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Shantania Beckford

The content creator with a big zest for life



VELVET VIBES Hair that gives off the right energy. Easy to dye, tone and bleach – The Feme Collection V™ Virgin Remi hair at its purest. Exclusively distributed by Feme Ltd | feme.com

10 Servin’ big energy

14 Tress to impress


04 S coop Breaking beauty news and the latest hair happenings 06 E verything you need for daylight savings From winter warmers to high tech personal safety devices 08 B eat your greens The zingy shade is having a make-up moment – and we’re here for it! 10 S ervin’ big energy Shantania Beckford speaks about her spiritual journey as a content creator

30 Spell loves

14 Tress to impress X-pression Ultra Braid Pre-Stretch artics shades to get you in the festive mood 16 A ll the jingle ladies Spell Beauty's line up of party looks with #spellsquad stars 22 Y ou’re the gift You party season prep

06 Everything you need for daylight savings

24 M ake a splash Six (Spell approved) reasons why textured hair needs the Soul Cap 26 E xperts on edges Grow back edges with the help of industry pros 28 C aution! Hot buys Top tier investment cleansers 30 S pell loves Feed your inner product junkie 08 Beat your greens

32 Q ueen of numbers Meet the new star of Countdown, Dr Anne-Marie Imafidon 36 M anifest life goals in 2022 The Astrology Vixen shares her wisdom

24 Make a splash

34 B ulletin The latest offers from spellbeauty.com 11/12 2021



Shantania Beckford

The content creator with a big zest for life


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P O SCO ry goss! all the indust Bulletin with


House of Purple Rose skincare collection, from £18


Super-luxe ingredients, cultivating healthy skin and minimising the effects of stress


HOUSE OF PURPLE ROSE How overcoming her own skin issues led House of Purple Rose founder Anne Onwusowulu to launch her own premium range Read the full interview at spellmagazine.com

“Before launching my brand, I started suffering from stressrelated breakouts. It seemed like my skin was suddenly purging and it left my face looking dull and uneven with dark spots and marks. I became very self-conscious and desperate to find something that might help. I tried many products; some alleviated the fresh spots, but nothing helped the dark spots and marks. That’s when I decided to make my own solution. “After researching heavily and joining different DIY community groups, I was able to make a formulation that helped with gradually fading my spots. A few friends suffering from the same concerns asked what I was using, so I decided to get formally educated in skincare. SPELL



“I enrolled on Formula Botanica’s International Skincare Entrepreneur Course and underwent additional cosmetic training. While training as a formulator I also studied herbalism. This is when the House of Purple Rose was born. “One of my hero products is the Regenerating Gold Concentrate Serum. When used in skincare formulations, gold generally makes the complexion smoother and more radiant. A study was carried out on the efficacy of the 23k gold flakes grade used in our serum, which found skin firmness increased by up to 13 per cent. After one month, skin appeared more radiant and after two months’ use it was smoother. “Stress can cause new skin problems to develop or existing

issues to flare up. I would advise maintaining a good skincare routine – even on days when you feel tired or anxious. Also, exercise regularly as this will release feel-good hormones that will improve your energy and mood. Keep an eye on your diet and make it healthy – processed foods can trigger inflammation. Lastly, get enough sleep where possible and find time to engage in a relaxing activity that makes youfgeel good. “The key to achieving healthy skin is understanding what your skin requires and using targeted products for the identified needs. Personally, for me, there’s no such thing as ‘perfect skin.’ I would rather say healthy skin with an even skin tone."





If in Despair Brush Your Hair is a new online video series that sees women sharing their personal stories with creator and Scissors of Oz founder Oz Izzet, whose aim is to “empower people through hair.” Its first instalment features Instagrammer Shahira Allen (AKA @afroglory_), who speaks candidly about her natural hair journey, acceptance and why grooming is the ultimate form of self-care. Go grab the popcorn.

Molecia Seasay’s winning look

Last month, rising textured hair stylist Molecia Seasay was announced the winner of the Cantu Curl Awards 2021. The talented stylist faced stiff competition from four other finalists before being awarded the prestigious title that included a £5k cash prize and an opportunity to shoot a Spell Magazine 2022 campaign. Editor Jemima Cousins who judged the finals said: “Molecia demonstrated a good eye for trends and making it her own. I'm really looking forward to working with her”

Save vs Splurge

BLACK IN FASHION INDEX The Black in Fashion Index presents the findings of a survey of 30 fashion firms, which were polled anonymously on their equity and inclusion practices. The report lays bare a distinct lack of racial equality, confirming that more needs to be done to improve diversity in the workplace. This survey will now take place annually with more companies pledging to get involved and report findings.


GRANDMA GLAM Tying your headscarf under your chin à la The Queen could be the chicest move you make this winter. Don’t believe us? Then use the AW21 catwalks as your guide. From Dior to Max Mara, the runways were awash with the retro-granny glam throw-back.

CRÈME OF NATURE Argan Oil Curl Activator Creme, £6.99 FLORA AND CURL Sweet Hibiscus Curl Activating Lotion, £17





daylight savings

Eve De Haan

As the nights draw in, we cover all the essentials you might need to safely enjoy the darker months

Cosy season has hit the UK, and with it comes an extra hour of sleep (for one day only, sadly), jacket weather, and festive feels. It’s time to hunker down with a mug of tea and a good Netflix series, and wait for the Christmas vibes to kick in. Alternatively, if you’re keen on getting out and about this December there’s plenty to do, whether it’s in daylight or not. However, besides the shadows cast by the 4pm sunset, there’s another gloomy side to this time of year. With an increase in awareness of violence against women within the last year,

including recent publicised incidents of spiking in clubs and bars, many are feeling frustrated, fearful and at a loss at how to enjoy normal life without becoming a victim of a crime. As the days become darker, the emphasis on safety becomes stronger. Charities such as End Violence Against Women are campaigning to do just that. The Home Office has pointed to a £25 million safer streets fund, and social media influencers are using their platforms to call on clubs and bars to take more responsibility when it comes to the safety of patrons. Earlier this year, London-based artist Eve De Haan SPELL



donated all profits from her ‘Text Me When You Get Home’ charity campaign to make the UK a safer, fairer place for women. While more action needs to be taken, including extra funding and policy, it is important we are taking care of ourselves and each other. With this in mind, this month’s guide contains a range of handy tools and gadgets to help you stay safe and comfortable during this time of year, all the while having fun, socialising and engaging in self-care activities to keep you feeling your best in the run up to the festive season.




GGTGTUK on Etsy Safety Keychain, from £20

EMPOWERED BY ASHLEY Personal Safety Alarm, £24.95

VERY Coat, £66.99




NIKE Air Zoom SuperRep 2, £109.95

SHAKE2SAFETY app, free download

THIRD SPACE Combat classes, from £180 per month




BRUISED movie, out 19th November

KIPRUN at Decathlon Running Light, £29.99

RISHON at Amazon Addalock, £9.99




Mark Fast






CHARLOTTE TILBURY Eye Colour Magic Liner Duo in Green Lights, £21

BEAT YOUR GREENS If there was ever a time to try an unusual shade, it’s now. Look to the fruit bowl for inspiration and pair your greens with banana yellow, berry pink and plum purple. Just remember that this doesn’t count as one of your ‘five a day’!



BPERFECT Supreme Velvet Brights Liquid Lips in Toxic, £9.95

KIMCHI Chic Beauty Virgin Mojito palette, £16.50 SPELL



Style shown: Glamazon Length - Colour 613 © 2021 Feme Ltd.

No tape. No glue. No fuss. Simply laced to perfection.

slay all day everyday EXCLUSIVELY DISTRIBUTED BY FEME LTD I feme.com



Shantania Beckford’s personal journey has helped her reinvent the definition of content creator




Scroll through Shantania Beckford’s Instagram profile and you would not think that this proud Jamaican immigrant was homeless for three years and undocumented for 15. The spirituality and positivity that she promotes on her page cuts through the noise of what she admits is a superficial industry (influencing), and this same energy radiates from her personality in person. In our interview, Shantania responds to questions with honesty and level headedness that you might not expect from someone with such a large following; however, as you’ll read, Shantania refuses to let the pressures of fierce competition for influence get the better of her. Here, she talks about sexuality and its many pigeonholes, getting into make-up as a means of survival, and why you shouldn’t overthink getting the big chop. YOU BECAME A CONTENT CREATOR FIVE YEARS AGO. HOW HAS THE GAME CHANGED FROM WHEN YOU STARTED?

Before, it was safer to express yourself and to be yourself. Now, I feel like we’re very censored and freedom of speech has changed. It’s also oversaturated, and everybody wants to be famous or in the public eye. I feel like people lose themselves much easier because it’s so hard to be authentic. WE’VE LOVED WATCHING YOU BLOSSOM OVER THE YEARS. YOU’VE SHARED SO MUCH WITH YOUR FOLLOWERS INCLUDING YOUR SEXUAL ORIENTATION. WAS THIS A DIFFICULT THING TO DO BOTH PERSONALLY AND PUBLICLY?

It wasn’t difficult for me, because I’m made from love - I am love. I’m just living my life the way I want to live it because that feels right to me. I can defend myself and I will stand up to anyone who challenges me for what I choose to do with my life. ARE YOU A FAN OF TERMS LIKE FEMME, LIPSTICK OR BUTCH LESBIAN? AND DO YOU IDENTIFY WITH ANY OF THEM?

I think they’re all words that keep you in a box within a social construct. I don’t identify with them, but other people can use them if they want to. I’m just Shan, and I do what feels right for me. LAST YEAR YOU WENT FOR YOUR THIRD BIG CHOP (BC) IN 10 YEARS. WHAT



At first, I was just bored with my hair. Then, I realised that I needed to get my hair back to good health. Stress really affects how your hair grows. I thought about getting dreads, but before that I need nice, healthy hair before I start my loc journey. WHAT ADVICE WOULD YOU GIVE TO SOMEONE CONSIDERING THE BC?

Don’t overthink it - just do it. The more you ponder it, the more you become anxious. The best things happen when you take risks. Buy a couple of wigs just in case you don’t like it, and remember that your hair will grow back eventually. HOW DID YOU GET SO DAMN GOOD AT MAKE-UP?

When I was homeless and undocumented, I couldn’t get a job so I was trying to figure out a way to make money. My friend asked me to do the SPELL



make-up for a video shoot, and from there I started doing small jobs and got better at what I was doing. Once I got the confidence, I took it to YouTube. ANY TIPS YOU CAN SHARE WITH YOUR MELANIN-RICH SISTERS?

Keep it simple. You can always add more if you need to, but simple makeup enhances your beauty more than it does when you’re packing it onto your face. You also can’t go wrong with the basics if you’re practising. WE’VE FOLLOWED YOUR SPIRITUAL JOURNEY THROUGH SOCIAL MEDIA WHAT DO YOU DO EVERY DAY TO STAY CONNECTED TO YOUR SPIRITUALITY?

We are spiritual beings living the human experience. We’re always connected, but it’s about being aware. I’m aware of myself and other people, and I’m good at disassociating myself from my reality which helps with meditation. Spirituality allows you

can’t actually be around certain people. My spirituality has enabled me to make my own path and do my own thing. I don’t feel the need to be involved or make friends with everybody. I don’t feel like there are many people doing influencing the right way. They’re talking about their clothes or make-up, but how do they help people? I don’t see many influencers helping others, unless it’s for social media. TELL US ABOUT YOUR TATTOOS HOW OLD WERE YOU WHEN YOU GOT YOUR FIRST ONE? WHICH IS YOUR FAVE AND HOW DO YOU CARE FOR YOUR SKIN?

I was 18 and at college when I got my first tattoo, which was a group of butterflies on my shoulder. I drew it out, and during my lunch break I visited a guy who had a tattoo studio in his house. My favourite is the lion on my inner arm – it reminds me of my dad. I got it for him and it has blue eyes because that’s my aura colour. I dry brush my skin twice a week, and I use organic shower gels – my favourite at the moment contains manuka honey. I then use a scrub, followed by a dry skin oil all over.

“SPIRITUALITY IS AN EVERYDAY PRACTICE” to have gifts, and I feel like my gifts are here to help others. Spirituality is an everyday practice, from how you walk and talk to how you think about yourself and how you view the world. Every little thing that you do should be done with awareness, and with peace and love in your heart. SOME PEOPLE SAY THAT THE WORLD OF INFLUENCING CAN BE SUPERFICIAL. DO YOU AGREE?

It’s so superficial to the point where I


I really kept my head down. I was worried about how people would perceive me, being from Jamaica and a poor background, and I didn’t want people to see me as this naughty girl who’s causing trouble. I had a lot of willpower and I had to get myself through a tough situation to make my mum proud and not let myself down. I had dreams about who I wanted to be in the future, and I just had to figure it out as I went.


I’ve realised that I don’t need to use filters at all on social media. I’ve stopped using filters and editing my pictures, and I’ve learned how to embrace the more natural me. Previously when I posted Instagram stories, the first thing I would do was swipe to find a nice filter to enhance how I looked. Now, it’s different; I just press record straight away and post my real face. THERE’S BEEN A LOT OF TALK ABOUT BLACKFISHING IN THE ENTERTAINMENT WORLD RECENTLY. WHAT ARE YOUR THOUGHTS ON IT?

If a situation is genuinely a blackfish issue, then someone should talk about it with the person involved and tell them to get their ish together. But at the same time, I feel like people are trying to find a reason to be unhappy with someone else, even though it’s maybe their own lives that they are unhappy with. Frankly, we’re all influenced by urban black culture, and at the end of the day, people need to express themselves. We need to fight for ourselves to be who we want to be. I really don’t have time to sit here and be worried about a white girl who’s a little bit tanned and has a braid in her hair. People are bored in their lives, people are angry – so what do they do? Sadly, they’ll go on social media, find an issue and put their energy into that. What happens is they come away and they’re still in a bad mood. It’s a cycle that’s hard to break, and they become conditioned to be hateful people. Follow @ShantaniaBeckord


Treasured pieces from the content creator’s very own style wardrobe

VALENTINO Wear Cushion Foundation, £64

BENEFIT BROWVO! Conditioning Eyebrow Primer, £25

BOUX AVENUE Alisa Body, £38

EMPRESS BOUTIQUE LACE WIG Brazilian Wave, £34.99




Hair: This page The Feme Collection Lace Wig Glamazon in colour 613, £31.99. Opposite page Empress Boutique Lace Wig Brazilian Wave in colour 1, £34.99 Fashion: Vicki Sarge black suit, headwrap DASKA. Opposite page Zara coat Accessories: Tilly SVEAAS











Get into the festive mood and dazzle with these new artic shades from X-Pression Ultra Braid Pre-Stretched





1 Emerald • 2 Crystal Grey • 3 Violet Indigo • 4 Caramel Blond • 5 Artic Blue 6 Plum Red Wine • 7 Cinnamon Cream • 8 Candy Ice Pink SPELL



Urban Twist - Passion • Colour: T1B27. © 2021 Feme Ltd.

Follow Your Passion Channel your inner Bohemian goddess with PASSION TWIST

EXCLUSIVELY DISTRIBUTED BY FEME LTD ©2021 All rights reserved feme.com

Jingle Ladies Nail party season hair with Spell Beauty

Put your getting-ready playlist on your speakers and grab your wigs, weaves and extensions. There’s as much joy in glamming up this season as there is in the party. And when the squad pulls up looking on point, remember to take a photo and tag @SpellBeautyUK!




Photography by Glenn Larkby. Hair by Deen Fashola and Aisha Ibrahim. Make-up by Natasha Wright


Abbie is wearing X-pression Ultra Braid Pre-stretch in colour 1B/30

Sleigh, girl Party hair? We understood the assignment It’s protective style season, and what better way to debut a new look than at a festive celebration? No need to tone down your make-up or outfit – these super long braids can hold their own.

“Christmas Day I love to lounge around in my PJs until the early evening, then I get glammed up just in time for dinner.” — @abbiecurls




Zeena is wearing The Feme Collection Lace wig

Love at frost sight

Glamazon in colour 4

Don’t wait under the mistletoe without ice-cool hair Even if a Christmas kiss is on the menu this season, love your self with a look that will boost your confidence at any soirée. Pair super sleek tresses with glitzy hair clips that will shine just as much as you do.

“Coming from a Caribbean household there are so many festive dishes I love but macaroni and cheese pie tops the list.” — @zeenaxena




Esther is wearing Empress Custom Lace Wig in colour T1B/27

Treat yo'elf

“I love falling asleep watching classic Christmas movies.” — @esthermukundgi

Self-gifting never felt so good! Sashay to the dancefloor with a spring in your step – as well as your hair. These waves are perfect for adding volume to a party look, plus the bold two-tone colour will let everyone know that you’ve got festive style down.




Monikah is wearing The Feme Collection Afro Lace Wig in colour T1/27

Reach for the stars Classic coils that could light up a room At a loss of how to style super short hair for a Christmas gathering? Tight ringlets never let a festive look down. Be the star of the party with this easyto-install look, and add your favourite jewels for extra sparkle.

“I wait until everyone is up in the morning to open Christmas presents, that way I get to see their reaction.” — @monikahlee




Eunice is wearing The Feme Collection

Break the ice

Afro Puff HH in colour 1B/33STK

Hair that turns heads and starts conversations Your presence is the real present at any gathering, so make the most of the extra attention with hair that brings out your personality. It’s party in the front, party in the back when it comes to this look – what else do you do when all eyes are on you?

“This year I’m really looking forward to spending time with friends and family. After the year we’ve had, that’s the ultimate gift” — @euniceasiedu




You’re the gift All your essentials for Christmas, New Year festivities, and everything in between.

TINSELTOWN Merry Christmas Garland, Habitat, £15 GET SET Translucent Setting Powder, Laura Mercier at Cult Beauty, £20

IN THE MIX Between Us, Little Mix

RETRO VIBES Party Fans, TK Maxx, £2.99

SUIT UP Sequin Jumpsuit, River Island £85

TOP TIPPLE Dark & Spicy Non-Alcoholic Tropical Rum, Caleno, £18

GOLD STANDARD Heels, River Island, £48

LENGTHY GAINS The Feme Collection V, from £79.99

GAME ON Who In The Room Party Game, Amazon, £13 SPELL


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Soul Cap

Make a splash Six reasons why the Soul Cap Microfibre Towel is life-changing for textured hair



ll hair towels are not created equally. During washday it’s so easy to reach for any old towel lying around, but with today’s high tech materials, your life (and hair) will be transformed just by swapping a traditional cotton towel for a microfibre one. New to Spellbeauty.com is the Soul Cap Hair Towel, a lightweight and high-performing microfibre towel that you need to add to your hair arsenal pronto. Need further convincing? Here are six reasons why you need to purchase a microfibre towel today. 1. CUTS DOWN DRYING TIME If you have thick curly hair and you choose to dry your hair naturally or use a little help from a hairdryer, you don’t need us to tell you how timeconsuming the process it can be. Due to the small size of the synthetic fibres that make up a microfibre towel, it has a larger surface area, which means your towel is stacked with a high density of absorbent fibres despite its lightweight feel and appearance. In turn, it soaks up water and moisture a lot quicker than a traditional cotton towel, taking your strands from drenched to soft and dry in swift time. 2. GENTLER ON YOUR CURLS Microfibre towels by design have a smoother texture which is just what curls and coils crave. With just a few gentle strokes of the Soul Cap Hair Towel, you’ll experience just how smooth the fibres can be. And the best part of all? Your hair will reap the many benefits. Retaining as much softness and moisture to your hair as possible, Soul Cap is one of the most effective ways to eliminate any dryness or breakages and promote strength and growth instead. 3. HELPS YOU WAVE GOODBYE TO FRICTION Friction is a big no-no for all hair types. It’s known to cause dryness, frizz and split ends, and it’s one of the byproducts from using traditional towels made from cotton due to its coarse



texture. By making a simple swap to a gentler microfibre towel like Soul Cap, you can help to reduce breakages, making your strands stronger and softer in the long run. 4. PREVENTS KNOTS AND TANGLES We’ve all been there before when using regular towels – one minute you’re meticulously drying your hair and the next thing you know your curls have become entangled. This often occurs because the loose strands from traditional terry cloth or cotton towels become intertwined with your curly, coily hair. While on the surface this may not seem like much of an issue, it can be damaging to your delicate curly mane and may lead to unwanted knots and tangles. A microfibre towel won’t leave you spending time painstakingly smoothing out your strands. Becuase it’s softer in fibre, it tends to not shed or fray, so there is less chance of breakage occurring. 5. LIGHTWEIGHT AND COMPACT One of the other unsung benefits of using a microfibre towel is just how lightweight they are, and in turn convenient. Wearing a traditional towel over your head when your hair is wet can feel akin to carrying a small human on your head; in contrast you barely feel the weight of a microfibre towel even when your mane is drenched. The smaller size of the Soul Cap towel makes it perfect for packing when you’re embarking on a short trip and suitcase space is scarce.

More smart water ideas

Hello Klean The Shower Kit, £98

OnlyCurls Shower Cap, £16

6. KEEPS STRANDS SMOOTH AND SHINY Microfibre towels provide the added benefit of making your hair feel smooth and shiny. The tiny soft fabric keeps the cuticle uninterrupted resulting in hair that feels soft to the touch and glossy and nourished in appearance. Buy your Soul Cap Towel now on Spellbeauty. com, priced £24.99.

Microfibre is a material frequently used for athletic wear. The combination of synthetic fibres wicks moisture (perspiration) away from the body, keeping the wearer cool and dry. It is also a popular fabric for making bathrobes, jackets, swim trunks, and other clothing that can be worn for aquatic activities such as swimming. SPELL



Waterpik Cordless Plus Water Flosser, £55



High Risk Styles that put tension on the hairline and scalp: locs, canerows, weaves and braids on relaxed hair.

If you’ve been suffering from thinning edges and super keen to restore them back to their former glory, read on for our top expert tips. In today’s world, having unprecedented access to different hairstyling choices is incredible. Styles like weaves, braided extensions and wigs are so much more accessible now in comparison to previous times. And while we rejoice at having so many options at our fingertips, one of the downsides of popular protective styles is they can lead to hair loss conditions like traction alopecia if worn too frequently or tightly. Thinning edges can also be a hereditary condition, but more often than not it occurs when the hair is constantly stretched causing it to slowly pull away from the scalp. Those with afro textured curly/coily hair types are more likely to experience traction alopecia, but the good news is that if caught early it can be minimised. Ready to get your edges thriving again? SPELL



Moderate Risk For less manipulation and looser styles try buns, ponytails and braids on natural.

Low Risk Hair worn freely like afros, curls and low hanging ponytails are considered the most healthy style option. Illustrations by Dorcas Magbadelo aka Dorcas Creates




“One of the easiest and most transformative ways to regenerate the hair follicles is by massaging your scalp with your fingers. It’s such a simple and straightforward task that it’s often overlooked, but it should be your first port of call if you’ve noticed a bit of thinning around the hairline. Regularly massaging your scalp, especially your edges, stimulates blood flow to encourage growth in any thinning areas. Add an oil like the Mielle Organics Mint Almond Oil to your fingertips and gently massage your edges before bed or whenever you wash and style your hair. You can further stimulate the scalp with powerful essential oils to give you just what you need to bring your edges back to life.” Monique Rodriguez, founder and CEO of Mielle Cosmetics

“Braids and extensions are rooted in African heritage, and it is commonplace for us to switch up our styles regularly, even from a very young age. Unfortunately, our styling choices make us more predisposed to traction alopecia. Protective styling is all well and good, but tight braids, constant weaves, and wigs rub against our edges, causing traction alopecia and follicular miniaturisation. When opting for braids and weaves, don’t be afraid to tell your stylist not to braid your hair too tightly and to omit plaiting your edges. This will reduce tension on your hairline. We have been slightly brainwashed to think that they always have to be ‘laid’, but don’t be fooled: your natural kinky curls are beautiful and should be celebrated too.” Kameese Davis, CEO and Founder of Nylah’s Naturals

“Pay close attention to your diet and ensure you are getting the right nutrients and vitamins to support healthy hair growth. Opt for foods rich in protein and biotin to assist you in your growth journey, such as eggs, fatty fish rich in omega 3 like salmon and mackerel, sweet potato and avocado. Hair supplements can also provide a helping hand, particularly those created to thicken the hair which contain vitamins and minerals like biotin, collagen, and keratin – all renowned for their strengthening properties. The trick is to be consistent. Many of us are guilty of trying out supplements for a few weeks before quickly becoming disheartened when results don’t appear right away. But, my advice is stick with it, it’s definitely a process.” Dr Stefanie Seyda, founder of Natucain


BABYTRESS 3-in-1 Styler, £7.99

THIS IS SILK Silk Overnight Hair Wrap, £35.99

NATUCAIN Hair Activator, from £120



NYLAH Leave-In Heritage Cream, £16

MIELLE ORGANICS Mint Almond Oil, £9.99

T O H ! N O I T U A C • S Y U B T O H ! N O I T CAU S

your was upercharge

it h routine w

e eauty piec b t n e tm s e h these inv


1 2 3


Photo Glenn Larkby


1. MYSMILE Whitening Toothpaste, £17.99 • 2. Tata Harper Softening Cleanser, £75 • 3. Wig Bar Wig & Hair Extensions Conditioner (part of set), £55 • 4. Estée Lauder Advanced Night Repair, £82 • 5. Authentic Beauty Concept Enhancing Water, £22 SPELL



Set your own trends What’s new, exclusive and iconic. Discover our curated digital hair and beauty boutique today.

Biocare Labs

The Feme Collection V

Afro Lace Wig

Lace Wig Gloss Waves

Super Food Lx

Soul Cap


Urban Locs Infinity Locs

Skin Proud

spell loves FEED YOUR INNER PRODUCT JUNKIE From next-gen beauty buys to animal-friendly shampoo, here are the must-have products on our radar this month Skin Proud Frozen Over, £16.95 Organic Series Zinc Algae Mask, £17


Cold weather, central heating and comfort food aren’t, let’s face it, the best ingredients for healthy skin. Luckily, we’ve discovered three new skincare heroes that are helping us cancel out the seasonal troublemakers. Skin Proud’s Frozen Over moisturiser delivers a cooling shot of hyaluronic acid to reawaken puffy, neglected skin. Rich in vitamins and amino acids, the Pumpkin Brightening Mask by black-owned DW Aesthetics is the quick-fix radiance-boost we need, meanwhile Organic Series Zinc Algae Mask is packed with do-gooding ingredients to stop acne and new blackheads in their tracks.

DW Aesthetics Aesthetics Pumpkin Brightening Mask, £16.99


Pics & captions we’ve liked on the ‘gram this month

@michellethompsonhair Caption: BLACK GIRL MAGIC! Don’t they look amazing together. For GHD & @jhair_stylist at the Wella Trendvision awards..

@pig.malion Caption: Finally the new girls are complete!! Link to shop is in bio



@t0nit0ne Caption: For anyone mending a broken heart… An excerpt from my latest book, ‘I Wish I Knew This Earlier’


@blackhair_flair Caption: Braids & beads


Bantu Knots are our favourite winter go-to, and this stunning neat and petite ‘do is just the thing for turning up the heat. Get the look by applying Bleach London’s Proper Copper Colour to lightened hair then smooth down using Aveda’s Nutriplenish Curl Gelee (a great way to curl your hair without heat too). Next, twist your hair into knots and use Laid Locs’ Bamboo Edge Styler and Flaxseed Gel to lay those edges. Finish with a quick slick of lip-gloss and girl, you’re on fire!

LAID LOCS Bamboo Edge Styler, £8

LAID LOCS Flaxseed Gel, £16.31

BLEACH LONDON Proper Copper Colour, £6.50

AVEDA Nutriplenish Curl Gelee, £29


It might not be January yet, but we all know the post-Christmas come down is just around the corner. But instead of wallowing into our unopened credit card statements, we’ll be turning to the power of aromatherapy to see us through to spring. Our favourite new discovery? Beautiful independent brand Mood, created by Rachael Holgate, a busy mum of three. We can’t get enough of its euphoria-inducing Ibiza Days Daily Mood Oil. Priced £31.


MAC Ruby Phew




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Queen of


‘Three large numbers, and three small.’ Those were the words - or some variation of them - that we heard round after round before Dr Anne-Marie Imafidon worked her magic on Countdown during Channel 4’s Black To Front day. The task of presenting the numbers round was slightly different to Imafidon’s existing vocation. The 31-year-old is the co-founder of Stemettes, an award-winning social initiative dedicated to inspiring and promoting the next generation of young women in the STEM sectors. In addition, she is a visiting professor at the University of Sunderland and sits on the Council of Research England. A busy woman, you might say, but we were lucky enough to take up some of her time to talk about Countdown calculations, the future of artificial intelligence, and the privilege of being able to give young people an opportunity to better themselves and change the world around them.




You have previously been called a prodigy thanks to your early achievements. That label seems like a lot to place on a young person’s shoulders! Did you ever feel pressure to succeed? Not really, I was just doing what I wanted to do at my pace, rather than having to wait or slow down. I didn’t take it for granted that I was going to pass my GCSEs or A Levels early. If I failed, I probably would have said, ‘Well, you weren’t supposed to be there in the first place!’ As we mentioned, you’ve achieved a great deal of successes in your life, but what’s your greatest achievement to date? My greatest achievement has been with Stemettes. It’s the opportunities that we, as a team with me at the helm, have been able to create for young people. Some of the most striking achievements have happened most recently, with the certification academies. I obviously did exams early when I was younger, and Stemettes is giving young people the chance to get certifications in cyber, python and agile, for free. These are young people doing it in a group, who come from all across the world. Even during the pandemic they’ve been able to get online and attend lectures. For me, my pride is being able to pass opportunities forward to the next generation - and to do it en masse. These are priviledges that I had. I believe that if you give people the right circumstances and opportunities, they can thrive. There are so many barriers that we put in front of young people, especially girls and black people, when actually we should provide the opportunity and ask them to give it a go. How does it feel being able to provide young people with these opportunities? It’s life affirming. I was portrayed as a lone prodigy, but I know that many other people were capable of doing what I did if they had been given the opportunity. It’s great to do this for young people who will use it as part of a cohort. Then they go on to maintain those relationships and build a powerful network. This collaboration is so important - working together and having a shared experience. What’s your advice to young black

girls and boys who want to excel in academia? My advice is to not feel as if this is something you have to do alone. Academia is a space that can end up feeling lonely if you don’t work hard. Make sure you have networks, friends and mentors who you can talk to and compare notes with. I’m currently chairing a fund for Research England and The Office for Students which provides £8m worth of funding for universities to improve the postgraduate experience for BAME students. There are a lot of folks who recognise that we do need young black people in academia. Channel 4’s Black To Front diversity day has been a year in the making. What went through your mind when you got the call to be a part of Black To Front Countdown? I was confused, I’ll be honest! I wondered how they even got hold of my number, and when they had ever seen me presenting any Countdown-style maths. I did four years of maths and computer science at Oxford University - not one day did they give us six numbers and ask us to make a three digit number with them. I haven’t even been a contestant! Is it right to dedicate a single day to diversity on television? Shouldn’t we be seeing black talent on our TVs all year round and make it part of the everyday norm? Initially, I thought, ‘why not, it’s Black History Month?’. And then I questioned why diversity could only happen in Black History Month - we’re black all year round. But I concluded that it’s important to take steps where you haven’t before, where you’ve been inactive on this front, and put your stick in the ground. This is the step we’re taking where we can prove a couple of things, experiment, and realise that seeing black people on screen shouldn’t be that big a thing. When we do things like this, Channel 4 doesn’t fall off air or collapse in on itself. So I’m hoping we’ll begin to see lots of different types of faces, not just on Channel 4, but across other channels. One step in a direction is better than inertia and inaction. And it’s not that I’m saying we should be grateful for scraps; I think we should dial up the pressure and see where we can go next now that we’ve accomplished this. SPELL



Fun facts ✓ Aged 11, Anne-Marie was the youngest girl to ever pass A-level computing

✓ By the age of 20 she

received her Master’s Degree in Mathematics and Computer Science from the University of Oxford

✓ 2017, she was awarded an MBE for services to young women and STEM sectors

Shows like Countdown have been historically white-fronted. How do you hope viewers will react when they see an all-black panel? Hopefully they will react like they would as if it were the regular Countdown panel. Maybe it will also inspire a couple of folks to apply to be contestants or further their love of maths and words, or even look into presenting on shows that tend not to have representation.


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Anne-Marie’s goals for 2022

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• Learn to speak and understand Punjabi • Visit Japan • Have a home cinema

What are your thoughts on the future of artificial intelligence? I have lots of thoughts on this. I’m a trustee of The Institute for the Future of Work, and so the future of AI in regards to the workplace is something that I end up talking about quite a lot. Nothing is inevitable. Anything that is predicted about AI is only a possibility; it’s something that might be accomplished, if not now, then eventually. But it doesn’t have to be accomplished. Just because we can build a robot that marries our grandkids, does it mean we should? A lot of the things that most people are excited about at the moment are based on statistics and data. So much of what is going mainstream now is based on statistics and data, which does make you think, ‘what are the foundations on which we are currently building AI?’ Given how things are, there are so many social inequalities across society, all of these issues, and

that’s where the data has come from. We have to be smarter about how we use it to build what comes next, and that we don’t repeat the mistakes and injustices of the past. We have to be vigilant and appreciate that a lot of this is approximations based on how things have been. How can we get ourselves to a point where any AI that we are using or developing is improving the status quo, rather than maintaining it or making it worse? This year, you completed the draft manuscript for your book, She’s In CTRL. What impact do you hope that this book will have on the world of tech? I hope it will be the beginning of the end of the ‘we need women in tech’ phase. There’s so much that I know is coming upstream in terms of the next generation, such as their understanding of technology and what they want to do with it. Stemettes SPELL



is for those aged 25 and under, but there are older people who contact me asking about what they can do. I tell them that there are so many other spaces that they can enjoy, be a part of and shape. I put the word ‘CTRL’ in the title, because these spaces can give you so much agency, and we need more people to have agency over this technology because it’s so far-reaching. So much of what we have done during the pandemic has been done virtual through Zoom and other platforms. Now that we have virtual bodies and virtual presences, it’s important we thoroughly question how much personal agency we have over them. We must say, ‘this time round, I will not be victimised, overpowered, treated like a second-class citizen or left out in the development of this technology’. We must also think to ourselves, ‘I will have some agency and understanding of what I do and do not want to be represented as.’

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Dreaming of success in your career? Want better luck in relationships? Hoping for improved health over the next year? Manifesting could be the key to helping you reach your goals says Sade Buari aka The Astrology Vixen

Sade Buari

T S E F I N ...MA LIFE GOA LS 2 2 0 2 IN Over the past two years, many of us have felt stuck in a rut when it comes to reaching our life goals. It’s true that the pandemic has limited progression in many ways, from hindering chances of going on that special date thanks to social distancing and hospitality closures, to adding roadblocks in our careers due to furloughs and redundancies. However, while it’s easy to blame it all on COVID-19 and fall into a pattern of disillusionment, in the long run this does nothing to help you fulfill your potential.

In the midst of the ennui, many people have turned to self-help strategies in order to spring back from life in the grip of the pandemic. Manifestation is one technique that has gained momentum during this time, its popularity evidenced in the form of YouTube videos, social media quotes and memes – one that springs to mind depicts a Bratz doll accompanied by the words, ‘Shut up, I’m manifesting’. However, manifestation is nothing new. Its origins lie in New Thought spirituality, which emerged in the early 19th century. Manifestation is based on the Law of Attraction – a belief that positive or negative thoughts lead to positive or negative experiences. SPELL



For example, if you truly believe that you will meet your ideal partner this year, your belief will become a reality, according to the Law of Attraction. Obviously, it’s unlikely that your perfect person will appear on your doorstep after one positive thought (but never say never). Manifestation requires changing the way you think on a more permanent level and can often involve daily activities such as repeating mantras, journaling, eating a cleaner diet and reviewing a selfmade vision board. To help us unpack this technique, astrologer Sade Buari answers popular questions about manifestation, from practical tips, to what not to do.

What are the most important rules of manifestation? It’s important that we leave lots of room in our lives to allow the universe/ God to align our manifestations. If we’re in environments that no longer resonate with us, or we’re around people who only attract toxicity into our lives, then it limits our manifestation potential. Additionally, when you’re tired, you don’t have the sacred energy to infuse your intentions with your energy – so make sure you’re well rested.

suddenly appear. However, the Law of Attraction isn’t as simplistic as most spiritual books make it out to be, as we live in systemic conditions which impact underrepresented communities in a variety of ways.

What if I have a thought that goes against what I’m trying to manifest? We’re all human, so allow yourself to be human. It’s important that whilst we’re in a process of manifesting our desires, we’re gentle with ourselves. Dig deeper into how those seeds of self doubt have been planted, as this will help you grow as a person and will bring more healing into your life.

How long does manifestation take to work? It takes as long as you don’t think about how “long” it takes. Trust that the universe will grant your wishes.

If I’m trying to manifest money, does that mean I should spend more in order to feel like I’m already living the lifestyle I want? Not exactly. First, establish whether you are flowing into an “abundant mindset” or ruminating in a “lack mindset” mentality. An abundant mindset understands that money is a resource, where opportunities are limitless. When you’re thinking abundantly, you’re tapping into your creative potential. Creative ideas on how to make more money with ease

Is there anything that you cannot or should not try to manifest? Manifestations should come from your higher self, without thinking of an egoic mindset. Greed is a lower vibrational state, which doesn’t support yourself or the collective.

What are some practical activities that will help with manifestation? Vision boards are a great tool to use as a visualisation technique. It helps you to picture your manifestations coming into fruition. Another tool I love to use is a method called “scripting”, where you write your manifestations in present tense. For example, write about how you feel in the driving seat of your new car. How does it smell? Make it as sensory as possible. You can do this in a journal or scrap piece of paper. It’s simply the act of writing it down which is your first active step to making the vision a reality.

MANIFEST CHECKLIST Incorporate these easyto-follow habits to keep your energy sky high every day of the week

1 Visualise what you want for at least 10 seconds every day

2 Create a vision board


Write out ‘I am...’ affirmations


Set up goal reminders on your phone


Exercise to elevate your vibration

Find out more about Sade Buari’s work at theastrologyvixen.com


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