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The music, soul & hair journey



VELVET VIBES Hair that gives off the right energy. Easy to dye, tone and bleach – The Feme Collection V™ Virgin Remi hair at its purest. Exclusively distributed by Feme Ltd | feme.com

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Contents 04 S coop Breaking beauty news and the latest hair happenings 06 T he hair chameleon Up close with influencer Chanel Brooklyn 08 B lazing a trail Stylish blazer inspo sets for business and pleasure 10 T he queen B Spell meets Misha B

06 The hair chameleon

12 N o more hype Make-up methods to cover up hyperpigmentation 14 Winter hair blues? Five no nonsense products to rescue weather-worn, stressed out tresses 16 S pell loves Feed your inner product junkie

19 Live the vegan life

19 L ive the vegan life What to put on your shopping list 20 O ne to watch We list the rising talent in black culture 22 B ulletin The latest news and offers from spellbeauty.com

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10 The queen B

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P O SCO ry goss! all the indust Bulletin with


AirFro 00.3 Dfy, £18


The virtues of having 'up hair' and the meaning behind the word AirFro



AirFro founder Nneka Fleming reveals the role her six-yearold son played in creating an innovative haircare product the world was missing...

Read the full interview at spellmagazine.com

"My six-year-old son very innocently referred to his hair as 'up hair' and other hair types as 'down hair.' If you have textured hair you can probably relate! The phrase was first said to him by his classmates, which could have been construed negatively, but we wanted to make it a positive term for him and those with similar hair. We want people to see 'up hair' as a source of strength – a bit like a superpower. This is why we named the brand AirFro, as it has connotations of hair that defies gravity. Also, we used the word air because our products are light and don’t weigh down the hair. They're also gentle on the environment with natural ingredients and sustainable packaging. Finally, the word 'fro links to the beautiful nature of textured hair and curls. SPELL



"My co-founder Cathy Radojcin and I have five sons between us - all with very different hair textures. We both struggled knowing what to do with their hair; my afro products were too heavy while her European products were too drying. We also found many ranges too feminine in fragrance and branding and both agreed the products needed more speed! With AirFro we removed heavy oils, strong fragrances and long process times, creating multifunctional products that hydrate, refresh and revive curls fast. "My career and experience in fashion is something that I think is missing in haircare. In many ways, your clothes should fit your lifestyle and the same principle can be applied to haircare. With AirFro we know you don’t

need another bottle on your shelf that does the same thing as all the others: you need something that meets your lifestyle needs. As healthy living becomes increasingly important, we found that people with textured and curly hair were shying away from doing physical activities because sweating meant they'd need to wash their hair, which takes time. Sweat is very drying on the hair and irritating to the scalp, so if you're only washing your hair once a month it can lead to yeast and bacteria build-up, causing dermatitis and flaking of the scalp. So, for 2021, we'll be interviewing pro athletes, dancers and fitness experts with textured hair to help remove the barriers textured people face when it comes to maintaining a healthy active lifestyle."


START-UP SUCCESS STORY Natalie James, 30, from Wanstead in east London launched her £10 self-care subscription box service, Tingle, during the national lockdown. Working full-time in fashion PR, the budding entrepreneur took the brave step to enter the world of business at a time when so many Brits faced redundancies and career changes. The first box had international success - selling-out within two weeks - and was also featured on BBC News.


BEAUTY FOR THE SOUL Hot on the heels of Jessica Alba, J.Lo and Pharrell Williams, Alicia Keys is the latest celebrity to enter the beauty domain with her new Keys Soulcare Collection. The first instalment, aptly named First Ritual, comprises a Sage + Oat Milk Candle, Skin Transformation Cream and an Obsidian Facial Roller. Touted as clean and holistic, we'd expect nothing less from the anti-make-up goddess.

NEW YEAR, NEW HABITS One way to improve mental well-being is to jot down your thoughts. This simple practice helps you to worry less and live more. The Gratitude List Journal (£30) is an all-in-one velvet book featuring note pages, a bullet-point journal and motivational quotes.

Save vs Splurge



INSTANT PONY Afro Puff Small, £10.99

Be it fear of damage, losing the natural bounce of curls or care levels, Schwarzkopf's #BlondesoftheWorld campaign aims to alleviate all concerns. Follow the socials for story updates, at-home care tutorials and product recommendations.




THE HAIR CHAMELEON A snapshot moment with Instagrammer Chanel Brookelyn




Gorgeous guises are her forte; on Instagram posts she slays supreme. And yet, for London-based influencer Chanel Brookelyn, becoming a content creator was never on the cards. “It wasn’t a career direction I set out to do,” she confesses. “It was definitely an organic career path for me, but now I’m here I love it.” Over the years Chanel has fast-tracked her way to becoming everyone’s ultimate hair goals. Her penchant for high-octane wigs – human and synthetic – has followers (including the Spell team) saving her snaps to show to the hairdresser. “I’ve always been quite fearless when it comes to experimenting with my hair,” she says. “In the past I’ve even shaved the side of my hair. I probably wouldn’t do that today though!” Here we catch up with the mane star to talk about her career to date and garner some much-needed hair tips for the New Year...


Customising my wigs is paramount to ensuring they look as natural as possible. I usually tweeze the parting a little bit to make it look more prominent and doing this helps the hair lay flatter too. YOU’RE KNOWN FOR EXPERIMENTING WITH YOUR HAIR COLOUR. WHAT’S YOUR ADVICE FOR DIY DYE?

Yes, I am obsessed with trying out new looks with my hair, especially with wigs because I don’t have to worry about potentially damaging my natural hair. For DIY home colouring, I have to say safety first! Carry out a 48-hour patch test at the back of your ear to ensure that you don’t have any allergies to a specific colour. I think people tend to skip over this part in instruction leaflets, but it really needs to be done before every colour application especially when using a new brand.



I was running a salon in London when Instagram first started having a buzz. I would often take photos of my frequent hair changes and post them on my personal Instagram page as well as the salon’s to show off the work we could do. That’s when my reputation as a hair chameleon evolved.

I’ve learned a lot of hair hacks over the years. My mum was such a big inspiration for me because she used to work in a hair salon and growing up she used to do my weaves. One brilliant hack I learned from her is to use a razor when cutting layers into the hair, which avoids creating blunt-looking lines. This is used a lot now, but back then it was honestly ground-breaking! Of course, Instagram and YouTube are great for discovering hair hacks too. I’m obsessed with DIY, so any time I need something done, I usually search YouTube for ways I can do it myself at home. Most recently I’ve been obsessed with all of the different benefits of aloe vera - it can do wonders for natural hair growth! At the moment I’m doing the 30-day Aloe Vera challenge and have already seen amazing results.


I am fortunate to have experienced quite a few highlights in my career, but I would say one of the best was being selected as a global ambassador for Schwarzkopf. I’ve worked on so many exciting campaigns with them. It was a dream come true to work with a brand that I have used for so many years. YOU’RE ALSO A SPELL BEAUTY REP AND RECENTLY WORE THE FEME COLLECTION CHIC LOB. WHAT DID YOU LIKE ABOUT WEARING A LONG BOB?

Firstly, the colour was super lush! There’s something about red hair that really complements melanin-rich skin. I’ve played around with so many colours but I always come back to red. Also I love that it’s glueless and there’s no melting the lace - I can literally get up and go with this wig. The fact that it’s pre-cut is great too. I didn’t need to style it at all, I could just take it straight out of the box and put it on.

Game time... CHOOSE ONE Wigs or weaves... Wigs Braids or faux locs... Faux locs Gel or holding spray... Both. This depends on how I’m wearing my hair. Gel, for when my hair is in its natural coily state and holding spray for when it’s straight. A lot of the time I do actually like to use thick oils to hold down my hair for ponytails and top knots. Heels or trainers... Trainers Home or away... Home Tik Tok or snapchat... TikTok Nandos or Turtle Bay... Nandos (veggie option every time!) Nicki Minaj or Cardi B... Nicki Minaj

Inside Chanel’s ‘it’ bag KeraCare Styling Wax Stick, £12.90


I’ve always believed that it’s important to do what I love and work hard to achieve it. Aside from content creation, I am also a web designer and business consultant for small and medium-sized businesses. I have a strong work ethic and love that I am able to use my skills to do more than one thing in my career. @chanelbrookelyn SPELL



got2b Texturizing Salt Spray, £4.49 The Feme Collection Lace Wig Chic Lob, from £29.99






PRIMARK Double Breasted Pinstripe Blazer, £20

Eudon Choi


Blazing A TRAIL


The blazer means business – although its boss woman aesthetic isn’t limited to the boardroom. Fitting for almost every new seasonal trend and occasion, invest in one to power up your wardrobe now.

RIVER ISLAND Boucle Badged Blazer, £75

MISS SELFRIDGE Black Edge to Edge Blazer, £39 SPELL




What hair dreams are made of

Style Shown: Cloud 9 Braided Wig Box Braid Ruwa - Colour: 1B © 2021 Feme Ltd.

The most natural-looking trends laced to perfection

To find out more go to www.feme.com EXCLUSIVELY DISTRIBUTED BY FEME LTD. +44 (0)20 8254 3600 - SALES@FEME.COM

Full credits inside back cover

Hair: Faux locs made by Lauraine Bailey using X-pressions and Urban Water Wave Fashion: Body, cargo pant & sneakers by Fila Earrings: Endo² Chain: Misha’s own SPELL




It’s been nine years since Misha appeared on what was Britain’s biggest singing show. But it was only in summer last year that she recorded an Insta live detailing her harrowing experience backstage. Having been subjected to racism and bullying, she says she was left with suicidal thoughts. However, sharing her story online opened the floodgates to virtual support: “The response was really, really beautiful and empowering,” she says. “At the time I just wanted to get it off my heart and let people know my truth.






I didn’t stop to think about what the response would be, but what I got back from our community nourished my soul. It made me understand that we all share the same story in different ways.” With new music ready for release next month, Misha B’s sound and artistry has evolved. She explains: “I’m looking at life through different lenses and the things I’ve experienced has welcomed me into womanhood. I’m reflecting, giving thanks, manifesting, reaffirming and ultimately celebrating life by honouring each emotion. Hence why I’ve called this project Layers - I believe we all have many layers that we add and take away as we journey through life.” Speaking of journeys, Misha has recently embarked on a natural hair journey by making the big chop. Unlike some artists who have a signature style, she isn’t afraid to step out the box and even describes her relationship with her mane as ‘sporadic.’ “My hair is one of the many ways that I express myself; it’s a massive part of who we are as black women. But like India Irie sang, ‘I am not my hair’. It’s not the be all or end all to everything.” She also admits returning to her natural curl pattern was in some ways a cathartic release: “It was a physical representation of me letting it all go and understanding it’s all part of moving forward.” So, what’s her advice for newbie naturalistas? “Step boldly and confidently into the new chapter,” she says. “Social media has so much dope content you can now envision styles without going into it blindly.” As for her hair and beauty routine, it’s all about the basics for Misha. Deviating from ‘product junkie syndrome’, there’s an orderly bathroom shelf in her house: “I wash my hair using black soap and I mix my own conditioners using aloe vera and coconut oil,” she says. “That’s pretty much it.” Given her reflective nature, Misha chooses ‘adventurous, challenging and strengthening’ to sum up her 2020. Now with new music on the horizon and more layers to unravel, we expect 2021 will no doubt be the year of The Queen B.


On her socials she refers to herself as “the Melaninija from Manchestaaa,” typed out in punchy capital letters so it can’t be missed. The soulful singer, who first found fame on The X Factor, has come to a point in her life where she’s unapologetically Misha B. “I’ve come to a greater understanding that everything is as it should be and everything is happening for our greatest good,” says the 28-year-old, who is this month’s cover star.


Look out, there’s a new Misha B on the horizon

Artisan LOCS

Dreadlocks have become an iconic timeless style. Eyecatching, easy to maintain and full of attitude – the look isn’t for shy types. Its recent reinvention has been spurred on by the emergence of faux locs, which has led to women across the globe adopting the organic style in a more experimental sense.

KEVYN AUCOIN The Duet Concealer Brush, £26



nt y

S ki n

FENTY SKIN Hydra Vizor Invisible Moisturizer SPF 30, £32

NO MORE HYPE Natasha Wright, international MUA, shares her expertise on using make-up to conceal hyperpigmentation

“Hyperpigmentation is characterised by brown patches on the surface of the skin, usually brought on by hormonal changes, sun exposure or skin-irritating products. In order to cover up the affected areas, it’s important to moisturise the skin daily and to always apply a SPF as the sun can deepen the colouring of the patches. “Always apply a primer before your make-up as it will help create a smooth base and ensure a long-lasting finish. When applying foundation, add a small amount of the product to the back of your hand and apply it to the face in thin layers, using a beauty blender to create more of a natural finish. Stippling brushes give a fuller coverage, but for more precise placement, use a synthetic eyeshadow or concealer brush. Finally, use a powder brush to apply foundation powder or translucent powder to set your make-up, prevent transfer and create a full coverage flawless look.” AMANDA HARRINGTON LONDON Pre-Colour Primer, £22

BAREMINERALS SPF15 Original Foundation, £24 SPELL




Style shown: Glamazon Length - Colour 613 © 2021 Feme Ltd.

No tape. No glue. No fuss. Simply laced to perfection.

slay all day everyday EXCLUSIVELY DISTRIBUTED BY FEME LTD I feme.com

Photo Why J Miller


4 3



1. Windle & Moodie Elixir Essential, £30 • 2. KeraCare Natural Textures Cleansing Cream, £7.49 • 3. GHD Advanced Split End Therapy, £21.95 • 4. Afroani Hydrate and Strengthen Hair Mask £19.99 • 5. R&R Luxury Whipped Shea Butter, £13 SPELL



Winter hair blues? Pick-me-ups for stressed out tresses

Baby, it’s cold outside – and that’s not all! New research conducted by hair and scalp experts at Philip Kingsley has revealed almost four out of five Brits are experiencing scalp issues due to high levels of stress. But before you think it’s all doom and gloom, with a few tweaks to your current haircare regime, you can trade in weather-worn, overworked and stressedout locks for happy and healthy-looking hair.


It’s no secret that heat styling can cause major damage from hair loss, thinning and more commonly, spilt ends. If you’re an avid user of thermal tools, it’s important to use protective products like a serum to create a look that lasts for longer with minimal damage. Suitable for all hair textures, GHD Advanced Split End Therapy has been scientifically formulated with hair bonding technology to instantly eliminate the look and feel of split ends. For softer and sleeker strands, massage a generous amount of this lightweight formula into your hair before blow-drying and then activate its ingredients using the heat of your hair styler – in small sections – to seal-in the product.


Lifestyle choices and stress have a major impact on how our hair grows and its quality. Just like our bodies, hair needs hydration and lots of it depending on the porosity. Natural vitamins and minerals are at the top of the agenda for hair to thrive and retain longer lengths. Windle & Moodie’s Essential Oils Elixir contains a rare type of camellia oil sourced from an island in the South Pacific that is known as a game changer for accelerating hair growth, while nourishing the scalp and strands with every use. Add a few drops of this mineral-rich oil to your tresses for a daily hit of hydration and weekly as an overnight conditioning treatment for next level results.


If your hair is chemically processed or damaged in areas, Afroani Hydrate and Strengthen Hair Mask is a great choice for repairing breakage and bringing lifeless locks back to life. Made with nourishing natural shea butter, alma and jojoba oils, this afro-friendly formulation boasts a creamy texture and is packed with protein to preserve and protect hair from further damage. Not only does this moisturising mask hydrate, but it also strengthens strands over time - shielding the hair from potential breakage caused by chemical treatments, heat-styling and environmental aggressors. For best results, apply a generous amount to your tresses once a week.





Whether you’re natural, relaxed or transitioning, a sulphate-free cleanser specifically designed for black hair textures is a must. KeraCare Natural Textures Cleansing Cream strips the hair of dirt and any product build-up coating the strands. Its double-action of moisturising the scalp with argan and abyssinian oils makes it favourite among many. Before cleansing your curls, take time to gently detangle your mane for ease and a longlasting finish. Next, wet your tresses thoroughly and apply the product evenly throughout the hair, massage into the scalp as it lathers and then rinse off. The result? Gorgeous looking hair with natural lustre and plenty of shine that lasts for days.


For decades, natural shea butter has been used in African villages as a superfood to promote healthy hair and skin. Made and sourced in Ghana, R&R Luxury Whipped Cream is rich in fatty acids found in natural shea butter and offers multiple moisturising benefits. Super versatile and scented with soothing lemongrass, its nourishing formula can be used to moisturise your mane from root-to-tip or as a daily styling product for natural hairstyles such as braids or twistouts. Alternatively, you can soak your strands with its creamy formulation overnight before wash-day to deep condition and reap the natural goodness and healing properties of shea butter.

Rodarte SS21

spell loves FEED YOUR INNER PRODUCT JUNKIE From new-age mascaras to bedtime turbans, here’s a round-up of the latest launches the Spell team is obsessing over this month


Vampy shades have become synonymous with winter beauty. Yet with Rodarte debuting a standout oxblood lip in its spring 2021 collection, it looks like the trend will be around for a while longer this year. There are tons of ways to sport the shade - and with these key product picks, you can get an early start on wearing the trans-seasonal colour now.

Nailberry L’Oxygéné Nail Polish in Grateful, £15

Mac Cosmetics eyeshadow in Shady Santa, £15

Uoma Badass Icon Concentrated Matte Lipstick, £21.50


Pics & captions we’ve liked on the ‘gram this month


@discoveredbeautybox Caption: Remember this: You are beautiful



@thevintagepoint_ Caption: #love


@zezemillz Caption: Different Faces Of Zeze


Changing your mascara is a bit like changing the oil in your car – most of us don’t do it often enough. But with new formulas, hi-tech wands and cute packaging, this round-up of new launches will make what you’ve been using for the past 12 months feel like a relic.

HOURGLASS Unlocked Instant Extensions Mascara, £29

BOBBI BROWN Smokey Eye Mascara, £25.50

MORPHE Make it Big Volumizing Mascara, £12


If you’re planning on getting married this year, make-up artist Funmi Taiwo has created a stunning make-up look to provide you with the ultimate inspiration for your big day. “Go for a look that will stand the test of time,” explains Funmi. “Minimalism is usually a good way to

go. Pick a shadow shade and stick to it; keep your skin flawless and your lashes fluttery.”

“I WOKE UP LIKE THIS” HUDA BEAUTY Gold Obsessions Palette, £27

TATTI LASHES 3D Luxury Mink Lashes, £9.85 SPELL



We know you know the benefits of wearing a satin/silk bonnet to bed, so let’s bypass that stage and launch straight in on how adorable this silk scarf looks. Sold exclusively at Mimi et Mina salon and sourced by founder Myriam Kone, this salmon pink turban is a super cute option for chilling at home or nipping to the shops. Price £29.99

The Feme Collection Afro Puff - Large -colour: 2. © 2021 Feme Ltd.

Made from the finest 100% human hair fibres for a realistic touch




EXCLUSIVELY DISTRIBUTED BY FEME LTD © 2021 FEME LTD. All rights reserved. feme.com

A Complexion Co.


A COMPLEXION CO. Organic African Wellness Super Powder, £45 To achieve optimum wellness it makes sense to partake in a plant-based routine. This natural beauty powder contains a host of multi-vitamins and has been used for its healing properties in traditional medicine for centuries. CELF Nature Restore Shampoo, £16 Another black-owned British brand joining the haircare scene, Celf aims to inspire curl nurturing through its vegan and cruelty-free products and practices.

Ashley & Co

Tri Island Chocolate



ASHLEY & CO Soothe Tube Hand Cream, £17 A juxtaposition of rich florals and powdery base notes of resinous amber, it’s always a bonus when your hand cream doubles up as a fragrance. KYALLI The Heavenly Glow Face Oil, £85 Vegan-friendly beauty doesn’t mean scrimping on luxury - and this premium face oil comes highly recommended for many reasons. Loaded with oils sourced from around the world, void of animal-derived ingredients and made by a UK black-owned brand, it’s an allround winner. EDE Born Again Treat Mask, £32 Dubbed the ‘superfood face mask’, this wonder product revitalises dull complexions with fruit enzymes offering a gentler and more effective alternative to acids and peels. Packed with certified organic ingredients, it has the vegan stamp of approval too.


TALOU Love & Sensuality Candle, £22 Nothing lifts a room like a sensual scented candle. Offering a blend of rose, bergamot and vanilla, this version promotes a calm atmosphere while you can relax knowing it’s made from 100 per cent natural soy wax.

LIVE THE vegan life

TRI ISLAND CHOCOLATE St Marks, £8 Exported directly from Grenada, this chocolate bar is truly the real deal. Each is lovingly crafted by hand for true authenticity with a streamlined recipe consisting of a high percentage of cocoa and free of soy, dairy and eggs.

In honour of Veganuary, here’s a round-up of animal-friendly buys that will make all the difference to your lifestyle habits





From changemakers to plus-size models, here’s who to keep an eye on in 2021

AURORA JAMES 15 Percent Pledge Founder

If you haven’t heard the name by now, Aurora James is the founder of 15 Percent Pledge, a call-toaction petition for retailers to dedicate 15 per cent of their shelf space to blackowned businesses. Vying to instil lasting change for black people globally, the movement has attracted support from fashion and beauty brands including Bloomingdales, Macys and Sephora in less than six months. Impressive stuff! Instagram: @aurorajames


Photographer Western Wells

Photographer Guanchen Liu

MYCKY BROWN Plus Size Model

Photographer Kristin-Lee Moolman

IBRAHIM KARAMA, Fashion Designer

So far Ibrahim Karama’s designs have challenged the conventional ideals of masculinity and menswear. Born in Sierra Leone and raised in Gambia, Ibrahim moved to London in his early teens and attended Central Saint Martin’s. Inspired by African styles and an advocate for gender fluidity, his distinctive approach to menswear has quickly made him one of the most in-demand young stylists of our generation and definitely one to watch. Instagram: @ibkamara


With the aim to eradicate racial inequality within the fashion industry, Teen Vogue editor Lindsay Peoples Wagner partnered with PR specialist Sandrine Charles to form the Black In Fashion Council. “The goal is to represent and secure the advancement of black individuals in the fashion and beauty industries,” they say. Since launching, the Black In Fashion Council has unveiled an executive and advisory board that includes stylists, models, freelance creatives and other stakeholders. Interested in becoming a member? Head to blackinfashioncouncil.com/joinus. Instagram: @blackinfashioncouncil SPELL



Two years ago The New Pandemics modelling agency was set up to increase the visibility of LGBTQ+ models within the fashion industry. Just last year seven new faces were signed to the agency including plus-size model Mycky Brown from Connecticut. She has since featured in top magazines including Vogue, Dazed and Paper. New Pandemics models have already walked in shows for a host of big fashion names including Balenciaga and Savage X Fenty. No doubt Mycky will be slaying the runway soon and we cannot wait. Instagram: @healingisneeded

SAUL NASH Fashion Designer & Choreographer

Black British choreographer Saul Nash made his debut as a designer at last year’s London Fashion Week, presenting both his SS20 and AW20 collections at Fashion East. Saul studied Performance Design and Practice at Central Saint Martins, which is where he honed his talent as a designer and experimented with merging performance with menswear. Far from your average fashion show, Saul’s signature sportswear styles were worn by models who moved their way down the runway and expressed emotions through dance to bring his pieces to life. Instagram: @saul.nash


Photographer Annemarie Sterian Stylist Elodie Fromenteau Hair Stylist Lauraine Bailey Make Up Claire Gil

EVOLVED ARTISTS Collective Hair Agency

Founded by Lauraine Bailey, one of the UK’s leading session hairstylists, Evolved Artists is a boutique collective representing London-based talent with superlative hair skills. Its roster is impressive and includes notable names such as Tracey Cahoon – the coif master to Amy Winehouse’s iconic beehive updo - and Darren Scott, who has worked with Katy Perry and Mariah Carey. Lauraine says: “This is more than just agency; it’s a creative safe space where fellow creatives can share information, jobs and even advice on the industry. It started out as a WhatsApp group and has evolved into a collective.” Instagram: @e.v.o.l.v.e.d

If you’re an avid TikTok user, chances are that you’re already familiar with Cookie Kawaii’s catchy hit song, Vibe (If I Back it Up). With more 100 million streams on the social media app, the Chicago-born star became a household name in a short space of time – but she’s far more than a viral hit wonder. Making music and perfecting her sound for the last 10 years, Cookie’s latest mixtape, Club Soda Vol 2, is an eclectic mix of energetic club tunes and slick slow jams with plenty of sass. We expect to hear a lot more from hitmaker throughout 2021. Instagram: @cookieekawaii

brands TO BOOKMARK The adage ‘out with the old and in with new’ rings particularly true at this time of year, so make a fresh start by discovering key brands that have the beauty world buzzing. These three picks are approved by Spell’s editor. Enjoy!


One-stop shop


BRUSHD Bamboo Toothbrush and Toothpaste Tablets, from £3.90

THIRTEEN LUNE (the new all-inclusive e-commerce beauty site)

NYLAH Moisture and Super Botanicals Restorative Conditioners, £14





SPELL-OMETER What’s hot and what’s not in the world of Spell



Launches, promos and discounts you don’t want to miss


HAIR INSPO Is this your year to go natural? Take inspiration from Sanaa Lathan’s hair selfie, three years after her big chop!

ALL IN THE EYES This year’s hottest make-up trends are centred on the eyes. Try this bold look á la Chanel!


FULLY BOOKED Salon appointments remain uncertain? The Feme Collection Afro Puff (human hair) is your hair saviour!

BLUE MONDAY The (supposedly) most depressing day of the year is fast approaching. Time for some self-care.



The Feme Collection Afro Puff HH makes it easy to change up-do styles in an instant. Make like #SpellSquad member Eunice Asiedu and wear to the sides for a cute throwback look, or place at the crown for sky-high volume. Available in small, medium and large starting from £17.99.

TOP DRAW REMI HAIR Soft, silky and sleek - just three words we’d use to describe The Feme Collection V Natural Straight. This weave is completely natural and undetectable; the cuticle-aligned remi strands blend seamlessly with your own hair. Each shade – off-black, dark brown and medium brown – can be bleached or dyed more than once to complement your personal style. Available in five lengths starting from 12” at £79.99.


MUST-SEE TV The award-winning documentary explores the surveillance of Martin Luther King before his death.

STYLE REINVENTION Spell Beauty rep Yazmin Aaliyah transformed the Urban Water Wave into chunky twists, bringing another dimension to her look. Made with 100 per cent Premium Synthetic Fibre, the hair is suitable for braiding of all kinds and can be heatstyled. Price £3.99 per pack.

GLOW GONE January weather making your skin dull? Try these new Watermelon Glow Niacinamide Dew Drops by Glow Recipe (£31). SPELL







acomplexioncompany.com AMANDA HARRINGTON

amandaharrington.com ASHELY & CO. johnlewis.com BAREMINERALS bareminerals.co.uk BOBBI BROWN bobbibrown.co.uk BY JOY ADENUGA byjoyadenuga.com EDE zero-living.com FENTY BEAUTY boots.com HOURGLASS hourglasscosmetics.co.uk HUDA BEAUTY boots.com KEVYN AUCOIN spacenk.com KEYS SOUL CARE keyssoulcare.com KYALLI kyalliskin.com MAC COSMETICS maccosmetics.co.uk MORPHE uk.morphe.com NAILBERRY nailberry.co.uk TATTI tattilashes.com UOMA BEAUTY uomabeauty.com

HAIR AFROANI afroanishop.com AIRFRO myairfro.com CELF celfhaircare.com GHD ghdhair.com INSTANT PONY spellbeauty.com KERACARE lookfantastic.com OUR SCARF mimietmina.com R&R LUXURY randrluxury.co.uk SCHWARZKOPF schwarzkopf.co.uk THE FEME COLLECTION

spellbeauty.com WINDLE & MOODIE windlelondon.com

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Make-up Sam Lascelle Manicurist Simone Gooden


AFROTHERAPY 235 Fore Street, London, N18 2TZ, 020 8345 5621 ANNE VECK 33 St Clements, Oxford, OX4 1AB, 01865 727 077 APRIL HAIR SALON 5 Bull Street, Burnley, BB11 1DW, 01282 839 726 COBELLA 5 Kensington High Street, London, W8 5NP, 020 7118 1277 DKUK 191 Queen's Road, Peckham, London, SE15 2NG, 020 3609 0920 ELITE HAIR LOUNGE 24 Sidney Road, London, SW9 0TS, 020 7207 5904 GEORGE KOSIT HAIR 10-12 Bristol Street, Birmingham, B5 7AA, 0121 622 6782 HAIR 305 305 Brompton Road, London, SW3 2DY, 020 7118 1277 HYPE COIFFURE 186 Lavender Hill, Battersea, London, SW11 5TQ, 020 7223 3800 JUNIOR GREEN LONDON 55 Kensington Church Street, London, W8 4BA, 020 7752 0620 LATHANIEL’S COUTURE 196 Coldharbour Lane, London, SE5 9QH, 020 3601 0683 MIMI ET MINA 16 Needham Road, London, W11 2RP, 020 7727 9356 MY HAIR BAR 22 Warren Street, London, W1T 5LU, 020 7380 0188 NAILS & BROWS 31 Berkeley Street, London, W1J 8EJ, 020 7499 5245 NEW YORK HAIR DESIGN 2 Langham Parade, London, N15 3ND, 020 8888 3397 NICKY OLIVER HAIRDRESSING 32 Oldham Street, Manchester, M1 1JN, 0161 241 0380 PECKHAM PALMS Peckham Palm Arcade, Unit 1-14 Bournemouth Close, Peckham Rye, London, SE15 4PB, 020 7062 2000 PURELY NATURAL 119 The Grove, London, E15 1EN, 020 8221 0122 SIMPLY GORGEOUS 79 Kingsgate Road, Kilburn, London, NW6 4JY, 020 7625 4500 THE CURL BAR 210 Middle Lane, Hornsey, London, N8 7LA, 020 3667 7204 THE HAIR SANCTUARY 90b Mitford Street, Manchester, M32 8AQ, 0161 536 1249 THINK PRETTY 301 High Road Leytonstone, London, E11 4HH, 020 7232 5168


NORTH LONDON EDMONTON HAIR & COSMETICS LIMITED 257-159 Fore Street, Edmonton, N18 2TY, 0208 887 6158 HAIRITAGE 1 Queens Parade, Walm Lane NW2 5HT, 020 3417 4844 PAK’S HAIR BOUTIQUE 25 Stroud Green Road, Stroud Green, N4 3EF, 0207 263 2331 PAK’S HAIR & COSMETICS HARLESDEN ­57 Craven Park Road, Harlesden, NW10, 8SH, 0208 963 1730 EAST LONDON BEAUTY QUEEN COSMETICS­Unit 19, 70-73 The Mall, The Stratford Centre, Stratford, E15 1XQ, 0208 534 8786 JUDITH'S HAIR & BEAUTY Barking Rd, London E13 8HJ, 07949 818778 PAK COSMETICS 212 Heathway, Dagenham, Greater London RM10 9NS, 0208 592 9108 QUEENS COSMETICS ­391 Green St, Upton Park, E13 9AU, 0208 471 1699 SUPERGROWS COSMETICS 2 ­ 4-25 Queens Market, Upton Park, E13 9BA, 0208 552 9886

YOUR HAIR & BEAUTY ­Stratford Centre, 20 Broadway, E15 4QS, 0208 555 0946 SOUTH LONDON PAK’S HAIR CENTRE 141 Rye Lane, Peckham, SE15 4ST, 0207 732 2822 SABINA HAIR & COSMETICS 68-70 Rye Lane, Peckham, SE15 5BY, 0207 469 7356 SABINA ­69 Mitcham Road, Tooting Broadway, SW17 9PB, 0208 682 0055 SABINA 6B Greens End, Woolwich, SE18 6HX, 0208 855 5266 YOUR HAIR & BEAUTY 37 Lewis Grove, Lewisham, SE13 6BG, 0208 318 0999 NORTH WEST ENGLAND PAUL’S HAIR WORLD 53 Barbirolli Way, Arndale Centre, Manchester, M4 2HU, 0161 839 0708 PAUL’S HAIR WORLD 29-30 Oldham Street, Manchester, M1 1JG, 0161 834 6498 RAPUNZELS HAIR CITY 315 Smithdown Road, Liverpool, Merseyside, L15 0EB, 0151 733 4333 LIVERPOOL HAIR & COSMETICS 31 Dawson Way, St Johns Shopping Centre, Liverpool, Merseyside, L1 1LY, 0151 708 0699 YORKSHIRE & THE HUMBER CC HAIR & BEAUTY 256-258 Roundhay Road, Leeds, West Yorkshire, LS8 5RL, 0113 249 5562 BRITS HAIR & BEAUTY 30 Kirkgate, Bradford, West Yorkshire, BD1 1QL, 01274 733 287 PRISSY'S 6 Saint James Road, Halifax, West Yorkshire, HX1 1YS, 01422 345 482 CC HAIR & BEAUTY 119-129 Chapeltown Road, Leeds, West Yorkshire, LS7 3DU, 0113 262 3728 TALKING HEADS 51-57 St Sepulchre Gate, Doncaster, DN1 1UB, 01302 328 720 CC HAIR & BEAUTY Unit 2 & 3 Leeming House, Vicar Lane, Leeds, LS1 6BY, 07709 836 498 WEST MIDLANDS TZ ENTERPRISES 40 Queen Street, Wolverhampton, West Midlands, WV1 3JW, 01902 574 920 EAST ANGLIA BEAUTY BY ZARA Grays, Essex, RM17 6QJ, 01375 376 050 SOUTH EAST ENGLAND MIA HAIR & BEAUTY 41 Mill Street Luton, LU1 2NA, 01582 727 878 ABV HAIR & BEAUTY STORE 79 Lowfield Street, Dartford, Kent, DA1, 01322 276 003 BISMI COSMETICS 7 Farthing Grove, Netherfield, Milton Keynes, MK6 4HH, 01908 393 144 MAADE HAIR & BEAUTY 4 Rhode Street, ME4 4AL, 01634924102 QUEEN MALAIKA 29 Kingston Road, Portsmouth, PO2 7DP, 02392862044 SCOTLAND ELEORA LTD 94 King Street, Aberdeen, AB24 5BA, 0122 446 7896 SINE HAIR & BEAUTY 196 Hope Street, Glasgow G2 2UG, 0141 237 4556 LUSH HAIR Unit 38-41 Inshop Paisley Centre, High St., Paisley, Glasgow, 0141 887 7025

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