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Breeny Lee From beauty influencer to love coach


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20 Celebrity skincare: is it worth the hype?

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Contents 04 S coop Breaking beauty news and the latest hair happenings 06 S atin or silk? You decide… Day and night wear for your hair 08 Boot up! Upgrade your winter footwear 10 T he gorgeous guru Cover star Breeny Lee shares some heart-warming sisterly advice

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12 S witch off WFH? We reveal how to decompress 14 T he right shade for you Stunning red lipstick shades for brown-skinned beauties 16 S pell loves Feed your inner product junkie

19 On display

19 O n display Must-have coffee-table books 20 C elebrity skincare: is it worth the hype? Everything you need to know about the latest A-list beauty brands 22 B ulletin The latest news and offers from spellbeauty.com

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10 The gorgeous guru

Breeny Lee From beauty influencer to love coach


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P O SCO ry goss! all the indust Bulletin with


Nadia Esi Naturals Core Collection from £13.99


From protective styling disaster to thriving all-natural haircare brand


NADIA ESI NATURALS A bad experience with Ghana braids led Nadia Simpson to formulate her own hair oil range, which has earned the approval of certified microbiologists... Read the full interview at spellmagazine.com

“My brand, Nadia Esi Naturals, was born after a salon horror experience back in 2017. I was in Ghana during the summer before I started university and decided to end the trip by getting the famous Ghana braids I'd seen on Instagram. As soon as the hairstylist started I could feel my fragile baby hairs being pulled on and knew deep down that it was going to end horribly wrong. I took out the braids two weeks before starting university and my edges were completely gone! Sadly, I wasn’t surprised - but I was desperate to find a solution to my traction alopecia. “Luckily I had bought a handful of oils from Ghana – coconut oil, castor oil, neem oil – and I used them on my damaged hair. SPELL



They didn't all work and it took months and extensive research to understand what helped with growth and strengthening. When I finally found the magic formula I tested the products on my university friends and they loved the results. “Before I began selling to the public I made improvements to the formula, asking microbiologists for their opinions. Once I had their approval I was confident to share my products with women who have had similar hair experiences. One of the reasons I think the business has done so well is because I communicate directly with my customers. They know who's behind the brand and have become very understanding and encouraging. All of my products are hand-made, so many

customers are willing to wait a little longer for a fresh batch, which can take up to a week to turn around. "I've spoken to many women who have experienced hair loss from carrying out protective styling. When braids are installed too tightly or the weight is too heavy for the hair follicle it can have an adverse effect on the natural hair. My advice is to do your research - not just on the hairstyle, but the stylist too. You need to ensure they know how to install correctly without causing damage to your own hair. “The styles I turn to now are topknots, slick back buns, canerows and wigs. I minimise the use of gels that contain alcohol and keep my buns loose to reduce tension."


FENTY BEAUTY DOWNSIZES WITH MINI LIP DUO KEYCHAIN HOLDER It’s a full time job keeping up with Rihanna’s ever-expanding make-up empire. The latest drop includes these limited edition mini Gloss Bombs, which come with their own keychain holders. Featuring two shades - the cult-loved nude rose Fenty Glow and new coral and gold shimmer Pink Dragonfly - fans can expect the same signature XXL wand that guarantees full coverage and no wastage.



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LIVING IN LOUNGEWEAR Last April's clothing sales marked the largest slump on record yet the trend for buying hoodies and sweatpants took an upward turn. To survive the pandemic, high-end and high street brands alike are cashing in on comfy clothes as we continue to WFH and hunker down for winter.

Save vs Splurge


HAIR BOOK FOR YOUNG BLACK BOYS Zenovia Grant has published her first children’s book, Taye’s Hairy Adventure. Aiming to encourage young black boys to embrace their natural hair, she tells us: “There’s nothing better than teaching a child to love themselves for who they are on the inside and outside.” Available from Amazon.

CENTRED. En-root Scalp Treatment, £36

ASIAM Olive & Tea Tree Oil Treatment, £11.49 SPELL



Miss Selfridge

New York Hair Design

As we continue through lockdown 3.0, beauty and haircare trends reveal that black women have been shifting away from chemical straightening and focusing more on natural and protective styling to cope with salon closures. According to research conducted by Mintel, braids with extensions have increased in popularity by 64 per cent while wigs are up 79 per cent and weaves by 47 per cent.

Satin or silk? YOU DECIDE…

The benefits to upgrading your headscarf

Photography Krystal Neuvill Make-up Maha Alselami for Curlture SPELL



Design Scene Miu Miu

My pro tip is to avoid using heavy products on your hair at night right before using a satin bonnet or pillowcase as it can cause staining. Instead, rub a small amount or shea butter or leave-in conditioner to your ends or scalp and let it dry before sleeping.”

The recent rise in satin and silk haircare (thank you natural hair movement) has revolutionised the way that black women care for their tresses at night. Slipping a satin scarf, silk bonnet or pillowcase into your regular natural haircare routine can result in healthier hair. So if you’re yet to try these and want to learn more, here’s everything you need to know… YOU’VE GOT OPTIONS Over the last few years we’ve seen more satin haircare options hitting the beauty shelves and online than ever before. If you’re a first timer you may want to consider the different product types on offer and how they might fit into your routine. Satin or silk bonnets are essentially caps that can be worn to tuck your tresses away overnight and keep your style in place. Meanwhile, satin or silk fabric pillowcases give you the freedom to sleep safely with your hair as loose as you like. Another option to consider is satin or silk scrunchies, which can be worn day or night to help prevent spilt ends or keep your hair from tangling inbetween styles.

Fashion Nova

SILK VS. SATIN While both silk and satin can work

wonders on textured hair, there are a few differences between the fabrics. Authentic silk is super luxurious and is woven by the mulberry silkworm, whereas satin is a man-made weave manufactured from an array of soft and glossy fabrics. “Both satin and silk haircare can help lock in moisture to protect your tresses from dryness that can cause breakage or damage,” says Mimi Koné, stylist and founder for London salon Mimi et Mina. “Using satin or silk haircare on a regular basis can also promote natural hair growth and make looks last longer – I’m talking frizz-free blow-dries that last for days.” For the most part, satin is used on haircare accessories because it’s more accessible than silk but still has the same look and feel, offering the same results for a fraction of the price THE BEAUTY BENEFITS When it comes to wearing satin or silk haircare, there are many benefits that will help to boost the overall health and condition of your tresses over time. “The softness of satin eliminates the friction you usually experience when your hair rubs against a cotton pillowcase,” says Shannon Fitzsimmons, founder of hair accessories brand O So Curly. “It also stops the fabric from soaking up all the natural goodness produced from both your skin and hair.” She adds: “Another added benefit of satin haircare is that it helps keep your natural curls look fresher and less ‘slept on’ in the morning. SPELL



MAKE IT FASHION Let’s face it: some women may not be too keen on the idea of wearing a satin or silk bonnet to bed at night, particularly in the run up to Valentine’s Day. So if you think you’re not quite ready to brave the bonnet in front of your partner, listen up! “Wearing a silk bonnet to bed can be embarrassing at first, but once it becomes a part of your night-time routine, you won’t think twice about it,” says Mimi. “We kept this in mind when designing our very own Mimi et Mina silk bonnet as we want women to feel beautiful at all times. You can pair it with stylish loungewear for an effortlessly chic look.” Shannon agrees: “Try not to over-think it,” she adds. “Explain the need for sleeping with these accessories to your partner so they have a better understanding. It’s important to feel confident and for both of you to embrace the natural you.”



Shop black-owned brands. Cantu Satin Cap, £8.99

Mane Silk Pillowcase, £40 O So Curly Satin Reversable Pillowcase, £24.99





EGO £69.99



BOOT UP! Isn’t it time our favourite bad-weather boots got an update? While these might not be quite the same as traditional Wellingtons, they’re a chic reincarnation that will help keep your feet dry and stylish while winter rages on.


GANNI £425







What hair dreams are made of

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THE GORGEOUS GURU From girl crush to go-to love guru, Breeny Lee gives some loving sisterly advice




For the past two years Breeny Lee has transcended the role of beauty influencer and asserted herself as a well-respected love/ life coach. Her YouTube videos feel real and relatable, such as How To Value Yourself Pepp Talk, which is nearing two million views, alongside intimate chats filmed in the passenger seat of her car. “People are getting bored of influencers doing the same thing,” says the 29 year-old. “Taking vacant shots of hair, fashion and food gets boring after a while. My intention is to bring more reality to social media because influencers are not objects – we actually have brains and ideas.”

“PART OF BEING WOKE IS TAKING ACCOUNTABILITY FOR YOUR ACTIONS” So, with this in mind (and in homage to Valentine’s Day), we thought we’d pick Breeny’s brain to find out about her path to real self-love and how we can all become more a bit more ‘woke’... WHAT PROMPTED YOUR TRANSITION TO BECOMING A LOVE COACH?

I remember feeling like I needed to add more value to my content when I got to 40k subscribers on YouTube. My sister encouraged me to do videos where I spoke straight to the camera. I didn’t think it would work at first, but after I posted the first one it got really positive feedback. The funny thing is that when I’m at home I say the bare minimum - I’m much more of an observer than a talker. DOES MUCH OF YOUR ADVICE COME FROM PERSONAL EXPERIENCE?

It’s a combination of personal experience, observations and wisdom. I consider myself to be quite emotionally intelligent and inquisitive. For example, when it comes to relationships, I’m always asking ‘why?’ in an attempt to figure out why I’ve behaved or reacted a certain way. This is how I gain my own perspective. In my opinion, part of being woke is taking accountability for your actions and being able to look introspectively. It’s easy to point the finger and blame someone else and

negate the part you played in creating the situation. WHAT’S THE BEST RELATIONSHIP ADVICE YOU’VE EVER BEEN GIVEN?

I actually can’t think of anything, which is probably the reason I started my YouTube channel. When I was younger, I didn’t have a role model to look up to or identify with and I felt really alone. I had to figure a lot out by myself, so I can’t really pinpoint one person. But I continue to read a lot of books, use Google and watch videos. DO YOU THINK SOCIAL MEDIA HAS IMPROVED PEOPLE’S CHANCES OF FINDING LOVE?

There’s definitely a plus side where people have connected online and found love. Let’s face it, with so many people using Instagram and Twitter, they’ve sort of become dating apps to sift through and find people. Whereas dating has always been a numbers game, social media gives too many options. There’s a lot of voyeurism involved, and men and women are both guilty of fantasising about what they want and think they can have. It’s unfortunate that people look online for their aspiration and inspiration. It takes a lot of wisdom to decipher what is really true and real. SELF-CARE AND SELF-LOVE HAVE BECOME MODERN-DAY BUZZWORDS. HOW DO YOU REALLY EMBARK ON A JOURNEY TO SELF-LOVE?

I would say start with self-awareness. Self-love is often confused with putting cucumbers on your eyes every Sunday or having a massage. These are all external and you need to start from within. Self-love is what you think, feel and believe, hence the awareness. You need to be in-tune with your inner voice and you can achieve this by asking yourself honest questions and exploring the answers. So, for example, if you’ve experienced a break-up, ask questions before entering another relationship, like: ‘Why did I get with that person? How do I feel now? What do I need going forward?’.

Game time... CHOOSE ONE

Heels or trainers... Heels - even on an off-day Full beat or natural make-up? Full beat for days I want to put a spring in my step Old school RnB or new school RnB? Old school Colour 1 or 1B? Colour 1

Breeny’s best beauty buys The Feme Collection V in length 16, from £104.99

Baby Tress Edge Styler, £7.99

Nars Soft Matte Complete Foundation, £28


My ability to grow and not be rigid. I’m by no means perfect or think I’ve arrived at that perfect destination; there’s always more to understand and that is what leads to growth. SPELL



Mac Cosmetics Hyper Real Glow Palette, £36


Zoom TO Zen REAL QUICK WITH THESE WELL-BEING ESSENTIALS Westlab Mindful Bathing Salts, £6.99 A relaxing bath can sometimes be all the therapy your mind, body and soul needs. Create a spa-like atmosphere by adding these 100 per cent pure Epsom and Himalayan Salts to your next soak.




Liha Idan Oil, £39 Reset and restore is the mantra for WFH, so look to essential oils and natural healing ingredients to decompress. Made with cold-pressed coconut oil and tuberose flower, slather this blend over your skin or hair to rebalance your mood. Origins Drink Up Intensive Overnight Hydrating Mask, £24 Avocado plus Swiss glacier water equals hydration heaven. After all, hours of screen time can leave the skin feeling tight and dry. Use this weightless overnight mask twice a week for a quick next-day complexion reboot.

Sensory Retreats


Jo Malone

Jo Malone Wild Bluebell Home Scented Candle, £52 Let the deliciously dewy scent of this candle linger in your living space. Its delicate bluebell-infused fragrance is olfactory heaven and is the perfect aroma to help you unwind after a hard day’s graft. Sensory Retreats Luna Eyes, £21.99 This warming lavender-scented single use eye mask is the perfect accessory to help you power down, reset and recharge your mental batteries.


Bouclème Intensive Moisture Treatment, £26 There’s something strangely relaxing about slathering on a deep conditioning hair treatment, so it should definitely be part of your computer comedown. Porous curly hair requires a lot of product, making this 250ml tub a worthwhile investment.

19% of Brits say they have developed an anxiety related condition since the start of the pandemic Research conducted by Hempura




Final thought... Let your scalp breathe Nothing feels better than (literally) letting your hair down after a long day of chores, home schooling or WFH. If you can, use this as a time to take a break from weaves, wigs and braids. Massaging oils into the scalp will also help to relax the hair follicles and ease tension.

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Photo Why J Miller

Pat McGrath Elson MatteTrance Lipstick, £35

Bobbi Brown Luxe Lip Colour in Red Velvet, £29

Ch B e a u t r i s t ia n L o u bou t y Velv e in D r a m a t M a t te L i p stick i douce n , £73

Emolyne Metamorphosis Velvet-semi Matte Lipstick in Casablanca, £21

s High r gl a s Hou ltra Slim stick n U ble Lip essio la Conf sit y Refil sed, £33 n s i e t In eK in I’v

YSL o u ge P u r y Beaut R e Slim th Couture 1 Rouge 2 in k c ti Lips , £30 x o Parad e

Let your lips do the talking by pairing a red lip with minimal make-up on the rest of your face

Sleek MakeUP Say It Loud Satin Lipstick, £5.99




The right red for you Make-up artist Adeola Gboyega selects the best red lipsticks for brown skin sisters


There’s nothing like a red lipstick to boost your confidence and make you feel fearless and ready to take on the day. I love the effects of a good red lipstick and feel that every woman, especially black women, should own at least one in their make-up arsenal. I want to dispel the myth that black women can’t rock a red lip with my edit of shades and formulas for darker skin tones.

NARS Powermatte Lip Pigment in Star Woman, £23

But with so many red lipsticks on the market, where do you begin? And what’s more, how do you find the perfect one for you? Firstly, it’s important to remember that you need to wear red lipstick with confidence. Everyone can wear a red lipstick, but pulling it off is down to how well you wear it. Secondly, if you’re new to wearing a bold lip, you can go for a sheer or moisturising formula and apply it in small quantities, gradually building up to a matte formula to produce the boldest look.


This lipstick shade is the ultimate red and is flattering on everyone. It’s a bluetoned red, which makes your teeth look super-bright and white, while its formula boasts a creamy soft matte texture for the smoothest application. So if you’re looking for a vibrant red that is long wearing and comfortable, this is the one is for you.


If you’re new to wearing a red lipstick and want to try an easy-to-wear formula, Bobbi Brown’s Luxe Lip colours are a must-have. These are great because they nourish while providing a flattering lip colour that


lasts all day. Red velvet is a deep rich red that works beautifully on deeper skin tones while its formula leaves the lips looking nourished and sumptuous.


Emolyne is a British beauty brand that is all about celebrating every undertone. It offers an edit of lipsticks, lip liners and nail polishes in matching shades, which takes the guesswork out of finding the right edit for you - all for a pricefriendly £40. Casablanca is an orange-toned red that complements darker skin tones beautifully while its hydrating and creamytextured formula is a joy to wear on all occasions. SPELL


This Louboutin coral-red lipstick is enriched with natural oils and seed butters so that the lipstick stays comfortably on your lips as you wear it. The colour is as beautiful as the packaging, which justifies its price tag. It really is a showstopper - just like the designer’s red-soled shoes.


The unique square-shaped bullet of this lippie gives it its USP. Offering precise application, its ultra-rich, high-pigmented matte colour also really stands out against melanated skin tones. This stunning coral red is iconic and luxe. MAGAZINE

Fenty Beauty Stunnah Lip Paint, £20

L’Oréal Paris Rouge Signature Matte Liquid Lipstick in I Am Worth It, £9.99


If you are looking for a lipstick that just screams chic and sophisticated, then look no further than this Hourglass lipstick. A beautifully packaged rich lip colour in a wonderful shade of red that can be easily refilled once finished. Even with its creamy texture it doesn’t compromise on colour and vibrancy.


An affordable pink-to-red shade of lipstick that is stunning on deeper skin tones, this Sleek Makeup formula is fantastic if you want a long-lasting lipstick that glides on effortlessly with little need to reapply throughout the day.


spell loves FEED YOUR INNER PRODUCT JUNKIE From video call worthy wigs to next generation skincare, here’s what the Spell team is obsessing over this month


The new generation of skincare has landed and we urge you to get involved. Topping our list is Uzza, a brand with a fresh eye for inclusivity, which offers solutions for demanding complexion concerns such as cystic acne. Meanwhile, Beauty Pie continues to release highly effective facial care with a nod to clean beauty and SuperFoodLx has repackaged its best-selling beauty capsules.

SuperFoodLx Hair Skin & Nails capsules, £31

Beauty Pie Plantastic Overnight Miracle Facial Oil, £60

Uzza Balancing Cream, £28


Pics & captions we’ve liked on the ‘gram this month

@chapterharmony Caption: “Everything I want, wants me too!”

@jonnellchavez Caption: It’s giving Flinstones and I love it. New nails by @califreenails SPELL


@KamalaHarris Caption: It’s simply unacceptable.


@venstorelondon Caption: Human Forms. Henry Moore

Whats app


The Feme Collection Lace Wig Chic Lob, £29.99

In the age of video calling, appearance is everything. Give off the right vibes without trying too hard by making a chic wig your new go-to. Whether you want to dress it up, play it down or show off your creative side, the right wig will help you achieve your hair goals! Here are our picks from Spell Beauty...

Zoom Big Beautiful Hair Half Wig, £23.99

FaceTime Feme Wig Smooth Blowout, £24.99


There are some things in life that get you excited from the get-go. UN_DID, the makeup brand for millenials, is one of them. Its uber-cool In Your Face Water Tint (£19) is part-skin-serum and part-foundation, resulting in the perfect blend of skincare and colour for hybrid beauty at its finest.


That’s right, designer hand sanitising sprays are becoming a bit of a thing. To get your collection started, check out Llio’s Crystal Clear Lapis Lazuli Hand Sanitiser – it even sounds fancy. Not only does it look good, it gets the job done by killing 99.9 per cent of bacteria with every spray. Better still, its 70 per cent alcohol-based formula won’t leave your hands feeling like sandpaper, while its geranium and sweet orange scent is highly addictive. Price £25




Set your own trends What’s new, exclusive and iconic. Discover our curated digital hair and beauty boutique today.

Biocare Labs

The Feme Collection Afro Puff HH The Feme Collection V

Lace Wig Gloss Waves

Dr. Bronner’s Pure Castile Liquid Soap

Baby Tress Edge Styler


Urban Twist Passion Twist

ON DISPLAY Our edit of the best coffee table books

Big, bold and beautiful: coffee table books are the perennial style choice. And since our homes now serve multiple uses (office, cinema, spa – you name it) the importance of interiors has taken on a whole new meaning. A major upside is that elevating your rooms needn’t require a call to the builder - a stash of brilliant books can make all the difference. From tomes dedicated to cultural icons and music stars to inspiring insight into women who’ve changed the world, there’s one for everyone to put in pride of place. So go on, make yours a display you can be proud of.

FOR FASHION LOVERS Naomi. Updated Edition by Josh Baker £100 (Taschen)

FOR INSPIRING WOMEN Vital Voices: 100 Women Using Their Power to Empower, £45 (Assouline)

FOR ART ENTHUSIASTS The Obama Portraits, £20 (Princeton University Press)

FOR THE STYLE CONSCIOUS The New Black Vanguard, £40 (Aperture)

FOR MUSIC FANS David Bowie Is by Victoria Broackes and Geoffrey Marsh, £35 (V&A)

Oversized, loud and, frankly, gorgeous (just like the lady herself), this is the only book you need on our very own, Naomi Campbell. Words are by the supermodel herself while the pages include all of her most famous shots such as dancing as Josephine Baker for Italian Vogue and the memorable and iconic racing a cheetah in the wild for Harper’s Bazaar.

A quick flick through this illustrated tome and you’ll feel like superwoman. Vital Voices spans the globe in search of 100 figures from all ages and walks of life who’ve made a difference, including Tarana Burke, founder of the Me Too movement, computer scientist and activist Joy Buolamwini and tennis champion Serena Williams.

Unearthing the stories behind the Obamas’ most famous portraits, this book is full of wonderful anecdotes as well as being an absolute beauty to behold. The cover jacket is also reversible so you can choose which one to show off. It’s an insightful commentary on the famous political family and their impact on the world of art.

Fashion is undergoing a huge transformation as black models and artists make their mark in a historically closed world. This is the argument of critic and curator Antwaun Sargent, who candidly talks us through what’s going on behind the lens, and how the language around black bodies is being dramatically reshaped. It’s beautiful and essential reading.

This is the only book that’s been granted access to David Bowie’s personal archive of costumes and design work. It takes in the artist’s full life and career – from his rise as a kid from south London to one of the most influential figures to have graced our cultural radars. There are many books on Bowie but this is something special.




CELEBRITY SKINCARE: IS IT WORTH THE HYPE? Or should we save face and stick to the long-standing pros?

What’s so different about these brands? You could be forgiven for snubbing earlier incarnations of celebrity merchandise. The noughties were rife with drugstore fragrances, often bedazzled with rhinestones and

sprinkled with glitter (but that’s not to say they didn’t sell: Beyoncé’s ‘Heat’ reportedly made a cool $400 million in worldwide sales). However, this generation’s offerings seem to come with a touch more integrity, possibly thanks to the transparency of social media. Rihanna is consistently posting product tutorials on her Instagram page, while Alicia regularly takes over her brand’s social media channels to talk about her minimal styled skincare hacks and routine. Are they worth the money? Of course, popularity and integrity are worthy characteristics of a skincare brand. But are the products actually any good? We take a look to see if they match up to expectations... SPELL



Keys Soulcare

The expanding celebrity skincare bandwagon Since the summer of 2020, we have witnessed the launch of skincare lines from a handful of prominent black celebrities. Not only did the famously make-up-free Alicia Keys announce the inception of her lifestyle brand, Keys Soulcare, but the king of antiageing himself, Pharrell Williams, surprised the beauty industry with his unisex skincare curveball, Humanrace.


Fenty Skin

MIJ Masks

It seems like a lifetime ago since we all got caught up in the hysteria surrounding the launch of Fenty Skin. Rihanna’s ever-expanding beauty line, an extension of her best-selling make-up brand, has set the bar high for the billion dollar celebrity skincare industry. But now, others are catching up.





Two years in the making, MIJ Masks is the brainchild of television presenter Maya Jama. Focusing on just one area of skincare – face masks – the brand has honed its formulas to create two products that are worthy of a place on your dressing table. The first is the Bio-Cellulose Face Mask, which is made with a carbon-positive fibre soaked with a serum containing moisturising and antioxidant ingredients. Then there’s the Hydrogel Eye Patch, designed to effectively de-puff the delicate under-eye area by cooling and nourishing. Having only launched in December 2020, the reviews are already favourable. The presenter even posted a snap of her nan wearing the eye patches in approval!

Created by Pharrell Williams, Humanrace is made for ‘every human’. What does this mean, exactly? Well for starters, the brand’s initial campaign features male and female models of all ethnicities and ages. Plus, its unique gender-neutral packaging screams ‘inclusivity’, even including braille for blind consumers. The range’s lively green packaging may not be the most aesthetically pleasing, but it definitely distances the brand away from only appealing to one specific gender. Its line-up includes Rice Powder Cleanser, £25, Lotus Enzyme Exfoliator, £45, and Humidifying Cream, £37. All products have been designed in collaboration with dermatologist of 20 years, Dr Elena Jones.

While the brand may be a bit young to be dubbed ‘the OG’, Fenty Skin is likely to be remembered as the trailblazer for celebrity skincare. The line currently comprises four products: a cleanser, toner serum, overnight gel-cream and a moisturising sunscreen, starting from £20. It ticks all the boxes for being socially conscious, but what do the critics say? Some were put off by the use of fragrance (Barbados cherry, coconut and fig), as well as the appearance of a chemical SPF rather than mineral in the brand’s sunscreen. However, there are also those that praised the sheer simplicity of the line, particularly noting the handiness of a double cleanser (oil-based and water-based) all in one product. Good-thinking Ri!

While Keys Soulcare is a lifestyle brand, its skincare products have been the talk of the town. Having launched with just two formulas, the brand’s offerings match its ethos: simple and clean. All products are free from 1,680 substances restricted by the FDA and European Union Cosmetics Regulation and contain a myriad of natural plantbased alternatives. The Skin Transformation Cream is rich and hydrating with a lightweight feel. Meanwhile, the Obsidian Facial Roller is made with volcanic glass that is said to repel negativity. Although this might seem a little too pseudoscientific for some, the roller is great for soothing puffy skin and helping to improve blood flow to tired complexions.

brands TO BOOKMARK Kids Haircare

Luxe Wear


ASIAM Born Curly Argan Leave-in Conditioner & Detangler, £6.99

COLD LAUNDRY Pleated Blazer, £125

EQUI LONDON Immunity Edition 30 Day Supply, £33

From the wardrobe to your bathroom shelf, it’s time for a quick overhaul. But if you’re not sure where to start, take a look at these three picks approved by Spell’s editor. Enjoy!





SPELL-OMETER What’s hot and what’s not in the world of Spell



Launches, promos and discounts you don’t want to miss

OPEN WATER Caleb Azumah Nelson’s heartbreaking tale of love between two South London artists arrives on shelves this month

GET FRECK’D The tattoo freckle trend isn’t for everyone! Can’t commit? Try this freckle pen from Freck instead!

WOKEFISHING Tinder dates pretending to be woke in order to get on your good side? Red flag!

The Feme Collection Afro Puff looks great on you! Did you find it easy to install? I love the Afro Puffs! They are so quick and easy to install! We love the doublepuff look that you created. Where would you wear this look and which outfit would you pair it with? If anything ever opens again, I imagine I would wear that hairstyle to a girly brunch with an oversized jumper dress and killer knee high boots.

You’ve also created some unique looks using the X-Pression Ultra Braid... I love more than anything that it comes pre-stretched. It makes installing any style so much easier. I also love that it comes with two in a pack so you do not need a lot. Why would you recommend Spell Beauty as a goto online hair destination to your followers? Spell Beauty has a lot to offer online. From hair extensions down to body products, it’s one-stop-shop for all things beauty. SPELL


X-Pression Ultra Braid Pre-Stretched, £4.19

BEAUTY QUEEN Pat McGrath is the first MUA to be awarded a damehood in the Queen’s 2021 honours list

CHANGE YOUR TUNE We’ll have to wait until March to find out who’s won big in this year’s postponed Grammy Awards

#SpellSquad influencer Eunice Asiedu tells us about the styles she’s loving

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MALCOLM & MARIE Zendaya and John David Washington’s black and white drama comes to Netflix this month

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