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Spotlighting the strength, diversity, and uniqueness of this journey called womanhood

Brooke Brimm


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Naomi Burrell

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Naomi Burrell

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Pasha Betts

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Tonda Mingus

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Black Woman Deanna Wingfield

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Terri Cann

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Cassidi Sillemon

Tiffany Countryman

Cortney Loyd

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Stephanie Chambers

The New School Nikki Webb

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Adeanna Wingfield

Nikki Webb


2021 is here! Our theme for the year is manifestation! Manifestation is simply turning thoughts into things. This issue is filled with powerful women who have done just that. These powerful women have big dreams and even bigger work ethic! Our hope is that they will motivate you to dream BIG and manifest this year and beyond! We invite you to share your story of manifestation. Shanda Campbell, Editor-At-Large

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High quality hair and body care products using ingredients from the earth to bring healing properties from head to toe.


Covid19 has changed life in every way. Many are overcome with fear and anxiety feeling that there is nothing that can be done to fight back, but this is not so. One major thing that we can do is strengthen our immune system. The immune system is the body’s defense system fighting off infections and diseases that invade our body. Lifestyle, mental state, diet, and so much more affect how our immune systems operate.



Here are a few ways to boost your immune system

Spirituality Boost Many studies have shown a connection in our spirituality and physical health no matter your belief system. Stress and anxiety are known to lead to physical illnesses. Spiritual practices like prayer and meditation combat these issues and bring a better overall quality of life. Additionally, Christians find peace and comfort in the promises of the scripture.

Rest and Movement Boost Your quality of sleep is related to immunity. Adults sleeping more than 7 hours a night have been shown to strengthen immunity. Moderate exercise can boost your immune system by reducing inflammation and assist with immune cell regeneration.

Intake Boost Eating healthy, increasing water intake, and choosing the right supplements are vital in arming your immune system. Specifically fruits and vegetables high in vitamin C and D assist with reducing inflammation and protection from respiratory infections.

Don’t Look Back! Naomi A. Burrell, MBA

Whew! Okay everyone, BREATHE!!! We’ve made it!!! 2020 dealt its best blows to us all—yet we’re here. So, exactly what does that mean? Well, I say it means that there is still yet purpose and destiny ahead. The New Year offers a glimmer of hope—a new chapter, a new slate, and new opportunities. It is also a great time to reflect on how far you’ve come and where you want to go. Your New Year doesn’t have to be cliché and full of catchy new year, new you phrases. It can actually serve as a springboard for something wonderful. If I pass a microphone around, there would be countless testimonies of how God brought each of us through 2020, or life in general. The shadows of the past can be overwhelming, especially if trauma was involved. I must admit, there have been several painstaking moments in my life that when I think back on them, I CRINGE! But, I realize that there are situations, associations, and mindsets that MUST be released to really move forward. I’m reminded of the story of Lot’s wife in the bible. God sent two angels to Lot and his family, as it is recorded in Genesis 19. The angels

told Lot to take his family and flee because the town they were living in was going to be destroyed. Lot did as they said, but the catch was, they could NOT look back. As they fled, Lot’s wife disobeyed the instruction and looked back at the city. As a consequence, she turned into a pillar of salt. There are many reasons why she might have looked back. Perhaps she started thinking about all of the things she was leaving behind; possessions, people, and memories. Sometimes we can get so hung up on what we’re leaving behind that we don’t acknowledge the possibilities right in front of us. Just think how different the outcome would have been for Lot’s wife if she had been thinking, “I might miss what’s back there, but God must have something better planned for me!”. As we embark on a new season and new year, I encourage you to look forward with divine expectation, knowing that there is greater waiting for you! Winston Churchill said, “The positive thinker sees the invisible, feels the intangible, and achieves the impossible”. In other words, just BELIEVE! No one can take that away from you because belief is personal. It is yours to have and with it you can look forward and not look back!

Naomi Burrell is a wife, mother, ministry leader,

entrepreneur, author, and media professional. As a result of her commitment to learning, she is an MBA graduate with a certification in Digital Entrepreneurship-- which focuses on combining cutting-edge media insights with practical business skills. Naomi is the CEO and Founder of Be Inspired Global, LLC, a family owned multimedia production company that focuses on producing content that highlights Faith, Family, and Community— the three pillars on which the company was founded.

Naomi is versatile and has extended her reach

into other areas of the media industry including journalism. She has interviewed major celebrities such as; the renowned R&B group New Edition, actor Jeffrey Wright, Master P, and Spectrum Circle CEO Karen Maria Alston for Monarch Magazine. She works in public relations and media consulting industries, serving those who desire to expand their brand. She has provided media coverage for events across the U.S. including the Congressional Black Caucus, the Multicultural Media, Telecom, and Internet Council (MMTC).

Naomi Burrell

Naomi is affectionately known in the media industry as Miss Be-Inspired, a moniker

that she truly lives up to. She believes in giving back as the co-founder Be Inspired Global Outreach, Inc., along with her husband. Their mission is to educate and uplift women, youth, and veterans through community work and media arts skill development. She is also the Chief Media Officer for Wisdom On The Wall, Inc., a non-profit that uplifts and empowers women all over the globe. She attributes all of her success to her faith in God and recognizes that with Him, all things are possible.


Betts A native of Indianapolis, Indiana and raised in Cleveland, Ohio, Pasha is a wife (Christopher) and mother of three beautiful children. A Journey to Wholeness was birthed three years ago first as a book she would write. The vision for this journey has evolved into a brand that features retreats, seminars, apparel, and conferences. Pasha’s desire is for people to create new journeys in life that will obtain the wholeness that God desires for us. “Empowerment is the giving of oneself to build up another person to walk in the boldness of their influence. Ultimately, there is a transfer of authority through building their confidence.”

Tonda is Co-owner of T&S Productions Independent Film company. She made her acting debut as the leading lady of their first Film, "The Prodigal Wife". She was a contributing Inspirational Writer for "Inclusion Magazine”, is a current blogger of Kiki's Critique her own blog entitled “herheartandsoul”. Her passion for relationships lead to her FaceBook and YouTube pages “Relationships Uncut”, “The Tea With Tee Ming”, and Podcast, "She's The Realist On Relationships".

Speak Woman Magazine Women To Watch

Cann Terri Cann is a wife, mother, gospel recording artist, actress, teacher, writer, and fashion designer/stylist. Her journey began at eleven when she prayed for a voice that would bring glory to God. Since then, the Queens native has done just that with upbeat tracks and melodies that inspire the saved and unsaved.

www.terricann.co Happiness Vs. Fulfillment Happiness and fulfillment are two words that are synonymous, yet there is a thin line lies between the two. Happiness is temporary and can be taken away the minute an obstacle comes. However, fulfillment is when there is nothing that can take your joy away. It doesn't mean things will always be perfect, butt you will be able to maintain your joy and peace in the midst of anything because you are fulfilled in what you are doing. This is my testimony. I could honestly say that I have been happy all my life, but I did not feel fulfilled until I quit my job to pursue my music ministry and entrepreneurship full time. This was not an easy decision. I was making $90,000 as a NYC teacher with two young children and a husband who is also a creative. However, I knew that I was tired of doing the balancing act between my 9 to 5 and my God given purpose. After I took the leap of faith is when I understood that next level of happy - fulfillment. Since then, things haven't always been smooth sailing and there are times when I do miss a consistent and guaranteed paycheck however, I feel like I'm living my best life

Hoarding is the excessive accumulation of physical possessions regardless of value. How To Stop These items are extremely difficult to discard because of a perceived need to save them. Many times, even the thought of parting with items may bring distress and anxiety. As with any other condition the severity of hoarding can range between mild to severe and have a major impact on one’s quality of life. Your thought life is no different. Mental hoarding is something many of us deal with daily, but By: Shanda Campbell rarely discuss. Recurring thoughts, fears, and anxiety affect us all, but when it becomes excessive with no healthy coping skills it can affect your quality of life triggering and exacerbate mental health issues including ~The National Suicide Prevention Lifeline ~ stress, anxiety, and depression. 800-273-8255

Mental Hoarding

Choose to WIN! Many times, mental hoarding, racing thoughts, and anxiety come from worry. Health, family, finances, education, and so much more weigh heavy on our minds. The worry overwhelms us causing mental hoarding and physical manifestations of what is going on in our minds. When we choose to win, we decide to believe God. I could go super spiritual, but basically it boils down to a choice. 3 John 1:2 Beloved, I wish above all things that thou mayest prosper and be in health, even as thy soul prospereth. This tells me that God loves me and wants me to be healthy and prosper in all areas. I choose to believe this no matter my current circumstances. This choice allows me to do all I can WHILE standing on the promise that God has for my life. •

Complete a personal assessment. Completing an unfiltered personal assessment will give you a sober view of your current mental health. It will also help you create a supply list of outside tools and resources you will need to begin your journey to peace. This is an extensive action step that requires a mental health detox. This process rids your mind of unhealthy toxins (worries) at the root of your distress. It includes getting every thought that is in your head on to paper. Make a list of all your worries and concerns and separate the ones you can affect. Create action steps and time lines of what is required. •

Create new habits. Beginning a journey of mental health is like a weight loss journey. Many start strong. The first few weeks they eat right and workout, but then life happens. A stressful situation occurs and at that moment they revert to old habits. The same thing occurs with mental hoarding. You can start strong, but when life happens, we all revert to what is normal. Change comes when we create new habits. Create a schedule and plan. When stress occurs be present and redirect your thoughts and actions to the plan that you have created. Overtime this will become a habit. •

Cortney Loyd Cortney Loyd of Kettering, Oh is a wife, mother, and long-time resident of Kettering, Ohio. She is a graduate of The University of Dayton and Wright State University and taught for eight years before becoming a full-time “Empowerment has a goal. mom. She wanted to teach children a love of The goal is for one to become learning as she was taught by her parents and key more informed, confident, elementary teachers. A career in real estate for Cortney was a strong, and independent“ logical and smooth transition because of her keen eye for design, meticulous attention to detail, and an enthusiasm to teach others. She also has a passion for mentoring youth in her community



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Tell us about yourself and your brand.

Yoo! I’m Tiff Countryman, TC’s wifey & Tootie’s Mommy. I’m a native of Dayton, Oh, Chronic Illness Warrior, Community Advocate, and a Christian Creative. I’m also a Project Manager, event host, writer, public speaker, and CEO of MinistryIsMe Ministries LLC. We are a faith-based event planning and project management company housing the "All BLACK Lives Matter" Product Line. Why did you become an entrepreneur?

I became an entrepreneur because I am determined to leave wealth and a legacy for my children. My parents did the best that they could for my siblings and I with what they had. Mercifully, I have the blessing of raising children during a time where female creativity and individuality is not only embraced, but encouraged. As a Black Woman business owner, I feel it is my duty to take advantage of this liberating decade of female entrepreneurial trailblazing.

Woman To Watch Why are faith-based organizations important to you?

Helping faith-based organizations is important to me because often, Christian organizations or overlooked and/or underestimated in the ‘business world’. I have made it my mission to raise the bar of Faith Based businesses and organizations that resonates excellence; unapologetically. Tell us about managing a business and a chronic illness?

Managing business and chronic illness is extremely difficult. The unpredictability, fatigue, insecurities, and never ending physical pain is discouraging. As the CEO of a small business that is younger than ten years old, I am required to endure many long nights and early mornings. Honestly, some days I just can’t. I can’t take any calls, hold any meetings, respond to any emails or even make any decisions. Other mornings, I can. When I can, I do and when I can’t, I don’t. It’s taken me awhile to get to this point. Anxiety and the natural overachiever within me struggle with the days when I can’t. However, I am grateful for a husband and a team that does what I don’t when I can’t.

What has been your greatest accomplishment to date and why is it so important?

My greatest accomplishment to date is retiring from the workforce at thirtythree years old. This is so important to me because I consider my thirty-third year of life as my “Jesus Year”. I experienced the death, burial, and resurrection of my career and the explosion of personal business in the year of our Lord 2020. What was meant to crucify me only assisted me in fulfilling my destiny. It hasn’t been easy, and I know that there aren’t easy days ahead. I strive to work hard and pray harder. Believe me, the tears and frustration stay on rotation. However, that keeps me sharp. Focused. Continually reminded of the sacrifices that were made for me to be my own boss. To God be the Glory for the things He has done!

with my husband or playing a hilariously competitive game of uno with my mom and siblings while eating good food. Genuine connection and remaining vulnerable in safe spaces are how I enjoy life now. What advice would you give other women finding her way through entrepreneurship?

1. Stay true to your personal convictions. 2. Understand that your friends and family are NOT your audience. 3. Respect loyalty, remain grateful for the little things and rely on God. What is next for you?

SUS! I am determined to remain as creative as possible. I am currently working on a Single-Mother’s project, a stage play, and a spoken word Neo-Soul album. The How do you relax and enjoy life now? company has several virtual events and You know, I am in that place in life zoom creative sessions scheduled with our where I sincerely enjoy hanging out with clients for the first quarter of 2021. family and laughing without reservations Personally, I am going to love my husband with my two true friends. No cap. A good deeper, freely nurture our children, vibe text thread with my tribe or a well-rounded with my tribe, and travel... travel... travel! conversation coupled with a glass a wine

Chassidi Sillemon

Chassidi “CeCe” Sillemon, affectionately known as, “CeCe the Vibeologist” is a

Dallas native, loving mother of two wonderful sons, and CEO of IVIBE Incorporated. She is a trailblazer and role model. Her mission is to educate and empower women to be their best version. CeCe has turned the beauty industry phenomenon into a lifestyle.

IVIBE Incorporated was founded and rooted in faith and perseverance and has grown tremendously. CeCe and her sister set out to educate clients on the art and science of beauty and haircare. This was the catalyst in their haircare brands Vibeology and Slayology. Together they strived to create a name for themselves in the beauty industry in Dallas, Texas until the untimely death of her younger sister, Shelbi. In her beloved sister’s honor, CeCe pushed forward and turned tragedy into God’s plan, and IVIBE Incorporated was born.

CeCe is also an author. In the book, “Broken, Bitter, Better: On the Road to Greater” (2018). She shares her testimony of a broken and bitter past, and how she faces her past to reach for better which ultimately placed her on the path to greater. She has also created a journal “The R.E.S.T.” (Reflection, Evaluation, Surrender, Transformation) which is a tribute and dedication to the memories of her sister and late grandfather, Willie M. Sillemon. Her journal urges us to enter into a productive season of REST, so we are able to seize the vision, purpose, and plan that God has for our lives.

CeCe Sillemon is ever evolving in the purpose-filled life and plan that God tailored just for her. Her resume also includes media personality, influencer, and speaker. She produces and hosts a motivational broadcast called, “I Am Victory”. Her goal is to encourage women to change the narrative and join the journey of becoming the face of Victory! IVIBE Incorporated is a movement and lifestyle.


Stephanie Chambers Stephanie Chambers “Lady Steph” of Dayton, Oh grew up in a God-fearing, loving family of six. She is a graduate of Ohio State University. She is a teacher, songwriter, hat fashion, and mood color changing jewelry designer. She designs Kentucky Derby and Royal Ascot of London style hats. Stephanie is also an award winning author, that has been on the Amazon Best Sellers List for the book, Raising the Bar, Volume 4 and an International Best Selling Author for, She Rises For Tomorrow, as a featured author, with 14 other entrepreneur authors.


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Mental health is as important as physical health. Mental health has been a hot topic in 2020 and rightfully so, but what exactly is it and what can we do to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Mental health refers to our psychological and emotional well-being. As with our physical health each of us are at a different place on the continuum. The mental health continuum is a measurement used to identify the current state of one’s mental health. The continuum has “mental health” on one end and “mental illness” on the other. At any time, one may be at different points of this continuum depending on internal and external circumstances and improves or deteriorates with each passing moment. For example, if things are going well, we may be more on the mentally healthy side of the continuum. On the other hand, if things are not going well one may be sliding further away from the healthy side of the continuum. “Mental illness” occurs when our mental state affects our daily operations and quality of life. Mental illness, also called mental health disorders, is a medical diagnosis. It refers to mental health disorders and conditions that affect thought, mood, and behavior. Some mental illnesses include depression, anxiety, bipolar, and so many more. In most cases symptoms can be managed by therapy and/or medications. Getting professional help often leads to a better quality of life for those experiencing mental illness symptoms. Just as with physical health there are things that we can do to manage our mental health by implementing positive coping skills. One impactful coping skill to maintain mental health and increase quality of life is meditation. Simply put, meditation is training your body and mind to be present and aware; to concentrate or focus. Meditation has many benefits, mainly relaxation which is an involuntary response of the sympathetic nervous system. Other benefits include improved blood circulation, lower heart rate, slower respirations, less stress, and an overall feeling of well-being.

How To Meditate

Get comfortable- sit or lie in a comfortable position. Make sure the area is quiet and peaceful. Close your eyes and invite the relaxation.

Focus- Focus your attention on your breath. Make no efforts to control breathing, simply pay attention to your body with each breath. Feel the movement of your chest, rib cage, shoulders, and abdomen. An alternate focus point can be used if desired. You can choose to focus on a word, photo, or even a phase to repeat (bible verse). If your mind wonders, simply redirect your focus back to your breath. Start with a few minutes at a time progressing to longer periods. Allow yourself to intentionally observe wandering thoughts as they drift by. Do not engage or try to “fix” the though simply allow yourself to be aware of each thought as it arises.

Single Moms Inspiring Leading Empowering 12 single mom stories of struggle and Strength!

Adeanna Wingfield Adeanna Wingfield, MSHSA is a vocal coach, author, certified therapeutic art life coach, Health and Human services professional. She has extensive experience with marketing, community outreach, church, business, and organization startup. She is a Co-Pastor serving with her husband Pastor James E. Wingfield, Jr. of Right Path Ministries, Inc. since 2009. She is also a vocalist and author with an upcoming e-book and has a broad range of professional experience as an entrepreneur and consultant helping empower women through many diverse opportunities.

I AM the Brand Consulting Firm www.adeannawingfield.com

Sister’s of Strength

Pastor Adeanna is currently Director of Mental Health and Wellness for Sisters of Strength Empowerment Ministry where she helps develop programming. She also enjoys serving others in behavioral health and wellness classes as a Prevention Specialist.

Black Woman By Adeanna Wingfield Love is a decision. It is not just emotional. I am concerned about people’s love walk during these trying times with the pandemic and social unrest. One serious concern is for the mental health of women in our community. Especially AfricanAmerican women. In most cases, we are working with much less in one income households. I wonder, what is happening with interactions with children during such a time of stress? How are families coping? My true concern is that women often do not ask for help, especially mental health support because of stigma. Black women do not ask for help as we should because culturally it is perceived as weak. Often, we suffer in silence without having our basic needs met. This is a never-ending war zone mentally knowing that the nation disregards black men who are supposed to provide for us. They are bogged down mentally and emotionally with so much social pressure and stress. Many struggle to love their own families. Many times, families are abandoned by the man leaving women single with not enough support. This is heart breaking because everybody suffers especially the women and the children. When I think about being a black woman, I think about all the stress that comes with knowing that you are hated, disregarded, and disrespected by a nation, at home, and towards self. Black men have been struggling with self-worth witnessing events like the murder of George Floyd and countless others for years. To further intensify the problem, people that are considered privileged over him have not shown a full understanding of the black man’s psyche. There is still underlying and blatant disrespect happening to him on the job, and in the nation. These dynamics send men home with less capacity to offer their mate. Thinking about the murder of Breanna Taylor and how dishonored we are still being treated in society, as a people, I wanted to bring light to the fact that black women have a suffering that is on a different level that many do not understand. The black woman is hated on a deep sub-conscious level in America. This includes selfhatred due to repeated trauma and being overlooked, called second class, and many other negative stereotypes. Therefore, the black woman’s self -esteem remains in unrest even when we achieve unimaginable heights of success. We are always reminded we are black and less than privileged people. This causes a vicious cycle of attempting to over-achieve to say we matter. I am grateful to be able to empower women and children because I understand they have been broken down by a nation, in their own homes, and in society. The truth is everyone desires to feel valued and loved.

The shutdown of school due to Covid-19 was an unexpected change for students, teachers, and parents. Children all over the country have had to adjust to learning from home almost overnight. Teachers realized that they have a lot to learn as it relates to virtual teaching during a global pandemic. Parents are expected to work full time while ensuring children keep up with their schooling. Our children are resilient and continue learning new ways to be present and navigate their world. If we shift our perspective, we will adapt to the new school and re-think the way our children learn.

Here are some lessons to teach children. Challenge yourself and see what else you can teach them to become successful adults. •

Study Skills

Children need to learn their own learning style. Help your child develop good study habits. •

Budgeting and grocery shopping

Allow your child to see how you pay bills, grocery shop, and keep the household running smoothly. •

Choosing Good Friends

Arrange virtual play dates. Physically distant does not mean socially withdrawn. •

How To Practice Self-Care

Show children ways to restore themselves after a long, stressful day. Teach them emotional selfmanagement. This will help control their emotions. •

Practice Reading

Low reading skills lead to low overall academic performance. Read with children and allow them to read to you. Ask them questions about what they have read to increase comprehension skills.

~The New School~ Re-Thinking How Our Children Learn

By Nikki Webb

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The Fly With Us Podcast is a weekly program that highlights self-care and mental health care and protection. Too often, in the black community, we suffer from mental illness because we don’t realize there are simple steps we can take so that they don’t become a larger issue. •

Each episode features a mindfulness minute and a self care assignment, as well as, the brain science that dives deeper into understanding how our brains operate. In addition, there are daily self care assignments posted on our social media platforms that feature self-care tips.



Her Journey To

From an early age I’ve known that my purpose is to encourage women to live, love, give, and grow to be more of who they are. Women are a valuable force in the world. When I support women, I support the world. Before I could fulfill my purpose, I needed to work on myself. I did personal mind, body, and spirit work. I have taken care of my body by adopting a plant-dominant lifestyle. I’ve been either, 100% plant-based, vegetarian, raw vegan, or pescatarian since 1992. I continue to walk this path because I believe it promotes optimum health. I enrolled in school and achieved a degree in psychology as an undergraduate and a master’s in professional counseling from Georgia State University.

I began my professional career as a program evaluator in HIV Prevention and Mental Health for Children, I started to feel thwarted and cut-off from myself. I felt that I needed a creative outlet and to return to my holistic upbringing. In 2003 I started mixing bath and body products and designing jewelry. The creative expression helped me see that it was time to leave the corporate world, so I joined my husband’s business as Advertising Agency Manager in 2005. We made the business stronger, spent more time with our children, and I learned a lot about branding, advertising, and ethnic beauty which is our specialty. I had to learn skills necessary to live an entrepreneurial life. 2008 through 2012 was a time of loss and re-evaluation. We moved states twice. We loss my husband’s parents and my father. We also lost investment real estate and our off-site office. We lost the funds for private school, so I homeschooled my children. We ran our business out of our home and prioritized our family’s needs.

Tell us about your Facebook groups I founded two groups. The first Metaphysical Black Women encourages sharing our spiritual journeys, it is at about 2,000 members. I founded this group because I did not feel comfortable in general Metaphysical groups. When racial pain surfaced, I often found spiritual bypassing that frustrated me. Traditional Black Christian Women’s groups felt too judgmental. I created a space for Black women with Metaphysical beliefs. We are of all religions because metaphysics is not restricted to one religion.

The second, Vegan Soul Food has about 125,000 members (founded November 2019) who share inspiration, recipes, and their love of plant-based food. We do not focus on vegan lifestyle or health, just vegan food. Our rules strictly prohibit food policing, vegan policing, and discouraging comments. Our members wholeheartedly agree with the vision and purpose of the group and they keep joining. They also share and inspire each other with beautiful plant-based culinary creations.

I host food demonstrations because many of the members are not 100% plant-based and have questions. To meet the needs of members who were concerned about getting their plant-based holiday meals right, I wrote a Holiday recipe guide, Vegan Soul Food Holiday Recipe Guide (amazon). I host International retreats which encourage women to explore themselves and offers them the opportunity to try plantbased meals. The women often comment about how the food is nurturing and healing, so this group has been a natural extension of serving women who are exploring eating more plants. I am thankful for assistance from my mom and sister. I founded this group for a lot of different reasons. I saw a lot of in-fighting among vegans in many groups. Political vegans would often clash with health vegans, which often left many feeling unwelcome, angry, and shy about sharing. I was also a member of many food groups on Facebook and some of the meat dishes were not what I wanted to see on my newsfeed.

What is something most don’t know about you?

Many members of Vegan Soul Food Facebook group have no idea that I am a minister of Mind, Body, & Spirit or that I host women’s retreats. Since the group grew so large during the corona pandemic, I have not had the opportunity to host one. Many members do not know that I have written three books related to my mind, body, and Spirit work or that I host weekly Facebook lives, yoga classes, and zoom sessions. Many in my Metaphysical Black Women’s group, likewise, have no idea that I’ve founded another large Facebook group.

Brooke Brimm


What is next in 2021? I just completed editing a “Journaling Discussion” class for a journal I created that assists women with expanding their spiritual experiences. I will also offer step-by-step plant-based cooking classes that are more detailed than my Facebook lives. They will be online as a partnership with Fulton County, Georgia. Those unable to attend classes will find similar classes available at vegansoulfood.co. I am releasing a new recipe guide, which will focus on recipes for a Raw, juice, smoothie, and salad cleanse. My husband and I do one every year in January. I will also get back to hosting retreats in 2021. Our next scheduled retreat is Jamaica in October 2021. Other than that, I expect to have memorable moments with my family and see what the new presidency brings.

Pelzer Homelessness and molestation affected Altovise Pelzer. She hit a turning point in her personal life after decades of being silent about her molestation story even after finding out both her girls were molested. This was the catalyst for her decision to motivate women to “Leverage Their Life’s Circumstances” by learning to love and use their voice. Altovise unmutes the voice of women who are ready to speak up about the things that have kept her silent for way too long. She is an awardwinning empowerment speaker and founder of the World Voice League. She also hosts The #SpeakEasy Podcast where she empowers authors and speakers with hot topics and candid interviews. Altovise is also the Visionary Author for the #1 Best Selling book “A Stage of Their Own: More than a movement”. Additionally, she is a contributing author to the #1 Best Selling book “Speak Up! The Ultimate Guide to Dominate in the Speaking Industry” in which world-renowned speaking legends Dr. George Fraser and Les Brown wrote both the Foreword and Afterword.


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