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Locate Submission Guide Sales

welcome to your online submission form

Hopefully this will all be pretty self-explanatory. If you’ve ever filled out any sort of online form you’ll be fine with this format. Just in case I’ve produced this guide for you to refer to in times of need.

sales submission guide

Progress bar…how long left!? This bar lets you know how much of the form you have left to fill in – if you can’t finish it in one go then don’t worry. You can save your form whenever you want and you’ll be emailed a link back to your progress.

Enter Branch Name Select your branch from the drop down menu.

your first property…

Property Address Pop in the address of your property.

Post Code Post code in here please

FJLref: This refers to the IDBS reference of the property. I’ve started you off with FJL – just fill in the numbers.

how much?

Pick your Price Format Prices have been displayed in a variety of ways in previous editions of Locate – how do you want to display yours? Price (single figure) – shows one price only Guide Price (single figure) – shows one price but with the words: “Guide Price” in front.

Single Price

Guide Price (range) - Guide Price that shows the upper and lower reaches of the price you’re expecting to get.

Once you’ve clicked your option then the Price field is revealed. Enter your figure.

Range Price Just the same but double the work! Enter two figures in here please.

worth a thousand words…

Your Property Images All you have to do is enter the name of the pictures you want and the photographers and the marketing team will do the rest. Using the images references on IDBS will be a help but if not then simply naming the room or describing the shot should be enough. Once you’ve submitted the form an email will go to Philip to get on the case. Remember the properties should look impressive and be an extension of the brand so pick your best properties and the best images. We’ll assume “Image Preference 1” is the preferred main image.


EPC Just need the letter of the current energy performance here.

property description…

Your description I’ve locked you into 280 character maximum here. That relates to the physical space in the magazine. Here’s the big challenge, in 150 - 280 characters your task is to describe the property and say a little about the local area. Remember – you’ve got the bullets to help you.

your bullets…

Headline News What do you have to say about this property? Does it have great views? Does it have car parking? Does it have a garden? Not exactly exciting stuff but stuff that are deal breakers for people looking to purchase a property. If it doesn’t fit in your description then utilise the bullets. We need three – keep them short and sweet, they’re a great little tool for catching the eye. For the sake of consistency we’re always going to run with the number of bedrooms as the first bullet point.

onto the next one…

No more…please! Don’t want to finish this now? You don’t have to, come back fresh and ready for more. The form will ask you to enter your email address and it will send you a link to follow to resume your current session.

Three more to go Carry on the fun and market another property in Locate.

it’s all over…

Who are you? enter your email address and it’ll ping you an email. It acts as an audit trail for you and gives you the peace of mind to know the form has definitely worked.

Anything further? Got anything else to tell me? Any little instructions or notes to add that you couldn’t include in the form can be put in here.

have a go yourself‌


Submission of properties guide sales  

Submission of properties guide sales