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Hi everyone! Welcome to the new, more lighthearted edition of Teal! In this issue we have articles on current affairs, another iconic teacher interview, and more. We at Teal realise that this time of year can be hell on earth for all the students taking exams recently, so we’ve also put together a set of more uplifting or relaxing features such as a hilarious critique of the bing search engine and some educational puzzles to complete in your free time.

editor’s note

We’d also like to thank Maria Afonina in Year 11 for the beautiful cover art, which fits this issue’s cheerful theme very well. I hope you have a very relaxing end of term, and don’t forget to send in any submissions you want to see in the next edition. Happy summer holidays!

ash peacock, editor in chief

cover story

cam mun 2019 Charlotte Wilson and Izzy Pearl discuss their experiences at CamMUN 2019. This year, on Friday the 8th of March, the annual Cambridge Model United Nations commenced. After months of hard work, dedication and preparation, the Foundation welcomed schools from all over Europe in through the gates to get started on the debates. But, before the debates could begin, a warm welcome was given in our opening ceremony to all the students followed by our keynote speaker, Léonie de Jonge, from the department of Politics and International Studies at the University of Cambridge; who delivered an excellent presentation on the the theme of populism. She talked about the meaning of ‘populism’ and whether it should or should not be a concern of ours.

into the debates, Friday afternoon was spent lobbying - an essential part of any MUN where you gain support from fellow delegates for your resolution, which helped to set the mood for the following two days in regards to the following debates.

vote for or against it, or abstain. After a full day of debating was completed, the visiting delegates were given the opportunity to explore Cambridge and see all the beautiful sites that we are lucky to see everyday. Exploring all done it was time for the social event, a night of dance and fun awaited the delegates. Music of all sorts filled the room, from iconic bangers such as Toxic by Britney Spears to masses of foreign songs, especially Spanish rap. Soon the dancing became infectious and almost everyone joined in, until their feet ached their throats hurt from singing. By the end of the night everyone had danced until they could no longer go on, and a good night’s sleep was in order to prepare for the next day of debating.

A long day of debating lay ahead for the delegates, with every committee (Political, Disarmament, World Trade Organisation, Human Rights, Ecology and Environment, Economic and Social, Historical) set off debating their own topics. The debates were in full swing, with every delegate bringing new ideas and opposing views to the debate, each representing their country to the greatest accuracy. Once a resolution had been fully discussed, with every With the introductions and cere- amendment voted for or against, it mony completed, it was time to get was time for the final decision to be started with the debates. To ease made; it was up to the delegates to An early start awaited the delegates 4

cover story for the last day of CAMMUN 2019, and although the delegates were weary from the disco last night they could still barely wait for the next session of debating. The debates picked up at the same level of intensity as they were left from the previous day, every delegate still eager to get their say in the debate and make their amendments heard. As the end drew near and the final resolutions were being voted upon, the realisation that the end of the conferences was close caused a widespread sadness; so many new friends and joyous memories were made, and no one wanted it to end, but alas CAMMUN 2019 had to finish, but not before the superlative awards could be presented. These included best dressed, best looking delegates, most likely to go to jail, most likely to become a dictator and many many more. The chairs also chose 3 delegates that especially shone

due to their utmost interest and participation in every discussion for amendment, although every delegate deserved to win one of these due to all the hard work and effort put into researching their countries view on their given topic. All that was left was to thank all the amazing students and staff members that managed to make the conference possible, without their dedication and tremendous effort such a large scale event could not happen. With everything ticked off the list, it was time for CAMMUN 2019 to come to a close. Now all that’s left is to wait for CAMMUN 2020. CamMUN 2020 will take place from the 6-8th of March.

izzy pearl and charlotte wilson y10



an interview with ms radice

Isobel Best and Marina Ristuccia conduct an interview with Ms. Radice, a Classics teacher. (Interview took place in March 2019) An Interview with Ms Radice Ms Radice is a Classics teacher at the Senior School and Sixth Form. She is well-known throughout the school for dishing out life advice, her passion for Classics and for being an all-round legend. Her students would describe her as “formidable”, “quick-witted” and “intuitive”.

am I hopeful of the prospects? could beat another department... Not as hopeful as I’d like to be. What’s your favourWhat’s your most used emoji? ite Greek or Latin word? My most used emoji? Oh my gosh! My favorite word is Greek, it’s I genuinely don’t know if I’ve got συγγνωμη (sung-nō-mē). It’s the one… I’m trying to think… I most beautiful word for forgivequite like the exploding thing, the ness because it doesn’t mean sayfireball and I also like… Do you ing it’s ok, it means understanding know the target? [In what con- why something happens. I think text do you use them?] All sorts. it’s better than the modern concept that forgiveness is saying it’s ok because it’s more constructive to work through it. If you make people believe the benchmark for forgiveness is to say it’s ok, then it can set it impossibly high because if e.g. someone killed my child, that’s not ever going to be ok but I can still try to understand why they did it.

If you could tell your younger self one thing, what would it be? If I could tell my younger self one thing... accept that limits are inevitable. [Care to elaborate?] It’s very easy to think that what one has to do is to push forward and that aspiration is the benchmark, but aspiration and discontentment with the status-quo can be different labels for the same thing. You have to appreciate what you have. Who in the Classics department would come out top in a fight? Talk to us about Brex- Oh my gosh! I couldn’t possibly it / What are your opinions say! Depends on the equipment… on a second EU referendum? No comment. [Do you think the OH GOSH we need it! We abso- Classics department as a team lutely need it. [Do you think 16 could take another department?] year olds should have a vote in the I wouldn’t want to suggest we second referendum?] 100%, absolutely. [What do you think of the new independent party?] I think that there is a need for a realignment of certain political principals. I think that the two current parties don’t serve a middle ground anymore and the question is how far it can get in the time available. [Are you hopeful about the prospects of a second referendum?] I’m naturally optimistic... 6

What would you have done if you hadn’t been a teacher? Lots of possible things... I’d quite like to work in a prison, insofar as if you believe in trying to make society stronger, then you have got to learn what makes it break. You can’t find ways for society to progress without understanding


the most broken parts. [What do you think of our current judicial system?] I think quality of decision making is robust, I think deciding how guilty someone is is only the beginning. Dealing with it and prevention and rehab are far, far harder.

know if you are or not. I would like it to be the case to say that I’ve got integrity. I try to be as honest as possible, and I try not to be frightened. [Do you think those words would have been different when you were our age?] Probably, because as you go through life different things are What’s something you’ve done important and different things are that might surprise your students? challenging, so the characteristics COULDN’T COMMENT! Literally you need in life change with time. nothing no no no couldn’t possibly! If you could go back and change one If you could have any tal- thing, what would you change/would ent what would it be? you change anything? Oh wow, I’d love to be an amaz- I don’t think I would ing dancer - like a really fast one, actually, which isn’t to like a really speedy dancer. [Fa- say that I agree with vorite music?] Cheerful music with all my decisions retgood lyrics and pleasing sounds. rospectively - no one does - but I think when What made you interested you wish to go back in Classics in the first place? and change things, I found it hard - I mean my family that’s harboring rehas quite a lot of Classics in it, but grets. There’s many really I think it was just a school things I would’ve subject which was challenging done differently at the and I liked it. [Did you do Greek time, but I wouldn’t and Latin?] Yes. Greek was always go back and change my hardest subject. I prefer Greek them now because to Latin. [Did you have a good then maybe I wouldn’t Greek teacher?] Yes, I did actually. be sitting here today.

lennium? It’s appalling how much litter there is. We need it back. If you could punch someone in the face without facing any consequences, who would it be? I don’t believe in violence... but it’d probably be Boris Johnson because I think he should have known better. I think that he has an agenda for his own personal prominence and he should have known better. [Are you referring to Brexit?] Yes, 100%. I don’t think he gen-

Who would play you in the movie of your life? OH MY GOSH!! Who would play me in the movie of my life… I don’t know how my life will end so I can’t choose an actor. [Who would play you in the beginning?] Do you know, I’m gonna need to think about it.* *She never came up with an answer

If you could punch someone in the face without facing any consequences, who would it be?

Do you have any life advice for your students? Er… not sure. That’s ironic because I dish it out all the time… Try to be as honest as possible because it’s better to understand and confront than to ignore through fear.

uinely believed in it - I disagree with the people who believe in it, Hypothetical street name? Biggest pet peeve? like Jacob Rees-Mogg, but at least I’m far too old! I don’t even know Litter! Oh my gosh! I cannot bear they’re genuine. I don’t like those what a street name is! I don’t speak the litter. [Do you confront people who don’t think it holds water language of street, I’ll have to think about it?] Yeah, I do, and I pick but have used it as a power play. about it... [Kai suggests Hippoclei- up litter as well. Probably not as des] - Ok, maybe Hippocleides… much as I should, but yeah I try What’s your favorite classical myth? to pick up as much litter as possi- The Iliad, without a shadow of a Three words to describe yourself? ble. Did you know in the 80s there doubt because it contains a huge It’s hard because it’s things that you was a Keep Britain Clean cam- amount of truth. It shows what like to think you are, but you don’t paign? Where’s that for the mil- brings people together and what 7


pulls them apart, and it shows that empathy is the most important and enobleling human characteristic. I read it when I was 14 but didn’t really understand it, but when I read it again when I was an undergrad I realised how important the message of empathy is. [Do you think ancient texts are changed when read in translation?] Yeah, I think it doesn’t change the factual narrative flow but it changes the moral labels and coloring of events, because different societies have different moral labels. The viewpoint it presents on the action it describes is difficult to translate. The Iliad translates quite well because a lot of it is shown by action, but for other texts it’s quite difficult. Where’s somewhere you’ve always wanted to travel? Ooh… I think China, just because I know nothing about it really and it’s hugely important globally. What’s your favorite song of all time? I genuinely don’t think I have one, I have a favorite film and a book… but a song… possibly Hallelujah


[Which version?] Probably Jeff it going on, everyone in this counBuckley, but that’s possibly contro- try should read Things Fall Apart. versial. [What about your favourite film?] Top Gun- which is surprising because it’s terrible but I absolutely love it [Favourite book?] The Iliad What’s your favourite place in the world to be? Home with my family - that’s the truth. At home with my family. What’s a book you’ve read recently that you’d recommend to others? Educated by Tara Westover - everyone should read it. It describes a girl growing up in a deeply mormon area of America and it shows how society can be so different even in societies similar to our own, and how hard it is to try to find a middle ground when different people have contradicting understandings of the same situation. Also Things Fall Apart by Chinua Achebe because it was the first book written in English from an African perspective. It shows the horror of the British rule in its arrogant assumption that British society is better than the tribal customs. With Brex-

isobel best and marina ristuccia y11



Millie Hegarty explains to us why we just can’t stop saying ‘one more episode...’ “Just one more episode...” Then it’s two, three, four and before you know it, you can barely see the TV through the mountain of empty crisp packets and discarded chocolate wrappers around you. I found myself in this position a couple of weeks ago after binge watching the entirety of the new Netflix show, You - the psychological thriller about an obsessive bookstore manager that goes to extreme measures to insert himself into a customer’s life. After watching 6 consecutive episodes, I realised both how unproductive I had been and how little I had moved from my position in about 4 hours (excluding snack breaks). This got me wondering how I managed to sit in front of Netflix for 4 hours, without getting bored or guilty for not doing the mountain of work I no doubt had to do. My mind immediately went to the economic theory of marginal utility - the added satisfaction someone gets from using/getting an extra unit of a good. In this case, the marginal utility is the added happiness I received from clicking onto the next episode, after being left on a cliff-hanger from the previous one. Usually, this theory is quickly followed by the theory of diminishing marginal utility - as one extra unit is consumed, the added satisfaction from this action falls (as the novelty of a good wears off, the utility gained is less than before because it’s not as special). However, I found that after each extra episode I watched, I received increasing amounts of utility as I enjoyed the show. The rising levels of utility

made me feel like I had made the right choice to spend my evening sprawled across the sofa, but the opportunity cost of the hours spent glued to the TV (the loss of the benefits of doing something more productive), was still in the back of my head. I found myself thinking about the opportunity cost of my actions at least a few episodes in, which was part of the reason why I felt guilty for spending so long in front of the telly. There is an opportunity cost for every action we do; the tradeoff for each decision comes with an inevitable cost of whatever else we could be doing. As I sat and let Netflix count me down into the next episode, my opportunity cost of the binging session was building - the mountain of school work I had cast aside (because “I deserve a day off ”) seemed to get bigger and more unachievable after each episode. The next best thing for me to do with the time during my Netflix period, would be to finish my homework or revise for an upcoming test. But for some reason, I still decided to melt into the couch for the rest of the evening - probably because of the cost-benefit analysis I made after each episode. Even if we aren’t aware of it, many of our decisions are made through cost-benefit analyses - if the benefits outweigh the costs, we will go through with the decision (essentially a mini pros and cons list). During a binge session, the costs are discounted since they are in the future; the costs occur in the morning (for example), when you have to wake up early for school the next day, barely able to

open your eyes and focus on the bowl of Frosties in front of you. Since the costs aren’t counted, the benefits are automatically larger, and we continue to watch the show into the early hours of the morning. This type of cost-benefit analysis is often associated with goods that are over-consumed, such as cigarettes or alcohol, as the costs aren’t counted, and the benefits are immediate. However, these goods are known to produce negative externalities (negative effects on others who are not involved in the action). It is debatable whether the bad mood you wake up in in the morning (from staying up until 3 a.m.), causing you to be grumpy with your mum and putting her in an equally bad mood for the day, is a negative externality - so who’s to say whether binging is bad for you? Despite the opportunity cost, the costs and the guilt we may receive from binging a show, the enjoyment we get whilst watching it is the overwhelming reason that we do it which is why every time that Netflix drops a new show, my snacks are already on the table and I’m already on the couch. And every time I watch the first episode of a show, I’m already asking myself why I shouldn’t watch “just one more episode...”?

millie hegarty l6


culture A humorous and fascinating read, Why do Buses Come in Threes? by Rob Eastaway and Jeremy Wyndham explores the maths hidden all around us in our day to day lives. Both easy to understand as well as intriguing, this book explores real life examples where maths plays a vital, yet often unknown, role. Each chapter aims to answer a question, such as how to explain a coincidence, how come you always end up stuck in traffic and how best to cut a cake. Perhaps my favourite chapter was the first, where the book explores the beautiful links between mathematics and nature. Who would’ve thought you would be able to find parts of the Fibonacci sequence in the spirals of a pineapple, or that this wonderful sequence can be used to calculate

the number of combinations a bee can cross a honeycomb? Another moment in the book I found particularly enjoyable was when the authors explained the best way to kick a conversion in rugby and how to solve the well known problem of whether the lifeguard should run across the beach or swim to rescue someone from the sea, both using fairly simple trigonometry. Much of the maths also relates to fairly basic concepts in physics, such as the refraction of light in glass. Not only does this book explain how to tackle some well known and fun puzzles, it also gives us an insight into the history of maths in the last few centuries and what is yet to be discovered. With useful diagrams as well as a few jokes along the way, this book has something for every-

one, and it certainly isn’t necessary to be a maths genius to enjoy it. Available on Amazon and the science museum bookshop in Cambridge (first published 1998)

why do buses come in threes? Almudena Visser Velez reviews the best-selling book ‘Why Do Buses Come in Threes?’ by Rob Eastaway 10

almudena visser-velez l6


archie harrison mountbatten-windsor

Madeleine Sutton comments on the new royal baby and revitalising the monarchy. Anyone who knows me will know how excited I’ve been for this baby. Not only is the baby the absolute cutest baby in all of existence (although I say that about every baby) but in my opinion, the marriage of Harry and Meghan brings new life into a monarchy which was slowly becoming more and more irrelevant. That’s not to say that I don’t like the royal family - I feel like I wouldn’t be truly British if I didn’t - because I totally love what they still do for the country, however I feel like most of the interest in our monarchy now comes from abroad. Obviously the relevance of the monarchy ebbs and flows, with weddings and babies, however in the past I feel like we cared more. My nan tells me all these stories of street parties and celebrating the Silver Jubilee in the Girl Guides, and how much people used to look up to them. Now, we value our royal family so lowly we write gossip articles about them?

The issue with the monarchy now, I feel, is how truly unrelatable they are to all of us. Their lavish weddings and world-celebrated children are just so different to what our lives are like. I mean, what do they even do on a daily basis? I just kind of picture them all sitting around and having afternoon tea every day. But without us noticing, the monarchy bring in £1.8 billion pounds a year. It just seems like such a large proportion of this comes from people visiting the UK rather than people living in the UK. Harry and Meghan have made a concerted effort to connect to us, the British public, and make the royal family important again. This hasn’t entirely been successful, as can be seen by googling ‘Meghan Markle’ which shows the hatred she gets on a pretty much daily basis.

later changed! Meghan has clearly demonstrated that she is a kind, loving lady who is perfectly suited to being a member of the royal family. So how does it seem fair that in the media, none of her good actions are remembered and instead - at the time of writing - headlines such as ‘Meghan Markle BOMBSHELL: The REAL reason Meghan split up with her first husband revealed’. There seems to be only one blatantly obvious reason as to why the media is treating her so badly - racism. I really hope in the future we can move towards a place where we accept everyone (and that more than one non-white person in the royal family isn’t so much of a shock) and that we treat - and all other celebrities - as proper human beings who deserve respect and privacy.

The duchess is a lady who has worked her whole life to help those in need. This can be seen in the letter she wrote to then first-lady complaining about the sexist packaging on a cleaning product - which was

I really hope that Archie Harrison Mountbatten-Windsor lives a happy life uninterrupted by the ‘outrage culture’ media.

madleine sutton l6



WHERE IS THE ONE PLACE YOU WANT TO GO IN YOUR LIFE AND WHY? Madeleine Sutton interviews students to see how global we are.













cinnamon rolls

this cinnamon roll recipe is a family favourite - my mum, brother and i really can’t get enough of them. this roll recipe by paul hollywood can contain just cinnamon alone of for a more christmassy (rather the wrong time of year, but it’s a nice addition) vibe. Put the flour and 1 tsp salt into a large bowl. Make a well in the centre and add the yeast. Meanwhile, warm the milk and butter in a pan until the butter melts and the mixture is lukewarm. Add the milk mixture and egg to the flour mixture and stir until the contents come together as a soft dough (add extra flour if you need to). Tip the dough onto a well-floured surface. Knead for 5 mins, adding more flour if necessary, until the dough is smooth, elastic and no longer sticky. Lightly oil a bowl with the vegetable oil. Place the dough in the bowl and turn until covered in oil. Cover the bowl with cling film and set aside in a warm place for 1 hr or until doubled in size. Lightly grease a baking sheet and set aside. For the filling, knock the dough back to its original size and turn out onto a lightly floured surface. Roll it into a 1cmthick rectangle. Brush all over with the melted butter, then sprinkle over the sugar, cinnamon and fruit. Roll up the dough into a tight cylinder, cut into 9 x 4cm slices and position on the prepared baking sheet, leaving a little space between. Cover with a tea towel and set aside to rise for 30 mins. Heat oven to 190C/170C fan/gas 5. Bake the buns for 2025 mins or until risen and golden brown. Meanwhile, melt the glaze sugar with 4 tbsp water until syrupy.


Remove from oven and glaze. Set aside to cool on a wire rack. Once cool, mix the zest and icing sugar with about 2 tbsp water to drizzle over the buns. Serve.

madeleine sutton l6 (and paul hollywood)

acids and alkalis crossword


Rohan Appadu creates a fun chemistry crossword.

rohan appadu y7



spotify recommendations A Lower Sixth student recommends some songs popular in her playlists right now. Come and Get Your Love - Redbone This song might be familiar to some Marvel fans out there as it is in the iconic opening scene of Guardians of the Galaxy. Listening to this song along with the whole Guardians of the Galaxy soundtrack instantly makes your mood a thousand times better and definitely puts some energy into starting the day right. This is the perfect study tune to put in the background since it is happy yet isn’t too distracting or too sad that it demotivates you to study, something to keep in mind especially with exams coming up. Also, it is the perfect jam to cure post-Endgame sadness (speaking from experience here). Dazed & Confused - Ruel I’ve noticed that not a lot of people know this song, which is a shame because it radiates such a chill vibe that would be perfect for a Sunday morning where you have nothing to worry about, or curling up with a good book with this playing in the background. It might just be me but I’ve always been drawn to the type of music that isn’t too loud or too pop-y, and of course, a ballad is always a go-to option but something about the moderate and steady pace of this song brings such a calm feeling. If you are looking to discover underrated music then definitely give this a try. Flare Guns - Quinn XCII, Chelsea Cutler


Another underrated song to add to your list because it is one of the most chilled-out and calm songs I’ve ever heard. This song has been on repeat for me for the past few months and I cannot get enough of it; just when I think I’m sick of it, it comes right back onto my playlist. Lyrics-wise, this song is simply about the warning signs that blare up in one’s head when their heart is wanting to do something they know they shouldn’t be doing. One thing I love about it is how spontaneous it was written: Quinn XCII wrote this song at a gas station in Vermont while he

reviews was on tour and the concept came so naturally to him that he had to hold up his van for an extra 30 minutes in order to finish it. That’s usually the case with writing music; it usually comes to you in the most unusual places in the most unusual time. Sucker - Jonas Brothers The return of the Jonas Brothers is one of the most hyped up things in 2019, and they marked their reunion with this unforgettable song. Granted, it might not be the best song you will ever hear, but it marks as a milestone for many fans as a lot of them realise how long it has been since they’ve heard the Jonas Brothers and how much they have grown up since then. There was a time when they were everywhere, even with their own TV series, ‘Jonas’, and their comeback provides a nostalgic experience for a lot of people. ‘Sucker’ certainly has a more grown-up vibe in it compared to the old Jonas songs back in the day, which is a relief because it would have been weird to see a bunch of grown-up men singing boy-band songs. ‘Sucker’ is definitely a song to listen to when you want a fun and happy song to jam out to. Old Town Road - Lil Nas X feat. Billy Ray Cyrus (Remix) No one ever thought that combining country and rap was a good idea, but for some reason, it works. Never in a million years would I succumb to this type of music, but I can’t seem to stop listening to this song! The lyrics doesn’t make sense but the beat provides such a calm feeling and, honestly, the music is of good quality. If you just listen to the song but ignore what the lyrics actually mean, it is very addictive. I sometimes find myself just singing this in the most random places that it is kind of embarrassing to admit it. Give it a try and you will know what I’m talking about. Deep End - Birdy A playlist wouldn’t be completed with a sad song and Birdy is very famous for making our hearts hurt. ‘Deep End’ is one of the songs you listen to when you are sad, only to be even sadder after you’re done. The music composed is beautiful, the lyrics are heartbreaking and Birdy’s voice is exceptional (like always). The song is essentially the story of the magic in a relationship fading away over time, but the way Birdy phrases it and the performance given is emotional and raw that you can’t seem to stop listening to it. I discovered this song from my YouTube recommendations and I must say that YouTube is doing something right because it is one of the best songs I have ever heard and will ever probably hear, but I’ve always been a sucker for ballads so that might be why. 17


science society wordsearch

l6 science society

cool websites


Oscar Perez desperately tries not to come off as a massive space(X) nerd that he is. NASA Earth Observatory [] This is the place where all the images that NASA publishes that don’t have enough space in them to be called “Space Pictures”. The website has daily updated high-resolution aerial pictures taken by astronauts aboard the ISS and orbiting satellites. Unsurprisingly, the website has photos from all around the world, from cinematic weather events to vast, man-made phenomena of all kinds. If you’re ever in need of a ridiculously huge image of our planet viewed from space, this should be your go-to source. It also has a variety of blogs and articles about climate change, geographic expeditions across the world, and much more. SpaceX Job Positions [ list] This is a stupid one I occasionally open up for a laugh. It’s surprisingly fun to see which positions have opened and which have closed since the last time I checked, and flicking through the academic requirements for the myriad of scary sounding jobs. There’s a position at Cape Canaveral open for a cook which has been on there for months. I like to picture Elon Musk himself having to man the kitchens to keep the hard working engineers fed. Oh, and, of course, it’s useful if you want to work at SpaceX. Live the dream, man~ The OED [] This seems like a boring one, how-

ever the Oxford English Dictionary is second to none when one quite simply wants to know what a word means. Of course, it’s not as accessible as ham-fistedly mushing your desired word into Google, but when you want a reliable explanation of anything obscure in the English language it’s undeniably the best. BBC Gender Pay Gap Checker [] Some readers may have heard about the BBC’s report on the gender pay gap, and possibly of a few biased companies trying to explain their uneven salaries. However, with this website you can check any British firm with 250 or more employees for their pay gap. Although you can get the figures directly from gov. uk, the BBC provides various extra graphs which help to try and make you feel like less of a statistics nerd. Unfortunately SpaceX isn’t on there.

written somewhere in the trillions of trillions of pages of text. It’s perfectly possible with today’s computers. For lack of a better phrase, it just works. Each library reference is almost as large as this article, so it’s only really useful if you want to very inefficiently send secret messages that only boring people like me will be able to recognise. Gallery of Babel [] Oh, also there’s a picture-based version of the above, although the references to the images are too large to copy into iPad clipboards, which manages to make it even less useful than the library.

Where is Starman? [] Like many people, I remember the first launch of the Falcon Heavy fondly. This is one to bookmark and forget; apart from a few extras, this website shows where Elon Musk’s Library of Babel Tesla Roadster carried as payload [] on the rocket is currently in the soDo you think that you’ve written lar system. Rather unsurprisingly, something of the slightest signifi- it’s often in the middle of nowhere, cance or importance? Do you think with the soonest close approach to you’ve made something unique or Mars happening in late 2020. special, a piece of writing that you could have only ever put your heart It is pure coincidence that two Elon and soul into? Well, visit this web- Musk derived websites have apsite, paste your text into the search peared on this list. Neither Teal nor box, and it will look through an any members of the Teal editorial diunbelievably gigantic library of vision are in any way affiliated with randomly generated text until it Elon Musk, or are being paid off to finds your exact string of characters advertise his stuff. amidst the random nonsense. It’s hard to believe, but there’s practically no chance that whatever you could possibly write, it’s not already

oscar perez l6


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