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Magister Utinam Sequatur Evangelium Universus Mundus Poland is a fertile land for Religious Orders, with more than 60 and 140 different male and female Orders respectively. The country also hosts 25 different Secular Institutes. Seeing these figures some obvious questions immediately crop up: is there really the need for another kind of apostolic life in the Polish Church? Does the Church in Poland really need the SDC? Is there a place for SDC in Poland? These questions take us back to the very beginning: Why are you here? Why Poland? For me the most important and fundamental answer is: we are here because God wants us to be here... now. There can never be any empirical proof for this conviction. However, looking back at how the SDC found its way to Poland and what has happened since our arrival here two years ago, its as clear as day – for those who believe – that God wants the SDC to be in Poland. Secondly, we are here to live as SDC members. This means that being SDC members in Poland we live out our vocation faithfully while incarnating the charism of the Society in a new reality and culture.

A celebration for polish youths

We do this by integrating the five dimensions of the SDC vocation in the everydy life reality they are living in. This is the best service which the SDC can and has to give to the Church in Poland – having members truly and authentically living out their vocation. Hopefully, if and when God wants, He will call others to live out this vocation, following the example of those who will be living it in their same culture and reality. We are still at the very beginnings. We are still in the period where the foundations are being laid, first of all by learning the language and understanding the culture. Thank God, this year we also started experiencing more of the true life in Poland by slowly getting into the reality of work. What’s going to be next is still unknown to us. How will the SDC be active in apostolic work within the Church? We still don’t know. But we are sure, that He knows. And this is enough for us. Just as He has shown us the way till this point, he will definitely indicate the way forward in the future, show us what to do when it’s time to do it. For the time being we strive to do our best at what we are doing now and pray: “Lord show us what you want from us and help us do it.”

A society activity in August 2012

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Preca Calling - February 2013  
Preca Calling - February 2013  

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