. NGC MS64. KM-Y33A. [4] Est. 150-250 UNICEF 1979-1983 International Year of the Child Silver Proof Coin Collection. Approx. 21oz pure silver contained. Coutries represented include: Bolivia, Bulgaria, Cayman Islands, scarce 2,000 minted China (35 Yuan, KM-8), Dominican Republic, Egypt, Ethiopia, Hungary, India. Jamaica, Jordan, Lesotho, Maldives, Malta, Mongolia, Nepal, Netherland Antilles, Panama, Papua New Guinea, Philippines, Seychelles, Solomon Islands, Sudan, Thailand, Tunisia, Turkey, Turks & Caicos Is, UAE, Yemen, Zambia. A complete set, in original case with card description and certificate. Sold as is, no returns. [30] Est. 1,000-1,500

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The January 2012 Collectors Series Sale


1581 1581

1897 10 Cents. NGC MS64. A gorgeous toned representative with shades of royal-blue, green, and gold patina caressing both the obverse and reverse. (photo) Est. 150-250


1916 Barber 10 Cents. NGC MS62. Untoned with minor scruffiness on Liberty’s cheek that precludes a finer grade. Est. 80-100


1805 25 Cents. NGC AG3. A classic early American issue that while well worn remains problem-free. As such, a very collectible example for the budgetminded, but aspiring type collector. Est. 150-250


1834 25 Cents. XF Details, Damaged. While not unsightly at first appearance, a close inspection reveals a primary reason, as the surfaces have been smoothed in several location to hide past damage. An acceptable hole filler. Est. 80-100


1917 Type One 25 Cents. NGC MS63 Full Head. Untoned with vibrant luster throughout and a full strike that highlights the intricacy of detail in Liberty’s head as well as all the rivets in Liberty’s often-incomplete shield. Est. 200-400


1917 Type Two 25 Cents. NGC MS63 Full Head. Mostly white with a far above-average strike and only minor marks that define the grade. Est. 150-250


1929 25 Cents. NGC MS64. A stunningly original example of this popular type with light rose and speckled russet coloration on the obverse and a mostly white reverse. Est. 150-250

1577 1577

1652 Small Flan - Pine Tree 1 Shilling. NGC VF30. A classic colonial-era piece of Massachusetts currency with even charcoal color throughout and minor encrustation among the protected devices that confirms full originality. Nicely struck with most of the legends remaining on the planchet. (photo) Est. 2,500-3,000


1578 1578

1862 Copper Nickel 1 Cent. NGC MS66. An outstanding premium Gem example and conditionally rare in this lofty state of preservation. The surfaces, to the unaided eye appear as flawless as they must have on the day of its minting with attractive maroon patina that now adorns portions of the surfaces. As one might expect from the grade, the strike highlights pinpoint detail and beaming luster encircles the surfaces. For the specialist or collector seeking a premium type representative, the present example calls loudly. NGC Population: 17 in MS66, none finer. (photo) Est. 2,000-2,500


1877 1 Cent. NGC Good Details, Damaged. The key to the Indian cent series and ideal for starter set inclusion as the noted damage only presents as slightly uneven wear on the obverse surfaces. Est. 200-400


1913 Type One 5 Cents. NGC MS65. Blinding luster adorns light golden colored surfaces and neither side holds any mentionable marks. Est. 70-90 1588 1588

1916 Walking Liberty 50 Cents. NGC MS62. Dusky-tan patina covers both sides with few easily discernable marks on either side. A delightful first-year issue that escalates quickly in price in higher grades. (photo) Est. 300-500

January 16-18, 2012 - New York


Pair of Carson City Morgan Dollars. 1) 1878-CC. AU. Lightly toned with significant luster. 2) 1890-CC. VG. Heavily circulated with a light rim bruise at 12 o’clock. [2] Est. 150-250


1895-O 1 Dollar. VG. Attractive for the grade with nice old-time patina. A collectible date, even in lower grades. Est. 200-400


1900-O/CC 1 Dollar. XF Details, Cleaned. VAM12, Top 100. A popular over-mintmark variety with surfaces that are a bit bright in the obverse centers from a past cleaning. Est. 80-100


1904 1 Dollar. Select Uncirculated. Untoned and lustrous with minor marks on Liberty’s cheek that define the grade. Est. 80-100

1593 1593

1878 3 Dollars. AU Details, Lightly Cleaned. Typically soft in the centers with luster remaining abundant in the fields and lovely rose-gold color highlighting the peripheries. (photo) Est. 400-600


1880 5 Dollars. AU. Well struck with loads of remaining luster in the fields. Est. 200-400


1893 5 Dollars. Choice AU. Nearly Uncirculated with a touch of friction on the highpoints. Est. 200-400


1911 5 Dollars. AU. An immensely popular type with most of the original luster remaining in the fields. Est. 200-400


1912 10 Dollars. AU. Lightly circulated with attractive orange-gold color on both sides. Est. 600-800


1884-S 20 Dollars. VF. Well circulated with strawgold color throughout. Est. 1,300-1,500

1601 1601

1884-CC 20 Dollars. AU. A nearly choice Carson City Twenty with coruscating luster remaining atop lightly abraded surfaces. A lovely specimen that would likely certify at the AU55 level. (photo) Est. 2,000-2,500


1908 No Motto 20 Dollars. NGC MS64. A popular date and type with granular orange-gold surfaces and few post-strike distractions. Housed in a custom wooden box with accompanying informational pamphlet. From the Waldman Collection. Est. 1,400-1,600


1893 Columbian 50 Cents. NGC MS63. A highend original example with brown centers that give way to gold, blue, and green obverse peripheries. The reverse is similarly patinated around the edges with mostly white centers. Est. 40-60


1921 Missouri 50 Cents. AU. Nicely toned with olive and brown shades in the fields and gray highpoints. Est. 150-250


1597 1597

1913 5 Dollars. NGC MS62. An attractive Mint State representative of this widely collected type. (photo) Est. 400-600


1894 10 Dollars. XF Details, Cleaned. Moderately circulated with light hairlines that subdue the surfaces. Est. 500-700


Trio of Early American Silver Type. 1) 1835 25 Cents. VF. 2) 1812 50 Cents. VF. 3) 1834 50 Cents. XF. [3] Est. 150-250


Pair of Certified Dollars. 1) 1883-O 1 Dollar. NGC MS64. Seemingly worthy of a much finer grade. 2) 1922 1 Dollar. NGC MS63. Attractively toned on the obverse and seemingly high-end for the grade. [2] Est. 60-80


Trio of Uncirculated Morgan Dollars. 1) 1886. Near-Gem. 2-3) 1921. Select Uncirculated. [3] Est. 80-100

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The January 2012 Collectors Series Sale





Grouping of Commemorative Issues. 1-2) 1892 Columbian 50 Cents. XF-AU. 3-7) 1893 Columbian 50 Cents. VF-Uncirculated. 8) 1920-D Pilgrim 50 Cents. AU Details, Glue Residue. 9) 1926 Sesquicentennial 50 Cents. Select Uncirculated. [9] Est. 150-250 Group of mid-19th Century Silver Type. A well circulated group that contains the following: 1876CC 25c, 1853 50c, 1854-O 50c, 1855-O 50c (2), 1856-O 50c, 1876 50c, 1877 T$1. [8] Est. 150-250 Eisenhower Dollar Set + Commemorative Issue. PCGS PR69 Deep Cameo. A complete set of PCGSgraded Eisenhower dollar issues beginning in 1971 and including all the silver and clad variations. Also included is the 1990 commemorative silver dollar issue that celebrated the centennial of Eisenhower’s birth. A nicely matched set with considerable collectibility. [12] From the Waldman Collection. Est. 200-400 Eisenhower Dollar Set + Commemorative Issue. PCGS PR69 Deep Cameo. A second example of this popular set which includes the commemorative 1990 centennial issue. [12] From the Waldman Collection. Est. 200-400


Eisenhower Dollar Set + Commemorative Issue. PCGS PR69 Deep Cameo. A third set with the commemorative issue. [12] From the Waldman Collection. Est. 200-400


Eisenhower Dollar Set. PCGS PR69 Deep Cameo. A forth set that excludes the commemorative 1990 Eisenhower issue. [11] From the Waldman Collection. Est. 200-400


Collection of Proof S.B.A and Sacagawea Dollars. PCGS PR69 Deep Cameo. A complete set of modern proof small-sized dollars by date through 2006 including: 1879-S Type 1, 1980-S, 1981-S Type 1, 1999-P, 2000-S, 2001-S, 2002-S, 2003-S, 2004-S, 2005-S, 2006-S. [11] From the Waldman Collection. Est. 100-150


Assortment of Barber and Standing Liberty Quarters. A number of collectible mid-grade example compose the lot and offer opportunity to the album collector. [8] Est. 80-100


Large Group of Proof Franklin Half Dollars. A large group of late-date issues with 20 of each from 1961, 1962, and 1963. Each coin is essentially white and is housed within an individual plastic countainer. [60] From the Waldman Collection. Est. 500-700


Group of AU Morgan Dollars. A delightful group with dates that include: 1878-S, 1880-S, 1887, 1890S, 1889, 1897-S, and 1899-O. All were once acquired from Littleton Coin Company. [7] Est. 150-250


Partial Roll of 14 Morgan Dollars. A collectible group with numerous Uncirculated examples within. [14] Est. 200-400


Collection of Circulated Morgan and Peace Dollars. Mostly composed of Morgan dollars with 29 of that type and 2 Peace dollars. Dates vary. Most examples are observed in the VF to XF range. [31] Est. 700-900


Roll of Morgan and Peace Dollars. An ideal investor lot with all examples showing varying degrees of circulation. [20] Est. 400-600


Pair of Seldom Seen 1960s Tidy House Promotional Issues. A pair of interesting Tidy Bowl promotional pieces, the first being a cardboard insert with an Uncirculated (and now nicely toned) Morgan dollar and the other insert holding two Uncirculated silver 1964 Kennedy half dollars. An interesting and seldom piece of numismatic history. [2] Est. 50-70


Large Group of Early Coppers. Perfect for the early copper enthusiast with a varied range of dates beginning at 1800 and running through the end of the Large cent series. Most examples are well circulated with many showing some form of damage. A single 1852-dated example with AU details is also noted. Sold as is, no returns. [73] Est. 200-400


Collection of U.S. Cents. An attractively matched collection of cents with a single Large cents, two Flying Eagle cents, as well as a large run of Indian cents from the 1860s and 1870s with the addition of a semikey 1908-S dated example. Lincoln cents round out the collection. All examples were originally acquired from Littleton Coin Company and remain in their characteristic manilla envelopes. A full list of items within will be provided upon request. Sold as is, no returns. Est. 400-600


Collection of 3-Cent Nickels, Nickels, and Quarters. An outstanding collection with numerous Liberty nickels (18), three-cent nickels (7), as well as an assortment of quarters which include Bust quarters (3), Seated quarters (5), Barber quarters (2), and Standing Liberty quarters (3). All examples remain housed in their original Littleton Coin Company manilla flips. A lot that should be viewed. Sold as is, no returns. Est. 300-500

January 16-18, 2012 - New York


Large Assortment of 19th Century Type. A lovely grouping of mostly late 19th century coinage represented by the following types: Flying Eagle cent, Indian cent, Two Cent piece, Three cent nickel, Bust half dime, Seated half dime, Liberty nickel, Seated dime, Barber dime, Barber half dollar, and Trade dollar. Sold as is, no returns. Est. 150-250


Remander Lot of U.S. and World Coinage. Large and varied in its composition with contents including whitman albums of Lincoln cents and Jefferson nickels, Special Mint Sets, various post-mint packaged sets, world silver coinage as well as other 20th century world coin singles. Inspection is highly recommended. Sold as is, no returns. Est. 300-500


Assortment of 20th Century Type. Nicely varied in its contents with highlights being a 1913 Type 1 Buffalo Nickel in Select condition, a 1921 Buffalo nickel with AU details, an Uncirculated 1916 Mercury dime, and a 1921 Peace dollar. Other items include a large group of Lincoln cents from primarily from the teens and twenties, circulated Liberty nickels, Uncirculated Mercury dimes, Washington quarters, and Franklin halves. A lot that should be viewed. Sold as is, no returns. Est. 150-250


Group of 90% Silver Coinage - Face Value $13.05. An ideal lot for the silver investor lot. Sold as is, no returns. Est. 200-400


Assortment of Medals and Tokens. A small assortment of primarily 19th century type with representatives from the Hard Times and Civil War series with a small art plaque medal as well as several types recognizing notable figures rounding out the lot. [14] Est. 150-250


Lot of Primarily Silver U.S. Type. A lovely assortment of 19th and 20th century type with the nicest examples being a 1836 Bust dime, two Seated half dimes, one Seated dime, as a single Seated half dollar. All of the 19th century material shows some level of circulation with some uncirculated examples among the 20th century material. Most examples were originally acquired from Littleton Coin Company. [28] Est. 200-400






End of Fourth Session







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The January 2012 Collectors Series Sale








January 16-18, 2012 - New York

THE COLLECTOR’S SERIES SALE FIFTH SESSION Tuesday, January 17, 2012- 3:00 p.m. Lots 1631-2236 Spink Smythe, New York


Adams, John Quincy Sixth President of the United States (1767-1848, served 1825-29); son of founder President John Adams. Pair of MBDocuments Signed “J.Q. Adams” as president, each 1 page, folio, Washington, April 1, 1825 and December 1, 1826. Land grants, one for land in the Delaware District of Ohio, the other for land sold at Tuskaloosa (as the city’s name was then spelled), Alabama. Both with wax and paper seal. Toned and soiled, with crisp folds, VG. [2] (photo - page 152)

Est. 300-400

1632 1632

Balzac, Honore de Major French novelist and playwright (1799-1850); his vast masterpiece, The Human Comedy, comprised nearly 100 books. Good content Autograph Letter Signed “de Balzac,” 1-1/2 pages, 8vo, Tours, June 23, (1830). He writes to the Baron of Mortemart in Paris, apologizing for not replying to his letters. When he arrived on June 2, he went immediately for the coast, where he fished and swam, and forgot “about Paris, about the literature of the world I had been in,” and was, so to speak, like “a dogfish or a King.” He says that he was ready to respond to his letters like a government minister, but had been deprived of the means. Creases, otherwise VG. Balzac’s roots were in Tours, and he returned to the area frequently to escape the hubub of the capital. The month after this letter, Paris was rocked by the July Revolution, which overthrew Charles X and placed Louis Philippe on the throne. Balzac would support the old aristocracy, fittingly, since his correspondent the baron had been named president of Charles’s council of ministers. (photo)

Est. 500-750

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The January 2012 Collectors Series Sale





Berlioz, Hector French composer and conductor (1803-69); a leader in the development of the modern orchestra, he also set the stage for later romantic composers such as Wagner and Liszt. Autograph Letter Signed “H. Berlioz” in French, 1 page, 12mo, London, July 2, 1853. He writes Camille that “Our letters have crossed. I received yours here yesterday with the 500-franc note it contained.” Matted under glass with a printed portrait of Berlioz and contained in a gilt wooden frame, overall size 10.5” x 14.7”. Berlioz was in London to stage a revised version of his first opera, Benvenuto Cellini, which had first been presented in 1838 but had been poorly received. The London staging was also unsuccessful, and Berlioz closed it after one performance. (photo - page 152)

Est. 1,000-1,500

Buchanan, James Fifteenth President of the United States (1791-1868, served 1857-61); his indecisiveness is often cited as a factor contributing to the outbreak of the US Civil War. Handsome, political content Autograph Letter Signed “James Buchanan” as US Senator from Pennsylvania, 1 page, 4to, Washington, April 2, 1840. He writes to Col. Richard Frazer, “I have presented the petition which you enclosed to me for the establishment of a Post office at Bearville; and the usual interrogatories will be sent immediately by the Postmaster General...I think all our prospects are brightening in regard to the Presidential election...Virginia is safe.” Original blotting of Buchanan’s signature from folding otherwise quite Fine. Virginia’s vote was safely behind Buchanan’s candidate, fellow Democrat President Martin Van Buren. But the senator’s own Pennsylvania was not, nor was the president’s home state of New York, both of which went to the ultimate victor, Whig William Henry Harrison. (photo - page 152)

Est. 400-500

Capote, Truman American writer and social gadfly (1924-84); best known for his ‘nonfiction novel’ In Cold Blood and his novella Breakfast at Tiffany’s. Choice Autograph Letter Signed “Truman Capote,” 1-1/2 pages, 8vo, Brooklyn, February 20, 1963. He writes Miss Lieppert “at the suggestion of [screenwriter and librettist] Mr. Arthur help me find a beach house (in Quogue) to rent this summer. The house must be by the water, have a garage, at least two bedrooms, a living-room with a fireplace and a good kitchen...I do not want to pay in excess of $2,500.” Pin holes at top, fold and edge wear, VG. Quogue is a beachfront community on the south shore of Long Island. With desirable Book “In Cold Blood.” NY, Random House, [1965]. Signed “Truman Capote” and inscribed to a reader on half title. 8vo, red cloth with gilt spine and initials, “Book Club Edition,” original jacket. Jacket with coffee stains and wear, book lightly rubbed, strong VG. At the time of the present letter, Capote had begun work on the book, considered his masterpiece. [2] (photo - page 152)

Est. 400-500

Civil War: David Hunter Union general (1802-86); put in charge of the Southern Department, he proclaimed the slaves in Georgia, Florida, and South Carolina emancipated, creating a furor in Washington; defeated at Lynchburg by Jubal Early in 1864, after which he retired from the service. Choice Seminole War-era Autograph Letter Signed “David Hunter / Paymaster,” 1 page, 4to, Fort Smith, Arkansas, October 19, 1842. He writes Paymaster General Nathan Towson, “I have the honor to enclose you my Monthly Statement for Sep. ‘42: also a letter, with its enclosure, for the Second Auditor of the Treasury [none present]. I have made the payment here, and shall leave for Gibson [Arkansas] tomorrow, if the Quartermaster has the transportation...” Partial separation at fold, small pin hole, otherwise VG. Both Hunter and the Confederate general who would end his career, Jubal Early, served in the Second Seminole War, another example of Civil War opponents who had been comrades-in-arms. (photo - page 152)

Est. 300-400

January 16-18, 2012 - New York




Civil War: Union Soldier’s Letters Group of seven ALS by James McIntyre of the 49th NY Volunteer Infantry, April 1862 and later (most are not fully dated), five on patriotic stationery (two of “The Soldier’s Dream” of home, two of GB McClellan, and one with the text of the “Soldier’s Memento,”). At the Battle of Yorktown during the Peninsula Campaign, he writes “The rebbels fired from thair rifle pits at our pickets. Thare was a blase of fire for a mile long. We fire a few shells at them and thay stoped...I think this will be the last battle if we whip them.” He tells of the Battle of Hanover Court House, “Thare was about three hundred killed and wounded and about one thousand on the rebbels side we got five hundred prisoners. I saw a lot of the wounded Rebels and thay was most all of them wounded in the back.” In a later skirmish, “I saw a shell strike one of our men and it tore him most to peaces. We have got hardend so that we can stand and see alll most any thing.” On June 15 he reports of having met with enemy pickets: “They gave us some Richmon papers. Thay was very friendly shok hands when we left and sayed that thay was glad to meet us...That last battle was an awful battle. Thare was a grate many killed, more than the papers tell of...Thay could not bury all of the rebbels...Thare is a grate many of them layes a bove the ground.” McIntyre spends some time in the hospital before returning to his regiment (this may have occurred before the above, for these letters are not fully dated). McIntyre receives a serious wound in the Overland Campaign, for there is a May 17, 1864 ALS to his family from a Treasury employee explaining that the soldier has “lost about 2 inches of the bone in his left arm...James is cheerful and pleasant, bears it like a hero as he is - he sent home as soon as he can travel with safety.” Another letter from Mt Pleasant Hospital in Washington reports that McIntyre wants his mother and wife to visit so he will not die before seeing them. Finally, there is a $21 bill to the McIntyres for embalming and boxing their son for his return. June 15 letter with soiling affecting some legibility, otherwise all VG. [12] (photo - page 152)

Est. 250-300

Collection: American Politics Remarkably complete collection, mostly of Signatures across US postage stamps affixed to index cards (but with numerous TLS as well), of 50 years of American senators, representatives, and governors, plus a few mayors, representing every state, including many of those who are seeking or have sought to enter the White House. Highlights include John Anderson, Dick Armey, Sonny Bono, Barbara Boxer, Bill Bradley, Pat Brown, Prescott Bush, Robert C Byrd, Richard J Daley, Al D’Amato, Tom Daschle, Chris Dodd, Michael Dukakis, John Edwards, Diane Feinstein, Geraldine Ferraro, H John Heinz, Jesse Helms, Jacob Javits, Barbara Jordan, Ted Kennedy, Jack Kemp, John Kerry, Alf Landon, Joe Lieberman, Trent Lott, John McCain, Eugene McCarthy, George McGovern, Pat McNamara, Gaylord Nelson, Tip O’Neill, Bob Packwood, Nancy Pelosi, Rick Santorum, Paul Simon, Harold E Stassen, John Sununu, Fred Thompson, Strom Thurmond, Carl Vinson, Pete Wilson, and many more. Generally in Fine condition. Although we have taken pains to remove all autopen or secretarial items from this collection, a few may remain; thus the lot is sold as-is, and should be viewed. [500+]

Est. 1,000-1,500

Collection: Hollywood and Broadway Entertainment figures from the 20th century; includes ALS from Jose Ferrer, William S Hart, and Basil Rathbone; TLS from Cecil B de Mille, Buddy Ebsen, and Federico Fellini; SP of Tallulah Bankhead, Warner Baxter, Ray Bolger, Eddie Cantor, Carl Carroll, Tom Mix, Laurence Olivier, Edward G Robinson (edge damage), Erich von Stroheim, and Ed Wynn; and Signatures of Frank E Camp, Augustus Cook, Douglas Fairbanks, and Walter Winchell (with Rose Bigman); with four other items; all VG. [24] (photo - page 152)

Est. 1,000-1,500

Page 155

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January 16-18, 2012 - New York







Collection: 20th Century Notables A large mixed group of important names, many from the political arena, from the early 1900s to the 1970s; most are signatures unless otherwise noted. Includes Edward, Duke of Windsor and Wallis Windsor (in pencil, on stained program); Presidents Herbert Hoover (SP, some cracking, and signature) and William McKinley (brief TLS); First Ladies Grace Coolidge (ALS, tipped to page); Betty Ford (TLS), Edith Bolling Wilson (ALS) and Eleanor Roosevelt (SP); Chief Justice Charles E Hughes (ALS, with three TLS and signature); Justice Louis D Brandeis (ALS); Vice President John Nance Gardner; cabinet members Josephus Daniels, Albert Fall, Robert Lansing, Henry Morgenthau Jr, John Barton Payne, Henry Wallace, and John W Weeks; UK Prime Minister David Lloyd George; soldiers George Dewey, Douglas MacArthur (SP) and John J Pershing (SP); artist Thomas Hart Benton (ALS); and notables William Jennings Bryan (series of ALS), Luther Burbank, J Paul Getty (TLS, 1958, on his son’s death), Elbert Hubbard (TLS), Alfred E Smith, and Edward Teller; with six others. Save as noted, VG. [39] (photo - page 156)

Est. 1,000-1,500

Coolidge, Calvin 30th President of the United States (1872-1933, served 1923-29). Typewritten Document Signed “Calvin Coolidge” as president, 1 page, folio, Washington February 23, 1926. He names “W.J. Milroy...a Member on the part of the State of Washington of the National Advisory Commission to the Sesquicentennial Exhibition Association...” Also signed by Secretary of State “Frank B. Kellogg.” Large Great Seal of the United States. Paper clip stain upper left, other lighter stains right, VG. With seven other items relating to Milroy’s participation in the event. (photo - page 156)

Est. 300-400

Coolidge, Calvin TLS “Calvin Coolidge” as governor of Massachusetts, 1 page, 4to, on his official stationery, Boston, January 15, 1920. He thanks Mr and Mrs Wentworth Prescott of Wolfboro NH for “the delicious fresh water fish you so kindly gave me.” Well toned, creases, VG. (photo - page 156)

Est. 250-300

Durante, Jimmy American entertainer (1893-1980) known as “the Schnozzola” for his bulbous nose; a fixture in the American home through his popular radio and television shows. Autograph Letter Signed “Jimmy Durante,” one page, 4to, on stationery imprinted with his caricature, (Los Angeles), (January) 24, 1938. He writes to WP Johnson of the Irving Trust Co in New York with thanks for his Christmas greetings. “I sure wish you the same. As soon as I get back to New York will be tickled to call you and have lunch.” File stamps, staple holes, VG. With original hand-addressed envelope. [2] (photo - page 156)

Est. 250-300

Eisenhower, Dwight D Thirty-fourth President of the United States (1890-1969, served 1953-61); earlier, Supreme Allied Commander in Europe during World War II. Outstanding Typewritten Letter Signed “Dwight D. Eisenhower” as Commanding General of US Forces in the European Theater, 1 page, 8vo, on his imprinted official stationery, (London), October 26, 1945. He writes Mr and Mrs FW Brower of Minerva, OH, “I am indeed distressed to learn that your son was called upon to make the supreme sacrifice. Permit me to offer my sincere sympathy. I will direct that your letters be sent to my proper staff section, which will make a full investigation...” Folds, VG. With original envelope. (photo - page 156)

Est. 400-500

Frost, Robert Beloved and influential American poet (1874-1963). Detached Book Page Signed “Robert Frost / 1953,” the half title of “The Poems of Robert Frost,” small 8vo, published by the Modern library. Stain lower left, uneven toning, VG. (photo - page 156)

Est. 300-400

Page 157

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Hollywood: Roscoe “Fatty” Arbuckle American actor and director (1887-1933); one of the giants of silent comedy, his career was destroyed when he was accused of a horrible rape that led to a woman’s death; though exonerated, he never regained the public’s trust. Scarce Photograph Signed “Roscoe Arbuckle / July 9th / 1927 / Cleveland / Ohio” and inscribed to a fan over medium-tone areas at lower left of image. A serious 10” x 8” headand-shoulders close-up of the actor by Melbourne Spurr of Hollywood (blindstamped at lower right). Pin holes in all corners, three file holes along left edge, wear at corners including minor loss lower right and fold lower left, otherwise VG. Arbuckle’s 1927 comedy show in Cleveland was notable for its opening act, a little-known English comedian whom Arbuckle would help establish himself in Hollywood; the youngster’s name was Bob Hope. (photo - page 156)

Est. 250-350

Hollywood: Hedy Lamarr Austrian-American actress (1914-2000); known for her intelligence, she helped invent a frequency-hopping device whose principles are the basis for cell phones; considered by many the most beautiful woman in film history. Two exceedingly scarce variety Typewritten Documents Signed “Hedy Lamarr Lee,” each 3-3/4 pages, legal folio, Hollywood, May 16, 1961. Two copies of her Last Will and Testament, in which she bequeaths “all of the real and personal property to which I may have any the time of my death to my two children, DENISE HEDWIG LODER, also known as DENISE HEDWIG LEE, and ANTHONY JOHN LODER, also known as ANTHONY JOHN LEE, in equal parts by evaluation...” The first copy is also signed by three witnesses. With a third, unsigned copy. Also with a related TLS “Hedy Lamarr Lee,” 1 page, 8vo, on stationery imprinted with the initial “L,” Los Angeles, July 1, 1961, in which she writes that “It is my intention that as of this date, I transfer all of my property and valuables to Denise Hedwig Loder Lee, and Anthony John Loder Lee, and I here-by do so.” With notarization and witness’ signature. Also with an ALS by Lamarr’s daughter, Denise, acknowledging the transfer, also signed by her brother and a witness. With the exception of a fingerprint on the TLS, all are in Fine condition. Especially notable about this will is that it does not mention James, her adopted son. When Lamarr died in 2000, James contested her will, which did not name him at that time, either. Clearly his disinheritance had been intended for decades! [5] (photo - page 156)

Est. 300-400

Hollywood: Mae West American actress, singer, and screenwriter (1893-1980) known for her risque persona; her suggestive humor often led to censorship that she used to further promote her career. Outstanding association and telling content Typewritten Letter Signed “Mae West”, 2 pages, 8vo, on blue stationery imprinted with her name, Hollywood, August 26, 1941. She writes to film superstar Gary Cooper in what may be a kind of form letter, asking him to help Warden Clinton Duffy of San Quentin Penitentiary, who is “preparing to award prizes to the men in prison who prove most worthy of them...It has been suggested that I let you know about this personally...I attended the National Congress of the American Prison Association as an appointed delegate...I accepted because I felt I owed something to the bad boys...since my stage and screen successes have been about the underworld...” She asks Cooper to send a donation either to her or directly to the warden. Staple holes, otherwise VG. A great relatively early West letter showcasing her social conscience. (photo - page 162)

Est. 400-500

January 16-18, 2012 - New York

1649 1649

Houdini, Harry Legendary American stage magician and escape artist, real name Ehrich Weiss (1874-1926) combined daredevil stunts, spectacular illusions, and a keen instinct for self-promotion to become the greatest stage magician of his and perhaps any era; invented or perfected many of the illusions that still thrill audiences today; killed at age 51 when a fan punched him to test his claim that he could handle any blow, and inadvertently ruptured his infected appendix. Rare Document Signed “Harry Houdini� as president of The Houdini Picture Corporation, 1 page, oblong 4to, NY, October 26, 1922. A stock certificate for $10 shares of the company, issued to Josephine Doelker, certificate #2118. Folds, minor toning, VG, as a collectible stock, about very fine+. The Houdini Picture Corp produced just two films before it folded in 1923. (photo)

Est. 2,500-3,500

Page 159

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1650 1650

Houdini, Harry Excellent magic history content Typewritten Letter Signed “Houdini” in pencil, 1 page, 4to, (Brooklyn, NY), March 1, 1918. Typos show that Houdini himself must have typed this letter to Edwin Fay Rice, magician and curator of the Boston Public Library. He sends thanks for “Photos of Prof Young and Mrs...I believe they must have been taken from before Young was entering the last mile stones of his life...I am working a number of benefits for the soldiers and Navy, so am as busy as possible. 278 is being gradually being [sic] brought to a clean state...” He adds in a postscript, “Did you see the Sphinx this month? There is an article by Harry Thompson, re early history of magic in Chicago. How would it be to have such an article re Boston?...It would not cost much?? And wud [sic] be a good article for M.U.M...” Minor wear at upper right corner, otherwise VG/F. With original typed embossed envelope of the Society for American Magicians, of which Houdini was president. M-U-M was the society’s newsletter. “Prof. Young” was one of the most prominent American stage magicians of the 19th century. Houdini’s interest in the history of his craft, and in those who mastered it, was obvious in his own stage name, which he chose to honor the great French illusionist Jean Robert-Houdin. But the truth meant more to him than his hero, and he later wrote a book exposing Houdin for stealing others’ illusions and taking credit for devising them! (photo)

Est. 500-750

January 16-18, 2012 - New York

1651 1651




Jung, Carl Gustav Swiss psychiatrist who founded analytical psychology (1875-1961). Interesting Autograph Sentiment Signed “C.G. Jung” on 3.75” x 5.9” autograph card, and inscribed in German, “Sensible dedications unobtainable.” A witty signature from the important psychologist! Fine. With photograph. (photo)

Est. 400-500

Lindbergh, Charles A American aviator (1902-74) who became world-famous when he made the first solo non-stop transatlantic flight in 1927. His Book “We.” NY, GP Putnam’s Sons, 1927. Author’s autograph edition Signed “Charles A. Lindbergh” on limitation page, #430/1000. 8vo, tan and cream with gilt title, spine, and decoration, 308 pages, illustrated. Home-made silk dust jacket, easily removed. Some toning, edge wear, and minor shaking, but strong VG. Published the same year he achieved international renown, this book tells the story of “Lucky Lindy’s” famous flight. Signed at the height of his sensational public career.

Est. 750-1,000

Literary: 19th Century Greats Choice selection of autographs, including Autograph Letters Signed by “Henry W. Longfellow” (1879, identifying lines from his poem “‘Footsteps of Angels’ in Voices of the Night,”); “Herbert Spencer” (1876, with social and a bit of anthropological content); and “W.M. Thackeray” (two, one declining an invitation, the other explaining that he does not want “to repeat my lectures on The Georges”). With Autograph Verse Signed by “William Cullen Bryant,” his translation of an epigram by Martial, with AN presenting it to a daily paper. Bryant pages tipped to larger sheet with newsprint engraving. With period photograph of Bryant by Mora of NY and engraving of Longfellow. [7] (photo - page 162)

Est. 1,000-1,500

Literary: 20th Century Quality group of autographs, including ALS by Henry Miller (1963, on a braille edition of Tropic of Cancer), Alfred Noyes, and Arnold Toynbee; TLS by Sinclair Lewis (1936, on a good review for “Main Street”) and Ogden Nash; and Signed Books by Ray Bradbury (The Illustrated Man) and Tennessee Williams (I Rise in Flame, Cried the Phoenix); generally VG. [7] (photo - page 162)

Est. 750-1,000

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January 16-18, 2012 - New York

1655 1655


Madison, James and James Monroe Fourth and fifth Presidents of the United States. Desirable Document Signed “James Madison” as President and “Jas Monroe” as Secretary of State, 1 page, oblong folio, vellum, Washington, February 15, 1812. A land grant for a quarter lot in the Territory Northwest of the Ohio, to George Shannon. Great Seal of the United States. Folds, lightly foxed, but bright, clear, and VG. (photo)

Est. 500-750

Madison, James and James Monroe Good Document Signed “James Madison” as President and “Jas Monroe” as Secretary of State, 1 page, oblong folio, on vellum, February 15, 1812. A second land grant to George Shannon for a quarter lot adjoining the one above. “J” in Madison’s name a bit light, soiling at edges, VG. (photo - page 162)

Est. 400-500





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1657 1657



Monet, Claude French painter (1840-1926) whose work gave the Impressionist school its name and its epitome. Autograph Letter Signed “Claude Monet” in French, 1 page, 8vo, on stationery imprinted with his address, Giverny, September 19, 1908. He writes Mr. [Grauvirais?] that he encloses “the sum of 144 - a note of a hundred francs and a money order of 44 for the balance due to date” and requests a receipt. Matted under glass with a black-and-white print of one of Monet’s self-portraits and contained in a gilt wooden frame, overall size 12” x 16.5”. Frame with one nick, otherwise letter and rest are VG. (photo)

Est. 1,000-1,500

Monroe, James Fifth President of the United States (1758-1831, served 1817-25); presided over the “era of good feeling.” Partly engraved Document Signed “James Monroe” as President, 1 page, oblong folio, on vellum, Washington, June 27, 1822. A land grant to Henry Friesner in the Deleware district of Ohio for 80 acres. Seal remnant. Sharp folds with minor interior split at one junction, but a bold clear signature and VG. (photo - page 162)

Est. 250-300











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Music: Meredith Willson American Composer (1902-84); after a successful career scoring films, he is best known for his hit Broadway musical The Music Man, a perennial favorite. Pair of autographs including Photograph Signed “Meredith Willson / ‘34” and inscribed to a friend, a handsome 10” x 8” close-up head-and-shoulders portrait. With mimeographed Score Signed “Meredith 7/19/41” in pencil, 3 pages, folio (12.5” x 9.5”). He inscribes the score for “Never Feel too Weary to Pray” from that year’s film The Little Foxes to “Jimmy / with all good / wishes & THANX.” Folds in score, otherwise both VG. Willson’s score was nominated for an Academy Award. (photo - page 162)

Est. 300-400

Rockefeller, John D. American industrialist and financier (1839-1937); founded Standard Oil and made it the nation’s largest oil producer, buying out most of its rivals; the company was broken up as a monopoly and he retired, dedicating the last forty years of his life to philanthropy. Rare form Typewritten Letter Signed “John D. Rockefeller,” 1 page, 8vo, on stationery imprinted with his address, “Kiljuit,” Pocantico Hills, NY, July 12, 1922. To Mrs. (Sally) Theron McCampbell in Holmdel, NJ, he sends thanks for “the very beautiful old-fashioned bouquet. It was greatly admired by us all, and evinced such painstaking exquisite taste on the part of one who is so constantly doing beautiful things for us that we cannot stop to catch breath to give any fit expression to our gratitude...” With original typed envelope. Minor soiling, but VG. The estate from which Rockefeller sent this, is now usually referred to as Kykuit. The original Dutch means “lookout,” fitting for an estate that overlooks gorgeous Hudson Valley scenery. Mrs. McCampbell, wife of a potato farmer and gadfly New Jersey Assemblyman, would send the oil magnate apples later in the month. No doubt the flowers were for his 83rd birthday, which he had celebrated on July 8. (photo page 162)

Est. 750-1,000

Rockwell, Norman Beloved American illustrator (1894-1978). Typewritten Letter Signed “Norman Rockwell,” 1/3 page, 8vo, on stationery imprinted “Stockbridge / Massachusetts,” March 18, 1960. He thanks Mr. Bickford for his letter and is pleased “that you like my work and are enjoying my autobiography.” Tack holes at edges and one in top center, uneven toning, VG. With original typed envelope. [2] (photo - page 168)

Est. 250-300





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1662 1662


Roosevelt, Theodore Incredible association Book "Message of the President of the United the Two Houses of Congress at the Beginning of the Second Session of the Fifty-Eighth Congress." Government Printing Office, Washington, 1903. 8vo, red cloth with gilt title. Signed "Theodore Roosevelt / Jan 6th 1905" on free front endpaper and inscribed "To / Lt. Daniel Moore / with a happy new year..." Scant foxing of extremities, <BVF/F<Q. Lt. Dan Moore was an aide to President Roosevelt and had, like his chief, served in the Spanish-American War. Both men were boxers, so Moore became the president's sparring partner. During one match, he struck Roosevelt so hard in the eye that he caused permanent damage to the president's vision! With an elaborate, frame-like wooden case with a glass cover, and with a wooden lid over the glass bearing an explanatory plaque. Roosevelt signed this shortly after his lopsided re-election victory. Just days earlier, Japan had captured Port Arthur from Russia, and soon Roosevelt would begin the negotiations that would earn him the Nobel Peace Prize. (photo)

Est. 1,500-2,000

Sandburg, Carl American Pulitzer Prize-winning poet and biographer (1878-1967); remembered especially for his biography of Abraham Lincoln. Quartet of autographs including brief Typewritten Letter Signed “Carl Sandburg,” 2 lines, small 8vo, on stationery imprinte “Connemara Farms / Flat Rock, NC,” April 20, 1949. He tells Miss Brown that “The quotation atttributed to Lincoln is definitely spurius [sic].” With a second TLS “Carl Sandburg,” 1953, to an admirer, full vertical tear replaced with tape, with envelope; and a third TLS, 1958, to Mr. Sampson, saying he cannot read his poems, with envelope. Finally, with his Signature “Carl Sandburg” on a 3” x 4” card, 1963, with envelope to a fan in Harrisburg, PA. Repaired letter VG, other letters VG/F, card Fine. [6] (photo - page 168)

Est. 400-500

January 16-18, 2012 - New York






Seward, William H US Secretary of State under Abraham Lincoln and Andrew Johnson (1801-72, served 1861-69); earlier, US Senator and Governor of New York; severely wounded in a vicious knife attack as part of the Lincoln assassination conspiracy. Partly engraved Document Signed “William H. Seward” as secretary of state, 1 page, folio, Washington, April 23, 1864. A US passport for Fanny M Talbot. With handstamps and pen notes from France and Austria, one very close to signature. VG.

Est. 200-300

Shaw, George Bernard Nobel Prize-winning Irish playwright and political activist (18561950); known for witty, socially incisive plays such as Pygmalion, Saint Joan, and Man and Superman. Printed Letter Signed “G. Bernard Shaw,” 1 page, oblong 12mo, “10 Adelphi Terrace, London,” no date (but circa 1914-15). His stock response to letters about his 1914 essay “Common Sense About the War.” The note explains that “I have received so many letters...that I have had to give up all hope of dealing with them separately...Many branches of the Independent Labor Party and other Liberal and Socialist organizations have passed resolutions which have...given me sincere personal gratification...Accept my thanks in this indiscriminate but very earnest form.” He adds in an Autograph Postscript, “An editor is sometimes much more impressed by the letters he DOESN’T insert than by those he does.” Matted under glass with a youthful period Photograph of Shaw and contained in a partly gilt wooden frame, 11” x 14.25” overall size. Some bumping of frame, but letter and photograph VG. Shaw’s essay had observed, among other things, that there was no difference in substance between German militarism and “Junkerism” and the English varieties, and that World War I was certain not to produce the desired results even when the UK won (which he does not doubt it will). (photo - page 168)

Est. 400-500

Shaw, George Bernard Good association Autograph Note Signed “G. Bernard Shaw / 1st March 1929,” three lines, at the foot of a 1-page 4to TLS from Sands Chipman of the Emerson Quarterly, published by the Emerson College of Oratory in Boston, MA. Chipman had written Shaw on February 15 about an excerpt he had seen from “a letter by you to Mr. Percival Wilde on the subject of Amateurs and Royalties. The royalties question is still a live issue in this country” and Chipman wished to add Shaw’s thoughts to the Quarterly’s article on the subject. Shaw responds, “I have no objection...But it would be uncivil to do so without Mr. Wilde’s permission. If you can get it you may go ahead...” Matted under glass with a (possibly printed) photograph of Shaw and conatined in a partly gilt wooden frame, overall size 16.5” x 19”. VG. (photo - page 168)

Est. 300-400

Slavery: Documents Trio of items, including Letter Signed, Pasquotank County (NC) March 1, 1790, to John Smith from the county sheriff, advising, “There is a negro woman by the name of Darkes in Custody & said to be liberated...Attend at the next Court...& make claim (if any you have) or she will be sold...” With document signed, Galveston, “District of Texas,” January 15, 1849, a manifest of slaves with one entry, for a woman named Silvia of New Orleans, with a custom collector’s statement that she is not imported (illegally) from out of the country. Finally a document, Charleston, SC, February 19, 1851, in which Joseph D and Emily A Jenkins sell “the mulatto male slave an unsound negro” to O Mills & Co for $450. Letter toned with edge wear and staining, otherwise all VG. [3] (photo - page 168)

Est. 300-400

Sports: Collection Great mix of stars from the 20th century in a wide variety of sports, including ALS by golfer Sam Snead, SP of baseball great Don Drysdale, and of the 1943 Detroit Tigers (team photo signed by all, edge wear and light creases), and Signatures of basketball legend Wilt Chamberlain, Olympian and and actor Buster Crabbe (3, on copies of a 1947 sports magazine), golfer Walter Hagen, boxers Bruno Carnera and Pete Latzo, and Olympic legend Jesse Owens. [11]

Est. 500-750

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January 16-18, 2012 - New York

1669 1669



Supreme Court: Burger Court, Desirable black and white Photograph Signed by all nine members of the US Supreme Court, ca 1972, viz. Warren E Burger, Harry A Blackmun, William Brennan Jr, William O Douglas, Thurgood Marshall, Lewis F Powell Jr, William H Rhendquist, Potter Stewart, and Byron White. All sign in broad margin below image near their positions in photo. Some light smudging of Powell and White’s signatures, light fold lower left, otherwise sharp and VG, ideal for framing. (photo)

Est. 1,500-2,000

Van Buren, Martin Brief Autograph Letter Signed “M.V. Buren,” 2/3 page, 4to, Kinderhook, NY, May 4, 1825. To an unnamed recipient, he quickly writes regarding his brother, Lawrence Van Buren, who holds “a bond and mortgage” of “Ananias Barton, on which there is due eight hundred & ninety four dollars & twenty five cents which I have indorsed on a bond & mortgage I hold agt. said Lawrence.” Some blotting of last word. Age-toned, with edge wear and a few small dampstains, otherwise in very good condition. Lawrence Van Buren had been an officer in the War of 1812. At the time of this letter, Martin Van Buren was just emerging as a leader in the US Senate, and began to act as head of the de facto opposition during the administration of John Quincy Adams. (photo - page 168)

Est. 200-300

Verne, Jules French novelist (1828-1905) who pioneered the genre of science fiction with classics such as 20,000 Leagues under the sea and Around the World in Eighty Days. Gracious Autograph Letter Signed “Jules Verne,” in French, 1/2 page, 12mo, Amiens, April 21, 1881. A brief letter sending “the lines you requested,” the value of which Verne is not certain, though he his happy to send them. Matted in brown and gold with a handsome period Photograph of Verne, and contained under glass in a gilt wooden frame, overall size 12.4” x 15.5”. Frame a bit rubbed and scratched, but letter VG/F and photo Fine. By 1881, Verne was well established as one of the most popular authors writing in French. (photo - page 168)

Est. 400-500

Page 169

The January 2012 Collectors Series Sale

1672 1672

Victoria I Queen of the United Kingdom and Empress of India (1819-1901, reigned from 1837); the longest-reigning British monarch, she ruled during the height of her nation’s imperial glory, a golden age of science, culture, industry, commerce, and military might. Exceptionally rare date Letter of State Signed “Victoria RI” as Queen, 2 pages, folio, on black-bordered mourning stationery, Court at St. James’ (London), December 28, 1861. Exactly two weeks after the death of her beloved husband, Prince Albert, from typhoid fever, Victoria approves “Charles D. Cleveland as Consul for the said United States” at Cardiff, and commands her subjects to “receive, countenance, and, as there may be occasion, favourably assist the exercise of his office.” Also signed by Lord John “Russell” as Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs. With wax and paper Royal Seal at head of first page, also bordered in black. Wear at vertical hinge and at folds, including minor internal crack, offsetting from border of seal, otherwise VG. The death of Prince Albert devastated Queen Victoria, who spent the rest of her long life in mourning dress, remaining in seclusion for all but her official duties. At the time of this confirmation, diplomatic relations between the United States and the United Kingdom were at their lowest ebb in decades due to the Trent Affair, in which Confederate commissioners bound for England were removed from a British ship by the United States Navy. We find no record of a document signed by Victoria so soon after her bereavement having been sold at auction in the past three decades. From the Gordon Collection. (photo)

Est. 750-1,000

January 16-18, 2012 - New York







Victoria I Choice early Manuscript Document Signed “Victoria R” as Queen, 2-1/2 pages, folio, Claremont (near Esher, Surrey), July 18, 1845. Also signed by Foreign Secretary George Hamilton-Gordon, 4th Earl of “Aberdeen.” Queen Victoria, “for the encouragement of Our Subjects trading to Nice...agreeable to the friendship and good correspondence subsisting between Us and our Good Brother the King of Sardinia” appoints Adolphus La Croix the United Kingdom’s consul at Nice. With wax and paper royal seal at top left of first page. Wear at horizontal fold, with minor splitting at edges and hinge, otherwise VG. Boldly signed at head of first page. (photo - page 168)

Est. 500-750

Westinghouse, George, Jr American inventor and businessman (1846-1914); beginning with his air brake system that greatly increased train safety, he built a technology empire that continues to thrive. Partly engraved Document Signed “Geo. Westinghouse Jr” as president of the Westinghouse Air Brake Co, 1 page, oblong 8vo, Pittsburgh March 15, 1872. A pay order on the company for $4873.05 to John Moorhead. Also signed by the company’s secretary. Beautiful vignette at left of train. Heavy pen cancellation through signature. Minor edge wear, VG (VF to stock and bond collectors). (photo - page 172)

Est. 300-400

Wilson, Woodrow Twenty-eighth President of the United States (1856-1924, served 1913-21); gained the White House when Taft and third-party candidate Theodore Roosevelt split the Republican vote; conceived the League of Nations; earlier, Governor of New Jersey and president of Princeton University; awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 1919. Brief Typewritten Letter Signed “Woodrow Wilson” as President, 2/3 page, 8vo, on White House stationery, but written in Hot Springs, VA, December 31, 1915. He thanks Ashton W. Gray of Petersburg, VA, for his message, adding, “It is such things that keep a man in heart.” Fold, lightly toned, VG. With original typewritten envelope. President Wilson was in Hot Springs honeymooning with his new bride, Edith Bolling Galt, whom he had married on December 18. [2] (photo - page 172)

Est. 200-300

Wolcott, Oliver, Jr. Secretary of the Treasury, succeeding upon the resignation of his mentor, Alexander Hamilton (1760-1833); governor of Connecticut. Three partly printed Documents Signed “Oliv. Wolcott / Secy of the Treas.,” each 1 page, folio, Philadelphia [2] and Washington, 1799-1800. Each mitigates a penalty assessed to an owner of a Rhode Island vessel. All with embossed Treasury Department seals. All with some fold wear, 1799 document with small piece out near horizontal fold, not affecting text, otherwise all VG. (photo - page 172)

Est. 300-400

World War I: Signed Discharge Most unusual Document Signed, 1 page, oblong 4to, Washington, March 2, 1920, honorably discharging Paul Mc Michael, a major in the Ordnance Department of the US Army, Signed across entire face by over 30 war-related personalities, including Woodrow Wilson, John J Pershing, Ferdinand Foch, David Beattie, Amando Diaz, Baron Jacques, and US Secretary of War Newton D Baker. Signed also by Theodore Roosevelt Jr, who adds a distressingly capable forgery of his father’s signature. Tipped to a larger sheet. With facsimile of the item under which are printed identifications of all the signers. Well toned, signs of previous display, about VG. A unique item, priced according to condition.

Est. 300-400

[Yellow-Stone] Aquatint Engraving “The Steamer Yellow-Stone on the 19th April 1833” C. Bodmer, painter, Bougeard, publisher, Lucas Weber, engraver. Holscher in Koblenz, Ackermann in London, Bertrand in Paris, 1840. Bodmer blindstamp is presumed, but below mat. Tableau 4. Matted in a handsome modern frame, overall size 21.5” x 22.75”. Several scratches on image surface, Fine. The Yellow-Stone had been the first powered vessel to travel up the Missouri River past Council Bluffs, Iowa, reaching the mouth of the river after which the boat was named. The feat marked a turning point in the fur trade, for now supplies could be taken out and furs brought back in quantity. Previously, trappers had to carry their boats with them and send them back downriver with their pelts. The whole enterprise heralded the opening of the West. Please note: this piece will be unavailable for viewing in New York and will be shown in Dallas Only. (photo - page 172)

Est. 1,000-1,500

Page 171

The January 2012 Collectors Series Sale






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January 16-18, 2012 - New York


Zola, Emile French author and political activist (1840-1902). ALS “Emile Zola,” 1 page, 8vo, Medan, France, December 15, 1886. To a friend he writes, “And Paul? Has he decided about his gift? We will be in Paris on Saturday, and we would very much like to rid ourselves of our New Year’s Day errands. So write me Friday evening, so that I have Paul’s choice...Saturday morning, by the first delivery. Another thing: tell Gaullet to hold five thousand francs for my use on Saturday. I will go to the bookstore...” Light foxing, VG. “Paul” is most likely Zola’s longtime friend, painter Paul Cezanne. The two would soon fall out over Zola’s depiction of life among Paris’s artists in his novel The Masterpiece. (photo - page 172)

Est. 500-750



United States Treasury War Finance Committee bond ownership certificate, 1944, as previous, two unissued, one (matted) presented by “Santa Claus,” one with all edges trimmed, folds, faint foxing on verso, otherwise VF, balance VF+. [5] Est. 200-300


United States Treasury War Finance Committee War Bond ownership certificates, unissued, 194_, as previous, one with imprinted signature, one with signature unevenly toned with minor edge wear, good VF, the rest EF. These were issued as a premium for war bond purchasers and remain just as suitable for framing. [4] Est. 250-350

1680 1680

United States of America, Pair of $50 3% adjusted service bonds of 1945, 1936, Andrew Jackson, black with green underprint and red Treasury seal, signs of former vertical fold, but about EF+. [2] (photo) Est. 300-400


United States Treasury, War Finance Committee war bond ownership certificates, issued, 1944-45, design as previous, three imprinted with title of issuing agent, one with trimmed and toned edges, good VF-VF+. [5] Est. 200-300


United States Treasury, War Finance Committee war bond ownership certificates, issued, 1944-45, all with imprinted title of issuing agent, one specifies Los Angeles issue, one imprinted “WOMEN’S DIVISION,” one with fold, two with mounting traces on versos, otherwise good VF+. [4] Est. 200-300

1685 1685

United States of America World War II Armed Forces service certificates, unofficial, printed watercolor scenes of land, sea, and air warfare, surrounded by various military insignia, lightly toned and soiled, VF+. [85] (photo) Est. 400-500


State of Alabama, 8% Bond, 1870, $1000, train and blacksmith, eagle in corners, red seal and green $1000 overprint, signed by Smith as governor, VF. Est. 200-300

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The January 2012 Collectors Series Sale


State of Alabama $1000 4% renewal bond, Specimen, 1906, eagle on rock, state seal, green, ABN, fold wear including edge nicks, good VF+. Est. 100-150


State of Arkansas $100, 7% levee bond, 1869, #232, train, girls’ heads, state seal, black and brown. Small hole, about VF. Est. 100-150


State of Arkansas $1000 7% bond, 1870, #295, design as previous, green, one row of coupons used, uncanceled, minor edge nicks, about VF+. Est. 150-200


State of Arkansas $1000 7$ certificate of indebtedness, 1870, #109, as previous, five coupons used, VF. Est. 150-250


State of Arkansas $1000 7% bond, 1870, #526, design as previous, green, punch cancels, VF. Est. 150-250



State of Arkansas $1000 7% certificate of indebtedness, 1870, design as previous, orange, folds, edge chips, otherwise VF. Est. 150-250 State of Arkansas, $500 7% levee bond, 187(1), #4115, a beautiful issue, with steamboats at top, woman with yarn lower left, state seal bottom, woman with pen and book lower right, black with red “500” underprint, green back, three coupons used, fingerprint in left margin, folds, minor fold and edge wear, a strong VF+. Est. 100-150


State of Arkansas $500 7% levee bond, 1871, Cr. 71B, state arms, black with red underprint, one coupon used, uncanceled, fold wear including minor separation at right, good VF+. Est. 100-150


State of Arkansas, $500 7% levee bond, 1871, #1490, as previous, minor edge and fold wear, agetoning, overall VF+. Est. 80-100


State of Arkansas (AR) 1872. No. 193. $1000. 7% Levee Bond. Steamboats. Allegorical figures, lower corners. State seal, botto. Similar to the $500 bond. Cu. VF. Est. 150-250


State of Arkansas $500 7% levee bond, 1872, #4941, as previous, minor soiling, about EF. Est. 100-150


State of Arkansas, $100 7% levee bonds, 1872, design as previous, one with light staining, about VF+. [2] Est. 250-300


Sacramento County (CA), $500, 8% hospital bond, 1870, $500, #83, Hospital building, train with passengers below, green, VF. Est. 150-250


Los Angeles Street Improvement Bonds (CA), ten different street improvement bonds, 1920s-30s, all black and orange, with vignettes of the CA state seal, VF+. [10] Est. 200-300


Los Angeles Utility Bonds (CA), ten $1000 bonds of four kinds: water works bond election 1907 green (2); sewage disposal bond election 1922 orange (2); electric plant bond election 1924 brown; water works bond election 1930 blue (5); various vignettes, all featuring the city seal, VF+-EF. [10] Est. 200-300


City of Los Angeles (CA), $1000 4-1/2% Water Works bond, class G, 1907, #19320, stunning vista of Mount Whitney at top, state arms at bottom, sharp embossed seal, green, printed by ABN, punch and stamp canceled, top edge clipped, no coupons, minor edge and fold wear, displays above grade, VF+. Est. 80-120


City of San Francisco (CA), Board of Seventh Street Commissioners pay orders, 1876, #10 and higher, militia man with US flag, rifle, and plow, black on tan paper, about VF+ [9] Est. 300-400


City of San Francisco (CA), Board of Seventh Street Commissioners pay orders, 1876, #4 and higher, militia man with US flag, rifle, and plow, VF+-EF. [10] Est. 300-400


California Bonds, Mixed group: Controller’s Office $5.32 pay warrant to Drainage District No 1, 1880 black; City of Los Angeles $1000 water works bonds 1905 olive and 1907 green (edge loss at top), and $137.37 street improvement bond 1930 orange; with City and County of San Francisco $1000 bonds for hospital-jail completion 1913 blue (trimmed top edge), schools 1923 yellow, and airport 1951 green; and Nevada Irrigation District $1000 4% refunding bond, 1931, brown, tipped into matching bond filing folder, and $1000 bond 1943 orange; save as noted, VF-EF. [9] Est. 150-200


State of Connecticut, Commissioner’s office receipts, recording army notes from 1781 and later, ornate border, 1793, #151, #162 and #167, CT-27A in Anderson, VF+. [3] Est. 150-200


State of Connecticut, Treasury office transfer certificate, CT-27 in Anderson, 1790 (changed by hand from 1789), #1986, #2049, and #2161, recording army notes from 1781, signed by Jabez Huntington as treasurer, pen canceled through signatures, good VF+. [3] Est. 100-150

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January 16-18, 2012 - New York

New Britain (CT), Transfer certificates, registered with the town clerk, 1864-67, concerning transfers for the Corporation of P and F Corbin (2), Humason & Beckley Mfg Co (5), J Shepard & Co (4), Malleable Iron Works (27), New Britain Knitting Co (35), North & Judd Mfg (4), Russell and Erwin Mfg Co (7), Stanley Rule and Level Co (8), Union Mfg Co (13), Walnut Hill Park Co (2), and one elector certification for Bridgeport; good VF-VF+. [108] Est. 300-400


State of Kansas, $1000 7% bond, 1864, #39, state seal amid instruments of farming, industry, and commerce, with ships and farmer, plow and wheat at left, dog and chest at right, punch and cut cancellations, minor edge wear, a strong VF+. Est. 100-150


State of Kansas, $1000 bonds, 1864, #41-42, state seal, agricultural items, dog with safe andkey, black with red underprint, top and bottom edges trimmed a bit close, VF+. [2] Est. 150-200


Colorado Springs (CO), $1000 4% water works extension bond, 1902, green, and $500 6% Paving and Improvement District No 1 bonds, 1911 brown (4), good VF and better. [5] Est. 80-100


State of Kansas (KS) 1864. No. 36. $1000. 7% Bond. Red date overprint - July First, 1884. Bond issued to raise capital for the expenses of the Militia. POCs. Small piece out of top and bottom margins, otherwise VF. Est. 80-120


Colorado Springs Bonds (CO & ME), ten bonds on the City of Colorado Springs (9) and the Colorado Southern Irrigation Co (ME), 1901-1911, for water works, city hall, paving and improvements, etc., most green or brown, canceled, generally VF+. [10] Est. 225-300


City of Louisville (KY), $1000 5% bond, Proof, 1880, state arms flanked by shepherdess and farmer on horse-drawn plow, with proof sheets of reverse (2) and coupons (3), and ABN order form, generally about VF+. [7] Est. 100-150


State of Louisiana, $1000 6% bond, to the Consolidated Association of the Planters of Louisiana, 1842, #146, American eagle, ornate border, black, pen canceled not affecting signatures, some damage to bottom edge touching border, fold wear, toning, but a handsome bond, about VF+. Est. 100-150


State of Louisiana $1000 8% bond, 1871, #944, to New Orleans, Mobile, and Chattanooga RR, signed by HC Warmoth as governor, Agriculture and Scholarship top, state arms bottom, brown, fold wear including minor separation, deep central crease, still about VF+. Henry Clay Warmoth (1842-1931) was a construction governor born in Illinois, and made extra money during his term speculating in state bonds! Est. 200-300


State of Louisiana (LA) 1871. No. 564. $1000. Brown frame and purple seal. Certificate of Indebtedness to the New Orleans, Mobile and Chattanooga Rail Road. Agriculture and Art flanking title. Pelican feeding her young at bottom. Coupons underneath. VF-EF. Est. 150-250


State of Louisiana, $5 3% “baby bonds,” 1872-74, uncut sheets of four and one loose, little girl in bonnet, black on grayish paper, coupons right, good VF+. [41] Est. 300-400


State of Louisiana $1000 4% new consolidated bonds, 1892, old state capitol, Justice, allegorical children, green, ABN, coupons removed from right, some uneven right edges, VF+. [39] Est. 500-750


State of Louisiana $1000 4% new consolidated bonds, 1892, as previous, good VF-VE+. [39] Est. 500-750



County of Lawrence (Dakota Territory), $500 5% refunding bond, Deadwood, 1887, #161, panorama of Deadwood at top, black and green, ABN, cut and stamp canceled, 38 coupons remain, minor edge wear, some wrinkling of coupons, about EF. Est. 80-120


District of Columbia, $500 8% water fund certificate, unissued, 1873, allegorical figure in laurels looks on at US Capitol, bridge and ships, great banknotelike designs, black, small closed tear repaired on verso, good VF+. Est. 200-300


City of Brunswick (GA), $100 shs, 1865-69 (three written over preprinted 1850), train at dock, canal, GA state seal, ship, buck at bottom, black, revenue stamps left, edge wear, good VF-VF+. [5] Est. 200-300


State of Hawaii $5000 6.3% general obligation bond series AE, 1975, allegorical figures flank sate seal, blue, surrender handstamps, about EF. Est. 60-80


Village of Millstadt (IL), Broadsides giving “Notice to Capitalists!...the Village...will issue and sell its bonds, amounting to $5000, for erecting an Electric Light Plant...Sealed Bids will be received by the undersigned up to November 16 1896.” Black ink. Toned, minor edge wear, VF-VF+. [3] Est. 150-200


State of Iowa, Des Moines River Improvement $500 8% “construction stock,” 1851, #19 and higher (plus two unissued), man with horses beside canal, building, aqueduct, and railroad, man with scythe, woman with rake, Native American warrior and maiden, plow in circle, black, crips folds, three with clean partial fold splits, some with minor toning, about VF+-EF. [19] Est. 750-1,000

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The January 2012 Collectors Series Sale


State of Louisiana, Registered serial 4-1/2% bonds, amounts written in ($1000-45,000), 1928-31, signed by Huey P Long as governor, eagle on rock, green with metallic seal, punch canceled through signatures, generally VF+. Huey Long (1893-1935) brought together local machine politics and populist charisma to become a national figure; assassinated by the nephew of a political opponent in the Louisiana state capitol. [18] Est. 750-1,000


State of Louisiana, $1000 4.5% registered serial gold bond, 19(29), #344RM signed by Governor Huey P. Long, bald eagle on summit at top, black and green with gold-colored foil seal, punch canceled affecting signature, VF+. Est. 100-150


State of Louisiana for Confederate Veterans & Their Widows, $5000 5% Coupon Certificate of Indebtedness, 1933, Baton Rouge, #55, brown, oval portrait of man, VF. Est. 100-150

State of Maryland, Bond, amount to be written in, specimen (or clean unissued), 1891, state arms, black with green underprint, stub intact, pressed folds, about EF. (photo) Est. 300-400


Massachusetts. Thirteen Pounds, Seventeen Shillings, Six Pence. November 11, 1782. #61. M-38. Treasury-office. EF, small spindle hole. Est. 100-150


State of the Massachusetts Bay 24 pounds 9 shillings 6% treasury loan certificate, December 1, 1777, MA-11, signed by Scollay, Price, Boyer and Gardner, sword-in-hand vignette, black, minor fold split repairs on verso, VF. Est. 200-300


State of the Massachusetts Bay, 16 pounds 18 shilling streasury loan certificate, as previous, MA-11, interest payments in pen on face, repairs on verso, VF. Est. 200-300


Commonwealth of Massachusetts Specimens Loans with amounts to be written in, 1890s-early 1900s, Metropolitan Parks brown with red overprint, Development of the Port of Boston blue, Metropolitan Water red-brown, and Metropolitan sewage green, each with different vignette, all ABN, VF+-EF. [4] Est. 100-150


Commonwealth of Massachusetts, $1000 3-1/2% loans “for the abolition of grade crossings,” trains pass under trestle in yard, state arms, great underprint of Mercury spilling coins, “GOLD,” brown, ABN, folded, VF+-EF. [9] Est. 300-400







Parish of Concordia (LA), $100 6% bond, 1867, Vidalia, #689, woman reclines with chest and shield, train, ships and cattle in distance, foxing, VF. Est. 100-150 City of New Orleans (LA), $20 5% premium bonds, 1875, small format, beautiful banknote-like certificates with pair of children below, Agriculute left, Ceres right, city seal, black with red underprint, punch cancels, one affecting right vignettes, good VF+. [8] Est. 200-300 City of Bangor (ME), $500 6% loans “to aid the Construction of the Penobscot and Kennebec Railroad,” unissued, 1855, city seal, black with red underprint, full lower margins, all EF. [11] Est. 100-150 City of Baltimore (MD), $5000 3-1/2% funding loan, 1897, allegorical woman with caduceus and tablet on bales, man’s portrait, purple, ABN (Phil), about EF. [13] Est. 500-750 City of Baltimore (MD), $800-47001500 6% bonds, 1885-91, War Monument, black with green underprint (4) or red underprint (2), folds, good VFVF+. [6] Est. 100-150


Most single item lots can be viewed on our website www., but not all multi-piece lots are imaged. Our specialist will gladly describe any multi-piece lot to you via Internet or telephone.

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January 16-18, 2012 - New York


Michigan Tax Stock 1839. #52. $1000. 7% Stock. Cu. Ornate border. State arms on the reverse. Minor splits, blue cancellation VF. Est. 350-400


Independent School District of Duluth (MN), $1000 bonds, 1882, #4, dog, black with bold red underprint and border, and 1888, school building, black with green underprint, uneven lower edge from coupon removal, both VF+. [2] Est. 60-80


State of Mississippi (NY) 1833. No. 1606. $1000. Agreeement and Coupons relating to the Payment of the Interest in London on the Mississippi State Bond. Fancy frame. Coupons underneath. VG-Fine. Est. 100-150


State of Mississippi $1000 6% bond, 1833, signed by Gov AM Scott, ornate borders, black, coupons at both sides (some used), VF+. Est. 200-300


State of Mississippi, $1000 6% Planter’s Bank Bond, No.847, Plate E, signed by Gov. AM Scott, ornate border. Signed by Governor Scott, trimmed, VF+. Est. 150-250


State of Mississippi, 1833. $1000 6% Planter’s Bank Bond. No.1464, Plate G, signed by Governor AM Scott, ornate border, trimmed, VF+. Est. 150-250


State of Mississippi (NY) 1833. No. 1950.$1000. Agreeement and Coupons relating to the Payment of the Interest in London on the Mississippi State Bond. Fancy frame. Coupons underneath and separate sheet. Toning, edge crumpling, otherwise VG-Fine. [2] Est. 100-150


State of Mississippi (MS) 1838. #306. $2000. 5% Loan. Cr38A. Pink seal. Woman seated on cotton bale near semi-nude Indian Princess. Eagles at side. Steamboat below. Union bank bond due in 1858 with a light blue paper seal. DTL. VF+. Est. 250-350


State of Mississippi (MS) 1833. Planter’s Bank Bond. No.739. $1000. 6% Bond. Cs. Plate E. Ornate border. Signed by Governor Scott. Trimmed. VF-EF. Est. 100-150


State of Mississippi (MS) 1833. $1000. Phenix Bank. #512. Plate E. 6% Bond. Cu. Ornate border. VF+*. Est. 100-150


State of Mississippi $1000 6% bond deposit certificate at the Corporation of Foreign Bondholders, specimen, 1912, #C000, issued in London for bonds issued to Planters’ Bank in 1831/3, ornate border, blue, printed by Bradbury Wilkinson & Co, EF. Est. 60-80


State of Mississippi, $500 8% bond, series B, unissued, 187_, #401, state capitol at top, men tote cotton at left, cotton bale and corn stalks at right, American eagle at bottom, uneven toning from prior matting at edges, fold wear, stains from former tape, minor fold splitting, repaired splits, trimmed close, VF. Est. 100-150


State of Mississippi (MS) 1874. No.417. $500. Orange decorative frame. Cu. State capitol building. Men haul cotton in baskets at left, while at right a corn stalk and bales, barrels sit. Eagle with shield and olive branch at bottom. Unissued. VF. Est. 100-150


State of Mississippi $10,000 5% bonds deposit certificate, for bonds issued to Union Bank in 1838, deposited with the Council of Foreign Bondholders, Specimen, London, 1883, #350, though attached stub says #001, elaborate border at left and around counters, paste traces on verso and holes in left edge of stub, VF+. Est. 60-80


County of Harrison (MS), $100 6% bond, 1887, #39, train at riverside station, black with red underprint, nine coupons remain, offsetting, fold wear, about VF+. Est. 100-150

Stocks and Bonds in this offering are all cancelled unless otherwise mentioned.

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The January 2012 Collectors Series Sale


State of Missouri, $1000 3% bond, 1853, #42, signed by Sterling Price as Governor, Plenty at top, another version at upper left with Agriculture middle left and phoenix lower left, tipped with six coupons to a larger sheet, edge wear including some chipping, well toned, about VF. Est. 100-150


State of Missouri, $1000 Certificate of Indebtedness, 1865, #249, eagle atop shield, male portraits, right and left, issued to William B. Astor and signed by Thos C. Fletcher as governor, completely paper backed as a preventive, as bond is wrinkled but intact, toned, about VF. Est. 300-400


City of St. Louis (MO), $1000 6% 20-year floating debt bond, 1867, #273, unissued, outstanding city port scene at center, American eagle at top, horse pulls cask upper left, state capitol lower left, state seal upper right, black with red underprint and counters, not signed, fold splits repaired on verso with Japanese paper, edge wear, toned, but attractive and about VF. Est. 100-150


Territory of Montana $100 15% bonds, June 1, 1869, as previous, blue, VF or better. [23] Est. 250-350


Territory of Montana $50 15% bond, 1968, #13, sailor on dock at right, woman in feathered hat at left, dog head at bottom, black with red ornate border and pink “FIFTY” underprint, one coupon remains, stamp and punch canceled, some staining in bottom margin and on coupon, fold wear, but a sharp impression, about VF. Est. 60-80


Territory of Montana $50 15% bonds “in exchange for territorial warrants,” 1868, similar to previous, “all issued,” red, uneven bottom edges, VF. [10] Est. 200-300


Territory of Montana Group of June 1, 1868 15% bonds “in exchange for Territorial Warrants,” woman in feathered hat, $100, blue (13), and $50, red (3), unobtrusively cut canceled, some uneven bottom edges from cut coupons, generally VF+. [16] Est. 120-180


Territory of Montana, $1000 7% bond, 1880, #65, a stunning certificate with train at top, miners in crosssection at left, American eagle with “E pluribus unum” at bottom, black with blue background and metallic gold “ORIGINAL” and “1000” underprint, cut-out cancellation at embossed seal, 14 coupons remain at bottom, EF Est. 200-300

1756 1756

State of Missouri $1000 6% gold bonds, 1853, #39 and higher, signed by Sterling Price as governor, woman with cornucopia top and upper left, ceres mid left, eagle lower left, all tipped with clipped coupons to larger sheets, apparently at the time of redemption; toned, with some paste stains, fold and edge wear, and backing sheets dry and somewhat brittle, about Fine. Sterling Price (1809-67) would become a Confederate general during the US Civil War; his massive 1864 cavalry raid into his home state, the last major Southern offensive in the West, began well but ended in failure, and he retreated into Texas; he refused to surrender after Lee and Johnston, taking his troops into Mexico, but was compelled to return home, where he died in obscurity. [20] (photo) Est. 1,000-1,500

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January 16-18, 2012 - New York


Montana Pair, Madison County $100 10% bond, unissued, 187_, eagle and stars, territory seal, county seal, black with gold overprint, and City of Great Falls, $200 6% improvement bond, 1915, #12, majestic falls, eagle, green with gold foil seal, both good VF+. [2] Est. 100-150


State of Nevada (NV) 1867. #448. $1000. Due 1872. 15%. Green, silver seal embossed with mining scene. Hole cancellations. 10th coupon remaining. Mining camp, train. Signed by H.G. Bladsell as governor. Bladsell was the first governor of Nevada. Uneven bottom margin, F-VF. Est. 200-250


State of Nevada $100 10% bond 1865, amount written in, cart of ore arrives at mill as Native Americans look on, train in distance, miners left, pioneer and dog right, baby Mercury with dog and safe bottom, red, six coupons remain, a few small spindle holes, VF+. Est. 200-300


State of Nevada $1000 10% bond, 1871, design similar to previous, light cut cancels, good VF+. Est. 150-200


State of Nevada, $500 9½% Bond, 1872, #363, green, Wagon approaches mill as Indians overlook scene, signed by Lewis Bradley as governor, punch cancels, VF. Est. 80-120


State of Nevada, $500 10% bond, 1865, #31, vista of mine, train, horse-drawn cart, factory, and Native American family top center, miners top left, frontiersman with rifle top right, child on dog with chest at bottom, black with bright red borders, counters, and underprint, punch cancellations, two coupons remain, VF+. Est. 200-300

State of Nevada (NV) 1872. #123. $1000. 9.5%. Purple. Mining camp, train. Signed by L.R. Bradley as Governor. Numerous punch cancels throughout. VF. Est. 250-300


State of Nevada, Controllers Warrants, Carson, 1881-83, prospector, state capitol, black on yellow paper, most lightly canceled, some with deficency claims tipped to verso, VF+. [93] Est. 300-400


State of Nevada $1000 9-1/2% bond, 1872, as previous, VF+. Est. 150-200



State of Nevada $500 10% bond, 1871, green, #33, mining scene as previous, lightly cut canceled, VF+. Est. 150-200

State of Nevada, Controllerâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s warrants, State Prison Fund, 1880-83, design as previous, VF+-EF. [107] Est. 300-400


County of Storey (NV), $1000 7% bond 1869, mining scene as on state bonds, arriving train below, black, gold seal, revenue stamp, cut cancels, VF+. Est. 150-200

State of Nevada, Controllers warrants, State Prison Fund, 1881-83, as previous, good VF+. [100] Est. 300-400


Jersey City (NJ), $1000 school bonds, 1922, NJ state arms, eagle with shield, red, no coupons, EF. [5] Est. 80-100


City of Jersey City Group (NJ), Good variety including 5% water scrip 1887-88 black with red seal (2); 6% bonds 1885-99 red-brown with portrait (2);. 4% gold bonds 1898-1909 red with red seal (9); $416,666 4% funding assessment bond 1917 orange; $1000 5-1/2% water bonds 1920 blue (11), school bonds 1921 green (6); 4-3/4% water bond 1924 yellow; 4-1/2% improvement bonds 1925 brown (3); 41/10% tax revenue bonds 1926 blue (26); 4-1/4% school bond 1927 purple; 5% school bonds 1929 brown (2); 6% refunding bond 1933 red; temporary bonds 1925-29 green (10); $280,000 promissory note 1927 brown; and $500,000 tax anticipation note 1928 green; generally VF+ and better. [76] Est. 500-750





State of Nevada, $500 bond, 1865, design as previous but amount printed, black with red and underprint, spindle holes, about VF+. Est. 150-200

State of Nevada, Controllers Warrants, Carson, 1879-83, as previous, VF+. [92] Est. 300-400


State of Nevada, $1000 15% bond, 1867, #258, Due 1872, signed by HG Blasdel as Governor, vista of mine, horse-drawn cart, mill, Native Americans, train in background, man rests bottom right, black and green, large silver seal embossed with mining scene, pen canceled not affecting signatures, one coupon remaining, trimmed close at top, VF+. Est. 150-250


State of Nevada $1000 15% bond, 1867, main vignette as previous, resting miner with pipe below, green with gold foil seal, one coupon, cut and punch cancels, about VF+. Est. 150-200

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The January 2012 Collectors Series Sale


State of New York Canal Department, 6% loans “to provide for the payment of the floating debt of the state,” 1865-75, amounts written in, allegorical women with state shield surround bust of Washington, ED Morgan and another portrait, punch cancels through signatures, good VF-VF+. [4] Est. 100-150


State of New York, Canal Department 6% loan for the payment of the Canal Revenue Certificates, $10,700, 1866, and $2000 1869, state arms, George Washington, WH Seward, heavy punch cancels to signatures, wear to bottom edges including loss to one, about VF. [2] Est. 100-150


State of New York Comptroller’s Office “New York State Stock,” 6%, amounts written in ($4000-15,000), state arms, George Washington, unidentified man, comptroller’s seal, black, left edges trimmed, otherwise about VF+. [3] Est. 100-150


New York Canal Improvement, eight $5000 41/4% canal improvement loans, for issues of January 1915 (2), 1916, and 1917 (5), but with actual issue dates of 1949-54, all with state arms at top, black and brown (1917 issues with a more golden tone), all punch canceled, one with crease and some edge wear, one or two about extremely fine but overall VF+. [8] Est. 150-250


State of New York Group Choice bonds including $1000 5% bond 1838, $2000 6% bond 1845, Loan for Payment of Bounties to Volunteers 1865, Canal Department loan to provide for the sinking fund 1888, $10,000 4% Loan for Highway Improvement 1921, and $5000 Loan for Canal Improvement 1940 (issued to Edsel Ford), VF-VF+. [6] Est. 150-200


New York Local Bonds Comprises Broome County $500 7% war loan 1865 black with red seal and green in coupons; Rensselaer County $500 (2) and $1000 (1) 7% war bounty bonds, 1864 black with green underprint (two with ink erosion), and $1000 6% war loan bonds 1878 all maroon (4); Town of Callicoon $400 war loan 1865 #4 black; Village of Edgewater $1000 7% bond 1870 black and red; City of Jamestown $1000 bridge bond 1925 brown; Town of Morrisania $1000 7% bounty fund bond 1864 #9 black and green; Town of Sandy Creek $100 bonds 1870 black and green (2); Town of Sodus $500 bond 1870 black and purple; Town of Volney $100 1868 black and purple (4); Town of Yonkers 7% loans, amounts written in, 1862, black (5, one with heavy spotting) and redemption bond, unissued, ca 1881, all brown; about VF-EF. [25] Est. 400-500


Essex County (NY), Volunteer War Bonds, $500 1864, state arms with US flag on shield, black with red seal; and 1865, eagle with shield, offsetting to 1864, both good VF. [2] Est. 80-100

1791 1791

County of New York (NY), Bank checks drawn by the county treasurer on the Broadway Bank, 186264, nearly all to pay “Riot Damages”! Signed by mayors, one endorsed on verso by William M Tweed, city arms, all blue with red overprint, a few with edge damage, but large majority good VF-VF+ and better. The New York Draft Riots of 1863 left parts of the city in ruins and hundreds dead; worst off were blacks, whom rioters blamed for the Civil War; at least a dozen men were lynched by angry mobs, and the Colored Orphan Asylum was burned to the ground. (photo) Est. 500-750


County of New York (NY), Bonds for the repayment of taxes, 1867-68, #48 and higher, old courthouse, eagle, all blue with red interest overprint and seal, some offsetting from seals, good VF-VF+. [4] Est. 80-100


City of Albany (NY), $1500 bond, 1814 and $2100, 1817 (true copy), black; and bonds, $2000-10,000, 1832-40, #1 (of which there are two!) and up, city arms, black (5); first two with partial fold splits, one of the later with margin damage, else VF-VF+. [7] Est. 200-300


City of Auburn (NY), $1000 % bond, Proof on card, 1880, Owasco Outlet, black, fold and edg wear including tears, VF. Est. 80-100

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January 16-18, 2012 - New York


City of Brooklyn (NY), Pay warrants, 1847-58, on blue paper, six in manuscript (all pre-1850), the balance printed in black, about VF-VF+. [64] Est. 200-300


City of Brooklyn (NY), Pay warrants, 1850-59, all on printed forms, black on blue paper, about VF-VF+. [63] Est. 200-300


Town of Cazenovia - Madison County (NY), $100 7% bond “to take Stock in the Cazenovia and Canastota Railroad Company,” 1869, #28, train passes in front of town, fancy borders, punch canceled at loan commissioners’ signatures, uneven bottom edge, VF+. Est. 80-120



City of New York (NY), $1000 6% assessment fund bonds, 1860, #76 and higher, signed by Fernando Wood as mayor, old City Hall, city arms, black with colored paper seals, a few with edge damage, overall VF-VF+, mostly the latter. [55] Est. 400-500


City of New York (NY), $1000 6% assessment fund bonds, 1860, as previous, signed by Wood, VF-VF+. [53] Est. 300-400


City of New York Assessment fund bonds, “for opening, widening and extending streets,” 1860-61, signed by Fernando Wood as mayor, old City Hall, black with blue, yellow, orange, or green paper seals, VF+. [22] Est. 300-400

Village of Edgewater (NY), 7% village bonds $100 (4) and $500 (1), 1875, ornate borders, black, good VF-VF+. [5] Est. 150-200


City of New York Assessment fund bonds 1860-61, as previous, signed by Wood, two with partial fold splits, otherwise VF-VF+. [17] Est. 200-300


Town of Masonville (NY), 7% war loan “subject to legislative approval,” for paying bounties, 1863, #3 and higher, black, $25 (8) and $100 (41), most with single coupon still attached, folded, VF-VF+. [50] Est. 500-750


City of New York (NY), $1000 7% street improvement fund bonds, 1860-61, signed by Fernando Wood as mayor, old City Hall, city arms, black with colored paper seals, uncanceled, VF+. [40] Est. 500-750


City and County of New York (NY), Bureau of Arrears assessment sale certificates, various amounts, 1863, state arms, ornate border, black, good VF-VF+. [60] Est. 300-400


City of New York (NY), $1000 street improvement fund bonds, 1861, as previous, signed by Wood, VFVF+. [14] Est. 100-150

1811 1801

City of New York (NY), Water Stock, 5%, amounts written in, 1852-59, trident, branch, and caduceus in title, city arms, black with green or tan underprint, some support documents attached, some bonds joined at upper left with wax, generally VF. [31] Est. 300-400

City of New York, Volunteer Soldiers Family Aid Fund Bond, 1861, signed by Fernando Wood as mayor (2), Family Aid Fund Bond No 3, 1862, signed by Opdyke (6), and Family Aid Fund Redemption Bond, 1865, signed by Gunther, designs as previous, 1861 with edge loss, all with partial fold splits, foxing, or edge wear, otherwise generally VF. [14] Est. 100-150


City of New-York, Central Park Fund 5% “stock,” 1856-59, signed respectively by Fernando Wood and Danl Tiemann as mayor, botanical device with caduceus, city seal, black with tan underprint, soiled, goodVF; with related doucments [2]. Est. 80-100



City of New-York (NY), Revenue bonds, 6% amounts written in ($500-20,000), 1858-59, signed by Fernando Wood (7) or Daniel Tiemann as mayor, city arms, black with colored paper seals, fold wear including partial splits, toning, good VF and better. [21] Est. 100-150

City of New York, Volunteer Soldiers Family Aid Fund Bond No 3, 1862, signed by George Opdyke as mayor, and Family Aid Fund Redemption Bond, 1865, signed by CG Gunther as mayor, eagle crowns and Justice and Liberty flank city arms, orange paper seals, 1862 with minor fold split at edge, about VF+. [2] Est. 60-80


City of New-York (NY), Revenue bonds, 6% amounts written in ($500-20,000), 1859, signed by Daniel Tiemann as mayor, city arms, black with colored paper seals, most with toning, a few damaged, overall VF. [20] Est. 100-150

City of New York (NY), Gold bonds, specimens, ca 1896, allegocial women, one semi-nude, in circle, corporate stock in lieu of “Water bonds issued by the City of Brooklyn” green and consolidated stock orange, folds, about EF. [2] Est. 80-100


City of New York $1000 4-1/4% gold bond, 1945, #R11, “for the construction of rapid transit railroads,” due 1962, allegorical woman on throne at top, city arms with sailor, Native American, American eagle at bottom, black and blue with red printed seal, one page of coupons at left, some waviness in paper, about EF. Est. 125-150


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The January 2012 Collectors Series Sale


City of New York Group (NY), Selection of bonds including Building Loan 1852-59 (2); Revenue Bonds 1859 (3, two types); Bureau of Arrears 185963 (2); Assessment Fund Bond 1860 (2, partial splits); Street Improvement 1861, Volunteer Soldiers Family Aid Fund Bond No 3 1862 (2); City and County Assessment Sale Certificate 1863, VSFA Fund Redemption Bond 1865 (2); Floating Debt Fund 1871; and Assessment Bond 1874, $1000 Cathedral Parkway 1895 unissued red (3); Corporate stock 1890s unissued green; VF-VF+. [6] Est. 200-300


City of Poughkeepsie (NY), $700 6% class 15 2nd bounty loans, 1865, #1 and higher, NY state arms, Zouave, eagle with shield, beehive below, black with blue undeprint and red seals, all well punch canceled, two with fold splitting, otherwise about VF and better. [7] Est. 150-200


City of Poughkeepsie (NY), $1000 class 15 2nd bounty loan refunded, 1881, #1 and higher, beehive, justice, black with red underprint and seal, all well punch canceled, no coupons, #1 with trimmed margins, otherwise all about VF+. [5] Est. 100-150


City of Poughkeepsie (NY), Bonded debt pay orders, 1901, blue on blue paper (72) and black on blue paper, VF-VF+. [79] Est. 100-150


City of Poughkeepsie (NY), Bond group, mostly $1000, including bounty loan 1863 black and green; water stock 1871 green; sewage debt 1873 black and red; water loan 1894 black and green; P&E RR 1895 as previous; water loan 1899 black and green; refunding loan 1899 black and green; and $1500 refunding loan 1900 black and green; all well punch canceled, earliest two with partial splits and edge wear, otherwise VF and better. [8] Est. 100-150


Town of Richland (NY), 7% bonds, 1870, train leaves bustling town, black with brown underprint, $100 #26 and higher (6) and $500 #24 and higher (6), coupons removed, generally VF+. [12] Est. 150-200


New York: Rochester City Bond, $500 7% Bond, 1880, #649, light red â&#x20AC;&#x153;Current only in Rochester Business Universityâ&#x20AC;? undertint, State seal flanked by naval and farm scenes, ornate border, VF+. Est. 150-250


State of North Carolina, $1000 6% bond, Proof on India paper, 1866, state house, allegorical women, great ornate border, black, ABN, small piece out of right border, VF. Est. 150-200


State of North Carolina, $1000 6% bonds, 1868, all signed by WW Holden as governor, state house and allegorical women, certain railroads blue, Washington, Charlotte, and Rutherford RR blue, and penitentiary red, fold and edge wear, red VF, both blue VF+. [3] Est. 100-150


State of North Carolina $500 4% bond, specimen, 1890s, black with brown underprint, ABN, about EF. Est. 100-150


State of North Carolina, $1000 Special Tax Bond trust certificates, 1887, Justice with other allegorical figures, green (3); and deposit certificates 1905 ornate border black (6); generally about EF. [9] Est. 100-150


City of Wilmington (NC) 1872. Specimen. $500. 8% Bond. Blue underprint with eagle. Capitol building. Staining in top border, Fine. Est. 80-120


State of Ohio, Miami Extension Canal Stock, 6%, 1845, state arms, Liberty, canal scene, allegorical woman left, woman bottom, $100 (1), $200 (2), and $1000 (7), VF+. [10] Est. 500-750

1828 1828

State of Ohio, Office of the Commissioners of the Sinking Fund $1000 3% certificate of indebtedness, 1894, signed by William McKinley as governor, blue and red, cut cancels affect but do not obscure signature, about VF+. William McKinley (1843-1901) had already enjoyed a long and successful political career after having served with distinction in the US Civil War; just two years after signing this bond, McKinley became the Republican nominee for the presidency; early in his second term in the White House, he was shot by an anarchist and succeeded by Vice President Theodore Roosevelt. (photo) Est. 500-750


County of Belmont Ohio Various types 7% Road Bond. 1867-1871. F-VF. [5] Est. 100-150

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January 16-18, 2012 - New York


Wood County (OH), $50 6% Bounty Fund bonds, second installment, 1867, #30 and up, eagle with stars, hen and chicks, black, revenue stamps left, two with fold wear, VF+. [3] Est. 150-200


State of Oklahoma, Deep Fork Drainage District No. 14 $500 6% drainage bonds, 1931, state arms, orange (5); with Captain Creek Drainage District No. 15 $600 6% drainage bonds, 1935, #7-9. similar design; coupons removed, about VF+. [8]Est. 150-200


Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, Land Purchase Warrant, 1794, for 900 acres of land within the last purchase made of the Indians, East of Allegheny River and Conawango Creek, secretarially signed by Thomas Mifflin as governor, light staining and minor fold splits, about VF. Est. 150-200


Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, Six percent stock, $1500 1841, $17.50 1842, and $243.75 1843, state arms, fancy left border, black, 1841 somewhat smaller, good VF-VF+. [3] Est. 100-150


State of Pennsylvania Group, 1780, Certificates of Indebtedness, Bucks County(1), Philadelphia County (3), Interest bearing certificate given for supplying the state horses, Anderson PA-2; High R-6, all docketed on verso, all VF. [4] Est. 100-150


State of Pennsylvania Treasurer’s school appropriations orders, 1857-65, #5 and up, beautiful small-format certificates with teacher and student, state arms with Native Americans and woman teaching children at globe, allegorical woman with US shield; with 1840 appropriations order #138, children enter schoolhouse, state arms, boy and girl with tablet, G Washington; some edge wear, VF-VF+. [22] Est. 200-300


Pennsylvania: Borough Of Gettysburg, $500 4% Consolidated Loan Bond, 1886, Adams County, #4, red-orange $500 overprint, State arms, with coupons, punch cancel, VF. Est. 100-150


Borough of Manheim (PA), $100 6% improvement loan, Lancaster County, 1872, #19, vignette of state arms at top, train left, horses pull plow right, Columbia at bottom with diadem reading “Liberty / Union,” black with teal blue “$100” underprint,” stamp canceled, 17 coupons remain, folds, light toning and edge wear, VF+. Est. 100-150


Borough of Manheim (PA), $100 6% improvement loan, 1872, #12, #14, and #21, state arms at top with train left, horses drawing plow right, Liberty at bottom, black with blue underprint, sharp borough seal, 22 coupons remain, crisp folds, edge bumps, but a sharp VF+. [3] Est. 100-150


City of Philadelphia (PA), Loan, amounts written in, 1854-72, Independence Hall, dockworkers, train, G Washington, H Clay, blacksmith, farm girl, B Franklin, W Penn, bridge anchorage, black, seven with “free from all taxes” underprint in red, fold wear including a few with partial splits, but generally VF and better. [26] Est. 400-500


City of Philadelphia (PA), Loan, 1854-72, amounts written in, as previous, ten with “Free from all taxes” red underprint, nine with some edge loss, all with fold and edge wear including some partial separations, about VF. [25] Est. 300-400


City of Philadelphia unusual usage $1000 6% bond, 18(66), #11135, Independence Hall top, left side with busy dock, G. Washington, blacksmith, Franklin, right side with train, H. Clay, Agriculture, W. Penn, bridge at bottom, black with brown “FREE FROM ALL TAXES” underprint, ABN, two R44 at upper left, punch canceled, soiling and edge wear at right, otherwise VF+. Est. 60-80


District of Richmond (PA), $100 6% bond, 1854, allegorical woman in scene with trains, river, farm and industry implements, girls with US flag, Justice, wheat harvest, Native American, G Washington, Neptune, eagle, large punch cancels, upper left corner out, otherwise VF. Later in 1854, Richmond would cease to exist when it was incorporated into Philadelphia. Est. 80-100


District of Spring Garden (PA), $100 6% loans, 1847, #87 & #101, ornate border, black, uneven edges, some minor edge wear, good VF. Another future part of Philadelphia. [2] Est. 80-100


Port of Philadelphia (PA), Authorization certificates, 1866-98, for alterations to the port’s waterfront and piers, nearly all issued to railroads for pier extensions, sail and steamships on the Delaware, black with gold seals, six with attached documents relating to licenses, five with repairs or mounting evidence on versos, good VF-VF+. [13] Est. 300-400


City of Philadelphia (PA), $100 6% loan, 18(70), #33126, city hall at top, bridge at bottom, at left, men on busy dock, George Washington, blacksmith, Ben Franklin, at right, locomotive, Henry Clay, Agriculture, William Penn, with “Loan to Sunbury & Erie Rail Road” handstamp at left, punch canceled, edge wear especially at top and right, pin holes at corners, but about VF+. Est. 60-80


City of Philadelphia (PA), $200 6% sinking fund loan for payment of liabilities, 1880, Liberty Hall, Washington, etc, as previous but all blue with red underprint, toned, edge nicks, displays above good VF. [2] Est. 100-150

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The January 2012 Collectors Series Sale


City of Pittsburgh Temporary Loan (PA), two certificates, $1000 6% gold loan, 1876, #97 and #99, two dogs with open chest spilling coins at upper right, sharp American eagle left, great ornate border, cut canceled at bottom taking out two triangles from bottom edges, edge wear, soiling, VF+. [2] Est. 60-80


State of South Carolina, £500 5% loan for the Louisville, Cincinnati, and Charleston RR, “C,” 1838, #63 and higher, similar to previous but with red overprint of London agents and on lower-quality paper, toned, edge wear including some chipping, but generally VF. [20] Est. 400-500


City of Pittsburgh Specimens (PA), All with City Hall and state arms: $500 funded debt improvement bond, 1880, olive; 1885 improvement bonds $100 olive and $500 red; all soiled along vertical fold, about VF+. [3] Est. 150-200


State of South Carolina, £500 5% loan for the Louisville, Cincinnati, and Charleston RR, “C,” 1838, #89 and higher, as previous, toning, some with edge wear, VF-VF+. [18] Est. 400-500

1859 1849

City of Pittsburgh $1000 Proofs (PA), All green with vignettes of City Hall and PA state arms: 1881 funded debt improvement bond Proof on India paper with pencil additions, with subsequent changed proof; and 1885 improvement bond, Proof on India paper with pencil addition, with somewhat different followup proof in different orientation, edge nicks, good VFVF+. [4] Est. 200-300

State of South Carolina, £250 5% loan for the Louisville, Cincinnati, and Charleston RR, “B,” 1838, #191 and higher, as previous, VF. [30] Est. 500-750


State of South Carolina, £250 5% loan for the Louisville, Cincinnati, and Charleston RR, “B,” 1838, #200 and higher, as previous, VF. [30] Est. 500-750


State of South Carolina, £250 5% loan for the Louisville, Cincinnati, and Charleston RR, “B,” 1838, #202 and higher, as previous, VF. [30] Est. 500-750


State of South Carolina, £250 5% loan for the Louisville, Cincinnati, and Charleston RR, “B,” 1838, #209 and higher, as previous, VF. [30] Est. 500-750


State of South Carolina, £250 5% loan for the Louisville, Cincinnati, and Charleston RR, “C,” 1838, #24 and higher, as previous, but several with agents written in or absent, VF or better. [27] Est. 500-750


State of South Carolina, £250 5% loan for the Louisville, Cincinnati, and Charleston RR, “C,” 1838, #61 and higher, same design as previous, but with red agent overprint and on different paper, pen canceled, edge wear including chipping, generally VF. [30] Est. 500-750


City of Providence (RI), $1000 loans, all with “What Cheer” vignette of settlers welcomed by Native Americans, 1929 sewer, #9 and higher (9) and Point Street Bridge (2) brown; 1930 sewer blue (10); and 1931 highway orange (5); no coupons, VF+-EF. [26] Est. 80-100


State of South Carolina, £500 5% loan for the Louisville, Cincinnati, and Charleston RR, “A,” 1838, #2 and higher, state arms, trains at sides, black, soiling and toning, edge wear, generally VF. [20] Est. 400-500


State of South Carolina, £500 5% loan for the Louisville, Cincinnati, and Charleston RR, “A,” 1838, #3 and higher, as previous, VF. [20] Est. 400-500


State of South Carolina, £500 5% loan for the Louisville, Cincinnati, and Charleston RR, “A,” 1838, #69 and higher, as previous, good VF. [20] Est. 400-500


State of South Carolina, £500 5% loan for the Louisville, Cincinnati, and Charleston RR, “A,” 1838, #70 and higher, as previous, generally VF. [20] Est. 400-500


State of South Carolina, £500 5% loan for the Louisville, Cincinnati, and Charleston RR, “A,” 1838, #105 and higher, as previous, mostly good VF. [20] Est. 400-500

State of South Carolina, £250 5% loan for the Louisville, Cincinnati, and Charleston RR, “C,” 1838, #92 and higher, as previous, VF and better. [30] Est. 500-750


State of South Carolina, £250 5% loan for the Louisville, Cincinnati, and Charleston RR, “C,” 1838, #18 and higher (12), and one “B,” VF. [13] Est. 200-300



State of South Carolina, £500 5% loan for the Louisville, Cincinnati, and Charleston RR, “A,” 1838, #120 and higher, as previous, VF. [20] Est. 400-500

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January 16-18, 2012 - New York


State of South Carolina, $500 6% loan “for the conversion of state securities,” 1869, #759, sharp vignette of George Washington at top, man picks cotton left, sail and steam ships at right, Liberty and Continental soldier with angel and symbols from the SC state seal at bottom, black and green, 39 coupons remain, sharp folds, otherwise a strong VF+. Est. 80-120


State of South Carolina, Certificates of state indebtedness, unissued, 1879, black, stubs, minor edge wear and toning, fold wear, one with small closed tear in margin, good VF-VF+. [7] Est. 150-200


State of South Carolina, Deficiency stock transfers, 6%, unissued, ca 1888, #329 and higher, palmetto, man with horse and dog, state arms, black and green with red “Transfer” underprint, stubs still bound together left (36); with £100 6% funded debiture, 1871, cotton boll, Mercury, Liberty, state arms, black with brown underprint, heavily cut canceled, and $50 6% deficiency bonds, 1878, palmetto, green, heavily cut canceled (6); bonds VF, transfers EF. [43] Est. 250-300


State of South Carolina, $1000 6% loan “for the conversion of state securities,” unissued, 1869, George Washington, cotton picker, sailing ship, state arms, green, ABN, folds, edge wear (one with minor tears), soiling, but good VF and better. . [17] Est. 200-300


State of South Carolina $1000 6% bonds, unissued, 1870s, George Washington, cotton picker, ships, state seal, green, printed Robert K Scott signature, ABN, lightly cut canceled, no coupons, several with stubs, VF+-EF [54] Est. 250-300


State of South Carolina £100 6% “sterling funded debt,” unissued, 1871, design as previous, black and brown, ABN (6), cut cancels; with $1000/£200 bonds guaranteed for the Blue Ridge RR, 1869, train, state seals of NC, SC, TN and GA, blue (2); VF. [8] Est. 150-200

State of South Carolina, City of Charleston (SC), 6% ,City Stock, Issues of 11th August, 1857(2); 16th January, 1866(2); 10th July, 1867, State seal, ornate borders, left, revenue stamps, some toned, VF. [5] Est. 300-400


South Carolina Bond Group, A large assortment; includes £250 5% loan for the Louisville, Cincinnati, and Charleston RR, “B,” 1838, #2 and higher black (45); 1869 Washington green $500 (1, signed by Scott) and $1000 (4, two signed by Scott and two unissued); £100 1871 cotton boll brown unissued (3, cut cancels); 1872 revenue bond scrip black; 1874 cotton boll green $500 unissued and $1000 (3, one unissued); unissued 18__ Washington green $1000 printed Scott signature (2); 1878 $50 deficiency green (cut cancels); 1879 certificates of indebtedness black unissued (2, one stained); 1886 document naming commissioner of elections; and 1887 cotton boll $500 olive unissued (cut cancels); VF-EF. [65] Est. 1,000-1,500


State of Tennessee (TN) 1861. No.1201. Cr. 61A. $1000. State capitol building. Cu. Unissued but signed by Governor Harris. EF. Est. 200-300


State of Tennessee $1000 6% bond, 1866, Cr.66A, train, Daniel Webster, Andrew Jackson, relief0style heads, woman with babe, two men, Ben Franklin, John Adams, black with red underprint, ABN; lower portions removed and reattached as is typical for this issue, displays above about VF.[2] Est. 100-150


Late Republic of Texas (TX), $86 public debt certificate, 2d class “B,” 1854, Cr. 53B, determining the debts of the former republic well after Texas became a US state; ornate border, black, some edge nicks, about VF+. Est. 200-400


Fort Bend County (TX), Pay orders, 1890-1908, out of the Road and Bridge Fund, great ornate state title, black on brown paper (7), black on white with red underprint (7), and black on white, one notably stained, otherwise VF+. [16] Est. 150-200



State of South Carolina, £100 “six pounds percentum” bonds, unissued, 1871, cotton boll, Mercury, state arms, Native American Liberty, black and brown (3); and $500 6% bonds, unissued, 1874, same vignettes, black and brown (4); all ABN, all well cut canceled, VF. [7] Est. 200-300


State of South Carolina, $500 6% “consolidation stock,” 1874, range #406-473, cotton boll, Mercury, Liberty, state arms, green, no coupons, ABN, about EF. [54] Est. 300-400


State of South Carolina $1000 6% bonds, unissued, 1870s, as previous, VF+-EF. [53] Est. 250-300


State of South Carolina, $1000 6% consolidation bonds, unissued, 1874, cotton boll, Mercury, Liberty, state arms, black and brown, ABN, all coupons, heavily cut canceled, otherwise about EF. [21] Est. 200-300


State of South Carolina $500 6% consolidation bonds, unissued, 1874, design similar to $1000, heavily cut canceled, else about EF. [5] Est. 80-100


State of South Carolina Unissued consolidation stock: boll weevil, Mercury and Liberty, state arms, $500 1874 (2) green, $1000 1874 green (1), and undated amount to be written in green (1); with George Washington, cotton picker, ship, state arms, printed Robert K Scott signature, $1000 undated green; last two cut canceled, otherwise all about EF. [6] Est. 100-150

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The January 2012 Collectors Series Sale


City and Port of Trespalacios, Texas (England), £50 Title of property for a building lot in block CC, unissued, London, 1846, printed on blue paper, fading at edges, VF+. Tres Palacios, also known as Tidehaven, was a tiny coastal community in Matagorda County that never developed into much of a city or port; by the mid-1930s it had ceased to appear on county maps. Est. 100-150


State of Vermont $1000 3-3/4% flood bonds, 1927, state arms top, green, most with uneven right edges from removed coupons, mostly about VF+. [11] Est. 80-120


Commonwealth of Virginia, $50 6% bond, as 1/3 of a $150 bond, “in accordance with such settlement as shall hereafter be had between the States of Virginia and West Virginia in regard to the Public Debt...existing at the time of dismemberment,” 187(1), #2478, George Washington equestrian monument at top, dog with chest and key at bottom, all green, choice impression of state seal lower left, folds, uneven toning at right, and at left edge, some edge wear, an attractive item, VF+. Est. 100-150


Commonwealth of Virginia, $100 5% funded debt bond, Proof on India paper, 1879, state arms flanked by man with tobacco barrel, family harvesting corn, George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, plantation below, brown, with additional proofs of bond reverse and coupons reverse, edge wear, pieces out along fold, bond good Fine, reverses about VF and better. [3] Est. 100-150


Commonwealth of Virginia $1000 3% funded debt bond, specimen, 1892 (though text dates it 1891, it states it is under an 1892 act), Gov Philip W McKinley, Stonewall Jackson monument, red, about EF. Est. 100-150


City of Newport News (VA), $1000 4-1/2% fortyyear bonds, 1917, wonderfully engraved title with vignette of building with automobiles and people, green, about VF+. [5] Est. 150-250


City of Newport News (VA), three $1000 4-1/2% bonds, 1917, #7, #33, and #36, City Hall at upper left, black and green, punch canceled, bottom edges uneven, overall a strong VF+. [3] Est. 60-80


Virginia Bond Quartet City of Norfolk $100, 1873; County of Patrick $500, 1882; Mecklenburg County $1000, unissued, 1882; and City of Newport News $1000, 1917, VF and better. [4] Est. 100-150


City of Tacoma (WA), $100 7% local improvement bonds, 1911, City Hall, brown, coupons removed, VF+. [14] Est. 100-150


State of West Virginia $5000 road bond, specimen, 1900, state arms, blue, about EF, with vignette on card. [2] Est. 80-100


County of Ohio (WV), $1000 6% bond, 1877, #7, WV state arms with train, agricultural items, riverboat, green with red seal, tipped to heavy sheet with all coupons pasted below, about VF. Est. 80-100


Colonial Fiscal Paper Trio, choice selection including Connecticut Pay Order, 100 pounds payable to Captain Titus Watson “as the additional Encouragement of Ten Pounds...for inlisting his own Company, in the Continental Battalion to be commanded by Heman Swift,” Hartford, April 18, 1777, signed by Oliver Ellsworth as pay committee, receipt and docket on verso, right edge uneven, wear at left edge, extremely fine; Connecticut Treasury Office Transfer, certifying the transfer of old notes for new ones, 1789, CT-27 in Anderson, unissued, signed by Jedediah Huntington as treasurer, ornate border, treasury and certificate copies still attached, age-toned at borders, a few very minor spots, but about extremely fine; State of Massachusetts Bay, 12/1/1777, #660, MA-10 45 pounds, 6% bond for money received “for the Use and Service of the State of Massachusetts-Bay, man with sword holds “INDEPENDENCE” scroll within snake eating tail, ornate border, full splits at folds repaired with string, edge wear, about fine. Est. 150-250


More Southern State Items. [3] Lot includes the following items: 1) GA. State. $500. (CR.62A). Fine, but split and with quite a few edge and other tape repairs. 2) CSA. Act of April 12, 1862. No. 7289. Remainder. Imprint of Doerflinger at bottom. Fine, a number of taped splits. 3) Texas. State. Grant of land in 1874. Certificate of Record glued to the deed. Originally prepared for the 1850s. Abt. VF, fold splits are taped, some are not. Ex. Smythe Sale #194, January 2000. Est. 100-150


Mixed Government Bonds, Good selection, including City of Chicago (IL) tax anticipation warrants $1000 1929 green and 1932 blue on green paper; State of Louisiana $1000 1892 green (2); County of Harrison (MS) $100 1887 black and red; Territory of Montana $100 1868 blue; State of Nevada controllers warrant Orphan Home Fund 1877 and General Fund 1881 black on gold paper; State of New York $1000 5 per cent stock, 1827 #34, and Comptroller’s Office $1000 1838; Essex County (NY) $500 Volunteer War bond 1864; Village of Edgewater (NY) $100 1870 black and red; Town of Hope (NY) $500 1872 black and red; City of New York $1000 for rapid transit railroads 1945 blue; Wood County (OH) $50 1868; VF. Est. 400-500

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January 16-18, 2012 - New York


1903 1903

1899 1899

Dominion of Canada, $100 3% Eighth Victory Loan, 1945, nude warrior with sheathed sword, shield, torch, imprinted Dept of Finance seal, green, all coupons, folds, about EF. (photo) Est. 300-500


Irish Republic, $10 certificate of indebtedness, “redeemable Six Months after the acknowledgment of the Independence of the Irish Nation,” March 24, 1866, allegorical woman points soldier to Eire, dog and harp at her feet, two portraits, black and green with red seal at bottom, toned, with splitting at central folds and in seal, about VF. These “bonds” were issued in America by the Fenian movement to raise funds in the name of the Irish Republic. Est. 200-300


Hungarian Consolidated Municipal Loan Trio, 20Year, 7% Secured Sinking Fund External Gold Bond, $500 (1), $1000 (2), 1926, enthroned Queen and subjects at top, ornate border, yellow, red and green, printed by Waterlow & Sons, with coupons, a couple of tiny holes in left margin, VF and scarce. [3] Est. 200-300


Government Bonds Box Large and varied selection of bonds from across the country, 1842-1957 , featuring bonds from DC, LA, MA, MO, MT, NE, NV, NJ, NY, NC, PA, Scott County (KS), Yellowstone County (MT), Allentown, Boston, Bowling Green (OH), Bradford (VT), Clayton (AL), Fall River, Jersey City, New Brunswick (NJ), Norfolk, Philadelphia, Richmond (ME), and Throop (PA); Fine-EF. [56] Est. 750-1,000

Act of February 28, 1861. $1000. B-18. No.1002. Confederacy, left; Benjamin Franklin, center. Allegorical Confederacy. Signed by Jones. This is the most available denomination with 212 issued, still a Rarity 7 in Ball. Hoyer and Ludwig. Two small thin spots on back, VF. (photo) Est. 1,500-2,500

1904 1904

Act of May 16, 1861. $100. Cr.11. B-21. Commerce and Ceres with ships beyond. Douglas Engr., N. Orleans. Unissued with all the coupons. EF-AU, light horizontal fold through a row of coupons. Light age toning, but still an exceptional example of this important rarity. (photo) Est. 2,500-3,500

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The January 2012 Collectors Series Sale


August 19, 1861. $100. Cr. 30, B-57. No. 149. Thomas Watts portrait. 11 coupons underneath. VF, or so. Broad, original top margin. Small piece out of the right margin, otherwise VF. Est. 150-250


August 19, 1861. $100. Cr. 30, B-57. No. 654. Thomas Watts portrait, three woman. Very ornate borders. 11 coupons. VF, very nice margins all around. Est. 150-250


Act of August 19, 1861. $1000. B-62. No.1083. Jefferson Davis portrait, three women. 12 coupons. VF. Est. 150-250


August 19, 1861. $100. Cr. 31, B-63. No. 880. J. P. Benjamin, center. 16 coupons. VF-EF, slight edge roughness, right. Est. 150-250


August 19, 1861. $500. Cr. 52, B-40. No. 9. Thomas Bragg portrait. Low serial number. Three coupons. VF-EF, small spot below left counter. Est. 100-150


Act of August 19, 1861. $1000. B-32. Cr.76. No. 697, 728. Liberty, Confederate flag on shield, ships. One with a small repair. VF, VF+. Est. 250-500


Act of August 19, 1861. $1000. Cr. 81, B-47. No. 89. Signed by Jones. Some uneven toning, VF+. Est. 100-150


Act of August 19, 1861. $50. B-83. No.23. Burton Harrison portrait. Jones. 19 coupons. VF. Est. 100-150


Act of August 19, 1861. $100. B-107. #333, #658, #801, #1145. Portrait of George W. Randolph. All signed by Tyler. VF-VF+. [4] Est. 150-250


Act of August 19, 1861, $500, Cr. 72, B-120, vignette of TH Watts, December 19, 186(2), #2221, one coupon used, with modern map of Second Manassas/Bull Run, fold and edge wear, a few stray spots, about VF+. Est. 100-150


August 19, 1861. $100. Cr. 25, B-39. No. 152. Judah P. Benjamin, center, surrounded by three female figures. Signed by Tyler. Three coupons. EF, 1/4 inch tear. Est. 100-150

Act of August 19, 1861. $1000. Cr.103. B-139. No.641. Sailing ship, center. Issued December 31, 1862. VF, or so. There is a small body hole, not distracting. The margins are clear all around, but close, and rough in spots. Pinholes. Est. 100-150


August 19, 1861. $100. Cr. 28, B-51. No. 279. Postmaster General Reagan, center. 4 coupons. Unusual, ornate border. VF-EF, with adequate margins. Est. 100-150

Act of August 19, 1861. $6200. Cr. 103, B-139. No. 555. Signed by Tyler. Some show-through from red transfer printed on verso, edge and fold wear, a strong VF. Est. 100-150


Act of August 19, 1861. $700. B-140. Dated July 22, 1863. No.1694. Sailing ship. Signed by Tyler. A couple of pinholes. VF+. Est. 150-250

1905 1905


Act of May 16, 1861, $100 87% bond, Cr 11, B-21, unissued, 186_, Commerce and Ceres with ships beyond, top, beehive and implements of agriculture, bottom, Douglas Engr., N. Orleans, all coupons, agetoned, with staining at corners and at right, VF+. (photo) Est. 2,500-3,500 Act of May 16, 1861. $1000. Cr.12. B-22. Indian Prince, and Indian Princess at sides. Commerce flanked by cherubs, center. Tyler. 14 coupons. VF, with repaired splits, trimmed close, etc. [3] Est. 150-250


August 19, 1861. $100. Cr. 23, B-33. No. 243. Liberty, Confederate flag on shield, ships. One coupon. Signed by Jones. VF-EF, nice margins. Est. 100-150


Act of August 19, 1861. $1000. B-35. Liberty, Confederate flag on shield, ships. Tyler and Jones. VFVF+. [5] Est. 500-750


Act of August 19, 1861. $500. Cr.51. B-37. Liberty with Confederate flag on shield. Due July 1, 1865. Nice for the type. VF. Est. 150-250



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January 16-18, 2012 - New York


Act of August 19, 1861 Mixed Portrait Bonds. 1) $500. B-68. Benjamin. VF-EF. 2) $1000. B-69. Memminger. VF. 3) $50. B-71. Reagan. VF. 4) $500. B-74, Benjamin. VF. 5) $500. B-77. Reagan. VF. 6) $1000. No.79. Mallory. VF. [6] Est. 350-450


Act of December 24, 1861, 6% bond, Cr. 109, B146, unissued, 186_, woman with cornucopia and caduceus, EF. Est. 150-250


Act of April 21, 1862. $100. Cr.110. B-147. No.309. Portrait of C.G. Memminger with view of Richmond from the West. Signed by Rose. Engraved by Geo. Dunn & Compy. Richmond, Va. Printed by Hoyer & Ludwig. A very rare issue with only 380 bonds issued. Fine-VF, scattered age spots and light paper toning. Est. 300-500


April 12, 1862. $100. Cr. 110, B-147. Unissued. Davis in oval with extensive river scene behind. Five coupons. Minor foxing, with small piece at right margin, otherwise VF. Est. 200-300

1932 1932

Act of January 29, 1863. Cr. 117. B-157. No. 1322. 200 Pounds. 5000 Francs., The Erlanger Loan. Women with Confederate flag and cotton bales watches ship. Signed by Erlanger, Schroeder, McRae and Slidell. VF-EF. (photo) Est. 600-900


Act of February 20, 1863. $500. Cr.121A. B-220. No.567, 734. Soldier warming hands over camp fire, center. Steamboat at bottom. Rose. Complete with 11 coupons. Both are VF-EF, decent margins.[2] Est. 100-150


Act of February 20, 1863. $500. Cr. 121A, B-220. No. 3304. On white paper, six coupons. Edge wear, foxing in margin, VF. Est. 80-120


Act of February 20, 1863, Cr. 124A, B-191, $500, March 2, 1863, #1714, Memminger, rectangular “LOAN” medallions, signed Rose, four coupons, folds, a strong VF+. Est. 80-120

1927 1927

Act of April 12, 1862. $100. Cr. 110. B-147. No 12. Portrait of C.G. Memminger with view of Richmond from the West. Signed by Rose, Geo. Dunn, Richmond. VF. (photo) Est. 500-750

Act of April 12, 1862. $100. Cr. 110, B-147. No. 88. Signed by Rose. 15 coupons below. folds, light edge wear, overall foxing, about VF. Est. 300-500 1928


Act of April 12, 1862. $100. Cr.110. B-147. No.190. C.G. Memminger, center, with view of Richmond, Virginia from the west. Signed by Rose. Only 380 of this type were issued. Geo. Dunn, Richmond. F-VF, age spots and light staining. Est. 300-500

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The January 2012 Collectors Series Sale


Act of February 20, 1863. $1000. Cr. 125A, B210. No. 16113, “C. Ansell 1863” watermark. 7 coupons. Edge wear, folds, minor discoloration in top margin, but a sharp and clean impression, a strong VF. Est. 100-150


Pair of Memminger February 20, 1863 Bonds. 1) $500. B-191. No.1378. Portrait of Memminger. Signed by Rose. Printed on light tan paper. VF. 2) $500. B-192. No.16738. Portrait of Memminger. Signed by Rose. VF+, but a waterstain at the top right corner. [2] Est. 100-150



Assorted Act of February 20, 1863 Bonds. 1) $500. B-192. Memminger. Signed By Tyler. VF-EF. 2) $1000. B-210. Jefferson Davis. View of Richmond. On watermarked paper. VF-EF,edge splits. 3) $1000. B-201. Jefferson Davis. view of Richmond. Signed by Rose. F-VF, ink erosion around serial numbers. 4) $1000. B-201. Jefferson Davis, view of Richmond. VF-EF. 5) B-206. Similar but issued at Opelousas, Louisiana by Alphonse Desmare. Complete with all coupons VF, light toning. [5] Ex. Frederick R. Mayer, Clarence Rareshide. Est. 300-500 Act of February 20, 1863. $1000. B-245. Endorsed in Shreveport by H. J. G. Battle in May and September of 1864. Once the war started, Colonel Battle formed the Shreveport Sentinels to protect the city, and went on to become the Depositary for the Trans-Mississippi Department once it was based in Shreveport as well. Est. 200-300


Act of February 20, 1863. $1000. B-252. Endorsed in Shreveport by H. J. G. Battle in May and September of 1864. Est. 200-300


Act of March 23, 1863. $1000. Cr. 130, B-264. No, 2367. Signed by Rose. 7 coupons. Toned, folds, VF. Est. 80-120



Act of March 23, 1863. $100. Cr. 131, B-270. Unissued. All coupons. Nick in top margin, overall sparse foxing, a strong VF. This variety is extremely rare in issued examples, and highly desirable in any form. Est. 600-900 Act of March 23, 1863. $1000. Cr. 133, B-274. No. 439. Richmond showing Washington Monument. Signed by Rose, Toning and staining to upper right corner, overall foxing, edge wear, about VF. Issued examples of this type are rare. Est. 500-750


Act of March 23, 1863. $1000. Cr.133. B-274. Unissued remainder. Washington equestrian monument. Approximately 2900 were believed to have been printed with only 18 pieces being issued. Ball lists the unissued bond as a Rarity 6 and the issued examples as a Rarity 7-. Six small pieces of tape generally confined to the perimeter reinforce folds splits, otherwise F-VF. Est. 250-350


Act of March 23, 1863. $5000. Cr.134. B-268. No.1017. Cotton gin and cotton press. Signed by Tyler. A couple light stains. VF. Est. 300-500


Act of March 23, 1863. $5000 Call Certificate, Cr. 135, B-275, full rigged vessel at left, signed by Tyler, toned, cross cancelled, F/VF Est. 100-150


March 23, 1863. $50,000. Cr. 135, B-275. Sailing vessel. 5% Call Certificate. Signed by Tyler. 1” piece out of bottom margin and border. Fine. Est. 100-150


February 17, 1864. $100. B-286. CSS Virginia sinks USS Cumberland. VF, some light mounting remnants on the back, trimmed. Est. 100-150


Act of February 17, 1864, $5,000 4% registered bond, Cr. 141D, B-294, 1864, #20, signed Tyler, Virginia attacks federal ships, ink erosion creates two holes at Tyler’s signature, overall toning and some stains, edge wear, a strong VF+. Est. 100-150


February 17, 1864. $5000. B-294. Naval sea battle. Signed by Tyler. Toning overall, ink burn in Tyler’s signature, otherwise VF. Est. 100-150


February 17, 1864. $5000. Cr. 141D, B-294. Naval sea battle, ironclad ship in foreground. Toned and some foxing, otherwise Fine. Est. 200-300


Act of February 17, 1864. $100. Cr. 141E, B-287, No. 1229. “2nd Series” written upper left. CSS Virginia rams US ship. Signed by Tyler. Foxing, VF. Est. 100-150


Act of February 17, 1864. $500. Trans-Mississippi. Cr. 143, B-311, #117, Second Series, equestrian CSA seal, pink underprint, signed by Apperson, red and black stamp on verso requiring endorsement by MJ Hall, depositary at Marshall, TX, with his manuscript endorsement below on reverse. Edge wear, soiling, about VF. Ball lists these at beginning at serial #150, placing this one out of range. Est. 150-250

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January 16-18, 2012 - New York


Act of February 17, 1864, $1000, Fifth Series, Cr. 144D, B-329, equestrian statue/CSA seal, black with pink undeprint, signed by Apperson or Rose, VFVF+. [13] Est. 750-1,000


Act of February 17, 1864. $1000. B-330. No.10077. Fifth Series. Confederate seal. Red tint. Signed by Apperson. Only one coupon clipped. VF, scattered foxing. Est. 80-120


1956 1956

Act of February 17, 1864, $5000 6% bond, B-337, 1864, #60, Confederate seal with George Washington on horseback, black with light red underprint, all but one coupon, signed Tyler, ink burn in signature block stabilized with tape on verso, VF. (photo) Est. 1,000-1,500


Act of February 17, 1864. $1000. Cr.144B. B-325. 6% Coupon Bond. No. 4408. Light red underprint. Confederate Seal. Third Series. Signed by Rose. VF+. Est. 80-120


Act of February 17, 1864. $1000. Cr.144C. B-327. Fourth Series. Light red underprint. No.3174. Confederate Seal. Signed by Apperson. Only one coupon clipped. VF+. Est. 80-120


Act of February 17, 1864. $5,000. B-337. Cr. 145. No.183 our of only 200 issued. Confederate Seal. Red tint. Signed by Tyler. Has all but two coupons. Rarity 7-. VF, has a small piece of tape in the left border. (photo) Est. 750-1,250


Act of February 17, 1864. B-342. Unissued. farmer plowing, center. Evans & Cogswell. VF-EF. Est. 250-350


Act of February 17, 1864. Cr.160. B-355. Unissued, only found as remainders. large “4”. Evans & Cogswell, Columbia, SC. Light staining, mostly confined to the stub, VF+. These have a very high catalog value but a small group was found a few years back making them more reasonable priced. [3] Est. 300-500

1962 1962

Act of February 17, 1864. 4% Call Certificate Cr. 160, B-355, unissued, printed by Evans & Cogswell, fold and edge tear to stub edge, otherwise about VF+. (photo) Est. 400-600

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The January 2012 Collectors Series Sale


Act of June 13, 1864, amendatory to Act of May 16, 1861, $500, Cr. 164, B-382, No 56, similar to previous, signed by Tyler. 19 coupons, edge wear, foxing, tape repair to partial fold split on verso, good VF. Only 73 issued of this rare bond. Est. 350-500


Act of June 13, 1864, amendatory to Act of May 16, 1861, $500, Cr. 165, B-383, No. 792, sailor with Confederate flag, falsely filled in remainder with forged Rose signature, some foxing, about VF+. Est. 200-300


Mixed Confederate Bond Offering. [18] A varied and choice grouping of various Confederate bonds, including No Trans-Miss bonds observed. All are generally Fine to Very Fine, some have ragged edges but does not diminish from their overall appearance. Should be seen. Est. 750-1,000


Act of January 29, 1863. £500 or 12,500 Francs. Cr. 118, B-158. Group of (6) Series B “Erlanger” bonds. Female holds “Stars and Bars” aloft and stares forlornly out to sea, ship in distance. Olive-green tint. Signed by Erlanger and Slidell. Most with four coupons out, one with five. Fold wear, light toning and foxing, one with some more soiling than usual, all are generally Fine-VF. [6] Est. 1,250-1,350


Group of Act of February 17, 1864 Equestrian Bonds. [4] $100 (1), $1000 (3). B-299, B-329, B330 and B-333. One signed fraudulently by Tyler, the other 3 by Rose and Apperson. All grade VG-VF, some with edge issues. Est. 200-300


Impaired CSA Bond Lot, Items with some condition factors: $100, Cr. 22, B-30, No 524, Liberty, signed by Jones, two heavy ink stains; $500, Cr. 124, B-192, No 31321, Memminger, signed by Tyler, 7 coupons, staining; $5000, Cr. 141D, B-294, No 344, Ironclad sinks ships, signed by Tyler, toned, folds; $100, Cr. 152, B-362, No 11085, man at turnstile, signed by Rose, heavily toned, fold and stain at right; $1,000,000, Cr. 160, B-355, No 896349, large arabic “4” in center, falsely signed by “Tyler”, repaired heavily on back with tape at folds; as described, G-VF. [5] Est. 350-500


State of Alabama (CSA), 8% “Stock Certificate,” “Issued for military defense,” 1861, Cr.61A1, signed by AB Moore as governor, state arms, ornate borders, black with red seal, minor partial fold splits, staining to seal, about VF+. Est. 100-150


State of Alabama (CSA), $500 8% Military Defense “Stock Certificate,” 1861, #170, Cr. 61A, as previous, signed by Moore, heavy uneven toning, VF. Est. 80-100


State of Arkansas (CSA)$5 8% war bonds, 1861, small format, as previous, 21 with all coupons, most with some damage or staining, about VF and better. [35] Est. 400-500


State of Arkansas (CSA), $10 8% war bonds, 1861, small format, state arms, red and blue, coupons below, five with all coupons, about VF and better [15]. Est. 200-300


Confederate States of America Deposit Forms. Ca. 1883. Register Nos. 64 and 2514. 64 with large tear at left, backed with a blank deposit form, F-VF; 2514 unevenly toned, goodVF. [2] Est. 75-125


State of Arkansas (CSA), $10 bonds, 1861, red and yellow or red on white paper, coupons above and below, most clipped, some repaired, about VF. [17] Est. 150-200


Confederate Interest Payment Form. Schedule of interest payments made beginning in 1862. Received of John N. Hendren, Treasurer C.S.; Interest on Treasury Notes, due January 1, 1865. List of notes and interest payments made. Unusual. VF, minor fold splits. Sheet measures 10 5/8” x 17”. Est. 100-150


State of Arkansas (CSA), $20 war bonds, 1861, red and yellow or red on white paper, as previous, all with some used coupons, VF and better. [29] Est. 500-750


State of Arkansas (CSA), $20 war bonds, 1861, state arms, blue and red, small format, coupons below (none complete), edge wear, two trimmed beyond bottom border, toning and foxing, about VF. [4] Est. 80-100


State of Arkansas (CSA), $5 bonds, 1861, red and yellow or red on plain paper, coupons above and below, three with all coupons, many repaired, about VF. [13] Est. 150-200


State of Arkansas (CSA), $5-20 war bonds, 1861, both types, as previous, none quite up to very fine grade, some with bits out, many stained. [33] Est. 80-100


Damaged and Counterfeit CSA Bonds, Unlucky number “13” might just be a lucky find for the bidder who takes the time to investigate this lot. Sold as is, no returns. [13] Est. 300-450

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January 16-18, 2012 - New York


State of Louisiana (CSA), $1000 8% bonds, 1862, Cr. 62E, state arms’ pelican with chicks at top and bottom, ornate borders, embossed paper seals, coupons at three sides (none with all), VF-VF+. [11] Est. 500-750


State of Louisiana (LA) 1861. $1000. Cr. 71A. 40 Year 8% Bond. Coupons underneath. VF, top edge slightly damaged. Governor Warmoth, who signed these bonds, took office by changing the rules regarding the age of the governor. He then proceeded to accumulate a personal fortune of $250,000 on an annual income of $4000. After he left office he switched sides to avoid indictment and helped run the Republicans out of office. A very interesting side note to the history of Louisiana. Est. 150-250


Parish of St Landry (LA, CSA), $500 8% bonds “to provide for the military defences of the State,” 1862, all with pink stains, about VF+. [5] Est. 500-750


State of South Carolina (CSA), $100 6% bond “to provide for the Military Defence of the State,” 1861, Cr.60A,. #5560, palmetto tree, bales, plow, train, ship, black, toning, stains at top, good VF. Est. 100-150


Fraser, Trenholm and Co (SC), 6% bonds, 1868, series 1-4, binding Theodore D. Wagner and William Trenholm as trustees, all signed by Wagner and Trenholm, with five signed on verso by George Trenholm, payable to James Robb and Charles Lowndes, trustees, no coupons, six (not signed by G Trenholm) with 1/9 of bond cut out as cancelation, otherwise edge wear, about VF+. [18] George Trenholm (1807-76) and Fraser, Trenholm & Co had financed many Confederate blockade runners during the war. He also served for a time as the CSA Secretary of the Treasury. Est. 500-750


Richmond and Atlanta IDR Pairing. [2] 1) GA. Atlanta. $100. March 31, 1864. GA-20. Atlanta Type 2. No. 10684. Unc; 2) VA. (Richmond). $2,000. March 5, 1864. VA172. Richmond Type IIIAa. No. 613 for 235. Fine, light stain. Est. 50-75

1984 1984

Parish of Saint Landry (LA), $500, March 18, 186(2), #34, payable at the Louisiana State Bank, “to provide for the Millitary [sic] defences of the State and of the Confederate States,” printed on both sides, some creasing at left edge, dampstains, soiling on verso, about VF+. (photo) Est. 400-600




1988 1988

Call Certificate. B-353. No. 18. $100,000. Printed on pink paper. Signed by C.P. Rose. as register. Certainly a high denomination certificate indicating that the $100,000 had been borrowed from the Bank of Richmond. VF. (photo) Est. 500-750


Buyers may pick up their purchases at the conclusion of each session or contact Patricia Gardner. (212-262-8400 or 972-788-2100)

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The January 2012 Collectors Series Sale


Alabama & Chattanooga RR (AL/GA/MS/TN), $500 8% land bond, 1871, #275, framed train at station at top with mills, river, canal, trains, etc. in background, woman with child at lower left, woman with flower right, map of river before tree at bottom, red underprint, 11 coupons remaining, toning, edge wear including fold at top right corner, otherwise VF+. Est. 100-150


Alabama & Chattanooga RR(AL-GA-MS-TN) 1869. #1506. $1000. 8% Second Mortgage. Cu. Brown. Train flanked by factory and coal train. ABN. VF. Est. 100-150


Albany and Hudson RR Co (NY), $100 shs common stock, specimen, 190_, electric trolley #121, brown, ABN, “Return to Issue Room” handstamp upper right, good VF+. Est. 60-80


Allegany Central RR Co (NY), $100 6% gold bonds, 1882, train and farm scene flank NY state arms, black and green, one with edge wear with minor loss, about VF-VF+. [2] Est. 100-150


Allegheny and Western Rwy Co $100 shares with 3% guarantee by the Buffalo, Rochester & Pittsburgh Rwy, 1936-47, train and flagman, light blue, generally VF+. [9] Est. 60-80


Allegheny Valley RR Co (PA), $50 shs, 1862, issued to Samuel M Keir, passenger train at river port with steam and sailing ships, woman feeds chickens, man with wheat, horse, and dog, wheat below, black, unused transfer at bottom, black, light stain at left from stub, VF+. Samuel M Keir (1813-74) was the first person to refine petroleum into kerosene on a large scale, opening the first oil refinery in 1853; though financially successful, he did not patent his process, and thus missed out on making a huge fortune when the oil boom hit a few years later. Est. 100-150


American Central Rwys Co (AZ), $20 preferred shs, unissued, 19__, #64 and higher, eagle on mount, black with green underprint, good VF+. [31] Est. 150-200

Adirondack Company (NY), 7% Gold Bond, 1872, $1000, #3750, allegorical representation of North America, red seal and green frame, VF. Est. 100-150


Alabama & Chattanooga Rail Road Company (AL-GA-MS-TN), 8% Second Mortgage Sinking Fund Bond, 1869, $1000, #1831, train flanked by factory and coal train, brown, ABN, with coupons, VF. Est. 100-150

Androscoggin and Kennebec RR Co (ME), $1000 6% loans, 1848, #130 and higher, black on blue paper, coupons, coupons pen canceled, toning at edges, good VF+. [12] Est. 150-200


Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe RR 1892. Proof on India paper. $1000. Equipment Trust 5% Gold Bond. Cs. Brown. Train at station. FBN. VF+. Est. 100-150

1989 1989

Blockade Runners: Chicora Importing & Exporting (SC), $1000 shares, January 9, 1863, #228, on blue paper, blockade runner top, palmetto bottom, loan and repayment note in red pen across face, fold wear including some discoloration, with light tape repair on verso, otherwise about VF. This company made money for its investors and at one point the stock price rose to $10,250 per share. It ran two steamers that completed 18 trips through the blockade. Also includes a desirable Stereoscopic Photograph of blockade runner Chicora, published by Union View Co of Rochester, NY. The boat is shown on the ocean, with a partly obstructed caption in negative at bottom of image, “1863 Steamer Chicora Noted Blockade Runner”. Some spotting, but VG. (photo) Est. 1,500-2,000



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January 16-18, 2012 - New York


Atlanta & Charlotte Air Line Rwy (GA-SC-NC) 1914. Specimen. $1000. First Mortgage Bond. Brown. Trains pass at busy station. ABN. EF. Est. 80-120


Atlanta and Charlotte Air Line Rwy, $100 shares, capital stock, Specimen, ca. 1915, locomotive emerges from city roundhouse at top, lap dog at bottom, brown, stamped “LAST SPECIMEN,” about EF. Est. 80-120




Atlantic, Mississippi & Ohio RR Co (VA), $1000 7% gold bond, Petersburg, 1871, train, eagle with flag, ship on rough seas, VA state arms, green, imprinted revenue stamp, punch cancels throuigh signature; with shares, 1873, same train and VA vignettes as bond, green, imprinted revenue stamp, clean signature, both signed by William Mahone as president, both about VF+. [2] Est. 100-150


Baltimore & Ohio / B&O Southwestern, four certificates: Baltimore and Ohio RR, $100 preferred, two certificates for ten shares each, both issued to Henry Oppenheimer, 189(9) #E4777 and 189(900) #E19203, locomotive at upper left, red and black, the second with a 2-shilling stamp, both punch and stamp canceled, 1899 with discoloration at edges; Baltimore and Ohio Southwestern RR (OH), two certificates for $100 preferred, both 18(90), #A53 and #A87, train at station at right, brown and black, punch canceled, stubs reattached, overall VF+. [4] Est. 120-140


Baltimore and Ohio RR Co, $500 3-1/2% prior lien gold bond, specimen, 1898, allegorical woman with US shield and sword flanked by semi-nude men, olive, folds, good VF+ and a beautiful certificate. Est. 100-150

Atlantic & Pacific RR 1871. Central Division. #352. $1000. 6% Land Grant Bond. Brown. Train with mountain peaks in the distance crosses from the West coast to the Mississippi. Signed by Uriel Crocker as president and Oliver Ames as trustee. RN-W2. Henry Seibert. VF. The Atlantic & Pacific Railroad was a consolidation of the South Pacific and the Atlantic and Pacific Railroads. It was the successor to the South-West Branch of the Pacific Railroad of Missouri, which was entitled to over 1,000,000 acres of land by an Act of Congress in 1852. Oliver Ames (1807-1877) was an American manufacturer and railroad executive. With his brother, Oakes Ames, Oliver succeeded his father in a shovel manufacturing business. Oliver became actively involved in the railroad and shipping industries as well. He was the president of the Union Pacific from 1866 to 1871, while his brother Oakes attempted to keep the Credit Moblier scandal from turning into a disaster. Uriel Crocker (1797-1887) was a Boston based publisher and printer. His printing house, Crocker & Brewster, was an important textbook and religious book publisher. He was also an executive and director for many railroads including the Old Colony. Est. 200-300


Baltimore and Ohio Denomination Set #-1/2% prior lien gold bonds, 1909-25, allegorical woman on circle, $1000 brown, $5000 green, $10,000 purple, and $25,000 orange (amt written in), VF+ and better. [4] Est. 100-150


Atlantic and Pacific RR Co Western Division, 3% income mortgage bonds, 1880, surveryors work as land is cleared, trains in background, $500 green (7) and $1000 brown (10), ABN, folds, edge wear, good VF-VF+. [17] Est. 150-200

Baltimore and Ohio Denomination Set II 3-1/2% first mortgage bonds, 1901-23, allegorical figures in top corners, $1000 gray-brown, $5000 brown, $10,000 red (2, one #C11), and $25,000 orange (amt written in), VF+. [5] Est. 150-200


Baltimore and Ohio RR Co $500 5% refunding bond, specimen, 1915, train with legend “All steel train, 98 cars, hauling 5056 tons coal,” Peter Cooper engine bottom, orange, agreement overprint; with $250 5% variable interest refunding bond, specimen, 1946, same design but with printed seal, blue, both ABN; 1915 about VF+, 1947 EF. [2] Est. 150-200


Baltimore and Ohio RR Co Bonds Fantastic bond group all with vignette of stone arch bridge, comprising 5% refunding bonds series A 1916-35 $1000 green, $5000 #A35 brown, $10,000 blue, and $71,000 #B63, brown, (amt written in); series C 1937 $10,000 #RX34, purple, agreement annexed; series F 1935-38 $5000 orange (rust stains) and $10,000 #RX25 olive, agreement annexed; and series M 1947 $500 RB17 orange (amt written in) and $5000 RV2 brown; about VF+ and better. [9] Est. 300-400


Atlantic City & Shore RR (NJ) 1907. #117. 100 shs. Green. Streetcar passing Victorian house flanked by beach scenes and a grand plaza. SBN. Rubber stamped. VF. Est. 80-120


Atlantic, Mississippi & Ohio RR (VA) 1871. #149. 10 shares. Steam train in lush valley; train on bridge on back. William Mahone as president. Imprinted revenue stamp. CBN. VF+. William Mahone (18261895) was a Confederate Major General active in many battles including Seven Pines, Malvern Hill, Second Manassas, Fredericksburg, Chancellorsville, Gettysburg, the Wilderness, Spotsylvania, Cold Harbor and Petersburg. Mahone was known as the “Hero of the Battle of the Crater” at Petersburg. After the war Mahone returned to railroading and created what is now known as the Norfolk & Western System. Est. 80-120

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The January 2012 Collectors Series Sale


Baltimore and Ohio RR Co Bond Pair $100,000 5% refunding bond, 1916, #B23, issued to the Carnegie Institution of Washington, as previous, with $1,000,000 4% collateral trust bond, series A, 1947, similar design, orange; VF-VF+. [2] Est. 100-150


Baltimore and Ohio RR Co (MD), $1,000,000 5% refunding bond series A, 1918, #B35, issued to the railroad, stone arch railway bridge, brown, ABN, tax exception at bottom crossed through in pen, Wear and soiling at right edge, about VF+. Est. 100-150


Baltimore and Ohio Gold Note Specimens (MD)Great denomination group of 4% gold notes, specimens, 1931, $5000 olive, $10,000 red, $25,000 blue, $50,000 brown, $100,000 green, and $250,000 orange, ABN; folds, about EF. [5] Est. 150-200



Baltimore and Ohio 1932 Gold Note Specimens A second group of 4% notes, all yellow-orange, 1932, $25,000, $50,000, $100,000, $250,000, and blank for write-in, all ABN, no coupons, EF. [5] Est. 100-150 Baltimore and Ohio 1932 Gold Note Specimens II A different group, 4%, due 1934, all brown, ABN, coupons, $1000, $5000, $10,000, $25,000, $50,000, $75,000 ,$100,000, $125,000, $250,000, and blank write-in, EF. [10] Est. 200-300


Baltimore and Ohio RR Co (MD), $100 shs, 183747, early locomotive pulls barrels and passengers, Commerce and Agriculture, black, triangle punch cancels over signatures, good VF. One of the first common carrier railroads in the US, the B&O opened in 1830 to compete with the Erie Canal. [10] Est. 500-750


Baltimore and Ohio RR Co (MD), $100 shs, 184652, as previous, save that three are pen canceled, VF and better. [11] Est. 500-750


Baltimore and Ohio RR Co (MD), $100 shs, 1850s, as previous, punch and pen canceled, folds, toned, VF. [8] Est. 300-400

2022 2022

Baltimore and Ohio RR Co (MD), $100 shs, 185585, train leaves bridge, Agriculture and Commerce hold counters, black, folds, toning, about VF-VF+. [12] (photo) Est. 400-500


Baltimore and Ohio RR Co (MD), $100 6% preferred shares, 1876-94, train passes house on hill, black, red first dividend overprint, folds, two with edge nicks, VF-VF+. [4] Est. 100-150


Baltimore and Ohio RR Co, $100 shs, 1892, issued to and signed on verso by Russell Sage, passing train, Agriculture and Commerce hold counters, black, one large punch cancel, VF. Financier and politician Russell Sage (1816-1906) made a great fortune in railroads; his widow turned the money into a vast philanthropic trust. Est. 100-150


Baltimore and Ohio Southwestern Railway (OH), 20 certificates each for 10 $100 shares, preferred stock, 1894, #B9544-45, B9648-54, B9659-60, B9679, B9948-49. B9952, B9981-82, B10553, B12512-13, train pulls away from station with carriages and telegraph poles, right, black and green, ABN, punch and stamp canceled, VF-EF, mot VF+. [20] Est. 175-200

SPINK offers clients the option of paying by credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, and Discover only) in United States Dollars for a convenience charge of two percent (2%) up to a total of $20,000.00. For assistance with this type of payment, please contact our Dallas offices. 800-556-7826 or 972-788-2100.

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January 16-18, 2012 - New York


Baltimore and Ohio RR Co (MD), $100 shs, 18941915, early locomotive pulls barrels and passengers, “New York Certificate” green (5, one issued to August Belmont & Co, and another to Joseph Pulitzer) and brown (1), “Baltimore Certificate” olive (1), common shs blue (11), brown (9) and green (6), and preferred orange (9); generally VF+. [42] Est. 150-200


Baltimore Philadelphia and New York RR (PA), $1000 7% first mortgage loan, 1874, #110, train crosses bridge at top, eagle on shield at bottom, choice ornate border, red “1000” underprint, one coupon used, edge and fold wear, including closed 1” tear at right edge and internal splits, small hole in face, but an attractive bond and a strong VF. Est. 100-150


Baltimore and Ohio RR Co, Stock trust certificates, 1899-1901, preferred, locomotive in circular frame, green (8); and common, Liberty and US Capitol, blue (1), brown (1) and green (1); VF-VF+. [29] Est. 150-200


Beech Creek RR Co (PA), $1000 4% bonds, 193135, dates written in, allegorical women with spilling jug and with wheat bundle, train below, orange, ABN, generally VF+. [51] Est. 150-200

2037 2028

Baltimore and Ohio Railroad Co, Preferred stock trust certificates, 1899-1901, train in circle, orange (55) and red (1), VF-VF+. [56] Est. 300-400

Belt RR & Stock Yard Co (IN), $50 shs, 18971931, train at city station, black with gold “$50” underprint, one with stub reattached, staples, VF. [5] Est. 80-100


Baltimore and Ohio RR Co Pair of stock trust certificates, 1901, issued to and signed on versos by EH Harriman, one preferred green with train, one common brown with Liberty, about VF+. [2] Est. 300-400


Bergen County Railroad Company (NJ), One Share Capital Stock, 1882, locomotive, shields in corners, VF+. Est. 100-150


Big Rail Bonds Choice quintet of large $1000 bonds, all with imprinted revenue stamps, of the Boston, Hartford & Erie RR 1867 green; Flint & Pere Marquette Rwy 1868 black and green; Holly, Wayne and Monroe Rwy Co (MI) 1871 brown and green; Indiana & Illinois Central (IN/IL) 1871 black; and Rockford, Rock Island & St Louis RR Co $1000 or 200 pounds 1868 black and red; VF-VF+. [5] Est. 150-200


Blue Ridge RR (SC), three certificates for $1000/200 pounds sterling 7% mortgage loans, 1869, train passes at top, with, clockwise in corners, beginning top left, Liberty and Plenty, SC state seal, and vignettes based on the recto of the Georgia state seal, and on its verso, black and dark blue with gold metallic overprint on coupons, printed by ABN, cut canceled, edge wear and soiling, about VF+. [3] Est. 100-150


Blue Ridge RR Co (SC), $1000 / 200 pound 7% mortgage loan, 1869, passing train, state arms of NC, SC, GA, and TN, blue-black, imprinted revenue stamp, two with cut cancels, one with wear to coupon edges, good VF-EF. [4] Est. 200-300


Boston & Albany RR 1870. #10759. One share. Indian in circle flanked by expansive harbor scene with ships and a train crossing a bridge; Boston in the distance. New York arms below. RN-T4. ABN. VF. Of the twenty reported, only five were in collectible condition and this is one of the nicest. Est. 100-150


Boston & Worcester RR (MA), $100 shs, 1866, town and warehouse scene, RN-T3 printed at center, VF+ (1); 2-3) 1859 and 1865, as previous but with no revenue imprint, and 1859 printed on blue paper, both VF+. [3] Est. 150-250


Baltimore and Ohio RR Co (MD), $100 shs, 195159, early locomotive pulls barrels and passengers, olive, VF+-EF. [80] Est. 100-150


Baltimore and Ohio RR Shs, 1950s, as previous, common blue (69), and preferred olive (1) and orange (3), VF+-EF. [73] Est. 100-150


Baltimore and Ohio RR Co, 100 $100 shs common, as previous, brown, VF+-EF. [117] Est. 150-200


Baltimore and Ohio Group Great mixed group including temporary $1000 4-1/2% bond certificate series F 1887 black; shs 1894 green, 18__ orange unissued, and 1961 green with red exchange overprint; share warrant 1906 blue; temporary equipment obligation 1901 brown unissued; standing interest order form 1926; certificates of deposit 1938 blue (1) and green (1); and 4% Toledo-Cincinnati Division bonds series D 1947, train passes workers, $1000 green, $5000 purple, and $10,000 orange; good VFEF. [12] Est. 200-300


Baltimore Consolidated Rwy Co (MD), $25 shares, 1897-99, electric trolley on street, 100 shs brown (13), less than 100 shs green (8), and 500 shs red (10), VF+ to EF. This company was formed by the merger of the Baltimore Traction Co and the City & Suburban Co. [31] Est. 200-300

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The January 2012 Collectors Series Sale


Boston, Hartford and Erie RR Co (MA), $1000 7% bonds, 1867, train at station, Liberty with eagle, green, imprinted RN-W2 and two RN-P5, one with partial fold splits and edge wear, otherwise VF-VF+. [7] Est. 300-400


Burlington, Cedar Rapids and Northern Rwy Co of Iowa ( IA), 100 $100 shs, 1879, Ceres with beehive, eagle with arrow, brown, stubs reattached, some with light edge wear, generally about VF+. [8] Est. 60-80


Boston, Hartford and Erie RR Co (MA), $1000 7% bonds, 1867, as previous, fold and edge wear, VFVF+. [6] Est. 300-400


Burlington, Cedar Rapids and Northern Rwy Co of Iowa, $100 shs, 1881-1902, Agriculture, American eagle, green, some with stub remnants, otherwise VF+. [26] Est. 100-150


Boston, Hartford and Erie RR Co (MA), $1000 7% bonds, 1867, as previous, nice condition, VF+. [5] Est. 300-400


Cairo & Kanawha Rwy Co (WV), $100 shs, 1910, train leaves tunnel, black and gold, Goes, fingerprints in right margins, one with marginal tears, otherwise about VF+. [7] Est. 60-80


California Street Cable RR Co (CA), $100 shs, San Francisco, 1896-97, enclosed and open bench-style trolleys, black, stub and stub remnant left, edge wear, good VF. [2] Est. 150-200


Canada Southern Railway, 3% debenture certificate, Unissued, 187_, #2715, Art and semi-nude Industry flank frame with map of the Canada Southern route along the north shore of Lake Erie, blue and black, edge wear, one spot of foxing, otherwise VF+. Est. 60-80


Canada Southern Railway Co, $1000 5% second mortgage registered bond, unissued, 188_, #394, signed by Cornelius Vanderbilt (II), train at left, signalman with wife, child, dog as train enters tunnel at right, black and green, ABN, punch canceled affecting signature, VF+. Est. 100-150


Canton, Aberdeen & Nashville RR (MS), $1000 5% first mortgage gold bond, 1884, #1623, train approaches at top, flanked by allegorical women, cotton boll at bottom, black, ABN, punch canceled, coupons clipped, toned, VF+. Est. 60-80


Central Pacific Rwy Co (UT), $1000 4-1/2% / 31/2% series A first and refunding bonds, 1944, allegorical men flank train in circle, orange, punch cancels, no coupons, EF. [3] Est. 50-100


Central Petroleum Co. (NY), 300 Shares Capital Stock, 1866, New York City, oil derrick, oil barrels and storage tanks, C.P. office in background, red overprint, VF-EF. [3] Est. 300-400


Chesapeake, Ohio & Southwestern RR (NY), $100 shs, 1890, signed by C. P. Huntington as president, train at station, punches lightly affect two signatures, third with single red pen stroke cancel, VF-VF+ [3] Collis Porter Huntington (1821-1900) was one of the â&#x20AC;&#x153;Big Fourâ&#x20AC;?. He was a railroad magnate and capitalist. He organized the Central Pacific RR and was involved in building the Western end of the Transcontinental Railroad. Est. 300-400



Boston, Hartford and Erie RR Co, Trust certificates at the American Loan and Trust, NY, 1886, ornate border, black, some with pin holes, two stained, overall VF-VF+. [57] Est. 200-300 Burlington & Mt. Holly Traction Railroad Co (NJ), $100 shares, capital stock, 18(902), #5, issued to and signed by Samuel Rea, Liberty on throne at left with shield, fasces, caduceus, plenty, Columbia at right with US Constitution, American eagle, cherub with sword, punch cancellations, tipped to recto is a transfer document of the same day also signed by Rea, otherwise certificate is about EF. Est. 200-300

2049 2049


Burlington and Missouri River RR (IA), $100 shares, 1872, trains diverge by river, full green underprint, some edge staining, but mostly VF+ to EF. [30] (photo) Est. 600-750 Burlington and Missouri River RR Co (IA-NE), $100 shs in several types: 1859, fancy left border, black; 1870, train passes, black and green; B&MR in Nebraska, 1871-72, black and orange (2); and 1879, man in horse-drawn thresher, brown, all about VF+. [5] Est. 100-150

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January 16-18, 2012 - New York



Chicago Rails Choice group comprising Chicago and Eastern IL 1880s black (1, unissued archive model) and brown (1); Chicago and Northwestern Rwy 1937 green; Chicago, Burlington and Quincy 1900-01 brown (4); Chicago, Indiana and Southern $1000 bond 1906 orange; Chicago, Indianapolis and St. Louis Short Line Rwy $1000 bond 1903 green; Chicago, Rock Island and Pacific Rwy Co certificate for 10 bonds 1888, signed “Drexel Morgan & Co” on verso by JP Morgan, brown; Chicago, Rock Island and Texas Rwy Co $10,000 bond unissued 19__ orange; Chicago Southern Rwy Co syndicate certificate 1907, signed by Orville E Babcock, brown; Chicago, St. Louis and Pittsburgh RR Co (IN) 1883 blue; and Cleveland, Cincinnati, Chicago and St. Louis Rwy Co (OH/IN) $5000 bond 1949; VF and better. [14] Est. 300-400 Chicago and Alton Railroad Company (IL), $1000 3% gold bond, 1899, locomotives in yard, eagle below, green, generally good VF+. [100] Est. 200-300


Chicago and Canada Southern Rwy Co (IL/IN/OH/MI), $1000 7% gold bond, 1872, allegorical women “Chicago” and “Buffalo” shake hands over US shield, map of line from Ft Erie, Ontario to Chicago, brown with red seal, fold and edge wear, good VF. Est. 150-200


Chicago and Canada Southern Rwy Co (IL/IN/OH/MI), $140 7% bonds, 1873, tracks converge at rail station, black, 8 coupons below, most with some edge wear, but VF+ and better. [7] Est. 150-200


Chicago, Brazil and Ohio River Railroad and Coal Company (IN), First Mortgage Bond, 1881, 20 Pounds/$100, #13099, train passing coal mine, green seal and denomination overprint, printed by Henry Seibert, VF. Est. 80-120


Chicago, Burlington and Northern RR Co (MA), $100 shs, 1886, signed by John Murray Forbes as treasurer, locomotive flanked by gryphons, green, ABN, about VF+. In addition to being a railroad builder, John Murray Forbes (1813-98) had been a staunch abolitionist, helping fund the activities of John Brown in Kansas. [3] Est. 100-150


Chicago and Alton Railroad Co (IL), $1000 3% gold bond, 1899, as previous, ABN, good VF+. [93] Est. 200-300


Chicago and Alton Railroad Company (IL), $1000 3% gold bond, 1899, locomotives in yard, eagle below, green, generally good VF+. [103] Est. 200-300


Chicago, Burlington and Quincy RR Co (IL), $100 shs, 1889-1901, train at sidings, black (3), brown (2), and orange-red (17), ABN, VF and better. [22] Est. 100-150


Chicago and Alton Railroad Company (IL), $1000 3% gold bond, 1899, as previous, VF+. [102] Est. 200-300


Chicago, Burlington and Quincy RR Co (IL), Shs, 1871-99, cattle black (2), and loading train black (4) and brown (2); VF-VF+ [8] Est. 100-150


Chicago and Alton Railroad Company (IL), $1000 3% gold bond, 1899, as previous, about VF+ and better [202] Est. 400-500


Chicago Great Western RR Co (IL), 100 shs common, 1931, trains pass at station, brown, ABN, generally VF+. [16] Est. 100-150


Chicago and Alton RR Co (IL), $1000 bonds, 1899, as previous, about VF+ and better. [134] Est. 300-400



Chicago and Alton Railroad Company (IL), $1000 3% gold bond, 1899, as previous, generally VF+. [100] Est. 200-300

Chicago, Kalamazoo, & Saginaw Rwy (MI), two bonds for $100 shares, preferred stock, both 190(3), #54 and #56, ornate border, black, both with stubs reattached at left, edge wear, with both upper right corners clipped, overall VF+. [2] Est. 80-120


Chicago, Milwaukee and St. Paul Rwy Co, $100 shs, proof on India paper, 188_, train and signalman, black, tipped to card, closed fold splits, displays well above VF. Est. 100-150


Chicago, Portage and Superior Railway Company (IL-WI), First Mortgage Land Grant Bond, 1881, $1000, #3054, train with steamboat in distance, red seal, VF+. Est. 100-150


Chicago, Rock Island and Pacific RR Co, $1000 4% gold bonds, 1902, passengers and porter approach train at city station, blue, ABN, foreclosure decree handstamps, VF-VF+. [40] Est. 200-300



Chicago and Alton Railroad Company (IL), $1000 3% gold bond, 1899, as previous, good VF-VF+. [201] Est. 400-500 Chicago and Alton Railroad Company (IL), $1000 3% gold bond, 1899, as previous, VF+. The last of this large archive. [100] Est. 200-300

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The January 2012 Collectors Series Sale


Chicago, Rock Island and Pacific RR Co, $1000 4% gold bonds, 1902, as previous, good VF-VF+. [36] Est. 200-300


Chicago, Rock Island and Pacific Rwy Co (IL/IA/MO), $100 shs, 1902, locomotive “America,” black and brown, ABN, stubs reattached, VFVF+. [61] Est. 300-400


Chicago, Rock Island and Pacific Rwy (IL/IA), $100 shs, 1915, locomotive “America,” orange, VFVF+. [37] Est. 300-400


Chicago, St Louis, and New Orleans RR Co (LA/MS/TN/KY), $1000 6% mortgage bonds, 1877, Louisiana state arms, black, crisp folds, minor edge wear, VF+. [8] Est. 150-200


Chicago Terminal Transfer RR (IL), $1000 4% 50year first mortgage gold bonds, 1897, Chicago’s Grand Central Station, allegorical figures, brown, about EF. The CTT made contracts with the many railroads reaching the Chicago hub for access to Grand Central. [8] Est. 200-300


Chicago Terminal Transfer Railroad Company (IL), 100 Shares Preferred Capital Stock, 1898, #A1711, ‘Justice’ flanked by railroad scenes, olive, ABN, EF. Est. 150-200


Chicago Terminal Transfer RR (IL) 1901. #2956. 100 shs. Orange. Justice flanked by trains and track workers in circle. Issued to and signed on the reverse by E.H. Harriman. ABN. VF+. Edward Henry Harriman (1848-1909), the “Napoleon of Wall Street,” controlled over 60,000 miles of track and more millions of capital than any financial giant of the country during his time. His titanic struggle with James J. Hill over control of the Northern Pacific triggered the May 1901 panic on Wall Street. Est. 150-200


Chicago Terminal Transfer RR (IL) 1901. #C2963. 100 shs. Common, Orange. Justice with scale flanked by trains and trackworkers in circles. Issued to and signed by E.H. Harriman on the verso. VF+. Est. 300-400


Chicago Terminal Transfer RR (IL), $100 shares, common stock, 1898, #1303, issued to John D. Rockefeller, Justice at top flanked by circular farmes with arriving train below bridge left and train passing men building track right, winged head at bottom, orange, punch and stamp canceled, stub reattached left, light edge wear and toning, about VF+. Est. 100-150


Chicago Union Station Co (IL), Specimen quartet: 4-1/2% mortgage gold bonds series A, 19__ Union Station building, $1000 brown, $5000 blue, and $10,000 orange, Western Bank Note / ABN Western Division; and 3-3/4% mortgage gold bond series E, ca 1936, $1000, Union Station building, brown, ABN; VF+-EF. [4] Est. 250-300


Choctaw, Oklahoma and Gulf RR Co, Good mix, 1896-1901 including preferred stock, huge coal breaker green (1) and orange (1); certificates of interest train at platform brown (1) and orange (9), common train and stevedores brown (1); and trust certificate preferred miners blue (6) and red (11); good VF-VF+ [30] Est. 100-150


Choctaw, Oklahoma & Gulf RR Co (PA), $1000 Consolidated Mortgage 5% Gold Bond, 1902, unissued, #6581, Indians watch train below, with coupons attached. EF+. Est. 300-400


Choctaw, Oklahoma and Gulf Small mixed group of $1000 5% gold car trust loan series A 1900, men unload freight car, cotton boll, blue-black; $1000 5% gold mortgage bonds, unissued, 1902, Native Americans watch train bring progress, chief below, black (2); and shs, 1897 coal breaker green (minor edge damage) and 1901 train and porters brown; shares VF, bonds EF. [5] Est. 100-150


Cincinnati and Springfield Railway Company (OH), a group of 26 First Mortgage Bonds, 1871, $1000, Cincinnati, train at station, RN-W2; RN-P5, generally VF. [27] Est. 250-350


Cincinnati Ohio Rails. 1) Chicago & Cincinnati RR 1860. 2) Cincinnati, Hamilton & Dayton RR 1884. 3-9) Cincinnati, Indianapolis, St. Louis & Chicago Rwy 1880-1904. Assorted types. One issued to J.P. Morgan another issued to Junius Morgan. 10) Cincinnati & Lake Erie RR 1930. 11) Cincinnati, Lebanon & Northern Rwy 1886. 12) Cincinnati, New Castle & Michigan Rwy 1854. Signed by Caleb Blood Smith. 13) Cincinnati, New Castle & Michigan RR 1855. Signed by Caleb Blood Smith. 10% Bond. Extensive tape repairs. 14) Cincinnati, New Orleans & Texas Pacific Rwy 1972. 15) Cincinnati Northern RR 1902. 16) Cincinnati, Sandusky & Cleveland RR 1888. 17) Cincinnati & Springfield Rwy 1885. Signed by Devereux. 18) Cincinnati, Wabash & Michigan Rwy 1889. Signed by Jeptha Wade. Bond receipt. 19) Cincinnati, Wabash & Michigan RR 1881. Signed by Jeptha Wade. 20) Cincinnati, Washington & Baltimore RR 1883. Bond Scrip. 21-26) Cincinnati, Washington & Baltimore RR 1885-86. VF-VF+. Est. 200-300


Cincinnati Northern RR (OH), Shares, unissued, 19__, passenger train leaves city, green (31) and orange (1), about EF. [34] Est. 100-150

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January 16-18, 2012 - New York


Cincinnati, Indianapolis, St. Louis & Chicago Rwy (IN) Shs, issued to and signed on the back by Collis Porter Huntington, 1880 View at North Bend green (2) and 1887 train by lake brown, one punch affects signatures, FBN. VF+. [3] Est. 100-150


Cincinnati, Indianapolis, St. Louis & Chicago Railway Company (IN), 100 Shares Capital Stock, 1888, #A976, issued to and signed by E.H. Harriman, train passes lake, brown, pinholes, VF+. Est. 300-400


Cincinnati, Peru and Chicago Railway Co (IN), $1000 7% mortgage bonds, 1855, train, farmhouse, forge interior, black, crisp folds, good VF+. This road was never fully completed, and these bonds became the subject of a US Supreme Court case when the road was sold. [7] Est. 300-400


Cincinnati, Richmond & Chicago Rail Road (OH), five certificates for $50 shares, 18(66) and 18(67) [4], #21, #40, #49, #51-52, workmen pause to watch train go by, each certificate with R44 (two on #21 and #40), all punch canceled, with stubs reattached at left, VF+. [5] Est. 250-350


Cincinnati, Washington and Baltimore Railroad (OH), 10 $100 shares, preferred stock, 1885, #A4758-60, #A4773-74, #A4776-77, #A4784-86, #A4805-06, #A4962, #A4973, #A4976-79, #A98586, green and black, train leaves station with men and carriages outside, telegraph pole, right, ABN, punch and handstamp cancellations, VF. [20] Est. 175-200


Cleveland Rails Cleveland & Erie Rwy $250 bond and $500 bond, both 1909; Cleveland, Columbus, Cincinnati & Indianapolis (OH/IN) $1000 bond 1869; Cleveland, Lorain and Wheeling Rwy shares, 1898; Cleveland, Painsville & Ashtabula RR $1000 bond 1850; and Cleveland Short Line Rwy $50,000 bond, 1923; all VF+ or better. [6] Est. 100-150


Cleveland Canton & Southern RR (OH), $100 shares, preferred, 18(97), #1651, train at platform at upper left, black and green, ABN, folds, pinholes in right margin, VF+. Est. 80-120


Cleveland, Canton & Southern RR (OH), $100 first class preferred shares, 189(3), #75, winged children drape flag over counter upper left, brown underprint, ABN, toned, folds, VF+. Est. 80-120


Cleveland, Cincinnati, Chicago and St Louis Rwy Co, $1000 4% gold bonds “Secured by first mortgage of the Cairo, Vincennes & Chicago Railway,” passing train, gryphons in border, green, ABN, all coupons removed, VF and better. Formed by a merger in 1889, the CCC & St L, better known as the “big four” railroad, came to dominate the midwest, buying up smaller roads like the Cairo, Vincennes & Chicago; in 1906 it was bought out in turn by the New York Central. [99] Est. 400-500


Cleveland, Cincinnati, Chicago and St Louis Group Nice variety of certificates, including $1000 4% mortgage gold bond, Springfield and Columbus Division, 1890, train passes horseman, brown; $1000 4% bond on Cincinnati, Wabash and Michigan Division, specimen, 1891, same design but orange; $100 shs, 1908, trains at switch, red (3); $100,000 temporary 4-1/2% bond, series F, 1938, #TCM22, blue; and first collateral mortgages, St Louis Div, $1000 1954 green and $5000 1952 brown; VF-EF. [8] Est. 150-200


Cleveland, Cincinnati Chicago & St Louis Rwy (OH/IN), $1000 4% first collateral trust mortgage, St Louis Division, 1939-59, train at depot, boiler man, green, VF+-EF. [72] Est. 300-400


Cleveland, Columbus, Cincinnati and Indianapolis Rwy Co (OH/IN), $1000 7% bonds, 1869, beautiful certificates with train at city depot, ornate security underprint in red, imprinted revenue stamp, coupons removed, fold and edge wear, light on all but one, good VF-VF+. [4] Est. 100-150


Cleveland, Painsville & Ashtabula RR Co (OH), $1000 7% bonds, 1852, %7 and higher, locomotive with coal and passenger cars, black with green paper seals, cut canceled, some minor edge splits, toning, but overall about VF+. [8] Est. 300-400


Colorado Central RR Co, $100 shs, 1868, #1, issued to Jefferson County, CO, settlers and track workers lead train and progress west, barrels left, locomotive bottom, black, imprinted revenue stamp, stub reattached, punch and stamp cancels, about VF+. Est. 500-750


Colorado Central RR (CO), $100 shs, unissued 1874, made out to HM Teller, president of the company, but not signed, as previous, no seal, edge wear and soiling, good VF. Est. 80-120


Colorado Midland Rwy (CO), $1000 4% first mortgage 50-year gold bond, 1897, #2184, train at riverside station flanked by Industry and Agriculture, cherub in title, olive, ABN, wear including nicks at edges, toned, folds, but a sharp face, VF. Est. 125-175

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The January 2012 Collectors Series Sale


Colorado, Wyoming & Eastern Rwy (CO) 1914. #C8. $100. General Mortgage Income 6% Gold Bond. Red. Steam train. Steamboat in distance. VF. Est. 80-120


Columbia and Greenville RR Co, $1000 6% gold bond, 1881, trains on trestles, girl with bust, green, ABN, fold and edge wear, about VF+. Est. 75-125


Columbus Ohio Rail Bonds. 1-2) Columbus, Marion & Bucyrus Rwy 1914. 3) Columbus, Shawnee & Hocking Rwy 1890. 4) Columbus & Ninth Avenue RR 1893. 5-6) Columbus & Maysville Rwy 1870. VF. [6] Est. 175-200


Consolidated Traction Co (PA), 1000 $50 shs, common stock, specimen, 189_, electric street car, bright red, ABN, about EF. Est. 60-80


Consolidated Traction Co (PA), $50 shs, 1896, electric trolley, common stock less than 100 purple (1), 500 brown (1), and 1000 red (1, unissued); and preferred 1000 blue (3, stubs reattached); punch cancels, VF+-EF [6] Est. 100-150


Cresson & Clearfield County & New York Short Route RR (PA), $500 6% first mortgage gold bond, 1884, locomotive “America,” brown, ABN, crayon notes at bottom, mounted on card, folded, edge wear including loss in upper left margin, VF. Est. 125-175

2125 2117 2117

Columbus & Xenia RR (OH), $50 shs, 1852-77, train passes, man cleans scythe, smith at anvil, man in ruff and chestplate, black, 85 with American Banknote Co “ABC” insignia upper right, several tipped together at left, VF-VF+. [100] (photo) Est. 600-750


Columbus & Xenia RR Co (OH), Stock dividend certificates, 1851, #5 and higher, black on blue paper, cut cancels, three with some edge loss, VF-VF+. [15] Est. 80-100


Columbus, Chicago and Indiana Central Rwy (OH/IN/IL), $100 shs, 1870s, all three state seals at top, train bottom, black with tan underprint, stubs reattached, a few with edge wear, most soiled, about VFVF+. [16] Est. 100-150



Columbus, London and Springfield Rwy Co (OH), $1000 6% notes, 1903, electric trolley, security underprint, “$1000” overprint, brown, ABN, about EF. [100] Est. 500-750 Connecting Rwy Co, $50 shs, 1878-97, eagle with shield, black, stubs reattached, about VF and better. [8] Est. 80-100


Cuba Co (NJ), $50,000 shs, 1900, #18 and higher, all signed by William C Van Horne as president, and one issued to and signed on verso by William C Whitney, ornate border, gold, stubs reattached left, VF-VF+. American-Canadian WC Van Horned (1843-1915) had developed the Canadian Pacific Rwy and in 1900 turned to developing the railroads in newly US-governed Cuba; investor William C Whitney (18411904) made a fortune in street railways and had been US Secretary of the Navy. [30] (photo) Est. 400-500


Cuba Co (NJ), $50,000 shs, 1900, #19 and higher, as previous, signed by Van Horne, issued to Whitney, Widener, etc, stubs, VF-VF+. [25] Est. 400-500


Cuba Co (NJ), $50,000 shs, 1900-01, #9 and higher, as previous, signed by Van Horne, eight issued to former US Vice President Levi P Morton, stubs, VF-VF+. [25] Est. 400-500


Danville & Western Railway Company (MD), a specimen 5% First Mortgage Guaranteed Gold Bond, 1891, $1000, train at station at bottom, orange, ABN, with coupons, VF+. Est. 80-120

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January 16-18, 2012 - New York


Dayton Ohio Rails. 1) Sandusky, Dayton & Cincinnati RR 1859. Bond Receipt. 2) Dayton, Xenia & Belpre RR 1855. 7% Bond. 3) Dayton Street Rwy 1909. 4-6) Dayton Coal, Iron & Rwy 1918-19. 7-8) City Rwy 1897-1915. 9) Sandusky, Dayton & Cincinnati RR 1859. 6% Bond. VF-VF+.[9] Est. 150-250


Erie Railroad Company, a specimen Refunding and Improvement Mortgage 5% Gold Bond, 1930, $1000, No. 00000, trains pass trackworkers, orange, ABN, with coupons, VF+. Est. 100-150


Erie / Erie-Lackawanna RR Co (NY), 100 shs Erie RR 1955-58, allegorical figures flank logo, blue (25), and Erie-Lackawanna RR 1961-64, similar but new logo red (41), mostly about EF. [66] Est. 50-75


Dayton & Michigan RR (OH) 1872. Shares. Preferred. Train at station. RN-U1. POCs. VF. [8] Est. 150-250 2142


Dublin and Southwestern RR (GA), $100 shs, 1905, #34 and higher, eagle on dome, black with gold underprint and seal, Goes, seven with edge damage or marked staining; these about VF, the rest VF-VF+. [27] Est. 100-150

Evansville Street Railroad Company (IN), a specimen First Mortgage 5% Gold Bond, 1890, $1000, streetcars with passengers, green, FBN, VF+. Est. 100-150


East Alabama & Cincinnati RR (AL) 1870. #60. $1000. First Mortgage Gold Bond. Cu. Brown. Columbia with globe and flag, train in distance. VF+. Est. 200-300

Fairmount Park Transportation Co (NJ), $50 shs, 1897-1902, green, stubs reattached, VF-VF+. This company operated a street railway in Philadelphiaâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s main city park. [26] Est. 60-80


Federal Street and Pleasant Valley Passenger Rwy Co (PA), $25 shs, Pittsburgh, 1891, three horses in circle, unusual title font, green, stubs reattached left, about VF+. [5] Est. 150-200


Ferrocarriles del Norte de Cuba, 10 shares Common Stock, 1913, #100, train passes sugar cane harvest, green, CBN, EF. Est. 80-120


Ferrocarriles Nacionales de Mexico (NY / Mexico), $100 U.S. Gold shares, 1922, 0.00


Findlay, Ft Wayne & Western Rwy Co (OH/IN), $1000 5% mortgage bond, 1894, woman with dagger and helm, gryphons, black and brick red, no coupons, VF+-EF. [2] Est. 150-200


Flint & Pere Marquette Rwy Co (MI), $1000 8% land grant bonds, 1868, train leaves city, train loaded below, black with green underprint, imprinted revenue stamp, most with light paste stains at top, good VF. [5] Est. 150-200


Florida Rwy (FL) 1909. #21569. $1000. First Mortgage 5% Gold Bond. Brown. Steam passenger train. Minor edge tears, VF. Est. 80-120


Georgetown RR Co (TX), $100 shs, 1878, small format, ornate border, black with sharp embossed seal, toned, VF+. Est. 80-100


Germantown Passenger Rwy Co (PA), $50 shs, 1893-96, spread eagle, Florence Nightingale, man waters horses at mill and talks with miller, black, ABN, stubs reattached, folds, edge wear, but good VF. [18] Est. 100-150



East Pennsylvania RR Co (PA), $50 shs, 1880-85, train at station, train at right, black, light paste stains left, VF-VF+. [9] Est. 150-200


East Shore Terminal Co (SC), $1000 8% consolidated mortgage bond, specimen, 1892, eagle on rock, black and red, Homer Lee Banknote, light fold and edge wear, toning, VF+. Est. 100-150






Eastern Transportation Line (NY), $100 shs, 187282, ornate border and title, black, edge and fold wear including some with partial separation, generally VF. [29] Est. 200-250 Elizabethtown & Paducah RR (KY) 1873. No. 710. $1000. 7% Bond. Red GOLD floral overprint. Train at top. City Hall and Water Works of Louisville at left and right. Beehive, farm produce at bottom. No coupons. VF+. Est. 100-150 Elmira and Williamsport RR (PA/NY), $50 shs, 1935-51, train passes, brown, ABN (Phila), some edge wear, one with crease, VF-VF+. [8] Est. 60-80 Erie and North East RR Co (PA), $50 shs, unissued, 185_, ornate side borders, all green, some with edge stains and wear, three VF, the rest VF+. [11] Est. 60-80 Erie and North East RR (PA), $50 shares, 18(62), #1927, train in frame between allegorical women, B. Franklin left, G. Washington right, Industry bottom, pen canceled, hole in treasurerâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s signature, edge wear and soiling, VF. Est. 80-120

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The January 2012 Collectors Series Sale


Goodyear’s Metallic Rubber Shoe Co (CT), $25 shs, Naugatuck, 1861, eagle, Native American maiden, dog with chest, black on blue paper, soiling, light discoloration, edge wear, VF. Est. 60-80


Grand Junction RR and Depot Co (MA), $1000 6% bond, 1853, view of Boston from harbor, vertical vginette of train at busy docks, nine coupons used, soiling at folds, good VF+. Est. 100-150


Greensburgh & Hempfield Electric Street Railway (PA), Two certificates, $500 6% first mortgage bond, 1890, #18, one of 100 issued, and $250 6% second mortgage bond, 1891, #13, one of 40 issued,both with vignette based on PA state arms, brown, folded, about EF. [2] Est. 100-125


Greenwich & Johnsonville RR Co (NY), $100 shs, 1869, name changed in red overprint from “Union Village & Johnsonville...,” train leaves town, black, uncanceled, toned, VF+. [2] Est. 80-100


Harrisburg, Portsmouth, Mount Joy and Lancaster RR Co (PA), $50 shs, 1850s-70s, a delightful, heavily illustrated stock: allegorical women before city, Wm Penn, Ben Franklin, locomotives, man with dog, milk maid, eagles, PA state arms, sharp embossed seal of carriage car, six with ABN monogram, one signed five times by JE Thomson, one uncanceled, VF-VF+. [13] Est. 1,500-2,000 Houston & Great Northern RR Co of Texas (TX), $1000 8% convertible bonds, unissued, 1872, locomotive “America,” green, minor edge and fold wear, VF+. [2] Est. 100-150



Houston & Texas Central Rwy (TX) 1888. Waco & North Western Division. #483. $1000. First Mortgage Land Grant Sinking Fund Bond. Red seal and $1000. Train. Indians. Woman with wheat. Train below. Signed by W.E. Dodge as president. VF+. William E. Dodge (1805-1883) was an American financier and noted philanthropist. He was founder of Phelps, Dodge & Company, a leader in the metal industry, and an organizer of the YMCA in America Est. 150-250


Hudson & Berkshire Railroad (NY), $1000 7% New York State bond, #128, signed by Millard Fillmore as New York State Comptroller, lightly punch cancelled through his signature, VF. This is an early example of how the states helped the railroads raise money for construction. In 1848 Fillmore (1800-74) was nominated as the vice-presidential running mate to Zachary Taylor, succeeding upon Taylor’s death in 1850. While in office, he supported the Fugitive Slave Law, which alienated abolitionist support. A collection of certificates signed by all of the U.S. Presidents would be quite a challenge. We have seen certificates signed by Fillmore, Washington, McKinley, Harding, Cleveland, both Roosevelts, and Truman. This bond is quite uncommon, as only 178 were authorized. Est. 500-600


Hudson & St. Lawrence RR (NY) 1873. #736. $1000. 7% First Mortgage Bond. Cu. Red seal and $1000. State arms. Small train, bottom. VF. Est. 100-150


Hudson River RR Co, Fractional stock, unissued, 186_, signed by Wm H Vanderbilt as vice president, ornate left border, stub intact, black, VF+. William H Vanderbilt (1821-85), son of the Commodore and railroad magnate in his own right, complained “damn the public!” when their interest clashed with that of investors. Est. 200-300


Hupp Automatic Mail Exchange (DE) 1916. #2401. 20 shs. Brown with gold seal. Mail train dumps letters on platform without stopping. VF+. Est. 100-150


Hupp Automatic Mail Exchange Company (DE), $50 shares, preferred capital stock, 191(6), #2452, mail train picks up and drops off letters without stopping, brown with gold seal, edge wear and soiling, a strong VF+. Est. 100-150


International RR Co (TX), $1000 7% sinking fund gold bonds, 1871, train at station, cattle stampede, wagon being loaded, men near adobe, star, black with pink underprint, light fold wear, good VF+. [3] Est. 200-300


Illinois Rails Four certificates, including Chicago and Eastern Illinois RR, 100 shares preferred, unissued, 1___ (ca. 1889), #4746, train exits trestle upper left, train with coal cars at bottom, brown; Chicago and North Western Rwy, $100 4-1/2% second mortgage convertible income bond A, 1939, #C3155, allegorical figure at wheel with Mercury in background, company logo underprint, orange, ABN; Peoria and Eastern Rwy, $1000 4% mortgage non-cumulative bond, 1890, #2788, allegorical women at top, oncoming locomotive at bottom, red-brown, ABN; Vandalia RR (IN/IL), $100 shares, 1913, #A627, gorgeous allegorical women flank oncoming train, brown; all are punch canceled, generally VF+. [4] Est. 80-120

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January 16-18, 2012 - New York




Illinois Rails Great and small roads from Chicago and the central midwest, including Aurora Elgin & Chicago Rwy Co $1000 bond 1901 brown; Belleville and Southern Illinois RR co 1895 red; Chicago & Eastern IL unissued 188_ all brown and ca 1921 green; Chicago & IL Southern RR 1918 black; Chicago & Ohio River RR 1889 orange; Chicago Burlington & Northern 1886-88 green (2); Chicago, Burlington & Quincy 1864 black, 1866 unissued black, and 1901 brown; Chicago Great Western 1931 brown (1) and olive (2); Chicago, Havana & Western RR 1909-51 all blue (10); Chicago Terminal Transfer RR $1000 bond 1897 brown and shs 1898-1905 olive (2, one issued to John D Rockefeller); Chicago Union Station Co $1000 bond specimen 1940 blue; IL Traction Co (ME) 1915 blue; IN, Illinois, and Iowa RR $1000 bond 1900 brown; Kankakee & South Western RR Co 1890 black; Morris Terminal Rwy Co 1912 brown; Peoria & Bureau Valley RR 1889 black (2); Peoria & Eastern Rwy Co 189_ unissued (2) and 1927-31 (3), all red-brown; Peoria, Decatur & Evansville Rwy Co 1881 brown and 1903 green; Peoria and Pekin Terminal Rwy 1900 green; Rock Island & Peoria Rwy Co 1877 black and unissued 1890s brown; St Louis, Alton & Terre Haute RR Co (IL/IN) 1866 black, 1881 all red, and 1892 green (issued to and signed on both sides by George Foster Peabody); Toledo, Peoria & Western RR Co 1882 black; Vandalia RR Co 1905-07 brown (2) and orange (1)VF-EF. [50] Est. 750-1,000 Illinois Central Railroad (IL), two provisional certificates for $100 shares, unissued, both 185(5), #1322 and #1326, blue paper, ornate border to company name at left, pen and stamp canceled, signed by president and secretary but no issuee or number of shares entered, both a strong VF+. Est. 80-120 Illinois Central RR Co (IL), Provisional certificates for $500 or ÂŁ104,3,4 construction bonds, 1852, ornate border, black on blue, a few with marginal foxing, about VF+. [6] Est. 100-150


Indiana Rails Hoosier roads big and small, including Chicago, Indiana and Southern RR Co $10,000 bond 1928 olive; Cincinnati, Indianapolis, St Louis and Chicago Rwy Co $1000 bond 1880 green; ); Columbus, Chicago, and IN Rwy Co (OH/IN/IL) scrip 1868 all blue and shs 1873 black and orange (2); IL & IN Coal and Rwy Co $1000 bond 1881 blue-black (stained); IN Coal and Rwy Co $500 / 100 pound bond 1881 black and green; IN Harbor Belt RR Co $175,000 bond 1965 red; Indianapolis & Cincinnati RR Co unissued 18__ black (7); Indianapolis, Cincinnati & Lafayette RR Co unissued 18__ black with red overprint (4, some edge damage); Plymouth, Kankakee and Pacific RR Co (IN/IL) $1000 bond 1871, green with gold underprint and red seal; Richmond and Miami Rwy Co 1890 black; St Louis, Indpls and Eastern RR Co unissued 189_ brown; Terre Haute & Indpls RR Co 1897 blue (2) and 1904 black (1, tear); Vandalia RR Co (IN/IL) 1905-16 blue (1) brown (1) and orange (1); Vernon, Greensburgh & Rushville RR Co $1000 bond 1880 green; Wabash RR Co 1910 blue and certificate of deposit 1911 red; and more, VF-EF. [63] Est. 300-400


Indiana & Illinois Central Rwy (IN-IL), 1871. #974. $1000. First Mortgage 7% Bond. Cu. Steam locomotive AMERICA flanked by state arms. RNW2.. VF+. The line extended from Indianapolis, Indiana to Decatur, Illinois. The Indiana Division, which traversed extensive coal deposits, was completed in 1873 Est. 80-120


Indiana Southern Railway Company (IN), $1000 First Mortgage Bond, 1866. #8358. Orange seal and green cartouche. Train, bridge and river beyond. Allegorical figures at the sides. Signed as trustee by Samuel J. Tilden. Major & Knapp. VF+. Est. 100-150


Iowa Rails A smaller but choice grouping from the hawkeye state: Burlington, Cedar Rapids and Northern Rwy Co 1879 brown and 1882 green; Cedar Rapids and Missouri River RR 1879 purple-gray; Dubuque & Sioux City RR Co $1000 bond 1867 black and red with imprinted revenue stamps, and shs 1885 brown (1) and 1903-07 green (3); Iowa Falls & Sioux City RR Co 1880 all brown; Keokuk and Des Moines Rwy Co 1879 black and 1902 black on pink paper; Minneapolis & St Louis RR Co 1936-37 purple (4); Mississippi and Missouri RR Co 1863 black and unissued 18__ all blue; St Paul and Des Moines RR Co 1906 #9 black and green and 1909 blue; and Waverly Short Line, 1891 small format all blue; VFEF. [20] Est. 200-300


Jacksonville, Tampa & Key-West Rwy (FL), $1000 6% gold bond, 1890, #3239, two trains at depot top, allegorical women flank title, sphinxes below, olive, ABN, EF. Est. 100-125

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The January 2012 Collectors Series Sale


Jamestown, Chautauqua, & Lake Erie RR (NY), $1000 5% gold bonds, 1902, #1 and higher, green border, uncanceled, #1 with pen mark at left, good VF+-EF. [16] Est. 100-150


Jeffersonville, Madison & Indianapolis RR (IN), $100 shares, capital stock, 18(72), #760, choice engraved left edge, covered by five R137, black with blue underprint and green wax and paper seal, cut cancellations closed with paper on verso, transfer attached and completed at bottom, folds, light edge wear, about VF+. Est. 80-120




Jeffersonville, Madison & Indianapolis RR (IN), Four different types: Jeffersonville RR, shares, 1851; $100 shares, 1871; $100 7% guaranteed dividend shares, 1874; and $100 shares, 1889-92 (2); VF and better [5] Est. 100-150 Jersey City Locomotive Works (NJ), $250 7% certificate of indebtedness, 1858, #50, train passes top, NJ state arms bottom, pen canceled, fragmented red wax seal, toned, small corner out lower right, no coupons, VF+. Est. 100-150 Jersey Shore, Pine Creek and Buffalo Rwy (PA), $10,000 6% first mortgage bond, 1882, #41, issued to and signed by WH Vanderbilt; also signed by Chauncey M. Depew, and on verso by C. Vanderbilt and FW Vanderbilt, freight train passes coal breaker and busy industrial port, beautifully engraved cherubs and ornate border, black and green, ABN, stamp and punch canceled, punch cancellations affect signatures on verso but not Vanderbilt or Depew on recto, VF+. Est. 500-750


Junction and Breakwater RR Co (DE), $1000 6% bonds, 1873, passing train, DE state arms below, black, coupons, edge and fold wear including some closed tears and chipping, VF. [12] Est. 100-150


Junction Railroad (PA), three certificates, $50 shares, 18(84), #12, #21, and #24, train finishes crossing trestle, with train on aqueduct in background, black and green, ABN, punch cancellations, stubs reattached at left, VF. [3] Est. 200-300


Kansas City & Southwestern Railroad (NY), specimen 6% thirty-year gold bond, $1000, 1886, porter next to steam locomotive shoulders a heavy package for a couple dressed in Victorian attire, steamboat in the distance at top, Native Americans with long rifles stalk woodsman, bottom, green and black, ABN, very minor split in the bottom margin only, otherwise VF. Est. 125-150


Kansas City Interurban Rwy (MO), $1000 5% first mortgage gold bond, 1899, #56, trolley on busy street, green, bound at top into coupon booklet, R171 at upper left, most coupons remain, about EF. Est. 100-150


Kansas City Rwys (MO) 1915. #2548. $1000. Second Mortgage Sinking Fund Gold bond. Cb. Orange. Streetcar with passenger passes parked automobile. ABN. VF+. Est. 80-120


Kansas City, Clay County & St. Joseph Rwy (MO) 1911. #3275. $1000. First Mortgage 5% Gold Bond. Cb. Orange. Electric streetcar. HBN. VF+. Est. 60-880


Kentucky and Great Eastern Rwy (KY), $1000 7% gold tax-free bonds, unissued, 1872, pioneer shoots Native American, train, man with tobacco barrel, green, ABN, a few with minor edge chips, good VF or better. [32] Est. 400-600


Kentucky and Great Eastern Rwy (KY), $1000 7% gold tax-free bonds, unissued, 1872, as previous, some with minor edge damage, most good VF. [30] Est. 400-600


Lackawanna Rail Road Company (PA), 7% Bond, 1855, $500, #386, signed by Morris Jessup as president, coal train passes mountains, with coupons, VF. Morris K. Jessup (1830-1908) American merchant, banker and philanthropist. One of the original YMCA founders, and a major American Museum of Natural History benefactor. Est. 150-250


Lackawanna RR (PA), $50 shares, Jessup, 18(57) # 496, lovely vignette based on PA state arms, ornate border, fold wear, some discoloration at top, otherwise VF+. Est. 150-250

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January 16-18, 2012 - New York


Lackawanna and Wyoming Valley RR Co (PA), $500 6% gold debenture, 1928, #30, state arms, orange, good VF+. Est. 100-150


Lewiston, Augusta & Waterville Street Rwy (ME), $100 shs preferred, 1910, #P014, streetcar, blue, ABN, VF. Est. 60-80


Lake Erie & Louisville Rwy (OH-IN) 1872. #1247. $1000. First Mortgage 7% Bond. Cu. Full orange underprint with a gold seal. Oncoming train, steamship and train in distance. Hope, left. Columbia, right. Train at station, below. Homer Lee. VF. Est. 150-250


Lombard and South Streets Passenger Rwy Co (PA), $50 shs, Philadelphia, 1864-75, PA state arms, horse-drawn trolley, black, toned, some with edge damage or stub remnants, about VF and better. [13] Est. 100-150


Lake Erie, Evansville and South Western Rwy (OH/IN), $1000 / £200 7% bond, 1872, #19, train passes, canal boat, woodsman and buffalo, gorgeous blue “$1000” underprint, R144, partial fold split, VF. Est. 100-150


Lake Ontario Shore Rail Road Co. (NY), $100 issued by the City of Owego, 1871, #954, red seal and $100 overprint, eagle watches over train on bridge, State seal at bottom, Charles M. Cornwell, VF. Est. 100-150


Lake Shore and Michigan Southern Railway Company (NY), a two color specimen Twenty-Five Year 4% Gold Bond for $50,000, 19__, imposing train leaving station, purple, numbered stub 00000 attached, ABN, unfolded, EF. Est. 60-80


Lake Shore and Michigan Southern Rwy Co (NY), Group of larger denomination bonds, 1920s-40s, WK Vanderbilt portrait, train with cart and factories, $1000 blue-black (2), $5000 brown (8), $10,000 red (15), and $50,000 green (2), some with top edge wear, but generally VF+. [27] Est. 150-250


Lawrenceburgh & Indianapolis Rail-Road Company, unissued Capital Stock certificate, 18__, large vignette of an open cab locomotive pulling a doubledecker coach, “G & CO” watermark, small repair to lower right corner, VF+. Est. 150-250


Lebanon Springs RR (NY), $500 6% receiver’s certificates, 1881, train arrives at town station, orange underprint, no coupons, VF+ to EF. [6] Est. 150-250


Lehigh and Hudson River Rwy Co (NY), shares, 1929-65 (mostly 1940s), train approaches, orange, paste stains left, VF and better. [49] Est. 150-200


Lehigh Valley RR Co (PA), $1000 5% gold bonds, 1943-45, train approaches track workers, brown (5), green (3), and purple (4); with 100 shs, 1910, allegorical women and train, red, about VF and better. [13] Est. 100-150

2201 2201

Louisville and Southern Indiana Traction Co (IN), $10 shs, New Albany, 1903-16, all but one signed by Samuel Insull as president, ornate title, black with pink “preferred stock” underprint, stubs reattached left, one (not signed by Insull) with officer names cut out, the rest not visibly canceled, soiling, edge and fold wear, VF-VF+. Samuel Insull (18591938) consolidated electric utilities into Commonwealth Edison and established several holding companies that collapsed in the Great Depression, ruining 600,000 investors. [52] (photo) Est. 1,000-1,500


Louisville and Southern Indiana Traction Co (IN), $10 preferred shs, New Albany, 1903-14, all but three signed by Insull as president, floral design around company name, black with pink “Preferred Stock” underprint, ten uncanceled, rest with cut-out cancels to treasurer’s names (but not Insull’s), stub remnants left, VF-VF+. [65] Est. 1,000-1,500


Louisville and Southern Indiana Traction Co (IN), $10 preferred shs, New Albany, 1903-14, as previous, all but three signed by Insull, some with edge wear, VF-VF+. [56] Est. 1,000-1,500

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The January 2012 Collectors Series Sale


Louisville and Southern Indiana Traction Co (IN), $10 preferred shs, New Albany, 1903-14, as previous, all but two signed by Insull, VF-VF+. [55] Est. 1,000-1,500


Louisville, New Albany & St. Louis Rwy (IL-IN) 1881. Specimen. $1000. 4% Bond. Cu. Brown and green. Steam locomotives at left and right. Homer Lee BN. Top edge a bit rough from old mounting on back VF+. Est. 100-150


Mahoning Coal RR (OH), $50 shs, 1907-69, OH state arms, brown (61, some later ones specimens) and green (15, seven unissued), about a dozen with dampstains, else VF-VF+. [76] Est. 100-150


Maine Central RR Co (ME), 4½% series A bonds, specimens, 1935, track workers between trains, $500 purple and $1000 green (2), EF. [3] Est. 75-125


Mann’s Boudoir Car (NY), $1000 6% gold bonds, 1886, as previous, signed by Mann, VF+-EF. [30] Est. 500-750


Memphis & Charleston RR (TN), $25 shs, 1887, train at station, Norwich terrier, bottom, brown, ABN, VF+. [2] Est. 100-150


Michigan Midland and Canada RR (MI), $100 shares, capital stock, 18(73), #18, issued to and signed on verso by Henry Farnam, train crosses bridge over creek, Agriculture at bottom, black with light brown underprint, punch canceled, light ink stain at center right, toning, VF+. Est. 100-150


Middleborough & Taunton RR (MA) 1857. Blue paper. Shares. Ornate end panel. VF.[4] Est. 60-80


Middlesex Valley Railroad Company (NY), a specimen First Mortgage 5% Gold Bond for $1000, 1892, oncoming train passes switchman, brown, FBN, with coupons, VF+. Est. 150-250


Midland Rwy (IN), $1000 6% general mortgage gold bond, Specimen, 1885, train passes factories, train on causeway in background, brown griffins at top, brown, age-toned, light stain in top margin, strong VF+. Est. 100-150


Midwestern Rails Ten certificates, including Canton & East Liverpool Rwy (OH), $100 shares, 1904, #18, black with orange underprint, stub; Cedar Rapids & Missouri River RR (IA), $100 shares, 18(80), #3326, train passes factory, purple; Cleveland, Cincinnati, Chicago, & St. Louis Rwy (OH/IN), $100,000 and $1,000,000 4-1/2% refunding and improvement mortgage bonds series F, 1938, temporary bonds, #TCM24 blue and #TMM6 goldenrod; Columbus & Xenia RR (OH), $50 shares, 1918, #6279, halftone locomotive vignette; Ionia & Lansing RR (MI), $1000 8% first mortgage construction bond, 1869, #293, train passes, ship in background at top, state arms at bottom, pink “ONE THOUSAND DOLLARS” underprint; Kalamazoo, Allegan & Grand Rapids RR (MI), $1000 5% bond, 1888, #563, state arms at top, brown, ABN; Kanawha & Michigan (OH/WV), $1000 4% 100-year gold bond, 1890, #1433, native American maiden at top, train yard at bottom, brown, ABN; Louisiana and Missouri River RR (MO), $100 shares preferred, unissued, 18__ (ca. 1880), #552, state arms, green; and Vandalia RR (IN/IL), $100 shares, 1913, #A626, allegorical women flank train, brown; all are canceled, generally very fine+. [10] Est. 150-250


Miller Train Control Corp (VA), $5 shs, 1928-29, halftone vignette of passing train, logo in corners, black, gold embossed seal, Goes, file holes at left, VF+. [2] Est. 100-150

2208 2208

Mann’s Boudoir Co (NY), $1000 6% gold bonds, 1886, signed by WD Mann as president, train in vaulted station, green, crisp folds, VF+-EF William D Mann (1839-1920) had been a Union cavalry officer during the Civil War, and in addition to developing his railroad sleeping car, was active in newspaper publishing. [33] (photo) Est. 500-750

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January 16-18, 2012 - New York


Mississippi Valley RR (LA-AR) 1894. Specimen. 100 Pounds. 5% Sterling Debenture. Red seal. Oncoming train passes boy waving hat. FBN. VF+. Est. 100-150


Missouri, Kansas & Oklahoma Railroad (Oklahoma Territory), $1000 5% first mortgage gold bond, specimen, 1902, train passing lake, black and green, EF. Est. 100-125


Missouri, Kansas and Texas Rwy, 100 $100 shs, 1880, all signed as president by Jay Gould, with three issued to him and signed again on versos, cattle cherubs, black and green, large punch cancels affect both signatures, stub remnants left, VF. Financier Jay Gould (1836-92) became infamous when he tried to corner the US gold market, leading to its collapse on “Black Friday” in 1869. [6] Est. 500-750




Missouri, Kansas and Texas Rwy Co, 100 $100 shs, 1880, all signed by Jay Gould as president, as previous, larger punch cancels affect all signatures, about VF and better. [9] Est. 750-1,000 Missouri, Kansas and Texas Rwy Co, 100 $100 shs, 1880, signed by Jay Gould as president, as previous, small punch cancels affect “J” in signature, good VF. Est. 250-300 Missouri Kansas and Texas Rwy, 100 $100 shs, 1880, issued to and signed on versos by Jay Gould, as previous, punch cancels affect three of the signatures, VF and better. Est. 500-750



2223 2223

Missouri, Kansas, and Texas Rwy Co, $100 shs common, 1902-10, train leaves roundhouse, green, VF-VF+. [122] (photo) Est. 500-750


Missouri, Kansas, and Texas Rwy Co, 100 $100 shs common, 1904-10, as previous, VF-VF+. Est. 500-750


Missouri, Kansas & Texas Railway Company (NY), 100 shares Capital Stock, 1880, #B7546, issued to and signed on reverse by Russell Sage, horseman watches herds of cattle and sheep, Cherubs, green, VF. Est. 150-200


Missouri, Kansas & Texas Rwy (MO) 1901. Specimen. $1000. First Mortgage Refunding 4% Gold Bond. Cb. Oncoming train passes lake and factory. FLBN. VF+. Est. 100-150



As an added convenience to our bidders in the sale, we offer telephone bidding during the auction which gives buyers the flexibility they may need to increase their bids as the auction proceeds. Please call our offices (800-556-7826 or 972-788-2100) to arrange for telephone bidding prior to the sale and ask for Patricia Gardner or Emily Cowin.

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The January 2012 Collectors Series Sale


Missouri, Kansas and Texas Rwy, $100 shs preferred, 1879-89, design as previous, green (76) and brown (4), stubs reattached, about VF-VF+. [80] Est. 200-300


Missouri, Kansas and Texas Railway (MO/KS/TX), $500 100-year first mortgage 4% bond, Specimen, train approaches along bay, black and olive, “M, K, & T” olive underprint, coupons folded over, very light edge wear, VF. Est. 100-150


Missouri, Kansas & Texas Railway, $100 shares common stock, 1891, #1699, issued to and signed on verso by William Rockefeller, train exits roundhouse, green and black, stub attached left, with resulting paste stains, VF. Est. 150-200


Missouri, Kansas, and Texas Rwy Co, 10 $100 shs, 1880s, most signed by George J Gould as 3rd VP, cattle, cherubs, purple, ABN, most stubs reattached, VF-VF+. Son of the infamous Jay Gould, George Gould (1864-1923) inherited his father’s vast railroad holdings; his death of pneumonia shortly after visiting the site of King Tut’s tomb fueled rumors that the tomb was cursed. [124] Est. 400-500


Missouri, Kansas, and Texas Rwy Co, $100 shs common, 1902-10, as previous, brown (85), green (11), and red (72), about VF-EF, large majority VF+. [168] Est. 750-1,000


Missouri, Kansas and Texas Rwy Co, $100 shs preferred, 1908-10, train at station, fireman, blue (77), olive (3), and orange (3); VF-EF. [83] Est. 400-500


Missouri, Kansas and Texas Specimen Trio (MO/KS/TX), $100 bonds, specimens, 4% 100-year first mortgage, 1890, train J88 passes river and city green; 4% 100-year second mortgage, 1890, train leaves riverside station, brown; and 4% 100-year, payable in gold, sterling, marks, or francs, 1904, passing train, brown; all about EF. [4] Est. 200-300


Mobile and Girard Rail Road Company (AL), a group of 8 First Mortgage Loan, 1866, $500 bonds, train passing mountains, red $500 overprint, VF. [8] Est. 300-400


Mobile and Ohio RR Co (AL/TN/MS/KY), $100 shs 1% subscription, 1848, locomotive pulls three cars, states and dates of charters in border, black on blue paper, left edge trimmed into border, otherwise VF+. A scarce and early variety. Est. 300-400


Mohawk and Hudson RR Co (NY), Archive with one certificate for shares, 1839, fancy left border, black, along with 68 transfers, powers of attorney, dividend receipts, etc, 11 of them wholly manuscript; with one receipt, 1840, signed by Sexias Nathan; generally VF-VF+. [70] Est. 1,500-2,000

End of Fifth Session

January 16-18, 2012 - New York

THE COLLECTORâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;S SERIES SALE SIXTH SESSION Wednesday, January 18, 2012- 10:00 a.m. Lots 2237-2621 Spink Smythe, New York


Nebraska Collection. 1-3) Chicago, Burlington and Quincy Railroad Company 1871-1909. 4) Chicago, Rock Island and Pacific Railway Company 1887. 5) Chicago, Rock Island and Pacific Ry. / Chicago Kansas & Nebraska Ry. 1889. Complimentary Pass. 6) Nemaha Coal Mining Company 1871. 7) Omaha Provisional Battalion N. N. G. 1912. 8) Saint Joseph and Western Railroad Company 1881. Very Fine+.[8] Est. 125-150


New Bedford RR (MA), Shares, 1873-76, #29 and higher, fancy company name, embossed seal, black, VF. [24] Est. 200-300


New Castle & Beaver Valley RR Co (PA), $50 shs, 1882, train leaves bridge, eagle with shield, black, stubs reattached, some staining, edge wear and soiling, good VF and better. [6] Est. 100-150


New Creek Co (VA), $10 shares, capital stock, 185(71), #4061, train rounds curve with town in background, printed on blue paper, unused power of attorney at bottom, folds, edge wear including small piece out at lower right, stamp stains in upper corners, but a sharp VF. Est. 60-80


New England Rails, three certificates, viz. Androscoggin and Kennebec RR, capital stock, 18__, unissued, blue paper with red seal; Boston & Providence RR, $100 shares, capital stock, 190(0), #23027, industry at docks at top, train on aqueduct at left, black with red countersignature overprints, punch, pen, and stamp canceled; Old Colony RR, $10 shares, capital stock, 188(3), #11263, busy port at top with train, punch, pen, and stamp canceled; B & P and Old Colony VF+, Androscoggin EF. [3] Est. 80-120


New England Rails Great selection from the northeast, including Boston and Providence RR Corp 1870 black; Boston, Clinton & Fitchburg RR Co 1869 black; Fall River RR Co unissued 185_ black on blue paper; Knox and Lincoln RR Co (ME) 1890 black and 1891 black; Manchester & Keene RR (NH) 1879 black with red seal; New Bedford RR Co 1873-75 black (2); Norwich & Worcester RR Co (MA/CT) 1887 black; Old Colony RR Co (MA) bonds $2000 1882 black, $1000 1890 black, $1000 1894 green, 1895 brown, and 1924 blue, and shs 1878 black and 1908 blue; Peterborough RR (NH) 1872 black on blue paper with red seal; Portland and Ogdensburgh Rwy (NH) 1888-89 transfers uncut sheet of six (three per side), shs 1905 black and 1927 green; Sandy River and Rangeley Lakes RR (ME) $1000 bonds 1908 green (3); Sebasticook & Moosehead RR Co (ME) 1903 black; Southern Midland RR Co (MA) $1000 bonds unissued 1863 black with red underprint; Stockbridge and Pittsfield RR Co 1888 black on blue; Taunton Branch RR Corp unissued 18__ black (10), and many more, VF-EF. [54] Est. 300-400


New Jersey & New York RR (NJ-NY) 1880. Proof on India paper. Shares. Brown. Oncoming train passes telephone poles. ABN. VF. Est. 100-150


New Jersey & New York RR 1892. Specimen. $1000. General Mortgage 5% Gold Bond. CB. Brown. Train at busy station. FBN. VF+. Est. 100-150


New Jersey and New York RR (NJ/NY), $100 shares, preferred stock, Specimen, Jersey City, 188_, train passes, crayon note on face 1880; with American Bank Note order form, card tipped to back at right, dampstain upper left, soiling and toning, VF. Est. 100-150


New Jersey Junction RR (NJ) 18_. Unissued. Blue. Train at station. ABN. POCs. EF. [34] Est. 100-150

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The January 2012 Collectors Series Sale


New Jersey Junction RR (NJ) 1886. Not fully issued. #2834. $1000.100-Year 4% First Mortgage Bond. Cb. Brown. Busy harbor scene. Boldly signed on the back by J. Pierpont Morgan as trustee. ABN. A premium quality example, EF. John Pierpont Morgan (1837-1913) was one of the most important financial figures of his time. Along with John D. Rockefeller he was reputed to have controlled half the corporate assets of the United States at the turn of the century. Morgan’s financial prowess was legendary. In 1895 when the Government appeared to be headed for an economic disaster of unprecedented proportions, J.P. Morgan masterminded a plan that filled the Treasury with over $65 million in gold. Est. 200-300


New Jersey Junction RR (NJ), two uncommon $5000 4% fist mortgage bonds, guaranteed by the NY Central RR, 1945, #R1901-1902, state arms at upper right, flower-like design upper left, steam and sailing boats at bottom, both punch canceled, EF. Est. 150-250


New Jersey Midland Rwy (NJ), $100 shares, 187(2), #447, issued to and signed on verso by Garret A. Hobart, Midland train pulls into busy station as another passes at left, NJ state arms at bottom, R112 left, orange underprint, fold wear, VF+. Industrialist Garret A. Hobart (1844-99) was Vice President under William McKinley, noted for his uncommon influence over his running mate; he died in office. Est. 200-300


New Orleans, Mobile & Texas RR (AL-LA-MS) 1873. #1570. $1000. Cu. Green 1000 underprint, embossed purple seal. Train on steel truss bridge passes over boys fishing, and others sailing. Locomotive below. Signed by Oliver Ames 2nd as trustee. The Ames family manufactured shovels, and prospered greatly during the War Between the States. After the hostilities ended they became involved in the railroad construction business, and played an intimate and controversial part in the building of the transcontinental railroad. Credit Mobilier was the construction company utilized by the Union Pacific, and assertions were made that key members of Congress were influenced through gifts of stock. Henry Seibert & Bros. Some of the paper seal is missing, otherwise VF+. Much scarcer than the variety with the imprinted revenue. stamp. Est. 150-250


New York Rails, three certificates: Hudson & Manhattan Railroad (NJ/NY), 100 shares, common, 1925, B8014, train passes underground below Hudson River, canceled; NY Central RR, $1000 bond, 1853, #2141, State arms at top, Hudson gorge at left, wonderful map at right, red underprint, punch canceled; NY and Harlem River RR, $50 shares, 19(34), #40765, train at top, sailors left, dog left bottom, punch canceled; Northern Adirondack RR, $100 shares, 188(3), #24, train arrives in town, irregular left edge; generally VF+. Est. 120-140


New York Upstate Rails Large and varied group from the Empire state, including Albany and Susquehanna RR $100 bonds, specimens, 1945, brown (5); Buffalo and Erie RR fractional certificates 1867 black (1) and blue (1); Buffalo, Thousand Island and Portland RR Co unissued 189_ red-brown; Cayuga & Susquehanna RR Co 1925 black; Clearfield and Mahoning Rwy Co 1893 (3) and 1955 green; Cooperstown and Charlotte Valley RR Co 1902 black and gold; Herkimer, Mohawk, Ilion and Frankfort Electric Rwy 1895 #5 black and green; Lebanon Springs RR Co $500 receiver’s bond 1881 black and orange; Mohawk and Malone RR $100 bond 1892 (signed by W Webb); ; NY & Oswego Midland RR $77.61 employees receiver certificate 1874 black; Northern Adirondack RR Co 1883 black (2); Pecksport Connecting Rwy Co 1902 black and orange; Rochester, Nunda & Pittsburgh RR Co 1880 black; Southern Central RR $100 Town of Groton bond 1867 black and red; Syracuse & Utica RR unissued 18__ black; Syracuse, Geneva and Corning Rwy Co unissued 18__ black; Utica and Schenectady RR Co unissued 185_ (2) and 18__ black; and many more; VF-VF+. [102] Est. 500-750


New York & Boston RR Co (MA/RI/CT), $100 6% mortgage bond, 1860, passing train, and $100 and $200 bonds, 1862, train passes busy quarry, “Air Line” in border; with $100 shs, 1855-59, train passes river as another crosses trestle, “The First Air Line” left (6), all black, VF-VF+. “Air line” railroads were built to take the shortest, flattest routes, and thus required that mountains and rivers be tunneled through and bridged, rather than following the shape of the landscape. [9] Est. 150-200


New York & Harlem RR (NY) 1863. #8768. 100 shs. Train. Blacksmith and sailor, dog, left. ABN. VF. Est. 100-150

January 16-18, 2012 - New York


New York & Harlem RR (NY) 1873. #12396. 100 shs. Train. Blacksmith and sailor, dog, left. Signed by William H. Vanderbilt as president, and countersigned at left by Cornelius Vanderbilt, Jr. Punches affect William’s signature. Cornelius’s signature is partially obscured by ink, RN-T4. VF+. William H. Vanderbilt was the son of Commodore Vanderbilt. The Commodore at first thought little of William’s business sense, but allowed him to manage a small railroad in Staten Island. William succeeded and won the Commodore’s confidence. Cornelius Vanderbilt, Jr. was William’s son. Est. 200-300


New York Central (NY), four certificates: New York Central and Hudson River RR $5000 4-1/2% gold bond, 189_, signed by Chauncey M. Depew as president, unissued, #372, state arms at top, red; NYC&HR Michigan Central Collateral $1000 31/2% gold bond, 1959, #M9486, train passes busy port, brown; $1000 4-1/2% refunding and improvement mortgage bond, 1966, #M2579, aerial view of Grand Central Station, green; $100,000 5% temporary refunding and improvement mortgage bearer bond series C, 1921, brown; last stamp canceled, all others punch canceled, VF+-EF Est. 120-140


New York & Harlem RR (NY) 1873. #15401. 100 shs. Train. Blacksmith and sailor, dog, left. Signed by William H. Vanderbilt as president, and countersigned at left by Cornelius Vanderbilt, Jr. Punches affect William’s signature. Cornelius’ signature is partially obscured by ink. RN-T4. VF+. William H. Vanderbilt was the son of Commodore Vanderbilt. The Commodore at first thought little of William’s business sense, but allowed him to manage a small railroad in Staten Island. William succeeded and won the Commodre’s confidence. Corenlius Vanderbilt, Jr. was William’s son. Est. 150-200


New York Central and Hudson River RR (NY), $1000 3-1/2% “Lake Shore Collateral” gold bonds, 1898, twelve signed by Chauncey M Depew as president, train passes ship and warehouse, green, ABN, VF-VF+. In addition to being a powerful and influential railroad president and lawyer, Chauncey Depew (1834-1928) would soon also become US Senator from NY. [70] Est. 300-400


New York Central and Hudson River RR, $1000 3-1/2% gold bonds 1897, one signed by Chauncey M Depew, all but five issued ca 1968 by Penn Central as successor, William K Vanderbilt, locomotive, blue-black, ABN, VF+-EF. [74] Est. 100-150


New York and Harlem RR (NY), $50 shares, 187(0), #11801, signed by William H. Vanderbilt as president, as previous, RN-T4 at center, heavily punch canceled, affecting signature, numerous pinholes, edge wear, VF. Est. 150-250

New York Central and Hudson River RR (NY), $1000 3-1/2% “Michigan Central Collateral” bonds, 1898, train passes ship and warehouse, orange, ABN, mostly VF+. [45] Est. 100-150


New York and Harlem RR Co (NY), 4% series B bonds, specimens 1943, Cornelius Vanderbilt, early locomotive in seal, $25 olive, $100 red, $500 brown, and $1000 green, ABN, all about EF. [4] Est. 300-400

New York Central and Hudson River RR Co (NY), $1000 4% 30-year gold bonds, 1912, all but one issued by successor NY Central after 1914, trains pass workers on tracks, blue, ABN, coupons removed, VF-VF+. [171] Est. 400-500


New York Central Bond Group Includes NYC & HR $1000 4-1/2% bonds series A, 1913, #36 and higher, Grand Central Station, green, issued as NY Central ca 1914 (57) or as successor Penn Central (29); NY Central $1000 4% consolidation bond series A, 1913, train 3404 pulls passenger cars, blueblack (11); and NYC $500 5% bonds, 1929, Grand Central Station, brown (2); generally about VF+. [99] Est. 150-200


New York Central RR Co (NY), $1000 4-1/2% bonds, 1913, series A, Grand Central Station, green, generally good VF+. [100] Est. 100-150




New York & Northern Railway Company (NY), an unissued Second Mortgage Forty-year Gold Bond, 1887, $500, olive, ram’s head, train at bottom, FBN, with all coupons, EF. Est. 125-150


New York and Harlem RR Co (NY), 4% series B bonds, specimens, 1943, $25, $100, $500, and $1000, as previous, about EF. [4] Est. 300-400


New York Central RR Co (NY), $500 (3) and $1000 (30) 6% bonds, 1853, signed by Erastus Corning as president, state arms, map of Albany-toBuffalo line, river gorge, shield, all heavily punch canceled through signatures and attached to extension certificates, 1892, about VF and better. Erastus Corning (1794-1872) came to the railroad business by way of his Albany hardware store and factories, where he sold and later manufactured iron and steel implements and machinery. [33] Est. 200-300

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The January 2012 Collectors Series Sale


New York Central RR Co (NY), $1000 4-1/2% bonds, 1913, as previous, VF+ and better. [100] Est. 100-150


New York Central RR Co (NY), $1000 4-1/2% bonds, 1913, as previous, about VF+ and better. [100] Est. 100-150


New York Central RR Co (NY), $1000 4-1/2% bonds, 1913, as previous, about VF+ and better. [100] The last of our stock Est. 100-150


New York Central RR Co (NY/PA/MI/OH/IN/IL), $1000 5% mortgage bond, 1921, Series C, Grand Central Station, blue, ABN, eleven are ca 1968 issues of the same by successor Penn Central, VF-EF [77] Est. 150-200


New York Central and Hudson River RR (NY), $100 shs, specimen, Albany, 19__, C Vanderbilt, black with yellow underprint, light soiling at top edge, good VF+. Est. 100-150


New York Central and Hudson River RR (NY), 100 $100 shs, 1907, similar to previous, green with “100” underprint, pinholes, VF+. Est. 100-150


New York Central RR Co (NY/PA/OH/IN/IL/MI), $100 shs, 1922-34, Cornelius Vanderbilt, green (4) and orange (130), ABN, about 25 with documents attached, VF-VF+. [134] Est. 100-150


New York Central RR Co, Ten $100 shs, specimen, London, 19__, “Dividends...will be paid by Cheque...National Provincial Bank, Limited,” C. Vanderbilt flanked by ship and train, brown, ABN, toned, good VF+. Est. 100-150


New York Central RR Co (NY/PA/OH/IN/IL/MI), Shares, 1934-60 (mostly 1950s), Commodore Vanderbilt, blue (126), brown (27), and purple (2), all ABN, good VF-EF. [155] Est. 100-150



NY Central RR Co (NY/PA/OH/IN/IL), 100 shs, 1950-60, as previous, blue, VF-EF. [160] Est. 100-150 New York Central RR Co (DE), $1 shs, 1960s, design as previous, blue (119, six of them specimens), brown (12, eight of them specimens), and purple (24, seven specimens), VF+-EF. [154] Est. 150-200

2280 2280

New York Central Sleeping Car Co, $100 shs, 1880-88, nine signed twice by Webster Wagner as president and treasurer, passing train, black, fold and edge wear, VF and better. Webster Wagner (1817-82) devised sleeping and parlor cars that put him into direct competition with George Pullman’s versions; he later founded the Wagner Palace Car Co. [36] (photo) Est. 400-500


Newport News and Mississippi Valley Co (MS), 100 $100 shs, 1877-90, all signed by Collis P Huntington as president, eagle with shield between ships and train, green, ABN, all dividend coupons below, lightly or uncanceled, good VF+. Railroad tycoon Collis P. Huntington (1821-1900) was one of the “Big Four” who built the Central Pacific, and was instrumental in the growth of Newport News, VA. [5] Est. 400-500


New York Locomotive Works of Rome, New York (NY), $500 6% second mortgage gold bond, Specimen, 1886, #000, train exits tunnel, ship on lake in background, black with blue underprint, all coupons, folds, toning at edges, a very sharp VF+. Est. 100-150


New York Central Sleeping Car $100 shares, 188087, most signed by WS Webb or Webster Wagner, many issued to notables such as Webb’s family, Alice Vanderbilt, and John Hay, generally VF. After Wagner died in 1886, this company was renamed for him. [21] Est. 750-1,250

January 16-18, 2012 - New York


New York, Boston & Montreal Railway Company (NY-MA-VT), First Mortgage 7% Gold Bond, 1873, $1000, #6704, train “AMERICA”, gold underprint, Hatch Lith., with coupons, VF+. Est. 100-150


New York, Chicago and St. Louis RR Co (NY), $100 shs, 1924-51, common stock orange (17) and brown (12), and series A preferred green (2) and blue (15); generally VF+ and better. [46] Est. 80-120


New York, Chicago and St Louis Rwy, $20 shs, 1950s-60s, allegorical figures flank “Nickel Rate Road” logo, common brown (28) and green (61), and preferred red (3) and purple (1), VF+-EF. [93] Est. 150-200


New York, Chicago, and St. Louis RR Co (NY), 100 shs, 1951-57, olive, allegorical figures flank “Nickel Rate Road” logo, mostly EF. [90] Est. 75-125


New York, Lake Erie, & Western RR (NY) 1878. Specimen. $1000 or 200 Pounds. New Second Consolidated Mortgage Bond. Green. Dramatic cliffside view of train against distant water and mountains. Long white land bridge, additional train and town. Locomotive below. All 180 coupons attached to bottom, and right side of Bond. Franklin Engraving & Printing. VF. Est. 100-150




New York, Ontario and Western Rwy Co, $100 shs, 1881-85, issued to and signed on verso by CW Jordan, Horace Porter, or EF Winslow, map of system, train left, ship right, black with blue underprint, stubs reattached left, punch cancels affect some signatures, one with edge wear and toning, otherwise good VF. [5] Est. 200-300 New York, Ontario and Western Specimens Choice trio of 50 $100 shs, 188_, map of system, train and ship, black with red underprint, ABN, extensive tape repairs; $1000 / 200 GBP 5% mortgage gold bond, 1889, passing train, coal breaker, green, Franklin BN; and $5000 4% 100-year bond, 1892, coal breaker and train, green, FBN; stock Fine, 1892 bond with small corner off stub, otherwise both about EF. [3] Est. 150-200 New York, Pittsburgh and Chicago Construction Co (OH/PA), ten certificates for $100 equitable interest in stock held in trust, 1881, #22, 40, 42, 53, 70, 89, 92-93, 95, 100, train passes lake, all with metallic gold company seal, all pen canceled, stubs reattached at left, toning, paste stains, and edge wear, VF. [10] Est. 125-150


New York, Rio & Buenos Aires Line (DE) 1931. #6927. 100 shs. Orange. Early hydro-plane with flying fish logo in forefront. EAW. VF+.This company was nicknamed ‘Nybra’ and was organized in 1929. The company operated 10,000 miles of air routes between the U.S., Cuba, Haiti, Virgin Islands, Trinidad, Venezuela, Brazil, Uruguay, Argentina, Chile and other locales. In 1931 Aviation Corporation of the Americas merged with the company, and the line became part of the Juan Terry Trippe empire. Est. 200-300


New-York and New-Haven RR, $100 shs, 1848-54, all from NY office, ornate left border, all red on blue paper, some with staining and edge wear, generally VF. [9] Est. 300-400


Norfolk & Great Western RR Co - County of Patrick (VA), $1000 and $2000 6% bonds (amounts written in) payable from the county to the road, 1869, #65 and higher, state seal with cargo, embossed seal, black, toned, many with edge wear, some with chipping, but about VF and better. [28] Est. 500-750


Norfolk and Western RR Co, $100 shs preferred, 1883-88, ornate border, black and orange, VF and better. [60] Est. 100-150


Norfolk and Western RR Co $100 shs preferred, 1880s, as previous, about half unissued, VF-VF+. [60] Est. 100-150


Norfolk and Western RR Co $100 shs preferred, 1880s, similar to previous, green (16), green and orange (6), black and orange (20), and all black (9), VF. [51] Est. 75-125


North American Co (NJ), $100 shs, 18891-96, eagle on shield with electric bolts, train below, 1 orange, the rest brown, some soiling and wear, VF-VF+. The North American Co was a vast holding company formed by Henry Villard; it mainly controlled utilities and railroads until broken up by the SEC in 1946. [143] Est. 400-500


Northern Adirondack Extension RR Co (NY), $100 shs, St. Regis Falls, 1883-86, #4 and higher, train reaches station beside workers, black, left edges trimmed into borders, else VF. [12] Est. 100-150


Northern and Southern West Virginia RR Co, $100 shs, 1872, #3 and higher, train passes town and boat, black, stubs reattached, some with revenue stamps, some with light ink erosion from heavy pen cancels, minor edge wear, good VF. [8] Est. 300-400

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The January 2012 Collectors Series Sale


Northern Central Rwy Co (PA/MD), $50 shs, 1923-76 (mostly 1940s), PA state arms top, MD arms below, brown (1) and purple (27), most with documents stapled to verso, many with rust stains, VF-EF. [28] Est. 80-100


Northern Pacific RR Co, Certificates of deposit at the office of JP Morgan & Co, woman with quill and book, ship in background, green, ABN, generally EF. [14] Est. 300-400


Northern Pacific RR, $100 shares, preferred stock, 18(98), #059217, issued to the Northern Pacific Railway, train passes at top, portrait of Frederick Billings at bottom, brown, lightly toned, a very strong VF+. Est. 100-150


Northern RR (NH), $100 shs, 1865-68, ornate left border, red printed seal, black on blue paper, about 3/4 are heavily pen canceled, VF and better. [56] Est. 400-500


Oakland Traction Co (CA), $100 shares preferred stock, 19(11), #4153, two different styles of streetcars at either side at top, red-orange, ABN, stamp and perforation canceled, EF. Est. 60-80


Ohio & Mississippi Rwy (OH/IN/IL) Five certificates, including 1875 $10,000 first mortgage bonds of the Springfield Division (3), pink seal and “$10,000”; with three $1000 bonds, 1887-1891, brown, green, and blue, respectively; and certificate for 10 shares, 1883, overall EF. [7] Est. 150-200



Early Ohio Rails. 1) Little Miami RR 1862. 2) Little Miami RR 1867. Treasurer’s Department. 3) Cleveland & Pittsburgh RR 1854. Dividend scrip. 4) Columbus & Xenia RR 1851. Stock Dividend. 5) Dayton, Xenia & Belpre RR 1853. 6) Eaton & Hamilton RR 1851. Staining at left end. 7-8) Cincinnati & Fort Wayne RR 1853. 9) Steubenville & Indiana RR 1864. 10) Swan Creek Rwy 1878. Receipt. 11) Steubenville & Indiana RR 1867. VF. Est. 100-150 Better Ohio Rail Certificates. 1) Chesapeake, Ohio & Southwestern EE 1885. Signed by C.P. Huntington as president. 2) Chesapeake & Ohio Rwy 1905. Mortgage on its Paint Creek Branch. 3) Chesapeake & Ohio Rwy 1906. Mortgage on its Potts Creek Branch. 4) Chesapeake & Ohio Rwy 1952. Equipment Trust. 5-7) Chessie System 1974-75. VF+. Est. 150-250


Ohio Rails Choice group serving the buckeye state; includes Bellaire, Zanesville and Cincinnati Rwy Co 1889 black and 1889 green; Canal Belt RR 1920; Central Ohio RR Co 1876-77 black (2); Cincinnati and Springfield Rwy Co $1000 bond 1871 green (4); Cincinnati Hamilton and Dayton RR Co unused bond transfers 187_ uncut sheets of two (14), and trust certificates 1882 blue-black (4); Cincinnati, New Orleans and Texas Pacific 1882 black; Cincinnati, Washington and Baltimore RR Co bond scrip 1883 black (7), stock scrip unissued 188_ black, and shs 1884-87 blue (1), brown (1), and green (2); Cleveland & Toledo RR Co transfer receipt 1862 black on blue paper; Cleveland, Columbus, Cincinnati and Indianapolis Rwy Co $1000 bond 1884 green, and shs 1869-80 black (6) and 1887 brown (2); Cleveland, Painesville and Ashtabula RR Co scrip 1856 black; Columbus & Indiana Central Rwy (OH/IN) 1868 blue; Columbus & Indianapolis RR Co scrip 1864 black (4); Columbus & Indianapolis Central Rwy Co (OH/IN) 1865 green (2); Columbus & Xenia RR Co 1864-79 black (5, with ABN initials), 1895-96 black (2, one with fold split) and 1910 black(2); Little Miami RR Co 1860 black (3) and 1873 black and gold (2, one unissued); Pittsburgh, Marion & Chicago Rwy Co (OH/PA) 1887-90 all blue (2); Toledo, Delphos and Burlington RR Co (OH/IN) $1000 bonds 1880 brown (3, edge wear); Valley Rwy Co 1876-85 black (3) and 1880 all green (1); and much more, VF-EF. [122] Est. 500-750


Ohio Central RR (OH), Two certificates for $100 shares, capital stock, 188(2), #A7221 and 188(3), #A7545, vignette based on OH state seal, orange, folds, edge wear, some ink spots, about VF+. [2] Est. 60-80


Oil Creek & Allegheny River Rwy Co (PA) $50 shs, 1872-73, train passes horses, canal boat, steamship, black with red countersingature overprint, stubs reattached, VF-VF+. [5] Est. 100-150


Old Colony RR Corp (MA), $100 shs, 1840s, ornate left border, black on blue paper with printed red seal, VF-VF+. [33] Est. 200-300


Old Colony RR Corp (MA), $100 shs, 1850s, ornate left border, all blue on blue paper with printed red seal, VF-VF+. [39] Est. 200-300


Old Colony and Newport Rwy Co, $100 shs, 1863-65, ornate left border, imprinted red stamp with train, revenue stamps, fold wear including edge nicks, toning, but good VF-VF+. Est. 100-150

January 16-18, 2012 - New York


Old Colony and Newport Rwy Co (MA), $100 shs, 1866-72, black with printed red seal, revenue stamps left, about half with fold wear including partial separations, a couple with small holes or edge wear, but overall VF-VF+. [22] Est. 100-150


Old Colony RR Co (MA), $100 shs, 1873-84, train at ship-filled harbor, black, some with stub remnants left, but VF-VF+ [40] Est. 200-300


Oregon and Transcontinental Co, $100 shs, capital stock, 1884-86, issued to and signed on verso by Russell Sage, Native Americans watch train pass, river and bridge in background, green, punch canceled not affecting signature, stubs reattached left, stains at edges, good VF. [2] Est. 100-150


Oregon and Transcontinental Co, $100 shs, 1889, issued to JB Clews and signed by Henry Clews on versos, as previous, stubs reattached, several pasted together at stubs, some paste damage, edge wear, about VF. English-born Henry Clews (1836-1923) made a fortune selling US bonds during the Civil War, advised President US Grant, and helped break up the Tweed Ring in NYC. [25] Est. 200-300


Oregon and Transcontinental Co, $100 shs, 188189, variously signed on verso by Oliver Ames (7), Henry Clews (4), and Horace Porter (1); stubs reattached left, Native Americans watch train bring progress, green, ABN, stubs reattached, VF-VF+. [12] Est. 300-400


Paragould Southeastern Railway (AR), $1000 5% first & refunding mortgage 30-year gold bond, Specimen, 1914, trains, track workers, brown, VF. Est. 100-150


Pennsylvania Rail Quartet, four certificates, comprising the Bedford & Bridgeport Rwy, $50 shares, 18(97), #27, Liberty left Columbia right, brown, ABN, punch and stamp canceled, stub reattached, paste stains; the Duquesne Traction Company of Pittsburgh, $50 shares, 18(95), #A1168, Industry at top, black and brown, ABN, punch canceled; Hestonville Mantua & Fairmount Passenger RR, $50 shares, 18(86), #11439, allegorical women with state shield state arms at top, iron bridge lower left, allegorical woman by busy river, lower right, state seal bottom, ABN, punch canceled, past stain at left, soiling; and the Pittsburgh and Lake Erie RR, $50 shares, 1925, #9263, issued to WK Vanderbilt II, Pittsburgh at center, train left and ship right, perforation and stamp canceled; VF-VF+. [4] Est. 120-140


Pennsylvania Rails Large and interesting group, including Allegheny Valley RR Co 1855, black, (4, stains, edge wear); Allentown RR Co 1857-58, all red on blue paper, (2); Bedford-Bridgeport Rwy 1891 #5 red-brown; Beech Creek RR Co $1000 bond 1892 brown and $10,000 bonds 1909 green (3); Beech Creek Extension RR Co 1950s, black and gold, stubs reattached, (13); Cornwall and Lebanon RR Co 1910 blue-black; Frankford and Fairmount Rwy Co unissued 1890s black and orange; Hollidayâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Cove RR Co 1866 black; Jamestown and Franklin RR Co 1862 black; Lehigh Valley Rwy Co (NY) $1000 bond 1890 green; Lehigh Valley Terminal Rwy Co (NJ) 1891 red; Lykens Valley RR and Coal Co 1956 orange (22,269 shs to the PA RR Co); Mingo Valley RR Co 1934 black and gold (changed from Mingo & Monongahela); North & West Branch Rwy Co 1881 black and 1883 blue-black; PA, Monongahela and Southern RR co 1914 black and gold; Pine Creek Rwy Co $1000 bonds 1885 brown (2, both signed by Chauncey M Depew); Riverfront RR Co 1888 black; Schuylkill Valley Navigation and RR Co 1887 black with purple handstamp; South Mountain RR Co $100 bond 1873 black with red underprint (fold wear); Sunbury & Lewistown Rwy Co 1896 black (1) and green (2); Williams Valley RR Co 1892 black; and many more; VF-EF. [145] Est. 750-1,000


Pennsylvania Rails IIGood 19th-20th century group comprising Erie-Lackawanna RR (NY) 1960s brown (7); Green & Coates St Philadelphia Passenger Rwy Co 1863-64 black (large cut out cancels) (23); Philadelphia & Trenton RR Co 1950s purple (1); Philadelphia Rapid Transit Co 1905 green, issued to PAB Widener (14); Pittsburg Traction Co 1891-94 green (7); Pittsburgh, Youngstown, and Ashtabula Rwy Co (PA-OH) 1924-39 brown (5); Stroudsburg Passenger Rwy Co $100 bond 1871 #7 black and green; and Wayne County Rwy Co unissued temps 19__ orange (10); about VF-EF. [68] Est. 200-300


Pennsylvania Co (PA), $50 shs, 1873, signed by Thomas A. Scott as president, ornate border, all green, punch canceled, stubs reattached at left, (folded over part of face), folds, VF+-EF. [7] Est. 100-150


Pennsylvania RR Co (PA), PA Co $50 shs, 1880 state arms black (1); PA RR Co $50 shs 1889 state arms, Fulton, Penn, Franklin, black with green underprint (1); 1904-56 state arms green (1) and orange (113); 1960s horseshoe bend with allegorical figures green (27), orange (87), and pink (24); about VFEF. [254] Est. 100-150

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The January 2012 Collectors Series Sale


Pennsylvania RR Co (PA), $1000 4-1/2% bonds, consolidated mortgage 1923-45, locomotive “America,” brown (7), and general mortgage series A, Penn Station, green (1), all ABN, generally VF+. [8] Est. 80-100


Penn Central Transportation Co (PA), $500,000 (2) and $1,000,000 (13) promissory notes to bearer, 1969-70, “PC” logo, all green, staple holes, a few with soiling or edge wear, VF+. [15] Est. 150-200


Peoria & Bureau Valley RR Co (IL), $100 shs, 1873-80, nine signed by Thomas C Durant as president, Native Americans watch Bison flee train, black, punch cancels affect signatures, some with paste stains left, overall good VF-VF+. Thomas C Durant (182085) was one of the most ruthless and shrewd figures in American financial history, manipulating the stock market, the government, and his own Union Pacific Railroad to increase his personal fortune; luck caught up with him and he lost a bundle in the Panic of 1873, spending the rest of his life embroiled in lawsuits with former partners. [24] Est. 500-750




Peoria & Bureau Valley RR Co (IL), $100 shs, 1855-77 (most early), two signed by Thomas C Durant as president, as previous, many with stubs reattached left, cancels affect signatures, one with edge wear and soiling, otherwise VF-VF+. [14] Est. 300-400 Peoria & Bureau VAlley RR Co (IL), Stock assignment receipts, 1855-58, signed by Thomas C Durant as president, black on blue paper, uncanceled, stubs intact left, some color fading, about VF+. [3] Est. 150-200 Peoria & Eastern Rwy Co (IL), $100 shs, signed but unissued, 189_, passenger train at rural station, red-brown, cut out cancels at officers’ signatures, about EF. [86] Est. 100-150


Philadelphia and Easton Rwy Co (PA), $1000 5% 40-year bonds, 1904, #230-231, man and dog watch cable car in rural landscape, green, toning from coupons, about VF+. [2] Est. 100-150


Philadelphia Rapid Transit Co (PA), Shares, 190227, green (18) and brown (19), both with trolley on street, with red-brown (15), Phila arms, preferred shs orange (40) with trolleys and double-decker bus, stubs reattached or remnants left, one preferred EF, the rest VF-VF+. [92] Est. 150-250


Philadelphia Traction Co (PA), $50 shs, 1898-1932 blue (2), orange (22), red (4), and purple (11), 24 signed by George D Widener as President, streetcar passes alongside carriage, ABN, VF and better. George D Widener (1861-1912) was a passenger on the RMS Titanic; after seeing to the safety of his wife and his daughter, he went down with the ship. [39] Est. 300-400


Philadelphia, Baltimore, and Washington RR Co (PA/DE/MD), $10,000 5% gold bonds series B, 1924-26, portrait of George B Roberts, orange, ABN, stubs reattached, goodVF-VF+. [22] Est. 250-350


Pine Creek Rwy Co (PA), $1000 6% gold bonds, 1885, all signed by Chauncey M Depew as trustee, farmer with scythe, Justice, train, brown, punch cancels touch signatures, minor edge wear, good VF. Chauncey M Depew (1834-1928) would become president of the New York Central RR and, later, US Senator from New York. [8] Est. 100-150


Pittsburgh Rails (PA), two certificates: the Pittsburgh, Lisbon & Western Railroad (PA), 100 $100 shares, capital stock, 1906 #A738, brown and black, train takes on passengers at upper left, punch canceled; and the Pittsburgh, Marion and Chicago Railway (OH/PA), $50 shares, capital stock, 18(86), train leaves city station, metallic seal, stamp canceled, stub reattached; PL&W VF+. PM&C about VF. [2] Est. 175-200

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January 16-18, 2012 - New York


Pittsburgh and Steubenville RR (PA), $50 6% “Certified Estimate,” 1859, #26, convertible into bonds issued for the company by the Western Transportation Co, train at city station at top, WTC handstamp for conversion at center, folds, some irregular trimming, VF+. Est. 100-150


Pittsburgh, Cincinnati, Chicago & St. Louis Rwy (PA/WV/OH/IN/IL), $100 shs, 1907-11, train, orange (5) and gold (4), ABN Phila, VF. [9] Est. 60-80


Pittsburgh, Cincinnati, Chicago and St Louis RR Co (PA/WV/OH/IN/IL), 100 $100 shs, 1917, issued to John A Roebling’s Sons and signed on verso by Karl Roebling, two also by Ferdinand Roebling, train in circle, black and green, ABN, good VF+. John A Roebling’s Sons, using the cable designs of the company’s namesake, was instrumental in the construction of the Brooklyn Bridge. [3] Est. 100-150


Pittsburgh, Cincinnati, Chicago and St. Louis RR (PA/WV/OH/IN/IL), 10,000 $100 shares, capital stock, 19(17), #2115, issued to the Pennsylvania Co, approaching train at top right, black with blue border, ABN, punch canceled, folds, VF+.Est. 80-120


Pittsburgh, Fort Wayne and Chicago Rwy Co, Guaranteed stock scrip, 1869, passing train top, locomotive and coal car bottom, black, stubs reattached (5); with $100 shs, 1923, train at station, state arms of PA, IN, IL, and OH in corners, green; also with five 1927 annual reports; VF-VF+. [11] Est. 100-150


Pittsburgh, Lisbon and Western RR Co (OH/PA), $100 shs, 1906, train at covered station, brown, stub remnants left, about EF [16] Est. 100-150


Pittsburgh, Mckeesport & Youghiogheny RR (PA), $50 shares, 1901, #1551, issued to Andrew Carnegie, two men review cars of ore, green, ABN, punch canceled, stain from former stub attachment left, otherwise VF. Est. 200-250


Pittsburgh, Virginia, and Charleston Rwy (PA), $50 shares, capital stock, 18(72), #51, vignette of Pittsburgh industrial neighborhood filling the air with smoke at center, PA and VA state seals left, R112 right, punch canceled, folds, paste marks at left, strong VF. Est. 100-150


Port Angeles and Peninsular Rwy Co (WA), $100 shs, 1906-13, #14, #20, and #23, eagle on dome, Liberty underprint, black and gold, Goes, blanks with company name and share price written in, one with overall toning, otherwise VF+. [3] Est. 150-200


Port Royal and Augusta Railway Company (GA), Second Mortgage Bond, 1882, $500, #161, train emerges from tunnel, VF. Est. 80-120


Portage and North Western Rwy Co (Manitoba), $100 shs, 1900-01, #13 and higher, royal arms, blue and green, prior lien handstamp on faces, good VFVF+. [4] Est. 150-200

2339 2339


Pittsburgh, Binghamton and Eastern RR Co (PA), $1000 5% 50-year gold bonds, 1906, train passes factory town, VF+-EF. The PB & E sold many bonds to finance the building of its line, which would connect the Steel City to Pennsylvania’s coal fields and beyond to New England. After anb initial flurry, little work was done on the road, however, and by 1908 the company was in receivership. [9] (photo) Est. 500-750 Pittsburgh, Cincinnati, Chicago & St. Louis RR (PA/OH/WV/IN/IL), $1000 5% gold bonds series B, 1925, train passes factory and workers, brown, ABN, some bottom edge wear, coupons reattached with tape, VF. [30] Est. 75-125

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The January 2012 Collectors Series Sale


Pottstown & Phoenixville Railway Company (PA), $500 First and Refunding Mortgage 5% Thirty Year Bond, 1912, $500, #501, electric streetcars, brown, ABN, with coupons, EF. Est. 200-300


Poughkeepsie, Hartford and Boston RR Co (NY), $100 and $!000 7% convertible mortgage bonds, 1875, train in distance crosses high bridge over factory town in river valley, brown, $1000 with crisp folds and small junction hole, otherwise good VF+. [2] Est. 150-200


Puget Sound Shore RR Co, $100 shs, 1885-87, #1, #1, and #7, train passes top, miners left, all blue, embossed seal, heavy yellowing to #1, otheriwse good VF. The first certificate issues 4995 of the company’s 5000 capital shares (to the Oregon & Transcontinental Co), so it is a little curious how they even got to serial #7! [3] Est. 250-300


Pullman’s Palace Car Co (IL), $100 shs, 1870, signed by George Pullman as president, ornate company name and border, black, R44 left, stubs reattached, perforation cancels through signature do not ruin legibility, toned, fold and edge wear, good VF. [3] Est. 300-400


Pullman’s Palace Car Co (IL), $100 shs, 1869, as previous, signed by Pullman, punch cancels through signature, revenue stamp, stub reattached, VF. Est. 150-200


Pullman’s Palace Car Co (IL), $1000 8% bond, second series, 1871, signed by George Pullman as president, ornate title and border, orange underprint and red overprint, different color seals, coupons, punch cancels affect signatures, VF+. [3] Est. 300-400


Pullman’s Palace Car Co (IL), $100 shs, 1881-93, Chicago issue, signed by Horace Porter as vice president, cherub, St Pancras, Detroit works, stubs reattached, pen, punch, or perforation cancels through signatures, one with notable edge wear, all with some soiling, mostly VF. [7] Est. 150-200


Pullman’s Palace Car Co (IL), $100 shs, 1884-99, Boston issue, design as previous but black, one signed by Porter; with Pullman Co (IL), $100 shs, 1901-11, portrait of Pullman, no place orange (1), NY green (1) and orange (2) and Boston black; good VF. [12] Est. 80-100


Pullman’s Palace Car Co (IL), $100 shs, 1893, “Chicago Certificate,” child with dish of fruit, St. Pancras Station, Pullman Car Works, orange, signed by Horace Porter as president, stubs reattached, VF and better. General Horace Porter (1837-1921) received the Medal of Honor for his service at the Battle of Chickamauga; he served as an aide to US Grant in the war and during Grant’s presidency. [21] Est. 300-400


Pullman’s Palace Car Co (IL), $100 shs, 1893, as previous, signed by Porter, somewhat rougher condition, VF. [21] Est. 250-450

2361 2361

Pullman’s Palace Car Co (IL), $100 shs, “Chicago Certificate,” 1893, issued to and signed on versos by George M Pullman as trustee, cherub, St Pancras Station, Pullman works, orange, ABN, stubs reattached, stains, good VF. Pullman (1831-97) became nearly as infamous for his company town outside Chicago - where the National Guard violently put down a strike in 1894 - as he was famous for his innovative sleeping cars. [5] (photo) Est. 400-500

January 16-18, 2012 - New York


Pullman’s Palace Car / The Pullman Co (IL)$100 shs, a mixed lot 1896-25 including PPC black (2), Pullman blue (19, two types), green (4), and orange (13, three types), VF and better. [38] Est. 100-150


Pullman Co (IL), 100 shs, 1905, Signed by Robert T. Lincoln as president. portrait of George M. Pullman, bottom center, ABN, punch cancels, VF. Robert Todd Lincoln (1843-1926) was the only surviving son of Abraham Lincoln; he served on Grant’s staff at the end of the Civil War and accepted a post from Garfield as his Secretary of War. After the war, he practiced law and served as legal counsel to the Pullman Company. When George Mortimer Pullman died, Lincoln became president and held the position until 1912, when he assumed the less strenuous position of chairman of the board. Est. 150-200



The Pullman Co (IL), $100 shs, 1907-20, portrait of George Pullman, various styles, Boston, NY, or Chicago, about VF-VF+. [441] Est. 250-350 Pullman Southern Car Co (KY), $500 7% mortgage bonds, 1876, signed by George W Pullman, four with guarantees on verso also signed by him, allegorical woman in front of factories, brown, one row of coupons below, perforation cancels through signatures, folds, soiling, toning, VF+. [19] Est. 750-1,000


Raleigh and Gaston RR Co (NC), $100 shs, 186781, as previous, about VF and better. [31] Est. 300-400


Rantoul RR Co, $100 shs, 1911-42, #28 and higher, all blue, stubs reattached left, good VF. [18] Est. 150-200


Rapid Transit Subway Construction (NY), 1000 $100 shs, 1900, #26, signed by August Belmont Jr. as president, NY state arms, train and ship in background, brown, punch cancels affect the signature, R178, pen cancelled across the face, VF. August Belmont Jr (1853-1924) founded this company to build New York’s first regular subway line, the Interborough Rapid Transit Co; it still operates as one of the main components of the city’s now consolidated subway system. Est. 150-200


Rapid Transit Subway Construction Co (NY), $100 shs, 1915, #66, as previous, punch cancels, stub reattached, burn hole at secretary’s signature, otherwise good VF. Est. 100-150


Rensselaer & Saratoga RR Co (NY), Transfer documents, unused, Troy, 18__, all red, many lightly toned, but VF+ to EF. [77] Est. 75-125


Rensselaer and Saratoga RR Co (NY), $100 shs, 1867-68, black with red title and (on 1868 issues) new contract message, stubs reattached left, in most cases covering half of face, pen marks and blots here and there, good VF and better. [58] Est. 400-500

2366 2366


Raleigh and Gaston RR Co (NC), $100 shs, 186774, train at station, G Washington Mordecai, black, edge and fold wear, some with toning, mostly good VF. GW Mordecai was the first president of the Raleigh and Gaston, just the second railroad chartered in North Carolina. [51] (photo) Est. 400-500 Raleigh and Gaston RR Co (NC), $100 shs, 186775, as previous, VF. [46] Est. 400-500

2374 2374

Rensselaer and Saratoga RR Co (NY), $100 shs, Troy, 1852-58, #24 and higher, pair in rowboat before river causeway, black, toning, edge and fold wear, but VF-VF+. [59] (photo) Est. 1,000-1,500

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The January 2012 Collectors Series Sale


Rio Grande Southern RR Co (CO), $100 shs, 1903, #A410, train, orange, HLBN, VF+. Est. 60-80


Rock Island Group Better group of Chicago, Rock Island and Pacific items: Certificate for one $1000 bond to LT Hoyt, 1875, black; Certificate for ten 5% extension and collateral bonds to Kuhn, Loeb & Co and Drexel, Morgan & Co, 1888, brown, stub reattached; $5000 5% extension and collateral bond, 1897, orange; $10,000 4% mortgage gold bond, 1906, issued to Treasurer of the US in trust for FNB of Chicago and signed by US Treasurer Charles Trest on verso, orange; 50 $100 shs, 1902, locomotive “America,” black and blue (2); and 100 shs, 1956, blue; good VF-EF. [7] Est. 150-200








Saratoga and Whitehall RR Co (NY), $100 shares, 1855-68, #53 and higher, train passes, woman with trident, black, four tipped to supporting documents, pieces out from cut cancels, toning, edge wear, VF. [53] Est. 300-400


Saratoga and Whitehall RR (NY), Transfer receipts, 1857-66, transferred to Peter Cooper and Jay Gould, among others, ornate cartouche, black, all with stubs intact, 72 as 36 uncut pairs, four unused, some original ink blots, about VF+-EF. [79] Est. 150-200


Seaboard Air Line Railway, $1000 5% adjustment mortgage gold bond, Specimen, 1909 #00000, track workers flanked by trains in rail yard, olive, ABN, folds, VF. Est. 80-100


Seattle and Rainier Valley Rwy Co (DE), $100 6% 15-year sinking fund bond, 1916, #89, trolley with cow-catcher, orange, foreclosure handstamp on verso (the owner received $7.14 of the principal), VF+. Est. 100-150


Seattle and San Francisco Rwy and Navigation Co (WA), $100 shares, capital stock, 1902, #320, steamship upper left, train upper right, fasces and liberty cap between, brown, folds, about EF. Est. 100-150


Rutland and Washington RR Co (VT), $1000 6% bonds, 1850, locomotive pulls coal, freight, and passenger cars, “One Thousand Dollars” at left, black, very heavily punch canceled, VF. [16] Est. 150-200

Second & Third St Passenger Rwy Co (PA), $50 shs, 1891-96, Bank of the US, state arms, black, stubs reattached, paste stains, edge wear, VF. [13] Est. 100-150


Rutland and Washington RR Co (NY), $1000 7% bonds, 1852, train passs under bridge, “$1000” at left, black, most coupons, punch cancels closed on face, open on coupons, edges trimmed to borders, VF-VF+. [54] Est. 500-750

Second Avenue RR Co in the City of New York (NY), $1000 5% mortgage gold bonds, 1898, allegorical children with frond and torch, olive, coupons, VF+. Opened in 1853, after many changes, this line was replaced by buses in 1933. [2] Est. 100-150


Shenango Valley RR Co (PA), $50 shs, 1895-1930, eagle with shield and liberty cap, black, stubs reattached left, heavily perforation canceled, a couple with edge wear, VF and better. [10] Est. 100-150


Sixth Avenue RR Co (NY), $100 shs, 1916-25, horse-drawn trolley beside church, all brown with tan underprint, one with capital reduction stamp on face, good VF. This streetcar line survives as the M5 bus route. [10] Est. 100-150


South Carolina RR Co (SC), $87.50 7% certificates of indebtedness, 1866, #70 and higher, train at sidings, heads of women on either side, black with blue underprint, stains at right edge, top edges trimmed into borders, good VF. [20] Est. 300-400

Rock Port, Langdon, & Northern Rwy (MO), $500 6% first mortgage bond, 1890, #31, train crosses at top, town and train on aqueduct in background, black with brown border, green verso and coupons, stamp canceled, two rows of coupons pasted to bottom of recto, fold and edge wear, paste stains, VF. Est. 100-150 Rockford, Rock Island and St Louis RR Co (IL), 7% gold mortgage bonds, 1868, villagers wave to passing train, $100 / 20 pounds black with green underprint (2), $500 / 100 pounds brown underprint (2), and $1000 / 200 pounds red underprint (4), all with imprinted revenue stamps, fold wear including minor edge separations, good VF. [8] Est. 150-200

Salt Lake and Ogden Rwy Co (UT), $100 preferred 6% shares, Salt Lake, 1907, signed by Julius Bamberger as president and issued to Ida Bamberger, city rising beside lake, “Lagoon Route” trolley, black, preferred handstamp, VF+. At the time, the Lagoon amusement park - still a major Salt Lake-area attraction - was partly owned by the Bamberger family, which also ran the railroad. Est. 100-150 Saratoga and Whitehall RR (NY), $1000 7% mortgage bonds, 1866, all green, punch cancels, coupons removed, leaving uneven bottom edges, some fold and edge wear, VF-VF+. This road ran from Saratoga Springs to Lake Champlain and the Vermont line. [15] Est. 300-450

January 16-18, 2012 - New York


South Carolina Rwy Co (SC), $1000 6% bonds, 1881, purchase money mortgage income, man picks cotton, man totes bale, black (1), and second mortgage 1881, state arms, black (2), edge wear, VF-VF+. [3] Est. 60-80


St. Louis, Kansas City and Colorado RR (KS), $100 shares, capital stock, 188(99), #C36, passenger train passes in middle distance, large city in background, brown, ABN, pen canceled, toned, some spotting, about VF+. Est. 60-80


South Carolina Rwy Co (SC), $1000 6% purchasemoney income bond, 1881, man picks cotton left, man totes bale right, black, ABN, fold wear, VF+. Est. 100-150


St. Louis, Memphis and Southeastern Railroad Company (NY), a specimen Five Year 4½% Gold Bond, 1904, $1000, train, green, FLBN, with coupons, VF+. Not listed in Cox. Est. 150-200


South Mountain RR (PA), $100 7% first mortgage gold bearing bond, 1873, #919, large vignette of train crossing bridge over river with mountain pass in background, US Capitol upper left, old PA Capitol upper right, pink with gold “$100” underprint, gold-colored foil seal, minor fold splits and small interior hole at fold intersection, VF. Est. 80-100


Staten Island Midland Railroad Company (NY), 5% First Mortgage Bond, 1890, $500, horse drawn streetcar at right, orange cartouche, State arms, eagle at left, VF+. Est. 100-150


Steubenville and Indiana RR Co (OH), $50 shs, 1856-60, early passenger train, Liberty, black on blue paper, all reattached to stubs in bound stock book, paste stains, general wear, mostly VF. [261] Est. 200-300


Stroudsburg Passenger Rwy (PA), 7% bonds, 1871, PA state arms, black with dark green overprint, $100 (4) and $500 (4, one not fully issued), cut cancels, one with minor closed marginal tear, otherwise VF+. [8] Est. 300-400


Sullivan RR Co (IL), $100 shs, 1848-51, #1A and higher, allegorical woman with eagle, cornucopia, etc, train passes left, man shears sheep, woman below, black, pen cancels, VF-VF+. [11] Est. 100-150


Susquehanna & Clearfield Railroad Co (PA), $50 shares, capital stock, 188(3), #16 lumberjacks fell trees, black, ABN, punch cancels through signatures, stub reaffixed at left, toning and minor edge wear, VF+. Est. 100-150


Tehuantepec Company (LA), 125 Pounds Sterling 7% Bond, 1853, red overprint, VF. This company was chartered by Louisiana on March 12, 1852, and was established in New Orleans on June 21, 1853. Under the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo, Americans secured the right to build a railroad or canal across the Isthmus of Tehuantepec, in southern Mexico. The southerners, who hoped to break up Mexico and turn it into a slave holding territory, were eager to invest in this scheme. But their available cash was unequal to their territorial agenda; few bonds were sold and no transportation facilities were built. Est. 150-250


Terre-Haute and Richmond RR Co, $50 shs, 1853, ornate left border, black on blue paper, transfer below, VF and better. [34] Est. 100-150


South Side Rail Road Company (VA), 11 Shares Capital Stock, 1864, Petersburg, #830, train, VF+. Est. 250-300


South West Connecting Rwy (PA), $100 shs, 18971906, #9 and higher, eagle on rock with train, Capitol dome, ironclads, black with orange underprint, Goes, stubs reattached, toned, one with notable edge wear, otherwise VF-VF+. [12] Est. 100-150


South Western RR (GA), Small format certificates for $100 shares, 1869-92, two types, the earliest with passing train and eagle printed by JAH Hasbrouck & Co, the others with train on bridge and eagle by ABN (Phil), all VF+. [4] Est. 80-120


St Joseph and Denver City RR Co (KS/NE/CO), $1000 8% mortgage bond, 1869, train passes riverboat, eagle below, black with gold underprint and seal, coupons in dollars, pounds, and florins, overall punch cancels, pinholes, fold wear, about VF+. Est. 100-150


St. Louis, Alton and Terre Haute Railroad (IL/IN), $100 shares, 7% capital stock, 186(3), #273, cattle at top with train passing in background, train arrives at station at bottom, a beautiful all-red certificate, pen and punch canceled, paste discoloration at left, edge wear, overall VF+. Est. 80-120


St. Louis, Alton, and Terre Haute RR (IL/IN), Two types: $100 shares, 1886 (2), and 100 $100 common shares, 1891-92, six signed by George Foster Peabody as president or acting president, punch (5) and cut canceled through signatures,some with edge damage, but VF. Self-made banker George F Peabody (1852-1938) was an active philanthropist, funding higher education, therapeutic baths, and endowing the Peabody awards for broadcast journalism. [7] Est. 200-300

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The January 2012 Collectors Series Sale


Toledo and Ohio Central Rwy Co (OH), $100 shs, unissued, common stock 18__, ram in circle, seminude woman with spindle, green (12), and preferred 19__, train in circle, brown (6), VF+-EF. [18] Est. 100-150


Toledo, Ann Arbor & Mt Pleasant Rwy Co (MI), $1000 6% mortgage bonds, 1886, MI state arms, owls in border, black and red, folded, VF+-EF. [6] Est. 150-200


Toledo, Logansport & Burlington Rwy Co, $50 shs, 1859-62, warrior hunts buffalo, train rounds bend, Liberty, black (4), and passing train, men harvest wheat, dog with safe and key, all orange (2); stubs reattached left, black certificates with toning, fold wear, stains, about VF and better. [6] Est. 150-200


Toledo, Peoria and Western RR Co (IL), $1000 7% first preferred income bonds, one proof on India paper and one issued, 1880, passing train, green, ABN, sale handstamp on issued face; with $1000 second preferred income bond proof on India paper, 1880, different train, green, ABN, second preferred with lare dampstain, VF, others about VF+. [3] Est. 100-150


Toledo, Peoria and Western Rwy Co (IL), $1000 4% mortgage gold bonds, 1887, train leaves roundhouse, Liberty in starred cap, brown, ABN, sale handstamp on faces, one with tear repairs, fold and edge wear, VF. [4] Est. 100-150


Trolley Construction Co (DE), $50 shares, capital stock, 19(22), #109, semi-nude beauty carries child on her shoulder through calf-deep water in rocky gorge, folds, age-toned, VF+. Est. 60-80


Troy, Salem and Rutland RR (NY/VT), $1000 7% bonds, 1865, as previous, some condition issues, about VF; with copy of original 1851 mortgage. [10] Est. 750-1250


Twenty Third Street Rwy Co (NY), $100 shs, 1892-1912, NY state arms, company’s trolley between “A St & North River Ferries,” black with purple underprint, VF-VF+. [25] Est. 100-150


Union Brake-Shoe Co (PA), $50 shares, 18(72), #12, train passes under bridge beside telegraph wires, R112 left, edges trimmed a bit close, pencil marks on recto, about VF+. Est. 80-120

2420 2420

United New Jersey RR and Canal Co (NJ), $100 shs, 1907-28, passengers meet train at station, green, ABN (Phil), generally VF+. [300] (photo) Est. 500-750


United New Jersey RR and Canal Co (NJ), $100 shs, 1908-58, same vignette as previous, orange (82), green with underprint (86), and green without underprint (38), VF-EF. [206] Est. 300-400


United New Jersey RR and Canal Co (NJ), $100 shs, 1915-58, as previous, generally VF+. [300] Est. 500-750


Office of the United New Jersey RR and Canal Co (NJ), $100 shares, 1873-1905, train at station, canal boats at lock, train under bridge, generally VF+. The original New Jersey Railroad was the first chartered in the United States, in 1815; by the time of these certificates, it was run by the Pennsylvania RR as the main route from New York to Philadelphia; today its routes are used by Amtrak and NJ Transit. [49] Est. 250-350


Office of the United New Jersey RR and Canal Co (NJ), $100 shares, 1873-1905, as previous, generally VF+. [50] Est. 250-350


Utah Midland Rwy 1889. #9. 494 shs. Train rounds bend. Wheat sheaf, bottom. Stamped “Cancelled and New Certificate Issued” in purple. VF+. Est. 150-200


Utica and Black River RR Co (NY), $1000 4% mortgage gold bonds, 1890, men wave to train leaving town, red-brown, ABN, no coupons, VF-VF+. [10] Est. 80-100


Vandalia RR Co (IN-IL), Less than 100 shs, 190607, train flanked by allegorical figures, black and brown, stubs reattached, VF. [22] Est. 300-400

January 16-18, 2012 - New York


Vermont Central RR (VT), $100 shares, capital stock, 18(48), #2245, vignette of state arms top, train passes vertically left, with shepherd shearing top and rigged steamboat bottom, toned and soiled, fold and edge wear, VF. Est. 100-150


Warren & Venango RR Co (PA), $50 shs, unissued, ca 1870s, train passes rugged valley, semi-nude woman as Industry, locomotive, black, imprinted 25cent revenue stamps, edge wear and toning, good VFVF+. [4] Est. 100-150


Vernon, Greensburgh & Rushville RR Co (IN), $1000 7% bonds, 1880, #29 and higher, passing train, green, folds, some with edge wear, but generally VF+. [39] Est. 400-500


Washington and Western RR Co (VA), $1000 6% mortgage gold bond, 1885, locomotive on turntable, outstanding swirling “1000” underprint, brown, VF+. Est. 100-150


Vicksburg and Meridian Railroad Co. (MS), Third Mortgage Income bond, $1000, 1881, #955, steam train in centre, small donkey and cart at bottom, black, no coupons remain, small split at fold, VF. Est. 100-150


Virginia and Carolina Southern RR (NC), $1000 5% 30-year gold bonds, 1913, passing train, brown, extension handstamps, punch cancels, coupons removed, VF+-EF. [13] Est. 150-200


Wabash-Pittsburg Terminal Rwy Co (PA), Certificates of deposit, $1000 4% gold bonds, at Guaranty Trust Co of NY, dog with key on safe, red, ABN, good VF+. [12] Est. 60-80


Wagner Palace Car Co, $100 shs, 1888-98, one signed on verso by William Rockefeller, one issued to John D Rockefeller, two issued to WK Vanderbilt, with one transfer signed by him, train of palace cars passes couple and workers near NYC, palatial buildings at sides, brown, punch cancels, VF-VF+. [34] Est. 300-400






2436 2436


West Chester and Philadelphia RR Co (PA), $50 consolidated preferred shs, 1873-79, #178 and higher, trains top and bottom, great old locomotive embossed seal, black with green underprint, stubs reattached, most with some edge wear, VF-VF+. [94] (photo) Est. 500-750






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Western Maryland RR (MD), $10,000 4% first mortgage 50-year registered gold bond, 1917, #X718, issued to JD Rockefeller, passenger train approached down plain, city in background, black and dark violet-brown, punch, stamp, and perforation canceled, NY $20 tax on investment revenue stamps in upper left and lower right corners, light edge wear and soiling, else VF+. Est. 80-120


Wichita Falls and Northwestern Rwy Co (OK), $1000 5% gold bonds, 1907, approaching train, black and brick red, large punch cancels, about EF. [4] Est. 100-150


West Philadelphia Passenger Rwy Co (PA), $50 shs, 1881-1937, horse-drawn trolleys at station, brown, stubs reattached, many with edge chipping, but about VF-VF+. [30] Est. 100-150

Wilkinsburg & East Pittsburgh Street Railway Company (PA), First Mortgage 5%, Thirty-Year Gold Bond, 1899, $1000, Specimen, street car with passengers, orange, with coupons, VF+. Est. 100-150


West Shore RR Co, 4% mortgage guaranteed bonds, 1914-64 (all but two 1910s-40s), Hudson River scene with sail and steam boats, train, $1000 orange (47) and $10,000 brown (23), punch cancels, most brown with state revenue stamps upper right, about VF-VF+, mostly the former. [70] Est. 150-200

Wilmington and Northern Rail Road (DE/PA), $50 shares, 18(77), #139, ships in port and in dry dock at top, PA state seal left, DE state seal right, punch and pen canceled, partial stub reattached at left, good VF. Est. 150-200


Wilmington and Northern RR Co (DE), $50 shs, 1881-89, all signed by Henry A Du Pont as president, ships in harbor and dry dock, black, pen cancels through signatures, punch canceled seals, stubs reattached, VF. As a young officer in the Civil War, Henry A du Pont (1838-1926) earned the Medal of Honor at the Battle of Cedar Creek; he would later be a US Senator, and his home, the Winterthur estate near Wilmington, is now a fine museum. [3] Est. 250-300


Wisconsin Interurban System (WI), four certificates, $100 5-5/2% first mortgage twenty-year bond, 1917, #917 and #919-921, state arms at top, green and black, all coupons, EF. [4] Est. 80-120

Western Virginia and Kentucky RR and Coal (WV/KY), $1000 7% first mortgage gold bonds, 1857, #250, #364, and #368 train crosses bridge top, allegorical figures in top corners, great ornate border, black and lilac with colored paper seals, uncanceled, one with edge wear, others with folds, with minor internal splits, but both good VF+. [3] Est. 200-300


2441 2441

White Water Valley RR (IN), $500 7% equipment bonds, 1873, dark read “500” overprint, minor fold and edge wear, VF+. Like many midwestern roads, the White Water Valley RR was incorporated into the Big Four system in 1890; the route was reborn in 1972, and now operates as a kind of mobile railroad museum, making local excursions. [21] (photo) Est. 300-500


Woodruff Sleeping & Parlor Coach Co (PA), $50 shs, 1872-85, signed by Jonah Woodruff as president, Native American overlooks city, maiden with wheat, man with wheat, dog and horse, charubs, “Preferred” written upper left, ABN (Phil), one uncanceled, fifteen canceled not touching signature, some with edge wear and soiling, overall VF-VF+. [25] (photo) Est. 300-400

January 16-18, 2012 - New York


Woodruff Sleeping & Parlor Coach Co (PA), $50 shs, 1872-85, as previous, all but one signed by Woodruff, 17 with cancels not affecting signature, VF-VF+. [24] Est. 300-400


Yosemite Short Line Rwy Co (CA), $100 4-1/2% 40-year gold bonds, 1905, YSL locomotive, CA state seal, black and green, uncanceled, about EF. [2] Est. 150-200


Youngstown and Suburban Rwy Co (OH), $100 shs, 1916, preferred blue (23) and common brown (19), ornate borders, VF+. [42] Est. 150-200


Early Rails Group of certificates, mostly stocks, issued before the Civil War, in black ink save as noted; includes Akron Branch of the Cleveland & Pittsburgh RR Co (OH) $1000 bond 1852 on blue paper; Cleveland, Painsville and Ashtabula RR Co (OH) $1000 bond 1850 and scrip 1856; Cleveland, Zanesville & Cincinnati RR Co (OH) $1000 bond 1853; Columbus Piqua and Indiana RR Co (OH) 1853; Concord RR Corp (NH) assessment notice 1836; Demoine Navigation & RR Co (MO/IA/MN) 1855; Dorchester and Milton Branch RR $100 (1) and $500 (2) bonds 1848 and shs 1860, all on blue paper with red seal; Eaton & Hamilton RR Co (OH) scrip 1855 (2); Grand Rapids and Indiana RR Co (IN/MI) 1858 blue-black; Iowa Central Air Line RR Co 1857 on blue paper; Little Miami RR Co (OH) $1000 bond 1851; Milwaukee and Mississippi RR Co (NY) 1855; Middleborough and Taunton RR Corp 1857 on blue paper; Mississippi & Missouri RR Co (IA) 1855 (2) and 1857 (1); New York, Providence and Boston RR 1842 blue paper; Northern RR (MA) 1847-52 blue paper with red seal (6); North Lebanon RR Co (PA) $250 (2) and $500 bonds 1854 (paste stains); Ohio and Pennsylvania RR Co (PA/OH) 1854; Pennsylvania Section of the Erie & Cleveland RR (PA) $1000 bond 1851; Rensselaer and Saratoga RR Co (NY) $1000 bond 1853 blue paper; Sackets Harbor and Saratoga RR Co (NY) 1856-57 blue paper (4); Saratoga and Schenectady RR 1852 blue paper; Scioto and Hocking Valley RR Co (OH) $500 bond 1856 red underprint; Somerset and Kennebec RR Co unissued 185_ blue paper and red seal; Steubenville and Indiana RR Co 1852-57 blue paper (2); Taunton Branch RR Corp (MA) 1836 #77; West Chester and Philadelphia RR Co (PA) 1852; Western RR Corp (MA) 1848 blue paper red seal; and many more, VF-EF. [61] Est. 750-1,000


Railroad Mix. 1) Atlantic, Mississippi & Ohio (VA) 1871. 6 shs. Signed by Mahone. 2) Cleveland, Columbus, Cincinnati & Indianapolis Railway (OH) 1869. $1000. 3) Cincinnati & Springfield Railway (OH) 1871. $1000. VF. [3] Est. 100-150


Mixed Rails A collectors group including Baltimore and Ohio RR Co stock trust certificate 1899 orange; Bush Terminal Co (NY), $100 shs, 1926 brown; Carthage and Adirondack Rwy Co $1000 bond, 1892, signed on verso by Chauncey M Depew, green; Goff Electro-Pneumatic Brake Co (DE) $1 shs 1916 black and gold; Illinois Traction Co (ME), shs, 1921 green; Little Miami RR Co (OH), $1000 7% bond, 1851; Ohio Electric Rwy Co $100 5% bond 1913 red-brown, with 1913 $75 scrip certificate blue; Oregon and Transcontinental Co $100 shs, 1883 brown; Peoria, Decatur & Evansville Rwy Co, $100 shs, 1887 brown; Seaboard Air Line Rwy Co 100 shs 1943 orange; and US Smelters, Rwy and copper co (WU), 1909 green; VF-EF. [12] Est. 100-150


Mixed Rails A select group, many of which have appeared individually in previous auctions; includes Baltimore and Ohio 1844 black and 1880 black; Boston Hartford and Erie $1000 bond 1866 green with imprinted revenue stamps; Burlington and Missouri River RR Co (IA) 1874 green; Chicago, St Louis and New Orleans RR Co (LA/MS/TN/KY) $1000 bond 1877 black signed by Stuyvesant Fish; Chicago Terminal Transfer RR Co (IL) $1000 bond 1897 brown; Cincinnati Northern RR Co 1916 orange; Cincinnati Rwy Tunnel Co (OJ) 1872 black and blue (edge damage); Cleveland, Cincinnati, Chicago and St Louis $1000 bond 1970 green; East Shore and Suburban Rwy Co (CA) 1911 brown; Flint and Pere Marquette Rwy Co (MI) $1000 bond 1868 black and green with imprinted revenue stamp; Georgia RR & Banking Co (GA) 1855 black; Glade Creek and Raleigh RR Co (WV) $1000 bond 1897 green; Interborough Metropolitan Co voting trust certificate specimen 1911 blue; Little Rock, Pine Bluff & New Orleans RR Co (AR) $1000 Public Debt Adjustment trust receipt, unissued, 18__ orange; Louisville and Northern Rwy and Lighting Co (IN) 1907 green, signed by Insull and uncanceled; Louisville and Southern Indiana Traction Co 1903 black and red; Lykens Valley RR and Coal Co (PA) 1953 orange; Milwaukee and Mississippi RR Co 1858 black; New York, Ontario and Western Rwy 1881 blue; NY, Pittsburg and Chicago Construction Co 1881 black; NY, Pittsburgh & Chicago Rwy (PA/OH) $1000 bond specimen 1881 green; Northern and Southern West Virginia RR Co 1872 black; Northern Pacific RR Co certificate of deposit at JP Morgan & Co 1896 green; Oil Creek & Allegheny River Rwy Co (PA) 1873 black and red; Peopleâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Passenger Rwy Co of Philadelphia 1891 all blue; Pullmanâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Palace Car Co (IL) 1889-98 brown (3, two signed by Porter); Rantoul RR Co 1909 blue; St Louis, Alton & Terre Haute RR Co (IL/IN) 1892 green; St Louis Southern RR Co 1896 green; Saratoga & Schenectady RR Co (NY) 1863 black; Subway and Westchester Construction Co (NY) 1903 black and orange; and Westmoreland Rwy Co (PA) 1901 brown; VF-EF. [35] Est. 1,000-1,500

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The January 2012 Collectors Series Sale


Monster Rails Music has the â&#x20AC;&#x153;monsters of rockâ&#x20AC;? tour, and we have these historic roads, and maybe a few opening acts: Chesapeake and Ohio Rwy Co shs 1932-72 (2); Chicago and Alton $1000 bonds 186299 (2) and shs unissued 18__ (1) and 1924 (1); Chicago & Rock Island / Rock Island Co unissued 18__ black on blue (1) and 1912 (1); Cleveland, Cincinnati, Chicago & St Louis $1000 bonds 18901927 (8); Erie / Erie-Lackawanna RR shs 1960-64 (14); Great Northern Rwy $1000 bond 1967 purple; Illinois Central shs 1887-1963 (4); Lake Shore & Michigan Southern bonds $1000 1897-1951 (19, most 1903) and $5000 1925; Michigan Central bonds $1000 1901-14 (10) $5000 1912-30 (4), $10,000 1907-17 (8), and $50,000 1917; New York Central / NYC and Harlem River bonds $100 1955, $1000 (6, with two extension certificates) and $10,000 1921-68 (2), and shs 1923-50 (6); NY, Chicago & St Louis $1000 bond 1892 and shs 195361 (46); Pennsylvania RR / Penn Central bonds $1000 1945-67 (9) and $10,000 1971, with fractional stock 1904 and fractional bond 1909, stock allotment 1904, and shs 1887-1967 (30); Pittsburgh, Cincinnati, Chicago & St Louis / Pgh, Cinn & St Louis bonds $1000 1920-44 (4), $5000 1968 (1), and $10,000 1941-45 (2), and shs 1881-1919 (8); Union Pacific bonds $1000 1940-46 (12) and $5000 specimen, ca 1951; and United NJ RR and Canal $1000 bonds 1924-29 (13) and shs 1894-1977 (16). VF-EF. [242] Est. 200-300


Signed Rail Group Certificates, most with important signatures, comprising Chesapeake, Ohio and Southwestern shares 1882 signed as president by Collis P Huntington, green, ABN; Chicago & Alton RR Co $500 bonds 1862 signed on verso as trustee by Samuel J Tilden, black and green, heavily punch canceled (7); Hartford, Providence and fishkill RR Co shares 1853-55, one of them signed by William Sprague black on blue paper (5); generally VF. [13] Est. 200-300


Signed Railroad Pair: 1) Missouri, Kansas, and Texas Rwy (MO/KS/TX), $100 shares, 1880, signed by Jay Gould as president, cattle in field, green, punch canceled, affecting signature, toned, edge wear, VF. 2) Oregon and Transcontinental Co (OR), $100 shares, 1884, issued to and signed on verso by Russell Sage, Native American warriors watch train, city, ships, green, ABN, punch cancels, stub reattached, light soiling and edge wear, about VF+. Est. 150-250


Imprinted Revenue Railroad Certificate Group, nice selection including 1-2) Boston and Albany RR (MA/NY), $100 share, capital stock, 1870, #12280, vignette based on MA state seal at top, flanked by views of Albany left and Boston right, vignette of NY state seal at bottom, eagle counters, RN-T4 center, punch canceled; with a later variant, 1943, #B89672, green, ABN, punch canceled, earlier stock with creases, some light discolorations at edges, about very fine+ (2); 3) Boston, Hartford and Erie RR (CT), $100 shares, capital stock, 187(2), #A11182, train arrives at station as men break rocks along tracks, RN-U1 at center, toned, soiled, pinholes, about very fine+; 4) Mahoning Coal RR (OH), $50 shares, capital stock, 18(72), #91, train leaves city station, black with green border, RN-U1 center, multi-punch and stamp canceled, folds, very fine+. [4] Est. 250-350


Eastern Rails Large group of 18 certificates comprising Allegheny Tank Car Co (DE), $1000 8% sinking fund, 1921, #136, eagle, blue; Beech Creek RR (PA), $10,000 4% first mortgage bond, 1(923), #X1103, allegorical women at top, train bottom, olive, ABN; Boston and Providence RR (MA), two certificates for $100 shares, 184(3) #1902 and 18(99) #22764, rowboat with train exiting covered bridge, train on aqueduct t left, pen canceled; Bush Terminal Co (NY), two certificates, $100 shares of debenture stock, 1926, #04716, lilac, and common, 1930, #024524, red, both with allegorical woman with winged wheel before cityscape, punch canceled; Boston and Albany RR (MA), two $1000 5% refunding bonds, 1913, #928 and #934, state seal at top between train on bridge and ships, train at bottom, red, ABN, punch canceled, and $1000 4-1/4% improvement bond, 1928, #1977, train depot at top, blue, ABN, punch canceled; New Haven and Northampton Co (CT) $5000 5% bond, unissued, 19__ (ca. 1906), #260, train approaches, brown, ABN; Northern Central Rwy (PA/MD), $1000 5% general and refunding mortgage bond, 1924, #M4694, train passes refinery, warehouse, and ship, orange, ABN; Old Colony RR (MA), $5000 7% bond, 188(2) #306 and $100 share, 188(8), #16991, train leaves station with busy port in background, pen and punch canceled; Pennsylvania RR (PA), $1000 5% general mortgage gold bond, series B, 1918, #22500, Penn Station, orange; Rome, Watertown and Ogdensburgh RR (NY), two $1000 7% convertible mortgage bonds, 1874, #3911 and #9254, state seal at top with train and Niagara Falls, punch canceled; Swedesboro RR (NJ), $25 shares, 186(70), #329, train passes rocks, punch canceled; and West Shore RR (NY), two $1000 4% first mortgage guaranteed bonds, 18(93) #M15945 and 19(17) #M40400, train passes river dock, orange, ABN, overall very fine+. [18] Est. 250-350

January 16-18, 2012 - New York


Eastern Rails A very large group from east of the Mississippi, mostly the northeast, including ; Baltimore and Annapolis Short Line RR $1000 bonds 1906 orange (2); Barnegat RR Co transfers 1890s1900s black (6, three unused); ; Beech Creek Clearfield & South Western RR Co assessment receipt 1883 black with red overprint signed by Cornelius Vanderbilt II; Camden, Gloucester & Mt Ephraim Rwy (NJ) 1883 black; ; Chesapeake & Ohio Rwy Co official text for 1881 $1000 bonds, manuscript; Delaware RR Co 1862 blue, 1914 blue, and 1954 blue-black; Dupont Rwy and Land Co (FL) 1912 brown and $100 bond 1912 brown; East Pennsylvania RR Co 1883 black; Elmira and Williamsport RR Co (NY/PA) $500 bond 1863 black; Harlem River and Portchester RR Co $5000 bond 1874 yellow; International Great Northern RR Co vignette of map on card; Junction RR Co 1866-69 black (2); Millville and Glassboro RR Co (NJ) 1860-61 blue and 1867 scrip black; Mineral RR and Mining Co (PA) 1887 black; ); ; NJ Midland Rwy Co 1871 black and tan; NY, PA and OH RR Co 1881 black; NY, Woodhaven and Rockaway RR Co certificate of deposit 1887 black; PA, NJ and NY RR (NJ) 1902-07, #3 and up black (4); Peoples Rwy Co (DE) 1913 green; Phila, Baltimore & Washington RR (PA/DE/MD) $1000 bonds 1957-70 purple (1) and gray (3), and $10,000 bonds 1924-25 orange (3), with shs 1962 black and green; West Jersey and Seashore RR Co stock allotment receipt 1916 #7 purple and shs unissued 19__ blue; Wilmington and Northern RR Co 1881 black (signed by HA Du Pont); and many more; VF-EF. [168] Est. 1,000-1,500


Central Rails Roads from the Ohio and Mississippi Valleys to the Rockies, including Chicago and Northwestern Rwy Co 1910-31 all green (3); Chicago, Kansas and Western RR $20 bond scrip 1886 black and red; Cincinnati, Richmond and Chicago RR Co (OH) 1886 black; Cleveland and Pittsburgh RR Co (OH/PA) 1927 orange and 1953 green, with “betterment stock” 1953 olive; Cleveland Painsville & Ashtabula RR Co $1000 bond 1850 black; Gulf & Chicago Rwy Co (MS/TN) 1904 black; International Electric Traction Co (WV) 1901 black and gold; Kansas City, Mexico & Orient Rwy Co 1905 orange; New York, Pittsburgh and Chicago Construction Co 1881 black; Okmulgee Northern Rwy Co (OK) $1000 bond 1917 green; Omaha Bridge and Terminal Rwy Co (NE) 1920 green; Pittsburgh and Lake Erie RR Co specimen ca 1930s green; Pgh, Youngstown and Ashtabula Rwy Co (PA/OH) unissued 18__ brown and 1933-45 brown (4); St Louis Southwestern Rwy Co $1000 bond 1891 brown; Solomon Valley Phillipsburg and Northern RR Co (KS) unissued 18__ black; Union Pacific RR Co power of attorney and transfer 1884 black; and more, VF-EF. [57] Est. 400-500


Northern Rails Select grouping of roads, mostly from the northern midwest; includes Algoma Consolidated Corp Ltd (Canada) 1931 green (5) and purple (2); Atlantic & St. Lawrence RR Co (ME/Canada), 1875-1920, black, (8); Canada Southern Rwy Co (Canada) $1000 bond receipt 1878 #8 black, and $1000 bond, not fully issued 188_ green, signed by Cornelius Vanderbilt II; Cedar Falls and Minnesota RR Co unissued 189_ black; Chicago and Canada Southern Rwy Co (IL/IN/OH/MI) $140 bond 1873 black and shs 1873 green; Chicago, Milwaukee & St Paul pass for “continuous emigrant passage to Pueblo, Col,” 1880 green; Chicago, St Louis, Minneapolis and Omaha Rwy Co 1885-1922 brown (3); Cincinnati, Jackson and Mackinaw Rwy Co (OH/MI) $1000 bond 1892 green; Concord and Montreal RR (NH) 1914 brown; Detroit, Delray and Dearborn RR Co (MI) unissued 1890s black and orange (corner missing); Detroit, Hillsdale & SouthWestern RR Co (MI) 1949 black; Detroit, Toledo and Milwaukee RR Co (MI) 1902 brown; Escanaba Iron Mountain and Western RR Co $1000 bond 1890 green; Grand Rapids and Indiana RR Co (IN/MI) 1871-81 all green (2); Grand River Valley RR 1912 orange; Michigan Southern & Northern Indiana RR Co unissued 186_ black; Milwaukee and Prairie du Chien Rwy Co 1862 all blue; Minneapolis St Paul Rochester and Dubuque Electric Traction Co (ME) 1913 orange; Minneapolis, St Paul & Sault St Marie Rwy Co $1000 bond 1924 orange; Minneapolis, Superior, St Paul & Winnipeg Rwy Co $1000 bond 1903 green; Three Rivers RR Co unissued 18__ blue and tan (edge damage); West Shore and Ontario Terminal Co (NJ) unissued 188_ brown; Winona and Southwestern Rwy Co $500 bond 1888 not fully issued brown; and Wisconsin Interurban System bonds 1917 $500 brown and $1000 orange; VF-EF. [42] Est. 200-300

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Southern Rails Fine assortment including Arkansas Southern RR 1899-1901, spread eagle with shield, black with green underprint, but three styles (3, 1901 with full fold split); Canton, Aberdeen & Nashville (MS) $1000 bonds 1884 black (3) Central of Georgia Rwy Co (GA) $1000 bonds 1895 brown (2) and shs 1950s orange (2); Choctaw & Memphis RR 1899 red-brown (2); East Tennessee, Virginia and Georgia Rwy Co (TN) $1000 bonds 1890 green (1) and orange (1), and shs 1883 brown and 1892 orange; Georgia & Florida RR stock trust certificates 1929 green (1), olive (3) and orange (1); Glade Creek and Raleigh RR Co (WV) $1000 bond 1897 #4 green; Greenville & Columbia RR Co (SC) 1864 black; Louisville & Nashville RR Co (KY) $1000 1890 bond extensions 1940 green (10); Maysville & Big Sandy RR (KY) 1887-89 black (2); Mobile & Ohio RR Co (AL/MS/TN/KY) 1879 black and 1880s green (7) with unused 186_ transfer sheet; Nashville & Decatur RR Co (TN) 1887 green; New Orleans, Texas & Mexico Rwy Co $1000 bond 1927 red; Norfolk & Great Western RR Co (VA) $1000 bonds 1869 black (2); Northern Alabama Coal, Iron and Rwy Co (NJ) $1000 bond 1900 blue; Seaboard-All Florida Rwy $1000 bonds 1925 orange (2); Selma, Rome and Dalton RR Co (AL/GA) $1000 bond 1867 green (fold separations); South & North Alabama RR Co (AL) 1872 black with green seal; Southern Pacific Co (KY) specimens 19__ orange (2); Tucumcari and Memphis Rwy Co $10,000 bond 1909 green; Virginia and Tennessee RR Co (VA) $100 bond 1869 #44 yellow; Warren, Johnsville and Saline River RR Co (AR) 1908 green (2); Yazoo Delta Rwy Co (MS) unissued 18__ black; and many more; VF-EF. [120] Est. 1,000-1,500


Western Rails, six certificates, viz: Atchison, Topeka, and Santa Fe (KS), $1000 4% general mortgage gold bond, 1889, #RA7, train passes bay with ships, black and brown-red, punch canceled; Columbia & Puget Sound RR (WA), $100 shares, unissued, 18__ (ca. 1880), locomotive, ornate border; Missouri, Kansas, and Texas Rwy (KS), $100 shares, common, 1908, #BO14345, train exits roundhouse, red, punch canceled; Northern Pacific Railway Equipment Trust of 1964, $1000 4-1/4%, 1964, #3569, halftone diesel at top, olive, ABN, punch canceled; Salt Lake Terminal Co (UT), 4100 shares, 19(13), #5, woman with Old Glory, shield, and bald eagle, gold underprint and seal, punch and stamp canceled; and Utah Idaho Central RR (UT), $500 6% first and refunding mortgage 20-year gold bond, unissued, 1920, #D1535, passenger cars at platform, eagle at top, brown, not canceled. Overall VF+. [6] Est. 120-140


Western Rails Railroads from the Mississippi to the Pacific, including American International Rwys Corp (AZ) 1918 green; Atlantic and Pacific RR Co 1893 green; Bingham Central Rwy Co (UT) 1909 brown; 87.40 pay order 1877 black; Pacific RR Co (CA) $Chicago, Rock Island and El Paso Rwy Co $10,000 bond 1903 brown; Chicago, Rock Island and Pacific RR Co (IL/IA) $5000 bond 1909 brown; Connell Northern Rwy Co (WA) 1909 black and gold (2); Denver and Rio Grande RR Co (CO) 1907 orange; Denver and Rio Grande Western RR Co bonds 1924 $100 black (2) and $1000 orange; Grays Harbor & Columbia River Rwy Co (WA) 1906 #5-8 orange (4); Duluth, Huron and Denver RR Co (MN) $1000 bond 1887 green; Market St Rwy Co 1944-50 blue (1) and orange (2); Geary St Park & Ocean RR (CA) SF $1000 bond 1891, signed by Charles Crocker Jr; Missouri, Kansas and Texas Rwy Co shs 1886-1918 (5); group of Nebraska passes & ephemera (11 items); Northern Pacific (WI) $1000 bonds 1954 brown (2) and 1962 orange, and shs 1914 brown and 1958 green; Northwestern Terminal RR Co (NV) 1936 orange; Oregon and Transcontinental Co 1883 green; Rapid City, Black Hills & Western RR Co (SD) $500 bond 1909 green; Republican Valley and Wyoming RR Co (NE) unissued 188_ black; St Joseph & Denver City RR Co (KS/NE) $500 bond unissued 1870 black and green on gold paper; St Louis-San Francisco Rwy Co 1937 blue; Salt Lake & Ft Douglass (UT Terr) $1000 bond 1884 brown (partial fold split); Sierra RR Co (CA) $1000 bonds 1936 green (2); Sierra Rwy Co of CA $1000 bond 1897 green; Snohomish Valley Rwy Co (WA) $1000 bonds unissued 1906 green (3, 2 unissued); Southern Pacific Co (KY) specimen 19__ blue; Union Pacific RR Co (UT) $5000 bond specimen ca 1940 brown; Union Pacific RR Co central branch (KS) funded coupon certificates unissued 18__ black (2) with three transfers 18991903; and Western Pacific RR Co (CA) 1948-53 red (2); VF-EF. [63] Est. 750-1,000


Rail Collection, Bonds (*) and shares, comprising Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Rwy* 1889-1978 (6); Atlantic & Pacific RR* 1887; Baltimore & Ohio RR 1899-1960 (4); Delaware RR 1957; Missouri, Kansas & Texas Rwy 1887-1909 (4); NY Central RR 1953; West Jersey & Seashore RR 1947; West Shore RR* 1937; with Chespapeake & Ohio Lines ad; VF+ and better. [19] Est. 80-100

January 16-18, 2012 - New York



Railroad Bonds Mostly $1000, including Cleveland, Cincinnati, Chicago & St. Louis Rwy (OH/IN) 1890 brown and 1927 blue; Cleveland Short Line (OH) 1911 brown; Frankford, Tacony & Holmesburg Street Rwy (PA) 1910 olive; International-Great Northern RR $10,000 1924 red; Kansas City Rwys $100 1915 blue-black; Lake Shore & Michigan Southern Rwy 1897 green; Lehigh Valley RR $5000 1944; Michigan Central RR $10,000 1918 red and $1000 1938 blue; New York & North Shore Traction $100 1914 blue; New York Central & Hudson River RR 1928 green; New York Central RR 1913 blue; Norfolk & Western Rwy $5000 1926 brown; Oklahoma Central Rwy 1905 green; Philadelphia & Easton Rwy 1904 blue; St. Paul & Kansas City Short Line RR $100,000 1933 orange; Slate Belt Electric Street Rwy $500 1912 red; Terminal RR Association of St. Louis 1903 green; and United New Jersey RR & Canal 1924 blue; most with no coupons, VF+-EF. [20] Est. 100-150 Unissued Rails A remarkable variety of unused certificates from over 80 companies, largely for small regional and local rails, including California Street Cable RR Co (CA) 19__ black; Cambria and Somerset Passenger Rwy Co (PA) 189_ black; Choctaw and Memphis RR 1890s olive; Cincinnati Northern RR Co (OH) 189_ purple; Colorado, Texas and Mexico RR Co of Oklahoma 19__ orange (dampstain); Davenport, Clinton & Eastern Rwy Co (IA) 1890s black and gold; Delaware Shore RR Co (NJ) 187_ black; Flint and Pere Marquette RR Co 188_ purple; Genesee & Water St RR Co of Syracuse 18__ black; Georgia and Alabama Rwy $1000 gold bond 1895 orange; Greenbrier Rwy Co (WV) 1890s black and green; Hudson & Manhattan RR Co (NY/NJ) $1000 adjustment income bonds brown (2) and refunding mortgage bond green (1), ca 1913, and 100 shs 19__ red; Johnstown Passenger Rwy Co (PA) 19__ orange (1), green (1), and brown (1); Kaaterskill RR Co (NY) 18__ all blue; Lock Haven Traction Co (PA) 189_ black; Manufacturerâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s RR Co (PA) 18__ black (2); Middletown, Highspire and Steelton St Rwy Co (PA) 18__ black; Montana RR Co (MT) 189_ black on yellow paper; Muscatine Western Rwy Construction Co (IA) 18__ black (2); Navy Yard, Broad St & Fairmount Rwy Co (PA) 186_ black; New Albany and Sandusky City Junction RR Co (IN) 18__ black; New York Central Niagara River RR Co 187_ black; Oconee & Western RR Co (GA) 189_ black (2); Ontario, Carbondale & Scranton Rwy Co (PA) 18__ black; Orangeville and Lehigh RR Co (PA) 189_ black and red (4); Penn Yan & New York Rwy Co (NY) 188_ black; Preemption Eastern RR Co (IL) 189_ black; Republican Valley and Wyoming RR Co (NE) 188_ black; ; Troy Hill Passenger Rwy Co (PA) 18__ purple; Turbotville and Williamsport RR Co (PA) 189_ black and orange; Utica Suburban Rwy Co (NY) 1890s black and green; and many more; a few (not listed here) with some damage, but the large majority VF+-EF. [102] Est. 500-750


Specimen Trio, Chicago Union Station (IL) $1000 3-3/4% gold bond, Union Station, olive; Federal Light & Traction (NY) $1000 Registered 5% gold bond, woman holds bulb and tablet, flanked by streetcar and dynamo, orange, corner off; Westinghouse Air Brake (PA), 100 shs, train passes telegraph pole, brown, VF+-EF [3] Est. 60-80


Rail Specimens, All for bonds and all ABN save as noted: Alleghany Corp interim receipt JP Morgan & Co 1930 orange; Bangor & Aroostook RR Co $1000 1948 green; Buffalo Creek RR Co (NY) $1000 1910 red; Central Arkansas and Eastern RR $1000 1910, brown, International BN (damage); Choctaw, Oklahoma and Gulf RR $1000 1894 orange Franklin BN; Cleveland Union Terminals Co (OH) $1000 1950 blue; Columbus, Hocking Valley & Toledo Rwy Co / Hocking Coal and RR Co (OH) $1000 1884 green (fold wear); Frankfort & Kokomo RR Co (IN) $1000 1879 black with red overprint (fold wear); Great Northern Rwy (MN) $1000 1923 red; Lake Shore and Michigan Southern Rwy Co, 1903 $1000 green (3), $5000 blue (2), $10,000 red (2), $50,000 purple (1), and $100,000 brown (1); Maine Central RR Co (ME) $1000 1944 blue; Missouri, Kansas and Eastern Rwy (MO) 1892 $1000 green, FBN; Missouri, Kansas and Oklahoma (OK Terr) $1000 1903 green, Franklin-Lee BN; New York & Northern Rwy Co (NY) $1000 1887 green FBN; NY, New Haven and Hartford RR Co $1000 1901 orange; Ohio, Indiana and Western Rwy Co, $158.33 1888 green, FBN, (fold wear); Peoria and Pekin Union Rwy Co (IL) proof 1881 with coupon proof (edge wear); Phildadelphia and Reading RR Co (PA) $50 shs proof 18__ black Hufty & Danforth; St Louis and San Francisco RR $1000 1896 green FBN; St Louis and San Francisco Rwy (MO) $1000 1884 proof green (with a dozen or so additional proof pages); St Louis Southwestern Rwy Co $1000 brown FBN; Seaboard Air Line Rwy Co 100 shs orange Security BN; Southern Rwy Co (VA) 100 shs ca 1960s purple; Southern Pacific Co (KY) $380,000 (1) and $370,000 (2) 1934 orange; Toledo, Cincinnati and St Louis RR Co (IN/IL) $1000 1881 brown FBN; Toledo, Peoria & Western RR (IL) $1000 1937 orange; Toledo, St Louis and Western RR Co $5000 1900 red FBN; Tunnel RR of St Louis proof 10 shs 18__ black; and Vandalia RR Co (IN/IL) $1000 1922 brown (fold and edge damage); save as noted, VF+-EF. [38] Est. 500-750

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Rail Related, Interesting selection of companies that made the age of the railroad possible, including Arkansas & Memphis Rwy Bridge and Terminal Co (TN) 1918 black and orange; Automatic Electric and Mechanical RR Signal Co (ME) 1900 black; Baltimore Rwy Specialty Co (DE) 1906 black and orange; Boltless Rail Joint Co (DE) 1912, semi-nude figure, red-brown; Consolidated Rolling Stock Co (CT) 1887-1916 black (5, one with edge wear); Mann’s Boudoir Car Co $1000 bond 1886 green; Miller Train Control Corp (VA) 1929, black with gold seal; Oswego RR Bridge Co (NY) unissued 187_ black; RR Freight and Passenger Assn of NY 1898 all brown; Steel Rwy Tie and Appliance Co (AZ) 1917 black and gold; US Rolling Stock Co (NY) specimen $1000 bond 1885 green and specimen 100 pound bond 1889 olive ABN; Wagner Palace Car Co 1891 brown; Westinghouse Air Brake Co (PA) specimen, after 1903 brown Security BN; and Woodruff Sleeping & Parlor Car Coach Co (PA) 1870s-80s black (12, one signed by Woodruff); VF-EF. [30] Est. 300-400


American Motors Corp (MD), Purchase warrants for shares, 1969 (51) and 1978 (1), border and security underprint, olive, ABN, about VF+-EF. [52] Est. 100-150


American Southern Motors Corp (NC), $5 shares, preferred stock, 19(21), #1276, eagle on summit with clouds, red with gold paper seal, folds, minor edge wear and toning, VF+. Est. 80-120


Apperson Bros Automobile Co (IN), $500 7% mortgage bonds, 1922, company shield logo, brown, liquidation handstamps on faces, ABN, VF+-EF. Apperson produced high-end luxury automobiles, but they could not remain competitive and went out of business in 1926. [4] Est. 300-400


Armstrong Rubber Co (CT), Shs, 1944-45, chauffeur-driven touring car crosses busy intersection with vintage trucks, a double-decker bus, and many other vehicles. One of the finest automotive scenes on any certificate, and sure to please anyone who likes cars, both VF+. [2] Also Consolidated Service Stations (DE) 1922. #78. 5 shs. Green. Chauffeur driven luxury car crosses busy intersection with cars and trucks.VF+. Est. 200-300


Auto Motive Tractor Corp of America (NY), $10 shs, 1919-20, tractor driven by automobile, common orange (2) and preferred green (2), VF+. [4] Est. 150-200


Automobile Related Great variety, 17 companies, most uncanceled, including American Electric Car Co (ME) fractional scrip 1914 #20 black; Associated Wheelmen of Freeland Pa 1898 green; Coleman Auto Spring Suspension Co Ltd (Canada) 1934 green; Consolidated Motors Corp (DE) 1917 brown; H & C Garage (NY) unissued ca 1920s green (2); Hoffman’s Motor Transportation (NJ) 1939 brown; Little Motor Kar Co certificate of interest 1919 black and green; Northland Rubber Co Inc (NY) 1916 green; Northway Motors Corp / Northway Motors Sales / Northway Guaranty and Discount Corp participation trust certificates 1920 black and gold (2); Princess Motor Car Corp (DE) 1917 blue; and more; VF-EF. [27] Est. 500-750


B & J Tire & Rubber Co (NY), $10 shs preferred, 1914, eagle on rock, bright orange, red paper seal, mostly good VF+. [4] Est. 60-80


AFC-Brill Motors (DE), Shares, 1955, allegorical males flank corporate wheel logo, orange (6) and blue (2), VF+. [8] Est. 100-150


Amalgamated Motors corp (DE), Common shs, 1924, blue, one with small stain, VF+-EF. [3] Est. 100-150


American Austin Car Co Inc (DE), Temporary certificates, 1929, yellow, and 100 shs, 1931, man turns wheel, olive, uncanceled (6), all ABN; temps VF, stocksVF+-EF. [8] Est. 150-200


American Car Co (MO), $100 shares, 18(902), #19, Liberty with child in sailor suit holding anchor, American eagle, folds, VF+. Est. 80-120


American Motor Transportation Co (DE), Shares, class A preferred first series, San Francisco, 1929, long bus with “Los Angeles - San Francisco - Chicago New York” on side, blue, small right margin tear repaired on back with tape, folds, good VF. Est. 100-150

January 16-18, 2012 - New York

2491 2484 2484

Beggs Motor Car Company. (DE), 40 Shares Common Stock, 1918, #1045, blue ornate border, VF+. (photo) Est. 200-300


Bessemer-American Motors (DE), $10 shares, participating preferred stock, 1923, #1474, orange, printed by Goes, minor edge wear, strong VF+. Est. 80-120


Bethlehem Motors Corp (DE), 15 shares, capital stock, 1920, #O4666, allegorical man with implements of industry, factories and foundries in background, orange, ABN, folds, edge wear, VF+. Est. 100-150


Bethlehem Motors Corporation (DE), 100 Shares Capital Stock, 1920, #2116, allegorical man flanked by factories, green, ABN, VF+. Est. 100-150


Better Automotive Group Shares: Allegheny Motor Car, 1920; Auto Betterment Corp, 1919; Emerson Motors, 1916; Kaiser Motors Corp, 1954; Montana Auto Finance Corp, 1920; Muskegon Motor Specialties Co, 1962; Northway Motors Corp, 1920; Saunders Drive It Yourself Co Inc, 1929; Stevens Duryea, 1920; Templar Motors Co 1920; US Automotive Corp (DE) 1921 (2); Allegheny VF, rest VF+ or better. [12] Est. 200-300


California Auto Express Co. (CA), $1 shares, San Francisco 190(4), #73, motor delivery truck at top left, black, gold seal and underprint, printed by Goes, VF. Est. 200-300


Car Power and Lighting Co (ME), $25 shs, 1922, allegorical semi-nude woman and man fly with railway wheel, carrying light and instrument, green, ABN, VF+. [9] Est. 60-80


Checker Cab Manufacturing Corporation. (NJ), 100 Shares Common Stock, 1930, #C4409, allegorical females (one, Justice with fallen scales!) seated flank car, blue, top fold split, staples, lightly toned edges, about VF. (photo) Est. 200-300


Checker Cab Mfg Corp (NJ), Shares, 1931-39, women flank frame enclosing cab, common green (1) and preferred orange (1), VF+. [2] Est. 300-400


Cole Motor Car Co (IN), $100 shs, one unissued, 1913, eagle with shield, black and yellow (2); and shs, 1916, allegorical couple pour oil into brazier over image of North America, orange, three issued stocks signed by JJ Cole as president, punch cancels through signatures on 1916 stocks; 1916 certificates with edge wear and dark staining, about VF-VF+. Founded by Joseph J Cole, these automobiles were among the first to have V-8 engines, and were produced until 1925. [4] Est. 150-200


Crow-Elkhart Motor Corp (AZ), $10 shs, 1919, signed by Martin E Crow as president, torch emits rays, brown, Goes, fold wear, VF+ This company was located in Elkhart, IN, and went out of business in 1922. Est. 100-150


Davis Car Co (WA), $1 shs, 19221, eagle on dome, black and gold, Goes, EF. Developed a prototype steam car. Est. 100-150


Delling Motors Co (NJ), Shares, class B common, 1927, signed by PR Delling as president, eagle on rock, brown, VF+. This company produced a steam car. Est. 100-150

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Dort Motor Car Company (DE), 1 share, common capital stock, 1922, #OC384, signed by Josiah Dallas Dort as president,corporate logo flanked by allegorical figures, brown, ABN, VF+. Dort was an original partner of William Crapo Durant in the Flint Wagon Works. Est. 80-100


Duesenberg Automobile & Motors Co, Inc (DE), $100 shares preferred stock, 19(23), woman leans on beehive, edifice in background, man at her feet, flanked by hemispheres of the globe, orange, EF. Est. 250-350


Duesenberg Automobile & Motors Co Inc (DE), shs, 1923, as previous, brown, folds, toning, about VF+. Est. 200-300



Duesenberg Automobile & Motors (DE) 1924. #3375. 5 shs. Brown. Seated women between globes. VF+. If one automobile manufacturer could be singled out as the most glorious of all, it would have to be the Duesenberg. The car was legendary, and literally became a metaphor for greatness. “It’s a Duesy” was a popular catch phrase synonymous with status, and the cars were extremely popular with movie stars, robber barons, gangsters and politicians. One of the most eagerly collected automobile stocks. Est. 250-350 Duesenberg Automobile & Motors Co, Inc (DE), $100 share capital stock, 19(24), #3240, as previous, brown, VF+. Est. 250-350


Famous Autos, A large group representing 17 companies from throughout the history of motors, including Chrysler Corp (DE) $10,000 sinking fund debentures 1974 red (10); Elgin Motor Car Corp (DE) 1917 black and gold (toned) uncanceled; Ford Motor Co of Canada Ltd 1930 blue; Genuine Parts Co (GA) specimens ca 2000 blue (2); Hudson Motor Car Co (MI) 1954 green; Hupp Motor Car Corp (VA) fractional scrip 1930 blue; Jordan Motor Car Co (DE) 1929 brown; Preston Motors Corp (AL) purchase agreement, receipt, and letter, 1919; Studebaker Corp (NJ) $1000 bond specimen 1919 green; Velie Motor Vehicle Co (IL) bank checks 1904 (3); and more; VF-EF. [51] Est. 300-400


Flint Motor Co (MI), Less than 100 shs common, 1923-26, women and factories flank corporate logo, purple, uncanceled, VF-VF+. [6] Est. 125-175


Ford Motor Company of Canada Limited (Canada), 18 Shares Class A Capital Stock, 1931, #NYA012993, Ford logo above two map globes flanked by allegorical males, green, CBN, VF+. Est. 60-80


Gearless Steam Auto Manufacturing Co (PA), $1 shares, capital stock, 19(19), #132, ornate border, brown, minor fold wear, age-toned, VF+. Est. 150-250


General Motors Corp (DE), Shares, 1958-83, men in profile with futuristic vehicles: 37 for 100 common shs orange, 82 not more than 10,000 common shs blue, and one not more than 10,000 shs preferred pink, mostly EF. [119] Est. 150-250


Gove Motor Car Company (ID), 10 Shares Common Stock, 1920, #950, gold underprint and seal, eagle atop rock, VF+. Est. 60-80


Gove Motor Car Company (ID), 10 Shares Common Stock, 1920, #950, gold underprint and seal, eagle atop rock, VF+. Est. 150-200


Harley-Davidson Inc (WI), 1-cent shares, 1995-98, Vulcan with anvil and wheel, company logo at sides, blue, ABN, uncanceled, with 1997 and 1999 annual reports, staple holes, about EF. [14] Est. 400-500


Harroun Motors Corp (DE), $10 shs, 1917-21, brown with security underprint, three very similar types, good VF-VF+. [7] Est. 150-200


Hupp Motor Car Corporation (VA), fractional Interest Scrip certificate for 1 Share Common Stock, 1929, blue, VF.[4]. Organized in 1908, this company built the famous Hupmobiles. Est. 75-100


Hygienic Wheel Co. (WV), $100 shares, 189(7), #40, State arms in centre, embossed seal depicts spoken wheel, black, VF. Est. 80-120

2502 2502


Durant Motors Inc (DE), Shares, 1923-31, angels crown “D” logo, brown (14) and olive (4), all uncanceled, with subscription warrants, 1931 green (2), and related items including cloth “Durant” red star patch, 1925 promotional letters; VF+. [23] (photo) Est. 500-750 Erickson Suspension Wheel Corp (DE), $10 shares, preferred stock, 19(23), #506, busy city street with cars, trucks, buses sporting the Erickson wheel, orange, folds, lightly toned, a strong VF+. Est. 150-250

January 16-18, 2012 - New York


Jackson Motors Corp (DE), $10 shares, common stock, 19(19), #2015, eagle on summit, green with metallic seal, Goes, folds, some wrinkling and light discoloration from provisions and conditions disclaimer pasted to verso, about VF+. Est. 80-120


Nash Motors Co (MD), Less than 100 shares common stock, allegorical figures with child holding torches, 1917 orange and 1935 green, both ABN, earlier with minor edge wear, later with fold wear, each about VF+. [2] Est. 100-150


Johnstone Tire & Rubber Co (AZ), $1 shs, 192021, eagle with shield, black and light green, Goes, VF+ [5] Est. 60-80



Lafayette Motors Corp (MD), $100 shs, second preferred, 1922, as previous, orange, uncanceled, good VF+. Est. 100-150

National Motors Corp (DE), interim certificate, $100 shares, preferred stock, 1923, #54, eagle on summit, brown with gold metallic seal, Goes, light fold wear, toning, some staining to seal, about VF+. Est. 150-250


New York Cab (NY), $500 6% first mortgage 25year sinking fund gold bond, specimen, 1886, wild horses, company logo, green, ABN, edge wear including minor fold separation left, about VF+. Est. 100-150


Northway Motors Sales/Northway Guaranty (MA), Northway Motor Sales Co, $10 shares preferred, 1920, #6213, with cartoon-style vignette of laden truck, reddish brown; with Northway Guaranty and Discount Corp, $10 shares, 1920, preferred brown (2) and common green (2); all with minor fold wear, VF+. [5] Est. 200-300


O’C.-T Sectional Tire & Rubber Co (DE), $10 shs, 1921, great double illustration of their sectional tire in logo and underprint, partial fold split with small piece out in bottom margin, displays above grade VF. Est. 60-80


Ohio Automobile Group. 1) Collier Motor Truck 1921. 2) Fisher Body Ohio 1922. Signed by John Frederick Fisher. 3-4) Garford Motro Truck 1920-23 5-8) General Tire & Rubber 1957-82. 9) Goodyear Tire & Rubber 1963. 10) Goodyear Tire & Rubber 1920. Warrant. 11-12) Mack Financial 1977-78. 13)Maibohm Motors 1920. Warrant. 14) Ohio Automobile 190_. Unissued. 15) Shelby Tractor & Truck 1918. 16) Studebaker Sales. Unissued. 17) Troy Wagon Works 1910. 18-22) White Motor 1959-81. 23-25) Willys-Overland 1926-34. Most are VF-VF+. Est. 200-300


LaFayette Motors Corp (MD), $100 shares, first preferred stock, 1923, #144, bald eagle on summit, blue, on blue paper, about EF. Est. 80-120


Lafayette Motors Corp (MD), $100 shs, first preferred, 1923, issued to Nash Motors Co, eagle on mount, blue, uncanceled, VF+. Est. 100-150


Lewis Motor-Vehicle Co (NJ), Trustee’s receipt $50 shares, common stock, 1899, #23; with trustee’s receipt for the British North American Trading and Exploration Co, capital stock, undated (189_), #114, damaged, Lewis with pin holes, folds, wear, VF. Est. 50-100


Lincoln Motor Co (DE), $50 class A shs, 1921, orange, and temp certificates, 1920, green (2) and orange (8), all signed by WC Leland and Wm T Nash, about VF+ and better [11] Est. 100-150


Macomber Motors Co (CA), $5 shs, eagle with shield, 1913 black and gold signed by WG Macomber; 1918 black with red underprint and gold seal, VFVF+. Macomber developed an early rotary engine.[2] Est. 200-300


Maibohm Motors Co (OH), $10 shs, 1920, signed by HC Maibohm as president, allegorical woman and child with company shield logo, green, uncanceled, with 4% fractional dividend warrant, 1920, green and orange; stock with pin holes, good VF+, warrant about VF+. [2] Est. 100-150


Maxwell Motor Co (NY), Fractional scrip, 1915-16, first preferred (2) and second preferred (1), ornate borders, black on blue, gray, and yellow paper, respectively; pin holes, light wear and soiling, about VF+. [3] Est. 150-200


Motorists Purchasing Assn Inc (NY), $50 shs, 1919, #1-4, NY state arms, red-brown, crease, minor edge wear, good VF. [4] Est. 60-80

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The January 2012 Collectors Series Sale

2532 2532

Packard Motor Car Co (MI), 100 shs, 1940s-50s, trio of allegorical figures, gray-black, ABN, mostly VF+-EF. [250] (photo) Est. 500-750 2540

Pan Motor Co (MN), $5 shs, St Cloud, 1918, both signed by Sam Pandolfo as president, automobile, Pandolfo hood ornament, Pan radiator cap, green light fold wear, VF+. Pandolfo sold a great deal of stock, but produced little in the way of automobiles, and spent a year at Leavenwort for his efforts. [2] (photo) Est. 250-300


Packard Motor Car Co (MI), Less than 100 shs, 1940s-50s, as previous, good VF-EF. [188] Est. 400-500

Pan Motor Co (MN), $5 shs, 1918-19, as previous, 1918 signed by Pandolfo (printed sig on 1919), 1919 with South Dakota disclaimer handstamp, VF+. [2] Est. 250-300


Packard Motor Car Co (MI), Shares, 1950s, trio of allegorical figures, black (83) and orange (50), good VF-EF. [133] Est. 300-400

Pan Motor Co (DE), $10 shs preferred, 1920-21, ornate border, brown, Goes, 1921 with SD disclaimer handstamp, VF+. [2] Est. 100-150


Pan Motor Co (DE), $5 shares, capital stock, 19(17), #5338, signed by SC Pandolfo, photographic vignette of touring car, green, Goes, folds, agetoned, VF+. Est. 100-150

Peerless Motor Car Corp (VA), $50 shs, 1927-28, allegorical pair with beehive, factories, brown (8); and subscription warrants, 1930, yellow, all ABN, VF+. [10] Est. 100-150


Pierce-Arrow Motor Car (NY) 1933. 100 shs. Orange. Seated-nude allegorical male. Arrow logo. ABN. VF. Producing bird cages, ice boxes and other household paraphernalia in the 1860â&#x20AC;&#x2122;s, this company went on to build some of the finest luxury automobiles in America in the 1930â&#x20AC;&#x2122;s. Est. 200-300


Pierce-Arrow Motor Car (NY) 1935. 100 shs. Orange. Seated-nude allegorical male. Arrow logo. ABN. Est. 200-250


Pierce-Arrow Motor Car Co (NY), 10 shares common stock, 1935, #8104, allegorical man with lathework, corporate logo above title and below seal, green (1) and orange (2), ABN, about EF. [3] Est. 200-300


Packard Motor Car (MI), 100 shs, 1940s-50s, as previous, VF+-EF. [241] Est. 500-750


Packard Motor Car Co (MI), 100 shs, 1940s-50s, as previous, VF+-EF [250] Est. 500-750


Packard Motor Car Co (MI), Less than 100 shs, 1940s-50s, similar to previous, orange, ABN, good VF-EF [200] Est. 400-500






Pan Motor Co (DE-MN), $5 shs, 1917, (DE), halftone vignette of automobile, green, and 1918, (MN), design as previous lots, green, both signed by Pandolfo, fold wear, VF+. [2] Est. 300-400

January 16-18, 2012 - New York


Rauch & Lang Inc (DE), $100 shs, Chicopee, MA, 1920-1921, class A common green (5) and preferred orange (3), VF+-EF. This company, bought by StevensDuryea in 1920, produced electric cars. [8] Est. 100-150


2548 2548

REO Motor Car (MI), $10 shs, 1916-25, allegorical women flank winged “REO” logo, olive (46) and brown (2), two issued in NY, the balance in Lansing, punch cancels, VF-F+. [48] (photo) Est. 500-750


Rickenbacker Motor Co (MI), Shs, 1926, Chemistry, Industry, and Agriculture follow winged wheel, orange or green, ABN, folds, VF+.[15] Est. 750-1,000

2550 2550

Rolls-Royce Ltd (UK), 100 shares depositary receipts, 1971, green (25), liquidation handstamps, ABN, with registry certificates, specimens, after 1967, Rolls-Royce logo, all blue (5); VF+-EF. [30] (photo) Est. 500-750

Safety-First Appliances Co (DE), $10 shares, capital stock, 19(18), #119, photographic vignette of a touring car, ornate border, green, printed by Goes, folds, toned, VF+. Est. 80-120

2552 2552

Saxon Motor Car Corporation. (NY), 15 Shares Common Stock, 1922, #A03262, allegorical Art and Commerce seated, blue, VF. (photo) Est. 200-300


Star Motors Inc (DE), Shares, 1924, star between factories with cars and train, red, uncanceled, folds, about VF+. [2] Est. 100-150


Steinmetz Electric Motor Car Corp (MD), Less than 100 shs, 1920-24, ornate borders, common blue (1) and preferred green (5), uncanceled, one stained, good VF-EF. Incorporated in 1922, the man behind this venture was the famed electrical genius Charles Steinmetz, whose accomplishments and prestige were only eclipsed by Edison. Steinmetz’s vision was to produce $500 electric cars. Prototypes were built and tested, but no commercial production was ever reported. [6] Est. 300-400


Stroud Motor Manufacturing Co (TX), two certificates for $10 shares, capital stock, San Antonio, 19(21), #553 and #668, vignette of torch, green, printed by Goes, fold and edge wear including nicks at bottom edges, probably from binder rings, otherwise VF. Est. 60-80


Studebaker Corporation (NJ), a specimen 6% Gold note for $1000, 1932, from the American Bank Note Co. archives, ‘The First Studebaker Shop’ at top, ornate border, orange and black, overprinted “specimen” in blue, with coupons, VF and scarce. Est. 80-120

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The January 2012 Collectors Series Sale


Studebaker Corp (MI), Group of over 280 stocks, 1950s-60s, allegorical man with piston, blue-green (186), green (76), red (12), brown (7), and allegorical trio green 1954 (7); generally VF+-EF. [288] Est. 300-400


Studebaker Corp (NJ or DE), selection of stocks, comprising 1935 100 shs common red, no vignette (6); and 1930s-50s common stock with vignette of first Studebaker shop, green (129), violet (22), and red (6), VF-EF, mostly VF+. [163] Est. 1,000-1,500


Studebaker-Worthington, Inc (DE), Group of certificates in three types, 1970s, woman in toga and cape with globe and factory, blue (138), green (39), and red (22); VF+ to F. [199] Est. 150-200


Stutz Motor Car Company of America, Inc (IL), a specimen certificate for less than 100 shares, circa 1916, allegorical women flank corporate logo of “STUTZ” and winged wheel, blue and black, ABN, return handstamp, EF. Est. 150-250


Stutz Motor Co of America Inc (NY), Less than 100 shs, specimen, allegocial women flank winged wheel logo, yellow-orange, ABN, “Return to Record Department” handstamp, EF. Est. 200-300



Taxicar Company (DE), 100 Shares Capital Stock, 1923, #117, light green, old fashioned trucks and cars enter and leave building, two small punches in top border, VF+. Est. 200-300

2564 2564

United States Automotive Corp (DE), $100 shs, 1920-21, Minuteman statue with “Lexington” logo, green (4) and orange (6), VF-EF. A merger of several parts makers whose assembled products made the Lexington automobile, US Automotive Corp peaked in 1920, and closed in 1926. [10] (photo) Est. 400-500


Universal Motors Co (DE), 90 temporary certificates, $5 shares, capital stock, 191(6), all range between #515 and #760, orange, pin holes, range from good very fine to about extremely fine. [90] Est. 200-300


Van Choate Electric Car and Light Co (ME), $10 shs, 1892, #9 and higher, company name in clouds with rays of light, purple, one with piece out of left margin, otherwise good VF-VF+. When this company was sold in 1901, it was discovered that none of the inventions it was supposed to be developing had any practical value, and that its assets could in no way justify its $6 million capitalization. [8] Est. 300-400


Victor Page Motors Corp (DE), $1 shs, 1925, signed by Victor W Page as president, eagle on shore with US Capitol dome, blue, Goes, uncanceled, EF. [3] An established writer on automobiles and engineering, Victor Page began a car company with his brother in 1905; by 1922 his company boasted that its cars could get 30 miles per gallon, but few were ever produced. Est. 200-300

Templar Motors Co (OH), $10 shs, Cleveland, 1919-20, eagle on summit, black and yellow (10), with 1921 syndicate agreement, a few with edge wear, one toned, about VF+ and better. [11] Est. 300-400

January 16-18, 2012 - New York


Willys Corp, Certificates of deposit, 8% first preferred, at Columbia Trust Co, NY, 1922, orange (2), and at Central Trust Co of Illinois, Chicago, 192122, brown (4), two Chicago with minor edge damage, VF and better. [6] Est. 100-150


Willys-Overland Company. (OH), 100 Shares 7% Preferred Stock, 1923, #P193, blue, corporate logo flanked by winged figures, issued to John North Willys, light corner handling, unfolded, EF. Est. 150-200


Willys-Overland Co (OH), 100 shs, 1929, as previous, brown, issuee changed to “Howard Hughes” with taped-on paper, ABN, with $5 shs, eagle, brown, Goes (2), and subscription warrants, one a specimen, 1936, green, Goes (2); VF, specimen VF+. [5] Est. 150-200


Willys-Overland Motors (DE), Subscription warrants for $1 common shares, 1946, orange (71), blue (2), and fractional olive (7); ABN, many with pencil notes, VF+ to EF. [80] Est. 200-300


Willys-Overland Ltd (Ontario), $100 shares, 7% cumulative “A” preference stock, Specimen, 19__, brown, allegorical women flank company logo, edge wear, strong VF+. Est. 100-150


Willys-Overland Pair (OH), $5 shs, 1924, winged figures, blue, ABN, and 1936, eagle on globe, brown, Goes, minor edge wear, VF+. [2] Est. 75-125


Woods Mobilette Co (AZ), $1 shares, capital stock, 19(17), #8447, vignette their narrow “cycle car,” ornate border, fold and edge wear, pin holes at left, VF+. Est. 150-250


Motor Vehicles, Internal combustion didn’t stop at cars; a desirable grouping, all uncanceled, comprising Allied Tractors Co (SD) 1919 brown (1) and green (1); Ford Tractor Co Inc (DE) 1917 green; Fulton Motor Truck Co (DE) 1917-19 black and gold (2); Palatine Motor Transportation & Industrial Corp (DE) 1921 orange; Peerless Cab Co (DE) 1927 blue; Republic Motor Truck Co Inc (NY) 1922 brown; Schuylkill Transportation Co (PA) $1000 gold bond 1930 (stains); Smith Motor Truck Corp (VA) temp certificates 1916-18 green (12); and Titan Motorcycle Co of America Inc (NV) 2000 red; VF-EF. [22] Est. 200-300


Automotive Shares Johnstone Tire & Rubber Co (AZ) 1919 black and green; Lambert Tire & Rubber 1926 black and gold (with letter); Mutual Tire and Rubber corp (DE) 1921 green (4); Parenti Motors Corp (DE) 1921 black and yellow; Peterson-Harnden Fluid Clutch Co (UT) 1918 green; and Ursus Motor Co (IL) 1920 green; generally VF. [10] Est. 100-150


Automobile Trio, choice group includes Templar Motors Corp (DE), $10 shares, Cleveland, OH, 19(17), #1599, bald eagle atop promontory, black with orange underprint, very minor edge wear, about extremely fine; Thermocar Co (CO), $1 shares, 19(13), #272, bald eagle atop dome at upper left, black with gold underprint with gold allegorical woman at bottom with shining star at forehead, gold seal, Goes, minor edge wear, very fine+; Willys-Overland Co (OH), 100 shares 7% preferred stock, 1928, #194, female and male angels flank corporate logo, blue and black, ABN, very minor toning, otherwise EF. Est. 100-150


Useful Automobile Group, [3] choice selection includes Durant Motor Co of New Jersey $10 cumulative preferred stock, 1927, #01001, “Star” logo before background of factories with cars, trucks, train, green, some creases, toning at left edge, VF+; Fisher Body Ohio Co (OH), $100 shares, preferred stock, 1921, #NP0404, allegorical figures of winged woman with torch, woman with stylus and tablet, man with gear, green, ABN, perforation canceled, folds, edge wear, VF+; Flint Motor Co (MI), 10 shares, common stock, 1923, #12231, allegorical women with implements of industry and research flank corporate logo, factories on either side, purple, folds, about EF. Est. 150-250


Choice Automobile Pair, [2] includes BessemerAmerican Motors (DE), 27 shares, common stock, 1923, #1672, green, printed by Goes, some ink spots in lower margin, fold wear, VF+; Falls Motors Corp (VA), $10 shares, common stock, 1921, #NY01029, company name in fancy type, brown, edge wear, a strong VF+. Est. 100-150


Unissued Automobile Trio, choice group includes Belmont Motors Corp (DE), $10 shares, capital stock, unissued, ca. 1916, #1471, allegorical woman at top with snake bracelet, black and green, Goes, staining and wear at edges, including small piece out at top, about very fine; Cole Motor Car Co (IN), 100 shares, capital stock, unissued, #298, Industry and Agriculture each prepare to pour liquid on a burning brazier, map of North America at center, black and green, stain at top edge, lightly toned, very fine+; Dile Motor Car Co (PA), $50 shares, preferred stock, unissued, 19- (circa 1914), #A15, angel holds up electric bulb, flanked by Industry and Agriculture, standing on “America,” black with brown border and green underprint, toning especially at top edge, a strong VF+. Est. 80-120

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The January 2012 Collectors Series Sale



Bach Aircraft (DE) 1929. #3014. 100 shs. Blue. Corporate logo with “Safety-Economy-Comfort”. VF+. This company produced its first plane in 1927. Late in 1928 it moved from its original plant at Santa Monica, California and took a lease on a nine-acre site at the Los Angeles, Metropolitan Airport in the San Fernando Valley. The company produced a threemotor type transport monoplane with a capacity of 8 passengers and 2 pilots. Est. 150-250


Bach Aircraft Company Inc. (DE), 25 Shares Capital Stock, 1930, #4710, corporate logo, blue, VF+. Originally at Santa Monica, California, moved to Van Nuys in 1928. Won the Air Transport race in Cleveland in 1929. Failed and reorganised as the Aircraft Production Corporation in 1931. Est. 200-300


Aeromarine Klemm Corporation (DE), $5 shares Capital stock, 19(29), #1943, streamlined monoplane at top, ornate border, blue and black, good VF. (photo) Est. 350-450

Bendix Aviation Corporation (DE), a specimen stock certificate for 100 shares of $5, circa 1930, motor car and truck on bridge with monoplane and airship above, green and black, overprinted specimen in red, with counterfoil, small hole cancelled, EF. Est. 100-150


Bendix Helicopter Inc (DE), 100 shs, 1947, great logo with double-rotor helicopter design, brown, EF.[4] Est. 200-300

Arrow Aircraft & Motors Corporation. (DE), 100 Shares Common Stock, 1929, #C444, ornate border, orange, VF+/EF. Est. 150-200


Boeing Airplane Co (NY), subscription warrant for 25 $5 shares, 1940, #17687, issued to LF Rothschild & Co, orange, ABN, folds, VF+. Est. 150-250


Cessna Aircraft (KS) Specimen. Shares. Blue. Woman reclines, dirigibile, airplane, ship and train. NBN. EF. One of the great names in aircraft manufacturing, Cessna made private plane ownership practical. A scarce and desirable aviation specimen. Est. 150-250


Continental Air Lines (NV), $1000 3% convertible subordinated debenture, 1970-72, allegorical Science and Engineering, corporate logo, red, one with creased corner, otherwise EF. [12] Est. 100-150


Crusader Aircraft Corp (AZ), 100 shares class “A” capital stock, 193(6), #6880, unusual bubble-cab airplane at center, stylized crusader rides past the sun in background, black and brown, EF. Est. 100-150


Crusader Aircraft Corp (AZ), Class “A” capital stock, 1936-37, unusual bubble-cab airplane at center, stylized crusader rides past the sun in background, black and brown, one with soiling at folds, but about VF+. [2] Est. 150-200

2581 2581




Aviation Group Includes Air America 1953 redbrown (13), American Airlines Inc 4-1/4% subordinated debentures 1967-76 $1000 brown (3) and $800 blue-green (1), American Airports Corp (DE) 1929 green (4); American Gyro Co (CO) 1933 tan; Custer Channel Wing Corp 1971 olive (5) and orange (1), Forward Air Corp (TN) specimen 2002, Pan American World Airways 1970 pink (3), Southwest Airlines specimens 2002 orange (2), VF+-EF. [34] Est. 100-150 Aviation Group Mostly shares, including Air America Inc (DE), 1953, eagle, brown; Bendix Helicopter Inc (DE), 1947, helicopter logo, brown; Continental Air Lines (NV) 3% subordinated debenture, 1970-72, Science and Engineering, red (12); Dumont-Airplane & Marine Instruments Inc (NY) 5% subordinated income debentures, 1961-62, orange (2); Pan American World Airways Inc (NY), 1969, men, hemispheres, eagle, pink, ABN (2); Puerto Rico Intl Airlines Inc (PR), 1972, logo, blue; and United Aircraft Corp (DE), 1968-69, throned woman with plane, pink (4); VF+-EF. [23] Est. 200-300

January 16-18, 2012 - New York

2596 2596

Curtiss Flying Service Inc (MA), 100 shs common stock, specimen, 1929, freight loaded from truck onto plane, orange, ABN, EF. This company operated seaplanes out of Boston, but was defunct by 1932. (photo) Est. 400-500


Custer Channel Wing (MD), Seven types of shares, 1959-71, Fine-EF, most high in high end of condition range. Though Willard Custerâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s concept for the channel-wing plane was established in 1928, he designed his first functional one in 1942; though effective at lower speeds and altitudes, it was impractical for regular use. [127] Est. 500-700


Dayton Airplane Engine Co (DE), Shares, capital stock, 1931-32, green border and security underprint, ABN, folds, two with stained versos, otherwise good VF+. [10] Est. 200-300


Douglas Aircraft (DE), $1000 5% sinking fund debenture, specimen, 1958, biplanes circle globe, flanked by angels, black and brown, ABN, some soiling, VF. Est. 150-200


Eastern Air Lines (DE) 1940. #10. Fractional Subscription Warrant for 1 Share. All Orange. ABN. EF. The company was organized in 1938 to acquire the Eastern Air Lines Division of North America Aviation. The company was engaged in the transportation by air of passengers and mail between Newark, Miami, Houston, Atlanta, Washington D.C. and Richmond. Est. 200-300


Flamingo Air Service, Inc (DE), $1 shares, capital stock, 1946, #C2275, two-engine airplane approaching, black and brown, staple hole upper left margin, edge wear, a strong VF+. Est. 150-250


Gray Goose Airways Inc (NV), 10-cent shs, 193031, goose with logo, black and gold, Goes, about EF. This company sold a great deal of its shares but built only one plane ever flew; the company closed after charges of stock fraud,; Jonah Caldwell, the secretary who signed the certificates, was found murdered not long after. [2] Est. 150-200

2594 2594

Curtiss Aeroplane and Motor Corp (NY), 100 shs preferred stock trust certificate, specimen, 1921, spread eagle with ranch and farm scenes in background, blue, EF. Aviation pioneer Glenn Curtiss was renowned especially for his airplane motors, which set the standard in the early age of flight, spurred by the onset of aerial combat in World War I. (photo) Est. 400-500

2595 2595

Curtiss Aeroplane Export Corp (NY), 100 shs, common stock, specimen, 1928, allegorical figures flank fantastic relief vignette of biplane flying boat over sailing ships, yellow, ABN, EF. (photo) Est. 300-400

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The January 2012 Collectors Series Sale





Gray Goose Airways Inc (NV), 10-cent shs, 1935, flying goose logo, black and gold, Goes, VF+. This company sold a great deal of its shares but built only two aircraft on its Denver site; the company closed after charges of stock fraud, leaving the shareholders with nothing; the body of secretary JE Caldwell, who signs here, was found murdered, but no one was ever charged. [3] Est. 100-150 Gyro Air Lines Inc (AZ), 500 shs class ‘A’ stock, 1934, #197, bald eagle with corporate logo, red and brown, name change message tipped upper left, folds, paper clip rust, VF+. Est. 60-80 International Gordon Bennett Race (IL), $10 membership certificate “Under the Auspices of the Aero Club of America and the Aero Club of Illinois,” unissued, 1912, #2908, vignette of an early biplane over the Gordon Bennett trophy in an airfield; Aero Club logo at bottom, halftone images of previous champions Glenn H. Curtiss, Charles T. Weymann, and Claude Grahame-White, with space for the image of the 1912 winner, orange, about EF. Est. 80-120 Kinner Airplane and Motor (CA) 1936. #LA9314, 100 shs. Single engine, open cockpit airplane. Jeffries Banknote. L.A. G-VF. Est. 100-150


. S




Kinner Airplane and Motor Corp Ltd (CA), Shs, capital stock, 1933, #LAO6792, two-seater monoplane flies toward left, black and brown, toned, edge wear at right, but good VF+. Est. 150-200


Kinner Airplane and Motor Corporation (CA), 10 Shares Capital Stock, 1930, #LA01828, monoplane soars above river, brown, staple holes, VF+. Kinner manufactured airplanes and sold radial air-cooled engines to other manufacturers. Est. 150-200


Kreider-Reisner Aircraft (MD) 1929. #62. 30 shs. Gold seal and underprint. Eagle atop rock harbor view in distance. VF. The company was formed in 1923 at Hagerstown, Maryland. By 1925 the company was operating a general flying service and in 1926 it designed and built the first aircraft the Midget lightplane. In 1929 the company was acquired by Fairchild Aircraft. Est. 150-250


Mexican Central Airways, Incorporated. (AZ), 1000 Shares Common Stock, 1930, #107, aeroplane over airport, green, CRANE & CO BOND No. 29 watermark, EF. Est. 200-300


National Airlines (FL) 1940. St. Petersburg. #737. 1000 shs. Green. Monoplane, dirigible and other planes in the distance. VF+. Est. 100-150




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January 16-18, 2012 - New York

2612 2612

Novelty Air Ship Co (NJ), $10 shs, 1888, #57, wonderful vignette of lighter-than air ship over New York, Statue of Liberty in distance, black with blue border and gold foil seal, stained, soiled, backing remnants on verso, F/VF. The air ship on this certificate was designed by Peter C Campbell. After this company built it, it was tested on Coney Island and flown a year after this issue by Prof. ED Hogan, who took off from the Nassau Gas Company. Unfortunately, the ship began to fall apart while fighting to maintain a low altitude and was lost at sea along with Prof Hogan. With July 27, 1889 issue of Scientific American describing the ship and its fatal voyage. We have neither seen nor heard of another example of this certificate, which may be unique! (photo) Est. 15,000-20,000


Pan American Airways Corporation (DE), 100 Shares Stock Purchase Warrant, 1946, #37940, issued to and signed on the attached transfer by Charles Revson, blue, ABN, VF+. Est. 150-200


Pan American World Airways (NY), Two types: $1000 7½% convertible subordinated debenture brown (5), and 100 shares, 1960s-70s, allegorical men with hemispheres, eagle, red, ABN, VF+ and better. [236] Est. 100-150


Peekskill Hydro-Aeroplane (SD) 191_. #106. Shares. Orange. Early hydro airplane. EF. Est. 150-250

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The January 2012 Collectors Series Sale


Piasecki Aircraft (PA) Ca. 1955. Specimen. Shares. Green. Eagle with outstretched wings. EF. Frank Nicholas Piasecki was an aeronautical engineer and pioneer for the development of transport helicopters and vertical lift. In 1940 Piasecki founded and headed a research group, the PV-Engineering Forum. Piasecki flew their first helicopter, the PV-2, on April 11, 1943; this was only the second successful helicopter to fly in the U.S. This technical achievement attracted the attention of the U.S. Navy, who awarded the young designer a contract for the construction of a large tandem rotor helicopter capable of carrying heavy payloads in a large cabin. Thirteen months later, in March 1945, Piasecki flew the world’s first successful tandem rotor helicopter, which was also the first helicopter designed for the U.S. Navy. Popularly called the “Flying Banana”, it was the forerunner of modern tandem rotor transport and was capable of carrying as many passengers as comparable fixed wing airplanes. Est. 150-250


Pratt & Whitney (CT), Large archive representing all the rest of our stock, $100 shs, 1890s, the vast majority unissued; blue (40, 39 bound together at left), brown (36, 35 bound), green (23, 15 bound), and orange (50, 49 bound), signed by FA Pratt; with blue (13, 10 bound), brown (55, bound), green (88, 20 bound), and orange (16, bound) signed by Pratt and Amos Whitney, with strike through Pratt’s name; orange (16, bound) signed by Whitney alone; and orange unissued and unsigned (83, bound); VFEF. Pratt & Whitney, originally makers of machine tools, were drafted by their parent company to manufacture airplane engines; finding quick success in 1925, they soon became an industry leader; later the company merged with Boeing. [420] Est. 1,500-2,000


Solar Aircraft Company (CA), 10 Shares Capital Stock, 1939, #03009, winged sun logo flanked by two allegorical figures, brown, Jeffries, VF+. This company was organized in 1927 as the Prudden-San Diego Airplane Company and renamed in 1929. Solar Aircraft was a vital defense company during WWII working around the clock to manufacture more than 300,000 exhaust manifolds for US airplanes. The company was later renamed Solar Turbines and is now a wholly owned subsidiary of Caterpillar, Inc. Est. 100-150


Temco Aircraft Corporation. (DE), a specimen Common Stock certificate, 1940’s, numbered 00000, allegorical males hold aircraft between, logo below, green, EF. Est. 100-150

2620 2620

Transcontinental Aerial Navigation Company 1886. Letterhead. Features a tremendous vignette of the steel vacuum balloon flying high above a harbor. Letter noting the receipt of three shares of stock in the Transcontinental Aerial Navigation Company VF+. In 1887 the Associated Press described a steel vacuum balloon 144 feet in diameter and 654 feet long, in which Dr. A. De Bausset proposed to carry passengers to the North Pole at incredible speed if they would furnish him with $130,000 to meet construction expenses. The AP wrote; “Here is a most excellent opportunity for all who like to win fame by being one of the party which shall step foot upon that icy ignis fatuus.” It may be noted that the inventor of the great steel balloon, after organizing the Transcontinental Aerial Navigation Company and failing to raise all of the $130,000, sought aid from the government. Recommended by the most able military advisers, the initial bill actually passed in the House, but was later defeated on the advice of scientists. Scarce and highly desirable. (photo) Est. 300-500


Aircraft Pair, choice group includes Custer Channel Wing Corp (MD), 50 5-cent shares, 1973, #80140, frontal image of channel-winged plane at top, red, staple holes in left margin, otherwise a strong VF+; Gyro Air Lines, Inc (AZ), 200 1-cent shares class “A” capital stock, 193(4), #531, corporate logo with name and bald eagle at top, black and red, EF. [2] Est. 80-120

End of Sixth Session

January 16-18, 2012 - New York

THE COLLECTORâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;S SERIES SALE SEVENTH SESSION Wednesday, January 18, 2012- 1:00 p.m. Lots 2622-3517 Spink Smythe, New York Est. 150-200



Albany Insurance Co (NY), $50 shs, 1905-21, city arms amid items of commerce, industry, and war, black, stubs reattached left, most canceled across face in red pen, many with minor paste stains left, VF. [61] Est. 200-300 American Express International Fund (Luxembourg), Shares, specimen, 1969, Amex Spartan, purple with blue underprint, transfer below, ABN, mounting trace on verso of top edge, otherwise about EF. Est. 100-150


Anglo & London Paris National Bank of San Francisco Full share warrants of subscription, 1927, green, VF+-EF. [256] Est. 150-200


Anglo & London Paris National Bank of San Francisco, Fractional share warrants, 1927, brown, VF+-EF. [299] Est. 150-200


Anglo & London Paris National Bank of San Francisco $100 shs, 1927, range #6751-7000, as previous but capital raised by machine, reattached to stubs in certificate book, one loose, good VF. and better. [162] Est. 100-150


Anglo National Corp (DE), 100 shs class A common temporary certificates, 1928 blue (9) and 1929 brown with red overprint (150), VF+-EF. [159] Est. 100-150


Anglo National Corp (DE), Class A common shs, 1929-42, eagle on globe on column, brown (400) and green (128), about VF+-EF. [528] Est. 300-400


Anglo California National Bank of San Francisco $20 shs, 1932-43, women flank company logo, brown (61) and green (193); VF+-EF. [256] Est. 150-200


Anglo California National Bank of San Francisco 100 common shs temporary certificates, 1946, green, VF+-EF. [204] Est. 100-150


Anglo California National Bank of San Francisco, Common shs, 1947-54, city, bank building, farm, allegorical women, blue, VF+-EF. [231] Est. 150-200


Anglo California National Bank of San Francisco, Common shs temporary certificates 1946, blue, good VF+-EF. [200] Est. 100-150


Augusta Bank (ME), $100 shares, 18(15) #51, printed border, exquisite wax and paper seal with wheat stack, age-toned, with fold and edge wear including minor splits in broad margins, decidedly VF+. Est. 100-150

2624 2624


Anglo Californian Bank Ltd, ÂŁ10 shs, San Francisco, 1880-1909, ornate company name and left border, black, embossed seal, VF-VF+. [52] (photo) Est. 400-500 Anglo & London Paris National Bank of San Francisco $100 shs, 1910-12, range #1002-1493, olive, reattached to stubs bound in certificate book, four loose, no covers, generally VF. [349]

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The January 2012 Collectors Series Sale


Bank of Catasauqua (PA), $50 shs, 1860-65, as previous, toned, most with light edge wear, mostly good VF. [25] Est. 400-500


Bank of Catasauqua, $50 shs, 1865, miners, train, Ceres and Native maiden, plowing farmer, black, uncanceled; with NB of Catasauqua 1866, same design but “National” handstamp, and 1886, with “National” now incorporated into design; uncanceled toned especially at edges, all good VF. [3] Est. 100-150


Bank of Charleston (SC), $100 shs, 1874, palmetto with ship, barrel, bales, anvil, etc, young Columbia head at bottom, black, uncanceled, folds, VF+. Est. 80-100


Bank of Charleston (SC), $100 shs, 1879-97, as previous but on brown paper and all canceled, VFVF+. [17] Est. 300-400


Pair of Charleston Certificates, nice selection includes Bank of Charleston (SC), 9 shares, capital stock, 18(69), #8942, SC state arms with Liberty, Washington at top, girl at left (partly covered by R44), cotton bolls lower left, cut cancellations, pin holes, left edge trimmed to border; Bank of Charleston, NBA, $100 shares, Charleston, SC, 18(93), #77, implements of industry, agriculture, and commerce under palmetto tree with ship in distance at upper left, Columbia at bottom, black on pink paper, stamp, pen and punch canceled, small hole at one fold, otherwise about VF+. Est. 80-120


Bank of Kentucky (KY), $100 shs, Louisville 184447, eagle and Liberty with shield, woman’s head in circles, allegorical babes, eagle on rock, black, edge wear, one with two small tape repairs, and trimmed left edge, VF. [2] Est. 80-100


Bank of New York (NY), Issued bank checks, 186972, ornate name, all blue with imprinted revenue stamps and tan “GOLD” underprint, mostly VF+. Est. 80-100



Bank of Pensacola / Territory of Florida $1000 6% letter A stock in the bank, guaranteed by the Territory, 1835, #47, signed on verso by Gov John Eaton, black with wax and paper territorial seal, separate sheet with coupons issued by bank, minor edge and fold wear but VF+. John Eaton (1790-1856) was an influential politician largely through his close friendship with President Andrew Jackson; as Secretary of War, he caused ascandal due to marrying his wife shortly after she was widowed; she was snubbed socially by the wives of other cabinet members, and ultimately Eaton resigned his post. [2] (photo) Est. 750-1,000

January 16-18, 2012 - New York


Bank of the United States Manuscript pay orders, $21.90, 1794, and $100 1796, cut canceled, about VF+. Established in 1791 by the Washington administration, the (First) Bank of the United States was controversial from the beginning, as members of the emerging Democratic-Republican Party felt it created too much centralized power and favored northeastern cities; its charter was permitted to expire in 1811. [2] Est. 150-200

2648 2648

Bank der Vereenigde Staten van America $100 bonds, Amsterdam, 1842-52, ornate border, separate coupon sheets (complete), a few with ink spots or scant foxing, but generally VF+-EF. [64] (photo) Est. 2,000-3,000


Bank of Virginia, certificate for one share, Richmond 1(839), #11221, small and plain format piece, black on buff paper, embossed seal, good Fine . Est. 100-120


Bankersâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; Corporation Co (PA), $200 6% collateral trust note, Reading, 1907, #587, electric trolley on street, green with gold-colored foil seal, coupons clipped but present, stained seal, one heavy fold, about VF+. Est. 60-80


Bedford Savings Bank at Liberty (VA), Certificate of deposit, $470, variable interest, 1847, ornate left border, black, assigned on verso, VF. Est. 100-150


Boston Marine Insurance (MA) 1881. Proof on India paper. Shares. View of Boston harbor. ABN. VF+. Est. 100-150


Cameron County Bank (PA), Shares, Emporium, 1916-31, #2 and higher, PA state arms, green, issued certificates with gold foil seals showing map of county, 45 issued, nineteen of these reattached to stubs in stock book, with the balance unissued and still attached, some wear, staining, and tarnished seals, good VF-EF. [164] Est. 200-300


Carson City Savings Bank (NV) $100 shs, one unissued, 1882 and 18__, eagle atop rock, all copper, stub remnant on issued stock, VF+-EF. [2] Est. 100-150

2645 2645

Bank of the United States N. America (PA), 100 shs, 1841, beautiful certificate with allegorical woman with eagle and shield, ship, choice embossed seal with PA state arms, black, light toning, slightly uneven left edge, VF+. This was the third Bank of the United States. (photo) Est. 150-200


Bank of the United States N. America (PA), Shares, 1841, as previous, VF+. [2] Est. 300-400


Bank of the United States of N. America (PA), Shs, 1841, as previous, minor edge wear about VF+ and better. [4] Est. 750-1,000

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The January 2012 Collectors Series Sale


Central NB of Washington City (DC), $100 shs, 1879-99, US Capitol, black, red pen issue notes (most issued “in lieu of” other certificates), generally good VF. [8] Est. 100-150


Citibank Gold Certificate Interest in gold bullion, specimens, ca 1970s, fancy curves, old Citibank logo, black and gold, ABN, one with soft crease at upper right, otherwise about EF. [2] Est. 100-200


City Investing Co (DE), Warrants to purchase common stock of General Development Corp, New York, 1973-83, NY City Hall flanked by allegorical men, blue, red overprint, ABN, VF+-EF. [84] Est. 150-200




City Investing Co (NY), $100 shs, 1919-24, as previous, but other issuees, orange (29) and blue (4), stubs reattached, mostly VF+. [33] Est. 200-300 City Investing Co (NY), $100 shs, 1924-26, old City Hall, orange, issued to as trustee and signed on verso by US Secretary of the Treasury Henry Morgenthau Jr, and blue (2), issued to other members of the Morgenthau family, ABN, stubs reattached left, good VF. [3] Est. 150-200 City Investing Co (NY), $100 shs, 1924-26, three issued to Henry Morgenthau Jr as trustee and signed by him on verso, the rest issued to other family members, blue and orange, good VF and better. [6] Est. 400-500

2661 2661

City Investing Co (NY), $100 shs, 1926, as previous, both issued to and signed twice (on verso and on stub) by Henry Morgenthau Jr, blue, stubs reattached, good VF. [2] (photo) Est. 400-500


City Trust Safe Deposit and Surety Co of Philadelphia (PA), $100 shs, 1904, company building, green with red seal, uncanceled, folds, VF+. Est. 80-100


Commercial National Bank of Pennsylvania (PA) 1869. #330. 10 shs. Dock scene. R44. ABN. Endorsements stamped on face, VF. Est. 50-75

2664 2664

Connecticut National Bank of Bridgeport (CT), $100 shs, specimen, early 1900’s, men with horses, CT state seal at lower right, small eagle at bottom, EF. From the 52 Collection. (photo) Est. 80-100


Connecticut National Bank of Bridgeport, $100 shares, 1918-19, as previous, reattached to stubs and bound together at left, back cover of stock book still attached, generally VF. Est. 400-700


Doylestown Banks (PA), Doylestown NB 1866-71, eagle and shield, Liberty dog and safe (12), and 1906 state arms (1); Bucks county Trust Co 1886-1930, Justice (50); and Central Trust Co of Doylestown, unissued, 1900s, bank building, VF-EF. [113] Est. 150-200


Doylestown National Bank (PA), a group of share certificates, 1865-79, eagle and Commerce, some with revenue stamps, many with heavy cancels or light stains, some trimmed close, F-VF. [50] Est. 400-500


Doylestown National Bank and Trust Co (PA), $35 shs, 1938-54, eagle with shield, black, uncanceled, some with fold wear including edge separation, generally good VF+. [53] Est. 300-400


Empire City Bank, $25 shs, 1854, dramatic eagle with shield, arrows, olive branch, flags for states, choice banknote-like security flourishes, black, two uncanceled, folds, toned, uncanceled both with piece out at corner, good VF. [3] Est. 200-300


Empire Life Insurance Co (GA), $400 investment certificate, specimen, 1907, #00000, female and male angel flank framed vignette of a woman with two children feeding a dove, black and red-brown, stub remains at left, fold wear, good VF+. Est. 100-150


Equitable Trust Co of New London (CT), $1000 7% real estate mortgage bond, 1875, Columbia with eagle over city and landscape, green, coupons removed, VF+. Est. 80-100


Essex County Building and Loan Assn (NJ), Shares, 1911-12, lovely house, black, most uncanceled, generally VF+. [81] Est. 100-150

January 16-18, 2012 - New York


Fame Mutual Insurance Co (PA) $25 shs, 1859-60, angel blows trumpet over globe, eagle, flag, blue on blue paper, stubs reattached, VF+. [4] Est. 300-400


Farmers NB of Bucks County (PA), $10 shs, Bristol, 1951-55, #A6 and up, photographic vignette of bank building, brown, all reattached to stubs in two original stock books (nearly all in first book), mostly about VF+. [110] Est. 150-200


Fifth Avenue Bank (NY), a proof Capital Stock certificate, 1930’s, eagle on branch, annotated in red ink, EF. Est. 150-200


First NB of Chicago, Illinois (IL), $100 shs, 1865, Union sergeant with flag and rifle on battlefield, eagle with shield right and bottom, black, R44 left, incomplete transfer at bottom, pen canceled, light discoloration along left edge, about VF+. Est. 100-150


FNB of the City of Brooklyn (NY), $100 shs, 1865-70, as previous, about VF and better. [15] Est. 300-400


First NB of Frederick, Md, $100 shs, 1897, eagle with shield and banner amid stars, not visibly canceled, paste stain along left edge, good VF. Est. 80-100


First-Bridgeport NB (CT), $100 shs, 1915-18, eagle facing right, black, about 40 with stub remnants or reattachment traces, VF-VF+. [64] Est. 100-150


FNB of the City of Brooklyn (NY), $100 shs, 1865-70, Columbia with US shield, coin-spilling cornucopia, ship, woman with bald eagle, sailor on cargo, black, stubs reattached left, revenue stamps, most with dark paste stains left, all well toned, a few heavily pen canceled, some minor edge wear, about VF and better. [15] Est. 300-400


Franklin Trust Co of Philadelphia (PA), $10 shs, 1929, Ben Franklin’s famous kite experiment, green (1) and orange (2), good VF+. [3] Est. 100-150


Fultonville NB (NY), $100 shs, 1883-1908, screaming eagle with shield and globe, black, toning, most with light edge wear, good VF. [6] Est. 100-150


Grossbard Securities Corp (NY), Shares, 1971, bull and bear, blue (20) and orange (1), EF. [21] Est. 60-80


Investors Funding Corp of New York Bearer purchase warrants, class A Stock, 1970-73, corporate logo, blue (24), green (28), orange (11), and red (8); good VF-EF. [71] Est. 80-100


Knickerbocker Trust Co $2,000,000 exchange certificate for bonds of the Yaqui Delta Land and Water Co, 1911, issued to and signed on verso by Harry P Whitney, with typed letter signed by Whitney attached to verso, ornate border, brown, stub reattached, VF. Son of financier William P Whitney, Harry Whitney (1872-1930) was best known as a sportsman, and for the thoroughbred horses he raised. Est. 150-200


Lincoln NB of Bath (ME), $100 shs, 1886-1903, US Capitol, agricultural bounty, two similar designs (9 pre-1900), black, one with chip out of left margin, else good VF-VF+. [15] Est. 300-400


Manufacturers NB of Newark (NJ), Shares, 187275, NJ state arms, Industry, dog with safe, black, four with “Merchants &” crossed through and “National” added in pen and with revenue imprints, good VFVF+. [7] Est. 100-150


Maverick National Bank of Boston (MA) ca 1850. Specimen. Handwritten titles. View of the East Boston Wharf. Neptune, bottom. A high quality from the New England Bank Note Company. Two small cut outs, otherwise VF. Est. 100-150


Mechanics Bank of Burlington (NJ), $50 shs, 1865-68, William Penn flanked by eagles with shields, black, colored paper seals, stubs reattached left, paste stains, edge wear, VF. [2] Est. 80-100


Merchants Exchange of St Louis (MO), Certificates of membership, 1882-99, #293 and higher, St Louis waterfront, riverside factory and warehouse, exchange building bottom, blue-black, some with soiling, a few tight creases, but generally VF+. [12] Est. 150-200


Merchants Exchange of St Louis (MO), Membership certificates, as previous, a bit more edge and fold wear, VF-VF+. [13] Est. 150-200


Merchants Exchange of St Louis (MO), Membership certificates, 1882-88, as previous but 1888 with Victoria Flour Mill instead of warehouse, rougher condition, VF. [7] Est. 80-100


Merchants Exchange of St. Louis (MO), Membership certificates, 1882-1905, cityscape with bridge, exchange building, 12 certificates VF or better; the balance with condition problems, about VF. [28] Est. 100-150


Middlesex Banking Company (CT), a specimen $1000 6% Bond, 1890’s, brown, State seal, ABN, VF+. Est. 100-150


Milford Bank (MA) ca 1850. Specimen. Cobblers. Small train, bottom. “Milford National Bank” written in by hand. TCC. Four small cut outs of the bottom border, VF. Est. 150-250

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The January 2012 Collectors Series Sale


Mount Vernon Trust Co (NY), Certificates of beneficial interests in Community Recovery Fund, 193445, orange, most EF. [36] Est. 80-100


NB of Westchester (NY), Shares, specimen, White Plains, 19__, Battle of White Plains, blue, FL-ABN, “Last Specimen” stamp, EF Est. 80-100


National Banks Group of 18 stocks, 1866-1932, most 19th century, includes FNB of Bridgeport, Portland NB, Thomaston NB, Waltham NB, others; VF or better. [18] Est. 300-500



National City Bank (NY), $100, 1879. #4022. Check signed by Cyrus W. Field. VF. Cyrus W. Field (1819-1892) was an American financier, who promoted the first submarine telegraph cable between America and Europe and built New York City’s elevated railroad. Est. 100-150

New England Loan and Trust Co (IA), $100 shares, capital stock, Des Moines, 188(9), #561, row of statues of allegorical women with caduceus, scales, torch, book, cornucopia, with train, ship, beehive, with Agriculture at lower right, American shields in corners, black with gold underprint, gold foil seal, partial splits at two folds repaired on verso with tape, points off seal, edge and seal wear, but a strong VF and displays higher. Est. 60-80


New England Mutual Marine Insurance (MA) 1868. Boston. #4822. $150. Invested Funds. Busy harbor. Sailors, lower left. Sidewheel steamship, bottom. ABN. VF. Est. 80-120


Northfield Bank (VT), $50 shs, 1854-56, #8 and higher, state arms, ornate left border, black, uncanceled, folds, a few with edge wear or ink erosion, mostly good VF-VF+. [55] Est. 500-750

2699 2699

National City Bank (NY), Bank checks signed by Cyrus W Field, 1879, black on pink-brown paper, revenue stamps right, cut and lightly punch canceled, VF+. Cyrus W Field (1819-92) first made his money manufacturing paper, but became best known for leading the effort for a transatlantic telegraph cable; his later investments fizzled and he died bankrupt. With period photograph of Field. [11] (photo) Est. 400-500


National Metropolitan (Citizens) Bank of Washington (DC), $100 shs, 1903-07, “Citizens” crossed through in pen, US Capitol, black, some soiling and edge wear, but mostly VF+. [85] Est. 300-400


National Metropolitan Bank of Washington (DC), $100 shs, 1899-1904, design as previous but without “Citizens,” most with stub remnants, VF-VF+. [21] Est. 80-100



National Metropolitan Bank of Washington (DC), $100 shs, 1908-09, bank building, eagle, black and yellow, most with stub remnants left, good VF-VF+. [46] Est. 100-150 NB of Kentucky (KY), $100 shs, Louisville, 1927, handsome version of state arms, blue-black, ABN, uncanceled, one with stain upper left, VF+-EF. [3] Est. 80-100

2708 2708

Northfield NB (VT), $100 shs, 1870-98, eagle feeds young, semi-nude woman with state seal, black, nearly all with paper or foil seal attached at revenue stamp cartouche left, many with toning, edge wear, VF-VF+. [23] (photo) Est. 400-500


Northfield NB (VT), $100 shs, 1871-98, as previous, VF-VF+. [22] Est. 400-500


Osage City Bank (KS), $100 7% first mortgage real estate bond, 1882, #69, miners work underground, brown, all coupons, EF. Est. 80-100

January 16-18, 2012 - New York

2711 2711

Ossining Trust Co (NY), Bank checks, a few also on the Ossining NB and Ossining NB & Trust, 1920-35, all signed by Warden Lewis E Lawes, most with vignette of bank building, generally VF+. Lewis P Lawes (1883-1947) was warden of infamous Sing Sing prison in Ossining, NY, a post he held for 20 years; his efforts at reform changed it from one of the grimmest penitentiaries in the country into one of the most progressive. [74] (photo) Est. 1,000-1,500


Ossining Trust Co (NY), Bank checks, 1921-46, on that and other banks, signed by Lewis E Lawes, as previous, VF-VF+. [64] Est. 1,000-1,500


Peoples NB of Norristown (PA), Shares, 18971901, state arms, black, stub remnants, most with light toning, good VF. [42] Est. 300-400


Peoples-FNB of Hoosick Falls (NY), $25 shs, 1932-33, eagle feeds young, waterfall, eagle, black on gold paper with foil seal, VF+-EF. [11] Est. 100-150


Phenix Insurance Company of Brooklyn New York, $4000 policy “Against Loss or Damage by Fire,” 18(86), #C6413, issued to HS Putney for his house, barn, property, and horses, a grand certificate with a phoenix rising from the flames, stub reattached at left, minor edge and fold wear and toning, VF+. Est. 60-80


Philadelphia Bonds (PA), District of Penn $500 1864 black; City 6% loans $600 1857 black and $200 1891 black with red underprint; $1000 water loan 1866 black with red; $1000 4% general loan 1912 red; and $500 4% 1900 orange; VF-VF+. [6] Est. 100-150


Philadelphia Bourse (PA), $50 shs, 1892, city seal flanked by ship and train, great ornate name, green, nice embossed seal, pen canceled, good VF. Started in 1891, this exchange stopped operating in the 1960s, and the building now houses retail shops and offices. Est. 60-80


Philadelphia Bourse (PA), $25 shs, 1917-19, similar to previous, but orange, all with US or PA revenue stamps, heavy pen cancels, stubs left, good VF [10] Est. 300-400


Philadelphia Bourse (PA), $5000 shs, 1908, quintet of allegorical figures with money bags between ship and train, green, pen cancels, two with revenue stamps, stubs remnants left, good VF and better. [5] Est. 250-300


Royal Bank of Scotland group plc, Four American Depositary Receipts, temporary certificates, series B, Specimens, ca. 1985, green, printed by Thomas de la Rue, some edge bumps and creases, all strong VF+. [4] Est. 150-250


Second NB of Boston (MA), $100 shs, 1928, US Capitol, Boston city arms, MA state arms, black, ABN, good VF. [5] Est. 100-150


Second NB of Cooperstown (NY), $100 shs, 192324, vista of town, black, stubs reattached left, with eight blank checks from the bank with version of the same vignette, stocks VF-VF+ checks about EF. [17] Est. 150-200


Ship’s Insurance (NY), Autograph Note Signed by NWR Willings of NY, November 10, 1804, to “make policy on mdze to amt. of $ the Schooner Milly Capt. Geo: Cameron...from N York to Wilmington NC...” about VF+. Est. 75-125


South Carolina Loan & Trust (SC) 1923. Charleston. #1569. 4 shs. Brown. State arms with Liberty and soldier. “Calmady Girls”, bottom. Justice. ABN. VF. Est. 60-80


Southern Savings Life and Accident Insurance (VA), $100 shares, common stock 19(09), #1018, coin-operated policy dispenser upper left, green with red paper seal, some fold wear, edge of seal folded, VF+. Est. 80-120


Sun Life Assurance Co of Canada, two $1000 policies, 1927, #1036482 and 1928, #1076560, both issued from the Wheeling office to Charles A. Walt of Dallas, WV, the first a double indemnity accident benefit, the second also a total and permanent disability benefit; company’s Montreal headquarters at top of first pages, gold foil seal at bottom, support documents sewn on at upper left, both with stiff folds, VF+. [2] Est. 100-150


Third National Bank of Sandusky (OH), 10 Shares Capital Stock, 1884, Washington, #25, State seal, Washington at left, VF+. Est. 100-150

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The January 2012 Collectors Series Sale

2732 2728


United Security Life Insurance and Trust Co (PA), $100 shares, capital stock, Philadelphia, 19(31), #2774, statue bust in starred tiara with stone wings, brown, ABN, age-toned, a strong VF+. Est. 80-120

Yonkers & New York Fire Insurance Co (NY), $100 shs, 1871, steam and sail ships, great side vignette of firemen rushing through streets on engine, black with red underprint, folds, some toning from revenue stamps, generally about VF+. The Yonkers & New York had been founded in 1863, but like many of its competitors it could never prepare itself for the volume of claims created by the Great Chicago Fire of October 1871, and the company soon thereafter went into receivership. [4] (photo) Est. 400-500


United States Mortgage and Trust Co, $100 4% gold bond, specimen, 1902, #00000, striking vignette of the company’s headquarters in NYC, flanked by women representing Industry at left and Agriculture at right, dark blue and black, ABN, coupons, toning at edges, some folds, but a strong VF+. Est. 100-150

Early Bank Trio, Pay orders on the New-York State Bank, Albany, 1833, and the Mechanics’ and Farmers’ Bank, Albany, 1834, both signed by John A Dix and other commissioners of the Canal Fund; and 10 shs, Bank of the State of North Carolina, Raleigh, 1835, VF-VF+. [3] Est. 75-125


New England Banks, seven certificates: Barnstable Bank (MA), $100 shares, Yarmouth, 18(61), #1845, blue paper, punch canceled; Broadway Bank and Trust Co (CT), $100 shares, New Haven, 19(25), #965, state arms; Central National Bank of Lynn (MA), allegorical America at top with eagle, shield, ship, tepee, man at lower right, perforation canceled, damage upper left corner; Citizens National Bank of Boston, Massachusetts, 1927, #995, brown; First-Bridgeport National Bank (CT), $100 shares, 19(16), #1106, bald eagle, great border, stamp canceled, staple holes, mounting traces on verso; First National Bank of Bath, Maine, $100 shares, 18(904), #276, state arms at center, stamp canceled; and Northfield National Bank (VT), $100 shares, 186(76), #237, bald eagle with chicks top, beautiful state arms vignette right, punch and stamp canceled, except as noted, all VF. or better. [7] Est. 80-120


Union National Bank (PA), $50 shs, 1873-79, American eagle at top, statues of Liberty at sides, maiden at bottom with “Union” banner, ship and capitol, black ABN, pen canceled, light edge wear, 1879 with partial fold separation, VF-VF+. [2] (photo) Est. 80-100




Virginia International Land Loan & Trust Co (VA), $100 shs, 1870, #16, green security underprint and tint, men, horses, canal and train, top; bull and dog at lower corners, toned, pinholes, Fine. Est. 60-80

January 16-18, 2012 - New York


New York Banks, Seven certificates, comprising Bank of Worcester, $100 shares, 18(931), #181, state arms upper right, Liberty with star upper left, buck lower left, pen canceled; Briggs National Bank of Clyde, $100 shares, 18(913), #30, man waters horses at top as woman spills milk, ship lower right; Chemical National Bank of New York, $100 shares, 18(80), #204, ornate border, pen and cut canceled, stub attached left; First National Bank of Cooperstown, 19__, unissued, #1285, Leatherstocking statue left, Liberty right, eagle and shield bottom; Lawrence-Cedarhurst Bank, $10 shares common stock, 1938, #273; Long Island Bankers, Inc, 3 shares preferred, 19(41), #975, black with gold border and underprint, red “preferred underprint,” Goes; and Peoples-First National Bank of Hoosick Falls, $25 shares, 19(31), #267, eagle feeds eaglets top, Hoosick Falls left, eagle and shield bottom, black on goldenrod paper, gold foil seal, perforation canceled; Chemical VF, balance VF+. [7] Est. 100-150


Northern Banking Group First-Bridgeport NB (CT), (3); Doylestown NB and Trust (PA), (13); and National Metropolitan Bank of Washington (DC), (16). [32] Est. 100-150


Quality Banking, Choice selection of banks that appeared previously as individual lots, many uncanceled (noted with *); comprises American Security & Trust Co (DC) 1893 blue-black (2); Bank of the Northern Liberties (PA) 1878 black; Commercial National Bank, Charleston* (SC) 1916 black; Farmers’ and Traders’ Bank of Kimball* (Dakota Terr) 1887 black; Farmers Loan & Trust Co of KS* 1889 blue-black; Fultonville NB (NY) 1884 black; Indiana Farmer’s Savings and Loan Assn* 1893 brown; NEosho Investment Co of Chetopa* (KS) 1893 black; Powow River NB (MA) 1893 black (3); Security Mortgage and Trust Co of Dallas* (TX) 1888 black and green; and Union Investment Co of MS* 1888 black; VFVF+. [14] Est. 300-400


Quality Checks and Pay Orders Selection from August Belmont & Co 1849-69 (2, on Rothschild Bros, one signed by Belmont), Broadway Bank 1864 (for riot damages), Centennial NB certificates of deposit (PA) 1899 (4), JW Seligman & Co 1888-98 (13), Knickerbocker Trust Co (NY) 1895, Marine Bank (NY) 1863 (to WB Astor), NB of Delaware 1871 (to Jay Cooke & Co), National City Bank 1879 (signed by Cyrus W Field), PA Academy of the Fine Arts 1875 (signed by John Sartain), Travelers Insurance Co 1900; with 3 $25 US savings bonds, 1968-79, and three other items; generally VF-VF+. [31] Est. 300-400


Early Insurance Group Includes John Proud (RI) policy for brig Phanix, 1787 (large piece out right from animal visitation); Insurance Co of the State of Pennsylvania, uncut sheet of two transfers, 1798; Washington Ins Co in Providence (RI) policy on the brig Sea Flower, 1806; and Hartford County Mutual Fire Insurance (CT) policy renewal, 1839; about VFVF+. [4] Est. 100-150


Banking Specimen Quartet, CIT Financial Corp $100,000 4% debenture 1953 semi-nude muscled allegorical male turns wheel, orange, ABN; Middlesex Banking Co of the City of Middletown, CT, 4-1/2% bonds 1896, state arms, £50 blue and £1000 green; and National Deposit Security Co (WA) $1200 collateral trust fund certificate 193_, Statue of Liberty, green; VF+-EF. [4] Est. 100-150


Insurance Collection. 1) Aetna Life Insurance Company 1966. 2) All States Life insurance Company 1972. 3) American General Insurance Company 1970. 4) Baltimore American Insurance Company of New York 1932. 5) Carolina Insurance Company 1929. 6-7) Connecticut Fire Insurance Company 1905-10. 8) Empire Life Insurance Company of America 1970. 9) General American Life Insurance Company 1934. 10-11) Hamilton Fire Insurance Company of New York 1904-27. 12) Home Insurance Company 1905. 13) Kings County Mutual Insurance Company 1852. 14) Missouri State Life Insurance Company 1930. 15) Monarch Life Insurance Company 1966. 16) National Liberty Insurance Company of America 1938. 17) New England Equitable Insurance Company 1915. 18) Our Home Life Insurance Company 1918. 19) Providence Washington Insurance Company. 20) Public Life Insurance Company 1919. 21) Standard Accident Insurance Company Specimen. VF+. [21] Est. 175-250


Insurance Group, Better selection, comprising Albany Insurance Co (NY) 1916, city arms, black; Commercial Ins Co of New Orleans (LA) 1877 woman with shield “Enterprise,” black; Fidelity Insurance, Trust and Safe Deposit Co of Phila (PA), 1877, dog with safe, all green; Illinois Life Ins Co $2500 policy, 1912 brown; Lloyds Casualty Co (NY) temp cert 1929 blue (2); Merchants Mutual Ins Co of New Orleans 1867 state seal, sailor, black with red underprint; and Union Mutual Insurance Co certificate of profits 1870 eagle with flag, ship, sailor, black with purple underprint; generally VF+. [8] Est. 150-200


Insurance Pair, nice pairing includes Firemens’ Mutual Insurance Co. of Cincinnati (OH), certificate, unissued, ca. 1854, heavily laden horse-drawn wagon arrives at port, steamboat in background, shaking hands at bottom, stub still attached left; Ocean Mutual Insurance Company of Baltimore, $30 dividend certificate, 6%, 185(3), #33, black on blue paper, Firemens’ about EF, Ocean VF. [2] Est. 80-120

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The January 2012 Collectors Series Sale


Loan and Mortgage Company Pair, includes Provident Loan Society of New York (NY), $1000 twenty-year 4.5% gold bond specimen, 1901, seated woman holds tablet and laurels, three children at right with instruments of art, navigation, and education, green and black, coupons attached, extremely fine; Western Farm Mortgage Co (Dakota Territory), $500 6% debenture, series A, specimen, Aberdeen, 1888, farmers harvest wheat at top, American eagle with stars and “E pluribus unum” banner at bottom, green, mounting traces showing through at corners, coupons folded at right, VF+. Est. 100-150


National Bank, Mostly, Certificate Group, choice selection of banks, including City Trust Safe Deposit and Surety Co. of Philadelphia (PA), 18(88), edge wear including chip in upper left corner, very fine+; Farmers & Mechanics National Bank of Georgetown (DC), 18(96), perforated cancellations, very fine; Hackettstown National Bank (NJ), 18(72), R112 left, punch canceled, age-toned, glue stains at left, wear at top edge, very fine+; Lincoln National Bank of Bath (ME), 18(66), pencil canceled, minor edge wear and toning, a sharp very fine+; Mechanics Bank of Burlington (NJ) 18(70), R44 at upper left, stub reattached at left, age-toned, light edge wear, about very fine+; Merchants & Manufacturers Bank of Newark (NJ), 187(2), RN-U1, pen canceled, age-toned, very fine+; National Marine Bank of Baltimore, 19(24), perforation and blue pencil cancellations, toning and edge wear, but a strong very fine; Northfield National Bank (VT), 186(9), all with toning and aging issues, generally VF+. [8] Est. 100-150


Trusts, includes Braddocks Trust Co (PA), $50 shares, capital stock, Braddocks (now known as Braddock), 18(80), #231, American eagle with shield and motto at right, red paper seal, some staining at right, very fine+; Franklin Trust Company of Philadelphia (PA), $10 shares, 1929, #E263, Benjamin Franklin performs his famous kite experiment as neighbors look on, black and orange, about EF. [2] Est. 80-120


Banking Box A horde of stocks from over 90 companies, including American Savings Bank of Charleston (SC) 1889; Anacostia Bank (WV) 1943; Bank of America 1885; Braddocks Trust Co (PA) 1881; Broadway Bank & Trust Co (CT) 1913-30 (2); The City Bank (MD) 1858; City NB (PA) 1886; Farmers & Merchants Bank of La Grange (MO) 1904; Farmers’ Loan and Trust Co (two types, #1-2); FH Smith Co 1928 (9); FNB Gladbrook (IA) 1900; FNB of Biddeford 1873; FNB of Cooperstown (NY) checks (23); FNB of Media (PA) 1864; Helena NB of Helena (MT) 1891 (2, one unissued); Long Island Bankers Inc (NY) 1941-48 (6); Manufacturers NB of Lynn MA) 1895; Mfrs NB of Newark 1894; Merchants Exchange of St Louis (MO) 1884; Merchants NB of Newark 1879; Morris Canal & Banking (NJ) 1875; NB of Catasauqua (PA) 1886; Natl Union Bank of Boston (MA) 1897; Nebraska State Bank (NE) 1923; Page & Bacon 2nd of exchange 1852; Pan-American Securities (AZ) 1904; Stissing NB of Pine Plains (NY) 1879; Third NB of Jersey City 1887 (2); Thomaston NB (ME) 1865; Traders Bank of Lynchburg (VA) 1895; and many more. VF-EF. [182] Est. 750-1,000


Checks and Pay Orders A box full of an estimated 2400 or so checks and pay orders from various sources, all multiples, including the Anglo-Palestine Bank 1940-48; Bank of NY 1862-63 all blue; Bank of the State of New-York (to the city of NY) 1844 red; Bowling Green Savings Bank (NY) on Central Dept of Police 1871; Broadway Bank (NY) to the county 1862-67 (seven endorsed on versos by WM Tweed); Coconut Grove Exchange Bank (FL) 1931-38; Farmers and Merchants Bank (Catoosa, Indian Terr) 190607; First National Bank (Warwick, NY) 1866; FNB of Andes (NY) 1886-88; FNB of Fishkill Landing (NY) on Newburgh, Dutchess and CT RR 1889-91; FNB of Hagerstown (MD) unused 186_; FNB of Hopkinton (RI) 1881-82; Fort Bend County (TX) 18991900; Fourth NB of Boston on NY Sleeping Car Co 1886; Fourth NB of NY on Travelers Insurance Co 1866; Grand Central Bank (NY) 1876; Joshua Wolf (Xenia, OH hardware dealer) 1889; Lincoln NB (NY) 1897; Long Island Bank (NY) 1875-78; Manufacturers and Mechanics Bank (PA) 1863; Mechanics’ Bank (NY) to the city, 1828-29 black and 1850-55 all blue; Merchants’ Bank (NY) unused 180_; Merchants Loan & Trust Co (Chicago) on NY Central Sleeping Car Co 1886 (signed by Webb); Merchants NB (NY) 1873-78; Nassau NB of Brooklyn 1865-72; NB of Delaware 1866-74 various styles; New-York Dry Dock Co unused 183_; PA Company for Insurances on Lives and Granting Annuities 1874-82 on lilac paper; Samuel Smith & Co (New Orleans) 1871-72; Smith, Newman & Co 1867 (New Orleans) all blue; TA Rodefer Natl Glass Works 1904; Third NB of NY 1869-81Tradesmen’s Bank (NY) unused 18__; Wagner Palace Car Co (NY) 1893-99; and blanks by Schoening & Co Printers (PA), unused ca 1873; VFEF. [ca 2400] Est. 750-1,000

January 16-18, 2012 - New York


Acker, Merrall & Condit (NY), $100 shares, Specimen, 19__, company headquarters, blue, ABN, some wear along upper edge, VF+. Est. 80-120


Aikin, Lambert & Co (NJ), $100 shares, capital stock, 18(89), #26, logo of pen nib before quill and sword crossed and circle with motto “The Pen Is Mightier than the Sword,” pinholes and punch hole upper left, otherwise a strong VF+. Est. 60-80


American Bosom Board Manufacturing (NY), $50 shares, 18(86) #9, spread eagle with shield, gold-colored foil seal, toned, worn at edges and folds including some splitting at edges, VF. Despite its intriguing name, a bosom board was used for ironing the fronts of shirts. Est. 100-150


American Button Hole Overseaming and Sewing Machine Company (PA), 210 Shares Capital Stock, 1883, #3148, eagle with spread wings, Columbia at left, VF. Est. 100-150


American Cinephone Company (AZ), 10 Shares Capital Stock, 1910, #100, helmeted woman with eagle on shield and cherub, women in tropical settings, right and left, brown, NYBN, slightly toned, VF. New equipment for synchronising motion pictures with sound apparatus, exhibited in 1909. Est. 80-120


American Electric Manufacturing Co (NY), $500/100-pound 6% debenture bond, “The American System of Electric Lighting,” (probably unissued), 188_, #1, black and brown, signed by officers but not dated, coupons folded over at right, age-toned, VF+. Est. 60-80


American Life Suit Corp (DE), 50 shs, 1929, eagle with shield and flag before US Capitol, green, folds, VF+. These suits were developed for sailors and fishermen to quickly don when a ship went down; similar ones are still used. Est. 60-80


American Tobacco Co (NJ), Common shs, 1960s, Native American in circle before tobacco field, green (5) and orange (22), VF+-EF. [27] Est. 60-80


Anniston Compress and Warehouse Co. (AL), 20 Shares Capital Stock, 1896-1903, #49-69, compressed cotton bale at left, cotton compressing machinery at right, lightly pen canceled, light stains left from stubs, VF+. [3] Est. 150-200


Asbestine Stone Manufacturing Co (CA), $50 shares, capital stock, Los Angeles, 187(6), #9, ornate design at left, pin holes at top and left, one spot of ink erosion from transfer on verso, toned, a sharp VF. Est. 60-80


Atlas Portland Cement (PA), $1000 6% 25-year bond, specimen, 1914, aerial view of factories, orange, folds, VF+. Est. 80-100

2751 2751

Alden Type Setting & Distributing Machine Co (NY), $1000 shs, 1863-67, machine at top, printing works at bottom, Benjamin Franklin upper left and Henry Alden upper right, pen and punch canceled, stains at left edges from stubs, one with left edge damage, about VF-VF+. [20] (photo) Est. 500-750


Alden Type Machine (NY), “Setting & Distributing” crossed through by hand, $100 shares changed by hand from $1000, 1875-79, design as previous, stubs reattached left, good VF-VF+. [24] Est. 500-750


Alden Type Machine Co (NY), $100 shs, 1883, ornate border, black, capitalization doubled to $200,000 in pen, issued to CP Huntington, folds, about EF. Est. 80-100


American Bank Note Co (NY), Shares, 1920-54, eagle on summit, common brown (8) and orange (6) and preferred brown (3) and purple (1), naturally ABN, purple with notable right edge wear, otherwise VF-EF. [18] Est. 80-100

Page 255

The January 2012 Collectors Series Sale

Est. 100-150

2764 2764

Ballantine & Co (NJ), $100 shs, Newark, 1900, #1, issued to and signed by Robert F Ballantine as president and signed by J Herbert Ballantine as treasurer, ornate border, blank with company name, incorporation, share value, etc filled in by hand, all blue, embosssed seal, stub reattached, punch cancels affecting signatures (but only one punch complete), revenue stamps at top, VF+. The Ballantine brewery was founded in 1840 by Robertâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s father, Peter, and grew to become the fourth larest in the United States. Robert died in 1905, but the company lived on and became popular in the 1950s and 60s. Now owned by Pabst, Ballantine ale is still produced by subsidiaries. (photo) Est. 1,500-2,000


Bath Hotel Co (NY), $10 share, 1853, gorgeous banknote-like certificate with vignette of hotel, black, VF+. Est. 80-100


Beattie Battery Zinc and Electrical Co (ME), $10, capital stock, 188(7), #92, Columbia with flag, shield showing map of North America, bald eagle at upper left, ME state arms at bottom, very light toning at upper right, a good VF+. Est. 100-150



Beckwith Sewing Machine Co (NY), Two certificates, $100 shares, capital stock, 187(3), #64 and #123, majestic buck at center, elaborate green underprint reminiscent of a banknote, edge wear including some minor chipping, toned, good VF. Est. 80-120 Beer and Liquor American Spirits Mfg Co (NY), 1899 red; Franco-American Ferment Co (NY), 1914 brown; Jean B LeMeitour Compagnie (MA), 1920 olive (3); Kuebler Brewing Co Inc (DE), 1933 green; Merchants Distilling Corp (IN), 1954 brown; and Northampton Brewery Corp (PA), 1952 preferred (2) green and orange; VF-VF+. [9]


Berghoff Brewing Corp (IN), 100 $1 shares, common stock, specimen, ca. 1950, allegorical woman in laurels with globe flanked by woman with cornucopia, man with book and torch, orange, file holes in left margin, some discoloration in margins, strong VF+. Est. 100-150


Berkeley Canning and Manufacturing Co (SC), $100 8% mortgage bond, 1891, Fort Sumter, purplebrown with green underprint, pen canceled across face, fold soiling, good VF. Est. 100-150


Bessemer Co (NJ) $1000 shares, 1873, #1046, young girl top, eagle with 6-pointed star bottom, ABN, VF+. Est. 80-100


Bessemer Company (NJ) 1873. #1059. One Share. Portrait of a young girl. Star above eagle with shield, bottom. NBN. VF+. Est. 80-120


Brewery Pair, G. Heileman Brewing Co (DE), shs, 1945, #CO11175, Plenty enthroned, with Agriculture resting at her feet, green, perforation canceled, Gulf Brewing Co (PA), $100 shares, 189(3), #31, American eagle with shield at top, black with green underprint, both VF+. [2] Est. 100-150


Brown Segmental Tube Wire Gun Company(NY) 250 shares, temporary certificate, series 6, 189(8), vignette of a field gun on a turntable, partial split repaired on verso with tape, otherwise VF. Est. 100-125


Burley Tobacco Company of Cynthiana (KY), $1 shs, 1919, KY state seal, green, Goes, a few with some foxing and fold wear, VF-VF+. [21] Est. 100-150


California Raisin and Fruit Co (CA), $100 shs, 1878, fruit basket, black on yellow paper, 10-cent postage stamp left, edge wear at top, pin holes left, but sharp and good VF. Est. 100-150


Candy Collection. 1) Candy Brands, Incorporated 1933. 2-3) Candy Products Corporation 1924. 4) Ma-De-Ra Confectionery Company 1919. 5) Pittston Candy Works 1908. 6-10) W.P. Chase Candy Corporation 1925-28. 11-12) W.P. Chase Candy Corp. of New York 1929. VF+. [12] Est. 60-80


Chama Company (NJ), $50 shares common stock, #55 and preferred stock, #42, both dated 1898, New Jersey State arms top left, tree behind heading, black and black on pink paper, VF. [2] Est. 100-150

January 16-18, 2012 - New York


Coatesville Boiler Works (PA), $100 shs, 18961924, globe spun by steam jets, black, seven (1924) with capitalization raised in type, VF+-EF. [11] Est. 200-300

2779 2779



Champion-Five Inc (CA), 25 $1 shs, 1961, #6, signed by Gower Champion as president, eagle with scroll, green, Goes, EF. Actor, director, choreographer and dancer Gower Champion (1919-80) was the hottest director on Broadway when this was issued; he had just made his name with the hit “Bye Bye Birdie” and would follow it up with “Carnival!” and the smash “Hello, Dolly!” (photo) Est. 500-1,000 Clothing Mills Bourne Mills (MA), 1941 brown; Dexter Yarn (RI), 1917 black; Jantzen Knitting Mills (OR), 1930 orange; Olney Woolen Mills (MA), 1922 orange; Taunton Cotton Mills (MA), $1000 bonds, 1916 violet (6); and Whitman Mills (MA), 1915-23 black (5); generally VF+. [15] Est. 150-250 Co-operative Dress Association Ltd (NY), $25 shares, preferred stock, 1881, signed by Kate Field as president, NYC arms at top, metallic gold seal, choice “25” underprint, brown, folds, VF+. Journalist, lecturer, and actress Kate Field (1838-96) was a worldwide success on stage and in print, but not as a businesswoman; the Co-operative Dress Association failed in 1883. [2] Est. 100-150

2783 2783

Coca-Cola (DE), Certificate of purchase, class “A” stock, 1929, #178, familiar logo, ornate border, blue, pencil stain at left edge, pin holes, good VF+. (photo) Est. 300-400


Coca-Cola (NY) 1919. Specimen. Shares. All olive. Voting Trust Certificate Common Stock. ABN. Stain upper right, else VF. Est. 100-200


Coca-Cola Checks, Trio from the Reidsville CocaCola Bottling Co, NC, 1946, logo and drinking silhouette underprint, color image of Coke bottle and sign, gray; and the Piqua Coca-Cola Bottling Plant, OH, 1950, similar bottle and sign, orange and red (2), VF+. [3] Est. 75-125

Page 257

The January 2012 Collectors Series Sale

2786 2786

Coca-Cola Co (DE), Certificate of purchase, twenty $50 shares, class “A” stock, February 5, 1929, #5409, ornate border, black with blue border, signed by officers, punch canceled, staple holes at left, VF+. (photo) Est. 500-750


Coca-Cola Company (DE), a specimen Common Stock certificate, 19__, reclining woman with Alladin’s lamp, green, ABN, unfolded, VF+. Est. 125-150


Coca-Cola Company (DE), Certificate of purchase, class ‘A’ stock, 1929, title in now famous script typeface, blue, hole canceled, VF. The certificate guarantees that the company will buy back the stock at $50 per share by the 16th March 1929. Est. 200-300


2790 2790

Colt’s Arms Co (NY), $1000 5% collateral trust gold bond, specimen, 1901, women as War and Peace, blue, ABN, coupons in front, soiling to reverse, otherwise EF. When Samuel Colt invented the revolver in 1830s, he revolutionized arms by vastly increasing firing rates, though his gun did not catch on for another decade; since then the Colt name has become synonymous with the revolver and with the highest quality in guns of every variety; in the year of this bond, the company he founded was sold by his heirs to a group of investors; a rare item, the only one we have seen! (photo) Est. 750-1,000


Columbia Pennsylvania Library Co (PA), $5 share, 18(29), #124, ornate borders, light edge wear, a very strong VF+. Est. 60-80


Columbian Pharmacal Co (NJ), $500 6% general mortgage gold bond, 1893, #13, a great-looking certificate, globe with red “COLUMBIAN” banner around middle, red cross over North America, black and red, all coupons, fold wear, toning, strong VF+. Est. 80-120

Colorado Milling and Elevator (CO), $100 shares, capital stock, 19(12), #608, signed by John K. Mullen as president, two factories in Denver at top, black and gold with gold-colored seal, stamp canceled, about EF. Est. 60-80

January 16-18, 2012 - New York


Commercial Club Building Company (KY), a specimen $1000 6% First Mortgage Bond, 1891, building, brown, HBN, VF. The building depicted on this certificate was designed by Cornelius Curtin and was Louisville’s second skyscraper, designed in 1890 at a cost of $1 million. Est. 100-150


Continental Grocery Stores of Pa Inc, $10 shs, 1921-22, eagle before coastline, black and gold, Goes, VF+. [6] Est. 60-80


Corn Fix Co, Inc (NJ), $10 shares, capital stock, 19(19), #204, corporate logo of a foot with the promise “FIXES CORNS IN TEN MINUTES” at upper left, black with gold underprint and printed seal, Goes, 1-cent revenue stamps upper left, minor fold and edge wear, staple hole, VF+. Est. 60-80


Covington Glass Co (PA), $100 8% bond, 1873, #266, state arms at top, black with red amount underprint, green paper seal, two coupons used, toned, light folds, minor edge wear, VF+. Est. 100-150

2793 2793

Columbus Zoological Co (OH), $5 shares, 1905, eagle on rock, black with green underprint and metallic gold title, share value underprint and seal, Goes, folds, lightly toned, good VF+. This zoo, the first one in Columbus, opened just a month before this certificate was issued, in May 1905, but closed down in October. One building - the monkey house - still exists. The current Columbus Zoo, in nearby Powell, Ohio, opened in 1927 and has grown to be considered the best zoological park in the United States. (photo) Est. 400-500


Commercial and Industrial Stocks A box of varied stocks from 58 companies, including American Dredging Co (PA) 1871 black; Automatic Cashier Machine Co (DE) 1908 brown; City Sewage Utilization Co (PA) 1870 black; Clouser’s Liquid Mercury and Electric Amalgamating Process Co (NJ) 1880 black; Collins Health Studio for Women (DE) 1920 green; Duquesne Brewing (CA) 1907 black; Edison Portland Cement Co (NJ) 1899-1925 red (3); Gilbert Mfg Co (NY) 1889 black; Hamilton Steeled Wheel Co of Phila 1881 black; Heyl Mfg Co (DE) 1897 black (4); John B Stetson Co (PA) 1914 brown (2); Joseph Dixon Crucible Co (NJ) 1931 blue; National Amusement Co (AZ Terr) 1904 red; National Steel Plate Engraving Co (NY) 1917 brown; National Stock Yard Co (NJ) 1870 black; Pickwick Corp (CA) 1928 brown; Post Combination Sewing Machine Co (WV) 1884 black; Riley-Schubert-Grossman Co (IL) 1915 orange (3); Royal Phonograph Co (DE) 1917 green; Scovill Mfg Co specimen green; Seed-Leaf Tobacco Growers Co 1914 green (3); Union Construction Co 1902-17 two types; Union Electro Motor Co 1874 green; and many more; generally VF+ and better [74] Est. 500-750

2799 2799

Cracker Jack Co (IL), $100 common shares, 1922, #4 and up, most signed by FW Rueckheim as president, green, Goes, 27 reattached to stubs in stock book (no covers), rest with or attached to stubs and loose, about ten unissued, with three 1940 preferred, eagle, brown; VF-VF+. First introduced at the Chicago World’s Fair in 1893, Cracker Jack soon became a popular treat; its distinctive toy prizes were added in 1912, and Sailor Jack (modeled on Rueckheim’s grandson, who would die soon after at age 8) and his dog became the snack’s mascots in 1918. [69] (photo) Est. 1,500-2,000

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The January 2012 Collectors Series Sale

2800 2800

Cracker Jack Co (IL), $100 prior preferred shs, 1940, eagle with shield and liberty cap, brown, most with exchange note typed in red upper left, left edges trimmed from stubs, stains along left edges, otherwise good VF+ [71] (photo) Est. 400-500


Dairies American Dairy Products (NY), 1951 orange; Azores Dairy Bank (CA), 1929; Catatonk Dairy (NY), 1901 gold, Goes; Cooperative Pure Milk Association (OH), Unissued blue; Inter-State Milk Producers Assn (DE), Specimen, 19__; Milk Producers Assn of Central California, $100 bond, 1921 green (2); and Standard Creameries Inc (DE), 1929 green (3); VF+ and better. [10] Est. 100-150


Daniel Boone Woolen Mills, Inc. (IL), 10 Shares Capital Stock, 1926, full-length portrait of Daniel Boone in coon skin cap with rifle, brown, ABN, pinholes, VF. Est. 80-120


Davis & Geck Inc (NY), $100 shs, 1915, #73, images of the company’s sterile catgut and iodized catgut, all brown, revenue stamps, stub remnant left on verso, VF+. Est. 80-100


Davis & Geck, Inc (NY), Two certificates for $100 shares, preferred stock, 19(14) and 19(16), #63 and #87, image of the firm’s sterile catgut in dispenser upper left, its iodized catgut (both for surgical sutures) in sealed container upper right, corporate logo at center, all brown, pen and stamp canceled, reattached stub remnants at left, folds, toning, about VF+. Est. 100-150


Dick and Brothers Quincy Brewery Co (IL), $5 shs, 1936-37, brewery buildings, brown, perforation canceled, VF+ [3] Est. 100-150


Distillers Securities Corp (NJ), $1000 5% 25-year fist mortgage convertible gold bond, Specimen, 1902, #00000, a beautiful certificate with allegorical woman at upper left holding corn stalks, city across river in background, fierce griffin as part of border upper left, black and green, some soiling to coupons, but nonetheless EF. Est. 80-120


Dithridge Flint Glass (NY), $500 6% bond, Specimen, 1888, factory at top, fist holding lightning bottom, griffins at sides, green with red “500” underprint, edge wear, about VF+. Est. 60-80


Doctor Martin Homeopathic Family Medicine Co of Baltimore City (MD), $10 shares, 1899, #5, American eagle with shield on rock amid ships, black and green, R167 upper left, folds, soiling on verso, VF+. Est. 80-120


Dr. Pepper Co (CO), Interim stock receipt, 1929, #296, orange, and 100 shs common stock, 1937, green, temp cert with closed separation repaired on verso, VF, stock VF+. [2] Est. 60-80


Dr. Von’s Health Biscuit Co (PA), $100 shares, capital stock, 19(21), #67, American eagle on shield, black with blue underprint and border, capitalization raised from $20,000 to $50,000 in pen, smudge on embossed seal, fold wear including partial split at top, some soiling, but about VF+. Est. 80-120

January 16-18, 2012 - New York

2811 2811

Edison Cement Corp (NJ), $14,175 debenture notes, 1931, #A48 and higher, payable to Thomas A Edison, signed for payment to Thomas A Edison Inc on verso by Charles Edison as executor, ornate border, blue, EF. [37] (photo) Est. 1,000-1,500

2812 2812

Edison Cement Corp (NJ), $1550 debenture notes, 1931, #B18 and higher, signed on verso for payment to Thomas A Edison Inc by Mina M Edison as executrix, ornate border, blue, about EF. [71] (photo) Est. 1,500-2,000


Edison Phonographs Ltd (NJ), $100 shs, unissued, 19__, three as simply â&#x20AC;&#x153;Phonographs Ltd,â&#x20AC;? #97 and up, eagle with shield, beehive, shining gold border and seal, toned edges with very light wear, VF+-EF. [4] Est. 100-150

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The January 2012 Collectors Series Sale


Edison Portland Cement Co (NJ), 5 $50 shs, 1899, five preprinted for issue to Thomas A Edison but voided and unsigned, #150-154, and three issued, #6 and higher, young Thomas Edison, red, ABN Phil, stubs reattached, VF+. [8] Est. 300-400

2814 2814


Edison Portland Cement (NJ) 1899. #59. 100 shs. Ornate border. Issued to and signed on the back by Thomas Edison. VF. In 1899, when this certificate was issued, Thomas Edison was thoroughly dejected, having spent five years in the highlands of Ogdensburg, New Jersey, trying to perfect a new method for processing iron ore. He directed this attention towards a new venture, a new company that he hoped to develop for the purpose of producing low-cost fireproof cement buildings. It was an idea that was way ahead of its time, and Edison soon moved onto his next great project, the development of a practical storage battery for automobiles. (photo) Est. 500-1,000 Edison Portland Cement Co (NJ), 1000 $50 shs, 1899, #31, temporary certificate made out but not completely issued to Thomas A Edison, black, not countersigned or registered, stub still attached, VF+. Est. 150-200

2817 2817

Edison Pulverized Limestone Co (NJ), $100 shs, three issued, 1914-20, range #4-90, Industry between ship and factories, brown, all with stubs (reattached if issued), VF+-EF. [68] (photo) Est. 500-750


Edison Storage Battery Garage Inc (NJ), $100 shs, unissued, 19__, #17 and up, brown border with green underprint, EF. [31] Est. 150-200


Edison Storage Battery Co (NJ), $100 shs, 19__, lovely vignette of woman spreading a bolt of electricity across North America, green, ABN (71), three punch canceled; with preferred shs, unissued, 191_, orange, ABN (2), all EF. [73] Est. 200-300

January 16-18, 2012 - New York


Edison Group Edison Cement Corp (NJ), $100 shs preferred, unissued, 19__, ornate border, brown (11); Edison International Corp (NJ), $100 shs, unissued, 191_, eagle and beehive, gold; Edison Portland Cement Co uncut pairs of unused bond transfer receipts, 19__ (52); Edison Phonograph Works, uncut pair of stock receipts 1899; and Edison Pulverized Limestone Co (NJ) $100 shs, unissued, 19__, Industry with ships, factories, brown, Goes; and Edison Wood Products (NJ), $100 shs, 1930, #A9, state arms, blue, paste stain left; generally VF+-EF. [67] Est. 150-200


Edison Unissued Group Shares, early 1900s except as noted; includes American Electro-Forming Co Inc (MD) brown, Goes, Canadian Edison Phonographs Ltd (Ontario), black, Ediphone Co of Minnesota (NJ) orange, Edison Cement Corp (NJ) preferred brown (2) and common green (1), Edison Portland Cement (NJ) temporary certificate, black (3) with 3 uncut pairs of unused transfer receipts, Edison Primary Batteries Inc (NJ), brown and green, Warren County Warehouse Co (NJ) orange (2), Metropolitan Cement Corp (NJ) green; with three uncut pairs of Edison Phonograph Works transfer receipts, 1880s, two sheets used, and the last leaf of minutes for a 1946 meeting of the Thomas A Edison Inc directors, signed by Mina M Edison and by Charles Edison, all items EF. [20] Est. 150-200


Edison Related Great archive, all New Jersey incorporation unless noted, including Dictating Machine Co Ltd (Ontario) 1921 brown; Ediphone Co of Minnesota 1932 orange; Edison Cement corp debenture notes 1933 blue (2, one signed by Charles Edison and one by Mina Edison); Edison Mfg Co 1917 unissued #18 purple; Emark Battery Corp 1929-30 green (10, one signed by Charles Edison, five unissued); Glenbrook Chemical Co (CT) 1954 blue (6); Metropolitan Cement Corp 1932 signed by Charles Edison and one unissued, green; Splitdorf-Bethlehem Electrical Co $1000 debentures 1927 orange with heavy settlement handstamps (3) with shs 1929 signed by Charles Edison green; and Wisconsin Cabinet Co bank checks, New London, WI, 1920 signed by Chas Edison (2); VF-VF+. [29] Est. 300-400


Electro Pneumatic Transit Company (NJ), $10 shares Capital stock, (1900), #3686, interesting vignette of the company’s equipment for delivering the U.S.Mail, ornate border, brown with green underprint, green seal, good VF. and rare. Est. 100-150


Electronics, Raytheon Mfg Co (DE) specimen 1928 brown; Rosemont Electric Transmitter Co (NY) 1902 green (13); and Westinghouse Electric & Mfg Co (PA) 1900s-60s (mostly 1920s), various colors, one a late specimen (36); about VF-EF. [50] Est. 200-300


Electus Glove Button Shoe Co (WV), $100 shs, 1900, vignette of the company’s shoe, green, folds, about EF. Est. 80-100

2820 2820

Edison United Phonograph Co (NJ), $1000 4% collateral trust mortgages, 1903, #43 and higher, sphinx, green, ABN, four coupons, folds, mostly VF+. The Edison phonograph was the first of its kind and ushered in the era of sound recording; when disc records replaced Edison’s cylinders, he was slow to adapt, and when he finally switched to discs in 1912, they were incompatible with competitors’ phonographs. [8] (photo) Est. 500-750


Edison Certificate Pair, includes Edison Cement Corp (NJ), $14,175 debenture note payable to Thomas A. Edison, 1931, #A103, signed on verso by Charles Edison as executor of his father’s will, blue, some toning, about EF; Thomas A. Edison, Inc (NJ), , $100 shares, common stock, 19(32), #71, issued to and signed on each side by Charles Edison as president, orange border and green underprint, punch cancels affecting recto signatures, perforation and stamp cancels, folds, edge and fold wear, VF+. Est. 80-120

Page 263

The January 2012 Collectors Series Sale


Finger Electro Medical Apparatus Co (ME), $2 shares, capital stock, 18(85), #1, ornate border, embossed seal, minor fold wear, light edge soiling, VF+. Est. 100-150


Fort Wayne Rink Association (IN), $50 6% first mortgage bond, 1873, #6 and higher, skaters in rink at top, woman in water at bottom, black with red “FIFTY DOLLARS” underprint, some coupons, some toning at folds, soiling on verso, otherwise VF+. Est. 150-200


General Mills, Inc (DE), less than 100 $100 shares preferred stock, Specimen, ca. 1950, #00000, two allegorical women representing Agriculture in frame, flanked by men with book and test tube, orange, ABN, EF. Est. 80-120


Girard College for Orphans (PA), Pay warrants on the treasurer of the Girard Trust by order of the building committee (4) and the commissioners of the Girard Estates (5), 1837, for building and other costs, ornate borders, black, uneven edges, about VF+. Banker and philanthropist Stephen Girard (17501831), himself an orphan, endowed this school for the education of poor white boys in Philadelphia; it was later the focus of successful efforts at integration. [9] Est. 100-150


Glass Companies Nine companies, 1882-1958, including Elk Run Window Glass (PA) 1920, Glass Veneer Co (ME) 1882, Standard Plate glass (DE) 1930, Triplex Safety Glass Co of California (5, two types), and others; generally VF+. [15] Est. 100-150


Great Atlantic & Pacific Tea Co (MD), Less than 100 shs, 1959-72, winged figures touch over A&P logo, blud, VF-EF. [51] Est. 75-150


HH Franklin Manufacturing Co (NY), $100 preferred shs, 1920-30, Industry with train and factories, orange, VF+ [9] Est. 150-200


Hampden Cotton Manufacturing Co (MA), One share, Monson, 18(42), #31, embossed wax and paper seal lower left, printed borders, lightly age-toned, with offsetting from seal, VF+. Est. 80-120


Harding Publishing Co (OH), $100 shs, unissued, Marion, ca 1910, #73-100 range, angel with torch between Industry and Agriculture, orange, Goes, some with toning at edge, but overall about EF. [24] Est. 150-200


Harlo Manufacturing (NY), 920/1000 $10 shares, preferred stock, 1922, issued to the John A. Roebling Sons Co and signed by Washington A. Roebling on verso, orange, Goes, folds, VF+. [7] Est. 500-750

2828 2828


E Remington & Sons (NY), $100 6% bond, Ilion, 1882, #1677, signed by Eliphalet Remington III as treasurer, Battle of New Orleans (?) at top, militiaman warms hands at fire, black with green underprint, nine coupons remain, folds, about EF. Eliphalet Remington II had begun as a blacksmith, but learned that he could make a greater profit by forging gun barrels. He and his sons built their company on a deserved reputation for high quality, and would later go into the business of manufacturing typewriters as well as firearms. A rare bond! (photo) Est. 1,500-2,000 Ex-Soldiers Investment Industrial Co., Inc. (AL), $100 Capital Stock, 1927, photo vignettes of “Hon. Ohio Bell”, eagle above and “Mrs. Alice Street,” green with gold seal, Register Keeper on reverse, minor rust stains on reverse, VF. The Company’s principal business was to buy and sell real estate, hardware, farm products, fuel and other provisions. There are relatively few documented examples of African-Americans organizing corporations in the 1920s (Marcus Garvey is a notable exception, well known to the field of scripophily). All African-American related shares are rare, especially from Southern states. Est. 100-150


Excelsior Cotton and Hay Press Co. (NY), 200 Shares Capital Stock, 1865, man carries “Excelsior” flag, green, R-44, VF+. Est. 100-150


Falstaff Brewing Corp (DE), 100 common shs, 1966-70, allegorical figures flank corporate logo on shield, brown, VF+-EF. Once the nation’s third-largest brewer, Falstaff ultimately became part of Pabst Brewing Co, which stopped making the brand in 2005. [65] Est. 300-400

January 16-18, 2012 - New York


Hershey Chocolate Corp, (PA) Common shs, 1958 and 1962, woman with cornucopia, grain and child at feet, red, both VF. [2] Est. 100.200


Heuck’s Opera House Co (OH), $100 shs, Cincinnati, 1887, signed by Hubert Heuck as president, ornate border, black, VF+. [5] Est. 100-150


Hotel Arcadia (CA) 1886. Santa Monica. #79. one of 120 bonds of $250 each. First Mortgage Bond.. View of the oceanside Hotel Arcadia. VF. Est. 200-300


Hudson River Boot and Shoe Mfg Co (NY), $100 shares, capital stock, 188(6), #53, shoe factory at top with carts, unusually modern company logo, strong VF+. Est. 80-120


Ice Companies Four certificates, including Suntaug lake Ice Co (MA), $10 shares, 1849, Plenty at left; Hubbard Ice Co (PA), $50 shares, 1926-29, bald eagle over spoked wheel showing Pittsburgh-area towns surrounding the “hub of the valley,” blue, stamp canceled, stub reattached left (3); Pittsburg Ice Co (PA), $10 shares, 1917, #B120, state arms upper right, polar bear on floe at left, red, stamp canceled, stub reattached left; and Wilkinsburg Ice Co (PA), $50 shares, 1920, #8, hunter and seals on ice floes, green, stamp canceled, stub reattached left; VF-VF+. [6] Est. 100-150


Ivanhoe Manufacturing Co (NJ), $1000 6% gold bond, 1884, #21 and #28, factory, black, folds, about EF. [2] Est. 100-150


James River Mfg (VA), 30 shares, June 1, 18(60), #23, ornate border left, folds, foxing, a strong VF. Est. 60-80


James Smith Woolen Machinery Co (PA), $100 shares, preferred cumulative capital stock, 189(6), #67, image of smith at left, state arms at top flanked by city, train, boat, canal, black and green, age-toned, with soiling at left edge touching border, but a good VF. Est. 80-120


Jewel Tea Co, Inc (NY), less than 100 shares, common stock, Specimen, ca 1941, semi-nude woman reaches for flowers, flanked by “Jewel T” corporate logo, orange, EF. Est. 100-150


Jewel Tea Co, Inc (NY), less than 100 shares, common stock, specimen, ca. 1954, woman reclines with cherub, lute at her feet, watching doves eat fruit from a bowl, green and black, one small fingerprint, otherwise EF. Est. 100-150

2852 2852

JI Case Threshing Machine Co (WI), $100 shs, Racine, 1907, #14, beautiful full-color vignette of eagle on globe with company name, embossed gold foil seal, stub reattached left, good VF+. (photo) Est. 150-200


JM Thompson Lumber Co (TX), $100 shs, 190409, #27 and higher, portrait of Thompson, black and gold with metallic gold seals, stubs reattached, toned, most with some foxing, several with dampstains at bottom, one Fine, rest VF. [51] Est. 250-300


Judson Manufacturing Co (CA), $500 6% mortgage bond, Oakland, 1887, signed by Egbert Judson as president, sunrise over Golden Gate, brown, coupons right, folds, VF+. Egbert Judson (1812-93) had gone west in the Gold Rush; in 1867, he made and tested dynamite at his factory, believed to be the first manufacture and use of the compound in the United States after Swede Alfred Nobel invented it a year earlier. Est. 100-150


Keely Motor (PA) 1887. #11105. 20 shs. Green. Semi-nude woman seated with engine. Portrait of Keely, bottom. NBN. VF+. Est. 200-250

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The January 2012 Collectors Series Sale

2861 2861

Library Company of Philadelphia (PA), fifteen shillings (overwritten “Ten” shillings), 17(96), issued to Catharine Wistar, signed by Richard Morris, treasurer, being “his (sic) Payment for the present Year, in Pursuance of the Charter and Laws of the Library,” uneven top and right edges, minor foxing, printed a little out of alignment, VF+. (photo) Est. 150-250


Lionel Corp (NY), Common shs, 1956-61, red (17) and blue (7), boy pushes toy diesel and steam locomotives, VF+-EF. Lionel’s model railroads were an American institution from 1900-69, and are still prized for their quality and detail. [23] Est. 200-300


Lit Brothers (PA), $10 shs, 1928-29, all but one signed by Samuel Lit as president and Jacob Lit as treasurer, PA state seal, green, one uncanceled, generally VF+. The Lit Brothers department stores were fixtures in and around Philadelphia from 1893-1977. [13] Est. 100-150


Little Rock Ice Co of Little Rock, Arkansas (AR), $500 8% 20-year bonds, 1893, #20 and higher, eagle on rock before trains, ice machine in border, green, coupons removed, soiling mostly to versos, about VF+. [6] Est. 150-200


Mansell Heel Machine Co (ME), $10 shares, capital stock, 188(5), #107, heel machine at top center, gold colored seal, folds, pen note in top margin, otherwise a strong VF+. Est. 100-150


Maui Telephone (HI), $10 shares, 1904-21, as previous, VF or better. [30] Est. 600-900


Maui Telephone (HI), $10 shares, 1910, capitalization raised with handstamp, stubs reattached, about VF+. [10] Est. 200-300


Maui Telephone (HI), $10 shares, 1914-21, as previous, generally VF. [34] Est. 600-900

2856 2856

Keely Motor Co (PA), $50 shs, 1880, signed by John W Keely as president, semi-nude woman with Keely motor, portrait of Keely below, green, fold and edge wear, good VF. Keely claimed to have created an engine that ran on water, but the real power source was a colleague hidden in the cellar, turning a crank that made the demonstration model move. No one was allowed to inspect the model closely. Investors swallowed the idea hook, line and sinker, but Keely was eventually exposed. (photo) Est. 400-500


La Compania Edison Hispano Americana (NJ), $100 shs, unissued, ca 1890s, #19 and up, NJ state arms, brown, about EF. [8] Est. 100-150


Lancaster Starch Co (NH), 1 share, 186(6), #4, American eagle with flag, four R37 and two R24 on verso, stains in blank areas from stamp adhesive, fold wear including minor edge splits, about VF+. Est. 80-120



Levin-Townsend Computer Corp, Purchase warrants, 1978, security underprint, red name change (to Rockwood Computer Corp) and interest overprints, ABN, some stapled together, VF+-EF. [10] Est. 75-125 Lewis Publishing Co (SD), fractional 1/100 of $100 share, preferred, 1906, #20008, vignette of company headquarters flanked by covers of The Woman’s Magazine and Woman’s Farm Journal, black with red border and “PREFERRED” underprint, green printed signature and “FRACTIONAL SHARE” overprint, folds, edge wear including nicks at folds, about VF+. Est. 80-120

January 16-18, 2012 - New York


Million Dollar Saloon (NV), 100 shs, specimens, ca 1982, beautiful full-color drawn and photographic vignettes of curvy models in three combinations, red, mostly pristine; one is misprinted with “specimen” in wrong position; with 1999 annual report. EF. [165] Est. 200-300


Million Dollar Saloon (NV), Shares, specimens, ca 1982, as previous, but without report or misprint, separated into sets of three each with all three vignette combinations, pristine EF. [204] Est. 200-300


Mills Group, A small selection of Amherst Steam Mill Co (MA) $50 shs, 1847-48, black on blue paper (3); Amwell Mills Co 1866 eagle black and red; Century Ribbon Mills Co (NY), 1936, semi-nude woman with spindle, orange; and Osborn Mills (MA), $100 shs 1912-16, mill building, portrait, black (2); VF+-EF. [7] Est. 100-150


Mills’ Button-Hole Attachment Company (NJ), 500 Shares Capital Stock, 1885, #230, woman at sewing machine, small state arms at bottom, pink underprint, includes stapled “promise to pay” note, VF+. Est. 100-150


Mixed Manufacturing Choice variety includes Bamacea Co (MA) 1916 black and gold (30); Clark Bros Lamp, Brass & Copper Co (NJ) 1893 black; Colt’s Manufacturing Co (CT) 1950-52 green (2); Colt’s Patent Fire Arms Mfg Co 1947 green; General Foods Corp 1961 green (11); The Glen Mills (PA) $1000 bond 1880 black and green; Golden Cycle Corp 1937-51 brown (3); Natl Tool Co (OH) 1955-57 brown (2); Pacolet Mfg Co (SC) 1889 black; Price Ceral Products (DE) 1916 green (with ten or so related items) ; Rapid Mail Box (DC) 1914 black and gold (10); VF-EF. [63+] Est. 150-200


Mutual Union Brewing Company (PA), a group of 4 Capital Stock certificates, 1907, train arrives at brewery, orange, generally Fine. [4] Est. 150-200


Narragansett Mills (MA), $100 shs, Fall River, 1872-1930, men work in mill, eagle on branch, black with choice green underprint, stubs reattached, VFVF+. [65] Est. 200-300


Narragansett Mills (MA), $100 shs, 1873-1931, as previous, VF-VF+. [64] Est. 200-300


National Enameling & Stamping Co (NJ), $1000 5% 20-year 5% refunding bond, specimen, 1909, woman with scroll and laurels, orange, folds, about EF. Est. 80-100


National School of Photography Inc (DE), $500 6% bonds, unissued, Silver Spring, MD, 1949, orange, coupons right, fold, VF+-EF. [9] Est. 80-100

2869 2869

Mercantile Library Co of Philadelphia (PA), One $10 share, 1873-1923 (all but one 1888 or ealier), library building, black with red underprint, VF-VF+ [8] (photo) Est. 250-300


Mercantile Library Company of Philadelphia (PA), 10 share, 187(1), #17909, strong vignette of the library, black with orange underprint, R44 at lower left, fold wear including one small hole, otherwise about VF+.. Est. 60-80


Merchants’ Protective Association 1851. #50807. $10. Tom Thumb style train. Tall ships, sailor, maiden at sides. Steamship, bottom. Lightly toned, minor junction holes. VF. This company was organized for the purpose of “promoting safety and facility in the transaction of mercantile business throughout the Union.” Est. 150-250


Mergenthaler-Horton Basket Machine Co (ME), $1 shares, 1902-06, angel holds electric bulb between Industry and Agriculture, green security underprint, red border and share underprint, VF-VF+. This company sold its inexpensive shares to unwary investors; that, and not basket-making machines, was its true purpose. [7] Est. 80-120




Metropolitan Middlings Purifying Co of DC (MD/VA), Three certificates, $50 shares, 1875, #8687, #123, mill and farm scene with Capitol in background top, men with scythes lower right, embossed foil seal, fold and edge wear, toning, some foxing, about VF. [3] Est. 70-90 Mexican Gulf Hotel Co (MS), $50 shs, Pass Christian, unissued, 188_, hotel with pier, boats, carriages, etc, black, toning at edges, some with edge wear, but mostly VF+. [73] Est. 150-200 Mexican Gulf Hotel Co (MS), $50 shs, unissued, 188_, as previous, mostly VF+. [71] Est. 150-200

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The January 2012 Collectors Series Sale


New University Club of Boston (MA), $100 shares blue (19) and $1000 shs olive (9), 1925, some with notes in margins, VF-VF+ [28] Est. 100-150


New York Enameling and Opaqueing Co (NY), 250 $1000 shs, 1871, #50-52, NY state arms, revenue stamp cartouche, black with red “full stock” message overprint, light fold wear, about VF+. An unusually high share price! [3] Est. 100-150


New York Fuel & Grate Bar (NY) 1873. #16. 100 shs. Purple underprint “Capital Stock $100,000” and seal. View of train crossing under bridge. VF. Est. 100-125


Northern Construction Co (PA), Shares, 1907, Liberty left, Columbia with child, company name written in, black, ABN (Phil), VF+-EF. [4] Est. 60-80


Oahu Sugar Co Ltd (HI Terr), $1000 or 4200 mark 5% gold bond, 1906, company logo, brown, German revenue stamp, coupons detached, paper clip stain, good VF+. Est. 80-100


Omaha Auditorium Company (NE), 1000 Shares Preferred Capital Stock, 1903, Omaha, Douglas County, spectacular auditorium building, Cherub painting at left, Fame at right, gold, fold splits, VF. Est. 150-250


Oretek Inc (FL), 1-cent shs, 1969-72, eagle over logo, black and tan, small format on cards, generally EF. [62] Est. 60-80


Ottaquechee Woolen Co (VT), $100 shs, North Hartland, 1900-07, #55 and higher, ornate left edge, black, stubs reattached, a few with edge toning and wear, good VF-VF+. [28] Est. 150-200


Pabst Brewing Co (WI), Common shs, 1910, logo flanked by allegorical women, olive, some edge wear, VF+-EF. [18] Est. 400-500


Pacolet Manufacturing Co (SC), $100 shs, 1889, running horse with company name on side, black, capitalization raised with handstamp, left edges trimmed close, about VF+. [2] Est. 80-100


Palmetto Co (WV), $25 shs, 1899-1901, palmetto tree, WV state arms, green, ABN, one with capitalization raised with overprint, four soiled, VF, one EF. [5] Est. 100-150


Paxton Gyroscope Corp. (NY), $100 shares, 19(21),#63, signed by C.M.Paxton as President, State arms at top, ornate border, yellow and black, VF. Est. 80-120

2889 2889


North American Lumber Co (NY), $100 shares “of the Capital and Beneficial Interests,” 18(38), #1542, Allegorical woman at top with olive branch, bald eagle, cornucopia, ship and farm in background, Washington upper left, cherub with sign “Lumber” middle left, DeWitt Clinton lower left, pen canceled, edge wear and toning, small hole in right border, overall a strong VF. (photo) Est. 250-300 North American Refractories Co (DE), $1000 61/2% gold debenture series A, specimen, 1929, Native American chief in headdress, orange, ABN, VF+. Est. 80-100

January 16-18, 2012 - New York

2900 2900


Philadelphia Museum (PA) 1840. One Share. Ornate border. VF. The Philadelphia Museum had its origins in the collection of Charles Wilson Peale. After various attemps Charles’ son Rembrandt incorporated the company in 1821. The museum remained in the Philadelphia arcade until 1836 when a new building was constructed. Hit by hard economic times the museum was forced to sell its collection in the 1850s’. [2] Est. 150-200


Philadelphia Museum Company (PA), One Share Capital Stock, 1840, ornate border, about EF. The Philadelphia Museum had its origins in the collection of Charles Wilson Peale. After several attempts Charles’ son Rembrandt incorporated the company in 1821. The museum remained in the Philadelphia arcade until 1836 when a new building was constructed. Hit by hard economic times, the museum sold its collection in the 1850s. [3] Est. 200-300


Phillip Best Brewing Company (WI) $1000 shares, Milwaukee, 1874, #308. issued to Henry Best and signed by Frederick Pabst as president (signed again on verso) and Charles Best Jr as secretary, vignettes of the Empire Brewery and South Side Brewery, stamp cancelled, stub re-attached left, VF. Est. 250-300


Phillip Best Brewing Company (WI), 56 shares Capital Stock, 1884, Milwaukee, #541, issued to and signed by Frederick Pabst on the verso and signed by Charles Best, Jr. as secretary, vignettes of the Empire Brewery and South Side Brewery, VF+. The company name was later changed to Pabst Brewing Company and it became the largest brewery in the world. Est. 150-250


Piatt County Pilot (IL), $10 shares, capital stock, Monticello, 189(9), #67, blue and red, with underprint of stars border, toned, edge wear including small tear in lower edge, staple holes at upper left, VF. Est. 60-80


Playboy Enterprises (DE) Specimen. 100 shs. Olive. Reclining female nude. EF. Est. 150-250


Playboy Enterprises (DE). #NH36667. Specimen. 100 shs. Olive. Reclining nude. Playboy bunny, below. ABN. EF. When Hugh Hefner was called upon to choose a central vignette for Playboy Enterprises stock, he chose a symbol reflecting the permissive attitudes of the 1960s and 1970s. Est. 150-250


Playboy Enterprises Inc (DE), 100 shs, specimen, ca 1972, vignette of model Willy Rey, olive, ABN, EF. Est. 100-150

Pettengill Telegraph Revolver Co (CT), $100 shares, capital stock, 185(8), #258 issued to and signed on recto transfer stub by C.S. Pettengill, Pettengill revolver at top, blacksmith rests on anvil at left, wear at bottom edge, but still about EF. (photo) Est. 1,750-2,000

2901 2901

Philadelphia Guano Co (PA), $100 shs, 1856, black on blue paper (3) and ship at rock flanked by farmers, ship at bottom, black (5), blue with fold wear including small edge nicks, VF-VF+. One of the earliest companies to exploit the new law of 1856 permitting US citizens to claim uninhabited islands in the Caribbean and Pacific. This company claimed the Island of Navassa, off the coast of Haiti, working the guano deposits until bankrupt in 1901. [8] (photo) Est. 250-350

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The January 2012 Collectors Series Sale


Playboy Enterprises, Inc (DE), 1-cent shs, class A (1) and class-B (10) common stock, 1990, issued to RM Smythe & Co, allegorical woman in cape holds globe before world cityscape, corporate logo, green, EF. [11] Est. 150-250


Prof Wm Emanuel’s School of Chiropody (IL), Qualification certificates, unissued, Chicago, ca 1890s, halftone portrait of Emanuel in top hat, black and green, one with light stain, otherwise good VF+. [11] Est. 150-200


Positive Motion Loom Co, $100 shares, 18(69), #534, issued to and signed on verso by Charles Pratt, Iris and Athena with owl sit amid symbols of art, navigation, commerce, etc., black with red verso, R44 at upper right, age-toned, otherwise about VF. Charles Pratt (1830-91) became one of the northeast’s leading oil magnates, first in whale oil and then in petroleum, before eventually selling out to Standard Oil. Est. 150-250


Recordgraph Corp (DE), $1 shs, 1940, eagle on summit, green, about EF. [48] Est. 150-200


Renard Silk Co of Scranton (PA), $100 shs, 190607, #19 and up, woman at spinning wheel, black and gold, Goes, about EF. [7] Est. 100-150


Retail Stores Wonderful selection of mostly five-anddimes, representing 13 companies, including Cosmopolitan Variety Stores ltd (Canada) 1928; F & W Grand -Silver Stores Inc (DE) 1930; Green Stores Inc (MA) 1928 (9, two types); Metropolitan 5 to 50¢ Stores Inc (DE) 1922 (3); Newsbox Sales Corp (NY) 1919 (3, some partial old splits); Schulte-United 5¢ to $1. Stores Inc (DE) 1928-31 (7, four types); United 5 & 10¢ Stores (DE) 1911-14 (2); United Stores Corp (DE) 1931 (15, three types); and more; VFVF+. [54] Est. 150-200


Rex Manufacturing Company (DE), $10 shares Capital stock, 191(1), #1, allegorical female with various machinery and tools, green and black, good VF. Est. 60-80


Rockland Bay Point Co (ME), $100 shs, 1891, #59, toned at folds, VF, with related correspondence, one letter with an illustration of the company’s large hotel. [3] Est. 100-150


Rowe, Morris, Summerhays (Territory of Washington) 1902. #70. 100 shs. Detailed view of company building with carriages passing in front. Head of steer and ram at top. Ceres at lower left sprinkling coins. Gast. EF. Est. 200-300


Sackett Plow & Pulverizer Co (NY), $50 shares, capital stock, 188(3), #291, vignette of mechanical plow top, man harvests corn left, green, edge wear, VF+. Est. 100-150


Schimpf and Keim Boiler and Mfg Co (PA), $25 shares, capital stock, 18(89), #102, excellent vignette of one of the company’s boilers, some edge wear, but a strong VF+. Est. 80-120


Schomacker Piano Forte Manufacturing Co (PA), $5 shares, capital stock, Philadelphia, 1891, #386, vignette of the factory with delivery carts in front, all in blue, verso printed out of alignment, age-tones, with minor fold wear, VF+. Est. 80-120

2912 2912


Press Publishing Co (NY), signed by Joseph Pulitzer as president, printing press at bottom, ornate border, signed stock pen canceled, with cut cancellation removing large triangle out of bottom, affecting vignette and touching first initial of Pulitzer’s signature, stub reattached at left; with shs 1910-12, signed by Joseph Puliter Jr, 1885 with wear to lower edge, including some loss at lower right corner, otherwise Fine, others VF+. [3] (photo) Est. 500-600 Printing and Publishing Small but choice group comprising American Bank Note Co 1950 brown; Automatic Tympan Co (NY) 1902 all blue; Brooklyn Daily Eagle (NY) 1938, eagle, brown, Goes (2); Bulldog Publishing Corp (DE) 1952, #2, eagle, green; Every Where Publishing (NY) 1909 orange; New York Post Inc (NY) 1940 brown, with related letters; Tabard Inn Book Co (WV), 1913, Tabard Inn, orange; Trow City Directory Co 1885, child with books, black (4); United States Banknote Corp (VA), 1967, woman with press and tablet, red; and Vanderbilt Newspapers Inc. (DE) brown (1) and green (1), both signed by Cornelius Vancerbilt Jr as president, with related items; VF-EF. [11] Est. 200-300

January 16-18, 2012 - New York


Schools and Colleges, Not all of equal prestige! Includes Dr David Roberts Practical Home Veterinary Course (WI) completion certificate 1949 green; Consolidated Business College (DC) scholarship 1869; Dunsmore Business College (VA) unissued 19__ black and gold; Eastman National Business College (NY) scholarships (3), Poughkeepsie, 1865 black and 1893 all blue; Gem City Business College (IL) life scholarship, Quincy 1903 blue and red; Iberia Normal Institute (MO) 1888 black; Martin Institute (GA) $200 bond 1886 black and green; Miami Valley College (OH) Springboro 1875 black; PA Academy of the Fine Arts check for $155.80, 1876 signed by John Sartain, black; Philadelphia College of Pharmacy $1100 bond 1869 #18 black; Physicatric Institute (NJ) $100 gold bond 1924 brown and yellow; and Trustees of Columbia College of the City of NY $1000 bonds unissued 1909 blue (2); VF-EF. [15] Est. 300-400


Sewing Machine Quintet Davis Sewing Machine of Watertown, NJ, 1869 (2), Post Combination Sewing Machine (WV), 1884, American Hand Sewing Machine (NY), 1885, and New-York Sewing-Machine Co (NY) 1870; VF-VF+. [5] Est. 80-100


Shoe Companies Cannon Shoe (MD), 1936 black; Converse Rubber Shoe (MA), 1917-27 orange (5); Emerson Shoe (MA), 1922, green; LB Patent Shoe (DC), 1906 gold, Goes; and Traveler Shoe (MA), 1928 orange; Emerson VF, others VF+. [9] Est. 100-150


South Bend Hydraulic Co (IN), $100 shares, capitals stock, 186(6), #9, spread American eagle with flag top, dog’s head bottom, R48 at left, folds, overall light creasing, about VF+. Est. 80-120




2928 2928

Splitdorf-Bethlehem Electrical Co (NJ), Shares, 1929-31, most issued to Charles Edison or Thomas Edison Inc, woman spreads electric bolt across America, printed Charles Edison sig, many with red name change overprint, green (10) and orange (90), VF+. [100] (photo) Est. 500-750


Splitdorf-Bethlehem Electrical Co (NJ), Shs, temporary certificates, 1928-29, most issued to Charles Edison (one signed by him on verso) or Thomas Edison Inc, orange (130) and green (11), VF+. [141] Est. 300-400


St. Catharine’s Hall (NY), Episcopal Diocese of Long Island $1000 5% endowment fund and income certificate, Specimen, 1893, #115, vignette of angels carrying St. Catherine of Alexandria, green with “XR” underprint, fold and edge wear including minor edge loss and splits, VF+. Est. 100-150


Buyers may pick up their purchases at the conclusion of each session or contact Patricia Gardner. (212-262-8400 or 972-788-2100)

Page 271

The January 2012 Collectors Series Sale


Susquehanna Steam Lumber and Lath Mills and Lumber Drying Co (PA), $500 7% mortgage bonds, 1867, magnificent certificate with buck, lumberjacks, and “Brown’s Patent Splint Machine,” black with red underprint, with map on verso of Havre de Grace, MD and neighborhood, one with partial separation at one fold, otherwise about VF and better. [2] Est. 80-100


Swiss Steam Laundry Co (WV), $50 shs, 1892, #24 and higher, carriages pass large laundry building, black with metallic gold seals, several with folded corner, mostly about VF+. [27] Est. 150-200


Tabard Inn Book Co (WV), $10 shs, 1912-13, courtyard of the inn, preferred green (4) and common orange (4), uncanceled, good VF+. The Tabard Inn is where the pilgrims meet and share stories in The Canterbury Tales. [8] Est. 200-300


Thomas A Edison Inc (NJ), $100 shs, 1935-50, preferred brown (25) and common green (1, #C5), all signed by Charles Edison as president, 24 issued to him and also signed on verso, stubs reattached, good VF+. [26] Est. 750-1,000


Thompson Brothers Lumber (TX), $100 shares, Houston, 190(9), #77, pine cones on fir branches, top, log at bottom, tall trees at sides, orange, green and black, capital changed from $300,000 to 2,100,000 in red pen, location changed from Doucette to Houston, red pen cancellation, VF+. Est. 80-100


Thompson Brothers Lumber Co (TX), $100 shs, 1906, #45, as previous, stub reattached left, wear and soiling at top edge, about VF+. Est. 80-100


Tobacco Products Corp (VA), Shares, 1923-32, field hands pick tobacco, class A blue (1), green (4), orange (2), and yellow (1); and common black (1), brown (7), and olive (12); VF+-EF. [28] Est. 80-100


Tools and Machines Varied group representing 22 companies including Alco Tool Co Ltd (CA) 1930 temp certificates (9, three types); American Pneumatic Tool Co (NY) 1889 black; Bay State Tool Mfg Co (MA) 1855; Bristol Brass and Clock Co (CT) 1887; Coatesville Boiler Works (PA) 1924; Columbia Screw Co (NY) 1868; Fast Color Nail and Tack Co (ME) 1896; Interlocking Nut and Bolt Co (WV) 1910; Kizer Hammer Co (WV) 1887 black; Putnam Nail Co (MA) 1903 (2); Service Hardware Corp (CA) 1929 (2); Standard Hydro-Carbon Machine Co (NY) 1884 (3); Terry Kitchen Device Co Inc (NY) 1921 (4, two types); Union Electro Motor Co 1875 black and green; US Hoffman Machinery Corp (DE) voting trust specimen 1922; Vose Edge Finishing Co (ME) 1895 black, green and brown (2); and others; VFVF+. [54] Est. 100-150


Typewriter: A group of 3 specimen certificates comprising; Corona Typewriter Company, Inc. (NY), Second Preferred Stock, typewriter, green; Elliott & Hatch Book-Typewriter Company (NY), $1000 First Mortgage 6% Gold Bond, 1897, allegorical female at bottom, green; Noiseless Typewriter Company (CT), Common Capital Stock, 19_, Middletown, green, generally EF. [3] Est. 100-150

2934 2934

Thomas A Edison Inc (NJ), $100 preferred shs, 1936-49, #P3 and up and higher, all signed by Charles Edison as president, and fifteen issued to him and signed again on verso, ornate border, brown, stubs reattached, punch cancels touch recto signatures, good VF+. [25] (photo) Est. 500-750

January 16-18, 2012 - New York


United States Pneumatic Horse Collar Co. (WV), 100 Shares Capital Stock, 1899, #617, horse bursting through certificate flanked by horse collars, green with gold seal, VF+. Est. 80-120


United States Watch Co. (NJ), $200 Mortgage Bond, 1869, men working in factory, red $200 overprint, VF. Formed in Newark in 1863 but removed to Marion in the following year where a large factory was constructed. Their output of quality watches was insufficient to cover operating expenses and the company was reorganised as the Marion Watch Co. Est. 150-250


Universal Lock-Tip (MA), Shares, 1927-29, by Goes: preferred, eagle on dome, gold (23), and common, Liberty with shield (23), a few with fold wear, but generally VF+ The lock-tip was a shoelace designed not to come undone, but the company was more focused on selling stock than making laces. [46] Est. 300-500


Van Choate Electric Co (ME), 150,000 $10 shares, common stock, issued to and signed as president by SF Van Choate, 1899, #2978, fancy company name in clouds with “$6.000.000” capitalization amount, brown border and underprint, embossed gold-colored foil seal, folds, edge wear including dogeared lower left corner, VF+. Est. 100-150


Waltham Watch Co (MA), Shares, 1927-33, eagle on watch face, 7% prior preference blue-black (2), 6% preferred green (3), and common class “B” purple, 7% and B with former “and Clock” in company name silvered out, about VF+. [8] Est. 100-150


Waltham Precision Instrument Co Inc (MA), 100 shs, 1957-58, corporate logo, security underprint, brown, ABN, VF+-EF. [90] Est. 200-300


Ware Trust (MA) 19_. Specimen. View of Ware, Massachusetts. Oval portraits of men in corners. Woman at loom. ABN. EF. Est. 100-150

2948 2948

Winchester Repeating Arms Co (CT), $500 71/2% 20-year gold bond, specimen, 1921, child holds torches above Industry and Education, orange, fold split carefull repaired on verso, displays above good VF. A repeating rifle had been developed by Benjamin Henry of New Haven Arms and found great popularity during the US Civil War. Soon after, Henry was ousted from the company, which was reorganized by majority shareholder Oliver Winchester. The Winchester 1866, improving on Henry’s designs, became a great success, establishing the company’s reputation. (photo) Est. 500-750


Winchester Repeating Arms Co (DE), temporary certificate, 100 shares, class “A,” 1929, #281, green, ABN, age-toned, about VF+. Est. 60-80

Page 273

The January 2012 Collectors Series Sale


Entertainment: Loew’s and Orpheum, Three preDepression certificates for early vaudeville and movie theaters, including Loew’s Boston Theatres Co (MA), $25 shares, common stock, 1928, #885, signed by David L. Loew and Arthur M. Loew, two muses flank shield with wreath, brown, ABN; with Orpheum Circuit Inc (DE, 2), $100 shares preferred blue #S64 and $1 shares common green #B098, both 1920, allegorical woman seated with lion, ABN; all stamp and punch canceled affecting signatures, all VF+. [3] Est. 80-120


Famous Players-Lasky Corp (NY), 100 $100 shares common stock, specimen, 19__, #0000, bald eagle over company name, logo at left of Paramount Pictures, logo at right of Artcraft Pictures, green and black, ABN, vertical fold, about EF. Est. 100-150


Film Group Includes American Motion Picture Corp (DE), $100 shs, 1924, eagle on summit, blue (4) and orange (2); Columbia Pictures Corp (NY), $5 shs, 1961-5, famous Columbia logo, brown (23) and purple (1), ABN; Continental Film Co 1914; Jean Gabriel Productions Inc 1923; Paramount Publix Corp 2/40ths scrip, 1932, Paramount and Publix logos, brown, ABN, with 1933 Paramount Pictures Distributing Co and Fox West Coast Theatres Corp agreement, San Francisco, 40 pages, orange cover, top right of cover clipped off; Pathe Exchange shs specimen and $1000 bond specimen (bound together) 1921 orange; Pathe Film Corp 1936; Renco Film Co (DE) 1921; Star Film Co 1917; United Artists Theatre Circuit, Inc (MD), 1930-55, semi-nude woman with grapes, common shs blue (3) and orange (3); Urban Motion Picture Industries Inc 1922 signed by Charles Urban (2); and more; VF-EF. [57] Est. 150-200


Gloria Swanson Group Quartet of stocks issued to the film goddess: Fisk Systems Inc (NV), 1980, eagle with arrows, green, Forged Carbides Inc (DE) 1942 green, and Silver Creek Precision Corp 1964 (2), both signed “Gloria Davey” (her married name at the time) on verso, eagle on rock, orange; with a reproduction photograph of Swanson and printed biography; all items EF. [4] Est. 200-300


International Television Corp (DE), 10-cent shs, 1948, woman reclines with lion, red-brown, soft folds, VF+-EF. [24] Est. 200-300


Kolster Radio Corp (DE), 10 shs common stock temp certificate, 1929 green; with certificates of deposit for common stock all issued to sugar magnate Rudolph Spreckels, 1930 red (17); and 100 shs, 1931, hand holds electric bolts, brown (5); good VFEF. [23] Est. 150-200

2950 2950

Wisconsin Cabinet and Panel Co (NJ), 100 shs, 1917, #11, issued to and signed on recto by Thomas A Edison as president and again on verso, eagle with shield, beehive, black and gold, stub reattached, punch cancels through recto signature, pen cancel through verso signature, VF+. (photo) Est. 750-1,000


Yankton Portland Cement Co (IL), $100 shs, 1893, eagle and shield, black and orange, VF+-EF. [70] Est. 150-200


Canadian Edison Phonographs Ltd (Ontario), $100 shs, unissued, 19__, #22 and higher, ornate border, black, EF. [62] Est. 150-200


De Forest Radio Company (DE), Capital Stock certificate, 1929, orange, printed de Forest signature flanked by allegorical figures, HBN, VF+. Est. 70-100

January 16-18, 2012 - New York


Marvel Entertainment Group, Inc (NY), A Prospectus for the company’s initial public offering, July 15, 1991, 65 pages, 4to, announcing that “All of the 4,200,000 shares of Common Stock of Marvel Entertainment Group, Inc” were being offered at $16.50 per share. With fold-out front cover showing image of Spider-Man on one side and a collage of Marvel heroes on reverse. Two corners of fold-out bumped, otherwise EF. Est. 60-80


North American Theatres Inc (DE), 100 shs class A stock, 1925, green (2), 100 shs class B stock, 1925-26 brown (34), and less than 100 shs class B stock orange 1926 (5), no vignettes, all ABN, mostly VF+. [41] Est. 100-150


Paramount Pictures Corp (NY), Shares, common stock, 1950s, allegorical women flank famous mountaintop logo, purple (10) and green (19), VF-EF. [29] Est. 100-150


Phonograph Corporation of Indiana (NJ), $100 shs, unissued, 19__, eagle, beehive, gold, one or two with foxing, VF+-EF. [8] Est. 100-150


Phonograph Pair: 1) Pathe Phonograph & Radio Corporation (NY), $1000 Twenty Year Income Bond, 1923, #1517, ornate border; 2) Remington Phonograph Corporation (DE), 11 shares Capital Stock, 1921, signed by P.E. Remington as president, eagle atop rock, green, VF-VF+. Est. 100-150


Radio and Television Good selection including Philco Corp (PA) 1961, Ben Franklin brown ABN; Pilot Radio & Tube Corp (DE) 1932-33 blue, uncanceled (5); Radio Corporation of America (DE) 1948, hemispheres flank radio towers brown ABN (2); and Western Television Corp (DE) temp certificates 1933 blue (4, two with receipts pinned upper left); VF-VF+. [12] Est. 100-150


Roxy Theatres Corp (NY), 50 shares common stock, 1927, orange (3) and green (1) three signed by Samuel “Roxy” Rothafel as president, with a fourth certificate (orange) from the same year signed by a different officer, folds, about EF. [4] Est. 150-200


Royal Talking Machine Corporation (IL), 100 Shares Capital Stock, 1919, #375, eagle atop rock, orange, VF+. Est. 150-250



Radio Corporation of America (DE), Shares, 1920, $5 preferred 7% brown (1) and common orange (1), both uncanceled, with checks for dividends 1 blue and 2 green, 1924, each with RCA and “World Wide Wireless” logos; with four related documents, two concerning a 1924 exchange of stock; all items VF+. [8] Est. 100-150


Ringling Bros. - Barnum & Bailey Combined Shows (DE), Common stock, Specimen, 1969, brightly colored designs of circus animals, clowns, performers, with “Greatest Show on Earth” logo, blue border and green underprint, EF. Est. 100-150


Ringling Bros.-Barnum & Bailey Combined Shows (DE) Specimen. Multi-colored characters. Blue frame. Circus animals, clowns, performers, circus wagons. SPECIMEN printed in red, green tents and elephants underprinted in the central portion. ABN. EF. Est. 150-200


Sammy Davis Enterprises of Delaware Ltd (DE), Six $100 shs, 1965, #1, issued to Sammy Davis Jr and signed by him as president, eagle on summit, green, pristine and EF. Sammy Davis Jr (1925-90) had been a vaudeville star as a child, and later made his mark on Broadway and in Hollywood; member of the “Rat Pack” of performers headed by his friend Frank Sinatra; known especially for his electrifying live performances. (photo) Est. 1,000-1,500


Theaters, Selection including Art Cinema Corp (DE) 1927 blue (2, with related typed letter); Fischer’s Paramount Theatres (IL) 1927, eagle on coast, black and gold, uncanceled (4); New York Art Alliance 1974-75 eagle over forest green (4 stapled together at top left); Plays and Players (PA) $100 5% mortgage bond 1923 black and brown; and United Artists Theatre Circuit Inc temp certificate 1927 issued to Jacob Shubert and signed by him on verso, red; VF+-EF. With his brothers Lee and Sam, Jacob Shubert 1879? 1963) built the largest theater chain in the country, including Broadway’s Winter Garden and Shubert Theatres. [11] Est. 210-300


Theatre Guild Co (CT) $25 shares, 1923-51, #16 and higher, eagle with shield, black with gold underprint and seal Goes, some partial fold splits, but overall VF-VF+. [48] Est. 150-250

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The January 2012 Collectors Series Sale


United Artists Theatre Circuit Inc (MD), 100 shs temporary certificates, 1956, all issued to Mary Pickford Rogers, each stapled on verso to a transfer she has signed, brown, staples, about VF+. [24] “America’s Sweetheart” Mary Pickford (1892-1979) formed United Artists in 1919 with fellow screen legends Charlie Chaplin, Douglas Fairbanks, and DW Griffith. Est. 150-200


Wextark Radio Stores, Inc. (DE), a group of four certificates for 100 Shares Common Stock, 1931, allegorical man holds electric light and globe, green, ABN, VF+. [4] Est. 60-80


Motion Pictures Group, [4] includes: 1) Duplex Motion Picture Industries Inc. (DE), Capital Stock certificate, 1924, unusual Corporate logo of allegorical man holding “Comedy and Tragedy” masks and Corporate titled film reel wrapped around a globe, green, SBN, 2) Famous-Players-Lasky Corporation (NY), 100 Shares 8% Cumulative Convertible Preferred Stock, 19__, specimen, eagle above title flanked by Paramount Pictures logo and Artcraft Pictures logo, brown, ABN, 3) Grand National Films, Inc. (DE), 40 shares Capital Stock, 1936, #C02377, film camera atop an eagle that holds a reel of film, orange, 4) Paramount Pictures Inc. (NY), a specimen Twentyyear 6% Sinking Fund Debenture for $1000, 1935, Parmount logo flanked by allegorical figures, olive, ABN; VF-EF. [4] Est. 250-350

2978 2978

Amity Canal, Reservoir, and Improvement Co (CO), $500 6% first mortgage bond, 1891, #355, horses draw boats along snaking canal beside farms, black and green, 16 coupons remain, unobtrusive punch cancellations, minor edge wear, otherwise an exceptionally strong VF+. (photo) Est. 400-500


Atlanta Improvement Co (GA), $500 7% bond, 1871, #130, signed by Hannibal I Kimball as president, vignette of the Kimball House hotel, black with red “$500” underprint, red paper seal, RN-V5 at center, two rows of coupons, fold splits repaired on verso with tape, edge wear, VF. Est. 80-120


Bay Ridge Co (MD), $50 shares, capital stock, Annapolis, 18(87), #192, steamboat takes on passengers in front of resort, black and brown, punch canceled, stain in left margin, overall VF+. Est. 80-120


Bedel’s Bridge Corporation (VT), One Share, 1863, #38, blue paper 5c and 10c Inland Exchange stamps, VF. The fourth bridge cossing the Connecticut River between Newbury, VT and Haverhill, NH, built by local businessman Moody Bedell. Certificates from Vermont are rarely encountered. Est. 200-300


Bedford and Stoystown Turnpike Road Co (PA), One share, uncut sheet of three, 1819, #436-438, embossed seals, with 1850 transfers written vertically at left, about EF. Est. 100-150


American and British Timber and Cotton Land Co (NY), $1000 6% bonds, 1851, #17 and #216, ornate border, choice relief engraved left side, light uneven toning, good VF+. [3] Est. 100-150

January 16-18, 2012 - New York


California Real Estate Land companies from the Golden State, comprising Bay Head Land Co 1924 green (5); Boulevard Land Co, Los Angeles, 1929 green (tape repairs); Cross Land Co 1932, L.A., green (4, tape repairs); Cudahy Walnut Land Co 1931, L.A., green (3); United Properties Co of California (DE) $1000 bonds 1911 green (10) and 1914 brown (5, amounts written in); and Westside Land Co, 1911, San Diego, brown; generally VF+. [30] Est. 75-125


Centre and Kishacoquillas Tpk Rd Co (PA), One share, issued to the Commonwealth of PA, 1822, ornate border, embossed seal, toning and light edge wear, good VF-VF+. [7] Est. 300-400


Centre Turnpike Road (PA), One share, issued to the Commonwealth, 1809-12, ornate left border, embossed seal of toll house and turnstile, two loose certificates and three uncut sheets of two, edge wear including some chipping, VF. The Joseph Priestley who signs two of these was probably the son of the great naturalist, who had died in 1804. [5] Est. 150-200


Cleveland Canal and Agricultural Co (UT), $1 shares, capital stock, 189(9), #119, wheat stack at center, black with red company name, paper seal, states that it is incorporated in the â&#x20AC;&#x153;Territory of Utah,â&#x20AC;? some foxing, toning, edge and fold wear, a strong VF. Est. 80-120


Columbia Turnpike Roads Co (DC), One shre, 1820, signed but not issued, ornate border, Gideon, Jr. Printer, toned at left margin, VF+. Est. 200-300

2983 2983

Blodget Canal Company No. 42. One Share. Wax seal covered with a gray paper diamond-shaped seal at left . On laid paper. About Uncirculated. Signed by Samuel Blodget as president. This was the earliest operational canal in America and extended from Amoskeag Falls in New Hampshire to the Merrimac River. A single horizontal fold precludes an uncirculated designation. (photo) Est. 800-1,200


Boston and Mississippi Cotton Land Co (MA), $1000 shares, 183(40), not numbered, ornate border at left, punch canceled, VF+. Est. 80-120



Brazos River Channel and Dock Co (TX), $1000 6% gold bond, 1889, TX state arms, farmer on horsedrawn thresher, busy port, dark red, ABN, handstamp message on face, VF+. Est. 150-200

Coshecton and Great Bend Turnpike Road Co, One share, 1809, #432, transfer rules at left, ornate borders, fold, toning, VF+ Est. 75-125


Brooklyn Development Company (NY), a specimen $500 5% Twenty Year Bond, 1899, two allegorical females flank state shield, orange, VF. Est. 80-120

Cuban Improvement Co. Ltd. (PA), $100 shares, 18(85), #11, Pennsylvania State arms in centre, ornate border, black, good VF. Est. 100-150


Butler and Mercer Turnpike Road Co (PA), $50 shs, issued to the state, 1823, #110, fancy border, toned, edge wear, about VF+. Est. 75-125

Daniel Boone Apartments (MO), $1000 6-1/2% construction bonds, St. Louis, 1927, eagle atop globe, orange, VF+. [3] Est. 75-125


Detroit & Canada Tunnel Co (MI), 100 shs, 1931, allegorical Canada and America shake hands over backdrop of Detroit River and city, green, pinholes, good VF+. [3] Est. 75-125


Elston & Wheeling Gravel Road Co (IL), $100 shares, capital stock, 186(9), #42, Peace flanked by Plenty and Columbia, top, Agriculture at left, black with red underprint and green overprint, R44 at right, VF+. Est. 80-120



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The January 2012 Collectors Series Sale

2998 2998

Erie Canal Navigation Co (NY), $100 shs,1823, not numbered,signed by Comfort Tyler as president, , two similar canal boat vignettes, ornate borders, black, light dammpstains, folds, good VF. Comfort Tyler (1764-1827) was one of the first settlers of what would become Syracuse, NY, one of the chain of cities that would grow up along the Erie Canal. Conceived in 1808, the canal opened officially in 1825, but portions were running as early as 1820. A rare certificate, as this is the only example we have seen. (photo) Est. 2,000-3,000


Essex and Middlesex Turnpike Co (NJ), Transfer document, 1904 (over imprinted 182_), ornate left border, red seal, marginal stains, about VF+. Est. 60-80


Georgia-Alabama Investment and Development Co (AL), $10 shares, office in Tallapoosa, GA, 189(1), #11371, signed by Benj. F. Butler as president, Georgia state seal at top, black and brown, folds, a strong VF+. Est. 100-150


Gouverneur, Somerville and Antwerp Plank Road Co, Two shs, 1850, #7, name in fancy font, ornate border, black on blue paper, top trimmed to border, about VF+. Est. 75-125


Great Southern Lumber and Railway Supply Co (NY), $50 6% first mortgage bond, 1882, #1113, locomotive arrives at station, green, 10 coupons used, creases, VF+. Est. 100-150


Hampshire and Hampden Canal Co (CT), Shares, 5-10%, New Haven, 1826-28, ornate left border, one with foxing, VF-VF+. [3] Est. 100-150


Hobbstown and Mountpleasant Turnpike Rd (PA), One share, issued to the Commonwealth of PA, 1826, #177 and #180, edge wear including some rounding of corners, VF. [2] Est. 75-125


Honduras: Aguan Navigation & Improvement Co. (NY), 10 Shares Capital Stock, 1887, #434, sidewheel steamer, green, VF+. Est. 100-150


Land and Improvements Choice mix including Beloit Land and Investment Co (WI) 1890 green; British North American Trading & Exploration Co (WV) 1898 brown; Citrus Belt Land Co (CA) 1911 green (9); Clifton Forge Banking & Construction (VA) 1891 brown (3); Columbia and Yakima Corp (WA) 1897 green with silver seal (2); Fifteen Park Row Corp (NY) 1946 green (2); Georgia-Alabama Investment and Development Co (AL) 1891 brown (2); Giles & McLaughlin Co (PA) 1908 green; Gramercy Park Bldg Corp 1929 certs of indebtedness blue (9); Great White Spirit Co $1000 bond 1895 green; Kennewick Land Co (WA) 1896 green (5); Lamoine and Mt Desert Land Co (ME) green and yellow; Land Co of Florida (MD) 1931 orange (2); NY and Ontario Land Co (PA) 1893 brown; Northern Construction Co 1907 black; Old South Building Assn (MA) 1908-17 brown (3); PA Canal extension 1827 black; Queens Estates (NY) 1911 green; South Gila Canal Co (AZ Terr) 100-pound bonds 1892 green (3); Tarrytown Heights Land Co $1000 bond 1875 black; TN Timber, Coal and Iron Co (ME) 1914 green; Texas Ranch Corp (ME) 1906 black and blue; Wall & Hanover St Realty Co (NY) $1000 bond specimen 1910 brown; Washington Real Estate Co, $500 bond 1902 orange; WH Ingham & Co Speculative Syndicate (NY) 1888 black on pink paper; Wyoming Villa Land Co (PA) 1888 black; and Yellowstone Park Assn unissued 19__ black; VF-EF. [52] Est. 400-500

January 16-18, 2012 - New York


Land and Realty, Choice group, many uncanceled (marked with *): Chicago Realty Shares Inc* (DE) 1931-32 green (4); Columbia and Yakima Corp (WA) 1897 black and green with silver seal (2); Co-Operative Town Co of TN* 1893 black; Corona Land and Live Stock Co* (CO) $10,000 5% club certificate, black and gold on blue; Estates of Long Beach* (NY) 1915 orange; Inter-State Town Site Co of Omaha* (NE) 1892 black and gold; Land Co of FL* (MD) 1931 orange; Omaha & Florence Land & Trust* (NE) 1886 black and orange; Oregon Improvement Co 1890 black and green; Sea Haven Improvement Co of NJ* 1881 black; Seminole Land & Investment Co* (FL) 1915 orange with gold seals (2); Star Land Co* (WI) 1893 green and gold with silver seal; Steel Realty Development Corp* (DE) 1921 orange; Tacoma Improvement Co* (VA) 1890 red on pink paper; Texas City Passenger Pier Co (TX) 1912 black and green; generally VF+ and better. [20] Est. 400-500


Land Investment Co (CA), $300 shares, capital stock, 187(1), #64, dog at left (covered by an R48), red with green underprint, lightly toned in margins, VF+. Est. 60-80


Lewisburg Bridge Co (PA), 1 share, 1818, #991, issued to the state “for erecting a Bridge over the West branch of Susquehanna, typeset border, embossed seal, minor edge wear, VF+. Est. 75-125


Lewisburg Bridge Co (PA), One share, 1818, #1059, as previous, edge wear, about VF+ Est. 75-125


Lewisburg Bridge Co (PA), One share, 1818, #958, as previous, light edge wear, about VF+ Est. 75-125


Liberty Bell Park (PA), $1 shs, 1970-86, eagle with olive branch, blue, uncanceled, one with some damage, rest VF+-EF. [11] Est. 60-80


Manheim, Petersburg and Lancaster Turnpike or Plank Rd Co (PA), $25 shs, 1852-1900, two horses pull stage coach, black on blue paper, fold and edge wear with some holes, many with partial fold splits, discoloration, about VF. [12] Est. 150-200



Mortgage Companies fifteen companies, including Bond and Mortgage Guarantee Co (NY) 1929-32 (16, two types); 1420 Lake Shore Drive Bldg $100 bond 1928; Lawyers Title and Guaranty Co (NY) 1933; Lincoln Mortgage Co (WA) 1927 (4, two types); Miami Mortgage and Guaranty Co (FL) 192427 (5, two types); North Carolina Mortgage Corp (DE) 1941; Penn Mortgage corp (DE) 1925 (two types); and others; VF-VF+. [48] Est. 150-200

3016 3016

New Arkansas and Texas Land Co, Shares in 3615 “English acres” situated in Texas, 1833, black, VF+ [7] (photo) Est. 500-750


New York and Ontario Land Co (PA), $50, capital stock, 189(0), #96, men work underground with pick and pneumatic drill, haul off ore, with coal breaker at top in black, with gryphons at upper corners and faithful dog at bottom all in brown, documentary stamps on verso, VF+. Est. 100-150


Newport & Cincinnati Bridge Co (KY/OH), $100 shares, 18(95), #A36, barges and paddle wheels including the “New South” pass under steel bridge, black with red border and underprint, handstamp canceled, EF. Est. 80-120

Manheim, Petersburg and Lancaster Turnpike or Plank Road Co (PA), $25 shs, 1852, #8 and higher, two unissued, one altered by hand to remove “Petersburg” and “or Plank Road,” horse-drawn carriage, black on blue paper, edge and fold wear, some discoloration, VF. [8] Est. 200-300

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The January 2012 Collectors Series Sale


New York Real Estate 13 companies, 1906-68, in the high-stakes real estate market of the Big Apple, including Central Park View Apartments 1925, Fifteen Park Row Corp 1932 (several varieties), Gramercy Park Building Corp 1929, NY Realty Owners 1906, Wall Exchange Realty Co 1906, etc; mostly VF+. [24] Est. 200-300


3020 3020

North American Land (PA) 1795. Philadelphia. #178. 25 shs. Counterfoil, left. On laid paper. Signed by Robert Morris as president, and James Marshall, secretary. One pen stroke cancels Morris’s signature.North American Land speculated on and developed lands given by a grateful Congress to Robert Morris, who had helped finance the Revolution. With more than 4 million acres throughout the 13 states, the company represented the epitome of the “Eastern land-jobbers” who sought to make ready fortunes from westward expansion. However, because the company’s revenue could not cover its own loans and taxes, it failed in 1798. Morris was ruined and the “financier of the American Revolution” and signer of the Declaration of Independence found himself in debtor’s prison. VF+. (photo) Est. 600-900


Owego and Ithaca Turnpike (NY), $20 7% shs, 1811, #852 and higher, all issued to Lewis Beers, as previous, generally VF+. [20] (photo) Est. 350-450


Owego and Ithaca Turnpike (NY), Nineteen certificates for one $20 7% share, 1809-10, #348 and higher, as previous, some folds, VF-VF+. [19] Est. 250-350


Owego and Ithaca Turnpike (NY), Twenty certificates for one $20 7% share, 1809-10, #73 and higher, as previous, VF-VF+. [20] Est. 250-350


Paramount Broadway Corp (The Paramount Building), a specimen 3% first mortgage sinking fund loan, $1000, 1935, #00000, angel with torch, with allegorical woman with tabled and pencil, allegorical man with gear, black and deep violet, speckled paper, horizontal fold, EF. Est. 80-120


Pennsylvania Canal Co (PA), $1000 6% general mortgage bond, 1870, #33, man and boy stand by canal as boat passes, train crossing bridge in distance, black with blue “$1000” underprint, R69 at left, R24 on verso, no coupons, red court handstamp at lower right, some offsetting from stamp, show-through from verso, fold wear including small holes in left margin and vignette, bottom edge trimmed unevenly, but clean and sharp, VF. and displays higher. Est. 80-120


Pennsylvania Canal Co (PA), $1000 6% general mortgage bond, 1870, #742, man and boy pass boat on canal, train and building in background, black with blue underprint, R69 left, no coupons, folds, VF+. Est. 60-80

January 16-18, 2012 - New York


Pennsylvania Canal Co (PA), [2] $1000 6% general mortgage bond, 1870, #620 man and boy walk along a canal as a boat passes, train over bridge in background, black with blue “$1000” underprint, R69 at left, fold wear, one closed tear, uneven bottom edge, VF+. Est. 100-150

3031 3031

Philadelphia and Lancaster Turnpike Road (PA), one share, March 16, 179(5), #366 signed by William Bingham as president and Tench Francis as treasurer, printed on vellum, with a beautiful vignette of four horses drawing a wagon toward a turnpike gate with gate house, fine embossed seal at left showing a similar scene, transfers on verso from 1829, 1845, and 1899, creases (flattened), minor edge soiling, overall a strong VF+. (photo) Est. 750-1,000


Point Breeze Park Association (PA), $250 shs, 1875-76, PA state arms, two with relief-style engraved sides, VF+. [3] Est. 150-200


Point Pleasant Bridge (WV), $100,000 6% first mortgage bond, 1886, #5, ornate border, blue-black, three transfers written on verso, folds, minor soiling, VF+. Est. 75-125


Point Pleasant Bridge Co (WV), $100,000 bond, 1886, #9, as previous, three transfers on verso, VF+. Est. 75-125


Real Estate Group From 18 companies spanning the United States, 1909-45, including Capitol Building Co (MI) 1926, Dewitt-Blair Realty (CA) 1927, Langley-Realtors (UT), Unissued, Pittsburgh Home Building (PA) 1925, Parkway Realty (CO) 1909, Smith-Young Tower Bldg (TX) 1928, Sunlight Apartments (FL) 1926, etc.; VF-EF. [20] Est. 150-250


Real Property Investment Corp (CA), $100 shs, 1928-30, office building at busy corner, black and green on light green paper, about EF. [3] Est. 50-75

3028 3028



Pennsylvania Population Company (PA), One share, 1794, #657, ornate border. Signed by John Nicholson as president and Tench Francis as treasurer. VF. This was one of John Nicholson’s private ventures not undertaken in partnership with Morris. The firm bought up a million acres of Pennsylvania territory before its collapse in 1800. Approximately 3000 shares were issued with many being purchased by Morris and Nicholson. After its failure, it was put into liquidation and its affairs were still being untangled in the 1850s. Rare. (photo) Est. 2,000-3,000 Pennsylvania Turnpike and Bridge Pair: [2] 1) Lewisburg Bridge Co (PA), One $60 share issued to the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, 18(18), #1057, signed by William Hayes as president and Wm. M. Quhar as treasurer, typographical borders, embossed company seal with double arch, small closed tear in bottom edge, otherwise top of grade very fine+; 2) Milford and Owego Turnpike Road Co (PA), One $25 share, 1821, #2897, issued to the Commonwealth of PA, typographic borders, embossed seal of turnstile, small closed tear at right edge, small chip out of lower right corner, VF. Est. 100-150 Philadelphia & Great-Bend Turnpike Rd (PA), One Share, 1822, #61 and up, transfer rules left, black, all fully split at vertical folds, about VF. [5] Est. 75-125

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The January 2012 Collectors Series Sale

3037 3037

San Diego Land and Town Co (ME), $25 shares, preferred stock, 189(8), #550, Native American warrior with tomahawk on knee, looks into distance with bay, city, trains, river, mining in background, black and brown, ABN, EF. (photo) Est. 100-150


South Gila Canal Co (AZ Terr), £100 5% gold bonds, 1892, irrigated field, green, embossed red 10shilling revenue stamps, uncanceled, crisp folds, EF. [5] Est. 300-400


South Gila Canal Co (AZ Terr), £100 5% bonds, 1892, as previous, EF. [5] Est. 300-400


South Gila Canal Co (AZ Terr), £100 5% bonds, 1892, as previous, EF. [5] Est. 300-400


South Gila Canal Co (AZ Terr), £100 5% bonds, 1892, as previous, EF. [5] Est. 300-400


Turnpike Group, Centre & Kishacoquillas Turnpike Road Co (PA) one share, 1822; Chambersburg & Bedford Turnpike Rd Co (PA) $50 share, 1821, printed seal; Harrisburg, Carlisle and Chambersburg Turnpike Road Co (PA), one share, 1819; Hillsdale and Chatham Turnpike Corp (NY) $25 shares, 1810 (2); Hobbstown and Mountpleasant Turnpike Rd (PA) one share, 1826; and Owego and Ithaca Turnpike Co (NY) $20 7% share 1809, rules printed left; mostly VF+. [7] Est. 300-400


Utah & Salt Lake Canal Co (UT), $25 shs, West Jordan Irrigation District, 1890-95, woman harvests wheat as man plows, blue-black, one with paste stain left, otherwise both VF+. [2] Est. 100-150


Utah & Salt Lake Canal Company (UT), two certificates for 10 and 15 Shares Capital Stock, 1889, West Jordan Irrigation District, Salt Lake County, Utah, early farmers plow field, generally EF [2] Est. 100-200


Waldens Ridge Land & Improvement Co (TN), $500 6% bonds, Chattanooga, 1885, #18 and #22, ornate border, blue text with red border and green underprint, a unique look, each with 3 coupons used, uncanceled, toning at folds, about VF+. [2] Est. 100-150


Wall and Hanover Street Realty Co (NY), $1000 4% first mortgage gold bond, specimen, 1910, #00000, American eagle with arrows, olive branch on shield, “E pluribus unum” scroll, black with red underprint, ABN, EF. Est. 100-150


Washington Real Estate Co (DC), $100 6% first mortgages bonds, 1902, portrait of George Washington, black and orange, one with transfer attached to recto, folded, good VF. [5] Est. 100-150


Wyoming Villa Land Co (PA), $50 shs, 1888-93, #12-21 range, state arms, black, two with red paper seal, edge and fold wear, good VF. [4] Est. 60-80


Yellowstone Land & Mining Association (MT) 1890. #24. 7500 Shares. Orange with yellow underprint. Montana Mining Review, Helena MT. Minor splits and chipping. VF. Est. 100-150




Union Canal Co of Pennsylvania, $1000 6% mortgage loan, 1853, six vignettes of canal scenes, allegorical figures, sailors, with most coupons, about VF+. Est. 100-150 Union Canal Co of Pennsylvania, $1000 6% mortgage loan, 1853, six vignettes of canal scenes, allegorical figures, sailors, with most coupons, VF. Est. 75-125


Alaska Mining Flyer Large 4-page promotional flyer by Chisna Consolidated Mines, 1906, announcing that “The Next Mining Boom Takes Place in Alaska / Mohawk Sold the other day at $19.00 a Share / We advised the purchase of this stock at 20 cts...” with maps of the company’s claims near Landlock Bay and the Chisna River; minor fold and edge wear, VF. The Alaska gold rush was still playing out in Nome, far from Chisna’s claims, but the region was rich in copper. Est. 250-300


Alta Montana Co (Montana Territory), $10 shares, capital stock, 18(81), #1950, roads snake down high mountain from mines as train passes in foreground at top, men working underground with lantern helmets at bottom, printed by ABN, pinholes at left, minor soiling in margins, VF+. Est. 60-80

January 16-18, 2012 - New York


American Clay Co (NH), $10 shs, 1904, eagle on summit, brown with gold metallic seal, some marginal fold splits, about VF+. [22] Est. 75-125


American Mining Company (CA), 5 shares Capital Stock, San Francisco 1870, #751, eagle on shield, R44, VF. Est. 125-150


Anaconda Co (MT), $50 shs, 1953-57, aerial view of huge mine flanked by allegorical men, green, ABN, mostly EF. [85] Est. 100-150


Argonaut Mill & Mining (CA), 100 shs, Eldorado County, 1880 ##100-101, Viking-style longboat, black on light pink paper, EF. [2] Est. 100-150


Arizona Mining Fine group of nearly all canceled certificates from 30 companies, including Arizona Silver Mines Co (NV) 1919 green; Central Copper co of AZ 1927 black and gold (2); Fortuna Consolidated Mining 1923-29 black (5); Globe Dominion Copper 1918 green; Goldfield Rex Mining Co 1904 brown and gold; Gold Mountain Mining and Milling Co 1904 green; Hercules Mining Co 1907 black; Humboldt King Mining Co 1909 brown with red seal; Idaho Gold Mines Development Co 1905 black and gold; King Placer Consolidated 1917 black with gold seal; Mansfield Mining & Smelting Co 1907 brown (4); Middle Fork Copper mining Co 1907 black and orange; Ohio Mines Co, Prescott, 1915 black and gold; Rogers-Round Mountain Mining Co 1906 black and gold; San Miguel Minerals Co 1914 orange; Sierra Gold Range Mining Co 1914 black red and blue; Silver Creek Bonanza Mining Co 1923 black and gold (canceled); Tonopah Yellow Jacket Mining Co 1904 gold; Vernal Mining Co of Goldfield 1917 black and gold; and many more; VF-EF. [60] Est. 300-400


Arizona Tip Top Mines co (AZ), $1 shs, 1920-21, winged woman holds torch over Industry and Plenty, Goes, green (5) and orange (15), uncanceled, some rolling, a few with light edge wear, mostly VF+. [20] Est. 150-200


Ashley’s Bromine and Arsenic Spring Company (TN), 10 Shares Capital Stock, 1889, Bristol, #3, handsome fountain flanked by farm scenes, factory and river, green borders and ornate central underprint, CRANE & CO DALTON watermark, VF+. Est. 80-120


Asiatic Tunnel, Mining & Milling (CO) 1914. #561. 50 Shares. Green with gold seal. Panoramic view of mountains. VF. Est. 100-150


Atlanta Mining Co (CA), $100 shs, San Francisco, 1878-79, Atlas holds globe, black with metallic silver underprint in globe, toned, lightly soiled, about VFVF+. Mines in the West Tintic District, Juab County, UT. [3] Est. 100-150


Atlantic Mining and Milling Co (AZ), $1 shs, 1907, miners upper left, miner in corners and at sides, black and green, Goes, uncanceled, VF+. [11] Est. 200-300


Bessemer Consolidated Iron Co (WI), $100 7% first mortgage gold bond, 1888, #1047, bald eagle with American flag above globe, green “$100” underprint and embossed seal, 18 coupons remain, folds, otherwise EF. Est. 60-80


Big Giant Silver Mining Co of Colorado (IL), $10 shares, Chicago, 1879-80, bald eagle on dome with mill, warehouse, ships in background at center, crosssection of mine left, men send up ore in barrel right, black with green underprint, red paper seal, folds, some ink spots and seal defects, a lovely stock, VF. [3] Est. 200-300


Bingham Mary Copper Co (UT), $5 shs, 1907, beautiful girl, gryphons, black and deep red, folds, toning, stain at right edge, but displays above good VF. With prospectus for the Hull Copper Co [2] Est. 75-125


Black Hills Mica (IL) 1892. #111. 100 shs. Gold seal. Dragon with spread wings, presumably the firebreathing kind. An unusual custom vignette. VF. Est. 80-120

3068 3068

Bodie Bluff Consolidation Mining Co (CA), $100 shares, capital stock, unissued, 186_, signed by Leland Stanford (founder of Standford University) as president, vignette of mountain with names of mines and their depths, cornucopia at left, dog and safe at bottom, underprint of women flanking “$11,100, black with yellow and pink underprint, EF. (photo) Est. 1,000-1,500


Bodie Bluff Consolidation Mining (CA), $100 shs, as previous, unissued, signed by Stanford, VF+. Est. 1,000-1,500

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The January 2012 Collectors Series Sale


Bonanza Chief Gold Mining (Territory of Montana) 1882. #2986. 100 shs. Group of prospectors. Indian on ledge with rifle. ABN. VF+. Est. 80-120


Boston-Aurora Zinc Co (ME), $25 shs, 1899, black with tan security underprint, good VF+-EF. [10] Est. 200-300


Boulder Consolidated Gold and Silver Mining of Colorado (NY), $10 shs, 1882, mining scene flanked by allegorical children with books, black, uncanceled, crisp folds, one with light stain, but VF+. [2] Est. 100-150


Branch Mint Mining and Milling Co (SD), $1 shs, Deadwood, 1906-08, eagle with shield, black and green, Goes, uncanceled, VF+. [28] Est. 200-300


Branch Mint Mining and Milling Co (SD), 6% gold bonds, 1903, $25 (6) and $500 (2), mining scene, all blue, coupons clipped off, uneven right edges, folds, otherwise about EF. [8] Est. 150-200


British Guiana Exploration Co (AZ Territory), $100 shs, 1909. Liberty, black with gold underprint and seal, Goes, some with partial fold separation, good VF. [20] Est. 150-200


British Mines and Oil For American-based operations: Albion Gold Mining Co, ÂŁ1 shs, 1853, ornate left border, black; Anglo-California Gold Mining Co, 10-shilling shares, 1851, black (2); and Mid-Continent (Oklahoma) Oil Co Ltd ÂŁ1 shs, 1913, #2, #4, and #6, all red, documents pinned to two (3); good VF-VF+. [6] Est. 100-150

3078 3078

Bullfrog Golden Sceptre Mining Company (AZ Territory), 500 Shares Capital Stock, 1906, Goldfield, Nevada, #1046, orange, gold and green, a green frog, looking as if he just swallowed the proverbial canary, sits on a green toadstool, holding a metallic gold sceptre and cane, heavily toned most noticeable from the reverse, Fine. While the condition leaves something to be desired, this is still one of the most colorful and whimsical of all Western mining stocks. (photo) Est. 150-200


Bullion Mining (CA) 1882. Gold Hill District, Storey County, Nevada.5 shs. Small caduceus and helmet, left. Light soiling, VF. Est. 150-250

3077 3077

Buck Mountain Gold Co (PA), $50 shares, 18(71), #1115, two bucks rear at a large rock, with American eagle above them at top, men work underground at bottom, train left, canal boat right, all orange, a dark R44 upper left, pen canceled, pin holes, folds, VF+. (photo) Est. 125-150

3080 3080

Bunker Hill Silver Mining Company (NY), 50 Shares Capital Stock, 1865, Reese River, Nevada, #126, miners underground, R45(2), EF. (photo) Est. 250-300

January 16-18, 2012 - New York


Burnett Mining and Milling Company (NJ), 50 Shares Capital Stock, 1882, Buckingham County, Virginia, #380, Brown with silver underprint, miners underground, VF+. Est. 200-300


Calaveras Water and Mining Co (CA), 100 shs, 1882, great banknote-like counter at center, black and green, both about EF. [2] Est. 100-150


California Mines, Small and choice selection, most uncanceled, comprising Belle Isle Mining Co 1883 black; Lady Washington Colsolidated Co, San Francisco, 1878 black; New York and Calaveras County Gold Mining Co (NY) 1879 black; Red Hill Hydraulic Mining and Water Co, SF, 1877 black and gold; San Domingo Gold Mining Co 1898 black; Scadden Flats Gold Mining Co, Grass Valley, 187879 black (5, all canceled); and Taylor Plumas Mill and Mining Co (NY) 1884 all brown; VF-EF. [11] Est. 300-400


Cameron Coal Co (PA) $1000 6% mortgage bond proofs on India paper, 1883, black and green, with proofs on paper and card for reverse panels and coupons, pages with information for engravers, ABN, VF. [7] Est. 150-200


Campbell’s Creek Coal (OH), $100 shs, Cincinnati, 1920-25, steamboat pulls barges, green, stubs reattached left, some with edge wear and soiling, but mostly VF+. [17] Est. 200-300


Canadian Mining Great varied group of 24 companies, shares issued in Ontario except as noted, including Babine Bonanza Mining and Milling Co Ltd (BC), unissued 19__ brown; Cariboo Consolidated Mining & Milling Co Ltd 1898 black and red; Chicago-Gow Ganda Mines co Ltd 1911 orange; Chickamonstone Copper Mining Co Ltd (BC) unissued 1___ ca 1899 black; Cobalt Chief Silver Mining Co Ltd 1907 green; Cobalt Silver Queen Ltd, Toronto, 1906-13, black, green, and silver (2, one with closed tears); Fairbanks Consolidated Mining Co of Ontario 1892 black; Foster Cobalt Mining Co Ltd 1906 brown and 1907 green; Gold Pan Mines Ltd (MB) 1919 orange; Highland Surprise Gold Mines ltd (BC) Vancouver 1940 brown with gold seal (1) and shareholders bonus certs green with red seal (2); Nest Egg Mining Co 1896, egg hatches coins, yellow; Palo Alto Gold Mining Co 1896 green; Robb-Montbray Mines Ltd 1928-39 blue; Temiskaming Mining Co Ltd 1909 green and silver (tape repairs); Twentieth Century Mining Co Ltd 1901-03 black and brown with metallic seals (2, fold and edge wear); and others; VF-VF+. [46] Est. 300-400


Chester County Mining Co. (PA), certificate of shares, Philadelphia 185(1), #85, lovely vignette of bridge over canal with a few mineral barges, steam engine approaching bridge, William Penn and Benjamin Franklin at left, black, creased, small split at fold, F-VF. Est. 100-150


Chicora Mining & Manufacturing of South Carolina (SC) 1871. #4. 5 shs. Red seal. Indian princess on shield with company name (repeated on the red corporate seal). Dog below. VF. Est. 100-150

3089 3089

Cisco Consolidated Gold Mining Company (CA), 100 Shares Capital Stock, 1880, #C308, State seal flanked by prospectors and train, ABN, corner pinhole, VF+. Mines in the Meadow Lake Mining District, Nevada County, California. (photo) Est. 200-300


Clark Silver Mining Co of Franklin (ME), $1 shs, 1880, mining scenes, black, “Ellsworth” crossed through in red for Franklin, good VF+-EF. One of the numerous companies formed following discovery of silver at Sullivan in 1877. The boom lasted until 1882. [4] Est. 200-300


Clemenceau Mining Corp (AZ), 25-cent shs, 193846, portrait of Georges Clemenceau, Blue, four canceled, one with file holes in margin, otherwise VF+-EF. [10] Est. 100-200

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The January 2012 Collectors Series Sale





Coal and Iron, The basics of steel, uncanceled unless noted, including American Smokeless Coal Co (AR) $1000 mortgage bond 1901 green; Crane Iron Co (PA) 1894 black; Fairchance Iron Co (PA) $1000 bond specimen 1873 black; Iron Trade Products Co (PA) 1926 green; Lehigh Coal and Navigation Co 1953 orange and $1000 mortgage bond specimen 1970 orange; Magnetic Iron Ore Co (NY) 1907 purple; Natl Coal Distillation Corp (VA) 1934 orange; New Hope Mining Co (NJ) 1901 green; NY and Cleveland Gas Coal Co (PA) $1000 loan specimen 1888 green; PA Anthracite Coal Co (PA) 1881 brown; Princess Iron Corp (VA) 1924 green; Portsmouth Coal Mining Co (ME) 1912 blue and red; Roslyn-Cascade Coal Co (WA) bond contract 1901; Tidioute Iron Works (NY) 1865 black; Towanda Coal Co (PA) 1841 black; Union Iron and Coal Co (PA) $500 bond 1854, signed by Moses Taylor black; and US Steel Corp $1000 bond 1940 orange; VF-EF. [17] Est. 300-400 Coal Mines Small but quality selection including Alleghenty Coke Co (WV), 1941, #1-2, eagle on dome, black and gold, Goes, stubs reattached, soiled (2); American Smokeless Coal Co (AR) $1000 5% gold bond, 1901 green with metallic gold seal; Maryland and New York Iron and Coal Co (MD) $480 / 100 pound 6% bond, 1842, black, most coupons; Middle States Coal and Iron Mines Co (WV) unissued, 19__, allegorical women flank mining scene, green; Montgomery County Coal Co (NY) 1857 train, canal, black; and Penn Anthracite Coal Co (PA) $1000 5% gold bond, 1889, train passes huge breaker, orange; VF-EF. [7] Est. 200-300 Colorado and New Mexico Consolidated Mining and Smelting Co. (CO), $10 shares, capital stock, 188(1), #368, smelting works at center, cutaway of miners above and below ground at lower right, green and black, overprinted “$10”, very minor edge wear, otherwise VF. Est. 80-120 Colorado Bay Mining, Reduction, and Trading Co (NJ), six certificates, $10 shares, all 189(1), #30, #6971, #73, and #112, company name in stylized scroll at center, green and red, all lightly toned, with soft folds, VF+. [6] Est. 150-250


Colorful Mining Lot Shares including Buck Mountain Coal Co (PA), 1868 all red; Comstock Tunnel Co (NY), 1915 orange; Guerrero Mines Co (ME), 1910 orange; Hale & Norcross Mining Co (CA), 1906 black on gold paper (mines in NV); Homestake Mining Co (NY), 1879 black (mines in Dakota Terr); Isabella Gold Mining (CO), 1893 orange; Manhattan Jackson Mining Co (SD), 1908 green; and Merchants and Miners Transportation Co (MD), 1920 orange; generally VF+. [8] Est. 200-300


Columbia Iron Co (NY), $100 shs, 1873, #7 and higher, ornate left border, black, uncanceled, good VF+. [6] Est. 200-300


Comstock Mines and Milling Co (AZ Territory), $1 shs, 1916, cabin and covered wagon, mountain, mining scenes in corners, black and gold, “State” printed through for “territory,” fold wear including minor edge splits, but about VF+. Est. 75-125


Concordia Gold Mining Co (IL), $10 shares capital stock, 188(8), #161, sluices and mill beside a mountain, left, with inset of men mining underground, gold color seal, folds, edge wear including nicks, tipped to a slightly larger sheet, otherwise VF. Est. 150-200


Consolidated Chollar Gould & Savage Mining Co (CA), $1 shs, 1934-40, blue, residue from removed stubs in left borders, good VF. [73] Est. 80-100


Consolidated Imperial Mining Co (CA), $100 shares, capital stock, San Francisco, 1879, empress on throne with Columbia at her feet holding wreath, leaning on corporate logo, toning and wear at edges, pin holes at left, good VF. [2] Est. 80-120


Consolidated Ten Mile Mining and Reduction Co (NY), Two certificates for $10 shares, 188(5), #18, and 188(7), #139, vignette of NY state seal, with steamship and rigged ship in background, folds, VF+. [2] Est. 100-150


Quality Copper Choice quintet comprising Central Peru Copper Co (DE) 1922, Native artisans create jewelry, red; Ely-Witch Copper Co (ME) 1916, striking Liberty vignette brown; Nacimiento Copper Co (NY) $100 bondS 1881, men dig with picks orange (2); and Santa Fe Gold and Copper Mining Co (NJ) 1926 green, capital and shares reduced; VF+-EF. [6 Est. 150-200

January 16-18, 2012 - New York


Copper Mining Large uncanceled group comprising Amalgamated Copper Mines (AZ) $250 notes 1920 (2); Azteca Copper Mining Co (DE) 1912-21 (5); Big Ledge Copper (AZ) 1920; Black Diamond Copper Mining (WV) 1899 (3); Butte Copper Consolidated Mines (SD) unissued 1920s (2); Central Copper Co of Arizona 1927; Consolidated Coppermines Co (DE) 1913; Copper Canyon Mining (DE) 1919; Copper Knob Mining (NY) 1881; Crown Copper Co (WA) 1907; Eli Consolidated Copper (UT) 1912 (two types); Fanquier Copper Co (DE) 1901; Furnace Creek Copper (tape repair); Gibson Consolidated Copper (DE) 1920; Gila Canon Consolidated Copper Co (AZ) 1919; Globe Dominion Copper (AZ) 1918; Greenwater Copper Mines and Smelter (DE) 1908 (3); Haynes Copper Co (AZ) 1913; Idaho Copper Co 1926 brown (2); Jamaica Consolidated Copper (ME) 1909; Kay Copper Co 1924 green (3); Nacozari Consolidated Copper (AZ) 1909-20 (two types); Napoleon and Maghera Copper Mining and Reduction Co (UT) 1909 green; National Copper Mining Co Ltd (ID) 1907; Ocoee Copper Co (TN) 1924; Ohio Copper Co of Utah (ME) 1945; Savanna Copper (AZ) 1918; Seneca Copper Mining (DE) 1930; Shannon Copper (DE) 1907; Superior and Boston Copper (AZ) 1927; Trinity Copper (VA) 1920; Tuolumne Copper Mining (AZ) 1911; and Warrior Copper (DE) 1906; generally VF+ and better. [48] Est. 200-300


Cordillera Gold & Silver Mining Co (CA), $100 shares, capital stock, San Francisco, 186(8), #287, Native American directs man in hat as horses pass on road, mountains in distance, millrace on mountainside at left, embossed seals, creases, with fold and edge wear, VF+. Est. 150-250


Cowing and Zabriskie Mining (NV), $100 shs, Carson City, 1880, busy mills, ornate border, good VF+. Located in the Eagle and Washoe Valley Mining District, Ormsby County, NV. Est. 100-150


Crescent Mining Co of Leadville, Colorado (NY), $10 shares, capital stock, 1(903), #6212, miners work with shovels and picks, perforated with â&#x20AC;&#x153;100â&#x20AC;? for number of shares, ABN, VF+. Est. 80-120


Crescent Silver of Cincinnati (OH) 1871. Property in Colorado. #25. 100 shs. Miners underground. Vertical mine shaft, left. Colorado arms, bottom. ABN. VF+. Est. 80-120


Crown Mining Co. of Colorado (NJ), $5 shs, Camden, NJ 1881, #56, attractive piece with mining camp, mountains in background, miners at work to the left, black, pink underprint, left edge trimmed close, VF+. Est. 200-300


Dakota Mining Company, Limited (PA), 250 shares Capital Stock, 1881, #50, eagle on shield, VF. Est. 100-150


Denver City Consolidated Silver Mining Co (CO), $1 shs, 1891, horses and mules carry freight to and from mining site with house, black, uncanceled, VF+. Est. 100-150


Durango Gold Mining (NY) 1881. Whitewood Mining District. Territory of Dakota. #1306. 100 shs. Mine opening, millsite. Pinholes, VF+. Est. 100-150


Ecla Mining Corp (AZ), $1 shs, 1920-21, flat railroad cars carry oil out of mining village, black and brown with gold seal, Goes, uncanceled, VF+. [2] Est. 100-150


Empire Carbonate Mining Co (Dakota Territory), $5 shares, capital stock, 188(8), #470, mountainside mining village at center, cross-section of mining scene left, men fill ore cart right, blue-black with green underprint, embossed seal, minor folds, VF+. Est. 80-120

3115 3115

Empire Mining Co of Utah (UT Territory), $100 shs, 1880, miners work underground in lamp helmets, beehive, black, great hammer/shovel/pick embossed seal, ABN, sharp horizontal folds, some edge wear, good VF. [11] (photo) Est. 400-500

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The January 2012 Collectors Series Sale

3116 3116




Empress Mining Company of Colorado (NY), 100 Shares Capital Stock, 1879, #43, group of miners, Colorado seal at right, mine entrance at bottom, green, VF. (photo) Est. 250-300 Etowah and Battle Branch Hydraulic Hose Mining Company (GA), 5000 Shares Capital Stock, Dahlonega 1871, #194, men working sluice boxes at top, woman with basket of farm produce at lower right, R45, toned, short splits, about VF. Est. 500-750 Eureka Mining (CA), $150 share, Butte County, 1860, #21, Native American maiden, “Printed at the Butte Record Job Office,” mounting “remnant”, left, VF+. Est. 100-150 Eureka-Croesus Mining Co (DE), $1 shs, 1923, Statue of Liberty with eagle, globe, steamship, fasces, flag, green, one with pencil note, some with edge or overall wear, uncanceled, VF-VF+. The Eureka Croesus Mine was in Eureka County, NV. [18] Est. 300-400

3120 3120

Four Aces Mining (AZ) 1906. Bullfrog District, Nevada Mines. #293. 200 shs. Red and brown. Hand holds four aces. One of the most popular mining shares in all of scripophily. About two dozen or so are known, but they are rarely offered. VF+. (photo) Est. 250-350


Game Ridge Consolidated Mining Company (NY), 400 Shares Capital Stock, Rosite, Colorado 1882, miners underground, slightly uneven left edge, unfolded, VF+. Est. 150-200


Gibraltar Mines Syndicate (SD), $1 shs, 1906, Native American and ships, great borders, orange-red, Goes, soiling, a few with partial fold splits, VF-VF+. Mines located at Bullfrog, NV. [11] Est. 150-200


Glengarry Mining and Milling Co (MT), $10 shares, capital stock, 18(90), #237, allegorical woman rides eagle, wields thunderbolts, black with green background, gold underprint of share amount, “AND MILLING” added to company name with handstamp, central fold, EF. Est. 80-120

January 16-18, 2012 - New York


Goes Mining Large group of stocks, no multiples, many uncanceled (shown by *), printed by the muchcopied company, including Arizona Tip Top Mines Co* 1921 orange; Atlantic Mining and Milling Co* (AZ) 1907 green; Boston-Arizona Mines Corp* (VA) 1917 blue; Ethel-May Consolidated Mines* (AZ) 1908 gold; Garnet Ridge Mining* (ME) 1916 black and gold; Gibraltar Mines Syndicate* (SD) 1906 orange (2); Iron Creek Mining Co* (WA) 1922 gold; Manhattan Giant Mining Co (SD) 1906 gold; Mecca Divide Mining Co* (NV) 1919 green; Montezuma Mining Co (WA) 1901 gold;North Missouri Mining and Development Co (MO) 1902 gold; OatmanCombination Mining Co* (AZ) 1922 green; Sterling Mining Co* (CA) 1914 black and gold; Success Mining Co Ltd* (ID) 1920 gold; and many more; VFVF+. [57] Est. 200-300

3125 3125

Gold Crater Mining (CO) 1896. Colorado Springs. #136.150 Shares. Brown. Twin volcanic peaks, town nestled below. A portion of the volcano vignette is repeated on the back. Signed by William S. Stratton as president .Elgan Bank Note. VF+. Winfield Scott Stratton (1848-1902) was Cripple Creek’s first millionaire. In 1891, after twenty years of prospecting, Stratton came to the gold camps of Colorado. On July 4th, 1891, he staked out the Independence Mine, named in honor of that day. Stratton systematically mined the property, taking out small quantities of ore, and leaving reserves in the ground. He was able to finance the development of the mine without having to sell stock publicly. The Independence was one of the few mines that managed to remain in the hands of a single owner. It was the “King of the District’’, and enabled Stratton to control nearly a fifth of Cripple Creek’s best properties. (photo) Est. 750-1,250


Gold Mines All uncanceled; includes Bertha & Edith Gold Mining (NY) 1878 black; Brunswick Gold Mining Co (KY) 1887 black on gold; Columbus Gold Mining Co of the Black Hills (NY) 1880 black; Consolidated Gold Corp (DE) 1928 black; Fremont Gold Mines Inc (DE) 1934 blue; Globe Gold Mining Co of Lead (SD) 1908 black and gold; Gold Bar Mines Co (DE) 1917 black and gold; Gold Circle Consolidated Mines (MA) 1936 brown (2); Gold Dollar Consolidated Mining (WY) 1907 brown; Gold Eagle Mining (WA) 1945 green; Gold Queen Mining Co (WY) 1905 red; Greene Gold Development Co (NY) 1910 green; Idaho-Nevada Consolidated Gold Mines (ID) bonds 1920 $100 green and $500 brown; Idawa Gold Mining Co (ND) 1919 green (partial fold splits); Ingomar Consolidated Gold Mining (CA) 1920 gold; Josephine Gold and Copper Mining (UT) 1904 black and green; Kansas Pioneer Gold Shale Co (SD) 1902 green; Katherine Gold Mining Co of DE 1929 green; March Gold Inc (DE) 1927 black and gold; Oneida Gold Mining and Milling (CA) 1900 green (tape repairs); Republic Iron Mask Gold Mining Co (WA) unissued 1890s black and gold; Royal Porcupine gold Mines Co (DE) 1911 gold (margin damage); Santa Fe Gold and Copper Mining (NJ) 1926 green (2); Santiago Gold Mining Co bank checks 1899 black, one unused; Selkirk Gold Mining Co (DE) 1922 blue (1) and brown (1); Shoshone Gold Mining Co (NY) 1888 black and green; Tip Top Gold Mines (DE) 1941 black and gold (2); and Unity Gold Production (DE) 1937 brown; VF-EF. [34] Est. 200-300


Gold Mines II Another lot of quality shares, nearly all uncanceled, including Amador Gold Mining Co (AZ) 1909 brown (edge damage); Bannie Gold Mining and Milling Co (AZ) 1919 green; Black Hawk Gold Co (DE) 1918 blue (edge damage); Boston and Ophir Gold Mining Co (MA) 1904 black and yellow; Dante Gold Mining Co (CO) 1917 gold; Deadwood Gold Mining Co (CA) 1879 black; Findley Gold Mining Co (CO) 1903 brown (canceled); First Thought Gold Mines Ltd (WA) 1925 green; Fremont Gold Mines (DE) temp cert 1934 blue; Great Divide Gold Mining and Reduction Co (NV) 1910 green; Isabella Gold Mining Co 1900 orange (canceled); King Bee Gold Mining & Milling (CO) 1908 black; Katherine Gold Mining Co of DE 1927 green; London Mountain Gold Mining Co (CO) 1933 orange; Moss Gold Mines Ltd (Ontario) 1933 brown; Murchie Extension Gold Mining (AZ) 1907 black and gold; Nightingale Gold Inc (CO) 1936 gold; Oriental and Masbate Gold Mining (AZ) 1905 gold; Ray Consolidated Gold Mining (AZ) 1905 green; Pandora Cadillac Gold Mines Ltd (Ontario) 1936 blue; Piute Gold Mines Co (AZ) 1902 green; Portland Gold Mining Co (CO) 1905 green; Quick-Pay Gold Mines Inc (CO) 1933 orange; Reliance Gold Mining (CO) unissued 19__ brown; and Republic Gold Mining Corp (CA) 1934 blue (damaged); VF-VF+. [25] Est. 300-400

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The January 2012 Collectors Series Sale


Gold Road Annex Mines Co (ME), $1 shs, 192224, ornate border and security underprint, brown, uncanceled, VF+. [15] Est. 100-150


Gold Rock Mining Co (CO), $1 shares, Colorado Springs, 1895, #42, couple with cabin and covered wagon, mining scenes at corners, gold underprint and seal, fold and edge wear, VF+. (photo) Est. 100-150



Gold Run Mining Co (KY), $50 shs,1882, #193, miners work underground, black with gold title and underprint, uncanceled, good VF+. Est. 60-80


Granville Gold Co of New York (NY), 100 $1 shs, 1880, surface miners with horse, black with red underprint, capitalization and issue raised in red overprint, smoothed crease upper right, else about VF+. Est. 75-125


Graphic Consolidated Mill and Mining (NY), $5 shares, 18(79), #68, men work underground, brown, toned, light fold wear, VF+. Works located in Forrest Township, Sierra County, CA. Est. 100-150


Great Divide Mining Co (Arizona Territory), $1 shares, capital stock, St. Louis, MO, 190(3), #167, horses frolic on hillside, yellow underprint, edge and soil wear, light soiling, VF+. Est. 80-120

Golden Center Mines Inc (DE), $5 shs, 1931, eagle with shield and flag, blue, uncanceled, VF+-EF. [17] Est. 150-200

3132 3132




Golden Crown Mining Co. (CA), 500 Shares Capital Stock, 1874, Amador County, #52, small size, gold leaf appearance with burgundy text, Crown, VF+. (photo) Est. 250-300


Golden Stairs Mining & Leasing (CO), $1 shares, Denver, 1896, #267, men mine underground, gold underprint and seal, tape remnant on verso, VF+. These mines were located in the Cripple Creek district. Est. 80-120

Great Eastern Gold Mining Company of New York (NY), 100 Shares Capital Stock, 1879, #514, miners raise/lower barrel, woman at bottom, ABN, VF+. Mines in the Black Hills, Lawrence County, Dakota. (photo) Est. 150-200


Great Republic Gold & Silver Mining Co of Virginia (VA), 50 pounds 7% first mortgage bond â&#x20AC;&#x153;on all the property,â&#x20AC;? 1867, #464, beautiful vignettes of American eagle and Columbia, top, Queen Victoria, left, and Abraham Lincoln, right, with machinery at bottom, black and green, VF+. Est. 150-250


Great Republic Gold & Silver Mining of Virginia (VA), 50 pounds sterling 7% first mortgage bond, 1867, #495, Liberty, eagle with flag at top with Capitol in background, Queen Victoria left, Lincoln right, ore stamping mill below, one coupon used, single fold at very bottom of border, else EF. Est. 150-250


Guerrero Mines Co (ME), 100 $5 shs, 1910, Western Hemisphere indicating mine location, orange, VF+-EF. Mines located in Guerrero, Mexico. [10] Est. 100-150

Grafton Consolidated Mining Co (CO), $10 shs, 1901, #77 and higher, CO state seal, metallic gold border, black with green underprint, VF+-EF. [29] Est. 250-300


Grand Belt Copper Co (NY), $100 shares, capital stock, 188(5), #803, American eagle with shield at center flanked by horses pulling plow left and men mining underground right, star at bottom, black and red, VF+. Est. 175-200


Grand Central Mining (CO), $1 shares, 1912-17, miners working underground, on canary paper, gold seal, VF-VF+, mostly the latter. [49] Est. 300-400

January 16-18, 2012 - New York

3144 3144

Hillsdale Iron Ore Co (NY), $10 shares, 1868, #28, miners with ore wagons at bottom of mountains, black, adhesive duty stamp removed, VF. (photo) Est. 150-200


Homestake Mining Co (NY), $100 shs, 1879-1946, Native Americans overlook progressing civilization, eagle, black (2), black with blue underprint (1), red (1), green (1), and orange (2), ABN, stamp and punch cancels, good VF-VF+. Mines in Whitewood District, Lawrence County, Dakota Terr. [7] Est. 100-150


Humboldt Mining & Refining (PA) 1866. #1195. 100 shs. Men fill barrels, river scene beyond. Depot in seal, lower left. VF+. Est. 80-120


Idaho Eagle Mining Co (WA), 1000 $1 shs, Spokane, 1910, striking Gothic font, spread eagle, black, VF+. Mines in Kootenai County, ID. Est. 100-150


Imperial Consolidated Mining Co (AZ), $1 shs, 1919-20, spread eagle before coastal city, black and gold, Goes, uncanceled, VF-VF+ [28] Est. 150-200

3149 3149

International Mining Co (KS), $10 shares, capital stock, 1888, miners in headlamps examine ore underground, black text and vignette with green background and metallic gold overprint, border, and corporate seal, staple holes at upper left, minor edge wear, VF+. [5] (photo) Est. 300-400


International Mining Co (KS), $10 shares, capital stock, 188(8), #194, miners in headlamps examine ore underground, black text and vignette with green background and metallic gold overprint, border, and corporate seal, VF+. Est. 100-150


Interocean Consolidated Mining and Smelting (CO), $10 shares, capital stock, 188(1), #1203, smelter places ore into furnace at center, black with green underprint, edge creases at top, otherwise a strong VF+. Est. 80-120

3152 3152

Irrigation and Hydraulic Mining Co (NY), 1000 $10 shares, 1893, small format, gold underprint and seal on blue paper, with attractive green banknote-like design on verso; generally about EF. These mines were in New Mexico. [30] (photo) Est. 200-300

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The January 2012 Collectors Series Sale


Isabella Gold Mining Co (CO), $1 shs, 1893-1901, eagle with shield, buffalo, waterfall, black and orange, most with stub remnants at left, VF-VF+. [33] Est. 200-300


Karthaus Coal and Lumber Co. (PA), certificate for (500) shares, Philadelphia 18(71), #176, steam coal train with coal mines in the distance, small medallion of George Washington below, black, adhesive duty stamp, good VF. Est. 100-150


Kay Copper Corp (DE), $1 shs, 1925-30, Abraham Lincoln, black (3), brown (1), and blue (1), uncanceled, VF-VF+. [5] Est. 100-150


Kentucky Mineral & Timber (NJ) 1892. $1000. 5% First Mortgage Gold Bond. Cs. Red. Miners push ore cart from tunnel. Timbered mountains beyind. Signed by Thomas Fortune Ryan as secretary.VF. [9]\nThomas Fortune Ryan (1851-1928) acquired New York City street railway franchises with August Belmont, and literally controlled transportation within New York City until 1906. He later organized the American Tobacco Company, and had extensive interests in the Seaboard Air Line Railroad, the Equitable Life Assurance Society, as well as in coal companies in Ohio, West Virginia and Kentucky. Est. 600-800


Kentucky Mineral and Timber Co (NJ), $1000 5% first mortgage gold bond, 1892, #484, surveyors work as men haul ore out to rail cart, Liberty at upper corners, US shields at lower corners, red, folds, VF+. Signed by Thomas “Fortune” Ryan. Est. 80-120


Latin American Mining, A group of mostly US companies, most uncanceled, including Aguacate Mines (ME) 1917 orange; Alamo Gold Syndicate Inc (Panama) 1933 brown; Batopilas Corp (NY) 1938 orange; Bolivia Gold Exploration Co (CO) 1927-29 black and gold (2, one canceled); Boston & Sinaloa Mining Co (ME) 1900 black (4); El Canada Mines (DE) 1937 green (6); El Salvador Silver Mines Co Inc (DE) 1919 green and 1920 brown; General Mines Corp of Bolivia (DE) $500 bond 1921 orange (canceled); Granada Gold Mines Ltd (Ontario) 1936 blue; Guanajuato Consolidated Mining & Milling Co (WV) 1928-29 brown (2) and blue (1, all canceled); Guerrero Mines Co (ME) 1918 orange (3); Honduras Mining Co (NY) $100 bond 1884 black (top edge damage); Jamaica Consolidated Copper Co (ME) 1909-19 black and gold (8); La Concepcion Mining Co (NY) 1903 black; Las Nuevas Minas de Santa Maria Gold & Silver Mining Co (NY) 1882 green; Mexican Mining and Smelting Co voting trust cert 1902 brown and $25,000 7% bond 1912 amount written in, green; Mexico Consolidated Mining & Smelting Co (ME) 1907 brown; Montezuma Mines of of Costa Rica (ME) 1908-09 black (5); Patino Mines & Enterprises Consolidated Inc (DE) 1955 blue (2); Peruvian Copper and Smelting (DE) 1921 red; Quebradillas Mining Co (AZ Terr) 1904 brown (3); Rio Nechi Gold Mining Co (ME) 1902 black (top edge damage); and San Pedro Co (NY) 1890 blue; VF-EF. [53] Est. 150-200


Lead City Gold & Silver Mining Co, (Dakota), $2.50 shares, capital stock, 188(6), #125, scroll border design, toned, especially at edges, light edge wear, overall VF+. Est. 100-150


Keystone Gold Mining Co. (NJ), $2 shares, capital stock, 18(88), #205, stone arch at center, green and black, age-toned, otherwise VF. Est. 100-110


Lebanon Valley Smelting (NJ), $1 shs, 1885, smelting works scene, great “electric” title font, brown, red seal, good VF-VF+. [3] Est. 200-300


La Rose Rouyn Mines Ltd (Ontario), Shares, 192930, ornate border with underprint, green (6), brown (1) and orange (1), uncanceled, VF+. [8] Est. 100-150


Lehigh Coal and Navigation Co (PA), Shares, 1930-59, portraits of founders Josiah White and Erskine Hazard, blue (72), brown (37), green (40), and orange (38), ABN, VF-EF. [187] Est. 150-200


Lake Copper (MI), $5 shs, 1920-27, signed by William Alfred Paine as president, woman seated on marble monument with miners and mills behind, green, punches touch signature, VF+. In 1880, Paine established the banking and investment house of Paine, Webber. He was also involved in financing the development of copper deposits in Northern Michigan, which proved to be very profitable. [5] Est. 80-120


Longdale Iron Co. (VA), $100 shares, Philadelphia 18(81), #144, ancient female warrior standing over slain king, ‘sic semper tyrannis’ above, the State seal and motto of Virginia, blacksmith at left, black, VF. Est. 80-120


Langdon Rolling Mill Co (NY), $100 shs, 186466, signed by J Langdon as president, men work inside mill, black, fold and edge wear, good VF. [2] Est. 100-150

January 16-18, 2012 - New York


Maine Mining, Solid group registered in Maine and mining around the country; 29 companies, nearly all uncanceled, including Ashland Group Mining Co 1888 black; Boston-Aurora Zinc Co 1903 black and orange (2); Canadian Consolidated Mines Co Ltd 1909 green; Consolidated Zinc and Lead Co 1899 green (2) and brown (2); Gold Crater Mining Co 1910 black and gold; Hassayampa Copper Co 1907 black; Republic Mines Co 1907 red (3); Rio Nechi Gold Mining 1903 blue-black (2); Sullivan County Mica Mining Co 1897 black on yellow (great lionâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s head vignette); Temagami-Cobalt mines Ltd 1909 green and red; and many more, VF-EF. [50] Est. 300-400


Malachite Mining Co of Colorado (ME), $10 shs, 1878, miners underground, CO state arms, black, toning, VF+. Est. 100-150


Manhattan Giant Mining Co (SD), $1 shs, smoky mills in deep valley, mining scenes, black and gold, metallic seal, Goes, stubs reattached, dark toning at lower right edges, but about VF+. [29] Est. 100-150


Manhattan Gold Mining and Development Co (WV), $2 shs, 1896, miners send up ore bucket, miners in corners and at sides, black and green, uncanceled, soft folds, large majority good VF+. [70] Est. 500-750


Metal Companies Sixteen companies, including AC Stiles Anti-Friction Metal Co (CT) 1905, Algoma Consolidated Corp (Canada) 1933 (3 types), Callite Tungsten Corp (DE) 1943 (2), Duplex Metals (NY) 1908, Etna Steel and Iron (GA) 1906, Missouri Zinc Fields (ME) 1899, Northwestern Metals Co (MA) 1911, Pittsburgh Tin Plate and Steel Corp (DE) 1920, United Zinc and Chemical (NJ) 1909, others; VF-EF. [21] Est. 100-150


Mexican Mining Uncanceled group of shares including Compania Metales de la Victoria SA, Nogales, 1951 green; Minas De Mulatos SA, Nogales, 1932, black and gold, Goes; Victoria Mines Co SA, Nogales, 1932, black and gold, Goes (3); and YucatanCampeche-Quintana Roo Development Co, NY, 1928, green (7) and orange (1); Yucatan with fold and edge wear, good VF, others EF. [13] Est. 100-150


Mineral Bed Consolidated Mining Co of AZ (NJ), $10 shs, 1880, mining scene, semi-nude Justice right, black with bright read initials underprint, toned, light fold and edge wear, VF. Est. 100-150


Mines and Minerals Good group including American Alkali Co (NJ) 1899 green uncanceled (5); American Chrome Co (NV) 1954 black and gold; American Rose Garnet Co (NY) 1893 black on pink paper; Carbonate Flume Co (Dakota Terr) 30,000 $5 shs, Deadwood, 1886 black and gold, uncanceled; Cedar Hollow Lime Co (PA) 1860 black many handstamps; Chanute Cement & Clay Product Co (ME) 1909 green; Charleston Phosphate Co (SC) $100 bond 1884 black with red underprint, heavy cut cancels; Fullerton Minerals Co (DE) 1930 black and gold uncanceled; Limestone Fertilizer and Ballast Rock Corp (IL) $500 bond 1922 orange; Maryland Quarry Co (DE) 1907 orange uncanceled; Massachusetts and New Mexico Mining Co (CT) 1879 black and red; Orleans County Quarry Co (NY) bonds 1906 $100 orange (3) and $1000 green; Pan American Sulphur Co (DE) 1966-67 brown (1) and green (1); PA Salt Mfg Co (PA) 1869 black and 1940 green, Pennsalt Chemicals Corp 1959 green; Standard Acetylene Co Inc (NY) 1922 green uncanceled (3); and Wampum Lime Co (PA) 1906 green, uncanceled (3); VF-EF. [30] Est. 200-300


Mining Bonds, Great variety from around the US: Amalgamated Mining & Oil Co $30, $200, and $300 1907 green; Branch Mint Mining and Milling (SD) $25 and $500 1903 blue; Buffalo Placer Mining (CO) $100 1913 brown; Charleston Phosphate Co (SC) 1884 brown and red; Comstock Tunnel Co (NY) 1899 $500 orange (3) and $1000 green; Consolidation Coal Co (MD) $1000 specimen 1897 green; Dexter Mining Co (WY) $500 1906 red; Jefferson and Clearfield Coal and Iron Co (PA) $1000 specimen 1910 red; Keystone Copper Smelting (PA) $100 1905 blue (damage); London Mining Co (NY) $500 black (3); MA and NM Consolidated Mining Co $50 1882 #44 orange; Newark Mining and Milling Co (ME) $100 1914 orange (5); Republic Mines Ltd (ME) $500 1906 blue (6); Stewart Hydraulic Mining (AZ Terr) 1907 green; United Elkhorn Mines (PA) $1000 1904 green and gold; VF-EF [32] Est. 300-400

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The January 2012 Collectors Series Sale



Mining Box, Balance of our mining inventory representing over 140 companies with few multiples; most uncanceled (marked *); includes Anaconda Gold Mining Co (CO) 1892 gold; Beauce Gold Mining and Milling (Canada) 1881 black; Ben Hur Mining Co Ltd (MT) 1908 black and gold; Bertha & Edith Gold Mining Co* (NY) 1878 black; Bonanza King Consol Mining* (NY) 1882 black; Buffalo-Monitor Mining Co* (OR) 1907 green; Capital City Mining Co* (AR) 1887 all green; Caribou Cobalt Mines Co* (ME) 1913 red; Copper Knob Mining Co* (NY) 1881 black (3); Eclipse Mining Co Ltd (LA) 1889 black; Ely-Witch Copper Co* (ME) 1916 brown; Homestake Mining Co (Dakota Terr) 1879 black; Malachite Mining Co of Colorado (ME) 1878 black; Massachusetts and New Mexico Mining Co (CT) 1859 black and gold; Montgomery Shoshone Consol Mining Co (SD) 1910, issued to Charles Schwab green; North Horn Silver Mining Co* (NY) 1881 black; Rose Nicol Gold Mining Co* (CO) 1917 pink; Spearhead Bullfrog Mining Co* (DE) 1906 red; Three Bears Mining Co* (NJ) 1905 green; ); Winnebago and OK Mining Co* (NY) 1880 black (tape repair); and many, many more. VF-EF. [160+] Est. 1,500-2,000 Missouri Zinc Fields Co (ME), $25 shs, 18991910, fancy border, common blue-black with blue underprint (27) and black with tan (1), and preferred tan border and underprint (10), uncanceled, mostly good VF+. [38] Est. 200-300


Mizpah Extension Co of Tonopah (DE), $1 shs, 1907-14, mountainside mining camps, two mining scenes, Columbia, black and gold, Goes, two slightly different types, VF+-EF. Mines at Tonopah, Nye County, NV. [22] Est. 150-200


Modern Mines Shares from 1930s and later, uncanceled unless noted: Amco Mines Corp(NV) 1960 black and gold; Arizona-Nevada Mining Co (NV) 1972 orange (2); ASFE Mines Ltd (Ont) 1954 blue; Atlantic Nickel Mines Ltd (Ont) blue; Atomic Ores Inc (AZ) 1955 black and gold; Black Bear Consol Mining Co (NV) 1959 green; Bol-Inca Mining Corp (NV) 1968-77 orange (6); Bostana Mines Co (MT) 1952 black and gold (2); King of Pine Creek Mining (ID) 1941 brown and blue; Mindanao Mother Lode Mines Inc (Philippines) 1956 green; Newmont Mining Co (DE) 1970 green; No-Chance Gold Mine (State of Confusion) gag certificate 1947 unused orange; Spokane National Mines (NV) 1962-69 gold (3) and green (1); Tonopah North Star Tunnel and Development Co (NV) 1956 blue (2, canceled); Ute Uranium Inc (CO) 1953-56 orange (17, all canceled, paste stains left); and much more, full list available; VF-EF. [77] Est. 100-150

3180 3180

Mokelumne and Campo Seco Canal & Mining Co (CA), $100 shares, Mokelumne Hill, Calaveras County, CA, 18(65), #97, beautiful vignette at left of various stages of gold mining, with men panning and working sluices, pen canceled, edges slightly uneven, VF+. (photo) Est. 750-1,000


Mokelumne River Consolidated Gold Mining (WV), $1 shs, 1897, #72, eagle with shield, fold wear, pinholes, good VF Located in Calaveras County, CA. Est. 80-120


Montana Mining Desirable selection, including Basin Goldfields Ltd, unissued, 193_, black (4); Basin Mining and Concentrating Co, unissued, Helena, 189_ green; Ben Hur Mining Co Ltd, Saltese, 1907, black and gold (2); Blackfoot Mining and Milling Co of Helena, unissued, 188_, black and orange (2); Butte & London Copper Development Co (AZ) 1916 black and gold; Dog Creek Placer Mining Co of Helena, unissued, 18__, black; Flint Creek Mining Co unissued 189_ black and green (2); Inter-State Mining Co of Helena unissued 189_ black and orange (2); Maginnis Mining Co unissued 18__ black and green; Mining Developmant Corp unissued Lewistown ca 1890s black and gold; Moulton Mining Co 1881-84 black (4); North Butte Mining Co (MN) 1906-30 green (3), orange (1) and red (1); Original Butte Mining Co (NY) 1881 black; and Parrot Silver and Copper Co, 1899 black on gold paper, and 1907-08 green (6); VF-EF. [34] Est. 200-300

January 16-18, 2012 - New York


Nevada Mining Excellent group from 35 companies, most uncanceled (*), including Belcher Extension Consolidated Mines*, Reno, 1925 orange (corner damage); Candelaria Mines Co, Reno, 1920-24 olive (4); Consolidated Nevada-Utah Corp (VA) 6% gold bond scrip 1913 red; ); Consolidated Virginia Mining Co, Virginia City, 1921 all orange; First National Copper Co* 1911-29 purple (2); Goldfield Belmont Mining Co* (DE) 1912 brown; ; Great Divide Gold Mining and Reduction Co* 1910 black and green (2); London Silver Lead mines Co* 1926 black and metallic gold; ; Louisiana Consolidated Mining* 1920 brown; Mizpah Divide Mining Co* 1919 green (4); Nevada-Commonwealth Mining & Milling Co* (AZ) 1909 black and metallic gold; Reorganized Blue Bull Mining Co* 1913 green; Reorganized Silver King Divide Mining Co* 1938 green; Ruby Hill Tunnel and Mining Co, Eureka, 1887 black on yellow; Silver Dale Mining Co*, Las Vegas, 1922 black, brown and gold; Silver Pick Consolidated Mines* 1912 black and pink; Smuggler Mining Co Ltd 1931 orange (2); White Caps Mining Co* 1917 black, and many more; VFEF. [45] Est. 300-400


New England Mining and Quarrying (VT), $10 shs, 1858, great vignette of fireman ringing bell, toned, minor ink erosion, good VF. Est. 100-150


New York & Santo Domingo Rock Salt & Improvement Co (NY), $5 shs, 1882, #54, sailing ships in centre, eagle with shield at left, Dominican arms at right, VF. Company formed to work the large deposits of salt found near Neiba in the current Dominican Republic. Est. 100-150


New York & Utah Prospecting & Mining (NY) 1867. #100. 100 shs. Horse carts pass mine entrance and mill. VF+. Est. 100-150


New York and Calaveras County Gold Mining Co (NY), $1 shares, capital stock, 188(0), #4533, scene of mining camp and village with river, horse-drawn cart, rugged mountains, pin holes at left, toning in margins but VF+. Est. 80-120

3183 3183

Montana Gold and Silver Mining Company (PA), 500 Shares Capital Stock, 1866, #72, men with cart work by shaft opening, R44, Theo. Leonhardt, VF+. (photo) Est. 200-300


Montgomery County Coal (NY), $20 shs, 1857, #13, 19 and 20, coal train, canal, black, uncanceled, fold wear, minor foxing, trimmed left edges, but about VF+. [3] Est. 150-200


Moon-Anchor Gold Mining Company (CO), $1 shares capital stock, 190(8), #6486, golden anchor hangs from crescent moon before clouds, anchor and chain borders, black and gold, fold wear, VF+. Est. 150-250


Moulton Mining Co (UT Terr - MT Terr), $5 shs, B