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Divine Teacher, may the whole world follow your Gospel

the formation week with its interesting subjects and reflections in Çirkewwa; the old members’ residence (Good Samaritan Home); the Founder’s house; the Mother House, the beautiful sea and the jellyfish that I met while swimming! The memories from this experience have made an indelible mark in his life. He is also studying Peru so that he can communicate better with anyone from Malta who may wish to visit his country in the future. Carlos has great hopes that he will continue to reap the fruits of this experience for a long time. ■ Making friends with the old members at the Good Samaritan Home was a lovely experience for Victor Gomez Herrera from Peru. For him, the eldery were proof that when someone strives in his work he will definitely persevere. Apart from that living with the young candidates was for Victor like living with brothers. They shared the same joy, especially the Maltese candidates who this time round had foreign candidates visiting them, rather than they going abroad. Victor was impressed by the kindness and generosity showed by all the members that they met, and whose encouragement to keep going was beneficial.

He also enjoyed the short stays at the centres that they visited where they experienced a lot of joy through coming to know so many children, youths, candidates, members and superiors from the adminitration of the Society.The visits to the landmarks related with the Founder where also enriching: his house, his death bed, his shrine, his priestly robes and others. ■ Santiago Aiquipa Torres from Peru was equally impressed by his opportunity to visit the Mother House in Malta and to have such a beautiful experience with the SDC candidates and members in Malta. He felt grateful to the Lord because these were two weeks in which he came to know the Founder better and to deepen the Founder’s ideals. He was also impressed to see the children participating in the meetings, they joy when they arrived at the centre as a result of the joy in their hearts and happiness in the Lord. He felt happy that he came to know candidates from Albania, England and Kenya who shared their experiences in their own countries and the example of all the Maltese candidates who were so joyful and enthusiastic.


Preca Calling - February 2013  
Preca Calling - February 2013  

- Review Year 2012